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Archives: January 20, 2008

I feel stupid

I learned a lesson the hard way today

Gooooo JETS!!!!

Wow, y'all, remember when trolls actually tried?

The man who rocked Alice's world, Sam the Butcher, has died (Brady Bunch)

What's for Dinner?

A good day all the way around, its nice when these happen.

If you have a photo sitting around on your hard drive in "jpeg" form...

A 15 sec. laugh from nature

GDP is going to reach violence of legendary proportions this week.

WTF are these little bug things in my books / bookcases?

I need a tetanus shot and a beer.

Escapin' through the lily fields, I came across an empty space...

Banks may be closed on Monday...

How many here would vote for a Borat Clinton ticket?

my stepmother is putting the video of my father's funeral on YouTube

How about a thread for those who have been described at different times as redheads or brownettes?

How Does Lee Mercer Jr. Feel About Hair Color?

Blatant Whoring for one more Rec. for my BookTV Thread (20 min. countdown!)

I am such a freak

I won't let hubby sign up for DU

"Enjoy every sandwich" indeed. Better advice was never given.

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

"General Discussion !!!"

It's time for some Shirley Bassey!

I've got nothing.

Shhhhh.... Quick, follow me.

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHH!!!! I cannot believe what I just heard on MS-DLC!!

New family Pictures! (Picture thread?)

Dang, Eric Clapton has gone downhill...

There Are Only Two Kinds of People...

There are only two kinds of people

Anyone else addicted to nicotine gum? I swear I think I'm ruining my teeth

I scanned and restored some new family pics today

Chess experts: how did Bobby Fischer change the game?

This will settle the question "Is Stephan Pastis a sick individual?" once and for all

620 multiplied by 8

It's time for some Napalm Death.

I has chickens.

I Love This Song

I gave my dinner away and now I'm hungry.

VivaMom just sent me this video... It's the funniest thing you've ever seen!

Earworm! Earworm!

Michael Stipe just came onstage with Coldplay....

And here it is, your moment of zen.

A fantastic lost gem by the Doobie Brothers

Hysterical - Star Trek Meets Monty Python


Which of the following are true?

Lizard and 'mander experts, identify this visitor please?

Went to saturday evening mass...

John Lennon Imagine

Bruce Springsteen-My Hometown

Worst Earworm Evah! (despite some good competition)

Buncha squirrel haters here....

New sig line explained

My sister met Bono and The Edge tonight.

OMFG -- Rachael Rayjust called herself "Cinderrachael"

I want to grow up to be a debaser.

I know drinking alters one's state of awareness, but...

I just wanna stop.

Could the Swiss insatiable thirst for world domination be any more transparent?

you 'hair color chicks' are ALL inferior!


What random avant garde crap are you digging lately? Music, films, books, whatever.

I suck.

Enough with redheads. If you're a baldette, check in here!

I has crabs.

I met my Dutch hubby online.

Everybody's broke, Bobby's got a buck

I won $100.00

Is there a superhero whose ass the Boy Wonder Robin could kick?

Sailor Moon was about Anime lesbians, wasn't it?

I Has Chitterlings

CNN BREAKING: Oscar Mayer declared weiner in South Carolina

There are only 10 kinds of people...

Is there something you once REALLY WANTED, that doesn't excite you now?

*AHEM* Where are my blondes?

my kitty knows when I am sick he stayed by my side the whole time. Check it out

The more egregious post hoc meddler?

why do you want to legislate against my rubber testicles?

Hey! When I move back to MA/NH in May, can we have a huge DU meet up?

Ok enough with the red heads.... BRUNETTES ROCK!!! If your a brunette, check in here!!

Daniel Day-Lewis - There Will be Blood, based on Upton Sinclair's, Oil...

I played for a woman's 98th birthday party today...

Name Five People, Still Around, Who You Would Like To Meet Before You Die.

Logic Puzzle, Anyone?

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown.

What's the game plan for reporting primary results on Super Tuesday here on DU?

Be honest. How many do you know willing to sacrifice on behalf of the many rather than themselves?

CREW, WH, E-mail: Today's Must Read by Paul Kiel

Worrisome trend in Nevada?

CNN sure has a lot of new toys this election year

Uhm...Maybe the American PEOPLE are ALSO at fault....

Caucus Math

TORTURE Tape Gate: "The Official Story Unfolds" by Scott Horton

From the DailyKos..Widespread Cheating & Vote Suppression by Clinton Campaign in Clark County, NV

Mother loses custody of son due to service in National Guard

Blackwater and the Administration of Justice = Republican and Religious Right Politics

Do you ever feel slimey about something you did?

I gotta say, Rachel Maddow & Keith Olbermann on the same panel...

Contemplating Democratic control of both houses of Congress and the White House .......

We can pretty safely call SC for McCain.

I believe Chelsea Clinton has turned out to be an extremely effective campaigner for her mom

Leading Democrats To Bill Clinton: Pipe Down - Newsweek question

Sunday TV news shows

Brian Williams is concerned about Bill Clinton's "BRAND." WTF is wrong with these people

Where can I buy IV bags?

SC called for McCain.

WTF !!! - Bill Clinton As Poll Watcher ???

If McCain is the Repub national nominee...

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

BREAKING NEWS - McCain Wins South Carolina - AP calls it!

Banks Urged To Disallow Caps, Glasses

Tomorrow is 1-20-08


NBC NEWS Decision 2008 Update = McCain wins in South Carolina, late call

I have a serious question I just have to ask,

Olberman and Matthews

Is Tweety well?

Looks like the new tact will be to attack Bill Clinton - Russert thinks he can drag up the old muck

Safeway Trucks Going Green

John McCain is a loathsome, disgusting human being

Today finished off ..........

Parties' rules committee question: when must candidate cede delegates (e.g., indictment)?

Seems it was just yesterday: "The Official I miss Bill Clinton thread" - on top

Is Craig Crawford's voice on purpose?

"Hunter ends long-shot Republican White House bid" Another one bites the dust..

"Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?"

A **BIG EMBRACE** of congratulations to McCain for winning So. Carolina

Maya Angelou's poem in praise of Hillary

What a way to mark T-minus 1 year: Welcome to the House of Aquarius!

There is something bad wrong

What possesses Freepers? (punctuation)

Clinton Calls on President to Commit Needed Resources for Detection of Biological Attacks


Newsweek: In 2002 Cheney was pushing for universal smallpox vaccine resulting in many casualties

Dear Grocery Chains ..... Kiss My Organic Ass (non campaign rant)

Was Fred in this just to be the spoiler for Huckabee in SC? Had Fred not run, Huck would have won SC

Just a small point of contention ...

I feel like roaring!

Political Polls?

So... What Will Be "Off The Table" With A Hillary Clinton Presidency ???

Just a small point of personal privilege: IMO, the Edwardses would make a superior First Couple.

Heating resources?

I am planning to make a John Edwards vid - need your help


Canada pressured to remove the US from 'countries that torture' list

UK Times: Official Documents Prove FBI lied to protect US officials

What Has Hillary Clinton Said about Sibel Edmonds Case?

Bullshit the Neocons are done and toasted.

Rosie O'Donell on America

Serious question about Obama's future...

WA state Dem. Sen. Karen Keiser proposes comprehensive new health plan.

Glenn Beck: FDR Was "One Evil Son Of A B***h"

Is America Ready For A Black or Female President?

What would the dynamics on DU be if it comes to a Clinton/Obama ticket in the GE?

Wes Clark gave a great speech in support of Sen. Clinton last night in Nevada

does this mean that cnn's wolf blitzer rejected my e-mail, or does it mean that this is no longer

A Clinton Win In Nevada Ends On An Ugly Note - Slate

Ahhh a nice balmy 65 degrees here in Orlando.

House candidate mum on doctored campaign photo

WTF!!! Mystery of skulls in a Florida forest deepens


I'm confused. Isn't a democratic government supposed to protect its people from ALL oppression?

wow, now we're getting an Ann Romney speech on the cables

KO reports and MSNBC shows Mittens rolling up his sleeves just before he went on stage

If either of the other two Dems had won Nevada, would it be "inconsequential"?

South Carolina Repub results thread

Is it politically savvy for self-professed Democrats to rag on people's weight?

And on the flip side..hope sprung eternal

read a story recently that said that an anti-war religious group

Clinton, Romney Extend Delegate Leads = Clinton has 237 & Romney has 59 delegates

SEC urged not to revive "terrorist" watch list

Question about superdelegates

How many here would vote for a Borat Clinton ticket?

Apaches Rise To Defend Homelands From Homeland Security


"Take a Tranquilizer before Reading this One "

Here's the total delegate count

Let's face facts-the Christian fundamentalists are wussies

Just think....this exact time next year, somone will be at the Blair White....just hours away from

Conyers "...just hasn't decided what to do about Impeachment!...Stops by Randi to say this...

A late caption for Terry Pratchett fans ...

Did anyone catch Near Dead Fred's 'speech'?

Does anyone recall the vehicle Gore drove in An Inconvenient Truth?

WTH is going on in SC? No results yet??

Rachel Maddow now official MSNBC analyst..

Sorry for this post, but did Barak actually get more delegates than Clinton?

Hopi Prophesy

Just what we need: "Bloomberg Has Harsh Words for Washington"

Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?


Warning: Sentiment Grows in Oil-Hungry U.S. for Extended Middle East Presence

If it's Hillary vs McCain in November, what are your thoughts?

Clintons sell secret library donor lists - ABCNews/Center for Responsive Politics

Overheard tonight at FondueFest 08: "Ides, have you ever done work for XYZ Corp?" A Carlyle Co.

A hypothetical question for you..

Women are the most oppressed humans on the planet...

Trailer for Hillary swift-boat movie

"How to Rig An Election" Phone Jammer with Jon Stewart last night = Daily Show

"Drink at least eight glasses of water a day." Really? Is there scientific evidence for "8 × 8"?

it's about delegate and its also about what people are voting for - Clinton

Hey to well intended Obama supporters.

I am looking at the deligate count here:

Hillary is now leading in delegate count....updated 1 minute ago

Potentially troubling news in Clinton's Nevada win

Will Hillary do the classy thing and concede just because?

Over 50 vote + Hispanic vote + woman's vote + white vote = unbeatable

KO just said that NBC is saying Obama has the most delegates

Romney on TV live now: best example of Rudy's stupidity.

delete - already been posted.

MSNBC just said Obama got more delegates

Obama’s official statement

CNN has Obama and Clinton even on delegates (12 each)

When will Hillary concede

So now we have a candidates supporters

Dem's the rules: We have a tie

OK, well intentioned Clinton supporters, how about doing something about this guy?

Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC: Clinton won most delegates

Wait until Obama declares that Florida Democrats "don't count" when Clinton beats him there. LOL

I seem to remember some former President saying some peoples votes would count more than others...

Texas and Ohio

MSNBC= Must Spew Nonstop Bullshit at Clinton

Obama has the most delegates


The new conventioanl wisdom

Ron Paul came in second in Nevada??

Any way to figure out who was behind the Robocalls that targeted Obama?

The Clintons will be more successful reparing any racial divide than the people trying to create one


Elizabeth Kucinich travels through cali

There is some reason to hope, even if the Senate records of our candidates disappoint you

Bill Clinton Ignites Ruckus Inside Casino Caucus

Great Bush spin NBC

The problem that the Obama campaign is facing is that they are...

Breaking: Duncan Hunter Dropped Out

Claiming a 6% loss as a win because of delegates is really desperate

MSNBC: Clinton camp disputes Obama wins delegates, says she won the 13th delegate

MSNBC is now giving the extra delegate to Obama (13-12)

Now that Hillary has won Michigan, NH and NV, is SC a "must-win" for Obama?

War-loving assholes in South Carolina win

The Dem delegate count after Nevada..

MSNBC just stated they DO NOT KNOW who gets the delegates in NV

AP calls delegates for Obama

fred thompson -- "maybe we're headed

I NEVER thought I would live to see it. NEVER

NBC:Delegates are an "extrapolation" and no question Clinton won Iowa. Obama wins with vapor voters.

Bill Clinton rallied caucus goers inside 5 Vegas precincts?

Bill Clinton Ignites Ruckus Inside Casino Caucus

I believe Obama can beat McCain -- I don't think Hillary can. I'm open to being convinced otherwise.

The official "I don't miss Bill Clinton" thread

If McCain is the republican nominee,

Women turn on Oprah

Fred is painful to listen too


Fred does not drop out

If Edwards doesn't stand up for Kucinich (the little guy), will he be next to be "Kucinich-ed"?

Giuliani Loses Lead In New York to McCain

Obama backers supporting one-man-five-vote schemes and "delegates." Are they really "Democrats"?

What was THAT? Why did Fred Thompson call a press conference to say NOTHING?

If you think about it both Obama and Hillary lost in Nevada

Bill reminds me of my old red nose uncle who's minds everyone elses' business but his own

Is anybody watching the live feed from McCain's HQ in SC on

Nice Board of Elections Official Results Site you got there, South Carolina.

Is a HRC presidency backed by the Executive Powers the Bush Cabal stole good, bad, or moot?

CNN said that Hillary won overall, but both got 14 pledge delegates

Which two states would you rather win ....

My I please have your attention y'all: Nevada democratic national delegates will not be chosen until gives Obama the extra delegate. Obama WINS!!!

Rep. Clyburn: Nevada was a 'split decision'

Claiming a Delegate Win in Nevada is No Worse Than Claiming a Win in Michigan.

One delegate doesn't matter!

McCain might have some trouble.

Obama Camp: Nevada Caucuses "Discredited"

Hillary's record this cycle 0-2-1

Obama Edges Clinton in Delegate Count

Must MSNBC play their campaign theme muzak everytime they just show stats?

SO confused! Who the hell won?!!

Thank you Clinton Campaign!

SC 50 percent reporting: McCain up by 5

Unlike Iowa, Nevada's under age 30 participation poor

Warms the heart to see a former American president resume his role as a regular citizen

On MSNBC, the richerer upscale casinos went for Clintons and Caesar's Palace is not upscale

The story has now become about how Obama won more delegates. Hillary's mo thwarted?

Congratulations Obama on Your Third Consecutive Delegate Win!

Apparently more weirdness to come from NV caucus rules

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama swap poison

Look at those poor kids at the HUCK speech?

Mannequin Mitt is dropping like a rock

"This is a race for delegates…It is not a battle for individual states."

Are we heading for two brokered conventions?

Smart politics by the Obama camp: They are minimizing their NV loss

I'm really glad I don't have to make a second choice right now.

Washington Post: Clinton team responds to allegations Obama won more delegates, says incorrect

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Endorses Obama

The official Bill Clinton Whored Himself on the Vegas Strip Thread

I would like to thank Obama's supporters in Henderson...

Hucakbee Strongholds of Greenville and Spartanberg (spelling?) havent come in yet.

Ron Paul's second place is great in one way--it shows GOP voter solidarity is lost and diffuse

President McCain

Remember when some on the other side were saying: "Run, Fred Run!"

Here's what will happen if Obama tries to talk about "delegates" and "voting irregularities"

Russert just made a huge GAFFE on MSNBC, said South Africa instead of South Carolina

one man's opinion, this is a GREAT Hillary photo

No matter what you think of McCain if he wins SC thats pretty sweet for him after the '00 bad stuff

Fuck YOUUUUUUUUUUUU FRED!!! He should have to drop out now!

In NH Hillary and Obama each got 9 delegates, was it played in the media as a tie?

John McCain was won the SC Primary

AP delcared McCain as winner

MSNBC - McCain in SC

Do men win by running rougher nastier than usual campaigns against women?

Tim Russert said Bill Clinton was going to "South Africa" this week to campaign

CNN: McCain wins South Carolina

Good God -- I was so busy today, I forgota bout the caucus

Thompson stayed in to help McCain graphic

MSNBC, 7 minutes ago: Two-thirds of S.C. precincts counted, McCain has 34%, Huckabee 29%

McCain's lead appears to be holding in SC

AOL news is playing Nevada as "split" between Obama and Clinton

How many oncologists do we have posting here tonight?

I couldn't imagine two weaker people capitalizing on 9/11......

Oh my: Obama campaign alleges last-minute negative robo-calls in Nevada (w/audio)

Knowing What We Know Now: Electability in the GE

McCain won. Now we'll have either Clinton vs McCain or Obama vs McCain

I'm a Hillary supporter and this is a thread for Hillary supporters only!

My local newspaper the Sacramento Bee has endorsed McCain and Obama.

McCain isn't going to talk about anything but national security. Clinton is the only D who can win.

Will the Big Dawg campaign in South Carolina.

Visualize McCain next to Clinton, Obama or Edwards. McCain loses.

AP Calls Obama Delegate winner in Nevada

Nevada Democratic Party President is confused about Obama's spin about delegates

The new conventional wisdom


for the undecided regarding clinton v obama

Hillary won 7 of 9 casino caucuses. According to Bill, she had a 5 point lead going into this.

"But you know DU - they're a bunch of looney tunes."

NEVADA: Let's cut to the truth about the delegates and caucus process. Q&A

The Campaign in Black and White

Obama Gives Away 'Questionable' Funds

Ari Melber: How Did Clinton and Obama Win the Nevada Caucus?

Russert and Tweety saying Bill Clinton called the studio head of MGM...

We all want our nominee to fight tooth and nail against the Rethug in November.

Obama leading by 1 delegate doesn't change the fact he lost latinos 64%-26% with the Culinary

Congratulations to Obama supporters! (Obama supporters only please)

Are Clinton and Obama courting the Reagan Democrats in California

Evidence that Edwards dropping out would rescue Obama?

HILLARY CLINTON WINS NEVADA will be the headline in every Sunday paper tomorrow


AP: "Obama edged her out for national convention delegates at stake, taking 13 to her 12."

"Frustrated to a Fault" On Strength and Weakness.

There's A Video Up About The Black/Hispanic Split In Nevada

Does his poor showing in Nevada spell doom for Lee Mercer?

teleprompter mccain - gimme a break dude

Florida voters

The Clintons will run circles around RePUKES when the stimulus package goes through

BTW - GM is laying off half its hourly workers.....

ORWELLIAN DOUBLESPEAK becomes the official language of DU

Huckabee has "no regrets" over S.C., heads to Texas for Chuck Norris BBQ

Heheh.... imagine if Clinton lost by 6% ...

MSNBC: Bill Clinton expected to go door-to-door

Interesting breakdown of the divisions of the Republican party

How about this for a bi-partisan ticket

Watching the way things are playing out in the Media. Nevada is a draw

Kansas City Star Endorses Hillary for President

It's possible Hillary could run the table on 2/5, and we'll still have a brokered convention

Photo: Is that McCain or Popeye? All that's missing is the pipe and the friggin' can of SPINACH.

2008 is the year women, 35 and up, take back their country

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Endorses Obama

Looks like Hillary's pledged delegate count lead stands at 210 Hillary to 115 Obama to 46 Edwards

The Nation: Clinton and Obama Win Nevada

Hope they run that fossil McCain. He'll run on the "the jobs aren't coming back" theme

Judicial Watch Releases Records Re: Hillary’s Health Care Reform Plan

Should I even BOTHER to vote in Florida?

Tomorrow's headline: PUSH

Once again the big story is Democratic voter turnout

Which Famous Politician Said This?

Speaking of delegates, CNN says McCain gets 13 and Huckabee gets 3

John King: Edwards camp says it will continue even if it loses South Carolina

Sorry to Bother You, But I Just Turned In and Still Can't Tell What Really Happened.

The Best News of the Night!

It's been in the back of my head for two years that a natural disaster

Hillary Clinton won, Barack Obama lost, its that simple.

Obama camp full of shit, Party says not so fast on delegate claim

Poll: Who would win more Independent voters between John McCain and Hillary Clinton?

Reid particularly and then Pelosi are extremely disliked...

Now that Edwards is no longer viable

We are all terminal

Meanwhile in Chicago Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

Anyone loathe Peggy Noonan as much as I do?

The First Woman President Or a Third Term for Bill? Is this supposed to liberate women?

Why did Clinton win the same voters Obama claimed she tried to "suppress"?

So who do you think is the most sensible....?

Do you think Obama the divisive is a gift to the republican party?

WINGNUT HUMOR BREAK: Malkin says Obama winning SC with 22% of precincts reporting!

Your second

Ron Paul beat Giulliani in both races today.

Hey, anyone interested in South Carolina?

What do you think of Obama declaring victory in Nevada?

Will DU implode if we go to a brokered convention

Throw up with me here, about how we feel about Nev. choosing the corporate-war candidate

Obama came back from 25 pts down in NV to win the majority of delegates

NYT and the Hillary camp are full of shit

Obama Faces White Resistance In South, Polls Show

Why is CNN ALWAYS the LAST news source to project a winner?

The Nevada caucus reminds me of the 2000 election.

The Goliath Clinton Machine vs. Obama as David. He wasn't even supposed to come close!

I don't understand the delegates allocation in SC for the Republicans

DKos and kid oakland:some thoughts about Bill Clinton and Nevada

NY TIMES: Clinton Defeats Obama in Nevada Vote [Times disputes Obama's delegate claim]

Sore losers

Freepers disappointed in McCain win

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

Obama's Win in NV of Delegates WIll Be the Topic of Conversation Tomorrow and All Week!

Obama got the delegates based on the process, but it may or may not remain that way until the end.

Hillary Clintons Delegate Problem

A Clinton win in Nevada ends on an ugly note.

An old favorite video: I Hate Republicans. and some good Dean quotes

When is Hillary going to do the classy thing and concede Nevada?

Mike Huckabee can officially go f*** himself

Whoa - overflow crowd for Hillary (and Bill) in St. Louis

RePost. Nominating the Clintons is a bad idea!!!

Like Lucy and Charlie Brown

Could Bloomberg win the election as a third party candidate?

If McCain wins in South Carolina...Can he be stopped in the fight for the nomination?

Post Nevada Presidential Preference Poll

Anybody else have this song from the musical "'Lil Abner" running thru...

Thinking ahead to SUPER TUESDAY: Delegate estimates

Delegate Math: Who Won Nevada?

Edwards to Stay IN!

How Fair are Caucuses???

I for one cannot wait for Bill to get back in the White House

One Step Closer to "The First Man" William Jefferson Clinton

Cloned Beef -- Soul or No Soul?

I'm very disappointed and pissed off tonight, so please forgive this, but.....

Sound Familiar?

For All The Underdogs ~ political and otherwise

Is Our Children Drinking?

I made a birthday cake for a 97-year-old the last week of 2007.

I've waited long enough. I have to make this confession, then I will probably leave.

Jucier recipies?

My GD thread is still locked, so I went GD-P

Okay, this is just a bad song, I don't know if it is an earworm

I want a FREE black T-shirt in Large with this imprint!

I had a patient who was 90+ years old tonight.

I will now reveal the secret to my power...

I feel like a real American now

These contractors are installing the steel pillars in concrete to stop vehicles from parking...

So, here it is after 2am on a Sunday morning.


Something ironic: the tombstone thread is directly above the Pleshette threads

Suzanne Pleshette is dead

Damn! Sam the Butcher is dead! Where am I going to get my Pork chops?

Good Morning Loungers....

Suzanne Pleshette, known as 'Newhart's' wife, dies in Los Angeles

It's 6:30 AM. Should I go for a drive?

Is it just me...

Four actors and four composers


I am so distracted by the "America Talks Back" ad.....

RIP: Suzanne Pleshette

Just uploaded some *** new pics ***

Who here has seen the movie Once

I am your brooooother!!!

Who has eaten here?

Yes I'm awake. Fucking kitteh.

Found a man's .... oh nevermind

I am in love with someone and I don't want to be in love with him.

Which zoo animal do you taunt?

Why the original BASIC programming language is no longer popular.

funny true stories

Where can a person file a complaint against a pet store?

We watched Order of the Phoenix last night

Some Loggins and Messina for a Sunday Morning

Please Help Me Quit Smoking!

Can you hear pus?

Is it easier to get "eBooks" published?

Still Got The Blues

Democrats make beautiful music together!

My puppy says GO Green Bay Packers!!

Why, when I'm working on the computer, does my right hand freeze

FOOD FIGHT! (Actually a Big Dog Blow Job Flame War in GD)

What's funnier, boobies or weenuses?

Lounge Sing-A-Long....

Another Kleeb sighting!

Football or beer?

Why can't pitchers and catchers report TODAY?


Birth Control Thread (Not Sex Thread) What's A Good One To Use

Musician and activist John Stewart dead at 68

Football fans! *Weather Update*

In honor of Mmmbop

Soy question

zOMG...I *must* buy this DVD!!! Squee!

Who wants my delicious penne?


Boston Bruins win! 3 - 1 NY Rangers

Just watched "The Killing Of John Lennon"

I had no idea frogs could scream

The Opening Credits from Dynasty (slightly revised)

'baldette' movies

so my repub friend now says * is the stupidest fuck we've ever had

Patriots/Packers would be the highest rated Super Bowl ever.

my skinny jeans fit!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/20/2008)

What is your favorite word that isn't really a word?

Gotta Love This Mod Lock Post...

How to troubleshoot any problem

Lee Mercer is all up in my house with disease.

My wife just screamed

Map to the Internet discovered

Itty Bitty Tiny Nano Memories

The Secert for Longevity

Small children at today's Pats game----abuse?

Is it o.k. to give my dog a little yogurt?

Closing off..

OK, why didn't you guys TELL me this???

I just turned off signatures in "my preferences" and the place looks a lot better.

Lounge Vibes needed for Oktoberain and ThinkBlue1966

I need help

Good News - Only 1 more year of Bush! ... Bad News...

*whistles loudly* hey loungers!

Comic: I Am A Host at The Olive Garden

The MOST OFFICIAL Pats/Chargers Thread.

The OFFICIAL Pats/Chargers Thread. .

Did anyone notice that cabraverde made an appearance in the DUzys?

ABC calls the AFC Championship for the New England Patriots.

Some Dylan for a Sunday Afternoon

Juergen is dressed and ready to go to the dance.

Oh, Gawd - I've been reduced to rooting for Green Bay

Packers/Giants -1 degrees Wind Chill -23 Go Packers

My mother just sent me this. Thought I'd share.

Uh-oh. I posted an inflammatory post in GD.

'little' memories

Help! My lamp is trying to kill me! (Electricians, please weigh in...)

I just turned off 'discussion threads' in my preferences and the place looks a whole lot nicer

KIttens "adopted" by pet rabbit

It's currently 2°F outside. Should I go for a walk?

You know how cold it is in Lambeau Field?

I can't find a thread about it- was there a football game today?

Found a man's sock in with my laundry

Post an awesome recipe!!

Lio...from today's comics ...

Java sucks.

I am going to eat at the Olive Garden...

Self delete.

RIP Suzanne Pleshette

I'm gonna say this only once, and I expect it to be heeded for the next two weeks

Excuse me while I powder my nose.

YES! GD-P has just been called "the new lounge"


Pats fans, who do you want? Packers or Giants?


I hate grading!

Seen Any Good Movies Lately?

So I decide to update iTunes...

Dog, I love Tom Hanks

Go GIANTS!!!!!

Patriot Nation on its way to Arizona!

FINALLY, "popular pastor" & ASS-clown Creflo Dollar gets called on his "Gospel of bling" horseshit.

Pheromones ~ who's tried them?

Bucket List What is on your bucket list?

I'm planning a road trip...

I'm watching The Fountainhead right now

I am in love with this little guy....... ya just gotta see why...lookie here

Post Your Desktop

-11°F, and falling

My Sister's Eulogy for our Dad

Does Your Pet Seem Almost Human? It May Be A Clever Response To Loneliness

Write your own tombstone

Star Trek XI: More pics leaked! (Dial-up warning.)

I suck.

Help Iraq and Afgan. Vets tell their story

Why don't Dems hold up FDR like the Repubics hold up St Ronnie?

"Two Americas" IS Reagan's Legacy

Clinton carried 7 of the9 sites Strip despite Culinary's influence/Obama camp flat wrong on count?

New Generation of Homeless Vets Emerge

Our Hillary precinct captain was tame, compared to...

It sucks that in a union town, John Edwards message is not heeded

Question regarding caucus tallies

Did Obama or Edwards congratulate Sen. Clinton on her victory today?

BREAKING NEWS: Duncan Hunter Drops Out of '08 Race !!!

I'm actually thinking about "Calling for Jeff Flake" per his ad

Something to remember during the primaries from Bill Hicks

Where is Rumsfield ??? Is he in hiding ??

Conservatives - Poor and Poorer

Barring an Edwards miracle, I hope he endorses Obama - and together defeat Hillary

The Economy: Anybody Catch The McLaughlin Group This Weekend ???

Just a sampling of the subject matter found in my "inbox" ... for your perusal.

Breaking News: Jesus has cut all ties to the Republican Party...

"Obama Faces White Resistance In South, Polls Show" ...LINK

What it all boils down to for me (RANT)

6 inches of snow possible in central Alabama

TOON: Sunday's Opus - "Alien Hostage"

Divine Forces Radio

NAFTA Effects

Edwards won in every DU poll posted.

What kind of biases/prejudices do you have and how do you deal with them....

Teen Arrested for Bhutto Assassination

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Purple Heart"

9/11 Advocates speak out for Sibel Edmonds

Sen Clinton Announces Millions of Dollars for Defense Projects to Benefit NY

PLEASE EXPLAIN: Why do South Carolinians have TWO primaries?

Photoblog of the Week - Week of January 20th 2008 - Kayak Paddle Tales, Florida

Do you believe Edwards will be the next one with...

I've seen stated elsewhere on DU that Edwards is

US Media Scooped Again on Edmonds Case, Anonymous Letter Obtained by BRAD BLOG Confirms FBI Cover-up

If it's Clinton v McCain

one tax bush could repeal/eliminate that would help out a little

Ann Coulter believes Eisenhower and Nimitz were Confederates

More evidence that republicon propagandist Bill O. lies about our veterans

Wexler: Election Can't Distract From Holding Cheney to Account (John Nichols - The Nation)

Question: What is the site for political gamblers mentioned so..

One year from Today and Bye Bye Bush!!!

Did I miss the thread announcing the end of the Iraq occupation?

"Rudy" thought he was running for Mayor of a Really Big City:


What could America do with $200 billion dollars?

Short On Soldiers, Army Returns Injured Service Members To War Zone

For Progressives: It's time to back the real Progressive in the race!

Non Sequitur

MSNBC's "Change" musical montage

Once again, Republican turnout in the S.C. primary did not match turnout in 2000

Pillager in chief

The Glorious Future that American Unions Walked (are Walking) Away From

Blackwater takes issue with story

FBI denies file exposing nuclear secrets theft

'NAFTA, CAFTA - all these trade deals exist only for the purpose of destroying jobs'

Cambone's "accomplishments" as a Rumsfeldian apparatchik specializing in repression and torture.

The Edwards campaign?

Why does America suddenly have to be READY for things all the time?

A Memo to William Jefferson Clinton to apologize for the previous memo

Would you, could you be a war profiteer?

Exactly one year to go!

The Shock Doctrine: Pseudo-Crisis page 260

Should the next Congress add 2 Justices to the Supreme Court?

When i went to bed last night i thought the world was ending.

Who is actively volunteering for a candidate?

Tasering the Country Into Submission, We Are a Police State

From Slate Mag: Dear Rich People …

BusinessWeek: Tapped-Out Consumers

I think it's time.........

Caption time

Today's Non-Sequitur sums up the primary hype

Brussels Tribunal, a view from across the big pond

Is Gov. Huckabee the Anti-Christ?

It is ALL about the number of delegates. Obama 38, Clinton 36 OBAMA IS WINNING.

Iraqi poll on permanent U.S. military bases

Edwards supporters please read

The only question now is just exactly how much mock praise

Edwards on CBS with Schieffer this a.m. along with Obama Advisor Axelrod..

CBS Sunday Morring - Ben Stein - says 'post-war' - he's giving

SEC urged not to revive 'terrorist' watch list

Malcolm X - "I charge the white man"

ABC This Weeek: Rudy, Ron Paul beat you twice. How do you spin that?


surge update - At least 22 killed in Iraq violence, 90 suspects held (Roundup)

George Will called Bill Clinton an "Olympic Class Whiner"

Iraq's Prime Minister and President say Iraqi forces will be able to take over by end of the year

Does it look like Rudy's lips are not synced to what he is saying?

Edwards DOES exist - Damn it!!!

Why is the press giving Rudy a pass on his poor NH showing?

Edwards just out classed the Obama and Clinton spokespeople on CBS

Jeremy Baker: Please Just Send My Tax Rebate To Mastercard And Save Me The 41 Cents...

In Legal Cases, C.I.A. Officers Turn to Insurer

What was really behind Bush's Middle East trip.

One year from today...

Would you drink toilet water?

Does anybody know the name of the opening music on "Meet the press"?

What kinds of arguments on DU -- if any -- are good?

Suzanne Pleshette passes at 70

I'll say this about the Clinton's they won't let a 2008 election be stolen

Ben Stein on recession (CBS Sunday Morning)

Bill Clinton is a liar. He pointed his finger in my face and lied to me.

A Solution for the Peace Movement

Why are the Repigs trying to shut Bill up so bad? I will tell you why

MSNBC to officially change it's name to MSHRC in honor of the next President.

The potential hazards of drinking toilet water

Syria to repay debt to Russia in euros - government

Did you hear this: Giuliani got 9.11% of the vote in three NH towns


Edwards is right! Hillary & her corp donors would suffer against McCain's campaign finance reform

Malcolm X - "You may be shocked by these words coming from me."

Two days in Iraq ... Total US KIA = 3,927 / Iraqi's = Estimated Over 1 million

Florida tax amendment may not give relief to those who need it.

U.S. army, short of soldiers, sends troops with 'minor injuries' to Iraq

Current Delegate Counts; Dems and Pukes

How Are Hillary's Feminist Bona Fides Effected By Bill's Continually Coming To Her Rescue ???

Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion

Retired Army Gen. Tommy Franks was paid $100,000 . . . . .

So if Hillary cheated in New Hampshire, isn't that a point in her favor?

Until now I've been all for criticizing Hillary

If Obama is out after super Tuesday, do not expect him to do anything helpful for Clinton

Real ID IDea

What should Senators Feingold & Clinton bet over the Packers-Giants game?

It's OBVIOUS...Hillary's win was election(electronic) fraud...

ice bends/crushes elec. towers - ruins crops - heavy losses

What you may not know about Dr. Martin Luther King

Here's something to consider

Ari Fleischer's "Freedom Watch" has put Democrats on notice: "We're not going to be Johnny One Note

The greatest hero of the past long, stupid, eight years....

Um, this succinct LTTE was published in The Guardian on Saturday added another 24/7 stream "current news"

Edwards will be on the ticket no matter how badly he does in the primaries...

Menendez visits Iraq

If Martin Luther King was alive today.........

Archivist of the United States supports IG audit findings re: gifts to sitting/former Presidents

Is electricity deregulation a raw deal for Texas?

List of TV and Radio Stations in South Carolina

If Chavez is being held to such high standards, why isn't the US gov. held to the same standards?

Some say oil-gas bear some Katrina blame

Institute for Trend Research analyst: US dependence on foreign oil increasing: "Invade Alberta"

The HAMMER SAW FACTOR...My wish is to see them candidates hammer some nails

if you can stand it - c-span2 - bumiller on condi


"...but the Bottom Line is..."

Jeepers!!! Tim Russert posts on DU!!!

Mods---Please delete the Clinton Blowjob Freeperish bullshit thread! msg board: Re: Tax Rebate Spend or Save? (Great response)

I just heard an old movie line that can easily be applied to W

In the end, one woman passes on what's left of Indian tribe's language

Hey DU'ers, guess what? ONLY ONE MORE YEAR OF BUSH!

The American people piss me off.

DU "I Told You So"-ers check in

It's time we denied ALL of Bush's Judicial Appointments

Canada removes U.S. from ‘torture list.’

This is not what democracy looks like.

The Obama campaign is wrong

SURGE TO NOWHERE: Iraq is broken beyond repair, and we still own it

Is U.S. on brink of war with Iran?

These studies crack me up!!

"The Bush Debacle: One Year to Go?" - Robert Parry (It will never end!)

War on Greed

My keyword to selecting the Presidential candidate I will vote for...

*** Sunday TOONs: Economy & Candidates ***

Would you vote for a Clinton-Obama ticket?

Hillary supporters: Assuming Edwards is out, convince my why I should NOT vote for Obama.

cnn promotes giuliani way beyond his status. they have him speaking live now!

'Brady Bunch' Actor Dies In Los Angeles At 84 (Sam the Butcher)

Why do people hate Tim Russert?

It was better ........

Who is your perfect choice for president?

Obama to confront Bill Clinton

I can foresee the scenario where it ends up Romney v. Edwards...

The Administration may have already pardoned itself in this Bill...

Please Name a Southern State that Hillary Would Comfortably Win in the General Election.


Suzanne Plesette has died

Editorial: Remembering That the Prize is the Presidency

GO Obama we have your back

Chill Factor: Who gives a better speech - Barack Obama or Fred Thompson?

65 years ago today, the Nazis agreed on the "final solution to the Jewish problem."

Edwards could win a brokered convention: Here's how:

"Might white voters lie to pollsters, claiming they will vote for the black candidate...?

"He's a hopemonger"

The Only "Change" Americans Will Get From This Corporate Political Process is "Chump Change"

With deep and sincere respect for the mods, I have a simple, lawyerly question:

GREAT Edwards slideshow

One more rotten year to go

This may sound like a defense of Drudge but. . .UPDATED: Drudge got it right re: Obama/Clinton

Anti-War Grannies Challenge that Surge is Working

MODS: By my unscientific sample, 50% of the threads in GD belong in GD-P; and I am tired of this...

Study shows the effects of sending jobs overseas

"I Have a Dream" - Rare and Unpublished Photographs of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Is Phred Sleepy Thompson dropping out or just talking more nonsense on my TV?

C-Span II, NOW...Robert Kennedy and the Death of Liberalism...

after reading the Clinton VS Obama VS Edwards posts - I've decided on my candidate

Okay so I got an interesting poll in my email today

Wow. Just watched the McLaughlin Group and in the predictions segment, Mort Zuckerman

So, every four years, I get a political birthday present. The gifts in 2001 and 2005

I have to say this, Hillary is pretty tough!

LOL !! - Gotta Admit, I Love All This "Bill Clinton Is Just Like Any Other Candidate's Spouse" Stuff

great news!!! Dems had more than twice voter turnout vs repugs!

How are you keeping your carbon footprint down this winter?

I think,

Cult clash kills at least 80 in Iraq ... yesterday !! Was it on your news???

"Disappeared" Docs & Bushco's UNSIGNING Of The ROME STATUTE

Albert Einstein quote:


Bushies LEGACY...a down and out BROKE USA.....Homeless Up

The last words of a great man.

Spotty is now waiting by the rainbow.

Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton visit same Midlands church

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day! - "Give the Candidates the MLK Test"

Rudy's people kick a woman out of the room

Obama was endorsing the Reagan years!

Peggy Noonan says that Republican Party has lost its soul...

is USA a lot more moderate than we think it is?

Gabrielle Giffords opponent in District 8, Az. : Tim Bee

Dept of Homeland Security "Loyal Bushies" to be made PERMANENT?

[Maria} Shriver takes on topic she knows well

Hello Noooooooonan

The future?

The Oprah Network with no Oprah. Contract dispute.

Please consider, on a voluntary basis, posting political threads in GDP.

My liberal but internet-ignorant father received a printout of a right-wing email

Martin Luther King: "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

NASA Says New Improved Rocket Might Shake Violently And Destroy Spacecraft

Anti-War Grannies Challenge That Surge Is Working

Wexler Petition For Cheney Impeachment Hits 210,000 Signatures

Pentagon Report On 'Real Toll' Of Iraq War: 1 In 5 Vets Affected By 'Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries'

giggle: Scots ask US to lift haggis ban

Why political opportunists don't inspire loyalty. It's very simple:

Fuck hatred.

Barack Obama Slams Bill Clinton (now on Huffington Post)

Does anyone else get that sneaky feeling that Clinton troops are patrolling the grassroots here?

I think we should all pitch in for a nice gift for Nancy Pelosi

I think there is a concerted effort to dispirit Obama supporters...

Know an Iraq War Veteran that wants to tell their story and be heard?

Shelter houses pets homeless due to foreclosure

Bush's "spiritual adviser endorses Obama" - "we share a common vision" W approves

After Linking New Strain of Staph to Gay Men, University Scrambles to Clarify

Humvee replacement program to begin next month (200-250k/per vehicle)

Is terrorism that is not sponsered by a government a crime or an act of war?

I’ve been blasted here for my irrational fear of a McCain candidacy

The news as the news should be told... Hysterical...

Pentagon Report On ‘Real Toll’ Of Iraq War: 1 In 5 Vets Affected by TBI

Al Gore will be the Democratic nominee in 2008

You mean people actually want this schmuck as president?

Corporate America and the Neocons are a symptom, not the AUTHOR, of America's woes.

I Caucused Today

Should children be taught in a style they struggle with?

Thanks for reading DU, Mo Dowd! --->>>

A blog is born.

We need to put an end to America's Royal Families.

In my opinion:

Brother Malcolm: Letter from Mecca

Is it possible to hold two different ideas in hand at the same time?

Is it all about Madame Speaker?

I have a dream too - but I woke up to a nightmare (with apologies to the wonderful MLK)

LBJ had his ranch, Nixon had his beach house, *² has the pigfarm

As of today, I am worried if Hillary wins....we will lose in November.

Edwards: 'I got my butt kicked'

mitt romney doesn't appear to have a sincere bone in his body

I just don't understand the Obama attraction

What is WRONG with people here? You're GLAD because someone killed themselves??

Do you believe there are some very important...

Clinton - NH; Obama - IA; NV = Split

When will some people GROW UP?!?!?!

"recounts!" "no opposition" "more delegates" - 3 lossses - 3 excuses

What Was The Biggest Surprise Of The Night?

In short, the Nevada Democratic Party will give the delegates to whoever they damn well please

Ron Paul comes in 2nd in Nevada . . . . . . . . . . .

Senator Clinton's VICTORY Speech in Nevada (video)

Hillary got more delegates in Iowa - she conceded, congratulated both others

For 2012, let's do away with the caucus system

Popular votes vs. Electoral (delgates) - haven't we heard this before? (nt)

The final entrance poll shows Edwards had about 8-9% support going into the caucus

Front Page on Sunday's Washington Post: Women, Latinos Propel Clinton To First Place

A fun thread: Caption this picture

Obama has won ONE out of three competitive primaries/caucuses.

Iowa? New Hampshire? Nevada? - It's all over? Think about it.

Sunday News Show Lineup-1/21/08

What We Need In The United States Is NOT Division---

Hunter is history.

Nevada Poll Flashback: ARG Poll - December 1-6: Clinton 45, Obama 18, Edwards 14

Russia asserts the "Bush Doctrine": Might use Pre-emptive Nukes . . . . . . .

Dear Senator Edwards, you have to visit other states

Connecticut Favorites:Clinton And McCain

Video of Hillary's Victory Rally in Las Vegas after winning Nevada Caucus

Wall Street Journal defends Obama's Reagan comments. Is this a prelude to an endorsement?

Could Obama win on a third party ticket?

The Republican race

To those who complain about the election process. It is screwed up for a reason.

Flag Burning,,,, and oldie but a goodie

Obama's statement and other matters on Nevada caucus results

Kansas City Star Endorses Hillary Clinton

Kristof: Hillary, Barack, Experience

Obama to address Ebenezer Baptist Church - MLK's church - today

Huckabee is freaking nuts

A Big win for Hillary in Nevada

Major Hillary Clinton endorsement in MIssouri: Kansas City Star

Do endorsements matter?

Peggy Noonan Is Insufferable....

How important do you think the Dem VP nominee will be to the

Sun-Times Exclusive: Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

Since The Primaries Have Started, How Many People Have You Put On Your Ignore List?

Iowa sees caucus bounce in voter rolls (swing state)

Did Al Gore win 2000?

McClatchy: GOP remains fractured, Democrats face a long fight

The Clintons have decided to use every dirty trick in the book

ABC democrats check in here....

I was told Edwards talking about mill workers was a "cliche!"

Classic picture, shows why Dems are excited about NV turnout.

Thank you Nevada Dems, for turning out to vote

43,000 repukes turned out to caucus yesterday in NV. 116,000 dems did

Raw totals based on entrance polls - who would have won what?

Edwardians chill out. A parochial issue, Yucca Mountain, did him in in Nevada.

Hillary's full Nevada victory speech that the media didn't air

Can Edwards play the kingmaker by endorsing someone following his inevitable 3rd place SC finish?

Culinary Union can’t muscle win - Poor showing blamed on late endorsement

How Clinton hit pay dirt: The keys to her Nevada victory: a huge wave of new voters

The ACLU, Pandemic Preparedness, and You

Bill Kristol "likes Obama's chances" to take the nomination. Ruh-roh.

At this point, Mike Huckabee is America's best hope.

Question about O'Leilly and Edwards

HNN reports, they cut cards for a delegate in Nevada

Americans are politically neurotic.

George W. Bush is a snob! He was raised

What a sad thing to watch. The most hawkish candidates (HRC & MAC) won yesterday - Antiwar voices

What are the Candidates really running for?

Our view: King's legacy cannot be diminished

George W. Bush is a snob!!! He was rasied to have

Is refering to Black folks as "colored" on DU acceptable. . .

"Saddam Hussein ... will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons."

Obama to return Rezko-linked donations $40,000 more will be donated to charities

Obamanation: The sorriest group of sore losers I've ever seen

Freeps struggle with Spell Check: "So much for Hunter Thompson being the next Precedent!"

Will Bill Clinton Let Hillary Stand on Her Own?

How many Primaries/Caucuses has Hillary won? (in percentages, not delegates)

Barack Obama should be the first president of post-Bush America

I Afraid The HRC Campaign Might Win The Battle But Lose The War......

I see that Hillary's supporters have decided to go the "Sore/Loserman" route regarding Obama's win

Will you vote for the Democratic candidate in the general election?

Bill Clinton says he witnessed voter suppression (Does ANYONE believe this!?)

Obama endorsed by the St. Pete Times, the best newspaper in Florida!

Misgivings about Hillary Clinton.

Tough CRIMINAL PENALTIES for Misleading Robocalling!!!!!

Only one Dem supported the Iraq invasion from day 1 and continues to say it wasn't a mistake.

Schwarzenegger declines to endorse a candidate(while standing next to Bloomberg)

Clinton a constant target of sexist remarks

SUPER-delegates to determine candidate not popular delegates. No brokered convention.

Who will fight harder if there is electoral fraud in November?

Ron Paul beats Hillary Clinton in Nevada???

Blair accused of 'stabbing Hillary Clinton in the back' after supporting Republicans

Some questions for the candidates:

Breaking: Hillary to get endorsement of Rev. Calvin Butts

What would be the greatest unifying ingredient for the Republicans to unite in 2008?

Atlanta Journal Constitution will endorse Barack Obama. . .

Would you support a Clinton-Obama ticket?

DLC and Neocons BOTH represent Corporations

Ras POLL: Hillary 38 (even), Obama 34 (+4), Edwards 15 (even)

Want to see the truth about how the media is covering the Nevada Caucus results?

Do you support Edwards? Feel glum about his lack of media coverage?

A Sunday fable from an old political warrior. Me.

Close contest could make Edwards Kingmaker

If HRC Wins The Dem Nomination Is It Possible That We'd See A.......

The DemSquad

Didn't Limbaugh diss Edwards recently for pointing out the problem of homeless vets?

How did Clinton get all those pledged delegates - Obama would be almost tied otherwise?!

Pray for us Democrats, Brother Mike Huccaby......

Race/Gender/Candidate Poll For Clinton and Obama Supporters

I call BULLSHIT on the claim that "women are turning on Oprah" BULLSHIT

BREAKING: Scott Kleeb to meet with National Democratic leaders

OK--Who really thought McCain would take So. Carolina?

Feb. 5 Primaries are mostly closed - bodes well for Clinton, not for McCain

Obama supporters ONLY! Deep down inside, do you understand that you lost yesterday?

The Curious Math of Hillary's "35 Years of Experience"

Question to the DUers in the know... Are they fighting too?

Hill's VP? Evan Bayh

Excellent Obama photos from Atlanta

Edwards Was Amazing on Wolf Blitzer Just Now. Look For Excerpts on CNN in Leadup To Debate!

Precinct captains from the various campaigns are no less biased a source than Bill Clinton.

Michele Norris on MTP..."The Republicans WANT Hillary to be the nominee"...

UPDATED (2): Widespread Cheating & Vote Suppression by Clinton Campaign in Clark County, NV

Nice pic! (and the appropriateness of the current emotions)

Obama's Campaign Needs To Stop Whining And Start Campaigning

Independents desert GOP in South Carolina : Down 55%

Which is worse: corporations or corrupt despots?

rush limbaugh who is an important part of the republican

"It was a mistake to vote for this war in 2002. I take responsibility for that mistake."

Bill Clinton Ignites Ruckus Inside Casino Caucus

This is not an election.....

Newsweek: "GOP candidates running in the wake of (Bush's) wreckage can learn from his failures"

I'm surpised Lee L. Mercer Jr. didn't win in Nevada

So, How Is Your Family Going To Vote?

Most Democrats in Congress Voted Against The War

Here's a poll looking for a few good respondents...

Rudy's speech on CNN right now: John Voight sitting on stage behind him!?

One year from today is inauguration day

The splinterists' battlefield has now extended to a woman's choice.

Edwards didn't run a single TV or Radio Commercial in Nevada...He knew....

Does HIllary have enough momentum to win SC?

The Longest Year...

Would it be wrong to call Senator Clinton the presumptive nominee at this point?

Live now on CNN; Calvin Butts endorsing Clinton

And NOW, "warming up in the bullpen" for Obama Campaign....

Maya's poem for Hillary

Janet Huckabee: "This was a big deal for me to wash diapers at a laundromat...not pleasing"

cut fiscal spending?

If Joe Lieberman (or any centerist dem) Was A Woman, Would He Be Doing As Well As Hillary?

Electing Obama is the same as electing Hitler!

Obama on CSPan, Hillary, the job for day one: get reelected in 2012 ... do what's least offensive

Off Topic-The Great Debaters

Hillary or Obama. Whatever.

"Subject: Senator Edwards, Will You Take Action to Make Sure that South Carolina's Elections Comply

What time is CNN's SC Democratic debate tomorrow?

Clinton supporters celebrate at the Belagio

Nevada/South Carolina: Winners and Losers

All this talk about Nevada makes me miss my friend Mima.

Fred Thompson caused Huckabee to lose in South Carolina?

Has Obama spoken directly about the Nevada results?

The number of whinging winner posts from the Clinton campaign is mind boggling

Kansas City Star endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Huckabee attack dog Chuck Norris

Analysis: Momentum shifts to Clinton

Nevada Caucus Experience....

Florida Newspaper Endorses Obama

Give me someone like a Mario Cuomo in his prime over anyone we have running today

Whose endorsement would have the most clout, Ted Kennedy's or Al Gore's?

Ok, I am going to say it: I would choose McCain over Clinton, here is what I am thinking

Obama Atlanta Speech on Cspan at 2 pm central time I think

HEADS UP: Obama speech at Ebenezer on CSPAN now.

Vote - Clinton or McCain

Can Edwards still win?

From MoveON.......Something is Happening

Jean Carnahan endorses Obama

Is Obama promising to enforce the Constitution?

Clinton will bring out 10% more turnout for Dems (female voters). McCain, not so much.

Has anybody thought about who the Dem POTUS candidates will pick for Cabinet posts?

friends, voting is not what will bring about a more progressive nation.

I cannot think of a better way to say "fuck you" to all your GD:P opponents...

Who makes the best President?

Unofficial Official DU Straw Poll for 01/20/08

Why can't most Obama supporters accept defeat in Nevada

Politics of Hate.

Obama vs Bill Clinton. Who will Democrats back?

GD-P Has Become the "new" Lounge....

I Feel Myself Turning....Turning To...The Dark Side

What does one win if the price is one's soul?

Donnie McLurkin's Reagan-loving friend loses two in a row!

Obama found voice in '81 speech

Interesting how nor even Barack supporters can explain "Change"

Prepare for a McCain-Lieberman ticket

The door is shutting, Senator Edwards. I'm sorry, but it's true.

Does anyone else think that the Clinton machine....

Has any national politician in the 20th or 21st century ever "changed" "politics as usual"?

Why did Obama continue to fund Iraq war, isn't this troubling?

Obama addresses homophobia, anti-semitism and xenophobia among Black Americans

How Much Of The Record Dem Turnout Is Attributable To Barack Obama Being In The Race?

What happens now... IF Obama Loses SC?

DUers for McCain?

At King’s Church, Obama Speaks of Unity

Culinary union can't muscle win

Fineman on Edwards: Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Biden still looks better than what's left.

Coming in 2nd is rough for the Obama folks....

‘Front-loading’ Frustration Spurs GOP Talk of a Fix

Please Stop With The Insincere Sucking Up: I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

Obama will win a blowout in South Carolina by 15-20 points

Do you consider Bill Clinton dishonest?

Did Bill Clinton's hummer lead to 8 years of Bush?

Analysis: Momentum shifts to Clinton

On the meaning of change (Lawrence Lessig)

excellent video- 'War on Greed' please sign petition

New Website : Shut up Bill

Obama calls out Black Church for Gay-Bashing

Obama calls for unity at King's church

Will Hillary supporters have a problem doing a 180 if Obama wins? I won't.

Things our "Goldwater Girl " Evidently Didn't Support!

Mike Huckabee talks of pardoning Keith Richards (does impression also)

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Harlem

Latest generic congressional preference poll out

I came to DU to Expose UGLY Racism, Now a portion of our Party Has Adopted It

Hillary Clinton's campaign team ripped a page from President Bush's playbook

Breaking: Democrat Candidate seen wearing Ladies Clothing

Analysis of Virginia: A Critical Battleground

The Independent Vote - Is it monolithic? Are they really choosing between Obama & McCain?

Bill Clinton's selfish indiscretions and then lying about it damaged us in 2000

The media tries to hurt Hillary, help Obama and ignore Edwards

my hunney is a teacher in NV and NV State Ed. Assn endorsed Clinton without a vote of the teachers

What's next for John Edwards?

Other than Gore, who do you think is the best Dem not running for President who could have run?

Bush’s last day

I hear that Edwards supports "real" change and Obama supports "cosmetic" change.

In Harlem, a Pastor Endorses Clinton.."This is no time for waiting or hoping for solutions"

The winning one-two punch of Bush's Spiritual Advisor and Donnie McClurkin. AUDACIOUS!

Enjoying the freakout over Hillary's win

The Clinton "machine" seems to be working class voters, Latinos, female voters

Hillary wrote me a letter today

Have you ever taken a moment to let Speaker Pelosi know how you feel?

NJ State Senate President endorses Edwards

Clinton Claims Nevada Victory, While Obama Tries His Hand at Spin

I'm so frustrated. Not at who is winning, but what I'm hearing as to why

"What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war."

Down ticket Dems...isn't that the other important ingredient?

Norris: McCain may be too old for the White House - "the vice president will wind up taking over"

Connecticut Poll: Clinton 41%; Obama 27%; Edwards 9%; Und 21% (MOE +/- 5%)

Hope Is On The Way!

What are you?

I saw good natured yelling at the caucuses last night. The "deep divisions" are a MSM/Obama myth.

Clinton, McCain favored in Connecticut

serious question

Is Hillary campaigning on two Americas:

If Democrats shouldn't criticize Democrats, I have two questions:

I think Hillary will win.

This forum is fun and informative

Do some of you really want another republican appointing justices to the supreme court?

Was it smart for Obama to attack Clinton after two losses, especially when the MSM was doing it?

Ex-Kinsgton Trio leader John Stewart Dead at age 68


Which candidate is most likely to hold Bush/Cheney accountable for crimes?

The Dem primary IS the election

Barack Obama & Drudge - Strange bedfellows, or Team Terrific?

The Clintons are inevitable in their quest to return to the White House.....

Lewis Black is on Comedy Central Tonight! "Red, White and Screwed!"

Bill Clinton: "I'm not making this up.".....Yes you did Bill

You Gentlemen And Ladies Smearing Each Other's Candidates Are Real Geniuses

Obligatory Star trek reference for : Caucuses are like Fizzbin (Nevada appropriate)

Culinary union endorsed Obama without a vote of the workers?

Why Can't We Be Friends?

"Chicago Political Mafia's Favorite Son: Barak Obama", MORE AND LINKS

Is Hillary promising to enforce the Constitution?

Rasmussen: "Clinton's status as frontrunner, once again, is as strong as before the Iowa caucuses"

A Letter from the Lurch

Back in 1994, I bought a 27" color TV for $ 528.38 including tax...

Bush's spiritual adviser backing Obama

Chris Dodd For Majority Leader!!

Obama Preach'n At Ebenezer Baptist Has Not Mentioned the $44,000 He's Donating to Charity

This election is a creation of the media...

Obama speech in church today surprises devout secularist

How does a South Carolina win SPECIFICALLY help Obama going into Feb. 5th?

Obama supporters do him no favors by crying dirty tricks, vote fraud, racism

Obama attacking Bill Clinton will not play well in WHITE OR LATINO America

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/20/08 - Clinton and Edwards unchanged, Obama up 2

The Orlando Sentinel Endorses Hillary Clinton

If the Clinton's are now racists, then what white people aren't?

How are some in this forum going to do a 180 degree turn if Clinton wins our nomination?

Obama derangement syndrome

Plans Laid to Stop-Loss Congress

Heavens to Moroni, Mit Won Nevada

OK this is driving me nuts. Is "weiner poopie" some kind of "code word"?

Edwards: 'I got my butt kicked'

This is my candidate

For the record, I don't care about Bill Clinton's hummers in the oval office

If John Edwards is "finished" why are there so many hate filled vitriolic

Watch It, Democrats, You Could Still Slip Up: "Serious vulnerabilities in both front-runners"

Winning ugly

Should I Cry? Or Should I Fight?

Super delegates may sink the Democrats

After watching the panelists on MTP, it's more obvious than ever that MSM is thirsting for Obama

Can someone tell me the details of caucus meetings? How long are they. Do you have to attend it all?

Thoroughly disgusting.

13 Missouri Elected Officials Endorse Edwards

ok. We had a 100% voting machine failure rate in south carolina, and Du is talking about

Obamas INCREDIBLE speech at MLK Jr.'s Church Today

Can Edwards still win?

Edwards Supporters In Georgia, pretty impressive list

Taylor Marsh smears Obama, praises McCain's character

If if it's Hillary vs. McCain, McCain will be seen as the straight-talker and Hillary-not so much.

For those who question the background of John Edwards ..........

OK State Senate President Endorses Edwards

My Caucus Experience In Nevada

BREAKING: ABC NEWS runs story that Drudge leaked re: Obama going after Bill Clinton

This forum is disgusting

The Primary Wars... Speaking strictly as a member of DU...

Michael Dukakis, we need

Winning ugly

Obama says they are going to directly confront Bill Clinton about the lies he continues to tell

the politics of fake outrage.

Obama just stupidly raised his expectations in SC

BREAKING NEWS: FreeRepublic shutting down!

I just want to say I love you to a fellow DUer,Elizabeth Edwards!

A Pivotal Moment for the Democratic Party

Let's frame Bill's involvement in the campaign "Is Hillary going to hide behind Bill as president?"

Anyone notice how Hillary brings women to the polls?

Obama fails miserably among older voters

Mailing my ballot on Monday. Vote will not be for Hillary....but not because of her..

We Must Keep Supporting John Edwards Progressive Message All The Way To Denver

The Clintons are screaming about Obama's inexperience, yet consider

To the "I'll NEVER vote for Hillary" Progressives

I've never been sickened by this site before today.

Clinton campaign in Nevada : CLOSE THE DOORS AT 11:30 EDIT: With added link

Who believes that either Hillary or Barack, if elected, would support the investigation of

Is This The OBAMA Story the LATIMES and NYTImes Has Been Witholding From The American People?

Jean Carnahan Endorses Obama

How long lefore Freddie drops out?

Riddle me this- If Edwards is the straight shooter his supporters make him out

RoboCall trashes Barack HUSSEIN Obama:

The lagging U.S. economy looms as election issue


Obama comes clean, but Hillary's sleaze machine thrives

I've been using dollar coins quite a bit lately.

I've been using dollar coins quite a bit lately.

Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals; Scare-Sensors, 'Contagious' Stress in the Works?

Intell Officials Question Qaeda Role in Bhutto Killing (Scotland Yard Not Investigating Assassin)

David Bonoir, Mgr. of Edwards Campaign Thanks Jan 18th Contributors

Why Does Johnny Come Marching Homeless?

Border Cop Dies, Struck by Fleeing Truck

Rocket Kills 7 Shiite Pilgrims in Iraq

Bush, Democrats differ on stimulus

Sun-Times Exclusive: Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

In Legal Cases, C.I.A. Officers Turn to Insurer

Duncan Hunter Drops Out

Home Resales Probably Fell in December: U.S. Economy Preview

Bloomberg Attacks Washington During Trip to Coast

Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion

Canada to Rewrite Manual Linking U.S. and Torture

Analysis: Momentum shifts to Clinton

Some say oil-gas bear some Katrina blame

After Linking New Strain of Staph to Gay Men, University Scrambles to Clarify

Shelter houses pets homeless due to foreclosure

[Maria} Shriver takes on topic she knows well

Gaza power plant begins shutting down

Rampant violence against workers in Colombia, says AFL-CIO (Canada-Colombia-Peru Free Trade )

Congressman reaches out to Colombia rebels

Chavez threatens to militarize the border with Colombia

US rejects Japan request over fuel use in 'war on terror': report

Cubans vote for new parliament

Prosecutor Quashes Charges Against Judge

US drugs official accuses Chavez

US rejects Japan request over fuel use in 'war on terror': report

France's oldest man dies, one WWI survivor left

Clinton, Romney Extend Delegate Leads

McCain wins South Carolina primary

Huckabee Hopes to Regain Momentum

Suzanne Pleshette Dies in Los Angeles

FBI 'covers up' file exposing nuclear secrets theft(Sibel Edmonds)

Navy says explosive device could wash up near San Diego hotel

Pelosi greeted with “Impeach” Bush and Cheney buttons

Obama calls South Carolina 'absolutely critical' on Jesse Jackson's radio show

Libya says "no exceptions" in migrant expulsions

Chavez: Uribe fit to be mafia boss, not president of Colombia

Just one more year! Good riddance to George W Bush

India now denies their prior admission that they abuse H-1b by paying way below market wages

"Westernizing" Women's Risks? Breast Cancer in Lower-Income Countries (New Eng Jour Med)

Contrary to the Headlines: There Will Be No Retreat From the Anti-War Movement on Iraq

Dream versus Nightmare: Pick One - An Open Letter to Barack Obama by The Other Katherine Harris

Sonoran officials slam sanctions law in Tucson visit

I would be true.

Unfair suspensions leave workers idling

Could Congress Be Waking Up?

Surge to Nowhere

Congressman William Delahunt to Investigate U.S. Corporations' Support for Colombian Paramilitaries

President Bush Arming Fellow Tyrants Globally

Chris Hedges: Dennis Kucinich's Fight to Bring Credibility to the Democratic Party

Afghan War Only Just Beginning, Security Group Warns

Hand Guns and Hard Liquor

Parsing The Democrats’ Iraq Plans

‘Democracy’ in Action: Vegas Casinos More Legit Than Nevada Caucus Rules

Crooks and Liars book of the month... The Shock Doctrine..

The Coddled "Terrorists" of South Florida

Give the Candidates the MLK Test, by Glen Ford

MLK on Class, Conscience, and Corporate Buyouts

An Iraq Veteran’s Descent; a Prosecutor’s Choice

NYT, pg1: Overseas Investors Buy Aggressively in U.S.; "U.S. on sale at discount prices"

Barefoot Gen, Japan, and I: The Hiroshima Legacy (Nakazawa Keiji interview)

Now Defense Contractors Are Lecturing Us On Morality?

Thomas P.M. Barnett: Hoping for a meaningful election

Iraq is Still a Bad Bargain

Monica Benderman: The High Price of Talk

"Bluestate, Redstate" - It's a scam

Sins of the Son: The family drama behind Bush's invasion of Iraq and his "descent into messianism"

The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country

Just one more year! Good riddance to George W Bush

Ronald Reagan Is Still Dead

Ballot Box Bunny

Reporters Blow Whistle on FOX News

Rep. Dennis Kucinich will protect medical marijana patients

The Shock Doctrine Short Film

Bush interview with Terry Moran, Jan. 15, 2008 (Moran vs. moron)

Chaos erupts at Vegas caucus site

Richard Gage, AIA responds to H.R. 1955 and SWC

Cards Cut to Determine NV Precinct Winner

Red State Update: McCain Wins SC, Hillary, Romney win Nevada

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last speech

Time Editor: 1 in 5 Iraq Vets have Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

Child of Vision - Supertramp

Huckabee Goes Savage

Surge to Nowhere: Don't buy the hawks' hype (great analysis)

John Edwards - Oklahoma City Rally

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part1)

John Edwards on Face The Nation - 20 JAN '08

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part3)

John Edwards rally Atlanta, GA (part2)

Analysis: Universities Overproduce Ph.Ds

Martin Luther King on War

Martin Luther King preaches against war

Declassified White House Surveillance Tapes - Vol. 2

Bush pardons himself against potential war crimes

Declassified White House Surveillance Tapes - Vol. 1

Inside job: Iraq insurgents booby-trap houses

Dead soldier’s doctor relieved of duties

D.C. center gives homeless veterans some hope

Idahoans do a year of roadside bomb patrol

Senator sees security gains in Iraq

N.D. National Guard unit deploys for Iraq

Report has few answers in fatal Seahawk crash

John C. Stennis returns to water

Con men disguised as troops swindle women

Former Marine wants more vets in college

Wounded Marines get training for film careers

Next round of war-zone deployments announced

Vietnam vet receives long-overdue Silver Star

Wisconsin National Guard could get new planes

U.S., Japanese militaries team up against suicide

Tax changes could delay filing for some overseas

Census puts numbers to military moves

Program to offer quick, interest-free loans to sailors, Marines in need

The New Generation of Vets

Personal information of 100 sailors stolen

Kiddie cadets

Navy Sticking With US101 for Prez Helo

Gates gives thanks for new MRAPs

This was a reply to the bill-o / homeless veteran story

Will the United States Survive?

Navy’s 6th Fleet flagship takes on new commanding officer

George of Arabia: Better Kiss Your Abe 'Goodbye' - by Greg Palast

Nuclear Revival Rekindles Waste Concerns

Help Iraq and Afganistan Veterans tell their stories

Antarctic thaw rings alarm bells

Clear-cutting causes landlsides, state conceals information to aid developers

Water footprint calculator

Isaac Asimov - "No More Ice Ages?"

Answers sought in Lauterbach’s death

AFL-CIO Proposes 5-Point Economic Stimulus Plan

America needs economy that works for all people

Amtrak, union deal averts Penn Station shutdown

Smithfield Workers Have Won Recognition For King Day

AFL-CIO Joins Conference On Labor And Civil Rights In Memphis

Hospital union protests firings

Labor Makes Big Comeback In '08 Races

Today in labor history January 19

Today in labor history Jan 20

Labor joke for the week: Team player

Labor-Union Trivia

Toronto (Canada's biggest newspaper) Star, union reach tentative agreement

Mrs. Clinton took union rank and file, Hispanics, women in Nevada

13 EZ Supply Workers Win Reinstatement (IWW)

Poland: Solidarity Picket in Wroclaw


Ad pitch to defend immigrant labor role It will tout benefits of legalization, battle negative rheto

UAW Vote: Yes In Any Language

Lancaster company fined by OSHA

Protesters target Pence; USW, others call for stricter import regulations


Edwards Speaks At Okla. Teamsters Rally + video

UPS Freight employees to join Teamsters

Change to Win Says No Endorsement Yet

The Glorious Future that American Unions Walked Away From (Edwards fans must read full story)

Mr. Right: AFSCME demonstrates importance of organized labor

Security officers to march on MLK Day

Today's working family cartoon: Miserable-Ecstatic

Go Left TV: Bound By Promises

Mexican authorities storm copper mine strikers and the reprecussions that will be felt here in the U

APWU, NALC Sue USPS and Inspector General Over Invasion of Medical-Records Privacy

Women turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah Winfrey for backing Barack Obama

American Coal Miner War: Matewan

Unions Honor King’s Legacy With Gifts to Educate Children in Need

Clinton, Romney Win Nevada Caucuses

In 2007, Workers' Wages Saw Biggest Drop in 17 Years

MSNBC: Bill Clinton expected to go door-to-door (in S.C)

Why did Clinton win the same voters Obama claimed she tried to "suppress"?

United Steelworkers protest lead-laced toys in West Chester

USA Today: Clinton allies denounce union's Spanish radio ad for Obama

Whoa - overflow crowd for Hillary (and Bill) in St. Louis

Senator Clinton's VICTORY Speech in Nevada (video)

Headline' of Clinton's Nevada WIN

“I guess this is how the West was won,”----says Clinton after NV win

Clinton Claims Nevada Victory, While Obama Tries His Hand at Spin

Topic subject Does anyone else get that sneaky feeling that Clinton troops are patrolling the grassr

Topic subject Nevada/South Carolina: Winners and Losers

some not so nice posts after the NV win

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Harlem

Hi guys!

Why does the Democratic party support H-1b visas?

Seven injured as Israeli settlers attack Palestinian neighborhood in Hebron

Israel tests a missile capable of carrying an "unconventional payload".

Saudi prince: If Israel quits Arab land, it could join Arab world

Gaza power plant begins shutting down

'We're supplying electricity to Gaza under Qassam fire'

Hilltop youth say they no longer believe in 'the rule of heretics

Economists warn of "disaster" in Gaza Strip as power plant shuts down

What Was the Bombing of Syria Really About?

UN rights official slams 'cowardly Israeli war crime' in Gaza

Security official urges U.S. to try to influence Iran public opinion

Hooray, they hate me

Israeli Atrocity on Gaza Civilians

Government to review '07 IDF assassinations in Gaza, W. Bank

Delete. Sorry

Butcher of Lyons arrested in Bolivia on this day in 1983 (from the 19th)

Argentina to slap lien on Shell refinery - source

WaMu accused of appraisal fraud (lawsuit filed by honest appraiser)

from Solidarity web site: "Devastating Crisis Unfolds"

One of the fastest New Bear Markets, ever

A new SCOTUS outrage!


SoCal port shipments down - lowest in 20 years

Look who's bailing out Wall Street

Paul Krugman: Don’t Cry for Me, America

Vampire convention kicks off next week in Davos!

A sound economic stimulus - Good Jobs

Ratification elections today (Jan 20) in Cuba

Bush's Voodoo Stimulus Package - White House In Full Panic Mode!

MSNBC transgender special tonight- "Born in the Wrong Body"

Stonewall Democrats get tough with candidates (Dallas)

DNC lawsuit ensnares lesbian activist

Who's Who In The DNC's Gay Discrimination Drama

A New ‘Gay Disease’?

I didn't see in DOMA...

Gay Evolution

Domestic Partner Bill Revived In New Mexico

Obama Addresses Homophobia, Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia Among Black Americans

NEW Bidenista!?

Hello you good Biden people.

Presidential debate videos from 2000- WHERE?

Is anyone here familiar with "Stars over Washngton" blog?

Empowering ourselves bravely

A question for my fellow females and sensitives

How to deal with those uncomfortable feelings!

Wherever two or more of you are gathered....

The Wash Caps have really turned their season around.

HAHA, Ron Artest sure got the last laugh! :)

Why does the Democratic party support H-1b visas?

Peyton commercials suck suck suck suck

Brett Favre is lucky to be alive.

Looks like it is going to WARM UP by kickoff in Green Bay

I'll say it again: The Pats are going to the Super Bowl.

I'll say it again--- the Pat's will not make it to the Super Bowl.--Redux

There's an old adage here on DU-- Whatever Trumad picks, pick the opposite!

Super Bowl storyline...Brett Favre's amazing year OR Eli's comeback

Congrats NE Patriots fans

USDA Calls For Re-Examination OF Cell Phone Health Risks

US FDA clears new Johnson & Johnson HIV drug

Milk and Honey, er, Hormones

Thalidomide Returns As Leukemia Fighter

Obesity worries show signs of backfiring

Monsanto loses one, can you believe it?

Accused of Hiding Drug Dangers Again, Big Pharma Starts 2008 Defending Itself

Lift every voice and sing

*** January Finals are up in GD ***

A couple of nice freebies

More eagles (Dial up warning)

My best model, the only one who stays

South Carolina primary plagued by bad voting machines, snow

So if Hillary cheated in New Hampshire, isn't that a point in her favor?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 01/20/08

UPDATED (2): Widespread Cheating & Vote Suppression by Clinton Campaign in Clark County, NV

SC voting machines not set to zero before voting started

Hypocritical antis - who's the latest batch?

Um, this succinct LTTE was published in The Guardian on Saturday

E-mail deletion policy in question (Houston)

The MLK Holdiay - A Difficult Day for Civil Rights?

Get this t-shirt !!!!!

Three generations saw Al Franken today

Speaking of spam

So much for the NAS device,,,

Obama Wins in Nevada Delegate Count

Obama reflects views of the founding fathers on partisanship

Does Hillary Cheat?

disappointed in McCain win, but Obama could beat him

Obama's S.F. Chronicle Interview - Long and good

Obama to address Ebenezer Baptist Church - MLK's church - today

need some help re: wireless networking

Laptop for my mother in law?

School safety outranks privacy, task force says

Fresno spends 1.3 M on Video Surveillance

Recommendations for books about evolution and big bang for young children?

Jesus 'Tomb' Controversy Reopened

LETTER: Constitution doesn't protect atheists

7th Circuit won't rehear Ind. legislative-prayer case (over standing)

Senators Kohl and Feingold never missed a vote

When the Packers win tonight, Clinton has to give all her delegates to Feingold.

How to become a delegate to the national convention

Kucinich brings CNN debate beef to FCC

Why do I even bother? Why? Why? Why?Am I a moran?