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Archives: September 3, 2006

Number of Republicans declines to 32-month low

New book alleges Rove held secret Abramoff meetings

Russian Homeland No Haven For Ex-Detainees, Activists Say

The Year of Living Fearfully

Tom Frank NYT 9-1-06

Guardian:True democrats uphold our liberties - not destroy them

Heifer International. I support this organization, please give them a look

The mystery death, a town in uproar and a $1bn UK mines deal (Bangladesh)

State looks to poison in losing battle with Lake Davis pike (CA)

Haaretz:Bradley Burston : If Israel had only a year to live

Senior Hezbollah militant dies of wounds incurred in IDF offensive

Comptroller wants criminal probe of PM's appointments

"TerrorStorm" have you seen this yet?

I'm going to debate our state's Director of Elections on wednesday...

New Ohio lawsuit alleges ballot tampering in 2004 election

Important Alert For D.C. Voters, re: Incorrect Polling Locations

Bon Cop Bad Cop

Bill Maher is on Larry king Right now ,saying the world is anti -Semitic

Police: Dad kills sons, self on campus visit

Bolvian troops break up gas pipeline protest

U.N. troops to boost patrols near Haiti-Dominican border amid protest

EU gives Iran time to clarify position

Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report

Al-Qaida tape urges Americans to convert

Afghanistan opium cultivation skyrockets

Mexico Leftist Threatens to Block Rival

Iraq, U.S. at odds over military handover

Japanese Cos. Linked to Illegal Exports of Goods Used to Make Nukes

A Demand for Hussein's Release

Healthcare premiums set for state's uninsured (Massachusetts)

I no longer have power to save Iraq from civil war, warns Shia leader

WP:More GOP Districts Counted as Vulnerable-Number Doubled Over the Summer

Friends of Hillary hint she may pull out of presidential race


K.D. Lang did a version of "Helpless"? !

Monk e mail


Question about my Apple IMAC and 6 year old Emachine...

Anyone else watching The Food Network?

self delete

Quick Question for any IBM thinkpad users/owners

Howdy y'all! How's your Saturday goin'??

What does honking at a car on the shoulder mean?

Weirdest Christo installation?

Thinking of a slow comfortable screw against the wall

A short and quick joke... the punchline says it all,,

"I don't think. I actually AM better than you."

Why am I here on a saturday night?


Why is Brent Musberger allowed to live?

Saturday, September 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I'm drunk. Discuss.

Monty Python Video!!!

There are places that deliver pizza, and Chinese, and barbecue

Do you volunteer for anything?

I can hijack your thread, turn it into sexual innuendo . . .

Help me stay awake

Post here if you'd like to insult me!

I just found tatsykakes for sale on ebay

Can you move your pinky toe without your other toes moving?

I just lost my DU phone virginity.

Nude Teens Raising Eyebrows in Vermont

Click on any post and check out the ads by Google at top.....kinda cool.

Can we have a DUWLDWGPPT*?

Poor Andy Gibb

As sun sets on summer, share your memories

Driving MissHoneychurch

Been looking for MrsGrumpy at the Angels-Tigers game on TV

My dog chased a squirrel right up my brother's leg.

I'm bored and angry at God. Ask me anything.

What's your favorite animal?

Back from the blow job Ernesto gave me

At what age did you register to vote (if you need to)?

just got back from a mahvelous pedicure and manicure, boy do

Watercress Rollups

Ask DUers a question about yourself


Going under the knife on Tues. I just have to say....

New Robot Can Identify Wines, Cheeses

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for September 3: The Next Generation

The midwest card is ready to be mail. Contact me. Nice to see you GV!

It's time to investigate the media!


Sunday Talk Shows

9/11 'documentary' praises Bush?

Iraq: “No one understands why we are here and what our mission is,”

Man, I can't wait for Joe's new blog to come out!

Bill Maher is on Larry king Right now ,saying the world is anti -Semitic

DUers feeding frenzy! Hillary may or may not run and Rove either ....

Taliban assassinate Afghan police, battle NATO

Got an email from the Traditional Values Coalition

WH "insider" tells cons: Bush backs off 'Islamic fascists'

Hey Mods - How about a Rocky Anderson Avatar?

Funny Malloy comment

Annan questions Iran Holocaust exhibit

Bush protesters moving operation to D.C.

Important Message For DC Voters, re: Incorrect Polling Places

Friends of Hillary hint she may pull out of presidential race

Iraq War Vets Battle WArs Signature wound Brain Injury cuts

The Good Soldier Houston Chronicle Praises Senator Max Cleland

Re: Malloy firing at AAR: Who/What The Hell is Central Air Media?

Newsweek: The 'Islamofascists'.. debate over what to call the bad guys

GWB appearances/speech zones

Labor Day coming up. Check in if you're working on a campaign

MEXICO: Walking we ask Questions.

I bet you didn't know you had something in common with the NRA:

In case anyone missed it, Larry Johnson (CIA hero) is a DUer!!!

(VIDEO) Katrina flashback: Shepard Smith and Geraldo lose it

Nude Teens Raising Eyebrows in Vermont

"TerrorStorm" have you seen this yet?

David Brooks, Still a Blithering Idiot >>>

Anyone here have a MySpace?

China close to deal to build six nuclear power plants for Pakistan

is anyone watching Bill Clinton discuss poverty on CNN ?

MEXICO CITY: Fox is blocked from giving address

Lack of yellow ribbon magnets equals declining support for the troops...

My Parents Got a Congratulation From *

Native American actor/activist 'sounds off' to FCC

The Big Day Is Coming Up And Dear Leader Does Not Want You To Forget So...

Arrrrgh! Website name

So Armitage Blabbed to Woodward . . . .

I miss Malloy already..

"Radish" and "Radical" are from the same root word?

Boredom in the West Fuels Binge Drinking

Jesus Camp

I No Longer Have Power To Save Iraq From Civil War, warns Shia leader

A question about V for Vendetta (the comic book)

Repukes lie even when they're telling the truth (McGavick)

Do the anti-choice people realize that there is a law against having

Christians Forced To Convert To Islam - I Call Bullshit -

For those that say Malloy spews, TRUTH..

Keith Olbermann said a rebroadcast of “Special Comment” will run...

Yesterday on CNN, saw a segment called "Houston Backlash" where

The local Fox affiliate is airing "Bob Roberts"

Why do so many DUers use aliases/ pseudonyms?

Let's Stop Enabling Bush & GOP, New Orleans Response is ETHNIC CLEANSING

Wasn't Rusty Nelson the Franklin Coverup photographer that was on the run?

Cornered in GD - Politics - have some fun

Maryland Senate Debate will include third party candidate?

Budget cuts hell VA spends $348 million on Travel in 2005

ABC's 9/11 Propaganda Film Consultants: FBI & Tom Kean, Chair, 911 Comm.

Afghanistan’s opium production jumps by nearly 50 percent: UN

Who has the most ironic last name?

KEEP IT SIMPLE: War is corporate welfare

Kerry/Feingold team up to urge diplomatic efforts in Uganda

Fair weather Democrats ?

Are you ready - Convert to Islam, Qaeda tells non-Muslims in America...

Jerry Lewis scorns activist critics as he prepares for annual telethon

Sistani Led His Followers to Elect Iraq's New Regime. Today He Walked Away

Bill Maher is on Larry king Right now ,saying the world is anti -Semitic

Hey RUMSFELD! Who's your NAZI?

GOP Focus on Security Issues to Sideline Other Matters

Number of Republicans declines to 32-month low

Democrats loath to predict win this fall

G.O.P. Hopeful Says Rumsfeld Should Resign (Titanic comes to mind)

From Mission Accomplished to some future POTUS will have to deal with this

Harold Ford's CSPAN Campaign 2006 Appearance...

Hannity on Plame: "Should Joe Wilson say he's sorry for jumping the gun?"

Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

Boston Herald calls for Libby's pardon (This is the media from hell)

Death of A President (Bush) clip shown on FOX NEWS

Frank Rich: Donald Rumsfeld’s Dance With the Nazis

United We Stand. Divided ..... we're fucked.

First Time Released Documents Expose Subservient Congress

Interesting revelation about Rove/media in NYT article

Chapter 9, "A Few Simple Questions: What's in Karl's Closet?" (hypocrisy)

Hey! Check out this cool (Click-able) New York Times 2006 Election Guide!

With Malice Aforethought

FDR understood but do today's Dems??

Election Site Alternative

Can the US ever gain back respect *without* sending Bush to the Hague?

Time Mag: Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away

Zakaria: The Year of Living Fearfully (Iran is Not Hitler's Germany)

Eight billion mysteries stump the little man in the big white house

US ambassador criticism of the Norwegian oil fund's blacklisting of Americ

“The New Spirit of the Age”

Bush and the Ideological Fight of the 21st century

Mr. Bush’s Nuclear Legacy

Lopez Obrador Shows Strength on 2 Fronts

Records raise questions about Florida terror plot

The "O" Word: The Great American Oligarchy

Fascists? Look who's talking

Seniors Taking Anger over Medicare, Social Security to Capitol Hill

Her Majesty's Man in Tashkent

America has failed its blacks

Will the End of Oil Be the End Of Food?

Opposite ends of the labor market face opposite problems (CS Monitor)

NYT Rove's authority declining (Outside White House). If true, this is

Steve Chapman Iraq isn't Hitler's Third Reich

The hungry planet

Friends of Hillary hint she may pull out of presidential race

What we have learned since 9/11 (or What we have lost)

A Letter to Rummy

Foucault the Neohumanist? - The Chronicle Review

Ohio Election – Blackwell's Spokesperson has Changed from LoParo to Lee bu

Why abduct us? We cede our values for free

The New Naysayers

New fall films bring Iraq war to home to U.S.


(Ohio) Numbers foretell a Democratic win

Who killed the newspaper? - From The Economist print edition

Cicero: The first politician

Incumbents may pay for voters' anxiety

The True Iraq Appeasers -- Rumsfeld is one of them

Cornucopians -- A Guide for the Perplexed

As TVs grow, so do electric bills

My compost pile is cooking at a 144 degrees F

Tropical depression 6.

Re-thinking wind power

Permit sought for new reactor at Georgia nuclear plant

The Response From Texas To Global Warming - 16 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

Science tempers fears on climate change (new draft IPCC forecast)

Chinese refrigerators invade Cuba

Freedom (Maine) voters again support wind power

"Overconsumption is no longer a signal of success,"

Texas Ranchers & Farmers Flattened By Record Drought Losses - LA Times

The hungry planet

Fruit Flies Show Genetic Adaptation To Warming - Houston Chronicle

Alaska State Gvn. Cut Funding For Oil Inspections In 2001, 2002 - ADN

Pollution, Birth Defects Powering Unrest Across China - LA Times

Gaza's darkness

Being even-handed not part of Mideast policy

How the IDF blew chance to destroy short-range rockets

Over 500 Italian peacekeepers arrive in Lebanon, 500 more expected

Report: Hezbollah Establishes Child Army

Defense to get NIS 4b in '07, child stipend cuts possible

Wanted: A new combat doctrine

Likud, Meretz Snub Appeal for Emergency Coalition Gov´t

Lebanese PM rejected calls to meet: Olmert

Who's in the bunker?

AP: Iran to Host Conference on Holocaust

Israeli army kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza

Local TV news on 9-11 conspiracy

Seen "Loose Change", the documentary about US role in 9-11?

Studies debunk 9/11 myths

Must read new online journal:

Malloy, Air America and Tarpley's interview

Besieged- interesting article on life in Tyre, Lebanon during the war

Mitofsky, "father of exit polling," dies at 72

Richard Hayes Phillips lawsuit in Cinti. Enquirer politics blog, comments

Internet Voting in 08 Primary & Disfunctional DNC Voting Rights Committee

Freepress: Saving the Ballot Evidence from OH 2004

4 Minutes To Penetrate Voting Machine Security Seals-by Black Box Voting

OHIO: Voter-registration rules tossed

Election Reform, Fraud & News Sunday 09/03/06 - Thank you Judge O'Malley!

Oops, wrong forum. Posted where I was reading.

TX-10: Poll for Fighting Dem Ted Ankrum - Ted Live Blogging

mayor hopes Congress can close horse slaughter plant

REMINDER: The annual Dallas Democratic Labor Day Picnic has moved

Need Honduran Recipes

Our Trip to "Home Goods" Yesterday

What did you have for supper tonight? (9/3)

Toronto Sun: Steve, it's time to wake up

4 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghan battle

Georgia Strait: Telling true lies about Michael Ignatieff

NYT/AP: Indonesia: Baby Boom for Rarest Rhinos

New Robot Can Identify Wines, Cheeses

Israeli army kills 3 Palestinians in Gaza

Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel

NYT/Reuters: Blind Chinese Activist Appeals "Unlawful" Sentence

New book alleges Rove held secret Abramoff meetings

AP: Iran to Host Conference on Holocaust

Studies debunk 9/11 myths

Republican Candidate's Remarks On Crime Add to Racial Tensions

14 British soldiers killed in crash (Afghanistan)

AP: Khatami: U.S. Policies Trigger Terrorism

Iraq: A Sweeping New Report

Annan says Syria ready for Lebanon ties

Russian police stop rally urging truth about Beslan

Iraq PM rebukes Kurds over flag

Iraqi AFP journalist kidnapped

Poverty strikes big cities at opposite ends of Ohio

Two mass graves discovered near Kirkuk -- police source

AP: Mortar Attack Kills 6 Near Baghdad

Iraq Sunni group claims deadly attacks on Shi'ites

Scores die in Nato Afghan clash

4 Canadians die, 9 hurt- Afghanistan.

Agassi’s Career Comes to Close With Loss

Ruling on 527 group only latest in fight over corporate donations

Reuters: Scores of Taliban, 3 Canadians killed in Afghan battle

Critics of Israel 'fuelling hatred of British Jews'

Bomb explodes in Turkey, killing 2, wounding 7

(Canada)Layton calls for Afghan pullout, in wake of soldiers' deaths

Jackson to ask Hizbollah for evidence on Israelis

'Deluded': Extraordinary attack on Blair by Cabinet

Congress Returns for Prelude to Election

Qatar Airways to defy Israeli air blockade on Lebanon

Europe's 1st lunar mission reaches moon

GOP Focus on Security Issues (only 15 Cong. days) Sidelines Other Matters

New Czech PM supports possible US missile defence base

Shays says support of war has not waned

Biden Fires Back at Republicans on Iraq

Violence is uprooting Shiites and Sunnis, splitting Baghdad

Gunmen kill aide of Iraqi Shiite cleric (al-Sistani)

AP: 2 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad blast

KKK calls for US troop withdrawal from Iraq at Gettysburg

Talent pulls even with McCaskill in Senate race

U.S. deaths in Iraq, war on terror surpass 9/11 toll

London Times: Race is on to save the Dead Sea from environmental disaster

Blackwell flush with city cash

Indian IT-majors outpacing rivals in US

NYT/AP: Klan Holds Rally at Gettysburg

Annan tells Iran Holocaust is undeniable

Australian Muslims under pressure as terror fears grow (If Howie had

(Jimmy) Carter to build homes in Lonavla (India)

Fears of 'extreme' TB strain

Democrats on a roll in battle for U.S. Congress

IRS sews up donation loopholes

Kurdish leader threatens Iraq secession

CBS pleads censorship over 9/11 show

* * * Official: No. 2 al-Qaida in Iraq leader arrested * * *

Iraq, U.S. locked in dispute over military handover

Netanyahu to meet with US VP on talks on Iran

CU (University of CO) students punished for time helping with Katrina

Argentina and Brazil take steps toward creating a common currency

Texan may leave Bush post (Medicare director McClellan)

GOP Senate candidate calls for Rumsfeld's ouster

Study: Terror Cases Now at Pre-9/11 Rate

CNN: San Diego Chargers' Steve Foley shot by off-duty policeman

CNN: Warren Mitofsky, "father of exit polling," dies at 72

Phone 'poll' forces Munsil to reveal premarital sex

help with Wordpress?

Take THAT, Judo haters!!!

Take THAT, Bluto haters!!!

what's your bandwidth? (free test)

how vulnerable is your computer?

35 years ago today...

I had a funny thought about the dali lama.....

I have a damn dialer trojan on my do I get it off?

Caption this Kitty!


Guess what I did today?

How come ads on AM radio have sounded the same my entire life?

Question for Do-it-yourselfers: chimney cleaning

My Skydive

WTF do you west-coaters do?

Geography quiz time

Britains Earliest Film Found in Attic 111 Years Later (story from June..)

Anyone ever buy an open item from newegg before?

I hate my neighbors

GEEK ALERT: Orrin Hatch ogled me yesterday... :D

i finally did it

Excuse me, are you Bruce Jenner?

If you people want to get rid of me, find another way.

Ultimate Beatles fans and those into recording techniques

Moral question of sorts

OH my god, I almost just got attacked!

Driving down here from the suburbs, I saw license plate reading FRESH ZN

I got a black market panda

As Master of this house, there are certain things that I expect.

I'm the luckiest person in the world

You know what sucks about this show "Cops"?

So I'm Watching Andre Agassi in what might be his final match

Tom Cruise (finally) apologizes to Brooke Shields

Which of these do you miss the most?

When this Gay Marriage thing becomes legal, I will marry a happy person!

Someone sent me Nostradamus crap

Who else has one of those big balls?

I just put my 2nd person ever on my ignore list

cum on feel the noize

I got a black pirate bandana

Smurfs... Democrats or Republicans?

Finally, a morning cereal that won't get the kids all freaked out

Question on buying own components for Direct TV

For Harry Anderson, the New Orleans Magic Is Gone

How much of this city was actually built on rock and roll?

OK, I'm peeved.

List things that happened in Vegas, that failed to stay in Vegas.

What is your favorite cologne?

Use one word, and one word only to describe

I apologize to CaliforniaPeggy and everyone else...

I've been polite and opened doors for my neighbors on many occasions,

I've never seen Jeremy Piven in anything,

Someone talk me down...

Does anyone have a good video card that supports 1680x1050 wide screen?

Anyone else get goosebumps from "The Internationale"?

Why do people care who loves whom?

What smily are you least likely to use? Why?

Somebody please drag me by the ear into my kitchen.

Try this : Left Brain, Right Brain

I'm a Smoker

Having trouble writing my papers. Someone want to motivate me?

A picture thread as a game: Post an oxymoron and see if we can guess

Ellen Forradalom's Mexican kitchen

Can I get a little help from a vegan please?

I don't know if you guys visit YTMND at all, but...

My compost pile is cooking at a 144 degrees F

Alert! Birthday Cake Thief!

The Trouble with German Beer

Do you have things in your refrigerator that you cant Identify

Stories From The Road: Death of a Dream

I didn't feel like a real DUer until I got 10,000 posts

Ask Me Anything that is Related to Shorts

The *&%$# clamshells that are a pain to open are going away

At What Age Did You Lose Your "Cherry"?

will somebody please bruise me emotionally?

We're doomed!

"Love Supreme" by Coltrane, Pinot by Paradise Ridge....

My genes are too tight. How ya' doin'?

will somebody please ______ me emotionally? (fill in the blank)

Gmail's advertising robot is on crack again.

It's Sunday morning and I have no one to flirt with!

TV commercials you wish lasted longer

My uterus hurts. How ya' doin?

Ask Me Anything that is Related to Sports

Ever have a crown lengthening done?

My newest Calvin Memorial painting

What's a song you love that no one who knows you would ever guess?

Our dog almost kicked the bucket

Shit. Dinner with the landlord. Shit shit shit.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/3/06)

What happened to flvegan and his 14-inch biceps and his cute little dog?

"You don't get much more patriotic than the president" Um... ok.

Caption this Hunter!

Disqualifying conditions for the presidency

Potluck Help: Please share your easy, fast ideas for "summer" potluck.

I ate my neighbors

Problems with chat room(s) (PC tech)

The Brazilian Joke rides again!

Banksy targets Paris Hilton


Can someone recommend an inexpensive MP3 player?

It's our first anniversary!

Post a picture of something that you miss

DU this poll!

religious action figures

Never wear white shoes after Labor day or black at a wedding, can you

The Three Shakespeares:

Will DU make it to 25 million post before Sept 11?

I love ___________. Fill in the blank!

Broke up with GF tonight, now shes going crazy.

How's your Labor Day so far (pic)

Congratulations HypnoToad!! 45,000 posts

Is there some fucking unwritten LAW that all math teachers must be anal?

GEEK ALERT: Richard Hatch ogled me yesterday... :D

My journey to a meat-free diet begins on Tuesday.

Y'all come on over to Virginia & party with MissHoneychurch !!!

How many left-handers do you know, and whaddya think about'em?

Hey Loungers. Look at my Hummer!

Moment on Earth Mosaic

breaking: Orrin Richard Hatched an Ogle!

Anyone ever buy an open item from Sheri's Ranch before?

In Las Vegas, Now It’s Get Me to the Marriage Bureau on Time

Gay marriage is legal in Canada and I'm already married.

When this Gay Marriage thing becomes legal, I will marry a some hot chick!

Dos perros con sal, por favor?

My basal ganglia hurt. How ya doing?

My ovaries hurt. How ya' doin?

Color me amazed!

Congratulations Floogeldy!! 15,000 posts

"Oh great, here comes the James Lovelock/Gaia Hypothesis bashers..."

Need some help here

Vatican Mystery As Pope’s Astronomer Steps Down

Evangelical Christian finds himself against Pre-game Prayer.

Pluto-bound Probe Snaps First Photo

For those of us not in contact with our parent/s!

Are we trying to be more like heterosexuals?

Can a heterosexual person

Andre Aggasi just payed the last match of his career.

Beltran injured making great catch in Houston...X-rays negative!

Agassi’s Career Comes to Close With Loss

Roethlisberger won't play Thursday (emergency appendectomy )

Chargers' Foley shot by off-duty policeman (DUI Stop)

I think I found an interpretation of the Emerald Tablet! (The Secret)

11:11 - Higher Consciousness?

True story: Politicizing our Troops.

George Will on Iraq (JK not mentioned, but spit out the point George!)

OT: NYT endorses Hillary

A Night at the Fair.. 14 pix

Added new images to my site.

Rinse and repeat : Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or war on terror

A short and quick joke... the punchline says it all,,

"What are we fighting for?" Compilation of war pics ***Warning: Graphic**

I mentioned to a RW friend at the bar tonight....

Attacks on Jews soar since Lebanon

Just saw "V for Vendetta" -- WOW -- Reminds me of today's situation

Are you ever insulted by how stupid they think we all are?

Nate Clay LIVE streaming: The history of labor on Labor Day weekend

In reference to my poll about aliases a couple hours ago

I watched W's speech the other day but I STILL think his war sucks

The choice is yours....

Ayatollah Sistani: "I No Longer Have Power To Save Iraq From Civil War"

Number 2 Al Qaeda leader Arrested!.. yeah right, big woop.

Ahmadinejad subscribes to the U.N. ,why won't Shrub?

Frank Rich:Donald Rumsfeld’s Dance With the Nazis

Al Qaeda never has to do another thing in this world. They've defeated

Wrong About Everything - Special Announcement

European probe smashes into Moon after successful mission

Remember blaming the previous generation for screwing up the world?

Iraq and the Bible

Proposal for a steel cage death match....

How to download really really old radio shows?

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Republican Anger)

New interesting Cuban energy conservation program

A joke that makes you think:

OMFG -another Al Qaeda #2 arrested

Congress will be back with full slate of security legislature after recess

In Hock States of America

"Iraq, U.S. locked in dispute over military handover " Some Sovereignty eh?

Todays anti environmental LTTE-OMG what an idiot!!!

So, how many Number Two Al qaeda guys are there????

How many #2 Al-Qaida Leaders Are There Anyway???????

al-Maliki is Shia, right? So are the 14 dead Pakistani Shia

I am not a Nazi appeaser, which is why I intend to vote republicans...

Another blond white girl goes missing; MSM breathe sigh of relief.

yesterday Air America had a guest with a book 'End of Religion' or something

HOWARD DEAN on CBS Face the Nation >>

Attn NYC area DUers bush in town on 9/11

Why is the fight

Technical question: When I post, reply, or edit, pages do not load complet

As if I didn't hate republicans enough before, this election has

In two days, we may not have Katherine Harris to kick around anymore

Bush’s Salt Lake Whoppers...

My wife is driving from Camp Casey to Camp Democracy!

Gov. Bill Richardson: Your thoughts?

Late Edition on now, without the U-boat Sub Commander Volf Blizter

Bob Casey on NBC Meet the Press: Cheney/Halliburto OPPOSED Iran Sanctions.

Spectre plans on ramming ultaCon Judges through - Nuke Option Fight!!!!

Republican Steve Buyer hold up Merchant Marine Compensation Bill

A Smaller NIH Budget Means Fewer Scientists And 'Too-Safe' Studies

FAUX News Ratings Plumet along w/ Bush's

Democratic Congress no longer a longshot?

25% of Shooting Victims in Louisville are Children

Be a revolutionary, not an activist!

Why is nobody talking about natural gas powering cars?

Wassup With The "I'm An Independent" BushBots?

SLC Mayor Rocky Anderson is a friend of Progressive Democrats of America!

Hello, My Name is Rush Limbaugh.

Iraq, US locked in dispute over military handover...

OK PLEASE Make Politicians answer questions

Hatred & Cynicism Toward "Blonde White Girls" Is Bigoted, Divisive &

Lanny Davis is such a gentleman "...he has personal affection for Bush."

Watching Sick Rick on MTP right now

The nazi appeasement thing . . . who is the speech writer????

Let's see who might be on Jesus's mind this fine Sunday morning....

Lanny Davis, Donna Brazile, Carville & Begala....are these the only

Food for thought: A CEO makes as much in a day as a teacher does in a year

Tim Russert distorted the deficit and Social Security on MTP this AM

A Karl Rove one-two punch?

JASON MILLER: It’s the American Way or the Highway

Elaine Chao, twisted the facts about unemploymentt on CNN

Breaking! Photo: Media Darling/Pervert -of- the-week, caught in drag:

now i know why ABC is showing the movie about 9/11 & Clinton

Besieged- interesting article on life in Tyre, Lebanon during the war

From the state that brought you the butterfly ballot - Al Qaida II !

If Flanders is replacing Malloy, she doesn't know about it

White is the color of the canvas on which we paint diversity....

Hurricane forcast is lowered again, down to 5 for the season

LSU students plan tailgate protests of Confederate flag

Dole Stumped When Asked To Name Anyone

Even one Cong. chamber would slam brakes on Bush, give investigative power

I just paid to have a message hand delivered

NYT/Reuters: New Fall Films Bring Iraq War Home to U.S.

Anti-war protests come to congressman's lawn:Rohrabacher

Tom Cruise (finally) apologizes to Brooke Shields

Kristol: ‘Bush Should Pardon Libby. He Should Do it Now’

Just last week,I read three Shakespeares.

Appeasers Redeem Yourselves -- Demand Impeachment!!!

Back-to-school thought: A Teacher’s Year, a C.E.O.’s Day: Pay Is Similar

When you're accused of being a 'Bush hater'

and now....JESUS CAMP.

Americablog :Video highlights of Santorum v. Casey debate

Death Penalty Recommended in Iraq Raid - AP

Who is the National Democractic

Salem Oregon event will conflate war on Iraq with Sept 11th 2001

With Al-Zawahari and the latest "#2 guy" out of commission. . .

Operators of Veterans for the Homeless face criminal charges a Scam

Which has hurt America more: Middle East or corporate terrorism?

Wasn't Camus a COMMUNIST?

I was watching this week on ABC and I heard George Will say..

A different take on the Armor of God

*, Laura, and Condi return from Camp David - pics

Is it "conspiracy' to think Al Queda videos are suspiciously timed?

SUV Loopholes Cost Billions

I'm starting to see conspiracies everywhere.

Just who is doing the appeasing here? The Bush Administration

Can someone point me to the Brian Williams interview?

Do NOT Let Them "Distance" Themselves From Chimpy!

Question on buying own components for Direct TV

Feds Say Baby Formula Leads To Terror

NCLB makes me so proud to be a teacher .. LOL

Why won't the media boot McCain off the "Straight Talk Express?"

Three great *toons*.

Do Republicans teach their children...

whose name can you think of first? a corporate executive,

bush's Iraq Policy...

You say "Al Queda!"

MSNBC about to run Olbermann commentary again

Question about Michael Ruppert

I know a way to get some to vote ...just mention

What do you think is the true "inflation" rate?

Electing Rs Tells Terrarists That 'Murkins Accept Failure & Defeat

this is not what America is about/how to beat the Rove mishmash

One Of The Coolest 'Green' Inventions I've Come Across.

WH has distributed a "countdown clock" as a reminder of time remaining

Tomorrow We Change The World

MSNBC about to run commentary on Olbermann's Rummy commentary NOW!

Anybody watching Tammy Bruce "Authentic progressive" on cspan?

HEY! Where's Raw Story's big KKKarl Rove story that was supposed

The New Al Quaeda tape just isn't near as good as their last one

NCLB makes me so proud to be a teacher .. LOL

Can we get out of Iraq and call it a win? I say yes.

From the Inside Out and the Outside In

The key to winning Florida's state races: expose the graft:

The Father of Labor Day, Peter J. McGuire

Russert just included Social Security in the 2006 budget

I've actually seen commercials for 2 Democratic House Candidates!

France, Saudi agree to boost defense links

US and Iraqi gov't deadlocked over how much control to give to Iraqi army

NYT Reveals Conditions Set by WH for Interviews With Karl Rove

A polite purse-snatcher--victim scolds perp then gives him $3

The Paramount Reason NO Republican Should be Elected This Fall.

DU this Santorum/Casey poll please

The Death of a President

The MoonPie Republican

Funny Youtube video making fun of Bush as cheerleader

When it comes to unemployment, Repuke and Repuke Lite blame the victim.

A Pic For All You Clarkies Out There:

AP: American in Terror Video Not High Ranked

And the beat goes on…. Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain

Opium Harvest at Record Level in Afghanistan. Taliban is back!


Bill Kristol: Bush Should Pardon Libby, Who Didn't Lie; Armitage To Blame

This is a clash of civilizations....

al-Maliki is Shia, right? So are the 14 dead Pakistani Shia

Housing boom in Ireland

'America: Freedom to Fascism' Opening Throughout The Nation in September

I choose to share my sense of peace with you

Time toon: bu$h and Katrina

The war on terror, five years on: an era of constant warfare

Quiet Night in Oaxaca: Seeds of Hope are Sprouting

Awww man, they're renaming the sty.

The Angry Liberal Left

Santorum, Casey go toe-to-toe on familiar ground (local paper)

Youtube: Bush V. Bush from TDS. My first ever post of my own!

60 minutes has a program now that shows how you stop terraism

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq - date: 03 09, 2006

What Makes You Feel Safe?

Mike Malloy on Harrison on the Edge

The Ballad of Bushie (from "The Ballad of Irving")

"Terror cases now at pre-9/11 rate"

VIDEO - Santorum/Casey Debtate - MTP (FULL)

Every week, in Iraq, there are now 800 attacks

Why are Bush supporters so dumb, misinformed and loyal?

I need some good DU expertise......I know you'll come thru

A rare, must-read treasure I just discovered.

Cast your vote for Bob Casey in this "Who Won The Debate?" poll

Class warfare? Bring it on!

NY Daily News: What cut Janeane's (Garofalo) Air supply (AAR)

Bush Speaking Off Camera with Larry King

Youtube: Stewart dissects Bush

Mexico challenger rallies support /pics

Santorum & Casey debating on MTP now. Ricky is pissed!

Q: What does Rove's stepfather being gay

Will we ever have a first lady that holds a job?

Couples Cull Embryos - P.G.D. (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)

Good Dem in MI needs your help!

Need help here, can you put a hair dryer in your carry on

Aug 30th Utah Rally PICS! Come get your PICS! *Dial Up Warning*

Britons threaten Muslim beheadings in footage

Poverty strikes big cities at opposite ends of Ohio

Right NOW In The Sky Over Billings Montana.......

A *really* interesting email I got about Bush and booze

Does Bush Administration Understand "Sacrifice" In Iraq, Afghanistan

Deadly, Intentional Ignorance on Guns

Poll: Bob Casey Jr. re-establishes comfortable lead over Santorum, 56%-38%


Off-duty cop shoots San Diego Charger.

I did an 8 hour "lit drop" in rural Wisconsin today

Transcription of Kucinich on Randi Rhodes

Wyoming (?!?) Newspaper Prints Front-Page Analysis Critical Of Bush

Is it just me, or is the tone of this CNN Agassi piece a little...bitchy?

JFK Assassination video, startling evidence you may have not seen

Jesus Camp - Movie

Objectivism--what part do we disagree with?

Some Sick Doin's at the Santorum House.

A bright, shining lie

Republican Candidate's Remarks On Crime Add to Racial Tensions

Hey everyone! We caught another Al Quaeda #2 man (again)

The Weekender: Labor: A Perfect Storm On A Perfect Map?

smirk gives Methodist church 66 mil who spent it on themselves

WP,pg1: Number of vulnerable GOP districts DOUBLED over the summer

Democrats on a roll in battle for U.S. Congress

GOP operatives making ads for Lieberman.

Seen "Loose Change", the documentary about US role in 9-11?

Remembering our past-

Rumsfeld forgets: Hitler's appeasers were all RW Republicans

ANOTHER "No. 2 al-Qaida leader" arrested? USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

administration's...confusion about what is true and what isn't

Many workers don't feel like celebrating their own holiday

No civil war in Iraq, insists Bush - but Pentagon differs

G.O.P. Hopeful Says Rumsfeld Should Resign

Analysis - MTP Debate: Santorum vs. Casey

Don't Forget: Troops Still Dying in Iraq

If Democrats Take Control...

Next steps for Bob Casey in the Pennsylvania Senate Race....

Time: "The unity that followed the 9/11 attacks was never going to last"

NYT endorses Hillary Clinton in New York Democratic primary

Is there a Shakespearean discussion group at Free Republic?

NY 29 Fighting Dem, Eric Massa, "Notes from the Trail"

TX-10: Poll for Fighting Dem Ted Ankrum -Live Blogging

"If Casey's father were alive today he'd be ashamed of Bob."

Dueling Rove headlines: "Influence Unparalleled," "Word No Longer Gospel"

Attn: VA, OH, MO, MN, MD Voters - Meet the Press Schedule

Social issues alway trump economic issues...?

rick sphinctorum going down in PA!

Why Senate Will Be Tougher For Democrats to Take Back

Union Says Dems to Take '06 on Economic Issues

Libby Dole channels Rumsfeld; more moral confusion

Bush contradicts Pentagon; Sistani upset, wanted timetable for withdrawal

The Republican Party is running against itself - not the Democratic Party

Job Safety Highlights at Confined Space

Let's Turn the Sunshine State Blue....cross posted from kos

Kristol on Libby pardon: He didn’t lie in any serious meaning of lying

With Gov. Jeb Bush out, Florida voters must decide state's direction

The Face of Child Labor

Who will it be: Ahnuld or Angelides?

Republicans Running as Democrats

Katrina profiteering, war on workers Bechtel, Halliburton drive up costs


WaPo: 'Macaca Moment' Marks a Shift in Momentum (VA Senate race)

Casey remained calm, rational; Santorum came off as confused and hyper

Working-Class Women: On the Front Lines of Feminism

Frank Rich: Warm handshakes of Chamberlain-Hitler & Rumsfeld-Saddam

MEDIA-US: "Fascism" Frame Set Up by Right-Wing Press

Colonel Sir Henry Simmerson = President George W. Bush

Have fun with this!

Aww, how CUTE. Smug, Fair & Balanced prick Fred Barnes made a little joke.

Question for those of you who have military experience....

Santorum being bitch slapped by Casey - Meet The Press

Frist kids gone wild....

KATHLYN STONE: Words Of Defiance From Those In The Trenches

Cast your vote for Bob Casey in this "Who Won The Debate?" poll

Santorum smacks Casey; trouble in PA

If Maria Cantwell (DINO-WA) wins the primary....

A Voice From the Grave

The next Dem who speaks about 'job retraining' will get smacked

How many generations are needed to assimilate?

Grover Norquist: low-income workers rarely vote

Ned Lamont, John Edwards, Phil Angelides to Rally California's union

Book: Bush told reporter Jews are 'all going to hell'