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Archives: May 9, 2006

WP editorial: An Irresponsible President: Deficits? Let the next WH worry

"The Only Hookers Fox WON'T Cover"

WP: Digital Lynch Mob (By Richard Cohen)

Blackwell Won't Remove Himself from Election Investigation(OH)

Moussaoui trial leaves questions unanswered

Older workers vying for 'summer' jobs

Molly Ivins: The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington

Simon Tisdall (The Guardian): Letter in need of an answer

WP: Experts See a Strategy Behind CIA Shuffle

Death squads deepen division in Baghdad

GOP math: If Terrorists=Insurgents and Leftists=Insurgents....

"Severe Water Shortage" Confronting Pakistan As Reservoirs Fall - Reuters

Dome Grows On Indonesia's Merapi As Lava Flows Continue - AFP

Alpe d'Huez, Famed For Summer Skiing, Closes As Glacier Shrinks

Permafrost Gone In Decades @ Current Rate - Royal Society for Chemistry

After Snow-Free Winter, Everest Weather Weirdness Continues - BBC

Finland Comes In Below 2005 CO2 Emissions Targets - Reuters

Wild-Catting in the Cow Patties

Alternative Energy Stock Index Prepares To Launch 5/12 On NYSE

18 Spring-Run Chinook @ Lower Granite Dam - 10-Yr Average = 18,000

Wild Banana Species Vanishing Rapidly In India - World's Biggest Producer

Scientists Discover Critical Blue Whale Breeding Area In Southern Ocean

CSU/Canadian Scientists Project 5 Major Hurricanes Possible This Year

Hybrid car mpg poll

Huff Post - King Coal's Newest Pimps - Children In TV Commercials

Hamas, Fatah leaders call for calm after 3 dead in Gaza clashes


Feeney/Abramoff & Ney/HAVA/Abramoff Connections Under MSM Radar

Steve Freeman's Book coming out!

Good article re Sequoia in Denver paper, actually a little research!!

Dump Diebold____ At Your Bank

You can help Rep. Boswell

Blogger's Caucus conflicts with our DU Caucus - same date, time and place

Steve Freeman's book is coming out!

Insider info from Saturday's Harris County GOP TX-22 candidate forum

So what do I do with these beets?

Lobster bisque

I'm in a food funk....

'Twenty die' in Pakistan heat wave (Temps pf 120+ Fahrenheit!)

University Impeachment Trial Opens in Neb.

Pipe assault prompts call for hate crime registry

Senate to Take Up Health Coverage Bill (S. 1955) WHAT ARE THEY

China opposes core of West's Iran resolution


Bush Says U.N. Should Take Over in Darfur

Protesters rally outside private fundraiser attended by Bush

Older workers vying for 'summer' jobs

Kuwait arrests Iran intelligence officers - report

Armoured suits are 'too goofy' say US troops

Iran president contacts Bush , offers solutions

Puerto Rico budget woes deepen (BBC) {gov't is BROKE}

U.S. Bars Use of Torture in Interrogations

White House tells UN torture panel of 29 deaths in custody

Former British colonel warns that troops in Iraq badly under supplied

2 murders and missing cash in Iraq

AP: Feingold to Democrats: Stand Up to Bush

NYT: Optimistic, Democrats Debate the Party's Vision

Half of Teachers Quit in 5 Years: Working Conditions, Low Salaries Cited

New lawsuit seeks records of White House visits by Abramoff allies

Seaford-area Marine dies from wounds suffered in Fallujah explosion

Blair hints at mid-2007 exit; Labour takes a blow in support

Rice: Iran Letter Doesn't Resolve Standoff

R.I. Democrats endorse Kennedy for re-election

WP: Va. Woman Wore a Wire In Rep. Jefferson Inquiry

Blaine fails to break underwater record (Reuters)

AP: Moussaoui Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea

WP: Out and About (Mary Cheney)

Court martial eyed for protesters (Korea / US base)

Senate Rejects Award Limits in Malpractice

Need a link.....

How much do you love your family

My nuts...

car show pics from yesterday

I get to write an essay on sex in the media!

Towel Day : May 25th

So I got a fortune the other day at the chinese restaurant, saying...

barry bonds signed my baseball.....

Animal Rights has failed us

Michael Musto just called Katie Holmes a whore on "Countdown."

1000 Posts!!!

Im embarrassed to ask but

I am so freakin' out at another paypal nightmare!!!!

Cancun honeymoon tips????

Check out my GD thread!!

Do you like my new smilie?

When were you the happiest in your life and you can't say "now". My

GRRR the one time the Twins game is on ESPN

Anyone use WOW! Internet/cable TV services?

I can't get out of the lounge

Grant McLennan, Go-Betweens lead singer dies in sleep

I finally bought some Nutella today.....

Tom n Katie?

Rock Star action shot (shameless self-aggrandizement) dial-up alert

Are SNL skits posted online anywhere?

Do you ever change your thread title because you've received no replies?

Don't tell me how you like my new sig. Suggestions unwelcome.

DU this poll on bush's approval..........

I heard oil went back under $70 today. So what's your price of gas?

My cousin had a baby!

post a photo shopped picture of some body part (no genitalia please)

I just got a SPAM TEXT MESSAGE! WTF?!?!

Is it too early to go to bed yet?

Just "Sing"

I just cut jalapeno and my hands are BURNING...


Is it ok to make fun

why are there cages around ultimate fight matches still?

Is Air America Going Under?

I think I am right to play you?


There's an Ava Appreciation thread in GD! WOw!

Big Love opening obsession.

How sorry am I going to be in the morning?

fuck it all

My friend is an idiot.

I'm about 10 posts away

Skittles' new nick name: SKANKZILLA

Things to do tomorrow, Tuesday 5/9:

I got a new cell phone and DL'd "Liberty Bell March" as a ringtone

Father Faces Felony Charges For Rushing To Injured Daughter's Side


Okay, alright, I admit it

4 8 15 16 23 42

Good Evening Cuties

Favorite Chinese Take-Out!

I saw something strange today at the gas station, I still can't figure


If nobody clicks on my sig I'm leaving. Forever. Last chance to stop me.

I love my new glasses! I can finally see things!

There's a skeeter on my......

Alert! There is a polygamist on the loose!

I could really use a hug tonight.

I challenge you to use "Dusty Foggo" in a sentence

Dinner at the Prophets

Do any of you sleep separately from your SO?

Well, that was the crappiest pizza I ever ate.

Do americans have an unlimited appetite for garbage?

What random food do you really miss?

Hey Singles! What are your requisites for considering someone as

I think I am right to watch you?

Blaine fails to break underwater record (Reuters)

So what would your best moment if you were President?

I think I may have found my new sofa!


My butts

Wooo....Someone is being arrested in front of my building....

Titles, a game

Fuck it---OAJD. (MMR! Ava! Come quickly!!)

At what point should you stop looking for romance?

How to turn the tables ....

Magnesium and sleep

Awesome Mars Global Surveyor images today! (dial up warning)

Apex, Equi, Dyadic, Duplex.

The third X Men is coming out on Memorial Day

I would appreciate the input of any of the Astrologers here

My take on Hillary being given a fund raiser by Murdoch. Flame away if you

Not so innocent

Keith leading off with the "fish" story

The incredible mess that the next President will have to clean up

David Schuster on KO says he's convinced KKKarl *will* be indicted.

TPM:EXCLUSIVE: CIA Nominee Hayden Linked to MZM

For the love of all things holy, we need to nominate this thread:

So, uh, what does this mean?

How many slams at Al Gore have your seen/heard/read in the last 2 months?

Anyone in my administration sentenced to 10 years must resign


Foggo Jack & Scooter

Frist and Malkin

David Shuster transcript from Countdown

Recruitment of Autistic Young Man made it to Countdown tonight!!!

Finally, an honest statement from George W Bush

Anyone remember the 2000 SNL skit with Will Farell as Bush

Cuba to assist Ghana in fight against malaria

Hayden linked to MZM

Does anybody on DU waste their time watching Russert?

What to tell R's when they say Dems have no plan

Breaking News! From ABC and CNN

This is what you arrogant, patronizing, pandering, craven "libs" look like

HORSEY TOON: Yet another change at the top at the CIA

Glenn Beck's Premier on CNN Headline News

Brand new anti-bush/war songs or albums (there are tons!!)

McCain said he likes the idea of a Hayden nomination

Bombings, Shootings Kill at Least 30 in Iraq

Conyers: Bad News Snowballs for GOP

Casualties vs. needed..

Portland DJ today: "Couldn't Get it Right - Hey, that's FEMA's theme song"

Unwanted, unloved and achieving nothing

Iran plays trump card in standoff vs. West

Feingold to Democrats: Stand Up to Bush...

Its not bush conservatism thats failing

Blackwell Won't Remove Himself From Election Investigation

fuck it (and t-mobile) I'm deleting my rant, why is below

Will the Dems try to stop the war if they win congress?

Whoa!! Al Gore bit on Saturday Night Live -

Proof the RW pundits are insane

Link to Video or Transcript of Schuster?

Could this UPI headline be any more misleading?

Hayden Pick Part Of CIA Changes

Neil Young Shirt

New Daily Show Tonight @11pm - The Rummy Interupter/Porter Quitter


This health insurance story Malloy is talking about

How deep are the defense contractors involved in the bribery case?

Daily show nails the CIA story

Hey: Democratic Underground gets byline on Wonkette !

What was the Goss firing about?

Winning the CIA.


What took them so long?

Catwoman and the CIA

Gen Hayden called FISA a 'tool' . . .

2006 Senate Race, States Check in, Whose in, how they doing

Glenn Beck - Yawn

FOX:"McGovern has long history of attacking administration from the Left".

This has GOT to be satire (Freeper on Bush approval...hilarious)

Scarborough-"We have met the enemy and he is us"

NYT: Exiles in 'Tehrangeles' Are Split on How U.S. Should Sway Iran

Bush admits he is an unwitting Nitwit.

There's no such thing as global warming. Try telling them that.

Careful When You Buy at Best Buy

Warren Jeffs placed on the Feds Most Wanted Top 10 list

"A working vocabulary of 400 words, 50 more than the President"

Mehlman: GOP *will* lose seats at every level of government

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

I'd appreciate your input:

Is conviction likely in the ENRON trial?

Dr Phil today ......OUTRAGE ( Need Opinion)

$6.1 BILLION for el pretzeldente's helicopter

Shuster: “I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.”

I believe I just encountered the dumbest freeper-type alive

I haven't seen a Bush/Cheney bumpersticker in months

Passport Question

State Police leave their engines running while eating lunch...?

I just heard that Bill O'Reilly is

Diebold National Security / Feeney, Ney, HAVA & Golf / Conyers Attacked!

::: VIDEO :::: David Schuster on KO re: Rove and Indictments.

Pros and antis

bumper sticker I saw today....

Wooodamnwhoo Shuster on KO!

"Before the chickenhawks bomb, you will deny me three times."

Bush COULD be at 28% bc the 31% poll as a MOE of +-3%

A backwash cocktail

Gen. Hayden and Bush are attempting to dumb down the 4th amendment

Military Now Recruiting Autistic Kids

Get your Al on...The truth about Iraq war and Al Gore...great blog

Just "Sing"

It's Monday, and the first GOP conviction of the week is here...

Author Patricia Polacco - Heroine of Anti-Censorship

Any Outrage RE "Architect of Warrantless Spying" Tapped To Be CIA Chief?

Is the story about CIA #3 Foggo w/Prostitutes getting any MSM air time?

Feinstein On the Nomination of General Michael Hayden

**Wild Conspiracy Theroy**

Biden, Clinton or Feingold ?

Switched At Birth? They even SOUND the same

Does anyone know who the Richest people in Congress are?

Bush: The "Ruinator"

Herald Tribune: Euro rising, dollar falling

Gore/Kerry 2008

Hayden's CIA nomination may have violated the law

Mexico wants migrant rights in U.S., but is harsh to undocumented Central

So now it is finally going to be over

You know what? Ava Lowrey is my hero! (And She's a DUer!)

OMFG! Joe Scarborough on NC hotel implosion: "like the Republican Party

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Ties to Hookergate

Bumpersticker or not. Should I or shouldn't I?

"If you take Iraq and immigration out, Bush's numbers would be higher."

Teacher tortures Hispanic kids for missing on May 1

PHOTOS: Ah, college Republicans. So spirited! So caucasian! So NOT IN IRAQ

Caption this Picture

Who is Hillary Fooling?

3,000 service employees rally in Sacramento over contract

karl, be careful what you ask for

My newly-sworn-in hubby just got a RENEWAL notice from the RNC.

David Shuster: "I am convinced, in fact, that Karl Rove WILL be indicted"

Breaking News: Foggo Resigned

LAT: GOP Can Win in '06 by Limiting Losses

Did anyone catch the Today Show this morning?

"I was so annoyed, I didn't vote in the last election."

U.S. to legal tribunal:"Without question our record has improved"(torture)

FOXNEWS says McGovern has "history of attacking the administration"!!!

Optimistic, Democrats Debate the Party's Vision

NYT: Michael Tomasky, Liberal of the 'Lost Generation,' Senses a Shift

CBN news (700 club) is trashing the GOP and the poor poll #'s

Senate Democrats Smack Down GOP's Medical-Malpractice Bills

If Dems come out for "Impeachment NOW" it's what Right Wing Repugs Want!

R.I. Democrats OK Kennedy for Re-Election

George's war toll; March 2003-May 2006, month by month.

Some light reading

Does anyone honestly see S.1955 failing?

Bush says Harris can't win; she says yes we can.

AOL on Al Gore: Will He Run Again? (vote here)

Beg the DU administrators for a Bush countdown clock

Racist fuck Glenn Beck invites you to guess his show's cancellation date

So what DO Schweitzer and Sharpton have in common?

Please refer to Don Rumsfeld as The Don Rumsfailed from now on...

Who is Laura Schwartz?

Narus STA 6400 Equiptment Revealing - Wiretapping

Rove Is Using Threat of Loss to Stir Republicans

Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling blame 9/11

Bush Talks Bass

Discrimination based on diagnosis--please defeat S. 1955.

If not our leadership, then who?

Please DU this poll about Gore. It needs help.

Colbert acknowledges the “Thank You Stephen” site

Huff Post: The Truth About the War in Iraq and Al Gore

UCLA Economist Ed Leamer reviews Tom Friedman's "The World is Flat"

A Swiftboater speaks: We will go to war with Iran for oil not Israel.

Latest rewrite of history blames "Bubba" for health care situation

"Inside the autistic mind" - TIME

The Case Against Torture - a paper by Maria Arrigo

Will We Hit $100?

Return of the death squads - Iraq's hidden news (John Pilger)

Color me Jewish

Rumsfeld's forgettery

The financial side of ethics

Our Founders on Warrantless Searches and The Freedom of One's House

Iraqi design?

As goes Maine . . .

ABCNews: Bush Presidency Floundering

Sheldon Drobny - "Money is a curse"

NYT- America's 'Near Poor' Are Increasingly at Economic Risk, Experts Say

(Kathleen)Parker Column Missed the Mark

A Perfect Storm

Bolton's UN Job May Depend on Fate of Iran Nuclear Resolution

Death and taxes: Rich like me

Sex, Greed And Forced Abortions (& the morals and values crowd)

Major powers fail to agree on Iran Strategy

Latest rewrite of history blames "Bubba" for health care situation

Hayden for CIA - Rove's Gambit

How to Keep Democrats From Blowing the November Election

Ready for the next round? Gold over $700.

Warm Core Ring

The Limits of Biofuels

I want to change my 2003 Ford Focus to Flexfuel, if the price is reason-

Officials Prep for Red Tide Outbreak

Plants to Monitor Radioactive Water

NOw ABC News not to be scooped by NBC and CBS reports on Ethanol!

Problem: Oil Crisis. Partial Solution: Telecommuting.

Sea-Ice-Free Line Already Well Past 80 North Above Svalbard - NOAA

Minn. Nuclear Workers Exposed to Radiation

Ethanol: Boom or Boondoggle?

Solar panel question?

Tropical Storm Chanchu

Settlers prepare for next battle

Nine hurt, 5 of them children, in renewed Hamas-Fatah clashes

IDF troops hold up Abbas convoy at Gaza entrance for two hours

Anti-terror unit: Israeli citizens should leave Sinai at once

'Why are you firing on us? We're only workers!'

Punishing prospects

Pain of Hamas boycott worse than feared for Gaza's people

Al-Qaeda distributes first communique in Gaza

The need to boycott Israel

PA Detects Link From Iran

Update 5: 9 Wounded in Hamas-Fatah Clashes in Gaza

World Bank Report: "Palestinian crisis is worse than expected"

Poll: 62% want Arab emigration

Navy foils attempt to smuggle explosives into Gaza Strip

How reliable are eyewitnesses?

Cooperativeresearch... what's up?

Meria Heller

Ask your election officials: Are you following e-voting issues in the news

Ken Blackwell must be stopped

optional open balloting?!?!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.09.06 - Election Train Wreck


Another Braley commercial, it's hot!

CR invaded -- Hillary rolled out as anti-Christ

Braley fans - Bruce posts on Dailykos.

Looking for freeware that joins multiple RealPlayer clips together

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May

Cleaning up a HELL (Dell) computer

Bell woos AFL-CIO

rollingstone magazine got it right

Finally. A frame that fits my portrait of Jesus.

Jump on the BAND wagon! Fun-raiser may 19th.

Hm...this actually turned out OK!

Peter MacKay visits troops in Kandahar

Duffy & Frank Luntz (Repub. polster) on CTV praising Harper & Preston

Shuster: “I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.”

WP: Experts See a Strategy Behind CIA Shuffle

Poll: Iraq keeping Bush approval down (CNN / Opinion Research 34%)

Suit Planned Over Shuttered NYC Art Show

Bolton's UN Job May Depend on Fate of Iran Nuclear Resolution

C-SPAN Asks Sites to Pull Colbert

Democratic Breed Dwindling in the South

McDonald's and Disney end tie-up

African babies 'dying at birth'

Iran crisis talks end in discord

Janet Reno Backs O'Donnell (NY Attorney General)

Two Maine guardsmen killed in Iraq

Yale Historian Finds Geronimo Clue

Ahmadinejad's letter asks bush about 9/11. . . . BBC

Iran bars women from soccer games

Retired San Marcos police officer killed in Iraq (DEAD MERCENARY)

U.S. Newborn Survival Rate Ranks Low

Morales and Peru's Humala tout Latam leftist unity

Pentagon holds back troops due for Iraq

Commander of U.S. Forces Arrives in China

Oilman blames politics for kickback charges

Shell's Canadian unit loading up on oil sands

Fla. Governor Declares State of Emergency

McCaskill calls for review of spending in Iraq war

U.S. Subpoenas Newspaper for Sources in Steroid Case

(Ahmadinejad to Bush) Letter fails to improve US-Iran ties

Ex-army colonel says Kember got what he deserved (Iraq peace hostage)

Bush says he unintentionally ‘stirs up anxiety’ among Muslims

Republican chairman booed at AJCommittee event

Yale Historian Finds Geronimo Clue

No deal yet on Iraq oil, trade ministers

Utah Launches Criminal Probe of Church

Rove prepares 20 judges

Beckett cautious on Iran options

GM turns loss into first profit since '04 (It's smoke and mirrors, folks!)

U.S. senators condemn beating

China, Cuba reported in Gulf oil partnership

Attacks, unemployment plague Afghanistan (4 MILLION still in exile)

Iraq: UN report cites vast under-nutrition among children

BBC: North Iraq blast kills 17 people (Tal Afar)

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#2428)

China Demands Return of Gitmo Detainees

Latest rewrite of history blames "Bubba" for health care situation

Suicide bomber kills 17 in Iraq's (bush's free city) Tal Afar

Bush defends much-criticized drug program

CNN: Survivor of hatchet attack confronts her past

(Sen. Pat) Roberts not ready to endorse CIA nominee

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May

Will We Hit $100?

Shell misses target for cutting oil spills

"Iraq War Is Drawing Less Support Than Vietnam Did at Same Stage "

11 Bodies found dumped in Tigris near Baghdad (one 10 yr old boy)

Congress elevates snappy acronyms to a fine art

Criticism sparks CDC sex panel changes (abstinence critic off)

Trials start against 4 over Bali bombings

Raffa Pleads Not Guilty

Conservative Out of House Race in Calif.

Dollar hits 91¢ US as gold reaches $700 US an ounce (Canada)

U.S. Envoy Forecasts Better Iraq Security (Khalilzad: "four-pillar" plan)

David Sirota

Oil jumps, passes $71

(Ramsey) Clark assails Iraqi trial of Saddam Hussein

Iraq War Is Drawing Less Support Than Vietnam Did at Same Stage

U.S. Troops Crack Down on Fuel Smuggling (in Iraq, not here)

Court rules Guantanamo Brits can sue

Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli official/ Pak. Times

Senators Attack Administration's Stand on Auto Fuel Economy

Mount St. Helen (Alert Level 2); aviation color code ORANGE

U.N.: Smugglers drown 39 off Yemen coast

Minn. Nuclear Workers Exposed to Radiation

‘They will send you to Iraq under job guarantee scheme’ (strange rumor)

U.S. to give Palestinians $10 million in medical aid.

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Urged by Bayh, Warner to Challenge Bush on Security

U.S. to prohibit "water-boarding"

CNN: CIA insider offered spy agency's No. 2 post

Study: 7 of 10 Journalists Surveyed Accused of Bias in Past Year

Bolten said to push Goss's exit

Gold Hits $700; Highest Level Since 1980

NYT: Bush's Public Approval at Low Point (NYT/CBS poll 31%)

Iraq: Displaced from 2003 still homeless, say analysts (Over 1 million)

Bush Holds Firm to Drug Benefit Deadline

McCain's Scheduled Speeches Draw Protests

Tax-Cut Reconciliation Agreement

New York State residents expect gas prices near four dollars

CNN: Senators spar over judicial nominee Kavanaugh

Fla. Issues State of Emergency Over Fires

Raw Story: Senator demands resignation of Housing Secretary

Democratic Hawks Urge Foreign Policy First

Skeleton in the Bush family cupboard

(Confirmed) U.S. tipping Mexico to Minuteman patrols


U.S. Newborn Survival Rate Ranks Low

Experts: U.S. Hasty in Brushoff of Iran

Another Possible Bump ($653 Million) to the Debt Ceiling ($9.62 TRILLION)

(Iran's)Ahmadinejad letter attacks Bush (Asks why 9/11 truth still secret

Injected Cells Cure Tumors in Mice

NYT/AP: E - Mails Show Brown Disputed Levee Breach

CNN/AP: Newspaper Web sites up, print circulation down

Catholic Teen Attacked by Protestants Dies

Ohio News Network: Investigators Close to Charging Ney

Chapel Hill, NC: Council backs impeachment of Bush

Bush Faces Tricky Political Situation in Florida (stuck with KH)

Rumsfeld Defends Choice of Hayden for CIA

Despite Opposition, Bush Backs Hayden as CIA Chief

U.S. Attack on Iran Would Bring Trans-Atlantic Rift: Analyst

Who knew??!!!

Watching the West Wing Marathon on Bravo.

I SO want to get down with Samantha Bee.

I Love the DU Lounge!!


They actually make Hummer Cologne

I miss my girlfriends.........

Thinking about getting a tattoo

I have never clicked on the Kudzu thread. What have I been missing?

Should I make some coffee, or hope to maybe go back to bed?

It looks like it is going to rain

A question for any Brits out there

Sorry, y'all. Broken Snoglobe.

So, how long will last before they go the way of Napster?

Does anyone know a site for locating cellphone towers?

a random act of driving belligerence

Shit...I can't remember what time my interview is

I feel old.

Cat question.

City Will Start Fining People For Feeding Stray Cats

Good Night and Good Luck: Who's Seen It?

How many windows & glass doors are in your house? How many

More people are repulsed by Oasis than by goatse man.

Man charged in dildo assault

Plane, truck collide. No injuries. Elk still at large

I've got a dash

Our washing machine hates my wife

Dildo charged in and assaulted man

David Blaine or Gob Bluth?

Help! How do I keep birds from eating the grass seed?

I've got a sash

What birds eat?

I feel so unloved. I disappear for 4 days, and nobody sent out a

I won't be eating rice for awhile.

I just signed up to take some classes! I'm so excited!

Jennifer Aniston buys Mr. T's $13 million mansion (Mr. T not included)


I'm off to take my IR final...wish me luck!

Alabama McDonald's To Display Reagan Bust

How long should I let my chin whisker grow?


What is you cat's tolerance to catnip?

THREE DAYS without the internet

just exactly HOW often do YOU post on DU?

For your perusal: Mike Love's MySpace page.

One more down...two to go.

Hilarious messageboard plugin

A bad ass Tool video from YouTube

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Bare with me here

Beer with me here

Official 'til Tuesday appreciation thread

Georgia Woman Collects Outhouses For Her Backyard

Bear with ME.

Now I wanna sniff some glue. Now I wanna have something to do.

What if Hellman's really was your best?

Have you ever been to the White House, Capital Hill, DC???

Would it be so terrible....

Amyone catch Wolfmother yet?

Advice Needed: Do you own (or have you used) a Wagner Paint Sprayer?

Will someone please change JackMN's diaper for me?

Ok all..Time for some fun and one of those "awwwww" moments...

Afternoon snack time---what're you having

Tyler Perry is on The 700 Club this morning

I must confess my passion for the FIRTH OF FIFTH

Do YOU know what Pop Rocks are good for?

Oh crap! She is FLINGING POO!

British Car Show Day Pictures

In praise of cocoa bean shell mulch.

I just took a chill pill....also known as a valium

L. Ron Hubbard reveals that you have 57 senses, NOT 5...

DOD list of hilarious safety tips... in the event of a terrorist attack.

I must confess my passion for the FIRTH OF FORTH

88,999 registered users as of noon west coast time.

All the juicy details of the Elle/ reader survey on sex.

LaraMN'll be wakin' up in about three hours

Kenny Rogers not happy with plastic surgery job.

when you went to college did you lose it in your bedroom...

Question about Old Grey Whistle Test program

I've forgotten how hilarious a song 'Valley Girl' is...

*sniff* a sweet FIL post.

I know why I haven't been sleeping well...

There IS NO valid use for puffy paint.

Goodnight all

Another surprise going away dinner tonight.

A handful kittens as cheer up :)

Post here & I'll tell you what your kid did when you weren't looking!

Well, that was nerve-wracking.

Bug Zappers! Do they work? Do you have one?

The Falling George Bush Screensaver

Oops, I accidentally pushed a Republican into an industrial paper shredder

Tuesday earworm.

Dupe of my other hair thread...sorry

Post here & I'll tell you what your kid's having for lunch today.


The new Wrigleys DoubleMint commercial...what is the deal?

When you went to college did you lose your bedroom?

Baseball fans — a question about making me rich

Some girl cussed at me in the computer lab.

I'm making a "poor Italian" supper tonight! How do like....

Mom Charged With Helping Daughter Bake Ex-Lax Cookies For Teacher

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/09/06)

When your boss tells you to wipe the slate clean,

Wellbutrin, has anyone else gotten Alzheimer's from taking it?

JackMN is in love:

Could somebody fax me something? I don't really care what it is.

Really doesn't seem that long ago....


AIDS Testing May Become Part Of Routine Physical

Is reminding someone of Florence Henderson on MTV a bad thing?

Illegal Immigrants Returning To Mexico For American Jobs

Ask Beware the Beast Man.

A really, incredibly bad opening line on a date

Age old question that has plagued humanity? Short or long hair?

Golden Girls season 5 out on DVD today!

I blinked again; gas was 20 cents cheaper now it's back to where it was.

Have you seen that scary Juicy Fruit commercial with the giant ant?

Do americans have an unlimited appetite for Garbage?

Older people are asses, younger people are idiots

C&L has a vid of Frank Zappa, '78, playing his ASS off on "Suicide Chump"

San Francisco and Environs Trip - Calling all Left Coast Liberals

Where is Mr. Rogers when we need him?

What are some good serious topics for the Lounge?

What's love got to do with it?

I spilled wine on neighbors white couch last night Help!!!!!

Post your strangest tip from yer elders here:

Anybody got a good meatloaf recipe?

Congratulations TallahasseeGrannie!! 10,000 posts

I am folding clothes. Ask me anything!

I Think My Friend is Stealing From Me! HELP!

I want this for supper.

Should I change my avatar?

Just got back from Miho Museum, the one IM Pei designed - wow!

What are some good series topics for the Lounge!!!!11!!!1!!

Schools Doing Background Checks On Prom Dates Before They Let Them In

Wednesday List Thread

I've got a rash.

Student suspended for singing 'threatening' song

Ten Tuesday questions for you.

welcome the latest additions to the KG tribe!

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Bear with me here

random pic thread

This Is So Sick! But I Can't Help It.

Separated at Birth: HypnoToad and Colin Firth?

What do people mean to convey when they use extra question marks???

School Teacher Says, "All Mexicans Are Criminals" (Teacher NOT Fired)

Maurice George "Pat" Kelley, R.I.P.

Moxham Area of Johnstown, PA...Anybody know anything about this area?

Keep your fingers crossed for me. Job interview in about 12.5 hours

Do you seriously question your judgment of character

Prom night "problem"

This is NOT a sex thread!

Bare with me here

Tell me about the Pittsburgh area, please

God vs Evil (not a typo)

"In God We Trust"

Should Religious Organizations Be Taxed???

Injected Cells Cure Tumors in Mice (new future cancer treatment in humans?

Misdiagnosed: What would you do?

DNA and emotions and you

55, "early" retirement, and health insurance

White Blood Cells From Cancer-resistant Mice Cure Cancers In Ordinary Mice

Electromagnetic 'Smog'

Teens Charged In Brutal Assault On Gay HS Student

Gay rights backers see chance for victory in Wisconsin

'The Stranger' magazine puts up with anti-gay bias in Seattle!!

Canadian Premier Supports Bill Denounced As Homophobic

Mom Guilty In 'Gay Kidnap' Case

The Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

Israel Mulls Inheritance Rights For Same-Sex Couples

Gay candidates look to further rights at state level

Ex-gay event sparks counter-conference

Students To Sue Over Banned Gay Art

More Arrests In Beatings Of Gay Tourists

According to local radio, the Kings let coach Adelman go today

Old Matthew message from 6/18/04 described DNA/cellular changes & symptoms

The Shambhala Warriors

Geronimo's Skull and Bones.

Is Sen. Kerry going to speak on the SB health care bill

Self delete

So many Repug little time!

JK Power equals dKos power

Kerry speaks out about hate symbols in Berkshires town

John Kerry to Speak at American University

Good to be here

Where Warner and Bayh paying attention in 2004 - I wonder.

Health insurance for every child in America (By Sen. John Kerry)

What are folks smoking in GD?

Time’s “Campaigning on the Blogs” - Re: John Kerry

Anybody up for a good ol' Vektor meltdown?

The contortionists are at it again.

Tweety at it again: this time says Al Gore has "psychological problems"


Southern Dems v. Northern Dems - any suggestions?

Shhhh..... just for the photo group

Paging Botany

Nothing new to say... nothing profund...

Iraqis' proposals to the US sound significant as they are reported

Columnist calling for assault on Democratic candidates as only way to win

One of these pictures is Colonel Klink - you tell me which one!

Germany updates official list of Jews murdered by Nazis in WWII

The "far left" slur is backfiring.

Overthrow - America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

Iranian President's letter to Bush. Anyone find the text yet?

Shuster: ‘I Am Convinced Karl Rove Will Be Indicted’

Shopping list fliers?

Hee. I'm loving the new ad campaign in The Nation...

Visualize: A Democratic president with the full powers of the Patriot Act

Washington Journal-CSPAN prescription drug program

Brazil discusses huge construction--oil pipeline scaling Amazon River

"I would much rather be talking about eavesdropping on terrorists than gas

KITCO quote Gold $684.20 Ounce

Today is Election Day in West Virginia


Battle of the Smirks...

Photos From Iraq outside green zone

Negroponte "willing to give up covert operations to the Pentagon"

The first order of business in a Democratic Congress should be this

Why is Hollywood playing along on the Bird Flu hype?

Health Experts Criticize Changes in STD Panel

The Beavis and Butthead presidency--Photoshop idea.

Karl Rove turns to judiciary to “rev up the conservative base.”

Hey gang! Liberty University School of Law wants YOU!

WaPo status - Has Cohen responded to anyone here?

Iran to Bush: 'Return to Christianity'

Anyone else looking forward to the day when Bush is forced to pronounce...

Criminal background checks to attend a prom? What do you think?

Cheney: "I think we clearly are viewed as liberators"

The coming end of the CIA: Jim Lobe - Asia Times

The great big book of Bush administration lies.

I keep hearing the "letter" is the first contact between the USA and Iran

Where have all the butterflies gone? (lowest number in decades in CA)

I personally don't have a problem with a military officer heading the CIA

Did the Dollar just collapse?

Oh, mercy. Bush is spreading sunshine in FL. Or something-

Bush and Blair both hovering around 30% Approval!

Bush does not have issues...

CNN's Glenn Beck acknowledged being a "recovering scumbag"

Colin Powell was right about the "Pottery Barn Rule" afterall...

Just had an awful thought

Bush: "I believe that it was the first counterattack of World War III"

Roll Call: Speaker Hastert comes out against Hayden nomination

We're still living in the dark ages.

The CIA, a Bush Family Fiefdom

Tom Tomorrow. It's what's for lunch.

How did the Texas Rangers do with *idiot as boss?

Happy Housewife vs. Mad Mommy

Things to say to people with "W" car stickers

So Bruce Willis' goes the George W. Bush route...

What would happen if the CIA was eliminated?

Vaccine makers helped write Frist-backed shield law

Another reason to oppose Hayden: Frist is fully on-board

Caption * time - pics

bad intelligence = sheer stupidity

James Stewart was genius last night - on Goss/Hayden.

Is Blogger having problems?

'Democrats on National Security" panal just starting on cspan

Iraqi Journalists Killed by Captors; Bodies Dumped, Kurds Say

* re: Condi: "very strong woman who I am very fond of and very close to"

Feingold The Forthright

Tampa Tribune Editor arrested for DUI

HUD: Don't like Bush, don't get contract

Support Bush or get no government services

Homeland Security latest terrorist list broadcast on CSpan!

The greedy truth about media consultants - Walter Shapiro (Salon)

Judith Miller: Headed Back to Jail?

Skulls and Bones have Geronimos skull?

August 9, 2006

Kill the COPE Bill

Please, someone tell me something good about Evan Bayh

The Next Time A Righty Says That Democrats Spend Irresponsibly...

Bush + Blair = 61%.....Clinton had 73% when GOP approved impeachment

More Rovian maneuvers in the press: Bigamy/Polygamy

Caption *, Jeb, and Katherine Harris

MSNBC TV Breaking: Suicide attack in Tal least 40 casualties

the Idiot's Approval at 41% !

Feingold to address New Hampshire convention in June

Interesting discussion on pro-life on Al Franken

Who took the toot out of Tuesday? . . . . . . . . . . Please CAPTION!!!!!!

Dollar diving! Gold poised to go over $700

What is it with Iran and Gold?

Albuquerque ranked best place for Businesses

We need a constitutional ban on conservatives from marrying!

EXCLUSIVE: Hayden Aide Assisted in 2nd MZM Donor Scam

Karl Rove's next job.

Whoopi Goldberg to Host Radio Show

I think I found a giant hole in campaign finance law

Unreal! Wolf (VA, R-Clueless). One the floor of the House

Are the Republicans Incapable of “Truthfulness?”

Which statement means more to you?

Characteristics of neo-Conservatives! Let's make a list!

Nathan Gardels responds to his critics the "piously correct left"

Rice didn't have letter translated before she whistled through teeth!

Would you be happy if John McCain was invited to speak at your graduation?

The Truth About the War in Iraq and Al Gore

* pushes drug coverage - many pics to caption

Malaysian water a matter of life and death (who owns your water?)

Melamie Sloan on Air America says Rove did receive a target

The ABC's of Liberal Blogging

Ms 35%, meet my brother Mr. 31%

Richard Perle meeting with Iranian dissident in undisclosed location

What Remains Unanswered at Enron Trial

Could Somebody Tell Jerry Springer

Gold just hit $700 an ounce - 25 year high.

Would an attack on Iran be legal? / BBC News analysis

Ok. Just bought Neil Youngs new one.

The new Wrigleys DoubleMint commercial...what is the deal?

I am tired of it.

Richard Cohen is now saying only the "far left" liked Stephen Colbert

Every Gore thread gets K-up the wazzooo but only 108 msgs in

WH Demanding ALL Agencies Talk About "Progress In Iraq" 24/7

We do not fight wars to protect lives; we fight wars to protect liberty.

The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington: by Molly Ivins

OB-GYN Claims Hospital Fired Him for Supporting Abortion Training

31% of pop likes Bush; 40+% have an IQ below 100

New Hayden comic. "That's not ALL he hears."

Ala. McDonald's To Display Reagan Bust

bad news about (____) distracting good news about (___) - tues 5/9 toon

Ahmadinejad - Farsi for "Freeper"

Hayden nominination - 3 possible outcomes

So, How Long Until We Hear That 'Ah-Jad Sounds Like A Liberal Democrat'

"The media is a big stinking cabal of conservatives"

Giuliani doc opening in New York on Friday...

so much for the Bush "loyalty"

My Meeting With Rumsfeld: by Ray McGovern

U.S." to" "Prohibit" "Waterboarding"....

Seems Rumsfeld Lied When He Said He Had Nothing To Do With Intelligence?

Saddam signed 148 Death Warrants. Chimpy signed 152 Death Warrants

PHOTO: He puts the DIC in MEDICARE.

LOL - The USDA says: "President Bush has a strategy to win in Iraq!"

We're just one member away from 89,000!

Why didn't B. Clinton just say "I don't remember getting a Blow Job"...

What are you going to do when we attack Iran in June...?

Alabama McDonald's to display Reagan bust

Is AAR's stream down?

RW radio: Ahmadinejad letter aligns with loony left talking points

I put this on my dart board...

Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 17 (May 9)

George and Laura - Spreading the Love

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for May

I hope there is a there there: Miami church holds prayer services to keep

April job growth misses forecast, low by 62000.

Republican Congress Tries to Sneak in New Raise in Debt Ceiling

The USDA on Iraq: Everything's Coming Up Rosy (Bush talking points)

HRC Up To Their Usual Tricks!!! Lip Service & No ACTION For T-Folks!!

Fire forces evacuations in Sun City Center( bush was leaving)

US Iraq envoy (and PNAC signatory) tells business to invest

HUD Secretary Cancels Contract of Someone Who Dislikes Bush

Bush says he unintentionally ‘stirs up anxiety’ among Muslims

Who needs Congress to rubberstamp the obvious?

Melanie Sloan (AAR Franken show) said Rove received Target Letter

Oil up as Iran letter hopes fade

Not even hiding it anymore

Iran 1, United States 0

Why isn't anyone debunking this meme??? ("CIA intelligence failures")

Mysteries surround Americans' deaths

PHOTO: Dumb and Dumbest say goodbye.

Will 7UP be Sued?


Anyone catch the documentary "Street Fight"? about the Newark Mayoral

Jay Severin: Fearmonger

Interesting Theories from Emptywheel: "Rove's Timing"

What’s the Economic Value of Propaganda?

Ray McGovern to lead march to Rumsfeld's House


AP: How Much Oil Is There? When Will We Run Out?

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world

Once again: "Setting the Record Straight" (Medicare & Judges)

When You See A Cross on A Grave...Do ....

Rising Number of Schools Face Penalties

Karl Rove's FROG MARCH

Good fukin' grief...CNN just showed Bill Nelson (FL) talking about

Sign petition to Evo Morales - cease sending students to SOA

Iran president says awaits reaction to letter he sent to Bush

Sent an email to Chambliss re Enzi's health care bill.

Pelosi is now an Open Government Democrat.

Attention DU shoppers: Time to DU another poll....

Bahrain tensions as US democracy representative expelled

JEB!: Katherine Harris CANNOT win Senate seat

Meth lab in home yields 'hospital room'

Would the addition of these to the Democratic Platform Help or Hurt?

NY Yankees just started their game with a SAXOPHONE national anthem!

GOP Tax cut deal: $20 for middle class; $42,000 for the rich

Great graphic on GOP vs Dem approval on several issues

"CIA Problems Go Back To Clinton Years..."

McCain's scheduled speeches draw protests

Coulter's new book: Could this end the nutcase? Ann on evolution:

Italy set to elect ex-communist as president

Pssst! Per Tweets, it's official. "HOOKERgate" mentioned

"I certainly don't know....." Con Rice

The dream 2008 ticket!

"Wild Bill Donovan" would be horrified

Hayden: Rumsfeld would be his boss.



Katherine Harris is awfully happy in this pic >>>

Limbaugh blames liberals for Katrina disaster


Iraq MPs float Chalabi for post of interior minister - Whodathunk?

Bush: NASA outsourced to India

do you live in a red area?Keep writing letters to your paper

China worried UN resolution would let Insane Bush start a war with Iran

Do we need a $973-million museum for 9/11?

Scoop: Group to release 900 more pages of Katrina emails (RawStory)

Bolten Gave Goss Less Than A Day To Pack His Bags

Holy Sh&T!Cafferty's emails are SCATHING of Republicans re:Iraq

Wanna make an omelet...let's scramble some eggs. nuclear energy is for us

VIDEO: Feingold Slams Pundits & Consultants-"WH Has Pre-1776 Perspective"

If only it hadn't been for 9/11...

Goss Staffer Took $5K Payment from Wilkes

"The sport [soccer] just didn't exist." All lies, all the time.

Dianne Feinstein: She is the best California can do ?

"He's the right man--at this critical moment--in our nation's history."

THE stupidest right-wing comment I've seen all week.

David Sirota

A couple IDIOTS flew by me on bikes a block from my house!

Why can't we do what Germany does with solar power?

Gallup Poll :Minimum Wage Has No Impact on Small Business

Richard Cohen sounds like a bad romance novel

Chimp's DEA Administrator may be jumping ship

Republicans Set Aside Middle-Income Tax Cuts to Focus on Rich

OK, who sent Richard Cohen all the 'raw...disease-laden verbal sewage?

Bush's Iraq War Is Drawing Less Support Than Vietnam Did at Same Stage

Tactically thinking about Dems winning the house in mid terms...

How Are We Going To War With No Army Left?

Why Russert Fears FitzGerald

Attention 2006 & 2008 contenders!

Bush won because Dems don't show a practical & emotional READINESS to

Early Heads Up! Randi Rhodes will be on Lou Dobbs (CNN) at 6PM EDT! :)

Iran faces benefits or sanctions choice

My college roomemate was from Iran.

We're Voting In West Virginia Today .. New Machines

U.S. cuts off food to Palestine.

That's it, I'm through with Reason

Which War Has Been Deadlier To Americans? Vietnam Or Iraq?

The Invisible M3 and Plumping Up the Economy

Tweety: It Looks Like Hayden Will Be Confirmed. Roberts Says Hearings....

A message of optimism that I wish to share with you all

Bu$h offers sage advice in fire-ravaged Florida.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV.

Breaking CNN: Republicans "Seal Deal On Tax Break Extension"

Rice's snub of Iran president's letter hardens anti-U.S. feelings in Iran

Poll: Yes or No Hand counted paper ballotts or vvpb?

If you haven't seen it...

Oxyanalcyst said Feingold would have attacked Roosevelt

2428 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Best pay-per-view cage fight (Poll)

Diebold being investigated by SEC tee hee hee!

Have you been following the debate about why tax cuts lead to more

Bush joke

George's New Backdrop -- *PIX*

31% - NYT/CBS Poll

Tweety (to Dem): "YOUR party hasn't done JACK!"

Just Call Him The Mousse Man

CBS Evening News leads with Bush lowest-ever polling - 31%

The media doesnt seem to be report deaths in Iraq anymore

Picture of Bush's Greatest Presidential Moment

The flock of American golden geese is getting plucked!

Anyone Else Sick of Businesses Using Our Flag

Randi on Dobbs (CNN) now!

Sitting On Our Hands And Waiting

Are liberals the majority?

NYT: Cuba Plans to Drill Offshore Wells Banned in U.S. Waters

Freeper on my vet board posted this regarding Joe Wilson...

"The Guy James Show" Tuesday edition

coming up at 6:56 PM, CDT: Cafferty emails on dems getting backbone

UN torture expert calls for Shannon search of US planes used for rendition

Right Wingnut Blog: Will Rage Undo The Democrats?

So... Are we a military junta yet?

Email Congress: Reject $70 Billion Giveaway To The Rich

Bush dismissed Iran Pres letter but is he missing an opportunity? cnn now.

We need to laugh in their faces like they did with 100$ gas rebate

So now the government is telling us that there is no more inflation

Please go vote on the GREAT POLL!!!

Has Bush effectively become King of the World?

UPI editor-in-chief is reporting that Israel plans to attack Iran

More wisdom from Richard Cohen

I was just sitting here eating my lunch, and a man in full fatigues...

Surprising Lou Dobbs now?

classic: "privacy statement" -- "received unsealed"

Should Democrats refuse to appear on talk shows that treat

Damn Wal-Mart!

More proof the whole damn family are degenerates;

Hartford Courant: Skull & Bones and Prescott Bush the grave robber

Yikes. Ed Rollins on Tweety said Kat Harris is nuts.

Richard Cohen taunted posters at

Racists riding wave of anti-immigrant fervor

Lou Dobbs is a racist

Holy shit. From Roll Call: Hastert comes out against Hayden nomination

Rumsfeld coming up on CSpan 1 now n/t

HUD secretary's blunt warning: Don't like Bush? No contract for you!

Senator demands resignation of HUD Secretary for 'don't like Bush' dispute

Oh my. I think Frist is losing it today. - pics>>>

Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush Taps

The Monkey on Mike Malloy's back...

Is the left angry? Yeah. But it doesn't hate....

Did anyone else see Condi's backdrop at UN Security Council today?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Maynard G. Krebbs (SAB)

At Least Six Congressmen 'at Watergate parties' - Harpers

I felt a need to do this........Pix Content.


“Silence of the Dead, Voices of the Living,” Join AFSC in D.C. May 11-14

Personal responsibility and the Right Wing

HEADLINE: "Bush Brothers Join in Florida Fire Warning"

Nevada blast (Divine Strake) delay a victory, critics say

A man doesn't get out of his car, so he is shot by our military

Judy Miller Files Response Attacking Libby in Latest Court Filing -new PDF

Will the Democratic Undergroung ever cave in to the Christian Right?

Rice admits she responded to Iran letter before US had translated

The Reasonableness of Bush and Hayden

Televangelist couple at center of debt controversy

New Paul Simon: "Wartime Prayers"

Watch This Funny Recap of Comments re: Stephen Colberts "BALLS"

Chapel Hill (NC) Town Council Unanimous: Impeach Bush

If hayden is rejected could * make him a recess appointment?

Better Them Killing Us Over There Than Killing Us Here at Home

The ABC's of Liberal Blogging (for Richard Cohen, Joe Klein...)

The DLC is...

Bush compares self to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Boston College students/faculty not giving up on anti-Condi efforts

A blog's suggestions about AAR

Once the monster is revealed

Where have all the good men gone?

So I'm new and I'm lazy

Student Suspended For Singing Song About Shooting Teacher

Karl Rove: The Hack Whisperer.

A Consequentialist Argument against Torture Interrogation of Terrorists

How Norquistites Are Framing Net Neutrality: A "Tax" on the Internet

AOL Poll: Rate B* vs HWB*, Nixon, Carter and Truman on polls & historical


Associated Press Falsely Portrays Chavez as Seeking 25-Year Term

Are liberals the new Jews?

Poor little things... they're just trying to help their president..

Freedom of Speech

Bush Pick For CIA #2 Is Former Marine-Violates Law-Both Can't Be Military

here is Ahmadinejad's letter to George W. Bush... no secrets here

NBC Nightly News (MSM--ha!) just gave story credit to The Daily Show

Even Coulter's base is turning against her

FYI - There is a DU Al Gore-08 group...

Dobbs Poll:Which political party is offering the American people the best

Murdoch to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton


A Cartoon by myself to DU - Backwash Limbo

Randi please take a chill pill

If you read Richard Cohen today and feel bad for him... Read this.

Time to enter Richard Cohen in the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest?

Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush, version HTML, so skip the pdf...

Potential Evidence Surfaces of Bush's Illegal Spying

Distirict loses bid to close hearing (Suspension over nude drawings)

Some say Hillary is "power hungry." Would we be better off if Kerry had

A Second American Civil War?

Bay Area Toddler(3) Fires Gun, Kills Dad, Police Say

U.S. has second worst newborn death rate in modern world,

An Open Letter to Richard Cohen

Katherine Harris has definitely lost touch with reality. Here's proof.

"15 Second Encounter With Laura Bush Leaves Toddler Scarred For Life"

Of balls and ballsiness.

Anticipating a Frog March in May

What have you argued for on DU, that you were most wrong about?

Radiopower Not Doing Well.

Obscene wretched excess - healthcare exec "earns" 1.6 BILLION,yes billion

AP Falsely Portrays Chavez as Seeking 25-Year Term! I am Shocked!

U.S. tipping Mexico to Minuteman patrols

Re: Gov't spying on minutemen...freeps having a * meltdown

Right on schedule..

Dianne Feinstein: She is the best California can do ?

DU Action Needed on S.1955, Contact your Senators free here:

A Plan for Conservation and Driving Down Gas Prices

Deadline--May 15th! Fill out your congressional health care surveys!

Gun to your head, you must choose a group

Impeachment is politically nessesary

signing statements ignored by msm

Bullshit Artist: The 9/11 Leadership Myth

What do they have in common?

So many Repug little time!

Not the most uncanny Separated at Birth, but...

How to turn the tables ....

Alternet: "Judith Miller: Headed Back to Jail?" (Maybe, Depends...)

George's killing war, month by month

"Turtle Stew" author comments on arrest of citizen-activist

The blast tore off his hands in Iraq. His face was horribly disfigured

Cap'n Queeg: "People watch me like a hawk. They're looking at my moves..."

Names? 6 current/former congressmen in Hookergate scandal?

So, Did Gen. Hayden use Mitch Wade's Crooked MZM for Spy Program?

I continue to fail in my attempts to assist "conservatives"

Conyers: Bad News Snowballs for GOP

I think I love Rep. Pete Stark!

Buchanan: Why Are We Baiting Putin?

Blair in Trouble

Election Day in Ocean County NJ and I'm clueless... Help!

Think you've heard it all about low-rent GOP campaign tactics?

The SmearBoating of Ray McGovern


Picture of Bush's Greatest Presidential Moment

Some Democrats claim Jimmy Carter is an anti-semite. Agree or disagree?

6 Congressmen Caught Up in Watergate Scandal

"An Apology from a Bush Supporter". A hopeful read IMHO...

Will Hackett Get a Rematch With Schmidt?

Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing is Eviscerating Him .....

Maine Gov: Baldacci (D) leads all republicans by at least 8%

Pelosi Responds for GOP Calls to Remove Mollohan

What's Behind Hookergate? GOP Spy Ring Busted or Negroponte vs Neocons

Scandal Name needed for "hooker gate"

Republican campaign chair used Gov Am-X at strip club

McCain to raise funds for Emery campaign (ME Gov candidate)

Here's how twisted and sick the Repukes are:

US undermines Minutemen; Reveals their plans to Mexico

"Sitting in the chair, putting mousse in my hair...."

Yahoo News now has the * fish story from Reuters

CBS/Bush=31% approval, Congress=23%

American Dream lives in hearts of immigrants.

NO hugs...NO kisses...just a pat on the back, a handshake, and 30 seconds

Katherine Harris Commercial I just saw...

Thom Hartmann had a CNS news guy on again...part of Brent Bozell's group.

"Virginity Pledgers are having Porn Star Sex"

Ney, Abramoff and golf, golf, golf!

"Even a big carrot can be used as a stick!"

Fish Story:Is it possible that President Bush doesn't really enjoy his job

The Left has been beastly to Richard Cohen

The Complete Letter from the Iranian President posted (as pdf) on-line!!!

They know it. In their heart of hearts, they really do know it.

Katherine Harris Takes Flight!

Can I ask a stupid question a health insurance?

Ray McGovern Is Going to Rumsfeld's House

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but....

OH I get it! The Bible is meant to be INTERPRETED, but only in Freepsville

3rd lowest approval rating of any president in the last 50 YEARS. BWAHAHA!

Rupert Murdoch agrees to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Rupert Murdoch to hold fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Gas Prices down 75 cents by Labor Day

Randi Rhodes on Lou Dobbs (EDT)...NOW. nt

Can we stop Hillary from being nominated by the corporate media...??


Bush orders cabinet to talk up 'progress in Iraq' in every speech

Bush at 31% , If the dems blow this should we start talking third party

Senator Alexander, It's Time to Retire

ADL: Racist groups in the U.S. using debate to target Hispanics

"Kerry's Purple Hearts are the New Clenis."

Democratic Breed Dwindling in the South

Porter Goss' Breakfast with Pakistan's ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad

Russ Feingold, you are the best!!!

Ooooh! I love Lou Dobbs! "Big oil isn't the Bogyman... the Bogyman

Who said-- When America is taken over by Fascists, they will be holding

Richard Cohen (WaPo) now complains about getting "hatred" from Democrats

Should Dems talk about investigations pre-election, or just do it after?

Why I think Democrats are going to lose in 06'

Ken Blackwell must be stopped