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The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 258

Bush's performance .. poor but .. packaging .. exemplary

Police and political groups linked to Haiti sex attacks

Critics Decry Destroy and Lend Policy

US Officials Guilty Of Violating Anti-Torture Laws

New Book's Claim That Criticism Of FDR On Holocaust Is 'Anti-American'

How loose are those slots? Only casinos know (CA gaming payout info rare)

This was the most downloaded video on google today....

Feds may step in/Goshutes vote to shut down tribal business (nuke storage)

Israel's Invasion of Lebanon Was Not Justified

911 WTC Explosions "Why The 9/11 Conspiracies Won't Go Away" ('Loose Change')

Vermont Secretary of State to speak at DFA meeting and take questions

Radnofsky campaign needs to write in to the Star-Telegram

4 soldiers may face death penalty

AP: British Detectives Search Islamic School

Report: Hezbollah Establishes Child Army

New Book's Claim That Criticism Of FDR On Holocaust Is 'Anti-American'

Australia To Boost Iraq Deployment - Defense Minister

Americans' Support for Afghan Military Action Drops in CNN Poll

Annan Snubbed, Ignored in Iran Meeting

Poll: Mich. Governor's Race about Even (Granholm 46 - DeVos 44)

G.O.P. Seen to Be in Peril of Losing House

Marine battalion heads to Iraq for fourth time

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead

Disease 'migrates' as world warms

Late Breaking News - Trillions of Sperm Lost; God quite irate.

Thread Sex

Autofocus movie question

does anyone have Vongo?

OK, the roomate came...

At what age did you lose any fruit?

Daylight by Coldplay

Tell me why I like you

Yummy. Fresh baked garlic bread, made from scratch

Check out this drink I just made!

self delete.

When did they start making sequels

So the Smashing Pumpkins are recording another album.

Please let me hate. I love to hate.

DU has prepared me to be a Dear Abby...well sort of...

The female co-driver

Jesus appears to devil kitty

Boy, am I disappointed in this product!

Nuclear war - 9/12/06.... according to the House of Yahweh!!

I'm as dumb as a rock that knows how to eat

$34.95 for "The Nanny", season 2? Forget that!

Random DU Lounge Poll #946

Will Someone Shut Maria Sharapova UP?

Used Yamaha or Selmer TENOR sax???

Happy Holidays, Y'all

What could possibly be more sad

We just rewatched Finding Neverland.

'Single TV Dads' - a goofy web site!!

who wants someone to say "howdy" to them?

I'm going to apologize in advance

Oh no! Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has died!

That guy who played with poisonous spiders, snakes and Crocs got bit!

Somebody please slap me

Best Willy Wonka Parody

'Contains 9-11 Servings'

TV show spoilers site w new season dish :)

Uh, dupe

Let's all welcome our special guest, Agent Mike!

Check out the new Disturbed video, remake of "Land of Confusion"

Steve Irwin?

She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.......cocaine

Love Stinks

Celebrating the New Number Two in Rosslyn, VA, right now, tonight!

Have You Been Surprised (in a good way) Lately?

fellow Lounge Lizards: the Post published my LTTE

Barry Bostwick could so kick your ass!!!!!

Brian Bosworth could so kick your ass!!!!!

Anyone here a current, former or future Buddhist?

Characterize your life in phases according to each Administration

Green Chili heaven!

Ok?????????? I was wondering would anyone like to see my Pen

One tablet of the "15 Commandments" was broken...

Video games. . . please explain the appeal

NEED a used Yamaha or Selmer TENOR sax...

For those who missed it, Letterman and Kyra Phillips "Top Ten."

Looking for ISP recommendations...

I have kitty pictures!

Puppy videos! Puppies, I said!!!

Favorite Disneyland Ride

Tide To Go...It really works!!

Do bad grammar and/or nonsensical sentences irritate you?

I'm all caught up at work, 90 minutes to deadline,

Pope's top exorcist says Harry Potter is 'king of darkness'

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

I can say what I want

Holy Crap! The Crocodile Hunter is dead.

I want every single Du'er to just write "yes"

Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon

if he was at home right now, where would he be?

When did they start making squeals

Please let me love. I hate to hate.

What does your choice of Geico celebrity say about YOU?

A fun challenge for anyone who cares to brave GD

Armor of God Pajamas

Please don't take my sunshine away

Which version of Willy Wonka is your favorite?

Burning Man (2005)

"What are we fighting for?" Compilation of pics from Iraq war **GRAPHIC**

"Rapid Manifesting & Overwhelm" - Karen Bishop - September 3, 2006

Great OpEd on paying for College in today's Lowell Sun

Dems' response to GOP accusations, including JK's

Please refresh my memory guys and gals......

I posted some new hummer shots, but this time in the Lounge.

Went and saw VMI today --- dumb tourist horsey pic.

Playing politics with Iraq? Where'd you get that idea?

Don't Deny Veterans Legal Representation


Victory for free speech in Kansas!!

If you could do any job in the world, what would it be?

Are you going to watch the CBS News with Katie Couric?

"Smirk and Snarl Go to The Hague (on the Nuremburg plan)"

DU This Poll Regarding Midterm Elections

I can't change the world

Redstate's Streiff refuses to enlist:

British military at limit of capacity: Britain's top soldier

If Democracy in Iraq is So Important, Why Did Bush go with the 5th String?

On TCM tonight: 'Breaker' Morant

Sunday word game for you

Dems Should Define Fascism for Reps

CBS's next great news journalist.

CBS worries about the NAUGHTY WORDS!

So Matt PUDGE wishes he could be Rosie-O on The View

Quotes from Tom Delay (these are the type of people we are fighting....)

Please Give a DU welcome to TD Six

DU This Poll Casey-Santorum Debate

Why is it that that catching Al-Qaeda's #2 (repeatedly) is a big deal

Bill Cosby will Speak at Operation Firing for Effect

DU This Poll: "Fighting Terrorism"

Armitage's role in Plame leak does NOT take burden off Libby and Rove.

Love is...........

'Revenge' pushes hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan (AP)

Our troops are not dying for "democracy" - they are dying for...

(Florida) Too many jobs in state have low pay, meager benefits

Congressman Conyers:More Optimism

Israeli diplomat arrested on suspicion of pedophilia (Atlanta)

Imagine a world without Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld/Frist/Hastert etc

PDA: "The Ground Truth" - Sneak Preview at Camp Democracy

Time: "The Nation That Fell To Earth" (Did the U.S. over-react to 9/11?)

The best political interview show out there.

We all get tired

"....he told everyone he didn't think he would be coming back."

"We Will Never Recognize A President-Elect Who Is Illegitimate"

Email I received today. Seems like a good idea no matter what

what does this mean??? found it trying to TROLL at an unnamed site

Well, our favorite Georgia right-wing Kool-Aid drinking "editor" again...

Future History of Scandalous George

Please DU this poll re: computerized voting in AZ

Is youtube not working for anyone else?

Hey lurking FReeptards!

Any kind hearted DUers out there that could donate for me so I can get my

الخيمة - الصف&

Bush Urges Nation To Be Quiet For A Minute While He Tries To Think

They caught 'Al Qaida #2' again

Drudge (sorry): Limbaugh will appear with Katie in first week -- her idea

Entry-level jobs hard to find, pay less, often offer no insurance, pension

A very simple CNN poll:

What is the correct word to call someone who slams gays?

MICKEY Z.: No Innocent Bystanders In America

Almost 1,500 Freeps have freeped this Santorum poll.. NOW IT's DU's TURN!

Anyone else read Fiasco?

Rove's Vision Falling Apart As Mood Turns Against GOP - SJMercury News

"In fearful times, comedians are the first to stand up to authority."

Book: Bush told reporter Jews are 'all going to hell'

John Dean: I have no quesiton that Conyers will begin impeachment hearings

Joe Klein: The Speech Bush SHOULD HAVE Given

Some CBS Affiliates Worry Over 9/11 Show

If you did not have to, would you keep your job?

6 month sentence for stealing food from trash

Jon Elliott (San Diego local) to cover Mike Malloy's spot until 9/18

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead

Bumper-Sticker induced Freeper burn… Dr. E- 1, Freeper- 0

MEET THE ECONOMIC CLASSES OF AMERICA - please share your opinion

Help me write a response to this infuriating email!

Evangelicals intensify calls for parents to pull kids from public schools

Which org. did the best helping hurricane victims??How can we help??

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease

RFK for Democratic Party's Voting Integrity Chair

".....he said he was ready to have a backyard and be with his kids",

Every Kid in America Should See "HOOT"!

Beware the Fruitcake Fundies. Their Danger is Real

Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report

A Labor Day Resolution: Let’s Support Employee Free Choice

The Fight of Our Lives, reflect on everything George Bush and his Congress

A lot of Republican candidates want nothing from Rove or Bush

Can Democrats Win in Ohio River Valley?

New book alleges Rove/Abramoff meetings; Stepfather's gay life explored

How do we investigate this?

Reid Makes Labor Day Call for a New Direction:

U.S. deaths in Iraq, war on terror surpass 9/11 toll

Labor Day Statement from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Bush brothers are hanging Mrs Chad out to dry

U.S. Senator Patty Murray and U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell WakeUpWalMart

Former Lieberman allies rally around Lamont

Does anyone know if Santorum really spends a month at the house in PA?

Saw a nice bumper sticker

Photos: Bush, his two wives, and the fucker STILL can't salute properly


WP editorial: On Labor Day, Bush should rethink rhetoric, adjust policies

Caracas mayor wants to seize country clubs (Nat'l Gov't against it)

Behind the Curtain of the new "Good War"

Analysis: Bush struggles to deliver

Other Economies are Possible! (Ethan Miller, Dollars and Sense)

Perils darken a shadow economy

Howard Zinn speaks

The Year of Living Fearfully - By Fareed Zakaria at Newsweek 'Revenge' pushes hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan

Labor Day recalls union influence

"It's an Illegal Employer Problem"

'America's aggression is fuelling extremism', says Iran's ex-president

"Survival may be the only thing the troops here agree on." (more Doubt)

Capitalism Has Only Hurt Latin America

Forecasts of Republicans losing House mark official start of US campaign

Working poor in New Orleans mark one-year anniversary of Katrina WIN audio

Phila. Inquirer: Happy Labor Day?

UK Troops risk their lives in Land Rovers MoD sells off armoured vehicles

Turning Rubble into Rhetoric

LAT editorial: Deadly, Intentional Ignorance on Guns

Mr. Fish

'My son was worked to death' ( The Korean branch of a U.S. company)

graphic on state by state drop in median income levels

Unemployment is not best LW stat.. "Job Shortage " is better

Vegas water plan gives critics déjà vu (Owens Valley)

Alarm sounds on US population boom

(Kinky) Friedman: Energy program key for Texas

"Gaia Girls"

Doctors Monitoring 16,000 WTC Volunteers Fear Major Health Crisis Looming

Most polluted site in N. America: Can nuclear waste ever be cleaned up?

Lebanon's coast is drowning in oil (Dialup alert!)

IPCC Projection Narrows Temperature Increase Range For 2100 - Reuters

Deep ice tells long climate story

Standing-Room-Only Crowd Near Dallas Jeers New Coal Power Plants

Oil from Rock:Coaxing oil from huge U.S. shale deposits

"DOE is going to skip the demonstration plant step and go directly to..."


I just had the automotive ride of my life

Anyone w experience in introducing beneficial insects to eradicate s mites

Whistleblower Law Void for EPA Employees

Thousands Displaced By Oil Well Blowout On Java - 3 Months & Counting

Oops! Scottish Beach Closed After Discovery Of Fuel Rod Chips - Telegraph

Global warming: Stormy Scotland up to 72% wetter

The Demise of a Techno-fix Psyche

Coal keeps US economy burning

The coal-burning question (TX)

Dept. Of Education Returns Evolutionary Biology To Grant List - AFP

UK Economist Urges Adaptation To Climate Breakdown, Along w. Mitigation

W/O Water, Grass, Austrlia's Cattle Industry "On A Knife Edge" - Reuters

ChimpCo To Maintain Opposition To Any National GHG Caps - Bloomberg

The South Korean program for reusing spent nuclear fuel directly.

Scotland's Storms Intensify - Worst Storms 72% Stronger Than 40 Yrs Ago

Flood Of Toxic Paper Mill Waste Submerges Chinese Village - NYT

Australian Fossil Fuel Industries - Plan Now For A Drier 21st Century

China Plans To Launch SO2 Trading Plan In 2007 - Reuters

Sixth Tropical Depression Of Season 1,300 E. Lesser Antilles - Reuters/NHC

Israel Said to Fear War Crimes Charges

AIPAC Congratulates Itself on the Slaughter in Lebanon

When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

Terrorist group victorious in war against Israel

Annan: Israel, Hezbollah agree on U.N. mediation for soldiers' release

Anger mounts among Lebanese over Israeli blockade

Prisoner Exchange / The terms of the deals are known

Israel said to fear war crimes charges

Europe: El Al planes with IDF cargo can`t land in our airports

Tenders issued for hundreds of homes in W. Bank settlements

Free the monster Samir Kuntar

MK Sarsur: PM threatens Syria, playing with fire

JOSHUA FRANK: The People’s Struggle In The ME -- Ramzy Baroud Interview

Officials said fearing wave of war crimes suits over Lebanon

When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

Battered Israeli town faces postwar struggle

WMD AT THE WTC - New Video Premiere in DC on 9/11 - Watch Trailer!

Kerik chosen as keynote speaker at 9/11 ceremony

Interesting issue raised in Griffin "9/11 Live or Fabricated" Interview

THREE cuts of 9/11 Truth videos on Google 100 most popular videos

ERD News: Nevada Stunner-Meet the New Boss II; Mexico; Collins at BradBlo


TX-21 John Courage diary on Daily Kos

Fun times in Sugar Land!

Anybody here ever get up to Abilene?

I got the sweetest compliment today, re: my cooking

OK, who feels adventurous?

Supper (9/4) What are you making?

Guys, this group has become one of my favorites.

New U.S. security rules rile airlines, air crews

Majority wanted PM at AIDS summit

Is Hezbollah cashing in on Viagra and vice?(Globe)

Canadian killed in 'friendly fire' incident (30 injured)

Al-Qaeda in Iraq denies deputy's arrest

Spain: Had eyes on(UK) terror suspects

United House and Senate Democratic Leaders Urge President to Change Course

Copyright war feared with Cuba

Bush says tax cuts helping workers--Reuters

Lieberman marches alone as former allies surround Lamont

Poll: labor unions viewed favorably by 58%

Bush Declares Eco-Whistleblower Law Void for EPA Employees

Friendly (U.S.) fire that killed Canadian was 'freak accident,' major says

mayor hopes Congress can close horse slaughter plant

Can anyone confirm this......

al-Sistani: "I no longer have power to save Iraq from civil war" 'Revenge' pushes hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan

Pope's top exorcist says Harry Potter is 'king of darkness'

Congress returns in prelude to November election battle

U.S. deaths in Iraq, war on terror surpass 9/11 toll

Study finds fewer terror prosecutions

Qatar first Arab state to pledge troops to UN Lebanon force

AP: 2 U.S. Marines Reported Killed in Iraq

(UK)Police get more time on terror suspects

Medicare Chief to leave Agency

Britain admits forces stretched, after new Afghan blow

Iraq follows Qaeda coup with massive arrest operation

Poll: Mich. split on affirmative action

The AFL-CIO and Change to Win on Labor Day (get a pro-working family Congr

High-level Iraqi delegation to head for Tehran

Back bench gives Blair one-year deadline

NATO Soldier Killed by 'Friendly Fire'

Congress set for combative, pre-election push

(2) UK soldiers killed in Iraq attack

Sudan orders African troops out of Darfur

NYT/Reuters: British Minister to Raise Press Freedom with Beijing

MTV owners to drive off other Pimps

Belarus Wants to Sell Venezuelan Oil to U.S.

'My son was worked to death' ( The Korean branch of a U.S. company)

(35)Tortured bodies found in Baghdad

Job creation not keeping up with population of workers entering market

Gunman Open Fire On Tourists In Jordan

AP: Iraqi Olympic Soccer Player Kidnapped

US Troops Seek 'Revenge' in Afghanistan

6 Philippine marines killed, 19 wounded (US backed offensive)

(NY) Trooper wounded in 'Bucky' hunt dies

Plane lands in Beirut despite blockade

Republican ads show distance from Bush

Annan agrees to mediate soldier release

Poland to name 6m war dead

Merkel rules out military option for dealing with Iran (Germany)

(10 US troops dead S&M) Iraq kills 14 'terrorists' after deadly gunbattle

PM defiant after military deaths (UK)

Kuwait makes second complaint in two weeks to Iraq

Bush warns on foreign oil dependence

Official Confirms Skeleton Is Warlord's

Mexican court to decide election outcome(Announcement Tues)

Democrats see support for anti-Rumsfeld vote

Democrats call White House rhetoric on Iraq 'outrageous'

NYT: Troops Cut Death, but Not Fear, in a Bloody Baghdad Neighborhood

U.S. army says dead soldiers not linked to Iraqi rape

Ice core evidence of human impact on CO2 in air

12 teens escape firebombing of Jewish school

Venezuela's Fight for U.N. Seat Divides

The "War" on Terrorism by V.G. Cats

HGTV Design Star viewers -

Newly uncovered terrorist group "Al Gebra" plans to

I've Got Two Legs-- For Oeditpus Rex

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed

241 post since 8:32 AM Sat Sep-02-06

tops or bottoms?

I must go ....

Which kind of tea should I have next?

Happy 225th Birthday, Los Angeles!

If I do the Time Warp, can I go back to the Clinton era?

Nobody did Po as well as Marie Curie

Nobody did poi as well as Kamehameha the Great

Jerry Lewis Telethon...DID ANYBODY SEE PAUL ANKA??

Bosco Bear could so kick your ass!!!!!

Brian Boitano could so kick your ass!!!!!

Elvis: Once and for all...

What time will the sun rise for you today?

Temps or Tops...and why

Cats & Laser Pens...

My favorite punchline is.....

Ok who's up?


Nighthawks in American Lit.

Every Kid in America Should See "HOOTERS"!

Take THAT, Plato hooters!!!

They say humor is tragedy + time

Huh. Harvey Kormann is owner of the largest movie-truck fleet in the world

Physics people or just smart people...


Just watching a rerun of an interview with Steve Irwin he did three years

what would possess people to even try and make a remix of "i feel love"

there is a big o' coopers hawk sitting right outside my window.

an ode to codependency

African wildlife, great shots, awesome photography.

Poll question:Do you let the dog lick your palate when you're done eating?

Home networking question - slow PC to PC browsing

LLL with love.

Nobody did pi as well as Darren Aronofsky

I think I'll have a nightcap and watch Intervention

Nobody did Poe as well as Vincent Price.

I have never seen anything so blue in my entire life!

Used to be simple department: How do I report a repair problem with a

I hate to post a youtube link... But,

Anybody in the Seattle area go to Bumbershoot this year?

Well, Silent Hill really sucked.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam... and garlic!!!

Favorite Steve Irwin moment?

My dad is such a -- what's the word -- coward. Yeah, that's it.

Don't you hate it when bosses try to sweet talk/guilt trip you

King of All Media?

A few moments of quality time with Lionel Richie

5K: Who here has run one?

MTV owners to drive off other Pimps

DC Area Duers! I need help!

robby ginepri is my new husband!

What would be the best funeral for the Croc Hunter?

Sen. James DeMint (R-SC) drives like an asshole!!!

So hows everybody doing this afternoon?

"Labor Day"

I have finished my very first outline for my very first legal memo.

Monday, September 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For Labor Day:


Note to self: there is an appropriate distance...

Where did Labor Day come from?

I'm going to be out of commission for a few days

What's open today?

Don't you love it when your Ipod shuffles songs right?

Labour Day movie list (add your own!)

Obsessive cat flushing

Childish pictures (proud mama moment) dial-up warning

I have the song "Public Affair" stuck in my head.

I have a long "Pubic Hair" stuck in my head

The evolution of dance

Okay. I can't move my eyebrows. It's really, really wierd.

Hey Hummers. Look at my Lounger!

Can the Jerry Lewis Telethon get any cheesier ?

Someone please pass me a Tylenol PM ...

Do you let the dog lick your plate when you're done eating?

8/31/06: Hubble Captures a Rare Eclipse on Uranus

Breaking CNN... Jack Hanna implicated in death of Steve Irwin...

Baby Maine-ah

So, were these gophers gay, or what?

I'm sponsoring a child!

Suggest me a pseudonym.

2 men arrested for stealing food from dumpster

do you feel or think?

Share fond memories of the croc hunter here....

I've had an awesome summer...and weekend

On the History Channel right now, "American Eats." Ice Cream!

I just found out there is no one named Juan Tanamera

Happy birthday GaDemo!!

Man, you guys won't believe the pop-up ad I just had on my computer.

Would you take a ride on an AA battery-powered airplane? (NEAT PHOTO!)

I gained 2 pounds over the weekend.

There's a new Ben & Jerry's!!!!

Christian Right Lobbies To Overturn Second Law Of Thermodynamics.

Should I practice my voice impersonation of Fran Drescher?


Is your name Jacqueline? Do you live in North Carolina? Area code

Just got back from New Orleans....

Sheesh. People were out in the malls today.

Why would anyone name a kid Prince?

Is Sharadick for real or just hype?

Can a couple live solely with undying love for each other?

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

A little dilemma: Call her back, or not?

I know everybody's tired of me

So, I'm a paid volunteer to make phonecalls for Charles Sanders

Boy, the things you see with Google Images:

Brazen, sultry, babelicious hottie! Is this too steamy for DU?

Whatever happened to JimmyJazz?

There is a herkfest going on my room.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/4/06)

I really really hate it when this happens just as I hit reply.

Mother Goose fairy tales. Were the writers smoking dope?!

Australia ** dial up warning ***

What's for dinner tonight?

Were/are your parents very openly affectionate towards one another?

Excuse me, but didn't they play tennis before Andre the great

Is there a "Nature/Animals" board on DU?

Worst excuse for dumping Pluto as a planet?


Congratulations haruka3_2000!! 10,000 posts

Post #9,999...A retrospective...

I'm drinking a toast to a great conservationist. Steve Irwin.

GEEK ALERT: Richard Hatch googled me yesterday... :D

Best Post-Jim Doors Album

What should I do with the repub voter ballot I got in the mail?

Chalk It Up - Sacramento, 2006...pic heavy #2...

Chalk It Up - Sacramento, 2006...pic heavy #3...

Chalk It Up - Sacramento, 2006...pic heavy #5...

Money for the Rainbow Festival went to many a good cause, but they...

Chalk It Up - Sacramento, 2006...pic heavy #1...

Happy Labo(u)r Day, my godless commie brethren!


Krispy Kreme is evil...


what are you grateful to canada for?

I'm eating toast to a faux conservationist. Steve Irwin.

Could you please, for a stupid person, explain herk?

You'll never believe what I found in my music collection!

Darn. I just found out one of my boyfriends died in 2002.

After years of disgust with our government's policies, all I can say is:

Leonard Nimoy sings "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins"

Nobody did Sam as well as Darren Stevens

GEEK ALERT: Richard ogled me Hatch yesterday... :D

Aaaah I love Canada! (Toyota commercial)

People in GD piling on Steve Irwin before his ashes are even cold.

Question for our AIR TRAFFIC'd the first two days go?

Chalk It Up - Sacramento, 2006...pic heavy #4...

Starbucks workers add shot of unionizing

DU this thread!!

This afternoon, I saw a guy taking his boa constrictor for a walk

Astrologers, Exorcists, Pedophiles--OH MY

Pope's top exorcist says Harry Potter is 'king of darkness'

What is your religious affiliation?

Fathers in their 40s or older are much more likely to have autistic kids

Vaccine stops 75% of deaths from Cervical Cancer

Humans 'hardwired for religion'

Probe crashes into moon

The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Energy by Peter A Lindemann

Why the hell is Hollywood still so homophobic?!?!?!

Rate this fantasy football team

Texas v. Ohio State: this will be a great match

Pluto's station. . .anyone else feeling it. . .?

September Transits to the U.S. Chart


Biden: who was first calling for Rummy's resignation?

Sept 7: JK to participate in CBC Energy Independence Town Hall discussion

Mrs. Toad finds Alice through the Looking Glass

Is there any interest in a 2007 DU Photo Snaparoo?

Attention: According to USFS Aspen #22571-B, Uncompahgre Forest,

Used Yamaha or Selmer TENOR sax???

Mr. Fish

2,647 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

to the DU-er who helped restore my star.......I say this

Memo To CNN: It's (Understanding) The Economy, Stupid.

I met this kid today. His name is Ethan and he can sign, but...

Who is this Osama of which you speak...

A question on racism and political correctness.

Tammy Bruce gives Ann Coulter a run for her money

Rumsfeld stands five feet, seven and one-half inches tall?

Are bush & the neo cons as evil as we think? Or even more so?

"After 9/11 and Katrina, reality intruded on the president" -Guardian

the cost of transportation, gasoline and electricity

would sipowicz's ass make it on teevee nowadays?

THE "NUMBER" THIS MORNING IS 2647 and rising.

David Sirota: The war on workers

This Labor Day

How does one go from a president crushing rebellions to a war criminal?

I spoke to AFLCIO Richard Trumka on CSPAN this morning.

Scientists map canyon below Atlantic (Hudson)

Irwin brought joy to millions: PM John Howard

Study: Terror prosecutions at pre-Sept. 11 levels

Opium Bumper Crops seems to benefit Taliban.

Musharraf in British magazine’s top 10 list of dictators

Never had a republican in the family before

(VIDEO) Katrina: How The Rich Got Soaked. A Presentation by Bill Maher

Sep 4 1976

Britain wants to target potential problem children -- in the womb! . . .

Why can't a Democratic candidate campaign on the premise that

Warning: John Bolton coming up live on CNN

c-span WJ - has guest host

How long before the new AAR schedule kicks in?

Will Marsha Blackburn debate Bill Morrison?

A Blister to My Eyes

Huge Help Needed!

THE SMITH ACT OF 1940 is still on the books as the...

9 months of gestation in 20 seconds (VIDEO) Awesome!

republicans: "I voted with Bush, before I voted against him"

Elaine Chao is a lying bitch. She was just on CNN lying and

Evolution debate hits Kenya exhibit

Iraqi soccer star abducted; bodies found

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead:Seventh Sign-Dems take both houses!

Grand Ayatolla Ali al-Sistani Will Not Be Involved in Politics Anymore

Just Try Voting Here: 11 of America's Worst Places to Cast a Ballot (or Tr

American Values

FBI, Education Dept. mine student aid info (FAFSA files)

"moderate" Suans Collins helped call for IRS invastigation of NAACP

NYTimes suggests a Labor Week off instead of a Labor Day..

Another Warning: Bush* spewing on

2 bumper stickers I saw today........

Do you support HIV Prosecutions?

GOP candidates stress independence from Bush

How do we fix it? Therapy?

The Women Who Gave Us Labor Day

Most polluted site in N. America: Can nuclear waste ever be cleaned up?

A letter I sent to the CEO of and

DC Area Duers! I need help!

The right reverend Dobson just stepped in it big time

Today in history: on Sep. 4 1976 G. W. Bush was arrested for DUI

LAT: Senator Snowe Puts Brakes on Toll Lanes on Internet: "Net neutrality"

Jerry Lewis attacks Mel Gibson

Labor Day 2006 Pittsburgh Celebrates and Mourns (pic heavy)

That OTHER Bush-views-Katrina-damage picture

Alpha and Omega

What is your religious affiliation?

Destination Devastation?

I saw the Casey-Santorum debate: I'm not impressed with Casey

When Criticism of Cluster Bombs is "Anti-Semitic"

Political Demographics 101

2,653 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

An apropos anagram for *

I hope it's not Small Plane Crash Season again?

The word "rhetoric"

Smile, Politicians! You're on YouTube (LAT)

Can you read this? Thank a teacher.

Free speech Poll

At what age was your first sexual experience?

The three most vulnerable Democratic Senators up for re-election

Russia asked to explain putting Kuwaiti charities on terror list

Vintage Malloy on Head-On Radio right now

The Interstate Compact to by-pass the Electoral College

PRETTY UP for the camera! **$1500.** for a photo with Barbara Bush!

Does this Al Qaeda outfit in Iraq have ANY number three bad dudes?

Hey, Skinner, we're approaching 25 million posts!

Bush won't negotiate with Iran so he sent this Spanish guy to do it for him

next time you're upset with a dem in the media, remember how biased it is

Fox News Declares War on Iran

Al Gore On MTV-An Environmental Man In Black

change the civilian leadership of the Pent--letter to Bush by Reid/Dems

"It's going too fast... We will burn."

Dan Rather reports is coming to HD net Uncensored

Malloy poster says problem contacting XM

Would you support this bill on SUVs

Great Labor Day toon by Mike Thompson -- I need help posting it

Don't confuse Appeasers with Fascist Dupes/Fascists

Dear DUers - please check out my latest.

Do you support Universal National Service (the draft) for the Taliban?

The World After 9/11: New Yorker discussion with Seymour Hersh

TiVo to sell data....What took them so long?

A video Rick Santorum should watch

Two-thirds 'terrorist' arrests not prosecuted; median sentence: 28 days

The very notion of a "war" on terrorism is the wrong strategy

Do You Remember This One? (A Rumsfeld Golden Oldie.)

Songs from the Little Red Song Book (Wobblies)

Is Lou Dobbs going to have these flag wavers on his show tonight?

John McGlaughlin said it Friday night and I agree.

LABOR DAY TOPIC: creative alternatives (or additions) to striking?

"Son of Bush," they shouted.

How worried are you about the integrity of the elections in your state?

Remember when Grand Ayatolla Ali al-Sistani said all gays should be killed?

Stand by... this is gonna take a while to write...

The Architects of War:Where are they now?

`A horror show for Republicans'

List Bush's failures on terrorism here (both before and after 9/11)

GWB Presidential Library land flap brewing...

Chomsky on CSPAN2 5:30 pm Eastern

Don't like science? Then don't use its results.


Malloy on Sirius?

Path to 911 on ABC question:

Ha ha ha. Tom DeLay's book

Amy Goodman and David Goodman - The Democracy Now! Tour...

6 Children Die in Chicago Apartment Fire

Finally! 1000 posts! And for it, who here has read or listened to

Armstrong Williams on Air America in New York?

oh this is real nice-god`s country is getting hammered

I was able to talk my grandson out of getting a H2 Hummer

TIME: Dropout Rate Actually 30%, 50% For Blacks/Hispanics - '06 Issue!

Mexico court will name Calderon president -sources

My House Representative is

Another must read Krugman column today

It's getting hard out there...woman abandons

Lets use Rumsfelds yardstick to tell if we are winning or losing in Iraq

Moxie and Spunk

ABC Mockudrama Suggestion: Picket, Picket, Picket!!!

Troopers: New ATV Law Tough To Enforce

Invading Iraq "appeased the terrorists"

Honoring abstinence (man, this is just creepy)

House OR Senate?

Rethugs Can't Risk a Free Election.....

Darfur - Don't forget Sept 17 Events

Iraqi Kurdish Leader Threatens Secession Over Flag Flap

Fundy fruitcake attacking me. Please advise and assist.

Johnny Gosch had symbol branded on shoulder

Margaret Warner and crew ordered to leave Iran. jim lehrer now

Find out about Darfur Events Here: Sept 17, 2006

So long Tony Poodle

District 91 -Florida- Please vote for Christian Chiari!

Pentagon: Conditions for Civil War Exist in Iraq

Proof that eating nothing but sausages & waffles will KILL you.

Military Says 6 Servicemen Die in Iraq

DU Time to fight back not just talk for Murtha

"Border Security"

So, why isn't this guy the REAL president?

Lou Dobbs keeps talking about the threat from e-voting machines.

Artificial Reduction In Gasoline Cost

OCTOBER 5: There is a way! There is a day!

He Looks Like Total SHIT!


Bush Declares Eco-Whistleblower Law Void for EPA Employees

Caption Rove

Mike Malloy emails BartCop!

Anybody got a link to Bush's apology?

Where the hell is our vision?

You know, all of these predictions about the Democrats taking the House

Whatever your feelings about Steve Irwin, he died doing what he loved most

RW Group is afraid Democratic Majority may start investigations of GOP

TOONS: Labor Day Edition

WTF? Did * and company do it again?


Who is NSA really spying on? The NSA is on overload.

US Troops Seek 'Revenge' in Afghanistan


Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter

The biggest damper on the US economy is

The Democratic Vision - 6-Point Plan for 2006

Here we go with this death penalty issue bullshit that sends me

1996-GOP Congress BLOCKED Clinton's Push For Anti-Terror Legislation!

That... Is Some Sad-Assed Shit Right There...

Why Democrats should go after "Reagan Democrats" and Independents?

300,000 children working as prostitutes in the U.S

Action Alert: Get Malloy on Jones Radio, Sirius

Fake Headline: V.P. Dick Cheney Killed by Covey of Quail

CBC to air THREE new 9/11 documentaries this week

Ok, I can't take it. I am totally heartbroken.

Homosexuals give Ford no public support - AFA Claims Victory!

In case you missed this bit of news ( no not Steve)

TODAY'S PIG IS TOMORROW'S BACON (a Labor Day recipe) - Greg Palast

UNDER FIRE - ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama

Liberal snark sucks (re: Steve Irwin)

Irwin was a daredevil.

*** Labor Day TOONs ***

* pulls out the I am smart card.

Ever notice? It takes a village to raise up a DUer.

"Iraq For Sale" Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq

U.S. jets accidentally fire at Canadians

Anyone else here astonished by the vitriol aimed at Irwin's death?

Another "Dead White Bloke" lost on a beach hogs the M$M media spotlight!

Bush Fantasizes About Blowing Up Clinton Library & Rove Tells Truth

Toon "Republican views on Democrats"

Voters not sold on push to end affirmative action

I am 40 years old. This is NOT how I envisioned America would be

Democrats United Against Iraq Occupation. Republicans Splitting Apart

There`s something about workers who are poor.

CIA is getting desperate

Steve Irwin's freak death filmed

Al Franken interviewing Fiasco author perpetuates disinformation

Immigrants and English

WH asks judge to delay enforcing her order to halt NSA! I missed this

I learned something from Steve Irwin's death.

Just when you think corporate greed can get no worse

Katherine Harris starts Spanish ad-blitz: "I'm gutsy! I'm loyal!"

Google developing eavesdropping software

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed

Steve Irwin was a human being.

'This is the wrong mission for Canada,' Layton says

Tomorrow, my kids get left behind by their school.

On Mike Malloy, AAR, and the other left radio personalities.

"American Family Assn." to protest 9/11 program: 'firemen were CUSSING!'

re: JFK . . . this deserves its own thread . . .

State of Ohio Establishes "Pre-Crime" Registry

Explain this bumper sticker I saw yesterday on an SUV with many

Local boy makes it big; leads US back to Allah; conversions in thousands

My 40-year GOP boyfriend registered as a democrat this week.


Video: New mysterious photos of lost boy, Johnny Gosch

Legalized Bribery in American Politics

Steve Irwin Quotes

Should We Tax People Who Have Long Commutes? Hey, Why Not?

On grave-pissing.

Bargaining Digest Weekly AFL-CIO

War on Workers

Would you take this bet?

WP: Santorum Defends President, Iraq War: Backs Bush During Debate

Senator Dodd to fight Bolton confirmation

San Francisco police arrest 65 in hotel worker protest

They Shoot Workers, Don't They?

Pay stagnates in sectors full of foreign-born workers ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

A very useful Interactive Map from the Washington Post

Unions have work cut out for them NLRB hearings for Da Silva's case SEIU

The Repubs don't need an "October Surprise".

A lovely chuckle provided by Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Anthony Arnove on the importance of Labor Day

Number Two Al Qaeda Operative killed or captured 39 Times in Iraq !?!?

Washington Journal Labor Day

WP: Schwarzenegger Keeps Wide Lead (45 to 32%) over Angelides

Under Fire, ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama

FBI probes office of Sen. Stevens' son

Senate Democrats Must Stay in Frist's Face on Minimum Wage Issue

Restore the American Dream simple E action

Labor Day and the Right

Camp Democracy (Monday Sept 4th pics from DC)

but first you must learn how to smile as you kill

Congress set for combative, pre-election push

Rove’s Word Is No Longer G.O.P. Gospel (Repugs to focus on 6 states)

NYT/Reuters: "Chameleon" Schwarzenegger Shows Green in Campaign

US Army Sgt: bin Laden "hiding like a little mouse in a cave from a snake"

Mitch McConnell (R-KY): "I think Rumsfeld has done an excellent job"

Greene on Olbermann -- Reviving a weekend thread

CNN's Mary Snow a propogandist liar. Scuffle during parade...

Jim Davis sheds calm on smear ads bankrolled by Big Sugar (FL)

“They Don’t Scare Me Anymore!”

Bush: We get oil from some parts of the world. They simply don't like us.

Working Class Snobbery and Elitism

Bush Administration Exports More Homeland Security

Rail Reform Group Wins Victories in Quest for Cross-Union Unity, Democracy

Guess what! Lou Dobb's Reports: "Illegal Aliens" will vote Dem and

Once upon a time...

Where did Lou Dobb's line of people come from....


Photos: "Bush takes the helm of a computerized ship's bridge simulator"

Wow - top contested house race - (Hostettler) - barely campaigning?

Remember the "Poll Tax"?

Why Won’t Workers Join Unions? 40,000 joined the CWA in recent months!

Simplifying U.S. tax code part of Ricketts' agenda (R Senate candidate Ne)

Gas price drop

Why haven't the Dems made this a major campaign issue?

Fighting for Bulletproof Vests

House to Put Federal Agencies, Programs on the Chopping Block

Are conservatives going to use impeachment fears to get out the vote?

The Brilliance of Labor

Update timeline on North American Union (NAU)

Photo: CAPTION Donald "No Confidence" Rumsfeld

CBS Evening News report: "Earmark" blasts 3 by name only, not by party

NYT : GOP In Peril of Losing House

Memo To CNN: It's (Understanding) The Economy, Stupid.

War protestors visit Repug Dana Rohrabacher's 'hood...

Raw Story teaser: "Anti-Defamation League targets MoveOn over Lieberman"

`A horror show for Republicans' (Chicago Tribune)

"Official" Rename the ABC "path to 9-11" Thread

the ugly right-wing background of the new editor of TIME magazine

VERY IMPORTANT info re: the Casey > Santorum Debate Poll that is on here !

War on Workers

Outake on Hume/Kristol & Wallace talk re: Libby & Armitage

On This Labor Day.... A DU Working Class Primer

Senator Kerry’s four-point plan to make college more affordable

Harris Looks Like (FL) Primary Winner

Encouraging Corporations that Commit to America and American Workers

Blackwater and Colombian workers clash over pay scale (ripoff)

The 'Working Class'

GOP Congress blocked Clinton push for anti-terror legislation

Well, Bush can no longer say "Democrats have no plan for Iraq"...

Calderon to be named President by Court!?

I met with Bob Casey and his staffers today.

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: It Goes Deeper than Donald

BushenFuhrer uses "The King can do no wrong" in a legal brief

Missile fired at helicopter carrying US Senators (McCain), overseas visit

Why did the Busholini Regime decide to overthrow the Taliban?

Eyeing 2008, 2 Top Dems Slam Rumsfeld (CBS)

Close race in Missouri for US Senate.

McCaskill 47 Talent 46 - St Louis Post Dispatch Poll

Under Fire, ABC Yanks Official Blog of 9/11 Mockudrama

I'm not just overreacting. The neocons are THAT bad.