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Archives: September 5, 2006

Some ID Theft Is Not for Profit, but to Get a Job

Eugene Robinson: Who Set the Wayback Machine for 1939?

Realist or Alarmist?

Dog Is Part of South Side Chase

Officials Slow to Hear Claims of 9/11 Illnesses

Celebrating Labour Day: the holiday Canada gave the world

Here, Take Back Some of My Pay, It’s Too Much

The Armitage Red Herring (Daniel Schulman / MoJo)

Swedish probe crashes on moon

Afghan Symbol for Change Becomes a Symbol of Failure

Another fatal day in the 'war on terror'

Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'

Israel, Palestinians to swap prisoners within 48 hours: report

Hezbollah's Tactics and Capabilities in Southern Lebanon

When assumption trumps objectivity

Israel: Annan's help not needed in prisoner swap

The Silent Expulsion

There is something severely wrong with this country if 36% believe 9/11

Have you guys heard about this MIT engineer Jeff King?

Are Chemtrails dangerous?

Getting MIHOP out to millions

Votergate 2004; We Don't Need Paper to Prove Fraud,

NYT editorial: In Search of Accurate Vote Totals

someone posted about the E-Slate voting machine in GD

So now that's TWO Congressional candidates I've managed to unnerve...

Liberal senators in no rush to pass Harper's ethics package

BS Makes The

5% casualties in two days

Anger mounts among Lebanese over Israeli blockade

Somalia, Islamic Militia Sign Agreement

Tiananmen Film (shown at Cannes) Gets Chinese Director 5-Year Ban

$900M Pipeline Wins Backing (Russia - Greece)

NYT/Reuters: Mexico Court Will Name Calderon President: Sources

Democratic Lawmakers Want DOD Changes

mmigration Protests May Not Spur Votes

Lieberman Marches in Labor Day Parade

Documentary Slams U.S. Companies Working in Iraq

US army hospitals in Iraq criticised

Weather Outlook Good for Shuttle Launch (Wednesday)

WWII Hero Gabaldon Dies (told on television's "This Is Your Life")

G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration (giving up to focus on security)

Rebels tried to shoot down president, minister, US senators

Khatami Arrives As U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Iran

Bush plays key role in gov's races

Shiite cleric, entourage abducted in Karbala

G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration

Jackson Asks Hezbollah for Proof of Life

Iraq plans new flag after Kurdish threat

Europe nixes landing rights for El Al planes with IDF cargo

Bush Vows to Keep Workers Competitive

Veterans and Military Families Hold Press Conference and Day of Events

LAT: Killings in Baghdad Escalate Over Past Week

Wal-Mart says no personnel in Germany, will have to answer in court

WP,pg1:Autism Risk Rises With Age Of Father:Study Finds Strong Correlation

New start for troubled Christian college (Patrick Henry College)

'Mortgage Moms' May Star in Midterm Vote

MDA Telethon Raises Record $61 Million

WP: Number of Uninsured Children Rises; 8.3M Lacked Health Coverage in '05

(Rep. Katherine) Harris Looks Like Primary Winner

2100 year old cave found under high school (in Israel)

Voters are anti-incumbent and angry, new poll finds

NYT/AP: Democrats Push for Own Religious Voice

Michigan: Schwarz: 'Right-wing intimidators' driving moderates out of GOP

Fatal R.I. Club Fire Trial Set to Open (2003 blaze that killed 100)

The character "Doris" from "Fame" really bugs me!

"The Crocodile Hunter" is on APL right now.

Tony Bennett will be on Canadian Idol!!!

Work from home jobs. This company has been around a long

One of my Democratic Mentors died this weekend

I hate hating HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!

I hate dieting HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!

Remember, Remember, the 8th of September...

Let me know when everyone cools off.

Go Canes!!!

I will admit it. I cried when I heard Steve Irwin had been killed.

I dread going back to work because I suck at my job

Did they stop making big cans of cat food?

Doesn't anyone here believe in heroes anymore?

Are the people who use Rate My Professors on drugs?

Awesome Religious Right-Wing Sighting Tonight

Some asshole down the street sets off fireworks every evening

I have finally managed to get my full herk on! HERK ON!!

My DU beef of today: Meanness for sentences that aren't mean.

I locked myself outside in my nightie

Haruka!! This ones for us!

Hell, I thought last night was bad...

Skool begins anew in the morning...Goodbye for now

If Pluto is an Asteroid, it will start acting like one!!

Pope's top exorcist says Wesley Snipes is 'king of darkness'

Wonder Bread is GREAT


Enough about Pluto. Fuck Jupiter.

If you buy other than the store-brand loaf, you're bourgeois

Should cat food be segregated from other food?

LaraMN vs. MRLaraMN: the Turd War.

I can't believe I'm doing this... my first picture thread... and...

You know what? Pluto is a piece of shit and I'm glad it's off the list.

Pope's top exorcist says Severus Snape is 'king of darkness.'

wonder bread officaly sucks

Tech Support Request -- Failed upgrade

Which bumpersticker should I get?

Somebody tell a funny joke nt

How long til the Steve Irwin death video is leaked to the internets?

I just wanted to make this sweeping generalization right now

I don't care what you elitist "chefs" say...

How to make friends and influence people...*

I'm done

You can find peace of mind only inside of yourself.

DU women - how can YOU tell if a guy is gay or not?

Watched "30 Days" pilot about living on minimum wage yesterday. Wow.

***I'm pissed off***

Live grass or dead grass?

Any geneticists out there?

Please tell me what's wrong with this picture...

My pics of dolphins I saw at the NC coast on Sunday!

SDPD gives man a ticket for distributing bottled water to homeless people

Are you worth your salt?

Anyone ever traveled to Puerto Rico?

ZombyGrandson meets Kiko!!!

My grammar beef today: Question marks for sentences that aren't questions.

When I die, I want to come back as my dog... (dial-up warning)

"A Few Good Men" is on TCM, uncut and in wide screen

Star Trek TNG - Best of Both Worlds 1 & 2 just starting now on G4

Has anyone else seen that show about those freaks with 16 kids?

I love "Adult Swim" don't you? Come on we're all adults right?

I'm not a Lounge poster

Press Release from Discovery Channel about the Crocodile Hunter:

This just in: Tommy Chong killed in hookah explosion!

So, I'm in

I can't believe I'm doing this... my first photo thread

Rosie O'Donnell was mad because Oprah didn't tell Cruise not to sofa-jump


Who cares?

Quick Southwestern corn on the cob.

I hate celery HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!

I hate celibacy HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!

Local Politics Question...

I saw the greatest minds of a generation destroyed

The Lord moved me

Pope's top exorcist says Call Me Wesley is "king of darkness"

Hospital Asks Jesus To Change His Name

A Sunday after a Saturday night

The Ryan Howard MVP thread


New poll

Ms Toad takes F.Gordon on a Colorado Mountain Hike

Road trip!

Meet Bear.

This Day in History: Geo. W. Bush, drunk driving.

John Kerry's service, he earned those purple hearts clip

What could we say or do to get people to the polls between now...?

Here in Michigan, Amway is advertising on TV.

Yahoo 138 pic slideshow Mex Pres Election: None of Size of Protest Crowds

In defense of so-called jackass Steve Irwin posts...

Are Chemtrails dangerous?

Republican ads show distance from Bush

Steve Irwin interview on Larry King now

Laugh Break! Things are getting way too tense in GD

Kurdish leader bans Iraqi flag on official buildings in Kurdistan

Day Laborers Swarm Local Parking Lots, Look For Work

So what have YOU done?


The Five Stages of Grief for those in Need Re:Irwin

A Man sitting on death row...

Six innocent children were killed in a Chicago apartment fire last night..

"The Brand" is the solution to the Gosch mystery

November 5th: why we should all ACT OUT!

Just heard on TV breaking that US troops fired on NATO troops in

Republicans chicken out on fixing immigration...

Are we overlooking the Senate race in Missouri ??

Republicans plan on demonizing and calling names once again.

Gore's words now echo Naders

(TOON) Steve Bell: British Armed Forces - FIt For Purpose

I'm listening to AAR news, and the a report of an Al-qaeda No. 2 arrested.

Just because someone takes risks doesn't mean they were a bad person

Bush's reading list and Ricky Bobby

BBC To Air Clinton-Bashing Fictional Account "Path To 9/11" (Also DU Poll)

A NEW verifiable voting machine with paper trail

Here is a simple but effective strategy that every Democrat can master...

Is this plausible?

Nude teens test limits

So what was the most important event this weekend?

In Search of Accurate Vote Totals -- NYTimes

Three words and one question that could win us everything

Michelle Malkin on C-Span2 at Oberlin College

There is something severely wrong with this country if 36% believe 9/11

What is your opinion of people that refuse to vote?

NYT's Metropolitan Diary leads with a feelgood letter

Moving video into Irwin's love of animals

Anybody heard about McCain's helicopter being shot at in EU?

The awfull truth about the coming fall.

The Conservative Voice is fading and lonely

The dangerous aging of the countries infrastructure

Area GOP candidates duck Bush as he uses their state for a Labor Day prop

Mussolini's grandson urges exhumation

The Nature of the Beast

What would you do if someone did this to you?

Don't you think the timing of Steve Irwin's death was suspicious?

Voters are anti-incumbent and angry,new poll finds

Get your lazy-ass friends to VOTE! (Here’s how!)

Saying goodbye to a giant

So anyway....What will folks around here say about me when I die?

WP, Robinson: Who Set the Wayback Machine for 1939?

Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'...

NewsHour just listed 9 recently fallen soldiers. Only one was older than..

They smile no more...RIP.

SDPD gives man ticket for distributing bottled water to homeless people

Best. Historical. Marker. Ever.

The Five Stages of Grief for those in Need Re:Irwin

A rant inspired by hearing Mike Savage on the radio

Now would be a good time to give to your favorite conservation cause.

Social Security: Dear K, "How we paid you $31,093.00 too much in benefits"

RIP Steve...Pic heavy

Hartman is on AAR now. Is this temporary? Someone said Laura Flanders

Michelle Malkin: Cut off aid to Red Cross ambulances! Vehicles of terra!

I'm pessimistic about 2006

Some Pictures From Gulf Island State Park: Must See!

Link to photos from Detroit Labor Day parade

CNN Poll: Voters Are Anti-Incumbent And Angry

Death Watch

I've come here to mourn Steve Irwin

The current state of liberalism : a socialist perspective

1 Year Ago Today: Barbara Bush's Infamous Remarks About Katrina Evacuees

No room at the top...

Petition ABC...Road to 9/11

Attitudes about poverty..

Democratic strategist David Plouffe compares Republicans to Jesus.

Air America must get involved with stopping "Road to 9/11" from airing

Prescient Presidents: JFK and Ike warning us 45 years ago.

How the HELL could ANY DUer Hate Steve Irwin

compile a list of ABC network advertisers to call, boycott re: path 2 9-11

Fantasy election donations. Please gimme a link.

Anti-war protests come to congressman's lawn

Cost of Pensions Adds to Factory Town’s Troubles

How did DU miss this awesome headline??

Throwaway Workers: The Immigrant Experience

Howard Dean on Face the Nation (Transcript)

Former Iranian President: Bush policies increased Mideast extremism

WP: Maryland's top Republicans absent from Bush's visit to state

"My Pet Goat" readers' reviews on Amazon: They're B-A-C-K...

Former AP Writer Fournier, Clinton advisor now working with RNC

Map showing how far incomes have dropped over the past six years

He Thinks You're an Idiot That’s why you love Bill Maher

WP, Dionne: The Rise of the Lincoln Democrats: The North will rise again!

Flip-flopping repubs running from Bush

Falling Oil Prices, Rising Terror Alerts

Casey lectured, incumbent stared... like a schoolboy enduring a scolding

* socking it to taxpayers for campaign trips, many more to come

A little Planning help?

I heard John Edwards Speak Today in New Hampshire

WP,pg1: 'Mortgage Moms' May Star in Midterm Vote

Predict the GOP strategy and Big Event(s) to retain control in 2006

George Allen's Virginia Senate race against Jim Webb...


WHAT ABOUT IRAN? Which 08' Dem Potential do you agree with?

Hillary Drops, Gore and Kerry Gain Among Dems

Sen.Burns(R):terrorists "drive taxicabs in the daytime and kill at night."

Allen declines leadership award; blames it on political adversaries

If Kerry wins the nomination, would he be elctable?

Did you hear what that bastard Chavez did now?

Iran demands UN be relocated from New York

This Day in Radical History- Sept.5th-Crazy Horse & the Soviet Union end

Blair's offer: I will go in a year Brown: that's not good enough


Chávez gives US headache on a world scale

Analysis: Terror war may need name change

Will Congress see the housing crisis?

The Next Phase of the Middle East War (Iran)( PLeaseREAD!)

Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan

Economic Recovery Still Not Reaching Working People

Rehabilitating Fascism: How Would We Know It If We Saw It?

Vermont Town (Brattleboro) faces a naked truth

NYT: In Search of Accurate Vote Totals

Norman Solomon: Spinning the troop levels in Iraq...

St. Joe, Sell Our House: Homeowners call upon saint in slow market

Tom Tomorrow : Comparatively Speaking things are going great

"But we have sacrificed, God knows."

The end of the American dream?

Scaife Rag: Many rap U.S. hunt for terrorist (bin-Laden)

World War III more likely from oil grabs than radical Islam

Kansas Republicans evolve -- into Democrats

Opium war 'making enemies of Afghans'

Bush tactics spawned terrorism epidemic

Net Neutrality Wins More Senators

(Israel) Coalition partners threaten to bolt government

strib: Little to celebrate on Labor Day

Study: Almost No Wage Growth Among State Workers (CA)

Refi loans could prove costly in foreclosure

Worry of the hour: The US housing slump

Collapse heard 'round the world: US housing market

Oil companies see big Gulf of Mexico discovery

The End of Eden, Scientist says we've pushed Earth too far

Dutch GHG Levels Back To 1990 Levels - Some Caution Merited - ENN

August 06 In Australia Driest Ever Recorded, Hottest Since 1950 - Reuters

Energy from seaweed.

Ice Cores Prove Human Activity Regarding CO2 Rise

Development at Dow Corning Could Ease Silicon Shortage

World War III more likely from oil grabs than radical Islam (OpEd)

Israel plans for war with Iran and Syria

Over U.S. Objections, Israel Approves West Bank Homes

Hizbullah won't give up rocket arsenal

(Israel) Coalition partners threaten to bolt government

Israeli panel: Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel

Annan: Israel To Lift Lebanon Blockade in 48 Hours

Hezbollah's UAVs Concern Israel and United States Security Experts

Is this new Middle East Map anything but delusional?

IDF Withdraws From Five Lebanese Villages

Did The Building Do It?- results to be published in an academic journal

NOVA | Building On Ground Zero | PBS

Anyone here have experience with FOIA?

After watching the video in the post below,

Recounting Missouri !

Am I the only one here following the Clint Curtis race in FL?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 9/05/06

Voting Rights Revival Conference, Columbus Oct 13, 14, & 15

Sept 15 (Fri) is Electoral Reform Day at Camp Democracy (DC)

CEPR Press Release: Finds Significant Vote Reduction for Calderon

Fraud video claim in Mexico poll

Anybody want to come out and help spread the word Saturday?

Hello All, & Party for Jim Henley

since when does September mean a break from the heat in Texas?

What's for supper - the 9/5 edition.

The Chicken Stock Mystery

Bloc wants urgent debate on foreign file

Arar awaiting answers in inquiry report

5 Canadians injured in mortar attack on armoured vehicles east of Kandahar

The Tory ties of the Green Party's new leader

Canadian media are pathetic shills for war

Union membership, household income drops in Michigan

Gaza Doctors Encounter 'Unexplained Injuries'

Some ID Theft Is Not for Profit, but to Get a Job

Israeli soldier-swap deal reached: paper (Israeli officials deny report)

AP: Iraq to Extend State of Emergency

The end of the American dream?

Voters Are Anti-Incumbent and Angry (CNN)

Senior Iraqi officials to visit Tehran; Maliki may follow

After a surge, US terror prosecutions drop to pre-9/11 levels

4 Recommended for Court-Martial in Rape-Murder Case (Iraq)

St. Joe, Sell Our House: Homeowners call upon saint in slow market

BBC: Officer injured in Lebanon blast (Col Amir Shehadeh was the target)

Hitler's Desk, Chair Up for Auction

U.S. Nuclear Envoy to Visit Beijing (N Korea leader there)

Rules Ignored, Toxic Sludge Sinks Chinese Village

AP: Report: Japan to Pick New PM Sept. 26

Video: Ron Arad smoking, calling parents' names

House GOP plans earmark reform in appeal to conservative base

CNN: Voters are anti-incumbent and angry, new poll finds

Iranian president wants to purge profs

White House: U.S. safer but not yet safe (LOL)

Wages down for 90% of Pa. workers

Police arrest 5 guards of top Iraqi politician

Israel Said to Fear War Crimes Charges

Denmark Arrests 9 Terror Plot Suspects (CBS / AP)

NYT/Reuters: Leaked memo: Blair Aides Plan Star's Farewell Tour

BBC: Nine held in Danish terror raids

White House: Progress in terror war but U-S not yet safe

Mexican court leader sides with Calderon

McClellan resigning as Medicare chief

(Sen. Jack) Reed: Iraq leaning toward civil war

Domestic Security Since 9/11 Is Barely Better, Schumer Says

Nato 'must play greater part in war on Taleban' -British minister in Kabul

Ex-hostage Sunni woman lawmaker gives emotional speech in parliament

Iraq-based militant group praises Jordanian gunman

Iraq parliament to debate federal break-up

Annan: Israel To Lift Lebanon Blockade in 48 Hours

Bush on C-Span now.

Vermont Town (Brattleboro) faces a naked truth

Five years after Sept 11, U.S. still not safe: Bush

U.S. rebukes Iraq's Kurds over flag row

Three U.S. servicemen killed in western Iraq

Oil Prices Ease as Demand, Risk Fall

Iraqi Kurds Push for a National Anthem

Iraq's parliament reopens amid sectarian strife

U.S., Iran share interests in Iraq, Khatami says

Chevron says Gulf drilling a success

Suspect in trans-Atlantic flight scare sent to mental hospital

GMO Chinese rice found in EU: greens

Plame's status as a NOC has finally been confirmed

Chambers seeks to have ex-trooper's license revoked for KKK tie (Ne)

Advisers spell out plans for Blair's 'last encore' (leaked memo)

Feds look at congressman and a land deal

Some Democrats go online to click with religious voters

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 5 September

AP: Nursing Home Owners Sue Over Katrina

Security Is Atop GOP's Agenda

Bush: won't allow a nuclear-armed Iran

Bush warns of Iraqi caliphate

Khatami faces flak in U.S. and in Iran

Vast Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico

Analysis: Terror war may need name change

Argentine Judge Overturns 'Dirty War' Pardons

Talabani unveils timetable for foreign troops pullout from Iraq

Rumsfeld undergoes shoulder surgery

Ford Motor Names Mulally Of Boeing as Chief Executive

Extended brigade suffers casualty (death in Alaska Stryker brigade)

Bush to unveil proposal on Guantanamo detainees

Mass. Gov. calls planned Khatami talk "propaganda"

Pakistan throws in the towel.

AP: Charges Dropped in Mich. Cell Phone Case

Former highway chief named transportation secretary

Condi uses Civil War to slap Iraq critics

Former soldiers begin anti-Bush demonstration in Washington

Bush Reminds U.S. Country Is at War

Judge OKs Delta's Plan to End Pensions

AP: Feds want longer sentence for fundraiser (Tom Noe)

White House: Rumsfeld replacement 'not going to happen'

Ahmadinejad seeks college teachers purge

AFP Three US soldiers killed in Fallujah bomb attack

Bush, GOP hoping terror card can save them from election drubbing

LAT: Katie, You’re On

Britain forced to send more troops to Iraq

PM (Blair) gone within year, allies say

Plan gains to publicly identify accused (sex registry)

Another Scoop from 'Hubris': Plame Was Working on WMD

Florida Governor: Crist (R) 45%, Davis (D) 41%

AP: N.Y. prosecutors want lawyer punished (Lynne Stewart)

Intel to cut 10 percent of work force

Confirmed: Rush Limbaugh Commentary to Air Thursday on CBS Evening News

Calderon named Mexico's president-elect

Kansas Republicans Evolve -- into Democrats

Study: 7 Of 10 WTC Rescuers Suffer Lung Problems

NY Post: Hateful MoveOn vs. Lieberman: Site's Anti-Jewish Slurs

Gore predicts shift in Bush climate policy

Boy or girl? Japan awaits birth (and conservatives hope for boy)

Schwarzenegger affirms veto of universal health care measure

Tropical Storm Florence forms in the Atlantic

Promising New Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico

Bush compares Bin Laden to Hitler

I know I'm late to the party...but I finally saw the movie RENT

He was born in West Virginia

I just drank the bong water. Ask me anything.

Did you know there is a movement a foot ro get Pat Boone...

We still have some chipmunks left....

'Croc Hunter's' last moments caught on tape

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/5/06)

My Space is rather odd at times:

i hate this

5:30 a.m!!!!!!

Congratulations Oeditpus Rex!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations Lisa!! 15,000 posts

my favorite beatles song for the day

Such a rough life down here

Didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily, did ya?

8000.... and 2

I have said my peace to Steve but I see the same repeaters

What do Steve Irwin and Al Zarqawi have in common?

I NEVER bought into that "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" shit!

A Discussion About Whether to Piss on Tom Delay

Why do people start threads about people who start threads

Need help regarding HDTV

We have now reached my favorite stage of DU subject takeover...

We have now breached my favorite stage of DU subject makeover...

I spent most of the day watching "The Thorn Birds."

Harry Potter: Prince of Evil

First day of skool....ugh

Duers living outside of The US What are you grateful to the US for?

I should really be asleep bow but I am wide awake.

I just want to say this

Songs for a rainy, cool southern morning:

Anyone else tired of the Katie Couric

what is RIGHT with people?

I made a handbag and have to share.

I have my first two exams today. Wish me luck!

if you were in an asylum, who would you rather have run it?

Someone fricking explain this to me - why is KY jelly allowed in carry-on

New Battlestar Galactica Webisode Today!

Too Much!!

Name for next hurricane?

Tropical Depression #6 (aka Florence if she organizes) on record

Wish me luck - First day of work!

For the first time in 32 years, I'm not welcoming students back to school.

"Standby for Action!"

Re-release "Candle In The Wind" for Steve Irwin?

vitriol or treacle?

photos of the dead

Are we going to need a GD: Crocodile Hunter forum?

Isn't it great finding out you're a huge pansy?

Favorite Wes Anderson Movie

After a thorough 30 sec. google of Gamma rays, I am convinced Bruce Banner

In Memory of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, I wore


Words to Live By

I just spent 30 seconds ogling Sasquatch.

Gardens Photos (Dial-up warning - big pics)

I have not had a donut since last December

I'm done reading all the Wizard of Oz books, ask me anything.

Can a Toad Get a Little Bingo Here?

Can a Frog Get a Little Banjo Here?

Steve Irwin: Who The Fuck Cares?

Are there still elevator music radio stations?


What is wrong with people?

Steve Allen: Who The Fuck Cares?

Ok My own Steve Irwin thread!

Warning to Bank of American and Mbna credit card customers.

Bush Urges Nation To Be Quiet For A Minute While He Tries To Think

Yeah, it's sad Steve Irwin is dead... but did we not see this coming?

I love it, dammit...

Confession Time: I'm Buying an SUV

Confession Time: I Hide Animal Pic Posts

So my kid wants to be a math book for Halloween...

Holy Frack! New Battlestar Galactica Webisodes are up

Those who continually attack Steve Irwin, upon his death, are:

Our vacation in New York City - Day One

they're back ... yippeee!!

The Threat Down!

So yesterday we got the crack up at dawn.

How the hell do you contact customer service via phone for Amazon

Baseball question: Has any MLB team injured more pitchers than Cubs

I watched "V is for Vendetta", it worked better than my Lunesta

Would someone get bad karma from making a (mild) Steve Irwin joke?

Another sweeping generalization because my last one got locked.

Jessica Simpson promises swag to Charity but doesn't deliver

Photos of the "hacked" Paris Hilton CD

I think I pulled my eye-socket

Check out the trailer for my movie and tell me what you think:

How long would you like to live?

Sting is NOT a menace

Every time I try to talk to someone...


This street has my name written all over it

What's the name of the strangest person you know?

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Please recommend a high quality multi-vitamin.

The wife of a married couple we (Mrs. DTW & I) know....

Update on El Gato

I Love the Marx Brothers!

TexasGal! Show yourself. Revenge is nigh.

Who the frick is MrCoffee and where the fricking hell did he come from

What's the strangest name of a person you know?

Saw "Little Miss Sunshine" Yesterday

Question about codecs....for those who are technologically inclined

This photograph has NOT been photoshopped!

Rethuglican and Rude

I drive a 16mpg 12 year old gas hog SUV

The path to 9/11 on the BBC............

I love the movie "Whalerider"


Caption this!!

A U.S. Marine's story

Our antique Tiffany Lamp. Do you know

LostinVA...don't forget to vote tonight.

A thought about Katie Couric

Katie Couric: Will you or won't you retch tonight?

Does anyone remember the movie "J.T." from when they were kids?

Not for the weak of stomach. You were warned. Ronald Reagan:

Boycott ABC

Memorable remarks from the late ‘Crocodile Hunter’

W00T! My first day of highschool!

Afraid of cotton balls? You are not alone. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

I lived through the surgery,

Eight question about pronunciation

Back at school after taking a month-long break. Bah!

Breaking: Little Richard successfully cloned.

what thread should I start in GD?

Breaking: Little Richard successfully stoned.

Katie Couric: Will you or won't you watch tonight

Two Southern California cities looking for love.

What are you listening to at this moment?

I have a pain in my gulliver.

Hey wait a minute - if we can't talk about bodily fluids, why can we talk

I love saliva.

Congratulations Botany!! 10,000 posts

"I don't like country music. I don't mean to denigrate people who do,

Korean watercolor art using leather rectangles as brushes?

After a thorough 30 sec. google of Manta rays, I am convinced Steve Irwin

Is everyone still mad at everyone else, or have we all made up?

I don't like Spam

Am I a sick bastard? Or just too *$&$%!^!%@ hilarious?

Selfish Bastards in the Laundry room...

A word to the wise about car alarms, etc

Which Katie are you most tired of hearing about?

Fellow Loungies, welcome with me to DU...

Tuesday post your desktop!

Any good online sources on sub-Saharan Africa in the Middle Ages?

I'd Rather Have a Slick Willy

The Art of De-motivation ~

So yesterday, we got up at the crack of dawn (pics)

Ok, why was the bank tellers total assholes today?

Tuesday, September 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

GD: At least the Malloy threads have diminished...

Whoops....Haven't checked Rapture Ready in a few days.

Make your Really Bad Repub Analogy! The Iraqi War is like _______

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm kinda sad about Steve Irwin

Icebreaker Sours candy are like sex.

So why the hell did Harvey Keitel do this crapodrama on ABC

I don't like classical music

Anybody up for a "The View"/Rosie-debut thread?

Two Southern California cuties looking for love.

new puppy . . . we luv!!!

How NOT to design my web site. What irritates you about web sites?

Does anyone here belong to AAUW?

Congratulations SoCalDem!! 55,000 posts

sting rays are NOT a menace

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?


Oh I had to cut off all his curls!

The Official lizziegrace and lelapin Appreciation Thread!!

Have you run a marathon in Antarctica? Or know where do they do it?

Will you watch Croc Hunter's death video when posted on web?

Has anyone considered the similarites between Steve Irwin and Jesus?

Construction folks - some career advice needed

Dont know if I posted this here.. but mommy brag

Borat would SO get tombstoned here.

Anyone have anything good or bad to say about Danville, VA?

List movies that leave you with a happy feeling.

Al-Qaeda's No. 114 Killed

Caption this picture! I'll add mine.

Hooray! Hubby and I (mostly hubby) shampooed our rugs for Labor Day!

Poll question: Best Post-Jim Neighbors Album

GREEK ALERT: Richard Hatch opa'd me yesterday... :D

church sign i saw yesterday

Greatest Iron Maideon cover ever:

we no longer have to hunt for our TV/DVD remotes

I just spent 30 seconds googling Sasquatch.

Is bush just recycling the old Iraq speech?

weapons of math instruction

I have a cell phone contract with 7000 minutes in CA up for grabs to who-

"If I didn't do this well, I just wouldn't have anything to do....I can't

Quick, possibly old, Bush joke

Has anyone here ridden RAGBRAI?

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100

Let Them Eat War...

We need Croc Hunter tribute songs NOW! If we get them done in time,

GEEK ALERT: Richard Hatch loofahed me yesterday

The Soundtrack of Your Life

Tuesday, September 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Steve Irwin was in the Khmer Rouge

Should cats be segregated from other food?

I'm back...and I just got Dylan tix for Boston 11/11

50°F in Rio de Janeiro.

What happens if you stop paying your credit card bills?

Yet another amusing find at the second-hand store

A loss of Faith...what would it take?

Does the Bible mention/hint that souls of the saved 'become' angels?

Yes, we have lotus feet -- but we're seeing someone for it.

My first journal entry attempt...

do you think humans will ever travel to the stars?

Six Feet Under is coming to Bravo

How Bad is Team USA?

Hogs go to Freshman Phenom at Quarterback

Forbes NFL Team Valuation List Bogus?

Anyone else feeling as paralyzed as I am?

Rick DiClemente's Starself for September '06

Breaking: Senator Numbskull also a plagiarist, a thief,

Kerry response to Bush's speech today. (Oh this is good.)

Chief of Strategic Planning Echos John Kerry on Terrorism

Oh my! Bush remembers that bin Laden is a threat

"Pre-Crime" Registry : Some Facts

Good Grief! 13 threads on first page of GD on Steve Irwin!

What do Steve Irwin and Al Zarqawi have in common?

Are we going to need a GD: Crocodile Hunter forum?

Marine speaks out, , powerful 7 minute video

When I die

Steve Irwin: Who The Fuck Cares?

in America these days,

bush has 2 years to go, & we seem slightly unfocused.

Should soldiers in rape/murder in Iraq be executed?

Ice bubbles reveal biggest rise in CO2 for 800,000 years

Barbara Bush 9/5/05: "This is working VERY WELL for them."

"we get oil from some parts of the world & they simply don't like us"

33 men tortured & shot, 7 troops dead in Baghdad. Is this 'the JOB'?

David Horowitz

What really explains Ford's declining sales?

Post here if you remember a different DU

Would you believe

How do feel when you see w faking sincerity at 9-11 memorials?

'Croc Hunter's' last moments caught on tape

Potter is "Prince of Evil" says leader of INTERNATIONAL EXORSISTS

Got wood? How'd those family values think tanks miss this?

The Republicans will inherit the wind

The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers

CRIKEY -- Look at the size of these THREADS! (Steve might say...)

Its the deaths of thousands of Iraqis & G.I.'s I'm most concerned with

Primaries in Florida today. Vote.

Enough already

Haha gas stations reminding voters of lower prices before GOP congressman

Here's how i know this orange terra shit is a fuckin joke

LTTE: Paranoia or Parody?

Political ads are coming one atter he other in WI this morning. Green vs


All I know...

A Llama Fascism?

What is this IDIOTIC PRATTLE on Air America New York?

My son just enlisted!

Russia and South Africa forge closer ties

i am watching Townsend (DHS) on abc. She has been touting new

Pakistan signs peace pact with pro-Taliban militants

THE "NUMBER" JUMPED TO 2653 THIS MORNING. Horrible Week in Iraq

sounds like things aren't going so swimmingly as we are told by the blivet

RADICAL FRINGE CARTOON - Tues 9/5... what republicans fear

White House: U.S. safer but not yet safe.

Listening in on a Labor Day picnic conversation

Is Voluntary Military Service Honerable?

Security keeps back throngs of Bush supporters at Labor Day speech

Labor Day: Bernie Ward. The dude's het up!

Please pass this along...

Let Them Eat War...

Democrats 48 Republicans 32 in new poll...looking good.

Katie Couric invites Rush Limbaugh to guest on CBS Evening News

If you read no other blog post this week...

Bush Declares Eco-Whistleblower Law Void for EPA Employees

What changed in Iraq in May 04 that made things get worse?

Why Do They Do That?

Lieberman marches alone as former allies surround Lamont!!!

Air America morning show: Armstrong Williams interviews Richard Viguerie

Need a comback for my freeper sister's e-mail!

Robert Fisk on Democracy Now!

Bernie Ward is LIVE and the temperature is rising quickly

"Decency" Crusader Brent Bozell To Step Down

Iraq: scores of men appear murdered, bound and tortured. Who's behind it?

I don't mind ABC airing "Path to 9/11"

Rest in Peace, unless . . .

Reid, Pelosi, Wesley Clark on C-SPAN 12:00 ET!!

Here is a Sports Question.

Steve Irwin taught me things about animals that I never knew existed

2001 Sept 11th...12th...13th...14th... "Where are you, Mr President?"

For the first time in 32 years, I'm not welcoming students back to school.

White House subpoena "breaking news" from last week: evaporated?

White House claims progress in war on terror

..death squads are still able to move about Baghdad despite checkpoints..

Sep 5 1989

Well, with all that's going on, I think we missed something:

A Passing Thought On Our Military for Your Consideration

I'm watching Katie tonight


Al-Qaeda in Iraq #2 man captured several days prior to announcement

After Iran thumbed their nose at Bush that story just went POOF

I just left this message on the DNC web log in the open thread.

NYT: How we lost Afghanistan

KKKarl's father was gay? Who knew?

Banner at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

What time today will Bush deliver his (*) GWOT pep-rally speech?

Scholastic CorpTeachers Guide (Grades 9-12) Based On ABC 9/11 Mini-Series

Bush's Hezbollah hangover...

Busby 2.0 She's On Her Own and She's Got the Gloves Off

Senate returning now, CSPAN2

Adam Walsh Child Protection Safety Act of 2006

Not only are you less safe....

Journalism and the Internet

Tell me why our young men

The Price of Oil...

FINAGLE a FREEP Today: Nancy Pelosi Is Our Next Speaker of the House!

Hillary or McCain, more Status Quo - by Alex Cockburn

A Great Moment from Craig's List

New Fox News Poll Offers Little To Spin, But One Thing Stands Out

Bush dreamed about blowing up Bill Clinton's presidential library

Hate and law enforcement can be lethal mix

Didn't usury used to be against the law? Or a quick tip to get out

The discovery of the CNN Hatch story is important. For many reasons:

Painful truth that no one wanted to hear after 9/11 inescapable now

"Where were you when we needed you? ”

Progressives Can Win - The Time is Now! - Mimi Kennedy

Bush's Katrina sidekick says levees sabotaged

Bush Talked About Blowing Up Clinton Library:


Russia cancels military exercise with US

$2.63/gal super; $2.53/gal regular; $2.43/gal ethanol blend...

My take on the ongoing Steve Irwin DU situation.

Brooks: Question Authority ... Unless It's Israel

Well here comes bush with his terra speech...

Googling 'failure"..

Is ABC Afraid To Let people Know Who Their Sponsors Are?

So Bush is going to lead another cheer today?

US offers 200M in aid to Lebanon...Hezbollah says "Fix New Orleans"

Why the rich need tax cuts.

Cspan1 Frist at 1 pm (ET) and then Bush at 1:20

Brian full O crap Jenkins was shilling today on Wash. Journal

Awwwww.... Wal-mart lost a shopper.

Bush on C-Span now.

Maybe it's time for a flatout boycott of ABC

Hitler's Desk, Chair Up for Auction

Rawstory teaser: The Nation to unmask Plame CIA role: Developing...

Double Amputtee Veteran Beaten ,Robbed of Disablity Check and left to die

Yes-Mr. President, Hitler Was Bad & Your Point Would Be? (Eugene Robinson)

Daycare and 9-11

"Had Enough? Vote Democrat in '06." Anyone know where I can purchase

Malloy petition now over 10,000

"World Trade Center", & "Flight 93" versus "Path to 9/11"

Bush on C-Span now.

Nightmare Mortgages

Holy Frack! New Battlestar Galactica Webisodes are up

Can you quit lying for one fucking second, Mr Bush?

Condi Rice on Steve Irwin's death....

Freedom...needs to concur the tyranny of this bush admin...

Conflicting accounts given in the beating of a National Guardsmen in WA

bush is claiming what he is not going to let happen and...

I need some talking points...links? rebuttles?

How biased is "The Path To 9/11"?

Bush Giving Speech

Murtha will be up on CNN shortly

Check out Homepage

Gingrich: "It's not an insult[ ]" to compare Bush administration critics "

So, is there a civil war in Iraq?

Rep. Slaughter Calls for ABC to Come Clean on New 9-11 Docudrama

Pakistani army will no longer operate in the area where Al-Qaeda resides

What FCC violations is ABC committing by airing its rePUKE propaganda?

"Special" Guy James Show today Don't miss it!

What people really want to know is...

White House: Rumsfeld replacement 'not going to happen'

self-delete...I got a message that this hadn't gone through

The "Stockholm syndrome: is the only explanation

Sweet little old racists

In a strange twist UK police used Islamic site for diversity training

What channels does Disney own?

When bush makes speeches about the rights he thinks he has given to ...

Judges approve Calderon as Mexico's president-elect

The many faces of George Bush - 09/05/06 edition

Iran qualifies as a "rogue state."

Link to BBC "Path to 9/11" clips here

Bush Labor Day Speech: Bring it on part 2?

Interview With Creator Of ABC 9/11 Hit Piece-"Bush "should be applauded."

Lieberman Made To Walk “Several Blocks” Behind Dems In Labor Day Parade...

W. Clark to talk about Republicans' failure to secure America.

"Bring em on!" A quote to remember.

Kennedy on the Senate floor now speaking on Iraq- 2:50pm

33 tortured bodies found in Iraq

ABC Planning Massive Free Distribution of 9/11 Docudrama

main phone number for ABC 212-456-7777

National Call-in Day for Horses on Sept. 6 (Wednesday)

Green roofing for the masses - from Toyota, naturally

God, Randi

MANUEL VALENZUELA: Empire in the Mirror

Randi Just Mentioned The Malloy Word>>>

Caption *

Re: Malloy - Lets keep the pressure on!

Bush Administration and GOP trying to cover up VA Health Care system

Ted Stevens trying to slap down Ted Kennedy cspan2 Senate

Bolton nomination to be considered Thursday

Excessive news articles and talk about "inevitable" Dem gains in NOV

Randi Talking about Malloy!!!! (nt)

Bill Schneider (CNN)--"* didn't bring up the world "facist" at all"

How much is George's War Costing YOUR State? Glad you asked.

(VIDEO) Loserman and Lamont at yesterday's Labour Day Parade

The Nation: What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA

More Trouble in Kabul--message from US Embassy

Pic of White House Dog in search of single white patriotic female

What other four times divorced drug addicts will Couric have on this week?

Would it be any different if this country became a corporation?

Anyone here have experience with FOIA?

Rasmussen: Nelson Still Stomping Harris

bush's emotional leakage

WWRS: What Will Randi Say?

bush Fatigue: Its goin' around.

Bumper sticker idea for ABC

Have no mistake, the media will shape the '06 elections....

What the HELL is wrong with Bill Clinton?

Research: Election News Coverage favors GOP 62% Dems 38%

Barbara Boxer starting up on Herr Rumsfeld, CSPAN2 now

Green Roofing for the masses - from Toyota, naturally(sorry, dupe)

Wait a minute; hold on now... (ABC drama related)

Let's Boycott ABC's Sponsors for its 9/11 Neo-Con masterpiece.

Call your cable company and cancel DISNEY.

YES!! Rep. Slaughter doing a beatdown on ABC and The path to 9-11

Bob Kerrey’s response on Bush’s role in 9/11: “Bush’s Straw Man” 11-09-04

CNN just said Unpopular President

Bobby. New film centered around RFK's assassination

So were airplanes crashing into national landmarks a common occurence...

bush Said: "the potential WMD-terrorism nexus that emanates from Tehran"!

murtha calls for the draft-it`s about time!

I love the tv show "LOST" but will boycott it if ABC shows this farce

Some nice Steve Irwin/Australia Zoo photos

Democrats Come Out Swinging Today

Someone tell Ed Schultz to shut the duck up. Please

Looks like President Bush would be so embrassed

ABC 9/11 Docudrama: Good, CBS 9/11 DocuMENTARY: Bad

Five Things to do Before Election Day - by Mark Crispin Miller

Do the people who watch made for TV movies vote?

Bush talked about Osama today -- does this mean he shows up in October?

Are Irwin-haters anything like Leopold-haters?...

Rumsfeld's Last Human Part Replaced!

Tony Snow: some in the Democratic Party say we shouldn't question al Qaeda

Bill Ford steps down from Ford CEO post

Bush Couldn’t Find Oil When He Was an Oilman—Now He Can’t Sell Freedom.

Since Rumsfart and Chimpy have played the "Nazi" card...

Justice Kennedy undergoes heart surgery today!

Chief of Strategic Planning Echos John Kerry on Terrorism

TONIGHT! Keith Olbermann has a "SPECIAL commentary" on Bush —

BREAKING: On Countdown Tonight (9/5/06)

James Dobson and Osama bin Laden. Any Difference?

Katie Couric -- opinions?

Gonzales STRUGGLES for reasons why we haven't captured Osama

ABC’s 9/11 Docudrama Mangles Facts, Smears Washington Post

Three US soldiers killed in Fallujah bomb attack

What protests are planned for bush's NYC visit on 9/11

Denver Post poll: Do you feel safer since Sept. 11, 2001?

Link for viewing Florida Primary Results

US troops face court-martial in rape case : attorney

government wants to purge liberals from universities

Let's boycott ABC

Something else you may not know about George "macaca" Allen.

Can anyone link me to a transcript of Rumsfeld's Nazi Germany comments?

VA uses CFR38 when they want to bludgeon you with fine print

You GOTTA love David Gregory. Bitch slaps Tony Snow

DU this poll: Are we safer?

Air America vs. Reality, Part 4: new blog entry about AAR and Malloy

Remeber the Reagan Biopic?

Some words for Dr. Rice

Caption the Grumps

Kicked, Bitten, Scratched

You'd think w would be ashamed to utter the name of Osama

Some DU Steve Irwin threads remind me of Chris Hitchens vs Mother Theresa

What the White House doesn't want journalists to write 5 years after 9/11

Bumper sticker says it all. LOL

Real median income of working Americans fell for the fifth straight year

Oil, Necessity, Hypocrisy and Us.

This is a Vary Outside The Ordinary Political TV Ad

UK psychologist: "George Bush walks like a body builder"

Fess up! Name one of the 'lessons of 911' that you keep forgetting

Alert: Scholastic Books plans to distribute ABC's rot to schools...

How do you combat a term like "Weep-o-crats"?

Randi: "they are not hitler appeasers, they are impersonators"

Bush: "During the last five years we've learned a lot about this enemy."

Hardball covering 9-11 Five Unanswered Questions (David Shuster)

Is Trudeau fixing to get Doonesbury's "Ray" character killed? I will be...

Who's Going to Boycott CBS News/Couric Tonight? I am.

Steve Irwin's shock death is a tragic loss for Australia

Please vote in this poll

So what questions should Katie Couric ask pResident Bush on her debut

Condi - we already endorse 'slavery' here in the United States

If, by chance, you need something to cheer you up...

Bless you Randi! She's is SINGING MALLOY'S PRAISES! Calling his firing

Man blames lack of support at home for Iraq problems. My reply.

Oil prices....going DOWN DOWN DOWN!

Caption this * pic...

Bush calls Ahmadine a TYRANT!!

The swing to the Left will last a generation.

Is 'The Path to 9/11' worse than 'Stolen Honor'?

I have NEVER listened to Mike Malloy. . . what am I missing?

Nightmare Mortgages

Words of Murrow... for some reason these have been selling a lot lately...

Condi Suggests Opponents Of Iraqi War - Would Have Tolerated Slavery

An awkward poll: Were Iraqis better off when Saddam was in power?

Are You Part Of The Great Middle Class?

Katie and "cutesy news" bits

Katie Couric: Free Speech is a "privilege"

Majority Report : Sam Seder will cover the ABC 9/11/01 movie

Biden Recommends Armitage as Secretary of Defense.

Gonzales on CNN w/Blitzer: "I have a sense where bin-Laden is"

>>Joke>> Why are men scared to elect a woman president???

Camp Democracy...Anyone going?

DU'ers Path to 9-11 Blog (ABC) is back online - tell them what you think

ABC has Time to Fill at End of Path to 9-11 - Demand a Rebuttal

CBS/Katie Rocks!

Katie and the inappropriate news.

So....on "Whiffle Ball" with Tweety tonight

Awful quiet in here. Something interesting on TV?

So How Are You Coping Without Malloy?

Free Speech on CBS Evening News

Katie Couric announces Limbaugh to appear on show, Thursday

I've thought about "Peeps" alot....I've wondered if I was One of Them...

Limbaugh to appear on Couric's CBS Evening News

Arnold is not Pro-Life


The PUBs are Trapped....The PUBs are Trapped, Flummoxed into Live Poll: How much progress do you think has been made

du this poll...setting us up for Diebold to back door our awesome Gov

Harris Leaps Into The Lead In Florida

I was offended.

Tasini's New Ads on YouTube ---video---->>>

Gonzalez to Blitzer: We have a lot of resources devoted to finding

Call ABC today re: "Path to 9/11"

Should america leave or stay in Iraq,,,

This is a MUST SEE!!!!

I just took ABC off my guide (directv)

Katie Couric appreciation thread!! woot woot!!

Cleland's Kicking ass! "It's Al Qaida, STUPID!'

Google developing eavesdropping software

Should I or Shouldn't I? Bumper Stickers for your approval...

Pentagon Gearing for Overseas Voting

Congress' Top Issue This Week? Horse Slaughtering.

Looks like Tony Snow doesn't like being called on the Carpet!

Tweety is panicking at the thought of a woman Speaker of the House.

Question for Realtors and/or Rich DUers:

(Mother Jones) - "The Armitage Red Herring "

CE/BCE versus BC/AD

Hypothetical student graduates from college and owes $40K in

I'am SICK!! of this Green Party


Here comes HURRICANE RANDI !!!!!!!!!!!

Ohio Moves to Register Sex Offenders Without Trial


Boycott Disney (ABC's Owner) For "The Path to 9/11"?

Gen. Wesley Clark blasts Bush's Iraq Policy - - - - - - -> VIDEO

Breaking: Bankruptcy judge OK's Delta Air Lines plan to terminate pensions

CNN's Candy Crowley is back, in her favorite role...

OK, should we try to decode Today's Show message to gwb's followers?

It's time for Rumsfeld to go - Barbara Boxer - ACTION ALERT - Call Frist

"People who own private jets earn $9mil/yr and spend $147,000 on watches"

Eight minutes to Keith Olbermann's commentary on Bush

Intel to lay off 10,500

Joe Biden

How can you have a vote for no confidence now on poor Rummy

Simply incredible interview with Nowrasteh

Thank you, Randi Rhodes

Iraq loses its voice of reason...


TSA and film

Hedgehogs humble McDonalds

TODAY: Bush compares Bin Laden to Hitler

Please sign the Think Progress letter to ABC (and kick this, please).

Look how the holiday went for the impeach exercise.


ROVE/GOP Secretly Channeled Millions to Lieberman


Harry Reid press conference on cspan1 now.

DAMMIT, message to Reid, Dem candidates, Pelosi, Durbin, liberal radio

Pentagon: Terror war may need name change


GD DUers: How long is YOUR 'Ignore' list???

"It NEVER Happened"- Richard Clarke Blasts Key Scene In ABC 9/11 Docudrama

Students Recall the Day Bush Visited on 9/11

Not Only Is There No Word On ABC Bullshit Movie Sponsors,

Top priority for GOP today: The "American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act"

1-212-456-7819 - Her name is Pat - she works at ABC

creepy story of the day: "3 men tried to steal corpse for sex."


Schwarzenegger to Veto Health Care Bill

ABC 9-11 Docudrama vs. Reagan Biopic -- This is a test for our side

Sen. Allen trying to upsurge Durbin. Durbin had an amendment for brain

"Valerie Plame Was NO Paper-Pusher" - Worked On TOP PRIORITY Of Bush Admin

We're at our best when things are at their worst.

Bush caused the Iraqis to look at Saddam as the "good ole days."

LIVE NOW: Randi Rhodes says "We'll fight to bring Mike Malloy back!"

John Murtha's article he wrote on reinstating the draft here.

ABC's "9/11" ad-free, downloadable for free; H.S. teachers get letters

Christian Wire : The Media Won't Tell You JonBenet's Parents Evil Secret!

Because bin-Laden says so

ABC provides right-wing bloggers with advanced copies of Path to 9/11

Great moment (s) at the polls today in Florida!!!

Bush: Escalating violence in Iraq and elsewhere, but we're 'safer'

Despite Malloy mess, AAR's changes MAY BE smart and progressive

Media: Democrats have "no plan" for national security


Marc Ash: Special Counsel Under Attack

Fuck KKKatie Couric Thread

Re: Steve Foley: What is the law in CA re: stopping for unmarked vehicles?

J. Edgar Hoover ~ Who were his ancestors?

I wonder about the money behind the ABC 911 movie

Most folks don't realize we're in the middle of a national disaster.

Faithful Democrats

Paging Will Pitt: How PRINTING AT HOME could help ABC destroy itself

Unexplained injuries in Gaza.

“Its a total fabrication-It did not happen"-Nat'l Security Adviser Berger

Who are the Appeasers?

Already I can feel them..

CONTACT ABC--with a few clicks of your mouse! Do it NOW!

Democrats, Along With Wesley Clark, Release the 'Neo Con' Report

Wrapping up med school in June, some thoughts on healthcare

The answers to many of our questions can be found in the movie "V"

‘We Organize or We Die’

Know your state's earmarks. Easy database. Where your money goes.

New Fox News Poll Offers Little To Spin, But One Thing Stands Out

Russell Simmons and Micheal Steele

Fucking Sick. More evidence fundies just don't get it-warning: racist joke

Saying goodbye to a giant

`06 warning.....Rove never met a fear prop he didn`t like.

A thought on Bush's comments about Jews and Hell

remember this, from 2003? nothing has changed, and everything is worse.

Pull the Plug!

AP: White House: U.S. Safer but Not Yet Safe

GOP House trio in Pa. now cool to Bush

Reuters: Blair aides plan star's farewell

Strong on defense? Won and now losing Afghanistan on account

How long will *THIS* round of war rally speeches last?

So we don't have to fight terrorists here? Over 22,000 of our best

I Found a Republican I Can Actually Respect

Top 10 Senate seats most likely to change party: Dems still stuck at 5

All the numbers are looking good, but now's not the time to stop working!

Party Spokespersons - some political masturbation

Todays Talking Points National Security

Fox runs "Not Safe Yet" headline with smiling pic of Junior...

Household Incomes Have Declined In 45 of 50 States (1999-2005)

Al Gore in BBC interview. ..fascinating comment on Political Ads..

Good article about Bill Winter (CO-06) from today's Denver Post

Midterm Gut Check Poll


Repubs in Congress deny their connections to Bush

the Closets of Karl and Ken

Their latest angle - War opponents like Civil War slavery supporters!

Bush invokes Hitler

Santorum - A "Pine Hills" Guy !

While we were looking over here .... look whats happening over there

Stock market in candidates as predictor for elections?

The public debate on the ABC docudrama "9/11" is bizarre.

Why does bush have to convince us that there are terrorists....

Which member of the Bush administration infuriates you the most?

Randi Rhodes talking about Mike Malloy

Saxton campaign ads in Oregon. Sign of the times?

Broken news: Media off target, again

Today's GI bill -Pay for it

Bush to speak to loyal White House trees in second war rally speech

The Democratic "partybuilder" site looks terrific!!!

White House on replacing Rumsferatu: "Kiss My Ass" (not a direct quote)

Boomers, demographics, and the Bush disaster....??

They are calling it the Battle of Baghdad now -

Note to Junior & Condi: Iraq can't be WWII AND The Civil War...PICK one!

The AFL-CIO Union Movement: Strategy and Vision to Build Worker Power

so surreal - President reminds citizens country is at war

Bush daydreams about a submarine "taking out" Bill Clinton's Library

Victory for Voters in Ohio

Will we be greeted as liberators in Iran?

MSNBC launches campaign coverage Wednesday: Dean, Murtha, Harold Ford

Eight Hours for What We Will!

Intel's canning 10,500 employees ......

I just got my 2007 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Calendar in the Mail

FLorida - Expect a terrible showing at primary election today!

A sick Supreme?

John Kerry to Address Real Security for All Americans

Am I the only one here following the Clint Curtis race in FL

Craig Crawford: The Strawman Cometh

Have you joined the DNC PartyBuilder?

The Do-Nothing Congress And Bush's Failed Foreign Policy (DNC Release)

Rummy gonna Fall on the Sword Soon? Numbers don't look good at all

Self Delete

Those who died in Vietnam

Bush abolished Clinton's antiterror organization first month in office

Why are men scared to elect a woman president???

Bush's fuzzy war on terror -- from it can't be won to complete victory

Felix (Allen) is a pathetic little creep.

( "Vets for Freedom" ) Veterans Thank Lieberman for War Backing - AP

The Daily Bush Administration Hitler Reference, 9/5/06: Osama Is Hitler

FL - District 24 Race / Clint Curtis - No Results Yet!

ABC showing 9/11 propaganda and CBS Couric welcoming Limbaugh!?

Brazile: Democratic Party must acknowledge power of bloggers

Conservative LTTE hall of fame nominee

I don't understand why people aren't getting nervous -

Voinovich (R-OH) opposed Bolton nomination but has "changed his mind"

Bush tries to de-criminalize war crimes....

Hardball is doing an interview of Snow after the break. Question. Why?

Uh-oh, Randi said Rove's grandpa helped built Birkenau concentration

Did you watch the United Dem's press Briefing on Security/Iraq on C-Span?

Can anyone clearly explain the Democrats' approach to helping workers?

Can you concieve of yourself giving up?

If Harris is so unpopular, why is she about to get the Repub nom.?

LAT: 3 months after primary, Mayor Villaraigosa endorses Angelides

The faces of Poverty (and Politically Incorrect)

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts

Will Flag Flying Campaign Effect Elections?

FAA-Imposed Labor Day Contract Means Less Sleep for Air Traffic Controller

RI Senate and Governor: Democrats leading (Rasmussen)

Kerry responds to Bush's speech today on the GWOT

WES CLARK ---21st Century opportunities for the Labor and Union movement

Broken news: Media off target, again

For me the most incredible image from 9/11 was....

Al From is president of the Third Way...policy presented on C-Span today.

Shocking quote from Bush speaking at a Corker for Senate event in TN

The Diebold meme used by some on the left continues .......

Why I believe Bush CAN be impeached AND convicted....

Meet Norman Minetta's replacement

Richard Clarke Debunks ABC 9-11 Docudrama

Can a TRULY radical candidate get elected as US President?

Hardware Hacking a Voting Machine in 4 Minutes