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US military deaths in Iraq at 3,902

Iraq Policy Losses Cloud Pelosi's Year

US diplomat shot in Sudan attack

Ron Paul raises $19.5 million (likely more than any other GOP'er)

U.S. Casualties in Afganhistan Hit Record

Blacks, Hispanics less likely to get strong pain drugs in U.S. emergency rooms

U.S. sailors found dead in Ghanaian hotel room

Clinton holds lead as Romney slips in Iowa

Pakistan Vote Delayed to February: Intended to deprive opposition of sympathy vote?

Suicide bomb at Baghdad funeral kills 32

Bush signs bill to expand transparency

Clinton, Obama claim $100 million raised (update from previous article)

American diplomat killed in Sudan

Santa Barbara paper illegally fired union backers, judge says (Wendy McCaw publisher)

FCC Clears Way for ION Media Buyout

Military's use of unmanned drones soars in Iraq

Ministry backtracks on Bhutto sunroof claims (doctors were "threatened")

Chief justice: Give judges a raise

Public defender builds injection case

Republican Romney says Bush mismanaged Iraq war

Tiger brothers had slingshots

Chavez grants amnesty to 2002 coup opponents

Red Cross volunteer says 50 people burned to death in Kenya church

Americans frustrated by influence wielded by Iowa, New Hampshire

Dozens of gay New Hampshire couples celebrating civil unions

Barack Obama: Hillary Clinton 'is just like Bush'

hAppy nEw yEar with Some Massive Attack!

Happy New Year all of you on the EAST COAST , WELCOME 2008

Auld Lang Syne

Bigger, Longer Uncut on Comedy Central now

Wanna laugh out loud?

Happy Dew Year

Just 31,606,800 seconds to go.

Happy New Year, my West Coast friends!

She said she'd call. She didn't call.

Idlewild she lives in my lap 2

people from Texas...


Jethrine Bodine And Southpawkicker What A Pair!!

Zap Mama "Yelling Away" Highline Ballroom NYC

Never again

Guys: Ever had a pedicure or manicure?

"You can't beat wood. Gorn." - - "Caribou.... gooooorrnnnnn"


Les Nubians - Makeda

Geeez, let's put some REAL rock on!

2008?? No Wayyyy!!!11111!!!!

CLARA HILL / silent distance / video

2008 Only Time Will Tell

Is it officially the new millennium yet?


Well, it's 2008 and the dems haven't impeached anyone. Another wasted year.

I HAVE TO RANT (Dick Clark/ New Year's Rockin' Eve SPOILER alert)

Happy New Years every one! I even took a pic of the bar!


Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve:

Share some of your favorite lesser-known actors/actresses.

Fuck! Argh! Fuck!

Happy New Year Lounge Lizardy type peoples!!11111

Yikes!! There's a guy outside my house screaming ..."Fuck! Argh! Fuck!"

Jill Scott & the Roots - You got Me

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

I'm in Misery, Where the hell are you?

A fresh start for all of us

I will answer two (2) questions

So- tell us a cork story

You like Ringo?

Nothing like bullets raining from the sky

Happy friggin' New Years.

Nothing like drunk drivers t-boning light poles

Happy New Year - and introducing my theme song for 2008

Okay ... I'm gonna say it . . .

It's 3 am here in Nova Scotia

Free Bird!

OK...who's still up on the West Left Coast???

How long did it take you to realize you were poignant?

It was some where in fiary tail

If you're going to San Francisco.............

weeee.. I hear it, do you?

Computer glitch does in Seattle New Year's fireworks...

okay, i'm tipsy right now!

The paddels cut the water on a long and endless flight.

The leader of the band is tired

Band of horses

So, what silliness and fun are we up to at this hour?

I woke up this morning with sundown shinin in.............

Wow does new years eve ever suck

Our elements are burned out, our beasts have been mistreated.

Screw it.. G'night

Fuck it... I'm going to just cut loose!!! Argh and

Holding back years.............

The best of you

The big hush

Whiter Shade of Pale

That was her name in those days,Cho cho san

Mr. Cairo

Captain Nemo sailed away....

Big Log

I need more needles

There's a boy band of chimney sweeps on ABC.

Im about to change your pretty mind

Sleepy Maggie

Drink, drank, drunk, or, who else is really going to hate themselves tomorrow?

And the first song of 2008 was



"Scotch Mist, a Film with Radiohead in It," available online at Current TV website

Play a song of someone's where a singer or bandmember died in 2007

Damn. I'm going thru MAJOR withdrawal...

Note to Indie film makers:

I spend New Year's eve popping Prilosec and playing Mah Jongg til 5 am

2008, the year I become totally debt free!

Bombay Sapphire

I think a change would do you good....

Love my way.

Would somebody please stop Swede?

2006 vs 2007 - which sucked worser?

what is the name of the movie on SPIKE TV right now.. its really good black and white.. im in NC

live stream of Rose parade?

Can't my neighbors close a door without slamming the shit out of it? Sheesh.

WTF is Mallard Fillmore about today?

My little autistic friend is here and he's a major door slammer. I hope my neighbor isn't pissed.

I need your help on picking my nose

This is my first New Years Eve as a legal adult

Okay then, here's the video

Is Kahlua, Smirnoff, cream, American cheese and Townhouse crackers a bad breakfast?

Another Quotes Quiz

Let us begin 2008 with a deeply philosophical question.

If you want to go around breaking people's eggs, be careful. They might end up with an omelet

Welcome 2008! Paris is banging K-Fed!

Did you get your New Year's kiss? I did!!

Starlight Lounge.

Thankless Waiter Beaters, do they work?

Is anyone upset that the Miami Dolphins have chosen not to be tuna-free?

Happy Feast of the first New Moon !

Let us celebrate the New Year with a thread about.....

If you're running Win ME... I need advice.

For a second I thought GDP was being ludicrously superficial, nitpicky and unfair to a candidate

Happy feast of the Circumcision of Our Lord.

The last Darwin Award winners of 2007...

Do I have a right to be angry?

Rhetorical question, if you wake up handcuffed to the bed...

Dagnabit! It's freaking snowing...again!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/1/2008)

Thomcat's leaving in a few hours

Dating pool

See? I knew Snopes was EVIL!

I mean, I'm just saying. Everyone feels this way, right? You know what I mean? It's all just... yeah

There's a spider in the hallway..........

Any drunks about to be evicted from your neighbourhood?

I am looking for padded envelopes

Classic Rock band that should hang it up once and for all in 2008


I am looking for padded rooms. (lame copycat)

Dick Clark must have gotten a fresh batch of virgin's blood

Well, shit.

Quote of the year for 2008 (so far)

Dewey Cox: The Comedy, the Satire, the Penis.

If I run for President, will Elizabeth Kucinich go out with me?

Nerd heartbreak.

The official story of 911 is full of holes.

Oh, hi, I'm here from the internet.

W's library.

lelapin!!!!!! One Night in Bangkok!

I am looking for padded bras

Fatigue sucks.

I am looking for a padded cell

De-duping digital music collections

I am looking for padded underwear

Spock, are you slothing?

Does anyone here use Paragon CRT Lenses, do you like them,

I can't feel sorry for girls and women who wish to be size 00......come on!

Are you hiding food from a household member? (excluding candy!)

This song reminds me of MrScorpio for some reason...

What is it with cats and yarn/string?

What's with calling people "Dave"?

My 50,000th post!!!

Lauryn Hill feat. Carlos Santana - To Zion

What's with calling people "Mork"?

Hi! My name is Mark....

Sigh...Thomcat's gone. Lelapin moves back into the dorm tomorrow.

A few pics from yesterday's Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (dialup warning)

Official Penguins-Sabres Trash Talking Thread

One of life's cheap pleasures

too much re-enactment on these When Animals Attack shows....

"You'd better be nice to me!"

7 years here and GDP NEVER gets old!

I have never had a Whopper, a Big Mac, or a Chicken Nugget

As far as I care, you can do almost anything you want in the New Year....

Tetanus shot now at ER, or wait til clinic opens tomorrow?

So I'm watching the Biggest Loser marathon on Bravo...

Can I get some opinions here! ~ N, S, E. W?

Snowball loves you. And so do I.

Today I wish I had tv, just so I could fall asleep to the nooz

What rock bands do you consider good "second tier" bands?

Ooh, Iron Chef Legendary Battles: Batali vs Oliver

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

My sister said that the majority of USA females hide FOOD from their male housemates! Yes or no?

"The dog is licking his balls!"

first live one of the new year now appearing in GD

Check this one out, before he's tombed!

Rare Purple Pearl Found In $10 Plate Of Clams: Experts Say Pearl Worth Up To $25,000

live one

The 2008 New Year's Resolution Thread

Blackout in the Big Easy

Best Western! No, not the motel, Actor and or Movie!

This cat insists on dunking her mousies...

New Years Day College Football Thread

I freakin hate Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators

David Bowie appreciation thread.

Let's Celebrate the work of DS1 - DU's Thomas Kinkade

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/1/08

Just caught my 3.75 year old standing on the arm of our sofa

I Just Got An Ipod Touch

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets...

Why does the music at the gym have to be so loud?

Any other fans of Issac Asimov here?

**Important Announcement* well, to me, anyhow...

I wish DU had a way to see who's logged on.

Intriguing New Movie! Have you seen the trailer for CLOVERFIELD opening on 1-18-08?

Help! All Welcome! Looking for the lyrics from "Shenandoah" (1975) Broadway musical...

Can you fast and still have beer?

Tankless water heaters, do they work?

Do you hate, absolutely HATE, where you live?

If you are running Vista, I need your input!!

Some interesting predictions discussed on Coast To Coast AM

The Aristocrats! ...I watched it for the first time last night...OMFG!

What's the worst part about growing old?

Is 5 ft 6 tall for a woman?

Our New Year's party was fantastic until...

I need blog title ideas

Wow - my 45,000th post was about sparkling wine

Someone I know is missing

What food do you like but no one seems to?

My nephew got busted coppin' his first feel.

What strange food combinations do you like?

Exact moment in which Eric Clapton jumped the shark

got snow? (3 pics from today and it's snowing again)

Who's up for an end of July Midwestern DU Meet Up?

Crocs, the plastic clog like shoe...

If you want to make an Omelet, you gotta break some eggs

What's with calling people "Mark"?


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I need to be excused for a moment.

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan - for real

Am I first??

Independent UK: 2008: The year a new superpower is born

WTF? CNN, CNBC and Fox "news" are doing New Years Eve Countdown coverage TOO???

Germans not amusued with Brits fixation on fucking."

So, has anyone else checked out this "Skews" thing

Univision's on-air talent in New Yr's coverage going HEAVY on Hispanics VOTING in 2008!1

One More Year, People, Only One More Year

Here is to a GREAT 2008

We can no longer thrive on bad news

The Stupid Filter

And finally it's 2008 way out here in Alaska

Read this and construct the most important...

Wow, look at how much closer the date in my sig line looks

States Question Electronic Vote Machines

Just received this from Brasscheck:

How do I get rid of that "+ SHARE/BOOKMARK" thing at the bottom

The Bhutto assassination - myths and facts about the cover-up

Now we are human commodities

Very interesting poll of pollsters on the most reliable poll in Iowa.

All this time I have been protesting the "war"...

Pope's exorcist squads will wage war on Satan {WTF?!}

Juan Cole: Physicians Coerced & Threatened - By Military In Pakistan To Lie About Bhutto's Death

Matthew Yglesias: The year when nothing happened

please rate up,and comment if you wish,my 119th ltte

cspan1 just starting chat about DMR poll---Wash J.

Watch for this at the Rose Bowl parade~

Chief Justice Roberts increase our pay or expect a 'crisis'

Stephen Pizzo: 20 Annoying Things About 2007

Kucinich to drop out before convention,claims Cleveland's daily

Pakistan Ministry Backtracks on Bhutto Sunroof Caims

Des Moines Register poll NOT reflecting trends; nightly canvasses

Killing Dogs in Training of Doctors Is to End

Taylor Marsh the Clinton DLC operative having daily MELTDOWN

Obama Attacks Gore in Iowa

Bill Clinton speech starting on cspan1 now.

My LTTE on Huckabee's radical nature makes it to print

Navy JAG Andrew Williams Resigns Over Torture

Bhutto Didn't Trust Bush With Sensitive Evidence of Rigging Pakistan Elections

251 Dead as Violence Grips Kenya

The true meaning of "bipartisanship"

Priests brawl at Jesus' birthplace

Did You Know Judi Miller is Working for the Manhattan Institute?

US diplomat dies in Sudan attack

"Recurrent vandalism scars atheists' display" - What lovely "Christians" we have in Pennsylvania.

Kenya on Brink of Civil War

Play The Iowa Two-Step

2008 is the year to bring bushco to their knees

ithinkmyliverhurts attacks Gore for his decisions in the 2000 campaign.

Happy New Year DU!! Do me a small favor please?

It drives me nuts when one of our own uses a right-wing talking point.

What do you think of the DLC wing of the Democratic Party

2008 Presidential Election Candidates on the Issues

I feel bad for the people in Iowa! I'm so tired of conflicting polls

For Iraqi Street Cleaners, Scraps Include Human Flesh

A dictator created then destroyed by America By Robert Fisk

Heh.......50 Most Loathsome People of 2007

Which candidate, from the top 3, is most likely to investigate the psycho-in-chief's

How to restore Justice at the Dept of Justice... and assure that

Should pre-election candidate polls be illegal?

Celebrity death list, 2007

Suicide bomber kills 30 at Iraq funeral

today is the first day of ubuntu 7.1

My Son Posts Here Too, Here's What He Said

American's Did This - For What?

2007 deadliest year in Iraq, number of US soldiers killed: 900

The Late Bill Hicks On American Politics

We Will! We Will! BARACK YOU! Why Obama Is Going to Win The Presidency - DMR Poll: Indie FLOOD 4 O!

"figures released on Monday showed that more civilians 2007 (16,232) than in 2006 (12,360)

Huckabee in for a trim

What I look forward to in the general election from each candidate.

Analysis: Huckabee may have gone too far

Obama is suffering from delusions of grandeur if he thinks he would cakewalk through the GE

Huckabee jokes about Bush not reading intelligence reports

Obama really has to stop talking out of his ass.

TRADER JOE'S Float Wins Award

LONG prison term for this one.

"Mob Burns Church in Kenya, Killing Dozens"

Rupert Murdoch backs Hillary Clinton

Unidentified source: Tiger victims had slingshots

Go Back to bed, America!

This Modern World's Year in Review

A New Years Message from Ralph Nader (and Salt Lake City Mayor)

It just wasn't the same this New Year's...

Ministry backtracks on Bhutto sunroof claims (guess they had to go to Plan B)

I hope that the news grabbing events around the world the last couple of weeks

Yum, I love me some southern fried Obama, anyone else?

The Chicks and I wanna wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

survival and corruption

Ryan Seacrest Got "the Get": Bloomberg Rules out Presidential Bid

Hillary with a southern accent post...anyone have a link to that...

Does the world depend on electing my guy, Edwards?

This is how they will try to steal 2008: Vote caging on steroids.

C-SPAN 1...Chris Dodd speech from yesterday!

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008

Happy new year from California

Happy New Year DUers!

Drink, drank, drunk, or, who else is really going to hate themselves tomorrow?

Well...FUCK IT ALL! It's NYEve and I"m Sick of IT ALL! Can I get 20 K&R's?

happy new year!

bush's last year, a whimper or a bang?

Honestly, I'd be lost without DU tonight, so thank you all.

My New Year's wish for DU

Remembering those we lost in 2007.

This Date in Bush History 01/01: Poor George (FINAL POST-THANKS FOR READING THESE)

CSPAN2: "The Squandering of America" by Robert Kuttner

Weather To Be Good On Caucus Day; Snow & Fog Today - Des Moines Register

I didn't know all these bloggers were polling experts.


Chris Floyd: In 2009, expect "healing national wounds", "coming together again", "moving on."

Vernon Jordan on Bloomberg TV's In Focus Segment Right Now, Discussing Hillary

Name the new asshole campaign 2008 supporter forum

Kathy Griffin asked Anderson Cooper who in the current administration does he want to Waterboard


The Nation's Interest

Pelosi's first year - (what would Karl Rove do?)

'Asses of Evil' buttons top seller at Iowa Dem campaign

What do polls really matter? Why do polls really matter?

What exactly is Huckabee's attitude towards women?

So much of DU wants a pardon for the Alabama governor in jail but no mentions of one for Edwards?

Now that 2007 is over I suppose everything that happened will be

Have any of the telecom companies not spied on America?

Can Biden Defy the Iowa Odds?

Closed-Government Types Use Lucas' Neimoidian Argument: "As you know, our blockade...

LIVE...Biden speech on C-SPAN 1! Getting ready to start! n/t

Legal Fictions: The Bush Administration's Dumbest Legal Arguments Of The Year - Slate

A Funny Story Edwards Might Tell about Tort Reform & Presidents: Washington's Western Adventure

There is the 'activist' and the 'radical' . Where does one draw the line

Jesus Camp...a link to the full length docu film

HDTV puzzle, delayed signal..........??

"The Embargo Has Been Lifted"

(((((((((((((((( HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE )))))))))))))))))

What happened on DU after the 2004 primaries finished?

Which old political grudge will you officially give up in the new year?

Interesting Reading - An Article On Hillary Clinton Before Her 2000 Run For The Senate

My New Year's Wish.... GDNCRF

Obama's statement reponding to Rep Kucinich

SURGE UPDATE: Suicide bomber kills 30 at Baghdad funeral

Two years ago TODAY: Bush visits injured soldiers, jokes about scratch he got while cutting brush

Obama Asks to Be Picked as 2nd Choice: Edwards Obliges

Great speech from Sen. Clinton in Iowa over the weekend (audio)

* grimaces as he returns to the White House - pic

Privacy groups blast new passport technology

May Things Go Better For All Of Us This Year

Today, NH became the fourth state in the country to institute civil unions

Report: Pakistan government has "apologized" for claiming that Bhutto died of a skull fracture

It's Jan. 1, and Wolf Blitzer

Bushitler's own illegitimacy has served as an example for Kenya, Pakistan

What I want in a candidate... (Yet another fine Jackpine rant)

Kucinich Asks Supporters to make Obama Second Choice ...

Dear Average Republican

The benefits of labeling genetically-modified foods

Blacks, Hispanics less likely to get strong pain drugs in U.S. emergency rooms

Which Kenyan tribe does Obama belong to?

I think we have to capture the war on words on Iraq... it's an occupation, not a war

Bill Richardson on cspan1 now.

TEDtalk Tuesday: 'Feets' of engineering

E-Voting gets an "F". Report coming up on Situation Room (CNN)

surge update 1/08

Global Energy Users Map (large Graphic)

Important link for the next few months...

Rose Bowl Parade: IMPEACH Signs - CrooksAndLiars

LOL The republicans are pulling out an ad from 1964!! - A DEMOCRAT'S ad


The Shock Doctrine: The Salvador Option WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS!

'It doesn't get easier' for cops

Town’s Water Supply Drains From Bullet Holes

January 3rd: 1981, 1989, 2001, 2005, 2008

Has Bush had another encounter with a pretzel??

So basically Obama says Republican's will vote for him....

Be honest now....

SALON: "Barack Obama's nouvelle vague..."

WaPo: The Mendacity of Hope: What We Want to Believe About Obama

372 Cars Torched In 'Calm' French New Year

Penalty Could Exceed $900 For Refusing To Get Insurance Under Massachusetts Mandatory Healthcare Law

Just letting the teapot whistle

Mixed Media DUrus: Best Video/Audio Mixing Software?

The Original American A**hole Campaigner: John James Beckley (Madison/Jefferson's Man)

CNN: Blitzer Claims he has Bhutto's 60 Page Dossier Election Fraud...US Voting Machines mentioned...

Call White Households-Ask Them To Vote For Democrats-Use Voice Of "Ghetto Black Guy"

Tax Cuts Don't Boost Revenue

And Now, Some Good News... From David Brooks ???

Quid Pro Quos and Qui Tam Suits

TIME.COM: Edwards Campaign Reaction to Des Moines Register Poll

FBI still wants their man: DB Cooper

PHOTO: New Year's Eve on Las Vegas strip, WARNING! All fornicators, witches, drunkards, liars.....

Twas Iowa, and the Blitzhy Wolf

On almost every corner in Orlando, homeless men.

LIVE - from Pasadena California - The Official Rose Parade Thread!

Bush Issues Signing Statement Undermining Sudan Accountability And Divestment Act

Oh my...

Boston's Little Lord Fauntlerirony (TM)

Ending the year saying what had to be said

Where was the "dynasty" talk in 2004 ??

The Comedy & Tragedy of Old Man Thompson ---pix--->>>

"The church is certainly necessary for the people. It is a strong and conservative element." Who?

What If Iowa Settles Nothing For Democrats? - NYT

Where I Stand Going Into The Primaries

'Surge' Makes Annual Banned-Words List

Why Can't I Own a Canadian?

Prescribing gap may leave blacks in more pain

Chris Dodd is so cool

How Many DUers Are Familiar with FinCen?

Yay! It's "Asshole Campaign Supporter Day" on DU!

Where are Obama and Hillay on Corporatism?

The table is set for impeachment, Mdm. Speaker. How about some service over here?

Iraq Policy Losses Cloud Pelosi's Year

385 days until Bush is gone

I think we're all fucked and it's our own dam fault......

Which Democratic candidate will HOLD BUSH ACCOUNTABLE?

IMPEACH THE BASTARDS ALREADY!! 2007: The Year in Evidence

I call bullshit, I don't think there are people this pathetic

I defended Kucinich over Paul for VP, now he's lost me (even Hillary's more progressive than Obama):

Leno ...sure not listening to the public is he.,

Protesters Carry A Giant Copy Of The Constitution As They Follow The Rose Parade - pic

One year and 20 days days hence I wish to hear ..............

Did George Injure His Face Again? ---pix--->>>


Obama: Gore, Kerry Alienated "Half the Country"

The neighbors down the road.

1-1-2008 DU GD final four poll

I can only speak for myself.

Who's Your Second Choice ???

When the DLC was founded in 1985, Edwards was a long way away fighting for girl with CP.

Greens and Blackeyed Peas for 2k8

Five Easy Steps to Change Your Life (warning: long!)

I see dead people ...

First bird spotted in new yr is indicator of the next yr.

Calling all Iowans!

my 50 year-old uncle just got drafted

The Shock Doctrine: Body Shocks page 365

The Shock Doctrine: The Kurbark Interrogation Manual page 368

Here's to 2008 and the end of the nightmare (I hope)!

Generation Gap: Obama wins support from 56% of those 18-34, versus 11% for Hillary, 16% for Edwards

gotta wonder

I'll find my resignation and silver linings if Hillary loses IA and NH...

Michelle Obama Wows the Seniors

For the DMR poll to verify there will probably need to be 200,000+ caucus goers, follow my logic...

Is Rasmussen afraid of polling Iowa?

Taking the DMR poll into account, the probablities are of who will win Iowa have changed.

The biggest loser in today's DMR poll

MY campaign pledges.

Obama, Clinton raise over $100 Million this year

I wonder what John Zogby poll is going to show this morning in light of the DMR poll out

The DMR poll raises the stakes for Obama

Lets Play the Front Runner Game

Happy New Years DU: IT'S FINALLY 2008!!


My Iowa Prediction

Clinton: I'll stay tough, no yelling


NEWEST IOWA POLL: Clinton Holds Four Point Lead Over Obama

Way to go, Senator Obama is crushing the HRC - That's how it should be!!!

IA POLL: Hillary 33 (+3), Obama 31 (+3), Edwards 22 (-4)

When does the exclusion of women and blacks from the presidency represent institutionalized racism?

Interpeting The Iowa Polls

Winnowing the Debate Field (Ron Paul out. Biden, Dodd, Richardson, DK may be out)

"New Mail - you have new messages in your in box"

This was over the line--NO Dem should compare another Dem with Bush in this race!!

CNN poll: Favored candidates in both parties in dead heat

How close is Iowa? Two Reuters headlines up now - one says Clinton's in lead, other says it's Obama

Zogby: Edwards declining

So Guiliani is actually a Democratic? ABC NOW says he is

CNN: Pakistan Gov't backtracks on Bhutto sunroof claims

Guilaini makes my fucking blood boil. He said Obama & Hillary would invite Mushareff to Inauguration

Hired Gun Political Telemarketer in Iowa Talks re Giuliani and Clinton

Just Wondering - Did Bhutto Record Any Videos To Be Played Before The Election......

I don't hate Obama or Hillary, I think they are both great people

Ken Burns: I'm breaking the rules and endorsing Obama for president


I'll say one thing about Bill Clinton.

The DMR Poll: Momentum boost for Obama and validator for wavering Iowa voters

CNN-Candidates Who Fare Badly In IA Will Be Excluded From NH Debates

CNN has wall-to-wall political coverage today

New Des Moines Register Poll: Obama Widens Lead Over Clinton

Will Hillary or Obama...

Iraq Policy Losses Cloud Pelosi's Year

CNN's polling firm (Opinion Research) owner once donated lots of money to the Clintons


Obama takes on the "politics of fear"

It gives the little guy a chance (in defense of IA / NH early primaries)

Yes. I think Obama is electable.

I Really Hope Dodd Wins Iowa


About Iowa and New Hampshire "first in the nation"....

Comments on DMR website Re: New Poll

last 2007 Poll: Obama, Huckabee Leading Rivals

Did you think 6 months ago that Barack Obama would be doing so well now?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/1/08 - All three still unchanged

Evidence of experience is good. However, it is far less important than evidence of -ability-

I'm glad to see the polls have Edwards in third right now.

HAPPY NEW YEAR (IN 53 MINUTES PST) - I am sooooo glad

okay, i'm tipsy right now!

Want a 'real' great person to lead the country

Happy new year to the Freeper trolls

NH:( Clinton 30.4%) ( Obama 29.8%) ( Edwards 18.29%)

NY Times: DM Register poll likely to influence undecided voters!!

From ABC News-Obama: One Man's Second Choice-from a Biden suppporter

Obama about Iowa Poll: 'Who would have thunk it?'

Mississippi representative (Roger Wicker) tapped to replace Lott

Another poll - out today......

Eye candy for Clinton supporters: New NH poll, Clinton 36%, Obama 22%, Edwards 14%

Obama coming up on CNN soon from Iowa rally...

St. Pete Times Buzz Blog: A Canvasser in an Icy Land Far Away

MSNBC's First Read: Obama's Momentum

Obama's Jakarta Childhood Friends Recall a Would-Be Leader, Tattle-Tale

Biden coming up soon on CNN

DUers for Musharaff sign in here

delete dupe

delete dupe ...damned cookie monster got me

Edwards coming up NEXT on CNN, 1:36pm

On topic for this forum: Labor quote for the week of December 31, 2007

Black Box Voting needs our help in IOWA

Faux Snooze to Ron Paul: "No Soup For You"

Take this test to see how you agree with your candidate.

Joe Biden's chances to win Iowa

NH poll: McCain 31,Romney 25,Giuliani14

Poll: Edwards leads, Clinton leads, Obama leads

Stop posting those Iowa caucus polls. In fact, don't worry if your candidate loses because

I just watched a video

"Obama's Iowa director, Paul Tewes, warned his staff last night, "polls are sh**."'

When negative ads tell the truth, are they still negative?

I want a lot of Republicans to vote in the Democrat Iowa elections

Which of our candidates will drop after the Iowa caucuses?

REMINDER for those who may be interested: BIDEN on C-Span at 3pm Eastern. nt

If Biden comes in 5th (or 4th but more than 5% behind 3rd) will he keep his word and drop out?

Help finding a previous Iowa post from approx. a week ago.

Are the negative, vicious attacks by Edwards and Hillary's 527s hurting them?

How Would You Describe Your Mood 2-Days Out From Iowa?

Updated Iowa Predictions

BIDEN next on C-SPAN @ 3PM (ish)

Think Edwards may be reading DU, or one of his people most likely

Obama on CNN - - LIVE!

Which faction of DU will be happiest on Thursday?

Trade policy comes under the spotlight

What are the candidates views on inheritance taxes?

WP, Robinson: Pitch Perfect for Iowa? Edwards Finds That Rage Can Resonate

Forget the surveys-- here's Ladbroke's latest odds...

2007 Pinoccio awards: Hillary lie wins second place

Photos: The Obamas campaigning today in Des Moines, Iowa

Biden is LIVE on now!

Campaigns Feeling Effects of Iowa Poll

To pretend that racism and sexism don't influence SOME opposed to Obama and Clinton. . .

Andrew Sulivan via the Politico: The Clintons and the Race Card

The reason why all the polls went haywire over the last two weeks or so.

Huckabee questions Romney's committment to executing people

"I don't have to TALK about change-I've BROUGHT about change!"

Is you candidate willing to fight Corporate Greed?

In our newly enlightened society, could an openly gay candidate....

Statement by President Bush

"I encourage all Iowans to take part in the caucuses this Thursday

Looks like Intraders think Obama will win Iowa but will lose the nomination to Hillary

When Magic Backed Hillary, Did Money Buy Love?

From the most recent Daily Kos post-The Obama close

New Hampshire Poll (7 News/Suffolk U): Clinton 36%, Obama 22%

Biden hits rivals on Pakistan policy

ARG Poll: IA Caucus 2008 (D): Hillary 29.3%, Obama 29.3%, Edwards 25.1%

Iowa vs. New Hampshire and why anything is possible.

How would a Hillary/Biden ticket fare against whatever the repukes put up?

Time to elect a President - For Hillary Supporters Only

Clinton campaign argues with results of new Iowa Poll

New Year's prediction. John Roberts will be nominated by GOP at their convention.

Obama campaign knocked on 90,000 doors last weekend in Iowa. Can your candidate do that?

Final CNN Iowa Poll: Clinton 33 Obama 31 Edwards 22

I wonder if Hillary or Obama are going to jam Edwards' caucus phone line

Is Murdock's new paper helping Obama?

Zogby Iowa Poll: Clinton 30 Obama 26 Edwards 25

To those who are constantly bringing up Senate votes (for ANY candidate)

If Clinton wins Iowa..what sort of behavior do we expect from the Obama campaign?

Has there ever been worse Republican candiate than Mitt Romney??

Which Sentiment More Closely Reflects Your View?

Watch out for the media attacking candidates with misquotes

Which Republican Would You Like To See Win Iowa (for whatever reason)

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea ring in the new year.

Biden leaving to do a "press thing" and then coming back if the

Romney on CNN- re: 9-11, you could smell the concrete burn

Obama vs. Edwards on excluding Democrats from the NH Debate

Edwards advisors: Deal with Kucinich hurt them more than helped in 2004

"We Will Support Hillary. Our Decision Is Not Open For Justification or Review"

New Video shows Bhutto slumping after shots fired

Ron Paul raises $19.5 million (likely more than any other GOP'er)

Jeb's Economic Time Bomb Ready To Blow

Obama Rides Wave of Latest Poll

Edwards Brings Fighting Words

Can Biden Defy the Iowa Odds?--Time Magazine

Kucinich for Secretary of State

Joe Biden's newest ad which I just received from the Biden folks:

Play of the Day: It's a Family Affair (Barack, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha)


Obama responds to Kucinich's Iowa endorsement; says Dennis should be allowed in ABC Debate

How quickly things change. In 2004 Kucinich urged his supporters to back Edwards in the caucuses

Obama's campaign just sent out an email saying he is way up in the latest IA poll

If there were a major terrorist event in the US before the Nov. 08 elections...

First Ever: Old Farmer's Almanac New Hampshire Presidential Straw Poll

Time for a truly diabolical and revealing candidate support roll call, and I will be taking notes

For Kucinich supporters only (re: Kucinich endorsement of Obama)

Obama sinks low with misleading ad

What Some Would Like To Believe About Obama Can We Ask A Few Questions Before It's Too Late?

Don't let Kucinich tell you what to do...

PUBLIC FINANCING = "getting the living shit kicked out of him all summer long”- Joe TRIPPI

Markos Moulitsas: "Psst, Barack..."

Report: Pakistan government has "apologized" for claiming that Bhutto died of a skull fracture

Biden on Hardball - Riveting, Moving

Obama is in the Cat Bird Seat

Koch endorses Hillary .. hopefully that'll lose her some support....

Edwards supports Fox/ABC candidate purge

Okay, Well. Obama Just Got Himself Scratched Off My List

I'm really hoping that a feud isn't developing between Biden/Edwards supporters...

Unofficial DU Demographics poll

3 Lawyers walk into a Bar. Who would make a better President?

Has DK just flipflopped on Iraq, Gay rights, Impeachment, and Health Care?

Minorities less likely to get pain relief-US study

How many of us slam Candidate Y simply because we support Candidate X?

Biden picks up on Pakistan misstep

Dear Candidate! You are no Ronald Reagan!

Clintons HUGE Pakistan Gaffe!!!

For those who think the country isn't ready for a woman or an African-American president

Edwards founding member of DLC group with Lieberman

Biden picks up MORE endorsements in Iowa --- check it out ---

I Love This! Great excerpt from an article on MSNBC

What is your opinion of compulsory voting?

The poll statistic that should make Edwards' supporters very optimistic

Kucinich throws Iowa support to Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If obama or edwards win Iowa, what sort of behavior can we expect from the Clinton campaign?

Stranger from Blah3 calls DU and My DD out and his analysis is interesting...

“Opposition is True Friendship”: Can Obama Embrace His Inner Divisiveness & Become a True Democrat?

Obama/Hillary = When winning is all that matters

Whoa! Kucinich Urges Supporters to Back Obama on Second Iowa Ballot

Richardson Urges Independent Investigation into Bhutto Assassination

Obama-labor relationship tense in Iowa

Why is it OKAY for Obama to say that there are "good, moral people" who are still homophobes

1-1-2008 DU GD-P final four poll

There is a very simple explanation why Independents were oversampled in the DMR poll

One More Persuasive Argument for John Edwards as Our ONLY Choice in 2008

Obama makes a case with an undecided. Obama vs. Edwards

Waiting for Chucho

44 Second Summary of Second Republican Debate

The 2007 'WTF?' Awards

Barack Obama: New Year's Eve Rally ("We will all together stand for change we can believe in.")

The Red Pill (1/3)

Hunting With Hillary

NYT Editorial - America Unrecognizable under Bush

Iraq Policy Losses Cloud Pelosi's Year

New Year’s Message of Peace

Obama New Year

Battle Between Food and Fuel

Scamming the elderly for fun and profit

The Well-Oiled Mitt 'Machine' Rolls On: Gets Endorsement of The Stepford Wives

...the Bush administration since 9/11 has ransacked the past to conjure up comforting expectations f

Approved Dreams Only !

Rudy's Terror Ties

Ten Ways to Prevent Peace and Goodwill on Earth / Colleen Turner

Barack Obama's nouvelle vague

The Five Iraqs by Scott Ritter

Individual Privacy Under Threat In Europe and US, Report Says

Despite all Claims 2007 has been the Worst Year Yet in Iraq

Let’s Toast to Ten Good Things About 2007 by Medea Benjamin

David Brooks: "Road to Nowhere" (devastating critique of Romney)

Do Tax Cuts Help or Hurt U.S. Military?

It'll Take Superman to Undo Effects of Bush's Kryptonite

32 Second Summary of First Republican Debate

The Red Pill (3/3)

The Red Pill (2/3)

Barack Obama: Stand for Change in Iowa Falls

Democrat/Republican VI: Terror

Full-time red-tape cutters help troops adjust

U.S. casualties in Afghanistan hit record

3rd CAB soars to 60K flight hours in 7 months

Congress eyes fixes for bonuses, pay raise

Death of 2-month-old at Sill investigated

Staff sergeant, lieutenant to stand trial in Hadithah deaths

Some VA Docs Hit Staffing Decisions

Privacy Rights Eroded in US, EU

CG Investigates Mystery Oil Sheen

Deaths May Mar Bush Mideast Visit

Operation Raider Reaper

Hidden Baghdad: Paratroopers Find City


Police seize explosives cache from ex-SEAL

What Do We Do Now?

Ohio Guard call-up said to be largest since WW II

A Marine's Order: Feed the Hand That Bit You

I. Ted Goodnight

Coast Guard out in force in New Orleans

John Edwards - A 'Bin Buster' in Independence, Iowa

Kucinich Weekly Update 12 31 07 Episode 13

Stand For Change: Sheriff Lincoln for Barack Obama

The Enablers Of Facism, The Mainstream News Media

Justice Scalia: Government is the minister of God with powers to "avenge" to "execute wrath"

"You Don't Understand Our Audience"

John Edwards - New ad, Bishop, in Iowa

Believe, Joe Biden

Stand with me--Joe Biden!

Reverend Mike Huckabee: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

The Shock Doctrine: An EXCELLENT Review...

Alaskan Village Of Newtok Loses Eighty Feet Of Shoreline To Ocean Erosion In One Year

Southwest Florida Begins To Hear The Forbidden Word - "Unsustainable" - Thanks To Drought

In Alaskan Village Of Kivalina, Sea Wall Can't Hold, But Relocation Plan Nowhere In Sight

Dept of Energy Plans Earthquake Prone Mt. as Nuclear Waste Depository

Vermont Yankee's woes top list of year's big stories

Nuclear power to get green light despite legal challenge

Dept of Energy Plans to Make Earthquake Prone Mt Into Nuclear Waste Depository!

Kyoto numerical limits now in effect

Japan to back targets for new climate deal: report - Reuters

Hope Dim For Nuclear Power In State

UK Wildlife In Steep Decline From Variety Of Trends, Chiefly Land Management & Farming - Independent

Japanese Government Sets Solar Goal - 30% Of All Homes W. Panels, 30+ Gigs By 2030

David King, Chief Scientific Advisor To Blair, Steps Down After 7 Years - Independent

AGU Report - The EPICA Ice Core - Extending Direct GHG Evidence Back To 800,000 Years Ago

Study: Growing More Rice With Less Water

AGU Report - Mark Serreze On Recent Ice Behavior - "Arctic Amplification Is Here" - RealClimate

Peak 2007

Israeli nanotech provides green electricity

Happy New Year

Rev. Richard Cizik Arrives In AK Convinced People "Too Alarmist" On Warming, Changes Tune Quickly

In 2008, a 100 Percent Chance of Alarm. (John Tierney from the Times)

Volume Of All Classes Of Road Traffic Decline Unexpectedly In 2006 In Northern Ireland

Chandler may reward those who build 'green'

Canadian Energy Trade Groups See Slumping Gas Production, Slow But Continuing Tarsands Growth In 08

Audio of President Clinton's amazing speech in Iowa today

Clinton holds lead as Romney slips in Iowa

Topic subject Maybe Hillary is the answer

New Hampshire Poll (7 News/Suffolk U): Clinton 36%, Obama 22%

Time to elect a President

Great speech from Sen. Clinton in Iowa over the weekend (audio)

Hillary, Bill and Chelsea ring in the new year.

UFW wishing you a Happy New Year w/downloadable calendar

Today in labor history January 01 (largest single post for a date in this forum)

Teamsters to vote on master freight pact

Audio Feature: Organizing Connecticut's Foxwoods Casino

Presidential Race:* Positions on the Employee Free Choice Act

Book review: Tony Mazzocchi: The Man Who Never Sold Out

As 2008 Dawns, Labor Is Headed For Most Powerful Political Effort Ever

Obituaries |Joseph T. Tobin: Ex-chief of newspaper drivers union

WPost: Redacted Air-Traffic Safety Survey Released-NASA Downplays Pilots' Complaints

Gunite workers end year still on picket line

Ellis clerks ready to strike today

Accident kills repairman

Ergonomics-related Citation to California Hotel a Foretaste of Wider Battles

BRIEF: OSHA fines Husky $7,000 for July chemical release

Shipyard union claims presidential endorsement (Edwards) silenced

Look for the union label here in Mount Airy? (great article on global economy)

Will Writers' Strike Sink Oscars? (photo Katherine Heigl on picket line)


bean fidhleir

Olmert hints Jerusalem division is inevitable

Egypt Warns Of Diplomatic "Retaliation" Against Israel For Hurting US-Egyptian Ties

Israeli army blamed for war fiasco

I guess Biden matters now....LOL

Donna Hughes, a/k/a . . .

Welp, Happpy New Year all

PS. "Get" Up is on the home page...n/t

Here's something...good and bad...

The DMR poll

This from h. munster. Indies oversampled. 'nite

Happy New Year

Stand against the wall - or sit on the floor - the place is packed!

Happy New Year to all!!

And this is very interesting!

HAPPY NEW YEAR from North Carolina!!


Believe . . .

Start out the New Year helping Joe -- I'm going to be making phone calls


vote every day...

Here you go! New ad from Biden to Iowans.

I DU'd it!

Biden, coming up on CNN

There was an article in this morning's Hawk Eye from Burlington...

Is everyone missing this good news??

OK, I will say it, the top tier are the Potemkin candidates compared to Joe

DON'T FORGET -- BIDEN ON CSPASN at 3PM EASTERN -- 8 minutes from now!

GD Poll

Biden will surprise, MARK MY WORDS

If anyone wants to call, I've got names...

Biden picks up on Pakistan misstep...

And we think we have problems with the media????

I am now of the opinion, and I don't say this lightly, Joe is going

Gateley - paging gateley---

Here is the CNN mini-interview if anyone missed it

"This is Joe Biden" is on the front page!

heres one to have fun with

Huff Post has some nice comments re Biden and how he is the


ABC removing candidates from New Hamphire debate

Has anyone spent any time

G'nite everyone, can't wait to get this party started!!

Fund Frozen, Florida Towns Feel the Pinch

S&P 500 Performance during the past 7 years

Ex-Arthur Andersen accountant: robber barons showed more restraint

Good morning - it's the 2 million dollar Promises to Keep day.

Third of Palestinians killed by Israel in 2007 were civilians

Just One Victory

NH couples to hold civil union ceremony just past midnight tonight

Happy New Year Friends !


Happy New Year! Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday 1/1/08!

So.... how is Vince Young NOT the Michael Jordan of the NFL?

Follow the money, bet on Illinois in the Rose Bowl

New Year's Day Bowl result central

Happy New Year to everyone on the Sports Board

MICHIGAN WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Woman's Spin On An Old Dervish

Somethings we can perhaps agree upon. . .

Mike Huckabee's chart scares me...

If I could ask for your blessing for the new year friends

A New Year's larf

My New Year's Message to DU (heh heh)

Emotions Chart

"The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!!"

The Best of DU...? LGBT edition!

The USP vitamins you may be taking and the difference between

HMO Restricts Pharmacy Access

"Important days in history of universe "

It sure is strange watching people's reactions to little differences in terminology.

The United States: A Country founded on Paganism

Traditional family key to world peace: Pope

Last Sunset

Help needed...

hah..... silliness I just learned to do over at lunapic....blink

Anchorage at night

New Year's Trolls

Snow overnight in Germany - Happy 2008!

New Year's Eve SF Bay

Mint Jelly

Fresh black eyed peas for New Years Day.

Black-eyed Peas - Part Two.

Cast Iron Cookware - What do you use?

Generally, how do you feel about the posting style of DU members in R/T?

A 2nd Amendment Argument

News Anchor Assaults 9/11 Victim's Family Member

Re: "The Sociopath Next Door:" Read This! Official Culture in America: A Natural State of Psychopath

AE911Truth Dot INFO: New Debunking Site

Anyone see TMOE on...

In case you missed Elias' review of 2007

Wonderful piece from Gary Hart.

Iowa Caucus Watch Party in Houston, Thurs. 1/3

Wendy Davis candidacy for TX senate district 10 challenged.

Question on Rules change in the Texas democratic Party.

I have Ubuntu 7.1

Any recommendations for a free photo organizer? nm

Kerry supporter for Obama

New Year's Eve 2008 Around the Globe

Memphis City Schools audit faults attitude

Giving Disorganized Boys the Tools for Success

Crowded House to be on PBS

Just watched 'Pulp Fiction'. Why is it considered so great?

Anybody know about this new CA Traffic School Law starting today, Jan 1?

Am I too harsh and judgemental?