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Archives: May 5, 2006

Let's Hear It for the Voice of Democracy!

"Persona of Daily Show Guy a Political Hairball"

John Nichols (The Nation): Mission (Really) Not Accomplished

David Swanson: Lobbying Hitler's Legislature for Peace

Jerry Nadler: Homeland Security Should Be More Than a Slogan

Cold War is reheated as Cheney tells off Moscow

Endgame for the Constitution

Green is the New Red

On Being Wrong: I Told You So (Richard Reeves)

A New Deal for the Twenty First Century. A Democratic Party Manifesto

The Great American Firewall

18 Dead, 14 Missing As Cyclone Mala Pounds Central Burma - Reuters

Partial Shellfish Ban In Place Along S. Maine Coast - Red Tide

Even Snow From Isolated Mt. McKinley Shows Tiny Traces Of Pesticides

Bush Answer To Huge Coral Dieoff - 2-Species Study For Threatened Listing

Global Warming Weakens Vast Pacific Climate System

Hunter Shoots First Recorded Wild Grizzly-Polar Bear Cross - AFP

IPCC Report Draft - Best-Case Scenario 3C Increase By 2050

IPCC - Climate Change Data "Overwhelming" - New Zealand Herald

Anyone here have a tankless water heater?

Lava Flows From Merapi - Indonesian Gvn. Holds Alert Level - Reuters

Hurricane Worries, Exploding Costs Drive Plunge In FL Keys Population

IPCC - 400 Million Face Famine As Warming Powers Mass Extinction

James Kunstler - Love Or Hate Him, Still The Last Angry Man Of Peak Oil

Israel offers outline to divide Jerusalem (give land to Palestinians)

Peres: Kadima, Labor should unite

Palo Alto, CA City Council Takes Up Voter Confidence Resolution

A letter from Rick Perry to Texas Teachers

the new countertops go in Saturday

Haven sought for U.S. deserters

Tory crime bills may jam jails

The census is here and its time to implement plan MINIMUM COOPERATION!

UPDATE 2-Mexico police take rebel town, seek hostages

Report: Katrina Contractors Bilk Taxpayers

NYT/AP: Trapped Miners' Air Packs Were Not Fully Used, Expert Says

Blair's bloody nose: Tories make gains in local elections ..

US States Sue Bush Over Fuel Efficiency

Iran's U.N. Envoy Criticizes Resolution

NYT/Reuters: Senate Panel Seeks US Policy on Detainee Treatment

East Asians to Study Regional Currency

Iraq wants answers on Iranian shelling of Kurdish rebels

Video Shows al-Zarqawi Fumbling With Rifle (calling him incompetent)

WP: Study Finds Medicare Telephone Operators Often Give Bad Information

Breakthrough in Government Talks (Allawi gets national security post)

Deal reached on Bolivia gas supplies

Bill Would Require Interrogation Opinion

Lilly Loses Patent Case (big Pharma Loses to Little Pharma)

Episcopal Church Focuses on Calif. Bishop Voting (3 of 7 candidates gay)

WPpg1: As Climates Warm, Diseases Infiltrate: Move North; Areas Unprepared

Bush Celebrates Cinco De Mayo, a Day Early

Condoleezza Rice wants Russia to acknowledge USA's interests on post-Sovie

Court Denies Felons Voting Rights Argument

Washington: Don't distill ethanol at home

Vatican throws out China bishops

US, Iraqis differ on civilian casualties in Ramadi (Marines killed kids)

CNN: U.N.: Fewer children in factories, fields: Child labor on decline

Elizabeth Dole Warns of Disaster (if Democrats gain control of Congress)

The Fox News Effect (Study claims Fox News won election for Bush in 2000)

Belgian workers priced out of work

Iraqi Police kill 14 year old boy "for being homosexual"

AP: Kennedy Blames Accident on Sleep Medicine

Study: More Workers Drop Health Insurance

New Jersey Admits 970 Rivers and Lakes Polluted

CNN/Reuters: Report: Cuba's Castro worth a cool $900M

Asia currencies and eurozone rates send dollar to low (FT-scary)

Really bad commercials...

Idiot Lounge Lizard

So a guy catches a taxi into Boston from Logan airport and says ..

You know that guy my friend tried to steal? We talked today for three

Calling all ZombieNixon.......

Premature baby came in extra-large at 14 pounds

Look mommy, I'm building a box

I'm a hysterical figure. Guess who I am.

yes, go to the Hill

Kirby Puckett's family fights over his ashes.

Ballad of a Dog Named Stains

This new Tool CD is Awesome

I was looking for a job and then I found a job

Which will last longer: Kudzu thread or Bush's Presidency?

i just got an icq number - do you use icq?

Bow before the glory that is JVS thread. Welcome, my minions!

Happy Jedi Day!

What you DON'T know about the upcoming Star Wars originals releases:

obscenity alert: fuck finals.

You gotta take the long-term view of things....

Christopher Eccleston as Numbr Six?!?!?

Good thoughts and vibes needed

aw...aloe cucumber moisturizer...

Where would you choose to live?

I just had a thought about Dubya

Hope this posts--cool anti-* graphic.

I'm gonna be on in a 15 minutes

Ha! Screw you PETA, I ate whale bacon last night!

I'M STILL HERE. How about you?

Fledgling Crow paying our backyard a visit

I'm a historical figure. Guess who I am.

For May 5th...

I'm not leaving DU

WTF is it with the 4th days of the month and bad things happening

What's a good way to check if somebody's put you on their ignore list?

I was reminded tonight why I moved back to Vancouver

Carlos Mencia SUCKS!


Let's hear it for BAD FASHION! The impulse buy of impulse buys

Tell me your problems..I have the answer for you!

Why do I feel like Tracy Di Vicenzo?

Friday, May 5th: Come and see some political art!

Party at my house! Yeeehaaaaa

Woohoo, looks like there are lawsuits in Mpls over the "Ticketcams"

Today, the 5th, is my one-year DU anniversary!

How many people will claim tomorrow is "Mexican Independence Day?"

Is anyone watching Nightline --Competition to get into pre-school

Marsupials of DU, I need advice

Ha! Screw you PETA, I ate snail bacon last night!

I met Al Franken tonight! Ask me anything

May 4, 1970.

Have you hidden the kudzu thread?

I am aware of the rules...It is raining big time in San Antonio....

No More Collagen!! Just Stop!!

How did YOU celebrate the National Day of Prayer?

I saw two bears tonight (seperately)

Done reading Hitchhikers guide book 2.

Are you supposed to taste the liquor in a Margarita or Bloody Mary?

DU portraits

Ultimate cult movie

Ladies of DU, I need advice.

Name a random historical figure that pops into your head.

Do other parents notice a dip in school motivation during spring

Would you hire this person?? (critique needed)

I just finished my final architecture presentation!!! WOO-HOO!!!

I just hid the kudzu thread

Damn Microsoft and their damn cash grabs, those jerks

A gorgeous peacock was walking around outside my office yesterday.

RANT: Bad day at work - I hate hate hate frickin teachers and

Can you help someone who is bipolar?

Today was my last day in racing and mobile marketing.

An appreciation thread for all who have never had

I am four posts away from 2000, and I am watching the movie "Picnic".

Off to buy beer.

I am seriously bored.... Ask me any question. Please.

Another London travel question from Gramps, if you don't mind.

Kitten photos!

My Aunt gave away her life savings. Yikes!

I really hate it when I _______ ! Dammit!

The Crusaders...

The US Christian Flag "allegiance"

It's BAAACK...with captions! The Titan/Huygens landing QuickTime movie

Brownback Calls for Pressure on Senate Dems to Support Marriage Amendment

J'lem mayor: Gay parade a provocation

Ex-Vols QB Shuler wins Democratic primary in N.C. ....

check out the kitty pics

Do any of you feed your dog Kirkland Super Premium Lamb & rice

Recent episode of Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi, Haunted Lighthouse

Tell me Bush isn't

Yuk Yuk...I love it when the right wing spins our way...

Editor of OpEd News on TVNL Radio - 8 pm ET

Paula Zahn will have Ray McGovern on tonight

Can someone set up a "THANK YOU RAY McGOVERN" site?

"The Whole Country Is Paralyzed By His Cowardice."

Olberman looks good tonight!

Dumsfeld On Olbermann

Confronting Iran With Guesswork and Propaganda

Freepers, a moment please... You're all NAZI psychopaths. Click for proof.

Help - link to Congressional votes on funding Iraq war?

UN To Quiz Washington On Torture - First Time Since 2000


Best bumper sticker ever!

Up your chain of command, Abu Ghraib to take down a

I NOMINATE MCGOVERN as NEW DU HERO replacing Colbert!!

Did you ever have a hero? Here is one of mine.. A Holocaust Hero

new blog

Now that we know that Valerie Plame was working on Iran

what part of this katherine harris ad cracks you up the most?

Will this stop the RW war machine??

solving Coulters Tuition problem

Anyone remember Ajai Raj? It was just over a year ago that he...

I'm so Encouraged that THE PEOPLE are speaking up (Rumsfeld)

Bush Calls U.S. a Nation of Prayer

Who gives a F*** if Zarqawi doesn't know how to handle a gun???

Washington under UN torture spotlight

Forbes: Fidel Castro worth $900 million

Let's Bomb Iran

"Contractors in Afghanistan are making big money for bad work."

Feds' Watch List Eats Its Own

DU portraits

CNNMoney: Top 10 driving pet peeves

California budgets more on prisons than public schools?

Anybody else watching "Will & Grace"? Hilarious!!

Depiction Of Cross Causes Burbank Flap

Sean/Rash/Bill and the NeoCons...all are in Cahoots...these are

Prostate cancer, Colon cancer and Breast cancer

Seperated at Birth: Zarqawi & Silent Bob

Okay, Russia... no politizing oil. We don't do that in

obscenity alert: fuck finals.

Good. Can we talk here? Move the money before

So the dems regain the majority of the house and senate

On bombing Iran and other fantasies of American power.

Repuke logic...

Action needed urgently. Immigration. Democracy Now.

Caption the ship of state...

ok my fellow gore fans - read this will make your day

McGovern on Anderson Cooper right now giving details.....n/t

I Think This Babe May Make Pickles A Tad Envious.......

Paula Zahn did everything but

No charges for father in TV beating, but for psychologists?(ABC PrimeTime)

Several months ago one of the anti-war groups had a DVD

On the Rumsfeld speech

Now Bush’s Palace is Larger than Saddam’s Palace…

Sirhan Sirhan. Lone gumnan?

Rights take backseat to oil, Iran

Immigration Man

McGovern on Zarqawi connection: "was that a lie, or were you just misled?"

No More Verticle Evacuation in N.O.

The "rounding up" has begun.

Did you know Stephen had his mom with him last Saturday?

Doctor talking about Kennedy is a an out and out liar!!

Are you sharing Colbert? It's your patriotic duty.

US film "Blood of my Brother" shows Iraqi tragedy

The Colbert Controversy: Just a case of indigestion

Just saw Colbert savage Congressmen Earl Blumenauer

The whole world is talking about Stephen Colbert

Bombing planned in Pakistan tribal areas? 2 related articles....

Flooding impacts expensive homes near here, owners ask for aid

Welcome to the dead zone (Housing bubble--Fortune Magazine)

Did Bush actually want gas prices high? Think about it...

WTF is it with ABC and CIC?

Darfur on TV. Kudos to ER for their portrayal of the

Summertime and the Protection Racket

scarborough upcoming segment re: Al Gore bumping Hil off the nomination

Notable Quotable's for $1000, Alex

People are sick!!

Will the attack on Iran signal martial law here at home?

Paula Zahn to Ray McGovern...

Who does Patrick Kennedy think he is?

How many people outside of DU or AA do you know that heard about Colbert?

Oil/gas prices artifically low though subsidies...

Did you ever hear Jim Gabbert on the radio?

Miss. Gov. Denies Pardon for Black Veteran

Mary Cheney is a coward

Republicans keep talking about increasing the supply of oil

Prayer in schools, again and again, and again..warning: Falwell content

Minutemen Project founder may run for pres....where do we send the money?

Let's build a fence at the Mexican border!

The Self-Locking F-22 ... Lockheed's Flying Dud

"Moral Refusal"? WTF?!

Iraqi Military, proud talking point for Republicans...

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

The Great "Bootleg" Coal Industry

McGovern: "come on, these people aren't idiots. They know the story."

I want to go outside and yell 'Colbert'. Is that strange?

Why (how) did the Iraq war go so bad?

Logo help

Could Al Gore have beaten Bush Sr in 1988 if he was the nominee? - discuss

Bush to punish campers for opposing national forest sell-off

"Impeach Cheney First" Pass it on!

Looks like I'm gonna get slammed again in a local conservative forum.

Has there EVER been a world leader REMOTELY like this?

Check out this link to the official Spanish version of the natl anthem

Can I please ask any gay Duers a question?

Tin Foil Time Out - Was Mcgovern A Set Up?

Where's the Kennedy should confess and resign thread?

Watergate Subpoenaed in Hooker Probe

Ray McGovern on Anderson Cooper. He's fantastic.

Welcome to George Bush's Magic Kingdom!

DU salute: To the silent protester at Rummy's speech today.

Ambien: That's why he (Rep. Kennedy) was so weird acting...

How long until Stephen Colbert is too easy on a guest and we turn on him?


Keep up the good work everyone!

Kennedy Blames Accident on Medications

Herewith, the Top Ten reasons why Al Gore should be the Democrats’ nominee

Breaking: Bill O'Reilly proven CORRECT about the attack on Easter

I never thought it would happen, but

That looks really good. Security guards taking people for banners and

Study: Faux helped steal elections

" not tourist flights": first official UN grilling of US over torture

$100 Rebate: Rise and Fall of Capitol Idea

If the Bush tax cut provisions come before Congress.....

On Feb. 20, 2009, a bitterly cold night, even as far south as Miami .....

rise of a new global energy elite could leave US out in the cold

Republicans Ridiculous

Harpers: Weldon Blew $80K in Campaign Funds on Restaurant Meals

Will someone please stop OLBERMAN he is PIMP SLAPPING Rummy. . .

So how's that national day of Prayer goin' in your neck of the woods...

21 Republicans who hate our troops

Ray McGovern and Karl Rove

Media Coverage Blacks Out Any Mention of Permanent Bases

ANYONE have video of Ray McGovern being manhandled???

C&L VIDEO: McGovern SMACKDOWN on Rummy!

Anyone seen the new Katherine Harris commercial?

See Ray McGovern in "Uncovered: The Whole Truth" Video ONLINE! +Zahnnnnn!

Rumsfeld's Defense

Is there a point beyond which smear campaigns become ineffective?

Kucinich Questions Bolton on Reports of Troops in Iran

How did Dennis Kucinich do in the primary Tuesday??

Tweety: Rove will scare the hell out of voters with visions of impeachment

Let Us Not Forget. 36 Years Ago Today...

Letter to Cohen re: Colbert - Are they Idiots or Hacks? Assuming Idiots...

Hannity compares a vote for Hillary the same as voting for Hamas

Newshour: McGovern "Information is the oxygen for democracy."

The Gravy consultants take over campaigns completely. Alarming


Russians say Cheney's speech "can lead any place, even to a new Cold War."

First political memory?

Al Franken should apologize.

Slouching Towards Tehran by Elizabeth Spiro Clark

Consumers Blame Bush & Big Oil for Gas Prices

The Innocence Project: Guilty until Proven Innocent

Dear Leader has a plan to fix the gas crisis

A rising tide that lifts only yachts (the economy under Bush)

Conservatives Drive Bush's Approval Down

The Star-Spanglish Banner by Bill Press

Editorial: Presidential shtick/What did they think a TV satirist would d

Nativists declare open season on undocumented immigrants

All races united against the GOP.

New York Times Editorial: Veto? Who Needs a Veto?

Bush Clears The Way For Corporate Domination

Cosmic Variance: The Wrongness Singularity (on Instapundit wrongness)

Times Are Changing, Thanks to Bush’s War

Blood Pact, by Chris Floyd

Iran Might Try to Disrupt Hormuz Oil Flow If Attacked by U.S.

NYTime's David Brooks critiques Kevin Phillip's American Theocracy

Ditto drama: Limbaugh’s anti-drug rhetoric reeks of hypocrisy

Newsflash: Hookergate Caused by Clintons!

It must be Fitzmas

House Resource Committee's GOP spin on gas prices media releases

SIROTA: How Corp. America (& corrupt pols) perpetuate Health Care Crisis

Nice rational take on the Star Spangled Banner

Would anyone believe a 40-page story could undo ALL of W's support?

John Nichols (The Nation): Rumsfeld Uses Colin Powell as a Human Shield

Across the globe, oil/gas supply at risk

Dick Cheney in Vanity Fair: paranoia, fatalism, puppet master

How Not to Fight Terrorism (Washington Post)

David Corn (The Nation): Goss in the Cold: A Scandal Skedaddle?

'Clear off or we will kill you': Iraqi families take flight

Only Fox News Provides Balance

If Republicans fight dirty, liberals should, too

MAUREEN DOWD: Iraq Becomes "Ransom of Red Chief"

Analysts Skeptical of Iran Oil Plan (Iran begins Euro push)

Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzales (Democracy Now!): Interview with Ray McGovern

IRAQ: Facing threats, local doctors flee Mosul

Family Kicked Out Of Buffet Restaurant For Wasting Food

Analysis of Tax Bill -Benefits today's Rich via borrowing/National Debt

Coral crisis: U.S. to protect stressed species

"Gray and Muddy Thinking about Global Warming"

The "Mother Of All" Hemp Posts

Great hemp documentary

Large fish kill hits western Lake Erie

Dept of Misunderestimation: Disease-carrying insects move north

Officals Move to Protect Cape Cod Project

Scuderi Group Air-Hybrid Engine claimed to double fuel efficiency

Motorcycle running on water?

As Energy Prices Rise, It's All Downhill for Democracy-Friedman, NY Times

Canadian Firm Develops Ingenious Solar-powered Bike

PM Olmert defends Arab MKs after Avigdor Lieberman's attack

Mofaz invoked 'Intifada Law' to exempt IDF from victims' claims

To grant a visa or not...(Hamas rep. visiting conference in Sweden)

Report: IDF kills cab driver at checkpoint

Secretary-General says U. N., American Jewish Committee....

Judge sentences Al-Arian to limit

Hebron: Police, settlers clash

BBC's coverage of Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'misleading'

Did the "only eyewitness" really see the crash of "UA 93"?

Photos, and a very minor point

If People On the 9/11 Planes Didn't Use Cell Phones And Used....

I can't stop wondering?

About that Big Wedding II stuff...

I was wrong, I thought todays ERD had more e-voting stories than normal

Kirwan to sue legislature over “censorship” of lawmaker mailings

ERD for May 5th, 2006- "The Ohio Primary MELTDOWN

Paper ballots and Hand counts NOW!!! Impeachment NOW!! or Revolution NOW!!


What do you think of this idea as a symbol for election integrity?

Shortcut to auditing the '06 elections


did the beans ever spill?

Education Forum in Davenport last night - QC Times

Iowa represented in the DU Lounge....Ugh.

I chastized the DMR today for running that lame Cohen column

Chet Culver Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Freedom Fund PAC

So, did everyone in Austin and the Hill Country make it through last night

Attn: Austin 78745

Developing: Repubs break quorum in Senate Finance

Hey Austin DU'ers... Got a link to the election ballot ?


Greg Abbott referees catfights

Quick question about quesadillas:

crock pot .simple question

Wear Republican Red For Harper Every Friday!

Harper to announce deal giving Quebec more formal international role

Who's going to fill out their census online?

I am aware of the rules...It is raining big time in San Antonio....

Global Warming Weakens Vast Pacific Climate System

Analysis of Tax Bill Finds More Benefits for the Rich (Not Surprising)

Strong showing for oil giants

Left to rot in a supermax jail (Moussaoui/Times-UK)

How Not to Fight Terrorism (Washington Post)

Iraqi Military, proud talking point for Republicans...

Tories announce new crime legislation

Congressman Kennedy blames accident on medications

Former Marine Admits Passing Secret Documents

Darfur rebels 'sign peace deal'

Top judge queries Hicks treatment

Senate overrides some of Romney's health care vetoes

City Hall stews over steamy 'arrest' photo

(AP) President's Approval Rate at All-Time Low

U.S. Defends New Internet Wiretap Rules

Miss. Gov. Denies Pardon for Black Veteran

Iran Might Try to Disrupt Hormuz Oil Flow If Attacked by U.S.

Poll: Bush‘s Approval Falls to New Low (33% @ AP-Ipsos poll)

Iraqi Kurds caught between rebels, foreign forces

Republican right abandoning Bush

Bush pledges 'unwavering support' of Israel

Ex-Supervisor of Islip Gets 3 Months, a Light Term

UK: Clarke (Home Secretary) axed in Cabinet reshuffle

Taleban tell British to expect a river of blood-- Times/UK

Fight Over E-Mails in Probe of Lobbyist (Safavian/Abramoff)

Senate ignores Bush veto threat

Update 1-U.S. arrests 6 for Boston "Big Dig" concrete fraud

CNN: Main Darfur rebel faction, Sudanese government sign peace plan


CNN Breaking: Porter Goss Resigning

Ohio's chief justice says courts imperiled

CNN: Bush to make personnel announcement at 1:45 pm ET today

Consumer Confidence Hits 7-Month Low

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Gannon comes out of the (WH) closet - grilled on WH visits

Alito’s First Opinion Favors Murder Defendant

MSNBC - Republican right abandoning Bush - 45% disapprove in Poll

US 'interference' halts UN renovations

Baghdad morgue struggles to cope with flow of bodies (1,115 bodies in Apr)

AP: Russian Media Warn of New Cold War

Hundreds of Shiites hold silent protest against displacements (Baghdad)

Member of Baquba city council assassinated

Text of Patrick Kennedy's Statement

Two arrested in hunt for Mladic (BBC)

Denmark to Cut Contingent in Iraq

BREAKING: CIA Chief Porter Goss resigns

CNN: New details on Libby charges implicated Rove

Judge calls Net wiretap rules 'gobbledygook'

Iraqi oil engineers kidnapped

Court Challenges Internet Wiretap Rules

Abortion law puts S. Dakota GOP on spot

Gay Marriage Foes Face Issue in Schools

U.S. Explains Itself to U.N. on Torture Charges

April jobs growth weaker than forecast(nonFarm payrolls added 138,000 jobs

Politics of oil: Cheney visits Kazakhstan


U.N. grills U.S. on torture ban

Senate Panel, Bush May Fight Over Detainees

Conservatives Drive Bush's Approval Down

Top House Demos call for ethics probe (Jefferson D-NOLA)

AK STEEL: Temporary replacement worker (Scab) dies in AK accident

Poll: Conservatives Cutting Approval Rates

Giuliani Is Reported to Have Hired High-Powered G.O.P. Fund-Raiser

Kennedy (rep) to check into rehab center

Talk to Iran, Bush urged

White House backs Cheney on Russia

Al Gore says Canadians should hold politicians accountable on environment

Libby Loses Bid for Documents in CIA Case

BREAKING: Jack Straw to be replaced as Foreign Secretary (BBC)

U.S. Tells of Iraq Insurgents' New Tactics ("Zarqawi memo")

Ex-CIA analyst: Rumsfeld 'should have owned up'

FBI probes Watergate prostitution allegations

Holy Land exemption is in (Jeb) Bush's hands now

(Rep) Capps supports exploring grounds for impeaching Bush

US denies torture allegations

U.S. troop casualties continue to mount in Iraq (#2415)

Rove invokes 9/11, lauds Bush tax cuts in talk here

CNN Breaking: CIA Director Porter Goss resigning

"Medical examiner says teen...died at Fla juvenile boot camp"suffocated

Plame Game Wins 4 Bids (Book Deal)

Rice calls Straw, says they will stay close friends

'Jake did not kill himself' says wife (Aussie soldier in wrong coffin)

Kansas Lawmakers Set Minimum Marriage Age

UPDATE 2-Kennedy case puts Ambien again under spotlight

Florida votes to require high school majors (AP/CNN)

Nicaragua Asks Chavez to Stop Interfering

Google sued (by N.Y. Democratic lawmaker) as source of porn

'West Point' Off Limits to Anti-War Alums

Bush: Bernanke doesn't have credibility problem

Principal bars ... student from singing anti-Bush song at talent show

Click here to hide the kudzu thread

here`s something different-click away your troubles


Lyrics - "Mr. Blackwell"

Know what? We need a national media day

Check out this collision at home (dial-up warning)

Thanks to whoever

please !

Everything I know about cussing I learned from Peggy


Howdy lounge! What's happening?

Drunk again! Finally told my friends what happened between me and the ex!

There's a show on PBS about Nuestra Familia

A friend just sent me a link to Ava's site

Brand new PODCAST of MrScorpio's HOTTEST SOUNDS!!! Number 4

For shame....posting in that kudzu thread and ignoring the

shimmy shimmy ko ko bop

Didn't you get the memo?

I am Kurdish for bull poo its stinken up places

Rant: how can it be


I'm bullish for Kurdistan - oh the places we could go

I Started a thread in GD!

Post a painting of your favorite pic

anyone out there got

I love it when I do I laundry and

I love it when I do I laundry and

Damn, you know it's Spring when...

The COOLEST movie you will see all day.

Lost fans - who is Gary Troup? ***SPOILERS***

Ladies and Gentlemen, your eyes are not deceiving you..

Man Celebrating Jail Release Arrested For Public Intoxication

Are you right stuff for the C.I.A. ? - I kid you not ...

I declare today Swedish Chef Appreciation day! Bork! Bork! Bork!

Help! While trying to upload a new avatar

What should be my new sig line?

Grandma Drops Baby Off At Wrong Address

Is kuzdu in Minnesota or Wisconsin yet?

your life is now

Happy Birthday BUDDHA!!!

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

From IMDB, the scoop on "Casino Royale" 2006:

wedding cake

My last cake this weekend... the hamburger..

I'll be walking tomorrow

Japanese superhero serves as postmaster

Maria Cantwell: Hottie

California Woman Has 14 Pound Preemie Baby

Norwegian Town Plans Curfew For Dogs - DS1 To Move There IMMEDIATELY

I went to the Shell gas station today and asked for $5 worth of gas

Are you glad you clicked on this thread?

City Hall stews over steamy 'arrest' photo

Should IRAN be worried and want nukes


An American Haunting...


I got my DTaP shot yesterday!

Desperate Times

Tourist parched after 990 euro beer

If everything were either forbidden or mandatory...

Free Comic Book day is tomorrow, May 6th!!!!

How weird is this? Someone took a dump in my mailbox.

Limpballs is online groveling. He has been running his mouth about

Helpful kitchen tips for struggling chefs

Sigh. Conversation with the power company:

How do you pick a Kentucky Derby Winner?

Seizure-inducing vid clip from BET: "Give it up for TOM CRUISE, y'all..."

In accordance with Swedish Chef day which "bork" is your favourite?

I am kudzu on bullish. It ain't going fucking anywhere.

Kudzu Thread appreciation thread!

I decided to quit smoking cigarettes today.

Everyone who has posted on the kudzu thread post here.

Is Porter Goss resigning?

Holy moley. Browsing the 'net, I found Rush Limbaugh's cousin:

THIS is why you vote! (sons don't vote; dad's race ends in tie)

A section from Wikipedia, re: Judy Garland

I just crapped in someone's MAILBOX! Ask me anything!!!

What animal's trait would you like to have for a day?

BREAKING!!1: Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn Will NOT Buy Mr. T's House!!1

So, the dump in the mailbox threads have me in stitches this afternoon...

I think "Dump in the Mailbox" is my new "Snakes on a Plane."

"Improv Everywhere" takes on Best Buy:

Spears & Federline to renew wedding vows: "Let's fucking do it again!"

My dog just dragged one of my bros in here

Ugly babies

Yay! My friend serving in Iraq gets to come home May 14th!

My god just dragged one of my Robbs in here

Happy Cinco de Mayo - now learn your god damn ENGLISH!!!

"You have circle butts."

The LSK appreciation thread!

Bird flu strikes FL lawns (pic)

Right. If you're keen on ending your career, wear this hairstyle:

Guess who turns 33 today.......

I love italics.

WHAT is going on in this picture?

Ladies, parents, people of DU - I don't need any advice

I'm a fish nerd...ask me anything!

I love Italians

A Blogger in Spite of Myself

The best news EVER---Mr T is getting his own talk show!!

When do you start to worry?

THE perfect gift-- The Cruzin Cooler gas or electric

Portland DUers: Are you worried about the Hanford site?

I want a sockpuppet...

ARGH - that cutesy voiced woman singing "Magic Carpet Ride"

Michelle Wie Is A FABULOUS Golfer!

I'm happy, ask me things

My regimen o' pills just got bigger

My dog just dragged one of my bras in here

Its a shockingly good day today.

I got a most marvelous review on my writing!

Flame war!

If bite-sized snacks are called lunchables


Tony (matcomodonuts) Soprano rides a Vespa to work

For lunch we had an all you can eat lobster buffet!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! (Puebla de Los Angeles in east-central Mexico battle)

Is it bad if the idea of crapping in my ex's mailbox is really appealing?

The official Good Luck MadAsHellNewYorker thread.

Sorta scary photo..."Hay Tom congrat's on baby Suri. We love you"

Okay, I'll try changing the thread title & kicking. BACK PAIN - HELP!

Frohe Cinco de Mayo, Tomodachi!

If an employer asks one to resign, does that allow one to get UI benefits?

Is it cool to post the contents of a PM?

Help,how do I set Firefox's download manager so it wont erase my DL's upon

There is nothing quite like Little League

more bizarre cat behavior

Heard these??? Don't kill me if you have.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/5/06)

I'm kicking off my weekend with 'Electric Version' by New Pornographers

songs for the dump in the mailbox

Top 10 albums of 2006 (so far)...

Just bought the new Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young albums today

Man Who Is 7-Foot 8 Inches Tall Gets New Shoes - Size 26

Is it friday yet?

I decided against getting lasik eye surgery.

Tomorrow is prom night, got our two teenagers going, wish me luck!

I saw a "Jesus Was A Liberal" bumper sticker this morning...


Well, I'm off...

WHO'S got better hair...A Flock of Seagulls or Paul Wolfowitz?

If looks could...

Where do drug lords find all those bikini girls to hang out at their pool?

Made $2K Today...

Fugging panic attacks!!!

Dusty Foggo Is Kind Of A Funny Name

What's wrong with the Bear Agenda

Dog Whisperer' sued by TV producer Suit claims Lab was injured

This kid lost a bet with the universe

What should I have for breakfast on Sunday?

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy!! 20,000 posts

Look what I found! Another DU hate site!

My neighbor bought me flowers!!

Does Divorce Run In Families?

Are the state forums always slow?


Two probably very dumb computer questions here.

BREAKING- "Cinderella" name Playmate of the Year

I just got dragged in here by a dog

I recieved an e-mail from a potential employer today..good vibes requested

did anyone else like "the life aquatic with steve zissou?"

This might be a dumb question - flame me if you must - but

Tell me something and I'll guess if it's the truth or a lie

its 6pm friday night and Im still at work

Just back from Mission Impossible 3

May 4, 1971.....

How many of my Fellow/Sister DU'ers remember this?

If you were going to emigrate, where would you go?

I am bored. Ask me anything.

Happy birthday SOteric!!

CONFESS!!!!! What was the first computer you ever owned?

Everyone who hasn't posted on the kudzu thread, check in here!

How much would I get for my almost 9month old 27' TV at a pawn shop?

I just found my letter from Paddington BEAR!!!!!!

Is this post too feminazi?

Self Delete

What always cheers you up?

The Supersoaker - Oozinator

Parents - I need advice

Roller Derby! Got my Tickets! See you there!

I'm kudzuish on kudzu. It's kudzuing places! (The last ever kudzu thread)

How Cool is NewYawker99?

To create great rock and roll, you must first destroy all rock and roll.

Wackiness at Best Buy

Vote for your favorite Tom Cruise film

Friday Night Boredom post yer mug thread

Ever meet someone "famous" and not know it?

Songs for the dumped

Rabrrrrrr kicked out of buffet restaurant for lambasting food

Kentucky Derby's tomorrow!

Geesum...I So Fucking Hate the World Right Now! (LONG Rant)

The best thing about Kudzu was the cartoon....


kid is staying elsewhere tonight - what should I drink?

Casual dress for an interview?

Are bars truly good places to meet people?

Hehehe! Somebody selling 116 year old cocaine on ebay!

Family Kicked Out Of Buffet Restaurant For Wasting Food

What Age Is Too Young To Start Wearing Make-Up?

Bwa-ha! My first DU avatar!

Oh, well, I was gonna make my 5000 post something really cool

My CAD project (vanity post, but oh well)

I just finished cleaning out my daughter's (16) room!!! All I can say is..

Out of these movies which one would you see?

I'm a bird nerd.... Ask me anything!

Tonight's meditation session is for Abundance. Want on the list?

Hello. My name is Miss Smack and I'll be your flight attendant

Rant: When you invite people to the beach. Why do they think for free?

I'm getting a new camera.

Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme to helm a new show

It's official - Minnesota DU Get-together Friday, May 12

XM Radio. Yeah or Nay?

DU Folding@Home - Put your PC to work to fight disease!

Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism' by Vatican's astronomer

Presidential Religious Affiliation

What do you make of this painting?

(X-Ray) Microscope reveals great detail (BBC)

Saturn's moon Titan has dunes (Reuters/CNN)

Universe 'child of previous one' (BBC)

Dear Mary Cheney

Suit says union violates man's religious freedom (to be a bigot...)

Principal bars student from singing anti-Bush song at talent show

Boxing: Mayorga vs De La Hoya

As a Phillie fan I wonder how many homers Mike Schmidt would have hit

Just wanted to talk a little about Spidey

So whatever happened with the Lunar Standstill we were expecting?

Are the planets in an uproar?

JFK assassination - new revelations?

FL LTTE: Support for Kerry's Dissent speech

Oh btw, I WAS WRONG about Capt. Powers. He is from NY.

Lapdogs: How the Media Delivered the Election by Aiding the Swifties

I think MSNBC is on more drugs than P Kennedy

My post in GD On Patrick Kennedy

Both * and Kerry campaigns blew off Iraq vet Rieckhoff? WTF?

A backyard critter:

My girlfriend

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/05/06: CIA CHIEF RESIGNS

KOEB - 5/5/06 - Gosso de Mayo edition

It's been called "the literary opposite of 9/11"...and finally online.


gop 2006 campaign plea: Vote for us or they take over & send us to jail!

Cindy Sheehan in Canada

Words alone cannot describe this Cheney pic (you gotta have drugs)

Tucker Carlson,lying or just stupid?

Bernie Ward is ON FIRE tonight folks

Frist, you pathetic panderer! Please go away!

anyone out there got

Diebold in Michigan has problems with optiscan machines during a county

Don't have a problem with police, reporting rape, or nailing drug abusers-

I received an email from Ken Mehlman today and he said...

Cleveland radio station plays Niel Young album in it's entirety

As the day ends, remember "the Boy from Diamond Drive", Kent State

"Concerned Women" FURIOUS at Specter: "Americans are sick to death!"

Ray, You Da Man! by: Larry C Johnson

creeping up slowly, the state of fear shows its ugly face

Patrick Kennedy Accident on Wash Journ now.

Damn, you know it's Spring when...

National Geographic channel just ran a Hurricanw Katrina Special

63 Year Old Woman to become Britain's Oldest Mother

Who gives a F@#! if Colbert was FUNNY???!!!!!

rummy got bitch

Patriots and 45 tons of tea....

Teachers, can this be true re No Child Left Behind?

Memory Hole: 2005 Wiretap Report Expunged

Conservatives what do they conserve?

Family Kicked Out Of Buffet Restaurant For Wasting Food

We need a good DU satire.. let's beat the media to the punch

If you are ever in doubt about what crimes the US is committing...

Is Today the Day?

Got this from a friend online, you won't believe it

Boogeyman Zarqawi revealed to be a faker...

SUVs on WJ

What strings are attached to federal loans or grants for college tuition?

How much money DOES Bill gates have?

W's war dead now at 2,411 in his war

Rummy in Atlanta

Hungary workers get shock at bottom of rum barrel (a body)

So is today the day?

Falwell: ‘Friend or Foe’ Graduation Prayer Campaign Launched - A Pictorial Look At Our Fallen Heroes

Conservatives driving bushitler's approval to dismal all time LOW

Granny Power Takes on the Iraq War

'Conservatives Drive Bush's Approval Down'...IT'S "COVER YOUR ASS TIME!"

Get yer "Colbert Was Right" T-shirts!!!

The "PUBIC" Kay Bailey Hutchison!!!!!

Anti-immigration group Border Guardians urge violent attacks says report

NO short term solutions to high gas prices. cspan now (Dem. from NM)

WTF? Fox Poll says Bush UP 5 POINTS!

Dole warns of disaster if Democrats win in 2006

Frist on Senate Fl. trying to get all to vote for S. 1955-- a bill that ma


Popular Sleeping Pill Linked to 'Sleep Driving,' New York Times Reports

They are Still Trying To Legalize Bush's Illegal Wiretaps

Did Rumsfeld plant Mobile Weapons Labs in Iraq?

Indianapolis: Immigrants were held captive, police say

USA Today founder Neuharth: Bush supporters were 'suckered'

Blair demotes Straw (England's Rove/Rummy clone)

WH Faith-based programs--official on C-span now.

45 years ago today, Al Shepard was USA's first man in space.

Is Backwash auditioning to replace the old lecher who hosts Telemundo...

"Net Neutrality"? Careful folks, this one is aimed straight at us.

BREAKING: The Crime of Our New Century

" the latest Washingon scandal"--msnbc characterization of Pat Kennedy

What's the most you've ever paid for gas? I just paid $3.07 for Regular!

al-Zarqawi video is a Hollywood production. Like the fat Osama video was

Today Show is All GOP Happy Talk This AM!

We must not let this stupid Kennedy non-story distract us

Iraqi police 'killed 14-year-old boy for being homosexual'

"The Senate is challenging George Bush's presidential manhood,"

The Moussaoui verdict deals blow to Bush administration’s 9/11 coverup

CNN Spends 15 Minutes On Kennedy Story

If you can take it...


Releasing al-Zarqawi outtakes video is huge mistake.

Jack Straw demoted as Blair

Gold is up to $680.10

Ray McGovern on Democracy Now! today


A Radical Solution.


Who here thinks that Rove will be "Limbaughed"?

Caption this Bush photo!

Creationism dismissed as 'a kind of paganism' by Vatican's astronomer

HuffPost >> Marty Kaplan: I Love Ray McGovern

Amazing, how well the diversion tactic still works....

Please don't hope the Idiot's poll numbers drop any more !

Have you seen ABCs Bush during

For all that is said about Dell around here....

So what's up with Fitzy? Hasn't it been 10 days?

Five days after the Globe breaks the Signing away the Constitution story

"Shock and Awe" 3 more dead GI's today.

RI Senate Poll: Chafee may lose GOP Primary

No flag on US team's bus for security reasons

Cindy Sheehan will be on WPR in a few minutes (8AM PST)

WND: National ID is the Mark of the Beast

Principal bars student from singing (Pink) anti-Bush song

Bush goes shopping at the last family owned family hardware store-

LDS (Mormons) joins Nuclear storage foes

Putin has a 72 percent approval rating in Russia

Sick, Twisted Lying Mofo Vernon Robinson's Campaign of Slander

DU'ers, I need your wisdom. Help me with a retort

What a Glorious Morning it is! New Polling fro AP-Ipsos

Any evilDUer in Tucson for July 4th interested in being Uncle Sam?

Snotty Scotty's last Press Briefing live on C-Span

Yesterday, Schmuck Cheney Scolds Russia. Today, He Praises Kazakhstan.

Rumsfeld Should Receive a Nobel.

Contact media re: lack of Colbert coverage

Father Faces Felony Charges For Rushing To Injured Daughter's Side

Civil Disobedience

Wordsmith's 05/04/06 "Word.A.Day" word describes B*sh to a T.

The ‘06 Republican campaign strategy is taking shape . . .

Court Challenges Internet Wiretap Rules

Fla. Votes to Make (High School) Students Declare Major

Our Liberal Press on Rumsfeld: When is a lie, a lie? (Dobbs video)

WH press briefing on c-span

Correlation between voting for Bush and Loss of Teeth?

Why isn't Tibet doing more to help illegal immigrants in the USA?

Demonic Eyes

My latest podcast is up

How do you pick a Kentucky Derby Winner?

Bush making personnel announcement at 1.45pm

Colbert - Again from the Daily Howler

The heat is breaking (re: gas prices)! Woo hoo!!

If we're gonna win this year, we can't make the mistakes we made in 2004


Bumper sticker conundrum. This really has my brain chewing itself.

Dean says DNC voting hotline received several hundred Indiana calls.

Post your * jokes here!

Big government is bad, I agree.

New comic: Saved by the fender-bender (Rummy, Rove, Patrick Kennedy)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With NeoCon Pinatas

Be very afraid

Mete out some real justice---what should Tom Delay's sentence really be?

2fer Tweety's advice to grads (& voted Shrub); Bill speaks to MURDOCHexecs

Preferential treatment?

Republican right abandoning Bush

CNN: April new jobs: 138,000

HAH! Amusing ad I found on the Pittsburgh Post Gazett-Santorum

Porter Goss is resigning: Scot said Pres was to make Personnel

CNBC saying it's not Tres Sec. Snow, re: *'s "announcement"

Patrick Kennedy should confess and resign!

We do have choices

Ruh, roh. Iran seeks euro-denominated oil market

We Warned You About Dubya

Let's help the liberal media really zoom in on the Kennedy story

CNN just reported Porter Goss is resigning.

Tuesday night is karaoke night in Saddam's palace

DUer Ava gets some support from

Need help. Need proof reading for paper going to Dean, and Reid..

OK, we know Porter Goss is resigning.

Porter Goss is resigning breaking CNN nt

VIDEO: Zahn Interviews McGovern, Defends Rumsfeld

Didn't Nixon's CIA director, Richard Helms "resign" too?

Help! What's the Prostitute Scandal. I missed it.

Chimpy on Talking about "great Guy" Goss!

CNN-no real controversy surrounding Goss...shall we e-mail them?

Talk Radio Host Calls for Violence Against Immigrants

Its Friday! Can we get a C..C..C..CAPTION!?!

Fiscal responsible means

Officer claiming Kennedy was drunk was not even at the scene...

Raw Story teaser: "GANNON COMES OUT..."

Let's toast Cinco de Mayo....with a PORTER!

Helen Thomas asks 'where are the religious leaders'?

With this hooker scandal, which Repuke will utter those famous words

Kennedy slips out back door while Gross barges into the front :) /nm

Another reason why I highly dislike conservatives

Rove says Jump.. and we always oblige!

What's happening with Carville and Bob Novak?

Pretzledent to make personnel announcement at 1:45 PM EST

Ass on CNN saying Kennedy "slammed" his car into a post.

48,502 Thank you's to Stepehn Colbert so far

I am glad that we are building a democracy in Iraq...


Bush will claim Goss's work was unsatisfactory and part of WH.shake-up

CIA Director Porter Goss says he's 'amazed' at workload

Charlie Cook: Ford Strongest Democrat Recruit In 2006; Tennessee Highly Vu

I didn't realize Gary Trudeau and * went to Yale at the same time

Scot just said good bye to all: thread here in case you missed it.

Bush hits new low in yet another poll (AP-Ipsos)


Wasn't a CIA chief vulnerable to blackmail if he accepted prostitutes

Another bush joke;

Another one bites the dust.

Chevron pulling out of N.O. (just weeks after coming back in!)

Bumper Sticker du Jour

How about a farewell caption for Scotty - pics

OK, what's Porter Goss's new DU nickname?

Hookers vs. Fender- Benders

Did Goss resign so that he can take over for Harris in FL?

Sick of innuendo, slant and slime

CNN: Bob Barr says he believes there is something else....

Kennedy who?

Is MSM acting like "Hookergate" was well know and much talked about?

I am opposed to officials resigning because of sex!!!


Bush suggested that Goss had only served in a "transition" phase

Colbert replacing Goss after sleepdriving ?

The freeper in my cube

Powell re: Iraq >> "defining problem for this administration."

Heads up: Guy James on in 10 minutes!

Thank you President Bush.

well i bet poppy bush has a big smile on his face

Sex = Intense Media Coverage

Someone who has more patience than me please do DU a favor

ATTENTION: Get your "gate" scandals here!

Is DCI a step up or down from a cabinet level position?

Honor and Dignity alert. Is Porter Goss neck deep in hooker scandal?

cnn breaking Pat. K. to check himself into Rehab: will have 3pm ET

Russert on MSNBC Now r.e.: Goss

Keith Olberman will have the truth about Goss...

What the hell is hookergate?

Russert spinning for the WH

Hooker humping CIA director trumps pill popping Rhode Island congressman

"Somebody sends me a blue dress and some DNA, I'll have an investigation."

What should we call the CIA/Watergate prostitution scandal?

Who was the Congressman Steven Colbert had on his show?

Anyone think that the resignation may relate to Iran?

I'll be cheesed off if Hookergate turns out to be a major scandal

Want to know what caused Goss to resign?

How is that intellectual vaccum, Free Republic, taking Goss' resignation?

Pissypants: "I preciate the honor and integrity Porter brought to the job"

the stock market is about to hit all times high. What is going on?

Labour Gets Hit in Local Elections; Tories Get Best Result Since '92

Rising tide or bigger boats??? An economic thought . . .

This just in... the question is finally answered: Colbert

I Think Goss Has A Secret That Isn't A Secret Anymore! Pics....

Today's NYT has a Patrick Kennedy story; NOTHING on Rumsfeld -- WTF?

Porter Goss: Let's cut to the chase.

Bill Clinton to Address News Corp. Retreat (Rupert Murdoch)

Head of CIA resigns: Patrick Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Patrick Kennedy Patr

Have a great Weekend everyone

So, what's the Pig Man gonna do with this Kennedy thing?

I see some empty chairs and people looking out of the window


Ray McGovern chosen for new CIA Chief.

Randi talking abouit Hooker gate

Rush Limpblah on Patrick?

So with whom will Chimpy McFuckwad replace Goss?

DUers are many things.... kind, loving, informative.. but cruel?

I waded into the sewer at FreeperLand re: Goss. Here's the latest:

Why Americans are Doomed...

Sludge has 6 links, a headline, and a picture re: Patrick Kennedy

When will * give Porter a medal?

Thank You Ray McGovern . org!

"THEY'LL" just spend it on gas... Friday's toon 5/5/06

I'm surprized at you people

Gargantuan American "Embassy" Under Construction in Iraq...

Freepers not buying Goss excuses from RW rag.

CNN reporting Pentagon taken completely by surprise by Goss resig

Is the Harpers story about Porter Goss about to come out?

porter goss,

MSNBC's website is really screwed up today

Ray McGovern on kpfk now (1pm PST)

Nice letter deconstructing neocon "logic" in Stars & Stripes

ThinkP: Early Media of Goss’s Resignation Dances Around Cunningham Scandal

Goss must have gotten cold busted and they couldn't it cover-up.

A guide to life. The world is made of fuckors and fuckees.

An appeal to reconsider your V for Vendetta Avatars

Hookergate or Fornigate?

Remember - the WH threatened CIA agents who talk

Anyone think Bush will appoint Ray McGovern to replace Goss?

great music tonight on CMT . . . Springsteen, Van Morrison, . . .

America Outsourced, Insourced, and Illegal Laborized: What Can We Do?

"When Johnny Is Carried Home Again"

Has Goss stated the reason (s) for resigning? - Time with the family?


What's the most outrageous thing you've heard Clinton get blamed for?

CIAFoggo next to resign?

The Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq

Feds' Watch List Eats Its Own

Depleted Uranium Dust

Porter Goss went to meet with Negroponte today

$3.50 per gallon (regular) in Arcata, CA this morning....

Fitz walking out of courthouse now. cnn

Thank you Jeb


Wolf calls Kennedy rehab a "Bombshell" story. Geeeez.

Who else in Bush's cabal goes down with Goss??


As if we needed more proof that the Mainstream Media is irrelevant . . .

CNN.COM WHORING FOR BUSH AGAIN: Front Page Breaking Story is Kennedy

Interesting new CNN forum - where's the GENERAL DISCUSSION forum?

Another great bumpersticker idea

Wolf covering Porter C. resigning now. said no reason given

How many al Qaeda leaders does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Down the memory hole

ON CNN: Fran Townsend, Homeland Security Advisor, the Next CIA Director?

Cafferty Question of the Hour (Hint - Porter Goss)

CNN: New details on Libby charges implicated Rove

Is Busholini on Ambien?

Fallout from the falling dollar

Yikes - this picture of Glenn Beck on

PHOTO: No, Chimpolini, it's not what you think

Goss to get Medal of Freedom?

"Mellow Journalism"

I will vote for the candidate who promises these 5 things:

Senate OK's War Funding in Budget. Hurricane Relief Cuts Probable

RFK, Jr. says that U.S. democratic problems are the media's fault.

Need help - info about Duke Cunningham being cleared by some panel

Question about Porter Goss-Is this tied to the CIA analyst

Rant: Sept. 11th memorial to cost one billion?!?!

Here's a case where it absolutely sucks to be right.

Shah of Iran's Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime

Kristol on FAUX: "Something not good happened" (re: Goss)

James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano) was in an accident.....

CNN: Rove will be called to testify in Libby's case. ....n/t

Nora O'Donnell in for Tweety!! drats. msnbc. Andrea Mitchell coming up

Mike Malloy's blog: Cinco de Moron

Republicans and the Watergate...

Al Neuharth Bashes Bush, Says His Supporters are 'In Denial' (E&P)

Texas Repugs Celebrate Patriotism by Pretending to Shoot Immigrants

CNN...Now this is funny

Happy Stinko de Mayo everyone!!

Goss "nudged" from post - new euphemism

Jesus favored church/state separation - is this true?

Anbody watching Tweety?

Anyone here listen to Ministry?

Oh good. Dick Cheney single handedly starts a new Cold War

Gay Marriage Vote in Massachussetts

I gotta ask

in honor of Peter Goss: "I am not qualified"

is there a clip with bush's body double. I loved colbert.

It may be a big DUH! to most posters;

Republicans can't get their lies straight

US to UN: Torture charges are "so hyperbolic as to be absurd."

There's a new syndrome in town....."battered Congress syndrome,"

Coming up: Ray McGovern on CNN...

Rep Kennedy taking Ambien may just make eyes open...

If People On the 9/11 Planes Didn't Use Cell Phones And Used....

Nearly 40 DirectTV Techs Fired After Local 6 Report

Yet another "things would've been so much worse under Clinton" nutjob

Two theories on Porter Goss

Oops! Fidel Castro richer than Queen of England.

Neil Young's "Living With War" Catches Fire with Over 2 Million Page-views

Nora just said Patrick Kennedy

I wonder if Tony Snow regrets stepping into the fire right now?

it appears that washington

Abrams reports leads with Kennedy teaser (nothing about Goss)

List of Add-Ons to Iraq funding bill - the one that Bush wants to veto

Harry Reid and Goss's replacement

don't forget, yer paying for gas in more ways than one.

Does anybody else think it's strange that both Jack Straw and Porter Goss

Dammit, Bush was right.



*SNAP* - Who's impersonating whom?

Just saw NBC Nightly News tease: 2 major stories! 1st Kennedy 2nd Goss

Um, if you were wondering what Cheney is doing, be prepared to be

Remember the Hunger Strikers Today, 25 Years

Hotshots on Hardball. Joe S--and NORA--Goss got hung out by WH.

Gannon comes out of the (WH) closet - grilled on WH visits

Monday welcomes Tony Snow as the White House Press Secretary. hehehe

Heard these??? Don't kill me if you have.

Cantwell's stance on Iraq keeps volunteers away, party chief says

AP: 'West Point' Off Limits to Anti-War Alums


Death penalty likely on ballot (WI,-abolished in 1853)

The "official" Goss story will just make the HOOKER truth that much worse

There was a time when I would defend the confederate flag

old porter just one of those

Sensebrenner has stock in companies that hire illegals!

2416 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The Bushes vs. the Kennedys is the modern day equivalent of

Got this from MoveOn re: MomsRising (signatures needed)

Clinton asked why she won't support Feingold's censure resolution?

Reid Statement on The Resignation Of Porter Goss

Why did Wolfe just say "Shrub has six months to turn poll #'s around?"

GOP lunatic Senate Challenger in MA blames TED KENNEDY for Iraq war

Puke Alert!! NBC Fawning over new video of Rumsfeld in Chicago

Great news, chickenhawks! You're not too old to join the National Guard!

Poor nations to get $1 billion in Web aid (Reuters/CNN)

Bush having trouble deciding between top two CIA candidates


Gen. Michael Hayden Considered in The Lead for CIA Job!

The end of the world is nigh!

Was Goss part of the whoremongering "Duke" Cunningham bribery scandal?

Conservatives Drive Bush's Approval Down...

How the Sunday headlines will look...

Rush outrageous today, but thank him for this: He does not breed.

Canada should welcome U.S. deserters, Layton says

Andrea Mitchell saying Goss was fired MSNBC

It's not "poker", it's "Poke-her"

Ode to Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer

BioHazard! Bird Flu! Quarantine! Panic! Fear! Spread the Gospel, NBC!

Just a heartwarming story...

Does anyone have any news about Elizabeth Edwards?

Iranian mullahs versus the Bush administration: the best of enemies

Lou Dobbs gets it: Goss "resignation" may have something to do with

Hardball "Hotshits": Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, Rita Cosby.

"Fraternal Order of Police"

See many scenes of violence on television these days?

Porter g. going was part of the WH shake up. says Fox, it was mutual

Libby's Lawyer Says He'll Seek Testimony From Wilson

Bush Asking Pakistanis to Bomb North/South Pakistan: High Casualties

Oklahoma is protesting Bush tomorrow-Stillwater

Those sneaky Terraists...

Frank Gaffney just called Wolf 'Lou'. McGovern & Gafney on CNN

Ray McGovern on Wolfie now

Randi just said that she got a mom that got a letter from

Has anyone speculated as to whether or not the Fornigate Prostitutes

Worst Cheney photo ever! A happy Zoloft camper .. NOT!

Is the GOP Throwing Bush Under the Bus

Lookit! Scratches on Kennedy's car on REAR BUMPER!

Patrick Kennedy should have shut up today

NBC Nightly News: Economy Coming Up ROSES; Wages UP, Hiring UP

The President Says Immigrants "Must Learn To Misinterpreate English"

"The Guy James Show" 3 to 5pm eastern Join us!

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants to drill our coasts!

Ambien: I just heard this morning on CNN that some people

CNN's Jamie McIntyre... "Ray McGovern 'claims' to be retired CIA agent."

Norah's a beautiful moran

Dr. Phil rocks.

Wolfe Blitzer Re: Kennedy - "Should he give up his seat in Congress?"

CNN Real Estate Bubble update

CNN/AP: Rock Rises from St. Helens Crater

Happy Cinco de Mayo DUers!

I Challenge DU to Support Patrick Kennedy

Who's missing from DU? Can we contact them to make sure they're okay?

Interesting take on Goss Exit via FDL

The Goss /Wilkes /Cunningham Watergate prostitute story needs another look

the Hindus were right about the universe.

Tucker[ Bowtie] Carson looked like a total ASS on Hardball

Larry Franklin, Abramoff, GOP, AIPAC

Goss worked a 3-day week???


This Bush pic from today screams for a caption

FYI: Guests on "Real Time" w/Bill Maher tonight:

Who do you dislike more? Norah O'Donnell or Chris Matthews?

TIME: "The Incredible Shrinking CIA": Negroponte takes control

Duh. Colbert trying to escape the press conference was making fun of * in

A toon for your amusement

Progressive vs Conservative dialogue between Dad and Son.

Buddy, can you spare eighty-two thousand, four hundred and fifteen bucks?


Does Skinner Deserve 10 Lashes with a Wet Noodle?

Patrick Kennedy: FESS UP and end MSM feeding frenzy now

WP's Dana Milbank on Colbert supporters: "Get a life"

Demented Bush administration threatens to attack Europe over GPS?

DDT: A weapon of mass survival

Hemp as fuel.

Will Pitt: Going 'Nukular'

Who replaces Goss? Jim Baker? Jeb? Poppy? Pat Roberts? Toby Keith?

Kennedy used Ambien? Is Bush using it, too???

Wow...just saw Bush clip from this afternoon...HE'S DRUNK!

Patrick Kennedy, please cancel your 3:00 PM press conference NOW!!!

Bird Flu hits first Trailer Park in Florida - since it's a slow news day

Kennedy today entered rehab center...end of story!



WaPo Blogger Makes Laughable Attempt to Defend Rumsfeld Against McGovern

CNN: Patrick Kennedy checking into rehab

Rush gets called on his Patrick Kennedy hypocrisy & can't take the debate

ABC News has video of Bush's reaction during Colbert's audition tape

Does this mean that Bush's numbers will drop below 30%?

Goss in the Cold: A Scandal Skedaddle?

Hypothetical: Dems Propose a Temporary Consumption Tax on Gas

In the middle of all this, the Pubbies on the hill

Tucker Carlson gets his panties twisted into a knot over JBE's "Asshole"

I feel so out numbered sometimes: Re-fuel me DU.

GOP=Prostitution, Corruption and Death

Alter with Dobbs on FDR: from nothing to fear to nothing to use but fear

Do your parents or your family know that you Post at DU?

Fox News Sunday linking Patrick Kennedy to Ted Kennedy's Chappaquiddick

What's up with Raw Story?

O'Lielly's 25-54 demographic numbers are going in the toilet.

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell reporting that Goss was FIRED!

Hey gang, visit! For a good time...

I just read auntie pinko

Ruh Row....I'll bet Gannon is/was one of the Hookers....

Patrick Kennedy, and Why Preferential Treatment Is a Bad Thing.

PAYBACK TIME FOR FREEPERS: One coming off life support...

WP's Dana Priest on Goss: You'll have to wait for tomorrow's paper.

Hypothetical: Democrats propose a windfall profit tax on energy companies

A photo of Rep. Patrick Kennedy's car

Steve Westly for Governor in Califonia! Let's beat Ahrnuld!

Larry Johnson: "... it's really because Goss is in trouble."

I made an old lady cry. In a good way!

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

Mom versus the Wingnut

Not so rhetorical question - why aren't contraception methods for males

Do you think that parents should financially assist adult children? (new website from PFAW)

Use of Contraception Drops, Slowing Decline of Abortion Rate

Kennedy took Ambien...that explains what happened.

OMG - * in a Hardware Store - pics >>>


So I get elected union vice president, and the harrassment begins...

Blood Pact: American Hegemony and the True Bush "Base"

my reply to email from the House Resources Committee (re: gasoline)

Joe Scarborough was awesome today

I challenge DU to support Bryan Kennedy

The way to USE this story, DUers: Hookergate is STANDARD BIZNESS for GOPs


It's too bad that Patrick Kennedy didn't just shoot a lawyer in the face.

Can we appoint people who aren't corrupt, pedophiles, pimps & drug runners

FAUXnews flunkie Wallace : Move along now. Nothing to see here.

Damu Smith 1952-2006: Legendary Peace Activist Dies

More Rape at Duke...

Much more laughter on Democracy Now's play of Colbert's WHCD speech

1600 Sheep Die After Grazing in GE Cotton Fields

"The Rescue"-- Comedy Central's Joke of the Day (funny Bush Bash)

Is the US actually in recession?

Funding list for individuals, churches & non-profits rebuilding Gulf Coast

Questions on Net Neutrality..........

Corn as fuel


Justice is getting lost in Duke lacrosse case.

The New DU Homepage has an RSS/XML Feed

Recruiting children for supplement sales and gaming oil stocks

My latest podcast is up

Scott Ritter: Bush does NOT have policy of disarmament of Iran

Somebody should say to Rumsfeld

AP/IPSOS: Bush and GOP in Congress at new lows.

tony snow - "courteous fellow, almost impossible to dislike"

Uh Oh. Things aren't looking good for 2008 Presidential hopeful Bill Frist


25 years ago today

Anger at Moussaoui sentencing...NO anger at Bush War On Terra.

Pro-war position does not hurt Lieberman - Quinnipiac University Poll

WP's Cillizza: Another Early Look at the 2008 Race

Mmmm...lemon fish and 2 veggies for Karl Rove on News Dump Friday?


Why we love our kids

Rumsfeld, who "did not lie," in a 3/30/03 transcript...TELLING THE LIE.

A morning in "Bush Country," and a Lesson in Poverty

MSNBC's into this Kennedy story like fucking pigs wallowing in slop.

I dislike Republicans

MSNBC: "Bush hopes for boost from economy"

Democrats 51, Republicans 34

Liz Smith's column: "Texas is in play...."

smirk's faith based man, pro life Dem. Tim Towey

Why is "connection refused when contacting"?

if you have been wondering how stuff got so messed up in Iraq

Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy

Rollcall: 'Gang of 14' to Meet Tuesday

Elizabeth Dole; "Our worst fears realized if Dems take Senate".

Al Neuharth Bashes Bush, Says His Supporters are 'In Denial'

2006 Disaster if Democrats Win (???)

MSNBC front page graphic is a KEEPER: "Base Balks"

dem Sen. Jeff Bingaman wants to drill for oil in E. Gulf of Mex.

Goss gone

American Conservative Union Hysterical Over Immigration

FOP, Police Unions, Cops, Kennedy and Politics.....

Endorsements in the New Orleans Mayor's Race and Voting Info

Spinning limbaugh's involvement with the law

Adopt-A-District 06

Freeps want "regime change" in Iran. Look...they even have a banner.

Abramoff visitor logs, goss, gannon - Great News Management Karl

The two guys on NPR

AT the current rate of scandals in media, even Shrub can't wait for Fitz

CT-SEN: Ned Lamont to be on CNN this afternoon

free markets: a prescription for lack of leadership

Who knew the Dukester was an entertainer?

Scottie's last press conference is on NOW!!!

Did Anyone Catch How CNN Came To Talk About Hookergate....

Want A Good Laugh - Check Out Drudge -- Just One Little Reference....

I support Holtzman (R) for Colorado Gov.

The Kennedy story - a different angle

Tony Snow's first conference will cover

Goss resignation "very bad news for Bush" (Jonah Goldberg gets it right)

On the last day of the 2006 FL Legislature, Jeb's accomplishments:

When will the media mention the magic words in regards to Goss?

If there are freeps out there who want to mock Kennedy...go ahead

Gay Child Executed In Iraq

Goss to seek GOP Senate Nomination in Florida????

Kennedy presser up NOW--he is going to rehab n/t

Indiana: ES&S glitches delay vote count.

If there was no charge, as rush has stated

Dean says DNC will help Indiana appeal the new voter ID

Tweety: Al Gore "gets stuck with all of that goo, politically"

So, which lobbying firm will Goss end up at?

And Duke Cunningham will get his $60,000 per year pension:

Here it comes on MSNBC

Uncle John Snow advises a "nervous college senior" on the job market

FL Principal won't let 10-year-old sing Pink's "Dear Mr. President"

Video: Rumsfeld Busted Hard For Lying About WMD on CNN

Will Al Gore change his position on trade?

bush threatens veto when Senate has votes to override - BRILLIANT!

Porter Goss resigning is going to blow the Patrick Kennedy story off the

Zinn's little history lesson ringing true today

So Rove is supposed to find out if he is indicted within the next week

If Bill Clinton had not invented Oral Sex

I wonder if limbaugh is involved with the prostitute scandal?

Former CIA (Rummy interrupter) Ray McGovern to speak in Atlanta tonight!

10 'Facts' About Immigration is a hoax

Why Fox News was ranked most trusted news source in recent poll

Another boil has been excised from the ass of our Nation

Pissed, but I predicted it, they changed lede at

A trip down memory lane: Bush on use of military force in 2000 Debate

About that Big Wedding II stuff...

Sudan - Darfur and Largest Rebel Faction Sign Pact to End Carnage

Polls show Republicans in peril (CNN)

Good ol' Spikey Issikoff ..... haulin' bullshit for the team on Hairballz

Will someone PLEASE shove something big, round, and choking into

If you didn't watch the Ray McGovern video yet...

More shame in Florida - Jeb, Fire this Doctor!!!!

What is the purpose of the journal in here?

Domestic Spying

When will we see a Home and Home with Great Britain? Tony and W exchanging

Goss resigning can only mean a looming indictment.

Bush boasting about 138,000 jobs, but forgot the 315,000 newly jobless

Why is the prostitution thing a scandal?

Excellent GOSS Stuff - HookerGate - Domestic Spying---CannonFire

Photo: "If it's OK with you, Stretch, I'll hold your arm for a minute..."

Was McGovern removed after questioning Rummy?

John Kerry Tours New Orleans Businesses Devastated by Katrina

So Goss resigns out of the blue the same day Jack Straw gets replaced

University of Miami, janitors secured the right to form a union !

Congressional District 50 tired of Republican Bullshit

For the record. My experience with Patrick Kennedy.

Does the Goss ouster have something to do with Iran

Please vote for Eric Massa now!

Haley Barbour a Prick

Why are so many here on DU lining up to crucify Patrick Kennedy?

J. Jill, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne: Made By Slaves, Backed by Congress

Bush revels his secret strategy book!

Letterman's Top 10 Bush Moments

Porter Goss resigns. Why? A roundup.

Wall Street Interests at Odds with Middle Class and Working Interests?

Indie Kinky Friedman Kicking Some Ass in Texas Gubernatorial Race

After Almost Five years, Team Bush Nails an al Qaeda Minor-Leaguer

Yes, Mr. Cohen, He Is

Lapdogs: the Media Delivered the Election Aiding and Abetting the Swifties

Time to put your money where your mouth is and Unseat a repub!