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Archives: September 30, 2006

Day the East End said 'No pasaran' to Blackshirts

As Kurd and Arab clashes surge, a third war is looming in Iraq

WP: In Russia, Psychiatry Is Again a Tool Against Dissent

Pelosi Statement on New Report on Jack Abramoff’s Attempts to Influence Wh

White House 'ignored' Iraq warning

ABC News - Rep. Foley's email 'chat time'/LINK

Economy in Crisis website ...


$1,000,000,000,000: the cost of capping greenhouse gas

Congress approves $500 million for defense projects with Israel

Irc chatroom open if anyone interested

Diebold Added Secret Patch to Georgia's 2002 Election, Whistleblowers Say

e-vote Pop Quiz

Check this out ......what a load of crap.

Here's some of the booty we took when we burned the Whitehouse.

CTV: Tim Hortons relents, workers join 'Red Friday'

Military Women Endorse Jim Webb

Poll: Allen and Webb tied in Virginia

NYT: Iraqi Linked to Sunni Bloc Is Held in Plot, Military Says

WP: In Russia, Psychiatry Is Again a Tool Against Dissent

Science and action on climate change diverging: UK

Bush hails liberation of Afghanistan as a `great achievement'

Ottawa shelves softwood deal for up to a month

Gingrich Urges Overriding Supreme Court (and yet another god)

Cleland defends (Sherrod) Brown from TV attacks

Woman (from Herndon) accused of supporting terror group

WP: With Senate Vote, Congress Passes Border Fence Bill

MSNBC: Poll Shows Virginia Senate Race Dead Heat

E-Voting Raises New Questions in Brazil

NYT: Iraqi Police Cited in Abuses May Lose Aid

Iraqi Linked to Sunni Bloc Is Held in Plot, Military Says

4 villages shun gift of free oil

Brazilian airliner, small plane reportedly collide

Please, Please

90 posts to 3000. Post here and I'll ask YOU a question.

Classic Daily Show Video I just uploaded to YouTube- December 13, 2000!

I just spent 2 days catsitting NORMAL cats and I come home


My neck is tight, my shoulders hurt

Is the stuff in Vicodin related to heroin?

Post a funny YOUTUBE video -->

The "State something obvious" thread.

What the hell happened to the old Dr. who from last year?

Somebody please PM me so I can erase a stupid-ass PM

I just stopped in to see what condition my condition was in

Is the stuff in Sudafed related to Ephedra?

Poem thread - I start it - everyone chip in! --> "Sipping the dripping...

Confessions from a Fundamentalist Childhood, part 2

Best brand name.

Does anyone here do scale modeling.

I want the names of every goddamn anonymous Du'r here.

The Dr.Laura is still a shrill pathetic old bag thread.

Is this stuff under My Balls related to Cheese?

Plane carrying 150 disappears over Amazon

Better than the F-bomb from CP?

Is the stuff in Oscar Meyer Bologna related to dogshit?

I just LOVE big breasts...

Nathan Lane is so great!

What do you call 150 republicans in a plane that crashes in the Amazon?

Willie Nelson on being caught:

Something below reminds me. I'm invited to a "classy" Halloween party.


Time to update the Urban Dictionary list of Republican Pedophiles

"Monarchy" or pan-seared sea bass with carmelized fennel?

A pic of Willie Nelson's stash

A pic of Judd Nelson's 'stache

Chris Hansen is my latest TV crush.

"Oligarchy" or grits?

Jesus Camp Kids = Children of the Damned

"Plutocracy" or Walnut Fudge Brownies?

A bite of brat in the night.

Post a tongue twister and tell us how many times we should say it

Think about this next time you use a cell phone in class:

I would just like to state one thing...

My new PODCAST is up

"Aristocracy" or pudding?

Go Rutgers!

Is it time to meet Mister Green Jeans?

Leather String Ties

Come, have a drink with me.

Look at my beautiful baby!

I just LOVE big beasts....

Name some movies with a WICKED plot twist ...

I just bought a Nikon Coolpix 4200 4MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

(Ladies) Would you cook me some eggs? (lame copycat)


Hey! Jimmy Buffett is a Finnfan, too!


Who dat?

Yes... it's gonna be on the BIG SCREEN in my city

A bit of Borat in the night

Siouxsie appreciation thread

You know what's goo?

Soupy Appreciation Thread!

MrsGrumpy's Household Hint for the evening...

Cubano cocktail?

Sick Nancy Grace

Holy shit.

I just got back from our opening Oktoberfest celebration!!

So Zack Exley is a BSG fan...

Oops - I just mistook Delaware for my suppository, and now it's too late.

Susie Appreciation Thread!

You know what's good?





It's Friday Night. I'm completely exhausted.

I'm sorry, but I do not like the "out of country" help desk for my XM

Cool (out of the ordinary) places to go on vacation

If even one more person dares to mention Diebold here, I swear I'll scream

"It's the T&A Team"

I find the concept of Saturn pretty goddamned funny.

I find the concept of Stalin pretty goddamned funny.

Got my car back. Now I have a transmission question

i find the concept of Satyrs pretty goddamned funny

Is my Sugah Smack around?!

Which childhood bullying activity is the worst?

Absolutely brilliant web site

Do cat parasites in human hosts shape cultures worldwide?

God fucking damn it!

Name three books you hated that everyone else thought were terrific

"Democracy" or cheese?

Anyone go to their 30-year high school reunion? What's the point?

What are you drinking tonight?

I hate Rabrrrrrr!

don't know if this has been posted here yet

The Killer in YOU

Australian Rules grand final on this afternoon

Cheney New Pic 9/29/06

VA failed to use funds set for mental health

I think it's time to take a break

Shepard Smith channels John Kerry. REALLY.

OT: Message on church marquee - Am I reading too much into it?

Kerry in Florida



Self Delete

The Congressional Page Sex Scandal of 1983

Which Of These Stories Will You Be Talking About Tomorrow?

Olberman anyone?

Michael Jackson To Run For Congress

From 2000, republican public jack off Matt Glavin

Vote Pro-Torture Republicans in '06!

Vote For Corruption, Sexual Predators, & Racist Elitists. Vote Republican!

Jeff Flake-r, Arizona hates America. No money for alternative fuels!

NED LAMONT on Politically Direct!

"Donate the $100k to Clinton's charity, you fat ass!!

Sex could be the undoing of a family values Republican

"So donate the 100 thousand to his charity, fat ass"

NBC News Did Well Tonight...Iraqi coup/curfew, "State of Denial" discussed

Senate Calculator

I just hooked up Vonage--now I have a question about security

Dedicated to all who have lost faith after yesterday

52-year-old Republican Sexually Accosts 16-year-old Boy.

Anybody know anything about George Tenet's book? Will there be leaks?

KO: DENNIS HASTERT screws up the National Anthem

When this nightmare that is * is over, are we going to blame

They printed my LTTE!! (Re: Allen, Macaca, "liberal media")

They knew about Foley. And they didn't do anything about it. (photo)

Did I hear Will Durst of Will & Willie say he got FIRED?

My God how will I explain Mark Foley to the children?

Bigger Hit Than 9/11

GOP hopeful Foley announces he won't answer questions about his sexuality

UN investigator fears abuse with U.S. law

Now I see why the Republicans use the word "coddling" so much (re.Foley)

The LONG list of repuke values (list 2)

Reading about the Foley case in DU led me to invent a new phrase:

Try to remember this: Republicans are keeping us safer!

``Staying the course" isn't working

Torture - The Bottom Line

The TRUE difference between a Man and a Women.


Does early resignation mean Jeb gets to appoint Foley's replacement?

Cable "news" options at this hour (8 PM Central)

Remember this day, folks. It will keep some going in the weeks ahead.

Here we go again--there is another one to poke

Please help. Someone at another website has posted personal info about Fol

Did Keith just call Ailes "fat ass"??????

Internet gambling ban added to U.S. port security bill

The terrorist detention stuff is powered by another urban myth

Rosa Brooks: I'm No Bush Hater

Trent Lott-"Why do Sunnis kill Shiites? They all look the same to me“

What is the reaction in the overseas press to the torture bill? I

So how many people does it take to abolish a government?

John Gibson on election season

Please critique my LTTE on the torture bill

Nice to see at least one Faux News whore kick Bill Kristol in the balls

I think we are going to take back the house! Who is with me?

Editorials Hit Congress on New 'Terror' Bill

January 20, 2009

It's the hypocrisy of these guys. Whether it's sex,money or drugs.,

Republican Leadership, including Hastert, were covering for a pedophile

Joe Sixpack, home is calling.

Maf54?? I see everywhere online

Monroe, La teen in Foley IMs not named YET

Here is a WTF for ya....

Have any of you guys watched this recently?

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Lord and Lady Pissypants Imagine They Are Royalty ---pix-->>>

It just hit me this moment...

They Call Us The Democrat Party... We Should Call Them The Torture Party..

What are those upside down words on Katie C's Screen?

(VIDEO) John Doolittle's opponent hits him hard on the Marianna Islands

UN investigator fears abuse with new U.S. law

16yo = "age of consent" = BULLSHIT

If Jesus can forgive Mr. Foley, so can I.

"The Foley Amendment", to ban Man/Boy Marriage.

Curfew locks down Baghdad until Sunday

The REAL Chairman of the Republican Party - Mr. Irony

Washington Times sabotages Iran-EU talks at critical moment

Ok I will stick my voyueristic neck out here, because I know others are

When it was involved letters to S. Petterson Alexander took action

Hear that sound?


Reason why the American Legion is dying Right wing nuts cases

Pod People Ponder Litigation.

Only the Shadow knows what lurks in the hearts of Republicans...

NYT: if Foley was a dem would the headline be the same?

Will Foley face criminal charges? n/t

Weird Question... Does The Party That Professes To Hate Gays...

The Other Thing That George Allen's Mom Has Yet To Tell Him !!!

Squander and Skate Republicans


Republicans: jerk offs, pud pounders, wankers, monkey


Guardian: Bush faces wave of challenges to terror law

GOP gives new meaning to Servicing Constituents


LOL Sen. Larry Craig goes off on the floor

Creationism in Michigan gubernatorial race

Bush faces wave of challenges to terror law

A generation, lost to video games.

Contact the religious right about Mark Foley & the GOP

The Puggies got 10 years worth of propaganda out of a blowjob.

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. , 2nd Rolling Stone article

THIS is how RWers really think

Can't we just Turn the Page on this Foley business

So How Do Dobson/Falwell Feel About Child Predator Repub-Foley? And...

Did you know? Woodward's book "Plan Of Attack" was

Racists, Man/Boy Lovers, Torture advocates, serial liars, graft-masters...

Drinking the sand...

Good news from one soldier

Remarks by Rep Foley on Preventing Child Abuse

So, over 80% of DU'ers agree that we now live in a Dictatorship

Has the kid Foley was chatting with explained why he kept up the

A worthy repeat: "Good Will Hunting" quote:

Not to rain on the pedophile gloat

U.S. anti-terror legislation gets chilly reception from a wary world

THIS is the biggest problem we face

All Time FAvorite Mark Foley Quotes

Why do certain opponents of the ACLU feel the way they do about it?

Russ Feingold on The Military Commissions Act

Body language

Democratic Leaders Take Cue From Woodward and Generals on Bush Denial

Has anyone gotten a phone call from 111 111 1111

President Carter: Bush Has Brought US "International Disgrace"

Ailes Warns Personnel Changes May Shake Up Fox News

Springtime For Dubya

Hillary urges Dean to raise campaign funds

I have a sexual history and I'm damn proud of it!

If you are going to Fight the Right. Then remember Plan D.

omg they're going crazy about Foley on my local news.

blogger had Foley emails 1 week ago....

Party Time - * and Mrs. * pics

new meme: the DISGRACED republican party

What exactly was this secret patch in Diebold machines supposed to do?

There is a reason they are interested in your family...

Foley chastises Graham for suggesting there are grounds for Chimpeachment

Foley has been removed from

Anyone else notice the outrage missing on the streets?

Torture or Foley what is the biggest issue?

Email forward my best friend (living in London) got from her sister today:

Allen can put this N-word business to bed. Take a lie detector test

The Cole was bombed on October 12, 2000, Bush coddled the Taliban all 2001

Introducing the "Bush-plug".....

U.S. Boots Step On A Caribbean Flea (Mickey Z.)

CNN:Do you think Rep. Mark Foley's resignation will hurt repubs in Nov

Finally. An issue even Americans can understand.

Bait. Foley. Bite. DU

Gingrich Urges Overriding Supreme Court

why privacy matters....

If your goal is re-establishment of Constitutional law, would ...

Keef just called Ailes a fatass again!

CNN/Reuters: Middle-class families in worse shape than EVER

Just watched McGreevy on last night's Daily Show. Eerie...

They. Are. Done.

Not a great year for laptops

Florida Republicans held an emergency meeting today Re: Foley (Friday)


An attempt smear Murtha by the American Spectator.

Rove's geniuis - The Foley Sex Scandal takes Iraq war off the front pages,

maybe I been here to long

The Face Of The Bush Era GOP: Tot Love & Torture

I think the only way to beat the GOP is to make them fight their own

I have this delicious little dream...

How sad for the pages Foley abused

Where's Cheney?

Is this place big enough for all of us to get in at one time on 11/7?


As I sit here on DU

Okay I have to ask...Did Mark Foley vote to impeach Pres. Clinton?

What in the world does "K&R" mean?

My letter to Dennis Hastert (R-IL)

Bush urges partial declassification of Constitution, other documents

Bob Wright (NBC), Isikoff and Corn coming up on Charlie Rose.

Prince Bandar Told Bush He Would Ease Oil Prices before Election

Interesting points on 'the sanctity of marriage crowd' and gay marriage

Um...shouldn't it be a piece of cake to get Hastert removed?

Wow! Jay Leno interviewed Bill-O and didn't get rolled over.

Nobody's talking about what I want; Foley must be a Rove plot to distract.

Gather up the "Parents send their children to be interns!" quotes

Now This Is Setting Up A Constitutional Crisis --Very Scary....

why the HELL doesnt the House GOP want to fund Rail transit security??

I need DUs help answering a brainwashed fundie...

Okay, I have 3 sets of asbestos underwear on...defending Foley..?

I find myself mourning what might have been.

McLaughlin Group is on here; anywhere else?

Question: What if some kid came forward with improper IMs from a Democrat

I remember when they called Bill Clinton a 'sexual predator'

Wasn't there some old story about a GOP sex ring?

STOP REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILIA --- has been update with Mark Foley

Foley "wept openly" on the House Floor....

Has anyone heard the repuke ad...

Teens May Be Hardwired for Religion....

Every time, its ALWAYS the guys who scream about family values

Question:will the Three Monkeys Media stop at Foley or expose the coverup?


did hastert say earlier this afternoon that foley's resignation letter had

I hate to say "distraction" too often or out of turn, but...

Rep. Alexander, R-La knew of Foley's behavior for months....And hid it.

Abu Gonzales Tells Judges To STFU Sez Prez Is THE DECIDER

Hastert Knew About Foley in 2005! Has " Kids in Cyberspace" On Site (Pic)

Met my first DUer in the 3D world today. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TOO!

Best deconstruction of War on Terra that I've seen

I'm sitting here looking at my absentee ballot. Bill Nelson sucks.

Was Real Time on tonight?

Why is the media using this pic of Foley

Please get rid of the ugly Jesus children.

Everyone in the State of Florida is a mandated reporter re: child abuse

Question from a newbie regarding GD vs. GD: Politics

How does the nightmare end?

So, can we call them fascist nazi swine now...

Isn't It Well Known That David Drier (R-CA) and Mark Foley Hung Out in DC?

Those claiming Foley "distraction" are overestimating average Americans

Helping the Poor Register Land

Only Dem on House Page Board NOT INFORMED of Foley!

Peculiar automated phone call this afternoon: " Do you plan to vote?

Enough with these "Enough with these threads already" threads.

The 14 charcteristics of a fascist state (vid)

Apparently House republicans tolerate pedophiles in their midst

GM just made my decision on buying a new car easier

There have been rumors on the Internets

1000 posts woohoo!

"Real Time" repeat:

US State Dept Official; "I wake up and tell myself there's been a coup"

More on Foley scandal- This could bring down GOP House speaker Hassert

Is The Foley Story A Premeditated STRIKE AGAINST THE REPUBS???

where is the youtube video with torture and * and lauer?


TPM: "Big, big trouble" -Republican leadership knew for nearly a year

9-11 Commission not told of Tenet, Black meeting Rice 7/10/01

Ari Berman writer for "The Nation" email adddress?

Classic Daily Show Video I just uploaded to YouTube- December 13, 2000!

Foley introducing the President of the United States (Photos)

Heads up Pelosi Is calling a motion on Mark Foley

Foley Case is a test of the media...Remember Condit and Clinton?

House Speaker Complicit in Foley Teen Sex Scandal Coverup?

The LONG list of repuke sexual "indiscretions"

whoaaaa! Larry King is totally going off on Dr. Laura

Say, "It's official, America is a Fascist State." in public... I did.

Book TV Schedule: September 30 - October 2

Regarding the "Great Writ"

AZ's Repuke Pierce supports "Operation Wetback"

For Octafish and others interested in BFEE terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

New face of terrorism

There is ONE rational explanation for the detainee torture bill:

Randi Rhodes is interviewing Justin Frank, MD

Again, it is not fear but anger that energizes Junior and his bunch.

What do you think of Hugo Chávez? Good guy or bad guy?

Msg/e-mail from Amnesty Int'l, RE: torture legislation

things seem to be going nicely in Iraq ...

Does Hussein now have more trial rights than American citizens?

Shouldn't the same group that marched for Immigration reform....

Middle-class Moroccan moms show extremism on the rise

You want a Dem Majority - you HAD one!

I Hate Nader.

Can Foley be prosecuted for abuse of a minor?

Has anyone else seen the "Jesus Camp" website? Check out the top picture

When Soldiers Go to War, Flat Daddies Hold Their Place at Home

Sen. Reid on Torture Bill (video clip)

United States Constitution suffers stroke, hovers near death.

Bush's Ex-Homeland aide to get up to 5 years in sex case

Flipping thru dial hit FauxNews & heard Shammity talk shit about

Hi, my name is Brad

"well, we just have to roll up our sleeves and get to work"

Here it is: HR 6198- Iran Sanctions & Regime Change Bill passed last nite

Which if any of these should I put in my shop?

Gonzales to SCOTUS: Constitution makes Bush God...don't FUCK with him.

Democratic Duo Brings Bravado to Party

On RW blog, Lieberman admits grudge against Gore, Dodd and Kennedy

And while we are at it...

If you can, help support Tim Walz

Anybody seen the movie the postman?

"because there is a dreadful law in the land"

DEMOCRATS SEEK margins among women

Today gives a whole new meaning to the term "Foley catheter"

RICH! Kerry to campaign for Foley's opponent.. TOMORROW

Hugo Chavez

Diebold/ES&S is WHY Congress is so bad! What can we do about it?

Hi, my name is Brad

Vet Amputee Duckworth Will Slam Bush In Dem Radio Response

What is the creepiest part of The Foley Saga?

Does Foley have enough time in to draw a pension and if so, will we

Saw Daily KOS (Markos) today & he said about the torture bill...

He is back! Roskam aka RoSCUM makes KO's "Worst" list again!

The Civil/Voting Rights section of the Justice Dept. is all but dismantled

Is Corkers Campaign About To Implode????

Foley: Has he alienated more "Values Voters" from the GOP?

Can my state protect me from this run-amok federal government?

centrists - y'all were right.

Palm Beach Post reporting State Rep. Joe Negron (R) running...

It is time to call for Hastert's resignation

"may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen"

Freeps: "A good and decent republican candidate" will get Foley's seat

George Allen (R) may be a racist, but...

Amidst all this: to win back the House, donate to Jay Fawcett

FL-16 projected for the DEMS!!!


Along With Victories, G.O.P. Takes a Few Blows

WP:Falling on His Sword (Colin Powell)

BBC: In pictures: India's African communities

In Many Public Schools, the Paddle Is No Relic

Right war, wrong tactics

Humiliation at 33,000 feet: Top British architect tells of terror 'arrest

It is tough to defend U.S. secretary of defense

The Independent: Betrayed: How we have failed our troops in Afghanistan

Woodward Excerpt Appears in 'Post' With New 9/11 Bombshell

Differing reactions await 'Wellstone!' play

Tell Them Torture?s Not Right for Us

How George Bush Admitted His War Crimes

Iraq at the Gates of Hell

Dave Lindorff: Cowards & Traitors & the American People Who Enable Them

Along With Victories, G.O.P. Takes a Few Blows

''What is in a Name?''

NYT on Howard Dean

PFAW: Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fear (Ideologues on Bench)

D.C. Fear Face-Off: It's GOP's Fear of Reality vs Dems' Fear of Perception

Women On The News, Then And Now (Hint: There Are More Now)

Afghanistan: Why NATO cannot win -( a huge crisis for NATO)

Book stirs furor over Bush team

Detainee Bill Shifts Power to President

LAT: "Soldier: The Life of Colin Powell" will detail how he was forced out

Terrorist Incident in Ancient Rome - Pirates of the Mediterranean

Peak Oil And The Problem Of Infrastructure

Solar power lights up school (CA)

Texas Landowners Protest Superhighway Plan

Colorado energy firm to build solar plant (8 MW PV)

Researchers Helping to Take the Natural Gas Out of Ethanol Production

Despite Utter Uselessness, ChimpCo Will Retain GHG "Intensity" As "Goal"

Colleges eat fresh by purchasing from local farmers (AP/CNN)

PacifiCorp loses challenge of fish ladders over dams (Klamath River)

No Congressional Action On Energy Before Election Break - WP

Thinking The Unthinkable

Enel to develop over 1,000 MW wind projects in US

Sierra Club asks (Gov) Sebelius for moratorium on coal-fired plants (Kan.)

Coastal Paper...Agreement to Supplement..Gas With Renewable Energy...(MS)

Study Finds a Resurgence of Geothermal Energy in Arizona

Waco Mayor May Join Group Opposing 17 New Coal-Fired Plants

Canada's Ambrose Promises To "Get Tough" With Polluters Re. Air Plan

India Digs Deeper, but Wells Are Drying Up, and a Farming Crisis Looms

The Next Palestinian Struggle

A murder waiting to happen

Israelis pull out of Lebanon

Egypt detains alleged Sinai smugglers

Academia split over boycott of Israel

Marwahin, 15 July 2006: The anatomy of a massacre

PNAC Robert Kagan's piece talk on 9/11

Surviving the 81st floor of WTC 2

New Video? -- Atta/Jarrah from Jan 18, 2000

Larry Silverstein is one of the keys to this whole Conspiracy.

From the "We Count Conference" - Cleveland Ohio - Election Fraud

Constitutional Amendment: Hand Counted Paper Ballots: Yea or Nay?

Koehler: This Cannot Be (Mandatory Voter ID)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, Sept. 30,2006

Anyone know the logistics of online donations for a PAC, PayPal or

DUers: Send a message to the "We Count 2006" conference in Ohio

Star: Mixed messages (Jean contributing to Harper's problems re: Afg'stan)

CanWest:Harper sets off firestorm by vetoing motion at Francophonie summit

As I sit here on DU

In Many Public Schools, the Paddle Is No Relic

Iraq: U.S. warns aid might be stopped (due to Iraqi torture of prisoners)

No NATO deal to share quick response force costs

12 killed in Kabul suicide bombing

NYT: Woodward Book Debut Not Quite as Planned (Release Today)

Lost toddler survives for three days ( OK some good news :)

Senate Approves $70B for War Spending

Art Teacher Loses Job After Kids See Nude Sculpture

Leak of Iraq report created "misimpressions": Bush

Just heard on MSNBC

Senate Passes Bill on Building Border Fence

Candidate wounded in Iraq: Bush offers 'shallow slogans'(radio address)

Bush 'concealing Iraq violence' (BBC)

LAT: FDA OKs Spinach, With Reservations (and lack of enthusiasm)

US nurtures ties with Kazakhstan

Foley Quits In Page Scandal (WP, says Hastert knew!)

Priest is horrified at body find (Polish student in Scottish church)

Muqtada al-Sadr orders followers to put down their weapons

DNC: Why Did Tom Reynolds Cover Up Congressman's Sex Crimes?

Along With Victories, G.O.P. Takes a Few Blows

Thousands of Vietnamese evacuated before typhoon

Shiites flee reign of terror in mixed Iraqi city

EU-US airline data talks collapse

Congress OKs major ports security bill

(Andy Card) Ex-presidential aide confirms accounts in new book

Indian police: Pakistan behind bombings (in Mubia)

Big Dig firm seeking leak-fix payday

New Survey: Insecurity, Xenophobia Extremely High in Iraq

WP: Wal-Mart Launches Employee Voter Drive: Activists Question Motives

WP: U.S. Still Waiting For Iraqi Forces To 'Stand Up'

France's Royal seeks presidency (Jospin has dropped out)

CREW Calls For House To Appoint Outside Counsel To Investigate Foley

Musharraf Blasts "Ungrateful" West

AP, Networks Sue Over Fla. Exit Poll Law

Judge rejects feds' request to delay Abramoff prison sentence

NYT/AP: Democrats See Chance in Foley's District

US may have to cut funds for Iraqi police (human rights violations)

Rasmussen Poll: Bush Approval 39%

Memo Fueled Deep Rift in Administration on Detainees

New US sanctions bill targets Iran's partners(Senate agrees early Sat am)

Web site says liberals beat student GOP leader; police say no--AANews

Campaign Cash Mirrors a High Court’s Rulings

Foley Interviewed About Page Last Year; Democrats Not Told-Ethics Inquiry

Bush challenges "misimpressions" about Iraq

West will fail in 'war on terror' without Pakistan: Musharraf

Guardian:U.K. Paper Says Has Unseen 9/11 Video

Did (GOP) Cover Up Foley Scandal? GOP..Calls 'Wash Post' to Change story

South Korea unveils gun-toting sentry robot

Chirac, in Yerevan, urges Turkey to recognise Armenian 'Genocide'.

AP: Overpass Near Montreal Collapses (people feared trapped)

LAT - Schwarzenegger surging ahead as vote nears

Jenna Bush is UNICEF intern (in Panama)

GOP Rep. Says He Told Hastert of Foley

What should I have for lunch?

Tin Foiley?

What if birds were murderously evil and not shy at all?

bertha katzenengel is Tom Delay?!

~~Don't Mess With MOM~~

Best. Cat. Toy. Ever. With photos/video. (you supply the clothing/rags)

The last words of everyone executed in Texas since 1982

It's 58 degrees in my house. I don't want to , but I have to

Someone recommend a SOCKS proxy!

Illinois man who parachuted out of plane visits 1946 crash site

I am jonesing for a big plate of mashed potatoes, covered with

I heard that Mick Foley is guilty of soliciting a minor online...I hope

I've been feeling depressed lately-- can I have some hugs?

Ellen Foley?

I did it! I didn't chicken out! I volunteered!

I'm on my way...

I've been up since 5:10AM, ask me anything!

Mark Foley?

Dave Foley?


Craziest eBay Deals

Pit Bull credited with saving teen from fire

Axel Foley?

A helpful tip when shopping for paint at Lowe's

We need a group name! (photoshop group)

Skinner Called Me Out In GD!

So, is there a way to atone for being a paraniod nutbar in GD?

I disappeared , cops were called!

My Podcasts on the Internet Archive

Our mitzvah this morning: we saved a dog

89.1 jazz on the air -- make requests here

So this DJ in NYC is playing all these Sinatra tunes...

Is it wrong?

I need help . I can't open PDF documents.

Please, god (please, mods!!) don't let this be considered a sex thread

Why doesn't Mark Foley use bookmarks?

Earworm: Geico announcer guy


I'm starting a film acting course this week.

Anyone Here Good In Carpentry? Building Furniture?

I am visting my parents at their house

Michael Jackson will eat anything.

what should a handyman charge to install a ceiling fan? or to clean

Bush's Roosevelt/Truman taunt promps Karmic payback

What a day!

Bush: "I ain't done with harming the United States"

Good morning all!

Rachel Ray is making dessert...

"Happy, happy, joy. joy..."

What is that song .. the woman gets to fly

Jack Johnson

I'm watching "The People vs. Larry Flynt" on Spike.

"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

Would you donate your body to Mayans? (lame copycat)

My party is just getting started. Anyone up??

GD has turned into the Lounge Lite over Foley

GOP = Group of Pedophiles...PFT

May I have your attention please!

An (un)happily tipsy reminder

Question for the admins:


Too much caffeine, can't sleep, ask me anything...

Jon Stewart circa '94

Are you asleep?

Is the promotion for Jesus Camp almost over?

Hurry! While supplies last. Get your Repugli-Dar here!

Is there a limit to the amount of PMs you can have in your inbox?

David and Sammy!

"Me mind on fire..."

YouTube: Jennifer Holliday, Tony Awards, 1982

This is for Oeditpus Rex and Baby Jenis!

I'm whoring myself to as high as I can get! Respond and I'll kiss you!

Story at 6 : Pet birds who attack for broccoli

F$&*%ING Norton Antivirus!

Sometimes a football game just doesn't rise to Salsa level....

This is for Oeditpus Rex.

I'm pimping HypnoToad, who is whoring himself

Matt Foley?

My show is coming on in an 30 Minutes

I really should stop putting three periods in my subject lines

I'm off to the Championship Butt!

"Delicate Baby Bird" Is this common?.. [more inside]

can we get a "hide thread" function - hides based on words in subject?

The Janis shall NOT be compromised!

Behind the Music with Ratt? Just watched it

How should I cook my chicken?

Meryl Streep is a classy actress, but she sure says "fuck" a lot

Favorite Cold Lines In Songs, Ladies And Gentlemen?

I love hanging out with winos late at night (lame copycat)

Nothing but Flowers

Congratulations yurbud!! 10,000 posts


What is the hardest decision you ever had to make?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/30/06)

Jokes about Congressman Foley:

My favorite poker forum goes off on the Republicans!

Daddy the Cat has lost half his teeth. Help me figure out what happened.

Goodfellas is on!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else here work from home?

Why does this make me laugh?

Get your abject apology here! It's REAL and it's FREE!

This is for Sugar Smack

Where does my cat go at night?

The Jenis shall NOT be compromised!

just got back from yosemite - pictures!

Happy birthday/Anniv wishes to...........

So Screech did a porn flick....

Quick! Anyone ever seen David Bowie in "The Labyrinth" -- an 80s movie?

I need advise for my Holland trip

I'm on my way...

Sears just called...again...

Movie review: "Little Miss Sunshine" for those who grieve

I'm calling you out! Are you a threadjacker or a threadkiller?

I'm whoring myself to 25K! I'll make out with the first 20 DUers who

Weird and funny site. (About cats)

I sent my niece a "get a job" email. Ever had this experience . . .

My daughter had dinner with Sarah Silverman last night.

Are you for sale?

I'm off to the Championship Bout!

I hadn't known that "Go Ask Alice" was a fraud 'til Gawker pointed me here

Thought I should get a pic of this

More Fun with Baby Jenis!

So, what did you do to get rid of your feelings for someone?

Did anyone see that weird Indian child on Keith Olberman lastnight?


Donald Sutherland by the Ass Ponys, we discussed this before

I love hanging out at diners late at night

New David Lynch film coming out!

Americans just LOVE drugs

Men: Are You Suffering From Menstrual Cramps?

Migraine sufferers.. What works for you? Describe your headaches.

Radio Listeners! "Radio Lab" - ever listen?

Do you separate your laundry?

Naughty girls! Is this a good start?

I'm gona call my band "ZombyWoof's Womp Rat"

What if birds were very friendly and not shy at all?

Hi, did I miss anything?

Identical absolute intentions: one totally good and the other not good?

Parents, kids protest `no Halloween`

Deadline nears for Jesus DVD project

Atlanta City Council closer to rebuking military's gay ban

Controversial "Gay" Disease???

Hey, queers...

Tiger just sank a putt on the 18th par 5 for an EAGLE to bolster his lead

HS Football - #1 Hoover, AL gets smacked down by John Curtis

Drew Stanton or Brady Quinn

Share the hugs, Link to GD

Heretic here I am .. I want to question Gratitude

Congress Approves Kerry Legislation Urging Summit

Kerry campaigns in Florida

More on Kerry's schedule this week (busy)

I saw Lautenberg in NJ

Patriot Project writer exposes right wing smears of Jim Webb


John Kerry was right about everything! Read this and weep.

OT - The John McCain Charade

Still playing with Macro lens

JD Hayworthless is sure talking tough to hispanic people! I hope

More Republican sex scandals--Ralph Hall (TX)

Frist putting out the trash now on CSPAN

ARTICLE From 2000 GOP Rep. Foley Blasts Public Reviews of Florida Ballots

This is getting to be too much.

Ok, seriously now, what is good about Fox news?

Damn. Just damn. Freeper says cons "constitutionally incapable"

A Ray Of Hope For Sanity's Return To America

So if Foley commits suicide tonight how many think the

Election 2006 might be another 2000 decided by the SC Protesting ship deployment to Iran Sunday

There’s the president and Karl Rove trading fart jokes (Woodward Book)

In Baghdad, they've banned walking. Just let this idea soak in a bit.

We have another one this morning, post count higher than some

The REpubs already have a replacement for Foley on deck...

Hey! Look over there!! Foley is distraction from the torture bill, people

So what did Fox News say about Pagegate today?

WP, Froomkin: "Is Woodward Calling Bush a Liar?"

Any former Pages on line... I was one for the Ohio House

Is your daughter a future detainee


Does anyone know the Mark Foley pager's first name??


Howard Dean bummed me out today.

I have the definite feeling something is going down...

Bush called Kenneth Blackwell a "NUT"

What will we tell the children?

Crazy "X-Gay" launches book, "challenge", seeks DONATIONS

If The Supreme Court Upholds The Torture And Disappearance Bill...

I just finished watching Christiane Amanpour's report on AIDS in Africa

Could Congressmen Alexander & Hastert be charged with endangering a minor?

"#2" al-Zawahri to Chimp:"Can't you be honest at least once in your life?"

Mark Foley quotes

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - 30 Sep 06

My nomination for hypocrite of the week: Congress

What You Need to Believe to be a Republican

"They shall not pass" - Special Report in Guardian

First segment of Washington Journal taking comments on Foley

CNN has a segment on now about two-eyed snakes. When

Not Ready to thrown-in the Ensemened Towel Just Yet

Impeach and Imprison every GD last one of the neo-cons.

Now I thought churches weren't suppose to get political

The inability/inidiffernce about pedophilia accusations in the House

Hastert the Wrestling Coach on Foley Getting Caught

Is this AOL Search history Foley's?

MSNBC: Rep. Foley resigns over e-mails - THAT IS THE HEADLINE

Joe Scarborough and Mark Foley hanging out.

US woman charged with supporting our governments favorite terror group

Mark Foley and the House Majority Leader Boehner Connection...

Their Power Increases As Their Numbers Decrease?

Video of Tweety Interview of Marsha Blackburn?

Never kick a man UNLESS he's down. Old republican saying.

George Bush's Iraq In 21 Questions

An ironic post in the Palm Beach Post about Foley.. ROTF

Did bush know?

some words on mercy in a time of war & torture

For a Party that is obsessed with sex is this any surprise to anyone

Zawahiri is a Republican

Hell freezes over. Freeper gives Clinton a pass. I'm series!11!

What if the Dems wanted this torture bill to go to the Courts?

Saving our Country

Another one of this week's letters....

republicans are much more likely to be pedophiles statistically

Memo to world: St. Paul's hosting GOP shindig, not What's-its-apolis

What happened to the Baghdad lockdown? NO mention in news this am.

Where is the "State of Denial" excerpt?

Campbell Brown and Elizabeth Edwards on the Today Show: CAMPBELL IS A FAKE

A parent of a teenager speaks re:Foley and GOP leadership

So will ABC do a new 9/11 pic, based on Bob Woodward's "State of Denial"?

(VIDEO) Boehner tries to stop Pelosi's resolution to investigate Foley

Ted "internet tubes" Stevens: protects Tele/com from litigation for spying

bush's America versus Saddam's Iraq

Why didn't Foley apologize to the kids he hit on?

Who was that guy from Florida that claimed he was asked to rig

Why is former High School wrestling coach Hastert running for another term?

Question about ballots / voting re: Foley

Can we forgive ABC for their past sins?

Since he crusaded against NAMBLA for so long, will Bill O' go after Foley?

December Skies

A question for everyone about your predictions...

C-Span 1 - replay of the Dems Committee hearing on Iraq now playing.

Who has links for the "instant messages" betw. Foley

Leak of Iraq report created "misimpressions": Bush

Stay the Curse.

Hastert and the Republicans "CODDLE" predators. ...

Mark Foley, "State of Denial", Jack Abrameoff, going to be a good week

Does C-Spin Have Something Else On Their Listed schedule Than What Is On?

A question....

Ramussen has shrub's approval down to 39% (first time since August)

Non Sequitur----Is BAD today

Can someone post a brief "how to" on capturing Internet pages?

Foley's opponent is a temporary "dem" fundy businessman

Why does the house leadership coddle pedophiles?

What will it take to remove the ads from DU?

Check this out! Foley's behavior is Clinton's fault

Cable TV's Fee War With Fox, Could Get It Yanked

Radical Fringe Cartoon - SATURDAY 9/30

Yuck! A 52 yr old MAN Having CyberSex with a 16 yr old BOY?

Exposing the House sex scandal coverup: Who could play hardball,

I'm so pissed that I havent' been able to listen to Malloy give them hell

NYT's "Flat Daddy" picture.

How Faux Noise Would Have Covered A Democratic Congresscritter

"Free Immigration" vs "Free Trade"

Not all Republicans are perverts, criminals and deviates.

OT - The John McCain Charade

...“coddling terrorists.”

Ha ! Asshat down to 39% on Repuke polling...

Go for the throat NOW. Republicans are the party of Internet Predators.

The freeper people are in meltdown mode over this Foley thing

Mike Foley Should move in with his brother Matt

I think we need a color-coded system for Repub child predators

Pedophile: 10 Habeas Corpus: 2

The car that will change everything

Onion:Senate Wins Fight To Lower Amperage Levels On Detainees' Testicles

help danny stover defeat shimbush (john shimkus)


The Foley scandal: Who was in on it

LBN.... Sudan passes campaign finance reform. The Onion

Are they scrambling to secure the pages right now?

Sacrificial lambs

LAT: Tribunal bill irony: Most dangerous suspects have the most rights

Palast, Taibbi, Wiener, Cohn -- LIVE streaming radio - 10am ET

Let's say you own Fox News. Let's say you see the polls. Let's say. . .

Send and I-Report to CNN

Prof. Jonathan Turley: “Stop Being a Country of Chumps!”

Now, more than ever... A Prayer for America, by Dennis Kucinich

Foley and the House leadership are f**ked! BIG TIME!

Iraqi Government Applies Pressure to Journalists

"America. New Lyrics for a Dark Age". Memorize and pass it on.

This would make a perfect Democratic campaign ad vs

Boston Globe: US Terror Trials face court challenges

NYTimes: Detainee Bill Shifts power to president

Something tells me this Foley stuff is a diversion.

Bush urges Musharraf, Karzai to end feud over Justin Timberlake

Excellent discussion on Dead Iraqi children and stem cells. RIP Iraqis

Is Congress insulated from a civil suit from Foley's victims? I mean,

Awaiting Rove's response to predator Folie GOP setback?

Gonzales cautions judges against second-guessing the president in wartime

a message to all blue state residents.

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, continued

Patriots for Al Gore Denounces Torture Bill

Are elected officials mandatory reporters?

Guys the issue is not the Pedophilia attempts....Its the cover-up stupid

We're molesting them over here so we don't have to molest them over there

Is the AP trying to cover up details of the Foley scandal?

What I think of this torture legislation

80-19 Senate Approves Putting Expensive Fence Around The United States

Is the torture bill unconstitutional?

U.S. private jail boss released in Afghanistan

For the younger DU'ers: Reagan era Congressional Page scandal

Coming to a Dissident Near You .... How Psychiatry Will Be Used To Silence

Help please link to Richard Clark website

How's that history working for you, George?

I have an idea to raise some money...

Won't latest torture vote get shot down by Supreme Court? nt

Senator Dorgan goes on the offensive against Bush’s attacks


October 5th: mass demonstration. Who will you be joining?

Not sure if this has been K&R'd, but it should be:

The Official Seal of the Republican Party

Waiting On The World To Change

"Born to Cheat" --Bush, Cheney, Rove, et al.

Hollywood Libs raise $100K a head for Governator SCHNITZEL

You can FEEL it. Bush = anti-teflon. America has decided he's a FAILURE

It is the conclusion of Bob Woodward's article in the Washington Post

Senate rollcall vote on 700 mile border fence--passed 81-19 last night.

Foley just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser

Guess who Foley's spokesman/defender used to work for?

How to confuse a "Christian"?

Bush has his "The fix is in" grin again

Read this and tell me it isn't time.

I'm Having a Real Problem with Hollywood

Would anyone like the clippings from CO's recent E-voting lawsuit?

What we need is the name and Phone # of Hastert's hometown newspaper.

Caption the Pedophile nutcase repuke

Perceptions of Fearmongers and the Simple Truth

Legislating MORE violations of the constitution

Time magazine writes about Foley -- and ignores all the IM chats

The blank stare of an idiot

1933 Guardian Article: Communists to be interned in Dachau

I think I am going to puke.

How come the FBI hasn't arrest Mark Foley

The Rumsfeld swiftboating is just a ploy.

Gen. Peter Pace still believes Saddam was behind 9/11 attacks

MSNBC taps Frank Gaffney to "tell the truth" about Rumsfeld and the war...

Memo Fueled Deep Rift in Administration on Detainees

Absentee Ballots: The Cure For Diebolding?

UFB! CNN Headline News on Foley's "Innocuous" E-mails!!!

We're officially a fascist dictatorship......Can a coup' be far behind...

They still could have fixed Iraq after breaking it...(must read)

CNN poll: How would you rate Donald Rumsfeld?

Du a poll;

Saw what might have been the dumbest bumper sticker yesterday

Waterboarding sounds like fun

Calif. GOP activist "giggles in court" about his own molestation charges.

Obama/Woods '08.........n/t

Need help

I heard last night that RUmmy is

REAL TORTURE ISSUE: lynch mob versus due process

After hyping "Able Danger" Lou Dobbs ignored finding that claims were bogus

George's Iraq in 21 Questions

WOW! I just found the family tree of the "Family Values" GOP

Ala. governor defends white Masonic unit

Tiger just sank a putt on the 18th par 5 for an EAGLE to bolster his lead

Feinstein, Brown hold wide leads.

Rogue Squirrels Attacking People in California

China Secretly Fires Lasers To Disable U.S. Satellites

Does Religion and its view on sex create pedophiles?

How much is the south needed to win?

Reagan brought down the Evil Empire so that his party could become

Liberty News ! 30 minutes of "real" News!

What American are you feeling the most indebted to today?

Explosion hits Iran-Turkey gas pipeline

A story of the real courage of a simple woman's fight.

Called to war - photo

This Foley Scandal Doesn't Make Sense

How Much Would You Hate To Be Foley's Replacement?

Ex-Foley chief of staff , second member to be informed last year

Baghdad Locked Down; Coup Possible--but American

So..Foley has been "engaging" Pages since at least 2003! Who has known

Woodward can not talk abou the new book today -cspan2 now.

Are House leaders "mandatory reporters"?

I Think I'm going to go to a Republican meeting Monday evening!

Patriot Project exposes right wing smears of Jim Webb

Ecuadorean Candidate Joins Venezuela's Chavez in Criticizing Bush

Hastert Drives Effort To 'Keep Kids Safe In Cyberspace' - from his website

How has the cable media treated the Foley issue? I do not have cable

CA: Yet Another "Conservative" Pervert /Boy Molestor

Michigan gubernatorial candidate "Mr. Amway" TOTALLY AVOIDING Bush/Cheney

Bob Woodward's coming up live on c-span2/BookTV

IS the Malloy message board down ?

Freepers new nickname for Iraq vet with both legs blown off: "Dykeworth"

Turns out, No Child Left Behind is enabling military recruiters

War vet turned candidate attacks Bush on Iraq

I hope this does not come off as sounding like I am an elitist;

Why GOP might like having pedophiles and closet cases in Congress

Obama/Woods '08.........n/t


Cops: Priests kept secret accounts for the good life

Canada apologizes for torture of innocent man, say Americans share blame

Wrong for U.S. to 'stay the course' in Iraq war

Republican House Leadership HARBORS CHILD PREDATORS

Lionel now comparing the actions of the 2 administrations...

War Stress may hit part-time Soldiers the Hardest

Just got surprised by my Dem buddies... The sign brigade just left.

***CSPAN2 – Live – Bob Woodward interview – 4:30pm ET***

"Every time Newt turned around, I was there," Foley recalled...

Who is Barney?

Foley, BushCo and the Big Picture

Anybody personally know any Holocaust survivors or older Germans?

A caption!! A caption!! My kingdom for a caption!!!

A penitent Sen. George Allen seen at campaign rally in historical

Boycott STATE FARM Insurance

Stung by criticism, Bush calls for worldwide offensive

Question on Printers: Compatibility/Laser vs. Inkjet: Mac vs. PC

Woodward on 60 Minutes Sunday (Tomorrow)

Revolt of the Generals (via Truthout)

Fear stalks the streets of Kabul

Send a message with everything you write!

2712 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

LIVE NOW | European Parliament member's analysis of Iran strike

Foley, Woodward, Abramoff will be non-issues by this time next week

what does bush and pol pot have in common? ------waterboarding----

Fox News poll: Bush's Iraq War Strategy Backed by 19% of Americans

My Little Billings Montana Survey......Torture Bill

9/11 was some crazy people flying planes into buildings

republican neocons are winning the war on PEACE

Maybe Democrats should be the Small Government Party for the next 2 years

Stalin didn't create a seamless terror state-he created an incompetent one

Damn, eventually somebody's going to have to stop these fuckers huh?

Resistance and Liberation

All Republicans want to do is talk about Barney Frank and Gerry Studds

Everything is divisive; all the news is bad - for everyone

John Wayne Foley...

The "Arizona Republix " explains the housing angst today editorial.

Headlines we should see

I've never seen such disrespect for the President in all my life...

What Wal-Mart has in common with Republicans

But, but, BUT Clinton got a blow job!

(TOON) From Friday: Steve Bell on Tony Blair's last Conference

Republican Councilman calls for Sterilization of "Bad Parents"

Colbert: Habeus Corpus Is Soo Pre-9/11

How do you sign up for Free Republic?


Perfect gifts for people who you want to become "informed" and win over

I guess I'm not a pedophile (or a republican)

American Citizenship

Borat--Helps others find their inner bigot...

Is what Foley did a crime?

CNN Reports (5-6est) Was Incredible...Focused on the Blogosphere for

Congress Votes to Replace Traditional Stars, Stripes with Jolly Roger

Check out GOP Hastert's website update from Tuesday

The good news about lying to Americans

My blog got freeped!!!!

Silly republicans.. Foley's website's still available @

CNN Presents: Rumsfeld-Man Of War. On tonight, 7-8pm CT.

An oldie but a goodie

I guess I am a pedophile

I call bullshit on this story...

Don't ask -- he won't tell (Foley wouldn't discuss if he is or is not gay)

Stream of Consciousness Thread

Hastert as a coach for a school at one time certainly has to be a

Foley E-Mails 1st Reported in Fall '05:Internal Review of Contacts

Nat'l Ctr for Missing & Exploited Children - Foley Statement Screen Shots

Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable US satellites

Are We So Conditioned to Threats and War

is Lieberman is caucusing with Senate Dems? is he still listed as a dem

OMG....the NYT headline on Foley is so unintentionally funny

So what does Maf54 stand for????

The Official DU / Mark Foley Tinfoil Thread

Foley's original denial

BREAKING: Hastert's Ofc Releases Official Statement Re: FOLEY

According to ABCnews, the Foley story broke the way lots of these kinds do

What, exactly, motivates a political activist?

Sen. Tom Harkin's remarks on Hugo Chavez

blowback-to our soldiers and citizens

Republican Councilman Calls for the Sterilization

CA-04: Charlie Brown SMACKDOWN ON MARIANAS IN TV DEBATE on Doolittle!

i think they saw Woodwards book come'n an handed in one of their pedophiles

What's worse if you are a young republican?

Hastert was told of Foley months ago

Student blamed his beating on the left. Turns out, his friends did it.

Woodward (and Hubris) on Cheney's Desperate WMD Search

caption this "dubya et al" picture

I need an expletive; not religious, not obscene , socially

"Republicans for Granholm" group formed in Michigan

This Foley stuff reminds me of my experience on Myspace....

US rice kept out of Britain because of GM contamination

You Go Into A Backroom With Dogs You Come Out With Fleas

President Clinton on hearing about foley

This is why I am no fan of the animal rights movement

Two Top Rupugs about to say Hastert knew about Foley...

Ha.Ha. Family Foundation of Virginia just called with Survey 2006

Tora Bora is to Bush as Falafel is to O'Reilly

CNN:Foley scandal has repercussions for GOP control...

i am burning a Iraq flag in my mind.

Jean Pirro under Federal investigation over secret spying on her husband??

Fear of paedophiles 'a tragedy'

O'Liely "Culture Warrior Test"...

Toons that won't make you laugh (dial-up warning)

Has anyone heard about this Amendment E? I think they're on to something.

AP has a list of Repuke "excuses" for Foley's not being fired earlier.

Verified Voting's new Vote Monitoring Guide Please rate up for

NYTimes: In Taking On Fox, Democrats See Reward in the Risk

Iraq: Death and Chaos, According to the United Nations

DRIP, DRIP >> Rep. Kildee says "page matter" NEVER investigated

School district with no children

How far off can the "Foley Bill"(kanoodling with 16 year olds = legal) be?

DNC: Why Did Tom Reynolds Cover Up Congressman's Sex Crimes?

my brain just imploded, he's at it again (or still?) Radio address

I feel emboldened by the * cabal.

AP photographer rots in US prison in Iraq. AP pleads his case

Gen Odom Suggests "IMPEACHMENT" For Ignoring Consequences Of Iraq War

So who is going to protest? (With effectively no Habeas Corpus)

Larry Johnson :Are You a Republican?

Center for Missing & Exploited Children on the Resignation of Mark Foley

So how is Faux covering the Foley scandal?

HUGE: Rice implicated as complicit about urgent CIA 9/11 warnings

How to Impeach A President - Please keep kicked

Go see "Idiocracy". Fox is trying to kill it.

Charities, Churches and Politics..WILL YOU HELP ME!

set up your DVD recorder, video record, tivo or put on lots of coffee

GOP on Foley: "Why the two orders?"

"Love to slip them off of you. Do I make you a little horny?"

Iran dissident's message to U.S.: Don't turn us into another Iraq

This Lounge thread is a must

Foley needs to be "interrogated" about the whereabouts

UPDATE: (Larisa's Cousin)Jailed Under New Government Program

The Death of AAR

How powerful is TIVO?

My religious service was protested today

Sunday Talk Shows


So, 9-11 made all this possible?


More E-Mails the GOP "Leaders" Have Ignored

In Russia, Psychiatry Is Again a Tool Against Dissent

Are you going to buy Bob Woodward's book 'State of Denial'?

Can we please forget about Foley for a minute and talk about this?

Here are the Democratic challengers to the Rs most vulnerable in the sex


"No Child Left Behind" was to provide recruits for the military

Why don't monsters like kissinger EVER DIE?

How can you make Max Cleland happy and James Dobson sad at the same time?

*** Saturday TOONs: Off the Internets ***

"It's vile," said Rep. Mark Foley, R-West Palm Beach.

GOP knew Foley was a pervert and were RUNNING him anyway.

"unlike Clinton, republicans do the honorable thing & step down"

MSNBC "Alex" just compared Foley's action to Clinton's

one more time - "They Thought They were Free"

kos: Diebold Added ''Secret Patch'' to Georgia E-Voting Systems

Will the MSM Use the terms 'Republican' 'Homosexual' 'Underage' 'Pedophile

John Walsh's organization comes out in support of Mark Foley

bush wept.

Foley Guilty of Felony, so is Hastert, Others, PELOSI SMACKDOWN VIDEO!!

What makes guys like Foley do the things they do? Adult women scare them??

My best friend was the lone voice of sanity in her college class yesterday

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: FOLEY A GREAT LOSS!


Why has Foley not been charged with a Crime?

Rasmussen Poll: Bush approval rating SINKING FAST

Electronic Voting Machines Woes Make Dutch News

Foley... up to 20 years in prison.. (he sponsored this bill )

No Blackwater

I qualified for a FEATURE from my Credit Union... an expensive one.

Memo to Lurking Dem Strategists: Here, I'll DO YOUR JOB for you.

Foley fallout hahahahah

Rebellion in some Fed Agencies? How do we help it become strong?

JUST RELEASED: Woodward's Sunday Washington Post A1-Story : THEY LIED!

Startling honest article about Colin Powell...

The Role of Racism on Our Road to Tyranny


Woodward's book reads like deal was made to HOLD info till after 2004.

Another Pit Bull Story!!


Kucinich Introduces HR 6200 - HAND counted, PAPER ballots - everywhere.

Cripes! Fascism in the air everywhere

Poll getting freeped:

"no plan" Dems? Congress passed KERRY plan for Iraq Summit last night

"Stick a yellow ribbon on your SUV"....great vid

Heard the one about the Liberal, the Conservative and the Republican?

do you want to take away the guns or allow people to own guns

AFL-CIO Bargaining Digest Weekly Sept 30, 2006

A Portrait of the President as the Victim of His Own Certitude

Kristol: "Hard to ask Bush to do something in the middle of the election"

Letter to my torture voting Dem senator

Contact America's Most Wanted about Foley being a pedophile

Does anyone else feel like God is throwing us a softball

Wow...The House must have a pre-designed Dead Man Walking Web Template

Has the fight for the House turned a page......

Must see "" snapshot from Mark Foley

"Election Predictions" -- House +16 for Dems

Democrats in hostile territory

Tools to prosecute and try terrorists.......

How many times was Foley blackmailed into giving his vote for

Foley Interviewed About Page Last Year Democrats Not Told

The sex scandal could unravel the House GOP!!

Jesus Camp

Inhofe (R-OK) denying global warming myth on FOX....

The Advantage of Liars

Cover up on Foley by the GOP

What will Jeb do?

Agape News? Dobson? AFA? Where are all the Family Values

The Political Week in Cartoons

Is anyone you know a "Rock Hard Republican?" I think that is

Republicans block investigation into Foley scandal.

3 Down, 12 to go

Boehner request "unanimous consent to revise and extend" his lies

MSM on those who knew about Foley?

CSPAN covering Foley now.... I want to hear the Ditto heads defend this

Why you must vote Republican (a devil's advocate comment)

Breaks at issue in Wal-Mart lawsuit

DUer help needed, antiBlackwell PAC needs to set up online donations ASAP!

Bush Admin shielded from War Crimes...

Red-baiting in Iowa

Pedophilia, Torture and Lies - "Conservative" Values

The latest Fred Barnes' prophecy right here (and I like it!):

Drudge thinks the Chinese Animal Olympics is the story of the day..

Zimbabwe Hiding Truth Behind Attacks on Trade Unionists (video of beatings

A question for fellow election poll geeks:

Ten Reasons Why the Wal-Mart Pundits Are Wrong

Bill Schneider, help us DUer's out here.

President Clinton will "heal the world"

House GOP Leadership knew about Foley

Webb's Fundraising Strength Puts VA-Sen Clearly on the Map

Border Barrier Approved

Here's the pathetic photograph that needs to be used

If you see a fat vampire, check your neck!

"GOP cries foul after Dayton blocks AIDS funding bill"

E. Coli produce outbreaks related to GOP immigration tampering?

Presidential Oath of Office. "preserve, protect, and defend "

What Is Paycheck Deception and Why Should Working People Care?

Freepers you have a choice, defend your leaders or defend pedophiles

query: does anyone know the DEFINITIVE % of us population that is KKK or

"The Repedophile... excuse me, I mean the Republican..."

in passing TV : "you tube and others harassing politicians like Allen"

Parents of Foley's Victim?

Falwell: Noticeable Media Double Standard

i caught the tail end of a discussion

Bush Radio: "Selectively quoting NIE buys into the enemy's propaganda"

Woah Jesse Jackson Jr. launches petition drive for Mayor!

Allen: "No newspaper stories about it at the time" means "I DIDN'T DO IT"

On CNN they kept saying how former colleagues told Foley

So, is Wiley saying Disney appreciates a good lie? I think he is!

Repuke asks whether Barney Frank should investigate Foley

It is the repugPEDOPHILElican way

Can the new detainee/torture/habeas corpus bill be used as a draft?

Emegency Paper-Trail Mandate Fails in House

statements from Dems who voted for Bush torture bill (most silent)

North Illinois Dems - LTTE and CALL newsrooms. Hastert KNEW about Foley

I think the GOP gay-haters leaked the Foley story ...

Suicide attacks used to be rare in Afghanistan...

It's not just a few bad apples...

How about this for a bumper sticker...

I'm Not a Lawyer, But I've Read The Constitution, UNLIKE,...

Comma fault

John Gibson: Election Season Antics Already Under Way ("vilifying Bush")

Republicans are very sick people...

does bush rub you the wrong way?

Just back from Dem candidates rally.

Reynolds Informed Hastert of Allegations Against Foley

There's Always Dirt, Part MMMCLXXXIV


bush* could fuck a little boy on stage and the repukes would STILL make

So...student activism is dead, you say? Check this out ...

An Oldie But A Goldie re. Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fla):

McCaskill on Obama: He's shooting for the White House

So Hastert knew but...

Your state representatives and senators

john Boehner Quotes-hypocrisy on every level

Avoiding WH system by using rnc pagers? If we get subpoena power, we know

Dean: '08 May Hinge on Race, Immigration

Do the Democrats have a chance to pick up Mark Foley's House seat?

Legislating Violations of the Constitution

Diebold 'smoking gun' in Georgia '02! Vote by Absentee Ballot this fall!

The Abramoff Investigation; "better not put this stuff in writing"

Ney, Delay, Cunningham, Foley -- if this keeps up, we'll win by attrition.

Rumsfeld, Abramoff, Foley: Shortsighted Democratic Response

On top of everything else... guess who reports to prison THIS Monday a,m,?

DRIP, DRIP >> Rep. Kildee says "page matter" NEVER investigated Click her

Republicans Boo Pelosi's Call to Investigate Foley - Boehner Blocks Motion

How much money did the GOP leadership give Foley to get him

Well, now we kinda know what they have on all the repukes at least

Marijuana Arrests Higher Police Priority than Violent Crime

CIA: "we could have killed Bin Laden (in the months BEFORE 9/11)"

(Oh, happy day) Poll: Allen Tied With Democrat in Va.

DLC's Will Marshall versus General John Abizaid - you decide

WP: Foley's name on ballot, but GOP can designate recipient of his votes

The rats are starting to eat each other...

Democrats don"t have a Plan

CLARK: "It doesn't work. We shouldn't do it. It's morally wrong."

Art Teacher Loses Job After Kids See Nude Sculpture

Mixed poll results in VA Senate.

"Foes leave party off of yard signs"

Is there still a Revolution going on in Mexico?

E&P: Coming in Sunday 'NYT': Will Dean Destroy the Democratic Party?

Classic Daily Show Video just uploaded to YouTube - December 13, 2000!

John Kerry is down in FL campaigning for Foley's challenger!!!

Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) is a good man.

Congress Approves Kerry Legislation Urging Summit of Iraq & Neighbors!!!

Will we recognize when it is time to "throw off such government"?


Perceptions of Republican Fearmongers and the Simple Truth

I think I found some video of Rep. Mark Foley (R. Fla.)

The Dismantling of the CONSTITUTION:

Whew! Just assembled my New America Anti-Terror Kit.

So you guys know whats coming next, right?

I am sick of hearing "Cowards cut and run" from a man who jogs with

Learn the distinction between Pedophilles and Homosexuals

An open letter to NBC and MSNBC regarding Foley and your air .....

Grand Old Perverts

WES CLARK- Army of One helps gain local headlines for “D” candidates!

Anyone else notice how hard NPR tries to repair damage Allen is doing to

The GOP, photo: Bush, Frist, Hatch, Santorum, Foley...

ACTION ALERT: Hastert's Dem opponent NEEDS MEDIA ACTION support.