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Archives: December 8, 2008

Iraq Interpreter Mask Ban Rescinded

The "New Newt Gingrich" for The Democratic Party!

East Coasters: 60 minutes worth a look this evening?

Fla. governor's trip costs taxpayers $430K

Electronic medical records: a really major disaster without single payer insurance

I met Mike Malloy in San Francisco Friday night!

I think I'd like to start a nonprofit to help recovering American consumers

Police chief, gun club indicted in boy’s Uzi death


In my experience, local and state government is far more dysfunctional than the federal govt.

"soft sand".what a freaking moron.

Report links Wal-Mart's school uniforms to Bangladesh sweatshops

Pres. Obama, save JCS from Bush, change mechanics with engineers

Daschle Says U.S. Health-Care Overhaul Will Help Spur Economy

Calf. State GOP losing ground

Want Something Fixed? Make Sure Important People Have Skin In the Game

India Poll Results: Anybody interested in seeing Indians' reactions to the Terrorist Attacks?

UAW Says Fair Trade Policies And Health Care Reform Are Missing In Auto Rescue Effort

Labor was key in turning Ohio, and U.S., blue

Kennedy move aimed at Cuomo

Why not a forum where members promote their services/products???

$10 billion in military aid given to Pakistan as “reimbursements” to fight militant groups

Since its a Boomer Night, why dont you all check out the Grey Panthers

Aramco Shamco on 60 Minutes

I didn't know rats were burrowers!: Bush "burrowing" dead weight employees into government

Needed: A law that requires, Bush, Cheney, Greenspan, etc. to pay monthly "screw-up/fraud" charges

Ann Woolner: Bush Bailout for Rumsfeld, Torturers Might Be Next

Vatican criticized for opposing UN decriminaliztion of homosexuality.

First China, Now Ireland.. Tainted food strikes again.. International Food Trade can be deadly

Jesus Christ or John Kerry

What are these Korean kids doing?

Gee, I wonder who's bankrolling these scientists: Ritalin as good as sleep for cramming college kids

I heard a radio nooz stroy today that the real estate market may have bottomed ......

I heard a radio nooz stroy today that the real estate market may have bottomed ......

Auto Execs Forced To Be Valets - Banks Receive More Bailout Money

"Remember Pearl Harbor!"

Jamie Foxx: Obamas need a pit bull

Iran To Jail, Lash Ex-Central Bank Staff For Bribes

No car company bailout is worse than NAFTA on steroids.

Britain's economy overtaken by France, new figures show

Burrowing watch: Bush appointed 18 administation officials last Tuesday alone.» With only 44 days l

The sound of Richard Shelby's voice makes me nauseous.......

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railroad, world's longest, nears completion

So Jefferson lost to a repubic .......

So, OK, imagine you're down to the last known mating pair

We Need A Hero

Kilroy is headed to Congress: Democrat defeats Stivers in 15th Congressional District

So what do we have now?

Obama pledges not to smoke in White House

"Thank God it passed!" - Bailout investments have already lost $9 billion

Govt pressure to blame for mortgage disaster?

In Hard Times, Russia Moves In to Reclaim Private Industries

Let's make up a new conspiracy theory

Remember that SCHIP bill that Bush vetoed?

New Ford Ka TDCi Gets 56 MPG

Our Conscience: Suggested response for the warriors of paternalism

"You Will Pay For Your Insolence. You! And One Day Your Heirs!"

In Memorian of Bob Fosse & Frederico Felini. "I don't pop my cork for just any guy."

The Carlin Revolution: It's all just a fucking dream folks.

Anybody out there had a health insurance company close your account?

U.S. courts due for left turn with Obama: Changes likely in conservative 4th Circuit

Looks like the Asian markets are up

Worst act by the social conservative/culture warrior/religious right political movement

Why won't PE Obama

Who should be in charge of the CIA ?

28 Years Ago Today

The episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will gets shot at the ATM

Shares soar (Asia, Europe up over 6 %) on US stimulus hopes

Wow, the revolution has begun, and it is being televised

Wow, the revolution has begun, and it is being televised

Christian Science Monitor: With biggest job losses since 1974, Obama plans massive public works

George W. Bush attends his own hanging (L.A. Times headline)

Greek cities hit by fresh rioting

October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

I can NOT find a pic of the Bush portrait *anywhere* so this will have to do

Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager: "A Message To Progressive Critics"

The Deluder in Chief andhis little side kick Joe Scum

zOMG! Planned Parenthood offering "abortion gift certificates"!!!1

HBO, "The House of Saddam" tonight.

Pakistan a failed state: US Congressman Frank Pallone

Anybody watching Carlos Watson on Morning Blow? He's smacking Joe around with FACTS!

The UNofficial Bush Presidential portrait

Workers are sure waking up - WJ this morning is

A consequence of our economic downfall: recycling

Tribune Considering Filing for Bankruptcy Protection, WSJ Says

Blackwater guards 'to surrender' (BBC)

Very strange phone call

Government loan money about to start flowing to Ford and GM

Labor Unions across the USA should be raising funds for the Chicago Factory Workers...

A Question for the Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Theorists

Shrub Burrowing Appointees

Corn Subsides. Who is on this list?

Blackwater drama unfolds on 2 cross-country stages

Technically, this isn't a recession yet...

Fundamentalist Christians seem to prefer worshipping Man over God.

Ford suspends production at St. Petersburg plant, expect some here to be happy

GOP appears in deep trouble in California

Question about the auto industry??

In Depth: Kevin Phillips - CSPAN-2 BookTV

what to do wit h Paulson

Panel asks Obama to stress genocide prevention


WTF? $30K BONUSES for civil servants?

‘Christian’ License-Plate Controversy Moves Toward Federal Court Showdown

I'm ditching ATT.NET totally this week. What is the best free email service?

Imagine - John Lennon 9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980

One in 10 American on food stamps

Five murderous thugs from Blackwater surrender to court in Utah

Christmas Tree Moisturizer

The 'Pre-uninsured'

Oh NOES! Supreme Court rejects case arguing that Obama is ineligible to be president

DU Lawyers: Does the Fair Housing Act apply to someone who's LOOKING for a room & places a want ad?


Auto bailout (loan) may help keep big 3 out of bankruptcy till March...

Composition of the US Senate. A Republic of old men (and a few women)

Tancredo announces retirement, regrets being known only for hating immigration.»



Pakistani Militants Torch 160 U.S. and NATO Vehicles

General: Afghanistan force must double, remain for question...WHY?

WP, pg1: The Politics of the Federal Bench; Obama Appointments Expected to Reshape Legal Landscape

Obama's Federal Appointments Are Expected To Reshape the U.S. Legal Landscape

With all due, how can any self-respecting progressive be a party to the Catholic church?

The Weather Underground

What do you get when you cross a PUMA with a FReeper?

For Those Interested in Better Understanding the Turmoil in South Asia

Pakistan's LeT Raid May Force Militant Re-alignment Towards al-Qaeda

2fer Day BRIGHTENERS: Tancredo retires, and Shrub had to kiss STREISAND's ass!1

David Gregory does not think it's his "job" to "debate the President"

Satanists should put up an altar to "The Devil" in the rotunda...

Looking to move...

Franken vs. Coleman not Going to Be Decided Soon

Rice: ‘The American people are wise in wanting change’ from Bush.»

Auto Bailout Condition: Government 'Car Czar'?

Second Amendment Holiday Carol

Second Amendment Holiday Carol

Obama: Iraq Pullout 'As Quickly As We Can' To Maintain Stability

Another one bites the dust, And another one gone and another one gone

How could Babs have kissed the Murderous Chimp?

In Two Days, Militants Torch 260 NATO Vehicles in Peshawar

Blackwater thugs; case being made by DOJ on m$nbc.

My brother just laid off 8 workers

Most amazing video of one dog actually rescuing another dog from a highway.

Michael Steele of Maryland was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Ex-Blackwater guards surrender in Utah

Burrowing watch: Bush appointed 18 administation officials last Tuesday alone.»

Rove vows to 'name names'

Iraqi Women, Fighting for a Voice

Blackwater Indictment: At least 34 unarmed Iraqis,including women & children, were killed or wounded

After a Big 3 bailout, what then?

Just how bad is it going to get ??

Puppies save three-year-old boy lost in freezing Virginia woods

Here's the article (7 myths about Detroit automakers) that Hartmann's been talking about today ...

And again, F%$# CNN

Japan has another nuclear event - fire this time

The next bail out...television networks?

Why wait to repeal tax cuts for the rich? NY Times:

Any Doors fans out there? The Lizard King would have turned 65 today

Free Press Applauds Obama's Commitment to Internet for Everyone

msnbc contessa brewer

New Gun For Arthritic Seniors Could Be Subsidized By Medicare

c'mon DU sign your thanks to G.W.Bush right here

James Kunstler on our economic prospects: Hyperinflation

Rep Jan Schakowsky visits sit in. Chicago workers' sit-in becomes rallying point.

Off-season Hurricane preparation

General: Military Needs To Fly Lower

New gun for seniors could be subsidized by Medicare

If Congress gave immunity to the telecoms, why can't it do the same for Don Siegelman?

If we bail out the auto makers, there needs to be a change

George Bush and Auto Bailout - Did We Agree To The Columbia Free Trade Deal?

George Bush and Auto Bailout - Did We Agree To The Columbia Free Trade Deal?

Will Obama Keep the General Who Wears His Uniform to His CIA Job?

Tribune files for bankrutpcy protection

Is anyone still unconvinced that the true battle is between labor and capital?

Why does MSNBC keep Pat Buchanan?

i've had enough. POLL

Will charges against Blackwater guards stick?

What does one do with an iPod that has a depleted battery that won't hold a charge?

Update on my mother and the fire.

Franken is withdrawing more challenges in recount

An idea to save Social Security and fix the Mortgage crisis at the same time

Instructions for FReepers to come on DU....LOL

Off with their heads?

My dog just joined the war on christmas

Merrill Chief Wants $10-Million Bonus For Presiding Over $11-Billion Loss

Fox TV shows male frontal nudity

Re. troubled news organizations, I just tabulated LBN news sources --

Journey to the Edge of the Universe' National Geographic TV

PE Obama will be meeting with Al Gore in Chicago

Whoooooooooooooot Chicago governor says the state

US tech giant 3M slashes 1,800 jobs

Dow Chemical to slash 5,000 jobs, close 20 plants

58% RE-default on "modified mortgages"

Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana

Dumbest. Headline. Ever. "Would McCain have won by attacking Rev. Wright issue?"

Republic Window and Door and BOA

Well, Wright resurfaces - calls Hasselback "that dumb broad" & Obama made a '"bad decision" by

C-Span2: Senate is beginning to talk about Big3 Bail Out plan - just starting NOW. ~nt~

Barney Frank takes on Bush over bailout money,

Oh isn't this just cute.

Well thank goddesss that President Obama is going to take away

Barack Obama won by roughly 9,501,994 votes

NAVY F-18 Jet Crashes into home in San Diego

Virginia's newest jailbird

Republicans using Auto failure to slam unions

Dow Chemical to cut 5,000 jobs, close 20 plants

Ann Coulter to appear at NYU Wed night

OMGWTFBBQ!! Obama and Zune-gate

Sen. Caroline Kennedy

Presidential video game to hit retail shelves

Will MediCare pay for guns for the elderly?

Holy Shit....An FA-18 from Miramar just crashed about 4 miles from here.

Heads up, movie about independent stores vs. chains on Sundance Ch.

Thinking about those laid off Chicago workers occupying the plant .......

500 Muslim Soldiers' Tombs Desecrated In France

Heads up: Nancy Pelosi coming up on GEM$NBC

Important news for rush limbaugh

For those of you today who need calming.

"We may have all come on different

Feingold: Obama Should ‘Renounce The Extreme Claims Of Executive Power’ In Inaugural Address»

CEO Seeks 10 Million $ Bonus as company spirals down

Bush's bald head fetish shows no age discrimination

News from the trenches: Accountants and Elvis Shrines

Jacobus & other RW talking heads denigrating Obama's proposed public works program

For Workers, Medical Bills Add to Pain as Firms Fail

It had to happen...


Reminder: 2 Hour Boston Legal Series Finale Tonight n/t

Liberal legal organization modeled on Federalist Society may influence "beyond its dreams"

The latest revisionism of the Bush legacy

L.A. Times: "Caravans of cash-rich Chinese look for foreclosures & other bargain properties to buy"

Thanks Jay Leno...

If the media is liberal, why does the right fight the fairness doctrine?

The Afghan War Could Destroy The U.S.

Marsha Blackburn is a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!


Mpls. limits vehicle idling to 3 minutes

The good news? There's a place in the U.S. where the economy doesn't suck.

How come Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy's victory over the


Cute email I just got... and from someone who at least used to vote Republican.


The George W. Bush 2001 Inaugural Address Drinking Game. Every broken promise = 1 shot o' hooch.

Vandals desecrate 500 French Muslim war graves with swastikas and anti-Islamic slogans

Obama's Most Progressive Act Yet; Solidarity With the Chicago Factory Worker Sit-in

Obama's Most Progressive Act Yet; Solidarity With the Chicago Factory Worker Sit-in

Greedy Pig #1, Rick Wagoner CEO of GM 2.2 Million salary in 2008

Tweety is covering the Chicago sit in and rally

“Favreau’s mix of alcohol and groping are hardly a laughing matter. .."

The FReepers are REAL MEN! They demand to be acknowledged as such!

Kittehs gone wild!

Need help with some fact checking. Stealth wingnut posting Christmas "rights" in school!

Florida men seek probe of 32 unmarked graves at boys school

Al Gore sends appeal for Don Siegelman's defense fund:

Bush Regime Declares Itself Above the Law

Obama's Afghanistan Dilemma: "Growing Dissent" On More Troops

Looking for a link ...

Name one religion GD approves.

I have a suspcion...

If the problem is that banks STILL don't want to loan money- then it's time to nationalize them.

As the World Economy Sinks, So Does Global Shipping

Entire State of Michigan Considers Sit-In

Spying on Pacifists, Environmentalists and Nuns

the "controversy" over the cardboard cutout of Hillary and the dweeb from the Obama camp

May we please move on to something else now????

A rally *against* free speech?

Field Trips Canceled After Students See Autopsy of Classmate

Field Trips Canceled After Students See Autopsy of Classmate

This just seems strange to me.

This just seems strange to me.

For laid-off Isuzu workers, a winter of discontent

"Small minded fools!!!1 Am are trying to save your souls!"

Holder Confirmation Hearing Set for Week of Jan. 5

The war between the states, this is the way that Randi described

Social study and study of Christianism.

Obama, Gore to meet in Chicago


India, Russia regain elan of friendship


Study: Automakers' failure would cost U.S. more than aid

Fox News without the sound is kinda creepy.

Why Won’t Obama Prove He Is Not An Alien?

The Auto Bailout is beyond a waste

A member of the TX State Board of Ed says public education a "subtly deceptive tool of perversion"

Another reason to give to someone besides Salvation Army: They're firing a guy for getting married!

Did I miss the DUzy's? Weren't they going to be posted yesterday?

I hope Matthews was well fed during his "Brain Wash Weekend" at the Heritage Foundation

It was cardboard!

Flag flown upside down over economic mess

Yay! Free money day at the Treasury! TV Networks want bailout!

Dell triples charge to downgrade PCs to XP to $150

The Conservative Insult Generator

i heard the phrase "Crackdown on the Homeless" on a local news show this morning

The 7 Dumbest Things Ever Done by Airport Security

Half of rescued mortgage holders default anyway

More Braindead Bill: O'Reilly's Great American Holiday Quiz


A Big Progressive SHOUT OUT to Tim Carpenter Who DID GOOD on TWEETY just now!

Oklahoma Mayor and a local pastor who advocates court-ordered “education programs” to “cure” gays

"We do not have oodles of energy and time for blunders or boondoggles - we must get this right"

Activist Moving Homeless People Into Foreclosed Houses in Miami

US SC refuses to take up Obama citizenship case

An Email from Velvet Revolution

Rounding Up Votes for Auto Bailout Could be Daunting

Bush History-9/11 Commission Heads Say Bush Admin Obstructed Their Investigation 12/8

I'm not watching Meet the Press any longer, are you with me??

Bush Holdover Gates pushes military to embrace 'irregular warfare' for more Iraq-style regime change

The Triumph of Greed

Do You Want To Know Why The Massive Bailouts Will Not Cause Inflation?

For Smokers Only - Fire Safe Cigarettes

Candidates have term limits. Ideas don't.

The Abortion Wars Get Technical (health-care workers can deny procedures due to religion/morality)

My prayer to President Obama as he begins his Public Works Proposals

I am so sick of Yahoo bias!!!

MSNBC's talking points today. They keep pushing education for the stimulus spending program

Trudeau lectures rambling Nixon in long-lost recording

So I guess Snopes has debunked too many right wing lies?

Alabama governor defends state from UAW criticism (headline sucks)

Remembering John Lennon December 8,1980

Most aggravating meme of Big 3 crisis: "They weren't making vehicles people wanted!"

Red Hat cancels party; will feed needy instead

What bothers you the most about the sit-in at the Republic Windows & Doors factory?

Benicio Del Toro Promotes "Che" At Havana Screening

Support Thread for the Workers at Republic Windows & Doors

Insanely Great: What if Steve Jobs ran one of the Big Three auto companies?

Insanely Great: What if Steve Jobs ran one of the Big Three auto companies?

George W. Bush Is Worthless

The Rude Pundit - The Chicago Factory Sit-In: A Real Protest

DSCC Chief Menendez to meet with Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg.

Supreme Court rejects idiot's attempt to prove Obama not a U.S. citizen

Windows Vista - Vs - Mac OSX

Windows Vista - Vs - Mac OSX

the New Agenda is an astroturf group and not a real group

Is your supermarket on of the country's 10 healthiest? Check this to find out!

What if major computer companies ran the auto industry???

Rahm says get ready for big changes

US gun company Constitution Arms says its guns for elderly will be subsidised

Whites Only! The History Of New Bush Neighborhood

Reverand Wright calls Hasselback a "dizzy blonde" during sermon

We will need a much more aggressive jobs program from Obama.

Illinois Governor Suspends Business With Bank Of America

Why, WHY does Pete Townsend get a Kennedy Center honor?

In support of American made cars.. wake up and smell the coffee

20 year old spies on Maryland targets. i.e. pacifists, environmentalists & nuns.

After Obama is inaugurated, will you make a FOIA request for any surveillance files on yourself?

The Rich Are Taking a Big Hit

Rice says "PEOPLE WORLDWIDE" thought Saddam had WMD's

Is this imposing your religious beliefs on others

MSM Talking Heads Keep Blaming the Little Guy for the Recession - Give me a frickin' break!

MSM Talking Heads Keep Blaming the Little Guy for the Recession - Give me a frickin' break!

Stronger than cement and six times lighter, but you can't have it USA,

All of these are reasons for the auto maker troubles, but which is the biggest?

Hey ..... fellow Boomers ....... its over, you know.

Ohioans: Tell your reps to vote NO on Senate Bill 386!

For those who've tried it: Can you describe the horrors of smoking reefer?

My apologies, but I could not resist posting that the Freeps are boycotting Hawaii...

To Whom This May Offend ...

Many fundies/freepers seem to think of the 1950's as a golden age.

They Knew The Risks When They Elected Us – I Say “Screw ‘em!”

The World of the Big Rich Collapses - Vanity Fair

Voice dialed handsfree ought to be a required mfg safety standard on all new cars by 2010

My mother's house just burned down.

Remember when Ma Bell had to "break up" because she was too big?

2 confirmed deaths in San Diego as F-18 crashes into two homes

150-page MEGA list of some of the crap the GOP is leaving for Obama to clean up.

Detroit megachurch prays over SUVs at the altar for industry bailout

A happy ending - remember when I posted about the trash throwing freeper?

I see lots of questions about the missing DUzy thread...

Know them by the company they keep:

After looking at hundreds of challenged ballots it is looking more like Al Franken will win

Arranged marriage is morally repugnant and it needs to end. Now.

A Proposal for Assessing Legitimacy of our So-called “Wars of Liberation”

Perhaps everyone with a B of A account should call them and say we will be closing our accounts

Anyone here like Cripple Creek?

well, it's over. yeeehaw.

Having really bad anxiety right now.

Blargin Smargin

How much of your Gmail storage space are you using?

What I learned making jewelry:

Classic English "Toad in the Hole" recipe

One by one the shiba inu pups

Has anyone ever replaced an old picture window with a more energy-effecient one?

Describe the economy to me in ten half-assed lugubrious incoherently-linked turgid sentences

Long live banjo music!

Longish NYTimes article: If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That

I was looking at pictures of Mecca today on the BBC news website.

It's bitter cold out and I've seen two cats walk through my yard this afternoon.

I am not a number, I am a person!

I'm on page 14...

Holy F*&%, I can't believe I have to actually defend this on DU.

Holy F*&%, I can't believe I have to actually defend this on DU.

13 degree wind chill, snow, and the goofy cat is yodeling to go out

My doctor probably thinks I am crazy

My doctor probably thinks I am crazy

Hey, Nice One Arcadian

new p. manning amex commercial. funny as usual

I am STILL sick!

Lynrdxtrd Skinnrdd ROCKS!!!!!!!

His name and his game

Arcadian's link brought me here. Don't fall for his DUxy report

The word of the day is NACASTILAN

Attn: Full frontal in GD.

Vote The Pics! End of The Year Photography Group Contest!

It's so cold in my house tonight...I need a Snuggie!

we're getting a wii!

Don't put it in your mouth. You could get sick.

DU cat experts: Advice on food

Delaware and Maryland's one true city righfully send the Washington Redskins home in disgrace.

we're getting a will!!!

Help..I am in Duzy withdrawal. Did I just miss the page, or ...what?

Simon Sez Santa

so when i call ahead to order, do i request "peking duck?" or "beijing duck?"

Let's make up a new conspiracy theory

Mary Jo won!!!!

DayDreaminHippie68 FINALLY takes his driver's test tomorrow

That wasn't the DUzy's!!!

why do family gatherings suck?

With the economy in the toilet, personal incomes down, and the cost of fuel,

Why does my husband watch Pootie Tang every time it is on TV and what must that say about him?

Wewt! 'Hannibal' is on teevee at 1 a.m.

Basketball Diaries was just on - reminded me of that tune "People who died" By JIm Carroll


The episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where Will gets shot at the ATM


Anybody watch Dexter tonight???

Roll call: Who's up?

People put in jail for prostitution and marijuana?

Grey's Anatomy star saves abused pet (was thrown from the window of a moving car)

Very strange phone call

Betty Page Hospitalized After Heart Attack

If you’ve seen all of “Never Come Back” (1990) SPOILERS

I think my 15 year old

These apples are delicious!

Julien Schnabel now on 60 Minutes. What a hack!

I left Germany to return to the states ten years ago

Mr Bean Doing Christmas (One Of Funniest TV Shows Ever)

Don't think of it as losing a DUer.

Vibes for my mom, lizziegrace?

End of First Quarter: Your Baltimore Ravens 14, Washington Traffic Clustereffs 0

Ever see how far you can ram a sharp pencil into your ear hole?

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Good morning Lounge

It's Monday Morning. Who wants to go to the gym with me?


Warning (SPOILERS)

Found a way to cleanse my brain of music from the 80's thread!

I am legend


Anyone know anything about the video game Fable 2?

I love this new feature where you can see who is signed on and lurking...

Cheap stuff for frugal living ( add yours )

Woman arrested after ill-timed smoke break

Free Iphone Apps

Are you enjoying the show "Fringe" as much as I am?

Would you rather be rich or good looking?

My lips are sad today.

Help me find a thread, please..

Children's show talks about playing with your balls, plucking and painting your twanger.

I just heard incidental music in 11/8 in an episode of "Dora The Explorer".

Gosh I love that song

I...AM...going to take a bath...

So, I met this girl at a bar last night.......

Explain the global economy to me in three succinct sentences.

My brother is so frustrating sometimes.

Boston at sunrise (some pics from my window)

I got spit in the face....

Does this mean I'm an unreasonable person?

I just gave life back to a dead router


Why do we snark? nt

Idea for a children's civic book...

I hate the fucking Eagles, man ...

Ya know, the sound of jangling keys really gets to me sometimes

Anyone have any succes writing grant proposals?

while smoking a little popcorn at lunch

What is up Satan's ass?

I am just getting over the flu.

*WHOOPS* I lost my wedding band

The most adorable cliche!

A Very Brief Primer on Earthquakes for Those Who've Never Experienced One

better as a leftover: beef stew

I like Octopi

Ouch. Ouchie. Ouch.

Honey Mustard Pringles- oddly addictive.

If a category of DUzy's were named after you, for what would that award be for?

this is so weird.. i have too much free time

Oh where, oh where did Turtlensue go?

If You Seek Amy.

German engineering my ass, redux.

This hero--Belew: a good thing?

Holy shit! San Diego — F/A-18 crashes into residential neighborhood

There is a new reign of terror in the XemaSab household!

Stay out of GD today. It has become the gungeon.


Office Holiday Party Guide for drinkers

What's the deal with turtlensue dating Sean Hannity. I thought she went

bmbmd is DTM

Any Doors fans out there? The Lizard King would have turned 65 today

I need a good drag name

Lynnesin is Styx's biggest fan!

It's a good thing I'm cute.

When you hear this phrase...

I have a computer issue...could use some help

I Ate A Gumbird

What's your favorite unorthodox Christmas/holiday song?

To the fine people of Sacramento

madinmaryland - HAVE YOU NO SHAME???!!!

How about going to a wine tasting at Night Train vineyards


That speech from Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Timely wisdom for us all or an effin' buzzkill?

I just uploaded my 10,000 song onto my Ipod - Anyone want to guess what it was?

I'm going to drink only the classiest of wine now

If I even catch a GLIMPSE of a green Perrier bottle, I think of this:

Series Finale for Boston Legal tonight. Anyone else sad to see it go?

What to do when facing the prospect of spending Christmas Eve alone?

"Jizz in my pants" is the phrase of the day. Alter a thread title to include "jizz in my pants"

My temp drivers license (Stupid Bureaucrat Tricks)

Another cat post

Dear God. I am completely and utterly addicted to Perrier.

In 15 minutes, I get to go home. How do I look busy until then?

Quick, need smile STAT!

NEVER wear a red vest to Lowes.


Kittehs gone wild!

NBC, in order to improve revenue, is coming up with a new batch of shows for its 2009-2010 season:

I'm so fucking!

Are there days you feel purely evil and bitchy?

Thinkin' of goin' to a movie. Anyone seen "Australia"? nt

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday December 8

Lookie what I bought today

The Sonseed: Yay or Nay?

My six year old daughter just found out that there is no Santa Claus...

Even the moving guy thinks I'm smart to be moving...

What in the heck is the matter with you?

maybe not the most annoying pop voice but the song itself must rank up there

Some thoughts on Cancer.

Well hell, I could be stuck here for days!

Top Gear Season 11 begins tonight in the US.

Yesterday I bought something that I know will make Rev_acts jealous...

Pretty cute Home-made stuffed animals from private Russian Lady.

Ahhhh, the 80's, when the music didn't suck but OMG, the hair!

I'm so fucking fucked

I need your help, I have a serious issue that is affecting me and I don't know what to do

Imagine if John Lennon were still alive today

Beverages covered under the Seattle Alcohol Impact Area ruling

Invent a crappy bowl game

Hey look, cleavage!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/8/2008)

Well we know at least one person is all Happy-Happy Joy-Joy in the LostinVa/Haruka Household

So with the Duggars having their baby born in front of a local tv station's camera...

One day in the great future a new society will unearth a copy of "MacArthur's Park" and wonder....

Puppies save three-year-old boy lost in freezing Virginia woods

DUxy Awards are up in GP

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/8/08

Wow, there was 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' before 'The Wizard of Oz'

I go out with the girls ONCE in 2 months, and my dog got pissed and totally trashed the living room.

Would someone please help me make n avatar?

Just in case any of you haven't seen it fifty times already - 'Jizz In My Pants'

I fucking hate electrical shocks

Modify a Christmas Carol...

Americans that are almost Canadians

When you get caught between the Moon and New York City

What is your LEAST favorite Christmas song?

Today I set three 4.5' granite bounds

What color are you?


Lou Reed admirers, don't miss him being interviewed by Elvis on Sundance

I guess now is the time and place - I got shot the other night

What is the lovable?

Overheard in Wal*Mart

Yesterday I discovered a new group of people who should not be allowed in public:

I'm so not fucking fucked.

Last night's Dexter (spoilers)

Ab Fab director Spiers dies at 63

"Boston Legal" is saying Good Bye, in a two hour finale

My company has filed Chapter 11.

Are you sending Christmas cards this year?

The most annoying voice in Pop/Rock music

Okay, who's on "the list"?


Another cat post...

Ok, I'm off to the airport.

I have a question about cats. If I were driving a car with a cat in it and the windows...

Video game-knowledgeable loungers: Nintendo DS question...

Dear God, Midlodemocrat is an elitist snob

Obama Defends Republic Windows and Doors Workers

Many in the media trying to redefine the meaning of "change"


Just got off the phone with an Obama Organizer

To an ex-POW: Viets finally win something after screwed over by USA!

Bush Through The Looking Glass

Smile time: Slightly Strange Man Sings 'God Bless Barack Obama' To Barack Obama (VIDEO)

Kilroy is headed to Congress: Democrat defeats Stivers in 15th Congressional District (OH)

Here are the 26 elections of the last 100 years, in order of turnout:

Even if Democrats pass auto bailout, Bush will probably veto it?

Yes We Can! The Barack Obama Story on DVD coming Dec. 22

"there is also an extremely refined aspect of sticking in the shiv"

Robert Gates, zOMG, he's horrible!!!!!1!1111

About time:"greed is good and "What's in it for me?", it turns out that that's not good for anybody"

Mary Jo Kilroy(D) Wins Ohio's 15th District

Jeb: I am considering Senate run


I didn't know William Jefferson lost his seat

Politico: Whisper campaign persists despite election

Perdue, Easley attend Obama meeting


What is the schedule of inaugural activities?

Here's some change for ya: "the days of pork.. as a strategy.. are over"

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Panel urges Obama to consider "hacker response plan"

Obama Says He Won't Be Smoking In White House

She's the next SOS, he's the next POTUS and still they are oppressed by

We should expect things like "Gropegate", smoking habit, etc. from the MSM for the next 4 years.

I usually steer clear of Wal-Mart

GEORGE Bush - The 10-ish best photos from his rain/reign/rein/reegn…

Here's why arguing with wingnuts is fruitless, and a complete waste of time and sanity

It's all about Obama v The Corporations

Just caught newly elected senator Mark Begich on MSNBC

Just caught newly elected senator Mark Begich on MSNBC

Obama Transition Team Sees Administration "Looking To Be Rescued From Its Own Miscues"

Planning to attend the inauguration? Good luck.

Why is it when planning for the General Election battle of 2012, nobody ever mentions

I worry that Obama will stretch himself thin.

Good Morning, DU. Has the Supreme Court invalidated the Election yet?

Obama: Auto bosses should adapt or go

Shinseki to be the third Asian American appointed to a Cabinet position

Report predicts 1 million job losses a month.

Obama Pledges Not To Smoke In White House

Bush's new neighborhood: until 2000, blacks banned - unless they were servants

The Gay poll show Favreau most desired to be groped.

New Pickles Bush ATT commercial. There were no bars...

Supreme Court just turned down appeal from Donofrio about Obama's birth controversy.

Maria Shriver should be disciplined too...

The Obama campaign didn't exist to make me feel good, and the Obama presidency won't either.

Beating swords into plowshares.

Washington Post Inauguration Guide: Frequently Asked Questions, E-mail for information

This is how we should treat the cardboard Hillary !!!!!!!111!!11!

Another part of *'s horrible legacy: the oil leases in the West...

BREAKING: Phillip J. Berg filed a lawsuit in the aftermath of the 1993 World Series...

SNL - Obama Plays it cool


How do you feel about your Governor



Oh NOES! Supreme Court rejects case arguing that Obama is ineligible to be president

Groping a cardboard cutout bad? "I want to be under Barack Obama"

Obama Campaign Staff and Hillary Campaign Staff

this is losinits' daughter

Trust Obama's Vision

Auld Lang Syne or Inauguration Day: Which day will you shed more tears of joy on?

Now that Dems in WH, Congress - UNIONIZE Health care workers, esp nurses..

PHOTOS Food, Glorious Food

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich praises Obama on economy

NEWSFLASH: Barack Obama NEVER said he wouldn't be smoking in the White House...

Now that David Gregory is Host of MTP (Meet the Press).......

Question about the auto industry

Obama to Spur Economy With Infrastructure Investment (Update3)

There will be a DU gathering Monday, January 19th, 2009 in Washington DC

Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?

It's one thing to be happy for Caroline, but to pit her and Hillary vs each other just stinks

Will Obama lift the "Dover Ban" on flag draped coffins?

Robert Gates a great figure of integrity ?

What about those "intelligence warnings" ??

Winning Freeper Comment of the day

Obama Has Heard Us... He's Listening

Leahy wants Holder hearings in early January

Snippet about Obama and Veterans Affairs

In Defense of Career politicians

I can't believe Streisand kissed him. I would rather lick the bottom

Al Gore to meet with Obama in Chicago!!

Good God! Get the fuck over it!

Kerry in Poznan for climate change talks

I like this picture of Richardson but its probably not a good look to be seen stacking cups. . .

Obama Likely to Announce Energy, Environment Team This Week


I'm throwing my support behind Senator Caroline.

Obama is the most pro-worker president of my lifetime.

Hey kids, what time is it? That's right! It's FREEPER TEARS TIME!

Liberals voice concerns about Obama

Left Wonders if Obama’s Team Will Reflect Them (MSM plays up drama)

On CNN, "Transition to Power brought to you by Exxon Mobil"

Awe Shit! You mean we have 43 days to go before Inauguration?

I am totally and completely pissed with Maxrandb

**** delete **** (sorry)

MO-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

How safe do you think the Inauguration gatherings will be?

Iran rejects Obama's carrot-and-stick approach

Obama outdoes Bush on intel briefings

From Barney to Barack: Michelle's Journey :-)

Was it cardboard or was it....FOAM CORE! Inquiring minds want to know!

nbc nightly news...david gregory from the 'meet the press' set

Holy Stallout! I wanted to be the Car Czar!!!

Political careers have been ruined for one word.

If you objected to Clinton being a "legacy" candidate and now

Any news on the Berg case?

So if Obama is a British citizen

Remember: No family has ever sacrificed or endured more for America than the Kennedys

Well, Obama Has Finally Pissed Me Off! (image links fixed)

Frankly, I think life size cardboard figures invite far worse than

How do you like it?

Instead of using "carrots and sticks", what other analogies should be used in the political lexicon

Morans on LI arrested for racist anti-Obama vandalism

What's this "infrastructure" thing I hear about?

Scalia Refers Another Obama Citizenship Case To Conference 12/12/08

Incoming WH Press Secretary Gibbs Prepping for His New Job

2010 Senate Rankings, Revised and Extended

Action Alert: Please Sign Petition for Obama to end Mountain Top Removal Mining

‘Ugly Betty’ star pitching in for Hillary Clinton

I just read the NYTimes Op-Ed by William Ayers - what a class act

Hillary's Response the Cutout Poutrage

Hillary has a sense of humor

What is the appropriate punishment for groping cardboard figures?

What's the deal up in here...Are you folks NUTS or what?

Freakers new "Master Plan"....Boycott Hawaii

Where can one get an Obama Cardboard Cut out?

It is not conservatism; it is sore loserism and quite radical in its intent.

"Liberals voice concern about Obama"

Pragmatic = Progressive.

Katrina vanden Heuvel, I love you... but you're starting to piss me off...

Caroline Kennedy + 8 Years In The US Senate = 2016 Campaign For POTUS

The DLC's definition of "the left": anyone who opposes corporate influence in D.C.

I saw "This Week" with Stephanopoulos and I thnik that I'm staying with him, No Gregory for Me

Need a J.Depp photo fix!

Bad news: Obama considers Dennis Wolff for Secretary of Ag

I guess I'm not a good liberal.

I don't see how any ideologue, left or right, will be happy with an administration...

Obama defends Republic Windows and Doors workers


I didn't like it when Hillary ran for the Senate. I was wrong.

NYS Senate

NYS Senate

WP: John Kerry "perfectly happy" in the Senate fulfilling a "lifelong dream" being SFRC chairman

Post-Denial Status of "Natural Born" Cases -- more appeals, then Congress...

Do you think Obama would approve of groping of HRC in effigy?

Obama admits smoking cigs; someone should ask Bush about booze

The real point about Caroline

Regarding Caroline Kennedy: Mark My Words

My Obama cutout was fondled, kissed and groped many times

Obama education pick sparks conflict

Lecture to "the left" from an Obama spokesperson, one named as possible DNC chair.

Have a blessed day

Please Caption this photo.

Democrat wins central Ohio congressional race

Obama criticizes Bush's slow handling of housing crisis

Officials, experts expect dramatic shift in trade strategy under Obama, new Congress

Writers risk backlash with apology for Armenian genocide

Gov't Pulls Witness in Gitmo Case Against Canadian

Vatican would rather gay people were executed than married

Obama Preserves Political Capital for Stimulus Plan

Consumer warning as Irish pork contamination spreads

Australia hands people cash to splurge for Christmas

Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism

U.S. Sen. Dodd says GM CEO should move on

(California) State GOP losing ground

Second Taliban raid destroys Nato supplies bound for Afghanistan

Taliban vows violent response to US troop increase

September 11 defendants ask to plead guilty

Rice: Clinton will be 'terrific' secretary of state

Krugman: US auto industry will probably disappear

China court refuses to accept tainted milk lawsuit

Lawsuit over China tainted milk rejected

Wall Street rallies on Obama stimulus plan and autos

How Freddie Mac halted regulatory drive

Panel to Call for Probe Into Wiretapping of Scholar

Citadel Scales Back Asia Operations

Update 2:50 p.m.: Kline cast as a 'zealot'

Blackwater guards in Baghdad shooting surrender

Private Contractors Sought As Guards in Afghanistan

Contango Pays Most in Decade as Shell Stores Crude

Sudan's Leaders Brace for U.S. Shift - Obama Team Seen As Tough on Darfur

Chicago Workers' Sit-In Becomes Rallying Point

Taliban in 72 Percent of Afghanistan, Think-Tank Says

Leahy wants Holder hearings in early January

Coming soon to U.S., 1 million jobs lost every month: Report

Pension Funds Beg Congress to Suspend Billions in Contributions

Blackwater guards charged in Iraq shooting

Frugal farmer leaves $2M to his tiny Pa. church

Pentagon: 9/11 conspirators want to confess

US publisher in bankruptcy move {Chi Tribune, LA Times}

FDA: Risks Of New Asthma Drugs Vary

Bush accepts some blame for Abu Ghraib

Rove vows to 'name names'

Former Gov. Don Siegelman and Richard Scrushy's Appeal Nears (Tomorrow - Gore Donates $5,000)

Episcopal Diocese of L.A. officially condones the blessing of gay unions

Many Borrowers Re-Default After Mortgage Is Modified

Asian Stocks Rise on U.S., India Stimulus Plans; Tata Climbs

Report: Road projects could spur 1.8 million jobs

One Blackwater defendant has pled guilty. Indictments Unsealed.

Obama says he won't be smoking in White House

In lean times, SoCal residents trade guns for food

Court won't review Obama's eligibility to serve

(F/A-18) Plane crashes in University City (San Diego)

Former Florida Rep. Bob Allen, convicted of soliciting oral sex from cop, loses another appeal

Dow Chemical to cut 5,000 full-time jobs

Obama to meet Gore to discuss energy and climate

Study: Autos bankruptcy would be 'catastrophic' to U.S.

5 Blackwater Guards Charged With Manslaughter

Rove vows to 'name names'

Japan Demands Chinese Ships Leave Disputed Waters (Update1)

Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy wins Ohio congressional race after counting of provisional ballots

Obama defends Republic Windows and Doors workers

'Mumbai mastermind' arrested in Pakistan

Tribune Co. files for bankruptcy protection

White House disputes NYT editorial

Bottom Drops Out of Recycling Industry

Obama: Broadband, Computers Part of Stimulus Package

Anheuser-Busch InBev cuts about 1,400 U.S. jobs

Halliburton accused of supplying rotten food to U.S. forces

KBDI (CO) Refuses to Delay Airing of Guantanamo Torture Documentary (Other PBS Stations Shy Away)

Merrill's CEO Thain Wants $10 Million Bonus

Freedom's Watch to shut at end of month (Ari Fleischer's group runs out of money)

Pakistan’s Spies Aided Group Tied to Mumbai Siege

Wikipedia added to child pornography blacklist

Sept. 11 defendants ask to plead guilty at Guantanamo

Atheist Holiday Display Sparks Outcry

GM says it "disappointed" and "betrayed" consumers

Bank of America faces possible cutoff of business by State of Illinois (relating to worker's sit-in)

Studies Show Dogs Have Sense of 'Fairness'

Military Jet Crash in San Diego Kills 2 on Ground

OMG! I just got a call from my Congressman!!! I'm Inauguration Bound!

Extreme Makeover Family Facing Foreclosure

Legal Scholars Outraged by Talk of Blanket Pardon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 8

Inquiry urged into remains buried at school for boys

Calling in 'gay' to work is latest form of protest

Betancourt meets with Venezuela's Chavez

Apple to Sell IPhones in Wal-Mart Stores This Month

James Fallows: Karmic justice: Gen. Eric Shinseki

Panel Urges Obama to Consider Hacker-Response Plan

Liberty and Freedom in Iowa

Joe Conason: Spend, Obama, spend! And save jobs

Horsey cartoon: "If only we could just detach the trailer...."

Hit Me Congress, One More Time: Bailing Out the Auto Industry

Bush Links Mumbai Attack to Ishtar

Latest 'Election Lawsuit' Alleges Obama a Dual Citizen of Krypton

Philadelphia Eagles and the City of Philadelphia Libraries

The Rich Are Hogging Our Common Inheritance -- We Must Take It Back

Amsterdam to close many brothels, marijuana cafes

In Chicago Factory Sit-In by Laid-off Workers, an Anger Spread Wide

Merrill Lynch chief fighting for bigger 2008 bonus

Medicare May Approve Gun's for Seniors!!!

Paul Rieckhoff - Shinseki for VA Secretary: A Bold Choice

Deepak Chopra slams Sean Hannity

Peter Beinart: Revenge of the Nerds

US auto slowdown to hit Indian IT companies

Israeli Police Block Aid Boat Bound for Blockaded Gaza

Civil rights group claim Israeli occupation is "reminiscent of apartheid"

Egyptian MP: We won't tolerate 'Islamist emirate' in Gaza

Hebron, Feiglin, and the self-hating Jews of the right

Nanny moves to Israel with boy orphaned in Mumbai

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Israel's push for Iran strike may hurt U.S. ties

Obama: 1 (month), Poverty: 0 (mentions)

The Politics of the Federal Bench

Paul Volcker is back, and he warns of tough times ahead

Why the stories about Obama's birth certificate will never die

Let's End Drug Prohibition

John Kerry on fighting terrorism

Bush's Gourd, as in Being Out of Your Gourd

'Twas the Night Before Bailouts

Bush's Gourd, as in Being Out of Your Gourd

AP: Video Contradicts Army on Soldiers' Death ('Friendly Fire')

Season's Greetings "Santa Claus Is coming to town"

AP: New Images of Mumbai Attacks

Report Says US Will Start Losing 1 Million Jobs Per Month

Laura Bush horse story revisited

OBAMA: 'Absolutely Confident' We Can Get Economy Back On Track

Gov. Corzine on Obama picks-pragmatists with progressive agenda

President Elect Obama: Please let this 10 year old kid interview you!

Bush Says stop throwing the constitution in my face

TPMtv: President-Elect Obama Meets the Press

Bailout Explained

The Twelve Days of Bailouts

Jimmy Kimmel - Obama Snubs Fox News

The GOP's

Karl Rove Names Names

Obama Sign Thief Gets One-upped

AP: Bush, Striesand's Kiss at Kennedy Center Honors (The Who!)

Richard Shelby Threatens Filibuster Over Auto Bailout

A good year to advance

Less bulk, more protection

McCain: Afghanistan situation will get harder

Army asked to review 2 Iraq deaths from 2006

U.S., NATO vehicles burned in Pakistan

6 reasons it’s the best time to re-enlist

Shippers want more help vs. hijackers

Book: Officers heavy on tech, light on strategy

Russian ship docks at old U.S. base in Panama

Once again, Corps plans to ax Recruit Wrap

Corps will court-martial deserter Marine

Reaching 202K

Fate of missile defense shield left to Obama

Wing cracks take out half of A-10 fleet

Programs Aim to Curb Divorce Rates

Hydraulic leak slows destroyer’s return

Report: Corps acquisition programs misguided

Blackwater Guards Want Utah Trial

Course allows for more high-altitude jump quals

Energy, Finance and Hegemonic Power

Conservation atlas reveals 'most valuable' forest

Recycling Goes From Boom To Bust As Economy Stalls

Ridgewood Renewable Power To Develop 41-MW Landfill Gas Plant (RI)

Gigawatt Scale Solar PV Project Planned in Jordan

Head Of Murray River Authority Concedes Chunks Of Basin "Lost Or Changed Forever" By Climate Shift

1 Yr. To Copenhagen - "China's Position Has Not Fundamentally Changed Since Bali" - Guardian

Clear-Cut Loophole Enrages Oz - 1 Stump/Hectare Clears Entire Old-Growth Block For Clear-Cutting

Chile's Water Utility Reports Echaurren Ice Fields - 70% Of Santiago's Supply - Retreating 12M/Year

UN Adds Cheetah To List 1 Of CITES Registry

Back at Junk Value, Recyclables Are Piling Up

People Get Ready (there's a train a-comin')

Almost 1/3 Of New Zealand's Beaches Have Bacteria Counts So High That Swimming Unsafe

Ohio's glass capital turns to solar to revive city (Toledo)

Collier school district proposes building solar farms to power several schools (FL)

Sustainable Energy — without the hot air (new book)

Guardian UK: The hidden cost of our growing taste for meat

Facing Clear Climate Statement, Bush WH Wouldn't Even Open Email - ADA Resigned, But Not EPA Chief

Former EPA Heads: Bush, Johnson Abandoned Core Mission, Left Broken, Demoralized Agency Behind

COW POWER: Michigan farmers turn manure into energy

Arthur Koestler, Climate Skeptics & The Puzzling Case Of The Midwife Toad - RealClimate

Locally made wind turbines to create jobs (MI, to be sold at ACE hardware)

Fed Deploys Every Trick in the Book to Avert Another Great Depression

Energy, Finance and Hegemonic Power

2002 Mortgage Foreclosures vs 2008

Online savings accounts


" No one understands these economic products"

Porn Industry to get $100 Billion in Federal Aid

America Has No Means to Recover from a Depression

Euro and carry-trade

Cartoon: Cinderella

Meltdown slows bid for family/work improvements

L.A. union workers rally in support of auto industry bailout

George W. Bush attends his own hanging

Workers deserve a free choice, Wal-Mart, CEO Lee Scott took in more than $30 million

Please help: Call-In/Text-In Action: Demand Starbucks Pay Barista Her Wages

Record Number of U.S. Part-Time Workers (no benefits) Held Down Jobless Rate

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. boycotts UC Berkeley over labor dispute

Congress to probe Labor Department regulations

Biden Shows He Will Be Labor’s Advocate in Obama Administration

Chicago Unions Look to Strengthen Ties After Immigration Clash

Teamsters prepare care packages for the troops

Scores of temporary foreign workers deported by Ontario agri-complex

Sex discrimination case against Central Valley grape grower settled (farms to pay $1.68 Million)

Andy Stern: Let's 'Share the Wealth'

Paper mill employees come through for the food pantry

NYT: Grim Job Report Not Showing Full Picture

Today in labor history Dec 8 “A struggle is going on in all of the civilized world

Jesse Jackson: Republic Windows sit-in is the dawn of a "new movement"

Main Street wants Congress to do the right thing for Detroit

Support for the EFCA

A Quick Review of DOMA and The Constitutional Clauses it Violates

What’s in a name?

`Milk' earns Stanley Kramer prize from Producers

El Coyote' Restaurant Manager resigns over Prop 8 boycott

UW Newspaper Editor Defends Man-Sheep Illustration

GLBT trust in the Dems, Sorry, I am not Convinced

Tolerance-Preaching Fat Jack Black Jesus Angers Hateful Christian Group

"We are effectively without any national voice"

Why we're mad at the Mormon church

Officials, experts expect dramatic shift in trade strategy under Obama, new Congress

Trinidad PM in Cuba for medical check up

Sir Shridath recalls CARICOM Cuba history

Caribbean leaders eye tourism at summit in Cuba

FARC attacks medical mission from Colombia Family Welfare Institute killing two

Argentine president heads to Russia to promote trade, energy agreements

Bimini has long history of human smuggling

President Chávez meets with Ingrid Betancourt

Open Letter: Against U.S. Intervention in Salvadoran Elections

After a break, I spent a few hours touring DU off and on today. Disgusted is how I feel.

Phew! I Was About To Call The FBI To Report That The Seahawks Had All Been Kidnapped!

For you fisherman...

This is a weird year in the, which is the worst team that

Complete BCS Bowl schedule--ACC vs. Navy in the EagleBank Bowl!!!!

49ers humble the Jets..24-14

I do like the Bronco's orange jerseys.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (December 7): The FIDE Follies

Hmmm. The Phins go from one to at least eight wins and a possible home playoff

Boxing: December 11 - 13, 2008

Weak Oversight Lets Bad Hospitals Stay Open

Getting high on HIV drugs in S Africa (BBC)

Local woman creates melamine home test kit

Cold sores 'an Alzheimer's risk' (BBC)

Attacking Alzheimer's with Red Wine and Marijuana

So, baby...tell me about your North Node, part the second. (Original of this is also archived.)

oops, Please Delete

Fires - Photography and being stunned by both

the next time I get a day off

Obama again promises not to take guns while supporting AWB.

Thank the gods the AWB is back up at Change dot gov

Anthony Bourdain is in NOLA

How can you tell whether a pan is made of aluminum?

Brother's Bread: Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking

I used something new for Thanksgiving this year...a "peanut pumpkin".

Baked Catfish ala Newton

Ask the Rabbi: What the Sages of Old Would Have Said About the Bailout


Fundamentalist Christians seem to prefer worshipping Man over God.

And the protestors come to Olympia

Heretics - The story of Carlton Pearson - This American Life

Driveway Painting Tests Religious Freedom

To my Catholic friends--I hope you enjoy your holy day.

Rock and Roil: Meteorites Hitting Early Earth's Oceans May Have Helped Spawn Life

Very warm 2008 makes this the hottest decade in recorded history by far

The 10 Most Amazing Things the Sky Can Do (pics)

Vatican would rather gay people were executed than married

Teachers union is fighting for the kids

Bush History-9/11 Commission Heads Say Bush Admin Obstructed Their Investigation

Request for help from New Yorkers-- are there grain silos in lower manhattan?

Alleged 9/11 Plotters Offer to Confess at Guantánamo

Dates on hearings on the primacaucus from TDP

Sharp in Talks w/DSCC to Run-Prove Me Wrong

Release the McCracken!

Sharp Is Candidate For Senate

i have a new icon that just popped up on my desktop

Hardwicke Not Hired On 'Twilight' Sequel; Summit Looking For 'New Moon' Director

Jerome Kern Back From Dead - Will Run Playboy Empire

Hear the original: Cather in the rye!

Benicio Del Toro Promotes "Che" At Havana Screening

LeBlanc to drop out of race.

I have a fun way of handling anti-coalition people who talk about the separatists.

Dion steps down

Great Canadian movies?

So how long has JK talked about Tora Bora and missing OBL? Since the beginning.

If you’ve seen the TV-movie “Never Come Back” (1990) SPOILERS

Can you go in the ocean without a wetsuit in the UK? Does it ever get warm enough for that? nt

anyone else already sick of winter?