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Archives: September 27, 2006

Dep. Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields in ME

If America's So Great, Where's Our Health Care?

Bow to the King

Antipork Progress

Dr Peter Morici: America, the Debtor Nation

Iraq, Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief

That "declassified" NIE report...

Blair's Going, going, not quite gone ...farewell speech

We must not let the government

Golan heights an 'integral part" of Israel: PM

ODIGO Israeli telecommunication company

Know Your BFEE Blog

I just finished screening STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote. You MUST see it!

CBC: Canada adding to 'tragic' conditions of Palestinians: UN official

Pot-smoking prof lights up a room

The best the Liberals can offer?

Musharraf defends war effort, downplays Canadian losses

Musharraf: Iraq war makes world more dangerous

Economic Report: Health Care Premiums Up 7.7 Percent So Far in 2006

2 workers from Sago Mine have shot themselves

House Aide Resigns Over Fake Blog Posts

It's hard to let go, admits Blair

AWOL Soldier Surrenders at Army Base

NYT: U.S. Pushes Anti-Castro TV, but Is Anyone Watching?

Sen. Clinton hits back at Rice over 9/11

CIA leak probe said costs $1.44M so far

NYT/AP: Money Fight Stalls AIDS Bill in Senate

2001 memo to Rice contradicts statements about Clinton, Pakistan

NYT: New York City Plans Sharp Limits on Restaurants’ Use of Trans Fats

U.S. Warned on War Spending & Deficits (World Economic Forum)

NYT: Deal Likely on Detainees but Not Eavesdropping: Dems will not block

Dalai Lama: Too many lives lost in Iraq

(IN-08) Hostettler campaign dismisses ISU poll (shows him down by 15)

Reuters: China warns Taiwan on perceived independence move

WP: Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show

(Bill) Clinton: Afghanistan Needs More Troops

'Polka Dot Bikini' songwriter dies at 68

WP: Detainee Bill in Final Stages: White House Winning Wide Legal Latitude

Pakistan Prez appears on 'Daily Show'

Poll: Schwarzenegger leads Angelides by 17 points (AP)

Richard A. Clarke Launches Good Harbor Report on the Internet

Vatican Excommunicates Zambian Archbishop

My wife is stalking me tonight!

Student sees nude statue, commits suicide immidiately

Ya know, the Gin Blossoms really were a great band.

Does Hannity wear a toupee?

I'm so excited! It's my daughter's 19th birthday tomorrow, and we got

Hey, Xemasab, I just saw a bird that you've never seen!

Idaho Couple's Home Infested With Snakes -- my god, this is unreal!

I totally missed the greenday U2 song at the N O saints game

anyone else getting Little House on the Prairie instead of the Gilmore Pre

Want me to scare you away? Respond with a topic!

Post a pic of your house (or whatever) taken from space

Policy documents are FAR more interesting when mixed with wine

Worst voice?

My nipples hurt.

I have a tough decision to make.

I bet Bush was a pasta eater as a child.

I missed you goons while I was out today

Anna Nicole and her Lawyer/Baby Daddy

TWO guys dead now.

Need something to cheer you up?

Sometimes I like plastic

Arianna Huffington Is......

Name a writer who's book you saw and liked but hate her underwear.

What's the maximum you're willing to spend on a pair of jeans?

Police pictures of Willie Nelsons stash!

Breaking: Howard Stern is father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby!

I LOVE this song! "The Food" Kanye West/Common

Just gave the sheriff's office a piece of my mind & went on a rant.


So when I was a kid... I smoked the Pot....

I don' t have access to post this tomorrow. Two interviews tomorrow!

I'm really sick of losing DUers...

Anyone watch Cleanhouse on cable. I watched all the episodes

thinking of Olaf the White tonight.

Question: Would it be cool to enter HANNITY's contest

I've got enough money for a plane ticket. Where shall I go?

X-Post: A DU'er's brush with greatness... (me and Big Dog!)

Oops! My Mom's cooking!

I just witnessed a Wendy's employee refuse a homeless person a refill

Phone rings...Caller ID shows NRA !!!! Hummm

Post a lyric from a song that you find sort of poetic.

LOL! Wonderful Boston Legal opener!

Kicking threads takes the edge off the day...

I bet Bush was a paste eater as a child.

Whoever calls me EVERY NIGHT from an "unavailable" number, please stop!!

Oneighty...there's a little boy who will hear of you leaving and miss you.

Heads up Vets You Need New ID's at VA

Hello, John Kerry group

I am p*ssed at the Clinton's. How do others feel about e-mailing

There may be no Torture policy bill this week

Ok - After watching Dem STRATEGISTS today, here's what I heard.

JK on Newly Declassified N.I.E. Findings on Iraq Policy and Terror

OT: PROOF that Freepers are among us! Might explain lefty Kerry bashing.

OK your popcorn, pop the beer or the wine....

Bush Karzai on C Span 2 now!

Truth to Power - Tonight's Olberman Smackdown!

Man, just saw the tape of dimson next to Karzai when he responded

(Assuming he actually is dead), can Ken Lay's estate be sued for damages?

We need a were is Waldo sketch with Osama instead of Waldo.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Tony Blair's last Conference speech

"There are smirks, and then there are SMIRKS! And this was

Link to Kieths Monday Smackdown?

O' Reilly Tanks Again in 3rd Quarter as does H&C

ABC yanks, replaces story in which GOP Rep. suggests Clinton impeachment

Breaking: George Allen killed Bambi and stuffed her in someones mailbox

Is the story changing??

The diminished dividends of war

Tehran's charm offensive makes inroads

Wouldn't you love the chance to tell the persons who dragged

MSNBC calls it COUNTDOWN; thinking Americans call it the EVENING NEWS

Faux news making up fan letters

Small but loud Protest of Veterans at Walla Walla VA Hospital

True_Note's State of the Union for Fiscal 2006.

NIE Trends in Global Terrorism (All paragraphs containing "Iraq")

Had Clinton not had Heart Surgery in you think he would

I saw a "Gore '08" bumper sticker this past weekend

Iraq War = world more dangerous

MSNBC Schedule from 6 p.m. to Midnight. in a nutshell

‘Real Rumsfeld’ amid Iraqi War Criticism

October 6th 1996 Ten years of faux (what has to be done?)

How funny is the Sign above their head in this picture

RE:Private Property Rights Implementation Act----This screws ALL of us.

(VIDEO) House Democrats' speeches on the NIE

Head On Radio Tuesday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

The Truth Is Not Always In The Middle

"On The Hard Drive Now" (Video)

Quiz: Test your civics

Are the nukes already in place for Iran???

Clinton at UN During Monica-Gate

(VIDEO) Cafferty on torture

Amazing Conclusion Of NIE Report!

"When the final history is written in Iraq, it will look like justa comma"

Apparition caught at vatican by tourist....

Meet the old boss - same as the new boss

"Searching for an Unfriendly Face", system searches for terrorists.

CNN HEADLINE: Musharraf: Iraq war makes world more dangerous----JUST IN

Bush Administration’s Pre-9/11 Focus Was Missile Defense, Not Terrorism

Breaking: Howard Stern is father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby!

Questions the Freepers are going to ask Obama

How Dumb do I think they are? (Now I know why he is President)

Dahr Jamal: A Broken, De-Humanized U.S. Military In Iraq

OPUS shows us the TRUE meaning of life.

In 2008, should WE vote in the GOP primary for the biggest lunatic?

GOP/BushCo have nothing but easily refutable lies/revisionist history...

Chambliss blissfully lying on CNN now

2706 Reasons why the DSM is Important

NYT: New Campaign Ads Have a Theme: Don't Be Nice

If Clinton owns 1 month of Bin Laden blame, George owns 68 months.

AIM's Game of Semantics

How long has Bush and his minions had the NIE that was just released?

I, for one, am tired of being lied to

Who's watching the Daily Show tonight?

HEADLINE: Laura Bush Lends Her STAR POWER To Padgett Campaign

WH press corps failed to challenge Bush's lying and nonsensical answers

So, I think I changed my mind about the Torture Bill...

Bush Administration - Backward Dictatorship?

Evangelical Christians Called to Tackle Global Warming

Why didn't Bush Admin block the NIE? Seems like it slipped past censors.

John and Elizabeth Edwards to appear on Oprah tomorrow...

Things to teach alongside Intelligent Design

Student Loan Defaults On The Rise

Arianna Huffington Is......


Poll: (D) Harold Ford Jr. leads 45%-39% in second straight Senate Poll

We need to get those that made "miserable failure" a direct link to

NIE Reflects Previous Statements About the War on Terror (black is white)

Is the US still killing Iraqis because they refuse to submit to occupation?

Low Gas Prices: An Election-Year Ploy?

Laura Bush visit draws THREE spectators. . . hehehehehe

WH logic: Iraq invasion created terrorist army; we must stay and fight it

Larry Johnson No Quarter The Facts Behind the NIE

Rebroadcast of Countdown with KO is coming on MSNBC now

For the freeps: Ronald Reagan quotes on torture and wars of agression

"There is a growing backlash in the Army"

AWOL Iraq war veteran says war is immoral; turning himself in

Charlie Rose: Breyer and O'Connor talking a about election theft 2000

In Tribute To Those Who Have Passed, and those

VIDEO - Pervez Musharraf on The Daily Show

People Need To Remember, They Are Doing This In Their Name....

The People Around You Today

You want to hear REAL fear?

Sometimes Dreams Are Stronger

Colbert Is No. 2 on Sexiest Anchor List Where is KO?

Poetic hope from Maya Angelou:

Someday Soon, The Good Guys and Gals Will Win

Besides the bin Laden question, did Wallace ask him about anything

Maybe it's my warped sense of humor but I find this soooooo hilarious!

WP, Meyerson: The 'Moderate Republican' Scam

2001 memo to Rice contradicts statements about Clinton, Pakistan

Lmao!! Colbert is No.2 on Sexiest Anchor List

has the FULL NIE been posted??

Pakistani General/President Pervez Musharraf on Daily Show TONIGHT!

Why is this?

Caroline Langston - a typical conservative hypocrite


Bread and circuses

Stossel can't say what Media Matters has said that's not true...

"It'll look just like a comma" (pic)

VIDEO - Franken on Hardball

Is bush going to hit the campaign trail for the gop?

O'lielly is interviewing John Rocker who wants English only

Air America's death wish redux

Dow Jones Average Set to Close at Highest Level Ever

US housing bubble: Economy in denial

What does "it will look like a comma" even mean?

Who is speaking out Against Torture Bill S3929 or H6054

I just met Howard Dean!

I have my hook in an Evangelical Christian…

Still Smoking Crack About Iraq

The Older People Are Suspicious Looking

Why Did Bobby Kennedy Say: "Indeed, There Is A Remarkably Simple

VIDEO: Boxer gives a big F U to Faux News

How depressing, we thought while watching the Daily Show

CIA Leak Case spending at $1.4 million - New York Times

Professor smacks down psycho Horowitz's lies....

Act Blue for Tom Wyka in NJ11

Here is the MAJOR point that the Democrats are not exploiting:

Kids Worshipping to a George Bush Picture

Military will spend $76 BILLION next year in quest for better ways to kill

Check out this beautiful post from Huffpo re: the "Bubba Hubba"

Will the lowering of per gallon gas prices by .40-.50cts be enough...

Anyone seen Musharaf on the Daily Show yet?

Kerry on NIE: Must withdraw from Iraq. WH playing into terrorists' hands.

Drudge says GOP negative Ad's have started. Anyone seen any?

Rice calls for sanctions against Syria

NYC Ban on Fats? Wtf?

From Oneighty's book, Voyages of the Vicky Mary. A tribute.

I, for one, am glad that Chris Wallace blindsided Clinton

So here's the Bush administration talking point to defend the Iraq war

"Insecurity Is Written All Over Him" - Garrison Keillor "Pictures" Bush

A US Soldier in Anbar gives out Iraq awards (A Must Read)

Went to eat tonight...been there several times, they had TV on Fox blech

Hart-Rudman! Hart-Rudman! Hart-Rudman!

Rush Limpballs seems quite impressed with the size of President Clinton's

I want to work for Keith Olbermann.....

I think the Republicans have opened up Pandora's Box

Bush Made Joke Explaining Dropped Ball on Cole to 9-11 Comm.-- RECOMMEND!

My dear Aunt Frances (95 Y/O) GETS it.

To all lurking Freepers, Neocons, Bush apologists:

George Bush is a *wussy*

Larry Johnson: The Facts Behind the NIE

DeVos position on "Intelligent Design" a "priceless gift to Granholm"

In death, does a DU'er have a name?

Covert attack on teacher's union

a warning message to US Congress

Marital sniping in the (Brit) Humes marriage? Wife leaves Faux

All you DUers who bring up the "ticking time bomb" torture hypothetical:

bush is right; his invasion of Iraq has NOT made terrorism worse!

Are YOU GUILTY as charged?? Exposing "The World Wide Waste of Time"

Patrick Murphy's new TV ad

Clinton Vs. Rice?

Unions come to help Angelides !

GOP Scandals Dog Ohio Candidate (Laura to the rescue)

As a Presidential canidate George Allen is FINISHED!!!!

Juan Cole on Democracy NOW

A Question About G.W Bush....

"W is for Women" ???

OK...doing the MATH, Bush must now think Musharraf is "naive."

New book Alice In Bushland: Through The Looking Glass With "King Bush"

Let's not forget the WJC also tried to expand wiretapping LEGALLY

Declassified NIE Shows Cheney and Bush Misled Americans (video clips)

U.S. losing leg up over Europe on employment

CIA Prison in the USA?

The Obcenity Of It All,....

Photo: "Tick...tick...tick..."

Election Homestretch Yields Surprises

Open Letter to Rice

George Allen Poll !!!

The New Detention & Torture Bill Is Worth A War....

So Condi was speaking to the staff of the NEW YORK POST?

WP: The 'Moderate Republican' Scam

Immigration Fence Poses Real Problems For Border Indian Tribe

Six week outlook on Election 2006

Twelve traps for Progressives to avoid...

Clinton put W/Condi/et al on the defensive big time!

What an interesting time in politics

I watch the Nightly News on NBC... And I was shocked....

PPT: Bush has noticed "great increase" in people who say they pray for him

Clinton tried to get more airport security but was not supported

From around the World Richard Clarks new site

Musharraf on Daily Show -- great quotes

Oh, no, tell me she really did not call him that. This is funny.

Bush's response to not acting on bin Laden

Evan Bayh (D- IN) Response to my Torture Email !

Things Looking Up For Democrats!

Daily Kos: Hidden Stinger in Bush NIE release (OMG!)

The right Can Never Defeat Keith Olberman. BUT WE CAN!

NYT: Clinton Defends Husband, Adding That All Democrats Should Take a Hint


Outrage over ads depicting Blair as Hitler

The 'Moderate Republican' Scam By Harold Meyerson

Slow, Horrible Spiraling Death Of An Economy By InflationSyndrome(Mogambo)

Kennedy, Ramstad, Moyers: These Three Guys Walk OUT of a Bar

Who Joins Cults?

Is Bush Really The Devil?

"Ignorance is Strength" - Michael Carmichael

Women's rights campaigner in Afghanistan shot dead

Clinton fights back (Gene Lyons)

Why Homeland Security May Contribute To The Pretexting Problem (Al Gonzo)

NSA Whistle-blower Says He Has Lost His Livelihood (Russel Tice)

No Longer No. 1, and No Wonder --WaPo

Racial blunders give senator a rough ride on the campaign trail

Robert Dreyfuss

WP: States, Counties Begin to Enforce Immigration Law

FOUR points on the Clinton interview

Top CIA Expert Slams Bush Anti-Terror Actions

The Fine Art of Declassification - NYT's

The 4 page National Intelligence Estimate (pdf)

The most important paragraph in the August NIE, and a challenge to Bush

Captains of Industry, Masters of Cheating (B SCHOOL)--Wa Po

How We Discovered The Power of Nice


Distrust Breaks the Bonds Of a Baghdad Neighborhood

Security Shaping Campaign(have Bush policies has made us safer?)

Negroponte Muddies NIE Waters

Mini-gulags, hired guns and lobbyists(on the redistribution of AbuGhraib)

Agencies Questioned on Insider Trading

S. Australia Premier - CSIRO Climate Impact Study "Terrifying" - Fox AU

Goddard/UCSB Study - Planet Warmest In At Least 12,000 Years - BBC

The Time Is Now: A Vision For U.S. Renewable Energy (cross-post) . . .

IARC Science Team Documents Warm Water Surging Into Arctic Basin - AFP

Locust plague encircles Mexico's Cancun resort

Europeans urged to eat less fish (BBC)

Mysterious Florida Crab Migration Baffles Scientists... (pic)

Have any of you seen this about Hy Wire?

Germany Promises Climate At Top Of G8 Agenda Next Year - Reuters

China's Inland Areas On Pace To Catch Up With Coast On Pollution, Waste

Australia's Snowy Mountains Hit 20-Year Low For Snowfall - ABC NSW

Antarctic Ozone Hole Nears All-Time Record Size - Possible Climate Link

Christian "Zionist" leader Hagee depicts Jews as Christ killers

Jewish terrorist gets 4 life sentences

Jewish terrorist gets 4 life sentences

Disagreements remain between Israel, UNIFIL on Israeli withdrawal

Pakistan Explains Stance on Israel (AP)

Why Hamas Resists Recognizing Israel

Israel committed "war crime" in Gaza - rights group (B'Tselem)

Israelis 'free Hamas deputy PM'

Sunday morning at Christian "Zionist" organization leader's church

Egypt to Hamas: Release IDF soldier, join Abbas unity gov't

Deputize Congress..May explain a lot

Confronting the Evidence was on Italian TV - Prime Time

1975: WTC tower on fire, no collapse

Lauro Chavez's DD-214: Fake But Accurate?

Peter Dale Scott: The 9/11 Report and Ali Mohamed

Kerry-Feingold submit resolution re backup plans for Voting Machines

Help Lou Dobbs See the Other Side of "Voter ID" bill

CNN Poll: does voter I.D. bill undercut electoral integrity?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wed 9/27/06 Just A Comma?

Rush Holt introduces: HOUSE Paper Ballot Bill

Keep these efforts going, please

Democrats line up lawyers

A Harperite Big Lie

Effort to delay ID rule fails

CanWest: Tories stress U.S. co-operation as top foreign priority

G&M: Chinese puzzled by aloofness from Ottawa

Distrust Breaks the Bonds Of a Baghdad Neighborhood

Journal says agency blocked report on hurricanes, warming

Suicide attack outside police base in Afghanistan

British announce months-long security operation in Basra

Europe Panel Defers Report on Bank Data Sifting

Lawmakers demand royalties:Key Republicans urge collection of back payment

IU looks at outsourcing vehicle fleet maintenance (Indiana)

Insurgent leader captured in Iraq

Locust plague encircles Mexico's Cancun resort

(Iraq) More than 7,000 security personnel sacked for ‘corruption’

Omar al Farouq Killed in Iraq

'Unique' DOT land deal gets approval (Jeb Bush and St. Joe Company)

Rumsfeld discussing troops for Iraq, Afghanistan with tiny Montenegro

Rumsfeld: unclear when Iraq troops can replace U.S.

Why Homeland Security May Contribute To The Pretexting Problem (Al Gonzo)

Democrats: Americans deserve 'full story' of Iraq intelligence report

Six rebels killed in would-be Afghan suicide attack

Iraq Sunni tribal leaders pledge support for Shi'ite PM

Bush Won't Release Full Intel Assessment

Iraq suicide attacks at all time high

Zawahri to release message on pope, Bush

Racial blunders give senator a rough ride on the campaign trail

Report: Political climate threatens to doom Everglades restoration

Politician jailed 27 years for war crimes

Judge declares another mistrial in Gotti case

Feds cut anti-terror funding for California's biggest ports

Colleges accused of failing civics test-Cal, Stanford get poor grades...

Senator (Pat Roberts) Says Terrorism Report Helpful for Americans

Cheney Boat Protesters Head to Trial Oct. 12 (Kathlyn Stone)

Military Funeral Protest Ban in Kentucky Lifted

Bomb scare at site of Scooter Libby trial, Fitzgerald evacuated

Rep. Schmidt Copied Material for Op-Eds in Ohio

Iraqi Kurds raise secession threat over oil

Nevada widow continues push for VA sanction of Wiccan symbol

Two Sago Mine Workers Commit Suicide

Taliban to ABC News: OBL Alive and Safe

Lawmaker Cites AP Photographer's Case (Slaughter NY-D)

U.S. forces kill 4 terror suspects in Iraq (and 4 civilians in airstrikes)

Indonesia to relocate 3,000 families close to mud flow on Java island

Kerry Eyes Another Run

Tokyo Rose dies in Chicago

Ex-"Tokyo Rose" suspect dies in Chicago

7-Eleven drops Venezuela's Citgo as gas partner

NYT/AP: MySpace Launches Voter-Registration Plan

BBC: US press unmoved by terror report

Reuters seeks Pentagon probe on journalist’s death

Martin Lee Anderson's parents to meet with Jeb Bush today(Boot camp death)

Gun siege in Colorado high school

Randi Rhodes and Cindy Sheehan Chewing Up a Hapless Freeper!!

WH not seeking probe of intel leak

49 percent of Nevadans view Bush unfavorably (Red state!)

Judge Urged Not to Release Intel Reports

Exclusive: U.S. Troops Abandoned Me, Says Convoy Driver

Schwarz: Shutter Club for Growth (asked FEC to shut them down)

AP: Group Wins Public Relations Deal in Iraq (Lincoln Group)

Qaida may see more losses than gains in Iraq as country enters civil war

MNF-W Marine dies in Anbar # 2708 (THIS IS THE 4TH TODAY)

Exclusive: U.S. Troops Abandoned Me, Says (Halliburton) Convoy Driver

British lawyer says US threatened him with Guantanamo internment

(Dem) Lawmaker cites AP photographer's case (Iraqi held by military)

Iraq, China discuss reviving Saddam-era oil deal

WP: Schwarzenegger Signs Global Warming Bill on San Fran's Treasure Island

Doctors predict family physician shortage

Path cleared for detainee legislation

7-Eleven drops Citgo gasoline; cites Chavez

Tampa Port Fails To Get Terror Grant

Company sues sisters who blew whistle on State Farm after Katrina

Fox Chief: Clinton Response an 'Assault'

Generals May Have Had Food Poisoning

US seeks action on Shia death squads

Late Credit Card Payments Edge Higher

Israel frees Hamas deputy premier

U.S. wants decision now on U.N. chief race

Wal-Mart to Shrink Options For New Hires' Health Care

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 27

Microsoft offers Explorer patch ahead of schedule(emergency fix)

Bush Raises $1.1M at Tenn. Luncheon

Just announced on CNN: 2008 GOP convention to be held in Twin Cities

Gallup: Bush Blamed More Than Clinton for Failure to Capture Bin Laden

War Protesters Arrested at House Office

Rocky Mt. News: It's down to 2: Denver, NYC vie for '08 Dem convention

Family Disputes U.S. Raid on Iraqi House (8 killed)

BREAKING: Supreme Court to Hear ‘Paycheck Deception’ Case

Bush on defensive over intelligence report

AP: Mexico Chides Rice for Political Remarks

US House of Representatives Passes Bill Backed by Bush to Interrogate

Ecuador Candidate Calls Bush 'Dimwitted'

WP: House Passes Measure on Religion Lawsuits

Feds Probe Pirro on Eavesdropping Charge

Poll: Iraqis back attacks on U.S. troops (61%, up from 47% in January)

Shooting in school in Bailey, Colorado

AP: Bill Criminalizing Minor Abortions OK'd

Terrell Owens Hospitalized: Attempted Suicide?

Reuters: House clears $70 billion mostly for Iraq war

Clinton thanks Blair for preserving US-British alliance

Poll indicates Crist leading Davis in Florida governor's race--Not Good!!!

Ohio Abandons Two-Year Battle Over Voter Disenfranchisement (VOTERS WIN!)

New Report that Senator Uttered Slurs

'NY Post' Makes Fun of MSNBC's Olbermann Getting Letter (white powder)

House Passes Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases

Al Qaeda gains recruits from Iraq war: U.N. study

Ailes: "An assault on all jounalists' (Clinton's response to Wallace)

CNN/Reuters: Too much testosterone kills brain cells

Saudis plan to fence border with Iraq

U.S. retailer 7-Eleven dropping Venezuela-backed Citgo as its gasoline sup

Actor Edward Albert Dies at 55


Hastert, Durbin locked in nasty spat

Zero-gravity surgery 'a success'

Lowtax writes about his fight with Uwe Boll

Imagine my surprise

Wetzelbill!!!! Check yer g'damn MySpace!!

Joe Morello: Greatest Drummer Of All-Time


The Athletics just clinched the AL West.

view web sites as graphs. pretty cool and a great way to kill time

Lucky doing the "brain drain"

Tonight Is One of Those Nights...

People you'd like to snack on

Late Night Post: Should I send my boss to Jail?

There is a weird nun with Chucks yowling outside my depot right now...

There is a weird guy with nunchucks yelling outside my apt right now...

a little Laurie Anderson to start the day

R.I.P. Byron Nelson

Hey bi_baby! Ina's on!

You know, William Pitt wasn't ALWAYS So Profound

Congratulations w13rd0!! 10,000 posts

Why don't public telephones have level surfaces any more?

Anyone here ever deal with Odyssey Hospice?

Best Man Gets Drunk, Arrested - Missed Wedding - Masturbates In His Cell

Oh. My. Fucking. DOG!

Bettie Paige is still alive (?)

I want to adopt the love child of ZombyWoof and Keith Olbermann.

I bet Bush is a booger eater as an adult.

Isn't boycotting ABC a waste of time?

the nectar of the gods of olympus can hardly compare

Eh.... Maybe.


What should I listen to?

Was Mona Lisa pregnant when she posed?

Free Hugs Campaign. OK, I had my little emotional diddy for the day.

Best Regional Cuisine

a turtle,some water,a flower,a treasure, and a butterfly


Some good thoughts for my partner's mom needed

Someone take pity and shoot me.

Well hell yes!

The lights are out.. Three years in a row they have forgotten..

Gots to love Janis Joplin.

REM is the greatest band in the entire world, ever! Discuss.

Johnny Depp Sex Tape????

I want a new drug!

My car has just cost me £450 in servicing!

Thank you admins ....

Mecaca invades hip hop culture.... At Phoebus high anyhow....

Single Girl

I am getting email returned to me for messages I never sent

Ulterior motive

"smash more glass"

Do you think the "free hugs" thread can beat the "people to smack" thread?

I am making dinner - what should I make

Boob thread!

Today in music history 9-27

I saw a dead person last night and

Help, have a math question.

I'm watching "Dead Poets Society" on VHS. Ask me anything!

Did you buy the 1st STAR WARS movie on DVD only for the original release?

whoaaa maaannnn

Hey, flvegan! Right here!

Dang! We gotta win *all* of the tossup seats to win the Senate


Clive Davis in Rolling Stone: "Everyone knows that Whitney and Aretha..."

thank you jesus for multitracking

HOLY CRAP Dept: 12-foot, 475-lb alligator killed on N.C. coastal highway

What would your personal version of hell be ?

Movie/TV lines you just knew would lead to an ass kicking.

Who were you in a previous life?

Free Haggis

Looking for condolence message I can send by e-mail

did i hear the news correctly just now?

masculine and feminine archetypes

This is pretty cool if you like Duke Ellington

I've got one of you Yankee-types coming tomorrow night

Fight Over Opossum Leaves Man Tasered, Arrested And Dog Shot

Charlie the Unicorn

federal interstate highway urban main lane configuration

This is my American History teacher.

The chinks are coming.

Elizabeth Edwards is on Oprah today

For oneighty: "Everyone"

I've created a YouTube monster...


Arlen Specter (r-PA) is fighting hard to protect habeas corpus

I need some short distance relationship advice.

So I'm looking at my RSS thingamajig and I see this in LBN


what did your childhood friend SMELL like?

Anybody remember The Loud Family?

“Battlestar Galactica–The Story So Far- 44 mins FREE iTunes download

Pothead Theater!

Best national or regional cuisine?

Sympathy Wanted - I just found out that my Dad

Congratulations cynatnite!! 10,000 posts

Boot to the head!

BREAKING: Wal-Mart Wanker apprehended

The Wal-Mart Wanker

Why doesn't the Lounge have pinned topics?

Why doesn't the Lounge have pin-up pics

The new album by The Killers kicks ass!

Is the internet slow for you tonight?

who would win in a fight?

who would win in a fight?

What the heck does "godspeed" mean?


Your favorite soup and sandwich combo?

Boot thread!

David Bowie's Heroes

So this is what 4,000 looks like

She who is snarky is full of malarky... (New Tenacious D Video, Anyone?)

When did you realize going off the meds was a bad idea?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/27/06)

LM and ThomCat's Synchronized Pouting thread.

Thomas Kinkade - anonymously

Anna Nicole's son died of a drug overdose.

Here to spread some cheer.

Dear Oneighty

So my doctor called: MARGARINE?? you want me to cook with MARGARINE???

Boob sweat thread!

I can't draw any more

Favorite Republican (seriously)

i want a new haircut...anyone have any suggestions?

Can someone write up a primer on using Bit Torrent technology

Testosterone makes you stupid

So what do you get for 4000?

Check your PM's!!!

I live 3,000 miles away, yet the Manhattan vs. Queens BS follows me...

So, if it were integral to the story line and done in good taste would you

How the fuck long do flies live?

So what are you making for supper tonight?

top 10 reasons men don't want sex

Happy birthday wishes to.......

Mmmmm....puffballs. Sauted in margaringe, olive oil.

I'd like to share a story about alarcojon.....

Just had to share this... :)

A little bit of news!

This is my 6062 post!!!

Is there a way to set the "old" lobby as default?

do some people look like they are from the suburbs

Screech (Dustin Diamond) sex tape???

Anyone know who the Geico Neanderthal guy is?

Sad Day Today.......

Rock Me Tonite! Comments?

Kissing threads takes the edge off the day...(lame copycat)

I'm Starting to Believe "The Rules" Are There for My Own Good

Dear Ed (oneighty):

Estrogen makes you Bat-Shit Crazy

Terrell Owens attempts suicide?

I need some long distance relationship advice.

What's your second favorite Onion headline?

Does anybody still use a Palm Pilot?


I give up.

Let's hope Barry Bonds retires...

Paging flvegan!!! Front and center!

Microcars aplenty!

So, if it were integral to the story line and done in good taste would you

Do you have a "twin" out there?

Who is/was your town's most notorious resident???

New Group proposal: Photoshop group

Free Hugs

Flowers for Oneighty

NJ, Philly DUers: I could really use your support this Friday night!!!

Have you ever had any luck with personal ads?

I'm churlish on bird zoos. They're going nowhere!

Ailments you don't hear much about any more:

what did your childhood neighborhood SMELL like?

How much of it all is MTV's fault?

Who are you in this life?

BBC Newsnight: Richard Dawkins interview

Since most Christians dislike Gays and Bush believes torture is A, OK.

Krugman on our Health system that via Ins Co's tries NOT to provide care

New York moves toward trans fat ban

Michio Kaku: Aviation Week: Solar beats nuclear for deep-space probes

First zero-gravity human surgery

Nature checking out a new niche?

TN Hate Amendment Campaign Yearning for Yard Signs

Australian PM Admits Meeting With Anti-Gay Extremist Sect

Fury Over Homophobic Speech By Former SA Deputy President

Spitzer, Faso Clash On Gay Marriage

Gay Family Want 3 Parents For Child

Gay students often bullied in Pa. schools

Breaking - Police report: T. Owens attempts suicide...

The Long, Strange Trip of Terrell Owens (good read)

My heart is hurting tonight

Is it over yet ?

Flowers for Oneighty.

Elizabeth Edwards trashes John Kerry.

I'm sorry - I'm mad at Kerry

Another thread about Kerry running - Another series of strong

So it is on for today. Detainee Rights bill up

Well, I think Kerry's going to run again. In honor of today's statement...

Withdrawing from Iraq one of only two options left says Andrew Sullivan

ONE piece of good news, anyway - wiretapping

Kerry, Feingold introduce resolution regarding voting machines

Some interesting news dug up on Lincoln Group

well, well, well, it seems Iran Contra is back.

Bill Clinton follows Kerry's lead, calls for more troops in Afghanista

France and Italy

Know Your BFEE Blog

FCC Strong Arming PBS 'Frontline' and a Ken Burns documentary

If Allen loves the Confederacy so much, why is he a US Senator?

Attorneys for Guantanamo Detainees could be detained as Enemy Combatants

AOL discovers George Bush's search history on his computer (funny)

Whom is the angrier politician? Who has the real temper?

(AUDIO) Interview with the Kucinich's on their visit to Lebanon

HuffPo: Elizabeth Holtzman Calls For bush's Impeachment

"Muslim jihadists increasing in number and geographic dispersion"

What is this "NIE" that's on everybody's minds suddenly?

Such a night....sweet confusion under the moonlight....

2,706 U.S. troops now dead in W's War of Choice

How racist is the South?

Bushies/GOP skill levels: They are skilled at violating the Constitution,

Declassifying NIE Shows It Shouldn't Have Been Classified At All

Bush to test body language at Karzai-Musharraf summit

Condi on steroids? Pictures don't lie

Negroponte has ordered a new Iraq estimate

The declassifed NIE report leaves out Afghanistan

That little weasel Chris Wallace is scheduled to be on IMUS this

This should be required reading at the White House

Clinic sued for being closed on Saturdays

Thank you rethugs.....US looks pathetic in World Economic Forum rankings

We came, we saw, we made enemies

washington journal time-joe wilson R-s.c,Peter Hoekstra,R-

Portrait of our Courageous Leader only half price now!

Margaret Spellings is * in a skirt.

State Department poll-Most iraqis want U.S. out...

Why did the media not make it headlines when bu$h was crazed?

What is your prediction of the election in November?

Hoekstra just said that he wouldn't say that the Dems did' have a plan for

"The innocent man at Guantanamo" & The Elimination of Habeas Corpus!!!

LOL -- Caption this photo of Bush**

A Hurricane Evacuation Tale

Two Sago Mine workers commit suicide

Is It Just A Dog And Pony Show?

Winning hearts and minds

Since the NIE warns against threats other than jihadists...

"INTEL REPORT : Iraq war not the only reason for the rise in terrorism."

Global Warming..... who gives a ------

chrissy wallASS Just On imus

"Gitmo From the Inside" An Innocent Man's Tale of Torture......

The various techniques of bad debating

Effort to delay ID rule fails

1st: Its NOT a war. 2nd: It can't be "Won"

How many are participating in Oct. 5th events?

Could prescott bush have done more to stop Hitler?

White House: another intel report on Iraq is being prepared, due Jan 2007

I say waterboard everyone

Abbas - "Bush exploded with anger"

"Unfamiliarity w/basic legal principles is remarkably common" Broken Bench

Does anyone have the Utube clip

"What makes torture states any better then terror states?"

Is Bin Laden dead or not? Was the October Surprise blown?

Just heard something pretty funny on NPR



"Saddam is gone; the war is over." Excellent, succinct LTTE.

Conyers:Keith Olbermann on "A Textbook Definition of Cowardice"

Was bush* selected to lead the republican's pResidental ticket

Latest Horsey Toon "W is stratergising"

My take on the "October Surprise"...

Another "unfortunate incident" in Iraq - 8 dead including pregnant woman.

TOON: Derfcity perfectly sums up Bush approach to terrorism

A strong majority of Iraqis want U.S. troops out, polls say

Talabani Threatens Turkey, Iran and Syria: Iraq can Make Trouble

GALLOP: Bush Blamed More Than Clinton for Failure to Capture Bin Laden

NYTimes on EMERGENCY PAPER BALLOT Legislation, FEINGOLD Joins Co-Sponsors!

Anyone here familar with John Locke?

USA United States of Ammunition

Anyone concerned about

The ExxonMobil PAC gives almost exclusively to Republicans...

Neocons sure do pick a lot of fights, don't they?

Does anyone know where Springer streams now? n/t

Taking girl for abortion could make you criminal

'Girls Gone Wild' CEO Pleads Guilty

Now THIS is a face you can put your trust in.

i could shoot myself

Bush says "leaker" trying to "confuse" voters ...

Are you or groups you support "hostile" toward the (current) US Govt.?

Tell me what you think my guy on the radio

suspicious package in court house in DC just now on cnn

LOL! The George Allen Insult Generator — You have to try this!!

Do you all truly understand what the ABC network is about?

Question re Reggie Bush

C-SPAN One Minute Speeches

Breaking: NFL star attempts suicide

"Nobody wants us out of Iraq more than President Bush."

Tokyo Rose has died.

How today's newspapers cover the NIE report release

OK, so there were threats and violence before the invasion of Iraq.

Egypt takes next steps to nuclear power programme

Governor's (arnie) lead widens in two polls

HOWTO: Troll Sniffing 101

To Every DUer Fighting The Good Fight of Truth...

I watched some crazy shrew on TV reminding us how Clinton had once before

FANTASTIC 1-min speeches in the House now on cspan (Dems).

Watching C-Span: Where are the Republicans ???

CSPAN 2 - Senate - Durbin kicks off detainee speeches. nt

I hate how they are spinning this...while attacks in iraq are on the rise

E&P/AP: U.S. Firm That Paid Iraq Newspapers for Coverage Gets New Deal

Rumsfeld: unclear when Iraq troops can replace U.S.

dupe/please delete

Durbin on CSpan2 re Military trials n/t

Boston Herald confused about Condi's gender

is it Google's birthday/anniversary?

I phoned both my Senators' offices and my Congressperson's office...

Leader Pelosi on House floor now railing against republican rhetoric-12:15

Anyone else watching the "compromise bill" debate in the House

In Demand! Tony Snow to Campaign for GOP Candidates

Iran seen borrowing nuclear strategy from Israel

Australian PM warms to Indian nukes

Holy Shit! Pelosi Absolutely On Fire On The Floor Of The House Right Now.

Heh-heh. Rs Are So Fuckin Stupid - Jihadists v Islamo Fascists

RollingStone "What a joke American journalism is..." LINK

CSPAN 3 - Tony Snow is up now

I have a confession to make...

Radical Fringe toon - wed. 9/27

No Bomb Found - Hearing reset for 1:30 EST (Fitz)

check out these covers of newsweek!

Who is more to blame, Clinton or Bush? Express it here:

a nation brain washed.

Google your tax dollars....

I'm glad my kids grew up before torture was considered cool.

Tony Snow is monologuing a stream of gibberish, my sense is that...

Simple question. How and when did Rove's "weak on terror" meme begin?

Gingrich : "I think the president did exactly the right thing,"

‘Values Voter Summit’ Features Attack on ‘Faggots’

Firm That Planted Propaganda Stories Gets New Pentagon Deal

A broken dehumanized military

Why hasn't the media shown the PDB ....

Kay Bailey Hutchinson wanted a timetable for withdrawal from Bosnia.

Bush has gotten out in front of the story!

Parents Politics and Thanksgiving Day's Dinner

When they say 'I go after dems and repubs both'...

A Guantanamo inmate asks....

(Video) Hunting for Taliban - Emmy for 'Continuing News Coverage'

Two hours of debate on HR6166 -The War Crimes and Torture Legalization Act

Saudis plan 560-mile fence across border with Iraq

%2c %82

Questions on the National Intelligence Estimate

This is what Bush has done to our country

Gas Prices dropping by 5 cents a day in No. Virginia

What the People lost by having a Republican congress !!!

Radio Clown Mark Levin Shows Disdain For Clintons, Truth

Bush's 'Comma': Courtesy of Gracie Allen?

Prediction: MSM Will Deep Six The Clinton Interview By The Weekend

New Bush Comic: I Didn't Do Nothing

Caption Tony Snow

***Snowjob on CSPAN-3***

CSPAN2: Senate debating Terrorist torture bill now

What is the story about Bush and the commas.

when they closed Abu Ghraib, here's where the prisoners went

Riverside County bans medical marijuana centers

Taliban stops fighting Pakistan after truce and focuses on our troops

Pressure on the middle class

Terri Irwin's interview with Bawbaw Walters tonight, ABC (ugh)

Gas consumption and supplies

(TOON) Somewhere in the bowels of the White House

A grim economic pointer for the US

So I'm wondering - why is torture all Sen. Obama's fault?

Arkansas paper: "when Clinton isn't displaying purple-faced hostility"

Does anyone know of a very good pediatric neurologist in Massachusetts

PDA: Another ACTION ALERT for Paper Ballot Bill!

October surprise, contact your Senators, Reps and Howard Dean

Rep Jane Harman speaking on C-SPAN

Depleted Uranium Blowing Around The Atmosphere In The UK

VIDEO: The World News Trust Daily Broadcast Report 09/27/06

Fitz and crew evacuate DC courthouse after suspicious package

After the Torture Bill Passes: The "Department of Information Retrieval"

Jack Cafferty's questions for today, immunity for Bush's war crimes?

How do we evolve legacy finance?

Disturbance in the House gallery!

Would it be fair to 'OUT' Matt Drudge?

Has anyone noticed an increase in Republican emails?

Okay, how do we post bail for the lady that just disrupted The House?

Spellings Ed Dept. says, "No" to more Pell grants.

Rep. Joe Wilson is a hysterical little coward, isn't he?

Anyone here pay 1040-ES taxes on 9/15/2006?

The Kooch is here!!!!! CSPAN1 RIGHT NOW

Babylon is Back?

Another distrubace in the House gally. ? 3rd one today?

Harman Blasts NIE Release Timeline as "Unacceptable"

BIG RATINGS for Olbermann's "Who distracted whom?!?" comment (9-25-06)

Dennis Kucinich is on fire on

Terri Irwin to give her first interview

Vile repuke attack ads.

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - GOP Style

Republicans Demand Immediate Troop Withdrawal!

Dennis K up now!

Lieberman slammed over HUGE flip-flop on Iraqi leadership

Pelosi: Congress is a rubber stamp for Bush

Protester interrupts torture debate

So 7-Eleven is dropping Citgo as their gas supplier eh?

Now that has got to hurt!

Clinton Defends Husband’s Tact, Adding That Democrats Should Take a Hint

You may be a progressive if...just what does it mean to be "progressive"?

Fantastic article on Bill Clinton in the New Yorker

Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe

White House refuses to release full NIE

What If OBL Had Said He Wanted To Gut Haebeus Corpus In The USA?

Kucinich Talking Impassioned Sense On The Torture Bill

Conyers on C-Span 1 NOW

Detainee Bill has mark of the beast in title: HR 6166 + link to bill text

Misleading Thread Title about Elizabeth Edwards' Comment in Time

How a Reviled Court System Has Outlasted Critics - Broken Bench (part 3)

Bolton tries to correlate Iraq war, with US response to Pearl Harbor

Poll: 71 % of Iraqis want us out....

What is Fair Trade?

It's Time For Major Papers (NY Times. etc) To Call For Impeachment

NEW Kerry and Feingold resolution - back up plan for Voting machines

Okay, what's been happening in the Senate today?

Nigeria to build nuclear power station

Calling DUer Elizabeth Edwards.. time to log in & talk about your book!!

Finally--the IMMUNITY clause is discussed on House floor. Protesters

BushCo Message to World "We Do What We Want, Torture, Kill, Whatever"

Just Curious...

What am I missing here?

My letter to my worthless Senators regarding 'torture'...

We're all Progressives now

"Jesus Camps" to be discussed NOW on ABC's (I KNOW!) GMA.

!! Bush Seeks Retroactive Immunity for Violating War Crimes Act !!

PHOTO: Bush and Saddam, together at last

Too poor to vote Republican

UGH! My home state (Minnesota) will get the GOP CONvention!

call your congress people - S. 3931 - outrageous

Now Bush wants to give Iran a "little time and space" - No sanctions

This day will be remembered as the day we abandoned morality...

Show on PBS last night



Minneapolis-St. Paul to get Repuke convention in 2008

Randi is going BALLISTIC!

So are we going to protest this torture b.s.?

What does it mean to you that all 300 million Americans owe $28,336?

The Male Dominant Paradigm

CSPAN2: anyone else watching Sen Leahy rail against the torture bill?

I don't know how Randi puts up with her wingnut callers.

rummy to infiltrate Iranian T.V. & media with "Tougher Message"

Scarborough Country to go inside Jesus Camp tonight - - just saw the

I see the pain, rage & fear in bush's eyes & I like it.

"I was a slave in Puglia"

What does today's potential DOW Record Close means to YOU?

Bush getting closer to Bin Laden

BIG BIG surprise SOON!

If you look closely you can see the little mushroom cloud ---pix--->>>

The Republican party is well down the road to bringing back Jim Crow.

what does it say on the legal pad - somebody get a magnifying glass

Torture: It's not about them. It's about us - it's about who we are

Reuters: U.S. looks to Iraq PM for lead on curbing militias

C SPAN Vote coming up. Currently discussion of detainee treatment

More LIES By BushCo....9/27 Edition....

When Was the Last Time Your Hometown Newspaper Mentioned Casualties?

I DO NOT boycott Fox News

Wingnut 9-11 talking points - our logjam

A hollow, crazed little man who finally earned something on his own.

55% high school students think first amendment goes too far...

All of you Elizabeth Edwards detractors watch Oprah today....

BIG NEWS: John Bolton Confirmation Battle Really, Really Dead

House voting NOW Military commissions.

Suicide attacks in Iraq at all time high: US military

Jerrold Nadler (D-NY): "This bill would make the President a dictator!"

Another Rightard on with Randi.

My letter to Sen. Mel Martinez (R) Florida re: torture legislation

Has anyone in Congress said that suspected terrorists should be..

Big Dawg "Two Thumbs UP" avatar, free to a good home

'Clinton bombed an asperin factory and a few empty tents in

Question: How does it work when your elected officials

This is all just beyond the pale. Does anyone think they're doing it

Votes on passage of HR6166 Torture bill is NOW

This a great week for liberal/progressive books

Misplaced pity

Meanwhile over on CNN: Weirdo Wolfie tries to single handedly

Just had a nice moment with the fix-it guy...

Withdrawal from Iraq one of only two options left says Andrew Sullivan

John F. Kennedy: Secret societies in a Democracy and freedom of the press

I think it's become obvious why Chimpy is trying to push all this thru..

Some new Bumper Stickers...

When did "Insurgents" become "terrorists"?

DU, what do you make of this?

Any stories of RW Leaders making appearances with armed entourages?

The US Military is rebelling against Bush

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for

More Americans blame Bush than Clinton for failure to capture Osama bin La

October Surprise is not possible...

John Warner is full of shit! (speaking now on Senate floor)

Bush "intends to observe the body language" between Karzai & Musharraf.

Who is this Charlie Cook idiot on MSNBC? How can

Katie Couric-Condi Rice interview

I am sick and tired of negative ads, and I'm NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!


House OKs Bill on Terrorism Detainees-Senate votes tomorrow

The Waving Chimp

2709 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

Bunker Buster video...I knew they were powerful, but...

Fat ass Charlie Cook saying the rethugs can hang on to congress...

I Am Against Torture

Peaceful Iraq war protests prompt 71 arrests

Cruella on Tweety

Rumsfeld Doesn't Want To Increase Army, Turns To Montenegro?

Missing since 9/11

You know I don't like folks like Hannity, O'Reilly, etc..but I would NEVER

Why Bush Will Nuke Iran


Clinton supporters at the set of Fox and Friends

Did you SEE the disparity in NEWSWEEK's covers???

why do we have to define "enemy combatants"??

What do you think will happen in 2008?

Kerry's Q&A with students leads the way for progressive Democrats

The Diebold threat in November: it ain't the vote stealing.

The president is a psycho, but, no one will believe me.

Got an anonymous "survey" call this afternoon. Caller ID said

Ed Gilispe is a twit

Same story--Two headlines

Gene Lyons: Clinton fights back

Republican Lindsay Graham speaking against habeas corpus...

blitzer was speechless . . .

The U.S. Vs. John Lennon

Situation Room....Wolf who cried Al Queda message


MUST see VIDEO of Utah Soldier >>>>>

They never intend to stand accountable...

Democrats still have a nuclear option: break the quorum.

Anyone know who the Geico Neanderthal guy is?

Best Bumper sticker EVER>>>and on a personal MILITARY VEHICLE

When does the law governing use of rape rooms come to a vote?

DU this poll on CNN re: voter ID bill

Poll... you know what to DU....Thanks in advance

If you were an Iraqi, would you fight the invaders?

I haven't logged in for 2 months. Fill me in por favor.

Just found that whole Taliban-$43 million story is complete bull:

Web Site Operator Charged With Obscenity

Lou DOBBS poll (already read on air)

The Lou Dobbs poll needs a lot of help today

How often, if at all, does coverage of HR6166 use the word "torture"?

Finger Envy: Fox "handout photo" of Clinton features "The Clinger!!"

ESPN denies silencing New Orleans's jeers for ex-president Bush

Since the NY Post thinks that recieving mail with threats & white powder

Democrats who hate Democracy and Republicans who still believe in Republic

You know how many reporters are actually going out

At the doctor’s office yesterday…

Pls. delete. Thanks. nt

The Cover Story That Newsweek Doesn't Want to Sell to America

DU this poll!!! Lou Dobbs

Are they laying grounds to declare Gitmo Attys as ENEMY COMBATANTS?

The Act's definitions of "lawful" and "unlawful" enemy combatants

Robert Kennedy, Jr. on Hardball talking about electronic ballots

Can ask a question? What good is a Democratic majority...

They are laughing at us...

What the F%^% is up with this CNN poll

Would it be illegal to send plainly marked packages of cake mix

Specter will not back down when it comes to Habeas Corpus

Children learn to become cannon fodder at 'Jesus camp'.

So Will KO Get His Full Hour Tonight


katherine cruella harris on Hardball right now! LOL!

Posted in LBN-Bolton Pushes Succession to Kofi Annan

CSPAN2: Obama speaking about terror detainees

What do you think Bush's nicknames will be for his dinner guest tonight

Obama talking about the Detainee Bill on C-Span2 now!

Wolf Blizter suggests "Bush,Karzi and Musharraf have a 3 way"

Filibuster on Torture?

Moonie owned Washington Times employee arrested--enticing a minor

So... Has Newsweek Explained Itself Yet (Re: Cover Issue) ???

fictional Stories of rape/murder of kids under 9 leads to charges

Police Stop Protest at Senate Building

Is anyone doing flowers for 180?

Washington Times employee arrested for enticing 13-year-old


Anyone watching Tweety Tearing Up Boner?

How far does your voice carry? Estimating DU's influence

Stand Up! Pictures of our peaceful protest!

"Yesterday.. the Devil came here.. Here!.. Riiiiight here! The Translator

Falling US gas prices boost Bush poll numbers

We ought to call the Republican loving born-agains Christians...

FOX News Chief: Clinton Hatred for Journalists is Showing

Dont forget to watch Olbermann tonight

Halliburton paid $4 million to politicians for 600% gain...

The childish Republican Pathology..."He did it FIRST!"

Sorry, no one's reading that resume you sent (Computers do weeding out)

Yes, Letters Filled with Mysterious Powder Are Hilariously Funny --->>>

For the first time ever, I'm watching "Oprah"

“I got the school district to go back to calling Christmas, Christmas,”

Play The George Allen Insult Generator Game...........LOL

Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah today discussing her new book!

Barak Obama just ROCKED on CSPAN!

"Until Congress passes this legislation, terrorists .. cannot be tried.."

September is the ***ANTHRAX ATTACK*** 5 Year Anniversary

MD-Senate Ben Cardin rally w/ Obama (pics/vid)

Urge your senators to WALK OUT!

The TRUTH about 7-Eleven/Citgo - decision made in 2005

Tired of the John/Elizabeth Edwards "We eat at Wendys" schtick

Civil Disobedience?

recommendation please: novel that is progressive without being blatant

To the Dems who voted for torture: SEND THEM THE WAY OF LIEBERMAN

Families fleeing Florida (high housing costs blamed)

Just heard Barbara Starr...say the defense dept. is going monitor the news

Sympathy for the President

How long before the military gets fed up with the bullshit?

Reuters: "We have first-hand experience of US soldiers shooting our staff"

Racism still exists..

NEW POLL: Iraqis want us gone YESTERDAY

The Time Is Now: A Vision For U.S. Renewable Energy

Media Matters takes John Stossel (of the no fact zone) down a peg

Okay, now the asswipes are messing with Keith Olbermann

Katherine Harris on Hardball. I wouldn't (blank) her with your (blank).

If they think Clinton was over the top angry....they should have.

Colorado Hostage Situation....OVER

We Liberals need to get a Uniform so we don't get tortured.

Lieberman Suggests Terrorists Were In Iraq Before U.S. Invasion

Check it out: Dems in the House who voted FOR torture bill

Could the next President wipe out Bush's items via executive order

Meds killed Anna Nicole Smith's son (methadone, Zoloft, Lexapro)

GOP= Safe???? DEMs = SAFE & SANE:::Bush outta CONTROL, IDEAS,

The detainee/torture bill will set the new international standard

RFK Jr better be careful. I am afraid it would be too easy to "fix"

Girls Abused in New York’s Juvenile Prisons

Kerry: "pretty much feeling" what you need to feel to run for President

Whoa, Talk About Blunt Honesty. Here's What Nigeria Thinks RE: Bush/Chavez

Back from AZ border patrol duty.

(VIDEO) Pelosi to Repukes: HOW DARE YOU?

Olbermann death threat powered letter made fun of by Murdoch’s NY Post

Republicans are subhuman

Randi Rhodes and Cindy Sheehan Chewing Up a Hapless Freeper!!

The NIE says that leftist internet users are a major threat

Another journalist targeted, Nafeez Ahmed's relative shot at Point Blank..

Drastic lowering of gas prices before election is a Conspiracy Theory.

this whole hostage-taking tragedy could have been avoided

Should torture be a litmus test?


OUCH! Great cartoon, re: the "commas."

Al Gore's Movie Has More Than One Message

Face it - most people just don't care

CSPAN2: Senate now voting on torture bills

Is the Pen (or keyboard) still Mightier than the Sword?

Boxer: Urge your Members of Congress to support my "Confidence in Voting

Clinton backed Repuke apologist's into a corner.

An Open Letter To Leader Pelosi: My condolences on the loss of your spine

The Young Turks and the sad sunset of AAR

My Pet Scapegoat

Ghost in the Machine - Article about Bruce Funk and hackable machines

Community Censorship Plagues the House of Islam

34 House so-called "Democrats" voted "aye" for torture.

Morford: Is bu$h Really The Devil? LOL!

Kerry, Feingold introduce resolution regarding voting machines

New game plan of the RepubliCONS...


Flowers for Oneighty.

Keys to Perception

Carnival of the Liberals Down Under

Torture is Un-American.

Freeper goes nuts, starts brawl in restaurant over same-sex marriage

Psychos Need a Little Sympathy

Due to Bush's war on terror - opium production increased 60% this year

most US pro golfers are neo cons - EU and Intl. golfers are pissed off

Are police K-9 units inherently a good idea?

i was watching CSPAN this morning

My "Adopted Soldier" In Iraq Was Killed. RIP Jennifer Hartman.

AMAZING global terrorism trend numbers the White House has hidden

Two Senators could beat back the torture bill

Unbelievable video just shown on ABC

Is Robert Kennedy sick?

I REJECT your premise! Underlying assumptions in the torture debate

Poll: Iraqis back attacks on U.S. troops


Why didn't we torture Tim McVeigh?

Have your family and friends begun to ...

An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge

The bushites protect bush from everything ..

Even with GOP Propaganda Blitz, Dems still retake House and Governor Posts

Hey Minneapolis: the 2008 GOP Convention is coming to your city.

Bush Admin.'s Latest Contract Give-away in Iraq Goes To...

Pirro (GOP candidate for NY AG) Investigated Over Plan to Tape Husband

Our own Pew Research poll on torture

Toons for midweek (dialup warning!)

Stephanie Miller mentions DU...

RFK Jr. on Hardball NOW! Emergency Paper Ballots, Wexler Goes to SCOTUS!

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training

Easy form to support Emergency Paper Ballot bill.

A 10-year old boy commmited suicide in our town this week

Senator Obama: Do you support, or are you against, torture?

1500 species proven gay.

Gallup: BUSH Blamed MORE Than Clinton for Failure To Capture Bin Laden!!!

Can we safely say that *'s illegal wiretapping & torturing doesn't work?

Time mag: Elizabeth Edwards hints at Kerrys' 'lifestyle problem' in Q&A

Amy Goodman reported this morning that democrats in congress...

In 2001, with Clinton's attack plans in hand, Bush paid the Taliban $43M!

BRING THIS TO A HALT! A Day of Mass Resistance: OCTOBER 5, 2006

AP: U.S., lawmakers in disaster aid stalemate

Five cars in five weeks for Sean Hannity "listeners"!

bush blocks release of yet another report (about hurricanes)

Guys - Please HELP Keith Olbermann debunk bush/contradicta's LIES!

Jim Wallis vs. Ralph Reed: A discussion actually worth your valuable time

Please post a Democrat's Iraq Plan -- MSM needs some help with research!!

Just contributed to the DNC.

DSCC- Michael Steele likes puppies, but he LOVES George Bush.


Political Notes from the Heartland (Robert Reich)

Why did W release the summary?

"A war against intelligence" by Robert Scheer (

Something big is coming re. George Allen!!

Cartoon: The Extreminator and Poll regarding Election Outcome

Kennedy up on Cspan 2, re Sen. Jeffords retirement.

Flash from the past: July 1996

Pat Buchanon on the Daily Show

Inhofe: Global-Warming Scientists, Media Tools of "Hysterical Left"

Chimpy, Musharraf, Karzai -- framed as A Middle-School Soap Opera??

'08 Presidential prospects campaign in Cali. for Angelides, raise funds

Hugo Chavez was wrong

House votes to gut Establishment Clause

Three things that would not have happened without "The Internets":

My Guy running Against Hastert on Radio what do you think

Photos: Botox, skin peels, Grecian Formula, and pure walking evil

Hillary rubs Condi's snout in "Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside US"

Inhofe: Global-Warming Scientists, Media Tools of "Hysterical Left"

Speaking of a one of the possible October 'surprises'...

The George Allen Insult Generator

Media Matters: Press downplays Iraq during campaign season. Again.

from John Rocker's "Speak English" campaign...

"Being a Christian is no excuse for being stupid."

ABC sure opened up a can of worms for the GOP.

CNN front page picture --- Is he drinking or not

Military DUers-need help figuring redeployments

the Ditto Twins opened their mouths and spewed fear

New Bush Comic: I Didn't Do Nothing

Interesting post I found on another forum.

Condi has been a known liar since 9-11. Why was she confirmed in 2005?

You knew it would happen just before an election.

wow..what just happened on the floor of the House?

A New Low for Republican tactic s

O'Reilly: "Tough but respectful" Chris Wallace "simply did his job"


URGENT ACTION: Support Boxer, Dodd's PAPER BALLOT Bill !

Taxpayer-funded Bush GOP campaign trips "only expected to increase"

Saudis plan to fence border with Iraq

Hope to be missin' Melissa? Look at the Altmire alternative !

Given that the Iraq war is "lost," what should America do?

"7-Eleven Dropping Venezuela-Backed Citgo"


Kerry Eyes Another Run

Counting Every Vote this November: An email from Barbara Boxer

Line of The Week (So Far) in Senate

Larry Johnson's on Thom Hartmann now!

Jim Webb...I don't want to jinx it...but...

Sorry already posted....please remove. My Bad :(


Feingold and Kerry Introduce Resolution Urging Backup Plans for Voting

Perky Katie lobs softballs at the "scary smart, girly, fun" Condi Rice

Bush won't be impeached...but Cheney should be forced to resign

The text on the screen on CSPAN during the House torture vote is telling

Shock the monkey!

Opinion: George W. Bush and the Fancy Theorists

E&P/AP: Ohio GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt accused of plagiarism

Here's the NYT 2006 election guide

Happy Birthday Confucius! September 28, 551BC

Freeper talking point: Clinton once admitted passing up OBL

Tx. Lawmaker Slandered Teen Sex Slave for Abramoff

Yesterday , bush and Hamid Karzai had a press conference..

Vlad the Impaler, Bush the Torturer...

Rick O'Donnell, a Colorado GOP aspirant for Congress was on Lou Dobbs.

(NY) Feds Probe Pirro on Eavesdropping Charge - AP

RepubliCONS are playing their games again...

Is it bigotry to despise

Cultivating Terrorism, Campaign for America's Future (Conserv. Failure #5)

Iraq war 'recruiting extremists' (UK Defense Report)

FOIA documents obtained by Judicial Watch on SPP (USA/Canada/Mexico)

terrorist websites

Bush** vs. Baxley

Allen tries to rally base with new campaign image -what a y'all think?

Tony Snow: Iraqis killing Iraqis, Americans, civilians: "apples & oranges"

U.S. Public Wants Health Care System Revamped

by capt. obvious

For Working Families, It’s Still the Economy, Stupid

Tweety is grilling Boener on Hardball!

Franken NAILS it with Freeper talking point: Haven't been attacked

need some help here--one of my resident trolls had this defense

Boner is an asswipe. This guy's better than Delay?

Would Republicans Purposely Throw the election? And who would it benefit?

OBAMA on C-SPAN 2 talking about the tribunal bill NOW

Could we actually win the Senate?

C-Span II Now! Specter defending Writ of Habeus Corpus...but is it for

The motivation as to why Bush wants all sorts of special

Why we NEED to vote early and encourage others to do the same.

Kweisi Mfume and Party Unity

Lou Dobbs poll on Voter ID-DU this poll.

Speaking out in September 2003.

Ford Pulls Even With Corker in Tennessee Senate Contest

34 Dems in the House voted for torture - including mine :( (Roll Call)

Congressman Murtha & VetPAC on C-Span now (approx 40 min)

It's over for Allen: NYT : he made racist comments about black Redskins

ABC News: Kerry "pretty much feeling" what it takes to run again


Would you support Kerry in the primaries?

Keith Olberman Death Threat treated as joke by NY Post's Paula Froelich

Anyone Going to the Rally in Johnstown PA this Saturday?

Rumsfeld Doesn't Want To Increase Size Of Army, Turns To Montenegro?

Could we possibly win the Senate but not the House?

We Are Screwing Up By Operating Just On The National Level,

NEw Best Bumper sticker. Saw it on a retired vets car

The Boy Scout Motto, Revisited,...

Mydd: The debate on the torture bill is NOT over! Take action!

Christian "Zionists" lobby for US attack on Iran (Evangelicals, End Times)

Where should the Democrats hold their 2008 Convention?

America is turning Blue!!! Map re Senate races/trends

Fox's Gibson: Clinton "showed his roughneck followers how to fight dirty"

It's election time: time to become the Democratic echo chamber!

Kathrine Harris up next on Hardball - Chris is in a mood tonight!

FOX News Chief Roger Ailes: Clinton Hatred for Journalists is Showing

Pelosi: "we have taken impeachment off the table."

NY Observer: Major Dem donors want Gore in 2008

'Dirty Tricks' Forum

This is how it starts

Shepard Smith