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Archives: January 22, 2008

Gimee a "b"!

Skittles I just used your name in GD-P

I just can't do it. I simply cannot!

it's time for some medicine

I bought my son some clothes for interviewing today

Listening to BBC World News right now.

we need a GDP version of the DUzy's

Need Vibes: Meeting with HR Tomorrow...

Very Similar To My Landing Last Night In Rapid City

Re: Cat euthaniasia ( a serious question)

should I go buy some beer?

This is my family on youtube...

Looking for Roaring Twenties music.

Giants Or Patriots

Has anyone seen Bicentennial Man?? Is it a love story???

Lou Dobbs said that Dow and S&P futures are down 4%


it's quiet here, is something on tv that i don't know about?

What time will my weirdly-obsessed-with-snowblower neighbor start snowblowing tomorrow morning?

my most profound GDP post this election season

I'm going here in August!!!!!

Is it demented to eat cheerios with

DU animal lovers: sign this petition

May I introduce - Mr Bojangles!

Whatever it is, I'm against it.

WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, it's kind of nice to receive a compliment on my writing.

Who can see me that has me on ignore? Hahahaha, level 2 is great.

Ah hell, Level 2 Folks!

delete - dupe

Mmmm.... just had me a bowl of steamed mussels

Lee Mercer Wins The Debate!!!!!

I'm really up on the scene...

My brother has every beatles album every made twice one set has never been opened

"I’d call a cab. It ain’t right. This ain’t Toys R Us. They took my cat."

what the hell is level 2 and should I be concerned?

Pneumonia = new coke.

Black Tuesday


Ugh, sudden instant fish and chips jonesing syndrome

Roger Waters to play complete "Dark Side of the Moon" at Coachella Festival, April 27th

Hello, I'll be your dictator from now.

Does "Nutrisystem" makes people stupid?

I am calling out Dustrange!!!!!

Ugh, sudden instant Phish and chimps jonesing syndrome

NCC-1701 construction yard cameras online

The Lounge has been expanded...hurray.

cat carrier

Neil Young

Has anyone ever gone groin hunting?

Phrases you don't expect to see on medication for your cat:

I had a molar crowned today now I am home eating soup, drinking tea and reading DU

Well, I am officially out of heating oil.

"When I roll with the punches I get knocked on the ground - by all this bullshit going down."

Jesus' Driver's License

It's kind of creepy here right now...

Help needed from all you wonderful DUers

Anybody watching Life After People on History Channel?

They even asked the neighbor lady to try.

What Happens When Google's Parents Leave Town for the Weekend?

Anyone else watching "Life After People?"

Pimp Thom's Ride! Part 1: Hubcaps!

What does a DU Ringtone sound like?

I joined DU one week before my 21st birthday.

anybody here good at indesign? or do i have to

One of my cats has just been diagnosed with renal failure...any advice

z0MG! It's the attack of the puppy-eating couch!! (Dial-up warning)

If you could only have one drink, what would it be?

My roommate just bought a white-noise generator

Took some new photos tonight. Just because...

Sorry can not post, something on my computer has crashed.

Scooter/Chair update!

Mark My Words..Fellow/Sister Duer's... The Shit is going to hit the fan at 9;00AM..

just bought a KIDS FOR PEACE CD at the dollar tree store ...

Outrageous Quote of the Year 2007 Semi-finals --- Q4 (Newshounds)

I really don't like primaries

Asian Stocks Extend Global Slump as Europe, Commodities Tumble

Independent UK: Crash! Biggest fall in shares since September 11

Awesome video of Chelsea Clinton and America Ferrera in Nevada

Hundreds of Layoffs Expected at Yahoo....(How's that robust economy working for you? Pt. 2)

okay everybody take a's time for a good laugh

What is the best place to watch debate tonight online?

Feel Like Cutting My Wrist Tonight......

White Separatists Protest in Jena, La. (Against MLK holiday)

Help needed from all you wonderful DUers

Bush and his minions have been pulling an Enron on our economy since 2001

*****THE RADICAL FRINGE TOON***** Monday 1/21/08... (they're baaaack)

Teen's beating probed as hate crime

Marjorie Cohn: Cheney Impeachment Gains Traction in House Judiciary Committee

Guns, Cash and Kerik

The Nikkei is down 612 points this morning (Tues in Japan) .......

Let's celebrate the death of Free Speech on MLK Day! - CBC reneges on SC debate invite to Kucinich

AP: "Is a Recession on the Way?"

"I Don't Take Money from Lobbyists"

The Big Money Blackout of John Edwards

Plan for removing dams on Klamath to help salmon? or Farmers?

Heads Up: In Honor Of King Day, TCM Is Showing Charles Burnett's 'Killer Of Sheep'

A huge scandal involving Bill Clinton is about to break

Arabian Oil Tsar to President Bush: 'Get Lost'

Dear Candydate Debators .....


Defcon4 in 10 ...... 9 ....... 8 .......

CNN ... ass hats --- the most disgusting name in news

"parallels between today's market and those preceding the 1987 Crash are several -- and disturbing."

Is the Democratic Primary Game, turning you off or on?

"Sex shops" what now repubs, top that shit!

Memo to Wolf ...... don't apply for a wrestling referee's job.

Rebates and Bush's Pyramid Scheme: What's gonna happen to us poor folk?

Yo Skinner - how about upping the level to 2 or maybe 3?

Which ex-president spent the most time watching movies in the White House?

Right Wingers Try to Claim Dr. King, Spread Lies About His Beliefs


Debate CNN -- No Time Limits and No Rules at the Debate Tonight

Miserable Monday: Biggest FTSE crash since 9/11 wipes off more than £75bn in shares

Oh my god, this is getting dirty!

Thank you, DU owners, for letting us have this forum during the debate!


CNN Democratic debate stream

Hey kids, if you can't find a good debate thread, come over here:

Obama practically calling Clinton a liar. Clinton arguing back.

Thanks for all the fishes..

Edwards is sounding whiney. He needs to drop.


End the war or "win" the war?

STFU! Edwards! Knocking Obama out of the election GUARANTEES Hillary! Duh.

"You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt

Stock Drop Pulls 38 Indexes Into Bear Market; Banks Lead Plunge

I don't get it. Hillary wants to demand everyone has to have Health Care and

Lou Dobbs said that Dow and S&P futures are down 4%

Tonight is the 1st Full Moon of the year! ~ 'The Wolf Moon' ~ 'splains a lot!

I just saw Dave Chapelle in attendance at tonight's debate.

Edwards says ending poverty is his #1 cause, and indicated black folks suffer greatly in poverty;

I'm likin me some John Edwards tonight!

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Community Choice Act S799 FREE OUR PEOPLE

How the hell could we have allowed MLK or RFK to be assassinated.

"This I'm serious about"

Obama says he can be very inspirational for the country; Hillary says at the end of the day we're...

Nikkei index plunges to a 2 year low. Hang on.

Va. Tech families protest state gun law

Obama is Pimping himself to the 'Fundies' bleuch!

Mr. 4% in Nevada is gonna crush McCain.

I'm serious!! Is there a way to change the front page so that


Would Hillary or Obama select Edwards for VP?

Clinton's FEC Filings and Edwards'

Obama says we shouldn't assume we can't reach all peoples, and that he even attracts GOPers and that

Debate: For the record

I have this theory about Anderson Cooper...

Our candidates sure make the repukes look like shit!

Has anyone noticed that there have been no questions regarding Iraq in this debate?

8,000 Homeless Living In Woods, Cars Throughout Central Florida

Coultergeist is KO's worst person in the world today. For saying a majority

Hillary Wants "universal healthcare"... What a frickin' joke

Edwards will have NO permanent troops in Iraq and take 1 yr to end it there. Obama will not give a

Don't tell the freepers this but I think our candidates really do like and respect each other

World stock markets plunge as global recession fears grow: people "not buying" Bush bail-out story

"In a race where you have a woman, an African American

Why is today referred to as "the most depressing day of the year"?

CNN: Keeping Americans uniformed ... pay Gates/Jobs or no news for you .. the News Nazi


Ashleigh Banfield on Dan Abrams show just now.

What ever happened to "robb is a dingbat" polls?

Shows over, but the first half of that debate was freaking awesome.

White Separatists (KKK) Protest in Jena, La. -- awe jeez!

i thought edwards sold it best

Honking for Peace is now illegal??

barak looked very uncomfortable during most of the debate

Remember SICKO when you think of Hillary

Carl Jeffers:

Hopefully the calm, thoughtful exchanges from tonight's debate will

I'd like to have a ham sandwich 'cuz I'm hungry

Did Any of the Candidates Bring Up Dennis Kucinich's Censoring by CNN?

Damn---I missed debate four hundred and ninety eight!

Edwards Supporters:

Bolton: US intelligence has become politicized

Firefighters rescue man from palm tree

Yes, they ripped each other to shreds. Be glad: That's a real democracy.

edwards keeps talking about fighting poverty as his "life's work"

An Open Challenge to Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul (and the Voters)

Latest Faking News: Bush declares Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Kucinich and Gravel ineligible to run

Per tonight's debate: Hillary's Universal Heathcare plan is "individual accounts and employer paid"


Surprise Deployment Check-in

"What does Suri Cruise watch?"

Harvest Life Evangelical church saying after 2004 they no longer heard from the gop.

heads up... Edwards on Letterman tomorrow!

Edwards Plays a Major Role in this Primary

About Universal Health Care.

Edwards is dead last in CNN On-Line Poll - GO VOTE

rudy: "we've gone from about 9 to 11 percent GDP"

Tales From the Job Market: Unfortunately, It's an Employers' Market

Newsflash! A lot of people don't give a shit about sexual orientation anymore!

George Bush has been stealing the economy blind for seven years and the stock market drop is a .....

Weapons Trove Suspect Is Linked to Hate Crimes

So, what would/should we do if a US govt agency all of a sudden decided to pull the plug on the net?

Doctor says vote Obama. The case for.

I quite frankly, don't care about the markers plunging around the world.

Rut roh.... Oliver Stone's next film: "Bush".

Stocks in India down 9.75% in early Tuesday trading

We raised $300,000 for John Edwards on Friday!

Kucinich Wins Presidential Endorsement From Key Mexican American Organization

I've got two 3-star threads on the Greatest page...should I be afraid to fly small planes?

Final Post on Bill's Penis

Edwards Is a distance runner........

Welfare recipients to be drug tested...

Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Do you know the reason why Boston has such high taxes?

Digby nails it. Democrats and self-mutiliation "for the good of the party"

I thought Edwards set the right tone in the debate

Bill Clinton falls asleep at MLK Day service...funny video

The conditions under which the NYSE will suspend or shut down trading

An inevitable poll: Who won the debate?

I Can't Believe Her Continued Mentions of Abu Dhabi

A VERY spooky picture of the US Capitol with a smoke column next to it. From today!

Washington Post Reports: Clinton's Golden Voice

Who remembers when Bush got a boner when he got the 2000 nomination?

Jimmy Carter Re: MLK: "He helped us overcome our ignorance of one another."

Edwards supporters (and anyone else) a nice photo of John

Breaking Away: VERY IMPORTANT analysis about IT jobs on Edwards's website...

Apple users are more liberal than Microsoft PC users.

In tonight's debate, Hillary promises "not to leave 15 million people out of health care."

Iroquois Confederacy Constitution influenced the US Constitution...

I have not been around much lately. My mother is dying .. slowly.

Are we looking on Tuesday at a one-day stock market collapse like in 1987?

Astrological Predictions for tonights debate (for FUN!)

Irony: Is Sibel's Story and Don't Ask, Don't Tell Helping to Slow the March toward Tehran?

"THEY STOLE THE TRUTH" says woman convicted for crime she did NOT commit

Clinton Caught Dozing Off During Martin Luther King Presentation

"Attorneys Probe Deepens"-Firing of nine U.S. attorneys could JOLT the political landscape(The Hill)

F**K the Congressional Black Caucus (and CNN and the Big Three)!

EDWARDS WON ---- No Question about it. n/t

Martin Luther King III letter to John Edwards

Candy Crowley is one very ugly person

Historical question: Has any other President been credited with 2 recessions during their

Did Hillary just say Bill was a tremendous asshat?

How can even a republican moron expect a strong economy when we make NOTHING????

Do you pedal slime about opposing candidates like you work for:

What The $%&# Is It With Obama Supporters Needing A Diaper Change?

It's good politics for Hillary now to make a few campaign stops in Florida

So, If Anyone In Florida Looks At A Candidate's Website, Does That Violate The Rules Too?

Bill Clinton jabs playing well with voters

Link for debate tonight? n/t

John McCain sleeping (and I mean SLEEPING) during State of the Union speech

As far as I know, you buy cable commercials through the cable company

"Bill Clinton has proven to be an asset to Hillary's campaign."

Soliciting your voting and financial support

The state of the Dem race, according to my parents- Afro-Latinos in Florida.

Simple question how would DU react if W* fell asleep during a MLK ceremony?

If the Hillary08 campaign can't control Bill now, do you think the Hillary administration could?

Sent this to my local paper: 'America isn't buying the "War on Terror", we're just paying for it.'

Conservative blacks back Huckabee

Hey Obama!

So the new talking point is that Hispanics are racist. Didn't blacks vote for Bloomberg over Ferrer?

I expect Edwards to turn in a great performance.

Woo! Nice parting shot by Obama.

OMG! Obama referred to Hillary today as a "wife"

my oh my, Mrs. Clinton is very defensive tonight! Walmart! HAHA!

Do you wish the moderators asked Obama his thoughts about Reagan's presidency?

The Clinton News Network





Why does Obama sound so ANGRY?


Keeping it very simple

How the Iraq war's $2 trillion cost to U.S. could have been spent

why are these called debates?

I Tell You, DU N-E-E-D-E-D This Type Of Debate


The Debate is sounding like GD: P

Ok. Both Hillary and Obama are fucking up. Can it be a big opening the size of South Carolina

Edwards keeps kicking butt


Tomorrow is going to be a disastrous day on the stock market

uh Hillary, want to own up to the IWR vote?????

Hillary and Obama are really fucking things up in the debate badly in SC... could it be a golden

Clinton and Obama is screwing up SO bad in the debate. Could it be a golden

I'm so friggin gay for JOHN EDWARDS

Obama: "hoping and dreaming" about a lower credit card limit is better than A LIMIT

Who is effective and doing well in the debate?

Ha! I LOVE this debate!

Have WE actually managed to lower THEIR tone?

Edwards calls Obama "young man" and "African-American"

"Senator Obama, it's hard to have a straight up debate with you because you never take responsibilit

Barack just made a major fuck up on the bankruptcy bill

Tonight's Debate, this is bad

Obama on Rezko: "I regret it" and made a "bonehead" mistake (2006)

Obama's new campaign slogan - "Technical Difficulties"

Did Bill Clinton really fall asleep during the MLK ceremony?


I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall in the prep/backstage rooms

I'd like to see the questions between the D&R debates exchanged...

Clinton, Obama clash at debate (AP)

Clinton, Obama and Edwards must have visited this site

Tonight's debate, this is bad

Did Hillary just say she doesn't want to win the war?

Obama was just booed

Did Bill Clinton just say "Bill Clinton's tax cuts"

I bet no candidate will talk about the lies that started the war

A 45 year old Black Man is not a "young" man and there are many reasons why......

"All the rules are going to go away."

5:53 Who's winning right now?

Edwards knows he's the LOGICAL second contender in 2 way race so he's going for it.

Obama's whining is the Dean scream in slo mo

How many times do they have to boo Hillary? Isn't she conceding the state to Obama?


Hillary's brilliant strategy is to help Edwards win S. Carolina

Oh no, they are talking about how they wont talk about race and gender.

snore.......they are all starting to lecture........

Everyone is killing Barack for race and the media

I Have to say it....about the debate...

Just for kicks...

Yeehaw! I LOVE this debate!

What a condescending asshole.... n/t

I love the fact that Obama is wity in his responses and jokes.

In end ...


Obama called Hillary and Bill’s attacks as “standard politics”

Obama just regained his composure in the second part of the debate

I don't like this....

Good point. which one of them can beat John McCain?

oBama has and is making this a racial election - he just said

Excuse me, HIlary, but Edwards was there before too.

Edwards: McCain is so pure - we need a pure Dem to face him; Obama: we didn't have

Hillary: " I feel passionately about this."

Is anyone checking out that CNN website for what they are saying

National security?

Clinton bashing Edwards on lobbyist connections. Heh.

Name Checking John McCain

Obama to Edwards: I'm a proud Christian implying Edwards is not

Go John - you nail her to the wall with the lobbyists !!!!

I'm gonna be petty ..... the Official Smart Ass Debate Thread!

Hillary tanking badly in the second half of the debate; she needs to recover.

Edwards: "I think John McCain will be the Repulican nominee"

the Lobbyist Question was tonight's 'Illegal Licenses' for Hillary

CNN News Nazi ... thanks I'll catch it tomorrow .. assholes.

Hillary can't answer a question about hiring lobbyists.

These people truly are stupid...

Did Hillary really turn a $1000 investment in cows into $3 million? Legally?

Thank the gods that I live in Vermont. It's heavily democratic

Voter registration deadline is Tuesday for California-download form at

this debate, brought to you in part by... "clean coal"

Edwards and Obama are right - we need to win rural and Independent voters

SurveyUSA Florida Poll -Clinton 56% Obama 23% Edwards 12% RCP Average -Clinton 49% Obama 30%

Who are the CNN talking heads going to say won the debate?

Does the South Carolina Debate indicate and all out Obama/Clinton War

Before we start the "Who won the debate" topics, please remember the following:

Well, we can agree that the debate was "rousing" at least. And the audience

If Hillary's strategy is to show she has steel ovaries


Clinton will neutralize the RePUKE on national security, destroy them on domestic issues.

Who lost tonight's debate?

There they go again!


CNN is not replaying any Edwards Debate coverage

We need the kind of transformational change that prepares us to work in a mill on day one.

Tonight is the night Obama won the election.

Now they're saying that Edwards won


Obama says Dr King wouldn't endorse any of them

Debate news = Clinton/Obama grudge match!

They all did great, but here's what I think. .

Edwards missed 311 of 2019 votes, 15%

CNN Halperin's Debate grades: Obama A- Clinton/Edwards B+

Who won tonight's Debate?

This Debate talks about folks who Marched for Dr. King & Women's Rights but not Today's Activists!

They're about to talk to Edwards on CNN.... nt



Florida should not be ignored

How were the candidate's speeches today at the MLK march in SC

Edwards preformance helps Obama in SC

If Dr. King were still alive today,

Ok. I just heard Hillary lying again.

Post Debate coverage and clips -- all Hillary/Obama all the time (John who?)

Photo From Tonight's Debate

What's so wrong with being 40-ish and considered YOUNG?

Is the phrase "party of ideas" complimentary?

Good for Carl Jeffords

Death squads in El Salvador

I disagree that Clinton and Obama "don't like each other," as Candy Crowley said.

CNN is spinning the debate for Obama

CNN is giving the debate to Obama...

John was relaxed and it showed.

Who won tonights SC debate?

What's Mike Gravel been up to lately?

Hillary: "I'm for public financing"

Why did we lose the White House in 2000?

Obama is truly head and shoulders above...In a big way


Will Hillary's shrill Rezko 'slumlord' attack backfire? Obama and Edwards are cleaning up.

Debate: Obama was a bobblehead between Clinton the policy machine and Edwards the fighter

Senators Clinton AND Edwards confirmed for GA JJ Dinner

Obama's A Person That I'd Want Negotiating On My Side

The debate has been over 40 minutes, and CNN has not shown one

So I've missed most of the debate. Did anybody die yet?

Obama LOVES touching John

Now that was funny.... Can Bill Dance like a brutha???

Hillary voted "present" on the 2005 Bankruptcy Bill

I think this was Obama's best debate.

As An Edwards Supporter, Obama Did Very Well.

Nader to decide soon on possible presidential run

Info on PRESENT votes in Ilinois

Best line of the night : "it's not health insurance, it' s house insurance"

Latest odds on White House race. New to here since some want GD to become a second Lounge

May I say, as a non-American, any one of the three would be welcome as your new President!

Oh man, is Hillary imploding? She looks tired...Probably wishes the Iraq war never came up!

CNN talking about Edwards capitalizing on the Obama-Clinton sniping.

Catch-22s are irritating.

Thinking about tonights debate and Hillary

Will this debate signal the start of a new campaign strategy for Obama?



why does barack literally control the entire debate?

I just love watching you fuckers hump your candidate's leg.


Rasmussen daily graph for 1/21/08 - Clinton up 3, Obama down 2, Edwards down 1

Who Came Across As The Least-Likeable Tonight

Waiting for the inevitable: "The results are in and Hillary won the debate" post tonight

Edwards to HRC....

Halperin: Obama playing to SC, Hillary playing to the nation

Fuck these CNN assholes!


Finally! A good debate that we can all be proud of. Enough of this "Who do you want to eat pizza

What will be the lead news story tomorrow?

Which candidate has the most obnoxious supporters on DU?

I didn't watch the debates: can you tell me if they mentioned Reagan even once?

We're back to the pre-Iowa Hillary...robotic and programmed


Watching The Replay Of The Debate, It Was Clear Hillary Came Out To Bloody Obama

I think McCain will be the next president

Here we are. The peaceful. The quiet Hillary supporters. The real world belongs to us

MSNBC doesn't cover the debates unless they are hosting them?

Am I the only one that has noticed-

All three candidates did very well tonight. Easily one of the best debates I've ever seen.

The US is perhaps the only country in the Americas which does NOT offer paid maternity leave


John Edwards will be on Letterman TOMORROW n/t

MSNBC: Edwards was the "can't we all just get along?" guy - I disagree

"Dancing abilities"


AP: Hillary Conceding SC to Obama

Does anyone know what is on the pin John Edwards wore on his suit tonight?

Why Obama should be worried: Among white voters in Florida: Clinton 60%, Obama 16% (SUSA)

If Obama was really dirty, he would start to paint her as a "hysterical, angry woman".

WOW! My 106 year old great granddad who supported Obama thinks he is coming off like a nimrod...

Which candidate has the smartest/sexiest supporters on DU?

The Clinton Fundraising Scandals

Though JRE is my guy, and I think he won, I think it was unfair to make Hillary answer for Bill.

PSSST - qUICK= somebody post MLK111's letter on

So Clinton is ready to go to the mat for mandatory universal health insurance?

Hillary Clinton and the use of the word "WE"

How good was the debate?

I absolutely can't stand Obama.

OH MY COD! Candidates running campaign ads to win elections is bad now?

When Obama STARTS to court the RACIST voters, then we can BEGIN to have a dialogue...

NYC newscasters smiled after announcing Giuliani's low numbers

Tonight is the night Obama detractors came out in full force.

Corporate Lobbyist vs. Trial Lawyers?

This debate will be a small story tomorrow. (Remembering the crash of 1987)

Tonight is the night Lee Mercer Jr. won the election.

Is there anyone running you absolutely couldn't vote for, even if it meant a Repug would win?


Concluding Thoughts (Josh Marshall / TPM debate analysis)

John is hot tonight, and he is right on!!

John Edwards grew up in small towns all across the rural south

So are there any Edwards people out there who would support Hillary?

Hillary is beating Obama in the Florida hispanic vote 74% - 9%

Edwards and Obama for President!!

BE PROUD Clintonistas!!

What is important in a candidate today? Ten Important issues.

Obama's Rezko link was fine because Hillary had Hsu!

This Obama Supporter Tips His Hat to John Edwards Tonight.

Who is winning tonight's debate?

Tonight is the night Obama lost the election

Hillary's performance tonight - Cluster fuck!

Question about Healthcare:

CNN readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story

There was some concern that the 30% cap would supercede any state usury laws. Rollcall below.

Hillary on the Board Of WAL MART!!!!

Edwards: Are there three people in this debate or just two?

"Key Points" That Obama "Neglected" To Mention When Asked About His Dealings w/ A Chicago SlumLord


"Who will be tough enough and strong enough and who can compete against John McCain...

The Democrats are behaving pathetically. It's so frustrating.

It's her contempt for South Carolinians that I find so unattractive

Which candidate has the angriest supporter on DU

John Aravosis supports Obama re: Kirbyjon Caldwell

Hillary's campaign made its worst mistake of the cycle tonight

$2 trillion cost to U.S. for Iraq War. What could have been done with the money

Gonna give it a shot here... Semi-objective Debate Analysis

Frankly, Senator Obama, I do not want evangelical bigots voting for my candidate.

Oh, Man! John Edwards is rockin' tonight in the South Carolina debate!

"Well, it's a well run campaign: broom, midget and whatnot."

Every DEMOCRAT is asking themselves tonight if THEY will be left out of Obama's non universal plan

Tonight is the night John Edwards won the election ... THAT was a closing argument!!!

National Lawyers Guild President on Impeaching Cheney

So Hillary wants to garnish poor prople's wages to force them to buy health insurance from HMOs?

Obama got chewed up on issues AND style

Did DU's Hill Crew blow their wad too early? Viewers and CNN think Obama won.

Obama got called to the mat for voting "PRESENT"...

The problem with the elections in Iraq

Mittens keepin' it real for MLK day:


Schneider: Some final thoughts – two different strategies

Let's see if Bill can dance....

Tactical question re: Hillary/Barack exchange on responsibility for votes

Debate: So much for Obama not being tough enough

"Senator Obama, it is so difficult to get a straight answer from you."

Best line tonight: Rezko/slum lord!!!! hahaha

Martin Luther King, III Praises Edwards For Leading The Fight For Economic Justice In America

Let's face it. The military-industrial complex owns the elections.

I think Hillary Clinton really torpedoed her likability tonight.

In the Most Difficult of Times we Need a Presidential Candidate Who Is Willing to Fight for us

Chris Matthews said Obama had DNC pre-approval to buy cable ad

Obama A-, Hillary B+, Edwards B+


Edwards: Dominating The Debate

Obama's health care plan is NOT universal. What on earth is he thinking?? nt


WOW, my 64 year old mom, who likes HRC, just said she is coming across like a thug!

Anyone Here Who Plans to Vote for Edwards in Their Primary

do the Clintons regret being involved in Yucaipa holding company/housing project?

I voted for John Edwards this morning.

Edwards excels in ferocious democratic debate

Can someone help me with a banner?

Best line.... WHile I was helping as a community activist... you were sitting on the Wal-Mart board

John Edwards for President. Barack Obama for Vice President. Hillary Clinton...

John Edwards won that debate and I am no fan of John Edwards

The Debate in a Nutshell: Hillary was booed. Loudly. By many in the audience.

Hillary is just NOT Bill

CNN Focus Group -- all thought Edwards won, but most voting for Obama because he "can win"

Anyone Here Who Desires to Vote for Edwards in Their Primary

Who won the battle

CNN POLL: Who won the debate?

whoa.. kos debate poll. out of 7,000 votes

John Edwards Is The Right Choice

Having not been committed to a specific candidate until now, I really am liking a John Edwards...

I think John Edwards is the epitome of JFK.

John Edwards is running the most ethical campaign right now.


Hillary found her voice in NH and lost it in South Carolina

Edwards CAN kick McCain's ass!!!

I missed the debate. Did anyone renounce American Empire?

Martin Luther King III urges John Edwards to stay in the race

Obama: "I am a PROUD CHRISTIAN"...

Hillary tries to paint Obama as Pro-Sex Shops = the most desperate, pathetic ploy EVER

Debate in a nutshell: EDWARDS TOTALLY ROCKED

Obama was just attacked on present votes in the Illinois Senate. Here's the truth about these votes:

Watch Obama smack down Clinton on Reagan and Iraq

The first white male joke Obama told was kinda funny.

Bill Clinton on Huckabee: "he is a very good man"

Just noticed a rather interesting little DU glitch

Who had today off (besides the unemployed, students, teachers, postal, bank, and gov employees)?

An old personal favorite photo, rescanned and restored

Great Chimpy pic in GD

Twilight Zone fans!! The "I am the Night, Color me Black" episode is on!!


You are all crazy!!!!and I can prove it!!!!!!

I'm going to die...

With this ring iThee pledge

Posted a thread in E/E about career directions

Second hand pot smoke

Inchworm's weekly "I love Meg Oliver" post


I'm out of ice, damn it!

Astrologers' prediction dilemma.....

Good Morning!

My latest GD rant.

Is there any way to play Realmedia files through Winamp or Windows Media Player?

Good Morning Loungers....

Isley Brothers Redux: "Harvest for the World"

My Girl got Oscar-Snubbed !

Morris the Cat for President

Suzanne Pleshette? No, please say it ain't so!

Is it bad manners/illegal to start a thread with somebody else's post?

My mom went to Haiti and all I got was....

OK Am ready for teaching teenagers tomorrow

I went to a concert yesterday evening

DVR Alert: Edwards on Letterman tonight!

Funniest allegation of the 2008 election season,

weight loss update

Last night, I saw this woman in concert

Separated at Birth

I'm watching Kill Bill


Bad SUV Dream

While we're at it -- Congrats to Michael Moore! Sicko was nominated for best Doc

Yet another race thread


OMG "NORBITT" NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR (along with a slew of Razzies)

I'm stressed. My mom came thisclose to dying Saturday night

I asked this months ago, re baby gifts, and because I'm lame-o, I need to ask again:

Du'ers from cold states--what do you do when your cat doors are frozen shut?

When you are looking for something (not home improvement) where to do you look?

Am I killing the earth?

Do you ever get mixed up and say the wrong word?

What a GREAT AD!!

You know that pic of the mustachioed redhead pointing bug-eyed at the camera?

the portal to hell has been opened

I have to keep touching my Blackberry or it will lock up.

Sam The Butcher Dies

The Sweetness of Married Life

What do people wear in their 80's?

I have an inconvenient blister

Calling Vegans & Vegetarians - I have a question about soy milk

Since the market is crashing (correcting) today, what would you invest in?

One thing some employers do that really p's me off...

If you have not seen "Away From Her" - rent it NOW!!!!! Julie Christie will win the Oscar for this!

How come this picture won't display in DU?

Hair, ear... Solution?

British businessman buys Swiss ski resort that melted after global warming for 45p ($1 approx)

Woohoo - my 2 favorite liberal hotties nominated!!

Did you see the bagels on that chick????///

Name bands with the word "Head" in their titles

Bands named after Metallic Insects- let's make a list of them here

Grrr, I hate last minute class schedule changes...

WOW WMD Dropped on GD

Bands named after female dilemmas - let's make a list of them

How do I start a new thread?

What did people wear in the 80's?

Bands named after Wood - let's make a list of them

butterscotch pudding

Is anyone here aware of Dr. Emoto's studies into the effects of thought upon water?

Bands named after military terminilogy / equipment - let's make a list of them


Bands named after ParcheSin- let's make a list of them

Name bands with the word "Dread" in their titles

History Repeating wirh SHIRLEY BASSEY!

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Let's Get this Party Started with some more SHIRLEY BASSEY!

Hey Big Spender with SHIRLEY BASSEY!

CONFESS!!! Who watched the Monkees TV show and which Monkee did you have a crush on?

Judge orders Britney Spears to undergo a psychological evaluation, she refuses to comply

Yello Featuring Shirley Bassey - The Rhythm Divine

Bands named after LynneSin- let's make a list of them

Light my Fire by SHIRLEY BASSEY

I'm going to the Birdwatching Group and starting a flame war...

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means; YES, its SHIRLEY BASSEY TIME, baby!


LynneSin Appreciation Thread

HA! THAT's it! Hold it right there!

Bands that weren't really bands, but parodies, named after the shows on BBC2 that introduced them

What if the SS Minnow had started out on this island?


Shirley Bassey - GOLDFINGER - The Muppet Show

Sorry our Night-drop box is "out of order" so please put your money in the temporary Night-drop box

Kicking ass but NOT taking names

Anyone use Spider Spikes, the swiss tire grip device.

Anyone here sell cars?

Can I just say that The Verve was/is an amazing band...

I just bought a new pair of pants...with a waistline 2 inches shorter than the last pair!

Five Movie Martial Artists That Lost a Deathmatch to DIGNITY.

Despite Orrex' rep as a hard ass, let me tell you something.

Somebody got shot a few blocks from here

Bands named after medical procedures - let's make a list of them

I don't hate anyone.

Bands named after Colors - let's make a list of them

Bands named after Bugs

Who Wants To Live Forever

What if the SS Minnow had ended up on this island?

Once upon a time there was a girl named Otherlander.

Name a thing that you despise

How the heck did I miss this story??? Olive Garden Hoax...

Is it safe to eat cat food or dog food?

Happy Birthday to Diane Lane! 43 today.

Bands named after geographical features

Is it pronounced Governor Sarah Pay-lin or Pal-in (of Alaska)?

Bands named after Places - let's make a list of them

Stevie Ray

So I buy a small security safe from an outdoor equipment company

What's with all the letter U's on the screen?

So here I go again!

What song(s) would you like to hear your favorite musical artists cover?

What sayeth the wise hunter to the young boy

Bands named with absolutely no imagination


Are you seeing a lot of letters "U" scattered around DU?

After all this time, they are finally making my fav tv show into a movie

In a crowd, how would you distinguish a goth

Bands named after noises.....

DU dictionary

No posts about the Oscars?


DAMN!!! I'm not getting any replies to my emails!

Actor Heath Ledger found dead in his apartment

Axis Global Telecommuting Job Services

Don't ask me what I think of you, I might not give the answer that you want me to.

Are you "Ready" for D-teevee February 2009?

Should DU polls be anonymous?

Lee Mercer, Jr, is all in our website with the Us!

C'mon over here and gimme a hug!

Who Else Thinks This Is A Weird Day

Ahhhh! They're sending the GD/GDP threads here!!

Name bands with the word "Dead" in their titles

Well looks like if Fred Thompson wants to be president he'll have to stick to playing one on TV

what a way to start the day!! DOGS!!

I actually have a date Friday night.

Bands named after Lee Mercer, Jr.

The fun is over in GD.

I don't want to jinx it

I am back and still alive...

Bands named after golfers

Heath Ledger found dead in NYC

Lite Brite

UPDATE: The latest live recordings I'm transferring from cassette

His Name is Heath Ledger, His Name is Heath Ledger

Careful when you tell someone "let them eat cake"

Something I just realized about Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams and their child...

redqueen hug thread

Song Titles with Colors ... let's make a list of them.

BREAKING: Heath Ledger threads found dumped in the Lounge.

Heath Ledger Died...for those who spend all their time here

Are You a Pitcher or a Catcher?

Yes!!! Navy will NOT build practice landing strip near nature preserve!

I am officially the lamest dude ever. Wanna know why?

Boxers wearers more liberal than briefs wearers

So, I was lurking over on Freeperland today, and I read the funniest post. It seems that

Actual customer service: "You want the one with the most buttons"

CraftyGal says I can't date sexy Iraqi girls

Does anyone else think that guy dressed like a pirate singing

LynneSin -- Where is the Dupont Country Club in Wilmington?

Seriously - it's crap like this that makes me realize why they hate America

They are trashing the Lounge over in GD

BOSTON LEGAL fans: A new one tonight - looks to be a

BarenakedLady BIG HUG Thread

Heath Ledger was found dead in one of the olsen twins apartment.

I think I strained my back at work this weekend.

*blush* I just watered my son's "mint" plants with 'Clean & Clear' astringent.

I prefer the Mercernary position.

World's Easiest Quiz

The "Lure Sugar Smack Back to the Lounge" thread!

Look at these fat cats

Ever Have Things 'Dumped' On You All At The Same Time?

I prefer the Missionary position.

It's not every day that a beautiful woman asks you about relational database design.

Not that I'm not sad that Heath Ledger died, but this better not mean that Batman won't be released.

To All Pets and their owners

Find a political thread, replace the names of politicians with DUers

DU RADIOHEADS Unite against the "anti-radioheads"! (Photo thread)

Songs that contain a reference to alcohol in the title.

EarlG Appreciation Thread

Bands or songs named after DUisms

I just got rid of cable! I now have no TV at all!!!

If I were to take a European on a tour of the Eastern US, starting in NYC...

I'm psyched that Marion Cotillard got an Oscar Nom!!

My Nana is dying.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 1/22/2008)

Du'ers from cold states--what do you do when your car doors are frozen shut?

Bands named after Food - let's make a list of them

A cathartic letter I wrote to my Dad's pastor

I was once Redstone's friend. What shall I do to regain his fond regard?

Need suggestions for warm winter gloves.

Oh no... Heath Ledger found dead

I enjoyed a Mexican Coke yesterday

What The Hell is Bunko?

Ringo Starr Walks Off Regis

How come states with progressive political climates have sucky regular climates?

So this will now become DU Lounge #2?

OMG! Alison Stewart (Olberman's Sub) is interviewing my gf tomorrow on NPR

An actor named Heath Ledger found dead in New York. Drug overdose

For those of you who think this is a good time to joke...

CONFESS!!! Who watched the Brady BunchTV show and whichBrady did you have a crush on?

Pie < Cake

Jackson MS - area DUers -- my band Wednesday night

My little guy came home about 15 minutes ago >>>Is it too soon

after visiting the lounge today, i suddenly want to be around a leashed person

Incredible Film: Blind kid navigates through sonar!

I think my mom killed my pot plants!

I am sad. I just dropped my little guy off at the vet. He was MAD

This is my 1000th post. Feel free to ignore it!!

If the feds sent you a "tax rebate" check, what would you do with the money?

Anyone have a Health Savings Account?

You know what?

Her baby's daddy was shot 6 times

Robert Plant demands bar stop playing Radiohead music

Went a saw Cloverfield yesterday... SPOILER ALERT!

CUTICLES: One of God's true annoyances

A public warning anouncement to all the residents of the State of Virginia for tonight!

The Oscar nominations are out

Holy Crap! You do *NOT* mess with EarlG!

Goth who walks fiancee on a leash is banned by bus driver who told him: 'No dogs allowed'

(All Three)

Pussy Willows blooming in Western Washington State

Little Daily Observation: #16248946

Oh, God, Please Someone Get the Screen Capture of Crowley on King Live

Impeachment Resolution Wins Washington State Senate Committee Vote

Check out this girl's reaction to the chimp touching her today

West coast Du'ers, are you watching "Life after people" on the history channel

Obama speaking style in debates

Sefl delete

As Democrats, we are finished.....

Are you having second thoughts about your candidate?

Please Major Garrett

Who the heck is Rezko?

John Fund is a major asshat

So Hillary admitted to taking money from the Lobbyist,

Saudi Women Gaining New Rights

It's the economy

Another bloodbath in Asian financial markets:

Japan's Nikkei down 753 points.....Lock the windows in lower Manhattan skyscrapers tomorrow!

Bill Clinton "has a dream" at MLK speech

6 accused in cheap-gas scheme

If analog TVs won't work without a converter, can we set up pirate analog TV stations?

I absolutely can't stand Hillary.

CNBC - Dow Futures Are Down Over 550 Points,

What/who is worse? A thief or a liar

Democracy Now! Re-Hosts NBC Las Vegas Debate with Dennis Kucinich (VIDEO)

Howard Dean coming up on CNN

LA Times: Edwards Goes Where Pundits Fear To Tread

Fox Friends all tied up.. guess it was a slow news day

Don't let chicken little pick the Democratic Cadidate.

God's Profits: Faith, Fraud And The GOP Crusade For Values Voters

Question about the Rezko thing...

Gold is falling. Spot prices down $23 from New York close

The Bears, cboy4, Jack, Radfringe and Others: You're the Inspiration

A thread for scarletwoman!

MSNBC photo: "A stockbroker prays as he watches the Bombay Stock Exchange index tumble on Tuesday"

Any correlation of wanting Petraeus head of NATO?

Golly Gee!

Hey Folks! Remember the 'good old days' of Internet Trading...?

Dow industrials are set to drop 500:Paulson calls for action

If you want to make some serious money in the stock market today is the day.

Bank of America barely profitable; $5.3B hit

Martin Luther King III to John Edwards: "Keep fighting. My father would be proud."

CSPIN - SBA Administrator Steve Preston

Asylum Program Falls Short For Iraqis Aiding U.S. Forces

Sam Seder/TYT Fans, Sam Will Be Co-Hosting Today At 3pm EST...

Bill Schneider (AEI alumn) says after Bush, we're ready to make nice. Are we?

Israel may have to take military action against Iran: Bolton

Fed cuts key interest rate 3/4 of a point, emergency cut, eom.

Gee...I wonder who the Prez was for 7 years before the stock market crash of 1987...hmmm

The Sky is not Falling- European Markets have Settled Down

my husband and i will be voting for hillary on friday.

Didn't debates once involve speaking for more than 2 minutes at a time?

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

Federal Reserve makes emergency rate cut-three-quarters of percentage point

Russ Feingold Coming Up on The Bill Press Show

What would happen if the economy came to a halt?


I had debated about whether putting this post in science;

Aren't you glad that Social Security isn't invested in the stock market?

CNN Political Ticker: Edwards back on the Map

WJournal now: Roe v Wade anniversary call in.

Market Futures are selling off again back down over 550 points, eom.

What sort of nation have we become under the Bush Regime?

I wonder how E-Bay sales relate to the overall economy?

Cheney's Office Destroyed E-mails In Violation Of Federal Records Act

almost unbelievably, CNBC has

so the m$m is using the confrontation between Clinton and Obama

Josh Brolin will play the chimp in Oliver Stone's biopic...

Attorneys probe deepens

Note to Obama: Hire some better political consultants

Bush Becomes Supplicant for Saudi's Aid to Help Avoid Recession

NeoKeynesian Economics: The Iran War Vote as Economic Stimulus

So The Feds Cut I-Rate by .75............????

It's the Middle Class, Stupid!

Which is the most ignorant/stupid/useless debate question EVER?

I'm Not Supporting Obama in the Primaries, but - a Kibitz on the "Present" Vote Issue

Bush will Get Away with Destroying our Economy! The Stage is Set

How Many Times Did Bill Clinton Instruct Our UN Ambassador to ABSTAIN (PRESENT!)?

Killing the Hundredth Monkey


A stock crash is not bad. The sky is not going to fall. Your stock's value

Fom CNN Debate Focus Group: Edwards wins debate but they won't vote for him

Fox Business Network Has Destroyed U.S. Economy

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

The Google Business News page won't load up for me.

Russia bombers to test-fire missiles in Atlantic

Retired Generals to address torture in forum

New Blueprint Will Restore Power to FEMA

With health care verging on unaffordable and world markets crashing...

"Right to Life" as a War Slave is a Lie.

Official 1/22 WALLSTREET Discussion Thread...eeeks

The Nation: Clinton and Obama come to blows; Edwards wins

Does the interest earned on CD's go UP when the Feds cut the interest rate. I realize the cut is on

Dow opens...250 points down in first minute

The Lessons of Violence By Chris Hedges

Bad SUV Dream

If G W had gotten his way on Soc. Sec.

The PROBLEM here is that the other world markets have already suffered major losses...

Progressives nominated for ‘Best Documentary’ Oscar

Bush & the Republicans have bankrupted the USA, have gotten

In a nutshell: Edwards stomped Obama and Hillary last night!

Bush won't rule out bigger stimulus package

Hey, Republican Dumbfucks .......

Lauer throws Edwards a bone on Today - Russert looks like he's gonna puke

Is this -339.22 drop officially a recession...or

Battle Hymn of the Republic(ans)

Army Gets Fewer High School Grads in '07

Pirates robbing the commons should be tried and placed in publicly displayed stocks!

Stock market going back up....

Oppose Telecom Immunity, Uphold the Constitution (sign ACLU petition)

W's Legacy

Today’s Headlines


I find it VERY Ironic that this being the anniversary of Roe vs Wade..

Is anything happening in your State regarding the anniversary of Roe v. Wade?

The rosy talk at MSNBC about a bounce back must be balanced against ...

I Want To Point Out A Much Overused Word: "Deregulation"

I don't know a lot about Iraq but...

"Planned Parenthood to Push Candidacies" THIS issue alone is why a Democratic President is

A timely reminder on the anniversary of Roe v Wade

Why is the assault on the Constitution a forbidden subject for the candidates?

12% in 22 days

Do you think we'll see the Plunge Protection Team tomorrow (Tuesday)?


things sure have changed since I was in high school . . .


The Sea Shepherd is " A militant anti-whaling group " WTF?

nashua ward with 7% errors...... NH primaries

Israel Launches Advanced Spy Satellite - To spy on Iran's nuclear program...

Wow, Bush's response to the Stock Market is ALMOST as prompt as his Katrina response!

wh Has No Comprehensive E-Mail Archive: System Used by Clinton (Under Court Order) Was Scrapped

If you'd like to purge your last three days worth of meals....

MSNBC is pushing 'good deals out there on foreclosed properties' ... Really?

Are black Christians 'dogsh!t'?

Now, go figure; Bank of America profit falls 95% on writeoff, trading loss

so when are we moving the primary bullshit to the other forum???

Is Mike Huckabee out of his mind?


Janet and Mike Huckabee registered as "a couple" to get gifts.

The Bush Dollar Trap

Hey Kids, Shoot Your Favorite Candidate! (Online Game)

I've waited SIX HOURS to post this defense of Bill Clinton

"The vice-presidency has been something that Fred Thompson was considering all along."

Oh the irony...MSNBC says Rudy is failing because of lack of press coverage.

Best weapon against Huckabee and his theocratic blathering? The words of the Founding Fathers.

God's Profits: Faith, Fraud and the GOP Crusade for Values Voters

DJIA as of noon today


Brent Budowsky: The economic crisis

Air America--Lionel

U.S. military study finds high majorities of Iraqis in all groups want US out now!

Those Ungrateful Saudis

GOP Attack Group Raising $250 Million F/Congressional Races In 08. We May Lose Congress

Hiding Radiation, etc.? - NYC Ban Private Toxic Sampling?

So, Obama thinks Republicans will help give him a landslide?

Plenty of good (non-primary, substantive, important) posts in GD are habitually ignored

Don't be too impressed with Mike Huckabee's appearance in Atlanta for MLK Day

Breathing Earth

food poisoning can come back to haunt you

Who is REZKO and What is he CHARGED With? Here is a LINK...

From the ACLU.. Telecom immunity for warrantless spying coming this week..

A summary of last night's debate

LOL- Fmr. NY Sen. Al D'Amato to endore McCain today (not Rudy)

Look at what the Clinton Campaign is sending out

Has Buddhism ever been "radicalized" ?

Cat From Florida Flies To Texas In Suitcase

GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS: Can your students come up with more substantive Q's for candidates than MSM?

Merced, Calif is flooded - big mess

Feddie Prosecutors urge 60 years for Puke Cunningham's pal Wilkes

Is it worth asking which state is most representative of the country as a whole?

Proposed toll roads and unrestrained CSX rail growth are taking a toll on rural areas of Florida.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Hidden Healthcare Crisis

End Stage Unfettered Republicanism

Be honest now--has apathy set in yet?


Where Has The Constitution Failed Us?

Watching the morning news. Got a question. Did Edwards attend the Obama-Clinton slugfest (debate)?

What's the solution ??

My "Liberal Media" letter makes it to print

Hillary is courting the Reagan Democrats

Economic solution: The Splurge (Tom Toles)

What RWers has the ACLU defended besides Rush?

Freepers: Stock market crisis is a Clinton plot...

ROFL! I was just watching "In the Line of Fire" on TV Land.

In responding to posts on DU, has anyone else noticed

AP: Bush supports anti-abortion protest (a/k/a a gentle reminder of the big picture)

another casualty of the mortgage crisis:(

Jose Padilla Is Sentenced to 17 Years

It's time to start moving away from a corporate capitalist society

John Stewart skewers Hillary and the megalomaniac

Clinton, Edwards, meet after debate

Leading Dems Miss the Boat on Health Care

So who does Freds .0002% of the Repig vote go to? Pocket fisherman salesman or McCain?

Bumper Sticker

Bin Laden Son Wants To Be Peace Activist..

Gee, Old Man Thompson, What Took You So Long? --->>>

Shit in one hand, "Hope" in the other; see which fills first.

THOMPSON is out of the race!!! Surprise! Surprise!

It's The Debt, Stupid.

"pathetic souls...silently shuffle off to grim fates...the well-heeled set won't care one iota"

Fresh, Hot, Freeper Grief (Over FRed Thompson)

Ok GD, hand my ass to me. See if I give a shit.

I guess I am Anti-America. I don't go shopping

Healthcare coverage

BRAD BLOG: (Butch & Hoppy) + Post-It Notes = NH's Chain of Custody

"SC should cecede from the union."

A Nomination Worth Winning,,,

Faced with apathy,

Edwards: "I'm John Edwards and I represent the 'grown-up wing' in the Democratic Party."

Edwards optimists - what is your best case scenario for Super Tuesday?

I just can not stand animal abuse

Any Obama supporters concerned about the Rezko lie in the debate tonight?

Holy. Shit.

Bolton: ‘Pressure’ Is On Israel To Strike Iran Because NIE Made U.S. Attack ‘Highly Unlikely’

Iraq Occupation Impacts Military Recruitment in United States

Meanwhile over at Rimjob's Freerepublic the masses are most unhappy about Fred dropping out.

"The Clinton Machine" - Deft In all The Dark Arts Of Corruption & Demagoguery (Sirota)

"That's when you know the bottom has really fallen out of your life." Red State Update!!111!!!!


So much for my theory that a stock stereo will keep a car safe from theft.

Dammit, we needed to buy a space heater, all MADE IN CHINA!

the fruits of de-regulation:....our current economy

How are we coming on getting the "Primaries" moved over to GDP?

After the debates last night, did Candy Crowley seem biased to you?

I'll be glad when that "America" ad rolls off of DU.

Can we please move all the pro-Edwards' posts to GD Politics?

Poll question: How often do you participate in DU polls?

Conservative Communism

Don't Panic! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Markets

Cancer in SC?

US General: will never completely be finished chasing al Qaeda "because they may always come back"

Casualty Statistics Stunning

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that it doesn't matter

E-MAIL: Will Clinton, McCain and Obama Defend Our Constitution? = GET Mobile Action ALERTS

How come every time I hear one of these financial experts say don't panic I panic?

In the Most Difficult of Times we Need a Presidential Candidate Who Is Willing to Fight for us

In memory of Fred Thompson

NH: 7.5% Vote Count Discrepancy Found During "Recount" in Nashua, Ward 5

Soldier killed in Iraq....

In a nutshell: Hillary stomped Obama last night!

I had high hopes for Obama.

John Edwards getting as bad as Clinton

Which Power/Influence Is a Greater Threat To You and the Country?

Who said it? "The Democratic Party always disappoints." (Scroll down)

Edwards on Letterman TONIGHT!- Tues. 1/22

Half-dead Fred, is history (CNN ..he's dropped out of the race)

I absolutely can't stand Obama.

Iraqi government advances flag bill, but fails to do much else. Sound familiar?

Stock Market today?? (Thanks)

"Any gay person who votes for Barack Obama after this is, simply, an idiot."

Pimco's Gross Says Fed Rate Cut a `Sad Testimony' to the State of U.S. Economy

Why I Support John Edwards

Thompson withdraws after realizing he wasn't running for president of rest home

Am I alone in thinking that both Obama and Hillary are simply full of shit?

Did the Admins and Mods Decide to DUnk UUUUUUUs All?

Is Obama "too perfect" to be president?

Is It Really Going To Matter?

WTF is wrong with people? Why not Kucinich?

An actor named Heath Ledger found dead in New York. Drug overdose

Heath "The Joker" Ledger is dead

Pre Emptive Nucular Strike Key Option NATO Told

Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain) is dead - per CNN.

true or false: much of our law is grounded...

Hooray for the Mods

Found in Translation (Phil Giraldi discusses Sibel Edmonds now)

BREAKING! There are already twenty threads about Heath Ledger!

Do you feel that abortion is a moral issue?

Wolf Blitzer: "I think it was the best debate because there were only three candidates"

I love DUers!

Kennedy is on the floor of the Senate now talking about the economy and how

So this will now become DU Lounge #2?

AP reporter: 'Giuliani carries himself like he already occupies the Oval Office'

Help! My IRA is cratering.

Good fugging grief MSNBC: Enough of this

We must ALL confront the groups that lodge dirty tricks against candidates.

Ok I just got a push poll for Pastor Hillbilly

Randi is becoming so unbearable

Western Warmongers Tell NATO to Consider Aggressive Use of Nukes

Bush* says he intends to get a LOT done this year . . .

Anybody else feel like popping a champagne bottle.......

"Fag" appears in grade 1 student's homework (Includes video)

A "pundit" on CNBC said we need an economic stimulus package that gets money in the hands of low

* threatens to veto Native-American Healthcare Measure

Rush Limbaugh lays the smack down

WOO HOOOO! Matt Blunt is withdrawing from the Missouri govenor race!


Is it bothering you all that the policy issues of the day are being blanketed by the political?

We cannot bail out homeowners who made unwise choices...

So what are us guys going to talk about now?

Reid Renews Call for Extension to Surveillance Bill

The Fed Blinked: Now, What?

Nora O'dumbell

Jose Padilla sentenced to 17 years, 4 months

McCain/Thompson 2008 Geritol In The WhiteHouse

Heath Ledger found dead!

TEDTalk Tuesday: Guitar and Voice

Lowe's and Home Depot seem like ghost towns these days

"Minuteman Member Resigns From KC Board" Poor baby...she didn't feel supported. Let's all cry.

I Wonder How Bush's "Ownership Society" is Doing On The Social Security Overhaul?

Elections are really just about money, and the acquisition of it.

Bush pardons himself?

David Sirota: Are We Ready to Rise Up Again?

Always Wrong (BushCo & Economic stimulus)

Reid is on the floor NOW asking for an extension on the FISA bill. nt

Senator Edwards, We Need You To Lead-By: Jane Hamsher

Clinton, Obama and Edwards: all good choices

Osama's son Omar bin Laden: genuine, or just desperate for attention?

TJMS Caller: Let's vote for Obama, THEN ask what his plans are for Black America

Say Goodbye to Old Man Thompson, DU! ---pix--->>>

(Butch & Hoppy) + Post-It Notes = NH's Chain of Custody (Much To Read Brad Blog)

SCHIP advocates shift focus toward economy


Did DU just do that?...

Court Refuses to Hear Enron Case

Walnuts, Mittens and The Huckster ---pix--->>>

Keeping Up the FISA Fight: Just Say "No" to Immunity

Sexy Freddie the great white hope quits

Bush May Leave Ballooning Deficit, Curbing Successor's Programs (Bloomberg)

Tucker needs to do a better job of choosing his guests...2d smackdown in a row.

"Compulsive" Republican's Head Examined (Chad Castagana, the FR "anthrax" mailer)

Anyone Have Any Details On Today's Foreclosure March By Jesse Jackson?

nbc: Newspapers calling it BLACK MONDAY in Europe/asia-worst since 9/11-they

31 Peace Activists Found Guilty of Unlawful Assembly in the US Capitol

Bush Toadie, Ben Bernanke, throws a Hail Mary .... and comes up short

Roe v. Wade at 35: Up For Grabs in the Next Election

Is it just me or is DU overrun with U's right now.

Ford drivers are more liberal than Chevy drivers


Slumlord or Provider of affordable housing?

Fullblown Panic In A Clusterfuck Nation

The Unbearable Inanity of Tim Russert

When I hear the term "Reagan Democrat" I think:

The Hill: Attorneys (firings) probe deepens

More antics of the religious right psychopaths

About The Society For Human Resource Management

I took this test, I am furthest from Fred lazy ass, closest to Obama!

Leatherback turtle's 12,744 mile migration

So Tommorow Morning on Wall Street...What????

Well, if you haven't seen Heath Ledger as the Joker, here's a clip:

'Roe v. Wade, The Musical' tonight at 10PM on ABC

Jake tapper gets it right

In Private, Bernanke Tells Horror Stories-"Much Worse Than He Has Admitted To Publicly"

Will Alan Keyes take advantage of Fred Thompson's withdrawal from the Republican promaries?

White House e-mails missing for a week after Saddam's capture

Are big Fed Rate Cuts like happened today (-0.75%) Good or Bad for the long term economy?

Its the OIL price stupid ! !

'Sicko' has been nominated for an Oscar.

MY candidate is the best one in the running!

English translation of "urgency that is now even more urgent" = "roughly three to four weeks"

Woohoo!! I got a mention on Stephanie Miller this morning!

Fuck You, George Bush

Duke Briber Wilkes Could Go to Jail For 60 Years

Bill Clinton has protected Al'Qeada

Can we have a serious discussion about "There Will be Blood"?

Apparently Huckabee is a socialist.. (do Freepers even know about dictionaries?)

What do we do about Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain?

Like Edwards? Hate the MSM? Got a phone?

Unemployment Numbers By State

Swiftboating Al Gore from Argentina, SIDE, Israeli wire transfers, spy files, forgery, Bush & Menem

My Sincere and Fondest Wishes to DU throughout 2008

GD/GD:P, you're boring me.

Petraeus: I Need Another Six Months To Determine Whether ‘We’ve Reached A Turning Point’

TOON: priests brawl at Jesus' birthplace, Palestinians restore order (true story)

Where to post threads about the Democratic primaries. And how to HIDE those threads.

Growth and monetary value are life destroying concepts

Approval for Federal Assistance, Tax Incentives, Marshall Edwards a 3% Bump!

January, 2008

Reid Renews Call for Extension to Surveillance Bill

The Fraud of Bushenomics: They’re Looting the Country

So the Dow only sank 128 today after a whistling plunge on the opening bell.

Canadian farmer forces GM giant back to court

It's the ECONOMY, stupid. What to do?

Has anyone made an avatar out of "Priceless, the CutEye girl" yet?

Caption *

How is America different than when you were younger?

Church's Sexual Billboard Shocks Passerbys

what do you do for a living?

UK media slams US media on Sibel Edmonds case

Free Trade Fears on the Rise

Why do people in uniforms turn my stomach?

Deregulation and the Financial Crisis

"The Panic of 2008 will be much worse than the Great Deparession"

What is the most important story knocked out of GD by the incessant electioneering?

Hillary on Obama's claim that "even though she voted for the bill, she was glad it didn’t pass"

John Edwards responds on donations from trial lawyers.

Fred is out. Would McCain choose him (or Huck?) as VP?

Double standard on DU, again: Obama was tough, Clinton was angry

What would happen if Michelle Obama attacked Hillary as much as Bill does Barack?

Clinton and Edwards hold private post debate meeting!!!

Rudy is one nasty mofo.

WOW!! Debate Pic from the front page of the Charlotte Observer

Obama preparing to speak

I Support the Radical Center, Hillary Clinton, and I Believe America Seeks a Third Way

Why Women Hate Hillary

Edwards supporters - Still backing & voting JOHN 100% of course but has Hillary moved to #2 for you?

Why Men and Women Ignore Edwards

ACLU: urgent petition to Senator Reid: no telecom immunity

OH oh--Democrats advantage on the Generic Congressional Ballot has slipped to single digits for the

According to WBZ

congress approval numbers

Obama is too nuanced

Former mayor Raul Martinez announces challenge to Diaz-Balart

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) endorses Obama

What a joke-Bill Clinton was asked by a reporter if Obama's running against HIM or Hillary or both

Some Huckabee Aides Forgoing Paychecks

Was it ever found out who was behind that vile Obama email that was sent

Listen Hillary...

Clinton has immunized herself against "flip flop" and "waffle" charges

Letter to JRE from Martin L King 111

NT Times: Open Caucus debate feature -- notice WHO these people are talking about today

Obama spanks Poor Little Lying Hillary with her new ad about Single Payer

Is Bill's involvement with HRC's campaign supposed to foster the notion

Did anyone hear Dick Morris' theory on the Clintons strategy?

Why is Hillary Clinton the best Commander-in-Chief candidate?

Reaching out to Evangelicals

Did John Kerry have lobbyists contribute to his campaigns?????

About that Debate last night.....

"We are attempting to inject faith into policy."

It really could be worse. And it probably will be.

Talk vs. Action:

Letter of Endorsement from former RFK Staffer for Edwards

Help! My IRA is cratering.

South Carolina's biggest newspaper (The State) endorses Obama

Does Hillary Clinton Represent American Denial?

Hillary's Strategy Last Night -- Help Edwards

Great point by Obama today: "We need a president who knows that being ready on day 1 means

"the State's" endorsement slaps Hillary hard...full text

The Clintons come off as able to run winning campaigns in their sleep. Instills confidence for Nov.

Abdul-Jabbar To Magic: Obama's No "Rookie"

Is there a website that tracks primaries and delegates?

Where is the equivalent outrage for the Clinton Reagan "lovefest"?

Am I alone in thinking that both Obama and Hillary are simply full of shit?

John Edwards getting as bad as Clinton

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that it doesn't matter

At the Debate, Obama Does Not Soar

Ok GD, hand my ass to me. See if I give a shit.

Is Obama "too perfect" to be president?

Hillary is a Harpy!

Larry King has a Clinton supporter and Obama supporter debating who won the debate

The "media" just cracks me up.

Larry King just slapped Larry Elder

I'm watching Hannity and it's so damn refreshing.

For my 1000th post, I ask the following question:

Basically, Obama showed people he's not gonna take shit off white people...

CNN replaying debate.

Obama v2.0

As an Obama supporter, let me say that Edwards did well tonight.

The all flubbed the last question....

It was like Hillary stood up and farted at Obama and all of us - that's how I describe her debate

I think they all did beautifully!

Do you really think Gore wouldn't be getting raked over the coals in these debates?

Hillary Hater Makes Robo Calls in South Carolina

The End of the Obama Revolution

The State Scorecard: Edwards grades highest in debate

Debate Question from last night....

I Can't Wait Until My Daughter Grows Up, Looks To Hillary Clinton For Inspiration

Help me out here, my Sister says that neither Obama or Hillary are electable

Heath Ledger Died...for those who spend all their time here

The American People Should Not Have to Work So Hard


Something I missed about subprime lending practices

Ronald Reagan vs. Hillary Clinton

Jesse Jackson is right about Obama...

You think they're giving Obama a rough time now & being nasty?

I don't feel the debate ratcheted up the tension

MLK was a Christian. So is Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

1st Annual Best Freeper Reaction to Fred Thompson Dropping Out Poll

Hillary campaign ads running in Mexico

Help me debunk my own prediction!

It's not posted yet but, the Annenberg fact check guy just blasted Clinton

I apologize.

When Obama becomes our next president, how will the American Civil Rights Movement change?

Time for Al Gore to step up!

mrs clinton doesnt respond to michelle obama

Mandate This!

I didn't watch the debate, but from what I see here...

Time Magazine sez: After tonight, we won't see a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket...

Should Edwards have pointed out to the Sheepie is that McCain is their best chance?

A TPM reader on the debate: Knives at a Gunfight

"Well now the fun part starts..." Clinton supporters, Is this really fun?

Watching the foodfight on cnn tonight, I lost respect for Hillary,

What do you prefer: The "Anti-Bush" or the "Un-Bush"?

FOOL ME ONCE: The Democrats already TRIED to "unify" with the batshit crazy PUKES after 9/11

Weekly Standard Applauds Obama's Abortion Stance

When Hillary made her Rezko remark, John Lewis was clapping and cheering

Is the full debate up anywhere?

The powers that be have finally woke up to the fact

Rural Va. Congressman Endorses Obama

New poll: U.S. more ready for black President than female one

Two reasons for hope: to the cynical and frustrated

Well, I'm voting for Edwards, but this is a selling point for Obama,

FACT CHECK - OBAMA & his Illinois Legislative Present Votes

FACT CHECK - Bill and Hillary Clinton on Reagan

I just finished watching the first half of the debate, and I'm VERY PROUD of John Edwards

FACT CHECK - Clintons Making Statements Not Supported by the Facts

Normally, I don't like Millbank at the WaPo, but this is priceless...

FACT CHECK - Hillary's Health Plan doesn't cover all

OK, I finally watched the debate and they were ALL GREAT!

Hillary with comfortable lead in California - solid support among latinos, seniors, women

How much will Obama beat Clinton in SC by?

Obam Violated Pre-Primary Pact Not To Campaign In Florida By Running TWO Ads On CNN Post Debate!


just watching the debate...GOBAMA!!! He rocked!!! WOW...

CNN: Readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story

Why is it Senator Clinton and Barak Obama?


Wait, HILLARY Is Claiming Obama Was Too Rehearsed Last Night????

Obama cites his religious traditions as basis for opposition to gay marriage...

Barack Obama: 38 delegates

I just can't stand Republicans.

If I Could Fast Forward To The General Election For A Moment (pardon me for boring you with policy)

SOwhat happens on Saturday in SC

Edwards supporters! Read this now! I dare you!

I can understand why some wanted to shelter GD from these threads.

And what if the Karl Rove virus does cross the GOP/DEM barrier?

Who are you supporting for Emperor/Empress?

Sigh!!! My vote doesn't count AGAIN!

So if Obama isnt Running Against Bill Clinton...

If Al Gore Comes Out For Obama And Starts Trading Words With Bill Clinton

Fred Thompson Drops Out of GOP Race to Star In 'Rambo 5'

Letter From Martin L. King, III to John Edwards already posted, duplicate and post deleted by poster

Clinton, Edwards hold private post-debate meeting

Paulson: "Congress, Bush need to agree quickly on measures to boost economy, calm markets"

I could vote for Edwards

Today is the nail in the coffin for the pukes.

For those who missed the debate last night

Fact Check: Obama Consistent in His Position on Single Payer Health Care

Candy Crowley: Edwards probably won

I simply can't make up my mind on my second choice.

Reuters Photo: There's no crying in baseball!

Obama wants to give every family a $500 check

Why Obama wins SC...Independents dumped GOP

I have now seen everything

Another Boston Globe letter: Edwards Coverage or lack thereof.


"Hillary Clinton performed with an authority... and mastery of detail that was just second to none"

The Debate Was A Fucking Train Wreck

Wow-Fed Cuts Rates By Seventy Five Basis Points

Random Thoughts About The Campaign So Far

If they Turn Bill loose,,,Gore/Kennedy/Clyburn will all endorse Obama

So do we boycott Dell, HP. and millions of other companies as they sell to Wal-mart?

McCain leading Giuliani in New York

My objective review of tonight's debate

Can someone explain to me why Randy Rhoades calls herself a black woman

According to most Clintonians here, Obama has to win SC by over 10 pts

Boos last night didn't convey that Hillary was bad, but that Obama's supporters are unruly

Anybody going over to Free Republic today? I need my talking points for the day

What I heard last night was that the Dems want McCain...

HRC plays low ball and hard ball, but I am not sure if she is going that low

DU'ers creating the most vile bile here?

When Did Hillary Stop Beating Her Husband?

I am very proud of John Edwards...(and Hil and Obama too)

Today is last day to register to vote in California's pres primary- forms here:

How can the pukes pander to the Cuban vote with a straight face?

Does bushco have damaging information on Clinton?

FACT CHECK - OBAMA & Claims that he said "Repigs" had all of the "Good" Ideas

In S. Carolina, It’s Obama vs. Clinton. That’s Bill Clinton.

The Original Fired Up and Ready To Go - Obama rally with Edith Childs of Greenwood, SC.

South Carolina’s The State to Endorse Tuesday (today)

I am shocked what Clinton said to Brokaw about her adoration of Reagan

Why are DUers so interested in predicting the future?

Every time Bill lashes out, Hill wins a primary!

Give it to me straight on Edwards.

This Mitt Romney thing on MSNBC done by his son was Hilarious!

Clinton, Edwards hold private post-debate meeting

CA tightening slightly

Hillary and Bill -- Arsonist Firefighters

Bill Clinton May Get Payout of $20 Million

Bill Clinton's got himself in Obama's kitchen and it showed tonight.

The Rude Pundit: The Awesomest MLK Day Photo Featuring a White President and a Black Child

About the booing of Hillary Clinton during the debate

After last nights debate are you thinking of changing your vote to Edwards?

Any question about who won the debate? Hillary taunts. Obama smiles and said "we had some fun."

Previous endorsements by Calvin Butts: Perot (over Clinton), Pataki, Giuliani, Bloomberg

if someone insists they were given $60,000

a debate that actually had some debating - fabulous!

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) Endorses Barack Obama

Senator Obama on the 35th anniversary of Roe v Wade decision

Rasmussen -Clinton 42% Obama 31% Edwards 13% RCP Average - Clinton - 41% Obama 33% Edwards 13%

Differences In Health Care Plans

9/11iani is a Magnanimous,magnificent Bastard!

More on Bill Clinton's Foreign Investment Problem

Democratic Presidential Candidate schedule for January 22

Well, we may as well pack it in. No Dem candidate is fit to be president.

Clinton, Edwards hold private post-debate meeting

"He is someone who has a lot of charm and charisma...

BO suffers from moments of transcendence, and I happy that HRC is there for the reality smack down

Booos or whooos?

Contrary to every single story I've seen this morning, last night's debate was the best yet.

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Just for the hell of it.

Usher will appear on Obama rally tonight at Orangeburg, SC.

Can Bill be Hillary's VP?

How My Party Lost Its Way (from * speechwriter)

Last night's debate was sickening

Stewart Debunks Bill, Mocks Media Coverage In Nevada

Walmart employees get money from Walmart so they are responsible for Walmart's anti-union

It's going to be Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton... time to accept that

Which is funnier?

I Didn't Like The Wal-Mart Shot Or The Rezko Shot

I wish Bill had married Stephanie Miller instead of Hillary

What did Clinton do at Walmart and what was she doing in 2006-2007 with them?

Hillary Clinton To Receive Endorsement Of The United Farmworkers Union

Obama: Hillary & Wal Mart - Bad! My Wife and Wal-Mart - Sweet!!

HRC's debate performances.

Has anything you've seen in GD:P in the last 24 hours convinced you to switch candidates?

DUer Question?? Who were the original core backers of Obama for Pres.

Obama vs. Clinton on Iraq – October 2002

So last night we learned, among other things, that Hillary's hero is...

Tavis, the shameless surrogate and Hillary's latest strawman

I'm seeing some incredible spin in here about Wal-Mart and Hillary

Did anyone else think Hillary seemed angry, almost hysterical?

HRC sat on the fucking Walmart board? How fucking evil is she?

After the Hill/Obama squabbling and Edwards stepping up

Am I missing a really obvious point here, or not?

At this point, are you happy with this field of candidates?

Will Ron Paul benefit as a candidate with today's stock market fluctuations? And the

Politico: Obama pushes back

Hillary voted for a 30 percent cap on credit card interest. Why?

Not one for conspiracy theories

Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

The letter I just sent CNN when I should totally be on my way to work...

What kind of politics do you like best?

I'm calling it first: Al Gore is going to endorse Obama following his SC win

Crooks & Liars: CNN’s Undecided Voters: Edwards Won Debate - Some will Vote Obama

Can I hear a Viva Democrats?

PP Poll: SC - Obama 44 - Hillary 28 - JE - 15 - Undecided - 12 - MOE 4.1

Hillary down to 15% black support in South Carolina. Edwards at 1%

You are all a bunch of stinking warmongers

The Clintons have Obama on the ropes and playing defense. He can't recover.

Hillarysaid, noObamasaid, wellEdwardssaid

I predict..

Why Obama's expected win in SC may well be a loss.

Apparently some here believe Hillary supporters should not be welcome at DU...what do you think?

Who here likes car-insurance?

Wouldn't it have been nice if Bill Clinton had lashed out at repukes

Most ironic debate quote of the year from St. Obama

The End of the Obama Revolution

I can't take much more of Campaign Hillary

Obama In South Carolina: I'll Look Out For Working People — And Hillary Looks Out For Politics

Photos: Barack Obama at last night's Democatic debate in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Do you think you lie or use deception to score political points?

xMap: Campaign money race

The 2008 Election and the Lord Of The Ring Analogies

Article: Look past the headlines to see real primary picture

Im seriously shocked at how many people on this site support Hillary Clinton

You've been severely wronged or severely injured. Who you gonna call?

Intelligence scores directly related to candidate selection

So Does Clinton Send Lanny Davis out to Lie for Her, or does he do it on his own?

I am heartbroken Thompson has dropped out ! My fondest dreams

Come On Baby, And Do The Limbo, the Mashed Potat...where's Quayle when I need him?

Breaking news.. Fred is fried..

Daschle says President Clinton acting ‘unpresidential’

Obama's troubling relationship with Rezko

If either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama get elected president...

Hillary's exact quote....

One problem with the "anti-mandate" fallacy is that costs for care of the uninsured doesn't go away

Breaking: Bye Bye Fred Thompson

Who's more moribund?

Wapo's Eugene Robinson: What's Gotten Into Bill?

Any Ron Paul supporters left? Here's something to reply to their next email

Leafletted for Obama in Washington Heights, NYC, this past Sunday

I just hope to God no debates are scheduled opposite American Idol

Will Patrick Fitzgerald call Obama as a witness

The Hillary slander machine is out in full force

Come On Baby, And Do The Twist

Primary/Caucus totals to date (Obama winning PV)

Listen, I apologize

Dreams Die Hard: Freeps in mourning over the loss of their 2008 Reagan-slash-Dad figure, Fred

What's this crap about Bush's "spiritual advisor" backing Obama?

Which presidential campaign flameout is a bigger surprise?

Interesting thing happened at my voting center today.

Hard Truths and Half Truths on Health Care

Obama LIVE on

I hate hypocrites!

At debate, Obama doesn't soar

Does EVERYONE revere Martin Luther King?

Why Republicans Fear Obama

If Obama is serious about trying to appeal to Evangelicals (although, on what basis I can't really

Hillary supporters show your support!

"I represent the grown-up wing of the Democratic Party."

Hillary Clinton didn't complain about Oprah campaigning for O. Would be weak and unpresidential.

A: Obama is NOT For Eliminating The Inheritance Tax

Has Obama been fully vetted?

BS, Senator Clinton

Hillary's Mystery Money Men

Are there any heteros who will volunteer to help us gays understand what

Who will be watching Letterman tonight

Once again the Hillbots take a vacation from reality! (on Reagan and McGlurkin)

Did you enjoy the Clinton-Obama brawl last night?

If I "mandate" that every American own a VW Bug...

Obama & The "Slum-Lord": Smear Or Time-Bomb Scandal?

It doesn't really matter that Edwards won the debate last night.

Debating CNN's Contentious Debate

Would You Rather Your Candidate Lose The GE, Or The Candidate You Hate The Most Win The GE?

Where's the outrage towards Jon Stewart?

Chris Hitchens calls out Schmuckabee on his racism

Eugene Robinson: Obama vs. the Clinton Legacy

I live in what amounts to a suburb of Chicago, and the Rezko story is not big here.

New Hillary Campaign Video Hits Obama On Health Care

Obama and Hillary supporters - could you do me a huge favor?

The facts on Clinton and Wal-Mart

Tavis Smiley to Obama: while you are making effusive comments about Reagan, lets remember:

TJMS Caller: Let's vote for Obama, THEN ask what his plans are for Black America

CNN seems to really be going after Obama today...

In a nutshell: Hillary stomped Obama last night!

This is funny - Ron Paul supporters holding signs behind Giuliani's head during photo ops

I'm sorry, but... WHAT A BITCH!

"I think it would be just as much a change, some people think more, to have the first woman presiden

" never take responsibility for any vote, and that has been a pattern."

Clinton tells press Obama 'looking for a fight'; Obama counters in conference call

My Wife And I Have Decided To NOT Vote For Edwards

BREAKING: South Carolina's most influential newspaper endorses Barack Obama

Edwards and Clinton have a "20 minute talk behind closed doors in Edwards' green room" after debate

Does Obama support a woman's right to choose?

Has there been a report of someone seeing an image of Obama on their toast yet?

Daschle to Clinton: Tactics Will Divide and Destroy the Party

There is some serious racism and sexism in this primary campaign...

"I am not a Muslim. I am not a Muslim"

Obama voted against a 30 percent cap on credit card interest. Why?

Cool!....I'm going to be an elections inspector for the CA Primary..

Mitt Romney is a Funny Ignorant Fuck (With Ridiculous Video)

Can Anyone Provide A Few Examples Of Obama Distorting Hillary's Record

Link to Clinton campaign platform

South Carolina push polling - pro-Clinton anti-Obama

BREAKING-Fred Grandpa Thompson dropped out of race...

Edwards Statement On The 35th Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade

The Dow is down 420 points.

Freshman Senate terms do not always accurately predict the tenor of a candidate's presidency


Great pic of the top three in today's NYT

Senator Dodd needs our help to stop FISA again!

Why Men Hate Obama

BREAKING: Fred is Dead (CNN)

Why Barack Obama Lied Last Night in South Carolina......

Pee Dee residents say fighting could hurt candidates, praise Edwards for avoiding fray

Clinton - Obama 'Looking for a Fight'

Ida and Me - An Actual Phone Call

Hillary goes to Edwards Green Room after the debate

Hillary could be a more effective (though far less likable) President than Bill

Do YOU PERSONALLY Care About Rezko?

I read that this disgusting statement was made at an Obama campaign event:

NH Election Contest Update: 7.5% Vote Count Discrepancy Found in Nashua, Ward 4 for Clinton, Edwards

Cleric Condemns Coach's Abortion Remarks

If Edwards loses badly on Saturday, should he be in the next debate?

OBAMA: Well, the only point I would make is that in a year's time, it'll be me who's enforcing them

ROFL!! .....Hillary....CNN.....Press conference.

Who are you?

Why was Hillary's name on the Michigan ballot?

Hillary is unfit for office, any office.

Bill Clinton Cuts Ties to Billionaire, Dubai-May Get Payout of $20 Million

Was Obama's "while you were on the board of Walmart" comment

Obama Supporters: The Clinton People are right

Obama, Wal-Mart and hypocrisy

This was the best debate by far, and Edwards won

Antiwar “Lefts” embrace ultra-right Republican candidate Ron Paul

If hell froze over and you HAD to vote for a republican who would it be?

Wow just wandered over to FR and WOW.. they are truly upset about Fred leaving..

Ghouliani's campaign isn't dead yet.

Schultz: "Bill Clinton is the new Karl Rove"

How Would John Kerry Do In A One-On-One Debate With Hillary Clinton?

Proof Repubs do not want to face him in GE; Faux Noise: Edwards provides "comedic relief"

Edwards challenged Obama after Clinton noted that Obama had voted "present" 130 times:

Senator Edwards, We Need You To Lead-By: Jane Hamsher

Edwards is best on labor. So how many outraged ppl are supporting labor?

I'm thinking that John Edwards is the only candidate running who can unite the party

New Edwards ad

Edwards earns union support, details $1.5B plan for native SC

"Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from religion."

Hillary Clinton is probably already the foremost historian on THE KEATING FIVE

Have we had such a polarized primary in recent years?

Clinton lies again about Obama i.e. Reagan, Obama notes she was a corporate lawyer at Walmat

Where to post threads about the Democratic primaries. And how to HIDE those threads.

"So Democratic audiences are often surprised when I tell them I don't consider George Bush...

United Farmworkers to endorse Hillary today...

About all those present votes O gave in IL, can someone

Clinton Campaign Providing Some Facts About Last Night.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

If Rezko is fair game, is Johnny Chung fair game as well?

And what if the Karl Rove virus does cross the GOP/DEM barrier?

Who still supports Obama?

Obama's response to being "accused" of being a Muslim

Krugman does not seem to think to much of Obama' s "stimulus plan"

Just for fun describe Fred Thompson in one word

While on the board of Wal-Mart, Hillary voted "Present" regarding union-busting.

Handy Guide Supporting How The "Present" Vote Works in Illinois

Edwards ad: "What's happened to the Democratic Party? Whatever happened to the party of the people?"

If I Can't Decide Who To Vote For Is Flipping A Coin Just Plain Wrong?


New email from Edwards campaign: "all the way to the...Convention...on to the White House"

Could Edwards do this?....Wow, what a campaign jolt this would be.

The Seeds of Corruption: Hillary Clinton in Arkansas

are children "dedicated" in a christian church, or are they baptized?

Whats some dirt or "bad" things about Mccain...???

Bill Clinton "took Democrats to task for failing to challenge the GOP among religious voters..."

The CRITICAL point about this debate is Obama is off message and that's a MAJOR victory for Hillary

VERY DISTURBING! I am serious! Obama and healthcare! SCARY!

Hope and Change become Blame...Obama knocked off his game..

If you Google "obama is a republican", you get 162,000 hits!

Honest to god. John Edwards gets it. MY STORY!!!

South Carolina CWA Endorses John Edwards

WTF is wrong with people? Why not Kucinich?

Partisan? Bipartisan? Either answer means you don't understand the question

Batman could totally beat up Spiderman

Edwards nailed Obama on voting for NO cap instead of 30% out of HOPE for CHANGE

Want to know what bastards the ruling classes are?

You heard what was said to Pres Clinton-but MSM didnt tell you what was said to Obama:

Obama, on his obligations as a Christian...

Obama trusts women to make prayerful decisions on a deeply moral issue such as abortion...

Obama Responds To Hillary Claim That He's "Frustrated"

The truth: Edwards' voting record on trade is like Ted Kennedy's

Obama: much of our law grounded in Judeo-Christian tradition.

vote for Obama to get....moderate judges.

How can we not elect this man?

What was Wal-Mart like way back when Hillary worked there?

Obama: "we didn't have a majority in 2000, 2004" Really? I thought we wuz robbed

Obama on single payer health care counters Hillary's attempt to distort

The only people complaining about Bill Clinton campaigning are Obama supporters

Why I Support John Edwards

Protecting Hillary: Bill Clinton Severs Business Ties With Billionaire Buddy Burkle

Hillary works with Rabbis to send Torahs to Iraq (one Rabbi's group says gays can change...)

Obama was OK until he praised jesus Christ

Images of a People's Movement

Milton profit up 82 per cent, says economy sound

Group takes statements about UFO sightings

CNN readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story

New Mich. drivers must now prove they are legal U.S. residents

WA Senate Resolution Calling for Bush's Impeachment Advances

Russia delivers 5th N-fuel batch to Iran

Noted Marathoner Killed In Kenyan Violence

Asian markets see further losses

One Teen's Campaign To Restore Voting Rights

Nader Mulling Over Bid for U.S. Presidency

Clinton, Obama clash at debate

Stock Drop Pulls 38 of the World's Biggest Stock Indexes Into Bear Market; Banks Lead the Plunge

Australian shares in freefall

Asian Markets Tumble on U.S. Worries

Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraqi School

Fewer government donations has food banks' cupboards running bare

Democrat Candidates Lash Bush on Economy

Syria: UN research indicates high levels of trauma among Iraqi refugees

Cisco to invest $1.6 billion in UAE over next five years

Bush economic plan fails to reassure as world stocks plunge

Lone Democrat at SEC leaving January 31

McCain trashes Norris' talk about his age

Reports: Major Layoffs for Yahoo Inc.

Europe watchdog sees British voting system open to fraud

(Only) Kuwaiti Woman Politician Survives Vote

D.A.: Death penalty out if Marine arrested in Mexico

Japan to continue whaling 'indefinitely' - will build supersized factory ship

Edwards excels in ferocious democratic debate

Musharraf decries West's "obsession" with democracy

Asian stocks fall sharply again on U.S. recession fears

U.S. says world must improve energy efficiency

Abu Dhabi plots hydrogen future

Dell moves hardware design unit from Bangalore to Taiwan, Austin

Thompson quitting race later today

Obama's Relationship With Alleged Fixer [Rezko]

Chase carries on as activists fail to stop whaler refuelling

White, black groups clash at Jena, La., protests

Bodies of 7 family members found in Iraq orchard

California Flood Risks Are 'Disaster Waiting To Happen,' Say Engineers

In Matters Big and Small, Crossing Giuliani Had Price

Voters Not Clamoring for Third-Party Candidacy This Year

New Armored Truck Sees First Iraq Death (MRAP)

Found in Translation

White House Has No Comprehensive E-Mail Archive (System Used by Clinton Admin Was Scrapped)

Bush won't rule out bigger stimulus package

Brad Renfro ("Bully"), found dead at 25

NYSE Invokes Rule 48

Court Refuses to Hear Enron Case

Fed cuts interest rates by 75 basis points

Martinez announces challenge to Diaz-Balart (R-FL)

ACLU Poll: Majority Opposes Telecom Immunity Plan

Market’s Wild Ride Ends With Dow at 15-Month Low

US censors Arctic scientists' findings as it prepares for oil and gas auction

60-Year Sentence Urged for Wilkes (Duke Cunningham Bribery)

California defaults soar in 4Q

Thieves targeting highway signs in Seguin

A Scramble Across Florida as Republicans Square Off

Huckabee trims costs, eyes possible Florida pullout

Agency casts doubt on cost of Army expansion plan

US falls short on new Iran sanctions

Clinton, Edwards hold private post-debate meeting

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 22

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 22

When US blames Qaeda for its own crime

WaPo: 'Miffy' helps make abortion a private affair

Thompson drops out of GOP presidential race

Thompson drops out of GOP presidential race

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

(Dem) Activist blames firing on (Senator) McConnell

EU rejects Chavez's call to remove Colombia's FARC rebels from terrorist list

Musharraf: Pakistan isn't hunting Osama

DNA Frees Colo. Man Convicted of Murder

Padilla gets 17 years, 4 months

Crossing Mayor Giuliani Often Had a Price

Putin to revive Soviet muscle-flexing parade


Army gets fewer high school grads in '07

Afghan journalist sentenced to death

Bill Clinton Caught Nodding Off During Service to Honor MLK

NPR reveals latest Fields California poll results

Minuteman Member Resigns from KC Board

Poll: More Americans Think U.S. Ready for Black President

Rising costs and falling demand hit technology boom in India

Paul Watson: Hi-ho, me hearties, a buccaneering we will go

Sarah Vowell - Radical Love Gets a Holiday

Dennis Prager: The Case for Rudy Giuliani

'Indian IT services market to grow to USD10 bn by '11'

Warm Arctic could heat up new Cold War

In These Times: Selling Out Grandma

Privacy and Security Are Not a Zero Sum Game

Mr. Fish---stop the violence

A failure to think

Obama's Relationship With Alleged Fixer [Rezko]

Ian Traynor (Guardian Utd): Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

Ditching Vista: How To Downgrade To Windows XP

The Clueless Engine That Couldn’t

What Do Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the USA Have in Common?

Latin America Banks on Independence

Musharraf: Pakistan Isn't Hunting Osama

Presidential candidates largely agree on Florida issues (all support embargo on Cuba)

The Shock Doctrine and the Ongoing Market Turmoil

On Running Mates & Other Election Matters

The blog swarm Chris Matthews never saw coming

How the Clinton Campaign Armed a Black-Latino Time Bomb in Nevada

Desperately Seeking Stimulus by Barbara Ehrenreich

Bush's frayed legacy now hit by economic woes

Can civility restore America?

Director fired after McConnell encounter

Janis Joplin

CNN SC Dem Debate: Obama Responds To Clinton Claims

Barack’s 'Kill Bill' Strategy: Obama Campaign Enlists Monica!

CNN SC Dem Debate: Hillary Clinton on Historic Election

CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards on Historic Campaigns/Economy

CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards - 'Every American is of Equal Value'

The Hybrid Election

Kucinich Weekly Update - 01/14/08 (Battling Big Media to be Heard in the Debates)

CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards on Iraq ('If Bush Recognizes It, Man...')

Clinton, Obama Clash at SC Democratic Debate

Mayor Bloomberg Tackles Poverty

CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards on Universal Health Care


The My Ol Mao Mitch Reelection Campaign

ronny ray-gun chimes in on 2008 selection

CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards Queries Obama

McCain thinks Putin is president of Germany.(MUST WATCH)

" John Edwards for the Common Man "

Century of The Self

Squabble, Squabble......

A Tribute to Fred Thompson: some of his finest "words of wisdom" from Campaign 2008

Hillary's Proposal for Economic Stability and today's Fed Rate Cut

Heath Ledger Found Dead

Roe v. Wade: 35 Years

Red, White and Blue Tag Sale By MAUREEN DOWD

MLK & John McCain

TPM TV: War of Attrition

Real Time with Bill Maher - Caucus Me! segment #2 (1/18/08)

CNN Democratic Debate in South Carolina (watch the whole thing online!)

CNN SC Dem Debate: Hillary Clinton on her Dedication to Universal Health Care

War On Greed: Fight For The Dream

Ch-ch-change! One of the Best Videos of the Year!

John Lewis and Stephanie Tubbs applaud Hillarys Slumlord comments

The moment that put John Edwards back in the game

Flouride, Aspartame and other bad stuff


CNN SC Dem Debate: Edwards on What Matters

Photo Story Monday - Running Into Problems

Soldier, Marine die in separate Iraq attacks

Va. National Guard has chaplain shortage

Backtalk: Night watch

Wounded vets can get discount homes in Ariz.

Sailor faces trial in forgery, false medals

MH-53 twice as crash-prone as other copters

Corps involuntarily activates 870 IRR members

MarSOC officer recalls arrival in Afghanistan

Roadside bombs spike in first 2 weeks of year

No promotion tests on deployment

Suspected Shiite militia leader killed in raid

Terror case relies on ‘coded talk’

200 from Ellsworth wing headed to war zone

Editorial: Airmen need combatives

The tanker debate: Why bigger is better

Retired Air Force general brings fight to ALS

Editorial: Mystery voice on video muddles Navy’s message

A crisis, but not end of world

Great Lakes May Be As Damaged By Invasives From Hull Fouling As From Ballast Water

Military officials advise caution, education with caffeine and dietary supplement intake

DODDS schools to audit attendance records

U.S. raid south of Baghdad destroys 30 weapons caches

New Navy commander in Europe says change is ‘incremental’

3 soldiers thrown out of Army after ’06 incident

Navy using Internet, TV to update public on the trash situation in Italy

Seaman’s arrest prompts Sasebo to restrict sailors

Andersen holds containment drill

MRAP Sees First Iraq Death

5 Pakistani Troops Killed in Fort Raid

Report Due Out on Canada's Afghan Role

Pre-Emptive Nuke Strikes Weighed

Violence Flares in Iraq; Parliament Debates Stupid Flag Amendment

IVAW e-newsletter

Jan. 22 Update: VCS Releases New VA and DoD Fact Sheets

Opinion: ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy has failed

Anti-war veterans' group: War crimes are 'encouraged'

Melt Of Norwegian Glacier Produces Cathedral-Like Grotto Beneath It - AftenPosten

Unstoppable Disinformation Every 15 Minutes From Fred Singer - Grist

Safeway's trucking fleet shifts to biodiesel

ASPO-USA Bets CERA $10,000 That Oil Production Will Never Hit Total They Predict By 2017

TX A&M Professors - "20-Year-Olds Need To Know They're Going To Grow Up In A Warmer World"

Paul Watson: Hi-ho, me hearties, a buccaneering we will go

Situation critical as Queensland flood waters peak

Antarctic Weather Station Reports Atmospheric CO2 At New Record - 394 PPM - Reuters

As Maryland Coastal Protection Erodes, So Does Coastline It Was Meant To Protect - B.Sun

Fabled Vacationland on the Verge of Water Collapse

A strong environmental candidate needs your help in the DFA All Stars contest

Solution-mining project

Climate change 'greatest threat' to humanity today says Red Cross

Nepal students burn tyres to protest fuel hike

Higher Atmospheric CO2 May Leach Up To 15% Of Nutrients From Staple Grains

Blunt's Brother, Graves' Wife Tied To Ethanol Plant In Line For Below-Market Interest Rates - WP

Yellowstone Drought Produces Wide Range Of Effects On Forests, Wildlife - Billings Gazette

'Nonlinear' Ecosystem Response Points To Environmental Solutions

Recovery From Biggest Of All Extinction Events Took At Least 30 Million Years - AFP

New Push for Green Energy (in the UK Westcountry)

An Oil Giant's Green Dream (Abu Dhabi)

A Big Drop In Emissions Is Possible With Today's Technology

World wind energy market to grow in 08 -German VDMA

Is anybody here using pellet heat for their homes?

Hoku Scientific plans solar power plants (in Hawaii)

Solar power heats up with new Ontario projects

Groups see dim renewable energy future (unless tax credit extended)

British Entrepreneur Buys Snow-Starved Mid-Altitude Swiss Ski Resort For One Franc - NYT

French GHG Emissions Down 2.5% YOY In 2006, Aided By Warm Fall Weather - AFP

At Current Rate Of Reserve Destruction, Uganda Will Be Out Of Timber In 5-8 Years

Bonjour, London: the stunning success of Europe's rail star

Rich Nations' Environmental Footprints Tread Heavily On Poor Countries

The lowdown on dirt: It's disappearing (Disappearing dirt rivals global warming)

Russian scientist says Earth could soon face new Ice Age

Scientists Find High Levels Of Potentially Carcinogenic Flame Retardants In Tasmanian Devils

US censors Arctic scientists' findings as it prepares for oil and gas auction

I don't know what to do with my life, careerwise.

Whole Foods To Eliminate Plastic Bags In US, UK & Canadian Stores - ENN

Northwest looks to develop energy from volcanoes

Deal to boost security guards' pay (40% increase in overall salary and benefits)

NYT: Ads Use Logos of Washington Post to Skewer It

Goodyear Tire cited for safety violations

Wheeling-Pitt, USW in talks to save jobs

Reports: Yahoo! Inc. to Lay Off Hundreds

Today in labor history January 22

Today in labor history January 21

UPS Freight employees to join Teamsters

Audio of Wes Clark and Hillary in Reno, NV Jan 18


Clinton, Obama clash at debate

SC debate: Obama got called to the mat for voting "PRESENT"...

Best line tonight: Rezko/slum lord!!!! hahaha

CNN SC Dem Debate: Hillary Clinton on her Dedication to Universal Health Care


.Edwards challenged Obama after Clinton noted that Obama had voted "present" 130 times

Polls asking if vote for woman or Blacks:-)

Boos last night didn't convey that Hillary was bad, but that Obama's supporters are unruly

Obama, Wal-Mart and hypocrisy-- Michelle on board with Treehouse

Press memo: RE: About Last Night

Hillary's Proposal for Economic Stability and today's Fed Rate Cut

"Who likes Hillary & who doesn't" - monster Gallup poll

Hillary Campaign Video Hits Obama On Health Care

The Clintons come off as able to run winning campaigns in their sleep. Instills confidence for Nov.

Hillary Hater Makes Robo Calls in South Carolina

Obama trusts women to make prayerful decisions on a deeply moral issue such as abortion...

Obama: Hillary & Wal Mart - Bad! My Wife and Wal-Mart - Sweet!!

Obama surfaces in Rekzo's federal corruption case

GE Announces ($1 billion, 800 MW Wind) Turbine Sale (to Invenergy)

Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine

Where to post threads about the Democratic primaries. And how to HIDE those threads.

Where to post threads about the Democratic primaries. And how to HIDE those threads.

Where to post threads about the Democratic primaries. And how to HIDE those threads.


Sderot close to collapse

Calling Egypt to Account

Israel okays one-time delivery of fuel and medicine to Gaza

Israel concerned by push to give PA control of Gaza crossings

Gazan businesses, civil sociey reject bare minimum fuel deliveries

Hamas's Dupes

UN Security Council Opens Emergency Meet On Gaza

Top EU official: Gaza siege not a war crime

Arab editor blames Hamas for Gaza crisis

Mideast not funny? Four comics are working on it

IDF kills Hamas gunman in Gaza

Bolton: ‘Pressure’ Is On Israel To Strike Iran Because NIE Made U.S. Attack ‘Highly Unlikely’

Israeli Victory over Asthmatics, Newborns in Gaza

Israel jump-starts electric car market

Red Cross Warns of Gaza Crisis

Strong in numbers (Gideon Levy)

Rep. Barbara Lee speaks out on Gaza Crisis.

UN: Despite Israel's promises, West Bank barriers have increased

MIDEAST: No Rights, Little Mercy

Why Arabs suffer

Venezuelan troops go to Colombian border

Presidential candidates largely agree on Florida issues (all support embargo on Cuba)

Latin America Banks on Independence

Housing bubble song - refered from

Wachovia 4Q Earnings Plummet 98 Percent

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 01/18/2008

Mexico stock exchange suspends trading

Public Service Announcment: NYSE Circuit Breaker Levels and Actions

Recession or not, pain widespread

Worst finance crisis since WW2 - Soros

THE BEAR'S LAIR - The Snare of Stimulus

Fed Hacks Rates; 1st time between meetings since 9/11

Got any suggestions?

Drunk In A Bankrupt World

Ok folks the day of reckoning might be here

How low will the market go? (1/22/08 POLL)

3 in Cameroon jailed for being gay.

Indiana Anti-Gay Amendment Unlikely To Advance

Argentine Gay Couple Skirt Law Banning Gay Marriage To Wed

Military ouster of gays plunges

Widespread Support For Gay Marriage In Sweden

Study: 14% Of Teens Gay Or Questioning

Documentary On Dying Lesbian Cop Nominated For Oscar

Washington State Lawmakers Propose Sweeping Expansion Of Domestic Partner Law

Teen Swimmers Upset After Pictures Appear In Gay Adult Sites

Goodbye Heath.

Hurry up and let us discriminate, Governor (D!) tells courts

Anglican Clergy Told To Declare Loyalty In Rift Over Gays

hell bent on Loosing the GE.


FISA petition link in case you missed it- they MIGHT vote TOMORROW!

Campaign Money Map (Hey, V.I. -- check out Oregon)

Holy crap! Are you guys watching the debate?

Am I reading this right? All of the sudden the bankruptcy bill was okay?

The caucuses have to go

Is it okay to get a Fred08 mug yet?

I Simply Can't...

Geez, Heath Ledger died

This is PATHETIC --

This Is What I Wrote To Biden Today

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles - The Era of Peace

Did any of you watch the Dem debate tonight? See the Clinton/Obama

Angelic Messenger Cards

Alllllll right what the heck is with this full moon?

Unusual story - Is there fate?

stellascope # ?

Kucinich Campaign Weekly Update 1-21-08

A Rare View of Hillary, with Face Reading

Wow! Did anyone at all predict Heath Leger?

Is anyone here aware of Dr. Emoto's studies into the effects of thought upon water?

Clinton-Obama barbs dominate South Carolina debate

CNN analyst Bill Schneider: Post-South Carolina debate analysis

Packers-Giants TV ratings highest in 12 years

20 years ago, the NFC Championship game was correctly predicted.

Prediction--the Giants will win the Super Bowl!!!

Damn!!! Marino just blew by Montana in Cboy's best QB poll.

Brady wearing a walking cast on his foot

Huh? Fassel meets with Snyder again to talk opening

53 for 85 (62.4%), 602 yards, 7.1 YPA, 4 TD, 0 INT, 99.2 passer rating

Who would you say is the absolute best QB in the past 20 yrs?

Warning! Tennis spoiler...

One Strain Behind Epidemic of Staph Infections

Study shows link between caffeine and miscarriage

Caffeine May Lower Ovarian Cancer Risk

Getting in Shape Reduces Death Risk

Saline Nasal Wash Helps Kids Fight Colds, Flu

Political Animals (Yes, Animals)

substituting cream cheese for sour cream - when can you do it

Are physics experiments a temporary phase in the history of science?

cream of mushroom soup with wild rice tonight

Archbishop Rips Coach On Support for Abortion Rights & Stem Cell Research

Old Fashion Banana Pudding...Who Doesn't Love It *pic*

The BEST dinner ever, and you can cook it, too:

On Christianity, justice, and regret

Malaysian & south Southeast Asian food

I FINALLY got my calendar as well

This shooting birds thing ain't as easy

An old photo I dug up....


great photo thread here:

On the subject of old photos.

How To Stay Warm

World's first merchant ship powered by a giant kite to set sail for Venezuela

Cooper's Hawk and Red Tailed Hawk

House of Reps: "The Electronic Voting Machines Are Not Working"

Delete dupe

Bradblog resumes NH updating with long blog.

NH: 7.5% Vote Count Discrepancy Found During "Recount" in Nashua, Ward 5

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Tuesday 01/22/08

Democratic Party PROUD of new Internet Voting Program for Overseas voters....

I'm gonna make chocolate chip cookies today with out the chips

Ward 4 Nashua also has some pretty cheesy numbers in the NH recount

Non-Business FFL?

What was the founding father's intent for militias?

Hey? How’s the recount going that Dennis Kucinich wanted in New Hampshire? Uh oh…

ACLU Files Suit to Stop Paper Ballots Hand Counted (Will also stop new Holt bill in OH)

Grossman met with 9/11 financier Mahmoud Ahmed on 9/10/01.

Well It's Condiment Night

Dinner Honoring Linda Chavez-Thompson - 2/1/08 San Antonio

Georgetown sued over protest ordinance

JK's "alleged challenger" in Arlington tomorrow, Jan 23

John Kerry this extremely stupid poll.

Refutations wanted here...

Davos webcast this week

1/28 Speaker on "Whose Oil is it Anyway?"

Crime statistics for concealed carry permit holders?

The Official Conspiracy Theory Takes On WTC-7

I have downloaded this and made a boot cd using my xp home cd

I need a little advice on "cut & paste", I know this sounds weird,

Fact Checking the South Carolina Debate

Clintons Ask For Free Pass To Lie About Obama

Fact check from NYT on the Reagan comments

Some letters of complaints about the Nevada caucus.

South Carolina's biggest newspaper endorses Obama

I Think Mrs. Obama should offer to debate Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Clinton

I'm thinking of vacationing in Quebec City this summer. Any advice?

KOEB Meeting 1/21/08 MLK Day Edition

DU seems to have broken for a bit tonight....

i;ve been away....delete

Rummy is at Stanford ? anyone protesting him

France chided over gay adoption

Letterman's Top Ten List Last Night

Help send new Democrats to Congress from Wisconsin!!

I can't believe how sparkly the snow is!

"What does Suri Cruise watch?"

Los Angeles Times Editor Fires Parting Shot at Tribune Company

Chris & Keith: It's Electric; MSNBC pundits set the Internet aflame

The Rescue I work with now has a video on YouTube

I'm not normally one for coarse language...

DU Kitten Onyx makes the Daily Kitten