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Archives: September 19, 2006

Head-in-the-Sand Liberals (Harris -famous atheist-backs Bush war on Islam)

ANN RICHARDS...In Her Own Words

Bush's brain found lacking

The GOP's tortured logic (Flip-Flop?)

Judge, Jury, and Torturer

The GOP Will Hang on (and control both houses of Congress after 11/06)

Soldiers versus Bush (Bos Globe says reject both Bush&McCain torture/hold

Bush's Way or the Highway

Big Brother is Shouting at You (UK)

The ongoing failure of imagination - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

no increase in Average hourly income after inflation since 11/01 - but

Fannie Mae could be hit hard by housing bust:Mort giant could lose $29 bil

Why are there duplicate posts on the St. Joe's statute moved here?

Housing Slump in U.S. May Lead to First Drop Since Depression

The denial industry

Kidnap of soldiers in July was Hezbollah's fifth attempt

I heard something about George Bush admitting to explosions at

Wow, did all of you already know all this about Bush Sr.?

What if Cheney confesses to doing 9/11? ...

Taking to the streets on 9/11

HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America

Liberals topple Lord's Tories: CBC projects

New Government of Canada Fired

Maclean's using access laws to pry data from universities

U.S. uploads anti-drug videos to YouTube

Memorial Service for Ann Richards on C-Span now.

Swedes Veer Right to Recast Welfare State.

Senate aide: White House changing its CIA interrogation bill

De Menezes police shooting hearing to reopen

WP: Few Black Churches Get Funds (Bush's Faith-Based Initiative)

WP: Probe: Canada Gave U.S. Misleading Data (Rendition Syria)

Lawsuit: Poverty keeps woman jailed (GA)

"Hotel Minibar" Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines

Japan's Abe, Poised to Lead, Offers Nation Vision of Pride

AP: Ohio Republicans Go After Defectors

Malpractice cap hasn't lowered premiums (SC)

Antiwar Critics Spare a Senator in a Close Race

E. Coli Outbreak Came After Warning (Producers Warned 04 & 05)

Extreme Poverty Up in Poorest Nations

Web video game aim: 'Kill' Bush characters

Iran and Venezuela plan Syrian refinery

CNN/AP: Thousands pay respects to 'force of nature' Ann Richards

Poll: NY Dems could win all top posts (Siena College Poll)

WP: Surge in Anti-Muslim Incidents Reported (VA, MD, D.C. Top 10)

Leaders Strengthen Alliance Against U.S.

Liberal evangelicals begin campaign

AP: (Conrad) Burns on Vonage Plane After Pushing Bill

Gore says tax pollution, not payrolls

Chinese, US navy to hold joint military drills

Time to Move the Mississippi, Experts Say

Riots rock Budapest after PM's taped admission

Canadians Fault U.S. for Its Role in Torture Case

PM rejects calls to keep registry(Canada)

Mercury Contamination Moves Beyond Fish (Every Link of Food Chain)

Labour admits: we made mistakes on Afghanistan

Senator says media study suppressed

Git ur handwriting analyzed here!

Icon War! Funniest Flash Site I have seen in a while!

My "inner teenager" is drooling...

just because i thought i shouldn't be sea-sick alone...

Which teasing incident hurt you most as a child?

Three YouTube videos you'll like...


Who should you be doing?

Post your favorite screensaver here!

Wargasm, ain't that the truth

Are we (humans) Cro-Magnons?

What Is The Root of all Evil?

Check in if you feel alone tonight?

What should you be doing?

Halloween compulsiveness

Miss Sophie wants to say something ...

I miss Denver Pyle

Anyone know why the Mariah Carey concert was cancelled in Denver tonight?

If Rush says one word about Willie's possession ticket

Good night, y'all.

Fill in the blank: "One time at Jesus Camp, I _______ with my ____.

Firefox users help!

True Friendship, cept none of that sissy crap thank you...

Don't forget Big Dog on Daily Show tonight....

Nine Olbermann threads on the "Greatest" page.

Daily Show! Now!

Letterman just let a zinger fly

So, my bro isn't dead. He's just missing by choice.

A Tribute To GoPsUx

How you can tell it's vacation time at my house.....

Do you think Paula Deen is in "perfect" physical health?

Rush's Answering Machine Message

If someone forced you to change your DU username...

I just got back from a hockey game! Ask me anything!

First penis transplant patient hated it

I need to rant. Family stuff.

Went to an air guitar contest and an air hockey game broke out

Hey you--have higher standards for yourself

Went to a fight, and a hockey game broke out - ask me anything

Why are textbooks so damn expensive?

I must be turning into a wimp. Left at 5:30 this morning, got home about

This will not be an interesting thread...

I love those Liberty Mutual commercials...

It is a deep, abiding hunger.

I miss Gomer Pyle....

Just bought a new car.....bought the extended warranty....

The Year Is 2106 - You Turn 18 Today - What Does YOUR World Look Like?

Will the Sooners ever shut up?!?

Being hormonal sucks.

Your fav handsome leading men...

Percy Faith: Theme From A Summer Place

And another thing...WTF is the deal with Fruit Flies? Why now?

Bill O'Reilly's new book cover

JIMI HENDRIX: November 27th, 1942- September 18th 1970

So.... WritingismyReligion and TheFriendlyAnarchist....

Yay! It's New Movie Monday on Lifetime!

What kind of MP3 player should I get, it must be Windows compatable

Lawn Jockey, Garden Gnome or Pink Flamingo?

***KitchenWitch Update***

Ok, who's fucking PSYCHED for season 3 of 'Drawn Together'?

Dog/cat question

Thanks, GAP - because of you, Audrey Hepburn is spinning in her grave

So who watched Studio 60? (possible spoilers)

Brace yourselves....

Everybody ready for Martin Scorsese directs Jack Nicholson?

DU Group Proposal, Round 3: Motorcycles & Scooters

Steven Soderbergh give some of us a new German word (maybe: I haven't

My brother had to put his cat down today.

I love you

What I Want for Xmas: A Tickle-Me-Rabrrrrrr Doll!!!

Favorite Wrestler....

did anybody else download the new version of itunes?

I am so tired of mushy, grainy apples!

Favorite, but OBSCURE Comedy Movies!

How about Favorite, but OBSCURE Gangster Movies?

Anyone up for a couple's pic thread?

Bookstore Adventure (Dialup Warning! 20 Pics!)

Here is a question for you guys...

Matthew Shepard would be 30 this year

Mets Beat Marlins 4-0 to Clinch First NL East Title in 18 Years

Let's do another PREDICTION thread!

Clinton--"I am sick of Karl Rove's bullshit", disses K campaingn

Democrats Vs. Wal-Mart

Welcome Back Kerry

FEMA Camp Footage (Concentrations Camps in USA)

McCain/Bush compromise would be "Bipartisanship"

allen web on cspan - is there an open thread?

How to Hit Diebold's Achilles Heel

Some Of You May Know Me, Others May Not...

It's clear that the Pope's comments were taken out of context

Sunni & Shia seeking security & peace in Kurdistan.

My email to the Today Show , please add your thoughts before I send

The Independent frontpage on Gaza (graphic warning)

Tickets for Gore...

Slaughtering Alligators for a Wild Goose Chase (Trenton Duckett case)

Now that was real smart

Tonight on PBS in my area... Frontline: Struggle between Cheney & Tenet

(TOON) You may not get it, but here's the latest Steve Bell

Bill Maher will be a guest on Scarborough Country

*** Official Olberman Thread *** ON NOW!

Apology not Accepted. Only Justice Accepted.

Senate races looking better for Dems, and 19% "strongly approve" of shrub.

Here is a question for you guys...

Memorial Service for Ann Richards on C-Span now.

Singer Sheryl Crow supports a Democrat...

Could Someone Give Me A Refresher On Scholastic & PT-911?

MSNBC: Bill Maher is on Scarborough

GOP attacking Rosie O and trying to link her to dems????

Clinton on Rove: "I am sick of Karl Rove's bullshit" (New Yorker)

If we had our own 500 suicide bombers willing to die for consumerism -

Children worshiping Bush

Iran's UN ambassador: Ahmadinejad will hold 'major newsconference' in NYC

"We will teach our twisted the young believers..."

The 13 Most Corrupt Members Of Congress

Has anyone read the Time article on Iran?

Wow Willie got busted with a lb of pot and hallucigentic mushrooms

Will Colin Powell respond to Busholini's Smackdown?

Not On My Ride

Nobody can screw things up as bad as the IRS.

Don't forget... A special guest on TDS tonight!

I heard something about George Bush admitting to explosions at

Check out the homepage of AAR right now.

Greg Palast coming up to talk with Werbe (Guest hosting for Malloy)

"welcome to jesusland"

Canadian police errors led to man's torture -probe

Retired Col. Sam Gardiner: US in Iran right now!

Message from Sheryl Crow: Support McCaskill Campaign (MO)

Bill Clinton on Daily Show reminder. n/t

Anybody watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip right now?

FBI "monitoring" spinach situation as precaution for tampering

Hotel ownership in usa is being taken over by foreign nationals

Was the big dog on the daily show tonight

Hey, this is what the military is distributing:

Tom Selleck to replace Charlton Heston at NRA

Montana: Dem Jon Tester leading incumbent Repug Sen. Burns 52% to 43%

EXCLUSIVE... Army Investigation into Sexual Harassment Charges by Speciali

Here's what got da PaPa in deep CaCa

Lawyers go to court for Gitmo detainee

Howard Govt. Official Reads Muslims "Riot Act"

Which is more evil, Islam or the Pope?

that Robin Williams/Cowbell Walken guy-running-for-president movie


Head On Radio Monday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Mullah Omar?

Military tribunals alert from CCR.

Navy Told to Block Iran with Submarines (Raw Story)

Anyone else having trouble seeing profiles?

Now *HERE* is a story begging for a movie... think ABC will take it up?

Missouri Voices on Jim Talent: McCaskill's Campaign Videos!

George Allen's web site is touting his upcoming "Hoe-Down"

I Bought Framed Pictures of Clinton and George W.

More proof of "Pro-Life" hypocrisy: blood money and career moves

KO Repeat beginning now

Just saw Amy & David Goodman live in Atlanta. Wow!!

I don't ever recall seeing Obama quite like this!

Is Big DAWG Bill Really Going To Be Doing The Laura Bush

I have uncovered a Rovian Mind Control item...

Daily show starting - Big Dog will be on

Tonight's Daily Show is a 'must see' - replay at 12am CST

What Do Our Soldiers Think?

Studio 60 on NBC is worth a watch for those in MDT & PDT

(VIDEO) Extra! Extra! Get your Olbermann commentary right here!

Is this what Gore meant when he mentioned "our national dipstick" today?

New (?) ABC directTV channel - 114 ABC fall preview channel - BLOCK IT

WSJ op-ed: "The Path to Hysteria" by "Path to 9/11" writer Cyrus Nowrasteh

HELP DUers! I reaal really need a karaoke version of Ball of Confusion

Have you ever noticed this coincidence?

I Will Call Him * No More.

Ret Colonel: We are Conducting Military Ops in IRAN Right Now

The denial industry

Congressmen vrs Cops, now this is really funny to me

British Army expert casts doubt on 'liquid explosives' threat, Al Qaeda...

Keith Olbermann: "Bush owes us an apology" (Transcript)

What say you to these few sentences?

LOL Jon Stewart giving it to Novakula

Wargasm, ain't that the truth

U.S. resorting to collective punishment in Iraq

Advice from a Political Operative

Record Number of Marijuana Arrests in 2005

Article 3: Read it, know it, quote it, It's not vague, it's not long.

Illegal immigrants frequently denied compensation

Whoa! Is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce supposed to be politicking?

I urge you all to vote for the Bush administration

Republican congressman (King) on TERRORIST THREAT LIST in the 80's!

I need your help DU to stop Predatory Lenders hitting military families

Fire Up Your Email For Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann's commentary now posted...

Just watched Mr Conservative: Goldwater on HBO

The Liquid Terror Plot: a "fiction"

Maggie, The Poet Prostitute

Video: President Bill Clinton on The Daily Show on YouTube NOW!

I think KO's been given notice.

Is it just me, or is NPR all Bush all of the time now?

An update. My employee's Marine son, hit by an IED 9 days ago.

Clinton on with Jon Stewart NOW: 11:18 pm... n/t

Clinton: "I am sick of Karl Rove's bullshit."

OK This "Gays in the military" segment on the DS is hilarious

Got E.Coli? "Outbreak" Has Nothing To Do With Spinach

Is Gore's speech on line anywhere (video/audio?)

From The "Moran's" Family Album...

Kerry, sharpton, Gephardt, Graham, Edwards, Dean, Kucinich, Braun, Joement

Jim Wallis is a great american and a great Christian Leader

I Thought Clinton Was Supposed To Be On The Daily SHow?

OMG!! i hope and pray Allen is the republican nominee

Allen: Oh, it's just made up.Russert: Made-up word?Allen: Just made up.

For the record... Clinton:

AOL Poll - Which Party will Bush Help More In Midterm Elections?

Help! Looking for information on Clinton's meeting with bloggers...

For McCain, Impasse on Detainees Has Risks

What about Oprah in 2008?

Weird telephone poll I got earlier

Photo: "The Decider" is now "The Muslim Anger Soother."

Antiwar Critics Spare a Senator in a Close Race

I'd like to see a lot more of this from Obama!

How the Republicans could TAKE 2006 -- FOR REAL

Wes Clark joins UCLA

Don’t Feed the Beasts!

WP: Allen's "Strange" Reaction to a Question about His Mother

Ann Richards will take your ass out!

So Willy has been busted...

Lieberman says wrong for left to impugn motives of all who support *

SO, did President Gore just open his run for '08?


I am so old that I remember when the debate on torture was

How tight is your foil? (Warning: Pope/Bush conspiracy theory within)

Who would you elect today? Clark - Feingold - Hillary - Obama - Gore?

I guess we are going to war with Iran..Oct 1

US had innocent Canadian Muslim tortured in Syria

DPrager ...."left hates those-- W + Israel + Blair,--who fight evil'

On India’s Farms, a Plague of Suicide &(US peddling of modified seeds)

"Path to 9/11" Writer defends accuracy of his screenplay

Presidential Doodles/book - JFK & his 9-11 doodle

KS atty general tells staff how to use churches to re-elect him, break law

WP Gore Unveils Global-Warming Plan

Control the Dictionary, Control the World

Ted Rall Publishes Mock-Obit of Syndicated Columnist Ann Coulter

UN barking but US can bite (ILSA renewal)

Muslim Boy Meets Girl, but Don';t Call It Dating (NY Times)

The Expanding Universe of The Christian Right

What happens when an ignoramus reads the Good Book?

Lakoff and RRI: Twelve Traps to Avoid


No FBI Investigation Into U.S. Embassy Attack in Syria

Holy Crap-Sam Harris article. Man does 180

Torture is torture

James Dobson Is No Jesus

Few Black Churches Get Funds

Bush's Useful Idiots: The Strange Death of Liberal America

Iranian leader not afraid of US attack: report

WP,pg1: McCain's Stand On Detainees May Pose Risk For 2008 Bid

Sign the Ms. Petition for Safe, Legal, and Accessible Abortion and Birth C

techniques sought by the CIA are:

This Day in Radical History- Sept.19th-Francis Farmer, Chaplin, & Seattle

Human rights groups slate Colombia's new Peace and Justice Law

Current Account Deficit Rises (trade)

ALL BUSINESS: Home Buyers Getting Pushy

The Free Market Solution to the US Household Debt Problem: Debtors’ Prison

Al Gore on nuclear power: "I doubt that they will play a significant role"

Royal Society Pissed, Going Directly After ExxonMobil - Guardian

Group Pledges $50M for Nuclear Fuel

New Plug-in Hybrid...Debuts at Clean Energy Event (Prius 125 mpg)

Rig Shortage To Stunt Oil Output Growth For Years - Reuters

Pacific state leaders unite to protect ocean

The denial industry (who funds anti-global warming propaganda)

Iran & Venezuela Plan New Refinery In Syria - Al Jazeera

Toxic Mud From Runaway Oil Well In Indonesia Covers Monaco-Sized Area

England Average Temps Up 1C Since 1960 - Met Office - Independent

Some UK Beech Trees May Be In Trouble Thanks To Warmer, Drier UK

Bushfire Preview - Earliest 30C+ September Day In Melbourne's History

Czech President - Global Warming "A Senseless Fiction" - AFP

Netherlands To Delay Submitting New CO2 Plan To EU - Reuters

S. Korea - World Bank Should Get Out Of Clean Energy Financing - Reuters

California climate change conference

UN: Israel cluster bomb use in Lebanon ‘Outrageous’

A Talk with 'Peace Now' in Israel

Israel to fully withdraw from Lebanon in days: MP

IDF tackling Iran's WMD threat

Halutz: IDF preparing to leave Lebanon by New Year's (Friday)

'We will never give up until we have truth about Miller' {edit}

NOVA will re-run their "Building on Ground Zero" tonight at 8 p.m.

A very STRANGE anomaly with the impact and exit of the 2nd WTC-plane....

Where's Waldo?

When (or if) 9/11

Where The "Loose Change" Money is Going

Voter Confidence Resolution ADOPTED By Palo Alto City Council

Duval Co,FL: 2 elect'n officials removed: Ballot shortages in Afr-Am areas

A Plan to Fix Our Broken Elections (The Nation)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 9/19/06


Hotel Minibar Key Opens Diebold Voting Machines

Our neocon defence Minister said yesterday...

EXCLUSIVE... Army Investigation into Sexual Harassment Charges by Speciali

Indiana sues California group over automated calls

New York GOP poised to lose all statewide seats to Democrats

WP: WH Offers New Proposal on Interrogations (DISSENT GROWS)

Human rights groups slate Colombia's new Peace and Justice Law

Judge: Man was tortured after U.S. got faulty info

Some say voting law being used to scare minorities

WP,pg1: McCain's Stand On Detainees May Pose Risk For 2008 Bid

Taliban say killed kidnapped Turk in Afghanistan

Car bombing kills 2 in western Baghdad

Baghdad TV correspondent murdered-U.S. media group

NATO credibility at stake in Afghanistan after Taliban surprise

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 19

U.S. Faults Bolivia Anti-Drug Efforts

Study: ADHD cases linked to lead, smoking

Wholesale Prices Rise Modestly in August

WNYC: Bush Says Learning To Read Can Help Stop Terror

Fla. judge scolded for ethics violations

Experts: Bush Goal in Terrorism Bill Latitude for Interrogators' Methods

Hungarians Riot Over Leaked Tape (about fraud before elections)

Oil prices rise on renewed Iran jitters

Rockets fired at consulates in Iraq

AP: 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

"Felix" Allen (R-VA) bristles at question whether he has Jewish roots.

NYC Judge: Patent belongs to 3 Israelis (Erbitux)

IDF tackling Iran's WMD threat

Muslim workers hacked to death in coastal town

Iranian leader urges more papal protests

British soldier admits war crime

Iranian leader not afraid of US attack: report

Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States

Iraqi Government to Close Kurdish Offices

Report: Administration Moving Forward on Plans for Bombing Attacks in Iran

FBI raids home of Missouri Islamic leader and war critic

FBI reports increase in unsolved rapes

Poll Shows Strickland Leading Blackwell (OH)

Breakaway vote boosts Russia's hand over 'frozen conflicts'

US disaster planners put Dudley borough council on the case

AP: Sens. Want More Iraq Report Declassified

Wal-mart reaches out to employees in upcoming elections

Ted Rall Publishes Mock-Obit of Syndicated Columnist Ann Coulter

Black Ministers Preach Against 'Evil' New Mosque (Rev. O'Neal Dozier, FL)

PA's boss: No way (Rather Quit than Ask Staff to work in Freedom Tower)

Fed Seen Holding Interest Rates Steady

Housing Starts Drop Sharply in August

Former Homeland Sec official pleads no contest to sexual predator charges

Crist's ticket mate defends move to protect Confederate flag (FL Gov race)

Rep. Case challenges Hawaii Sen. Akaka

Israel to withdraw all troops by weekend

Iran leader blames US-Israeli conspiracy for pope remarks

Gen. says U.S. may boost forces in Iraq

US military is using sonic weapons on Iraqi children

Young children fight U.S. troops in Iraq

Thai PM 'overthrown in army coup'

Bush approval rating rebounds in new poll

Vietnam vet still barefoot for troops

Bush Names Special Envoy on Darfur Violence

Gen. says U.S. may boost forces in Iraq

Soldier who deserted awaits word

President Bush looms large on French political scene

Russian firm rolls out U.S. gas stations (Lukoil)

LUKoil Is Stamping Its Name Across the U.S.

FBI raids home of Columbia, Mo., Islamic leader and war critic

Economists Wary of Falling Energy Prices

New signs of cooling US economy

Thousands demonstrate against Iraq war and against Iran

WP: Bush Detainee Plan Adds to World Doubts Of U.S., Powell Says

CNN Breaking: Tanks Roll Into Bangkok, Thailand Amid Coup Rumors Senator (Voinovich) compares Iran's president to Hitler

New Fox Unit to Produce Christian Films

Bush warns Iran of "consequences"

Polling company employee pleads guilty to fraud

Senate Democrats want probe of US hiring in Iraq ("neocons in diapers")

London Times: Wolfowitz reined in by ministers: "embarrassing climbdown"

Illinois Supreme Court moves to resurrect parental notification law

AP: Judge Throws Out Ga. Voter ID Law

US general sees no troop cut in Iraq before spring

Bush assures Muslims U.S. not at war with Islam

IRAN NUCLEAR: Ahmadinejad not invited to Bush dinner at U.N.

Number of gay-friendly companies growing: study

Writer of 9/11 Film Compares Critical Backlash to the Salem Witch Hunt

Iran warns could hit back after journalists barred from U.S.

US current account deficit jumps to 218.4 billion dollars

Senior airman gets 18 weeks for improperly killing pet dog (Slit Throat)

GOP Candidate Switches Parties After Attack

Hiring of Psychic Haunts Bogota Official

Bush approval rating rebounds in new poll (44% approval - Gallup)

D.C. corruption eruption (FBI Forced to Triple Fraud Squads)

Custody dispute leads to shooting at youth baseball game (3 dead)

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval 40%

Judge in Saddam's Genocide Trial Ousted

US urges others to follow Australian, Japanese sanctions on NKorea

AP: Gonzales Wants ISPs to Save User Data

Thousands demonstrate against Iraq war (@ UN)

Fish enlisted in US terror fight

Cheney: Hopes of civilized world rest on U.S. terror war victory

Ruling does away with free voter ID's

It’s Muslim Boy Meets Girl, but Don’t Call It Dating (NY Times)

American soldiers say militias recruit Iraqi kids to attack them

Senators ready to axe Bolton

Iran, Venezuela start drilling joint oil well

kidnapped MO baby found alive

Chambliss, Democrats clash on Civil War

Kerry urges cooperation to reduce abortions

Breaking - NASA: Mysterious Object Keeps Shuttle Crew in Orbit

Islam, violence go hand in hand: (Cardinal) Pell

WP: Kerry Talks of Loss, Renewal of His Catholic Faith

Allen campaign statement acknowledges his mother is Jewish

Everybody: input please!: "Politicians vs. Representatives"

Theater Exercise - Get creative!

Interesting- Google Earth is using several year old data

Anyone recognize this, and the history behind it?

When You Were A Minor, Did You Ever Have Sex With An Adult?

I had a very manic Monday - somebody buy me a drink .


ok, 2 am here. should I go to bed

I miss John Denver.

The weirdest question I've ever seen on an employment application

I am so tired I almost feel high

At 9:30am, I will be marching with UFP to the U.N.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/19/06)


Best. Blues. Lyrics. Ever.

Unfinished Tolkien work to be published

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

I liked "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip"

Man Walks Dog On Neighbor's Property - Neighbor Shoots Him

Here in "Carney World," the asshole index rises daily...

Who killed the Kennedy's?

"Tonight You Belong to Me" by Patience and Prudence.

X-Rated Font Used On Third Grade Handout

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

One of the doctorals just delivered chocolate to me

I think GD is turning into the Lounge.

Anybody ever call an arrogant person on their arrogance?

It's Tuesday, and I have to admit I'm tired of the mutherfucking

64 y.o. Flying Wallenda to perform today.

I'm not a naughty girl... nor an uppity woman

Rapture Ready Index: Up one for the week of Sept 18th - 156

I just walked 10 blocks out of my way because of Bush.

green tea w/ honey

Well, I just got back from the doctor...

green eggs w/ham

So I got myself a pair of clubwear boots...whatcha think?

Does anyone else here gain weight in their FEET?!

Charly wanted to be on the web...

Aw. Look how cute.

Oh what the hell...Let's start a Holy War

What ever happened to the NetFlix - TIVO deal?


I started watching this movie called "9/11" on the Sundance Channel

I am extremely lonely this morning.

Avast! How many Pirate Days be there, Matey?

Where is Rev Cheesehead and why are so many Du'ers MIA

I might be dead by the time lunchtime is overwith

so a co-worker is dragging me to Best Buy at lunch hour

Post your favorite Katie Holmes story

Two things: 1) I went back to my piano teacher today.

A fawn, A flower,A sunrise,some candy, And a Butterfly

Have you ever made your own screensaver? What's on it?

One of the most amazing baseball games in history

So, I Found This Cool Bike Just Lying On A Walk

Wish me luck...

Yes Virginia, there IS a Fawlty Towers.

Robin Williams "Man of the Year" new movie...

Need some advice-MP3 players..

I might have to unblock ESPN for just one night

It's 36.9 degrees outside right now!

This day in music history

Do you eat fast food?

OK, it's that time of year again. Let's talk fornication

Do you eat candy?

What can you do with kale (spinach substitute) ?

My dirty little secret...

Man Jailed For Putting Urine In Coffee At Work


Anne Coulter, 43 or 45, Conservative Commentator Dies.

Bush Mic check cussing telling the truth

How to kill Marshmallows

It's going to be a weird day.

NFL Football Fans - Make your picks over in the Football Group!!!!

Funny envelope sighted at post office

I want to quit grade school

Recommend this thread or

Why are we still there? ( A bit of a rant)

So Rumsfeld is giving the pResident his daily briefing...

MYSpace can (bleep) off!!!

What makes you feel better when you have a cold?

I want to quit grad school

Texas Rev. wishing the Simpson sisters "sagging breasts, withering faces"

Dude! The corporatistical news media IS kicking our asses!

90 Year Old Man Dies In Bee Attack While Mowing The Lawn

Doctors Reporting Successful Penis Transplant In China

Fun with Beowulf.

What could Tony Blair have done differently?

Karma Call!

Truth is stranger than fiction...

Why won't Pyramid-Head leave me alone!!!

Why won't the Pyramid-Eye people leave me alone!!!

"You'll never work in this town again!" Yeah right

DU Parents! JUST In Time For Xmas - EXTREME Tickle Me Elmo REVEALED!

I hearby bequeath my Toyota Corolla to Midlodemocrat

Coming to a theater near you: FoxFaith Films

OK, it's that time of year again. Let's talk doobage

That's it.. I'm boycotting Mexico.

Aye Matey - it's talk like a pirate day

Aye Matey, its Smell Like a Pirate Day

I'm going to post a thread that dies every night

GahooYoogle - Search Yahoo and Google

NC DUers: Meetup this Saturday (9/23)

Just finished a 3 hour bio lab on FUNGI

Right, might as well ask for some Lounge vibes.

Unidentified object threatens Atlantis landing

Miz t. left a week ago

Do you consider "Psycho" a comedy?

Funnier: Adam Carolla or myocardial infarction?

The poll to end all polls!

Well shit.

How well do you know MS Word? I need help w/ WordArt

The Other Iraq - interesting web site by the Kurds

They say cameras add ten pounds, but HP digital cameras can help...

First-Grader Suspended Over Plastic Squirt Gun

My 85-year-old Grandfather is buying one of these!

LeftyMom is NOT thick and DA's green thing is the most awesome green thing


I miss my kitties.

Peter Gammons is back...All is right in the Baseball world...

You never see Neo-Nazi or KKK groups being treated like this

Why won't the Pyramid Scheme people leave me alone!!!

How often do you clean your inbox?

Why do people offer empty advice?

Better band name?

I need some advice about my daughter and her boyfriend.

OMG! The garbage strike is over! The trash truck is here!

The TV Squad... 5 Odd things from the Rachael Ray-Larry King interview

Teen Sent To Jail For Setting Turtle On Fire

How long is too long to keep Guacamole dip?

Arrrr. Avast ye scurvy dogs and jackalspawn and walk the RabrrrrrrPlank

NYC DU'ers, I Will Be at Piano's at 8 tomorrow, Please Join Me if You Can

When I grow up I wanna be ....

Finnfan Finn update: Check out Tim Finn's new song!

Happy Birthday to SNIFFA!

I just now realized that MrsGrumpy's name is *NOT* MrsGumpy

Song(s) you crazy-mad love but you can't understand why

Mickey Hargitay Dead at 80

Start a new word today...

Who is Adrianna Caselotti? You've heard her.


I just now realized that flvegan's name is *NOT* fivegan....

For $10,000, would you...

Leaf "Peeping" Guide.

"You've been fed propaganda & conspiracy theories" - Bush at UN Assembly

I just realized I have a star! Thank you, truly, to my donor.

So I go to an interview, and they base their decisions on prayer

I'm in spinach withdrawal.

Can anyone ID the artist who made this?

I just bought a new sitar. I didn't really mean to.


For my daughter....WannaBeGrumpy...

Anyone else work with someone that will NOT STFU???

I lust you (lame copycat)

OK, it's that time of year again. Let's talk foliage

Poll question: How often do you clean your litter box?

Thanks. You did it!

The Story of O

Do you "Buy Blue" - these companies are 100% Dem Donations

Motorcycles and other Dangerous Pastimes.

I just bought a new guitar. I didn't really mean to.

***My lunch today with KitchenWitch!***

I mean it isn't a HIDEOUS shade of green. As green goes.

Happy birthday Kool Kitty & sniffa!!

Uber-sweet male chihuahua mix, age 5, needs good home!

Lindsay, California - what can you tell me about it?

29 "godless" bumper stickers

I missed my 2 year anniversary!

what does Lounge think of U2?

A year ago yesterday I officially joined DU. Wow, that went fast!!

Commit indie ( independent music) heresy with me!

Today's underappreciated album: Pete Townshend's "Psychoderelict"

Please vote for my friend Cindy Alexander!!

Fox Faith: Films You (Right-Wing Christian Fundamentalists) Can Believe In

LAT: Pope uses wrong words for right concern: Islam needs Reformation

Pope Benedict the XXXXVVVVIII or whatever

C-span Baha'i Faith being debated on house floor

LAT: Pasadena Church May Fight IRS Summons

The prayer that works for me

it's so peaceful being an atheist

Sam Harris article entitled "Head-in-the-Sand Liberals"

The Lord's Prayer...short but to the point we should recite daily

A smoking gun for ADHD (lead-based paint, etc)

Jacksonville looks good

Alright Chi Sox and TIGERS fans

Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, everything is back assward.

Anyone interested in starting up the manifestation group, again...?

What was your initial reaction the first time you saw/heard of Bush?

I could really REALLY use prayers, positive thoughts, white light.

New Moon in Virgo - Friday, September 22, 6:45 am EST (7:45 am EDST)

Warner: Kerry wrong on taxcuts.

Kerry releases IG report criticizing EPA environmental justice reviews

What did everybody make of this "Allen, are you Jewish" moment?

From a GD diary - Kerry Slaps Down Noran On "Dems Have No Solutions" BS

Kerry and the "Beer Bong- from NY Times.

Sen. Kerry to raise funds at Oct. 3 breakfast event

BostonGlobe did it again.

Ask your senators to support the Specter-Levin amendment on habeas corpus

2,686 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

DLC loses tax-exempt status; responds hilariously

because terrorism is exclusively Muslim...

Do you support "alternative interrogation techniques"?

FOI, U.S. overseas detention system by the numbers

Time on What War with Iran would look like

Wow, did all of you already know all this about Bush Sr.?

Get creative! Everybody: input please: "Politician vs. Representative"

Is Mainstream Islam Doing Enough To Stop Radicals?

If people vote GOP based on gas prices alone, they deserve what they get

AP: Cleanliness of Produce Draws New Attention

"An unwavering and commanding look of ignorance."

Pope Benedict the XXXXVVVVIII or whatever

Walk-On Never To Be Forgotten

Cheney stumps in area for Sherwood

Riots over Hungarian PM's 'lies'

We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now

Torture is.....

Canadian was falsely accused, panel says

NYC protest makes Channel 2 news: 6 am! Go, Protestors!

Can you feel the fear now georgey? Is it sinking in yet dumb ass?


International Day of Peace Thursday September 21st

Breaking, then changing the Laws. Can they do that?

Are Olberman's Special Commentary's too long???

Whispering when we SHOULD be Screaming.

"Anti - Iran Demonstration". . . noon at the UN.. . . . .(!?!?!)

So, what we need to do is get some fish in the prisons

They hate us for our freedoms and we can defeat them by reading...

Errors led to Canadian's torture

A voice in the Afghan wilderness

An armed crackhead drives a truck into the Capitol Bldg?

Ramadi caught in US street fight

Bush's UN speech is all about domestic politics

Iraq: Trying to spin the unspinnable

Campaign launched to use Afghan opium to make painkillers

Quick question, will Chimpolini's UN speech be translated into English?

Primary Day in MA - Need to know where else to post on my blog.

Wife of military contractor arrested ($$ laundering)

Halliburton to Wounded Employee: You'll Get a Medal -- If You Don't Sue

FBI raids Muslim charity in Southfield

GOP Senators say no to Bush's latest offer on torture.

Et tu, pontiff?

Aye Matey - it's talk like a pirate day

'Afghanistan is tougher than we expected' says minister

I watched Keith 10 times

CSPAN: Fascist Fridays? Welcome to Totalitarian Tuesdays!

CSPAN-2 Now: Replay of Dem hearing on Contracting in Iraq

So much concern among officials about e.coli in the US,

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Tues 9/19... with a bow!!!!

More Chimpy family album: the Great Successes in service to the public...

Kilgannon on Wash. Journal-UN Anti-American, Anti-Semitic, and

VIDEO- Keith Olbermann's "The President Owes Us An Apology"

Is Cheney in his bunker today?

If you have a free moment, your 2 senators need to hear from you

Reuters on Olbermann: "most compelling news personality of his generation"

Conspiracy to Protect the President from Prosecution

If conscription is coming,

Anyone have any word about the UN protests yet?

The Lord's Prayer...short but to the point we should recite daily

What Bounce? Post 9-11 Bounce Evaporates for Bush & GOP...

Bush approval rating rebounds in new poll

Bush PR Campaign

Where can we hear a reliable translation of the Ahmadinijad's speech?

Bill Clinton: "I Am Sick Of Karl Rove's Bullsh*t"... HuffPo

Does anyone know if the price of gas is dropping overseas?

Any one listening to this Miniter guy on Washington Journal now?

maybe it's just me, but i've had enough of Karen Hughes persed...

Film Crew at the Pentagon today....

Hans Blix: This is deja vu, all over again (Iran)

Bush envoy faces congressional axe

"Just Don’t Smooch Him, Mr. President"

Republican Holds Up Vital Defense Spending To Promote Sectarian Prayer

Bring back MARK MARON!

Iran journalists barred from US for UN meet

Hey Tucker – the word of the day is “Integrity”

Condi Rice on abc righ now. talking of 'our' policies

Torture coming to U.S. prisons... ?

my local paper carried not one word about Gore's speech . . .

Iraq: Trying to spin the unspinnable...

"Cuz the speeches of our President, are the ravings of a clown"

How many alerts do mods have to receive before somebody

British soldier pleads guilty to Iraq "war crime" charge

Anyone see MSNBC reporter and Imus discussing Bush's backpack and

bush to speak of threat from Iran & Syria at UN. Y'know what that means

Whatever happened to William Jefferson?

Allen, Webb again spar over war in Iraq

Katrina service results in Marriage - Oregon Boy, Georgia Girl

Someday, everything's gonna be different...

It is not possible that Bush's polling numbers are going UP. No way.

UN General Assembly begins on C-SPAN1

Brent Budowsky - Against Corrupting the Next Election

Watch for it

Anyone watching this arrogant bastard representing US at the UN?

OMG--Gregg (MMC-NH)--Do Nothing Congress has done nothing

US Resorting to 'Collective Punishment' in Iraq...

Revisiting Patrick Henry: We Are The True Patriots

One politician admits he lied and lied and lied

Novak's Bad Blood

Have some urine in your morning coffee?

What about yesterdays appearance on the Daily Show by the Big Dog

Our Gas Prices are All Over the Place this morning.

what a difference in responsiveness

Malloy's AAR blog is kaput

A poor person voting for the GOP is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders

Just got in - Has Bush Made His Speech? How Bad Was It?

"The World Is Mad-But Very Religious...(Oliphant)

M$M buzzing about Bush, Ahmadinejad at UN. Reminds me of Carter's advice

Only week left to submit your comments to the FCC on media consolidation.

What time is the Monkey's UN screech?

Kofi Anen giving a great speech (kinda dissing the Chimperor)

XM FoxNews

A proposed new direction for the United Nations

Why don't we see the new schools being built in Iraq?

Former Gov. McGreevy talks about gay sex scandal on Oprah today

* meets with Chirac - pics

BREAKING: Unidentified debris seen floating near space shuttle

Mr. Rove and company flattened him with the force of a tsunami.

Went to vote today and had to educate the poll worker too

Boehner Won't Suggest Ney (R-Guilty) Should Leave House

Thomas silly booby Kilgannon was horrified because smirk had to

***Official Thread - Mr. Bush Speech to UN***

BREAKING: Possible coup in Thailand

***Official Thread #2 - Mr. Bush Speech to UN ***

Jesus Camp Movie

Asshat is up now at the UN.

Would you buy a used car from THIS gentleman?

...So why haven't we bombed Pakistan yet, again?


C-Span cut away in the middle of the chimp's speech!

Will there be a fist fight if ..

Massachusetts Primary today...

Look at this map and notice the progressive areas of the country:

What does that mean, the 'founding premise of our nation'?

Bush's form of diplomacy = "dickplomacy","dipSHITplomacy"

caption this * pic...

George Bush: "I has good manners. My Mama done taught me well!"

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose..."

Have you noted any differences in 1990 newsmedia and 2000 newsmedia?

Should Americans Be Ashamed Bush (Again) Is Choosing Not To Pursue Osama?

Gerlach (R-PA) push poll asks about how the respondent will vote

What if he really was a chimp?

Chirac coming up at the UN

Caption this * pic

"If we're an arrogant nation, they'll resent us."

Ugandans Who Infect Kids May Be Executed (HIV)

Once more I sit here pissing in the wind.....deaf ears, deaf ears.

Avast me hearties! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrrr!

Saint Frist? (photo) Senate set to consider fence bill

Bush insulted the Syrians in front of the U.N.

Short, open letter to Ralph Nader;

Is the current P.M. of Thailand a bushbot?

Anyone listening to Gen. Downing in Iraq being interviewed on MSNBC?

Congressman Conyers: Chaos in Maryland Elections

Cocaine Airways

Active Duty Military Members CANNOT allow or cause to be published

how do you say 'Fuck You' in French

anybody watched Chirac's UN speech ?

My LTTE re: PT9/11 was printed!

Anne Coulter, 43 or 45, Conservative Commentator Dies.

Swiss to change their militia culture??

If you're looking to drive yourself insane...

I saw one of my bumper stickers on the street yesterday...

Bird flu???

19 y/o forced by parents to have abortion because baby's father is black

Bush* called Iraq a success. Who does he think he's foolin?

WWSBSPVF? (who would spongebob squarepants vote for?)

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

Petition to stand up to torture This was a newbie's first post!

AP: Group says Iraq needs to prove itself (Iraq Study Group)

MSNBC: talking about the anthrax... "It's been 5 yrs. it's amazing it

Get'cher red hot speech text of Bush's UN speech Right'chere!

Report: Administration Moving Forward on Plans for Bombing Attacks in Iran

Questions about idiot's UN speech.

Is defending the 22nd Amendment another reason to retake Congress?

Presidential Library Destroyed by Flood

If Pukes Can Rig Election With "Malicious" Code On A Memory Card

Did anyone catch the NBC Studio 60 new show tonight? They busted

Almost one in 10 straight men on the `down-low,' study finds

CNN caption LIE: "Hundreds protest Iraq War at UN"

The Clinton Legacy

Things you don't hear very often: Iran supported the Northern Alliance

Al and Randi

Daily Show: Gays in the military skit....Priceless!

Toast to Annan

National Conference for Media Reform: Sign Up Now

has anyone else seen time magazine's

College football official gets death threats after blown call

Glenn Beck. . .

Canadian Was Falsely Accused, Panel Says

Breaking: Gel-filled Bras Now Permitted on Board

Why do we as a party struggle with so much self hate?

Robert Greenwald( movie.. "Iraq for Sale,") on Olbermann tonight

America is just a big adolescent.....

I hope the VP does not just get away with only wiping his hands!

New Fox unit to produce christian films

via Daily Kos:The Geneva Conventions - One Soldiers Perspective

House Repub creates ABC 9/11 type ad depicting opponent as week on terror

K-K-K-Katie's House seat to turn Blue? (FL-13)

LOL! "Sweet Jesus! What is it?"

Comment about Bill Maher "Free Speech" flap (& a note about ABC)

Note to Hillary and Eliot: Get Out the Vote for All Dem Candidates in NYS

The Rapture Space Ship is closing in...Pictures from NASA:

US Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now....CNN

Where's Waldo?

E-mails Show Admin Blocked Scientist From Discussing Warming/Hurricanes

Christian Newswire: Boycott NBC over Madonna "crucifixion"!

Pelosi:Statement on Bush's Speech at U.N.

Is it a coincidence that dkos deleted CultureKitchen from its blogroll?

Was Anybody Watching Reactions Of UN Attendees?

2006 Clinton Global Initiative - Live Broadcast

If You Don't Vote Democratic But For Any Other Reason...

Bush admits, "I don't know what the f*** I'm doing"

Bush: "My Country Desires Peace"-So Why The Flurry Of Military Maneuvers?

Pickles will be visiting my village next week!

If we don`t start answering to Bush and the GOP, we are done.

My wish for Bush.

Employee Of Polling Co Used By Bush & Lieberman Pleads Guilty To Fraud

Do we have any PROTEST pics from New York?

caption Dick...

Gore, in speech, charges oil price manipulation

Gore To Stand Up Against "Truthiness"

Bush Speechwriter: "UN Speech The Collapse of the Presidents Iran Policy"

Sam Gardiner:"We Are Conducting Military Operations Inside Iran Right Now"

Judge castigates sleeping lawyer in Saddam’s trial

MSNBC Embarasses Harold Ford

Anyone listen to John Danforth on Franken's show?

FBI forced to triple fraud probe squads to keep up with D.C. corruption.

Bolton on CNN repeats Ahmadinejad "want to wipe Israel off the map."

Looking forward to THIS 'Mission Accomplished'!!!

At the gas station today, a woman ahead of me had a disgusting bumper

1st time since Dec '05--majority of people did not say Iraq was mistake:

Prewriting History: GOP Holds against Dem insurgency in Midterms?

Is bush talking about mIdeast countries or usa...

Friends, family rue Katrina's toll on actor found dead by river

How do I get rid of those Jeebus-addled kids on the advertising page?

Why are gas prices decreasing? Something to do with '06 election, maybe?

Lil' Bush cartoon

Media spin.. "The Democrats are the mother-in-law from hell"

In God We Still Trust

* being * at the UN today - pics

29 "godless" bumper stickers

Mark Warner(VA) : keep Bush's tax cuts

Liberals for McCain

2687 Reasons why the DSM is Important

ANIMATED TOON: Bush Speaking At U.N.

Oh God- Randi is Breaking My Heart

Thank you, Thomas Jefferson and Keith Olberman

Obama's WH Visit: Aide Squirts Big Dollop of Hand Sanitizer In Bush's Hand

a really, really good article on evolution and religion

What Percentage of wars in history have a "nationalism" based cause?

"...furthermore, he was a LOUSY cheerleader, too..."

Now This is funny!

Many detainee killings had nothing at all to do with getting information

How will Brian Williams' interview of Iran's leader go over on the right?

Matthews & Frank Rich admit they "never served in Vietnam" but they are 60

I just voted

Whatever the percentage poll...

Anyone know what's up with the board? techwise, I mean

Why is Ahmadinejad so popular in Iran?

Just noticed Bill Press is on Talk Left after 6:00 p.m. now! Great!

Girls just want to have fun. Warning: Side effects of viewing could

Brad's LET AMERICA VOTE ACT (LAVA) up at Huff Po

DFA Night School with George Lakoff tonight! Free, phone-in class!

November 2006: passport to register and drivers license to vote?

Some past articles about Iran (to prepare you for the BS later)

Election Dysfunction

Coming UP! Lou Dobbs on how "Illegal Aliens" will Steal our VOTE!!!!

After listening to cnn today I get the impression that the senate

We need to find Rachel a new 'opening' sound bite...

Anyone heard about the new ITER fusion reactor they're building?


The definition of torture is NOT vague!!!

Keith Olbermann poses as Howard Beale for magazine photo shoot

NYC Mayor Suggests Paying Poor

Iranian President on CSPAN Radio now. n/t

Magna Carta

Howard Dean says Bush's UN speech more of the same rhetoric.

Firedoglake SAVAGED for racially insensitive posts

"Given unlimited time and unlimited support, we're winning the war."

This is the racist schmuck Bush put in charge of aiding Darfur???

Judge throws out Ga. photo-voter ID law

What will * do after his term?

Caption this disturbing photo

*A MUST READ* Open Letter from an 84-Year Old Indian Organic Farmer

How's this?

For those who care about ANWAR artic drilling, sign the petition

Iranian President on CNN Now..(7:30 PM EDT)...

Is the 2006 Election already stolen

If Bush was real Christian, Army's "Do unto others" torture rule enough

Village elders order trial by boiling oil...

Abby Woods found alive (baby kidnapped)

Haliburton trades medals for lawsuits. LOL


Masscahusetts primary results link here

Candorville ripping on ABC and its mockudramas -- MUST SEE!

the marketing of "god" at sporting events!?!?

(Video) Kids Worshipping to a George Bush Picture

''What's the matter with the youth of today?''

How can the Dems change the media from saying "The Dems have no ideas"?

Just discovered secret GWB audition tape for SNL

Jon Stewart responds to Robert Novak

Why doesn't Iran like the USA more?

Sean Penn plays politics

Childhood is a myth. Send them to work!

Showing respect to the office...

DLCer presidential hopeful Mark Warner says Don't repeal Tax Cuts

Kerry Speaks out directly about his faith

Gas will be under $2 a gallon by the election

60 Minutes: Bush Admin LIED to 9/11 First Responders About Air Quality

THANK YOU for taking out the godless thread

Obama's first White House Meeting

True torture

OMG!!! now we liberals like the radical arabs and hate America ...

***Official Thread #3 - Mr. Bush Speech to UN ***

Fool me once Shame on you...Fool me 20 times...SHAME on ME.

Nora O Donnell and all of them are so exited by Laura &the poll numbers


Texas Governor Poll: Perry only has 35%, Kinky in 2nd with 23%

Somehow it doesn't seem the same

Jesus Camp : Video of Kids Worshipping to a George Bush Picture

Joan Didion on Cheney and "The Fatal Touch"

Imagine if the military staged a coup in the US...

Bush's Freedom Agenda MUST be working, King takes over in Thailand.

Bush says we will keep spreading Democracy until we are done.

Bush "bounce" in gallup poll is just noise

Your Appendix Will Kill You Before Al Qaeda Will

Where do I go to find the up-to-date DOD casualty count for Iraq?, is worth $1,712,249.82

Book compiles doodlings of presidents (check out Kennedy's)

Antiwar protesters march near UN - pics and story

Kerry Slaps Down Noran On "Dems Have No Solutions" BS

Ed Shultz ticked me off big time today!

Mr. Ourbluenation is not quite the activist as moi. But, for this he said

Do you miss Mike Malloy? Bernie Ward is on the air!! Now!

Olbermann navigates tightrope minus a net-numbers are up 73%

Kate "who's your daddy" O'Bierne on Softballs

Follow up to my thread yesterday regarding conversation with GOPer

We could save thousands of lives by Interrogating the neocons Harshly.

Where are the War Crime Indictments?

Why I’m a Democrat: Moral Values of the Democratic Party Vs. the GOP

bush sings Bohemian Rhapsody LOL

What kind of Fear will be used in the last fifty days to win the election.

A "Black List" I wish I was on...

Don King is a fool!

Health Care source of job "recovery"

Next Attack Imminent: Muslims ordered to leave the United States

Reporter to Felix Allen: When Did You Stop Being Jewish?

The policies more likely to reduce # of abortions - liberal or rightwing?

Bush Has No Credibility at the UN or Anywhere Else

Oppose the Bush Torture Bill - send a message to Congress & bush

I just finished reading "Peace Mom" by Cindy Sheehan

Lil' Bush "Hot Dog" Pilot

Honour killing claims life of six-year-old

housing starts fell again, no inflation, probably no interest rate hike

Here's A 90 Day Plan After the Takeover of House/Senate...

What local Democrats are you supporting in the 2006 elections?

Frankly, I'm scared to death (habeas corpus)

HEADLINE: Bush Says Learning to Read Can Help Stop Terror

The Shanksville Redemption

Stephen Baldwin plans to combine evangelism, extreme sports

Today my 12th grade daughter heard lecture by GOP county chief

I don't think we should be using kids as human shields

Olbermann needs to shut up for a while

LOL. CNN Wants our questions for bush*

How can we STOP them????

Please help me find something

FYI: Frank Rich and Alan Alda coming up on Hardball. nt

What happened to the Truthout blog?

Safest cities in the country

CT-SEN: New Poll: Lieberman-Lamont Race A Dead Heat

Why are so many races "too close to call"? Media and Rove voting SCAMS

Washington's Enron-style accounting.

Do you have a Senator on this list?


Space Shuttle watched by probe droid!!!!

Bush sucks.

If Treatment Of This Human Being Is Not Torture, We Are Fucked!

ACTION ALERT: Let's Make "Citizen News" on YouTube -- RECOMMEND

Check out this new car!!!!!

You're a BAD liberal if you...

I need a good bible reference

Sen. Voinovich calls Iran's Ahmadinejad, "Ahmad-in-a-head"

Clinton joining with Mrs. Bush is more of the "Bush not so bad" validation

Sorkin & Schlamme are Back! New 'fastest hour on TV'.

I don't WANT to reach out to right wing Evangelicals, screw em'.

Al Gore just walked by me and into my office building!

Georgaphy Test for Middle East and North Africa - can you pass it??

Congress Is POWERLESS To Absolve Bush Of Capital Crimes & Torture Charges

George Bush doesn't like to shake hands with Black people

When Does The Iranian Moron Speak?

Do you have any radical opinion that you are afraid of voicing

Who needs the old 'Geneva Conventions' any way ? Do we ?

* said another thing on Friday

Psssst! Note to defense lawyers

AP: Bush to Promote Mideast Strategy at U.N.

Mark Crispin Miller Debates Ed Rollins Up On Google Video

Mike Luckovich hit the nail on the head on Geneva Convention

Okay, what am I missing here? If what has been done at Abu

Jonah Goldberg: This guy is almost as delusional as Chimpy!

BBC: Bomb plot suspect halts evidence

Vote for JOHN BONIFAZ today in Massachusetts!

Two things that apparently never happened

World’s Workers Protest Arrests of Peaceful Marchers in Zimbabwe

Kerry's speech on values, moral truths and respect for human dignity

Bayh: Punish China over trade

It's 1992. There's NO talk of IranContra and BCCI throughout Bush1's term.

Michael Steele wants you to know he loves puppies...

“Hotel Minibar” Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines

Ignore the polls and play to win

C-span 2 Senate coverage...Durbin/Dorgan

Is this reliable information? Senate projections...

Carter says Bush backs torture, shrinks U.S. influence

Bush warns Iran of "consequences"

Election Update: Dems no longer projected to take House

Chimp takes center stage in about six minutes

Cheney's quick visit raises cash for GOP

The flap over Webb's record on women's issues: help or hurt him?

DEMOCRATIC PARTY:::Benvolence and Righteousness, GOP: Greed/selfish

Pls. Sign PFAW's Petition: This is a nation of laws-let's keep it that way

Unofficial Bush at UN discussion thread

What should we make of the influx of Puggies retreading themselves

Red Letter Christians establish network of moderate and progressive clergy

"Conservatives" and torture

CT Senate: Lamont (D) 43%, Schlesinger (R) 5%, Lieberman (Lieberman) 45%

The ASSHOLE is up speaking in the UN

Fix Unemployment System, Don’t Break It

VIDEO: Sen. Ted Kennedy supports Net Neutrality

Clint Van Zandt (sp?) says Anthrax Killer felt ALTRUISTIC!!! WTF!?

Republicans Near Midterm Elections With $60M Spending Plan

I wonder what drugs they've pumped into Mr. Bush this morning?

AP: Nelson's pot bust becomes issue in Vermont race for U.S. Senate

USA TODAY-GALLOP:Bush Approval Up to 44%;Congress 48/48 Among Likely Voter

A new name for the pnac

Mark Warner Video Podcasts

Do nothing Congress---I wish!--Every time I hear this, I think of all the

Lamest reason for not voting

why does Syria torture people for the neo con bushmilhousegang?

Reuters: House panel asks HP security manager to testify

Aaron Russo - America: Freedom To Fascism

Here he goes...9/11 9/11 9/11 n/t

LAT/AP: Kerry, Stumping for Angelides, Takes Shots at Arnold, GOP

Shuttle Mystery Object robs valuable air time from "Bush TOUGH talk" story

re: mcain bill and *shits signing statements

A Telling Joke: St Peter, The Politician and the devil

so, little lord pissypants is upstaged by thai coup

Another Soldier Missing or Captured?

Cheney steals phrase from Harry Truman: "war of nerves"=war on terror

Habeas corpus

Bush said progress of democracy in world, particularly,Middle East is real

I'm a little suspicious about MSM's coverage of Diebold

Bush Ties Made Iraq HELL

"My Country Desires Peace"...quick, get Lee Greenwood on the phone. STAT!

Question: Is Bush trying to nationalize the state militias?

Why not meet with Ahamdinejad?

The (DLC) Third Way -- Not Exactly a Better Way

AOL gains more new customers after going free

Action needed to oppose sham Federal Election Integrity Act...

Pope conveniently forgets Christian history

Do you own a boat? Too bad.

Congress Awaits Word From Ney

Gore To Stand Up Against "Truthiness" With Upcoming Book

Who are these people who make Bush' polls go up and down?

Just prove it! Frist is on CNN now saying torture has saved us from

Blogger: Vest in "Brilliant" Anti-Allen Ad Isn't from Vietnam War

Markos has a great post up about who is supporting the DSCC

I am pretty sure - somebody is dumping oil contracts.

Boehner Won't Suggest Ney (R-Guilty) Should Leave House

Bush: I'm continuing the efforts that followed World War II, so get bent

Cable News Confidential (Interview with Jeff Cohen)

Help need LAX bomb plot thwarting facts for blog comment smackdown

Howard Dean LIVE on Granholm Campaign blog TONIGHT

Anyone seen Kkarl lately?

The winds of War?

Kerry releases IG report criticizing EPA environmental justice reviews

Two words is all we need to win: "Had enough"

Are you too obsessed with politics?

Could Ahmadinejad be arrested as Pinochet ?

Caption * today - Photo.

The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD)

Kerry LTTE smacks down WSJ editorial as a "disservice" to real CIA agents

HOLY Sh*t Ahmadineejad!

Time to call them on their bullshit.

ACTION photo: "POWER LUNCH" at the UN with Bush and Vicente Fox.

Voinvich shows us diplomacy at it's best!!

Did I hear right? Is Hillary announcing her run tomorrow, and hiring

Coming Off the Rails for Rove

The Democrats need to marshall their troops for a Daily Rebuttal.

Bush made clear today that he's not going to do anything differently

The Latest in Republican Video Slime

Help... DU this poll please!!!

The USA Today/Gallup Poll clearly overcounted Republicans...

Call to arms: Amnesty International launches anti-torture campaign

George Allen Is Jewish And Mary Cheney Is Gay

Is anyone else worried that DU Community is Drifting Rightwart/Centrist?