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Archives: January 21, 2008

I am thinking of going on an extended road-trip..*

Am I bad to like the Jimmy Dean breakfast combo commercials?

Coffee blows.

Found a man in my laundry

Bought me a nice new suit!

I'm drinking Makers Mark. Sod off.

I'm drinking Taliskers. Sod off.

I've been posting in GD and GDP on the candidates and haven't gotten flamed yet

O-Town tomorrow

Is this a Zero7 cut playing in the background?

I've Noticed Something...

Parents! I need your teen(s) and your POV! Am starting HS teaching job Tuesday!

Best. GDP. Thread. Ever.


Anyone want a smiley?

That's the saddest, funniest thing I've ever heard in GD....


Hey, if anybody feels cold, come on over to my place! Nice and warm here...

Where the hell are the "Where the Hell is Taterguy" threads? Brooklyn is at 20 degrees, but FEELS like 5.

How naughty was I?

Does Your Copycat Seem Almost Nonsensical? It May Be A Clever Response To Boredom...

blatant plea for sympathy and FURNACE DIED FRIDAY

Question about that ten yard chain thingy they use in pro football to determine first downs

I Touch My monkey

Does Lee Mercer Jr. Want The Packers Or The Giants?

hey Lounge!!! didya hear I'm GAY??? some kind newbie just told me so



And the Pack goes down.

Earworm for the game/ SING IT LOUD!!!!!!

what happens if you screw up the Bean-o instructions?


Awesome Field Goal!!!! After He Misses The 36 yd, He hits, what, a 45 yd?

help Mercerize these folks


Star Trek TNG complete series new for $299.90 - a good deal?

Marge Piercy

Serious question here: Does "anyone" actually watch Tim and Eric?

Describe the craziest friend you have/ever had...


A few fractals for a Sunday evening.

My Grandfather's electrically-powered radio on the farm - pre-electricity.

Lewis Black on Comedy Central now

Officials pick Giants to win - East over Midwest ... well,

Song tribute for the Giants

If... I clear my "Ignore List", do you promise to behave...

Conan! What Is Best In Life?!!

You are becoming gods.

The following countries/self-governing regions have less citizens than DU does.

The bastards at Discover sent my 5 year old a credit card application!

What should be the point spread for the Super Bowl?

Football is suck

I heard a radio announcer talking about a statue of limitations today...

Some video clips of my wolfies playing in the snow

LOLcat for tonight...

I Touch Myself

Why do female store mannequins have nipples?

All is quiet when Robin Williams is the lead singer of U2

Whose ass is Terry Bradshaw gonna kiss now

Call center workers. Tell me your love stories.

Why do men have nipples?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/20/08

WTF? I just saw an Enzyte commercial

I have insomnia because I don't know how to deal with a dishonest coworker


Giants are going to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

Do Your Fellow DU Members Seem Almost Human? It May Be A Clever Response To Loneliness.

I hate Q

John Stewart is dead.

Greatest high school wrestling move EVAH!!

We can't trade places. Our lives ae strangely our own...

NY Giants get officials to hand them a place at the show

On Brett Favre:

You know what he did? He kicked him in the penis

I'm afraid that my heart (All Three) may not be with Mercer any longer.

Lee L. Mercer Jr. will NEVER have an affair when he's president

Introducing the newest member of my family....

Call center workers. Tell me your horror stories.

So I called my dad to wish him a Happy Birthday (awesome political history and current event inside)

I'm going to adopt this PISSEDoff Cocker Spaniel - if available

If you were going to have two people you wanted to impress over for dinner

how big are most people's ignore lists?

Who is Lee Mercer


Pitchers and catchers report in 25 days

Other than Natalie Portman, the prequel trilogy has exactly three things going for it (A rant)

50,000 Posts

I may have a posting problem.

What Was the Bombing of Syria Really About?

$567 billion pissed away on no-bid Iraq Halliburton contracts - $140-billion in tax rebates for us


Creme Brulee and the Ex-gay. Comments, questions, concerns?

Fugitive Filmmaker Roman Polanski Revisited in Documentary

Cheney looking into new and innovative methods of destroying documents

The election is about the people

At least 800,000 people are now in darkness.

CIA: Hackers to Blame for Power Outages - The Associated Press has a story that sounds like it was

Do you know your Bush/Clinton life expectancy ratio?

"If you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

If the "Republics" start swiftboating our candidates should we reciprocate?

I am the richest man in the world

Guiliani thinks he's going to win Florida: HOW BAD DID HE RIG THE VOTTING MACHINES????

John Stewart is dead.

Thank You For Your Concern.

3rd coldest playoff game in NFL history? Packers vs. Giants on;

They're prepared ...

Is it just me, or do 95% of the voters not care about 95% of what's posted here?

photos - nothing as it seems in new hampshire

Well done , Giants!

US goes after Canada's "Prince of Pot" tomorrow. CBC News video link

A Giants/Pack post is locked?

High Anxiety as US oil fields dry up and prices soar

Chuck Norris says McCain is too old to be president. Kinda like raygun?

Interesting symptom of anti-intellectualism....

True or false?

Great LTTE...

Candidate Pimping and Bashing on all forums has reached the levels of a Denial of Service Attack

Norris says McCain too old for president

For the record, Hillary Clinton got where she is own her own merits

Spirituality and Science... Mutually exclusive?

One vote does make a difference..

A Beautiful Tribute To MLKjr-

CBS "Global Warming" program...

Bill Moyers on MLK, Johnson and the smear (video) by NYT, media

Confessions Of A Former Racist

Sanitizing online maps

The Age of Warming

Reframing "social programs." Those two words are Republican buzzwords

Surprising insight from the sub-freepers about Bush's "stimulus" package...

Lewis BLACK just said, "For the Dems not to find somebody to beat (Shrub) is STUNNING!1"

Dallas crowd calls for end to Roe vs. Wade as anniversary nears

HELP NEEDED to clarify actual delegate/superdelegate numbers

Analysis: Universities overproduce Ph.D.s

Oliver Stone doing a movie on Bush

Interesting piece about online comments on news articles

You just can't make this shit up! ...

Common Ground

I'm starting to overdose on being "inspired."

Unit Member Says ‘Fighting 69th’ Victimized by Depleted Uranium

Ann Coulter TOTALLY screws up.

McCain's State Street Bank and Wall Street bank backers: damaging donors.

CBS deserves an award for this show they are running Sunday about Climate Change

One year from today....

Giuliani and His Silly Third Wife Tour Florida ---pix--->>>

Can I have a moment of real talk with my fellow African-Americans here on DU, please?

A PR secret - NO-ONE is being paid to post here!!


This Modern World: Time Once Again For VERY SERIOUS PUNDITS To Discuss The Issues

Man shot with taser found dead...of 'Self Inflicted Wounds'?

While I'm no fan of Hillary . . . I do note the NY Times today, front page ---

I'm a Nurse from the south where union busting is very successful

So what is your plan to provide Universal Health Coverage?

"Are you reeling in shock the news that a family member or friend is homosexual?"

Should states with abundance of fresh water share?


Anti-Intellectualism, Part II; What actually goes on in the Fundie mind?

Jackson never far from memory of the moment King was slain

delete - I was referring to an older post. So consider this a mute point.

NV delegates can change their votes at state convention in April

The IGNORE option ROCKS! I Recommend it !

Hillary borrows a right-wing frame on the Levin Amendment

I apologize for my "Bill" thread

Thank you Hillary for voting for war with Iran!

Intimidation against HRC voters in Nevada

Hilary's Experience (LTTE)

So If HRC Was Co-President For Eight Years As She Claims, ...

A slide show on the real price of the occupation for working people.

What If , God Forbid, Our Co-President Bill became ill (or worse) while Hillary is in office?

How many "Independents" voted for McCain yesterday?

Clinton camp slams Obama

As we celebrate MLK Day, I can say

Analysis: Momentum Shifts to Clinton

Photo: Hillary in Harlem

You know, fuck all. There *was* some cool stuff about Reagan.

More evidence of Obama camp intimidating Nevada caucas voters

Fact Check: gloating over a "victory" belittles you and your candidate

@ the union shop: Martin Luther King Jr. quote pocket t-shirt, black $16 + s&h

So... Hillary's a racist and Obama's a homophobe. Who are ya voting for now?

How about if Obama voters just vote "present" in future primaries?

Hillary and her Kind words to Anti-Gay supporter Reverand Harold Mayberry

Donnie McCloset has NEVER performed at a Dennis Kucinich campaign event.

THIS is my candidate!

Obama needs not to stoop to cigar Bill's level, let him flounder with no attention

Fact Check: Hillary Won Nevada

Republicans don't want unity. They never have and they never will.

None of our candidates should be consorting with leaders of the "ex-gay" movement

History lesson: The Clintons have mended racial fences that were worse than this before

Full text of Hillary's win in NV and Obama's Atlanta GA. speech

Am I the only one who thinks the UNITY theme is a bad idea??

Oi, there's a new contender running for President! Clinton AND Obama support this guy!!!!11!!!!2

Latest Intrade Chances to win nomination: Hillary 67.5% Obama 30.7% Edwards 0.9%

Donnie McClurkin WAS A GAY MAN...he became an EX Gay after 1992

So, exactly one year from today, * will no longer be Commander

Yesterday on MSNBC Russert was saying Bill will be to Hillary what RFK was to JFK

Stop whining

Not cheating, not race... Why Obama lost the Nevada Popular Vote

Donnie McClurkin Joins The Celebration of Andrew Young's 75th Birthday

Sadly, I cannot bear to listen to Bill

Hillary sounding like a populist in St. Louis


Q: Who is your favorite "radio" talk host?

When discussing gay issues with someone, is their use of the term "homosexual" a red flag for you?

Obama defenders: not everyone upset with Obama is a Clinton supporter.

Clinton Camp: Obama’s Sour Grapes

Clinton Campaign Planning For Contested Ohio Primary

The Clintons have been dividing people their whole life

Hillary's Donnie McClurkins

Freedom's Watch doing attack ads financed by billionaires, at the request of the White House

Atlanta Journal Constitution Endorses Obama

365 days and DUH-bya goes bye-bye

Bill TESTIFIES! "In New Hampshire, she had exactly two days and one night to move 16 POINTS"

Edwards will be on Letterman on Tuesday.

Did you feel better about Kerry than you do about Obama or Clinton?

What's a Good Liberal or MOderate Paper in South Carolina?

Orlando Sentinel endorses Clinton

Only 365 days left to impeach.

Clintons don't deserve to be put in same category as Don Imus.

Obama people, Do you think Hillary is a racist?

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon to endorse Obama tomorrow.

A Question: What did Hillary do to Enable the war in 2002? nt

To Edwards supporters-I'm sorry...

Question: What did Obama do to Enable the war in 2002?

Who do you support?

HEY MODS! About the "eggplant" thread

Obama: Death by a thousand cuts.

if Clinton or Edwards is nominated, Mccain wins

A call for full equality

Obama: Clinton Won Dirty.... Clinton Campaign: Obama Lost Dirty

Donnie McClurkin WAS A GAY MAN in 92..he became an EX Gay after 1992 in 2000

Obama: The Great Need of the Hour

Bill Clinton Video: "11 days ago they were dancing on Hillary's grave...."

How to translate Obama-speak: an essential giude

In New Hampshire: 84% of democratic voters had a favorable opinion of Bill Clinton

For all of you in an uproar regarding McClurkin and Caldwell, I have a question for you.

Barack Obama: STOP being "TROUBLED" by Bill Clinton and START acting like a FUCKING LEADER. JESUS.

Straight from the horse's mouth: Obama's positions on LGBT issues.

Anyone See MTPress Today? WSJ Columnist Peg Noonan Declared Hillary Will Unite Republican Party!

I thought he was a good prez, but Bill Clinton is turning me off now

I think the Clinton's are starting to get a little to cocky for themselves

Why do the media annointed top two Dems seem hell-bent on

Talk about playing the race card!

Question: Who is the worst right wing nut job on radio??

If you're gonna be an asshole...please don't use your candidate as an avatar or siggy.

Hahah Hillary's government reform pages are funny

That’s it! DU has finally convinced me who to vote for!

Which major candidates care about transsexuals the most?

Why the Harlem story is important (and sad)

OBAMA Playing the Race Card!

Barring a miracle, one year from today we will be hearing "President McCain"

I wrote this a while back about McClurkin, I guess it is needed again

Could Hillary be President without Bill? Obama never needed anyone.

"I believe that American society can choose to carve out a special place for the union of a man...

Has the Obama Campaign confirmed Caldwell will Campaign for him?

Obama calls out Bill Clinton. About Time.

Obama wins Nevada -- for real.

Obama is not running for president!

Christopher Walken is the ONLY candidate...

A question: What did Obama do to try to stop the war in 2002?

Clinton Camp Fires Back Against Obama Criticism against Bill Clinton

OK, Fellow EDWARDS Supporters... Time For A REALITY CHECK.

A question: What did Hillary do to try to stop the war in 2002?

"Obama faces off against both Clintons"

Hmm. So it's fine if Bill Clinton attacks Obama but

Bush’s Good Right Hand

Harold Meyerson: We're facing a different kind of recession

I want a President. I don't want a slogan. "First" in this election amounts to JACK SHIT.

On the Issues: Energy Policy

Why aren't you supporting John Edwards?

"Hey There Obama" makes it into the press. Full lyrics here.

Edwards supporters: who is your second choice, if your candidate doesn't rally a win?

David Letterman welcomes Presidential Candidate, John Edwards on Tuesday's Late Show

Kucinich and "Give the Candidates the MLK Test"

Nevada Caucus- Losing Big, but Winning Bigger

This Looks Important!

Obama on poverty

U.S. Rep. Julia Carson's funeral: 'She touched so many' , a voice for justice

Clintons Making Statements Not Supported by the Facts

Hillary's campaign issues deceptive release that shows Bill Clinton distorted Obama's words

McClurkin shared the stage with Former President, Bill Clinton...

MCCLURKIN REDUX: Kirbyjon Caldwell, Pastor who will campaign for Obama, leads "EX-GAY" MINISTRY

OMFG I'm a little late to the party but YAAAAAAAAY GIANTS!!!

Ewige Blumenkraft: Illuminatus check-in

When you awake tomorrow please remember to Fight Foo

I'm a wimp, I know it.

GD cracks my shit up

A special message for the Lounge

It's all right

Monsters and a 3-yr. old...Gonna kick his ass

A little late now, but I want one for next season!

Not something you'd expect from a bunch of tattooed punks

So anyone else watch the premiere of "Breaking Bad" on AMC?

About time...

Why am I up at 4 in the morning? Because I'm backing up about 80 gigs of files.

There is no greater feeling of empowerment like

Tom Cruise like you've never seen him before

itunes users, I need your help please!

A tune for the Giants

Madea Goes to Space? Tyler Perry listed in the credits of new Trek movie


I have insomnia because of the incessant beating of my dishonest coworker's heart.

Good Morning Loungers....

Must-watch YouTube video

Great game, Packers

Patriots vs Giants... what should I do on Superbowl Sunday?

The Daily Show on sexuality reprogramming

I'm supposed to make spaghetti and meatballs today

Presidential paintball

Glad I didn't finish my sentence.

Here's a very young Jack Nicholson, from one of my favorite movies

Post a pic of your computer desk without cleaning up the mess

I think I've had too much coffee....

Google users

Let me float a conspiracy theory past you

"You know what he did? He kicked him in the Clenis."

Rorshark kitteh asks:

Oliver Stone is going to make a movie about the chimp

Attention post: What does this pic say about me?

The birds in my backyard are eating dry cat food.

Syd Barrett Visits His Accountant

Woman, 75, Arrested At Drive-Through Window

Is it silly to be giddy over purchasing new home office furniture?

List Famous Persons you wish you could have known in high school:

There are some incredibly intelligent, stable people here at DU and

I don't know about this Lee Majors stuff but is this his ad on DU homepage?

Little daily observations #1001: music is better accompaniment

Ah, Montel Williams - who wouldn't love to smash a cast iron frying pan into his face?

Stop reading DU!!! There is work to be done!!!

Who has today off?

My body stunk but I kept my funk

Ron Paul's blimp grows some balls

Am I allowed to kill my customers???

Ugh. There is a hair in my salad.

I thought I'd bring some levity to GD-P on MLK day

MLK... remembrance & inspiration OR MARKETING SPECIAL COME ON DOWN NOW NOW

THE 700 CLUB TELETHON is on-donate today

Today's "Pearls before Swine" is awesome

I've got to reinstall Windows. Wish me luck.

It’s either this or staring into public bathroom stalls.

Who Else Is In A SNARF Mood Today?

OY! Debi!

Why is Lohan wearing underwear?

Watch out! Police: Man attacked people with chain saw leaving two in critical condition

can someone explain to me how the football players didnt get frostbite yesterday?

Seeking to buy some CFL light bulbs

While taking a dump today

I'm begging the universe for a better job in 2008.

Well, THIS week is starting off with a fucking BANG.

I tend to think of women in general as sexual objects...

Oscars to go on ..... ARE THEY NUTS?

Good election music

In 365 days, what will Lee L. Mercer Jr. do his first day in the White House?

I tend to think of weenises in general as sexual objects...

Wow, that was refreshing

Anybody here used (Downloadable movies)

Name five people, still around, who you would like to die before you meet them.

To Prove Jeb Bush is all in my house with disease.

Great cartoon in the Detroit Free Press today

Share your 2008 horror stories!

Remind me again why sexualized health care is a cad thing?

Stupid freakin bill some effing research!

Every minute of every hour of every day, I dream about necks.

RANT: Who invented this horror house of mirrors of a job market?

HA! "Safe Dinar" and "Most Holy Family Monastery" spotted on DU Google ads.

I tend to think of toasters in general as sexual objects...

Anyone else go to Do you want to jump through your

Matcom and Will Pitt? As an old,old Gints fan...

Please list every bad thing that Lee L. Mercer Jr. has ever done on this thread.

I tend to think of sex objects in general, as sex objects.

How do you reply to emails that weren't meant for you?

Remind me again why socialized health care is a bad thing?

So, the Olive Garden was packed, so went to Red Lobster!

Played with a St. Bernard puppy yesterday

Who else is just wet with anticpation of the 700Ml sperm auction this month?

Thank you for your support.

It's stuck in my head, to the tune of "Land of Dixie"

Gomer Pyle was in the Marines from 1964-1969...

I have a thing for winning contests...

27 DAYS until I go home for 7


What's wurst?

Who else is just wet with anticpation of the 700Mhz spectrum auction this month?

"Are you reeling in shock at the news that a family member or friend is a metrosexual?"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/21/2008)

Want to have a good laugh at my expense?

It has occurred to me that I may be breaking the rules

You know what?

Star Trek XI teaser trailer (not blurryvision)

What's worst?

I got a good laugh out of this comic! (Called "Cow and Boy")

Anyone want to help me write 81 thank you cards?

Skinner is now personally locking threads in GD and GDP

Finally saw "Superbad" last night


I am the proud new owner of a 42" Sharp Aquos HDTV!

Most insufferable , self righteous TV personality?

Cheeses Cripes Endorses Mercer

It haz gud taste (kitteh)

Who Has Today Off Or Is Working?

‘69 Flashback…

I'm tired.

Check out this kitty...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/21/08

Did you guys see this? Skinner is trying to limit the flame-o-rama to GD:P

One of the RARE times I was trying to break up with someone...

Who's worse?

Creepy. SHUDDER... Human Bert.

The Bears, cboy4, Jack, Radfringe and Others: You're the Inspiration

List your favorite very short put-downs (Excluding smilies)

Help, please! Need info on vacationing in Maine

Y'know what? I really like Fleetwood Mac, circa the 1970s

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse...what a ripoff!


Okay..what is the absolute oddest thing you've ever seen someone do?

Please Post A Picture of Your Pet

Every minute of every hour of every day, I dream about sex.

Fans of DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD - best review site ever:

PIX: I found a starfish, some red coral, a natural sponge, & saw some dolphins

Lewis Black on Comedy Central now


Which is the bigger mistake?

The night that Barack found out that the first liar doesn't have a chance

My Photo Memorial For MLK Day 2008

Pakistan 30 years ago; some familiar stuff here

21st Century Iwo Jima

Oliver Stone to make "fair" movie about George W. Bush

Barry Goldwater - The last socially moderate Republican (senator or presidential candiate)

Martin Luther King Day

Do you consider this a call for full equality?

the mission has been accomplished?

So.....what's going to happen now that Wexler

The Freedom We Seek (King's Dream 40 Years Later)

what the frack is it with all these low post-count posters making absolute pronouncements...

Congrats NE Patriots fans

I'm SO glad I'm not a Republican.

What REALLY happened on the ground in Nevada

Busradio: Coming to a school bus near you

MLK Foundation commissions statue to be made in- China

All Dem hopefuls to speak at MLK rally held to protest flying of Confederate flag at SC Statehouse

Desert state channels oil wealth into world's first sustainable city

Mobile Phones linked to Insomnia, Hideous Headaches, and ever Creeping Confusion.....

WaPo: Meeting Iraq’s foreign insurgents

Oliver Stone’s ‘Bush.’

Thank you Dr King

Reagan says Vote for the Democrats see through the GOP lies.

LAT: "Bush administration...scaling back ambitious diplomatic goals"-hahahaha

There Is No “War on Terror”

5 Dead As Planes Collide in Calif.

Remembering what a great standup dude Ronald Reagan was

No triangulating poll

Do you think Tom Cruise is insane?

Ellsberg on Sibel Edmonds/media coverup in Bradblog op-ed

HK stocks plummet 5.49 pct in worst single-day slump since 2001

The TRUTH --- "Ronald Reagan: Fiscal Disaster" .... LINK

The only problem for Obama? Clinton was telling the truth.

WTF? Cokie Roberts calls Guiliani a "top candidate".

Slowpoke TOON - Chis Matthews: Nad Defender!

Toronto Star: How The Iraq War's $2 Trillion Cost To U.S. Could Have Been Spent

364 Days from today

"The answer is tax relief.

surge update - Teenage Bomber Kills Sunni Allies of the U.S.

John Edwards according to some...

Skinner: I have another "Great" idea for a forum!!!

How I celebrated all races until now (almost - Michigan still too confusing)

ABC News Video: Bush's Top Ten Funniest Moments

Barack, Meet Bayard Rustin: The Reason You Can Run Convincingly This MLKD

Katrina victims are still in trailers but casinos are booming

Coincidence or have the latest GOP talking points been issued?

Oliver Stone's next project: *

A Shrub joke by wingnut Cindy ADAMS

"This place is like a MemeMarket!"

scientology hacked - hilarity ensues

McCain is a scolding, self-righteous curmudgeon

Packed House and Drama: Citizens Call for Impeachment

THE 700 CLUB TELETHON is on-donate today

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself.

I'm about to be a Dad.... should I refuse vaccinations for my newborn?

"A visit to a legalised brothel in Nevada" re: Repug. "unravelling"

Didn't McCain originally close his FL office cuz of a sex solicitation arrest in management?

Where is This Headline?: ' bu$h* disatrous economic policies bankrupt U.S.'

(Jonah) Goldberg Can't Explain His Own Book

Dem Debate in Myrtle Beach S.C. Tonight.... Are You Watching?

Rank the MOTIVATIONS of your fellow Democratic Voters...

US recession fears sink global markets

The Presidency vs the Congress

Battle Hymn Of The Republicans

DU should provide an avatar for McCain. I propose this:

Are you wondering why international stock market indexes are falling?

Stonewall Democrat is Elected as America's First Black, Lesbian Mayor

Why start negative threads about a candidate?

Not dead yet, Chilean man wakes up at his own wake

Montana Governor Foments Real ID Rebellion

"Authority to conduct warrantless electronic surveillance comes from the Constitution and is vital "

Any experience with OneUnited Bank, The First Black-Owned Internet Bank?

it has been snowing in Anhui, China since Jan. 11, record breaking

US government plans to treat sick people (flu) “like potential enemies”

There Is No "War on Terror" - Instead It Is A Political Gambit, Myth & Cover-Up

AG Mukasey delivered some significant remarks ... Dr. King’s famous statement ...

European stocks tumble---Follow Asia's trend

Terrible Two Two Tuesday: How bad will tomorrow's stock market crash be?

the strategic benefits of impeachment

Who is this couple in this pic?

IMHO The One-Two Punches of Inflation/Deflation Could Knock Out the US Economy...

How does windfall profits tax sound now?

Obama: " We can no longer afford to build ourselves up by tearing each other down."

Clay Aiken: "We have a presidential election going on", Britney is "what people are interested in"

Are Obama and Clinton expected to feud tonight over the stuff raised in the past day or so?

The Bush Debacle: One Year to Go? (not with Hillary or McCain!)

Medical researchers patented AIDS cure in 1990

What's Huckabee Doing for MLK Day? ---pix--->>>

Step away from the PC to watch football and what happens?

Who is Lee Mercer

Today's just not the day ...... and this is just not the month ........

Can we put the Democratic candidate hatefest away for one day and get back to the real center

How bad will tomorrow be?

So the Republican candidates just ignore MLK day?

So - - - How much did Edwards raise on Friday?

Homeless Iraq & Afghan war veteran: "People come back from war different"

Checks bounce before credits roll

Hillary's fatal mistake, attacking Reagan.

50 More 23-Pound Bombs Found On School Grounds To Be Detonated

Bushies' Attack Group Plans $250 Million Offensive

How low have we sunk that this question needs to be asked?

Bush: "We've come through some pretty rough times, but things are goin' great now"

This man:

Only two American flags flying on my street today

If you STILL have doubts about our corporate-backed frontrunners,Vote For Dennis!

Even GAWD-awful prequels hold lessons for progressives: JarJar Binksies

MoJo: How Far Rudy Has Fallen

Understanding Republican foxes in the henhouse

Cheney emails missing from day leak probe started.

George's Big MLK Day Photo-Op ---pix--->>>

Cuba elects 614 members of Parliament

Misogyny overcome? A start. Saudi women can now stay in hotels alone

Atlanta Journal expands on the story about bigdog and the Mayor

An object lesson in Feigned Corporatist Nonchalance: or why Hillary supporters swarm

Thom Hartman is Covering MLK Today

Paging the Professor and the LBN stockmarket peeps

An MLK Quote to Remember and Live by

24/7 MSM election coverage. Meanwhile the world is in a financial meltdown

Yeah, I was REALLY bummed about the war in 2003...

You know it's nice to have a dream

EPA Asserts Executive Privilege against Embarrassment

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer: "It's the most depressing day of the year."

"Bush Calls Top Officials to Discuss How to Blame Recession On Clintons"

EPA Asserts Executive Privilege against Embarrassment

neo cons warn americans in Belgium not to protest Gitmo

Heritage Foundation claims MLK, Jr. as one of their own....

Good Jobs Are Where the Money Is

You know what? I WAS RIGHT.

Time in: 12:56 Time out: 12 :59


45 years later,M.L. King's speech still relevant

anne coulter on boondocks discussion.

DUers' perception of AIPAC

If you wouldn't help Karl Rove cross the street, why would you help him keep his powder dry?

On Oliver Stone's next project "Bush"....

And here they were all waiting for a crash

BWAHAHAHAHA - was looking for pics of * protests from previous MLK days

I was just watching MSNBC and they went to

Who will Kucinich give his support to in the Iowa Caucuses the next time he runs for President?

Wow. Lynn Samuels on SIRIUS repeatedly calling Obama a "little prick" on the air. Nice.

Just back from hearing all 3 candidates

Thinking ahead to the GE

Do you respond to DU polls honestly?

John Bolton: Iran NIE "Illegitimate"

Stooges of the Right


Historians Fear MLK's Legacy Being Lost: Important to remember how disliked he was when he died

Who is today's leading civil rights leader?

"Flashing for the warriors whose strength is not to fight"

Are things in your neighborhood going sour?

Go to and click on the Google logo ... (today!)

U.S. didn't want ceasefire in Lebanon, says Bolton

two headlines at say it all:

Conservatives and rethugs claim they are not racist. I beg to differ.

Earth Hour 2008 - March 29 at 8 pm...

If the Civil Rights Movement happened today, Would Bush have already locked MLK up in Gitmo?

WTF Is Huckster Doing at the MLK Event? ---pix--->>>

U.S. military: Iran still meddling in Iraq

Futures Point To Sharply Lower Open Tuesday

Good thing Monday is a Holiday: Asian Markets Tanking Today

Can someone explain

Global shares tumble on US fears

Regarding Clinton's Sex Life, Part II

Conservatism only works in theory - not in practice.

Does the union of a man and woman deserve a special place in our society...

The next elected POTUS will be a woman, It may be Lynne Cheney or Melinda Gates or hopefully

American Gangster-Rayful Edmond on BET, did anyone happen to watch it?

CBPP statement on Bush's economic stimulus plan

Happy MLK Day. Next year we could have a president who voted AGAINST it!

NYT Column Supporting Free Trade Draws Sharp Criticism

Oh my, Gouliani is running third in Florida according to new poll

Two Views on Ending the War -- Or Continuing It Maybe Forever

Bush legacy: disaster and financial ruin. A winning ticket?

364 days.

Highly Skilled And Out Of Work....(WashPost)

Bill Clinton SLAPPED by speaker in Atlanta

Map : Who Has The Oil Reserves

Anti-Chuck Norris facts

WHAT? Mike Huckleberry praising MLK....

Does it matter that 25 more soldiers were killed so far in January?

The speech that got MLK Jr. killed.......

If the Bush Economy was so great, why would we need a stimulus?

Obama to confront WJC ..whats not to like ? ..DU finds plenty

Knowing what you know now...would we have been better off if Clinton had resigned

Democracy that Works: Citizen Oversight, Checks and Balances, Hand Counts

Chris Matthews, NAD DEFENDER (Slowpoke 'TOON)

New Generation of Homeless Vets Emerges

I wonder if that scary picture of McCain from an earlier thread came from


POP QWIZ !!1! Who said: "...future events such as these will affect you in the future." ?

Did people really expect the President of the United States to admit

Just got back from the Farmer's Market. Talk about sticker shock!!!!

I Found Two Homeless Vets Today in Orlando

Oliver Stone to make President Bush film (BBC)

What I've learned is silence is deafening.

Obama Supporters Is This True?

Mourners pay respects to Hillary

Bush Administration Brings Big Biz to Liability Insurer

Ask Al-Qaeda

Scary to think that these men are the best the GOP can offer

Soldiers and Shoppers Hit the Wall: Expensive soldiers, exempt shoppers no longer sustainable

This cartoon made me cry when it was first published in 2006. Happy MLK Day.

Oliver Stone Is Making A Movie About Bush

President Bush Arming Fellow Tyrants Globally

Is this picture of McCain real or photoshop?

What's the difference between a Recession and a Depression?

Caption these Traders in Mumbai -- -- >> It's a Bird, It's a Plane

Ashcroft's cozy deal

Was DU like this in 2004?

The media asserts its coverage is driven by polls. I assert the polls are driven by the media.

A Democratic convention with more diversity...told to "break the mold" and think outside the box.

When children stop trusting you...

I ***never*** realized Chuck Norris was ......

***If you want your infant to keep it's face do not let Mitt Romney anywhere near him***

"The war may be off the front pages, but Iraq is broken beyond repair, and we still own it."

Anyone else getting this re: Obama?

For those of you hoping to see Bill in the WH again,

Monday TOON Roundup: MLK's message for the candidates

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the legacy remembered, the message that should not be forgotten

Oliver Stone to direct new introspective on "BUSH"

Oh Yeah, Judith and i feel totally at home here, we blend.

The pentacle of arrogance and power - the party of George Bush

IMO the true Legacy of the Bush* Administration will be

The first priority for the new Democratic administration should be public financing of elections.

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Where the hell is Al Gore when you need him?

Stephani Tubbs Jones slaps the SHIT out of the Carlson boy

Time to Buckle Up................... it's going to get rough

Email missing from Cheney's office on day White House told to preserve documents in CIA leak

Genetically Modified Sugar Beets:A Bad Bet (At The Worst Time)

Right-Wingers Can't Cover Up Iraq's Death Toll Catastrophe (John Hopkins/Lancet Study Most Accurate)

WANTED: A few more recs for this video for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

More news from our Partner In Freedom™ Saudi Arabia

Gitmo Turns 6 Today

Debunking the Reagan Myth -By PAUL KRUGMAN

When talking about poverty it would be nice if political candidates didn't

"Voters are stupid, brainless cows - they need to be led around by the nose."

John Conyers says Jack Kemp and Poppy Bush were the First Onboard MLK Holiday Movement!

Look out for counterfeit $100, $20 bills made from REAL $5, $1 bills

Here's how to beat John McCain...

Tweety just vomits forth his hatred of "The Clintons"

I DO miss Bill Clinton's Mom.

Iraq Study Group 2.0?

Visiting Chuck Norris' house? Welcome, neighbor!

"Stupidity Nation"

US hurries to build military base in Central Europe before '08

Lou Dobbs Tonight - " and we'll have a report coming up about race and radical politics in America"

Will DK be involved in the CNN/Congressional Black Caucus debate?

Question about the market downturn for us struggling folks.

Hilarious! Gouliani trailing in New York!

Futures don't look so good...

my brother in law will be stationed at Ft Drum

Kaiser Permanente, coffee and miscarriage....


MSM ignores: Kerik hearing was on Jan 16, trial scheduled for Feb. 6

Oh dear, caption McCain in little Havana.

Help me compile a list of the worst things Bush has done. Needs links to verify

I think it's very inappropriate to engage in ass-slapping, why did Mayor Franklin slap Bill?

LA Times Editor Fired in Budget Dispute -- Anyone watching "The Wire?"

Everyone experience a sharp jump in Gas prices today

Noted Marathoner Killed In Kenyan Violence...with an arrow

Plan for Designated Protest Space on DC Mall Debated

Can we put our differences aside and agree that Tucker needs a smack upside the head?

Looking at extended hours trading and there's a lot of people getting ready to lowball tomorrow.

Ronnie Reagan = Jesus?

Hillary not working hard for South Carolina, Conceding to Obama? Leaves state.

My MLK day experience

FR: The only people who don't like Fred are "to [sic] dumb to live!"

Americans (Dems) Abroad Can Now Vote Online

All of these Clinton dick threads have a voyeuristic quality

Daniel Ellsberg at BradBlog: American Media's Complicit Failure To Report On The Sibel Edmonds Case

Saw a great bumper sticker yesterday...

Condi got WASTED like her BF she is boozing in the UAE --

On April 5th, 1968, my dad was with our small town's police chief.

1-21-2008 DU GD straw poll

As the markets tank, does anybody else wonder if our unemployment numbers are bogus?

X-post from the Lounge: The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/21/08

OMG! Mitt greets african americans on MLK day w/ "Who let the dogs out? Woof woof"

What exactly is this economic "stimulus" giveaway supposed to stimulate?

"No More Stolen Elections. No More Stolen America."

Your Favorite (Recent) GD or GDP Thread:

John Edwards is going to breakaway and take the lead after tonights debate.

TOON: Ted Rall - "Have You Picked Our President Yet?"

London shares in biggest fall since 9/11 (from UK Guardian)

the future of the weekly DUzy Awards. . .your thoughts ?

Maybe we should let the GOP win (on edit: the WH) in 2008. Hear me out...

Don't Look Too Closely... This Is Very Scary, Another Black Tuesday Looms

Group takes statements about UFO sightings

Chuck Norris' maths

Conversations with History: Activism, Anarchism, and Power, with Noam Chomsky

"Our long National Nightmare" is almost over

Today’s Headlines

It amazes me how many posters seem to believe they're driving the election from here at DU

Would I elect Bill Clinton again? In a heartbeat.

If you want a Dem in the WH in Jan 2009,

Serious question: How do you deal with conservative friends?

MSNBC: Edwards campaign is over.

MSNBC: "Highly skilled and out of work: Long-term joblessness spreads in the middle class"

All those folks who think the Great Lakes states ought to share their water:

Electronic machines should be abolished altogether as vote-counting devices.

I swear, some of you people are just fucking brain dead

Should we require that threads about the Democratic Primary be posted in the GD: Politics forum?

Regarding Clinton's Private Sex Life

Dan Ellsberg slams MSM's failures re Sibel Edmonds

Let Freedom Ring!!! Really cool!

The REAL reason for the fight against Roe v. Wade: PRIVACY

Expatriate democrats abroad can now vote online

"Mortgage crisis spills over into credit cards"

The Story We've All Been Waiting For (Sibel Edmonds)

So long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, good-bye! I hate to go and leave this pretty site.

(Private)Sex life of presidents - not part of accountability to We the people!

What was the last product that was SO GOOD the Govt. FORCED you to buy it?

In defense of regional economies

Student gives Bush the look...

As economy collapses, networking and community become more important

A native man asks Democrats

The coming Depression, what is smarter Canned goods or MRE'S?

Libertarian economist says the average citizen is too "uneducated" to be allowed to vote

1) How bad will the economy have to get?

*** Monday TOONs: MLK & Economy ***

Bill Moyers on the Civil Rights Act, MLK, LBJ

Do Hillary Supporters Honestly Believe She Will Pull Our Troops Out Of Iraq?

Gay Blog. Endorses Obama

Enjoy and laugh too : I'm voting for Hillary for the same reason I

Hey, it could be worse. We could all be Republicans.

Krugman: Debunking the Reagan myth

Umm so who is lee mercer?

Obama, Courting Youth Vote, Returns to Orangeburg

Brokered Conventions

Serious question about Edwards vs. the Republicans in the polls

I can't wait until the primaries are over

voodoo doll count at my local spencer gifts...

In this message I reveal something that should put all electability arguments to rest.

"I realized that I couldn't really vote for Huckabee because of what Rush said."

Obama and the Grumpy Old Men

Oliver Stone To Direct Bush Bio-Pic (Josh Brolin To Play Bush)

For Clinton, Government as Economic Prod

The St. Petersburg Times endorses Barack Obama for President

I'm supporting who ever comes out of Super Tuesday with the clear path...

Does Edwards prefer Obama to Hillary?

Obama Echoes King's Call For Unity at Atlanta Church

Obama Faithful Take in History

Are we ready for a Hillary vs Lynne election? Why not, you know they will match and raise,

Clinton Misses MLK March in South Carolina

Obama's engaging of Bill will be fascinating to watch.

Obama Takes on Question of Faith

How Hillary is using Bill

What's Wrong With 28 Years of Bush-Clinton?

TPM: NYT: Edwards Camp Doesn't Expect To Win Even One Primary

Clyburn: Clinton Attacks On Obama Will "Toughen" Him For General Election

Bill Clinton's legacy - a reality check

Pollster accuracy so far from SurveyUSA...

October letter from Obama supporters and leaders in the LGBT and African American faith communities

Why don't you like Edwards? (No Flames please)

Here's how we beat McCain.

What's wrong with Hillary's campaign?

CA: Shut out by GOP, independents may tilt Democratic

Re: Obama-- Confront him personally with the info, and see what he does

Just did they resurrect zombie McCain when he was flatlining in the polls?

There is no way of knowing.

Tuscaloosa News endorses Barack Obama

Wow that was nice to watch

Americans abroad can now vote online

If Someone Has Their Profile Disabled How Can You See If They Were Tombstoned?

The Gainesville Sun endorses Barack Obama for President, the third Florida paper to do so

Clinton-Obama Or Obama-Clinton

The #1 reason the New York State Primary should be held no earlier than

David Axelrod gave Obama the smackdown this weekend, say goodbye to hope and dreams

Chuck Norris-"John McCain Is Too Old To Be President"

Do you think Obama's middle name will be a problem in the General Election? Honest, now.

Big Dog: Martin Luther King would be deeply pleased with either Barak or Hillary as candidates...

Obama's Christian Mailer

Should the Next Televised Debate Include Bill Clinton?

Is there any live coverage of the Dems.' S.C. MLK speeches?

Political family dynasties SUCK! Just look at these HORRIBLE examples...

It really is the economy,stupid!

Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

US Rep, Rick Boucher (D-VA) endorsing Obama today.

So you've torn down the person I was leaning towards...

Reaction to: "Hillary's Donnie McClurkins"

OK fess up, which DU'er posted this on youtube?

Rudy Falls Behind McCain in New York by 12 points.

Enough with the hatred between supporters!

How The West Was Won.

Not many changes in first wave of recounted N.H. primary votes

Is Obama a homophobe?

Clyburn to Obama: "You've got to get toughened up...get used to it"

Hillary vs. McCain...the most boring election in American history

Sibel Edmonds is up on Kpete's latest thread

AZ Congressman Pastor endorses Clinton for president

Skinner: I have another "Great" idea for a forum!!!

Rep. Rick Boucher Endorsing Barack Obama Today

Pollster Report Card

Flashback: Reagan makes King holiday official

Rasmussen -Clinton 41% Obama 32% Edwards 14% RCP Average - Clinton - 41% Obama 33% Edwards 13%

Edwards still has a role in nominating process- Don't let the pundits take away your voice for 2008

How would you feel about a Clinton/Obama ticket or an Obama/Clinton ticket if it became a reality?

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To John McCain's Coronation

Chuck Norris, aging actor, says John McCain is too old

Where are the mods this morning?

How about t the diarrhetic forum: For those who can't step spewing shit

My local paper perpetuates the idea the Obama is a Muslim.

Tonight's CNN Debate Sponsored By BIG COAL! Let's Hope Edwards Takes A Shot

Mrs. Clinton mocks ethics reform, fuels cynicism

McClurkin vs Bill Clinton. Who is worse?

Hundreds Gather at King's Atlanta Church

I'd Appreciate A Little Help With Some RW freak Who Told My Father-In-law Some

I'm supporting Clinton. And Obama. And Edwards. And Kucinich

I'll give one thing to Obama for sure

Yeah, I was REALLY bummed about the war in 2003...

Y'all need to stop playing the card card.

Why HRC is good for America during this economic crisis:

Happy Birthday-Dr.King

Neither a Uniter Nor a Divider be...

Hillary says she saw Martin Luther King but ended up working for Goldwater in 1964

Obama faces uphill battle to survive Super Tuesday

Openly gay Latino mayor endorses Barack Obama. Thoughts?

TONIGHT'S DEBATE gives each candidate an opportunity to turn the page...

Why can't Obama just say what he means?

This is Bill Clinton

Obama is now advertising on the cable news networks

Massachusetts Poll - Hillary 56% Obama 23% Edwards 14% - No RCP Average Available

Edwards advertisments

Sadly in the 1930's the poor had heroes such as criminals Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face

We Call on Senator Obama . . .

Lee L. Mercer Jr. will NEVER have an affair when he's president

I propose a new GD-P rule

With next primary deep in the Bible Belt, Obama says again: Rumors on my religion are "crazy"

If You Think This Election Is Bad, Wait Till You See This

Infighting = Wasted Energy. Do something Constructive.

I have deleted my OP because it was wrong.

I always thought the compressed primary schedule was about...

NAACP now blasts MLK Jr Memorial done by a chinese man.

JE "failure to launch" Clinton "RatPack" Obama "Waiting to Exhale"

I got a crush on Hillary?

Why Edwards must win: "My daughter was in Iraq for one year."

obama claiming a win in nevada is pretty absurd

Obama yips at the Big Dog

Here's what a Patriotic Poltician looks like

Clyburn: Hillary needs to "connect with people", Obama needs to "be presidential...firm."

A Shift Toward Obama Is Seen Among Blacks

Shopping Spree USA

Just said on Morning Joe, Clinton camp fearful Ted Kennedy is going to endorse Obama,

Semi-official Friday total for John Edwards: $300,000.

The editorial cartoon in my paper today sums up perfectly how I feel about Hillary and Obama

Obama, Christianity, and hatred of Muslims

Dan Savage goes to Huckabee country - South Carolina

After His Loss in Nevada, Edwards Keeps Marching

Atlanta mayor takes political shot at Bill Clinton

Obama has 9,000 hits on You Tube in one day on his MLK speech in Atlanta

Thompson contemplates dropping out of race

Nice! Romney's making gains in FL. He's at 25% with McCain in 2nd

Rasmussen tracking: Clinton 41% (+3) Obama 32% (-2)

Conservative group with WH ties plans to spend $250 million against Dems in 2008 campaign

On Eve of King Holiday, Race Dominates Democratic Campaign

Clinton Supporters: Post your Favorite Hillary Pictures!

Raygun vs Mighty Clenis - who will win these primaries?

Obama looks like a deer caught in the headlights..

Red State Update on the Donny McClurkin fiasco

Barack Obama to win, says Las Vegas palm reader

Slate V presents: Hillary's Inner Pick Flick

dupe deleted

On a day like today here's My Guy:

Wonder if we'll see another pre-debate "truce" tonight....

Pennsylvania: Hillary 40%, Obama 20%, Edwards 11%...

Prediction: Only one of the top three candidates will be on the Democratic Ticket.

Be careful fellow Dems

MSNBC Newsreader, "Obama is winning MANY states"

Quick question - when and where are the national conventions?

Obama: I feel like I'm running against both Clintons

Who's voting on Super Tuesday?

self delete..dupe

Obama channels Huckabee in S. Carolina

Since Bill personally witnessed voter suppression, why isn't he doing anything about it?

Johnny Damon endorses Giuliani

Would You Enjoy DU More If There Was Less Attacking And More Serious Discussions Of Issues?

Bill Clinton ran openly on a "two for one" presidency and so is Hillary. It's a winner.

ABC: Obama camp "delighted" that flight delay keeps civil rights activist from MLK parade

Conservatism...fooling the Nation, counter productive/band aids/excuses. Progressives, solutions and

The Rude Pundit: Martin Luther King Would Fuck Bush's Shit Up (2008 Edition)

Marist Poll: Obama 4 points behind Clinton in New York City

Yet more on Caldwell/Obama

Is Bill Clinton an Honest Man?

Clinton/McCain Washington (state) match-up, old man McCain leads 49-46%

"Do you still believe that there was no difference between the candidates?"

Barack Obama campaigns with sign that says, "No Clinton Dynasty"

Obama Yips at the Big Dog (great photo with story):

Great Pro-Hillary Clinton Trailer on YouTube

Hillary, Barack, Experience

If there were Bash Clinton and Bash Obama forums

Clinton Pro-Casino Stand Will Hurt Her in Hudson Valley, Obama Against the Expansion of Gambling

How do you fell about the Defense of Marriage Act?

We can get along...

Off to an Obama pre-debate rally in Myrtle Beach! :)

So Bill says he respects Black people who won't vote for Hillary-for "obvious reasons."

Atlanta mayor screws up big time trying to hit Clinton on "Fairy Tale" remarks.

The Choice: The Clinton-Obama battle reveals two very different ideas of the Presidency.

Barack Obama on MLK Day

Rev. Caldwell was a savvy move and will lead to increased votes, with little downside.

Here is what the debate will be about, from CNNMoney,Global markets plunge on U.S. recession fears

McClatchy: Super Tuesday might be super confusing

Help Plan Bush's GOING-AWAY PARTAY!!

...And Now For Something Completely Irrelevant

Historians Fear MLK’s Legacy Being Lost

Obama moves "Be a Democrat for a day" to California..

The GLBT community is just as important to the Democratic party as the African American community

Rant: Obama’s Shifting Message and the Pulse of the Country

Before the internet is scrubbed entirely...

Obama basic training

Why are there so many mini-Roves in this forum?

Debunking the Reagan Myth - By Paul Krugman

Post your favorite Barack Obama pictures here.

Reality Check: Happy MLK Day Photo

Anyone listen to Andrew Young on the Tom Joyner show this morning telling MLK stories?

Bill Clinton sings 'We Shall Overcome' during a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King,

It is not Florida advertising it is national advertising: 2 weeks before Super Tuesday

Classic video of Bentsen/Quayle

Biden would've matched up very well against McCain

Huck looks scared to death!

There Ought To Be A Three-Strikes Rule Here

NY Times: Edwards Advisors Admit He Will Not Win A Single Primary - JRE gave it a great try!

How many people will disappear after the nominee is chosen?

GOP Spares Little Time for MLK Day

With 3 basically similar candidates it's not wrong to vote on race or sex.

POLL: Do "PRESENT" votes on divisive and important issues indicate honesty in a Senator?

ALL the candidates did MLK proud today in S.C.

Edwards on Letterman tomorrow night (Tues)

I just wanted to see if everyone was having fun in here?

Ras FL: Clinton 47 (-1), Obama 29 (+5), Edwards 12(-2)

Who exactly is Obama "uniting"? The corporate lobbyists, the ex-gay pastors, and the Reagan lovers?

What do you think the general public thinks about each candidate?

New Obama AD: "Inspriring"

Say night night to Grampa Fred.

Why is this page no longer available on Obama's official web site?

Why McClurkin? In a September poll of African Americans in SC 62% felt...

Should we require that threads about the Democratic Primary be posted in the GD: Politics Forum?

Poverty and peace -- Edwards' issues were Martin Luther King's issues.

This Modern World: Time once again for very serious pundits to discuss the issues

How much did Obama the author influence you for or against him?

Obama's Clenis.

Can Dems win in 08 without the South? Matt Bai says NO.

"I 9/11 wanna 9/11 ride in the pace 9/11 car!! Waaaaaa"

How can a Presidential candidate run as an environmentalist if they

Clinton Misses MLK March in South Carolina

Why shouldn't there be a campaign in Florida? It's more democracy, right?

Obama runs national ads and Clinton claims its FL advertising.

How many times did Wolf Blitzer say the name Obama in his first 15 minutes

Why did the Firestone Mechanic call me a "young man" today?

Clinton welcomes Huckabee at MLK memorial. This is a UNIFIER.

Tucker's about to play the new clip of Obama on his Reagan remarks...

Breaking Rasmussen: Clinton 51% Obama 30% in NY

How is the Obama/Clinton battle being portrayed by the media? I'm currently

Is Hillary running for election or Is Bill running for re-election or neither or both?

Cross post from GD, Willard Romney, not to be missed.

Dean: Women Know A Democratic President Will Bring Our Country the Change We Need

After His Loss in Nevada, Edwards Keeps Marching


The suggestion that the black community is inherently homophobic is racist.

Is there a listing of caucus and primary info?

SF Chron: Edwards still has a role in nominating process

Breaking: Hillary was on MTP for full hour; MTP was broadcast in Florida

I am very worried about how the DNC deals with the Florida

Alabama Poll: Clinton 31%; Obama 28%; Edwards 8% (MOE +/- 5%) Und. wins

Why are you voting in the 2008 Presidential primary?

Like sheep to the slaughter, MSM tries to pump up Obama again

The Clinton Machine Disenfranchises Americans on Path to the White House

Rachel Maddow gets her prize! after saying Matthews is "greatest analyst on TV"

Alabama Democratic Conference (African American wing of Dem party) unanimously endorses Clinton

My states primary isn't till after Super Tuesday....(a small rant)

CNN: S.C. debate to highlight Democratic fight for black vote

Who won the debate tonight that hasn't happened yet?

Anybody worried about the DNC's decision regarding MI and FL?

Bill Clinton is racist


I don't believe this is Mitt Romney's son speaking very good Spanish in this video

The BJ made Clinton more popular. Don't expect nodding off to do the opposite

If Harold Ford, Who Was Charming And Brilliant Lost in Tennessee, How can Obama Win Nationally?

Tubbs-Jones to Tucker: "Get a LIFE!!!"

So Edwards adviser says he isn't going to win a single primary?

Hillary Leaving South Carolina to Bill and Chelsea

Obama should get a day to declare the Florida ads an "oversight." If he doesn't, it's beyond sleazy

Statement By The Clinton Campaign On Senator Obama’s Violation Of The Early State Pledge

Nader to decide soon on possible presidential run

The more this campaign becomes about Bill Clinton, the more Hillary loses.

POLL: If your ads are running in Florida, are you advertising in Florida?

New GDP name idea: General Demolition: Politics

Who Started The Shit Around Here?

Caption this picture NOW!

How can Obama be for Native Americans and against casino gambling?

Hillary pulls to whopping 33 point lead in Florida...I can see why Obama decided to advertise there.

Cliff Notes for these McClurkin/Metanoia controversies

Is there a listing of caucus and primary info?

Can anyone provide a link to Obama's statement re: the national ad campaign in Florida

I'd rather vote for Al Sharpton than whiny Obama - It's okay for Michelle to dis

Oh Boy, Things Are Getting Nasty - Elected Official (Hillary Supporter) Claims Obama 'Anti-Semite'

how long is the debate tonight?

HC Press Release: Intended to Confuse Voters and Put Obama on the Defensive

Has the Obama Campaign in anyway acknowledged the Caldwell Endorsement?

Hillary is using Obama's CNN ad as an excuse to break the Pledge and campaign in Florida

Obama is now cry baby whining about the media? I can't stop laughing

Jim Clyburn to Bill Clinton: 'Chill' on Obama

We Dems AGAIN risk losing an election that we "can't lose".

An Appeal to Support Obama Despite His "Gay Issue" Problem.

What People Don't "Get" About The McClurkin Thing

I was 15 feet from, and daughter shook hands with the Big Dog

I just want to say that those poking fun at Bill Clinton for "sleeping". are just mean.

Is There a Source for the Speculation that Condi Rice is Under Consideration for GOP VP?

Looking Back at Geffen: "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

Post your favorite picture of Obama, Hillary and Edwards

Is this shit helpful at all to the GLBT community?

Randi STOP!

A Good Cry on MLK Day is Particulalry Bitter.


Why did Hillary refer to Obama as a "Young" African American at the MLK event?

If you had 5 minutes to talk to each Candidate - what would you say?

Dear Edwards supporters: Please stop trying to

Women voters are not a niche

To Honor Dr. King - A Truce for one day

Clinton responds to Obama's distortions

The late Molly Ivins said, regarding Hillary, ..

In Case You Missed It

AMERICABLOG has picked up the Obama/Caldwell story

Some Day, I Think We're All Going To Come To Regret Some Of The Things We've Posted Here

Can you answer this question regarding the Repub candidates?

"Any gay person who votes for Barack Obama after this is, simply, an idiot."

I had high hopes for Obama.

Is It Really Going To Matter?

A Comment About Edwards... One Of The Best In Such A Long Long Time.... But

Hillary dissing South Carolinians

Superdelegate from S.C. endorses Obama

Honestly, why do Democrats put up with this bullshit?

Stephen King endorses Obama

Atlanta mayor takes political shot at Bill Clinton - "this is reality, not fantasy or fairy tales."

If you know a Democrat living abroad, online Primary is coming Feb. 5th

I hate to say it, but Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the next president

25+% New Hampshire recount completed; more human errors

Does anyone think Obama is running center and will move to the left? ..

Obama Hits Bill Again, Faults National Media For Misreporting On Reagan Comments

Clinton leads Obama 50% to 27% in NY State

Here comes Florida: "The agreement is off"

Florida says we are big and size matters. Florida says screw Dean.

On 1/18, both Bill & Hillary LIED - I will be waiting for an admission and an apology

Edwards Cancels NAACP Speech On King Day After Rival Candidates Protest


Hillary Adviser Wolfson: Obama's Claim That Bill Is Fibbing Is A "Right Wing Talking Point"

Just in case anyone hasn't seen the "Hillary as Tracy Flick" video yet

I think Michelle Obama should respond to Bill Clinton's lies...

Bill/Hillary Clinton's anti feminist presidential campaign

The editorial cartoon in my paper today sums up perfectly how I feel about Hillary and Obama

The Iraq War run-up: where were you in '03? Stories wanted!!!

Obama has 7 days to close a 33 point lead in Florida, which he has turned into a contested state

Female Republicans Will Not Vote For Hillary

Rev. Caldwell's Homophobic Mission Statement Disappears

He'll probably lose but

Post your favorite John Edwards Pictures here.

“Right has no sex and truth has no color”

Kucinich on Iraq, Congress, and MLK Jr.

Want to see how a McCain vs Hillary match up would turn out today

The Palm Beach Post Endorses Barack Obama For President

License to Fib

Good Morning America segment on Monica Lewsinski scandal...

I am a Democrat because...

Big Business Is Even More Unpopular Than You Think

Have You Joined John Edwards' Site, Voted for Blogs, Started a Diary?

JE supports the little guy???????? Who is more little in this election than DK?

Bill Clinton falls asleep during MLK service

Obama Gets Backing of King's Inner Circle, With Some Exceptions

Taylor Marsh, a known liar and Clinton shill, invokes John Kerry to defend Bill Clinton

Taylor Marsh's own words contradict her current swiftboating lies

Barack Obama and Health Care

The JRE SC Victory thread-- let's get it done, Edwards people!

Clinton Claims Nevada Victory, While Obama Tries His Hand at Spin

Clinton Campaign Planning For Contested Ohio Primary

Iran urges developing Jihad culture

Food price inflation is here to stay, warns chief of PepsiCo

Oliver Stone votes for 'Bush' project -Josh Brolin to play embattled president

Stimulus plan may be ready by March: lawmaker

GOP presidential race turns to Florida

Low-Key Elections May Affect Castro’s Role

Obama Echoes King's Call For Unity at Atlanta Church

Security developments in Iraq, Jan 21

Colombia's ELN rebels free nine hostages

Iran receives 4th N-fuel shipment

British soldier killed in Afghanistan

After His Loss in Nevada, Edwards Keeps Marching

US Recession Fears Sink Global Markets

Investors lose over $300 bn in six days (India)

NYT Column Supporting Free Trade Draws Sharp Criticism

Obama Takes on Question of Faith

Local attorney plans to depose Vice President Cheney

Americans abroad can now vote online

LA Times Editor Fired Over Dispute (3rd Since 2005)

Futures don't look so good...

U.S. puts Kurds on terror list

Spy v spy as Airbus joins the fight against whaling

Don't Look Too Closely... This Is Very Scary, Another Black Tuesday Looms

ACA Customers Allow More Time to Unwind Default Swaps (Update3)

Hillary commemorates MLK Day


Democratic Candidates Honor Martin Luther King in South Carolina

U.S. chopper kills, injures 3 (Iraqi) cops - source

ABC Leads Nominees for GLAAD Awards

Nikkei dives over 3% on uncertainty over Bush stimulus package+

Federal study backs up land claim by Tigua tribe

Poll: Giuliani trails McCain in NY, Clinton leads Obama

Giuliani trailing on home ground (New York): poll

Giuliani trailing on home ground (New York): poll

Hundreds Honor King at Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church; Former President Clinton speaks

Bomber kills 15 at funeral in northern Iraq

Stocks Plunge Worldwide on Fears of a U.S. Recession

Pentagon Weighs Top Iraq General as Chief of NATO (Petraeus)

Japanese govt admits Greenpeace hindering hunt

European / Asian markets plummet

Democrats say Shadegg (R-Ariz.) violated law

John Stewart, Former Kingston Trio Member, Dead at Age 68 (Traveled with Robert Kennedy in '68)

Rasmussen Reports: Florida -- Romney 25% McCain 20% Giuliani 19%

UN transformation proposed to create 'new world order'

Obama campaign cites Nevada vote irregularities

)Dow) Futures plunge (-546) on U.S. recession fears

Edwards: Dems Need Him to Face McCain

Iraq Vet Anti-War Group (IVAW) Says War Crimes are 'Encouraged'

Email missing from Cheney's office on day White House told to preserve documents in CIA leak

Thompson contemplates dropping out of race

EXCLUSIVE: Barack vs. Bill: Obama Hits Ex-Prez Over 'Troubling' Attacks

Young activists mobilize against voter ID law: File Supreme Court amicus brief

Dallas crowd calls for end to Roe vs. Wade as anniversary nears

EU official: IP is personal

US says warplanes pound Al-Qaeda in Iraq targets

Chávez says he chews coca daily

Chávez says he chews coca daily

Security worsens in three southern (Iraqi) provinces

Saudi women can now stay in hotels alone

Airports to inspect ID cards with black lights

Bodies Fall Out of Sky As Planes Collide (tragedy in California)

Nader to decide soon on possible presidential run

Anti-Nokia backlash grows in Germany

A better way to run primaries?

A birthday letter to MLK.

The truth about men who kill

Republicans lack consensus, but their Democrat rivals lack content

Britain 'as inept as US' in failing to foresee postwar Iraq insurgency

New York City Braces as Fear on Economy Creeps In

Free Lunch: How The Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves At Government Expense (and Stick you With

Against Independent Voters

Is Congress waking up?

An American Holiday

Between Life and Death, Bankruptcy Style

Gates Again Undermines the Hawks

Fighting the Farc

Chuck Norris Claims that Jesus is Too Old To Lead Christianity

Offshore nations may keep U.S. tech firms in the black

Hi-ho, me hearties, hi-ho, and a buccaneering we'll go

Massive Yahoo Job Cuts Rumored

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

Daniel Ellsberg:...American Media’s Complicit Failure to Investigate and Report on Sibel Edmonds

US presidential nomination campaigns remain deadlocked after January 19 votes

Peace Mirage Makes Iraq a Non-Issue in Democratic Primary

A 'Fantasy Tribute' to Suzanne Pleshette

"’Help Wanted’ highlights skills drain in U.S” and we produce to many Ph.D.s

Punishing Thought Crime: Would New Bill Make YOU a Terrorist?

E. J. Dionne: A Demographic the Democrats Can't Forget

Despite the cosmetic acts of Bush, his undertakers and enablers, America's Iraq is still a corpse.

Does the News Matter To Anyone Anymore?

Hale "Bonddad" Stewart Ronald Reagan: Fiscal Disaster

Stuck in Traffic? Blame *!

Minoru Morimoto: What gives you the right to lecture us about whaling?

'Shop While They Drop' - The Political Art & Subversion of Ron English

Bill Maher | January 18, 2008 | Mashup Pt. 2

Bill Maher | January 18, 2008 | Mashup Pt. 1

Fareed Zakaria on Bill Maher Show

Bill Clinton on Race (Meet the Press)

So It Begins

The Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World


I have read this bill

Empty Malls as Economic Fears Spread

Obama - Great Anecdote at MLK's Church (Also Campaign Claims NV Voter Suppression)

Bill Clinton's response to Ann Coulter's assertion that he is gay.

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 321

Dennis Kucinich 2008 - Soul Meets Body!

Constituents Losing Patience with Congressman Norm Dicks #2

Barack Obama Hits Back Against Bill Clinton Attacks

Give Me Liberty

Analysis of Obama on MTP

Primary system is awful. What about this fix?

Constituents Losing Patience with Congressman Norm Dicks

Martin Luther King - His immortal Vietnam speech

Pinko Pigskin, or: How a Liberal Can Destroy our New National Pastime.

John Edwards - Fighting for One America - Veterans & Iraq

All Good

Mr. 9-11's Last Ditch Effort

Who's in charge of Pakistan?

John Edwards: 'The Cause of My Life' CNN - 20 JAN '08

Ten OTHER Things Martin Luther King Said

Why Your Mother Shouldn't Vote

FKN NEWZ for January 20th, 2008 (this guy is awesome!)

Attention Democrat Voters: DEMOCRACY Iraq War Veterans Say Commanders Encourage War Crimes

Rep. Clyburn: Bill Clinton "Needs to Chill"

My Country Used To Be....

GOP Addams Family

John Edwards' MLK Day Speech: "We Can No Longer Stand Silent"

Ronald Reagan Blunder? (Meet the Press)

Krugman: WTF is Obama thinking praising Reagan?

Keith and Chris crack up at Thompson's Speech to Nowhere.

My TV Appearance?

Full Speech: Barack Obama Speaks at Dr. King's Church

Retired master sergeant in court again

NCO to face trial in Hood training death case

Family has big hopes for injured soldier

Soldiers earn citizenship on eve of deployment

Trio of capital cases test Bragg logistics

Breaking the bandwidth barrier

Zumwalt contracts possible by end of month

Veterans groups look for new ways to survive

Backtalk: Avenge not

F-16 deployment draws warning from N. Korea

COLA survey will determine future rates

After 15 months, MPs heading home to Hanau

Suspected insurgents, weapons caches found in raids

Over 100 voluntary separation pay slots left

City tackling ‘task of the century’

Army gains recruiting ground all around

Evaluation tests battle readiness (and clothing)

Airmen, missile troops end weeklong readiness training on peninsula

Higher, Farther, Faster: Ospreys in Iraq

Petraeus Eyed for NATO Command

Solar Array Generates More Than Power

Navy tries to make IA duty pay

Smear Campaign

Military says not to forward e-mail about Barack Obama

Norris: McCain Too Old to be President

PTSD Is Brought On By Days Like These

Return of troops to Hanau means beginning of the end for community

Hypothetical attack on U.S. outlined by China

A Missing Son, ‘Confused & Unable to Call Home’

Volcanoes Tied to Thinning of Antarctica’s Glaciers

Renewable powers join forces: (Combining wind & solar)

Candidates' views on energy from GDP

Sea Shepherd Tailed By Japanese Mystery Ship - Sea Shepherd has new location of whaling fleet

Did oil canals worsen Katrina's effects?

Greenhouse gases at new peak in sign of Asia growth - Reuters

Desert state channels oil wealth into world's first sustainable city (xpost from GD)

The Global Threat The News Media Ignore

The Year Ahead in Green Business

UK parliamentary committee calls for biofuel moratorium - Reuters

Global Wind Energy Council - GWEC: Continuing boom in wind energy - 20 GW of new capacity in 2007

UltraBattery promises more power, less cost for HEVs

World’s Largest Offshore Wind Energy Turbine (7.5 MW) To Be Developed In North England

US threatens to take Europe’s ‘clean’ lead

Stirling Energy takes on the solar power challenge

Greenpeace: Whaling receives criticism in Japan

Abu Dhabi goes green for $15bn

Kyocera, Qualcomm Install (417 kW) PV System In San Diego

Italian firm to build power link with Albania (plans to build 500 MW wind farm in Albania)

Hop to it: 10 most endangered amphibians (BBC) {pix}

Huge grotto found under Norwegian glacier

Solar, wind project brings electricity to Navajo homes

Tucson closely watching Berkeley's plan for going solar

Cost, timeline of nuclear reactors keeps Georgia Power negotiating

Hologram prince (Charles) hails new money for alternative energy

Paper: Rough Silicon Nanowires as High Performance Thermoelectric Materials

Renault to develop electric cars for Israel

Eskom stops exporting electricity

To my friends on DU

Earth Hour 2008 - March 29, 8pm...

The Union Machine: Pictures from the anti-1 campaign in Miami

Italian unions urge port strike after workers die

Trade union leader killed in Nigeria

Obama and Clinton split union vote in Nevada

Coming tomorrow, Forty Years Since King: Labor Rights Are Human Rights

Watch video clip of Martin Luther King Jr. at the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike.

Chronicling OSHA in 2007: Comparisons With the Rest of the World

Space tourism firm fined over deaths

Tommy Hilfiger Workers’ Fight to Unionize Heats Up

Voices from the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike: A Turning Point for Black Workers

Forty Years Since King: Labor Rights Are Human Rights

From the Archives AFSCME, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike

A look at labor disputes -- milestones, movies and moves that changed the world

Shattuck Cinema Union Wins Back Wages for IWW Union Workers

MLK Day March Against Wage Slavery! STARBUCKS!

Hi, I'm about to become my Nursing Unit union rep

Fact Check: Hillary Won Nevada

More evidence of Obama camp intimidating Nevada caucas voters

Barack Obama: STOP being "TROUBLED" by Bill Clinton and START acting like a FUCKING LEADER. JESUS.

BREAKING: ABC NEWS runs story that Drudge leaked re: Obama going after Bill Clinton

Hillary sounding like a populist in St. Louis

Bill Moyers on MLK, Johnson and the smear (video) by NYT, media

For the record, Hillary Clinton got where she is own her own merits

Clintons don't deserve to be put in same category as Don Imus.

Enjoy and laugh too : I'm voting for Hillary for the same reason I

Be careful fellow Dems- We are playing right into the hands of the biased media and Repupublican

Y'all need to stop playing the card card.

Does anybody know what the demographics for Hillary are in S.C.?

Hill, MLK, Goldwater

ah--Bill again

Obama: I feel like I'm running against both Clintons


Hill misses MLK march--flight delays

Hillary Adviser Wolfson: Obama's Claim That Bill Is Fibbing Is A "Right Wing Talking Point"

Clinton welcomes Huckabee at MLK memorial. This is a UNIFIER.

Hillary and the Woman Thing

Jim Clyburn to Bill Clinton: 'Chill' on Obama

Here comes Florida: "The agreement is off" (Obama broke rules-airing ads in FL)

Why did Hillary refer to Obama as a "Young" African American at the MLK event?

Obama is now cry baby whining about the media? I can't stop laughing

At least 800,000 people are now in darkness.

A Week Of Funerals In Gaza As Palestinians Feel Israel's Wrath

Don Solomono, Jewish Indian Chief

Original Palestinian scarf faces final wrap-up

Israel Launches Advanced Spy Satellite

There Is No “War on Terror”

Israel's Yehoshua calls for U.S. boycott

Barak agrees to allow fuel, medicine into Gaza

Hassan the butcher

PCHR Concerned over the Detention of Munir Riziq, Director of Al-Hayyat Newspaper in Gaza

Israeli and Palestinian organizations petition High Court to resume fuel supply to Gaza

"Hard left" academics latest anti-Semites, says Dershowitz – "and many of them are Jews."

Bolton: Final IDF op in Lebanon had no impact on UN truce talks

Ministers to inquiry: Olmert to blame for late Lebanon war push

PCHR Calls On the International Community to Prevent a Humanitarian Catastrophe in Gaza

Gaza endures fourth day of Israeli blockade

Hamas plans delegation to Egypt over Gaza blockade

Stalemate in Palestine after 60 years

Isreal setting up electric grid powered by wind/solar for Renault-Nissan electric car for Nat'l Sec

Chris Hedges: The Lessons of Violence

Hamas calls on Abbas to withdraw from negotiations with Israel in protest of siege on Gaza

AIJAC lauds Australia’s vote against Durban II funding

Bush’s Remarks on Refugees Spark Outcry in Jordan

Palestinians begin sit-in at Rafah crossing calling for end to Israeli-imposed blockade

Livni: Hamas can end Gaza siege in minute's time

Peru Cabinet chief testifies on attack

Are the markets open tomorrow?

Food price inflation is here to stay, warns chief of PepsiCo

Stocks Plummet in Germany, Hong Kong, India, Brazil in Rout

Global economic crisis 'serious': IMF Chief

Experts Warn of Stock Market Hysteria - Der Speigel

Corporate Default Risk Soars to Record on Ambac Ratings Cut

Need good info on the Great Depression

Dow futures down over 450 pts.

Can someone explain the current ruckus?

Bond Issuers Face New Costs In Insurance Crisis

Challenger: Gay judge should stay away from gay issues cases

Vermont Gay Marriage Foes Seek Support Out Of State

Gay Jesus play angers Australian church leaders

Judge: Private School Not Covered By Calif. Gay Rights Law

Just to let you know I am probably going to be taking a bit of a sabattical

I just have to do this.

XPost from GD: The Bears, cboy4, JackBeck, Radfringe and Others: You're the Inspiration

The greatest compliment...

Yea! BIDEN is still on my primary ballot

Did anyone here ever see the movie Election?

I need some recs, please!

Biden, give us a clue!

Bidenites everywhere are having a hard time deciding who to endorse -

Here's my prediction...

I must admit I had NO IDEA who Lee Mercer was, so I googled him.......

Democrats Turn Attention To South Carolina Contest

Full Moon in Leo - Tuesday January 22, 2008 - 8:35 am EST

The Stars This Week: "Time to Rebuild" - January 21 - January 27, 2008

What's a good cleansing regimen (also, colonic irrigation)

Need a pep talk!

If the economy collapses, will more folks check out alternative medicine?

wickfordbard's Full Moon newsletter

Odyssey of the 8th Fire - free sample audio clip

Happy birthday to the Aquarians in the group!

I guess this will finally put an end to the "Cold" advantage bullshit?

3rd coldest playoff game in NFL history? Packers vs. Giants on;

Coughlin, put a damn mask on.

Prediction: The Pat's will annihilate the Giants in the Super Bowl!


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: Fischer dies; Wijk aan Zee lives on

Well done , Giants!

Props to the Chargers

Holy cow, this is the best NFC title game in a long time.

Dinger's NFC Championship Report (W/Pics):

Boxing: Jan 25-26

Yad Vashem to launch Arabic Holocaust website

Muscular dystrophy stem cell hope (BBC)

Big Pharma Spends More On Advertising Than Research And Development, Study Finds

Charles Messier's Catalog of Nebulae and Star Clusters

Solar twin discovery leads to speculation of extraterrestrial life

Andean Crops Cultivated Almost 10,000 Years Ago

Gay Jesus Play Angers Australian Church Leaders

Wilted Spinach Salad

Quick preemptive apology, Cooks and Bakers

hiya foodies!

Insanity as a Spectator Sport.

What percentage of Muslims who have read the original Arabic language Koran actually understand it?

Sunset today

You would think...

Cat, by a whisker

My first pregnancy shots

so she comes in the house and leaps into my arms...

Is the NH recount complete? Any news?

More Dem sour grapes about voting machine deficits in SC.


Democracy that Works: Citizen Oversight, Checks and Balances, Hand Counts (X)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 1/21/08 - MLK Day

photos - nothing as it seems in new hampshire

Oops...New Jersey PD loses machinegun...

Bloomberg surrounds himself with interesting people

realID act coming into being

Legendary MLK assassination researcher William Pepper & the NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

Killing the Hundredth Monkey

You might be a conspiracy theorist if....

Why is the Purdue simulation such a joke?

Locally raised beef, chicken, etc (Greater Houston area)?

Extremely Important Story


Bob Perry and other swiftboat billionaire sponsors infuse money into this year's elections

You know what? The ignore feature at DU is underused.

Ag giants persuade MPCA to alter rule

Anyone know anything about LIHEAP? Furnace died Friday...

Needing some Word Press help ...

In XP, how do you set automatic notification for updates without automatic installation?

Need help removing adware, spyware, etc.

Linux Mint 4.0 daryna

Obama Responding to Clinton Smears on Good Morning America

Holy crap! Whoever wins the nomination better be ready to fight this monster

What people are really thinking

It's getting HORRIBLE out there


RRSP'S(Canadian)....Should I make a change?

Don't forget, KOEB meeting for Countdown tonight 1/21!

Great News from Camp Skinner in the DFA Grassroots All Stars contest!

Let me be the first to offer my condolences to the Cheese.

Oliver Stone votes for 'Bush' project -Josh Brolin to play embattled president

Do you think Tom Cruise is insane?


My story to Coming out

Some web site recommendations..

A ltittle something extra with my FedEx delivery

Dinger's NFC Championship Report (Pics Included):

Congressmen Sensenbrenner, Petri, and Ryan endorse Judge Gableman for Supreme Court

Is it media bias to spin MidEast reports against Israel by leaving out facts - as the LATimes did re

Here we go again part duex: UFO thread in LBN.

What (if anything )suppresses your "woo" button?

Here We Go Again (Vaccine Thread in GD)

Dry cat food: Innova (adult - red bag) vs Wellness (Indoor Health)??

More awesome conspiracy theories

A Scorpio update

Due to unforeseen circumstances...

My fifteen year old miniature poodle appears to

Cat people: what can I do to boost kidney health in my aging