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Archives: January 17, 2008

German dogs don't say "Woof woof"

YouTube: Chris Squire "Hold Out Your Hand / You By My Side"

Just received a fund raising letter from Lee Mercer

Mr. Writer bought a Mac Mini.

Days like these you need some feel good music in the afternoon

Anyone who calls Pat Mercer "Lee" is not a friend of his--

It must be a real bitch being married to Eddie Murphy

All time great under-rated glands!

If you can write a nice website, you're not fit to be president!

I'm pretty sure that this is a movie that really shouldn't have been made.

A special little gift to anyone who thinks Tom Cruise isn't BATSHIT CRAZY...

After twenty years of braces...

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt anyone"

WHAT? I thought the SC primary was TODAY!

What should I have for dinner?

wisdom tooth extraction advice, please

So I got one thread locked and one totally nuked in GD:P

Phone call for Meoff!! Looking for a Meoff - phone call for Mr. Meoff,

I recently decided to cruise the iTunes Podcasts and made a great

Any property managers out there? Please Kick this and PM me!

I ate lunch at the Olive Garden just now!

Mercer nominates Dr Bronner as running mate

Who's going to win the Area 51 vote on Saturday?

Lounge: Lee Mercer needs you.

TV Writers, Please for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster....

How come nobody raves about Porky Prime Cuts any more?

Did anyone happen to watch "Half man, half tree" on the discovery channel tonight?

Today's Fake News

I have two important questions!

The Phrenological Import of Bad Hair Transplants.

if i get below a 30 on the ACT my life is over and i'm going to live in a van down by the river

Randy Moss accused of battery? Say it isn't so ! Go Pats!

If you're so inclined, I sure would appreciate a few good vibes..

ANY reason why one has to scrape one's teeth on a fork when eating?

The time has come

Sleep apnea and CPAP: Need recs on a really good, portable CPAP.

If Science Can Get Vegetables To Reproduce Sexually , Would My Son Eat Them?

Male DUers: Do you wear clothes while composting?


Ebay Question: AM I being conned?

Male DUers: Do you wear clothes while posting?

The Phenomenological Import of Bad Hair Transplants.

Hoping They Might Be Giants Beat Green Day Thread

I'm crazy about this woman, Wendy MALICK, and... what else?!1

I got a ball winder, finally.

I had to take a meal etiquette course for my MBA

Male DUers: Do you wear women's clothes while composing?

Robber Accidentally Shoots Self In Testicle - Crime really doesn't pay

Found in my inbox:

Leon Russell is cool

Ladies: What does it mean to wear your diamond on your middle finger?

Post your favorite Seinfeld moments.

How many polyamorous geniuses have you known?

Why do we only have debates for candidates? I say quiz 'em about science, math, and language.

DU Mods hate Lee Mercer! THEY ARE MEMBERS OF THE IllUMINATI!!!111~!1

It is wicked windy out tonight and I caught the hint of smoke in the air

More one-hit wonders! These make me wanna dance...

Pink Upholstered Vagina Couch - $600 - Could be yours!

Air America AM 1090 is running an anti-abortion ad and it's pissing me off.

Erbarme dich, mein Gott

Name that Scooter: The finalists!

Ciao for the foreseeable future old friends & colleagues !

Can someone make the crock pot crock faster?

Who the hell is Lee Mercer Jr., anyway?

Funnies for those of you who attend church or fellowship - or anyone really

Annoying DU behaviors and patterns: What bugs you?

All time great under-rated bands!

I just saw the Tyra/Hillary Clinton promo

Shit to Shinola: Huckabee can DO it!


Of course the big winner in Michigan is the Democratic Party

A job tailor-maid for Old Fred.. (in case Law & Order says "no".)

How long before FOX News identifies Mark Deli Siljander as a "Democrat?"

Rove Chides Clinton For ‘Hiding’ Documents While He Refuses To Turn Over Documents To Congress

Thoughts on Mega Tuesday primaries (2/5) can't see how nominee will be chosen

MOOTNESS LEVEL of the Republican Party at all time DEPTH They have become Passe, OLD, and Exposed

Ex-Lawmaker Mark Deli Siljander(R) Charged in Terror Conspiracy

Why is Chevy advertising Hydrogen fuel cell cars years before they can produce them?

Vicious eBay bidding war, signed pic of Chimp & Pickles finally over! Whew...

ne VAH duh ....... nuh VAA duh ...... was there a memo sent out?


Regarding CBS's Primary Questions Segment

What do you say, want to talk politics?

Treasonous Mark Siljander, Republican, Funded Al-Qaeda-------> Pic------>

Pentagon Planted Bogus Iran Speedboat Story

King Abdullah tells bu$h* 'touch my monkey'

It's times like these that are why I will not even consider a candidate who...

Okay, here's the deal with the recount...

Huckabee Fixes the Constitution: Bill of Smites

why did tweety make a big deal of Edwards saying personal 7 times but did not mention 35 years

Clinton Loses on This Gamble - Katrina Vanden Heuvel (I Mean ... er, The Nation)

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

tweety also fawned all over trent lott

Last night's debate. Did anyone else think that Edward's microphone was on louder than

The snow has reached Greenville, SC.

Best line of the night by Mark Shields on PBS - "Guiliani is running for sheriff of Florida"!

How long will it take Faux to turn Mark Siljander into a Democrat?

On The Lighter Side... In A Really Dark Toast Way...

With everything Louisiana needs what does Jindal want to start with?


Congressional food fight

Maybe....the "rest of us" will just go away.....

Don't send in the clowns : Clowns universally disliked by children

Remember when Dean said we should go after Confederate flag voters?

Why is "Elizabeth HAZLEDORF" important to be interviewed by Larry KING/1? n/t

Olbermann says the MSNBC'er who claimed he "runs MSNBC" was fired after saying it.

I've changed my mind. I'm going to change my registration to Democratic, at least

Sleep apnea and CPAP: Need recs on a really good, portable CPAP.

The Thought Police "Protect" the Constitution

Megalomaniac bigdog had to be held back from reporter

What Constitution?


Gary Michael Hilton linked to murders in my old stomping grounds.

Of what use are opinion polls? Interesting info from MSNBC

John Edwards needs a win or a close second in Nevada and

Woman who strangled hit man to get police commendation


Your list of the greatest Democratic presidents ever

I have some basic questions about the NH recount...

Mideast skepticism lingers as Bush ends tour of region

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

Once again the nation owes John Stewart a debt of gratitude

bush* Questions Saudi Ability to Raise Oil Supply

Son-in-law boarded airliner with NO photo ID.

GOP candidates falling short in funding

If Science Can Create Meat In A Lab Without Killing An Animal - Would Vegetarians Eat It?

Former GOP Congressman Charged With Aiding Terrorsts

MSNBC last night: "Hillary IS the inevitable candidate..."

Smithsonian Hangs Colbert

Chimperor Returns After Diplomatic Triumph ---pix--->>>

NY Times: Even at Home, Backers Worry About Giuliani

Priiceless Colbert suggestion

Giuliani Marches in Parade with His Many Florida Supporters ----pix--->>>

Tweety coming up on Leno...

jonah goldberg on "a daily show w/jon stewart" tonight

John Q was just on

Sara Whitman: Gay Sex Equals Death! Again! Always!

Two weeks ago I checked in at Jim Robinson's (almost insolvent)....

Don't forget about media consolidation.....

Can a candidate give his/her delegates to another candidate at any point?

11 o'clock news said "snow to cause change to life as we know it"!

Who is this asshat on Stewart? n/t

Michael Moore is a nutjob and is far left, but the Club for Growth is A-okay?

NH Recount First Day: Disparities Found, Memory Cards Unaccounted For [BradBlog]

Boycott NBC

What is your model for the "perfect vote counting system"?

Has AT&T Lost Its Mind? A baffling proposal to filter the Internet.

America tried to give us a real race, and we turned it into a bag of shit, just in the nick of time

They thought that he would be fun to have a beer with.

LOL !!! - Gotta LOVE The HuffPo !!!

GTMO listed as torture, abuse concern in Foreign Affairs manual

Slot machine are far more secure than America's voting machines. I know.

Iraq's healthcare in disarray with doctors and nurses fleeing abroad and child death rates soaring

Uncle Sam Wants to Read Your Email and Control the Climate in Your Home

Ptech ** Islamic Charities and the IRS

So what happens after the election?

NBC News endorses Clinton

Let me be the one to say this. Some Texans are unbelievably stupid!

What did Joe Scarborough mean when he pointed out that torture had in fact "worked" on McCain?

Why I Support John Edwards: (He gives me HOPE)

Ronald Reagan sold arms to Iran to finance rogue wars

The basic lie in the theory that the president can't make the economy better by himself

Man falls off xray table and is now paralyzed

Latest Phone Update From BradBlog:

Dear ones, please help my thread.

This is interesting...(buff those tinfoil hats)

FINALLY! I've made up my mind what to do in November.

Iraqi Children Pay Heavy Price of War

I was just threatened because I have a bumper sticker...

US insists cluster bombs not bad if used in a compassionate way

THANK GOD for Ad Aware, and GODDAMN malware!!!!!

Too many questions not answered. Too little time left to fix the party.

1865 Lincoln 2nd Inauguration Photos Newly Discovered

I'm trying to figure out society's fascination with the male member

A split-faced color photo of Hillary and Bill in a man's suit

Crooks & Liars' critique of the Boy King's Most Excellent Saudi Ranch Jagoff Adventure

'Draft Lou Dobbs' effort launched by 'Legal Immigration PAC'

Hillary's baloney on bankruptcy

Obama Lies to Nevada Debate Audience (can't be Trusted to be Truthful w/public)

Tell Congress: No NAFTA Trucks on Our Highways

I have created a Mercer avatar that doesn't stretch his face all out with disease.

For Obama and Clinton supporters - how will they encourage anti-trust prosecutions?

The Founding Fathers were, by modern standards, non-believers

What happened in those 35 years, and why 35 years?

Is Mark Penn's association with an AbuDhabi fund that Sen. Clinton decried last night

What I want to see at the convention ...

Should we refer to our candidates as "Mrs. Bill Clinton" and "Barack Hussein Obama"?

Clinton plays flight attendant in campaign plane spoof

I'm givin' some thought to referring to John Edwards as Houn' Dawg...

Obama's honesty was on full display during the Nevada debate.

Tell Us Your Health Care Story

Photos: Obama in the Van Nuys section of LA today holding a roundtable discussion on the economy

Reagan on Clinton:

What do Obama's poll #'s show regarding registered democrats?

Mercer is being kept off the front page by an anti-Mercer media blackout!

I will give $1000 to Mercer for every Rec this gets!!!!

Court case could alter Nev. outcome

I think it's time to put the Mercer threads in SOME kind of dungeon forum. Geez.

Hillary slams Obama in Bloomberg TV interview

Republican Lawmaker Indicted in Inquiry of Islamic Charity

Mercer must have started some sort of craze because I cannot find a 1972 Neon anywhere.

Early Voting Starts a Few Days - Edwards for Me

I can't laugh at Lee Mercer at ALL. Psychosis isn't funny to me.

Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred -- again

Clinton on Reagan

What a start by Keith tonight!

Rachel Maddow: What CHANGE means for Clinton, Edwards & Obama

Will Hillary rename the USA?

Diary of a Mad Law Professor --race and gender

Huck & Konopacki Cartoons: Stop Racism

Time for Bill Clinton to shut the fuck up! Stay out of the primaries

In case some of you missed this. David Gregory shaking his bootey!

Kucitizens, you don't need to take this junk from the corporate whore media! Shout for democracy!

Orcinus: The clearing view of Ron Paul

Is it easier to enforce union discipline when people caucus where they work?

Dirty Tactics Continue: Hillary knocks Obama plan in mailer.....a plan she would consider herself

I'm just wondering: How did Chris Matthews get the name "Tweety"

Pit bull owners and lovers, who do you support?

May he or she who has exhibited the greatest honesty and strength of character prevail

How Kerry, Feingold and Obama blocked Bush's chief vote suppressor from the FEC

List of toxic imports keeps growing

Obama's Varied Record (Excellent article)

Wexler formally calls for Chaney impeachment hearings - Video

Could we have a BBC moderated debate that gets beamed to us secretly?

please delete, someone helped me in another thread. : )

Former GOP Congressman Charged With Conspiracy; Aiding Terrorists!!!

Great post. Mr. AC and I also think these things would change elections too

hmmm I wonder what Obama's fans had said if Hillary had praised Reagan

Hey Folks, Dennis WAS included in the Debate

Bush stumbles over his lines. Once America had an idiot President who knew his lines.

Possible scenario: Your candidate just dropped out of the Dem presidential race.

My guess is Hillary will pivot and start attacking Edwards more after Nevada

If Hillary hailed Reagan as one of the greatest presidents, how would you react?

Delete, Screwed it up

Well, Billy-boy..Keith has issued you a challenge...

Rove previews strategies against Clinton, Obama

Why Obama praised Reagan (See Michigan exit polls)

Obama wins Nevada with 00

Latest SC Poll: Obama 41 (+1), Clinton 31 (-2), Edwards 13 (-2)

Well the shit just hit the fan, Drudge has picked up the "Obama hails Reagan" story

Real changes are polarizing

Do you thiink Reagan tapped into people's desire for

Reagan haters are ticking me off

So, Hillary speaking truth about Johnson's role in civil rights legislation passage

Watching Jonah Goldberg talk about "Liberal Fascism" led me to think...

Take 2: Do you have an issue with Hitler being labeled Time's Person of the year?

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Co-Hosting Fundraiser For Barack Obama

Preview of Hillary Presidency

Shortage of Dentists in British single payer system

The fight is not over says Wexler----no time for inaction--Please Forward

Says Joe Lowery: Obama’s black doubters have a ‘slave mentality’

OBAMA In-Depth Interview -Immigration, Environment, Oil, the Pentagon, Veep, Economic policies

Iraq Forgotten: Congress Leaves War Off '08 Schedule

Lets see how the brits are reporting on us Yanks.

Remember when Reagan broke the PATCO and fired 10,000 air traffic controllers?

AP: Clinton Knocks Obama Plan She'd Consider

Who's going to win the Area 51 vote on Saturday?

In retrspect this Reagan Obama thing realy is not so bad..

Your opinion about Obama's opinion of the Reagan years

TPM has a link to a Huckabee push poll

NV: Dispute over worker who says union reps told her she can't caucus if she isn't supporting Obama

Here a Wal-Mart there a Wal-Mart everywhere a Wal-

Hillary's "Experience" Lie

Obama Vs. Clinton on Energy/Environment: Who Is Better?

I am so over the top repulsed by the tactics of the Clinton fans on this Reagan Obama linkage

Why in God's name is Hillary going On Tyra and discussing

Hotline/Diego Poll: Dem Race Close, McCain Leads GOP, Obama Polls Best Against R's-not even close!

I am seriously thinking about referring to her as Mrs. Bill Clinton from this moment forward.

Hillary's claim that raising the cap on social security taxes

Does Edwards have the most die hard followers?

With all this Reagan talk, I am reminded of a Star Trek episode...

Obama admires Reagan....WTF

McCain stands by rebel flag stance

Obama's vision of the Presidency is whack

Ronald Reagan murdered more than twenty people I loved

Canada puts U.S. on torture watch list

“Obama is a Black Muslim” joins “Hillary is a Bitch” and “Edwards is a Phony”: More Media Lies

The Swiftboating Of Hillary Clinton

I guess it's time I made it offical....I voted today

More Than 1,500 Supporters Greet John Edwards At Reno, Nevada Event

Hillary 3, Obama 1

WARNING: Tweety on with Leno -- right now!

Do you suck as much as I suck? Come join me in song!

It's sleeting and I forgot to pick up an alternate heat source

I...I really don't know what to say

In 50 minutes I will turn 40 years old (sigh).

californiapeggy is "making" people in gd/p be polite!

Lee Mercer Word Association Thread

Its Official, Hippies Have Ruined Piracy

Ahem...I'm having fun in GD-P...

The J&H Productions Guy was Lee Mercer before Lee Mercer was

I am never posting insomnia relief tips again.

Male DUers: Do you wear white clothes while posting after Labor Day?

Hey Peggy?

Burger King Whopping Migrant Farmworkers

Advice for Henry Hager

Citizen Blimp.

And now, an amusing photograph I took in London over the summer...

just sayin'

You have three hours to amuse me

Fuck Mercer!

DU Excel gurus. How do I replace all the information in a column


Midlo was telling me about the "old days" before they put wine in boxes


I've been bad.

Pennsylvania couple sues Martha Stewart & K-Mart, claims kids "poisoned by lead in dinnerware"

WTF is it with females funkin up the bathroom?

Call me silly but 2004 was never that evil over in GD/GDP

Lounge Lizards, I Have A Question....

RuPaul '08: Elect America's first black man and women President at the same time.

GDP is like DU Survivor


Do translators make that much money?

The Madonna/Whore paradigm.

and EXCEL wizards out there? help...

Why is there a naked man on DU's greatest page?

BOY there is SOME SHIT going on in GD today!

Want to see a cult in action

Hillary = Kudzu

How many polymorphous perverts have you known?

It's supposed to get to a high of 9 degrees here on Saturday.

Science vs. (Norse) Creationism

MTV's "Made"

I'm craving food like I had in Britian on this, my 28th birthday for some reason.

If DU and GDP were around in 1980 for the Carter-Kennedy primaries...

FDA: Cloned Romney Sons OK to Eat

I Think We Should Lock EVERY Thread And Start Over

WTF? It hasn't even started snowing and you cancel school?

The RetroLounge Daily Porn Thread

Diagramming the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

Barium for breakfast

Forget about Lee Mercer, here is the next president...

So Thomcat Has His Scooter Which Is Awesome, When Are We Getting LynneSin A Tollbooth?

Glad Tidings

anyone need a party planner?

When I receive my bilingual sample ballot in the mail, I think

OK pick- Hippies or Pirates?

Guitar Hero addicts

Oh, this is just ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.

I'm about to get on a long boring conference call. Lounge, please amuse me.

"Juno" just made up for having to sit through "Waitress" last weekend.

Hey Parche!

I would rather be anywhere else but here today

The Madonna as a Whore paradigm.

Anybody know of a Blu-Ray Player/Recorder with HDTV tuner?

I Heard They Are Building A Scientology Cult Center In New Jersey

Midlodemocrat is changing her name to Mercerdemocrat


I don't wanna work

A musical interlude for the romantic. Hanky worthy

If Deckard is a replicant...

Are these earring pretty as a gift to my mom?

Mercermaniacs!!! We have our Mission Statement for our Group!!!

Sometimes I think about OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA!

Lastest celebrity breakup: Spiderman and Mary Jane

Replacing missing CDs...

Oh crap, literally

Hero or Darwin Award?

Where Is My Stimulus Package?

Spider-Man's Marriage Spins Apart

How might one translate "afro" into Spanish?

Who Has A Bigger Caucus, Iowa or Nevada

I just donated three brazillian dollars to Mercer for Prez! Ask me anything!

Guys, do you carry a gun? What type?

Anyone remember the Blue Angels thing they played when tv signed off?

It’s Bozology 101: Clowns scare kids

Poll question: Guys, do you carry a cat? What type?

How not to start an interview....

Where's the Tooth Fairy when I need her!


Forget About Midlo and Mercer, I want This One For President

Is 'Faux' the new 'Fake'?

Mercermania is spreading across the Old Dominion!!!

Lee Mercer Jr. on The War In Iraq

I just got a call from the Police Department...

ZOMD!!! Lee Mercer Jr. is really DICK CHENEY!!!

Dating signals that let you know it's time to cut your losses and call it a night

Screw Lee Mercer! I'm voting for WALKEN!

Oh Thank Gawd, OJ is out on bail!

One thing I'd like to point out about Lee Mercer, Jr

So Bin Ladens son wants to be an activest for peace

It is obvious to me that Lee Mercer Jr. was inspired by Dr. Emmanuel Bronner.....

Do I detect a Mercer/Mohamed rift?

Sex toy triggers bomb scare in Sweden

There is some concern about Lee L. Mercer being a Freeper/Rushbot plant

Extinct South American rodent was as big as a bull

Lee Mercer Lee Mercer Lee Mercer Lee Mercer Lee Mercer Lee Mercer

Matcom Flies To Stockholm Sweden

Has anyone ever gone onion hunting?

Just watched "Troy"

Part time job listed on craigslist

This will make you smile

Help! Anyone know any charities who pick up stuff? (Silicon Valley Area)

I thought the mice were back, or the wood roaches, but no...

Is there ever a 'dumb' question?

What is the genisis of teh

I heart these...

Anyone here work for or with the PGA/LPGA?

How much you wanna bet my important phone call will come while I'm in the girl's room?

I am making my Grandmothers chicken noodle soup, she called it Handout Soup.

If I have proof someone is an Air Supply fan, should I out them to the the DU Public

Today more than ever that 'hide thread' function is real handy

For realz, no joke... is this Mercer crap real?

zOMG! An interview with Lee Mercer Jr himself! Eeeek!

Lee L. Mercer, Jr. #57 of his 70 point plan for America!


Just got back from babysitting my nephew

Who the HELL is Lee Mercer?

I am teh greatest programmer on earth.

What did I miss?

Lee L. Mercer Jr. is all in my house with _____

I'm bored. It's raining. It's cold.

I'm going to Reno next weekend -- any suggestions for casinos?

Which is/was better - Mercer Underground or Reagan Underground?

Bomb toy triggers sex scare in Sweden

Has anyone ever gone bunion hunting?


sooo how many Lee Mercer jr. posts will there be tonight?

Steinfeld WAS the WORST Show on TV

For any L Word fans...

Special Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass Poll: O.J...Arrogant, Ignorant of BOTH?

Well, I fixed up the upstairs to have my own private space and everyone wants to hang out here.

I Cant Wait For MY Bar To Open Tomorrow, as LynneSin's Bar Was Fumigated And Demolished

A song for you as I go to bed.

So Mercer is involved with camp Bullis...

Had 'boundaries training" yesterday.

Going to the store

Associated Press Has Written Britney Spears' Obituary ("We are not wishing it, but...")

Screw Mercer!!! He Eats Babies


Air Supply Fans Unite

OFFICIAL Jenna Bush & Former Karl Rove Aide Henry Hager Wedding Registry. List YOUR gifts HERE.

Chovexani brings up a good point. What is the FSM's position regarding Lee Mercer?

Pirates for Lee Mercer Jr.

Does anyone else count calories???

Which candidate should receive the Lounge endorsement?

Does anyone else count calamaries???

Rehab is for quitters

Jenna plans May wedding: Don't worry, Daddy, he's a Republican

Get your Walken 4 Prez avatar here

sorry Dennis, but I'm flip-flopping to Lee Mercer Jr. let me tell ya why...

OK So who was the DU'r that sent me Porn Bulletins?

I just finished door-knocking for Lee Mercer Jr. Ask me anything!

My Bookstore MySpace account was hacked today...

Pics of Lee L. Mercer Jr. on the 2008 campaign trail.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/17/08 (warning: very graphic language)

So who brought the greatness of Lee Mercer Jr. to DU

Tonight on tap at Tavernertavern: Dogfish Head Raison D'Etre

Which candidate should receive the Lounge endorsement?

This CD I'm listening to is really freaking me out.

A rant about high school English classes:

My son is going to his first H.S. dance. We went to Goodwill and got him a suit,

In honor of the Reagan-fest over in GDP, post your favorite anti-Ronnie song here

I'm officially inviting Lee L. Mercer to join DU!

Get your Lee Mercer, Jr. Avatars here!

Help, please.

Hey LynneSin! I hear it's an anniversary today.

My roomate's hair dryer caught fire

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/17/2008)

Pot Pies Are Disgusting Whoever Eats Them Should Have Their Head Examined

So far my old style, noncable ready TV I bought for $5 a last weekend is still working.

Tom Cruise

I am personally inviting Lee Meriwether

Lately, I've been on a losing streak and I'm starting to take it personal.

Happy 86th Birthday, Betty White!

A very cool cat....

Can i whine a bit about heterosexual privileges and homophobia even in liberals?

The phrase for today is "Kangaroo scrotum purses". Modify a thread to use this phrase.

Guys, do you carry a pocket knife? What type?

I haven't looked out the window in almost an hour and now my car is covered in snow!

Getting out of GDP these days is like crawling out of burning wreckage.

I think we should get ThomCat's scooter 'Pimped out' - what should we do to it

Bulldogs make the latest "Most popular dog list"; Labradors retain the #1 spot

All your ROTC are belong to us.

"You are entering a world of pain"

So I've been transferring old cassettes of concerts I've recorded...

Summer is 27 days, 22 hours away...

What a thing to find in your coffee!

To prove that you need to pay the American Citizens before I die.

From RetroLounge and Xenith Booksellers

I have had a craving for Jordanian Almonds and cant find them anywhere

I Led Three Lives

A final update on my cat. This is hard.

Why is there a naked man on DU's greatest page?

I found a hidden door in the wall of my house

I don't know about this Lee Mercer stuff but is this his ad on DU homepage?

Has anyone ever gone grunion hunting?


You want to know who voted for Bush?

Yes, another Conservative dictionary

CBC program on identity theft an eye opener

If Science Can Get Vegetables To Reproduce Sexually , Would My Son Eat Them?

A Republican Was Busted Supporting Terrorism Today

Schering-Plough President dumped $28 million in company stock before the Vytorin controversy hit

I'm going to wait for the whole story before crowing about the republican...

The Right to Remain Silent

Understanding how it all fits - pic and verbage lite;)

A Perfect Response to those RW e-mail chain letters.

If Obama wants to praise Republicans, how about Everett Dirkson?

Keeping Things In Perspective

Americans for Healthcare -- candidate health plans compairson

What will America do when it is over? What will she say to: The World? It will end...

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Democrats are not going to heal the country. Republicans are not going to heal the country.

Angry White Man: The Bigoted Past of Ron Paul

It's that time again.... FISA's returning, and with it the fear-mongering

Murdoch 'Doesn't Control' The Sun

McCain, the torturer (warning, graphic, if iconic, picture from Vietnam)

ACLU and Craig Defense - PLEASE read the brief / press release (provided)

Do you ever wish you could just sit back and not care what is happening in this country?

Thanks a lot Harry Reid.

CIA, wh faultless in tape destruction; they've found their fall guy

First Came Katrina, Then Came HUD

If the media succeed in knocking Edwards out in S.C., where will his voters go?

To Our Lurking "Friends" From Freak Republic

Reagan was the most racist President of the twentieth century?

Fuck Mercer!

Why so much praise for Ronny Reagun this AM

Why do we still have an Electoral College?

Freedom takes a hit worldwide

"The Great American Election Charade"

Discussion of a new oil refinery makes sense for North Dakota

What is "dog whistle" politics?

"Warrior-poet" gets temporary portrait display at Smithsonian

nbc doing segment right now:--Can Obama walk the talk--what has he delivered on?

I can't wait till we are all on the SAME SIDE again!!!!

Huckabee's quote, religion, politics & the US

Maybe if we kiss enough Saudi royal asses they'll try democracy huh?

"If this wasn't true, we couldn't say it on TV."

Burger King Still Serving Whopper to Migrant Farmworkers

Will Cheney be Impeached?

So George Bush is going to have a "Big Deal" Economy summit.

'Bloody outrageous': NATO allies bristle after U.S. questions skills

Brian Haw violently assaulted then arrested at downing street

Recreational Drugs FAR Less Likely to Kill You than Prescribed Drugs!

self delete. dupe

Did You Just Hear that Freudian Slip (Morning Joe)?

Gouliani slips into 6th place in SC as Paul pulls ahead of him

In Chesterfield, McCain leaves core Republicans cold

What Bush and the MSM hacks aren't telling you re Inflation - the other surge!!

Obama Channels Reagan II

Saudis balk at Bush's request to increase oil production to bring prices down

How scary is this picture?

c-span2 - US Economic Outlook - House Budget Comm.

Remembering Raygun.

Bill Targets Workers Who Lack English (the epitome of repub mean-spiritedness)

Obama is getting a bad rap for his Reagan comments

Oliphant was paying attention to Huck! Best cartoon yet!!

The Reagan/Obama Question. A lil' Perspective.

Tell O'Reilly the truth about homeless vets! Sign the letter.

Huckabee's son tortures animals, dad covers

Diagnosis: Republican

Q4 banking numbers point towards growing economic crisis

Home construction drops 25 percent (AP) 2nd biggest drop ever.

Should there be laws against Media lies?

Why would we need economic stimulus if everything is okay and the tax breaks worked?

Operation Change for the Better

dupe, sorry

So...It's The Housing Crisis, An Aging Population, Weak Sales, Entitlements...Everything But

The Iran Fixation: How the American Media Enables Bush

At what point will people drop their ISP connection to pay other bills?

Bush attacks the whales - Is no one safe from this asshole?

A must read to respond to conservatives....

"Those whose activities fail to benefit...

Kudos to University of Washington Daily: first to break Sibel Edmonds story?

Silence regarding corporate interference in the electoral process does not impress me whatsoever.

more than 160 people don't show for jury duty, people on the street summoned for jury duty

Good Morning, coffee or tea with your donuts?

Today’s Headlines

Why is Kyl/Lieberman absent from the Dem primary campaign?

If E. Roosevelt were alive and running, they'd talk about her big teeth and her hoity toity accent

How NBC Changed 'The Facts' To Block Kucinich From Nevada Debate

Glenn Greenwald: Lawbreaking Telecoms Still Conniving to Obtain Immunity from Congress

5 things not to do in the ER

Do U.S. pandemic plans threaten rights, ACLU asks

Huck Pollsters: McCain Supports "Experiments On Unborn Children"

Here's a chart that shows common goods increasing prices and our wages...

Get Out Your Webcams and Speak Out Against Telecom Immunity

Front Row: Giuliani’s losing strategy

Jon Stewart Goes After Jonah Goldberg and 'Fascism'

The Pirates Can't Be Stopped!

Has anyone else heard about this website called "Boardreader"??? Is this good or REALLY BAD?

Tee Hee changed one voter's mind.

Generation Me vs. You Revisited

Has there been a study of how many "new" jobs are the result of the war and keeping it going?

Question: Can Independents Caucus in Nevada?

I'm so angry (parking violation issue)

FLUSHDANCE -He's a Maniac...

Are You A "Liberal Fascist"? - Daily Show Interview

Lawsuit alleges that Duke Energy paid for rate increase support

So any predictions as to when the dow falls below 12k? nt

Holocaust Survivor Learns Father's Fate

MI primary vote fraud underway - Fraud claims emerge in US presidential race

How NBC Changed ‘The Facts’ To Block Dennis Kucinich From The Nevada Debate

The oil industry must think the American pubic is down right stupid...

unless voting is paper/pen/witness, I'll be suspicious

I see that Obama is still talking out of his ass?

Condi's mideast surprise!

Link to great video of Edwards and article about his support in NV...

Ray gun was the worst President in my life time

Another way your ISP is gonna try to get into your wallet....

Are they doing the Recount with the same machines?

The Public Water Fountain

So after seven years of ignoring the middle class

"Merrill Lynch Posts Steep 4Q Loss" biggest quarterly loss since being founded 94 years ago!!

Food prices increase by 5.4%


Dear small minded people whose only care is that their candidate wins

FDA: Cold medicines too risky for tots - seems like a scam

Ill. Farmers Fight Off Pipeline

Is Dem party static?

Bad Reviews for Doofus-in Chief in ME

Jonah Goldberg is an idjit.

Financial wonks: What constitues a Stock Market Crash?

Vets Cleared to Sue US over PTSD Claims

sea levels rising on Shanghai - officials trying to make plans

MSM calls for 'bipartisanship' rather than the 'bipartisanshit'(sic)

Do you ever even suspect that the cocaine dust-up may have been a planned thing?

McCain open to Lieberman as VP?

Okay, Obama supporter here, having serious problems

White House pushes for random drug testing at schools

Froomkin: Focus on Law-Breaking, Not Lost Emails

Who Should Exclude Candidates from Debates? (Brent Budowsky)

A message from John Conyers Re: Impeachment hearings

Criminal pathology: Bushes on tort reform, Clintons on financial service reform.

One pretzel short of a Dick

General Electric Media reporting: Bush about to unveil plan to "lift economy."

So if the Congress passes a tax rebate, what will you do with the money?

US Boosts Its Use of Airstrikes in Iraq

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules" (A bit of humor)

ok, here is the meat of smirk's visit with S.A.

I'm speechless. Have you heard this?

Push to make Bush tax cuts permanent delayed

MoDo doesn't mind taking favors from Shrub & "nobody complained" about her columns

Paradise Valley water undrinkable. TCE added to water in error.

Stimulus package = Corporate tax cuts

Canada puts U.S. on torture watch list

Put in your earplugs, put on your eyeshades; you know where to put the cork.

Dow And NASDAQ Heading Down Again...

They wouldn't do that....

This car car runs on air!


Why are all the roads blocked off and hazmat crews near the capital in Phoenix?

Recount Obstruction Tactics Cause Outrage in New Hampshire

Perusing the headlines today

Diebold miscounts reported across many candidates, wards in 1st day of NH recount -- bradblog

Wexler on Randi NOW!

Congressman Wexler on the Randi Rhodes show after the break

If they can vote/caucus in casino hotels, why cant they vote in brothels?

Punishing Thought Crime: Would New Bill Make YOU a Terrorist?

Muslim Clothing Disqualifies Track Star

Everyone agree that going into S.C. we want McCain, Huckster and Romney in that order?

Dow down 300 far.

Imagine you're an average detective -- your basic White guy PI.

My wonderful, right wing Grandmother in Law

NH recount news from the Repuke side. rules being broken, Unsealed boxes of ballots are arriving

Anyone see the Video on KO with Bush in front of troops?


It's not only New Hampshire! See this comprehensive list of "reported" voting system failures!

New Bush coins!--video

Moody's downgrades US credit rating from AAA to OMFGNWIHYSB

Ed Schultz and the homeless marine in Colorado who called his show

So Edwards says he would never use Reagan as an example of a good leader?

Anyone see Jon Stewart take Jonah Goldsberg to the woodshed last night?

Question: when did 'Lying Sack of Shit' become 'Mis-leader'?

Law & Order: SDU

has anyone noticed

Holy cow! dow down 322!! nt

Are there any nations in the world that have intelligence testing to qualify voters?

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin, an American Riddler

"dont mess with texas energy use"

Border fence dispute brings Texas showdown (CNN)

Is there a link for the New Hampshire recount?

Bin Laden Son Wants to Be Peace Activist

Guess which party this platform belonged to.....Democrats? Wrong. The Republican Party of 1956.

SUCCESS IN IRAQ - At least one industry flourishes

Ailing GIs STILL BEING DEPLOYED to war zones

5 times more bombs dropped on Iraq 2007 than in 2006..."SUCCESS"!

Liquor Inspection Program Worries Business Owners (big business vs small)

Tired of the media pushing the election agenda - too much money

Katrina II

Army Chief of Staff: Escalation has ‘sucked all the flexibility’ out of the system.

Lawyer: Goss Never Objected to Destroying CIA Videos

Fred Thompson: talk of plans to help economy is "boring"

From the Makers of Halliburton Handcream: RBC Life Sciences Inks Deal with Dana?

Conyers introduces bill to fight voter caging.

Breaking: NYSE agrees to buy AMEX

TWEETY is answering the Media Matter Hillary issue!!! NOW! Hardball...MSNBC n/t

I'd be doing cartwheels if either Obama or Edwards is our nominee!

Huckabee, frying squirrel in a popcorn popper

Sen. Feingold: It's Not Just About Immunity

No White House Wedding: Jenna To Wed May 10th At The Pig Farm

Hillary attacked Obama with a sword

Bush Wants Tax Rebates, Business Tax Breaks in Stimulus Package

Huckabee Directly Equates Homosexuality With Bestiality and Pedophilia

Tweety is doing a mea culpa as being "disrespectful to" HRC

You want what?? Go screw yourself. A rant.

OMG!! Have you seen this blog? Zaius Nation?

Laura looks positively ecstatic.. (what's that man doing to her?)

BAD Economy...? Bush Answer.....?.....MORE BAND AIDS......!...he is not a INTJ Guy..he is a DUFUS

Now is the time that a REAL JOURNALIST would ask...

Japan hands back anti-whaling activists

New SC poll: Obama up by 13 and McCain and Huck tied

Coleen Rowley: Blue Lights fading of SUPERAMERICA

Just Breaking: Fed Court said Nevada Casino Caucus sites OK

Now we have Obama offering us Reaganmics again as

MSNBC reporting that ACLU says optical scan voting machines are unconstitutional!?

What might have been if the press (Tweety, et al) were called on their crap

Every election needs recounting. Don't give results for a week.

SC Civil Rights Worker: I probably have more in common with Edwards than I do with Obama & Clinton on the exclusion of Kucinich from the debate

Judge orders land in Texas city turned over for 180 days to government for border fence

How could we have fallen so far?

Why is the Clinton Campaign trying to avoid following the rules or have them changed?

If Bush ran over a pack of Cub Scouts in his pick up as he drank ...

D.C. Appeals court rules Gitmo detainees 'are not persons'

Two Views in the White House on an Economic Fix


Funny Obama T-Shirt

For many voters, this election boils down to one thing:

Media Matters playing hardball with Hardball.

What's more offensive?

"It Boggles The Mind"

You Better Not Screw Us...

Rush Limpballs finally says something I like!

Letter to my Rep in the city council

I don't understand daily Kos and I know it's because I haven't used it much

Tucker, Bill Press and Pat Buchanan

Rachel Maddow needs a 3-hour morning simulcast

Sounds like Tweety has been reading the e-mails. WOW! Tune in!

Little Fucker is dying smirking it up over Clinton being "airline steward"..

If you or I had done what the White House did we would be in Jail


Viewing alert!1 Catch the 1st 10 min. of Tweety eating crow 7PM ET (paraphrase in link)

Stock market down 500 points in two days.

a 307 point drop, is that a correction?

Rubin's Rubixon

Breaking - Judge ruled in favor of NV Democratic Party - They can keep their at-large caucus cites

Why is Tweety climbing down re Hillary

Emergency jury duty leaves people stunned, calling their bosses

We should root for Hucklebee to win in SC

Would Ted Kennedy be a uniting force if he ran for President?


It's hard enough finding a local lawyer who is ethical, but this is unpardonable:

Before saying that you won't vote for Democrat X if he/she is nominated remember the stakes...

Here is what happens when we argue about race

So Bush is going to end his term with a failed war and a recession?

IMF warns that banks aren't telling the whole story

Maybe the most important energy related letter I've ever written to a Congress person

Clintons caught taking millions from Nuclear lobbyists

It's Hard to Believe This Man Is a Serial Adulterer ---pix--->>>

Judging by their results...The Republicans have a nerve to ask for another go it running the Nation

Hillsborough, NH Recount as of 12:30 est-

I'm glad I moved most of my investments out of the stock market 3 months ago.

Hmmm...odd coincidence in my web site stats.

Ok. Which DEM candidates have the best Affordable Housing policy?

Thursday Primary TOONS: the going gets nasty and divisive..

Surprise, surprise!!!

Where are the 'Pro-Lifers'? Malnutrition is a bigger killer than abortion.

wow.... avian flu has a 62% mortality rate and can spread indirectly.

Loser to Loser: Two days in a row, Matthews' top guest is .......

Nationalists Stirring in Iraq "..blocking the privatization of Iraq's oil"

Don Siegelman is still in jail because of trumped up Republican charges.

Need the 5 corporations that own all the tv stations, newspapers etc.

All Hail the Mighty Oz, Great and Terrible!

Jon Stewart takes apart Jonah Goldberg, a.k.a. Doughy McPantload (with video)

Rudy Giuliani just lost the Wisconsin vote

Bush OKs Navy Use of Sonar to Kill Whales, Other Mammals

Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now!

What Would Jefferson Do?


"Nothing will change if we trade a bunch of corporate Republicans for a bunch of corporate Democrats

"Why not caucus in brothels?"

41 and 42 and 44?

I'll vote for the Democratic nominee, in November. Period. Will you?

Debunking the myth of the innocent child.

Hey huckabee... the USA was not founded as a christian nation

IMO, the difference between the rich and the poor is,

Yes, We Hate Your President--Deal With It.

What a pundit said

We Need a Policeman Outside Of Every Mosque (And God In The Constitution)

English only..A requirement for American citizenship?????

Steve Gold - "Why are persons in Nursing Homes"

How the hell can there, at this point be 77 voters whose votes did

Remember when Reagan cut taxes on the wealthyist? Top rate went from 70% to 28%

I understand Obama's trying to tap into the "Youth Vote" but does he have to do it like this?

Will even ENRON get off the hook?

Protest Roman style... Bringing Rome to a standstill


All you people screaming for handcounts, recounts...

Edwards camp takes aim at media

Study Underscores Right Wing Bias of C-SPAN

7 years into Bush's Presidency, NASDAQ and S&P 500 are BELOW the level of his 1st day in office.

Microsoft seeks patent for software that measures the entire metabolism of wage slaves.

ORWELL: War economy exists to prevent equality and democracy

I work in a grocery store and...

Thursday TOON updates, Part 1:Surgetastic!

Obama mail piece - what gall

Here's an interesting original e-mail I got from a conservative friend.

New, SHOCKING Daguerreotype Of Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural discovered!!!

Lessons from Reagan's Savings and Loan Crisis?

Proof Edwards Has Been Intentionally Slighted in Coverage by MSM ...LINK

Question: Isn't a "recession" the same thing as a "depression?"

one thing about John Edwards you cannot deny

Projected TRUTH: Deep, long, dark recession on the way...


Dennis Kucinich - A Kitty Genovese for Our Time

The Shock Doctrine: It's not a tsunami, it's an opportunity! (part one)

There is an ad for Chinese mail-order brides on DU

Is it illegal to arrest a US senator?

Authoritarian Personalities and "Going Nazi"

Will we ever learn? Look how a (Historic) genius was marginalized!

Dick Morris calls for Edwards to drop out.




There are some things that bother me about Edwards

The Hillary Hangover: or, why doctors sometimes break bones for better healing.

Why Kerry received lukewarm support from some prominent Dems: BCCI; Hillary is no Kerry

Karl Rove's Strategy for Beating Clinton and Obama

"Show me a poor man that ever created a job..."

Reagan's AIDS Legacy - Silence equals death

Patrick Leahy to endorse Obama

If 52% of Americans, are Working Class and Working Poor-

What is the best approach to take when you discover your child is taking drugs?

Opium Fields Spread Across Iraq as Farmers Try to Make Ends Meet

Jefferson’s (D-La.) account of raid contrasts FBI agent’s

Reagan was a monster.

DUer Finnfan in 11/07: "Please bookmark this thread and laugh at me at the end of January..."

open appreciation thread

Hillary on sovereign wealth funds - or, "Why the best law firms have retrodigitized records."

Fuck Ronald Reagan

More stunning pictures of Mercury from MESSENGER spacecraft...Dial Up Warning

Tonight, I am curious...

Clinton is "prohibitive favorite" in Nevada.

Reagan was an asshole who happened to be just enough of an actor

The debate MSNBC didn't want you to hear!

* should deliver THIS address to the Nation. (or the contemporary equal)

Iraq and Front Runners

Ronald Reagan- best prez ever?

WAIT! STOP! Before you post another Reagan thread, please remember

Most egregious BULLSHIT from ObamClintWards last night

Obama on Reagan in his book . Failures of liberal goverment?

Here's the truth: Ronald Reagan was a dick!


e-mail from Chris Dodd (he needs our help)

"Obama is a Reaganite" Officially Hits the Charts~!!!

Can someone please explain how MSNBC was allowed to break the law?

How Ronald Reagan built his coalition

Realignments in American history and whether one is feasible in 2008

On Ronald Reagan, where do you stand?

Sen John Kerry: "Reagan taught us that there is a big difference between strong beliefs..."

Hanging out at the debate (video from outside last night, look at the signs!)

I'm pleased Obama has a double digit lead in SC, and Clinton a single digit lead nationally

Obama/Reagan/Edwards ... or, how Obama makes the case for an Edwards Presidency

Obama's Surging Black Support May Tilt South Carolina Primary

Perhaps the biggest deception from Clinton I've seen so far(flier in Nevada)

Dennis Kucinich on Reagan, June 5th, 2004

Sen. Ted Kennedy: "I had immense respect and admiration for Reagan's leadership..."

Does Obama go to "balls" with the fascist first family?

Just what did Obama say about Reagan ... link please

Obama is the ANTI - REAGAN

Thanks to antiimperialist for momentarily uniting GD:P

Obama was not talking about Reagan, but instead the Mood of the Nation when Reagan was elected

I have a question that doesn't necessarily belongs to this forum (about AIDS)

Duncan Hunter

The only thing Reagan was ever optimistic about was

What the fuck? Chris Matthews talking up Obama on Leno.

In Russia, Hagel (R-Ne.)says U.S. needs to work on relationship

What do you think the outcome of the Nevada voting case will be?

Some levity... about Huckabee.

Reagan Comments will pass, just like the fight over Race did.

New FL Poll: Obama closing in on Clinton

I can never vote for Obama - the Reagan thing, etc.

Study: John Edwards doesn't exist

Do You Know That Ronald Reagan's 1980 Victory Was Partly Built On Racial Resentment?

McCain Parries a Reprise of ’00 Smear Tactics

Looks like the Feds/congress will follow Bill Clintons economic stimulus model:

Lie of the day: "Obama simply thinks Reagan was a uniter; not that he was successful"

Clinton Unveils "Hill-Force One"

Bill and the counting game (NV caucus lawsuit)

Dog Whistle Politics - How Liberals became no better than Conservatives

I suppose maybe I'm just blind.

Anybody know the breakdown of Senate endorsements at this time?

Who would we get in the Administrations

Reagan is DEAD and burning in HELL

Did I just step through a time portal and go back 20 years?

Bill and Hillary PRAISE Ronald Reagan....

On Clinton and Reagan, Obama was right:

On Obama's comments about Reagan, Obama's ACLU scorecard

Unions are thuggish!?

80's memories, and the effect they have.

Our really serious divide


Here is a great comment by Digby about Obama's comments and Reagan

Vote for Hillary, and for history

I am beginning to believe that all the Obama supporter comments are faux

Ras National Poll: Clinton beats Romney by 6%, Obama beats Romney by 12%

GDP in nuclear meltdown...

An idea for how to use wind power?

Did you know Reagan starred in "Bedtime For Bonzo" where he played a father figure to a chimp?

The other thing Dems should learn from Repubs besides more consistent messaging

Americans FIRED up — and ready to vote

David Kuhn on Obama and Reagan

McCain Shovels, Press Eats - Or Did McCain creates his own controversy?

WTF are all the threads invoking the name of Raygun????

Clinton attacks put focus on Iraq record

I think I know the reason behind the "Reagan haters tick me off" piece

Ronald Reagan-Bill Clinton Poll

Florida Dems eager to vote despite candidates' boycott: Under the radar, there's campaign activity

ABC News: Senator Clinton finds her groove

Jesse Jackson Sr. is right on target.

Huckabee Directly Equates Homosexuality with Beastiality

New Obama NV ad stresses war opposition, ethics reforms and unity

This what the Clintons and the media have started pumping up racial tentions in the party

Does Fortress portfolio indicate Edwards interests?

What happened to all the NH recount threads?

Jesse Jackson, Sr, on MSNBC: Martin Luther King & Lyndon Johnson were a team

I want to help the Edwards campaign in South Carolina.

dupe - sorry

Hillary's senate voting record leaves a lot to be desired


Hillary "has always had a good personal relationship with the president"

Huck Pollsters: McCain Supports "Experiments on Unborn Children"

I knew thislast summer, but I'm still thrilled: Leahy is endorsing Obama

Historical symbolism as short-hand (Reagan/Obama)

2 SC Polls: Obama 44/41; Clinton 38/31; Edwards 9/17

When Obama says major endorsee it better be Gore

"One quarter of the homeless people in America are military veterans"

Recount results from NH SoS for Hillsborough county

Is the Siljander case (pubbie charged with aiding terra-ists) real or more 9-11 hysteria?

delete - wrong forum

Obama is promoting a dream, not reality.

Ronald Reagan's Electoral Victories - just the statistical facts

St. Pete Times Buzz Blog: McCain Leads FL, Obama Closing

Reagan - Optimist, attacking Bush - irrelevant - how far are we willing to go

Pick Your Candidate: A rather unique test to see who's your man/woman.

NYT: Clinton goes face to face as Obama plays not to lose

How would the race be different if Obama was white or if Hillary was not the former first lady?

Showdown in Nevada: Unions Face Off Over Casino Caucus Sites

Santa Barbara Independent endorses Barack Obama

If A Democrat Gets The Nomination, Would You Vote For Them?

FL POLL: Hillary 45 (+3), Obama 39 (+8), Edwards 11 (+5)

Detroit News: Vote for Hillary, and for history

Speaking of DLC leadership (again, it's not Obama)

Who here demonstrated AGAINST Reagan Administration policies at the time?

Survey USA Florida Poll- HRC-56% Obama 23% Edwards 14% RCP Average -HRC 48% Obama 30% Edwards 11%

The Obama-Reagan outcry reminds me of the Clinton-MLK outcry.

Everyone needs to read Obama's book before deciding to vote for him

Rasmussen: Hillary 47%, Willard 41%; Obama 49%, Willard 37%

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez will today endorse Hillary. NT

Wexler on Randi Today

Giuliani's campaign strategy

* Is Running True To Form - In His Career He's Always Had To Have Someone Bail Him Out.......

"I find the President and those who surround him to be pretty much like everybody else,

A Hint About Polls

My thoughts about Edwards, as a person and a candidate...for what it's worth. :)

Joseph Lowery on African Americans with doubts about Obama...slavery mentality

Rasmussen New Jersey: Clinton 45%, Obama 27%, Edwards 11% (FAV: Clinton 82%, Obama 78%)

Do you wanna know why the Repuke candidates are continuously gushing over Reagan?

Regardless of any disagreement with Bush and his policy...

Kucinich asks Dept of Homeland Security to investigate opponent

Las Vegas Teachers' Affiliate Distances Itself from the State NSEA Lawsuit--"done without our input"

$177 million a day for Iraq invasion: I'm through discussing dead presidents.

Clinton's biggest legacy is NAFTA, Globalization and Welfare Reform

Rasmussen-New Jersey -HRC- 45% Obama 27% JRE -11% RCP Average -Clinton -47% Obama 23% Edwards 9%

Meanwhile, in the real world

Rev. Wright: Bill Clinton did the same thing to us as he did to Monica Lewinski

Would you like to see the next President put forth moderate nominees...

The Great American Election Charade (by Ernest Partridge)

Ronald Reagan On John Kennedy - "Under the tousled boyish haircut is still old Karl Marx ..."

Clinton's MLK remarks made many black voters in Mich. "mad as hornets"

Say what you will but HC was the first to propose and explain a stimulus

Apaches rise to defend homelands from Homeland Security (more Bush treaty violations)

Holy Endorsement, Batman - Obama Camp Touts “Major” National Endorsement Thursday

If Obama wins the nomination will you vote for him

Will you vote for neither Hillary or Obama

Khaleej Times Online - Bush oil price “begging" is “pathetic”: Hillary

Clinton supporter Bob Johnson, BET founder, apologizes for Obama comments

Nevada gets some respect - NBC Nightly News

What do Obama supporters think of Reagan?

Corzine backs up Clinton's economic stimulus package

Let' s not forget what was going on the world when Reagan "took" the Presidency

Something that's bothered me about the Clintons since Bill left office

"We need a president who can reintroduce America to the world and..reintroduce America to ourselves"

Republican recount in NH also- anyone hear about this?

If you want to help our VETS...revise the USFSPA

Hillary and Big Dawg on The Gipper: "He personified the indomitable optimism of the American people"

Incident at Paris Las Vegas - CWU Voter Intimidation

Let's create a list of Dems who've not endorsed yet & state our opinions of them before they do

If you could change how the Primaries worked, what would you change?

“Romney win may give a boost to Giuliani’s White House bid.” LOL CNN 2 days ago

O'Reilly on homeless veterans "There are not many of them out there"

Former Biden National Finance Co-Chair Michael Adler Endorses Hillary for President

Did Reagan change the course of America in a very different direction?

Las Vegas Sun: Bill and the "Counting Game"

LBJ needed MLK and MLK needed LBJ

OBAMA talking about his tax proposals, etc..... RIGHT NOW,

A Hillary quote that actually matters

Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination?

"Clinton’s claim that 'nobody understood what had happened' seems dubious." (NV caucus)

DIRTY TRICK: SC Dem voters receiving phone messages urging them to show up THIS Saturday to vote!

Edwards Campaign: New "Media Perception vs Reality" Video

E-mail from my Representative RE: CHENEY IMPEACHMENT

Ruling on Strip voting looks likely today

Two examples of how Reagan used "optimism" and "hope" to "unite" us

Proposed Rapprochement

John Zogby is the reason I do not trust polls

Link for Live Obama round table in SF.... ON Now

GOP finally admits we're in a recession (that's the good news...)

Advice to Obama: Praise a Democratic president next time

An old Clinton favorite; "its the economy, stupid"

John Edwards on Reagan

What I Think Of When People Say Obama Is Like A Republican

Judge dismisses Nevada caucus challenge

ARG SC Obama 44, Clinton 38, Edwards 9

the north american union--is there any proof that this is a fact?

Has Obama praised Bush's 2000 campaign/theft as "successful" and "changing" the US after 9/11 yet?

Bob Johnson apologizes to Barack Obama

Clinton group to Obama: Will Florida delegates count? Refers to Karl Rove...not Chairman Dean.

Obama's chances are getting better...

PLEASE stop posting Taylor Marsh propaganda

Court allows casino vote that may boost Obama (At Large Strip Caucuses Permitted)

So I guess the NH recount isn't turning out to be much of an issue, now that HRC is still leading.

Reagan's AIDS Legacy Silence equals death

First, Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Now, Ronald Reagan

Reagan's AIDs legacy is not relevant

Worse offense: Mentioning Reagan OR co-sponsoring an ill-conceived war?

Gen. Wesley Clark voted for Reagan

To add to the 97343 threads, John Edwards DIDN'T contradict himself on Reagan.

I can see why Dennis Kucinich praised Ronald Reagan.

Obama defender of the election process! Except when its his ass on the line

I have mob ties.

Submitting questions to the debates??

Please DON'T Rock That Boat!

Video of Bill Clinton addressing the NV lawsuit with a local reporter...

Why don't the DEM. Candidates attack Bush and Cheney much?

Sen. Leahy likens his endorsement of Obama to his endorsement of RFK

Here's what I don't get about these silly "Is America Ready" questions

Hillary has a very good chance to win on Saturday.

Race Bait: Obstacles Obama faces as a black candidate will not go away

The Obama of 'Dreams from My Father,' a modern classic

WEXLER coming up on Randi Rhodes -- after the break :-) nt

correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the ray-gun years include: iran-contra, grenada, the firing of

Obama causes stir with talk of Reagan, JFK

Say Goodbye to Howard Dean

Rasmussen SC: Obama 44 (+6), Clinton 31 (-2), Edwards 15 (-2).

Better way of keeping one foot in the general election: Praising Reagan or denouncing terrorists?

New McClatchy poll: McCain, Huckabee neck and neck in S.C.; Obama leads Clinton

Judge dismisses Nevada Lawsuit!

Obama calling up the Reagan fetish goes beyond pandering

Do I detect an Obama/Clinton rift?

My My Do I Detect an Obama/Edwards Rift?

That Reagan’s message found such a receptive audience spoke not only to his skills as a communicator

Hillary attacks Edwards and Obama

On Edit: What's the point of voting Present?

Bill & Hillary Clinton & The Nevada Caucus System Lawsuit & Disenfranchising Voters

Congress dismisses the NIE report

Las Vegas Sun to endorse Hillary...

DailyKos diary: "I knew Reagan. Sen. Obama, You're No Reagan"

I Have A Question & Really Don't Know The Answer... How Many CURRENT

CNN May Keep it to Three for Monday's S.C. Dem Debate: Criteria is 5% in national polls

Joke leaves 'em gasping - Obama quip stuns Citizen of the West banquet crowd

VIDEO: Jon Stewart blasts media for fanning race war flames

TPM: Huckabee Directly Equates Homosexuality with Bestiality

If Clinton wins NV it will be from face to face campaigning not union endorsements

I don't know if it means much to anyone but the Santa Barbara Independent endorses Obama

Video: The Ronald Reagan Legacy

Look, this is DU. Just don't defend Reagan!!

Bigdog looks like a voter disenfranchiser now.

If Your Candidate Does Not Become The Nominee, And Republicans You Know Start Trashing Him/Her

"Candidate A" says he eats babies for breakfast

Support John Edwards "Coast To Coast" Tour!

Al Franken has two new ads. Love the once from his 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Molin!

Here's the lesson of Obama's Reagan comment: don't publicly praise the talents of evil men

Tweety manned up.

Is this Hillary Clinton’s Bush v. Gore moment?

Question about Nevada caucus's and non viable candidates

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Video of Bill Clinton going overboard with a reporter re:Nevada Disenfranchisement attempt

Interim U.S. Attorney in Iowa Nominated for Confirmation -- After Serving a Year

NPR story on abortion statistics

Edwards comment on Reagan and Kennedy in actual context

Tweety is under pressure. He is opening with a statement. . .A MEA CULPA!!! The protests must have

"And I was reminded that it is my obligation, not only as an elected official

Score one for the First Amendment: "Judge Dismisses NV Caucus Challenge"

Open Letter to US Presidential Candidates: Deepak Chopra

Obama's disenfranchisement of teachers and custodians will probably bring him even with Clinton now

Did Hillary Clinton steal Nevada?

Fuck Ronald Reagan!

Tell Congress: Pass Emergency Bill for Secure Elections in 2008

Dick Morris to John Edwards: Drop out, you're hurting Obama...


"Obama: Reagan Changed Direction; Bill Clinton Didn't"

A young man I know is a perfect example of the reason why I desperately hope we do NOT

So who devised the strategy to vote present on anti-abortion bills in the IL legislature?

You know it's a recession when financial firms are laying off folks. eom

Huckabee: "Two men, two women, a man and three women, a man and a child, a man and animal..."

This morning on NPR - SofDefense Gates on Iran, Iraq, Defense budget

Jonah Goldberg said (on 'A' Daily Show) that fascism is the idea "that we're all in this together"

Nevada Poll: Hillary up by 9...

"The gay movement is asking for recognition of an alternative lifestyle society cannot condone"

Ronald Reagan Poll

MSNBC: Prior to S.C. GOP Primary, McCain leads Huckabee by two points, 27%-25%

Nice story: Compton Crowd Cheers Clinton

Edwards pursues support of labor in LV Valley swing


Working America: Labor’s Promising Effort

Fuckabee fondly reminisces about his eating habits in college

If FDR Was The Babe Ruth Of Politics, JFK The Mickey Mantle, Clinton The Ken Griffey Junior...

Bill Clinton Gets Riled Over Nevada Strip Caucuses

How can Bill Clinton hope to go around the world spreading democracy and freedom anymore?

Richardson Colorado Campaign Co-Chairs, Superdelegate, and Steering Committee Members Endorse

“The lady told all of us: Nobody can go to the caucus unless you’re voting for Obama,”

Clinton Supporters -- Honestly, Are You Angry At Obama Because You Thought The Nomination Was Her's?

If Hillary wins the nomination will you vote for her

Trillion Dollar Tax Increase? Can anyone substantiate this Clinton's Claim against Obama.

Matt Stoller: Obama's Admiration of Ronald Reagan (Democrats beware)

SC POLLS: New ones show Obama with 9 and 13 point lead

A part of Reagan that some have blindly forgotten.

Edwards (D-NC): "This president will never use Ronald Reagan as an example."

Kristol, Sludge, and Tucker are all DESPERATE for an Obama primary victory

Hillary lied about Bob Johnson

It's really unfortunate....

Did anyone catch the GOP Strategist on Tucker who admitted buying bloggers?

So let me get this straight, the last 7 years has seen Bill Clinton star in a buddy pic with Bush Sr

Speaker at Stock Show event apologizes for racist remark (in CO about Sen. Obama)

Does the Edwards campaign know about our donation plans for tomorrow?

OMG, this forum is still full of Reagan talk! Pathetic.

Hillary Clinton Delivers Most-Watched "Meet The Press" In Almost Three Years

While thousands died in Iraq, Hero CLINTON hangs with the BUSHies!

Bachmann: I'm 'Proud' That 'We Have People Working Two Jobs' And 'Longer Hours'

ALERT: John Edwards praised Ronald Reagan!!!

CNN: 89% of Democrats have a favorable view of President Clinton

Obama wants to be the liberal Reagan.

Bob Johnson is all over the news today and the clip is played again and again.

There's a reason the most liberal Senators won't endorse JE

Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

If Obama or Clinton are the nominee, will those who cannot support either be obligated to leave DU?

The Las Vegas Union that endorsed Obama has a history of Mob ties.

"Fascism Was Really The Basis Of The New Deal"- Ronald Reagan

"Because federal judges receive lifetime appointments...

Does anyone else wish Biden was still in the race?

Oh god, i think i feel sick. Bloomberg, you mf'er...

I think Clinton supporters just stepped in a trap.

I am thinking of a hospitality worker in Las Vegas

FDR was a great man. Reagan was his antithesis.

Bill Clinton: "Hillary and I will always remember President Ronald Reagan for the way he..."

Sorry but you guys are really making fools of yourselves.

This should be a "teaching moment"

I did this video about Ronald Reagan

Obama: For such a "uniter", he seems to have a talent for vague, controversy-provoking statements

"So Democratic audiences are often surprised when I tell them I don't consider George Bush...

DU'ers Who Don't Think The GOP Since Reagan Have Excelled At Controlling Public Perception

Sen. Obama's 129 Present Votes

Sometimes I wish we could have TWO presidents. One Repub one Dem

Bob Johnson apologizes for his remarks...Obama yet to apologize for McClurkin.

Is race or gender a factor you have considered

Play Guess the Senator: Senator A versus Senator B on the merits of Ronald Reagan.

Rove outlines plan to beat top ’08 Dems: said Clinton and Obama are beatable, no mention of Edwards

Senator Leahy Endorses Barack Obama

John Edwards Not Planning to Quietly Fade Away

If the party nominee should die or become incapacitated

Unite-HERE ad: "Hillary Clinton does not respect our people." - "Hillary Clinton is shameless."

David Bonoir-Edwards Spokesman- "Ronald Reagan Conned The Middle Class..."

Digby Weighs In on Obama/Reagan: It sounds an awful lot like DLC boiler plate.

Randi Puts Wexler Over 200,000

Daily Kos Diary: Obama is freaking right

People, let's have a serious reality check and discussion about this Reagan thing

Says Joe Lowery: Obama’s black doubters have a ‘slave mentality’

The Hillary crowd getting nuts about a man who has been dead for many years does not bode well

Obama: "I understood his appeal... Reagan spoke to America's longing for order"

Judge Rules: Will Allow the At-Large Precincts on the Las Vegas Strip

You All Are Better Than This

Joseph Wilson Hits Obama on Iraq

"One of the things that I've always said is that abortion is a deeply moral issue.

An amazing read: The Decline of Public Racism; 1938-1947

Am I the only supporter of Sen. Clinton who is disappointed by the faux Reagan/Obama outrage?

So I guess the NH recount isn't turning out to be much of an issue, now that HRC is still leading.

"Kerry is also going beyond fundraising to boost Obama’s campaign. "

Clinton's bill with Obama as co-sponsor?

Kucinich Supporters Only!

Will the Edwards campaign RETRACT their lying misquote of Obama?

Obama praises GOP as being the "party of ideas the past 10-15 years"

Filibuster Action

John Edwards: "I can promise you this: I will never use Ronald Reagan as an example for change."

Reagan screwed my life over - not keen on democrats who speak fondly of him

How Reagan Saved America!

Lets talk about the "Audacity of Hope".

On Lowery and the Slave Mentality comment and some great context.

Hillary doesn't get Martin Luther King or the civil rights movement

Seperate thread for ABC's exclusion of Kucinich in New Hampshire

Obama, Edwards, Clinton, Kucinich all EXCELLENT on race, according to leading civil rights coalition

Photos: Barack Obama today at a roundtable discussion about economy, women's issues in San Francisco

For those who know so little about the civil rights movement, but insist on lecturing us about it

Feingold trying to decide between Hillary and Obama (unlikely to endorse)

'New Bush Coins' (video) - Right on only hurts when I laugh.

Has DU Become Reagan Underground?

Here is the only thing I will say on the "Reagan Issue". Short and sweet (and smart)

Why the Court Supported Nevada Voting Rights

Suit to stop at-large caucuses fails...


Rudd calls for calm in whaling standoff ("this is commercial whaling")

World Bank anti-corruption chief resigns (Wolfowitz appointment)

FBI retools Most Wanted list

South Florida's inflation rate highest in nation


U.S. To Pursue New Iran Sanctions Despite Auditors' Questions

Activists must be freed: Gillard

Dear Mr. President

Norway says aims to go carbon neutral by 2030

Bill and the counting game (NV caucus lawsuit)

McCain Parries a Reprise of ’00 Smear Tactics

Wealthy may be next in line in U.S. home crisis

Two Views in the White House on an Economic Fix

GOP check arrives as Dem recount starts

Edwards rallies supporters at Grand Sierra (Reno, NV)

Democrats back to the battle: Unions, Clinton’s and Obama’s teams get into it

US, Iran diplomats vie for Chinese support in nuclear impasse

Gates: Afghan shortfalls remain, no more U.S. troops (after the 3,200)

Housing starts plunge 14% to 16-year low

U.S. Boosts Its Use of Airstrikes In Iraq (dropped 1,447 bombs on Iraq last year)

Suicide bombing kills 10 in Iraq

Australia to act on whaling row

UK Army chiefs claim US 'trumpets' body count as tensions between forces rise

Bernanke: Get money to the people

Clinton plays flight attendant [Hill Force 1]

Rights group slams U.S. over private security contractors in Iraq

Luxury for Charity Officials, Budget Cuts for Wounded Vets

Embryo clones of 2 men created from stem cells

U.S. interrogations successful, lawful: spy chief

Israel test-fires ballistic missile

In Nevada, a first test of Latinos' leanings in '08 race

Bush: Economy Stimulus Package Needed

Bernanke Is Said to Support Stimulus Measures

Navy helicopter crashes near Corpus Christi; 3 killed

Bombing hits Shiite mosque in Pakistan

CNN May Keep it to Three for Monday's Dem Debate

Bernanke: Juice the economy 'quickly'

WaMu accused of appraisal fraud

Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up

On the dark side of Las Vegas, Nevada's poor feel neglected

Chelsea discusses environment, FEMA

State troopers (in MN) used Taser on driver who later died

Home Construction Plunged Last Year (24.8%)

Canada puts U.S., Israel on torture watchlist

Merrill Lynch posts $7.8bn loss

Joke leaves 'em gasping - Obama quip stuns Citizen of the West banquet crowd

Bin Laden son wants to be peace activist

Analysis: Iraq oil flow actually lower

Jenna plans May wedding: Don't worry, Daddy, he's a Republican

Report: Troops to war despite broken leg, torn rotator cuffs

Leahy for Obama

USS Kitty Hawk "did not have approval to visit HK"

Opium fields spread across Iraq as farmers try to make ends meet

Push to make Bush tax cuts permanent delayed

Anti-whaling activists return to 'Steve Irwin'

Bush National Labor Relations Board appointee Peter Kirsanow steps down

Bill advocates paper ballots and audits

Bill advocates paper ballots and audits

Lehman to cut 1,300 mortgage jobs

Republicans Ponder the Unthinkable -- A Brokered Convention

(Pro-war) Ex-colonel opposes Iraq vet for Congress

Minnesota Bridge findings based on facts, not politics, says NTSB chairman

Border fence dispute brings Texas showdown

Flash: DGA and Producers Reach Deal

Opium Fields Spread Across Iraq.....

U.S. forces Texas city to give up land for border fence

Court allows casino vote that may boost Obama (At Large Strip Caucuses Permitted)

Obama leads in S.C. in racially divided poll

UN official: Do more for Katrina victims

ACLU Files Lawsuit To Block County's Voting System Switch (OH)

Bush Wants Personal Tax Rebates

Stocks extend plunge; Dow falls 300

Edwards On O’Reilly: 'He Has No Idea What He’s Talking About'

Edwards On O’Reilly: 'He Has No Idea What He’s Talking About'

Canada puts U.S., Israel on torture watchlist -CTV

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 17

Anti-whaling activists handed over

Judge suspects CIA duped court in destroying tapes

Lawsuit filed to reopen Charity Hospital

Edwards camp takes aim at media

Tapes Destroyed Over CIA's Objections (according to Hoekstra after meeting with Rizzo)

U.S. Boosts Its Use of Airstrikes In Iraq

Gen. Tommy Franks Paid $100,000 To Endorse 'F' Veterans Charity

Castro: I'm too ill for public life

Mexico: U.S. Vows Tougher Controls on Guns

Army 'flees second Pakistan fort'

Iran president says Bush confrontational

Airliner crash lands at Heathrow

Time Warner Links Web Prices With Usage

Time Warner Links Web Prices With Usage

Abortions Hit Lowest Number Since 1976

3 killed, 2 wounded in attack north of Baghdad

Reserve’s 530th MP battalion to deploy

Small-business benefits bill wrapping up

More than half of H-1B visas go to India nationals

Plan to fix pay raise and bonuses takes shape

FBI: Marine slaying suspect may be in Mexico

Landstuhl to use electronic medical records

Gates rejects reports of NATO criticism

Soldier on leave faces child porn charges

Afghan army to lead 2008 military operations

Stability operations key in new field manual

Fallon: Bigger U.S. role welcomed in Pakistan

DoD contracts with Citibank for travel cards

Attempted murder charges added in Dix case

191st MP soldiers to deploy to Iraq

Casey sees summer move to 12-month Iraq tours

Navy asks for ruling to allow sonar training after Bush exemption

C. Guard searching for 10 after boat capsizes

Giuliani promises Mayport carrier if elected

Allen: CG expedition to assess Arctic waters

Court hears cadet’s sex misconduct appeal

Webb: Boost shipbuilding, control costs

Pilot safe after F-16 crashes near Key West

Counterdrug mission in Ecuador running out

Guardsmen returning after 4-month deployment

Lejeune commander: Stay away from protesters

Report: Contractors not being prosecuted

Deal reached in Germany to replace gas coupon system with prepaid cards

Sign of progress in Khadra

Neubruecke Elementary closing after school year

Daegu police want soldiers charged

Third soldier found guilty in stolen bank card case at Yongsan

Severed line cuts Souda phone service

Marines Set to Ditch Some Armor in Anbar

The Impact of a Cyber War

Rate of Traumatic Stress Triples Among U.S. Troops

Where might next-gen aircraft be headed?

Corps premieres its latest recruiting ad

Army Clothing Designers on Cutting Edge

Bush Exempts Navy From Sonar Law

The Comeback Cry: Hillary Reconnects With Her “Feminine Side”

Outsourcing: India is not for everyone

Outsourcing a creeping threat to journalism

Rep Bachmann: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’

Ron Paul: Guilt by association

Americans Need to Look Beyond the Media on Venezuela

The freaks and geeks in the 9/11 Truth movement are on to something—they just don’t know what

"The Use and Abuse of Reagan"-turns out he wasn't so perfect (from a RW'er)

Rudy Confident of Win in Florida, as Condo Prez of Del Boca Vista

The US general and the Iranian pilgrim (this is too much, Patreaus touts Iraqi Tourism)

Dear Mr. President

Scott Horton: Ending a Culture of Impunity for Contract Soldiers

John Kerry Deplores Nevada Lawsuit

Who Should Exclude Candidates from Debates?

Greg Palast: George of Arabia: Better Kiss Your Abe 'Goodbye'

A Tale of Abuse - Washington Post editorial

The Cold War at the Bottom of the Planet to Save the Whales

Bad Reviews for Bush in the Mideast: "Seldom has a visit so underwhelmed."

The Roof, The Roof is on Fire

This car car runs on air!

Bin Laden Son Wants to Be Peace Activist

President, Chicago Theological Seminary: "We need to get out of Iraq."

Dramatic Breakthrough in Iraq: Ex-Baathists Allowed … to Take a Bath!

Wealthy may be next in line in home crisis

“What We Are Seeing Is…the Fall of America”

Seeking Victory in Defeat: the Ultimate Deceit

John Gibson Celebrates Increase In ‘Anglo’ Birth Rate

Hearing on Utah Mine Tragedy - Families' Statements

Rep Bachmann: I’m ‘Proud’ That ‘We Have People Working Two Jobs’

According To Time, Romney Found His Voice In MI---Is He Bush Part II?

Good cop Bad cop Provo-cop

THE Warren Buffett million dollar bet that'll never get taken.

NYT edtorial: Don’t Tie the Next President’s Hands; Bush's "reckless" rush toward deal with Iraq

Young voters energize election for Obama

Huckabee: Frying squirrel in a popcorn popper

Kucinich demands Bush stop beating drums of war on Iran

Indian employees to get highest salary hike in 2008

Response to Elizabeth Kucinich: Dennis Speaks for ME

How Millions of American Will Lose Their Homes (Option ARMs)

Michael Savage Hates Muslims

Al Franken's First Ads:"Mrs. Molin" and "I'm Running"

Bush sells 900 missiles to Saudi Arabia

Elizabeth Kucinich - Dennis Kucinich Speaks for ME

Why Does Bill-O Hate Our Homeless Veterans?

Breaking Down Huckabee, God & The Constitution

John Edwards at a Rally in Reno! 1.16.08

Bill Clinton becomes heated over voter lawsuit

THE RISE AND RISE OF AL-QAEDA, Part 1: Militants make a claim for talks

Countdown: See Change


What about John Edwards?

Take that Obama girl

Chris Matthews Apologizes... and Apologizes...

Leno, Maher interrupted by protesters (2-Kucinich and impeachment)

My submission to the British Home Office for the right to demonstrate without police permission

Full Context of Obama's Remarks on Reagan

China to be biggest wind turbine manufacturer by 2009 (10 GW/year)

A surge for energy research at MIT

Xcel looking to expand solar rebate program (CO)

Study Shows Great Potential of Switchgrass as Biofuel Feedstock

Navy asks for ruling to allow sonar training after Bush exemption (xpost from Veterans)

UK: Energy rip-off exposed

400 Megawatt Solar Plant Okayed In California

Norway says aims to go carbon neutral by 2030

OPEC: Weak Dollar, US Refineries, Geopolitics, Evil Speculators, NOT Supply & Demand Behind Prices

Decide on polar bears first, then oil: lawmaker (Markey) - Reuters

Dakota Wind Energy, LLC Announces South Dakota's First Utility Scale Community-Owned Wind Project

GE Energy installs more than 2.3 gigawatts of new wind capacity in 2007

Research Breakthrough Could Mean 40-Hour Laptop Batteries

Black Rock Solar

Wind power takes off (in Alaska)

EPURON to Develop 1-GW Wind Project

Saudi Schools Close, Pipes Freeze As Temps Hit Record Lows Of 21F - Novosti

Bush OKs Navy Use of Sonar to Kill Whales, Other Mammals

SunPower Signs Up 2.5GW of Polysilicon Supply (from Saudi Arabia)

Ten good reasons to resist (UK) nuclear proposals

WB-7 "first plasma"

Remember Peak Helium? Without Supplies Of Key Gas, No MRIs, No Brain Scans

Amazon deforestation seen surging - Reuters

China Produced Less Coal Than Consumed In 2007; Shortages To Continue Into 2010 - Age

Sub-prime credit crunch affecting energy project finance


In 2005, California produced less solar electricity than it did in 1990.

Hillary on being a solutions-oriented leader-video

obama and edwards health plan -use to contrast (not included)

NYT: Clinton goes face to face as Obama plays not to lose

Press welcomed to "Hill Force 1" by "experienced" "flight attendant"

Khaleej Times - Bush oil price “begging" is “pathetic”: Hillary

a fish in the sea does not see he is swimming in the sea:

Bob Johnson apologizes for his remarks...Obama yet to apologize for McClurkin.

Jesse Jackson, Sr, on MSNBC: Martin Luther King & Lyndon Johnson were a team

Hillary Clinton Delivers Most-Watched "Meet The Press" In Almost Three Years

Nice story: Compton Crowd Cheers Clinton (LAngelos)

Topic subject Hillary lied about Bob Johnson (transcript shows Hil did NOT lie)

Nevada Poll: Hillary up by 9..

CWU workers win union representation

UNITE HERE Testimony at Congressional Hearing on Workplace Safety

Citigroup faces proxy pressure from union group

House Passes Mine Safety Bill Bush Plans to Veto + video family of miners killed at the Crandall

Presidential Emergency Board Backs Workers in Amtrak Contract Dispute

AFT Says Clinton Primary Win In Michigan Will Help Her Get Nomination, delegates will be seated

Nurses' union efforts die, 5 years and ballots not counted

Non-union members covered by our MOU

Construction Worker Deaths Spike

State of the union-bashers

Mine-safety bill sent to Pa. Senate

Resurgent unions and the global economy

Stronger OSHA, unions promote safer workplace

Nevada Teacher’s Union Says Suit Is About Fairness For All Workers (disenfranchise workers)

NYT: A Campaign With Echoes From 1968

Short on Fund-Raising, Red Cross Will Cut Jobs

Edwards looks for help in Nevada (Clinton's early lead in Nevada polls has evaporated)

270,000 Mexican miners, steelworkers plan walkout

Breaking-JACKSONVILLE Symphony Lockout is Over

McCain's office will be full of union activists (today 1-16-08)

AG's office finds child labor violations at 31 mall stores

Court Case Could Alter Nev. Outcome

Dana, Delphi cases highlight union relations

Violence Against Workers Still Rampant in Colombia

Michigan Labor Mobilizes, Prevents Anti-Union Petition Drive

Defense Department Workers a Step Closer to Regaining Bargaining Rights

Today in labor history January 17

Management Mag Shows How Employers Fear Employee Free Choice Act

**** Official Wexler's Call for Cheney IMPEACHMENT Hearings = 200,000 Signatures Thread ****




Israelis defend Arabs to protect Israel

Shalit's father sends condolences to Hamas leader

Bedouin named consul general to Alexandria

On the side of the law in Gaza, women gain a place

Olmert: Israel at war in Gaza

Israel: Talkback Law for Censorship on Web Commenting Passes Initial Knesset Voting

Study: Most Sderot kids exhibit post-traumatic stress symptoms

Terror plot against Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train thwarted

Israel test-fires ballistic missile

Israeli Airstrike On Gaza Misses Target, Kills 12-Year-Old Boy, Father, Uncle

Israel foreign minister says Gaza could become terrorist state

Researchers find old Mexico time capsule

Chavez says U.S., Colombia plot to kill him

BOLIVIA: Groups Demand World Bank Prez Respect Bolivia's Withdrawal from Arbitration Court

Americans Need to Look Beyond the Media on Venezuela


MEXICO: The NAFTA, crude oil and something else

Wealthy may be next in line in U.S. home crisis

Wealthy may be next in line in U.S. home crisis

GOP finally admits we're in a recession (that's the good news...)

Wall Street Extends Plunge; Dow Down 306

Volcker blames Fed for 'bubbles,' says it isn't in control

MBIA, Ambac Default Risk Rises to Record on Ratings Scrutiny

Foreclosure filings in Valley soar 566% in '07 (Phoenix, AZ)

The Deflation Time Bomb

Manufacturing report at 6-year low - opponents of Mont county MD transgender bill

Today in Gay & Lesbian History

Prominent gay activist tries to drum up support for Obama - Jerry Cade

Lee L. Mercer posts

Differentiating the Obama, Edwards, Clinton positions on Gay Marriage

Please excuse if not appropriate here,

This is so funny...

Photos of Biden in Iowa

For those Bidenites that watched the debate - didn't you just die when

I'm so bad.....

Just stopping by to say Hi and keep in touch.

We've lost our minds!

It's the caucus system that's not viable

Alright ASAHers - Has this past few days been just meh for anyone else?

Do Spirituality and Politics Mix?

Pluto and the Fed

Bobby Knight Gets 900th Win

Cheesehead jailed for taping jersey on son

Selig Given 3-year Contract Extension Through 2012

Colts Fans Boo Kid

Does Greg Williams get the Redskins' job?

FBI begins investigation of ex-MVP Tejada

Rob Parker Vs. Tiger Woods

Jones vs Trinidad

Antidepressant Studies Unpublished

Baseball chief invites stiffer online-pharmacy laws

Slaughterhouse illnesses now in Minnesota

Leukaemia cell culprit discovered (BBC)

Texas medical neglect cases stir concerns about prison health care

S.F. Bay Area has first major U.S. study of Morgellons disease

Experts Discuss NH Primary on Radio: Listen to this!

Who Is The White Knight Of The New Hampshire Recount ?

PBS Newshour (1/16/08) devotes significant time to voting machines!!!

Technical opinions please.... WILL or CAN the NH recount show anything?

Here are the NH municipalities which use the "ACCUVOTE" machines:

Dear small minded people whose only care is that their candidate wins

Could someone please give me the Cliff Notes, condensed

Nothing found yet in NH recount, perhaps because of complete muddle in chain of custody.

Bob & Harvey's 3-Step "Ohio Plan" for Fair and Reliable Voting and Vote Counts

Election Count back on $55,600 white knight check given

GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland

MI primary vote fraud underway - Fraud claims emerge in US presidential race

UK: Green light for hybrid research

Green light for {human-animal} hybrid research (BBC)

Judah Folkman died (1933-2008)

Self-destructing palm tree discovered in Madagascar


Erbarme dich, mein Gott

Do Spirituality And Politics Mix?

Science vs. (Norse) Creationism

Had an amazing Turkish meal tonight!

Escaping GDP. Does anyone have a quick and easy recipe for Chicken Fried Rice

In your Spare time:

Fun with long exposures and laser pointers

warm tootsies

*** January Preliminaries are up in GD ***

Pan Cubano - I'm going to try making some

Do I understand this right? Re: Parallel Universes.

I found more Black Vultures

ACLU files lawsuit to block voting system switch in Cuyahoga County

What to expect from a NH Recount and Why

Burgeoning use of assault weapons through "straw" purchases.

Guardsman guilty of illegally transferring 'machine gun' after firearm malfunctions

No Checks = No Sense

Teardrop in the Rain - A song I wrote - Please listen

Pentagon Planted Bogus Iran Speedboat Story?

The freaks and geeks in the 9/11 Truth movement are on to something—they just don’t know what

Richard Gage Response to Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center

Check in if you visited Ground Zero in 2001. Wasn't it weird how they cordoned it off?

Face it, folks: Flight 77 did NOT hit the Pentagon

Hundreds of area voters might have registrations canceled

Mn. State Patrol apologizing profusely over Taser death of motorist...

Who is this Bob Maginnis

1/25 *Support the troops who refuse to fight!*

My personal toolbar only shows up on certain open windows.

Any EXCEL wizards out there?

Web Form to Access Database

Reno Gazette-Journal Interview



Major endorsement for Obama coming today

Old time Obama supporters: what are your favorite Obama friendly blogs?

Refuting the smears

We won on the casino caucus sites

Politico article using FEC hold to say Obama is not really for his ethics bill

Clinton Smear on Social Security Taxes


Damn it's nasty out there in GDP today

Smear alert: Culinary Workers bullied into voting

Smears against Obama that he is anti-semitic: a research thread

Globe and Mail: Canada puts Guantanamo on torture watch list

Dion Blows Up Lib Policy on Afghanistan

Lunn's "independent" nuclear safety experts

Dion accuses cabinet minister of security breach, calls for resignation

KOEB Meeting: 01/16/ 08 -- I'm Bringin' Sexy Back Edition

Jeb Bush forms new education group to reward top teachers

Dixie Chicks - Here's my song

Lassen resort property facing foreclosure sale

Gov. backs Prop. 93 to keep leaders in place

My Badger care experience . . .

repuglican lawmaker's Daughter Faces Eight Felony Charges

To the European members of this forum......

Any suggestions for a good litter for the Litter Maid cat box?

I don't know how to post a picture of my cats. I know how to email

No cats were harmed in the taking of these pictures...

Finally figured out how to post a picture! (I think?)