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Archives: September 29, 2006

Iran: Seven Women at Risk of Stoning

Stay the course in Iraq? What course?

Jamail: A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq (War is lost?)

523rd Fighter Squadron has 'blatantly sectarian religious ... patches'

The White House Warden

Iraq policy has led to Blair's downfall, says top British UN official

Imagine Giving Rumsfeld Unbounded Discretion to Detain You Indefinitely

Report Links White House and Corrupt Lobbyist

Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers

Breaking News: Land Availability Exhausted In California

Measure hastens waste to Yucca: Surface storage part of senator's proposal

U.S.-India nuke treaty hits snags (Reid - Yucca amendments)

Judges dismiss Yucca suit, but state is happy

Thank You Brad Friedman - Media Going Crazy Over Emergency Bill

Did anyone watch the house hearing on e-voting on c-span today?

Breaking: America died today from a self-inflicted wound.

Bottled water no threat to Ontario groundwater supply: industry

Sentence in death of newborn called disturbing, unusual

Harris' account of law she pushed is at issue

FBI Denies Overestimating Anthrax Power

LAT: Study: Working Parents Struggle to Insure Children

(Belgian) Bank faulted over data transfers to U.S.

NYT: Congress Is Told of Failures of Rebuilding Work in Iraq

House of Representatives Passes Warrantless Wiretap Bill

House Passes "Iran Freedom Support Act" tonite- *Voice Vote*

Seven people face charges on seal hunt protest

Breaking: House approves Bush's wiretapping bill

Military official: Iranian millions funding insurgency (CNN)

NYT: "Report links White House and Lobbyist "

Sentence in death of newborn called disturbing, unusual

Fired pollster revisits 2000 election

U.S. soldiers' overseas votes ripe for fraud

Sensing Weakness, Senate Democrats See Strength in Bucking the President

Risky mortgages threaten a squeeze(500,000 homeowners )

NYT: Iraqi Journalists Add Laws to List of Dangers (Sedition Laws)

Middle-class families in worse shape than ever, study finds

Middle-class families in worse shape than ever, study finds

Venezuela says U.S. is harboring terrorists

Great Lakes Machine Guns Raise Ire in Canada

Smithfield Workers Take Justice Campaign To New York City

U.S. war deserter critical of Canada as he heads home

The "yoiks" smiley should be reversed.

A tornado just touched down in Severna Park, Maryland.

'Smilie' or 'smiley'?

Is a political suicide a worthy notion?

what is your fav halloween song?

Prisoner transfer from cell block 1138? - I'm watching the ORIGINAL!!

So where do think we should meet?

When I commit genocide against 4 billion people, do I get 4 Nobels,

And on a non-gay cooties note, I went to the Dodge Poetry Festival today.

Where can I attend courses on human sexuality?


thursday night live

GD is terrifying tonight...

Damn you, Survivor! (Spoiler alert!)

Please, recommend a fictional book for me to take on my vacation with me.

The first Iron Chef America episode that I wish Jeffrey Steingarten was on

What's with all the incredibly loud music on TV shows?

theres a copycat in GD

This is the sweetest dog ever! My girl Angel. (Dial-up warning)

"The headlines read: 'These are the worst of times'. I do believe it's

Hypothetical question/poll

Define Jazz

Beautiful fucking beautiful!

I can't stand beer

Ever have a whole conversation by yourself?

Alexander the Great, Ethelred the Unready; What's GWB the _____?

anybody still watch ER? (spoilers)

Will reason win out in the end?

Why cant i get just one kiss?

DU and Daily Kos: Compare and Contrast

Say. How do you like my new avatar?

Slo Mo Home Depot

I'd be honored if you kissed me! I'll even kiss back!

Can we talk about something really, really dumb?

OMG, Jason Jones on the Daily Show just slammed our local

I need a hug.

Help! Our friends 27 year old gay son wants to "hang" with us....How can

The DUmmies ar goin crasy over there cuz of tha torchure stuff! Thsi is

Hi. My name is Lara, and I'm a gym-phobic.

Jesus found in dogs butt

Top 10 reasons why women want sex?

I just freaked out and blew up at her.

Beck fans! Hold on to your horses..

Day of Infamy

Have you apologized to Stephen Colbert yet?

It never rains in Southern California - is this true?

I really feel like crap

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band is playing a concert at my uni...

21 years

I am tired. Is it worth staying up another hour to see the Daily Show

Does anyone know of a website...

If everyone else is getting kisses, I want one too!

Me loves me da Sugah Smack...A song for her:

Ok, how does a toy start going off sitting on a table with no one around?

My living room/office stinks

I like beer.

My show is coming on in a few minutes

I'm a happy grrrl

I just need a dang picture of Peter Wentworth.

Anyone ever bought a cell phone and found it doesn't work at home?

The Phillies and Nationals are about to start in D.C.

I'm sick of playing hearts. Ask me anything.

Anyone see the documentary "the God Who Wasn't There?"

Export and post your playlist right now

HiS ASs - Homeland Security Advisory System


These are great.

Why I don't miss _______________.

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In Bloopers...

HANNITY car give-away ain't worth the sacrifice

Can Michael Nesmith and Black Sabbath co-exist peacefully...

What beer to drink first?

Jama baby, Hang in there.

Ever seen a ghost?

Just learned some interesting things about house am in...and the landord

And you thought the Islamic youth are dangerous

Fucoxanthin reduces abdominal fat accumulation

Surgeons Do First Near-Weightless Surgery

Cheating DNA Death: How an Extremophile Repairs Shattered Chromosomes

Teeny tiny turbine engines

Pedro done for season

Thanks for all the positive vibes

Digit, where are you???

Europegirl4JFK: did this debate get any play in Europe?

Heartbroken? Send your love to anti-torture candidates. (Like Joe Sestak)

Oh and BTW, The Dictator of America whined about critics again today


New Rethug Frame for Kerry?

Thank you Senator Kerry for standing up for moral decency

Senator Kerry on Paula Zahn tonight

Kerry campaigns for Lamont in CT

Whew! Ok, I'll simmer down now

dynamicdems just put up a completely KICKASS post in GD

I have gort to say it.F***k the so called "progressives".I have been

Photogroupies, I'm getting political

******Open thread: put up something*******

MSNBC: The smart politics of the detainee vote helps democrats big time

House Suspends Hill Telecom License: Va. Firm's Award Linked to Abramoff

WP, Froomkin: Senate vote "defining moment for this nation"

Take UK troops out of Iraq, senior military told ministers

Nazi Germany began this way...

Poultrygeist- The Movie

"A Howard Beale moment" Wanker refers to Big Dogs response on Hardball...

2710 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Here's where we throw sand in their face.

Is the administration using NSA and blackmail on our senators and reps

i have spent my day telling ALL the repug party is the party of torture

So, we ought to see some measurable results on the "terror war" now

Open Letter to the Freepers Among Us

Ok, how does a toy start going off sitting on a table with no one around?

Welcome to The United Soviet States of America. Enjoy your stay, but

Soviet style mass protesting is the only option left

The World News Trust Daily Broadcast Report 09/28/06 (Steven Srebrenick)

A voice like a dial tone.

Bush: "Democrats offer nothing but criticism and obstruction"

It isn't Bush's job to 'define'

What will it take to bring Detainees act before the SCOTUS?

BREAKING: DNC Voting Rights Inst. Endorses Emergency Paper Ballots! MORE!

LIEberman and 11 Democrats voted for torture. Plus *every* Republican.

Best. BigDog. Photo. Ever. Infinity.

Okay, folks - the torture bill passed. This is what you do now...

In the wake of the Torture Bill passing do you believe America is over?

No giving up for me!

Olbermann Receives Death Threat and NY Post Thinks It's Funny

All the Democratic leaders have to do...

Republicans are human beings with severe personality disorders

I missed the first 20 minutes of Countdown-can somebody summarize, please?

Should we just throw in the towell?

Time to decide.

House Dems have a Motion To Recommit the wiretapping bill at the desk

Oh no...

485 Contacts Between Jack Abramoff Team and Bush White House Officials

All is lost... cede all to the neo-cons...

What Is It That Rachel said about Airport Security

Congratulations, Osama Bin Laden, from a cave in who-the-fuck-

It all goes back to the same question, don't it?

John Danforth Warns of Christian Right but Says Tide Will Turn

Please help me reply to this email blaming Clinton for 9/11

Will Someone in the Media PLEASE NAIL BUSH for This Quote?

A few words on mercy in a time of torture

"Jesus Camp" coming up on KO!!!

The House is sure having a spirited debate on the NSA bill. I did not

On October 5th, storm the media!

I'm one of those who was angry about the torture bill, but listen to this:

Four Strong People Are Holding You Down. You Are Powerless To Resist Them.

The "Its OK to Torture Bill" and Its Aftermath

America's Pathetic Putin-Envy --- The Fear of Falling

Wow, two in a row tonight

let's presume the Democrats take control of Congress big time

The Republicans have the characteristics of fascists

The midterms will be stolen

We've got to face it

On Keith Olberman: Jesus Camp.

A plea to Keith, Molly and Helen, our national voices of outrage.


The No-Compromise GOP PIgs showed their snout today

"have i mentioned yet tonight how much i HATE these people?" - malloy

Can the next (Democratic) President use executive order to nullify torture

What is the process of working this torture bill through the courts?

There are no liberals, moderates, or conservatives that support torture

starting tomorrow morning (or now), flags at 1/2 mast or upside down

so, I'm now pro torture for defending Reid, who voted against the bill

Borat goes to Washington

"My America is better than this" election meme.

I just don't get how people live their lives and don't even pay

Bush's Dictatorship is Official

Nancy Pelosi speaking against the wiretapping bill now

Senator Kennedy amendment to Military Commissions bill?

If the Democrats do not win the House or the Senate...?

Is it fascism yet?

Are we there yet? Civil disobedience?

Here's an idea: Vote against incumbents. ALL of them.

The Democratic Party needs us.

There is NO "War on Terror" it does not exist except in the tiny

Economy Booming for Billionaires

Should we just throw in the towell?

The U.S. is Helping Pakistan Torture 'Terror' Suspects

why is Scarborough obessing over Jon Stewart this week??

Take UK troops out of Iraq, senior military told ministers

Here is the sad scoop folks. We the smart, the concerned, the idealistic,

Secession: Now more than ever

On good men doing nothing. (please RECOMMEND)

I Pledge Allegiance to the Corporations... (Jason Miller)

Does the supreme court have the ability to overturn this torture bill?

Throw in the towel? I don't know about you, but I have tons of fight in me

Just saw Tammy Duckworth's ad to fight Roskam

Stop torturing yourself and others - please read this post

Religious leaders arrested in protest of Iraq war

Another friend of my daughter was killed today

Dear Lurking Freeps


Millions of dollars and a piano may put Korean in UN's top job

Anti-Burns firefighters ad is finally on TV

OK... So who's drinking after today's Vote of Torture?

you don't reckon ole georgie porgie is shit faced about now do you

I am heartbroken.

What *should* have been the lead story today, were it not for the Torture

Take this from my experience and you ... WIN

Feck, the wiretapping bill passed the House

This is your GD friendly PSA--Everybody just watch this...

97 days


I'm a first-time canvasser for McCaskill. Pointers please?

"Karzey" silenced before revealing location of Bin Laden

Catch 22: How to overcome the "No Habeas Corpus" clause?

The view from Freeperville

The U.S. has the political leadership that it deserves. Leadership that

Remember, remember, the fifith of... October

This is why I still have faith in the Dem party and why I won't give up...

An appeal to the Anti-War movement

The meaning of a vote on Election Day.

The Game Is Fixed

Now for an important question....what annoys you more - the Head On

Joe Conason - GOP Can't Handle 9-11 Truth

BUSH: “Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right…"

Thursday Polls: A whole bunch of them.

Breaking....House Approves a motion. Bush is God.

Inmate Has Victim's Name Tattooed on Him

WAKE UP ! And fight !!! In the words of Omar Khayyam:

Did the Democrats surrender on the torture issue?

The Russians and Chinese read the PNAC plan and have their own

Video games and TV shows

When was the last hard push to enforce a party line Dem vote?

An alternative way forward for the US

Two days ago, we were talking about the NIE and Clinton on FOX...

AAR reported that the supreme court would overturn the torture bills

Will you be surprised if Bush's poll numbers go up tomorrow?

DU's Unhappycamper makes it to the Daou Report at Salon!

Here's what Security knows about you when you fly

"Are you people insane?" - Shame on the United States Senate

Two images begging to be made....

Memoriam - Habeas Corpus - 1679 - 2006

They were ready to impeach Lincoln for suspending the writ.

Stop Children.....

Death squads roam Baghdad - Why our soldiers can't see them

7-11 chain says no to Chavez oil - US. should say No to Irans oil too

Alaska Democrats need help...

My email to Harold Ford, Jr....

Jesus Camp : Kids Worshipping to a George Bush Picture

I fully back the torture bill

NYT: "Karl Would Like 3 Tickets For His Family"

Osama must be partying hearty tonight

Because he must we!

Students: School Suspended Us For Dressing Alike

The "October Surprise" is: There is none.

Mid-term elections seem as important as Bush in 2004, he loses power

What'cha all complainin' 'bout freedom for?

Judge received death threats after ruling on intelligent design

U.S. says attacks up in Afghan border area - The Afghans are desperate

is this torture?????

Costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to reach $549 billion this year

Today's lead NYT editorial on the "terror" bill -- WOW! ... simply WOW!

Peace, like a river

Torture is useful for one thing.

Even Though "Control" Of Congress Is Important

Looks like the bill passed by the Senate today is not so bad after all

I have finally had it with my veterans' board.

Thank God for Keith Olbermann

Our forefathers fought to defend freedoms that bush has taken away.


Bernie Sanders

Do you want to piss away peace?

Dream world a strange, scary place for liberals: Ottawa Citizen

Everything within you asks for peace

My letter to Durbin & Obama

Bush passed on a chance to get Bin Laden in 2001?

Chris Hedges On Countdown

For What It's Worth - Steven Stills, 1966

Is it torture? Ask the Führer. He's the decider.

THE DIRTY DOZEN How does the Democratic Party Excommunicate it's Traitors

Another travesty - warentless wiretapping passes House

Head On Radio Thursday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In, It's

This is not America.

Please tell me its doctored

Oliver Stone : Bush has ‘set America back 10 years’

Halliburton's Statement re Attacked Convoy Caught On Tape...Excuse Me?!

Anyone Can Be Declared An Enemy Combatant

End Of The Line

US fast-food chains sued over carcinogenic chicken

I think one of the networks oughtta run BRAZIL commercial free.

Reid simply CANNOT REMAIN as Senate leader

Know those frogs in the pot of slowly heated water?

USS Eisenhower Fleet Deployment.

House passes Iran Regime Change Bill tonite--- Hello ??!

I'm going to watch "V for Vendetta" again tonight--and drink.

Hey DUers, ya gotta get out once in a while to get the message out

Those against torture sign in....

I support voting for Dems who sold out on torture

The United States of America, 1776-2006. R.I.P.

Should we just throw in the towell?

Rosemary's New Constitution (originally written for GWB in '01)

*** Thursday TOONs : Scapegoat ***

Have You Read The Bill?

A question for those screaming at the Democrats

My "Representative" Government has long since ceased to

Trent Lott on Iraqis: "They all look the same to me."

Iraqi journalists charged under Iraqi law for speech against govt.

Sam Seder

Let it go. Really, it's okay.

So, hey, was there any good news today?

Show Me the Corpse

$2b a week

Water crisis grows worse as India gets richer

US House agrees to piss away another $70bn mostly for Iraq war

What will Happen when a Soldier REFUSES to Toruture?

Dem may be first muslim in House...

Trent Lott: "They all look the same to me"

US Supreme Court to Revisit Landmark Abortion Case Next Week


Roll Call: White House Intervened For Abramoff Clients

Why I'm voting straight-ticket Democratic in November

Get out while you can...

So if the next President decides anyone who owns a gun and opposes

Some Thoughts on the Need to Hold Our Government Accountable

The Supreme Court may very well strike down this bill.

VIDEO: "Lo-lights" from Bush's 2000 RNC Acceptance Speech.

Brother gets 3-year-old sister drunk, police say

there are a lot of upset people here

*********HALL OF SHAME*********

Join me in Pledging to work for a clean sweep in NOV, VOTE DEM

Torture bill should be a rallying cry from one end of the US to the other

Wish Stephanie Miller a Happy Birthday

Some Pictures to Relax To.

Pat yourselves on the back DUers

The Republicans Have Done What Bin Laden Couldn't...

The Metomorphosis... Joe Lieberman

Bush Approval Rating Rises in Polls: Possible Reasons...

My 1st DL to You Tube, Have you had enough? Vote Democratic

Thank you, Senators Clinton and Schumer

September 28, 2006-65 US Senators Vote To Make USA Torture State

This is disturbing! Jesus/Bush worship camps for kids!

c-span taking calls now

The first dictator in the history of the United States...

CNN does it again!

Inside Agitator...a look inside the DNC and Howard Dean's goals.


A salute to the moderators

Will Bernie Sanders ( I ) have any power as a Senator?

FBI covers terrorists as al-Qaeda prepares next American attack

NY-20: Timeline By DWW has SMOKING GUN on Sweeney, FORCED ABORTION!

I have never had more respect for the greatest generation

WP, Cohen: "This Time, Congress Has No Excuse"

Charlie Rose Thurs: CHRIS WALLACE & RICHARD CLARKE & Al Hunt

Law professor describes torture bill as the mark of a banana republic

Better names for the Republican Party, 9/28/06

My friend just arrived in Iraq.

Do we now live in a Dictatorship?

Not just a whisper campaign: Bush is FOCKING CRAZY and I think some media


Before you behead Menendez and other Dems up for election

OMG! Jason Jones(The Daily Show)getting even funnier and Jim McGreevey...

Senator Dorgan wipes floor with Bushworld apologist Tom Friedman

"Thank the pResident"


Kucinich on the torture bill

If ever there's a day to call in sick, make it OCT 5....

LAT: Texas Governor's Race Both Colorful and a Little Kinky

Atmosphere in the WH

What Secrets Is the 'NYT' Keeping for Condoleezza Rice?

U.S. Health System Gets Failing Grade Compared To Other Industrialized Nat

Economic Report: U.S. Economy No Longer The Most Competitive In The World

Never, in all my time at DU, have I composed as many posts


Attorney Says Insurance Company Political Lobbying Undermining Workers Com

For those of you who are HOT HOT HOT on either side of the torture vote

Surveyusa: Dewine, Santorum and Burns least popular in the Senate

A remider to those of you stating you will NOT vote in retaliation

From the grave-a note of friendship addressed to the American president

Open letter to Senators Lautenberg and Menendez a tirade.

So who do you support when your Senator is a bu$h loving repuke

The GOP NO ANSWER PARTY::: The Republican Party is void of

GOP tactics

Lamont should highlight Lieberman's support of the torture bill.

"Are you people insane?" - Shame on the United States Senate.

I knew I shoulda joined the National Guard!

If you ask ten people to define habeas corpus .....

Is the ACLU the next best tool to fight the torture bill?

I remember living in a place called America

California becomes global leader in the fight on global warming

GOP - The Un-Christian party of war and torture

On the passage of the torture bill -

On good men doing nothing. (please RECOMMEND)

George Allen, up for a 2006 Strommy Award

So, JoeHole Lieberman voted FOR TORTURE, eh?

How do you think the average US citizen feels about torturing Muslims?

The legalization of torture is the direct result of gross cowardice

Senate Sites Down?

Where the future of American politics should be discussed..

List of Democrats and Repukes that crossed party lines on wiretapping bill

Pre-election solidarity - Black Armbands

Doh, the torture bill is not about torture!

Poll Finds Spitzer Ahead in New York G.O.P. Areas

Just read this on You Tube. A comforting thought in a sickish way

American democracy needs a tourniquet; House approves warrantless wiretaps

Bush: Greatest danger to America is premature withdrawal from Iraq

I'm really getting concerned about Riverbend.

Evil's still evil in anybody's name..

Are the Yahoo message boards worse than Free Republic?

If it's bad enough to suspend habeus corpus, maybe it's time for a draft?

Right wing site recommends putting landmines on the Mexico border

On voting, from Molly Ivins

Did Bob Woodward get his groove back?

Maher Arar: Timeline (the torture of an innocent man)

"at least we don't behead people!"

Starting tomorrow there are 12 democrats on my S**t list and they will

KERRY to campaign for LAMONT in Connecticut

What Rethugs would've done if Clinton called them the "cut & run" party...

ENOUGH! Instead of the 12 traitors, here are the 34 AMERICANS

Feingold: "Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with self-defense."

BOTH of my NJ Senators supported torture? BOTH?!?!?

Here's what we do.

Pollster: Gore won in 2000, media call gave election to Bush

"The State has the right to torture innocent people."

Some DUers on these boards need to read this...

Another Republican Congressional Pedophile

"Then he voted for it"

The Left and the Jihad by Fred Halliday

(Iraqi) Family reeling from matriarch's brutal slaying

Pain of Bush's War seems lost on many Americans

Bloggers and Parties - Can the netroots reshape American democracy?

Woodward: Kissinger advises White House on Iraq

Rep. Jane Harman :Campaign Rhetoric Won't Fix Iraq

Detainee law may not provide total immunity for CIA interrogators

At Checkpoints in Baghdad, Disguise Is a Lifesaving Ritual

Cindy Sheehan: Lift Your Head

In Iraq, a Journalist in limbo

A Must Read Article "Thanks, but I'll sit this one out"

LAT: Wary eye cast on new Japanese P.M.'s conservatism, nationalism

What Fresh Hell Is This? Jane Smiley

Fear Is a Weak Motivator --WaPo

'Terrorist'='Trafficked to the US for a $78k Pakistani-equivalent bounty'?

Rushing Off a Cliff

Becoming Fearless -- The Ripple Effect --Naomi Wolf

LETTER FROM JESUS CAMP (A Parody of ‘Camp Granada’)


It may be business as usual in Venezuela

Kinsley: Bush's Conception Conflict

Senate Wins Fight (Lower Allowable Amps On Detainees' Testicles) Onion

The devil made them do it by Ellen Goodman

Do corporations benefit from being sued?

Scientists develop more powerful nuclear fuel

Gore Addresses UN, Meets With Annan On Climate Issues - ENN

Stanford Biologist - What Now Approaches Is Comparable With KT Extinction

Bush Budget Will Close EPA Scientific Libraries, Block Public Access

Skunks, Moose Appearing For First Time In Canadian Arctic Villages

EPA Announces Virgin-Sacrificing Plan To Slow Global Warming

Sci Am - New Mineral Evidence Strengthens PETM Climate Record

Met Office (UK) Projects SE England Temps Up To 114F By 2100 - Independent

Sunderbans Sinking As Seas Rise 3mm/Year - 10mm/Year In Bangladesh

Split Between Climate Science, Political Changes Wider Than Ever - Reuters

As Climate Warms, Blue-Green Algae Spread Through Quebec's Waterways

A pleasant (if small) note in the horrible chorus of environmental news

Researchers stress adaptation to global warming

Cost Of Limiting Climate Damage - One Year's Economic Growth - Guardian

Average Temps In Great Falls, MT Up 1.5F Since 2000 - Great Falls Tribune

Federal Commissioner - Canadian Climate Policy A "Losing Battle"

Lula Faces Green Skepticism As Brazilian Elections Approach - ENN

Deal Allows Hunting on Calif. Island (AP)

In Teeming India, Water Crisis Means Dry Pipes and Foul Sludge

One killed, five hurt in Rishon Letzion car bomb

AP: Hamas Supporters Rally in Northern Gaza

Victor Davis Hanson: The new anti-Semitism

Israel attacked UN post in south Lebanon with precision-guided bomb - UN

SWC accuses BBC of broadcasting “blood libels” v. the Progressive Magazine

Archived post: How Computers Steal Votes

Experts warn Congress of e-voting woes

Bowen bill would reveal who's bankrolling initiatives. Ahhnold vetos it.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Sep. 28 & 29, 2006 - We Can!

Quote of the Day

Tired of screwed up elections? Ron Rivest shows how to do it right!


Another Canadian soldier gets killed in Afghanistan.

Softwood treaty start delayed

Senate gives Bush broad leeway to interrogate terror suspects

Harper, wife on different pages

It may be business as usual in Venezuela

Pakistan accused of terror abductions

Explosion hits Iran-Turkey gas pipeline (REUTERS)

Congress Chronicles Abramoff's Contacts (485 contacts with WH)

RCMP Apologizes to Falsely Accused Man

Bush was offered Bin Laden and said NO

Ashcroft Is Denied Immunity in Case --WaPo

Bush was offered Bin Laden and said no

GU: US: Iraq failing to tackle death squads

2 relatives of new Saddam judge killed

Commander backs Iraqi PM after criticism

Abramoff had more White House ties

Democrats take shots at Brown, DeWine ( Terrobill )

LAT: Labor Protest Targets Airport-Area Hotels

Poll: Lieberman leads Lamont by 10 points

AP: Senate Approves (by 100-0) $70B for War Spending

Mexico opposed to U.S. border fence

Walt Disney World cutting 125 jobs, outsourcing to contractors

Canadian soldier killed by blast in Afghanistan

(Jeb) Bush appoints 2 to circuit judgeships (attn. for parent of Terri S.

Report: Abramoff team had 485 contacts with White House (AP/CNN)

Rove Comments On Abramoff

Foley submits resignation to Congress

Doubts Aside, U.S. Set to Boost Colombia Aid

some GOOD news- "Massachusetts judge allows out-of-state lesbians to wed"


BBC: Iran mulled nuclear bomb in 1988

Take UK troops out of Iraq, senior military told ministers(Cut & Run???)

Florida Republican Foley Resigns From U.S. House Seat

Bush acknowledges problems in Afghanistan; predicts Taliban ultimately

Democrats Who Back Terror Bill Get Cover

Court Challenge to New Detainee Law May Come In "Days"

U.N. official decries anti-terror bill

Hannity used to sell GM

Democrats cite Woodward book in criticizing Bush's Iraq actions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 29

'The Operation Is On!' Iraq's Sunni Tribes Fight Al-Qaeda

U.S. homework outsourced as "e-tutoring" grows

White House denies understating Iraq violence

At Checkpoints in Baghdad, Disguise Is a Lifesaving Ritual

(Iraqi) Family reeling from matriarch's brutal slaying

Chance at Osama pre 9/11, sez book (Rice brushed off 7/10/2001)

Congress restricts Bush on Iraq spending (slap at the administration)

New leader wants to make Japan a force

Rasmussen: Bush Approval Falls To 40%

WP: NATO Agrees to Lead Allies in All Afghanistan

7 tortured bodies found in Baghdad

Reuters: Tooth a key clue in UN probe into Hariri killing

Rice to visit Mid-East for talks (BBC)

U.S. Congress restricts Bush on Iraq spending

U.S. confirms voice on audiotape is that of al-Qaeda leader in Iraq

Bush says critics swayed by terrorist propaganda

Internet control 'nears autonomy'

US commander:His goal is not to defeat insurgency but leave it to Iraqis

Abortion clinics still face violence

Sen. Coleman says he won't run for higher office if asked

Kathy Augustine's husband arrested for her murder (NV state controller)

(Conrad) Burns jokes about Italian-Americans

WaPo: Card Urged Bush to Replace Rumsfeld, Woodward Says (new revelations)

(CA) State Legislature to Consider Airport Authority's Future

Ala. governor defends white Masonic unit

Al-Qaida No. 2 Calls Bush a Liar

Principal shot in rural Wis. school

Medicare cuts worry docs, seniors

Timken Slashes Forecasts, Plans to Cut 700 Jobs

Democrats press White House on Abramoff contacts

Ex-US Supreme Court justice worries about judicial independence

Reuters: US warns charities on any links to terror groups

Court Challenge to New Detainee Law May Come In "Days"

Reuters: Phone companies shield may be added to security bill

AP: Carter: Bush has brought U.S. "international disgrace"

U.S. commander has doubts on Anbar fight

Feds Give Mortgage Guidance to Banks

Reuters: "UN: Israel used precision bomb to hit UN officers"

EU and U.S. shape a deal on passenger data (itineraries, credit card #'s)

The Sexually Explicit Internet Messages That Led to Fla. Rep. Foley's Resi

R.I. club owners sentenced for '03 fire

Total Curfew Declared in Baghdad

'Hazed' Frat Member Needed Eardrum, Buttocks Surgery

Allen unveils bill to help black farmers

LAT: Legal Battle Over Detainee Bill Is Likely

Newsday: Senator Clinton urges Dean to raise campaign funds

Book Says Bush Ignored Urgent Warning on Iraq (nyt---“State of Denial,” )

Free trade a myth, U.S. executive says

Another teammate confirms Allen used "N-word" (Salon 9/29)

WP: Religious-Right Voter Guides Facing Challenge From Left

India Economy Grew at Torrid Pace Last Quarter

MSNBC: Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) Resigned...

Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering

Am I the only one who doesn't get the whole Halloween thing?

I think I have mumps.

Boston area pet shop burns to ground, arson suspected

Sushi Appreciation Thread!

Black Bear Eats Family's Chihuahua In Front Of Children

...well-adjusted adults with unyielding, often secretive, eating practices

Finally found a place that sells 100% pomegranate juice

I can't stop watching this video...Charlene (I'm right behind you)

So I'm looking for a great political poem for my presentation...

Once again, it's time to EXPORT AND SHOW YOUR PLAYLIST

New Doctor Who season starts tonight on SciFi

make up a blatant lie about a right wing pundit


I've Finally Done It...

Michigan Sports Radio Talk Show Hosts Melts Down On The Air....

Songs that send shivers down your spine (in a good way)

Best band name

For all my fellow Texans.

It's Friday, I am in a great mood...

I'm doing a century bike ride on Sunday!!! 100 miles in a day!!

(Ladies) Would you donate your eggs?

I just stopped in to get a hug....

Post a cool animated gif (I should be packing)

I just downloaded 58 versions of Ghost Riders in the Sky!

Post here and I'll tell you something that will really upset you

Happy birthday mac56 & VelmaD!!

It doesn't matter how hard you try, how delicate you attempt to be...

I have discovered the best feeling life has to offer.

What do you think of my front door signs? HUGH!!!1! PIX

Holy Food Porn baby!!! Insane Guac!!

I'm going to need your job vibes for a bit longer.

looking for suggestions for dog names

4 Students Suspended For Wearing Same Clothes On Same Day

Doctor Claims He Travels Back In Time To Heal

We went to Ruby's Open House at school yesterday...

Today in music history 9-29

Stick a yellow ribbon on your SUV - Asylum Street Spankers

Just want to let every know that a pair of twins named Rosie and their 10

Name a jerk you like who's supposed to be a celebrity in private?

the perfect wedding gift?

I got a standing ovation today.

My professor spends 10 mins a class talking about "junk" science

I find the concert of Santana hilarious

Switch-hitters, check in!

I find the concept of stain hilarious

I just stopped in to get a slug...

Who's been watching Survivor??


OMG I can't believe the idiots that work for some of these places

(Pet parrots) Would you donate your eggs?

Mark Foley (R-FL) was just pissed he was too old to attend.

I find the concept of satin hilarious

Who are you voting for in 2008? (note which forum we're in)

Would you donate your body to the lounge?

I find the concept of Satan hilarious.

My son got accepted to The University of Copenhagen

I find the concept of Stan hillarious.

DUDE! Like, I'm TOTALLY going down to California, okay?

Floating a Halloween idea for DU'ers...

Favorite Richard Thompson number

It's Friday, I am in the mood...

I got a stabbing ovulation pain today.

Which pic of Satan should I add to my Front Door Sign?

Just forget about voting this year, gang, we're going to lose anyway


Congratulations Hardhead!! 10, 000 posts

I just had the most amazing nap of my life.

I just stopped in to get a drink

How many hours a day do you spend on DU?

Remember "sike"?

"Escaped hamster interrupts jet flight."

I have **HAD IT** with just about EVERY ONE of you (rant!)

An error was encountered, please try again shortly

What the world needs is a flowery urinal

Is the homepage down?

Did anybody watch CSI last night?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/29/06)

So I'm looking for great political porn for my presentation...

I confess! I didn't vote in November 2004

I'm soooo happy. I've finally had a major breakthrough with Evita

How do I keep the knitting out of my cats?

How do I keep the cats out of my knitting?

I don't think i am gonna vote in connecticut in november.

Please DU Poll and help support a fellow DU - Lisa0825


I don't think i am gonna vote in indiana in november.

Why would parents do this?

Billysank..or any other DU'er from Europe or Canada..

Chess championship rocked by restroom scandal

Am I evil?

today is Stephanie Millers Birthday!!!

Congratulations to my (non-DU'er) friend

I don't think i am gonna vote in kansas in november.


Yah! It's time to slice eachother to pieces again in GD:P!

Speaking Of Torture...Jim Nabors & Leslie Uggums

My little Cubbie Baby

The ICY Cold Stare of the... (Big Pic)

Seeing Carol Burnette tonight--request for advice

A Health/Heart-related question

I just stopped in to get a chug...

Worst torture scene in a movie?

Stick a magnetic ribbon up your SUV

I've had worse things in my mouth.

Dun dah dah-dah-dah (manah manah), dun dah-dah-dah (manah manah)

I just stopped in to get a pug...

I just stopped in to get a shrug...

I just stopped in to get a tug...

The Perfect Holiday Gift


I just stopped in to get a rug....

Mars Rover Opportunity Reaches Victoria Crater

Just so you know - The Rapture Index is 156 this morning.

How many hours a day do you spend on

There's a chill in the air, I smell apple cider outside, and the leaves

BTW- the "Survivor" racial tribe thing is over after 3 shows

You think you know somebody~

Given the choices, which show is funnier?

Good morning everyone :o) (no pictures today)

In 45 minutes, I'm taking my first exam in almost 10 years.

My pants smell like a slough and my shirt smells like birds

I have to sell hot dogs tomorrow. What do I wear?

La lalalalala lala

All my life I have been fascinated by me......... [View All]

Anyone here read any Harry Turtledove?

This would be a better world if

It takes 3 days to get

Need Help... My friend is in charge of Blood Drive

Mars Rover Opportunity Reaches Victoria's Secret


One thing that really bugs me

I write Database Reconciliation Procedures that make the whole world sing

Opinions needed please!

Doggie help! Can anyone drive from Greensboro NC to

aaaaaAAAAAaaaaa ... AAAAA!

dupe nt

Why does picking up a guitar always make the phone ring?

Hey, Happy Birthday to Confucious

Man Sits Next To Jockey On Airplane, Sprayed Him With Perfume, More...

'Telepathic' Chiropractor Surrenders His License - Charged $60/Hour

The Radical Fringe toons are now on COMIC SHERPA!!!!

These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty

And the world gets smaller and smaller...

Well, I'm bored, hopped up on percs and watching "The X-Files."

I think I have pumps.

ok, who killed the lounge?? HELLLOOOO!!!!!!!!1111

YAY for me ! I got a higher job at my job YAY !

My brother threw up when I told him Screech was in a porno...

See alot of TSing went on around here last night after I went to bed

BBC: Beijing's Penis Emporium

Motherboy used to rock pretty hard in the 80s

Wash me.

So.. I'm not sleeping tonight

Anyone else surprised they don't have more advanced torchure techniques?

Did you ever think about how much data can fit on a 1 GB SD card?

Just watched one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes!!

anyone seen Screech's sex video yet?

Dog Shot In Leg Needs Someone To Foot Bill

I passed 16000 and didnt even notice till now

And now, a moment of zen.

Doctor My Eyes

What's that Lassie? Timmy's getting e-mails from Mark Foley?!?!

I am sick

I'm not going to vote at all in November.

I think I Caught Some Gay from Haruka!

I'm Linking To A Thread In GD For All You Lizards (Cause It Made Me Smile)

I want the names of every goddamn famous DU'r here

Would you donate your body to science?

Do you consider yourself a sensuous person?

For those of you who have been in abusive relationships...

Favorite oxymoron

There IS one bonus to getting sick

Best Weird Al Video ever

Vote for Cali...

buddhamama ROCKS!

House Passes Measure on Religion Suits (ACLU vs religious displays)

Kenneth Humphreys: The Dark Age Restored

Episcopal Church head says split would cause chaos

Cleveland Clinic--Reiki, yoga and acupuncture dovetail with Western scienc

Saw a woodpecker last week and didn't know what kind it was

creationists on campus

Gay groups doubt sincerity of Zuma's apology

Alleged Gay Bashing Incident With UVa Students

Schwarzenegger Signs 'Gay Panic' & LGBT Housing Bills, Vetoes School Bias

Transgender substitute teacher hired; no audience comment

Protestors Fail To Stop Homophobic Musician's Concert

Judge: Rhode Island Gay Couples Can Marry In Massachusetts

Kramnik forfeits game 5 of world chess championship; match in doubt

I've been sent another dream...

What is up with the recent school shootings?

Rick DiClemente's Starself for October '06

A little shameless self-promotion

Sorry -- no longer can verify Allen/Webb tied.

Nasty hit piece on Deval Patrick w/ a side of Kerry bashing for fun

Trascript of interview with Paul Zahn

Anyone in charge of putting Kerry's speeches and QandAs on YouTube?

Hillary and the Blogs: Gaining Traction

Ok - shoot me - - I'm vain (to an extent)

Kerry to campaign for Lamont in Conn.

Interesting kos post

Rumsfeld lies!

“Let America Be America Again” - article about JK's speech today

Ahm, can I just point out, that for all the Massachusetts bashing

Perfect example of how the media smear Democrats. This is about

Feingold, Kerry introduce Resolution to Refocus U.S. Efforts on

Is Allen going to win? Will all this racist stuff have an impact?

Great kick-in-the-ass post

Leslie Gulch (10 pix)

My first post in this group

Mount Baker, Part Deux...

Katies Revenge

You Be The Decider...Let's Have Some Fun

With Facts & Polls Against Them, MSM Calls In The Pundits To Defend *

US House approves Bush eavesdropping program

Smilies For Today:

My Turn: Reading, writing, and recruiting

What's that putrid, rotten, filthy stink coming from Iraq? FREEEEDOM!

We have all just entered Bush’s Room 101.

Suicide attack on Baghdad army post as violence surges

old quotes can be very relevant today...

has anyone seen the film "Iraq for Sale:the War Profiteers"

Iraq lost $16 billion on oil exports due to attacks, bad equipment

A very compelling portrait of Mike Malloy has been posted

Are there some political principles worth dying for?

Moon to become the next UN gensec?

2,710 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice


I need someone to tell me everything is gonna be alright.

After all, it was really only a clarification...All Hail Bush!

America the prison surrounded by towers

* Enablers (Mistakenly) Think They're Not On His Enemies List

What group would ROVE wiretap first

Bernie Ward's raging on over the 'terror' bill - stream link

Anyone else a bit freaked out and afraid to go to bed tonight?

What are the prospects of this torture bill going up before SCOTUS,

It's time for all these worthless politicians to lose their jobs

IF all this effort to pass uncontitutional laws was put into victims

Who can challenge the Detainee Treatment Act in court?

so how will the legal challenges to the torture bill work? . . .

O K then mr. bush.

House o.k.'s Wiretapping, Senate o.k.'s Torture. Only in America.

Feminist theories....

Need a little help here re Torture Bill...

Democrats - The Constitution Party

I am American, but that Country Doesn't Exist Any More

So- who thinks Bush is leaving in 2009?

US Congress Irresponsible on Antiterrorism Bill

Hewlett Packard's Spying vs. George Bush's Spying

"..When a long train of abuse and usurpations, pursuing invariably

But don't Republicans hate moral relativism? ; Click on Mosaic (If your not familiar)

What happens when governments operate in secret

Conservatives try to nail Murtha with bogus ABSCAM accusations


CAPTION W's post presidential job training

If you are tired of Nelson and the She-Devil--- Look here.

"They All Look The Same To Me"

Haven't the goddamn senate Democrats ever heard the word "filibuster?"

So I guess emails re: terrorists torturing Americans will stop now?

Macaca campaign tries to tar Webb with obviously false "n-word' allegation

RUMMY Impeded & RICE Ignored bin Laden & Terror Fight In 2001

85 Bodies found in Baghdad in 24 hours. Let's hope no civil war breaks out

Amnesty: U.S. Rubberstamps Torture

Victims of the Volksgerichtshof (Roland Freisler revisited)

What's the difference between 9-11 and the WTC bombing of '93?

Report: Abramoff team had 485 contacts with White House

This is a work in progress for an LTTE, any suggestions


Anyone else listening/watching Washington Journal?

Words of Wisdumb From The Decider


Included in the bill...

New Fox Unit to Produce Christian Films

19 year old David is back in the USA.. (after a hellish year in Iraq)

Attn: Veterans, Supporters of Veterans and History Buffs

How much more damage can Congress do today

Can anyone do a quick translation from Dutch to English, please?

Radical Fringe Cartoon - Fri. 9/28.. the "pep" rally

Ctr. for Constitution Rights condemns removal of habeas, will challenge it

Expressions no longer operable:

this is the best psychological analysis of Bu$h yet.... LINK>

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 29 Sep 06

So Dems win in a Landslide in Nov. What are they Gonna Do About It?

Bob Woodward's "State of Denial:" classify the truth coming out of Iraq,

Smirky blew his dog whistle

So, I can put away my tin foil hat now?

Yesterday, Senator Leahy spoke for me. Thanks, Senator.

Hey! Dictators are supposed to be eloquent and charismatic!!

Congressman Conyers:Democrats Exhibit Strength in Bucking the President

Bush was offered Bin Laden and said NO

Well thats it.....your freedom is now

We know they lie, but what are they keeping from us?

Documents to download to help us remember.

10AM CSpan3: "Distance Learning" class on Media, Money, Political System

Rise of American Fascism by Chris Hedges (KO's guest)

Bob Woodward - Stealth Author/Reporter?

Judge: Detainee may sue - Ashcroft Denied Immunity in Case

I thought I'd resurrect my 1000th post-Bush scandals-enjoy

This Country is coming apart.

The repubs are just trying to protect us...

The most fucked up thing about what we saw yesterday...

are we caught in a time warp?

Nation: At Moon's Washington Times: racism, sexism, generational change

2fer-Poppy:Not my fault. OliverSTONE:Shrub set back U.S. by 10yrs

El Diablo time again 9.40am

Spread the Word: Bush to Cut and Run from Iraq after 2008

The Enabling Act

Michael Smerconish - "SOB Arabs"

Iraqi Journalists Charged Under New Laws Criminalizing Speech Against The

Facebook freeptard smackdown

So,President limpnuts is talking again on CNN

Should you engage a * supporter, ask them one simple question:

Outrageous!!!! This is the real reason for this law.....

We deserve this for letting McCain fight our battles for us...

Hooray for the KOEB wishing Steph a happy birthday!

Challenging the Torture Bill, through the back door

Finally! NotBannedYet has a brand new cartoon!

Which is more rude? "Dems are cowards" meme or Dems being cowards?

who's afraid of the big bad bush, the big bad bush, the big bad bush?

Report Finds 82 Contacts Between Abramoff and Rove

How to fight Rightwing Terrorism

Just Breaking on Raw Story: over 100 Homeland Sec. Computers Missing

* just said that the "terraists" are in Iraq because he has denied them

can bush be charged with betraying our constitutional democracy?

More from Woodward: Andy Card Urged Bush to Replace Rumsfeld

Ex-Prez Carter: Bush has brought U.S. "international disgrace"

our Congress looks incredibly small and insignificant compared to . . .

Called Stabenow: They are getting a BOATLOAD of negative calls.

America has been in a persistent vegetative state since 2000.

So - How do we take our country back?

A proposed guideline for adjudicating torture

From whence our hope? Our history

2000 was a coup.

WASHINGTON JOURNAL on C-SPAN: Guess who was just on?

Poll: 4 in 5 Iraqis Say U.S. Military Causes More Violence Than It Stops

How would you have voted on the torture bill?

Iraq's new National Motto

Carter: Bush brought 'international disgrace'

GOP is urging their online listserve to vote

We're in the midst of a political season where there are no rules...

Moral relativism and torture.

My response from FEC on "The Path to 9/11" -better than I expected

A modest proposal . . .

Interesting, compilations of old (mostly) Democratic ad spots on youtube

Howard Dean coming up on CNN n/t

Three school shootings in a week

Bush is the Emperor now...

Iraqi reporters jailed for "publicly insulting" government officials

Robert Byrd on C-Span2 now. Always a pleasure to watch!

Howie Dean on CNN now n/t

March, 2007: The Democratic-controlled Congress repeals the detainee act

The Oliver North File

White House: "These Are The Records Of A Liar" (Abramoff revelation)

Abramoff re: Rove: "He's a great guy..anytime we need something let him.."

Got a letter from Katherine Harris

It turns out that 'Path to 9/11' was partially written by the BUSH ADMIN!


"I am a man of constant joy..."

Government report: Over 100 laptops missing from Dept of Homeland Security

Southern Baptists solidly behind War Criminal Bush, leader says

"Jebbie says we got it!" Ellis shouted to the Fox decision team

Now, I am not surprised. (About torture.)

Here is my email to cnn this morning

BREAKING NEWS ON CNN!!! Holy shit, stop the presses.

You Think Its Bad Now? Wait Until The Signing Statement

Please help me establish some historical perspective re: the torture bill

Heads-up! Howard Dean coming up on CNN to comment

Listening to El Diablo Bush

Oliver Stone: "I am Ashamed For My Country"

Iran and Turkey Prepare for War in Iraqi Kurdistan

A Must Read Article "Thanks, but I'll sit this one out"

So now that Habeus Corpus has been pretty much suspended...

Karen Hughes opens flap again. Look at what falls out...

America Is Like The TV Show, "Saturday Night Live"

Can someone give me an alternate stream for Sam Seder?

Well, I Guess We Now Know What Happens When The Xians Run the USA

Chinese newspaper article on 'terror bill' vote w/ Abu Ghraib photos

Has anyone ever tested positive from a TB skin test? I did today and

The New and Improved Bill of Rights

It is thoroughly, absolutely mind-boggling to comprehend the ego,

How soon must we Democrats truly go Underground?

Bush: "You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism."

Anyone seen this film yet? - The Peaceful Warrior.

In the next 5 and a half weeks I want to see no one at DU

"In darkest night, the stars shine brightest." All stars post here.

Brunch with Bernie on Thom Hartmann. Discussing yesterday's travesty.

The Pessimist & The Optimist

What is the Value of Defeatism?

How about the next Dem president designate Repugs "enemy combatants" and

'Iraq Civil War' gets it's own page on Wikipedia

Prime Suspect -- Mother Jones on the real estate bubble. Well

In the currant political climate, what book or movie do you feel

Can we discuss the phrase "N" Word/ N-word?

Does anyone else remember how the Whitehouse administered

Bottom line: WHO is responsible for what's happening? WE ARE.

An observation - Is the use of the word "DEMS" on the rise?

No Chairmanships for Quislings

Iraqis Re-Institute "NO Criticizing The Government Law"

No more watching Bridge Over the River Kwai and being appalled

Bush was offered Bin Laden and said no

For whatever its worth...I called my Senators to thank them

I Was Just Tortured For A Full HOUR! "freedom, freedom, freedom"

That darn Kucinich!

America has not spread "liberty/freedom" the terrorists have spread


By the time NON-NeoCon Repubs Wakeup, It Will Be Too Late....

No one knows

When is it civil war???

The Difference Between US and Them?

The latest NYTimes's hack job on Hillary

Does this new detainee bill apply to American citizens?

Democrats! How's this for an October Surprise? ...INSPIRE US.

"You are against Bush or you are with the Terrorists!"

On to the Next Right Thing

Establishment Clause could be killed along with Habeas Corpus


Why we are losing

Who are the Repukes that voted against torture?

Idea for new forum: Defeatists and Whiners

You won't hear this in the media

U.S. commander has doubts on Anbar fight

weak on terror / coddle terrorists - there's our message

While we are debating fine points, repukes are accumulating control

Dan Rather raring to go on his new cable show

Please DU this CNN poll - has Bush been honest about Iraq

Anybody else getting email from MANY dems asking for cash today?

A few toons

REPUBLICANS: The Torture Party bumper stickers. Where can I get one?

* - "You do not create terrorism by fighting terrorism" - story and pics

What happened to Jose Padilla, Yaser Ramdi and John Walker Lindh?

The next Dictator will be a Democrat.

Dean says Bush Continues to Peddle His Failed Foreign Policies

Democratic Press COnference on

MarketWatch: Arianna Huffington challenges "Cult of Objectivity"

Hartmann's got a "blame clinton" guy interview now.

Main camera on aging Hubble (Space Telescope) shuts down

Graymail = Hearsay?

Dan Rather's new show will air 10-24 on HD Net

Where did all the Diebold fans go?

National Security Threat: The Internet

Looks like a tough month for the bush Administration: FRONTLINE


After We Win In November...

How many wussie-dems would vote to suspend elections?

Mommy, What's Waterboarding? by David Swanson

Take the battle to where it NEEDS to be taken - Outside major TV stations

Imagine it's 2009 and Hillary Clinton is president

I just thanked "my" senator (Pryor) for helping destroy my beautiful

Jackson Browne website has Sy Hersch and William Rivers Pitt

"Oh yeah, well we're not as bad as the Nazis!"

A letter the the editor in news print need your help before I send it

This just in from Amnesty International targeting companies that violate

Remember the website ""

A friend of mine (Mike) has an Iraqi neighbor.

Nazi Propaganda Compared To Conservative Propaganda

America:A Rant

seriously how do you explain

Thomas Jefferson's words

Court Challenge to New Detainee Law May Come In "Days"


Bush Free Trade Plan Puts Amazon (rainforest) up for Grabs

Earthquake in Venezuela

I am very depressed and sickened.

Giving the Devil the benefit of law

How pray tell does pissing off the rest of the world

Popular Christian Right group actually attempted to launch a coup in 2004

Corporate Personhood

How can grassroots Republicans "support freedom" while hating freedom?

Petaluma sex sting show airs tonight

On AAR: Kerry was invited to Values Voters' conference . . .

I want to be free. What should I do?

We need to count.and record every word coming from the mouths

I don't think i am gonna vote in kansas in november.

So the Torture Bill - I'm assuming this is going to the courts

RIP Staff Sgt. Jose A Lanzarin, #2710, my condelences families (list here)

(VIDEO) "How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?"

Do we have a list of the "yea" and "nay" dems on the torture bill?

Study finds higher yields, lower costs with organic cotton in India (28/9/

What Did McCain/Warner/Graham Accomplish? Ivins Link....

Dems smacking GOP around on C-SPAN

Ottawa OK’d pact to let U.S. arm Great Lakes

Human Rights Watch on Detainee bill - NO!

Remember that Congress was complicit

Would You Consider Voting For a Republican Who Said This?

Shifting Baselines.

* DOWN to 40% in Rasmussen.

Evidence Clinton's Fox bashing catching on: Barbara Boxer did similar

For DU Lawyers, Your Legal Education Is Now Worthless

The Democratic Party needs to include FDR clips in their ads

Help me out here. This should be fun.

White House spied on the Senate

Some synagogues waiving holiday fees

Anyone "who knows Rove knows that he doesn't drink alcohol"

I would spit in Bush's face if he was standing in front of me right now.

And now, on a lighter note: Michelle Malkin, Girl Gone Wild

Please DU this Need help!!

Do not buy GM cars

Let's not forget about Halliburton's "immigrant" detetion centers...

First law passed by new Dem congress?

How will they top Black Thursday?

Has Woodward done it again?

Foley helped Bush steal 2000 election. "This election is over"

dupe; please delete

Randi is mentioning WillPitts "In Case I Disappear"

Randi just mentioned Will Pitt!

Now that it has had time to sink in, people are even more angry...

snowjob on CNN now

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

My letter to the editor about the war crime enabling law.


WH response to Woodward's book: "it didn't contain anything new."

Sherrod Brown's excuse is even worse than I thought!

Who is raising the objection to Conrad's farm bill?

Flashback >> Silberman/Robb commision based info from Woodward's book

Court Challenge to New Detainee Law May Come In "Days" (TPM)

info on Olbermann's ratings........

Mark Foley (R-Child Molester)

Creative destruction

If I could put a

"I understand the radical change in the nature of our enemy,

Prediction: More whispers

Don't be scared, It's all Local Politics

How do I explain to my children what happened yesterday?

Non political question about starting a post

Mark Foley tried to stop media recount of Gore victory

Help, please. What exactly is an "enemy combatant?"

tonight on "Dateline" Republican internet predators edition.

WP, Dionne: Why Bill Clinton Pushed Back

Zawahri calls Bush a failure

For the truly paranoid among us.

Will the US military be allwoed to torture inside the USA proper?

"Foley, the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing/Exploited Children"

Parts of the Act you should know: You spy? You die.

Declaration of Grievances Against Federal Officeholders of United States

BUT Foley fights for children

Pro-active action: Join ACLU today/get Congressman Conyers email --

Mark Foley will not run

If you haven't read 1984 yet...

GOP's rendition/torture strategy similar to others throughout history

Gee....A Friday Afternoon Resignation?

Pelosi : on Abramoff and White House Officails

Fight the Right

Psst! Wanna join the CIA? Take this Personality Quiz!

Carter and Clinton should take a STAND against the bill and explain to

A spot in the sun (AMAZING PICTURE)

"It doesn't send the signal that we would have expected after Abu Ghraib."

From the Declaration of Independence to the Declaration of Dictatorship...

jennifer loven get`s "bush slapped" by the emperor

anyone have a list handy of the votes on the Specter Amendment yesterday??

DU this phone poll (and cost the PA GOP a few pennies with each call)

It Amazes Me That Baby Doc Bush Has The Gall To Say

bush Praises Repressive Kazakhstan President/Dictator

The sexual predators write the anti-sexual predator laws.

Gen. George Washington. What he thought about the current atrocity.

"I'm George W. Bush, and I approve of this message. And so does Karl."

What is the torture bill, really?

Bush’s Key Iraq Advisers: Kissinger, and His Dog

Spin This! Rummy impeded bin laden efforts BEFORE 9/11

Hugo Chavez question

Something strange: The Right fears the anti-torture pro-peace crowd

So: who's next to resign or be indicted?

Shouldn't we call it stupid if the intelligence is always wrong?

Parts of the Act you should know:Flash sign at judge?Punishment uncertain

With Foley's resigning, a timely reminder......

Rep. Foley also had AIM chats with references to sexual organs and acts

US commander says insurgency in Iraq is unlikely to be defeated

Report: "Better hurricane research needed - will include Global Warming

Parts of the Act you should know:Obstruct Justice? Commission decides fate


caption this * pic...

even cat lovers break Godwin's Law.....

Bush says critics embrace propaganda hours before Al-Qaida No. 2 video??

Parts of the Act you should know: Destroy property? Any punishment

Bush insists progress being made in Afghanistan

Was a flight nearly diverted on account of two affectionate men?

Parts of the Act you should know: Bush crimes? Pardoned

Amnesty International's List of how the Torture Law violates Human Rights.

Best. Yahoo. News. Parody. Ever.

Parts of the Act you should know: Breach of allegiance to US? Rules apply

These freaks are the ones in charge of "regulating" the internet(s).

CNN: Talking about Woodward Book "Bush Admin. deeply dysfunctional"

Does America understand Repubs are gonna attack IRAN ??

"It Can't Happen Here" . . . a novel by Sinclair Lewis (online book) . . .

Sherrod Brown on Schultz, Talking About Detainee Bill, E-Voting NOW

They Secretly Call Themselves "Christocrats"

anti-child porn bill from Rep. Foley's own site....


Iraq at the Gates of Hell: Chilling Stats of Dead, Tortured & Insurgency

how come no one says "drip drip drip" here anymore?

He's half the man he used to be

CSpan - David Obey "Bush is weak on terror & a Hypocrite"

What will it take for the repubs to clean up their party of corruption...

Parts of the Act you should know: Speedy trial? Self-incrimination? No

Feel Better! Caption Fat Tony!

She died an ordinary death in Iraq, at least by today's standards:

Repubs put pedophile chair of House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Kids

Parts of the Act you should know: "I'm no terrorist!" We say you are

Parts of the Act you should know: Review of fitness of judges? Forbidden

'Jesus Camp' Debate Rages On (teaching children to be cannon fodder)

With Foley's Resignation, our chances of retaking Congress have improved

Parts of the Act you should know: Restrictions on Punishments? Zero

Looks like Mark Foley (r) Fla. Just Quit!

Another conservative turns on the bible beaters - Dick Armey

Rep Mark Foley (R-Fla) sends inappropriate e-mails to ex-page

From NPR - Easy to understand breakdown of the new law.

Parts of the Act you should know: Record of proceedings? Maybe

Pedophilia and Internet Porn - that's a scandal Merkins can understand

Don't Just Get Angry About This Travesty -- Get Loud!

Michelle Malkin Gone Wild.

Byron Dorgan (D-ND) Now Up In Senate Reviewing *'s Sorry History On Terra

With apologies to Winston Churchill:

"Cafferty "What are we becomming" video

Question: What Issue is A Red-letter Issue for You?

Parts of the Act you should know: Challenge judge? Judge decides challenge

Time running out to nominate a Democrat to labor board (* dragging feet)

Michaelmas !

Freeper on Randi right now...

Give Foley's DC Office A Call....


Stone: "Bush has set us back 10 years."

Breaking CNN: Things going SO WELL in Baghdad, sweeping curfew imposed

Iraq a "democracy"... ROTFLMAO!!!

Out of the mouth of Mark Foley...

imagine what its like to be fighting in Iraq?

Parts of the Act you should know: Rape? Commission decides punishment

Ayman al-Zawahri is still around to taunt us

Good thought: Vote "NO" on ALL California Ballot Initiatives

Will any of the people that did the abuses at Abu Ghraib?

Congress man Foley (R) Resigns Over Sexually Explicit Messages to Minors

Nadler (D-NY) "This is worse than what we rebelled against England for!"

Great conversation today with former rabid Bush supporter : )

Could yesterday have been the last dying gasp of this administration?

Yes, I know he flip flops...but Tweety was PLEADING with Murtha

"Are you talking about the terror 16 year old boys feel when hit on by GOP

Passenger detained for writing "Kip Hawley Is An Idiot" on bag

Foley's actions were felonious and we should be able to track him

what was that interruption? was it a DOS attack? whenever there's good

Parts of the Act you should know: Who it applies to? Aliens, at least

Try or die. That's it. That is the only choice we have.

anyone who starts a sentence with look. listen, fact is

WAsn't Foley instrumental along with Lindsay Graham in Clinton's Impeachme

Image of Foley's letter of resignation - pic

FUCK the Republicans

Foley's Departure Screws Florida GOP( name will stay on the ballot)

I am telling you they are all CHILD MOLESTERS, CROOKS, CRIMINALS

Do Sexual Predators have a mental disease?

We Need A New Party For Ballots

Hastert & Frist have to change subject from terror bill to Foley - pics

Obey:President's Record on Homeland Security Funding

For your "EDUMACATION" DUers.

It's time for mass action., Locations of protests Oct 5

A picture of the Perv ...

The next great American conspiracy...

Remember This? "Mark Foley Targets Nudists"

The next great American conspiracy...

al Qaeda Iraq #2 audio tape; US intel can't confirm voice, Tony Snow can

You wanna see what waterboarding really is?

A peek at reality

Foley, another Republican hypocrite

Is this the page in question with Mark Foley?

Last night I saw America sleeping in the streets...

You wanna see what waterboarding really is?

Check this website out: "STOP REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILIA"

Mark Foley (R-Child Molester) voted for the Clinton impeachment in 1998

I'll take Republican pedophile hypocrites for $200 Alex. n/t

On AAR -- Thom Hartmann (?) -- This Bill Legalizes RAPE!

My daughter finally found a Walmart

Torturers: Ours or Theirs?

How many of your congressional leaders have had town halls in your cities?

Dem leaders rebuttal of Shrub, based around Woodward's book, on CSPAN1 now

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann and that freeper?

FOLEY'S CRUDE, SEXUAL IM'S TO MINORS HERE (Also, Could be Prosecuted!):

AP: Gingrich Urges Overriding Supreme Court

(VIDEO) Shepard Smith splits from the program again, savages Bill Kristol

Has anyone ventured over to freeperville to see...

How many people is the govt. holding?

Why is Mark Foley an evil pedeophile while women who sleep with

GM Hires Fox News Mouthpiece Sean Hannity As Spokesman

please DU this gay marriage/constitutional ban poll..very close right now.

LOOK HERE FOR INSPIRATION - What gets you through the night?

These have started to take off peeps...

"I'm 77 yrs. old and I work as a waitress.and without

Page: US Congressman Mark Foley generates excitement on the floor!

Thom Hartmann just finished reading from the Declaration of Indepedence...

Iraqi Curfew Imposed...The reason...An attempted coup!

Dobbs: North American Union - NOW!

ABC going for the jugular, RE: Foley. Providing

DU this poll ---->

Pitt's worried about being Targeted.....It's true what he says..but would

didn't W cut and run from Saudia Arabia, as per Osama bin Laden's demands?

Pat Campbell on Tucker just said he wants Mann coulter to run in Foley's..

Parts of the Act you should know: Evidence? No warrant, decided by judge

Boxer Asks HELP for Emrgncy Paper Ballots! PLUS: Feeney's 9/11 Conspiracy!

Weird --> The Georgia Guidestones - Has anyone heard of this before?

Vote to give Jack Cafferty his own show on CNN

Pick Your F***ing Heads Up

Why Newsweek ran different national and international covers

Sad example of RW homophobia

Funny photo of Cheney and Rice in the Oval Office (CAPTION)

...and now we have Waxman giving Rove a pass on CNN/Wolfie.

AIM brought down Foley, imagine what will bring down lawmakers 10-15 years

Today I am reminded of a christian end times novel I once read

When one of their own is caught, wingers turn bleeding heart

Tweety trots out another liar - the cross eyed dude with

Did bringing in Susan Kennedy as chief of staff work for Arnold?

Anyone just see the TN bimbo Blackburn? She recited talking

Ashcroft Can Be Held Personally Responsible For Wrongful Detention

Sludge posts Foley chat transcripts: "Do I make you a little horny?"

Parts of the Act you should know: Torture? Sometimes.

Can someone provide an idiots guide to the new so called torture bill

Parts of the Act you should know: Geneva con.? Yes! Wait, no.

Rep. Pelosi says Bush has become 'Mr. Rosy Scenario'

goddammit, the American people WILL stand up for the Democrats IF . . .

MORON On With Randi

Senator Leahy interviewed on Democracy Now - detainee bill

Gesetzvertretende Verordnungen

Here is my take on reason Sherrod Brown voted for torture

Is there a GOP vs Dem pervert scorecard?

Maybe this new detainee legislation isn't so bad

Notice the headlines with the Foley case: Resigns after e-mails to teens

Dems Will Win Analyzes Abramoff Report, Link - CRIMES, LAWS BROKEN - rec

Weak Dems can shove that "dry powder" up their collective *ss

Iraqi Blog re: Baghdad > "unknown armed men have taken to the streets"

Housing slowdown may hit bank profits ("Positives are starting to fade")

DU was blocked at my Husbands job

Might I suggest fear as a possable tactic

Caption arnie

"They are denying they're in a state of denial."

Shhhh!!! Let's talk about...Mexico...

Does anyone remeber this many resignations in one year

Foley, to Woodword to Abranmoff---lead stories on abc evening

Ugh, Conyers paying tribute to Senselessbrenner on the House floor

October Surprises? Rove thinks they'll help after the September Meltdown?

I have $1,000 - Missing Money. com

A "law" that is not subject to judicial review? Kind of like a

Let me get this straight - did I lose my right to a fair trial by a jury

BlogACTIVE appears to be dedicated to outing gay Republicans

Oh no! They're going to swift-boat Bob Woodward!

Re Foley: Let's remember

Yer doin a heckuvajob Foley!

Thom Hartmann doing a Great "Rest of the Story" on HITLER

Please DU this poll ... it's unbelievable!!

Is there a place I can get this Thom Hartman broadcast?

Stuck in Dulles airport.... Security threat raised to Orange??

Join the military after 9/11

U.N. official decries anti-terror bill "Esp troubling after Abu Ghraib"

Tweety is dicing up this airhead Congressperson from TN

just heard on the radio Foley submitted letter of resignation to Hastert

Iraq: Republic of fear

Tweety 'on' Foley (he wishes)

CNN reading the ABC Foley

Why did the plaster cast kid release his IMs?

Foley says he'd love to "grab the one-eyed snake"

$397 Billion On Iraq


"Survivor" Drops Race Wars

Foley's district: the Florida 16th

Why are we engaging in Swiftboating?

Make Sure Foley Is Long Remembered

Legacies & The Internet

Foley on child model websites (kiddie porn-lite)

Time to cue up some Warren Zevon

is there some problem with crooks and liars?

Joe Biden on Imus (according to Jack Cafferty)

New Hampshire's constitution guarantees legal right to revolution

CNN: Carville slaps down Bay Buchannan

First of all.... This is the Mullahs 14th tape this year....

Help me out with the Foley "ick" factor, please

We are definitely through the looking glass now

After we all finish laughing at the Foley situation

To me this is a true statesman

What you need to know about the Military Commissions Act

Walking through dreamland

Mark Foley - The RW spin - he was gay, being an R is immaterial

Some Dems HAD to vote for this thing.

Parts of the Act you should know: Habeas Corpus? Nope.

Will 2008 mark the end of DU as we know it?

So this is how liberty dies? With thunderous applause

Whats the bottom line driving force behind this nation being so fucked up?

Action Against GM...Go GM car shopping this weekend.

HAHAHA - now I wanna ask each and every DUer

Vet Amputee Duckworth Will Slam Bush In Dem Radio Response

Foley resigns. Freepers blame... democrats!!!

UK military advises withdrawal from Iraq

McCain's ad for Allen (just on Hardball) - jaw dropping

BlogActive on Schultz: "Everyone knew Dryer, Foley were gay."

"Radicalize yourself on the internet" or "virtual Jihadist".

Real Time With Bill Maher: Robin Williams, Richard Clarke and Tweety

Hannity used to sell GM

They torture SUSPECTS

We've lost America. We tried our best, but it's gone.

The party of Richard Nixon, is still the party of Richard Nixon.

I have been calling Democratic Senators for torture all morning

Hearing on e-voting available online

My new photoshop & poster I just ordered. And GREAT quote.

WWJT? "Who Would Jesus Torture"? Does anyone know if there is a

A Great Ad on the Economy from Bernie Sanders. How it should be done

Do you believe some elements of corporate media are...

Pollster: 2000 election was 'stolen' from Gore

How on EARTH is this woman sleeping nights?

WAIT, it Gets BETTER!!! re: Foley

Randi just said the Foley seat is ours, its a done deal

I just joined the ACLU.

How to justify torture in three sentences!

Guess it shows how important AAR really is? --- Malloy...

Civil Disobedience - by Henry David Thoreau

Chris Matthews Just called her "Condoleeza Lice" on Hardball! LOL

ARTWORK: My New Anti-Bush Installation (Fitting Now More Than Ever)

Yet another "oooh, ooooh, oooh, eeek, eeek, eeek, screech" pic

WH's deflections regarding bin Laden before 9/11

ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE: Children handcuffed in police drug raid (dog killed!)

'Bounty hunters...mass arrests...sold(at $5k per) to the US as terrorists simply

Remember it. Repeat it. Choke Them With It.

Letterman . . . Top Ten Chapter Titles for McGreevey's Book . . .

It's NOT defeatism. It's REALISM.

Maybe Bush made a deal to Resign with Congress help? Plausible Scenario?

Top Washington Times Editor's Wife Confirms Racism Allegations

slow things down. please.

Plaster cast fetish?

Copy it. Print it out. Pass it around. Too many have forgotten.

Our American Constitution was created/crafted to PREVENT guys like BUSH

Iran: "The End of Summer Diplomacy; Assessing US Military Options"

Will Woodward's Book Shake Up Lamont/Lieberman Race?

Gutless Democrats saying Aye:

South Africa welcomes skilled employees if Canada won't let us in

What if we lived under a liberal Democratic dictatorship?

Must read article on torture from Rolling Stone

ABC NEWS releases entire chat transcripts of Foley and underage boy

I found a butload of quotes I gathered a few years ago

Isn't this interesting: Woodward, Risen at odds on major point:

On "Torture Day" Judge Taylor DEFIES BUSH Again- He Has 7 Days To Comply

Hey, it's payday. Go join the ACLU! (and rec this thread)

Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering

ALERT, DUers! Bush now at war with public's right to know re: environment!

Chris Matthews just tore up that blonde bimbo...

torture bill passage makes international news

Andrew Sullivan: They (GOP) have gone too far. Vote them out

I consider torturers and their supporters no less scum than child molesters

I need help with a t-shirt design

*** Friday TOONs: Gas and Torture ***

Freeper smackdown!

Lou Dobbs says the immigrants are dumping Lazy-Boys in the desert?


Mommy & daddy bush worried & lost sleep over jr's war in Iraq.

My small part in the War on Terror: No More Republican Insurance Agent.

Take a moment, just a moment, just a wee moment...

Rejecting the Republican Party of Fear

How will America react when a white "christian" is disappeared?

I did it for you..... Responses from Freeperville about Foley

Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering

GM Hires Fox News Mouthpiece Sean Hannity As Spokesman


OMFG! This is beyond outrageous, is this true?


Why Woodward Matters

Why Are Republicans Coddling Terrorists With Wiretaps?

so is there any ethical line that now exists

President Clinton Jails 938,000 Illegal Enemy Combatants

So when are you Republicans going to start bringing decency back

Foley's site: before it gets deleted (and you know it's gonna get deleted)

The world's oldest democracy has ceased to exist.

Educate your children about the constitution!!!!

'Operation Return to Sender' stumbles: PLEASE READ!

UN investigator fears more torture to be used by Bush administration

Stand back everyone! It's gonna blow!

The October Surprise is a done deal. Please read.

What I've decided to do.

Hillary says: incalculable damage done to country in last six years

Afghanistan: Why NATO cannot win

Free Hugs Campaign (video w/ music by sick puppies)

Woodward: Rice Brushed Off Tenet's Warning About bin Laden in July 2001

U.S. allies will fight Taliban - if they don't get hurt

TOONS! "No One Expects the American Inquisition!" Edition (dialup warning)

Sugar linked with mental problems in Norway study

War Crimes Proven: "Rights Not Judicially Enforceable"

Yes, it's bad. No, it's not Nazism.

Hannity or no Hannity: BUY GM cars (or Ford, or Chrysler)

Abramoff report billing records spreadsheet - lots of contacts blacked out

Molly Ivins: Don't be surprised when world compares us to NAZIS

My Crisis of Faith

Hate to be pessimistic, but...

Wehret den Anfängen

The Republican House leadership has known about Foley for a year

Night falls on America.

Sherrod Brown Voted For Torture??

In Case I Disappear

Thoughts on homeschooling

Finally, a voice in the wilderness

Rosemary's New Constitution (written about * in '01)

"may they get exactly what they deserve"-- each and every

John Kerry: “Let America be America Again”

Mark your calendars. 9/28/06 marks the death of the U.S.A. as we knew

Changing direction when other side has momentum..good article.

We should protest and just suspend the Virgina Senate Race

What good is a Democratic legislator who would vote to suspend

Molly Ivins' take on the torture bill

Slapped in the face by Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) - Torture = OK!

If a Dem needed to endorse the Terrorism Law to get elected, it's OK.

How the Dems can win!

Are these real? Here's all 3 Vernon Robinson for Congress" hateful ads

Sen. Wins Fight To Lower Allowable Amperage Levels On Detainees' Testicles

That lunkhead Kramer on CNBC said yesterday

A letter I wrote Sept. 28th to Sen. Norm Coleman, R-MN

George Allen is desperate (Allen Unveils Bill to Help Black Farmers - AP)

constitution not dead, but in a coma, on life support. a friend

So,will Saddam's attorney ask for any torture counts to be dismissed?

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Senate to vote on sanctions against Iran today (House passed Thurs.)

University of Maryland Poll: Most Iraqis support attacks on U.S. troops

D & L: Democrats must be ready to sink the Republican swiftboaters

Whats that quote from WWII ?? They went after the Jews but I didnt speak..

Democrats See Strength in Bucking Bush

Video: The Lies of Bush 2000 Acceptance Speach at the Convention

Vintage W(H)INE from Joe-Mentum

Military lawyers spoke out before Congress sold out American values

Do the children have their placards yet for a stadium display of W's face

The Congress Will Be Home Next Week - Go Get 'Em.

Why I Feel Safer

Republicans The Real Cut-And-Run Cowards

White House Releases Updated Version of the Constitution

Another school shooting ... this time in Wisconsin

Tim Grieve explains Ben Nelson for us

So much for freedom of speech...

Bush is the Emperor...

Photo: Torture Boy thanks Cat Killer & Mitch for his nice new torture bill

Jesus' General sums it all up ...

"We want to bring Democracy to the Region"

We are in the fight of our lives.

Realpolitik 101: 41 needed to filibuster; Senate has 44 Dems + 1 Ind

Oliver Stone: 'I'm ashamed for my country'

Anyone Have Any Good Resources...

Good editorial cartoon by Luckovich

I Just Got This Email From My Right Wing Brother -In law

Prime example of intellectual disconnect - a convo with RW co-worker

Hitting Bottom on Neo-Con Bullshit

Quick question...did Bill Nelson of FL vote agsinst Spector amendment

Friday Poll Dancing

No more Soros $ ?

You know ..... if we can change the use of the word 'war' .......

I know how we feel, but what about the masses?

Interesting comment by Dean on CNN today.

Today seems like a good day to view this oldie but goodie...

Homeland IN-Security: over 100 laptops, 20 printers missing / stolen

The BIG PICTURE: Either we vote for Blue or we vote for Red

AP: Most in U.S. Say Congress Short-Sighted

Anybody else have as much fun as I watching how Woodward...

The Democrats offer NOTHING but endless second guessing

Does anyone have a concise summary posted?

Sons of Confederate Veterans turn on Allen.

Forget party and politics for just a moment .....

UK Interview with John McCain

SurveyUSA (9/29/06) Allen 50% Webb 44%

The Dow may reach a record close today or Monday, but here's the truth....

Do Principles matter in Politics any more ?

No, your not crazy and Yes, you are being watched

Just where is the line in the sand going to be drawn?

Foley's e-mail issue on CNN right now.

When I watch this video from Eminem I get fired up! Don't feel

So, my husband and I called Landrieu's office

Macaca Boy pisses off Sons of Confederate Veterans

It's the Unanimous Consent Agreement that Hurts the Most

See! perception isn't always reality-42% see gas price fix

Open letter to Senator Frank Lautenberg

Waxman on CNN now, discussing sordid activities

What is wrong with Republican pols? Why do so many get caught up in

Who needs money?

Fox Breaking: Al Qaeda's No. 2 Zawahiri Blasts Bush, Pope in New Video

PA-07 Dem Sestak polling in lead against Welden

Photos: "The latest in a series of speeches on the war on terror"

Foley is only a distraction from Abramoff. ABC was running a headline

You DO realize they are going to steal it...

9/11 and the Greenberg Familia (as reported by Democratic Underground)

I'm ashamed about the Dems who voted for torture yesterday too but........

Newsman Woodward Hid Bombshells for $$; Allowed Bush Re-elect

mccain should be made to give back his medals and honours

Civil war? Iraq is in anarchy, chaos. Falling into civil war?

Ok so now we can hold people just because we say they are terrorist..


Rumsfeld: No one anticipated insurgency's strength

U.N. Official Decries Anti-Terror Bill

The Face of a Pervert....

Did we blow the torture bill?

Great Mark Foley Quotes...

Do you still believe Feingolds plan to censurship for Bush was wrong?

Fox gags on Foley

AP: Ala. Governor Defends White Masonic Unit

If the Democrats win back the House...

About NOT being represented by Hastert...

I'm sick of these RETHUGS keep saying the dem's have no plan

This is the last time I will ever write or speak the name "Republican"

Most Democrats Voting For Bush Torture Bill Silent Today

Are you trying to persuade people to vote a certain way in Nov?

Dorgan on Globalization on Newshour. Don't miss.

KO guest Chris Hedge - 'Bush talks in code to Christian Crazies'

In light of the torture vote

They WANTED Armegeddon....

the torture bill will be overturned in the courts. it doesn't matter how

Imus gloating that Lieberman supposed to be 10 points ahead of Lamont

Photo: "Mmmm...I hope we're having fish sticks for lunch. And Tater Tots."

Please, spread the word on this! Legal immigrant held without charge!

October surprises coming early...

7-11 Drops Citgo, Citing Ties to... Chavez (Citibank/Pakistan connection)

Deadline: September 30

How important is an army of yard signs?

Florida Election law says Foley's name will remain on ballot

27% of Senate Democrats voted for Torture. What does that imply?

Foley's Web Site is down...

American voters: Does it have to get ANY worse for you to rise up???

E-Mail List Server Needed

Crooks and Liars site is down hard at this time

Tweety: I like this guy twice, he's said this whats up with him

Ned Lamont gets IT!!!!!!!

Tucker got SMACKED!! down again...

I received my absentee ballot, today! Woohoo!

To keep seat, Republicans will have to vote for a pedophile in Nov

Will limbaugh take Foley to Dominican Republic this weekend

Democratic Duo Brings Bravado to Party

This is your GOP...

My Senator voted FOR torture. In November, I will cast my vote for him in

White House Caving In On Itself And It's Congress

Let's Start a War on Cars!

The Day of the Long Knives...

Bush Administration's First Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified

Honesty in Sen Jeffords Farewell Address Stings

Foley's Departure Screws Florida GOP

The United Sadists of America


Mark Foley's (R-Likesboys) resignation will be hard for the RW to swallow

The ONLY reason I will vote for Senator Bill Nelson

So this is how liberty dies? With thunderous applause

Tweety cuts off Repug Marsha Blackburn

"There ought to be a poll tax to take the literacy test before voting"A.C.

At Risk Of Sounding Negative - We're Going To Lose In November.....

Foley may be prosecuted under child sex predator laws

To Naderites and other third-party supporters...

New Jersey Senate: Menendez ahead for first time in over a month

Dirty Words

This man was tortured.....

"Pity The Election Year Democrats, For They Know Not What They Do"

Seriously, is there a group of people out there NOT offended yet by Allen?

Just thought I'd share this...

Zogby has Lamont and Lieberman in dead heat while

"I hate George Bush"

RawStory: Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia E-Voting Systems in 2002

For Disappointed Democrats

Another Democrat for Healey/Hillman

a warning to the party's center ... and a warning to the party's left too

BTW, I'm pulling the Democratic Lever this Nov. Got a problem with that?

If you can't vote for your Dem Rep/Senator b/c of this torture vote...

Foley's explicit e-mail to 16 year old kid is discouraging Democrats from voting!