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Archives: September 14, 2006

Day of reckoning; America’s economic meltdown

Blumenthal: Emerald City exposed

Fighting the Larger War

Military admits problems in Anbar after leaked report

DHS releases Cyber Storm report

Blair hit by Lebanon backlash as minister admits ceasefire 'mistake'

Palm Beach Post's "Politician-in-Chief"

Housing decline to bottom out in mid-2007: NAHB

Restoring San Joaquin River Could Take Decades

World has 10-year window to act on climate -expert

Silicon Research Will Transform Solar Cells

Why Isn't Butanol More Prevalent? Science or Politics?

'Sign of life from Gilad Shalit'

Amnesty International report: Hezbollah guilty of war crimes

Lebanon To Sue Israel Over Oil Spill Caused By Bombing

Oliver Stone hints at darker 9/11 film in future

"11 September 2001 - What We Saw" (You-Tube video)

Controlled Demolition Expert and WTC7


Need help in GD ! VOTE UP You Tube & Google Vid of Princton Vote Demo

Rage Against the New Machines (NOT Levers!)

Did anyone catch Avi Rubin on Franken today?

Former Gov Ann Richards has passed away.

Ann Richards - RIP

I'm just so sad tonight

Minister wants Penn's butt


Voters Who Registered With Bank Statements Could Be At Risk

Son of Ex-Liberian Pres. to Plead Guilty

Mother of Missing Boy Commits Suicide (after Nancy Grace trashed her

Breaking CNN: Anne Richards has died - Former TX Governor

Air America Stiffs Franken

NATO fails to respond to commanders' call for reinforcements

Charities threaten to boycott IMF over ban on Singapore protests

NATO gets no offers of extra Afghanistan troops

GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping, Tribunals

Lamont: U.S. Weaker Because of Iraq War

Lockyer warns of HP leak charges

NYT: House Republicans Will Push for 700 Miles of Fencing on Mexico Border

Oil Rises a Second Day on U.S. Supply Decline, Iran Tensions

US looks to rebuild Sarbanes-Oxley as business friendly

Immigration no threat to English use in U.S.: study

WP: In R.I., a Model for Voter Turnout (... Strategy May Give GOP an Edge)

U.S. Lumber Company Execs Appeal to Congress to Block Administration Plan

NYT: Democrats Form New Group, September Fund, for Fund-Raising and Ads

Oil supplies could 'last 140 years'

Wiccan sign allowed on soldier's plaque

Voting rights center says voters may be prevented from casting ballots

Ann Richards dead

Check out my thread in GD

Is it okay to criticize the dead now, or are we still praising St. Hitler?

can anyone give advice on finding a decent job in NYC area?

What's your experience been?

Have you seen the new Pita Thins advert? Oeditpus Rex - you should

Do you know anyone who uses the phrase "rap band"?

So, I figured out what to get my nephew for his 1st birthday.

Rant on assholes in this surprise.

I'm going to bed! Ask me anything

aaaand the Mets win their 90th!

Were the Rolling Stones ever any good?

Maybe we need a Satire Forum

Post Your Desktop Wallpaper

Help me out, DU: Which history essay should I write?

A new avatar submitted for your approval...

Earworm Earworm Earworm Earworm Earworm Earworm

Help me decide whether to play soccer again

Q: What is "Blu-Ray"?

Letterman tonight:

This day in history

Where Is eyepaddle???

Dave Matthews band

just had a dude I never met before offer me to go smoke some pot with him

A poem for the lounge....

Hallowed Halls (another Poem for the late night loungers)

Tis no matter (A reflective poem about life)

Captured Hearts (another poem)

GF hates me over "Dateline"

Oklahoma City Sonic Boom Tests

Alright, so I'm a little tipsy at the moment, but I can still spell

A halloween Poem (sorta I guess....)

Eleven minutes more and I shut this thing off. Post what you will until.

REM fans...this one is for you!!

Get Back (web link- crank your speakers up!)

Okay... I guess it's not a cold sore after all...

How do -you- relax when you are really exhausted / burnt out?

Who else is drunk here tonight?jsasgeu4546gssew543

Man! I so totally suck at being single

Help! My PC is disintegrating! What is "chkdsk utility"?

Thank you, RRR... new shoes!

Project Runway--No, seriously, WTF? (**Spoilers**)

Question for Ebay sellers out there

Till we meet again (A poem in rememberance of a dear friend)

Ann Richards Dies

Anyone else getting sick of the tinfoilers?

Bugs Bunny taught me all I need to know

George Thorogood - opinions?

It's COMPtroller, not CONtroller, you idiot!

*wink wink*...

Why are pecans so damned expensive?


I couldn't stop giggling about the padded bra

Well, crap. What I've been trying to avoid, I must now do. TEMP.

Which is the best CANADIAN INVENTION?

I'm code. My dose is ruddin'...

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals... AMAZING new band!!

What is the difference between "rap" and "hip-hop" music?

When did you buy your last CD?

Who's got a cartoon crush?

Use Windows XP? You'll LOVE this:

Please share old pictures

Ultimate Republican TV Characters!

Is rock music essentially irrelevant now?

Dani California's Last Dance with Mary Jane in a Purple Haze.

I want to learn to be a blacksmith

I guess San Francisco makes the best burrito's...

what are the best actor portrayals of real people?

Due to their incredible popularity-- more abstract art for you!

Scottish mineral water 'kills cancer cells'

Ann Richards dies

Every so often, it's nice to review. HuffPo piece from April on Kerry

more on Tora Bora

JK is on CNN now

Something else Kerry is doing today or tomorrow: speaking of loose nukes..

**Keith Olberman Thread 9/13/06**

How “Free Market” Republican Party Ideologues Are Ruining our Country

Byrd Calls For Rumsfeld's Resignation


Anyone catch Katie's replacement Meredith Vieira on Today?

The Poodle yelps: Blair attacks "Mad anti-Americans"

Howard Stern: "Get the #@#$ out of Iraq. The next President..."

Shocking Iraq coverage from CNN's Michael Ware in Baghdad

Imagine Abu Grahib, CIA Prisons, Torture Memos, and the like under Nixon

A Plea for Affirmative Action Laws

Countering "We haven't been hit since 9/11"

David Obey (D-WI) is *Pissed* -- again.

Yet another obvious universal truth. (A Get Fuzzy cartoonie)

POLL: 62 Percent Believe WH ‘Hitler Appeaser’ Language Inappropriate

The Straight Truth From Bush's Ex-Director Of Homeland Defense

Jimmy Carter on Larry now n/t

Saddam Hussein kills 100,000 people and he is a monster.

STOP IT!!! Keith showing the Bush/Lil Richard clip

Dirty Dick

Question about Path to 9/11 link on posts..........

Ignorance is painless

Newly Elected President Jimmy Carter's Inauguration Speech

Does anyone else think this Condi/Canadian/Crush Cuteness..

Is there a traffic jam somewhere on the information super highway?

Why is a former makeup company exec running AAR?

Simple Fact: bush is responsible for more Deaths than Bin Laden

Nancy Disgrace? on MSNBC now!

they caught another bad guy-i feel so safe now,don`t you?

So Sam Seder is moving to late mornings....

Has anybody heard from Pluto lately?

Who still makes you proud to be an American?

I just met NORML founder Keith Stroup

Someone fill me in on this "microwaving US citizens" thing. I missed out.

What Was Randi Rhodes News Today....

Nearly 100 Killed In Baghdad Over 24 Brutal Hours

Letterman: Top 10 George Bush Moments

Everclear lead singer on OReilly.....talking to Sam Seder right now

30-something Work Group on the House floor

Folding @ Home.

Another Convert

Barak Obama will be in Louisville Ky Thursday evening

Pro hash senatorial candidate gets 14% in Wisconsin Dem primary

Vocabulary lesson,please!

Anyone see this ad for a solar power company?

So, any comments from our friends in freeperville on....

Repuke primary to replace Bob Ney is today. Any thoughts?

Anthony Bourdain in Beirut Lebanon ENCORE this Sunday 9/17

Public school uniforms? Only for the inner city?

Hoot, Snort, Spew, and LOL Bush & Condi

News Slant,

Interior Official Assails Agency for Ethics Slide

My letter to Anonymous (sorry, I promised I wouldn't divulge his identity)

Indecision 2006: Jon Doing Droopy Voice For Lieberman on Daily Show

They failed to pin 9-11 on Clinton. Perhaps they'll attempt to pin Iraq on

"Is Ed Gillespie a total douche?"

How long do you think it will take

Run, Whistleblowers, Run

The George W Bush Loyalty Quiz...

WH Repeatedly Tried To Muscle CIA Into Using Bogus Atta Story

Republicans and college football

Ann Richards keynote speech to the 1988 Democratic National Convention

Washington Determined to Demolish New Orleans' Public Housing

I hope Ann Richards haunts the shit out of Karl Rove.

HeadOn Radio, Mike Malloy Wednesday Night, Best of

Study: Immigration no threat to English use in U.S.

Reinforce Baghdad (WaPo: OpEd by Neocon William Kristol)

I need to have a conversation with my fellow African-Americans....

may ANN RICHARDS have as strong a voice in heaven as she did here.

I'm going to miss Gov. Ann Richards

Latest RW talking point on Al Gore: He has a big house

Clinton's push for WTC worker help thwarted


A young women is dead, 19 injured in Montreal shooting

Ann Richards Interview now on Larry King...

$10 billion could buy universal schooling...

Ann Richards - A Photo Tribute. (Dial up warning)

fool on CNN claiming Bush never attacked Ann Richards

Bravo Neocon idiots. You have created your doomsday scenario.

Wiccan sign allowed on soldier's plaque

Snopes: WalMark partners with gay organization

Nancy Grace drives mother of missing boy to suicide

See how Jon Stewart handled Gillespie?

Your Heart

(VIDEO) John Conyers quotes Olbermann on the House floor

Banished U.S. citizens mysteriously permitted to return home (maybe)

Air America Stiffs Franken

Salon: Smear Artist Rove - Re: Ann Richards

Garrison Keillor: Guns on a plane

OMG make it stop Hormone injection test at VA for PTSD

FYI: Charlie Rose tonight-David Remnick, Ed., The New Yorker.

Why doesn't anyone ever call for Condi to be fired?

"Is Laura Bush A Compulsive Pill Popper?"

(FIORE) Mr Knuckles Goes To Washington

Whining University Of Virginia Young Republicans

President Carter is BLASTING Cheney and administration on

Air America Responds To Bankruptcy Rumor

i just watched this clip of bush / matt lauer.

take the Republican Loyalty Quiz.. most Dems should score 0

World has tapped just 18 percent of global oil supplies

CLASSIC: Ann Richards' 1988 Keynote speech

New (Ann Richards) avatar proposal?

Jimmy Carter for President!!

Breaking News: Ann Richards is dead

Gasoline prices drop, Bush goes up 2-3 points. Americans are stupid.

Harry Reid on the NewsHour. Why is he The Leader?

My appeasement LTTE is getting published!

"Is bush a TRAITOR?"

Letter to al-Qaida in Iraq: Kill Us, Too, We Are Also Americans

Vintage Ann Richards ~ "How to Be a Good Republican:"

What still makes you proud to be an American?

Answer for a FW "joke"?

Musharraf: "We Did It Together" US & Pakistan Created Terrorists+Terrorism

Ann Richards' five rules for living life

MOST unreported/under reported stories! Maybe most important of all.

Mother of Missing Boy Commits Suicide (after Nancy Grace trashed her

For those of you interested in the Leonard Peltier Case

WOW - Du'ers and freeptards pour praise on Ann Richards


The stupidity that is Fox News

Why hasn't AAR announced their new lineup?

Attention DU I could use your help!

Nancy Grace just caused me to have a psychotic break

Recent Census Data - Household Income - Spinning Bad News

Tucker is gone from Dancing with the Stars

Condi & Peter Joint Press Conference on Their Relationship.

Did anyone see Rosie O'Donnell on the view today?

UNEQUIVOCAL: Email I JUST got from American Airlines!

We're simply not the country I thought we were. I am trying to stay calm

Watch President Carter talk about Joey Boy

AP: Mo. Atty Gen Cleared in Ethics Complaint

See what working together with Repukes gets you. Dems called traitors.

I couldn't understand why Daschle felt "muzzled" after Selection 2000 and

Even the protesters got in on the act. “Pete, Condi, Make Love Not War”

America from freedom to Fascism

Election Protection Strike Force For The Mid-Term Elections: VR

Campaign. Victory. Concession. Unity.

Harold Ford Jr is one hell of a campaigner.

Huh come there are so many cowardly voters in the heartland of the USA?

kieth olberman funniest person on earth

AP: Frist Targets Internet Gambling

Rest In Peace Ann............

OK, I think this is worth its own post. Dems need to do this to win:

Fineman: Republicans see Pelosi as the piñata of politics in 2006

BBC: Blair condemns anti-US 'madness'

New voting barriers & underhanded efforts to crack down on registration

Will Dems Really Support Murtha's Bill To Fire Rumsfeld?

Princeton prof. & grad students hacked and spread virus on Diebold machine

Two great reasons to be a Democrat

Three 'talking points' the NSA wants the Senate Intel Cmte to use:

CNN just reported some awful news. Ann Richards has died

50-50 Senate Projected ...

President Bush uses Little Richard as translator

So long Ann you were one of the good ones.

Don't Know If This Has Been Posted... But We Did It!! We Got Shot

*No Umbrella - Election Day in the City* Looks excellent.

Confused? I thought we pulled

Kerry appeals for Donations to VoteVets to run powerful new ads

General Clark join forces today with Democratic leaders

Armitage Into the Trick Box by Larry C Johnson

Karl Rove Gets No Apology From Me: Bill Press

Study says individual health insurance too costly

Support veterans ' mental health needs

Do Mosquitoes Have Animal Rights?

Maj. Gen. Jerald Albrecht (ret) and Coleen Rowley: Bush failing troops

Letter I wrote to my local station regarding "Path to 911"

Bush says he learns lesssons from Vietnam in Iraq war

Newsweek: Atta in Prague, the story they don't want you to hear


From Author, Help for White-Collar Workers (NYT)

Bush "was fixated on how to get Zubaydah to tell us the truth," Suskind wr

90pc say Hicks should get trial now

Mexican stone block could hold New World's first poem

War, Murder, Rape... All for Your Cell Phone

A Crucial Choice (Torture & Tribunals) --WaPo

Why We Can't Send More Troops (Why Kristol & Lowry are Nuts)

The unintended editorial-The Bush Tribe

One Evangelical preacher's message: Have hotter sex

WP: Novak Accuses Plame Source (Richard Armitage) Of Distortion

Presence in cities of North vital for Wal-Mart's growth

Consumer Protection or Fraud?

NYT: Google starts philanthropy early, and not in the usual way

Starbucks sued for pulling offer

This Day in Radical History- Sept.14th-Henry Bliss dies

WP: It's Showtime For Treasury Secretary Paulson In Meetings With Chinese

*VIDEO of Senate Committee meeting on the housing bubble.

The American Economy in a Nutshell

New Census Data - American Family Real Income Goes Down

Ice caps are melting even in winter, global warming evidence mounts

Methane from manure goes mainline (well, via a pipeline)

Sharp President Sees Solar Power Costs Halving by 2010

New Ethanol plant expected to achieve Net Energy Balnce of 2.5 to 1

Nuke Plant Contractor Accused of Coverup

Renewable Energy Farm (PV, landfill gas) to be dedicated (NJ)

Israeli sources: old maps led to bombing of UN post

Human Rights Watch to IDF: Don’t Fire on Gaza Medics/ 6 attacks

Lebanon PM warns army will seize weapons

Rift erupts between Hezbollah, anti-Syrian bloc in Lebanon

Former IDF chief: Soldiers were sacrificed for spin

The profiteer

Shooting without a target

Following in Shamir's footsteps

Much of Palestine Government held in Israeli jails

Suicide of Boston AA employee who checked in Atta?

Pics of the Ground Zero protest 9/11/06

"Syria Says US Behind Attack On Own Embassy"

What really happened to WTC 7

Election glitches ‘could get ugly' (USA Today)

HEADS UP! Quick Action needed in DC

I watched the Princeton Video- diebold TS hack? what was in my pocket?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News THURSDAY 9/14/06

Holder v. McPherson in court today

Diebold rebuts Princeton study

Before the Princeton hack...Diebold TS == 'Worst Ever Security Flaw':


Question: Is counter-intimidation something we can get away with?

Just in! The video of the Princeton hack !

How many times do we do this before election officials get the message?

USA Today: Election glitches 'could get ugly'(voting equip..Diebold & ESS)

Montgomery Election Nearly Goes South (Florida invoked)

Prevailing wisdom: Should we vote absentee or go to the polls?

Brennan Center: Tens Of Thousands May Be Prevented From Voting In November


Pray the Vote - The Presidential Prayer Team

TruthIsAll banned from Kos.

Join boycott of Right Wing radio sponsors

Good pic for a Gov. Ann avatar, for whomever might be interested:

cross post from GD

Rest in Peace Ann. We will miss you.

Funeral services set for Ann Richards

From the HOUSTON Chronicle- Princeton Prof Hacks Voting Machines

My PhotoShop Tribute: Ann Earns Her Wings

Kinky's "worst interview ever". This is really bad.

fave Asian recipes. . .?

Condi Rice and Peter McKay an item?!?!?!?

DHS releases Cyber Storm report

Lebanon To Sue Israel Over Oil Spill Caused By Bombing

Minister wants Penn's butt

Bahamas Official: Death Of Anna Nicole Smith's Son 'Suspicious'

Restoring San Joaquin River Could Take Decades

Housing decline to bottom out in mid-2007: NAHB

Scottish mineral water 'kills cancer cells'

NYT: NASA Scientists See New Signs of Global Warming

Series of attacks around Iraq kill 10

'Drastic' shrinkage in Arctic ice

Afghanistan hits at Musharraf over Taliban remark

Poland to send 1,000 new troops to Afghanistan(so far the only country)

Court-martial convicts Navy chaplain (wearing uniform at protest)

Starbucks sued for pulling offer

IAEA: U.S. Report on Iran "Outrageous and Dishonest"

Berlusconi's Wild Summer Grabs Headlines

Aids patients could see less aid

Violence after U.S. troops raid Iraq Shi'ite office

US Iran report branded dishonest

USA Today: Election glitches 'could get ugly'(voting equip..Diebold & ESS)

L.A. Civic Leaders Urge Tribune Company, Owners of LA Times, To Avoid Cuts

2 U.S. soldiers among 17 dead in Iraq

U-S official confirms rise in sectarian violence

(Mel) Gibson flap finds way to Schaumburg library (remove poster?)

Presence in cities of North vital for Wal-Mart's growth

WP: Novak Accuses Plame Source (Richard Armitage) Of Distortion

From Author, Help for White-Collar Workers (NYT)

Former IDF chief: Soldiers were sacrificed for spin

Pope criticised over Islam remarks

Al Qaeda in Iraq's number two 'killed'

Cost may kill travel program (TSA Registered Traveler)

Real GIs Star In Video Game(As U.S. Army Recruiting Tool + action figures)

Warnings over 'abuse' of social websites

Former radio host (Mike Webb) takes stand in trial over insurance fraud

WH Seeks Way to Keep Bolton at UN (Chafee "holds his future in his hands")

Bush heads to Capitol Hill to rally GOP

UK withholds World Bank donation

BBC Says US Iran report branded dishonest

Maryland: Agonizing five-day wait for Wynn and Edwards

Terrorism: Suicide Bomber's 'Wedding' To Feature In New TV Show

Ukraine 'shelves bid to join NATO'

Iraq Official Says Syrian Help Needed

A suicide truck bomb hit a U.S. Army position in Baghdad today, killing tw

U.S. moves to reduce diplomatic presence in Syria

AP: U.S. Criticizes China Weapons Sales

US Iran report branded dishonest

Kerry Faults Bush's Afghanistan Strategy (accuses "cut and run")

Bush says he learns lesssons from Vietnam in Iraq war

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 14 September

Anti-war protesters to demonstrate during Bush's UN address

Marrianne Faithfull Has Breast Cancer

Breaking: A suicide truck bomb hit a U.S. Army position in Baghdad

Senate Armed Services Cmte. Passes Own Terrorism Tribunal Bill

Bush: "Texas has lost one of its great daughters" (Ann Richards)

Defying pundits, GOP claims field of competitive House races is narrowing

NSA Bill passes in Senate Judiciary Committee

Davis taps Miami's Daryl Jones as running mate

AP More Time Given for Grading Schools (just in the nick of time! NCLB)

Russian central banker shot dead

Judge strikes down Missouri voter ID law

Start of school seen as major test for Iraq

U.S. Told to Pressure Vietnam on Rights

CONGRESSIONAL RACE: GOP files complaint over votes (Reid aide)

Anti-war soldier awaits punishment for deserting US Army

Blair jabs 'mad anti-Americanism'

AP: Man Leaves Package at Supreme Court (also fires flare gun)

Spain admits possible CIA flights

Iraqi deputy prime minister says tone of debate in US has surprised him

Three Mexico political parties vow to block Calderon

Judge Strikes Down Mo. Voter ID Law

Bush asks GOP to back terror bills (would sheild US personnel-war crimes)

American (Airlines) gets no response from ABC on 9/11 movie

BBC: Ex-president blasts Blair US role (Jimmy Carter)

U.N. Inspectors Dispute Iran Report By House Panel

US warns Nicaraguans not to back Ortega

Chavez: I'll be at U.N. summit on horseback if needed

Backer of Swift Boat attack ads funds group targeting Democrats

Nearly 100 bodies found in two days in Baghdad (3-month-old baby...)

ABC: House Passes Bill to Authorize Construction of 700 Miles of Fencing

Ford to extend buyout offers to all U.S. hourly workers

Lawyer says FCC ordered study destroyed

Webb sorry for 1979 article (Va. Senate race)

LAT: One Debate Set in California Governor's Race

Scientists Say Aspens Are Dying Out West

150 militants storm police HQ in Afghanistan

Scandal-rocked U.S. House passes ethics bill

2 U.S. troops killed, 25 wounded in Iraq (AND-- 2 OTHER US troops died)

BBC: Al-Qaeda 'issues France threat'

Democratic energy bill would add 530,000 jobs: report

Gallup: Democrats Have Advantage On Party Ratings, Affiliation, and Issues

Roll Call: Google 'eager' to work with Republicans

Mexican president moves Independence Day celebration

Judge-to-Saddam: 'You were not a dictator'

AFP: Colin Powell expresses opposition to Bush plan on military tribunals

Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested! Pending extradition... ** PICS **

Who else is horny here tonight.

Soft Cell with Jim Foetus Thirlwell and Gary Barnacle, BBC 1983

Post....10 random movies

did anyone save the quote about "Canine Americans"?

Why are people so annoying??


For christs sake

Caffeine choices:

NH Track closing - approx 90 Greyhounds need homes

not good when a drug addicted acquaintence knocks on the door at 2 am

"Game of Death" is starting on Spike (2am EST)

Wile E. Coyote taught me all I need to know

Foghorn Leghorn taught me all I need to know

Good morning Lounge

5 years ago seems like a it couldn't have been that long ago..

Does anyone recognize ARIELLE DOMBASLE?

Whitney Houston to end rocky marriage -it's her perogative

Acronym FTW!!

Sewage Pipe Smuggling Ring Busted

Tucker Carlson first to be booted off of "Dancing With the Stars"

I need baby music, help me out parents.

150 Birds, 32 Dogs Seized From Home

Congratulations petersond!! 10,000 posts


Religious People Go Wild When "Blue Laws" Are Dropped

Madrid Police Get Porn instead of Training Video

Remind me to hang out HERE more often.

Shreveport pest company: "Death is sometimes an unfortunate side effect"

14-Pound 13-Ounce Baby Born In Connecticut (Breaks Record)

Waffle Hose

Why are people so lazy and inconsiderate?

Dad Sprayed Son In The Face With Bear Repellent


Karate stud, for rent.

I enjoy chance meetings with DUers in the wild.

I enjoy chance meetings with wild DUers...

I enjoy wild meetings with chancy DUers

I enjoy chance meetings with wild DUers in the nude

What are the best actor portrayals of unreal women?

Will both Zombies please introduce yourselves in this thread?


Why is money so damned expensive?

Songs that you hated cause of hype...but years later enjoy

Warnings over 'abuse' of social websites

Typo fun: J&R flyer offers rice cooker with "doomed lid"

US federal judge declares boating illegal in all US navigable waters

I hear the masses are clamoring for ZombyCoffee

What the fuck am I supposed to with myself today?

Any thoughts / experiences regarding Lipitor?

Reality show fans: Let's post reality shows threads in GD

LostInVa says she's a freeper, convience her why she needs to change back!

Let's Charter some Smack! And Fly with Sugar Jet!!!

Let's Charter a Jet! And Fly with Sugar Smack!!!

Turkey Hill Lime Iced Tea is truly heaven in a glass!

Burros make the burritos.

Yummy dinner recipe as the cold weather creeps up on us...

My Bumpersticker for Conservatives....

So How Many Guys Here are in love with Lara Logan?

Could you please sit beside me and hold my hand, please?

"LOST" fans -info pt 2

The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

I sure wish someone would start a farting thread. , wink, wink

Hey.... remember those secret decoder rings?

Mexico makes the best burritos.

77 Year Old Man Has Been Looking Up Women's Skirts For 13 Years

New Potter Script in Flight Row

I sure wish someone would start a fucking thread..Wink Wink.

wonder: couldn't there be a forum for news - not "breaking" - but not GD?

BTW, I'm calling MrsGrumpy crazy

"LOST" fans -info

Share your unique ability to charm -- You are the "_______ Whisperer"

Lawmaker wants to shoot Madonna

Do pic threads inspire you to say appropriate things?

TrIVIA-what is the Stanford University fight song?

Any handymen around?

Does "Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner" bug anyone else?

"Hummer. Now everyone will know." (Tom The Dancing Bug)

I sure wish someone would start a fu.........................

I remember once when I was ten...

Does "Ding A Ling A Ling, we have a wiener" bug anyone else?

$2.51.9 a gsllon today in NJ. Think an October surprise is coming?

my friend goes to that college in montreal

I just applied for a job that is so over my head

LEGO Chaingun!

Magazine Names America's Best Beer (Firestone Walker Pale Ale)

How do you connect to the internet (for your main computer)?

ENOUGH! With the Ann stories already...

Advice...part time job that pays more but that I may not be suited for...

Anybody else ever have this problem?

Amusing Bumper Sticker Sighting: Lavender Ribbon Magnet, that said:

calling all looney kooks and dingbats

Would you buy "T Pants"?

lets have an eye candy thread

Apparently, my cats expect me to be God today. *kitty pics*


The Beer Can House, a must see.

Well, I got results for one of last week's tests back

Who do you suppose killed the Black Dahlia?

Why am I so jittery today?


GAWD I LOATH Norah O'Donnell

Some people wanted more "Towers of Light" photos earlier....

Ultimate TV Theme Songs!

Mention things you're doing to help Democrats get elected

Chech out my Nigerian scammer letter

A Flying Question (assigned seats only)

Really amusing here today in the "Cube Farm."

Please come wash my feet

So I may be going to London or Dublin in March...suggestions?

I sure wish someone would start a flirting thread..Wink Wink.

Thursday, September 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

"You look like Sal Mineo" and other Great lines from The Exorcist:

I have a new musical love: Gnarls Barkley

If you listen to "Coast to Coast AM" at night...

Can we please get rid of the Jesus Camp ad now?!

So long, suckers!

Well, I'm back to reality

Why is honey so damned expensive?

So, as it turns out, I'll be staying in OK City

should I get off my butt?

Every current "pop punk" band sings the same damn song

Does anybody know much about women's fitness and weight training?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/14/06)

I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

HELP, DU travelers! Need tipping advice for Italy!!

Project Runway - One of the best episodes EVER **spoilers**

Porn star name?

Did you have an unhappy childhood?

Four Cats....

Are you grumpy?

DUers from England: I have a question about language!

Vicodin™ is some miracle shit, man

Favorite republican catchphrase that they no longer use?

As some of you know, I've become a Freeper

Most annoying distraction at a restaurant?


Please come wash my dishes.

MoveOn.Org needs your help to find an office space to Get out the VOTE!

Three things I'm looking forward to this autumn.

Hey, TexAgs and Clarkies and TexAg Clarkies,

"My" first "film" now streaming on YouTube

Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested! Pending extradition... ** PICS **

I Went To The Opera Last Night

Radio Lady Invites You to View PHOTOS of Whistler, BC, CANADA trip!

Any cops or deputies or police people in the Lounge as of right now?

Do pic threads inspire you to say inappropriate things?

Scariest movie you have seen:

I'm glad for the Jackass movie. I was almost feeling good about humanity.

Netflix suggestions?

Pet peeves, annoyances, things that make you go GRRRRR!!!!


There were only 2 Alien movies.

If I have to look at that Jesus Camp ad one more time


Thats right!!! screw you !! You are my friend and thats that!!!

Radio Lady Reviews: "The Black Dahlia" (Opens Friday, Sept. 15)

Whoops! Excuse me, I left my cufflinks in this thread.

I love Cooliris, but I keep putting people on ignore accidentally

Okay, so what's the most boring, unoriginal song you've ever heard?

So if a man adjusts himself while he's talking to you, should you be:

Rosie O'Donnell: Radical Christianity is just as threatening as Radical Is

Pope criticised over Islam remarks

Leprosy is not dead

Royal Society opens free online archive

Pluto's curse named at last

Rodent's bizarre traits deepen mystery of genetics, evolution

The last refuge of the Neanderthals

Another good GLBT themed music video...

N.Y. Times feature on top gay-friendly college campuses

Minister Faces Church Trial For Performing Gay Marriage

Report: Canadian Parliament To Vote This Month On Revisiting Gay Marriage

Gay Israeli-Palestinian love story alienates many

Uruguay Set To Legalize Civil Unions

New Zealand Bumper Stickers Declare 'Gays Are A Cancer'

Pentagon urgently needs more soldiers -- but get lost if you're gay!

Champions League: Lyon takes Real; MU downs Celtic

White Buffalo Born on Wisconsin Farm

Ann Richards is Gone!

Beachmom: Sen. Kerry's LTTE to WSJ today (9/14/06)

Oh fer cripes' sake...

Flashback... (excellent!)

Care to Refute: John Kerry looks like a bad Muppet

More of the same, this time on DKos -- I just gave him a piece of my mind

Excellent post on dKos about the Torture Bill

Coming Up on the Dem Daily - JK post on Afghanistan

GD thread compiling MSM coverage of Princeton vote machine demo.

John @$$%%$#*&%^^% Bolton update

Need help fighting wingnut on local blog -- did Kerry miss the vote

Purple Beauty Bush

Monarchs in Love

One last Tree poll...

Cuba compares * to Hitler up next on CNN n/t

Ed Wiley (the W. VA grandfather) Arrives, Meets with Byrd!

Lebanon To Sue Israel Over Oil Spill Caused By Bombing

Warning: Disturbing Video. This video shows U.S. Marines...

Wonder what Judy Woodruff is doing lately?

Corporate healthcare.. it is Payback?

Caffeine choices:

Everyone please do Ann Richards one last favor...


Monkeys .... (re-post)

Who wants to go to DC this weekend? It's IMPEACHMENT DAY!

One nice statement I can make about Republicans.

CT House Seats -- Gains are hard to read?

U.S. taxpayers rebuilt Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Great Famine 2021: Only 400,000 peeps left in a region suited for 10,000

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on "The Cavuto"

Do you remember when Ann Richards dated Bill on King Of The Hill....

the contradiction of "fighting the war differently"

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp's plea for help in Afghanistan

For whomever might be interested - a good pic for an Ann Richards avatar:

Middle East Leaders Agree: "US Iraq Invasion is a DISASTER"!

That photo of the "large number of Taliban" at the funeral that were not

Nutball on C-spn mentioned AAR Bankruptcy - anyone know

Novak Accuses Plame Source Of Distortion (Novak attacks Armitage)

Alert: Health question: Anyone else out there suffering from

Catch Democracy Now for replay of a speech by Ann Richards

Questions about Iran and their nuclear program

Boy, Howdy. The Bushistas are earning their keep this month,.

10 Big News stories you aren't hearing....

Karl Rove should apologize to Ann Richards

Photo of Taliban Funeral.... Repub/Bush plant? (more evidence of fascism?)

A Walk-On Appearance Never To Be Forgotten.

NYT editorial: Chertoff Is Wrong -- Port Security Won’t Bankrupt Us

Ann Richards on Bush

Anyone Else Seen the New Repub. Terror Ad on TV?

Where the hell is OBL?

Brand spanking new Fiore!!

U2, Green Day to debut new benefit single on Mon. Night Football from NOLA

Lying Liars

NEWSWEEK: WH repeatedly tried to push Atta-in-Prague, CIA always said No

Wiretapping Bill:"What Is The Point Of Legislating If WH Won't Follow Law"

I do believe that if the Republicans win in Novermber the draft will not

Bush, Bullhorn & Rubble, 5th Anniversary

"He was born with a silver foot in his mouth!" - Ann Richards on Bush Sr.

Bringing back the Democratic momentum and message

Much of Palestine Government held in Israeli jails

help italian campaign against yet another US military base

Greetings from ESTONIA!

Share Your Favorite Ann Richards Quotes

Even if the Democratic Party did not exist...

Reid: The American People Should See All the Evidence

A B C D E F G. A little collaboration please :)

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - thurs 9/14... on our knees...

Blistering attack on't investigator finds widespread fraud

Researchers reveal 'extremely serious' vulnerabilities in e-voting machine

Frist: Health Care For Gitmo Terrorists "Better Than Many Americans Get"

Will the MSM talk about the NEW Princeton Diebold Hacking video

An Alternate 9/11 History

Looking for a Spanish language school

Where can I find info on the 5 Halliburton holding areas or prisons questions.

Hall primary win (NY 19th) puts race on Dems' national agenda . . .

Elie Wiesel calls on UN to expel Iran.

Maryland DRE voting machine problems leaves Edwards/Wynn race in limbo.

True or False: America is Powerless to Stop bush & his war.

Compare China/Bush's Handling News Media & Natural Disasters Like Katrina

was The Depression of 1929 caused by unregulated capitalism? . . .

Daniel Ellsberg: whistle blower must come out before we strike Iran

Syria, N. Korea, many possible wars, so little time.

Enough is enough.--from Bill Clinton

What Non Lethal Weapons do WE have to counteract tyranny?

Missile Defense Update from Center for Defense Information


RW angry at military for not killing 190 Taliban fighters at funeral


Amazing how folks who never fought on the battlefield and never will

GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping, Tribunals

The story that the ‘intelligence community’ doesn’t want you to hear.

For Once, NPR "ON Point" Was Worth Listening To This Morning

I have been listening to Micheal Isikoff on WI public radio. Kathleen Dun

What is the real reason behind the "military tribunals"?

Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld Diagnosed as 'Waraholics'

Get the Bush Cheney Death T shirt

Colin Powell Joins 3 GOP Senators Opposing * Detainee Bill

What's it like spending 3 years in Gitmo and released without charges?

Bubbas my husband works with are impressed with

Bush to huddle with Repubs today to discuss election strategy

U.S. troop levels in Iraq reach 147,000

Are We "Useful Idiots"?

Sen. Landrieu: Americans are tired of boneheaded Republican leadership

Crossing the Canadian Border...

The "Not a dictator" flap (see LBN) makes me wonder...

Ooooh, the "sensible Republicans" are rebelling. Give me break.

Walker's World: Iran strike -- Rumsfeld says No, Cheney says Maybe

A thought for a poll: American favorability rating for Bush & Chavez

Reuters: 100 bodies, most bound, tortured and executed found in Baghdad

I just donated to the ACLU. We all should in this fight against Fascism.

George Allen's 11th Annual "Hoe Down" (w/ Special Guest Laura Ingraham)...

Bush on a Segway: Will this get spun today?

How about as a walking "Got Milk" advertisement?

Anyone want to hear Congress sing?

Is there a site that has Election Law for Dummies that simplifies it for

Airline e-tickets--are they sufficient, or should I get paper tickets

picture of Fire Tornado - shudder

CAPTION this * photo...

GWB face of a madman --Lauer goes after GWB over secret prisons & Torture

Another * photo to CAPTION


Chancellor Boosh & Cready

My only freeper friend is jealous of millionaires. Should I even bother?

* meets with South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun (* makes faces again)pics

US Iran report branded dishonest

Tucker Carlson Is a Big Loser ... Again


Saddam trial or Kids in the Hall skit?

the man sitting at the oval office

Man's bionic arm provides hope for soldier amputees (AP/CNN)

"poor George...he was born with a silver foot in his mouth"--npr NEWS

RIP Ann Richards

First rabbis ordained in Germany since the Holocaust

Largest known dwarf planet named Eris (Discordians rejoice!)

A question about previous testing of microwave weapons

Do Prison work programs take jobs away from hardworking Americans?

Rabbi expresses concern over the rise of 'Christocrats'

BBC Says US Iran report branded dishonest

IMF holds meetings at Police State Singapore!

Democrats assail Bush on Iraq, Iran

CAPTION the Global Statesman Pt. II

Ann Earns Her Wings: A PhotoShop Tribute to Ann Richards

Why is bush pushing his unpopular SS privatization? Is SS an entitlement?

Do you think that Bush's recent poll gains are temporary?

NBC last night

Should our side monkey with the e-voting machines on election day?

Chargers' Steve Foley: Cop says he asked for backup but didn't get any

The Swift boat attack on Kerry was Personal

Al Gore's Movie For Free

AP: Talk show accessed Schwarzenegger's site

Please HELP me FIND a PHOTO -

Navy to give away ex Secret Stuff.

Look at how much permanent Arctic sea ice has dissappeared!

CAPTION the global statesman...

NeoCons' Intel Report On Iran's Nukes Labeled"Dishonest" By IAEA

Katrina Evacuees... Face Unemployment, Lack of Health Care,

RI, there's no good reason to keep Chafee

My Bumpersticker for Conservatives....

Air America acknowledges some layoffs

Did Bush go up in the polls because of his speeches or the ABC movie?

Why Bother to Continue this SHAM of a Government?

Edward is fighting for his freedom to use the internets and equal access.

I get chills up and down my spine and shudder

Looking for Courage. Is it out there??

WTC ,and Dulles airport security run by Kuwait company+Marvin Bush

MoCo Maryland elections: How do you spell DISASTER?

Bush's ratings connected to gas prices?

Meredith Came In First Yesterday - Good For Her!

Bush Says, Texas Has Lost One Of Its Great Lesbians er Daughters,

E-Mail I JUST got from Howard Dean...

Little Richard Translates for GW - Video

Consecutive FR Messages Re: Ann Richards....CLASSIC.

The Age of OUTRAGE: What do you think?

AP: China Seizes Opportunity at Cuba Summit

"Syria Says US Behind Attack On Own Embassy"

Happy Birthday to me

CBCs-The Big Picture w/ Avi Lewis - Human Behaviours

Kurdish Deputy Prime Minister: Things were worse under Saddam

Funny Ann Richards Video from YouTube

National Security Surveillance Act: Can the Dems put a hold on it?

AP: Ala. Christian Coalition Changes Name

LETTER: Powell Says Bush Plan To Authorize Torture ‘Would Put Troops At Ri

Bush visiting Congress to get war support

Negroponte's assertion that the only way to get 'actionable intel'

The Value Of One (Small) Voice In The Wilderness

American General frets about Venezuela arming rebels.

We Do NOT believe in King George-NOT In 1776 And NOT In 2006 (Firedoglake)

If Bush is so hot on Faith Based charity

A great photo essay on Slate - 8 photographers give their accounts of 9/11

The Note ejaculates over "good news" for Repubs

The most naive Democrats are those that think they can work with....

Listen up, Republican voters...

At least 104 Iraqi parliament members want a US with-drawl timetable

I for one take Beeno, therefore I don't need to cut and run.

Neanderthal.... Neocon...... Whats the difference ?

chilling.... online profile of Montreal shooter....

Right wingers are delusional in more ways then one

Will the Price of Gas Influence This Election?

Why is georgie so very, very angry lately?

Join the Navy.. (after basic, you'll be making around $85K

"My" first "film" now streaming on YouTube

Dubai To Bid On U.S. Ports Despite the Outrage

Could Strickland and Brown bring in Dem House candidates in Ohio?

AZ Senate: Pederson tightening race + 2 AZ House seats.

End a weak week with a strong CAPTION!!!!!!!

Daily Show's Stewart On Cable News & Question Marks ("The Cavuto")

Amy Goodman interview with Keith Ellison, next Minneapolis congressperson

75,000 to Leave Jobs at Ford Under New Plan

I'm watching Fugger today

Swift Boat Ads Backer Funds New Group

"This is the Largest Land Grab in Texas History" (Eminent Domain for Trans

GUY JAMES: Why the hell don't more from here listen to his show ?

Frist uses military spending bill to push for gambling debt legislation

So what makes better sense leaving with less than 3000 dead

Typhoon's toll much higher than China's leaders let on

Ann Richards on Life, the Universe and Everything

I'm sorry Karl Rove . . ."Plame For Dummies"

I have a secret plan to scare and terrorize the average Republican voter.

Did bush give a press conference today...

Anyone see Jimmy Kimmel Live last night?!?!

What is the U.S. Military Doing in Paraguay?

Conservatives say religion under attack

Something about culture....

There are two military jets flying above

(Bob Perry's Swiftboater 527) Political Telemarketing: GOP Lobbyists Taped

How does Armitage get spun as someone without an axe to grind?

Bush severly agitated at press conference with Korean

AM 960 KQKE (San Franciso) new schedule next week:

"ok -you've covered your ass" ....Susie gives * the smackdown

Where is god in all the boozing at christmas?

take that junior.........

bush* likes torture and will fight for it

Governor Ann Richards and President **

Did White House Coerce Military Lawyers?

David Brooks on Bush's Religious Nut Conference with Winger Journos

Pic of Bush Economy. LoL

a friend of mine goes to that college in montreal...

Caption Condi

Detainee's healthcare "better than many Americans get" - Frist

Tonight on Countdown. - check it out

*Terrorism* is a Political Tool

Photos of children incinerated on ... Flight 175 and ... Flight 77

Caption Tony Snow

"Radical Christianity just as threatening as Radical Islam" - Insensitive?

I'm not Googling anymore........

Robert Novak on CSPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow!

Colin Powell turned his back on us. Keith Olberman didn't.

Caption Hastert

So Peter MacKay's banging Condi--someone pass me a barf bucket!

God Bless You, Ann Richards

Once upon a time we were a super power...

Will we even need to get a majority?

CNN: Senate Armed Services Committee Defies President

Do you know anyone who's flocking back to the GOP because of gas prices?

via Daily Kos: Olbermann Ratings Up: Right Wingers Crap Selves

UN's IAEA Blasts House Report on Iran's Nuclear Aims as "Dishonest"

Democratic Leadership Council - (the Wiki version)

Two Gitmo Prisoners Released To Kuwait- Never Been Charged With Anything

why does bush scream ...

Study: 9 in 10 fail to buy health insurance

Ted Rall examines the biggest problem for US progressive activism.

A new liberal policy for dealing with terrorism?

Bush: saddened by death of one-time rival Richards

Sources Say Sean Hannity Leaving ABC Radio

If only Bush had stuck to blowing up frogs.

Had to pick up my son at school - is Randi discussing the Princeton evote?

You say you want a revolution?

Dubai Ruler Sued in U.S. over Enslaving Small Boys

Randi darlin'.... you left us hangin yesterday... got words for us? n/m

Newt Declares WWIII (some SCARY crap, folks!)

Oh that Tucker Carlson...he kills me!!

Sean Penn on Larry King Tonight

Breaking-Suicide bomber hits US soldiers

Rolling Stone does Terror Timeline

Is it me or does it smell like the media is saving the republicans e

A favorite Anne Richards story

It isn't a dictatorship unless the man in the box says it is

Robert Parry on Armitage outing Plame: U.S. Press Bigwigs Screw Up, Again

Report: Majority Of Americans Unprepared For Apocalypse

George Clooney Urges U.N. Action For Darfur - story and pics

Can any member of congress admit the immoral wars of Iraq and Lebanon ...

New Battery Development - smaller,lighter, more powerful

Greg Palast tells Thom Hartmann that Exxon drops "spy" charges

Any cops in GD this afternoon? I have a question.

Army has close to zero combat-ready troops in reserve

Call and demand to know where your senators stand!

We're Number 1!

Rosie O'Donnell's Remarks on 'Radical Christianity' Draw Fire

INVESTIGATION: Graham, Levin, Kyl Amendment allows Prisoner Abuse!

Indiana could lose three Repuke House seats.

Possible Republican Dirty Tricks in RI Primary..

Uptick in Bush's approval ratings

An important ??????

"The New Iraq" - on KHOG in Arkansas

Why is Bush suddenly pushing to get Spying and Detention bills through?

FEINGOLD calls on President to stop using “ISLAMIC FASCISTS”

Lieberman Wants You to Join Him as He Puts Out for the GOP

More satire for ya.

You Tube Princeton Diebold video on the most watched page!

How much election fraud will the Republicans do to hold onto Congress?

British cellists may no longer fly to New York

Arctic winter sea ice melting more rapidly

Will we ever cure death?

US: Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture

Cindy Sheehan: coming to a town near you?!

What was the source of Cheney's Iraq obsessions?

If you could sucker punch any one of these people ,with no reprucussions.

Today vet on vet fight began

alright, I'm officially scared

How long can it be before we are "contained"?

WP, Froomkin: A Defining Moment for Congress: How far can Bush push?

House debating bill to identify "earmarks" CSPAN1

Darfur.. Cambodia.. Auschwicz.. Rwanda

I just sent this to Randi Rhodes - you should to.

From Kos: Tombstoned DU Posters Need Not Apply:

Which Nails it better: Bushofascist or BushCoFascist?

This Wacko on Randi right now - Reverend Dan


New World Order, here to stay, or can we fight Big Brother Technocrats?

More satire I have to offer.

Saddam's sons protected Zarqawi in Baghdad--help me debunk

Mods please delete

Who Served & Who Sends Others To Fight

Brits withhold World Bank funds

The Free Stewart and Colbert Movement

One in four Opera Lovers smoke dope.

Allegations That Pentagon TWISTED ARMS To Support Torture Legislation

V.A. not processing Angent Orange Claims from Blue Water Navy Vets

Latest al-Qaeda tape made France a target: report

If Bush doesn't want to catch bin-Laden he should get out of the way

Senator Reid: 'Cheney Just Comes Out & Lies & Rice Lies To Mislead Public'

BUSH: Capturing Bin Laden "Low Priority" Use Of American Resources

Dick Armitage: Novak is the one being deceptive

(VIDEO) Mary Landrieu gets with the program

Trial judge: Hussein was not a dictator

Have your opinions on Goldwater and Nixon changed after seeing this regime

Stalking the Neonuts- Bush's (Yellowcake) Speechwriter Hired By WaPost

Rev. Dan just got through to Randi - he called Stephanie

Pics of the Ground Zero protest 9/11/06

hot patriot eagle jesus dogs video (Lil' Bush)

Chris Mathews says Bush could be back to 50% by election day...

I've never seen a person age so much in 6 years

Why aren't we talking about the children being held at Gitmo? (60 of them)

Ann Richards' Best Oneliner.....

Can somebody PLEASE!!! call Randi and ask her why shes discussing torture

All out attack on union workers at Ford.

GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping, Tribunals - WTF!!

Discovery Channel, Waco & Swift Boating Hillary through Bill

Olbermann on Today Show tomorrow; 9/11 commentary to rerun on his show

WTF ? -- Dog (The Bounty Hunter) Chapman Arrested for

Report: Majority Of Americans Unprepared For Apocalypse

Regarding Ann Richards: how long has G.W.B. relied on election fraud?

Need some help with NCLB issues

Vote up Keith Olbermann in AOL poll!

Yahoo News: How To Hack A Diebold RATE THIS UP!

Conyers:Join the Call-Passage of Single-Payer National Health Insurance

Princeton Professor Hacks Electronic Voting Machine (sept 14th)

New Ann Richards Avatars

Word up on Palast.

ABC: "short of a crime anything goes at the Dept. of Interior"

IAEA Calls U.S. Iran Nuke Intel Report " Outrageous And Dishonest"

Please critique/proof my letter on Al Gore/Environmentalism

President William J. LePetomaine didn't get a *Harrumph* outta that guy

The body armor commercial in still PHOTOS (and link to VIDEO)

Capitol Hill Police Officer: "I hope somebody assasinates Mandela"

This bitch O'Donnell makes me sick

PHOTO: "Gimme one more lil glassa sake (HIC) waiter (BURP!)"

Alcohol use helps boost income: study

Democrats are on the defensive on the "war on terror" issue...

Any bakers in the house? I need a couple dozen pies

Reid: Specter NSA Bill Dead

Brent Budowsky: A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Can't miss TV tonight - Survivor

FYI - Sam Harris' New Book "Letter To A Xtian Nation" Out on 9/19/6

Question for the DU legal minds...SDG&E killed my dog

Conyers petition: Passage of Universal Health Insurance

DU this: Do you believe the entire border with Mexico should be fenced?

Was there a House vote on body armor (like Macaca Allen in Senate)?

Laura Bush aiding Clinton conference

So I ran into the reservist who had gloated over shrub's 04 win.

George Clooney speaks to the U.N. Haunting words. Video.

I think Bush's approval numbers are going up cause of gas

Jon Stewart skewers FoxNews (video link)

AOL poll: rate bush

OMG!! Tony Snow SQUIRMING About The "Cruel & Unusual" Shit

1-888-5-OPTOUT (Opt out of pre-screened/pre-approved credit offers)

NJ Senate: New Menendez Ad Hits Home Run on Homeland Security.

FCC Cover-up: Powell Buried Study to Protect Big Media

Michael Savage knows why it's so nasty in the Senate...

Is cheap labor in the US Prison Industrial Complex pulling down US wages?

The Humping-Dog Factor

J.K. Rowling challenges airport security

Swiftnut O'Neill spoutin' the same ol' same ol' (reply to Kerry)

Don't forget - Tweety NEEDS Bush's poll #s up for GOP brother's election

It's ... A.... TRAP... (liquid deer attractant..eew..)

MSNBC - straight-talking *MUSLIM* Dem House candidate tells it like it is

The US vs John Lennon starting in theatres TOMMORROW!

NSA Bill Performs a Patriot Act! -- This IS 1984!!

Carnival of the Liberals #21

Diebold rebuts Princeton study

"Dr"Laura - nudie,homewrecker,mother-estranged - decries today's females

Why Kerry or Gore could be our best hope in 2008 (Your thoughts?)

Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study (idiot study alert)

DP World rings bell for second round in sale of US port assets (Carlyle)

Government's too big? BULL$HIT! It's not big enough!

I fear election fraud

Soldier describes anguish in revealing murder allegations (Abeer's family)

bush: "History will look back on our time with unforgiving clarity"

Wonkette: MSNBC's Tucker Carlson voted off "Dancing with the Stars"(video)

Mexico - Obrador to convene Democratic Convention Sat, Sep 16

Wow, Franken really went after Lanny Davis(who deserved it). Good job, Al!

Please Join Me! Write Denver Post about Homeless Shelter News!

Muskogee County, Oklahoma needs DU support

Was Think Progress Used By Backstabbing AAR Faction?


Husbands response to right-wing email chain

Kerry: "I’m prepared to kick [the Swiftboaters'] ass ..."

Christian Newswire: "Lesbian activist actress recklessly irresponsible"

Rapture update

The Professor Mike C. appreciation thread!!!

Americans Declared ENEMY for Weapons Testing Purposes; Rules of Engagement

Bush Held Military Lawyers In 5 Hour Meeting ,‘Tried To Force Them to Sign

Regarding Armitage, Novak, and the Wilson's Civil Case ...

Do you know the difference between animal protection and animal rights?

Congress May be Prosecutable For Participating In Bush War Crimes

New Bumper Stickers for Election 2006 ----------->

TOON: GOP asks the question regarding Iraq

Do you see significant differences between DNC 2005-6 and DNC 2000-2004?

Txradioguy exposed....

Taking predictions on the Fed's rate decision next week.

Democratic rank-and-file: Get out there and fight!

Profiles of the Anti-Union Network:

"Bush draws fewer viewers with latest speech" (4.7 M less than 2006 SOTU)

Ellen Tauscher, D-CA,was making the case on CSPAN

Scuzzball "advocacy" group running the most despicable ad I've ever seen!

The Dumb F@@ks calling CSpam do not understand...

Davis expected to pick Jones as running mate (YESSSS great move for Davis

From Rockefeller's office

Observation on D campaign effort.

Ohio GOP Attacks Republicans for Strickland

Union-Busters EXPOSED (Berman’s extensive money trail.)

From the Department of Raucous Laughter...

Claire McCaskill - what a great thing she did with the Rams tickets!!

WP,pg1: New Day for Maryland Democrats: D.C. Suburbs Assert Themselves

What’s It Like to Try to Form a Union? Political Candidates Find Out

Tony Snow clears up Iraq mystery: "They know the people who are there"

Diebold has created a new marketing opportunity!

Union-Backed Candidates Win Major Primaries

Daily Show's Stewart On Cable News & Question Marks ("The Cavuto")


John Yoo the torture architect lying on C-span now.

Blue Diamond Workers Roll Organizing Drive from Seoul to Modesto to Tokyo

Webb, Allen campaign gets down and dirty...

Anti-George Allen Body Armor Commercial

U.S. creates five groups to monitor Cuba (bushmilhousegang)

The Hill: "Military Tribunals" to be called "Terrorist Tribunals"

Hot air, hell, and melting Arctic sea ice

a grassroots "nickels and dimes" campaign for Democrats?

Democrats Vs. Wal-Mart (WP)

The Bush Administration is "paralyzed."

Typical freeprons talking about Richards on Netscape's page

why aren't the dems helping Jean Hay Brite of Maine?

Shea-Porter (Congressional candidate) once escorted from Bush event

House Approves Database of Government Contracts

Car bomb attack in Iraq kills 2 US troops and wounds 25 others

Want to see something REALLY scary?

Democrats need not surrender to fear...

Allen Ad Lies About Time Webb Served in Reagan Admin

America's Long Nightmare

Help with LTTE. Do you think this will work?

(celebration video) MN's Keith Ellison - A progressive winner!

Diebold Voting systems and what can we do with them

A simple way to confront the "Democratic" vs "Democrat" thing...

The Whispering Gallery In Abe Lincoln's Museum In Springfield, IL.....

My Nightmare - I Dreamt That G.W.* Was On American Idol Singing.....

Anyone know of "Democratic strategist" Laura Schwartz's Credentials??

Democratic GOTV Campaign, Oct 7 (DNC/Dean email)

Last night Democracy NOW!

American Son: Wes Clark

You know why the RNC won't endorse CT Senate candidate Schlesinger.

In 'inciting an enemy to attack us' treason?

Last night Democracy NOW ------FCC

Practical ideas on how to influence your congresscritters...

Pay it Back Rick - Get Santorum to pay PA for Kids Cyber School

Conflicting Bills on Warrantless Surveillance Advance in Senate

Oh what the hell just go ahead an mail in your CAPTIONs

Frist Hopes To Attach Political Favor To Defense Spending Bill

Which Florida gubanatorial candidate picked the BEST running mate?

We Can Only Pray George Bush's Resignation Speech On September 11, 2007

senate/house picture after November elections

Imus loves Harold Ford Jr

Pic: He CARES, you COLD, HEARTLESS bastids! LOOK...he's HUGGING people!

US House Races: Republicans Getting Hammered in Indiana

Can we promote absentee voting to all voters who MIGHT be

DU this POLL!!! Voting machines!

THE RISK POOL pension crisis info from New yorker magazine

If you need to see some reasons to get involved this election

Ann Richards is being viciously attacked at HuffPost

Republican supports Democrat as successor

WMD lies, Act II (second verse, same as the first)

Fur Free Alliance – Design Against Fur Competition Save a Seal

"Divided Republicans"

Joe Scarborough switches affiliation to Democrat! just kiddding... BUT..

I've got "mixed emotions" about Harold Ford Jr.

Repub '08- I just figured it out...

Davis did well picking Jones for his Florida Gov running mate

When A Repug Says The Dems Support The Terrorists And Don't ....

Excellent ad against DeVos in MI

Anyone catch Congressman and MD-Sen Candidate Cardin tonight on Hardball?

Democrats Hold Solid Lead; Strong Anti-Incumbent, Anti-Bush Mood

Bush talks loudly.....

Photos: Oedipal substance-abuser-in-Chief's questionable body language

Matthews and Two Ops (Dem&Repug) Pushing that "Unity '08" Party Again!

Google 'eager' to work with Republicans? How effing SPECIAL.

Its all about DEFINITIONS: How the DEMS can WIN: Defining the Battle

Sen. Lieberman cracks Howdy-Doody joke; “kids” don’t get it

Kerry post on the Dem Daily: Not A Forgotten War

"War on Terror" Numbers To Silence Republican Candidates

"They’re the ones in charge and Osama bin Laden is still at loose..."

Bush - Capturing Bin Laden Is ‘Not A Top Priority Use of American Resource

this is great: a real fighting Democrat

Congresswoman Johnson's Blatantly Misleading Ad!

DNC goes on the offence: Path to 9/11

FL Gov candidate Jim Davis taps Miami's Daryl Jones as running mate

Isn't the Democratic Party With Howard Dean as Chair Something to Behold?

GOP "comeback." I'm sick of tbe pundits creating these narratives.

I am a moderate person.

George W. Bush confronted his enemies today.

Bullshit or the start of a *real* outting?

Please critique this idea. Democrats should print up

Democrats for Life will introduce the 95 10 initiative on Sept. 20

State by State Analysis of Bush's Social Security privatization

Who is the gutsiest Democrat in office today?

Bush wipes his feet on the flag!

WTF!!!! Bush goes from 40% to 47% in a month??