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Archives: September 15, 2006

Anarchism Quotes

US outraged as Pakistan frees Taliban fighters

Jonathan Alter: An Alternate 9/11 History

WP: In a Volatile Region of Iraq, U.S. Military Takes Two Paths

Microsoft Unveils ZUNE

Conason: Jersey Hustler (Tom Kean)

A MUST READ ------ Abu Ghraib: Hell House of the Religious Right

Membership Has Its Benefits ... Doesn't It?

NYT editorial: Stampeding Congress to profound damage to American justice


In Gamble, Calif. Tries to Curb Greenhouse Gases

Elections have hurt Iraq, report finds


Salon: Ask the Pilot on "Security Theater"

An Unexpected Collision Over Detainees

Helping Big Brother Go High Tech

Cubans wary of quick change


Interesting site ,Microwaving Iraq

Chavez accuses Bush of LIHOP - - - - - - - - - - - - -> VIDEO

A LIHOP/MIHOP combined theory

So what does it look like when a plane crashes at 500mph?

Avi Rubin's blog: My day at the polls - Maryland primary '06

Here are my ERD banners, if you want ... steal them

Missouri Voter Photo ID law struck down !!

E-voting discussion started at a e-mail forum

LINK to TIA's dKos posts, still up 9pm NY time Thursday

POD on Bush and terrorisem

Juan Garcia need your help on the Caller Times poll


Harper, Charest don't see eye to eye on gun registry


"One time, on a dare...

Questions raised over 2010 Olympics budgeting

Ukraine Puts NATO Plans on Hold

Lebanon PM warns army will seize weapons

Pope criticised over Islam remarks

Threat to France as Al-Qaeda enrols Algerian Islamists

Nelson announces more Aust troops bound for Iraq

NYT: 2 Republicans in Senate Vow to Block F.D.A. Pick

IAEA: ‘Outrageous’ inaccuracies in Iran report

Arctic sea ice shrinking faster, NASA finds

House passes new ethics rule (you won't believe this!)

Kline outlines prayer of a chance (KS AG race)

Labor leaders assaulted in Zimbabwe

AP: Government Recovers Stolen Computer

Blankfein, Mack Lead Wall Street Shift to Democrats

Troublesome dwarf planet named for strife goddess (Eris)

WP: World Bank Lists Failing Nations That Can Breed Global Terrorism

WaPo: As Ballots Are Counted, Wynn's Unbeatable Status Is Questioned

Clooney, Wiesel warn UN of genocide in Darfur

NYT: LA Times Editor Openly Defies Owner’s Call for Job Cuts

CIA Learned in '02 That Bin Laden Had No Iraq Ties, Report Says

Segway recalls scooters due to problem that can cause riders to fall off

Iran secretly revived program to enrich uranium using laser technology

FEMA Overhaul Debate Stalls Funds for Interoperable Radios

Colo. worker wins transgender bias case

Dubai's ruler accused of slavery

Pres. Bush to headline Charlie Crist fundraiser (FL Gov race)

Anti-Abortion Group Loses Tax Exemption

Pew Poll: Democrats Hold Solid Lead: (50-39% Dem - Bush 37%)

Missouri Voter Photo ID law struck down !!

Murtha releases Iraq readiness report as Army backs Rumsfeld

E. coli outbreak traced to bagged spinach; 1 dead: DON'T EAT

FT: McCain stands his ground on CIA jails (even if it risks Presidency)

Ohio Congressman (Bob Ney-R) Is Said to Agree to Plead Guilty

Friedman says he'd legalize pot in Texas

Gas at $1.15 a gallon? Some experts say maybe

Please come wash my meat

People you've known who had (or have) an unusual name.

This is how GD is making me feel.

Thinking about buying a farm next door- any advice?

Please come wash my street

The history of playing cards is now on the History channel.

How do men walk around with those things?

Please Wish Me Luck, Lounge Denizens!

Seriously, is there any movie star ever who's hotter than Mercedes Ruehl?

Okay, I wrote this Poem for my Creative Writing Class.....

One of my films is streaming on YouTube as well.

Hillbilly Hare

Positive modern music thread: newer pop and rock albums you love

Ladies, who would you invite for a celebrity sleep-over

How long does it take to get over an ex?

If there were a movie where Oprah Winfrey were graphically assassinated


I'm getting closer to the chocolate dipped part of my biscotti.....

reggie bush and family got $100k while at USC

how does the buddy list thingy work?

Fucking fundie bitch--ignorant as hell (rant: sorry--lots of swearing!)

I'm organizing a Rosh HaShanah lunch for 40 people!

Loungies who have quit smoking

My Name Is Earl

If you were a car

what is funny?

Oh GOD! I Died and

Who else is multi-tasking right now?

Al Gore episode of Farscape on Cartoon Network right now!

Official good night thread

The In Crowd - Dobie Gray

Post your driver's license photo!

Believe it or don't — a *good* mechanic story

Why is money so damned expensive?

Listening to an interesting Tom Petty interview, talking about the ..

I tried to order Brokeback Mtn online tonight and it gliched

I DON'T CARE if it gives me Mercury Poisoning!

Why is my honey so damned expensive?

Time For The Show

Question for hetero and bi-sexual females, and homosexual men.

Well thanks to zonkers, I will not trouble you with this post.

We could use somebody like Carl Sagan now.

Are your parents still married, divorced, or what?

Harry Morgan and Abe Vigoda are still alive!!!!


why is it that some times you have

Ever opened the wrong car with your key?

Hey, Loungers!

Bob Seger on with Leno tonight. The Who on with Letterman tonight.

Thank you lounge.


Worlds Oddest Poll.

Setting up a liberal website and could sure use some feedback...

Punk is officially dead.

Soccer ref suspended after awarding goal to ballboy

I don't recall anyone posting about "Pei Wei"

I just gave $5 and some change to a homeless guy...

have you updated to itunes 7 yet?

Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee?

Just had a dumb real life conversation.

Breaking: Aquaman recruited by al-Qaeda...

I just finished watching Smallville season 5

omg, best new Ben and Jerry's evah...

Thursday night is live webcast night!

North East Beer Pong League

I just watched the Simpsons for the first time.

I'm making crepes for the first time since home ec


How often do you go professional sporting events?

Grieving wife sliced off his Willy

Oh. My. GOD. I think I have a boyfriend.

Worst Coach Ever

Survivor: Race War Starts Tonight

Pope criticised over Islam remarks

FOX News Distorts Rosie O’Donnell’s Comments

Need help from Jewish DU'ers

Muslim anger grows at Pope speech

Atheists Among Us

Acupuncture effective (and cost effective) for low back pain

Is there anyone here who has thought about immigrating to Canada?

Reggie Bush, family received cash and gifts


I am so sick of hearing

Swift liars caught in the act!

Totally OT, but don't eat bagged spinach!

Worst person in the world on Olberman

Mass-Souls you have to see this cartoon

Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested! Pending extradition... ** PICS **

Where's the coverage on the Iraq suicide truck bombing?

Heads up on a vote suppression issue.

"Boneheaded Republicans"

Mexico: This Saturday real Freedom becomes our Example

"Macaca and I Vote"

When anybody adds something hateful to the culture

Introducing today's Bigot du Jour... Mickey Kaus!

Dying Vietnam Vet Struggles to stay alive for V.A benefits

Bush has lost credibility with "sentient" Americans (VIDEO)

Interesting site ,Microwaving Iraq

Danger! Danger!

Fire Falwell and Robertson For Their Past Comments...

boob no-facts (novak) on c-spin tomorrow

CIA Learned in '02 That Bin Laden Had No Iraq Ties, Report Says

2 Republicans in Senate Vow to Block F.D.A. Pick

Which Party is most scared about election in November ?

Google philanthropy unit to develop 100+ mpg car

Proposal for new DU group - Joe Lieberman supporters

We must find the anthrax killer BEFORE the 2008 elections.

Results from the Repuke primary to replace Bob Ney

All eyes are on celebrity news. I was at the gym today and one of the

Is a "deadly homicide car bomb attack" same as "deadly car bomb attack"

OK, Wellstone is gone....Richards is gone...

I say we nominate Bill McCoy for U.N. Ambassador....

Battalion gets a hostile reception at Sadr City


Oh GOD! I Died and

To lurking swing voters and independent voters planning to vote Republican

Does anyone have a link to a site that tracks American popularity

So how was the crooked polling company so accurate?

Sean Penn on Larry King, plugging

Ooops, dupe, nevemind

WH: Administration Wants To CLARIFY the Torture Laws Not Reinterpret Them

Why I hate America (Mickey Z.)

No longer should the peace business be undermined by the arms business

Will Powell, Warner, McCain, Graham & Collins be called Islamo-Fascist...

AM 620 KPOJ's new lineup starting next week:

DU'ers I Need Your Feedback Now! Could This Be Big On YouTube?

President Clinton to be on Daily Show - Monday!!!! n/t

Bob Ney pleads

Transcript Of Daily Show's Wednesday Skewering Of Fox News' Cavuto

Star Power and the UN - Bianca Jagger and arms control

I just took a Rasmussen telephone poll!

Jon Stewart just asked the same question I did in this post!

Don't click on this thread if you want to sleep tonight!

Caption Bush prezedenting and diplomamizing

Finally a reason for Bush's shitty ideas...or why he farts so much

Starbucks Coffee Servers To Watch Travelers For 'Suspicious Movements'

A DUer's Dream Come True: Bill Clinton on The Daily Show, Monday 9/18

Your military-friendly college of choice

Another judge kicks the repukes in the ass. Whoohoo.

Eyechecks to be Used to Bust Drug Users

Democrats Demand Rumsfeld's Ouster - Any Progress Today?

Hoekstra's Hoax .-- Ray McGovern regarding Iran Nuke scare

Molly Ivins is back

Oldest writing in the New World discovered

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy Thursday Night, Best of

KO on tomorrow at 7 am on Today re his special 9/11 message.

Loving Labor’s Losses: Whoredom Is Optional (Jason Miller)

A Decade Later, NY Times Won't Let Clinton Forget Monica

Here's something I've wondered about freepers' powers of discernment:

Congressman Conyers: The Passing of Ann Richards

Byrd Calls for Rumsfeld's Resignation

Aren't secret prisons against the law ??

what's the deal with MMalloy??? I've been off the internet ca 5 weeks

All Segways recalled! Return your Segways!!

Scientists discover "puffy light" planet

Is the GOP acting like it stands up to Bush bec. it's an election year?

the bushes, their administration, and their paid shills don't get it:

Rummy: if Saddam were still in power,he would be rolling in petrol dollars

Tucker Carlson w/ Lonelygirl15 on Leno.

We've got to be prepared for any number of bizarre repub. scenarios

Greg Palast Slips Clutches of Homeland Security

Which Matt Lauer interview subject is better suited to be POTUS?

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich audio interview

Not that it matters to us, but Sean Hannity leaving ABC Networks?

• T-ball coach convicted in beaning of autistic boy

re torture-- is there a short, in-your-face anti-torture motto for buttons

Republican uses government post to run his personal horse racing business.

The freepers are freaking out over the You Tube Princeton Diebold vid

McCain 'will risk presidency' over CIA jails - MSNBC

Anti-terror bill to have little impact on terror, major impact on US law

Check in if you've read Ron Suskind's The One Percent Doctrine

Just got a call from my local Selective Service Board

Ford to offer buyouts to entire hourly workforce of 75,000 employees

caption this amazing * pic coincidence on Yahoo

We are not aggressive enough at attacking the GOP on its "strong points"

What Was That Horseshit About condi & A Lover?

I dont watch Matthews as a rule.


who feels paranoid talking politics on the phone?

Repukes at it full and hard "Bishop asks people to pray for Sebelius abor

Norm McDonald: If I were Condi, I wouldn't be flattered

Free Public Education; Why We Should Have it, Why the Cons Hate it

Rupert Murdoch considering DirecTV sale to Liberty (calls it a turd bird)

Big Dawg will be on The Daily Show next Monday

Stephen Colbert WON the Hungarian Bridge Contest! It's Official...


McCain can't ruin his chance of becoming president (he doesn't have one)

If you are 36 years old right now and you have lived in America

Setting up a liberal site for arts and need some feedback...

U.S. Troops Raid Offices of Iraq Freedom Congress - Protests Being Planned

We Are Marching -- Permit or No Permit- Spread The Word!

Bob Schieffer FreeSpeech:"Democracies--no business running secret prisons"

I'm so proud of my daughter - look what she posted on

What IS worth dying for?

Canadian activist. I have a friend who is working in Toronto.

FCC Ordered Staff To DESTROY Copies Of Draft Study On Media Ownership

Framing the issue. (Sen. Obama on TV today.)

Question: Did Santorum vote the same as Allen re: body armor amend?

Bob Ney (R-OH) enters GUILTY plea

Hey, DU'ers whats up with the Wire Tap Case??

What could Democrats do to put Bush on the defensive?

FCC ordered "every last piece" of report on media ownership destroyed

Oh, who are the people in your neighhood,

(sigh...) So, is this the ONLY Bush we can count on to be investigated?

D.C.'s Deficit Math Doesn't Add Up



Usenet discussion of e-voting has started at my froup

"This genocide will be on your watch."

Watch this election's most effective attack ad and help keep it on the air

"free market" republicans manipulate oil prices before elections

President Bill Clinton on the Daily Show on Monday!

Blankfein, Mack Lead Wall Street Shift to Democrats

WP: PA Senate candidate Casey defends role of religion in politics

What's Clinton Doing About PT-911?

They can talk about Clinton...

Is the Ohio Dam about ready to break? Ney & Noe both to jail.

Caption this * pic

WP, Dionne: Tip O'Neill's adage no longer true -- all politics not local

Tucker keeps claiming that Clinton had five chances to get OBL.

We MUST hit the R's hard and relentlessly!!!

GOP Snagged, Lying about Iran

Olbermann will rebroadcast his 9/11 commentary tomorrow (nt)

Swift Liars' new group Economic Freedom Fund caught in the act (listen)

High court to get 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case?(AP/CNN){free speech, K. Starr}

I understand that Colin Powell is "confused"

You should buy my book -

The Draft Obama movement has begun!

I find out - My grand uncle John is going to be "sainted"

Repukes bagging on Sebelius because of Abortion I am sick of them

Another Must see Daily Show! Matt Lauer up-close interview w/Bush

Vote Vets defends anti-Allen ad

A Big Bowl Of Wrong

Kerry: I'm prepared to kick Swift Boat's ass

A Few Words for Ed Gillespie

Being on guard for lobbyists running campaigns....and 527s.

Robert Parry: New Clues in the Plame Mystery (Rove & Armitage Linked!)

The New York Times condemns Bush: "Hideous... horrific... shocking"

Political Death Wish? -- Kurtz WaPo

A Defining Moment for Congress --Froomkin WaPo

Democrats Meander in a New New Direction --Millbank WaPo

Analysis: Scandal Again Testing GOP


Signs of Fear at the White House

Atheists Among Us

A Defining Moment America: president goes to lobby for torture

Smoking Gun: Washington Post Hires Top Bush Speechwriter

Mr President, You Would Understand If You Had Fought

The Stranger in the Mirror (Bob Hebert)

Will Castro show at Nonaligned summit?

Everyday Low Wages (NYT)

Horizon pays Kean (R) on day of vote

Bob Schieffer CBS "FreeSpeech" on Torture vs. National Security

Woolly-Thinker's Guide to Rhetoric -

Man Accused of Fraud Blames Karl Rove - Larry Neumeister (AP)

"Progress or Regress?" (Krugman, NYT, 09/15/2006)

First the tragedy, then the farce

Tyron Garner, 39, Plaintiff in Pivotal Sodomy Case, Dies

Republican Voters Dismayed by Biggest Spending Rise Since 1990

Wounded in Iraq:Shattered bodies,shattered lives

Security takes aim at elderly

Tammy Baldwin (D, WI) rejects House 9/11 tribute (1 of 22)

Iraq war's signature wound: Brain injury

Wounded in Iraq: Shattered bodies, shattered lives

got a job

More fall behind on mortgages

crosspost: Business Week has an amazing cover story

Polar Bears Drown, Unknown Islands Emerge From Ice As Melting Continues

Honda envisions cars that run on leaves, rice straw

New large ship engine

Mayors Witness Global Warming in Alaska

Solar Air Heating Systems Gain in Popularity

Solar Energy to Convert Carbon Dioxide into A Useful Fuel (still in R&D)

Summer 2006 Hottest Since The Dust Bowl For Continental US - Bloomberg

WHO backs DDT for malaria control (BBC)

90% Of Alabama Corn, 75% Of Cotton Lost As Deep South Drought Goes On

Ivory Coast - Angry Mob Beats Transport Minister Over Toxic Dumping

US to cut funds for two renewable energy sources - by Mark Clayton CSM

MIT Scientists Discover Cloud Forest - In Oman

Barley Now Growing In Greenland For 1st Time Since 15th Century

A home on the range where developers can play (delay for Dem congress)

UK's Tyndall Centre - CO2 Emissions Must Be Cut Far Faster Than Thought

Yucca arguments debated: Judges question state's challenge to regulation

Hyping Jack No. 2 - The Couricization Of Petroleum Geology

Cambodian Man Killed By Hornets While Cleaning Family Shrine - AFP

One Week After Dismissing Connection, Bloomberg Supports 9/11 Health Plan

Africa's Mega-Cities Groan Under Pressure Of Growth - Reuters

January - July 2006 Warmest Ever Recorded In California

Britain 'must act now to cut carbon emissions or pay the price later'

10 IDF soldiers incarcerated for rape

U.S. diplomats begin viewing Lebanon war as success

EU warming up to new Palestine government

US moves to scuttle Arab plan for international peace conference

"The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later" - transcript now available.

Conspiracy Theory Debunker on Cspan this morning.

Here is a pretty good article on the Microwave Weapons...

Anyone ever here of the IASP

BYU's Jones denies bias

Just the facts . . . at least as we know them

Pentagon Citgo Video Released, Shows Nothing

The Laws of Physics

CITGO Gas Station Cameras Near Pentagon Evidently Did Not Capture Attack

Free Fall

A missile could not have caused the damage to the Pentagon.

Why is it considered so bad to suggest that Osama detonated the WTCs?

9/11 Conspiracy Theories: The 9/11 Truth Movement in Perspective

What do non LIHOP/MIHOP folks think of 9/11 Press for Truth?

The Economics of ShowMe Vote Suppression !

Anyone know status of Exact Match Voter ID in California?

What Repukes will say After they Steal 2006 Elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Sep. 9/15' 06 Ney Guilty Plea

ACL Streaming Link

What would it take to get a progressive radio host locally around here?

Ivins: Remembering Ann Richards

Breaking: Big Dawg to lead procession to Capitol tomorrow morning!

Why aren't TEXAS flags at half staff?

Valpy on Ignatieff

Cubans wary of quick change

Helping Big Brother Go High Tech

Dog the Bounty Hunter Arrested! Pending extradition... ** PICS **

More fall behind on mortgages

WP: In a Volatile Region of Iraq, U.S. Military Takes Two Paths

Talk show accessed Schwarzenegger's site (exonerates Angelides)

Haaretz senior editor Bradley Burston wins award for Mideast journalist

US outraged as Pakistan frees Taliban fighters

Ford's 75,000 U.S. Hourly Employees to Get Buyout, Early Retirement Offer

Attacks on Yemen oil plants kill 5

Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice (we've got 10 yrs)

Muslim anger grows at Pope speech

Britain 'must act now to cut carbon emissions or pay the price later'

Polar bears' hunting season threatened by break-up of ice sheet

First Spanish troops arrive in Lebanon as problems loom

(2) More Troops Killed, (30 more) Bodies Found in Iraq

Fincantieri to Build Ships for Iraq

Italian Writer Oriana Fallaci Dies, Reports Say

Wounded in Iraq: Shattered bodies, shattered lives

Chertoff: Fee up in air for Registered Traveler

Ford set to offer buyouts to 75,000

Iraq war's signature wound: Brain injury

Bush to news conference in Rose Garden (9/15)

Will Castro show at Nonaligned summit?

New AAR Schedule is out


WP,pg1: House Votes To Disclose Earmarks: Defers Broad Lobby Reform

Nancy Grace Says 'Guilt' Likely Made Mother Commit Suicide

NYT,pg1: "Midnight" apptments by NY GOP Gov. Pataki leave lasting stamp

Tyron Garner, 39, Plaintiff in Pivotal Sodomy Case, Dies

Soldier reported missing after suicide bombing

U.S. Consumer Prices Rose 0.2% in August; Core Rate Rose 0.2%

Iraq to ring Baghdad with trenches

Penis pump terror scare at Chicago airport

Suspicious Package In Downtown Cincinnati Building (A BOMB??)

Protesters attack Ivorian minister over toxic waste

Katrina czar visits La. trailer campus

Governor Schwarzenegger to Sign Cell Phone Law

Labor backs Democrat Whitehouse

Michigan: Granholm, Stabenow Increase Leads

Bush Rosegarden Address to end GOP revolt

New Rasmussen Poll on CT and OH (45%/43%, 47%/41%). Also, MT is 52%/43%.

Rights Groups Blast UNESCO for Awarding Uzbek President

Former Sandinista Leads in Presidential Poll

Shiites and Sunnis agree -- they're angry over pope's remarks

Bush says hunt for bin Laden has not slackened

Bush wants 'clarity' on interrogations

Lieberman Defends Democratic War Critics

Poll Shows GOP Not Making Its Case

Lopez Obrador isn't fading away quietly

AP: U.S. Marine killed in Anbar province

G-7 Meets as U.S. Housing Slump Adds Pressure to Global Growth

Filkins, 'NYT' War Reporter, Says 'Anarchy' Curtails Iraq Reporting

(Mike Webb's) trial for fraud ends in a mistrial

Baghdad violence surges U.S. concedes increase in sectarian killings

Immigration Agency Says It's Improving

Analysis: Scandal Again Testing GOP

Public views Iraq, war on terror as separate

Blast kills 8 at Iraq soccer game

Photo ID law gets blocked a 3rd time (Georgia)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 15 September

Rhode Island Democratic senator hospitalized

Gov't proposes Cuban vote on Raul Castro

U.S. raps Iran for harassing religious minorities

Iraq forces to dig trenches around Baghdad (5 US troops died Thrus)

Fifty more bodies found in Baghdad (WH calls it "horrible")

SEIU: Olympic Security, CB Richard Ellis Charged With Federal Violations,

U.S. Bishops Meet 'Highest Ethical Standards' for Treatment of Prisoners

Borosage: Rep. Ney May Be Gone, But Public Corruption Lives On

DNC: Reality Catches Up With Representative No. 1

Elections Are a Referendum on Bush and Republicans' Failed Economic Polici

President Bush Trying to Undo Leadership Shown by Past U.S. Presidents

Pelosi to Hastert: Take Steps to Remove Ney From Subcommittee Chairmanship

Pelosi to President: Now Is the Time to Act to Stop Genocide in Darfur

Senate Judiciary Committee approves Big Brother bills

Top commander denies US walking away from Al-Anbar province

Taleban 'seize Afghan district'

LAT: U.S. Has Been Stockpiling Banned Pesticide

NYPD Reverses Decision, Grants Sept. 19 Antiwar March Permit

(Ben Nelson's) Drought measure rejected

Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) Announces Support for 'Don't Ask, Don't

Former DOD Officials Urge Congress to Preserve the Geneva Conventions

U.S. soldier missing in Iraq after blast

Press Conference: Policeman Abuses Power - Forces Woman to Perform Sex Act

GM: Hydrogen cars will re-establish company

Reid: Do Nothing Republicans Blocking Middle-Class Tax Breaks

Bush: They're going to attack us again

Trenches plan to secure Baghdad

Landrieu (D-La) calls GOP "boneheaded" on Senate floor

SLC Police Investigating Explosion at SLC Library

'This was a Columbine waiting to happen'

Deadly E. coli outbreak hits 20 states

Ohio Rep. Ney pleads guilty

Neo-Nazis join quiet march to poll victory (Eastern Germany)

Swartz Creek (Mich.) HS senior leads battle ... to fly Confederate flag...

Pelosi and Reid: Oil Companies Must Pay Fair Share to Drill on Public Land

Leaders to Call for Oversight of Iraq War Profiteering

Immigration raid cripples Ga. town

Written in stone, find is historic

Air America Lays Off Employees, Not Filing Bankruptcy

NRA-backed candidate (Bob Corker) lacks hunt license

EEWWW! I had an erotic dream about George W. Bush!

This is the worst I've seen Colbert get out of character

Recipe for fun...

Did you know women are less intelligent than men? I didn't...

Happy Birthday, Tommy Lee Jones

Wow, I asked phone co. to terminate my serv. after they refused to waive a

Before Bed, A Photo Thread!

"Some borrowing going on"...Bob Dylan helps himself to some 1800s poetry

On the History Channel, I'm watching about 80's arcade games.

So I'm going to create a new series

Who wants to see a big snake...

I just ate a piece of cheese..Ask me anything!

I'm having a rough night

Please come wash my britches

Breaking News: Sailor dies an hour after eating tainted bagged spinach.

Anyone here use Fasterfox?

Ever keyed the wrong car with your key?

Please come wash my bitches

Anybody else having a hard time posting text? nt


Stephanie Miller Stream is Down!!

Matcom News Update: Woman Who Microwaved Fake Penis Found Guilty

Stephanie Miller Stream is NOT Down!!

Gotta love the music industry, huh?

So if a woman adjusts herself while She's talking to you, should you be:

40 years ago today, I saw "The Great Escape" on network TV.

I'm so confident, I'm going to a hetero bar tonight!

Help! What do you do when your site has been hacked?

This song is cracking me up....


Hey lounge, our President is speaking, heres a transcript!!!!

There's a Jesus in my beer!

Hey, Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie, Kissed the Americans

(1:30) must see comedy classic-Norm McDonald on the Daily Show last night

APB: If any DU-er has the pic of Bush in Mexico wetting his pants, could

Funny Ann Richards commercial

Anybody see Sean Penn's interview on Larry King last night?


YMCA Adventure Group Program?

What The Hell Happened To My FONT On DU?????

Anyone running Windows Vista?

So I'm having lunch today with MissHoneychurch...

What is it with you people?

and now a word from our sponsor-Scientology

So I'm sitting here, running these two moisture testers in Bryan, Ohio.

Thinking of taking a dirt nap outside -- any advice?

How many people can one man bathe in a month before

So I'm having sex today with MissHoneychurch...

There is an extremely scared kitty creeping around our house

Airline Travel Help

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/15/06)

It's a good day

Woman Dies During Marshmallow Eating Contest

Just received this in an e-mail.

HUGS for billyskank!!!!

After much evaluation on torture I have decided torture appears ok.

When IT happens anywhere else its called bribing but....


Universal Out of Ideas, Settles for Suing MySpace, YouTube

Butterflys,puppies, and flowers the new and improved G rated gopsux

Woman Smokes Baby At Table In Olive Garden Breastfeeding Section

Couple Gets $36,000 For Teeth They Paid 10 Cents For

Friday, September 15. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Google search: breastfeeding+olive garden+smoking section

The hedgehog

Jilted girlfriend, spied on MySpace, seeks hit man to kill competition

WORLD PREMIERE (and I'm in it!)

I've discovered that if you are charming and stroke the egos of others

Mayor Allowed 'Thong Girl 3' To Be Filmed In His Office

Loungers, re. "US vs. John Lennon"..

Survivor: Help picked the theme of the next season of Survivor

The Five Weirdest Questions People Asked OSHA

What the "L" is up with e-mail spammers?

Anyone ever get a collection letter from Merchants' Credit Guide Co.?

Widow Rented Rotary Phone For 42 Years

I hate tension headaches....

Damn it! They interrupted The Price is Right

What should I listen to?

Ever replied to all the zero threads on page one...

So i finally saw March O' the Penguins, and all i could think was

Hey everybody! It's my "show us your big password" thread!

Every time I hear Rita Cosby speak

I've discovered that if you are charming and stroke the goose of others

Just shoot me now!!! I am the biggest moran!!!

Tiny sculpture

Canadian Man Bites U.S. Border Guard

Ow ow ow...

Does anybody know of a good documentary movie about the planets?

Remember that nurse that strangled the intruder with her bare hands?

YouTube is becoming hazardous to my health...

Slums Of Beverly Hills

Microsoft™ unveils ZUNE, an original new product they invented themselves!

just received my DVD of the original Gojira (1954) - don't ask me anything

DU Icons

So I'm sitting here, fixing these two moisture vaporators on Tatooine

Every time I hear Bill Cosby speak

God, I hope this is true coz it makes me so fucking HOT!

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

I'm dorky, ask me anything!

What I learned last night on "Survivor"...

My dog ran away a month ago in a thunderstorm and now my cat's missing

Firefox users, what theme are you using?

The Bush family... what is with these people?

Happy birthday wishes to icymist & kmlewis!!

"caters to older Don Johnson wannabees. Even the men had see thru clothes"


Salvation Army or E-bay???

Someone in my neighborhood is grilling something tasty

Why can't US car makers have ads this cool?

I am so PISSED about what happened at my son's school.

Next time the White House press corps can't get a clear

LADIES!! Next year's Spring / Summer Fashion Collections Are HERE!

So my tax man turned me on to a guy who does credit repairs


I just bought UT Jelly.

Who else is having a shitty Friday?

Any "Partridge Family" Fans Here?

Please post puppy house training stories and advice

How in hell do intelligent threads get in here?

Someone in my neighborhood is grilling something nasty

Uncomfortable men: May I be of service?

Any tips on removing a cactus from my ass?

Du'ers Who DON"T Have a Cactus Stuck Up Their Asses

A little lesson:

How many people can one man fire in a month before

Hey, Lounge: have you seen this "world can't wait" stuff?

I fucking hate Comcast

I put up my drapes!!!!!

Laid off on a new gig on Friday...

Anybody here really ENJOY having a cactus up your ass like me?

What good new music should I listen to this weekend?

Yeah, I'm eating bagged spinach tonight...I'm a rebel

I just bought KY Jelly.

Should we get together and vote or nominate a delegate or

Is is bad for a 56 year old woman to wear a jean jacket with

My neighbor has lived with no electricity and no gas for 34 years.

***A feminist joke -- about a fairy and an anniversary wish -- (FUNNY!)***

Getting pretty close to 15,000 posts, ask me anything!


Finish your beer, there's sober kids in India (and more.....rofl)

For your late night enjoyment......a few sunset pics from...

Toys 'R' Us Worker Harrassed Breastfeeding Shopper

Is your water bill too high.....must see. (cats)

kittens and a Butterfly

Woman Breastfeeds Baby At Table In Olive Garden Smoking Section

I need help with this riddle (it'll make me look smart at the office)

Police Chief Turns His Son In For Bank Robbery

I know people love birthdays, but this is ridiculous

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

What Airlines DON'T Want You To Hear

1 dead and 20 sick, they clear the shelves.. 450,000 smokers dead and

Lunch with MissHoneychurch... (dialup warning)

Which one of these is is the REAL "Confederate Flag?"

I received my counterfeit razor blades from an ebay seller today

What do the ladies like looking at?

How many people can one man murder in a month before

Weird Homophobic Dunkin Donuts Experience Today


Flogging Molly, baby!!!

T-Ball coach found guilty!

My Kitties are Missing

Ted Haggard doesn't like 'Jesus Camp'

Is Benedict the next-to-last pope?

Okay, the answer to Fundamentalist Theocracy in the U.S is not Atheism!!!

Tom Kean on United Health's board since 1993:Did He Trash Clinton for $$$?

E. Coli Outbreak Spreads to Ninth State

The health of our nation is at risk..........CDC

Death after 2-hour ER wait ruled a HOMICIDE

Astronomers discover strange new planet

Experimental AI Powers Robot Army

this thread made my head hurt:

Why Johnny Can't Code

Weird Homophobic Dunkin Donuts Experience Today

Illinois Anti-Gay Group Ends Ballot Fight

Details about Karen Bishop's World Puja broadcast on September 21, 2006

I want to thank you all and want to

I had a VERY disturbing Nightmare and I sincerely hope that it's

Did anyone else receive another letter this week re: data theft?

Very touching story about a fellow VVAW brother of Kerry's on dKos

Afghanistan needs attention and troops NOW! Read me

John Kerry Voted Most Trusted Senator of 2006

Why are only Republicans getting credit for killing Bush's torture bill?

The Case for Kerry 2008

hey beachmom - I used your link in GD thread.

Please rec and comment on my dKos diary as soon as you can

I'm torn between three trees. Which one do you like?

The LAST last poll!!!!

Please help! Photobucket resizing problem

***SUBMISSIONS***September Photo Contest*****TREES*****

Hooo Boy! Now I did it.

***COMMENTS***September Photo Contest Comment Thread***


Democrats Open Purse Strings for a 2nd Upstate House Race

2,677 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Why am I not surprised?

Atheists Among Us

To What End?

Okay, the answer to Fundamentalist Theocracy in the U.S is not Atheism!!!

Grieving wife sliced off his Willy

Wanted: Straight Shooter.

Breaking News: Sailor dies an hour after eating tainted bagged spinach.

How do you know if someone has been tombstoned?

Was there a "Top 10 conservative idiots" this week?


Google decides to begin Google Netpac and support Republicans

O.K. bushies, don't come whining to me when they torture your son.

Walk-On Appearance Never To Be Forgotten!

Snow in Oregon today...

OPUS: New doo-doo in the old anxiety closet

Conspiracy Theory Debunker on Cspan this morning.

Anybody want to paraphrase my LTTE on Al Gore?

Has anyone seen this? It's news to me.....

WHY is capturing Osama NOT a Top Priority for bush?

WJ Caller: "A Dirty Bomb Is In 7 American Cities"

AP: Bodies of 29 People Found in Baghdad (Friday)

Alert: Robert Novackula appearing on CSPAN 1 now taking call in questions.

What a joke -Wolfowitz

IAEA: U.S. report on Iran 'dishonest'

Regarding the Chapman arrest....

Will wonders never cease...

Stephanie Miller Stream is Down!!

K.O. ....on TODAY SHOW NOW (Mountain time)

oh brother, The Rev. Moon gets another award

Lt. Gen. Peter Chiareilli on C-Span2 now 9:28 est on Iraq

An Alternate 9/11 History....Jonathan Altar

Come See The Man Who Claims To Be Jesus- Live 4 Minute Video Of Christ

Message from Dr. Dean:

Stephanie Millers streaming audio show not working?

Diebold on CNN NOW!

Ariana Huffington on CNN now.

Is it just me... Spinach scare!

Walmartopia returns to New York today for encore performances!

Testing non-lethal weapons and methods

Prussian Blue twins speak out (claim they are misunderstood)

Vote please

The *Real* Links Between 9/11 and Iraq Revealed

Anti-Abortion Group Loses Tax Exemption

Jail Time For Journalists: The Government Crackdown on Reporters

Torture Taxi: On the Trail of the CIA's Rendition Flights

Bush's "Clinton moment" with the Taliban funeral

The command structure of the Taliban hasn't come close to being captured.

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Radical Fringe - "you don't throw flowers anymore...." (toon 9/15)

Dubin on floor of Senate talking of lack of health care, energy etc

Is today the Ides of September?

Tormenting my pet republican

MSNBC Poll: Do you think Dems will pick up a majority in the elections?

Salon Article -There are no more troops to send to Iraq.... LINK

ABC/Disney - Propaganda Orgasm

The Spirit of Tommy Chong

bush to hold press conference at 11:15 ET this morning

A quick favor/info request

Which of these Democratic tickets was your favorite?

More Legal Trouble For Rove: Attorney Says He Targeted Client...

There Is No War On Terror

Use parental controls to block ABC, DISNEY, ESPN channels

Pfizer should sue Air America ...

US to cut funds for two renewable energy sources

Let Reagan Be Reagan

J G Ballard's new novel - Kingdom Come (consumerism as fascism)

How do you like "Today" since Meredith Viera came aboard?

Bush wants to 'Set Record Straight' on torture at 11:15 news conference

Preview : press confrence text

Another chimp caption opportunity awaits you...

Local columnist goes after Santorum for using his kids in ad

Like a good neighbor

Andy Xie from Morgan Stanley joins the Stagflation camp

Q&A: Bob Novak on CSPAN

Molly Ivins ---- Remembering Ann Richards

Who's in charge of securing Dem votes in Nov. and 2008? DNC or candidate?

George Allen Ad: Webb said Reagan was a "Useless old fool"

your current favorite radio show host

AP: Gen. Says Baghdad Security a Priority

After much evaluation on torture I have decided torture appears ok.

Ney pleads guilty to crimes and Freepers start bitching about the Clintons

Anybody else listening to Bush stutter in the Rose Garden right now?

For your Clair-eh-fication Mr. Bush, humiliating outrage on humanity

"This program will end...We will not ask these young men to violate laws."

Iraq: AQ #2 had letters for Bin Laden & al-Masri when killed

RNC concedes some losses coming

Michael Signer: An Exemplary Nation Does Not Torture

Michael Brown to give heckuva speech/take audience questions today

We Need To Quit Using "War On Terror" to describe Iraq/Afghanistan...

Now he's stammering about Ann Richards

In a sense, the urgency with which the shrub is pushing the torture agenda

On Ford Motor Company...

Why do Democrats continue to support Bush and torture policies?


We won't get Osama b/c Pakistan is a sovereign nation ....

How vague is Common Article III of the Geneva Conventions?

self delete

is it just me, or has he NEVER been this pissy before?

Why do you watch a Bush press conference?

"Pakistan is a sovereign nation!"

Asshole-In-Chief should shut his mutha@#$% mouth RE: Ann Richards

Caption this * pic from the press conference

LOL! First caller on C-SPAN: "We are in deep doo-doo..."

HaHa, Bush didn't learn from Carter's mistake

This Bush media event was a Freeper call to arms to pressure GOP

Legalizing sadism. . .

Ten anti-Castro "journalists" in South Florida on US government payroll

wow RE: oil/gas prices

Bush: We've been effective in bringing in most of those who planned 9-11"

Follow Up To OPERATIONMINDCRIME's Dem '06 Commercial

"Pakistan is a Sovereign Nation ...... "

DUers all

Did Bush just have a TerrorGasm?

Here is a pretty good article on the Microwave Weapons...

Man Accused of Fraud Blames Karl Rove

FCC Rept. Says Media Consolidation Harms News - FCC Destroys Report

Democrats and Republicans in Congress need to show some courage

IT IS a civil war. Expert testifying on Cspan1 now: Shays hearing.

c-span will take calls after press conference

Bush demands spying rights, Senate Judiciary Approves Big Brother bills:

ok, can someone tell me WHY Bush wants to torture people???

Glow, River, Glow - Radioactive Leaks and Plumbers at Hanford

Presidential Prayer Team - for KIDS!

New Standard faces fatal budget shortfall

**TERROR ALERT** They are coming ... .... HERE!!!

American Indians rally to discuss immigration, homeland security

to amend the Geneva Convention

Day 8: "Free Speech" held hostage, still no Democrats or progressives on C

Recognizing tha we are in a civil war in Iraq would clarify policy:--cspan

"Imagine if an enemy who doesn't like us gets ahold of oil resources"

Wouldn't it be ironic if it's the Repubs that end up saving

"We ain't gonna follow no stinkin' International Law".

Afghanistan is in serious trouble and is reverting to Taliban control

Opponents of UN Arms Treaty could derail the saving of millions of lives..

First thing out of Limbaugh's filthy piehole today ..... Bush up in polls.

"I'd rather have underwear on my head than my head cut off" cspan caller

Bush says future of Iraq depends on "Ideal logs"

Psychologist Oliver James analyzes...

Unbelievable occurence on MSNBC during *'s speech..

Friday's Mr. Fish.

Who is "Lar", I heard Bush mention it a few times this morning?

Al Gore Needs to Re-Edit 'An Inconventient Truth'. We Have 10 Yrs Left!

Anyone see that flake/buffoon Bush with Matt Lauer?

Bush likes to hear people are praying for him...

HOLY CRAP!!! C-SPAN NOW!! Peter Galbraith saying Iraq in Civil War!

DNC: Cheney & Rumsfeld Tour of Fear & Smear

'Block the Vote: The 10 Worst Places to Cast a Ballot'

Have The Corporate Media WHORES Spun Speech In *'s Favor Yet?

Who The Hell is the Jackass on C-Span's Fascist Friday???

Scarey... Very Scarey...

Did Bush say there was a "vast, islamo-fascist conspiracy"?

WE have taken our EYES OFF Iraq last week or so. Cspan1

Former Skeptics Call for Action on Warming - Bush Silent

Photos of Chimp making stupid faces (you know, TODAY'S batch)

Pope's comments offend Muslims

Brent Budowsky: Our Season For Freedom And Hope

Did anyone notice the shot of Tony Snow's face during that press con-

The Movement Continues - Mexico's Lopez-Obrador Not Backing Down

Are all Republicans *lying cowards* or just the ones in Washington?

Pelosi&Reid Urge Networks to Give Fair Coverage to House and Senate Dems

New Air America Lineup

Snapping your fingers keeps wild elephants away.

Wanna make a positive impact and help your community?


Penis pump terror scare at Chicago airport

Operation RescueAnti-abortion group loses tax status

Where is Ben Burch?

Breaking: Ney pleads guilty for conspiracy

Bush BLACKMAILS Congress?

Watch For The SPIN!!! - It's Coming To A TV Set Near You SOON!

9th Circuit: Laptops May Be Subject to Customs Inspections

A Defining Moment for America

Sen Danforth: "Some Ask - Is America A Christian Nation - I SAY NO"

Documentary: U.S. military in Iraq paid $45 for Coca-Cola

Okay, it's Friday, the press conference(gag) is over, how much do

To the Malloys and MalloyProducer

Smirky is getting PO'd at all the follow-up questions.

The nut cases are out in full force today!

Anyone here still have the links to information on what Clinton's plan

Question about Ford Motor Co

Bush said, " We will be hit again..."

HOT DAMN!! I paid $2.29 per gallon this morning for GAS!

A Smiley History of The New Millenium

Wisconsin farm produces third white buffalo

MY LTE to the Daily News

Would someone please tell me why

GOP slams Pelosi even when she agrees with Cheney

New Solution For Defending Baghdad: Dig Trenches Around City

Sean Penn inspired me to invent a new name for Bush..."Beelzebubba!"

Poll Of The Day

After seeing this pic, I will never ever again eat bagged vegetables.

Bush: "having gone through those gyrations, you‘re looking beautiful'

"Senate Rebuffs Bush"

BUSH: the torture president

Kidnapping your children

Lets email C-SPAN to show Ann Richards speech from the 1988 DNC

Obama in Iowa: Preview of 2008?

Study: 330% More Laughter At Snow's Press Conferences Than McClellan's

"Jeb" on ThinkProgress says Bush is a whiny titty baby!

How long before monkeyboy

Congress Rejects Aid For Sick 9/11 Responders

Idiot Springer is cheer leading for McCain.

Did this press conference make you more angry than usual?

Consumer confidence skyrockets

New Air America Line-up Announced Amidst Reports of Financial Problems

When identities fall like dominoes

Is 'truth serum' outlawed by the Geneva Convention?

Any (non-propaganda) Iraq war combat pics?

NYT: Bush "STRONGLY" Defends...

Bush*: ' Without my plan, detainee questioning won't continue'

'Am told that an unpublished Rasmussen poll has the Lamont -

Bush on CSPAN now (repeat of news conference)

Judicial Watch Releases 9/11 CITGO Video (No Attack Caught On Tape)

New Poll: Vermont Senate: Sanders 55% Tarrant 40% (plus congress race)

Terry Gross ("Fresh Air") interviewing "US vs. John Lennon" consultant.

Bush Quote VOMIT of the Day...

They can't ignore the news from Iraq so they try to hide it. A shell game!

Everything you wanted to know about old Army interrogations

Bush's Hissyfit with David Gregory now on Crooks and Liars...

I have nothing meaningful to say, just

Alcohol use helps boost income: study

Digging More Holes In Iraq

Unmanned predator Segways!

MESSAGE WRITERS NEEDED!!! If we want a Democratic House.

Can I eat the creamy spinach from Boston Market?

An anniversary to note: Bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church

Is Bush's lobbying for torture staged?

Do the neocons have the Dems by the short and curlies too?

Get The Faith-Based Community On The E-Coli/Spinach Deal ASAP!

New B3 Flash: 'Breaking The Law'

MSNBC Rose Garden Gaffe or Subliminal Messages 101?

Colorado Governor's race: Democrat Ritter leads by 17 in poll.


ROTF!! Wingnut bloggers pissed off that AAR isn't filing bankruptcy!

Now Bush and the GOP want to Cut and Run...

November 8, 2006 .. Shelf Day

The ultimate, final way to victory in the "War on Terror."

The economy is responding to the hints of Democrats taking over congress

Sad picture from Truthout

Pig braves tasers to escape slaughterhouse

Bush Says Powell’s Criticism Is ‘Unacceptable’

"I can't go without health insurance, I've got three kids..." > FORD Layof

Kos and MYDD: Lieberman parked in a handicapped parking spot

The real problem with the new detainee treatment bill:

Official Bushconference Word Parsing Thread

Is the Terror Card the Only One Left for Republicans - because

New AAR Schedule is out

Speaking of corruption in the GOP...

Congress Rejects Aid For Sick 9/11 Responders

World War 3 (my first journal)

Bash, Toobin on Bush Press Conference, Geneva Conventions

Bush Remarkably Consistent On Capturing Bin Laden ...

What I wish I had learned/followed from college

(Graphic) Mr. President these are outrages upon personal dignity:

The Rude One on Bush's Press Conference. Short. Sweet. Truthy.

UN troops praise creation of command center


Manufacturers now process your produce right in the fields - "in the dirt"

Firefox won't play C-SPAN ?

Here is "common article III"

You want Legal Certainty - Follow The Law!

"We support our president; thank God for him! "

Encouraged by officers not to distinguish civilians from the enemy

Well now, what does Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Dumbya

Can we whisper it windfall profits tax

If the torture is not terrible, can't we ask that our congress people

Fiddling while the world burns

It appears a US soldier is missing after yesterdays car bomb attack

Bush Talks ‘Fiscal Responsibility--GAO Warns of ‘Out of control deficits"

Heres a little Friday cheer for ya'all - :)

Diebold Machine discussion

The Right-Wing Went Ape-Shit over Hilary’s $100,000 return on 10 Cattle Op

Semiconductor company being bought by Carlyle group &Blackstone, Texas Pac

Why is it considered so bad to suggest that Osama detonated the WTCs?

Bush Rewrites History on Zarqawi Statements

Listened to the Young Turks in Seattle for the first time this summer

Haha - just spoke to an old acquaintance who met Peter McKay

Dems lost in '94 to corruption scandal--DU: Research Jack & Duke & Raise$$

The last "Majority Report" coming up!

Truthiness comes to Tally and I got seats up front. Hope he

VOTERS-VALUES SUMMIT..Falwell, Dobson, Gingrich, "Macaca" Allen & COULTER

Lonedell (MO) mother's throat slashed and 7 day old baby girl kidnapped...

Why is Donna Brazile allowed on TV to speak for Democrats?

Murtha is clear, firm and in control on Hardball - 7:11 p.m. est

What we need to do to win in November.

Lou Dobbs using the school bus incident to deflect accusations of racism?

*** Official Bush Press Conference - 09/15/06 Thread #2 *** n/t

Did Laura go hunting with Dick??

What the fuck is it with Bush and "clarity"

2681 Reasons why the DSM is Important

***Official Bush Press Conference - 09/15/06 Thread***

Cafferty's questions for today

Conservative TV Channel goes bankrupt

Republicans catching up - Zogby

Ruling may end boating in US

Chavez, Castro and Iran: Anti-American Alliance comes to UN

Conservatives forget talking points, rant against left on gas prices

So did Littlle Boots' tantrum today make him look forceful and strong

Keith Olbermann on Today Show NOW!!


Chavez Says He'll Be At The UN Summit On Horseback If Necessary

Ruling may end boating in US

Chimperor in Red Tie, White Shirt and American Blue Suit Lecturing Now!

Whoa CRAP...Bush Really Is Trying to Avoid War Crimes!!

Ruling may end boating in US

"in order for us to send troops to a sovereign nation we must be invited"

Has a single Senator or Rep. said that we have federal courts...

If Bin Laden is really in hiding?

CNN talk show reaches a new depth of sleaze

caption BushCo...

Jack Cafferty Question: Would you support Obama/Powell in '08? Unity Party

The administration and Congress are fully aware of the civil war

Bush: Strong Boarders are Important, Yet HE is letting 15,000 Wahabis in..

Got your bushitler right here!

Chris Matthews is one sick SOB.

Good quote about Katie Couric

Martin Luther King, Jr. asks us to "Remember"

CO E-Voting 'Expert' Admits he's no Expert & Diebold Replies to Princeton!

Oooh he's really getting pissed now!

What would happen if I declared personal secession from the US?

I don't know if Bush is batshit crazy, incredibly stupid, a complete

Economic Report: Drink Up And Rake In More Pay

*'s press conference in pictures - lots of pics

A Village Idiot's Guide to Torture

Powell, 2/24/01: No significant WMD capability, PROOF OF LIES...

Study finds taking Vit. D can halve risk of pancreatic cancer

Interesting post over at Yahoo, re Chimpy's meltdown today

Wolf Blitzer: We have new, breaking news on the issue of SPINACH.

the Pope is an uniter

The Yummy Food Dining Club

Uh oh..Somebody didn't get the "skirt" memo..

What are your favorite conspiracy catch phrases?

Anyone else see Princeton Study report on Lou Dobbs?

Does anyone think that gas prices have been lowered because of Elections?

Nancy Grace Says 'Guilt' Likely Made Mother Commit Suicide

Can it be that the neo cons aren't the least bit afraid of we the people?

Gas prices are down pre-election. Why aren't home heating oil

Over 1000 march for 911 truth- pictures dial up warning.

Where do you start again in your fifth decade of life.?

(VIDEO) Ann Richards speaking in 2004 (funny as hell)

Verify your voters registration online in seconds, here:

Wow! Watch this ad!

How much would you pay to see?

Transcription of the entire exchange between David Gregory and Bush

Are Republican incumbents generally trying to hide their incumbency?

Plummer on Tillman: They knew it was friendly fire then–it makes you sick

Spinach as a weapon of mass destruction appears to be

Torture is useless as a means of extracting useful information

Who would Jesus Torture - bumper stickers. I am SO angry today.

Honors for This Video

2 Responses to Diebold's Response:

Iraq to Seal Off Baghdad Next Month

shouldn't you stop killing children and women then?

Was Bush PERSONALLY involved in torturing while visiting overseas?

AAR Attornys Order The Site Of Randi's Archieves To Be Shut Down

The GOP and BUSH: Losing Owners and Coach: Excuses, Excuses

Dubya's New Book: Presidentin' For Dummies


Muslim reaction to the Pope's remarks about Islam.

HIV care crisis emerging: Ryan White act being gutted, care provider $ cut

Left builds power base in the blogosphere

A question about worldwide terrorists attacks

What is your opinion of rich people?

I theorize that the neocons have conspired to get us to this exact point.

Name the trench in Baghdad

Is anyone just embarrassed for the WH press corp?

This Poll Could Use Some DU Love

It finally dawned on me...Bush's immaturity...he's a child.

What question would you ask w to Induce a total mental breakdown?

Bush Says He Doesn't Know What "Human Dignity" Means

What's the best way to handle a Christian Republican in the workplace?

Common Article III is, in fact, vague.

It's not vague you moron, you are just to stupid to understand

David Gergen on CNN now -- secret evid & death could happen to Americans

MoveOn.Org needs help finding office space in AZ

Give the devil his dues, CNN is showing exclusive film

WashPost: WH claims CIA withheld Iraq WMD intel - or did Cheney do it?

Kennedy & Durbin Call For Probe Of WH Coercion On Torture Policy

New Clues (Rove & Armitage) in the Plame Mystery - By Robert Parry

Brian Lamb funded his "C-Span" on our TAX Dollars! Why is he a Repuke

Here's a bit of clarity Chimpface....

Big Dawg to lead procession for Ann Richards tomorrow in Austin!

Mike Malloy Update

Mary Landrieu fights back

George Bush Is A War Criminal And Must Be Tried

Spotlight CA-50 It's about Iraq and Francine Busby gets it

Women in Colombia stage anti-violence sex strike

Freepers are such a class act........NOT!!! (Re: Natalie Maines)

CNN's Carol Lin: "The President is mad!"

Some toons for friday

DUers in Washington, D.C. or who know someone in D.C., please help....

Bush has been attacking these reporters a lot lately..

If there is a shark georgie boy just jumped it

They might pull the 'dead Zarqawi' routine with Osama too.

Police ask me and my neighbors to spy on another neighbor

My son just told me something disturbing...

Bush Desperately Fighting War Crime Prosecution

Muslim anger grows over pope’s remarks

Breaking: Air America Files for... NOTHING!

Why are school vouchers so bad? What am I missing?

Speaking of War Crimes…The Etiology of the Death Squads in Iraq

U.S. soldier goes AWOL -- alleges sexual harassment in Iraq

The President of the United States is currently laying out an arguement...

Voting Activist Needs Help Today - Any advice especially

Key to military's REAL role in Afghanistan now - check the Memory Hole

Jim McGreevey: I'm not a fan

Here is the FCC report on media consolidation that was ordered destroyed.

TIME - Fortune: Hiding the FBI Phoenix Memo

Just got elected to my union's bargaining committee

Bush & GOP "urgently need" new tools to gut the Geneva Conventions

Rahm may face leadership challenge in November

Talk show accessed Schwarzenegger's site (exonerates Angelides)

Attn Texans: Do NOT vote for Kinky Friedman.

AP: Senate to Settle Detainee Issue on Floor

Santorum's Latest Attack Ad

He is Just About There Already

Whatever happened to the "clulture of corruption?"

Replay of Armed Services Committee from yesterday - Cspan Now

Harry Reid on Detainee Treatment of Cspan2 now.

Do you want the Democrats to win this fall?

C-Span Military Commissions Bill Markup (Thurs)

Send a hanger to South Dakota!

Politics Is Being Used To Distract From Economic Reality

"The President is at odds with members of his own party"

LOL.. look at this delusional rightwingers declaration on Bush..

What the Terrorists Want

Has Colin Powell Grown A New Set of Balls?.........

MO Senate: McCaskill (D) 45%, Talent (R) 42% (Rasmussen)

Bush's word for the day: "Clarity"

He is giving long winded answers

Bush Demands Spying Rights - Judiciary Committee Approves the bills:

Address by Bush from the Rose Garden-C-SPAN at 11:15am ET (one)

Falwell: South Dakota Pro-Lifers Face Off Against Planned Parenthood

You just watched the first day in the new fall offensive...

If David Gregory doesn't smack Il Dunce in the face, he's a better man

A new security measure for Baghdad: trenches and barbed wire

Are you experiencing more frustration than usual at the moment?

Video of Chimp sidestepping David Gregory up on CNN

GOP panic: War criminals, civil rights abusers, election thieves

Was This New Conference Staged To Make * Look Belligerant &......

Waterboarding Dick Cheney

WP, Milbank: Dems meander in a New Direction as GOP says Vote Dem and Die

Bush Remarkably Consistent On Capturing Bin Laden ...

Democrats question donations to Kean (NJ)

Bush is scolding the press for asking questions.

Waving hands, lots of pauses and "umms," howling monkey in the Rose Garden

Did you hear that about a wall being built around Bagdad? he said

AP: Lieberman Defends Democratic War Critics

E&P: NY Times Introduces New Best-Seller List -- for Politics

Sept and October 2004: Remember well the feeling we had back then

Ken Mehlman = a big tease. Come on Kenny, I luv ya babe.

*'s presser just ended. It sucked.

Frank Gaffney (R-War Hard-on) wishes e-coli infection on Chavez

E-mail from VT: Max Cleland Visits Vermont to Support Bernie Sanders

"I am the President/Ruler/King/Dictator, plus I'm in charge. Why can't

Vice president to speak at fundraiser in Maine (50 guests=$100,000)

Does anyone give LESS of a shit than I do about Dog and Anna Nicole and

Conservatives forget talking points, rant against left on gas prices

Will there be any bad news on teevee for the next two months?

*CO Is Buying Up All The Package Spinach In The U.S. To Feed.....

EU condemns secret CIA prisons

Those wacky oil companies .... they're really good guys at heart .....

Question re: Damon Linker

A clean break (IASP) The path to Iraq

Coalition prods Capito (R-West Virginia) for position on Social Security

" White House Held Military Lawyers In 5 Hour Meeting. . . . "

Electrical Workers Latest to Make Aggressive Growth for Working People

Tweety just said the last election was between the winder surfer

Call It What It Is -- Bush Wants to Torture People

Freeps pleasure themselves to the soothing tones of Junior's press conf

Is any wealth really being created by the Bush Tax Cuts....

Received my Bill Nelson bumper stickers today. :)

Lou Dobbs is doing the Princeton/Deibold story.

Good cartoon by Mark Fiore

Roberts (R-traitor) trying to skirt Dem criticism on declassification

Lou Dobbs is doing the Princeton/Deibold story.

Murtha's on Tweety's show right NOW!!!

You gotta listen to * from today

Why would any state trust the US after the Iraq War?

Comment on Matt Lauer's interview with Bush

NO ACTION JACKSON: Bush's Unmet Promises To The People Of The Gulf Coast

Love this headline! "Angry Bush tackles terror revolt" by GOP ;-)

Don't Swallow The Doughnut Hole

C&L Vid Clip: Bush refuses David Gregory's question during press conf

Bush Talks Tough But Avoids Tough Questions (DNC Release w/research)

was Olbermann on Today show this morning?

Followup: Powell denys seeing FCC media ownership study

Conflicting Bills on Warrantless Surveillance Advance in Senate -

Leading Symbol of GOP Culture of Corruption Pleads Guilty (DNC Research)

SO since google is now working for GOP, how long until

Ricketts vs Nelson in Nebraska

There's an all out GOP assault going on D-candidates in Florida!

Bush's new tactic: To "out-anger" the Democrats and Americans

a fungus among us?

Republican Candidates Trail Democrats by Just 3%; Bush Job Approval Climbs

He dishonored Anne Richards by even mentioning her.

"Rep. Christopher Shays gives Barbara Bush an impromptu kiss"

Marilyn Musgrave has a spirited opponent. I love this ad!

His Petulance just revealed he'll skip Ann Richards' funeral

can someone load Bush yelling at David Gregory on youtube?

Democracy NOW tribute to Ann Richards

Medicare Part D donut hole coming up. An email petition to the government:

Don't forget Darfur Events on Sunday. Check out events in your area here:

A General Proposal for 2008 Campaign Platform

Tweety on Hardball: "He's gonna be back at 50% in the polls again!!!"

So The President Is Threatening Not To Protect The American People, Huh?

Why so Little Discussion on the ECONOMY?

New Jerseans! Get off your butts! Kean Jr pulling head of Menendez!!!

Bus. Week has an amazing cover story in the issue I got today:

What We've Lost according to a reserve soldier who fought in Iraq.

Fun with fact-checking (Bush's press conference)

DLC Al From met with Bloomberg about the Presidency????

Democratic Ideas Struggle to Be Heard by a Very Lazy Media

Has anyone noticed the Republican ads look and sound

Top Ten Senate races most likely to change parties

A Decade Later, NY Times Won't Let Clinton Forget Monica