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Archives: September 25, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 261

CHUCKMAN: America Has Just Lost Two More Wars

Newsweek: George Allen's Problem With honesty - Vote it up!

Major who called RAF 'useless' tells of Taleban attacks

Herbert Spencer's Evolved Capitalists (Jason Miller, Counterbias)

FRANK RICH: Stuff Happens Again in Baghdad

All Saints v. New Revelation Missionary Baptist: IRS' Mysterious Ways

In Tiny Courts of New York, Abuses of Law and Power

Bush's 'Dirty War' Amnesty Law- Robert Parry

Why Retired Military Brass Don't Want Torture

Iranians really do like us, but

Housing's Influence Gets a Test

1927-1933 Chart of Pompous Prognosticators

Rare Woodpecker Sends Town Running for Chain Saws

TruthStream Radio

Did you see that? Clinton is LIHOP!

Kean & Hamilton Explain U.S. Military Failure to Intercept Flight 77

Media Forum Validates Advocacy Journalism Approach

Fadiman's "Stealing America...Vote by Vote" Sold out in Cols OH!

Got Democracy? Hand counted paper ballots.. Nothing more, nothing less!n/t

"Nassau Voters Invited to test Voting Machines"

Fallen soldiers remembered

Iran Says `Everything' Can Be Discussed If U.S. Ends `Threats'

Evaluator hedges on (Ben) Nelson's (D-Ne) low rank

Oil down, eyes $60 low; BP restarts Prudhoe Bay

Clinton's "wrath" on CNN in a couple of minutes

Syrian President says U.S. to blame for attack on its embassy

Eta 'will not lay down arms'

NYT: Citing Spy Agencies’ Study, Democrats Seek Iraq Changes

AP: Del. congressman suffers 2 small strokes

NYT: Unit Makes Do as Army Strives to Plug Gaps

Russia Warns Against Iraq-Style 'Proof' in Iran Nuclear Standoff

Connecticut labor split on Lieberman/Lamont

McCain wants Bolton confirmed quickly

Anti-Gay Bishops Vote To Split The Evangelical Church In Two

Battle Breaks Out in Media Over Bleak NIE Iraq Assessment

Dean: Clinton Stood Up to Right-Wing Propaganda On Fox

LAT: Army's Top Officer Signals Unprecedented Pentagon Budget Revolt

US spy agency CIA paid Pakistan for al-Qaeda suspects: Musharraf

House-Senate Disagreement Could Halt Defense Bill

FBI Is Casting A Wider Net in Anthrax Attacks

Bush Dismisses Bloodshed In Iraq As "Just A Comma"

Mel Gibson campaigns for new movie, against Iraq war ("human sacrifice")

"The buzz was so BUZZARDLY Denver had to call a time out!"

Amateur artwork...

Guess what I am?

Who's your current favorite lad undressing?

I'm forgetting what I'm supposed to be pissed off about tonight

Most Hated Thing In the Entire World

WTF - a ton of stores are already geared up for Christmas?

Imagine your head as a Baked Alaska.

good night DU off to la la land..Be back 5-6 hours from now :)

I can't wait to see the Dixie Chicks movie

The Temptations and Bermuda...

Please check out my wife's cousin's music on her web site

Happy Sunday night!

Dial-up warning this bathroom floor is real, painted & not photoshopped

Heard on the street in SF today .....

Ever been so nervous that you wanted to throw-up >

Do you think alot of CIA agents watch "American Dad" ?

I really like potatoes

I did it.

Just how far CAN 2.99 take you?

Hell froze over this week. Pigs flew, too. DemoTex bought a pick-up truck.

Alright, to guarantee a victory in '06 one of us needs to sell our soul.

"Family Guy" thread

I think haruka 3000 has me on Ignore.

Doncha' just want to pop that "Jesus Camp" girl in the mouth?

I need some help on my VA disability claim, can somebody help me?

If you respond to this, I'm going to say something really mean

Someone want to give me a hand, here?

Snowmen Sleep in the Sea.

My dinner tonight.......pic heavy! With props to Ptah..........

I hate it when................

Ouch! My back!

Is anyone watching "My Three Wives" now?

While going through an old junk box, I just found a coke spoon.

I do not have anyone on ignore right now.

My first Halloween village! Weeee!

Guess what I am?

My next Poem for the Creative Writing Class I am taking....

Anyone want to go in with us on a house and a hecatre or two in Tuscany?

I've been working on the studio. Wanna see some pics?


What username would you come up with to be a FR troll?

Create a DUet

American Gothic is out on DVD!

Who would you like to see paired up on Celebrity Deathmatch?

I've been drinking filtered/distilled water. Tap water tastes like Clorox

What's the oddest thing you have in your fridge/freezer right now?

Your first television crush? Post a photo.

Bookstore binge!

Time to Admit that your on MySpace

Bush's church urges pull-out of US troops from Iraq

Three Christian terrorists executed in Indonesia

A Pacifist Uncovered (Abdul Ghaffar Khan / Pakistani Muslim)

Thanks to all who recommended Unitarians to me...

Purdue simulates WTC imacts

Great photo gallery of the unity rally in Palm Springs today

Spartan players protect field from flag planting

The Abreau-less Phils are KILLING me

QB Chris Simms has spleen removed after Bucs loss to Panthers

How badly will the Bears lose to the Seahawks this weekend?

OT: Remember being

Did anybody else see Road to the White House !?


Me time. I visit a couple of my Zen Places

1 Year and No Cigarette Today!!

Anybody like World Music?

The Imperialists shopping list

Thank God for FOOTBALL!

Pakistan's "truce" with Taliban was signed by Mullah Omar

How to bring back Bill, A Clinton-Clinton 2008 ticket is constitutionally

BEFORE bush caused 2700 US to die; "Iraq war will hurt "war on terror"

The New England Patriots Football Team

Dear Abby ...

ABC Poll

What's Wrong With Calling Bu$h a Devil? (in response to....)

Yahoo! - Chomsky book still tops sales after plug by Chavez at UN

Amanpour Reports: AIDS Orphans

Leaked Intelligence Report Rocks Bush Election Stance...

Falwell compares Hillary to devil: Good response from liberal Xn

MOST of the GITMO Prisoners are Innocent and Tortured! Why No Outrage?

I'm forgetting what I'm supposed to be pissed off about tonight

Dean Gives Props To Clinton For Standing Up To Fox News Ambush

Tell Congress Torture is Un-American!

Teammates: George Allen used "N-word" in college

How Long Before The rePukes Build A Trench (Moat) Around D. C. ???

Will new intel report give Dems courage to talk about real cause of war?

What Is A Democrat?

Sometimes, it really is that simple to get a voter to vote Republican.

How Does The Faith Based Core Reconcile Torture?

Awww. Isn't this cute: the Freepers are having a birthday

From our street corner: Evidence that this IS class-warfare.

The Average American Home Now Has More Television Sets Than People

GOP Mines Data for Every Tiny Bloc

The Environmental Justice for All tour...

So. Other People Don't Believe What You Do, Or Think About Things the way

Flashback: Rumsfeld Likens Chavez to Hitler (Feb 2006)

U.S. has direct contacts with Somali Islamists

Just pretend...It's all OK

U.S. radio ad fuels debate on Haitian sovereignty

Massive republican offensive to blame everything on Clinton

Need Malloy answer to "Why Dems don't have Iraq plan?"

You got to hear this one from a replug

1984 has arrived...censorship & all

Who do you think leaked the NIE ? (National Intelligence Estimate)

Find a screening of "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers"

Methinks Macaca has some splainin' to do....

The AP has a better headline re: Clinton/Wallace than Fox

'For eight minutes we sat there waiting for him to die'

Big Dog Signals ATTACK BACK MODE...BigDog eats Chris alive on TV

A thought on the Big Dog Clinton smackdown of Lil' Sissy Chrissy Wallace.

The New Theme for 06 and 08: "Just a Comma"

Bill Clinton: I got closer to Killing Bin Laden

Proven repuke strategies turned up "to eleven"

Wipe those hard drives well - a cautionary tale.

Mattie PUDGE is farking on WJC "slurring"

Huffington post on Bill Clinton

I Live My Life Based On My Personal Beliefs, but

Bush's order for the U.S. Navy strike force to go from Norfolk VA to

Russia Sets the Pace in Energy Race (BUT...US/China liason....)

"this is the most do-nothing Congress in the history of our country"

Religious Leaders Urge U.S. to Ban Torture

Great story involving my college professor

Rep. Shays:"Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney don't have much respect for Congress"

Sandy Rios is one of the biggest idiots ever to appear on Maher's panel

"Why I am representing a "Detainee" at Guantanomo"

'73 "Jesus Christ, Superstar" on Sundance now ...relevant in so many

Reopening the Superdome is a wonderful thing - be happy for us

"America's moral integrity was most important weapon my platoon had..."

TIVO/VCR/DVDR ALERT: 11:00 p.m. (EST) C-Span I : IRAQ EXPOSE!!!!

Kennedy: "final nail in the coffin for President Bush's phoney argument"

"Biggest deployment of MI soldiers in the fight against terror."

Comma Boy......

"When choice is between homeland security and corporate America, GOP..."

Scientific calculation of Good and Evil

I was ELATED to see the Big Dog kick ass...

Think Progress fact checks Chris Wallace. Verdict: he's a lying moran

Someone to keep an eye on...

Majoritarianism is not a technique of argument

Faux new show..... This Week in Torture.....

BC deserves some KO style feedback...... (contact info)

Dems desperately need to start attacking the media

What if They gave a War and Nobody Came?

The RWer struck again - This time headlined by ' Maxine '

The last person in the world you'd think of with "lofty ideals"

Nations raise stakes in arms race by revealing nuclear ambitions

My Kids Spent 5 Months In Venezuela Last Winter

Anti- Indian racism in New York's anti-casino movement.

Clinton's "wrath" on CNN in a couple of minutes

The Vietnam War

Iraqis to consider self-ruling regions

Peter Werbe Discussing Chavez Tonight On WRIF 11PM Eastern

Compare Clinton's Fox showdown with Bush's one on CNN

Mel Gibson criticizes Iraq War, says civilization is going under

Know your BFEE: Los Amigos de Bush

US "Offering" Millions of $$$ If You Will Help Anti-Taliban Force

All 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council possess nuclear weapons

Bush: “I Like To Tell People When The Final History Is Written

Quick question about torture...

Send this file to any of your wingnut friends who insist Chris Wallace...

Was watching "Rome" today great parallel with illegal immigration bit

US Admits Officials Verbally Abused and Strip Searched Venezuelan


National voters' referendum needed for future pre-emptive wars

McCain Names Practices Detainee Bill Would Bar

Pollution In Canada's 'Chemical Valley' Creating Abnormal Birth Rates???

Rush Limbaugh......"It's an intense experience and it's got so much value"

So, when does Bush pull out Osama's body from the freezer?

13 Million American Children Went To Bed Hungry Tonight

Wallace: "I felt as if a mountain was coming down in front of me. "

Iraqis are not as stupid as some people take them for

Nice job, Bushists. Al Qaeda is now spreading to Lebanon.

Sometimes we have to sleep

Chris Wallace: Demon Seed

Oh... Please Sir, Go Fuck Yourself...


A few things to remember about those who support the Cons

Media Matters debunks Chris Wallace BS

In case you did not realize: Campbell Brown of MSNBC

"pressure growing on hungarian pm" bad we don`t do the same

This Bill Clinton Interview has caused quite a stir

C-SPAN- I ...NOW...TUNE IT IN! Life in the Emerald City...EXPOSING

Jesus Christ. Bill Clinton.

Are there any Atheist Communities in the United States?

Unity '08: Who do you think will be on its ticket?

Why cant we just admit that all politicians are crap

Clinton knows 9/11 happened for same reason Katrina response was

God damn. Now I wish that people could be President for more than

UPDATE: Sgt. Weir funeral scheduled Monday, Tn soldier killed in Iraq

"Don't worry about teaching Social Studies

Military Tribunals Poll

Kudos for our small group!

Dear Debi: My letter to a commenting conservative

Dorothy Fadiman's "Brilliant" New Film (Ohio Election Fraud)

I attended a campaign picnic for Samm Simpson, the Dem

(via Salon) Teammates: Allen used "N-word" in college (updated)

Journey Into The 'Taliban Republic'...................

Questions Katie Couric will ask Dick Cheney on future 60 Minutes interview

WTF? Warning Repub Fluff

Kennedy: "final nail in the coffin for President Bush's phony argument..."

Here is a funny take on the war on drugs!

Chimp Collectors:QT and MP3 of Bush referring to Iraqi dead as a comma


Macaca Boy faces allegations of being "at ease" using "The 'N' Word"...

Next time one of these A$$ Clowns utters..."We're fighting them over,

Huffington to Big Dog: Dipolomacy (and Elvis) have left the building

Dave Loebsack - IA-02 needs some help

LAT: Love of Politics and Power Keep Jerry Brown Running

I CAN'T WAIT to hear President Bush's calming, soothing words this week

Who has the better plan for the illegal immigrants Repugs or Dems?

Clinton interview will prove "trickle down" does work!

Colin Powell

Bill's on MTP, for those, like me, who missed him

The End of an Era

Rothenberg Political Report: More GOP Headaches, and One for Democrats

Why no commercials nationwide showing bush/regime heads in their own words

The Clintons vs. The Health Insurance Industry II: The Battle Is On

A friend of mine in Canada said Laura B is leaving GW

'allen's big mouth haunts him again' Teammates: Allen used "N-word" in

I've been peeking at the HSN boards


US "rendered" innocent Canadian citizen to Syria for a year of torture

OMG, I just paid a 1.98 for Gas.... I'm votin' Republics....

George Felix Allen Is A Racist

DKOS post on Tom Wyka, challenger to an Incumbant "R" in NJ11

Media Tall Tales for the Next War (Norman Solomon)

rural OH: woman must pass morality test to get emergency contraception

Bill Clinton's Bipartisan Love-In

LTTE about the Stalinists on campus and Clinton censoring ABC

Chavez Had a Right to Call Bush the Devil

AP: Mexican Leftists Protest Wal-Mart Stores Alleging Election Fraud

Due Process, Bulldozed By BOB HERBERT

Propriety and Paranoia in the Empire

For Americans Killed in Iraq: A Period, Not a Comma

The World News Trust Daily Broadcast Report

Exellent op ed in today's NYT: "Do unto your Enemy.."

Torture: From A Two-Time Bush Voter and Fundamentalist Christian.

Did you see this? Howard Dean

NYT: Torture Victim Had No Terror Link, Canada Told U.S.


NYT: A Crunchy-Granola Path From Macramé and LSD to Wikipedia and Google

CNN: Commentary: House GOP pushes immigration 'reform for dummies'

"My War: Killing Time in Iraq" by Colby Buzzell


Is there anybody out there?

Ariel Dorfman: Are We Really So Fearful?

Home prices: 1st drop in 11 years

Global warming nears ‘dangerous’ level

"Flabbergasting" Report Coming From IPCC

September witnessed the END of Scientific Integrity at NASA/NOAA

Why recognize Israel?

Israel lifts closure on West Bank, Gaza after Jewish New Year holiday

Lebanon: We need missiles against IAF aircraft

Sources: Qaida could use non-Arabs to attack Israel

Between Jabalya and Bint Jbail

Time to talk peace

Lauro Chavez

This photo of WTC 7 is false

Scientist Lambastes Radio Gatekeeper

9/11 and American Empire Vol. I - a review by reprehensor.

Paul Lehto Does It Again! (But let Autorank explain.)

CO lost court fight on voting machines

Congressman Conyers: NY Times on Diebold

Please don't hate me, If we win big in November

Freepress: New Tales of Theft as Indictments + Convictions Mount (OH-04)

Steal This Vote: Andrew Gumbel on Controvery over E-Voting Machines



Deadmen Tell No Tales; Mike and Joe

CanWest: Harper's bullying behaviour

Report: Muslim militias take Somalia's third largest city

Pakistan denies coup rumours while Musharraf away

Sources: Qaida could use non-Arabs to attack Israel

Rothenberg Political Report: More GOP Headaches, and One for Democrats

AP: Mexican Leftists Protest Wal-Mart Stores Alleging Election Fraud

Iraqis to consider autonomous regions

Nepal helicopter wreckage found (24 thought dead)

Is there anybody out there?

Iraq would welcome US military bases -Talabani

Iraq's leader wants long-term US presence

Huge Magical New Cave Discovered in Sequoia National Park (pic)

US Army looks for ways to send more troops to Iraq

Osama's Health Still A Mystery

U.S. Army weighs more combat units for Iraq: report

Diplomat: U.S. to overlook Chavez barbs

Terror analysis rejected, Anti-U.S. Feelings Came Before Iraq, White House

A timeout from the aftermath (Superdome reopens)

Report: Olmert met secretly with Saudi

BBC: (al-Qaeda) Senior militant 'killed in Iraq'

Iraq Agrees Committee to Amend Constitution

State's land deal seen as very unusual (Jeb Bush & St. Joe Co.)


Democrats: Leaked intel shows U.S. needs new leadership

U.S. Army extends 4,000 tours of duty in Iraq

CNN: Pope at meeting with Muslims: "Total and profound respect"

Best-selling authors appear at Webb event (Grisham and King ex-repukes)

Test site workers' records dumped: 25 years of data listed tunnel comings,

Chris Wallace is still spinning...

Battle Breaks Out in Media Over Bleak NIE Iraq Assessment

Australian PM rejects report that Iraq war raised terror threat

Tobacco firms sued over low tar

Browser bug could get early patch

Top Afghan woman official killed

FBI widens net in anthrax attack

Homecoming delayed for 4,000 U.S. troops in Iraq

Retired officers slam Rumsfeld handling of Iraq war

Victims of U.S. attacks on cities still await compensation

Guatemala forces take infamous jail

Newsweek features 'Losing Afghanistan' in international edition, (not US e

(WH) Intelligence report does not say Iraq war has made terrorism worse

Mel Gibson in Texas, criticizes Iraq war

AOL sued over Web search data release


FT: Opec considers drop in output

Musharraf's controversial memoir released

ABC: The Story Behind the OBL Death Story (rumor passed @ party)

WP: McCain Names Interrogation Practices Detainee Bill Would Bar

Hariri 'killed by suicide bomber' (Lebanon)

Earth may be at warmest point in 1 million years (sorry ABC)

Cheney says Democrats soft on national security

Broomfield to dramatise alleged Iraq massacre (a film about Haditha)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 25

Judge rules against Green on PAC money (WI)

NYT/AP: U.S. to Relax Air Travel Restrictions on Liquids and Gels

AP U.S. Army extends Iraq duty for 4,000

WP: Millions of Seniors Facing Medicare 'Doughnut Hole'

White House admits Iraq fuels extremism

U.S. envoy Bolton scolds Venezuelan for 'street theater'

6 arrested at anti-war protest in Charlotte

U.S.: Sadr City again a militants' haven

Honda Unveils 'Super-Clean' Diesel Engine

Existing-home prices fall for 1st time in 11 years

DNC warns RNC about recruiting Web site

Retired military officers criticize Rumsfeld at Democratic hearing

American Airlines to Begin Dallas/Fort Worth to Beijing, China, March '07

Biden says he's going to run

Rumsfeld: 'I'm not' going to resign

Global Temperature Highest in Milennia (!!)

Green Party Candidate Thrown off Senate Ballot.

Universities see sharp drop in computer science majors

Senator accused of using racially charged term - NYT

Venezuelan Minister Wasn't Recognized, U.S. Ambassador Says

AT&T Says "No More" to Customer Service Outsourcing

Cooliris users: remember to check your ignore list once in a while.

You've got to see these photos if you're feeling uptight tonight:

My cat is a commie...

Friday night I sprained my right ankle, been in bed all weekend.

What's the most prurient comestible you hive in your freezer/icebox?

what's skype?

Yes, I know I've posted a bit, but I've been working since Friday morning

Ned. Ned Plimpton.

So, the GF and I are in the market for web cams and mics

ARGH! I can't drink!!!

How to tell your relationship is over.....

Dammit! I hate waiting for lard to render.

Damn.. I hate waiting for video to render...

My grandson took his first steps today...To Me!

Can a left-winger be a Straussian?

llamas,a coral reef, a flower,wonder woman and superman, and a butterfly

1, 2, 3, 4... Time For Another Cuteness War

Disco... in an elevator.

Good Monday Morning

Drunk Man Threatening Bikers Get's Hit With His Own Car

RIP Etta Baker, Piedmont Blues Guitarist, Dead at 93

Oho...YES! Most excellent! Thank you, radio!

The Lounge has been way too slow lately.

I have some hot stock tips for you here... !!

Family's 300 Pound Pig Lawn Ornament Stolen

Autumn leaves

"Desperate Housewives" fans! I need a bit o' help....

Is DU slow for anybody else?

4-Legged Chicken Discovered On Farm

"George W. Bush can't run again; but his father can."

Airline travel just got a little less sucky...

Could my day get any SUCKIER??? I think not!!

Clinton Detained by Fox Security in Wake of Wallace Interview

High School Football Player Put Thumbtack In His Glove To Prick Opponents

"I'm a Democrat," Insists Willis

Customers Fight Over New Elmo Doll At Target


Crap!!! My day just got Suckier

Car Dealership Radio Ad: "Vehicles Can Seat 12 Jihadists In The Back"

The Pope has never read the bible

90s YouTube Music Video thread

80's Pinup Birthday BABEFEST!!

We're having a growth spurt

Click on this link and you will see a man. Put the cursor of your mouse...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/25/06)

Hey Lions Fans...

Killer Teddy Bear Leaves 2,500 Fish Dead

Hey look, a widget that gives you psychic powers!

To the video gamers here...

How do you pronounce 'roots' and 'roof'?

Favourite pedestrian coffee?

Happy birthday Hissyspit!!

Rosh Hashana Question

I have a 22-year-old cat



They changed the Lobby while I was in class.

Ultimate boarding kennels -- What would yours be like?

Today in music history 9-25

Anyone else use TERRO ant killer? Don't you feel sorta sorry for

We've changed the DU Lobby

Does anyone here sell on eBay?

Never--I mean NEVER--lose the remote to your Craftmatic adjustable bed.

It is a GORGEOUS day here in the Rocky Mountain area.

It's time... for the Threat Down!

Found this, had to share:

Dear loungers, I'm really sick of world and I want to get off.

Help! How do I get blue ink from a leaking pen out?

How often is it 'sane' to wash your car?

Shults Ford of Harmaville PA sucks

today's painting

My day just got UNSUCKY

has anyone figured out how to play fictionary on a discussion board?

LeftyMom, I'm calling you out!

Anyone see the Big dog on Fox News Sunday

i just heard a rumor in the LOBBY

Spicy Foods

Who even goes to the Lobby?

Anyone ever worked in a swanky hotel?

Anyone else having problems with Yahoo Mail??

Your first vegetable crush? Post a potato.

Canadians get it

The Houston Texans, or, Mark Brunell Ain't That Good.

Halloween help

Time for a humppa brak!

I don't get crushes on strangers, is that odd?


Time for Good Eats.

Savage Love

Has anyone had experience dealing with Art Smith who is Oprah's HEAD CHEF?

Congratulations Hissyspit!! 10,000 posts

Hey, moms w/girls, is a Juicy" charm bracelet a cool b-day gift for a

Do people get paid to be in documentaries and stuff?

What's a better first date: A movie or a concert?

Someone said that Bob Denver (Gilligan, Maynard G. Krebs) died.

My migraine headache from yesterday hasn't gone away.

Just watched Girl With The Pearl Necklace

Is the Lobby now smoking or nonsmoking?

Is The Lobby Now Clothed Or Still Fully Nude?

WOO HOO!!! I got the apartment I wanted!

Hybred DUet Equations

The *Real* Changes Elad Made to the DU Lobby!

Who watched UFC 63? (spoilers)

Post a comment followed by an inappropriate smilie.

Movie buffs, help me out!


Groom, Brother and Father Arrested At Wedding Reception

Younger DUers, answer me this single question.

MONDY NIGHT FOOTBALL!! Will Michael continue his magic? OR will

what is a group interview and what do I do?

Okay, Tyler Florence, I get it. Alright? Ok? Ok, then. Alright. I get it.

Shame. I am ashamed for a thought I can't stop. You won't believe it.

Patients Say Doctor Left Them With Deformed Penises

I'm not sure how to feel lesbians

Haruka is a bad influence on me

Packers/Lions Game...what a Blast (dialup warning!)

I love animals - when they're dead and covered in BBQ sauce

Applebee's: Gateway to Olive Garden

I'm not sure how I feel about lesbians

Gone ___________

Most insensitive thing you ever did to a S/O?

What should be the official DU mascot?

"Perversion for Profit" with George Putnam, outstanding news reporter

What in your life would you do differently given the chance

"Our House" by Madness is now a fucking Maxwell House Coffee commercial

Nicest thing you have ever done for your SO?

What do you do better than anyone else?

Please tell me if you have received this alarming email today.

Please send any hugs today! I had an MRI for my back pain on Sunday.

ACK!! The LOBBY Has Changed!

What's your most embarrassing moment in public?


Bill Clinton's letter to Chris Wallace:

Radio Lady's Decision of the Day -- "Man of the Year" screens tonight!

What is the saddest movie you've seen?

"Brother & Sisters" =


Your first rock star crush? Post a photo.

Virtual drinks are on me!!!

So this crazy woman comes to my door last night

Star Trek why's...

Hey FinnFan - I'm coming after you next

Who wants to make a movie with me?

"Republican Art"? Anyone *HERE* *like* Thomas Kinkade?

Most misogynist movie you've seen?

~~~The September Photo Contest Finals.~~~

Black churches slow to embrace federal faith-based initiative

I'm going to admit a religious bias

"Religious faith discourages independent thought...

It Might Be…It Could Be…It Is!!!

Scientist Lambastes Radio Gatekeeper

PA-Sen: Rick Santorum makes it the Abramoff 65- from Daily Kos

Rochester To NY Legislature: Legalize Gay Marriage

In these times, laughter can really help

Gaydar Sexual Orientation Detector---Joke

Third World Anglicans Get Warning About Gays From South African Bishop

Churchgoers Rally Against Colorado Anti-Gay Amendment

Europe win the Ryder Cup (again!)


Scarlet Knights make AP poll for first time since 76

Football fans were sadden this weekend to learn...

Tiges make playoffs for the first time since 1987, ESPN yawns.

As baseball season winds down let us take a moment

I was researching and found a website that is quite interesting

Anyone else watching the Dorgan hearing?

Clinton And Kerry Stood Fast When Republicans Wanted To Cut 'N Run

Remember when Kerry asked: And what of the cost of the Iraqi operation?

I really don't think Joe Lieberman loves us anymore

Six innovators win Heinz Awards

KarenDC live-blogging 'Torture Rules' hearing right now

autorank's Front Page post on Zogby's 2004 election confidence numbers

Kerry op-ed: Losing Afghanistan

Hearings this week, kind of busy

Riding the rails...

Anyone seen RagingInMiami lately?

The FINALS are up!!!!

Kean & Hamilton Explain U.S. Military Failure to Intercept Flight 77

Josh Marshall has a great idea.

Had Bush seen the NIE when he claimed "hornets nest" theory was wrong?

"Scoop"/Autorank: Zogby – Voters Question Outcome of ’04 Election

Where's Nate Clay?

October 2, 2002: CIA says Saddam unlikely to attack

NYC reservists are being asked to return their Iraq pay!!!!!!

Most satisfying ass-kicking of Repukes?

John Conyers Jnr and diebold

New CNN poll: Has Iraq war made terror threat better or worse?

OPUS: Mind if I grab your butt?


How do you convince people that unions are necessary?

Army Corps Faked Budget Entries (Funds for Iraq work were stashed)

Musharraf says "CIA Paid Pakistan for al-Qaeda suspects"

Republicans use Jesus as a human shield. That's going on a t shirt.

Former Teammates: Sen. Allen Used N-Word "Repeatedly"

In case you didn't know "War Is A Racket"

Wash.Journal call-in question; Clinton/Wallace interview now.

Where'd the $ come from to rebuild the super dome?

RW shill on CNN: "Clinton distracted by RW attacks"

Time for someone to ask those 9/11 Commissioners to


If the wheels are off the Neocon Express, how does the train keep rollin?

Get out your barf bags -- have I got a song for you!

Students required to take ASVAB

NBC airs clip of Clinton/Wallace interview...

The Bush Administration has brough terrorism to America

To Serve And Protect?

USS Cole was "terrorism," but our deaths in Iraq are not?

ABC now totally over to dark side: OLielly to be on GMA this a.m.

Candy Crowly admits that the democrats HAVE been on message, but...

"Why is this intel report coming out NOW?" WTF?

Retired Officers to Criticize Rumsfeld

I should have left the TV on Mr. Roger's but no I had to watch the news

'Impeach Earl Warren'-a history lesson

The shame of the chicken hawks

Best. Torture. Poem. Ever.

BAD APPLES...Rotting America to it's very core.

What Happened To The 2nd Set of Abu Ghraid Photographs?

Consumers for Peace website gets started...

Cindy Sheehan to appear on CSPAN in 15 minutes.

David A. Smith, the Halliburton whistle-blower is asking for our help

Patrick Cockburn: "Ethnic civil war rages through Iraq "

If WE Fail in Iraq…

Short profile of IVINS (cancer, hers/Richards', Repuke father)

CSPAN War of the Ministers

A dictator with his very own website

Gunmen Kill Afghan Women's Affairs Official

Retired Officers to Slam Rumsfeld in Democrat Policy Hearing

HUFFINGTON: Fox shows Clinton what right thinks of "bipartisanship"

Lamont to Lieberman: just how dense are you?

CNN Soledad vs Ben-Viniste...

2001 Anthrax Attacks against Dems not "military grade"

Is it best to select a fixed rate plan for natural gas? The current fixed

Nancy Disgrace accused of plagiarism

Bush's Iraq policies have only emboldened terrorists

McConnell: If we leave Iraq, create "a breeding ground for attacks here"

Peace Vigil, September 26, 2006

1st armored division tour 3rd Infantry division can...

Meddling With Democracy

The Bill of Rights is 218 years old today

We were attacked before Iraq, so Iraq doesn't cause attacks.

Senate Judiciary hearing online just now regarding habeas corpus at Gitmo.

It's bloody in here this morning...

3fer: Anti-COULTERgeist fear. Shrub LOVES Blackpeople. Triumph humps Ernie

Listen here for Dem hearing on

Montana Senate debate on CSPAN3 again now - you gotta see this

Any Bush quotes in which he declares Iraq is now free and sovereign?

Scotts Lake and the sink holes

Factory farms and E. coli

Poll: Democratic challenger gaining in Illinois- "A change is gonna come"

Reuters: British troops in Iraq kill bin Laden lieutenant

Guess who said the following this morning?

The terrorist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Way to go, Rosie! (O'Donnell's Comments Stir Ire of other View Hosts)

ON a SUnday afternoon WH issues repsponse to Irag intell Report:

AL Jazeera to launch new Osama video.??

Electoral-Vote has rundown of House race polls - some looking good

could the US exit quickly from Iraq if we had to? (brits took tanks out)

Shit Unhappens (James Kunstler)

And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. ...

Reuters: Musharraf saw fighting U.S. as suicidal

MSNBC Homepage: Clinton loses his temper in Fox interview

"If You've Got Nothing To Hide. . ."

Unwanted: Nobody invites O'LOOFAH to parties

Fox News Shows (Again) Why It Isn't "Fair And Balanced"

Conservatives Fume About Chavez... But Not About His Verbal Attackers

Re: Iraq: This is HUGE

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Bush Ignores Intelligence, Misleads Public...

Red Letter Christians fight the right wingers

Freeper responses (US & abroad) to NIE report.....

A Poll: Who would better handle Iraq --- running neck and neck

Still yearning for Saddam

"Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition."

Dems. to hold Iraq hearings today -- because GOP won't

Buyer's remorse: The Bush story the press won't tell

Iraqi soldiers hinder U.S. efforts to combat militias and tame Baghdad

Media Tall Tales for the Next War

Even Fox has been covering bad voting machines.

recent, notable republican "hit-jobs"

Kristol: Clinton "lost his temper", to help Dems in '06, for Hillary...

need help in posting a killer Mike Thompson toon from today's DFP

Theocrats use dirty tricks and lie in elections

Israel seen lifting nuclear veil in Iran stand-off

Does the "compromise" adhere to the Geneva Convention Rules?

Attack of the 50-Ft Neocon Fembot: "Brainless"

The World News Trust Daily Broadcast Report

Musharraf guesses Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Karzai says Pakistan

Oh my gosh... I went to phot-bucket and they had an ad there for ipods...

Army Top Official Revolts - Refuses to Submit Budget to Pentagon

Ex US Diplomat: Chalabi was written off by the US as a swindler

Kevin Drum: Republicans' Affinity for Authoritarianism Has Grown

Wash J. lots of callers talking of Clinton/wallace. they showed lots of

Czech Catholic Bishops cite extremists

Just a comma? No torture, period.

Hey! Democrats in the house and senate did you..

Thom Hartman discussing Bill Clinton/Chris Wallace asswhooping - NOW!

The comma, comma, comma chameleon....

Specter (R-Caves In Every Time) Doing His Dance On C-Span Now

UN envoy: Iraq torture “worse now than under Saddam”

More torture news

Draft dodging Bush to the troops: Screw you

I was right. There will be no pre-election drawdown of troops in Iraq.

Apologies to all, self delete - duplicate of Attaturk post; splat

Jesus Camp or Boot Camp?

Mel Gibson: Iraq war is a form of human sacrifice

"At least we won't hit some camel in the ass with a missile"

"Bipartisanship is another name for date rape"

What's the best stance for Dems on the torture bill?

Does the US have the right to interfere in any religions in the world....

A new generation of Karl Roves

Retired Generals to criticize Rumsfeld. Yahoo News

Democratic Hearing on C-SPAN3 RIGHT NOW

You are not paranoid--be very afraid

In 2003 Bush admin bought oil and gas rights for Everglades and beaches.

Schumer, Emanuel Help Democrats Blunt Republicans' Money Edge

BREAKING CNN: *'s Poll Numbers DOWN

Bush's church(United Methodist) urges pull-out of US troops from Iraq

How I handle my anger and fear..just work

Does any one beieve this? US attacks used 'common anthrax'

cool cnn poll on how ineffective congress is...

cspan 3 Dem hearing on Irag

Pakistan weighed chances against US before backing 'war on terror'

Howard Dean: You can't trust Republicans on national security

While the generals testify.......

If Bush gets his way Iraq won't be anything more than a "Comma"

Snow re: leaked NIE report: "The report is not limited to Iraq"

Because Of Iraq, Bush Is Losing The War On Terror

So where's the money?????

Saudis to boost oil production before election in effort to help Bush

Wikipedia: How Journalist Chris Wallace Was Attacked By President Clinton

Bush fundraising for republicans behind closed doors. What's he hiding?

Rawstory:Pelosi: Dems won't let House adjourn until demands met... Soon...

Did I just hear Arlen Spectre jump ship?

haha!! Bush's approval rating only 38% in newest ARG Poll

The Republican War on Fact!

Rep. Sue Kelly (R-NY) is talking about passing a memorial

CSPAN3 NOW: Ex-Generals testifying before Dem Policy Cmte

Cheney attacks Reid, Rockefeller, Dean & Dems for turning backs on Joe

Today's questions from Jack Cafferty

Let's hope Specter means it for once, and doesn't fold under WH pressure.

GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites

Anti-war grannies go to jail - again!

Our nation stopped being America the moment Bush ordered torture.

stay tuned to c-span3 after hearing - rummy press conference

Dean on Schultz: "Business-minded, tough on defense" candidates key

Do you think that the Democrats really understand how we...

Bring back the draft, but not one of the usual kind...

What the FUCK!

Rummy and Afgan Pres. on cspan3--press conf. now.

Should I call Newsweek and ask them why they have different covers...

Little more on Tony Snow's MAJOR mistake about the "unitary exectuive"

Why would Biden announce 08 pres. intentions now, right before midterms?

Radical Fringe Cartoon - Monday 9/25... when commas go bad

President Clinton's speech, on October 8, 1993, arguing against withdrawal

If Only Mike Malloy Would Create Some Pod-casts This Week

Newsweek, region - by - region shows how media controls news:

CNN Discussing Medicare Donut Hole

She really was a traitor re: Jane Fonda

McConnell starts spewing lies right from his first breath saying

Oprah says her lawyers overreacted

The Greens on Drugs (or how the Democrats will lose some votes)

Sen. Inhope on cspan about enviromal alarmists-kerry gore mentioned

Katherine Harris WEIGHS OPTIONS re: Bob Ney donation. 'Money's gone!'

A Seriously Important Birthday For Us All (And Mine, As Well)

Another dignified photo of * to CAPTION

The Most Obvious Sign That Wallace Did A Hit Job On Bill

Townsend spinning her ASS off with Leslie

Caption Laura

Will U2 or Green Day Make any Political Statements?

OMG, they can't do ANYTHING right! Dozens of foreign pilots training....

Courtesy of Bartcop: "I'm with Stupid"

When Will An Inconvenient Truth Be Out On DVD?

Wow, here's a radical idea....

Report: Geneva Conventions Have Already Been Violated...

Kennedy kicking ass and making sure the

US Army Has Quadrupled Number Of "Detainee Interrogators"

Looking for CNN link RE:Clinton trying to catch Bin laden

DEBKAfile: Iran and Turkey Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan

Some liquids allowed back on planes

Breaking: Romanelli off PA Senate Ballot (cheaters/liars don't win)

Randi: "Chris Wallace, YOU GOT SERVED!!!!"

CNN: Leslie Sez "* HOLDING STEADY @ 42%" As Intro To Report He's Down!

CNN's Ali Velshi: Big Oil could cut gas prices to help R's retain Congress

The Aristocrat and the Poacher: A Murder in Kenya

A rare moment when a target of our drive-by media shot back (The Nation)

Back Door Draft affecting 1st & 3rd ID.

Five years after the Afghan invasion...The Rise of Jihadistan

George Allen: When He's Not Stealing Identities, He's stealing Amendments

WTF is Frances Townsend trying to spin here

So much for the party of "personal responsibility"

Torture IS Terrorism-

Cindy Sheehan: Commas for Profit

Torture is Torture

Ted kennedy on floor of Senate talking fo Iraq intell leak.

Sen. Dorgan on Schultz: Gen. Batiste Resigned Instead of Get His 3rd Star

Class Dismissed

A Note to the Big Dawg - Did Clinton do enough?

O'lielly was on Good Morning america this morning trying...

What's The Latest On Faux"News" Sunday's Ratings Yesterday?

Worried about Clinton, he didn't look well in that interview with Wallace

Bruce Willis: "I'm a Democrat"

Lamont to Lieberman: NIE Finds the War in Iraq Has Made Us Less Safe

Ben Veniste on CNN

Stick bush's ass on Fox news & ask him the exact things you asked Bill

Let's turn back the hands of time....

What in your life would you do differently given the chance

I'm tearing Little-Boy Wallace a new one! Please come see...

Bill Clinton

Do you want to be treated like a dog or a human being

Oh, so now they're calling it "Clinton's War". cute

"Act Like a Drug Dealer"

What with Bill Clinton and Cindy Sheehan (on C-Span)

Cutting pollution "is getting tougher to do,"

"Just a comma" remark proves he intends to attack Iran.

I was thinking today, if this is just a political battle

Faux henchman Wallace spinning like a top on Shammity's show now.

WH Claims The NIE Doesn’t Show The ‘War in Iraq Has Made Terrorism Worse’

Bill O'Reilly points out the obvious: "I don't get Invited to Parties"

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

I have shield Rove from view everytime I open DU....

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - GOP Style

Evangelical Christian lobbyist pushes environment

Protesters interrupt Senate Gitmo hearing

Senator Macaca on torture: 1, 2, 3.

"Religious faith discourages independent thought...

My apolitical coworker said to me "Bush is an idiot" today...

global policy in 30 secs

"Concerned Women" publish emergency list for Senate's Unfinished Business

$20.00 of My Hard Earned Money Went to the Democrats.

Dems should filibuster pro torture legislation

Pakistan is no “banana republic”, says Musharraf

2703 Reasons the DSM is Important

Someone needs to do a parody of the ABC 911 craporama.

Can't Wait for Tonight's "Daily Show"

Newsweek; Losing Afghanistan.

From the Secret Whitehouse tapes...

3 Branches of Government: Legislative, Judicial and the EXCUSIVE.

Soaring Medical Costs Give Rise to a New Kind of Identity Theft

Police: Boy Cut, Forced To Bleed On Bible

Wallace-Clinton combat draws big ratings for Fox

also talking of lack of equpment -most in Iraq. -lead story

US housing slowdown continues (first national drop in prices in 11 years)

CNN: Lou Dobbs talking about the leaked security report

200 House Democrats fire off letter to Dubba on Funding for Veterans

OPEC considers drop in output as oil falls below $60 a barrel

global warming on abc evening news Good report

And you’ve got that little smirk on your face.

the whole Torture debate is one big RED HERRING

Comas and Culling the"herd"

Let's break down the media's interview code words, kids!

Russia: Warnings of sectarian tensions

White House Communications Director Turns CBS News Political Consultant

Detainee legislation deal draws protests

Flashback: Wingers Accused Clinton of 'Wag the Dog'

MSNBC Cable May Be Going All Taped Programming-Attn KO Fans

On Schultz today, a Marine call-in says we RAN OUT OF BULLETS

Schwarzenegger’s true color (not green)

Cafferty is ripping Bushco over NIE report.

Rice"Leave the future for some other time."vs."The future is with us today

Clinton is a masterful politician.

"World is Better Without Saddam In Power" - Stick a Fork in That Message!

Is Randi's Show Archived?

(VIDEO) House Democrats present the Golden Drain Awards

"Bin Laden is dead" and a tinfoil moment (maybe)

HELP! I can not find the STATE-BY-STATE gas price analysis

Tweety Is Acting Like A Hardcore DEM Today?

A Patriotic Act (A frightening, police state tale, this)

Senate Session started C-Span 2 "compromise" on schedule

DUPE---FAUX has pulled youtube videos on Clinton-Wallace 'interview'

British Military girl, "with stupid" in Iraq....

These are friggin hilarious (read):-D

Carl Romanelli off ballot in Pa.


CNN's "Situation Room" did their "Liberal Monday" and it was GOOD!

Top Army leadership says need 60.000 more troops. abc news now and

Jim Lehrer doing a segment on Iraq Intel Report.

Guess Who Is Traveling In Secret Today

BP Warned by Russia It May Lose $18 Billion Gas Field

Smirky, it isn't working for you anymore.

Superdome pre-game coin toss to be handled by former prez George HW Bush

Tips on how to Fight the Right

Right Wing ‘Fact Sheet’ On Clinton Interview Gets It Wrong

Caption *

The ABC's of the GOP

What you mean We, Kimo sabe?

KO! Cable rantings boost ratings

Blood transfusion forced on mother to give baby a family life

Welcome "Peace Mom" to a city near you ~

Skinheads Mark Jewish New Year and Ramadan

Another conservative hit job on Clinton from FAUX NEWS:

CO lost court fight on voting machines

Heads up - something's breaking tonight about Macaca Man.

I just watched the *whole* Clinton Fox News interview and you should too

Ed Schultz: "They Got'R Done For Football" in New Orleans!

Looks like C-Span 1 might carry the Iraq War hearing at midnight.

why we Europeans love soccer....

QUESTION: Can we verify the numbers of war dead?

Chris Wallace is still spinning...

E Coli: The Terrorist Bred By Corporate Factory Farming?

Some Sobering Statistics

Heading out to a new adventure in life today...

Amnesty International 'Deeply Disturbed' by New Detainee Legislation

CNN: Cafferty spanking Dumbya

AOL Poll on Rummy -- 83% Poor Rating

I wish Bill Maher would STFU

Filibuster it Senator!

FBI hasn't got a clue in Anthrax case. Feel safer?

GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites

Newsweek’s latest cover, by geographical region:

So, will we wake up one morning and find out the US has bombed Iran?

If the Democrats don't even TRY to stop torture....

I must be fucking BRILLIANT!!!!!

*** Monday TOONs: Glenda's Post-Vacation Toonage Postings ***

This is breaking lose now -

Sorry if this is a dupe, but it merits a second look. It's from CCR

If Dems were like Repubs, they'd run this ad:


Faux News Versus youtube

The Daily Show - this week's lineup - looks like a good one --

Heard of this "Blue to Green" program in the Air Force?

Who got further under Big Dog's (Bill Clinton) skin?

Bwwwwwwwwwwwah Bill has them in a tizzy

Did Larry Sabato just drive a stake through the heart of the Allen ...

Why do they haaate us? This. This would be why

CNN POLL: 55%-42%, Dems lead LIKELY VOTERS for 2006

Has Bill Clinton checkmated a Rove 'Terra' scare electoral campaign?

*ESCALATION* Bush and Cheney are spinning while Iraq spins out of control

Tonight: Olbermann commentary on Clinton, Fox, and Chris Wallace

Cafferty's 5:00 question.

I didn't realize how many troops are coming home in a coma...

Juvenile rights: "What if It's (Sort of) a Boy and (Sort of) a Girl?"

Feeney Creates Curtis Smearsite! CommonCause Says Emergency Paper Ballots!

Please DU this CNN poll on if Iraq has made terrorism worse

Each one is a question mark! .. WHY DID YOU KILL THEM GEORGE?

Monday's Radical Fringe Cartoon has been REVISED

There is only ONE thing that will stop bush's war. Photographs.

Is "Boondocks" done for?

GOPer says Amputee Vet Dem would "cut & run" from Iraq

The Plot That Was Not: "U.S. to relax air travel restrictions"

Your quote of the day, courtesy of Walter Jones (R-NC)

Sen. Allen denies using "N-word"

Update: Venezuela IS a Threat

Widow to Bush: "I hold you responsible for the death of my husband."

When talking to your wingnut friends about torture, remind them that

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Cheney ‘Can’t Buy’ Idea That Iraq War Is Creating More ...

Cops brutally attack Human Rights Fest in uptown Charlotte- petition

"What constitutes a moral value?" Excellent sermon.

More skewering of Chris Wallace, courtesy of Glenn Greenwald

Prepare for a U.S. Market Crash

I Am Against Torture

Gergen says Big Dawg's smackdown was all "context" and to set example.

Talk Your Way Out of a Ticket

Peace march in Kansas City today - pictures

What's the difference between Chris Wallace and The Church Lady?

Big Freeper Bust! LOL.


The Dems Got No Fight They Say? Bullshit! Go Pelosi Go!

Did righties say Clinton was "too obsessed with finding bin Laden"?

War Is Not A Solution For Terrorism By Howard Zinn

LOL, I totally owned an ID loser (Prof.Michael Behe)

Huge Magical New Cave Discovered in Sequoia National Park (pic)

The Saints will lose tonight.... But New Orleans will be winners.

Keep an eye on Imus this morning

Oprah endorses Obama for President...

Gov. Groper vetoed California's universal health care bill

To all the Democratic people criticizing Clinton's abrasive response

Court victory lets preserved Ohio 2004 ballots tell new tales of theft

What Is Newsweek Trying To Hide?

So, would President Gore be in the Oval Office today if he'd used Clinton

Have you seen this awesome picture?

We've changed the DU Lobby

Frank Rich, The Greatest Story Ever Sold. Book Report

CNN: U.S. relaxes ban on liquids on airliners (terra BS crumbling)

Holy Crap! Anyone watching the Generals on CSPAN3??

Does anyone know why the website is down?


544 Camp Street

Amazing 3D pictures: World Trade Center attack

Broken Benchs - Ex: “Every woman needs a good pounding every now & then."

LIGHT a CANDLE for Molly Ivins

An observation: At DU, there is never a lack of human kindness.

Once you've justified torture, you are no longer a Christian. Period.


Is 'Party Unity' a thing of the past for Dems?

Let's pass the peace pipe.

To those who follow Coingate: Did you know...

Clinton Detained by Fox Security in Wake of Wallace Interview

Molly Ivins has cancer :(

Great ad - "Once Upon a Time" - Lamont

Every Day The Repug Apologists And Talking Heads Become More......

Boeing just got a big CBP contract...

Who will be first?


Cleveland Indians and corporate welfare ... again

Florida's Crist has slim lead over Davis

Steal This Vote: Andrew Gumbel on Controvery over E-Voting Machines

A Great "One-Two Punch" ....... Now Put It To Best Use,...

Chemical Plants, Still Unprotected, New York Times, 9/25/2006

Should Dems filibuster? Here's someone who doesn't think so:

Cindy Sheehan, Cspan WJ repeat from this AM, on NOW

Democrat Leads in Md. Senate Race

Gay Marriage would limit religious freedom

Bill Clinton in Atlanta for DCCC fundraiser with John Lewis


Live-blog of the Senate Judicary Comm 'Torture Rules' Hearing

Republican intellectual disconnect ... Torture and

Why is it that no one seems to get the REAL problem with the OBL death

Jesse Jackson on "wolf in sheep's clothing" politics

Just A Comma

CAPTION grimacing, gesturing Condi and Recess Appointment Boy

NEED URGENT HELP ! In locating Various recent Democrat's Iraq plans!

Media Matters: Bill O'Reilly's enemies list, available in hardback for $26

Evidence Is Mounting That Sen. Allen (R-Macaca) Has Racist Tendencies

Why is the TSA easing restrictions on onboard liquids?

September War Dead the GOP Wants You to Forget

Rose-colored Reality -from Vice President Al Gore

Senator Macacawitz.

How can I convert My Conservative Father to Repudiate *??????

Remember that leaked intel report...from yesterday? Has anyone

Saudis to boost oil production before election in effort to help Bush

I so hope this new George Allen-is-a-racist story gains traction...

If Bill CLinton had killed Bin Laden, would we still have been attacked on

Kerry op-ed: Losing Afghanistan

Fantastic New Video from Webb Campaign!


The Generals Are Kicking the Shit Out of * On CSPAN-3 Right Now!

AARP: Seven in 10 Boomer Plus Voters Oppose Private Accounts

Halliburton needlessly slaughtered cats in Green Zone.

Laura Ingraham Goes Mountain Biking with Total Maniac Bush

PA-SEN: Santorum Debates Non-Candidate Romanelli

FOXnews just asked, "is President Bush is manipulating gas prices"?

The RW spin cometh-the Clinton interview

Acceptance of alternate progressive voices in politics

Why "they" think there is a Liberal Media

Wesley Clark to join UCLA campus

DU need your help with this Democratic Leadership Letter

Kean campaign may have posted as "ex-Dems" on liberal site

Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short

Freedom on the skids: Army Extends Combat Tours For 4,000 Soldiers in Iraq

saw and heard a post earlier today


Something stinks here.

Chris Wallace: Mike Wallace Has 'Lost It'

“Public Expression of Religion Act” (PERA)---- take action now!

*GOOD NEWS* POLL - - TN Sen: Ford up by 6 (45/39)

Wow! Did you SEE all those dark skinned faces on teevee just now?

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman with a 2004 election update...........

Boxer Proposes Blast-Proof Air Cargo Containers

Worthless Effing Newsweek Whore Michael Hirsh: Clinton "clearly bitter"

Gov.Taft (R-OH) no longer has the lowest approval rating in the country!!!

TIME: Harold Ford, Jr.'s brother is causing a problem in Memphis

Tucker Carlson: "I'm a little shocked by Clinton's behavior here..."

Tony "Cried Over His Illness Like A Baby" Snow FAILS to B-slap the Big Dog

Kate O'Bierne: "Far too much was made of that" ("macaca")

General Batiste: "Donald Rumsfeld is not a competent wartime leader"

Great Poll on Clinton's Performance Against Wallace

S.494 will hurt Whistleblowers

A Diane Rhem Interview with Frank Rich YOU DON'T want to MISS!!!!

Tin Foil Hat Time .... Repugs in Ohio asking voters to vote absentee

Where did Bush say the war in Iraq was like a comma in the history books

Musharraf:"ask the CIA how much prize money it has paid to...Pakistan"

Sen Allen stuffs deer head in mailbox in black neighborhood.

Molly Ivins on Torture - says we need to protest, phone, fax, e-mail, mail

Jim Webb, Tim Kaine, Stephen King, John Grisham OH MY !

AP: Lieberman Attacks Lamont's Iraq Plans

Macaca tells such an outrageous lie that NOBODY can possibly believe it

What Bill Clinton showed the Democrats in the FOX interview

Urgent church/state separation action item

In Rove's Footsteps

Having Annie Leibovitz on the cover of the US edition of Newsweek...

Please vote in this online poll: Dems vs. repugs

Olbermann New Special Comment Clinton v. Fox.... Tonight !

Santorum flunky Green kicked off ballot in PA

Oprah for President?? Some dude has been pushing for Oprah

Some Congratulations to DUer KarenDC! Protest at Senate Hearing today

A lesson from Clinton -- It's amazing what a few details can accomplish

The Smackdown (Mary Lyon -- From The Left)

"For eight months, Bush did nothing - nothing" - WES CLARK in Red KY

"make me your beneficiary". This is now my response to any

A DU poll: Would you support Hillary Clinton in 08 primaries?

Ben-Veniste is clearing up Clinton and Bush's stand on. going after OBL

My take on Clinton and FOX news...

OUT-effing-RAGEOUS: -- Newsweek Cover in America versus rest of the World

The fear of death & destruction for "enraging Muslims" is changing

Maybe B*sh gets set up for a fall here -

The torturers next door

Buh-Bye Carl Romanelli and good riddance!!!

Al Gore announces doubling donations to DSCC.

If next Prez is a Dem, will you support adding more troops to Afghanistan?