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Archives: May 7, 2006

Largest Domestic Violence Shelter in Chicago at Risk of Closing

Heroes of Darfur - By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

NYT: Ethical Notes on the Reforming Class -- (Dinner for two? $2800!)

NYT: OPINION: Straight to DVD by Robert W. Cort

An Apology from a Bush Voter....

November ’06. It’s not an election, it’s an intervention.

The Dutch Lesson: Give Temps, Part-Timers Some Real Security

FBI Puts SOA Watch Under "Counterterrorism" Surveillances

Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man (Ralph Reed)

NYT: TIME FOR SENATE INVESTIGATION!. Ray McGovern stirred the pot good..

Robert Fisk: Sy Hersh versus the Bush Administration (and the DC Press )

Exposing America's Enemies: the 'Social Justice Seeking' Communist Left

Familiar with Conservation International?

Action call over dying Dead Sea (BBC)

Indian chemists report biodiesel use improves diesel engine wear.

New book confirms Mossad killed PFLP leader in 1977

Israel foils plot to kill Palestinian president

Palestinian talks on fund crisis fail

Viewpoint: The 'right of return'

I'm not sure if this is the place to post my question

Arghhh! Mirar Toolbar Hell - How do I get rid of

Anyone able to get into Food Network's site?


Gen. Hayden seen as likely successor as CIA

CIA chief quits after 'Hookergate'

Father welcomes Hicks ruling (Gitmo Detainee)

(British) Attorney General calls for Guantanamo to close

Microsoft's $1.6 Million Man (Ralph Reed)

Former NSA Director Hayden Lied To Congress And Broke The Law

Hamas leader flees Palestine, arrives in Sweden w/asylum

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Push to End Tax Breaks for Oil Companies

Confident Democrats lay out agenda

Oil giants' charm offensive as US politicians threaten action

NYT: More Questions Surface in the Wake of a Congressman's Bribery Case

Kerry Accuses White House of Intolerance (suppress dissent over war)

Ministers' anger derails Blair bid to relaunch government

WP: Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

Panel Faults Pfizer in '96 Clinical Trial In Nigeria

Federal judge throws out Christian fraternity's lawsuit

Immigration critics rally near Bush ranch (impeachment calls)

Reputed Miami Mafia Boss Pleads Guilty

City to consider taking land from Wal-Mart eminent domain

Polygamy Sect Leader on FBI Wanted List

Basra on the brink of exploding/ Independent-UK

Poll: Americans changing driving habits as gas prices soar

WaPo: Confident Democrats Lay Out Agenda

A Triumph for Stephen Colbert

Help grannie understand

The best way to make Rush Limbaugh go away. Take your pick.

Read "Stringline" - Gratuitous Self Promotion!

Judy Miller's myspace page

wooohooooo! Bought a new hybrid today! Booooo lost all my impeach

The End of the World

"Global Politics in 30 Seconds" --funny video

Goodnight..Peace...Stay gold...

Tommy Dorsey fans, please chack in.

It's 8:07. I'm taking bets on when the child will fall asleep.

DU Lounge, dost thou love me?

Turn on Your Lovelight.....

I making chocolate chip cookies

Largest Domestic Violence Shelter in Chicago at Risk of Closing

Another sign that Spring is here:

Largest Domestic Violence Shatner in Chicago at Risk of Closing

Buddy Bolden

I Have The Earworm From Hell . . .

Is it safe?... Is it safe?

Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible 3" under-performs w/ $17M Box Office

I'm watching, "Pal Joey" on TCM right now

Basin Steet Blues

Okay, Loungers--Describe The First Time You Dumped Someone's Sorry Ass.


Which nation has built the worlds best small cars?

Should I add taco sauce and cheese on top of my frozen pizza?

"When you're down and troubled/and you need a helping hand.."

I got to see my crush today.

When things go wrong....

Let's Play a Game--Three Guesses As To At Whose Picture I'm Looking.

Heads up for Chili Peppers fans - on SNL tonight

Caption this picture

good poll/bad poll...

Does anyone have a working link to Bitterfilms Rejected Ads ?

Dave Bromberg

Okay, Loungers--Describe Your First Date.

I'm back.

I just found a hair in my ice cream

Good Evening Loungers

I am now a registered organ and tissue donor

gotta make a beer run

Ring, ring, ring...

SNL: Is Tom Hanks playing Al Gore in the opening?

Got the new Pearl Jam yesterday...

You know you're working too hard when:

Red Hot Chili Peppers are on SNL now

Well I'll be dipped in honey!

7:00 a.m. on the road to our first car show wish us luck

my daughter is at the prom tonight

Wish me luck!

Boo-hoo! Commiserate with me - my friends SUCK.

my "Designed to Sell" kitchen before and after pics

How in the heck does one remove an old shower head...

Best Clarinetest

Automobile hood ornaments Beautiful photos included

Can we start a New Jersey derby at a dog track?

Do you know me?

The quintessential "Boston Legal' closing.

Hey, DU, I need your advice...

"666" sense: Date marked with caution

How clean is your dwelling at this moment in time?

The Dillards

Who Is MORE Artistic....Titian or Hitler???

What do you like the most and the least about getting older?

I had to turn my bipolar friend in for commitment

To MMR, et al.: Well, There's Always Jazz to Handle... (PICTURES!! OMG!!)

Does your dog use you as his/her interpreter?

So I met this cute republican last night

Post What Novel You're Reading Here:

Civil Rights Protection for Severely Mentally Ill Needs to Change

(UK) Science degrees threatened - MPs (BBC)

Young scientists clean up real good

Happy 75th birthday to my childhood hero

NBA BREAKING: Suns 121, Lakers 90, final...

Check out Reign Man

just saw this post on GD about reconnecting Americans with the military

OK self-indulgent BS (part II)

Slideshow - Freedom (yes, there is a JK "appearance")

Kos at it again--this time in Washington Post

Photos of the immigration rally in NYC

Sunshine Cemetary

Hurray for Bunny & me!!

If you were wondering about Judy

tony blankley says it was josh bolten's FATHER who got goss

Russia's Nazis launch wave of racist anti-immigrant attacks

Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

You still work for me? I thought John over there got rid

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, suspected terrorist?

"I got my impeachin' panties on!"

This Week , George S. talks to Feinstein, Chambliss, Dean, Delay

I gotta tell ya. I like this guy.

Oh, boy... here they are, the Intel brain trust

Let's suppose - Hurricanes, FEMA, and possibilities

What are the chances of being killed in combat if you join the U.S. Army?

Okay, freeptard trolls? Brave enough to answer a question?

Irony Lives! Bush awarded doctor of laws degree!?!?!

Did Bush stick the knife into Jack Straw?

Ret. General Odom tells US to get out of Iraq now.

The GOP is the devil's party

DU Article "America Duped" from June 20, 2003 by Eric Munoz...

See, the real problem is the Mexicans.

RNC quote on Kerry's speech; New poll on Bush / GOP

Does he have his fingers crossed?

A little walk down memory lane with Porter G.

Don't they all look happy? You would think they would...

Need help finding info on private security forces shooting Iraqis.

From "The Crisis Papers" home page...

Hey Tweety et al--You are right-- Pelosi promised to invest. Bush Adm.

See? I decided to stand right here in this circle...

What should we send to Tony Blair?

Caption this * pic...

WP: Bush is ready to fight over Hayden's nomination for CIA chief

The pillars of Republicanism: Expedience, Incompetence, Corruption, Greed

70% Expect Gas Prices To Cause Financial Problems

Ohmigod. Joe Klein on CNBC now interviewed by Tim Russert. Ick!

Former NSA Director Hayden Lied To Congress And Broke The Law

Bill Clinton and the Case for the Unitary Executive

Is the IRS targeting LIBERALS?

Dress codes in public schools....

Not sure what the retired generals hope to accomplish with Rumsfeld

Thank you, Minneapolis Star Tribune, for quoting Colbert

Wow. Hispanic cops holding back the Hispanic crowd.

DU Chemists! Is there a "safe" way to burn coal to produce electricity?

Williams: An impeachment by the people of America

Hey, New Yorkers!!!! Best of Mike Malloy on WLIB...11:07 pm!!!

NYT "C.I.A. Chief Will Face Critical Gaps in Iran Data"

Hey DU-ers--- Help out SGT Borges in Iraq!

10 Us troops dying in Afgan hardly made the evening news today. A

Has anyone ever heard of Condi

His Highness Lord Pissypants, PhD ---pix--->>>

US 'spyware maker' fined profits (BBC)

Sorry, wrong forum. Please delete. n/t

Are any Democrats going to talk about universal health care

The President, faith, and road repair

Tom Hanks is Bill on SNL

Question of the Night...Can we have Democracy

"So a nice game of cards...

It's time again

Let's not forget: Rove will do anything to win.

DLC idea of the week: Reconnecting All Americans With Our Military

A Way to approach Hayden and his NSA wiretapping...

I'm sick of hearing "What's your plan?"

Where Can I Download Randi's Show From Friday Besides

CIA chief quits after 'Hookergate'

(cartoon) Porter Goss Resigns

Marine artillery unit serves as infantry in Iraq

NYT: Hayden choice first step in changing CIA's mission, function

Anybody care to take a pick ax to this?

Which state had two native sons serving as presidents at the same time?

I offered my new cReep neighbor enlistment forms....

Incumbent politician(s) you would most like to see lose in November

A question came up and I need to set the record straight.

Will the hood fit over the horns :)

What a lovely little blog. "Let's behead Democrats." Picture included.

Frank Rich slams 'United 93' film as 'exploitative'

GOP pollster: Bush admin. may be 'over'

Gotta wonder how Fox News would have reported Japanese Internment...

Saturday TOONS! a few tasty morsels. Enjoy!

CAN I GET A HELL YA? it's inventory time at DU

NYT: TIME FOR A SENATE INVESTIGATION! (Ray McGovern stirred the pot good)

Fox Omits Vital Piece Of Info In "Reports" On Fred Phelps

Let's get a few things straight

Would it bother you if your children grew up to be Republicans?

In spite of ugliness, there's always the power to create beauty.

Guess what!!! Mastercard is doing a create your own ad contest!! Could

Right Wing Talk show host admits being wrong about Bush! (must hear!)

"Our Descent Into Hell Has Begun"

NYT Mag: Beyond abortion: social conservatives target contraception

Scorching the Earth Behind Them

I wish the Kennedy thing happened BEFORE Colbert spoke...

"Mr. Rove, your doctrine of preemptive war led to my son's death..."

WP: Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

NYT: Early Intensity Underlines Role of Races in Ohio

Fox News apparently airing a special on the size of Rumsfeld's balls.

A Triumph for Stephen Colbert

What kind of hypocrisy buckshot was Cheney packing?

Bush and Blackwell: Anyone have any photos of these two together?

Great post #51063 from Carolyn on

Stand by for The Next Swift Boat.

Austistic Man Joins the Army

Net censorship spreads worldwide (BBC) {Reporters Without Borders}

Washington Post; Dems confident of retaking House, maybe overconfident??

Swift-Boating Works -- Santorum Now Within Striking Distance

Powell was presented with info that cast doubt into claims made to UN

How Colbert Saved Me From Myself by Craig Crawford

Wrongly Convicted, Almost Executed, Awarded $2.25 Million

Does Valerie Plame Wilson need to write a book??

Don't get me wrong... I appreciate Pink and Neil Young....

Bush doesn't bother with vetoes;he just doesn't enforce things he dislikes

Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus" describes present US

CIA in disarray as Rumsfeld starts turf war with rival

Chavez is stitching together an anti-American alliance, an “axis of good”

Strongmen of South America flex their muscles

RJ Eskow: The "Kennedy Curse," the "Bush/Cheney Blessing" - and the Journa

Hayden - The Wrong Choice to Head CIA

Liberals need another George McGovern—and perhaps conservatives do too.

Orwell knew the danger of playing with words

How Basra riots turned bloody

Intelligence: Goss Goes Out-But the CIA's Struggles Go On

RNC Attack on John Conyers Demands Action from Democrats

NYT - The War on Contraception

Clever GOP masks tax hike as swap

Iraq's Shiites Now Chafe at American Presence

Hamas and the Palestinians: Punishing the Innocent is a Crime

Even the pro-Israel neocons are turning against Bush

Colbert & the Courtier Press by Robert Parry

Fatal balance: An Ice Age falls on the newsroom

Eric Margolis (Toronto Sun): The Final Say

Chinese Manufacturer, LDK Solar Starts Solar Wafer Production

Ice-capped roof of world turns to desert (glaciers melt, rivers dry up)

Grain-Derived Ethanol: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Book details Mossad's chocolate assassination

Israeli Police, Settlers Clash As Jewish Squatters Are Evicted

Canada court: Jerusalem not Israel's capital

Young Boston Jews hold Passover seder outside AIPAC, JCRC offices

Jimmy Carter: Punishing the innocent is a crime

Largest coke bust in Central Florida history connected to DeLay

News about Bush`s conduct on 9/11

Election fraud and the mob

(Ohio) Vote counting goes on up north

What's Wrong in America?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, May 7,2006

Attention ER &researchers. What do we know about the Arlington Group?

Two days in the field with ES&S OpScans

Conyer's blog

deleted files

Any Central Tx DUers want a puppy ?

Republicans interview District 22 candidates -- which one will get it?

Check out this Kinky Friedman for Tx Gov blog (run by a right wing nut)

Yuk. There is a ridiculous Kinky thread in GD: Politics

A trip to the deli counter.....

Shift some troops from Afghan mission to Darfur

Less than One Third of Canadians are Serious about Faith Says Survey

Bolivia Border Reopens; Mayors Accept EBX Departure, Paper Says

Book details Mossad's chocolate assassination

Chavez is stitching together an anti-American alliance, an “axis of good”

Pfizer broke law with 1996 Nigeria drug test-paper (tested on children)

4 Car Bombings Kill 17, Hurt 44 in Iraq

Former pro wrestler disqualified for Cherokee seat

Family moves away from site of attack (Spring, Texas pipe rape)

'Car bomb' targets holy Iraq city

Clever GOP masks tax hike as swap

Ohio residents could help Democrats claim Senate

Obstacles remain in (Gulf) Coast vote

Mississippi city's pit bull ban "discrimination"

Sen. Obama lauds Nelson during visit to Omaha

How Basra riots turned bloody

Diabetic sues over Taser use

Rumsfeld Protester Injured, Gives Insider Account

It's official. No such things as UFO's

Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code

Ice-capped roof of world turns to desert (glaciers melt, rivers dry up)

Chavez Frias withdraws Venezuelan Ambassador to Peru, Cruz Martinez

Brazil Unveils Uranium Enrichment Center

Gore Displays a Midas Touch (sets DCCC record with fundraising email)

Ten Commandments judge trails in polls

Iraq's Shiites Now Chafe at American Presence

Cheney backs 3 Balkan states for Western alliances

Italian soldier wounded in Iraq dies

Over 3800 Iraqi's have died during the first three months of 2006

Former Gov. Cecil Underwood Disavows Hiram Lewis Campaign Mailer

Bush's Potential CIA Pick Worries Some

U.S. Defense Pays United To Play Military Video (recruiting ad)

WP, Pincus: Lawmakers Want More Data on Contracting Out Intelligence

Iraq says 100,000 have fled homes

Nobel laureate returning to lead divided Costa Rica

House Intel Panel Chief Opposes Hayden

New Iraqi government formation to be announced Tuesday

Likely CIA pick would spark new debate on eavesdropping

Blair 'target of Old Labour coup'

Nevada's cyber-security chief charged with embezzlement

DeLay: Ethics Woes Won't Stop Republicans 

Did Bush Force British Minister Out?

Iran Threatens to Quit Nuclear Treaty

Obama says Bush opens door for democrats ("this is our moment to lead")

BP plant top U.S. polluter

Dogs trained to sniff out fake DVDs

Bush says he had glimpse into Merkel's soul

Bush complains Iraq war drowns out good economic news

U.S. general in Iraq warns Iran on bomb smuggling (do "all we can")

Truck With Radioactive Material Rolls Over

US Democrats pledge to investigate Bush


Bush taking Iran threats 'very seriously'

U.S.: No Enemy Fire in Afghanistan Crash

Bush says would like to close Guantanamo

Dean: No Impeachment Plans for Bush

Bush's best moment in office? Reeling in big perch (Reuters)

Last U.S. survivor of Titanic sinking, 99, dies

Forecasters predict another turbulent hurricane season in Atlantic

Who likes Black Label Society?

PADRES WIN!!! Beat Cubs on 10th inning walk-off HR by Rob Bowen!

look what came to my door today selling candy

When I was about 10

Who are the most polar opposite musicians/bands in your CD collection?

Earworm: "Manifest" by The Fugees.

Loungers, this band is awesome------->

Asshat. O'reilly.

Does the fact that they're releasing "The Omen" remake on 6/6/06

I've got a big grin on my face

Dupe Sorry.

Ignore List check

nighty night loungers!


So, there was almost a brawl at my son's B-ball game today.

i'm 30 away from 3,000 !

Is DU Becoming More Like Dkos?

Positive energy needed this way

Meet Mrs Brownie

How to take off some Levis? Unzip?

I just got an awesome polecat at a $40 discount...ask me anything.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/7/06)

Funny, that... I just wrote my note of resignation.

DU groups still needed (just for laughs (hopefully))

Don't Leave Me This Way!! Happy 60th Birthday THELMA HOUSTON!!

got ants?

God found to be big hoax:

How to download from Samsung? Unzip?

I doubt this a Scam ..... hahahahahahahahaha .... Royal Dutch Republic

I used to like Rumsfeld

I used to like Rummage Sales

True or false: this statement is false

How do you help an alcoholic?

Sunday ZombieNixon Dream Interpretation Thread

I have to complete a half-semester of computer science work in 2 days.

Something to look out for on DU

Rob Zombie, on Bush?

Some people think my mind is always in the gutter. Well, you're wrong.

Post your Cafe Press Products!

Advice needed on how much to pay a dogsitter

If you could hang out with a famous person who would it be?

Five years ago this weekend

My Rush Limpballs painting

Is there such a thing as a "genius" vibe?

The Grammar Crisis Room

I have changed my mind - I now LOVE Bobby Socks

So if Dick Cheney shot a lawyer in the face, did it really happen?


I need more tea.

True or false: I am the master of Tautology

Oww...I've been hurting this past week.

REALLY freaky

For The Animal Lovers...

Two more to go.

OAJD is very, very popular today, it appears......

Who all is here this Sunday morning?

I feel so unloved.... WIMR has an older attractive jazzer dude in her

Tonight on Iowa Public Television (PBS)



Yay! I got to use one of my DU photoshops on Fark

I miss No Gout

Jacob's Ladder

I just got an awesome polearm at a $40 discount...ask me anything.

Congratulations acmavm!! 10,000 posts

Oddity: The Minn. Twins now have both a "Batista" and a "Castro" on their

I am now chewing ten pieces of gum.

Mmmm... My very excellent mom just served us NINE PIZZAS!!!!

Last U.S. survivor of Titanic sinking, 99, dies

Double cheeseburger, fries, and a coke----$.67.


No Doubt I miss

what does baby want?

I'm off to bed now.

What weird things do your neighbors have in their yard?

I miss No Doubt

Grammarians ... What Do You Think Of This?

Who wants cookies?

I have two papers due this week...

I miss No Debt.

Start your goodbyes. I'm hitting the road next Saturday.

Invent your own musical genre!

A garden question for Southerners

M:I3 has lower than expected opening weekend.

We saw Silent Hill Yesterday...IT WAS GREAT!!

our fantasy White House is on in less than one hour

I won't buy my kids Toy SUVs, but I will buy them toy hybrids

It's official. No such things as UFO's

You know who should be shot?

Gerbil or Hamster? Tell my 9 y/o daughter which is ibetter & why, Please?

You make me feel like bouncing.....


I was just offered an internship at Initech.

My dog just survived a near-bath experience...

Express yourself- Poetry thread!

Bruce Springsteen's new CD: We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions

How do you "stick it to your man"?

Duuude! Pizza toppings!

Baseball Card Collectors, what do you think of this?

Have you had your midlife crisis yet?

Favorite Gabriel Byrne film (Poll)

Mmmm... My mom just made the most DELICIOUS LUNCH!!!!

I need some new kick ass links, (blogs, message boards, sites)

Are you happy with your current occupation?


What's on your grocery list?

Are there too many blockbuster movies released now?

Portrait of me by a friend (pic thread?)

I have changed my mind - I now LOVE Bobby Cox

Warning for those who use PayPal

How should I respond to this?


Time For Some Of My Lawn & Garden Photos

Please vote...Should I go see Flight 93 today?

How tall are you?

Have YOU Changed Your Driving Habits Because Of Soaring Gas Prices?

Happy birthday Scruffbunny!!

Thrown a Honda FIT, Anyone???

Collection of Bad Manners from "Sideways"

"Oasis sucks" generates 2,580 hits on Google.

What is it going to take to cheer all you downers up?

California Dreamin! Post a pic(s) of something "California".

Have you ever seen a UFO?

I used to like Rum

New Research: Dolphins ‘know each other’s names’...recongnize themselves..

How do you"stick it to the man"

Let us now praise Joan Armatrading.

Sunday afternoon funny: New Terrorists

How to know God

Bush's Trojan Christ....

Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code

A question about atheism and metaphor

Pfizer Illegally Tested Unapproved Drug On Children In Nigeria

earthquake question

Blackwell is darling of foes of gay marriage

Chess news for week ending May 7

Nash wins second straight MVP award

Who had the worst baseball uniform of all time?

Pistons, with the NBA's best record, finally make it to prime time

Hearing the flapping of wings. Anybody know what this means?

Anyone here a dowser?

From a spiritual perspective, how does one explain a sociopath?


I love Will Pitt

It's 8 am in Az....I roll out of bed, pour a strong cup of coffee and

Any word yet on where Senator Kerry stands on Hayden for new

Craig Crawford broke his arm after the Washington Press shindig.

I done did it!

Nate Clay opens his show with the Goss/Watergate parties rumors

Bush is coming to raise money for Geoff Davis

TOON: Bush's domino theory at work on Iraq & Iran

I need help remembering something--Peacekeepers shooting each other

I got a solicitation from the ADF - American Defense Fund

Nicaragua Asks Chavez to Stop Interfering

General Zinni on c-span2/BookTV now

5/19/04: "Why $2 Gas Is Amazing. Three reasons it should be cheaper."

I am really tiring of politics and the voting populace

Army cracks down on Web site name


Cut and Run economics -- Sunday 5/7 toon

AP: Chavez Wants Vote on Governing Until '31

General Zinni on CSPAN2 1am - new book, war on Iraq, why Rummy should go

Here Comes The Spin... Time Says Goss Move Down To DNI Coup

My latest letter to shill o'reilly

Diabetic tased for being non-responsive

** mention on Yahoo homepage

CNN: Chavez pulls Venezuelan envoy to Peru

8:00 AM Sunday (Right Now) - Fascinating Discussion On CSPAN2

17 more dead. Greeted as "liberators". Bush's legacy of death marches on.

What are 5 news websites you log onto first thing in the a.m.?

Washington Journal

How much would you have to be paid

Iraq War Coalition Fatalities animation map

Iraq's Shiites turn against U.S.

Does Anyone Have The Guest List For The Sunday Morning Talk Shows?

Is Smirky the Decider? photo

"Rebuild America First"

Family moves away from site of attack (Spring, Texas pipe rape)

Bystanders to Genocide (The Atlantic Monthly | September 2001 )

Tim Russert is a piece of shit....

Illegal Immigration Sucks, however...

9/11, terra..........

Minutemen’s Outreach to Blacks Proves Immigration Makes Strange Bedfellows

At least Howie Kurtz had someone from Huffington on his show.

The Republicans are Making Stalin Proud

Mistah KURTZ leads with Patrick, not-GOSS, plays his typical shell game

We're still dummies when it comes to geography

I have decided to do my heart good today and stay away from the morning


Shrub communicates with people like my dog & I talk to each other!

Pfizer faulted over drug trials in Nigeria

Are Americans just thick?

What if..

House Intelligence Chairman Opposes Hayden as Next CIA Chief

Have we all taken the "inconvenient truth" pledge? Lets get a million for

Act For Change! Mainstream Media, Why the Blackout on Stephen Colbert?

The Top Takes Off

You wonder why we didn't see THIS in the media during the elections!

Howard Dean on This Week with Steph.

Gore Invites 250 to View His Documentary

Bolivia seeks hike in Argentine and gas prices-report - Brazil too

What is "The Big Lie"? Is this a function of genetics?

Dick Cheney is in Transylvania today.

Read Clarke's January 2001 memo again today and noticed

World Wide Left and Democrats

Military propaganda in full swing in Olympia and Tacoma newspapers

Lung cancer: It's not just for smokers

(FIORE) Fill 'Er Up

Doug McIntyre "I Was Wrong"

If you hope to see another week, please . . . . . . . . . . . .CAPTION!!!!

George Orwell was only

Rumsfeld Protester Injured

Showing support for Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC

been listening to DeLay on This Week, George Stepanopolous ( & Dean)

As an aside: Russert can't read...

This just looks so bad, Pres. Bush and Chancellor Merkel - Please Caption

Air Force recruitment Web site tells kids: College isn't possible!

OH MY GOD! High oil prices are Clintons fault!

Hospital contracts with nursing schools.

Pollster Suggests Bush Moves Might Be Too Little, Too Late

The Stach is back in town!

MSM vs blogosphere-who is right more often?

Noon ET - Robert V. Remini In Depth - CSpan2

On the front page of Yahoo (main page) Buzz Log

"Rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg!"

To be fair - about marriage of reporters

The Latest Hazard of the One Party Government

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go (GASp!)

Last U.S. survivor of Titanic sinking, 99, dies

I know no one agrees with me but Goss/Hayden is about Iran

Basra and Afghan copter crashes-- was this front page news ANYWHERE?!?!

Economic Health May Be in Eye of Beholder

Rumsfeld's bad day in Atlanta

NSA's Cryptokids

Karbala bombing, sectarian killings roil Iraq (civil war)

Russert is a bigger p---k than Matthews,

Stephanopoulos kept referring to Pelosi as "Speaker" this AM.

CNN Poll: Have rising gas prices created a financial hardship for you?

Lawmakers Concerned About Front-Runner For CIA Director

UFOs? No such thing, secret U.K. study finds

Breaking: Pic shows clash between Goss, Negroponte; Condi, Bolton look on

Hayden's appointment continues the consolidation of intel...

Who saw the Powell and Son

On CSPAN's Q&A tonight, Sean Wilentz, author of the Rolling Stone

Tom Delay on Snuffulopous accusing Dems of Corruption

And the word of the day is: SCHMUCK!

Yay. Bush's exclusive 30 minute interview on German TV will be on soon

Soft-pedal Tulsa World article about protest at OSU

Look At What Has Been Wrought….

"All you need to know about politics is that George Bush is a post turtle

Cheney pic

Yahoo put Bush's best moment (fish) in Odd News!

Guardian and Independent on Straw

Garrison Keillor talks about Mother's Day...and gets a shot in at *

New Research: Dolphins ‘know each other’s names’...recongnize themselves..

After Iraq & Katrina, Isn't It Time To Ask If Bush Ignored 9/11 Warnings?

Radio First Termer - Vietnam War underground radio

Cheney: Nobody Wants 'Russia As An Enemy'

For The Animal Lovers...

Pelosi Looked Like a Scared Deer on MTP Today

Caption me this - Caption me that - Who's afraid of the big dingbat?


There is nothing divine about a bomb test

Worldwide survey estimates 694 mln adult Web users

Largest coke bust in Central Florida history connected to DeLay

George W. Bush missed 9/11. Bush failed to prevent attack.

Caption, uh, Steve Bridges? - pics

Porter Goss lays bare the Republican playbook.

Democrats pledge probes of Bush, not impeachment

Talking about Articles of Impeachment on C-SPAN2 right NOW!

Candy Crowley says Rudy Guliani has the juice!

It's official. No such things as UFO's

Are you happy with your current occupation?

New Jersey Scraps New Slogan After Finding It Used Elsewhere (DOH!)

M:I3 has lower than expected opening weekend.

That bastard will lie about anything

Get Ready New Poll: Fox News: most trusted news source in America

Zinni on cspan2 Now

Flag Code Violations in the News

Jesse Jackson's radio show had callers bitching about immigrants.

Al Gore (article and schedule for opening of movie)

I see Bush has looked into Merkel's soul...

Over 3800 Iraqi's have died during the first three months of 2006

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Today's Army)

LOL! Backwards Bush keychain!

"OSU Graduates Proud of Presidential Prestige"

Bush is the "soul" man. Watch out, or he will look into your's, too!!

Did anyone see Van den Heuvel (sp) on Stephanopoulos today?

I just bought Neil Young's CD "Living With War" at my local record shop!

What reason did "This Week" have Tom Felon Delay on?

Busholini said: GITMO Detainees killed people.

In Sinai's pocket of poverty, young Islamists' rage boiling over

CBS: Did Bush Force British Minister Out?

WTF? C-Span pulls ABCs video of * reaction to Colbert!

Firms Harvesting Energy From Public Land May Owe U.S.

"With a big boost from sugarcane, Brazil is satisfying it's fuel needs."

Well atleast the UK has it right.

Would you support a "Chavez asylum" on DU?

Help me prove my theory

Grenade-shaped perfume ("Flowerbomb") sets off airport alarm

Ethanol from alternate crops.

C&L video: Tom Delay vs Howard Dean

This photo says it all! Have at it-------->

DU! where can I find a concise litany of Oliver North's sins and crimes?

Anyone watching Fritz Hollings on CSpan

If the U.S. Constitution could speak, it would say: "I feel violated."

Paging Mr. Nine Fingers

Hawaiian waters grow crowded with whales.

The company you keep...

The BS stops here...

T-Shirt idea I saw

I think I'm becoming more of an isolationist every day

Halliburton Protest - May 17, Oklahoma

CRAP! Nancy Pelosi on MTP: Impeachment is Not Where We're Going-->

Vatican's astronomer calls creationism a form of paganism

OK, at the halfway break of our Honeymoon, What Have We Missed?

My letter to my congress jerks, all repukes, re: gas

Conyers: It's Checks and Balances, Mr. Russert

All DU Experts I Need Your Help

Statute of Limitation

Can people in the US use a foreign ISP?

Mr. Bill Knew the Levees Wouldn't Hold (no bu**sh**:)

NPR "on the media" thumping Colbert...

Ethanol's potential: Looking beyond corn.

About Trolls

45 Men Found Executed Across Baghdad Today! FOURTY FIVE!

The Monitor: Defending the Amazon. Rbt Parry on Goss, Negroponte.

White House strategy for German interview, with a sprinkling of smileys.

GREAT news about circumventing net censors in China & elsewhere.

Threat Threatens Threatener

Reagan now on FAKE dime

General Zinni on C-span 2 now, 3:00 p.m. central

Senate: No permanent bases in Iraq

Rumsfeld Protester Injured, Gives Insider Account

The Death of Atwar Bahjat

Boss on sauce tosses Goss (no loss)

Howard Dean was da Bomb on "This Week" today

Perverted Justice members deputized in Ohio for Dateline Show

Anyone want to see this film?

My stepson is thinking about joining the military

Reagan, Hartmann, and what's wrong with America

I canceled Directv today!

So was the Afghanistan helicopter shot down?

Timmy Russert has jumped the shark. The death knell of

Conyer's blog

Sunday Walk through of DU State Forums shows many old Posts/No Interest

much played clip of Hayden.. ?

Question on a "pulling the plug" horror story

Homeland Security goes after local Dallas activist group

Does "Impeachment talk hurt Dems" worse than letting Bush start WWIII?

Conservative Rappers?

What is the difference between "defense" and "homeland security"?

What if our gay-bashing admin turns out to be haven for gay whore-mongers

Stephen Colbert Musical Extravaganza

My letter to Tim Russert

Rumsfeld Protester Injured, Gives Insider Account

Great quote from Moby Dick, reminded me of globalization, immigration:

"The blogs went nuts over it of course.Going nuts is their natural state."

Firefox question.

Jason Leopold: Last Question Is Obstruction for Fitzgerald, Rove

You want a preview of Annthrax Coulter's next book?

Why the immigration rally in NYC blew the antiwar protest away (PHOTOS)

Behind the Goss Toss - Truthout


SNL last night: Powell, Bush/Frist skits were wonderful

FATS DOMINO in the hospital, unable to perform at Jazz Fest

They are right; Colbert *WASN’T* funny.

Pelosi did well...but Tim Russert and his ilk are what cost Kerry

Behind the Goss toss (He's featured in the sex scandal)

They refused him medical treatment!

kids - keep it on the down low re: impeachment


‘Da Vinci Delusion’ Video To Counter Lies In ‘Da Vinci Code’ Movie!

Chemicals in children's vinyl lunchboxes?

Anyone hear evidence that the average voter heard Colbert's performance?

New CNN poll: Should a military general be appointed to head the CIA?

oh that Larry Kudlow, you know, smirk's jester

Did anyone see larry kudlow this morning on c-span...

“American Exceptionalism” and the Castigation of Senator Durbin

Funny Pics from Bush Graduation Speech at OSU

Contact info for Senate Intel Comm phone, fax, email re: Hayden

I want to book my tickets early for the Hague! Don't tell me I'm crazy!

National Hunger Awareness Day MAY 13th! Please pack a grocery bag for PU!

Bush says best moment as President was "catching a fish in my lake"


If we impeach the Prez and Vice Prez, where does that leave us?

The Colbert Effect - Wow!!

County eliminates 146 voting locations

Jason Leopold Thanks H20Man

In The Demo, O'Reilly Hits A New Low

The face of Bush's fascism got personal for me today

People can say what they want about JFK...

A very tough poll: Who is the must frustrating pundit?

Hayden has a problem with our constitution. Never forget it. Never let him

Cheney on MSNBC: "CIA missed 9/11"

What is the reason that the MSM will not report the actual news?

Anyone seen the tasteless new Munich DVD banner ads on Yahoo?

Amendment 4 Blues

Annotated Colbert speech 2006 April 29

Best moment of Presidency quotes: Carter, Clinton, and Bush

I just saw Olbermann's show for the very first time

We had a great march in support of my church yesterday

"Dems have no plan," "John Kerry sucks," and other myths...

Is Karl Rove advising Venezuela's Hugo Chavez?

HuffPo: FANTASTIC summation of problem with media

What the hell was the point of that MTP interview with Steve Bridges?

Another Bev Harris smear campaign in the works?

The real reason so many kids are on Ritalin today

60 Minutes covering student loan (SALLIE MAE) collection abuses tonight

Dear George: Tomorrow you could cure cancer, but we would still hate your

Lives saved by invasion? (please help me prove this repub wrong)

Amazing activism by a very small group in Indiana.

Who all thinks it is about time for the Progressive left with the labor

Conservative White Voters Hold Sway in Altered NOLA Electoral Landscape

Ohio residents could help Democrats claim Senate

Hey, I've been in a news vacuum for a couple of days.

Republican head of intel. committee sees problems with Bush CIA pick

Who is this weasel on Cspan2....Ilan Berman?

Atheists for Peace

The Voice of someone who voted for *

The Small World of Limos and Earmarks

Specter may try to hold up Hayden's confirmation...

Hilarious Doonesbury Push/Bush Poll (Worst President Ever?)

Stakes high in battle between Rumsfeld, generals

The Last Straw

in re: rummy using "Colin Powell as a human shield"

Fighting Dem Vets Open Forum

Top Ten Democratic Values. Plez help me update this.

My top 10 Senate races

Prez Of WHC Association Hadn't Seen Much Of Colbert Before Booking Him

Liberal Media? more Kennedy coverage in 3 days than Sherwood in a year

Check out this Kinky Friedman for Tx Gov blog (run by a right wing nut)

Won't the Repub's ever learn to stay away from the Watergate Hotel?

The cost of media deception.

Any opinions on the Progressive Democrats of America

Defeats signal twilight of Jeb Bush era

Finally the Rethugs are getting it right

Bruce Bartlett: "Impostor : How George W. Bush Bankrupted America"

CNN new hire Glenn Beck defends his "scumbags and complainers" remarks

I missed Zinni on Cspan2. Any other times or places I can view

“Al Gore thinks Social Security is a government program”

What * Prayed for on National Prayer Day

FORGET the 7.5 LB perch. Bush excuses himself for the "My Pet Goat" moment

A humble proposal: The Deck of Cards

Progressive senator from a not-so-progressive state

WP: Environmentalists Mobilize Against California Lawmaker Pombo

Our New Conservative Govenment...

It seems to me the Repubs are in 'self destruct mode'

Media Strategy ...... Suggestions ...... Beat and Pummel Me

The road to the WH pases through Mediaville and Dieboldburgh

Bush wants CIA director more acquiescent to his streamlining goal

Pelosi vs. Conyers on Impeachment: What's your take on it?

Why the HELL didn't they just wait?

Dems had big success in Ohio primary

Press’ New Tact: #1. "Confident" DEMS PREDICT WINS in ‘06

Be Karen Hughes for a day...pick a slogan you think will humanize Bush.

Eric Massa is live blogging now!

Bush "double" on Meet the Press today. Why not Colbert?

VID: Fox's Mara Liasson on the Jack Abramoff "bipartisan scandal story"

Jennifer Westhoven on CNN In the Money - "lower income people"

Gore to campaign for 06 House Dems who agree to fight global warming

Bill Maher powders the Dim Son.

RNC Attack on John Conyers Demands Action from Democrats

What are your favorite *proven* political lies of all-time?

TN senate: Ford (D) does best against Corker (F) but trails all repubs

Bush Comic: Hey OSU, Its Graduatin' Time.

Did you know that Pelosi protected Murtha and his plan?

This Administration May Be Over: Pollster on Washington Post

GOP Strategist Reveals GOP Values

"I got a glimpse into her soul" -- oh no, not that again...

What's with Ohio?

Did media miss real Colbert story? A great column from Doug Elfman

Howard Dean slaps Tom DeLay into next week on "This Week"

Fast forward to November '06--We have not won the House or Senate

Just got back from canvassing Dems for Ned Lamont and are they pissed!

Photo: "Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts alongside Bush"

Anecdotal Evidence Why Wes Clark '08

Newsweek: Music: Sounding Off on Bush


"Impeachment not going to work"?