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Archives: September 7, 2006

David Brooks is once again wrong

For Lieberman, the 'I' Stands for 'Ignored'

What Will the Democrats Do For Labor?

Thought we might take the House, maybe the Senate, until I heard the story

Madame Jane predicts: "With Bush in jail, a new 9-11 threat is avoided"

The recent history of "pragmatic" centrism versus "extremism"

The Spectacle of Bush ----On Quoting bin Laden

Bush's world view has only created new enemies for his people

A Sudden Sense of Urgency (NYT)

Median incomes dropping

The Global Water Crisis In Relation To An Inconvenient Truth

Gore, In Oslo Speech, Predicts Shift In Bush Climate Policy - Reuters

Has anybody got any real close up photos of the planes?

I just watched 9/11: Toxic Legacy

Jerome Hauer, OEM director -"We had aircraft crash drills


"Constitutional strategy" of GOP may be headed for Delay's old Texas dist!

PM to make unprecedented appearance at Senate committee to push reform

Bill makes threat of 'Big Brother watching" very real, experts warn

Tory members sue party over nomination process

Tory rebranding labelled propaganda

Bolivian leader pays surprise visit to Castro

Patrick Fitzgerald Gets GOP Governor Ryan of IL Sentenced to 6 Years Jail!

Environmental Enforcement Dropping Under Bush

Venezuela helps Alaska:National oil company will buy heating fuel for Nati

NYT: President Moves 14 Held in Secret to Guantánamo

Ozark woods hold commune’s secrets

Bush doctrine on terror fails to convince public (Guardian Unltd)

Dreaming of a Tidy, Terrorist-Proof Toilet

Senators Denounce Scientist's Stem Cell Claims

Chavez promises new refinery in blow to vote rival

NYT/Reuters: Lieberman, Anti-War Foe Lamont Go to Congress

Jesse Jackson Jr. may run for mayor (of Chicago)

Chavez Vehemently Denies Venezuela Harbors Arab Terrorists

Closed hearings ordered in Libby CIA leak case

Europeans seek more info on secret jails

WP: Detainee Decision Greeted Skeptically

Steve Irwins Father "No State Funeral"

The day Blair accused his chancellor of blackmail

U.S. beats Cuba and both win direct entry to Beijing

Bush says catching bin Laden still matters - CBS

Democrats In US Senate Seek Halt To Private Tax Collectors

Four friends allegedly beat a homeless man to death

WP: Clinton Administration Officials Assail ABC's 'The Path to 9/11'

WP: U.S. Breast Cancer Rate Stabilizes

Goss says the U.S. has an `excellent idea' of bin Laden's location

So what's everyone doing tonight? Random Canada Tavernertoddler

who has cute feet?

grumble, grumble, grumble...

Ibe hobip yoube sabisfiebied!

Guy Fawkes' English Poetry Extravaganza!

V fan alert! Doing my best to piss off the pukes

Okay, tell us the differences between US and UK dialect.

DUing Polls

Actors who became writers - which one annoys you the most?

Hey - what was that movie that CBS affiliates refused to show a year ago?

Rockstar Supernova

Why's everybody so upset about "Path to 7/11"?

All right. Do you really want me to stop posting kitten videos?

Yeah for California Peggy!!!!


Are All Of Your Children Loved Equally? And What Does That Mean?

I'm back and okay

It's official. I am emotionally 12 years old.

So, what to substitute for Disney Land?

I now hate ice cream trucks

Ionizer air cleaners? Good? Useless?

I just found some Free Prawn

I'm doing my Human Sexuality homework! Ask me anything.

Who has had exceptional supernatural experiences

How dumb are people?

self-delete n/t

Call any vegetable

Anyone plan on seeing "All The King's Men"?

National Pie Championship...

Semi-Nightly Food Porn: Assorted Yummy thangs...

Here's a food question

List movies that must be seen on a big screen to be fully appreciated.

I've never eaten fast-food Chicken or Fish

Sports betting handicappers?

Beer experts - help me out. Does one serve porter warm or cold?

Drinking. Don't ask me anything.

I looked outside my window, and the moon is a dark orange color.

For the record (and I hate having to do this) re: terrorism

My girlfriend dumped me.

Have we had the official Project Runway Speculation thread yet today?

Have you ever wondered what hotels do

Has Jaenene Garafalo Joined the Church of Scientology?

Project Runway Fan Favorite. Should we DU the contest?

Damn neighbors

if awakened in the middle of the night by a sound outside, what would you

The trouble with LynneSin's cowbells

Anyone up for a Sloppy picture thread?

What dog are you?

Let's say thank you!

Happy 420 Everyone!

Here's a pretty cool ad.

I hate Verizon!

anyone up for a reeealllly naughty thread...

People who kind of look alike. Post pictures!

Pet Products Gone Too Far.

Help Katie come up with a new sign off slogan!

My Grandmother's Swirling About Over the Atlantic Ocean . . .

Vachss has had a new Burke novel out for 3 weeks & nobody told me?!

Dammit all to hell!!!

Questions re: OT author's intent v. OT Reader's intent.

Ok, so I'm watching the US Open tennis tournament......

Wednesday: Marlins' Anibal Sanchez no-hits D-Backs

The Hockey News 2006-7 season preview is on the shelves!

Any WNBA fans Here?

Starlight News: Pandora's Box Revisited

"Steve Irwin" - Karen Bishop - September 6, 2006

Oh, so now we're going to legalize waterboarding - bill sent to Congress!

C-Span to cover the Faneuil Hall speech Sunday on RTWH


Ben Verniste will be on with Keith to discuss ABC lies

I've been searching for a while - can't find BUSH RIDING ROCKET photo

Election 2006 & World War III...

ROCKY ANDERSON on Majority Report now. [nt]

The Religious Right And American Freedom...

They vandalized my car today because my sticker said "Out of Iraq Now"

Democrats get majority

George W. Bush - Terrorist in the White House

The universal savagery of the "wag the dog" media and GOP

Bin Laden is Shrub's sock puppet

Cheney's the real president, It'd be nice if the press noticed....

My letter to ABC. Any critiques before I hit "send"?

Ex-Ill. Gov Gets 6 1/2 Years in Prison

Who is the lead Bush thug in ABC brass?

Guess who's getting a preview of the ABC movie...

From the clip I just watched...Republican's "Triumph of Will"

DU this Rumsfeld poll

Good Bill in Congress to Protect Horses NEEDS DU's HELP!

does anyone know what the Kennedy amendment is? They are voting

Asbestos poisoning reported at India shipyards

Does any politician have a straight answer on this POLICE ACTION in Iraq

Here we go again. GAO report show Tricare privacy inadequate

Gore Predicts Shift in Bush Climate Policy

Im sick after watching 9/11 Toxic Legacy

The Critics Are Underwhelmed by "The Path to 9/11"

"Iraq is dying" Minnesotan, Iraqi professor, heads to his homeland.


ABC Clinton bashing movie claims Clinton too distracted by Lewinskyscandal

Jamming 911 down our throats with no let up

GREAT TOON: Donald the Rumsfeld (like Dennis the Menace)

Do you think ABC would show "The Real Path to 9/11"?

* HA! How did Mr Fish know what I was thinking? *

911 Movie: ABC/Disney should have its' corporate charter revoked

"You can take the boy out if the BFEE, But you can't take the BFEE......."

MOAB and the Laws Of Armed Conflict LOAC

Iran's AIDS-Prevention Program Among World's Most Progressive

One more Break in Chain of Command Women's Trauma

If you're watching Cutie Couric on CBS, aren't you adding to the problem?

Delay's pathetic freep of "Dancing With the Stars"

The Bush Fascist Index...

Buy Disney stock - control the company!

MIA: Bush's Political Capital

Bush interview with Curic on on

I just watched 9/11 Toxic Legacy

Book says CIA tried to provoke Saddam to war

The Scary Terraist Faces On CNN/MSM Keep Getting Larger!!!

Connecticut DUers, what is going on?

What would Peter Jennings have said about ABC

Could ABC's BS Docu drama backfire?

Was it Neil or Marvin Bush that has the school textbook company?

For all those Steve Irwin bashers!

Governor GW Bush mass murder in Brownsville Tx. true or false?

Rumsfeld v. People Like Me

If only we could do this in restaurants...

Patrick Fitzgerald Sends GOP Crook Gov. Ryan Up River For 6 Years!

A mother's dying wish to have a home (Homeless mom with Lupus)

Can we shoot down the "Clinton refused to take UBL down" meme one more

Disney is why no one should think in "black and white."

Remember this? Government ‘failed you,’ Clarke testifies

Calm has fallen over Baghdad

Tinfoil time: Is Kean trying to help his son's race with the ABC movie?

A Challenge From Bush to Congress

Question - How to upload a file and get a URL for it so it's downloadable?

Help! The Scary Terra-ist Faces On CNN Are Gettin Bigger & Bigger!

ABC - Cowards KNEW This Movie Was Going to Piss Off People

Larry Johnson:What George Bush Didn't Tell You About Guantanamo

Iraq is collapsing before Washington's eyes.

Personal music contribution to 5 year anniversary to 911

Here's my letter to ABC/Disney

All of a sudden, like we are doing something right, we got rules:

more interview of Bush by Curric. talking of radical Islamics

ABC revises disclaimer

Suddenly dimson wants CIA out, 'military justice' in for

Guess What Congressman during the Vietnam War made this statement.

You know I have come to a few short realizations doing some research:

A Handy resource: The GOP Scandal Score-card

Hilarious! The most appropriate ad possible.

Tony Blair:Tomorrow's troublemakers can be identified before they are born

Bill Clinton and the ABCs of Irony

Poll: Diplomacy Key in Iran Nuke Dispute

Have I Told You Lately DU That I LOVE You?

Wow! We hit 25 mil posts today

Oh, New Zogby Poll about technology and technology companies.

Another "error" in ABC film: attack on WashPo

Predict Whats Going To Happen the next 65 Days

Mixed messages on torture

Alternative interrogation is not torture

Election 2006 & World War III

Who has had exceptional supernatural experiences

Regarding the attack on the reporter (on KO)

Google to offer news archive going back 300 years

About that 9/11 DocuDrama... something to think about....

C&L: Ben-Veniste Rips ABC's Fakeumentary Over Inaccuracies

Human Heads!!!

Will Pitt's Post on this day 3 years ago-"A 9/11 hijacking smoking gun"

No Hate Here - neighbors protest Prussian Blue Family Arrival

Didn't CBS have to pull an miniseries on Reagan?

How did the Freepers kill the CBS Reagan movie?

HeadOnRadionetwork Wednesday Best of Malloy show, Truthseekers Check In

Horsey TOON: "Iraq, Iraq!" (to the tune of "New York, New York!")

Senate rejects limits on cluster bombs

Please DU this poll.

Even the Freeprs are staring to question the film's accuracy now

Glorifying Nazism!

scene by scene review of ABC 9/11 movie:

Clinton responds via spokesman, confirms refusal of preview...

Anyone remember a Six Degrees type site for corporations and

Fitz: Ryan sentence "appropriate" (6 1/2 years)

White House wants you to submit questions on "war on terror."

Who is the biggest threat to civilization?

Copper and Robbers: Homeowners' Latest Worry

All Links re: ABC/Disney movie Paths to 9/11 protest, here...!

Krugman on today's worker wage statistics: "Are wages really surging?"

Where is Katie going with the CBS Evening News?

Bush: 'We Don't Torture'

If There is to be a Draft, F*** the Deferments

Response from KMGH7 Denver to my email about "Path To 9/11"

10,000th Post -- We'll Never Get Out Alive

Dem Underdogs Surge in Primaries...

FYI: Disney's single largest stockholder is ... Steve Jobs.

Crazy woman on Charlie Rose tonight.

Do you think President Clinton will speak out against ABC?

4 friends charged with killing homeless man

Dear Walt Disney Company:

What else is owned by Disney.... ESPN for one

OK we all know that chimpy mc'asshat is the devil

Why, Harvey, why?

Bush's top female enabler

Pentagon Bans Torture, Just Before Elections Of Course

Guardian: The day Blair accused his chancellor of blackmail

Men Sentenced For Stealing Garbage Freed

I Missed Keith Tonight (Will Tape The Repeat Though) Question:

Email fight over 'candles for heroes'

Why Bush "owned up to secret CIA prisons"

Mad at ABC? Screw the boycot, let's get'm where it really hurts...

Three From Clinton Administration Urge Disney to Cancel or Revise Sept. 11

The Bill of Privileges:

There is only one way to stop the fascism.....

Faux News at my doctor's office! I wrote 'em I want it off!

Wow, look at the ads on the top of the page!

What General Discussion Looked Like ON THIS DATE Three Years Ago.

"One of the hardest parts of my job is connecting Iraq to the WarOnTerror"

By 4 to 1 margin, Americans think Iraq war increases threat of terrorism

Mexico's December 12, 2000

MSNBC Live Vote Regarding "president's intelligence"

Touchstone Television - distributor for "Path to 9/11" - CALL

Men sentenced for stealing garbage are freed!

How does a psychopath graduate from torturing frogs to torturing people?

Most Complete List of ABC Contacts! Recommend this thread

Scenes cut from ABC's "GOP-U-Drama" in the interest of fairness.

Just sent this to Scholastic, Re: Path to 9/11

ABC email addresses. Help!

Latest comeback from freep re "Path to 9/11"...

Has Scholastic backed off "The Path to 9/11"?

Say no to military tribunals

Scholastic took down their links to 9-11 Resource Pages!! CALL YR SCHOOL!!

You know I have come to a few short realizations doing some research:

Attention Malloy fans...let's do something constructive.

August death rate "drop off" in Iraq was a lie!!!!

A clip from "Jesus Camp"

'I love my daddy' - Bindy (Steve Irwin's Daughter)

I don't usually watch Scarborough but...Army won't protect troops

Keep Jesus Off My .... (Funny video, giggle my ass off)

01-20-09 bumper sticker

Let's follow the money. Who's paying for Path to 9/11?

Inspiration - Pete Seeger talkin John Hall ... (short video clip)

Help Katie come up with a new sign off slogan!

Mike Malloy

Help ABC destroy itself! Print+Xerox this 2-pg PDF of WillPitt's data dump

The hypocrisy of Disney/ABC...remember Fahrenheit 9/11?

Do you really want to FU%# with ABC? BOYCOTT GREY'S ANATOMY

ABC: MASSIVE shareholder FRAUD by giving away $40M movie for FREE

Kristen Breitweiser Speaks: She Rocks- and Gives It To Ann Coulter

No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

Ed & Publisher saw PreView of Film - Even Worse Than We Thought

Lobbying Probe Looks at Payments to DeLay's Wife (WSJ)

Who knew Newt Gingrich had such a sense of humor?

Minister resigns in attempt to force Blair exit

Get out of Iraq. Now

Will someone be posting a list of sponsors for the ABC propaganda special?

DU proposal: don't post Public Opinion Strategies polls

I just emailed the GM of my local ABC station

HOW did Katherine Harris win?

In lieu of real campaign finance reform, what alternatives should be used?

EPA Allows Dumping in Chesapeake and Shenandoah River (male Eggs)

"As soon as Congress acts to authorize the military commissions"..

I believe politics in this country will remain overheated until...

Living in Pleasantville

Can anyone - Clinton, Clarke, a 9/11 survivor, even a citizen - sue ABC?

Help me with this freeper junk

What would happen if

I guess I superficially dismissed Dan Abrams. Wow. WTF is up with MSNBC?

Bush's top female enabler (Rice)

Repub support for Rummy fits in with the Bush's reward failure policy

NYT: Leery of ‘Defense Secretary Lieberman’

Just to be clear here....

Memorable quote by Bush tonight (said to Katie Couric)

Please watch ABC's "The Path to 9/11" on Sun & Mon

every American needs to understand this ...

Canadians Give GOP Re-election Campaign $450M Boost

The US Homeland Security keeps you safe tonight!

Can a Democrat take the WH in 08 with *no* corporate money?

Schwarzenegger Announces He Will Veto Healthcare Bill

Democracy "Nullified": California, Nevada--Is Texas Next?


The Secret History of 9-11

Elections Aren't about Issues

Robert Scheer--our president is all hat and no cattle, as they say in TX

TIME: What's Behind Bush's Guantanamo Move

Iran's Ahmadinejad Urges Purge of Liberal, Secular Academics

Let Mickey be Your Umbrella

Election '06 and WW 3

Most of the World Thinks Bush Sucks. Why Don't We?

Guerrilla Vlogger: AFL-CIO hosts John Edwards in Manchester, NH with oreos

Cook Political Report: Chilling numbers for the Republicans

What do John Mark Karr and Joseph Wilson have in common?

Rep. Jim Cooper: Bush is hiding the true National Debt-it's worse..

What are tomatolitarians? Is that vegan Muslims who bomb enemies with

Berkowitz-WFC-BUSH Names NEW Faith-Based CZAR

Why Bush Really Came Clean About the CIA's Secret Torture Prisons

The paradoxes of the Bush presidency (CS Monitor)

Pollster Pleads Guilty to Making Up Results

The myth of fair elections in America -- Observer (England)

Congress, Fight Back More And Harder!


Triumph Of Felons And Failure By BOB HERBERT NYTimes

Five Years of Consequence

CNNMoney/Fortune: Making a difference, the Clinton way


Blumenthal: Delicious Rhetoric (Condi flatters her prez with empty words)

America Remembers Again --Animation-- Mark Fiore (9/11-Iraq)

This Day in Radical History- Sept.7th-Moon & Tupac

WP: President Shifts Argument, Catches Critics Off Guard

Bush: 'History Cannot Judge Me If I End It Soon' -- Onion

A chance in a hundred

Al-Qaeda's No. 114 Killed On Office Depot Run -- Onion

A Challenge From Bush to Congress


We need to quit drilling for oil and pour every cent into solar, nuclear

Pesky Little Details You're Not Hearing Re. Chevron's Big Gulf Oil Find

Something In The River - FL Algae Produces Itching, Heart Attacks

Male fish producing eggs?

Moscow Mayor - Winter Energy Supplies May Be 20% Below What's Needed - AFP

CO2 Sequestration Likely To Acidify Groundwater, Release Metals - ES&T

Eiger Dumping Huge Volumes Of Rock As Glaciers' Grip Rapidly Recedes - BBC

DOE GHG "Control" Plan Will Use CO2 To Pump More Oil From Aging Fields

Global warming taking earth back to dinosaur era

Scientists Trace Mercury Contamination To Fish In Remote Voyageurs NP

Katrina's Children (must see website)

Cal Poly Goes Solar

U.S. Colleges to Buy Green Power in MTV Competition

In Beachfront Photo-Op, Steele Presents Environmental "Platform"

Ivory Coast Gvn. Quits After Toxic Waste Dumping Kills 3, Sickens 1,500

Interior To Probe How Lobbyist "Fixed" BLM Oil Lease Sale - Denver Post

Methane bubbles climate trouble (BBC)

Drought Update - 9/5 - Some Easing In N. Plains, Southeastern States

Pollution In The Water: Lawsuits In The Air

Most Lebanese hail Hezbollah chief for war conduct

Pro-Israeli organization resorts to Right-wing blogger tactics

Tank system may be ready in months

Nasrallah Prefers Olmert Remain Prime Minister

Internet Detectives expose the many problems with Loose Change

Conflicting maps/accounts for the Pentagon approach loop-- what gives?

Al-Jazeera plays news footage of bin Laden meeting with Sept. 11 hijackers

Simple proof of LIHOP

It doesn't look like a controlled demolition to me

Dick Myers' whereabouts on morning of 9/11

That mysterious C-130 on 9/11

For those interested in the Skyway's DC 9 bust....

My 9/11 Press for Truth arrived today. If you've ordered one, be on the

more fun with 'name the fallacy'

So is "In Plane Site" Going to Air? Limpballs ABC--IS IT??


Gulliver's Travails

Al-Jazeera airs pre-9/11 bin Laden tape

x-posted: 9/11 Truth Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Bowman Wins Democratic Primary

The movie made by the French brothers Naudet of NYFD (revisited)

Pollster Pleads Guilty To Faking Results For Bush, Lieberman Campaigns...

Political Pollster Pleads Guilty to Making Up Results

Election Nullification Is: Out In Open+Intentional+Signed By Their Lawyers

Federal Judge Orders 2004 Ohio Ballots Preserved!

Statewide Election Fraud Investigation Launched in OHIO!

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Wed 9/7/06

Paper ballots and Hand Counts NOW!!! just for old times sake n/t

from Brad Blog: Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Bowman Wins Democratic Primary!!

Tasty breakfast

I just decided Alton Brown is great! he cored some pears with

Do you like/use garlic?

It's official. It's fall. Bllue Bunny's cinnamon ice cream was

What's for supper? (9/7)

Harper&Co Give GOP Re-election Campaign $450,000,000 Boost

BQ decides to back Tory softwood lumber deal

Men Sentenced For Stealing Garbage Freed

NYT: Leery of ‘Defense Secretary Lieberman’

Median incomes dropping

What Is the Texas Energy Center? (Tom Delay's slush fund?)

Bomb explosions in Baghdad kill 14

Iraqi Al-Qaeda leader interrogated for two months: US military(more on #2)

Pakistan urges unity on Taliban

U.S. pushes APEC for trade talks help

WP: President Shifts Argument, Catches Critics Off Guard

Iran-EU meeting Sat. seen as last chance

Bush calls CIA prisons 'vital' tool -declassified info hours before speech

Iraq deaths multiply in new August count (1,536),

Polling company owner pleads guilty to fraud, clients included Bush and Li

Kansas: Challenger faces difficult race to unseat 5-term GOP incumbent

Homeland Security Smashes Fake Nike Ring

Paris Hilton arrested for drunk driving

On Austrian TV, a True Story of Captivity (NYT)

Custom-fitting the plan for Wal-Mart: Will target six demographic groups

Tempers fray as Iraqi lawmakers discuss federalism

Book says CIA tried to provoke Saddam to war

Senate panel expected to approve Bolton

Tempers fray as Iraqi lawmakers discuss federalism

FBI probe targets Christine DeLay's lobby work

Reuters: Senate Panel Scubs Vote on Bolton

Congress, Fight Back More And Harder!

Beheaded Sudan editor is buried

Pakistan: Arms swapped in Waziristan

Dade residents won't hear exiles' case

AP: Gov't, Lenders Blamed for Bad 9/11 Loans

ProJo: Leading Senate candidates shift views on Iraq withdrawal

Vietnam confirms detention of U.S. citizen

Just heard that ABC will be making an announcement about the 9/11 movie.

Gingrich urges U.S.: Get tough with Iran

Chafee Delays Vote on Bolton Nomination

France rejects "war on terror"

U.S. forces in Iraq number 145,000

Pro-Life Leader Wants Rumsfeld's Resignation

Amnesty International: Colombia turning blind eye to attacks on human righ

Judge won't force drugs on accused spy (for Saddam)

Party may be over for investment banks

LAT: Bush's Plan Allows Coerced Evidence(does coerced=torture)

European states urged to come clean on CIA jails

Lay Case: It's Not Over

Court Says Ohio Too Hard Minor Parties

World Reacts to CIA Secret Prisons

US Generals criticize Bush plan on terrorism trials

(Rep. Curt ) Weldon: Commanders should control pullout (not Bush or Rummy)

CNN/AP: GOP divided over detainee rights

Pollster guilty of fake data conspiracy

Now CNN: Suspicious item found in car in Pentagon Parking lot

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 7 September

ABC alters 9/11 show under pressure

BBC: Belgium police hold 17 in 'plot' (extreme right terror)

White House vows to aid ill 9/11 workers

Clinton Officials To ABC: Fix Or Pull 9/11 Miniseries

Pentagon: bomb detection improves

Candidates pulling ads Monday

Federal judge tells Mo. district to halt teacher-led prayers

Bush touts progress since 9/11 attacks

Eavesdropping Bill Stalls in Committee

Romney vetoes bill designed to protect worker's wages

Conservative group airs pro-Bush ad

Designs Unveiled for Freedom Tower’s Neighbors (other new WTC buildings)

Al Qaeda in Iraq followers told to kill 'at least one American'

Strategist lures voters to the Republican Party

Key Republican Backs Detainee Trial Plan

Former BP executive refuses to testify (5th)

(9/11) Giuliani opened downtown despite danger

boulder county Officials: Marine's disappearance staged

(Bush) Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fraud (fabricating results)

Former Iran president urges U.S. to stay in Iraq

AP: Judge Won't Dismiss Eavesdropping Suit

Pakistan Security Troops removed from Checkposts in N.Waziristan

Saudis consider banning women from Mecca

Senate approves $63 billion more for Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Documents: Feds, City Knew Of Ground Zero Toxins

AP: Al-Zarqawi successor said to record tape

Iraq Closes Down (satellite network) Al-Arabiya in Baghdad

Blair's 48 bloody hours

Amputee Iraq veteran runs for office (as a Republican)

NATO seeks reinforcements in Afghanistan

Poland denies 'secret' CIA jails

Senate panel to release new prewar Iraq reports

Polls: More Than 4 in 10 Americans Still Think Saddam Involved in 9/11

War turns southern women away from GOP

In the Iraqi war zone, U.S. Army calls for 'green' power

Senate panel scrubs vote on Bolton as U.N. envoy

Democrats urge ABC to withdraw 9/11 movie (Reuters)

ABC alters 9/11 show under pressure ("very slight alterations")

Al-Jazeera airs pre-9/11 bin Laden tape

U.S. launches attack in east Afghanistan

Court stays FCC ruling on TV profanity (Reuters)

New poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks

Iraq takes control of military from U.S. (WTF?!?)

DeLay Hunting Votes Again -- But Not for a Politician(Dancing w/the stars)

Armitage Says He Was the Source in C.I.A. Leak

House Votes to Outlaw Horse Slaughter

Tony Blair says he will step down as Prime Minister

No hitter for the Marlins...

Okay... who here knows Ed Spaz?

Super CALIfragilistic exPEGGYaladocious!

I have this to say.

College Football Weekend!

Grant Imahara from Mythbusters sounds exactly like Dave Foley.

Why Bill Wetzel is a better wrestler than Ninja


Women: Do you need a "toilet seat inspector"? If so, why?

Anyone here ever done a degree in a field they know back and front?

Nighthawks 09/07/06

The sun, (as is its wont), will shortly rise and illuminate a new day .

Fugazi, "Waiting Room"....Earworm Deluxe...

Enough! Do any hubbies have twee attacks at the word spazz?

Retro! I want my Daily Poem now and it better be EVIL.

Hey Mrs. Grumpy - there's a new Panda in the world: Atlanta!! (w/ pic)

The Carver One- dammit, I WANT one.

Sushi for breakfast

Who got booted from Rock Star Supernova last night?

Fans of Project Runway:

Stuck at Work....Ask me anything..

Who do you let see you in curlers?

The Duhks!

Unable to sleep these past few nights. Why? MOMMA KITTY

Brazil is 184 years old today!

Please forgive my

Anyone up for a Sloppy Seconds picture thread?

Another "CALL CONGRESS NOW!!!!1!!" post in GD

life is so sad right now - have you ever sold anything you really loved?


I have all these hot chicks wanting to join myspace!

Z-Coffee - Get Your Antioxidants Here

I'm going to be all by myself!

Proof from Reverand Maynard!

Do all hospitals suck?

man rolls in olive oil and oats, allows horses to lick him clean.

When a Band Names Themself After One of Your Favorite Works - And Suck

How To Be John Mayer’s Girlfriend

"Daddy was a salesman. Daddy drank"


"What A Wonderful World"- Eva Cassidy

How to confront employer about a violation of labor law?

Just discovered the worst online Java game ever: Treeplanter

dupe -- key bounce.

'Goat-free roads made me speed' (BBC)

Avenge Steve Irwin: Shoot a Stingray with a spear gun.

What do you do if your butt is itchy?

I really miss my kids now that they are back in School...

Will you be my boo boo kitty fuck?

London Prankster remixes Paris Hilton's CD

Have you ever thrown yourself at anyone else?

Lately I've been repeatedly listening to the current #1 album.....

This is a thread about nothing.

Why Is Brittany Spears Famous? And worth millions?

This is a thread about everything.

Etiquette question: When going to a wedding reception,

Congratulations AndyTiedye!! 10,000 posts

French hairstyle question ...

I am developing a serious hatred of Fergie and

I think the Lounge needs more Hugs & Mountain Dew

A simple request for help here

City Mouse or Country Mouse?

Why would a candy bar that has peanuts in it not advertise it?

Name a big city you hate

Early heads up.....Sept 19 is Pirate Day

I just beat my boss on the head with an empty PET softdrink bottle.

Travolta in Drag: New Hairspray Movie Looks Hopeless. (Pic)

Who here can't wait to see Mike Judge's "Idiocracy"?

How's this for a cool wall clock?

Calling the PC gamers!

Hey, Boomer Drug Use is Up - 3rd year in a row!

My kids were up, dressed, with shoes on ready to go to school @ 4:30!!!!

"Taco on a bag,

Boy Scouts In My Son's School Yesterday

Cast of Suri's first poo. You've got to be kidding! *Graphic Warning!*

Greatest flamer ever?

I just ordered my favorite cd: Shelter, Perfection of Desire

Funny song

Dennis Leary hates Mel Gibson

Who was I supposed to boycott again?

Ok don't judge me but I dont have a very big Cock

Video of Fox News reporter being Beaten

"if anyone messes with my sister, I'll kick him in the balls"

AAAhhhhhhhh - 5 Days In Florida And NO CNN At ALL!

I'm in the Juror's computer lounge waiting to be called...

Cast of Suri's first poo. You've got to be kidding! *Graphic Warning!*

To the young blonde in the bikini in the crosswalk on Clearwater Beach...

The Onion smacks down A-Clod

Thursday list thread

Paris Hilton arrested for drunk driving

Look at this sale on EBAY...Geez....

Best Star Trek Series?

Some fucking crane shot this asshole that lived by my pond

Some fucking asshole shot the crane that lived by my pond.

Question about bad pants...

Seek Christian relationship with spanking

My technical prowess will be on display in Boston next week.


Have you ever over-applied a product, and was it a disaster?

Why would a guy like Chuck D hang out with a zero like Flava flav?

So cool! Light-emitting fabrics.

Post your impure thoughts.

I just HAD to crawl under the giant pile of tree clippings in the backyard

"Entourage" fans this is not "Entourage"

The Mr. Right Rejection Letter Form

That little Bush cartoon in the Lobby...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/7/06)

New Drugs for Women

Questions to ponder on a Thursday evening.

What's the surest way to kill a thread?

Attention all DUers please DU this Poll (seriously this is a big favor)

Chicago: That Toddlin' TOWN!!!

Just realized I hit 1500 posts

It's all FUN until some city gets its lights poked out.

What's Toronto, ON like?

Please critique my English paper!

hubby found out from his youngest daughter that his nephew, a great...

Ah, who cares about that ABC movie this Sunday...

Does anyone here homebrew beer?

I will never join a Japanese game show. Ever. (video)

Congratulations mcscajun!! 10,000 posts

Big Brother 7 Fans: Check in

What's your Perfect Sandwich?

Thursday, September 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

A few Questions

After 40 years, 'Star Trek' still going strong

Question about bad plants...

I really wish that this guy worked at my job with me :

Project Runway: Who will win (and yes I'm sure there are **spoilers**)

"Well, I'm just a faggot, what the hell do I know?"

I love Kathy Griffin's "D-List" show on Bravo

I did some experimenting over the weekend and I have a confession to make!

Congratulations WCGreen!! 20,000 posts

Job interview on Friday - need some lounge mojo

"Beauty school dropout...."

Post here the fictionalized story of your life

Yesterday I drove home from work wishing I could watch

Anyone know the U.S.Open Tennis schedule for tonight???


Worst tasting medicine ever!!!

Man Shoots Chicken, Wife Shoots Man

'Idol' singer Clay Aiken may serve Bush

Do you think you could give up television?

Anyone up for a Nutty Picture Thread? (dialup warning)

what is your favorite skyscraper?


Thrilling job opportunity, or complete weasel deal?

"NASA admits it doesn't know much about the inner workings

Name a small, tiny, sh*thole, 1-horse village you hate

I'm on vacation!

why do people take every little thing so seriously and personally?

Parents, teachers, kids: This is for you!

I'm a vacation!

Women: Do you use those paper "toilet seat protectors"? If so, why?

Police say Paris Hilton arrested in Hollywood for alleged DUI.

"Are these the missiles you were talking about, Lex?"

I'm Wounded

Good morning everyone!

I knew this was coming, but...holy crap.

What was your first impression of Chicago, IL?


What city don't you like?


I don't know what makes me more mad. Anti-abortion miracle or Intercession

Newsweek article on Atheist.

Rasmussen: 75% in Arkansas, Alabama Believe Bible Literally True

So, let us agree that Christian fundamentalists are not proper Christians.

There are still wonders: World's tallest living thing discovered (redwood)

Fastest supercomputer to be built (BBC) {petaflops now!}

{Mars} Rover nears crater science trove (BBC)

I must be really weird..

RADAR: Raul Castro well known to be gay

9/7/06: NFL Kickoff! Get your NFL picks in TODAY!

Marion Jones cleared by negative drug test

Godzilla on the mend

Radical Forgiveness


A Check From "The Secret"

smudging advice please! and thanks in advance to all

Bolton hearing NOT HAPPENING - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, I sure hope John Kerry doesn't run in 08.

Senator Kerry being interviewed on Hardball now! 4pmCT,

OT: This is what I've missed so much -- pissed off Bill Clinton

What is this Outrage week? A TRUCE between Pakistan/Taliban?

OT: Horse Slaughter Bill PASSED Despite Bush Administration attempt

Did I just hear Harry Reid use Kerry's words "campaigner-in-chief" to

OT Snark

Nice piece in DKos on Lieberman and the Dem Senators

Sen Kerry to speak at UMass Rally Tomorrow are some more PartyBuilder instructions

Kerry: ‘It’s Immoral for Old Men to Send Young Americans to Fight and Die"

Paul Reickhoff going after Kerry with hit piece on Clark site

250 Million posts on DU means one out of every 250 has been in here.

Here's a photo you don't see every day...

CBC's "The National": Mansbridge is back - 15min piece on 9/11 widow

Americablog Rant On "Path To 9/11" Filmmaker's Just Making Stuff Up

Bernie Ward's ripping on ABC ... temperature's rising -- stream

Response I received from ABC.

Couric and the "Free Speech is a privilege" quote

Executive Director of Democratic Party Slams Disney/ABC

Study: current death rate for Afghanistan higher than for Iraq invasion.

We could boycott ABC.

My Local "Snippy" TV Critic Gives Path to 9-11 a Bad Review

Email from Barney Frank on Iraq, Afghanistan, blivet** and Cheney

Scholastic Has Possibly Yanked "Path To 9/11" Propaganda?

Gotta love the choice of photo on this KNX 1070 story.

Iraq, US to sign military handover pact on September 7...first step.

Call into Washington Journal & speak to former Iranian hostage Barry Rosen

On the ABC Movie: What do you fear?

Randi Rhodes doesn't know what terrorism is. Do you?

What America means to me...


My friend's Grandmother's body was finally located..LAST WEEK

"You mean I'm riding with Death?"

If Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is so full of lies... where are they?

IMPORTANT WEBSITE! 2006 Map of US locations and key election races...

He's the president, not a dictator

"14 high value prisoners....who have committed some of the worst crimes

Any ABC Shareholders here? They are "wasting" nearly $90M in 2 days...

HEADLINE: War turns southern women away from GOP

Northwest Airlines makes emergency landing, keeps passengers on 10 hours

Tony Blair is quitting

Transcript of W's "Torture Speech" Wed. Did Hitler write this shit?

are there any wall posters that just list all the bush mistakes and lies?

If any neo cons are arrested for war crimes, can we torture them for info?

A.Q. Khan remains a hero in Pakistan

Iraqi Al-Qaeda leader interrogated for two months: US military(more on #2)

Anybody else notice ted stevens mention the chemical weapons

The RW rabid cousin.....AGAIN!

Some ABC Affiliates Plan to Run Rebuttals - Joshua Micah Marshall

Today's big news story is that Paris Hilton was DUI...

Who is the greater threat to the world, bush or Osama?

Ex Republican Governor of Illinois gets six and a half years!

For a laff go to Google News

Are we going to have an organized effort against any pro-torture laws


If you're gonna boycott Disney you gotta do it all (complete list)

Back to the Beirut oil spill

To Serve Bush?

Bush's great-grandfather GHW was a pug

(VIDEO) Senator Macaca steals Durbin's amendment for himself

Which tv program is Rush going to be on tonight?

Bush catches critics off guard?

Someone tell me why...

Will a big Democratic Win this Nov. send the radical right over the edge?

Caption Mickey

Dennis Leary hates Mel Gibson

WTF? "Guantanamo Trials Set To Resume" - BBC

Don't forget your local ABC affiliates! They hold great power over Network

Investigative journalists pummeled while on the job

So when does the 'Path to Iraq' docudrama air?

War not answer to terrorism: Villepin

Iraq! Iraq! (sung to the tune of "New York New York"

War Turns Southern Women Away From GOP - AP\Seattle PI

Numbers for 2nd Nite on CBS News are down from 1st Nite

Didn't Reagan give Osama $1 million back in the 80's??

About this threat (the cartoonists' view)

Bush 'Slush Fund,' Courtesy of Canada

Rove 'exorcised' office, book says

The twisted idiocy of my local freeper knows no bounds...

The crimes against the 9/11 first responders

c-span wj - raytheon/nbc report from last night


Fox Spins: Weekly Jobless Claims Decline By 9,000, new hires "reduced"

On 9/11...Wear a black armband with white letters saying BUSH KNEW

Condi's list of accomplishments since 2001

Jesus Camp

"Never shake hands with a war criminal"... (photo)

How do you deal with an angry mob.

Bush pollster pleads guilty to fraud

The Sarbanes-Oxley regs regarding FULL disclosure to shareholders.

agree or disagree on Rummy Resignation Resolution?

Help - I need a link

Which is more important?

We must always be on guard and vigilant but...

Ted Rall: Americans are wusses. And he means you.

Defense Department University Elects Openly Gay Student Council President

Dems Accuse Bob Corker (Senatorial Candidate) of Unanswered 911 Calls

Bill Clinton Breaks Silence On 9/11 Docudrama

Another 'TERROR' speech in Atlanta today.

I'm looking for a link on the pakistan OBL story, anyone have one?

Repeated use of the word "Nazi" & "Fascist" setting up Democrats

Bush says he agrees with Bin Laden in regards to Iraq

What George Bush Didn't Say About Guantanamo - Larry Johnson

I hate to admit this but Rumsfeld knows about "Appeasers"

And Yet Another Promise From Dubya

Why is the ABC 9/11 propaganda piece targeting women

Bush is speaking at Dobbins AFB...

So America was born through war

Bush Countdown Clock

Bush is not lying when he says he doesn't torture...

Curious about the fact that there aren't any advertisers on Path to 911

3 things keep Democrats from winning: The media, the media, and the media

Fearless leader creates advisory panel

President Tony speaks

Fox Poll: 26% believe 9/11 attacks were the start of WWIII

What George Bush Didn't Say About Guantanamo-By Larry C Johnson

The tables have turned for Hewlett-Packard's chairwoman Patricia Dunn

I don't EVER want to hear about a "liberal" media bias again!

Bush's relationship with Southern women on the rocks

A suggestion for the moderators.....

Now that Blair is quitting, will he talk about the Downing Street Memos?

What if someone made a film abt Reagans buddy buddy relationship w/ Saddam

Here's what I am going to do on Monday, September 11

Will Runny Rumsfeld cut & run from the DOD over a sore shoulder?

Recent Decisions Suggest ABC Only Fair And Balanced To Conservatives

Fans of Project Runway:

MSNBC now 10:45 am. Bamford and Gaffney on Path to 9-11

Coming SOON From ABC Edutainment

ABC Leaks:"The message of the Clinton Admin failures remains fully intact"

Children of clergymen murder a homeless man.

I wrote an email to ABC News

Will cable news be Bush TV until November, or what?

"Path to 9/11" also based on ABC reporter's book!

These are the most dirty lying bastards....

It's past time Dems EXPOSE the GOP control of media and voting machines.

U.S. Grants Visa to Iran's Khatami; Speaks at National Cathedral TODAY.

Burn the corporate propagandist media down!! nt

Call it "The Path to 11-7"

Did Bush torture people to come up with a reason to invade Iraq?

Bush just called the Patriot Act the Terrorist Act

Maybe boycotting local abc affiliates and their sponsors

How "Road To 9/11" Busts The GOP On KATRINA....

Bush terra speech on now...

BUSH Loses Southern Woman - 3 Out of 5 Will Vote For A Democrat

How about anti-'Path-to-9/11' protesters outside ABC/Disney/Scholastic HQ?

Oil Slick of Corruption Spreads South (to Rep. Pombo (R-CA)

Charles Barkley's Serious About His Political Future

Lugar has pulled the Bolton nomination.

A Democratic ad to respond to Bush's present tour:

Bush tells Couric regrets Abu Ghraib, 'Bring it on' comment

Trouble connecting to Stephanie Miller stream?

How much is the US involved in the fraudulent Mexican election?

Kean hopes the Bush will watch ABC's "Path to 9/11"

More "clarification" from the ABC blog.

Bush pollster pleads guilty to fraud

Did anyone see Tom Toles' political cartoon in today's Washington Post?

ABC = Absolute BushCo Cronies

Repubs & Dems Urge Spector To Hold Bill Giving Bush More Wiretap Power

"I think history will show him to be the worst president since Grant"

The Solution On The ABC Crock-umentary That Will Work 4 Everyone

Some pointers on dealing with Scholastic

On Quoting bin Laden

They Army shuns system that can save lives.

I just emailed Scholastic about the GOP-u-drama

Why does Springer take so many Freeper callers?

Why didn't Bush wage war on Al Qaeda before 9/11?

What happened to the thread about Mike Malloy ?

Richardson to make plea inside Sudan

In which I go head-on against Godwin's Law at 150mph, but screw it...

A message from ABC's Chairman of the Board

A stunning example of Freeper idiocy and hypocrisy!

Smirky's "vital toolbox"

This man kicks ass

Is the Aug 6, 2001 PDB in the ABC 911 movie?

Propaganda must not be ignored. It must be DEBUNKED immediately.

Video of reporter being attacked.

Ron Suskind Reveals bush's "major al-Qaeda leader " Abu Zubayda is INSANE

George W Bush provoked the 9-11 attacks.

Book: Massacre at Fallujah was a trap

Well, we are certainly giving ABC a shitload of FREE publicity...

9/11: Press for the Truth opens today in CA & NY.

I love Clinton but I wonder if the ABC crapumentary is karma for media

New Term "Disney Propateers"

Full Text Of Letter From Bill Clinton Lawyer To ABC Obtained

FBI Agent Quit 9/11 Movie Because "They Were Making Things Up"

Kristen Breitweiser's(9/11 widow) letter to Ann Coulter, Must read!!

Did everyone forget that Steve Jobs is on the Board at Disney

Iraqis Imitating Their Fascist Hosts: Maliki Closes Another Media Outlet

Of the hawk, moths, the planet, and me....


Military Accused Of Lying In Soldier's Death (KCRA Sacramento)

CEO's in Defense and Oil Industries Are Bleeding Us

"An Inconvenient Truth" DVD release date is Nov. 21

Listening to Thom Hartmann. Guest just said Rove is Agnostic!


One from the Vaults: "The List"

Boycotts DO work!

So does declaring we have a War on something like Drugs or Poverty or

NYT editorial: Fitzgerald should provide answers or admit he's through

Remember how everybody was freaking out when ESPN had the pigboy

What's on Part II of "Path to 9/11"?

I'm not worried about ABC's Path to 911 at all.

OMG!!!! Anyone watching the ..........

Iraqi insurgents = Supermen?

NYT editorial: Bush's phony sense of urgency on terror suspects

ABC next documentary on Swift Boat "heroes"

Blair vows to leave office within a year.

God HELP the USA - song parody I wrote today.

Tony Snow: No 'steel cage match' for Bush and Ahmadinejad

Another anti-Diebold lawsuit - How many now altogether?

Mickey Mouse can go bite me

Ah-nold Vetoes Bill Aimed To End Gay Bashing in School Textbooks

The Fairness Doctrine: How We Lost it, and Why We Need it Back

Newsweek article on Atheist.

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

Help me refute this winger cartoonist

Most Canadians blame US for 9/11

* delivers speech on terrorism in Atlanta - pics

Fictionalization of 9/11 - here is the problem

What are the Freepers saying about "The Path To 9-11?"

I am going to contact my local school board re: " Path to 9/11"

So, how are you remembering Pearl Harbor Day today?

FBI: Two U.S. Residents Help Run al Qaeda

How much is the war on terra a diversion from all the other high crimes?

Are we better off than 6 years ago? 4 years ago? 2 years ago?

Clinton spokesman calls ABC/Disney miniseries "despicable"

Senate Postpones Vote On Bolton Nomination

REMOVE Lieberman From All Democratic Committee Assignments ACTION >>

In their attempt to pin losing OBL on Clinton...

BUSH Caught LYING While Defending Torture

Nowrasteh admits Path to 9/11 scene was based on nothing at all

Wait a minute! We need to audit the sponsors in the 5 minutes

Is the State God?

Old article. Pre Patriot Act under Clinton?

Clay Aiken Out Of The GOP Closet

Military Making It Up When They Claim A Decline In Iraqi Deaths

WCVB-TV's response about the GOP-docu-drama

How ABC & Scholastic tie 9/11 and Iraq together:

Call Disney, (818) 460-7477 This is a direct line (It's been BUSY)!!

David Horowitz wants Liberal Professors gone

Best photoshop of the Day...

The WingNut Version of the Hamden Decision

Hey Brits! (or Yanks) Who will the next PM be?

Audio tape released of new Iraq al Qaeda leader

Second biggest story deserving of media outrage today....Starbucks mermaid

ABC to make a statement about the GOP-docu-drama shortly.

Q: Can the Clenis and members of his former cabinet sue ABC

Wages and Benefit bullshit

A joke that's could be true..

President of ABC/DISNEY is a Bush campaign contributor.

Scholastic telephone number via TPM

Still waiting for that pre-election troop withdrawl we were all promised

So Much For Democracy In Iraq-Gov Closes Down Al-Arabiya TV In Baghdad

Bush's negligence caused the slaughter of 3000 Americans on 9/11/01.

BREAKING: ABC statement sucks.

Tough anti-Lieberman ad aired in Connecticut this morning

Autism: " secret riders have been placed in homeland security bills"

CNN: Sen. Lugar puts Bolton Confirmation on Hold...Vote would have

House: Democratic FL-15 candidate Bowman is a 9/11 skeptic

Video of WWE "Cryme Tyme" (Pro wrestling tag team using race angle)

Clinton releases statement: calls ABC's actions "Despicable"

Do you know why Bush is pushing for military tribunals?

Christian Defense Coalition: Rumsfeld must Resign

Can Bush give Bolton another recess appt. since Lugar put it on hold?

Why didn't ABC/DISNEY have sponsors for its 9/11 Lies?

Calling ALL Vets for Peace Nov 11 Veteran's Day Parade seeking

Is there a BOYCOTT of the "Path to 9/11" film?

Chart of media ownership

ABC spent many millions of dollars shooting a miniseries.

ABC digs this. They're getting so much hype and free press.

The legal standards that Clinton's lawyers have met for a lawsuit:

Will lying scumbags of ABC/DISNEY create a "9/11 Ride" for THEME PARKS

Statement From 9/11 Families Regarding the Media’s Portrayal of 9/11

Bush: We "Learned" About Terrorism

Fahrenheit did not have ANY dramatization. What I remember is actual cli

AOL poll: Should ABC change or cancel the miniseries?

Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. Will a competing network air it, and will

List of companies owned by LIARS ABC/DISNEY

Hey RW dumbasses......we know you're trolling...think this over

Is there a Bush operative working with Al-Jazeera?!!

LimpBalls said "Path to 9-11" writer is a "friend of his"????

Path To 9/11 Writer ADMITS Controversial Scene Was MADE UP!

Anyone watching CNN and the Bin Laden Planning 9/11 tapes?

AP: Designs for 3 WTC Towers Unveiled

Rove Asks ABC To ADD A Scene With Clinton "For Clarity's Sake" :)

The case for an international tribunal

Why do you want this ABC movie pulled specifically?

My proposed promotional campaign for CBS News

I need the e-mail addy for Robert Iger - CEO of Disney/ABC

Other Priorities

I wonder why Harvey Keitel is in this film? He contributes to Dems

Remember...CBS caved to the righties re: the Reagan miniseries.

Harry Reid says Disney/ABC Should Pull Error-Riddled 9/11 show

ABC not pulling the film according to MSNBC

Do We Have The Guts (will) To Boycott Disney?

Do you intend to watch the ABC infomercial about 9/11?

[MD-Sen] Steele Cut and Ran From Me (UMD student Op-Ed)

Moronic Poll on

60 days of terror, fear, and blaming democrats is ahead of us

Why they are so dangerous...

When they torture our G.I.'s for info, will w be cool with that?

If Clinton were to sue ABC, could he seek an injunction against them

A great quote by Tom Paine

Letter to the editor help needed - stem cell research

"The substitution of propaganda for fact is dangerous"

Fear Of A Legitimate Threat

All this bitching about ABC, please remeber there is something on CBS too

No A or B or C for me until this crap is pulled!

Write your local ABC affiliate about the "Path to 911" too

A Thank you to Randi Rhodes....

The Signs and Symptoms of the GOP and its Masters: Its ALL there.. BAD

E-mail the Chancellor of NYC Schools on Scholastic Boycott! Do It NOW!

email from John Conyers on 9/11 and ABC

Ok... Here is where I am at with 9/11........

39 years ago today I became a sailor

May 6th, 2004--Disney tries to stop the release of F-911.

Bush supporters condemn fictionalized political mini-series -- in 2003

USDA on 'grass-fed' cows: confine 'em and let 'em eat corn stalks

Randi is getting to a guy who says Why don't you respect the president?

Who holds the copyright to the 9/11 Commission Report?


Eureka! New tallest living thing discovered

"Get up out of your chair and go to your window...."

Congressional Dems call on Scholastic to keep ABC 9/11 film 'out of school

DU this MSNBC poll: "Do you feel ABC is misleading the public?"

A Fraud Too Far website down

Randi Rhodes " ABC= The "American Bush Corporation"

AP: Pentagon Lawyers Question Part of Bill (Gitmo tribunals)

Here's a great way to thank a soldier -

MSNBC Breaking: ABC to release statement on 9/11 movie

So is "In Plane Site" Going to Air? Limpballs ABC--IS IT??

Pentagon top lawyers oppose Bush's denial of evidence from terror suspects

Scholastic Partners with ABC to Lie to Children

I just contacted my local school district about Scholastic.

Six states call for cluster bomb ban

Conservative Pundit "If We Get Hit Again," Blame Everyone But Bush

Dick Marty:the full truth of what went on has yet to emerge(prisons)

When will "Path to 9/11" show up on ebay? It would be nice to get original

Here's my letter to Scholastic

So, ABC has angered President Clinton and Madeline Albright

B.O. Reilly: Bush Haters Are Hurting America

Any update on Justice Kennedy?

"Path to 9-11" writer calls self "a conservative Michael Moore"

I don't know why everyone wants this movie pulled

Got a joke for you...

Who financed the ABC 9/11 miniseries?

Katrina Emergency Declaration: New Orleans exempted... anyone remember?

Sounds like Clinton might take legal action against ABC...

In case you want to CALL ABC... 818-460-7477


Two 'TOONS To Delight:

True or False: The U.S. does not torture, its against our laws & values.

A call to U of Phoenix Online..they're pulling their ad from ABC 911 page!

The Selectivity Of God

DU this AOL Poll on Clinton Administration Responsibility

Newly aired Bin Laden video gives advise with English subtitles

According to Congressional Quarterly Dems not heading for House takeover

Couric to Bush: "I'm really grateful. Thank you. Thank you"

All makes sense...Rove is GAY (not that there's anything wrong with that)

California reporter gets beat up on tape...

Looks like our military's count was a little off

Waco, TX--Protesting * at Baylor law school lecture

All network TV sucks ass.

Blogs For Bush

Call your local School Board about Scholastic/ABC/9-11...

ABC Statement: Critics of Path to 9/11 Are ‘Premature and Irresponsible’

Saudis Consider Banning Women From Mecca

Design for the new World Trade Center unveiled.

Has anyone asked ABC about their distribution of preview copies?

I just posted this message in the ABC forums at

Where's Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton regarding ABC?

"Path to 9/11" completely demolishes "liberal MSM" myth

Bernie Ward SLAMS Tucker Carlson over his suggestion to apologize to Rove

And while we're fighting Disney/ABC, the number is up to 2661!

Thanks Paul for your discussion on Air America on your film

Good MSNBC discussion of ABC's 9/11 drama (YouTube vid)

Tony Blair to announce resignation plans within the next hour

57 out of 80 threads on GD first page.

Dear ABC, If you have a problem with Clinton, just say so.

OK, Now we've got them: ABC has committed Wire Fraud via FALSE ADVERTISING

Is w trying to change the torture laws to save his own ass from Jail?

Pic of Ohio 2004 Ballot With Sticker Over Kerry/Edwards Choice..

America repigs created for Dem takeover

Shocking news! John Kerry says America should not torture at all

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Permanent Ban on Horse Slaughter

Demand ABC Correct Their 9/11 Film : John Conyers


We should all be sending our local ABC Affiliates

Bush's Veterans Commission from Hell will decuss lump-sum bayouts

U.S. Troops In Iraq Still Escalating: Numbers jumped to 145,000 this week

I'll be on the Randi Rhodes Show today for a full hour

A MUST SEE ad for NYCD20!

Is Limbaugh Really on the CBS news tonight?

Oregon Judge: REJECTS BUSH PLEA To Dismiss Wiretap Lawsuit

A couple of funny things at play while watching Tweety

(VIDEO) Karl Rove: Today's Worst Person In The World

What ABC stands for today...

Definitions and Translations; Neo-Con, Actual, and Disney.

DISNEY HAS CAVED (to GOP). The threads w/that title are no joke.

Are we still detaining children at gitmo?

Cast of Suri's first poo. You've got to be kidding! *Graphic Warning!*

Poll On AOL: What is your opinion of Blair

online poll for Carney in PA-NOW


Anyone remember the right's response to "The Reagans"????

Haven't Watched CNN For A Week - Get Home, Turn On Dobbs

Man paralyzed in crime receives 8-year sentence

Faux News: CBS 'Early Show' With ... Anderson Cooper and Campbell Brown?

Skip Katie and make some changes.

"One of the hardest parts of my job is connecting Iraq to the WarOnTerror"

Scholastic and ABC/Disney in CAHOOTS on 9/11 shamudrama!

Hypocrisy of "Path to 9/11" premise -- hilarious when you think about it

Is This Our Rathergate?

Who is the WORST performer on MSNBC?

The payback is on ABC now.

ABC's Path to 9/11 partly based on information from Bush administration PR

The (Disney) mouse doesn't scare the (GOP) elephant

Now CNN: Suspicious item found in car in Pentagon Parking lot

CBS Caved On The Reagans 12 Days Before It Was to Air

Sarasota Kids Recall Sharing Sept. 11 With President Bush

HEADS UP!...NBC is going to talk about the ABC film... 6:43 PM

Why is it that every time a news show shows file footage of Clinton

George W. Bush--

How is it 9/11 was Clinton's fault.....

Dear Tweety

Just as surely as Dan Rather's Bush/TANG report brought him down ...

Yet another scumbucket rightwing blog

I want no part of an America that justifies war crimes

About this ABC imbroglio...

ABC's next movie

Meanwhile at Steve Jobs office.....

And dump the news while we're talking about the ABC 9/11 Propaganda!

Idiocracy (film being quietly murdered by Fox)

If ABC wanted to be factually accurate then they would have used

Why can't our Democratic leaders act more like they are now?

Religion & Government over 70 years ago somewhere in Europe

Chimpass manipulating how 9/11 should be "remembered"

Scholastic pulls Path to 9/11 "Discussion Guide," saying, "[T]he materials

Sam makes is official . 9-12 Eastern... bye bye Jerry... n/m

Dear God! You HAVE to watch the video that got Greg Palast in trouble!

Christian Fundies behind Path to 911 aim to "transform film & TV" industry

ABC: A dramatization of… A dramatization of… Of… LIES!

Where do I find the total amount of tax money the government collected?

Is KO on tonight?

Advanced Copies of "Path to 9/11"?

I *AM* a bleeding heart liberal. So fuck YOU.

Hardball's David Schuster asking questions about

"F scale" test for fascism

Ed Schultz made a good point. Who is bankrolling the ABC 911 film?

cheney to be on "meet the press" sunday

UPDATE: Scholastic Responds To ABC's "Path to 9/11" Controversy

Camp Casey Photos

Democrats sense they are winning the battle for hearts and minds

It would have been incredibly easy to set up timing of JonBenet fake news


How will the Democrats overcome the chimpenfuhrer's veto?

I'm dying to know what Keith,Jon and Stephen have to say about the

I'm going to end my boycott of MSNBC.

Who benefits? It's a free campaign commercial..that's all it is.

Email MSNBC re:Little Fucker TUcker

We are at war !

Sen. Biden offers national security plan

Wow, Tucker just slammed David Brock of Media Matters

Judy Woodruff interviewing Senators Reed and Sununu now on PBS

Good Peak Oil blog discussion: community or survivalism?

Poll ... you know what do DU

Bush and Bin Laden locked in an embrace

Someone please remind me again...why do we owe Rove an apology?

I just had a brilliant idea... let's get Rachel Maddow a segment on Keith

Someone Has to watch 9/11 and keep track of all the Advertisers...

** ATTENTION ALL FREEPERS ** God is not a Republican (written by a repub)

What was the name of the Reagan movie that Freepers objected to?

News? One Marine dead, one injured in IED blast

Democrats say intelligence report on Iraq will show Bush lied about threat

CNN: The most trusted purveyor of administration propaganda

House Republics BS speeches today on the floor thus far...

OMFG: A new tape of 911 attackers training just released?

$2.39 per gal. and falling

Bring back the fairness doctrine.

Al Qaeda waited for Clinton to leave office to attack the U.S.A....

Did Bush have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's kids tortured too?

Thirty-something women 'should freeze their eggs before it's too late'

A Second Opinion: Why I Wont Demand that ABC Censor Path to 9-11

Either ABC kills the movie or I kill my cable.

How will Democrats overcome the Chimpenfuhrer's veto?

Poor hit hardest by dearer oil (rising gas prices)

If you aren't listening to Guy James right now you should be. :)

Have you heard of Mount Weather? (Bush's secret bunker?)

My daughter educated her class yesterday.

bush's great grandfather GHW was a pugilist ... bush learned the art

How many times will Bush mention 911 in the runup to election?

How about a campaign to file protests with the FCC on the airing

Amnesty International USA: What Kind of America Tortures?

Why Is The US Still Friendly With Saudi Arabia?

Mike Malloy on at 3:05 with Guy James

Reply from ABC affliate in Austin to my e-mail. NOT ENOUGH!

Old Farmers Almanac; Good News about Global Warming

Bush closes bin-Laden bureau, Senate passes Dem. bill to open another one

Freeperish phone message

Stunning new Ned Lamont ad:

"Follow the money" Pixar/ABC/Disney/ what a mess.

What Really Makes our Nation Strong (Garrison Keillor)

Somewhere, Someplace...... Edward R. Murrow sheds a tear...

Limbaugh has seen the whole video

Paul Thompson on Randi Rhodes talking about "911 Press For Truth"

Bernie Ward on MSNBC's Tucker show now.

Oh Boy! I Just Listened to Rush Limbaugh on CBS NEWS with Kiss-Ass Katie!

Deaths in Iraq underreported by 3X last month.

Mike Malloy on with Guy James today

Could Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal be behind funding ABC "9/11"Docu?

GOP Weaponizing the Constitution - Federal Seizure Of Elections

Disney Murders Man at Theme Park

HEADLINE: Disney Takes Blame for Thunder Mountain Death

Whites Protesting Against Racist Whites

Bush is jealous of Clinton - it's a contest to be best president ever!

Have the GOP and ABC made a terrible mistake?

Contributor to "Path To 9-11" movie a Bush flunkie.

Get ready to contact Sirius Satellite Radio!

interesting day... Bolton vote dropped from sched., Generals argue against

If Katie Couric is pissing you off, PLEASE write CBS and let them know!

Uh, no. Ed Shultz is wrong. This is not the Conservative F-911.

Its Just Good Old Straussian Tactics

MSNBC poll - Is ABC movie misleading the public?

The first attack on WTC was 30 days after Clinton sworn in. You do


"My DU" isn't loading properly and I can't check for responses.

Pollster Pleads Guilty To Faking Results For Bush, Lieberman Campaigns...

from Daily Kos: What a senior sales rep for Scholastic says:

Help ABC destroy itself! Now there's 2 WillPitt PDFs you can print & xerox

Congressman first US Official to Tour Damage in Southern Lebanon:

NY Post: Bubba Goes Ballistic on ABC About 9-11 Movie

What % of Democratic Politicians do you feel are bought & paid for?

ABC vs. Ted Koppel?? Must see TV!!

I'm sorry, but why is Hardball interviewing John Kerry?

Someone needs to photoshop Clinton's face over Bush's in that

Tucker is going to do a story in a few minutes about Cindy Sheehan

Apple releases new models of iMacs

Kerry on Tweety now

This pretty much says it all...

Clinton: "If it's anything other than taking the movie down completely


Disney's Phone Number. Forget ABC. It's Disney. (818) 560-1000

Do you believe that you are in any more danger from terrorists today

protest bush by donating to Claire!

Bush: "We've only had one terrorist attack on my watch"

Students Not Excused From Transsexual's Class

DU makes the San Jose Merc.

DISNEY HAS NOT CAVED. (The thread with that title is a joke thread)

george ryan is not a hero. some facts about the death penalty.

Protest Bush and Help McCaskill!

Abusing the Collective Sadness and Pain of America

Good news re: ABC 911 Show

Is it possible that The Path to 9/11 isn't really a problem?

For dramatic and narrative purposes, this post contains fictional scenes

BREAKING - Disney caves in, will not air 911 movie

That's it! I'm telling my kids to stop reciting the ABC's!


Movies people SHOULD be seeing instead.

RW Rabid cousin...Again, You won't believe this one!

our bigger then the Vatican Iraq Embassy will be finished in June

Nude Vermont Teens Appreciation Thread

Seeing How Disney is on our Shit-List

The FAA is LITERALLY starving air traffic controllers.

Roberts WON'T Release Final Pieces Of Pre-War Intell Report Pre-Election

Evangelical Film Institute Behind "Road to 9/11"

Red Alert!!! DU This AOL Poll!!! Was Clinton Responsible for 9-11?

Fantastic Dem campaign ad: "Have you no decency?"

I'm glad they're showing "The Path to 9/11"

Whisle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room, AT&T Complicit

ABC's Path to 9/11 partly based on information from Bush admin PR official

Path to 9-11: How much blowback?

Dig this: Bin Laden tape meeting with 9/11 Highjackers shows up

911 Press for Truth

Notice how "the Enemy" w always speaks of is becoming US?

Petition to tell bush to go Fuck Himself

"Path to 9-11" Director's Cult Ties (Youth With a Mission)

Dem Leadership Threatens Disney With Legal & Legislative Sanctions

Meet "Tucker's" famous Pappy...complete with Bow Tie and Libby Funding!

'Bush A War Criminal And A Capital-Crime Felon': Ray McGovern

"We tortured an insane man"

EXCLUSIVE! Selected scenes from "The Path to 9/11" (dialup warning)

If Paths to 9/11 is planned for itunes--we need to call Apple, too!!!

I Absolutely LOATHE Disney World/Land. Would Never Go. Don't You?

CONDI SAYS: Anti-War = Pro-Slavery!

Here's some of the WHY of "Path to 9/11"...

Greg Palast Facing Homeland Security Charges

"Blind Faith in Bad Leaders is Not Patriotism" - BUMPER STICKERS!

CBC to air TWO NEW 9/11 documentaries on Sunday evening


UHP and ABC-I wonder how they'll present Huffman Aviation?

AZ-08: GOPers Charge Mehlman Lied To Them

How Democrats will improve national defense.

Disapproval of Bush nears European levels (new transatl. study)

"The Path to 9/11" will fail.

How is this leadership?

3rd District debates off to spirited start Democrat Scott Kleeb Ne

Video Clips: DLC Backs Bill on Workers’ Freedom to Form Unions

What are the divisive political issues?

Bush: U.S. never tortures suspects...we use "alternative" interrogation

"The Path to 9/11": A Chinese connection?

President Visits Atlanta Today

So when does the 'Path to Iraq' docudrama air?

Help Me Respond to This?

As clout grows, L.A. unions affirm solidarity, target Bush and Schwarzeneg

Here's why I like Sen Byron Dorgan (D-ND)

A few polls from Pennsylvania to help start your day

Richard Clarke Blasts Key Scene In ABC’s 9/11 Docudrama

sibel: 9/11 Commissioners are fake actors in a fake play

gingrich gets a good spanking but I'm surprised at the source

3 "Path To 9/11" scenes labeled "fictional" by Clinton Admin Officials

Anyone follow media coverage of Dem's National Security presentation?

Okay, let's stipulate that Clinton *was* 'distracted' from Osama .....

Any DUers own Disney stock?

Roger Cressey - At the Movies

The "Single State" Strategy For Opposing Bush

AP: Key Republican Backs Detainee Trial Plan

Kerry: ‘It’s Immoral for Old Men to Send Young Americans to Fight and Die'

When Tony Blair leaves will the neoconservatives now in the UK

Kristen Breitweiser’s letter to Ann Coulter ("We will not be silenced")

I just got my mail-in primary ballot, are Dems still weak on defense?

Palm Beach Post Editorial: "Hunt terrorists, not votes"

Southern Women Turning From GOP

Hey Folks.... Let's just not go to Disney Land... Or World...

Iraq closes down Al-Arabiya in Baghdad

Okay, I just heard Tom Kean, Jr. speak on teevee .... is he as dumb as

2006 Senate Elections Report: I Say It's 50-50 in January

Harold Ford has the wrong strategy against his Repub opponent?

"Prior Dissent" Resolution

"Fascist" and "Fascism"

Bush admits that the USA uses torture

Who's Attacking Casey? Santorum's Kids!

GOP Hates "The Blame Game" (Except When Based On LIES)

Why Is The US Still Friendly With Saudi Arabia?

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture

Senate panel scrubs vote on Bolton as U.N. envoy

AP: Court Says Ohio Too Hard on Some Parties

our Senators love using cluster bombs

BREAKING!!! ABC to pull 9-11 Mockudrama due to Inaccuracies.

Southern women turn from Bush: "Worst President since Ulysses S. Grant"

Jesus CHRIST....

Bush's top female enabler

I Wish People Would Just Leave Bill Clinton Alone

The Repugs are to blame for

Yanno, we've been punk'd again. Even if they never show this movie .......

Gawd...David Broder is such a D*ck...says we should apologize to Karl Rove

TERRA-fying Howling Monkey pic of Junior at today's TERRA-fest...a KEEPER!

Regarding the MSNBC announcement about ABC 9/11 Mockucrap

Praise & worship from MSNBC / WaPo: "Bush catches critics off guard"

Did everyone forget that Steve Jobs is on the Board at Disney

Bush reveals to perky Katie that he regrets saying "Bring It AWWWWWWWN..."

This Is What Democracy Sounds Like

CNN Poll: Giuliani, Clinton favorites for 2008 nominations

Do the pubs *want* to lose the House?

Discover the Network: Horowitz and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad one and the same

Santorum Uses His Kids In Ad To Hit Back At Opponent...

O'Reilly: Bush haters, admit your mistakes and stop being irresponsible

News Analysis: Bush plays terror card

Q? Politicians using op-ed page

The Path to Mickey

Need more documentation on Iran Nuclear

Bill Clinton 9-11-2002 (Video)

(LOL)NRO's Cliff May on the Irwin/stingray/Islamo fascist connection

The Bushes,International men of coincidence???


Bush supporters condemn fictionalized political mini-series -- in 2003

Elected Dems and Backbones...

My call to Scholastic...

The Bush-Bin Laden Connection...

Is this woman pissed or what?

Wolfie - booga booga! What if Democrats take over Congress!?!

Please DU this CNN poll

Karl Rove says he's not The Exorcist.

A Victory Chet Edwards (D-Tx) Leads a fight for DOD drug Discounts

Now tell me How 9/11 and Iraq are related..........

WHY is * supporting Pakistan?

Have you seen the new MSNBC political page?

Mistakes Rudy Giuliani made on 9/11 : command post failures

I don't see how we can win this round (re: ABC crapumentary)

Patrick Murphy Group

Photo: Bush "greets supporters" by VIRTUALLY IGNORING THEIR EXISTENCE.

Schooldchildren (sic) recall 9/11 with Bush

Irony - bush will hate part of the ABC News Movie as well

When All Else Fails Dept: Distract with Provacative BSTucker Carlson SUCKS

Britain discovers Diebold

How many of you with upcoming primaries

Oh, the irony! NATO needs more troops to fight Taliban

So how do we go about calling ABC "holocost deniers"

AP: Biden Blasts White House Foreign Policy

AP: House Crafting New Border Security Bill

A Great Scene From "The Exorcist"

Democratic Party stands united to rebuild the middle class

A warning from the RNC: Democrats might be just like us

RNC Announces The Release Of “America Weakly”

"Republicans will spend the next 30 days trying to make you afraid..."

Who loves ya Disney ? (Va-Sen)

But ABC is part of the liberal media! A lesson in propaganda tactics

Put these nominally Democratic Senators on the Spot!

Update on line in the sand for Veterans For Truth

Rove Had Three Priests Cast Hillary's "Evil Spirit" From West Wing WTF?

AP: Pollution Bill Aimed at California (payback from Inhofe)

Noreen Gosch on TV tonight!! Break in Johnny Gosch case....


Canned Hunts: Sports Afoul

DU this poll

"When do the facts matter?" According to Newsweek, not on 9/11!

Top 10 lies ABC wanted to put in "Path to 9/11" but couldn't...

OMFG. Some people are just shithouse-rat nuts: From


Don't you know that when rove checks in at Democratic Underground

Did you know we have captured the #2 Al Queda guy 39 times so far?


Anyone else watching Rep Ron Paul R-Texas on CSPAN?

Candidates pulling ads Monday

How pissed off ***are*** you? Sound off ***here***.

Pat Tillman on the Cover of Sport's Illustrated

Shareholder Activism vs Disney/ABC? (and my 10000th Post)

Vote on Horse Slaughter Bill H.R. 503

Photos: Bush Monsters of Terra Tour , LIVE in Atlanta. BE AFRAID, 'murca!

Sherrod Brown proposes middle class tax cuts

When can we speak out?


Bush was blatantly lying during his speech on torture

ABC now saying "it's irresponsible to bash us when we're still editing"

I talked to an assistant superindent of schools today about ABC.

Lieberman shunned in Senate - "You could feel the temperature drop..."


Scholastic just caved in ... will ABC follow??

DEMS projected to TAKE HOUSE!!