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In Search of Accurate Vote Totals

In Pakistan, signs of al Qaeda all around

Are things going good for dems?

Civilian control of the military means that the president is accountable t

Intrigue in High Places

Barrick Gold, JP Morgan Chase Sued for Gold Fraud

How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change the World?

Bush Administration Still Opposes Greenhouse Cap

Barrie Zwicker: "Towers of Deception" - a review.

Why am I the only one looking forward to the ABC docu-drama?

One reason DU is better than DailyKos: Censorship doesn't

NY: Spitzer endorses Paper Ballot OpScan

Need help with a letter

We are looking for volunteers and are willing to pay canvassers in Dallas

Had Enough?

My version of Wild Oats' Zucchini Salad

Robert Fisk on His Interview with Former Iranian President Khatami, Why "T

Emergency foreign policy debate unlikely: Mackay

Angus Reid: Canadians Uncertain About Harper Government

Showdown brewing in Ottawa over Afghanistan

Blair's offer: I will go in a year Brown: that's not good enough

Parties, Candidates Hit Airwaves

Bush Taps Peters for Transportation

Report: Blair leaving office in July '07

Harris Takes Early Lead in Fla. Primary

Harris takes early lead in Fla. primary

Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan - Mushareff makes Peace w/Taleban-OBL!

Ret. Army Gen. Wesley Clark blasts Bush's Iraq Policy (on FOX)

In Pakistan, signs of al Qaeda all around

GOP Senators Differ With President on Military Trials

Japanese princess gives birth to baby boy

GOP Primary Ad in Arizona Sparks Protest (''Stay the hell out of southern

Netanyahu points to 'cracks' in Iran leadership

WaPo: War Backfiring on U.S., Khatami Says

Bush Uses Bin Laden Quotes for War Rally

AP: Gonzales Says Cities Must Work on Crime (without more federal $$)

Justice Kennedy has second surgery on artery

Outcries Delay Joint U.S. Exercises

(Max) Cleland Vows Vets Will Stand Their Ground

Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan

(Indiana) Lawmakers seek donations for prayer appeal

2004 Memo Warned About Ky. Air Staffing

Japan's Princess gives birth to male heir.

Jim Davis wins Florida Democratic Governors Primary

FL State Sen. Alex Villalobos barely squeaks by

9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased

Republican Rift Over Wiretapping Widens

The international health service: plan to give British patients the right

Army shuns system to combat RPGs

Harris wins Fla. GOP Senate nomination

Housing Horrors: How an Adjustable Rate Mortgage Can Burn You

Gasoline prices forcast to decline dramatically this Fall.

All Hail the Admins of DU: Thank you for the Hide Thread Option!!


My birthday's in eight days....My birthday's in eight days...

What would you do if you tried to look up a friend on

Douglas Adams, "Last Chance to See" - warning Irwin Reference

Sharon Stone: "I can turn a gay man straight in five minutes"

For lizziegrace and lelapin ....

So yesterday, we got up Dawn's crack (and took pics)

Grown man attacks little boy during football game

It's been a month and a half since I lost my best friend.

So yesterday, we smoked crack and got up dawn

So what's the secret?

Good nonexistent God how I hate holidays

Dallas wants to outlaw baggy pants

So tell me nothing

Its Comcastic!

reyd reid reed anything good lately?

The Seventh Seal just started on TCM!

Any marching band geeks out there?

Self Delete

While Flo come visiting? Let's hope not. Two more following her

I repeat myself when under stress I repeat myself when under stress I repe

Anyone want to play twister?

***Just saw the trailer for "All The King's Men"***

Me appreciation thread!!!!

Okay...who here knows Physics?

This is so weird. . .

Missed Daily Show tonight; was it another repeat?

Strap-On Veterans for Truth

Is it just me, or does Islammy Facist sound to anybdy else

Self Delete due to lack of interest

Is Michael Steele's ad for the US Senate in MD the worst ever?

Did I miss the cooking segment on CBS News tonight?

suri cruise unveiled!

First day of skool over...Dropping 1 class...

Anyone drive Vespas, Honda scooters etc?

I just want to tell you guys all one thing...

Listening to Beethoven's Fifth... it's been a while.

Yall cat lovers ain't gonna like this game: Kitten Cannon

Why don't Muslims shave?

Paris Hilton cries after being denied access to private MTV Awards party

Appreciation thread for CaliforniaPeggy!!

Okay... who here knows Phys Ed?

The new facebook layout is creepy.

OK! Per most recent sunset pictures!

It's the appreciation thread for people who have you on ignore!

"The Rapture is not an exit strategy." Discuss.

Confess!!!! Q-tip addicts check in

2 KITTEN VIDEOS (new ones)

Hold me in your thoughts tomorrow, if you would..........

is it unusual that i am mostly uninterested in girls my own age

Wow, my wife and I are soon to be labeled 'heretics' by the So. Bapt. Conv

We sing & we dance, and we don't wear pants...we're just like You-u-u-u!

Hello Coast Guard we're gonna need a bigger boat


ZombyLove: Post-Labor Day Edition


Hey, Naughty Girls!!! Check in here!!

the "meme" meme

Photo Thread! Kids / First Day of School

Read anything good recently?

Nip/Tuck Season 4 Premeire Tonight on FX

321 Contact-- Great show or the GREATEST show?


Imagine that God decides to write a Harlequin Romance novel

erectile dysfunction and meds

Medical Interns Still Overworked

Christian and gay

Brilliant comic strip... ok, White Soxcentric

Anyone know how to determine if DST was in effect

Woman-bashing all over DU today. What gives?

Full Moon in Pisces (Lunar Eclipse) - Thursday, Sept 7, 2006 - 2:42 pm EDT

Um, does everyone have me on ignore?

Anyone watching KO? Holy Shist!

OT: Question to MA people about hotels in the greater Boston area

The Official Contest Theme for September is****Trees*****

KO on now.

"Have you no decency, sir?"

One reason DU is better than DailyKos: Censorship doesn't

New Steven Colbert #1 Threat Down for his next show

erectile dysfunction and meds

just finished jeff cohen's book

On military absentee ballot voting:

if osama = adolf and mein kampf = bin-laden's plans, then

Sibel, The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts

IF - enough people ask the question "Where is Osama bin Laden?"

Olbermann’s Latest Special Comment Targets Bush (video)

Reuters story describes Bush's coke-jaw and Blair's poodle-isms

Who said that?

(VIDEO) Something for ABC to chew on:Condi Rice before the 9/11 Commission

"Can't discuss Malloy on the air" my ass!

Chossudovsky on "The Next Phase of the Middle East War"

Katherine Harris is Pandora

After Budget cuts close VA lab that deals with Legionnaires it shows up

Day 1819 since 9/11 and Bin Laden still walks freely.

Time Mag. article about 9/11 conspiracy theories not bad--conclusion sucks

Talk to Mullah Omar, if it saves British soldiers' lives

Would you want a Democratic president who lied us into a mess like Iraq...

Grown man attacks little boy during football game

Pakistan tells ABC Osama will not be captured

"Croc hunter" was powerful voice for conservation

HeadOnRadionetwork Tuesday Best of Malloy show, Truthseekers Check In

9/11 - 24/7

Screw ABC Pass Around THIS flash "Bush Knew - An American Requiem"

(VIDEO) "My Pet Goat" classroom speak out on 9/11 Anniversary

I think Jamestown is still a mystery

Global alert over deadly new TB strains

This is, and will be, my only Steve Irwin post

What's the deal with the FL. primary? Harris still is at 49.5%/

Jon Elliot mentioned about Mike!

LIVE NOW: Jon Elliott callers only want to talk about MIKE MALLOY

On its first anniversary: Keith Olbermann's "The 'City' of Louisiana"

MAJOR Slapdown of ABC's 9/11 Lies On Tonight's Scarborough Country.

What will Bush do when he is out of office?

Need a Youtube link

Russia to sell nuke fuel to S.Africa

American heroes.

It's time to take the D list actors to task on the Disney fiasco.

Calderon declared Mexico's president-elect


Holy crap! Strange Days...

Floridians: Greet your new Senatrix

Who knew we might be paying $40K for private schooling for

HOLY CRAP! HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn spies on board of directors!!!!!!

Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing (Movie Review)

Steven Jobs? Jobs? Jobs? Anyone seen Jobs?

I was telling a young person about 3 Days of the Condor

Ret. Army Gen. Wesley Clark blasts Bush's Iraq Policy (on FOX)

Reminder- Schools starting - No Child Left Behind military opt out form

The neocons are fighting back

Afghanistan: Campaign against Taliban 'causes misery and hunger'

Um, what if I AM that student?

Florida Election Results starting to come in.

Why, once again, Big Ed Schultz simply doesn't get it....

Speaking of Nazi enablers...

Projection, Pot-Kettle, F* you Mr.bush

Gore: We have to solve global warming

8 words that haunt me

Brave New Ballot

Blair's advisors are planning his last month; what about *'s?

Homework help - Is there or is there not a proposed bill for a

Turkey to decide on Lebanon mission amid protests

CONGRATULATIONS Katherine Harris!!!

7 out of 10 World Trade Center rescuers have suffered lung problems

Nevermind Mrs Harris. Clint Curtis and Bob Bowman won tonight!

AP: Lawyer gets dramatic in support of president's use of wiretaps

Isn't There A Court Date On The Unconstitutional Wire Tapping Coming Up?

Anybody watching "Metal of Honor: the Ironworkers of 9/11"?

So...did we like Katie?

C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden

Reagan's Osama Connection

ABC's brown-nose-a-thon

Whats happened to our Secretary of State, is she still on the payroll

Pakistan 'Taleban' in peace deal (BBC News)

Bush on Osama: "I truly am not that concerned about him"

Zogby Poll: 9/11 + 5 Reveals Dramatic Partisan Split

Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits

Why am I the only one looking forward to the ABC docu-drama?

Latest Zogby Poll reveals that Republicans definately are Stupid!

Breaking - Tony Blair to resign next July

Good Samaritan turns in lost money - $11,000 cash

Florida Repug voters: Thank you very much!

Alaskans Fight Cyanide Use In Mining Operation

Arizona Republicans on National GOP: "They're idiots"

It is time for us to apologize to Iraq

ABC Official Blog of 9/11 Docudrama - back online

Remember the tall Afghan guy Bush slammed with a Hellfire missile?

Raw Story: Pakistan Promised not to arrest Bin Laden

Didn't some 9/11 families not take the government bribe to not sue?

Caption this Katherine Harris pic!


Condi Rice is a disgrace to black Americans

Randy Crow (D-NC) running for president in 2008

Draft? No need, we've got the Universal National Service Act in the cooker

Are the Iranians neocons?

I just tried to call Jon Elliot on AAR-re Malloy

Time to show Keith the love again DU - fire up your email now

Anyone else fed up with all this 9-11 crap?

This Thursday - organize to drive out BushCo!

Help Katie come up with a nightly sign-off.

'Our target was terror'

DU this AOL poll....NOW!! Dems are ahead!

(TOON) Steve Bell on the legacy of Tony Blair

Did you see the infomercial for Bushco's war starring Katie Couric?

ZW's Full In-Depth Review of Katie Couric's CBS News Debut

Katrina is the open wound

Since * is brought up the Nazis, it's fair to talk about his family ties

When they ask the question who will keep us safer...

Put the pressure on ABC, please contact Disney...!

Larry Johnson: Gee, Valerie was Undercover

Wow. Olberman. Wow.

Looking for a close House race to donate to a Democrat?

"The calling of this generation"

Fake guns and responsibility

The MSM, The Crocodile Hunter and the BULLSHIT Fear-Mongering.

Quantum breakthough in solar

How is it that * and his hired guns can lie for years and years,

I have an idea. Let's start a DU Militia

PBS' "Nova" looks at 9-11

Transcript: Keith Olbermann-To Bush: 'Have you no sense of decency, sir?'

Does anyone remember all of the black helicopter paranoia in the 90's?

I think it's once again time for all DU veterans to check in and sound off

Why do you even bother watching TV?

Who else "Oops, I forgot' re: Couric taking Cronkite's seat?

I will NEVER tire of asking the ? - why does EVERYONE ignore the anthrax ?

West Va. Oxygen Devices Fail Test—Made by Same Company as Those at Sago

My wife and I are having lunch with President Clinton this Nov!!!

Katherine Harris is leading

Laboring For Workers Rights

Anyone Getting Returns Out Of Florida???

The start of a newly emboldened media? Or an anomoly?

Criticism of Rumsfeld Becomes a Political Chorus

Condi takes historical analogies to an absurd level

Michael Whouley....

GOP Senators Differ With President on Military Trials

UK's Blair to resign next July: report

LOL....GWB Is In A Pickle With The Harris Nom!

Anybody know about Florida Primaries (needed to win by)

KO Video is up on MSNBC already

K Harris wins GOP Bid for Sen.......

John Elliot Sucks......

Does anyone watch Washington Journal on C-span

A Minor Disturbance (Warning -- No mention of Katie Couric in this post!)

Gallup Poll: Democrats Have Early Edge in Some Key Senate Races

"A war between infidelity and Islam"

Chris "Tweety" Matthews: midterms a referendum on Nancy Pelosi

"I'd Rather Hunt With Cheney Than Ride With Kennedy"

Randall Terry is slapped down big time

Bush on bin Laden: I just don't spend that much time on him

Rove, Mehlman secretly directed millions of dollars to Lieberman campaign

October Surprise that will bring chaos to the Nov elections.

I think the fight has really started now - for Baghdad.

The 1970 Vietnam Draft Lottery came up today in my Creative

Did anyone else hear the new poll numbers out on Santorum/Casey?

Clint Curtis declared Winner (WESH TV) with 81% of votes FL 24

Bush's new scare tactic; Quoting Bin-Laden

Valerie Wilson was no analyst or paper-pusher, her work was top priorty

Israeli panel: Giuliani is 'best' presidential candidate for Israel

2006 Senate Elections Report: Seats Likely to Stay Put

Please email Arnold the Schwartzenfucker!!!!

"The attack on 9/11 occurred on the President's watch" - General Wes Clark

Did Musharraf stab Bush in the back?

Conason: Media Misses the Point On C.I.A. Leak Story

Robert Parry: Election 2006 & World War III "Consortium News"

Smearing Social Security

Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs --(VA) WaPo

Krugman: Healthcare Malpractice

*On Native Soil:The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission*

Fear an easier sell than sacrifice (This columnist nails it)

Nightmare on Downing Street: ghost of Thatcher spooking Blair

Venezuela helps Alaska:National oil company will buy heating fuel for Nati

"Denigrating Women Who Change Diapers."

War On Daddy's Dime - By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN NYT (I know, I know..Friedman)

Election of Evo Morales is reshaping women's fashions in Bolivia

No News Not the Best News For Katie Couric's Debut

Rumsfeld's Office of Force Transformation is closing

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts

The curse of the 9/11 widows

wiretap arguments are going on in court (nuclear bomb used to justify)

This Day in Radical History- Sept.6th-Star Trek turns 40

Ronald Reagan was right. Government is the problem, not the solution.


Bush doing bin Laden's bidding

Woah, I just thought of a serious hidden cost of the Iraq war...

NYT: 9/11 leaves its mark on how American history is written and taught

Bush Aims to Kill War Crimes

Beacon Wins U.S. Energy System Contract (20 MW flywheel storage)

Looks like SolFocus is about to make their move.

St. Andrews team hatch super hydrogen generation system

WP,pg1: Male Fish Across D.C. Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs

NZ firm makes bio-diesel from sewage in world first

Fish Havens Pit Fishermen Vs. Activists

Melting Permafrost Raises Fears of a Temperature Time Bomb

NSIDC - Scientists May Have Underestimated Arctic Sea Ice Loss Rate - ABC

Lake Windemere Water Temps Hit All-Time Record High - BBC

Spanish Reservoirs Fall To 40.6% Of Capacity - Reuters

Iceland to begin exporting whale meat

Brisbane On Brink Of Level 5 Water Rules - No Outdoor Watering, Period

Applied Materials CEO sees solar-panel revenue $500 mln by 2010

Brazil Claims Slowdown In Amazon Clearcutting - Area = Kuwait In 2006

EU May Take Legal Action Against Emissions-Trading Laggards - Reuters

EU Defies Scientific Consensus, Will Cut But Not Close Baltic Cod Fishery

Wen Jiabao Predicts Rapid, Sustainable Growth For China - Reuters

PMO: Int'l force to replace IDF at Lebanon ports

IDF forces kill Palestinian civilian in Jenin

First pro-Israel lobby in EU set up

Genocide In Gaza, by Ilan Pappe

Gaza strikes kill Hamas militants

British Airways to fly to Beirut, breaking Israel's air blockade

Bye Bye Kadima

Arab states promote revival of Arab League Mideast peace process

Origins of a conspiracy theory - Vince Foster (no tin-foil required)

BYU Professor is getting international attention for his theories (PNAC)

I have a question...

National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

Truthdig refuses to investigate 9/11's unusual coincidences

9/11's true culprits...Canadians...

What phenomenon is at work here?

9/11 Truth videos on Google's 100 MOST POPULAR videos list.

New HOFFMAN Interview on KKFI in Kansas City

Hey OCTs - why do you always stay out of posts like this one?

Anthrax Attack - Are you MIHOP, LIHOP or other?

Support Election Protection NOW with the People for the American Way

Ohio has 3 big ER Events scheduled for Sept:

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wed 9/6/06 - No More Kool Aid

How can you read the memory card on an opti-scan?

Avi Rubin on Diane Rehm today


Breaking from Brad Blog: Clint Curtis won his primary!


question for David Van Os

Meet one of the New Progressive Patriots Corp Member

do you think texas will go blue

Pasta baked in ugly sauce.

Eeeek! Help with gumbo recipe, please!

Should I throw out the eggs I accidently left out overnight?

What are you making for supper on 9/6?

BBC: Canada divided as losses mount

G&M: Why the Conservatives are doing so poorly

I have a free 24 hours in Toronto Canada and a rental car

Petition to end Canada's role in Afghanistan (

Iran: We've developed AIDS drug

Intrigue in High Places

NYT/Reuters: Bush to Meet Big 3 Automaker Execs After Election

Ahmadinejad tells students to purge universities of liberal professors

Men Who Took Food in Trash Get 6 Months

NYT/Reuters: Republicans to Push for Bolton Reappointment to U.N.

WP: GAO Seeks Strategic Plan On Broadcasts to Arab World

Auditors fault visa waiver decisions

WP,pg1: Male Fish Across D.C. Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs

Artist told to remove Rabbi Jesus paintings

Bush names pick for No. 3 Justice post (Bill Mercer)

AP: Senators seek satellite TV Probe (R. Murdoch vs. Dish Network)

Bombs in northern Baghdad kill 9 (39 wounded)

U.S.-Russian Exercises Postponed by Moscow

Speaker warns Iraq has months to avert collapse

Proposals to Revise FEMA May Be in Jeopardy on Capitol Hill

Diplomats: Iran-EU talks in jeopardy

AP: Bad Fuel Cell Delays Shuttle Launch

AP Al-Qaida's No. 2 in Iraq arrested in June, not a few days ago

Lessons of 9/11 Alter Skyscraper Design

A dozen die in Iraq bombings; more bodies found (19 bodies - torture)

Britain to reinforce troops in Iraq as FM visits (360 more to Basra)

NYT/Reuters: Google News Adds Newspaper Archives

Pakistan denies Bin Laden 'gaffe'

Poll: Iraq war could wound GOP at polls (CNN)

Convent-trained ex-rebel heads Nicaragua police

UK - Two held by terror police freed

Male Bass Across Region Found to Be Bearing Eggs --(VA) WaPo

Hagel (R Ne) rips Congress' inaction on border

AP: U.S. Servicewoman Missing in Kyrgyzstan

NYT/AP: Dan Rather Gives Alma Mater, Sam Houston State U., $2 Million

Man charged in grisly killings (one body burned, three dismembered)

One-third of Iraqi legislators absent

Pollution Hospitalizes Hundreds in China: Lead poisoning from smelter

MNF-I releases statement regarding explosion in Nasiriyah

Mine kills NATO soldier in Afghanistan

'We were not forced out,' Britain tells Iraqi town

LAT: Revised Army Rules to Prohibit Torture

'Virtually untreatable' TB found

White House: Proposal Won't Change Status Of Guantanamo

Iran sanctions must exclude force: Russia

Mass. company making combative flying discs

Anti-Spam Conviction Is Upheld

US disapproval of Bush near European levels

(al-Saeed)al-Qaida in Iraq No. 2 Arrested in June (not Sunday)

WP: Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits

Bush, Rice, and Ashcroft signed off on torturing prisoners.

O'Reilly, 3 Pulitzer Winners to Address Column Confab (O'Reilly keynotes)

Mexico Court Declares Calderon Winner of Disputed Election, Lopez Obrador

AP: Vote on Rumsfeld Fizzling Out in Senate

Mexico's Cardinal calls for dialogue in election disputes

Election of Evo Morales is reshaping women's fashions in Bolivia

Iraq deregulates fuel imports and distribution

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 6 September

Chicago Plans Voluntary Evac Plan for Thursday

N.M. governor will try to help reporter

House could delay vote on Peru trade bill

NYC children struggle with hunger, obesity: report

Israel to lift Lebanon sea, air blockade

Israeli President Questioned in Sex Case

Fed Survey Says New Signs of a Slowdown

Former Ill. governor sentenced to 6 years

Iraqi flag controversy raises new fears of civil strife

Fight for DeLay's seat expected to be costly

Iraq hangs 27 'terrorists'

Google expands online news index

Phone Scam Charge Rocks HP (Board Members Phone Records Stolen)

Three British soldiers die in Afghanistan

Iraq to Take Control of Armed Forces

Chicago Plans Voluntary Evac Plan for Thursday

(Ohio) Flag burners sentenced (apologize, serve two days at VA hospital)

World Council of Churches seeks RP action on killings

Warning for North Korea considered

Prisons Lacking Mental Health Treatment

French peacekeepers on Mideast patrols

Iraqi Qaeda kills national guards, posts Web video

Pentagon moves to help those overseas to vote (November elections)

U.S.-South Korea Trade Begin In Seattle

Iran president urges West to follow God's path

Schwarzenegger vetoes bill on gay protections in textbooks

King wins District 8 GOP primary (beating Randall Terry, Operation Rescue)

Chile's Bachelet Defends Plan to Give Teens `Day After' Pill

Some voting woes were not so minor problems (All Dem Areas)

Zogby Poll: 9/11 Five Years on Reveals Dramatic Partisan Split

Bush Resubmits Mine Safety Nomination

Poll: Many separate Iraq and terrorism

US disapproval of Bush nearing European levels

Iraq to take control of military

(La. Rep. Rodney) Alexander aide fired for writing convicted killer

Iraq: Slow reconstruction blamed on corruption

(IL Gov) Ryan gets 6 1/2 years

Hitler reference riles Senate race

Battered Canadians press on with Operation Medusa

6 British officials quit in Blair revolt

Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs

Shiites submit law to separate Iraq into rival regions

ABC: What Dropoff? August Death Total in Baghdad Morgue Triples

Breaking: Bush Announcement: High-Value Prisoners In Secret CIA Prisons

SUDAN: Darfur Crises Set to Worsen?

Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons

GOP secretly channeled millions to Lieberman

Democratic TV ads hammer DeVos for record as Amway chief

Canada: Orthodox Jew forced off plane

French, Americans would back strike on Iran: poll

Anderson Cooper's CIA secret (he was an intern)

Bell criticizes Democrats for not discussing religion

Kremlin envoy says Iraq turning into "terrorist corporation"

Horse Slaughter Industry May Be on Its Last Legs

Iran Adds New Fighter to Air Force

Well, shit. Bertha has a cat question and doesn't have the answer.

the bills keep on creeping up higher and higher

I sent a job application by next-day mail

Kittens as viking! Led Zeppelin! Stop the madness!

Wondering when the new shows premier? Here's a schedule


Songs that make you cry

Good night DU! (and SPECIAL good wishes to our DEAR Peggy for tomorrow!)

Joke thread

Post the strangest insults you can think of, in the context of a duel with

WTF is wrong with me?? (make something up) or tell the truth

Whoohoo! Today I am an INTERNET USER!

Okay, I'm bored. Who's awake?

Listening to a Fifth of Beethoven... it's been a while.

You are so____ that ______!!!

70s Flashback: Ain't Gonna Bump No Mo' with No Big Fat Woman

one internet abbreviation i don't see much anymore.

Big WigglyTeeters

Artists and Sports Reporters Begin to Speak Out

Waterworld II

Calling Roget: One-word synonym for "extremely busy" ??

any word on Clintmax?

We'll hit 25,000,000 posts today.

if you were gonna pitch a soap opera pilot based on DU

No, *this* is the greatest show ever

my favorite beatles song for the day

Ok some people have been asking

I need Camera advice...

Do humans have souls?

This is really cool.

Ugh. These 'save a patient from cancer' hoax emails are making

Countdown to 25 mil, anyone?

THIS is the 25th million post

Well, I tried to watch Katie Couric Last Nite But Just Couldn't

I will offer a hug to any lounger who can actually stomach watching this.

public sex

"Thought Police" Car Impounded

Any mac users know of a good tv tuner/PVR?

A Public Apology to LostinVA, or, Requiem for a Storm

Sick teen's dog back home at last: "When Dixie saw Michael, she just flew"

Woo Hoo! 25 Million Posts!

Is the term "spastic" offensive?

The official Democratic Underground NFL smackdown thread

Best fair/carnivore food?

just because we need a good debate going in the Lounge:


What does B&N and Borders do with their unsold magazines?

"Up Yours"

Star Trek is 40 today!!... stills lives in parents' basement, dateless

Company softball game lasts 30 hours

Apparently, ABC is showing a documentary on 9/11....

Stuff Happens...

Fried Coca-Cola On A Stick Being Served At State Fair

Damn, it looks like I missed a whole lot.

6 Lunchtime questions..Inquiring minds want to know....

Tell me, Deadheads, do you approve (even though its half Phish) ???

What happens if you stop paying your Pied Piper bills?

List movies that leave you with a crappy feeling.

OK Go. Here it goes again.

Bjork appreciation thread

An annoying thing about myspace...

Check this out. It's a political health site.

I need a hug: I got my first ever rejection letter today...

Reyd Reid Reed is IT!!!!

Which corporate logo looks the most disturbing to you?

Surprisingly good performances from actors you wouldn't expect

An annoying thing about myface...

HELP PLEASE!! Where is that DU dictionary?

Is this the coolest bathroom sink or what?

vienna sausages

Anyone see The Descent? *SPOILERS*

What email provider do you use?

Need help with Macintosh puzzlement...

So what are your thoughts on passing gas?

DU crockpot users! Need your best recipe!

Knee length cast and crutches...6 weeks... all because I stepped

Wow! What was that?

Who has been to Dublin, Ireland? What should I do while there next week?

Do you have gravitas?

favorite bar food

What the??? Superman on a Plane?

Do you have gravity?

I really never noticed Katie Couric's legs

what are your thoughts on salvia?

Haruka and I have put down our arms and have created the peace

It feels strange not going back to school today...

Carbolic Smoke Ball

Do shoes have souls?

Confess!!!! Q addicts check in

Happy birthday NYdemocrat089!!

Who here remembers that cult classic from the 60's "The Avengers"

Anyone here ever had giardia?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/6/06)

After 19 years, I finally learn to swallow tablets the right way!

After 19 years, I finally learned to swallow (___) the right way!

I just rocked the house with some fajitas

"Jeopardy" Finals Vs. "American Idol"

My kid is back in school! Come celebrate with me!

Hey, Nice Guys!!! Check in here!!.. (and we will stop that nonsense)

omg, that's just sick...

Rosie O'Donnell

La. Rep. Rodney Alexander's aid fired for writing to Scott Peterson!!!!!

Hey, Nice Girls!!! Check in here!!.. (and we will stop that nonsense)


When a kid, did your parents buy you clothes you could "grow into"?

What is your favorite Abe Vigoda role?

Do they make a snack food like this ideal for human consumption?

Wednesday, September 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

WOOHOO I'M A CENTRIST - I need a hug now!

No fishnets for a week? Kill me please.

Donald Rumsfeld was giving the president his daily briefing...

is it unusual that i am mostly interested in "neutral concept of women?"

What is your favorite Raymond Burr role?

Okay hygiene poll question

SpiderMan's most awesome nemesis.

I'm leaving DU!

Steve Irwins Death on You Tube

List Your Top 10 Film Comedies

Here are a few pictures of me............... while i was losing my virgin

Best fair/carnival food?

3 "work-is-almost-over" questions

Okay... who here knows Ed Phys?

So what are your thoughts on laughing gas?

I had a strange strange dream....

Do animals have souls?

Most Depressing Time of Day?

Owen Wilson. Funny guy or annoying?


You're . . . ON NOTICE!

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Okay! ENOUGH! Does anyone else have a spazz attack at the word "hubby"?

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Jeesh - My Mouse is Running Wild!

Do neocons have souls?

My favorite Camper song

Happy Birthday Jane Curtain

Nothing is more relaxing...

Anybody work in film industry? Location fees question.

What not to say if you are on the radio?

A millionaire cleaned my house today.

Any advice on a font manager program?

Anyone up for a Draughty Picture Thread?

Okay! ENOUGH! Does anyone else have a spazz attack at the word "garage"?

smells like teen spirit

Arkansas Cow Has 4th Set of Triplets

Jack Sparrow Dead At Age 43..... DEVELOPING NEWS

I'm in the middle of financial aid hell.

Scare the crap out of your paranoid friends.

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Fundies say the darnedest things: September edition!

Today I start Coaching Soccer!

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If you had a pet goat, what would you name it?

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Sex and the City: Dumbest show in syndication?

No Horse Farms

No internets for a week? Kill me, please.

Man Wanted To Have Sex With Woman's Body After Seeing Her Obituary

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Possible mechanism behind "Atkins" style diets

Virtually untreatable TB strain appears

Cross posted from Science: "Friendly" bacteria and autism

Treatment with 'friendly' bacteria could counter autism in children

Multiple copies of a mystery gene may make us human

Week 1 Fantasy Football Questions

Thank you Madden 2007!

Tressel proves Ohio credentials, caught trying to fix the vote

Just because there is info regarding aspects for the next two days

Astrology question: If someone doesn't have the time of his/her birth...

Recommended for September: Tiger's Iron.

The next couple of days.

Kerry speaking Now!

Andrew Sullivan at it again! Beachmom "nails" him!

Has anyone joined PartyBuilder on the DNC website? Lets start a JK Group

THK: Bush no help to women in poverty

Kerry Responds to Bush Speech on the Creation of Military Commissions

Update for people who came to Boston last year

JK to speak on C-SPAN 2 today.

Wonk alert: Flynt Leverett on Cspan 2

Why oh Why did I venture into GD-P today?

Next poll

Second Tree Poll

I know that LAB color in photoshop has been discussed here before

First tree poll

Judge candidate questioned about family's ties to KKK

Birth mother files lawsuit in death of child

Cities Encourage Commuters To Take to the Water

OC DUers! Fundraiser for Loretta Sanchez & Steve Young this coming Sunday!

Draft? No need WE have the Universal Service Act in the cooker! #2

24,994,942 posts and counting...

Blair to resign on May 31st?

WP, Shales: No News Not the Best News for Katie Couric's Debut

Lucinda Williams: Angels Laid Him Away - - - - - - > VIDEO

Hate and law enforcement can be lethal mix

Bernie Ward talking about the ABC 9/11 mini-series

what are we going to do?

My advice: Focus ABC boycott on Wendy's and Red Lobster

Swamp Rat....a project for you...

The Karr Ride

I just love Joe Lieberman.. And I think i will vote for him!!

PDA Endorsed Candidates Sweep FL Primaries tonight!

08:39 AM EDT public hearing (cspan3) Richard Clarke & Thomas Kean

Do Government Agencies Watch this Site?

cspan1 Dem to talk of their new Security plan (plus open phones) followed

2,657 of our troops now dead in W's war of choice

losing "oil pressure", or ... maybe just, "brain power"

cspan1. The Dem Nat. Sec Plan (critique of WH current security plan)

Rep. Peter King on cspan1 now. Open phones. saying Dems instinct to

I just saw a commercial on TV for the CIA

couple of comments on bush*'s speech 9/5/06

Craig's List...It's only the beginning

Ahmadinejad and Pol Pot

DU closing in on 25 million posts

Frist considers the "typical" family as one which makes $64K/yr.

Gosh, Don’t You Wish Bush Had Been More Concerned with Iraq in 03

BREAKING - Four more Parlimentary Private Secretaries resign (UK)

26 years and closing..HELP! please

Found Wingnuts Objection to ABC's Path to 9-11 - Moonie Times July

Stephanopoulos: Bush is TRYING to scare people (because of low polls).

YOU GO GIRL !!! Katie Couric

Yet Another Terra Speech Today: 'Bush to unveil plan for Gitmo trials'

We'll hit 25,000,000 posts today.

New terrorist movement--warning

bush: "America will not bow down to tyrants". Well, we'll see.

John Kyl has been re-reading Bush speech on Senate floor now.

Richard Clarke about to testify on cspan3 hearing NOW.

Ah-nold Sez He'll Veto Universal Health Care (CA)

List of ABC Executives


Remember an old movie "Used Cars"? - Picture "Naked News" spliced ...

Clinton's Sex Life is the Star in the ABC 9/11 Movie....

Sigh.... anyone watching this puke on the floor

Did Hannity ever appear on the Al Franken program?

Has anybody else heard about this Lodi, California case??

The Puritans lose another one.

WOOHOO!! I'm seeing President Clinton tonight!

Republicans Running as Democrats

rocket boom - Private Contractors and more Bush Bumbling

"FUGWB" makes it to page B3 in the Cleveland Plain Dealer!

Wesley Clark is standing outside my office.

Media Misses the Point On C.I.A. Leak Story

Reagan v. 9/11 miniseries, or Why aren't we as effective as the neocons?

republicans & the power of Insults.

I say screw the pResident's selling me the war on terra' again

Jerk Pissed Me Off!

Our national ability to eat s--t and like it really worries me.

A new strategy in dealing with the dishonest "Path to 9/11"

It’s NOT Incompetence

here's the competition for ABC on Sunday night

MoonieTimes: Next time Plame makes the paper it will be a nice obituary

E&P gets advance of ABC "drama" on 911

It's time for the Democrats to bring up the Dubai ports issue again

What do you think about the actors in the 9/11 ABC Clinton bashing movie?

WH cancels today's gaggle -- wants reporters to cover 1:30 speech

U.S. Press Should Take Lead From Press In Iran

Opus- The politican's five-step guide to a public apology

NYT, WAPO, BBC All Confirm: GOP loses Terror War - Pakistan Peace w/OBL!!!

Will someone tell me

He's a persistent little booger, ain't he?

ABC Path to 9/11: Scholastic Books Catapulting the Propaganda - TEXT >

More on the Stolen Produce Duo

Overpopulaton and overconsumption

Why is this woman so angry?

Ashcroft “didn’t want to hear of al Qaeda” in high threat summer of 2001

New Bush Comic: Did You Know We Are At War??


Progressive Christians start O.C. chapter

7:57 of Condi (crooks&liars video)

What 24 hour news?

Self deleted dupe post.

Couric's new show "oddly lacking in news" -WP

Calif. RFID Bill Headed for Governor's Desk

For Rent: Aides, Wingmen, Husbands

Caption the poodle

The #1 Reason to Watch "Path to 9/11"

Our government is running ALL the mainstream media now.

25 Million Posts! This mark will be reached in the next few minutes.

Greg Palast guest-hosting with Thom Hartmann today!

O'Reilly chimes in on Plame...

One Woman. One Radical Idea: The World is a Good Place.

Bush elevated bin Laden to foreign leader, icon, political adversary-

Strike shuts down Detroit schools

Elayne Boosler rocks!!

Tony Snow Apologies To Pres. Bush

In the past five years, I've given up npr, cnn, cbs

Chimp 101: The difference between a 'Decider" and a 'Deceiver":

Tom Kean does a sneaky double speak in the NYTimes. Oops.

ABC Path to 9/11: No My Pet Goat, Down plays Aug. 6 PDB

The two images of Alaska

ABC 9-11 Docudrama - send info to your local TV critic

Lamont-Lieberman race- status?

Ice Bubbles Reveal Biggest Rise in CO2 for 800,000 Years

Democrats seek to solve Tricare Rx drug dispute

More unbiased commentary from Ann Compton (ABC News) on local radio.

We want to know - What was the 25 millionth post?

Greg Palast on with Thom Hartmann now -- stream link

Protecting the Torturers

Greg Palast on Thom Hartman now !

2 Particularly ignorant bumper stickers spotted on the same car....

UPI: Analysis: Sept. 11 miniseries under fire

Old-time remedies for housewife's eczema--know any?

IMPEACH BUSH IMPEACH BUSH IMPEACH BUSH IMPEACH BUSH poll: "no confidence" in Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

Who harms the country more?

Would the capture/death of Osama win the Election(s) for the repubs?

bush to remind nation we're at war today. Didn't yesterday take?

ABC Says: Path to 9/11 Is About INFORMATION Delivery, Not Entertainment!

Installed Wind Energy reaches 10,000 MW in US

Whoa CRAP! ABC Path to 9/11 Disses Washpost; Supports Bush Wiretapping!!

Key GOP Senators Want Gitmo Prisoners to See Evidence. Bush Says No Today-

CNN: President Bush's unpopularity likely to affect GOP

Interesting. A four-legged chicken


The best that ABC could do to make Clinton look bad was to fabricate

Bush Plan Would Withhold Terror Evidence

Is There a Woman Newsperson Out There Who Could Do A

Household Incomes Declined In 46 States From 1999-2005

UK's Blair to resign next July: report

Don Rumsfeld won't abandon his beloved troops & big fat War unless...

BYU Professor is getting international attention for his theories (PNAC)

Al-Qaeda's 'Simon Says'

Tell me there isn't another big attack coming.

**Breaking: B*sh Announcement, re: Prisoners in Secret CIA Prisons

Men Who Took Food in Trash Get 6 Months

Please see your "Discussion Guide for the Classroom The Path to 9/11"

We've only been attacked once since September 10th, 2001...

U.S. Travelers Face New Passport Rules

MODS: TIME FOR a "Path to 9/11" only discussion forum

I just some overnite states on Couric and She Did Well

Kathryn Harris won??

CT Duers--How closely is Lieberman hugging * and Rummy now?

Snow, and lots of it... Sock up on BLANKETS!!!

What a Great Day in American History!

Detroit Free Press TV blog has nothing about the ABC mockumentary

Judy Woodruff and the importance of the News Environment

UK's Blair to resign next July

Robert Greenwald coming right up on CNBC talking about his new film

Why We Need an Epidemic of Fearlessness

NY Post's Peyser could start a cat fight with this review of Katie's debut

W and Tricky Dick - link (funny read)

Greg Palast is hosting Thom Hartman right now for one hour

Let's Call It A "Crockumentary," Shall We? (ABC 9/11 Spoof)

Shoot - here is Security Info on Iraq for Today - It's Bad

The al Queda "#2" Arrested In Iraq The Other Day-Actually Arrested In June

CNN Poll: 90% Of Americans Say Government Policies Need To Be Changed

Bush is absolutely right! Iran is just like Al-Qaeda.

Bush is losing his base right now: their attention span is only 10 min.

Bush Administration Seeks To Move From "Stay The Course" Rhetoric

ABC Poll - Is Rumsfeld being unfairly attacked?

So is now Bush going to use the "legal system" and police work?

History 101 in memory of opti12202, who disrupted poorly . . .

Gun-Toting Candidate in Search of Clock Tower

What do local Dem Orgs do to make a difference? (Seriously, ideas wanted)

Larry Johnson Has A Question For Bush About His Speech Right Now...

Be PROUD America, fetch that Lee Greenwood..... it's a PROUD DAY!

Pssst.....I have watches sewn into the lining of my trench coat.

Question. Where do I find that list of DU vocabulary?

Thrown to the dogs

As Bush speaks, CIA sneaks it's 'secret' prisoners into Gitmo

House back in session - one minute speeches

What was your favorite post of the 25 million?

Anyone else disgusted at the upcoming neo-con celebration?


Ted "Tubes" Stevens defending Rumsfeld in the Senate, CSPAN2

"Docudrama" about 9/11 contains LIES! I'd sue ABC

Wage inflation, the Federal Reserve and Criminal Republicans.

Definitions of Torture


A Letter From A Very Small Business

Neal Katyal (the lawyer that won at SCOTUS) Live on NPR!

We never hear about Cheney's responsibility for 9/11 or Katrina

I have unpopular thoughts regarding Iraq

We Hold These Truths

MSNBC/Tweety/Steve Highsmith (WCAU (Philly))

I'm all for fairness, justice, honesty etc., but..............

So Bush "flip-flops" and comes around to the Dem way of thinking on

Can DU's staff explain why all the 911 threads are getting locked?

Wasn't Kindasleazy Rice in Europe a short time ago saying there

ROTF!!! Shelley The Republican claiming responsibility for Malloy's firing

Who else is creeped out by the use of the word "Chairman"?

Bush Speech. East Wing - Red Carpet entrance. 09-06-06

ABC to air 9/11 "docudrama" WITHOUT ADVERTISING

When Oliver Stone can create a 911 movie without controversy,but ABC can't

Conyers, Leading House Democrats Demand Accuracy in ABC 9/11 Film

Tell ABC To Cancel 9/11 show : here's the link

Thank You, Democratic Underground, for 25,000,000 Great Posts!

Who is this Jon Elliot on Air america ?

So this is why the "Terrrist" haven't been tried in 5 years! ELECTION YEAR

This link should work : PLEASE DU This !

To See Bush And Co. Sliced And Diced In Flash Presentation Go Here

LAMONT: Replacing Rumsfeld With Lieberman - Would Be A Lateral Move

HP snoops on HP Board members /AT&T involved and admits it

Why should we believe anything Bush says?

See Dick run. Run Dick run. - pic

Understand that this speech by Bush is carefully crafted for TV ads and

Ray Taliaferro on KGO said something last night

Today's the day for horses!!

Casey isn't pro-choice?

O.K. sorry THIS one should work - DU it please !!!!!!!!

Rep. Bartlett (R-MD) says VA data theft risk is acceptable (WHAT)

Caption this picture.

Does CNN's Anderson Cooper Sing Like a Mockingbird?

Any Duers what to collaborate on a script? The Story of PNAC:

MSNBC: Dems will take over House unless something drastic happens.

The 44th President is speaking in the Senate about Herr Rumsfeld

GM to provide 5 year/100,000 mile power train warranty on 2007

I have a question...

Where's The "Democratic" Or Unbiased Documentary About Clinton/Bush/9/11 ?

"George W is an amazing magician......"

Ask ABC to Come Clean On its 9-11 "Docudrama"

STFU is official administration policy now

* administration cut a deal with Pakistan giving amnesty to bin Laden.

Scholastic Student Resource Sheets - Road to 9/11

Film location fees?

I Have The Perfect Text For The New Terrorist Surveillance Bill

"We have a KATRINA FOREIGN POLICY." --John Kerry

I don't understand people who say a terrorist attack would be bad for Bush

Agreed. I just finished reading Postman...

Delete. Dupe

Truthdig refuses to investigate 9/11's unusual coincidences

How Rummy sold the lie of a Soviet secret weapons program (1976)

George Ryan gets 6/1/2 years Happy Days

WH releases biographies of the 14 detainees

Is Pakistan's "amnesty" for Osama Bin Forgotten our "October Suprise"???

Blitzer on Election 2006: "A LOT can happen in two months!"

Judd Gregg (Puke - NH) is still going apoplectic about Kerry's speech

Dean on Bush's Gitmo Speech

McConnell on Dems Rummy amendment: "it won't kill a single terrorist"

Radio Lady Seeks Your Ideas: What should we do for Monday, Sept 11, 2006?

Link to tell ABC to cancel the 9/11 show

Katie's cross purposes

I'm enjoying the Rumsfeld debate.

Reid: . . . a flawed system that failed to prosecute a single terrorist

Help dispel Bush's lie on 9/11 (take action in the real world)

Because sovereign Means Sovereign Means You're Sovereign, Means Sumpin...

Somewhat Shocking Stats on Shrub's Executing Ways

Karen Hughes and Karl Rove - Caption this pic

Disturbed Populations Stirring

Vast oil field tapped in the Gulf of Mexico...

Jon Kyle (R-asshole) on the floor of the Senate......calling dems cowards

Anybody have a quick link to stats on CEO vs worker income?

Caption this pic of * - LOL

The Estate Tax is not just for revenue

Hillary's on! C-Span2 on terminating Rumsfeld

What is your favorite Raymond Burr role?

Bill Maher encourages us to convert to Islam to appease the terrorists

TRY This link and DU it - it worked in my first post !!

Video: Students remember Bush's 'My Pet Goat' visit on 9/11

The Hungry Planet

I'm telling you, Garry Trudeau is getting ready to kill Doonesbury's "Ray"

I am READY to take on the Bush Administration!!

bush Delivers his Famous "Torture Speech" before his entire cabinet

Kenneth L. Fisher is a bigot xenophobe

Has anyone noticed how the crazy has been turned way up on AAR lately?

National Guard Katrina helpers suffer classroom penalties

ABC Issues Response to Complaints!!!

Kerry: Bush needs new policy, not 'a new stump speech'

A young friend is off to Baghada airport for "4" months

A "Jesus Fish" Question

DU this CNN poll about Rummy

Zogby Poll: 46% believe there is a connection between Saddam and 9/11

Has Bush gone over the Edge?

ABC Scandal: "Goat-gate": Pet Goat AWOL from TV drama!

C-Span Poll

Democratic Party - Sign Petition to ABC about Path to 9-11

Sibel Edmonds: The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts

I guess that "Home of The Brave" thingie must have expired...

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, Oct 28, 1813

Woah, I just thought of a serious hidden cost of the Iraq war...

If each fallen US soldier would get same media treatment as Steve

Hilarious sign offs suggested for Katie Couric

MOGAMBO GURU: An Ounce Of Gold Measured In Tons Of $100 Bills

So, the admin. lied, broke the law, discredited US gov. and NOW

9/5:Mike Malloy Website

Caption *

The Rumsfeld/Saddam photo - what was the meeting about?

Is Mexico headed for a civil war?

Harkin reminds us of the Rumsfeld/Saddam pic

Pat Buchanan on NPR - Tom Ashbrooks show On Point.

Will * be our "Clinton" so to speak?

caption this * pic...

DeLay's Wife Under Investigation

Tasini response to Clinton cluster-bomb vote, plus Ward Sutton TOON

SHOCKER! "Fed report: Economy continues to cool"...NOT "gettin' stronger"

I don't care about myself anymore, just my kids & grandkids.

Entertainment Weekly gives Path to 9-11 a very bad review D+

The Prototype for * Admin authoritarian style

Anyone else still fuming at the ravings of our Torturer in Chief

The curse of the 9/11 widows

Former Bush counterterrorism official calls ABC 9/11 drama "shameful"

September 11: 100th Anniversary of Gandhi's First Public Protest

Wow. let my whole letter to Inhofe through!

It's Official - the "B" in CBS is now BUSHCO!!!

Do you intentionally promote the enemy?

911 skeptic wins Florida Primary

Ho boy, it's The Stupidest Man In The Senate on CSPAN2

Sam Seder on now...Re-ABC..another outraged liberal..he's great!

Question for Katie watchers...Is it still the "CBS Evening News?"

Are they finally going to put Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Bush Today; "Goodbye War Crimes Act."

Former Ill. gov gets 6 1/2 years in prison - AP

Barbara Boxer on cspan2 now Senate.

The Afternoon TV Complainers Have Someone New To Complain About

Randi is on FIRE. * Cut and Run on the Constitution, Cut and Run from

holy sh%t..look at Oliphant's cartoon re: Rummy

The Other September 11: Gandhi and 100 Years of the Peace Movement

You know, if the Democrats were in charge during World War 2...

Irwin's death strikes a chord

The f*ckers WANT things this way!

Inhofe's defending Rumsfeld

DU this AOL Poll!!! Should Rumsfeld stay?

* to Couric...WTF?

Juan Cole and the Strategic Ellipse -- A diseased Kansas elephant? [Repug defections]

U.S. Threatens to Revoke Trade Preferences from Left-Leaning South America

What a difference an ocean makes (regarding teen birth control)

The Guardian: Blair faces crisis over resignations (a coup?)

9/11 Babies: Five Years Later

DU Historians--Tell me about David Hackett Fischer

Is anyone else watching the debate in Senate re: Rummy?

To the morons at ABC: there is a difference between docudrama and fiction

"I just love that story." It's NOT ABOUT YOU KATIE!!!

Tucker just said that Democrats allowed the war to happen

I guess no more 60 Minutes...

(LOL!) Check out the photo KNX1070 NewsRadio uses for Junior in the NEWS

So Much for Operation Al Fajr (U.S. has lost control over Al Anbar)

Message from the Defenders of Wildlife

Any reason for Pacific Time Zone to watch * catapult with Cutie Couric?

Olbermann explains why he wasn't on MSNBC political coverage today

I think I know why they are doing this hit piece on Clinton

DFA email: "A Despicable, Irresponsible Fraud"

Anybody see the story on ABC about Kalamazoo, Mich?

FBI Suspected Rove and Libby Pre-Fitzgerald (Jason Leopold)

Chris Matthew--Kingmaker. OMG he just said

Wisdom From Albert Einstein

Why should Clinton have been concerned about OBL BEFORE 911 if Bush isn't

Should the Separation of Church and State be Abolished?

Did you hear Buchanon

Joe Conason on Plame: Simplest analysis of facts beyond D.C. press corps

People who complain about Katie and CBS don't know jack about tv news

MIHOP in the making, isn't this too convenient?

Is America witnessing a battle between good and evil?

Good Golly Miss Molly!! CBS News/Couric Is Now Officially FOX'S TWIN!!

Who Is REALLY Responsible For 9/11

Questions about Joe Wilson


Will your 12 year old be sucked into this "Long war"?

Was organizing my saved pics....

I think Bush made lots of good moves in his speech today.


Take the pledge -- Don't buy Disney

First review for great new 9/11 documentary

ABC: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed lasted 2 1/2 minutes under water-boarding

DU Produced Oped on Sen. Talent's Ethanol Flip Flopping

Rove Had 3 Catholic Priests "Exorcise" Spirit Of Hillary From West Wing

Anderson Cooper......CIA?!

Help Kkkatie with her nightly send off...

Um, Guys? Joshua Micah Marshall's Dad died 2 weeks ago.

TONIGHT ON COUNTDOWN - no commentary, but the ABC 9/11 Drama

The REAL “Path to 911” (Counteract ABC with Dropaganda!)

E & P Screens and Summaries the first half of the ABC 911 film

IRAQ: U.S. Losing Control Fast

Leave Others Their Otherness...

DHS wants to have a talk with Greg Palast for something he said on AAR.

ABC Refuses to Provide Copies of Path to 9/11 to Clinton Albright, Berger.

I just called WABC TV newsroom at the flagship station of the ABC network

Pollutants create 'intersex fish' found in Potomac

Still Just Kidding?

Conyers, Dingell, Harman, and Slaughter Write to ABC

Live Podcasting from Camp Democracy

Bliar up a creek -begone Bliar.

Saddam linked to 9/11... Agree or Disagree?

Should the tape showing Steve Irwin's death be shown on TV?

Did You Hear the Democrats Shouting?

Kids Buy Lunches With Scans of Fingers

Dems who vote to condone TORTURE and destroy HABEUS CORPUS!

Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits

ABC to President Clinton: NO COPY FOR YOU (No Copy To Albright & Berger)

So what do you think this 1:30 speech from Satan is about??

Senate votes to continue use of cluster bombs

Senate Dem's Rumsfeld "no confidence" amendment denied vote.

ABC: Tell the Truth About 9/11 Working Assets TAKE ACTION NOW>>>>

Former Republicans/conservatives here: What 'converted' you?

Great new Democratic site set up by Howard Dean

ATTN: Calling all evangelicals....

THE BIG TEN. Ever see this chart of who owns the "liberal" media?

Congratulations! 25,000,000 posts!

Costco is selling 90-day emergency food supplies

I learned the real value of health insurance recently

Bill Clinton(Spokesman) Breaks Silence On 9/11 Docudrama

Weird phone calls

Kerry: If Bush had unleashed the military to do the job at Tora Bora ...

RW Blog concerned over "The Path to 9/11" making up scenes

This is a slap in the face, DUers

9/11: THE FALLING MAN - new documentary - 10pm CBC Newsworld tonight

25TH Millionth Post!! DU Mega-Post Watch Update! +Place Bet on 26 mil!!

I Love Vanity Fair Magazine. But Why Is This The Cover?

A Day of Chicken-Counting

New Jersey Senator (D) trailing in latest poll.

"I don't trust Richard Clarke"

Toon: "Run Away!!!"

What facts have you stated that have gotten you called crazy?

ABC calls DUers "terrorist lovers".

The 28 Blacked Out Pages of the 9/11 Report is no conspiracy theory

What will we do if they steal this year's election?

Snippy Things Folks Say About Your Home Are Now Also Online

Bush admits CIA has secret prisons

NEW BK: HUBRIS-Reveals -Bush Rage+Cheney's Bull+Rove Hiding Evidence+More!

Anthrax Attacks

Cops say grave robbers had sex on their minds

Why is Menendez having a hard time closing the sale in NJ?

One More Re-Post: Clinton, 9/11, and the Facts

ABC's blog about "The Path To 9-11" is back up!

The DNC asks you to weigh in on the "Path to 9/11" Debacle

Taking Stock, Inventory Time, bring out the Reviewers, the Actuaries,

Did I miss all the treads about the new Sec of Tranporation? Bad news...

Lebanon vs Pakistan

GOOD COP....... BAD COP.......But with BushCo....there no Heros, no GOOD

Katherine Harris Reminder: She has to spend her money, not dads

Frist on American Morning

Photo: Bush has a real Son of Sam vibe here..."Yes, Rover...must...KILL"

Raw Story Video: Students remember Bush's 'My Pet Goat' visit on 9/11

Has Internet access become a civil rights issue?

Book Exposes Karl Rove's Gay Link


Reid Blasts Do-Nothing Republican Congress

911 investigator wins Florida Primary

Durbin/Soladad Interview.......

Since Bush Brought It Up.....The Media......

Tony Snow: "Some Democrats..."

Candy Crowley actually got a clue!

Convicted ex-Ill. governor out-polls Bush

ABC's 9/11 Fraud - No commercials??

Bizarre: Republican blames Clinton, DLC, for his odd proposal

Rhode Island: Is Laffey to Lincoln Chafee as Lamont was to Joe Lieberman?

RI SEN: Election Politics: Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

CNN Editing of Bin Ladin 04 Video Transcript

NYT: In Bellwether Colorado District, G.O.P. Runs on Immigration

Bush to unveil plan on Guantanamo prisoners...WOW! Fire up the TIVO! WOW!

Pentagon’s Chief of Strategic Planning Calls for Terror War Name Change

the Pres. of Iran and our she Cheney must have lunched together

Don't believe in Black Helicopters?

Stand up to Uncle Bully

Questions for ABC about their fictionalized take on 9/11

People that have endorsed Jim Davis for Governor of Florida.

Is it fair to have Ned Lamont cast as 'an antiwar candidate'?

"46% of the people think Bush is lying about Iraq. What else is he lying

What we help the vote?

New Bush Comic: Did You Know We Are At War??

9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased

I think....I found a simple question that will just shut a Rethug up...

KATU will air ABC/GOP 9/11 Propaganda movie unless we stop them NOW

The Repug plan...the BIG picture?

Photoshop fun on the problem with Bush:

NJ 5th Dist: Paul Aronsohn seeking Internet buzz (great YouTube ad)

Come to Camp Democracy!

Interesting - two books out

Louise M. Slaughter---Ask ABC to Come Clean On its 9-11 "Docudrama"

Take No Knife To This Gunfight! As The Republican Candidate ...

The Blog of Decaf is up and running.

Bush at Piney Point for Labor Day

Does this name ring a bell to anyone? re: 9/11 ABC movie

Todays Speech::The Dufus is talking about 9/11, invoking FEAR

To See Bush And Co. Sliced And Diced In Flash Presentation Go Here

Mortgage Moms may hold key to a Democrat win

My morning with the Republicans...

Flexibility Leave for Military Family Caregivers

Anybody watching the debate on CSpan2 on Rumsfeld

NYT: Bush's bin Laden speech, classic Rove, planned since July

Bush has had five years, gives Congress five weeks to deal with

This Thursday - meetings to plan Oct. 5 "Drive Out Bush Regime" action...

Attention Republican True Believers

Republicans spent our standard of living and New Orleans in Iraq.

Dems Release "The Neo Con:

So ... we win the House ... we hold hearings into the runup to Iraq .....

CAPTION talking out out the side of his A**

You are now Katherine Harris Campaign Manger - what's your campaign motto?

This Thursday Night: Get Organized for regime change!

It's official: Kinky Friedman has jumped the shark

Bush on Saddam, May 2002: "I intend to kick his sorry motherf**king ass"

Pentagon changes Army Field Manual governing interrogation of prisoners

Caption the terror production at the WH today with *. Photos.

I can answer that question

Good News and Bad News from Ohio

"The Hammer" endorses Hannity Girl Sara Evans on "Dancing w/ The Stars"

Once Upon A Time Bush Said.....

Lol! Fitzpatrick (R) brags he was raised in a DEMOCRATIC household!

Chip Reid: If Dems win even only 1 House-an EXCITING 2 yrs for reporters!

Call Bob Iger at ABC

GOP secretly channeled millions to Lieberman

Turkish fury over Lebanon troop deployment

Sign DNC Petition to ABC about Path to 9-11

August death total triples in Baghdad morgue

Photo: Looks like Rove put all that weight back on...huge watermelon head.

Do we need to provide solutions to Iraq and terra...?

Bob Bowman (FL-15) Wins Primary

Who should Jim Davis (D) Florida choose as his running mate?

Lebanon a warm-up for U.S.-Iran clash: Russian dip

Former Ill. gov (Ryan) gets 6 1/2 years in prison

Bush will tell Couric that he has the hardest job in America tonight!

BBC: Blair set to outline quit plans (by "autumn 2007")

HP used AT&T to surveill its board members One resigns over it.

Okay,..... So We Win The House,.... Then What?

Pat BUT-Cannon Just Said.....

GOP primary ad in Arizona sparks protest - "They're idiots"

"Free" Bangkok prostitutes aficionado Neil Bush's Russian Mob Boss Pal

Kerry Responds to Bush Speech on the Creation of Military Commissions

Somebody convince me how to vote in the NY Senate primary.

You're a candidate: How dirty a campaign are you prepared to run?

Sample Letter to Protest ABC 9/11 Mockumentary

CNN poll: Voters are "mad as hell"

Osama Bin Laden and Abortion

Talked to Scholastic....lady has only had one call about Path to 9/11

Howard Dean just said it: "Declare victory and get out." Shades of Aiken

Republican McCloskey:The Need for A Democrat Majority in the

Coming up. . . . . .Cheney's end run!!

ABC should do an airing of Farhenheit 9/11

Why did more Republicans then Democrats vote in FL yesterday?

Will there be any questions when Harris wins in Florida in November?

I'm very disappointed in Democrats today.

Lamont unveils Education Proposal

CNN Poll: 90% Of Americans Say Government Policies Need To Be Changed

After Jeb

"We're fighting them over there" so they can kill us over there.

Bootlicking freeps respond to Harris win ("Woo hoo!! Go Katherine")

Anybody live in any of these FL counties?

ABC has turned its back on America

Suggestions for a Democratic, "Contract with America"

Senator Reid quoted Keith Olbermann in the Senate today.

ThinkProgress: Tell ABC to Tell the Truth About 9/11

The BIG PICTURE is MISSING from the Equation: Pubs talk of small shit

We should turn the GOP "Redistribution of Wealth" meme against them

Setting up the Meme: Exit polls are suddenly 100% unreliable, says Tweety

Move over Stewart, Colbert, Allen, and other comics...

OMG We just pulled ahead in a PA house race in a seat dominated by Repukes

George Allen stole Dick Durbin's Amendment & presented it as his own

The ANTHRAX attack occurred on the President's watch after 9/11/01

There is No Nice Way to Call You People Liars, an Open Letter to ABC

Kerry speech on Senate floor re: Rumsfeld

Petition to end Canada's role in Afghanistan (

Baghdad Morgue Revises August Death Toll Upward 300 Percent

Boycott Disney And ABC

Dems are playing by Rove's rules and don't even know it.

Clark will campaign with Lamont and many other Democrats this Fall.

Zogby: 65% of Repubs believe Sadaam was involved in 9/11

High Noon or The October Surprise Will Be Election Day Terra Threats