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Archives: September 2, 2006

Arlen Specter's Sellout (Hentoff/VV)

Armitage's error doesn't excuse others

Bin Laden manhunt still drawing a blank

CIA leak case answers raise other questions

AP Sunni, Shiite factions carve up Baghdad (UNplanned by US)

Heightened Airport Insecurity

Environmentalists Lamont or Lieberman?

Criticize Israel? You're an Anti-Semite!

Shebaa residents urge UN to demand Israeli withdrawal

Former (Israel) security chief urges Iran action ("military option")

Israel ‘likely’ to reopen talks with PA

Looking for good resources about what voting systems are used where

OH: Federal Judge Tosses New Voter Registration Rules

Bread machines

Who is this David Warren tool at The Ottawa Citizen?

Castro appears improved on state TV

British soldier killed in clash with Taliban

Bomb hits oil pipeline south of Baghdad; no casualties, more power problem

Sask. town holds housewarming for 'red paperclip' man

Sen. Allen turns down leadership award

CNN: Leftist lawmakers steal stage from President Fox

[Pittsburgh] Mayor O'Connor dies

Washington denies reported mediation between U.S., Iran

AP Rumsfeld reaches out to Democrats (He writes letter to top Dems)

U.S. finds low-risk H5N1 bird flu strain in ducks

BBC: (UK) Terror police 'monitor thousands'

AP: State to Settle Spat Over Pa. Pol's Kids (Santorum)

NYT: Debate Lingers Over Definition for a Planet (protest petition signed)

The final place of refuge for Christians in the Middle East is under threa

Iraqi Casualties Have Risen 51%, U.S. Study Finds

Democratic hopeful for Fla. House seat called to 2nd Iraq tour

Mexican Lawmakers Take Stage at Congress

Gingrich opposed to U.S. strike on Iran

New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak

Pentagon gives gloomy Iraq report

Koizumi's likely successor pledges end to pacifism

Mayor O'Connor dies (Pittsburgh's Mayor)

(Swiftboat offshoot) War Veterans Lend Support to Lieberman In TV Ads


What percentage of couples are mutually supportive vs. giver & taker?

Alright, does this make me a bad person?

Ladies and gentleman, I am going to be ZombyWoof's worst nemesis.

Whoo! Last night in Freeperville!

Do you prefer, most of the time, peace and quiet or action and intensity?

What imperfections

A holiday, perfect-Lounge project - fun AND activist

Damn, I leave you kids for one day and all shit breaks out

My signed poster of Syd Barrett by Mick Rock

Quotable films!

Blade Wars: Gillette vs. Schick/Wilkinson

Good Lesbian (Not X rated) movies?

I wish I were Buffy.

Yay! BILL EVANS! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

I am at DragonCon in Atlanta

Baby, If you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me...

What is your worst feature? What is your best feature

Are you on mylap?

Absent minded things you do while on the phone

Least Favorite Thing To Do Around The House

Best. SCTV. Episode. Ever.

My Mind Tends to Wander During Shakespeare ...

Who else here is getting drenched by Ernesto?

I do not like High Fructose Corn Syrup

Have you ever seen a moth?

What is peace? serious question

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

Now, I'm going to speak in tongues.

Drink called Kickin' Jenny... What's in it? Supposedly named for a volcano

If Mr Potato Head passed away

God Gets Canned...Out-Sourced to Another Universe. Bitter Departure

Willst thou join me in a moment of prayer for reyd reid reed?

What are you drinking?

We've been posting here about the TV ads we hate...

someone please tell me the ending of Good Will Hunting

Grateful Dead: Yes or No?

1948: Robert Mitchum arrested at 'reefer resort'

I finally saw V for Vendetta...

Pool for tonight's Real Time Bill Maher - Penn Jillette's shoutdown count!

I've gained 30 lbs from quitting smoking and I can't get

Vinny Gambini: "It is possible that the two yutes...

Larry King show with Jack Hanna and his animals re-run in 20 minutes.

Are you Goofus or Gallant?

I hereby pledge that I promise to try my best buddhamama...

Should I Shave My Head Again? You be the judge!

Will anyone warm me up?

The movie Gattaca

"I Killed Christgau with My Big Fucking Dick"

President Lieberman's State of the Union Address...

Sask. town holds housewarming for 'red paperclip' man

Friday night - Whiskey Sour time for me

Buffed, Beautiful, and Bitchin'...

Pastor drowns trying to walk on water

Who else here is getting frenched by Ernesto?

Roger Waters fans

If I may make another floyd post

Where's HypnoToad?

Do some people bruise emotionally more easily than others?

I bruise you, you bruise me,

So, tell me something....

I believe in God.

"The Seven Great Human Illusions of God" - Kryon channelling - 7/8/06

"The Ascending Cosmic Pulse" - another perspective on upcoming energy

Woo Hoo!!! Watch my (future) Senator on Meet the Press!!!

Kerry quoted in Newsweek column by Jonathan Alter

Mayor Bob O'Connor of Pittsburgh has died.

Sen. Kerry helps kick off Mass Dems college campus drive 9/8/06

Ned Lamont, John Edwards, Phil Angelides to Rally California Union

UN hints at talks, not sanctions,

No State of the Union address tonight, written copy given out instead

MoveOn takes a pass on the Clinton/Tasini primary

Cindy Sheehan: "Obligations"

The Mike Malloy Petition ...

Fun with closed captioning

Mark Shields on The NewsHour: If this is as big as WWII, then

Muslim group: Bush distorts 'Islamic'

Article in student newspaper about the VFP that's been in town

Bush asks Rumsfeld to tender resignation

Frame: Bush mis-understands the enemy!

Washington Post Editorial

Let's say Rummy, in a sudden flash of insight, resigns--

Funny to me.....they are soooo jealous

Bush's puppet govt in Iraq says deaths down despite new Baghdad carnage

(VIDEO) Sore Loserman sings My Way

ABC TV: Today's Worst People in the World!!

I'm tired of Air America, period!

Christian Newswire: "Democratic Party is trying to use God for votes!"

In memory of Retired Colonial David Hackworth a piece he wrote

It's impossible for oil prices to go down this much all over without

Gas prices could go back to $2

Wow, I really like Rachel Sklar from Huffpost

"The 60's Experience" is on PBS here; songs of peace, love, protest.

Court TV Channel - On Native Soil: 9/11 Commission Report. On now

CNN Breaking: Vicente Fox forced to abandon annual state

"Fascism" Frame Set Up by Right-Wing Press...

Parents Fight To Keep School Recess For Kids

FYI...9/11 special on CourtTV

Mexico - Breakdown coming?

Garfield with guns...

Islamic extremists ARE Fascist fucks. Why would anyone here argue that?

For AK Scandal Company, Money Can't Buy Happiness - But Influence? Perhaps

Anyone watching the Dan Rather bit?

Mayor Bob O'Connor of Pittsburgh has died.

So have her fellow Neocons ousted Condi?

Mexico- Leftist Lawmakers BLOCK Vicente Fox's State Of Nation

HEADLINE: Condoleezza Rice gets R & R in Sun Valley "getaway"

Time for Mosey's periodic call for peace

2006 Dem Talking Point: GOP Mismanagement-The Great Housing Crash of 2007

KO will have another special commentary tonight....

Just in time for the 9-11 Anniversary... You knew it was coming...

Coming up @ 9 eastern: Dan Rather: A Reporter Remembers

Heads up Veterans and Military Families TRICARE warning Scam

Gingrich just admitted he agrees with Rummy. We are all "Appeasers"

Dutch News (TweeVandaag - like our "60 Minutes") discusses 9/11

We are Clinton's Saxophone.....

Iraq's Marshes, Corporate Control, And Water

ILLINOIS insures low-income Veterans without healthcare starts today

America's Eleven Worst Places to Vote

Another "special Comment" from Olbermann tonight on Rummy's OPED

Onion: Al-Qaeda's No. 114 Killed On Office Depot Run

Best of Mike Malloy with Head On Radio!! Friday Truthseekers check in

Is Bush an Idiot?

Bush vows to defeat the terrorists who tola tera toe toletarians (VIDEO)

Just watched Rocky. Is he maybe running in 2008?

The Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right

Keith Olbermann promising a NEW Special Commentary Tonight!!

Caption Rummy

September 1, 1939

why is a record label exec running a radio network (AAR)?

Iraqi Casualties Have Risen 51%, U.S. Study Finds

Scarborough skewering NEW YORK TIMES over Plame investigation

Great bumpersticker:

Poll: Signs of Doubt Cloud War on Terror

The Pentagon is becoming bi-polar

KO continues on Rummy's Rampage

Do we have a DU lawyer ready to sue ABC for False Advertising?

health care

I really like what Mark Shields said on Newshour:

The Darkness has no reason

Why won't the Dems Impeach Rumsfailed?

Bill Maher kicked ass at the end of Real Time tonight. KO influence,

Dreams sometimes don't come true

NATO gives itself six months to tame the Taliban

Never mind

Olbermann Called the ABC 9-11 Movie The Worst Persons In the World!

Stevens and Byrd held up the Transparency Bill

Forget about contacting AAR about Mike Malloy, contact Sirius and XM

KO says he's got another special Rummy commentary!

Flushing CNN anchor goes on Letterman

Franken on Letterman tonight--will he mention Malloy?

Kyra Phillips, or someone in the control room, did it on purpose

Watching this 9/11 documentary on Court TV

How much longer do you expect AAR to last with it's current management?

Do you believe the WP and its blaming Wilson for Plamegate?

NYT op-ed: Silence in the Streets: Where Have All the Protesters Gone?

Dearest DU,

PG&E asks carmakers to hurry up on plug-in hybrids

Way to Go CA! 49 More States to Go!

Will W honor workers on Labor Day?

Now they're after FITZ: knew about Armitage, but kept case open 2 years

Mexican Lawmakers Blocking Fox's speech (pics)

What is fascism?

Armitage-palooza: WP savages Joe Wilson; next day, NYT shreds Fitz


Would you watch "Death of a President"?

'Real Time w/ Bill Maher' Thread

Yesterday, I Saw What I Think Was An Angel

Radio_Lady Discusses: President Bush 'assassinated' in new TV docudrama

Bill and Hillary

ONLY 401 THANK YOUS??? That is a fucking joke. DU THIS!

Went to a Party and Pissed off the Republicans

ABC's 9/11 Docudrama Blames Clinton and Praises Bush

The Rethuglicans want to play Nazi-ball? Hit them with these FACTS.

If this admin is now making Nazi references, someone MUST

So, was anyone watching Al Franken on Letterman just now? (Fri. 9/1)

I bet Mike Malloy asked for more money because of his lame callers...

Book TV Schedule: September 2nd - 5th

Joe Lieberman's opponent Ned Lamont says....

Last month of the fiscal year - do or die time for Military Recruiters

Paul Wolofowitz

"Block The Vote" supposed to be on PBS tonight; check your

Are liquids still off-limits on airplanes, and has there been any

Blame 9/11 on airlines, Congress, Bush (It's Clinton's fault, more lies)

Frame: Bush mis-understands the enemy!

Pentagon: Cold-blooded carnage soaring in Iraq ("metrics" for progress)

Labor’s election plan: Turn up the turnout! (unprecedented $40 million)

New Questions About Inquiry in C.I.A. Leak

I fell alseep on the job, sorry

He's right, I support the insurgents,,,,

Rumsfeld (a** on the line) writes to Democrats

Vets and Military Families to Welcome Congress Back

My wife is now moving towards 'neutral' on *

Kurdistan president replaces Iraqi flag (seen as move toward self-rule)

TNR issues apology, fires writer for misleading readers

Caught on Tape: A ‘Stay the Course’ Retrospective (video)


Rupert Murdoch's Victims

A Different Face of Iran

Desperate home sellers turning to auctions

AT LONG LAST!!!! Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

Dell Latitude C600 Explodes

Enhanced federal IDs could spark biometrics boom

$100bn later, Star Wars hits its first missile

David Sirota - GOPs Bankruptcy Bill Comes Back to Haunt US Troops


Orphans in Iraq's Storm

Dumb and Rumsfeld

“Opium cultivation in Afghanistan up by more than 40 percent from 2005

Thousands of secular Iraqi Arabs find haven with old foes in Kurdistan

Here's one for all connoisseurs of fine hypocrisy.

CNNMoney: Workers Lose Traction Over Past Ten Years

The Emperor Has Been Exposed, But Not to All, and Not Enough

Batteries that kick in when power goes out

WP: James Lovelock Says This Time We've Pushed the Earth Too Far

Slim chance Hurricane John might bite SoCal.

Kurt Vonnegut's apocalypse

Solar Roof Vents

World's biggest solar electric plant opens in Germany

Defense Dept. Continues to Stall Wind Power Projects

PG&E to Harness People Power to Help Bring Plug-In Hybrids to the Public

Science isn't only Yucca issue

The SolarShuttle: Rain or shine, this boat powers on.

NYT/AP: Indonesia: Baby Boom for Rarest Rhinos

Whistleblower victory for ex-BLM worker at toxic Nevada mine

Editorial: Green alternatives attract big investors (Minn. Star Tribune)

Mass Transit Grows as Commuters’ Trip of Choice - NYT

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria

Attacks on Jews soar since Lebanon

On terrorism, Bush maligns history and our intelligence

Talks under way for Israeli soldier held in Gaza: Mubarak

PA unity government could ask for int'l force

Lebanon: Israel will lift blockade within a week

UN Leader Meets in Ramallah With PA Chairman Abu Mazen

Strong support seen for Palestinian wage strike

9/11 and the Paranormal

How many people worked in the twin towers?

2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11 -NYT

9/02/06: This morning my local paper ran several anti-conspiracy

Theatre text/online book on 9/11: "The Crime of the Millenium"

Coming soon in Sept.: "STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote" by Dorothy Fadiman

WoW- Look at this argument in Nevada - (Angle case using CA-50)

Why Can't We Count?

Please keep this post in GD moving

Freeman and Bleifuss (?) just on C-Span touting their book.

**NOTICE** autorank makes Obrador's homepage!


If you want election fraud & reform related video archived, PLEASE

Nashville's uninformed "move on" editorial to Obrador -- DUers respond

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News: Saturday, September 2, 2006

Houston--Voucher "Hearing" on Wed Sept 6--Leininger at Work--Action Item

So, how're we doin' here in Texas?

National Democratic Message - Who are these people??

Today's menu starts with

Food porn, anyone?

What are you cooking for supper? (9/2)

Former (Israel) security chief urges Iran action ("military option")

Mom gets photos of son missing for 24 years

AP Sunni, Shiite factions carve up Baghdad (UNplanned by US)

Bin Laden manhunt still drawing a blank

1948: Robert Mitchum arrested at 'reefer resort'

Flushing CNN anchor goes on Letterman

AP: ACLU Alleges Sheriff Broke Civil Rights

Iran gets two-week deadline from EU

U.K. police detain 14 in anti-terror raids

Desperate home sellers turning to auctions

Iraq PM to axe four cabinet ministers

Iraq military handover ceremony delayed

Uncovered body may be Colombian warlord

Sarkozy launches into French presidential race

Taliban assassinate Afghan police, battle NATO

UN's Annan in Iran to shore up Lebanon truce

$100bn later, Star Wars hits its first missile

Prime minister vows struggle to liberate Shebaa (Lebanon)

7 suspected Taliban die in Afghanistan

Senate Balance of Power: Minnesota moves to "Leans Democrat"

Pakistan, U.S. navy to stage exercises next week

Iraqis accuse Marines of killing unarmed civilian

Iran warns of oil price hikes

Hamdaniya defendants' words key for prosecutors

Screening Tools Slow to Arrive in U.S. Airports

NYT/AP: Head of TV Watchdog Group (Brent Bozell) Steps Down

US transfers control of notorious Abu Ghraib prison

Shields Says Cruise Has Apologized

LAT: Opposition Dooms Bush Administration Sale of National Forest Land

(PKK) Rebels kill 5 Turkish soldiers

Iran to cooperate on Lebanon truce

CNN: West Virginia tests 9 coal miners' air packs; all fail

2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11 -NYT

Hundreds More AP Test Scores Reported Missing (plus Praxis teacher exams)

Kurdistan president replaces Iraqi flag

14 UK troops die in Afghan crash

Mass. governor says stem-cell research "Orwellian"

Truces fueling resurgence of Taliban, critics say

Asian pilgrims killed as Bush denies civil war in Iraq

NY Daily News: W back to WTC site on Sept. 11

Plane With 29 Aboard Narrowly Misses News Chopper Near LAX

Report Urges F.A.A. to Act Regarding False 9/11 Testimony

Dems charge Bush dragging feet on helping Katrina victims(radio address)

Death Penalty Recommended in Iraq Raid - AP

U.S. official warns on Afghanistan opium ( 90% of global supply)

Bush’s Shift of Tone on Iraq: The Grim Cost of Losing

AP: al-Qaida's Deputy Issues New Videotape

AP: 14 Pilgrims Shot, Killed Near Baghdad

Schwarzenegger Explains Why He Went Green

Mohammed cartoons 'sparked bomb plot'

BBC: Nato plane crashes in Afghanistan

U.S. to test guns on lakes

Lebanon: Arabs urged to break Israeli blockade

Bush: Iraq has not fallen into civil war (radio address)

NATO gives itself six months to tame the Taliban: report

Greens set out to monitor Burning Man festival

Army recommends death for accused GIs

Workers lose traction over past 10 years

Shooting occurs on campus of Shepherd University

Woman in JFK limo during shootings dies (Nellie Connally)

Inclusive debates proposed (Lieberman seeks 5-way events)

Controllers attack FAA over contract

SUVs, trucks stuck on car lots (Watch for incentives in Sept and Oct)

Would you hire me for your sketch comedy show?

You Were Walking and the Earth Fell Down

Aw, fuck it. I'm going to sleep.

can you wiggle?

I think I drew a blank

All my yammering tonight and I've passed 1000 posts.

Extra-butter popcorn w/ lots of transfats. And you?

Why is it so dead in here?

I'm being an attention whore!

Luna Goth

Have you ever seen a Sloth?

what cd are you missing?

An Alaska sunset for you early morning Loungers...

I'm a bit confused about something....could someone answer this?

help me out here

Why do I wake up at 3am, get out of bed, and play on DU until 7am?

THIS is news?

I want to gain some weight and I can't

what's first on your to-do list today?

The new Toto album KICKS ASS.

Dog gets protection order after beating

An Acoustic Version of the song 'Hey Ya'

CAPTION this Jessica Simpson pic.

Web streaming help, please.

Nanci Griffith appreciation thread...

Today is my birthday

What are you smoking?

I got DVD's (not BVD's!) What should I watch??

Now HERE'S a tip!

i feel like listening to the radio now, maybe some chet baker

I finally saw G for Grumpy...

"Would you rather be a swinger, in an open relationship, or polyamorous?"

ENJOY K-Fed's disturbing video for his song "Lose Control"...YEEEA...

My first attempt at playing around with GIMP (photo)...

Oh My God!! Oh My God!! Oh My God!!!

Who knows how to make a great chai latte?

Thought For Today

netscape question about user email

I'm taking applications for honeys...

Whoohoo! Finally here!

Airport body language detectors, or


Just herd Tom Cruise stooped by Brook Shield's house and apologized

It's funny how the use of "The Internets" has caught on as a joke.

Anyone here not drink alcohol at all?

Crosley replica record players--any loungers have one?

Just ignore me, I can take it...................

Vote for your favorite superhero(s)

So, what do you do when you're really fucking angry, but the

Nothing Else Matters

I'm taking applications for homeys :o)

oh idgiehkt well you came and you gave without taking

i'm listening to anne murray, ask me anything!!!

Did anyone else come from a non drinking family?

Three Shakespeares

Who else here loves to get shit-faced drunk every chance they get?

Buffie Johnson had quite the life.

Dog/cat confession

Could someone help me with a photobucket post?

Now This is outside the Box. New Political Ad.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/2/06)

I'm LMAO at the cows parachuting into the football stadium!

Steely Dan: Yes or No?

I don't care what you say, Rick Astley is a good singer ! :ducks::

So I got my voter registration card in the mail today...

Love to love you baby......

So, can I still wear tight pants this weekend?

Bye bye!!!

Need help with a recipe - vegetable yields.

Um... you may want to avoid this movie. It's called "Crossover" and

My professor just asked me to be a student assistant...

So, i can still wear hot pants this weekend

I'm so damn hot.

I bought this at the used record store....

A car mechanic's advice requested please!

Some colleges evicting suicidal students

Ladies and gentlement, I present you mutley_r_us

dammit! i need more boners!!!!

Honda civic ; timing belt question

The Golden Seed

Steven Seagal has never made a bad movie.

Holy Crap! I CAN NOT BELIEVE what I just found.

John beat the hell out of us last night!

Is it a rule at Wrigley Field

Dr. Suess Bible........ KIH.....

Soccer Moms Accused Of Smoking Pot At Kids' Practice

I just got mail addressed to "Jason and Stacie Mylast Hislast."

Your kiss is on my list..........

Does everyone know what a steely nad really is?

so V for Vendetta is on Pay per View. is it really worth watching?

Man lived to 112 on sausage-and-waffles diet

I just didn't think life was supposed to be like this (pic)

I would like to case you were wondering.......

Post a Pic of your favorite team's home field

Mirren's Emmy Crack Draws FCC Complaint

Saturday video: Hot-hot-hot guy washing windows!

Shields Says Cruise Has Apologized

So, can I still wear white pants this weekend?

BREAKING NEWS! This is hugh!!!!!111!1!!

When The Levee Breaks...New Orleans one year ago.....

Oh you've got to love it. You know your vacation is toast when...

The Saturday confessional is open

Help!! My child likes Barney on PBS, and he is only 7 months old........

There's got to be something better than

This is what you find funny

The Sci-Fi channel movie lineup for this weekend

Northeast: Ernesto


Damn, I'm gonna miss Deadwood.

My show is coming on

Birthday Help

from Georgia's instructional modifications for English Language Learners:

If you say "without prejudice" at the top of your email...

Help with car seats for children! We're trying to sell one which was

Federline to star in Entourage

I am F'ing tired of these stupid drug commercials!

I love Super Target.

OK, who is at work besides me, let's hear the anger

Off to walk the beagle

Why I don't believe in God.

Tell us a weird true story (inspired by haruka3_2000)

Does anyone use Bromine?

What do y'all think about juice only diets?

Soup is good food

So what did I miss while my internets were broken?

A Teevee Ad Poll for Men Only

Best music video ever?

cat nap!!

Bored? How about a few porno clips? WARNING: explicit pic

they've just disappeared! ! I want them back ...

Does anyone understand routers who can explain terminology?

Does everyone know what a "steeley dan" really is?

Until last night, I'd never left a concert early

Who do you have a crush on this week?

Do you wear contact lenses?

Anybody here from Longisland? Or more specific from

This is a weird request. If you owned or raised dogs in 1950s or 1960s...

I think we may need a Picture thread :o)

How do you connect to the internet

Is John Travolta one of those Homosexuals?

How do you feel about fraternities and sororities?

Urgent Warning: Code Red

Wharf rat down...

Rumsfeld and his twin (Pic)

Favorite College Football Team

Forrest: Live from Las Vegas!

I need to speak to an engineer with steam experience/knowledge.

Bono rated No. 2 U.S. House babe

Falwell: Attention Virginians (and Americans in Six Other States) …

State agrees to pay Penn Hills schools for Santorum

Dobson to Hold Anti-Gay Rallies In Nashville, Pittsburgh & St. Paul


Liz Greene - does anyone know

A dream I had this AM

Help Me Figure Out this Photo

Kerry/Feingold team up to urge diplomatic efforts in Uganda

Anyone with an account at

This is excellent:

Has anybody heard from RagingInMiami lately?

Florence, Italy-2003

Sometimes you capture something really remarkable

I could have sworn I posted these sunset shots here last night...

First attempt at playing with GIMP

You Were Walking and the Earth Fell Down

War! Torture! Katrina! Theocracy! Thursday, October 5 –

FLASHBACK: 9/2/2005..Chimpolini FINALLY visits Hurricane Corrina area

ANIMATION: How Bush survives without Jeff Gannon

AP: Controllers Fear Fatigue on the Job

Conrad Burns.... just how stupid do you have to be to pull this screwup?

Rosco T..we're beggin' ya

So the media is allowed to talk about 9-11 for next 11 days?

Rumsfeld Family Tie is First Victim of War

Nationwide Action...Sept. 1-3rd! It's all about Freeway Blogging!

Impeachment, conviction, resignation combined of Bush/Cheney.

Americablog: "Bush Iraq Speeches Version 3.0"

How sexually repressed and frustrated are the neo cons?

The Miami Foiled Terror Plot Entrapment HOAX that failed.

DHS fails to spellcheck National Response Plan

For Saturday's mission . . . . . . . . . . . .Go out there and CAPTION!!!!

How stupid is PBS' NOW?

Lee Siegel fired from TNR (hoist by his own sockpuppet)

Did you hear that Republic go off on Rob on WJ CSPAN now about

Ohio Voter-registration rules tossed

September Surprise: Democrats Must Fight and Win On American Security

Coast Guard proposes live gun practice on Great Lakes.

Excuse me, but didn't we support the same people in Afghanistan...

THIS is news?

Pathetic Faux News byline: "Iran Defies UN on Nukes; ...

Is Rightie Radio turning the Franklin coverup into a Clinton Scandal?

LIVE streaming progressive radio on a Saturday AM? Great guests!

Is John Sayle's masterpiece Matewan playing this Labor Day week ?

Rumsfeld "clarifies and expands" recent remarks for the LAT

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - 9/2 Sat. cut/paste rhetoric

Iraqi Casualties Are Up Sharply, Study Finds (Text)

Is Lieberman still leading in CT?

BBC: Latest images show lively Castro

Definition of Crisco-Buschists...

(VIDEO) Get your fresh New Rules right here

Afghanistan's opium production jumps by nearly 50 percent: UN

True or False: We are still looking for Osama

How many 100's a day have to die before they call it a civil war???

Authors of "Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen"

2 U.S. Reports Seek to Counter Conspiracy Theories About 9/11 - NYT

"Bush is Not a Nazi.. so Stop Saying That!" Classic Flash

Bill Clinton

Remember when the debt clock stopped?

Sometimes I believe "they" chose the date 9/11

Iraqi Casualties Increase by 1,000 a Month

A few new avatars for the grabbing: Malloy, Rocky Anderson, Olbermann

My one question about Armitage and Novak

Iraqi Orphans

I'm not pinning all my hopes on this November's election.

Sen. Boxer's Resolution Calling for Rumsfeld to be Replaced

Immigrants 'afraid' to report crimes

Rumsfeld 's new argument -- what is it about video Repukes don't get?

Man lived to 112 on sausage-and-waffles diet

Pincus shows your tax dollars at work, creating "terrorists" to

The War On Freedom

Aaarrh! September 19 be "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

The Legacy of George W Bush ?

AMLO: "to hell with their institutions". FOX at 70% approval.

Rove's Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

half million plus stuffed in Congressional pockets by pharma barons

Question about Keith Olbermann:

Music Row Democrats: "I'm takin' my country back"

Non Sequitur----greeting cards the Kenny Boy series

72 year old freeper busted for crude bridge graffiti

Congressman Conyers:Outrageous ABC/Washington Post Conglomerate

The Pliable George Bush

Viva AMLO! Viva Mexico! 2 Reports from the Front Lines

Have you emailed APM about Marketplace taking the MSM to task?

Looks like Jeffs (polygynist) needs help, and he's going to get it...

Threatener-in-Chief Fails To Follow Through and Deliver

Iraq Solution: Where did this come from?

David Horsey TOON: Is Bush with us or against us?

The pictures of Johnny Gosch. Were they a message?

this is scary stuff, if true... or is this tin foil? Operation Cable

Wow What Is Wrong (Physically) With Ann Coulter?

Tom Frank: "Rooseveltian stemwinder" or push from "much-vilified bloggers"

I have received some weird E-mails, but......

america, a nation of alcoholics

HP doesn't support the troops in Iraq -REVENGE video must see

OMG--* preaching the Golden Rule at some Tennessee campaign event.

Moron Freeptard (I know it's an oxymoron) makes tactical blunder...

Know anything about the movie "Civic Duty?" Starring 6 Feet Under's

The Americans ( A Canadians opinion)

Bush found making it up about Iran muckraking in Iraq

The best little whore house in Texas

Looking for some answers?

Repuke Values: Teaser on AmericaBlog:

Long live George W. Bush

"four big discoveries"

Iran warns of oil price hike if sanctions imposed

It has started... All the remember 9/11

Was Jon Stewart on rerun this week?

Email I Received............ (Pic Heavy)

Meditation in non-violence for today.

Doonesbury today - kings new hat

There will be no winners in the Iraq debacle.

Planning error delays U.S.-Iraq military handover

Police: Smile Sparks Fatal Gunfight

Will Bush Support Death Penalty For Soldiers

if you want to hear what malloy's interim replacement is like..

Lieberman supporter suspended from TNR

Political Blogs Not That Influential?

So why not start up your own DU-centric streaming radio show?

Update at Mike Malloy's website

Knock knock

Merkel overtakes Rice as world's most powerful woman

If anyone wants to watch the entire new Rove (AlQ) propaganda tape

Death Penalty Recommended in Iraq Raid

Are you looking for some streaming radio right now?

msm on plamegate amounts to "victims responsible for their own rapes"

How Can Israel Ignore Over 66 UN Resolutions Regarding It?

What is your experience with the Search function on this board?

Who appointed us to spread Democracy and Freedom?

The price of gas dropped another five cents this morning

Now This is outside the Box. New Political Ad.

We are about to see a real discussion on the Death Penalty

Obrador, now get this, want to stop ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!!!!!

Bush's misdiagnosis

Fr. Greeley: Blame 9/11 on Airlines, Congress, Bush

43% of U.S. poor in "deep" poverty; highest since first statistics in '75

NYT,pg1: Boredom in the West Fuels Binge Drinking

BREAKING NEWS! This is hugh!!!!!111!1!!


This would be a good weekend for some FREEWAY BLOGGING

The real "appeasers"

John Conally's (not Conyer's) wife died? Did I just hear that on CNN?

Sheen wings it as student at Irish college

The CIA Leak Timeline (DNC)

Now that Armitage has been identified as "the leaker", the freepers on my

Howard Zinn: War Is Not A Solution For Terrorism

Air America and New York

The Republican Party stands naked before the world.

Victim Chases Thief, Gives Him Money

The Rude Pundit explains why my Washington Post was unreadable this am.

Our lawmakers should take a cue from the Mexicans

Please talk to folks about the "defense of marriage" amendments

Okay, that Adam Yehiye Gadahn of Zwahari video...I swear we've seen him

Did you see the al quaeda tape with an American convert?

A way to fight Joe Liberman,

Article from The Salt Lake Tribune Re; Rocky Anderson. Interesting

DU this poll

Does anyone have the sound bite of Bush trying to say "totalitarianism"

"More spoilage of lazy teenagers"

Hey I've noticed there's no new Iraq "milestone" before NOV elections,

Could Iraq have been successful if things had been done differently?

Iran hostages 1979?

Impeachment and Removal from Office Article II, Section 4...

GEEZ-This Is The Big Rove Story? His Step-father Was Openly Gay

Just in case you missed it, on the "baby killer" guardsman attacked

Bush* was handed the Hart-Rudman Report on a Silver Platter

DOD reports jump in Iraq sect violence, Bush lies to the public about it

When Is It Important To Speak Up Against An Injustice?

Weather for Southern Decadence is Outstanding

FOX morans have this headline: Bush: Iraq Has Not Falled Into Civil War

Fred McChesney is having some great calls on Malloy firing.

While most of them are a mystery to me, it's no longer complete;

Korean Agent Orange Victims Appeal to Dubba

Democrats should be speakin out about the economy..

(VIDEO) President Gore at the MTV VMAs

Who is Jon Elliott?

Mexican opposition politicians protest in the congress (PHOTO)

Anybody got a remedy for Bushitis?

We believe

Fascist cops and Judges in Steamboat Springs Colo.?

O.K., Has Bill Clinton Said Anything About ABC's Bullshit Movie?

Jim Webb responds to Felix Allen.

Why aren't we calling him "Little Ricky" of the "Republic Party" ??

ONLINE Alternative (ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING) to Air America Radio? Please?

American Corporation SCAM Report Thread: Report Your SCAMS Here >>

A reminder to resist the fear and be a STRONG AMERICAN


Is There Going To Be An Organized "Boycott Of ABC/Path To 9-11"?

Alaska FBI Raid: PLEASE Tell They Found the Hats (Corrupt Bastards Club)

Kucinich travels to the Middle East on a peace mission

Is anyone here catching C-Span right now? Prez Fox is on........

My friend doesn't want to register to vote b/c of jury duty

Ok. we win the senate and win the house. what kind of changes will occur?

What are bush's Top Five Failures?

Malloy nostalgia

American Values

Fascism definition

I will offer Free Copies of my Rove's War film to Joe and Valerie Plame

America: Snap out of your Nine Eleven Stupor.

CHECK OUT MR. FISH THIS WEEK!!! LMAO!!! (Keyboard alert)

Jim Webb (D) Va .Candidate for US Senate...sending son off to Iraq

Today's Candorville toon: WOW! ... simply WOW!

Are you concerned about possible attack soon? (Serious Question.)

"We love the American people. We do not like what your government does."

al-Zawahri issues new videotape

Pics of 9/13/01- Fabulous! Stunning! (posted before?)

From Tasini: Clinton-chasing chicken and other news

On CSpan2 "Lapdogs" (the media rolled over for bush)

I Know This Little Boy In New Orleans

The Demise of the First Amendment and Democracy in the United States

Dear 30% minority...

Keep those Malloy signatures coming...

New book alleges Rove agnostic, step-father gay

"Fair Winds and Following Seas" Lance Corporal Jimmy Webb !

Isn't Vietnam one of the greatest holocausts of our time?

American Progressives Need to Listen to Orbison, Not Policy Wonks

Rent-to-Own Congressmen and predatory lenders...

'Deluded': Extraordinary attack on Blair by Cabinet

Scooter is talking about Mike Malloy on his show NOW!

"I personally know...he took the [just born] child and drowned it"

Fascist slogans for our school children.

Re-Post: Clinton, 9/11, and the Facts

I am a Nazi appeaser….

Could a September 11 type attack have happened on Clinton's watch?

OK... What happened to the Rapture?

Just finished up our first week of homeschooling (through public schools)

NeoCons see the unpopularity of the war a mostly a PR problem

"Never forget 9/11!".....fuck that!

**NOTICE** autorank makes Obrador's homepage!

True or False: bush's grandfather prescott was a Nazi, Fascist Terrorist

Rachel Maddow update from AAR blog (Malloy, Armstrong, changes)

What kind of a peace do I mean, and what kind of a peace do we seek?

Sherole Eaton Pre-Trial Hearing set for Friday

"It Appears Fitz Is On The Verge Of Indicting Cheney & Hadley": L. Johnson

Isn't complaining that you lost a promotion to someone who is bilingual

Kissinger Vs. the 9/11 Families

"Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism." SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson

Who are the real fascists?

Puke Alert --- Freedom Cruise

Rumsfeld targeted in midterm election fight

C-span Washington Journal Thread.

Just heard on NPR re: TX-22 special election

Vid Clip 9/1/05, Bush: "(Nobody) anticipated the breach of the levees"

My prediction: Today's Bush Radio will be about "the lessons of 9/11"

Senate Balance of Power: Minnesota moves to "Leans Democrat"

Kennedy: "staying the course is not a viable option."

"Vets for Freedom" (Bill Kristol & Dan Senor help their pal Joe Lieberman)

Brit Hume connects the dots: "Who Really Ended Valerie Plame's Career?"

Police: Ellen Escapes Injuries in Crash caused by drunk driver

Framing Plame

Why is the GOP the only party using fear? The irony is killing me.

The Cablization of Network News

I learn so much hanging out here at DU.........


NR editor spins poll to falsely claim Americans oppose troop withdrawal

FL-24 Canidate spotlight - Clint Curtis.

WH complains to WPost--WH rejects the label of "stay the course" te he

U.S.: 'bad news' in Afghan drug war

Add tennis fans to Bill O'Reilly's enemy list?

If everyone knew Armitage was the leak in 2003

Bushie amnesia

Conyers: Outrageous ABC/Washington Post Conglomerate

Can it be true? Rove has least political authority since he came to D.C.?

Have any columnists criticized Ann Coulter for "Shot the Wrong Lincoln"

Bush Radio: 9/11, stay the course in Iraq, freedom, critics are wrong...

FDLS has money and votes repug .... watch trailer to

The Political Week in Cartoons

Photos: Bush meets w/ Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints leaders

Save the internet freedoms *URGENT*

Anyone explain How Salt Lake City gave us its progressive mayor.

Does this surprise anyone?

Any organized effort to stop ABC from showing their 9/11 conspiracy movie?

How Obtuse Is the U.S. Press? By Robert Parry

Some unfairness in Maryland Senate race?

When it comes down to Basics: GOP = Short Term gain; Long Term Loss

National Democratic Message - Who are these people??

Bush-backed Pakistani truces leading to Taliban resurgence (unbelievable)

Katherine Harris' Comedy of Errors (via

Republicans: The "Pee Wee Herman" party.

NYT: Rove's Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

LAT: Clinton won over upstate NY, but skepticism abounds elsewhere

when your 9/11 credibility is gone, it's gone ...

Desperate rhetoric of fearful men: a cautionary tale

little Kenny Blackwell smacked down by Ohio judge

CT Repug Chris Shays could lose to Dem Diane Farrell...Shay's Flip Flopped

Prosecutor recommends death penalty for U.S. soldiers

Daniel Schorr drank the Kool-Aid re Plame/Armitage

Has Armitage himself admitted disclosing Plame's identity?

Al Gore At MTV Video Awards 8-31-06

Are There Potential Female Presidential Candidates Other Than Hillary?

(X-post) American Progressives Need to Listen to Orbison, Not Policy Wonks

Friends of Hillary hint she may pull out of presidential race

ABC "docudrama about 9/11 DEBUNKED!

"Joe's Doors and Diners Tour" - Liberman writes me

I disapprove of ALL violence

Greatest speech of the decade: Olbermann, says speech guru

RI SENATE RACE: There's hope in the "Hope" State

JOE BAGEANT: American Liberalism Needs More Roy Orbison,Less Wonk Strategy

Carville is quoted as saying: