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Archives: September 23, 2006

People have died under U.S. torture

WP: Afghan Girls, Back in the Shadows

Officers warn of British troops' plight

Forbes Magazine's list of The 400 Richest Americans

Starbucks to Raise Coffee Drinks Prices

DKos on Housing Bubble trouble

NH and VT need your help!

Palestinian police defend West Bank church against assailants

IAF bombs house of suspected Palestinian weapons dealer

Amazing 3D picture: UAL175 approaching WTC 2

Colorado Election Reform Update 9/22/06

Woo Hoo! Tx online news sevice runs "Hacked Banner Ad"!

Quebec cities want a piece of the GST

RCMP commissioner should break silence on Arar report: Layton

Thousands attend 'Wear Red Friday' rally on Parliament Hill

War Dead Equals Toll of September 11th

U.S. fatalities in war equal those from Sept. 11

Journalist Goes to Prison for Contempt (but Osama is still free)

Fairbanks assemblymen call for Rumsfeld resignation

HP Chair Resigns Amid Fallout From Leaks Probe

U.N. debate marked by anti-U.S. sentiment

(Denver) Judge refuses to bar electronic voting machines

Texas Democrats File Suit Against Voting Fraud Law

Attackers hurl stones at synagogue in Russia's far east

NYT/Reuters: Musharraf Uses Book Deal to Dodge "Bomb" Spat

NYT/AP: Talking Veggies Stir Controversy at NBC

CNN/AP: Some spinach (grown outside Salinas Valley) OK to eat, feds say

Signature counting stops for Pa. Green Party Senate candidate: 9,000 short

Campaign flier could hurt 2 nonprofits' status

NYT: European Faults U.S. Official for Remarks on Geneva Rules

AP: Calif. Gov. Vetoes Universal Health Bill

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Senate Democrats Decry Voter Photo ID Bill

WP: GOP Upbeat on Terror-Trial Bill: Dems won't block and be blamed

U.S. [Religious] Conservatives Frustrated By Republicans

NYT/Reuters: Clinton Faults Bush for Inaction on Bin Laden

U.S. Democrats Wary of Detainee Trials Compromise: Specter sets hearing

NYT: Senator Clinton Calls for Global Plan for Poor Women

Chavez: Bush Should Resign As President

Thailand to target deposed PM's assets

Activists unveil stealth browser (Firefox based) :)

Who has seen "Hollywoodland"? Any DU Los Angelinos?

Someday, someone is going to beat the crap out of Chavez

Anybody use slingbox?

Guy who shouted "Tequila!" in song dies..

ISS and Shuttle Solar Transit

I have the worst PMs

I have this co-worker i can barely talk to

We just watched Inherit the Wind

What is your favorite cough?

A contemporary philosopher discusses Starbucks.

So what should my 3000th post be?

Crazy ad I just saw at the top of my MySpace Page. OH MY GOD

I had 4 drinks at happy hour. So, I'm in a pretty good mood. How are you?

Domestic Spys Needed.....

I'm kind of bored


I wear shoes on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Man, this blows - I'm sick... so I can't go out

I wrote this one a few years back.

Please counsel me. Tell me what I should do. Should I:

Should I listen to Pattie Page or Rod Stewart?

Big Beautiful Cottonwood

Request for good vibes, or prayers, or whatevers.

I just found a new avatar.

I've had seven drinks and my sister is playing DDR.

Okay, okay... Just suppose that you're a 13th level Dungeon Master

Crap. I missed the start of Autumn 15 minutes ago

There are plenty of fish in the sea *-** --- **- ** ***

Your Immediate Attention Is Needed For This Urgent Announcement!!!!

Is it just me, or is it angrier than usual in GD?

I got wood at Sequoia National Monument.

There used to be a great game called Thread Killer

I Am

I saw the funniest bumper sticker today - I'm surprised the owner has not

A little late night music

Big Beautiful Wood

I really, very much, like

Friday night, and not ONE SINGLE locked thread on the Lounge front page

Please allow me to introduce myself (A song in pictures)

Who Is The Most Stupid Person You Know

What Is The Most Important?

I slept through an earthquake this morning.

I want to start a noise war with the bastards in the apartment below me...

Chinese food makes me HAPPY

It's not "Grain of salt" it's "Grain assault" you fucking idiots

I took an extended break from the internet and DU. What did I miss?

I am such a fucking idiot sometimes! Damned F sharp!

i don't drink what comes out of a cow's udder

'Roseanne' season 5 RULES!

Your cleavage?

Man Strolling With Pot Plants Busted

It's that time again! Post a pic of your desktop!!

Associate freely...

Wanted: Musicians who will play for free

Arghhh, I don't know what to do, I need opinions on a sensitive topic.

OK. Who here has been arrested?

Fill in the Blank Question:

SNL or Mad TV ?

I'm wearing my new earrings.......a long dangle type........

If you could, would you switch genders for a week?

It's odd

German-Chinese food makes me . . . .

Name something you can't get too much of...

Nearly got called "un-American" today.

What's your wood preference?

Would you be offended by this comment?

Super Derby!

FYI - John Edward/Crossing Over marathon on the WE channel til 12pm

I'm worried about 134340

Getting to know you: Any newbies here who want to introduce themselves?


Swift Boat Liars as Example of Misinformation in NY Times

The Pepperdine video link is working now

URGENT. Photography Group help required!

OMG..., Am I pissed at Jon Stewart

Clinton on KO


Someday, someone is going to beat the crap out of Chavez

Chavez Was Wrong

Any word on Professor Mike?

They do not send them back in coffins....

Let's face it...after signing so many Petitions about "ABC 9/11 DocuCrap"

Hola todos! We have a Latino/Hispanic Forum!

2698 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Exxon Secrets

Countdown Clips To Come - Will Post In This Thread

Book TV Schedule: September 23rd - 25th

Fitzgerald given way out of Libby CIA leak case

Now that it's legal, is it okay to say I'd like to see Bush water-boarded?

Did i miss the Friday News Dump?

Lining up the ducks in Iran... friend in Navy just got orders

It has to be asked: What "leverage" does Chimpolini have over

Video of angry Bill Clinton on Fox News with Chris Wallace

RW'ers are always trying to connect Osama to Liberals

Ann Richards on How to Be a Good Republican:

What is this? Bitchin Friday? Why is everyone so mad?

Cream Makes Skin Produce Sunless Tan

Guard Gutted and Hung Out To Dry

Will The Democrats Lose Their Soul On The Torture "Compromise"?

Free Pray for our Troops bumper sticker

Russ Feingold: Pick a Progressive Patriot: Vote

Libby plans to testify in CIA leak trial

Kucinich: The Bush Administration is preparing for war against Iran

One Year since Washington DC War Protest. Who was there?

George Bush's hunger for torture is being validated by McCain

"Congratulations to Bill Clinton on having succesfully...

Democratic-held Senate seats that could become competitive?

Clinton said that el diablo has not acted uni-lateral in the last 3 months

Last words of love from killed soldier

Dan Burton in Nicaragua scheming against Daniel Ortega

Protesters gather to vent their anger at PM (Blair)

Baby Dies in Bucket of Mom's Vomit

TOONS to end your week (Dialup warning)

Lessons from the Movies

Congressman Conyers:Editorials on Yesterday's Activity

Top Five Reasons not to vote GOP?

Flashback to January 23, 2001

Jon Kyl. . .douchebag of the worst odor.

Memo: Bush made intel fit Iraq policy - and don't forget it election day!

Competitive Senate races. . .how will they go?

Bush Rages: “I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur”

What if Bush gave the order to attack Iran, and the generals said "no?"

Anyone watching NOW? Great show on outside money

Official drink of the 2006 Republican campaign

Ron Moore:: Star Trek as a Dream of a Liberal and Tolerant Society

Other than outrage

Every man woman and child in Alaska gets $1,100 dividend check this year

ugh we love hannity fest on Fox right now

The Clinton Global Initiative gives me hope for the world.

NBC's To Catch a Predator. Sex with underage girls

Report Criticizes U.S. Drug System

Anyone here find these DATELINE "To Catch a Predator" shows exploitive?

We used to wonder if it was ok

Beware of people who urge you not to vote DemPUBLICANcrat incumbents OUT

Chavez has turned into a parody. Which is a shame;

White House: Tell us exactly where bin Laden is and we'll catch him

VIDEO - Olbermann - Clinton Full Interview

All Hat No Cattle

Best news I've heard in 5 years...

NYT:Detainee Deal Comes With Contradictions

Let's stop being "believers/pawns". CHECKMATE!!!!

Can we talk about pedophilia for a minute?

Bill Maher Tonight - Let me know his devil joke-Frank Rich, CC Goldwater

O'Really claims to be on AlQuaeda's "death list" - FBI, Fox disagree

If the rethuglicans plan on attacking Iran as their "October Surprise",

I'm Tired of Obsessive ReHashing of stupid things people say

Clinton ( Bill ) may save the Democrats this Nov.

Stunning water world found

If Bush is "El Diablo," then John McCain is the new "Chamberlain"

Got into a debate with a coworker about Bill O'Reilly.

Local Hospital might give workers same-sex benefits in 2008

Wonkette's story on that Craigslist Nancy Grace post was so sleazy and

Video: Talking About a Revolution

Clinton did not look well on Olbermann's show.

US general warns of unfriendly forces brewing in Latin America

Massachusetts gov race--funny ad by Christy Mihos

Sign this petition!!!! Attacking Iran is foolish warmongering!!!

200 years for child porn

Keith is just so WONDERFUL!!!

WHO has gassed/oiled/lied to their own people and the world?

Is Dick Cheney going to hell or is the Camel going through the needle

is Dick Cheney going to hell or is the camel going through the eye of the

The Safety Of Our Drugs Compromised By Bushco.

A moment of clarity today while I was driving

C-SPAN Book TV Sunday at noon: Noam Chomsky - Hegemony or Survival

the movies the freepers don't want you to see... (pics)

. .endowed with certain inalienable, UNENFORCEABLE, rights

tiny bit of good news? Amazon best seller list

the blonde bitch from fox must have left during new rules

"I'm sorry, I'm mute."

What should happen to convicted sex offenders who target minors?

BREAKING NEWS: 100% of lung cancer victims were exposed to automobile

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

(VIDEO) Speaking of Cheney going to hell, here's what it would look like

It Sometimes Seems the Propaganda Is Working Wonderfully Well

One in Three in Poll Still Think Saddam Was Involved in 9/11

I'm turning myself in for CHILD whatever...

Amazon Best Sellers... and at #2

"Illegal aliens" willing to court capture to vote in American elections?

Clinton should have fired Ken Starr

Never before have so few fooled so many

Rammadan Mubarak !


Do you think Mushariff was emboldened by Chavez calling Bush the devil?

Wanted: Musicians who will play for free at peace event

Wow, it's not torture, it's Coercion. I can't believe I was ever upset

In Case You didn't know

Freepers Debate "Speaking In Tongues"

Maher is spanking the fox news blonde dipshit

Right wing Catholic college has city close down place for the homeless

Oh My God...The Fox News Lady on Maher...I'm speechless

If you want to get a Dem away from the subject of Iraq, bring up smoking.

Read it yourself: Clinton-Wallace fireworks on Fox

For the record, No American should have to show pic ID to Vote!

I just watched Olbermann's Clinton interview, and it got me thinking...and

Germany ready for a gay leader? Many say yes

Barbra Walter's "But I love Jon Stewart."

"Venezuela a Democratic Bright Spot in Latin America" according to SA poll

Need some more info from the Venezuela experts

Everytime someone disses me for being a smoker, I invite them to

To Those DU'ers Who See The Big Picture In November, I Need Your Help.

GDP, I'm a-beggin' on you please

DU'ers you have got to read what dem's want to run on for 06

Amnesty International USA--No compromise on torture--Call CONGRESS

Technical question about executive orders

Local Terrorist Whistle Blower Is Dead After Poisoning...........

Who's on Bill Mahra show tonight?

"tribal deal is intended to reject the Talibanization of the people"

Utah Democrats are making the Republicans work to win.

Top Five Reasons not to vote GOP?

The 'rumor' of the 'threat' by the US to Pakistan .....

Apologies from the American People

All Saints Church Will Challenge IRS Summons

Saw this bumper sticker today!

War's Death Toll Now Equal To 9/11's

DU this plz

Religious Right May Not Go To Polls (Frustrated With GOP Lies)

I predict: October surprise will be Capture of Bin Laden or

Bill Clinton "Freaks Out" ... This is great. I'm not fond of the title,

Bush admin's rampant cronyism and conflicts of interest

"Make More Friends"

“Conservative Christians are somewhat disenchanted with Republicans”

Media Matters: Bill O'Reilly's "Enemies List" from his upcoming book

No compromise on torture From Amnesty International

Damn i miss Bill Clinton

Open Letter to Senator McCain

So, the standard on interrogation is quietly retroactive to 1997??

Applause (and laughter) after calling Bush 'the devil'

Why in the F**K did any dem expect McCain to carry the water for us?

Get Out There on October 5

Mel Sembler: Lieberman fundraiser, child torturer

The US Versus John Lennon! A New Movie Coming Out !!!!!

bill is aimed at immunizing "officials for previous violations ...of law"

'Shock and awe' diplomacy confronts American exceptionalism

Ancient Pet Cemeteries Found in Peru

Emily Perez is dead-Iraq 1st Black Female West Point Corp Commander

Cut and Run republicans - Clinton -vs- Wallace on Somalia

what's really propping up the us economy

Speakers criticize Bush's privacy proposals - Mondale

The High Cost of Manliness- Robert Jensen

Caskets still missing a year after Rita

Enough of the D.C. Dems

B.C. scientist booted over refusal to use 'new government'

The New Global Populism

Global Health — The Gates–Buffett Effect, by Susan Okie, M.D. NEJM

Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Bywater - New Statesman

Climate-controlled White House By Paul D. Thacker at SALON

LAT investigation: Secret Torture in Afghanistan

WP: On Rough Treatment, a Rough Accord

It helps to plug your book at the White House. By MAUREEN DOWD

Carbon-negative energy

Biofuels seen as pivotal to energy independence (biorefineries and more)

Ted Turner On Letterman Last Night Advocating alternafuels

Feds Reject Idaho Plan to Kill Wolves (AP)

Suits Say U.S. Impeded Audits for Oil Leases

House Dems call for hearing on Chimpco "collusion with oil industry"

iPower Delivers First Polysilicon Solar Membrane System in California

(How can we already be) looking at the end of the age of oil and abundant

Palestinians Brace for a Bleak Ramadan

Abbas: Effort on Gov't Is 'Back to Zero' (AP)

Israel: Nasrallah speech 'spit in face' for international community

In the name of security, but not for its sake

VIDEO: 9/11 Truth: Thermite & The Case for Controlled Demolition

Dentist Whistleblower Who Met 9/11 Hijackers Poisoned To Death

ALERT: Important HBO Documentary on Daniel Pearl, Saeed Sheikh

video David Ray Griffin

I know I am probably way behind on this, but can someone

Psychological Warfare

New "Pollworkers for Democracy" Project. Over 1,000 sign up in first days!

Gov Richardson:“I didn’t want my state to be an embarrassment like Ohio &

Proposed Voter ID Act Pulls Rug Out From Seniors

NYT: The Big Gamble on Electronic Voting

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006

How about getting a few hundred people to work at the polls who will

Sunday NYT: Officials Wary of Electronic Voting Machines

Ken Blackwell: Snake or Not Snake. You Decide....

Sign up to be an Illinois Pollworker for Democracy today!

Two posts in GD worth looking at, kicking and recommending

Only billionaires need apply

Toronto Star: Kenney accused of misleading the Commons

Angus Reid: Conservatives Lead, NDP Surges in Canada

In Afghanistan, we're using tanks Hillier wanted *written off*.

Labour Party looking forward to life after Blair....

NYT/AP: Boston Official Wants Landmark Citgo Sign Removed

Major reveals faults in Afghan mission

AP: Feds Seek to Block Oregon Spying Case

Government leaks part of a cover up: Arar lawyer

Global warming film lights fire under Congress (Inconvenient Truth)

Starbucks raises price of latte and cappuccino

Leaked French Intel. document claims OBL dead

INTERVIEW - U.S. steps up questions on Iran nuclear programme

WP: Afghan Girls, Back in the Shadows

Feds defend Whitman in WTC suit

Officers warn about plight of British troops (in Afghanistan)

Ex-Dynegy executive's sentence cut to 6 years

Leader of al-Qaida in Iraq makes first appearance in video

WP, pg1: Capitol Police Were Warned of Holes in Security

Leader of top militant group said captured in Iraq


Sept. 11 aid denied

Osama bin Laden reported dead [English Version from Reuters]

NYT: Decline in Gas Prices Isn’t Buoying Detroit

Danish soldier killed by roadside bomb south of Basra

State to investigate Boston vote count as candidate seeks recount

'Egypt will pursue nuclear energy'

Justice Dept. Files Appeal to Block Suit ... Secret Surveillance Program

Japan-China summit mooted as top diplomats meet

Ex-Halliburton Worker Calls for Probe

Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak (French President Chirac)

AP: Bush sending delegation to Lebanon

Democrats wary of detainee trials compromise (immunity from criminal

msnbc...telling people to boycott let's BUY CITGO

Latest - Democrats Wary Of Detainee Trials Compromise

Caskets still missing a year after Rita

Ancient Pet Cemeteries Found in Peru

AP: U.S. Contractor Killed by Rocket in Iraq

Baghdad car bomb kills 26 as Ramadan begins

Nuclear talks with Iran may start without U.S.

Palestinian police defend West Bank church against assailants

U.S. fatalities in war exceed those from September 11th.

Post-Enron rules keep foreign companies away from Wall Street

Reuters: Nuclear talks with Iran may start without U.S.-report

WP/Pincus: As Army Adds Interrogators, It Outsources Training

Shots fired at (Florida) mosque as Ramadan begins

AP: Legal Aid Program Tried to Oust Auditor

Dems: GOP again targets Social Security (and CO Sen. race)

WP: Probe of FAA Contracting Finds Waste: Losses in Millions

Reuters: Police expect up to 25,000 on anti-war march (Manchester/UK)

Nine severed police heads found in Saddam's hometown

Bomb ignites tanker in Iraq, killing 37

BBC: Thousands at city's anti-war demo (UK)

U.S. adopts tougher stance at Guantanamo

NYT: Clinton Effort Reaps Pledges of $7.3 Billion in Global Aid

U.S. spy chief warns of Al-Qaida attempt to infiltrate into Lebanon

Muqtada Sadr urges followers to resort to ‘peaceful’ opposition


LAT: Military Defense Lawyers Assail Legislation on Detainees

Mental disorders plague more Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans in US

Africa: Farmers get $150 million from Bill Gates, Rockefeller

Reuters: Putin moves to reassure West on EADS, energy

New York City’s Reservists Are Asked to Return Iraq Pay

Tactic Uses Pulpits to Power the GOP

Storms in Midwest, South leave 5 dead

Al-Qaeda Linked Group Posts Video Of U.S. Soldiers

U.S. prosecution of Padilla no slam dunk so far

Chirac: Bin Laden intel not confirmed, by ELAINE GANLEY - AP

US cannot confirm bin Laden death report -official

Somalia militia take over key port

French paper says bin Laden died in Pakistan

Antarctic ozone hole nears record: U.N. agency (satellite photo)

NYT/Reuters: Wind-Driven Wildfire Threatens California Vineyards

Canada readies fighter jets

NYT: Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat: "jihad metastisized"

BREAKING: US detains Venezuela [Foreign] minister

No injuries or arrests as shots fired at Melbourne (FL) mosque

Pelosi takes barbs in pursuit of gavel

People tell lies

best t-shirt I have seen a long long long time....

I really hate my job ...

Enzyte will definitely NOT help with your wood

Post here if you're on Al Qaeda's hit list (Never know - Bill O'Reilly is)

Ramadan Kareem

Jackie Haley from Breaking Away/Bad News Bears is in "All the Kings Men"!

We got bullshit...

I just wanted you guys to know...

I'm flattered, but I do not want to be a mod on a website that is trying

I'm wearing my new cock ring - a long dangly type

i don't touch a cow's udder

Who wants to play with my little buddy?


how can I adjust my time stamp?

Anyone watch Bill Maher last night??

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Dang it! I know I tried to post in this thread:

self delete

Did everyone go off to breakfast??

Acclaimed cinematographer Sven Nykvist, age 83, dies.

To hell with "My Space". We should start up a "DU Space"

Eight thirty in the goddamn morning.

It's that time again! Post a pic of your browser!

Love is gone, again.

Breaking! Chuck Norris killed Bin Ladin!

Happy 80th Birthday to John Coltrane!

Hockey Question...

I don't have any friends!!!! (on My Space!)

Urgent! DU this poll.

what movie was this? "if lightening strikes you want to stick your a@@ in

Topalov v Kramnik - World Chess Championship - Sat

Breaking! Jessica Lynch killed Bin Laden!

More B'Day Stuff

Some Seals,a rainforrest,a flower,a walrus,and a butterfly

I listen mostly to

Do you miss licking stamps?

I'm flattered.

"Hi, mom, I got punched in the face last night."

I have a real problem with my being 51 years old

Bono at one

I leave for one night and the cheese eating surrender monkeys

Anyone have a video link to Olberman's Clinton interview?


Stupid question about travel to Europe

I saw Mel Gibson last night - in a bar!

The man who shouted "Tequila" has died!

Art Project-

89.1 Jazz is on the air with Jessica.

Her name is Chloe

my favorite ads on NewsMax

Our waitress stank!

Man, this coffee is strong enough to cure bladder infections


O, mah hound dawg done run off with mah truuck, cawse Mawma is in the pen


soy un perdedor


a future war crime

DU women, what do you think of Bikini Kill?

Please Sign this Petition: No War w/ Iran


Wow... What a fucked-up dream...

So what happened to Chevy Chase?

Banksy Under Fire from Animal Services Abuse (guy who painted elephant

My package from Amazon just arrived! Feels like Christmas!

The word for today is...lacuna

Tornado warning; some 4 miles from me.

Bush's presidency is already over

Post a few pictures that represent a duers name and let us guess

My Little Maverick has a new friend!! A CAT!

Am I the only one that can't stand Leonardo DiCaprio?

What would compliment a CD with....

Is it wrong that I find the movie Jackass ridiculously funny?

The night crew on the enterprise keeps on fucking up the navigation

Hold your head up...

I don't remember how I ever folded sheets when I was single.


When does An Inconvenient Truth come out on DVD?

My cat is obsessed with me.

Angelina Jolie an Ayn Rand fan??

Pink (photo)

The official Ohio State vs. Penn State game thread

What do you hate about your daughter's or son's fiancee or....

Anyone else get chills when you hear "Hitch A Ride" by Boston?

I've finally reached 1000...!

Neil Young named artist of the year at U.S. awards show

downloading streaming audio

ATTN: L.A. GAMER GEEKS - mc chris at the Roxy on Sunset 10/6!

Great, now I'm addicted to Indian food...

Autumn or Fall?

Um, is it safe?

Have I become more of a prick in recent times?

it is 37 days till...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/23/06)

A REALLY non-progressive solution to my money problem

Time for another sunset on the farm

woo hoo..lost 35 pounds officially @ Weight Watchers!

Jackie Wilson said Reet Petite

Star Trek meets Monty Python

So, we established I'm a jerk with a lack of forbearance

Parents, can I get a little advice?

Coffee....and urination


"All The King's Men " was a wonderful film

Am I the only one who can't stand Kate Winslet?

Going to the Patriots game with Sniffa tommorrow!!! w00t!

I hear a hawk. Have been hearing them for many days. Hawk season?

I just figured out how to prop my mostly dead wing on some pillows

BREAKING: NYC Meetup with MissHoneyChurch and Joani was a BLAST!!

So I am taking Death and Dying class...

~Memories of a Man named Troy~

Roolll Onnn Youu Beeaaarrss!!!


One Kitten Has a New Home -- Three to Go. Need a Kitten?

Is this a conservative sex thread?

What age were you when you realized what you wanted to do for a living?

some thoughts on Autumn Equinox: time of Harvest and Gratitude.

Are there any names that make you want to burst into song?

Food Network Fans!! Network Cooks/Chefs....Who do you love/hate?

here is my new kitty!!

Our Waitress ________! ( fill in the blank)

Queen For A Day (1945)

Why do people wear combs in their hair in public?

It's Homecoming at my son's high school tonight!

Even if you could afford to...

Worst first-date movie?

Cool word thread -- check out this cool word - higgledy-piggledy

Just when I thought YouTube couldn't get any more awesome...

I took Communion today at a Baptist church

Contemplating the afterlife is maddening.

Low lead levels 'still harmful'

Randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial

Can someone give me the proper medical name for an eye

Mmmmmmm... Nanotech....

Does anyone else?

Constructive anger?

Can someone tell me what, if any, benefits there are to being a

OT: My first blogged event -- I'd appreciate any love I can get

Kerry did not answer to me personally. I wont vote for him.

October event in New Hampshire

Pic Thread needed (badly) this week

Kids see the truth better than adults, sometimes.

Mass Kerrycrats: Kerry 2008 Group Starting in Salem, NH

John Kerry on the Anniversary of Rita's Landfall

An American in Paris - your feedback much appreciated

Just released:

Paul Thompson's research refers to the threat to Pakistan.

Macaca's back with a vengeance

She Hate Me

Karel is on KGO 810 AM filling in for Bernie Ward Tonight. (eom)

Six Short Weeks From This Tuesday

It's Friday, and I'm looking for a little peace and quiet

Watching Don (Rumsfeld)

I need essayests, poets and writers!

After Engine Blew, Deciding to Fly On 'As Far as We Can'

I know! Since we can't stop the Republicans, let's stop the smokers!

'How Bush Rules’

Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room??

Chavez: Bush should resign as president

Eeewwww. Kindasleezy Rice is going to be on 60 Minutes this

We got bullshit...

Six in 10 men condone partners' lesbian affairs

Explosion kills at least 31 in Baghdad: What have we wrought?

If you wanna send me a personal note that disses another DU'er...

When how can I watch the Clinton Wallass video?

I'm flattered, but I do not want to be a mod on a website that is trying

The moderator

I like to watch Cspan & t.v. preachers for laughs.

Oh. Goody Fucking Shit! Don Rumsfeld is going to be played on CSPAN

Oussama Ben Laden serait mort

Walk-On Never To Be Forgotten - GOP Version

France to probe bin Laden death report leak

Isn't every soldier's family/friends gonna vote blue just to get them home

Hide bin Laden, dead or alive, or we'll bomb you back to the stone age.

Scholar: N. Korea speeds up nuclear bomb plan

we in this country have been treated to such an outpour of lies coming out

Frist concerned about who will cut his grass.

ROFL. Need a good LAUGH? "Why is Walmart promoting homosexual activism?"

Question: Since the 6,000+ that died in Iraq in the last 2 months

Breaking! Jessica Lynch killed Bin Laden!

MSNBC: Chomsky a "disident," "marxist" supports overthrow of democracies


Do we do anything about hierarchy?

Brain stimulation produces creepy shadow feeling

What deal did Bush and Musharraf agree to?

78 yo Gitmo detainee allowed home

Disturbing WaPo quote

Wasn't there a recent message from Bin Laden

Secrets in the Mountains of Afghanistan

I Am Against Torture

We all knew this would happen if the Republicans took over:

FOXNews Clinton Video

Imagine G.W. Bush and Nancy Grace Fu*king

My reply to a Republican who says her brother serves in the armed forces

My Thoughts On Iran and the Constitution

Friday night state-by-state, city-by-city gas price check in

Our forefathers never envisioned the present "non-oversight"..

Hawaii primary today. Anyone know what the Akaka v Case race is like?

Saudis think bin Laden is dead

Damn those French! They reported Bin Laden's Death before October!

Oldie but Goodie - Bush or Chimp?

France probes report of bin Laden's death

Sovereign Nation List? Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan? Does this mean...

MSNBC Has Interactive Timeline of Terror in the World, * is Failure!

Coleen Rowley at HuffPo on the "compromise"

Out of the mouths of babes: Here's someone who REALLY "gets it".

You Know What? Let's Just DROP The OBL Talk Altogether

entire transcript of Clinton Interview on Faux

Secret CIA Prisons in Your Backyard

UN Expert: Torture In Iraq Is Now Worse Than Under Saddam

2,697 U.S. troops now dead in Iraq

The blonde on "Real Time" was the pyscho on C-Span with Randi Rhodes

What about "particular" in the 4th Amendment does Congress not understand?

I heard on Fox this morning that Preznit Boosh tracked down Osama

Pentagon Source: Osama's laptop has been found!

Get to know the Democrat of the Day- Bob Casey. - 9/23/2006

Ray McGovern On FSTV Now (10:00 cst)

MEDIA WATCHDOGS: Be on ALERT for BILL GERTZ (Moonie/Bush propagandist)

PSYOPS People...remember the program to plant "favorable" stories?

A big shout out to our brothers and sisters in Manchester, England.

Bush is our Caligula...what more can be said after this week...

bush is hands down the greatest freak of all time.

Taliban funeral--tin foil hat time?

Are all "Christians" nutz, or is it jut the ones with telephiones?

Christian cartoon Veggie Tales wants us to appease terrorists & detainees!

More news on state-level Repukes jumping ship

Pakastani Officians Call "Bull" On bin Laden Death Story

Why would the Saudis tell the

Condo prices falling off a cliff

Juan Cole:. Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr says US has file on Twelfth Iman

NARAL is making a big mistake backing pro-choice Republicans

Deja Vu- my prediction on Iran war

Soooo... WHICH Osama died?

911 Whistleblower Lauro Chavez

Something for our homegrown Rambos to ponder.

Pedophelia, Smoking, gender, Whatever....

Sky news is reporting Bin Laden is dead

I say we bomb their fairways.

Pat Robertsons Biz Partner Chas.Taylor's war crimes trial starts in April

The face of evil, Senior

In 2005 Rangel Praised the Govt of Venezuela for Home Heating Program

They also used torture during the Salem Witch Trials, right?

Bush Rages: “I am not Beelzebub, Lord of Sulfur”

Just read the transcript of Chris Wallace interview with Bill Clinton

Great bumper sticker

War resistor to return home from Canada to face

Portland Peace Vigil Tonight

Remarkable letters of death row killers revealed

What's the big deal...

Judge blocks Bush Administration's plan to destroy environment

Something odd happened on my street today involving the Military Police.

Antiwar sermon could cost church its tax-exempt status

Senator GRAHAM CENSURED by Army Court!

Another british poodle CAPTION opportunity

self delete

Would ANY of our "founding fathers" be considered Conservative?

With all the talk this morning of Bin Laden being dead or alive

Osoma died peacefully of natural causes?

Regardless of what you think about Chavez

Bushco to the World: See? We'll get you terrorists one way or another!

60 Minutes stink bomb alert

Conspiracy....easy as 1...2...3....

"bin Laden was very ill these past few weeks." .....

Armitage, Armitage everywhere

In Debt We Trust

CIA officers who subjected themselves to water boarding

"Imperative Security Internee": the new class of people without rights

Well one bright spot about the French report.....

E Coli spinach kills Osama Bin Laden...Other dead and sick folks

Generalissimo Francisco Franco death report 'unconfirmed'

If you were to meet with John McCain, What one question would you ask?

A reminder of the remaining 4 MTP Senate debates

And so the perfect cover story begins...

Commerce loses more than 1,100 laptops

Thailand coup protests

Rethinking School Lunch: Center for Ecoliteracy

Can you see how far behind the US is trailing?!?!?!?

How Does Wickopedia (sp?) Work?

“I dare to imagine a country where every child..., are all God's children"


UNCONFIRMED: Musharraf Dead from Sulphur Poisoning

BBC : Time running out for George

Caption the dirty old man

In answer to French Osama Dead reporst... CNN reports: OSAMA SICK!

Harvard's Endowment Up to $29.2 Billion

Why Bush likes torture. (an observant theory)

Org. Calling For Euthanasia Option For The Chronically Depressed

HuffPo: "Don't Vote Democrat"

Seriously, what should Chavez call Bush the next time he addresses the UN?

My last post was about "smelly chemicals in Chinese/Indian Shoes that

September 4,--prelimenary reports that OBL was dead (Saudi)

God wants you to buy a Jet Ski!

Relativity drive: The end of wings and wheels?

Need wisdom for someone who has lost a child.

Using Freeper logic

Was THIS Osama's funeral?

Senator Frist plans to pull off another minimum wage increase

Here’s my theory on the “bin Laden’s dead” story…

Who are all these people urging us not to vote Democratic?

What a week it's been:

More returning troops Suffering from Stress and still waiting for help!!

Man-I can't WAIT to start Torturin' Terrorist Heathens, can you?!?!

MISSING::: Bushies BRAINS...Someone Stole Bushies Brains during the


Newsmax trying to save Coultergeist

Please Sign this Petition: No War w/ Iran

Dentist Whistleblower Who Met 9/11 Hijackers Poisoned To Death

Once Hillary becomes president I can't wait till WE get to start torturing

Is it best to select a fixed rate plan for natural gas? The current fixed

Okay, so which muckety-muck was in Dallas this afternoon?

PREEMPT The Insanity Of Attacking Iran


Single - Issue Solipsism--- The Nation

Homeland Security Alert -Threat of Cannibalism In California!!

The neocons say that the terrrorists want to change our way...

MicroSoft may have done something right... Beta testing Office 2007 here

If bin Laden is still alive, it no longer matters if El Diablo catches him

terrorism charge dropped (another Ashcroft era case bites out)

Vid of Olbermann on fire... Damning Bush! Double-Plus Good!

Letter to BBC re: the term "Rebel" describing McCain, Graham & Warner

Okay... Other Mods here are great as well!

Chirac: Bin Laden Intel Not Confirmed

bush doubles Osama bin Laden's score; U.S. war deaths surpass 9/11 toll

The Bird Flu. (is this October surprise?)

What phrase will conservatives use to give Bush* credit for Osama's death?

Remember that group of Taliban fighters that were gathered

Arnold gives up his Hummers

Who knew that 32,015 people would vote in a C-Span poll?

At least 10,000 protest against Britain in Iraq, Afghanistan

Has Chirac outed Rove's Surprise on death of Bin-Laden

Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?

Yahoo's pop hook: Download music without limits

FINALLY Clinton faults Bush for allowing the slaughter of 3000 Americans

Bin Laden's not dead!

Holy shit! Stumble has more links to my sites than DU!

BANNED BOOK WEEK, Sept 23 - 30

(video) The Doomsday Code

Wow, did the French fuck up the October surprise or what?

Queen For A Day (1945)

Does anyone know of a translation of the OBL Death Memo laying

You people are fucking idiots.

Using Pulpits to Power the GOP

The votes got certified..I'm proud!

The 2006 "Majority Chairman" election.

Looking for a flash/video... help?


OMG, read the Pope's speech. It is so boring.

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse = Bush Administration?

Howler monkey or Chimp? You decide!

Jack and Jackie, Truman, Roosevelt and me...

CHENEY: Murtha 'Validates al Queda Strategy & Invites More Terror'

"Who you callin' a Fascist?"

WP op-ed: Torture has been an instrument of oppression, not intelligence

"October surprise" threads are stupid

Next Blue states

Dismissed by CNBC, forgotten Bush whore Dennis Miller crawls back to Fox

This would only happen in repukeland

Montana debate: Burns v Tester CSpan 1 now n/t

Calling All Third World Thugs and Dictators

2700 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Oil supplies will last another 140 years, Saudi Says.

Fox has video highlights of Clinton up on their webpage

Think Progress: Wallace Lied When He Told Clinton "We Asked..."

The Best War Ever

Florida DUers: Is Katherine Harris gaining "hoementum?" - Only down 15%

Cut and Run republicans - Clinton -vs- Wallace on Fox

A story you can't read anywhere- Camp Bucca

Gay couple ordered to stop kissing on airplane...

September 2006 . . . 55 Soldiers Gone, . . . (So Far) . .

Spies reject ‘Bin Laden is dead’ claim

Unofficial thread about Chavez; A poster boy for Diebold..

Montanans, that Burns-Testor debate as a hoot.

Is the word "Islamists" a slur?

Fact! No photo ID, we will NEVER get National Healthcare

Faux News changes Clinton headline from "Clinton gets crazed" to

I'm not usually a conspiracist

Somebody should tell...

Angry Vets Rant Where is the outrage from the media

Mean Jean Schmidt caught plagiarising policy paper

Fresno Rescue Mission Out to Help Veterans

Osama should have been dead a long time ago

Anyone watching Judge Joan Lefkow

Attack on Iran -- What should the American people do about it?

Clinton on Panel on CNN ***NOW***

Got a comment today on my bumpersticker

US army’s kill-kill ethos under fire

Not only can't they find him. They can't even CONFIRM WHETHER HE'S DEAD.

I dropped campaign lit for 8 hours today


Tinfoil thought: gasoline prices and the pending attack on Iran.

Business grad students most likely to cheat

What's up with Protest Warrior? Their forum's been down for several days

My Freeper Fantasy: It's The Morning Of November 8


Maybe we should gather names and send an email to Hugo Chavez

Protesters from American Friends Service Committee pose as Iraq war victim

Why aren't the Bigmouth Preachers Speaking Out Against Legalising TORTURE?

Chavez Chavez Chavez Chavez Chavez

Bin Laden doesn't matter, and hasn't for a long, long time.

Fox Switches Headlines on Clinton Video link

"I Jus' wanna say 'God Bless You, George Bush." ... CSpan "Moran"

Tuesday I get to meet John Edwards!!!!!!!

C-Span: William Kristol on with PNAC'ers saying Bush too weak...

Are we really so fearfull?

If you have always thought that Chris Wallace

A Politics Of Fear (Bush and Grace)

“Berlin Wall” Across U.S.-Mexico Border will Destroy Endangered Species -

Please Lord, take Osama out by indisputable natural causes.

The State Is An Abusive Parent And What Can Be Done About It?

A Song for TX Radio Guy!! Hilarious!!!!!

* and the gang go out to dinner

MP3: My version of Kristofferson's anti-war tune "In the News"

Bruce Funk Exposes Hackable Voting Machines in Utah VIDEO PLEASE RATE UP

Sister of Bush tells some home truths

"Bush Did Nothing To Prevent 9/11": Will The Dems Run With It?

The Big Dog Gives Fox News The Smackdown!!

What Chavez Said That Everyone Seems To Have Missed

Fox promo for the Clinton-Wallace interview

Torture - The Bottom Line

Did the French blow Rove's October Surprise

Anything to distract from the pending vote hack and people

Alito on CSpan 1

46,500 voters cast ballots in last week's primary election, not 80,000

Devil in the Eye of the Beholder ..(Former Donahue Producer lets loose)

GOP Detainee Bill: Revisions Create Loopholes For Rape+Sexual Assault-NYT

Do you dread or savor a Jeb Bush '08 presidential run?

Starbucks raises price of latte and cappuccino

If Osama is dead we should declare VICTORY!

Boston (Dem) Councilman Sez Demolish Landmark CITGO Sign, Replace w/ FLAG

Does anyone know how to download clips from YouTube

Buy Terrapass carbon credits to offset your impact on global warming.

Has there been much reaction from foreign heads of state re: torture?

Chomsky - "Hegemony or Survival:" - Sunday Noon ET - BookTV - It's HUGO!

Was just surfing the channels and stopped for a minute on the

How does one "compromise" on torture?

Windows Vista RC1 released and not lookin' so hot

Democrat Carol Shea-Porter

msnbc...telling people to boycott let's BUY CITGO

I finally got Sen Kerry's very belated response to my letter about Israel

I'm so disgusted with everything and everyone and myself included.

U.S. Fatalities In War Exceed Those From Sept. 11 - (AP\MSNBC)

"Mr. Bush, will you give Iran's oil to your cronies like you did Iraq's?"

Bill Biggart's last picture

"Clinton faults Bush for inaction on bin Laden" - REUTERS

Folks, I think this could be VERY important.

Bush's Moderation Ultimatum

Dodd/Lieberman Joined Repugs to Over Ride Clinton's Veto's

Watching that Clinton clip of him on Fox News left me incredibly inspired

Where does this BS about "restoring the caliphate" come from?

90% Congress-Will Vote For Torture - NOT - Knowing What They're Voting For

Show Of Hands! How Many DU'ers Sponsor A Third World Child?

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

CA - 50: Bilbray and the Abramoff Gang TIMELINE on Marianas Corruption

Get out there on October 5

Why I Applied To Learn Al Gore's Slideshow

Under New Torture Rules The Interrogators Can Still "Pulpify" Legs?

We need to talk shop: What are our plans to DESTROY Christmas this year?

Riverbend:...Summer of Goodbyes... I hope she's okay

Bin Laden died in Pakistan? How come we haven't heard this?

Everyone--Dems included--agrees to pretend Bush compromised on torture

Those LYING SOBS! "Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat"

OMG....Must see political cartoon

Chavez is wrong! Bush isn't the Devil, He's the Anti-Christ! Here's proof!

What if bush were caught in a Lie?

OMG! He called the Emperor "naked"!!!

Beware of who is behind ballot initiatives in your state. PBS last night.

How the hell does Saudi Intellingence know Osama has been ill for

Anyone here know what a traditional Muslim funeral is supposed to be?

This is what compromise looks like, (graphic/pic heavy/conscience laden)

Int'l Leader Has "The Balls" To Call Out Bush & DU/Dems Attack Him For It?

Why does media ignore the fact that blacks in Darfur are Muslim?

Bargaining Digest Weekly 9-23-06

"5 years since 9/11 & Bush can’t find his * with 2 fingers & a flashlight"


I almost wish I could get FAUX, I'd love to see how

Crist raises $1.2 million to Davis' $149,000

Fuck It! Been waiting too long. Green is ONLY for St. Patrick's Day!

I'm Angry as Hell....and what WOULD Ann do?

Young voters -- a wild card in 2006 U.S. elections

Stealing America Vote By Vote-A Groundbreaking Film: Thanks Bob Fitrakis!

Bush Radio: Agenda for "The Broader Middle East" we go, kids.

Clinton ripped into FOX NEWS during interview

Rush hit the nail on the head .... (from Bartcop)

Reuters: Critics of Blair protest before party rally

Boston Globe: Congress in dark on terror program

Something just hit me...

The "traffic jam" on election day caused by Voter ID ??

Is this true, Osama bin Laden is dead?

Dodge GOP Slime With the Bernie Sanders Arcade Game

National security: The Uses of Scare-Talk

Breakfast and canvass with Chairman Dean (Portland, Maine)

34,000 Votes from nowhere in Milwaukee.

What Are The Chances That Faux Will Air The Full Clinton Interview ?

Link? Tracking state initiatives in upcoming elections.

The Week in Political Cartoons

2008 election: some thoughts

Clinton Didn't Do Enough????????????????

Drudge distorting the truth about Clinton interview on FOX


"The Religious Right has not place in politics"

ELECTION '06: Republicans for Torture Unite! (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Bush's Moderation

Worst Bush appointments

Canada in Afghanistan

AP: Dems: GOP Again Targets Social Security

Tactics used now that midterms are nearing...

Sun investors blast fat cat greed (generous executive compensation)

Dems: Don't Panic About Voter Turnout Spending

Bush Leads New Offensive Featuring Economy and Linking Democrats to High T

Big Win for Workers in California, Billionaires Proliferate and More News

VERY SCARY-- US Armageddonites pushing for Iran War to bring about Rapture

Zimbabwe Bars U.S. Union Leaders from Meeting with Injured Unionists

Textile Business Association Joins with Unions to Fight for Jordanian Work

Solidarity Center Report: Swazi Workers Lack Basic Freedoms

FCC Buried Key Reports on Media Consolidation; Public Hearings Set

The Latest Torment for Air Traffic Controllers: A Dress Code

AT&T Moving 2,000 Jobs—Back Home

Why Did the British Really Withdraw Their Tanks?

Clinton faults Bush for inaction on bin Laden (reports bin Laden died)

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat

Don't you feel safe?

John Bolton Could Be Given Pay Cut and Appointed Deputy Ambassador in Bid

Toon! Check out Reform Candidate Max Linn (diebold)

Toon! Check out Reform Candidate Max Linn (diebold)

VIDEO: Gore and Branson: Investing to Solve Global Warming

Will there be Green Zones here after the revolution?

AP: GOP Candidates Keeping Bush Under Wraps

Can I make a suggestion? Could you please

Jews ask God to be un-chosen! What do you think of this?

Undecided voters on AP panel weigh decisions in Senate race (PA)

COINGATE: crook uses media to manipulate the public -- and fails big time

Please Sign this Petition: No War w/ Iran

Bush's Swift Liar lawyer turns up again; more about Economic Freedom Fund

Don't Miss!! Clint Curtis..Cover story for Tampa Bay Scene

Fox's Wallace on Clinton: "You figure he'd be prepared...He went off"

Blair's sister-in-law leads mass protest over British foreign policy

Why was Chris Wallace smirking during President Clinton's interview?

20 most corrupt Congress member...and an

Our Deep National Shame

PA-SEN: Hard-Hitting Casey Ad Blasts Santorum's "Trash"

Relief for Some but Maybe Not Many in Wal-Mart Plan for $4 Generic Drugs

How the Democrats Can Win Back Congress

Rep. Bobby Scott speaks out against Torture "Compromise" & Immoral Budget

Crooks & Liars: FOX News Saying “Clinton Gets Crazed”

Aujourd'hui nous sommes tous francais! Discutez!!

Reid and Levin applaud Senators for "standing up" to administration. WTF?

LAT: Angelides Inspires Growing Concern

Ken Blackwell: Snake or Not Snake. You Decide....

Clinton is going on the attack and will be the rally round

In defense of every angry, frustrated Democrat.

Gary Hart: The October Surprise

Let's get out the Latino vote-- key to victory in November

VIDEO - Bush 41 calls Moon "man with the vision" Pat Boone serenades Moon

Is there a debunk for for this..................

Was this the photo of Bin Laden's funeral in Afghanistan?

Op-ed: Bush seeks immunity for violating War Crimes Act

What have YOU done to elect a Democrat in 2006?

Kerry Describes the Unifying Potential of Faith in Public Life

Who do you like best Howard Dean or Bill Clinton?

There's something in the air

Economic Slowdown

Clinton Smacks Down Fox News - Hard

Senator GRAHAM Censured by Army Court!

Wes Clark in KY, TX, AZ, MT, PA - busy week!