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Iraq Struggles With Rise of Guns-For-Hire

My City, a jazz funeral...

WP: U.S. Immigration Debate Is a Road Well Traveled

Cuba and Venezuela reach out to Bolivia with helping hands

RNC Attack on John Conyers Demands Action from Democrats

Mobs cheer British deaths, Basra slips out of control (Basra is NOT quiet)

World War I critics get pardons

George W. Bush's Best Moment in Office? A Presidential Fish Story...

French nuclear scientists outline plans for management of actinides.

Poorly protected oil facilities leave West vulnerable - Daily Star 5/8/06

Hamas, Fatah gunmen clash

PM: Israel will not yield to 'bullying' by settlers

My articles in "Scoop" on **Election Fraud** w/a picture of me;)

hello houston

The district 22 questionnaire......

Iraq arrests general over death squads - minister

Iran warns UN demands may lead to confrontation

Lee wins almost every seat in Singapore election

WP: Bush's Appointees Not As Diverse as Clinton's

42 Killed or Found Dead in Iraq Violence (Sundays death totals are in)....

Iraq arrests general over death squads

China names new Catholic bishop

Russia’s gold and currency reserves hit a record high

Hugo Chavez wants to form 'axis of good'

Hicks lawyers await court ruling

Teheran mocks PM over polls drubbing

AP -Key Lawmakers Wary of General (Hayden) Running CIA

Delhi swelters amid power crisis

Rove Is Using Threat of Loss to Stir G.O.P.

Attorney says spyware is trespassing

NY Times: Hoping to Rouse Voters, G.O.P. Stokes an Old Fire: Judges

Venezuela imposing new oil extraction tax

Russia says UN plan for Iran is 'first step to war'

Gas Prices Up Nearly 4 Cents in 2 Weeks

Liberian Sex for Aid Scandal rolls on.

Death squads deepen division in Baghdad (City worse than ever)

WaPo: Waiting Near an End for Rove in CIA Leak Case

Venezuela Could Leave Group of Three

I have changed my mind - I now LOVE Bobby Sox

GoogleFight: DUer vs. Freeper

I have changed my mind - I now LOVE Bobby Pins

So, what? Should I start another poll???

I'm watching my first Family Guy episode

"There's a mistake in the Constitution"

"Family Guy" thread (new ep)

Hadn't seen this aged one before ....

My thread sinking faster than a Lead Zeppelin in GD

What do you do...

"American Dad" thread (new ep)

Do you like the name "Spittoonia"? It's a bit like Petunia. e.o.m.

* SPOILER * Was I the only who watched the West Wing ?

Am I infamous?

Anyone driven a Tardis yet?

C'mon soccer fans! (Particularly US Mens Team soccer fans)

Who has been to new Busch Stadium?

Fucking Insurance Companies

For Heaven's Sake! Someone caption Manu Ginobili!

Fantasy Cage Fighting: Bare-Knuckle Brawling round I

Maximum freakout over everything

Ed Shultz....The German Car that gets 125 MPG??

What % of conservatives have actually read Marx and understand him?

Right, so I just played relationship doctor for one my friends again.

Should Little Children Be Told About Six?

Should Kitchenwitch be told about Sleestax?

Goodnight, DU!


Anyone driven a Toyota Yaris yet?

Should Little Children Be Told About Saix?

Why did mum tell me in an e-mail that work is not a life/death situation?

Will President Bartlett pardon Toby?

Microsoft Word Question

When Canis major rises and sets with the sun

I get to see BOTH of my daughters tomorrow!

"The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"

Mission Impossible 3 Director outlines "The Three Rejections of Tom"

Wow, the boobirds are out in force tonight in Philly!

Who else is tired?

Stuck for a gift? Give your Mom a POOP PEN! (PHOTO)

Nightie Night lounge people!

Any computer techies in the Lounge who can help with a pop-up problem?

And the award for "Stupidest Toy Of 2006" (so far) goes to...

We're going to the gay rodeo in San Antonio!

Are you a 'Tanaholic'?

Brokeback Mountain - Humph

Should Little Children Be Told About Sax?

450 footer for 713, Bonds heads back to SF...

It's Rabrrrrrr's Sunday night Buddha bashing thread!

Will someone go to work for me tonight?

A question for anyone that has Vonage, or another VOIP phone carrier

So how come bird droppings never manage to land on our heads?

Sax and Violins

Watched "Mrs Henderson Presents".....

What are the tiny yellow spots that appear on the top of the car?

Cold Case viewers (tonight's episode)


Can one get private security alarms for apartments?

Baby #2..Looking for Girl names that can be shortened to Boy names...

At what age should your child be told about sex?

Monday list thread

Pictures from the Cleveland barbecue!

What's your favorite end of the world song lyrics?

Should Little Children Be Told About Sex?

How do you like it?

What causes spinal menengitis?

Sunset pics from Headlands Beach State Park yesterday

David Blaine....what the fuck


DU Group Proposal: Motorcycles and Scooters

Do any politicians openly read/post on DU?

Pavement is the best band ever

DU Women: Did/Would You Change Your Name Upon Marriage?

How AIDS Changed America (from Newsweek's cover story)

Hate Crimes Bill Dropped

A dream I had - anybody know what it might mean?

Follow-up holistic medicine post- saw an ND & a homeopath ...

VERY interesting: '06 Election Results May Point to Pivotal '08 States

Great post at Kerry 2008 Blog....

Some pics from the garden

Would you ever buy a camera on ebay, used of course

Pro American = Anti BushCo by Cindy Sheehan

Interesting quote from Stephen Kinzer's Overthrow re imperialism, TR, etc.

For those brave enough;

Caption this * photo

Introducing Mrs. Beckett:

Don't want to think of "sex" and "Goss" at same time...

CNN: Shows Broken Borders then Gang Violence segment?

Play "Rewrite the Headline"

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

Any delegates to the state conventions here? Any issues deciding your vote

Tomorrow will be Snow's first day on the job. POST YOUR PREDICTIONS here!

A vision from Wolcott

Wealthy turning to retired jurists as alternative to court (secret court?)

What's the matter with Kansas? Catching up to Jawja.

They thought we'd back down, you know.

My e-mail to TOTAL-ASSHOLE g.e.RUSSERT (& tweety)

Sen. Cantwell urged to change view on Iraq

I think that bush will need to be seen by a psychiatrist ASAP;

I was just diagnosed with DFS. I need support and good feelings.

General Michael Hayden Isn’t any Admiral James Greer.

British tactics reviewed as Basra erupts

Counting Up What Indians Are Owed (Indians say 150 bil..Bush says 30 mil)

American military is being converted into "global oil-protection service"

Morales is taking Bolivia out of the shadow of the US

Cheney on MSNBC, Pt. 2: "2005 Was Watershed... Turning Point" In Iraq

Did media miss real Colbert story?

Flier Circulates Seeking Musharraf's Death

Zarqawi's New Balance Commercial

if bushco* thinks it's bad now wait until his base realizes they have

Asked of Jean Schmidt: “What have you learned?”

If this story is true, then this cardinal is inciting violence

Michael Moore's "The Big One"

Rove stressed 'political importance' of countering Wilson to govt official

What Will Tony Snow Say Tomorrow about Goss?

MTP--Seems strange Russert spent 20 minutes interviewing Bush impersonator

Fweeper Robinson Posts Joke Poll! World Laughs!

May 1 is Loyalty Day here in US?

This just cries out for a caption...

TIME: Negroponte's CIA Coup: The Spy Master Cracks the Whip

great idea. Plug in hybrids mandated for Post Office fleet

Oh good gawd Hidden in the small print of the Iran Freedom Support Act

It is so fun to play a freeper like Colbert. Head might explode, who knows

Britain: 33 councils hold investments worth £33m in Halliburton

Excesses of the rich and famous

"The media isn't supposed to be neutral - it is supposed to be objective."

AT&T and Microsoft are fascist; any opinions on Vonage and Linspire?

If you'd just listened to Rage Against the Machine...

E-mails: DeLay aides knew Jack Abramoff funded European golfing trip

Where are the Religious Right Fundies Hiding?

Bob Herbert: Clarity vs. Celebrity (TASINI vs. CLINTON) --->

How many planned visits has the chimp had to crawford, since Cindy

Court Challenges Rule For Internet Calls

70% of Americans are honked off by higher gas prices

Feingold on Hayden: "directed and subsequently defended the President's

Now our little Napoleon thinks it's World War III

The "Sims" go to Iraq-- New Marines game

* or #?

I was cleaning out clothes for Goodwill..and still have my Kerry/Edwards

What BS! Now AP says "Bush Jokes About Best Moment As President"

Sopranos tonight: Tony says "heck of a job, brownie" to a guy who f**d up


Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up'

I see his purple tie and raise him this number

It's like deja vu all over again -- Nixon and Bush Watergate 2.0

Rove's Time in Limbo Near End in CIA Leak Case (WashPo)

Variety: Anderson Cooper's ratings don't equal Aaron Brown's

Ben Stein suggests rich should pay fair share (more) taxes!

Proof that mankind is determined to destroy itself

Bill to Restrict Sale of Ultrasound Machines Passes Assembly (CA)

What are the ramifications of just impeaching Cheney?

A very interesting photo...Porter Goss, John Negroponte, and Bucky Bush

Have you ever lost a close friend, lover, or family member to AIDS?

SS FIX??? If 50% of the people in this country end up finding out that

It's true -- who was worse --- G.E.RUSSERT or PELOSI?

Dean Kicked Ass on Steph's show today...

Watching "The Fog of War" again before bedtime. All DUers need to see it.

Bush's 7 1/2 lb perch

If we win, should we allow the tax cuts to expire?

Tony Soprano tells Paulie "You're doing a heckuva job there Brownie"


TYPO IN the Constitution....West Wing

Premarin - PREgnant MARe urINe - The Dark Secrets

Gore Vidal's sources told him June '06 is the month Bush does Iran

"It became necessary to destroy the village to save it."

New BUMPER honor of Steven Colbert and the 33%

On CSPAN's Q&A tonight, Sean Wilentz, author of the Rolling Stone

WEEKLY NEWS from the perspective of my 9-year-old son !

I believe * is somewhat confused:Close for the hungry

(Poll results) Republican voters might stay home

“failure to act” by the Security Council, preliminary to an attack on Iran

Republicans could feel voters' ire (Indiana)

Novakula: Mehlman warns GOP...Republicans could lose 45 seats in Nov.

To Be Ohio's Next Governor

I need a good political chatroom

Take Back Ohio - Sign Sherrod Brown's Petition

Did Stephen Colbert's mockery of the President and the media hit a nerve?

High temp pebble bed reactors, Let a thousand reactors bloom ?

RNC Attack on John Conyers Demands Action from Democrats

Raw Story: Dean blasts DeLay on ethics. More from the interview.

The official unoffical 5/8 Top Ten Conservative Idiots thread!

Come On! We Can and Should do Better in Our DU "State Forums!"

What is the Conservative Plan?

We have a new DUer tonight with a message for all of us!

Fweeper Robinson Posts Joke Poll! How Would You Vote?

My Democratic Underground Wal Mart/ Home Depot challenge

The Curse of the Mobile Phone Age: Electronic Smog

'No one knows what we are going through' (Iraqi women living a nightmare)

JAMES KUNSTLER: Science Fiction

U.S. Congress pulls the shades on the House of Death

Bolivia nationalization further sidelines US

Will Midterm Tide Sweep Congress?

Whitehouse changes Bush's best moment article.

Ben Stein's 'Time to soak the rich' column in NYT

Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich

Frist / Hastert Let Vaccine Industry Write Its Own Multi-Billion Dollar

Madeleine Albright: There's a Right Way to Support Democracy in Mideast

Jay Rosen (The Nation): Forecast for Snow

Bob Herbert (NYT via Common Dreams): Clarity Vs. Celebrity

Ayoon Wa Azan (The Memo was Never Disclaimed) (Dar Al Hayat - Beirut)

Russia's 700 Million dollar deal to sell Missiles to Iran. LA Times

An Army of one wrong recruit

Jordan: The New Saipan

U.S. Immigration Debate Is a Road Well Traveled

The Invisible M3 and Plumping Up the Economy

The Marriage Protection Amendment and Other Serious Silly Things

Corporate Control - 21st Century Borg

America's Geopolitical Nightmare and Eurasian Strategic Energy Arrangement

Who's Crazy Now? Paul Krugman

Landing a big fish: as good as it gets for Bush

Tax studies by income brackets (research needed, please)

Outsiders want "green" path for farm subsidies

Electronic Smog and Yellowstone Cell Tower Emits Excess Radiation

Does nuclear energy produce no CO2 ?

Hawaii Gives Up on Gas Price Controls

U.S. Wind Energy on Track for Another Record Year

DateLine NBC Report on Ethanol - MSM really HAS discovered ETHANOL

60 Minutes Report on Ethanol. The MSM discovers ETHANOL!

Nuclear energy debate fraught with myths on danger, high costs,

No Large Solar Projects Planned on Federal lands

Mild DU rant...

Nuclear no cure for climate change, scientists warn (Oz)

EU plans to go it alone with aid for Palestinians

Three killed in Hamas-Fatah clashes in Gaza

West Bank illegal outposts to be mapped and then demolished

Israeli Police Oust Hebron Jewish Settlers, NY Times, 5/8/06

Hamas says special security unit will start operation next week

Palestinians in Gaza fire four Qassam rockets at Israel

Jimmy Carter, Hamas & the Palestinians: Punishing the Innocent is a Crime

Peres says that Iran 'can also be wiped off the map'

Jarrah's visa found in Shanksville?

Morgan Reynold was once Bush's Chief Economist. Have you seen his site?

Email: Ex-* Official Busts 9/11 & Ray McGovern

Hopsicker: Porter Goss and 'the boys'

Hijacking of 9/11 Truth Movement, Chomsky/DRG, LC dissent, McGovern,

UA 93: The Road to Shanksville

Duplicate. self deleted.

Based On What We Know NOW~ Where was * On 9 / 11?

Hey Paul Thompson, What's Up With The Site?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.08.06 "Train Wreck" Edition

Who here can go to Palo Alto tonight (Monday)?

AMERICAN BLACKOUT-a must see film: from FL to GA to Franklin Co OH

I need one-page posters on DREs and their various malfunctions

$13 Million No-Bid Sweetheart Deal with Diebold Draws Fire from activists

My Dinner With Andy - Let's brainstorm

Would this forum welcome a discussion of the machine fraud issue with

Candidates argue over lobbying histories - DMR

Who am I?

Fallon's ads - what do you think?

Denny Heath ads

Clark/Loebsack/Blouin - Hawkeye Labor Council Event

What the heck is the matter with my speakers? I just went out and bought

what to fix for guests when the House is half packed and you spent all day

I'm finally grilling

Emerson meets with protester

Taliban want heavier weapons to attack Canadians

Manitoba is

Latest Strategic Counsel poll

AP: Moussaoui Withdraws Guilty Plea

Russia's 700 Million dollar deal to sell Missiles to Iran. LA Times

Trapped miners free

(Ohio's Kenneth)Blackwell Won't Remove Himself From Election Investigation

Congressmen seek inquiry into limo co used to ferry officials to Watergate

Ray McGovern speaks about the Atlanta confrontation of Rumsfeld

CIA No. 3, facing bribe probe, quits

Ex-Aid in House pleads guilty to abramoff probe

Iraq Bombing Kills Two Maine National Guardsmen (#2422)

Iran Intelligence Agents Meddling in Iraq: Sunni Leader

US halts 3500 Iraq troop deployment

Beck bringing shtick to Headline News (Premieres Tonight - Monday)

Hunting militias is the first test, says general

HBO Planning Comedy Set in ... Baghdad? (Hotel Palestine)

Police officers wounded in parking lot shootout - CNN Chantilly, VA

Evangelicals who 'repent' on HIV Big Orange County church's ministry draws

Rice Says Iran's Letter Not an Overture

Insurers in great shape before hurricane season

NYT/AP: ABA Downgrades White House Aide Kavanaugh's Rating

NYT/AP: Kerry 'Troubled' by Hayden Nomination

Public Interest Groups Call for Corruption Investigation:Prescription Drug

A ratings downer for Fox News

Mobs cheer British deaths, Basra slips out of control (Basra is NOT quiet)

U.S. Immigration Debate Is a Road Well Traveled

Evenly Spreading Partisan Votes May Be the Key to Winning

(FL) Lobbyist accused of federal tax fraud

Insurgents Bomb Iraqi Oil Pipeline, Kill 3

Landing a big fish: as good as it gets for Bush

Gas Prices Force Locals Onto Horses

Titanic Survivor Lillian Asplund Dies (last to remember it)

Schumer pushes for action on ethanol

The USDA on Iraq: Everything's Coming Up Rosy

Bombs Kill U.S. Soldier and 7 Iraqis

Ex-aide to Ney expected to plead guilty

Former Aide to Rep. Ney to Plead Guilty

NYT: Republicans Stoke an Old Fire: Judicial Nominations

Iraqi Cops Kill Teenager for Being Gay

Iran's Leader Writes to President Bush

Bolivia nationalization further sidelines US

C-span - Bob Ney's chief of Staff pleads guilty.

Basra crash victims named by MoD (first UK woman killed)

U.S. Congress pulls the shades on the House of Death

Female Lawmaker in Afghanistan Attacked

U.S. officials respond to UN committee's questions on torture

US air strike wounds at least 3 Pakistanis

Dems Talk Strategy For 1st District Race

Iraq to take on running of USAid projects

Gen. Hayden: "international calls... 200 billion minutes"

Homeland Integrated Security Systems Receives Order for $500,000 Cyber Tra

Ahmadinejad sends letter to Bush --BBC

Indonesia Says It Supports Iran on Nukes

Peres says that Iran 'can also be wiped off the map'

Congress Seeks to Change Civil War Law (Veterans' Rights)

Interpreter killed as UN aid chief tours Darfur

Battle is on to unseat Rep. King (NY-03)

Beatles lose Apple court battle

CIA's Foggo Expected to Resign Soon


The USDA on Iraq: Everything's Coming Up Rosy

Howard, Bush to meet May 16 Oil pulls back below $70

Hayden Nomination Raises Serious Civil Liberties Concerns (ACLU)

CIA Nominee Hayden Linked to MZM

Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich

Blair: Nuking Iran Would Be Absurd

Bush says he's learning fast about World Cup

Mary Cheney Stands Behind Dad on Iraq

Bush says Harris can't win; no word yet on Bense

Yahoo/AFP: Most Chinese graduates will not find jobs

A Comedian's Riff on Bush Prompts an E-Spat (Colbert - C-SPAN v YouTube)

Study: Lesbians' Brains React Differently

Al Gore Might Yet Join 2008 Contenders (Unnamed former Gore aide claims)

Murdoch to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Bush approval rating hits new low (31% @ USA TODAY/Gallup Poll)


I’m a fleabit peanut monkey...All my friends are junkies...

Do you think that some people just don't belong in college?

*sigh* What's in a name?

I can't not sleep.

Yay Moral Orel!!!

I'm leaving DU

Quick me out all you french linguists out there...du rigeur

Kissing can be dangerous

Any recommendations for Rome?

Talk like proper British nethead FReeperz!!11!!11!1!!!!!

So, like how ofthen does the DU RSS feed update. Mine's been the

I Hate It When....


I can't sleep.

Does anyone else have lameass relatives?

I know that this has been discussed before

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/08/06)

Robot Bartender

I read the best book yesterday from cover to cover and

**Lyrics taken out of context**

Ah, ice cold sake from a box and edamame and Pretz

The Sultans Elephant

Cold dreary rainy day here

VOTE for America's Ugliest Bathroom! (my cousin's is entry #2)

Woman Doing Her Nails Causes Flight To Be Diverted

Cosmetic Surgery Trend - Vagina Tightening

Wow - Holly from Land of Lost went into dairy farming; son is rap artist.

Should little children be told about Styx?

What Will and Holly needed was a diesel powered Sleestack Eviscerator.

The best progressive talk radio host, bar none, hands down.

Here's a trend we could use - matcom tightening.

I'm Going Back Into Business For MYSELF!

Is your name not Bruce?

Keith Richards recovering from brain surgery

we are not doomed we're SAVED = pic proof...

Only 2 more posts until I reach 400!

"We've heard that a million monkeys at a million keyboards could...


Today in History

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Keep my sis in your thoughts

Should little children be told about SIX?

Still chuckling over Dean's smackdown of DeLay

We have new neighbors! Baby tawny owls (dial-up warning: photos)

The best place to meet single men, bar none:

I wanna see this debate: Franken & Chomsky vs. Limbaugh and O'Reilly

Zen Sarcasm zzzzzzz / ~_~ \ zzzzzzz

Grannie needs even more help

Happy 80th Birthday to one of the funniest people ever

I've seen men shave in cars with electric razors .. this I have not seen.


Vegetarians/vegans don't like the number 3,735,928,559. Who can tell why?

I would like a new avatar please.......Barbaro!!!

Carrie Underwood, graduated magna cum laude,

This is the greatest moment of my life!

Man Accused Of Pretending To Be British Lord

Man Arrested For Riding Lawnmower While Drunk

My kids want to become Wiccans because of Scooby Doo!

Pasta&mushroom lovers, don't know if I invented something but it's good!

So, what's for lunch?

I just realized I have been here for a little over a year!

Speaking of John Cleese...

Rep. Hoekstra triggers jockstrap in spell check...

Another reason not to go to Wal*Mart (for me anyway)

Those who have never been called "My dear So-and-So" by California

Need some ideas.. my best friends hubby keeps hitting on me

Has kick-ass-bob been around at all lately?

Land Sale Would Make Every Man, Woman & Child In Town A Millionaire

Best on-screen chemistry?

collection of bad manners from the Lounge

New STD! Yikes!

Big Love

Mmmhmm...heavy metal played on three cellos.

My old Grade School is closing after 113 years.

So who's up for a drinky-drinky, tonight?

This is a hilarious post in GD.

Need some ideas.. nobody keeps hitting on me

So I'm working on this whole food pornography thing. Wanna see my

Hilarious post over in GD!!

damn, my underpants dissappeared

Happy 25th B'day Kaghime!

I hate the redesign of my University's library website!

Damn, kids can get big in eight months (kid pic)

Check out the perch I just caught!!!!!

Frivolous question: Asheville hair salons, anyone?

Voice of Piglet is New CIA Chief

The best place to meet single nuns, at a bar:

*ahem* USA Today .... W is at 31% *cough*

I need some advice on helping my partner with her grief

What are the good things and bad things about being single?

Doogle: The feckin' search engine of Ireland.

Ladies, who do you prefer?

Speaking of John Cheese...

I finally saw "The Passion"

interesting, can't play tag at school?

Don't Gross Out The World! Can you pass this test?

Anyone spoiling for a caption?

Aw, my soon-to-be thirteen-year-old son just told me I'm pretty!

So I'm working on this whole food photography thing. Wanna see my

How is everyone?

I have a second interview!!! I REALLY want it! Good Vibes request

Costco warning...okay maybe just a caution

I caught Hairspray this weekend.

I'm lame and can't post this picture

who the hell is Louis Vuitton?!?!?!?

Oh, fishy fishy fishy FISH!

Did y'all notice that texasleo's back?


I honor of Dumya, what was YOUR greatest moment?

And speaking of Louis Vuitton, I hate bags that are all about the LOGO!!!

Goodnight and all my lovin........

Which THEATRICAL version of 'Casino Royale' is the best?

When a person somehow gives you "the creeps", what is it

New Element added to the Table of Elements

Any new music you're really into I ought to check out?

Where the HELL are the Pics from the Richmond Gathering?

Bush single-handedly catches Bin Laden!

Leela vs. Leela

Ugh... One MORE Reason Not To Visit Rawstory.Com.... POP-UPS!!


Randi said to type in A**** into Google and click on "I'm feeling lucky"

Why do we have only one life?

DU Photography experts - I would like some help with buying a camera.


Robotic tentacles get to grips with tricky objects

Going to Seatle for 10 days on some R&R.

Gaah! College Conservatives! Bastids!

Am I the only one in the world who finds Loius Vuitton's butt ugly?

Going to Chicago tomorrow - what's there to do?

What kind of a name is "Dusty Foggo"?

Vicious people and their stupid dogs

How the hell did I miss this film in sex ed?

Go and play with this - trust me....

Mr. Blondeatlast receives a "renewal notice" form the RNC.

Am I the only one in the world who finds Loius Vuitton bags butt ugly?

I was impressed like everyone,

Mike Judge's take on King of the Hill's legacy

I'm Excited About The Prison Break Episode Tonight! Can't . . . Wait . . .

What is your dream in life?

Anyone know anything specific about this Financial Success System?

Online translation engines ... help?

Paging Mrs. Grumpy

You know, a lot of anime just flat out sucks

any wrestling fans here? sports entertainment style, not the real deal...

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.......

All Right. I'm In SoCal. Who Stole The Sun?

Actress Tilda Swinton attacks Hollywood studios' "right-wing" politics

I apologize in advance.

Mother of 8 high on drugs! & the kids need "Q" names SUCKS! Look at what they did to me on refunds issued!

I feel a milestone coming up - Ask me anything!

A Very Special Mothers Day Greeting

How can I help lower my cholesterol naturally?

Freshwater fishermen crack me up

When did you realize your life's dreams wouldn't come true?

Hey Pope Cheesey aka( Rev. Cheesehead) & any ferret

Let's all talk about paint-drying

5 lunchtime questions

Music: Sounding Off on Bush

I hate you all for ever and ever!

Here's homer fighting with former President Bush

Open apology to Homestead the Clown and his ilk...

Concert injustices you've been to?

Neighbors Upset About Porn Movie Production On Easter Sunday

What's up with Greatest Page votes?

Jessica Simpson, now a redhead. Film at 11.

I have just taken my life in my hands! I have started a thread in GDP!

I must confess my passion for COLIN FIRTH

ever had a surprise allergic reaction to something you ate?

Help! I need a font!

Anybody else confused by the ending of tonight's "Law And Order CI"?

Attention DUers Khaska, Swimboy and tjwmason.....

I must confess my passion for DAVID FIRTH

Any graphic artists/photoshoppers here ...

Marriage: Before and After

"Lucky" fan gets photo with Bonds (but no autograph).

Suggest 2 me a pop/rock song about unselfishness/selflessness

RIP Grant McLennan of the Go-Betweens

Scientology Nearly Ready To Unveil "Super Power"

Stupid people and their vicious dogs

Other Than Carly Simon's "Anticipation" -- Can You Name A Pop-Song ...

I really enjoy cartoons and comics

Interesting article on Opus Dei on Americans United site

Faith Healers or Fake Healers???

Funny God Cartoon

Atheist Genocide



Prototype Mars space suit being tested (AP/CNN)

Uniting American Families Act

"The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals

Mary Cheney's Step Forward

(Archbishop) Williams turns to 'wise men' in crisis over gays

Another Pastor Gone Bad: Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr.

I really like postsecret

Marriage Amendment on ballot in Illinois

Why more upset over gay rights than violence?

Gay marriage's future lies with DotNet youngsters

Can marriage-amendment foes succeed at the polls?

Red Sox to change radio stations

Need some loving opinions and advice...

I am bummed about my daughter, who is my only child

Marines Escorting Fallen Comrade Searched at Airport

Upset vets give back their medals

Kerry against S 1955 and pushing the other bill.

Kerry on Hayden nomination

Does anyone have that website handy with the text of Sen. Kerry's

JK gets a Quote of the Week in Time magazine

Zeyad: Fears his neighborhood will be "liberated" by Americans

Native Kansas Spiderwort.

Something Old: Down On the Farm (Dial-up Warning)

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/08/06: CIA Turmoil

KOEB Meeting -- 5/8/06: CIA Revolving Door Edition

I got hit with a surprise today

Torture on tape

October Suprise?

Dubai firm buys US army supplier

Russia says UN plan for Iran is 'first step to war'

What kind of boost would * get from a big capture or other Fall suprise?

Stranger Than Fiction...

G. W. Got it Right! (No - Not That GW. Stay With Me on This One Folks)...

No perch in GD? Bush's best moment in office? Reeling in big perch

Is Arnold also an illegal immigrant?

Washington Journal time-two political pollsters,

America breaking down

Washington Journal

Bush to pick Hayden for CIA: adviser

Ahmadinejad writes to Bush outlining Iran's global vision

MP3: Tony's Snow's I Ching

your government is recording, storing, all your phone conversations

Yesterday * gave an interview in the German TV

I may be white skinned but I'm every color under the sun in heart

NBC: Admin is planning to remove deputy CIA director, to appease critics

Robots can manipulate animal behavior

Imbedded military and intelligence 'experts' within the networks.?

let the suspense end * is on msnbc nominating hayden

Question? What is the CAA?

Transcript of Bush's interview with the German Bild tabloid

god forgives the sinner

Bush presiduncys' greatest moment a fish story

Hoekstra (R) on Hayden

U.S. bus at World Cup won't show flag

Girls State

Camouflage not enough to hide infant from predator

Vaccine makers helped write Frist-backed shield law

Caption Hayden and *

AP Breaking: Neal Voltz sp? (Ney aid) to testify in Abramoff investigation

Who put the chimpanzee in Monday?? . . . . . . . . . . . Please Caption!!!

Is Hayden nom a Harriet Miers style switcheroo?

Arson investigators are in the hot seat

Big Oil CEO: Blame Oil Prices, Not Us

Iran's Leader Writes to President Bush

Hayden's January Press Club appearance is replaying on c-span now.

"S/he's The President's Choice." Shouldn't That Send Up A Red Flag?

Medical mistakes

A simple solution to pain at the pump?

Negroponte taking questions

Looking for website that let's me upload big files for others to download

why did Whit Ayres lie on Wash. Journal?

I registered nine new Democrats on Friday

Newborn Abandoned At Houston Hospital

WH Bild transcript: "The first thing a president does is pick a rug"

DaVinci Code, Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Conspiracy Theories

Hey DU! May I ask your opinion of Pelosi? Is she a good leader?

CNN/Reuters: Report: Brain surgery for Keith Richards

A couple of comments from my Repub mother-in-law this weekend..

Aunt Esther spotted

Rove Is Using Threat of Loss to Stir Republicans

Americans did not fight for independence just from Great Britain.

Creepy photo of anti-immigrant protest organizer in Santa Clara, CA

Kurt Vonnegut and *'s fish tale

Kentucky prison bans tobacco; others may follow

Blivet** on CNN talking about Sudan

Bloomberg: "Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich"

Bees Form Better Democracy

Wow....Left's Loopy Conspiracy Theories......Krugman

I have witnessed 5 years of the * pResidency and I agree with him finally!

Bush: My biggest achievement in office is reeling in a big perch

cities of Las Vegas & St. George moving into the Grand Canyon (real)

The Minuteman Project rolled into Crawford Texas Saturday

Bush approval rating on the economy slips to 34 percent.

Even babies hate the jug-eared little prick.

Protesters Swarm HHS Chief's House

Report: Scotty's Friday farewell party

Clinging to Power as His Party Implodes

C-span - Bob Ney's chief of Staff pleads guilty.

7.5 LB Perch?

Spanish Fluency?

Hayden linked to Cunningham scandal!

10 th grade english; correct the grammar, syntax, & spelling of a freeper.

A Real Constitutional Crisis: A 2001 interview w/ Daniel Lazare

'Student Burns Porn Shop to Serve God'

1 in 3 Iraqi children is malnourished and underweight, according to the UN

It's not just that Hayden is in *'s military but he also broke the law

Ewww...84 yr old man arrested for molesting 7 yr old girl

How cool is this? Senior Citizens Protesting at Michael Levitt's House!!

Why can't they charge Rove with Outing a CIA Agent?

John Edwards: 'Poverty Is Personal'

Stones guitarist has head surgery (BBC) {Keith Richards}


Anyone watching this forum on CSPAN on populism and Democrats?

US air strike wounds at least 3 Pakistani labourers

Upset vet gives back his medals

Would General Hayden Toss the Bear?

Isn't the bp "flower" pretty? Doesn't it make you think "green?"

New STD! Yikes!

Hmm the press conference link is gone from the white house front page

Frist and Hastert Let Vaccine Industry Write Its Own Multi-Billion Dollar

Suggested slogan for Republican Party:

Springer leery of impeachment talk

Foggo has resigned - per Olbermann's newsletter

Since Chimpy's approval rating is at 31%

New Element added to the Table of Elements

Help expose Xcel! We need another 3K signups!

Gen. Hayden: "international calls... 200 billion minutes"

Who's on Al right now?

looking at C-span negropointe and tony snow

A little ticked with "King of the Hill" last night

New comic: "Letters from Mahmoud"

CAPTION the sad little man and his underlings...

Breaking News..Hayden and Rove Are Brothers.....

Spanish Fluency

Numbnuts tells graduates job market is best it's been "in years"...

"Despotism" - where does yr community rate on democracy/despotism spectrum

So, Goss's sudden, highly unusual resignation is no longer an issue?

Congress is considering "allowing" veterans to hire lawyers

The Propagandist is holding true to form, now USDA to spew about Iraq!

advocacy groups for illegal detainees?

Interesting that Hayden identifies both Tenet and Goss as his

HAR HAR... Chimpy approval hits 31%!!! (USA Today/ Gallup)

Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow!

NEWSFLASH -- A funny Freeper unearthed?


Coulter's new book isn't even out yet, but it's already discounted by 80%

A Nation of Waitresses and Bartenders

WSJ: Al Gore Might Yet Join 2008 Contenders

Last U.S. Titanic survivor dies

O'Reilly mistakes Vicente Fox for Ronald Reagan...

I have a question about what happens if Bush goes too far...

WhiteHouse Bastards hid it: New "Setting the Record Straight, 5/4/06"

Helen Thomas to Negroponte: Do we send detainees to secret prisons abroad?

Fiengold on wire tapping and Iraq - C-SPAN starting

Latest on FATS DOMINO - Good News

Bush tells German paper he caught the largest fresh-water perch in world

WSJ: Prosperity In Home Countries May Not Stem Tide of Migrants to the U.S

USDA (agriculture and farming) employees told to sell Bushist Iraq policy

Is anyone else tired of headlines that state "Bush has confidence in..."

What's next for Katherine Harris after she loses the FL Senate race ?

Yikes! New Freeper Rock masterpiece: "When the Eagle is Angry!"

Jessica Lynch, in the news again. With a few minor details left out.

Looking for picture of Bush

Text of Bush's Commencement Address at Oklahoma State...

Army recruits autistic 18 year old for most dangerous job

ok, saw my first "unmarked black helicopter" this weekend.

Is Chimpy the lowest of the low?

My comment to NPR regarding "intelligence failures"

Fishy story change!

Katie Couric speaking at University of Oklahoma Commencement

The DNC to sue Secret Service for records!!!

Man Dies After Being Shocked With Taser Gun

Malloy's rant last week about a right wing caller

3 presidents on their best moment

Professor Juan Cole on "The Guy James Show" today

The Jessica Lynch Story returns *sigh*

The RW Take on the "Coup" at the CIA

MAN THE SWIFT-BOATS!!! Monday's toon 5/8

PNAC: "Oh No!! Iran wants to dialogue...."

Hey everybody, it's monday... which means.... IT'S A SNOW DAY!!!

Posting and You

I thought human beings and fish could co-exist peacefully?

Is Brazil's ethanol success due to artificially cheap Bolivian natural gas?

Politics as a Vocation


ABC: CIA's Foggo(#3 in CIA) Expected to Resign Soon

Did Kerry call out Bush on torture during the 2004 debates?

NPR: talking Foggo, Goss, Wilkes, etc.

Can this be spun by the fundies? Treaty w/ Tripoli

Anti-bomb suits are all the rage at the Rebuild Iraq 2006 exhibition

Comeback for Labor?

Text messages give '411' on teen sex

Condi looks really upset today - pics

"The Shoes of the Fisherman"

Caption this * pic

Which poll will be the first to show Bush BELOW 30%?

Warren Buffett sees "significant downward adjustments" in housing market

The last gasp of the dollar; Iran bourse set to open shortly

"The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion"

C-SPAN Poll on Hayden! DU this poll!

Are these talk shows rehearsed?

Fox ready to dump Ney

bird flu timeline----abc network style

Did you know playing tag in school is not allowed?

The "CIA failed us on 9/11": MSM is trying to force feed us.

net/competition neutrality

you're an asshole. yes you are, chimpy!!!!

Hayden's bid will put Bush's warrantless wiretapping under oath

Dems to "follow the money" re: Fornigate limo company (inquiry request)

I hate to see high school graduations now

Do Congresscritters know words to national anthem?

Moussaoui Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Flash: General Hayden Already Leaking

Isn't the crisis in Darfur about Oil and who controls it?

For the anti-corruption wing of the Dem party - we're making headway.

Schuster Hardball: "The agency (CIA) wasn't able to string together

Anyone care to see how NPR has handled Colbert's performance

Gov. Bush Doubts Harris Can Win Fla. Seat

Jesus Christ Democrats....all it takes is a little research !

Kerry: GOP Health care bill will HURT more small businesses than it helps

So, Bush* claims we're working diplomatically to end the Iran threat?

So they're blaming the CIA now so they can dissolve it into the Pentagon?

The 2006 strategy for the GOP is to frighten voters again investigations?

Local: Anybody know anything about the multiple shootings in Fairfax, VA?

Even rural Conservatives turning against Bush...

Is there an audio of *'s fish story? He could have said "bass", and the

Randi Speaking to Ray McGovern (nt)

Did I miss the WH press briefing?

Poll graphics: Bush, Congress and the way things are going

Military PR flies friendly skies Pentagon pays United

Iraqi blogger Zeyad fears another U.S. "liberation" of Baghdad

Teddy K is roaring in the Senate about Insurance!

Impeachment is not the proper goal. Investigation is.

bush frat in ft. lauderdale this evening for fundraiser for e.clay shaw

What are the best places to give donations?

More on Socialism

Someone is upset they didn't get the death penalty... (Moussaoui)

Foggo Quits!

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins on impeachment

Prediction: Bush will be at 29% approval Memorial Day wkend

The Enron Trial...Even if he wins, Lay is not off hook

Newsweek: Foggo Admitted Tipping Pal To Contracts?

New Lawsuit Seeks White House Visit Logs

Bush's Legacy

So, who here is surprised by this??

The dilemma of a choice--sex or violence?

Did Snow do his first Job? Anyone ask about Goss? Jay Rosen wants to know

Rick Santorum's Hostile Takeover

Fess up!!! Which of you DUers are responsible for making Rush stammer??

MSNBC TV Breaking: 5 people shot at police station in Fairfax, VA

Wolf Blitzer announces: President Bush's poll numbers rising!

Animated Tribute to Colbert.

Thom Hartmann is taking on an antigay bigot.

Both Schuster and Matthews wore "Red/White/Blue Neckties" tonight....

Happy about the Aussie miners being saved. Why is it that miners

Civil Liberties as an Antidote to Violent Extemism

Jimmy Carter, Hamas & the Palestinians: Punishing the Innocent is a Crime

Whats the difference between *s asshole and his mouth?

Gen William Odom says get out of Iraq NOW!

The FBI Failed America!

This is funny, and I don't quite know why. SUCKS! Look at what they did to me on refunds issued!

KKK anti-immigration rally draws over 300 in Alabama

Special Bulletin From The Pentagon (Satire):

In honor of Hayden, the military, the NSA, and the CIA

I don't think we need or want impeachment, anyhow

Ray McGovern will be guest on Lou Dobbs this hour

Can Bush be tried as a war criminal after he leaves the presidency?

The fish story has legs.

God is punishing Florida now. Either that, or the liar's pants are on fire

Why oh why do I have to be an Alabamian?

Newly-minted 'Christian' Katherine Harris in hot water over appropriation

Hope Iran's Letter to Bush isn't like the August 2001 PDB...

Cloture vote on C-Span2 DENIED! on S.22 Medical liablity vote

I want to throw a shoe at the armchair quarterbacks

How did I miss this on Friday!!!!!!

All fishermen lie! Don't give Bush grief about his World's Record Perch.

If you haven't seen the last three or four West Wings

Anyone have a video of Biden's recent speech in Galivant's Ferry, SC?

Fax, email and phone Diane Feinstein on her support of Hayden

Research finds differences in lesbian brains

How the Long Arm of GE (Retired Jack Welch) & Others Rules our Media!

Look at the wikipedia update for the category "perch."


TVNewser: Cable News Channels Not Catering To Their Geriatric Audience

Analysis: Bush's CIA Pick Latest Slammed (misjudged resistance)

Peace Has No Borders - NY & Ontario, June 16-17

Response from Meet the Press, re: 5-7-06

Foggo's out

WH already shunning Iran letter

Which Program/Network Do You MOST Want Ray McGovern To Appear On Next?

Hardball:"Approval rating at 31%...below freezing...can he reheat himself?

Mary Cheney Considered Quitting 2004 Campaign Over Gay Marriage Issue

Rove decision expected “as soon as this month”

DiFi on Tweety SUCKED! She Sees Hayden as An Excellent CIA Head!

Rant: Where in the world does an old fundy geezer get off telling ..

When We Bomb Iran, We Will Not Use Nukes...

John Fund says Rove's involvement in Plamegate is a "minor ripple"

CNN Poll: Where do you get more of your news? Newspapers? Internet?

(picture) Bush going through his Will Ferrell stage

Bush spends 6 BILLION on 23 Helicopters for him & DIck (Marine 1)

I hear that C-Span is pulling the Colbert video

The fish story has been changed on AOL!

To Lurking Bush Supporters

What Was Randi Saying To Search On Google - Axxhole?......

Bush boy liberry: "a place for people to talk about freedom and liberty"

* Impersonator Steve Bridges is such a typical Repuke.

Mr. Bush plots his legacy. And he's right on target.

Gen. Hayden said in a 2000 speech that US spying's ok-just follow the law

What are They Hiding??? Let's keep asking them (new bumper sticker)

Exxon Mobil's new CEO in re: gas "Stop using so much of it"

Anyone having trouble with IE on DU?

THIS is what I wish Pelosi had said to Russert yesterday about payback:

Bush almost set a couple of records in 2000 and 2004

Shrub is in my city overnight UCK!

Bird flu update!

I just paid $3.57 a gallon for gas in Pismo Beach.

Info: What current vehicles can use ethanol or E85.

"Spies Among Us" (Police Keep Tabs on Ordinary Americans)

A QUINTESSENTIALLY GOP editorial: "Quit whining about high gas prices"

Gen Hayden Will Hand Back His Nomination

Is there really such a thing as GOP Democrat?

Dear Republicans,

Can we have a DU Celebration when Bush falls below 30%?

A Ratings Downer for Fox "News"

Russ Feingold on C-Span Now (2:44 PM Eastern) nt

CDC recommends routine HIV tests: no informed consent or pretest counsel

David Sirota on C-Span speaking at Center for American Progress forum

"Best moments in office" of every president in the last 100 years

The real truth about the cost of oil in America today.

Tim Russert (D-WTF?!?) on impeachment in 1998 and 2006

Extremely racist video of small child. This is terrible.

Taxus home of the 7.2 pound perch and the 200 pound quail...


The Joke Continues

If the repubs did no wrong, why are they afraid of investigations?

bushitler @ 31%

Please DU This AOL Poll On Gore

Question about Auto Insurance and car accidents.

Goss Hooker scandal ? ! or not. . . .What happened. . . .

If Shrub is lying about the fish.. can we get him for Perchery???

Enron Testimony Ends; Lay Says 'God Has Blessed Me'

Bill Israel (friend of Karl Rove):"(Rove) will soon be indicted"

Now Bush says it was a Bass? Media now says he was joking. IDIOT!

FBI Investigates No. 3 CIA Official

Say what you want about Bush, he sure knows how to peer into souls.

A quick look how Ambien actually works. This is why it so successfully

Now Is The Time To Be Really Really Patient

WP: "Rove's Time in Limbo Near End in CIA Leak Case"

the 7 lb fish really IS chimpy's best moment in office

So, My Hubby Tried insHannity Out For 5 Minutes, & Heard This:

Freeper Throwdown to "democtatic underground lurkers " LOL

What do you know about "Hostile Takeover" by David Sirota (email) RAY MCGOVERN: My meeting with Rumsfeld.

Ray McGovern speaks about the Atlanta confrontation of Rumsfeld

How I know Karl Rove will be indicted this week:

Feingold to Democrats: Stand Up to Bush

If your livelihood depends on tourists,

CNN's Anderson Cooper to Contribute to CBS '60 Minutes'

Wachovia to buy Golden West Bank

Should Nancy Pelosi become Speaker or Majority Leader if Dems win in 2006?

I wanted to throw a shoe at the television.

Murdoch to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Dems block medical liability bill

Did Bev Harris ever file her tax documents on her 2004 fundraising?

*: "As a boy I never even saw a soccer ball"

My fundamentalist neighbor just found Jesus!

Feingold JUST ASKED about voting machines C-SPAN NOW!

Florida to require HIGH SCHOOL majors? WTF?

Trash Day! Oh, What a Good Day to Dump the TRASH!--> PICS

Arkansas bans smoking in cars with young children

THIS is the article we need to get out to the American people! . . .

I haven't heard a shot fired in anger in over 30 years. Lam Son 719 ...

06 idea from Kerry's Grinnell speech: Let's dub a new DIRTY DOZEN

Neil Young Album Out In Stores - "Lookin' For A Leader" Most Added!

Look who wants a liberal's support!

A Question for Mitt Romney

This Modern World: Shit Sandwich.

The 2006 Election is over, they won. It's all over but the counting...

The first U.S. coin to say "In God We Trust"

"DUers Say the Darndest Things", Monday 5/8/06 edition (dialup warning)

Why Illegal Immigration is NOT a Civil Rights Issue -->

NEW ANIMATION - "What Will You Do?"

John Kerry's Campaign was well run and other Dem Myths

Why EVERYONE'S hair should stand on end at Gen. Hayden's nomination

Hungry Marines are now asking Iraqis for food!

Former Aide to Rep. Ney Pleads Guilty (one big scandal)

Question: Why do we assume hand counts are any better than optical scan?

Here's what Bush* had to say about Goss when nominating him.

How Do Your Feel About Impeachment?

Pride and Shame. What do you hate?

The GOP will come after us in 2008 with LIBERALS

Hilliary challenged on war by her opponent.

U.S. to allow PA funds to be channeled through Abbas office

Evenly Spreading Partisan Votes May Be the Key to Winning

Will Snow's first question in WH breifing be "Did the Prez fire Goss over


Well British DUers, I just heard on Classic Gold radio station

Rove's new trick: blame Iraq problems on critics

Why would a lobbyist want to be an elected member of Congress?

Inadvertent Intercept=eavesdropping on us, per Hayden.

Is the "owl" behind Hayden to represent

Breakdown party affiliation of registered voters in the US?

pool time in iraq

Chip Reid just TOTALLY misrepresented the NSA-Spying issue

Bush hopes Hayden CIA nomination will "reinvigorate his base"

Frist Declares Senate 'Health Care Week'

"Speaking of corn borers and mad cows, I'd like to say a few things about

If dems win, they'll prove we are crooks - gop election strategy

Hopsicker: Porter Goss and 'the boys'

LAT: Cozying Up to Power (Wilkes/Schwarzenegger?)

Russ Feingold's statement about General Hayden

Come, see the joy of ending hunger and genocide

What time is today's SnowJob?

Further reflections on Ray McGovern vs. Rumsfeld

Ras- Wyoming House Seat in play

Always spinning about Iraq, even at the USDA

smirk appoints more white males then Clinton

Impeachment don't mean shit! Pardons mean shit!

Hayden's Confusion About the Constitution's 4th Amendment

Novelist espouses jingoism,...

R-Fundy forces abstinence only over actual science in federal panel

Dangerous for Dems to criticize Gen Hayden's Nom for CIA Chief?

Okay, so what IS Bush's best moment in office?

This Modern World: Nothing tastier than a shit sandwich

AOL Poll on Hayden

Oxymoron: A Bush think tank

Who the HELL do they think they are??

Pickup opportunity in... Wyoming?

Jeb Bush Say Katherine Harris Can't Win

Breaking News on Foggo

Bush's fish tale? Probably a lie.

LAT editorial: For California attorney general: Jerry Brown

Canadian question-Republicans are in majority,why do Democrats get slagged

CBO on the cause of the deficit...

Russ Feingold on C-Span before the National Press Club now at 2:30PM, EST!

Hayden used MZM (Duke Briber) to develop illegal wiretapping

Hagel says Iraq cost now $10Bil/mo, up from $6Bil ....

April 18, 2004: "History, we don’t know. We’ll all be dead"

I'm paying a little visit to Katherin Harris on Thursday.

Negropointe and Tony snow on c span now...

original cartoon by me, in honor of Bush's 31% approval rating. enjoy!

Dusty Foggo resigns, who's next??

4 A.M. (up with the baby) I catch "Meet the Press"

It's Over! Repubs Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich

What are Republicans going to do about Bush? If his numbers get into the

DNC Files Lawsuit Challenging White House Stonewall

If Hayden Doesn't Resign His Military Post - Is He Accountable To And...

Photo: Striped Bass & Dumb Ass

Need a great response to a freeper re health care in US v. UK

If You've Done Nothing Wrong

Tweety Just Said CIA Needs to Warn Us BEFORE An Attack This Time

Loyal Soldier Hayden Nominated To Replace Goss As Head Of CIA

Looks Like Both Tweety and WaPo Think Rove Will Not Be Indicted.....

If Gen Hayden had done his job properly, we might have prevented 9/11

DU Newbies and Oldies (who need memories refreshed) Check This Out!

Crybaby Russert is worried Democrats will hold investigations (C&L Video)

DNC: Republican Voter ID Drive Disenfranchises Real Voters

Are there any search engine/net company that aren't greedy cowards

Rove in NY Times , The Bran's working oertime

HUD Secretary: No HUD Contracts if you criticize Bush

If The Iranian President Was Smart He Would Make The Letter He ....

If/when we nuke Iran .......

Defend Progressive Champion Jim McDermott

Bush Ordering 23 New Armored Helicopters for Himself ($6 Billion)

Smile ..... we are entering a political nuclear winter

Finally they did something GOOD!!

31% ..... would that be

Anyone got readily available info on Coalition Forces Then and Now?

Wyoming's house seat is a possible dem pickup (Rasmussen)

Dear John... a letter from Iran

Pokergate: who covered the losses?

Many Youths Disregard Their Virginity Pledges, Harvard Study Says

Kerry 'Troubled' by Hayden Nomination

Computer-Savvy Thieves Rip-Off Gas Stations

Illegal Spying: It's not what they're saying, it's what they're NOT saying

Ray McGovern on Dobbs, was asked about Hayden

"We are at war"

Ralph Reed's visits to WH part of the DNC suit filed today.

Interesting Republican reaction to my ltte.

KS SEN Roberts wants to hurry up & get the Hayden hearings moving

CBS just said Hayden considering retiring so he'd be a citizen

Why does Donald Sutherland come to mind when I think of Gen Hayden?

Bush at 65% Disapproval - 31% Approval USAToday Poll


John Fund, Hardball: "This is a minor ripple. Rove will not be indicted."

Harold Ford, Jr. on Imus today

This came to me from a good friend of mine.....I apologize for not

Will you feel the same way about Fitzgerald if Rove is not indicted??

PRWEB: Former CIA Presidential Briefer Speaks Truth to Power!!!

Nancy Pelosi's Horibble Sunday Performance

Will bu$h's Poll Numbers Drop To The 20's?

Messaage to DEMS: Stay the FUCK OFF OF TEEVEE

Devastating Report out today on Enzi Bill(s1955)Senator Dodd .......

country joe mcdonald's newest anti-war song--anyone know the lyrics?

Rightwing pundits CRYING about McGovern after his vivisection of Rummy!

Update: Cloture Vote on Lose Your Health Care bill May 9, 10:45AM

Time: Betting on a Novice in Virginia (Senate race)

Al Gore Might Yet Join 2008 Contenders!!!!!!!!!

What is it with the US Air Force?