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Archives: January 2, 2008

'Surge' Makes Annual Banned-Words List

Obama: Gore, Kerry Alienated "Half the Country"

Kenya church torched, 50 reported killed

Farc hostage rescue fails

Minorities less likely to get pain relief-US study

New Poll: Still a Toss Up in Iowa (Obama 32-Edwards 29-Clinton 27)

Kucinich: Back Obama if I’m not viable

Huckabee Unveils Ad Only to Disavow It

Same bullet kills Denver woman, girl at party

Another bad day

Atonement (movie) plot question.

REAL Lounge Lizards

2008 - wierd news #1 - UA law student indicted in 5 felonies

Asteroid Could Hit Mars on January 30th? Want to plan an Internet party?

How the hell did Illinois get a Rose Bowl bid?

The "I don't want to go back to work tomorrow" thread

UVa. Tests Viagra-Like Drug for Women

Less hatred...

My cousin, the Freeper

OK, 2008 ... bring it on!

I have my new blog finally!

I Just Got Touched By An Ipod.

Anyone here in the Bulk Chemical business?

Just got back from watching The Kiterunners

Git 'Er Dun!!!

So I posted in GD.....

Next time you're hurtin' from a New Year's hangover, just remember ...

Cool online pedometer and walk mapper

my birthday present from my daughter was a painting of this guy

Journey sux

Finally, photos from my Sister's Wedding! *Dialup alert*

I'd like to share this with you...

Who is planning to start a journal/diary this year?

BB, I sent it twice; did you receive the message?

just consider--test

Does anyone here watch that "World's Biggest Loser" show?

MMMMMMMMMMMM who wants pancakes?

Check in here with your candidate and ss#...I'm creating a database...

Well, it is real quiet here at the beach only five of us left until the weekend.

How often does a door lock itself from the other side?

Somebody analyse this dream I had last night. (Weed smoking involved)

Lounge Lizards

My 10 year high school class reunion is this year. I can't wait to go !

I know it's late and it's probably already been done, but.....

So I'm looking for a place to move...

Here's Another Reason I Love The Lounge...


Ya know, early-70's Elton John was pretty fucking good


Do you sometimes want to spill your guts but...

Internet speech harms democracy.

what is the first thing you see here?

Who watched the Tournament of Roses Parade today?

I've never seen Blade Runner...Should I?


So...I'm back.

ok not to make this a sex thread......

Cloverfield (movie). Monster attacks NYC; 9/11=Hiroshima, Godzilla?

Take heated beans and put on bread with mayonnanaise

Growing Older: Wise advice from Julie Andrews, sung to "My Favorite Things"

Psst... boobs and power tools.

I know it's against the rules to start a thread like this, but let's tomb him already

Vandana Shiva: Full Tanks or Empty Stomachs?

Healthcare costs are about to skyrocket for US senior citizens


Best Bush moment?

Follow the money, bet on Illinois in the Rose Bowl

"Things to Come" on TCM now!!!!!! HG Well's story about post-war collapse

The Death of Domination is our only hope to survive.

Only Valium found in Hawkins' (Omaha mall shooter) system

Shhhh...It's SECRET: Utahns calling Iowa/ LDS volunteers coming to Iowa o help Mitt

This election season reminds me of something I saw a long time ago.

Solar Asphalt

Which party would a Bloomberg presidential run hurt more?

Huckabee Too Busy Keeping Up With ‘Britney’ Gossip To Follow Foreign Policy

OMG...Pakistan is Now into "Why She Died 4.0!" (Bhutto's Death) TPM

US diners find rare purple pearl in plate of clams

The Cheney pic that represents what he's all about.


Insight: Despite ‘good news’, Iraq is not okay

Giuliani Hits the Slopes ---pix--->>>

C-Span NOW! New Feature "Chinese News Service" replacing usual BBC World Report.. for now..

Nasa attacked on air safety study (BBC)

I, for one, think it is really interesting and almost exciting, that there is no way

Here's some red state, blue state data that shows that red states are

Its Jan.1, 2008

The Global War on Terror as Experienced Around the World

Letterman's WGA Writers Are Back at Work Tomorrow --->>>

List of Words Banished from the Queen's English includes SURGE !!

Come nov 2008 if either Obama or Hillary wins

A little fightin' music

Does Obama prefer the 90% "unity" after 9/11 to Gore's "divisiveness" when he won in 2000?

Just a Reminder About The Top Three Candidates and Getting the Troops Out of Iraq

Remembering To Forget

What other words can you make out of the name "Edwards"?

President Ends Vacation

Did the Criticisms That Mark Penn (Now Clinton's Campaign Manager) Level at Gore Go Too Far?

MMMMMMMMMMMM who wants pancakes?

Take heated beans and put on bread with mayonnanaise

Are Barack Obama's attacks on Al Gore appropriate?

If he can't get your vote, Kucinich says vote for Obama. WTF?

Kucinich Intensifies Efforts in New Hampshire

Interesting article about Conservapedia

What is the most unbiased, most factual news source?

U.S. Passports to be equipped w/ technology that allows info on the card to be read from a distance

Next Year’s News Predictions for 2008

Al Gore To Launch Campaign Next Month...

Edwards aiming for second choice support

Sisyphus hasn't budged that rock: "In one year, we will have a new administration..."

Writers strike a conspiracy to end criticism of Bush?

i want to bring attention a post that caught my eye

NBC: WAR IS GOOD-Empathy For Civilians Does Not Fit Into Narrative Of Shock & Awe (John Hockenberry)

Why are OUR tax dollars being used to sponsor NBA games?

I'm confused about the hating on Dennis Kucinich...

2004 JOE VS. 2008 JOE

How safe is the caucus vote from tampering/hacking/Diebolding?

Remind me again--why does it matter who wins Iowa?

I believe Obama.

Tom The Dancing Bug

consider this

"The Shock Doctrine" and a conversation with strangers.

Everyone but Obama can sell me on Obama

Why would Kucinich choose Obama over Edwards?

Candy Crowley. Grrrrrrrrr.

Vandana Shiva: Food, Forests and Fuel

Many photos of Impeach signs at Rose Bowl Parade

Woman who tried to assassinate US President Ford is released from prison

Another Bhutto conspiracy? Pakistani paper just pulled story on her sister in law's death yesterday

Ooooh...College Republicans are planning a STORM!

I don't believe Obama

It is official - Glenn Beck declared the Founders were all Libertarians.

My step mother in law and father inlaw bashed me when I supported support Edwards

Gay Muslims Pack a Dance Floor of Their Own

Did Obama lose anyone here today with his attack on Al Gore & blaming left for US division?

Did Chimpy hurt himself on vacation???? (photo)

The Iowa Buzz is ALL Edwards...

The Iowa Secretary of State's Voter/Elections Page...

NYT: Sex Offenders Are Barred From Internet by New Jersey

I've decided to move to Edwards. I'm finally convinced. We need a "fighter".


Huckabee's Close Shave ---pix--->>>

January 1, 1934: "The Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring" took effect


a more accurate Obama quote

C-Span NOW! New Feature "Chinese News Service" replacing usual BBC World Report.. for now..

Memorable Moments From Campaign Trail

Did DK flip-flop when he supported a pro-Iraq War Edwards in 2004?

RJ Eskow: Altamont on the Potomac

I've been gone since Saturday. What's happened since then?

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA---Say it loud and proud!!!!!

Everyone - turn on C-Span NOW!

Hatred for Huckabee from the non-Fundie Right.....

If Obama wins Iowa

Mattt Drudge Is So Transparent (R) Rated Rant

Creepy Ghouliani with the babies

Iowa Caucuses: What are the issues?

Gov. Kaine makes red state pitch for Obama

Clinton and Obama raise $100,000,000 each.

Which candidates passed the "Mr. Potato Head" test in Iowa?

Attention Democratic Primary voters...

Marin (County, CA) as a Primary Predictor

CNN: Clinton 33, Obama 31 DEMOCRATS

Tough 2007 taught Obama how to fight

Eddie Haskell Romney-do not mock the happy fun ball!

FBI still wants its man: D.B. Cooper

Romney's Road to Nowhere; GOP's Fusion Candidate

Can you trust any of them?

Des Moines Register&new Strategic Vision Iowa poll Obama leads (32/Edwards 29/Hill 27)

DODD ATTACKS: Never thought...

Is there an equivalent DU for republicans?

Raucous and feud ridden primary campaigns are an American tradition

name the republican candidate

Clinton's list of strong supporters "way more than anyone else," going door to door by the thousands

Interesting...Unity08's top 5 issues of importance look very much like I imagine...

Majority of Obama's support comes from Democrats, according to my math

How do they measure "likely caucus goers"?

If Elected: The Candidates on Foreign Policy

Clinton's GOTV Plan: Door or Phone Contact with every supporter in next two days

This past Christmas Eve, I took a ride down to Columbus for a family

DMR Poll: Majority of Obama Support Not From Democrats

Joe Trippi shows his desperation

lets give the "race card" thing a rest

Poll questions I just received:

SLOW Down Folks New Poll Statistical DEAD HEAT in Iowa!

That Muslim Smear

I can't wait to see who Ron Paul throws his support behind, if and when he drops out at some point

83% of Iowa Democrats want our troops to withdraw from Iraq IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS! (new poll)

It's prediction time! Which Democrat will win the most delegates in Iowa?

It's clear to me why Barack Obama has resorted to right-wing rhetoric

why is this whole deal in Iowa named after some mountain range...

What nobody told you about Edwards. (Do not cast your vote in Iowa without first reading this)

Please quit the race, Kucinich

Pelosi's New Chief of Staff

Photos: Barack Obama today in Sioux City, Iowa

YouTube video surfaces of Barack Obama slamming Ted Kennedy

If you were a DK supporter & he told you he was bailing..& he told you to support Hillary instead...

The "Clenis" references disappeared, on DU and elsewhere.

Edwards readies for a marathon

The evolution of John Edwards on Iraq

I'm An Obama Supporter, But Recent Events Trouble Me

As an Obama supporter, I have to thank Dennis Kucinich

Obama camp in a panic?

Nearly 1/2 million Americans have donated to the Obama campaign...most less than $100.

Edwards campaign runs new full-page Des Moines Register ad & TV spot featuring supporter Doug Bishop

How will Obama move us past the divisiveness of 2000 and 2004?

Edwards Launches 36-Hour "Marathon For The Middle Class"

Ann Selzer "worried "about number of independents in her Des Moines Register Poll

What role would you like to see Bill Richardson in?

Wouldn't it be great to live in an America...

To those gnashing their teeth about the Des Moines Register poll sample

Edwards Calls for Quick Pullout of Troops

Cover My Back, Boys - I'm Goin' In ...

The Difference Between Obama and Edwards IS Edwards Seeks A Specific Result and Will Stand Resolute

Chief Justice Roberts Wants A Raise, Poor Guy Can't Make It...

OBAMA ATTACKS (Nader Style): Says Hillary is "Just like George W. Bush"

FACT: Obama is losing Iowa and New Hampshire among DEMOCRATS

How much do you think Hillary's display of her ignorance re: Pakistan will hurt her in Iowa

Campuses are ghost towns:"I haven't seen a lot of people come back for any of the campaigns"

Should Hillary Have Skipped Iowa?

Blast in Sri Lankan capital kills 4

Six Hamas militants killed in Israeli operation

Caucuses Bring Power Only to Some in Iowa [not troops]

Whites More Likely to Get ER Narcotics

U.S. to launch criminal probe of CIA tapes

Mukasey: Criminal probe begins into CIA tapes

Scotland Yard to help in Bhutto probe

Iraq invites international oil companies to expand oil industry

Oil futures hit $100 a barrel

Official says Bhutto's party will contest Pakistan elections despite delay

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 2

Press, political pressure helped 'lose' Fallujah, report says

Move to Impeach Cheney Gains Support in Congress

Female suicide bomber kills 10 in Iraq

Romney Takes Swipe at Clinton Years

Siegelman's attorneys ask court to release him from prison

Edwards Calls for Pullout of Troops Training Iraqis

WGA Agrees to Let Golden Globes Continue

Fed Fears Worsening Credit Market

Calif. Rep. Lantos says he has cancer, won't seek re-election

Accused judge's return to bench draws protest

U.S. Economy: Manufacturing Shrinks Most in Almost Five Years

California, 15 other states sue government for rejecting bid to curb emissions

(Pakistani authorities) Issue photos of Benazir killers, offers reward

High-ranking DNC officials subpoenaed in discrimination lawsuit

Martin Tankleff cleared of all charges in parents' slaying

24,000 civilian Iraqi deaths in 2007

Bush Admin Slow to Respond on KBR Sex Assault Questions

Mass. pardon case at center of GOP storm

Impeachment Activists Sit In Nadler’s Office

US to Launch Criminal Probe of CIA Interrogation Tapes Destruction

Tiger attack survivors' attorney says zoo ignored cries for help

9/11 commission leaders blast CIA on interrogation tapes

Decided to treat myself tonight...

Fuck I love this song...Second Skin...RIP Mia Zapata.

You cant spell SUGAR without UGA

I finally got it installed

Ok 17" of snow this is nuts......Someone shovel me out of my Apt PLEASE!!!! =) n/t

Went to see Sweeney Todd for New Year's Eve. (Spoiler alert)

Guess ain't free...

I need to find a job


I almost wrecked my motorcycle today.

Was DU down for about 15 minutes?

You say GD:P is a sack of rabid wolverines? Send in the heavy hitter!

How cold is it where you are?

Can't. take. it. anymore. Please. make. it. stop!

My toes are cold....

I figured you guys should read this.

112,211 users! WOHOOO PALINDROME!

This reality show looks like a train wreck you can't help but watch: Celebrity Rehab

Yee-HAw!! Some genius shoots up town watertower and drains it

Am I reading my weather widgets wrong???? Three days of snow predicted????

My Daemon!

Hehe, spellcheck is your friend!

Who gets over-the-air digital TV?

Happy New Year

I'm alive!!!!!! Ask me anything!1!!111

Just used an adult version of the Easy Bake oven...ask me anything

Words to live by.

The bar has been set- Funniest post of 2008 ... so far

You have GOT to be kidding! (a rant)


WOOHOO!!!! Only 261 days until "Talk Like a Pirate Day" - Sept 19th!

WOOHOO!!!! Only 261 days until "Talk Like LynneSin Day" - Sept 19th!

I'm recovering from surgery - ask me anything!

WOOHOO!!!! Only 261 days until "Talk Like an idiot day" - Sept 19th! (aka Parche Day)

Crank Thread

Du Cooks. I am making a lobster pot pie this sunday. the recipe calls for lard

Who is this Eli and who is making him come?

Cranky Thread

I wish my brain worked a little quicker sometimes

Unexpectedly kinda snowed in... ask me anything!

My wife found my old laser pointer

I want to say something very important: High Plains Drifter is a great western

Here's how crazy I am. I took some pictures

Good morning from Germany

Who is in the mood

What's on your "Bucket List"?

Should we start preparing "LOL IOWA KAWKUS?"

UndertheOcean, Please check in...

Pay off debt or invest?

Separated at birth: Drew Peterson (the cop whose 4th wife is missing and whose 3rd wife's body

This one could get good...

The kidnapping "beauty Queen" of Arizona

Vapors over way too hot men: Part Deux

WTF? where's my crisping sleeve?

Make Bouncy Bouncy game released...

For Christmas, I made a bunch of fudge for the folks I work with

I survived ENT and audiologist visits with Jack. Barely.

Flame War

I don't care what anyone here says. I am NOT voting for Hillary Clinton.

Simply AWESOME!!

okay should I keep it in or take it out

BREAKING NEWS: Bicoastal endorses himself.

So How Will You Spend Tomorrow 'Iowa Cockus' Day?

Expert predicts humans will have sex with robots by 2050

Talk me out of the Butterfinger bar

What Was The Worst Thing That Happened In 2007?

I Just Bought The Last Butterfinger Bar From The Machine

Favorite State/Province/Non-US Counties/Cantons/or whatever

Holy crap, Steve Jobs

Amy Winehouse's Crazy Train Chugs Along...

Some asshole just bought the last Butterfinger from the machine!

"Short, but cute"..a question about height differential..

a moment of science.....cats

Crocs -the shoes- and escalators. Not good.

I have Butterfinger bars for sale.

Why don't they make cars to float?

Lost my shape... trying to act casual....

Couple Has 1st Baby Two Years In A Row

Michelle Pfiefer wants to do a remake of "Grease" with Jessica Simpson as Sandy

All this talk about Butterfingers is making me really hungry!

"David Blaine Street Magic" hilarious parody (YouTube Vid)

I Have Had Gym 3times Since Saturday

I Am Eating My Butterfinger At The Gym While Watching SueZON Malveaux CNN

OK, dumb question but... what does "meme" mean?

I dont care what anyone here says.....

I found this crisping sleeve on my bookcase.

Okay, what is the Lounge's deal with Hot Pockets?

so i read that Radiohead netted 3 million for In Rainbows

I ate all the Butterfingers

Here's how to make the next 24 hours on GD and GD:P more enjoyable...

Who Else Had A Sh*tty New Years Eve?

New in Wolfgang's Vault: New Year's Eve concerts from Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship, Allman Bros.

Cutist Music Video Ever : "Different Names for the same Thing"

Second Latest Poll

Today's word of the day: "butterfinger" Replace a word in a thread with "butterfinger"

What is the point of freezing beer?


When cooking in an oven, is steam supposed to leak out of the front?

I ate all the Skybars.

Anyone have a Sony Vaio and know where the settings panel is?

So, I was walking past a table of twenty somethings at whole foods last week...

My nephew got busted feelin' his first cop.

I have been to the gym three times since Saturday.

I'm sick. *moans*

I love Ann Taintor!

Getting High with Dinosaurs.

The judge gave my God daughter to the Monsters.

I've been to my ob-gyn three times this week

My dad is going through chemo, and I have a question...

Adult Fiend Finder

You're all insane.

The Highwayman

Should *you* have a 'long, interesting obituary'?

Fother Mucker! it's cold outside

Parche!!! I am having my Chardonney......

Fun spam from today...

How good is a dogs sense of smell? Good enough to smell electricity

I have been to the gym three times in my entire life

Latest Poll

Whats With Suzanne Malveaux CNN?

Recommendations wanted - Excercize DVDs you have used and are good

What green veggie should I buy to serve for dinner tonight?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/2/2008)

Can you keep a secret?

Ohioans! Is it snowing where you're at tonight?

The fit's gonna hit the shan here in 24 hours....

My cat is driving me insane

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/2/08

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/2/08 Bonus (by request: Mary Oliver)

Do vegans/vegetarians eat cheese? (need to know b4 I send a gift)

Question Re: Hospital Insurance Crap

Sunday, January 6th at 9:00pm--The Wire returns!

So, the handsfree cellphone law has gone into effect here in CA.

The Single GREATEST war movie of all time

Adult Friend Finder

Want to see the best film of 2007 you've never heard of? Rent "Once".

Googlefight - To be, or not to be

2008 Calendar survey - what Calendars do you have for 2008

my new secret DU crush...Chovexani

I just told my daughter I had premarital sex. Ugh.

Favorite donut.

What's the freezing point of beer?

Any serious rumors in the lounge?

do you collect anything?

Any serious runners in the lounge?


Coulter, Malkin featured in conservative pinup calendar

Purdue students sniff manure for $30 per session

Hi folks! I'm okay!

Good wishes for a great 2008 and a thank you. (An eagle thread)

A twist on New Year 's Resolutions - What do you vow to never do again???...

Renaissance (film)/motion capture/warning: lots of graphics

If you had control over network and cable programming....

Since oil reached $100/barrel today

Family Of 6 Arrested Over Droopy Jeans

Confess your personal succumbing to an "Ugly American" stereotype

If a person were brain dead (literally) and you ate the person's body (literally)...

I watch shows about the Morbidly obese to help shock me into watching my weight

Which sig line animal would win....


Why I don't like Obama in the general election

Sing it together now: "Republicans Suck"

Just a question: Will 2007 live on as the year of the downfall of America?

Pic of protesters in Huckabee's IA campaign headquarters asking, "Who would Jesus Bomb?"

See Bluebears post and follow the link. Now ask if we should try to mobilize as well?

WTF is going on with this place? Two theads have been

It's January! Time to update the Morans Photo Album!

Welcome Former Republicans!

Yet more inconvenient truths

Privileges of unaccountable power (Britain examines war)

Drug companies accused of Iraq bribery

Food prices a worry for China's premier

Repubs are spamming my daughter's college email like hell!

If "Liberal" is a "dirty word," what the hell is "Conservative?"

Doctors who helped after Bhutto shooting told to keep quiet

What the Hell is happening to Kenya? Is it becoming another Rwanda?

Google the word "conservapedia". There is a list of topics ...

Message from the Cheney/Bush short-bus to the American people...

Returning Iraqis face lack of services, property disputes

caption this

Which Democrat do you think will provide the BIGGEST and most SUCCESSFUL target for GOP attack ads

Homicides soared in New Orleans in 2007 (30% increase from 2006)

Hillary Clinton's Risky "White House Missions"

My 'official' plea for party unity

-but will we have the wisdom?---all it will take is a scary bin ladin tape or two!!

No need for polls. Markets will predict candidate

AlterNet: Journalist Tells Congress About Suicide Epidemic Among Vets

FBI Makes New Bid to Find 1971 Skyjacker - DB Cooper - Why are they still looking 4 him?

In an Ideal world , no one is more worthy than Kucinich for the win

Edwards FINAL t.v. ad in Iowa (VIDEO) - Very Powerful IMHO

Year in Review: The Absolute Dumbest Global Warming Comments. (seeking nominations)

Truthout: A Year-end of Yearning for Democracy

Look at the title of this news story. How could the gender matter?

repubs have NO sense of humor, unless its based on cruelty, why is that?

Ill. man killed pregnant daughter, son-in-law, young grandson because daughter married lower caste

Why does the BBC censor Bhutto's interview??

Iowa focus paid off for Kerry

Guest talking consequences of Iraq war--mainly about deaths/sickness-Wash journ. now.

Citizenship in a Republic: Presidential Words of Wisdom

I just Voted!

Huckabee Must Cross Picket Line to Appear on Leno Tonight --->>>

Stonewalled by the C.I.A., by Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton: "We call that obstruction."

So Barack is testing the 3rd Party Waters, a la his buddy Lieberman?

When will results from Iowa start coming in? Anyone know?

Top Ten Photos of 2007 From National Geographic News

Iowa Caucus-ed Out?

Have the repubs succeeded in making torture acceptable to the average American?

dupe - see this thread

TPM´s Great List of Scandalized Administration Officials (Good list!)

Think Tanks discussing 'the crisis in pakistan'--just started on cspan1 now.

BBC Report: Britain sold millions of pounds of military equipment to Saddam

The Forgotten Bicentennial

2fer: Sordid tales of a CLINTON hater. Plus, RFK-Jr to run for Sen.CLINTON's seat

Ten Mistakes I’ll Probably Make In 2008

Would You Like To Have A Smoke With This Man?

Ministry backtracks on Bhutto sunroof claims

surge update - burying the head

Inflation: What it cost then, what it cost now

Huckabee brags about not airing attack airing it? - What?

Edwards Mr and Mrs. Hunts Votes All Night

What are "Special Rights"?

Bush bound for Chicago: 'No Child Left Behind'

Activist Tells Congress About Suicide Epidemic Among Vets

why are they sucking all of the Ohio Natl. Guard out of the state?

Veterans Affairs doctors estimate 60% to 65% of soldiers have experienced a significant explosion

Candidates make last-minute Iowa appeals

Iraqi civilian deaths increased in 2007...

Reallocated Numbers Based on Second Preferences Gives Edwards A Solid Lead --- In Iowa

Pakistan Requests British Help in Bhutto Inquiry

Whats everyone listening to this morning? (Radio, T.V., webcast, etc.)

Rassmussen Reports Posts Latest Iowa Numbers

Gold heads for largest yearly rise in 3 decades

Whatever happens tomorrow...

If you have an idea for a purely progressive political party, is now the time?

Networks obtain secret dossier alleging Pakistani vote-rigging scheme; Bhutto didn't Trust Bush

Chairman Lantos on His Retirement

Droopy jeans no different than droopy tops

Former "Dateline" reporter blasts NBC

Bill Clinton came to our area yesterday and late last night it made sense why.

Business Week predicts Bloomberg candidacy, McCain presidency

Evolution or creationism? Which do you believe?

Friend of mine is back from Iraq - some interesting observations

Gravity or Downward-Pushing Angels? Which do you believe?

Flat or spherical* Earth, which do you believe?

open phones for WHY did DK throw support to B. Obama?--Thom Hartman asking

Gold Advances to Highest Since 1980; Platinum Gains to Record; Oil Climbs Above $98

How do they collect all the Iowa caucus results?

DOW's down 200+ points - good way to start the year.

State To Pay AirTran $3M To Stay At OIA

The young folks finally got involved ?

Poll Junkies, take a look

How I almost didn't get to caucus...and it only takes little things.

Tens of thousands flee Kenya violence as death toll tops 300

Is there any media organization that will total the Iowa numbers to show what they are in a one

"During the same time, the real pay of the average American worker increased by about 19 percent."

Since there's no Top 10 until Sunday we should make a Top 10 conservative idiot list of 2007.

Stockton, Calif. winning city for home repossession in US

Re: "The Sociopath Next Door:" Read This! Official Culture in America: A Natural State of Psychopath

Democratic Voters' Fervor Stirs Republican Worries

This got lost over the holiday weekend, but it's very important in regards

Oh My : How sad is this re Rep. Lantos

"Bhutto Report: Musharraf Planned to Fix Elections (planned to reveal evidence)

This sums up the differences between Obama, Clinton and Edwards

2 fat thighs, 2 small breasts, and a bunch of left wings

Edwards has back to wall in Iowa race

Creeping Fascism: From Nazi Germany to Post 9/11 America, By Ray McGovern

Candidate Shill day off. Why don't ya'll take one. Nothing you post on DU

Bush Signs 'Open Government Act' - Immediately Rewrites Provisions

No matter who the President is, we must stem the growth of power of the Executive Branch

I Try...

Just heard on Air America...

Oil hits $100/bbl. Sorry no link yet just 'breaking' on CNN

Naomi Wolf on Air america now--hour interview

Amusing that oil hit 100+ bucks AFTER the holidays, huh?

Is Randi A Re-Run Again Today?......nt

Can Biden Defy the Iowa Odds?

Gold price breaks 28-year record to hit new peak

The Ten Commandments of Rock

Is it me? Or does Norah O'Donnell's maw continue to expand?

dupe; please delete

U.S. says ready to help Pakistan investigation


Political futures will be decided tomorrow by 1/10th of Iowas population

Attorney General's statement regarding inquiry into the destruction of CIA's interrogation tapes

Most your prediction for tomorrow

Protecting the Middle Class --- What Does that Mean?

I'm rooting for Edwards

Lantos Announces Cancer Diagnosis, Retirement From The House (TPM)

Uh-oh, Musharraf are getting help from Scotland Yard in finding the terrorists

Great Video of Some Brave Women

Given the worst general election scenario, how can we advance our views?

Mukasey just announced DOJ to open criminal investigation into

Did you all know that China is building 4 Mega-refineries?

A humble the following thread up, please...

"Future of the Free World" Riding on Clinton's Shoulders

I didn't know that Tom Lantos was (is) a Holocaust survivor

I'm baffled. Germany has its own freeper site.

It seems as if whoever's in the lead will automatically be the most unpopular here...

Save Yourselves! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! Back Away From The TeeVee!!!!!!!!!

Some USO Board Members Unhappy With Partnership on Phone Cards for Troops

Who is the most unelectable in your eyes and why?

And they say Bush sneers???????

Woo hoo! I finally made the Cafferty File!

Okay, here's my Iowa spaketh.

Wolf Blitzer is asking you to show your caucus, they'll even put it on TV.

Iraq war vet who committed suicide: 'What the (expletive) kind of war is this?'"

Spying Inc.

What I Didn't Say In '03-'04

MS attorney general files suit against Barbour.

There are some people here who would like to turn DU

I'm going to get my nails done. Is that a Republican thing to do?

Mushy picks Scotland Yard vs US to help investigate Bhutto assination. te he.

What should I do about a neighbor who is using my address/phone to sign up for credit?

Husband Mistakes Wife For Intruder, Kills Her

The ISI's mega computer might not be the stuff of fantasy... Remember PROMIS?

Tweety just said on his show he's an Independent. How is that possible when he also said ......

'Hearty Eaters' Say Buffet Banned Them-'Y'all fat, and y'all eat too much,'

Tweety: "Holly-caust"

Ah, the News...

Just placed my bet on the Dem side of Iowa. Trifecta Clinton/Edwards/Obama

On January 11, 2008, the ACLU is calling on everyone opposed to GTMO to WEAR ORANGE!

We should congratulate all the top bloggers.

AG Mukasey has named a Special Prosecutor to investigate the CIA

The Iowa caucus reminded me of this story from '04..

nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue: Huckleberry is POTUS. Do you:

Another incredible (and very stupid) sign in downtown Denver

Evidence mysteriously vanishing in Bhutto assassination

Mukasey appointed outside prosecutor for criminal investigation of CIA

High School Blackwater wannabes?

Warning Graphic. Severed Head of Bhuttos Killer To Aid In Identification

Sign of the Times: SEX WITH ROBOTS

I just saw an ad for Hillary in which she's shot through so much "gauze" ..

MSNBC Ticker... Nader backs Edwards.

Anybody wanna CAPTION some HUCKABEE?

I urge all Iowans to vote for Kucinich. JUST DO IT.

Students to Launch Own Investigation into Chandra Levy Murder

Bay Area Congressman Tom Lantos Says He Has Cancer

Dean supporters from '04--who are you supporting this time?

Democrats say Bush can’t pocket veto defense bill

Leaks of Personal Data Swell to a Deluge

I had sort of a flashback yesterday

Political Peak Oil: Price Spikes to $100 on Nigerian Unrest

I'm so pissed about...

John Mellencamp to headline "This is our country!" rally TONIGHT

Disgusting New York Post Headline: HARD-PRESSED CHELSEA SNUBS REPORTER, 9

A Vast Right-Wing Hypocrisy

Final DU Pre-Iowa Poll

Huckabee wants a federal marriage amendment

Question for paralegals:

so are individuals buying tons of R.Paul signs or

What if...just WHAT IF...there is no clear winner by Feb 5th?

I don't like Republicans

(Obama read this) Reluctant Retirement Savers May Be Scared Straight by These Stats

Rudy Unveils New Campaign Tack: Call For More War

Predictions for 2008

A reason why I like CSPAN:

Had Edwards Done One Thing Differently, He'd Be In A Much Better Position

Bush's Final Year aims for one last domestic triumph: permanent expansion of government spy powers

A treasury of our Lib heads 'sploding over Billy "William" KRISTOL at the NYT

"Oh my God, oh my God, she's having a... baby. Please help... please help... please help."

For women only

Oil tops $100; Reid blames Bush

Conyers "Disappointed" Mukasey Didn't Appoint Special Counsel for Tapes Probe

CBS, CNN obtain secret dossier alleging Pakistani vote-rigging scheme-Stuff Ballot Boxes & Even Kill

For a change, let's not look at candidates but at issues


Yesterday, In New Hampshire, a meaningful part of the population moved closer to be treated equally.

Chair and Vice-Chair of 9/11 Commission accuse government officials of obstruction of justice...

Glenn Greenwald: 9/11 Commission: our investigation was "obstructed"

"Get Off Your Cell Phone And Drive!!!!"

Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore

Holy Cow! What If Edwards Wins? Whoa Nelly!

Professor Oshinsky is Deliciously Amused

I'm a Edwards Man

Mr. & Mrs. Huckabee - Caption these pics

I was interviewed by a Reuters reporter last night.

Look what just opened up in my town!!

Justice Department says OUTSIDE PROSECUTOR

Breaking: December Manufacturing Index LOWEST SINCE APRIL 03 (Edwards Boost?)

Animal Rights Activists Terrorize Family Of Los Angeles Mayor

Dennis Kucinich on Thom Hartmann show NOW

Am I the only one that believes consultants are destroying humanity?

Top 10 Liberal Talk Radio Hosts of 2007

Predatory Profiteering: Foreclosures "Classes" and "Seminars"

Less than half of the 30 top jobs of 2008 pay more than 46,360.

Did A Hi-Tech Laser Beam Kill Benazir Bhutto?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Oil trades at $100 barrel ...happy new year....2008 the year of park and walk..

Barack Obama Tiger Beat Cover Clinches Slumber Party Vote

My concern is that the Democrat will continue our march toward fascism...

Michael Moore on Edwards! (and Clinton and Obama)

Do you think you are being watched, may be..

What is the other DU internet address?

"To Catch a Predator": The New American Witch Hunt for Dangerous Pedophiles (Rolling Stone) . . .

Political Psychology

Erica Jong Writes to New York Times

Do we need to start slinging liberal bible quotes big time?

On behalf of the eventual Democratic nominee, if Romney is the GOP nominee I want to thank John

Just heard Chuck Norris on MSNBC bragging that Huckabee executed MORE people than Romney!

Whoa whoa whoa WHOA...hang on here...Am I really seeing this?

The man I wish I could vote for President this year

Uruguay grants rights to gay couples

Folks this is an astonishing admission

My Ten Favorite Books I read in 2007

I'm donating $20.08 to John Edwards right now. Who's with me?

Sibel Edmonds Case: Benazir and The 'Islamic' Bomb

Where can I get a copy of the Bhutto Report?

If you only do ONE THING today to safeguard our 2008 election, do this:

189 Days in Prison w/o Explanation to Denied Bond-Political Prisoner Former Gov Siegelman

From CREW: The rest of the 2007 scandals to watch in 2008

Fwd: Bush Administration Corruption (compilation)

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45

I was raped but did not report it.

Mukasey Taps 30-Year Vet Prosecutor for Tapes Probe + Durham's History

Please Help IMPEACH Cheney NOW! Wexler Petition Approaching 200,000

"There were about 200-250 at the Clinton event, but about double that number at the Obama event"

women maintain reproductive rights, but....

What time for the Iowa results?

Seeking compromise. Now, about Biden...

Do not panic, Edwards and Clinton supporters. Independents get lazy and don't show up at the end

This race will be settled on the Ping-Pong court!

A positive GDP thread. What draws you to your candidate? Also say something nice about the others.

Obama is a moderate masquerading as a progressive....

What are some things that our new president (or congress)could do to stand up to corporate greed?...

TNYT: What if Iowa Settles Nothing for Democrats?

Breaking News: Edwards' Iowa Express bus breaks down

A brief word about the health care "reform"

Even Obama's campaign was surprised by the Des Moines Register poll's large sample of independents

Sinister Obama uses common Right Wing talking point: "the"

C-Span Caller-Don't Elect A Woman-They Are Not Respected In The World

Difference Between Obama and Clinton on the war: None, let it continue

Huckabee: "Hijack your church's bus, whatever you've got to do to get people to vote for me"

I'd Like To See Clinton and Obama fade and then Edwards and Biden Vie For the Nomination

My morning WTF?! moment

Politically What Is Your Most Important Issue

Delete Thread.

Politics Is a Contact Sport Right Now

who would be the least objectionable GOPer to beat in November?

Clean up in aisle 3, GDP: One way or another there's gonna be a mess here on Friday

Yet another new IA poll (Strategic Vision)

Obama Wins the Spending Race in a Landslide

Proof that Obama isn't soft: Video of Obama telling Ted to "get some spine...stand up to the GOP"

In Iowa, Edwards Faces His Past and His Future

C-SPAN/Zogby Daily Tracking Poll: Obama 28%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 26%

It's Dumb To Schedule Primaries In the Winter

New CNN New Hampshire Polls, Hillary Beating Obama, Mccain/Romney tied

Dowd rips Hillary (and Michelle Obama) in her last pre-Iowa caucus piece

Caucus Day Weather Forecast: Mostly sunny with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s

NH POLL: Hillary 34 (-4), Obama 30 (+4), Edwards 17 (+3)

Criticizing Obama, Clinton, Edwards et al is perfectly appropriate

Obama wins 'Coffee Bean Caucus'

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit ...

Edwards' Iowa Express bus breaks down

I already have a political hangover...and it's not even

Edwards camp averages Iowa polls since Xmas: Clinton 28.2, Obama 27.5, Edwards 26.3

the Edwards' poll averages leave 20% that are not top tier! GOJOEGO!

Now that John Edwards has been blessed with the support of Michael Moore & Nader, what should he do?

I'm changing my Iowa guess


WaPo: Independent Voters May Give Obama Edge in Iowa

MSNBC is so desperate for Obama to win that

New CNN/WMUR NH poll: Clinton, Obama tied; McCain, Romney tied; 1/4 of voters undecided

Edwards Calls for Quick End to Training Effort in Iraq (Today)

Second-Tier Biden Draws First-Tier Crowd

Ralph Nader on Thom Hartmann

i think Hillary will win New Hampshire even if Obama wins Iowa

How predictive is the Iowa Result in New Hampshire...?

Do you consider yourself a supporter of candidate "X" first or a Democrat first?

Obama's legislative record in the Illinois Senate

BREAKING: Edwards staffers order from McDonalds

Dennis Kucinich's name is largely absent from these last-minute DU dust-ups.

LOL- the anti-Rove is just as good as Rove -can they do no wrong?

Huckabee: "I'd never try to make an issue" of Romney's Mormonism (except on his blog)

Some changes in my Iowa prediction (This is the final one)

Who will GRAVEL ask his people to support?

Crude Oil Future Hit $100.00 A Barel

Rasmussen: Favorability ratings...not sure what to make of these...

Which Do You Prefer?

NH Suffolk Poll: Hillary up by 17 over Obama, McCain up by 9 over Romney...

oil just hit $100 per barrel (n/t)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to DU, our great troops, and peace on earth in '08....

Chuck Norris: Huckabee's Fair Tax plan guarantees Arabs get taxed when buying their yachts & jets

How are you feeling about 24 hours away from the Iowa Caucuses?

A Vital Campaign Issue That Is Completely Ignored

Obama draws heavy crowds

CNN--Analysis: Romney attack ads misrepresent facts

$40 million spent to tout candidates on Iowa TV: Half a mil for each delegate; Obama leads spending

It's cold and it's late, but Obama still draws a crowd!

Dear Iowa Caucuser, about the iReport - please don't

Judi Giuliani now rarely appears on the campaign trail with Rudy

Huckabee Tells Faithful to Hijack Their Church's Bus for Iowa Caucus

Mission accomplished

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough appeared in a band onstage with Huckabee?

NYT editor on the "intolerance" toward "serious, respected conservative intellectual" Bill Kristol

Regional proximity to Iowa favors Iowa candidates (Obama)

NY Mag: Is Hillary coldly competent or warmly personable?

Today's Presidential Candidate Schedule

Are candidates allowed to caucus for themselves?


Heading to Des Moines to see the caucus right now

Ricardson: "I'm going to shock the world!"

I Have A Question: Iraq Spending Voting Record

Why won't Edwards fight for fellow Democratic candidates?

Obama On CNN Now!

The Tragic History of Senators and the White House: A Curse For Clinton, Obama and Edwards?

What is it about Obama that gets so many peoples' 'goat' on DU?

Too bad the (Iowa) troops on duty can't come home to caucus tomorrow. n/t

Mrs. Obama said "If we don't win Iowa, we go home!" WOW!

Biden is going to have a tough time in Iowa


The John Edwards we know and love

I Endorse Barack Obama and I hope you will join me in helping him--BARBARA LEE

A friendly reminder....

Contest entrants pick Huckabee, Obama as caucus winners

Presidential candidates who lost in Iowa or New Hampshire but still won their party’s nomination:

New Zogby Poll: Obama, Edwards and Richardson are gaining

IOWANS: Conscience

Hillary Signals Free Pass for Bush; Secrets Stay Secret; Two Dynastic Families Look to Future, Again

Hey Guys, I have an idea, let's bash some REPUBLICANS!

The Huckster's Chairman- " I Want To Knock Out Romney's Teeth"

One more look at Ohio

Elizabeth Edwards again sharing the stage in Iowa

What was the source the last time you heard about the Obama is a Muslim lie?

Will The Non-Dems come out for Obama? Who Decides Iowa?

Will Obama win by not being a Democrat? Will the caucus results be a farce?

Rock The Vote: To Iowans For Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Paul, and Gore

Edwards Poll in 10th D. North Carolina

Edwards Campaigns Through Freezing Iowa Night

Iowa realignment explained

Photos: Barack Obama in Davenport, Iowa. Fired Up, Ready to Caucus!

Illinois' other senator (Durbin) stumps for Obama

Saying Race Is No Barrier, Obama Still Courts Blacks: Message aimed at black voters in Iowa, beyond

MSNBC keeps saying Hillary and Obama both have 2-min. ads for tonight and Edwards has a 1-min. ad

NY Times: “It’s Not Just About Change Or About Experience. It’s So Much More Than That.”

Edwards: When You Rise Up And Take This Country Back For The Middle Class You Will Be Unstoppable

Novakula's Iowa Caucus Predictions: Romney, Obama Win; Clinton Third

Which Candidate is the Least Divisive

In Statewide Address Today, An Iowan Will Speak For John Edwards

Edwards on 36-hour marathon

Internal Obama memo: "anecdotal evidence of success"

Where are all the candidates going to be tomorrow night?

Why Obama Will Win Iowa...It's the youth vote stupid, under-represented in polls

on MSNBC, remeber the iowan with the video about changing her lawn sign from Hillary to...

Win or lose, Obama and Axelrod have run a great campaign

Primary Warriors of GDP: Will you still participate after it's all decided?

Michael Moore trashes Hillary... and Obama... and Gore! But he loves him some John Edwards

With caucuses near, candidates hunt for undecided Iowa voters: Offer babysitters, snow shovels

Former SC Gov. Jim Hodges endorses Obama

Meredith Vieira gets Tough on Hillary (Went to Bosnia w Sinbad)

Hillary Clinton's campaign offering teen baby-sitters for Iowa caucusgoers

FYI - Iowa Legislative Endorsements as of Friday at 12:51 pm

Madame Trash Heap on CNN sizing up Iowa

Washington Post is not biased are they? Oversight?

Kucinich endorsed Edwards in Iowa back in 2004. What changed DK to Obama?

Is it a good idea for Obama to advertise on Drudge?

Go-Go Gavin gettin' married!

California Dems Expected to Vie for Lantos Seat

Edwards faces rare Russia question

Clinton Camp Pre-Spinning Possible Bad News in Iowa

One of my favorite speeches on the house floor.

Hillary not crossing union picket contrast to Repubs...Hillary on Letterman tonight...

Can we make a pact?

Be honest. Acknowledge and admit -your- candidate's failures.

Clinton Camp Pre-Spinning Possible Bad News in Iowa

Poll: GOP Race Tight, Clinton Ahead

On the eve of the Iowa primary I want to say one thing about the candidates:

Here comes Tweety..How long before he mentions "cocaine"

Hillary To Do Letterman Tonight

Former S.C. Governor Endorses Obama

My Plan to Stop Corporate Abuses

Create-a-POLL: Who will win the nominations?

Who will bring "Peace on Earth"?

Obama to young voters: Prove pundits wrong

En route to Iowa to hopefully be part of history

Kucinich is being openly hostile to Hartmann

The 2008 Punditology Challenge

Remember when Edwards promised to help the Katrina/foreclosure victims that he made millions off of?

Citizens Are Sitting In at Nadler's, Request Support

The Ghoul proposes an Afghanistan "surge"

Franklin Pierce College/WBZ NH Poll- Clinton 32%; Obama 28%; Edwards 19%; Richardson 8%

Caucuses Bring Power Only to Some in Iowa [not troops]

Who is more authentic

Did Kucinich show poor judgment

Biden highlights Clinton Pakistan gaffe

Haha. Tweety busts Clinton advisor Wolfson for stealing Obama's patented word...

New poll: Hillary 74, Obams 48, Edwards 26.

Haha. Tweety busts Clinton advisor Wolfson for stealing Obama's stump line

Obama: It's time for Americans to stand for change (NH Union Leader Op-Ed)

Tweety uses "Fired up!" Shameless!!!

Ghouliani tries something different

Iowans, what are your feeling on who will win the caucus?

OMG. Hillary Clinton just said, "Together we will make history." Is she CRAZY?????

Before you caucus/vote in the primaries please keep this in mind

The Bush Family Fortunes - time to watch again

Public finance geeks: Need help.

John Edwards' Support is Strong as Steel: On the Ground in Iowa!

This must be a record for Multiple Choice Mitt

Clinton denies being fired up!!!

Is It True 55% of the Voters in 2004 were First-Timers?

Yo Iowans!

Showdown of Spinners on Tweety, From Today (Norris, Trippi, Wolfson) (VIDEO)

One of the craziest right wing clips from FOX I've ever seen.

Reality Check: tomorrow is the start of the process, not the end

How much weight do you give endorsements?

Clinton To Appear On Letterman; Huckabee To Cross Picket Line To Be On Leno

Dennis Kucinich on Tucker coming up

Mississippi AG Sues Over Lott's Special Election

To all who say "My vote doesn't count"

Dodd: Family is key reason for public service

I Guarantee That Whichever Candidate You Think You Hate Now

The Argument I wish they had had in Iowa

NY's Bloomberg: presidential candidates fall short

There is hope for GWB!

Kit coming to save Giuliani

I love most of our candidates.

Oh No!!! Obama steals from Pat Benatar!!

This was inevitable...

LG David Paterson In Iowa For Clinton, Predicts Clinton Victory

YouTube and Google will offer video from Iowa caucuses

What an Obama presidency means (a Taipein perspective)

Why Does Buchanan Keep Pushing - If Obama Doesn't Win Iowa......

Honestly, what is with the desperate WHINING re: Obama?

Return of the Swift Boaters

Obama Calls for Kenyans to Stop the Violence via Voice of America radio

Republican Blog is Rooting For Hillary - Obama seen as "devastatingly appealing Democratic nominee"

Time Magazine: “Biden Signed Up More Than 100 Precinct Captains In A Single Day”

Biden best qualified candidate for president

Durbin stumps for Obama - "This man touches our hearts. He gives us hope."

Swampland: Illnois' Other Senator Stumps for Obama Today in Iowa

Edwards' plan to stop corporate abuse -- here it is

Michael Moore: Who should we vote for? John Edwards

Legal voters thrown off rolls; Database woes could be 'sleeper issue of 2008'

DK Supporters: Why Edwards not Dean in 2004 and Obama not Edwards in 2008?

For What It's Worth...


Offered in the spirit of "friends don't let friends do dumb things"

Edwards: Too Cute by Half

POLL: The Ghoul is "screwn"....sinking like a stone

NEW POLL: Edwards 49, Obama 27, Clinton 7

As an Edwardite I would be quite pleased with an Obama victory

AN ANALYSIS--MOST won't touch this even with a STICK!

Panic in the Hillary Clinton camp

Why can't we just have all the freaking primaries on the same day?

Huff Post's Vogel: Why Obama Will Win Iowa

I know why the caged Snuffleupagus sings

Hillary: Caucusing Isn't Easy — For Women (VIDEO)

FACT: Under OBAMA'S Health Care, NO ONE turned away because of a preexisting condition or illness

The Three Goats and the Troll....

Dodd Slams Kucinich's Obama Maneuver on MSNBC

DU through Act Blue to donate to the Edwards campaign IS NOT MATCHED!

Has Obama spent over $400 per supporter in Iowa? Look at the numbers:

Chris Dodd: "Obama is the antithesis of Kucinich"

Why did Obama vote for the Class Action Fairness Act that was a Bush administration priority?

Nader: I'm surprised Kucinich endorsed Obama, the antithesis of Kucinich

Michael Moore's thoughts today on Clinton, Obama, and Edwards

Senator Obama, You're no Paul Wellstone

The Legal Profession is a Special Interest Group

Turns out Obama has lobbyists on board after all...

Barack Obama: The Women Who Made Me

Edwards Pulls a Trump Card

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Coralville, Iowa, on the last day before the caucuses

Is this the end of the Clintons?

Are Biden & Richardson getting ready to throw their support behind Obama?

Obama, Cozy with Corporate Lobbyists, Risks Much with Edwards Attack

W&L students predict Clinton victory in Iowa

The three best reasons one of the 'top three' might come in fourth in Iowa:

A message from Michael Moore: "Edwards is the only one of the three front-runners

I'm doing my (volunteer) duty for Edwards all day for the Ia. caucus

Obama STOLE "Fired Up" from Jessica Simpson!!!

CURRENT TOTALS for "Stand Up And Be Counted" poll as of JAN 1

My Top Ten Reasons why I'm not too keen on Obama:

Why women undermine Hillary Clinton

Republicans Out-Raised Democrats for National Committees

Obama is on the wrong side from Kucinich on so many issues beyond impeachment and funding the war

Economists are endorsing Edwards. Hurrah! These are the smartest guys.

Edwards Closing Ad Is Powerful Stuff

"Bite Me, New York Times"

Obama has just demonstrated that he has learned the wrong lesson from Kerry's 2004 campaign

If Obama doesn't win on Thursday, he will have lost because of........

Iowa focus paid off for Kerry

Did Huckabee go too far and pull a "Howard Dean"?

Clinton says she's "Fired Up" and "Ready to Go!!!!"

I watched ALL the top tier candidates on CSPAN this weekend. And I

Dear Iowa, Vote for Dennis But Don't Listen to Him

Faces (John and Elizabeth Edwards)

Hillary's Man Problem / Jon Wiener

Edwards on New Year's Day in Ames, Iowa (excerpt)

Frontline - The Impact of Micro-Finance in Uganda. A little goes a long way.

John Edwards: CNN interview in Iowa (he mentions Obama attacking him)

Electronic Passports Raise Privacy Issues

Move to Impeach Cheney Gains Support in Congress

NY Mag: Iowa Ice Capades

BBC on Waterboarding..

Destination Earth

WP editorial: Stinting on Mercy; Bush and an absence of compassion

For Republicans, Contest's Hallmark Is Immigration

Presidential Candidates Diverge On US Joining War Crimes Court

Toronto Star: Welcome to Third World, U.S.A.

Momentum (John Edwards)

2007 a year of climate surprises - From heat records, to drought and melting Arctic sea ice

The Onion: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

A Tale of Political Dirty Tricks Makes the Case for Election Reform

Former PM Now Leads Pakistan Opposition

Fred Thompson Counting on the 'Hungover' Vote to Win Iowa

Seven Things to Remember from '07

Thomas Kean/Lee Hamilton: Stonewalled by the C.I.A.

Musharraf Promises Full Investigation of … Sunroofs!

The fight for Pakistan's soul

Fear and Loathing in Bolivia

Deadliest but declining

More Fort Carson soldiers return from Iraq

N.J. town builds home for wounded Iraq vet

Use of unmanned drones soars in Iraq

Hill AFB worker faces federal bomb counts

NASA survey shows hundreds of close calls

Djiboutian firefighters learn the ropes at U.S. camp

Back in Germany, they train others on Afghan warfare. Here, they’re the students.

Planned highway would shorten trip between Aviano, Vicenza

Bhutto Alleged Election Fix, Aide Says

2 Face Court Martial for Haditha Deaths

Veto Pinches Troops' Pockets

Edwards Calls for Pullout of Troops Training Iraqis

Slim down for cash in ‘Biggest Loser’ contest

60-year-old Army retiree wants back in

2 sailors found dead in Ghana hotel room

C-12 pilots support special operations mission

Gauging the Fear Inside the Palace Walls (Sirota)

Bob Newhart's Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Ave

Danny Glover in Nevada for Edwards

Gary Hart: The National Interest and 2008

'Arm yourself'

The World Wants America Back

Nina Hagen - All Apologies

America's Enemies - From Within & Without

Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore

Barack Obama: Two Days Out ("If the American people believe in can't be stopped")

Elizabeth Edwards at Iowa State (Jan 1 2008)

Paul Craig Roberts: Criminals With Badges

Obama goes all Harry and Louise on Edwards, Hillary

Bhutto 'was about to spill the beans'

Edwards rallies supporters in Mason City, 'this is not about me..'

Accountability- Lieberman Style

Obama - One Voice

This is personal for me, says John Edwards (Jan 1 2008)

John Edwards - Wave of Change, new ad!

Hillary's Closing Argument

CEO outrage of the year -- Comcast head pays himself dad's salary.

The most impressive thing about Mitt Romney is his clarity of mind.

John Edwards Discusses Poverty In America

Urban Growth Disrupts Habitat Of The Gaviotìn Chico

Beginning Jan. 3 (Thursday afternoons) - SHADES OF GREEN, streaming talk radio show

France Sets Ambitious Renewable Energy Targets

"The Man Who Planted Trees"

Migratory Bird Numbers Collapsing (26 - 86% By Region) Along West Coast Of Malaysia - Straits-Times

At Least 107 Dead In Indonesian Flooding & Landslides From Deforested Areas - AFP

Baltic Sea May Soon Be Too Polluted For Fishing Or Recreation W/O Cleanup Plan - Der Spiegel

Mayor Of Paris To Launch Fleet Of 2,000 Self-Service Electric Cars For Residents

Warming Oceans May Push Australia's Coral Reefs South To Cooler Water - DPA

US Demand for Gasoline last week down 5.5% from a year ago.

NYMEX crude oil front month futures hit $100.

May I just take a moment...

Oil at $99.38 at 12 noon CST. Gold at $861.70

Coming Next - Peak Helium - Washington University

Alaskan Archaeologists Race Against Erosion, Melting Permafrost To Save Native Graves - BBC

Kharecha, P.A., and J.E. Hansen, 2007: Implications of "peak oil" for atmospheric CO2 and climate.

Al Gore is full of it !

Vestas Books $1 Billion+ In Wind Turbine Orders In Less Than Two Weeks - Bloomberg

Toxic Fungus Moves Into Oregon Forests - 180 Sickened, Eight Dead On Vancouver By Same Bug Since 99


Clark makes appearance for Hillary - Laconia

here once again is Hillary's fantastic record. Looks like a prize to me...

SEIU: Members and health care voters launch new ads on eve of first caucuses and primaries

Smithfield workers ratify contract at Iowa plant

UFCW Unions in Northern California Vote Overwhelmingly to Approve Contract With Safeway and Vons

Powell’s (, the unionized alternative to reached a new four-year contract

Chile commemorates Santa Maria mining massacre

Today in labor history January 02

Episode 39 USW POWERcast!

Huckabee Will Cross Picket Line to Appear on Leno

Rutgers Staff Rings in the New Year with First Union Contract

Seattle Unions Win Battle to Protect 200,000 Family-Wage Jobs

Why is AFCSME backing Clinton and not Edwards?

Court rules to evict 8 Jewish families from E. J'lem house ~Haaretz

The Great Divide: Israel's Forbidden Road

Terrorists who carried out deadly W. Bank shooting were Fatah men

After Annapolis: What Chance for Agreement with Abbas and the PLO?

Ordeal over for Gaza pilgrims

An Unholy Land Grab: The Story of a Palestinian Farm and Settlers

Varieties of imperial decline : rearguard success, strategic defeat

Blog post from Iowa :)

FYI re Huckabee on Jay Leno. People are furious, mostly with

First visit to this group to let you know


Joe's "Closing Argument"

Ok, here's a quote from the blog that Pirhana posted......ABC Debate...


Biden is on CSPAN for an hour or so.

If anyone was wondering about DU bias

Great Time article on Joe

GD poll for Iowans

Alright, you wake up January 4 and log on to DU, only to learn

Thanks for nothing JE . . .

You guys - Biden picks up 100 precinct capt in one day

Just heard Joe on live local radio

Make sure you check this out


From the Biden folks. Check out the photos.

Just got this...

I'm on Michael Moore's e-mail list and received his piece on who

CORONA -- check your PM -- thanks. nt

I'm just home from the Biden Bash and it was the best!


Please Vote On This Poll


You guys -- please

Ok, more details about the debate...

This made my day...

Here's my answer from Michael Moore....Things are Looking Up!!

MSNBC: Andrea Mitchell insinuating that the 2nd tier candidates are telling

Signing off until after caucus tomorrow.

Dr. Housing Bubble January 1st, 2008

Joe Biden led Wonkosphere in buzz per post on Sunday

Presidential Candidates Shrink From Budget Issue


Forecast for 2008

Anyone want to respond to this, at Kos?

Greenspan: "... something will happen which is unexpected, which will knock us down,"

High-ranking DNC officials subpoenaed in discrimination lawsuit

DK supporting Obama? I'm pretty much done with US politics. I have about zero hope.

Would this be the last straw for gay people and the Democratic Party?

Homophobic Rant about My Friend on Christmas!

In 2012, if we don't have a candidate who represents our issues I'm voting GAY.

Election protection action thread, Xpost from GD:

Legal voters thrown off rolls: Database woes could be 'sleeper issue of 2008'

CNN: 'F' for e-voting as 2008 election looms

So the Gators lose to the team who lost to Appalachian State- Happy New Year indeed!

Sugar Bowl's gonna start!

Now you have a full understanding of what it means to be a UVa fan

Stand back. cboy is gonna blow! Mike Nolan stays as 49ers coach.

Kerry Collins appreciation thread...

I Am The Champion

Ireland named new Dolphins GM

Here is what happens when the 119th "undefeated" schedule meets talent

1000s Of Legal Voters Disenfranchised-Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 1/2/08

Reiki on Youtube - two guys send Reiki via the web

Message from Dream about precognition

Eli Manning Too Harshly Criticized?

Carolyn Myss - Entering the Castle

Diagnosed with Piriformis Syndrome?

Disturbed sleep link to diabetes (BBC)

Hospitalizations increase for deadly lung disease

Romney's Health Care 'Solution'

Colon cancer risk traced to common ancestor

Some Hospital's 'Do Not Resuscitate' Wristbands Look Like Lance Armstrong 'Livestrong' Bracelets

The very old may benefit from L-carnitine: study

Paris and Berlin ban cafe smoking (BBC)

UVa. Tests Viagra-Like Drug for Women

Chile's Llaima volcano erupts

The first wetbacks were Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Whiteout! A winter's day in Iowa.

It snows here too...

A Note on Comments for the Photo of the Year Exhibition.

Happy 2008, everyone

I believe that 2+2=4

Have a great '08 Photography Group! (An eagle thread)

Open Water. More from fridged Iowa.

Ordered list of intelligent species?

Who has silicone oven mitts/pot holders?

Evolution or creationism? Which do you believe?

DC fires lawyer in SCOTUS case

Self Deleted as it duplicates Hamden Rice's NYT Editorial Discussion

The Waxman, truth squaded....

9/11 Chairs Kean and Hamilton today explicitly accuse CIA of obstructing investigation

Jones debunks NIST....

Sick to death of the primary wars? There's a really good post in GD. (No, really!)

NYT climate change editorial with a positive JK reference

The Nation: Return of the Swift Boaters (must read, unfortunately)

Mary Beth Cahill's op-ed in the BG on the Kerry campaign.

Join Jim Hightower and the TxDP in Galveston This Saturday!

Valinda Hathcox has thrown her hat in to challenge Ralph Hall 4th District

Road Rage Incident in SA

It's time for an Austin DU meet up!

No Child Left Behind: GOP senators want it to be history

DU's Worst Person in Minnesota List for 2007

Upgrade help

Building a new needed please.

Help, I keep getting this popup when I'm online with my new-to-me used laptop

Have I mentioned how much I love Canada?

CBC News responds to Conservative fundraiser

Toronto Star: Tories' cronyism rampant, critics say

Chronicle Herald: MacKay should get off ‘blame-Iran’ bandwagon

As of 1/02/08, who do you support for President?

Happy New Year to all & an invitation

Survey: Generation Y biggest user of U.S. libraries

Memphis Police axe college requirement

Student-athletes? Colleges use them then lose them

OK It's New Year's-- Who else has been Zonin'?

Monk fans, who do you like the best Sharona Fleming or Natalie Teeger?

A flip-flop should be no handicap.

Somebody explain something to me

Ecstasy safer than aspirin, says top UK cop

For the real connoisseur of woo...

RE; the woman who gave birth at McDonalds

How pathetic are YOU?


Any ideas for Monty? I'm worrying about him.

Have you seen the ASPCA ad?

Washing the kitty