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Archives: September 21, 2006

Auntie's Advice to Democratic Candidates

PBS set to reveal 'stealth campaign' to cut healthcare/education

We're Not Going To Iran

Blumenthal: The torture battle royal (* vs Military)

One Day After Complete Exoneration, Maher Arar Yet to Receive Apology From

TIME: The Devil and Hugo Chavez

10 Reasons Why Cars Suck (Mickey Z.)

The Politics and Promise of Stem-Cell Research (New Eng Journ Medicine)

A Visionary for Senate? (The Nation)

Getting closer to Uncle Sam

Appears $12k Prius PHEV is only conv - do it yourself for 5k is not here

California sues carmakers over global warming

Lebanese PM writes to Annan on Israeli mines maps

UNIFIL still waiting for Israel to present timetable for Lebanon pullout


Quartet Decides to Increase Pressure on Israel

Security Council's Lebanon resolution must be carried out, Israeli foreign

Article: "Who Is Osama?" Even NON-OCT'ers will like the info in it.

9/11 Live or Fabricated: the NORAD Tapes.

Analysis of UAL FL 175 & WTC2 (read this before the OCT'ers do)

Secret Software Between Voters And Election Outcome,Destroying US

A thread should now be "What if "? Neocons at the Rubicon!

Be Here Now

The long road to Toronto via Grise Fiord

Prime Minister questioned over comments

Ten Point Lead for Conservatives in Canada

Mexico is haven for U.S. pedophile priests: group

Total's Oil Field Comes Under Review

Abramoff-linked duo visited White House dozens of times (AP/CNN)

Bush at 37% in new CBS/New York Times poll

Stewards responsible for British Airways wildcat strike receive "hush mone

GAO Report: VA Underestimated Care Costs

AFL-CIO promises biggest get out the vote effort (12.4 million union voter

NYT: Only 25% in Poll Voice Approval of the Congress(Bush at 37%-no bump)

Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees’ Access to Courts (NYT)

Insurgency Gains Alarming Support Among Iraq's Sunni Muslims

Owners to plead no contest in club fire deaths (RI - 100 Died in Fire)

CNN/AP: Fence proposal marks death of immigration reform

Stem Cell Experiments Slow Vision Loss in Rats

UK soldier 'enjoyed' Iraqis' pain

9/11 workers to be autopsied when they die

U.S. study finds fear on-off switch in brain

UN: Nearly 6,600 Iraqi civilians killed in July, August

Dobson preaches mixed message (Criticizes GOP but Re-elect Them)

Laura Bush plays key role at Bill Clinton's summit

Chemical Plant Security Debate Focus on Strictness of Rules: GOPers object

'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia

Measures Seek to Restrict Detainees’ Access to Courts

Suits Say U.S. Impeded Audits for Oil Leases: Rebellion by investigators

Time to build bridges, not burn them: Musharraf

Pentagon to release report on Sept. 11 claims

Torture rampant in Iraqi prisons, streets, UN says

At least 120 nabbed in immigration raid (Building Military Housing)

WP: Ehrlich Wants Paper Ballots For Nov. Vote (MD)

Thailand's ousted PM's letter to Bush released

Poll Finds Most Americans Displeased With Congress

Florida Republican raises money for Lieberman

Evidence Missing in Karr Child Porn Case

Ahmadinejad defends suicide bombers

U.S. to put high-tech towers along borders: report

LAT: Poll: Democrats Lead, but Bush Popularity Rises (Bloomberg)

CIA ‘refused to operate’ secret jails

Anyone else feel lonely, but having a perfect moment anyway?

i was SUPPOSED to go on vacation tomorrow but...

Post Something

Thunder rumbles on the other side of my window,

let's try it - Hampster Dance!

Economic Report: NYC considers rewarding poor for making healthy decisions

Think I'm weird? Go ahead.

No Arms Tom Petty

ok, wtf is wrong here

Any other R. L. Burnside fans out there? Tojo Told Hitler is my favorite

Well, the tests are in. I do, indeed, have a case of the Rabrrrrrrs. Damn.

Say Something.

Kidnapped...... WOW!!!!!!

Librarians and other MLIS students

Do you project or reflect life?

I *heart* my geek.....

Neil Young releases another video from "Living with the War" (link)

I just learned something very important on Fox 5 news.

Okay, folks, what drink are you gonna serve me?

i voted for kiLLer coke yesterday

I found out the damage estimate today for my deer vs. car incident.

1 toasted laptop

I just stepped in something,I have to scrape off my shoe.


I heard this song "Punk Rocker" by the band "The Teddy Bears"

Where Would You Rather Live

Worst. Bumper. Sticker. Ever.


Joan Jett is so fucking hott.

I'm doing an "Arrested Development" marathon tonight, ask me anything!

Damn, it seems like life is pummeling the lounge tonight.

Life is

One bad thing about running around larger cities with a 50cc scooter:

Love is

Well, the tests are in. I do, indeed, have a case of the rabies. Damn.

I am having the tastiest wine

Pete Rose selling autographed "I'm Sorry" baseballs for $299

Note to ESPN & FSN...we don't give a flying *** about A-Rod...

So I saw the College Republicans booth today in the main student building

What are the most beautiful LYRICS ever written?

New Terrifying TV Show....

This protest song still gives me chills.

I feel really unmotivated tonight.

I think I'm developing a crush on Sarah Vowell.

My favorite raw food is

What do you wear to work?

Bloody hell! WHAT is this bug?!

Today I felt as though I was in charge of my life.........

Man, I feel like crap, I'm so weak I can barely type out this post...

watching new L&O episodes = Mariska Hargitay fans check in here...

Joan Jett is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Tonight.

Does anyone know when the new season of 24 starts?


The 6 - 9 PM Crash of Air American Radio! At least, in Portland, OR...

John Zorn is a fucking GENIUS, man...

Who do you want to hug tonight? (A thread for the living)

I just got off the phone with GoddessofGuinness...

Al-Anon. (Not AA, Al-Anon) worth a try? Anyone done it?

If you want the best tastin chille in the world...

of all the crap George Lucas has churned out, how come there's never been

Best prescription drug?

Favorite Real Genius quote?

I'm in the early planning stages of opening a non-profit ed center (LONG)

How do you pronounce the present participial suffix "ing"?

My cat is lying in the threshold so I can't close my door.

What is wrong with me? I'm ready to explode at anything

George W. Bush And The Anti Sex League

Speaking of Torture - The Christianising of Europe

Apparently, the IRS is going after a liberal church...

Tie Domi has dropped his gloves for good.

A-Rod kinda nuked himself, I think.

Yankees Clinch

Joey Porter's (Steelers LB) dogs get loose, kill miniature horse

Important news for Manifestation Group...please read...!

Does this sound familiar?

Discount shopping in Alaska -- ;-)

So, are point & shoot users allowed in this joint?

Dog in a diaper

Has KO lost, or gained, any advertisers since his commentaries?

We are the torturers... Apologies to Queen

Repukelican *trademark*: BLAME SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

Keep the Focus on Iraq. Keep the Focus on Iraq. Keep the Focus on Iraq.

We're famous!!! RW blogosphere is equating DU with Chavez!

Torture R U.S.!

(PHOTO) The Independent devotes tomorrow's issue to Aids/Africa

Burns, Frist, Santorum Top List of Corrupt Pols...

Did I just see a Webb v.Tweety smackdown ?

Note to media: Chavez is NOT A DICTATOR

Mr. and Mrs. Wright:

Blitzer failed to note contradiction in Bush assertion that he "[a]bsolute

KO just reported that Red Cross will interview new Gitmo detainees

some Repug saying the SC interjected themselves into the torture debate

Why are poopy pants' interviews these days done standing up?

President Clinton on Larry King. Now. Live.

What did Keith mean when he told Scarborough that since it..

Well, well, well, lookie at what I dug up (RAND corp and Homeland....)

GOP Leader Threatens Lobbyists

Want to vote? Passport, please.

Olbermann:Chavez gets bronze medal - worst person in the world

Joe Lieberman's manufactured campaign appearances

Fundie History re-writing contest.....

The Difference Between Olberman and the Rest

DU this poll on Iraq

I think we all agree Katie Couric can't anchor the CBS Evening News.

both Bush AND McCain versions SUBPEND Habeas Corpus.

Bill Clinton on Larry King Live Right Now n/t

I Found A Candle In The Darkness

Hugo Book Club: Chomsky's book went on amazon rank from 160,000 to 169

"United Professionals" seeks to protect the middle class.

Christians join Muslims in Iraq in denouncing violence

If Kinky Friendman starts beating Chris Bell in the polls...

Thirty-Something Work Group on the House floor now!

So Far, 2 Interviews W/Bill Clinton, & No Questions on PT-911

'This is absurd' Enjoy !

SAVAK, Iran, the CIA and Mossad

Five years. Countless prayers. No attacks. But will it last?

An assortment of TOONS from Cagle website (dialup warning)

Dateline Sex Stings. Sensationalism or Public Service?

Stephen Baldwin's been smoking bad dope.

Abramoff-linked duo visited White House dozens of times...

A RW'er is 'sanitizing' a political connections site

Public kept in dark as business CEOs talks about N. American integration

Gas price me on this one - was I dreaming?

Ideals and Realities Clash In Bush 'Freedom Agenda'

Did anyone hear Bill "The Gambler" Bennett's radio show this morning?

Insurgency Gains Alarming Support Among Iraq's Sunni Muslims

Trish Regan, Katie Couric, and other propaganda tools

March 20, 2003 IRAQ

TONIGHT!! Anderson Cooper to interview Iranian president

Gannon/Guckert Canned by Washington Blade (TPM & fishbowl DC)

O.K. so chavez shat on Shrub (good) and called him "devil" (good) and

Just Got Home From Work Edition: So... George Allen Is Jewish ???

WaPo - Gov. Ehrlich: Use Paper Ballots for Nov. Election

Advocates push for higher National Guard profile at Pentagon

McAuliffe tells friends will chair Hillary presidential campaign

Weird stuff in florida beachsand

I agree with sex selection screening at fertility clinics

My response to RWer LTTE in local paper re: macaca

Debate Over Security for Chemical Plants Focuses on How Strict

It cost $13 less to fill up my car--I should be ecstatic but I'm not

You'd think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the RW'ers would get along

My Wish

Peter Werbe now debunking myths about Venezuelan press

Burns, Frist, Santorum Top List of Corrupt Pols - Murtha on it too!

Complete BS on CNN - spinning the poll numbers...

The Dixie Chicks upsets Texas again

DU Old-Timers: A Question

Suspend habeas corpus?!! Time to gather at Runnymeade once again

Bush on Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot...more Repub Political Bullsh*t...

Question about the Olbermann show....

The Repukes who DEFINITELY aren't coming back to Congress next year

I was watching Apocalypse Now for the first time in a few years...

Barbaro--more good news!

Please DU this poll on the minimum wage

GAO: Bush's Health Savings Accounts help the rich, screw the sick

Judge Voids Bush Policy on National Forest Roads

FoxNews just called for a boycott of Citgo gas.

Mike Malloy Update

Russia cancels permit for Shell's giant Sakhalin-2 fields. Let's Invade!

Hey look! A camera that makes you lose weight!

I Still Have The Freedom To

Bush is throwing dust in your eyes as regards Article 3 of the Geneva Conv

What the fuck?

Check it out, just because --------->

Time to rerun Jeff Cohen's column debunking rightwing Chavez myths

Fantasy Colbert Scoring

The Next Causality In The "War on Terror": Your Internet privacy.

US Wounded in Iraq has Reached Twenty Thousand

Bill O'lielly just called another man creepy....

All Middle East Troops Out of America, Now!

Chavez's plug pushes Chomsky's 2-year-old book to #8 on

Bush Crime Family Flow Chart --->

Worldwide war over religion

Chavez is a raving lunatic...says Limpballs

Tighter Borders and Tougher Laws Make Good Citizens

Breaking: The Bush regime DIDN'T lie about something

Bad news in two places today

Bush takes honours in World Stupidity Awards

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy Wednesday Night, Best of

Jane Hamsher (firedoglake) on Countdown!

New Documents Show Whitman Lied About Ground Zero Danger

"repeated purveyor of offensive rhetoric"

There is a pink elephant in the living room re Islam and Christianity

I NEED DONATIONS! (Not cash, food or goods... Just your soul)

6600 civilians killed in Iraq in two months


Heads up! Coolest web surfing tool yet!

Great military debacles in world history: Is Iraq 2003 the biggest?

before you enlist-- an excellent antiwar video....

Ann Coulter has been found to be a prime source of erectile dysfunction

Why do I keep seeing DUers use the phrase "poor form"

Man Charged With Faking Son's Illness.. (This guy's something else)

Ok, I have to share this gross piece, because I find it funny.

Midweek Toons

You know, just by watching Rove in the last six years

How do people ignore the deaths of soldiers in the news?

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

U.S. warns of increased violence in Iraq

Do you project or reflect life?

Russia says yes to world dictatorship

What will the October Surprise be?

Chavez Address to the United Nations

"Lil' Bush" - Animated Cartoon Series

Bush is NOT Lincoln

What I would say to Freeps about Chavez's "Devil" comment about Bush

Was Hugo Chavez Correct About The Devil Goin Down To 46th Street !!!

ENRON's Skilling arrested, accused of public intoxication (again)

Dear Darth Dicky...

Rudepundit: Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-Tzu

Who should Hillary torture first with her unitary executive power?

California DUers: Where do you stand on Prop. 86?

Chavez/Ahmedinijad are right on one thing despite their domestic policies

Graphic suggestion for CBS News with Katie Couric

Who will be our YOPP?

Frank Rich's New Book: "Why We Are Really In Iraq" (To Win Midterms?)

why is the corporate media calling the iranian president, as well as hugo

Senate Democrats plan probes into Iraq war

National Conference for Media Reform

Tom Toles nails it again

DU this Dixie Chicks poll!!


Illegal to boat on navigatable wasters in US now?? WTF??

Introducing/Redux: DU's Keith Olbermann Group, Est: 3-7-05

"Google" Your Voter Registration at! You gotta see this! E-FRAUD

Please Help Children with Diabetes

Drive out Bush regime, full page ad in USA today.

TN Ford Opponent Corker Used Office to Make $4.66mil -LINK

Judge Orders More Gitmo Papers Unsealed

This is just psycho

I like Hugo Chavez

Please head is ready to explode

Chavez's "devil" comment was...

DNC: WH Release of S.S. Records Of Visits By Abramoff Cronies Not Complete

The Death Of America

Chavez is not a dictator.

Suppose we win control of Congress, and impeach Bush - what then?

P Diddy on Bush: "It's like my man has no marbles up there "

an empty light bulb box on my porch (and I am grandpa now too!)

Colin Powell's revenge

I can't stand "Sports Coverage" of Political Events and our Democracy..

What happens if Bush really is the Devil?

Karl Rove Promises October Surprise

Bill Clinton says Pres is a nice guy.

Please DU this totally freeped poll

Note To DU: Chavez Is NOT A "Good Guy". Just Cause He Bashes Bush

37% Bush Approval - Times/CBS News poll

Suggest Jeff Cohen as a host of "The Real News"

NYT editorial: Cornerstone of GOP election strategy is voter suppression

California sues automakers for global warming damages

Where ARE the ANSWERS, the GOOD IDEAS?? Bush/GOP has hidden them

Robert Parry: 'The Bushes & the Truth About Iran'

Labour's Online Bookstore

So why did this administration put Republican toadies in charge

Bush flip flops (read: lies) on bin Laden and Pakistan

GAO report shows massive shortfalls Nicholson lied to Congress

I suppose I upset a freeper

Jane Hamsher from Firedoglake on Countdown- Wow

Watching Hannity & Colmes on the U.N.

Wrong question: Did Bush authorized torture?

Who voted to Shield Bush from War Crimes? Anyone got a list?

Watching CNN interview with Iran P.M.

Please help me rebut this email

Washington Blade Parts Ways With Jeff Gannon

House Passes Voter ID Bill - H.R. 4844

The Photo of Frist on this page is a riot!

Senate set to consider fence bill

This anti-Santorum ad is great!

Sharpton's got a gift

How I think we should play Ahmadinejad and Chavez

Big Dog on Larry King...

CBS/New York Times calls Gallup a bunch of liars...

Need instrumental song suggestion for Blackwell Flash movie...

Arizona Sheriff At Odds With Bush On Border Issues

Could someone like Russ Feingold put a secret hold on all this legislation

Red State-The Movie

Republican voters in our area puzzle me?

To Tweety: SULPHUR = HELL, not FARTS

New CBS/NYT Poll: Bush At 37% Approval - Dems Lead Repubs 50 - 35

This "Devil" thing will help Bushco & Repubs

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad DOESN'T SEEM CRAZY

I really, really feel sorry for George H. W. Bush!

This is how to deal with a stolen election

Mean Jean Schmidt in trouble

Felix Allen: "I still had a ham sandwich for lunch."

Unity 08 plan concerns me. My suspicions about it.

Reflections On Our Inner Bush: Corporate Monkeys In Our National House Of

'Between his smirk and his snarl, there wasn't much to like."

US troops in Iraq are Tehran's 'hostages'

A review of Godless: The Church of Liberalism

The Threat Is from Those Who Accept Climate Change, Not Those Who Deny It

Violence erupts in Hungary as country plunges into moral crisis

Reclaiming The Issues: "Keep George Out Of Jail"

The Bush family and the truth about Iran....

Bush protesters picket the chimps visit to Tampa

David Broder: Independence Days

Forgive a newbie question about columns, but

The tidal wave heading straight for the hall of mirrors

Bush wants a bloodbath in Baghdad


Molly Ivins (Truthdig): A Tortured Debate

Ending the dollar's tyranny

Knickmeyer from Iraq: 'Some of Us Here Actually Get Out Quite a Lot'

Five Years Later: the official story falls apart so we can....

Bush: Ignoring the Greatest Threat of All! Bush Supporters: Don’t Notice

Ahmadinejad takes center stage


"Habeas corpus (literally “produce the body”) is a legal proceeding ..."

LAT: No One Dares to Help ...."wounded die alone on Baghdad's streets"

Into Pyramid’s Shadow: At War with Ourselves (Manuel Valenzuela)

Papers Show Bush Allies' Inside Access

The deadly hole in global security - Óscar Arias

NYT editorial slams voter suppression and electronic voting

WP: Bush's "freedom agenda" is selective

Why We Are Really in Iraq (Review of Frank Rich's new book)

From Fannie Mae: latest ARMs to reset

Foreclosures spiked in August

Master illusionists manipulate investor mindsets - MarketWatch

Soft market teaches flippers an ever-so-humble lesson

Budget question -- Medicare prescription drug

Stunning Satellite Image Of Collapsing Arctic Sea Ice Pack - MSNBC

Gentlemen, stop your engines

Heat Pump Question

Oil Royalties Talks Under Way

does anyone have objective info on how far electricity can be "shipped"?

Saudis Worried That Oil May Become "Victim" Of Environmental Policy - AFP

$20 Billion Bailout For Detroit Due In Congress Next Week - Reuters

Giant Garbage Rafts Piling Up Behind 3 Gorges Dam- - 200K M3 - AFP

Laura Bush and " Play Pumps"

Termites Could Eat into Oil's Bottom Line

Head Of Shell Oil - "Linkage" Exists Between GHGs, Climate Change

New Bush Climate Plan! Lots Of Research, Voluntary Actions! WP

Ban on New Forest Roads Upheld by Federal Judge

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Report to the Senate

Livni rejects Palestinian right to return

The legal status of fighters

Olmert, Peretz ratings hit new low

Government issues tenders for 164 new homes in the West Bank

Lahoud: It is time for Israel to abide by all UN resolutions

IDF reservists heckle PM during speech, call on him to resign

Israel mum on Hezbollah leader as target at rally

Woman leaders at UN call for renewed Israeli-Palestinian talks

loose change is so 2005

9/11 was...

Hopsicker: Close Associate of Mohamed Atta Surfaces in South Pacific

i will never forget nine eleven, so many facts staring us all straight in

Dear President Hugo Chavez.

Holes in MIHOP

9/11 Graphic Novel - The Real Version

Free DVD! Lou Dobbs: Democracy at Risk - copy and share this!

Colorado Election Lawsuit --Rocky Mountain News article

Breaking Election News in Missouri

WHO is David E. Johnson? And HOW is he gaming the Polls?

Maryland governor rejects Diebold, wants paper in November


New RFK Rolling Stone article now live: Will the Next Election be Hacked?

Repair the problems with Ohio’s elections systems, says renewed NVRI claim

Important Election Integrity Media Event - TONIGHT! - GD Thread Needs Help

Today's article about CO Election Court Case

Voting rights groups sue Ohio officials including Sec of State Blackwell

Here's an entertaining find - Maryland's plan to sell DRE's to public and

ER ACTIVISTS: Here's an opportunity to educate, inform and fund-raise

Nassau County, NY to hold Voting Machine Demonstration on 9/25

NYT editorial slams voter suppression and electronic voting


CBC: What does Canada's foreign aid buy? That's private.

Harper: "I don't really accept that Canadians are opposed to the mission"

Musharraf steps up war of words with Karzai over Taliban militia

One Day After Complete Exoneration, Maher Arar Yet to Receive Apology From

White House logs show GOP activists’ access

NHS staff prepare for strike over privatisation

Strayhorn ads take aim at Perry fund, lobbyists

Intelligent design OK for science class, DeVos (Amway) says

Hip Hop Caucus to Protest at the White House

Live on CNN: Shuttle Atlantis lands safely in Florida

Pentagon to release report on September 11 claims

Pentagon ordered to identify detainee abuse cases

NYT/Reuters: Yahoo, Al Gore's Current TV Unveil New Video Service

U.N.: Iraq civilian deaths hit a record

Iraqi Shi'ites demand release of Sadr aide

Former Sen. Edwards Tells Continental Airlines Management Not to Interfere

Italy Ends Military Role in Iraq, Says `Mission Accomplished'

Italians Arrested In Phone-tapping Inquiry

U.N. experts to renew call for U.S. to close Guantanamo

October surprise

Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval

NYT/AP: TV Ads Fail to Move Penn. Voters in Poll

Poll: A Split On Confronting Terrorism (CBS-NYT)

ABC: U.N. says Iraq deadlier, Italians pull out

WP, pg1: Boeing Wins Deal For Border Security

US, Iraqi forces arrest Sadr aides in holy city

Turkey to aid Iraqi Kurds in civil war

Pet Protection (Hurricane Katrina) Bill Sent to Bush

Child porn case against Karr hits a snag

Mockumentary based on Amway makes comeback (Payback time)

Bill Clinton: U.S. Should Talk to Iran

Thai army bans political meetings

'A Changed' Fastow Requests Leniency for His Role at Enron --WaPo

A New Face for Islam in North America

Wal-Mart cuts generic drug prices to $4 in Florida

N.M. Paper Receives Threat Letter: Random Shootings to Start Friday?

Branson bets billions to curb global warming (at Clinton's Conference)

New weapons from Iran turning up on Mideast battlefields: Abizaid

Pentagon to release report on Sept. 11 claims

US Attorney-General got it wrong (re: Arar case)

GOP fliers misstate the facts about Wetterling's voting history

CNN Money: Philly Fed points to stalling economy

Moyer joins Al Gore's crusade

Democrats to issue Medicare drug report

Arar wants off (U.S. government's border watch list)

States say new IDs could cost billions

Former Enron CEO arrested in Dallas

5 Ex-Joint Chiefs Oppose Bush Detainee Effort

Outspoken Kan. state lawmaker (Kay O'Connor) to retire

UN rights envoys condemn Bush plan on interrogation

HUD staff told to favor allies

Newsmax - Karl Rove Promises October Surprise to help win Election

Judge hands Libby defense initial win

Taliban strength in southern Afghanistan surprised US general

Ricketts (R Senate candidate Ne.) digs deeper into wallet ($9.6 million)

AP: FBI Agents Raid Cook County Office

Assad: War with Israel a possibility

USS Pueblo crew blunt about terror debate

U.N. expert: Iraq torture may be worse (than under Saddam)

GOP hopeful: Blackwell made 'mistake'


Rebuilding of WTC gets final approval

Ex-Inmate Says Pirro Ignored DNA Evidence That Freed Him

Is anyone else outraged by Bush's "statement on terror deal"?

Top Republican aids Lieberman fundraiser (Mel Sembler)

Where is the real threat to civil liberties here?

Democrats Warn Chavez: Don't Bash Bush (Charlie Rangel)

Fire Forces Evacuations of Downtown Philadelphia

Looks like Congress has caved again

Walmart To Offer Generic Drugs for $4

Black Republicans Run Racially Tinged Ad

Justice Department: Green transfers illegal (WI)

Bush, GOP rebels agree on detainee bill

Iraqi Kurds ready to share revenue from oilfields

AP: Katrina Doctor Says She's Not A Murderer

Ex-Enron CEO Skilling Arrested for Public Intoxication

Pentagon moves to second-stage planning for Iran strike

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 21

Polish coalition collapses, early polls loom

NBC: Bush and McCain reach deal on enemy combatant tribunals

NSA Whistle-blower Says He Has Lost His Livelihood

Court rules teachers in Tokyo don't have to stand up for national flag

Mandatory HIV Testing (CDC pushing for all Americans 13-84)

Army Meets Recruiting Goal

Pentagon: Able Danger couldn't stop 9/11

Sen. Warner target of religious campaign

House passes bill to drug test some welfare recipients

Branson Pledges $3 Billion to Combat Global Warming: Credits Al Gore

Project 21:Senator Allen's National Heritage Area Threatens to Disproporti

Teens say suspect their pimp:Expert says up to 600 children work city stre

Casey: Iraq war becoming internal fight

U-N speech gives boost to sales of Noam Chomsky book

Deployment Math Tests the Military

Chavez targets President Bush again, calls him 'alcoholic,' 'sick man'

Black Republicans run radio ad in Maryland alleging that Democrats started

WP,pg1: Senator Allen's Mother Revealed Jewish Heritage to Him Last Month

League (of Women Voters) Denounces Passage of Voter ID Legislation

Court says libraries can bar worship

Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval

Indonesia executes Christian militants

Democrats Sit Out Detainee Debate

Chavez Inagurates Oil Program In Harlem

Aborigines given ownership of Perth by judge (Australia)

Fitzgerald given way out of Libby CIA leak case

Bush on Democrats: 'They will raise your taxes'

BBC: Failed Amman hotel bomber to hang

REUTERS: U.S. threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11: Musharraf

Magazine requested 'photogenic' war widows

WP: Senators Criticize Regulators Over New Mortgages

CNNMoney: Generic drugs getting cheaper at Wal-Mart

MSNBC: Tax credits on Toyota hybrids being halved

Leading Bush critic at home calls Chavez a "thug"

Iran could cut West's oil supplies in event of war, warns American chief

How frikkin' COLD is it where you are?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/21/06)

Don't forget! It's your last chance to meet MissHoneychurch in the USA ~


Congratulations DeepModem Mom!! 20,000 posts

Happy birthday acmavm & bikebloke!!

Ex-Cat Stevens to release first album in years


I don't want to leave the U.S.

Yale University to post courses on Web for free

Do you remember...

I feel kind of sad and soulless tonight.

I'm sorta writing a book..

best way to travel through DC to Baltimore at 5:30am?

I just wandered into GD by accident

quick html question: how do you create that gray box around text?

The bug line forms here. (lame copycat)

What would you do for $20?

Less than a month into the semester, I've already become nocturnal

It's 7:00 a.m. & I haven't been to bed yet. What's wrong with me?

just spent a WEEK writing a web page and it's GONE!

Quick cleanse me...I went into GD again

Etiquette Question - Please help!!!

Man's Lost Garden Gnome Attends Steelers Game

DUers are allowed to "go commando", but they are required to favor

i'd like to leave the U.S.


What did you think of Chavez's remarks yesterday about Bushie-boy?

Wow, I'm famous Iain Anderson just read my email

MrG took the job!

Shit Shit Shit Shit! I had a good job opportunity lined up and won't work.

Grey's Anatomy Tonight!

Birds, clouds,a flower,a lama , and a butterfly

Need help on prescription drug price comparisons by store.

And I know..

Where To Put The Big Wall

I'm so bored...

I posted this in GD and they didn't care. Maybe you guys will.


When you speak to people and they don't speak back,

Screen shot question.

The U.S doesn't want MissHC to leave!

It's a warm beautiful morning here in Tallinn Estonia...

i wonder how this charted

How Much Money Do You Make Pooping At Work?

So one day at Jesus Camp I ____________________________



what are you least able to tolerate?

Am I the only one who didn't know that Mariska Hargitay's mom.....

Matcom News Update: 1st Graders Suspension For Squirt Gun OVERTURNED

Speaking of which... "Man's buttocks provide him with a new tongue"

Season premiere of My Name is Earl tonight...

I am really trying to be good this morning

Allrighty campers, what's your favorite camp?

someone kill me

OMG! They're all bushbots!

This Homeworld fan thinks Battlestar Galactica is pretty cool.

The hug line forms here.

From Dwight Schrute's Blog

What are some GOOD groups cutting albums now?

does anyone think your ancestors can leave cultural residues deep within

this is the right wing talking point thread

How long have you worked for your current employer?

This is Venus here . . .

Where the *#$& was Project Runway last night?

This is the earth here...

I am really trying to be bad this morning.

This is Pluto here....

Goddamn, but this Costco coffee is GOOD

I'm just glad no one is starting a trite "This is Uranus here" thread.

Anyone else having trouble accessing

"The Devil Went Down to the UN"

Youtube: Mozart's 40 Symphony played with rollerblades & wine bottles


Bored, I'm god

craigslist hooker bust

I'm bored god.

Nice city architecture site.

i did it aww by mysef

Look what I did!

how can anyone be bored

Murderer Tells Victims' Families To "Get Over It"

You know, I know it's basically prescription Aleve...

Want to hear the latest "Rant from the 'Cube Farm'"?

Tickle Me Elmo .. new and improved

English Wiki has 1.4 million articles; Italian Wiki has less than 200k

Ben & Jerry's customers nominate new flavors

GD is a pit of despair for me today...

My dogs are bored.

I am 13 away from 7000 post ..ask me almost anything :)

Two cool sightings during my commute

I was *that* person today. My phone rang in class.

Michael Jackson to build a Leprechaun Themepark in Ireland

spotted this the other about arrogant




you better be careful

Post a Terrible Music Video

Holy crap, I hate powerpoint


The Best of Borat--prepare to laugh your butt off




Oompa Loompa

Oi Vey!

Monitor Lizard Poll:


Is proven a word or is there something wrong with spell check


"Shake Some Action"- Chris Wilson (Flamin' Groovies)




What the fuck? I leave to buy cigs & the lounge gets taken over by "O"s.



When did turn signals become the sign for "Drive like a Speed Demon"

Six Flags Amusement Park - Eat Live Cockroach And Cut In Line For Rides

It's all about the O

TOO FUNNY FOR GD! The Land BEFORE computers!

My boyfriend just said he likes listening to me talk...


A thing of interest to petrol heads

Thomcat is the sweetest person ever!

Learning numbers the LSD way (circa 1969)

Monitor poll

Orgasm Addict.

That killer Hipster look (and no single word subject line starting w/"O")


Melodrama---where would we be without it today?

Ouch!! I just got a splinter under my fingernail!!

Ola Ray!



we havnt had a cat picture thread in a while


my first patriotic thread

Reporting back after last night's Dixie Chicks/Storytellers taping

A thing of interest to baseheads


The "Customize My Forums" page has been updated

I went to the mall to buy one shirt and ended up buying 5...Damn you mall!

we havnt had a puppy picture thread in a while

public service announcement

Scooter, my dog, is 5 years old today

Oooohhhh nooooOOO Mr Bill

Sure hope I don't break the "Hide Thread" feature

Kate Moennig is on Law & Order right now. *swoon*

Today is International Peace Day 9-21

Roger Waters on Bush?

creepy guys need love too!

People smile

I'm feeling really cynical and negative lately

I just tried to take a crap.

10 ways Dick Cheney can kill you

Blaaga blagaaa blahhhaaahhhhgggaaa

Cat & Bunny Picture Thread! *dial-up warning*

The Office premieres tonight!

CAPTION this pic of Bush and Condi!

da-da-da da-da-da Em-mo Weirrrrrr

Eggs or egg beaters?


Post your favorite expletive.

I have no backbone.

Suspicious quiet in the kitchen; look what I found...

What Will You Do During DU's "Get Down Time".

Anybody Hear Howard Stern Today?

How did nine threads end up in my "Hidden Threads" list?

The cat's sneezing, maybe even coughing. What's up with that?

There is a polar bear trying to talk on TV


What Will You Do During DU's "Down Time"?

I saw my neighbor get arrested yesterday.

God, I'm bored

County Supervisor Calls Cops After Getting Stiffed By Hooker - He Resigned

Did you see "Friends With Money"?

Is Your Betty Ready?

Third grade test -- can you pass?

Hello. I'm a 'Murkin and I MATTER.

Pardon me, young man, what the fuck are you doing in my back yard?

So how's your day going?

The Loss Of A Sibling....The Pain Is Acute And Overwhelming

Which film sucks less?

I just tried to take a nap.

Today in music history 9-21

we just turned on the furnace for the first time

The haruka3_2000 appreciation thread

I'm curious...Do you LOOK at the tissue ...

I think I'm nursing a broken heart.


It's been a while. Ask me anything about medieval arms and armor!

Help me plan my trip to NYC!!

Hey - parents of kids going off to college for the first time

What does an Agnostic, Dyslexic, Insomniac do?



The house is so empty.

Favorite variety of APPLE

Pimp my Ford Probe! What's the most pointless tricked-out car you've seen

Ole ole - ole ole Feeling hot hot hot!

self delete







Oil of Olay!

I love NewWaveChick1981!

Why are YOU leaving DU? (just for laughs, please)


I have to work with Mr. Creepy tonight. Send me good vibes.

I am losing my rights at work, why do corporations want sheep?

Parents/others: Any good books for young kids about religions/beliefs?

I lost 3 lbs.

Does Your Kitty Cat Lose His Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight?

So, what's the strangest song you've ever heard?

New Bill Would Defend Marriage From Sharks

Wanted to see Hollywoodland, Black Dahlia & All Kings Men but I read the

Anybody Else Allergic to Perfume? Does it Make You Sick?

Oh wow I wrapped part of the lawn mower around a light post

Have been rewatching Buffy: TVS Season 7 dvd the past few days

Anybody watch Dr. Phil today? (Aggressive Christianity Mission Training)

It seems to me ...

Channel 4 crucifies human corpse

Question regarding Christian denominations (UCC in particular)

What are the limits to rationality?

Martin Amis with Bill Moyers on Islamism

Osteopathy may reduce tension headache frequency

Is there a Scientific basis for discarding “Cryonics”?

Safe Schools NC may close, please help

9 DADT Protestors Arrested In N.C.

Allegations Mount Against Lesbian Fire Chief

Straight talk about SW Kansas gays

Pope Benedict XVI making more friends...NOT

Woman claims ex-boss described her as lesbian

Witness gives first testimony in San Diego gay pride attack hearing

Bob Knight Tweaks OU Over Oregon Complaining

Quick help on an astrology-timing related question please??

I just had a dream where....

On integrity and manifestation

SFRC Kerry questioning Afghan NATO GEneral

Anyone have any word on Democrats' take on McCain detainee bill?

Kerry Denounces House Vote for Jim Crow Era Poll Tax

Help me get the right wingers on their hypocricy!

a perfect interview with a perfect candidate

This is bizarre!

Will the Republican uptick hold? And, Kerry has had the right strategy

OMG WTF Bill Frist google ad at the top of the JK forum page

A laugh - Kerry Healey's website misspells Massachusetts

Iraq government learns lessons from Karl Rove

Down the Glenn Hwy...past King Mountain

Camera Bag Recommendation :)

Ted Turner Says Iraq War among History's "Dumbest"

Majority of insurgents in Iraq are Sunnis, not Jihdists : UAE Daily

Just 24 hours to the next Rapture

Musharraf signals difficulty in shedding military uniform

Torture rampant in Iraqi prisons, streets, UN says

More vote machine news from Dallas. This is good folks.

Democrats need to educate.

Sci-Fi Channel is showing the Twilight Zone episode recently

A must-see for young Americans, "Before You Enlist"

Michelle Malkin (hearts) torture!

America's Africa Corps

CBS: 63% say "Follow international agreements"

U.S. says Iraqi police not behind death squads

THIS JUST IN: Hugo Chavez is hottest topic on DU

British interview with Hugo Chavez

Nursing home owners charged with negligent homicide, cruelty

Saving the Enviroment frome one screwball at a time

Ostrich's brains

Flaming LAX laptop was a ThinkPad

Into Pyramid’s Shadow: At War with Ourselves (Manuel Valenzuela)

Russia to sell Uzbekistan arms after it joins security grouping

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten

Anyone here ever called Bernie Ward on KGO?

The Ahmadinejad speech, in case folks missed it

October eyed for Iran action

So. How many "inside visits" did Jeff Gannon have?

What do you think the future holds?

It's a pretty shitty time in our history when a guy like Ahmadinejad...

Bob Dobbs is on kpfk right now

BBC: World poll favours Iran diplomacy

Prediction: Little Boots will have another tantrum today.

6,600 Iraqis killed in July & Aug. & the damned fool says we're winning.

Nancy Pelosi was on AAR and she...

Thoughts about the coup in Thailand -- possible object lesson?

"American Morning" cites NYT Poll, but no mention of Bush approval rating

Question about KO/Countdown & Dem leadership

How much longer before Congress tries to pass

New Times Phoenix cartoon about Jesus a an illegal. Very good.

I even don't believe these low poll #'s. This is an unequivacably failed

On CSPAN before: Chimp's approval rises a little, tied to gas prices.

The wall we may never be able to break.

SEE ACTUAL Radfringe toon Thurs 9/21 (no redirect links to toon)

Chavez Wields the TRUTH at Bush

Help please: re full page ad in the USA Today

How bad is it? It's 2006 and we are discussing how to torture? In America?

DemocracyNow has a good program on Chavez today...

Colbert Battles Evil - Chilling....

WJ:Detainee Treatment & Trials

North American merger topic of secret confab

Is repub. George 'Macaca' Allen ashamed of his Jewish heritage?

FACT: Majority of Iraqi Resistance is Sunni not "Foreign Terrorists"!

U.N.: Iraq Civilian Deaths Hit A Record

George W. Bush And The Inner Punk - Gene Lyons

3 powerful Republicans may block industry-written chemical security regs

Does this bumpersticker exist?

Let The President Define Interrogation Methods, Not The Congress

Please DU this poll (another one on intelligent design)

House Panel Reverses Course Backs Bush On Torture

Spinach E. Coli "smoking gun" found: DOLE.

Bill Clinton Speaks About Hillary And Gore

Non-partisan report on the 20 most corrupt members of Congress.

Forget Michelle Malkin -- THIS will blow your socks off (Xian terrorists)

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Bush Credited With Saddam Hussein Acquittal

Enron CEO Jeff Skilling busted for public drunkenness. poor baby.

REPUB GOVERNOR demands Maryland DUMP DIEBOLD in favor of paper !!!!!

Who would torture Jesus .. (Bush, Cheney etc).. caution: Graphic

Democrats need to VOTEMARCH in November!

P. Diddy on Bush: "It's like my man has no marbles up there....."

"W. has now put so many bad actors in the terror stew"

Fearless Leader's policy of "Thermidor"

Michael Ware Tells the Truth (again...) Bush Looks Stupid (again...)

Will the Torture Bill set Abu Ghraib tortureers free?

Link to vid of Chavez calling Bush the devil w/translation... just scroll

I am worried about the New Jersey Senate race, Kean(R) leads in the polls

New Bill would Defend Marriage from Sharks

Should the United States adopt Isolationism as it's Foreign Policy?

John Paul II thought Shrub was the Antichrist???

repubs have no idea how easily manipulated they are.

The Greatest Scam of All Time

October surprise

Both competing Senate detainee bills restrict habeas corpus challenges

Iraqi government learns lesson from Karl Rove

Teens spark police chase across U.S. anti-terror base

Hey Du! Your advice please:

The "Perfect Spy" is dead at 79

State laws create roadblock to ballot access

Has WalMart jumped the shark?

One example of why some people think the media is liberal.

California sues automakers for environmental damage

Well, Here's Another Report on Katie Couric - diff. results completely

Why Aren't Moderate Repubs Publicizing "Goldwater Moments"??

Rice and Hughes Convince Bush To Drop ‘Islamic Fascism’ From Speeches

Interesting electric bill this month

FOX NEWS: "How dare Hugo Chavez blast the United States?"

Great Keith Olberman one liners

Is it time for C-SPAN to make some changes?

House Judiciary Backs Bush Torture Bill: PLEASE TAKE ACTION

Katrina vs. the Tsunami - answer me this question!

2,691 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

CSPAN-3 right now...Senate Judiciary is discussing High Crimes &

Holy CRAP! MA Governor's Primary Victory Map!

America Will Be Shocked At Repub Corruption Once Dems Retake House...

I Want O'Reilly & Olbermann To Debate On LIVE Prime Time TV

Caption Karl Rove....

How much actionable or reliable intelligence can one obtain?

Who are AAR's Young Turks and why are they putting me to sleep...

Need some quick help - Bush's okay so you've CYA

OH-02 Poll: Dr. Wulsin ready to "operate" on Mean Jean Schmidt.

Who Were The Missing Democrats On The House Amnesty Vote?

Anybody got the link to that campaign ad with the bouncing ball?

This really riles me (CNN propaganda)

Third preemie dies in Indianapolis

Must be a fever tonight! Colbert kicking ass too!

2fer: MOONie Times going Lib - & Faux supports Gays

Rightists criticise us for being anti-American

If you were formerly a Christian fundamentalist,

Today's "Quote of the week" entry

Urge Your GOP Congressman and Senator to Vote to "Legalize" Torture.

Big Dog, Gore and Clark sure maintain a wonderful political presence

Michael Ware: President Bush and Generals “Divorced From Reality”

Anyone read Frank Rich's new book, "Greatest Story Ever Sold.."

Great article on Olbermann

Have you read the transcript of Chavez's speech? Pretty interesting.

Pentagon Iran Office Mimics Former Iraq Office of Special Plans

JFK doodles 911 - his last day of freedom

HUGO IN HARLEM ---Anyone know where to find full coverage?

Good News---Judge Nixes Bush Roadless Plan

Ahmadinejad on CSPAN-3 now. n/t

"Hugo and Mahmoud make the Dems look bad"

Whats the difference between monkeyboy

It Does Not Cost A Thing To Talk/Listen To Your Enemies...

UN expert: May be more torture in Iraq now than under Saddam

I just noticed this...I thought there wasn't any explosives...

Chomsky book mentioned by Chavez now at #7 on Amazon

Meet the Fox & Friends news team

Strange connection on boot: mil

A catalog of US interventions, coups, incursions, covert actions

"Skeleton sheds light on ape-man species"

Gonzales Caught Making False Statements Re-Innocent Canadian Torture Case

Felix Allen knew his mother was raised as a Jew in August...

US's best witness against al Qaeda is wined and dined, not tortured

Just heard on local radio: $1.94 for gallon of gas in Kentucky.

DUer Video makers...

Dem Jack Reed talking of 'do-NUT hole" in medicare on cspan2 now.

Arctic Ice melting so fast that there is a direct route to North Pole now

I noticed the Tammy Duckworth ads on DU.

The Corporation (video) . . . "a dangerously destructive psychopath . . .

Ahmadinejad's Message to the American People

China, Russia shun U.S. at Asia security talks



Italians end mission in Iraq

Chavez in Harlem

Why We Fight : Anatomy of the American War Mach - - ->VIDEO

Why no inquiry into the varying prices at the pump? They sure seem all

Gore uses commie heat ray to make hapless Americans believe global warming

I can't remember Jesus' exact words but something like this

Afghanistan/WTF is BushInc doing: Transcript Dems questioning commander

Elizabeth Edwards Announces New Book - Saving Graces

Brent Budowsky - Abuse of Our Heroic Troops

the she Cheney scares a roomful of kids

It appear many of the suicide bombers in Iraq are not volunteers

OH-02: Could Jean Schmidt be on the way out?

Drawing even with the GOP on terrorism (I worked hard on this post)

Who is this blonde on MSNBC?

A CNN poll needs our input:

Question about the greatest page

Believe it or NOT: Bush does talk to and listens to commanders...

USA Today Blog: Bush's ratings tied to gas prices?

Now We Have List of Repubs Appearing w/Coulter etc.....

Iraq vet, sex harassment victim … deserter?

OMG! the people at that rapture ready place scares me to death

Book Says Bernie Kerik Grandstanded then Left Iraq

Fedeal Judge Rules Illegal Recreational Boating In US!

Cool bumper sticker

The Bushes & the Truth About Iran (blocking pres. papers release)

hugo chavez came to harlem today.. and promised

Daniel Ellsberg on The Colbert Report Tonight

Cafferty's questions for today -

delete dupe.

Six Arrested for Crime in 1979

Have they given up on revisions to Geneva Convention? I got this in the

We have to prove citizenship to vote now?

GREAT 'toon via BartCop (by Stahler)

Not quite freeway blogging, but...

Able Danger report to be released in a few days

Terrorist attacks in/on the US - Clinton versus Bush *For Reference*

Horsey TOON: How the team to rebuild Iraq was chosen

What kind of reaction will Chomsky get for Chavez referring to

UN warns of an increase of "Honour killings" in Iraq

Bad news in Iraq: Paint is already flaking, in newly refurbished schools

Tweety Was Right, Iraq War Coverage Has Disappeared from MSM

didn't * say?

Voting Rights Groups Sue Ohio Officials Including Blackwell!

And by what definition of torture are we using?

Tony Snow: "The president is not really a legacy guy''

Nonstop 'murder and mayhem'

Unconservative Listening - Reborn

BOB HERBERT: The Torture of Liberty (on the Arar Rendition Case)

DOJ Forced to Step Back from Gonzalez Lie About Tortured Canadian

Re: Rangel's comments.

I wish I had the balls to put this on my car!

REMINDER to Rangel bashers: Bushists are trying to make torture legal

FEMA bungling keeps La. wheelchair user hospitalized for over a year

Chavez says Bush 'alcoholic' and 'sick man'

Should crazy people be allowed to run for office?

AAR NYC local WWRL, 1600am seems to not carry Sam Seder

Is proven a word or is there something wrong with spell check


I just passed Swiftboat shit John O'Neil on the street

Can the U.S. Trump International Law re: WAR CRIMES?

Oral sex causes cancer

Thank you Elizabeth Edwards.

Two questions regarding Ahmadinejad and Iran

A simple word -- long out of use -- which we must now reintroduce:

Is Anyone Watching Rick Santorum

"The most Crooked, Lying, Devilish !" Kerry 'd be President If HE had got

Every single Alaskan to receive $1107. from their investment

ARGH, FRUSTRATED, need help locating Iraq Resolution info

We just had an underground explosion here in Philly

Rangel Capitulates! Will Anyone Stand and say "Thank You, HUGO"?

Why isn't anyone talking about how much money JR is making off the war?

The WhiteHouse is finally acknowledging Global Warming ??

Lou Dobbs Beats the Living Crap out of Bill O'Reilly

Is Bush's love of torture SICK like Chavez said, or just evil?

Black GOP Groups Woo Mfume, Blast Democrats to Back Steele

Simple solution to this Rangel flap

I thought there was something burning today.

Seriously, what are your plans for November...

Remember when Clinton got a standing ovation at the U.N.?

Which comments did Chavez get right? (POLL)

Today's Jack Cafferty Files

6,599 Iraqis have died violently in the last two months

HUGO Book Club is Launched! Chomsky at #4 !!!!!

Dick Armitage to Musharraf: "Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age"

Teens crash gate at MacDill (that's CENTCOM, people!)

Was That "Sulfur Smell" That Chavez Mentioned Actually Bush's Farts?

Anyone w/link to Chavez video of UN speech??

Santorum Prduces Most Inaccurate Advertisement. Ever.

"DON'T LET THEM SCARE YOU" - good editorial in a CT paper

UN: Torture in Iraq Worse Now than Under Saddam

Sulfur: "Satan's little calling card"

Wonder where Chavez got the crazy notion that Bush acts like he

Books Will Be Written About This 10 Days

LAT/Bloomberg has Chimpy Approval at 44% (+3)

BREAKING: Richard Branson (Virgin) Donates $3 Billion!!

Rumsfeld: it is critical to prevent the “blame America” attitude


Spooky: How’d that gargoyle get in river?

TV Newser: O'Reilly's On An Al Qaeda "Death List?"

If you can't Beat 'Em, Balkanize 'Em

Palast on MSNBC: Chavez in saying what 90% of World Believes

The irony (nah, hypocrisy) of the Sam Harris hub-bub

How does Election Night coverage work for the midterms?

U.N. rights envoys condemn Bush plan on interrogation

Al Franken on Tucker now....hmmm


How's about a little fun and a smile? ROFLMAO!!! ------->

Church Audited for "Political" Sermon--More Info

Fact: Eight years ago this week, Clinton polled 29 points higher then Bush

Election Protection and the Future of Our Democracy

The Delaying Game - Toon

Allen (R-Macaca) Makes Questionably Anti-Semitic Remark

If you could, would you want to stop the climate from changing?

***Sept. 21st International Day of PEACE-****

I have a bone to pick with Chavez. Dammit, how DARE you

More DU help needed for this online poll

Apple's customer service just blew my mind...I get a brand new iMac.

Scientists :Exxon Mobil Funds Groups that Mislead on Climate Science

i will never forget nine eleven

Bill O'Reilly praises Bill Clinton, criticizes Cheney

Oh if the Fed. Gov. had the money sports does.

RFK JR's Will The Next Election Be Hacked? (Full Rolling Stone Article)

Did George Allen JUST find out he's Jewish?

CIA Veteran : ‘Civil War In Iraq & US Presence Is Contributing to Violence

Rummy & the Generals are on CNN now for some happy talk.

Greg Palast on Randi discussing Chavez

So when MP Prescott said "Bush is Crap", where were all the Dems

Need some VOTERD ID things cleared up.

Is anyone else outraged by Bush's "statement on terror deal"?

Assad says Israel likely to attack Syria

There sure is a lot of talk about Osama....hmmm....wonder what's up?

Want to DU a poll on Chavez?

How many totally insane world leaders ARE there now?

"Those in power are poisoning children” (Mussels not flexed?) (Mickey Z.)

NBC: Bush and McCain reach deal on enemy combatant tribunals

So why aren't meida outlets giving Rangel coverage for his remarks

Rangle--Why the hell is he admonishing Chavez for remarks?

Do you believe it has been BushCo's intention all along...

Where is the real threat to civil liberties here?

Why Lefties Cant Recognize/Deal With Evil

Naples News Editorial: "Gone totally Katherine Harris crazy"

Interesting idea: Art for International Peace Day

The world knows what they think of Bush...

"Nothing besides remains...The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Moon: WT too nutcase wingnut, new editor sought

Boeing wins $67 million border security contract (Could end up at 2 BIL.)

A vision from the short-term future: Loyalty Act of 200X

Damn, LBN has been stale for days now

TX REEP Lawmaker's ad touts programs she voted to cut (Child Health Ins.)

Bush Dealt Setback On Opening Forests to logging and mining !

Farrakahn said essentially the same thing as

Republicans are revolting!

World Leaders Call Each Other Poopie-Heads? Can Expectations

What do george allen & Adolph Hitler have in common? Jewish roots

What they dont seem to get

For Bush, cheaper gas is premium.

why can bush say anything he wants ...

If this is the quality of CIA profiling we have now, this war will never

Allen's Jewishness a "decades old family secret"

Leading Bush critic at home calls Chavez a "thug"

NEWSFLASH -- Chavez is not a member of the Democratic Party

Pentagon: Able Danger did not identify any 9/11 terrorists before attack

Bring Home the 172nd Stryker Brigade

*: "The Agreement Clears the way for us to do what people expect us to do"

“short of crime, anything goes” at the top levels of the Interior Dept.

Assuming we win five GOP Senate seats...where do we get the sixth

6:25 EDT - Lou Dobbs reporting on Gov. Ehrlich dissing Diebold DREs

Boise will be first city to vote on public 10 Commandments display

An RFK appreciation thread

So, we've heard from Dems. Have many repugs chastised Chavez?

Potential threat to Ohio schools... A Rove trick?

Maybe we need Razzies for the Republicans

Deal Struck on Torture Because "This will NOT be the last war we fight"

Ad featuring Sen. Burns' OWN WORDS "too vulgar" for TV!

Before You Enlist - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> VIDEO

POLL: Jean Schmidt, Dr. Wulsin TIED!!

Bush officially 'Worse Then Saddam'

Georgia Congressman supports torture

Armitage to Pakistan: Help or be bombed back to the stone age

Just got polled by Monmouth Univ on the NJ senate race

Who's Whackier? Lou Dobbs or Chris Matthews?

WaPo: Gore's Plans Clearer after release of book

Will the Last American to Leave the Workforce Please Turn off the Lights !

Bush: Torture in the 21st Century

My country, right or wrong....

Anyone see this Greg Palast/Hugo Chavez interview?

Should Crazy People be Allowed to Run for Office

Possibility of election fraud FRONT PAGE of Dallas Morning News

What is"an embryo that couldn't ever become a fetus"?

US threatened to bomb Pakistan 'back to stone age' after 9/11: Musharraf

maybe i'm immature, but I like Chavez because he makes me laugh

A Leash that Slowly Tightens

The Question MUST be asked

I just have to give Hugo Chavez his props...

Keith Olbermann to interview Big Dog on tomorrow night's Countdown

Gas Price $2.83 Regular: Seattle, WA

Maybe they're (Congress) just too far removed from the people they

Who Gave The More Outrageous UN Speech? Chavez or Powell?

* visits the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' during an "unscheduled" stop- pics

Do you believe in pardoning a man facing more than 1,000 years in prison?

Bush Flexes Campaign Muscles........

They rode into town, an immoral gang of lawbreaking bullies...

Forbes 400 list of the richest

Bush on Democrats: 'They will raise your taxes'

Nice job Dems. You got rolled again.

Pelosi to be on Jim Lehrer News Hours in a minute.

At what maximum price would YOU invest many 1000's of $$ in light crude?

Religious coalition challenges federal abortion ban on religious grounds

Wes Clark on ABC radio KGO San Francisco Now!

Allen reassures voters he may be jewish but he still eats pork and ham

Chavez: The UN Speech.

Let me get this straight. The RW is having a hissy fit over the Webb ad

For the Newbies....Bombs Away!

When the House votes to legalize torture, will anyone care?

The "Customize My Forums" page has been updated

Who would you rather have a beer with? Bush or Chavez?

no global warming my ass... KS in tornado warning... RIGHT NOW>>>

BREAKING: George Felix Macaca LOVES his mother!!

War signals with Iran

CNN BREAKING NEWS! No NEWS just BUSH Photo Op saying there

Watch Noam Chomsky

GOP "Rebels"???

It's time to turn our sights to the nexus of the 'Values Voters'

Parting with a ray of light : look at what you all are reading :

PFAW: Major New Survey Debunks 'Values Voter' Myths

Ask Your Friends: Why Do Republicans Hate Democracy So Much?

The GOP has been playing politics with the Geneva Convention

Billionaires Only Occupy Forbes 400 List

GOP Rebels Lay Down Their Arms, Take Up the Rubber Stamp

Looks like Congress has caved again

Listen, the U.S. has been in the torture business for decades:

This is so cool....the REAL intelligent design

We're falling for it again.

Newsmax - Karl Rove Promises October Surprise to help win Election

Which Would You Consider The Most Demanding Job? Running A Country Like

Help me write a reply to this editorial to my small town rw-rag!

Did anyone doubt that McCain and Graham would fold up their principles..?

I'm LIVID! Bush Got Everything He Wanted: Torture, Immunity, & Tribunals!

The U.S. -- 215 years to build. -- Six years to destroy.

Rangel: An attack on (CHIMPY) is an attack on all Americans...

Light up the night for peace event in Santa Cruz , Ca

"Voter ID" rollcall in House: Issue for new campaign ads against ...


Should chavez apologize (something about the pope in all this...)

God Bless Narco News!

House Approves Strip Search Bill

Bush in New York said "Welcome to Washington DC" to Abbas LOL

The whole Gay issue didn't seem as important when I was a fundie

Catch Democracy Now - understand Cuban and Chile terrorists

Chavez Sneaks Dirty Bomb Into UN- Bush Cries "No Mas, No Mas, No Mas"

Kinky Friedman statement on alleged racial slur

U.S. Health System Gets Dismal Score

Hotline review of "Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?"

Have you read Noam Chomsky's Hegemony Or Survival?

Winter Heating Season Coming. How will prices be this year?

If Osama is captured/trotted out in October....

Do you believe corporate media's motivation for giving such...

NBC: Bush, McCain reach agreement on tribunal laws

What should Rangel have said about Chavez?

OK, I just heard both Rangel & Pelosi's statement on Chavez on CNN

How long would it take bush to crack were he Waterboarded?

Democrats Are Silent On Torture of Detainees?? wtf?

TWENTY MORE YEARS before alternate fuel use can be expanded?

Senate to impose 27.5 percent tariff on Chinese exports to the U.S.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Forum On Media Accountability Airs Live Tonight

As If Bush Owned The World

2693 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Even Rasmussen has Bush poll numbers down now

HERE IT IS: Frist's S.3886 - Terrorist Tracking, ID, & Prosecution Act

$1.97 fuel in OKC this AM......


Someone please educate me on the voter ID bill. I've not followed it.

David Broder's glorious "New Independents": They're all Republicans.

Can you believe the bullshit on NBC about lower gas prices??!!!

Chomsky's book is at #8 on Amazon, up from #160,000 this morning!

***Latest poll finds 25% Approval rating for Congress.***

American Muslims launch effort to fund repairs to damaged churches

George Allen STARRING in remake of "Imitation of Life"

POLL: CHAVEZ...what are YOUR sentiments on this leader?

Happy Autumnal Equinox all

Inescapable trains of thought? -- ChimpCo at Midterms

"We got what the president asked for," WH spokesman Tony Snow said

Pres Clinton:"You Don't Need Blanket Advance Approval For Blanket Torture"

Must watch VIDEO : Greg Palast's Chavez profile

94,968 x 10 = 949,680 = the power to make things happen . . .

RFK JR's NEW DIEBOLD EXPOSÉ!, MD Gov Demands Paper & More...

Breaking: Walmart to offer Generic drugs at $4 for a month's supply

My cynicism was just challenged

Attention Colorado: (Stasi)State Police wants you to spy on your neighbors

Stupid fucking idiot Democrats being stupid again regarding Chavez

George Allen ADMITTING his entire family is shamed his mother is Jewish

tweety On Imus, Says * Has "Turned The Corner," . . . .

Football, Priorities and Accomplishments

Hahahaha Chomsky turned down

RECORD HIGH 6,599 Iraqis killed between July and August

I think the crisis in America is MUCH worse than people realize.

***BRING THIS TO A HALT! *** Oct 5 Mobilization

Great Gift Idea for the pResident!

Pasadena Church Won't Yield to IRS

Greg Palast just handed a Republican sack his ass on MSNBC.

Feds Want Routine HIV Testing For Americans

Wow! Reid and Durbin pull a brilliant stunt on the floor.

The previous Pope (John Paul II) was said to think Bush the AntiChrist

US federal judge declares boating illegal in all US navigable waters

Randi is ripping Tweety to shreds

Feinstein Calls for End to Royalty ‘Holiday’ (bush ain't helping either...

Where are our Democratic Leaders?

Freep at work getting in a tizzy over Chavez...this is great

What is the difference between a Socialist & a Democrat?

Chavez UN speech full transcript

Larisa Alexandrovna - Pentagon Moves to Second-Stage Planning for Iran

Where are you on the Political Compass? (Inspired by the Dems/Socialist

Bushitler's lapdog AG wants your ISPs' User Data

Breaking: Hugo Chavez target of defamation lawsuit.

I know DU will be reading RFK article online, but please buy Rolling Stone

Olbermann's book to debut at #18 on NYT best-seller list

On the Subject of Necessary and Inevitable Political Change:

SurveyUSA Poll: Ohio GOP IMPLODING, Blackwell/Dewine set for disaster

??? for any DNC insiders here. Why did DNC ignore vote stealing tactics

Who Was Offended With The Chavez Remarks About Bush?

Will you people PLEASE stop calling Bush incompetent???

Great Article: Wes Clark is the last best hope for the Democratic Party

Congressman Conyers: A Do-Over

Couric Slipping Away - See, I told my friends this would happen!

Future Shock: Evidence of Plans to Torture US Demonstrators

Is it pathetic that Hugo Chavez can give Americans more energy...

There is more freedom of speech in Venezuela than in the US

"They don't require ID? But I could just go and vote as someone else...

I went to the ER a week ago. I was having chest pains and numbness

w calls disinterest in getting Osama an "Urban Myth"

Kerry statement: House endorses a "new Jim Crow era poll tax"

Banquo's Ghost

War Crimes Protection Act -- "opposition" IGNORES most destructive part

Is Chavez a hero for calling Bush names?

Modern Marvels: Renewable Energy (on the History Channel)

NYT: For Bloomberg, in L.A. to Discuss Education, Talk of the Presidency

WP/AP: Obama campaigns in Virginia for Senate candidate Jim Webb

More light on vote machines. Dallas! Yes!

9/11 was...

Democrats waste no time smacking McGavick (WA Senate race)

John Bolton wrong about Chavez and free speech in Central Park

Prominent republican calls appointment process unconstitutional

Wolf Blitzer should be fired for making such blatant propaganda

Chavez, the UN - the Elephant and the Gnats?

Goodbye, right to vote

* benefits at the pump

Impeachment hearing of Judge Manuel Real (House Jud. Comm.)

Hey DU'ers i need some research on what Clinton's ....

Roll Call: GOP flack wins the 'blog-o-jerk award'

Impeachment hearing of Judge Manuel Real (House Jud. Comm.)

NYT: Presidential Hopefuls Do Delicate Dance With Lamont (and Vice Versa)

"everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it"

Religious Zealots holding up Defense Appropriations Bill

GOP wants TWO PHOTO IDS and you now will pay to vote ( Wisc)

Proof of Citizenship to Vote

WaPo: Ideals, realities clash in Bush ‘freedom agenda’

I could never hold elected office

Super asshole alert! Cornyn on C-span!

Campaign 2006 Online

A headline for the record!

We can choose to end torture

Meme Control : Democrats have a Diversity of Ideas -- NOT "No Ideas"

Right wing groups petition Jeb Bush to investigate Judge Greer (Schiavo)

Hell of a Times: These are edgy times at the Washington Times.

Stupid Senator Tricks With the GOP's Conrad Burns

Allen (R-Macaca) Makes Questionably Anti-Semitic Remark

Isn't requiring paid-for voter ID basically a poll tax?

You know who else smells a change in the air? WALLMART!!

The Whole World Has *'s Number......

U.N. rights envoys condemn Bush plan on interrogation

Is There A Graph That Charts Oil Prices Pre * To Present Day.....

Thursday Poll Dancing: Senate Updates

The activists in us need to dedicate a full day to lobby our Democratic

And by what definition of torture are we using?

Branson pledges $3B to fight climate crisis; credits Gore

George Bush has finally created a Constitutional crisis...

All 17 Democrats today voted against this legislation

Shh-- it's SECRET!!! BushCo asks court to dismiss illegal wiretap lawsuit

Those "who participated in the interrogations vulnerable to war-crimes"

The better response to Chavez's remarks is...

In 1994 Clinton's approval was 48% when the dem's lost ...

How does calling a country's president the devil different from calling

This one for LOL Obey and Cardoza Gave out the Golden Drain Award

Planning a violent demonstration?

Conn. Republican Lies To Claim Democratic Opponent Is "Wrong On Security"

Bush's "Hitler" Language. Chavez's "Devil" language.

Bush attending a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser at Orlando Ritz Carlton today!

Are "Torture and Coercive Interrogation" Traditional Values?

Franken called Allen a JAP (Jewish American Prince)

Since we can't get chickenhawks to enlist in the Army

Who will whip Chavez' ASS? limbaugh or hannity?

How the world sees America now

Abu Gonzales : Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

This has been bothering me all day. I turn on CNN when I get

"Thug"--the media label du jour

Rush says: "We have ways of dealing with people who agree w/chavez

I agree with Chavez and Ahmadinejad

Horrible New Anti-stem Cell Ad on TV Last Nite in KC

Radio ad aimed at Maryland blacks links MLK and GOP, Dems and KKK

What do you think bush and his cabinet is sayin in negotiations..

Sensennbrenner is such an Ignorant A$$

The House and Bush budget passed on people with disabilities

Pres. Hutchsonralstononarillarock, of Iran, is live on Cspan3 now.

Let's see just what Bush understands about personal or human dignity:

So much for the Bush uptick in the polls read this

Now that the United States has been in Iraq for some years has..

So what's the details on the GOP torture deal?

HERE IT IS: Frist's S.3886 - Terrorist Tracking, ID, & Prosecution Act

Here's What George Bush Will Do To McCain's "Compromise Bill"

Iraqi: "A human life is now worth nothing in this country"

Think Progress: Rep. Waxman Calls For Bush’s Housing Secretary To Resign

Lots of deception

Republican Strategist Ed Rodgers Trying to Recruit Kwase Mfune to GOP

Here's my take on Chavez's statements

The other Iraq - Have you seen the commercial or website?

Photo: Lindsay Graham's all smiles. Caving in to Bush feels GOOD!

MSNBC! World Leaders Streisand and Murdoch Come Together with

Isn't any Congressman who votes to condone torture guilty of war crimes?

Froomkin (WaPo) spanks Blitzer

In 2004 Kerry said he would investigate Manipulation of Oil for Political

Former Bush Administration Lawyer Still Flacking for Torture

Who were the ones that voted to give * a get out of jail free card?

"Will the Next Election be Hacked?" New RFK RollingStone article now live

Rove promises advertising blitz, an army of volunteers, "October Surprise"

Is Pelosi playing the part of the LOYAL opposition or

Damage control. Rangel and Pelosi so far.

Wedges ..... or just good old fashioned Wedgies?

OH Polls : Good news for Dems (Strickland up 56/35 AND Brown up 52/42)

Chavez did it again!

Joe Sestak (PA-07) blogging NOW at CCN

What not to say.

Bill Seidman thinks we (dems) are gonna lose in November.

Bush on Democrats: 'They will raise your taxes'

I do believe Allen just claimed on CNN he made up the word "macaca".

Bernie Sanders supports pedophiles

Chavez Catches Hell For 'Devil' Slam

Maryland governor (R!) demanding paper ballots only?!?!?

Game On! (Steele and the NBRA radio Ad)

The final word on Hillary Clinton (IMHO)

Santorum: Most Inaccurate. Advertisement. Ever.

Voter ID Laws

What an inspiring post about Oklahoma Democrats. Great picture.

This is how injects itself into the debate and confuses!

Obama / Moran Show Up for Webb

Check out this :30 ad that they're running in California

House passes Schoolchildren strip search legislation- H.R. 5295

"Chavez: Inside the Coup" Streaming in its entirety on GoogleVideo.

Meet the New Boss - if repugs win in November - Mitch McConnell

The latest GOP'er lie - the Democrats want to take away your Wal-Mart

Why when Chavez speaks, Democrats lose support from voters-

It's a dark day in America.

I can feel my hope slipping away....again.

Rangel, Pelosi speak for me

Reintroducing the real McCain

Harkin defends Venezuelan President's U-N speech against Bush

Wes Clark says "Take the Hill"