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Archives: January 12, 2008

Sri Lanka rejects Tiger offer to abide by truce

Security Council condemns attack on UN convoy in Darfur

Nepal's Constituent Assembly polls on April 10: Government

Mysterious crowd suddenly stopped Bhutto's car, officer says

Tiffany’s Downturn Jolts Luxury Retailing

Bill Clinton: Obama No 'Fairy Tale'

Carl's Jr. Founder Carl Karcher Dies At Age 90

Man in anti-smoking ads still smokes

PETA Requests Vegetarian Diet in Jail for Cannibalism Suspect

Fed pledges to act to counter market turmoil

81 protesters arrested at Supreme Court

US corporate elite fear Edwards

No More 99x In Atlanta

Remember when I was complaining about that trainer at my gym

It's Friday night and i remembered to buy beer.

Anyone ever have a partial knee replacement?

Webcams- which ones are easy to use, not too much $$$

Pick a number from 1 to 10

Years later.....

I'm sorry

crappy cell phone photo: they tore down cabrini green and put in a community organic garden

R.I.P. ... I lost my gecko during the war on terrariums ...

Star Trek Motivational Posters!

*sigh* (cryptic post warning and dial-up warning)

Pet thread

Vista veterans - Any way to make everything Vista look like XP

For your listening pleasure...

So who got the cookie today?

Kitteh was a projectile vomiting machine this morning!

Geeks!: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES

Worst intra-forum DU rivalry?

An interesting night had I tonight - BTW, boycott "Womans' World" magazine...

Do I smell troll in here, or is it dirty socks?

Maybe the stupidest "marketing idea" EVER.

Anyone know how OPERATIONMINDCRIME is doing????

My girlfriend just got a Dyson

Movie - "Talk To Me" and Petey Green

No one deserves hurt or verbal abuse based on simple sex.

My 2nd oldest sister was rushed to the hospital 2 hours ago

No one deserves hurt or verbal abuse based on simple disagreement.

Oh my god!!!!

Why do people get body piercings?

Coming to a bottom near you: pantorexia

My youngest cat went outside today, she has before but was always afraid.


That's it!!! I'm getting a barking collar for this thing!

Visited Trader Joe's Today and I have a new candy obsession now

(PICS) I'm Posting Naked Too:

Screwby Doo, where are you?

my bil just emailed me, i got good news and bad news.

Sex: Who else is doing it?


Snag this little 90s gem used, if you can:

My girlfriend just got a Dyson Sphere

Bonzai Bonsai

I can't get my digital cable going. No Dig cable = no REAL TIME.

What happened to SouthlandShari?

Something beautiful: Morphing Muses

So who is multi-tasking tonight?

I went to the beach today

Online Banking: Who else is doing it?

twist the speedometer cable off the end n/t

Friday Night Post What Ever teh Fuck Picture You Want thread

What does it take women forever to put on makeup

In light of some discussion on racism and sexism on GDP

Darwin Awards: Macho Men!

Thomcat and I saw "The Whomping Willows."

Boston has a new resident and

Graduate school application nightmare (a bit of a rant.)

The DUzys are delayed!

My Siamese cat is really, really sick

Online Boinking: Who else is doing it?

I got a new kitten -- get your kitty cuteness fix here

I might as well draw first blood -- GO SEAHAWKS!

temeah's dirty little secret

Show a $250,000 Home for sale in your city

Have you heard of " Red Fridays"?

Post one interesting thing about yourself

@@@@@@@@@@ CABCERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111 @@@@@@@


Judy Woodruff

From Bartcop...good advice, lets do it.

I'm shocked!

By the time all is said and done and we have the two canditates

Missing soldier in Iraq promoted to sergeant

Attacks by Women Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Republican Sen. Craig Continues Minnesota Legal Appeal - Go Larry!

Can you DU this?

Richardson as Clinton's VP?

Air travelers stuck in political showdown over security

Clinton looks for votes, gets marriage proposal

Independent UK: Emails reveal Starbucks spied on staff looking to establish union

Dennis Kucinich and Republican contender Albert Howard to pay for NH recount

Keith talking about those blasted voting machines (SC) that won't

Chimpy goes to The Mid-East

Where's Darth Dick?

Bush in Galilee: Caption needed here

Poor Old Man Thompson ---pix--->>>

If I were Mittens Romney I don't think I would turn my back on Ron/Mo Paul ever again

Will Foreclosures Spark An Arson Boom?

Oh my god!!!!

Hillary Marry Me Baby!

Here's an amusing and/or, appalling, thought. Dubya will soon be an "Elder Statesman".

Bill Maher is back tonite!

Whatever happend to DU's "Top 10 Republican Idiots" column?

Republican Party Found Dead on Airport Bathroom Floor

Okay, so I've given up on America and want to relocate...

Tweety just did an attack segment against Edwards

North American seeking asylum fails to not convince Portuguese authorities

We finally watched Sicko. We were left deeply moved, speechless,

Ne - vaaaaaaaaaa - duh

“This is a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party and its future,”

Just got back from Wisconsin

From the DLC!: “Joe Lieberman is a close friend of mine,” Mr. From said.

Am I the only one here who is SICK of hearing the name Mondale?

The Conservative Movement: Hate groups, Holocaust Denial, and Pseudoscience

Two things that are annoying me about DU right now.

An Early Primary We Can Win: Taking Hastert's Vacated Seat In Illinois

Let's keep the Obama train rolling Barack supporters.

Tennessee unanimously passes resolution honoring Gore.

Have any candidates spoken out against this Real I.D. bullshit?

The Genuine Candidate of Change - Dennis Kucinich

I'd like to thank the good people...

DLC Leaders Down on Edwards

Tony Snow. WOW, what a douchebag. I hope Maher makes him look like

US Immigration gave 56 deportees psychotropic drugs...

The New Hampshire primary result was a victory!

Bill Moyers Journal anyone? nt

How comfortable are you with our candidates going against John McCain in the general election?

Bill Maher returns tonight FYI, with unnamed peerless panelists...

The return of the militias

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

How about a Hillary Clinton/Harold Ford ticket? I bet he could win Tenn this time

Stop revisionist "Christian nation" House Resolution 888

WTF??? We are paying Iraqis not to shoot at us????

We Need to Eliminate Secret Vote Counting, Not a Recount (X)

General Election votes and parenthood status poll

I agree with Roseanne Barr

So, if corporations are considered individuals, why can't we, enjoy their

"We are in a gilded age!"

Helen Thomas recommends a film, and a day in the life of a political junkie

the DU, sexism, racism, bigotry all made it to TV...

After latest polls nationwide it's Obama08 to now O bummer! 08

DUzy Awards will be posted Saturday, Jan. 12, sevenish

Now That Housing Has Soured, Renters Are Glad They Didn't Buy

Is Obama another Clinton Administration PART II? Why is it they are SO CLOSE?

A random sampling of some of the anti-Dennis Kucinich comments

Did you google the dick tonight?

Does anyone else think the entire concept of Super Delegates is bullshit?

Please vote for and comment on my 120th LTTE

Holy Shit! I'm "far left"!

Your Favorite Progressive / Whateveryouwannacallit Radio Show

Windows Vista, Office 2007 Expelled From British Schools

Larisa Alexandrovna: "What Does America Stand For?"

A poser's final words...Personally I wish none of this shit was going on.

Primary viciousness - Bush's fault.

Holy Shit. Do you think Chris Matthews HATES Hillary?

Drunkest Driver Ever?...Let's Hear it for the grrrrrrrrl..

Today was my last day in the US Army

For the record, Obama has NEVER been a member of the DLC.

I'm About To Commit DU Heresy Here, But...

Chimpy seems to think his approvals will go up to 45% - let's list ways how

"Strong opposition of uniformed military" STOPS Iran War – Ray McGovern

Today my 14 y/o daughter came home crying hysterically

California wants to control home thermostats

Dean: Don't expect clear front-runner even after Feb. 5

Book TV Schedule: January 12th - 14th


Fairy Tales: "I saw my father march with Martin Luther King, Jr" -- Mitt Romeny

Is Obama another Clinton Administration PART II? Why is it they are SO CLOSE?


Republican Nomination has now turned into Last Comic Standing

John Edwards: Spoiler, Surrogate or Surprise?

Wouldn't it be much more productive for Dems candidates to talk about McCain's

Moved to Election Reform thread

For the Governor of Arizona, it wasn't about Hillary. It was about Obama.

The way you run your campaign is the way you Govern as President in my opinion

So now Hillary wants to go on Russert show

For the ladies. You know who you are.

Why do some DU'ers let Matt Drudge guide the conversation of our national debate?

The "Keith Number": Margin of error, plus percentage of undecideds


Photos: Barack Obama rallying tonight with the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas,

Just for Fun--fun? Yes, Barbara Boxer debating any of the republicans running for the nod.

Dennis Kucinich email: Help defend the rights of American voters.

Still *way* undecided

All of this Clinton-Obama business today has made me really.......

Have Hillary and Obama Forgotten Iraq?

2008 can easily be the end of the Democratic Party.

I received my California Primary ballot today.

Because of absentee ballots, you have to take all polls with a grain of salt

MSNBC Premiers New Show Featuring Matthews and Tucker

NEW HILLARY AD starts airing in Nevada and South Carolina

Do I have it right? The Democratic Party is now divided along:

VIDEO of Jesse Jackson Jr. putting his foot in his mouth

Kucinich: Recount Redux

Any DU imput on where the candidates stand on Native American issues??

Painters Union endorses Huckabee and Clinton


People! It's Friday night. Give this shit a rest.

How can anybody TRUST Hillary?

If you add up blacks, women and gay people (god, I sound like an old disco song)

Sexist Comments, Racists Comments, I'm Coming Around

NYT thinks the NY primary is competitive (Even though Obama trails Clinton by 27%)

ALL this racial tension in the democratic party just proves the country isn't ready

The central issues: the war and the economy

Where is "The Centre" in American politcs?

Bill Maher is back tonite!

BEN NELSON to endorse "candidate of change" Obama? BWAAAAA (Update)

Hillary is encouraging supporters in California to vote for her now

Josh at TPM on the 'race' dust-up:

Donnie McClurkin singing Yes We Can, Can

Millions lose homes, Countrywide CEO gets $88 million

A-hole Occupancy Rate of GD-P

To add some relaxation, i present the candidate match game

Mods done good!

Roger Clinton uses the "N-word" on a regular basis

Did Bill Clinton Mislead when he said that he had opposed Iraq from the Beginning, recently?

When Will The Clintons Apologize for Their Friendship With Their Beloved Homophobe, Billy Graham?

California Lt. Governor Garamendi endorses Hillary

Why is it only Bill Clinton that has to go to the black community?

The race comments are part of a strategy

Heres the thing about Hillary and her supporter's shrillness regarding the race card

2025 delegates needed to nominate. What deal did Obama cut with Bloomberg ?

So, Was Moving Up And Condensing The Primary Calendar A Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Hillary Clinton and Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee: A Disturbing Connection

Clyburn statement regarding SC pimary, released this evening

Clinton lies about Obama's words

Sen. Nelson To Endorse Obama Saturday Morning

I am really looking forward to the next Dem debate

Will Obama supporters who have used the misreported Cuomo story now apologize to Cuomo and Clinton?

Bill Clinton: Obama No 'Fairy Tale'

Is anybody in a good mood here?

Coworker Said Recount Completed in NH?

I'm going to go with Obama at this point....

What if we can't agree on a candidate? Does the Democratic

Where did the "Yes, we can" and campaign about nothing come from?

Feingold could envision, Clinton, Obama, or McCain in the White House.

Hillary and Bill in the Briar Patch.

Cheers to "DeepModem Mom"....

Here is SPECIFICALLY why Obama is the best choice now.

Kucinich is a joke x 3

IF Al Gore endorses Obama, will he get smeared here?

"Lobbyists, whether you like it not, represent real Americans...

Bill Richardson's letter to supporters - read what he says about the other candidates, please.

An example of Obama's idea of "Unity"

Obama Vs. Clinton = Effective Framing of Issues Vs. Triangulation = Lakoff Vs. Dick Morris

The Clintons are on the offense on the race bullshit. They have nothing to hide and they know it.

Any other Edwards supporters feeling split at the moment?

BIDEN, RICHARDSON, DODD supporters... Where are ya leaning?

SNEAK PEEK: 'Shuck & Jive'

How do you feel about...

What has Kucinich have against Hillary?

If Obama becomes identified as the "black" choice for President , he's finished

A question for Sen Clinton/Obama supporters.

Ouch, Gravel on the top 3 ...

Damning with faint praise. Bill Clinton suggests only reason for Blacks to vote for Obama is..

Rolling Stone reporter on Bill Maher says Edwards is surging

Bill Moyer’s quest was Shelby Steele who talked of “A bound man” (Obama)—his new book

NH outreach to lesbians & gays was quiet; Obama HQ refused statement on LGBT issues at all.

Today Thom Hartmann mentioned that we should refrain from talking about

Why Edwards must go ASAP, Hurry Hurry

Fate of Edwards' supporters could be key

Will Obama unite us by playing the race card against Democrats while reaching out to Republicans?

Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group--BLATANTLY dissed Edwards by

OBAMA Supporters only --May I have your attention, Please?

I was told this is "the best fucking graphic EVER!" So I'll share it......

THE OFFICIAL Why I support John Edwards WITHOUT BASHING Obama or Hillary thread.

Hillary Clinton tells ABC NEWS: racial accusations "baseless and divisive"

The deal is sealed.

It’s about ELECTABILITY, stupid!

Skeptical of some racist accusations @ Clintons, THIS quote DOES have racist tones.

Snow falls on Baghdad for first time in memory

IRS probe sought into foundation's support for Perry

Syria Rebuilds on Site Destroyed by Israeli Bombs

Nelson's support shows broad Obama appeal

Husband, wife discover that they are twins

Only top three invited to be at Tuesday's debate (NV-D)

3 Buddies Home from Iraq are Charged with Murdering a 4th

Iraq to Reinstate Ex-Saddam Supporters

FBI finds Blackwater trucks patched (repairs destroyed evidence)

Larijani to stand in Iranian vote

Poland seeks more US security for base

Agency Acts to Cut Delay in Gaining Citizenship (more people could be eligible to vote in Nov)

Schumer Calls for Quick Action on Economic Stimulus Measures

Activists: Kenyan violence orchestrated


Barack Obama's Campaign Jet Clips Plane Wing At Chicago Airport

CIA: Tapes not relevant to civil case

Baghdad Embassy Is Called A Fire Risk

Obama's Plane Strikes Parked Plane on Runway

Finally, CNN Sat 2:12 PM about to air Edwards Campaigning

Bush says 'Hope' is returning to Bagdhad

Poll: New Hampshire Win Rockets McCain to GOP Front-Runner Status (Up 21 Points)

AP Poll: Economy Ties War As Top Issue

Army says GI's claim of random shooting is unfounded

Bush: no decision on Iraq troop levels

MAHER ON NH PRIMARY: Bother by Diebold Control of Election Results

"Sorry, Barack, You've lost Iraq"

Pregnant Marine's grave found in N.C. (backyard firepit)

(Croatian) Parliament strips immunity from a lawmaker accused of war crimes

Directors Guild agrees to start contract talks with studios

(Senator Hillary) Clinton woos labor, Latinos on California swing

Edwards 'at peace' campaigning; in race until end

Bush and Congress Seen Pushing for Stimulus Plan

Chavez makes Colombia rebel call

Democrats Seek (withheld) Info on Bad Nursing Homes

Musharraf Rejects U.N. Inquiry on Bhutto

U.S.: Iranian bombs rise in Iraq

Obama’s ‘Yes, we can’ echoes Culinary’s

Lack of Supervision Noted in Deaths of Home-Schooled

Disney says Iger's salary rose 7 percent to $27.7 million

Bush Says Troop Cutbacks Might Stop

California wants to control home thermostats

Clinton camp hits Obama | Attacks 'painful' for black voters

Citigroup May Turn to Alwaleed, China for Cash to Offset Losses

Suspect's yard may hold Marine's burned remains

Saudi Arabia beheads foreign maid

I think this is damn good

An Earworm before I retire for the night!

Damn it! Rick Astley stole my Identity!

First Lady Laura's Bloody Fight With Boozing Bush

Online Bunking: Who else is doing it?

I divorced her twenty years ago.

You hear the siren, It takes a minute. Closer, echoing off the apartment across the street.


Why is my screen filled with fuzz?

I am drunk ,very drunk

I keep telling ya... Oranguatan Island is the shitz

Anybody yet seen "There Will Be Blood"?

Need some artistic inspiration

How do I get a Line Feed into the signature line?

Get teh popcorn....

so who's up for the day and who hasn't gone to bed yet

Rubber Duckie?

Testing, Testing

Brit Twins Unknowingly Marry

OMG! They sold lead in products back in 2002! China had! For real!!

Too many trains going by this evening

Toronto's Smallest House is For Sale

How can such a horrible thing happen?

I said goodbye to my 15 year old dog this morning

What if ST, SW, BG and B5 spaceships went to war against each other?

NB: When you lecture someone on correct grammar, usage, or spelling

Roseanne Barr vs. Kirsty Alley in a Cage Match

Please Bear With Me As I Have A Quick Egotistical 'Proud Daddy' Moment... (Picture Thread)

Kevin Mitnick's Business Card

There are only two things I want to know

Where are all the good games nowadays?

Just got the funniest Nigerian scam e-mail yet:

This is just about the funniest thread ever.

temeah's other secret.

Moron drives drunk right into a house!

That studio audience inside your head


What are appropriate and acceptable topics for the DU Lounge?

Would you like to laugh a little this morning?

I thought Erin Burnett would be interested....

News of the weird:Group Plans To Ride Metro Without Any Pants

Fucking Best Buy. I could just hit someone.

Network Solutions is evil!. I looked up a domain. It was avail. I went to buy it 5 min..later....

Kinda sad that my longest thread evah

Jasonc Song of the day...

lolcat is a Repug?

Another one of my favorite songs...

Tomorrow, I'm going "home" for the day

Give me your thoughts on how many veterinarians that you think are vegetarians..

How well do you know MrScorpio?

Windows Vista failure modes.

Hey, it's almost mid-January. Is it too early to watch Xmas episodes of my favorite TV shows?

Really Great Videos

New windshield whipers...I'm thrilled! But I think I have a phobia.

I only want to know one thing...

IE sucks.

My Brand New Laptop With Vista is Slower than my PIII

Rock Band the Game stole my life

So many subject lines of interest

Barack and Roll for Obama - California Bay Area fundraiser tonight.

Remember when air and water was colorless and tasteless?

Been a bit since our last "Post your veeblefetzer pics" thread: so if you got'em, post'em

I'm feeling....

Beijing Olympics

GrayW! Need a little help here

Ron Jeremy and George Tenet High School buddies

6th Avenue Heartache...


Films with great ensemble casts...

GDP made my brain hurt, so I'm gonna go cook...

Remember when air at a gas station was free?

Whoops, meant to post this in GD

Time to recall your Cox

CHOOSE between Amazon's 1960s or 1970s Retro Candy Gift Boxes

If you could, would you marry a celebrity? (Or date enough to get your pic in the papers)

In today's Denton paper - humorous

This song is dedicated to the ladies of DU

Spice is the variety of life!

question about ignore list

Ok, how do I unwrinkle a silk tie without destroying it in the process?

Dear wise friends: what is the chance of this?

You should check out my city.

Today I had to fire someone I genuinely like

How do I see if someone has been tombed if they have a hidden profile?

Absolute dumbest help desk reply of the last 5 years

'All These Things That I've Done' by 'The Killers'


Man Leaves Toddler In Van, Goes To Strip Club.

Where the HELL is Midlo?

Gotta live one in GDP

Poor Toronto!

Hot Flashes for The latest cover of Rolling Stone!!

Ask me anything

Futurama! Are the new episodes airing yet?

Flickr is having a massage.

My best friend just called me from Dublin

This 9/11 thread is the funniest in years, go before it's silenced

If you have AT&T cellular service, how do you like it?

mmmmm, our chili is cooking.

Come On Over and Share My Afternoon Snack

Factoid: "The first e-mail was sent in 1971 from Cambridge, Massachusetts."

Seahawks-Packers Game Thread!!

Good Morning loungers....

Does a coat thrown over your handcuffs draw attention to the fact that you're handcuffed?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem, 1/12/08

Don't know about you, but I really REALLY need to get some

Anyone else have a cold that won't go away?

Jim Croce - for all the acoustic music lovers out there

Man, am I pissed


Holy carp! My CPU is running around 70 degrees C under load! Question for the computer geeks?

Poor Lucy, she has mastered the art of jumping up on the bed.

i'm thinking of posting a slanderous accusation against a candidate in GDP withouth links or facts

Saw 'No Country For Old Men' on Tuesday. Wanted to see it again today...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/12/2008)

You probably won't laugh, but I love this kind of humor!!

Okay... well...

Anyone do the Avon 2-day breast cancer walk?

In m'time a dyin, ye'll need th'armchair


Oh, please, for the love of God, Lock this thread!!!!

I am making an indian dinner for 11 tomorrow,

What would make a good musical?

Make up a Harry Potter Title - Harry Potter and the Angry Inch

Time again for another time honored round of ASK MRSCORPIO

Frankenstein meets the Spacemonster

I hope it's okay for me to post again about my Dad. It's not real, is it?

VW Rabbit or Honda Fit?

Word Association Thread

Sadam officials now welcomed

I keep reading about "DU Exceptionalism" - but it's NOT just DU ...

It is "a kind of moral lobotomy," ----- Killing the soul is the ultimate aim

Edwards supporters

Baghdad Embassy Is Called A Fire Risk

Just saw movie "Juno" at Sundance Theater here in Madison

Bush brushed aside the Constitution to veto a defense spending bill.

"I have fought them, fought them, beat them, beat them, beat them, beat them, over and over again"

I'm taking Hil and Rupert out of my sig.

Amnesty marks six years of Guantanamo with worldwide protests

Twins Unwittingly Got Married In Britain

Feminist Election Survival Tips (Funny)

U.S. looking for closer military ties with China

Texas official: Call it creationism degree

Repukes fall all over each other to show how Rambo-esque they are when commenting on Iran...

If there is a recession this year, the Democrats cannot lose. They can only beat themselves.

Voice from Gulf of Hormuz incident may be "Filipino Monkey"

Burma's Suu Kyi in junta meeting (BBC)

USA prepares military action against Iran? (Russia reports)

Bush on CNN right now.

Delta, ASA Plane Nearly Collide At Atlanta Airport (

Warning on stealthy Windows virus (BBC) {steals online banking logins}

I am getting tired of the "guys" - Maher and everyone on MSNBC

The problem with an "informed electorate" ... Wiley nails it (Non Sequitur 'TOON)

As Long as US Troops Are Not Dying Is America ‘OK’ with The Occupation of Iraq?

SEN. Barack Obama's OFFICIAL RESPONSE to the recent Hil/Bill Controversy

Facts and Figures: Latino Voters

unsure who to vote for? problem solved - an online calculator

The Invisible Man

The Federal Government is Changing the National Emblem

Can anyone defend Dennis Kucinich's policy to withdraw from the WTO?

Iran showdown has echoes of faked Tonkin attack

Well, the MSM can ignore Edwards, but they CAN'T ignore him on the debate next Tuesday!

huckabee wants women to be submissive

Washington State Sen. Oemig Introduces Resolution Exhorting Congress To Impeach Cheney & Bush

Have you picked your Primary candidate yet?

Capitalism is closer to fascism than to democracy...

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Challenges We Face

Whistleblower effectively gagged by FBI

Question for Bush: What about the political benchmarks? Do those no longer matter?

All the candidates need to understand that we need radical change...

Photo Activists For Peace

Larisa Alexandrovna: New Docs Show - Musharraf Knows Far More That He's Admitted About Murder

Independent UK: Emails reveal Starbucks spied on staff looking to establish union

So Marion Jones Gets 6 Months & I Liar Libby Gets A Hop, Skip & A Jump

If McCain is the candidate nominated by the Republic Party

"Real ID" needs a birth cert.. Ooooook....

Bush Talks Troop Withdrawal With Petraeus

There's some interesting comments following this Fortune article (xpost from Veterans)

Does Anyone Have AT&T U-verse Cable, Phone & Internet?

You're the new President. Who's in your Cabinet?

So when newbies like "ObamaAmerican" hop on and start spamming against other that OK?

I'm really tired of all of you and your depression.

Number one reason Hillary will lose the general election = “No woman is illegal” .eom

Respond with caution.

I Wanna Hear McCain Turn to Romney and Say...

Matt Taibbi on Bill Maher.....this guy ROCKS...

Repress U: Build a Homeland Security Campus in Seven Steps

DUzy withdrawals

Which states are "winner-takes-all" for the Democrats? Any?


Edwards for Attorney General? FTC Chairman?

Evangelical repubs are just the nicest people, really they are.

Edwards supporters...your second choice for President?

Did the DUzy's come out today? I could use a good mid-primary belly laught about now.

Ron Paul = Frank Burns with less hair.

Edwards is too combative to be president

America has spoken!

paul begala seriously bashes mitt

Hillary voted Yea on the IWR and Kyle-Lieberman

My Nominee for Dummest Person Alive

If NAFTA were to include as an intrinsic part of it the requirement that

Photos: Shut Down Guantanamo Protest in Rome, send message to candidates

Illegal Conspiracy to Do TORTURE & Confirmation That Crime Went Up To President

Moody’s says spending threatens US credit rating

LOL !!! - Ya Gotta Love Those Europeans !!!

Happy Eid, Merry Christmas, and carbombs in Iraq. From an Iraqi blogger.

Caption this

David Brooks talks about Hillary's "wall."

Do we have "Blast"

The Washington Post is a useless, lying, biased piece of shit! nt

The Justice Department shenanigans would have continued if we didn't take congress in 2006.

Floor Speech of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (October 10, 2002)

Would you like to laugh a little this morning?

Fuck it

Bush's Iraq Puppets to Reinstate Ex-Saddam Supporters


The Mavericks is ON! See it here live streaming

Edwards Raises Race as an Issue, Campaigning in S.C.

Was the US mortgage market nationalized in Q3? (Roubini Global Economics)

Caption this pic...(insane President waving at military audience)

US Court: "Those Held At GITMO - Are NOT Person(s)"

Crap! Let's be more careful out there! Obama plane clips wing of parked plane.

"EVERYTHING depends on our standing up"

Anybody Know What Happened To The DU Gallery ???

Blackwater "repairs" erased evidence after deadly Iraq shooting incident

Is it Celebration Time? An Open Letter to Joe Lieberman.


Take a short break ... see what´s up at Oprah WORLD FORUM

Has Bushco successfully pushed the entire American political spectrum even further to the Right?

Carl's Jr. Founder Carl Karcher Dies at 90

How the New England Journal of Medicine Undercounted Iraqi Civilian Deaths

I thought the corporate media's strategy of ignoring Edwards

What is this? harassing non english speaking voters?

AMAZING Internet Archive!

Okay, I'm in.

White supremacists to march in Jena, La.,-On MLK Day

Why is SC's Republican governor praising the Obama candidacy?

Is there still a Magician in the house?

Anybody can be an idiot!

How can a candidate unite the country, if he/she

what a weird weird man that chris matthews is

Nebraska Sen. Nelson endorses Obama


Idiotic anti-Obama email I received from an aquaintance:

Immigration Policy that Benefits the American Middle Class

Have Been Speaking About John Edwards To People Today...

Question about a Samsung MP3 player.

Donovan - The Universal Soldier

Conservative Fascism

How do the DU Chicanos feel about Obama using 'Si se Puede' as a slogan?

How William Kristol earned a New York Times column (This Modern World)

Caption this Bush Pix - - >>

The DU roller coaster ride, this week, via paraphrased perusal of the Latest page..

Insurers rip off consumers-boost profits by overcharging policyholders, underpaying claims, study finds

Molly Ivins on Prairie Home Companion - 6:00 PM EST today.

Barack and Roll for Obama - California Bay Area fundraiser tonight.

Blackwater's repairs of it's trucks might hinder investigation

Here is an Emerson quote that pretty much sums up Conservatism

Global ‘enthusiasm’ for Bush’s departure.

HELP: Socially Responsible Investing

Tony Snow dominated and controlled "Real Time with Bill Maher"

Who do you figure is Exxon/Mobil's choice for the Republican nominee?

Senior Clinton adviser faces N.H. drunken driving charge

Carl Sagan of the 21st Century: Wall Street because they stole "billions & billions."

Clinton Camp Hits Obama | Attacks 'Painful' For Black Voters

I have a big problem with Kerry

CNN having a "Ballot Bowl"--on NOW

The welfare-wingnut king (Jonah Goldberg) has decided that fascism is a phenomenon of the left.

The Smith Act, in case anyone here is in favor of HR1955 and SR1959...

B. Clinton put 100,000 police on streets. Now we must put 100,000 SEC officers on Wall Street.

Time to pack. Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way

If Mark Penn is running the campaign, who's going to be in the cabinet?

Study: Northeast Winters Warming Fast

Freepers blame Ahhnuld, Gray Davis and Mexicans for California's budget crisis

U.S. attorney's office accused of anthrax case leaks (LAT)

Mozambique floods: The Zambezi river has burst its banks

Have you noticed Tweety is drooling and slobbering more and more all the time?

Southern Nevada judge terminates soldier's child custody rights

Hey, today is RUSH LIMBAUGH'S BIRTHDAY!! So I thought I'd send him a cake....

Why I Fight

E=Mail from MOVE-ON: Democrats Are Accountable Too - more

Happy Birthday, Rush Limbaugh!!

The Chocolate Migration

No forgiveness for Democrats?

Mysterious Crowd Suddenly Stopped Bhutto's Car, Officer Says - McClatchy

Sorry, Barack, You’ve lost Iraq. (Newsweek)

A tear or a snowflake

Nevada Politics: Obama v. Clinton? Culinary Workers v. Teachers?

Patients with dementia survive for four years, study finds

You've got to be carefully taught

Here DUzy, DUzy, DUzy. Here DUzy, DUzy, DUzy

Here it is, the National Anthem from the SC GOP debate

A Modest Proposal - Early Primaries Should Be in States With The Highest Unemployment

McClatchy: Clinton's stimulus plan is long on politics, short on economics

So...who's this REALLY about?

I just woke up, screaming in terror from a dream....

Sorry Dems - You Pissed It Away - YOU JUST LOST IRAQ!!!

How about that economy? Are you doing better than you were 8 years ago?

I'd like to welcome OPERATIONMINDCRIME back.

This is my first presidential campaign since joining DU

Were US Warships in Iranian Waters?

Caption this

Ah... The Good Old Days, LOL !!!

Why Dennis Kucinich needs to stay in till the very end:

New Hampshire SoS announces recount

The Fight of the Century.

Sheriff's Office: Man Killed Baby Daughter Because He Wanted Son

Peace Bus Destroyed By Suspicious Fire

A warning - Remember the great betrayal of the Kerry "campaign" in 2004?

Inside the Martial Law Act of 2006

If John Edwards had $100 million, he would get more attention...

Has there been any updates/news on the dead pregnant Marine? I had a dream last night that the baby

Honda's FCX Clarity(The Zero emission sedan of the future?)

"Sliming Obama" (seven-page article debunking the anti-Obama e-mails)

*** Post New-Hampshire TOONs ***

AGENT OF CHANGE - my perspective

Positive portayals of people with disabillities.

Well... John McCain will be within 2 miles of my house in an hour ... CNN already there.

What really might have happened in Iowa.

Do you think the US could ever become essentially a left wing power?

Have You Ever Seen Junior So Happy? ---pix--->>>

Hillary's Labor Problem: Her Campaign Mgr. is CEO of a UNION-BUSTING PR Frim

Kucinich is running for president

Man Who Coined the Phrase, "Don't Mess With Texas" Hired to 'Soften' Hillary Clinton's Image

Peyton And I Have Been On The Stump For Edwards Today

Sea Shepherd is Moving In On the Japanese Whaling Fleet

Hillary's Lawyer Supporter Kummer Sues 4 Union To DISENFRANCHISE HISPANIC, UNION VOTE IN LAS VEGAS!!

Lantos’ Tarnished Legacy by Stephan Zunes

Bush's MESSIAH Complex

Making War Profits on the Back-End: "Carlyle Group" and "Manor Care"

They Might Be Giants

Impeachment Marcher Reaches Washington - "Hello Madame Speaker"

Putting aside my previous wild emotional responses, Candidate Hillary Clinton is correct.

Has the DLC gained or lost influence in the waning of GOP power?

John Kerry: I won the 2004 Election

Finally, CNN Sat 2:12 PM about to air Edwards Campaigning

Listen Up Folks! Corporate Media makes Race and Gender Entertainment! Could Split Dem Party!

255 Recs - WOW!

The battle of Stalingrad

Hillary on Sudan: NO FLY ZONE. Shoot down whatever hits that no fly zone.

Uh OH! Big time Uh Oh! Wexler's Hearings Petition Numbers

Feelin' The (Freeper) Love for Hillary!

See the picture? - That's one of the Iranian boats in question.

Family Values? David Huckabee and the Giuliani "Ingrates"

RE Kerry not fighting in 2004

"How dare you" question the official story as provided by the people who blocked the investigation?!

Corpse Wheeled to Check-Cashing Store Leads to 2 Arrests

Edwards is 100% right about needing to fight corporations.

Seven Steps To A Homeland Security Campus

The Shock Doctrine: Erasing Iraq: Hey, Hey the Gangs All Here page 329

The Shock Doctrine: A Corporatist State (blood-sucking, shape-shifting, vampires)

Kucinich isn't running for President.

NBC Rewrites its Own Rules to Prevent America from Hearing Kucinich

No one has done more than Kerry to expose the BFEE.

Posted with love and humor for the Kucinich types: Tolkien on Politics

Others with Auto-Immune Disorders (or Anyone with Cancer, HIV, or Infectious Disease), Please Watch

Something to toss out here----why does it seem racism is worse than sexism?

ID Plan Is Broadly Criticized

Is Hillary Clinton a racist? No. Is Obama a homophobe? No. Is Edwards a phony? No.

Has anybody transferred their support to Hillary Clinton

Obama to CWU workers: "I wasn't living large"

Viguerie has promised to figure the Dem. Party as the umbrella of women, wusses and special in

Clarence Page on PBS: Dems have a hard time deciding between

If Edwards does not quit

What's Clinton's, Edwards, and Obama's position on Streakers at Sporting Events?

In 1490 if Columbus got killed in a bar fight would there be a caucus in NV next week?

Bill Maher better hope the strike is settled soon...

Planet Democrat. (feel the love)

Si se puede: Good clip of Obama's union rally speech today

Remember when President Clinton sent troops to Haiti with 20% support

Racism,Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, And Other Forms Of Bigotry

Proper Context - We complain when the right ignores it, but allow it here (Clinton's vs Obama)

What exactly have the Clintons done for African-Americans?

Republicans love to focus people's hate by capitalizing on their prejudices and fears.

B*sh-If I were running for office at this point, I’d be saying, ‘Vote for me. I’m gonna be an agent

Tweety has a point on how Hillary became a sympathetic figure

Get teh popcorn--It's teh Mike Huckabee forum!

It's disgusting to see the tearing down of good Dems in order to prop up a favored candidate...

A few months from now the only thing between your ass and a concentration camp will be

Don't like the way race is being used to divide the Democratic Party? There is one way to stop it.

How does Hillary plan to win the GE w/out black voters?

A comment about the word "surge"...

"The Mad Money Primary Race"

"I'd like to know if anyone would consider this man a candidate if he were NOT black."

I've decided

Alright, Everybody...Time to lighten things up around here! TOONS

BILL MAHER ON NH PRIMARY: 'I'm Bothered That a Private Company (Diebold) Runs the Machines, Are Only

Why John Edwards should stay in the race, our progressive conscience-- my own two cents

Clinton's Donors Fly To DC For Summit

On Jan. 12, 1915, -House of Representatives rejected a proposal to give women the r

"Rudy's Putting 'Almost Everything' in FL"

Fred Thomson for President

Lawsuit filed against NV Dem Party over temp "at-large" casino precincts & cheating on delegate #s

Scooter and Freddy

Hillary at King Taco in Los Angeles

The Answer: Because the economy sucks and is getting worse.

Minority Reports - After New Hampshire, a hint of racial politics (The New Yorker)

Promises, Promises

Thank you Hillary and Barack for letting this race turn ugly in January.

Please K&R the Candidate Quiz that every DUer should try

Is Obama going to condemn Lawrence O'Donnell for his Race-Baiting remarks?

Here we go again. Some Americans have become very ugly.

Will the MSM/GOP attempt to divide the Democratic Party be successful

The role Edwards might play in winning Obama the nomination.

The more I hear JE's campaign, the less I like it.

Please delete.

Sincere question - if a union endorses a candidate,

NOW the Washington Post's ombudsman admits Edwards didn't get enough coverage

"Edwards banking on South Carolina to turn fortunes around"

Elanor Cliff on MSNBC this morning: Not one mention of John Edwards

What State Does John Edwards Break Out In?

No big announcements at (Omaha, Ne) Democratic dinner

Why did Lincoln, a Republican, pick Johnson, a Democrat, as VP?

Dumbest word in American English: Swiftboat (as a verb)

Debunking the Clintonian Talking Point About Obama's War Position

Photos: YES WE CAN, NEVADA! Obama, Gov. Janet Napolitano at a rally at Del Sol H.S. in Las Vegas.

When will NBC start unplugging John Edwards from the debates?

Please, get your e-mail addresses ready and send NBC

Will the effort of some DUers to smear Obama be successful?

Clinton Camp Slams Obama's Concerns About Gambling


NYT: New York now in play?

Workin' with Bush: "Democrats say they could support tax relief focused on lower-income people..."

General Truce Offer

I am frustrated - help me out, fellow DUers!

With Economy Slowing, All Speeches Are Turning to It

Does Obama think it's gay people's fault that they're discriminated against?

If I were on trial for my life, and I was Innocent, I would want at least one Edwards supporter

Would using Step 'n Fetchit be considered racist?

Two new Obama ads: "Quiet" and "Mother"

If I were running for president I would take lobbyists money

Hispanics in NYC choose Dinkins over Giuliani (twice)--memo to the hispanics-are-racist crowd

Friends, I post lots of articles, and they are posted only as an FYI

DLC tells reporters on conference call that Edwards isn't "viable."

Obama Can Win; If He Does, Let's Hope His Sunny Bipartisan Talk Is Just Rhetoric

Want a break

UFW owns the Obama slogan...


LVRJ: Obama Rocks Vegas Faithful: Black, Brown and White

The truth that Clinton supporters, Edwards supporters...

Teachers Sue to Block Hotel Workers’ Union Vote in Nevada Caucus

Poll Potheads: The Bradley effect in New Hampshire debunked

Obama promises Nevadans he'll help working-class

Union Protests 'Gross-Up' Payments

Hope, Experience, Stubbornness, Determination.

Experts Question Clinton's New Hampshire Primary Win (Diebold op-scan)

Newt Gincrich fawns over Hillary Clinton

Can we stop with the "Do you really think this will help your candidate?" comments?

Can a Bush pact with Iraq prevent the next President from withdrawing forces?

Kucinich, I'm calling on you for the good of your country to

Wow, it's amazes me that DU is using the same tired Karl Rove lines from 2004.

Gloria Steinem Debates Racism and Sexism in the '08 Election

Some guy talking to fat Timmy on my Tee Vee just said Edward's voters are poor and uneducated

The US elections: In whose interest is the campaign for “bipartisan unity”?

Have the mods just thrown up their hands in disgust

Associated Press's 2 different tallies in the NH Primary

96% of African American voted for Lyndon B. Johnson. They knew it took a president to get it done

John Edwards needs to blow this next debate out of the water.

Who Is Still Running

Clinton and Obama have charm and are experiencing an historic run.....

fun summary of the opposition

If I was Hillary or Edwards, I'd be breathing a huge sigh of relief that Kerry endorsed someone else

If Hillary is the nominee this person below might be a threat

Obama's IL Const Amend, Health Care A Right

Obama Playbook Recalls Deval Patrick Campaign

Obama Supporters: Why do you support Barack Obama?


I just realized something amazing...

As Obama surges, Jewish supporters cheer

T-R-U-C-E We need a 24 hour truce

Is There A Place To Discuss France, Sarkozy, et al.

One Reason Why Edwards is Running Third:

Whenever I lose perspective, I remind myself

Is there somewhere to donate to Kucinich for the NH recount?

"It was clear he was the one. The bluntness, the forcefulness. He was really impressive."

Part of a John Edwards letter

This just about sums it up!

What should the standard be for inclusion in a TV debate?

I don't care for Obama, but he has a powerful and familiar effect on the less-informed

Unions Pouring Resources Into Nevada Caucus Fight

Clinton wins on-line poll in Huntsville, AL - a serious shock!

I'm afraid that Edwards will rise to the top if all the Clinton-Obama squabbling continues

No 'Bradley' effect in NH polls/vote

Anyone watching Willard "Mittens" Romney on CNN?

New Film Slams Wal-Mart: "Going Big Box vs. Going Local" [VIDEO]

Hillary's pollster says Hispanics may be reluctant to support a black candidate.

Emails reveal Starbucks spied on staff looking to establish union

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/12/08 - Clinton up 4, Obama up 2, Edwards down 1

Do I have doubts about my candidate? Of course.

Why Can't We All Get Along?

OK a friend of mine on myspace put this out about Obama.. I need something to send out NOW

Clinton Adviser Charged With DWI in NH

Which national convention comes first next summer - the Demo or Republican?

What makes Huckabee a Republican?

2008 Electability Morans

Edwards supporters: What did you do to elect Edwards today?

Michael Bloomberg is considered a liberal.

Teachers Union Moves to Block Obama Union from Voting

Ok those Obama smear emails...

Obama supporters---See him on CNN --NOW

Does Obama ever take questions from the audience?

Obama-Clinton Or Clinton-Obama

And Then Barack's Campaign Collapsed By Playing The Race Card. It's OVER

Karl Rove and Bushies hate Obama-love Hillary Clinton

Newsweek: Bush attempts to negotiate long-term US-Iraq pact

Why do the repugs HATE I mean HATE Hillary?

Bill Maher's Return, John Edwards Great Diary!

Dupe. Self delete.

Josh Marshall: Taking a Deep Breath

"Obama's fresh face is useless when it comes to American power politics."

Is anyone really crazy enough to think that we're going to "unite" America?

Getting back to reality... Hillary made a good speech today in CA about actual issues

*ALERT* Moderators take a look at "Poll question: Is the GLBT community ENTITLED "

I'm convinced: if Obama were white, he would not even be running this year.

Why do we hype two-party GE polls when Bloomberg is almost certain to run

The authentic agent of change is the one the media & DLC ignore and the corporatists fear.

Obama much weaker than Hillary in Ohio against McCain

Rudith bloviating on CNN in Florida

What about men, Hillary? Is any man illegal?

Would You Be In Favor Of A 10% National Sales Tax....If.....

Crafting a victorious electoral strategy

Who's the best US president of all time?

If race-baiting by a campaign more immoral than gay-baiting?

Let's just go to the American Idol model and vote out one candidate a week!

Black Voters will come to Obama's Defense in SC the same way Women Came to Hillary's in NH

Real News network: biased or unaware?

Would a racial mini-war between Clinton and Obama hurt Obama's chances?

Will the NV caucus be delayed because of lawsuits and chaos in the procedures. I

McCain talking tough on Russia..

The Level of Disrespect the Clintons have for Obama is Sickening

Any Michigan Obama supporters voting for Kucinich in the primary?

Here is my logic in voting for Kucinich and not Obama..

Wilentz: To understand Hillary's "race problem," we must better understand history of Civil Rights

Ron Paul Followers

Since The Primary Season Started, Has Your Opinion Of Clinton and Obama Changed?

The Clintons attempt to suppress the vote in Nevada....Where is the outrage?

Is the 'Kiddy Army's' antics overshadowing Obama on DU?

How does Hillary unite the country?

Obama And Clinton Flat Out Cream All Rethugs Except McCain In New Poll

Salon writer says there was no fraud in NH. Read his stupid argument here

What will Hillary's position on Medical Marijuana be? Will she also incarcerate millions?

Red State support: Obama v. Clinton

Of the top two, who would be the best nominee for the sake of party unity?

My temper got the best of me- sorry guys

Obama's organization will force Clinton to defend her place in New York's Feb 5 primary

Clinton camp hits Obama | Attacks 'painful' for black voters

The Clintons have NOT disrespected Obama, they have disrespected themselves and Voters

CNN Poll -Hillary Beats All Republicans Including Big Bad John McCain

Obama to Las Vegas: 'I hit the jackpot'

Post-NH "reconfigured" Clinton campaign strategy of race-baiting: Clinton AIDES per Edsall @ HUFFPO

Obama supporters at Las Vegas rally chant "Sí se puede!"

Watching a Romney rally on CNN

OBAMA floats above the mud fest thrown by desperate CLINTONS!

Black Leaders Question Clinton Remarks

BOB HERBERT: Of Hope and Politics

United farm Workers OWN the phrase 'Si se Puede'...

Obama vs. Clinton on the confirmation of judge John Roberts

Why Obamamania?

I didnt realize Mark Penn was ANTI-UNION

Dennis is Don Quixote, John is Don Quixote in a tank

'Huckabee' Plan Forgot Something: Attribution

"Hillary can't unite the party" is a myth. Edwards or Obama would unite the party, as well.

Clinton Hispanic Pollster Bendixen said Hispanic Voters Don' Like To Vote for Black Candidates!!

Kuinich brings nothing to the debate? He's not a viable candidate?

So who's the most liberal candidate? Obama? Edwards? Clinton?

Poor Obama, I feel sorry for him.If I had been running HRC's

"Putting Responsibility First:" John Edwards' speech at 2002 DLC National Conversation.

The Clinton Legacy: Drastically increasing the US prison population

John Edwards...100 to one odds

The Obama "attack" on Hillary (the GOP agenda)

Here is a video of a Republican operative discussing encouraging Green Party votes.

I resent getting an email from Obama using Kerry's list

Advice for JE- not personal to just you, but to all of us

Are you KIDDING me with this "fairy tale" racial bullshit??? Here's the clip, how is it racial?

Some of my favorite people in one photo.

For Hillary Clinton supporters: Hillary Through the Years

The Clintons, Obama, and the current "race issue."

John Edwards’ Home State Backer Switches to Barack Obama

Is there or is there not going to be a recount?

Circular Firing Squad III: 60 Million Bucks Will Buy a Lot of Scriptwriters

Obama and the Hispanic-American vote: Some points to consider (Part I)

Barack and Roll for Obama - California Bay Area fundraiser tonight.

Obama & Limits of Star Power --"When the container trumps the content"

It was Edwards, not Obama, who co-founded a DLC group

John Edwards Does Not Exist.....

I want John Edwards to stay in. Here's why

If McCain is our opponent, Obama may not be the answer. Even Obama's supporters admit it

CNN Polling: All Republicans lose to Clinton and Obama.

I can't get Kucinich, so I 'll take Edwards. I can't get Edwards,

Clinton's War On Drugs: Cruel, Wrong, Unwinnable: Rolling Stone

Anyone out there remember there is a war outthere that we hate more than eachother?

How certain important interest groups have rated the Candidates

Obama & Clinton raising millions from big business

Was the New Hampshire vote stolen? (from Salon)

DU's Obamanation shucks and jives with fake outrage

You wanna help your candidate: Focus on what s/he is doing, what endorsements s/he is getting

Allow me to introduce Obama's parents

Will the attempt to Swiftboat Hillary Clinton on Race be successful?

‘Unions Have Made America Great’

DEMOCRATS... You Can Choose Either One of The TWO DLC Candidates! Sen. Edwards IS NOT One of Them

Kucinich doesnt bring anything to the debate

Nevada - listen here to pronounce it correctly

Bill Maher: "If you hate Hillary Clinton, it is SO about YOU"

Why Edwards attack Hillary

Why is it OK for DU members to call other members racists, KKKrs, etc?

If Kucinich 'can't win' and isn't a threat to you, why do you care?

Joe Biden's presidential run...and a warning.

Is the GLBT community ENTITLED to equal rights or should they be GIVEN them by straight people?

David Brooks: Karl Rove & Bush trust legacy to Hillary.

Et Tu, Michigan? What a shame.


Hey, there really IS a pattern to the stuff coming out of the Clinton campaign

Why women voted for Hillary - in smilies (Last plea)

Edwards staying in the race is good for the Party regardless of who becomes the nominee.

Posada protestors clash with exile supporters

Critics pounce on Clinton after immigration comments

Voting on the Strip a no-no, suit says

Whalers on the run as Greenpeace gives chase

Abu Ghraib probe didn’t go far enough, O-5 says

Guard troops get $100 shopping sprees

Mullen reviewing options to reduce tours

Hunter: NATO slacking off in Afghanistan

Siblings charged with stealing from soldier

Known heckler may be behind radio threats

Reservist cleared of rape

Army: No evidence of random firing at Iraqis

Judge gives Martinez 2 weeks to seek hearing

French unearth 550-pound U.S. Army bomb

Pregnant Marine believed dead

95 soldiers called to active duty in Egypt

Navy: Ship fired warning shots at Iranian craft in December

County slams Navy plan for hospital growth

San Antonio booming from BRAC

Former Marine charged in theft from troops

Accused school board faker faces calls for job

Back to Iraq: I MEF releases the rotation list

18 nominated for first or second star

Enemy resistance training reinstated

Langley to test Raptor at all hours next week

Interesting mailbag at the Air Force Times today:

Shaw F-16s headed to Kunsan next week

Navy programs help sailors look to future

Six soldiers killed by IED in Iraq are identified

Iran shift in Gulf concerns Mullens

Aviano F-16 crash report under review

Hertling: Report that Iraqi forces can’t be trusted is ‘logic leap’

Foster Marine gets 3 years in drug case

Maj. Gen.: Anbar province safe for transfer

DOD: Most services met goals for recruiting

AFRICOM launches blog so anyone can sound off

Jury finds Osan airman guilty of rape

Patience urged on Italy’s soggiorno backlog

Prosecutor seeks prison term, fine for SRRT executive

Reporter's Notebook: Camp Lemonier crowns new hot dog eating king

The Toughest Fight in Anbar Province

Army Must Rethink Rotorcraft Design

Testing Airmen's Environment Skills

Marine death inspires gold star license plate

Coming Soon - The Fate of the Galaxy

Treatment focus of trial in infant’s death

Soldier who died from war wounds remembered

Army Destroys Half of Chemical Agent

Authorities Believe Marine's Remains Found

Japanese shop designated off-limits for Marines

There's some interesting comments following this Fortune article

CNN's coverage of today's VA stand-down is sickening

Please vote for and comment on my 120th ltte

Wing structure concerns ground 39 P-3Cs

Snow snarls traffic on U.S. bases in S. Korea

Motorin’ to Michigan: Mitt and Mac ‘Massage’ Message to Arab-American Voters

Campaign of 'Mr. 9/11' Goes Into Chapter 11

Kucinich stepping into trap with recount?

Bush Visits Biblical Holy Sites

DC Voting Rights Resolution in New Hampshire

I smell Barack Obama baloney

Sen. Clinton (D-Punjab)

"French Anne Frank" Diary Enthralls France

Cyclical Evolution

What's at stake with the at-large caucus precincts (lawsuit filed against NV Dem party)

McClatchy: In voiding suit, appellate court says torture is to be expected

D.L.C. Leaders Cut Edwards Out

Huckabee Not the Only One ‘Crucified’ by Fred Thompson at S.C. Debate

The Shock Doctrine: Turning a tsunami into a windfall—for some

Eric Alterman: Blowhards and Windbags

Vagueness in Obama’s Message

John Edwards Is Ticking Off All The Right People

The Forgotten Bangladeshi Genocide

The Last Stand of John Edwards

"Sorry, Barack, You've lost Iraq"

Defending John Edwards Vs *Awful* Lawrence O'Donnel Article

Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class

Sorry, Barack, You’ve lost Iraq

Why is Iran Still in the Cross-Hairs?

Olbermann: Race and The Race - 11 JAN '08

Senator Obama goes to Africa

snow in baghdad

Bush Does Something Positive In Israel?

Star Spangled Banner (SCTV version)

Olbermann: Worst Persons 1/11 - Fred Thompson

Paying the F.I.S.A. Phone Bill

CBC: 3,000 New U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

My Vote, My Voice - My ad for Edwards

Russell Mokhiber Assails William Kristol and the New York Times

Sen. Hillary Clinton meets a medical marijuana patient

Ron Paul at a Fox News debate

Amy Goodman interviews convicted felon, phone jamming confessor, Allen Raymond.

Mike Gravel rates the big three!

Real Time: Real Reporters: Matt Taibbi

Pentagon releases new 'unedited' video of Iranian incident

Ron Paul on Impeaching Bush/Cheney

Strange Bedfellows: The Clintons, Karl Rove, and Erica Jong (Erica Jong??)

Real Time Overtime: Tony Snow's circuits overheat trying to defend *

Real ID is Here.

Jackie Mason '08 Vlog 3 Obama & Clinton

My trip to see the NH race. John Edwards hilites

Cafferty File: Has your opinion about the Iraq War changed?

Kucinich Packs Detroit University

Hillary Clinton - Listen

Challenge the System: The John Edwards Movement is Growing

MUST-VIEW: Olbermann Discusses Kucinich NH Recount Call/Voting Machines

Great Clip! Bill Maher/Catherine Crier/Tony Snow/Mark Cuban on NH Primary Problems!

Wind generation in BPA control area surpasses 1,000 MW for the first time

Hurricane-Resistant Solar Panels Power Broward County Building (largest solar panel roof in Florida)

World warming despite cool Pacific and Baghdad snow - Reuters

Fort Carson Signs Up For Biggest Solar Power Operation In Army (2MW)

Westar Signs Final Agreements to Build Three Wind Farms (300 MW in Kansas)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s rooftop wind turbines

Anyone have an opinion on the best AA rechargeable batteries on the market?

Higher Energy Costs Push Price Spike For Canadian Manufacturers - Canadian Press

Re. KSA: "Where Are Those 12.5 Million Barrels/Day Their Oil Minister Has Been Promising Forever?"

Goddard Says 2007 2nd-Warmest On Record; NOAA Says 5th - Raw Data Just In - WP

Joe Romm meets Al Gore and becomes bullish on PV.

Uncertainty, Statistical Noise And The Fine Art Of Debunking John Tierney - Real Climate

EPA Gets Fs for Math, Attendance, and Behavior

A Long-Dry California River Gets, and Gives, New Life

Excellent Summary From Chris Skrebowski - Updated Megaprojects PDF

First Urban Yellow Fever Fatality In Brazil Since 1942 - Thousands Wait For Vaccine - BBC

Potential Rise Of 50% More In Oil E&P Costs By 2010 - Futures Curve Up Through 2016 - Reuters

China Imports New Record 163 Million Tons Of Oil In 2007 - Up 16.9% YOY - Xinhua

NOCs, Asian Demand Growth And Why America No Longer Controls Its Energy Future - SH

North Iowa harvests the wind

Geophysical Research Letters - "Accelerated Decline In Arctic Sea Ice Cover"

Michael Novacek - Provost, American Museum Of Natural History - The Sixth Extinction - WP

Phoenix becoming more solar-friendly

Follow Germany on renewable energy: Clinton

Greenpeace: We found the whaling fleet

Statewide Organizations Advocate Environmentally-sound, Pro-growth Energy Policy in Kansas

GM-Volt Exclusive: Inside the GM Chevy Volt/E-Flex Battery Lab

You are damn right there's a pattern here!

Are you KIDDING me with this "fairy tale" racial bullshit??? Here's the clip, how is it racial?

Topic subject Hillary Clinton tells ABC NEWS: racial accusations "baseless and divisive"

96% of African American voted for Lyndon B. Johnson. They knew it took a president to get it done

Democrats Seek (withheld) Info on Bad Nursing Homes

"No woman is illegal," grinning as the packed Mexican restaurant at which she was speaking exploded

To understand Hillary Clinton's "race problem," we must better understand the history of civil right

Teamsters Say 'Don't Whitewash Border Crash Investigation'

FirstGroup Workers in New Jersey and Illinois Vote for Teamster Representation

Today in labor history January 11

Today in labor history January 12 SCABS

Railroad reversal: UTU 1732 Amtrack Injured Worker (good Samaritan)

Snafu-fraught first day for new Statue of Liberty ferries (Day 1 for Hornblower)

Gangster film to union: *@!% off!

Tentative Deal for 500 CBS News Workers

Violent incidents hushed up, union says (Canada)

Teachers Sue to Block Hotel Workers’ Union Vote in Nevada Caucus

From Clooney to Clinton, who could negotiate WGA/AMPTP peace?

NCH nurses accuse hospital management of union tampering

Union seeks WA mine access after man's death

ABC Studios axes producers idled by strike

Amtrak says labor talks will resume next week

Former labor leader Cronin gets post at St. Joe's University

Statement by AFL-CIO President John Sweeney on December Jobs Report (Jan. 4)

Grupo Mexico Workers' Strike at Mine Declared Illegal

Steelworkers ratify agreement leading to closure at Acument Global Technologies

Wheeling-Pitt workers fret over 'right size' talks

After Texas City, Most Refineries Still Fail to Meet Safety Standards, an Industrial Info News Alert

Using the Web to Get Out Labor’s Message

World’s largest kosher slaughterhouse loses legal fight with slaughterhouse workers’ union

Countrywide employees are nervous

Palestinian gunmen attack American school in Gaza

Bush in the Middle East: Iran Over Palestine, Israel Over All

Empowering Lies

Bush’s vision of a Palestinian state: Subservient to Israel and policed by the major powers

Ecuador to sue Colombia for anti-coca herbicide pollution

Democrats to Test Unity On Stimulus Proposals

Dr. Housing Bubble 01/12/08

BofA's awesome Countrywide tax break

FL: State Economists - Recession would hit hard


The one thing I wish Senator Biden would have talked more about on the campaign trail

Care to comment?

Ok input neded....

Okay - so I just read this very well written piece on the R candidates

Ok, I posted this on the TRUCE thread...

Wow. Check out the post by Ginchinchili. It says it all.

'Huckabee' Plan Forgot Something: Attribution

I may need some help here...


Anyone here belong to AARP?

I am still voting for Biden

I feel like I had dessert first

Bill to give transgender people rights in Maryland

Kucinich congressional campaign launches website

The Woman Vote: Is Hillary the Right Choice?

Can I tell you about a dream?

Past life connection? Similar aura? Mistaken identity?

Visions of danger for * co. as he travels in the ME

dumb idea of the week award

Surf ers and fans! Mavericks' kicks off at 8AM, PST on Saturday!

Asterisk next to Pats' record removed from Jaguars' Web site

The Jags will punch Brady in the mouth and chow on little Wes Welker.

Where is the Hula Bowl Thread?

For any SEC fans watching this NFC playoff game and feeling confused...

After today will there be a religion founded devoted to Favre?

OK Pitt....time for the real bet.

ER Archive - WTF: "Toggle switch glitch likely caused some ballots to be counted twice" (NH)

Muck: Controversial Voting Section Deps Get Demoted

Let me see if I have this straight. The exit polls are adjusted

Is there somewhere to donate to Kucinich for the recount in NH?

If your money was in a bank which had the safe guards of a "voting machine", you would be dead broke

Percentage-based versus SAFE Vote Tabulation Auditing: A Graphic Comparison

Kucinich Asks for Help to Defend the Rights of Voters

The "Evidence" Catch 22 in Election Investigations

Associated Press's 2 different tallies in the NH Primary

It's not about the Clintons or Obama...

We must have PAPER BALLOTS, hand-counted in SC (shout-out to any SC DUers)

Anybody know what happened to this OP, which the Mods locked in GD: Politics?

LHS made "house calls" ahead of election. (Via Mark Crispin Miller)

Occam's Razor cuts both ways...

Nostalgia for Tammany

What a refreshing place

NH Chaos Represents Opportunity; Nancy Tobi Pleads For No "Recount"

Princeton University Reveals How the GOP Steals Election

Experts Question Clinton's New Hampshire Primary Win (Diebold op-scan)

There's a video in here that's very interesting...

DFNH weighs in on the recount: We need to eliminate secret vote counting, not a recount.

Huge money for some in Clinton NH Victory

No one is laughing this time.

Anyone watch "Medicated Child" on Frontline PBS

Proposal: ER Forum Primary Election Integrity Estimate

Think this administration isn't attacking basic science research? Think again...

Huge black hole tips the scales (BBC)

Rapid spin for giant black holes (BBC)

Where planets can form, they do (BBC)

Free Calculus Textbook, for those not satisfied with Physics....

Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost? A Freakonomics Quorum

Huge gas cloud will hit Milky Way (BBC) {probably not Bu**sh**'s fault}

Virginia attorney general intervenes in church dispute

Funny video exposing televangelists.

Fresno bishop barred from carrying out religious duties for Episcopal Church

Congressional Resolution Proposed: American Religious History Week

shaking the foundations of faith

Will this work out? Making "roast beef" sandwiches out of short ribs?

BBQer's, let's talk pit fires.

For those beginning to tire of the snow...I've posted this many times...

seems I've finally broken the 'fish curse'

Arrrgh, why can't I have Ro-Tel?

this is just a test

Buncha photos from Wednesday (dial-up advisory)



Stopping By With A Snack

Some more for the snow bunnies....

I'm probably not going to be around much...

I've been a lurker here for a while.

Summer 1960, one from grandma's Kodak Brownie

SUBMISSION THREAD for the January Photo Contest. Theme: DIAGONALS

COMMENT THREAD for the January photo contest. Theme: DIAGONALS

Did you know.....that fundies

DU on a 24" monitor is quite a

Aldi Supermarkets: Anyone been to one? Happy? Not?

How have your churches dealt with the "New Atheism?"

"911 Tape Captures Horror Before Fatal Shooting"

American Jewish Committee filed an amicus brief in "DC vs Heller"

Well, it looks like the street aren't running red with blood.

Answering the lack of proof rebuke

Interrogation of Japanese PM for 30 minutes about the truth on 9/11(accord. to former Forbes writer)

I have come to a conclusion

For your reading pleasure (smile!)

Kerry's Obama endorsement coverage

There are people on Kerry's blog asking him to remove them from his list

Kerry to appear on ABC This Week this Sunday

Kerry in Western Mass today... Media review from Springfield and Pittsfield.

Guest Blogging at The Carpetbagger Report

Oh, boy ....

OT: Looking for a video capture / transcript of today's Tim Russert Show on CNBC.

Voting question. My daughter can vote in November. Can she vote in the primary?

Ron Paul banners

DRM now dead, as Amazon snags Sony

what is a good flash player

Really asinine question: Would you use a subwoofer as a monitor stand?

Browser/Gmail question. Help me before my head explodes.

Obama's IL Const Amendment to make Health Care A Right

Greetings to the Barack Obama Group!

The Commission by Philip Shenon

KOEB Meeting: 01/11/08 -- Let's Recount NH Edition

Lack of Supervision Noted in Deaths of Home-Schooled

The Orphanage - Guillermo Del Toro

Partner and I just got our absentee ballots

SF Bay area surf fans. Mavericks' kicks off Saturday at 8AM!!

Does anyone have any info on Hillary numbers in Ca,

Attention CA Green Party members. Can you re-register to vote for Edwards

Johann Hari: Public services and a sweet twist of history

Husband, wife discover that they are twins

For anyone interested in the Obama campaign in the Milwaukee area

Sheboygan judge reverses his decision

What Destroyed The WTC?


Check out this crazy dog