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Archives: September 24, 2006

WP: Anger at U.S. Policies More Strident at U.N.

Facing Facts on Iraq (NYT Editorial)

WP (A01): Republican Fortunes Appear to Turn Rosier

(Tavis Smiley )Transcript: Hugo Chávez

Many hopefuls keep Bush ties under wraps

Axis of Sketchy Allies-- Muareen Dowd

Let us be rational

Oil sands, the coming ecological disaster!!

Track the Flights of 9-11-2001

Judith Miller and 9/11

New York Stories: 9/11 First Responders

Fourth Quarter, and it is a Tie Ballgame

NYT: Texas Democrats File Suit Against Voting Fraud Law

Can anyone tell me how important a poll watcher is and what

Black says he's `a freedom fighter'

Scandal has Volpe campaign reeling

Inspiring tale of triumph over Taliban not all it seems

Anti-war protests in Manchester

Blast in Turkey injures seventeen

Woman may have set Baghdad bomb

Iraq war hurting terror fight, spy agencies say.

NYT: Report Says Education Officials Violated Rules

Iran displays homemade laser defense warning system

Far-right 'hijacking' Hungary protests

Crist camp drops controversial Pompano minister

Soldiers in 'guns for coke' scandal (smuggle guns from Iraq for drugs)

Musharraf at Texas Hospital for Tests

Falwell: Hillary Would Fire Up More Voters Than Lucifer

College students' killer to be executed (Danny Rolling)

"The Manchurian Candidate" is on TCM!

Why do people wear crumbs in their public hair?

I have no problems with my personal relationships, ask me something?

Land Shark & Autorank both propose marriage to lala_RawRaw

I'm bored, bored, borrrrrredddddddd.

Well I will say..

Just took a xanax-- first one ever. What's it supposed to feel like

Myspace. Are you addicted?

Okay, so I'm home tonight.

Somewhere a scientist is working on a way to cause...

anger management - funniest email I have received in a long time

The Rain Is Falling

I auditioned for "Dancing With the Dumbos", but didn't make the cut

I was having such a marvelous weekend until I stepped into LBN

OK, I threw the guac out. But, first, I practiced....

Hey lizziegrace!

I've decided to be happy living in North Texas. Here's the thing..

If you have a chance to see "Nobelity", a new film ..GO!!!

I've got two hours to kill and 167 posts to 5,000.

You know, writing stuff is hard work!

Can someone get Lou Holtz a spit cup?

Since y'all seem to have so much free time

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries?

Hermosa Beach Sunset

Post here and get your oblique strategy.

How does one get rid of love feelings?

Good night

Help me decide...scoot or go to Rosh Hashanah services

ahhh, the vicodin express is leaving the station....

I just played 12 hours of video games and now my gf is bitching about it!

Somedays, I hate being female (Cramps from Hell)

Cripes. I've got an ulcer.

DU football widows!!!!

Which of these 3 photos is best? (And do they rival ET Awful's *Quinn*?)

Two Words..Barry White!!!

I have to say it.... Firefly ROCKS!

Saturday night microbrew flvegan

Dear Lounge, I'm curious - how many of you first thought I was male?

Public Service Announcement for DU men ...

How Would You Describe Your Hair?

Just when I thought my stalker drama was coming to an end .... (PICS)

Any onion experts here? I've got a question for you...

I am a humanist, but most people drive me fucking nuts.

Another day by myself while my bf played 12 hours of video games

So I just said to my son: "Just because you know you can't win,

Love, ZombyStyle

Ooh baby, I think I love you, from Head to Toe!

I am in a good mood now.

A fire ant crawled up my pant leg and bit me right on my

do some people just look like they're from texas?

Dallas Gay Pride Parade (Dial-up Warning!)

Who let the dogs out?

Iran. Is anything coming through? Reports of 10 Navy ships

New Cosmic Dimension website up

ABout December and that event that was like, ahm, exciting last year

Ratzinger (sp?) was the guy who claimed Kerry couldn't/shouldn't

Star shaped parts on a plant?

Great idea for the election

A Democratic Counterproposal:Instead of Bombing Iran, Ask UN to Aid Iraq

By the Ken Lay standard, if OBL is dead, he ain't guilty of anything

Bush reading program blasted in internal audit

Reading the transcript, it appears as if Wallace is laughing at Clinton

Has Bush stayed the course?

I was just watching Christiane Amanpour dicussing the Clinton


I am new to DU and I am wondering lately what the upside down...

There are a HELL of a lot of conspiracies goin' on & that's no theory

What Will America's 400 Billionaires Do To Help The American People?

Billy Oppps' the Liely

Does anyone know where there's a copy of this "Great

Fact checking time. . .from a moron on the NY Mets forum

Many Americans seem to think the BBC is so much better

*** 10pm - 100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World - CSPAN2 ***

Congress in dark on terror bill: less than 10% briefed on CIA programs..

FYI: 9pm CT-CSPAN-Legacy of Bill Clinton. nt

Aren't we legalizing the torture of our own troops?

Urgent Letter from Dennis Kucinich about Bush Admin Plans For War W/Iran

Hopeful tidbit from a state Dem meeting....

So. I hear there's a debate about torturing people

Holy Fuck. Freeper Animosity Is Everywhere! Check This Out.

Can we enact Bush's Freedom Agenda upon the United States?

On juvenile rights and the specific case of juvenile sexuality


Jean Schmidt plagiarizes policy positions

The Rain Is Falling

Afghan warlords unite to fight Nato

This is the shitty city I live in uncensored right here

youtube and faux news

Just more 'left-wing propaganda'?

DU this poll.

local CBS news lead story, Osama is dead so the French

How about this for the talking points re: Osama

Hilarious Google News Search (Repub. Congressman Peter King, NY-03)

Musharraf visits Paris (Texas)

WaPo details how Chimpy & Co. dropped the ball on terrorism prior to 9/11

Guantanamo Bay Torture Toy Set

"What's in the Terrorism Detainee Bill?" (The "compromise" bill)

What waking dreams do you have

Princeton's position on Diebold voting machines:

NYT: Rumsfeld says playing squash has helped preserve his "sanity"

Judge orders filet of soul for Father Flim-Flam

we need to get this crap repealed

we need to get this crap repealed

C-Span is polling on the Torture Compromise.

Please DU this poll!

Russ Feingold Speaking at the Constitution Center in Philly Tomorrow?

A child was born in this country

A Bad Compromise

Paticipating? also-cute short promo VIDEO for WCW Oct. 5th

Dining Notes: If (Billionaire Warren) Buffett dines there, people follow

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Detained by US Authorities

August 8, 2001- Fact Sheet - Overseas Security Improvements

"Sorry we tortured you bouquet".

I listen to my heart first

FYI: Bill Maher coming up, I missed him last night:

The Mid terms (say the election is fair)

Mother Earth looked at me

The Compromise Torture Bill seems to permit indefinite

It's time to play --- Who's the hypocrite

Nine severed police heads found in Saddam’s hometown


Everytime someone disses me for being a non-smoker, I invite them to

List of Terrorists and Groups Identified Under Executive Order 13224

Freepers freeping youtube with snippet of Clinton video

Manchester, Eng. protests (photos)

Soldier dies the death she said she feared

Let's mess with the RW'ers heads

"Saturday Night is the Loneliest Night in the Week."

WP (2002) Before Sept. 11, the Bush Anti-Terror Effort Was Mostly Ambition

Link for Hawaii primary results here for all you insomniacs

I have a confession to make... I am on Al Qaeda's hit list

US detains Venezuela's Foreign Minister

Have the roundups begun?

Info gained from torture is NOT reliable. That's the point of it all.

Warren Buffett weathers fender bender

Here's the new definition of "torture" from the Great Compromise:

Frank Rich on Russert's CNBC show - 10pm and 1am ET

Anyone watch that new show Jericho on CBS...

The newest edition of the RW rabid cousin

Is Bin Laden dead? Doubts reported from Mother Jones and WaPo.

I was over at the Smiking Chimp, and thought of Nostamj


What the FOX interview with Clinton shows me?

The torture issue is "The Chance of a Lifetime" for Dems.

My letter to Congress on Geneva Conventions

BRODER CONFESSES! Six years later, a lawless old dean explains why he pand

Just for a chuckle: Random Notes: But he's our devil.

Many hopefuls keep Bush ties under wraps (closed campaigning)

PA SEN : Hard-Hitting Casey Ad Blasts Santorum's "Trash"

Dems Must Stand Against Torture, great essay!

Pan Am to Pay Ex-Workers After 15 Years

Not Quite "Just Another Construction Death" 5 dead from 2 accidents

Just to clarify on responses to the Dem statements on Chavez:

Is the TIA being used to flip ppl like McCain on torture (among others)

Bolivian President meets with American Indians in New York

The non-partisan, un-ideological case for booting the GOP out

So is Harris really up to 38% in FLorida? SurveyUSA says yes

Anyone have the Democratic radio response for today?

Due Diligence

Maria Cantwell is officially winner. Hong Tran concedes defeat.


Woo Hoo! Tester: "I don't want to weaken the Patriot Act"...

Just got an email from a very angry Texan....I love angry TX folks.

GOP + WOT = WTF?!?

SO is Kean jr. really ahead of Menendez? NJ Senate race..

Forsaken Gaza is dying

War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

The Democrats have no idea

LAT: Secession -- a Revolutionary Idea in Vermont

In the Mean Time...

Chavez's Chomsky Book Choice-- and the Message that Drew a UN Standing...

No One Dares to Help- an anonymous Iraqi reporter for the LA Times.

United Professionals, Unite!

Philly suburbs shift toward Democrats

Meet the Counterterrorism-Industrial Complex (Ken Silverstein, Harpers)

TIME: How I lost my hand but found myself (Michael Weisskopf)

SEESHOLTZ: Another Twist in the Twisted Attack on U.S. Colleges

Coleen Rowley: A Missed Opportunity for Accountability

Ripping the spineless Democrats on torture

NY T Editorial....Facing Facts on Iraq ..... (Proves bush is a liar)

If GOP is in trouble, Missouri will reflect it

Jane, We Hardly Knew Ye Died (65 Women troops killed in Iraq/Afgan)

The surprising end of the New American Century

Freedom of speech

Stuff Happens Again in Baghdad By FRANK RICH

Tobacco-Free Kids Action Fund Urges Senator Hatch to Reject Campaign Contr

Secrets in the Mountains of Afghanistan

Patriots and traitors: Some journalists falter in upholding watchdog role

Iraq, Afghanistan and now Iran – Prepare for the Clash of Civilizations

GOP exodus makes inner suburbs key this fall, analysts say

Sherrod Brown fares well as ad wars roll

GOP Detainee Bill- Turning Back the Clock on Rape

BBC: US report says Iraq fuels terror

LAT: Secrets in the Mountains of Afghanistan (Torture by Green Berets)

Investors look to U.S. housing data after NY markets drag the TSX down

Second thoughts:As interest rates go up, homeowners rethink piggybacks

US housing slump may prompt Fed to reduce rates

Oil crunch, its coming

NASCAR and motor oil

US controls price of crude oil (People's Daily Op Ed)

Irish lecturers call on EU to boycott Israeli universities

911 report comic version

Flight 175 ATC Interview

9/11 Whistle Blower Speaks Out to the Editor of the Cincinnati Post

Strangest. 9/11. Film. Ever.

Terrorist Whistle-Blower Dead After Poisoning.

Proof of U.S. citizenship required for SS number, why not for Voter ID?

X-post from GD, 9-28-06, House hearing on e-voting, VVPB & Security

Blackwell experts needed. I'm putting a quiz at the end of my Flash movie

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 09/24/06 A Most Sinister Scheme

Tor.Star:It's telling that Ottawa has not demanded answers from Washington

Toronto Sun Editorial: AdScam law must be tightened

Two California DU'ers visiting Toronto Week of October 16th.

Arar upset by lack of apology

Toronto Star: Zaccardelli's silence a puzzle to Liberals

Many hopefuls keep Bush ties under wraps

Detectives Say Sex Shop Attack Wasn't Terrorism (Here's Some Terra For Ya)

WP (A01): Republican Fortunes Appear to Turn Rosier

Nasrallah says he will not release Israeli soldiers

Democratic candidate in MN speaks out against Torture bill

U.S. Apologizes for Detaining Venezuela Diplomat

WP article; US war in Iraq spreads terrorism;

WP: Anger at U.S. Policies More Strident at U.N.

Iraq rebels kill 19 in Ramadan onslaught

Pakistan President speaks of Peace Plan

Akaka Wins Hawaii Senate Primary

If GOP is in trouble, Missouri will reflect it

Reuters: U.S. radio ad fuels debate on Haitian sovereignty

Philly suburbs shift toward Democrats

Mysterious blob may be killing marine life (Hood Canal dead zones)

Nepali official denies helicopter crash ( World Wildlife Fund.. 24 lost)

Venezuela rejects US apologies

Iraqi soldiers hinder U.S. efforts

AP: Iraqi soldiers hinder U.S. efforts

Dems find unlikely ally in business lobby (Chamber of Commerce)

LAT: GOP Mines Every Tiny Bloc

NY T Editorial....Facing Facts on Iraq ..... (Proves bush is a liar)

West, Saudi Arabia unable to confirm bin Laden death

Somalia's Islamists Seize Seaport

Just seen a clip of Big Dawg being interviewed at the Ryder Cup.

Radio ad draws fire for Muslim references (Columbus)

Iraqi soldiers hinder U.S. efforts

GOP Mines Data for Every Tiny Bloc

Autopsies show 3 children of woman slain in fetus theft case were drowned

AP: Blair: Afghan War Tougher Than Expected

Bill Clinton Defends bin Laden Handling (Chris Wallace 'surprized")

Leaked intelligence report rocks Bush election stance

Two mosques vandalized in France

LAT: Angelides Puts Iraq on Table: As governor, would withdraw Cali. Guard

Egypt bans French, German papers for comments on Islam

No hope for GOP in some districts

Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week, Predicts Democrats Will Resist

Karzai would love to have the money U-S has spent in Iraq

Wash Post Endorses Lieberman for Senate -- While Hitting War on Front Page

Specter Objects to Part of Detainee Bill

Dems Use Iraq Report to Attack GOP

Sen. Burns, Tester debate in Montana

Conservatives try to deploy `values voters

Anti-Clinton well dries up - GOP donors shut wallets

Cat Stevens criticizes pope over Islam comments

Akaka Maintains Lead in Hawaii Primary

Iraqi parties agree to federalism bill

Al Qaeda Members Moving To Middle East

Pakistani graduate raped to punish her low-caste family

Swiss back tighter asylum rules

"Nice Little Conservative Hit Job": Clinton Accuses Fox's Chris Wallace

Slain woman’s children found dead at home (3 missing kids)

Boy 14 Years Old Slips into Cuba (Flies thru Bahamas)

Bush will kill me: Chavez

I hear a Fawkes. Have been hearing them for many days. Fawkes season?

So far, this Saturday night's highlight has been....

I am bullish on, oh never mind. (dupey mcduperson)

Meat and potatoes

Whelp, got laid off tonight...

The happiest babies in the world:

Turns out I really miss my love.


The heat is hitting the cold front in TX, and it's awesome!

* If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life.......

Alan Cooper acts like he fucking owns homonyms.

Sunday list thread

Foamhenge?.. Cooter's Place?.. and other Tacky Places ..

Good Sunday Morning from the West Coast

I can't believe Hugo Chavez called me "The Devil"

How balanced is your brain? LOOK!!

Dear lounge, I'm bi-curious - how many of you want me to do a male?

You can yawn, but you can't hide.

A desert sky,a wolf,a flower,a couple bus drivers,and a butterfly

And to all the DUers put there, I bring unto you this very special thread:

Is there any way I can bribe the morning into coming back in a few hours?

Should I shave my hair?

The Jackie Thomas Show

Jimmy Lafave made my date cry last night....


Do you have a VIRTUAL PET?

Anybody wanna piece of my big beef jerky?

Last night I watch Flesh Gordon and A Clockwork Orange

Ice water appreciation thread.

Yesterday, I got carded when my husband stole alcohol

Two Words..Betty White!!!

WHO is that idiot with the glasses hanging all over Jimmy Johnson?

Anyone rented a Ryder truck this morning?

Please to meet you...Won't you guess my name?

Are you ready for some football?!?! Cause I am!

Yesterday, I got carded when my husband bought alcohol

Everything but the squeal

I would love to fight Microsoft Bob..

I'm either a saint, or a Bush-level moran

Logo for Repukes' official soft drink

help DU this poll please!

Totally useless celebrity news item

Who the hell is Jimmy Pardo?

Must not post a dirty thread, must not post a dirty thread....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/24/06)

Best of both worlds: Next Door Dog

Anybody watching "A Knight's Tale" on TBS? Interesting trivia:

Stupid illness, I'm gaining weight

Shopping sucks. my morning rant

For all you kittie lovers, this is cute.

Oye Candy!

Aye, candy!

"The Last Hard Men"

OMG! Allison Hannigan is in the Lifetime movie I'm watching.

Update on my kitten Merlin (warning...kinda sad)

How 'far along' were you when you 'knew' you were insane?

Just thought I 'd say Hello.........

Hey, my DU cats...What's goin' down?

Question for anyone who knows a lot about printers and ink cartridges...

what happened to image shack?

World of Warcraft has over 200 thousand Asians playing just for Westerners

I think I have a disease. Let's call it "Album completism."

The Girl Scout badges they don't tell you about


How long until Superman crosses the line

Any Goldfrapp fans out there?

I need some EXCEL help

Well, now Pewter Pete's gone. Two down, two to go.

How come, when someone tells me that I'm mad, but I'm not mad, it

Fans of World Music: 4 hours worth starting now

I posted this in the photography group but it may be of interest here.

Cranberry juice cocktail? Pomegranate juice cocktail?

Stars strip off for chari-tease (warning partial nudity)

There is a God, and he has a really twisted sense of humor

Avenue Q: The Internet is for Porn!

Ok. Now I'm pissed.

Hope springs eternal...

Woohoo! Sunday Show-and-Tell!

Need computer geek help now!!!

I am back home in Germany

There should be a way to buy Rabrrrrrr a Martini over the Internets.

What's your former favorite salad dressing? Please denounce it.

Trevor Hoffman breaks saves record, 479!!!!!

I promise, it's not sexual

Stephen Colbert rejected me last night!

Hey, Retrolounge, grab yer M-CM thinking cap.

NASCAR and motor oil

Please look at my art. (nudity warning)

This is really funny, I promise!!!

The meat processing plant rejected me last night! (lamer copycat)

Senator Blutarsky?

Hey Steeler fans! How did you like that asswhoopin' the Bengals gave you!

How Many Commercials Is Katy Manning In?????

Hypnotoad's Etymology Linguistics Lesson for today: 'Sabotage'

Hey Vikings fans!

My dog has taken to running across the street into the neighbor's yard

There should be a way to buy someone a beer over the internets.

are the stars out tonight.... (apologies to dialup users)

I (heart) Candy

Stephen King rejected me last night! (lame copycat)

Thank God for FOOTBALL!

Confessions from a Fundie Childhood, Part 1

Wow, the Browns are playing a little football

Guess what?

Just watched V for Vendetta.

Paris Hilton: I'm not that smart

I would love to fight Mycroft Holmes..

Are you interested in getting an HDTV? They are getting much cheaper

"Think I'm weird? Go ahead. You aren't the ones judging me."

Dog Help! Anyone else have a dog that does something like this:

Our crazy Bosnian redneck neighbor and his friends cut down a tree

I just came back from the toy store in the mall...

Everybody read: How to turn off the Jesus Camp ad

Anybody like World Music?

You know you live in the middle of Bumfuck when...

Married or committed DUers : How did you know when you found "the one" ?

Seahawks-Giants thread

Flaming Lips enthusiasts: where should I begin?

Thank Dog for BASEBALL!

1 Year and No Cigarette Today!!

Anyone watching the Ryder Cup this morning?

So, I bought this Dragon Fruit on the street in Chinatown...

Eye candy!

Hey Clevelanders!! You make some damn good beer!

Name something you've got too much of...

Happy birthday OhioJoe!!

Please help!!! What does this dream mean?

Well, I borrowed a scanner. Any requests?

wildhorses appreciation thread!!!!!

Highly amusing thread from another forum ("MS Paint your Bad Habits")

What's your current favorite salad dressing?

How Many Commercials Is Peyton Manning In?????

looking for a certain joke about "Democrat kittens"

How 'far along' were you when you 'knew' you were pregnant?

Better yet, how did you know that person WASN'T "the one"?

So I think I've had it with my sister.

first birthday - feeding the geese

Pic thread (dial up users run for your lives!)

What about when someone makes a nickname of your

Bigots Give Up on Ice Cream

What is a Redneck?

MissHoneychurch and her new sweetheart (pic).

Another monday is nearly upon me

9/22/06 NYC Meetup Pictures!

Blaming students of a system of dogma for flaws in the system of dogma

Are there any Atheist Communities in the United States?

Effects from E. Coli infection can last a lifetime

Hypoallergenic cats go on sale

Acupuncture may nix nighttime hot flashes

Another reason to QUIT, as though you needed one

interesting blog post on virus evolution (especially the evolution of HIV)

Cream Makes Skin Produce Sunless Tan

New pictures of martian 'face'

Are Germans ready for their first openly gay leader?

I don't know enough about the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Can Peyton Manning Be In More Ads?

Joe Buck is an idiot

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for September 24: Clash of Champions

Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory, Braves on

I would like some suggestions re: cleansing a room

Kiss My Face Aloe Vera Tooth Whitener is a gift from heaven. That is all.

Can anyone pick up something on some treasured "lost" items for me?

Stolen Valor Act of 2005

John Kerry Interview on RELIGION & ETHICS

No way to say this nicely. Feingold beat Kerry to the punch.

Sen Kerry on Administration failure in WOT

The Weekly Standard just threw Barfbag to the wolves. Why?

A request for photography of Ferns

Venezuela Minister Says He Was Harrassed at Airport by US Officials

Nuclear talks with Iran may start without U.S. or suspending enrichment

The worst thing we can do is be afraid.

Doesn't Osama's death (from natural causes, if true) hurt Bush?

Hamas charge dropped

LIVE liberal streaming radio NOW? - It's Nate Clay from an unlikely source

Will there be rallies, protests in the U.S. specifically against torture?

I'm so upset by this torture thing that I even wrote to Ted Stevens

Pro-War Rally In DC Draws "Approximately 70-100" (Moonie Times)

Iraq war spawned terrorism, radicals - U.S. report

Amy Goodman has a new book, ppl!

More on Musharraf in Texas yesterday

Library of Congress preserves 'Bush for Dummies' web site :) :) ROFL

Assembly Joint Resolution to Impeach Bush (CA)

General Hayden blows off questions and a chance to debate: (interesting!)

Where is the moral outrage by Christians against torture?

Terrorist Whistle-Blower Dead After Poisoning.

My local fight

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Fuels Terror

What is the current number? 2,700 dead, 20, 000 + wounded,

The Great Compromise: Thank you Senator McCain!


So.. I guess "end of the world" scenarios are in vogue again..

How pitiful is it when you CAN'T Prosecute a War Criminal?

Intelligince community has just released a report about Iraq invasion

The Leader of the Free World Spends His Day Riding Bikes ---pix--->

How do you think China will respond to BushCo's upcoming...

I Am Against Torture

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - GOP Version

"They're against the war but they don't have a way for us to get out"

The Talk Shows

Will the DUer who just said that mouthful on Washington Journal

I Worry About

ABC actually reporting that bu$h's war in Iraq is making terrorism worse

Neocons now want women barefoot and pregnant....

Iraq war spawned terrorism, radicals: U.S. report

Has anyone else received a strange payment acceptance from PAYPAL?

Terrorism: Research paper, determining a subject. (please add your input)

Anyone listening to the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of England

We have to wonder—What is it about being in Iraq that leads to radical

There ain't no such thing as the Devil.

CNN's Rick Sanchez just reported that "terrorists are increasing

Akaka wins Senate primary in Hawaii

These draft dodging bastards aren't tough..

Bill Clinton will be on Meet the Press today at 1 pm ET n/t

AP advanced's misleading criticism of Vote Vets ad

Heard on CSPAN Washington Journal Congressional elections very close.

Tucker Carlson's double standard on political books for kids

No Cable & want to watch Big Dog on Faux interview?

"The Hidden History of 9/11" Anyone read this yet?


How is bush fighting a war on terror or for that matter a war in Iraq when


I really don't know how my television survives...

Will we EVER know what's in the torture compromise?

A new evangelical center?

It's 7:26 AM PST, Big Dog coming on FAUX in a few minutes! nt

We Are Not Safer....By a long shot. LIES, LIES, LIES.

Bradley County (Tn) Soldier killed in Iraq..

Please help DU a local poll: (needs help)


Face The Nation and McCain: what a r/w tool!

who will be the next country to show their ass...

Torturing the Soul of the Democratic Party

MSM directs people's thoughts...they have succeeded in

Cindy Sheehan to appear on Washington Journal on Monday 7:45am

Frames... Republicans have claimed the "perky" ones..

Magic Arlen and Jane Harman talking about the "bin laden dead" rumours now

I LOVE Big Brother now! Who's with me?

Which Democratic politicians are running the best 06 campaigns

Is anyone watching this asshole Frist on ABC?

Ben Stein said we need ot raise taxes on the wealthy.

Sen Akaka gonna return to DC after winning the Hawaii Primary

Nikolas Kozloff on WJ is very

Anyone watching our 'laughing, smirking' president with Wolfie??

Why Bush has decided the war in Iraq cannot end.

Spector, 'the president ought to say whatever he thinks is true'

Bill Clinton on Fox news right now Central time.

Clinton drilled Wallace I loved it, only thing is though


? Can anyone pin down the Peter King Boast ?

Why We Need to Torture

As Long As You Live This Will Never Happen (short rant)

National Intelligence Says Bush And His War Have Worsened Terror

FOX to offer Christian films - starting oct 6

Bill Frist on This Week

Has anyone thought about FOX NEWS' "Fair and Balanced" BS?

MSNBC about to rerun piece on Stewart, Colbert & Olbermann

ABC plays P2 9/11, Wallace ambushes Clinton, Rove promises Oct suprise

Iraqi Gov Taking Part In Info-Op To Help Repubs Win Election-Larry Johnson

Agency: Iraq war creating worse threat (like we needed them to tell us)

Jane Harmon puts it right. They are Boxing in the Democrats

I just tuned into the Clinton-Wallace interview

"The best site on the web...I get on first thing in the morning..."

Take The Stupid White Man Test (Mickey Z.)

Bill Clinton reminded me of why I LOVE him. Fox News BEATDOWN.

Pic of a major ass stomping!

Need some advice........

Flashback: Bush's Address to the Iraqi People, April 10, 2003

The ONLY Meme We Need: Bush Has Made Terrorism Worse

October surprise

Are we ready for a tax revolt?

U.S. Detained Venezuela's Foreign Minister at JFK, Told Him to Strip

LAT investigation: 2 years, and still no charges in Afghan detainee deaths

He diagnoses patients from videos, he diagnoses our security from thin air

How Will FOX Respond To Temporary Increased Viewership?

Look up Congressional Staff & their salaries, here:

It's official: Bush's response to 9/11 attacks was CREATE MORE TERRORISM

recommended: CNN Presents tonight

Bill Clinton on MTP right now (1 p.m. EDT), NBC

Monday Night Football in the Superdome - One big Downer ----E-mail NOW re: WJC - here's mine!!1

For the "No Shit" shelf: NIE- War has worsened terror threat.

Chris Wallace Never Asked Any BA Official Why Rich. Clarke Was Demoted

Did anyone see Clinton on MTP? I'm getting golf. And would

Dems haven't had an opportunity to read the "torture compromise" yet.

These people want to kill... us!

How Would You Distinguish "Red State Values" From "Blue State Values"?

Attention Constitution Experts, what amendment sets the limit for Prez?

Chris Wallace is NOT HIS FATHER'S SON:

Bush Administration Tipped Off Bin Laden To Sting Operation

Osama bin Laden died again - Vote Republican

Understaffed air traffic control in Houston is flying under the radar

Why does a WH spokesman know what's in the Iraq intelligence report?

Republicans are trying to split 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals

Still no Iraq military to hand off to

Right now I just want to get in the face of all those who support bu$h

Wary Democrats drawing provisional bead on Dean

Chomsky On C-Span at 12 EDT: Discusses the "Bush Doctrine"

Cut and Run? Hell yeah.

(VIDEO) Part 1 of Faux News' Clinton interview

Clinton speech on c-span now.

Big Time Positive Karma in New Orleans this weekend

God Dam! You Gotta Love The Big Dog!

Best bumper sticker of the day:

When did the debate for election reform turn into one for ID cards?

Democrats need to defend themselves from "personal attacks"...

BREAKING NEWS! Dawg bites man.

Feds: Agent stole from dead man

I thought Montana was Bush country.

Big lead bodes well for rest of Democratic ticket (Ohio)

All the 'News' That's Fit to Charge $19,000 For

Complete this sentence. If the torture bill passes, I will:_________

Should we interrogate terrorists?

Elizabeth Kucinich completes her walk for peace in Cleveland

New Mantra: Clinton's Republican Congress held him back from killing OBL.

No, there's no civil war....enlist now, necons!

Press The Meat: Bill Clinton: Voice of A SANE PRESIDENT

In new book, O'Reilly has a new name for us; anti-Coulter book out in Oct.

Democrats expose the rise of terrorism since the invasion of Iraq

Bush the buffoooooon doesn't know what an asterisk is.

Why have so few Republicans criticized the "torture" ?

Freepers LOVE Torture, they find it both Fun & Funny --

Pakistan denies coup rumours while Musharraf away

Illegal immigrants flooding into U.S. to give birth (Houston Chronicle)

Anti-Incumbent Fever in Hawaii? Nah.

Who thinks Bill should have reached over and slapped Wallace off his chair?

Puke Alert! Couric to "interview" Rice tonight on 60 minutes

Stop Calling It Torture It's "Tactical Human Intelligence Collection"

Hey, DU'ers

Bin Laden may feel lure to disprove his "death"

Caption Condi and her "boys"

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK :10 MIL to pay 63 Outsourced Torture Instructors

Two books from 2004 are selling big at Amazon:

Homecoming forces veterans to adjust mindset

Sherri Byrand column: Figures don't lie: Iraq is a very unsafe place

More Evidence Bush-Cheney Have No Plans On Leaving Iraq

Thank God the police have the time and resources for the rescue

Reuters: Bin Laden may feel lure to disprove his "death"

Henry Hyde says he would like to impeach Clinton again for having sex

Laura Bush to campaign in Utica, NY (WHERE'S GEORGE??)

You Know No one I read has even mentioned the name

What is your retort when they trot out OBL in October???

Torture is legal because Al Qaeda is not a nation-state?

John Danforth "The Christian Right has taken over the Republican Party."

Rare Bird Terrorizes Boiling Springs NC

A Doctor's Day in Baghdad...Worse Than Miserable

Everyone should buy a copy of Richard Clarke's book asap

Dems Use Intel Report to Attack GOP

Blame Dems first

Could Clinton's smackdown of Wallace be a sign of things to come?

McCain Wants Bolton Confirmed Quickly

BBC: US hypoallergenic cats go on sale

LOL-LBN -- Can religion be a feast too bountiful? (Baptists are fatter

Nine Eleven was very convincing, but America needs further convincing.

I suggest we do medical research on prisoners of war.

Texas Senate Race: Hutchison v. Radnofsky - Texas Dems need

Unintended? consequence? WJC fires up Dems to FIGHT!!!!1

Most heavily defended docks in the World

RIP Abeer, Hadeel, Qassim, Fakhriya. RIP Kristian, Thomas

Sunday Salon - Torture discussion on KPFA

Bin Laden may feel lure to disprove his "death" (Reuters)

Clinton on MTP - Video

Iraqi forces are standing up . . . and doing whatever they damn-well want

Bush proclaims 9/25 "Family Day", because the family is SO underecognized

Progress report on the Google bombing of "Path to 9/11"

Need link to that 2-part History of Corporation Video

FRIST: If we discuss torture techniques enemy will TRAIIN to RESIST them

"Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right" - bush, 2003

Wow! Clinton's FOX News Interview was EXPLOSIVE! Never Seen Him So on Fire

Extremely frustrating. Playing into Rove's hand?

As a nation, we have failed our children & grandchildren.

Caption This....Clinton/Wallace

Jerusalem "tolerance" museum to be built on top of Muslim graves

The screwed up priorities of bushbot supporters.

Great cartoon from "Funny Times." Check it out:

Let's argue about stuff that matters.

write-up, photos of protest at cluster bomb factory in Italy

The Clinton interview

"Anger resides in the bosom of fools." - My commentary published today.

Lamont Letter to Lieberman RE:NIE

"Boy Collecting Body Parts in Baghdad"! How Sad Is That?

I smell BLOOD....Big Dawg should get out and hit the campaign trial.....

Bush dismisses bloodshed in Iraq as ‘just a comma’

Did ANYONE here John Aravosis of "America Blog" Vindicate DEMS on Howie?

Questions on Geneva Conventions

A tip to Menendez in his race against Kean...

BUSH Unbelievable Statement To Wolf: War In Iraq "Just A Comma"

Wallace falsehood: Fox asked Bush admin officials "plenty of questions"

Thank Dog for BASEBALL!

Ok, answer me this-

Well is Osama Bin Laden dead or not?

My wife told me I think about the chimp* too much

Weekly Standard: Allen Lost the Debate (to Webb) Soundly.

George Bush thinks he OWNS SPACE!

Producer of VOA's Terrorist List Works with White Supremacist and Neo-Nazis

Howie Kurtz's hatchet job on Clinton-Wallace exchange calls for a DU'ing

Philosophical question of the day...Are there EVIL people in the world?

Bin Laden is dead, the secret got exposed too soon

Why do they say Chavez criticized Bush in "Our Country"?

Falwell Says Hillary Clinton Is Scarier Than The Devil

Go, Bill!

"When Dems were in power it was bad, but nothing like the Repugs have done

9-28-06, Wash. DC Hearing on Electronic Voting Machines: VVPB & Security

Voter Confronts Santorum over Cyber School Tuition Reimbursement

Just seen a clip of Big Dawg being interviewed at the Ryder Cup.

52 year old female soldier dies in Afghanistan-oldest to die in combat

Polygamy (Utah's open little secret)

Conservatism, Republicanism, Neo-Conservatism should be in trashbin...

Chomsky speaks about human destiny

Have any elected Democrats said we already have federal courts...

Here's the new "interpretation" of "torture" per the Compromise

Fox interview Clinton - Wallace up at Crooks and Liars

Iraq War Worsens Terrorism Threat--BIGGEST STORY YET

2702 Reasons why the DSM is Important

how do you KNOW 2006 is a rigged election?

What CLinton has done to FOX

She was 52 when Afghan bomb struck

What Have Democrats said lately

How Much More Obvious Can They Get

What About Me

Senator Obama to endorse Cardin (MD) at student rally

They attacked the wrong country fergodsake

Turkey official warns on Iraq federalism

If I was tortured...

How do I respond to this RW crap? The second one she has sent today!

Clinton knew what was coming with that Faux interview

Tell Bill Clinton Thanks! - Say it with a donation- Let's DU it!

13 million voters

David Addington "The Hidden Power" By Jane Mayer - The New Yorker

Assad: I want peace with Israel, but failure may lead to war

I watched Chris Wallace diss his own Daddy to his Fox "posse"

How the FUCK does torturing someone keep ANY of us safer?

Do you think the Fox Sunday guys ever, when the camera's off, sit >

Condi just said that *everybody* believed there were WMD's

"Lie By Lie" Iraq War Inter-Active Timeline By Mother Jones Here:

Specter objects to part of detainee bill - Darn, no compromise yet for

Oil Per Acre

National Intelligence Estimate Report a product of liberal journalists

Barf! Couric fawns over Rice in 60 Minutes piece

Flashback: Chris Wallace says dad was senile for criticizing Bush

Freeper-like glurge e-mail and my response to it

Most interesting site I have seen today - president-bush . com

DNC statement on the Big Dawg's Smackdown of Wallace-Faux

I hope there is no stain on Chris Wallace's suit

Dem o' The Day= Dr. Victoria Wulsin 9/24/06

Most assholic T-shirt in the world: Spotted today in upstate SC.

I don't remember Clinton's "smirk" comment to Wallace.

Holy Crap - I did not know this! Shame on the US govt!!

(On HuffPost) Gary Hart: The October Surprise

So who do we have who looks Folksy and Dumb for Prez in 2008?

Joan Didion on Cheney: The Fatal Touch

How many are permanently scared to the right?

AOL POLL: Are we more or less safe because of Iraq

The media has been an active participant in the downfall of this country.

"Did Rumsfeld say Iraqi soldiers were doing 95% of the house clearing?"

I didn't break Iraq, and I don't want to fix it.

Fred Barnes concludes... "Muslims will be Muslims"

Letter to Howie Kurtz (re: outrageous "coverage" of Clinton-Wallace)


Right wing Christians angry, disappointed & ready to vote repub again.

How high will Clarke's "Against All Enemies" climb?

Fascist police state officers tazer woman (video)

Whatever karl's big October Surprise is, I won't be surprised

"WalMart has done more to reduce poverty than any govt program"

A must read article by Ariel Dorfman in the Washington Post

KO to cover the "Bomb Pakistan back to the stoneage" thing Monday night!

I think the pope just put his foot in his mouth again.

Okay I'm lost. What's with Clinton?

JFK Detention Angers Venezuelan Official

Dem Leader Reid Jumps on Report Showing Iraq War Fueling Terror

Ultimately, this whole Pope/Islam spat is proving what I've always thought

Reverse-speak is a common feature of generative grammar among the Bush-men

(TOON) Rowson on the Labour Party Conference

Clinton and the Democrats should take more of the Vitamin D he displayed

Chimp-in-Chief says "Iraq just a comma"!

Shocking Sovietisation of America and Canada

Once again, Arlen Specter is a Bush shill. Remember?

Help- Conservative Best Sellers

Houston Chronicle update on Molly Ivins

Death, Destruction, Change, Salvation----A Way Out?

Toon so close to the truth it hurts

Text of torture "compromise" bill

FTN: McCain says "Senor Wences" while calling Chavez "despicable"


Bush Torture Policy Puts Our Troops At Risk - Alberto Gonzales

eBay bans black metal.

Willful blindness (Republican beauty)

Wallace: "I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me. "

BRAD BLOG: Coverage of E-Voting Crisis Finally in the Nation's Media!

Ohio car dealership blasted for jihad ad

Six Reasons Why Amnesty Intern. Was RIGHT! This Is The American Gulag!

Head's UP! *4pm - Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq*

Feingold NYT:'Exec Branch Has Little Respect For Principals Of Democracy'

Tony Snow: SCOTUS does NOT decide what's constitutional or not. Bush does!

FReeper hypocrisy: Wag the Dog thread from 1998

Howard Dean: Clinton did what democrats need to do

Leaked intelligence report rocks Bush election stance

Ex-Halliburton Worker posts on DU - "I Am David A. Smith"

Lack of health insurance kills 6 times as many Americans/year as 9/11 Did

Since Bushies opened fascist door, fill in blank: Bushies are______nazis

Chris Wallace INterviews Bill Clinton, Full Interview

NYT: Report Says Education Officials Violated Rules

Akaka takes early lead in Senate race

An E-mail I received

Concern about Noam Chomsky's recent rise in sales

The people who criticize Maria Cantwell and Hillary Clinton

Does Bush have to get "permission" from ANYBODY to bomb Iran? Not that hi

Strickland holds double digit lead over Blackwell

are these

Big Dog on Faux News Sunday now. Official thread?

Is the economy really as good as the republicons say...

Republican Vocabulary.

I-Film clip of the day--from Clintons Fox Sunday Interview

"The Revolution will Not Be Televised"

Democrats, tired of losing? Become a Republican!

Why do the republicons always throw Mc Cain out as the expert....

"You did FOX's bidding on me. . ." wow the Big Dog is on fire

Goddamned MTP On Same Time As NFL Games

Exactly What They Wanted,.....

Case concedes U.S. Senate race (to Akaka)

DU this AOL poll. It's getting a lot of hits.

Republican lawmakers defend column against charges of plagiarism

For those of you that can get the McLaughlin Group

Intelligence report opposite from*statements;Iraq war hurting terror fight

George "DUUUUUUUHbya" Bush, Dick "The Smirk" Cheney, and Donald RumsFAILED

Stacey Tallitsch names me campaign's Grass Roots Coordinator

Bush Has Made Terrorism Worse

Frame war: interrogation or torture?

Howie Kurtz was fair and balanced today.

LAT: Insurance industry has special access to Scharzenegger's government

Why did the US deport Arar to Syria?

This sounds like something Bill Clinton would say, but who said it?

CSPAN-2 is replaying Noam Chomsky's "Hegemony and Survival"

Why is united kingdom involved in making our foreign policy...

Where are the media whores getting the 39% Clinton approval rating in 94?

"Poll favors Ellsworth" (IN 'bloody 8th')

Fox Tries to Relight PT9-11 Smear against Clinton

NY 29 Fighting Dem, Eric Massa - Iraq, New Poll, Local Bloggers

I need a link of the site showing W being hit by bouncing balls

Who is telling the truth? Bush or the Intelligence people??

Adopt a freep thread. Blasts from the past.

Democratic candidate in MN speaks out against Torture bill

Can somebody please explain Colorado politics to me.

Kennedy: Misguided War in Iraq has ‘Metastasized and Spread’ Terrorism

Randy "Shotgun" Kuhl has shot both barrels

A Democratic compromise of our own (Torture Bill).

NYT: Focus of Connecticut House Race Shifts to Security

RFK Jr. does it again .... This time on Electronic Voting Machines

Bush dismissed the ongoing Iraq crisis as "just a comma."

Jerry Falwell owes Hillary Clinton an apology now

Question about Congressional schedule

Has the WH responded to the leaked Iraq Intell story? lots of stories

It's called "war on an abstract noun"

PLEASE!!!! Would just ONE prominent national Democrat come out and say

Why Did You Vote For Your Democrat

I've just started reading, Conservatives Without Conscience

Bush Seeks Immunity for Violating War Crimes Act

Jesse Ventura campaign veterans resurface in Texas

Nevada Polls: Legalize Marijuana? We're winning the poll!

TX Paper Prints Impeachment Column

The DU final " What should we do with Iran poll"

Pope Remarks Muslim Reaction

Tell Bill Clinton thank you - with a donation - Let's "DU" it!

Bush: history will view Iraq deaths as "just a comma" (Video)

Mediamatters now features columnists:

We Should Have Thousands in the Streets to Protest Bush!!!!

It's Official: Chris Wallace is a LYING SON OF A BITCH!

Kerry (speech last Monday): No torture!

BREAKING!! two marines killed in Iraq

Clark in Newsweek on Afghanistan: "make no mistake. We are not winning."

My analysis on the Clinton/Wallace interview

Tony Snow: Bush "can't waste a day" in his final days as Emperor

I taped the FOX Clinton interview on DVR..

Daily Kos: Weekly Standard Goes Apeshit on George Allen!

Is it illegal to have a paper trail in Florida?

Akaka Wins Hawaii Senate Primary

Clinton"FramesPerfectly" in Wallace Interview! An Interesting Read....

CNN 'Reliable Sources' trashes Bill Clinton.


Freepers in 1998 accuse BC of "wagging the dog" over terror & erase page.

Kerry statement on Intel Report that says Iraq action creating terrorists

What happens if 2006 elections are stolen again?

The Missing Eight Months...

Is the latest Clinton incident a reminder that Hillary should not run

Those who condemn Chavez must acknowledge THIS.