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Archives: September 1, 2006

The SBOBU Economic Index

Krugman: "Why have workers done so badly in a rich nation getting richer?"

NYT: The Next Industrial Giant Is ... India?

Return of the Tribes - The resistance to globalization runs deep

Escaping the Asylum - Journey from Dittohead to Democrat

The President Now Claims to Be Literate - good read by Bill Gallagher

California sets global example with historic deal to reduce emissions

A Year Of Katrina: Remembering Meserve's Eye-Opening, Heart-Wrenching Repo

V V - Rudy's Grand Illusion

bush raising big campaign bucks on taxpayer dime (Headline)

Consumer Reports Tests Show That E85 Ethanol Offers Cleaner Emissions

Electric Cars Roll Into Austin, Tx. - Highway ready (75 mph)

Cities Banning Together to Fight Planned Coal-fired Power Plants in TX.

"Deliver the Truth" -- new info on training at Gore's climate institute

US direct action: How American cities have bypassed Bush on Kyoto

Ya'alon says Israel's leaders should quit for Lebanon failures

Israel's new PR focus: Internet 'talkbacks'

Ron Arad video 'authentic'

No victory for Hizbollah, say Lebanese Christians

CA-50 -- California Election Law Penal Provisions

Autorank/Scoop: The People’s House is now the Speaker’s House (XPOST)

My 2006 Election predictions.

File this one under "way too much information"

I bought my first flank steak today. After reading some of these threads,

Tory government pays for focus-group research on environmental policy

Chinese head tax paperwork creates confusion (D'oh!)

Klein bids tearful goodbye to Alberta legislature

"I know that both the NDP and the Liberals are staunchly anti-American...

AP: Tobacco companies fight for 'light'

Colorado soldier to surrender to Army

Man gets 27 years for enslaving housekeeper

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000

Checks Roll In as Laws Flow Out

Reid: Bush Republican Policies Have Made America Less Safe

Pentagon Moves Toward Monitoring Media

Justice Department Settles Allegations of Sex Discrimination Against Minne

Diplomat charged with luring minor

Hurricane debris could become fuel source

On the streets of Tehran, citizens fear becoming world pariah

UPS pilots ratify new labor agreement (CNN Money)

Webb to forgo parades; visit son before Iraq deployment

N.Y. offers guidelines for treating 9/11-related physical illness

Pelosi: 'Iraq War Is Weakening Our Ability to Fight the War on Terrorism'

Interior Secretary Visits Arctic Refuge

Argentina ex-president testifies now-annulled 'Dirty War' amnesty laws ...

Three More Sentenced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Federal FEMA Fraud Charg

South Florida counties push for aid after Ernesto

Truth Wins Out Rebukes 'Ex-Gay' Therapist for Promoting Bullying in School

WP: Democrats Target Rumsfeld (Want Vote of No Confidence)

DeLay Has a Deal to Publish a Book

AP: Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out

(Republican) Candidates duplicate in AARP survey

FBI Searches 6 Alaska Lawmakers' Offices

Qwest Chief Calls Net Neutrality 'Really Silly'

Va. (Macaca) Senator Turns Down Leadership Award

Coulter Column Headline: 'They Shot the Wrong Lincoln' (Chafee)

US drivers subsidize European pump prices -report

Reuters: UK's Blair defies critics over departure date

Coast Guard's plan for 'live-fire' on Great Lakes causes surprise & worry

A weird, sad story going on in colorado right now

I got my Jeep back today.

The Official Querelle appreciation thread!

What do you call 143 white guys chasing after one black guy?

GD shines - Keith Olbermann annihilates Rumsfeld...

a selection from my depression playlist


I lost my car adapter that charges my Ipod this morning

HO. LEE. SHIT. KO has come a long way from reporting sports on

Funny cartoon about hicks

I'm bullish on Kudzu. It's...

I'm watching Cream on my local PBS station.

Glenn Ford shows you how to treat a lady

What do you guys think of these cufflinks?

Newt Rips Pelosi at GOP Fundraiser

ah, your kung fu very good...

Has anybody read "Household Gods" by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove?

I'm feeling grumpy

Best street names?

What is the trojan "generic downloader.g"?

i feel.....AWESOME!!!

What sort of milkmaid would you prefer?

Al Gore on the MTV VMA's now!

"What Have I Done to Deserve This?" by the Pet Shop Boys.

2 things I really hate: being patronized and being interrupted.

LABOR day is friday or monday?

which one is cuter? one little kitten war, right here in the lounge

So August is over...

This years MTV video music awards


Can I stir-fry penne?

Prank Call to Christian Lender

Ernesto's winds are starting to blow through Southern Maryland

It's my birthday in 30 mintues....

Why do some DUers have disabled profiles?

what the fuck, mother fucker, what the fuck?

I'm drinking tequila

Now THIS is really disturbing, in a beautiful way...

I'm spending this weekend in a mountain cabin in Idyllwild CA.

For those with Depression

Pollutants May Shrink Genital Size, Study Says

watch bob dylan's new video starring scarlett johanssen

Can anyone help me identify a band based on these clues?

This thing scared me unaccountably when I was little:

Is it okay to date when separated?

I hate Thursday nights...

Time for bed, goodnight

What do you smell like right now?


At any time, at any place, YOU could be a victim: to shut down September 15 unless buyer can be found

Chris Rock on police brutality

Global warming, hell: Is Hawai'i headed into an Ice Age next week?

Alton Brown in Microwave Meal Scandal

Brilliance, simple brilliance writing, singing and playing music.

Gopher Chucks

My Mom is flying to Puerta Vallarta tomorrow


Are Giovanni Ribisi and Edward Norton the same person?

4 out of 5 toes agree that

CA teachers- question for you.

XstatiX live webcast...tonight....

Holy Land bishops reject Christian Zionism -- "Jerusalem Declaration"

Evangelist Drowns Trying To Walk On Water

Hospital Asks Jesus To Change Name

The "Rapture Ready" Message Board - Very Scary and Funny

What's in the gap between molecules?

Southern Decadence Returns To New Orleans

Why Should GL Be Lumped With BT?

Palm Springs mayor says he'll attend Love Won Out conference

Olbermann just mentioned Blackwell and the fact that the OH

John Kerry on Bush’s American Legion Speech

KO on with more fallout. Now.

KO Part 2 up now n/t

Howard Last Night, Barbara Tonight. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!

KO - "Thousands of emails of support" for his closing statements yesterday

Fox News: Dems STILL crushing Reps 48%-32% for November Elections

CNN Poll: Do you agree with bush that "the world now faces a

AP: U.S. Muslims Warn of Threat From Within

Chiarelli preaches quality of life in Iraq

WH Ministry of Propaganda in overdrive

Is the sarcasm emoticon needed for obvious sarcasm?

Text book authoritarianism - John Dean

I think KO's "worst" should have been Hannity for his remarks about

On KO: John Dean stating that Rummy's comparison of terrorists to

Dems. theme should be "BUSH IS SOFT ON TERRORISM"

Kerry to Bush: America LESS SAFE, More Divided Because of FAILED POLICIES

The Passion of a Cockroach: DeLay has a deal to publish a book (AP)

"Most compliant congress in history"

Is anyone listening to Sam play the tape of Falwell?

Activists Want Ohio Election Chief Out

One more Replug support the troops NOT The TRICARE fee hikes

Anyone get responses to evacuation plan inquiries to

American Legion post, Salt Lake City, what's next?

Fox and Friends FREAKED over Rocky Anderson (VIDEO)


Does anyone know about this Social Security email petition circulating?

(VIDEO) Interesting find: The Colonel X scenes from JFK

Democrats Target Rumsfeld - Lawmakers to Seek a Vote of No Confidence

Is it just me, or has the political climate just gotten REALLY surreal?

Homeschoolers FUMING mad at ebay!

Nafeez Ahmed: US Army Contemplates Redrawing Middle East Map

The Cafferty File on the Situation Room tonight...

MALLOY- Need An Explanation Here: Marc Maron And Sam Seder Were Allowed...

My predictions for the 2006 Mid-Term Election (some Texas content)

WaPo mistakes RNC chair Mehlman for Mark Karr

Equivalent American casualties: more than a million

impressive picture blog about the French intervention in Lebanon

AP: U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,642

Rocky Anderson's web site - Contact him here:

Lookit what Driftglass has done to the Couric photoshop-

Military To Pay Millions To Promote "Positive" Iraq News Coverage...

I hereby invoke Godwin's Law upon George W. Bush.

Growing Up Denatured:

I have two new Hero's, Keith Olbermann and Rocky Anderson

Will Cheney Claim Casey Emboldens Terrorists With 2007 Redeployment Plan?

Some stuff you just can't make up - WaPo mistakes Mehlman for Karr

We use a lot of euphemisms for dear leader

MSNBC reported Rumsfeld is only 5' 7" tall

Man gets 27 years for enslaving housekeeper

Claims of Australian/American Links to East Timor Coup Attempt

NY members

63 days until showtime. Do you have your acts together?


Kyra Phillips on Letterman's top 10 list...

Super Typhoon Knocks Out Weather Sensors

Which is the biggest threat to our national security?

I just had to sign my son's opt-out form for sharing info w/ military.

White House, Verizon, subpoenas, bush, warrantless spying, 173 votes...

I was impressed by the way Norah O'Donnell questioned Harris...

A simple solution to stolen elections here in 2000/2004 and in Mexico

Best of Mike Malloy with Head On Radio!! Truthseekers check in

Yikes. Second "secret hold" on database bill---

Bush is attemptiong to do to Iran what he did to Iraq, Regime Change

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six

Verizon/Bush WH subpoenas. Where did this sensational story go?

Katrina saved 50,000 lives? Spinning like washing machine on BS cycle

get a load of this bu** Sh** Re: Rocky's speech

GREAT NEWS for Daily Show/Colbert Report fans w/o Cable TV!!!

Fox Breaking: Tropical Storm Ernesto Makes Landfall Near Long Beach, N.C.

We saw this "Condoleezza Rice for President 2008" sticker today

Came Across A Funny "Moran" Pic

My project: Get one Repub to vote for Lamont.

Fresh from bootcamp new marine: Chances of getting a desk job stateside??

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

Please proof/critique my long LTTE on Rumsfeld and their appeasements

What did Noam Chomsky say about Sy Hersh on Pacifica Radio?

How does Bush define "victory in Iraq"?

Women's role in society

Bush vows U.S. will stay in Iraq to the last drop of someone else's blood

Nazis, good! Frenchies, bad!

Help me out with dueling statistics: veterans benefits under Bush . . .

AOHell poll: Do Bush's policies make you feel more or less safe?

Obligations: another heartfelt message from Cindy Sheehan

"There haven't been any attacks on US soil since 9/11."

OK, the country goes fascist and you want to flee. Where will you go?

Am I the only one who has no idea who Malloy is?

The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism' by Eric Margolis

Gene therapy SAVES two men stricken with aggressive, fatal cancer!

I'm so happy I got my $300 check from georgie 5 years ago

Let Bush come to a location outside the protection of his donor base...

"Revised Q2 GDP Figures: Much Worse Than the Headline..."(Nouriel Roubini)

Olberman v Rumsfeld Video on YouTube

WP editorial savages Joe Wilson: he is responsible for Valerie's outing.

Why was Mike Malloy on Alex Jones' radio show?

"Deliver the Truth" -- new info on training at Gore's climate institute

Bush, Cheny, & Condi/Rummy/Hannity too; Reduced to a tight circle

OMG! Iran is enriching fuel!

Pharmacy Board Heeds Gregoire's Emergency Contraception

Democrats must investigate

Must see TV....Countdown now.

Dubai Ports World To Be Bought By Halliburton?

Bill Maher is involved in a thread on Huffington Post... And it isn't good

Question about the Texas special elections....

Repub Governor EHRLICH raises taxes by $3 BILLION

The 06 Election in a nutshell...

Seattle AAR affiliate takes stance on Malloy - links to Reinstate Petition

It's one thing to insult people in other countries

The SBOBU Economic Index

Lost Boys, Warren Jeffs and the Cult

Rocky Anderson for President, anyone?

Press Release: 9/11 family members calling for a new investigation.

Why Mike Malloy? Read "Gate Keepers of the So-Called Left"

How discredited must one be to be on Book TV's In Depth? Tammy Bruce.

KO put out the call...which dem politicians have answered?

from the "what's wrong with this picture" department ...

MD Senate: Cardin (D) beats Steele (R), Steele (R) beats Mfume (D)

Boxer on Rumsfeld: "America is too strong for ONE MAN to stop us"

Did Bush get subpoena for illegal wiretaps for NSA

Webb's Marine Son Deploying to Iraq Next Week

NASA and the CIA

Bush v. Gore II, Court Gives Congress Power to Decide Local Elections

Voters Hearing Countless Ways of Saying 'Sorry'

Military To Pay Millions To Promote "Positive" Iraq News Coverage...

How many more years will our troops be in Iraq?

CNN/AP: Lieberman expects cold shoulders from Senate colleagues

The REAL fascist states: BFEE Buddies

Our voices have been silenced for so long................

Winning the war

Dan Senor explains Iraq: "It's sort of a one step forward, two steps back"

Rahm Emanuel on Bush: "After 6 years, they've got only fear to sell"

What I hear when I hear Bush say "Nazis" and a "struggle"

Democrats Target Rumsfeld

Dem Leaders Need To Preemptively Condemn Bush "Assassination" Movie

Kerry on Bush’s American Legion Speech: America Less Safe, More Divided

Bush** is not a failure.

Bill Frist seems to have trouble telling the truth...

Blogging The Bushmobile


#1 Kyra Phillips Excuse

What the heck is Sam Seder talking about 16:00 tomorrow?

Connecting the dots: Nazi Sympathizers dot-dot-dot Islamofascists

Some News About Webb

The SBOBU Economic Index

We survived 40 years

A neighbor commented on my "Impeach Bush" bumpersticker

Ann Coulter dumping on Republican Chafee as too liberal

Impeachment is the wrong move . . . .

Do you support the 22nd Amendment

Looking for Bill Clinton recent speech

Support Soldier refusing to deploy to Iraq

Flailing U.S. mission in Iraq hinges on 'Battle of Baghdad'

A 1917 History Lesson ( Rep. John Murtha)


My Sinful Spanish Syntax


End of an Affair-- A Truly Bizarre WaPo Editorial (Any Codebreakers?)

W Post: End of an Affair "It turns out that the person who exposed CIA

How To Not Lose (Aid to dependent Republicans)

Guardian:Rumsfeld targeted in midterm election fight


Why do They do It? (Soldiers and Cops Against Protesters)

Bird-Dogging Hillary Clinton

Daily Mail: What if Bush really was assassinated? (Historian)

Fascists? Look who's talking (Jim Lobe)

Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush

Still Rockin' Free in Bush's Fascist America

The Other September 11 (Mickey Z., Counterbias)

Garfield with guns

Getting Past Katrina. by Juan Williams. I think ' pulling yourself up by

Many on Quest for truth about deaths

Taxi, Senator Burns?

Loose talk / The Bush rhetoric on Iraq is sounding desperate

Website listing economic tradeoffs for tax cuts, Iraq war, others

No housing bubble: TD

A world first: 5MWp turbine installed offshore, 44 meter deep water.

The most bitchin' hybrid-electric car yet

Windmills give poor U.S. rural areas hope and cash

Ever get the feeling either you or the rest of the world is insane?

Guardian cartoon on California's Emissions Caps

'Compost effect' may cause global warming to reach crisis point in 2050

Manitoba town puts 3¢ levy on plastic bags

India completes two CANDU reactors under budget, ahead of schedule.

Top scientist's fears for climate

Experts Lower Hurricane Forecast to 5

Heat waves, drought, water shortages, fires plague Southern China

Report: Israel discusses freeing 1,000 Palestinians in Shalit swap

U.N. names panel to probe Israel abuses

Middle East crisis: Facts and Figures

You are terrorists, we are virtuous

Golda Meir's famous quote is an unhelpful oversimplification

Israeli military court sends captured Hamas leaders for trial (Guardian)

Holy Land churches attack Christian Zionism

The price of ignoring the elephant

Reconstruction in Lebanon/ US Institute of Peace

EU begins paying social allowances to Palestinians

Soros on terrorism

Donors pledge 500 million dollars in aid to Palestinians

Doubts Grow Over Bush's Syria Policy

Israel drops objection to Indonesia sending troops to Lebanon

UN chief: Syria vows to enforce arms embargo on Hezbollah

Israel coalition cracks over Lebanon

Rosa Brooks: Criticize Israel? You're an Anti-Semite!

Pressure for Ban on Cluster Bombs as Israel Is Accused of...

EU president: Hamas must change stance before EU talks

Noam Chomsky: Their View of the World is Through a Bombsight

Jim Hoffman responds to the NIST FAQ

9/11 skeptics challenge WTC findings

Bush to visit all 3 sites on 9/11

Dr. David Ray Griffin on Hannity & Colmes Tonight 9 ET

Terror drills becomes reality

What's the Non-OTC view on Leslie E. Robertson? The WTC Engineer?

I need someone to cover the Thursday ERD for the next 2 weeks.

Dick Thornburgh&Richard Celeste:We better have backup plan for elec voting

Arnebeck To Blackwell: Hands Off Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Sep. 1, 2006 Bilbray Edition

OH: Breaking-Judge Hears Challenge to Voter Registration Rules

PBS's NOW on Trend of Restrictive Voting Laws-tonight

Busby of CA-50 (and Lehto) on the radio--link to audio and transcript

Obrador to Create Parallel Government (

Did anyone else notice that...

Red, White & Screwed - Will Your Vote Count?

Republican vote totals from the last non-presidential election cycle, 2002

Rodriguez may be in after all

DVO Courthouse Whistlestops Sept. 5-8

I have "Tumeric" on my spice shelf--Why?

Didn't Take Long

Alberta woman dies from chemotherapy overdose

New U.S. border fees denounced as ‘nonsensical'

Police group takes aim at Vancouver safe injection site

Layton suggests talks with Taliban

Harper's 'honeymoon' coming to an end

Ex-Argentina leader testifies at trial

FBI searches 6 Alaska lawmakers' offices

IRS says NAACP didn't violate tax status

Lawsuit Over Voter Registration Rules Headed To Court (OH)

Student loans used to probe terror suspects

Many on Quest for truth about deaths

Layton wants troops home

W Post: End of an Affair "It turns out that the person who exposed CIA

USA Today: GOP lags in key races for Senate

(NY)City suit fires up Va. pro-gun set (Bloomberg teams Cong Black Caucus)

In a surprise merger, Warren Buffett remarries

Spain agrees to 1,100 troops for force

No housing bubble: TD

Iraqis burn books to protest 'culture-killing' curfew

Iraqis burn books in culture protest

FBI probes office of Sen. Stevens's son

U.S. plans tougher inspections at border

AWOL soldier surrenders after 19 months

Education Department shared hundreds of students' data with FBI

Sudan VP vows resistance to UN peacekeepers

Walk out as Cambodia passes adultery law

Sudan VP vows resistance to UN peacekeepers

Both sides braced for Mexico violence

AP: EU: Too Early for Sanctions Against Iran

Open season on Haiti's poor, study finds

Guardian: British soldier killed by Afghan insurgents

Israel’s Defense Chief Supports War Inquiry

Chavez woos "Mother Africa" with oil ties

80 reportedly killed in Iranian plane fire

Iraqis expand Baghdad security operation

Bush compares terrorists to Nazis

Bush spin on Iraq war won't hurt Democrats: experts

Pentagon gives gloomy Iraq report "vocal minority" of religious extremi

Top directors in Venice slam Bush, Hollywood

Peak-oil' doomsayers catch Wall St.'s attention

Va., D.C. Declare Storm Emergency

Results Of HIV Vaccine Study 'Promising'

Bush envoy meets Sunni leader in Iraq (James Baker)

Lawsuit Over Voter Registration Thrown Out (Ohio)

'Compost effect' may cause global warming to reach crisis point in 2050

Democrats raise Rumsfeld attacks to put GOP on defensive

Judge: No gag order in Iraq slaying case

Pentagon: Conditions exist for civil war in Iraq

Human Rights Watch contradicts Dershowitz

Venezuela, UK Capitals' Left-Wing Mayors Seek Closer Ties

Pentagon: conditions for civil war exist in Iraq (but it's not civil war)

Judge: No gag order in Iraq slaying case

Bush Setting Up Next Terror Speech

Rumsfeld Defending Comments Made In Salt Lake City

Peru president counting on Clinton to help sway U.S. lawmakers to approve

Air Force asked to change name of "Crusaders"

CNN/Reuters: Pentagon: Missile interceptor test successful

Kurdish Leader Bans Iraqi Flag

Number of Republicans declines to 32-month low

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 1 September

Tories 'green' tax plans target aircraft and cars

Ruling Denies Public Access to Police Officer Records

Highly enriched uranium found in Iran

Ahmadinejad: Atheism of big powers is rootcause of man's plight

Klan member ordered reinstated in police

W back to WTC site on Sept. 11

Andre Agassi, y'all

Diseases that sound like cool names for guys


Is it okay to date when seperated at birth?

Sticking with the lounge and LBN for a few days

Now that I have Firefox, can I delete Internet Explorer?

'Sing-A-Long Sound of Music'?

Today I saw a bona fide CLOUD in the sky!

Can I stir-fry pennies?

It is now September, good bye summer.

DAMN! Mechanical malfunction AGAIN!!

Have you ever been a goth?

Robin Williams: President of the U.S.

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Echo Boom?

Missing F-89 found ? *PIC*

Pound for pound there isn't a better singalong song than "The Joker"

The latest Guns n Roses news

FINALLY does Pandora give me "Doctor Wu." You're overdue, buddy!

Kiko says Good Night, DU!

The Striker. Shameless self promotion

Welcome to Labor Day Weekend

Any exciting plans for the weekend?

In honor of the Inflatable Church I summit the Inflatable Pub


The most horrible thing I have ever heard.

David Bowie's new album, Ziggy Stardust, kicks ass

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.

Why is "Sweet Home Alabama" the theme music in Kentucky Fried Chicken

When do people generally get wrinkles, and why?

What are your favorite new bands?

296 square feet -- but it's home

Do you have a catchphrase?

I'm posting on two hours of sleep

What's your 'terra' level?

**Warning**Dressing your Doberman like this may increse the chance of it

Man Faces 11 Years In Prison For Panty Thefts

Anyone want to buy Syd Barrett's house?

Hmmmmmm... Possible new job for Big McLargehuge?

I have a coupon for 5 free song downloads

Post Your "Freecycle" List Here!!!

First , they came for Gilligan

Group-hug thread

Friday Funny: Mitch Hedberg

Lunch? Trying to decide what sounds good. Mexican?

why didn't you people tell me

Is this a lunch craving, or a spiritual crisis?

Post an album cover

I'm happy; I'm going to be "Honorable" again

My head feels like a big block of cheese and I need driving directions

Today's earworm: "Invincible" by Pat Benatar

Happy Birthday Lily Tomlin

The people I'm stealing kidneys from really need to get it together

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/1/06)

what was the name of the 80s dance eddie murphy used to imitate

I am overwhelmed!

brrrrrrr I'm quite chilly for the first time in months...

My lab has found a new game

Anyone know about this site CashClaim dot com? Somehow my

what word or concept do you routinely use that you poorly misunderstand?

A holiday weekend and the pool is closed

henrietta, charlie, and freddie understand

I've gotten a

post your very own schlocky sophomoric bad poetry here

Buy an INFLATABLE CHURCH on eBay! New Heights of Tackiness!

The people I'm stealing WiFi from really need to get it together...

Forces must be conspiring against WSTFTD: They're red-Xing the pics.

you don't have to call me darlin', darlin'

How do you classify yourself on an "intelligence" scale.

dude, I just found out my grungy father neil is younger than god.



This is so sad, I must say

I'm bored. Who else is bored?

How many times has this happened to you?

This 3 am start is messing with my head!

Help HK govt. prosecute mag that printed hidden-camera semi-nude pics

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you...

OK, I have posted this before but lost the thread.

Doe, a deer, a female deer . . .

My favorite Samantha Bee segment EVER.

post your favorite gravel pics

I really like the new Mozilla Flock browser.

What do you love about your state?

what is it with the lounge???

Well, my son is a licensed driver w/ an insured and registered automobile

Congratulations ixion!! 10,000 posts

I'm Going Skydiving Tomorrow!!!

Would you have actually attended "Springtime for Hitler"?

What are you staring at?

Is it okay to separate when dated?

I'm loving Ernesto!

mellow out man

There comes a terrible time when you must say to yourself....

Robin Williams: President of the U.S.

The two cutest kittens in the world are finally on KITTENWAR!

..."the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe."

So, who else is posting NEKKID?

Computer purchase question

I'm board. Who else is board?

Well BUMMER! My evening plans have been thwarted.

My new obsession

Are you on my face?

"who's this?"

Rapper (Mos Def) arrested for street gig at MTV awards

dude, i just found out that neil young is the godfather of grunge

Has anyone around here seen Stevie Wonder's house?

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to be a DJ.

Cyclists: Do you get Cameltoes?

Mr. Coffee -- look at these and weep

Cyclists: Do you use Camelbaks?

I am so FREAKING adorable tonight,

Do some people bruise more easily or

Happy birthday asjr, greendog & Fountain79!!

Way To Go Underpants

Goooo Wonder Pets!

One down, 35 to go....

Tomorrow my friends, tomorrow

post your favorite travel pics

Give me your fave instrumental guitar peices along the lines of..

I recently had my first cholesterol screening in 20 years...

Who's gonna get me this??? There's only 114 days left until Christmas!!!

Major corporate merger announced

prescription medications that sound like cool band names

Songwriters: lyrics first or music first


Are you on myspace?


A religion question

We're planning our vacation next month...Need Help.

Help! My laptop screen is doing strange things. Can anyone give advice?

'Star Trek' Goes Digital; coming soon to TV Land

Bob Dylan's new album, Modern Times, kicks ass

Agggg! Freepers are invading the only other board I belong to!

Friday, September 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Portland, OR Meetup is Saturday, 4 p.m. at the LaurelThirst

Obscure scientific and cultural references that only I could make:

Does anybody else love baby carrots?

Greece beats US Basketball team 101-95

Naughtiness from the road...

What DU groups/boards do you stay away from?

Worst musical film:

Does it seem like popular music is (mostly) dead, to you?

Have you ever seen a Visigoth?

Are some people weight snobs?

Which of these classic movies MUST I see?

New Kitten Videos!

What problems can we blame on Bill Clinton?

here is an interesting site from south east asia

Zep Fans: Traveling Riverside Blues

I finally saw "Help Me Hildy!"

It's been a wierd and interesting week for me..

Mrs. John Murphy

Haughtiness from the toad...

If there's no Fitzmas there's no Santa

Jeffersons marathon on TV Land this weekend starting tomorrow

Anybody else have an ABBA earworm because of Ernesto?

Employer advises layed off workers to dig in dumpsters

Yay! We found the Scream!

I'm not good enough, cause I'm not christian

Tell me the one thing that brings you absolute joy.

When this Gay Marriage thing becomes legal...I will totally marry Haruka

I FUCKING hate the public school system. I really, really do.

I need a picture thread!! Post a pic of you and someone special to you...

Take THAT, Pluto haters!!!

Where is Dangerously Amused?

Into the arms of Ernesto

kicking my own post

Is the rapture taught in the Catholic church?

Reluctant child bride was warned she'd lose 'salvation - Warren Jeffs

Wierd Experiences you had that can't be explained...

Why does a fundie fear everything?

Semen 'may fuel cervical cancer'

Gene Therapy cures 2 men of skin cancer

Argentina announces plans to repeal military ban on gays

La. High School Sports Scandal....Oprah is rumored to be comin'.....

Sept. 1, 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates 9

SI and the NFC East

BoSox pitcher Jon Lester diagnosed with lymphoma

Greece beats USA Basketball team, 101-95

Oh, and before I forget. Is there anything...weird going on with *?

Rocky Anderson for POTUS?

So, we all know about "cold spots." Is there such a thing as a warm spot?

What a difference a smudging makes.

Well, September is still going to be rocky, but better

What a difference a day makes.

Interesting resource pages on Iraq and withdrawal and security

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Playing Roulette with Retirement

OT: Rummy selling his

Kerry to address "Truth in Advertising Public Forum"

THK op-ed in Boston Globe: "Playing roulette with retirement"

Beachmom & Fedup - Stay Dry!

A day on Pearl Street Mall

Damn I love this camera

Infant Bereavement Photography

*****September Contest Poll*****

"I'm not calling you a racist or a homophobe; I'm calling you a sucker."

Bush is to Foreign Gallagher is to a Watermelon

kos: Lieberman will not caucus with Democrats

some people deserve to be slowly tortured

Bernie Ward's finally heating up

they went to war together and one lived and one died for the big lie

T-T-T-T-T-T-OONS for T-T-T-T-hursday. Smack, smack , Tasty!

Soldier in uniform assaulted in Washington State

Any ideas on what we could do to help take the House or Senate?

Interesting. Koppel on Discovery Channel. Premiers 09-10. Topic-loss of

2,641 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against Iraqis

September 1st. is Impeachment Vigil Day!!

U.S. force in Iraq at 140,000

A video reworking of Pschokiller

IRAN/IRAQ deja vu all over again

Two pictures worth million words

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON 9/1 Friday - ...wonderful day in the neighborhood

BUZZFLASH posted my Katrina GOP motivational posters as guest contribution

Has Rocky Anderson always been so cool?

Robin Williams: President of the U.S.

Police accuse man of starving deployed soldier's child left in his care

Pulling out of Iraq is neither Surrender nor Defeat, just common sense.

And...Malloy's temporary replacement on AAR is (drumroll)...

Meanwhile, at the flagship station, WWRL... lemme get this straight:..

neo cons have set up the next Democratic president

***Party time in Portland! DU September MeetUp Saturday***

Please DU this Urban Dictionary definition of Cindy Sheehan

A few photos from the SLC Protest

McDonald's (UK) approves hedgehog-safe packaging

So, is the US bankrupt?

Continuing Consciousness Yours Free!!! . . . . . . . Just CAPTION, please.

Anybody out there proficient about the National Guard?

Air America Radio: Now on WWRL? WTF? Where's Rachel?

& why aren't we threatening N. Korea instead of Iran?

The New Census

We are Up to 2641 this morning. And rising.

I don't think you people are terrified enough.

Bush White House subpoenaed by wiretap lawyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

== Alfa Romeo's American Orgasm == by Mark Morford

The only quote you need from Lieberman to truly know what he's all about

Can anyone tell me why gas prices are suddenly going down?

Wake Island's Weather Gear Blown Out by Typhoon

STILL Exploiting what Clinton would've been hung for.

They're doing it again! RW'ers predicting the end of the world on 9/12/06

Ask a Conservative, if they could go back to the "good ol' days"

Va. Senator (Allen) Who Used Slur Declines Award

Bush's-Nobody Said Iraq Linked To 9/11=Clinton Saying No Sex With Lewinsky

(TOON) Rowson on California's new Greenhouse Gas Law

South African nuke moves alarm US - They know they are next

Am I the only one who gets a "1984" feeling from the latest death reports?

"Atlas Shrugged": 1,069 pages of great composting material?

In Defense Of A Christian Company

Bush spin on Iraq war won't hurt Democrats: experts

Analysis: Argentina to dramatically expand its nuclear program

How many of us have changed our sig, after Malloy got fired? Heres mine

So according to right wingers it is okay to divulge Government secrets

Europe Continues To See US As Greatest Threat To Global Stability (Harris)

Hannity inciting violence against Nancy Pelosi?

John Mark Karr to Seek Guilty Charge as an Independent

Feds raid office of Alaska legislator, Sen.Ted Stevens' son!!!

NIST is considering "hypothetical blast events" for the

Brazil follows same nuclear path as Iran

Question about Air America programming and syndication

The Bush speech you missed ...

Firefox Users - Plug in hides your serches in a bunch of other serches.

Barbara Slavin giving an even-handed look at Iran on CSPAN

Kyra Phillips explains her gaffe to Dave Letterman with Top 10 list

Smearing Joe Wilson, Again - By Robert Parrry

Olbermann's LeMay reference

Plame Leak(s) - By Jason (Don't Read If You Don't Want To) Leopold

YES! This is Daryn Kagan's last day on CNN!

Russia rejects Iran sanctions

WHAT did they put in the water at that conference?

Iran seeks China, Russia if oil agreement not reached with Japan

Don’t keep secrets on your cell phone; it might not keep them

This day in Bush/Crack cocaine history - Sept. 1st

In what kind of bizarro world

If Iran gets nuclear weapons, will it de-stabilize the Middle East?

I have a simple question.

Do you remember the rumors that were going around on 9/11?

Your Right To Vote - Is It Under Assault? PBS - "NOW" - TONIGHT 8:30

They're HERE! They've taken over! Please, I'm not crazy, believe me!

We were warned

American Community Survey questions

Culture of Life (void outside the uterus)...

it's FEARDAY (friday)... and I'm miffed

The BEST part of the MTV awards last night was Al Gore's enviro-lesson.

WP/AP: Pentagon will monitor "tone" of media stories on Iraq

Net browser promises private surf

Bush's War On Ideology

Obesity: It's Because Irresponsible Companies Put Sugar In EVERYTHING!

The Bush strengths:

Disney's Finger Scan Upgrade Raises Privacy Concerns

LAT op-ed by Donald Rumsfeld: This is what I meant...

Now that everyone KNOWS they steal elections, will we allow it again?

MICKEY Z.: The Other 9/11

Pentagon confirms deaths of 4 Fort Hood soldiers in Iraq blast

September 1, 1939...

Did Malloy say "Fuck" on Tuesday's Randi Rhodes show?

Analysis: U.S. unsuited for 'long war'

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Bush, GOP poll numbers reflect angst over Iraq war

Why the Iraq war has made us less safe and less able to deal with Iran

Oh Ghods..... this is gonna be hilarious...

Unverified Iraq Qaeda-led group urges Sunnis to fight Shi'ites

NAFTA Superhighway - (hope this is the correct forum). I don't

Turkish Kurds see Iraq as an inspiration

September 1, 1939: Nazi Germany invaded Poland and WWII began.

Palestinian woman injured by US-troops fire in Iraq

What do you think of this Muslim-bashing e-mail I received?

Al Gore gets a laugh at the MTV Video Music Awards

Iraq WMD inspector accuses Govt of cover up

Education Dept. Shared Student Data With F.B.I.

Editorial: The ghosts of Nazi appeasement

Does anyone know the rules re: public access to police files?

(VIDEO) Senator Conrad Burns: Today's Worst Person In The World

"We are experiencing dangerous human disruption": Top US Scientist

Bill O'Reilly booed by 23,700 fans at Agassi U.S. Open Match

delete -

CNN Geeks Make Short-Lived Bush Joke

Did you know the FAA is now making ATCers use

Bullshit Fake Labor Day

Most of the nations smartest cities are blue..thank you very much!

Bomb hits oil pipeline south of Baghdad; no casualties

EU: Too early for sanctions against Iran

How is it possible to keep up with all the lies from this Administration?

Lawrence O'Donnel is filling in for Al today

“Bush Success” DVD Contest continues! No one can name even ONE!

Heil Myself!, George Hitler's last stand

Sen. Patty Murray's Letter to FAA Admin Marion Blakey

Disney's finger scanners worry privacy advocates

Pentagon says Iraq violence spreading

Dammit, Rumsfeld is right!

6.8 quake in Solomon Islands. No link, on CNN crawl

White House reruns

Love him or hate him Chavez is one smart motherscratcher

WNY Editorial Wonders if DRAFT is Coming

IRAN / IRAQ... hey what's one letter to someone who reads 60 books

So what ever happened to Joementum's website?

Nora O's Hardball interview with Katherine Harris - - - - - - -> VIDEO

If you haven't read it - Transcript SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson's speech

Malloy's Replacement...

THE "NUMBER" jumped again - 2642 now. Up from this morning.

??? James Baker meets Sunni leaders in Iraq

30 minutes of attacks in Baghdad leave 64 dead and more than 280 wounded

I just heard that king george the idiot lair is coming to "Ground Zero"

I'll be kicking some Repressed, Regressive Rethuglican ass..

Bush proposes 1.7% raise for fed workers(says raise will motivate, reward)

Courageous Jane Tomlinson completes ride across America!!!

MARCH TO WAR bush BUSH bush BUSH video

Laura Flanders to be Malloy's permanent replacement on 9/18?

It's all but civil war now

Wow is Lawrence O'Donnell terrible...

Shiny the 9-11 Pony!

Tons of Malloy vids

DUer's letter to the New Yorker

BP shuts down major Alaskan oil pipeline and prices fall?

Poll on Is the president on the right course in Iraq?

I Shut Up A Freeper On A Music Board...

Has anyone seen this wacko conservative's website?

Carwash raises funds for children's funerals

Police get ready for battlefield KKK rally (Gettysburg)

I'm the only one to cancel my XM Radio because Mike Malloy was dropped?

Tucker calls bush* Left Wing

'US trying to dismantle nation states'

Jonah Goldberg Gives Bush A "Pity Party"

LTTE: Congress should reinstate DRAFT

PBS's NOW will air program showing new restrictive voting laws across US

What will Bush's legacy be?

Most Americans think the US is losing the War on Terror

Russia's nuclear potential reported

NPR this a.m.: "We will only lose if Americans lose their will"

Christians seek West's atonement for colonialism

A Virus Moves North

Detroit Teachers Have Been On Strike Since Monday.

Reid: Even the Pentagon acknowledges Iraq is tipping into civil war.

Pat Buchanan sure seems to be a favorite on liberal talk shows these days

Disney World is collecting fingerprints.

Can't find out much more about the supposed attack on the ntl guardsman

Noam Chomsky: Their View of the World is Through a Bombsight

The start of Labor Day weekend in S. Calif.. Worst that could happen?

AAR Phoenix puts "Support Malloy" info on home page

To mark the day that the gov't decided to get off it's ass. [GRAPHIC Pics]

ABC to broadcast RW docu-drama "The Road to 9/11"

(Flashback) Dow Jones Breaks 6000- Oct 14, 1996

The US War Machine (video)

Iraqi Deaths Increase by 1,000 a Month

Joe Lieberman 6 years ago:

Sad news for Guy James fans..

Can America do evil? Is it even possible?

Make Karl Rove's Day: Liberal/Progressive Sites Slight Each Other?

Airline destroys $13,800 viola

Navy Times: Progress In Iraq Report "Sober"


Merkel trumps Rice on power list

Variety review: The U.S. Vs. John Lennon

Durbin step up on Brain Injury Research

My letter to aar...

THE MOTHER OF ALL THEFTS: America got Stolen by BushCo & GOP CROP

$2.30 for gas here (Columbus, Ohio) search your area:

So, I almost didn't get back in my own country last night

MSNBC thinks current gas prices are a "tank-topper's delight"

Top directors(Oliver Stone, Spike Lee) in Venice slam Bush, Hollywood

Cafferty's questions of the day. Looks like they need DUing

Interceptor downs missile in test over Pacific

Poll: One-Third of U.S. Fears New Attack

Larry Johnson: Smearing the Wilsons, Sliming America

Constitution Day 2006

The economy is not as good as bush is pretending so why..

Good blog entry about RW critics of AAR (from Ketchup Is A Vegetable)

Would You Be Willing To Limit/Regulate Advertising To Children?

Reflections on Will Pitt's "Clinton, 9/11 and the Facts"

Burns tells Gov. to declare fire emergency one month after he already did

IAEA Finds Enriched Uranium In Iran

Friday news dump-Pentagon gives gloomy Iraq report

Do you remember the first time you saw Faux news?

Im -n- Montana And Am I Pissed......

Russia might tear up ISR Missile Treaty with USA

GOP Bankruptcy Vote Comes Back to Crush U.S. Troops

Assault on Iraqi Agriculture

The new Pew Global Poll is in folks and guess what Karen Hughes ?

Did Iran call Bush and his minions bluff?

When the levees broke: Soledad O'Brien's apologies for disaster

How many Iraqis have died since the wonderful election?

Did y'all know the wingers are boycotting Miller Beer?

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY: Translating Bush's Doublethink and Doublespeak

Can Rush get in trouble over this?

Kurds to fly own flag in Kurdistan

War profiteering story-Asia Times.

If only a reporter would ask Lieberman this question. . .

Keith's book - "The Worse Person in the World: And 202 Strong Contenders

They've even purged Mike's voice from AAR

Bush will gather terror victims from different countries to show linkage

Where is everybody??? Reid...Pelosi---What the hell are you doing?

"Was I right to stand up for LGBT rights?"

Letter from People for the American Way, "NOW" on PBS tonight

Zippy speaks! On Global Warming, Doggie Diner -- and Dick Cheney!

200,000 miles - a look back at what it meant (insane....)

I wonder how Randi Rhodes feels about what happened to Malloy?

Court rules schools, not parents, control sex subjects

CNN's March to War: Iran

Repuke listening to Mike Malloy

My, how people change.

Growing Doubts About Bush's War On Terror

I swear that Mort Kondrake

Lou Dobbs: "Ernesto is an illegal alien and violated our borders!"

Are Bush's new Iraq speeches a Snow job?

oh, i think we have an anti-bush song in the upcoming Audioslave CD

Bin Laden Manhunt Still Drawing a Blank

Houston--Voucher "Hearing" on Wed Sept 6--Leininger at Work--Action Item

Ron Reagan on Hardball

Don't listen to Seder on regular AAR stream

So, Rosco..what's new re: Mike Malloy?

Need links to text of Rumsfeld and/or Bush speech for class assignment

Judge asks for reprimand instead of removal (caught drunk driving)

CNN on-line headline: Pentagon: Cold-blooded Carnage Soaring in Iraq

Friday Pentagon News Dump: Iraq Tipping Towards Civil War

Iran will fight to its strengths

God Providing outstanding weather for Southern Decadence

"Bring Back the Dream"

And For His Next Trick! "Bush setting up next terror speech"!!!

Somehow it all starts to make sense when you look at it like this !

Classic Malloy clip

So sick Ahmadinejad,Chavez & Bush Admin. sounding like Pro Wresters

A selfish act or not? "Baby Faith never left the hospital."

Ned Lamont on MAJORITY REPORT now

Man arrested for murder of 5-yr old (GF told cops she ran over him...)

October surprise theory

More Americans have now died in Bush's wars than in the 9/11 attacks

Christian Right tries to take over the courts

Does Fox News Channel (and other media outlets) use

What was Hitler's excuse for invading Poland? I'm curious.

2 new LieberGraphics! "Stay the Course"

State of Shaky Nation Speech in Mexico - Pres Fox - Friday evening

Remember way back about thirty years ago when Gracie Slick

Our Gas Just Dropped Again - 2.539 now

I just read that there are only 5,000 tigers left in the world

I've been low-carbing on and off for years...

Do You Correct People Who Are Perpetuating Lies?

Best/Worst New "Bushism" -- from his Gulf visit...

Hannity & Colmes Tonight 9-10 ET

MALLOY NEWS: Sacramento interview w/Mike (from Bartcop)

The League of Conservation Voters Stands by Endorsement of Lieberman

It's a freaking movie already!!!! What is all this crap about

Vote DOWN Shrub's slogan "Don't Mess with TX" in ad contest

Intel could cut as many as 20,000 jobs next week

Huge disappointment as Bush assassination revealed to be a hoax

Is Mike Malloy a demagogue?

Larry Johnson & Crew Respond To WaPo's Smearing Of The Wilsons & America

WorldNutDaily: Evangelist drowns trying to walk on water

Anyone else doing Declaration of Peace activism?

Any photos from the Sept 1 impeach protests?

KTLK's Harrison talked about Malloy Wednesday night

This needs to be deleted from Malloy petition

Presa Canario kills FLA woman

Armageddon is indeed here. Falwell heaps praise on Jim Webb!

Did DU just crap out for anyone else?

A Poem For Rummy and His Boss

"The sacred site of 9/11"???? John King just called

Olbermann's Book Soars On - From 19,000 to 19th

How I Learned to Stop Fuming And Use the Ignore Button

Please stop telling me what to be concerned about

Rumsfeld has a short memory for who 'appeased' Iraq

Kyra Philips: "I Was Set Up By Those Bastards At Fox News"

FEMA Plans to Reimburse Faith Groups for Aid (FlashBack)

American men earning less today than they did in mid seventies

Caption this * pic

Oxfam: Private sector is not the answer to poverty...

Mass. governor says stem-cell research "Orwellian"

The true Iraq appeasers - MUST READ!!!!

Helen Thomas: Where Is The Opposition In The Opposition Party?

Why did Mike Malloy get fired?

Disney wants your finger prints - NO THANKS!!!

Hey!!! Why is gas going down so fast all across the country?

Blame 9/11 on airlines, Congress, Bush

Does the * look like Karr to you?

Friday Freeper Follies Kynd v. Freeper in his car just now.

Georgie sure has a lot to say, all of a sudden.. I wish he'd go back to

Will Pitt is right. We need to pound ABC for their 9/11 movie..

Fascist Appeasers

Uh Oh! The management at NPR must have left early for the long weekend...

Case of missing paper boy revived--after 24 years [Gosch]

Would anyone see this as "poor taste" if it was Clinton instead?

Anyone else have Christian construction businesses where they live?

Wow. This is bad....(concerning illegal immigration)

Oh goody, something new for FAUX to rant on about..

Joe Wilson responds to WaPo hatchet job

Sharpton on "Requiem"...Clinton just stood there while Barbara insulted..

U.S. colleges shift more aid to richer students, study says

Mom (Noreen Gosch) sent photo of son (bound and gagged) missing since 1982

Military Mom Demands DRAFT Be Reactivated By Bush

Houston Houswives complain about Katrina refugees

My Big Dean Hope......

So I had the misfortune of catching a moment of the Sean Hannity

"Living, breathing, scowling embodiment of Bush cowboy-style diplomacy."

Washington Journal National Journal Hack Mark Steyn on Now.

Voters Hearing Countless Ways of Saying ‘Sorry’

Brown in hospital for surgery

Someone started a Thank You Rocky page

Bush spends another $20 million to control media in Iraq ...go figure

WSJ: GOP losing advantage over national security

Bush I,II III and the Fascists/Nazis - essential reading - it's the OIL

Another Bush favor hidden within legislation -

As rallies begin, immigration advocates face tougher political climate

Top 20 US House seats most likely to change parties: if holds, we have HR

Wonder if Bush, Giuliani and the Republican Party saw this?

Just as a point of reference - 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, 12/7/1941

British TV to show film about fictional assassination of President Bush

Rumsfeld's op-ed offers riddles for Bush administration's insane policy

Remember that girl in HS? The one who was 'easy'.

Sherrod Brown leads DeWine by 6 points - USA Today/Gallup

No More Mike Malloy Show!!!???? I just heard yesterday!!!!

Anyone else noticing the pukes backpeddling?

MT Burns: enemy who "drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night"

Atlantans, Guess who's coming to dinner...

GOP Co. Commissioner wants food bank to turn away illegal residents

Subject: Iran and the GOP

Any photos from the Sept 1 impeach protests?

Rhode Island Senate Race: Too Close

First, I am no great fan of Hillary, but I am a fan of honesty

Is It Just Me - Does Rumsfeld Ever Say Anthing?

Fake Dem YouTube group created by Repubs easily debunked

Polls show opposition to Iraq war at all-time high

Feingold Gets "A" Grade For Darfur Genocide Effort

"No amount of name-calling is going to save them." Howard Dean about GOP

MSNBC: August hiring "perked up" with 128,000 jobs

My letter to the editor re Don Young...

what is it with the lounge???

2006 Senate Elections Report: Handicapping the Races

Memo to Dan Bartlett: Invasions have "consequences".

"GOP Advantage On Security Evaporating"

Suggested response the next time a Wingnut says...

Mitt Romney: Stem Cell Research 'Orwellian'

How can the MSM not know if what's going on in Iraq is Civil War or not?

Rightwing source implies Soros had Malloy canned

Air Force Times refusing to publish all the Right Wing BS they can eat

Help me get some of that 20 million bucks. Here's my

"As you say, I am poor...everything I got, I got are rich...

Teresa Heinz Kerry: Playing Roulette with Retirement

Its just about November now, really.

Norah O'Donnell: "Katherine Harris, Republican hero of 2000 FL recount"

FREEDOM on the INTERNET ! ! ! Use it or loose it...

"Death of a President" Movie

Stabbed in the Back! (worth another read)

Bush Setting Up Next Terror Speech

The State of the Debates

The FCC, Public Airwaves & ABC's "The Path to 9/11."

Webb favors Lamont over Lieberman

How close are we this ?

Smearing Joe Wilson, Again

Toward a permanent democratic minority

Which Senate races might we win from the GOP?

Russia rejects Iran sanctions

Pentagon Gives Gloomy Iraq Report

Grand Theft Election California

I don't buy this Armitage crap for a second

Norah's really pinching Bolton's nuts re: "consequences" on "Hardball"

Call to Action


Ohio Sex Offender Registry: Guilty?/Not guilty? Who cares?

Debbie "Bipartisan" Stabenow--what a wimpy campaign ad for MI Senate.

Ever heard the word "Dolchstosslegende?"

We need to wake the US up from its coma,,

Any polls out there for Lieberman vs Lamont?

WP Editorial tries to cover its own ass again, LYING about Joe Wilson

The Chimperor's American Legion speech: my LTTE

Supporting our troops with a knife in the back

Ann Coulter spins defense of her Clinton assassination quote

Florida 2000 villain Katherine Harris goes from GOP darling to liability

Why the Nazi Analogy Is on the Rise

Writer of ABC’s 9/11 ‘Docudrama’ Is Avowed Conservative Activist

* using fear again as midterms approach:“in the streets of our own cities”

USA Today: GOP lags in key races for Senate

Is a unitary executive constitutional? The Neocons are anxious

Would this be a good ad idea?

128,000 jobs created in Aug.BULLSHIT!!!

The World vs Rummy