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Archives: September 28, 2006

Why Oil Prices Are Falling

On NPR this morning they asked if the president could effect the $ of gas?

Blumenthal: At war, in denial (* ignores 16 US intelligence agencies)

As 2 Bushes Try to Fix Schools, Tools Differ

Meet the Counterterrorism-Industrial Complex

G.I. Joe has been Punk'd (Mickey Z.)

MoD distances itself from terror report

Guardian:Iraq war was terrorism 'recruiting sergeant'


How much Money can you save replacing 4 regular light bulbs with CFLs?

Zero Point Energy Research (very interesting video)

Malaysia To Use Satellite Data To Fight Illegal Logging - AFP

Ottawa to miss softwood deadline: Sources

'Waffling' cost Martin job: PM

Giuliani defends Clinton on 9/11 efforts

Hostage in Colorado school shooting, dead

Iraq (NIE) intelligence report expected after November

Interior Dept. criticized over unpaid royalties (Billions from Oil & Gas)

What election chief calls mistake, NAACP calls discrimination (GA)

(New UN Report) Al Qaeda gains recruits from Iraq war - UN study

Rep. (Katherine) Harris omits ex-aide's role in housing program

Poll: Iraqis back attacks on U.S. troops

Key Democrats blast GOP for failure to rein in budget

AP: House Panel Reviews License OK'd by Ney

Former President Carter criticizes Bush at son's campaign stop

Girl dies after getting dental treatment

Icebreakers needed for Arctic, U.S. House told

NYT: New Hope for Democrats in Bid for Senate

Venezuela accepts U.S. apology for FM's detention

U.S. Says Zimbabwe Subject to Sanctions

(Moonie) Times employee arrested in sting (arranged meeting w/ 13 yr old)

Conflict diamonds may be entering the U.S.: GAO

U.S. general warns that Iraq is close to dissolving into civil war

US Congress to honour Dalai Lama

Iraq war 'has radicalised Muslims' (leaked UK MoD)

Oil Showdown on Sakhalin Island

Judge: Ashcroft doesn't have absolute immunity in lawsuit

Military Officials Add to U.S. Criticism of Iraq’s Government

Another Allen teammate recalls deer head incident

Some Lethal Injections May Have Been 'Excruciating’

Argentines rally for missing "Dirty War" witness

David Bowie's Chubby Little Loser

You've got to tell the people!!

Background TV: VH1's Protest Hour...

AWWW NOO! KO just said Screech pulls a dirty sanchez in a XXX vid!

OK Go on Treadmills...and Dancing in the Backyard...

so who left the gate open to the pinhead asylum?

Anybody hear Joe Scarborough honk like a goose when he

Who's up for a Banana Split?

Sept. 23-30 Banned Books Week: top 10 most challenged books from 2000-2005

Should I take the route with less traffic or the shortest distance?

Major Disney Exhibit in Paris.....interested? you won`t be disappointed

Okay, which one of you guys did it?


I'm getting very jealous of the naughty girls!

I'm making a CD

Men with a 5 o'clock shadow; or unshaven for a day

I'm thinking it's **bedtime**

Project Runway fans: new episode tonight

Project Runway: WHAT HAPPENED?

Happy Birthday to Google!

I want your reactions: What do you think this anecdote is a metaphor FOR?

It kind of sucks when most of your posts are ignored

Check your PMS!!!

Damn. I'm in conflict.

Why Procrastination is Bad- I outlined 117 pages of poli sci text today

When is the proper time to introduce your "friend" to your 17y/o

So are anchovies worth trying?

To all who responded about my MRI for back pain last Sunday -- thanks!

End of Days approaches: Dustin "Screech" Diamond's 40-minute sex tape

Hee, hee. Professor Vs. Cell Phone... (YouTube)

As the occasion of my 20,000th post arrives,

Crap, one of my best friends has to go in for an angiogram

Here are the Democrats to write nasty letters to for supporting torture

Did "Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift" ever hit the theaters? It's on DVD now,

Is it "supposed to" or "suppose to"? Which is correct?

I caught a toddler

Since all the ladies (and some of the guys) are drooling over flvegan...

When is the proper time to remove your profile from a match site?

Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme flavor cookies

I've lost my mind -- have any of y'all seen it?

Anyone see the movie Hard Candy?

First week of Ramadan, and just the thought of all those people fasting

Any "CHICAGO" fans here? Saw their Reunion tour here in NC...and

*sigh* I had my last date tonight...

I don't care what anyone says: I liked "The Lake House"

NEW pic picture thread...

Has anyone here ever given up a 'good' job to live a simpler life?

I'll be in Portland Me for the next two days starting Thursday

All my life I have been fascinated by men.........

top 10 reasons men do want sex

Green tea? Does it do all that is supposed to do?

So Tyler Florence is doing receipes for Applebees. Okay, Ty. Alright?

Got an embarassing photo of yourself?

My All American Cat

Gays With Guns

OK, I'm coming in here, because I need to get fucking drunk, but

I got Kerry mail!

Wow. What say you, Kerrycrats?

Today has been a friggin no-good piece of sh*t day

Diarist thanks Kerry for helping Lamont (in Kos Dead Letter Office)

I heard Senator Kerry was going to be on Paul Zahn tomorrow.

What time is the torture vote tomorrow?

Mysterious Florida Crab Migration Baffles Scientists... (pic)

Picture this - a page of photos - post torture authority and legality

AFA of Michigan - Strongest Taliban like group in the US?

Bush on defensive over intelligence report

Olbermann Ask Clarke Aide "What Did Bush Do Pre 9/11?"

Keith just called his show a "newscast"!!! That made my heart

Ha ha ha -- George Allen's Macaca Damage Control Pisses off his Base!

Bush's #1 buddy.. Rudy G. .. says blaming Clinton for 9/11 is "JUST WRONG"

Roger Ailes-THIS is what ANGRY looks like

Go DU this poll on the right: defend Willie

The United States Of Torture

VIDEOS - Tonights Olbermann


US whitewash of Sunni resistance - With the help of WaPo and NYT

Mini-gulags, hired guns and lobbyists

So, here's the plan Rice said didn't exist. It's in Richard Clarke's book.

CIA Interview: We Had bin Laden CORNERED-Washington REFUSED TO HELP

Has Anyone Ever Read any Gerald James McManus

Proving interrogations aren't torture Bush & Cabinet will be "waterboarded

Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show...

Well, what did everyone think of Keith's commentary...

Peter B Collins is freakin awesome


If Iran Is Attacked America will reach Critical Mass

The Muslim problem in America is not as large as the

They'll intimidate you, they'll attack your relatives, they'll kill you.


(TOON) Steve Bell on Bill Clinton's speech to the Labour Party Conference

Keith, I'm disappointed

The 16 year old from Colorado shotting

US Law Concerning War Crimes

It's sad that some people try to compare Bush to the Average Joe

This poll is being freeped

Flocks of locusts reported in Cancun, NO SHIT, maybe the fundies are right

China selling organs from prisoners

Even our Allies (Musharref) say we are less safe because of the Iraq war!

This is just plain clever.

Need opinions please - letter to my congresswoman who voted

VIDEOS - Tweety, Boner, Harris, Kennedy

I just saw vid of Bush and Musharif... Our President is a fucking Dolt


My sympathies go out to all of the Minnesota and Minneapolis DUer's

Patsy Madrid---UNBELIEVABLE!

KO is on and he is going to talk about his "anthrax" mailing

i`m speechless----just watch this campaign commercial

What do you make of this? Why are they bringing this

Great ad against Thelma Drake VA-02

Freeper on aisle 3--in case you wanna go poke him

Judge rejects Ashcroft's immunity claim

What Happened to Olberman?

Someone has to ask the politically incorrect thing regarding Jesus Camp...

Pile up at DU, film at 11:

Bob Kohn just said he didn't understand why young people need to vote Check this out.

"Daily Show Democracy".... Scarborough Country Crawler!

All my heroes are government employees

Where can I get a chickenhawk costume?

RW Rage Meter

Saddam "trial": Six judges so far and counting

Jeanne Pirro. Almost enough to make Katherine Harris look sane.

OMG You guys are going to love this! All OLilly, Novakula and Ollie Ollie

KO's Addressing the NYP's comments NOW!

Scarborough finds the line "The dry wit of a young Ron Jeremy" hysterical.

The unelected President of foreign policy (McDermott Smacks em down 2005)

Boehners lasting more than four minutes will make Republicans look stupid,

New UN Report Echoes NIE! Says Iraq Occupation Has Caused More Terror

40 trillion dollars in oil reserves = military draft on the way

Warning Pix! To College Repugs, RNC people, Rove-bots, and others .....

Soldiers Returning From Iraq may have Q. Fever

Hobson's Choice on CNN Poll.

If we win the House and Senate in 2006, and the WH in 2008 ..

Kinda Sssssssssleazy (pic)

"Why Oil Prices Are Falling"

What will happen here at DU if the Dems take

Clinton on Fox

"I don't believe in If Anymore"

58, 148 dead in Vietnam. 304, 000 wounded. Time to remember.

Republican 2008 convention in Minneapolis? How about Dems in New Orleans?

Media predictably ignoring the torture bill

McDermott explains WHY we are in Iraq and what went wrong - great read!

Trying to remain sane in a country gone mad.

How to research a political candidate's background?

Today has been a no-good friggin piece of sh* t day

Bin Laden is alive and hiding in Afghanistan, insists Musharraf

DU'ers are so much like white blood cells rushing to the point of

For Kazakh Leader’s Visit, U.S. Seeks Balance

This is how easy it is to be busted...

The Military Commissions Act (torture bill) Threatens Judicial Independenc

Varying thoughts on the demise of a successful worker's co-op

Al Franken jumped the shark when he was twelve...

Bill Parcells quote today "I need to find out what the hell is going on."

NYT 8 minutes ago...Dems may take the senate!

"Democrats complained..." We're all a bunch of RW meme

This Is General Discussion

They bomb abortion clinics, federal buildings, and fake anthrax attacks,

Did the Dems preempt Puke strategy and give us a September Surprize?

NYT editorial: GOP destroys our democracy; Democrats avoid attack ads

Jesus Camp: Republican operatives in training?

One more Bumper Sticker tonight in honor of Big Dawg...

Major makeover possible at MSNBC

Iowa 1st District debate is on CSPAN2 now, if anyone's interested

Are you watching the Halliburton whistle blower on ABC now?

Came across great pic of the Clintons in Ghana - up close with

Stephen Colbert's new ABC film "The Path to...(spoiler)

Why do Baghdad Iraqi's hate their freedoms???

Are you watching the Halliburton whistle blower on ABC now?

Who do you trust more: Musharraf or Karzai (Afghanistan)?

Giuliani: Blaming Clinton For 9/11 "Is Just Wrong"...

What is going on? I've been around the web at many news and political

Repub attack ad says dem funded vietnamese prostitutes, masturbation study

Girl dies after getting dental treatment

Jesus Camp is Anti-Semitic

HeadOn Radio Mike Malloy Wednesday Night, Best of

Stupid Swedish People.

We should all be afraid of our government.

Ailes: "The Assault On Chris Wallace Is An Assault On All Journalists"

Call it intuition, but I can always tell when certain DUers are drinking

Holy shit, Nightline is running the Haliburton truck attack video

Please watch this. The Best War Ever

A big thank you to George Bush

Something I find a little upsetting and VERY disturbing


Couple's Tax Bill Jumps To $17,000

Crooks And Liars Video: "John Stossel Goes After Media Matters And Fails"

Frist on a String

So... we should leave "Under God " in the pledge and

Whatever happened to the "Militia Movement" that was so big

TDS w/Jon Stewart, Al Franken on tonight. Lowell Bergman,

You Are Running for Office. What Would Your Opponent's Negative Ad Say...

Todd T=hart political add. using 9/11

BWHAHAHAHAHA! "My balls are on Wolf Blitzer's head!"

Should white males be allowed to vote?

Are you willing to die to save your country?

Break this info down succinctly: KEITH OLBERMANN RECEIVED A DEATH THREAT

Al Franken's as entertaining as...

A cartoon just slightly ahead of it's time - Rushing Off A Cliff

If I thought it would work, I might forswear marriage equality

Where can I get a chickenhawk costume?

Health Insurance premiums continue to soar...


5th anniversary of anthrax attack on CSPAN3 shortly

A short message for the Senate Democrats:

C'mon We Haven't Lost A War, We've WON A Police State

We Are Now A Nation That Sanctions Torture.

This Is Not Acceptable!! Marines vs. Al Qaeda in Ramadi

VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT: Olbermann Look At Bush First Months Leading Up To 9/11

The FIRST TIME a news show REPORTED the detailed timeline and actions of

While this America settles in the mould of its vulgarity,

Are Bush and the GOP the cause or a symptom of our problems?

"Tougher enforcement of gun laws" would have saved student's life

Military Commissions Act of 2006: I'm speechless

Let's Recap

All The President's Lies - Olbermann video

Wolfowitz to Clarke (4/2001): "We don't have to deal with al Qaeda."

The Brain Stem is an Amazing Thing

Torture is NOT the main thing that bothers me

Test Your Civics here (do you do better than average ?)

The Senate is in play; NYT via that freaky guy who drudges shit up.


Joe Scarborough: Why do I like this guy (sometimes)?

When is "abuse of power/abuse of authority" not abuse?

Reagan asked Gorbachev to tear down the wall. Bush is building it back.

How mad are you at the Dems over this torture bill?

The Progressive bus has left the station

"TSA: calling Kip Hawley an idiot is not allowed"

Good time to repost this: "They Thought They Were Free"

Color me surprised. Blood diamonds making their way into the

A little reefer's good, a nice wine...

A question on the Bohemian Grove, Gergen, and Clinton....

The torture and kangaroo courts bill is a litmus test

Well before primary fighting begins for 08, one thing we all can agree on

Do you ever use the spell check that DU provides?

I had a slight meltdown in my doctor's office today

Anyone who sanctions torture should be removed from office?

The Torture Bill Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and CAN NOT STAND if challenged

I Seem To Always Be One Thought Away From a Tear

Yippee, Mn to get puke convention

7/11 giving up Citgo for political principle.....

Democrats claim momentum in Senate race.

The Senate is supposed to be easy to throw a monkey wrench. Dems?

This Jon Tester is pretty good (Montana)

I just saw an ad on teevee for ...... the NSA!

I registered to vote today

Notes from the ground in the Lamont/Lieberman race

Reminder: We need to vote Democratic in '06 regardless of party views!

What type of person makes you the angriest?

Iraq death toll at more than 100 per day

"Democrats Cite New Hope in Bid to Retake Senate" (NYT 09/28/06)

NYT editorial: Rushing Off a Cliff (on torture)

Big slice 'o' Karma from Reuters: "In a second blow to the president..."

A Forfeited Battleground District (Ohio 6th )

Poll: 6 in 10 freedom-lovin' Iraqis approve of attacks on U.S. troops

Can we get Hotel reservations NOW in the Twin Cities for the Repuke Conv?

Pass this YouTube along RoSCUM er uh Roskam gets the Olbermann treatment

That Son Of A Bitch - Rant

Tax Breaks May Not Get Extended

What would happen if a high-profile Senator got arrested on the floor

Toon: Clinton failed to get Osama

Republican AG candidate cries foul

Most Iraqis Favor Immediate U.S. Pullout, Polls Show

Keith is the only true journalist on TV. He explains, he reviews and he

Musgrave: Gay Marriage ‘Is The Most Important Issue That We Face Today’

Raid in Iraq kills 8; relatives deny terror ties

I have just got to say I am sick and tired of the Dems eating their own.

I'd like actually like to see more Dems go on FAUX News and start

Some Tactics For Debating the (Allegedly) Modern Right.

Tell me ONE candidate who might run in 2008 who can't be swiftboated

Blue Dog Democracts- and their vote on torture today...not good..

Has Anyone Seen This Tactic Before?

Harold Ford Jr voted for the torture bill?????????

A Soul Defying, Tacit Approval Of Torture: How Did We Come To This?

"This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like" from The Nation

Vanden Heuvel: Suppressing the vote


Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (1215 - 2006)

Pa. (Republican) congressman's affair threatens seat

One Man's Journey from Dittohead to Democrat

U.S. homework outsourced as "e-tutoring" grows

Why Tony Blair has to go

Joe Conason (Truthdig): GOP Can’t Handle the 9/11 Truth (Clinton on Fox)

Cost of Iraq war nearly $2b a week (Boston Globe)

Opinions on "Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins?

Human Hell and the Demons of War (Manuel Valenzuela)

WP: Warming Trend Is Hatching a Business

Let's bolster this subterranean shift in US foreign policy while we can

AP: Oregon Woman Faces Army AWOL Charges

Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe

Hailed by poor, Brazil's Lula riding high

Bush wins the trifecta...

Greenland Still Losing Ice Mass Through 4/06, Melt Rate Accelerating

China's Rich Provide Market For Tiger Skins, Drive Rush To Extinction

Growing Ocean Acidity May Mean End For Great Barrier Reef In 20 Years

James Hansen - "One Degree And We're Done For" - New Scientist

CNN Fact Checks Inhofe’s Diatribe Against Global Warming Science

NSIDC - 9/27 - Still Too Early To Say If Arctic Sea Ice Has Hit Minimum

Fall Storms Likely Needed To Break Up Oregon Coastal Dead Zone - ENN

UK Environment Minister Warns "Flat-Earthers" On Climate- Glascow Herald

UC Boulder - Stratosphere Winds Far More Destructive To Ozone Than Thought

CA State Appeals Court - LA Must Restore 62 Miles Of Owens River - LAT

10 Gigawatts of wind power (AWEA)

Green Energy Ohio

Ohio's Largest Solar Array at Oberlin College

well, duhh! "leftovers" of ethanol and their value

I have the flu...need help. It truly hurts to type.

Two design tweaks for boosting nuclear reactor efficiency

Tropical Depression Nine.

Methane levels to rise again after slowdown (Guardian)

Campaigners attack Shell's charity arm over Sakhalin talks (Guardian)

AP: Olmert: Israel will never give up right to defend itself

AP: Iran Rejects Demands to Halt Enrichment

Lebanon: UNIFIL tanks block IDF force

Weekly Report: 14 - 20 September 2006

Israeli Group Calls Power Plant Attack a 'War Crime'...

Question?? What was the name of the female activist klled by a bulldozer

JTA: House resolution calls for Lebanon force

Egypt to Hamas: Free IDF soldier, join unity gov't

ynet: Nablus: IDF uncovers 10 kg explosive belt

Apparently Sgt. Lauro "LJ" Chavez has been fired . . .

Half the FBI think it was a conspiracy

What brought the WTC Towers Down? FOOLS

Rolling Stone Slams 9-11 Truth Movement

Friend sent me this video--even more extensive than "Loose Change"

TruthIsAll posts on Bradblog!!

Ok, Statisticians, here's a question for ya'll

Colorado Litigation Update September 28, 2006

Electronic Voting Under Scrutiny

Columbia Journ Review: The Press & The Lessons of Ohio


CP: U.S. should patrol Arctic, scientists say

CanWest: Harper silent as Pakistan PM dismisses Canadian casualties

Memo shows Tories fear Ignatieff most

Jeanine Pirro Under Criminal Investigation

WP: American Commanders Question Political Will Of Iraqi Prime Minister

Bush aides back Iraq report move

Hailed by poor, Brazil's Lula riding high

(New Jersey Senate Candidate) Menendez Plays to His Base, in South Florida

3 NATO soldiers injured in western Afghanistan

AP: Oregon Woman Faces Army AWOL Charges

Musharraf defends his spy service

Germany wants strategy shift in Afghanistan

Bush up, Dems still favored in November: Reuters poll

Bush seeks truce in leaders' spat (BBC)

WP: U.S. to Gauge Iraqi Support for Operations (Bad News #2)

Reuters: Samoa quake generated tsunami, warning center says

Cleric Said to Lose Reins of Parts of Iraqi Militia

Report: U.S. hospital emergency rooms overcrowded

Iraqis Back Attacks on U.S. Troops

Cleric Is Said to Lose Reins Over Part of Iraqi Militia

New Hope for Democrats in Bid for Senate

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq...(folks, this is life Iraq)

Bush presses Senate on anti-terror bill

Quarter million Iraqis flee sectarian violence

MSNBC just did a report on our "Do Nothing" no mention of Paper ballots

Iraq Qaeda seeks Western hostages to free cleric

Al-Qaida in Iraq: 4,000 insurgents dead

KBR = Kryptonite for Bush and Rove


Bronx Nonprofit Probed For Air America Loan Returns City Cash

Reuters: 2.6 billion people lack basic sanitation: U.N. report

Menendez dumps a close adviser caught on tape seeking 'favors'

Fastow's 6 years has a few experts scratching heads

U.S. troops see rise in Afghan attacks (3x more since Pakistan truce)

High-tech passports to debut at SFO

PM Traffic Near LAX To Be Snarled By March

Pakistani Intel Accused of al-Qaida Help

Abramoff Seeks Delay in Prison Term

China claims fusion reactor test a success

Iraq Kurd PM slams government attempts to 'sabotage' oil deals

Quarter million Iraqis flee sectarian violence

Attacks cost Iraq oil exports $16B

Iraq war was terrorism 'recruiting sergeant' (new leaked MoD report)

U.S. homework outsourced as "e-tutoring" grows

US judge backs Halliburton on Iraq overtime claim

WP: Heralded Iraq Police Academy a 'Disaster' (Bad News #1)

Violence returns to 'secure' Baghdad neighborhoods

NYT: Scientists Form Group to Support Science-Friendly Candidates

Iraq Terror Leader Calls on Scientists to Join Jihad

Experts predict lower winter gas costs

Pa. (Republican) congressman's affair threatens seat

WP: Bill Clinton's 60th Birthday Benefit Blowout

"This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like" from The Nation

Ranks of absentee voters swell (OH)

NATO agrees new Afghan expansion despite insurgency

White House rejects speeding new Iraq report

Latest Allen story...Won't say how many minorities in his office

Bush: Democrats 'cut-and-run' obstructionists

Al-Qaida in Iraq leader urges 'holy war'

AWEA Statement on DOD Study (Wind turbines vs military radar)

1918 Flu Virus's Secrets Revealed

Take UK troops out of Iraq, senior military told ministers

NYT/AP: Senate Passes Detainee Bill Sought by Bush

Lawmakers compare HP to Watergate, Enron

(Fox News Poll) More Voters Blame Bush For Failure to Catch Bin Laden

Feingold hints at 2008 presidential candidacy

CNN: Suspicious powdery substance found in Senator John Cornyn's office

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 28

GDP for 2nd quarter revised down

Judge rejects Ohio's abortion pill law

Feingold: I'm not a pacifist on Iraq war

BBC: Organ Sales "Thriving" in China

"Davis Plans to Flunk Education System" (Florida FCAT)

Mistakes made in Iraq, says Straw

Most uninsured children's parents work

40 tortured bodies found in Baghdad

Eugene soldier who refused to go to Iraq is charged

(Musharraf:) Bin Laden 'alive and in Afghanistan'

Group Accuses Allen of Spurning Heritage (LOL the SCV turns on him)

Amnesty slams terror suspect abuse

Five killed in Iraq air strike -police, medics (woman and two children)

(Richard) Land: Majority of Baptists support Bush

Reid's office: NO filibuster.

US war costs since September 11 exceed $500bn

Rivals divided on Social Security (Ben Nelson vs Pete Ricketts Ne)

Colorado gunman sexually assaulted hostages at school: sheriff

FBI Agent Says Bureau Failed Her After Illness (on duty at Gitmo)

CNN Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say Iraq in civil war

Bob Woodward: Bush Misleads On Iraq

GM exec: We need more new Hummers

2 priests at Delray, FL church accused of misappropriating $8.6 million

WH Says No Change on Carbon Strategy: No limits on greenhouse gas

CNN: Rumsfeld: No one anticipated insurgency's strength

S. 3930 passes 65-34

3 Fla. Schools Locked Down; 2 Deputies Shot

Albright criticizes Bush foreign policy in Middle East

US far behind in Iraq rebuild

Court: Dad can teach kid about polygamy

WP: VA Democratic Senatorial Candidate Webb Denies Using Word as Epithet

Poll shows Lieberman with ten-point lead over Lamont

Typhoon Xangsane pounds Philippine capital

Initial unemployment claims at 316,000/GDP revised down to 2.6% for 2nd qt

Bush: Dems Have Become Obstructionists

(Karen) Hughes: Fixing U.S. image may take years ("maybe decades")

Sixteen-Year-Old Capitol Hill Page Concerned About E-mail Exchange

Louisville Paper Gets Disc With 232 Photos of Nude National Guard Women

House approves Iran Freedom Support Act

Conference Board Help-Wanted Advertising Index Dipped One Point in August

Iraq Qaeda calls for biological warfare against US

I'm thinking it's Verve tonight

Please help me figure out this song in my head!!

How do you feel about posting your picture in the lounge?

Update on my partner's Mom

I don't hear about the Jet Set anymore or Rich Greek Shipping

Him: "I'm pushing 40." Her: "I don't think 40's pushing back very hard."

What is he referring to here and if you can name the song...cookie

Damn, I drank good coffee till until 9 tonight.

Chevy Chase to play thinly-veiled drunken Mel Gibson on "Law & Order"

RC Airplane + VR Goggles + Movable Mini-Cam = Coolest Toy Ever

Is that REALLY snow in Ashland WI on the doppler radar this AM?

Congratulations ComerPerro!! 20,000 posts

Crazy Brits pimp out a Lada...

Here's my response to the RW crowing about a new record for the Dow

(YouTube) Neo-Nazis attack anti-fascist rally, police give Nazis tha smack

A bird, some clouds,a flower,a girl ,and a butterfly

The guy sitting in the cubicle behind me has made a habit of whistling.

No wait, I'M the father of Anna Nichole's new baby.

Where is everybody?

Babawa Waltews is twuly diwspicabwel

Did you ever get to work, go to

What did I break Tuesday night?

So i'm supposed to be researching right now....

South Pacific starting on TCM.

Connor Oberst is the best lyricist currently on the airwaves

Nice quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about what maturity is:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/28/06)

I'm Starting to Believe "The Rutles" Are There for My Own Good

Demystifying Gynecomastia

i watched "the wedding crashers"

All my life I've been vaccinated by women . . .

Passed Santorum's campaign bus on the highway yesterday

So I decided to turn off adblock only to be met by this ad....

Anyone here ever have a "Big Brother or Sister"?

Halliburton is now offering introductory rates on Torture Insurance.

The George Allen Insult Generator

I had a cramp this morning in my left lower leg

I give in.

we have a live one

Hey, Grandpa. Why couldn't you have left us some money?

I am feeling a bit under the weather and starving - what should I eat

Kids from my elementary school alma mater are the city chess champs

Put G W Bush where the sun don't shine!

Need some advice on stray kittens!. Help!

Please DU this poll!! Your future depends on it!

Ever been rubbed the wrong way?

Chuch Members Pay Tithings With Credit Cards Thanks To "ATM For JESUS"

Breaking: "Smack" thread buries "Hugs" thread.

Dallas police lose "bait" car...

Filled up my tank for $29 - haven't done that in a long, long time.

*sigh* Am I the only person who continually misreads the word "prom"

New New Have you ever dreamt to have a very hard penis during all process?

Stupid question re: work from home, data entry stuff

Ever heard the expression "crimenately"?

ThomCat, LeftyMom and me, ginbarn

Has anybody seen that Jackass 2 movie?

How do we avoid the mid-century killer hemorrhoid?

Ptah does youtube.

Van der Graaf Generator reform AGAIN

Flvegan! This means war!

Snakes on a Plane

Two weeks ago..............

Why, Why, Why!?!

Thanks to y'all who helped out...

this is my 800th post!

Do you like to eat?

hehehe found this on whatever that Yahoo questions thing is.

My neighbour is flirting with his girl again.

My new sig image:

My neighbour is fighting with his girl again.

Check out this funny Fred Phelps video. Who's Fred Phelps?

Do you kiss your dog or cat on the lips?

Tell-tale signs your day's gonna SUCK!

My neighbor is frightening his girl again.

My neighbor is frying on his grill again.

Not-safe-for-work Bush joke

My neighbor is spying on his thrill again.

My neighbor is crying over frills again

Oneightys service is Sat at one pm

My neighbor is depilating his girl again.

I'm just posting so you all can see a picture of our next president!

I need a beak, I'm out for a few days

My neighbor can't buy a thrill again.

NO DU'ers what are they filming at the corner of Bourbon & St Peter ?

billyskank appreciation thread

OMG! There's a giant biography of Robert Wilson that just came out!

would it be rude if I whined?

Tips for HYPNO and his HETERO COOTIES!!!

Inconsiderate customer of the week

How do we avoid the mid-century killer asteroid?

Runny nose, sore throat, coughing and headaches...

Funny state rep candidate story

It's time to send Mrs. Grumpy to re-education camp.

Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now I have the cootie shot.

My neighbor is igniting his girl again.

post a still from YOUR hollywood sex tape...(PG-13 ONLY)

Is it just me or is DU incredibly sluggish right now??

Dodgers 19, Rockies 11

This week's Human Sexuality thread will have no homework

A question about my possible going to the UK this summer.

What's on your TiVo season pass list?

Congratulations TayTay!! 15,000 posts

So, I had a crying child in a restaurant

Wang Chung!

It appears the whole Lounge has cooties!!

WTF? Why is the dining room decorated for Thanksgiving?

Reese's PB Cup size thread


Victim's Name Tattooed On Child Killer's Forehead

beware of GD, they are going into insanity mode over the torture vote

Have you ever encountered the worst movie going person ever?

Helpful hints ...

Microsoft freaking sucks...

Sooo, Played Golf Today And Shot An 86 - but THAT isn't the whole story!

Finally calmed myself down, 6 cop cars and ambulance by the school

WannaBeGrumpy...Should she be Grounded for goofing off on DU...

What's the worst movie you saw in a theater?

Hugs for HARUKA and her GAY COOTIES!!!

Albino cocketiel?

Why does an ATM belonging to an American bank in the heart of Chicago...

Check in if you have been/or are in Ohio. Come on, admit it.

Post only the punch line of your favorite joke.

Hey, all you Clay Aiken fans!

Advice: Never date someone you met in court or doing community service

Dear California:

Who could use a laugh right now?

If your water bill is high and you have a cat

So why doesn't life begin at conception?

so you wanted a Squonkfest, eh?

I love Project Runway **spoilers**

How long can a "what's the worst film ever" thread go

Facing My Fear By Going Out to Volunteer

Anybody seen ForrestGump lately?

Loungers, have you called your senators yet re. the torture legislation?

Guess what?

Do you like dreadlocks?

I could use something warm between my legs right now...

Is Demopedia gone? How do you get to it? n/t

Best perk of staying home from work sick:

Here's mine

Today in music history 9-28

And the YouTube monster lives on...


My neighbor is enlightening his girl again.

32 days till....

Why, oh why! Did I think it was a good idea to buy Reese's PB cups?

Here (Warning: Graphic!)

My first school changed it's mascot....I feel...disgusted

So I went to work at 2 this morning and I haven't slept yet

The first elementary school you attended? If you can remember that is.

ATTN: October/November babies

Name a celebrity you like who's supposed to be a jerk in private?

Whatcha readin' lately?

Top 20 cartoon characters of all time

Letter to a Christian Nation . . . by Sam Harris . . .

Local Doctor Uses Snail Venom To Stop Pain (OH)

Mars Rover Reaches Rim of Deep Crater

Scientists Discover New Ring and Other Features at Saturn (JPL/SSI)

What an Opportunity! Mars rover reaches new milestone (CNN)

Surprise: Money makes people happier

Scientists Form Group to Support Science-Friendly Candidates

The Different Dragon, By Jennifer Bryan

Ga. appeals court sides with lesbian mom

What is THIS . . . ?

Volunteer Needed for October Prayer and Light Thread

Why I Use The Handle "Divine Order"

an idea that didn't make much of splash in GD

Pray for Me-Swollen Feet

Just got home from my ho'oponopono training

Enough with the 'Bash other Dems' stuff. The enemy is the Rethugs

Crap crap crap and more crap on RawStory

Bill being voted on now.

Excuse me, what did Republicans vote against today?

Well, I'm depressed

CSPAN2, Reid just said Clinton and Kerry are each

Quick info needed

Kerry Opposes Senate's Failure on Torture Compromise

John Kerry: ‘This Bill Permits Torture’

Please rec DailyKos diary about Kerry and IT

Sen. Kerry should be speaking soon (I think)

Help!! Does anyone have any quotes of Allen insulting Kerry?

Rushing Off a Cliff - editorial in today's NY Times - A MUST READ

A few interesting bills that Kerry sponsored and co-sponsored this week


Stupid MSM Question: "How Can President bush..."

School shooting today in Colorado, minimal on DU, did you know?

Apparently Sgt. Lauro "LJ" Chavez has been fired . . .

After years of bluster about what the gop would do better if "the adults"

Are you willing to live to save your country?

You ain't see nothing yet

Should white males be allowed?

"We're talking Waterloo stuff here."

we need Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to speak out . . .

2,709 U.S. Troops dead in W's war of choice

Freepers have flooded youtube with anti Olbermann videos

It HAD to be a freeper meltdown

My kids are liberal Democrats.

Investigators Deem 22-Year-Old Army Ranger's Death 'Suspicious'

Human Hell and the Demons of War (Manuel Valenzuela)

Olbermann's video is online: "Leading Up to 9/11", from the 9/27 show

Sen. Allen really needs therapy. It's the humane thing. Think about it..


77 tortured corpses found in Baghdad this week. We're makin' progress

New York Times: filibuster

My T-Shirt Idea

Aussie Journalist confronts Fred Phelps

Walk-On Not To Be Forgotten - 28 Sep 06

American troops killed eight people — four of them women

So....some dems are OK with returning to 12th century style "justice"?

A heartfelt thank you to the admins for keeping the "Old Lobby" option

Does the terrorism bill have to go to conference>

40 TORTURED bodies found in Baghdad

Caribbean will not ditch Venezuela

Quick Question: Holt bill H.R. 6187

You gotta see the cartoon in this morning's Stock Market Watch

I Am Against Torture - 28 Sep 06

Electronic Voting onWJ now

NYT to Condi: We've "Kept Some of Your Secrets"

More repug family values - Moonie Times employee arrested ...

Is Lee Hamilton the perfect VP choice?

Karl Rove Promises October Surprise

Confidence in Iraq Policies Drops to 20% in U.S. -& 59% Say It's Civil War

Harmon on CNN now

One day a year with NO advertizing at all

Fourpeaked Volcano Activity Notifications - ALASKA

Cheney; "help is on the way"

Let's face it, we're through the looking glass now.

Is Olbermann going to get the Michael Moore treatment

So long, America...we hardly knew ya.

Democratic eye candy....

Look in the God Damned Mirror NOW.

We Can Retire The "Torture Taxis" Now And Torture Right Here in The USA!!

Bush and Cheney are both on the Hill today meeting only with

the Richard Jewel factor

Torture - others have said it better, others abandoned their own words

LTTE writer abducted from home (apparently) over letter.

"Iraq is free of rape rooms and torture chambers."—bush, 2003

blivet** -- I know who it refers to.

Watching Frist on MSGOP reminds me of someone

Bush to 'visit' GOP Senators before today's torture vote (pep rally!)

The death squads that Bush had Negroponte set up in Iraq and elsewhere

John Conyers fundraiser -- includes Tiger playoff game tickets

Why do we support the Loyal No Position Party?

Iraqi Police Academy Is A "DISASTER" (Washington Post)

"It was, after all, not only a most unconservative war"

Question?? What was the name of the female activist klled by a bulldozer

So..we can be detained indefinitely, and torture is A-Ok. AND

El Diablo on MSNBC

"Is The U.S. A Rogue State?" Duh!

House Passes Bill Limiting Lawsuits Over Freedom Of Religion

I Pledge Allegiance To The Corporations...

how many days has it been?

Cost of Iraq War Nearly - $2 BILLION - A Week

US Military Tribunals, circa 2006

If this torture bill passes, the response to anti-choice fundies will be

No Filibuster on torture? There are other options!

Georgie, Georgie, give me your answer true.

CNN trashing James Inhofe over his global warming stance.

If I don't make it there with you, Avenge me.


What is equal in trade to freedom and the rule of law?

UK Leak >> BBC reports on MoD doc re: Iraq/Afghan war, Pakistan...

Harry Reid on CSpan 2 n/t

GOP Calling All Prostitutes For The 2008 Family Values Convention

CALL REID'S OFFICE 1-202-224-3542 They are being flooded with calls

The racist platform that is the GOP

"SWIFT Anti-terror Data Transfer Broke Rules"

Sexually Harassed Soldier Charged With Refusing To Return To Iraq

I know it`s just a number, but.....

What is the status of the torture bill in the Senate?

Could bush have possibly done a worse job in Iraq?

Request of DUers: US Senate Toss up race Needs You! (MO)

I almost jumped thru the tube when Frist bragged about falling gas prices

Gasoline Prices: Supply and Demand, or Manipulation?

Work-in-Progress: God Forgive The USA

Impeachment and/or mass public protests...

Wanna know when FAUX decided it became "Fair & Balanced?"

Wanna know when FAUX decided it became "Fair & Balanced?"

Why the Republicans are attacking Clinton - a theory


Does Keith get "credit" for us seeing his video on places OTHER than MS-NBC

A Fragile Vessel, About To Be Smashed.

Ev'rywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy


Army wants to know if Ky. Guard women posed nude

Cindy Sheehan: Please Sign Petition Supporting a Resolution in Congress to

Desperation is setting in

You're an enemy combatant if you give to a group with ties to 'terrorists'

FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq...(folks, this is life Iraq)

Tweety rips Boehner a new one.

Letter to a Christian Nation . . . by Sam Harris . . .

caption this * and Karzai pic...

The Democratic Party cannot win without the "Blue Dogs" & "Moderates"...

LAT: Don't Suspend Habeas Corpus: "Great Writ" traced back to Magna Carta

HEADS UP | Dana Priest is taking questions today on the WaPO website:

When is Torquemada replacing Gonzalez?

Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud HATCH OUT.

How Will The UN Continue To Exist in A Rogue Nation?

Habeas Corpus - In Memoriam


Some people on these boards need to read this:

Subject: Evidence of Bush Treason

Any DUer who has not called at least one Senator today....



The White House Warden-Congress To Give Bush Power To Lock Up Anyone (LAT)

Woodward's new book: "State of Denial: Bush at War, Part III"

From now on, it'll be easy to keep your powder dry.

This torture bill's passage means VICTORY FOR USAMA BIN LADEN.

UK Ministry of Defense leaked report; Iraq has made terrorism WORSE.

Whereever you are in the US: VOTE CONYERS & KUCINICH...

Feingold now speaking out on Senate floor against Bush's detainee bill!

Senate Repubs Hijacking "Cell Phone Privacy" Bill To Save Domestic Spying

Its the "buts" that keep popping up.

Once Nation of Nuremburg - Now Nation Of Guantanimo...

For your handy-dandy Fax machine!

1 year ago today Tom delay was indicted

Dodd says no way

Richard Jewell would be DEAD now, under this torture bill.

When it comes right down to it, it is us that are responsible

When you're calling Reid and your own senators...

Anti-war protestors arrested at Rep. Chabot's office (Cincinnati)

They voted on two different bills.

Support Keith. . Buy Cheerios!

Musgrave (R - PU): Gay Marriage Most Important Issue We Face Today

"It feels a lot better when it's $2 a gallon instead of $3 a gallon"

My take on H.R. 6166 Authorization of Military Commission

Bradblog: Tonight's Dobbs - New Legislation Could Avoid E-Voting Debacle

Feinstein up on C-Span 2 re: TORTURE

Republican Senators Have Already Convicted Anyone Detained!

Slate Creates "The George Allen Insult Generator."

Why Is It Funny For Conservatives To Threaten To Kill U.S. Journalists?

"I supported the torture bill, then I changed my mind". ain't gonna work

Senate Judiciary v. Senate Armed Services...this is an interesting fight.

Sam Seder says - CALL - 866-808-0065 now.

Would you vote for any of the Seven Repukes who voted against torture?

Senate hearings on Militry hearings of detaines Official thread (so so

will cindy sheehan be first citizen to be labeled 'enemy combatant'?

Gordon Smith (R) Oregon now supporting habeas corpus

"Poll: Lieberman Leads Lamont in Conn."

Would someone who makes & sells bumperstickers make one for me?

E-mail to Dan Abrams: Yesterday I was notified that my message

bill clinton's "meltdown"

Bushthink "They hate us for our freedoms" ...answer

The coming war against Iran - Part 12

My heart is breaking.

where is the humanity. . .? an alternative idea. . .

'Obscene Text' Indicted In Pittsburgh

They're Back - Iran contra-era fabricator and his associate

Most of the "usual suspect" are using typical absurdist talking points

Wherein I Raise My Eyebrows and say, 'Hold on a second.'

Script for Calling a Senator

Fox admits Internet division's "poor judgment" on Clinton/Wallace video

U.S. Defense Dept. pays MILLIONS for monitoring NEWS ORGANIZATIONS..CNN

Place your bets: which Dems will vote against Specter's bill?

What Bush did day-by-day in Aug. 2001 after 8/6 BinLaden Warning PDB

Dumbed-down intelligence - The significance of the leaked U.S. Intel...

Feingold Speaks

Dubba Shortchanging Veterans Mental Health Funding

Families Flee Florida

Bush has made 240,000 Iraqis homeless in Iraq

What would happen if most or all Democratic Senators abstain from voting?

Sam Seder's Show

This all reminds me of our solidarity with victims of US imperialism

Win the battle. Lose the war.

Bush Torture Bill Headed For Vote This Evening

President Kerry on CSPAN 2 now.

News Quiz, for News Junkies ONLY...

If DUers all call Democratic Senators we can be heard on torture bill

Has Hezbollah ever attacked or made threats against the US?

Senate phone #'s here

Would you rather impeach Bush or get your country back?

Where DO we draw the line? Cannibalism?

What if the bill was for slavery?

Why did I/We understand that going to war with Iraq would create more

Where's the Outrage From The RW Xian Leaders On *'s Torture Bill?

This is how we spawn terrorists in Iraq

Saddam's Terrorist Training Camps In Iraq

Question about the bush immunity insert in the torture bill...

Underwater robot fleet unleashed

NRCSA--anybody here have experience with them?

"A fire just waiting for fuel."

Senate hearings on S3950 (Specter Amend -- FAILED) -- THREAD 3

FAX a selection of 4 or 5 photos to your senators!

Let's get it right...It's not a Torture Bill. It's a....

Favorite ad on DU today...

So if we declare torture good, does that open us up for invasion?

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood...

Senate hearings on S3950 (Specter-Leahy Amend) -- THREAD 2

Missourians call Kit Bonds office..and give him hell!!

Am I missing somtheing here?

America is coming undone!

Today the United States Senate will sign the final contract with the devil

These Numbers Were Posted At Politics! Didn't See Them Here

My letter to my Republican congressman about HR6166...

Document Alleges Pakistan Intelligence Aids Qaeda

Border Patrol forbidden to speak with Congresspersons

So, What Is CNN's Online Poll For The Day Of The Torture Bill Vote?

A perverse silver lining?

Update: Progressive Patriot Voting

Arlington East is on the front page of Vets for Peace

Does the fact that the bill could apply to ordinary american citizens...

ACTION REQUIRED: Call your Democratic Senators and ask for a FILIBUSTER

DUers attacking Democrats

At Church, an 'ATM for Jesus'

Woodward: Bush,covering up extent of violence against U.S. troops in Iraq

Why aren't we using that "secret procedural vote" the repubs used?

I don't know you anymore

Dana Priest doesn't believe Red Cross will leak its torture report:

China shoots lasers at US spy satellites

Dem Senators had better crash the Ship of State into this Torture Bill..

My question is about these faith based camps for training Soldiers

The atrocities done to Latin America by the US !... .Is it no wonder

Do what you did..get what you you like it?

Apparently America the Brave is more afraid of some cave dwellers

I don't even recognize this country anymore...

Why the Democrats should filibuster?

I just -------LEURVE!!!1------- Bernie KERIK threads!!!1 (PIRRO)

New Hope for Democrats in Bid for Senate

What if Keith's Threat Letter Had Been Sent To O'Lielly?

New Robert Frost Poem Found (about WWI)

Are you willing to be "V"?

My latest talking point / meme to spread:

Avatar gurus: Can we get a "V"?

Help A Neocon Friend Today

Mods, how can I contact you?

Imagine a situation where

Dueling Polls. Why should we believe *any* of them?

Becky Fischer wants to blow up little children (Jesus Camp)

Would the GOP give Clinton the power they're giving Junior? Kerry? Gore?

Does anyone have the # for the Senate main switchboard?



Oregonians, Call Grodon Smith re torture bill!

Senate Hearings on Torture Bill (debating Rockefeller Amend) -- THREAD 4

E-mail just received from Louisiana SPCA

I need specific citation for part of bill that diminishes Habeas

Attacks cost Iraq oil exports $16B

Why aren't the Repukes as scared as being called "soft on totalitarianism"

Q is: Do You Personally Approve of Govt Engaging in Torture In Your Name?

So When will Our Government Start Rounding Up US Liberals

Just got back from seeing An Inconvenient Truth

"I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney

Specter is actually speaking out AGAINST this bill. Go, Arlen.

Broadmoor (NOLA neighborhood) plan gets ($5M) boost

"The Iraqi people" approve of attacks on American soldiers. 60 PERCENT!

Maybe I'm wrong on this, but isn't HR 6166 different from S. 3930?

Did Bush try to stop Bin Laden ?(Olberman)

Friend sent me this video--even more extensive than "Loose Change"

Rogue Presidency-The Truth Is We Are ALREADY Holding/Torturing/Murdering

Why are they squeezing all these bills today

bin laden is alive and well and "hiding" in Afghanistan...

President Clinton: "We love you, and we need you!"

We need to put Wedges in the Wedge Issues

White House: The media only cares about the bad news

GOP Candidate in Houston covers the word "Republican" on lawn signs

Senator Byrd is proposing a "Sunset Provision" to allow time for Senators

Operation Can't Get Fooled Again

The Senate Democrats (and a few Republicans) did the right thing.

How White House Warmongers Learned to Love Empire...

Faxes to Your Representative Are Harder For Them To Overlook..... n/t

Boehner Implies Dems Refused to Work with GOP on Torture/'Roo Court Bills

Since no Dem amendment passed, couldn't Reid RESCIND no filibuster offer? *** Filibuster the War Criminals Protection Act ***

Suggestion: NEVER Buy a BROTHER Printer. (Friendly Warning)

What if they just kept on talking?

Senate Hearings on Torture Bill (Kennedy & Rockefeller Amends) -- THREAD 5

My message to the Senators.

Articles of Impeachment

70% of American oppose attacking Iran

"Giuliani Defends Clinton on Anti-Terror"

Anti-globalization forces are terrorists?

Question about the torture bills

Think of the bright side.

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/ Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 6

I've been on phone for the last 2 hrs. asking people to call Senators.

Iraqis are embracing their new freedoms

Bob Woodward: Bush Misleads On Iraq

WP: Laura Bush on "steamy" books and "wild man" Rhett Butler

KBR = Kryptonite for Bush and Rove

Cornyn's Staffer: "Calling this bill a "torture bill" is misleading."

OK, Its Fill In The Blank Time

What A Day, What A Day For An Auto da Fe!

Fucking Republicans! Why do they hate the Constitution so much?

Ds Are Depending On SCOTUS To Strike Down Torture Bill

What's with the "Jaffar the Pilot" terrorist-nuke story?

Judge delays prison again for Abramoff

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Does anyone have info on the Kennedy amendment?

How many American POW's are there in Iraq?

Sedar engaging with a bullshitter who has been to Iraq!!!

The worst form of torture....

Rummy: intel reports can be uneven, and "sometimes it's just flat wrong"

Torture Prospect Stimulates US Stock Market to Record High!!!

The fact that we even have to debate whether torture is ok...

Will someone be kind enough to help me out of this deep depression

question about credit cards/credit reports

I cant stand this government anymore. The repugs are animals the dems are

Oil prices & unemployment drops. DOW surges. I think I'll have a cigar.

Ask your congressman or woman, if they are PRO TORTURE.

When the final history of the Constitution is written

Who will be The One Democrat with the guts to start a FILIBUSTER?

Hastert quote on CNN "Democrats are voting for more rights for terrorists"

Children...gather around for some good news. Out of the darkness...

Waiting on that leader

What is an Enemy Combatant?

Anyone catch wind of this?

How the Repubs will spin the Torture bill.

In Post Constitution America, pre-911 thinking will be a crime

Malloy 9/28 latest

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 8

2008 GoP Convention to be held in Minneapolis-St.Paul

whats with McCain??

Support Air America and DU: Take the new Polling Point Survey

Lindsey Graham is contradicting himself, making case AGAINST this bill

(perhaps naive) question about the torture bill.

Note to Cnn.. Is it "depAtees" or "depItees"?

Cops: Priests fleeced Florida flock of millions

George W. Bush: UN-AMERICAN....

My Skype dial-out has been busy today.

If radical Muslims start kidnapping Christians - how will Bush react?

The last time the Writ of Habeas Corpus was suspended in the U.S.:

So - what are "WE THE SANE PEOPLE" of America.....

NYT editorial lists worst flaws in "detainee" legislation

BOTH SIDES are just praying the SCOTUS will provide them cover on this.

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 7

"Bush is a two bit dictator...."

Tracking poll: Bush holds on to advantage (Gallup Poll from 2000)


(VIDEO) Woolsey and McDermott hold basement hearings on Iraq and PTSD

Florida Senator's Phones overwhelmed on Torture Bill

Lott On Iraq: ‘Why Do Sunnis Kill Shiites? … They All Look The Same To Me’

Really, what in the name of Lucifer

They always overreach

Anyone else having audio trouble with AAR...

EXCEL Question

Lott On Iraq: ‘Why Do Sunnis Kill Shiites? … They All Look The Same To Me’

Judge rejects Ohio's abortion pill law

Canadians respond to the arming of US Coast Guard vessels

How is it these guys are so smart doing Evil but...............

Fox News POLL: Dems lead 49%-38% in LIKELY voters for Fall Elections

Dear Senators Leahy, Kennedy, Kerry, Feingold

BREAKING-God says he favors torture

NC Senators (Dole & Burr) are "UNDECIDED" on torture bill - Call them!

I'm voting for Harold Ford, Jr. in November...

Feingold on Ed Schulz show saying Reid says not enough votes to filibuster

Contact your Senators re S.3930, all info is here:

Possible White House loot from 1814 at centre of shipwreck dispute

WHERE is DU organizing the PUSH to STOP this bill?

My Pet Moat.

"When they came for me, there was no one left who could protest..."

Inflation-adjusted DOW average = no cigar

Marine: things would be better in Iraq/Afghanistan if we saw the good

Repukes have sold their soul to EL Diablo

What Would Natalie Do?

Rumsfeld: "Are more terrorists being created in the world?"

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 9

We did it once and it looks like we're gonna have to do it again,

Did the Post respond to Keith Olbermann from last night?

Okay--Enough of the JESUS CAMP ADS!!!

OKAY "Whistle Blowers" time to RELEASE the BIG TIME TORTURE Photo's

I'm glad the man who helped us win in Vietnam is helping us win in Iraq.

KO - Anybody got a copy of the PDB he showed last night?

VA draws heat from Hill on PTSD

NATO Afghan plan calls for 12K Americans

Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say Iraq in civil war

John Kerry speaks on torture

If this bill is passed, couldn't Dem senators opposing it be arrested

No One Cares Anymore

Did you receive your 2006 Campaign Kit from the DNC yet?

Election '06: Operation Clusterf*ck

Here, folks, here is what the Congress of the United States voted for...

OMFG Latest Mr. Fish-not for the weak of stomach.

We are no better than the other countries of the world

A Bad Detainee Bill Gets Worse

Bob Woodward; "bush misleads on Iraq"; gee, what was his first clue??!

Please somebody post a summary of the damage. S.3930

Poll: Who has caused greater damage to the Republic?

ALA's Banned Book Week, September 23-30, 2006

Is 7-11 switching to SAUDI gas (the people who slaughtered us)?

Are some Dem Senators to blame for all this? Should THEY be scapegoated?

Fellow sane people: if you haven't, PLEASE read "A People's History..."

I just wrote a letter to my Democratic congressman on his pro-torture vote

Chalk one up for Al Qaida, this new terror bill outta help with those

So, what would happen if Rove proclaimed, "If you vote for a Democrat..

How long will it take for a video to show up on Al Jazeera's

now I understand how the Nazis did so much damage in Germany

POLL: Will Congress pass a modern day Espionage Act???

There is no such thing as a Republican party

OMG - my local news just said "Imagine not having the freedom...

This made me cry & smile at the same time

How About If The REAL Americans Have Their Own Secret Session -

McCain Torture Compromise Bill Allows Sodomy, Rape of Prisoners

Why the HELL do they feel they have to "fix" the Geneva Conventions?

Media Covers For Bush AGAIN: Only 115 total "Enemy Combatant" stories

neocons did not "hijack" the repuke party.

Call the DNC and tell them what you think 202-863-8000

Sen Leahy is making a very powerful speech

One "Good" Thing About This Shit - Not That It Matters . . .

The torture legislation takes away the presumption of innocence

Congressman accused of sending 'sick' emails to 16 year old boy

Specter Amendment Roll Call Vote totals (Defeated 48-51)

Check out this funny blog entry....

Latest Allen story...Won't say how many minorities in his office

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 10


Holly shit!!! Are you watching Lou Dobbs... They are erasing

"Fearful Congress To Seek Own Pardon For Passing Torture Bill"

Neo-liberal designs ...

Question regarding Geneva rules

DU this poll:

"President Bush on the offensive" "Presidnet Clinton gets defensive"

Cafferty question: Why do married people tend to vote Republican

I just heard that Nato is taking over..

They can't even keep his limo polished properly

Bush says Democrats want to "cut and run" from Iraq

After the recent displays of freedom's out the window... It is more

Democrats are less evil then Republicans

Apologists for Dems on the grounds of "lesser evil" or "November 7":

Did Sherrod Brown vote in favor of the "Torture Bill"?

who pulls the strings in our country now?

Did Skinner work for Biden before he started DU?

Why Didn't Snowe Vote?

Bush: "I will never leave Iraq." YOU'RE not in Iraq you cowardly deserter

so they are reading names - but who is there to vote?

Did the torture Bill pass the senate?

Hi, fellow enemy combatants.

will they filibuster?

What is with George Allen?

Al Franken just called Wolfie "Leslie"!

Question regarding Geneva rules

Guess we are about to go to defcon 2 or 3... I am having trouble posting.

I missed you guys!

I hope they fry in Hell.

Craigslist founder says he won't cash in(says billionaires aren't happier)

How do tax incentives encourage outsourcing?

I love Ted Kennedy

stunning GOP attack ad from N.C. race...

My CC was hacked last week. Check out these purchases -

Do we on DU actually believe this government will turn 100% totalitarian?

A deal was made to avoid a filibuster???

How compromised is Bob Woodward?

December 18, 2000

Reid's office said "Call your Senators". .

Can we perform a citizens' arrest on our "leaders"?

To the 65 [Warning Pic is Graphic]

Is the GOP now to be called "the party of torture"?

Come January, I don't want to hear about Dems "fixing" this torture law.

So is everyone OK with Our Govt Making People "Disappear"?? video of KBR contractors killed as Army escort leaves

Dick Cavett: Alfred Hitchcock 8PM EDT TCM

What are we missing? The opposition party

FDL just gave me chills - Read This and Hope:

Wolfie: "An important victory for Bush in the war on terror!"

The Property Rights and Compensation Freedom Act of 2006

"The party of FDR and Harry Truman has become the party of cut and run"???

The way they call these Gitmo defendants 'enemy combatants' is prejudicial

Black Thursday.

Where are all the Christain groups saying Torture is wrong?

Will the world cooperate with a bunch of torturers?

Dare I share my understanding of the Senate's Torture Bill

Nope. Nobody in the U.S. agrees with Hugo Chavez. Uh uh.

It's Macaca Time on Hardball! George Allen is so

Woodward: Kissinger pays regular visits to President Bush...

Congrats Dem apologists

Halliburton Detention Camps - WHO ARE THEY REALLY FOR? YOU?

I am tired, going to grab a drink, sit on the porch, watch the grass grow.

So, when does the great round up begin?

No Need Now for a Border Fence!

House debating Warrantless Wiretapping bill right now

USA...We're Number One!! The first fascist empire of the 2st. century!

Patrick Fitzgerald may be our last hope for winning back congress.

DailyKos are a bunch of sheep...they support the Torture Dems

In celebration of the USA joining the list of countries that torture...

Talking Points Memo: Insurgent Attacks On Troops Occur "Every 15 Minutes"

Let the Torture Begin

Jack Cafferty's questions for Thursday

Shame on you, Harry Reid. Harry = "For Torture" Dem

Image of Lieberman's flip-flopping weathervane is sticking

Just cause Congress makes a torture law doesn't mean it's constitutional

Bob Woodward's New Book: State of Denial: Disses BUSH; Worse Than We Know

My God, What Do They Have Planned????

Catholic Magazine: Americans, especially Catholics, approve of torture

Jon Stewart mocks benefits of CNN's I-Report

What should the Democrats in the House have done?

The House Dems are about to fight the wiretapping bill

Am I the only one who thinks having a history of using racial slurs

Pinochet also thought he could "legalize" torture and immunize himself

It will be almst impssible to blow the 2006 election.

If Obama's speech yesterday on civil liberties and nat. security doesn't

So Maybe Charlie Rangel Was Correct About Re-Instituting The Draft ???

Senate passes bill on terror detainee trials

What will history say WE should be doing RIGHT now?

Well, folks--I guess I'll be seeing ya all in camp.

Woodward: Henry Kissinger pays regular visits to President Bush

What is an RSS feed?

Some GOOD small business bills submitted, PLUS a domestic partner-friendly

Which of these is the worst offense to the United States Constitution?

So, how's that "social contract" working for us?

What is habeas corpus? It prevents dictatorship.

I am use to being let down by our party, are you (a poll for LIBERALS)

The List of the 65

*OK Everyone - Take a Deep Breath - Think About November*

Don't Blame The Democrats nor The Republicans. It's The People.

Will Al Qaeda leave us alone now?

Will SCOTUS Overturn Torture/Get Out Of Jail Free Bill?

The detainee bill is as much about voter suppression as it is torture

36 years ago I raised my right hand and swore an oath ...

Conversation with my father (ten minutes ago on the phone)

How many of you who are over 40, find yourself thinking more

Severe Thunderstorm in D.C. (not just in the Senate!)

I'd be curious to know of any left-wing death threats against Fox people..

Keith Obermann has surely been reading DU - It's all right here

name all the people who are rolling over in their graves

Can I torture a Republican?? Pleeeasse; oh Pleeeassse??

Spineless Dems Are Only Doing What "The People" Want

The New American Dream: Torture, Gulags, Arbitrary Imprisionment

Live free or die

I am an American. NO ONE is going to take my country from me.

CNN, CA SoS Cand. on Emergency Paper PLUS: Diebold Operative Shenanigans!

Health care in America.

HAR HAR - 2nd person recalls Allen "deer head" incident

Credibility-sucking event

War Crimes Act - URGENT

Rainbow Manifesto

Let me get this straight

Molly Ivins: Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (1215 - 2006)

The Democratic Party remains the best vehicle for getting our country back

"Lift Your Head" by Cindy Sheehan

Senate Hearings S3930 (Kennedy/ Rockefeller/Byrd Amends) -- THREAD 11 --

Freeway blogging in Rome (Pantheon Blogging)

Suspending Habeas Corpus Would Require A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT - Rec!

If torture is OK, why did we go after Saddam Hussein for doing it?

God, McCain sucks

Do you believe that the SCOTUS will rule that

Call it what it is "The War Criminals Protection Act of 2006". . .

I saw this response to an article on gay marriage. It is hilarious...

Karl, is that you?

The Other George W. On Prisoner Rights


Darfur: A Defining Moment for African (& American) Leaders...

Repub congressman scares male 16 year old intern with strange emails

"My brain is like a box of chocolates..."

Which phase will we be in after the War Criminals Protection Bill passes?

Liberal bloggers and web site publishers; Are you getting 'skeered?

Take the Ecological Footprint quiz

Are we all over-reacting to this torture bill ?

Bob Woodward is not on your side.

Let's have some new (and newer) Bumper Stickers today.. and NEWER STILL

Anyone still interested in taking back the majority, sign in here.

I want to move back to England: any Britons here want to marry me?

Isn't it about time churches in this country start paying some damn taxes?

Pardon Our Torture - TOON - Bagley does it again.

We sure need Malloy ON THE AIR tonight

OK. NOW is the time to release the CHILD RAPE TORTURE TAPES!

Shadow's taxicab reports. A blast from the past and the beauty of war.

General William Odom tells Congress:Impeach Bush!


Does the Torture Bill Apply to US Citizens or Not ????

SWAT team watches sexual assault on hostages!!

Tell us when we're allowed to compare Bush to Hitler.

MSNBC just did a report on our "Do Nothing" no mention of Paper ballots

Test of China's new thermonuclear fusion reactor successful

My Harold Ford Jr. Yard Sign Comes Down Today

Olbermann on threat letter, reply to NY Post: MSNBC transcript and video

Why would people work in your ideal system?

Buddah is against our God!

BREAKING: WH Ties to Abramoff (ROVE & MEHLMAN) Stronger Than Reported

Ugh. UGH-LY letter forwarded to me today re "illegal immigration"

Mike Malloy Update

Somebody should sneak into Congress and turn the flag upside down tonight

Jeeziz ova dere Edit, ya dingbat...

This Is What Waterboarding Looks Like

16 Yr Old Says Rep Mark Foley (R-FL) Sent Him "SICK" E-mails

Bush is the first American president to lose TWO wars (and possibly three)

Christian Newswire: WARNING! God is about to CHANGE FASHION TRENDS!

Terrorism and the Republican Way

Time again to unfurl that ragged flag that says DON'T TREAD ON ME


160 Democrats Voted Against Torture

Announcing A Day of Mass Resistance:

Did JFK know?

Who should the House select to succeed Chimpy after impeachment?

This is worse than September 11th.

Remember THIS guy?

The Onion That is Home Schooling

I think I have seen everything.

I got elected to my locals executive board

Guerilla campaigning -- let's share strategies

Ignorant inbred freeper shit "Dog" thinks Rove "has us by the short hair"

Study: Reid spent heavily on consultants during last election

AP: Pa. congressman faces election challenge (Sherwood)

It`s the oversight, stupid

Any vids online yet from last night's Olberman?

The Growth of the Fear Industry and the Prison Industry

Reuters: Bush up, Dems still favored in November: Reuters poll

If a tree falls in the woods.................

Reuters: Americans favor diplomacy on Iran: Reuters poll

FOX News Commentator: Is Bill Clinton The October Surprise?

Just A Comma: Dog Whistle Politics

NY & US will be run by the mob ... soon.

"Republican Plan B"

Republican forum posts. Angry and violent.

So, what do we do now?

What Bush did day-by-day in Aug. 2001 after PDB: from CtrforAmerProgress

Washington Journal Wants to talk about HP!!!

If Dems wanna win, all they gotta do is a little scare tactic of their own

Long After *CO Is Gone - The Media Whores That Propped Up This Corrupt....

Frontline (PBS): The Dark Side

Schwarz: Shutter Club for Growth (R- Mich 7)

Sensenbrenner says that the new rules give detainees 36 new rights...

Hastert: Dems would coddle terrorists who plan to harm innocent Americans

LAT: As Democrats Look West, Colorado Budges: And maybe AZ, NM, NV

Does anyone have an icon or image of the upside down flag

**need help discreditting a freeper's lie**

Darfur as a campaign issue?

The indifference and nonchalance is disturbing...

Re House vote on the Torture Bill: anyone have a link to the roll call?

On Keith, Clinton and Courage

Update on Mississippi Senate Race

Ted Kennedy Is Hot!!

"... for political purposes."

Possible DEM pickup in the US House

Specter Amendment Roll Call Vote

CBS News, Bob Woodward has a new book...

Bad spying and good spying

Here ya go -> Poll: Iraqis back attacks on U.S. troops

Why, yes, I'm angry...

A question for the congniscenti re: 'The Military Vote'

nyt has stated that they have kept

Please take action now! War Crimes Act!

On Aug 6th 2001, Crawford Texas: Did they really have a meeting?

I hang my head in shame

Senate Nears Final Vote on Detainee Bill

C-SPAN3 the House is holding hearings on spying!!!

So Harold Ford supports Torture

No One Expected.....

Woodward: Bush,covering up extent of violence against U.S. troops in Iraq

SnoozeMax has Coulter book for sale for $4 and here's the bullet points...

Any feel for how rank and file Americans feel about torture issue?

DLC blogger and senior fellow is gloating over Lieberman today.

We are in this mess about torture because we have capitulated for years..

I love Tim Tagaris on the Lamont campaign...a great post on Lamont.

War and the Media

Whitehouse website - torture under Saddam Hussein - are these now OK?

Trick-or-Vote ® campaign

It's amazing isn't it? Will they never learn?

51 Pitiful Poodles

Why NO call for order when Sen. Byrd was speaking for his amendment?

Is the Senate destroying Citizen's rights today?

Photos: Bush, HARD at work, FUNDRAISING for the GOeffingP on YOUR dime

Another day, another 'false' report about Felix's use of the 'N' word

Just got a Reuters polling call for CT Senate Race... Lamont, Lamont Go Ned

Filibuster, and give the blogosphere time to get the message out

Liberal Democrats Not Backing Murtha For Majority Leader

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by Steve Freeman and Joel Bleifuss

President AWOL calls Democrats "The party of cut and run."

The reason why we are even debating H 6166 and S 3930 is the result of

McCain, Warner and Graham voted to kill Habeas Amendment on Torture Bill

Bill O'Reilly: "Iraq? Couldn't care less about the country."

Bill Clinton Wins Round One of the 9/11 Public Relations War!

Remember when "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING"...

Requiescat in Pacem USA

OK, I've got an idea for a filibuster that might work:

Are Repugs willing to have US soldiers tortured for political gain?

So the final vote on the Torture Bill

Decency! Stevens is talking about decency! Traitors!

Thanks to all Democratic lawmakers who voted against the Torture Bill

Breaking ABC NEWS now....Abramoff MUCH closer ties to White House,

I'll interrupt the torture disappointment with a word from Tyra Banks.

the last minute of Tweety talking about new news on Allen what now

We need more "Liebermans"

They optically scan millions of lottery tickets each day

Pelosi:Stay the Course is a Slogan ,Not a Strategy

Watching the Senate since "*" has been like watching a Movie or Play

The Swift Boating of John Kerry continues ("ignored vet recommendations")

whats wrong with these people?bush,lott,

Here's another take on the Dems in the House who voted for torture .....

I am depressed

UK Tory leader reminds me of JFK, says John McCain

Filibuster Torture

Matthews says if "Allen can overcome the racial slurs he's good for

I called Hagel's office and Ben Nelson's. I also threw a UPS

Chris Wallace (RW-FOX) hates his daddy (NewsMax)

Alaska Democrats need your help...

National Journal's White House 2008 Rankings - 9/27/06 edition

Some DUers on these boards need to read this:

Roll Call: the Infamous 65


John Kerry: ‘This Bill Permits Torture’

Former Gallup Pollster: Bush 2000 win due to media calling race

(New Jersey Senate Candidate) Menendez Plays to His Base, in South Florida

Confederate Group accuses Allen of spurning heritage

What do you expect from the Diebold Congress? Lawfulness? Morality?

Dobbs Poll on Canada/US/Mexico Merger

May I just state for the record: John Cornyn is a pompous ass!

Message from the lunatic fringe wing of the Democratic Party.

MSNBC: Senate passes Terror detainee legislation 65-34!

Land: Majority of Baptists support Bush

Republicans Hell-Bent on Passing Bush Torture Bill

Are those who vote to authorize torture as guilty as those who actually...

NYT to Condi: We've "Kept Some of Your Secrets"

progressive movement in the federal judiciary?

How Now Brown Dow

How corrupt GOP brought about the Great Depression

New rule: Death penalty for election tampering

Kerry: We have seen the consequences of simply accepting the word

Here's my response to the RW crowing about a new record for the Dow