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CBS: Blackwater Said to Taint Shooting Evidence

Yemen urges U.S. to shut Guantanamo to win good-will

Iran urges nuclear dossier to be returned to IAEA

Obama May Give Clinton a Battle in New York Primary, NYT Says

Durbin warns Bill Clinton (on questioning Obama's sincerity on Iraq)

Cognizant, Infosys eye IT deal from Wal-Mart

Senior Clinton adviser faces N.H. drunken driving charge

Macy's Laying Off 271 Workers

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Lagunitas Maximus IPA

Anyone watching Green Bay smack Seattle Seahawks? The blizzard

My library is showing 'Sicko'.

Did anyone see the Manchester United vs Newcastle game this morning?

Woot! I'm now a hardcore Ebayer.

What I learned at my judicatory's midwinter youth retreat

So if I asked a 57 magnum out for a date,

I have only one more thing to say to you all before I leave DU

Bird association thread

Oingo Boingoing: who else is doing it?

That year old parrot in the window

Picture Association Thread

Remind me not to ask for advice or help here anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I bring you...BLACK SABBATH!!!

Fuck the prozac, it's jagerbulls for depression!

Boston area poker game

Any other fans of The Invisibles here?

da da da da da da da

Anybody know where I could buy a big heart-shaped candy box to fill with fudge, etc?

Southern DU'ers - tonight I'll be postin' nekkid!

Both Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilara had their babies

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Since the moment I spotted you...


*** Official Patriots - Jaguars thread ***

Bass Ale

My prediction (actually wild guess,) about the NFL...

Gotta hit the hay. It's my work day tomorrow!!

We have helped the thread starter to become a better person -

SNARKY posters who reply to your OP with SNARKY responses they know you'll find hours later

Married? Noooooo!

I finally gave in and bought a 2gb MP3 player today.

Family Sees Dead Son's Face In Tie-Dye T-Shirt

Just ate Fish Fondue


ALDI'S, what do you think of them, price and quality-wise?

A single post with a weight attached.

Do you own any creepy antiques? I got one for ya.....

Anybody see the movie "Juno"?

I'm drunk, so I want to ask two questions...

Two words for the Jacksonville Jaguars team and fans:

GHOST STORY--This a pretty creepy "True Tale"...

Frequency Analyzer or Gonkulator?

All right...What is it? Bad breath? Poor attitude? What?

Dudley Moore Parodies Beethoven (YouTube)

Anybody else miss the beat of 80's pop music?

My great uncle died.................

i'm having lunch tomorrow with the boy -- man now -- who

I miss cabraverde.

The person who can't manage his life has now lost his car key.

Has anyone posted about No Country for Old Men? (possible spoilers)

My house is a critter hospital.

It was about four years ago on a night just like this

Need prayers for my moms dog! She will be having puppies really soon.

How about a Saturday Night Picture Thread?


Last movie you saw (in a theater)

Of Poetry & Fire: Burning Man

Eine Kleine Nachtmuzak for a Grumpy Old Man: Happy Birthday, CGA!

George W. Bush presidential library (email)

Odds Against Impeachment: 1,000 To 1 ...Just Before Nixon Impeachment

if Kucinich has a recount, how do they follow a paper trail from Diebold machines?

New NYT Series: "War Torn" - Across America, Deadly Echoes Of Foreign Battles

AFP: Saudi Cannot Be Launchpad For Iran Attack

Las Vegas/Hispanic Vote: "Campaigning here, Clinton goes over Culinary’s head"

Do you have faith in humanity?

UPDATE: Fifteen "Benedict Arnold" Democrats and their primary challengers

Pakistan Warns US on Attacking Al Qaeda on Its Own

If Obama gets into a racial pissing match with the Clinton's it proves he doesn't care about winning

"Pollsters have a plan for Nevada: Skip it"

Hillary advisor Sid Blumenthal busted for DUI in New Hampshire.

Grievance, Black Politics, and Black Identity

Racist comment divides porn industry

Both Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilara had their babies

Oops, dupe. I swear I searched with no hits on hissy's post.

In 2006, we were occupied Ireland. Today, we're the Irish Free State. What about 2009?

"Not just talking the ___ but living the ____ is the mark of a true winner!"

What's the vast right wing conspiracy up to these days?

John Edwards Is Pissing Off All The Right People

"Every election in modern US history has been a criminal manipulation"

Michigan Dems, are you going to vote for Mitt in the primaries?

Did anyone watch Bill Mahar

The "threat" in the Strait of Hormuz incident came from the "Filipino Monkey"

HRC member of DLC doing what dirtier wing of the Dem party does

Not very free anymore...guess they won

Shell may conduct output tests in Iraq

Any Nate Clay listeners around?

How many DUers does it take to change a light bulb?

Paging Dicksteele..or other photoshoppers

I have an interesting idea for DU. Maybe someone can "flesh it out".

For those complaining about "dirty" tactics in the campaigns, in the fall should we try to win or

Time to VOTE for your candidate,

After eight long years of ---

"Nelson, McCaskill Backing Obama" BEN Nelson...Nebraska

They listened and we don't.

What Do John Edwards and Sibel Edmonds Have In Common? LINK

NBC UN-INVITES Kucinich from Presidential Debate

The freepers are up in arms because Soros funded the Lancet study

Partner and I just got our absentee ballots. There is a problem

Bob Graham, at U of South FL, was asked about being a running mate in '08. (Interesting reply)

Just found Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now!" on my Comcast digital cable

Heath Schuler is supporting Edwards. Do I hold that against Edwards?

Have any GOP pols, Senators, Governors, Legislators, endorsed any GOP presidential candidates?

Heads up. Sen. Clinton may have had another *emotional* moment today.

Voting based on racial/gender identification MAY ensure our destruction by rich, powerful, corp...

"Clinton Blames Obama Camp Over Remark" No more playing nice.

If Obama, and he is the only one who can do it...

Is homophobia as bad as racism or sexism?


Maybe what we need

Sherrod Brown gives high praise to John Edwards

France alerted to possible terrorist attack on Eiffel Tower

Italian newspaper warned of threat to assassinate Berlusconi

Bush says he’s open to halting troop cutbacks

Japan in danger of recession, says Goldman Sachs

Health Care (for all), Housing (Affordable) & Homeless (no more).

One Laptop Per Child to be extended to American students.

Economic Pinch Hits The Upper Middle-Class

CIA: We said back in 1974 that Israel had nuclear weapons

Anyone have the list of guests for Sunday Morning Political Talk Shows? thanks! n/t

China's trade surplus jumps 48%

"I do not agree with you; therefore, I hate you."

When is the last time there was a brokered "smoke filled room" convention for either party?

AIPAC Is Hurting Israel, Jews, and Middle-East Peace

I just watched the 3 video clips on dirty politics in SC that are in the

Sour Grapes for Clinton? Plaintiffs in NV Teachers' Union lawsuit approved State Party's caucus plan

“What we are seeing is…the fall of America”

Hot Flashes for The latest cover of Rolling Stone!!

How do I see if someone has been tombed if they have a hidden profile?

Council voices LAX runway concern

Media folks at DU.. What would their DU names be?

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 11, 2008***

September 11, 2001, Sarasota, Florida...

THIS should energize the illegal immigration debate...

Economy Blamed As Day Laborers Crowd Soup Kitchens

WaPo: How Hillary Stole NH From Obama: Illegally Challenged Obama Observers, Disrupting GOTV!!!!!!!

"John Edwards is pi$$ing off all the right people" (by dKos' JedReport)

Edwards in SC offers the politics of hope, policy and not personal destruction and distraction

What Destroyed The WTC?

I'M SO CONFUSED!! (someone help me, please??)

Let's play "guess the website"

Some DU'ers taking a page from Drudge's book

Why couldn't you be prez? With all this talk of..

Plaintiffs in Nevada lawsuit approved State Party's caucus plan

Candidate tests/selector thread. Do you know of any more? How did you score?

Hillary is racist. She hates whites


It's 2008. "Hip Black Friend" isn't racist and everybody knows it.

A round of applause to the GDP mods

Larry O'Donnell carries water for Hillary and Barack....Shut UP, Larry!

I just saw my first Obama commercial in California...S.F. bay area

A few of the more creative subject lines on DU today....

Dirt begins to fly at Obama

The removal of the WaPo thread to the Election Reform Purgatory forum was pretty shady..

If Obama thinks that the statement Bill Clinton made was racist

Clinton calls BULLSHIT on "divisive" Obama camp distortions

Should every election held on an electronic voting machine be recounted?

Why should I believe that Obama or Clinton will ...

DU is anti OBAMA!!!

Obama and the Hispanic-American vote Part II: Take #3 and final thoughts

Hillary Clinton talking points about her lifetime of civil rights acheivements

Absentee ballot requests pour in from Democrats (Palm Beach County)

Video of Bill Clinton's "fairy tale" remarks in context

Blue Jersey: Jersey City has Obama fever!

Can there be a conversation on DU

Keep digging Bill, Keep FUCKING digging

Kucinich and Edwards

Idea: We should at least be able to view a DUers start date and number of threads

Will we have a nominee on Feb. 5th

On the record, who thinks Edwards will win South Carolina?

Why haven't arrangements been made for ALL Nevadans to have equal chance to caucus?

oopsie. deleted

SBA Whistleblower's Email Tracked (NYT)

Another Big Endorsement: Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill set to endorse Obama tomorrow

Geeze ... will you guys listen to yourselves ............

John, We ask You to stay in this battle, take it to the Democratic Convention & fight for Us!

The public has seen only pretty speeches from Obama. Clinton's had 20 years of microscopic scrutiny

So, the Republicans are just sitting back and allowing the DU


I have an idea

Another example of Obama's "unity": The Social Security "Crisis"

Is this man interested in dividing this country?

Keep the passion coming!

No matter who wins... I HAVE A DREAM ... for election day

Obama, Clinton eager to scoop up Edwards' supporters if he drops out of Democratic race

This entire board is screaming about racism and sexism...

Two things I have learned on DU

Obama giving Clinton a race in her backyard

Hispanics in Massachussets forgot they weren't supposed to vote for a black candidate

Cross-post from GD - Sherrod Brown gives high praise to Edwards


Shrill lies, distortions, and slurs do not represent "free speech".


NYTs has the Nevada caucus lawsuit story

It is wrong that Senator Obama got to go through 15 debates trumpeting his superior judgment...

John Edwards' plan to alleviate poeverty in South Carolina

"more than 80 South Carolina elected officials and other community leaders endorsed John...

Obama supporters are doing him a disservice by saying the Clinton's are racists.

Edwards addresses race in South Carolina

Can we all pledge to stop turning our candidates' names into childish, Freeper-like slurs?

Totally frustrated by the whole thing

McCain is going to be the nominee because he's the only one who has a rat's ass of a chance

I am the worst -ism of all.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are not racists, nor has the Obama camp claimed they are.

My canadian, conservative father supports John Edwards!......

Enter here if you want to see the future

The Teacher's Union that filed the lawsuit HAS NOT ENDORSED any candidate

So CWO Members won't be able to Caucus?

I'm a black woman. This is my dream.

Stop it.

How racist were Clinton's remarks?

Want to know more about what is cooking in NV with Clinton and Reid?

Hillary abandons assumption that race will be decided Feb. 5th

Are you a member of AIPAC?

Are you a freeper?

TPM on NV: Maybe there's a reason this isn't as beyond the pale as it looks. But I'm not seeing it.

Clinton surrogates discourage black voters

This may well be the best thing that could have happened to John Edwards

Hillary Clinton does not support equal rights for gays.

Who will drop next in the Republican camp and why?

Clinton Blames Obama Campaign For Distorting MLK Comments

Hillary distorts reality again! WTF CLINTONS?!?!?

Hillary gets Newsweek cover

Why I have chosen Edwards as my Choice?


Obama admits he says things he doesn't mean (Iraq). How, then, can you really know where he stands?

Which DU GD-P supporters have been the most civil?


AP: Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill to endorse Obama tomorrow

It's crying time again!

Is Hillary now paying for Bill's indiscretions while he was president

A letter to Obama about race-baiting

The Clinton Campaign: A proven record of supressing votes.

8 Questions and Answers about the (Confusing) Michigan Primary

How do you feel about the Nevada at-large caucus lawsuit?

Clinton the racist? Damning photographic evidence and article

Government knows it does not have the answer, but it's arrogant and acts as though it does

We need a JEDNE google bomb.

Bill Clinton lies again by denying that he ever said his "fairy tale" comment about Obama

I am using my "Hide a thread" button on all "RACE" bait threads-Please Join Me.

And the Oscar Goes to… Hillary Clinton!

Obama has so far in the new year added 93,386 new donors

Dirty Clinton Campaign Tactics in NH-Thank you Kos for the truth here.

"Please leave these shameful tactics to Republicans."

The torture issue

Clinton NH tactics require LAWSUITS and CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS!

Why did Senator Clinton vote for Kyl-Lieberman?

Am I the only one going to have trouble voting for Hillary in a General Election?

You've Been Served

John Edwards and the guillotine

another NY republican in trouble

Man Sodomizes Stepson To Avenge Daughter's Rape

Tough-Guy Politics on the Vegas Strip

Report: 121 veterans linked to killings

Man in Anti Smoking Ad......Still Smokes.

Baathists wary of new Iraq law

Intelligence Chief Couches Reference to Waterboarding as 'Torture'

Sarkozy to sign UAE nuclear deal

Prosecutor Who Unraveled Corruption in Boston Turns to C.I.A. Tape Case

Bush: Iran threatens world security

France begins to grow weary with the Sarkozy soap opera

I caught NPR lying about John Edwards

Bush Urges Arab Allies to Confront Iran

Chavez Says Recognizing Guerrillas Is `Path to Peace' (Update1)

Carson's grandson receives (Dem) party’s nod

Behind Nevada casino walls is a political fight

Bush urges Iran regime to heed people's will [Pot calling out the Kettle]

Dutch troops kill 4 in friendly fire (Afghanistan)

Navy tells Bush Iran incident 'serious'

Two Dutch soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Iraq: Authorities destroy Kerbala farms, displacing peasants

DPP facing daunting task / Taiwan party must rebuild for March presidential poll after defeat

Bush: Iran is leading sponsor of terror

Unions Pouring Resources Into Nevada Caucus Fight

Giuliani seeks prayers

Turkmenistan warns Iran over gas

Scientists fear losing access to intelligence data (bush will change RULES)

Scotland Yard believes Al-Qaeda assassinated Benazir Bhutto

Forbes seeks official nod to religion

Joint Chiefs chairman tours Guantanamo

Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus destroyed by Fire

CNN Poll: Approval of war in Iraq, Bush remain low

Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'

Would you trade in a good running car and buy a new car just for the gas mileage?

I miss chupacabra.

Am I sober?

Eclipse or NetBeans for Java Development

If you build them...

Ouch...8-14 inches of snow Monday...

da do do do da da da

Post a poem you've written or had on your mind.

I miss Cro-Magnons

alas, it's the last real night of vacation

I may not have much, but I got life.

Need help on installing a CD/Stereo in my VW Van

Has anyone seen "The Orphanage" yet?

Hey - any architects in the house?

I admit it.. I fixed the NH vote...

Good morning DU....

I hate the MySpace "top friends" feature.

Should I Go Back To Bed?.... or

I'm gagging on this nasty cough syrup... ask me anything!

You are granted one wish, guaranteed delivery...what would it be?

Why is TempurPedic using the Love Theme From Spartacus in its commecials?

People, let me tell you 'bout my best friend

Drop it like it's hot.

what is the type of human being represented in this song?

Anyone have a link to the rules for carryon luggage?

Okay, I'm a big girl. I can take it.

Better People, with some good to do.

Hey guys, Need a favor: Ethel Curmudgeon Contest Video

Green Acres Is The Place To Be

How annoying is puking?

I watched two "new release" DVD's last night, both "action films". One really sucked & one didn't.

What to do with 300,000 legos?

Flogging Molly coming to Richmond on March 2. Just bought tickets!.

I am Arthur, King of the Britons, so I want to ask five questions

You just got to love the Right wankers and their illogical logic

"If you have an erection that lasts for more than a few hours - see your doctor"

I didn't know that Reno, Nevada is west of Los Angeles.


O.K., I'm spelling "huge" as "HUGH" and using "!1" OUTSIDE of DU!1

I feel sorry for NFC.

Here is a youtube vid I made of my family...

Will Google end Conversation as we know it?

Nerd Association Thread (lame copycat)

and now she's mine, all mine!

Now it can have FUR around it!!!

What's on your NFL playoff menu today?

Reminder: your candidate sucks.

Chocolate cake.

Nice post Hitler

Had the yard cleaned up by 9am! My new leaf blower rocks!

I can tell EXACTLY who here in the Lounge is my age....(video)

I'm thinking of starting a facebook group...

Man in Ant-Smoking Ad ...Still Smokes....

Jim Mora talks with Allen Iverson

For Those That Have A Cold That Wont Go Away

Texas Death Cage Match: This Is Spinal Tap versus Shaun Of The Dead

I am having gum surgery on Friday morning...

Canadians are funny!

Fair warning has been given.

Strangest thing ever. Patti Smith doing "You Light Up My Life"

Stick around for the "Gospelie Song"!

I absolutely LOVE this poem

OK. I still don't know why the wiccan crossed the rood.

Shoud get into scrapbooking? I have a great life story....

Just had fried ravioli with some ladies from church. Yum!!

Hobo Soup for Everyone!!

San Diego Wins!

THE COLTS ARE ABOUT TO LOSE! Manning will have even more time to do commercials now

Best tombstone ever: Merv Griffin!

yvan eht nioj

An American Girl in Italy - empowering or sexist?

Go straight to hell, boys

I don't mind brushing my teeth at least once per day...

How have you dealt with panic/anxiety episodes?

Time for a pet pic thread!

Speaking of piercings, a couple of questions (one for New Englanders) .

Have you ever been to

I want to go see Cloverfield so I can see the new Star Trek trailer, but

Ringo Starr is a happy little fucker.

Myspace friends!

I need some good vibes

The worst part about trying to watch a football game

A really cool web arts journal featured my work. Hooray for me! Hooray for me!

'...I don't take my clothes off for anybody, even if it is artistic'

Who the hell uses a leaf blower in their yard at 8AM

Jessica "Don't call me Latina" Alba

Question (especially for any Canadians on here)

Michael Stipe Hearts Huckabee? WTF?


I had a bandana emergency today

Need a job? The corncob pipe factory is hiring

How many elfin girlfriends does Bret Michaels want?


I have had it with Yahoo answers.

Attention New Yorkers!


Go Colts!

Germans are the funniest people on the planet (video)

GD:P is a stiff bunch. I've been trying to get some fun going over there

Indira Leuder: Do not brake, go in a leg in due course

its a sad sad world

good advice


is Xmas over? is it safe to go to the mall? i've got some gift cards burning a hole in my pocket...

strange marvel comics team ups

Anyone know anything about stereo speaker crossover systems?

Which Kate Pierson do you like better?

***Giants/Cowboys thread, anyone?***

So, how was your night?

Out here, on the perimeter, there are no stars...

Testing....first sig line picture...

I feel sorry for KFC.

I **sniff** am not a troll

about bears --

My computer keeps crashing.

Anyone have a link to the rules for carrion luggage?

Anybody got the new Avenged Sevenfold CD?


Even the weather is boring here.

Trolling for MySpace Friends

About drinking (my drinking, specifically).

Has it REALLY been 16 months since I did this?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/13/2008)

I have another meeting tonight.

More Really Great Videos

Check out this game -- How does this work??

Art....a work in progress

Blade Runner: How wrong could I have been for 20+ years?

Nice rose Midler (lame copycat)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/13/08

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/13/08 Bonus

Is the lolcatz fad just about goddamn done?

who here is good at html etc? its for a good cause and not for my benefit

Hugs for lizziegrace and lelapin

"Goddamn you all, I told you so" - HG Wells

As A Redskin Fan This Pains Me Greatly But...

dipsetmuthafucka is a good dancer.

I like this Havre, Montana webcam

So have you head about this movie "Teeth"?

There Will Be Blood -- Instant American Classic

I had a banana emergency today

How many effin girlfriends does Bret Michaels want?

Quick, everyone - don't let this post hit the ground!

Its time for a "explain your screenname" thread!

I have only one more thing to say to you all before I leave DU

Eine Kleine Nachtmuzak for a Grumpy Old Man: Happy Birthday, CGA!

Thompson says radio natural fit for him

So tell me what damaging information Repubs have used against the top 3 Dem Candidates so far....

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Can America Cease Hanging Her Imperfect Sons Out To Dry?"

Want to have a really good laugh?

Evolution (a 'toon)

Saudis behead Indonesian maid

Lancet Iraq War study funded by Soros

Take a break. Remember Live Earth last Summer? Remember Connie Mitchell?

A question or two I would love input on.

If your favorite candidate gets elected and fails to live up to your expectations, then what?

Does it seem like the dead pregnant marine is being dissed by media and

WOW Anyone see Bill Moyers this week?

The Democratic Agenda: Is the word "agenda" bad?

"Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition."

Is their any reason to even bother trying "bipartisanship"?

Richardson supporters: Time to give Dennis another look.

REMINDER: Kerry on This Week Sunday; Edwards on CNN Late Edition; Clinton on MTP

We are followers of Jimmy Jones cutting in the Kool-Aid line

I admit it.. I fixed the NH vote...

"Dear Mr. President"

"Dr. Laura's" son's military scandal....whatever happened with that?

Charming! Folksy! Guitar Hero Reverend Huckabee compares abortion to slavery

Title: Why Hillary Clinton let husband Bill seduced any woman in sight

Hillary's new ad in Nevada called "Listen"

All this talk about polls. but I must ask about the 37

Obama on McClurkin, GLBT issues: (from The Advocate)

What Are Your Plans for MLK Day This Year?

History Lesson: Rome's Failed Invasion of Persia (53 BC) and the End of the Republic (27 BC)

Photoblog of the Week - Week of January 13th 2008 - visual travelling || a mexican photoblog.

Assume the Position: A quick guide to what the candidates actually stand for:

So whats happening with Dennis's recount

National Intelligence Director says waterboarding would be torture if used on him...

TOONS! A little late night Saturday treat!

Hillary counts on old pals act - a political manoeuvre which is threatening to split the Democrats

'A Leader for a Change'

Mike McConnell -Water-boarding 'would be torture'

Report: **121** Iraq & Afghanistan veterans linked to killings

AOL straw poll - interesting results so far

Which Iraqi artist will paint

Need I remind everbody what we're all fighting AGAINST!?#?

The more liberal you are, the more you need to READ THIS BOOK, especially if you are an activist.

Bush's Keynote address live on BBC & CNN right now

Seems like we are doing the GOP's homework FOR them. This is getting so nasty that by next November

Washington Journal

Two movies that clearly illustrates what's wrong with America (and the world)

Seems like some are at war against women and children...

my, o my, o my! bush's midnight hour is approaching fast and furious.

CIA CHIEF: "If I had water draining into my nose, oh God, I just can't imagine how painful!"

Boston Globe right-winger Jeff Jacoby on the Lancet report

They NEVER really lived happily ever after,

“What we are seeing is…the fall of America”-"The whole thing is a scandal…a series of lies"

Stomping Freedom: Inside the Martial Law Act of 2006

Reminder--Sen. Clinton on MTP today

How many interviews from Iraqis saying what living through Shock and Awe was like have you seen?

U.S. Stocks Drop for Third Week as Recession Speculation Builds

Is it human forgiveness that allows dictators and war criminals

“Iraq veteran arrested in killing.”

New Bush Coins

Sen. Clinton on MTP now-CTime. Russturd asking about Fairy tales

Jennifer Brunner proposing to change the way Ohioans vote

Washington Post: White House Secrecy Starts to Give

Global Enthusiasm For Bush Departure

Scientists fear loss of intelligence data to DHS "needs"

Political Parties that have funny names

Michael Pollan ("Don't Eat Anything Your Grandmother Wouldn't Recognize As Food") On Book TV Today

AGAIN!!!!!....Hilliary is JUST Not Believable

If used on intelligence director McConnell, waterboarding 'would be torture'

Speaking with forked tongues

"John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants"

Head ups! A blatant dishonest thread title here on DU.

Happy Bush Day (Bush and Entourage Take Over Dubai for the Day)

Let's hope Bill gives Hillary some tough love

Head ups! A blatant call-out here on DU.

Just a reminder....

"They undermined their own legitimacy and left the presidency weaker than when they started."

Hilly has a hidden EARPIECE on Russert... WTF? **PICS**

pic of bush in bahrain

What exactly does Bush have against the People of Saudi Arabia?

The Tweety Show (Sun. AM)

Does it bother anyone else when Rudy giggles like he is crazier than a shit house rat?


U.S. imports from China

More Georgetown Cocktail Party nonsense on Chris Matthews show this morning...


The insane President....

Quotes on the state of the nation...and who runs it (namely GWB & friends)

Did I miss Symbolman's reports from the Edwards camp?

Trash BREAK: Would you marry this man?

AZ will publicly release all Diebold voting machine electronic logs & files


The Liberal Media & The Myth Of Balance

How did Hillary do on MTP

HRC Supporters..Have a down I'll Buy

oh no! monica crowley on "the mclaughlin group"

It's clear today it's a matter of when, not if, we attack Iran. What do we at DU do then?

power of the emotional news bite

Religion and Politics

From Harvard to UCLA, the Ivory Tower is Fast Becoming the Latest Watchtower in Fortress America

I heard Edwards say that immigrants need to ...

One last time...the difference between Hillary and george jr....

You want to make it harder for freepers/trolls to register here? How about a longer waiting period?

Wolfie seems to be pushing a corporate tax cut today

It was interesting watching the Faux News round table defend Hillary this morning

121 returned vets have murdered here in the US

See it for yourself: Iranian Video of Navy Incident

Compassion and Fight: The Personality of Dennis Kucinich

Bill Hicks on politics

IVAW bus burns! Looks like ARSON!!!!

I have to admit I like Hucklebee's line about Grandpa Thompson

Vote Democrat and Die Guiliani tells dinner guests

White House won't show ' Great Debaters'

Clinton, Obama and Edwards Need to "Put Up Or Shut Up"

Suspect in Marine's death sighted on the move

if I listened to all the reasons why I shouldn't vote for Clinton, Obama or Edwards

Surveillance 101: Big Brother goes to Campus

'Filipino Monkey' - it's just monkey business

what fun the people of Deleware Water Gap, Pa. had during the chemical spill

Bush Disowns U.S. Intel, Tells Israelis Iran NIE ‘Doesn’t Reflect My Own Views’

Aren't you glad Hillary voted for the Kyle /Lieberman amendment?

Watch these two clips from Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday

Obama smacks down Hillary's MTP

Hillary Clinton Defends 2002 Iraq War Vote - And A Great HuffPo Response !!!

Oil Crisis As 308,000 Barrels Go Missing, According to Audit

Shut Gitmo - multimedia coverage by the Miami Herald

High Marks to John Edwards for His Handling of Wolf Blitzer and the Kerry Question Today

Barack Obama catering to Hispanic votes "the big enchilada" if you will.

Bush 2000 - 2007; Wha happened? (pics)

There SHOULD be very bad blood between Hillary and McCain

Who do you think will win the G.O.P. nomination?

Dick Cheney was good looking once, but now...(pics)

Poll - Iran threatening?

Shia and Sunnis in Iraq unite to criticize Kurdish region of Iraq

Numerous problems now being reported across the state with Diebold machines in New Hampshire

Most bigotry and prejudice is nothing to do with hatred.

Hillary's explanation of her IWR vote included the following...

Why hasn't anyone talked about the unfair Bush tax hikes?

Hillary: Rice Convinced Me on Iraq Vote By Saying Cheney Was "Confused" on Authorization Use!

John Kerry on This Week

Wearing T-Shirts with words of the Constitution is not allowed where the Constitution is displayed

Why is the american workers movement so prone to xenophobia and other weird things?

Green ships in deadly duel with whalers

Who Then Will Speak for the Common Good? (Please everyone read this!)

I decided that ANYONE who consistently bashes ANY of our candidates makes my ignore list

Snow Shrugs Off Post-War Failures: ‘Everybody Gets It Wrong At The Beginning Of A War’

Courts strip elders of their independence

Bush's Perversion of Democracy in the Middle East

Tens of thousands of Georgian opposition supporters urge recount of presidential vote

If you had a million dollars to spend in South Carolina...?

Hillary caught lying AGAIN

Anyone see Rush Holt on Countdown?

My impresssion of what DU looks like right now....

Radical Christian Activist/Terrorist to face trial for trying to blow up a church

Across America, Deadly Echoes of Foreign Battles

Is DU helping the GOP to win?

Which Dem candidate has taken the most money from corporate special interests?

Taking some time off of DU to help manage a political campaign

If Hillary dropped out of the race

Would you want the next president to be more of a manager or more of a visionary?

John Edwards: Too Soon for Political Obituary

Great... Now Dems Are Being Told By Other Dems To "Get Over It"

"Is this one plastic too?"

Hillary Supporters Use Rovian Vote Suppression Tactics in NV

Just saw Mittenfuhrer's campaign ad for Michigan. Says that MI is in a

How does the "Fair Tax" screw the poor and middle class?

No one person is going to save us...

My Lame Attempt To Poll By Age

Why do we get so many 2008 campaign postings on General Discussion?

Does anyone else get the feeling that Rove has played us perfectly?

Edwards Criticizes Clinton Comments

Edwards Weighs in on Clinton MLK Comments

"It is a ridiculous waste of time" John Kerry. Good for him.

observation about the rightward shift in American politics

Glen Beck: "They wouldn't let me have the oxygen I asked for"

Love Your Status Quo

So how much money is being spent on this??

Why did Hillary make the MLK comment?

Where Are We Going?

The Shock Doctrine: Blowback page 351

Interesting comment from a LEO working the manhunt....

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves. Ojibwa saying

How come no one is talking about Rezko?

Do Not Pass Go

It's Sunday: Do You Know Where Your Swing Voters Are?

Anybody Up For A Round Of Kumbaya ???

"U.S. spy chief: waterboarding would be torture to him"

I like Obama, Edwards and Clinton.

Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown Should Be Fired!

"Report: 121 Veterans Linked to Killings"

Those of you who scream about jobs being "shipped" out of the country, I want to hear some screaming

Senator's Inquiry Into Megachurch Money Hypocrisy Sparks Church-State Showdown

Just a little bit better.

Unofficial Portrait of George W. Bush

Southern California plant turning treated sewage into drinking water

I'll bet my bottom dollar....

The best thing people could do is

Today is the Sixth Anniversay of "The Great Pretzel Incident"

Too much sugar-free gum linked to bowel problems

My Ideal Candidate

Okay, so about Huckleberry Twit

All of you who won't vote for the nominee....

Blogging lawyer silenced as judge expands gag order in Liberty City 7 case

Al From and Harold Ford (Carville's Friend) diss Edwards

* Calls On Gulf States To Confront Iran (the true meaning of this trip?)

Clinton, Obama clash over race issue

Congratulations San Diego Chargers

Has anyone asked Edwards about his opinion re: Kerry

What Exactly Is a "Jesuitical Argument"?

The late Lance Corporal Lauterbach

Would the Freepers do a Jim Jones on them selves and their own children if Bush ordered them to?

Best Thing...about THIS ELECTION CYCLE is *DRUDGE IS DEAD* as a Media Mover and Shaker! He's DEAD!

Found something for the Hillary supporters..

Clinton and Obama are in the pockets of the corporations. Edwards is the only "change" candidate...

What do you think of an Edwards/Clark ticket?

In Michigan, Dems don't exist. Local TV has reporters on every candidate in the state.

Yellow Rose of Texas Peace Bus destroyed by Fire - Update

I think DUers ought to be careful -

Open letter to the Edwards' about Healthcare

Political Vandalism 2008

OMG! Obama is copying Hillary!

When will Gore endorse Obama?

Edit: I've asked for this to be locked--it was a fit of frustration. Apologies.

The true believers think "The Rapture," war, chaos, misery, and environmental destruction are good

White House Times $20B Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia With Bush Trip

I shook Bill Clinton's hand today.

Punishment for invasions

I demand Jesuitical discussion of the IWR and its consequences!

In Palmetto State, Obama pitches faith through psalms and Bible verses

Have you decided who you plan to vote for in the PRIMARY

Schlesinger's Journal

REM's Michael Stipe Charmed by Huckabee: "It's the end of the world as we know it..."

At least 121 American veterans have killed someone or been charged in a death since returning home

Do you drink Tap Water or Bottled Water?

Wexler NEEDS US! Let's get ROLLING!

"Your challenge as a campaign is to damage your opponent without getting caught."

I'm watching "Rescue Dawn" and thinking about what John McCain went through

Memory Lane: In November, Clinton was the face of the Nevada caucus

Why should at-large precincts in casinos be given more weight than other precincts around the state?

Duncan Hunter gets less media attention than John Edwards

More evidence that the News Corporations are scared to death of Edwards:

Draft Gore NH endorsed John Edwards on the eve of the caucus

Let's get into the facts about the Nevada lawsuit

Won't post ANY opinion about Hillary or Obama because I don't care to be vilified as sexist or

I think Obama will win Nevada.

According to, their "hottest" (most viewed) page is currently

DNC approved the Nevada "at large" caucus precincts and Harry Reid was involved

Would you like to see the return of the "30 strikes and you're out" rule?

Dean and Clark supporters (2004) who do you support now?

Reminder: Hillary is on Meet the Press in the morning

Sean Hannity says he doesn't understand why blacks supported for Clinton in the 90's

It's not as if Hillary OR Obama are the only legitimate candidates in the race ...

Michigan Primary - Unbelievable Story on KNBC - LA affiliate

I Can't Believe People Don't Understand The Very Questioning If Something Is Racist, Is A Big No-No

Can't Wait For Obama To Lose, And Then His Supporters Threatening To Go Third Party

Red State Democrats see Obama as having coattails

Was there a difference between Bob Dole and Bill Clinton?

John Edwards Does Not Exist...

Let's email JEDNE to all major media outlets

What were the 2003 candidates "boxed in" as?

women on HRC (NY Times essay, book)

Hillary 50% McCain 48% Obama 49% McCain 48%

Karl's Kingmakers: Race and Sex

The Clinton hate is strong as ever out there...check this out!

So, Goohliani, What Will Happen To Rudith?

Trent Lott's name shows up in judicial bribery case .... link

Just clicked on Drudge and found at least two headlines used as subject lines here at DU --

Sunday News Show Lineup

And now Newt Gingrich is touting Hillary

Whoever You Support, You Have To Admit This Race Has Been Fascinating

WOAH! Poll: Would Definitely Vote Against That Candidate in November

I heard on MSNBC

For Obama Supporters I Invite You

The media and pundits doing it AGAIN!!!

Last night on the Mclaughton group

I'm getting suspicious, Ben Nelson (R- NE) & McCaskill (R-MO) backing Obama....

OMG...Today's Newark Star Ledger (1/13/08)

Caucuses > For your consideration:

Question regarding a grassroots action we could possibly implement:

McClatchy: Clinton's stimulus plan is long on politics, short on economics

I haven't seen any politicians on TV this morning, but

Frank Rich column, today's NY Times

Poll: Hillary ahead in Michigan

Do you believe Clinton knew nothing about Marc Rich's pardon, as

Bush plans to finalize long-term strategic partnership w/ Iraq prior to Dem & Repub conv.

Now Hillary is accusing Barack of accusing her of assassinating Bhutto?

The King of Spin: Dennis Kucinich

New Hillary Drinking Game

Biden will not endorse until GE; summary of remarks to DE Nat'l Guard

So is this sexist....

Oops, dupe, mods delete

John Edwards wins over a South Carolina Republican voter

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/13/08 - Clinton and Obama up 1, Edwards down 2

if they really want to win they should say that they will pardon

Obama did contradict himself on Iraq

Which poll to we believe, this poll doesn't show McCain leading by 11%

I'm rewatching Cuomo's speech from the '92 convention right now. I think of JE when I hear him.

On the IWR: Hillary is another John Kerry, but less likable.

Which Senators have endorsed Hillary?

"Filipino Monkey" [prankster] May Be Behind Radio Threats, Ship Drivers Say

Edwards on CNN right now

Roseanne versus Oprah, Why do we care?

Obama supporters: Could Obama be doing anything differently

Bill Clinton on Obama: ‘He might win.’

"Bhutto’s death will “call into issue the judgment: who’s made the right judgments”

No Honeymoon for the next President - whoever it is

Hillary and some of her supporters intentionaly stirring the racism divisive pot


I'm officially ON in terms of voting for the Democratic nominee

Where can I go to find News


Clinton blames Obama campaign for comment controversy

If Obama Wins SC, then the AA vote shifts to him across the nation. Clinton would win 10-15 states

Would you support Senator Clinton MORE or LESS if she just went ahead and hired Karl Rove?

Senior Clinton Advisor Blumenthal Arrested 4 DUI On 1/7/08 Not Reorted Til The !2th?

This place is Officially no longer a credible source for campaign information.

A video I hadn't seen yet on Edwards

Obama has responded to Clinton's Meet The Press interview attacking him

Can someone also post a link to Bill Clinton's 2002 anti-war speech.

Only the candidate who wears the media crown of likability can destroy it.

Deep Thoughts...

Likability counts. It may seem stupid that it's so critical in a general

Clinton and Obama are both playing the exact same political game


Las Vegas Sun: Senator Reid A "No Comment" on Caucus Lawsuit

Why haven't there been any polls out on Nevada since Dec. 6?

Was Tweety right? Is the "establishment" in "destroy" mode?

Maybe Hillary really IS the devil in a pantsuit!

Which candidate best represents our Democratic Party Ideals, Obama, Clinton or Edwards?

Bush tells the Israelis

More Lightening Of The Mood Pictures....With Captions (feel free to provide your own)

On Meet the Press: Clinton justifies war vote, hits Obama

Rasmussen 4 day tracker: H-39% O-35% E- DNE

One of the prime examples of why we need John Edwards:

Political cartoonists Tony Auth's take on Karl Rove's recent comments on Obama's "trash-talking"

A Democratic President

Obama Camp Memo on Clinton’s MTP Race Response

The race card. The gender card. How about we play

CNN ticker says polls show tight race going in to SC...What poll would that be?

Eating our own...come on people lets get it together.

Cant understand all the bickering.....

Obama Camp's Memo on Clintons' Politicizing Race

Questions for Candidates

Have you read Obama's or Clinton's books?

This morning, Kerry sounded like an angry white male Clinton hater.

Edwards on Diversity in the Media

Here's a statement from Barack on the Iraq war in 2002. Spin this, Hillary fans.

So it is with conviction that I support ...

No matter how Obama supporters try to spin this....

Framing The Issues, Trade, Labor Law, Corporatism

Heads Up -- Edwards On CNN NOW!

Has McCain's fundraising picked up huge steam?

Just for a needed laugh

Could someone post Clinton's 2002 anti-war speech please? I posted Obama's. Thanks!

Edwards: The average net worth of black families is about $8,000; white families is about $80,000

Bullshit! What we really look for in a winning candidate

Clinton, Obama, Iraq.

Bush is "rallying friends around the world to confront this danger (Iran) before it is too late"

Why hasn't this been in the news MY GOD!!!

Culinary leader: Closing sites on Strip would strike at caucus’ heart

Bush, "who likes short meetings & early bedtimes," has "opulent picnic" w/ Abu Dhabi's crown prince


GOP business man supports Giuliani, Romney...and Clinton


A serious question about the Nevada lawsuit

Hillary's List of 'Lies and Deception' on Meet The Press DEBUNKED

01/13/08 DU Straw Poll: The Big Three go at it once again.

CNN Poll: Clinton and Obama Barely Edge McCain

Master manipulator, Hillary Clinton, is f&^%*@'ing herself AGAIN on MTP

Forgive my naivete, s.v.p., but

Interesting Hillary cartoon

1-13-08 The day I decided to cast my vote against Clinton if she is the nominee

Since today is Obama pride day on the trail, let's see who struck the right note

Don't Shoot The Messenger / New ARG Nat'l Poll- Hillary 47% Obama 27% Edwards 13%

Hillary's NH dirty tricks

The chickens - er, falcons - have come home to roost.

Does My Sig Line Offend You, Or Make You Laugh?

Obama: Bill Clinton Misquotes Me On Iraq

My somewhat sexist brother got off the fence today after watching Clinton on Meet the Press

O: "She started this campaign saying she wanted to make history but lately she's been rewriting it."

Connecticut State Senate President Donald Willams rallies for Obama

Clinton is running the most suspect democratic presidential campaign

Hillary "knows where a lot of her funding has come from, to be blunt," said Greg Valliere...

Primary this all there is?

Apparently Obama supporters are smearing Clinton, saying she's involved in the Nevada lawsuit

Clinton's explanation of her IWR vote is THE Fairy Tale...

There was a presidential debate the night of Kyl-Lieberman. Why didn't Obama even mention Kyl-Liebe?

I repeat: If Edwards does not quit

Are we going to let Wolf Blitzer & Fiction CNN pick our nominee

"Barack's candidacy is building a new coalition in American politics"

The Clinton's Racial Strategy

Clinton "Personally Offended" by Obama distorting her words.

McCain scares me - Dem electability will be big issue

Swing-State and Red-State DUers, Who Are You Supporting?

Less than two weeks in, N.H. civil union count nears 100

So Carville can deny he is working for Clinton, but according to today's Chicago Sun-Times. . .

Race Issue Is Old, time to focus on issues again

Hillary drawing cheering crowds in the West.

Statement from Bob Johnson on His Comments Today in South Carolina

To: all Obama supporters

A young man, calling in to c-span, said he was supporting Obama ..

Are references to Obama's drug use racist?

For the Ladies II

What is going on in this photograph of splinterist candidate Cynthia McKinney?

mods please remove - was a response not a new thread

SC Leader Slams Clinton For Not Condemning Surrogate’s - "should’ve immediately denounced remarks"

Behind Nevada casino walls is a political fight

At the last debate in Iowa before the caucus, Obama came to Biden's defense for all of those that

I would like to talk to someone who works for the Obama campaign in NV

SHAME on some of you! Why the BASELESS, MEANINGLESS criticism of Obama (and others)?

Bill And Hillary Clinton Are Not Racists

I am not happy about the Nevada lawsuit

Statement from the Clinton Campaign’s Senior Economic Adviser Gene Sperling

Hillary Clinton made this primary about race.

Here's what I don't get about the Nevada caucus: It's scheduled for the lunch hour,

The Clintons on Iraq

I'm so proud that in the US, a black man and the wife of a former president can both run for office!

CONFIRMED: Diebold "allowed access to vulnerable op-scan machines" throughout election day.

I guess this is Obama's fault also

Garden State Poll- Clinton- 48% Obama 23% Edwards 11%

I think we need more threads about:

What would have happened if LBJ had vetoed the bill?

Obama supporters: We need to refocus.

Hillary camp tries to walk back Johnson's comments - he was talking about community organizing...

What bugs me about the Nevada caucus: Harry Reid's control over all of it

All criticism of Obama is racist and all criticism of Clinton is sexist.

I'm officially off Hillary.

If you saw Hillary on Meet the Press, how would you rate her performance?

Repeat MTP on MSNBC 6:pm.

Presidential campaign's focus turns to economy

Let's Just Let the Clinton campaign Destroy the Party

Great News for Obama:The Mclaughlin Group: the race is even money bet. Obama and Hopeless Hillary

Can someone tell me what Obama's plan for Iraq is?

HIllary Clinton's '08 campaign tactics...make you proud or ashamed?

David Brooks: Even though he's younger Obama doesn't hold well under fatigue as Hillary does

What will the Obama supporters do when..

With McCain beating Hillary and Obama, we need to kiss Joe Lieberman's ass and get him to come home

Emotions and Politics

Racism, sexism, homophobia? Let's race 'em and pick a winner!

Iowa and New Hampshire have lost their rationale

I'm a Hillary supporter and I plan on voting for Obama should he win the nomination

So let me get this straight: Obamists are sexists, and Clintonists are racists?

Hillary and Bill Clinton's remarks have nothing to do with racism.

Why Are Caucuses Held On Saturday When Observant Jews Can't Vote?

I think she's between a rock and a hard place in NV

candidates vs. paid staff vs. volunteers vs. DU posters

"Disenfranchising Voters"... is anyone really this blinkered?

The politics of “Do” versus the Policies of “Say”

Real Clear Politics Poll: South Carolina

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

The funniest part about all this fighting is...

Obama unveils $75 billion economic stimulus plan

How dare we

Stupid Superficial Arguments Like These Are A Direct Result Of Ideological Purity

Is Hillary sounding more deserate or is it really just me?

The is NOTHING on Obam's website about dividing races as the Clinton people state

DLC, Establishment Pro-Corp Lobbyists, Status Quo, Pro-War, Big Bizz, Washington Elite Candidate...

Did Obama campaign on voting against funding the war?

Clinton still the first black President?

Text of Obama memo...from Obama SC press Secretary...

How NOT to Bash Hillary But Still Criticize Her On Real Issues

Clinton was awesome on MEET THE PRESS

A serious question "if shuck and jive is racist" and I think it is, then why isn't "shrill" sexist?

Former SC State Rep. Leevy Johnson says he is offended that Hillary did not condemn drug use remarks

After lambasting him on MTP, Hillary goes to church and says she is "proud" of Obama

Lately, we have seen how Obama stands up to criticism

TIME: HOUSE OF LABOR DIVIDED (AFSCME board upset about treatment of Obama!) x post link corrected

Meanwhile, your, or your wife's, or your daughter's or your mother's uterus is being threatened ....

Which GOP candidate would be best for a Democrat to face in Nov.?

Serious question, why didn't Obama refuse to answer questions about drug use?

Obama Calls Clinton Allegations “Ludicrous”

When did Hillary first come out against the war?

Dirt begins to fly at Obama

Why Hillary's Comment About MLK & LBJ Had Racial Overtones. It Was Intentional.

Culinary leader: Closing sites on Strip would strike at caucus’ heart

Why is Obama hanging out with these racists!?

George McGovern makes some points for Accountability

What the Black Commentator has to say about Clinton's pal Bob Johnson:

May I interrupt this pissing contest to introduce an issue?

New NY Times/CBS Poll: Hillary 42 Obama 27 Edwards 11

Now Nader Claims He Didn't Endorse Edwards

When it was time to defend John Kerry, Obama stood up for him. Hillary stabbed him in the back.

What's your take on John Edwards effect on the campaign?

3923 dead Americans is not a motherf**king "Jesuitical argument about what exactly was meant."

I suggest Clinton or edwards plagiarize the remaining UFW sloganUnited Farm Workers, "Juntos Podemos

MTP Hillary: "John Edwards has said fiscal responsibility is not a priority of his"

Hillary Clinton to Code Pink Mar 2003

So TIME calls Clinton "shrill" links to Meet To Press video from this morning

Last Thread of the Evening BUUUUT

(mods please sticky) Super-delegate list link

Because we all need a laugh...PICTURES!!!!

ABC News picks up story of Hillary voter suppression tactics in Nevada..

AP: Chris Matthews a Target for Clinton Fans

What no one will say about Clinton and Obama

Obama has highest ranking from League of Conservation Voters of all Candidates.

(NEW) Clinton Surrogate Makes Veiled Reference to Obama's Drug Use

What Is Your Opinion Of Posters Who Do Nothing But Bash (Our) Candidates

Edwards with Blitzer: Perfect

There's a backlash against Obama's racial tactics now, imagine a general election

Bush: Iran threatens world security

Clinton Says Obama Fanning the Flames of Racial Politics and attacks Obama war narrative

CORRECTION: OBAMA "The notion that this is our doing is ludicrous."

Has anyone looked at Obama's positions on Crime, Punishment, and Drugs? Interesting stuff!!!

Drudge is picking up all this BULLSHIT from the democratic party and posting it

Why does the media keep calling Obama a INSURGENT candidate

I just finished watching Hillary on Meet the Press and I've never been more proud to support her

To believe the Clinton spin on Bob Johnson's comments is to believe he meant to say -

Man's Struggle Against Authority

Why do Unions spend so much and fight so hard for their candidate to win?

Huckabee denounces ad on parole case

Rasmussen: McCain 49% Clinton 38%

Edwards on Civil Liberties and the Constitution

If Obama wins- are we getting 4 to 8 years

Is this forum an example of the "unity" that Obama promises?

If the nomination came down to judgment on the IWR...Obama was prophetic, Clinton Naive!

Clinton: Obama camp is 'distorting' her remarks

Josh Marshall: Those endorsements...

The bottom line about the IWR. Here it is:

Clinton on Meet The Press

Can John Edwards give his delegates to Obama at the convention?

Hillary wants as many people as possible to participate but has no opinion on the lawsuit

As Democrats, we should be rooting for Romney on Tuesday in Michigan

Edwards Defends Obama Against Clinton MLK Comments - "enormous pride" in Obama's success

Maybe Bush sold clueless Americans a war with the aid of the Media and a timid congress.....BUT

Seems HuffPo pulled the link to the Obama memo...any info?

The first time I saw the Clinton's.

Obama: Clinton rewrites history

Since Hillary claimed she embodies change as a woman, she must think Condi would embody "change"!

POLL: McCain thumps Hillary, 49 - 38.

Because I'm not black

The Clinton Strategy Has Already Worked, and It's Not What You Think

Hillary hits it out of the park here

Obama supporters: Please explain why Barack Obama voted to reauthorize the Patriot Act.

How Does An Illinois Senator Suddenly Come Up W/ A ...SOUTHERN ACCENT?

Musharraf tells U.S.: Stay out of Pakistan

David Brooks: 'The Bush White House likes Clinton, and would trust their legacy to her.'

I Just Donated Another $75.00 To The John Edwards Campaign! Are There

Stop expecting Clinton to fight Obama's battles for him. Isn't he an adult?

Which non-candidate would you prefer over your current pick

WaPo: some parties to NV lawsuit PARTICIPATED in the decision they are suing to overturn (?!) ...

Obama Announces New Economic Package: Save the Working Class

Hillary is getting defensive. . .she just shouted at Russert when he read Clyburn's quote. . .

The Democratic Platform, is this a good place to discuss this?

Hillary just told the biggest lie of the campaign

Edwards: The Real "Fairy Tale" is Thinking Change Begins With Washington Politicians

Remember: Giving the benefit of the doubt is for losers

Just got back from leafletting for Obama in Queens, NY

Obama's political stunt is worse than Willy Horton.

Hillary's List of Lies and Deception on Meet The Press

Breaking NY Times National Poll: Clinton 42 Obama 27 Edwards 11

Is MANDATORY Health Care Insurance the same as MANDATORY auto Insurance?

For the People that are BEING THERE (The ramblings of a tired Activist)

I caught NPR lying about John Edwards

BET Founder Slams Obama in South Carolina (Clinton surrogate)

Oh, goody. It's a train wreck.

McCaskill has endosed Obama

On Meet The Press, Hillary Examines Sen. Obama On Iraq

NBC Rewrites its Own Rules to Prevent America from Hearing Kucinich

Why keep bashing Nader?

The official "I love John Kerry" thread.

National Archives Bars or Removes Wearers of Articles of Impeachment

NYT Report: 121 Veterans Linked to Killings

Israel to get "smarter" U.S.-made bombs than Saudis

Norwegian Police: 'Pocket Man' Arrested in Sex Abuse of Hundreds of Boys

Organs to be taken without consent

Huckabee: Evangelical Christians Now Have a Chance to Lead GOP

Troops lose benefits with bill in limbo

New incentives for Army nurses

Warrant issued for suspect in Marine death

Pregnant Marine called friendly but tough

N.M. Guard holds event for Cuba-bound troops

Fort Carson goes green with solar power

Shortages could be hurting Army health care

Soldier who survived bomb dies in car crash

Petty officer charged in Internet sex sting

Reservists may get more time at home

Sgt. comes out, but is told to stay in

Thunderbird show at Hill AFB canceled

Bases lose some control over purchases

Commander pays visit to Navy cruiser

Airmen bringing Hope to Moldova

Destroying the 'Defensive Belts'

Commanders get a Gen Y education

Helping the Army Meet Recruiting Goals

CNO Honors Recruiters of the Year

Air Force Leaders Gather

The Most Vigorous Marine Unit

Soldier gets 13 years for drunken driving

State-of-the-Art Battlefield

Marines Expand Support Programs

Military rules, by Service

Bush: U.S. Should've Acted on Auschwitz

Across America, Deadly Echoes of Foreign Battles

Bill Clinton sounds off on backlash

Poll: Eventual GOP Nom Faces Tough General Election (Clinton, Obama Would Get Over Half the Vote)

Poland Takes Up For Poland

Microsoft's Office Head Plans to Retire

Angry Pakistanis turn against army

Windows Vista, Office 2007 Expelled From British Schools

Prostitution or Slave Trade?

For CEOs, failure can be lucrative

Prosecutor Who Unraveled Corruption in Boston Turns to C.I.A. Tape Case

National Popular Vote (NPV): Dropping out the Electoral College

ADL To Supreme Court: States Should Regulate Firearms

Cornered in square one

Interesting item in the (UK) Daily Mail the other day:

A couple of hilarious articles quoting Cecilia Sarkozy's ex.

Ooooooh Shit! No…. Shit. Economic Rollercoaster by Stephen P. Pizzo

Deterioration of Iraqi Women’s Rights and Living Conditions Under Occupation by Souad N. Al-Azzawi

Gulf Shenanigans: No Laughing Matter By Ray McGovern

NYT, pg1: No Quick Fix to Economic Downturn

You know you're in deep when your puppet starts pulling your strings

Iraqi Civilian Deaths Massive by Any Measure

Write it down - Ohio is going Hillary's way

Secrecy News: Army Manual Describes Doctrine on Riot Control Agents

Dennis might be gone, but he's still right

San Fran wireless plans getting spooky

White House Secrecy Starts to Give

Hilarious essay on US candidates' speeches (Obama, Clinton...) from today's UK Observer (Ianucci)

Cenk Uygur: Has Hillary ever led the charge against Bush?

1-13-08 in Las Vegas: Obama blasts Strip caucus controversy

CIA, Iran & the Gulf of Tonkin By Ray McGovern

What Is He Capable Of?-The Presidential Psychology at the End of Days

Herbert claimed Clinton said "Obama's effort" was a "fairy tale," but didn't report Clinton's denial

Women trivialize politics by rushing to Clinton in the tracks of her tears

20 Amazing Facts About Voting in the USA by Angry Girl

Cocaine Jet Crash in Mexico Linked to Narco-Trafficker Who Worked for U.S. Government

Across America, Deadly Echoes of Foreign Battles (Killings by Vets)

No, The Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist

Have ya had enough?

Hannity and Obenshain Try To Paint Clintons As Racists

This Is Not America

This is not America (David Bowie)

Michael Franti and Spearhead: Time to Go Home

for all you ronbots bent on total destruction

Olbermann's Comment on Giuliani's Fearmongering (Mad Man)

Change: the empty word

PBS NOW: Dirty Tricks In South Carolina Primary (1 of 3)

Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws

PBS NOW: Dirty Tricks In South Carolina Primary (2 of 3)

PBS NOW: Dirty Tricks In South Carolina Primary (3 of 3)

Boycott Disney and GE: Mickey Mouse Politics PT 2

Hillary talks to voters in Southern California

New Edwards Ad: "Stand"

Obama - Viva Las Vegas!

Obama Ad - Quiet

Marvin Bethea - The Hillary That I Know

Hillary gets marriage proposal


Why doesn't Bush just change his citizenship?

What was your intent?

Best of Dennis Kucinich!

Let The Contracts Soar!!!

Unbelievable Katrina Lawsuit!

Prisoners 'to be chipped like dogs'

Jet Case Colored with Shades of Iran/Contra and “House of Death”

Edwards on Late Edition-1.13.08: I'm in it for the long haul!

Dennis Kucinich v.s Barack Obama v.s Hillary Clinton

New Kucinich Campaign Ad! Health Care!

In Texas, Weighing Life With a Border Fence

150 mpg SUV

Peak Soil + Peak Oil = Peak Spoils

Food For Thought


GE to double investments in renewable energy

Let Greenwash Flow Like A Mighty River! - The Detroit Auto Show Begins - TB

Oak Decline - Endemic In UK Since 1920s - Wells Up Again, Possibly As Response To Warmth

Rethink biofuel, says Nobel laureate

Wind farms: Continuing controversy

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) Wants To "Take Advantage" Of Melting Arctic Ice To Build New Ports

Kazakh NOC Doubles % Of Kashagan Field Control To Equal ENI, Shell et. al - Reuters

Calderon Opens New Nitrogen Injection Plant For 2 Southern Fields - $110M For +25K/Day (Projected)

Study Shows 2.5F Warming In Northeastern US 1965 - 2005, 8 Inches Less Snow On Average

Jeff Rubin (CIBC) - "Cliff-Like" Depletion Curves In N. Sea, Mexico; Stagnant Supply Rules Prices

6% Of Afghans Have Electricity; Power In Kabul Averages 3 hrs/day, Slightly Better Than Taliban Era

Are there any Nuclear power plants that are co generation.

Xpost: California wants to control home thermostats (Hmmm)

Changes in the Sun’s Surface to Bring Next Climate Change

Net WAIS Ice Loss In 2006 - 132 Billion Tons; Total Antarctic Mass Loss Up 75% In Ten Years - AFP

Ted Stevens Worried About Polar Bears - They Might Interfere With Natural Gas Pipeline

Free Rice

Bisquick, Add Water, Shake, Pour, Make...Toss The Container

General Motors Corporation Honored with Inaugural EARTH ANGEL Award at 2008 International Car of the

Bill Clinton sounds off on backlash

Topic subject A letter to Obama about race-baiting

Clinton Endorsements (#19 Thread) 12/19/07 -01/11/08

No matter how Obama supporters try to spin this....

Obama Camp's Memo on Clintons' Politicizing Race

Statement from the Clinton Campaign’s Senior Economic Adviser Gene Sperling

Hillary drawing cheering crowds in the West.

Hillary talks to voters in Southern California

Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Distorting Her Words

Press Release: On Meet The Press, Hillary Examines Sen. Obama On Iraq

Topic subject Clinton was awesome on MEET THE PRESS

more on MLK, Sen. Clinton (& Kerry)

LA faces meltdown as Hollywood strike bites

Today's working family cartoon-buying a home

Today in labor history January 13

What does labor want?

Labor cartoon for the week of January 7, 2008

Chamber looks to avoid fair share debate

TIME: HOUSE OF LABOR DIVIDED (AFSCME board upset about treatment of Obama!)

Starbucks United!

Writers' strike is about the value of thought

Militant Labor Movement

Bonded Child Labor (outlawed by the 1956 U.N. Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery)

Firefighters union may picket Menino's speech

Court Upholds NLRB against Taxi Company in Definition of Employee

8 firefighters walk out in Merryville left only one firefighter at the Merryville department

NLRB temporarily delegates litigation authority to General Counsel

Work With Tribe, Avoid Turf War

Labor Unions Eye Gains in 2008

Bank of America Should Not Be Allowed to Acquire Countrywide

Newspaper Guild's NLRB Charge Takes On Striking Writers Guild

IAFF Objects to OSHA Settlement

Five excuses for why you won’t be coming into work today:


demo dutch

Welcome, Mr President, to the misery you've created

Israel’s ties that bind

West Bank's Jewish 'outposts' dig in

Obama targeted in smear campaign

Palestinians sue for NIS 40 million for land taken by settlers

Nasrallah blasts Bush, says it is an honor to be his enemy

Israel-Palestinian core issue talks start Monday: Abbas

Electricity in Gaza decreases by 10%

Bush's "vision" is Palestine's nightmare

Why They Hate Us: The Long Answer

Chavez offers to help end Colombia conflict

Swiss role in hostage release was discreet

Code Pink attacked by hard line Miamicuban exile mob.

Anna Schwartz blames Fed for sub-prime crisis

Barak Obama new ad- "Quiet- I'm plagiarizing Joe Biden"

You guys -- when you have a few moments

Fun and Games!

Senator Biden will be doing important work,

Need help

is this weird

Anyone here try Nutri-System? Sorry to go off-track here but something

Proposed Utah law would outlaw workplace sexual orientation discrimination

Sgt. comes out, but is told to stay in (xpost from Veterans)

flame away-just sent my ballot in and voted for Obama

Obama, no you didn't.

If you buy any book this year....

Presidential campaigns target gay Ga. voters

Family Campaigning

a poem inspired by the edwards camapign

Corporate Greed

Is John Edwards being psychically attacked" ? Yesterday

The Stars This Week - "Carve Out a Different Path" - January 14 - January 20, 2007

Volunteer needed to coordinate the February prayer, light and healing request thread

Hey you Dolts! It's the Bolts not the Colts.

Congratulations San Diego Chargers

JAX scores first!

The Pats were ungood tonight.

Patriots/Chargers pick next week?

NYT: 2008 Democratic & Republican Primary/Caucus Calendar

Hey, You: NH Chaos Represents Opportunity (Don't miss it)

Stupid Question! Who gets to pick the hand recounters?

FYI - NH Republican primary machine counts "not"suspicious

Does anyone know...

TX: Group's complaint to IRS claims national vote implications

MONITOR Radio - A closer look at LHS, vendor for 80% of NH, up at ~6:40 pm Sunday CST

why they want Edwards out

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 01/13/07

Please help me understand these NH vote totals!! Does this show votes FLIPPED for Dems and Repugs?

CONFIRMED: Diebold "allowed access to vulnerable op-scan machines" throughout election day.

ARS Technica's viewpoint on the New Hampshire vote

WaPo: How Hillary Stole NH From Obama: Illegally Challenged Obama Observers, Disrupting GOTV!!!!!!!

Hand Audits by November

The impact.

For the Ladies II

Dennis Quaid Sounds Off on Heparin Overdose

For the record, I disagree 100% with Nancy Tobi's efforts to stop the recount in NH.

Numerous problems now being reported across the state with Diebold machines in New Hampshire

Asteroid likely to miss Mars

The Jehovahs Cure......

Cleaning out my cupboards......

Heads Up: Michael Pollan on C-Span 2 Book TV

Another WARM day in NJ


Does anyone here really like chemistry?

Anyone bake with triticale?

An interesting twist to being 'reborn'

Benny Hinn Lays the SMACKDOWN!!!

"9/11 and the incompetence excuse", good summary piece

Suspicious Minds How a ragtag group of conspiracy nuts is changing public perception of 9/11

South Tower Anomalies (altered news video)

Anomalies at the WTC and the Hutchison Effect (New Paper by Judy Wood/John Hutchison)

Good stuff -- from one of our own I believe...

conspiracy tinfoil-hat nutcase

Banner on CNN ten minutes ago...

Kerry post at Carpetbagger Report and Liberal Values

This Week Interview (video)

Sorta OT: JK and the swiftboating of Barack Obama

Great interview of JK on This Week.

JK has a republican opponent this fall,


A ray of sunshine from DeLay land....

Tom DeLay is back - or just never moved from Texas really

Need to smile...

Man Sodomizes Stepson To Avenge Daughter's Rape

The Dems here are planning on doing a FREE showing of "Sicko"

AP Technology Review: Eee Laptop PC Shreds the Rules

Mobile Computing in Alaska - Possible for an RVer?

So how many of us are there on DU?

More About Obama..A DKos Diary

The Obama Video Thread

The swiftboating of Barack Obama

So, I turned on Meet the Press to see how Hillary's interview is going.

Harper 'trying to stall for time' with Mulroney-Schreiber hearings

Blast in Afghanistan injures 4 Canadian soldiers

Just in from Wisconsin ... Pix of Rev Cheese after Brett's underhand pass.

Judge backs JPL workers

Update: Riverside County absentee ballots

Just another shade of Gray

Oh crap: Blair kicks off campaign to become EU President


"I love Brent Farb. (dreamy sigh) He has crispies on his chin and cheeks, like my daddy."

Was Al Qaeda the Real Suspect?

Lies, damn lies and 'counterknowledge'

A brief history of Operation Mockingbird

Air America

I have the cutest parrot on the planet

Need help with kitten

a new way to pill a cat!