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Archives: January 10, 2008

Critics try to sway debate on U.S.-India nuclear deal

India, US talk free trade

UK troops in blood disease checks

Group opposes funds request for Crystal Lake parade

Richardson campaign denies withdrawal report

France Is Healthcare Leader, US Comes Dead Last: Study

Thousands more U.S. troops poised to go to Afghanistan

Judge Won't Inquire Into CIA Tapes Case

Boeing 787 hit by security fears

6.4 earthquake reported off Oregon coast

Ashcroft Deal Brings Scrutiny in Justice Dept.

Teamsters Court Filing Says Bush Administration Is Breaking Law Again

US Indians give mostly to Clinton

Pollsters flummoxed by New Hampshire primary

Judge orders halt to Bible distribution in school

Bloomberg gathering data to gauge support

Seattle saved $3.2 million by housing most difficult homeless

Ex-CIA Official Wants Immunity

Richardson ends bid

I fixed people tonight, and they tasted like Soylent Green.

Boy Glues Hand To Bed To Avoid School

Important News

Can't stop laughing

do you feed kitteh vitamins?

Maybe it's just me...

I crapped my hand and it tasted like the cook

I fixed a hot dog tonight and it tasted like mustard greens.

Do you use DreamScenes?

The Pretender. Which is your favorite ?

So when you exercise, how long does it take


Just Remember, Wherever You Go...

What's your Briggs&Stratton type? [View all]

Coq Roq

The stupidest thing I have ever done cooking ...

Do you think the events of Futurama will become reality,

Does God read DU?

I'm going to go home and cook dinner in a bit. Can anyone offer me some bad advice?

Sibel Edmonds is posting in GD.

The BAD Advice Thread

"Your dead mum" is the phrase for today. Modify a post to use "Your dead mum".

Wow...Heidi Klum gave birth in 3 successive years!

How 'wacky' dentist told patient: 'Your dead mum is here with us'

Anyone ever have experience with Democratic Underground on their dogs?

A Friendly Tip, Beware of Any Movie Opening in January

feigned/affected formal speech/writing

i don't watch much television

I Spent The Night With RetroLounge!!

Wait a minute...they're actually going to make ANOTHER Daniel Craig James Bond movie?

Does Dog read DU?

I have to go to a ladies axillary meeting

During a writers' strike, what happens to ghost writers?

Is this stealing?

Heck-I was too shy to ask the lounge on a date so I masturbated to the lounge's picture.

The Southern California Olive Garden

if you use the word "robust" in any context related to transacting any business

Heck - I spent the night with the entire Lounge.

woohoo. taking my new cs3 for a drive! completely legit.

How long do tomatoes last, in the open, before they go bad?

I think I've just poisoned myself and my already sick husband.

he looked a lot like che guevara

some guy named "chango"

I'm going to dine alone

Radio Lady invites you to view photos from Orlando and Disney World in Florida...

The Good Advice thread.

Depressed like me? Pop some Omega-3!!

I have a rant question.

Give my cheesy GD:P post some love...

Anyone Want To Join Me For Beverages?

Sad observation: Kids of today have ADHD.

Our city park still has its Christmas lights on.

I may not get my car out until spring.

Serious job search question here

Sweet! I have a person interested in my car! Perfect timing....


People Who Say "Baphomet, holder of the crucible of the souls of men, dark transgressor who sits at

Incredible Edible Flying Spaghetti Monster

I have a commercial ear worm!! AARRGGHH!

My internet banking password has been changed, should I be worried?

On TV right now! Psychic Secrets Revealed!

New jobs are exhausting

Writer's strike video (unscripted) - enjoy

I now have 10 inch portable DVD player.

I spent the night with a salamander

the toilet got all pissed at me and snapped:

Lol! Bill putting up signs for Hill !

Scientific Inquiry: Can PLAIN HUMMUS cause really really really odiferous flatulence?

I heard the most interesting sound while walking to my car this afternoon,

Secret Agent Man? It's not your Mama's...


Down in a Hole

Well, still going to the gym, and now I am less hungry than I was last week.

I got to yell at Bill O'Reilly today

Does anyone have $8 million to lend me?

Time - He's waiting in the wings

Bicoastal is going postal...

Britney will get mental help, "voluntarily or involuntarily," for possible severe bipolar disorder

Heck - I dry-humped the entire lounge

*sigh* Too Much Paranoias

Ok I am Completely Toasted, Ask me anything

who wants a medal?

Even though Skinner killed Jesus, Still Jesus Saves

FYI if you don't get over to GD much - We have a guest in GD:

AARRGGHH! It's only January and I am sick of politics already. Ask me anything.

Question for digital camera experts: I have a problem

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/9/08

could I humbly request lounge vibes for my sister?

Help needed, anyone here ever use Rit dye, I need to dye a sweatshirt jacket.

i fixed some Captain Crunch chocolate tonight, and it tasted like crap.

Pamela Anderson is pregnant

What I have learned

A limerick for the Lounge

Hey Loungers... what's for dinner?

Holy Shit!!! Skinner Killed Jesus

This freakin' cold/flu thing just WILL NOT leave . . .

Why do people use powdered hot chocolate?

okay - i've posted about this freakin' cold - due to some DUer response . . .

The strangest thing happened to me in a public rest room today

I've been thinking about some of the recent threads in the Lounge...

Got a new hair cut (whoop-de-do) Thought I'd share it with you

do you like teabags

Why is Spongebob Squarepants allowed on the air?

How do you eat a fig?

list three of your favorite first names

Serious college search question here I have need for help

Which actors should play Lounge Lizards in eventual movie?

Barbara Ehrenreich: Recession--Who Cares?

120 deaths per day in first three years of Iraq occupation: WHO

Is US recession bigger threat than terrorism?

Richardson denies he's dropping out of the race

Delinquency Rates On the Rise

Cable infotainment shows need Rachael Maddow

Californians: About the FOUR Indian Gaming Propositions

ad seen on site just now - Bhutto ringtones?

Penn's Prescription Pad: Going Herbal

Zippy on inexplicably low poll numbers:

Will it be just the three at the Las Vegas Debate?

Threat To Cut U.S. Aid Opens Rift With Egypt

"Late Night Pioneers" on PBS.. Jack Paar, Carson, Steve Allen, n/t

Now Republicans blaming Admiral for not shooting the Iranian

I think we lose a lot if Richardson drops out, he's the only one not screaming Americans first

Events for March 12-19 to Resist the U.S. Occupation of Iraq, Oppose New Wars, Demand Impeachment

the loss of Michigan

Pat Buchanan is slamming Tweety for trying to create a Clinton/Obama race war

*****Richardson has dropped out!*****

surge update - 9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq in 2 Days

Newshour discussion of New Hampshire, Clinton and Obama

Today bush Warned Iran of "serious consequences" & "all options are on the table"

When NPR gives you an 8:35AM puffpiece interview, YOU ARE the establishment candidate

John "Waterworks" Boehner

Tribune Media: MSM Failed to Note 'Hackable Diebold Red Flags' in New Hampshire Primary Results

all is good in electronic voting land, at least in Colorado . . .

If you want an explanation for why Hillary won NH, watch this

Tweety's Greatest Sexist Hits - Xposted from Kos

Tweety "Hillary's tears struck at the heart of women and they went out and voted for her"

Edmund Muskie cried -- really wept -- and look what happened to him...

WHO: 151,000 Iraqi civilians dead since invasion

KO, will be talking about polling.

On people dying in Iraq

Will KO lose credibility if he doesn't have Tweety...

Oh Irony: It Wasn't The Choking Up That Bothered Me, It Was The Pivot !!!

AW...Jeeze..."Judge Won't Inquire into CIA TAPES CASE! ...RENT's AMERICA in '08!

A question about Bay Buchanan.

Most folks I know aren't well-informed about issues and candidate's positions

Convince the confused: How will your candidate help create jobs in America?

E-mail: Subject: We've got McCain on tape

What's with the .art file format that won't let you store internet photos?

We are so busy trying to elect personalities --- what about Democatic Platform?

If I ever see another "Tweety's not-so-bad" thread, I'm gonna


Has ANYBODY considered the possibility that the pre-NH polls were biased or flawed?

where is condi?

Justices May Seek Compromise in Voter ID Case

The Iraq War: One Of The Greatest Vanishing Acts Of Our Time

Question: How can I get copies of last Sunday's NY Times? It

Dean on BBC America

If people are concerned about NH legitimacy...

Regardless Of The Primary: Chamber Of Commerce Vows To Punish Anti-Business Candidates - LA Times

"Its like making a whole meal out of Mrs. Dash"

The housing slump: a look back at an earlier one from the Boston Globe

Cnn Reporting now Bloomberg is considering a run for President.

Willard Romney is giving up on SC and Florida? Pulls ads from both states.

Latest Breaking News: 44% agree "Christians get on my nerves."

Hey, Isn't That . . .

The AFA's Rediscovering Gawd in America Conference...featuring Newt and Huckleberry....

Hillary victory tainted by vote fraud claims

I'd bet even money that Obama will be the next candidate to get a groundswell of support here at DU

Right-wing psychos attack Maryland gender identity law with hateful vigor....

So, Richardson dropped out?

Listen to Obama when he was a practicing lawyer

I have a question about the NH Hillary "surge"...

Obama: Demand a Recount

NH Delegates: Clinton 9, Obama 9 TIE!!

I'm going to agree with Olbermann, RE: Why Hillary pulled of that

So, I'm Watching This...

I don't blame the status quo for giving John Edwards the silent treatment.

self delete.. dupe

Tweety's qualifications for the presidency (not HIM, OTHERS!1)

The Issues The Candidates Won't Touch (Part I)

Does anyone know where...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Anyone else catch Keith Olberman's brief reference to "Full Metal Jacket" tonight?

Are you comfortable with Diebold counting or recording votes??

Are you tired?

Hardball: "Late Night Call" ??? (Why is Tweety Doing a Live Show

Did Racist Voters Cost Obama The Primary? - The Guardian UK

What are the chances that the people of Iowa address some of the racial inequality in their state...

Bloomberg still may jump in.....>>I say it ought to be too late>>>

Does it matter if we win by 1 point or by 15 points....?

So how has the SeLECTION response been today

Why is everyone so upset? I am an Edwards supporter and I live in NH

Jon Stewart is systematically tearing the media APART

What's the latest Edwards/Obama could unite as an alternative Hillary vote?

Hidden Holocaust, USA

A voice from last week

More on the corporate media and coverage of candidates

(TOON) Steve Bell's "IF" strip covers the Presidential race

Time For Edwards and Obama To Drop Out

New Hampshire machine-counted votes: Is there a paper trail or not?

DUers: If your current candidate bows out, who will you then support?

When the Debates Narrow Down to the Top 3, John Edwards May Shine as the True Progressive

Just remembered something my mom told me about New Hampshire voters.

Guess who Dr. Laura just endorsed for President?

The Huckabee family

Democrats in Michigan: Throw the GOP into disarray -- Vote Mitt!

CIA Official Wants Immunity Before Telling House About Destroying Interrogation Tapes

*Swoon* I LOVE Rachel Maddow

POLL: Did you know before this post that Barack Obama supports the death penalty?

Anyone belong to Unity 08?

A Letter from Dana Siegelman...

From Appeal goes to the 11th Circuit / Jan 10th Action

Richardson Is Out !!!

Bradblog on Malloy now

Nope, Republicans never try to rig Democratic Primaries....

Watching "Imitation of Life" makes me cry

Goodbye DU - after 7 years, 12,366 Posts.

Here's my 'belief" why Obama is so so so "bi-partisan"

Ahh, FUCK! Six grunts killed in Baqouba.

Truckers fired for attempting to unionize!

Skinners feelings about the allegations of fraud in case you missed it:

I realized tonight what my problem with Hillary is

A Theory re Obama in Iowa and NH: depressing, but plausible


Hey Fellow Edwards' Supporters...

I have to say, The Daily Show is still pretty good even w/o writers.

While we've all been post-mortem analyzing the New Hampshire Derby

Bill Nelson is glad he sued the DNC...Karen Thurman, chairman, has no regrets at all.

Sobering Thoughts on New Hampshire

Do you Americans realize.....

Environment:: John Edwards On The Record

FRAUD! Why Federal Courts require heightened pleading. Skinner is 100% right.

That's it, I'm leaving.

What are you doing here? - man asks wife at brothel

Hysterical! Amazon Tags for Jonah Goldberg's New "Book"

Achelpohl won't seek another term as head of Nebraska Democrats

Edwards running on the Jerry Brown (1992) model?

Current Intrade figures: Clinton 58.1%, Obama 38.4%, Edwards 1.4%

ABC plagiarism and slap to Biden

Photos: Barack Obama today at St. Peters College in Jersey City, N.J.

An 'angry' candidate may just be the most electable candidate...

Chicago Bears blame Super Bowl loss on Saints

Is it possible that people who were thinking of Obama opted for McCain?

So as much as we're arguing here the RW is hip checking each into the boards.

So who will pick up Richardson's vote?

Where is the media's head right now?

One of the reasons Hillary won in NH is people trusted her more on the economy. The evidence?

Originally, Richardson was my 1st choice, Clinton my last. NH exit polls indicate I'm not alone

AP NewsBreak: Richardson Ends Bid

Aol straw poll

Bush Veto Killed Paid Family Leave for America’s Veterans

Heh, Duncan Hunter Has More Delegates Than Rudy Guliani

Viggo Mortensen, John Kaminski, Dennis Kucinich, John Nichols, David Swanson

CNN Delegate Tracker


A thorough refutation of the idea New Hampshire is racist:

Which TV talking head will implode first?

Ugh. A Repub. caller on C-Span asked why it's never mentioned that Obama's a Muslim when THs talk

I see Obama as having a particular strategic advantage over Clinton so far: positive campaigning.

Richardson DENIES he's dropping out

For the sake of credibility lets not claim fraud.....

Now it rains on the just and the unjust alike, but yesterday when we

Heads up for HC supporters.

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/9/08 - Clinton unchanged, Obama up 2, Edwards down 1

MSNBC: Chuck Todd confirms Richardson dropping out

I think I understand why many are claiming fraud in NH. B + C = D

"if the polls continue to be wrong I'm gonna start looking for a culprit"

Clinton's numbers rose as Edwards' slipped

Pot-Kettle: Abrams dissing CNN/Fox for predicting demise of HRC Campaign??

It's the delegates, stupid! Why talk of "who won NH" is fundamentally RETARDED

WTF is substance?

My husband is really upset about NH.

So now Tweety is saying Hillary only won because of racism!

Anyone have a map that shows the delegate count in each state?

Last time, Americans elected a moron. If they do better this time, I can show my face without shame

Why Would The Average New Hampshire Voter Back Away From Obama At The Last Minute?

Rep. Barney Frank: Refight the Nineties?

Chuck Todd is confirming that Richardson will indeed drop out

Richardson is dropping out

Giuliani in 5th place among Republicans in Rasmussen daily tracking poll.

After the polling fiasco in NH maybe some of you will understand why I post some of the math threads

*Co & Rove's Effect On The NH Primary Aftermath.......

The N.H. polls - all that could have gone wrong

Ok, that's it!! Here's what I'm going to do about Obama.......

Template Letter and Links to counter Obama Smear Emails and Rumors

Seasat, and the other Richardson supporters -

It wasn't the misting of her eyes, it was "You're Likable ENOUGH, Hillary"

Is Edwards becoming the next Nader?? OR If he continues losing, does he stick it out to try to

ron paul is now running radio ads in socal - havent heard ANYbody else doing it -

Obama Draws Throng (5000!) in Jersey City - "Change is always met by resistance from the status quo"

In 2004

Please...can we end the "dump your candidate and jump on my bandwagon" posts?

A vote for Clinton is a vote for Bloomberg?

Need DU help. Hillary's PAC (big pharma, military, insurance, etc) contributions.

Obama's last major policy speech? Was it education, economy, environment or foreign policy?

This place has really become an ink blot test..

Speaking of crying jags...

George Miller endorses Obama

Yesterday's results didn't hurt Obama much, and they solidified him and Clinton

Have you noticed that DU's favorite candidate never wins

Can we bring back IMHO?

Go see Redstate's top two stories

Keith O. reporting sources inside Richardson's campaign that he'll bow out tomorrow.

Obama has no experience to be President other than being a...

Edwards should dispatch Elizabeth to Nevada, meanwhile investing all his time in SC starting now.

Gary Hart, Crossroads, play it safe could cost us the ultimate solutions we need

Okay...maybe it's just me.

SEIU rises above chaos for Obama

Obama, if elected- Biden VP?

SEIU Nevada endorses Obama

Obama wins support of big Nev. union _ a blow to Clinton, Edwards

Candidates' issues and substance

Why is anyone surprised that the NH polls were off?

Should polling be banned?

Clinton Tops Obama in Year-End Fundraising: Both Candidates Benefit From Early Victories

Barack Obama/Mark Warner

it was the debate performance, not the tears - I said it then and I'll say it now.

CNN: Bloomberg more likely to run if Hillary is the nominee!!!

Edwards has raised $1.6 million since last Thursday and vows to continue

Michigan primary.....

Are we taking this election seriously?

So in Obama-World, is 50 over the hill, done, finished?

Re: Scummy Charges That NH Voting Was Rigged - The Clintons Would Never Do What The Bushs Do!

Scant ballot riles Democrats

Trent Lott: Meet the Clinton's!

She's still milking her crying jag for all its worth

South Carolina will be like an open wound to the democratic party

Dear DU: John Edwards is NOT God.

Is it true, that Obama just isn't going to be able to beat the Establishment?

Why Hillary's "cry" is all about the MSM

Zogby on the Daily Show tonight. Very interesting.

I NEED HELP!!! I have a problem and I need DU!

"Sometimes, the only realists are the dreamers."

Who do you support? OBAMA VS. CLINTON

So... How Many More Delegates Did Clinton Win vs. Obama Last Night?

KO just said there will be another edition of Hardball on tonight, live. WTF is Matthews panicking?

Three, count 'em, three Democratic Presidential debates left with election dates

Sen. Carl Levin Backs Michigan's Early Primary

Since last night I've seen 3 of the 5 stages of grief from Obama supporters

Huckleberry on Stephen Colbert (nm)

So where did our friend Bill Richardson go?

Hillary vs. Bloomberg

Religion topped race as motive in 2007 hate crimes

The Dream

Is the presidency bad for America?

How Much Hillary-Hatred Is Based Off The Fact That She's A Woman?

Rory Reid's gamble on Clinton turns riskier (Harry Reid's son)

Richardson supporters, who do you support if he drops out?

Who profits from planting the "Richardson quits!" rumor?

I'd love to see Edwards win the next one

Unregistered from WesPAC today

About the controversy over the NH results...

I stopped by Hillary's HQ in on my way home from work.

I haven't changed my avatar for nearly four years...

The "IRON MY SHIRT!" Incident

There is something going on; I can feel it in the air!

Rasmussen: Virginia, "McCain leads Clinton 49% to 38%, Obama 45% to 43%"


Behind the scenes at Hillaryland in NH, Bill Clinton wept when he heard the results

If one registers the same day to vote in NH

Media Matters on Matthews, Hillary today: "Chris, Mika is very upset. Chris, we'll be right back."

I can see it now

People, people, people! Please! There is no such word as "coronated"

We've done it! ....Politics is now an issue-free zone. Yeee Howdy!

It's the day followng the Iowa Caucus, and Hillary is alone with Bill.

What do Al Gore, John Kerry, and Hillary Clinton have in common?

Bookmark this: Upcoming election dates with electronic voting specs

If Obama supporters run "Vote Uncommitted" TV ads in MI does it break the pledge of no campaigning?

Rove: Obama's 'Smarmy, Prissy' Slap Helped Clinton

Kerry calls for the GAO to begin a federal investigation of gas price gouging

Tim Russert said this morning that Clinton vs. Obama will be like Ali vs. Frazier

Hillary should be crying over her Iraq War vote!!

Hat's off to Dennis Kucinich.

??? --- NBC's Brian Williams will host Nevada debate but does not know how to pronounce Nevada

A Market Researcher's Take On Why Hillary Won By A Little Yesterday

The "crying jag," the "meltdown," the "breakdown," the "raging," the "losing it"

If DU Edwards supporters donate $10,000 by Friday 11:59pm, I will....

Does Lou Dobbs want a war with Mexico?

Obama is beating Hillary in delegates by 1.

GARY HART ENDORSES OBAMA!! Warns against nominating another Mondale.

Edwards Supporters, Take 5 Minutes

I am telling you.

Tribune Media: MSM Failed to Note 'Hackable Diebold Red Flags' in New Hampshire Primary Results

Suicide Blast in Pakistani City Kills 20

Honorary Hollywood mayor Johnny Grant has died

Report reveals Vietnam War hoaxes, faked attacks

U.S. levies sanctions on Arab channel

Bodies of 4 youths found in D.C. home

Judge lets Rather's $70 million suit against CBS, Viacom live

Bush predicts Mideast peace pact by 2009

US retailers report weak results for December

Zimbabwe election observers report problems three months ahead of poll

Fog Causes 70-Car Pileup in Fla.; 4 Dead

’05 Use of Gas by Blackwater Leaves Questions

Kerry to Endorse Obama...has he lost his freaking mind???

Colombian rebels 'free hostages'

Iran Airs Own Video of U.S. Ship Incident

Missing Marine was to testify as crime victim

Blair takes job with JPMorgan, will continue Mideast role

24 killed, 70 hurt in Pakistan bombing [another post saying 26)

Romney may give up on South Carolina

Army Officer Is Cleared in Abu Ghraib Scandal

"Minute percentage" of Iraq refugees coming home

Blast at Lahore High Court, Pakistani police among wounded

Rodriguez Says No Immunity, No Testimony

New congressional nods for Obama's run (Sen. Tim Johnson & Rep. George Miller)

FBI wiretaps dropped due to unpaid bills

Protesters fax messages to Bush's hotel

The Rezko Connection: Obama's Achilles Heel?

FBI wiretaps dropped due to unpaid bills

Judges: Anti-Clinton film is advertising

U.S. sends formal protest to Iran over incident.

U.S. bombers, jets unleash 40,000 pounds of bombs in 10 minutes south of Baghdad

US Protests Iran Harassment of US Ships

Ohio Governor Commutes Death Sentence

National Weather Service confirms a tornado did hit Clark County area (WA)

Weinstein Co., writers, agree to pact

AP Poll: Bush, Congress Remain Unpopular -As Country Stays Mired in Funk

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 10

Colombian hostages arrive in Venezuela

(R) Congresman Doolitle Set To Resign-Retire from Congress

Kucinich Undaunted by Fifth-Place Showing

Fed Chief Signals Further Rate Cut

Former Blackwater employees get probation for possession of stolen weapons

Doolittle (R-Calif.) announces retirement

The Newest Last-Place Finish for U.S. Health Care

Gold sets sights on $900 as funds remain active buyers

India's Tata Motors unveils $2,500 car, bringing car ownership into the reach of millions

Fort Carson Ring Linked to G.I. Deaths (crime ring murders)

FBI wiretaps dropped due to unpaid phone bills

Embryos survive stem cell harvest

Edmund Hillary, First Atop Everest, Dies

Chavez: Colombian Rebels Free 2 Hostages

Oil supplies have not peaked

Tony Blair to take new job as advisor for JP Morgan

Weakest holiday season in years

Gaffe overshadows Bush visit

BREAKING NEWS: John Kerry is endorsing Barack Obama, a person close to Kerry tells AP

Iran airs own video of US ship incident


Senators Push for Guns in National Parks

Grass Makes Better Ethanol than Corn Does

U.S.: Voices on Recording May Not Have Been From Iranian Speedboats

US bombers, jets unleash 40,000 pounds of bombs in 10 minutes south of Baghdad

New Museum a Shrine to Filthy Rich


Should poling be band

The love of a child

Here I come !!!

I toasted Bill Richardson's departure with my first-ever shot of Jaegermeister tonight

One I hadn't heard in a long time — Thin Lizzy, 'End of the World'

There is no way I'm opening datasuspects "Tea bag" thread.

Momma was an Opium smoker....

omg i really have to go to the washroom but I'm out of toilet paper...

Who's watching South Park tonight?

I'm not opening puerco-bellies' thread about not opening datasuspect's teabag thread.

Great 1980s Movie Montages

Good Night Everyone !

Wow! Ever seen a Watusi Steer?

Wow... Ivanka Trump isn't an idiot

How many people here got the flu despite getting the flu shot this year?

Good Morning!

Yay! My dog is feeling better!

*****Thee Official Wishbone Appreciation Thread*****

Now I love Fantasy movies, and I love Jason Statham but...

2007 Darwin Awards

I have the flu and I have a favor to ask

Does anybody have a baseball bat that I can borrow ? I need it for an hour or so.

You've got to check out GDP.

Is there anything worse . . .

nutrisystem scrambled eggs =

Tim Gunn looks like...

The hell with politics, what this world needs is more Johnny Depp

GREAT new book for teenage girls: BODY DRAMA

James Brown possessions to be auctioned in order to pay his estate taxes

How do you eat a fog?

35 lbs. of pure genius

The Daily Lounger, January 10, 2008: Obama has chosen his running mate!

my wife likes to talk during sex

Supernova is in love with a chalky wax dummy

How does one buy a car with a loan from a credit union?

I did VOTER FRAUD! Hide me!

I'm a man and I cry during sex

OMG!! Skinner moved all of the Election Conspiracy/Fraud threads out

Man, there is a post I want to make, it would be GREAT

Who Rocks More?

Why Rick Astley? Why not....

I wish I were stuck on a desert island with Rick Astley


Please help me out, DU Loungers!

>>>>>> Van Morrison appreciation thread

Anyone familiar with Ovation TV?

It's a sad day when the DU lounge prefers Rick Astley over Led Zep, Bowie and/or Barenakedlady

‘Meanest mom’ sells car after finding liquor

Even if you hate opera, you'll love this.

Attention all fans of the BBC show "Torchwood" - have you seen these clips yet ?

Rick Astley is the Final Cylon

A limerick for the Lounge

Fudge Anyone?

Why do people type "word" in the title of a thread and then nothing after it?

There are two dogs next door having a bark-off and it's starting to piss me off.

Meanwhile,back in Paris.

Rick Astley is a man and cries during sex

Shit, GD is going wild. (pics)

yay! It's Spring!

Im a man, and I cry during Sects

Match Game... Rabrrrrr is so good at Teaching that he always _____the class every morning

I'm an odd-lotter

racaulk cries out for Rick Astley during sex

i think my nose hairs have gotten entirely out of hand

OMG!!!!! Great news to share with everyone!!!

The final cylon...if so-and-so did it...

Happy New Year Emails

Happy anniversary to you!

Banana chips.

So I Am Walking Down The Street And I Step On All Of These Nose Hairs

So humans love to eat cows.

my migrane is (pretty much) gone

Could I get some feedback please?

Breaking News: Skinner is a woman!

The new Olive Garden open Febuary 11

DU seems to be slow right now.

Work lately.

whats for lunch DU?

Anyone here ever eat at Shuck N Jive?

Connecticut DUers - Joe Courtney to hold town hall in Vernon tonight

John Cage and Rahsaan Roland Kirk - "Sound" from 1966

I am officially swearing off the GD/Politics Forum for the Duration

flame away . . .

freeper family meets John Edwards. "he's got really nice hair"

New words for 2008

Who says you can't have a productive day if you sleep in til noon?

Quiz: Would you eat your buddies in a blizzard?

When Good Restaurants Go Bad

Quiz: Would you eat your buddy's blizzard?

What have -you- learned from the last 7 years?

The Final Cylon revealed! MAJOR spoiler here!

Quiz: Would you eat your buddy's Lizzard?

I caught my daughter's hair in a lathe last night!

Quiz: Would you eat your buddy's Buzzard?

I shot my daughter's hare with a Lugger last night!

How to Win the Election!

I really liked Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd"

My Daughter Wants to Start a Weevil Appreciation Website

The hazards of having an older sister...

What's all this I hear about

I just read that phone companies are dropping wiretaps because the FBI isn't paying

Remember When the Olive Garden Was Good?

FYI! Ugly Betty is new tonight

Remember "Miss Cleo" from TV ads?

You Can't Set Rules About Love!

confession: I just committed a girly no-no

DAMNIT! I haven't been to the Olive Garden in like FOREVER!

I must ask, is it strange ...

I caught my daughter's hare in a lather last night!

Miz t. is talking politics.

I'm a pundit

Which is worse? A freeper or a plundering Mongol horde?

Here are the Biggest Tata's You Will Ever See

Just a quick funny before I go to work...

*2008 Presidential Blender Poll*

Which Is Worse, a Freeper or a Delawarian?

Was Ronald Reagan a good Republican?

has anyone here tried these?

Which is worse, Bush or listening to Gilbert Godfried sing the national anthem?

Possibly the funniest description /analogy of the iraq war

Short rant on American English quirks that piss me off!

I cut my daughter's hair last night!

Uh-oh! Might be a DU'er!!!!! *wink*

That's A Long Time Between Drinks, As They Say

Omit Romney...

Wait - Rickrolling is an internet phenomenon?

The beagle-o-meter said it was going to rain--and was right again!!

One of the worst sounds in the world is an animal in pain.

The river is over its banks again.

Extreme Turbulence Injures Air Canada Passengers

Great moment in German cinema

So I had 87 dvds and my camcorder stolen and pawned....

I'm concerned. DS1 doesn't have unlimited salad and breadsticks at his house.

How does one embed a YouTube video on a DU post?

This Tata is really small:

Is it just you, or...

Is it just me, or....

All trolls, show yourselves!

Here's Darth Cheney's favorite cereal

Go in style, when you go. Really Go in style... take a look, they have precious moments too.

John Paul Jones: "There is a band meeting in January. It could be fun to do more stuff."

Fifty posts ago I went past my 37,000th milestone.

Was Dwight D Eisenhower a good republican?

How do I start a thread?

Confession: I would find Mike Huckabee rather attractive if he wasn't so... Republican.

I would like to thank a number ...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/10/2008)

You guys were right.

Is it just you? or Me? Or is it them?

The Catholics are to blame for the Muslims!

Which is better? John Paul Jones or John Paul Jones

Remember my show is on tonight. So anyways, Here's the REDNOSE DISTRIKT

Happy 103rd birthday, Ray Bolger!!

What's worse, anal fissures or RON PAUL!?

MrCoffee owes me

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: AleSmith IPA


Which is worse, a communist or a republican?

I'm going on an artsy adventure tomorrow!

Is this a gorilla in a Kathleen Turner suit?



DU Whats For Dinner?

I need love from the Loungers

where is lost-in-nj?

Whoa. Do you think General Mills is a terrorist org?

Boys named "Sue" check in here.

Check in here if

'Hunh'? Or 'huh'?


Hillary has died.

I would like to thank a number of you.

Pretty soon, the sexual tension between Hillary and Obama is just going to come to a head...

Mongrels Make the Best Pets

Guys named "Dave" check in here

She's back.

Dude gets PWNED by his MOM.

RIP Sir Edmund Hillary!

What was Your Favorite 'One Hit Wonder'?

Is it just ya'll, or...

A friend just asked me for a loan. It's killing me!

J. K. Rowling owes me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/10/08

I'm so sad; my wife just left me for a

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/10/08 Bonus

Eau de FReeper.

Today My Sis Who Died In 2006 Would Be 50. I Am So Sad.

What the lounge needs right now is some half-assed poetry by me.

I'm bullish on Mongols. They're going places.

My depression and anxiety is keeping me from having a boyfriend.

Who is Your Favorite Soccer Team?

FOX News: Hillary Dies

GRRRR - My ex is causing me such HELL with Little MB...

Just so you guys know Indianajones will leave his wife for a box turtle, and dogs will very soon be

Short rant on quirks of British English which piss me off

The sappiest and sweetest exhumed dead cat story you'll read all week

I was just called a troll again!

The lionesspriyanka appreciation thread

Hiliariously bad Olan Mills photos!

BOSSHOG Appreciation Thread

Self-Esteem: Do you have it or are you lacking? Take this test.

"Kitchen"- Chris Hickey

Dyslexics of DU, UNTIE!!!

Huh — DU has no aviation group

I was going to post something really cool for my 20,000 post

Best way to phrase a rejection?

Which is worse, a Freeper or a Troll?

What's the last book you read?

I would like people to respond to my OP in droves. However, I have nothing to say.

Poll question: Which is better? Della Ware or Dela Ware?

From: Bev Harris and Black Box Voting = NH "Chain of Custody"

Bush Expedites Saudi Smart Bomb Deal

Hey, Bill Richardson? DON'T GIVE UP

2 polls conducted 1/7/08: Obama leads in SC by 7%, Clinton leads in FLA by 8%

Frud Thompson is saying if he finishes ahead of "Other" in SC it's a whole new ballgame.

Oldie but goodie - story from 03 about Diebold's Chief Executive's efforts to help Shrub in Ohio!

Need a recommendation for very special custom DVD presentation albums.

I have never told the truth to an exit pollster. Nor will I ever.

Bangor Daily News First Major Newspaper To Editorialize In Favor Of Cheney Impeachment

Listen To Wednesday's NPR Talk Of The Nation Interview w/ McGovern On His Call For Impeachment

The REAL, INSIDER, reason the NH polls were wrong

New Hampshire primary 1988: Allegations of voting machine election fraud

Joe Conason: How Bashing Hillary Backfired

Letterman's "Goose Gossage' Top Ten tonight (read by Goose his ownself)

Why the Scandinavians and Europeans continue to kick US butt

Honorary mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant passed tonight.

ABCs Candidate Match-O-Matic

When is the next dem debate?

Anybody know when the next dem debate is?

US/IR confrontation video from Iranian government owned PressTV

Marcy Wheeler: Michigan's Clusterfuck - Prelude To National Clusterfuck?

How on earth did Hillary win? A GuardianFilms special

There's still hope ... thanks to the Founders

MO governor sued by fired attorney over email deletes

A 6.4 quake off the Oregon coast

AT&T and Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter

Katrina claims top $3 quadrillion

Booby trap kills 6 U.S. soldiers in Iraq - House rigged w/ explosives

Abroad, fresh image of U.S.

Dipshit alert

It's A Fake

The Expanding Police State: Operation Falcon Raid

Troop surge planned for Afghanistan

Any social entrepreneurs (or would-be's) here?

Poll watchers: Which NH polls were off?

take a deep breath or two and let it out slowly

This is too much from the Clintons

Tom Toles: About those polls...

National Do Not Call List

Pentagon, Big Pharma: Drug Troops to Numb Them to Horrors of War

Bush's puppets say between 151,000 and 223,000 Iraqis have been killed since U.S.-led invasion

Karl Rove carries water for WSJ editorial

Why do you post? (poll)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Shrub's trip to the Middle East

US Medical System: The Worst in 19 Industrialized Nations

AlterNet: Consuming Our Way to Unhappiness

Diebold's ok!! My candidate won!!

msnbc saying that Kerry is endorsing Obama

Are We Talking About Exit Polls Being Off, Internal Polls Off, Day Tracking Polls Wrong & DIEBOLD?

HA! Andrea Mitchell tell Joe S. that he helped Hillary win!

I am so politically shallow.

Pentagon, Big Pharma: Drug Troops to Numb Them to Horrors of War

Please read this: Letter from a soldier he wrote before he died

Tony Blair: Peace Maker or Deal Maker?

Oh, by the way...

very easy to understand chart of the NH primary vote

Today's discussion forecast....

I used to laugh a lot here, and feel good after reading some posts

GREAT new book for teenage girls!!! BODY DRAMA

Election transparency and US Elections

Consider the Bradley Effect in NH

To change the subject: Food for thought -- Jefferson on the division of property

Why I think an Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama presidency might be a good thing.

Velvet Revolution Calls on Candidates To Demand Investigation into NH Results

Well, I'm off to therapy now....

Tribune Media: MSM Failed to Note 'Hackable Diebold Red Flags' in New Hampshire Primary Results

Claims of fraud in NH seem to be premised on the notion that the news media is a competent body

Over One Thousand Supporters Welcome John Edwards Home To South Carolina

At least a recount is possible with optical scanners.

List of Superdelegates and whom they are Endorsing...

TPM Cafe: Letter from an Uninsured Woman

Pakistan suicide blast 'kills 22'

the alleged iranian "you will be exploding soon.." sounds fake..REALLY Fake.!!

Bush the "dignitary" in Israel..

Fog Causes 70-Car Pileup in Fla.; 4 Dead

How would a person find out how much it cost to have a ballot recount

Back in Iraq: "U.S. warplanes dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs on Thursday "

Today Show did segment on "crying" - did NOT include Poppy's many blubberings

Rove carried water for Dean in 2004!!!!!

So, Lord Pissypants is over there telling THEM what to do now?

US plans Pakistan military intervention

Bradblog, 2:47 AM: Chris Matthews: Raw EXIT POLL Data 'Indicated Significant Victory' for Obama in

from too many sighs, to a scream, to a pair of dewey eyes. . .

Let's go now to Bertha to tell us whether we're in a Recession...

ATTENTION DU: Not all Obama-supporters are buying into this "voter fraud" BS

Sen. Stevens: putting pipelines over polar bears.

Hey Sore Losermen! You LOST! Get OVER it!

7 Point Swing for Clinton Over Obama in NH's Diebold Precincts

The REAL Problem: Uninspectable, non-transparent, privatized "voting" machines.

For the ppl who want to believe NH voting fraud

My Response to Certain Important People around here and CNN Exit Polls

Buy 1 share of Diebold stock, I told them. Did they listen?

The Hursti Hack, New Hampshire, and "Tinfoil"

Do we have an update from Symbolman yet?

Bush totally irrelevant on this "historic" trip...

Florida law enforcement needs Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) support


The New Hampshire Polls for Dummies


MSNBC Reporting John Kerry to endorse Obama in SC this afternoon!

Would a McCain or Huckabee nomination, or a McCain/Huckabee ticket spell doom for the GOP?

Don't assume that every anti-Hillary post was made by an Obamite, or vice versa

Minor NH Candidate asking for RECOUNT.

Huckabee's strong shot at the Republican Nomination(understanding Republicans)

Michael Smearconish said on Today show that Dems in NH said they

Blackwater increases DC lobbying presence

Is Hillary the only major Democrat on the ballot in Michigan?

bu$h* Confident on Mideast Peace

MoveOn Petition: Paper ballots (AND AUDITS!) for the 2008 election...

About the NH votes ....(Important)

Politics and the 8th grade Social Studies class

7 Point Swing for Clinton Over Obama in NH's Diebold Precincts

Petition for a recount in NH

Karl Rove / Wall Street Journal: "Why Hillary Won"

BREAKING IRONY ALERT: Bush: Israel must end 'occupation' of Arab land

How John Edwards Can (Still) Win the New Hampshire Primary

Golf Channel Reporter's Apology for "Lynch Tiger Woods" Comment NOT ACCEPTED

Shame on us for sour grapes and conspiracy theories about the NH primary

Maternity leave for high school students?

Chris Matthews: Raw exit poll data shows Obama win in NH

If K.C., MO. was attacked, would Mayor Funkhouser qualify as president of the U.S.?

...... Warning..... Do Not Adjust Your Set.... Follow the numbers from our DIEBOLD servers...

I assume if Gore endorses Obama or Edwards, nobody will suggest he is dissing Clinton?

Why are pundits like Oompahloompahs?

Why didn't Edwards say THIS?

For Obama Supporters:

NY Mayor Bloomberg Weighs 2008 Run

this pissing contest between the Hillaryites and the Obamaites is getting ridiculous . . .

Kerry endorsement of Obama coming up...Live at

National City to Trim Dividend by 49%, Cut 900 Jobs

Retiring Republican Rep. Doolittle's Under Investigation For Ties To Abramoff

Dog recovering after Memphis Zoo tiger attack

Fundie freaks say Dems would impose "San Francisco values" on the military

500 Diggs and Counting.... this page is really really cool... A Closer Look At The Count

self delete, dupe

Why Was Pat Buchanan Channeling Gloria Steinem on Hardball Tonight?

Here's an irrefutable argument that Hillary's "moment" was the result of a prior campaign decision:

Do you think we can all coexist? Or do we need to be separated?

Other Exciting Races? Obama v Hillary Timeout...

Anti-War Lessons From New Hampshire

What's with all these endorsements? Where do they even sign on the candidate?

New Hampshire had a preliminary voting turnout of 63% on Tuesday.

Do we need an Election '08-specific or Hillarack forum?

Edwards is not competitive in South Carolina

C-SPAN 1...LIVE..."Impact of early Presidential Primaries." Chuck Todd and other journalists

Should Kucinich call for a hand count of the NH ballots?

Good movie you all need to see: "Offside"

A must read analysis of what the media is doing re: Obama v. Hillary. Interesting for both sides.

9 US soldiers killed in the first two days of ramped-up attacks on Sunnis in Iraq

Does heavily depressed MI really want to be "trickled down upon" by Mitt?

Seems pretty clear that most DUers totally agree with each other...

Did anyone else catch the Scalia exchange on C-SPAN this morning ...about Lethal Injections ?

Is public policy polling a reliable polling firm?

Don't forget, polls were never so innaccurate BEFORE BushCo 2000.

Criminals Do NOT Obey Laws-Criminals Do NOT Believe In Democracy-Criminals Do Not "PERMIT" Elections

The Old Man and The Leaky Roof

ALL Diebold, ALL the Time - It's the NH Primary

David Bossie, remember him, he's back with an Anti-Clinton movie and in court.

"Doolittle Calls Press Conference, Rumors Fly On Retirement"

Hello DU: a warm and only somewhat frustrating welcome to all the newbies

Most of the mods do a fine and tough job here-a few are far too biased and arbitrary

Senator Bernie Sanders: "It's Time to Stand up and Fight Back-PREPARE-To Keep Senate Open 24/7"

So is Nader running?

Rachel Maddow: Best Radio Host EVAH!!!

NYT: Blackwater gassed American soldiers

Borndagaidhooligad, I'm callid you oud!

Regarding the Kerry endorsement of Obama/percieved "slight" of Edwards

Even the Pentagon has doubts about naval confrontation.

Police taser Kerry for face slapping, back stabbing, taser ignoring

Gloria Steinem is a civil rights leader

Perhaps the best way to elect a president is to turn the whole thing over

Hillary's FEARMONGERING won the day

I'm dreaming of a brokered convention...

Barack Obama is a feel-good guy, but his positions are Clintonian

John Kerry's statement endorsing Obama:

I vote that gailonfong replace skinner, and DU be renamed RU!

OPENLEFT logically explains the NH vote (posted elsewhere, but a must read if you missed it)

'Scud Stud' Arthur Kent enters Canadian politics as a Conservative

Flashback: Kerry Blasted Edwards Over Foreign Policy Experience In '04

Apparently, the "right' thing to do is endorse racist symbols.

I don't believe the NH Primary was miscounted or stolen.

No criticizing the Black President

Just Musing Here (Gore/LIEberman, Kerry/Edwards): Why Did Gore & Kerry

Why have we never had a presidential candidate from the Northwest?

On November 12, 1999, President Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

GD Moderators: You are tops. Thank you. That is all. nt

If you do not trust the diebold machine, would you accept the new Premier machine?

If Kerry Ran For POTUS in 2008, Would Edwards Have Dropped Out?

Bush Has An Interesting Plan For Middle East Peace

... .... ..... ...... ..... LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!

OFFICIAL SCOOP COVERAGE THREAD 1: New Hampsire Primary - Hillary Gets No Votes In Dixville Notch

Kerry deciding to endorse Obama isn't just a slap to Edwards. It also slaps Clinton.

If Kerry made horrendously bad decisions in 2004 does he continue to do so?

NYT: Iran Accuses U.S. of Faking Persian Gulf Video = Gulf of Tonkin Deja Vu

Gary Hart: This election is about transition not power-We either move forward or we will go back

You have to love the tazer legal forms

AT&T and Other I.S.P.’s May Be Getting Ready to Filter

Need DU's opinion on resolving family voting dispute

Why edit out a threat that would be your only basis for an attack?

Screw education and the poor in California aka Schwarzenegger's Budget Plan

SwampRat, Bosshog et al - tornado warnings in

anybody know if dennis kucinich is willing to ask for a recount?

Guiliani pulls his staffers out of Michigan, banking everything on Florida.

Edwards on Kerry: Don't stop thinking about tomorrow-You're so 2004.

McCain: "I will never, ever allow this nation to surrender"

I am convinced that there is no such place as the "Strait of Hormuz"

Is it possible to have 42.9 million dollars in an IRA?

Caption *

Junior Bush..........Don`t faze me, bro.

Something differnt--GOP on Boomberg

Caption this McCain, Hillary pic

Funny toons..

Camille paglia gets the REAL Hillary

It's worse than '04. Blatant racism and sexism, quoting despicable

Hypothetical: What would your candidate do? What would you do?

new party boss same as the old party boss or digging our november grave

America's enemy is within...newspapers, television, courts and classrooms! (Today's wacko LTTE.)

Is terrorism a "GOP talking point" that will go away as an issue if we pretend it's not there?

We don't need health insurance. We need Cheney Care!!

Too many years in the Senate calcifies the brain?

If it's okay to trash that OTHER party's candidates here, can we begin with my loathsome

Iranian child sinks U.S. battleship from bathtub

Today's poll: will you vote for the Dem candidate in the general?

Tout your candidate for the American worker

Western support for Edwards

Human Events names Rush Limbaugh ‘man of the year’

The US is bombing Baghdad again

Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, calls George Bush, “Your Excellency”

did anyone else hear tweety say

Quelle surprise! Pentagon flip-flopping on Iran Naval Confrontation story....

What are the rules for passing out flyers or putting up posters at election sites

Why did Kerry stab Edwards in the back?

Do endorsements of a candiate make a difference?

ABC News: US Navy says Voices on Recording May Not Have Been From Iranian Speedboats

Haley Barbour sworn in as Governor of Mississippi this afternoon

How Much You Want To Bet Interest Rates Will Rise

"A Mexican" comments on Mitt Romney.

Court Ends Bible Distribution in School


Thursday TOON Roundup

Election Fraud rumors in New Hampshire primary

Deleted by author!

I have to say that I admired Huckabee on Colbert last night

On a lighter note: Boy Glues Hand to Bed to Avoid School

Is it just me? Who else loves the faux-wingnut cartoonist from the Onion?

I find all the talk of "Kerry stabbing Edwards" in the back funny because...

Rocky's Activism Created by a Tethered Press and Uninvolved Citizenry

Tornado touches down in Portland,Vancouver area

Does anyone remember the name of the Italian American guy who played the crying Indian

Would this work?

The Rezko Connection: Obama's Achilles Heel?

Mrs. Romney Plays Sodoku Aboard Their Private Jet ---pix--->>>

Who saw Mr. Zogby on The, er, "A" Daily Show last night?

Remember Before we count a Gen Election Win, We've heard nothing negative yet about BO & HC

Are there any more debates planned? Anyone here know?

I left Buzzflash a few years ago when I was just spending too much time here

Thom Hartmann yesterday talked about the bogus Obama email - here it is

WP, Dan Froomkin: What Bush promised a year ago today when he announced the Iraq Surge

Ron Paul's racist, homophobic, conspiratorial newsletters

The manufactured Hormuz incident with Iran should be investigated as an administration crime

Huckster Goes for a Jog ---pix--->>>

You go, John.

Fundie right wing e-mail received from a relative and my response

Rich Americans who go abroad for medical treatment

Mods/members- is there a place on DU for the 25-30% who may not support the Dem in the GE?

Some of the DUMBEST people on the planet are Republicans

I could get along without huckabee

The Following Was Sent To Me By My Freeper Friend That Still Worships Bush.......

So let me get this straight...Obama's been winning all day up until the polls close

starting to read that kucinich is going to ask for a recount

Blackwater passes gas - AND IT REEKS!!!

I think I'm going to projectile vomit watching Tweety...

The corporo-media is asserting 'al qaeda' shit in the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

After careful research...the term "shuckin' and jivin'" did NOT originate in Minstrel shows...

Breaking on CNN: Sir Edmund Hillary has died.

Actually, I sort of WANT Edwards to win SC.

Obama, Hillary, and the Fragmentation of DU (an answer to "why vote 4 Obama")

Senate in no hurry to confirm Bush nominees

Iranian speedboats and the Monty Python piece about burning the witch.

Glenn Greenwald: The U.S. military inflicts more damage on its own credibility

I think K.O's Popsicle Theater could have done a better job with the Straight of Hormuz incident.

Richard Belzer @ Huff Post: "Tear Heard 'Round The World"

Q on MSNBC Unlike Edwards "Hillary has come late to the change message..."

Director acquitted for masturbation video (prude alert)

Nader coming up on Maddow.

NeuroPolitics and the Lucky Effect: Two Harvard Studies with Implications for Primary Voter Behavior

A headline of beauty: Panel urges DHS to prepare for presidential transition

Dang. More warm weather spurring tornadoes from

Experts Warn of Recession -- Duh, We're Living in One Already

26 views and no reply from the DU Obama Group

I have an idea for bipartisanship

China's largely inactive submarine fleet stirs

Lets take some advice from Al Gore

Boy, I sure hope that when (if?) Gore endorses a candidate...

Today: US drops 40,000 pounds of bombs in a matter of minutes on Baghdad's southern outskirts

NBC just opened evening news with upcoming story of POSSIBLE RECESSION- but

It was a Year ago today that Bush announced the SURGE/Benchmarks.

The new Bush coins

now the navy says the threat may not have been from the iranians.. >Links>> surprise surprise..

White House ‘fixes’ Bush’s grammar

The surge in Iraq is working.


We’re eating our own babies

Obama Supporters: Why do you think his health care reform plan is better?

Obama supporters ... please help me out

Question of honest curiosity: why do so many self-identified Republicans who...

Obama BLATANTLY plagiarizes Edwards!

How many here "dislike" Obama?

Tornado watch for Georgia including

"The Trouble with Touchscreens" - Dan Rather

Skinner, can you see how HRC's mystery keeps us from trusting her?

Hillary on Globalization, etc

The BushCO cabal WILL do anything necessary to maintain power over the U.S.A.

D.U. Needs to Go to DEFCOM Two

Bush Enters Door of Humility, Prays at Jesus' Shrine ---pix--->>>

LOL- Giuliani sinks to 4th Place in new Florida Poll!

Dirty politics? Smears? Bashing? Using the media?

How Quickly Some Forget

doofus darkens Kucinich doorstep

Edwards Supporters >>>>QUESTION>>>>>

Breaking on MSNBC - Sir Edmund Hillary has died

One reason I think some women don't like Hillary...

Unnamed Pentagon Officials: Straits of Hormuz Incident: ALMOST CERTAINLY-A FAKE

Hugo Chavez news: Colombian rebels free 2 hostages

The term "uninsured" is muddying the waters

The American people are NOT "yearning for bipartisanship"; they're yearning for GOOD LEADERSHIP

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar.

I have to wonder

How Edwards can mount a surge, by an Obama supporter.

Hey! Y'all keep your fingers crossed for folks in MS, AL & TN. There's a shitstorm a'comin!

Salon: Why I'm Still Not For Hillary Clinton

Is "reform" something that has to be done in a stealthy manner?

"Obama Pays Lip Service to Good Ideas, But Doesn't Follow Through"

Any candidate that thinks the country can work with the special

America loves KITTENS, but NOT Mittens..(Edited..added more Mitt-i-liciousness)

Let's show Hillary that we have her back

The Iraq occupation will continue until American kids stop volunteering to kill Iraqi kids

It's time to move the discussion of alleged election fraud in NH to the Election Reform forum

Dan Rather Gets Discovery-CBS LAWSUIT-Moves Forward

Got a DINO in your district? See what primary challengers there are

PDA: Impeachment March Saturday To Support 60-Year-Old Protester John Niremberg's Arrival In D.C.

Up until now, I didn't have a second choice

Can Obama win in the South?

Here We Go: "S.C. to use voting machines banned in other states"

Dr. Laura's parting words to her son,

FBI Wiretaps Dropped Due to Unpaid Bills

Morse code message from Edwards to big business (Warning graphic)

If DU had a Convention, would you be cool with folks getting to know the YOU behind the user name?

WE LOST! Thinking For Yourself Is Now A Crime! HR 1955 VIDEO

HBO Special - Hacking Democracy

What's wrong with Bush's eye?

Boss fires staff for not smoking

bodacious Tata's revealed!!!

Sheriff pleads with missing Marine to get help

DU women (and men), how do YOU control tears in professional situations?

U.S. warplanes dropped 40,000 pounds of bombs on more than 40 targets in Baghdad today

DU'ers UNITE!!!

Oh, yeah. Republicans SUCK.

Why You Should Support The Dem Nominee *No Matter Who It Is* (!)

Why Hillary is "inevitable."

does anyone know rachel maddow's email address?

Has anyone seen "Fast Food Nation"?

I could get along with Huckabee...

Today’s Headlines

Breaking.....Albert Howard (R) will ask for a recount in NH

Bill would allow guns where alcohol is served...

It won't matter if Obama or Hillary win the Dem Nom...the GOPers will bring out Michael Bloomberg

I am reposting my voter ID story

Hello DU - after 3 1/2 years, 14084 Posts.

I Would Have Still Supported Kerry in '08, but Edwards Is My Guy in the Primaries

Blackwater Gassed US Soldiers

The Daedalus Declaration: Of Senator Icarus Obama and Waxen Wings

Which Republic strategist irritates you the most?

If ESTABLISHMENT n Kerry supporting Obama what CHANGE is he likely to bring

This is not a post about Election Fraud in NH...

For Edwards, a Marriage Made in Politics That Never Quite Fit

I just cancelled my E-Mails from John Kerry and the DSCC..

Hey! You know how they say smoking is bad for you? Well it's true!

bush visits birthplace of our savior....not struck by lightning from on high

Chicago 1968: Dems, Don’t Let Yourself Be Herded Into a Circular Firing Squad

The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis, By Bill Moyers/VIDEO

Richardson just said "Dont count out Edwards = this is still a 3 person race

Global Warming is a myth...

Kucinich...Stop Using War As An Instrument of Foreign Policy

What feminism ISN'T (Feel free to add your own):

How does DU see the Dems' stand on equal marriage?

Are you going to vote for the Democratic Nominee on November 4, 2008?

What My 35 Years of Experience Have Taught Me

Digital T.V. - want some info

No offense, but Kerry's endorsement has the opposite effect for me...

There's a few questions I want Obama and Hillary to answer...

Little Big Man

Which candidate is best qualified to stop this war & fight these fucking maniacs?

I haven'tcried at all this primary season but I cried tonight

Jon Stewart on Tweety: "That guy's insane."

Why don't more people support Kucinich?

Here's Kerry's speech endorsing Obama:

I propose a ban on "Grand Exit" posts

Great, prepare for more pseudohistory. Conservatives are going crazy over Goldberg's new book

Kos: Vote for Romney in the Michigan primary

Rudy's ''Nosferatu'' (to tune of ''Desperado'') telling him to drop out with an Eagles song

What can be done to put Edwards on top?

If the voting machines fixed the vote for HRC, will Obama challenge it? If not, why not?

Diebold Favors Clinton! 6% switch; Here are the numbers & site link

Brad(blog) Friedman on Malloy - the fix is in, there is nothing to be done

Didn't Obama say when asked that he would absolutly pursue any election fraud?

Which Nominee would you NOT vote for

Should Hopeless Hillary counter Obama by talking about how Bill signed DOMA?

The "supporters" on here have forced me to change my avatar

Are any Republican candidates talking about post-partisanship?

If you are projected to win by 14% a week ago and win by 2%, are you a "comeback" candidate?

Barney Frank calls out Obama

SHOCK: Obama & The New World Order, Trilateral Comm, CFR

Was John Kerry accused of stealing primaries?

Will the Clinton campaign engage in voter suppression in S.C.?

Who's going to win the Reno 911 vote?

Do you ever think that you are watching the WWF when you tune into CNN...

On Edwards: Every candidate says that they are in for the long haul

Edwards has won exactly 2 elections in his life.

Alleging hypothetical malfeasance about democrats is a republicans game.

Edited Nevada Poll: Who wins next week in Nevada? (Now that Bill R. is out)

Bush listens to his generals on the ground? Not according to this.


The mediawhore press are going crazy over HRC's win......

Will the racial tensions between African Americans and Hispanics hurt Obama?

The Broadcasters’ Big Payday By Amy Goodman

If Hillary s the nominee, I hope she wins...but I think I'm just worn out

Important question

My theories as to why HRC won in New Hampshire

A while back Fred Thompson was considered the threat. The next Reagan

Darn, no more "Mittens" commercials.

Hardball: He compares "women" and "African American" like all "women" are white

My Problem With Clinton's NH Acceptance Speech

Dumb quesetion, is there any Nevada polling?

Edwards takes campaign home

Voter who made Clinton teary picked Obama

Edwards supporters the loudest at caucus

It's the media manipulation, stupid.

How would you feel about a brokered convention featuring Edwards as king/queenmaker?

Would A Clinton/Obama Ticket Or Obama/Clinton Ticket Be A Winner?

If Obama Loses Big In Super Tuesday, Does He Pull Out Of The Race?

Kudos to ALL the candidates

So the primaries are "undemocratic" but a brokered convention is?

Will the traditional Democratic Party coalitions survive this election?

BradBlog fears election fraud in Hillary win

Senator Tim Johnson endorses Obama

Who will the Richardson voters support? Obama, Edwards, Or HRC?

I Got What America Needs Right Here

some exit polling from the night of the election ...not re-written to match the results yet.

CAUCUS CHALLENGE: Now it's Nevada's turn

Girl, 9, gets mom to back Obama

Reviewing online time to caucus prep work ratio

Nevada Savors Its Place as Maker of Momentum

No one can prove who wins ANY election in America. We. Do. Not. Know.

Presidential Candidates Disclosure Scorecard Of Public Details Of Their Personal & Campaign Finances

If Bloomberg Were To Run, He Would Be The Most Hated Man In Years!

The Broadcasters’ Big Payday By Amy Goodman

Anybody remember when Obama ordered followers to harass the HRC not to

NYT: Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Perceived Sexism

Remember Thi IS Corporatist Nation? They Are Already Beginning to Play IT Out!

It's not about race or gender

Delegate Totals So Far:

Richardson dropping out today: Very unfortunate

The thing is, I have doubts. Reasonable, legitimate doubts. Others do too.

Clinton Outraises Obama in Q4

Giuliani speech delayed by bomb threat

On the Kerry endorsement. Excellent timing dominating media headlines. . .

Will Obama's views on the immorality of gay marriage play better in SC...

Deibold wins again!

The Democratic Crossroads -- by Gary Hart

Kerry Endorses Obama

What about Obama/Richardson 2008?

Young voters critical to Clinton's NH win.

Sen. Tim Johnson (D - S.D.) endorses Obama

No sour grapes here on the Kerry endorsement, but a question

Obama and Clinton on the same ticket

>>> Bloomberg forces Democrats into "European" coalition

Clinton has never regretted casting her IWR vote

Huckabee: Mitt Romney has abandoned SC already

Barney Frank is Ann Lewis' brother

Obama's Rev. Wright Jr. "white America got a wake up call after 9/11"

Chris Matthews: Obama's Speech Made Me Cry

My Letter to Chuck Todd and Others About Corporatist Bias In Covering "Three Way" Democratic Race!

Raw EXIT POLL Data 'Indicated Significant Victory' for Obama

Let's turn Cuomo's racist comment into something good! DONATE TO OBAMA!

Who had the better week, Hillary or Obama?

Does the Kerry endorsement help Obama, hurt Obama, or have no impact?

Is it now a "progressive" trait to scream "voter fraud" when an election doesn't go your way?

FACTBOX-Many tolls for Iraq's population

Don't you love how when anyone makes and endorsement critics crawl from beneath their rocks. . .

John Edwards Supporters- How Do You Feel About John Kerry Endorsing Barack Obama?

Anybody else get a bit depressed when they see Kerry?

Ras POLL: Hillary 34 (+2), Obama 33 (+2), Edwards 15 (- 4)

Diebold and New Hampshire

There should be no conflict about this: John Kerry is a great man and a great Democrat

Kucinich undaunted by fifth-place showing

Has anyone seen Geek the Vote '08?

South Carolina Debate (Question)

Rasmussen National: Clinton up ONE point....Edwards fading fast.

John Kerry Positioning for a VP Spot?

ACORN to Endorse Edwards

I am voting ABA - Anybody But Anybody

I feel sorry for Edwards that Kerry endorsed Obama

SC POLL: No Bounce for Clinton in the Palmetto State - Obama 42, Hillary 30, Edwards 15

Young voters crucial to Hillary's victory in New Hampshire...

MSNBC: AP is reporting John Kerry Endorsing Barack Obama

Bush is scrambling to save his legacy with the mideast visit

Problems with "New, Improved Analysis of NH Democratic Primary Results."

Easiest Republicans To Beat In Order

Obama supporter Rezko to go on trial this month.

and Dick Cheney is the cousin of Barack Obama. Enuf said.

All Of Barack's Supporters Are Now On The Air Claiming Racism. He Going To Sink BIG TIME

Clinton’s Message, and Moment, Won the Day

Chuck Todd from NBC responded to my Edwards letter...

Ralph Nader again, now that name rings a bell

Hillary Clinton: The Pretty Woman of Politics

Obama lazy? So says Rove

mAnn Coulter's Dad's Dead, And Her Democratic Boyfriend Dumps Her?

Most creatively lame excuse for Hillary's victory in New Hampshire...

CNN beats Fox News on New Hampshire election night.

Viva Obama! Who's with me? Come in and tell everyone!

Your candidate should drop out.

Why should Kerry have endorsed Edwards if he feels Obama is better for America?

New Hampshire Primary - All Diebold. All the Time. Your thoughts?

Carville memo to Clinton: Come out fighting.

Sign The Petition Now!

Are you dissapointed because Kerry didn't endorse Edwards?

Live Obama rally on CNN - Kerry Endorsement

Message for the Edwards campaign:

Am I the only one

Since we know that the repubs will be running on...

Edwards should bow out when....

Obama also picks up major endorsement in California. Rep. George Miller, Pelosi's 'consiglieri.'

BREAKING! Obama Declines Kerry Endorsement!

GOP Gov in MO - Another insprired by Bush - Destroying Emails

Joe Conason certainly disappointed me on this one. (or how some Clintons allies are swiftboatiing

Did everyone else want to puke when the saw Ralph Reed on Tuesday evening?

Tell us why you support Obama?

Well, that was a stunning endorsement

So Ann Coulter's father dies and she uses the event to attack Liberals

How Nice Of Kerry To Endorse Barack Over His Former VP Running Mate

Romney may give up on South Carolina

Interesting Vote breakdown from New Hampshire....good news for Dems...

Hillary sent out robotic pterodactyls ..

Obama/Kerry- possible cabinet choice?

HEADS UP: Kerry Endorsement of Obama, LIVE on

Getting It Wrong - Polling in New Hampshire

IN 1992, Mario Cuomo was so close to running for President that a plane sat waiting on the tarmac

Did anyone watch ABC's hit piece on Obama this morning?

Why is the media acting like they forgot pre-primary polls always sucked

Failed exit polls suggest fraud occured in NH, if you ask me

Colbert on pundits telling people who to vote for

Judges: Anti-Clinton film is advertising

Question to Ron paul supporters on DU...

Kerry's endorsement came out of the blue!

Don't think Huckabee can be their nominee? Think again!!!

I'm going to watch South Carolina closely

Is there political value in Candidate A or Candidate B asking someone to be their VP Now?

How did polls misread New Hampshire?

here's where Obama said he would not use DoJ to investigate the administration...

Obama and Clinton Supporters do you want Edwards to Bow out. after Super Tuesday

Reuters: McCain, Clinton wins may soothe Wall Street worries

Edwards live on Ed Schultz right now. nt

so is it time now to throw John Kerry under the bus?

Hillary Using Fear Tactics Ala Bush... And New Hampshire Bit On It!

Oct 2004: Kerry promises to fight any hint of corruption in the vote; Nov 2004: Kerry Quits Us

Congratulations to Obama on the Kerry endorsement

This video will be fun to see touted in the GE

Why isn't the media covering the LOW voter turnout story ?

Kerry endorsing Obama live on

So Cuomo called Politico to explain his "shuck and jive" comment

I have to give it to the California Republicans

IN ALL THE EXCITEMENT, many have neglected to VOTE...

Do any of these media personalities like Dowd and Paglia have intelligent criticisms of Hillary?

Kerry quotes MLK re. Obama: "The time is always right to do what is right."

I'm Very Disappointent In Rivers Cuomo

Newsweek interviews with Gallup chief on NH polling problems

The world is watching, with optimism

Is Kerry hoping for a VP nod from Obama?

Here's my fear...I think we're under-estimating McCain WHY? because

This is what Kerry had to face

Bill Clinton is

IMPORTANT! Anti-Clinton/Obama Viral E-Mails Hitting Their Mark

John Kerry..

NBC's First Read: More on Richardson's exit. Staffers were told he will release supporters

Why The Polls Were Wrong

Congrats on the great endorsement Obama & supporters!

My Day at the NH Polls and the Tsunami of Women Voters

Why is MSNBC running this "breaking news" of some woman who is accused of some sex crime?

Quit whining about McCain being unbeatable...

If Clinton and/or Obama vote for HR 1955 (or no-show) will this effect your vote?

Obama's cash blitz: Pulling in an average of $1 million a day; average donation is $14

What Do We Make Of Iranian Speed Boats Harassing U S Ships?

Washington Post: "Un-'FairTax'...Mike Huckabee's tax plan sounds too good to be true. It is."

Richardson won't make an endorsement 'at this time'

Something to think about before getting racial

Edwards Slips to Third Place in North Carolina


Obama Could Carry the South

Obama, Your Hubris is Showing!

Low post-count splinterists

Bill Richardson Email

NH voters who voted "experience": 71% Clinton 5% Obama. Heavyweight vs Lightweight

Watch as the NH's exit polls are adjusted to match the actual returns.

Gore May Endorse Obama!!!!

This may be old news, but--Dennis Kucinich filed a complaint with the FCC on Friday

What is with the sons of famed politicos lately?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/10/08 - Clinton and Obama up 2, Edwards down 4

Rasmussen daily tracking: HRC 34, Obama 33, JE 15

McCain Holds Slight Lead In SC. If McCain is the Nominee, No Way Obama Can Beat Him

Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Perceived Sexism

Big Pharma Front Group Launches Anonymous Blog To Publish An ‘Enemies List’

The outrage regarding racism toward Obama would be a little more credible if....

Anybody Remember When Clinton And Edwards Voted For The Iraq War?

Ron Paul losing to anal fissures

Giuliani Says Immigrants Must Speak English, Airs Political Ad In Spanish

Is the answer to the Swiftboaters not to Swiftboat back and invite them to sing with us?

Nebraska Legislature: Bill would allow voters to register on Election Day

Clinton, Obama & the Senate - can someone tell me...

Will it be "brotherhood" over "sisterhood" ?- pre-NH polls show Obama leads Hillary in SC

"Back from the Obama/Kerry Event"

I still wish that Biden, Dodd and Richardson stayed

Want to really make a statement? Vote Zod 2008

Some States Find Faults With Voting System

Stuck, stuck, stuck on Huck

Zogby on the Daily Show answers once and for all what happened in NH

Was NH one of the last states to adopt a MLK holiday?

Is it true that out of all the candidates in Iowa and NH that Obama

"If a woman were trying to enter the race with only 2 year experience

If a prominent Obama surrogate described Clinton as "hysterical" I'd be pissed!


If Barack Wins Only One Of The Next Four Elections This Month To Hillary, Is He Still In?

Mr. "Reporting for Duty" misfires once again

Clinton Fundraising Remains Strong (Clinton edges Obama in 4th Q)

Generation Y: Ready to Rock the 2008 Election (and turning up at the polls)

Good news for Senator Obama

Is the following statement racist?

I just have a simple honest question... why is it considered racist when

Colbert Report: The Politics of Change

When will Obama call for an end to the email smear campaign against Hillary?

If Obama/Clinton/Edwards wins will we have CIVIL UNIONS/SAME SEX MARRIAGE in the next 4 years?

Great name for a site on healthcare. They may just get the job done.

John Kerry Endorses Obama for President (TEXT)

Holy Crap: Ron Paul is an Idiot

SFRC : 4-22-1971

If you are projected to win an election by double digits 3 days prior and lose it by 3 points...

According to Recent NC Poll: Southern White Dems Do not Support Obama

WP, Dionne: Clinton connected with people Edwards courts; "maybe prose wins elections after all"

Is the following statement sexist?

Comparing Kerry's Endorsement with Clinton's Campaigning

Republicans Engraved in Sand

A Freep offers up "Ten Things You Need To Know About Huckabee"

Woman Who Made Hillary Cry Voted For Obama

All the name calling between HRC and BHO, JE says call me anything you want

Muslim Madrassa email about Obama (rec'd twice at work today)

My take on the Kerry endorsement...

Tell us why you support Clinton?

Kerry on Obama's "experience" and as a requisite for President

Message from Senator Kerry:

How much does your household earn?

Why Kerry's endorsement of Obama may help Edwards?

Remember Kerry Applogizing For That Army Joke?

Kerry today: 'Obama doesn’t seek to perfect the politics of Swiftboating, but to end it.'

George Miller endorses Obama

So..with most of the "establishment" supporting Obama..

Henry Cisneros and Edward Romero endorse Hillary...

Let's review the nasty (Hillary) attacks on Obama

Hillary Clinton's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I believe Al Gore will endorse Obama soon.

Obama's new Nevada ad

Is it really a good reason to vote for someone because you feel other people are being mean to them?

Kerry's endorsement of Obama makes sense, BIG TIME!

So Kerry endorses Obama. Hmmm

Just wondering about that Hillary heckler episode....

I'm a Kerrycrat who supports Edwards, and his endorsement doesn't change anything.

Interesting conspiracy theory

Obama v Edwards

Here is my problem

Answers to why Hillary won New Hampshire

Would John Edwards bolt the Democratic party and run as an independent ?

The Super Bowl is February 3. Super Tuesday is two days later.

Rooting for candidates has become superfluous

Just By Looking At The Designs, Which Candidate Has The Best Bumper Sticker?

Edwards will likely push us to a brokered convention scenario

Advice to Edwards from a fellow North Carolinian

Bill Richardson Appreciation Thread

One thing is for sure: Hillary can not cry (or tear up) again.

About the Kerry endorsement. Unbelievable!

Advice to Obama: Disassociate yourself from McClurkin and Kerry...QUICKLY!

Obama due for some bad press Feb 25th....

I don't support Obama or Hillary at all, but I still like and respect Kerry and RFK Jr.

If Obama is more liberal than Hillary why does he need Republicans and Indies to beat her?

John Edwards can win states (yes, with a s!) on Super Tuesday. Every JRE supporter should read this!

The term "race card" is offensive to many minorities.

More Photos: John Kerry and Barack Obama today in Charleston, S.C.

Clinton vs. Lazio in 2000: "Women didn’t like seeing Mrs. Clinton getting beat up by the guys."

DailyKos urging Dems to vote for Romney in Michigan - and I agree!

A question for the Clinton, Kerry (and Obama) supporters ........

Does John Kerry's endorsement make you

Does John Kerry's Endorsement Make You More Likely To Support Barack Obama?

A tribute to the Second Tier ----->

Is obama pro choice? I just found out he was pro death penalty and there's nothing on the web site.

What keeps Edwards in the game? He is a natural when it comes to

Kerry Is One of The Most Liberal Figures in The Senate

Pelosi Endorses Obama?

You know you hate Hillary when Bill O'reilly thinks your attacks went too far

Kerry and Obama -- they both intellectualize and distance themselves from

Bush Admin... Pushes United States Closer To War With Iran

Obama Surrogate on Hardball: Hillary has "Democrats disease"

Obama has been in the US Senate for 3 years?

Kerry endorses Obama

I think that the DU Hillary supporters lost their moral high ground today

Kerry Stand w Obama: The price Hillary will pay for slimy personal attacks

Congratulations, Bill Richardson. And Thank You.

So Richardson folks - where are we going now?

Will Kerry Nod Make Obama More Viable For Southern Black Voters? gets my vote

Grow up. Good for Obama, good for Kerry

Just curious: do any DUers wonder about the over $100K

Why Is It So Hard To Understand Why Kerry Wouldn't Endorse Edwards?

This is why Kerry didn't endorse Edwards:

I expect dog whistle politics from the repukes: I'm distressed as all hell

First Photos: John Kerry with Barack Obama today in Charleston, S.C.

I just talked to a witness: Iowa caucus precinct cut the cards to decide a delegate!!!

Hillary supporter, Andrew Cuomo, on how she won NH: “You can’t shuck and jive at a press conference"

With two big endorsements, Obama wins today's newcycle

Definition of "Shuck and Jive". It IS racist. Always.

As a civil DUer, I find it disgusting and petty

I'd be REAL worried about national security if I had to pull the lever for Obama.

Edwards 17 minute speech in SC interuppted at least a dozen times by applause

Kerry's endorsement is an ill-timed slap in the face to Edwards, Clinton, and all Democrats

Floor Speech of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on S.J. Res. 45

Veteran Jailed for Speaking

The Rude Pundit: Because It Needs to Be Said (Regarding Ann Coulter's Dead Father)

Kerry endorsement of anyone but Edwards was really low class move

You Are George Bush: Which Republican & Which Democrat Do You Want to Win?

Unexpected wrinkle for Clinton in Michigan: Democratic leaders urge "uncommitted" votes

Will anti-gay Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary et al be entertaining at Obama events in So. Carolina?

Edwards supporters: WHY WE FIGHT

Senator Harry Reid's observations on the Dem Presidential nomination process

Peter Hart 2004 Target Dean: Re-establishing the establishment. Now who is the 08 target?

My Cynical Unsolicited Advice to Barack Obama

A Response to Gloria Steinem

It's time to move the discussion of alleged election fraud in NH to the Election Reform forum

I am voting ABC - Anybody But Clinton

Most Latinos I know are voting for Hillary. Including my mom.

"Dowd's Hillary Hit -- Dateline Jerusalem?"

PETA: Road to the Greenhouse - Give Peas a Chance! (video satire)

Edwards statement on Kerry's Obama endorsement.....

2001 NYC: Mark Green vs Fernando Ferrer (anybody remember this?)

Hey Hillary! "Shuck and jive" Obama as a drug dealer and went to a Madrassa, etc. many Black folk...

Daily Kos: Democrats for Mitt Romney

Emotional call describes tiger attack

CNN: Ron Paul '90s Newsletters Rant Against Blacks, Gays

Army: Electrical shock killed SF soldier

9 soldiers killed in attacks north of Baghdad

Missing soldier promoted to sergeant

Commanding general leaves Fort Bliss

3,000 Marines could be headed to Afghanistan

Accused GI won’t face death if convicted

Guard to stay in New Orleans through June

Soldier says he randomly shot at Iraqis

Vets may be unaware they qualify for benefits

Gulf video ‘fabricated,’ Iran says

Sailor charged with trying to entice 14-year-old into sex

Multiple MarSOC witnesses say they heard fire

Multiple MarSOC witnesses say they heard fire

Hadithah staff sgt. to go on trial in February

Convicted DI: Harsh tactics were encouraged

Navy delays new uniform rollouts

Accused faker arrested at doughnut shop

Interesting mailbag in today's Marine Corps Times:

175 grounded F-15s don’t meet standards

Child porn charges for airman at border stop

Cannon gets its first PC-12

Minot base to upgrade nuclear missile codes

Strike Eagle training center opens in N.C.

Group: Pirate attacks up 10 percent in 2007

U.S. Marines from Okinawa mentor Afghan troops at mountain checkpoint near Pakistan

IG calls for more distance between AFIS, DOD public affairs

Another interesting mailbag in today's Army Times:

Zoning plan puts U.S. build-to-lease housing program in Vicenza on hold

Missing Marine’s car found at bus station

USAREUR gets new command surgeon

Parliament set to debate new missile defense system

Trial begins for Misawa airman in baby’s death

Air Force OKs most older F-15s for flight

S. Korean leader could ask to delay transfer

Politics captures troops’ attention

After study, Okinawa grocers to start charging for plastic bags

Stressing a safe ride

Schlenkerla Old Inn boasts smooth rauchbier

Interesting mailbag in today's Stars & Stripes:

British activists appear in court over RAF Lakenheath incidents

Government Wants Refund for Faulty Ships

3,700 U.S. soldiers move from Schweinfurt to Grafenwöhr

Search for Pregnant Marine Intensifies

Soldier Says Policy on Gays Changing

Scores of F-15s Likely to Stay Grounded

Basic training

151,000 Iraqis have died in war, study finds

Ford Motor to expand India operations

Estimating Excess Mortality in Post-Invasion Iraq (New Eng Jour Med)

From TomDispatch/Commondreams: The "Long War" & $100/brl Oil

Guardian UK: State of the union-bashers

How could the pundits be wrong?

Influx of foreign workers lowers wages and forces Americans out of work

The REAL, INSIDER, reason the NH polls were wrong

Is Facebook about to elect a president?

The Hillary Effect (The Real Reason The Polls Were Wrong?)

Holy ‘Softball’ — Chris Matthews Cries Over Butt-Kicking

50 Years of Pissing People Off - Nat Hentoff V V

Greenspan's `Superstar' Standing Suffers as Risk of U.S. Recession Grows

Gimme Back My Bullets

House Leaders Vow Tough Stance on Iran

An Old Democratic Fault Line

The real race is for vice president

Reporter offers Bush a Gaza, West Bank 'misery tour'. You should read this.

What If We Banned Polling?

Colombian Hostages Released to Venezuela

The Many Sides Of Venezuelan Media

UN: US recession could cause global slowdown

Dave Barry: Real candidates belch ...

Dave Barry: Real candidates belch ...

Media Misses Story: Obedwards Wins New Hampshire

A WARNING FROM THE PAST (re: America's alliance with Pakistan; SF Chron, 1/6)

New Hampshire should be all the Paul Revere we need!

Superdelegates likely to boost Clinton (FT)

Barbara Ehrenreich: Recession--Who Cares?

This is the sort of stuff Obama and supporters will have to overcome.

Iraqi Soldier Who Killed U.S. Troops is a Hero in Iraq

Iraqi Soldier Who Killed U.S. Troops is a Hero in Iraq

On Obama, and Fears We Dare Not Name

Ghosts of Tim Leary and Hunter Thompson (Joe Bageant)

Civil War- Guns n' Roses (From WWI to today)

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Olbermann: Taking Nothing for Granite (NH) - 9 Jan. '08

John Edwards on The Situation Room - 9 Jan. '08

Olbermann: Bushed! Jan. 9, 2008 - Rape-gate, Waterboarding-gate...

Olbermann: Now What? (Primaries)

Barack Obama on Morning Joe - 9 Jan. '08

Jewish Identity Can't Depend on Violence

(Koo-sin-ich Re-mix) Dennis 4 New York Version

Olbermann: Margin of Error (Poll Issues) - 9 Jan. '08


A Question of Credibilty

Why You HAVE To Support The Nominee No Matter Who It Is (!)

Veterans' Affairs Intro

Camille Paglia on Hillary - warning - not a love note

Los Angeles Elected Officials Endorse Barack

Countdown: Primary Numbers - Jan. 9, 2008 (Lead Story w/ David Shuster)

Fox News with a Laugh Track

yes, you've seen this before

Clinton and Bush (short and funny)

You're likable enough

Maybe YOU Can Hire...The Bush Team!!!

Dennis Kucinich on Election Protection

Rachel Maddow on the double standard for showing emotion

You Ain't No Friend of Mine

Al Franken pitch: who wouldn't vote for this man?

Be Against Hillary For The *Right* Reasons

Meanwhile, Bush is threatening Iran again.

Ron Paul: I don't believe in evolution

A Musical Farewell To Joe Biden And Chris Dodd RED STATE UPDATE

A Musical Farewell To Joe Biden And Chris Dodd RED STATE UPDATE

Rudy's Campaign Implosion

Released Colombian hostages reunite with their families

George gets an image upgrade

CNN A.M. brought up a hint of election fraud only ONCE 1-9-8

Chris Matthews deep animus against Hillary and his projection issues

Al Franken imagines what the culture of personal responsiblity would sound like

Barak Obama's school days (nine year-old Barry was intelligent but "naughty")

Keep America Beautiful PSA: The Crying Indian

Mitt Romney cliche count from David Letterman

BBC: Iran's Own Video of U.S. Navy Encounter

Murder Unscripted

John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama

Hardball Discussion on NH Exit Polling

The Colbert Report - Huckabee 1/9/2008

Al Franken pitch: who wouldn't vote for this man?

Robin Williams in Kuwait

Bradblog's Brad Friedman Speaks to INN on Sibel Edmonds Case

Save Americans by voting to end the war.

Entertainment: Franken calls out Coulter on a lie

Adam Siegel of EnergizeAmerica has set up an ActBlue

Australia to end plastic bags in supermarkets

How to Change Minds About Climate Change

Minnesota's peat bogs 'wild card' in global warming

Hawaii Prepares for 34 Megawatts of Photovoltaic Projects

Sunshine to Petrol Project Seeks Fuel from Thin Air

Interview with Bill McKibben - author of "Deep Economy" & "The End of Nature"

NACEL Energy Announces 80 MW of New Wind Power

Greek company to invest 500 million euro in wind plant

BNSF building hydrogen-powered fuel cell locomotive

Understanding photosynthesis to optimise printed photovoltaics - US

Lockheed Martin Signs Agreement With EESTOR For Energy Storage Solutions

(California) Bill offers affordable way to be energy-efficient

Russia's Arctic scientists receive 'hero' awards (for laying claim to arctic sea-floor)

East coast to host pioneer in wave power

Pakistan debates coal-fired electricity tarrifs (as incentive for domestic coal extraction)

Environmentalists issue W.Va. 'Citizens' Energy Plan'

Presidents, royalty and industry leaders to attend inaugural World Future Energy Summit

Global Warming Solutions claims further efficiency breakthroughs with LETG technology

Germany's sunny revolution

Power to the people

Mexico's Pemex stopping US West Coast oil exports

China gets first toehold in Canadian uranium

Spire Corporation Provides Strategic Update on Solar Expansion

New Stable And High-efficiency Solar Cells Developed

Alliance chief plans to step down (Head of opposition to Cape Wind)

(Nantucket's Planning & Economic Development) Commission supports tidal energy project

The sun shines on the solar industry’s quest for ‘grid parity’

Switching To Green-Collar Jobs

NASA official (Hansen) raps coal-fired plant

Digital Tools Help Users Save Energy, Study Finds

Wind turbine’s collapse could be bitter blow

GE Energy announces two new U.S. wind turbine blade facilities

Warm-winter cycles accelerating loss of Great Lakes water

Britain approves new nuclear reactors, to green fury

Topic subject Behind the scenes at Hillaryland in NH, Bill Clinton wept when he heard the results

Topic subject Goodbye DU - after 7 years, 12,366 Posts.

Topic subject She's still milking her crying jag for all its worth

Hillary's Gender Is a Bigger Deal Than We'd Like to Admit

Today Show did segment on "crying" - did NOT include Poppy's many blubberings

Topic subject My Day at the NH Polls and the Tsunami of Women Voters

Topic subject Clinton’s Message, and Moment, Won the Day

Topic subject Rachel Maddow on the double standard for showing emotion

Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Perceived Sexism

What a a HOOT---lookie a this---Judges Pan Anti-Clinton Documentary As Campaign Advertising

Today in labor history January 08

Today in labor history January 09

Saginaw, Michigan Nurses Still Fighting For First Union Contract After 15 Months

UAW Retirees Challenging Health Care Changes Can't See Court Documents

Unions Representing 90,000 Flight Attendants Are Holding Bargaining Summit

Pennsylvania Nurses Union Affiliates With California Nurses Association

Court Upholds L.A. Living Wage Law

Economic Report: U.K. Average Salary Surpasses U.S.

Win a Free Bass Fishing Boat

Writers Strong, Producers Cracking?

Authority Settles Workers' Complaint (dismissed after they signed union membership applications)

Teamsters Court Filing Says Bush Administration Is Breaking Law Again

Today in labor history January 10

Give Bush Your Performance Review on Workers' Rights!

Eric Lee: And the winner is ...


Libya thwarts Security Council censure of Shlomi missile strike

U.S. academic Finkelstein meets top Hezbollah official in Lebanon

Egyptian Liberal Authors: It Is Up to the Arabs to Bring Peace to the Middle East

Palestinians in Ramallah brace for visit by 'that criminal' Bush

Double standard on divestment

Gaza Strip blacked out eight hours a day as new round of sanctions begins

The evil decree

Olmert tells Bush construction in Jerusalem to continue

Canadians advising against rushing into FTA with Colombia.....

Meeting to focus on human rights violations in Colombia

F.T.C. Asks if Carbon-Offset Money Is Well Spent

Taxpayer Advocate Urges ‘Apology Payments’

Countryslide Watch

Here's what Joe did today.


Ok, while I was on a letter writing jag...

I just sent this to Hardball..

Sperling and me:

Kerry endorsed Obama.

Somebody from California just phoned in to say that he was very disappointed

More on Iowa caucuses

I was just on Randi Rhodes...

A Song that Needs to be sung *to* Obama. Maybe he'll remember it's about humanity.

What will be the next state to grant full gay marriage ?

Resurgence of Santorum

After the elections what about Kucinich? what about you and me?

You gotta read this to believe it: An Interview With Donnie McClurkin's Ex-Lover

Why is Tweety saying the NH primary results didn't match the *exit * polls?

Primary Concerns Hoisting a few Fed Flags about the Elections

Meet Ken Hajjar, the felon in charge of counting NH's vote (and all of NE's).

Didn't Obama say when asked that he would absolutly pursue any election fraud?

Brad(blog) Friedman on Malloy - the fix is in, there is nothing to be done

At least a recount is possible with optical scanners.

Buy 1 share of Diebold stock, I told them. Did they listen?

The New Hampshire Polls for Dummies

For the ppl who want to believe NH voting fraud

I have a question...

No one can prove who wins ANY election in America. We. Do. Not. Know.


Do you think we can all coexist? Or do we need to be separated?

The Old Man and The Leaky Roof

Daily Kos - "Enough with the "Diebold Hacked the NH Primary" Lunacy"

500 Diggs and Counting.... this page is really really cool... A Closer Look At The Count

THREAD INDEX.: Archive New Hampshire Primary Threads Here So People Can Find Them....

Whether you AGREE, DISAGREE or ARE SKEPTICAL, OPPOSE banishment of election fraud discussion

7 Point Swing for Clinton Over Obama in NH's Diebold Precincts

Chris Matthews: Raw exit poll data shows Obama win in NH

very easy to understand chart of the NH primary vote

So now election reform is a fringe issue. Like 9/11. Great.

Watch as the NH's exit polls are adjusted to match the actual returns.

some exit polling from the night of the election ...not re-written to match the results yet.

starting to read that kucinich is going to ask for a recount

Tribune Media: MSM Failed to Note 'Hackable Diebold Red Flags' in New Hampshire Primary Results

NH Recount Problem? No citizen oversight on the ballot chain of custody?

I am new to this forum and must say I am so impressed with the level of intelligence

Iowa caucus cards cut for delegates

new party boss same as the old party boss or digging our november grave

ATTENTION DU: Not all Obama-supporters are buying into this "voter fraud" BS

Note to DU: the whole NH "election fraud" discussion is moot.

7 Point Swing for Clinton Over Obama in NH's Diebold Precincts

AZ activists DEMAND and GET access to voting records

check this out...

OH SOS Brunner Investigating Franklin Co BOE (unmatched ballots/un-auditable machines)

Petition for a recount in NH

Humboldt Dems May Consider HCPB Resolution

Should Kucinich call for a hand count of the NH ballots?

How John Edwards Can (Still) Win the New Hampshire Primary

An interesting Law & Order episode last night in re: The Gay Gene

For Presidential candidates: how to campaign in Nevada

Failed exit polls suggest fraud occured in NH, if you ask me

Two observations from an Iowa caucus

My "Tree House"

DailyOM: Declaring Our Intentions - Ready for Change

Okay, crew, what's up with the New Hampshire voting weirdness?

Man cuts off, microwaves his own hand

Simply overwhelmed.

Special request for some good vibes.

Seems pretty clear that most DUers totally agree with each other...

Election Fraud rumors in New Hampshire primary

Raw EXIT POLL Data 'Indicated Significant Victory' for Obama

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News -->> Thursday, Jan 10 **SPECIAL NH REPORT**

Obama and astrology ... a quick thought

In Patriots’ Season to Remember, a Teammate Is Not Forgotten (Marquise Hill, #91, of LSU)

Clemens hearing postponed by House committee

More Big Ten/SEC

Tubby Smith

Washing & Lee would beat LSU in football.

Sports Media Oversold Hornets?

Upsets in NFC. Home winners in the AFC.

If the Pats lose on Saturday, this guy is going to look awfully smart.

Rec Good ERD Threads...

Favre leaning toward returning

New Orleans is the best location for the BCS championship game.

Here is one reason you don't play championship games in the north.

OPENLEFT logically explains the NH vote (posted elsewhere, but a must read if you missed it)

Bradblog, 2:47 AM: Chris Matthews: Raw EXIT POLL Data 'Indicated Significant Victory' for Obama in

Where Paper Prevailed, Different Results

Every vote counting system is hackable. True or False?

The thing is, I have doubts. Reasonable, legitimate doubts. Others do too.

I don't believe the NH Primary was miscounted or stolen.

Rare genetic hot spot is linked to autism

Geologists seek answers to recent earthquakes in Ohio

Ecuador residents bracing for major volcanic eruption

Flesh wound reveals dino secrets

Milky Way could hold hundred of rogue black holes: study

"The Curiously Postmodern Modern Apologists"

"What Being Evangelical Means to Me" (by a retired bishop of the ELCA Lutherans)

Consider: Religion and Politics

Canon owners! Have I got a lens for you...

Videography can be so much fun

My Kind of January

What can I make with leftover ham?


So now that Bill Richardson has dropped out

No charges in shooting of accused stalker (IN)

America's fading gun culture...

Hey Sore Losermen! You LOST! Get OVER it!

Sibel Edmonds delurks as a DUer in Lukery's GD post

Remarkable composite photo of the Pentagon hole

Gary Hart has made his choice ....

Kerry at the Attleboro event (08 campaign and other).

Poll needs help.

MSNBC is "standing by" for the endorsement

Kerry endorsement email

I am very diappointed in JK..

JK speaking now

Kerry endorsing Obama

This is a good diary to rec: someone went to the Kerry/Obama event

This post sums up what

Elias sums up very well the endorsement

Wow, lots of Edwards supporters sure are vitriolic and bitter

Barack Obama's remarks on John Kerry (wow, REALLY nice)

JK Obama Endorsement on CSPAN 1 8 pm EST c. 45 mins, followed by Richardson withdrawal

Kerry Dominates the Day’s News Cycle (So Far)

Anybody have a picture of the old wooden roller coaster

Taylor Marsh: Rush Limbaugh has a point about Kerry

ret. Col. Ann Wright in St. Paul 2/17. book tour

US Senate candidate Jack Nelson Pallmeyer was on MPR midday today 1/10

minnesotans for clinton office is open

Close Gitmo Rally Fri. 1/11 noon-1pm Hennepin/Lagoon

A Diversion from elections: 2038 and the time_t problem

Kerry endorses Obama!

Question about cashing a check in Canada.....

Ottawa awaits Mulroney-Schreiber report

NDP demands Mulroney probe, threatens no-confidence vote

Rick Mercer photo challenge: Brian Mulroney

Harper stands behind Lunn in isotope row

Dion defends Beatty appointment


KOEB Meeting 1/9/08 Post-New Hampshire Edition #1

Is KO's birthday the 28th?

Dear Randi Rhodes: Put up or STFU already.

The Calif GOP says vote yes on the gaming props 94 - 97, so I'm voting no and....

California Council of Churches ballot recommendations

Biometric Hand Scanners vs. Religious Rights

Never mind the Clarkson scam...Barclays boss falls victim to ID fraud

Ouch! British dental care the most expensive in Europe

A show of hands, please, for the Milwaukee area meetup...

Sam Greenfield is back on the air!

Something funny happened to women on TV covering the news

Question about house training

Happiness is....

I got a new kitten last night--sorry, no pics yet.

On TV right now! Psychic Secrets Revealed!

It's a boy! And I've named him Oscar.