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What's the fight with Hitchins and Joan Walsh

Awaiting Klamath Dam removal

Breaking NewsThe U.S. warned India of a potential maritime attack on Mumbai weeks before

I Hope No One Is Going To Bangkok

Question...Mods Once I get My Answer please delete

"Where's Sarah": The Return of a Classic - THE MUDFLATS

Palin campaigns for McCain...well um no, she recycles speech for Chambliss

pay a fee for not flyiing??????

It's a recession

The pace of change is a danger to our incoming leaders

Bush wants to be liked for "having actually done something that's measurable"

What would be the impact...

Economic News of the Weird (a personal note)

Major El Pollo Loco franchisee donated $6000. to Proposition 8 :(

"(Mumbai Attacks) Must Bring Opportunity Rather Than the Defeat of a Nation"

"(Mumbai Attacks) Must Bring Opportunity Rather Than the Defeat of a Nation"

National Enquirer: Now it can be told the screaming between Palin and McCain

The Terrorist Diary

So, the chimp is "sorry" I lost half of my retirement.

Toronto Star: Liberals, NDP and Bloc sign coalition pact (to give Harper the boot)

Panel Warns Biological Attack Likely By 2013

Interesting Repub question I read in another forum

I like this pic

Mugabe's Power Under Threat as Troops Riot Over Pay(Beginning of the end?)

So I finally watched Palin's Georgia campaigning

Bwahahahaha. Rice sayez she won't give Clinton much advice.

Help the Bush Administration find some good movie plots

U.S. Consumers Face `Liquidity Squeeze' as Banks Stop Loans

JPMorgan cutting 9,200 jobs at Washington Mutual

Mumbai Attacks: All 10 Terrorists Identified: Police

Hey, ColbertWatcher, Does This Square(Mal-Wart)?

Worst case scenario for personal finance. Do you have a plan?

Boston Legal Alert...

Requiem for a Maverick: the after-election "party" for John McCain

Please help find this lost XMas gem, or at least verify its existence or lack of same.

"This is a guy who showed up to solve problems,'" Bush said

How low can they go?: BushCo uses the "Chuck and Larry" movie to deny gay domestic partner benefits.

Excuse me BoA, those aren't your loans to modify, says investor in lawsuit

Why we needed Dingell - $25 billion in retooling being eyed for non-Big Three - by Democrats!!

A Vets view during the RNC. (was he an anarchist ?)

Raphael Lemkin, his story on

Help, more signatures needed. ASAP for Arrestee's of RNC

Per AP: Bush was warned about mortgage meltdown in 2006.Under pressure from banks halted regulation

Bush - CONTINUES TO LIE - About Iraqi War (Robert Parry)

Man this bloodless coup of the Canadian government sure is pissing of conservatives, ha!

Gov. Napolitano was praised by ACLU for stance on Real ID law. Things change.

After 9/11, Rove pressured the entertainment industry ‘to produce propaganda.’

As Jim Morrison once said, "the whole shithouse goes up in flames," but Condi plays piano for Queen

The real "WAR, INC". Sick

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Opinion Question of the Day

There are a few things I have learned on DU after 4 years (just need to rant tonight)

EFF to Fight Against Telecom Immunity in Tuesday Hearing (Challenge constitutionality)

The Arab world looks to a new America

Prepare to be "Adopted" by Your New Chinese Sponsor Family

I've heard talk about changing the name of the Department of Homeland Security

This Modern World - The Bush years: A look back. By Tom Tomorrow

How stupid would one have to be to shoot oneself in one's foot ......

New Zealand Conservative Govt. Indifferent to Citizens in Thailand

my state (calif) is going to fiscal hell in a handbasket.

If Bush's biggest regret is no WMD in Iraq, shouldn't he apologize for joking about it?

More Fear: WMD ATTACK BY 2013 experts say

Did anyone see the Saddleback Civil Forum on CSPAN today???

Great editorial in the Globe about what happened in Canada today

Take a wild guess who owns THIS Christmas shoppe

Intel tries to turn the tables on AMD in document discovery dispute

Ugh....David Gregory for MTP?

Russian vodka pipeline found into the European Union

TOON - Benson: Turkey Leftovers

UPDATE On Dollar Tree.

Top Thai court ousts PM Somchai

Top Thai court ousts PM Somchai

30-mile debris pile becomes symbol of FEMA delays

Why in the world is Ludacris campaigning for Jim Martin.

"Terrorists have no soul. They have no religion"

All Georgians! PLEASE don't forget to vote on tuesday! Tomorrow!!!!

The 9 yr old hunter hadn't been this excited since she killed her 3rd wild hog over Thanksgiving

American living in Seoul: Catch this (inspiring)

Broader medical refusal rule may go far beyond abortion

Tragedy in Tribeca: Multi-millionaire renegs on $35M duplex, forfeits hefty deposit

Does Technology Enhance or Complicate Your Life?

Today's lunatic post and thread from the insane asylum....

just when i thought i was missing florida, it being christmas and all:

Mumbai attacks: US intelligence warned India a strike from Pakistani group was planned

Who here needs money? My deposit from Nigeria has arrived!

Hoover: All men are equal before fish.

Two Men Are Having Nightmares: Dick Morris & Bill O'Reilly.

David Duke helps son of ex-Klan leader in fight for Palm Beach County Republican seat

`Great Recession' May Just Be Starting as Job Losses Mount, Credit Shrinks

Thailand Prime Minister to Step Down After Court Strips Him of Office

The Nation: The Many Ways Our Future Is A Mess

Pity for bush? Sorry, I'm all tapped out.

Clues Obama Won't Govern Center-Right

From the Bad Timing Department: The Millionaire Fair

Toronto Star: Liberals turn discord into 'marvel' of unity

Juan Cole: Let's Hope India Doesn't React Like We Did To 9/11

Dont travel to Venice Italy right now

Globe and Mail: (Stephen) Harper bulldozes his way to the brink

Digby: The Police Have No Right To Shoot People With Electricity For Having A "Bad Attitude"

Bill Clinton mentioned for wife's Senate seat

LOL, read the posts from viewers complaining about last weeks Boston Legal

Who's calling Obama and his admin-to-be "socialist? Limpballs?

Cheney, Gonzales Indictments Dropped

Credit-card industry may cut $2 trillion lines: analyst

Credit-card industry may cut $2 trillion lines: analyst

Aids Day +20: And The Band (Still) Plays On….........

Bush: "I Was Unprepared for War"

A gay couple in China, desperate for a child, have resorted to preying on the infants of straights

What Does Obama Know About Peak Oil?

Euphemisms for depression (economic, not emotional, though they often go together.)

Toronto's ambitious $50 billion public transit expansion/greening plan

PHOTO: "You know, Warry, I read your book about the Porpoise and there warnt no fish innit"

PHOTO: "You know, Warry, I read your book about the Porpoise and there warnt no fish innit"

Michaëlle Jean- Canada's Governor-General (quite a story)

My hubby just received a strange phone call. He has always been an avid

There have been THREE deaths in holiday shopping this year??

Jon Stewart takes on the economy and the killer shopping deaths

AG nominee Eric Holder: The Israelis like Marc Rich, so he's OK with me. Huh?

I have a problem with the Obama definition of 'pragmatic'

Pundit expects oil price to settle into $60-$75 range long term.

"Impeach Bush" Ornament Accepted For Hanging On White House Christmas Tree

Is it Afghan or Afghani?

Canadian politics heating way up: Liberals, NDP and Bloc sign coalition pact

A Holiday Miracle

Bill Clinton Says No Thanks to Senate

to be determined...

More evidence of CIA-backed syndicate involvement in Mumbai attacks

A Thousand Splendid Suns and the Kite Runner

that darn Sarin is leaking again in Ky.

So explain to me why Bush and Cheney aren’t “terrorists.”

HEY GEORGIANS!!!! Don't forget to vote today!!!!!!

GM says CEO will drive to Washington

MAybe someone has already asked this, but when Sarah Palin had her interview

I lost about 100 grand in commissions this year because of Dubya's economy...

NYT: The Gun Lobby's Loss

FOOLED AGAIN - Big News Orgs Help Bush Whitewash History Of Iraq War



I am pissed! I know this is totally off any relevant subject, HOWEVER

Blackwater holding anti-piracy meetings in London

Why don't Bush's rules regarding "right of conscience" protect anesthesiologists?

I have come up with the ultimate money making venture: A Pirate Hunt Cruise!

Fox News foreign policy expert guest to advise on Obama's Cabinet picks---Omarosa

Let's hear from the paid GM shills. Ford says it might be able to make it without federal money.

The Moral Dilemma of Leaving Iraq

Credit card rates increasing

Pawlenty Just Suggested - Devaluing The Dollar........

My New Desktop

Martinez won't seek re-election - Florida Senate seat up in 2010. Woo Hoo!

A.Word.A.Day: absquatulate

You cannot claim victory when you still have 140,000 troops stuck in a country.

Masses gather for Chabad emissaries' funeral

How about a hunting ban instead of weapons ban ..

Its worth having Sen. Clinton as SOS just to watch ate up drunks like Chris Hitchens heads exploding

Pawlenty Just Suggested - Devaluing The Dollar........

Wife writes about war hero's final hours

Oil Falls As Gas Prices Hit 3-Year Low

Scorched Earth: EO signed yesterday strips away collective bargaining for some federal employees

Guantanamo 'a stain on US military' (1st interview of Vandeveld, ex-prosecutor)

An unfunded federal mandates question.

How's the Georgia election going

'30 Rock' star Tina Fey finally reveals how she got her facial scar

Wicked cool site:, world's first biomimicry database for designers inspired by nature

Non Sequitur: "Co-Chairman of the Transition Team"

Broader medical refusal rule may go far beyond abortion

Obama Love and Happiness Thread

Legislators To Introduce Prop 8 Repeal Measures

what's grosser: cockroaches or earwigs?


Pakistan: Militant Group(LeT) Denies Role in Mumbai Attacks


CNN poll

9 beheaded men found in Tijuana

Automaker promises to sell corporate jet and cut CEO pay to $1

Hey! You have to lobby your government NOW, before things get underway.

Fox News has a *hot one*--OPRAH KNOWS RICH PEOPLE!!!

About those lowered credit card limits: The card companies have no money to lend you

Let's review... since November in both the US and Canada,,,,

Bush regrets Iraqi WMD failure - "I will leave the presidency with my head held high," - GWB

Stewart: MSNBC is the new Fox

Tuesday TOONS part 3: Bushies and more

Train blast kills 3 in Assam, India; 30+ Injured

Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes

WAPO(oh my!) - Christmas Colors for the White House: Red, White and IMPEACH!

show me one female politician with grey hair

A beautiful night - A good day - GD/DU was there for me, one of my last ops of the year

Franken news: The disputed absentee ballots will be reviewed

Tuesday TOONS part 1: Economic woes

How do we stop the violence...?

Holy Cow..... Serious problems with Verizon

Can Someone Explain The Shakeup In Canadian Governance That Is Going On?

Is Secretary Gates W.C. Fields twin brother or am I imagining things?

It's official, a year into the Obama Presidency, it's a Depression.

Jurors Wanted to Convict Lori Drew of Felonies, But Lacked Evidence

Surfing in Venice-Italy. VIDEO (no commercial lead in)

Buick and Tiger Woods part ways

Would your opinion of Plaxico change if it turned out he was protecting Gotham from werewolves?

U.S. automotive jobs 101 (Awesome map at link)

bush: "I’m not going to let your son die in vain"

So we've been in a recession for a year but they just announced it yesterday?

So we've been in a recession for a year but they just announced it yesterday?

Bank of America to cut 10,000 jobs before end of year

Canada kills 500 Narwhals trapped in Ice, instead of getting icebreaker to free them

Latest Franken-Coleman projection: per Nate at

As if what happened in Mumbai wasn't bad enough........

The Cost to Broadcasters if Airways were Not Free

So. Obama? What the fuck are you going to do about this shit?

Humane Society - Urge President-elect Obama to support animal protection

Collateral damage - vs - Collateral Repair Project - Helping you help Iraqi refugees

Guantanamo 'a stain on US military' (Video)


Gates: Military looks to accelerate Iraq pullout

Obama's White Supremacist Threat (video)

Gallup: Americans Remain Broadly Supportive of Labor Unions

GOPer Ensign: Dems Would Pay "Heavy Political Price" If Franken Disputes Election in Senate - Georgia Senate Runoff 5 PM EST Update

Nancy Pelosi is lighting the national Christmas tree?

Palin v. Murkowski: Another Epic Battle? -- THE MUDFLATS

How does one get started investing in the stock market?

Chrysler sales off 47%, Ford off 31%, Honda off 32%, Toyota off 34%, and GM off 41%.

Incredible energy discovery...

What time do the polls close in GA? n/t

Marilyn Musgrave blames election loss on 'leftist special interests'

Coming Up: Situation Room on CNN Will Playing Young Joe Biden Phone Call w/ Richard Nixon in '72

A variation on an old theme, but still fun

Anybody have any idea what turn out is like in Georgia?

Has the War on Christmas started yet?

after mumbai, arlen specter was intoning that "they can strike anytime, anywhere" (not an

Guess who is going to get killed AGAIN??

Bush admin tool cites 'Chuck and Larry' defense to deprive same-sex couple fed benefits

Watch Kerry Kennedy, founder of RFK Center for Human Rights,

RFK Jr. Takes a Pass on Hillary's Senate Seat (Again)

I think Billo's days at Faux are numbered

Did I just hear that jackass David Gregory

Am I the only one uncomfortable with our SOS playing a command performance for the Queen of England?

just wondering-- with the anniversary of jfk's death, I was thinking about the warren

Let's help the California priest who wants confessions

I'm sorry for you have some idiotic republican "public servants" (edited )

Bill Richardson - Commerce Secretary.

The ongoing disgrace of NBC News and Brian Williams

New Nixon tapes released: Nixon wanted the Brookings Institution "cleaned out"

AlterNet: Going to College & Grad School Looks Like a Disaster

Fox news reported something intelligent?..Ya gotta be kiddin me.

Today's the day in Georgia! Post updates here!

Clif Bar employees get $500 to buy or repair a bicycle

Hans Johnson from In These Times On Prop 8 & Max Bergman, Eleanor Clift, Congressman...

So much lower prices on everything is a very good thing??..maybe not..

Bush History: Historians Speculate Bush is "the worst of the presidents". Also, the Death of Mandela

Chris Wallace: "Whatever Bush did after 9/11 was done to protect this country"

Bush = Nixon? Not So Fast, Says FNC’s Chris Wallace

Impeach Bush" Ornament Accepted To Hang On White House Christmas Tree

What did ya'll think of the planetary lineup last night?

Franken has a slim lead

New Melissa Etheridge Christmas Album: A New Thought For Christmas ("Mister Send My Baby Home")

Omaha Sniper gets 80 years to life in prison (“I imagine I was pissed off at black people”)

If I had a former American President available to help me out ....

East Coasters: step outside Moon Jupiter Venus, nt.

Anyone else get this email?

The economy is so bad .....................

Fundies: "Will homosexuals silence America's Christians?"

A Few Reasons to Think Twice before Jumping into the Stock Market

Team Franken zeroes in on 9,000 rejected absentee ballots - Coleman leading by a mere 73 votes

Does anyone else get the feeling that Bill Clinton wakes up every morning of his life and .....

They got hurt how?

I've met Hillary Clinton before. Let me be the first to remind you she is human.

What are the best/worst jobs in bad economic times?

"The real battle line is the morning-after pill"

Amway Global, Quixtar, Alticor Inc.

Group buys full page ad in Chicago Trib to demand Obama prove he's American

Schwarzenegger wants to raise taxes

Consider where we are today, where will be tomorrow, and socialized medicine

Petition to drop charges those arrested by GOP goons !

FBI Impersonator Sends Me an EMAIL... What Should I do With This?

There are phone people, and then there are the rest of us

What's your cuttoff/opt out/nevermind point in posting a reply?

TEDTalk Tuesday: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and the coming "age bomb"

Sec. Gates: Stop-loss will continue through 2009 at least

Mexico's Drug War Goes Down in Flames

TOON: Why do we even HAVE election campaigns?

Folks here broke branches over our heads to get us to vote for Obama

GM offers cuts in brands, salaries, debt, payroll

Reid: We won't smell the tourists anymore

I want to apologize for the negative tone of many of my recent posts

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”


Katrina vanden Heuvel: Why Robert Gates Is A Terrible Pick

Bush uses final 50 days in office to tout legacy


Does the coverage of the Mumbai attack seem surreal to anyone else?

Mumbai attacks: Terrorists took cocaine, LSD to stay awake during assault

HEADS UP! David gregory is going to tell us why Rush thinks Hillary is good.

Unhinged conservatives

Hey "Mayor Palin". Barack Obama is not "Senator Obama". He's "President-Elect Obama".

Bin Laden didn't fly either of the planes - cut him some slack

At malls, at schools, -- “Guns don’t kill people ... "

Rapture Ready: "This is our last Thanksgiving and Christmas as we know it."

When Will We Liberate the Iraqis?


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I just signed up for Food Stamps and Unemployment!

Wal-Mart Arms Greeters With Semi-Automatic Weapons

Diebold Vote Company Whistleblower and GOP Cyber Security Expert: 2002 Chambliss Senate Race Was

UN moves to urge worldwide decriminalization of homosexuality -- Vatican no likey

DeMint: Capitol Visitor Center Fails to Honor Faith

Yowza, anyone watch question period in the House of Commons today?

Who else is concerned about your teenager's addiction to text messaging?

Missouri lawmaker wants to ban beer bongs and beads to curb rowdy behavior on rivers

a tip of the hat to one of the most conscientious posters on DU: unhappycamper...

Thanks from my Dad, whose story touched so many of you.

Wounded deer attacks hunter who shot him

When are Bristol Palin and self-described redneck Levi Johnston getting married?

Please forgive me for this

If India finds that terrorists that wish them harm are protected in areas of Pakistan

I'm making no excuses for Wal-Mart (WARNING-- VERY LONG)

His. Jaw. Dropped ! One hand secured it from other onlookers, the other went for the checkbook.

I bet this is what Harper has on his stereo right now

The next person who alludes to 'The Truman Show' in lieu of making an actual point

I do believe there exists a coordinated effort to manipulate the masses by those,...

Shackled, bruised and "emaciated" teen escapes couple.

My GPS System was just stolen out of my car

Do you realize...


Need help getting smell out of tongues

Post teaching career options?

Who here has had a father throw his daughter's prosthetic leg at you in a drunken rage...

Two of BoyM's friends have been arrested.

When I was little, my mom used to tell me that a potatoe would grow in my unwashed ear...

Coffee? *pfft* who needs coffee to wake up?

I Have Been Trying To Send This Fuking Fax To Virginia All Day

How to microwave your own popcorn


nostalgia for 90's Republicans will one day be very lucrative is spelled F U C K...

Dr Z. needs your prayers. two strokes this past week-end

Did you notice the sky tonight?

Norton sez I'm clean

Any DUers have Internet Explorer 6 installed? I need an IE6 check on new JS/CSS

Whats the cheapest blu ray player I can find?

If I watch too much porn, will I forget how to "do it"?

Why are some people so ignorant of their own pride?

The most frightening words you can hear from an acquaintance.


I want some Litigator Loppers so bad!

Ever have someone rip off his own head, light it on fire, and throw it at you?

Mouse seems to be the theme tonight.


Ok, there was a noose in the mouse and I put the noise down. Just noticed the noise is gone.

Back on the old Vicodin train for a night...

Were The Who responsible for eleven deaths in 1979?

I wish I could take more "mental health days".

I'm going to the bun store, anyone need anything?

Unreal. December 1, and it is 89 degrees at 10 pm in upstate NY.

I like En Vogue. There, I said it.

OK. If you give a moose a cookie, then what happens?

Ok, there was a moose in the house and I put poison down. Just noticed the poison is gone.

YouTube: ZAPPA, "Muffin Man," from the film "Baby Snakes"...

I'm going to the nun store, anyone need anything?

ain't it ironic - the guy who plays the PSU Nittany Lions mascot is named james sheep - he's also

Central NY DUers: Has the locust plague subsided at all?

Dead Like Me: Life After Death movie coming 02/17/09

If taterguy watches too much porn, will his arm fall off?


"Oh sh*t," he mumbled. "I just broke the Internet." A True Story...Just Stunning ... LINK

Thanks to the "Celtic Women" thread, I just spent at least an hour reading about IRA terror attacks.

The Jones Stones, The Taylor Stones, or The Wood Stones

There Were Car Wrecks All Over The Place Due To Weather On I-540

Celtic Woman is to Gaelic Music as Thomas Kincaid is to Art

Merry Christmas!

Tell us a story about "sourdough starter"

Best Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist.


Donnie Darko.Is it good?

Unreal. December 1, and it is 19 degrees at 10 am in downtown LA

I'm going to the nun store. I can't help myself, it's a habit. n/t

Can you hear whistlepigs from your house?

How many pampered little princesses does it take to change a light bulb?

It was the weirdest damned thing I've ever heard.

The Research Project from Hell is now completed.

Animal planet is a great channel. n/t

OK. If you give a kook some nookie, then what happens?

So what's in your playlist right now?

some of you young folks been sayin to me hey pops whatchoo mean, what a wonderful world?

Howdy from near Austin, I am visiting my Aunt who is lives in the country.

As long as we're talking Irish folk music, I think I should start a post about the WolfeTones

Well, Jim Morrison's dad died and I just found out Katie Couric older sister had

When my dog humped my leg, I thought he was telling me he loved me...


"I've Loved You So Long"

Does anyone else hear that?

I'll tell you a story because I can't sleep.

How music affects your driving

Okay, I'll Admit It, Tonight I'm Teh Attention Whore

Extemporaneous Open Mic Poetry Thread

Ok, Daniel Craig fans check in here.

I've got a big cock.

Fuggit... i'm going to bed.

The thread of good covers.

I'm totally freaking cat just peed on my bed!

Do you ever click on a poll, then not vote?

I am expecting a huge FedEx shipment of baloney and a 55 gallon drum of dippin' mustard.

Cat people: Have you tried Pill Pockets for pilling pets?

HA! Apple now recommending that Mac users install antivirus software.

Can a Ceramic Lamp That Has Been Broken be Restored?

The Lounge could use some fixin'. It doesn't have enough Mojo Nixon

Some things are just soooo wrong.

Please post a youtube video of your credit card.

NFL To Show First-Ever 3D Game-Thursday night Raiders vs. Chargers

Hey Jude + Chipmunks + Hugh Laurie = Comedy goldmine

Where can I get a good table lamp?

All my college/grad school roomates are dead. Is that weird?

Baby Talk

Torture is Hot!

The Lounge could use some fixin'. It doesn't have enough Futurama Nixon

Did you ever Womble?

Please Caption this photo. Thank you.

We Three Kings - Reggae stylee

I am in need of a 35mm camera

What songs reduce you to tears?

What Christmas is all about..

Paul Desmond's Greensleeves

Premise: America likes nostalgia.

Vince Guaraldi Trio "Christmastime Is Here"

What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

This Christmas

Love Comes With Christmas - The Temptations

Good morning Lounge

George W. Bush Belongs In Prison

Marvin Gaye - I want to come home for christmas

Snoopy - Skating

Vince Guaraldi Trio - "Christmas Is Coming"

What does a naked turtle look like?

Caption Three Cat Photos:

Should I walk around the

Someone buy me one of these for Christmas.

Just to reiterate: I am strange.

LostinVA Has Changed Her DU Name To Cyndi Lopper

Teacher sells adspace on test papers lol

Dag nabbit!!

being an adult is weird

When Is Boston Legal Series Finale

Who chewed the plug off the vintage lamp?

who peed in LynneSin's coffee?

John Coltrane's My Favorite Things

Help me prioritize a difficult day.

You know what this place needs? Some Reverend Horton Heat

"Pay attention,

I am pissed! I know this is totally off any relevant subject, HOWEVER

Today is my wedding anniversary. Friday is the anniversary of my divorce hearing.

Elisabeth Hasslebeck says that noted Indian Scholar should go "light a bowl of incense".

I gave my teen daughter a "mental health" day off from HS

All is full of love

Best Christmas song to appall the family?

Man says God ordered him to ram vehicle at 100 mph -

I bet none of you gets earworms like the one I've got.

I know we're supposed to be at war with Christmas, but I really want the Rubber Ducky nativity

There've been no tragedies for over a week. What should I do?

Should I get the Genesis 2009 calendar again this year or go for change with a Phil Collins one?


OK, is this a good idea or not: Sticky Toffee Pudding Cheese?

Who peed in the coffee?

Parche Has Changed His DU Name To ImmaIdiot

I've got big balls.

This is for you (you know who you are)

How often do you take in your recycling?

Facebook needs a "become a hater" option.

I want to thank you all in helping me reach this goal.

Favorite Theery

How come congressional politics reminds me of a regimental barber

I feel petty and jealous

Jeremiah was a bullfrog...

Holy Shit. It's Really Happening. The Specials Are On Tour!!!

Should I get the Led Zeppelin 2009 calendar again this year or go for some change with a Rush one?

I'm going to inherit millions!!!!

my favorite XM/Sirius channel is finally up! (XM Holliday Pops)

My hands are cold.

"Cooking by the Book" A Lil' Bigger Mix by Mastgrr

Exactly 21 days until Festivus!

ideas for a teenage girl free(ish) Christmas gifts?

Did the people who invented 'coffee' invent 'coffee withdrawl'?

Plural clothing (23 shopping days left)

Do you still watch The Orifice?

what should I do?

Brokencyde - Freaxx, I defy you to find a worse music video/song

Which pic of Gale Harold do you like the best?

Anyone know where I can get the little red envelopes for Chinese New Year?

Oldest Ever Lolcat Found *gasp* (Iz From Teh 1905)

Do you still wach The Office?

The Top 18 Barack Obama Campaign Slogans

I'm about to watch the best movie you've probably never seen.

Am I really the only person here who's hit on and dated "ugly" people?

I have the worst cold EVER

Here is a preview of the new Rush calendar that LynneSin has ordered...

My analyst told me that I was right out of my head

Have I been drafted? Am I in the middle of the War on Christmas?

I need help with making a Christmas song play list.

Tonight, I have to get Kleenex and prep for this SWOT workshop

Catwoman get out of my brain!!

I've got big boobs.

Can anyone here explain the combo meal deal thing to me?

Which Willy Wonka movie is better? Discuss!

Was Freddie Mercury Really A Horrible Singer?

wine thread

Who wants to live forever?

Who Is In A Fowl Mood?

I Dedicate This Song To LynneSin

Shut up monkey!

Diana Ross, "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Who, one can safely say, will NEVER be People Mag's Sexiest Man Alive?

Well, I'm 50 years old today...

What holiday song do you wish would just 'go away'?

Inappropriate christmas gift? Or not?


I am an emotional trainwreck today.

The Lounge could use some fixin'. It doesn't have enough Don Dixon

Roberta Flack Feat. Dolly

Today is my good friend JennaLaw's Birthday.

Written on bottle: Warning: Kalms sleep may make you feel sleepy.

It really just never ends...They want to put my Mom in a nursing home

It really just never ends...They want to put my Mom in a nursing home

Have You Ever Breathed Fresh Air?


Anyone for Rambo Bells? It's Christmassy

Tonight, I have to study and prep for this SWOT workshop

It really sucks when good people are going through bad shit

Random Quiz thread.

K is now starting to work on the project from hell.


If you were turned into a food dish right now, what would it be?

Ye dogs, I'm 49...

Cat Stevens, get out of my brain!!

Vintage TV Theme Songs/Tunes You Hate to Have Stuck in Your Head.

What Is That Awful Noise I Am Hearing

Only Time Will Tell

I got fleece lined Crocs knockoffs.

Guess what? I actually LIKE the song 'The Christmas Shoes'.


BabyMidlo is playing Guitar Hero in the next room.

fuck it, this gets it's own post: What the fuck was Liz talking about the other day?

If you need a laugh, CLICK HERE! (pic heavy)

I want some Alligator Loppers so bad!

Turtleandsue Bowling Gutterball Queen

Licorice: Bi-polar poll

Tipping Etiquette: USPD and UPS delivery person.

OK - say I only like Dylan Thomas' poetry

Intelligence get out of my brain!!

Check THESE out- Vibram's Five Fingers shoes

What causes bruises on dogs?

BEST Remake Of A Song Ever

A beautiful night - A good day - GD/DU was there for me, one of my last ops of the year

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/2/2008)

"They Laughed When I Accused My parents, so

Share your reader's vocabulary (i.e., your chronically mispronounced words)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday December 2

what's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the band: CREED?

Ugly Christmas Lights - I know some of these have to be my neighbors!!

Woot for FIXED internet!!!!

Man tries to pay bill with spider drawing.

Which part of winter do you prefer?

Has anybody else seen the HARVEY MILK movie?

So what's this about a coup in Canada?

Big 10 Football realignment with 12 teams

Anyone besides me find those "Red Hat" clubs for little old ladies annoying?

Favorite computer that Captain Kirk destroyed?

My Dad has Parkinson's Disease.

Check out 1:17 on this YouTube.

I know loungers will enjoy this... today's question period from the Canadian Government

Ladybird Books

When they write your obituary

what's grosser: cockroaches or earwigs?

If you and I had dated then split up and one night I showed up at your house

I WON $3.7 MILLION DOLLARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, that's it. I'm putting down my official wager proposal to turtlensue re: Ravens-Skins

What the Hell is going on with Levi's commercials?

Something to do.

I hate the pets section on craiglist

Who did you know who died of AIDS? Please post their names for World AIDS day

Figure Study Drawing Part Deux

Tina Fey on the cover of Vanity Fair...

This man is going to die soon, at the age of 23. Causa mortis: religious idiocy.

Phrases that make you instantly stop reading a post:

Am I the only one concerned with Obama's nomination of Jim Jones for NSA?

I'm stuck on level 11 of Assembler 2

sad week in the pirate household

I'd like to recommend a book to all of my Lounge friends.

Favorite classical composer.

Whine Thread,

Oh joy...

Candy Cane Tootsie Roll Pops: Crack on a stick?

Chavez Cancels Cyndi Lauper Concert Due To Her and Obama's Gay Rights Stance

Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

MSNBC covered Palin's entire speech for Chambliss today without covering Chambliss.

Bush Uses Final 50 Days In Office To Tout Legacy (that should last for what - 10 minutes?)

Current President MIA, Accepting ridiculous made-up Award for Peace while Dow Plunges!

I want my Obama t-shirt!

NDP-Liberal Coalition to take over government in Canada with no confidence vote!

George thinks he was unprepared for war

PA-Sen: Toomey Eyeing a Rematch?

Please kick and rec my Wal-Mart opus. (DU link inside)

"Obama To Meet With Governors In Philly" (on Tuesday)

Freakers "Master Plan": File suit everytime Obama issues order

Sorry, I for one am not giving up my state or my rights without a fight.

What Positions Are Left For President Elect Obama To Fill In His Cabinet?

Mullen 'very positive' after first meeting with Obama

Obama needs to bail out workers

If President Obama doesn't employ General Clark, will Secretary Clinton?

Obama expected to report $100 million in fund raising for October

Obama's senate seat offered to Luis Gutierrez

ROFL!! Joan Walsh is about to kick Drunk Hitchens' ass

What the heck is "coke jaw"? I see people commenting that bratboy is displaying signs of this?

A question about all the lawsuits concerning Obama's birth certificate, etc

It will be interesting to see if these so called 'Conservative Republican' Governors turn down

Web ad popping up everywhere reminding me to vote in the December 2 runoff.

Note to CNN: There is no Assistant Secretary of State for African American Affairs.»

You know those Japanese soldiers who refused to admit WWII had ended?

Is there any news on the Minnesota recount?

Well folks - today is the day. How's about a calming circle? Send Jim Martin your positive vibes.

Vice President For SUPERTRAIN

FL-Sen: Sink Won't Run

LOL - Biden at Gov Mtg- during opening says no one pays attention to him anymore so maybe Gov Palin

Limbaugh endorses Hillary for Secretary of State... "Brilliant Stroke"

Obama Names Louis Caldera to Military Office Director

FireDogLake: Will a President Obama Fight for the Employee Free Choice Act?

you can support the artist who made the impeachment ornament

Barack Obama to buy rare £20,000 gold ring for his wife to say 'thanks for your support'

He's not President yet

US Senate Recount Data (MN Secy State)

**Heads Up: Obama Meets with the Nation's Governors, Live from Philly!! **

OMG...SNL Needs To Get Tina Fey Back.....

Mary Beth Maxwell for Labor Secretary?

Obama's Looming Afghanistan Quagmire

GOP FL Sen. Martinez won’t run in 2010

Politico Breaking: Mel Martinez is not going to Run for Senate

Any good liberals on the Florida bench?

The ultimate advice to the Obamas thread: there are all kinds of

Join the Discussion: Former Sen. Daschle responds on health care

Tony Villaraigosa as possible Labor Secretary

Obama AG pick defended Guantánamo policy

Gates stays. Most of his deputies go.

Where the money went...

"Oh sh*t," he mumbled. "I just broke the Internet." A True Story...Just Stunning ... LINK

"Meet the DE-Pressed." Haha Sludge! Let NBC know how pissed

Jimmy Carter: Obama will restore human rights

What's Really at Stake in Georgia's Senate Runoff

Someone reminded me that Hillary Clinton never did apologize for her Iraq vote.

BREAKING? Franken is leading by almost 5000 votes? as of last night's SOS numbers!

Shades of the Florida Recount Fiasco Keep Popping Up in the Franken Race.... LINK

Don’t Mess with the Black SUVs

"She was typing a note on one Blackberry and had a second Blackberry in front of her"

How exactly was this ballot not counted?

I just met Jim Martin.

Netroots in Iran

PUMA websites REALLY go crazy this time.

Murkowski to Palin: Meeeow!

what percentage do you think Jim has a chance of winning?

Change we can believe in...

Hysterical (and wonderful) Rolling Stones article on the election.

Sen. Mel Martinez of Fla. won't seek re-election

Georgia exit pole

Obama did NOT buy ring for Michelle, spokesman says

Almost time for a new email signature - help a girl come up with a positive one

Non-sensical talking point: "Obama's picks will do HIS bidding, not theirs'"

My wife and I just voted for Jim Martin and I bought us a lottery ticket.

Attorney Gen pick praised by gay rights org

Ok, just got home, where can I find GA election results?

Quiz: What is the proper form of address for G. H. W. Bush?

Newsflash: Hillary Clinton is progressive

Gates maintainig his position does not settle well with me....

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Expectations met and otherwise

Georgia results coming in SOON! edit: 2 minutes!!

Politico - Democrats expect Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) to be tapped U.S. Trade Rep.

It sounds like Eric Holder is going to be dealing with a Repuke fire storm

I had a moment of Schadenfreude today (((PICS)))

Campbell Brown: Obama's 'This Is Fun For The Press' Remark Wrong

Campbell Brown: Obama's 'This Is Fun For The Press' Remark Wrong

Will Jeb Bush run for the open senate seat in Florida?

RFK Jr on short list for Senator Clinton's seat

Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes

To worried DUers: no one is Obama's "brain" except for Obama.

"I'd like to think that they think I'm someone who didn't sell their soul."

You can call Obama "Godfather." Bear with me here, folks....

Populace vs. populous

Hillary's speech to the UN in '95 on women's rights.

Hillary Clinton will carry out the President's Will Internationally... Hillary is a fantastic pick..

Activists expect Clinton to propel women's rights

Activists expect Clinton to propel women's rights

Franken campaign mgr on hartmann - down to 50 votes

This Fucking Election Part II: Election 2008 in Review

Resolved: For the next eight years, whenever Biden is on TV the caption should be: 'Not Sarah Palin'

Steve Schmidt: Bobby Jindal will be President

**Video: PE Obama Meets with the Nation's Governors 12/02** (and pics)

It's official (almost) Richardson to get Commerce Spot

Obama’s national security team and the failure of American democracy

Big News Orgs Help Bush Whitewash History Of Iraq War

USA Today Poll: Obama sports >75% approval rating [graphs added]

PHOTOS Aw, she's just another face (or back of head) in the crowd

BRILLIANT! The man is BRILLIANT! (Govs. meeting)

On MSNBC now. Gates announcing his Deputies are out.

Wallace Defends Bush’s Abuses Of Power, Says Comparison To Nixon Is ‘A Gross Misreading Of History’

The Rude Pundit: "Obama's Cabinet Choices Are Shut the Fuck Up"

Napolitano nom will give AZ 1st gov without college degree and fast track AZ to repeal abortion

How come Ringo Starr couldn't teach his son to be a good enough drummer for Oasis?

"Impeach Bush" Ornament Accepted For Hanging On White House Christmas Tree

TPM: Franken is within 13 votes of beating Coleman, with 7% of recount left to complete

What's left? Agriculture, Educatin and Interior?

Clinton and US Foreign Policy: If It Is Broken, Then Fix It

Just lovely...had someone ask me why I don't talk like Palin-

I am not the problem.

Kerry fields questions, calls for prosecutions of private sector wrongdoing in economic crisis

At least she got to stand behind the podium

Why Do Parents Lie To Their Kids About Santa Claus?

OK, I have a prediction to make, hear me out

Oklahoma Democrats fundraising to keep their 50 State staffers for another month.

It's not about "Left,Right or Center"...It's about Status Quo Power and Wealth

Secretary of Interior --- any idea who President Elect Obama may pick?

Cheney judge to stay; drops Lucio Indictment

No place for terrorists’ bodies in ‘sacred India’: Muslim group

Lawyer: Trampled NY worker lacked crowd training

Thousands Of Ex-Paramilitaries Active In Colombia - Study

Sarah Palin Still Wearing Campaign Clothes

Bush uses final 50 days in office to tout legacy

Integrity, Generosity Define North Country Smokehouse Owner

Thailand prime minister to step down after court strips him of office

Economic Signs Point to Longer, Deeper Recession

Military to Deploy 20,000 Soldiers For Homeland Security

Bailout Monitor Sees Lack of a Coherent Plan

Gates's Top Deputies May Leave - Major Shifts at Pentagon Anticipated in Obama Administration

Christmas Colors for the White House: Red, White and Impeach

Bomb outside Iraq primary school kills 4

Pakistan, an international migraine, says former US Secretary Madeleine Albright

Bill Clinton mentioned for wife's Senate seat

Mel Martinez To Retire

Coalition nations departing Iraq

India Warned Of Mumbai Attacks

One Gunshot Victim in Philadelphia K-Mart Shooting

Obama Addresses National Governors Association: I'll help cash-strapped states

Colo. man charged with libel over Craigslist posts

Toomey: Specter faces tougher road in 2010

Credit-card industry may cut $2 trillion lines

Indictments against Cheney, Gonzales dismissed

Rice says she won't give Clinton too much advice for new role

Thai Supreme Court Dissolves PPP (Taksin Party) Major blow to government

Cheney, Gonzales indictments dropped

Deer gets revenge after hunter shoots him

Jurors Wanted to Convict Lori Drew of Felonies, But Lacked Evidence

Anti-whaling activists joined by Daryl Hannah

Va. GOP chief: Obama ("is a terrorist") remark was stupid; no apology

Obama to name Richardson to head Commerce Dept.(tomorrow at press conf)

Pirates fire on US cruise ship in hijack attempt

GM to slash up to 31,500 jobs in US

Nato split over Ukraine and Georgia

Thailand: Court Rules, Government Falls, Protesters leave airports

NSG not to be blamed for hostage death: Israel

China: 6 babies may have died from (melamine) tainted milk (300,000 sickened)

Georgia Voting in Senate Runoff Today

Exxon's Tillerson gets $4 million bonus in 2008, pay hike

Explosion rips through India train

US soldiers re-enlisting because of poor economy

GM CEO heading to Capitol by way of Malibu

Texas-based Pilgrim’s Pride seeks bankruptcy protection

Nato 'to resume ties with Russia'

Pentagon hires British scientist to help build robot soldiers that 'won't commit war crimes'

Blackwater holding anti-piracy meetings in London

Ex-Prosecutor Says Guantanamo is "Stain on America"

Senate, Assembly Resolutions Support Proposition 8 Repeal

New rules give consumers way to opt out of 'robo calls'

U.S. can keep guidelines for quizzing travelers a secret, judge rules

Harvard-Led Sale of Private-Equity Stakes Hits Values( Selling Private Equity Stakes at Big Losses)

Nations to sign cluster munitions ban pact

171 uncounted ballots turn up; gain for Franken

China's first home-made jet flies

G.M. Asks for $18 Billion as It Tries to Avoid Collapse

Windows market share dives to new low

Michigan tries to slow foreclosures

Apple pushes anti-virus for Macs

Worker was 'trampled to death'

Airlines Hurting; Delta Hints At Layoffs

Alaska Democrats Pan Palin for Partisan Travel

UAW Weighs 11th-Hour Bailout Concessions

Ford, Toyota Say November Sales Tumbled More Than 30%

Broader medical refusal rule may go far beyond abortion

Customers injured in crush suing Wal-Mart

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and billionaire Boone Pickens snarl DART’s plans to buy new buses

Franken campaign says recount margin down to 50 votes

Public Cheers for "Taxpayer's Field," Proponents Say(Citifield-New Mets Ballpark)

White House nixes tree ornament for impeachment

Ford CEO offers to work for $1 a year

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 2

Obama Will Fight For Wiretap Immunity, Bush Lawyer Tells Judge

CanadianTories: 'Radical' coalition must be stopped

Nixon tapes: Ruthless, cynical, profane

Rwanda singer jailed for genocide

In Courtroom Showdown, Bush Demands Amnesty for Spying Telecoms

Daryl Hannah makes splash with whale campaign

Meet the Press to Tap David Gregory for Hosting Duties

Mumbai Terror Attacks Will Hurt India’s Drugmakers

FDR clip Thom Hartmann played today "economic royalists..." (plus audio link for all fireside chats)

Neoconservatism for Dummies

Krugman: How did a few failed banks add up to a financial meltdown?

US Federal Budget: check where your money is going

Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism

Palin’s Wearing the RNC’s Clothes Again!

Afghan Strategy Poses Stiff Challenge for Obama

Why We Need EFCA

Luxury Shame - Why even the very rich are cutting back on conspicuous consumption.

Hillary Clinton nutcracker inventor Gibson Carothers - the early years

Bush in His Own Words

Terkel's legacy: real people, real history

Significant Attack Hits DoD Computers

Presidential Race Is Still Alive in Georgia Runoff

200 Uncounted Ballots Suddenly Found - Franken Race

Great commentary in today's Detroit Free Press: re auto industry

Act Two: The Struggle Continues

Paul Krugman Says Economy in "Steep Steep Decline"

GOP Loonie in Whitley, KY

The BAD part about Bush leaving

For the GOP, Economic Meltdown May Have Happened a Wee Bit Early

Five Palestinians hurt in clashes with settlers in Hebron

Livni and French MP clash over Gaza during EU speech

Haaretz writer held for entering Gaza

Renegotiating the ceasefire

Settlers rampage through West Bank villages; Mosques vandalized

Hillary Clinton Remarks on Becoming Next Sec. of State

Democracy Now: Roundtable on the Mumbai Attacks

ABC News-Charlie Gibson Interviews President George Bush

Eric Holder Remarks on Joining Obama Admin. as Attorney General

Biden Remarks on Obama National Security Team

'Gays Too Precious To Risk In Combat'

GRAMMAR POLICE! What direction our country will go much depends on the vote that is taken here

From ChangeDotGov: President-Elect Barack Obama's National Security Team (entire press conference)

Money Minute: Recession, Paulson, Oil

"No.Henry, no. AIDS is what homosexuals have. I have liver cancer."

Michael Parenti -- Functions of Fascism (Real History)

"The Great Dictator"

Joan Walsh (Hills Friend) smacks down drunk Hitchens--Now that's how you do it.

Democracy Now: Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death by Shoppers

Who Owns America

TPMtv: Announcing 2nd Annual Golden Duke Awards in public corruption

Countdown: Turkey Talk Nov. 26, 2008

Countdown: Steve Clemons Inverview Dec. 1, 2008 on Obama, Pakistan/Mumbai, R. Armitage

Disturbed- Land of Confusion: Rather Prophetic As of Late

Military to Deploy 20,000 Soldiers for "Homeland Security"

BBC: Shocking conditions inside Baghdad's Rusafa Prison (the 'new era' of Iraqi human rights?)

Chris Bowers Explains To Matthews: Obama Ran as a Centrist

Congressional Black Caucus on Gay Marriage & PROP 8

Rice Performs Piano Recital for The Queen

El cant dell ocells (song of the birds)

Whale Wars - Flashbang Grenade Attack

Daschle & Aronson - Obama Healthcare Video Discussion

Cheney Indictments Dismissed in Willacy County Texas

McCotter Fights for Automotive Industry and Workers

WSJ: Republican Party to 'Purify' Itself - Stalin's Hit List

AP: Obama Seeks to Reassure Nervous Governors

President Elect Barack Obama Limited Edition Coin

TheRealNews: Army ready for domestic "civil unrest and crowd control"

Sam Seder Gets Shot At.

Bush honored with FIRST "International Medal of P.E.A.C.E."

Liberals, NDP and Bloc intend to dissolve Parliment with a coalition (Canada)

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry (Support Gay Marriage)

$30,000.00 Obama Ring Scam

Obama Introduces His National Security Team

Obama nat'l security team: change or more of the same?

Democracy Now! Obama nat'l security team: change or more of the same?- 2/3

Democracy Now! Obama nat'l security team: change or more of the same?- 3/3

Bush's "Quaint" Take On Posse Comitatus

Impeach Bush Banner on Trailer - Cops pull us over! - The VR

George Bush is GONE

President Obama is sexaaay

Scarborough spews more **** on Franken

Don't Ever Give Up!

Delaware Guard to get new headquarters

Blackwater holding anti-piracy meetings

Closing arguments expected in fragging case

Webb wants to put dwell-time rule into law

2 soldiers probed for Afghan prisoner abuse

Obama taps Gates to stay as defense secretary

Commission: Bio attack likely in next 5 years

Police ID shooting victim as Richardson soldier

S. Korea ends Iraq deployment

Akaka wants DoD, VA to review war-zone toxins

(Army Times) Editorial: Show troops the money

(Army Times) Backtalk: At last, vindication

Only 1 U.S. death last month in Afghanistan

Program provides Christmas for wounded troops

(Navy Times) Editorial: Tweak GI Bill for reservists

Sarin vapor leak detected at Ky. depot

2 arrested for alleged exchange robbery attempt

Gates promises Minot airmen money, attention

Laser fired from nose of 747 for first time

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Take nuclear missiles off ‘knee-jerk’ alert

General: Barksdale will grow

’Chemical Ali’ sentenced to death

Russian frigate escorts ships off Somalia

Robot mechanics stay busy as machines take a beating

Official: Long deployments less effective

Dongducheon may get police department

Soldier in murder-for-hire case back in U.S.

Army waited to tell of possible security breach

Article 32 for abuse allegations begins

COLA decreases in U.K.

Naples area to see more strikes

Panel Finds WMD Attack Likely by 2013

Obama's Vow to Change DoD Meets Facts

Informant: Dix suspects trained for holy war

Springfield Armory's Close, Fast Shooter

Accidental Overdose Killed Afghan Vet

Russia Test-fires ICBM From Sub

As Suicides Climb, a Search for 'Why?'

Vance airman jailed on porn complaints

India Demands Custody of Pak Suspects

Pirates fail to hijack U.S. cruise liner

Portland offers $12.5 million to woo Vestas Wind Systems

Sierra Nevada climate changes feed monster, forest-devouring fires

Study finds Antarctic seas richer in life than tropics

"Welcome Back USA We've Missed You"

Carbon Detectives Are Tracking Gases in Colorado

Heat we emit could warm the Earth

The Alliance for Wild Ethics

Hawaii’s Moon Shot

Peak Oil Review - Dec 1

Populations Of Some African Migratory Mammals - Wildebeest, Antelope Species - Falling Rapidly

PEMEX Rolls Dice On "Fiendish" Difficulties Of Chicontepec Field As Output Plummets - Reuters

Chevron Delays Budget Announcement Until January - "Re-examining" Business Plan

Saudi Aramco Pulls Plug On $1 Billion Planned Restart Of Dammam Field

North Atlantic Convective Mixing Resumes After Decade Off - Will Further Boost Ocean CO2 Uptake

Kurt Cobb - The Overoptimized Society - Energy Bulletin

BBC - Measles Cases In England And Wales Top 1,000 For First Time In Decade

Brazil sets plan to cut deforestation by 70 percent over 10 years

US backing of wind farm could come this week (Cape Wind)

High Court Case Tests Power Plants' Water Rules

US states sign tropical forest pledge

Measuring extinction, species by species

Science Daily - Excessive Nitrogen Uptake Can Produce Toxic Soil Acidification, As In Slovakia Now

Glaciers are growing in GD

Fred Thompson Fat Cigar, Rich Leather Talkin' Down To Dumb Americans

As Talks Begin, Scientists Report Climate Breakdown Faster, More Sweeping Than IPCC Outlook - AFP

From CalculatedRisk: Remembering Tanta

Bailout Monitor Sees Lack of a Coherent Plan

Every Trick in the Book

Question re; investments; or, possibly why trickle down theory doesn't seem to work

Pimco cancels dividend payments for 6 funds

China Reserves to Pass $2 Trillion;

US Treasury 10-yr CDS hits record high

Death at Wal-Mart didn't have to happen


This is neither a recession nor a depression.

Activist moves homeless into foreclosures

NYT: Some Federal Workers Lose Bargaining Rights (W's executive order on Monday)

With Dallas Local, AFGE Adds to Reputation as THE Union for TSA Employees

A message to all members of My Gay Wedding Space

Urge Your Representatives to Support the Invalidation of Prop 8

A message to all members of DNH8.ORG

Have You Seen the Hate on the Gay Rights Threads At Change. org?

Hans Johnson from In These Times talks about the latest news surrounding Prop 8. Also...

Someone Who Can Argue This Needs To Reply

Hillary's first diplomatic action

Petition to Gates

My proposal for the next Day without a Gay

Anti-Gay Democrat Mayor of Birmingham AL Arrested by FBI

I would extend gay marriage rights to all gay couples... except one & I mean it!

Vatican trashes first UN declaration of LGBT human rights

What's the story about Chavez and Cyndi Lauper?

Gay Bible angers Christians

Thousands Of Ex-Paramilitaries Active In Colombia - Study

Plan Colombia Devastates Afro-Colombian Communities

Chavez seeks change in constitution (again) so he can run

Betancourt In Colombia, Begins South America Trip

Peru's president urges "silence" on controversial remarks by army commander

"An issue cannot be consulted twice during the same term in office"

LTTE, Des Moines Register: Bravo, Bolivia, for kicking out U.S. DEA

ALBA to Establish Common Currency Called "Sucre" Plus Cuba Calls for New World Financial Structure

If You Will Be in NY for New Year's Eve - Party to Celebrate 50th Anniv of Cuban Revolution

Will Jack Del Rio be back next year?

Oakland Raiders in 3D!!! check local listings (Thursday night Dec.4th vs. the Chargers)

Woody Paige chalkboard message generator

TV Sports commentators are dumber then political ones

For the first time, Steve Spurrier (U of Florida) is concerned with someone's test results.

What about Utah?

Worst helmet/logo in NFL...

Stupid Question: Where do we go once the interest rate is cut to ZERO?

1 in 5 young adults has personality disorder

DailyOM: Universal Feelings - Everything is Relative

Which asteroids tend to be the most important in astrology charts?

Does anyone remember ... this psychic?

Three Mountains across Cook Inlet

first snow

Party like it's 1979!

Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

Into the Past

Attorney General nominee Eric Holder opposes RKBA so he would be in heaven if H.R. 1022 passes.

Should firearms be used in self-defense, or should you call the police?

two leg photos, unrelated execpt for focus

Are AR-15 and semi-automatic AK-type rifles in common use?

Bad day for a bad day...

Ask an ex-Jehovah's Witness.

War on Santa

Muslims, what's a "jinn" ?

A seemingly simple question I have been meaning to ask.

I need an easy cheesecake recipe.

The next scientific revolution: Neural Buddhism.

Ask a Buddhist.

How long do skeletons last if a person was buried without a coffin or embalming?

Very nice high-res (12M pixels) ISS picture on APOD today

Meteorite hunters hit pay dirt in Canadian prairie (from that huge fireball two weeks ago)

Planet Found Orbiting Puffed-Up Star

Astronomy Students Find New Galaxy Their First Time Out

Can someone give me a Cloning For Dummies version of the cloning process of a mammal?

Gay penguins in baby theft shock

About that Jupiter - Venus thing -- it's hard to picture the geometry

He Found the Innate Humanity in the Human Brain


More evidence of CIA-backed syndicate involvement in Mumbai attacks

9/11 Official CT Advocate Murders over 100,000

UT gets $15 million gift for history center (Gov. Dolph Briscoe)

I have done something to make my computer pull pages that do not fill the whole screen.

computer showing its age...upgrade or buy new?

Apple suggests Mac users install antivirus software

What is the ORIGINAL organization that registers domain names?

The Accord

Email addys all MPs.

Harper Index: Activists need to frame coalition politics correctly to win the day.

My MP's the NDP eavesdropper.

Online coalition-backers gain steam

Boy George in Escort Bondage Trial

The Globe and Mail calls for Harper to resign. The National Post says Canada is finished


Kerry fields questions, calls for prosecutions of private sector wrongdoing in economic crisis

Anything going on with Kerry's birthday?

JK on HuffPo: Keep the Momentum Going

Boston progressive talk???

Al Giordano confirms that Dodd might take the SFRC chairmanship back in '11.

Damian Green fiasco: Lord Levy's Cash-for-Honors solicitor acting

Abu Qatada back in the slammer

Row over Green 'grooming' claims

A way to help pets and their owners during the bad economy

But...but...Milwaukee is a TAX HELL THAT'S BAD FOR BUSINESS!