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Archives: January 15, 2008

Most Republicans: There’s a Nevada caucus?

Citigroup may cut thousands of jobs: report (17-24,000 jobs)

EU launches competition probe against Microsoft over Office, browsers

Judge Grants Kucinich Entry to NV Debate

Huge, silent UFO startles Texas town

Sprint to lay off several thousand workers: report

Huckabee remains unproven outside evangelical circles

Guatemala to Swear in New President

I got knocked up, but I got down again

Who was the clever person behind the "Beam me up Scotty..." bumper-sticker?

I learn more about real news from the whole world in one minute on BBC

Who Hates Hillary?

Fair warning. Get it out of your systems. Tomorrow night is Bunko

SC coverage links anyone?

EXCLUSIVE!!1 Photo of Midlodemocrat (and gang) at "Bunkopalooza" 2007 - Chantilly

Egyptian Lover.



God bless LBJ!


Ultimate Topology Songs. Need Help.


Who else is watching Prison Break????


Elk Abandonment?

Check in here if you are currently in an 'altered state'

Worst remix video ever?

Yay! Let's pile on the Writers and their fans, YAY!

I am in love with Travis Barker

I Just Saw Abe Vigoda At The Local Olive Garden

Stop posting for a minute

The difference between male and female brains explained...

Post your favorite drinking songs

what 'cha think?

Koko hungry. Koko want sandwich.

First day of spring semester...

I'm sure this has been said before, but..

i found a mono pressing of sgt. pepper's

Oh shit, do you know what I just remembered?

Need advice

Attack of the Flying Screaming Monkee

list three songs you routinely play on barroom jukeboxes

are there any definite reasons why people don't get too much heaven any more?

For the last time, I am not psychically contacting you.

Who else wallows?

In the theme of Wiki, comes Beeripedia

Who Else Swallows?

Can you search for a specific user's posts?

Official Lounge Distraction Thread

have your breakdancing skills ever come in handy

Nobody cares where I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh cool! Last night I had trouble typing with my left hand. Tonight it's almost as if

This Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA smells like copper

Videogamers! Latest addition to the "Soul Caliber" series!

Have you ever bought or leased a new cat?

Now.. would you mind if I asked you a few questions about being a Centaur?


The granite industry has had just a boffo day in gdp today.

Obscene T- shirts, Caution!!!

I want a TaTa too!...

Topological humor

Person on E-Bay sells soul for 10 Million.

Who doesn't want to explain their screen name? Check in here...

Yoohoo! VenusRising! Where aaaaaare yooooooou????

what's a good multivitamin to take?

Sometimes I Just Wish I Could Say Screw it All....

I'm in Scottsdale, AZ. Why is everything a shade of red?

Like any hot blooded woman (dialup warning)

OMG I *need* to buy this when it comes out

Sisters-In-Law: Who needs them?

1,352 pickers

anybody know french?

I just ordered the 4-disc box set of Blade Runner - woo hoo!!

whom would you rather sip brandy alexanders with?


Anybody ever watch "Deal or no Deal" ? I swear, I think they must give an IQ test to.....

A 1gobluedem Appreciation Thread...

Songs that sound the same.

It's time for an "explain yourself" thread!

Here's a fun trivia quiz to test your memory (if you're over 40). I got 17 out of 20

This is a thread in which I post a picture of my cat Oz (taken today)

Quiz - Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Can anyone else see my posts? Or did I get tombstoned and not notice?

About the movie, "The Iron Giant".

Let's have a huge flame war about RACE!

So a tortoise walks into a bar....

It's not about the surge, it's about the wrong war

Hiding in Plain Sight: Blogger's reply to the FBI

I just got a recorded call telling me that there is no Democratic primary in Michigan tomorrow

Gates recommends Afghanistan surge-3,000 more Marines to Afghanistan

You know some of you are just fair weather democrats.

Rosie O' weighs in on Hillary tearing up


All Tax Cuts All The Time

I think France elected their own Paris Hilton to be President

OK McCain really scares me. He sounds like a nutty old man.

Best argument against caucusing

Chris Matthews is now the Icon of Corporate Media distortion

Things Have Gotten So Crazy Now a Prankster Could Start World War III!

Is anyone else confused/worried about the Michigan primary?

Less Bitchin..More CAPTION!

NASA contract employees win injunction against background checks

Do you think that Britney's custody situation proves that the legal system is biased to celebs?

For the first time ever on DU I am speechless and my head is spinning over this election.

Bush Administration had more moments when his cabinet members should have resigned

People who want to make Birth Control pills, EC's, and abortions illegal are assholes.

I only read threads:

Judge keeps order in place. Britney "still can't see ma babies, yall"

Recessions Suck

Not To Interrupt The Circus, but Congress Comes Back Tomorrow

Honestly, I think we should just trust our Britney in every decision she makes...

Take Time and and Give--Give us a good CAPTION!

Clinton, Obama Tone Down Rhetoric On Race - Reuters

Slap me upside the head with a CAPTION!

Caption oh Caption!

Are any of the democratic candidates prepared for the conservative backlash

Question for DU old-timers: Is it normal for attack dogs to join during election time?

One Way to Stop Exposing SSNs (Random generated ID's)

On KO: How to defend yourself from an O'Liely attack.

Hey Edwards Supporters !!! - Did You See This ???

AP: “Everything Involving Britney Is A Big Deal.”

What celebrities gave to presidential candidates

Gay Marriage Ban Short Of Signatures (Florida)

Toilet-to-Tap Process is Still Awaiting State Approval

Dan Abrams on the Clinton/Obama situation, "This is total race baiting".

Early MLK Day - Chemistry, Cause & Politics

PBS/American Experience TONIGHT "Oswald's Ghost" --JFK

Anyone have the link to

Are Americans any less dumb than they were in 00 and 04 when Bush won?

If you smeeeellllll what the Roock issss Cooking! !

States, MySpace agree to new measures on child predators

anyone watch boonedocks? have you seen the MLK episode?

Arms deal for rape victim punishing Saudi Arabia likely to be approved

IRAQ: Awoken to a New Danger

So Mitt says, "Washington is very broken"

Heckler ("the Filipino Monkey") behind US-Iran boat incident

Strange manhunt update: Looks like that Marine fugitive may have been in town this weekend:

Hillary wins among 384 likely Democratic primary voters in California

If Obama can defeat the mighty Clinton Machine, he will have earned my respect


Has DU Got A Case Of The Slows Tonight ???

Prankster source of US-Iran tension in the Persian Gulf?

MSNBC To Appeal Judge's Decision To Let Kucinich Be In Debate

so I heard on the radio while driving - * gave a boatload of money to the country where the hijacker

Keith Olberman Rocks!

Are there even any Dem presidents you've liked in, oh, the last 100 years or so?

If you still like some of the Third Way, what parts do you think we should save?

John, Barack, Hillary... don't look away! Demand Dennis be welcomed in the debate...

Digging up an Oldie But Goodie

OKAY!! Listen up, Hillary and Barack!! Enough of this shit!

99 Problems but a b*tch ain't one

1990 - The tragedy of a female President

I've changed my mind...I'm going to vote for Obama...

That voting thing..

Fight or flight

Christopher Columbus' Real Discovery: Syphilis

Why do some people have to take the very low road?

Was Walt Kelly channeling DU when he said this?

Dan Abrams is calling this "war" between the two campaigns a media creation

"A Daily Show" - whatta riot!

Didn't take a big trip today

Jesus... Who's Minding The Store ??? - Or... With Friends Like These...

self delete: dupe

Audio of President Clinton on the Tom Joyner show this AM

ACLU in Federal Court Wednesday to Argue for CIA Contempt for Destroying Interrogation Tapes

For the last goddamn time, Agent Mike.....(Pic)

Memorandum from The Media.

Drug addiction... I don't care whether it is cigarette, alcohol or any of the illegal ones

Clinton’s abilities blossomed at Yale

Halliburton Gang Rape Victim Continues to Be Denied Justice

Has your life been touched by cancer?

SKINNER- this post if for you & the D.U. Crew

Strait of Hormuz audio may be bogus.

Was the judge right or wrong to put Kucinich in debate?

Jury convicts man who says he robbed for CIA

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama, Clinton Declare a Truce, Options Are Open for No. 2 Spot

"We Deserve What We Get" Erica Jong PLEASE READ THIS!

I think it's over for Hillary.

In Iran Reversal, Bureaucrats triumph over Cheney Team

Iraq defense minister sees need for U.S. until 2018

Judge Will Stop Dem Debate If Dennis Isn't Included

"I am smiling, dammit!"

Surfed over to tonight for a little fresh air and sanity

Double Amputee Barred From Olympics, Prosthetics Give Him "Advantage"

Do you remember your first time? (First political argument, that is.)

Obama is less progressive than his rivals on matters of domestic policy...

Lawmaker Kicks Photographer During House Prayer

I hope DUers who keep taking Clinton's comments out of context

If I was female and anyone told me they had control over my body

"John Edwards is by far the Democrats' strongest candidate in the general election." LINK

He faced a 138-member all-white jury pool

Caption this CREEPY Bush Pic from Dubai

E-mails from a guy I know in the Navy, RE: Afghanistan

On the Great Writ

Scott Horton: Less Than Human = 6th anniversary " the American GULAG"

Barack and Hillary call a truce. So should we.

More on Hillary Disenfranchising Working Class Voters in NV

"Congress Likely to OK Saudi Arms Deal" HUH? But..but...but I thought 15 of the 19 911 terrorists

Huge, silent UFO startles Texas town

LA Faces Meltdown As Hollywood Strike Bites - UK Guardian

NBC/MSNBC: 212-664-4444 NBC trying to appeal decision to

Looks like Edwards is going to get the nomination

I finally got the "Obama is a Muslim" email!!! See my response:

I liken our candidates to a fine smoke..... :)

Mona Lisa's true identity revealed

New Edwards Avatar for all y'all

3,200 Marines Prepare for Afghan Tour

What's the difference between S. Carolina and N. Carolina?

Edwards only democrat not beaten outright by any republican...


I get to vote for Dennis Kucinich tomorrow! YAY!!

They really do plan on monitoring the internet closely, don't they?

George Gets a Shiny Necklace from King Abdullah! ---pix--->>>

Something I think we need to consider, re: Bob Johnson's comments (only serious DUers respond pls)

Tomorrow would have been Martin Luther King's birthday. A silent DU tribute thread.

Do you regard our current internet as the last bastion of

Planning To Donate To EDWARDS Soon? Wait Until FRIDAY The 18th To Break 1 Day Record

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi/UAE has picked a bank for its sovereign wealth fund: 1 guess which BFEE bank.

PREDICTION TIME: Who will win Michigan ... Romney or McCain?

Obama's name misspelled on 2000 ballots

There was a post that got locked up

Clyburn calls it off - Charlie Rose interview from today (VIDEO)

Michigan Poll - Detroit Free Press (Edwards and Obama numbers included)

SUSA Polls from WA and OR: Obama is better than Clinton against McCain

How come Clinton, Kucinich and Gravel are on the Michigan ballots

Edwards Discusses Bold Plan to Protect the Environment & Fight Global Warming

The "We stand behind Barack, Dennis, Hillary and John" thread.

If the election had not been stolen from Gore... would we be swearing Lieberman in, January 2009?

Now don't be surprised if the Rovians pull some antics like sending out

SC: Edwards Calls for Ban on Coal Plants

Oops! She Did it Again: An Open Letter to Gloria Steinem

John Edwards is a great candidate

Love it or hate it, Hillary has shown some amazing skills this week

new hampire recount prediction

Edwards to break Missouri presidential candidate drought

If Hillary wins California, NY, NJ, CT, MA, what does Obama do?

Does anyone know if a judge ruled yet on the whole voting site issue in Nevada?

Why Clinton's Surrogates have gotten dirty

Hardball clip on Nevada caucus union battle

I just emailed NPR about lack of Edwards news

Here's the Democratic ticket for '08

I feel like a condemned man walking steadily toward the gallows.

Iraq Defense Minister Sees Need for US Security Help Until............2018!!!!

New California Survey USA poll: Clinton 50 Obama 35 Edwards 10

Bill Clinton Defends Voter Suppression (say it ain't so, Bill, say it ain't so)

so here is a question how many DU members

Will Bloomberg run if...

50% of California votes are absentee and people are voting NOW, NV and SC will not have much effect

Obama/Clinton, Clinton/Obama?

Is Edwards Just A Spoiler Now ?

Obama supporters, where art thou?

Thank you, Mods!

Nevada Battle Cry!

NYT, pg1, lead: Fluidity in G.O.P. Race; Dems Eye Electability (Obama electability doubles)

Will tomorrow's Dem debate be interrupted for Michigan election returns?

The Nation: McCain Takes a Page from Karl Rove

Why Can't We Be Friends

This Is Probably A Stupid Question-

That girl who sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow in Hebrew has an incredible voice!

The OFFICIAL "let's move on" thread.

My right wing pal's views on Deforestation

Health Care: Which Candidates and Their Campaign Staff Are Covered?

Clinton Statement on Obama Feud - “And at this moment, I believe we must seek common ground."

Obama seeks to lower temperature

Crap like this makes it very difficult to shut up about the racial issue...

Should the Clintons come out and say "We think Robert Johnson WAS talking about Obama's coke use"

CQ Politics: Push By Unions, Emily’s List Key to Clinton N.H. Victory

Please explain what happens with Florida. Dem primary doesn't really count

Here's a poll about our internet, looking for a few good respondents...

Matt Drudge and MSNBC continue their blackout of Hillary's momentum in the polls


Gallup polling cell phones now


Rasmussen daily graph for 1/14/08 - Clinton and Obama down 2, Edwards up 1

Michigan Primary means very should I vote in the Republican Primary?

Here is how Hillary should have made her point on the LBJ MLK Jr. thing

Anyone Else Feel Like They Fell Down The Rabbit Hole?

Keith Olberman just said MSNBC is appealing NV judge decision to let Kucinich debate!

Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchel have given up all pretense of objectivity

Edwards LA appearance invitation for Jan 17

playing the race card.

Can you LET IT GO now?

Debate prediction: Clinton heaps love on Obama over racial BS then goes for the kill on Iraq

Is there a debate tomorrow, if so where

Stop it. Stop it right now. All of you.

Channeling Malcom X today.

Clinton, Obama Step Back From Flap

Company gets kindergartners' Social Security numbers, data without permission from the parents

Obama/Edwards or Obama/Biden?

I love Charlie Rangel

Breaking News: Clinton Surrogates Show No Class

Clinton and Obama call for a truce

Clinton's Statement: "we must seek common ground" - LISTEN UP

Drudge has a breaking story that Obama's wife fear the safty of her family

Swiftboaters must be exposed. DO NOT LET THEM OFF THE HOOK.

Hillary Supporters: Did you support the war in 2002, too?

Was Hillary's statement about LBJ and MLK Jr. poorly crafted with the potential to offend?

A caller this afternoon had wonderful-idea-CALL the Campaigns about your ISSUES--single

Dan Abrahms implicating media in bogus "race-war" MSNBC9PMEST

MSNBC Driving Visitors to Donate to Clinton Campaign

I for one do not want Clinton & Obama to bury the Hatchet...

Is the fight over?


I had to watch "No End in Sight" again to remind myself of just who we

Dan Abrams is my new hero: blames the MEDIA for the Clinton/Obama fracas

Hillary is a foregone conclusion by the Repubs---why???

Insane McCain calls going on The Daily Show "a dangerous experience."

Obama let his supporters and surrogates hang out there for days with an attack he debunked

Flashback: Edwards on Obama

NAACP President: Ron Paul Is Not A Racist

For those of you decrying Hillary's supposed "tactics" in the last few weeks

Obama camp did NOT distribute a flyer asking Repugs to vote for him

Are we discussing issues yet?

Kucinich and Biden are gone: Edwards is struggling badly. It's probably time for Obama.

So what if MSNBC just doesn't ask Kucinich any questions

Is Eloquence Overrated? Obama's speeches "hit some sweet spot in the American soul"

Do you think Dean got involved?

Prediction: Epitaph of 2008 Democratic primary = "If you strike the King you must kill him"

Edwards says Clinton and Obama are both deeply flawed celebrity candidates

AP Analysis: Will Race Matter to Dems? Brazile: ''I am calling on them both to let the moment pass."

I would like to address DU tonight as a Kucnich supporter and thus a surrogate of Dennis.

Edwards MIA from media coverage

"Poll finds gap emerging between white women and black women."

The wisdom of Solomon: an alternative interpretation

Josh Marshall: Pray for Romney tomorrow

Rev. Joseph Lowery: A new attitude facing the future today with Barack Obama

Obama Race Baiting Has Backfired. Media and Public Are Shutting Him Off, Calling Him Dumb

John Edwards would represent everyone, but one group in particular:

Statement of Hillary Rodham Clinton PRESS RELEASE

Obama, The Race Card, and The General Election

PRESS RELEASE: California NAACP President Alice Huffman Endorses Clinton

Fuck you, Bill O'Reilly, I'm declaring war on Groundhog's Day.

Can you imagine if one of Obama's surrogates called Clinton "stupid"?

Obama precinct captain: "I may have to resign" over flyer

Obama Tries to Stop the ‘Silliness’: Three network interviews, news conference

Super Candidates lighten the mood....

CNN California poll finding Clinton up 15% was conducted by firm owned by long-time Clinton donor

Judge puts Kucinich in Nevada debate

Democrats on the Nevada Ballot

If a candidate stands up tomorrow and says Kucinich SHOULD be there, they will

Barack and Hillary call a truce. So should we.

Anyone can enlighten me on this Chicago Trib article re: Obama and The Trinity Church?

Real "candidate of change" Edwards feared by big business

Compassion and Fight: The Personality of Dennis Kucinich

Too many posters having "epiphanies" and sudden;y changing candidates

Krugman on Obama's response to economic bad news: From "disreputable" to "tilted to the right"

Here's an idea for both Clinton AND Obama

obama: Hillary and i share the same goals

Photos: Reno, Nevada Turns Out for Barack Obama!

Should Edwards supporter Fadedrose vote "uncommitted" or for Kucinich?

Which presidential candidate would most likely fix the U.S. economy?

I don't know, but after seeing how tough Hillary can be

How sad. How unsurprising. Clinton takes the high ground at the

Divide and conquer...

"if you can't run your own house, than you can't run the white house" - MIchelle Obama


Huckabee remains unproven outside evangelical circles

My prediction is that if HIllary wins the nomination she will offer the VP slot to Obama

Don't You Wish There Was A Button That Was The Opposite Of "Recommend"

U.S. Health Care Bill Twice the Cost Other Nations Pay

Obama showed political intelligence and leadership today

Black-by-Proxy vs. Black-for-Real

Charlie Rangle calls Obama “absolutely stupid”

Tyra to Hillary: "Do you do hip-hop? Can you do the Soulja Boy or the Spongebob dance?"

Obama: It Took Men to Give Women the Vote (warning! satire!)

This ain't funny anymore

Dan Abrams just called Obama one of today's "Losers" claiming he played that song by Jay-Z

Unions bitterly divided in Democratic race

Day Two: without an apology to all women of color from Clinton for letting Johnson on the .stage

Abrams, MSNBC on-air: "D.C. media" invented Democratic race war

Kucinich falls behind in 'corrupt system'

some of my BEST FRIENDS are "illegals"

John Edwards' Environmental Plan: One More Reason to Vote for Edwards

My ballot arrived!!!

Why is Clinton responsible for her surrogates but Obama isn't responsible for his?

Kucinich wins his suit. Will be in the debate tomorrow night. Las Vegas judge rules in his favor.

Obama in favor of voting for Senate bill 1959.

Wouldn't it be a HOOT if Edwards took Nevada ?!

On What Grounds Can a Court Force MSNBC To Include Kucinich in Their Debate?

Okay, Repubs, Whatcha Got?

After One Year of Trying to Prove She Wasn't "Divisive", Hillary Reinforces That Image.

I will vote for Barack Obama in the California Primary February 5

Obama: Experience...Hillary: not so much...

Wikipedia says Hillary was a Republican! She supported Right Wing Extremist Goldwater!

Drug-resistant staph found to be passed in gay sex

I made the Greatest Page. Hooray!

So first I was excited about what was going on in GD and GDP...then angry...

Fresh Fractals! Get 'em while they're hot! (Major dial-up warning)

There was a dude on the Skytrain with a whole cage of Serval Kittens

Please tase me bro!

Ahh... spent the day in GDP

Someone please beer me up.

So, Loungies, do I mail in and vote absentee now, or do I wait and vote on Super Tuesday?

Did you ever pee in a mall fountain?

Past and Present KC Residents: Do you remember Bannister Mall?

Could someone please go into GD-P and retrieve my granite countertops?

I've said too much tonight, and I'll regret it someday soon. GOODNIGHT DU!!!!!!!


what if Deckard IS a replicant?

Does anybody else here ever feel very paranoid and uncomfortable....

So I fired up my laptop after about 6 mos

My cat is SO ANNOYING!

I just finished reading "American Holocaust" by David E. Stannard

Is Law & Order bad for America?

I miss TNT's Monstervision & USA Up All Night.

Record Rains and Flooding in the UAE (thanks Bush)

Good Morning DU....

I love clean butt.

geez, I think my cat must really be sick

I put the first person on my ignore list!

Moose choreography (video)

Moose rescue (video)


Is down?

its 10:41 am

Good vibes please!

lost three more lbs. this week

Why is it that Colleges and Universities have MLK Day off but not President's Day?

It's a Boy!!

I just ordered KO's book

Quiz - Would you survive a Obama kool-aid zombie apocalypse?

So, I'm working in the office and the dogs start going nuts. I look out front


I just signed up to be an election judge!

Let's recast an unnecessary remake!

Nothing like having a waking dream about your Ex to start the day off right

Mario Lopez Never Looked THIS Cool!! (Pic)

How to turn off Beacon in Facebook

Dateline: McAllen, Texas: Rep. Kucinich to Show Evidence of UFO/Aliens On MSNBC Debate Tonight!

Prank Phone calls anybody ?

Has anyone seen these? Funny stuff for guitarists here...

I just shouted "FIRE!" in GD:P.


Anyone heard anything about "Human Smoke", by Nicholson Baker?

You ask me wine!

Is There A Full Moon Today?

Youth, 16, faces £10,000 bill - and livid parents - after 'best party ever'

Very Clever! n/t

Should I pose as Sarah Smith's husband to help her gain her inheritance?

Govt. says meat from cloned animals is ok to eat....

I've finally realized what I need in a man


I just signed up my daughter for a babysitter's training class thru the local Red Cross

What's worse? A Typo or the Edit stigma?

Who knows stuff about dessert wine?

Anyone read Mark Helprin?

Who is more Batshit Crazy?

I'm going to be busy for the next few days, but Friday, I'll do one of my games

I'm not voting in the Michigan Primary. Should I feel guilty?

I think having Rue Paul on the ballot will make things interesting

It's Snowing

Favorite "Ronald Wilson Reagan" anagram

Jimmy tells it as it is.

Favorite "Spiro Agnew" anagram

FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bush!

Colts fans boo 14 y/o

I can't wait for the weather to warm up - got my new porch swing up!

Entertainers using steroids !!!!!!!

Favorite belching scene in a movie?

Who knows stuff about desert swine?

Who knows stuff about desert wine?

Dear Midlodemocrat: Am I still dead to you? Please advise

1goblue bling


How good is your geography recall?

21 years ago today Bullwinkle925 and I lost our mother

I could take 30, apparently.


Stripper alert in LBN

Help me .... I just got a piece of mail that said "Do not discard"

Human shield effectiveness factor: 58%

I'm sure if any of you know this but cloned fruit & vegetables can scream.

Favorite kvetching scene in movie?

I never knew it was so easy to be EVIL! - simple javascript to make any page editable (locally)

Right now, I are being Educated...

Why does it take so much longer the first time?

Well, it's official. But this news will not shock many around here.

Ridley Scott IS an asshole

If Deckard is a replicant, what about Han Solo?

My coworker is listening to his XM radio at his desk.

Someone please cheer me up.

Asian Woodpecker alert!

Everybody! Back to work!

I have got to get me one of these...


Lounge Challenge: Find something cuter than this (Dial-up warning)

Tell me a story...

Oprah Winfrey getting her own planet

Loin moisture material for us geeks...I mean YOU geeks.

Steve Jobs is about to change to World again.....

Would you make a good human shield?

For CreekDog: the Rush appreciation thread.

Who gives a fuck about Deckard - why didn't I see that 'Dumbledore is Gay' thing coming?

flvegan IS a replicant

Do you post more or less on DU than when you first started?

Oprah Winfrey getting her own TV network

Why does Apple stock tank when they announce new products?

Because MrsGrumpy is a Green Bay fan - this season I will be too

The Lounge Should Have Tasers To Use

Breaking: American Idol punishes Michigan Dem. voters for demanding spotlight

Bumper sticker I saw at the mall this weekend:

Oprah Winfrey getting her own Galaxy

Why doesn't everybody do ballroom pantsing?

525,600 minutes; how, do you measure, a year in the life?

Gorgeous Albino Peacock at this link:

Why doesn't everybody do balloon dancing?

I just want to say that I love what this guy is doing and I don't care who knows it

OK, you're ALL replicants.

Why doesn't everybody do barroom dancing?

I've been at work all day. were you all NICE to MIDLO?

Why is it called "Two Buck Chuck"?

why doesn't everybody do bartop dancing?

Tom Cruise is least talented actor in the history of film.

I'm a drunkard, apparently

Holy Crap, I Just Learned Something About One Of My Good Clients

I wish I were a less brusque writer.

Why doesn't everyone do Romper room dancing?

Looks like it's on - got the foreclosure notice yesterday

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/15/08

I am watching "GroundHog Day", what would you do if you were Phil Connors the weather guy.

A post about Thomcat in GD: please check it out!


Gall bladder surgery

Info about my Dad's death. I am detached, so don't read if you're tender.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/15/2008)

Asian Woodcarver alert!

Worst Star Trek Episode

Wish me Happy Birthday...

Do you remember when Winnie The Pooh got stuck in Rabbit's hole?

With all the talk about candidates belief such as religion, gun control,ect...

Everybody hates me.

Deckard IS a replicant.

LynneSin is a wimp

Tom Cruise left message on Jennifer Garner's answering machine "asking if she knew what freedom was"

My old guy is losing his mojo

I KNOW I'm the only person who uses the term......

The story "The Pet Goat"--can somebody give us a brief, one or two

Toddlers Gone Wild!!!!!!

Some pictures I took this weekend *PIC HEAVY*

Seattle restaurant help??

Okay, okay, okay, I got Zombiefied today

An expression or phrase that never fails to crack you up?

I asked a lady in line at the post office what language she was speaking

XM or Sirius?

Why doesn't everybody do ballroom dancing?

My dead body is worth $4290, apparently

Whopper Freakout

Pup needs surgery: Please vote for Jazzie!

U.S. Retail Sales Probably Stalled in December as Growth Slowed

Am I imagining this...

I couldn't work for MSNBC

Yes, it is 100% true that Israel wil allow any Jewish person to gain automatic citizenship.

I have Lauterbachs in my family

So, an extra combat brigade of Marines to fight...

(TOON) Steve Bell with the latest on Shrub's Middle East tour

NBC Battles to Keep Kucinich Out of the Debate

John Edwards focused on what matters most to voters. Not interested in fights between politicians.

Q: How big (in numbers) is the US police force?

Iraq Defense Minister Sees Need for U.S. Security Help Until 2018

Congress Unlikely to Block Plans to Sell $123M Worth of Weapons to Saudi Arabia

Mike Huckabee Blamed For Surge in "Artful Dodgers" (humor)

DU needs to franchise to other countries

Pakistan Intel Manipulated Election In 02-Offered To Drop Corruption Cases Against Musharraf Backers

My morning dream

i am tired of bush abuse

Unions and Greedy Workers are Killing Buffalo...

Why do Taliban still exist?

Struggle to aid Mozambique flood victims (BBC)

I CAN'T STAND THE EXCITEMENT! Dana Perino has started her own blog.

Musharraf: vote disrupters will be shot

I love clean butt.

Sarkozy's youngest son received death threats on cell phone?

Tom Joyner at it again (this time with Kwame Kilpatrick)

"Any presumption that his endorsement of Barack Obama is an asset to Obama's campaign is ludicrous."

Florida Republican Presidential Primary: Four-Way Tie

"...unintended consequences of the U.S. border crackdown"

The End of the Road for George W. Bush, By Chris Hedges

Israeli forces kill 15 Palestinians in Gaza

Panel Delays Testimony By Former CIA Official-Immunity Sought in Inquiry Over Tapes

Here are 2 issues we have voted off the table

White House Falsely Claims Bush Supports Iran NIE, While He Trashes It Abroad

U.S. to Speed Deportation of Criminals in Jail

Big Brother Really IS Watching-The year is 2012 (Computer World)

Bush Offers Saudis Tongue for Oil

Megachurch Leader Charged With Perjury

Snow storm in New England. Is this God's way of punishing the people of New Hampshire?

Opposition to new hotel and convention center in--get ready--Valley Forge Historical Park

Blitzer: Stunned by ... the fact that his viewers are so smart?

Unauthorized Biographies

Do I smell an election year? (Clinton: Iraq Troop Withdrawal in 60 Days)

Why W is in the Middle East-His approval ratings are higher there

On King's birthday a really great comment by Congressman Bobby Scott

Why Aren't More Students Applying to Medical School? one more way Canadian healthcare outshines US

If you'll pardon another "Eyes on the Ball Folks" post...

Design Flaw Said to Have Caused Minn. Bridge to Collapse

CNN showing MI voters and their concerns.

Youth, 16, faces £10,000 bill - and livid parents - after 'best party ever'

What you DIDN'T SEE on the MSM this morning

RELAX! look who they picked to go in and negotiate with their bosses

Newsweek: Arab royalty respond to Bush's "freedom agenda"

Bush urges Saudi's: "Turn on them f*#@ing spigots!"

Thank gawd Congress is getting to the bottom of baseball steroid use!

Sherrif Bob mean Ed Brown...LIVE Presser NOW CNN!

If a candidate would do ANYTHING to get elected, they would do ANYTHING


Edwards To Launch "America Rising, Coast To Coast" Tour

bu$h* effects on mid-east immediate - At Least 17 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Violence

Bush's primary goal between now and next January?

US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

John Edwards

U.S. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Declined in December

Saudi Arabia: "...what impacts the U.S. economy is more than just the price of oil."

Now that the holidays are long gone what the hell has our congress critters been doing

Today’s Headlines

NYT editors undercut Kristol’s column on Iraq

CONservative spin, PROgressive response: Tax Cuts

why does nbc want kucinich out???

DNC miscalculated regarding Michigan

"Chickenhawk" -- the lyrics

Miltiary is looking for a private contractor to help run a terrorism and counter-insurgency course

ACLU in Federal Court Wednesday to Argue for CIA Contempt for Destroying Interrogation Tapes

Obama's Farrakhan Test

Today's score: Offshore Overlords, 2; American People, 0; Your Pension, ?

Doctors often prescribe placebos: study

"10 Excellent Reasons NOT to Join the Military"....

HUGE NEWS, Mitchell testifying before Congress on steroid use in sports

Can someone explain the Michigan and Florida "punishment" to me?

Rice: "most people know that a democratic and unified Iraq is here to stay"

Playing the Race Card Against Obama By Eugene Robinson

Very Clever! n/t

New congressional menu shows how they view themselves: Cumin-scented leg of lamb with almond couscou

NY Times: Citi Posts $9.83 Billion Loss; Will Cut Jobs

Congress pulling up it's sleeves and getting to work. Begins investigations...

Dateline: McAllen, Texas: Rep. Kucinich to Show Evidence of UFO/Aliens On MSNBC Debate Tonight!

Did Hillary "cry" about Obama's experience level to provide a plausible context for a vote flip?

Do you support the continued use of US Military and Contractor groups in Afghanistan?

For you, did Hillary's cry provide a plausible context for the perceived vote flip in NH?

Should we be calling for the impeachment of the Senate majority leader and the Speaker of the House

Meanwhile, the chimp is selling arms to Saudi Arabia

we must find some way . . . to gain an eternal peace for this world.”

Thank you sir. How can I ever pay you back?

Time to eliminate the "wet foot" "dry foot" immigration policy for Cubans.

Recount will cost about $55,600, says N.H. official

Almost all the Repub candidates want to continue the War in Iraq and...

Rather than volunteer for a particular candidate, I'll be making calls at Party HQs

If Hillary wins in Michigan, will she give a victory speech?

Gov't: Design Flaw in Bridge Collapse

Canada restricts cross-media ownership, seeks to ensure diverse editorial voices

Wholesale Prices Rise in 2007 by 6.3 Percent, Largest Amount in 26 Years

"Monitorships" The latest corporate scam to ensure that corrouption

What's all this about Tweety pinching Hillary's cheek?

"How We Will Feel if Hilary is Elected"...

Viggo Mortenson to appear on Ed Schultz for Kucinich today

Privitive but still in play..what is George W Bush using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator?

Fratto’s FISA Fearmongering: In 3 Weeks, Terrorists ‘Can Be Free’ To Make Calls Without Surveillance

Call / Fax CSPAN and ask them to televise Wexler's Impeachment presentation tomorrow!

State senator seeks to impeach Bush, Cheney

So which candidate will stop the US from continiuing to arm the world?

American killed in Afghanistan hotel bombing, one wounded in Beirut bombing - Bush in a great mood

Want to be informed, entertained, and support the writer's strike?

Central Fla. Men Carjacked, Forced To Buy Beer At Gunpoint For Hours

John Edwards Sets The Debate Of This Campaign

1150 LA radio

CNN giving Lou Dobbs a special program to promote voting third party

OK, I am SO out of the loop! What is the NV lawsuit all about?

IDs for voters

Obama Precinct Captain's Mailer Urges Republicans To Switch Parties To Stop Hillary

Precinct captains, volunteers "speaking for the campaigns", etc, DO NOT speak officially

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Albatross In Chief

Jeb’s Economic Time Bomb Ready To Blow

A silly question....

The most trusted national TV news organizations ... is Fox???!!!!

Saudi people's viewpoint of Bush: Just above whale poop but lower than Osama and Iran

Inflation rate the highest seen in 26 years. (Welcome to the New Economy)

Newly sworn-in Colo. lawmaker kicks photographer during prayer.

NYT Public Editor; hiring Kristol was a mistake

Rudy who?

Updated Late Afternoon Exit Poll Numbers

"Compulsive" Republican's Head Examined

Watch Wexler on C-Span Tonight - He'll Be Calling For Impeachment Hearings

Mukasey Plays Nice With Dems

Bush Says He’s ‘Feeling Feisty’

Just listened to Hartmann's straw poll....

Did the studios make a mistake in thinking America would care if the award shows are lost to the

Taxpayers susbidize Bank of America's Purchase of Countrywide

Security & foreign policy advisors to leading candidates

Keith runs MSNBC... Chris Matthews is infuriated by it.

Allies Feel Strain of Afghan War-Troop Levels Among Issues Dividing U.S., NATO Countries

Supreme Court Rules Against Investors in Securities Fraud Case

Who is the poster boy (or girl) for the Michigan ballot fiasco?

Michigan Primary Indecision.

Dirty Business:The Real Reason Warner Went Blu-ray

NBC petitions to overturn order including Kucinich in tonight’s debate

january 16: Impeach Cheney National Call-in Day--Impeach Cheney Now

Kucinich is on Ed Schultz right now

Mitt Romney has been a rich man for a long time..what has he done for MI lately?

Oprah and Discovery Channel Teaming Up

Thom Hartmann is insane

The Hillary Pillory: What the meaning of "Clinton" is

Scar-boro just scolded Mika RE: Princess Diana...

There is NO constitutional right to vote for president

If the candidates were doctors

Debate tonight is at 9pm EST, right?

John Edwards is pi$$ing off all the right people

This is my 30,000th post

What time does the Kucinich Debate come on?

the BIG bu$h* lie: Robust Economy

I guess this was supposed to be a hit piece

A very disturbing photo

Conservatives seem to think that if it's not in the Constitution, then it's not Constitutional

Bush: "I'm Sure People View Me As A War Monger"

MSNBC Driving Visitors to Donate to Clinton Campaign

Where's Cheney?

Breaking on MSNBC: Joe Biden's wife involved in car crash, closed

Dollar Falls to Two-Year Low Versus Yen as Retail Sales Decline

Breaking on MSNBC--Biden's wife in car wreck in Delaware

GAO Says Figures in Administration's September 'Benchmark' Report Were Unreliable

TEDTalk Tuesday: We Must Win the Oil Endgame

Rep. Wexler: Update on Impeachment Movement

AP NewsBreak: Military Investigating Deaths of 3 Soldiers As Possible Friendly Fire Fatalities

Dave Lindorff: The Government is Scaring Us to Death

Hey! I'm a Democrat!

Inspired by a Veteran for Peace

I found this little lefty blog the other day - it needs DU love.


A possible unintended consequence of the NH recount:

Phrases I'd like to see removed from our "news" vocabulary

Let's all help out Huckabee! A new campaign to let Americans see where Huck will lead!

Mike Gravel on Randi Rhodes right now

Taken by morbid curiosity, I went to see FR's take on the Huckabee "amend-the-Constitution" thingie

bush holds swords in procession with Saudi's

Insane President of Arabia....(Toon)

The judge decided an initial invitation to Kucinich to debate represented a contract...

Applied Materials to cut 1,000 jobs, this happened today.

How does someone become a convention delegate?

Will lots of Dems really vote for Romney in Michigan?

Edwards To Launch "America Rising, Coast To Coast" Tour

TPM: Romney winning in today's Michigan Primary??

Will the World's Oceans Be Our Next Drinking Tap?

FISA fear-mongering flies from Fratto

Great pic of DK fighting for his Political Rights

Q-Notes endorses John Edwards

Bill Scher: Is Your Moo Shu Safe?

Seeking 1000 pages for the Right Wing Infopedia

Obama speaks directly to our Latino brothers and sisters

Rep. Wexler: Update - This Evening On House Floor I Am Reasserting Call For Cheney Impeachment

So since Clinton is the only Democrat on the ballot in Michagan, what does it mean? /nt

OH MY GOD .... Biden's wife in traffic accident on I-95

Heard on MSNBC: McCain does campaign event at a funeral home.

I just got an email from Bernie Ward! KGO is making a decision in the next week!

my sister lost her job today (mortgage biz)

John Conyers:Let Rep. Kucinich Debate Tonight

where can i find an Edwards site to buy a bumper sticker.. 27104

The Language Of Deception

PBC commissioners approve spay/neuter ordinance

When Bank of America needed "cleaning up," they called State Street Bank's former General Counsel

I have a theoretical

Onslow County sherrif's office denied CNN article and hung up on me...

Civil rights group to move its convention from KC

For Obama and Clinton supporters - what do they think of NAFTA?

Another 2008 Darwin Award Nominee: Police: Man Shot Himself In Genitals During Robbery

C-span Now Draft Bloomberg

self delete

Wexler's Impeachment Presentation is TONIGHT (not tomorrow) and will be on CSPAN!

Russert to Kucinich: "Welcome. I'd like to see if I could get a Jesuitical Argument going tonight...

Tweety: "Wow. Poplin jackets!1 Everybody's wearing them!1" (Mittens)

Go to the main page--did the entire screen just turn GRAY?

Bush and Cheney want to prove Ginsberg's Theorem applies to them as well

Where Are The Freakin' Mayors?

Our constitution should be like the teachings of Flying Spaghetti Monster...

How the EPA is Rubbing Poison Into Libby's Wounds Breach of Trust in America's Most Toxic Town

David Sirota: Judge Them By Their Enemies

Sri Lankan was remanded for 50 years without trial - now released

Want to help save American Jobs ??

Evangelical Christian Film Is Inappropriate For Public School

No more Bushes in the White House (rogues gallery):

What's the best place to watch current delegate counts?

The Republicans face utter annihilation at the polls in November ...... unless ......

Conyers Requests Special Prosecutor for CIA Tapes Probe

Kucinich Debate Update from NYT

Howard Dean on Rachel Maddow Today

PBS Frontline season opener tonight: "Cheney's Law"

Michigan Primary results page....

The Straight of Hormuz and "white boxes"

George of Arabia Prances in His New Fur Coat ---pix--->>>

the MONSTER IN THE BOX "produces" lots of false interests,...

For Obama and Clinton supporters. Will your candidates start a true progressive tax in the U.S? nt

"People (magazine) en espanol": CHAVEZ & Naomi CAMPBELL, a couple???!1

So two years from now, you are minding your own business

Poverty, lack of education, drop in access to abortion leads to a new baby boom...

Edwards has gone up against the huge resources of corporate interests before --AND WON!!

Y'know, I think we actually MIGHT be approaching the End of Days

Update on Sea Shepherd crew members detained by Japanese Whaling Ship

All This Happy Horseshit About Ending The War In Iraq

Judge cancels special election to replace Lott.

Rep. Wexler Update on Impeachment Movement

Now this is good - the republicans in Kansas think they will be picking the nominee

I personally have made NO predictions during this election. That changes as of this thread.

Bill O' Reilly Is a Baby

White House Caught Cooking Books on Iraq Benchmarks

To be honest: I give Bush mercy for being an unintelligent person.

"transformed beyond all recognition."

umm does anyone know if MSNBC will be streaming the debate?

X-Post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/15/08

Those who USE GOD as a "mean" God are really EVIL PEOPLE!

What was NBC thinking?? Kucinich Invitation.

Great new Hillary Ad!

Obama and Clinton supporters - what will your candidate do to curb corporations? nt

An argument for a MASSIVE tax increase

Neil BOOOOORRRRTTTzz says there is no constitutional right to vote

Doug Baily & Gerry Rafshoon announce Draft Bloomberg Movement...on C=Span

Beating the system with Hedge Funds: this makes me sick

We need to amend the Constitution, bring it into line with the teachings

hillary clinton's comment on martin luther king, jr., was nothing more than the truth and a factual

CALL MSNBC NOW: 1 212 664 4444 - Tell them ALL Presidential Candidates be Included in Debates

11th-Hour Legal Battle Between Kucinich, NBC NV SC schedules hearing for 4:30pm ET

Back to the Minnesota Bridge Collapse

Mitt Romney Sucks(Video Dump)

Hillary Clinton Talks to Tyra about Bill's Infidelity

WHOW --HO--cspan2 to carry the dem debate tonight--

Wexler to present IMPEACHMENT petition to Congress on Wednesday. Here's what we can do to help.

Judge apologizes for telling woman with cancer to remove hat

Saudis: Not boosting oil production for the U.S.

Who will the media ultimately choose for President?

Encourage NBC to have Kucinich on at 9 by writing them at this e-mail and phoning them

Tuesday TOON updates!

It breaks my heart to know that congress cares more about baseball, than election security

Why is Congress having hearings on steroids in baseball?

Here's hoping Dennis makes the most of his victory by slamming the media

Go to MSNBC's site and submit your question for the Democratic Debate Tonight...LINK

Bush: Just Not Right to Say You Can't Have a King in a Democracy

And now, a roundup of the TRULY minor Democratic candidates...

A Parliamentarianish Question: What If the Michigan and Florida Delegations...

Look at this awesome license plate

How in the hell can CHURCHES be voting sites???

Everyone should ask himself: Where in this graph was I on September 12th 2001?

Laid Off

How the hell is Hillary supposed to unite the country

Kansas Governor Sebelius to Deliver Democratic Address on State of the Union...

POLL SHOCKER: Chris Matthews almost as big a laughingstock as Ann Coulter

Cuban exiles intimidate Code Pink from giving a press conference in Miami about Luis Posada Carilles

"We're Mad as Hell and the Dems Aren't Listening"- Jim Hightower

Bush: "I'm Sure People View Me As A War Monger"

For the first time ever The Wall Street Journal made me spew...

CNN "Electing a Black President"

Fed loans out $30B to banks at 3.95% interest rate

Why do those who bash former Nader Democrats NEVER bash Nixon/Reagan Democrats?

We’re Mad as Hell and the Dems Aren’t Listening (Jim Hightower)

Two Activists Taken Hostage Aboard Japanese Whaling Ship

MSNBC Announces Dennis Kucinich is IN the Nevada Debate

Need help in putting pressure on Onslow County Sheriff who "investigated" the missing marine...

since he's back in debate, what should Kucinich say that others won't?

John Edwards—the more voters know, the more voters like

My Letter from Gonzo!

MSNBC - Edwards is "playing the white candidate"

Sob! Sob! Sob!

LIEberman on campaign trail with McCain in Michigan!

ATTN: MSM News clowns!

Steve Jobs (Jobsians profit) is about to turn on the reality distortion field.

NYT: Militants Escape Control of Pakistan, Officials Say

Is anyone watching Jim McTague on CSPAN? What an idiot!

Dumuh than a Boston-area book report: BFEE Bank reports earnings.

NBC to appeal to keep Kucinich out of debate (UPDATED)

Let’s come together as a community and help a fellow Du’er

A Prescription for Plutocracy: Is Washington hopelessly gridlocked? Not when the rich need help.

Howard Dean on MSNBC now

Can't make this stuff if I tried .... Iran v The US Navy

Remember the S&L crisis and Resolution Trust? Guess which BFEE Bank was trustee for the bailout?

A serio-comic poll about self-segregation: colleges, DU, and real life.

2008 Burning Man Art Theme: American Dream

Huckabee calling for a theocracy?

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated... Edwards update

The Grace of Mr. and Mrs. Edwards

Glen Beck on CNN spreading the same old lies about universal health care.

Obama and Hillary -- Two Peas in a Centrist Pod. CHALLENGE - find 10 key votes where they differed

Talking Point Memo being punished for reporting on the US Attorney

EXCLUSIVE: NH 'Recountes' Get Technical, Testy Before They Even Begin

Hell HAS frozen over

"Voter ID scam is the real fraud"

What's you REAL gas milage

This is what I don't understand. I just spent two days researching South Carolina elections.

Recommendation for Boost in Gas Tax Faces Tough Reception on Hill (40 cents more tax/gal??)

Edwards Calls for Ban on Coal Plants

Who is Tyra banks?

Good grief, what is up with the price of groceries these days?

Japanese whaling fleet loses in court, at sea

A parody for the primaries.

For fellow Tolkien fans: Edwards as Aragorn, America as Gondor

FUN with the REICH --- --- --- (photo heavy) --- --- ---

Wait - why is Dennis Kucinich still on the Michigan ballot?

Oklahoma Democratic Primary -- Clinton 20 Points Atop Edwards, Obama in 3rd (Survey USA)

Media Matters' "Take Action" Campaign Aimed at Chris Matthews (contact info included)

Which Ticket Would Be The Toughest To Beat In November?

What do you expect is going to happen on tomorrow's debate?

Clinton, Obama step back from race flap & call for truce

I'm watching Romney on ABC right now

Prediction: Big win for Romney in MI

Ok Obama supporters, convince me I can trust him

can someone explain to me exactly how the delegates at the convention work please?

Winning and losing states may become less important as this race continues.

CA Rep. Zoe Lofgren endorses Obama

8 GOP, 5 Dems

Hillary's "Experience Lie" may come back to haunt her if she is the nominee.

What Hillary actually said..... to quote:

Edwards Rising: Tied For The Nevada Lead!!!

Edwards/Obama, Edwards/Clinton, Edwards/Gore ...

Hillary booed at MLK event in New York!!

Watch this and tell me this guy isn't a fascist.

The media created the racial problem between Clinton and Obama

Does your candidate have a strong stance on the economics of education?


Are the Re-pukes Pushing for an Obama or Hillary ticket?

Fingers Fly

Kucinich Won Washington State Democratic Party Straw Poll,

Clinton < Obama

The Daily Kos Has it Right: Michigan Democrats Should Vote for Romney.

Hillary's 35 years of Experience? AT DOING WHAT EXACTLY?

The Repubs have publicly shamed us on one issue

I'm Glad that Kucinich is in the Debate.

Say a little prayer for the huck fuck

Bible-Toting Lawmaker Kicks Photographer

Survey USA-FL Poll Clinton -56% Obama 23% Edwards 14%

Who Is Your Candidate, & WHY? Play Nice!

Truce was about the race issue

How many active threads do you have?

Mornin! I'll take a cup of regular coffee, and a slice of that HillHate Pie.

Lieberman, McCain partnership gives both parties a bad headache

Survey USA-Oklahoma Poll - Clinton -45% Edwards 25% Obama 19%

GWB works in "mysterious ways"

Say a little prayer for the Mitwit


Is Huckabee Rapture Ready?

I have not yet voted in the MI primary

In Democrats' race, it's Clinton vs. 'uncommitted'

Obama picking up support in Harlem

WaPo's Eugene Robinson: A Hand the Clintons Aren't Showing

Hillary Q&A in Newsweek

On the subject of experience...

Let me be the first to say "Michigan Results PROVE that if nominated, HRC will lose in November"

I just got back from voting in Michigan

Mittsy will be the repube nominee...

Obama supporters: please defend him as an economic progressive HERE

For the record I will be following Obama and Clinton on the race issue.

California NAACP President Alice Huffman Endorses Clinton

Clinton/Obama call for Ceasefire... Can we do the same?

8 Questions and Answers about the (Confusing) Michigan Primary

John Edwards in Atlanta this Saturday the 19th!

Can someone define the "surge"?

MSNBC Breaking: Explosion at US Embassy in Beirut. 3 dead-

Obama statement on the negitivity of the democratic party

New Mexico Lt. Governor Diane Denish Endorses Hillary for President

Thinking strategically 8 years ahead, I think Obama should be on Clinton's ticket

ARG MI Poll: Hillary's lead shrinks! "Uncommitted" surges! Kucinich flat!

How will military recruitment do with Hillary as CIC?

I just checked Bush's polling numbers for 1 year ago.

Monmouth/Gannett: New Jersey: Clinton 42%; Obama 30%; Edwards 9%; Kucinich 2%

The Dem Debate Tonight - Predictions?.........

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver's state of the state address live audio

Bush isn't doing so well...check out photos and vote in poll

Las Vegas Sun: "Reid Caught in the Middle of Strip-voting Suit"

Pray For Mitt

Hillary Stuck in South Carolina/Explains Clinton Bizarre Behavior

The Arrogance of MSNBC

Obama says voters aren't looking for a bureaucrat

Should The Debate Participants Be Confined To Those Who Have A Realistic Chance Of Winning The Nom ?

Michigan: Democratic Ballot Called Sham, Unfair

Hillary lauds Obama's progressive record

GOP Rep. Baker (R-La.) Resigning To Head Up Hedge Fund Lobbying Group

The Rude Pundit: The President Assures Arabs That "God" Is Great, Loves Oil, Arms

John Edwards endorsed by Daytona Beach News Journal

I just donated $100 to Barack Obama , and I feel great!

Tuesday Morning Moron Alert: Jonah Goldberg on Thom Hartmann right now

McCain, Huckabee, Thompson: "battling for the staunch anti-abortion vote" in Jan 19th S.C. Primary

At what time is the debate tonight?

I find that very little real information about the candidates is available.

Does your candidate have a strong military policy?

Democratic presidential candidates oppose Nevada nuclear dump, but records spotty

Michigan Backfire?

NPR - On Point, Clinton, Obama, and Race - coming up live, here's a link:

Joe Is Right - more bad news from Pakistan

Michigan Democrats last chance today, vote Willard!

Are we, Democrats, too anal?

Why is Joe Scarborough pulling so hard for Obama to be the Democratic nominee?

If Huckabee wins nomination, any chance for a Dumond victim swift boat ad?

Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

This election, I'm voting for peace, non-profit health insurance, and the rule of law. What are you

Some of the most distinguished leaders in history were polarizing figures

Anti-Obama e-mail making the rounds:

The correct Hillary Clinton stereotype:

Al Franken on Ed Schultz right now. nt

Anyone else vote "uncommitted" in Michigan today?

Is Romney too perfect? --CNN asks

Poll: McCain, Obama gain in NJ

My father WORKS for a living

Was Matthews wrong? Hillary minus Bill equals what?

Interesting reports from Michigan on the Thom Hartmann show

Huckabee on Colbert's show

Riegle: Clinton's actions manipulated the ballot

Delete - dupe

NYT: Iraq defense minister says they'll need help to 2012, 2018

Green Party Exists, Few People Notice

Pastor Mike wants to stimulate you in FIVE ways. The "Huckabee Stimulus Package" is a HOOT.

Help an Ex-Kucinich Supporter Re-Evaluate Obama and Hillary (Based on Issues Where Both Voted)

Everyone knows it will be a Billary presidency. Anyone want to argue "experience" there?

Major Obama Endorsement on the Horizon!!!

Anybody else tired of the boring side-show candidates?

Why do the national debates exclude Jack Grimes' candidacy?

Thom Hartmann Straw Poll 1-15-08 (results)

Which candidate will work best with Congress to push through their agenda?

Think it's time for only the big three Dems to debate...

SUSA: Hillary with wide leads in FL, CA, OK, and NY...

Anybody know how the voter turnout is in Michigan today?

Obama will have the most elected experience of anyone during tonight's debate (besides Kucinich)

I keep hoping Bush has his own '"A Face in the Crowd" moment.

UNCOVERED, comments found on George Bush's report cards as a child.

Where do you think we will get the votes

Turnout Reportedly Low Across Michigan (translation: Repugs got nuthin')

Will McCain pick Joe Lieberman? ...

41% Say Obama Getting Most Preferential Media Treatment, 30% Say Clinton, Edwards 0%

From a NV blogger about the suit: asks for delegate Re-formulation -and more:

Obama does not offer public health insurance?

Live MI blog: Kucinich takes a vote from Hillary, some pick uncommitted

"It's not about the skin. It's about the spirit and the soul of this soul Brother."

Clintons rushed to reach Clyburn on race controversy

U.S. sending 3,200 Marines to Afghanistan

Edwards Supporters; Target NPR

Edwards should CHALLENGE Tim Russert in the Debate tonight.

Photos: Barack Obama last night at a town hall meeting in Fallon, Nevada

dupe - mods delete

Again!?! NYT: In Defending War Vote, Clintons Contradict Record

Breaking MSNBC: Joe Biden's Wife in Car Crash (She's OK!)

Pentagon details bomb-guidance kit sale to Saudis

Ok Hillary Fans is this something you can agree with Obama Fans on

WaPo: Unrepentant BET founder Bob Johnson Defends His Recent Criticism (Makes things worse)

Breaking: Biden's wife in car crash

Bush ran as a conciliatory figure. Obama is doing that too.

Joe Biden's Wife Was In A Car Crash In Delaware

Let's get serious. Has Hillary promised to return the protection of Habeas Corpus?

am I imagining things, or is there an ad for a repuke (flake) on DU today?

This Edwards supporter thanks Kucinich. The question that begs to be asked:

Video of Hillary at MLK event in NY - NO BOOS. RW blog fabrication - get a grip!

Wouldn't it be great IF, at the debate tonight, both Obama and Clinton take a

Sen. Don Riegle, when you're done with your hissy fit, back up your charges with a little fact, ok?

Outstanding write up about everything going on in Nevada

Why Hillary's Support Among Women Explains Her Race to the Top

Obama is the most electable candidate. I mean Hillary. Oh, wait...

I've often wondered where Karl Rove

Can Romney Keep Getting 2nd And Still Win The Nom?

Would you vote for a candidate endorsed by God?

Kucinich is in Debate?

I think the first state to caucus in the Primaries...

Obama the target of dangerous code words

AlterNet: Hillary's Dirty Campaign Tactics -- Nevada Suit Designed To Suppress Obama Voters

NBC is Appealing Nevada Court Decision to Allow Kucinich in Debate

How Much Influence Has DU Had In Who You Support For President?

Edwards draws direct contrasts with rivals

Joe Biden's Wife was UNHARMED in Car Crash

Clinton and Obama pledge to call truce on Race/Gender Bullshit. Media opts out.

What time/channel is the debate tonight?

I put Obama's and Edwards' chances about even right now.

Sweet Jesu, is there a bigger bigot than Pat Buchanan in this nation?

Does Edwards Have Any Surrogates At All?

So a weapons manufacturer (GE/NBC) gets to decide who's part of the Dem debate?

Our candidates are beating the MSM

Hillary wanted to keep troops in Iraq to deter Iranian aggression

Rep. James Clyburn: "Accept Robert Johnson's explanation for his comments at face value"

Reid and the Constitution (e-mail from the ACLU -- FISA)

Obama, en Espanol!

Since so many of you like eating our own....

Is there going to be a recount in NH? Has the money been ponied up

Media and Michigan

Early exit poll trends today in Michigan...

How Much Money, If Any, Have You Donated To A Campaign In The Past 2 Election Cycles?

Polarizing figures don't provide coatails for their political party... they provide wedgies.

Michigan rank-and-file Democrats should petition DNC for help.

Obama's Farrakhan Test

Barbara Ehrenreich writing in Huffpo: Hillary's Real MLK Problem

Will Dennis K. be at the debate tonight? Any updates?

Latest spam anti-Clinton email: gun control.

Freepers think Fuckabee's Amending the Constitution is... Fucked.

Glenn Beck is ripping a new one for Bush on CNN

Obama Responds To Richard Cohen Column About His Church And Farrakhan

Randi is just now reporting (5:54 pm Eastern) that the NBC court hearing will

And where did Cohen get his Obama/Wright/Farrakhan story?

Rasmussen tracking: Clinton 37%, Obama 30%. Obama down 3 in one day of 4 day tracking which means

Who do you think is more liberal, Clinton or Obama?

Latinos respect their mothers so they will vote for a mother, Hillary Clinton


New Clinton Spanish-Language TV Ad Airing In Nevada

The Nation: Clinton Allies Suppress the Vote in Nevada

McCain Camp Already Spinning A Loss

How about THIS for a primary plan....

Debates MUST return to The League Of Women Voters Control

ACLU Petition to Reid re: FISA -- Here's the link.

What happened with the lawsuit in Nevada today?

Does Edwards still have a chance to win the nomination?

Question RE: MSNBC

Head-to-head Match Ups!

Listening to Harry Reid from last week on Reno liberal radio show on Kucinich

Setting the record straight on Nevada union endorsements.

Here's why it's unlikely this will be resolved before the convention...

What the Hell?? The news says HRC is the only Demo in MI?

"I know that Mr. Obama’s supporters hate to hear this, but he really is less progressive than his...

Hypothetical question

To Tyra Banks's question on reality shows, Clinton chooses 'Dancing With the Stars'

Who the hell are these Reagan Dems that the RW spinners are salivating about the Huckster

When does old man Fred give up his pathetic "run" for the Presidency..

PEJ Study: Clinton, Democrats, Received Most Campaign Coverage

One vote in MI for Dennis!

Hey media!!! WHERE'S THE BEEF?

What's so special about Iowa, NH, and even Nevada?

John Edwards is Coming To St. Louis Saturday!

Why should Obama Clean Up Hillary's MLK Mess?

Huckabee: One part Elmer Gantry, One part Elmer Fudd

Huffpo: "John Kerry Blasts Clinton Camp's 'Negative, Petty' Attacks"

Please consider standing with John Edwards, until the end.

Well, it looks like Hillary will win the nomination...

The Clinton's commitment to civil rights...

OKLAHOMA DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY -- Clinton 20 Points Atop Edwards, Obama in 3rd:

I think right now, we're seeing the reason Al Gore isn't running in '08.

Barbara Ehrenreich nails the Clinton/MLK debacle.

During tonight's debate, each candidate will have a chance to ask two questions of other candidates

Obama: Hillary's Martin Luther King Remark Not "Racial" Comment

Wow. Here's where I stand with Clinton and all her supporters

Getting close to Feb. 5 and still undecided

Newsweek- Will Clinton's Martin Luther King comment cost her black support...?

submit debate questions to MSNBC!

Voting present as a state legislator & missing half a year in his 1st Senate term to campaign.

Labor Rights’ Leader and Activist Richard Chavez Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

OK, so let's agree - both Obama and Clinton are excellent on race

Rachel Maddow thinks Chris Matthews is the best political analyst on TV

Clinton contradicts herself and flip-flops on Senate ethics legislation

A Rovian talking point emerges: Edwards only getting 'matching funds'

Celebrity donations to candiates - Not sure why Jerry Bruckheimer & Lorne Michales would

Joe Biden's wife in wreck


After being down by 25-34% in recent polls, Obama now trails Clinton by 12% in New Jersey (poll)

Can we talk about Wes Clark for a minute?

What this nation has become: BUSH-CLINTON-BUSH-CLINTON

Huckabee said we need to amend the Constitution so it meets God's

Richard Cohen's Column Signals the Clinton's New Tactic: Smear Obama as an Anti-Semite.

Why Do Voters Seem Not to Trust Edwards?

My Letter To My Rep Re:

Screw you, DNC. You stole my vote, so you get nothing from me.

Swiftboaters as active and meaner than ever

Am I the only one who feels our primary system is an elaborate hoax.

Jewish leaders defend Obama on email smears

The Correct Hillary Clinton Stereotype- Bedrock Competence

Obama Responds To Richard Cohen Column About His Church And Farrakhan

Republicans are Americans, too

No matter who you support this type of column should bother you

Edwards dollar per rec challenge - I'm in. Cost me money people!!

Clintons and NSEA disenfranchising 60,000 Las Vegas Culinary workers

If you are unsure who to vote for, you may want to play this Candidate Match Game

Why Hillary's Men Troubles Explain Her Race to the Bottom

Rush Limbaugh is having the time of his life right now at our expense

The New Hampshire Recount - What Result?

The Word of the Living God

Do YOU Want Dennis Kucinich In The Debate Tonight

Six degrees of Louis Farrakhan

Ebay Alert: You've been outbid for the Presidency

Nora O'Donnell is wringing Rangel out, showing him to be "Stupid"

Huck Goes for Broke: Amend the Constitution with God's Law

My surrogate just yak'ed on the carpet

Face it, real meaningful change won't happen until these three things happen...

THE BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE: Barack Obama’s Plan for America

Michigan Democrats have been dis~enfranchised by the DNC...

In Interview with HuffPost, John Kerry blasts Clinton Camp's "Negative, Petty" Attacks

John Edwards BEATS all Repubs, Hillary LOSES to all Repubs. We must UNITE & take our message OFFLINE

Clinton Supporters Try to Strip Culinary Workers from Caucusing

Responses to Kerry defending Obama

Obama Supporters: When Have You Disagreed With Obama?

The more I look at Hillary & Obama, the more I appreciate Kucinich.

Where does MSNBC get off excluding Roland Aranjo, Willie Carter, Randy Crow, Phil Epstein, Michael

"Watching Bush try to complete a sentence is like watching a fat drunk try to cross an icy street"

Why is Dem candidate Mercer excluded from the debates?

I am pissed about this Nevada Caucus suit..

For the life of me, I can not figure out why in the world we would want to nominate someone who is

Why aren't ALL of you indignant about MSM's impact on this election?

For those that mocked Dennis Kucinich for his having seen a UFO

GE and MSNBC hate something about it...please!

More black men went to prison under Big Dog's term than even Reagans term

If Hillary and Obama fought to the death with nail-studded ballbats, who would win?

What MLK Said About Change

John Edwards, the 'anti-corporate' candidate?

Obama speaks on the 'present' votes

Did anyone else know that John Conyers is endorsing Obama?

Red-State Dems Sour On Clinton

Afghan hotel attacker wore cop uniform

Basra Refinery LPG Unit Shut Down After Fire -Official

A lawsuit waiting to be heard (temp restraining order motion filed-NV caucus)

Deadly new form of MRSA emerges

Saudi King to Host Bush At Desert Playground

Afghan detainees in video link with families: Red Cross

Losses could be more than Dh432m (Bush's Trip to Dubai)

Harman Shares Tumble on Reduced Forecast

Musharraf: vote disrupters will be shot

Dozens Report UFO Over Texas Town

Minister Sees Need for U.S. Help in Iraq Unitil 2018

Mississippi Judge Rules that Special US Senate Election Must be Held in March

FBI wants instant access to British identity data

Taliban promises more Kabul attacks

Japanese whalers take two activists captive

Bush Urges OPEC to Pump More Oil

Lt. Gen. Sanchez to be named Border Texan of the Year

Iraq blames coalition helicopter for refinery fire

Rice extolls Iraq progress (Surprise trip...she's in Iraq)

Turkish warplanes bomb rebel targets in Iraq: army

Sprint to lay off thousands: Report

Pakistan Struggles Against Militants Trained by Agency

"Prince of Pot" Makes Plea Deal

US sets timetable to hand over Iraq's largest province

Megachurch Leader Charged With Perjury

Megachurch Leader Charged With Perjury

3,200 Marines Prepare for Afghan Tour

Kucinich hard to silence, NBC learns

Schwarzenegger to endorse term-limit changes

Ex-Officials Benefit From Corporate Cleanup (Ashcroft, et. al)

BREAKING NEWS: Lebanon TV reporting Beirut blast hits U.S. embassy car; three reported killed

Romney photo-op was with staffer's mom

MySpace agrees to social-networking safety plan

Apple Releases Notebook Computer, Movie Plan

Dancing Spychief Wants to Tap Into Cyberspace

Australia bans India uranium sale

Hedge fund Paulson hires former Fed chief Greenspan

Edwards Daughter Hit by Drunk Driver ('Doing Fine' - Accident Described as Minor)

Report: Major studios nix writers' contracts

Obama, Clinton call for end to bitter fight

Clinton and Obama Call for Truce Over Dr. King Dispute

Airbus Tanker May Be Built in Alabama

Saudi Arabia: Market dictates production

House Panel Delays Rodriguez Testimony (Destroyed CIA Tapes; Has Requested Immunity)

New lawmaker kicks photographer

Feds Agree to Recognize Fallen 9/11 EMT

(Colin) Powell: U.S. needs to restore its welcoming image

ACLU Sues Law Enforcement for Shielding Bush from Protestors

Obama, Clinton Call for End to Bitter Squabble

ACLU Sues Law Enforcement for Shielding Bush from Protestors

NY Public Radio: Reassurance From Edwards - It's Not Over ('Not by a Long Shot')

Autopsy: Pregnant Marine died of head injury

'Miami Herald' Won't Outsource Editorial After All

Green Zone comes under mortar attack

Japan whaling illegal, court says

Japan plans Tokyo missile shield {Patriot missle interceptors}

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 15

MSNBC Announces Dennis Kucinich is IN the Nevada Debate

US rejects Chavez call to remove FARC terror group label

Afghanistan bans Kite Runner

India, China can dislodge West: Manmohan

Howard Dean on Rachel Maddow Today

Appeal filed (by MSNBC) in Kucinich debate lawsuit: But no hearing set by NV Supreme Court?

ABC/WASH. POST POLL: A New Low in Approval Starts Bush's Final Year

Iraq Dense Minister Sees Need for US Security Help Until 2018

Kucinich to appeal decision keeping him off Texas ballot

Federal court hearing Thursday on Strip caucus sites (NV)

Reid caught in middle of Strip-voting suit (NV caucus)

Kucinich, MSNBC await the ruling

Dennis Kucinich In Nevada's Supreme Court 5pm EST With MSNBC Appeal

Panel Urges Federal Gas Tax Increase Of Up To 40 Cents Per Gallon

EMI to cut jobs, artists' advances

Southern California home sales dive as buyers exit (lowest in more than 20 years)

Military: Deaths possibly friendly fire

High oil prices tough on economy, Bush says

Greenspan sees US in or near recession

Gov't: Design Flaw in Bridge Collapse

Less Latin American cocaine seized last year

Las Vegas Strippers May Influence Global Nuclear-Waste Policy (not satire)

Citigroup's $9.8bn sub-prime loss

Effort to Draft Bloomberg

Jobs reveals tiny new laptop (World's Thinnest)

U.S. Using 1994 Argentine Bombing Investigation To Pressure Iran

(Washington) State senator seeks to impeach Bush, Cheney

Milwaukee Soldier Dies in Iraq (4th WI soldier to be killed in 2008)

Americans Cut Back Sharply on Spending .... (first decline since 1991)

U.S. sending 3,200 Marines to Afghanistan

GAO questions report on Iraq (WH 'benchmark' Report)

Sales tumble, fanning US recession fears

Bush: OPEC Nations Should Pump More Oil

2,000-foot TV tower collapses in Arkansas

Sen. Biden's wife involved in car accident, 'not seriously injured'

Pope's visit to Rome university canceled after protests

'07 wholesale inflation highest in 26 years

Judges restrict anti-Clinton movie ads

FBI wants instant access to British identity data

U.S. Lawmakers (Wexler, Weiner) Decry Saudi Arms Sale

Congress likely to OK Saudi arms deal

UAE signs military base, nuclear deals on Sarkozy visit

Clinton, Obama step back from flap (wonderful news )

Two activists held aboard whaling ship

Lieberman Asks Dems and Independents To Vote McCain

Democratic re-count to start Wednesday

Stray bullet hits boy taking piano lesson, paralyzing him

Huck: We Need To Amend The Constitution, Bring It In Line With God

Cloned Animals May Be Used for Food in U.S., FDA Says

China carmakers eye US market

Soldier convicted of war crimes seeks clemency

3,200 Marines to deploy to Afghanistan

Riley expansion moving along as planned

Rangers describe bloody raid on al-Qaida house

DI sentenced to hard labor in abuse case

House to tweak vetoed spending bill

Another charge over bogus Medal of Honor claim

Tricare seeks to reduce paper benefits forms

$25K offered for suspect in Marine death

Pols, employers meet with deploying Guardsmen

Free Tricare advice for Southern Region

Report: Blue Angels pilot became disoriented after hasty turn

Long-lost shells from carrier a concern in NYC

NCIS: No evidence of 2nd ambush on MarSOC unit

ESG staff heads to Bahrain for yearlong tour

Rep. endorses retired Marine for old seat

Barksdale airmen charged with sex crime

Travis couple, found dead in car, ID’d

'Ammo' inspection

5 suspects being held in Samarra mosque blasts

Qatar shop repairs 100th Stryker

Prodi gives ‘trash czar’ 4 months to end crisis

Brits plead not guilty in Mildenhall fuel spill

Congressman wants to make VA access easier for Gulf vets

U.S. Navy’s APS program visits Gabon to train, educate locals

Two American soliders react quickly at scene of deadly accident in South Korea

False alarm prompts Osan lockdown

Medical examiner defends ruling in death of baby at Misawa

Yongsan soldier jailed, discharged for using stolen debit cards to withdraw cash

Soldiers jailed in attempted rape of South Korean policewoman freed

Navy bases on Guam tighten gate ID policy

MP unit out of Germany works with all levels of Iraqi police for an eventual handover

Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dragon?

Chinese General Downplays Buildup

Bush Delivers Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Army sets wear-out date for uniform items

RIGHTS-LATIN AMERICA: ‘Operation Condor’ Was No Mystery to Washington

Philip Agee, former agent who exposed CIA crimes, dies in Cuba

Responding to Recession

Voter ID scam is the real fraud by Cynthia Tucker / Baltimore Sun

Venezuela Solidarity Network Files for Records on US Funding of Argentine Parties

The Comeback Continent By Paul Krugman

US drafting plan to allow government access to any email or Web search

Florida Democrats: Your Primary Vote Matters

Charlie Wilson's flaw: cold war comedy is cavalier with the truth re: US backing for the mujahideen

John Edwards, Exploiting Hillary-Obama War, Plans to Campaign as a Black Woman

Panel: Federal Declassification Effort Faces Huge Problem

The Nation weighs in on at-large precinct lawsuit (NV)

John Edwards is pi$$ing off all the right people.

State secrets: Government officials making it harder and harder to hold them accountable

Guatemala's challenge (Kinzer / Guardian)

Members of the US Gov't that have dual citizenship in Israel

Hardball: Matthews Leaves John Edwards Off Power Rankings - Opts For Rudy

AlterNet: Greedy Bank of America Engineers "Fake Rescue" in Sub-Prime Fire Sale

Arabs have no appetite for Bush-style democracy

A Texas Divided Will Be Broken In Two

Getting Out the Bling Vote (Joe Bageant)

The Surge is Working

Vegas Strippers Seek Right to Caucus at Their Workplace

WaPo's Departing John Solomon: I Plan To Do "Fair And Balanced" Journalism At Washington Times

Report: Outsourcing to grow in life sciences industry

The Bill Gates Exit Strategy BS

Thirst for outsourcing fuelling product recalls

House to Consider Evangelical Resolution 888 by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-va) and 31 other RW nuts.

When 'Mad Men' In Media Took Control of Political Campaigns

Sporchi trucchi (Anglo-American intervention in Italy)

He Could Care Less About Obama's Story

The Culinary takes on Hillary Clinton with fliers (links to fliers)

Conclusive Proof That the ‘Iranian Speedboat’ Was a Hoax

So we have caucuses in casinos. . . (NV caucus)

Merrill Lynch, Citigroup scour the globe for cash

Comptroller warns of budget peril ......... "autopilot to destruction"

Another new Trojan intercepts online banking information

Living in Fear and Paying a High Cost in Heart Risk - terrorism v. FEAR of terrorism

Financial advisers' No. 1 worry: A Democrat in the White House

Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary's Real MLK Problem

Barack Obama needs to speak to this by Richard Cohen.

US warns citizens to keep clear of Guantanamo protests

For the Blowhards Who Insist It's a Two-Way David Sirota

Robert Parry: Will Anyone Pay for the Iraq War?


Sound Off - Toxic Trade

Corporate Media Controlling the Vote

James Clyburn talks to Charlie Rose

Kucinich in Michigan

Olbermann: Worst Persons 1/14 - U.S.Tried to Fake New Gulf of Tonkin?

As Long as US Troops Are Not Dying Is America ‘OK’ with The Occupation of Iraq?????

Republicans drafting plans for POLICE STATE

From Cairo, Arab reaction to Bush visit

Obama - We share the same goals

Obama Girl Returns for Iowa! (Why Obama Won)

New Hampshire: U.S. Elections Still in SNAFU Mode

Olbermann: Dead Heat in the Desert

New John Edwards Ad: 'Dime'

Olbermann: Bushed! Jan. 14, 2008 - Hopeless-Gate, Gitmo-Gate, Iran-Gate

PBS: Bush Delivers $20 Billion Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Kucinich Weekly Update - 01/14/08 (Single-Payer Universal Health Care 'We're Already Paying For It')

Democratic Party Leaders Strip Michigan Delegates

Hillary Clinton TV ad: "Voices"

Barack Obama: Stand for Change in Reno

Judge Rules Dennis Kucinich Must be in Las Vegas Debate

(Koo-sin-ich Re-mix) Dennis 4 Michigan Version - Very cool video!

UB40 - One In Ten

America The Beautiful

We are Trained Killers

March in My Name: John Niremberg's Impeachment Rally at National Archives, DC

Obama Needs a History Lesson about Hillary and King

Obama asked directly about electability and race. (Carson City, NV)

The Taliban's Resurgence in Afghanistan (AND Pakistan!)

Quiet Revolution: Part 1--Strategy


Chavez suspends asphalt exports

I support John Edwards for President

New John Edwards Ad: 'Ban'

"I Got a Crush...On Hillary" (take that obama girl!)

Michican Republicans Would Rather Vote For A Dead Guy!

The Godfather Of Green- Mitch McConnell

If You are a Stupid, Slimy, Warmongering F*ck, Should You Get Paid to Be on TV?

Michigan Governer Granholm: 'We're Mad as Hell...'

Dennis Kucinich Stump Speech!

Bob Johnson Terror Alert

Hillary Clinton Promises Trickle Down Change

The Politics of Dopes by Ted Rall. This will P/O Obama Supporters

Numbers say no chance for GOP

An Example of How the International Media Is Reporting the NH Primary

George Galloway takes on Neo-Con Richard Perle

The Great American Election Charade

Primary Considerations 2008 - - Featuring Noam Chomsky

Europe’s Appetite for Seafood Propels Illegal Trade

Fair winds: GE invests $300 million in Houston-based power firm

Are your civic leaders pushing for more public transit?

Let There Be Light Crude (evangelical prophecy + oil = WTF?)

Sunshine to Petrol Project Seeks Fuel from Thin Air : Sandia

GM shows off the ethanol-fueled Hummer HX

Sexiest Plug-In Hybrid Ever

Deltec to dedicate solar panels atop factory.

Ecorazzi Chats With KT Tunstall

AlterNet: Will the World's Oceans Be Our Next Drinking Tap?

Combining Wind Power with Solar Chimneys

With Only 3C Warming, 75% Of European Birds' Ranges Will Shrink By Up To 60% - AFP

Sierra Leone Bans Timber Exports - Blames Chinese Firms For "Indiscriminate Destruction" - Reuters

Georgia Power adding renewable energy (50 MW biomass)

Bengal eyes 500 MW from renewable energy sources (india)

So. Calif. nuclear plant worker faked fire checks

Brazil's Lula offers Cuba oil knowhow, credit - Reuters

Breaches show need for nuclear safeguards

Greenland thaw biggest in 50 years: report - Reuters

Rich uranium lode in Virginia ripe for mining

Zebra Mussels, Botulism Work Together To Kill Thousands Of Migratory Birds In Great Lakes

Armenia Mountain Wind Energy Project

Fifty times more (British) wind turbines (at sea) by 2020

Ocean Acidification Will Also Likely Hammer Reef Algae, Key To Coral Growth & Biomass Production

Chinese Company Begins Thin-Film Solar Cell Production

Major powers to meet in Berlin next week on Iran

CPI Report - Food Costs Up 5.4% 11/06 - 11/07 Thanks To Biofuel Demand, Weak Dollar - Toledo Blade

West African Fisheries In Full Collapse Under Industrialized Foreign Fleets' Assault

New material pushes the boundary of blackness

With Appeal Before State Supreme Court, Coal Co. Exec Met In Monte Carlo With WV Justice - NYT

Virgin Atlantic to fly a 747 using biofuel

In Nigeria's Sahel, Sand Swallows Houses, Roads And Towns - Lagos Daily Champion

Toyota throws down the gauntlet to Detroit!

EU promises sustainable plant fuel (BBC)

A question about growing switchgrass for ethanol on "marginal land".

TEXAS: The Wild Wild West of Wind Power

Major Crown-Of-Thorns Outbreak In Indonesian Zone Of Globe's Richest Reefs - AFP

Ontario to approve Great Lakes wind power

Nuclear Costs Explode

Topic subject I hope DUers who keep taking Clinton's comments out of context

Abrams, MSNBC on-air: "D.C. media" invented Democratic race war

Dan Abrams on the Clinton/Obama situation, "This is total race baiting".

Topic subject Obama Needs a History Lesson about Hillary and King

Clinton, Obama step back from flap (wonderful news

Obama Precinct Captain's Mailer Urges Republicans To Switch Parties To Stop Hillary

(Clinton: Iraq Troop Withdrawal in 60 Days)

Obama: Hillary's Martin Luther King Remark Not "Racial" Comment

Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton Commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday

The Correct Hillary Clinton Stereotype- Bedrock Competence

"It's not about the skin. It's about the spirit and the soul of this soul Brother."

hillary clinton's comment on martin luther king, jr., was nothing more than the truth and a factual

Obama, Clinton Call for End to Bitter Squabble

Video of Hillary at MLK event in NY - NO BOOS. RW blog fabrication - get a grip!

Topic subject Rep. James Clyburn: "Accept Robert Johnson's explanation for his comments at face valu

Judges restrict anti-Clinton movie ads

USW Sponsors National Day of Action to Protest Toxic Imports

Hundreds of Workers Join AFL-CIO Unions and More from Bargaining Digest

Labor returns to Memphis for Martin Luther King Day events

Uncivil Unions

Working for the union label

Blue-collar vote a key for Clinton, Obama

Food worker union calls for end to diacetyl in cooking oil; lawmakers seek investigation

Unions Pouring Resources Into Nevada Caucus Fight

Suggestion for this forum's postings



Famed Israeli pianist now a Palestinian, too

Barghouthi: rate of Israeli attacks against, and killing of Palestinians doubled since Annapolis

Israeli forces kill 15 Palestinians in Gaza

Israeli settlers hurl molotov cocktail into Palestinian house in Hebron

PLO Central Council to dissolve Palestinian Legislative Council;

Support Israeli Relief Convoy To Gaza Now!

Thank you sir. How can I ever pay you back?

4 hurt in Sderot rocket barrage

Hamas sniper kills kibbutz volunteer near Gaza fence

Death toll in Gaza rises to 19 after new Israeli raid on Gaza City

Israel Reports Iranian-Made Rocket Hit

Diplomat: U.S. firmly opposes all W. Bank, E. J'lem construction

Applying Jim Crow to Israel: An Open Letter to Secretary Rice

Israel "back of the bus" rule sparks religious row

Lutheran World Relief Applauds Cut in U.S. Military Aid to Colombia

VENEZUELA: Reporters Without Frontiers against Hugo Chavez

Weird review of Kuttner's new book

So ... more than 7 years after promising to "jawbone" with the Middle East

"Tax and spend" Democrats

Greenspan joins NY hedge fund

ECB warns Fed cuts may not help

Bank of America to cut 650 jobs,

So the stock exchange went down on the "revelation" that December Retail Sales were down

The real situation in the stock market

Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

after everything recently

I just don't know who to believe anymore...

Joe's wife in car accident?

Jill Biden in car accident

Corona, you probably know this, but I didn't -- it's interesting.

Jill Biden slightly injured in a car accident on I-95 this AM

Guess who donated to Joe's campaign?

Corona and Steely (and any others thinking about a Mac)

I need to rant

I am so disgusted with the way


Charley haunts a bar on Long Island

Two weeks of UFO sightings over Texas?!?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: By the Zee, by the Zee, by the beautiful Zee

Cheating works in NASCAR too

Does Anyone Know the Status of a Recount in New Hampshire? Where's It Stand?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 01/14/08

Mark Adams: South Carolina Elections Are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!?!

Sanctioning Michigan

If HR811 were passed, there could have been a mandatory audit in NH.

Is the OH GOP trying to undermine SOS Brunner?

NH primary recount moving forward!

Med diet 'cuts baby asthma risk' (BBC)

ER waits dangerously long in U.S.: study

Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!

Ataxia? Anyone here have knowledge about this condition?

Michigan Primary Thread

A possible unintended consequence of the NH recount:


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 01/15/08

Underwater city could be revealed (BBC) {medieval Dunwich}

The "science" of Cosmology - Big Brain Theory: Have Cosmologists Lost Theirs?

Hubble peers into dark matter web (BBC)

Dinosaurs 'grew fast, bred young' (BBC)

China's Spiritual Awakening

Tony Bourdain tonight - 10 PM Eastern Travel Channel

Okay, I'm indulging this morning for breakfast.

Are red lentils supposed to be teeny tiny?


View from Braunwald

Kali Yuga, Mayan Calendar, 2008 election....2012 ?

Boston PD preparing to ask homeowners if they can warrantlessly search homes for guns

See: General Discussion: Politics "Latest spam anti-Clinton email: gun control"

Waiting For Seven: WTC-7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories

Great frontpage post from the weekend: The Real Value of Kerry's Endorsement of Obama

What John Kerry says matters to the world. The Pakistani press noticed his words last week.

JK interview on Huff Post

The TDP and Boyd Richie. Why are you belly aching?

Nothing ever changes

Austin Energy's Renewable Energy Program....

Interesting statistics--and something to feel good about

Happy Birthday Discerning Christian

DFA Training Academy coming to Dallas

Caucusing for Senate candidates?

A question about sending docs to a fax printer

Weird bug/issue

From Air to Liquid. My CPU thermal solution experience

I just donated to the Obama campaign today, and I feel great!

another internet question: Mac(s) in house get wireless signal, PC doesn't

I am feeling depressed about the way the Clinton campaign has behaved.

Canada's stance on Israeli settlements still unclear


National Post: Tories mulling private AECL?

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

Harper Index: Lunn, Gary - Anti-environmental "yes-man" holds green BC riding

KOEB Meeting: 01/14/08 -- I Have No Snappy Title Edition

DFA All-Stars first round voting begins today

No MSNBC with my verizon Fios service!

U.S. Dominance in Science and Technology at Risk

Remember the Indian Hills Theatre battle of 2001?

Meet Gogol Bordello


I just made a contribution to John Edwards,,

Just to show I can take a joke

Progressive Talk Shouldn't Fall for MSM Drivel, but they do

Olbermann blogs from Daily Kos…

Link TV - FSTV -- why not further reach? or more stations like that?

size difference in two of my kitties.

Tovah goes to the vet today

Alright, time for more Oscar Kitty pictures!

dog diarrhea/Soft Stools, Anal Sacks

My Adopted Poodle