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Archives: September 16, 2006

Charges dropped in Wis. necrophilia case

Carpooling with Adolf Eichmann

The Bush Magical Mystery Political Capital Tour (Walter Brasch)

Inalienable Human Rights Aren't Privileges (Jason Miller, Counterbias)

In Case Against Politician, Friendship, Ambition and Betrayal

GOP Infighting on Detainees Intensifies

Proving Nothing: 9/11 Truth Movement Ignores Reality (Joshua Frank)

Flight 93 crash photo target of conspiracy theorists

Guv, Brad Discuss Voter Confidence Res. on Peter B. Collins Show

CO E-Voting 'Expert' Admits he's no Expert & Diebold Replies to Princeton!

Fort Bend Republicans Are Scared - of the Fort Bend Democrats!!

Tories stand fast amid gun-control demands

Bush Fights GOP Revolt Over Terror Bill

Iraq to Dig Trenches Around Baghdad

Stocks at 4-month highs, oil at 5-month lows

Mexico: Fox Backs Down:. To deliver "grito":in Dolores Hidalgo

Hurricane Lane Roars Toward Baja

Bush Vows To 'Defend Civilization'

W.H.O. Supports Wider Use of DDT vs. Malaria (NYTimes)

New concerns raised about security of voting computers(trial next week!)

Mother leaped on wounded daughter as gunman took aim

Tainted spinach traced to California

Ford (D - TN) campaign ad filmed in church

MY 1000th post

Good Lord, now I know why I moved away from my hometown.

The SO is gone -- who wants to be corrupted???

Is anyone who dropped XM because AAR fired Mike Malloy selling their XM

Who here like to have lots of pricks in her ass?

I just bought R Kelly

You won't believe this until you see it...

I love the weather right now.

What the aliens coming to earth really want!!

Halfway decent Bush joke

Help please with a music question.

Why God made Mothers (Just got this from my 2nd daughter)

I'm bored. Play with me?


I just fought Emmett Kelly.

I took the money I kept for a plane ticket and bought a new computer.

Nope, that's not a thunderstorm. It's target practice.

A poem I wrote years it reminds me of bush!

Help me get off my Brit Hume kick

That belligerent booby!!!

I had a dream last night that Tucker Carlson......

Two armed robbers outside our school today, sending us into a two hour

Do you have a razor you use over and over?

Do you have a phrase you use over and over?

Do you have a tazer you use over and over?

Can someone tell me what happened on last sundays episode of

Bad music videos (Post 'em if you got 'em)

OMG, I just found my haircut!

I just have to say it...I'M FREAKIN' SICK OF THE GODDAMN RAIN!

Mods - Why did you remove my post on

Okay, this morning, I had no trouble opening Word...

Gah! The bad spinach is coming from HERE!

Stop all the E. Coli hate!

Does everybody only get to see their last 48 hrs post in my DU

I just watched the best bloody pirate flick ever made.

The only private messages I EVER get are from Skinner

Should I take this medication that was prescribed by a doctor?

K Couric question

I think it totally sucks that they renamed Xena "Eris"

General Obscurisimo!

Mrs. WCGreen....

I bloody well HATE friday nights around here (my home not the Lounge).

My DVD collection--as eclectic as they come

Any Young Dudes feelin' Mott the Hoople?

Jesus loves you.....

I Finally Got My Daughters Room Finished! Ask Me Anything!

No! No! GODDAMN YOU! Nooooooooo! NOOOOO!

"100% Real Bacon!"

I'm debating a very important decision.

And then there was only one.

Ok so while I was vacuuming I was thinking

Batshit. Fucking. Crazy.


What's the Best Thing About Being A (Man or Woman)

Holy crap! LED shirts! (video)

Most pathetic movie ever.....

So if you googled your ex-bf and found out married a woman with 4 kids

Time for your RANDOM pics thread!

I imagine Howie Mandell has been discussed in the lounge

O ZombyWoof, O ZombyWoof

Limerick time ... I'll start

Greatest Musician of All Time

What Color Shoes Do You Wear Most Of The Time?

Okay. This is bizarre.

Museum Day is coming! September 30th!

Just kick this post down to the cellar of the Lounge.........

Oh, I know, PIC THREAD!

I ate a POUND of buffalo fried shrimp tonight. Ask me anything.

My good friend is groaning in pain

Mods - Why did you remove my post on

I just threw out King Kelly!

The Party's Over - Hubby Back From Hunting Trip Tomorrow

Ebola stole my cookies.

MEL SEESHOLTZ: A Tale of Two Groups

Real v. True v. Provable

I am so sick of being a political football

Kudos to.......

Kerry on Bush’s “Urban Myth” On Failure to Capture Osama bin Laden

What a scoundrel! Talk about spineless and without a moral core.

The rainy season was coming. The storms were off the side of

Drop all the talk about misquided ideologues: Neocons=neocronyism

Olbermann's show is on--and his 9/11 comment reruns tonight.

Al From Meeting With Bloomberg Re: His Running For President?

KO comes out swinging

Stay tuned, campers...special commentary from KO re todays tantrum

The Most 'Do-Nothing' Congress since 1948

Al From should be banished from the party!

This post is for to the President of the United States.

"He wanted it, and I gave it to him"

Democrats and the Blogs--on NOW (PBS)---MT -Burns to start out.

My friend visited Kentucky- said all the former Bush voters are voting Dem

I think this is an important point

What's a winner?

Has the Geneva Convention been changed since its inception? I don't know

UPDATE: On Weapons for use on Americans; Microwave Weapons used in Iraq

should I make this pledge?? what do you think??

Liberal Bloggers on TV! Tonigt on NOW on PBS

Stephanie Miller on H&C right now.

Book TV Schedule - September 16th - 18th

A funny Ann Richards Video

Question: Is Bush saying water-boarding isn't torture?

* is a sadist.

United For Peace And Justice: "We Won! We're Marching!"

Today * said what his exit strategy is.

Halliburton Unit Risked Civilian Lives, Lawsuits Say

Why George W Bush is the biggest sissy on the face of the earth

Congratulations, Mexico, happy birthday, for a PEACEFUL transition n/t

delete dupe

Awwwwwww, My Son Got Me A Present

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Keith Olbermann!

K Couric question

Are The Good Poll Numbers Really Going To Help Us?

Hidden camera lighter: the name says it all

"they will not violate the law" That is what this is about too

It would be easier if this were a dictatorship...

So Howie Fineman on Olbermann

If water-boarding is an acceptable interrogation tactic...

"B" is for bush... and

I just have to say it...I'M FREAKIN' SICK OF THE GODDAMN RAIN!

Serious question for MEN here, re: Debra LaFave

What about Cindy Sheehan mr bush??

Military Lawyers Caught in Middle on Tribunals


John McCain--sincere about Geneva or a political ploy?

Nothingwithouthope and understanding life ?

Bush = John the Revelator

KS Dem takes lead over incumbent 43% - 41% - Thank you Howard Dean!

Just curious about the changes Bush wants...

Bush implied he wants to fuck David Gregory.

Bush Seeks Pardon.

A fellow Liberal said something profound today during Chimpy's meltdown...

Mexico: Fox Backs Down:. To deliver "grito":in Dolores Hidalgo

My hubby & I were watching a few moments of the O'Reilly Factor

Mutiny in America? ANYONE? By: Larry C Johnson

Reverend Moon: A Bush Family Album - great read

The key to understanding the Bushoilini Regime - deserves thought (imho).

Amerinds, Hispanics Join Forces For 'Border Summit of the Americas'

Maine Veterans Cemetery suffering upkeep problems

Why don't they just tax all income for social security?

Bill Maher has a great panel

Too Many Americans?

Oh Snap! RE: Gloria S. on Real Time....

Where can I find results for the OH-03 Dem Primary that took place today?

I love Christiane Amanpour...on Real Time now

“I never said there was an operational relationship.”

Bush is not afraid of prosecution. HE IS AFRAID FOR HIS LIFE.

VIDEO - Olbermann, Fineman, Turley on Bush Press Conference

Bill Maher is talking about the "7 Minutes" (Bush in classroom)

OMG! CBS too! RE: Bill Maher "list of acceptable topics....

What Ney got

Article 3 of the Geneva Convention: (What words don't you understand GW?)

New Anti-Terrorism Strategy (From The Onion)

Imagine! being *D*R*U*N*K* on this every second of your life . . .

Sean Penn and Douglas Brinkley on a paramilitary mission ... into NOLA

Best quote from "Real Time"

What's the verdict, DU? Bush's latest meltdown

VIDEO - Olbermann Thanks Fans For Emails, Letters, 800,000+ Downloads

Where's Mike Webb? His site is streaming Randi.

Illegal GM Rice Entering The Food Chain

was that Kennedy on crutches

Not as entertaining as K. Harris & maybe not as stupid, K Hughes is back!

If a Tree Falls in the Woods, Does It Make a Sound?

So. My Family Is Wealthy, and doesn't have to

went from 16 to 8?

Rosie O'Donnell video comparing radical islam to radical christianity

Now that * had his meltdown over torture, will you sign?

Daily Mail - The extra troops for Afghanistan that aren't 'extra' at all

Watch Michael Shermer on cspan2 now!

If Bush goes up in the polls, does that mean Congress goes up also?

Any hope out there that Graham, Warner, McCain, etc. will do

What's the latest on Plamegate?

If you can't afford to have employees and you can't make a product

We need legislation passed for THIS??? WTF???

$1.9 Billion for Ailing firefighters, police, etc (9/11)-blocked by repugs

Any protest of Laura Bush in Saratoga Springs, NY on Monday

Arrrghhhh....John Stossel is at it again...this time it's racism

A poem I wrote years it reminds me of bush! (crossposted)

We will all be frogs soon.

Debra Lefave is a SCUMBAG!!!!!

People who scribble graffiti and carve into wooden benches

Ex-student missing 10 years sues city, school district

ABC's Nightline is dead. Think of the week's news. Then look at this.

Download "The New Face of Jim Crow: Voter Suppression in America" Report

John Stossel is a complete fucking idiot

The end justifies the means; bush teaching children to lie, cheat, steal

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy, Friday Night Best of

What can we as individuals do about Bush's torture policy?

On "Real TIme" with Bill Maher tonight:

Gawd, I love this picture of Bill and Hillary!

Who's the Next Target in the Abramoff Probe?

The STRIDEENT PRESIDENT goes nuts at the Presser...a Meltdown

Treat the Veterans,not the syndrome

Proof that the President is a moran....

Will Nobody In the Media Call It What It Is?

The last "Majority Report" on now.

Photo of Lieberman's car today: Notice anything?

Is there video of KO on "Today" online yet? nt

when I read this I still cannot believe this is the POTUS.

Torture issue: Why does it seem like the Republicans and NOT the Dems are

KO re-playing his Monday commentary...after 800,000 e-mails & letters

Olberman's 9/11 "Special Comment" is being replayed!

Are we now past due for the "have you left no sense of decency" moment?

Can We PLEASE Stop With the Photos?

Bush ANGRY as David Gregory makes too much sense. Video here -

Keith Olbermann's on... ought to be an interesting show.

Video: When asked about CIA secret prisons, Bush says, "Yeah, So What..."

Issues with Gender Equality, Raised by the Debra LaFave Case

Janitors Strike Malls in Three States to Defend Civil Rights Under Attack

Republican Earmark Reform:"Bridge to Nowhere"

VIDEO: Bush laughs at illegality of his warrentless wiretapping program

Keith is wonderful. That is all.

Gallup: Democrats have Record Advantage for Handling Top Problems

Please Sign Petition for Bill to End Funding of The War!

Photos: Junior really, really, really LOST IT today.

The best Iraq War analogy Ive heard to date...

Well, well, well: Lieberman defends Democratic war critics

"The future of the world is at stake in the upcoming elections"

Has This Been Posted?? Landrieu Strikes Back!

FL Supreme Court says Jeb Bush cannot replace retiring appellate judge

Missing the real argument. (Which they then win or stalemate.)

Chimp Collectors:QT and MP3 of Bush laughing about wiretappin' you

From DailyKos: Colorado GOP 527 Cooking the Books

Republican Voters Dismayed by Biggest Spending Rise Since 1990

Did Mengele ask for guidance with his prison experiments?

GOP Donors Funded Entire PA Green Party Drive

Toobin: Bush 'playing chicken' with senators "in your face" per Mark

Dems should be going after moderate R's for THEIR votes!

Should DU disassociate itself from Google because of GOP ties?

Do you think it is wrong to use lasers and microwave weapons in war?

So, Do You Think jeb Will Run ('08 Prez) Or Not?

WHAT PROGRAM IS NOT GOING FORWARD? Explain it like I'm a 2 yr old.

Craig Crawford: Defying Bush Helps GOP Midterm Hopes (Craig's wish)

I know it is nice to see GW squirm when the GOP gets out of line, but I am

September 18 - Constitution Day. How Ironic.

Kerry on Bush’s “Urban Myth” On Failure to Capture Osama bin Laden

"We Just Didn't Know"

Best weapon against the repukes, don't buy shit!

Impeach the Felon! Impeach him NOW! Otherwise, I want to know

What we saw today at the WH presser was a desperate criminal

$450 million Republican slush fund

Darfur: Waiting for the slaughter

My First Week - Katie Couric (This is NOT satire!)

Blairism: an apology

Ney deal raises pressure on Capitol Hill

truly scary ... the Disciple Generation, the new evangelism in Seattle

Maureen Dowd: Awake and Scream - 9-16-06

Harper's: Revolving Door to Blackwater Causes Alarm at CIA

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006

Better paid, better armed: Taliban rise again

NYT: How 3 G.O.P. Veterans Stalled Bush Detainee Bill

Killing Off the American Future, NY Times Editorial, 9/16/2006

Vietnam-era Marine deserter arrested at Mexican border

The Moral and Economic Decay of America: Imperial Entropy

The American Military's Cult of Cruelty (Robert Fisk)

Paradise Lost: Greed,Sex Slavery Forced Abortions and Right-Wing Moralists

Would that be work to live, or live to work?

Bush is the Captain Queeg of the U.S.S. America

The Intimately Oppressed

Bush - A modern day Marie Antoinette and the best friend Bin Laden could h

Immigration Raid Cripples Ga. Town

NYT: Military Lawyers Caught in Middle on Tribunals

TIME: Ready-to-Eat Spinach Is Only Part of the E. Coli Problem

Meanwhile, back in Fitzville...

The Insecurity of Immorality

In a Volatile Region of Iraq, U.S. Military Takes Two Paths

Eyes of Fire: Greenpeace at 35 Years (Rex Weyler)

The 4 Gods Americans believe in

Just the facts . . . at least as we know them

"How many like this?" (housing bubble stories)

crosspost: Al Gore "Major Policy Address" to be webcast Monday from NYU

A Milk War Over More Than Price(org. milk producers: who treats cows well?

(Atlantic) Salmon season returns to banks of Penobscot (Maine)

Blue Sky biodiesel plant rises from the ashes (Idaho)

China Planning To Steal Tibet's Water

2 West Bank Churches Hit by Firebombs

Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran

Hezbollah warns UN peacekeepers

Do we need a new 9/11 investigation?

Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings

Boy, "Loose Change" is a real piece of poo.

Election Reform New York Style! Kick and Recommend!

My dear ERD friends, I ask for your help

Democrats Abroad wants you to exercise your right to vote.

MD: Election Being Challenged In Prince George's County

My topic on voting info that I'm needing

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, September 16

More soldiers, tanks necessary to fight Taliban: Ottawa

Canada Is Now At War

In Case Against Politician, Friendship, Ambition and Betrayal

GOP Infighting on Detainees Intensifies

Bush campaign to donate illegal donation

Fort Lewis war objector faces new charge

Source of E. coli Outbreak Identified (brand names listed)

Bomb Blast Kills 3 in Afghanistan

Prosecutors want Ryan jailed during appeal process

Coalition begins anti-Taliban operation

WHO recommends indoor use of DDT insecticides

Three dead as trio of car bombs rock Baghdad

CITGO Gas Station Cameras Near Pentagon Evidently Did Not Capture Attack

It's the 16th. Any news from Mexico City Yet?

U.S. soldier goes AWOL -- alleges sexual harassment

NATO's high estimate of Taliban killed stirs doubt

AP: Fort Lewis war objector faces new charge

Bounty hunter 'Dog' tagged, gets let out

Hezbollah warns UN peacekeepers

Singapore stops opposition protest

Nurse Strangles Man Hired To Kill Her

Major powers mull meeting over Iran

FEMA ex-chief offers defense, regret

Iraq calls for calm after Pope's remarks

De-recruiter Wins Long Haul Prize

Contractors Sue (KBR and Halliburton) Over Deaths In Iraq

Nobel laureates ask youth to push peace

Bolivia energy minister quits after Brazil row

Senators Compromising on FEMA Expansion

Democrats rap GOP for Medicare rate hike (radio address)

Bombs explode in department stores, hotel in southern Thailand

Protests over 'toxic slops' dumping in Ivory Coast turn violent

U.S. vows to secure Baghdad (47 more dead bodies found on Sat)

E&P: David Corn Denies Charge in 'WSJ' That He Outed Plame

NYT: In Campaign Ads for Democrats, Bush Is the Star

Somali cleric calls for pope's death

NYT: Iraq Stumbling in Bid to Purge Its Rogue Police

Union protests Wal-Mart's (lack of medical) benefits

Churches attacked in Palestinian areas following Pope's comments

In a replay of Iraq, a battle is brewing over intelligence on Iran

Navy getting back into the riverboat patrol business in Iraq

Pope praised for making apology

Saudi king says civil war in Iraq not on cards

Bush to donate illegal Noe contributions

Clinton escorts Ann Richards' casket to Capitol

Democrats: Medicare drug program bewildering, costly

Factors That Pushed Oil Price Up Are Now Pushing It Down

E. coli-laden spinach linked to Calif. grower

Bush Campaign to Donate Illegal (Tom Noe) Donation

IRS Orders All Saints to Yield Documents on '04 Political Races

Republican's shift brings down wrath of the Ohio Republican party chief

[US led] Coalition unleashes 'Mountain Fury' on Taliban

Kerry Accuses Bush Of Abandoning Bin Laden Hunt

Imams told to preach in English

Iranian president claims US is the nuclear threat

TX: Clinton escorts Richards' casket to Capitol

Ex-FBI Agent: Harsh Interrogation Doesn't Work

Pakistani girl gang-raped for 'acquiring education'

The Question of Liability Stirs Concern at the C.I.A.

De-recruiter wins Long Haul Prize-SF Chron

Fears over (experimental) drug for (British) troops in Iraq

Angry Bush tackles terror revolt

Vietnam-era Marine deserter caught (and arrested) at border

Analysts: Bush's cowboy image waning; world still wary

Bush digs in heels over detainee bill (Sat. Radio address)

Waitresses 'forced to weigh in' sue bosses for $15m

WP: Best-Connected Were Sent to Rebuild Iraq (cronies sent to Iraq)

Castro's brother lashes out at U.S. at summit

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Sat 9/16/2006

Lucky us! There's a porta-crapper right next to our driveway.

Lunch on MissHoneychurch... (dialup warning)

Why do they write headlines like "Muslims Want Apology From Pope" ?

Best subject line for a personals ad?

Frank Drebin!

Why Don't People Like Polls?

I'm freaking out - talk me down!

Peace or Quiet

California shows common sense with cell phone use in cars.

How strong do you take your coffee?


I had church with MissHoneylunch today! **PICS**

oh blah-dee, oh blah-dah...


Ya know, I was going to write something

I've got at least 30 minutes to kill. Ask me anything.

Where, or where...

Pick One Movie That Describes You and Explain Why.

Anyone else want to learn more about the housing bubble? I figure

Why Don't People Like Poles?

Uh-oh, hot dog.

Serious Stuff - Anyone Else Have a Friend who is Alcoholic?

I love this song... "Precious Moments", The Posies

matcom matcoms matcomming matcommie while immatcomly matcom matcoms.

Cause of death: bad salad

I think Skinner should force you all to change your names to NotRabrrrrrr.

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

I go on this date, and the woman does even thank me for dinner.

Any LA Fitness members out there? Here's why I'm asking....

Are Recruiters/Headhunters Among the Most Irritating Sales People?

My mood right now is in the key of...

"Firefly" fans set your Tivos and VCR's.

My power window has now fallen all the way down into the car door!!!

Update on Smokey (our bunny)

In the hour it takes for my laundry to get done...ask me anything.

CarolinaPeridot is about to put the smackdown - seriously..

***This is insane. It's midnight here in California,.***

C C Babcock appreciation thread!

Bounty hunter 'Dog' tagged, gets let out

I'm moving all my big stuff today. With a bad back. Wish me luck.

89.1 Jazz is on the air; make your requests

Are airline ticket prices starting to go down?

Smashing Pumpkins, 1979. Do you get it?

So, spinach kills you but drinking alcohol increases your income?

Best. Police Report. Ever.

Time for Ozzie Guillen to re-assess his priorities.

Sigh. Once again, Google has let me down...

scared and a bit angry, i need a hug

Nurse Strangles Man Hired to Kill Her

A woman slashed the throat of a new mother ...fled with her 1-week-old

One Winning Ticket in MegaMillions drawing - Bainbridge, GA

What do the gents like looking at?

I went mountain bike riding today.

Don't you just love it when someone asks for help and

tonite i'm seeing the Hacienda Bros,, Chuck Prophet and 10 other bands

Bring on the RUBIDIUM, Mister Tickles!

Has anybody ever been referred to a PHYSIATRIST? No, this is NOT

NEW JERSEY: I'm playing at the Hilton in Atlantic City TONIGHT!!!

DU Confession

I hate city living - Part 382030.

Funniest edit message ever...

Remember when they actually used to play music videos on MTV?

I am REALLY enjoying my Beer lately . . . What's your favorite Beer?

Meet Blood Blister (storming YouTube)...The NEW Political Commentator

My cat's sick. How bad is this?

A photo I took for the DU lounge:

I am watching "When The Levees Broke" on HBO ...

Microscopic Art ; *dialup warning*


I'm tired and cranky. Not sure I have enough patience for dinner tonight

I Am

DU Chefs - OK to use baking stone to bake cookies?

DU Chefs - OK to use baking soda instead of baking chocolate?

MrG left me on my own again... what should I do?

I'm reading Keith Olbermann's new book today.

Any home remedies for cats with Laryngitis?

I love those figurines.... "Precious Moments"!

My son just threatened the cat at gunpoint!

White-Collar Prison Is A Great Networking Opportunity

Tonight: Livernunyuns

why can't my two XP Home computers see each other?

I just met Bill Clinton, Ted Strickland and Lee Fisher. Ask me anything!

Mother Goose

"The Filth and the Fury" is on VH1 Classic

Funniest movie scene ever:

Did you want a nanny when growing up?

Bunnies and a butterfly

i get really offended when

Here are some more bunnies and a butterfly

Why is it whenever I get too sick to eat most foods I crave the worst?

So. You wanna know what I think about.........

15,000 posts: A story in pictures

Notre Dame is losing by 13

Puh-leeeez waste some time here...


I'm freaking sick.

Best Warner Bros. cartoon ever You tube

LSU vs. Auburn.....

I feel like changing my screenname to MadAssHellAboutKatrina.

Saturday, September 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

If one is suddenly freed of

"Calling all aliens Demons or satanic is hate speech pure and simple"

Oh, screw YOU,! THIS is your idea of my SOUL MATE?

My homecoming dress

I hate pet names!

The absolute cutest kitten picture I think I've ever taken. (dialup warn)

Happy Birthday Wishes ... LynzM

Nobody's coming to my birthday party.... *pout*

Is everybody getting ready for the War on Christmas this year?

A Dog Stole My Steak

What is the next...erm...special interrogation technique Shrub will use?

Hit a dog on my way home this evening

I listened to a bunch of guitar shredders so purifying my ears with this -


A professor's policy on students' taking cell phone calls in class

Sooner fan, you just got screwed!!!

Your part of the world: What do you call the place where you buy liquor?

A photo I took of the DU lounge:

Okay I am going to sit here and SULK until KitchenWitch comes back

Homosexual Dunkin Donut Make Out Party

Most annoying college football cheer/ slogan


I sure wish someone would start a pitcher thread...Clink Clink

IRS looks at Pasadena Church

was POPE BENNY trying to pass on some subliminal teaching re:Bush?

re: The arson of Black churches

European religious, political leaders back Benedict

the Pope makes sense - but Islam doesn't

crosspost: Business Week has an amazing cover story

More die from suicide than wars, murders

If your bugs are missing you could be prone to many, many

Dunkin Donut Make Out Party in NYC...To Promote Homosexual Visibility

Bush's Parents

Sports Announcers Suck

Kerry to Stump for Angelides and Deliver Speech in L.A. on Monday

Happy (early) Fox News Channel Day!

A Lizard's Place

I think Ernesto Left This here

This and That and This

Bill Maher is a male Chauvunist Oink

Yes, Sell All My Stocks. No, the 3:15 From JFK. And Get Me Mr. Sister.

I have no comment ... this one speaks for itself

Don't these graphics sum it all up or what??

Bernie Ward AND Thom Hartmann TOGETHER now - streaming

You know how Bush always says he, "Can't discuss interrogation methods...

I never thought I would miss Scott McLellan...

Spanish airmen to wed in historic first

Bushie, pay attention - TORTURE DOESN'T WORK!

2 atheist states going to consider backing a religious theocracy's right

Please someone, tell me that this is a joke.

Who Did You Give A Hand Up To This Week?

Hitting The Road With A Blueprint For Peaceful Revolution

Ok. Going to start.... Where are some of our missing DU'ers...

DU's most beautifully worded post ever

Alabama Governor's Campaign Official Used To Be In The Taliban

Granholm (D-MI Gov) polling a majority in new (9/13) poll.

The truly great thoughts awaken at midnight...

Justice is priceless.......Unless you are Ken Lay

BUSH HAS A CRUEL MIND WHICH SEEKS cruel acts of torture against

VIDEO U.S. Thrilled As FDR Outlines Recovery. 9-23-33.

David Gregory question

should senators signing on to Bush's program for legalizing torture and

We're bitter, the news is bad

VIDEO April 28th, 1935, FDR tells the Nation that fear is vanishing.

When will we hear about the correlation between heroin/poppies

I love our country.

They call it a "TERROR" bill. IT's a "TORTURE" bill. be clear

Don't forget--> Maccaca debates Webb SUNDAY live on Meet the Press!!

2,682 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war of choice in Iraq

Let's Show The World How A Democracy Works

I have eyes

PHOTO: Wow....temper, temper, temper, Chimpolini!

I always wondered about this....

Are You Certain That War Is The Answer?

While Iraq burns Iraq's President hangs out in Aspen

Nations LEADERs often relfects its people....

How do you tap into the Democratic base?

Did you know that Monday, Sept. 18th is Constitution Day?

VIDEO Bush, Dupont , Remington and the plot to overthrow the president

Do you ever wonder?

bush: "Time is running out. They are coming again". but, but, I thought..

Smudge Report gone? Listed under "Other Blogs"

The president is "Angry & Frustrated". How does it feel asshole?

I look forward to bush's spectacular downfall.

MOAT VOTE - Name that Trench

A Joke from Women's Studies Class. Is it Still Funny?

I'll see yer Murtha & Cleland, & raise ya' a Waters & a Conyers.

"What does that mean, 'outrages upon human dignity?'"

"an obligation to defend civilization"

"we didn't ask for this war..." so says the little man.

Could it be that the president is Scared Shitless?

"Imagine turning a disaster into a holiday."

The road to "Jesus Camp" is paved from

Bush says they're building a "berm", US Military says it's a security belt

Walk-On Never To Be Forgotten - Brought To You By GOP

Secrets and Lies Shroud Origins of Giant Swastika

GOP has got it in for Rosie O'Donnell

America- Rape and torture really did happen in our name..

Washington Journal this morning

In the end, Bush will win again

One photo....

what ever happened to that 1000 points of light deal?

George Lakoff's On-line Training! Framing the Election

CNN's Tony Harris: "We have to take the president at his word"

What is their excuse for the overseas prisons

A near-future "fringe" solution to Diebold...


Wash Jour talking of Plame investigation. I do know this quest but I

Torture. Torture torture torture torture. Torture. Use the word often,

FOX News Decision 06 preview

Can anyone name a single thing Saddam or Iraq did to the USA that was not

*bush has his "I AM NOT A CROOK" moment (caption)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday- as sung by Bush

Iraq war's signature wound: Brain Injury

Excuse my ignorance regarding Article III . . .

Brands of spinach recalled. LOOK at the 2nd name on the list!

I could see myself voting republican, but only under torture.

Famous liberals in history- a question

Military Blogs. Real or Government Propaganda?

Bush has lot of experience at torture...

Question; How can bush change the geneva conventions...

I am sorry

Torture is not wrong.

So what are the decreed punishments for war crimes & tyranny?

Pope 'sorry' for offence to Islam

Unbelievable - Iraq redux

WH has its own interpretation of 'redeployment' and it is not Murtha's

Can you help my 2 close friends?

Charges Dropped in Wis. Necrophilia Case - "no law against necrophilia"

Strength Through Division

California Church Getting Investigated By IRS For Preaching PEACE!

Now this is the right thing to do. imo

Bush's FCC Ordered Media Consolidation Study Destroyed...

Moral Authority and Legal Certainty.

In search of the Taliban's missing link...

I will approve any TORTURE.... as long as we get to try it on GWB first.

It's the 16th. Any News From Mexico City Yet?

Disappearing People

Pressures mount on Bush to bomb Iran...

GOP election tactic: Scare voters with Pelosi Chairmanship...

Wow - Our Casualties are Going Up fast - 2682 this morning

Don and Dicky Last Throes have some new friends

Someone, anyone please

So Bush will go to Congress to lobby for torture...

Shrub don't know what "outrages upon personal dignity" means

Federal judge's message: Unions have no place in Bush's Amerika.

What message boards are we not allowed to mention here?

George W. Bush imitating Jon Stewart ??

How can the Pope be so upset and surprised about world Islamic

U.S. denies plan for 'moat' around Baghdad, BUT.....

Mexican left must decide on tactics

Nothing from Riverbend "Baghdad Burning" since Aug. 5, 2006

Now that Ney has plead guilty, will he bring down a boatload of

No Suprise here: Iraqi economy sucks too

What's with these rePUKES acting like AMERICANS?

STOP the funding of the Iraq War! (petition from PDA)

How do I get removed from these forums

Santorum ad lies about Casey campaign team (says they're criminals)

“freedom fries“ Bob Ney going to jail

Danforth urges Republicans to end Christian right's influence

Did Bush's press conference require this backdrop overkill?

Corn Denies Charge in 'WSJ' That He Outed Plame

So- is this sort of imagery still "ridiculous" and "loony"?

Anybody in the mood to slice/dice a freeper on my blog over the 9/11 pics

Muslims who riot over Pope comments and cartoons = BATSHIT CRAZY NUTCASES

This illustration is just brilliant!

D.C. turns out to celebrate MSNBC's Chris Matthews' 5th anniversary show

We are saying it cannot amend the Geneva conventions.” McCain

Approve vs. Disapprove... 60% or 40%

"Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of POW's."

VA 'S Other Stolen Computer is recovered

The Democrats need a book.

Note to Skinner, EarlG et al re: Jesus Camp

Bush Tells Reporters He Never Questions Patriotism - But OK If Others Do

Anti-War Sermon Leads IRS to Probe Church for Tax Violations

Rewriting history to justify terrorism

What NeoConservatism Hath Brought

Read the first letter. It's a good slap down on the bush junta

Where does Joe Lieberman stand on this "torture" issue ?

Can a junta survive without torture and imprisoning innocents?

42562 fatalities

It may not be ADD or ADHD

Bush Says GOP Rebels Are Putting Nation at Risk

Clinton's Fault...NOT!

Just on Pakistani News- Pope Being Burnt in Effigy

Robert Parry on Counterspin this week re Plame

Either Taliban force is bigger than imagined — or too many innocents dying

MEXICO: The Work Ethic and the Electronic Age

Hitler Jokes

Republican Redundance.

More U.S. troops to Baghdad

Is KO's article about * and his press conference available for

Should TV and radio ratings be IQ-weighted?

Do you support teaching gang members military techniques?

Democratic leaders to kick off film, "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers"

footage of Bush on 9-11

Russell Simmons is "on fire " on CNN! Wearing them out!

Does This Sound Familiar?

Nurse Strangles Man Hired To Kill Her

Police say Portland intruder strangled by nurse was a hit man

Is Leopold about to break a new story on Plame?

The U.S. Vs John Lennon

Does anyone know what the deal is with Time's archives?

Pakistan Makes Good On Deal To alQueda & Releases Daniel Pearls Murderers

Connecting nutrition poverty and educating kids.

Tomorrow's MTP: Webb debates Senator Macaca

On Optimism in Times of Difficulty -- Never give in.

White House race may cost hopefuls $500M (public financing is dead)

Starbucks sued by EEOC over firing of disabled woman

GOP IS After Rosie O'Donnell Big Time

Bush and the GOP: They create Problems...not Promise

Mall sues war protesters...

The Best War Ever.

What kind of benefits does your job offer?

Is 'Hallgiant' freeper for TROLL? (brand new TROLL poster has arrived)

RUMMY Sends Out "Top Ten Facts" About Why GITMO Is Such A Nice Place!

If Clinton had done the same things as Bush....?

Bush is Captain Queeg of Caine Mutiny by LARRY JOHNSON

IRS investigating liberal Calif. church - This is bullshit, you mean

31 years after crime, killer gets 31 years

Former Army journalist to walk across Utah - FOR PEACE

The election draws closer...the Kool-Ade gets stronger...

Would a priest lie???

FOX NEWS has no positive reporting on democrates running for elections

Oh, those manly Republicans (and advice to woman on avoiding rape)

My local theatre won't play" US vs John Lennon"

In no particular order, these are some of the emotions

Has anyone here heard this incredible rant by Lazyboy (it's a song)?

Hardhitting PBS show: AIR

Dude, Where's My (Mike Judge) Film?

Bush wants article 3 changes to be retroactive, media ignoring this fact

WilI Bush use “lawful sanctions” to condone torture and cruel or inhuman

This fucking bumbling buffoon is the most powerful person in the world.

What would the game plan revert to if tomorrow, Russia invaded

Parody of * Weekly Radio Address: September 11, 2006

Left builds power base in the blogosphere

Why is the outing of Valerie Plame commonly understood as vengence

Jonathan Turley on Legal Implications Of Detainee Treatment Act

Heads up! Big Dog on CSpan right now!

A repuke Poll you have to see....

SORRY! Please Delete.

Message to Evangelical Dumbfucks.....

Bush’s “Get-out-of-Jail-Free” Plan and it's Trump Card

Bush Reminder Part One: Murder Hospitals

Sitting at camp dem...

Torture is evil, period

Had a thought today about Islam and our future.

Where would I find the text of the detainee treatment bills?


Most Americans are in favor of harsh Interrogation of "Terrorists".

First, they came for the Episcopalians

Joe Scarborough to Congress: "SAVE YOURSELF! BLAME BUSH!"

Pope Said to Be Upset Muslims Offended...


"Greatest Story Ever Sold: Decline and Fall of Truth from 9/11 to Katrina"

POLL: Will Bush succeed in gutting the War Crimes Act of 1996?

Danforth urges Republicans to end Christian right's influence

There Is No War On Terror (link)

Al Gore To Make Policy Address For WRI RE: The Climate Crisis

Simple Question : Do you support or condemn torture ?

Holy Shiite! My site just got it's first BIG TIME Sponsor!

"We need to stay in Iraq to finish the job". Quick simple responses.

Pope condemns filthy slag Ann Coulter

Senate Democrats are making a HUGE strategic mistake

I just saw a CIA recruiting ad on TV.

What was that link to read Maureen Dowd and other NYT Op-Ed

Thank you Rod Serling. Where do we go from here?

"Unity '08 Party" Trying to Destroy Dems to build a Coalition!

"CEO President" offers National Buyout Plan.

Rethugs chose the wrong war, and then lost it!

A Recollection From The Third Grade

I am offended when someone calls $80,000/year poor

I need some help here.

LOTS of Diebold news!

This portion of Fox News brought to you by....

Is * In Bigger Trouble Than I Thought?

Republicons claim that they don't like to pay taxes...

Nick Turse (Tom Dispatch) : US Army = "The Dirty Dozen"

Ghost of Dick Morris: GOP Congress & Prez "Triangulate" at Election Time

They'll need a bigger room.

Excellent website shows worldwide CO2 emissions in real time.

Do you live in a ridiculously high cost of living city?

Town Tells White Separatist Singers 'No Hate Here'

Who Would Jesus Torture?

Did you miss the Rose Garden vomit fest yesterday? >>video

Maybe after November, this can be a reality..

I'm sick of hearing the Right constantly dump on Jimmy Carter

This is the face of Fascism...

Video of California poll worker with Diebold machine at home

AAR- I apologize, but....

Bush plan would subject members of Congress to war crimes prosecution

It doesn't matter who wins in 2006

The Bush/GOP/Moonie Connection: Bizarre and UNDERREPORTED

Piles of Dog poop are crying out "Stick a Bush Flag in me"!

"Ticking bomb" scenario is great hype, but is less likely than Abu Ghraib2

Gas Is Down Again - $2.099 - almost $1.00 less than I paid a month ago.

The only way to restore world's faith in the U.S. is impeachment...

NYT on new Frank Rich book: How Bush admin created a false reality

Recommended reading for NATO soldier in Afghanistan?

Peacejam!! Denver!! Kids learning from Tutu, Dalai Lama, other Nobel

This from our local newspaper this morning

Is FOX TV related to 20th Century Fox?

Condi and Peter go to Timmy's

WE are to blame for elections being stolen. After 2000, when DNC started a

NYT editorial: In the Rose Garden, Bush Untethered!

Conyers Issues Report Identifying 26 Laws Broken by Bush Admin

I just found this AWESOME photo of Ann Richards

Bush Appeals for Permission to Torture and Railroad Gitmo Prisoners

Tearful Clinton escorts Richards' casket

Ivins on Richards..... a MUST read!

so i only recently noticed there is a fuckpublican site out there

Video: Jesus's General illustrates Franken's spankin' of Lanny Davis

Most Loyal to Bush and GOP Were Sent to Rebuild Iraq (huge WaPo report)

Democracy Now! | Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture &Disappearance

Soliloquy of a Liar featuring a Freeper

LBJ quotes

Calif. church ordered to give IRS info

The Republican Party's case for torture:

Andrew Sullivan calls for prosecuting Bush et al for war crimes.

Assault on Waco.

The attitude toward Rosie O'Donnell tells me we eat our own for no reason

Meet Blood Blister: Political Commentator of Our Times: STORMING YOUTUBE

I am mainly hopeless.

Do you think Pope Benedict XVI's recent remarks warrant an apology?

Sy Hersh: "They (BushCo) are in total terror it's going to come out"

AFL-CIO Bargaining Digest Weekly 9-16-06

Mitch McConnell on CNN - No Evidence of Abuse, torture, none

Democrats target Riley aide

Graham Reacts to Presidential Address

"No Regrets"

MD-Sen: Michael Steeles latest ad. Puppies?

Faux News ask Romney to declare 9/19 "Fox News Channel Day

Lately, I've been shutting C-Span off after the first half hour.

Deb Pryce goes back into the closet .... afraid to admit to her "secret"

Bush Campaign to donate illegal donation......Feel Better now?

Will consider hakapik ban for seal hunt: Hearn

"The strong U.S. economy" discussed on "Ask The White House"...USA! USA!

Next Abramoff probe target Conrad Burns, facing re-election in Montana?

Mass. gubernatorial candidate Kerry Healey nixes campaign photos.

have time for some real TV news?

The Week in Political Cartoons

C-span Washington Journal All Gop Hack Saturday!

Crossroads for America: To Torture or Not

Photo: "President Bush pauses" during press conf, pouts like spoiled child

Rove's pal Bob Perry & the players behind the new "Swift Boat" smear group

A Reminder About C-Span . . . . FAIR Report

Realistically, what should the Democrats do about the President..?

Coalition of Labor Union Women Educates Members on Cervical Cancer Prevent

Doyle, WI gov race needs some help with this poll please

The "R" Word ..... the dares not speak it's name

Labor turmoil following disaster draws in USW mining safety

Today's Bush Radio: 9/11/2006 "was an emotional day for me"

Neo-Confederates Host Tancredo at BBQ

Ford to slash 10,000 US jobs-- even while paying new CEO $30 million!

BIG DAWG on Jon Stewart The DailyShow Monday 9/18

Must see Video

Bush is both Scylla and Charybdis for the GOP

Soldier-Turned-Writer James Webb Battles for Senate Upset in Virginia

I just watched a replay of President's speech and I am here to report...

Howard Dean kicks Rumsfeld in the nuts on FAUX SNOOZE

NYT: In Campaign Ads for Democrats, Bush Is the Star

White House Race May Cost Hopefuls $500M

Don't Forget DARFUR Events - Sunday!!

Anyone Catch Stephanie Miller on Hannity & Combs?

It's not the media. Ideas and plans mean nothing.

Who pays the salary or wages of a Congressman/woman's office staff?

Katrina Pod People

So yahoo is turning over our e-mails to DHS, and now

Cook Poli Rept: No longer any endangered Dem seats!!

Two polls the freepers are currently freeping away at:

“It’s unacceptable to think”? I don’t THINK so!

"Want to end the cruelty, then end the (seal) hunt," says IFAW

is the third way DLC forming a new third party?

Lamont's new ad...Joe's gotta go.

Sydney Morn.Herald: President resorts to scare tactics after Senate revolt

Social Security Is The Ideal Issue For Democrats

Media Matters: Tweety, O'Donnell cherry-picked NBC poll to make it pro-GOP

The Path to 911, Repud Incumbents, and Afghanistan

THANK YOU US Newswire for fair reporting & Democratic breaking news!!!

Pakistan empties jails of Taliban, frees Daniel Pearl's killers

THE TORTURE DEBATE ("Republicans have defined deviancy down")

GOP sees hope for keeping power in Congress (***SNORT***)

Excommunicate the DLC!

Joe Scarborough: Save Yourself, Blame Bush

(In Iowa) Kerry Accuses Bush Of Abandoning Bin Laden Hunt

Senate Dems Call for Probe of WH Coercion

How long had Musharraf been in power in Pakistan when 9/11 happened?

Okay...if I need to Accept a "Untity '08 Party' who would I want?

Video -- Jonathon Turley on Countdown: A lot of trouble coming down on *.

Kerry to Stump for Angelides and Deliver Speech in L.A. on Monday

GOP is in deep trouble: Rocky Mtn. News / CBS4 poll

GOPers Nightmare: Bush enabling a Democratic Takeover by

Doing some research on state average gas prices and endangered Republicans

Ft Bend, TX, Democrats have an ad ready to air. DeLay's district.

Economy: Credit Deception & Unsustainability