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Archives: January 14, 2008

Joint Chiefs chairman: close Guantanamo

Anna Schwartz blames Fed for sub-prime crisis

Culinary leader: Closing sites on Strip would strike at caucus’ heart

GM Launches Ethanol Partnership

Selebi quits as Interpol president

Cedillo endorses Obama as Dems vie for California's Hispanic vote

CBS Poll: Americans Think U.S. on Wrong Track

Bush Mideast [signiture] speech draws cool response

Unusual Pair Takes Over in Guatemala

Scientists Create Beating Hearts in Lab

Institute to Delve Into U.S. Democracy

BoNY Sends Lawyer to $23Bln Trial

Believe In One America

Shanghai police break up "maglev" train protest

Team Creates Rat Heart Using Cells of Baby Rats

Efforts to rejuvenate northeastern rust belt pay off

George W. Bush to reaffirm strong ties with Saudi Arabia

Edwards Criticizes Clinton Comments

Happy Panda Bears!! (For all that want/need a diversion)

Best. Response. Ever. (in GD: P )

Well, since everybody else seems to be doing the Youtube thing

Post youtube videos that make you miss the '90s

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I'm a bitch when I'm scared.

Holy Shit Go GIANTS!!!!!!!!

Phoenix, AZ locals: Sun Devil Liquors, Papago - how are they?

DeVry vs Uni of Phoenix Vs ITT Tech Vs fundie colleges Vs clown college Vs real colleges

I will laugh my ass off if the Crowbars manage to lose this game

Balvenie DoubleWood...yum...


The Gospel According to the Hit Man and the Dude

Terrell Owens May Win The Nevada Dem. Primary

Beer at 11% and 7.5% - what it does to you...


Testing....first fig line picture...

Beer + Huey Lewis = My real side

We are supposed to get a shitload of snow tonight and tomorrow

What are your pet peeves?

Mardi Gras Time....

Great Uses for a Mac desktop, part 1 (probably)

So what color will the new $100 bill be?

Best rock salt for icy driveways?

my My Space


This dude was so ahead of his time...

I have a two-letter reason for being happy that the Giants won the game:

Screw the election. Rock of Love II w/ Bret Michaels is on!!!

Have you seen the new Converse commerical?

I just stole a nice, hot shower

Why am I so fucking awesome?

Best. Golden. Globes. Ever.

Now that the Cowboys are out, I don't give a damn who wins

How did THIS product name get past the CEO?

Breaking News: Rabrrrrrr raises $120 billion in one night for presidential run

Funny date story...

I just took a nice, hot shower

Oooohhh!!! NOW it all makes SENSE!!!

Circular Firing Squad again...

posted in GD



Is it just me or are these cheap airfare websites a bunch of crap?

z0MG! I just got a hostile f-bomb

West Coast beach bum & surfer check in...

What are you watching?

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's RIPA

Tennis fans - the Australian Open is on ESPN live NOW!

Daniel Day Lewis wins Best Actor Golden Globe!

You know, the unredeemedly stupid are quite entertaining.

OMG! It's so funny watching American Idol contestants cry.

Since we're in an apologizing mood tonight here in the Lounge

Cupcakes: Vanilla with Lemon Frosting or Lemon with Vanilla frosting?

Starbucks letters

I am so proud of myself!

The greatest singer ever in the history of the United States...

The view out of my back door.

Ralph Nader is on the ballot for TWO different parties in the CA Primary

Am I missing out on something?

What are your favorite three topics to discuss on DU?

Road Runner: how wrong could I have been for 40 years?

Just dropping by to tell ya'll: The ULTIMATE GD THREAD EVER has been posted!!!

America's Team No More!!

Let your loved ones know that they are in fact LOVED ONES

Facebook - anybody watching 60 minutes?

so my day with my old boyfriend

Well, since everybody else seems to be doing the Myspace thing...

Does anyone have a hot poker available?

Apparently, EVERYBODY spoke perfect ENGLISH 12,000 years ago

so my daughter just taped up 2 pictures on my bedroom wall.

Omg, I think they put crack in Cheezits

so i found out about a friend who died unexpectedly

Just watched "Live free or die"

Omg, I think LeftyMom put crack in her Lemon Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting.

My condolences to Green Bay.

When does the new season of "Torchwood" begin?

Screw Myspace! I want facebook and Livejournal friends!

So much for Simpsons tonight; that terminator tv show is starting.

Posta weird bumper sticker

Masterpiece Theater

American History X is on, and it's one of the best movies I've ever seen.

Need a vote here!1 Neighbor problem!1 Am I overreacting?!1

Crazy mouse story for ya...

Yay! Let's pile on the Cowboys and their fans, YAY!

Som mo'fo needs to invent eyebrow dye

Nice rack Hitler.

For the last time: Deckard is NOT a replicant

A PSA from Zornhau to any geek men in the Lounge.

GirlInContempt, how is your kitty?

If you were starting a rock band what would it be called?

This Land

Prisoner's lawsuit says it was too easy to escape

Resisting The Election Narrative

China Bag Ban

Them Rs, Them Rs. = Conspiracy, cover-up alleged in suit against MO Gov. Blunt and Aides

We are followers of Jimmy Jones cutting in the kool-Aid line

Dismal Signs for the GOP by George Will: Real Clear Politics

Frances new president appears to be about as dangerous as a monkey with a razor blade

...admitted to them, he and Eastridge would often shoot at Iraqi civilians while patrolling Baghdad

Learning from History.. Aussie style..enjoy

Here's the REAL difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Do you remember when presidents used to ease tensions?

McClatchy: Bush Mideast speech draws cool response

Time for DU heresy! Activism and strategic voting work well together.

Analysis on DailyKos: Obama has the Best Environmental Record

Poll: americans want change Others call for “something different.”

Taxes and City Services

When Jesuitical Types Play Baseball: Predictions on Russert's Brushback Pitches for Top 3?

I like Hillary, Barak, John and Dennis

"A Surge of More Lies".......... editorial by Congressman Robert Wexler

Yes!!!!!! Giants beat 1st seed Dallas!!

Edwards was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer today.... yet TPM and HuffPo have zero on Edwards on pg 1

When did you realize you could not trust MSM?

Imagine a Candidate Saying to Stephanopoulos: "That's a very un-axios and unorthodox question."

Jane Austen Fans....PBS Begins MARATHON...tonight! ...and every Sunday Night...

Want to read something truly frightening?

* says world must take action against Iran "before it is too late."

What if the voters of SC act as independently as the voters of NH did?

Man says pot valued at $80k was for wife

Condoleezza: "I'm not good with animals."

War game a devastating lesson on Iran for [US] Navy

Are you concerned that we are being manipulated by media...?

PETA - Heartless Killers Of Pets (17,400 in 2006 alone)

A living, beating heart -- grown in a jar

The People are coming you f-ers. Pack your bags!

The new Democratic President should call for elections in Iraq...

Christians: Excommunicate Bush

Hillary Clinton is a lesbian

Someone asked, "Have Obama and Edwards made a deal?"

If Russert Were to Say: "There's no *Method* to Your Madness When You Triangulate Answers, Madam..."

Video Break: Something we can ALL enjoy...(Hillary, Obama, Gore, Clooney, Stewart AND Bono)

Twice deported, "Chandler serial rapist" caught.

Obama's Name Misspelled On 2,000 Ballots

Man Dies In Calif. Escalator Mishap (Darwin award nominee)

DU friends and foes.... :)

Mexican Authorities Move to Crush Copper Strike

After Pentacostal thing: Obama has to choose 'Fundie Pope' or President (DU-P) lnk

Sick of the "race" and "dope" bullshit...

Pentagon now says 'Threat may have come from heckler, not Iran'

My Handdrawn Reminder Needs a Graphics DUru: "It's the Graph, Stupid"

Typing Idiots = Thoughtless = BrainDead = Bush?

Illuminati-Secret Society Skull and Bones=Kerry=Bush=Bonesmen

George W Bush visits his bosses in the Mid East.


John Kerry=Skull and Bones=Freemason=Obama?

Why isn't Edwards staying out of the Obama/Clinton fray?

Please don't make me think.

Kurds in refinery talks with Canadian oil firms

Boston Globe today: This article will make you angry,

Can Sen. Obama be trusted he will NOT embrace another bigot if elected?

Independent UK: Bush's Only Achievement In Mid-East Is To Increase Power Of Iran

Believe In One America

SIck of M$M? Go Left TV....check it out. FREE podcasts, news, etc.

In the CA Primary - Ralph Nader is on the ballot for two different parties

Fergit the Moonies!1 Da LDS-esses are on the move!1

When they say "CHANGE" Who do you believe really means it? Edwards/Obama/Hillary???

This land is not your land, it's *their* land eom...

You must read this! Explains Clinton-Obama to a T!

Oh my. I wish to commend everyone who was able to

I can't wait until this election is over , I am not a political junky

Poll: Approval of war in Iraq, Bush remain low

Barack Obama held me down while Hillary Clinton yanked my hair and heckled me.

Florida's primary will be fun..

This Modern World The adventures of Conventional Wisdom Man.

Kerry Makes Case for Obama (video and transcript)

Why aren't people who post ONLY to smear Democrats getting tombstoned?

Will you condone murder?

Anyone see any Michael Ware reports lately?

Why the Ex-Gay Movement is More Important than Anti-Gay Marriage Activisits

When reality hits state health care

Have any of the Republican candidates offered up an economic stimulus plan?


Oppo Research: Blackhatting and Whitehatting - A Crash Course

For tired organizers, activists and all you good people: the low road.

Chris Matthews pinching Hillary Clinton's he a sexist shit-head or what?

Tim Russert's Regular Driver Lives in My Building

No smoking! Convicts go cold turkey

Does Senator Obama really think that GLBT Americans living with HIV/AIDS are sinners?

I just talked to Jim who owns the Yellow Rose bus - here is what he needs

Teacher Comes Under Fire For Comedy Act

“One America” or “Two Americas” – Important Differences in the Views of Obama and Edwards

Ehnologists protect Lone survivor of unknown Indian tribe murdered by encroaching Western civ.

California’s Nurse-Patient Ratio Law Saves Lives, Reduces Nursing Shortage

Rise in homicides by US Iraq war vets -NY Times

Dealwatch: Countrywide Financial

I had a Dream, but woke up to a Nightmare!

Iron My Vote

Will Obama fire or reprimand those responsible for the race card talking points memo?

Is it ok to bring up Bush's prior drug use?

What A Chickenshit Clinton Surrogate Robert Johnson Is. If He Wants To Reference Drug Use

Bridge to Nowhere - Youtube - Hate Bush?

Edwards Presidency "A Disaster For Big Bizness!" But A A Boon To Middle America

So, does anyone know anything about what Clinton's donors

"Barama?" As one word names are popular ("Sting", "Bono") I heard someone

New ARG Poll: Hillary 47% Obama 27% Edwards 13%

Marta and I to caucus for Edwards 1st, then if need be Obama on Feb. 9th

What are the poll stats going into the Michigan Primary?

From the WP: "Will They Play the Race Card?'

Why is nobody calling for Obama national co-chair Jesse Jackson Jr.'s removal?

Watch this Video if you HATE BUSH

Analysis: Candidates won't risk votes as troops risk lives

While the quality of discussion in GDP circles the bowl, Plaid Adder has posted this in GD:

STL-PD: McCaskill endorses Obama, pledges to work for his election

The Obama people must be excited.

POLL: Hillary 42 (-11), Obama 37 (+14), Edwards 11 (+1)

New WaPo/ABC National Poll CLinton 42 Obama 37

Do you think Hillary rigged the Giants/Cowboys game?

Video: Obama today on the Caucus Lawsuit At a Vegas Rally with the Culinary Workers Union

Younger voters roaring to life

We cannot trust these National Polls

WaPo Poll: McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton; Giuliani Falls to 4th

New ABC News Poll: Hillary-42% Obama- 37% Edwards 11%

Agencies diverting millions in funding

Hillary on MTP re: NV Voter Suppression reminds me of W, No Comment in an Ongoing Court Case

Obama antiwar speech becomes fodder for Clinton

Hillary Supporters: If she admits to drug use, can WE use it against you guys?

I'm just saying ...

Brilliant Ron Paul ad in Vegas

How many delegates are up for grabs in Nevada?

The 'Bradley' effect almost certainly didn't happen in NH

All Muck is Local: All The Governor's Men (Deleted E-mails in Missouri)

I can write in a candidate on the General Election ballot....right?

Photos: Barack Obama neighborhood canvassing this afteroon in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Democrats try, but fail, to transcend race

obama's plan to end the iraq war

After the Pentacostal thing today: Obama has to choose, 'fundie Pope' or President!

Don't Cancel My Caucus

This is the current unflattering Hillary picture self hating RNC stooge Matt Drudge has headlined

I'm still undecided, but I just heard Hillary tell a whopper on MTP

Proof of Hillary's campaign using the Gender Card as part of her strategy

If Hillary's aggressive voter tactics win against the republicans aggressive voter tactics


I don't get the Drudge hate

Founder of BET Cable TV Network Slams Obama

Mitt is pretty darned lame

McCain and Obama share royal lineage - traced to William I of Scotland

What I'm really hoping for...

Kerry Makes Case for Obama

Why do Obamistas think "shuck and jive" is a slur but "Get off my daughter, you Dago" isn't?

At least I know one thing, Mr. Johnson...

A quick question for the Clinton supporters ......

Does New York Love Obama - POLL

My Vote is Not a Fairy Tale

A quick question for the Obama supporters ......

Jay-zus....I thought this forum was bad last week.

Michelle Obama: Husband no `fairy tale'

Wow, Just seen the Bob Johnson attack on Barack on CNN

Andrew Cuomo WAS NOT referring to Obama

nv polls

Is Hillary crazy? Washington Post reports she said rich people "don't need a president"

Photos: Barack Obama today at the Temple Pentecostal Church in Las Vegas, Nevada

Obama, trailing by 40 points among New York blacks last month leads now. Hillary leads overall by 20

SC poll has Obama with big lead but big racial divide. Backlash against Hillary, Obama?

Cool numbers from the ABC Poll - (sex, race, religion, unpopular religion and age)

Our son Steve chosen to work the polls in the primary and general election

We had an election a while back and Congress changed hands

Is it Nevada "voter suppression" or "voter fairness"?

Imagine this statement: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony's dream began to be realized

There is a disturbing and dangerous groupthink in Washington...

Micro vs. Macro

I need someone to explain why, as a Florida voter, I'm being totally ignored.

Having belated realized how utterly disenfranchised I am....


Why do Obamistas think "shuck and jive" is a slur but "si se puede" isn't?

Our 1964 Goldwater Girl, Hillary.

I think Republicans won't have any ammo against Obama if he wins the nomination

For everybody who's leaving the party if...

Obama Questions Nevada Caucus Lawsuit - "all of the sudden, they decide they want to change rules"

If Hillary Didn't Want War in Iraq, Why Did She Vote Against the Levin Amendment?

Among Democrats, Clinton leads over 'uncommitted'

I'm an HRC supporter, but this is ridiculous

What would happen if Blacks sat out the 08 election ?

The Chicago Tribune swings at Bob Johnson "Now, wait one cotton-picking, bootylicious minute"

Hillary's Greatest Hits of Negative Campaigning: Obama's third grade and kindergarten past

It's Not the Heat - It's the Stupidity

Showdown Over Destroyed CIA Tapes This Week

What would you do if the new Democratic President didn't follow through and get us out of Iraq

Kool-Aid stand is now open

BREAKING: Clinton Surrogate Robert Johnson Talks of Obama Drug Use While Hillary On Stage With Him!

I'm supporting Edwards

This is what the Obama 'movement' is all about...

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Close Guantanamo

Arrested for Wearing T-shirts

EU rethinks biofuels guidelines

Bush to court Saudi allies after warning Iran

Two (Ed and Elaine) Brown supporters now face explosives charges

McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton. Giuliani Falls to 4th in National Poll

GOP candidates try to ease fears, win votes in Michigan

How candidates stand: 12 issues, from abortion to taxes

Sarkozy eyes big contracts with Saudi

Citigroup stake sale may meet China opposition: report

US envoy meets former Taliban commander

2008 Presidential Candidate Health Care Proposals: Side-by-Side Summary From The Kaiser Foundation

Merck, Schering-Plough's cholesterol drug combination fails to benefit patients in study

Court to rule whaling case legal order

Report: U.S. Money Helps Recruit Weapons Scientists in Russia, Ukraine

Three Kings Day Parade hits the road (Giuliani attends parade in Miami)

Colombia Hostage Reunited With Son

Another interim WGA agreement: This one with (production company) MRC

UAE uses its oil revenues in right way: Bush

Mischievous 'Filipino Monkey' could have triggered latest US-Iran row

Bush soaks in Dubai culture in Mideast

Israel Rules Out "No Options" Against Iran

Sunni judge assassinated in Baghdad

Norw. journalist dies from wounds, Afghanistan

Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle by 2010

Oregon US Senate Race 2008: Novick Releases Campaign Ad, Showing His Politics as Unusual

Food worker union calls for end to diacetyl in cooking oil; lawmakers seek investigation

Ontario priest (former Vatican official) guilty of multiple sex assaults

Collins( Missouri ) mayor (also a Pastor) arrested (for enticement of a child)

Space Probe Swings by Mercury

Iraq’s national grid grinds to a halt

Afghan police say luxury hotel targeted by blast

Turkish FM: U.S. launched war for Iraq oil

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 14

Power cuts and water shortages hit chilly Iraq

188,000 Pounds Of Tainted Beef Recalled

Saudi Public Leery of Bush.... polls lower than bin Laden and Iran's president

Citigroup Could Write Down Up to $24 Billion (20k workers could lose their jobs)

Turkish PM says Iraq operations may be extended

ExxonMobil spills $400,000 worth of gasoline

Gul: Musharraf must be replaced

Americans Cut Back Sharply on Spending

An Earworm for y'all (You can thank Droopy - he planted it)

Could someone please tell the wind to stop.

You know the curve of your hand in the hand of someone more important to you than anybody?

Is Freemasonry Slave Labor?

Hello darkness, my old friend,


2 inches an HOUR!

Poem I just wrote

I posted on GD-Politics!

My favorite newspaper quotes

Best cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

We have a visitor

Terrell's Tears Turn Tables?

So somebody is after Jesus' foreskin

Ah, January (PIC)

I am going to a funeral tomorrow....

Chainsaw Cage match-who wins?

DeVry, Unversity of Phoenix, ITT Tech Vs traditional (real) colleges

Good Morning DU....

Why some of the "L Word" is bs....

We've got a live one in GDP

I was disappointed by the movie 3:10 to Yuma.

Missed Obama Kool-aid Zombies? Don't worry - he's still going strong with thread #2

Poor kitty :(

This poor girl does not look very happy...

I spoke with an old friend yesterday -- we havent' been in touch for 12 years!

Have you had a three-way?

I chopped habeneros awhile ago and then my eye itched.

Can stupid hit critical mass? Because if it can, GD's about to blow.

Which GOP candidate is screwing zozosmom on the side?

Dying cat 75-dying brother 5

I'm worried about my cat

Breaking: ZOZO located!!

Speaking of 'interesting' names.

Train drivers to get toilets after pooing tragedy

My fav TV shows won Golden Globes, good taste HFPA! :)

The best quote of my journalistic career

I am "babysitting" two teenagers this week - will I be ready for the asylum soon?

I'm worried about zozo.

Best cover of a Rolling Stones song (or is it?)

Any opinions on Sarah Connor Chronicles?

Look at me ! Add me to your myspace :)

Did anyone see the movie "Shoot Em Up"?

Sweet Zombie Jesus!


*giggle* I just got a phone call from the AAAS

Man gets probation for mailing cow's head to wife's lover.

Boy glues hand to bed to avoid going to school

Forget the Olive Garden... Join the OLIVE GROVE Movement!

The day I posted something terrible in GD

Father of Spears' paparazzo boyfriend says "Give up Britney, or you are dead to me"

Why do people work when they really aren't able??

Patriots Fan Gets Helmet Tattooed On Head


I just posted a copycat in GD-P

Call Me Wesley Rocks my Socks!!!

Website that traces your computer to a website.

US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

Question for webmasters regarding search engines and traffic

I just flew in from GD...

In your neck of the woods, what do people call interstate highways? nt

rug has gone where no other DUer tread before!

Bandages for people of color

For the last time: Han Solo SHOT first

Weather for Packers-Giants game... High 12 Low 5

For all those dead to Midlodemocrat, zozo still loves you!

For the last time: Han Solo SHAT first

Another "What do you want on your tombstone" thread

Anyone watching Comanche Moon, the Lonesome Dove prequel?



On tap with Traveling Taverner: Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock

I'm going over to GD:P. They're nicer over there.

According to Midlo - underpants lives in the crappiest of neighborhoods

Attention Lounge: The following DUers are dead to me.

Yes indeed, I am working REALLY HARD today...


I am worse than dead to Midlo.

Do y'all remember how I had to give up our PhatCat Brenda? Maybe not but

I'll have all of you know I'M MAKING A LIST DAMMIT!!!

Tom Cruise In Scientology Video: "We Are The Way To Happiness"

My penis is bored: I'm at the airport. Any suggestions?

Ah ha! Time again for Bucky's patented "How to Get the Babes" advice

Zozosmom is back

Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons' reactions to visiting the Watchmen movie set:

Let's face it...all of the good interesting candidates for president are dead.

OMG! Is this true?

In "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys, who is it says, "Give me the ashtray?"

My name is zozo - ask me anything about my mom

and we all know who else kept extensive lists

Anyone else watch Amazing Race last night?

I'm listening to George Michael's song "Freedom" for the umpteenth time

Attention Lounge: The following DUers are in comas to me.


Did it finally happen? Is even the DU Lounge not a safe place to hang out anymore?


Bonjour M. Underpants

Hey Midlo, is that your nose or are you just eating a banana?

Am I the only indie film lover who DIDN'T like "Waitress"? **SPOILERS**

I don't really post in the Lounge very often -- and although

Attention Lounge: The following DUers are being laid off by the corncob pipe factory.

Excuse me, but I do believe that rug still has an unanswered question

Wisconsin Survivor

Attention Lounge: The following DUers have post nasal drip to me.

What does the sign say?

I just got home from school, so there's no way I can be on Midlo's list

Attention Lounge: The following DUers are NOT to be placed on ANY lists

Well, it's finally time--GOODBYE, DU!!

I love the phrase "be that as it may"! I try to work it into conversation



Never, Never Spit Gasoline While Smoking

Why is there a banner ad trying to sell me an Indian bride?

Monsterpiece Theater

Why is winter music considered "Christmas" music?

Today's PSA to DU from zozosmom.

I have no idea what you all are talking about today.

i feel sorry this morning

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department: Britney Spears will not receive special treatment

Fry your eggs in the shape of weaponry!!

The women's bathroom at my workplace smells like a strawberry shortcake


I just found out that a former co-worker of mine died.

The men's bathroom at my workplace smells like Heineken

I have no idea what billyskank is talking about today..

I got knocked down, but I got up again

I find this post offensive!

OMG!!!! Zozo is missing!!!!! Amber Alert! Amber Alert!

Recs for a good grocery-store available Cabernet? or your fave red?

Top 100 Quotes

Egyptian Reggae (warning: video may be habit-forming)

Can you recommend a great movie for our "Movie Night"?

Hello! I'm Mr. LynneSin- ask me anything

I can't explain why I am excited to read Paul Krugman's blog....

I Am Turning My back to the Flag and bend over in a sort of Far*ing pose


Check in here if you're NOT dead to Midlodemocrat!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMURFS!!!!!!!!!! 50 years old


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/14/08

How is it that Britney Spears gets to show up for court whenever she feels like it

What does DU think about buying some Kraftwerk in the current electronic climate?

Since SOME won't answer the question directly, I'll ask it in a poll.


Job search question, replying to ads

My God!! It's like a piranha frenzy in both GD and GD-P!!

Random Questions

Did I miss the "Let's pick on Midlo today" memo?

Ok, we need to set a standard here

What does DU think about buying a condo in the current economic climate?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/14/2008)

The latest phrase being beaten to death - "Having said that..." or "That said,..."

Sexy voice!

In "Get Back" the Beatles song, who says "Don't Smoke"?

Have you ever bought or leased a new car?

HOLY BATCRAP - Rapture Index up to 163

Skittles invited me to a 70's photo party!!!! (dial up warning)

OMG - I just found this thread and it's wrong on so many levels and so so so so sad

Surf pictures taken today at El Porto (Manhattan Beach CA)

It's my DU birthday!

Ultimate Party Songs. Need Help!

Movies that make you cry *more than* "We are Marshall"

My old cat is still alive...

It's snowing like crazy here. How about where you are?

Hello! I'm Mr. Midlodemocrat - ask me anything

Did anybody else know there was a DragonLance movie?

I wandered into GD-P and got called a racist.

When Should I Take Down Christmas Tree & Decorations?

On second thought this was a bad idea for a copycat thread

So Rachael Ray is trying to make us eat something called Crunchy, Oven-Baked Chicken Toes...

For anyone who needs a little stress relief during primary season:

Okay I gotta know...What the heck is an "Orrex" anyway?

Family continues road trip to Oregon with dead Grandma in RV

Why do actors like Peter O'Toole ALWAYS shout?

MST3K (Mystery Science Theater) 3000 is BACK.

What to do with a feral 3-legged cat that appeared on my porch a few days ago

Has anyone else seen this Obama email?

Should I be worried about my son?


I don't want to embarrass lionesspriyanka, but

Attn Baltimore/Washington/Northern Va DU members...possible meet up?

Author tells story of work as abortion doctor

So I want to watch Maher's new "New Rules" but I can't find

Is Kerry angling for a VP post? (nt)

Blackwater Destroyed Evidence Implicating Them in the Killing of 17 Iraqis...

NYT: In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record

Charlie Wilson's War

The following states bar atheists from public office!

"Pulp Fiction" writer charged after fatal crash

If there is another "Transformative Moment in American Politics" I'm going to eat DRANO.

"Those who believe real change starts with Washington politicians are living a fairy tale"

The Low Road

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Bush said. (well gee, Jr--we spend out money on WAR!)

Chairman of the Joint Cheifs says "Close Guantanamo"

BRAGGING that we haven't been 'hit' in 7 years?

John Edwards Introduces Plan To End Poverty In America Within A Generation

It's KYL/Lieberman, not Kyle--and why the spelling alone matters a LOT.

Bush told the NSC to help Dick go after Iraqs oil way before 9/11/01

Kucinich invited, then un-invited to Nevada Debate

OK, Im almost embarassed to ask...

Obama soars to 68% among SC blacks, Edwards takes 30% of White SC Vote, Hillary Doomed in SC

Cheney May Live Forever

Heard something interesting at work tonight...

Muhammad Yunus Appearances about Ending World Poverty

Why Obamamania? Because He Runs as The Great White Hope.

Arrested for Wearing T-shirts

I must be tired.

Clinton Adviser Arrested For Drunken Driving

bush calls on middle east to confront Iran, while America fails to confront bush.

i am so proud of my state. there's no doubt in my mind that we will move to marriage for all

What is it not to get?

I don't think there's anyone on DU who doesn't 'get' the fix we are in.

U.S. Issues National ID Standards, Setting Stage for a Showdown

Straight Talk Express cuts off Peace Bus

Sensationalist Media Did Pentagon's Bidding in Fake Naval 'Provocation' with Iran

War profits up! Economy on brink of disaster. Grab it while you can!

The REAL reason Bush went to the mid-East (seriously)...

There are no fish in the sea here anymore."

Terrell's Tears Turn Tables?

Man charged in bomb threat. Cops say he was trying to protect his girlfriend who had skipped school.

Terror, Terror, Terror Boy is ranting and raving overseas...

Movie of the Year 2008 ... I want my vote to count!

Bush in Abu Dhabi, caption this - - ->>> PIX

Will Clinton and Obama backers bash the Bloomburg campaign half as hard as they still bash Nader?

Your war dollars at work.

In politics, you rarely get any light on an issue (or candidate) without applying some heat

Turkey to help U.S. operate, transport Iraqi oil - Very helpful them Turks

Stop this now.

Romney: It's not torture unless you admit it

Oct. 2002 HRC Voted Against Weapons Inspections in Iraq

Pat Robertson seeks to buy Paper that has exposed him several times

Here is what they want you to hear on the news. Save time and read it here.

Georgia Leaders Canvass For Edwards In South Carolina

How the LBJ v. MLK Meme May Have Cropped up in Clintonland: Vernon Jordan

Who is the "Center for Consumer Freedom?"

Israel won't accept nuke weapons in Iran - Olmert (AP)

Speaking of MLK (non-2008 election thread here)...

Why would ANYBODY still argue that we have to "move MORE to the center" to win?

No Shit, Sherlock

Ten Years Ago, I Attended an SEC "Public Outreach" Event on MLK's Assassination Anniversary...

Don't Pass the Torch, Put It Out

It's Not MLK v LBJ - What Change Requires (The Nation)

Greenpeace chases Japanese whaling fleet from hunting grounds

shaking the foundations of faith

Did MSNBC buy the Bowie catalog?

How is beheading people worse than forms of capital punishment used in the US?


Which of the Top 3 Dems Would Be Most Gaffe-Prone in the General Election?

US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

Iran, Russia's Gazprom To Boost Energy Ties-Report

The Real DU?

Superdelegate Endorsements

Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Gallery of Rogues (video)

Riddle me this. How does a pro-war rethug (and they all are) win

That paragon of Honor, Tim Hutchinson (R-Asswipe), tells us Huckles is a member of the ............

Our nominee, whoever it turns out to be, shouldn't start the final run ...

Study shows cholestrol lowering drug has NO BENEFIT

Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta Pride Festival, Atl. Jazz Fest, Dogwood Fest. MOVED

Why the "frontrunners" are the frontrunners...

Public Spending: Public University Football v. Public Campaign Finance

recently freed politician Clara Rojas finally gets to see her child

Obama, Clinton and Edwards. Like a big old family dinner.

The seven DU archetypes during the Primaries

Don't Forget........There Are........

So... What's this here single-payer health care thing all about anyway?

Clinton's been ahead in every poll in Nevada for some time now

BUSHCO: Drafting NEW Plan To Give Government Access To ANY Email & Web Search

WSJ: Cheney's office saw latest Iran NIE as a death blow to their Iran policy

Edwards' daughter hit by drunk driver - She is okay

OUTRAGEOUS! My 89 year-old stroke survivor mother threatened w JAIL by nursing home over paperwork

William Kristol (NYT): Iraq is a massive Bush success!

I would just love to read an HONEST biography of Laura Bush.

WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE? your kid's school and your NEW home was built on top of an old BOMBING RANGE?

Republican Democrats. I think it is time to consider that there are

If you never get around to running to the left, do you still have to run to the right?

Debate, Race, Drugs, or Abortion, Guns

AP: Iranian-US naval incidents weren't publicized until Bush's ME trip

can we please stop using the word "war"?

Trying to get some answers on domestic terrorism bill. What I found out

New Poll: Three Way tie among Dems in Nevada (Edwards could do well)

sailboater finds icebergs where there was never icebergs before

Bicyclist pulled over for reckless driving, fined more than $1K(VA Abusive Driver Fines)

Chupacabra DNA Testing Results Partially Human! AKA: "Where's Cheney?"

Letterman: Top Ten Things Overheard on George W. Bush's Trip To The Middle East.

"Bush is his vassal."

Kenyan President actually lost election, exit poll indicates

China Says Military Buildup Does Not Threaten U.S

Top 10 Conservative Idiots Fox Debate Video

WH regarding ME trip: "These folks.. Are on board with the freedom agenda and are pursuing it"

Caption time!!

Celebrities tied to HGH & anabolic steroids report

Citibank meltdown and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Well.. MSNBC just declared the "death of the Democratic Party"

Three Kings Day Parade hits the road (Giuliani attends parade in Miami)

I watched Real Time with Bill Maher last night and...

Japanese police pay tribute to anonymous donor

I like how bananas fit our hands.

REVEALING: Obama ad against Arnold health insurance scam proposal in CA

Hey Michigan people! A question...

Calif. Sheriff Facing Indictment Retires

I will vote for the ticket, no matter what I say about the candidates now.

Quote of the day from

Iran NIE doesn't reflect Bush's "views."

Edwards Campaign Calls Nevada Race a Dead Heat

Six D.C. employees to be fired in slain kids case

House Dems to Finally Vote on Contempt for WH Officials (Bolton, Miers)

Rangers in Park Can't Protect Gorillas

Hell. I'll self-delete this thread...

Political discussion at work the other day

Is anyone really going to change their minds at this point?

Canvassed for Edwards in SC on Saturday

Smurfs mark 50th birthday in Belgium

The 50/50 plan or Invest in America First plan...

Does Obama need to answer the "cocaine" charges?

surge update: Baghdad Judge Killed

McCain: Going on Jon Stewart is a ‘dangerous experience

On PerezHilton: "The dark side of Mike Huckabee"

Southwest Missouri mayor charged in Internet child sex sting

Caption Condi

Report: Iran accuses Bush of fanning 'Iranophobia'

Clinton camp being about as sleazy as it can get, re: "not talking about cocaine."

Short Work Weeks, Light Load Mark Start of Second Session

Judge in S.F. allows suit charging VA denies some vets health care

if the print and broadcast media would stop adding to, or subtracting from,

John Solomon (AP/WaPo hack) named executive editor of Washington Times

The dark side of Mike Huckabee

Obama received more delegates from both Iowa AND NH

At the very least, at least we know OUR side is passionate enough to fight for our candidates...

RW smear machine gearing up attacks against Obama

Monday, Monday: 'NYT' News Article Contradicts Claim on Iraq in New Kristol Column

billion $$ sale of arms to Saudis

Study: $90 wine tastes better than the same wine at $10

Waxman wants to chat with scheming EPA chief

Saudi Public Leery of Bush

BRAD BLOG: Counting Voters Ballots in American Elections, and Other 'Conspiracy Theories'

How high oil ? How low the dollar ? Tonite Gold hit $914.30

Just made a decision: I will vote for Hillary in the General if she is nominated

But Who Will the Nevada Sex Workers Endorse? The Corporatists or Non-Corporatists?

Quit yer belly aching! DU will be just fine.

Saudi Arabia declared today

Howard Dean must have ulcers about now.

Obama Announces New Economic Package: Save the Working Class

'All that's left' - "Tuesday's vote doesn't have to be a meaningless one for Michigan Dems"

"We clean up!" - The german nationalistic party

How I feel after reading DU today...

Time for something different....

Fred Thompson's Hotness Factor


Do you think Americans in general are......

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how I wonder what you're at.

Another circular firing squad???

Pick Your Candidate - simple Support/Oppose answers

"Hezbollah in Florida"-The coddled "terrorists" of South Florida (Salon)

Cost to nation to keep bushes tax cuts to the wealthy: $2.3 trillion by 2017!

Vote now------

Candidates won't risk votes as troops risk lives--'Whatever happened to the war'?

Please stop posting variations on this unwinnable, flamebaiting argument:

Iran accuses Bush of fanning 'Iranophobia'

Open letter to Skinner: Maybe it's time to up the minimum post count needed to start threads

Raise your income now!

Bush tour finally making cents

Taleban attack Kabul luxury hotel (because they are weak?)

Not to Start a 'Jesuitical Argument' but There Were 50.87M Self-Reported Catholics in 2001...

Well, it's finally time--GOODBYE, DU!!

A non controversial question about Hilllary

A History Lesson: Rome’s Failed Occupation of Iraq and Iran, Civil War and the Fall of the Republic.

How DU helped swiftboat John Kerry

after bu$h*, drug issues are absurd

Could the Presidential Race Destroy the Democratic Party?

Reality TV idea while the writers strike is on

time once again for newspaper errors/corrections of the year! enjoy!

McClatchy: Tropical disease headed toward U.S., health officials warn

$1.5 Trillion Dollars we could have spent on a real War Against Cancer

Why was Mr. Johnson missing? (Sen. Boxer, re: EPA Administrator Johnson)

All this talk about the Democratic parties destruction is total bullshit.

2035, Medical Enhancements, The Future of the Young

You've got a year and a week left of the Bush Administration.

Ouch! Bill Clinton Throws Bob Johnson Under The Bus On National Radio 4 Obama Drug Remark!

Ya know, I was watching Bush in Israel and it got me thinking...

Ok, a dumb question: Why are Dems boycotting Michigan?

Mischievous 'Filipino Monkey' could have triggered latest US-Iran row

Edwards discusses impact of losing his son

I think I have found away to get Congress to investigate all the criminal activity of this admin

Double amputee barred from Olympics. Reason: He has a "competitive advantage".

Senate Meets At Coffee Shop To Brainstorm Legislation

All this discussion about MLK & LBJ has made me realize that

Drug Approved. Is Disease Real?

A black voter at an Edwards rally in South Carolina had this to say:

"Bush making horsey noises in King Abdullah's pants"

Marc Emery cuts a deal with the US, maybe

I find this post offensive!

Obama campaign condemned the flyer. For all the Clinton's supporters who refuse to post the info

I do feel all of this Dem inner fighting may kill the chances

Twenty-five U.S. Military Officers Challenge Official Account of 9/11

"Earthwide' search on for Marine on the run" (quite possibly the funniest headline I've ever read)

When did Hillary make the switch from Goldwater Girl

Seeing a picture of Bush today made me curious....

About a 20 billion arms deal to the Saudis, Wolf Blitzer says

Accentuate the positive in Iraq

TPM: Obama precinct captain's flyer in Nevada crosses the line

Yesterday on Tim Russert

The Results Are In ...Oh, By the Way, the Iraqis Don't Really Want Us

George of Arabia ---pix--->>>

Hour by hour updates on CNN about Britney Spears and her baby.


Race and Gender in Prez Politics: Debate Between Gloria Steinem and Melissa Harris Lacewell

Quick .... without Googling ........

While Women Die: It is "The Right to Choose" and the HPV Vaccine Now, The Pap Smear 80 Years Ago

What is the single most important issue to you this election year?

Blah blah Hillary Blaah Obama Blah BLah sexist blah racist

Wiley's Urban survival guide

Looks like Romney is going to win Michigan for the Repigs! Woo, woo!

Do you think that Hillary Clinton's policies ......

Anyone else think the "McCorporate Media" is Presenting Repug Threesome more Fun than Dem Threesome?

Randi's being so FAIR ..

Did anyone hear the financial analyst who suggested

TAKE THE POLL: Which rightie pundit do you consider the biggest laughingstock?

Breaking: Hillary wears white after Labor Day!!

Hillbillies and Jews

Playboy Receives "Overwhelmingly Negative Response" To Olbermann Interview

While we spin our wheels and kick up mud on the campaign trail, McConnell wants more spying on us

Unbelievable! What is this stupid crap?

Escalating Ice Loss Found In Antarctica - WaPo

Clinton Supporter Who Slammed Obama on Race, Drugs Has Not-So-Progressive History

RE: Candidates drug use?

Toyota makes 2010 plug-in hybrid pledge

I'm visiting North Carolina and I asked about Edwards

Interesting Firearm Death Statistic

Nevada Teachers Speak Out Against Lawsuit filed by their own union

Campaign shocker: Gambling executives criticize union' Endorsement of Obama

Just a few words from Martin Luther King Jr. to remember.


The Boobs on the Bus

HUGE !! move in S&P Futures in 1 minute. Nearly 100 points. Will we now Crash or Blast-off ????

Bush As "Lawrence of Arabia"?

To hell with this "united front" crap. I loathe Hillary and I'll never support her!

Why do you fall into the MSM's trap? I watched ABC Nightly News on Friday, Saturday, and last night.

The 50 Most Loathsome People of 2007.

US official:"One day, we remove the Al Qaeda patch and put on a CLC patch.Now they're the good guys"

NH Recount Would Be FREE if Obama Requested it: Kucinich Has to PAY.

I don't give a crap about "illegal immigrants."

I'd like to run something by all of you, if you have a moment.

The Hillary hating on DU bothers me.

Like Edwards? This is good news!

so what ever happened with Glenn Beck

Candidates, Drugs, and You

I Hate To Interrupt, Keith Olbermann


Newsweek, editor Jon Meacham is a real Republican suck isn't he?

Nevada: 32 / 30 / 27 Neck-and-neck THREE WAY RACE.

What do the Nevada teachers want?

Today’s Headlines

A path to nomination opens for John Edwards - behind by 5 in Nevada

Please please some one any DUer

Haha LIMBOsevic: "What (Ahhhnuld) has done to California ---- DISASTER!1"

Good piece on Romney, a day ahead of Michigan.

US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

Dem vs. GOP presidents & national debt chart

Miners Caught in Western Va.'s Spiraling Rates of Painkiller Abuse

Enough with the mudslinging. Please tell me why I should vote for Obama. I will honestly listen.

If Hillary Clinton becomes President.....

If you had five minutes to advise your candidate....

Why hasn't anyone in the media asked Hillary point blank if she's ever used drugs?

I finally got around to watching Real Time

Which Republican Candidate Do You Want To Be President *The Least* (And Why)?

Voter ID law is nothing but a scam

A Rumsfeldian Remider for BHJ and Others Interested in State Street/BushCo. Pension Issues

This Modern World: The Adventures of Conventional Wisdom Man!

william kristol is the kind of a guy you'd like to have a '_____' with

The Beauty of Gray

Does anyone here think that Hillary never did drugs?

If You Take This Advice "Dennis Kucinich Will Win Michigan"

Report: China may block Citigroup sale:

Jim HIghtower: We're Mad as Hell and the Dems Aren't Listening

I'm making our grocery list, trimming an already trimmed

Poll: If we get a brokered convention in Denver, which darkhorse

This is not a two person primary race!

The Shock Doctrine: The Clintons and the Cheneys....

The centrist Clinton administration

Labor Liberals vs. Party Progressives

I hate the MSM.

Judge grants Kucinich entry to Tuesday's debate

Support striking writers, don't watch American Idol

On surviving

I guess I'm just disappointed that so many DUers are falling for this crap.

Drama Queen Underground

Great read on the changes that are to come. Jim Kunstler gets it.

Party bosses, smoke-filled rooms, the DNC, and the people of the party.

Meet The press (Hillary) airing again overnight

Favorability numbers from 1/13 ABC/Post Poll (Both Parties)

NYT: Obama's electability "more than doubled in a month"

Voters :"Yeah Hillary is a (whatever) but she's OUR whatever"

The Big story coming out of SC is Hillary's complete collapse among blacks and other non-whites

"All hat no cattle"

What should Obama do: Go after her or stay "above the fray"?

Obama was competitive with the South Carolina white vote just a week ago


Hillary Clinton is out!

Great post from an Iranian American (re Obama and Clinton and more!)

Is Black The New Teflon?

Prediction, SC and NV will split, Super Tues states will decide

Why doesn't Obama want NV teachers to caucus?

Just saw Hillary on MTP, and as an Obama Supporter, I can admit, that was a FANTASTIC Performance.

Our candidates are operating in the context of Republican campaigns

LV Sun: Lawsuit looks more and more like a miscalculation that could unite the CWU

Freepers For Edwards... The New "Jews for Jesus"

What Obama should do...

The Illusion of Unity

Giving credit where credit is due (Re: SCHIP) and a question...

NYT - In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record

ABC/WaPo National Poll: Clinton 42 (-11), Obama 37 (+14), Edwards 11 (unchanged)

This is interesting....In SC Obama leads on ALL ISSUES by wide margins except (Guess?)

Bill Clinton's fairy tale comment and racism

Who said, "Every good Christian ought to kick Falwell right in the ass."?

Can we all just agree on ONE thing?

Tom Daschle's endorsement of Obama (from about a year ago)

Washington Post admits having made a "slight mistake" in quoting Clinton's words about rich people

Michigan, McCain, Corporate lobbyist

What would happen if Deutsches sat out the 08 election ?

Senator Barack Obama's reponse to Hillary's MTP hour of lies

Sorry.... Our Choices; Turd Sandwhich & Giant Doushe

USA Today's new political quiz. Which candidate is your best match?

Obama picks up latino support in CA

Protest Nevada debate exclusions

Hypocrisy Underground?

Question about New Hampshire and Absentee ballots...

Obama Supporters And Campaign, Don't Understand That They Are Turning Off White Voters

The Bush Anti-Recession Plan: "Induce people to boost spending on big-ticket items such as homes"

Let's be clear about Bob Johnson! You don't introduce Hillary w/o your remarks being vetted. . .

Why does he always have to look like a fucking idiot?

"JFK Didn't Look Up At The Moon, And Say, 'Wow, That's Far'." This Is A Speech?

In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record - NYTimes

"New Hampshire's voting machines are not linked in any way" New Hamp. SOS

Hillary supported Goldwater in '64, a staunch segregationist

Pay attention Boston Globe: John Edwards is in the running.

Open Left: Time to Outclass Clinton

Just want to tell DU'ers that I'm listening to Black Radio it ain't pretty

A Dem who can get the endorsement of Ben Nelson AND Ned Lamont

After Sundays Pentacostal show: Obama must choose 'Fundie Pope' or President

Why did Clinton vote AGAINST the Levin Amendment?

I want you to consider something. Who wins if race is an issue? Hillary

Self delete already posted.

In Nevada: Lights go out on Obama, but he keeps talking

McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton

Worsening Economy Gives Obama and Hillary a Chance to Copy Edwards' Populist Ideas

For all that are going to vote Rep.


Bill Clinton is a pariah! Howard Dean HELP

Tech Blog: Obama is the leading candidate on Technology issues!

Why Neither Obama Nor Clinton Win in this Racialized Enviroment

Clinton's King Comment 'Ill-Advised,' Obama Says

What is your level of certainty that you will vote for your Candidate? Or how many are undecided?


FACT: Obama might have lost the Margin Of Error of the white votes in SC

Story on Lyndon B. Johnson

Ron Paul is the only Republican that's fighting to win Nevada

Primary Russian Roulette


Obama: Clinton Backers Didn't File Any Lawsuits Before I Won Culinary Union's Endorsement

Should candidates be blamed for what staffers, aides, and supporters say and do?

Hilary, Obama experience comparison

Obama plays "BITCH" card: should be Slammed for it!

Bush Says Official Intel On Iran Doesn’t Reflect "His Views"

It's a snow day!! How many One Day Wonders will our Mods zap before bedtime?

Black Entertainment founder reacts to campaign race baiting

In Nevada, Obama addresses lawsuit head-on

Reporter: Giuliani tossed my crying baby 'like a football'

When you use the phrase "race card" you are

Hillary plays "RACE" card: should be Slammed for it!

Political Pundits-Bipolar by choice???

How candidates stand: 12 issues, from abortion to taxes

Michigan Democrats for Romney ad (must see!!!)

Two "fired up" 19-year-old evangelicals create online network "Huck’s Army"

Odd isn't it? We can discuss the religion of Repugs ala Huckabee but not one of our own.

Smitin', prophesyin', condemnin', and potential schisms---

2008 Presidential Candidate Health Care Proposals: Side-by-Side Summary From The Kaiser Foundation

A little perspective on the Rezko business.

"the average person is smarter than they look" so sez McCain's spokesperson

How Sad....

NYT: "In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record"

Annals of Implausibility, Bob Johnson Edition

I Live in CA, and on Feb 5, I'm voting for...

Wake up and repent, you sinners!

Dear John...

Quinnipiac and Rasmussen polls:Republicans deadlocked in florida, 4 way tie.

Why are we so dishonest?

Keep talking about Race, Gender, and Drug Use. You know who will get the last laugh

Boh Johnson's comment; What was he talking about?

Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney confirm 'A Presidential Debate That Matters' in SF

My biggest concern about HRC - NOT a bashing post

It's not Black Vs. White, Left Vs. Right or Young Vs. Old. It is, was, and always will be...

Compassion and Fight: The Personality of Dennis Kucinich

The GOP is so screwed..

Just to remind everyone

What will it do to the race if Obama and Edwards place

am I supposed to assume that Hillary has "experience" dealing with the Economy? Why?

Fake outrage truce: sign here

Bush Says Official Intel On Iran Doesn’t Reflect "His Views"

Limbaugh on Obama: "doing spade work" ... "knows his hoes"

Bob Johnson called for Repeal of Estate Tax

So is asking Hillary if she ever smoked pot now fair game?

Here's why the media distorted Clinton's "fairy tale" comments: REVENGE

Since when did the Democratic Party become a bunch of free-marketeers?

Obama, Clinton, Edwards supporters: maybe we should all be nicer - despite all the sniping now

Economy and the candidates...

The "political center" doesn't exist.

I hate the primaries

Self delete: dupe

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Clinton 38% (-2), Obama 34% (-2), Edwards 13% (+1)

Have you forgotten?

Bush praises Iraqi Baathist law (BBC news)

Edwards to visit California, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Georgia this week. Camp ays 3 way race in NV

NYT: In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record

Have we not learned anything? Both candidates Clinton/Obama need to calm down

Biden made comments that could have been taken as Racist and Obama

Vote in the online progressive poll! 5 states involved!

I think the Clintons are acting out of frustration

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Someone Tell Hillary Clinton ...

Scientists give Vice President Dick Cheney new hope for a long life.

rights vs rights: an improbable collision course

Ed Schultz has become unlistenable due to his obsession with Hillary

If McCain sweeps Michigan, South Carolina and Florida

The race card with Obama supporters is getting ridiculous

"Your Candidate is the Most Electable"

Worsening Economy Gives Obama and Hillary a Chance to Copy Edwards' Populist Ideas

I always felt that Oprah's endorsement would backfire!!!

Obama camp's "Clinton racist" memo only for the true believers and the gullible

Robert Johnson Is a Telecommunications Mogul Doing a Hit Job For Lucrative Favors

Hillary's strategy working; party splits along race lines

Day one: without an apology to all women of color from the Clinton Camp.

MSM NOT Playing full Hillary comments, re: MLK and LBJ - Watch total clip here


Does anyone actually believe that Clinton or Obama are racist/sexist?

Clinton’s abilities blossomed at Yale

the "ballot bowl"-- cnn

The View just repeated the lie from The New York Post re: Jay Z song at Obama victory party

Fellow minorities, post your race card.

I'll make this clear, I'm still an Edwards supporter, but that shouldn't be a problem to you...

So where is KKKarl Rove and what kind of trouble is he making for us?

Run! AL Run!


IMPORTANT ------- DFA Grassroots All-Star

Primer from AFL/CIO in Massachusetts on Romney

Bush arms sale to SA.

"The Democrats nightmare scenario: Clinton wins the wrong way."

If this keeps up, Clinton vs. Obama = Edwards Win. So Clinton/Obama supporters, just keep it up!

WashPost was WRONG to say that Sen. Clinton said people people "in college towns" "don't need a pres

I just realized why the GOP is pushing this "race" narrative...

Racial Tensions Roil Democratic Race

You're all right. I'm deleting this post. Don't feed trolls, no matter how tempting it is.

MLK Day coming, South primaries - who has the right to talk about race? Is there a copyright?

The funny part is that the Republican party...

Comic relief. Preacher: Obama! But I told you Obama got a white momma!

I suspect the swiftboating is just a pretext for massive vote stealing.

I wish there was a DU rule about Paintballing Posts

Clinton's Actions Manipulated the Ballot

Clinton Gets NH Bounce In Latest USA Today/Gallup Poll

"99 Problems but a Bitch Ain't One"?

He said, she said...Does it really matter? Where is the substance over form? When the dust

Ok, guys, enough. Stop all those silly bickering.

Obama's Past ..Open for Discussion

The Dem Circular Firing Squad is on track and McCain's stock is going up

POLL: Contentious debates in GDP over every misstep of every campaign are

So Why Are Repubs Shifting To McCain?

This whole "race" thing is a media creation

*sigh* Another Obama supporter plays the race car.

Politico-CNN-LA TIMES POLL -Clinton 47% Obama 31% Edwards 10%

Why don't we just HUSH on this "She Said/He Said" and wait till tomorrow's debate!

The WORST talking points memo in history!

If Clinton and Obama keep this up Edwards is going to win Nevada

John Edwards graphics from "Gahzette"!

Race Spells Trouble for the Dems

CNN/OPC California Poll: Clinton 47%; Obama 31%; Edwards 10%

CNN Poll: Hillary holds solid lead in California...

Did anyone else see Amy Goodman's Democracy Now this morning?

New USA Today/Gallup National Clinton 45% Obama 33% Edwards 13% Kucinich 1%

Clinton camp fires up blacks but not how they hoped

U.S. Representative Mike Thompson Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Recalling Tweety's seeming disappointment in 2004

Murdoch's NY-Post lies about Obama; pro-Clinton bloggers spread the lie

Two Positive Threads On GDP Front Page -Fifty Eight Negative Ones

Talk about partisan bullshit - see the most recent headline from Time magazine?

Father of Marine killed in Iraq to run against Iraq vet Patrick Murphy(D-Pa.)


Obama said 'no' to Iraq money in theory, 'yes' in reality

Obama would have done well to refer to HRC's MLK comment as

Hillary has not been nominated to anything, the country is more divided than ever!!!

Seriously, now: Who would you like to see nominated if we had a "brokered convention"

POLL: Clinton leads Obama in Florida 52-31

Can we wind down the racist meme...well maybe not...Dean may need to step in.

I'm not counting Edwards out yet (Clinton supporter)

My Opinion is Obama needs to become a independent

MICHIGAN DUers: Lieberman rally for McCain in ANN ARBOR tonight

Hillary is making a HUGE mistake if she's trying to racialize these primaries

Official Unofficial DU Straw Poll for 01/14/07

UK Guardian: US corporate elite fear candidate Edwards....

Clinton Smears Obama on Iraq — Again

Bush and Clinton shared advocate: Bob Johnson worked for Bush first

Yahoo News: Could Race Destroy the Democratic Party?

Latest Democratic Nominee National Heat Polls

Terry Hickman of the Nevada State Education Association is flat out LYING on Hardball

New Mexico Lt. Governor Diane Denish Endorses Hillary...

Hillary's race problem is generational - She just doesn't get it.

Memo to Bill Clinton

Green Party holds presidential debate in San Francisco

NYT, pg1: Race and Gender Are Issues in Tense Day for Democrats

Guy on Hardball said thousands of school custodians and teachers will be disinfranchised if

Bill Clinton compiles 'list' of Obama attacks

Hillary campaign attacks culinary workers for caucusing in casinos...

The Next Democratic President MUST close the School of the Americas

Cate Edwards Involved in 'Minor' Car Accident

I've got a great idea that won't work!!!! Check it out:

OK, I think this is worth doing a post on .

Huckabee opposes abortion and gay marriage at Michigan church

Higher floor versus Higher Ceiling

Obama's canp ought to focus on Clinton's misleading talk about "experience"

The Clintons and History

David Sirota: For the Blowhards Who Insist It's a Two-Way Race.

Its a full blown media frenzy and no one is trying (or able) to stop it

I like Clinton and Obama but I get the feeling they are both "If you can't beat them, join them"

Granholm responds to Romney - on AAR - Rachel Maddow - now

Both Edwards and Obama say they want One America - The difference is in the details

Nevada teachers union challenges Democratic caucus rules (A Socialist POV)

Spending by campaigns

Is John Conyers holding up impeachment hearings? If so, why? nm

Should superdelegates be abolished?

Who do you think is running the most honest campaign?

Neocons Launch Muslim Smear Version 2.0 Against Obama

Half or more voters in many Super Tuesday states vote by mail, some weeks ahead of election day

"Get The Lead Out!" January 16th Action

Only for Hillary???????

Obama and embracing running as a black candidate

Vindication on John Solomon!!! Closet RW nut to take over Moonie Times

A black man's view of the election

Obama goes gloves off, head-on

Do you think McCain's and Clinton's personal friendship will lead to a less vicious race

Poll: "I don't think it was IN ANY WAY a racial comment" (MLK comments) Agree?

Rasmussen - South Carolina Obama 38% Clinton 33% Edwards 17%

Ok I hope that if Obama gets elected I wont have to worry like I have for the last 8 years..

Advice to Michigan Democratic voters: Vote for Kucinich!

When Voters Say their #1 Issue is the Economy, does this infuriate you?

A white woman's view of the democratic campaigns and what they're doing.

I thought Obama waited several days too long to show leadership on the "MLK" controversy.

One thing is clear: Bill Clinton has been smeared with a bogus accusation of racism

EDWARDS Letter, tell your friends I am going to stay in until the end

I have now seen two Clinton surrogates refuse to apply common sense on Bob Johnson comments

Clinton, Obama search for 'super delegates': Could make difference in close contest

What does Edwards need to accomplish during tomorrow's debate?

Rev Clyburn's Statement

Nevada teachers letter to union leadership to drop suit

Do you Obama folks really believe in your hearts the Clintons

Instructions for Assembly of Circular Firing Squad

Geraldine Ferrarro-"What they are trying to do is move voters from Clinton by distorting things"

The only "Identity politics" that really matters is CLASS

OK, I'm in MI - leaning toward uncommitted. Should I vote for Romney instead?

NYT's Matt Bai: There are perils in coming between the Clintons and an elective office

Breaking-First Nevada poll since IA/NH

GD-P Creative Writing Class

I met the First Lady today....

Hillary stays positive in S.C.

Are you participating in your first national election this year?

Obama Hosts Roundtable in Reno with Residents Affected by Mortgage Crisis

huffpost article - real case against HRC

Nevada lawsuit: Clinton Loses on This Gamble

ABC: Obama Damps Down Racial Controversy

Barack desperate for NV votes. BEGS INDIES AND GOP TO VOTE FOR HIM

Are you fucking crazy, or what?

Teachers oppose Teachers' Union lawsuit in Nevada

The big story coming out of South Carolina is Obama's collapsing white support, placing 3rd


Amber And America Endorse Hillary

A Note on Corporate Donations(Hillary and Obama both dirty)

Edwards Calls for Ban on Coal Plants

Why Edwards MUST be the nominee

An honest answer from an Obama supporter.

Obama Precinct Capt. Urges GOPers to Caucus Dem to Stop HIllary

Has anyone called for the denouncement of Jessie Jackson Jr's remarks?

FAQ on the Nevada at-large caucus disenfranchisement debacle

Proof that Obama's "misogynist theme song" story is bullshit.

The ticket may in the end be Clinton/Obama.

Chelsea Clinton steps into California spotlight to rally for mother

Most Republicans: There’s a Nevada caucus?

Can we at least agree that Obama probably has nearly 100% support

The Edwards/Obama tag team

Clinton gets endorsement of California NAACP president /The Hill - 15 minutes ago

The Clinton campaign is risking the election with this racial divide.

Clinton 25%, Edwards 19%, Obama 17%, Gravel 6%, Kucinich 3%

Will white political figures speak out against the Clintons' tactics?

CNN's Roland Martin calls for Dean to intervene in Clinton-Obama dispute

Rep. Zoe Lofgren picks Obama. Bottom line for CA DEM, IN women voters--"Who can beat a Republican."

Looking for Roosevelt

Is anyone else feeling POSITIVE about things for OBAMA moving into NV

How can you vote for Obama?

California NAACP President Alice Huffman Endorses Clinton

Obama Camp Keeps Making False Claims About Sen. Obama’s Record on Troop Withdrawal

Krugman compares the candidates latest economic packages...quite interesting

You all should listen to Randi today

Halliburton Gang Rape Victim Finds No Justice

Bill Clinton refuses to state if he'll vote for the eventual Democratic nominee if its not his wife

Krugman: On the recession, Obama less progressive than Clinton and Edwards

A Satanic Vampire for president. Would you vote for him?

Good Christ!

Stop falling in love with politicians.

John Edwards: Women who inspire me

John Edwards almost tied for lead in NV - Obama 32, Clinton 30, Edwards 27 (MOE 4.5%)

Lawyers for Edwards

The Nation: The Clintons' Iraq Fairy Tale

Obama takes narrow lead over Clinton in Nevada

Clinton Receives Luke Warm Response After MLK Event

SC POLL: If there is growing acrimony in our party, the polling doesn't show it.

THE LAST STRAW! Why I won't vote for Hillary in the General Election

the anti Clinton voting block

Poll shows Edwards dropping out rescuing Obama is a false hope

South Carolina: Obama’s lead over Hillary Clinton is now 44-31

Interesting clues from Obama's campaign memo about Hillary surrogates' strategy

Corporate America Does Not Support Any Democratic Candidate So We Must Support Them All


Biden Issues Statement on Saudi Arms Sale

Phil Dunkelbarger Endorses John Edwards

Why Hillary & Obama convince me that John Edwards should be the Democratic Nominee

the for love of FSM the racism / sexism talk isn't helping anybody

Should Obama's web site from 5 years ago be considered a campaign issue?

Obama's message to his supporters - LISTEN UP

Whether the NYT made a mistake in hiring Bill Kristol or NOT, he should just burn in Hell.

A black man's view on what Mrs. Clinton and her campaign is doing.

In Florida, great news for Hil: lead over Obama virtually unchanged (22%) since December (21)

Michelle Obama called John F. Kennedy's presidency a "fairy tale."

Kucinich sues NBC over Nevada debate

Paul Krugman, Christopher Hayes, Ezra Klein On John Edwards-

My father WORKED for a Living!

"Race baiting": how it works & what is at stake (LONG analysis)

Dream press conference with John Edwards

Have any candidates read Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein?

Dear Governor Granholm, with all due respect. That is enough.

John Edwards: $7 Million Dollars In One Day - Make It Happen

John Solomon Appointed Executive Editor of The Washington Times

Obama goes gloves off, head-on

Obama Unveils $120 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan

Russia restrict visas for British Council staff (fallout over the murder of Litvinenko)

Edwards' daughter Cate hit by drunk driver in "minor" accident

Conflict of interest tanks worker's case

Escalating Ice Loss Found in Antarctica

Hillary promises Iraq pullout in 2 months

GOP to privately meet on Democrat's voting proposal

New Poll: Democratic race in Nevada a [3 WAY] dead heat

(Aussie) Greens say government should help with Greenpeace whale hunt

Blair's bank job worth $5m a year

FDA Warns of Botulism In Canned Green Beans

FDA Warns of Botulism In Canned Green Beans

Gay marriage ban may not make ballot

Doctors Give Massachusetts Health Reform a Failing Grade - Only Private Insurers Profit

Six D.C. employees to be fired in slain kids case

U.S. troops kill 60 in Iraq al Qaeda offensive

Judge puts Kucinich in Nevada debate (MSNBC debate)

Chrysler, Ford paint red, white and blue picture

Chrysler, Ford paint red, white and blue picture

Chrysler, Ford paint red, white and blue picture

San Francisco's gay community hit by new form of staph infection

Army disability retirement system improving

Unit’s new training reflects Iraq changes

Vehicle repairs may affect Blackwater inquiry

Report examines vets and killings after combat

Death of solider believed caused by meningitis

Police: Marine suspect in killing spotted

Soldier killed, 4 wounded north of Baghdad

JFK could retire in Florida, backers hope

COs describe radio threat, Gulf encounter

Analysts: Air power necessary if new threat arises

Attorney: Marine patrol performed correctly

Khobar Towers general gets second star

Briefings going high-tech with new touchscreen

GAO: Error in tanker maintenance contract

340 Wis. guardsmen set to leave for Iraq

Soldiers, families from 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division check out what Grafenwöhr has to offer

Soldiers get rare chance to see Paladins cause destruction

Troops find numerous bombs in Diyala

JCS Chairman Wants Gitmo Shut Down

Shiites, Sunnis Slam 'Go-It-Alone' Kurds

Going Army Becomes a Family Affair

General Wants F-22 Buys Speeded Up

Married Travis airmen found dead in car

Bush May Halt Iraq Troop Cutbacks


New recruiting ads focus on Army careers

Still M.I.A.: Millions of White House Emails (MoJo)

‘New Hampshire Flaw’ Finally Figured Out: ‘Exit Polls’ Were Conducted at Entrances!

Waterboarding would be torture to me: U.S. spy chief

Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis criticize Kurds

Ex Colombian hostage reunited with son after 3 yrs

Campaign exposes deep rifts in GOP coalition

President web 2.0?

Krugman: looks at the candidates economic plans

Congressman Yarmuth (D - KY-3) on the successes of the current Congress

IS THE SURGE WORKING? points from Sen.s Webb, McCain & Lieberman

Oh vote, all ye faithful

They Act Like Children, So Bush and Cheney Need the Boundaries of Impeachment

Haven’t We Heard This Voice Before? Frank Rich

Jim Hightower: We're Mad as Hell and the Dems Aren't Listening

Extreme Eating (let's rip Joel Stein a new one)

The FBI Agent and the Naughty Librarians [Our Government Is Filled With Incompetents

NYT: Republicans, Democrats, and the War in Iraq.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Clinton Loses on This Gamble

Kristol already has to admit to error in a NYT Op-ed

A political moment for which women have waited

US Floods Middle East with Weapons; Undermines Possibility of Peace in the Region -Great Article-!!!

Krugman: Responding to Recession

BBC's Jonah Fisher (!) Covers Greenpeace & Japan's Killing of Whales

“I Would Have Bombed Auschwitz”

Hillary Clinton Tears Up During Campaign Stop

Chris Hedges: The End of the Road for George W. Bush

Coulter Sheds any Remaining Vestiges of Humanity in her Latest Rant

There is no "international water" in the Strait of Hormuz (must read)

Al Gore speech on the 1992 election campaign trail (with a cameo from Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea)

Kucinich - Economic and Health Security

Hillary Caught in video with double statements on immigrants

John Edwards in SC: 'I Don't Believe All Change Originates in D.C.'

Bob Johnson: "Something in the Neighborhood"

Uncommitted is UNPREDICTABLE! Obama Supporters for Kucinich

The Republican Presidential Debate: Trying To Out-Tough Each Other!

Barack Obama and Culinary Workers Canvass for Change

Hillary Meets Tim Russert

New Bush Coins!

Bush VS Iran

Thanks Earlg

Barack Obama Speaks About Hillary's Attacks and Dirty Tricks

Dennis Kucinich - End NAFTA - Rebuild America

Real Time with Bill Maher - Caucus Me! segment (1/11/08)

Michigan Democrats for Romney ad (must see!!!)

Bush's Gut On Iran

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 320

He May Be Unwelcome, but We’ll Survive(NYT Public Ed on William Kristol)

Harlem Preacher says Obama got a White Mama

Every Republican's Prayer

What NBC/GE doesn't want you to see and hear!

Hillary is the Most Hard Working, Honest Candidate Out there!

More close-quarters combat chez Sarkozy..

Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Gallery of Rogues

Warming resorts seek alternatives to skiing

Judge threatens jail for Bush official over fire retardant

Ask The Experts - website for all your questions

The Extreme (plug-in) Hybrid: no breakthrough needed!

GM's Volt: Not Ready To "Electrify" Anybody Yet

Maersk Suspends Shipping To Nigerian Supply Port Of Onne (Near Pt. Harcourt) - Reuters

Fuel Rationing Imposed In NWT Town Of Inuvik - Imperial Only Shipped 50% Of Usual Load In Fall

Saudis Will Maintain Same Shipment Volumes To Europe, Asia For February

Toyota makes 2010 plug-in hybrid pledge

Minister - Norway Must Move Away From Oil Exporter Status - BOE Production Off 10% 2004-2007

SCHOTT Solar to Build Production Facility in Albuquerque (350-1500 new jobs)

The Mediterrenanean's Crowded, Dirty And Increasingly Desertified Future - CSM

EU rethinks biofuels guidelines

20 Nations' Olympics Teams Will Train In Japan, Not Host Country China - Yomiuri

As Prospects Of Snow Dry Up, Swiss Resort Invests In Tropical Pool, Artificial Beach - Reuters

Independent wants his fast car to be first plug-in hybrid

Strong Action Urged To Cut Md. Energy Use

Does anyone have a good site for calculating one's carbon output?

Mass Demonstrations In Dagestan (Russian Fed.); Blackouts Widen In -15C Cold

As we have switched to cfl's I was wondering how much they actually save

SCHOTT Solar to Build Production Facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Solar Power Challenges Oil, Cheap Office Rent, Foreign Jobs, Etc.

So I calculated my carbon footprint with four different sites and I got four VERY different numbers

Bering Sea Warming Trend May Strike At Base OF Food Chain, Heart Of Fisheries - AFP

GM Takes a Stake in Ethanol Maker

Where can one get reliable info on residential solar power?

Continuation on the social effects of PO and CC...

Major report on Cape Wind project released

Time's up for petrol cars, says GM chief

German scientists use solar power to produce drinking water

Sierra Nevada Brewing Commissions Solar Array

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

I just finished watching Hillary on Meet the Press and I've never been more proud to support her

Breaking NY Times National Poll: Clinton 42 Obama 27 Edwards 11

New ARG Poll: Hillary 47% Obama 27% Edwards 13%

Andrew Cuomo WAS NOT referring to Obama

add to DEBUNKED post:

How candidates stand: 12 issues, from abortion to taxes

Democracy NOW: Race and Gender in Prez Politics: Debate Between Gloria Steinem and Melissa Harris La

Here's why the media distorted Clinton's "fairy tale" comments: REVENGE

domestic terrorism bill.

WashPost was WRONG to say that Sen. Clinton said people people "in college towns" "don't need a pre

Hillary's List of 'Lies and Deception' on Meet The Press DEBUNKED

Labor Dept. Weighs In On Union Pension-Plan Activism

Life, liberty and the pursuit of healthcare

Sex Work 2.0

Today in labor history January 14

SEIU calls on Congress to close loopholes allowing major bank mergers

Breaking-Worker Is Killed in Accident at Trump SoHo Tower




B'Tselem: Does Diskin view kids as terrorists?

Gaza Strip fuel sanctions reversed

Hamas and Islamic Millenarianism: What the West Doesn't Recognize

Israel Rules Out "No Options" Against Iran

Hope at last - Bush has Pipes worried!

Israel says all options open to stop nuclear Iran

Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine

Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code

Two tons of explosives found in humanitarian aid to Gaza

Deadly Enticement OK When It’s Cuba

Roger Cohen: Argentina's lost children

"The coddled 'terrorists' of South Florida"

Why America needs a little less laissez-faire

With hole in balance sheet, Merrill seeks $4b from Kuwait

Fidelity to re-open their "legendary" Magellan Fund to new investors for 1st time in over a decade.

FBI Reports Housing Scam Activity Increasing - Doubles in 2007

I got my first robo-call tonite in Az

Gay rights advocate makes case to black community (Boston)

Becker's first step: Domestic partners

Whatever you do, don't go over to GD: P

Ellen DeGeneres tops Oprah as #1 TV personality

You know....

Jackson County Exec Mike Sanders Stands firmly Against the Glory Hole!!!

DELAWARE: Biden not ready to endorse Obama or Clinton


Biden Statement on Arms Sale

Terrorists threaten Paris' gay mayor

Breakaway Episcopal bishop benched for secession

DNC Revising Howard Dean’s ‘700 Club’ Appearance

Correct me if I'm wrong,but.........

Joe Biden: A Poem

You guys, talk to me.

What a stupid article...

Lord, have mercy....

One good thing came out of me rebuilding my computer...

Since vivid dreams seem to be somewhat common lately, here are

Ask the Experts...helpful website for everything under the sun

An artful manifestation, and so much

Help with a strange dream I had...

1/14/08 request directly from Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro Oxlaj

Congrats to the Giants and their fans


Only 31 more days!

Rocket won't commit to House deposition

If the Patriots go undefeated


Shatter conventional wisdom--- Giants--Chargers Super Bowl

How 'bout them Cowboys!

Who do you want to win it all?

Jessica: Romo, Romo wherefore art thou Romo?

Will Pitt after the Patriots victory on Saturday night...

The NFC championship game is bound to be an utter disaster

Yes!!!!!! Giants beat 1st seed Dallas!!

LeBron's 101 mph lands ticket

Andy Robustelli, Y.A. Tittle, Sam Huff...Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, etc.

NY started blitzing when Ross went down, the Cowboys never adjusted and Romo panicked

Lambeau forecast for next Sun eve

Jerry Jones takes Dallas Cowboys' loss hard

Does Dennis Kucinich have a special fund for the recount audit

Primary Smell: Vote Machine Scandal Brewing - The Winning Ticket: Hillary and Diebold in 2008

PA WINvote Counties poised to go with MORE DREs?

A recount MUST begin promptly. Diebold executives must be subpoenaed n/t

maybe stupid question- election judges

"New Hampshire's voting machines are not linked in any way" New Hamp. SOS

Tennessee Primary Election Integrity Estimate = Zero

Auditing The Vote on Opscans In NH

Special Attn. Patrick Fitzgerald and Judge St. Eves to try Antoin Rezko.

IL Atty Gen Tells Illinois County to Obey Election Records Destruction Law

BRAD BLOG: Counting Voters Ballots in American Elections, and Other 'Conspiracy Theories'

Pharmacies to offer care for minor illnesses

Financial Burden Of Health Care, 2001-2004

Countering arguments by pharmaceutical industry

Uninsured and Dying Because of It:.... 22,000 uninsured deaths

State Primary Election Integrity Estimate Volunteer List. Please correct if wrong!


Helium Supplies Endangered, Threatening Science And Technology

Today's Mercury Flyby To Be the First Since 1974

The Gospel According to the Hit Man and the the Dude

Stop bloody Ashura rituals: Lebanon Shiite leader

A plea to evangelicals — from an evangelical Mon Jan 14, 12:16 AM ET

Black Ministers who once prayed with the DA urge Rosenthal to step down

Church of Christ pastor charged with indecency

Israel indicts Rabbis for racist incitement

Can a man and woman married to each other be excommunicated for having sex with each other?

Anyone ever had one?

One of life's great mysteries, Can someone tell me why it takes

My Dear C&B friends....I must Warn you

Color shots from the other day, just to prove the Tokina can do it!

The OTHER DU photo site

Stupid spaghetti serving question.

Egypt frees jailed Coptic woman

The U.S. vs. Antoin Rezko is really General Electric vs. Obama

911 is ineffective in many "happening now" situations

UK “PM promises clampdown on knives”

CIA Hid Other Tapes from 911 Commission.

South Carolina 2008 Democratic Primary Election Integrity Estimate

For people who think WTC 7 was a controlled demolion: Do you think this man is lying?

PPC Counter -Vote Suppression task force meets in Houston

A report of the SDEC meeting in Austin this past weekend

Dairy on DKos about JK's comments to end siwftboating

Progressive Talk radio to return to North Texas

I love the 80s - Rep. Juan Garcia (D-Corpus Christi) reelection in play

Preparing Your Community for Climate & Energy Change

Got called this afternoon for a poll on a possible amendment to the MN Constitution.


Annual Meeting of TDP Progressive Populist Caucus 2/23/08

Sale of MDA units leaves Canada's space ambitions in the air: Garneau

Ontario priest (former Vatican official) guilty of multiple sex assaults

Keith wrote in to Daily Kos today

RIP: Maila Nurmi, better known as Vampira

This is 'bout San Diego, where those following the adventures know finances are a little

did everyone get their voter location and sample ballots already ?

Did you all see this one on organ donation in Britain?

Cowboy's owner expression....PRICELESS


How can this be?

True or False? Corporations are bigger than the government?

Mea culpa.

What I did Friday night

Cecil + Betty, a poem

Just a pretty picture of my cat