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Archives: September 18, 2006

Fidel Castro fades out. Tropical Taliban next? (Reuters)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 260

Gas Price Manipulation to Influence Elections?

When the truth is a stranger to fiction

looks like a good intro to global spread of pentecostalism

Restore Washingtonians' voting rights

Bob Novak Slimes Me (David Corn)

Bush makes terrorist threat to NYT reporter

West Won’t Win Afghan War

U.S. News and World Report: Hell to Pay

Damascus official: Syria losing patience with Israel

Deadly harvest: The Lebanese fields sown with cluster bombs

Bush slips up?


Where's the plane?

Bush admits to Explosives used at the WTC on 9-11. See, Hear, and Read it.

The Lone Phone Call Theory of 911

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 09.18.06 New Service-Week in Review

WORST campaign sign in Texas history!

Ignatieff on the defensive

Calgary homeless shelters can't meet demand

Ottawa agrees to settlement talks with Arar

Dave Rutherford, of CHQR Calgary, to fill in for Mike Duffy starting Mon.

Bush to meet Abbas: Erekat

Israeli Cabinet Authorizes War Inquiry

Va. Hopefuls Spar on Terror Legislation

Sweden: Right coalition wins power

Republican Bloomberg to help Lieberman

Bid to Stockpile Bioterror Drugs Stymied by Setbacks

Film Shows Youths Training to Fight for Jesus

Reuters: Paulson slams "irresponsible" loans to poor states

Pakistan's Envoy Defends Militant Deal

NATO: Afghan operation successful (400 insurgents had been killed)

Pope issues rare statement of regret

Patrick hears the cheers -- and jeers -- that go with the lead (Massachuse

Big bucks set a foundation for Jeb's vision of future

For GOP mantle, dirt flew furiously

LAT: UCLA Attracts Retired General Wesley Clark as Senior Fellow

Britain:Attorney general warns US on torture bill

NYT: As Senator Falters, a Democrat Rises in Virginia

NYT: McCain, in New Hampshire, Gets an Earful From the Right

Dallaire urges leadership on Darfur

"Patricia Kennedy Lawford dies at 82"

SLAUGHTERED (The slaughter of the dolphins has begun)

Obama: Dems Need Tough Security Stance

Game on!

Today is the anniversary of the first airline fatality -- in 1908

October 13th - the October surprise will be revealed!!

Dumb question - But I need procedural help about a deer hitting on me

Breaking: Homer's Vegas wife is dead

Today is the 219 anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution.

Nobody's gonna talk about American Dad tonight?

Viking fans - today is the anniversary of your team! 1961 they played

They're showing the Dawson's Creek pilot

Cops try to bring down 150-pound runaway pig with Taser, darts

God, the Amazing Race is soooo good tonight!!!

Yes. Yes Rachel, age 10, I think DO you're weird. FUCKING WEIRD.

Brian Grazer is on Iconoclast (cnbc). What a pretentious moron. He just

Anyone see Family Guy tonight? (Spoilers)

Who else is feelin' good tonight?

Dumb question - But I need procedural help after hitting a deer.

Who's the best actor living today?

Tony Bourdain in Beruit on travel channel now

I moved Lelapin into the norm today.

Anyone else having internet problems tonight?

tinfoil tiaras....A PM has been sent to you.

Bush is an ass.

A blog for those who hate the comic strip Cathy

Ivor Cutler, RIP 6 months too late.

Painting question

after posting last week about the s-a-c guitars- they went for 50+

Okay, who told Michael Rapaport that he was talented....

Anita Barone appreciation thread!!

Mrs. V. update: (includes pics)

DU men: Ever wonder how much the "dude" weighs?

I'm not about to eat a whole mess o' Spam...

So, I'm going to Bermuda tomorrow

I'm about to eat a whole mess o' Clams...

DU women: Ever wonder how much the "ladies" weigh?

My wife said I should get a girlfriend. Should I?

OK, I've had to make changes on my myspace...

I feel like a jackass but how do I add a podcast to my iTunes?

I was on TV today

Who wants to play the Bears?

george bush and little richard on the daily show

The Hot Thread

Why can't "they" do a DNA test on the "Magic Bullet?"

GD has a thread that should be in the Lounge, what is GD coming to.

Uh, you know, we was over, uh, there, you know, and, uh, you know,

Dumb question - But I need procedural help about hitting on a person

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/17/06)

I really hope Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is good...

LYNNESIN, I am calling you out!

I define torture thus: acts that make CaliforniaPeggy feel bad are torture

Amazing Race...who's watching?

WooHoo!!! This is my 800th post!!

Kindergarten throwdown: Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Bunny Foofoo or...

How to grow a kitten ...

The San Diego Chargers

Now a serious question - Mac 'n Cheese

Woohoo! My first locked thread.

Wow. I JUST NOW realized that the scene in "Coming to America"

Did anybody watch the Niners/ Lambs game today?

What kind of camp would you like to go to?

Did anyone watch U-M kick ass yesterday?

Daniel Smith is Anna Nicole Smith's son. Nothing about "Bill Smith"--

ZW & ZombyGrandson, with Kiko and Spanky added per Lounge Rules!

PDX-Style Gawker Stalker

Anybody that is good with Chemistry want to help me out?

Anybody with good Chemistry want to help me out?

I moved Lelapin into the dorm today.

I'm in a flirty mood...

When you love someone........

Would it bother you if a person you're attracted to...

Okay, What's the lowdown on GD?

I'm very sorry it has come to this... NaughtyGirls, you are ON NOTICE!!

re: Cain's wife. Who was she? I read the bible several times. I Googled

Infrared Saunas and the Heart--three studies

Santorum Claims Casey Campaign Is Run by Corrupt Dead Guy

I'm still not sure how I should reply to this, I could use some advice.

"Trip" Report: Baltimore Ravens Stadium - Ravens versus Raiders

I'm wondering about a feeling I'm having.

Military Retirees heads up you been misinformed on Survivor benefits

What is it with Democratic wannabee candidates?

OT, but just an example of how sleezy Santorum is

Hearings this week: There are some interesting ones


We have a petition drive to recall the President..... (of our assn.)

I've posted about this book in the fiction forum - however, I just

DU this poll - newspaper should carry Michelle Malkin or Pat Buchanon?

Speaking of changing the Geneva Convention to retroactively protect

U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize Wal*Mart's Profits and Bad Corporate Citizenship

Media preparing for Iran invasion

CT newspaper skewers Lieberman

Want Democracy back? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS NOW!!!

Does anybody know how many Congressmen have kids serving in Iraq?

Let me get this right.. Repubs are saying Bush should be impeached!!

The President builds straw men out of elaborate lies...

PBS: The Torture Question

Went to say goodbye to Ann Richards today (dialup warning)

10 FACTS ABOUT GUANTANAMO- From Pentagon Report

Someday, after he is impeached, these will fetch a good sum on Ebay

Does your health insurance have catastrophic out of pocket limits?

more voting issues...a default to George Bush funchtion?????? WTF???

If we are "at war" with these people, is our military "up to it"?

HEADLINE: Obama WARNS "Democratic activists" on security

at Mad Sq. Garden "IMPEACH BUSH..VOTE DEM" seen on Pink Floyd's giant pig!

Republicans' fertile future........"procreating more than liberals"

If you're needing a pick up.... See DG make King george sweat...

14,000 detainees in secret overseas prisons

UK Attorney General Warns US On Torture Billl

Just got back from Camp Democracy...

85% of "the box" is violence, danger, fear, murder, victim.

Webb-Allen debate repeated on MSNBC NOW 10pm EDT.

A most excellent REAL TIME starting now one HBO!

Regarding the wholesale scam of individual health insurance policies

Watching the MTP Replay


I got home from Vietnam 40 years ago today.

Truth: Corporations want your money,

U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000

WP editorial: Bush prison "program" signature of 3rd World dictatorships

Repeat of Ann Richards 1988 address CSPan 1 now n/t

delete-duplicate-got an error while posting this so I reposted n/t

Are you going to heaven First Class, Business Class, or Economy?

World's first penis transplant in China; couple changes mind after 2 weeks

Could Someone Refresh My Memory On The Comment By Jim Webb,

The FACT. mr president, is YES, America under you certainly does commit

911 Was Bill Clinton's Fault! (Tom Tomorrow)

God, I hate "Christians."

Overlooked Thread below needs K/R's-Journalists & Torture stories buried

September 17th is Constitution day ,free copies

MI6 hired al-Quaeda to kill Gaddafi. Killed innocent bystanders instead

Don't read while eating/drinking - Wolcott lollercaust ahead!

Soros Compares Bushitler To Nazis -CNN

Robin Williams' "Man of the Year" opens next month

What will the new crusades become known as?

2684 Reasons why the DSM is Important

"The Big Picture" on CBC has Abu Ghraib guard and General Karpinski.

Slow news day?

INTELLIGENCE: Ominous: Hints of an October Surprise PLS HELP AVOID ATTACK

Ann Richards on C-Span now.... she was amazing

The Wrong Man is President -- opinion from The Age (Australia)

bush wants to sell America's Soul to the Devil


Posting HINT! Do not put big blocks of text without breaks up!

Bushco Is An Atavism

A Last Dance with Ann

What Percentage of wars in history have a "religion" based cause?

Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq

George Bush = Jesus Freaking Hypocrite

You might want one of these T shirts. REPUBLICAN VOTE SUPPRESSION SQUAD

AFP: Australia probes 'offensive' videos by soldiers in Iraq

God, I hate "Moralists." No matter what religion they might be.

UN attacks US nuclear report on Iran erroneous misleading unsubstantiated

Major Problems At Polls Feared

Peter Werbe interviews Thom Hartmann at 1am ET -- streaming

V oters for O pen and T ransparent E lections - start one in your state

"And I am Katie Couric" tic, tic, tic

Bush Not Giving Up On Bunker-Buster Bomb Test. Prelude To Iran?

Hernias more dangerous than Terrorism

The worst part of the torture bill is apparently a majority support Bush

How's your health insurance coverage?

So is the pope infallible or is the pope not infallible?

Poor widdle Fweeptards are upset the Pope thinks they're evil wackos

The Democrats don't have a plan!!

Patricia Kennedy Lawford has died

Damn! I didn't realize how TRULY GREAT Ann Richards was.

Please check out what I just wrote.

Timely 'toon

How much does Nancy Grace really care about Trenton?

Clark 'We invaded Iraq to cover up the command negligence that led to 9/11

This look familiar?

If This Bill Passes IT'S OVER

They Could Torture You Too

Do you support universal national service?

Dear ABC: Thanks for the lifetime of memories, but GOODBYE!

Gallatin mayor let 'Thong Girl 3' be filmed in his office

A lot of people don't have time for all this "political" bullshit...

UNRELEASED pic of Bush with "Katrina Guitar" from Mark Wills' Web Site

Tom Meyer 'toon: Back to the Future

My friend's Daughter just sent me this video, has it been seen here before

Joseph Nye coined the term "soft power"

U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000

Mexican Left in parallel Government...........Can we do this too?

Rep Tim Ryan (OH-17) = The Man

If there are any doubts about how sleezy Santorum is

NYT:As Senator Falters, a Democrat Rises in Virginia

Sen Clinton blasts Bush assissination film

Keith Ellison may be first Muslim in U.S. Congress

McGreevey's been on Oprah; now NY Magazine, NYT are excerpting his book

O'Reilly: "Why USA Will Lose War on Terror if Things Don't Change"

Did Webb really say this in the debate today?

Bush gives Sharpie pens emblazoned with "White House" & his sig as gifts

How Bush Rules: Torture and The Quest For Unfettered Power

"control of Congress going to be decided by races in recount situations"

WP: Allen, Webb Quarrel Over War in Iraq, Bush Policies

Ouch! Webb on Russert this morning re women in the military

Bill Clinton email asking for donations to the DSCC

Russert Let George Allen get away with "macaca" excuse...

Lindsay Graham, a Republican who has some integrity

DNC raised far more than the DSCC or the DCCC. Don't let them spin us.

A Question of National Etiquette

Er uh we have an election in less than 2 months, STOP THE INFIGHTING

Pat Buchanan calls for Bush impeachment

On torture: Bush condemns world 2003; world condemns Bush 2006

A Treasure Under Torture (Mary Lyon -- From The Left)

What's the matter with voting Republican if you're poor?

Keith Olbermann, the Last Newsman Standing

Where's the outrage? By Karen Hughes

!?!?!?!?!?! "Gel-filled bra is new terrorist device"

"King of Pain" (Krugman on Bush and Torture, NYT, 09/18/06)

Renew Your Passport Now, Even if it's not Expired, says Bruce Schneier

CHUCKMAN: Decline of the American Empire

Iran-Contra II? Fresh scrutiny on a rogue Pentagon operation.

Al Gore, NYU Law, 9/18/06 "craft emergency solutions..."

Annual Hubris Awards (funny read)

Hinderaker shows us the central defect in the mindset of Bush followers


How Bush Failed Jesus and the Return of the Christian Crusade


Deadly harvest: The Lebanese fields sown with cluster bombs

Bush PR, Back to Basics (Ramzy Baroud, Counterbias)

Arm Against 'Katricians,' Gun Dealers Tell Houston

Democrats' message: 'I'm not for Bush, but my opponent is'

GOP talk of vibrant economy rings hollow

Call Cruelty What It Was

Bush Finds Iraq War Undermines Threat of Force as Tool at UN

The Continuity of Western-Al-Qaeda Relations in the Post-Cold War Period

A Show That Trumpeted History but Led to Confusion (ABC's Path to 9/11)

At Congress' 'favor factory,' revolving door keeps spinning

This Day in Radical History- Sept.18th-Huxley begins teaching Orwell

Declare war on torture (FT leader)

Path in Itaq and Afghanistan take ominous turn-Geyer

Halliburton & Cheney: Fight to Keep Wallets Fat (Rick Jacobs @ HuffPo

dominionists 'believe' only a few Bible translations

"The Kafka Strategy" (Bob Herbert on Bush and War Crimes, NYT, 09/18/06)

MarketWatch: Housing starts expected to fall again

Home Sellers Bury Statues of St. Joseph

Home Sellers Bury Statues of St. Joseph

Russia Halts Sakhalin 2 Project For Environmental Reasons - AFP

Western KS Within 25 Years Of Groundwater's End At Current Pumping Rates

Dozens Of New Fish, Coral Species Discovered In Indonesian Seas

Yucca project auditor ignored: 2002 complaints went nowhere

21 Lions Dying In Indian Zoo After Cross-Breeding Experiment Fails

BP - No Thunder Horse Production For Another 2 Years - Reuters

GM To Put 100 Hydrogen SUVs On Road By 2007 - $1 Million Each - LA Times

Fish Is Used to Detect Terror Attacks

conspiracy theory: US military oil-price manipulation

Sandy Soil Of S. Hungary Turns To Sand Dunes As Region Dries Up - Reuters

Actual Headline! "Firms Say Climate Change Brings Financial Risk" - WP

The only way to kick our oil habit

"Last-Chance Tourism" Behind Boom In Glacier Visits In EU - Reuters

On Warming, Chambliss Suddenly Realizes "Really Something To It"

Woods Hole - Arctic Fresh Water Inflow - 20,000 Extra KM3 1965 - 1995

Quebec Gvn. - Permafrost Loss "Inevitable", Infrastructure Losses Looming

Feds to require electronic stability control on all vehicles 9/14/2006

Hezbollah fighters in Israeli court

France warns against Hezbollah arms in Lebanon

Lebanon World Heritage sites need repair

Report: Militants freed from Israeli jails are behind 14 attacks

Iran leader says pope remarks part of US-Israeli conspiracy

9/11/06 Ground Zero Demonstration Video (and a couple others)

I can't keep up anymore, but that's good

Some Of You May Know Me, Others May Not...

The ground floor of first WTC hit

My package of 9/11 videos was opened

FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA)

Moussaoui and the Phoenix Memo

Where is the footage from these cameras?

How do we engage young adults in election reform?

TONIGHT: Palo Alto City Council Considers Voter Confidence Resolution

MCM Debates Ed Rollins on Stolen Elections:

Would you pay $97 to vote?

Are we ready for ROVE's Nov. Election Surprises?

x-post/ Cafferty wants to know if e-voting machines should be outlawed

A call to action... state your case, present the facts... inspire...

federal disenfranchisement bill HR 4844 on the way ?

As Ballot Tally Starts, Montgomery Interrogated

Being a Californian in Texas, I sought to bridge the two states...with...

CBC: Canadians killed at much higher rate than NATO allies: report

False RCMP information 'very likely' led to Arar deportation, inquiry conc

More dead in Afghanistan

Fidel Castro fades out. Tropical Taliban next? (Reuters)

Pakistan printing fake Indian currency

Canadian troops targeted by bomber: NATO says four of its soldiers killed

U.S. forces in Iraq hand over army unit

Deadly attacks in Baqouba

Somali leader survives bomb blast

Iraq, Mideast top Bush's U.N. agenda (goal of spreading democracy)

Four NATO troops killed by suicide blast in crowd of Afghan children

Arm Against 'Katricians,' Gun Dealers Tell Houston

UK bomb plot suspect refuses to give trial evidence

A Show That Trumpeted History but Led to Confusion (ABC's Path to 9/11)

GOP talk of vibrant economy rings hollow

Pasadena Church May Fight IRS Summons

Bush to head to U.N. with host of issues

Go easy on gun-slinging soldiers: PM (Howard - Australia)

"Multiple" NATO casualties in Afghan suicide blast

Car bomb kills 13 people in Iraq's Ramadi-police

Chirac urges no sanctions on Iran

As Senator Falters, a Democrat Rises in Virginia -cowboy vs combat boots

Protests lead to closure of Web site on village burnt by Nazis

State of emergency declared in Kirkuk after string of explosions

At least 11 killed in assassination attempt on Somali president

Al Qaeda threat over pope speech

New rule on spying goes to Congress

Iran says Pope's speech "in line with" U.S. policy

Rumsfeld adviser resigns as Pentagon shake-up looms

Mayors gather in Alaska to discuss global warming

Bomb kills 17 in market in Iraq's Tal Afar-police

Navy Told To Be Ready to Deploy to Blockade Iran by 10-1

Whistleblowers Ellsberg, Gun Call for Massive Leaks on Iran

Courant bureau chief paid by government

Al Gore To Follow Up 'Inconvenient Truth With 'Assault on Reason'

Services talk budget directly with OMB (Office of Management and Budget)

Iraq to retrain police to weed out militias

American al Qaeda Spotted in Pakistan

Police stop Willie Nelson's tour bus on I-10, find marijuana and mushrooms

Willie Nelson cited for drug possession

Clarett OKs 3 1/2-year prison term

The Pope must die, says Muslim

World's first female space tourist blasts into orbit (AFP)

Federal agents raid Islamic charity in suburban Detroit

Rise in Iraq violence kills more than 40

Durbin up in Senate, CSpan2, talking about the spinach contamination.

Intruder Causes Lockdown at Capitol

U.N. chief: Iraq in 'grave danger' of civil war

Pope's apology fails to stem Muslim anger

NYT: I.R.S. Eyes Religious Groups as More Enter Election Fray

Constitution keeps America thriving, Lynne Cheney tells students

Most Tribes in Anbar Agree to Unite Against Insurgents

Vatican Opens Part of Secret Archives (WWII related)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Edward King dies

Man crashes through barricade at Capitol

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 18

Shocked, Shocked! Willie Nelson busted for weed!

Home Sellers Bury Statues of St. Joseph

Warsaw To Get Statue Of Ex-President Reagan

U.S. contractor's wife held in Germany

Indiana Sues Swift Boater's New Attack Group

Canadians in Afghanistan face greater death threat than Americans in Iraq

Suicide blasts in Afghanistan kill 18, including four Canadians (AFP)

Critics contend school's play (The Laramie Project) is too vulgar

Prominent (progressive) NYC Minister Will Step Down (James A. Forbes, Jr.)

DA suggests Regola's (PA State Sen Repub) neighbor's death was 'crime'

White House Selects Cybersecurity Chief

Taliban: 500 Suicide Bombers Ready to Attack

Iraq, Afghanistan Medals of Honor slow in coming

Pope remarks worry Christians in Mideast

Bush Promotes 'Freedom Agenda'--- (to showcase his legacy at UN)

Jesse Jackon Blasts Ken Blackwell

LAT/AP: White House to Revise Terror Suspect Proposal

WP/Bloomberg: Negroponte: Supreme Ct. Ruling Has Curtailed Interrogations

Siblings reunited 65 years after being separated during Holocaust

Major State Union Switches To Lamont

Episcopal Mega Church In Gay Dispute Pays $1.2 Million To Leave

Santorum, in Tough Re-Election Fight, Slams (Literally) Newspaper

Judge rejects mercy plea in sentencing ex-Enron exec

(Bob) Ney resigns from 2 committee posts

Parents facing felony charges (Kidnap pregnant daughter)

Bush Says Learning to Read Can Help Stop Terror

Whitehouse opens big lead over Chafee in RI Senate race

Space station crew dons protective gear

Police mistakes led to US deporting Canadian-probe

Gonzales Defends Interrogation Methods

Al Qaeda vows jihad over Pope remarks

Shots fired at Oslo synagogue

Soooo...Originals or Remixes?

Trafficant 2008! Kick em in the CROTCH!

Tonight's Earworm!!!

Favourite city poll!

I killed it, and I'm glad

I drool!!!..............(lame copycat)

OK who's awake besides me

Willis Desperate to Distance Himself from GOP

Favorite city poll

it is pissing down with rain

Fun doesn't seem as fun as it once was

For My 7000th Post ...

Poll: Bit of a laugh poll, how many years more should my hat last? (pics)

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Bush Campaign Strategery

So, can I NEVER eat a Spinach Salad again?

Vote for Black Lightning!

Well, I Got My First Birthday Present!

so my glasses broke yesterday

Anyone else yawn through Family Guy last night.

Motorist Tried To Hide Crack Cocaine By Feeding It To Puppy

Rita Cosby has a voice for silent films.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Matcom News Update: Judge Drops Charges In Sex With Corpse Case

My football suggestion for the Redskins

OK who's awake beside me

Any EPL fans in here? What the hell is in the water at Fratton Park?

36 years ago at 6:22 this morning...

Studio 60 IS good!

Arab Vs. Crusaders Chess set

I'm going to see Robert F. Kennedy Jr.!

I am going to SERIOUSLY miss seeing and hearing Dilana.

Kitty cat pix page at Universal Radio.

Just to Let You know - my friend who fell off the wagon is doing good.

I enjoy Google News photo non sequiturs.

Sep 18 1970

Saturday I did lower body weights...

If you were an Alien

moments ... a thought.

Neighbor's cat killed our Parakeet.

How compatible is Apple with PC now?

I finally watched that movie: "Under the Tuscan Sun"

What's the latest on Willie Nelson getting busted?

On this day in 1970

First night of classes

Texas Toast!!!!

Have you ever gave an actor a second look,and changed your mind?

Ok... time to share a laugh

BIT OF A RANT: While I like the work of NanceGreggs, Bob Geiger,

Dark ones, light ones (Russian fantasy poll)

Need Laundry Help

so after a long time of searching for used cars...

Please help a hopelessly computer-illiterate goober.

I'm not usually one to believe in karma... but

Mini Bar Keys Unlock Diebold Voting Machines

If you can't lick 'em...lick their boots.

I sleep w/ the window open

I'm not usually one to believe in Dharma... but

Charges dropped in Wis. necrophilia case

Woman Bites 115 Pound Attacking Rottweiler

I won a ticket to see the Dixie Chicks at the taping of VH1's Storytellers

What should be done with mall farters?

Sep 18 1917


"Well, I've been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo...

Nobel Prize Trivia

The "call someone out thread"

I've got tons of money coming!

The REAL favourite city poll - London or Sydney Or Paris Or Berlin?

Welcome me back.

A little early, but a pretty fall picture

Coiffure-experienced DU'ers - I need some hair help!

What's the last dumb thing you did?

just saying Hi;;

Perhaps the only guy who can out-Blackmore Blackmore

William Shatner is...

Mickey Hargitay 1926-2006

Historians Say Black Lawn Jockey Has Been Misunderstood

Can you pass the 48 state test?

"Major League" is on cable. Even with profanity scrubbed out, I must watch

"What should be done with fall martyrs?"

Thinkers Anonymous

Cat lovers, please HELP! Nancy wants her cat back! Ideas needed...

I'll be in DC over Halloween - should I trick-or-treat the White House ??

September bacteria

I miss Bob Denver

I miss Denver.

Mama's got a juice box and Daddy never drinks a sprite..

They say 'a smart mouth is a lonely mouth'. What's a dumb mouth?

Are you experienced?

So this guy is sitting there smoking pot...

Black kitten in tree; dogs screambark. Film at 11.

Man Holds Record For Popping His Eyeballs Out Of Sockets


I miss Denver Pyle

Who would win in a fight John Denver or Bob Denver?

Watched the Wedding Crashers this weekend....

"...she was terrified you were coming on to her."

If my current writing project doesn't work, I'm blaming the pets...

I miss John Denver

Any expatriates living in Spain?

Waiting for the UPS guy sucks.

Monday, September 18. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Who is stronger: Flash Gordon, or Tarzan...

This would be funnier if it weren't so close to being true!

Oooog... my tummy hurts...

Kenny Loggins is the antichrist-- agree or disagree?

Terra Cotta Warrior eludes police

got my parrot back!!

Happy birthday wishes to....

FUN with FILL-INS: * lecturing on literacy is like...

Yesterday I passed a house strewn with Halloween junk

It's our thirteenth wedding anniversary today

My room refuses to let light in.

Ladies: How long does it take you to "freshen up" your hair?

What should matcom get the lovely Mrs.Matcom for her birthday?

When Jesus goes camping . . .

Wind-blown, post-gym.....CaliforniaPeggy!

Proof that girls are EVIL!!!!!!!

Any cancer survivors in the lounge?

I promised I'd let someone do something naughty for me today

Has CNN fired Nancy Grace for forcing that 21 yr old woman to kill herself

Gather round kiddies, it's Human Sexuality homework time again!

I promised I'd do something naughty today

Willie Nelson cited for drug possession

Ever know an individual who was really arrogant but you didn't know why?

I got laid at Jesus camp

Olbermann - Watch Tonight

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/18/06)

Pithy quote of the day: Perfectionism is just fear

More fall Pomme photos

What are you listening to to start out the week?

Where did reverend cheesehead go?

I am getting sick of these kittens.

What wierd things have you seen while driving your car?

Join Me in Eating Spinach!

Tomorrow: International Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

We Are Grandparents! Woo-Hoo!

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.

My internet keeps going down.

Make a guide to any entertainment item

Two flat tires in one day


By popular demand, I give you-- "WTF Am I doing moving to Utah?"

Willie Nelson Busted!

Neighborhood kid just tried to steal my son's bike from our front yard.

An open letter to the people I am stealing WIFI from:

We had some excitement around here

May I request the company of the beautiful and classy Naughty Girls of DU?

Who cares how the Eagles did - I kicked KitchenWitch's butt!!

My Spinach Soliloquy... Now, please post yours to air next week!

"If you don't have shallots, you can use red wine" - Emeril said that.

Sam Harris: ‘God’s Rottweiler’ (aka Pope Joey Ratz) Barks

Bush, religious right target churches (Christofascist Alert)

Christianity and the Constitution - C-span 2 (Christofascist Alert)

dominionists 'believe' only a few Bible translations

America's empathy deficiency

Sam Harris: ‘God’s Rottweiler’ Barks

Migrants fill Church pews in UK

Cults I Have Known, Part II

Cults I Have Known, Part I

Christofascist - A Definition

Weight debate casts shadow over London Fashion Week

Lost In The Fog euthanized.

(Boxing) Marvelous Marvin Haglar

Champion Lost in the Fog euthanized

The E.S.P.N. "College GameDay" Drinking Game

Okay Auburn Fans, no whining in December

Gotta wonder about this photo ...

Seeking an old posted link--US tsunami zones map...

A Kerry good time!

OT: You must watch this

Kerry's speech on faith at Pepperdine University (from KG blog)

This needs help!!!!

Any Californians here? What happened this morning?

From where I sit---A mixed take on the Gore hype

Senate Bill Includes Mandatory Port Worker Training sponsored by Kerry

Sorry if I missed this -- we're going to war with Iran in October?

too good not to share

Why is this young man

Two Years Ago.

Patricia Kennedy Lawford Dies at 82

Bush admits to Explosives used at the WTC on 9-11. See, Hear, and Read it.

Report: Official who told of gangs in military quits

Future Headline?

Something got me thinking

A Question of Protocol

2,684 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of Choice in Iraq

LAT op-ed: Five years after 9/11, American intelligence still stupid

Snow discusses torture for bushco

Arnold slurs 2 races, 3 natiionalities in 1 sentence, 2 weeks ago and it's

There's a United Nations, why not a United Religions?

very effective ad (vote vets)

Reagan's words condemn Bush: "I'm from the govt and I'm here to help"

Where Does The Bush Administration Stand On Dafur

Pope says his remarks were not his views

Walk-On Never To be Forgotten

Bush Iraq rebuilding is filled with cronyism and corruption...

Gas goes under $2/gallon in Missouri

FYI: Iraq Contracting: Leahy, Reid, Dorgan: 2pmEDT C-SPAN 3

peak oil debunker in huffpo

Please DU this poll---do you support US detainee system...


"Gut level value connection"... give me a break.

Don't get too excited about this Republican "rift" over torture&detainees

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Mon 9/18 - wiping feet

Brent Budowsky: George Washington, George III, George Bush

Harkin explains Republican economics. LOL

How long before this becomes a Repuke talking point?

lt 's All The Pope's Fault

Rumsfeld Unveils New Justification For Iraq War: High Gas Prices

How's the calling regarding torture legislation going?

Video: What If Halliburton's CEO Came Clean?

circular logic with the rightwing nutcase

I'm SO Proud of my Sister. (ABC Channel)

Congressman Conyers: Republican Cannibalism

For anyone interested in watching BBC news,

AP catapulting the propaganda "Iraq al-Qaida Says Pope, West Are doomed"

Where was that Air America bankruptcy that "Think Progress" promised?

Control of Senate up for grabs (Rasmussen)

Razor-thin Conserv Wins in US, Mexico, Sweden--Coincidences?

Chirac urges world powers not to refer Iran to security council

Vatican apologizes over holocaust

Right-Wing Media, Left-Wing Media, You can't make anybody happy anymore

Just Saw Article on the Jesus Camp - worships Bush' Picture?

Sen Chambliss-South Could Have Won Civil War If They'd Had Better Intell

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

This week 2 years ago - Democrats were RIGHT THEN and RIGHT TODAY.

Twilight Zone: w gets his way on torture laws. Then he gets to try it.

Mail from Baghdad

Whooo Hooooo!!!! No Springer. Sam Seder is on!

WHY Is Bush So Determined To Torture? BECAUSE HE CAN!

CDT Releases "Internet Watch List" of Legislation to be Stopped in 2006

almost 100,000 registered DUers - Hi to the newbies!

'Daily Voting News' For September 17, 2006 (Lots of Diebold news!)

"It's a Cruel Irony That Muslims React Violently"

KGO7 helicopter hovered half an hour on top of my house at 6am today

Death Squads Target the Iraqi Next Door

Russia Stops Shell Gas Project

"For women considering going into [the military]: Don't."

Where is the top10? did I miss something?

How long before Senators Graham and McCain betray their principles?

Is it a desecration of the flag to place it on the ground to be walked upo

David Corn on C-Span appx 7:45am

CSpan schedule for today - some good stuff here:

So what becomes of the torturer?

time travel back to 2001-2002 - Where has our movement gone?

War with Iran: For A Leader Like Bush, Is There Another Way?

Today in History - The Mukden Incident (1931)

Corpses Clogged Baghdad's Sewer Plant

Bush doesn't want to torture, he just wants us talking terror, not Iraq

Asking all nurses out there?

Republicans Gone Wild!

Dems Chastised Whe Gas Prices Rose; Now Chastised When Gas Prices Drop

I haven't posted these in a while. Seems appropriate to do so again.

Our Troops In Danger - When Sectarian Violence Focuses on Them...

Ohio Senate: Brown up by six-points over Dewine

Canadians killed while assuring Afghans about safety

Iran says Pope’s speech ‘in line with’ US policy

Our Gas prices Dropped to 1.999 Overnite - KC

Former R House member blasting lack of oversight on CSPAN1 now

Santorum: Whine and Cheese

Year ago, calling the Bush cabal Nazis elicited flame wars even here

Rhode Island Senate: Whitehouse (D) 51%; Chafee (R) 43%

Stars & Stripes letter: Face it, it's about oil

Saddam's latest defense: US used chemical weapons in Vietnam

Great LTTE (re: negative ads by repukes)

A year ago, calling the Bush cabal Nazis elicited flame wars even here

Is it a small sign of hope that Bush actually wants "permission"

Good News - the Little 4 Year Old co-joined Twins Went Home

C-Span to air Ann Richards memorial

Swiftboaters Sued

Is there anything in life which you

FYI: GORE Speech to be WEBCAST today 12:30pm

Listen Live to Ann Richards Memorial Service: LINK HERE

Poll: Democrat Leads Minn. Senate Race

Pelosi and Bi-Partisan : Now is the Time to act on Genocide in Darfur

From Rep. Jack Murtha:

Sigh.....ABC ranking on TIVO

Green Party anti-Casey protest in Philly...


Damn! Allen called on his "macaca" moment.

Hancock (Maine) residents rally for hate crime victim

Democrats five points on Geneva Convention

I missed the Macaca "football" thing.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall...............

RI Senate: Whitehouse opens 8-point lead over Chafee

Got an interesting email from my "religious right" dad this morn.

I finally watched that movie: "Under the Tuscan Sun"

***Official Webb-Allen Debate*** on Cspan2, *Live* Monday, 9-18

If democrats and the rest of the country knows that vote fraud

Documentary will not show Coulter saying she admires Sen. Joe McCarthy

DU this Poll - Ehrlich (R) versus O'Malley (D) for Gov of Maryland

Will Roger Waters feel The Dixie Chicks backlash?

*: "You can't realize the blessings of liberty if you can't read a ballot"

crazy woman on c-span2

Looks like Bruce Willis has stuck his finger in the wind

Anyone watching Sen. Macaca-Webb debate on CSPAN2?

The Hidden Draft in Our Schools - A Case Study: Klein High

Live coverage of Ann Richards service CSpan 1 n/t

I come from a Softball family and I love Lesbians.

Here comes the preemptive strike against the first amendment.

Congress isn't acting like a separate branch of our Gov't.

"I will hate Americans for the rest of my life"

CBS Denies Maher's Statement regarding 'Free Speech' guidelines

If "I'm from a football family" can be Allen's excuse for everything

Lieberman's New Entitlement: The Handicapped Can Fend for Themselves.

"They're able to get the Presidential Seal on Paper Towels, but...

My Rovish Plan

*VOTE* on the outrageous quote of the week (Newshounds)

Cheer up your entire life! Hear: Mike Papantonio on Malloy

Will torture-boy Junior get what he wants?

GOP Phony Earmarks Reform! Jack Calls House App. Comm. "FAVOR FACTORY"!

Parents Kidnap Daughter to Force Abortion

Is There A Chance That Bush Will Be Heckled Off UN Speaker's Platform??

Caption * and Pickles...

I'm Sorry, But -- there are only Two Possibilities WRT Sy Hersh.

Halliburton to Wounded Employee: You'll Get a Medal -- If You Don't Sue

Stand up for the America We Believe In ACTION >>

This has prob. been beating to death but is Air America going under and

Why torture? Why can’t we just use DRUGS to interrogate people?

Amazing Confession By PR Intern Working In Iraq

WTF!?!? C-Span cuts away from Jim Webb's closing comments.

The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh?

Coiffure-experienced DU'ers - I need some hair help!

The back and forth with the Pope and Muslims....

Randi on in St. Louis on 1190 KRFT!!! NOW!

Durbin on cpan Senate hearings on Haliburton in Irag, etc.

PT911 screenwriter tries to defend himself.

Today on "Fresh Air," interviews about the "Christian Zionist movement"

New nickname for Shrub, courtesy of Al Gore

Path to 9/11 Writer Slams Critics, Defends Movie As Totally Accurate

IRS watches churches in mid-term campaign

Businesses Adapt to Airport Restrictions

Halliburton to Wounded Employee: You'll Get a Medal -- If You Don't Sue

Allen Rationalizes Questionably Racist Decisions With Questionable Logic

I still say Rev Dan sounds like Hank Hill on a Southern Babtist trip.. n/m

Rev. Dan is on Randi again.

Do we have to have the Jesus camp money here that bad?

MSNBC: Lower gas prices have no correlation to November elections

Things are happening in Kansas

What would happen if Americans hacked the machines on Election day

Rise in Iraq violence kills more than 40

Visit the *Best* 2006 Election site on the Net.

On Optimism and Victory

so who the hell are 65%.....

Will w have Iran's pres. Ahmadinejad arrested at the UN tomorrow?

Dear Americans, we feel your pain...will never forget you. Love, Talibani

Email American Airlines and let them know you support them (re: ABC)

I'm flying tomorrow. Are I-Pods Ok to take on-board?

Why are Netvocates coming here and starting anti-AirAmerica threads?

"Give Him Another Week" - Conn. Editorial rips Lieberman

President of Iraq: "America and Iraq are now siblings in the world"

October Suprise: War with Iran....

That DEADLY Bird Flu Bush warned us about may not be all that deadly

Navy Told To Be Ready to Deploy to Blockade Iran by 10-1

Sheryl Crow makes an ad for Claire McCaskill!

have you all been keeping up with the johnny gosch case? question

What time will * Bush be speaking tomorrow? C-SPAN?

See George....See George bounce!!!!!

Anybody watching C-Span2 - Reid and Durbin are giving a show

Caption this * pic

Anyone have a count on which seats we're likely to win?

Since Wed. 200 found tortured to death in Baghdad. What do you call that?

Annan: Iraq on the brink of full scale civil war

"Tightening races boost state GOP's confidence"

MSNBC: Talking about torture

Did Victim's Photo Prejudice a Jury? (liberal-leaning 9th Circuit,)

Mama's got a juice box and Daddy never drinks a sprite..

Path to 9/11 Writer Slams Critics, Defends Movie As Totally Accurate

Temper, Temper: A Few Of Santorum's Greatest Tantrums

John Fund endorses torture. These are lost souls.

"My sin was accurately depicting Bill Clinton's record on terrorism"

Ann Richards Memorial on CSPAN in the West nt

The definition of Torture has changed? WTF!

Could this be a cure for terrorism?

Are they going to spy on the Bible Belt Madrassahs?

"Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006":

Al Gore: Belief that oil is a "free market" is a serious delusion....

Time: This is how US will attack Iran

Where does Obama say "Democrats need to be tougher on natl security"?

At literacy conference, Bush says "goals of (US) is to enhance prosperity"

MSNBC: Which well-known Conservative is calling for Impeachment?

President Gore speech official thread

make sure to Watch Keith Olberman tonight

Neil Young: Living With War - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > VIDEO

"Learning to read is part of the war on terra."

Weird, navel-gazing stuff

Bush rules out meeting with Ahmadinejad

Durbin up in Senate, CSpan2, talking about the spinach contamination.

What kind of interview was that? (Laura Bush on Today Show)

Both GOP responses to Hamdan are threats to habeas corpus rights

Why didn't oil prices plummet around the 2004 election?

I'm pinch hitting for Randi.

Cafferty file question ALERT! "Should e-voting machines be outlawed?"

UK Expert: AugustTerror Plot=FICTION=Part Of Pattern Of Lies & Deceit

my elderly mom sat on a bus for 2 hours 'cause SH*THEAD's in town!

Answer Jack Cafferty's Question: Should Electronic Voting Machines Be Outl

Indiana AG files lawsuit against Swiftboaters

How do you react to the word "Sheeple?"

Everyone should pay taxes.. No entity should be exempt..

Do you believe that people participating at DU are superior to others?

Don't talk during the movie .... or Ann Richards will take your ass out!

Poll to DU: Religion out of government?

AIDS no longer killing all patients, study finds

Would the Pope be in such a fix if not for Bush?

Geez, it must be something in the water!

Panda outtakes on NBC

Jim Lehrer news Hour doing good segment on the Pope's comments now

Does the rest of the world see us as the new Nazis?

When you should give a minority no special consideration or respect

BUSH: Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over

Karen Hughes and Bush look alike. On Tweety right now she is talking, an

Anyone watching Dobbs?

Join Me in Eating Spinach!

abc evening news--segment on pope comments now.

John Fund, On "Hardball," Admits Terror Suspects Tortured In Secret Prison

GOP Senator Burns flies first class sticks wife in coach.

TONIGHT...Another SPECIAL COMMENTARY from Olbermann on Countdown!

PHOTO: Bush. Talking about literacy. Today. Literacy. Hahahahaha

I'm worried about Riverbend

PEACEJAM Wraps Up In Denver... Tutu "In Awe" of kids

Is this a good way to "get back" at my only freeper friend?

CBS Lara Logan: There are no "good news story" in Iraq

Hotel minibar keys open Diebold voting machines (Dailykos)

Fineman on Hardball: Bush benefits from world divisions

terrorists really can't mix chemicals together on board an airplane

Isn't She 'Sweet'? Ma Barker Bush Watching Her georgie Try to Speak!

The system is blinking RED! Now is the time...

CNBC "Make Money Guys" saying Ethanol Dead...Oil & Gas will go way Down

From the mouth of a redneck right winger / Ann Richards

WTF? Did birds mistake him for a statue?

Instead of Air America, I'm listening to Peter B Collins

Stephanie Miller on Hannity and Colmes

Big Brother: I'm Talking To YOU!

Now the military is coming out against Chimpy?

A Mouse Tale

Someone posted the funniest thing in GD.

Our Gas just Dropped Again.

Does anyone have a good website for predicting control of

The last major power that endorsed preemptive war and torture

Does bush not have a conscience like normal people?

Halliburton to Wounded Employee: You'll Get a Medal -- If You Don't Sue

You fight the fight that

United for Peace and Justice: We Won! We're Marching!

Bush's Political Prisoners

Judges pressed for answers

Today's Candorville toon: Darrin Bell goes nuclear on ABC

WP editorial: Majority Leader Boehner owes Democrats an apology

We just won’t call it civil war

Because I am feeling militant and unrepentant this morning,

Reminder: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premieres tonight at 10 EDT

I am convinced AAR has a death wish

really amazing how very little is being said about Dafur

MSNBC Reporters Caught in Firefight at Baghdad Morgue

No, my dear. To remind you.

Leaders Call for Truman-Style Commission to Probe Iraq Contract Abuse

For those who've been calling for Impeachment since the DSM

Cafferty wants to know if voting e-machines should be outlawed

Torture and Death

White House soiree: Boortz, Hannity, Gallagher, Medved and Ingraham were r

Republicans call for Bush impeachment

Tax and spend Democrats.

Who Controls democracy! Your loss if you miss this.

Anybody got that pic of the frog in the veggie bag from yesterday?

NYT: How, and why, ABC spent $30 million on "The Path to 9/11"

Toons for Today

I know why AAR is "failing".

King of Pain - By Paul Krugman

Things could get ugly in November.

Repub quotes about Bosnia

Emergency. Take Action!

People outside of Virginia might not be too aware of this

WTF we doing with all the bodies?

It's time to stop college legacy admissions

Suskind: Bushist Lies Aid and Comfort the Purported Enemy

Geneva Conventions - a quick reference guide to what they'll throw away...

The Senate Can Stop Torture - Friends Committee on National Legislation

The Pope must die, says Muslim

'Shameful' silence on Guantanamo medical care

I wonder how it will go at the UN when bush gives his torture speech?

Bush's "Heads Up" to Fred Barnes...Repugs Win/ Gas will be LOW in Nov.!

Orders Read: "Be ready to move by Oct 1"

Iraq contractor's wife Jacqueline Battles arrested for money laundering

The Pinning Ceremony was Awesome

‘We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now...'

Don't Get Sucked into this "Religious War"

Bob Casey Tries To Close "God Gap." Dems Should Pay Attention

Are you, as an individual, superior to most other US citizens?

Iran oil bourse launch underway

Had it out with a Republican today! Big time!!

How to make "No blood for oil" get people's attention again:

9 Former Judges Plead With Congress-DON'T Indiscriminately Imprison People

How much are you paying for gas where you live?

I just watched "Fahrenheit 911" again...

CSPAN-3 ALERT: Oversight Hearing on Iraq Contractor Abuses

What letter writers are telling Stars & Stripes

The DLC lost its tax exempt status.

Navy told: Prepare to blockade Iran by Oct 1

The Pope and the gangsta rappers.

Hotel mini-bar key opens Diebold voting machines.

Steve Irwins Death Will Help Save Stingrays( & Reefs!) in the Caymans:

Jesus Camp= Holy Crap

Oh no! Willie's been busted

The issue is LAWBREAKING not LAWCHANGING. Dems, Congress, anyone.........?

Ex-UK Intel Officer Wylde: "Liquid Bombs a Fiction, Plot--lies and deceit"

Congress Considering Strip Searching Students: Safety Act (HR 5295)

If you are too weak willed to give up all your favorite ABC shows


Jack Cafferty read my email on the air - re: Electronic Voting

Neo-Nazis gaining ground in Germany

Bush & People At The Top Are Frightened To Death! BOB HERBERT

He's Going To Disgrace Us Again Tomorrow, You Know He's Going To Do It

Maurice Clarett (Former OSU RB) gets 7.5 yr sentence (LaFave gets off?)

Question for women. At 14, could you be attracted to a 23 year old man?

New Sibel Edmonds movie!

LTTE printed!

America's Debate on Torture

BIT OF A RANT: While I like the work of NanceGreggs, Bob Geiger,

Is This Crap Legal? (Value Voters)

"Klatuu barada nickto." It's time for an end to the nation-state.

Feingold? Boxer? Certainly not McCain.

Mike Malloy posted on his AAR blog!

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) hard at work (must-see pic)

On Poverty: I Have A Somalian Friend ...

Please send good thoughts our way.

Peace and Love in the Quran

Why I Hate America (Mickey Z.)

Rachel Maddow on the motivations behind torture.

I say if a 73 year old man wants to smoke pot, then God Damn it, let him!

Would you pay $97 to vote?

My opinion on Ratzinger sticking his foot in his mouth.

Keith Olbermann - TONIGHT: Bush Owes Country An Apology

Gore Calls For Freeze on C02 Emissions & Elimination of Payroll TAXES !!!

Yesterday, I Bought a Gun.

Head-in-the-Sand Liberals by Sam Harris

Turn your eyes to Pakistan...

The Pope should not have apologized

This Modern World: Circular logic featuring the right-wing nut case

For red-meat crowd at Harkin's Iowa steak fry, Obama's '08 choice clear

Washington Journal thread more dems that had to become R's

Bush at UN -- this could be big

Webb VS. Allen live debate at 1:00pm on C-SPAN

What they didn’t know was that in fact they were stopping nuclear war

On MTP Russert asked Allen FOUR times if he would serve out his term.

Cspan Now, Center for American Progress panel on Congressional Oversight

Fake Patriots With Fake Fear

Senate doable... only 3 states in toss-up category

Swift boating in Indiana

Rasmussen polling dems leading in three key states - senate races

A "Last-Minute" Mid-Term GOTV Strategy That Works

Poll indicates Braley(D) leads Whalen(R) in Iowa 1st District

Please read...really good stuff...

Is there a good Blue/Red/Leaning-type GRAPHIC for November out there?

Sidney Blumenthal on How Bush Rules: Torture and Unfettered Power

If the Senate is tied, how do the leadership positions work?

American Inquisition, Redux

MN-Senate: Klobuchar with HUGE lead over Kennedy...

AFSCME Drops Lieberman, Citing Movement Toward Bush Policies

State sues over swiftboating phone calls

Numbers for Red State Voters That Never Think For Themselves.

Message sent to U.S. Navy: "Prepare to deploy, be ready to move by Oct. 1"

Rothenberg:"[not] an anti incumbent election, it's an anti Bush election"

MSNBC: Bush plans to spend "much of the next 7 weeks" campaigning for GOP

What are you doing Oct. 5, 2006?

Another Soldier Missing or captured?

G. Felix Allen denies he ever heard 'macaca' from his mother

Stephanie Miller Kicked Butt On Hannity & Combs!

Down for the count - report on voting machine problems from NOW:

Rudy's black cloud - WTC health risks may hurt Prez bid

ITS THE GOP PARTY::: don't let them talk about individual Races

C-Span2: Reid and Durbin ripping republicans apart!!!

Weekly Standard's Kristol say Dems in Trap if they don't support Torture!

Open Letter to Joe Scarborough...

Anti-choice group howls about Democrats' abortion legislation proposals

Chambliss: better intelligence South would have won US Civil War

The New Face Of Jim Crow - Voter Supression In America

I just had a great new Idea for "Re-faming the left/right Debate"

Gas Price Signs - free GOP campaign ads from the oil industry

Santorum to debate the Green Party candidate he financed

Why don't you mentor a child how to read? Bush discusses global literacy

Writer of 'Path to 9/11' Movie Hits Back at Media Coverage

"Death of a President" wins Prize of the Int'l Critics, Toronto Film Fest

Allen Rationalizes Questionably Racist Decisions With Questionable Logic

Allen vs. Webb - a different comparison of the two candidates

Anybody know how Chris Murphy is doing in CT?

Karl Rove's Juggernaut

DLC loses tax exempt status

Pardon Bush for breaking the law? Please sign this petition!

Will Wes Clark be coming to Virginia to help Webb/Kellam?

A good idea from Truemajority - I am passing it along.

2.7% pay raise for military personnel - Maybe!

Hear we go again Tweety and bunch making a ...

Here is an old rant to one of my Rethug friends,

I feel better. Tucker says we should ignore macaca and vote against ......

Scrapbooking W's legacy

Maybe this is what Al From was Discussing with Bloomberg...?

W and the citizens he has screwed

Photo: New Bush facial expression...John Wayne meets John Wayne Gacy

Secret prisons, torture, indefinite detainment.

Protests target Hungary state TV - want PM resign b/c of lies

Wow! 2 GOP OH state senate races in trouble

My afternoon with a legend

Any chance we are in the Rove frame right now?

Conversation with a possible freeper?

Attorney General Sues Group (Swift Liars) Making Automated Phone Calls

George Bush is a Coward

Pop Test :) --- Which shoes are the Dem. and which are the Repugs

One Advertisement Would Destroy The Republicans

Zogby "Republican Candidates Trail Democrats by Just 3%"

Is there a possibility we can take the Senate? How are the races going?

Ethanol a scam?

After years of watching "October Surprises" Dems have Trick Up Own Sleeve!

I'm listening to Sean Hannity's radio show and he's ON FIRE!

Bush, GOP Congress Ripped by… Joe Scarborough?

Keith Olbermann is rockin' my world again tonight!

Rock star Shery Crow says "a change will do you good."

Meet the Next President::

MONTANA Senate Race goes from "Toss up" to "Leans Dem" - Rasmussen

How would your POLITICS change if ...

Why do so many DUers feel the need to argue with each other?

So did Jonathan Tasini endorse Senator Clinton...

Bob Casey Tries To Close "God Gap." Dems Should Pay Attention

MIHOP, LIHOP and maybe.... MIHBE

Did ya watch? WEBB VS MACACA debate? WOW!

This is the third time...

What issue is most important to you, personally?

Ret. General Sam Gardiner: We are already in IRAN, WHAT!!!,

Why I won't vote this year, and why it may be bad for Dems to win.

Webb getting criticized on Hardball over remark about women

Photo: Teacher who stopped shaving after 9/11 "until Osama is caught"

Soros to Dems: Win the House. Then subpoena Bush for misdeeds.

New Rasmussen Polls for MT, RI and OH

Rahm Emanuel, Pitbull politician

GOP money pouring into Florida to defeat Democrat Jim Davis as governor

FLASHBACK: When Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict) endorsed Bush in 2004

Felix In A Huff - Asked If He Has Lied About His Mother's Heritage

Why doesn’t anyone mention the UN Convention against Torture??

Gore calls for elimination of payroll taxes, CO2 freeze

Seriously, Folks. Has Anyone Thought About "Plan B?"