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Archives: September 8, 2006

The Torturer's Apprentice

Conason: The Sept. 11 that never was

Out for the Count (Mexico)

I need more men and weapons to defeat Taleban, says Nato general

The Growing De-Constitutionalized Zone

History ....consider the wins that preceded this ... (Disney-ABC & Repubs)

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture

"Whining Over Discontent" (Krugman, NYT, 09/08/2006)

Study: 70 Percent of 9/11 Responders Suffer Lung Ailments

The strategy: Keep ‘em scared until Election Day (Idaho Mtn Express)

'Removing Saddam strengthened Iran'

Cracking the housing malaise

Rep. Cooper: Bush is hiding the true national debt

The Housing Bubble Gets Ready 2 Burst:Homeowner Tips To Survive RE burst

Global Warming 'Time Bomb' (Permafrost Thawing Far Higher Than Thought)

Long Island Titanium Manufacturer and Its Owner/Operator Indicted

No criminal charges for Air Force soldiers who slept with minor

West Bank fragmented by occupation

'Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now'

Robert Fisk on Lebanon: "The Ceasefire Can't Work"

How many errors are here?

Fritz Wenzel (of T.Blade + Coingate fame) Now Working for Zogby

Community harvesting

Fudgy Ginger Brownies

Harper warns of political consequences if Liberals block Senate reform

Dispatches - Afghanistan

Candidates pulling ads Monday

U.N. refugee chief seeks Gaza presence

WTO Stalemate Said to Undermine Putin

Senate moves to add funds to track bin Laden

WP: GOP Senators' Bid to Confirm Bolton Is Called Off

NYT: Interrogation Methods Rejected by Military Win Bush’s Support

Calderon to Seek U.S. Immigration Reform

Senate Dem Leadership Urges Disney CEO to Cancel...9/11 Miniseries

NYU Strike Is Over — Without Contract (a DU regular was 1 of the strikers)

NW Flight Attendants Recalled - Judge's Strike Decision Could Come At Any

Reagan Aide Stockman Targeted in Fraud Probe

Bin Laden 9/11 planning video aired

CIA speech reflects Cheney-Rice rift

Speaker Announces New Border Security Package to be Unveiled Next Week

US reveals Iraq 'hostage affairs' office

Questions Raised About Bush’s Primary Claims in Defense of Secret Detentio

Campaign Trouble Reported in Venezuela

HP snooped on journalists

Schoolchildren recall 9/11 with Bush

10 Miami journalists take U.S. pay

Whitman: 9/11 health woes are city's fault

U.S. Stocks Fall as Housing Slump Deepens; Countrywide Drops

Ban on gay rabbis may be lifted

You want naughty? I know naughty

I just paid an extra $100 to get a hookup in my hotel room

So... What have we learned today?

If you're here to freakaleak...

Jose Reyes just hit a 3 run inside the park home run!!!

It's been six months and one day since I found out I was dumped!

My cat has a new friend!

Brit Hume: Plans to TP Bomb my home

Bush Pilot (German video with subtitles) --- this explains a lot...

I can no longer support Howard Dean.

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, a Man Who is Without Sin

Post a thread that sounds uninteresting... And is!

On the History Channel right now...

whos watching Blake vs Federer?

A Batman lunch box-related crisis

"Huggable Jesus" dolls

I just paid an extra $10 to get internet in my hotel room

undeterred wins the "most instantly captivating thread title" award

Cat butt coma

Instant Karma's gonna get you, motherfuckers

Gin slows down my remote control trigger finger.

I got a one week reprieve

Why Craig's list sucks

I just love going into GD and being called . . .

Nightly Food Porn: Fruits and Veggies (and something freaky)

Cue the "Outer Limits" theme music...


Okay, I need parent help.

Best Game Show On Television Today? (god, I need a job . . .)

You suppose Katie Couric can cut glass with her nipples?

Rebecca De Mornay


Fuck Choteau MT right in the ear

lol, Jimmy Smits is on "Pee-Wee's Playhouse"

Tree Of Life ~

Which cultural atrocities should Canada apologize to the USA for?

Happy day! Happy day!

Post a picture of something that sounds dirty..But isn't dirty!!

I Love L.A.

One questrion regarding your thoughs about the recent grave robber boys

Finally saw "V for Vendetta"

Serious tree

I hear an owl...

I'm on a Mexican Radio!

web site question (building my own, a question about domain names)

If a blue wagon is not a dog on Thursday.

The deep, philosophical questions of life,

Well, Dad passed away today,

Hey DU Naughty Women - Your Wish is My Command!

It's Pink! NFL is back!

Weatherman attacked by cockroach~Video.

Name a great old school film that you love....

Radio Lady Reviews: "Hollywoodland"

The Jerry Falwell you should know..

Researchers say new drug helps prevent premature ejaculation

Can I ask your opinion, please? (very long)

Everyone drum! (What I found in my mail today)

Politics, the Media and 9/11

Link to video of today's JK Hardball appearance

Okay, let's take a moment to appreciate this

OT, but this made me smile! Backbones abounding!

Pollster Pleads Guilty To Faking Results For Bush, Lieberman Campaigns...

delete. nt

Scholastic pulls material from 9-11 "documentary" per KO!

Start writing/emailing/phoning your local ABC affiliate...

Keith is taking down the BushenFuhrer down again

2665 .....21 American troops have died in Bush's Folly in 7 days!

Study faults most states on higher education affordability

Author of "Losing bin Laden" anti-Clinton book rips movie's errors

I want to see in the mockumentary 'Path to 9/11'....

KO- Paris Hilton got DUI going for an IN AND OUT (burger)

New title? PATH TO 9-11, A NEOCON'S WET DREAM! Whadd'ya think?

I was told Rush went looney as a toon on the telly tonite

The most effective way for a Dem Congress to fix Disney's little red wagon

We battle historical re-writes, the Right is stuck on curse words (9/11)

It's not revisionist history, so stop saying that! (pic)

Fiore - America Remembers

Is "Path to 9/11" a matter for the FEC to investigate?

Setting the Record Straight: Detainees Will Not Receive POW Status

Presenting: The George "Macaca" Allen Family Portrait - For Real/Must See

Armitage.... Or Jabba?

I had planned to shut off the TV on 9/11

Why Would ABC be so Careless with the Truth?

Is ABC still running trailers for the lies about 9/11?

Craig Crawford: Bush is like Barney Fife

AMAZING turnout for Lamont volunteer meeting in West hartford tonight!

It's Pink! NFL is back!

Imagine if there was NO 9/11 "independent" commission

I long for V

(VIDEO) Olbermann's tribute to Katherine Harris

The entire Democratic leadership will hold a grudge against ABC/Disney

'Estimated Appropriations Provided for Iraq 2001-2006"

America's Secret Prisons - List of Articles Relating to

Keith Oberman insinuates WH released new OBL video!

i talked to school superintendent, head of all social studies and

You guys watching the Fox reporter getting his ass kicked on Keith's show?

A multiple choice question regarding November elections

Clap your hands! Clap your hands and say, 'I believe in fairies!'

After all, tomorrow's another day...

9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation (Slate)

CIA Prisoner Transfer To Gitmo Is To Give Prison Reason For Its Existence

ABC 9/11 movie uses RW talking points!

Never mind... Let me just tell you what to think and it will all be okay.

What difference would a Brown Gov. Make?? --Independent

We watched "United 93" last night...

August violent deaths in Baghdad shows no drop from month before

The US has defended the US-backed authorities’ right to hang people

ABC alters 9/11 show under pressure

Scarborough says Disney CEO is to intercede in the airing/editing of the

Even if Bill Clinton had assasinated Osama bin Laden...

The Case for Censoring Path to 9-11: Disney's Pay Off to the FCC

Why in God's name did Harvey Keitel do this movie? He's a DEMOCRAT

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

I have an idea: Don't watch ABC

My response to anyone who thinks I should apologize to Karl Rove

I need more men and weapons to defeat Taleban,

ABC: Path to 9/11 and CBS: Rush on with Katie.....

EXCLUSIVE: Path To 9/11 storyboards released!

Militant waited 24 years to shoot Westerners

4 Chicago cops accused of framing innocent people to be arrested

Disney right-wng controversy was preceded by Sinclair and Clear Channel...

Hannity's new spokesman is man we all heard call black people "niggers"

The only difference between Path to 9-11 and 99% of the other shit on TV

Albright preparing to sue ABC if it airs defamatory fabrications ?

Maybe they're just angry

Eruption update


"Terrorism," as defined in an automobile insurance policy:

A new Mickey Mouse illustration just released!

What will Karl Rove do after 2008?

My recommendation for ABC...go straight to video.

I can't watch anything that revisits 9/11

Scholastic Dropping Its "Path To 911" Materials ! GOOD START!

Remember, the opening game of the NFL season is on the

I am the writer/director of the Path to 9-11 and I resent these posts.

No more ABC Monday Night Football ??

NYT movie critic re: "Path to 9/11": Sandy Berger scene has been dropped

Girl, 11, sexually assaulted by 20 boys

Sinclair Media?

Body Count in Baghdad Nearly Triples

Great news for Rush Limbaugh, Nicole Bush, and other oxycontin addicts

Bush wants to pass law that says he's not breaking the law (Wiretapping)

List of companies and people involved in the ABC "path" film to call

Bush Fears War Crimes Prosecution, Impeachment

NYT review of PT9/11

27 are hanged at Abu Ghraib in first mass execution since Saddam's fall

Craig crawford (Congressional Quarterly) Compares Bush to Barney Fife

Our LOcal ABC news "Why Democrats Don't Want You to See the 9/11"

My little note to ABC-Disney

I just discovered that Air America is an iTunes radio pre-set!

Fitzgerald told Armitage to keep quiet.

Gawd! Patricia Heaton is in Path to 9/11.

'I thought bush had to go to the bathroom'....

I just donated to the DNC - The leadership's letter to Disney is AWESOME!!

Cleared Muslim man cites prejudice(bank closed account, storage eviction)

Let's have some fun. What the Senate Dem Letter Means...kickin'

New video shows Bin Laden with 9/11 hijackers

Suggestions for a response to a freeper type

“The Path to 9/11" Reminds Us of Condi’s Lie--Facts to Counter the Spin

Is "Path to 911" a rebuttal to the documentary

Cheney says Democratic campaign contributions support al Qaeda

But Limbaugh, your generation has ALREADY disappointed US!

"Huggable Jesus" dolls

Why The F@ck Don't Democrats Respond In Kind?

for a brief moment ...bliss (eyes playing tricks on me on huffington post)

Let's do everything we can to make "the brand" as stinky and putrid as it

Security Theater

How will the WH spin the fact that Pakistan is protecting OBL?

Why "The Path to 9/11"????

Sen. Robert Menendez seeks to block Bush's $20M Iraq war PR effort

The Fight Begins Veterans Take Depleted Uranium into Court

Need a bumper sticker or shirt

An idiot speaking on work ethic on local news

can anyone find me the post of the writer stating path to 911

Does this "Disney Thing" remind anyone of the "Dan Rather/Bush*"

King and Grisham Support Webb for Senate

Pew Poll Finds Waning Faith In Military Interventions

Ban on gay rabbis may be lifted

You realize of course, that with 900(?) screener copies out there...

Path to 911 is a snore of a movie

Vote For 'None of the Above'?

I wish BushCo would answer these two questions:

David Corn - When will Rove confess?

Soldiers can be used indefinitely under Bush power grab enacted after 9-11

Which plane was Osama Bin Laden on?

NYT: Clinton aides attack Kean's motives; Clinton has spoken with Iger

New docudrama: The Path to Mickey - - - - - - - - ->> VIDEO

I am grateful to DU for introducing me to Keith Olbermann

HeadOnRadionetwork Thursday Best of Malloy show, Truthseekers Check In

Straighten Your Tie Young Man You're at the WH-Bush to Couric Producer

2,664 deaths of U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war of choice

How many unabashedly Democratic leaning TV personalities are there?

Bananas go for 59 cents a pound

"Get used to disappointment. "

(NYT) Questions Raised About Bush’s Primary Claims

Do YOU want MALLOY back on the air?

No Quarter - Rove's Machine Is In Full Gear For November

Is anyone listening to Elliott about Cheney sponsoring a bill in

I really hate trying to be soooo politically correct here.

Ooby gooby jooby...

Goebbel's Principle of Propoganda (it sounds way too familiar)

Judge Orders Ohio Ballots Preserved

Keith says Couric is losing viewers at an alarming rate

Mickey Rat.

Check this out! The story boards for "PT911" released!

Wilipedia - Democratic Republic

Mathematic probability help needed

Scholastic: "Path to 9/11 does not meet our high standards"

How many more years would the Repubs need to destroy this country?

How can I write a letter or email Amy Madigan

You are all **** (expletive deleted due to (i can't say)****

Great turnout for Lamont volunteers in New Haven!

I'm becoming disturbed by all the 9/11 hype.

Salt Lake City Rocky Anderson. Bumper Sticker. Blind faith in bad leaders>

NYT Falsely Claims 9/11 Commission Concluded Lewinsky Distracted

I was just thinking,

Why do we hold author Richard Frey to a higher standard than Bush?

Joe Conason — The Sept. 11th That Never Was (ABC film)

Bob Kerrey Warns ABC: Be "Respectful" of 9/11

3 words of proof refuting the ABC 9/11 movie: WAG THE DOG

Jobs can't get any respect. Nobody listens to him.

Project X ACTION ALERT!!!! Highest Priority!!!!!

Senate Democrats Unveil Real Security Act of 2006 To Counter Bush Failures

Reminder: Sherole Eaton Court Hearing Friday (today) at 9:30 AM

Scientist: Planet going back to dinosaur era

Did You See THAT Weatherman Clip With The Cock-Roach???

Armitage falls on his sword for BushCo.

Permanent coma woman amazes doctors with remarkable awareness

If Rove can perform an exorcism in order to cast out Hillary's "evil"

My e-mail to CBS...

OH MY GOD! They killed Osama!

Law: Clinton Can Easily Sue ABC Disney For Libel, FCC can shut down ABC

Hit Disney stock hard

Tasini - great ad! war is wrong, Bush is wrong, Get Out and Vote!

There once was a moran named Brit

Dems! We love guns and PUNISHMENT!

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Blair/Broon leadership feud

"Go f* yourself Mr.Cheney" video clip post Katrina

For those fans of the White Rose Society

i just heard on the local 10 o'clock news that MIAMI AIRPORT is training

Any country that is hosting CIA "black sites" (aka secret prisons)

Judge rejects Bush wiretapping plea

You will not believe it! The REPUBLICANS Faked a Survey!

I've been in jail and in the hospital... For Protesting Viet Nam...

I am a gentle man, but I may wind up in jail or the hospital ...

We ARE the Media!

Disney Will Pull This Film by Close of Business Friday

Brit Hume: Plan to 'Google Bomb' ABC's 9/11

My apology to karl rove

So, Bush has had five years now to get Bin Laden.....

This is the reply I got from my local ABC station.

Tom Keane Sr. He's not a particularly good man.

ABC is using Rush Limpballs to defend its movie. It is at the

What advertisers are sponsoring the ABC farce?

My Brother's Letter to ABC - I thought it was really good

"Fire And Brimstone" Author Sees Modern Labor Lessons In 1917 Mining Disas

AFL-CIO Kicks Off Massive Voter Mobilization Saturday

Is it aimed at Hillary?

so limbaugh helped couric how?

ABC: "Sean Hannity is the voice of the working class"

No need to wait for the October Suprise: Its here in September

Was there ever a war worth fighting?

Economic Report: Rat Race "Winners" Work More Hours

Free "BOYCOTT DISNEY" graphics

"The Path To 9/11: An Exclusive The Poor Man Preview"

ABC issues new response to criticisms of 9/11 film, attacks liberal blogs

Suggestions for a response to a freeper type

With all the talk about torture, someone is conspicuously missing:

Leahy at Dem Real Security Act Senate Fest: Prosecute the War Profiteers!

The Dilemma of the Average Republican...

Giuliani's 9/11 troubles worsen ...

Brit Hume: Google Bomb??

Newest RW talking point: "Osama doesn't matter anymore."

Where's Osama?

The Central Lesson about Genocide We Should Learn from the Nazi Holocaust

why the fuck is Glen Beck on tv?

KSTP's response (Minn/St Paul's ABC affiliate) to my ABC email

The Torturer's Apprentice (Bush’s legal jeopardy)

AmericaBlog: "Disney is in serious trouble"

Thank You To Durbin, Reid, Stabenow, Schumer & Dorgan

We need more Democrats in the House...

Disney is in serious trouble

The Central Truth - Thomas Friedman, New York Times (I know, I know)

Ch. Sun-Times Gives Path to 9-11 Zero Stars; "Deserves to Bomb"

GOP Senators' Bid to Confirm Bolton Is Called Off--WaPo

Storm breaks over attack on Irwin

"All the Shah's Men". This seems particularly pertinent these days.

WP, Dionne: Tears for U.S., when 9/11 topic is Bush's political survival

HuffPo: Here's What History Actually Shows Us

Bush and Learning Lessons

ABC's Path to Distortion

Comic Book Duio Recreates Unlikely Story: 9-11

Shame on Quinnipiac!

Iraq: A Civil War We Can Still Win --the Delusional C. Krauthammer

Path to 9/11, ABC

Death of the Mexican Presidency by John Ross

The Unaccountables

Bush Pulls Plug on Cheney's "Cloak & Dagger" Operations - Steve Clemons

First Tragedy, Then Chicanery

Execution date awaits Tony Blair

WP: The Disbelievers: 9/11 conspiracy theorists build case against govt.

Godfather’s Bible Sent To FBI Codebreakers

Give Us the Truth: Address by Salt Lake City Mayor

Ending War 101

The Torturer's Apprentice

A joker in the Shi'ite pack

Chicago Sun-Times Number of GI's hits high for 06

NYT critic virtually alone in support of "Path to 9/11"; Keitel speaks

Accuracy aside, ABC's '9/11' deserves to bomb

Whining Over Discontent - Paul Krugman at The New York Times

Clintonistas Claim Foul Over ABC 9/11 Film

Prison Camps: Bushco's Big Growth Industry? - Charlie Cray

Pakistan: Hello al-Qaeda, goodbye America


Guardian: Bush and Bin Laden locked in an embrace

Guardian: This (Iran) is more about national pride than nuclear weapons

Speaking "Truthiness" to the Powerless

Peru film refused by PBS attracts crowd at library

Report: Iraq data misused

NYT: New Role for Bob Rubin: Policy Guru

Wow, there is a Global Warming Wiki now!

FPL Group builds world's largest wind farm in TX (735 MW)

Chavez Announces Energy Revolution in Venezuela

EPA Proposes Easing Pollution Rules

Silicon Research Will Transform Solar Cells

Shell Oil CEO - US Needs National Greenhouse Gas Policy - AP

Caltrans: Limit hybrids in carpool lane, SJ Mercury

Focus Of New Canadian Climate Plan - Avoid Plans Or Focusing On Climate

Worst-Kept Secret Finally Out As UK Misses Climate Bus - BBC

At Least 8 Million Hectares Of Land In Indonesia Burned So Far in 2006

It Would Take 7% Of GDP For China To Clean Up Pollution From 2004 Alone

Christian Group Encourages Recycling

Van Hollen and AIPAC: Case Study

Palestinian children pay price of Israel's Summer Rain offensive

How hi-tech Hezbollah called the shots

The Islamization of European Anti-Semitism

West Bank fragmented by occupation

Israel may cede disputed land to Lebanon (AP)

What lies beneath

POLL: Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories?

"Road to 911" may air, but "Loose Change" is coming

Taking DU's Temperature on the 5-year anniversary

"Is David Ray Griffin a New World Order Shill?"

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Multiply - WP

Here's the actual MSNBC poll: Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories?

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) to do 9/11 Truth Show?

Modeling the Pentagon Security Camera Video Capture of the "Plane"

Alexander Cockburn: "Leftgatekeeping for Dummies"

BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave

BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory

Are these three statements about 9/11 unreasonable, and if so, why?

Evangelical Christian Group (YWAM) Behind "The Path To 9/11"


Collapse warning at Deutsche Bank (Building at WTC Site)

Having a lapdance in the Pink Pony Bar

BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave

PBS/NOW: Will New Voting Machines Cause an Election Day Debacle?


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Sep. 8, 2006

Decision has been made to appeal CA-50 contest dismissal

Cross-Post in GD: Show kpete Our Appreciation and Some LOVE!

by any chance


Help! Made a chicken/corn/black bean chowder and added habanero....

Senate reform: Et tu, Stephen?

Name political donors, Liberals urge top Tories

Edmonton Journal: Our Afghan goals must be clear

Ottawa can't afford damaged relations with China, says analyst

Astronauts sealed into shuttle, ready for launch (scheduled for 11:40am)

LAT: Governor Schwarzenegger's Candid Moments Caught on Tape

Intelligence director says interrogation program will continue(Negroponte)

BYU places '9/11 truth' professor on paid leave

Edwards considering presidential run, blasts Bush administration

Tennessee Senate: Ford Within 1 (Rasmussen)

BBC: Blasts 'kill 30' in Indian town


(ROFL) GOP has a party without Harris

U.S. finds 'torture chambers' in Iraq

(Schwarzenegger) could double aides' pay (hidden in bill)

Clashes between insurgents and U.S. troops in Falluja

Iraqi civilian killed, child injured in CF Convoy accident

Miami judge rejects Padilla bids to suppress evidence, statements

Variety: Under fire, ABC mulls yanking mini - Call Your Local ABC Station!

White House: Bin Laden tape likely authentic

POLL: Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories?

Report: No evidence of link between Saddam & Zarqawi

Bill Moyers Returns to Investigative Reporting

States must find welfare recipients jobs

Judge blocks drilling in national oil reserve

On his knees, Bush pins his hopes on fear

Execution date awaits Tony Blair

Monitor the CIA, says watchdog

Memos: NYC told Ground Zero air was unsafe (CNN)

Amid political furor, Bush to give Sept. 11 address (prime time)

Half Ton of Bomb Material Stored a Few Miles from the White House

Ellen DeGeneres Named Oscar Host

american death toll in Iraq now greater than WTC death toll

How to Contact local ABC affiliate

Court Blocks Drilling in Alaskan Wetlands

Three indicted in sale of secrets

Oregon Senator Says Intelligence Reports Overclassified

Brad Pitt: I'll marry when everyone can

Cobb County (GA) Wins Prayer Legal Battle

Siberian lakes burp “time-bomb” greenhouse gas (doom)

Foreclosures Up Sharply In Maine (Up 400%)

"Path to 9/11" Maker Has Evangelical Ties


Schwarzenegger apologizes over (crude, racist) remark

Sudan president agrees to release Tribune journalist Salopek

Army general says Rumsfeld refused to plan for post-war Iraq

Pro-American Sarkozy, eyeing French presidency, heads to U.S. for 4-days

• Senate panel finds no pre-war Saddam-al-Qaida tie

Exxon Mobil warns Russia to honor contract

Albright and Berger Call On ABC To ‘Withdraw’ Path to 9/11 (new letter)

WP/AP: Feds Examine Safety of Mercury Fillings

Halliburton Co Used Military Supplies For Own Party

Plame leak: Armitage thrown under bus

Scholastic pulls out of "The Path to 9/11"

Whistle-blower slams Iraq contractor (KBR)

No proof Iran backing militants in NE Iraq - general

Iraq's August oil production rises to 2.285 million b/d: ministry

US blacklists major Iranian bank

Bolivians strike in charter row (right-wing, anti-Morales)

AP: Army Touts Recruiting Turnaround

Intelligence Didn't Back Bush Iraq Claims, Senate Reports Say

NBC: Missing Air Force major found

ABC gets more pressure to toss 9/11 film

Santorum's children defend dad in new ad

La. Radio Host Charged in Wife's Death

Long Island Titanium Manufacturer and Its Owner/Operator Indicted

WP,pg1:Decision to Move Detainees Resolved 2-Yr Debate Among Bush Advisers

Blast by U.S. embassy in Afghanistan kills 16

Peru film refused by PBS attracts crowd at library


Explosion Kills 2, Wounds 6 in Baghdad

Christian Group Encourages Recycling

Turkey rejects NATO call for Afghan reinforcements

Iran could discuss nuclear suspension - Khatami

Indonesia asks U.S. for access to militant (moved to Gitmo)

US reveals Iraq 'hostage affairs' office (Baghdad US Embassy)

Storm breaks over attack on Irwin

British soldier dies in Iraq

Pilgrims killed heading for religious festival in Iraq

(UN Human Rights Comm) Arbour says CIA prisoner transfer not enough

U.S. Orders Closing of Venezuelan Office

Voting Rights statute tested

US seeks UN draft resolution on sanctions as early as next week

Conservatives Help Wal-Mart, and Vice Versa

Bush Calls For Greater Wiretap Authority

Iraq defends Arab TV channel ban, despite critics

Judge halts Bible giveaway at Mo. school

ABC: 9/11 program criticism 'premature'

Bush says US watching Pakistan deal with militants

Clintonistas Claim Foul Over ABC 9/11 Film

Iran's Russia-built atomic plant to start up Sept '07

New Yorkers: WTC health problems ignored

Contrite BP bosses admit blame for Alaskan oil leaks--Guardian

UN force says Israeli sea blockade of Lebanon ends

Comic Book Duio Recreates Unlikely Story: 9-11

Central Asia Creates Nuclear-Free Zone

Suicide blast kills 16 in Kabul (3 U.S. soldiers killed)

Gallup: Iraq War Dominates As Americans' Top Priority ('Terra' #6?)

NATO seeks 2,000 troops in Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 8 September

Bush: 'Presidents Don't Get Do-Overs' ('But I did.')

Scholastic Pulls 9/11 Classroom Guide

NYT: Lamont Criticizes Lieberman’s 1998 Rebuke of Clinton Over Affair

Iranian troops capture Iraqi officer, five soldiers

Bush Plans Prime Time Sept. 11 Address: After visits to NY, PA, Pentagon

Sen. Cantwell helped lobbyist's clients

GOP wants McCaskill to apologize for Katrina comments

Are you ready to sort matters out?

Music Video... In the Navy

So they're remastering the complete Star Trek original series

If you're bullish on kudzu...

"I've got nothing to say but it's O.K."

I actually learned something playing a game!

( __|_x )

No, really, he just wanted to talk to Mr. Ed.

The Worst Analogies Ever Written in a High School Essay

Interesting msnbc documentary on

Eraserhead -- should I watch it tonight?

Timmy and Cats? Why does DU hate them?

Oh man...there's a "Best of the Best 4?" I'm in bad movie heaven.

The secret connection between Velcro & the New World Order

3:51 AM. who's up?

Favorite necrophilia joke (poor taste warning!)

4:11 AM. who's Down?

Name the most batshit insane famous person living today.

Mustache rides five cents! Woooo!!!!

Check out my new guitar teacher!!

"hello kitty" this going to far?

Husband Kills Pet Chicken, Wife Shoots Husband In The Back

Man Attends Domestic Violence Course - Goes Home - Beats Wife

Lindsay Lohan has purse stolen, "upward of" $1 million in jewelry inside

Not medical advise, just a question

Damn, the sig line feature is pretty good...

Some people might find the Link to Ezprezzo offensive

Do you know where your children are?

Damn. 12 minutes on the exerciser and I'm sweating more than I ever had.

Detroit Lions Coach Places Wendy's Drive-Thru Order In The Nude

Video: Ben Affleck, drunk, 2004: "They are like two giant stones"

How many aging Baby Boomer DUers would burn a doobie...

Photoshop Experts, Here You Go, Fresh Meat...

Firesign Theatre fans: I need help with deciphering a quote

Can I ask a really stupid question?

Why would you post something for sale on Craigslist and not

They're cooking something good over at the school cafeteria

Sometimes It Just Feels like

Ellen DeGeneres picked to host Oscars

Toady rides five cents! Woooo!!!!

Cell Phones Found 'Inside' (INSIDE) 4 Prisoners

Worst personal ad tag line ever conceived:

THE REAL POLL: Least Favorite Neologism/Buzzword.

"That's OK. You get it. Nice ringtone BTW."

The End of Civilization

Amy Adams appreciation thread

More proof that Tom Cruise is a very strange bird indeed.

So what is the deal with newborns and kitties anyway?

If the Snakes on a Plane theme song...

Do you ever get unaccountably irked?

No more Aerosmith!

"All About Eve" is on AMC

Testing out my new Google Bomb

Man Thought It Was Legal To Take Upskirt Pictures

I haven't cleaned my cats litterbox since 28 Febuary 05

my Ipod died and am looking for a replacement

Can we end "Daunte Culpepper is going to change the Dolphins" talk now?

Ane Brun=One amazing singer

HURRY! Christmas Is Coming!! Order YOURS Today!!11

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/8/06)

Congratulations xchrom!! 20,000 posts

Happy Birthday Dr. Strangelove

What have you stolen from DU lately? (Dial up warning)

My well wishes for all DUers this weekend

Congratulations DoYouEverWonder!! 30,000 posts

Congratulations LSK!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations zbdent!! 15,000 posts

Important news:Lohan's Hermes handbag stolen at Heathrow. 1mil in jewels

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Harold and Maude is on Turner tonight

Has anybody here ever done one of those mystery shopper things?

Breaking News: God proclaims George Bush "Jesus Christ Almighty"

Our library just got all the Twilight Zone episodes on DVD

Who else is tired of the angel wings ad at top?

Dove shooting on 9/11. What the...?!?!?!

Damn it, it wasn't *quite* fresh enough!

Respectfully submitted without comment:

Sticker shock...or

We need suggestions for a town in NJ that's convenient to NYC DUers.

Fuck NOW CALLING Congress. RIGHT .

Who are those guys?

Congress is Fucking. DONT CALL THEM NOW.

T-minus 30 hours

Favorite 'Clue' movie quote

According to Jim is in syndication. God help us all.

Countdown to Shower

A series question!


Breaking news! Lohan's handbag found in London

New batch of abstract art to ease your busy mind.

I haven't bought a new piece of computer hardware since 2003...

The devil is in Missouri

ginbarn and I are off to attend our niece's wedding rehearsal

Canine cocktail parties give owners chance to socialize and spend

Thom Gunn is elected President of the United States. What happens next?

Dutch priest charged with Madonna threat. This is HUGH

Man's Gun Fires As He Uses Wal-Mart Toilet

I'm a little disappointed in my fellow Loungers today.

Anyone use Better World Travel (AAA alternative)

So they have this new medication that helps prolong sex for men...

Exidor is dead

Panda inconsolable after crushing cub

It's official - I have become a thread-killer

Nobody can eat fifty eggs.

A serious question!

Youtube - Is this a bad mom?

Yay!!! It's Friday!!!!

I've Corrupted My Grandson

I haven't cleaned my inbox since 28 Febuary 05

LeftyKid is stomping around being a carniverous dinosaur

Play Nice, or Bare Teeth?

Flaming Lips fans...i need your advice

Don't you love it when...

Lemon Meringue Pies Are Love?

Brangelina won't marry until all couples can

I feel so old, the first stars I gave birth to are going nova this year

Favorite Football

You're going to be jealous as hell...

Hey Matcom - your hero is coming to Newark Delaware

Hey DU Naughty Women - Your Wish is My Command too! AND

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

It's Friday Night everyone!!! How the F_ck Are Ya??

Dammit!! I burned the cookies!!!

Are we living in a world where sex and horror are the new drug?

I've swtiched to GSN's "I've Got a Secret" at 6:30pm

Woohoo! Fox has the Festivus Seinfeld episode on.

I feel like running away, anyone want to adopt me?

Will someone PLEASE make it rain?

So we slam the mom who laughs at the girl on the roller coaster

I took a four hour nap today

Tonight's episodes of Star Trek on TVLand!

I've stayed away from the Lounge too long!

Friday, September 8. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Tim Gunn is elected President of the United States. What happens next?


I feel so deflated

Gratuitous Steelers gloating thread

What Psychedelic Albums should I buy on I-Tunes tonight?

OK, here I am at AirmensMom place with Joani

Being used sucks

Happy birthday SmileyBoy!!

Daughter's off to college, first weekend without her

Friday = Silly Album Covers Day

RACCOON IN HOUSE! Wild Animal Experts, I Need Your Help

What's for dinner?

Here it Comes Kids. The Bullshit Storm is Intensifying!

Least Favorite Neologism/Buzzword.

Ewe'll be sorry (You have to see this picture!)

I feel so old, my daughter is going to her first school dance tonight.

How do you hit on a girl at a clothing store?

Carl Hiaasen's new book "Nature Girl" will be published in November

billyskank artwork for the weekend

I had a sleep study last night. Anyone else?

Friday night music thread. What's blarin' through yer speakers?

So which one is Eric Clapton?

The customer of the day: Was I being "too hard to deal with"?

Pam Dawber appreciation thread!


Monday is just gonna be a great big 9-11 porn fest, isn't it?

Hi democratic-underground! What's your google-bomb plan for Brit Hume?

I never watched Survivor.... What's it about ?

I haven't cleaned my kitty litter box since 28 Febuary 05

Naughty poll: Underwear survey

nana braggin' ... my own little angel

How badly will Texas beat up on OSU?

Post 10 random albums from your collection

I haven't cleaned my house since 28 Febuary 05

Summarize a film in one sentence!

The most fucked up thing I have seen in my life

Post your three favorite PM subject lines from your inbox.

I just got NaturallySpeaking9

A question for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Study: Earthlike planets may be common (Reuters/CNN)

Concern over renewed antievolutionism in Ohio persists

"WTC View" A film NOT by Disney.

Need some help.

Sept. 11 introduced U.S. to gay families

I am a proud gay man, but...

Four-time champion Holyfield set to fight Oquendo

what do you folks think about this stuff ???

So I got the results of all my medical tests and

Receiving with Grace - Accepting Compliments

A question for tarot readers or anyone intuitive

Kerry to appear on the Jeff Santos show

Just read that Senator Kerry will be on CNN/Late Edition on

OT: Sam Seder is having a field day

For those attending the speech tomorrow- have a great time.

Does anyone remember the RW columnist who looks like Bolton &

OT: This is excellent

have you all signed the petition at the DNC?


New JK email about tomorrow's speech - and something new!

In the mood for a bitter laugh?

OT: The Christian Right funded the "Path to 9/11"?

Did anyone watch JK in the Foreign Relations Committee yesterday when

dKos post: Krauthammer Blames John Kerry for Iraq Debacle

GD thread of note -

So, let us agree that Christian fundamentalists are not proper Christians.

900 right-wing media outlets and bloggers have seen PT9/11

Terrorism as political tool too strong for Bush to resist

Top Republicans Challenge Bush on Terror Prosecution

Anyone else here seen the movie "The Pentagon Wars"?

How Many Must Die Over There

The Republicans Are Shaking In Their Boots and Soiling their Undies.

WP: Cemetery's Flags Found in Squirrel Nest

So what's else can we do on Friday...? Re: ABC and Path to 9/11

god DAMN all republicans! Fmr. EPA head blames *NYC*....


Timmy and Cats? Why does DU hate them?

Just look at the raw democratic power we are unleashing on ABC...

Ted Koppel is having a show opposite Path to 911 on Sunday

here's hoping that Bubba gets the spotlight

What kind of permits are required to protest/picket...?

Designs for WTC buildings revealed

Permission vs Absolution

Vietnam confirms detention of U.S. citizen


Mr. Clinton, He was one of us

Write to Judy Woodruff at complain about her

Our governance broke laws. They committed horrible crimes,...

If I put "Christian" in front of my business's name, would I be blessed

bush & blair. Breaking up is so very hard to do.

Counteract Government Disobedience with Civil Disobedience

"Being in custody is coercive" and any statement made while

So how the hell did WE end up being the bad guys?

I wanna place an order for a Google bomb, please.

Just how long will we let THEM tell the 9-11 story THEIR way?

Cruella at a meeting of Young Republicans

Google Developing Eavesdropping Software

Connect the dots?

Brit Hume wants us to Google Bomb?

Sorry, no Hil apology on Iraq war vote

Call Sirius and ask them to offer Mike Malloy a job !

A right-wing blogger is trying to "rebut" my thread about forgetting 9/11 Video: "Controversy Over 9/11 Mini-Series"

If We Are In a War for Survival—

Hm. Donnie Walhberg has deleted his link to "Path To 9/11"

US Senate to issue report on prewar intelligence on Iraq today

Senate to issue Iraq intelligence report

The Disney/ABC Battle Is Lexington and Concord

Scholastic Hasn't Actually Backed Away From Docudrama

"WHAT 'Secret Prisons'?"



A vast rightwing conspiracy

Suicide car bomb in Afghanistan kills 16 - US convoy

According to Election Predictions blog, Dems retake House, Governor posts

FOX NEWS: Bush, Lieberman Polling Company Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Variety: Bombshell decision may happen; ABC mulls yanking "Path to 9/11"

Fiore is brilliant again this week!

Steve Jobs is Disney's largest shareholder. Boycott Apple over 9/11 show!

Oh, Lord, it's had to be humble...

It's Miller Time!!!

Illinois has a long proud culture of corruption.

CNN poll: Hillary Clinton or Rudy Guiliani?

Pentagon "bomb scare", annoyance and cynicism...

If Evangelicals Funded A Political Film What Is Their Tax Status

Says it all: Disney/ABC to NYC

I saw clips of Path to 9/11

My idea for a bumper sticker....

Radical Fringe Cartoon - Fri. 9/8

The Symbolism of the Katie Couric Interview w/ Bush

Replace Disney/ABC with MSNBC....oh no....

Governor Schwarzenegger calls Cubans, Puerto Ricans "all very hot" on tape

H-1B visa holders paid less than Americans

Press Release from Katherine Harris...

Path 9/11-If the EXACT words -syllable for syllable - were ascribed to Bush

The ABC movie again(critical thinking skills)

September 8th 3.12 a day

Online question: Was Sept. 11 an insider's job?

**Bush to speechify to the nation Monday night?

Michael Moore vs. ABC

More Republicant values.....

Krauthammer: Iraq is in civil war

Variety: ABC Considering Pulling "Path to 9/11"

If you had 18 minutes to talk to America, what would you say?

Earthlike planets may be common:

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

MSNBC Coming Up: Bill Clinton Vs. ABC

Chafee wrote a letter to Condi regarding his concerns over Bolton

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black*Fourteen Common Threads of FASCIST REGIMES:

"Path to IRAQ" would be a more interesting story

Clinton gets a gas-electric hybrid Mercury SUV

MSNBC's Alex Wittless: "Clinton never declared war on bin Laden."

Kristin Breitweiser in on S Miller's show discussing her letter to Coulter

Clinton: "I Think They Ought To Tell The Truth"-Film "CONTGRADICTS" Facts

Skinner: can we have a new avatar?

Support Greg Palast! Buy 2 copies of Armed Madhouse. Send one

William Rivers Pitt: A Day of Chicken-Counting

ABC Sponsors list--e-mail them folks

Our side finally showed some fangs. Score one for the good guys.

"Road to 911" may air, but "Loose Change" is coming

It has just occured to me I have seen NO affiliate come forward and

Over 1500 Iraqis Killed in August

Where to complain about "Path to Fiction"?

Adopt Kerry's slogan: Bush's platform - lie and die

Rumsfeld proposes new arms race with Russia

E&P's Christenson Calls Lastest Iraq Visit The Most Violent Ever

Houston Chron Editorial: 'Path To 9/11' "Fabricating History"

From Senator Byrd, RE: domestic eavesdropping program:

WashPost: Bush Calls for GREATER (?) Wiretapping Power >

Do we have any proof that Bush let Bin Laden go?

DU this poll!!

Former ambassador to Yemen: 9/11 Miniseries Is Bunk


(VIDEO) “It turned out not all the facts were correct”: Harvey Keitel

Question: Bush 9/11 Visit Ground Zero

Does anyone remember the other 9/11 propaganda film?

Anther day, another battle...

Video: Fred Phelps on "mockers and scoffers" Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

CNN: gas down to $2.68 nationwide, not that bad/ - Comapred to what?

Need Verification Re: Howie Kurtz

Which Forum for Iraq discussion?

Ann Coulter said things in Afghanistan were going "swimmingly"

Rathergate v. The Path to 9/11

Iraq ..... Where is the God of Love the * speaks of?

Friend of missing Marine arrested for false reporting

homes for half a million ~. ~ .~. on Long Island

For-profit companies don’t blow $40 million out of "goodwill"

If Democrats win either House of Congress, ABC can be investigated

Scholastic Sponsored White House Teachers of the Year Event >>

St. Martin's Press recalled "Fortunate Son" when MSM trashed author

Is it time to burn all our Disney products?

My letter to Scholastic...

My script for "THE PATH TO IMPEACHMENT!" Read it and weep, ABC!

Well, none of us need to watch MEET THE PRESS on Sunday!

Blast, Yards from US Embassy, Kills 13 in Kabul, Including 2 U.S. GIs

This gives new meaning to the words "Keeping In Touch"

I'm just saying...

Sun-Times TV Critic: ZERO stars for "Path to 9/11"

Take new Hubris book, and ask Bush did you say this?did this happen?

“we’re fighting for our way of life, and our ability to live in freedom.”

According to Conrad Burns, we got our Pre-Intelligence from a TERRORIST!


Lamont Criticizes Lieberman For Criticizing Clinton (Right On!)

Kean apologize to Clinton? "No, he was out campaigning against my son"

Who's up for a Snow Job? C-Span Now. 11:35

44 Republicans and 1 Democrat Voted for Expanding Opium Production.

Isn't it amazing that 9/11 on chimp's watch is somehow Clinton's fault!

Bush plans prime time Sept. 11 address

ABC Still Advertising Path to 9/11 as “based on 9/11 Commission Report"

email to scholastic

Peter B Collins (for Thom Hartmann) broadcasting from Camp Democracy

The ABC thing gets WORSE...W wants to do a pre-game address Monday.


KOA radio host mentions "Google-bomb" by "DemocraticUnderground"

Rockefeller on cspan now saying their 2nd 9/11 report HAS been

Richard Poe is funny...

Hit these companies in their pocket books and get progressive legislation

Pest Control

Path to 911 poll on

Keep your head above "Path"

Why would TV/Movie "stars" agree to be in the ABC 9/11 movie?

In The Interest Of Drama, Some Dialogue May Be Fictionalized

Re:Bush - we're not going to take it no more...


Bin Laden determined to strike in US- August 6, 2001 to Sept 11, 2001

BYU Professor on Paid Leave for 9-11 Theory

Local ABC affiliate told me ABC may pull Path to 9/11!

So ABC running a disclaimer fixes its false portrayal of historical event?

Senate Report On Pre-War Intell - NO Saddam-al-Qaida Tie

Write George Mitchell about the mockumentary

Let's tally up which Wars were won by Dems vs. Reeps --

AmericaBlog: Bush speech on 9/11 will interrupt "Path to 9/11"?

Caption Tony Snow - pic

Need help on Iraq nuclear centrifuge stories

Some may try to say that Disney is a "liberal company" based on donations.

CBS caved to right-wing pressure on a "Reagan" TV-movie a few years ago

Reid on CSPAN now - Path to 9-11 should be pulled! (12:53)

My Little America (a truth telling)

"Accuracy Aside, ABC's '9/11' Deserves to Bomb": Chicago Sun-Times

How to send anonymous email

ABC/Disney - Who should resign?

Does someone have the ABC phone number I'm supposed to call?

Carl Levin discussing Senate Report on C-Span 2 - 12:16

Senate Balance of Power: GOP 49 Dems 45 Toss-Up 6

I am DU, hear me roar, in numbers too great to ignore!

Would getting the Path to 9/11 cancelled be good?

"To The Dead We Owe Only The Truth" by Carnaki at Daily Kos

Why does Al Qaeda want the Bushists to remain in power?

Harvey Keitel speaks out on Path to 9/11

Rewriting History (The Path to 9/11)

Dupe please delete. How Bush's Secret Gulag Violates International & US Laws

Links to Iraq Intelligence Phase II Reports here:

"The Republicans have turned Iraq into a corporate welfare gravy train"

Bin-Laden's 9-11 rhetoric elevated since Bush made him a political equal

Rumsfeld "forbade" post war planning.

Perfect. Just fucking perfect.

Can someone point me to the directions for hiding ads, my computer crashes

B*sh missed 3 chances to kill Zarqawi in Iraq, pre-invasion


The "fear mongering" isn't new.

Wild speculation? Or October Surprise? (do they already have Osama?)

How many times did Bush fail to kill OBL?

She's Her Own Twin

Ahhh! Ain't Al Gore's internets a thing of beauty?

I think it's time, let go and allow people to suffer their own,...

The nation should remember September 18th 2001 and 911

How about a big DU "howdy" to newbies and lurkers

Another poll that needs DUing

Why doesn't "Ignorance is no defense" not apply to bush?

Hear the new spin, same as the old spin...

An important point about ABC's 'Disclaimer' for Path to 9/11

The truth of 911 condemns Bush - which is why the lie is being aired

Has anyone seen this?

Should we Google Bomb the movie or "DISNEY"

Santorum Gets Special Delivery from America’s Seniors: A Donut Reporting That ABC Execs Mull Yanking "Path To 9/11"

Senate PhaseII Report: CIA sent fax to WH asking to pull Niger yellowcake

What is a Google Bomb?

Film 911 Press For The Truth opens today and I've heard....

Breaking*: Senate: No Prewar Saddam-al-Qaida Ties

Did Armitage Fall On His Sword?

General taken aback by the ferocity of violence in Afghanistan

Office of Special Counsel tried to get a dress code - jeez

How hi-tech Hezbollah called the shots

ABC MOCKEY MAUS or 911 Mockey Maus Graphic/Logo for Use

Boy Our Gas Prices Really Dropped Overnite

E-mail update from DNC re: ABC/Disney conudrama

Iraq deaths multiply in new August count

Reagan Aide Stockman Targeted in Fraud Probe

Christian, huh....

Must read diary on DailyKos: Iraq is not Vietnam

World Trade Center Bombing 1993 is Bill Clintons fault

Why are gas prices going down ??

What Makes Someone Desert The Military?

The Uncaptured Osama is not brought up by Dems

A Mother Promotes Understanding After 9/11

Is Pakistan risking creating a bin-Laden sanctuary?

Michael Moore knew, hell even Madonna and Sean Penn knew...

Tony Snow re: Senate Intel Phase II report: "nothing new."

So at what point would pulling a Guy Fawkes be justified?

Did You All See The "Christ On The US Flag" 9/11 Memorial At The Vatican?

U.S. paid Miami journalists under the table for Cuba propaganda

Local ABC stations re: 9/11

9/11 Comissioners Criticize "Path To 9/11"

GREAT TOON on ABC 9/11 doc "Mouse that Whored"

Okay, am I crazy here or what?

american death toll in Iraq now greater than WTC death toll

The 9/11 propaganda piece... maybe it's just me?

Karl Rove's Week that Wasn't

Mea culpa from calimary, Guys - I wanted to correct something here:

WTF? I just got phone surveyed about that ABC show

Is there any update onJustice Kennedy's health?

Leading Historians Call For Cancellation of "Fraudulent" 9/11 Docudrama

Bush Threatens to Kill NYT Reporter & Family

ABC = "Always Blame Clinton"

Rush Limbaugh is calling us Stalinists

What would be the point of watching the 911 "mini-series" now?

new orleans....."in katrina`s wake"

My run-in with a Right-Wing dittohead.

"The Path to 9/11" is an accurate portrayal

How Can It Be That Local News Channel Can't Be Contacted? WTAE Pittsburgh

911 conspiracy mainstream on MSNBC now

Thousands of Americans die every 9/11 due to lack of health insurance

TPM....."sounds like things about to get considerably worse for ABC"

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

Schwarzenegger's latest racist remarks

Why not talk with Iran?

"Path to 9-11" will energize Dem voters on 11-7

Can someone debunk this RW talkingpoint about Iger donating to Dems?

RNC creates fake newspaper depicting a Democratic takeover of Congress

VIDEO: Bill Bennett Says 'ABC Should Correct Those Inaccuracies' in "Path"

Essex County College Stand Down For Veterans N.J. Homeless vets

*****Bite APPLE in the ASS (the 911 Farce/ACTION ALERT)*****

Variety: Under fire, ABC mulls yanking mini - Call Your Local ABC Station!

Are you tempted to take a week-long nap?

I'm a bit worried about the day after the ABC 9/11 mini-series airs

More Lies - Path to 9/11: Condi - The Fated Memo & Bush's Supposed Concern

I do not hate The Path to 9/11

Sorry if watching show on Free Masonry and America's

John Kerry: Major Speech On National Security Tomorrow - Boston

Anyone know if "Path to 9-11" has the full 7 mins Jr sat in a classroom?

(VIDEO) A music video you must see by Todd McFarlane


ABC Dishonors, Descecrates and Maligns 3000 Dead Americans

Even IF Bin Laden had been killed prior to Bush

Power to the Peaceful Festival 2006

Wes Clark on Ed Schultz 3:35p.m

Okay who is the exec producer who greenlighted "path to 9-11" ?

Chris Wallace slams ABC Path To 9/11: “It’s Slanderous & Defamatory"

FYI: Tonight on 'Real Time' with Bill Maher:

Quiz: "I truly am not that concerned about him."

Senate Pre-War Intel Reports (PDFs Here)

I was skeptical about the link between Path to 9/11 and an Evangelical

I saw some clips of Path to 9-11, and it really reminded me of this:

Matthews to NewsBusters: Plame Story Too Complicated to Cover Now

"people just aren't as happy to see Westerners as they used to be"

ABC Said it WOULD REWRITE parts of the 9/11 movie

Caption this * pic

9-11 Widow Coulter Attacked Fires Back - Larry King Friday

There once was a tool named Rush

Guess what happens on 9-12 this year?

George Mitchell is Chairman of the Board of Disney?

How to Contact local ABC affiliate

Variety Now Says ABC Might "Yank Mini"! CALL, PROTEST YR LOCAL ABCs!!

More evidence of ABC folding: cancelled ads


Would the right get pissy if a movie blamed w for allowing 9-11? (he did)

TPM Muckraker Now Covering "Path to 9/11 Funded By Cult" Story.

We are not safer

Sun Times: Accuracy aside, ABC's '9/11' deserves to bomb

Senate report: No Saddam, al-Qaida link

A Couple of Numbers From Bush's Speeches This Week:

Rethug Goal: Make Americans Dumb and frightened

ThinkProgress: Conservatives On "Path": 'Unacceptable,' 'Defamatory'

John @ Americablog: I've Got The Whole Film - Fact-Checking Appreciated

ABC also had to pull Mel Gibson's documentary on the Holocaust

The pathological liars path to 9/11...

Ten big news stories the media is ignoring

George W. Bush, an unwanted pregnancy that grew up to become president

VIDEO: Lifelong Conservative Marine Assails Bush Policies

A note for those who dogged Bill Clinton for "slow reaction" to ABC

Gas prices down/election time.... can any one else say....

Senate Intel Committee Bloodies Bush's Nose

More Evidence Bush Was Going To War In Iraq No Matter What

Another milestone--3000 dead US Servicemembers

Even dogs hate Bush.

Variety on "The Path to 9/11"


Anyone have a gun? The next time

Boortz said this about Clinton this morning.

Facts in ABC PATH TO 9/11 and Dan Rather flap

Other than corrupt, how would you describe our government?

WTF is "Jesus Camp?"

If I was going to fictionalize *any* part about the Path to 9/11....

Could you protest introducing the Bible in schools, not on the basis


Help! - Reverse diet

Contact your ABC Affiliates Now! (from ThinkProgress) RE: Path to 9/11

Researchers identify "male warrior effect"

Kristin Breisweiser (9/11 Widow) will be on Larry King!!!!

Officials deny bin Laden escaped Nov 2001 capture (08/02/02)

Nearly 200,000 sign DNC petition to ABC networks.

I never watched Survivor.... What's it about ?

Should people have to pass a test to be allowed to vote?

Hezbollah poised to strike Manhattan soon : expert

Looks like Ivanka Trump is on "our team" (yes, she is his daughter)

Striptease Heats Up Global Warming event..

DUers in Burbank, CA - Join the Disney Protest at 4:00 p.m.

Please Help Me Get Out The Word on The Path to 9/11

In the whole scheme of things I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Saddam

Good Friday Morning! Want Some Good News? Well, This Isn't It...

FreeRepublic on Path 911 now on p. 2 of Google

Cyrus Nowrasteh "can’t deny" that ABC has heavily edited "Path to 9/11"

Any DUers sailing on the December 2006 Cruise with Joe Wilson et al?

Who is funding this 40 million dollar lie?

Bush's former cocaine dealer and only fan who raps gets arrested

"Law & Order" Rerun BEATS Couric's 9/11 Special in Ratings Match-Up

Fun Comments Countering 'A Former CIA Officer' On ABC News Blog!

Gary Schroen, CIA Advisor on ABC movie - is he saying it is accurate?

Path to 9/11 Writer Admits Controversial Scene Was "Improvised"

Why are RW'ers making such a big deal about our Google Bomb?

Fuck Tucker Carlson Thread

Good advice from Dear Abby?

Who *really* let Bin Laden get away?

Down the Memory Hole: The Pentagon Crash Planning pictures are removed

Sue ABC for libel and take the 9/11 story to Court!

Whistle-blower slams Iraq contractor

Did Tom Kean LIE To Media About Not Being A Paid Consultant To 9/11 Film?

Do you get the feeling the whole ABC 9/11 thing is a Rove setup?

Iraq's Reality Sinks In; Political Hell to Break Loose After Nov. Election

ABC Crock-u-drama gives Fahrenheit 9-11 More Credence

Tom Kean is a Wanker!!!

Bush was warned Bin Laden will escape from Tora Bora without more troops.

Is this the ultimate goal of "No Child Left Behind" types of legislation?

WOA Global warming?

Some pentagon fucks better end up doing time for this.

Thomas Kean is in this up to his eyeballs.

How long until Bush Burn-out occurs?

CNN: Scholastic has ended their relationship w/ABC & changed the materials

CONGRESS: Hold George W. Bush accountable for his LIES!

Remember when the federal court was going to have to make a decision to

Is any of this in Sunday's presentation?

List of Local ABC Affiliates--Call Gen. Sales Mgr.: U Will Not Watch News!

Guardian UK Covers "Path To 9/11" Controversy

*gasp* Caption this pic (WARNING)

Harvey Keitel, star of "Path to 9/11", disses his own movie.

Time to Take Away Disney's Political Candy

Feds probe Menendez rental deal (NJ Star-Ledger)

Are you having difficulty viewing the Latest Page and Homepage?

Stephanopolous has an all 9/11 Commision cast for Sunday morning

Chris Matthews AND Bill Bennett criticizing PT911? What's up???

Why it's important that we stop this BEFORE it spreads (ABC path to 911)

The Al Qaeda tape... am I paranoid?

What's up with Bush?

Another boycott idea: Buy Miramax stuff, boycott everything else Disney

Funny about this 9/11 movie - it's a "runaway production."

Look! The Repukes are purging their party! OMG!

"It's a religious war...they are trying to destroy our god." CSPAN WJ call

What is this asshole's problem?

Fuck writing the mouse. Get their license revoked

Bill Maher: Mocking Bush is My Patriotic Duty (great rant!)

Important New "blame on the Clinton team is in the DNA of the project."

Donnie Wahlberg defends 'The Path'

Oh no they didn't! ABC News calls Clinton supporters "Clintonistas".

Dear RW Fundies: You Are Exposed, Darlings

Here's What The Right Wingos are Basing ABC's Crockudrama on

Carlyle gets into ethanol production?

MSNBC hosts make series of misleading or baseless claims about The Path to

"Path to 9/11" BBC call it a DRAMA

way to go Kansas City!

AP: Saudi Religious Cops Ban Dog, Cat Sales

A another self-described "simple-minded" Christian just called WJ CSPAN

The GOP Implodes: QUICK!!! Talk about Slick Willie's BJ!!!

So which polling company will next report % of US believing AlQaeda-Iraq

One Tin Soldier

More on the fundamentalist cult behind "The Path to 9/11"

'Tie the House in knots, and start impeachment hearings' - Right Winger

An Open Letter to Bob Iger, CEO, Disney -recommended reading!

Christine Whitman just blamed the victims of WTC dust.

After Katrina Which Is More Likely: Clinton Or Bush Dithered On Terrorism

Vote in this poll!

Tucker and Steriod Man getting flayed

"Path to 9/11" Maker Has Evangelical Ties

Allright Sam, what are you up to? That's FOUR Malloy "Winks" ..

Come November I won't be surprised if we LOSE Senate seats/Social Security

When Clinton was trying to get UBL, they said he was trying to distract

Utah Volunteer Rescuer Says 9/11 Harmed Her Health

NBC Nightly Newsflash: No Link Between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

New Zealand first to see A Path to 9/11


I hate lawyers and hears why

Is there any way to get a list of sponsors on the ABC movie?

Alex Twitt on MSNBC asking if furor over ABC is "partisan whining."

Good Lord. September is shaping up to be a real bloodbath in Iraq.

Any really good artists out there?

MSNBC's version of "911 Unanswered Questions"

"Path to 9/11" & The New Jersey Senate Race & the EPA

A current subject line reminded me of a must-read book.

ABC's 'crockumentary', the Fairness Doctrine, and Net Neutrality

CLINTON: Bush Told OBL: Getting Saddam=7 x More Important Than Getting You

Need help: KATU WILL air PT911: call 800-777-KATU NOW

The ABC 9-11 lie fiasco to date: A collection of revelations and links

Republican Female Voter???

DU? Poll on 911 Conspiracy Theories???!!!! or does Path to 911

B*** Alert. He's leaving KC in 30 minutes. Channel 4, 5 and 9 have shown

The grand flip-flop: Sept 10 2001, "I am tired of swatting flies"

ABC 9-11 Docu-Fraud Must Be Cancelled

How do the 9/11 'Doculie" actors feel about the movie/lie?

ABC = Anti-American Broadcasting Company

Falafel boy doing book signings...

Randi Rhodes will be on in St Louis starting September 18

Breaking News: Bucky Phillips May Have Been In A Car!

Reagan Invoked in Dem Campaign Ad

OMG Turn on Sam Seder

Sunday shows....partial list

Are all you Lost fans gonna stop watching because of 9/11...

I smell a rat.

Terrorists kidnap Bush administration. Demand ransom money.

The book Unfortunate Son was stopped by Poppy Bush.

Sam Seder Is Exposing the Right Wing Myths

"Democracy Now"'s Amy Goodman is coming up on Franken's show

HOLY SHIT - Sam Sedar is TEARING a freeper a new one!

The emperor has no clothes: Say something about it

Tim Russert says he will ask Cheney about the new report (nbc is doing

Do we want to be unsafe and have civil liberties or...

So is ABC still showing that abomination?

Today's climate change spotlight #2: Cattle in Greenland

Coulterized Conservatives

Holy Crap did you guys see the Commercial now for C.I.A.

Attn Californians! Tell Arnold to vote against the Electoral College!

Ted Koppel was on Charlie Rose

ABC just spoke of the Path to 9/11film on news...Anyone see it?

(VIDEO) The cast of Rescue Me visit Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial

Clinton, Bush, and Terrorism - 2 great links:

Nancy Reagan requests that Webb stop using Reagan video footage

Today's climate change spotlight: Roads and runways sinking in Quebec

Ya know, if FedEx and UPS vans went hybrid

There is a Global Warming Wiki, now! (Originally posted in E/E Forums)

Disney has put its reputation's worth at $40 million

The DU airforce on a google bomb run. Picture.

(Senate Intelligence Committee) Report: No prewar Saddam-al-Qaida tie

Larry King tonite: "9/11 Widows Fire Back" (@ Coulter & critics)

Look At What A Former NY Times Journalist Says About US Journalism

Jesus Camp?

Capital news poll

The reaper makes a bitter harvest in Northern New York this week

ATTENTION TRUTHSEEKERS! Malloy special guest on Sam Seder's show!!

Can anyone explain to me how Ford can be going bankrupt?

Cell Tower Could Be Disguised In Cross

Suskind Challenges Bush "Facts" on Zubaydah: "We tortured an insane man."

Internal DoJ documents on *'s dismantlement of Clinton's successful ...

Kean on CNN: "What Possible Political Motivation Could I Have?"

ABC is Frantically Recutting it's Miniseries amid pressure?

Turn the blame on Clinton around.

Missed Limpballs on the CBS News Free Speech segment "Urgent, Exploiting 9/11" PETITION CALL

Bush to give 9/11 speech WITHIN Mockudrama airing -- no pre-empting

Variety: "Pols Pound 'Path'" (to 9/11)

New DNC Video: Bin Laden Been Missing

False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents Show ......

Would you hang a family "portrait" like this in your home?

This is VERY scary...

ABC's ad for PT9/11 has flag desecration


HBO's 'Wire' is a "challenging masterpiece" . . .

"Dick Armitage - he was opposed to the war"

Mike Malloy to be on with Sam Seder tonight

Pssst, wanna DU me?

ACLU Email: Dick Cheney Wants Access To Your Email

If Clinto failed then why did Bush not do anything either?

Email Addy's of Disney Executives Re: "Path to 9/11"

Took my family to disney...

Why doesn't "our side" do this more often? --->

Call or email about ABC/ESPN. Tell them of your boycott plans..

{{{Kpete}}} One of the most valuable DU members ever!

Petition to the FCC about the 9-11 Dick-u-drama

Barbara Bodine: "I know this is false. I was there. I was the ambassador."

Computer Problems at the MN Rennaissance Fest - a fun tale w/pics!

w & laura to have moment of silence in "the Pit" on Monday.

Thom Hartmann said he won't be spending money on any Disney products

Amendment to protect Ground Zero from presidential desecration

Keep the Heat on ABC!!!!! numbers & email addresses

BREAKING: Albright and Berger Call On ABC To ‘Withdraw’ Path to 9/11

The history ABC rewrote: Newsweek account of *'s dismantling of Clinton's

It's official-War was based on lies. White House agrees.

ABC World News passes Couric & wins in Chicago

ABC Sponsor List (Can you help w/contact info?)

Suppose bin Laden had been killed during Clinton's administration

"Experts ponder public grief over Irwin"

Mexico - Plans to resist new government, Democratic Convention Sep 16

Olbermann gives his opinion of Path to 9/11 on ESPN Radio; still employed!

Do you find yourself swearing more than Lewis Fukking Black lately?


What the hell is a "Google Bomb"

How sad is it when you have to actually sell a war?

Does everybody have their Google Bombs ready?

"Snow White & the 7 Whores" "Pirates of the Constitution" "Fanterrorsia"

Hit Mickey Mouse Where He Hurts: Stop Big Media ACTION >>> FCC

Disney is beginning to beg??


FCC FU... MUST SEE YouTube Video!!!!

Petition from MoveOn to stop the airing of "Path to 9/11"


IDIOCRACY....Curt Weldon's latest bright idea

It's just a damn TV show!

Front Page of this week's Metro (Silicon Valley's largest free news zine)

Conservatives are lining up against 'Path to 9/11'

UPDATE: 911 series associated with purge of Sen. Mitchell as Disney Chair

I put my 9/11 poster on my blog and got this message

My suggestion to ABC: pull the the docucrap and show this movie instead


John Kerry BLASTS ABC’s Desperate Docudrama !!!

You gotta hand it to Disney.. They did their homework

William Jefferson Clinton

Should ABC air a Dem-slanted film to give equal time? A great

"The 'homeland' has been safe for 5 years under Bush." Meme alert!

Here's Who Created the "Terrah" Problem in the First Place!

I hate to say it, but Clinton's BJ did interfere with his duties.

The new poster for Path to 9/11 - - - - - - - - - - ->> Will they pay me?

My Well Wishes for The Democratic Underground this Eve of 9/11

Five Years Later, Americans Still Ignorant as to Why

Please read this - it is BEYOND PATHETIC.

Warren Zevon has been gone three years, now

How To Add A Google Bomb In Your Signature

A 5 Year 9-11 Anniversary Reminder: BUSH KNEW

The cause of 9-11-2001

Katie Couric wears Handiwipes. And leads with a local story

Will Newfoundland be hit by a Cat 2 Hurricane?

"Path to 9/11" produced by RW activists: goal to "transform Hollywood"

Ahhhhnold has Macacca Moment and Blitzer (CNN) plays it!

From 2001 thru 2004, how many 'Clinton to blame for 9-11' books came out?

Wow - Scholastic Material Now Tells Students Look 4 ABC Fibs - RECOMMEND


"ABC is Dead to Me if they air The Path to 911"


MSNBC poll: Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories?

ABC Is Now Exposed for What They Are

No to Weaponization of the Constitution! Appeal is on in San Diego!

So, who do you think runs Disney, anyway? Halliburton, among others.

Know your BFEE: Neil Bush hangs out with Russian Mafiya Godfather

Starbucks workers add shot of unionizing

In Health Care, Consumer Theory Falls Flat

Republicans' Internecine Wars

As The Republican Candidate ...

MSNBC on the midterms: "It's the Bush, stupid" (how low can he go)

Election time, and the sweet smell of terror (about terror) is in the air

You GOTTA see this - those poor little thugs are so scared - haha

Choreography or ?........

Didn't Bush I compliment Richard Clarke??

Deadliest blast since Taliban fall causes carnage, 2 U.S. soldiers killed

Exactly what does it take for politicians to cause me to throw-up?

Unhappy Freeps: "Exonerate Clinton while Bush is left holding the bag..."

Smell the Fear ... "The Big Boys" are worried about this election

Wayyyy too funny! Frist e-mail slams "stunts"

Cancel DISNEYLAND/WORLD reservations!!!!!!

The ABC website opened with a "Path to 911" trailer earlier today but ...

GOP 9/11 "fun": shooting doves

(LOL) Sen.Allen debates Little Bobbie Pettigrew Webelo scout pack 478

The options in Iraq?

Another flip flop on bin Laden???

The vicious, desperate swipes of the cornered, wounded elephant

The weekend's 9/11 horror-fest will do Osama bin Laden's work for him

Remember the Senate Intelligence Report?

8 September - another great day in GOP History

Tip: The American Family Association (R) boycotted Disney a few years back

What do we still make *in* the USA?

Southern Women No Longer Favor Bush, More Considering Democrats This Nov.

Can we start officially using the 'F' word?

The F-Word Again: Shrub's TRIUMPH OF THE WILL

CNN has a good coverage of the ABC joke

Is the Centre being seduced? Mirroring the pain centrist voters feel

PNAC for Kids - worthy repost for all the new DUers out there


My letter to CBS re: Couric/Bush

Bush’s version of events has no mention of intelligence report of 9/11plot

don't miss Froomkin today (WaPo)

New Money Laundering Opportunity hidden within the Pension Bill

St. Rudy's Attempt at a Godless Right

Bill to Cripple Taliban Drug Trade Passes -- After GOP Tries to Kill It

David Brock is rocking on Franken

Letter from Tom McMahon, DNC, Re: 'Path to 9/11'

Ruh-Roh, even some FRetards think ABC is lying!

Talent refers to ex-president by new moniker: “Hillary Clinton’s husband”

Talking points for calling your local ABC station.

Rove Denies Holding Exorcism in His White House Office (lies)

A great "Path to 9/11" class assignment

Ads cite Ricketts' bonuses amid layoffs (Senate race Ne)

DeLay urges Republicans to vote for Dancing with Stars repub.

DNC makes it easy to email Iger

Could someone PLEASE list the biggest 3 lies in "PATH TO 9/11"

Harvey Keitel speaks out on Path to 9/11 “It turned out not all facts

Arnold Schwarzegger has a really, really big ...

Senate Panel Releases Report on Iraq Intel (NYTimes)

How to Google Bomb "The Path to 9/11"

9/11: 49.3% of NYC believed the government "consciously failed to act."

Can we turn the aftermath of the 9/11 movie to our advantage?

GOP Stands For Grand Old Pictures!

Mea culpa from calimary, Guys - I wanted to correct something here:

You're Only Half Right

Bush, Neocons Now In Their Own "Berlin Bunker"


The latest Disney/ABC description of their malignant fictionalization

Would the airing of Path to 9/11 be bad for Clinton?

Noreen Gosch on YouTube!

U.S. paid anti-Castro journalists in Miami: paper

"911" director is a fundy

Wingnuts No Likey Mockudrama - HA, HA, HA

C&L, Harvey Keitel vid: "It turned out not all the facts were correct"

shrub Speech On Monday, 9-11, 9-11, 9-11

Bush to Charlie Gibson - Dems Are NOT Going to Take the House

Rocky Anderson on the air speaking the truth and taking calls

Ranking Democrat ,House Committee on Homeland Security Staement

What's the best Disney boycott link?

Word of the Day: Solidarity National League of Republican Businessmen


When Will Bush FAA See Air Traffic Controller Staffing Crisis?

Spreading the word to female farmworkers sexual harassment etc

Newsletter From Mark Warner

Sandy Berger On Lawsuit: "We'll See"

Berger on Wolfie - He was FURIOUS at ABC/Disney!

Will the "the path to 9/11" Google bomb work?

Just Around the Corner: "Feeding Frenzy"

Rightwing bloggers' heads are exploding

Governor Richard (D) NM negotiates release of jailed journalist!

Grieving Father Slams GOP On Wrenching Newscast

**New** Act For Change Action #2 re: ABC Lie-Fest

Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers another great review in TV guide!!!

Fucking Kean. Lying piece of shit. On Wolfie now. Giving me

Important perspective on P2911 inaccuracies...

What is the meaning of the term

State Rep (R-NH) voted in '04 Dem primary

Kean is a partisan hack, read all about it!

The Neo Con: The Bush Defense Record by the Numbers

The Ann/Andy Coulter biopic ...

One Tin Soldier Video -- very very anti-Bush

A History of Clinton, Bush, and Terrorism - a great link:

Because You are Still Lying to Us, Another Open Letter to ABC

ABC claims Path to 9/11 was never presented as factual, yet

Path to 9-11 getting Bad Reviews from TV Critics

ABC was expecting the DNC staff, but refused the

Courageous Claire D-Missouri

ABC Refuses to Provide Copies of Path to 9/11 to Clinton, Albright, Berger

We were told that the GOP intended to create its own reality

Kristen Breitweiser(Jersey Girl) will be on Larry King Tonight (Friday)

The School day has started. Has Scholastic provided anything yet?

Conspiracy theories require ONE condition to even exist.

New Kerry email about tomorrow's speech - and something new!

Smith (Rep) cites stance on abortion as key in race (Ne) with Kleeb (Dem)

I'm fed up with ABC

Did Tom Kean Work On Path To 9/11 To Help His Kid Get Elected In Senate?

THINK PROGRESS on Path to 9/11

Big Dog on MSNBC: "I don't want any lies in there parading as the truth"

Top 15 governorships likely to change parties

Saving Private Ryan.... Remember when some ABC affiliates


Let"s Scrap the 9-11 Commission Report and Start Again

Tweety: Our worldwide enemies would welcome Nov. Democratic victory

Watch the New DNC Video: Bin Laden Been Missing

Politics, the Media and 9/11

Senate Report Finds No Prewar Saddam-al-Qaida Ties

Jim Webb previews his first tv ad in his race against George Allen, R-VA.

Justification for war in doubt (Army Times)

How Democrats Must Prove That the Whole System Isn't Rotten

We have to bite the bullet if ABC airs propaganda-ridden version of

Top Historians Demand ABC Yank 9/11 Film

I wonder how the ABC-9/11 flap will affect the NJ Senate Race

A Google bomb is a BAD idea!

Is the Democratic Party the B-Team of Corporate America?

GOP catches Howard Dean sneaking into Columbus, Ohio.

International efforts in Lebanon. Photos.

'Democrats shouldn't be too critical of Chimp' -- Agree or Disagree?

ABC is slandering my friend, John O'Neill

Breaking: Clinton killed Bambi's mother!

Kabuki democracy

I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick and tired of hearing