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Archives: September 11, 2006

Five Years After 9/11, They Still Can't Count Till 5 - by John Kerry

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 259

Whatever Happened to the America of 9/12? - Frank Rich, NYTimes

Why Genocide Matters - NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, NYTimes

America's warrior nation - The legacy of 9/11 (Gore Vidal)

Doubts over war on terror campaign (Britain)

Focus on: Players in Plame leak

62,006 - 180,000, the number killed in the 'war on terror'

Scientist Gets Drunk, Forgets What He Did W. 3 Bottles Of Deadly Toxin

More Than 12 Senior Executives, Scientists At CDC Have Left Since 2004

Tropical Depression 7

Big Coal Push From Gov. Goodhair, TXU Running Into Surprise Turbulence

Stormy world of energy has a clear forecaster

Clip from "9/11: Press for Truth" (wtc7)

Word doc of everything I could copy/paste from Yahoo News on 9/11/2001

Richard Ben-Veniste (9-11 Commission) On Ed Schultz Show

One thing that has bothered me about the WTC destruction.

LOL. (so called)Pilots for truth can't handle the truth!

(Voter Fraud:) Another Urban Legend

A friend just gave me a bag of Mirabelle plums from their tree.

Canadian Olympian Mondor dies

Layton slams Harper as Bush's 'cheerleader'

Pope assails Canadian laws

U.N. and donors prepare road map for rebuilding Iraq

Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

Florence Stronger on Course for Bermuda

Independent: The bitter legacy of 9/11

In a Pivotal Year, GOP Plans to Get Personal (pay to dig up dirt on Dems)

US Accused of Covert Operations in Somalia--UK

Deal on a Constitution for Iraq Is Teetering

Suicide Bomber Kills a Governor in Afghanistan

Sen. Kerry's speech on Real National Security -C-Span 6:30- A must watch!

WP: Situation Called Dire in West Iraq

Bush vows never to forget Sept. 11 lessons

King of Tonga Dies at 88

Iraq Again Delays Federalism Bill Debate

Bin Laden will be found: PM (John Howard - Australia)

MND-B Soldier killed by small-arms fire

Zogby: More Americans Upset With Loss Of Life In Iraq

CNN Al-Queda releases 9/11 anniversary message

Legislation Would Require Clinics to Screen Women Wanting Abortions

Situation Called Dire in West Iraq (Anbar Is Lost Politically)

NYT/AP: ABC Makes Some Changes to 9 / 11 Series

Reid: The Vice President Just Doesn't Get It

Coca-Cola moves in on Kabul

War's Critics Abetting Terrorists, Cheney Says

Missing U.S. Officer Arrives in Germany

Pelosi Statement on Fifth Anniversary of September 11 Attacks

Mexico's left gives way to army

5th grader could be deported without mom

Fred Durst on Guitar......enjoy!

It's starting it just came on TV now!

Greatest Years in Rock and Roll

Airchecks. I found airchecks...

"American Dad" thread (season premiere)

Anyone else excited about battle tofu tonight on Iron Chef

Amazon has a video download service

'Family Guy' thread (season premiere)

Where do these people come up with this shit?

How about the Jaguars and the Saints today

-.-. --- -. .-. .- -.. / -... ..- .-. -. ...

Who's drinking what tonight?

Fot the fans of Elijah Woods and Gary Oldman...

Simpsons season 17???

DH is watching the 9/11 fhing for other defects

Dinner tonight.

If I said you had a beautiful body, would you punch me in the face?

Please read my little post in GD

I'm going to bed... Ask me anythzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We're supposed to wear red, white, and blue to school tomorrow.

A perfect song for today

World's Worst Band

I had a real good weekend

I just did something I'm not proud of.

Who watched CHILLER THEATER growing up? Here's vid of show's intro...


Half Rant

A "lounge-ish" observation about PT 9-11

Well, the shitstorm has started. Posts in GD, and even some here

Caption Condi the Bullshit Artist!

Time for me to go to closing, some thoughts for the day...

I was scared to post in Latest Breaking News...

please help me find an outer bitch

Anybody see "The Farmer's Wife"?

I'm watching the Birdcage

Now - CBS has a documentary by 2 Frenchmen

Q: Why is divorce so %)#&ing expensive?

My nearly 80 y/o neighbor Mike was a bit saucy today.

Ever get a ticket for something really stupid?

A plea to parts of my body that I'd like to see reduced.

Freepers are No Threat to Einstein

WTF? CIA recruiting on "Adult Swim"

I hate feeling my feelings. It sucks.

Did matcom get a dog while I wasn't looking?

My thoughts before I go to bed ....

Please join me in congratulating a wonderful man on getting his HS diploma


Praise Allah!

"This must be what angels taste like."

fishermen: marlin, dorado charter reccomendations please

I ran the treadmill for an hour, then went for a 3 hour hike on

My little girl turned 21 yesterday.

"Hey Man, smell my finger"

I find religious history books fascinating. Recommend your favorites!

Roger Federer Wins US Open

I have something to say about 9-11.

Here its is Brothers Replugs grade on our issues Failed everyone of them

Where is piranha lately

So, what was in that speech yesterday anyway?

More Pictures from Faneuil Hall

Kerry speech repeat on Cspan now

Boston Globe article on Kerry's speech

Speaking of RW Fantasy miniseries...

At a peace rally today a young Marine spoke..

I watched the disclaimer for path to 9/11 and it is bad

Why was the toll booth footage on the plane hitting the Pentagon seized?

Path to 9/11 Says At Beginning: THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED! BULLSHIT!

9/11: Hanlon/Naudet/Naudet documentary on CBS --on NOW east coast

Top soldier quits as blundering campaign turns

Post Modern History By Disney, GOP

Wouldncha love your personal tragedy turned into a political hockey-puck?

Well, whaddya know: EPA proposes easing refinery pollution rules

One thing that has bothered me about the WTC destruction.

Did you just see the Koppel commercial???

Is there a Post for those "Sneaking View" of ABC's Fantasia about 9/11?

Poll on CTV re: 9/11 story. Which one do you believe?

One More time for 9/11 The Grades of Replugs on Veterans issues

So....why did Cheney choose 9/11 as the date for the "attacks"?

Re: MMoore's "F/9-11" release date

Cheney predicts GOP victory in election, so we are bound to win!!!

Omigod! ABC & Disney has made 9/11 as fictional as the Swampus.

The people are NOT the corporation, thank goodness

Suicide bomber's widow soldiers on

apply the story of the 3 Jars to ABC.. if truth and compassion is put into

Re:sick 9-11 workers - I can't help think of Bernie Kerik's "love nest"

Media's refusal to pull Path to 9/11 worries me for Nov elections: Why?

Federal government closely following a pedophilia ring inside Disney

Take the pledge


Federal government closely following a pedophilia ring inside Disney

George Will compares P2-911 with Michael Moore - good idea!

Would putting up signs in our yards that read: "This house will

Has it really been five years?

The Best War Ever

Kerry Cheated Dean? You can find the damnedest things online.

Hey, the first commercial I've seen connected Ahnold to Chucklenuts

Should the orginal WTC towers be rebuilt?

From our street corner: You can always tell when it's a Chief's game day

"Fortunately, Harry is doing very well."

Lamont has pulled to within margin of error (WSJ/Zogby poll)

I just can't imagine someone like ABC allowing such an amateur

My (small) kick in the ass to Disney

My Local CBS Affiliate is Airing a Warning About Language in 9/11 Doc.

911 Press for Truth

I could have bet my house on what scenes would show during half-time

So, now that we're safe from Clinton, Where's Osama?

Homeland Security Color Code Decoded

My Uncle Sammy

A tribute....

Stop baking cookies for the corporate cookie jar!

I need an address for Disney...I'm mailing back all my kids Disney crap

Hopefully, most of America is like my household right now...

My daughter just called from Florida. She and her s/o are

brain fart

OMG! I just heard the word "Fucking" on CBS! The SHAME! eom

Crawl at the bottom of our local ABC affiliate during the 'movie'

Wanna be Roger Ebert and review Path 9-11 as pure film? THUMBS DOWN

Katie Couric explains why we have an EPA

Looks like we need Monica LEUWINCHSKIC to exononerate us

Our incredibly crappy world situation was brought to you by the SCOTUS

"...and Jeff Gannon as 'Huggy Bear' - TOO DANG FUNNY TO MISS

PT9/11 ..... I'm glad it's running.

"you are a hybrid - half idiot, half moron"

Turn off "The Path" and turn on CBS for a real documentary "911."

"American Family Assn." protests 9/11 documentary....ON CBS!!

The Path to 9/11 Lies: is there a complete list anywhere?

A Time For Reflection - NBC & the NFL Gets it Right

Path 9/11 looked like those Food network shows about candy factories

Senate candidate Jack Carter hospitalized

Path 9/11. Instant Cult Classic Ala Reefer Madness. It's So Bad It's Camp.

I need help!!

Reading all the reviews of P2911 tonight makes me realize something...

"I'd vote for a dog over a Republican"

"The Path to Mickey" on Americablog.

Satire to entertain those who no longer watch ABC TV

Americablog "Disney/ABC burns American flag ".

I watched HBO tonight.


Concerto for laptop? Conductor's sharp note over airport security (UK)

Just gotta say one thing to Disney/ABC after watching

Anyone ever have a nervous breakdown?

Fear TV, Fearles TV, The World Dance Championships and a silent monkey...

A cure for the nine eleven blahs. The Manning brothers playing

Ted Koppel got ONE e-mail during his live 9/11 show.

PT9/11: Local ABC affilitiate's newscast was solicititing feedback

Say, didn't it only take 4 years to defeat Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini?

Look at what I found on Yahoo while looking at 9/11 Anniversary pics:

So will night two of the Path to 9/11 be filled with

The Koppel documentary (Discovery) looks good....

Proving Nothing:How the 9/11 Truth Movement Ignores Reality (Joshua Frank)

The good news

Did you know Bush's hotel in FL on 9/11 had SURFACE-TO-AIR MISSILES?

HERE'S the BOYCOTT LIST! Hit them in their wallets starting now.

Path To 9/11 Berger scene REFUTED BY 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT

So what's the deal with the post PT 911 Nightline episode?

My 8th grader is being shown a movie about 9/11 Mon and Tues

What time is the CBS program on 9/11 supposed to begin?

Let's attack Disney's family image.

New ending to CBS documentary with Robert DeNiro, honoring firefighters

9/11 5th anniversary TOONS

I have blocked all ABC, ESPN, Family Network, etc. channels

Will Bush get a bump in the polls this week?

Shame on Ted Koppel.. I am disappointed in his show

Yes! Yes! I'm 1:45 minutes into this ABC Docudog...

Just wondering: Did PT 9/11 show any of the bullshit?

Family Guy Tonight

I watched the entire docu-drama ...ask me any questions...

Where is bin Laden? It has been 5 years.

OK, I just had to take my phone off the hook.

LOL. What a embarrassment of a SHITTY movie

****** Official PT911 Thread 3 *******


The fat asses at FREE REPUBLIC think DU is "frothing" over Path to 911

Bush: "It's hard not to think about the people who lost their lives"

Word doc of everything I could copy/paste from Yahoo News on 9/11/2001

Should we all now contact American Air & encourage them to sue

Who were the backers to PT 9/11?

Is there ANY way Harvey Keitel lives this down....

ABC/Disney - Path to 9/11 - The Story So Far

NYT, 9/11: "Blood of other people's children, next generation's money"

CBS 9/11 doc: "Okay, this isn't fucking Disneyland, let'sgo"

***Official PT911 Thread***

The Unbiased True Story Of Why Clinton Is To Blame For 9/11 (Tom Tomorrow)

Snow: 'We haven't found bin-Laden because al-Qaeda has been degraded'

NOW does Sandy Berger have grounds for a libel suit against Disney?

Five years later- a Remembrance

Air America listeners: Have they commented on ABC's film?

LT Watada needs our help!!!

My Oped on Sen. Talent (R-MO) Published tomorrow...

You know what they're doing don't you? (Path to 9/11)

I watched THE DOCUMENTARY tonight

great interview with Olberman in Salon


Why did it take Bush so long to address a frightened nation on 9/11?

Can you people please stop it with the PT911 Threads?

The protest in my little corner of the world today

PT911 - We're being Punk'd by Rove while Bush walks away clean

Disney forced ABC to pull story on Disney's Pedophile Problem

25-million-dollar Coca-Cola plant opened in Afghanistan

SIRIUS may add Malloy

Never let it come to this.

If the Fundies want to "Rapture" and go to "Heaven" so bad

HERE'S THE BOYCOTT LIST! The one that make sense.

These pictures says it all

GWB's unusual behavior the morning of 9/11.

The Family Guy / Bush Joke tonight:

*Bush* re: 9/11 "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

I'm outraged! ABC brought in the Lewinski scandal. I can't believe it.

Review slamming P to 9/11

Stop by and kick our "The Path to 9/11" thread.

Freeper responses to ABC's piece of filth fiction

Suggestion: don't mention politics when talking about the boycottees


***** Official PT911 Thread 2 ******

Where were you when 9/11/01 went down? What were you doing?

What if 9/11 had not happened? (Toronto Star)

Re: NYC air quality post-9/11; aren't residents also at risk?

Help me refute this Freeper...

The Path to 9/11

temporary home for ABC actions - Website I threw together yesterday

I'm watching The Path...

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: "Security"

Welcome, new DU readers. We're glad you're here. Sit a piece.

The Statue of Liberty in 2006

-.-. --- -. .-. .- -.. / -... ..- .-. -. ...

Let Them Eat Candy (Jason Miller)

It's starting. Comments?

This PT 911 probably will not convince anyone of anything,

By Cheney's logic, Clinton is blameless, unlike Reagan and both Bushes

email SIRIUS for Malloy

It's coming together: bin Laden, Bush, ABC

American taxpayers paid for Halliburton executives Super Bowl party

LOL check out Ken Blackwell's My Space page

Swiftboating America's historical record

I'm loving these Angelides ads (Arnold leading cheers for the chimp...

Frankly I Dont Care About Tommorow.....

Centrists need to watch out. Bush telling the truth and suddenly showing

Noted draft dodger Dick Cheney on "having the stomach for the fight"

Just thought of a one-word slogan ...

Maybe someone could ask Bush to reenact his learning about the attack

Oh, Jesus,....... To Think We Were Worried,...

The USMC Faces of 9/11 Online Memorial: "We Will Never Forget"

RE "Path to 9/11" - I'm calling it now

Kerry on CSpam...

NYT: For Democrats' Hopes, Less Promise in New York

We should all be very carefull.


The Path to 9/11

I just told ABC to get lost

GOP spokesman: "Americans have confidence this president can protect them"

Lamont did NOT praise Lieberman's rebuke of Clinton in 1998 e-mail

'Fess up .... who watched it?

Fellow Cheeseheads......How is Kennedy doing?

While we're waiting on Tuesday's primary results...

Zogby: a bunch of new polls

I hate to say this.... But we are truly powerless in this country....

The DLC threatened Clinton with losing for not toeing the line. 1994

John Kerry in the very best speech of his life

Time: Does God Want You To Be Rich?

Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree

Gore in Edinburgh: The internet is a "rebellion"

Reflections on 9-11

"The true horror is in losing sight of who we are" - AZ Daily Star

Kenya: God Bless America Or We Will All Be Sorry

Homeless live on the beach in Hawaii

The End of Civilization


Oklahoma Leads the Nation in Alternative Energy Growth, R&D

The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers

Left Behind - the Video Game

The Peeps Would Rather See Manning vs. Manning

Where’s the Clarity?

LAT/AP: World Remembers 9-11 but Many Not Crying

Next ABC Miniseries to Probe JFK Suicide

From Navy Times New reports cast doubts of justications for war

Le Monde editorial: 'Bush's Mistakes'

Cheney, 9/11 and the Truth about Iraq ( David Corn)

The other September 11

Alternate post 9-11 history(a fine work of satire by Jon Alter)

Mexico’s political crises intensifies after Calderón is certified as presi

Ron Reagan: Missed chances, squandered opportunities

The United States of America vs. Bill Keller (NYT editor)

Mickey Mouse's Karl Rove, Zenia Mucha


Turning up the volume on terror

George's end-of-term report (link) Funny!

Vilsack's Labors For Unity, David Broder

The Myth of Fair Elections in America

President [Clinton] wants Senate to hurry with new anti-terrorism laws


Global media abhors US response to 9/11

The overgrown wealth of an individual is dangerous to the State

(Richard) Branson to Invest $400 Million in Renewable Energy, Biofuels

Giuliani Blames Whitman Back On WTC Site Air Problems

UK Environment Minister - Gardeners Shld Replace Roses W. Yucca, Lavender

No Water Restrictions For Hard-Hit SE Spain, Despite Record Drought

Study Ties Warming to Intense Hurricanes

Delaware wind farm generates backing (offshore, 4000 MW potential)

Firm's goal: Yard waste into usable fuel (cellulosic ethanol, FL)

Aus. Industry Minister Dismisses Gore As "Unsuccessful Pres. Candidate"

US - Western Fire Season On Track For Worst In 50 Years - 8.7 M Acres Burn

China's Songhua River Hit By 130 Chemical Spills In Last 11 Months

5 Dead, 6,000 Poisoned In Cote d'Ivoire Toxic Dumping Scandal - AFP

Biological Impacts Of Rising Temps Seen Across India - IBN

World must wake up to the dangers of biofuels, head of Kew Gardens warns

Emission Targets Set at Helsinki Summit (AP)

EU Study Shows Potential CO2 Burial @ 50 Billion Tons/Yr. By 2050

India Dismisses Green Concerns On 50 New Resorts In Andaman Islands

Warming Powering Complex Pattern Of Alaskan Forest Damage - AP

LOL LTTE in Roanoke on Sunday -- Santa's home isn't melting

New Jersey to meet PV goal (90 MW) by 2008 (not original headline)

9/11 Toxic Legacy: CBC Documentary. Canadians Rock!

In the West, a Water Fight Over Quality, Not Quantity

Rightist MK Eitam: Expel Arabs from West Bank

Report: 90% of Palestinian complaints to police 'unsolved'

Palestinians torch Qalqilya YMCA

Eitam: Expel Palestinians, dismiss Arab MKs

NSA intercepts of hijackers' calls – update

We're Supposed to Believe this happened:

dupe - self deleted

Website Recommendations Please

9.11 Is Not For Politicians

VIDEO of the 09/11 Commission Hearing which was SUPPRESSED

9/11...have you all seen this?!

Bush's "Interesting" Day

Where can I find the new 87-min. Al-Qaeda-Video from 9-11-06?

U.S. Army General Says Flight 77 Did Not Hit Pentagon

Is being blocked by email? CENSORED DU HELP ME

Google Video: 9/11 Inside Job."Seen By More then 500,00 by Netherland"

Great article: Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

CBS: 9/11's Las Vegas Connection

My day 5 years ago

Cspan 2 Special on now hosted by 911 Press for Truth

NYPD Detective Breaks His Silence on Kahane and the WTC

What does it take to be a "9/11 conspiracy nut"?

I am not offended by the insult 'conspiracy theorist'

I'll give up LIHOP when someone explains Building #7 to me

Makers of Loose Change and Popular Mechanics writer debate 9/11

The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts-

"Loose Change" filmmakers debate Popular Mechanics debunkers

Is it better to engage 9/11 conspiracy theorists, or not?

Sarasota drags FL. SoS to court Wed. Paper trail demanded!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 9/11/06 - Elections DO Matter

Thinking of Andy and all the rest we have lost

Pelican Press in Sarasota County

Wall Street Journal Poll -- Radnofsky narrows gap to less than 9 points

Melancon needs YOUR help to defeat Hall

Texas Republican Scandal Breaking?

Imagine Peace

Radnofsky Climbs, Hutchison Stumbles to 45/47.8 in Polls: Press Release

Wall Street Journal Poll, Perry leads Bell by only 5 points, C4n3p's toast

DVO Whistlestops 9/12-15 (Panhandle, here he comes!)

Any one else here who does not like the flavor of canola oil?

Monday (9/11) Hair Of The Dog Edition of What's For Supper?

Spice storage revisted; magnetic paint, Tupperware, e-bay oh my!

Thanks to tuvor and CHIMO!

Dalai Lama presented honorary Canadian citizenship (peace center opening)

U.S. Senators visit Guantanamo Bay

CIA used ‘harsh interrogation techniques’ on bin Laden aide

Sebelius Protestor Claims he was Assaulted

Gay GOP candidate runs in Minn. primary

Green Party Leader Convicted of Taking Bribes

Chicago embraces designer beef trend

Security tight as Blair in Beirut

Stink over Irwin stingray revenge game

CBS: 9/11's Las Vegas Connection

9/11's Las Vegas Connection - Lingering Mysteries Of The Sept. 11 Attack

Howard committed to terror fight (plus Gore on Iraq, terrorism, more)

Shuttle links up with station for delivery

Bush proclaims a day "of renewing resolve"

Al-Zawahri: Gulf, Israel next targets

Shiite push for autonomy endangers Iraq's fragile coalition

Gov. Perry Gets Unexpected Heat From GOP

Iraq recruiting center blast kills 16

Japan launches new spy satellite

Gay Republican fights to keep Minn. seat

Global media abhors US response to 9/11

Lopez Obrador Says He Will Suspend Protest for Army's Parade

US intel report: Iraq's Anbar province 'politically lost'

Eric Alterman of Altercation fired from

Editor&Publisher: ABC Airs 9/11 Film -- Contested Scenes Remain

Mexico’s political crises intensifies after Calderón is certified as presi

Bill would name courthouse after Rush Limbaugh Sr.

BBC :'Fiction over fact' in 9/11 show

Report: Ford board will get option of cutting 6,000 more jobs

Afghan governor's funeral hit by bombing

Frustrated Bush defends US interrogation tactics

Prosecutors: GOP Fundraiser Sought Perks

Le Monde editorial: 'Bush's Mistakes'

BIG: American Airlines Threatening to Sue Disney/ABC

Boycotts for 911 propagandists -- has anyone got links

Rumsfeld techniques rejected

Saddam accuser targets foreign arms merchants (demands compensation)

Mayor vetoes Chicago 'living wage' bill

U.S. says nuclear double-standard on Iran justified

Rumsfeld: Iraq 'linchpin' of terror war

Football Rules Sunday night ratings

US Military death count for Baghdad excluded bombs,mortar & rocket attacks

Al-Qaeda mocks US as Iraq toll mounts

Homeless live on the beach in Hawaii

Suicide bomber targets Iraq army recruits, kills 13

Iran Closes Down 2 Opposition Newspapers

US patrols to weed out militias posing as Iraqi police

Frist backs Bush plan for trying terror suspects

(Sen. Lindsey) Graham: U.S. "screwed up" in Iraq

Republican "Club" takes aim at moderate Chafee

Salopek Comes Home (Freed by N. Mex. Dem. Gov. Bill Richardson)

U.S. wants to send suspect to Iraq court (US citizen!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 11 September

Colombia military in bomb scandal

Va. sex offender sues to remain anonymous

China reports record high trade surplus

The National Multicultural Institute Denounces CBS' Refusal to Cancel 'Sur

Breaking: Plane Diverted To Dallas - Fighter Jets Scrambled

Cheney: Sept. 11 a day of national unity

7 mortgage brokers shut down by state (Massachusetts)

Bush/Repuke photo-op, ground zero wreaths. No Dems allowed.

In Iraq, a call for foreign partners

Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11

Clinton, most Americans, skip ABC's 9/11 miniseries

Protestors hang Bin Laden effigy outside Culver City mosque

Bush to Appeal for Unity in Terror War

Reuters: Controversial "Death of a President" film debuts (in Toronto)

CIA: 5,000 Terrorists Captured or Killed

WP,pg1: Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance

Hacking of Schwarzenegger's Computer Suspected ("hot" tape downloaded)

Colitis strikes Senate hopeful (Jack Carter)

Blog Pioneer Alterman Axed by MSNBC (political decision by GE/NBC?)

Five years after 9/11, Arab resentment grows

Iraqis´view on 9/11 attacks

American Airlines criticizes ABC miniseries on 9/11 attacks

Saddam: No guilt about Kurd crackdown

China: Songhua River suffers near-daily chemical spills

Poverty, Mideast Top the Agenda in Cuba

5 years after 9/11, many angry at U.S.

For US soldiers, Iraq is still about 9/11

Mayor vetoes Chicago 'living wage' bill

I went out to eat three times in a single day, with three different people

Hot spot for picking up men, #2:

I just watched "The Illusionist"

Dammit my ear buds are broken!

My kind of client

"They say you can kill over 200 men...

Here's how they get elected!

"I do not like Rock and Roll Music; it is too loud..."

I cannot stand Paypal!

A plea to parts of my body that I'd like to see seduced

So what are you guys watching on TV?

Wow.. I just realized there are SEVENTEEN GD mods..

Here come the 9/11 orgies.

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of DUer RPM and his wife.

Happy Birthday Kristy McNichol !!!

I cannot stand RuPaul!

Hmm...there actually is something such as too much chile in a beverage

I want Clintus Maximus!

Good morning loungers!

Computer lesson more Jesus Camp ads! n/t

Please! A moment of silence for John Ritter

Downloading help needed

Mr. Eko on "Lost" is just too cool

"Wii60" fanboys, prefect republicanism

OMG! I Bought a Used Bakestore!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMSEY (ok, I should have posted this on Sunday)

Good Monday Morning, everyone. I woke up to water on the floor.

Goooooooooooood morning Lounge!

Anna Nicole Smith's son dies.

a happier anniversary for today

Women are made differently than men

Marilyn Monroe benefited from very charitable cinematography.

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name (2002 Super Bowl Live)

How long can you store bottled water?

Anyone know the website for the 9/11 conspiracy theory?

5 years ago this minute, I was checking in to get on a jet to Philly...

Yess!! Back on the wireless, bitches!

Rapture Ready Index has gone down a point this week

Woman wins 1 million dollars twice!

I wonder if Bush will do another reading of My Pet Goat today?

When the Yippies invaded Disneyland.

Nothing like a late night car crash to have a neighbourhood reunion

Question about Soldier of Fortune magazine

Archlord (open beta): *YAWN*

What's your favorite comic book one-liner?

So who's allergies are freakin' killing them today?

I'm getting ready to fire a client

Dumb joke on the worst day to post it.

What's up DU?

What happened on the day THAT PANTS FELL DOWN???

OMG! I Bought a Used Blarneystone!

"Chinese-style Vegetables & White Chicken"

The eight-year-old boy's mind.

Anything cool to do in Shreveport, Louisiana?

Sign I saw on a church today

Uh oh Tigers Fans...Who is that breathing down your necks?

My show is coming on in an hour

For my Dad on his Birthday

Poor Bermuda, they aren't having much luck this hurricane season

Normally I hate those dumbass Burger King ads but this one....

Best Lex Luthor?

my Happy Patriot Day thread in GD sank like a stone...ingrates.

Here's my latest DU Jukebox, if anyone's interested. A 9/11 Memorial.

Augusten Burroughs

Bush Marks 9/11 By Soiling Himself, Farting At Young Aides

You and I must fight for our rights! Knights of Cydonia. OMFG

Is mail being delivered today?

Tips for purchasing carpet?

Sometimes low-brow humor just works: Farting Preacher 5

Do they get ANY sexier than Lindsey Lohan?

WTF is Tony Blair doing going to Lebanon?

How long do you think the MSM will milk the 9/11 anniversary?

AFI's 100 Cheers - 100 movies that are the most inspiring. Do you agree?

We got three credit card offers in the mail today

Craigslist Is The New Street Corner For Hookers

Ever deal with an idiotic or dishonest seller on E-bay?

Man Can't Afford To Live In $3 Million Dream Home (He Won The Home)

Little help? Bookmark/source needed: "Proof of a liberal media"

You know you love your heart of darkness, you do.

"Who is this?"

Okay, to get someone into bed, what did you do that was against

Seems I'm not a fan of Wes Anderson

I wish the outside temperature would make its mind up already.

My Alternatives To **

Dammit! All My Children has just been interrupted to show * @ Pentagon

Remember Chaca Chaca?

Weird nature things going on.....

Need help for desktop illustration

A question for mechanics.

Monday, September 11. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Happy Birthday Franz Beckenbauer

DHL is one sorry ass shipping company. too


Happy Birthday Blue_Tires

Barbie, Ken and G.I. Joe" SLAYED the "Sunshine Family with their hippie

I'm being let go!

Best frog name?

What is it about grad students that makes Uni's wanna fuck us up?

Happy birthday wishes to....

Got the first pot of chili for the season on

Blah, blah, blah...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/11/06)

Tech/Graphic/Web question

Question Please: Hi-Speed Internet

Several drawings for your pleasure:

Cowboys Lost, NYGiants Lost - Eagles WON WON WON

Jesus Tapdancing Christ, I hate my political science text

Everybody post the :patriot: smilie!

Sniffa and I just made the *best* Roast Beef...

Anna Nicole Smith's son, 20, dies in Bahamas

MrG is flying to Chicago today...

I had my 1st car accident today

DU Car Experts? - Is it natural for rocks to be in the car's thingies?

Aw, come on! It's a kitten video!!

Anyone have a favorite cookbook?

My first kitten post.


My Aunt died on Friday...

Today is my 30th b-day --- Is my life officially over?

Alright DU bottled water snobs: your opinion of Propell 'fitness water.'

Best dog name?

Kids are more perceptive than we like to admit to ourselves

Hottest woman on Firefly/Serenity?


So, what were you doing five years ago today?

Create your own fictitious docudrama: Path to ________________

A little Eddie (Izzard) in the night (get yer humor break right here...)

Greenpeace issues toxic sex toy warning

"Does your husband know you're getting your hair cut short?"

"Daddy, why is Lex Luthor a bad person?"

There's nothing wrong with the refrigerator. (Warning: rant!)

Naughty Girls Fall 2006 Recruitment Drive

Elvira Mistress of the dark appreciation thread

Men, do you wear belts? Women, do you really dig them?

Post 10 Random books off your bookshelf...:)

Which early primary state would you move to?

Hottest man on Firefly/Serenity?

What turns you on?

I am the geekiest geek of all Geekdom. Bow before me, geeks.

Please help me find my Inner Stitch.

Are you flying the flag today? Some folks are.......

Here's some pics I just took...Tell me what you think! (Dial-up warning)

Greatest single shot in a movie:

Locked myself IN the car today

Worst youtube video ever contest

Have you ever felt your ego dissolve?

A sign of theocracy in the US? Public Expression of Religion Act...

Alzheimer's 'self-defence found'

Brown Seaweed May Be a Fat Fighter

can some here tell me some of there stories about hysterectomies or ..

Can there really be a truly straight line on the Earth?

Anyone watch WTC View on Logo last night?

Anti-gay union MPs call for conscience vote (South Africa)

Dozens gather to support gay rights-Portsmouth, NH

Episcopal Factions Meet Over Gay Divide

Indian director wants new film to raise debate about homosexuality

"It's Hard Out Her For A Coach".....Chuck Amato

Ryun Howard - NL MVP ??

New Matthew message.

Apologies if dup'd: Senator John Kerry to speak at Howard U this Thursday

I remember that day, Sept 11th, 2001

A prebuttal to

Remember, remember the 11th of September: I'm ANGRY today

Hey Mass. folks -- does Kos need to be corrected here?

John Kerry Blasts ABC's Desperate Docudrama

A Marine Col tells the truth about Iraq: we've lost in Al-Anbar province

New thread for Fun Activity for Kerry Lovers

NYT:Cheney Returns to a 9/11 Forum for Latest Iraq Defense

This guy would be perfect in the Freeper's camp...

Bush kills Medicare, DU applauds.

I missed the whole thing.

Don't worry, be happy!

Did Bush think Osama was coming after him on 9/11?

On the anniversary of 9-11 I must share my pain with the world.

Go Home, GW. (a Moby blog post for 9-11)

2,668 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

a Will Pitt post from 5 yrs ago that rings so profound and

5 years later, where is Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, & Mullah Omar ?

Why Militants Are Beating Technology Five Years After Sept. 11

Remembering the unthinkable

Should the Travel Channel also be targeted in our boycott...?

Please contact your local CBS station to thank them

It's 9/11 here on the east coast. Want to know what I am feeling?

Cullom/Cullum ? $75K GRANT to Chiquita Blanquita (talk show slime)

A moment of silence for the victims of 9/11 attacks.

I'm sick of the notion that one death is more important than another

"State of Emergency," a most disturbing fashion pictorial shoot

Media transparency.. Grant funding to right wingers.. very interesting

My 1st thought that morning: bush did this.

Great New TV Ad: Osama Bin Missing?

please delete, thanks mods

Speaking about this Zubaydah fellow--

WWW.WORLDCANTWAIT.COM !!!!Join the Resistance!

OK, it's that day again ...

Phil Ochs made me cry today

Unsung heroism

please delete, thanks mods

What I'm doing today

A female Protester nails Blair

I'll never spot another "Hidden Micky"....

Someone Clever 'Freeway Blogs' Disney Ride In Anaheim

Five years later, where the hell is the anthrax terrorist?

Terror!! Terror!! We're all going to die

Who has worked HARDEST to scare you?

On the anniversary of 9/11, this photo seems appropriate somehow.

G.W. Bush - Liar Liar

PT911 Spoiler Thread

"War on terror" cost US more than needed to pay off all poor nations debt

Post your "Path to 9-11" disclaimers here.

Sign the Declaration of Peace and get involved locally to end the war!

Congress to recreate the "America the Beautiful" moment today.

Will they take legal action against ABC/Disney? The Mouse that Roared

Reminder: The Path to 9/11 started way before the first WTC bomb

To New York:

Radical Fringe Cartoon 9/11

Carol Burnett vs. National Enquirer

And Now For Something Completely Different.

Remind Me Please.......

Electronic freeway blogging.

Will Osama EVER be found?

First Drudge blurb about PT911 ratings (good news)

Anybody know what the overnight ratings for PT911 are?

Something I don't understand about DU...

Who is the craziest and most demented commentator on the 24 hour news nets

Help: I need more info on the Joe Lieberman website hacking.

Contact info for ABC affiliates to let them know what we think

American Exceptionalism is dangerous

This Cannot Be Good!

Hillary's interview with Matt Lauer

Another Year, Another Predictable Opinion Page

Does Chris Matthews get paid by the word?

Forget 911

Rudi Giuliani: "Cashing In on Catastrophe" from The Nation magazine

VIDEO of the 09/11 Commission Hearing which was SUPPRESSED

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

A fitting beginning to today's anniversary.

"Short Shift at Ground Zero" - Kim and Reggie Harris

Lie by Lie: Chronicle of a War Foretold: August 1990 to March 2003

The ONLY terrorist to come out of Iraq and attack the USA was

OTHER SEPTEMBER 11ths worth remembering today.......

"Promises Not Kept" (Krugman on 9/11, NYT)

Probably the best anti-war movie ever made

msnbc replaying NBC's 9/11 coverage

I refuse to watch or listen to any MSM TV or Radio All day

Just who has painted a target on whose back? RE: Bush Assassination Film

Aaron Brown...

Bush* bullhorn moment

Marine chief of intelligence in Iraq: al-Qaeda controls 30% of Iraq

The only terrorists we have to fear are those that reside in the WH

Five years ago, a plane is making its terminal run at WTC 1

Would someone remind the pretender in chief

WH "press pool" reporter recalls the Florida classroom on 9/11/01

ABC, history the way the world has never seen it before


Bush: "I've got a pretty good crystal ball, if I could have anticipated"

5yrs Post 911 Bush/Cheney busy rewriting history and lying about facts

Bush "Terra" Media Blitz Not Moving Rasmussen Needle

So, when are they going to read the names of the 2,666 U.S. soldiers?

BOSTON it a RW rag???

Pop-Culture Quotes for 9/11 Anniversary

Oppo Research on RNC's Oppo Research Czar

Why is there still a hole in the ground?

Principal roasts Starbucks over steamy retro logo (bare-breasted mermaid)

9/11 happened on Bush's watch.

9/11 my daughter was in third grade, she goes to highschool next year


Windows HS: Microsoft designs a school system

Clinton Foundation: Despite edits, "Path to 9/11" misrepresents truth

Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance For Defense In "Terror Cases"

Breaking:Terra terra

WTF is that Maggie Thatcher

CNN Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11

Letter to my daughters from Sept, 2001

No apologies to KKKarl (re: Plame/Wilson)

"These people want to kill you"

Pentagon Hit Coverage

Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance

Howard Stern Replaying 9/11 show

Hollywood: The Pentagon's new advisor - Oct 8, 2001

so, the republican party AND the taliban both thought Clinton was satan...

Who is this RW $uck on Tom Ashbrook's NPR show?

If we "cut and run" then they "freeze in their tracks" or "run and hide"

I refuse to watch any of the 9/11 orgy on TV today.

Anbar Is Lost Politically, Marine Analyst Says

Where's Osama? (link to video)

Paul Krugman: Promises Not Kept - How did it all go so wrong?

Will Rep. Chris Shays Iraq hearing receive any coverage today?

I want to mourn...

Richard Clarke: Each time it would get close, Tenet would pull the plug

"Terror-Proof" Planes

My Fellow Americans: Here's What President Bush Thinks of You on 9/11

It Was Horrific...

does anyone have any DU threads from 9/11/01 they can post???

Special Counsel Cancels Award Ceremony for Whistle-Blower

Why can't AA Radio get it's online stream to work properly?

very well, so it is painfully/abundantly clear; we have enemies foreign...

"Path to... yawn" ratings must have sucked

It's not often I relish in the misfortunes of others

The Pet Goat

September 12, 2006

any word yet on Disney stocks?

Hey, Rush Limbaugh! Or, one of his Hitler Youth Interns

Khatami denounces Osama bin Laden as a "barbarous" criminal

Heads up: "Press for Truth" Press conference this morning on cspan

Cheney: Dems will not win in November. He should know since he and his

Greenpeace issues toxic sex toy warning

"No thanks. I lived through it."

One positive that will come out of 911 exposure will be ....

That CBS pulled the Reagan production and ABC went ahead with

WOT - How Do You Win A War On An Idea? .....

Bill Clinton 9/11 anniversary speech on CSPAN3 shortly

The Hidden Agenda of ABC's The Path to 9/11 : Not the HOW but the WHY

What is disgusting about today is that the nation is wallowing

Whatever the ratings, CBS won a moral victory over ABC

Armstrong Williams: "We Don't Know" What Bush Said To Card On 9/11???

Even on my favorite sports radio station...

9/11: A Personal Rememberance

In tomorrow's Rhode Island primary...

WOW. POTUS and FLOTUS are showing great respect for the 911 victims

The Idiot and Pickles really are without a clue.


Don't call it "Patriot Day"

How can Bush "care" about the 9/11 victims if he has already admitted...

Suppose just for a minute that Path to 9-11 was a true account

Whistle-blower slams Iraq contractor (Kellogg, Brown & Root)

I Grieve

bu$h: I am a divider not a uniter

MSNBC is running the news as hit happened 9/11

Football and Flybys

Watching MSNBC 9/11 2001 broadcast. Interesting that Arafat was one of

The squandering of that moment of national unity

By the definition that Bush has assigned to Patriot for Patriot Day

A question for combat veterans...

Now that 'P to 9/11' has aired what will 'Netvocates' flood DU with next?

Hacking of governor's (arnie) computer suspected

Is there are law that First Ladies

Afghani opium funds terrorists

Am I correct? This 911 day is much more discussed than years past?

Blasting away at ABC/Disney right wing thugs was the CORRECT thing

FDR quotes from great Rich column yesterday

Archived Salon Table Talk thread from 9/11/01: An interesting look back!

Apparently the Iraqi and Afghanies are taking a day off too

Commemorate 9/11 by watching "The Corporation"

2004:Bill Clinton says Bush erred by giving Saddam priority over bin Laden

CNN: How can we improve our image? "Elect a new president"

Should I be sad today, or enraged? I can't decide

TWO THOUSAND ONE, NINE ELEVEN - A beautiful tribute to those who died.

I'm going to have a hellish night tonight.

2004: Cheney Blasts media on Iraq-AlQueda Link

had to laugh this a.m. at what W.J. host said about Hitchen's writing

2004:Disney Has Blocked the Distribution of My New Film by Michael Moore

2004: W blames Clinton in "chat" with 911 commission

I just blasted Dixie Chicks song

My poster made the front page of Bartcop!

Five Years after 9/11 I miss my friend

India remembers Sep 11

My thoughts today after the recent goings on

Ted Koppel last night.

"The Path to 9/11" changed everything

How many networks ran 9/11 programs during prime time last night?

9/11 Vendetta-U tube longer version

Poisonous clouds of pollution spread after Israel air strike

Happy Patriot Day!

Top 25 Censored Stories of The Year from Project Censored

Bush steps on the American Flag

The Olbermann Factor (long interview with Keith — well worth reading!)

CAPTION the shameless grave robbing scumbag...

Five Years Lost

ATTENTION! Wesley Clark on Al Franken's Show today at about 1:30.

WICKED EVIL..... THEY KNEW... those bastards knew 9/11 was coming

911 And Saudi Arabia Inexorably Linked ....

New conservative tactic on "Path to 9/11"

Isn't it a bit odd...

"It’s time to stop living in fear and start acting like Americans. "

Oaxaca: A General Loss of Fear

"Why did your son murder mine?" (WaPo)

WAIT A MINUTE:: Who had the REAL Warnings?? Who had the UPDATES?

Well one thing for sure there was a lot of truthiness in Path 9-11

Can someone who did NOT watch Path to 9/11 tell us about it?

Bush in Pennsylvania. . . . disturbing

George Bush on 9/11/01: "But the day ended on a relatively humorous note."

After all the hoopla, pt 911 was a bust. Just checked the boards

Where Have All The Flags Gone?

Neo-Cons 9/11-Themed Ad Tells Americans: 'Your Life Depends On YOUR Vote'

The Lies of George Bush Exposed - Larry Johnson

Man accuses RNC of stealing his 'W' logo, $100M federal trial opens Nov. 7

Kurtz: Berger has no case that ABC is libel

His face turned red & he looked like he had to go to the bathroom (Bush)

These pictures are evidence that thi* man very possibly resents

Cookie Roberts on NPR? Is she a puke? Rightwing Nazi?

Remember, Remember, 11 September

I dreamed I kicked a top Gov. elected officer in the balls. Am I bad?

Keith having a "special hour" tonight from Ground Zero

2004:Bush@Cheney coached for the meeting with the 911 Commission

Words can't describe the loathing I have for these lying bastards...

Are falling gas prices and 9/11 commemorative attempts to save GOP?

Robert Scheer: Gaping Holes in the 9/11 Narrative

Dietrich on September 11

Heads Up!!! Gen. Wes Clark coming up on Al Franken... :)

Ted Koppel on Discovery Channel last night

God, Do You Remember the Good Ole Days, When Cheney was hiding?

Le Monde Editorial: 'Bush's Mistakes'

9/11...have you all seen this?!

What does ABC really stand for?

Google Video: 9/11 Inside Job."Seen By More then 500,00 by Netherland"

Homeland Security Is a $130 Billion Bonanza for "Merchants of Fear"

Is being blocked by email? CENSORED DU HELP ME

U.S. Army General Says Flight 77 Did Not Hit Pentagon


Rice: ‘There Were Ties Going On Between Al Qaeda And Saddam Hussein’

Bush Administration Has Long History Of Propaganda Within U.S.

Help! Did "Path to 9/11" show Atta boarding American Airlines

P2911: The good news and bad news for tonight

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham : U.S. 'screwed up' in Iraq

US Magazines review of PT 911? Can they be this ignorant?

Katie Couric's First Week: Third Place On Friday

Tragedy Central Roast of George Bush / Flash Video

Lieberman blog shuts down comments

Hey Arizona experts...who do I need to vote for tommorrow ?

ABC 9/11 MovieTROUNCED by Football-Ties Documentary Rerun

Looking back 5 years......

Limbo is orgassing over ABC's Robt IGER. Yet the donation list...

Democracy Now- Popular Mechanics vs Loose Change

Ratings: NBC Football: 23 share, ABC "Path to 9-11" 12 share

breaking one watched abc last night! .....well 7.1% did

Millbank mopes for Lieberman

Numbers for today

Fast Forward 5 yrs. to the 10th Anniversary of nine eleven.

Cafferty is back! Here are his questions for today's show

any opinions on the publication "The Nation" , it really a progressive

Happy Terror Day!

Dear ABC/Disney: ..Wow-Just Wow!!

Alertnet: 355,000 cutoff from aid in fighting in Darfur

We should all place a Picture of Bush on our sites "ON HIS WATCH"

Path to the Revolution

"Path to 9-11" artwork PLAGERIZED!

Meeanwhile Back In Iraq, Which Had NOTHING to Do With Sept.11!

I wonder how many people were late to work that day

Poll: What is the shelf life of mankind?

Congrats Atheists/Agnostics! You are more likely to be Godless liberals

Rare Kudos for Tweety's courage today

TODAY IN HISTORY; Anthrax letters mailed. Postmarked 9/11/01

Oxycontin Boy is bragging today....

VIDEO - NPC/911 Press For Truth Conference Calls For New Investigation

My garish, tacky, and freepish 9/11 tribute... ** PIC **

"P2991", "The Reagans" and something to chew on

That #@!&* Kean is on C-span doing a whitewash on 9/11

TPM Muckraker: Crucial GOP Senate Seat Surprise!!

What does it mean to be mean?

Katie came in 3rd on Friday - Going down fast

Democracy Now hosts Loose Change/Popular Mechanics Debate

"Loose Change" filmmakers debate Popular Mechanics debunkers

TPM Cafe: "Vote Republican... or die?"

Squirrels are stealing American flags... Video! LOL

AP: Iraq Official Calls for Oil Partnerships (with Big Oil)

Resistance is NOT futile. Scream for an end to the madness Oct. 5.

The Big Dog Comes out for Claire!

O'Donnell to Card: "Only 5 Min. Bush Delay"

$lush fund from Canada to the White House???

Found this in my files Bin Laden Captured 2004

What a wonderful day... many days long is the griefgasm scheduled to last?

Anna Nicole Smith's son, 20, dies in Bahamas

Just reviewing Bush's day on 911

In memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11/73


C-Span's: Capital Question of the Day

Possible reason Disney slandered American Airlines

Bush Takes Time During 9/11 Interview To Assure Us of Lauer's Abs- PICS

This is how you hit back at Disney (from BBC)

Randi Debunking Path Movie

Hey ABC-When you lay down with dogs...


Where is bin Laden? It has been 5 years. Repost

US is losing WOT on its front of choice, western Iraq

Bored? PT9/11 deflate you? Want a picker-upper? Then...

9/11/01 - The Day Bush Failed to Do His Job

Neil Young's best (and shortest) protest song--"Soldier"?

Spin the Wheel of Adjectives to describe today's exploitative ceremonies

Email from Afghanistan:

In Case You Missed This: In 98 Clinton Came Close to Toppling Hussein.

Watching CNN's "live" 9/11/01 feed all day. Where's BUSH?

MSNBC fires.........................


Bishop shuts churches, celebrates wedding anniversary


Remember a couple years back when emails were being censored by one ISP?

CNN is replaying their 9/11 coverage on their "Pipeline" feature

Can someone help me with a question?

Remember...right-wing Republicans hate.....

the truth is undeniable

Bush, Giuliani, McCain... John McCain????

A picture of W's WTC

ThinkProgress: "McCain Labels Bush's Iraq Critics 'Schizophrenics'"

Why Blogs? (Mickey Z.)

Local union hosts Iraqi worker photo exhibit

What the hell?

9-11-2007 - Fuck You, George W. Bush (Daily Kos thread)

Remembering what DID happen. The Classroom/NYC Split-Screen video returns.

POLL: More Americans blame Bush for failing to prevent 9/11

How did it get THIS BAD? RE: Corporate media bias

Is it just me or is there much more 9-11 hype this year????

WORST PHOTO-OP EVER!!! (Bush at WTC memorial)

Cheney offers to bet on congressional Republicans

When are the "Jesus Camp" ads going away?

Bush to re-read MY PET GOAT to Nation......

Poll: What is the shelf life of the United States...

Who is Al Qaeda's #1 man?

HEADLINE: World mourns 9-11 victims but criticizes US response

I'm going come right out and say it. The Pentagon wasn't hit by a plane...

One of the more important posts recently

"Path to 9/11" Part 2 - Live Notes From Althecat In NZ

Starbucks Sued for $114M Over Recalled Employee Coupon

PHOTO: Bush & company in bizarre, isolated 9/11 photo-op

Remember, remember, the 11th of September

The "My Pet Goat Seven Minutes" ... were they necessary?

WaPo: CIA Agents Running to Get Insured in Case of (War) Criminal Trials

ACTION ALERT Unmoderated Yahoo Groups block

How about a memorial or ceremony for all those killed SINCE 9-11?

The war in American hearts and minds

Bill would name courthouse after Rush Limbaugh Sr.

Please vote in this poll: Who do you believe was responsible for the 9/11

good email from Ted Kennedy re state of things, missing Osama etc

Woot Woot Red Alert Red Alert....

I'm curious about "Path to 9/11" tonight...

What did freepers do before Clinton came on the scene?

Don't forget yer Commemorative 9/11 "The Pet Goat" figurines!

The Pentagon now part of the Bermuda Triangle!

"You gotta change their culture".. Okay..Let's do it.

Has anyone seen that there is "Grey's Anatomy" banner on DU?

my first official abc boycott!!

Who's more American, the 65% of Americans who oppose Bush and Iraq war or

Where was the US military on 9/11?

Pentagon 9/11 Dedication Cheney & Rumsfeld General reminded

How can I acquire me some kpete metabolism?

Somebody asked for a list of President Clinton's anti-terrorism efforts?

Sarandon calls urge Democrats to vote for Clinton challenger

Not to say I told you so BUT...

Damn the Bush Clan to hell!

SSCI Iraq Report Phase II

A thanks from fmr 9/11 Commission Counsel at Center for Am. Progress

Where do republicans go when they die? (cemetery pic)

A seek preview of Keith Olberman Specail Comment on 9/11

apart from the boycott, is there ANY value to griping to the FCC? which

BMaher show last Fri: why did he only mention planted explosives

Cheney: Saddam "sitting on top of a big pile of cash" if still in power

First Responders on 60 Minutes

I'll always remember 9/11 -- but dammit, I LOOK FORWARD to this date:

for filmmaking style only, path to 911

what happened on Nov 16, 1981???? anyone remember Luke and Laura?

Remember how CBS pulled the Reagans? ABC did no such thing

The real lessons of 9-11 - Aravosis nails it.

Are the Jersey Girls taking on Coulter tonight?

Boycotts for 911 propagandists -- has anyone got links


Howard Dean, Remembering September 11th

Came across a poll to DU

Does anyone have a link to the vid of * looking for Osama?

Idiot Son to appeal for "unity" (lockstep approval of his FAILED policies)

NY guy on news: "How many times is he going to come back to see a hole?"

Sex Offender Sues Va. to Keep Name off Web

Are you angrier now than you were after Theft 2000?

CNN screen cap: some excerpts from tonight's speech...

Little help? Bookmark/source needed: "Proof of a liberal media"

9-11 is Bush's greatest accomplishment

Rachel Maddow loves the 9/11 report!

Dubya demonstrates proper flag etiquette

Why has there not been another attack?

Why Would Masood Need Permission from Clinton to Kill Bin Laden

Olbermann will offer a special commentary tonight - sneak peek

Marin Independent Journal: Some still can't, or won't, believe


We are more safer now, compared to September 10th 2001...

"I haven't had a chance to read it."

I'm glad we're talking about it.

fyi - on bravo "The West Wing" replay of 9/11 lockdown episode

Have they put out the statistics yet stating how many

Let's Assume (Network News Poll)

Electric car blows the doors off of Ferrari and Porsche in 1/4 mile

Anyone have a copy of Ann's Life List?

Did you know $100 million to investigate Clinton; $14 million for 9/11

Why were there were no fireflies this summer?

Hey, has anyone here seen...

I'll give up LIHOP when someone explains Building #7 to me

No one can say what happened to (9/11) hijackers' car seized in Maine

Bush standing on American flag doormat, do you have the pic?

Podcast of 3 PDA candidates on Laura Flanders (inc. Tasini)

After All of the Lies

How can you convince a pro-lifer to vote for a pro-choice Democrat?

So - no lawsuits filed yet, eh?

A comedic relief, an oldie but goldie - Bush's driver:

Christopher Hitchens is drowning in (spiked) Koolaid!

Bush takes time during 9/ comment on Matt Lauer's abs.

what is wrong with these giggling clowns, Condi and Gonzales

If CNN were around during WWII, would it have invited us to "relive"

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

Pet Goat on CNN Now kid you not.

So fuckhead is gonna be half time entertainment.

Poll: middle-aged, white, male, upper-income, Southern Repubs support war

After 5 years, has the FTC figured out who shorted AA stock?

On Sept. 11, 1973, Pinochet finally overthrows Chile's elected government

Who paid for "Path to 9/11" anyway?

Bin Laden determined to strike in US- August 6, 2001 to Sept 11, 2001

Does Lynne Cheney have a long lost twin?

Did you read what happend to Anna Nicole Smith?

A New World Order Coming?

Did * put his finger in Matt's face this morning?

Latino Congreso takes strong anti-war stance...

What were the Right's problems with the Reagan movie?

Newsweek 2004: Bush in 2001 Ended Op. CATCHER'S MITT, to catch AQ in US!

9-11 PRESS FOR TRUTH news conference on CSPAN 1 now.

"Isaac and Ishmael" - the West Wing 9/11 episode - on Bravo @7pm EST

Watch Paul Thompson on Cspan Now!

Is it better to engage 9/11 conspiracy theorists, or not?

Does anyone else feel like I do that we make too much of 9/11?

MUST I watch Tweety lick the boots of Giuliani and Pataki today???

From Moby to Bush - "go home, gw"

On this day, it's important that we NEVER QUESTION WHAT HAPPENED....

please delete, thanks mods

Tomorrow is primary day in several states: Does you state have one?

Wolfie Asks Hillary About PT 9-11. . . .

Lt. Col. Bowman held 9/11 news conference

"After all, religion drove those planes into those buildings..."

This isn't the first time Bush stepped all over the flag!

Where Is The Outrage?!!

What Are You Doing Tonight At 7 p.m. cst?

He didn't plan them, he did not set them in motion, but did provoke them

THANK GOD the best part of Monday Night Football

Do you realize there are 10 primaries tomorrow?

THE "NUMBER" IS up to 2,669 today

Global Media Abhors US Response to 9-11...

Bicyclist Awaiting Ambulence Hit Again

PBS Newshour had a really good 9-11 discussion tonite. Worth watching.

Russell Simmons on Hardball talking about love

Read this and see if you don't think Olbermann will be a no-miss tonight.

If 911 hijackers/$$ recvd were N Korean would N.Korea be mentioned today?

Andrew Sullivan says Rove going after own party who oppose Bush.

Lou Dobbs - CNN poll winning the war against radical Islamist terrorism?

It's unfortunate that political life in America is decided by.....

ABC Consultant Richard Clarke Blasts PT911-Hints at Conspiracy

Bush's lackey was just on lying his ass off...

Damn, lots of flying out of Tinker AFB this afternoon.

Freeper says iraq and 9/11 linked for these reasons

BartCop:" Hard-hitting newswoman" Katie Couric fawning over Bush

How will a Democratic win affect bush's global war on terror?

(VIDEO) Post-9/11 Daily Show. Heartbreaking

What does "dying in vain" mean anyway? I am sick of this statement. nt

Breaking: ABC NEWS: Brad Pitt is really Will Pitt! Documentary to follow

911 incompetence or something more sinister

Hillary on Hardball speaks very very true to herself

GOOD CITIZENS believe what their masters tell them!

EYEWITNESS: Post your story of 9/11 if you were THERE

MSNBC shitcans Alterman....but the good news is....

Hastert doesn't know the words to the National Anthem..

Republican Nominee Celebrates September 11th With Dove Shoot Fund Raiser

You know what I'd REALLY like to see on TV today?

BRAD PITT- We Won't Wed Until Law Allows Everyone to Wed?

The fundie lady at work just asked my feelings on "the" anniversary...

Wolfie has Karen Hughes on to explain why the world hates us

Happy 9/11 Day! ...

Overnight ratings for "Path to 911" -- in 2nd place most of the night...

who funded ABC's Path to 9-11? a dominionist group and DHorowitz group

BBC's viewing of the 2nd part PT9/11 grossly re-writes Bush's history.

Please unFreep this poll on 9/11 Responsibility

Blumner: Rocky Anderson may be 'America's Mayor'

"9/11 Press for Truth" - Not a "docudrama".

Dang, there is something I just can't remember

Did Apple scrap its plan for distributing the 9/11 Lie?

Question for DU historians:

Keep going Al....

News headline: September 11, 2007


from Daily Kos: Bush May Declare War on Wide-Angle Lenses

PT911: Libel law, Sandy Berger, and 'Carol Burnette v Natl Enquirer' (1983)

Another important Sept. 11 happening

This was for me, the moment when I lost it re: 9/11....and still do

Walk with Me Through this Day (9/11 think piece)

I hope The Plaid Adder doesn't take offense by my posting her

My 9/11 Published LTTE, and “The Power of Remembrance.”

My Good Deed for the Day (9/11 Related)

A bit of good news, "The Path" tied for last place in ratings on Sunday.

Review of "Saint of 9/11" (Father Mychal Judge)

I just watched Bush at Pentagon memorial service.

ABC Hits Panic Button?

"Through Our Enemies' Eyes"

NCO in Iraq: "I'd like to punch (Rumsfeld) in the gut..."

ABC/Disney - another reason NEVER to compromise with repubs

Let's face it, this is CHRISTMAS for the RIGHT - Ads for Campaigns by ABC

Dennis Hastert doesn't know the God Damn National Anthem

What errors or mistruths were ever documented in F9-11?

Of all the days to be an idiot, he picks this one.

The DU Jukebox (A September 11 In Memoriam Edition)

Major LA TImes article: HIdden Depths to U.S. Domestic Surveillance

Protesters rally at Ground Zero for Bush visit - - - - - -> VIDEO

Majority of Alabama voters say invasion of Iraq was 'right thing'

The Moment That Changed America Forever: August 6, 2001

Perspective from Europe : strong mixed emotions about 9/11 & the 5 years

The Nation: The "Vote For What You Believe In" Campaign (TASINI)

Happy National George W. Bush Day everyone!

Press release from American Airlines

Invitation to the DUngeon - aka: The 9-11 Forum

What Bush squandered in our name - in pictures.

Scoop/Autorank - Film Review: 9/11 Press for Truth

Cheer up. Let's plan our DU trip to The Hague for the BushCheney Trials!

Is Osama dead?

Bush; Try not to giggle tonight, OK?

"Imagine a shoe stamping on a symbol of freedom - forever."

self evident

The Plot of Bush's 9/11 reading selection "The Pet Goat" --- PsyOps?

Could you please K & R this thread for 200+ Appalachian schoolchildren?

Police: Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands

Katie Couric: 'Bush is the COMFORTER-IN-CHIEF today'

Steal this web page

Stink over Irwin stingray revenge game

American Indian people mark 500 years of terrorism.

Transcript of CBC interview with Lee Hamilton - 911 conspiracy theories

the sexually twisted minds of middle eastern men (& a lot of other men)

More Blatant Bullshit from John Yoo

Overnight Ratings: Football Slaughters ABC's Mockudrama

Bush's Brain (A German Explanation)

Reflections on loss, this 11th day of September

My Personal 9/11 Survivor Story

Is it really Democracy?

My, my, Bush certainly is the Star of 9/11, isn't he?

Bush's chief advisor on terror: BUSH DIDN'T TAKE TERROR THREAT SERIOUSLY

I was rude to a republican today at work...

A favor to ask of those debating the "official" 9/11 story

The Path From 9/11

American Airlines can not reply to my email because they

Young Turks sells out to Air America

Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

Why 9/11 Happened: Bush Cancelled Operation "Catchers Mitt",

Some bulleted points about THE PATH TO 9/11 and Scholastic.

Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11


Grandpa marches on DC for clean air and safe schools

Just saw a cop shoot a homeless guy's dog

My 1,000 th Post- This One's for Wiley

We will not live in fear.

CLINTON's Lawyers-ANOTHER-Letter-"ABC Failed To Address Factual Errors"

LOL-- I've been denounced as "anti-American" to my employer...

Confronting Corruption in Labor Unions:

Home school / Santorum, not the state, should pay Penn Hills

What I just don't get.....

Gay GOP candidate runs in Minn. primary

I hope KO will show the whole 7 minutes of *'s class act on Countdown. -

Is it 2008 yet?

Ronald Reagan

How 9/11 changed America: In statistics

"If people blame Clinton after seeing this, then the miniseries has failed

Paper trail in Florida goes to court....St. Pete Times this morning...

Photos: Bush's NY "Service of Prayer & Remembrance" photo op

How Did We Get From 9/11 to Iraq?

Wanted: GOP operatives w/background in campaign-related criminal conduct

O'Reilly:'s Editorial Director is "putting us all in danger"

Five-Year 9/11 Anniversary Check Of The Osama Clock

History Is Being Rewritten As We Watch.......

MSNBC Live: Silent Dick

Gay Republican fights to keep Minn. seat

My senses and sensibilities have been taken from me by our government

Top 20 Congressional districts most likely to change parties

Do we know if Bill Clinton is going to sue or not? Or will he have to wai

Boy, is my face RED!

Boston Globe op-ed weeping over "A new low in Bush-hatred"

LAT: 2 Georgia Races May Threaten Democrats' Struggle for Power

My letter to David Brooks regarding his article on Populists

Tom Daschle "deeply concerned" about election commission incompetence

Bush Whitehouse loses pet poodle...

Stairway to 9/11 --- AAR has great parody...

Bush: "It's hard not to think about the people who lost their lives"

Bush* reading "The pet goat" on 9/11, youtube video:

Sebelius Protestor Claims he was Assaulted

Who paid for "Path to 9/11" to air without commercials?

CIA Operatives Sign Up for Torture Insurance

Ted Koppel has a hit show on Discovery Channel

Progress for America - Terror Commercial being shown today

Sunday Night Football trounces Path to 9/11 in ratings

Day of reckoning; America’s economic meltdown

Put Jetblue on MUST USE WHENEVER possible. (It's also blue) (ABC related)

Zenia Mucha the "Director of Revenge" (Disney)

MSNBC's 3-hour repeat of the live 9/11/01 broadcast. Good idea? Bad idea?

OTHER SEPTEMBER 11ths worth remembering today.......

Someone on DU earlier posted this NYT...

Attorneys argue New Orleans school employees' rights in lawsuit

Union labors door-to-door to get out vote

Raw Story Video: Protesters rally at Ground Zero for Bush visit

The Lewinsky Affair Distracted the Congress from Terrorism

"Path to 9/11" Distracts From Awful Senate Phase II.

GOP preface to GOP rules: create perception Repubs have secret strategy

U.S. would be safer if Hussein still in power

The Anglo-American empire’s 9/11 atrocity: criminality’s zenith

Just got this petition from an 'Obvious' Neo-con!!!

Bush is a vocal fan of Matt Lauer's abs...(true story)

Rep. Case FAILS to support recall of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert

Robert Scheer: Gaping Holes in the 9/11 Narrative

Cheney slips and calls himself President!

Madison Ave. Exec Reveals How to Lose Elections

Photo: "I'll be right back. I need a drink. GOD, do I NEED A DRINK..."

it's hard to read all this and still believe they didn't know

This is a pitch for the California Vets. Read it or not.

"9/11 Press For Truth" on You Tube...

Hope and determination in Ohio

Immigrant rights activists march to House Speaker’s doorstep, vow big vote

Retaliation Against Whistleblowers Threats, Retaliation, and Litigation

Lamont should use this in an ad to piss off that disgusting Joe Lieberman!

scheme by GOP President George W. Bush and his Labor Secretary Elaine Chao

Tell Elder Manufacturing that its time to prove that they care about worke

Giuliani looks back, but fails to thank God George Bush is our president

SEIU Remembers Sept. 11 Victims 62 members were killed

Republican Senator: Iraq Insurgents "Same Enemy" Who Attacked on 9/11

MSNBC, right now: Does Bush deserve credit for no attacks since 9/11?

Hospital attendant dies after rescuing coworker attacked by patient.

Ohio grandma rages at corporate tax hypocrisy

WTF? Kondracke: "Democrats for their side, use fear, fear, fear itself"

We are more safer now, compared to September 10th 2001...

9-11 Psychosis - How we've let a single event drive us Nuts!

Military seriously falsifies deaths in August.!

Bush is hugging and kissing on the Pentagon widows.

Are the Freeps Pissed at the Right People?

Medicare Costs to Increase for Wealthier Beneficiaries (NYT)

The best link ever!

Eric Alterman fired by MSNBC

A way to protest Disney

"Listening to Rove and the Republican Screech Monkeys is a waste of time"

Blog of Joe turned off comments!

where were you 5 years ago today?

They pulled this off the Discovery channel two hrs .before airtime

Freeps wet themselves over "CNN Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11"

NYT book review: The Republican Collapse May Not Be So Imminent

Whom do "they" appeal to with rhetoric like this?

E-mail MSNBC now to support Keith!

Halliburton executives ordered a big-screen TV and tacos to Iraq

Al Gore in Australia

Harris, GOP differ on Jeb Bush commitment

Conservative Pundit: "We Don't Know" What Bush Said To Card On 9/11???

Yes, I support UNITY....its the guys in charge I got a beef with

We leave Iraq, Iran moves in and takes over.

What does Katherine Harris know that Keith Olbermann doesn't?

This ad could get the Dems a huge win......

Is Kerry's speech somewhere?

Extry! Extry! Read all about it! Olbermann to call for impeachment tonight

Who Destroyed Post-9/11 Unity? The GOP, That's Who

"The Sixteen Acre Ditch" and more thoughts about "9/11"/ Billmon

Internal Polls in Georgia don't look good.

LIHOP advocates for making this part of a platform for elections

Levin Reads Details of Bush Lies Into Senate Record

I figured out how to post on free rebublic - I post this.

In Rhode Island, Conservative Group "Push Polling" Against Chafee

The Real Pet Goat (Mary Lyon From The Left)

Bush's record of failure before, during and 5 years after the 9/11attacks

An unpopular post

Clark on AAR: 9/11 preventable, caused by Bush's dereliction of duty.