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Nebraskan among group's favorites for ag secretary (supports family farms, organic produce and human

Capitalist Fools

Uh, gee...I guess something just hit me about the auto bailout.


Wanda Sykes: Bush Has Done More For Black People Than Anyone... He Gave Us Obama

Oh Delicious Irony! Citibank has reported me to a credit agency for a delinquent mortgage

Institute For America's future - worthy of note imo

Yes, I'm Embarrassed, given this past month's events, that I don't know that much about cars or who

You know what would come in handy right about now? $23 Billion that's what

Illinois governor described as 'upbeat' as he went to work today

Stop Senator No

2009 US Congressional Majority is Still NOT Pro-Choice

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

Most corrupt States: #1 North Dakota #2 Louisiana #3 Alaska

"This is the Democrats' first opportunity to pay off organised labour after the election"

O'LOOFAH is the slimiest P.O.S., deep in self-denial, sliming OBAMA while saying he's NOT

surge update - Iraq Bomb Kills 48 in Volatile North

Heads up KOs going to give us the top 25 most

Bush**'s "fraternity prank" of Abu Ghraib and republican defense of it now being exposed.

Remember when Detroit 3 came to nation’s rescue, senators?

$1-Trillion In Bailouts = $3333 APIECE For Every Man, Woman & Child in USA

Good fugging grief - what's this discussion on Tweety?

The Few. The Proud.....The Employed.

Adolescents, Failed by U.S. Health Care, Go to Emergency Rooms

Bank of America to Cut 35,000 Jobs Over 3 Years...

AIG to pay out again Retention Pay (bonuses) I can't even add it up

Gates compares his extended reign at Pentagon to soldiers' 'stop-loss' draft

Bank of America (BOa for short) to cut 30,000-35,000 jobs.....

Our elected officials at work: "Panel blames Bush officials for detainee abuse"

What about the graphic behind Rachel right now

MSNBC headline - "A new Senate star emerges from the auto row " - WARNING vomit alert

So are Hermaphrodites allowed under the law to marry either sex?

Can't Pelosi and Reid just tell Pres. Paulson that he won't get another dime of TARP money

Would affordable health care for all in the U.S. be like a huge Union?

Tracking the Economic Collapse: The dismal weekly layoffs and closings report....

mucho dupo

There's About Some DUMBASS Crackers In The Senate.

Environmental fugitives get their own most-wanted list

AFL-CIO, SEIU attack McDonald's stance on labor law

Pssst. Repubics .... you wanna kill unions? I gotta perfect plan .....

Economic Treason

Asia Times: Worse than the Great Depression

Chimpass DOES know he HAS to vacate on Jan 20th, right? Overstayed in TX mansion for 2 weeks!

Please: DU this poll re: Michael Weiner

Guess who's coming to my mother's rescue? COMMUNITY ORGANiZERS.

Who can citizens notify that Sen. Jim DeMint might be inciting a public riot?


Florida may have turned Blue.....but it's deep, deep in the Red

Planet in Peril is kicking ass, taking no prisoners

Is the Franken vote site being freeped?

Australian SAS Units Function as Death Squads in Afghanistan

Let's legislate that auto transplants pay union wages?

We are the baddest motherfuckers in the world.

Sen. Corker rewriting terms for auto bailout

"Boom" cars and the never-ending THUMP.

Televised lynching of United Auto Workers on C-Span2 right now.

WTF does this mean? "WH looking for next flight out of town after Jan. 20"

Labor Sec. Elaine Chou married to Mitch McConnell?????

GM says bankruptcy not an option but hires bankruptcy advisers

I'd like to suggest Detroit as a possible site for the 2012 Republicon National Convention

Taleban tax: allied supply convoys pay their enemies for

Don't be afraid of the DU arena...pick a fight...enjoy the therapy of the moment.


I was 30 years old before I crossed 10K annual income

I knew I'd seen Blagokevich before, but where? Then I remembered.

US, Peru downed 15 planes in '90s antidrug program

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Edited and deleted

How much did GMAC's failure to qualify as a bank holding company have to do with the bailout failure

A possible silver lining in the Blagojevich clouds, for residents of ILLINOIS.

Experts: North Georgia housing market in depression

The Republicans blocking the Auto Loan are killing their party (and America)

So Who Is Running Congress Now? The Republicans or Democrats?

Anyone have a list of who voted against the auto loan/bailout?

Ask a rabid pro-lifer how old they are.

I think tonite we need to remember what Abraham Lincoln once said...

Reid & Pelosi keep congress open

Reid & Pelosi keep congress open

After blocking aid to autos, when will the Republicans be viable in the Midwest again

Chu: "Coal is my worst nightmare."

Breaking: Senate fails to reach agreement on auto bailout bill

Any Guesses As to What The Dow Will Do Tomorrow?

Obama's or Leiberman's America...which?

Obama's or Leiberman's America...which?

ProPublica: Bush's Presidency, Harper's Index-style

I'll take the points and say Bush puts up TARP money for GM and Chrysler tomorrow

So what happens if GM goes under?

Auto Workers Contract Questions

"Republicans hold all the cards in the bailout debate"

So Will GM or Chrysler File For Chapter 11 Tomorrow?

Channel 4 news in Detroit said that markets in Asia just opened and are plummeting

Reid and Boxer have taken to the floor...

I can't take Huffington Post seriously.

majority leader?

Is anyone here an expert on Senate procedure? Technically they don't need 60 votes...

Senators demanding autoworkers to take a pay cut?

Ideas To Help The Auto Industry Since Our Stolen Government Just Gave Them A Big 'Ol FUCK YOU:

Hall and Oats are giving an Alan Colmes tribute on the Daily Show

Ashcroft: Maybe I make better decisions on 'morphine'

They're everywhere! They're everywhere!

Hey Sen. Shelby ever heard of Talladega, AL and NASCAR?

Autos. I wasn't able to follow the Senate - I read the threads - I don't understand what's going on

So, who has the most to lose if GM and Chrysler fail? UAW? Guess again?

January 20th just can't get here fast enough, imho

Governor Blagojevic is the most power man in America tonight

What will rethugs get out of blocking the auto loan? They have my

When this country finally gets single-payer health care, and ALL employers must contribute

"If there is no agreement that can be reached .. we have danced this tune long enough," (Reid) said.

Every political question is essentially one question - "Which Side Are You On?"

McConnell: "very few of us had anything to do with the dilemma they created for themselves."

John McCain is on with Letterman, and he is OH so RELAXED

This Country Has No Idea What Losing Millions of Auto Jobs Will Do To All Of Us....

William Jennings Bryan...

Honda killed the Electric Car

What should Reid have done?

Harry Reid is the Senate equivalent to Alan Colmes.

Who wants to place a bet on whether the lame Shrub

TARP or Toilet--Paulson's dilemma when market opens.

What is Nascar going to do without GM

From the Archives of the "Liberal" Media

morning joe-rightwing talking point #1 for today, regardless of subject:

Experts: North Georgia housing market in depression

Bush Administration’s Home Stretch Strategy: Not Our Problem

The Nuclear Option? Lets Fristf**k the GOP and see how they like it...

Is It Possible For The Automakers To Wait Until The New Congress Is Sworn In To Receive Help?

National Wildlife Federation: In 11th hour, Bush rammed through overhaul of Endangered Species Act

"the Senate blocks the auto bail-out plan" - NBC. . umm WHO is that again you lazy whores?

The Japanese advantage -- Is it simply Japan's currency policy

Why can't colin powell & rush limbaugh just kiss & make up?

Friday Morning Anti-Republican "F**k You, Senator (fill in the blank)" Roll Call:

"Automakers fail to cash in on big GOP donations"


Where is our media contact page...?

So what does a Senator make in wages and benefits?

Mitch McConnell's wife is the labor secretary

When even smut becomes quaint, you know times have changed. By Mark Morford

Ed Asner: The Shministim

Do you think Michael Moore was envisioning Glenn Beck when he wrote "Stupid White Men" ?

That fucking Nightline woman asked "Should the auto workers have been willing to take a pay cut?"

The Nuclear Option -- come on, Harry, do it.

‘Life-threatening’ storm eyeing F-M

Anybody shocked or awed this morning?

Dynegy reviews coal portfolio-including the one in my back yard

Freepers Rejoicing Over Senate Vote

bailouts don't work if you do them randomly

We will be the big heroes in like six weeks when we pass the bill again.

In the end, all the Rethugs wanted was to bust the Union

Sing Little Bird Rezko, Sing!

WJ this morning - even Skully asks

Report: Rahm Emanuel Had ‘Multiple’ Conservations With Blagojevich About Senate Seat

Report: Rahm Emanuel Had ‘Multiple’ Conservations With Blagojevich About Senate Seat

Snow in New Orleans and Baton Rouge!

Want to know what average Americans feel about the auto bailout debacle

Ten Rockets Hit Terminal Supplying Material to NATO Forces

Ten Rockets Hit Terminal Supplying Material to NATO Forces

Gingrich is going full Nude again on CSPAN

Minnesota Board Holds Key Meeting Friday on Disputed Senate Race

Minnesota Board Holds Key Meeting Friday on Disputed Senate Race

Pigshits: DESTROY the economy; DESTROY the environment on the way out the door....

I have a profound respect for the Ron Paul fans that call in on Washington Journal.

Sen. Shelby Contact info

Oh, Libertarian, I barely knew yee (and already hated your ideas)

Suggestions for bush in retirement

Ugh, Mr. Bush, time to do some presidenting.

Gingrich finds the current fuel prices to be meh-tastic.

Newts on WJ spewing its management and union crap. Once again we see

It is now on record: Republicans despise American Workers

The Senate Republicans are unpatriotic, un-american, traitorous pieces of Japanese CRAP!

Point Of No Return: Interest On T-Bills Hits ZERO

It's not fair to compare the Republicans to the Nazis

The numbers say it all. $700 billlion + for financial institution bail out

An excerpt of Vonnegut's wisdom

A dreadful outcome for Detroit

Without the Big 3, what reason do the foreign manufacturers have to

History is bound to repeat itself. But, how?

The GOP has sealed their fate for years to come...

Joe the NotPlumber feels “dirty” after campaigning for McCain-hilarious.

Did you see on Rachel in the Lame Duck section where someone

Let The Republicans Filibuster! What's The Problem With That?

Could the republican obstructionism of the auto industry loan be what is needed?

Toyota to reduce production at Buffalo plant

Republicans HATE labor Unions and the fact that they provide a Middle Class income....

Big Three Look to Bush After Bill Defeated

If GM folds, doesn't that just bring capacity down to the 11 million rate that can be sold

Some (NATO) Convoys May Be Paying Off Taliban

It's Time to Change the Filibuster Rules

SW Michigan gas stations raise prices 26 cents (17%) overnight

Workers ..... how does it feel to be raped, sneered at and extinguished?

So does the Plumber's Union stand with Auto Workers

Question for Ohio DUers

Bush administration takes independent scientific reviews out of Endangered Species Act

So what about Joe the Autoworker?

In wake of bailout collapse Dow opens and immediately falls past 200 points down

Who will the republicans get to build military equipment in mass if needed?

Funny story...

UN: World Wasting Enough Rice To Feed 184M This Year

McClatchy: U.S. keeps silent as Afghan ally removes war crime evidence

The tally of how senators voted tonight goes as follows...

Report: Jackson backers sought cash for Ill. gov.

However the Big 3 End Up Getting the Money, How Long WIll it Help?

Were there any rules for limiting executive compensation in the Big 3 Loan bill? n/t

Was Morning Joe's broadcast whack in anyone else's area?

What Happens Next

Here we go! Ford opens 24% lower, GM 36%

The Hudsucker Proxy

Running History List: The transfer of power = 2008 / 2009

ChiTrib: Blagojevich fundraiser held by Jackson allies Saturday

the fucking past, present and future of congress

Thank you Democratic Senators for not selling out

Can domestic auto states do anything now that the Congress has failed to act

US refuses to aid victims of nuclear testing

OMG! Dow futures are just crashing

Specter just said 10 Republicans voted for cloture

Prisons, welfare, and Repukes who just don't get it ... just another topic

$ 1.8 Million to fly the space shuttle from Edwards back to Kennedy Space Center.

Does Shelby Hate the Big 3 Support for NASCAR or just NASCAR?

Former NASDAQ chairman arrested over alleged $50 billion fraud!

A jump on diploma while still in diapers

A jump on diploma while still in diapers

As possible Afghan war-crimes evidence removed, U.S. silent

These Republicans are Un-American. Their votes protect foreign auto factories in their states.

Watchdog group: Depth of Bush failures surprised even us

Yay-WHOOP!1 Ron KIRK in final vetting for OBAMA cabinet (Transportation)!1

What benefits, if any, has globalization bought to mankind?

Gettelfinger is KICKING ASS!

BREAKING: White House considers using TARP for auto bailout

Will the Big 3 filing for Chapter 11 be the start of a new protectionist movement?

Will the Big 3 filing for Chapter 11 be the start of a new protectionist movement?

I wonder just how MI reservists and NG being stop-lossed feel about the lack of support

Treasury Considers Using TARP to rescue the car companies

I'm trying to find out how each Senator voted yesterday on the auto bailout

In the last few years Republicans have declared war on Blacks, Hispanics, Workers, Women, Educated..

Putting $700 Billion in Perspective...

Democrats voting NO on the auto rescue

So With The Failure Of Congress, The TARP Plan Might Be The Savior In All Of This.

Serious question on the auto bailout.

Money-Saving Suggestion for States.

On the plus side

Calls to impeach embattled Illinois governor grow

Bettie Page: 1923 - 2008

Mitch McConnell wants to help kill unions .... and he is married to ......

Somebody explain this to me real slow...

Pictures and Quotes That Make the Rude Pundit Think We're Not Gonna Survive the Next Five Weeks

BREAKING NEWS: White House says it is considering use of Wall Street bailout cash to aid automakers

MN Attorney General rules that election night totals can be used for missing ballots

The view from here - a TSS rant about these bailouts

We are so fucked. Welcome to the next Great Depression.

Reid and Co. may just win a big game of chicken.

TARP: Isn't GM a "Troubled Asset" (as in Troubled Asset Relief Program)?

Ashcroft: Detaining Terror Suspects At Guantanamo Bay ‘Has Been A Humanitarian Act’»

Outrage Over District Plan To Cut All Athletics (NorCal)

I wonder how many Republican UAW members support the bailout over

Toyota: Auto Industry Race to the Bottom

Time to demand all members of Congress & the Senate take a 65% reduction in wages.

"Blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage...

The Republicans actually have a majority of the votes until January, we need to realize this

if big 3 go bust, who pays off their pensions? guess

I think its a trick: Repubs voted no..Treasury to help..maybe..and the no oversight on the other 7

Senate Report Says Abuse of Detainees was Fault of White House

There is NO Economic Recovery without Heavy Manufacturing

Okay, what rationalization am I missing here?

Obama Should Call A News Conference This Morning And Demand Auto Bailout Money

Sony Dinged $1 Million for Child-Privacy Breach

Great presentation about the American auto industry

so if Unions have put GM out of business NOW, how did GM make it 100 years???

Cheney: "It's Herbert Hoover time."

Lesbian Couple Fights to Keep Baby (WV)

UAW: Senate GOP Voted Against Bailout To Strike "Blow Against Organized Labor"

Some Guy Named Colin Powell Is Mad About Something....

CAW told all GM plants in Canada to close for 6 weeks starting in January.

Update on Logistics Problems of Tuskegee Airmen Invited to Inauguration

I find myself even more angry at Shelby, et al, than I am at bush .....

Another oil firm puts base overseas

Ecoterrorist Gets Home Confinement

Police: Violence victim hit by tow fee

Ohio man to stand trial in Germany for war crimes

I wonder how many Republican Union members support the bailout plan?

Who is a bigger menace to America?

Yahoo Layoffs Continue, Flickr Loses Top Designer

No, I don't blame Harry Reid and the Dems for not having the votes or for losing

Breaking: Treasury says prepared to act to protect auto industry...

Bureau of Labor Statistics

how do you feel about the last eight years of bu$h* economics?

DU this poll on the auto bailout

"Craven Senators Kill the Auto Deal"

Rumsfeld blames Senator Levin for sullying the US image for reporting on US torture policies

The bailout: I detest the Repubs

The Big Three: Not dead yet!

Ireland in more trouble over Dioxin in the food they export

If Honda and Toyota have lower labor costs

Republicans aid and abet Japan's war on American Workers

Manila reports Ebola virus in pigs

Iraq is in the midst of an agricultural disaster

America needs a TV series on one of the networks that normalizes gay marriage

I think the plan is that the Southern Senatorial Cheap labor Cons wanted to impress the home"base"

Shouldn't all of these countries be chipping in to help keep GM alive?

There is absolutely no doubt that Repubs are trying to break the Big 3 Union ...

CNN guest: Bush Bible comment shocked evangelicals

There is a lot I dont understand in this world....

I believe they call these chem trails?

It's another.. "What do we do about the DLC thread!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Greenwald: 'Fear mongering' factions (including Democrats) aim to keep Bush terror policies

break out the fireworks! Something to CELEBRATE!

i hope the workers at the USA foreign auto plants

Who is going to be pissed off if they start bailing out states?

Add Fucking LostVegas to the Boycott

How much does the CEO's salary add to the cost of a car?

Por favor, correct Spanish please?

Tim McGraw Not Running for Governor...Yet

Police To Swap Gift Cards For Drugs

Reid Plans Pro Forma Sessions Throughout Holidays

been out of touch recently--what is the status of the franken-coleman recount?

Hartmann on Olberman this evening!

Bush reflects on struggle with alcohol

Here is the deal... the south keeps electing these fuckers

Thomas Jefferson...

Did you notice not one politician asked the auto makers how much they spend on NASCAR every year?

I'm a Southerner! You wanna take me on?

The Republican Party is Anti-Business!

2% (mini-rant)

Por favor, correct Spanish please? (I know)

Since we now know how overpaid auto workers are...

Elephants 'die earlier in zoos

For those on anti-puke medication

Ambulance attendants accused of molesting patients

What makes a car American?Story Highlights

When is the last time you bought/leased a brand spankin' new car?

Let's discuss some basics:

Ottawa promises auto aid even without U.S. bailout



Should Prez. Bush tap funds from Wall Street bailout to lend auto undustry

Gen McCaffrey Ret. opened his mouth but neglected to say 'rape'

Are the prostitutes Republicans use overpaid?

The rich fuck up: the poor/middle class get blamed

Why have unions fallen in disfavor over the years?

Oops! Inspector General Reports Pentagon Merged Their Propaganda With PR

I drive a 2001 Nissan Altima. PUT ME ON IGNORE RIGHT ******* NOW!

the little shit corker is on msnbc

As Possible Afghan War-Crimes Evidence Removed, U.S. Silent

Ex-Brazilian cop questioned in death of 13 gays

Capitalist Fools by Joseph E. Stiglitz

New American Troops Going to Kabul, to Prevent it From Falling to Taliban

White House says it won't allow Big Three to fail

All Bush Wants For Christmas

Russian hopes to cash in on ;-) (trademarking emoticons!)

Family of soldier killed in Iraq recall meeting with Bush: "you don't seem bitter" Bush asked them

I believe anyone who ignores Southern racists and criminals...

Soon illegal immigrants may become a major issue because...

Bettie Page dies...; pinup queen played a key role in the sexual revolution of the 1960s ...

Georgia staged a false flag shooting incident for benefit of Polish president.

Poachers in the wild cause Elephants to die earlier

Former NASDAQ Chairman charged with securities fraud

What? The White House won't let the Obamas use the Blair House prior

Don't make it North vs South. Make it labor vs management

Don't make it North vs South. Make it labor vs management

Poll being freeped....

Hey, ... Look! ... Honda's not making cars that Americans are willing to buy.

Abramoff Lobbyist Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy

We never heard all this crap about the Yugo.

Can someone make me a pie...chart for the cost of a Chevy?

Autoworker wage and benefit differences

My company is downsizing. Fortunately, I still have a job.

"GOP senators appear to have bitten the hand that fed them."

Voinovich (R-Ohio) warns President that he may be remembered as ‘George Herbert Hoover Bush.’»

Van Johnson, heartthrob in '40s, dead at 92

Let's pretend racist, elitist Southern politicians aren't from the South

Do you believe President Elect Obama will pursue the arrest of Donald Rumsfeld et. al.?

Obama isn't going to pass squat unless the filibuster is history

I've been reading up on Daschle's health care "reform" ideas and think they are scary.

Treasury bailout targeted for Big 3

Abraham Lincoln quote on liberty:

Trouble in Toyland: U.S. recession jolts China

The repugnants may be outsmarting themselves on the auto rescue

Pentagon Inspector General Ready to Report on Diversion of Pro-Troop Group's Funds

I believe the issues of The American Civil War were never resolved

I believe the issues of The American Civil War were never resolved

David Letterman's "Top Ten Messages Left On Rod Blagojevich's Answering Machine"

Now we know why they’re called “Red” states.

I don't understand why Harry Reid can't force this auto loan through

Did Bush Blink? A New Chance for U.S. Automakers

So how many dollars an hour

Randi's broadcast is in that loop again.

December layoffs exceed 100k - Job cuts continue to mount in December as recession deepens.

Search on for Mother who hid her Kids in a pit on Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Why The Fuck Did Harry Reid Vote AGAINST the Auto "Loan?"

Bob Corker is an anti-American nutjob.

Steven Chu: ‘Coal is My Worst Nightmare’

Steven Chu: ‘Coal is My Worst Nightmare’

Why wouldn't GM put Cadillac Quality in all their cars?

MIchigan Gov Jennifer Granholm up on MSNBC

Any DUers in the UAW but not autoworkers?

nutter comment to the newspaper

nutter comment to the newspaper

Honda cutting production again

Van Johnson, star of yesteryear, dies at 92

Cafferty's 4pm Q: Should the United Auto Workers Union have accepted wage cuts to save the bailout?

ACLU: U.S. Complicit in American’s Detention and Torture in the U.A.E.

How many of you have faced work force reductions or layoffs since November?

Bush’s dirty little secret-Tragedy Recorded on Video: Watch a Man Evicted From His Home

New Rochelle school district tears out pages from "Girl, Interrupted"

Senate GOPers Go To The Mattresses...For Low Wages And Foreign Automakers

The Economic Treason of the Republican Right

I'm sorry, but this "Support the unions: buy american!" stuff here is bothering me.

Powell: GOP 'polarization' backfired in election

Republicans try to slow down AG Eric Holder hearings (Whatza matter, boys?)


K&B Toys massive layoffs-like *now*- BEFORE Christmas

$50bn fraud charge at hedge fund

The TARP Deal Is Not Done - Larry Kudlow

UAW membership drops below 500,000

What happened to Reid's market meltdown?

Roll Call of republican traitors

Man sprays 'toilet-papering' teens with fox pee

DUers need a little break from the bailout craziness? Check this out for some headshaking humor:

Ann Coulter discusses non-existent Obama announcement, which he made "wherever he announces things"

Everybody Brace Yourself, Economic Turbulence Ahead

Money and politics are linked? I am SHOCKED..

Everybody is screaming that the US must get off foreign oil, and

Should The 401k Be Killed?

Should The 401k Be Killed?

Did Hell freeze over? Is Bush about to actually do something right?

MSNBC, Wash. Times echo GOP accusation that UAW killed bailout

More Governors Get Suspicious Letters

"For Your Safety" .......... "For Your Protection" .......... "To Ensure Quality"

For Immediate Release: Bush administration finalizes rule; blocks crucial polar bear protections

GOP to America: Drop Dead, or "What's in it for me?"

The left is in a tizzy over the endangered species that Bush is trying to kill.

Some news chic on fox news JUST said

New lithium batteries make long-ranged Electric cars feasible!!

Blaming the Unions

Now we have Joe the Plumber NFL linebackers

Obama Approval Ratings Not Dented by Blagojevich Scandal

The Man-cession? Disproportionately more men losing jobs than women

Senate to Middle Class: Drop Dead

If the Unions were serious about protecting themselves against Republicans

Hey... Shuster's not covering for Gregory today. Maybe he got

Somebody Should Arm the Senate Armed Services Committee

Screw CA Unemployment and the horse they rode in on!

MUST READ: FICTION Transcript Released: Rahm & Blago

When you buy a new car, where does your money end up?

GM press release regarding idling of plants in N America

Church wants to post "Santa Claus will take you to Hell" at Capitol

Church wants to post "Santa Claus will take you to Hell" at Capitol

GM has stored 50,000 vehicles?!

Norm Coleman Seeks To Stop Minnesota Recount

“What we've had in these last eight years is not merely a case of individual & isolated law-breaking

Ron Gettelfinger lays it out on JimLehrer hour on PBS. Tune it in.

wow, pat buchanan thinks there's a cloud over obama from governor bs

The Economic Treason of the Republican Right

When Justice Got Bonged: Mary Beth Buchanan Vs. Tommy Chong

UAW's Gettelfinger today, and the reaction of RW Bloomberg Radio

What a Jackass- Gates Seeks More Troops in Afghanistan by Spring

Rice: The Republican Party Brought Us To A Place Where ‘People Can Look Beyond Race’

New numbers on absentee ballots from Duluth, MN show potential for significant Franken gains

Marc Maron and Sam Seder will join Rachel Maddow on her AAR show this hour

Japanese scientists can read your mind.

how do we now blue Virginians deal with California?

Doesn't Ed Rendell have a state to run?

Is anyone else tired of the kumbaya talk with the Republicans?

For those who don't get this how this is not just labor vs management

Boy.. I wish Fitz would start talking to the press again..

Palin dishonors Alaska with excessive 'predator control'

Lobe: More Neo-Con Wisdom... Feith & Boot blather...

Are Republicans just at the "Hitler in the bunker" stage or something?

Ron Carey, Former Teamsters Union President And Great Union Leader Has Died

OT: Merry Christmas from Bailey the Unknown Reindeer

Jefferson's Prophesy The Bankruptcy of America

Would someone please be kind enough to explain a union issue to me?

Sparks.... this may be the spark

Heads up! Thom Hartmann will be on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight

Rate the validity of this speculation

Report: Homelessness And Hunger Up In 83% Of US Cities

Military Industry Hurries to Unload Weapons and Equipment in Iraq

I know, I know - it's only a tissue box

Ex-Detroit Tiger Jim Bunning votes against auto bailout. He's scheduled

How's this for car sales: Buy one, get one for free! (Europe, too)

Anyone notice the ad in the USA Today

DUzy Awards for the past 2 weeks will be posted Saturday night

Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson Jr face new revelations in Governor Blagojevich scandal

What was the overall best car you ever had

List all the ways the GOP-controlled media are reporting ...

Want to know WHY Wall Street is failing? Read this:

In Serbia, Blagojevich seen as "defying entire America"

Al Franken campaign on recount news today

More on Cerberus

Auto bail-out facts: Tax burden v. tax pay-out in key states

Food Bank Friday! December 12, 2008!

Do you know what cars they should stop producing? All the NASCAR models.

Assembling Two Tons of Glass, Steel and Gas: Why shouldn't it be well compensated?

To all of the cheap labor pretenders here, thanks for paying for my food stamps, unemployment

i'm sorry there is consensus across the political spectrum -- across the financial spectrum

If I can't have a new GM or Ford in my driveway

Dubai's real estate market tanking

The Republican's Tactical Mistake?

If you want to see the anger and fear in Detroit, watch a Detroit local news simulcast.

Remember when our Fathers and Grandfathers, who lived through the Great Depression.............

Daily Show, Hall And Oates Pay Tribute To Alan Colmes [UPDATE: Hannity Responds]

Not so sweet on Caroline

The president must act

CNN's Michael Ware: "I Don't Know How To Come Home"

Detroit workers stunned, angered as bailout stalls

Obamas Homeless in D.C.

NASCAR supports UAW and the bailout.

What was the overall worst car you've ever had?

Senate Republicans who voted for the banking bailout but against the auto bailout

if you were to purchase a car tomorrow

Having ruined the country, W retires to a $2million house

What car should I buy?

Here's how:

Gov. Granholm's statement on failure of rescue bill

Auto-Savvy People: What was AMC? Was that owned by one of the big three?

Maybe the US auto industry isn't sustainable

So Long GM, See Ya’ Chrysler — Hope America Enjoys The Second Great Depression


Has anyone called for a General Strike?

Abortion Foes Open a New Front

GM to temporarily close 21 factories to cut 250,000 vehicles

Profiling credit card holders? Being charged for not seeing a doctor?

Some advice from Yahoo Finance in case you get laid off....

Giant full moon rising here on the East Coast.

Today in history: Louis XVI of France

Today in history: Louis XVI of France

Another bush Joke For You!

Wanna be blown away? Watch this. GM: pay attention! A solution for our car companies. Comments pls

100 years from now, how will the GOP be remembered?

How did GM let itself get into a position where it is supporting >3 retirees and a surviving spouse

Parents guilty of first-degree murder in Phoenix Sinclair case.

TARP cannot be used for an auto bailout.

How old is Ted Stevens? He refuses to talk to Mark Begich

Senate Republicans Hate Unions So Much They're Willing to Cause Financial Armageddon to Break Them

Greenwald: Pelosi and other Criminal Accomplices

Greenwald: Pelosi and other Criminal Accomplices

Bank Robber uses Craigslist to hire unknowing dummy accomplices

A tale of two cars - Honda and Buick

There is only one way out of this recession/depression:

What is a productive way to talk about the South?

'03 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder

Billboard in San Diego: Christian Church Apologizes for Prop8!

I have an idea about how to rescue the American Auto Worker's Jobs.

Correct me if I'm wrong - but the stock market NOT crash today

More comes to light: Bush hiring done by inexperienced kids with connections -- and 'tude

do Ira Rennert, the Renco Group, Doe Run ring any bells?

I like to abuse innocent kittens & a goat.

Meals on Wheels in Central PA expanded to help out Seniors with Pets

I've had to be away from DU for several weeks. Has anyone heard any updates on Operation Mind Crime?

My family was raised on work from a parts supplier...

It's the Empire Stupid

FORBES: If GM Collapses, Don't Blame The Union

Shakespere, Mozart and bush arrive at the gate of Heaven on the same day.

Why does Consumer Reports hate America??

A baker's dozen assholes. Voted for the bank bailout but against

If you get a paycheck (or used to) then you need a union

"You see, Rick, it's this way"

Nicotine addiction and schizophrenia: some staggering numbers


Caroline Kennedy = JLo???????

This just in from Michael Moore - About the Auto Loans

Yesterday I was just partisan.... It's much worse now

Warren Buffet:: "It's class warfare"

Ornery Southerners: You can use us

The NAZIs hated unions, too.

What turned the South from ardently pro-union to ardently anti-Union?

In my lifetime, I never thought I'd see US Senators, on the floor of the US Capitol

I Believe Anyone Trashing a Region,

Get yer cheap Chinese-made dental crowns and bridges here.

MTB: The Death Penalty--Fact Vs. Fiction W/ Actor/Activist Mike Farrell & Much More

in 1976, nissan sold a car that got 43 miles per gallon

How can we all send Symbolman some money?

Rachel Maddow's Limited Wardrobe

whoa. whats THIS all about.

If US manufacturers can't compete with Chinese labor costs, can

Top 10 questions on's "Open for Questions" feature. #1 Legalize marijuana

List every car you have had

California economy crashes

Senator Corker: “We Don’t Hate Poor People, We Want Lots More Of Them”

I love my Honda. Because it doesn't break down.

Why I’d Like to See Caroline Kennedy Appointed U.S. Senator

Blair House? So the kids can start school early? Sorry, bub ...... no can do.

Instant runoff voting

Believe it or not, the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is getting bad reviews.

What Car Make Model Do you/Did you (as a kid, maybe) Dream about?

I smell a boycott of Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, & South Carolina

I just wrapped all the gifts that are going to MN

My favorite beer import is Peroni! How about your fave?

What DVD's Should I Get At The Libree?

Tonight an insane woman yelled at me and wanted to fight because I parked in front of her house

Mmm! Gumbo for supper tonight!

I have a weird question.

"Is m-fer the same as mother-bleeper?"

I Am Finally Going To Set Up My DVD Player

UPDATE: The Jesus lady said she'd pray for me as she lit up a butt and pirouetted across the parking...

Does anyone have friends they find rather irritating?

If this keeps up, i may have to gather the critters two-by-two

You wanna see the bestest YouTube vid ever?

How many soup speen do you use in a typical wook?

I JUST GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER!!!!!!!!!! you tip carpet installers?

I think all the XMAS lights are up and I only said FU Jesus about 1,000 times.

My 7 year old daughter is now a grammar nazi

Washington Dulles and Washington National airports to install traffic circles in terminals

Washington Dulles and Washington National airports to install traffic circles in terminals

Friday Night Lights - best show ever?

Johnny Cash "Half Mile A Day" Special On OVATION TV

Reply to this thread and you could win a date with me

anyone familiar with flex?

It's official - I'm NOT doing facebook (thank you to those who found me)

Tonight's DVD: WALL*E

Remind me to never, ever read a thread in GD or LBN again.

Remind me to never, ever read again.

Kitten question

An odd question

Why do we say "armpit", but not "legpit"?

Anybody else been waiting for Tuesday's BLUSH episode?

YouTube: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb - Live 8 - Gilmour, Waters, Mason, Wright

My printer is broken.

The one thing that has me most worried about an economic collapse...

Elrond Hubbard and Santa Claus are lovers.

Wedding gift etiquette question--

Quickly! What does this string of letters represent?

Does anyone else nearly panic when you hear an unexpected knock on the door?

Where's Turtlensue???????

Tetris is evil

I have a 2005 Scion XA that I bought used, earlier in the year.

I think I killed a thread....

I'm stuck in Dulles. Screw United. Fuck Dulles.

My last class this semester was tonight

I just got enraged yesterday.

Tonight's sunset was amazing! Pic heavy...

How many pillows on your bed?

Why Is It That Even Through The Electrons On The Internet

How do I get this guy's job?

A day at the Spa

Disabled boy can keep his pony, Caledon rules - YAY!!!!

What is your today's earworm?

*1976 Fashions*

Oh let me flow into the ocean, let me get back to the sea

Bettie Page passed away

Post an OLD picture of yourself!! Me at 12

Help the technologically incompetent make an international call

I'm stuck in Dallas. Shoe Untied. Fuck Dallas.

Anyone else have their home auctioned off on the courthouse steps today?

Next dumb international question

Holy Raptor Jesus I am DRUNK

bwa ha ha ha ha!

Does alcohol help with emotional pain or exasperate it?

What does a dyslexic agnostic insommniac do at night?

I've you've got a passion for fashion

I'm naked!

Yes or no?

Calling all DUers named Maeve

I want a flying unicorn for Christmas

I've got a date this weekend / online dating

Why do they call it a blanket of fog?

Nothing turns a woman on like potential...

We need an IBTL Smilie

Good morning Lounge

"If everyone demanded peace instead of just another television set, then there'd be peace." - Lennon

The pending DU Adult Entertainment Group should be:

Stuff I bet y'all didn't know...

I'm torn between DS1's "Lord of the Chuggo" and DUStrange's DU Chick Tract as my favorite post of 08

OH CRAP!! There is a brazilian spotting in GD.

I can't believe I made it into work today


Pinup queen Bettie Page dead at 85

If you really want to piss off a bureaucrat that you're dealing with

You should always let sleeping dogs lie . . .

Anyone in Boston up for a college hockey game tonight?

Holy Raptor Jesus I am HUNGOVER

Anyone want to share stories about self satisfaction?

Meet my sister.

anyone here listen to vinyl records?

on Mapquest what does a "slight left" or "slight right" mean

It sucks when the first thread I read on DU is a flamewar

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday December 12

Is penis size a problem for people here?

How long before twitter ends up on the trash heap of idiotic trends that belong on a trash heap?

Will someone please tell my boss that I'm not a graphic artist?

Which Air America ad is more tiresome?

You have a better chance of going to jail if you are governor of Illinois, than if you commit murder

Some stupid neanderthal is here in the lounge with Limbaugh blasting from his computer at max volume

My early Solstice gift to the Lounge

Happy Friday!

I'm going to Hooters for lunch.

I'm going to a party tonight, and someone attractive is going to be there.

NO GOSSIP! PLEASE get office gossip away from me.

The problem, istm, is that we keep electing FIBs to be governor.

break out the fireworks! Something to CELEBRATE!

It's FRIDAY! Time to play "Spot the new Freeperism."

Day The Earth Stood Still has 25% approval at Rotten Tomatoes.


Cool science fair project!

Wow, I missed the penis length thread AND the train wreck double entendre thread!

I'm sleepy.

Bettie Page at 80

Heir Conditioned - how have times changed since?

Madonna earworm! AAAACK!!

In good news, I finished knitting a hat

Other than my obsessions over Sade and Macarthur Park, what do you know about me?

Latest picture of my dog...the real "philboy"

I think the Attorney General of Illinois looks like Demi Moore

The word of the day is "philboy." Replace any word in a thread title with "philboy".

Pretend you're an unknown 80's metal band

My dog knows how to negotiate.

Does Jennifer Anniston look *cold* to you in this picture?

My opinions on celebrities is superior to yours'.

Dog Farts

Starting Finals - Grading and Reading Papers

FUNNY - Texas Tech bell ringer looks a bit too....enthusiastic.

Take the quiz: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Michael Buble is freakin' HOT!

I have seen exactly none of the Golden Globe nominated films/performances

Last night, DH and I went to the last night of the theatrical premier

Have you had a near death experience?

DU MEETUP ON MONDAY 1/19/2009 IN Washington DC: Pre-Inauguration Party. Who will be there.

Is this a sign of the Apocalypse?

Can't change my avatar

How to shop for those you hate? Tips on getting holiday presents for people who suck.

Green "h"?

I may get drunk NOW to save me time later...

What other actor should I start a flame war over?

Peter Gabriel, "Soft Dog"

Dante's Pit is Freakin' HOT

I'm going to the Sugar Bowl! New Orleans on New Years, FUCKING YEAH!

As I sat lookin up at the Guinness add I could never figure out...

a secret "adult" DU place

who told bette midler she could sing?

Gonzo Sperm

What should I do tonight?

Alright, who pissed in my boss' cornflakes?

Do you believe in Bob?

One of my posts was cited on a Wiki Talk page! Ask me anything!

Jean-Claude Van Damme has made a movie that critics like!?!!??

Top 10 Peeves Dogs Have With Humans

Do you think we have secret DU "report cards" that are kept?

I think the woman who cuts my hair is trying to make me look like Hitler (PIC)

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is freakin' HOT!

Could one make nog out of other foods besides eggs, were one so inclined?

10 year old car w/77000 miles on it - no problems - is it worth keeping

So- LED Christmas Lights this year. Not too thrilled with them.

They Have Pre-wrapped Sausages But They Don't Have Pre-wrapped Bacon.

Things to look for next time you watch Christmas Vacation

In the movie was the record played slower than on the CD?

Funny, I didn't see Bush, Cheney, or Exxon's Oil Chief Exec on this list....

The Illinois Senator Chess Game is quickly reaching a stalemate. Torches and Pitchforks maybe?

IA-Sen: Grassley Vulnerable to Vilsack Challenge

Remind me to never, ever read a car thread in GD or LBN again.

Pets add Putz to men

I'm concerned about going home

One Piece at a Time (Ode to Detroit) Johnny Cash

One T-Shirt Can Change the World

Name by name, Obama's Cabinet taking shape

This guy in The Lounge is freakin HOT!

I am pissed - someone removed my No on 8 sticker from my car!




Rod Hundley is freakin' HOT!

Yea me! I made the Greatest Page

This sexy chick in The Lounge is freakin' hot!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/12/08


Obama eyes Blue Dog for Agriculture Sec. pick (God no)

Obama speaks -- Senate Republicans bend

Let's get poet laureate Kay Ryan to give the Inaugural Poem!

The Sustainable Choice for the Next U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Awesome! It's snowing! (web cam)

Mets add Putz to pen

Olbermann asks, "Did * get elected to do as much damage to America as 8 years would allow"?

WTF?? 20th Century Fox plans to beam "The Day the Earth Stood Still" to closest star

350,000 in MA without power - 320,000 in NH without power - Temps in the TEENS tonight

I must give credit due.

The 13th Circle: Somalia's Hell and the Triumph of Militarism

Community members respond to RNC trials, beginning Monday, December 15. in St. Paul, MN

"The only tragic thing about obama winning is the american people will be even more in love with him

"Tipster": NBC To Matthews: Think About It Over Christmas (pay cut?)

Obama to the Press: "there are two views of politics" (or why the Press needs a mirror)

I never forget the :sarcasm: tag, so don't ask. Asking just makes you look dumb. Dummy.

If ONLY Blago had offered Barack or Valerie ........

Lounge - give me some ideas

nice history and Obama video on Chicago's black talk radio station

Alan Keyes to run for Obama's Senate seat!

SHOCKING! CNN thinks the Keanu Reeves "The Day the Earth Stood Still" remake sucks.

I believe its time we start contacting our democratic Congressional Delegations

Seriously, why isn't Marshall Crenshaw rich and famous?

All in all, which state (or district) were you the most surprised Obama won?

Why do we fucking need 60 votes for any and all damn Bills to pass the Senate?

Why do we fucking need 60 votes for any and all damn Bills to pass the Senate?

Geniuses behind new Star Trek movie discuss quantum mechanics/plot holes.

All my birches are gone.

May I repost 3 of my favorite pics of the Obamas and Bidens?

Anyone watching cspan-2? The auto bail out did not pass.

Anyone watching cspan-2? The auto bail out did not pass.

New Congress starts on January 6, 2009!

Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel

Please instruct me, oh good folk of GD/P....

There were enough Democratic votes to pass the bailout tonight.

The contrast between the two Bush inaugurals and Obama is going to be dramatic

Mail from my English professor in regard to my final paper:

I may have screwed up on my internship

DONE WITH FINALS!!! Passed my last two this morning! Time to PARTY!

VW is building a new plant in Corker's HOMETOWN!!!

The Motion Picture Academy virtually never awards Best Picture to a truly great fiilm.

No Jackeens thread today? Can you help me out?

Just 38 DAYS.

Zappa Fans

NC-Sen: Cooper (D) leads incumbent Burr, per PPP

I am really angry

Look out for the next round of Blago bull shit.

IL-Sen: Schakowsky Says She'll Run if There's a Special (Maybe Roskam, Too)

Will * sign a Big 3 loan as soon as the new Congress is sworn in?

I want a girl with a sharp mind

Major changes to Endangered Species Act ... (these guys are SICK!)


Fuck it Impeach Bush as a reaction to this bailout bullshit

Jesse Jackson Jr's sister's radio show is on in 1 hour you can listen online

The auto loan filibuster vote demonstrates that all big deal over 60 votes is BS

Blanche Lincoln, Jon Tester. Max Baucus all voted No.

Post an embarrassing but low-priority confession. Here's mine:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/12/2008)


Cheney: It's 'Herbert Hoover' time

Obama Worked to Distance Self From Blagojevich Early On

The Repubs' last hurrah: Senate GOP Kills Auto Bailout Compromise

Some one needs to grow a set and challenge Reid for his Leadership Post

Santa's helper

Has Fitzgerald vaulted himself onto the short list for AG or FBI Director? At

The guy who wants Obama's senate seat said "if we see Obama there's a shoot-on-sight order"

Christmas In A Beer Joint

8 years ago today was the start of a National Travesty. In 39 days it will end


Oh Great.....NIKKEI down 5%, dollar/yen lowest in 13 years!

Obama calls for 'temporary assistance' to shore up car companies

Whoops - dupe

The GOP last night voted for a return of 1932-1952 - Democratic dominance

Treasury Department Announces That They'll Bail Out.... Bush

Bush History-Bush HUD Head Seeks MORE Loans to Risky Borrowers Just Prior to SubPrime Collapse 12/12

Question: How do we PUSH democrats to SPEAK UP!!! RIGHT NOW the FACE persons for the anti US auto...

DU MEETUP ON MONDAY 1/19/2009 IN Washington DC: Pre-Inauguration Party. Who will be there.

Euphoria's over: get ready for 8 years of RW BS

AP: Alabama Rep. Artur Davis being vetted by Obama transition team

While The Media Yammers On About Obama: More Coleman Allegations Surface

IL AG files motion to have Blago removed from office

Democratic Senate seats in 2010 look pretty safe

GM, I'm begging you, I am down on my knees: Don't kill the Pontiac.

LOL at the GOP.... how bad did they fuck this up? This is how bad....

The bill failed because of UAW not accepting cuts to match the Honda/Toyota hourly wage?

"Obama Brings Good Cheer to Sidwell Friends" - “O-ba-ma!” chant v. “Oatmeal sucks!”

There were NOT enough Democratic votes to pass the auto bill tonight

Damn did you see the UAW just read that internal GOP e-mail. . . (UPDATED WITH E-MAIL)

"I dread looking at Wall Street tomorrow. It's not going to be a pleasant sight."

Obama's statement on the auto bailout vote

The Great "Patriotic" Southern Republicans

It is time to make the Republicans pay a price for breaking up the middle class

Obama Worked to Distance Self From Blagojevich Early On

Colin Powell Calls on Congress to Review "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Chicago Tribune owner been subpoenaed and they're the source of most of the Blagojevich stories

Intern Killer Morning Joe: "You don't criticize Baby Jesus, and you don't criticize the Chosen One"

Would SENATOR Caroline Kennedy drag the conspiracies that

Report: Coleman’s illicit funds helped pay for home renovations.»

So it looks as if Bush and his cabal is setting Corker up to run for Pres...

And now, for something else to argue about....

Who remembers the "Lady Chablis" from the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"?

Report: Jackson Backers Sought Cash For Obama Post

Question. Is a crooked, crazy,corrupt governor worth 4 days of top news coverage?

McCain Campaign Sells Info-Loaded Blackberry to FOX 5 Reporter


The US Senate is helping Hillary Clinton circumvent her emolument problem

Breaking: MSNBC- GM to 'temporarily' close 21 factories throughout

Report preview: 2008 voter turnout highest since 1960 (and other tid bits)

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Says His Supporters Weren't Authorized to Talk to Blagojevich

Rumors floating inside Chicago media circles that Blagojevich is working on his resignation letter.

From the Franken campaign: Disputed absentee votes to be counted

Do Cats Know Their Own Name?

The Lisa Madigan part in the BLAGO MOVIE could easily be played by Demi Moore...

OMFG!!!! This man is hot!!!

Going to the inauguration in DC? You'll need something to wear...

Voinovich warns President that he may be remembered as ‘George Herbert Hoover Bush.’

You realize that w/Madigan's filing she is basically asking that Blago be declared mentally unfit

Obama will use the "Taxation without Represetation" License plate for the Parade

As payback to asshole senate republicans, I hope the senate declares Franken the winner in Minnesota

Do you think there will be an Executive Order for the Big Three loan?

In the alternate universe where the SCOTUS didn't stop the recount 8 years ago today.....

Daily Tracking Poll Update: So far, no harm to Obama from Blago scandal

Sorry, We’re Booked, White House Tells Obamas

PHOTOS Sealed with a kiss........

Top Obama Teams To Meet In Chicago Next Week

Obama mania grips the capital

What the media would like to have happen in Illinois is.....

Looks like someone's gotten to Hillary's wiki page

Jesse Jackson Jr.: 'I want my name back'

OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! "Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal"

This Attempt to Tie Blago's Mess to Obama Is the First of Many.....

Bush urges A&M grads to consider a life of service

The Old Man at the White House gate

IF Senator Reid were a great leader

A curious analysis on the failed bailout vote...

Blagojevich is obviously a sleazy guy, but what prompted the wiretap?

Wrotnowski Stay Request DENIED

Insight of presidential election insiders proves riveting - Boston Globe

The MSM idiots, Politico and Time evidently know Obama isn't involved, but demand he prove it.

Search for Obama dog draws expert advice

Axelrod: 'This is why you should be President…'

They Weren't Close

I just made pecan brittle - ask me anything

So Blagojevich is big news, but former Nasdaq chair arrested on $50 billion fraud charges is buried?

Senate republicans are STUPID.

Just so everyone can fully understand

The woman who barked at me after choir rehearsal the other night

Besides Bush and reality shows, what embarassing things will be associated with the 00s?

Obama Supporters Organize 4200 Events This Weekend

Queen Latifah is freakin HOT!

Cat's In The Cradle - Harry Chapin

Make them filibuster the auto bill, you lame jack-asses

KFC employess turn sink into hot tub.

What a Dick

Does the closest theater to you play the critically acclaimed movies?

I have watched the BULLSHIT here for the last month

Bidens beat the Obamas to it - will be bringing a new German Sephard pup to Washington

Obama 2.0: "Team Obama is expected to keep elements of its campaign operational in the states"

I got a dog!!!!!

PSA #2: Never take "utilities included" for granted

I am watching a Seinfeld rerun and remembered how sad

Official Fuck you Harry Reid Thread

Master stroke by Harry Reid in my opinion...

Senate Dems Winning Game Of Chicken

did John McCain run a clean campaign

Fox Report: Emanuel Gave Blagojevich List Of 'Acceptable' Senate Candidates

A Senate Seat Is Not a Kennedy Heirloom

Want to know where the push against Caroline Kennedy is coming from:

(corrected) Most important news story of the week (ending December 12, 2008)

Mainstream media's utter, careless distortions "linking" Obama to Blagojevich

How many people here are/were without electric power in NH and MA...

i keep hearing that union workers make 3 or 4 times the non-union auto workers....

and When I feel my finger on your trigger...

Political idiocy: why is the GOP trying to further alienate Reagan Democrats?

Jennifer Aniston if freakin' HOT!

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James Douglass

Beyond the 2008 Election

Does anyone have any idea how much Inauguration Day memorabilia will go for?

Y'know, this really is a cool '80s song

PHOTOS Buddies

Rendell slams Obama over Blago

Franken Gets Big Win At Canvass Board

What is a good gift for an eight year old girl?

Let's keep it simple: Chris Matthews - do you want him running as a democrat for the US Senate

Apropos of nothing: I am still a great plumber.

I committed a massive "guy-code" violation.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Second Great Depression started tonight

Do you know what it's like to like/love a girl you'll never have?

PHOTOS It's a Family Affair (70+ pics, be warned!!)

The cake is a lie.

I just received a postcard for an aesthetic vaginal surgery office--ask me anything

I just received a postcard for an aesthetic vaginal surgery office--ask me anything

Weird. My firewall just decided for some reason

Obama would like banana cream pie

What is considered acceptable these days regarding cell phone calls?

Why do we say "circular" and "triangular" and "rectangular" but not "squarular"?

Sorry, We’re Booked, White House Tells Obamas

Post an inspirational quote along with the author...

Play a depression era song

Offensive or not offensive: calling a tank top t-shirt a "wife beater"

Joe & Jill Biden adopt a German Shepard Puppy

Post a pic of yourself when you were freaking hot

8 years ago today (December 12, 2000) there was a coup in the United States.

Name or post a song you want played at your funeral

Has Dumbya avenged his grandfather, Prescott?

The Birth Certificate/Citizenship Fantango - where the wingnuts stand


Democratic Talking Points Re: JOBS!

Is it time for Harry Reid to be replaced as majority leader?

Justice Hiding CIA/NSA Memos From The President-Elect

Cell phone costs slashed for Cubans

DeMint Warns of Bailout 'Riots'

Panel blames White House, not soldiers, for abuse

2008 one of worst years for disaster losses: insurer

Bank of America to Cut 30,000 to 35,000 Positions

GM hires bankruptcy advisors

40 attend funeral for Salvadoran immigrant who died in jail in August

Japan Stocks Drop for 1st Time This Week as Auto Bailout Stalls

Obama Worked to Distance Self From Blagojevich Early On

Report: Rahm Emanuel Had ‘Multiple’ Conservations With Blagojevich About Senate Seat

U.S. Plans to Sign Nuclear Pact with U.A.E.

US "willing to lead climate push"

Rumsfeld Responsible for Torture, Report Says

Billionaires close island businesses after election goes against them

Teen picks Army over prison

Jesse Jackson Jr. Identified as 'Senate Candidate 5' in Blagojevich Case

Ex-Nasdaq chair arrested on fraud charge in NYC

U.S. keeps silent as Afghan ally removes war crime evidence

Bettie Page dead at 85

Report: Jackson backers sought cash for Ill. gov.

Senate Republicans kill auto bailout bill

White House may tap Wall Street fund for autos

Bank Bailout funds could Be Used for Bailout

Gun-toting woman divides community

Bush administration finalizes rule; blocks crucial polar bear protections

Tim McGraw Not Running for Governor...Yet

Media still controled by Un-American repukes

Pastor Who Invoked God's Wrath Gets Bail

Colombia extradites top drug suspect to US

Paulson will use TARP funds to save Big 3

U.S. keeps silent as Afghan ally removes war crime evidence

Honda cutting production at Ohio plants

White House Bails Out Automakers: Everybody Wins, Save Taxpayers

GM hires lawyers to mull bankruptcy

Illinois AG files motion (with state SC declaring the governor unable to serve)

Treasury Considers Using TARP to Bail Out U.S. Automakers (Update)

ASIA MARKETS: Stocks extend losses as auto bailout falls apart - Honda, Toyota shares plunge

Top evangelical resigns after backing gay unions

Future First Family Denied Early Move-In at the Blair House

McCain Campaign Sells Info-Loaded Blackberry to FOX 5 Reporter

Sam Zell's financial adviser at Tribune Co. was middleman sought by Blagojevich

$50bn fraud charge at hedge fund

Detroit Dailies to Curtail Home Delivery (only 3 days/week)

(Nydia) Velazquez Bows Out (of Hillary Stakes)

Capitol Visitor Center evacuated

Jim Rogers calls most big U.S. banks "bankrupt"

State: Wrongfully rejected absentee ballots could near 1,600

Blagojevich Left Legal Bills Unpaid ($500,000)

Small Georgia bank becomes 24th US failure in 2008

Pentagon May Have Mixed Propaganda With PR

Kerry blasts ‘dangerous’ rollback of species act

Al Franken gets boost in Minn. Senate recount

Mugabe should go, U.S. ambassador says

Administration Loosens Species Protections

Ecuador defaults, says to fight "monster" creditors

Rejected ballots headed for state Supreme Court (MN Recount)

Leading lawyer calls for Rumsfeld prosecution

Sources: Emanuel not target of Illinois probe

Ottawa to deliver $3.5B auto aid package: CTV

Exclusive: Norm Coleman's Renovation Project Coincides with Financial Lawsuit

U.S. hopes Canada will prolong its Afghan stay

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 12

Gates & Iranian MP to attend security meeting in Bahrain

Pinup icon Bettie Page dies at age 85

Coal industry scrubs 'Clean Coal Carolers' after Raw Story, subsequent reports

What the Federal Reserve's new credit card rules may mean for you

Trouble in Toyland: U.S. recession jolts China

Colin Powell: GOP 'polarization' backfired in election

Emanuel: I'm Getting Death Threats Over Blagojevich Scandal

State board will count missing Minneapolis ballots in Coleman-Franken Senate race (Updated)

Museum to Chile's Pinochet sickens victims

Drug Maker Said to Pay Ghostwriters for Journal Articles

Sleet, snow tail off in New Orleans

Van Johnson, '40s Heartthrob, Dies At 92

Blagojevich fundraiser held by Jackson allies Saturday

GM to shut all production for half of 1st quarter

CIA Helped Shoot Down 15 Civilian Planes Report Points To Cover-Up Of '90s Anti-Drug Program; Crimin

Gettelfinger: Bailout collapse means suppliers may cut off automakers

Greek PM refuses calls for early election as violence continues

Russia scraps right to jury trial

Honda cutting production again

Showoff leads to stolen guns

Auto bailout talks collapse over union wages

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

'Why are you complaining?'

Iranians chant 'death to Israel' in support of Gaza

Livni sparks Arab 'transfer' row

A Progressive Blueprint for Obama’s Military

A street brawl in India brings down a global kidney-transplant ring.

Before handouts, big firms bankrolled conventions

Asia Times: Worse than the Great Depression

AlterNet: Let's Cut Out the Banks and Finance American Innovation

Blagojevich Confidant Turned Informant - John Wyma

The Union

The Senator From YokoBAMA Sends a Message to Detroit

Madigan Leaps Over Jackson

Auto Bill Fails In Senate, 52-35 — Say Good Night, Gracie

Republican Senators: Pretending to be Patriotic only works when WE are the Majority

Officials plan for massive Inaugural turnout

A Local Election’s Results Raise Major Questions on Race

Under the Hammer

Concern for Climate Change Defines Energy Department Nominee Steven Chu

Blagojevich’s REAL Outrage: Tried to Sell 'Obama Personal Seat Licenses'

A Disturbing Night in Iraq: Witnessing the Abuse of 'Insurgent' Prisoners

The Ideal Stimulus Package

gay rights to protest at Crist wedding

Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’?

Health Care Heavyweights

PATRICK COCKBURN: It's All Spelled Out in Unpublicized Agreement;Total Defeat for U.S. in Iraq

Senators to UAW: It's payback time

Robert Parry: A Time Machine to Save America (good discussion of Bush v. Gore)

Senators, remember when the Detroit 3 came to your rescue?

LBJ Knew Traitors When He Saw Them

Joe Conason: The hunting of the president resumes

Senator Fear Mongering DeMint(R): 'We are gonna have Riots if bailout passes

TYT: Romney Loves To Steal From Fellow Republicans

"brother can you spare a dime" dr john and odetta

Coal Baron caught on tape, rails against "greeniacs", denies climate change...


Bay Buchanan Uses Obama's Inauguration To Justify GOP Slurs Using His Middle Name

Jesse Jackson Jr. 'I Did Not Initiate...'

You, Me And Cisco Know....

Jobless Claims Highest In A Generation As Economy Weakens

Foreclosures Hasten Dickensian Utopia - PF025

Is the media intruding too much in the Blagojevich case?

The Rachel Maddow Show: Is Rod Blagojevich mentally unstable?

TYT: Did Obama speak strongly enough against Blagojevich

After Blocking Auto Bailout, Conservatives Immediately Blame U.A.W.

Auto Bailout

Rachel Maddow: Republicans Want to Reduce American Wages

Changing Planet Show for December 08

Rod Blagojevich and Sarah Palin?


Auto Bailout or The South will Slime Again

If Paulson can save white collar jobs he can save 3 million blue collar jobs

Red State Update: Blagojevich

Playing For Change: Stand By Me around the world

UAW Press Conference 12/12/08

Nuke the War on Christmas!

Rachel Maddow-Glenn Greenwald - Gitmo

TYT: Author Of Controversial Newsweek Article Explains Bible/Gay Marriage (On-Air)

Countdown: KO's top 25 most corrupt politicians list

TYT: Malkin and Fox making up shit

Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Obama selects Nobel Laureate Steven Chu, head of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, to be Energy Sec

"Environmental fugitives get own most-wanted list"

Carnegie Study - "Ocean Much More Sensitive To Climate Change Than We Have Previously Appreciated"

Peak Oil Notes - Dec 11

ESA Imagery Of Latest Cracks In Wilkins Ice Shelf

Mexico leads the way with carbon reduction pledge

Environmental Progress Is a Cause for Right-Wing Paranoia

Bush revises endangered species protections to eliminate some independent, scientific reviews

Germany: the new dirty man of Europe:

Seasoned Regulators to Lead Obama Environment Program

Sustainability Emerges as a Business Model

Bush Publishes Changes to Mountaintop Removal Rule

Cleaning the air helps cool planet: Cutting smog and soot has an immediate impact on climate change

Read This! : Cyberspace has buried its head in a cesspit of climate change gibberish (Guardian)

Obama energy plan could include solar satellites

Al Gore (in Poznan) calls for tougher global limit on CO2 levels


OPEC president calls for severe production cuts - Oil surges 10%

I hope Republican Voting Union Members are happy.

U.S. government cash may avert sustained deflation

Retail Sales Fall Off a Cliff


What a rotten place corporate America and DC is these days!

Nevada: 1 in every 76 homes in foreclosure..see here for other states.

"Herbert Hoover Time"


The End of the Washington Consensus

Dead Cat Bounce

Massachusetts SJC to Subprime Lenders: Clean Up Your Own Mess

Possibly-naive question for DUers with much more economic/business knowledge...

Laid off Chinese factory workers destroy workplace

Many Auto Suppliers Already on the Brink ... get ready for the domino effect

Why almost all businesses borrow even when they don't need to: A primer on Leverage

What about a People's Bank of the United States?

Roubini: Will Aggressive Monetary and Fiscal Measures Prevent Stag-deflation in 2009?


Do Flat Out Globalist GOP Traitors INTEND to Kill the USA's Auto Industry?

TO: All worker health and safety advocates Popcorn Lung Roadhouse Blues

"People's Bailout" Protest Actions Continue Nationwide

States Hire More People To Process Jobless Claims

Union Members Protest Federal Labor Official

What Obama learned from Cesar Chavez

Oak Ridge Boys Donate Tickets To Laid-Off GM Workers In Wisconsin

so here's a question...

Bush Administration to Slash Farm Worker Wages and Enable Growers to Replace Domestic Workers

NYT: Union Linked to Corruption Scandal

Today in labor history Dec 12 Garrison, a leader in the fight to end slavery, was born

Union workers at university raise funds for Chicago sitdown & more

Three Cheers for Workers Who Waged the Sit-In

Former OSHA, NIOSH Heads Say Federal Ergonomics Standard Unlikely

Ron Carey, former head of Teamsters Union, has died

Smithfield Employees Vote To Join Union

National Student Rally for Marriage Equality - January 27th 2009

Top evangelical resigns after backing gay unions **wow**

If you had a "friend" who was hurting your people...

Lesbian couple fights to keep baby

Author Of Controversial Newsweek Article (Religious Right Unhappy) Discusses Marriage & The Bible

Musicians, Broadway, Hollywood asked not to license music to Mormons, BYU

Unemployed in America

CUBA: "The Debt is Unpayable" - Speech by Jamaican Scholar Upon Recipt of Honary Doctorate in Havana

Cell phone costs slashed for Cubans

Colombia extradites top drug suspect to US

Museum to Chile's Pinochet sickens victims

Boxer says he lied about death threat claims

More whining from Terrell Owens

Yankees supposedly sign AJ Burnett; 5 years $82.5M

Surefire way of not having to go to the bathroom?!?

WHEN is it going to get easier?

Sarcasm finds medical use in dementia detection

When there's nothing you can do: dealing with not be able to help.

I asked someone for forgiveness tonight.

Suggestion for today...take some time to go inward and get centered.

Wallowing in Gratitude...

My mother died last July

Full Moon - 12-12-08 - Gemini-Sagittarius

as close as I get

Go to to ask your firearms questions.

Gun-toting woman divides community

30 seconds of dusk

Question about the Lightsphere...

Secrets Revealed Tracking Thread

From Elizabeth Baron's newsletter


The Fresh Loaf

Can I put aluminum waffle iron plates in the self cleaning oven?

Free shipping at King Arthur Flour right now.

Need a recipe for Biscochitos

Menopause As An Earth Changing Experience - 2012, hot flashes, kundalini, metamorphosis

Food sadness.

Vatican Issues Document on Bioethics- NYT

The Oceans’ Shifting Balance

Britain's oldest human brain unearthed (CNN)

a science question prompted by a thread in GD

NASA transition sparks sharp talk

A Field Trip To The Creation Museum

Scientists extract images directly from brain

Question: If opposites attract, why and how do atoms of one kind stick together

What explains the continued secrecy?

I believe they call these chem trails?

Teen picks Army over prison

Custom programming question - rather urgent


Canada, Afghanistan, Bush, Obama and Gates

Panicking in crisis would devastate economy: Flaherty

Ottawa, Ontario poised to announce auto bailout package

How Obama's election is seen in the world (anedoctal)

De Menezes inquest jury rejects police claims

A lousy day for City's darling Nicola Horlick...

What's the German word for "denial"?

Manchester voters reject congestion charge