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Archives: September 17, 2006

strib: Warning: GOP smear campaign just ahead

Is The "GOP" Actively Aiding And Abetting Al Qaeda? - R. J. Eskow

The Longer the War, the Larger the Lies - Frank Rich at New York Times

Inside Baghdad: last battle of a stricken city

Women to fly GIs home before Iraq duty

Coffee, tea or liquid explosive? (Garrison Keillor)

Carrying on the principled fight (Ventura Cty Star)

Pope Rage on the Internet;

'Liberals' may plug border torrent (Valdez / AZ Republic)

Fire Testing Is Questioned In Findings On Towers

My favorite quote from the 911 report

Another VERY suspicious poll

Pope Rage on the Internet;

Landless People Warn Govt of Fresh Protests (Kathmandu)

Mexico leftists protest at high-profile army parade

Thousands Protest In Hungary

NYT: Iraq Stumbling in Bid to Purge Its Rogue Police

Defence investigating Iraq videos

WP: Md. Election Problems Fuel Push for Paper Record: E-voting Backup

Clinton: Democrats Poised To Take Back Ohio

Major Problems At Polls Feared

Christian Killed in Iraq in Response to Pope's Speech: Islamic Website

US denies plan for 'moat' around Baghdad

UPDATE 4-Claiming fraud, Mexico left names own 'president'

UK troops 'to spend 10 years' in Afghanistan

President bids to be first female UN chief - Latavia

US casualties cut by half as Baghdad tears itself apart

Sen. Hillary Clinton blasts Bush assassination film

AP: Md. Rep., Dem Candidate Cardin Fires Staffer Over Race Comment

Dalai Lama tells youths: War is outdated

Bush 'prepares emissions U-turn' (to reduce impact of Gore's Mon. speech)

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Expands Warning to Cover All Fresh Spinach

WP: Former Secretary of State Baker Leads Attempt to Salvage Iraq

Britain: GM: The cover-up

if you were from a generic eastern european country

3 speed oscilating fans, you got screwed!!

legal minds -- Is a faxed copy of a Power of Attorney signed by my

Later fan, you just got screwed!!!



Movin' With Nancy


if one is suddenly freed of the bondage

Dwight Yoakim's in the frozen food business! Move over George Jones.


I sure do wish I had all the free shit the internet keeps saying I won.

Separated at birth?


I just finished a full lower body weight workout. Ask me anything!

WHOOOOOP! Texas A&M scores first against ARMY! 7-0,

What a cool night!

I just finished a full middle body weight workout. Ask me anything!

Fine Young Cannibals - Don't Look Back...

Citroen TV ad?

Twisting the knife for the OU Sooner Fans:

THIS is what i get for eating vegetables!!!!!

There's been a booze marathon on the History Channel today.

This seriously blows

Anyone here remember "Beaker Street"?

semi-fine scotch whiskey

Thunderstorms coming to MN tonight - whatcha gonna do?

Anyone have any problems with netflix?

10 wacky airline lawsuits

Who's up for a game of

Sooner OR Later, you're gonna get screwed!

Anyone watch "Cheaters"?

You're so vain...

Someone explain to me

Rilo Kiley appreciation thread

I don't care what anyone says. I like this old Willy Wonka movie

Its saturday night it's late and i'm hitting the sack!

Favorite Snack

Why do some DUers spell it 'Amerika' insted of 'America?' (nt)

***I am angry at Zillow!***

I've been elected by the s.o. to fix pot stickers for dinner

Democracy delivered by the bomb and the gun..

Who's learned?

Is it a hanging offense

Bicentennial_baby Appreciation Thread!!!

New car vs. deer. It's a draw.

What's the "N" on the Cornhuskers' helmet stand for?

Should I overcome my phobia of Photobucket?

***I am angry at Willow!***

Steely Dan fans: Best, most random 'Dan video ever.

Northern Exposure

Hmmm, I think I'm drunk.

If You Were An Alien

I just saw "The Protector"...


I ordered a 30GB iPod this weekend...Any tips?

It's saturday night. Why the hell are you here?

does watching an adult drinking milk infuriate anyone else?

Two more Ptah photos

What about a "misheard lyrics" thread? Hasn't been one for a while.

Recommend a new video camera please.

How the heck do you reverse a drill?

Four word story game!

How many times has Keanu Reeves saved the world?

Favorite Deep Purple Hit or Song

YouTube: weird music videos for weird people...

What's everyone's favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor?

Anyone have experience with a recent VW "New Beetle?"

So why isn't there an appreciation thread for ME?

If You Were An Allen

The hemisphere's oldest writing, deciphered

Went to the Banksy in L.A. and ran into DU's very own DBoon!

Purely innocent cutesy baby animal thread

DU doesn't seem as fun as it once was

anyone have a solid black cat?

Greatest speech in a movie?

I have the worst PMS

Allen Ginsberg plots his world takeover.

Gather round! It's a WritingIsMyReligion appreciation thread!

NYT editorial: "The Pope's Words"

Boxing: Leonard vs Hearns I on ESPN-Classic.


U-M 47, Notre Dame 21!

How about the Clemson Tigers

John Kerry campaigns in Iowa City for Loebsack

JK at UMass 09/08/06 (Brief YouTube Clip)

OT: Please help me on my blog!

Birds on my deck

(Not Ready For Prime Time) - Trees -

So, who's in the neocon hot tub today?

Even my 11 year old knows

Mexican Left Creates 'Parallel Gov't'

Nice video on door-to-door canvassing.

Jimmy Carter on Larry King now n/t

Congressman addresses hate group - Tancredo

CNN: "Pope...not apologizing"...BBC: Vatican says Pope "very sorry."

Clinton plots his comeback

Got your 2007 Bush calendar yet?

The Longer the War, the Larger the Lies - By FRANK RICH

Sies anyone know what the weekend on AAR is going to be like

Does anybody have the "talking heads" lineup for tommorow?

Bogus headlines, talk radio blather, and mass extinction

Israel pressures Bush to Bomb Iran...

All Children Should Have

Exclusive election preview from Daryl Cagle

THE INTERROGATOR CARD:: The GOP and their Masters use this card

Sunday Talk Shows

Remember that Pat Robertson - Charles Taylor connection?

tornado watches (and warnings) from Texas to near Canada border...

Leaving Long Island (exodus in search of affordable housing)

Bad week for txradioguy

Why Teaching Creationism Might Not Be A Good Idea...

"Assult on Waco," tomorrow night on Discovery Channel

PA Woman Arrested for Rescuing Sick, Chained Dog

Bomb materials found in Bradford

Ties to GOP trumped skill on Iraq team:U.S. Missteps in Green Zone

Roundup of TOONS from (dialup warning)

CNN cartoon: Who else is losing bolts

"Where is the outrage?"

If there is a War on Terror, then there is also a civil war in Iraq

(Reuters) Mexico left names own "president"

Documentaries: Money for Nothing, Taking On Halliburton

will Carter on Larry King be repeated or available on line?


So Cheney's Cooking Up Fake Info On Iran And DU Collectively YAWNS?

What price would you pay?

Bush ....... "We do not torture"......then who IS doing the torturing?

ABC/Disney thinks they are omnipotent, they now have a mobile phone!

Did I Actually See A Poll On CNN That Said People Have

Is this as bad as it gets or what?

Cartels Battle for Supremacy in South Africa’s Taxi Wars

Think America Doesn't Sound Like Nazi Germany? Eat this Cons!

What's this about Condi having a boyfriend?

The ID Chip You Don't Want in Your Passport

Do you agree with this Democratic strategy of connecting Bush...?

Secrets of the 2000 Election: Did Cheney choose himself to be VP Nominee?

Set TIVO's& VCR's! Eric Boehlert's "LapDog Press" at 10:00p.m. C-Span!

I think it is importian to look at what our guys actually do in training..

Insanity of Flying in 2006

An email to a friend who is starting to understand

Anyone know the link for the map with Shrub approval ratings on it?

Ann Richards Ceremony Today (with pix)

This is such an unfair cheap shot against the Pope...

Miss Malloy? Email Howard Stern and let him know you want Malloy on Sirius

just finished watching this

Tribunal Dispute Could Ruin GOP Strategy

Shrub is pushing the Geneva Conventions issue now mainly because

Do you think the Iranian president should apologize for his remarks?


Arlen Specter is lying about his own bill -- again

Dylan's New Album: It's for Us

LA Times - "losers in the war of words..."

LA Times op-ed: Critical Thinking, Not Standardized Tests

Jesus, Look who they're sending to run the war:

Mel Martinez is in the (dog)house!

Poor Circulation

Hang up and drive

Large Quantities Of Illegal Untested GM Rice Contaminating Food

Bush sends phoney condolences and Evans to Austin

Putin's approval rating 87% (Blair 26%, Bush 30s, Merkel 37%)

I finally saw V for Vendetta!

New Libby filing from 09/15/06

The Failed Ford Business Model

Sen.Graham: “There are three branches of government, not one.”

Clinton plots his comeback - The Observer

Which states have the lowest priced gasoline?

Ann Richards Keynote DNC Speech in '88. Still totally applies today-scary

What IS the rationale for making it likely US Troops will be tortured?

What is Torture?

Can someone give me cliff notes on Arthur Anderson?

Serious Question... Has an American President been charged with WAR CRIMES

Tonight run in with two yahoo Replugs


Historians: Has a president ever made a crime he already committed legal?

Israel pressures Bush to Bomb Iran...

Europeans may meet with Iran, sans U.S.

Google News...127 stories on How To Steal an Election With a Diebold ...

John Kerry campaigns in Iowa City for Loebsack

MP3: Bush soundbites about illegal warrantless wiretapping (updated)

Congratulations -- Poll issues now being reported on by MSM

Last Night's McLaughlin Group On PBS Was A Barn Burner

Do you think we'll invade Iran?

A FEW POINTS OF CLARIFICATION's happening now! Have you signed up yet?

Twenty people walked out during Ashcroft speech

"Failures of Imagination!" (Reporters who tried to get Torture Truth out)

For the love of oil, U.S. spills blood in Iraq

Bush Untethered - New York Times

Ultimately, the U.S. will attack (Iran)

A Consequence Argument against Torture Interrogation - Maria Arrigo PhD

The Prima Donnas Endangering a Democratic Victory in 2006

Tony Auth's definitive answer to the torture question

What's really propping up the economy (healthcare jobs)

5 years after terror of anthrax, case grows colder

In Chile, nobody talks to Pinochet now

No Rubber Stamp for Bush (LAT editorial)

As the granddaughter of Barry Goldwater,

Save Yourself, Blame Bush By Joe Scarborough

Bush 'prepares emissions U-turn' - Geoffrey Lean, The Independant

Truth is, this gang keeps lying

LAT/AP: U.S. War Prisons Legal Vacuum for 14,000

Judges decision keeps pay raise for themselves

(one more for the Gipper) Baghdad Year Zero

Documentary slams corporate profits in Iraq war

Boehner gets his way on ethics reform

Yes, More Troops Would Help, a Bit (After Nov. election?) NYT

Business Ties to Russia Dog Rep. Taylor

Ron Fullwood: Digging More Holes For Ourselves In Iraq

Someone's Spoiling the Party, the Housing Market Says

US, Russia Resolve Plutonium Dispute

Turning up the heat on biomass (Maine)

Timber poaching on the rise

Israeli Arabs appeal for equal compensation for war damages

So is Sharon recovering?

Israeli Cabinet Authorizes War Inquiry

Must Read: Can you really not see?

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah calls for 'victory' rally in Beirut

Red Cross says it met Hezbollah captives held in Israel

Nasrallah: No demilitarized area, Israel lying

The great escape

The olive harvest test (Ha'aretz editorial)

Secret Agent Man

Remember, Remember the 11th Of September

The Progressive: "Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracies, Already" -- MY REPLY

Slip-up, nothing to hear here or trap? Bush "says" explosives in Towers

New article by David Ray Griffin - Part 1

Collapse Theory Fails Reality Check

3 parter - 911 Mysteries

Need help before I reply back to a reporter about what an evangelical

Please, I'd like to know more about the Central Tabulators

OMG - FOX NEWS Demonstrates Princeton/Diebold Story

Need feedback on my Blackwell Flash movie....

More info that STRATEGISTS and ADVISORS are keeping machine issue down.

My LTTE of WaPo re: Major Problems At Polls Feared

White House Nominates An Unknown For The EAC

Election Reform, Fraud & News Sunday 09/17/06 - Hail to MO Judge Callahan

Major Problems At Polls Feared Due To Changes In Law & Technology (Wapo)

AFGHANISTAN: Who are Canadian troops defending?

Toronto Sun: West won’t win Afghan war

European religious, political leaders back Benedict

2 West Bank Churches Hit by Firebombs

Inside Baghdad: last battle of a stricken city

5 years after terror of anthrax, case grows colder

Plane Crash Kills Teen TV Actor Pablo Santos

China criticizes WTO auto parts case

U.S. convoy attacked near Kabul; 4 hurt

Yes, More Troops Would Help, a Bit (After Nov. election?) NYT

Wrangling over voting power overshadows IMF talks

Ricketts, (Ben) Nelson (Dem Ne.) now tougher on immigration

Documentary slams corporate profits in Iraq war

Ties to GOP trumped skill on Iraq team

Iraq Stumbling in Bid to Purge Its Rogue Police

Suicide truck bomb kills 21 in Iraq - Kirkuk

Cuba summit sends strong message

Singapore politician-police standoff continues

Death of a President scores Toronto Film Festival critics' prize

What's really propping up the economy (healthcare jobs)

Bombs kill 20 in Iraq's Kirkuk

Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs

Weather Still a Big Concern as Fire Continues to Grow-California

Deal may be in works on interrogations

NATO says anti-Taliban operation is done

U.S. War Prisons Legal Vacuum for 14,000

World Bank, regional lenders to share graft evidence

U.S. Overseas Detention System Numbers

GOP loyalty dictated who would rebuild Iraq.

NYT/Reuters: Activists Around the World Focus on Darfur

Text message to mom leads to bunker, abducted teen

Duke: Healey ad positively ‘disgraceful’

Information exchange agreement with U.S. in doubt

Sailor killed in Al Anbar

Maine: Peace Rally in Bangor (to be held Sept. 30)

Half of Freedom Tower to Be Rented Out

Peace Prize Winners Take Aim at U.S.

Jordan expected to sign free trade agreement with Iraq

Text Message Saves Kidnapped Girl

Merkel's CDU Are Losers in State Votes, Poll Shows [Berlin stays left]

Death of a President Wins Fipresci Prize

Observers debate effect Ney scandal will have on election

In Chile, Nobody Talks to Pinochet Now

Deal May Be in Works on Interrogations

In Iraq's Desert, Sunni Tribes Battle Qaeda for Control

Tenn. prisoner set for electrocution

Narrow win for Swedish opposition (Centre-right Coaltion)

NATO declares victory in south Afghan battle

Rasmussen: Bush Bounce Is Over

Cuba (Nonaligned Movement) summit sends strong message

Gore's 2008 Plans May Become Clearer After Release of Book (New Gore book)

5 Duquesne basketball players shot after dance

U.S. War Prisons Legal Vacuum for 14,000

GOP primary turnout was lowest in more than 30 years

Italian nun shot dead by Somali gunmen

Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs (Investigation to occur)

Anti-War Activists Line Fifth Avenue In Silent Protest

YouTube Next Legal Target For Universal

Clinton pins voting woes on Blackwell

Mexico Reevaluates Venezuela Relations

NYT: Inner Circle Taking More of C.D.C. Bonuses: At expense of scientists

U.S. Holds AP Photographer in Iraq 5 Mo - without charges

BBC: Pope sorry for offending Muslims (has apologised in person)

Illinois Woman's ER Wait Death Ruled Homicide

I am having an excellent night - as a ...

when is a person considered "old"

I am going to be a grandpa in a few days!!!! Woohoo! (weird story ahead)

Haven't been here in ages...

Somebody should post a S*X thread.

My first photo post pertains to JuMex Juice

What does the "W" on the Badgers' helmets stand for?

Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale...I think I'm in love

who do you have on notice?

Congratulations napi21!! 20,000 posts

Should I have a niche?


Plane Crash Kills Teen TV Actor Pablo Santos

Cat Urine Removal From Wooden Furniture.

Terry Gilliam's, Brazil (1985)- all too real today

cats that look like hitler

Is ther any way

Are court proceedings considered public information?

What's the greatest moment of unintentional humor in the movies?

did anyone else know this?

"Dry Drunk Emperor" - TV on the Radio

The Most expensive toys ive seen yet

Love. These. Guys.

Nick Lachey, have you no sense of decency, sir?

Funniest Infomercial Ever!!! "The Turbo Stroker!!!!!"

Photo-shop Contest!!! Let's have fun w/ "This Week With Snuffelupagus"

How was your day?

WTF? John Bradshaw Layfield called Ted Kennedy a "Drunken Liberal"


Skycar. I want one! Check this out

Does this sound wrong? "Felix Macaca"

Switzerland's Top Model (photo: dial-up warning)

Village of the Damned

there's a thin line between fries and shakes

Captain Nemo sailed away.

The dancing stick figure in the Closet World commercials....

I am going to the gym. Anyone want to come along?

I just vacuumed and cleaned both my bedroom and the bathroom.

I need some new music. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Ever done something incredibly stupid that damaged your car?

Reds are having a rough first inning.

Anyone ever drank a Ben&Jerry milkshake?

DU Parents: Are your kids imitating that sprint commercial with

Good early morning Beautiful People of DU

John Lennon would not be happy.

Old-Timey Gamers: Tell me about Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle!


PayPal account holders: please share you special, secret tips with me.

Computer help needed

Star Wars Fans " George Lucas in Love " movie on youtube

It must be yet *another* Browns rebuilding season

So I find out yesterday that one of my nephews is a big meth dealer


I suggest the book "Sight Hound" by Pam Houston

Beef back ribs. Wet or dry?

"Are You Being Shagged?"

Let's go Patriots!!!

Radio Lady Previews: Broadway in Portland: SWEET CHARITY!

What you're about to see may disturb you.

LynneSin, I suggest you hide this thread!!!

DU this poll !!...

Post a cartoon version of yourself!

Don't Handle Strange Fruit

Howdy from Austin, Texas.

Body washes up near set of 'CSI: Miami'

Keep me from going out and buying chocolate chip cookie dough


Anybody know how alarcojon is doing?

Something really, grossly funny.

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrgh!

Is it just me, or do plasma t.v.'s really look that glossy and fake?

Yoo-hoo... huskerlaw...!

Update on my friend



Mrs. V. in tremendous pain, but needs to get out. Need ideas!

It's my drinking night. You?

Cooking My First EVER Beer-Can-Chicken On The Grill Tonight!

I'm going to the Farmer's Marekt. What do you need?

Here's a CEO's name you don't see much: "Bippy"

I'm hungry.

Last night I dreamed I was in labor

Hi Lynnesin!

I just prepared TWO boxes of chocolate fudge pudding...

Coming up: Redskins vs Cowboys

Have you ever been to a "Cowboy Junkies" concert?

This is a damn cool website.

This is the coolest thing you'll see today.

Favorite Keith Richards vocal performance

What do the" Scandalous" ladies like looking at?

the bad kind of bird watching.

Define torture

What do you want from life?

So, how many of YOU go to the store in your flannel pajamas?

Reminder of the MINI NYC DU MEET-UP 9/22/06

I know it's a stupid-ass question, but did the Packers win today?

My bird beat me up over a raspberry!!!!

Favorite Italian Movie

What's your favorite Dexys Midnight Runners song?

Can trumad explain why the Dolphins stink so bad?

Butterflys and a Buddah..... :o)

File naming/copying questions on my Mac

Other geeks must read this now: Craigslist Writing Gig - Klingon

I rule!!

Eddie Izzard Circle on BBC America right now

Heterosexual Dunkin Donut Take Out Party

So, how many of YOU go to the store in your studded, bejeweled jumpsuit?

The most touching movie moment you have ever seen...

&%$#@!!! Saints!!!


How do you like your Orange Juice?

So my downstair neighbors are really ticking me off....

My husband making good use of my bras (*dial-up warning*)

FOUR fans show up for NKOTB's Jordan Knight's CD signing party at Wal-Mart

Going to the Eagles/Giants game!

CCM is the worst tripe ever recorded to disk in the history of the world.

NYC DU'ers - I need some advice.

Which book ending made you cry?

New picture thread:

How old are you?

Wrong Number....

After lurking for about four years....

Is there a law that says teachers must be sadistic when assgning homework?

Weirdest song to become a hit?

My daughter got suspended from school last night.

Post your favorite Sherlock Holmes story

Okay, that's it for me and AIM

What is your favorite System of a Down song?

Jealous of something I should not have,

What is your opinion of "The Greater Good" justification for __________.

a Medical Corps

The Laramie Project is coming to Wilson

JR Chess Report for September 17: Clash of Champion begins Saturday

Five Duquesne Basketball Players Shot

Here's a link 4 U -"for people too busy to meditate"

"The End Times Revisited" - a Kryon channelling - August 12, 2006

Just had to share with you all:

I have restarted 12 step recovery - please pray for me

Don't forget: Webb & Sen. Barfbag will debate on MTP

I'm a dumbass.

Well Tay... you probably heard about FOX covering Princeton study video

Good article (not Kerry-related), but

HELP - I need a Kerry/Edwards bumper stick for my car.

Midwest birthday card (can't find old thread)

YIKES!! 22 entries already...

Time to Replace the Light Seals (Aussie Rules Football Pics)

Trying out our new Nikon D50 (couple of big pics)

Some shots from the McKinley Princess (10 pix)

A question about "Back to the Future" on cnn

ARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual (1963)

Jesus General, Al Franken, Lanny Davis, and Bill O'Reilly

Hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard.

Hillary Clinton On: Katrina...?

Hillary Clinton On: Election Fraud...?

Hillary Clinton On: The New John Lennon Movie...?

Elizabeth Kucinich peace walk

At PeaceJam, Ten Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Winners Take Aim at U.S.

Just filled Up - $10 less for a tank of gas.

Televised Debate (Allen-R - Maccaca vs Webb - D - War Hero)

Bush Is Not The Cause Of Our Loss Of Democracy, Apathy Is.

I'm flat out ashamed of America's apathy toward tyranny.

The War Profiteers

IRS Investigating Liberal Calif. Church

State-sanctioned cruelty

Michael Franti film: "I know i'm not alone"

Do 40% of the people you know support Bush?

If you refuse to use a vote stealing machine, do you lose your vote?

Attack on middle class candidate for drawing a salary from campaign funds

Let us never forget all those who FOUGHT & DIED for our right to vote.

FOX NEWS Demonstrates & Exposes The Princeton / Diebold Story

Major Problems At Polls Feared Due To Changes In Law & Technology (Wapo)

California house spills out of shipping containers, what a novel idea

I wonder who taught Bush the word comprehensive

Webb and Allen are guests on MTP --now.

If voting were mandatory would that alter campaigning.

In rebuilding effort, loyalty to Bush administration was paramount

Tucker Carlson is from San Francisco..

Rumsfeld's fake news flop in Iraq

Cardin Fires Staffer For Racist Blog Posts (Oreos...)

Hillary Clinton On: Bush's Response To 9/11..?

How many indictments have come about from the Abramoff scandal?

Electronic Voting Machines WERE Hacked. Now what?

President Clinton escorts Ann Richards' casket

W Stands for War Criminal

they revel in their ignorance

* to speak and the UN this week.

Ashcroft: Bush=More Respectful of Libertys & Rights Than Any War President

Bush Preps Emissions U-Turn In Time To Compete With Gore's Big Speech

Rumsfeld Unveils New Justification For Iraq War: High Gas Prices

Bill Clinton On MTP Next Week! Please Big Dog, Skewer ABC, PLEASE!!!

You know something I never understood?

An Ann Richards video classic - what a hoot!

War objector Lt. Ehren Watada faces a new charge

Ignorant George Allen on MTP STILL Says Saddam Had Chem/Bio WMDs.

Brooks Getting All Wet Over bu$h On tweety's Show

Heads-up, VA claimants: New, negative court ruling re: multiple claims

Jim Webb is destroying George Allen on MTP

An excellent article about Barry Goldwater

George Allen's biggest handicap in this race is his

Soldier-turned-writer battles for Senate upset, Webb vs allen


Cokie Roberts calls 'torture' a fantastic campaign issue.

"Fear is their friend."

Shadow's taxicab reports: The interviewer interviewed.

"Awake and Scream" - Maureen Dowd

Tony Blair's Wife Investigated In "Boy Slap Probe"

2,683 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

Walk-On Never To Be Forgotten

Utter "ruthlessness" describes PNAC/NeoCons/Bush/Cheney etc

Documentary slams corporate profits in Iraq war

BERMING BAGHDAD: Just asking a question that won't be asked....

9 in 10 Americans Unable to Buy Health Insurance

Healthcare UNFAIR!

Vermont LTTE: Barbara Bush, NOT a good role model

Never forget-FPICall911 videos

Analysts: Bush's cowboy image waning; world still wary...

Is the GOP pushing our buttons on election fraud?

Let's "clarify" one lie that's making the rounds on morning talk shows...

False Reports on Iran a Replay of Run-Up to Iraq War?

Sad but true: Fake news in America is usually the most accurate news.

Asked should Ney resign- Boener on FNS- "That decision should be

Stephen Hadley re: Colin Powell: "I Think It Was The RIGHT Signal"

I wish NBC would pick a time slot for MTP and stick to it.

EPA Plans to Close Labs, Drop Scientists and Reduce Oversight...

Exactly when did everybody start jumping the Bush ship?

MTP: Did George Allen use

Blitzer's Late Edition agenda for this Sunday:

I just gave money to Jim Webb's campaign, and boy did it feel good!

HELP - I need a Kerry/Edwards bumper stick for my car.


WaPo: Bush loyalists sent to Iraq completely fucked up reconstruction

Powell denies seeing media ownership study-Michael

Who would Jesus Torture?

Bush Admits That He Doesn't Know The Meaning Of Human Dignity

This is weird (Time magazine vs. geography)

When is the last time Hillary Clinton did a interview in the media

Bush’s Useful Idiots - Tony Judt on the Strange Death of Liberal America

Chris Matthews had a party and poll with his fellow travelers...

For what shall bush & his pals be Investigated & Indicted?

But yet, Greg Palast is a threat. Oh really.

Lynching by Laptop - this is AWESOME - Palast

US Imprisoned an AP reporter for 5 months - no charges

Fruit And Veg Fight Crippling Bone Disease

On "The Assault On Reason" and What Would Thomas Jefferson Do?

Decriminalizing pot & imposing stiffer sentences for violent "gun" crimes

Rasmussen now has shrub disapproval back up to pre-9/11/06 levels.

Senate To Investigate Administration Coercion of Military Lawyers

How many countries signed the contract that is the geneva conventions?

Bush Knows what evil is

Ten anti-Castro "journalists" in South Florida on US government payroll

DU this poll please....

Sen. Bayh just said if we amend the

The American Military's Cult of Cruelty - Ethos of the Destroyers

Why our kollege keedz aren't larning.....

Bush: CIA should be allowed to talk with their mouth full.

W keeps saying he would do whatever is required to "keep us safe"

Anyone hear Negroponte on FxNewsSunday

Did Saddam pay families $35,000 for their sons and daughters

Death Comes to the Men Who Cleaned up Ground Zero

Anyone know the status of HUD's investigation into Alphonso Jackson?

I'm a bit late with this , however, was it just me or did *face

Its O.K. to torture Muslim prisoners, they don't have souls anyway.

Will DU forgive me if I get a job with ABC or Clear Channel?

Help me catch up on NEWS from May 11th to now

Why must we attack X when talking about Y? Warning - Rant ahead....

Yemen foils attacks on oil plants

Rumsfeld Unveils New Justification For Iraq War: High Gas Prices

John Lennon would not be happy.

Oaxaca City, a ‘dangerous destination’ in "the grip df anarchy"

I received this from a friend of a friend of a right winger

Ethos of the Destroyers The American Military's Cult of Cruelty

Obama and Harkin live on CSpan 1 now

Rabbis ordained in Germany for the first time since 1942

Blurring the laws and the English language...

A buddy of mine interviewed Greg Palast re Mexico's election, wrote this

Poor republicans in OH 18th fretting over newspaper ratings.

Some old Bush classics, always good for a laugh

So the pope has now apologized....

Let's do some fun research, DU! (re: Edward R. Murrow)

Steal an Election with Diebold Machine in One Minute (video)

Iraq For Sale Update - Halliburton Attacks; Taking The Fight To DC

Five Duquesne University basketball players injured in shooting

(VIDEO) Colbert on Sen. Macaca and his "ethnic rally"

this provision does not get much coverage: Retroactive protection for Bush

THE "Ben Ferguson Show" ?

Only one more person needs to become unemployed...

The way I see it, Bush has already violated the Geneva Conventions

Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America

Post your FREE suggestions for Dems campaign slogans here ->

Newsweek: Fareed Zakaria - "No More 'Tortured' Logic"

Big bushitler and barbarabuggeye bushitler are cousins?

U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrgh!

Did anyone on Pundit Shows mention Torture at AbuGhraib?

Has ANY other nation sought to "clarify" the Geneva Conventions?

Newsweek: The Politics of Torture (Interrogation Techniques)

Our own Ahmadinejads.... how many do we have.....

IMF's fears must be heeded

Veterans' group to air ad attacking Allen

Mike and Kathy---

Another Modest Proposal...

Did Bush Collude w/Pope to Foment a War of Civilizations?

Is Bush preoccupied with the fear of having to answer...

Delete Post

According to John Yoo - Bush's crimes are Congress's fault

Colin Powell w/TimRussert ca Jan'01: Saddam's not any threat.

My Response to Right Wing Chain Mail Re; Clintons

"Don't Try To Bring Democracy Through The Barrel Of A Gun" Nobel Winners

Does Mike Malloy have Streaming Internet now that he'd not on AAR?

Frank Luntz kisses Mark Warner's ass on CSPAN (Iowa Steak Dinner)

The argument is turning to 'How' to torture instead 'If' to torture.

Fire in the hole!..JFK conspiracy theorists avoid DISC Channel tonight.

Mall Watch: Forced to buy new shoes we went out there...............

Why hasn't the media asked 'Why are Gas Prices falling so fast'?

I think my neighbors were raptured through their roof

Deal May Be in Works on Interrogations...

'U.S. holds AP photographer in Iraq 5 mos ' With NO CHARGES!

Ann Richards 1988 speech on CSpan 1 now n/t

Sunday is the right time for a POPE caption

Pope Apologizes for Uproar Over His Remarks

Is Meet the Press repeated Sunday nights on MSNBC?

Immigration Raid Makes a Ghost Town

Lieberman parks in a handicapped spot (with PIC!)

Sick but Insured? Think Again

IT IS TOO LATE REPUBS, you HAD your chance

People are underestimating these Buy-Outs of Disabled Veterans

The fundies are at it again

Scarlet elephant has animal lovers seeing red

Was Matt Lauer fed the questions by Busholini Regime?

I love this fundy attitude:

What's the deal with paying bail?

If the elections are stolen once again

does this sound about right?

Have you noticed how much election fraud is being reported

Gore Vidal quote that parallels Goering on starting wars

"Coming Soon" on Sirius Left 146? WHO?!

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Rumsfeld?)

McGreevy lover claims McGreevy sexually assaulted him

Corporate E. Coli

OH Jesus! Oly North's coming to my town in two weeks!

Think gas shouldn't be under $1 a gallon right now? this

Halliburton attacks "Iraq for Sale" film...

A big thank-you to the partners, spouses and S.O.'s of us DU'ers.

Amy Goodman and David Goodman - The Democracy Now! tour continues...

FOX "News" Covers Princeton Diebold Virus Hack! WaPo Covers FOR Diebold!

Hadley & Bush* are telling us: We Are Torturing People NOW.

Why didn't we start up a "parallel government" when * was appointed?

Belly laugh, hold the schadenfreude...(possible keyboard alert)

Before we give Lindsey Graham too much credit for Morality...Read This

Why is "Girly-Man" acceptable, and "Macaca" not?

Ex-Iraqi Prisoner: 'I will hate Americans for the rest of my life,'

False Reports on Iran a Replay of Run-Up to Iraq War?

Right-wingers seek 'dose of the Democrats' to rescue Republicans

President doesn't think Dems will win either House... and neither do I

"Jesus Camp" -- item on ABC News a short while ago....

If you are unaware of this site, your missing out:

Dammit, people, are we going to stand by and let the Dems in Congress


Church thriving after tax troubles

Is it because most Americans now have never known war?

Al Gore's New Book, "The Assault On Reason"

The Class War

OK DU vets... I need some info re: a serious confrontation I got into.

Today's the most important anniversary in American history. And yet...

These people scare the living daylights out of me...

Man I miss the Mike Malloy show

First genetic roadmap of a tree hoped to aid liquid fuel options

State by State Analysis of Dubba's Socail Security Privatization

Anyone watching Elizabeth Dole on CSpan1

Novak Slams Jon Stewart "A Self-Righteous Comedian With Airs Of Grandeur"

Ties to GOP trumped skill on Iraq team-- Washinton Post

Casey: "slow-moving Katrinas" based on "malign neglect" of the neediest

The pope has been in the news a lot lately. You know who I think would

Should Bush have inaugurated a draft after 9/11?

Pete Seeger SPeaks Out on Impeachment!! - - - - - - - > AUDIO

IRS won't back down in persecution of liberal church

2006 Senate Race Projection - 51/49

Check out my new site

What do you make of a guy who kept a noose in his office, and a

USNDemVet thinks McCain may be giving payback for South Carolina.

Church must appear before IRS (for anti-war sermon)

Frank Rich shows us how Cheney tips us off that he's lying

Two BLOCKBUSTER events regarding Diebold should be any day now.

What artifacts will remain when the earth is destroyed by nuclear war

Recipe for a monster(*)? Inbreeding, abusive mom, absent dad, early trauma

The dope on the Pope: Have you noticed that...

Are you offended by slurs against your religion?

Action Alert from NAACP Re: Voter ID Cards

Stripes: Iraqi forces stand by while youths harass U.S. patrol

Would Bloomberg name Al From GOD?

Time to play Washington Journal Call in!

Local elections are important if you are concerned about vote counting

Wanna laugh? How about Will Ferrell as Bush? Rate it up!

WA PO: Major problems, Voting law changes, new technology on election day

Jim Webb/Geo Allen on MTP Now

Karl Rove & Tom Kean Jr - Perfect Together

NY candidate upset with hubby's travails - Pirro

WP,pg1: Paid Bloggers Stoke Va. Senate Battle: Test Limits of Finance Laws

It's Iraq, Stupid

The Question: Torture and How to Legalize Torture

Operation Leviathan: Defending the Whales of Antarctica 2006-07

ABC and NeoCons Still Bashing Clinton

RW and their enablers losing it over Pope flap and illegal war

Former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough eviscerates Bush in Sunday's WP

Well, the McLaughlin Group

Major Problems At Polls Feared

WaPo Ombudsman Howell Educates and "Reminds" Readers about Opinions....

And the Fighting Dems are… 56 Fighting Dems for the GE!

Just in Time for all Your Holiday Shopping!

Imagine this ad :

Raising Kaine: Thoughts on the Webb-Allen Debate

Bush and Lincoln: The Big Differences

Was I wrong to rate


U.S. Military "Disappears" AP Photographer

Sean Penn: Bush & Rumsfeld "party clowns" who devastated our democracy

There goes the GOP/Bush again: Changing the Laws to suit themselves.

Idea for Dem campaign ad: "Bush v. Bush on OBL."

Raw Story Video: Olbermann's analysis of Bush "Roast Garden" meltdown

Can the Geneva Convention rules be changed without other countries...

Just freaking ewwwww....(strong stomach alert)

Bush (with his Katrina foreign policy): "Americans are frustrated" with UN

Crooks & Liars Video: I never heard that word before. I just made it up.

Cheney was right, Dems are appeasers

LAT: Sick but Insured? Think Again

is Gitmo legally on US land or Cuban land?

This GOP "revolt" against smirk will end on 11/8

Question for Bush/GOP/RW/Neocons: Where are the Islamic fascists on

Impending E-Voting Debacle Finally Noticed by MSM

Just a thought..

Inner Circle Taking More of C.D.C. Bonuses

Diebold Hacking Demo Shown on Fox News

NY-29 Netroots Challenge

Former NSA Chief's Aide Under Investigation

President Bush Job Approval (Rasmussen)

For foes of Bush plan, values win

Great video of Gov. Richards (she was a riot!) on Craig Crawford's website

The evolution of people and the acceptance of the evolved person

Barack's back on C-Span

--> Does progressive and liberal = the same thing? Help me define each


Army rest-and-relaxation hotel Hale Koa charged with rousting union organi

Please read...soon I hope everyone will be saying this..

Lieberman Insults U.S. Troops On Statewide TV

DDT and United Nations

FOX Exposes the Princeton / Diebold Virus Hack Story

Gore to Publish New Book: Door's Open for 2008

Has anybody seen or posted politcal cartoons regarding Ann Richards?

Bush Administration Says Whistle-Blower Protection Laws Don’t Apply to The


WP: Tribunal Dispute Could Ruin GOP Election Strategy

Torture Is Un-American. How German POWs Became Our Friends

Fantasy speech ..... Monday, February 9, 2009

Mass. Democrats Trying to Regain Control

Apparently I missed something. What lives were saved?

Dem candidate for MD gov calls opponent "George Bush mini-me of Maryland"

OBAMA!!! speaking at this minute on C-SPAN 1

George Soros compares Bush Propaganda to Nazism.

"The Path to 9/11 Not Taken" or Why Did ABC Leave Out ENRON?

According to NBC5/Chicago Sun-Times Blagojevich has a 30 pt lead over Judy

Sending loyal&willing instead of best&brightest one of *'s gravest errors

Geneva Convention Article 3 Applies to Domestic Rebellion

How the Presidency Regained Its Balance (or time to approve torture)

Peggy Noonan is "advising" us..

Beware the media: Newsweek praises Rahm, disses Dean on same page.

In retrospect, who won today's Press the Meat 'debate', Webb or Felix

Ohio 04 ballot Claremont County .... Smoking Gun

Ties to GOP trumped skill on Iraq team

My daughter's freeper friends in Colorado Springs may be turning blue...

So...RW Pundit Kate O'Beirne Wife of Pentagon CPA Procurer Crook!