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Archives: January 23, 2008

Dudes! We got ourselves a gen-yoo-wine FACE READER in the hizzy!

I got my Mercer bumper sticker (All-Three!) !!11!

Scrolling race!!!

What Is Life

Whatever happened to Calvin & Hobbes?

Can somebody please help me with this FACE READING?!

How Many Is A Brazilion

To everyone

Animation: Baby boomers

What Is Life

Love is ...

I is going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight...w00t!

Race Card

Black Uhuru - Sponji Reggae & Sinsemillia

Survived first day at work!

"The Mark Of The Beast Is On The President!" Bull in the Pen - Black Uhuru

Where I live ...

To go along with Parche's thought provoking "life" post.

Jesus, smart women are sexy. (Or is it just me?)

So I asked Mr. Writer to take a picture of my toes...

Any East Coasters Still Up?

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (01/22/08)

Why Cant I Have You

Mad Professor Reggae Dub

Dub Syndicate - Higher Than High (A Tribute To Mr.Spock)

Heath Ledger's father speaks

What Is The Hardest/Sadest Thing You Had To Do

I tried to kill myself

I have 3 storage cabinets to put together tonight, it won't take about 1 hour if I get busy.

Whoops...I passed 25K posts....8 posts ago...

What the hell is Zonk?

15,000 posts!

podcast feeds

Got an email from AAR station KPTK in Seattle regarding anti-abortion ad:

OK, who wants head?

Anyone want an official IDOL thread??? Post here!!!!

I find hilarious and wonderful that Family Guy got Ricardo Montalban to play a cow

Best DU poll ever

Don't judge too quickly!

LCD owners - dumb question

Best post Evah!!1!!

I'm kind of glad that THIS kind of ridiculous crap is now isolated to ONE forum:

Here's to hoping the liberal freethinkers take the Oscars.

Why the hell do they have to mention that Heath Ledger was naked when he was found?

I was looking at her eyes

I was somewhat of a hooligan

So what's your favorite Oingo Boingo song?

The real reason the SS Minnow shipwrecked

Who knew libraries could be so funny...

21-87 = 1138

Everybody say goodbye to LynneSin. I expect EarlG to give her teh granite any second.

The continuing adventures of the lamest dude ever--OH NOOOOOO!

More improvements needed in the new GDP

My day always starts off GREAT!

zOMG! Bill O'Reilly has a cat!

Why is System of a Down so obsessed with pie?

Mike Tyson! Long live the King!

I might have to take a break from here.

Life on Mars Finale: What did you think?

Five Guys rock my world.

Damn, this guy has a BIG cock (PIC)!

DU's like a great big carnival where the freakshow's in the Audience

I Will Follow You If You Follow Me

Who Has Who On Ignore?

After this post I have 500 more till I hit 10K

Have you even gone back and looked at something you wrote a while back and asked...

Name one thing you did today to make life worse

Quick! Nobody post in Parche's thread!

Bette Midler or Andrews Sisters?

I may have to leave you fuckers on your own for a bit

Gus Van Sant is making a biopic of Harvey Milk, Sean Penn in the lead role.

First day at the new job


From the science forum:World's first merchant ship powered by a giant kite to set sail for Venezuela

Oh BOY! I got 500 gallons of Sh*t and a one gallon bucket!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/22/08

It is illegal for a woman to drive a car up Main Street, in Waynesboro VA,

Oh lordy - live one in GD (re abortion)

Caption this photo

I want to thank MonkeyFunk for the threads about Heath Ledger...

Who Has Seen The Movie Broke Back Mountain

Who here was affected emotionally by news of Heath Ledger's death?

Puzzle games on PS2

Someone in my Aikido class dissed American Idol tonight

Top 10 Drunk American Writers

this and only this should matter in the Heath Ledger threads

Radio Lady Asks: What ever happened to "The Little Prince," (Steven Warner)?

Brokeback Mountain meant a lot to people like me....

Ok... 1000th Post

One of those "OMG!" moments, with a dolphin...

Prozac, anyone?

List your internal combustion driven inventory. here's mine:

Name one thing you did today to make life better,

Amazing animal photo taken by our neighbor

I'm thinking that John Edwards is the only candidate running who can unite the party

Our pain is their gain - Credit turmoil set to benefit big banks

Which Republican candidate most makes you feel the need for a shower?

DU This Poll Re: Candidates/Economy

If money spent in Iraq...

Letterman Runs Hands Through JRE's Hair

Candidate: Elect me and I won't serve

William Grieder - Deflation

Oops! Huckster's Out of Money ----->>>

You know who scares the utter crap out of me?

"Tuvalu struggles to hold back tide"

Hey! Ohio Has Progressive Radio Again!

Republicans Using Overturning Roe for Fundraising Pitch

My gov. says that my state is better AND more prosperous than your state

Are we on the left a movement ....... or are we ........

Watching Hardball. Rushbo says a McCain nomination will destroy the Republican party.

How would Chris Matthews sound if he talked to men like he talks to women?

What the hell's the matter with you?

What's the use? Are you kidding me!!! What's the use in fighting for justice?

George Stephanopholus

Why most democrats avoid Billo, instead of covering news he did a story about a guy who

Using nuclear weps to stop nuclear proliferation..

"We've been looking at our schedule, Fred, and America doesn't think it has time for you."

Why don't young people vote?

Did I hear this right, Laura from AIr America

If you've not seen this website yet you should - Iraq: the Human Cost

That was too good - a toddler watching KO

Keeping Up the FISA Fight: Just Say "No" to Immunity

Do you think any of these 3rd party candidacies will go anywhere?

Study: False statements preceded war

Thousands gather to say good-bye to Hillary!

Anyone Here Who Desires to Vote for Edwards in Their Primary

Damn, I'm glad that Limbaugh and Hannity have 10x the listeners that DU has posters!

Senate passes 'revised' defense bill, authorizes pay raise for troops

Glass houses: Clinton and offshore accounts from Bloomberg news

Wall Street Journal: Food & energy LESS of impact on consumer budget then in 70s

Wondering Why There Is So Little Migrant Labor Here

"Abortion is murder"

If there is no crime in someone's death, what right does the media think we or they

This takes the cake

Consumers pull back as economy weakens

Watching C-Span little while ago w/the Republicans in the House talking about abortion

This is AWESOME!!!

"Obama repeatedly poaching John Edward's themes, language, and even jokes"

Fewer people move to Fla.

'Growing Up OnLine' - on PBS Frontline tonight -

Schultz: "Bill Clinton is the new Karl Rove"

79% have favorable opinion of Dr. Martin Luther King

Great day in Kansas City today

Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years in the UK

The risk of more garbage just went from yellow to orange. WGA and studios to meet tomorrow

I am an Edwards supporter. Gore...

Study: False statements preceded war

Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28

Firefighters Work To Sink Giuliani Campaign

All new government homes being given to the handicapped ....

Abortion polls: Majority either against it or want "stricter limits"

Peter King (R-Insane) just called R9u1d1y a 'trial lawyer'

I got 3--count 'em, THREE Google Hits for "Rob is a Dingbat"!!

DU Lou Dobbs' Poll tonight..who is most qualified...

Latest faking news #3: Judge in Guliani birthday case will decide by tomorrow

Pentagon Explores 'Human Fear' Chemicals; Scare-Sensors, 'Contagious' Stress in the Works?

Maybe everything has gone as intended

The war in Iraq is not the number one issue and never was. Not in '06 and not today.

PHOTOS: Everybody is a Star.

In Private, Bernanke Tells Horror Stories

Why do Rush, Glen Beck et al hate McCain so much?

What is homophobia? Can it be cured?

Lyndon B. Johnson: "A Nationwide War On The Sources of Poverty"

21 years ago today - Bud Dwyer. Anyone remember him and what did?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Gold fever is sweeping Arizona.

I'm guessing the price of oil will be down to $75 within 2 weeks.

Construction Of MLK Memorial Outsourced To China

In the piece linked below, the author states that...

Center for Public Integrity/NSS Study: False statements preceded war

America will soon seem like fond Hollywood memory

Dems Furious At Narrative Of Reagan's "Golden Age" & What It Has Done To The Nation (Robert Parry)

so i watched CNBC today

AL GORE speaks out on gay rights, in favor of same-sex marriage

For Heath fans:

Big new Walgreen store being built here -seems a little weird to me because

Were you aware that 64% of new AIDS cases are African American women?

GOP Dirty Little Secret Returns . . . RECESSION--!!! DEEP RECESSION--!!!

Poll and my 1000th post: Muffin Distribution

A mildly funny smackdown of W.

Do you believe gay marriage is a moral or religious issue?

Florida having problems: Unholy Sacred Ibises and frozen Iguanas.

citizenship proof in applying for driver's license

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds spills her secrets (The American Conservative)


Study: False Statements Preceded War

Holy crap! Anonymous is opening a can of whip-ass on the Church of Scientology!

Boston Legal: Shore trying to get court to force an abortion!

Humph....Imagine that! Asian Markets are trading higher tonight and NO ONE IS PANICKING!!!!!!

How Will Ron Paul's Libertarian Fans View His Big Anti-Abortion Endorsement?

Question. Please read. If you know the answer, please answer. : o)

The more "shallow politics" they feed me, the more I think "deep politics" is worth considering

*** Tuesday TOONs: Stimulus ***

Obama rips, slams, blasts, Clinton

Remember folks, the winner of the popular vote may not win the most delegates on Feb. 5

Why did Hillary feel a need to attack Obama when he pointed out that

Hillary vs Obama on the issue of gay marriage

Clinton's position on single-payer is same as Obama's:

It's a shame that Edwards doesn't get any support @ DU

Did Senator Obama say he was for single payer health care? Video reveals all.

Imagine Ali vs. Frazier 3, the Thrilla in Manila

Clinton TV surrogates are mostly frickin Morons

Clinton, Obama Come to Blows; Edwards Wins

Any update on the Tom Donahue, Chamber of Commerce attack on populace movement?

Huckabee is having money troubles (some top aides forgoing paychecks, others have left)

OK Edwards folks and other anti-Clinton, anti-Obama folks.

Stephanie Tubbs Jones' ass-kicking of Schmucker up on Media Matters

Is Hillary the BEST We Can Hope For? Is "Clintonomics Better than Bush War-o-Nomics? "

Didn't people get very irate when Bill Clinton used the term "Swiftboating"?

United Farm Workers endorse Hillary Clinton 1/22/08

Does anyone have the picture of Edwards in front of the MLK mural, or know where it is?

Fuck Larry Sinclair's bullshit story, and fuck anyone who posts it!

Well, DU Has Officially Gone Insane

John Kerry: "These attacks smear Barack's Christian faith and deep patriotism..."

Did I Really Just See Someone Post a " The Clintons Murdered Vince Foster" Video Here?

Hillary will give us dental coverage...Obama and Edwards: "no comments"

I would vote for Hillary if...

SLUDGE hasn't posted the Larry Sincliar video yet. Why not?

To support Hillary Clinton, a person must believe:

Watching people pretend that Bill Clinton is just another spouse

You got rid of a candidate that is a foreign relations expert, a candidate that is an expert on the

Why is the reflex response to an attack on Obama

If Obama wins the nomination, Do you think Bill should offer to Campaign for Obama?

No Questions On Global Warming Asked...

Clinton: Obama too liberal

The Candidates on Change, Tactics and Unity (quick comparison)

Obama's SC campaign sets up 'Truth Squad' to counter criticism

Maine senator up for reelection runs afoul of PFAW (Susan Collins)

John Edwards and HRC hold long meeting with each other after debate

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/22/08 - Clinton up 1, Obama and Edwards down 1

Hillary toon

Predicting reactions to the SC results...

Oh No, Larry O'Donnell on Abrams show

Dan Abrams Analyzing Clinton-Obama Flap, Who's Being Accurate?

race card redux.

I am officially disgusted by GD: P right now...

Obama's resume hasn't grown into his rhetoric. That's why he's losing.

do americans turn off americans from politics?

Roseanne Barr SLAMS Oprah and Obama..

"The republican party is the party of ideas"

Must Read via Rolling Stone: ABC's Jake Tapper: Clintons Putting Words in Obama's Mouth.

How Badly is Clinton Beating Obama On Delegates?

Did Senator Obama say he was for single payer health care?

Pat Buchannan the New Hillary Clinton Shill???

Is the DU behavior just as bad now or even worse in '04?


Open Challenge to Olbermann on Edwards Coverage(as in NONE!)

John Edwards: President VP: Wes Clark Hillary: Majority Leader

Krugman: Debunking the Reagan myth.

3,931 reasons I cannot support Edwards or Clinton

Obama Wrong About D.N.C. Claim

Obama Present Votes

So now that Thompson is gone, and the HRC/Obama "lovefest"

Chi Mag: Obama helped deliver State of IL to Bill Clinton in 1992, heading Chicago's Project Vote!

Obama/Clinton feeling ignored - slighted? GMAFB

If neither Clinton nor Obama secure the nomination by Denver what do you think will be the outcome?

South Carolina's largest newspaper: Edwards is an angry political opportunist

Dam, check out this clip from the debates! Hillary and Obama getting into it!

Is America ready for a Black President? Or a female one?

If Obama Wins SC Saturday - Who Else Will Come Out And Endorse Him.......

Obama's losing the plot over Bill Clinton

If you Google "hillary clinton is a republican" you get 961,000 hits

Why isn't the media calling Obama on his wife's RECENT connections with Walmart?

BBC World News America pissed me off today...

By way of contrast, Googling "john edwards is a republican" only got TWO hits!!!!!

Why rural voters broke for Obama

Has Bill Clinton's statements about Obama changed your "approval" of him?

Obama: Muslims “Would View America Differently” If He’s Elected

White men cant jump! No Habla Espanol for Hillary

Arizona Poll: 45% Clinton 24% Obama 9% Edwards

CNN sets debate criteria 1% above Kucinich’s latest poll results

Bloomberg and the DLC

"The State", Largest Paper in SC, Gives Obama ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Endorsement: (must-read)

In your Face Hillary :"He's Transformative And Restorative": New York Observer Endorses Obama

Senator Titus wants to stop caucuses (Nevada Senator & Clinton campaign co-chair)

Quick...Lou Dobbs poll, still time to vote

Email from John Kerry defending Obama.

Theres one thing Ive learned through this primary season.

Whoever started this Google hit war is an idiot n/t.

Michelle Obama resigns Board of Directors TreeHouse-largest customer Wal mart

Can we try not to diminish some of the great things BC did JUST

I want the Democratic Nominee to win the General Election, but I have a 'bad feeling' about...

Edwards wins Lou Dobbs Poll for who will be the best President on Leadership and the Economy

Letterman steals my Obama Joke

So If Clinton Thinks Her Vote For War Was OK...

Is Bill Clinton Getting in Obama's Head?: Testy Exchange with Reporter

So Who Won the Republican Louisiana Caucuses?

So umm who is going to watch the The Daily show tonight

ET and CT: Letterman is starting in a few minutes

Bill Clinton’s Strategic Emotion

"Hope will not be televised": Obama's Youtube sensation

The failure of Obama's racially transcending campaign will be traced to the MLK -LBJ story

For those who say Edwards' MESSAGE doesn't resonate...

Want to release some primary election stress - PLAY THIS GAME!

I apologize for a recent locked post

Obama Audience Gets “Fired Up” (VIDEO)

I am having a craving

The Thunder is Sounding! Barack Obama's Coming Huge Landslide in South Carolina!

Hillary was right again. Obama did the bidding of insurance companies, lobbyists in Illinois

The Stark Differences Between Obama and Edwards on Trade. Great Diary!

I am an Edwards supporter. Gore...

Obama Was Hit Last Night For Voting Present 130 Times As A Senator In Illinois. Are There Any .....

Last night's Clinton/Obama food fight was a disgraceful embarrassment

How can a Presidential candidate bring change if he is so easily thrown off message?

Why the hell would Hillary vote to label the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group?

Obama, Clinton BOTH causing Europeans anxiety:"Obama may find he committed the more expensive error"

Let's get down to it: can Obama make up double digit deficits in CA et al between 1/26 and 2/5?

OUCH: Florida Poll: Clinton 59% Obama 21% Edwards 14%

I just watched KO with the clips of Clinton and Obama going after each other and...

Mr. Olberman, I BOW to you! You are "Master of Your Domain"!

Edwards running an unsuccessful campaign is not due to the media

Reid dismissive of Kucinich (audio link included here)

Glass houses: Clinton and offshore accounts from Bloomberg news

How many votes did HRC miss while in the Senate?

Here is somthing to consider. . .while it will be spun that Barack may win SC because of the Black

Should Obama leave South Carolina for a day or two?

"Obama's team made a very shrewd move, and ended up far outmaneuvering the Clinton campaign"

Obama pulling ahead in SC, now 44 to 28.

did Hillary Obama battle last night help Edwards?

If Edwards wants to be a leader, he can't complain about limited media coverage

How many times will John Edwards apologize?

So What is the Official Status With Regards to Delegates & the Florida Primary?

Hillary meets Edwards behind closed doors in his green room after debate

United Farm Workers Endorse Hillary Clinton - Official

Hillary's strategy: Either I get the nom, or we ALL go down in flames

Obama campaign: Senator John Kerry just sent out this email...

Fixing the Presidential Primaries

Obama praises Reagan but considers Paul Wellstone a "gadfly"? Involved in anti-populist Rubin group?

Edwards statement on the Privatization of Iraq Oil...

Congrats to Senator Clinton on the United Farm Workers Union endorsement!

Speaking for six South Carolina voters (of which I am one)

For supporters of all Dem candidates.

So what's with the constant overtly sexist references to Senator Clinton?

Hillary just SLAPPED South Carolinians on their face,

Paul Wellstone was the antithesis of the Clintons,

Rasmussen: Hillary opens up 11 point national lead

Wouldn't it be fun to sneak a peek at Rudy Giuliani's internal polls in Florida?

Politics of fear -- on a financial level?

The Trust Issue: Hillary's Achilles Heel

Obama has rattled the Clinton machine, throwing even Bill Clinton for a loop

Kos Diary: Barack Obama and the 50 State Strategy

I Absolutely Can't Stand Hillary !

One thing Clinton camp should not do is spin an SC Loss as simply an AA vote

Only John Edwards Can Beat McCain by Dave "Mudcat" Saunders

The debate attacks were equally bad in 2004. There just was not a president involved

I Absolutely Can't Stand Edwards

Alpha & Omega Show Me a Purpose. Bim Sherman Free Marijuana

Do You Have Friends/Relatives/Loved Ones With Really, Really Bad Taste In Movies?

I'm going back to my safe, easy world now, DU

Kay, dudes. I leave you with a happy, if not dufussy ad.

Check in here if you have ever attempted suicide.

Do you feel that masturbation is a moral issue?

DU sushi aficionados; explain UNI to me

We have added three Terrapins to the family

Colbert showed a funny picture of Mitt Romney

Where is the ad with Romneys kids made from clips off his

I have learned so much in my short time on DU, I want to write a thank you note...

Hug Post

My daughter is selling Girl Scout Cookies which means I will be eating

I Love Herb Alpert

I Absolutely Can't Stand Lee Mercer

BOOGIEGASM! Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Jerry Lee Lewis in a PIANO JAM!

Don't laugh. It COULD happen.

A great protest song by Steppenwolf (Monster, w/lyrics)

GWB collectors edition yard gnome!

oh god, I just put on Brokeback Mountain...

FUCK - Phelps is going to picket Heath Ledger's funeral.

"Peace In Our Time'- Elvis Costello

OK, enough of this "suicide" nonsense. Just enough.

Looks like Phelps and his gang will protest Ledger's funeral

We've got to strengthen our knees..

I was going to say "good morning"


Now for something completely different - a classic.

(comes up gasping for air)

My hero.

I finally realized how I can connect to all this

I just got my skiing clothes delivered


I need an off switch

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/23/2008)

Poll question: Do you feel that mushrooms is a morel issue?

I enjoyed a Mexican Joke yesterday

Photos: Restaurant review of Pho restaurant featuring main ingredient of "pure fat"

So I was at Olive Garden enjoying a cigar, teaching my kid about the dating by singing Meatloaf's...

Have you ever attended a dog & pony show featuring ACTUAL dogs AND ponies?

I have a disgustingly bad taste in my mouth after last night's fiasco in GD

Virginian DUers please check in - want to make sure everyone is safe & ok

Two-snouted, three-eyed piglet born in China

Favorite Heath Ledger role!


Red Sox To Wear Ad On Uniforms In Japan

Rapture Index 165 and yet no mysterious bodies floating towards heaven yet!

Who do you think has the worst breath?

Jerry O'Connell to Tom Cruise: Scientology's Hilarious

Lois Nettleton died

Kathleen TURNER blasts CAGE & REYNOLDS - good for her!1

Do you feel that mastication is an oral issue?

Are contributions to Edwards' campaign tax deductible? I am serious. nt

Well, I was going to get Spicy Tuna Roll for lunch today......

Meet my neighbors --

This is a non-contentious thread.

What do you believe? Take the test!!!

Will clorox whiten your teeth? nt

Could somebody please 'splain me something?


Kick and Recommend, Kick and Recommend...

I went hiking!!!

Instead of killing ourselves... Let's Dance!

got a rotten neighbor?

I spent an embarrassing amount of time this morning dancing to

So as you guys know I have been collecting the checks for Thom

American Idol viewers - ever laugh at one of the rejected contestants...

I'm contemplating putting bumperstickers for ALL the candidates

National Friendship Week

Missing cat found in owner's suitcase

As much as I think you all suck

A deep question

Mortgages, credit ratings, and a rant

How do you feel about loud eaters?

Why doesn't Congress just pass a law against recessions?


Have you ever met a person from another English-speaking country, and you couldn't understand

You do not attempt or commit suicide without being seriously ill in your mind at the time

Man, I've been doin' it wrong all this time!!

What dies it mean when the internet techie says my high speed signal is

I saw Matewan for the first time last night.

Smokers, do you give cigarettes to people who ask for them on the street?

My wife thinks I made her look like an idiot

Best Buy pushes Heath Ledger DVDs: "Remember a great actor through his great performances"

post an old time TV show intro

Anyone have Apple stock? Have you seen its price today?

I want to be invited to Midlo's Bunko night!

A song

Remember all those Olive Garden vs. Breast Feeding polls

For those that did Zornhau's logic puzzle....

I Just Started Using The Commit Stop-Smoking Lozenges

Howard Beale for Pres

As long as this song moves you....

The Purpose Of Life

I love herb

why all this suicide threads today?

For those who don't know, I Have A Dream is the nicest DU'er ever!

did you bust the fat shoe laces in your shell toe Adidas back in the day?

DU Group Bunko Night At Midlo's

I considered posting in the bigger, badder GDP...

Blah - I'll see you later.

Can we have a discussion about pretrerist DUers and their pretrerism?

As I've matured.

Why is it that the cute ones die young?

Some odd and amazing coincidences

Anyone here using Opera Browser? If so how do you like it vs Firefox? Thanks. n/t

"My Mom loves us very much; that's why she doesn't step on our heads."

Any Death Cab for Cutie fans in here ?

I think I have GD, it burns when I post there.

New Lebanese retaurant in town woot!

Damn I was going to use *'s 800.00 to invest in Marijuana

Gumby afficionados, I need your help!

Oh man I've got mercer bumps all over my


I will now post a picture that will frighten the living bejesus out of all of you!!

Electric Snake Hotwire Hookup: 90's Grunge Band or Time Machine?

I'm NOT bullish on Pampas Grass....

Gumbo afficionados, I need your help!

Who is Lee L. Mercer Jr.?

I actually used the phrase "violence inherent in the system"

Okay this is weird. I just got someone else's thread in My DU...

we havn't had a tollbooth picture thread in a while


Walmart Greeters Unite

Would any woman be interested in a man

This Video Has Over One Million Hits On YouTube

someones feeling generous lame54

How Many Tollbooths Does Delaware Really Have?

The Coquihalla was supposed to get rid of the toolboths but didn't

There's a toolbooth in the intro to "teh Sopranos"

How awesome is my wife! I just got a bucket of delicious cookies delivered to me at work

Ladies and Gentlemen...Buddy Holly

Texas candidate: Elect me and I won’t serve

How Big is Your Tollbooth Thingie?

Teh 401 used to have toolbooths but now it's paid for and they don't

C'mon people! Turn that frown upsidedown!

Prove LynneSin Wrong, Post In This Thread!!!!!

Post from your recent emails

Anyone ever perforate an ear drum?

BREAKING: Digitally enhanced billboard photo offers new clues to tollbooth slaying

It just occurred to me, Scientology is the AMWAY of religions. nt

Why isn't there "Terminal Mental illness"

They have a toolbooth geographic layer for Massachusets

I was just given a gold star

Can we please back off on the tollbooth issue just a little?

I have found the definitive lounge website-

Surgery Was Succesful...

I hate it when my gut feeling is right...

I hate it when my gut's feeling tight.

Check out this website Ask A republican, it is fake I think.

I have never been through a tollbooth.

I think the mice are back. Trying to get into my metal lined drawer.

I think the lice are back. Trying to get into my metal lined drawers.

where will you be spending your $800

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Delaware Tollhouse Cookie thingie

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Delaware Tollbooth Nookie thingie

I know someone who works in a tollbooth.

I think I have a concussion... OUCH

Goth who insisted fiancee eat at Olive Garden is thrown under bus "for being a dog"

Hawai'i: Tollbooths? Never had 'em. Never will.

I guess I'll have to skip the SAG Awards.

Last night I watched 'Theres something about Mary' ...and..

Is "clusterfuck" one word or two?


It's POURING here!

I hate it when my gut feeling is right...

Male DU'ers: if you married a woman, how would you feel about her keeping her virginity?

It's raining, it's pouring...

Anyone ever create their family tree digitally / online?

Good Evening Lounge.....

All my joints ache. May be coming down with something.

What color do you call a cat like this one?

It's Happy Hour and the bar is open!! - Pick your poison!

I have been watching Elmer Gantry on cable, never really watched the whole movie before.

Check In Here If You Despise American Idol

I got laid in a tollbooth once

What was the most rewarding , from a personal best point of view thing you have done??

What's the best, most fun thing you've ever done?

About suicide...

If You Were going to LynneSin's House, how many Tollbooths Would you go thru?

Windchill advisory tonight: -25° to -35°

Kitty sneaks into suitcase, survives trip from FL to DFW airport--PICTURE ADDED

the leash couple were just interviewed on TV!

Just won my first case.

Another mental illness discussion.

Great Tom Cruise Parody

What manual-labor jobs have you done?

I would love nothing more than to host a DU party at my house this spring

Du car people: help a sista out

And now a word from our sponsor:

Know anyone who's smart - say, IQ wise - but would be clueless if a bucket brigade were forming?

Missing cat found in Luggage

MSNBC's coverage of Heath Ledger's death is making me ill...

Do vegans eat honey?

My favorite "News Babe"

My vet completely screwed up the cremation of my beloved Buddah

I need a picture thread:----- Please post your own!

Male DU'ers: if you married a woman, how would you feel about her keeping her last name?

Those 'male enhancement' ads on tv are useless

You fucking village idiots need to get over the Delaware Tollbooth thingie

Have You Joined John Edwards' Site, Voted for Blogs, Started a Diary?

Could Edwards do this?....Wow, what a campaign jolt this would be.

How miserable can dentistry get? I just have to rant... this is contemplation under painkillers

I absolutely CANNOT stand

Found in Family Dollar store: "A Convenient Spy: Wen Ho Lee and the Politics of Nuclear Espionage"

January 22, 1879

Bush is as competent as a dyslexic juggler..

Gov't Study Shows Millions of Two-Year Olds Exposed To Dangerous Levels of Rocket Fuel Through Food

More racism from Farmers Branch, TX

Oliver Stone... DON'T DO THIS!

Rice slams U.S. envoy’s North Korea criticism

On boycotts and MLK


KO introduced Rachel Maddow as "MSNBC Political Analyst"

What a relief.

economy and rebates - or tying Dems up in knots

Former top brass call for first-strike nuke option

Buzzflash Wings Of Justice Award Winner Sibel Edmonds!

Bush's state of the union is coming - what are some good drinking games?

Ambac, MBIA woes could spark more bank losses

I thought Symbolman was going to follow John Edwards

Israel Eyes Thinking Machines to Fight 'Doomsday' Missile Strikes

Where's the remote? Please Tase Him, Bro

When asked, while leaving court, what he meant by that, Culver would only say, "Psalm 31."

Robots with guns, throwable cameras, at Homeland Security Conference

The 935 Lies about the War is on NPR is on RIGHT NOW

Awwww, Rush has a new girlfriend

935 lies on the wall, 935 lies...

Death sentence for reporter in occupied Afghanistan - Let freedom reign!

How did you Find out About DU?

The First Black President will be Republican??

Edwards on O'Reilly: "Most of what he says is Crap."

That criminal dirtbag D'Amato has endorsed McCain...

Judge: NYC Can't Use Secret Arguments

Anyone hear the GOP news analysts on the morning news shows whining about the EU not cutting rates?

6 PICTURES from the Gaza/Egyptian border-TODAY

What Will Pelosi's Reaction Be to the 935 Lies Told by the Bush** Administration?

Firefighter: Giuliani 'ran like a coward on 9/11'

Marjorie Cohn: One Step Closer to a Cheney Impeachment

Were you aware who Mitt Romney's spokesperson is?

know how to get Waxman's 10 AM hearing live?

Independent UK: Mobile phone radiation wrecks your sleep

== Are you Tom Cruise crazy? = By Mark Morford

Democratic leaders look pretty easy nuzzling up to Bush on a 'stimulus' package, so willing . . .

Bankrutpcy Law causes increased mortgage foreclosures

CBO Sees $250 Million Deficit

Army growth plans may exceed cost estimate - plans to grow army by 75k more troops

David Swanson Interviewing Rep. Robert Wexler About Impeachment Today (Wednesday) 3:15-3:45 p.m. ET

Rudy: I Might Not Even Have To Win Florida

Traitor Joe to head McCain's 'leadership team' in Conn. with republican Rep. Chris Shay

Is the Military Defending the U.S. by Poisoning Children?

Why is impeachment important? Congressman Wexler continues fight for impeachment

Hillary Clinton Supports Out-Of-State Indian Nation Casinos, Obama Opposed to Expansion of Gambling

Video confirms ABC is lying about Obama as "heated"

self delete dup

THIS is NOT Christian. THIS is immoral.

Study: False statements preceded war

Kick and Recommend, Kick and Recommend...

Your Military $ At Work: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base opens gates for 'Ghost Hunters'

Musharraf: Pakistan isn't hunting Osama

Bush Reaches Economic Dead End

Contempt Citations on hold. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Active DU member unclear about anonymous donor

How far should government go in bailing out the banks?

I found a car still made in the USA

Congo Conflict Causes 45,000 Deaths per Month

How can Fred Phelps afford to protest everybody within his church?

“Most Serious Financial Crisis Since Great Depression”:"“ Result of Right-Wing Ideology..."

Iraq: The War Card --the neocons creation of a 'new reality' coming back to bite them in the butt!


WH: Liability Protection Is Critical To The Ongoing Effort To Protect The Nation From Another Attack

US lowers standards for Iraqi success

Poor still suffering from last recession

Alright, who did it? - WHO THE HELL DID IT?

Why is impeachment important? Congressman Wexler continues fight for impeachment

FISA Debate Lookin' Good for The Telecoms?

Edwards ad: "What's happened to the Democratic Party? Whatever happened to the party of the people?"


Bush Blogs?

Are you rooting for McCain to win the Republican nomination?

Save a tree with the Phelps Edition of the Bible

As superheroes go, the Fed looks pretty weak

What is the procedural mechanism for electing a new majority/minority leader?

Dems to Mukasey: NOW Can You Tell Us if Waterboading Is Torture?

Iraqi woman waits three days to buy petrol for heating

Detainee Torture Remains a Reality, Reports Show

I will vote for the strongest candidate who promises to hold the Bush administration accountable

US Captain: "What's the price of peace? It's probably not as costly as the price of unrest"

If I Can't Decide Who To Vote For Is Flipping A Coin Just Plain Wrong?

Ugh. Someone actually finds rush Limbaugh attractive?

Robert Reich: The politics of an economic nightmare


So the market is down 193 as of 3 seconds ago...

Recession: "the worst banana you ever saw" ... Alfred Kahn

Doctor: Prognosis poor for healthcare reform

fighting over the few fish left in a polluted sea

A free GIF(t) for you

I don't think we've even picked the low hanging fruit

Bush administration scrubs transcript on North Korea

“Most Serious Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression...This is the Result of Rightwing Ideology

Nothing on Cnn website about * Lies.

What should the punishment be for an ILLEGAL abortion?

Firefighter: Giuliani 'ran like a coward on 9/11'

A dilemma in regards to donating to Congressional elections

24 plus countries are having sever flooding problems

New talking point: The Dem economic plan a "quick fix"/ Repug plan better for "long term...

Contempt citations on hold as Dems, Bush craft stimulus plan

Something awesome from CNN international "Secretary Rice's appearance at Davos will be her last one"


Here in the great state of California-Foreclosures soar to state record

Drugs to prevent US soldiers from bringing war back home

How many Recessions has the US experienced since the Depression and

We spend so much time on Tweety & MSNBC: Another reminder about the ratings

So who's buckling down and getting ready to ride out the market correction?

Passenger rights bill gets a push in state (by a Dem, of course)

What happens to us, in practical terms, during a recession?

CBS News bloggers have managed to make Hillary responsible for Bush's lies

Wow! Kindasleezie is making a pretty good speech on CNN International!

Why there are actually two major parties, Democratic and Repiglican

OMG-- GD:Primaries is hidden and DU has returned to sanity....

Who knew Egypt had built a wall to keep Palestinians out? but

House Override Vote For SCHIP Fails

everybody waking up that its one party now??? Dems put contempt citations on hold

So, when exactly does the compassionate part of "compassionate conservatism" occur again?


Great Tom Cruise Parody

In Today's Email...The Dilemna Of A Repugnican...

British Comedians Nail The Subprime Crisis

Do You Believe The Economy and The War With Iraq Are Related?

Can anyone provide me with a link to the scathing NYT article on 9ui11ani yesterday?

Musharraf: "Pakistan isn't hunting Bin Laden"

Oh, this is rich. Cheney tells Congress to expand surveillance law

Bush's Vacation Days equal the Number of E-mails Shredded


Administration considers establishing FDA office in India

Yale frat men unhinged: "We Love Yale Sluts"

Consequences for ignoring Congressional subpoenas: None

anti-abortion cause stirs new generation

Wow... I know it is an old movie but DANG...


Oh Oh: Bushco issued hundreds of false statements

19-year-old Tasered, bitten by police dog...whoops, wrong dude...

MoJo Blog: More From the Church Newsletter (for a peculiar religion)

On pre-invasion Iraq lies: Interview with Chuck Lewis, founder of the Centre for Public Integrity

Tell Bill O’Reilly: Hundreds of Thousands of Vets are Homeless

AT&T looking into ways of filtering material on the Internet

I had a disgusting thought today about the future. Anyone want to hear?

Fred Phelps' gang plans to protest at Heath Ledger's funeral

Nobel Laureate Al Gore Receives Gothenburg Prize In Stockholm

Dow Industrials Average when B*sh leaves office?

Report: Many More Will Lose Homes To Foreclosure - 150 Percent Increase Reported

Mittsy: "I know how America works because I spent my life in the real economy,"

Email From Jane Hamsher & Glenn Greenwald

What issues should our Congresspeople and Senators run on?


I Missed It What Did Kucinich Say That Was Removed From The House Record

No offense to anyone, but I think

Reuters scrubs it clean 'Database assembles U.S. warnings of Saddam threat'

Social networking sites probed as 'internet suicide cult' rips apart

Cheney Emerges from His Cave to Tell Congress that He Must be Able to Spy More on Americans.

Exxon guns for all-time profit record

Anyone here using Opera Browser? If so how do you like it vs Firefox? Thanks. n/t

NAFTA, US spy dollars, designed to cut Mexico off at the knees

NPR: Group: 'Orchestrated Deception' by Bush on Iraq

This is beyond appalling. Beyond disgusting.

You know what's really amusing about bend-over bernenke's little rate cut

No Stock Market Watch??

Lieberman Gets Post In McCain Campaign

"False Pretenses" link to the report *with* a graph of the 935 lies

Congressman William Delahunt to Investigate U.S. Corporations' Support for Colombian Paramilitaries

Wow! I just got the new GD/GD-P interception page!

who didn't see this coming?

Can someone tell me why it's BIG NEWS that the Bush and Blair admins lied to all of us?

I was just given a gold star

To Those Who Would Refuse To Vote for Hillary in the GE

What you won't see on MSM today and tonight

What is the skinny on MoveOn?

Biotech companies desert international agriculture project

What is being proposed in Congress to fix "No Child Left Behind"?

Whats The Difference, Kucinich Said Bush Lied, and the Republicans said Clinton lied

Man Eats Rotting Meat (and dirt) While Trapped 4 Days

Um, can someone donate ME a star? Pweeeeeeeeeze?

Bush Admin's Lies by the Numbers

Drought May Force Some Nuke Plants To Shut Down

What is the state of racial equality in our country? (USA)

CIA: Cyberattack caused multiple-city blackout

Limbaugh: Clinton "the only one sitting there who could not cross her legs"

Canned Green, Garbanzo Beans Recalled, Ty refuses to recall Lead tainted dolls (Make Beanie Babies)

Is the MSM political coverage as bad as supermarket tabloids?

Powell a close second to Chimpy in Lies told to initiate mass murder in Iraq

The Decency Inquisition is alive and well in Canada too.

The worst market crisis in 60 years

New Online Game Lets Kids Shoot Presidential Candidates

Okay this is weird. I just got someone else's thread in My DU...

Dianne Feinstein on Senate floor

THANK YOU to the wonderful person who donated a star for me. DU'ers are the best,

someones feeling generous lame54

Here's a Republican idea that I want us to take

Brent Budowsky proposes a windfall tax on Oil Companies

Citizen Padilla (Part I: Judge Cooke's Torturous Sentence)


If you want some real laughs, freeperville has some real creative replies to the story about the

Want to Prevent a Depression? Impeach Dick Cheney

EPA staff documents say boss should OK California's emissions waiver

'Funds Ran Out': Kucinich Hand Count Stops in NH

My Scottrade homepage says the Dow closed up 298 pts. Is that right?

U.S. budget deficit estimated at $250 billion

Anyone know anything about Grossman's testimony today?

Is This the Iraq Recession?

The blog swarm Tweety Matthews never saw coming: "unmistakable victory for the liberal blogosphere"

Worst Way to Protest Japanese Government Policy: Anti-Japanese Hate

Roe Under Attack, Now More Than Ever

question, please. did cnn cover ANY pro-choice events yesterday? I was

Bush administration scrubs transcript on North Korea.

935 iraq Falsehoods

Wrong, said Fred

At the State of the Union ...

The most important post you'll read on DU this year...

Dave Lindorff: A Government of Liars Must Be Brought Down

The GBBC - a little something for everyone

BEWARE! A spyware from hell I just had!

'Please Sign the Petition - "Congress must quickly pass a fair stimulus package!"

fabulous Michelle Bachman song by skyway folkie....

The Nation: American Imperial Bankruptcy?

I believe I've finally figured out why a person like myself needs a site like DU.

Instead of that tired old tax cut for big bidniss, how about we give them even MORE money?

Talk of "dynasty" is this years "Both parties are the same."

Guardian:Government ordered to disclose draft Iraq dossier

Acts of sea piracy won't help whales

Pair accused of stealing, eating pet dog

AFA assails ESPN for anchor's "F... Jesus" remark (It didn't even happen on-air)

Liar! Liar! Pants on FIRE!!

Bush Cancels Event After Ledger's Death

From Rep. Louise Slaughter! This Is important! Freedom's Watch!!

WH dismisses report (false statements) ...sort of

The legacy of Bush’s presidency (CHART)

Does political change follow social change, or vice versa?

Roofing company billionaire (high school dropout) dies after falling through roof

Starbucks tests $1 cup of coffee

Yes, Virginia, another soldier was killed in Iraq

NPR Still Doesn't Know Why the Economy Is Tanking

Afghanistan: Journalist Given Death Sentence For 'Blasphemy'

Do DU Admins/Mods read our "Personal PM's?" It's okay but in light of Bleachers 7 Post

Wexler Meets Conyers, Still Wants Cheney Impeachment Hearings

Ah, if only a few of my characters were REAL.

Don't miss Stephen Colbert tonight - it is great. As always, everything is about Stephen.

“I’m pretty tired… think I’ll go home now”

Air America is owned by Mark Green. Last election the Clintons supported his opponent

Just a treat for those tired of all the problems today... (For Heath)

True or false: bush will NEVER be impeached or tried for his crimes.

MSM anchors---What a great time to buy stocks!

I think I'm addicted to DU

hmmm... Caption this * pic?

Study: False statements preceded war

Bill Clinton is a pot smoking draft dodger who went to Canada I heard a caller say today

Movie coming out about Crawford, TX - looks really good!!

a ban on leasing apartments to illegal immigrants - you need rental licenses to rent

Spirit discovers life on Mars....w/pic (got tinfoil?)

Kucinich to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Bush on Monday, January 28, State of Union Day

GORE Releases Video: "Gay men and women ought to have the same rights as heterosexual men and women"

Opinion of the Federal Reserve

Updated Column: "How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis"

John F Kennedy VS The Federal Reserve

Damn it. Westboro announces plans to picket Heath Ledger's funeral.

It looks like the PPT found some money somewhere

Technical College's 'White Ad' Causes Stir - DOH!

Speedbird 38: FADEC failure or something more basic .. ran out of gas?

Bush regime used 935 falsehoods to justify war - NYT printed 934 of them

Most E-Mailed News Story at Yahoo News as of 6 a.m. Jan. 23

We can't do that because it would put people out of work

High School Drop Outs are More Democratic than College Grads

For all who have not heard, especially in San Diego, ...

Going Bankrupt:Why the Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic - MUST READ

A SIX HUNDRED POINT swing in the market in ONE day????

Rep. Nadler: "My personal hope is that the president...will be prosecuted after they leave office"

$#^&!*)^+$# Top Dems stall Miers, Bolten contempt vote

We have the evidence in hand-Impeach Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell & Rumsfeld For Lying To Americans

FYI - I was not behind this...

How Should We Thank Skinner for moving the "Mosh Pit" to GD-Primaries?

MO Gov Matt Blunt will not seek a second term!!! The nightmare is over!

Cheney Calls for Permanent Warrantless Wiretapping

Rumsfeld wants a US Progpaganda Agency

A Government of Lies Must Be Brought Down

When is it our turn?

Stocks Stage Dramatic Rally; Dow Surges Almost 300 Points

Christian Newswire very concerned about out-of-wedlock births in France: same-sex marriage to blame!

Journalism's first loyalty is to citizens (the silence on Sibel Edmonds)

what would your stimulus package be?

Biden looks overseas

Cheney Impeachment News

* discusses Free Trade Agreements - pics

George Soros: "The worst market crisis in 60 years"

What tax rate would you advocate?

What does it mean when American banks have no nonborrowed reserves?

Today’s Headlines

So, today Dennis withdrew his right on comments that Bush/Cheney lied

Perino Dismisses CPI Study: Truth On How We Sold The Iraq War Is Not ‘Worth Spending Time On’

Chalmers Johnson: Going Bankrupt: Why the Debt Crisis Is America's Greatest Threat

Randi Rhodes talking about our government running drug trades

You know, Even if we impeached Cheney and he was actually

CA Coastal Commission files against presidential sonar order that harms marine mammals

Missing White House Emails Match Plame Time Frames

Letting Frederick Douglas put things in perspective

Whoever donated to DU on my behalf and got me a star...

Would this be a fair statement. Our media is censoring our news, the info they are feeding us

Stealing Our Future: Conservatives, Foresight, and Why Nothing Works Anymore

WP, Froomkin: 935 Iraq Falsehoods; Bush, admin knew what they were saying was not supported by facts

Majerus abortion rights comment gets St. Louis bishop's attention

"Growing up Online" (Frontline program)

Kucinich Congressional Campaign: he needs our help!

Rep. Kucinich creates commotion in House with call for impeaching President Bush

John Gibson Mocks ‘Weirdo’ Heath Ledger’s Death: ‘He Found Out How To Quit You’

Has anyone ever asked a anti choice person this question? and what did they say?


What would you spend your $800 "stimulus package" on?

Biotech critics challenging Monsanto GMO sugar beet

How many Credit Cards do you have?

How can Bush still have 30-35% approval rates?

Do you consider Amnesty International to be trustworthy?

Surprise! Texas UFO Mystery Solved.

So What's Wrong With Socialism?

Mitt Romney, This Is Your Life ...

Sylvester Stallone Stands Behind Ultra-Violent Rambo

Take a break! Check out this AMAZING world data clock! Really!

Has there ever been an assassination of a major right-wing figure in the USA?

Isn't it Illegal to post (or even scan) a High Resolution image of U.S. Currency?

Do not panic. We are not heading for a depression.

Prove to me that marijuana is bad for you.

I tried tried to kill myself

As an Atheist, my government out right rejects me.

Too poor? No tax rebate for you!

Please Help Stop Endless War in Iraq - sign here-->

Edwards picks Letterman for VP -

Is Obama more liberal than Hillary (or vice versa)?

GOP-Style Race Baiting

Beautiful Video of Mitt

A few quick thoughts about John Edwards interview on Letterman tonight

Wolfson: 'The Agreement Is Off'


nice Harpers article on Obama

What's this about Clinton & Edwards in the green room...

"Obama does not need the popular vote to win, it's about delegates."

Oh yeah, well your MOM liked Obama......

Why Are Obama Supporters SO NEGATIVE?

Obama supporter in NH on Clinton emails attacking Obama on abortion rights: "It's just appalling."

Clinton will receive less than 50% of the vote in the Arkansas primary

What Edwards did in the debate last night gained my respect.

If Hillary weren't running and Bill Clinton offered to campaign for Edwards or Obama....

What about Edwards Running for the NC Senate seat Against Dole?

Is it time for Liberals to leave the Democratic Party and form their own Populist

Hee hee hee- KO reports BillClinton has 83% approval rating among dems - so


A word about South Carolina that none of you may have considered.

Zogby Poll: The day after debate Edwards seen closing the gap

If Bill has an 83% Dem approval, then count me as a 17% - I was also a 10% against Bush after 9/11

If Hillary would say anything to get elected...

Some pandering white folk would support any black, green, purple, guy - good/bad - smart/stupid

New Reuters/Zogby SC poll: Obama 44%, Clinton 25%, Edwards 15%

Something to know about Super-Duper Tuesday


JOHN EDWARDS IS LIKE A JOHN GRISHAM HERO! The banner in the site reminds me!

Gore-Hating, Bill-hating, Hillary-hating Dowd: The two headed monster hurting the Democratic party

My take

Question: Which candidate is most likely to prosecute the crimes of the Bushies?

Why did race only become an heated issue only AFTER Obama won Iowa?

Even with no delegates Florida could be a campaign killer

LA times now questioning about Rezko

I Absolutely Can't Stand Bush!

Here's an example of right-wing PAC influence over the Clintons...

Obama's "present" votes were eminently reasonable, and have a logical explanation

I still can't believe anyone thought Hucky could get the repuke nomination

Obama's big mistake?

Rudy Is Toast.

Tim Roemer to endorse Obama because of his national security plans and crossover appeal.

"Bill Can't Dance!"

Ok, this undecided is really starting to like Edwards.

Let 'em duke it out.

Trashing each others candidate accomplishes only one thing

Huckabee Scales Back Florida Campaign, supporters hope for boost from former Thompson supporters

Will the Obama "South Carolina truth squad" actually tell the truth?

Poor Dennis: If warmongering is the issue

New SC Poll Obama ahead by 18 points!!!! 43%-25%-15%

Photos: Barack Obama yesterday in Greenwood, South Carolina

800,000 DEAD RWANDANS--Why Didn't Clinton do what was right?

So it can't be spun after Saturday, what percentage of the white vote will Obama get in SC?

Slamming Hillary for her reliance on Bill to do her bidding is not any more sexist

Did You Know -- Florida Has The Same Number Of Delegates That DU Does

Why does Rupert Murdoch (Fox) support Hillary Clinton?

If Joe Biden could have hung in there.....

Will you stay in DU if your candidate loses?

It's Senator Clinton, Senator Edwards, and Senator Obama

Edwards can't dance

Everyone needt to remember that the state popular voteis meaningless if all three are in til Denver

Women react to Hillary Clinton's attack on Barack

California poll: Clinton 39% (-2), Obama 28% (-1), Edwards 12% (-1)

Republicans fear Obama

Chicago Tribune Editorial: Bill Clinton is "President Heckler"

Obama is the ONLY choice.

Edwards supporters: Would you be happy if he was Hillary's VP?

San Francisco area KPIX Poll: Clinton 49%, Obama 35%, Edwards 11%

CNN readers respond angrily to 'race or gender' story

Are SC voters turned off the the bickering between Obama and Hillary?

Obama campaign says it’s not behind robo-calls attacking John Lewis


Is John Edwards Really a Fighter? He Needs to Prove It on Telecom Immunity

Judge Him by His Laws

New Jersey Quinnipiac poll: Clinton 49%, Obama 32%, Edwards 10%

Gov. Janet Napolitano Campaigns In New Mexico For Obama

McCain now even or ahead of Giuliani in New Jersey.

Rachael Madow, 'the Obama smear is working'

GD crosspost: What is homophobia? Can it be cured?

If Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson...

Obama and Clinton want to keep jobs in SC,

Obama camp asks Baker to investigate calls attacking Lewis

Why Hillary and Obama Must Fight.

A warning from Tom Toles

alright, who did it? - WHO THE HELL DID IT?

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Do You Get The Sense That Hillary Enjoys Mud-Slinging Contests?

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Enthusiastic Will Your Support Be Of Obama, If He's The Nominee

Edwards and the Media Darlings

Video confirms ABC is lying about Obama as "heated"

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/23/08 - Clinton unchanged, Obama down 1, Edwards up 2

There is something wrong when Democrats are happy that another Democrat (Obama) may be unpopular...

Group's internal memo points to Obama's struggle with Jewish vote

PA Gov. Rendell to announce support for Clinton

Obama ... MELTDOWN!!!!!!!! Is Bill Clinton Getting in Obama's Head?

"He's Transformative And Restorative": New York Observer Endorses Obama

Surprise! Big Eddy Rendell Endorses Hillary.

My fear in '08

ignored. deleted. ignored.

USF Straw Poll: Obama 54%, Clinton 33%, Edwards 8%

Arizona Democratic Primary- Clinton -45% Obama 24% Edwards 9% RCP Average Included

Not my favorite person, but read what he says on its own merit......Dick Morris....

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Fmr. U.S. Congressman and 9/11 Commissioner Tim Roemer endorses Obama

Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper?

Poor puppy dog - pic

David Corn: Bickering is Hillary Clinton's Friend

South Carolina Zogby poll: Obama 43%, Clinton 25%, Edwards 15% (MOE 3.4%)

Tucker Carlson: "A rich, privileged white lady claims she's a victim of gender discrimination"

Hillary Clinton Supports Out-Of-State Indian Nation Casinos, Obama Opposed to Expansion of Gambling

The Rude Pundit: Of Democratic Candidates and Gay Lovers

CNN/CBC Democratic South Carolina Debate most-watched primary debate in cable TV history

Originator of Obama's "Fired up!" chant says President Clinton needs to "step back" (great photo)

ABC News Badly Mischaracterizes Obama's Alleged "Testy Exchange" With Reporter

Women give Clinton commanding lead in Florida

Roland Martin CNN : Ignoring white Dems in S. Carolina isn't smart

John Edwards on The Tyra Banks Show Friday - Askes Edwards what it feels like to be a minority.

I will vote for the strongest candidate who promises to hold the Bush administration accountable

Q-Poll: Hillary opens up wide lead in New Jersey...

Hillary draws 10,000 AND is ahead of Obama by 21 points in Arizona.

Gotta love it: Bubba likes watchin' Hillary and Barak fight:

Stewart Debunks Bill, Mocks Media Coverage In Nevada Obama's Creative Clippings

To all Edwards supporters...

TPM: ABC News Badly Mischaracterizes Obama's Alleged "Testy Exchange" With Reporter

Right-Wing radio ignored in South Carolina

When is it our turn? -- Moving this to regular GD

Politifact: Clinton-A fragment of truth, distorted

One thing is for certain if we end up with an Obama vs Huckabee election

Some Huckabee Aides Not Getting Paid, some leaving... - (Awe... what a bummer!)

Barack Obama's Groucho Marx Moment

Edwards Plots Delegate Strategy (plus which states he is targeting)

Two Against One

What does John Edwards tying Hillary Clinton among the SC white vote mean?

It's not the message, it's the messenger (about Edwards) - long.

EDIT: This board has gotten beyond absurd

WP, pg1: Clinton Looking Beyond South Carolina; Focus on 4 Delegate-Rich States Considered Risky

List of candidates and Governors who have endorsed them

"Nobody had an inkling that he was involved in any problems." - Obama

If our Dem nom doesn't win the election

Fight back against smear email about Obama's religion NOW!

The Rude Pundit: Clinton, Obama, and the Stink of Rove

Maybe I'm not getting this. A black man can't make a good deal on a house in a depressed market...

Hillary is angry about Obama calling them out on their double candidacy.....

VIDEO: Letterman messes up Edwards hair (needs youtubing)

Obama Sees Rock-Star Power in Action: Surprise appearance at SCSU concert

Battling Quotes

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

"The presidential race now looks like a toss-up -- perhaps even with a Republican edge."

Obama Camp on negative dishonest attacks: Hillary "will say or do anything to get elected”

Lets get some facts out there on Obama's purchase of land from Rezko...

Can we stop the speculative, mindreading posts calling folks liars and sellouts based on FANTASY??

Bill Clinton says he enjoys seeing Hillary and Obama fight

Hillary runs a misleading radio ad.

What time should I leave to go to the Edwards event in Lancaster today?

Florida Democrats plead for a primary campaign

This man cannot be trusted

Longtime patron may be a problem for Obama (LA Times)

What is it that most makes Bill Clinton continue to be such a Rock Star across the World? I Love the '80s: Part Deux (Clinton statements checked)

LATimes: Longtime patron[Rezko] may be a problem for Obama

Is it just me, or was the exchange where Obama was asked if Bill was the "first black president"

More praise for Obama's economic plan over Hillary's, coming from the Economist.

the name of the game?

Who'll be second in SC: Hillary or Edwards?

Faith-Based Initiatives: ThirdWay Conceived, Orchestrated, and Supported

Remember when Bill Clinton left office and there media stories everyday

Which candidate is the neocon anointed one?

At the end of a first four year term which candidate do you believe

Let's Be Honest About Our Candidates

This amazes me...

Bwwwaaa, Yeah Paul is nuts but he continues to "best Giuliani"

Hillary Clinton and Marion Wright Edelman - BFF?

Edwards debuts new attack ad in South Carolina I Love the '80s! (Clinton statements checked) Obama's Creative Clipping Part Deux

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Enthusiastic Will Your Support Be Of Edwards, If He's The Nominee

So Which Senators Have Endorsed Clinton?

GREAT photo of Ghouliani

With Mtt's mind on his money and his money on his mind

MSM is giving Obama a HUGE PASS. Going after HC big time.

John Edwards and the Polls...This wraps it up nicely!

Hillary getting National Bounce again 49 to 35

Thank you Hillary and Obama for resurrecting a race/gender war

Undue Diligence Toward Obama on Rezko

Are you still undecided on which candidate to support?

Clinton, Edwards Power Up With 'Green-Collar' Workers

aaaand now, the song stylings of....

All The Hate Around Here -- Is It Personal, Or Just Business?

Edwards Plots Delegate Strategy

Hey DU, lighten up!

Have you noticed that some avid supporters...

are there Edwards yard signs available?

Have you noticed how the press now is starting to cover Rezco?

Edwards -- After South Carolina

I have seen a narrative begin to emerge tonight: The Clinton's are hurting the party

United Farm Workers say: “VIVA HILLARY”

DYNAMIC!! Mitt has two *new* signs

Some potentially good news for Hillary in SC from Zogby

If I see one more post about Obama "lying" I'm going to scream!

Where do all the candidates stand on the issues?

For Edwards Supporters...

Email From Jane Hamsher & Glenn Greenwald

The primaries have become a huge disappointment. I have spent

All Bill and Hillary's misrepresentations aside...

"The bullshit is up to here right now, but i'll make it go to eleven"

No offense to anyone, but I think

More distortion by MSM

Edwards, Hillary, Obama, and Rezko

Just saw my first ad of 2008 on teevee

Remember Primary Colors? Where they have something on their opponent?

I din't know that McCain voted against all *'s tax cuts. No wonder repigs hate him. nt

Ha ha-Mccain in third place in Florida according to new poll

NPR FACTCHECK: the truth and Edwards at the SC debate

New York Observer endorses Obama


Just spit it out.

What the hell is John Edwards doing on the Tyra Banks Show???

(One of) Bill's lies of the day yesterday about how Hillary pulled an "upset" in Nevada...

New Negative Hillary Ad In South Carolina Hits Obama For Calling GOP "Party Of Ideas"

Memories... the 1988 Democratic Primaries

Is Edwards too METROSEXUAL to get the nomination??

Duncan Hunter Endorses Huckabee

Lieberman Gets Post In McCain Campaign

Have we talked about HILLARY'S NEW RADIO AD??

Self delete

How about this scenario Edwards Supporters?

Barack Obama song

On A Scale Of 1-10, How Enthusiastic Will Your Support Of Hillary Be If She's The Nominee

A message to you Rudy....

Obama will be better off and learn from this experience (re:Hillary)

OK here is a possible explanation for Obama saying as little as possible about Rezko so far....

Edwards talks to rural South Carolina and takes on McCain and Clinton


The Anybody But Hillary Campaign

Edwards on VetVoice: Homeless Veterans: A Real Crisis, No Matter What Others Say

The Clintons wanted over-35 Democrats to see Obama's Reagan video on TV all week

On hold on Randi

Bill Clinton gets upset with CNN reporter

I was at the Edwards event in Lancaster SC today

Photos: Barack Obama today at a rally in Newton Family Life Center in Sumter, S.C.

Hillary's outreach to evangelical voters

And people here say that Obama's the one who's getting rattled

Obama files a formal complaint about illegal Clinton tactics in NV

Clinton: "America never elected someone with only ONE YEAR EXPERIENCE in the Senate

Ed Schultz......

Barack Obama has to be frustrated. Barack Obama supporters, what do you think his strategy should

I was on the floor of the 1992 Democratic Convention at MSG as the

Clinton's sexual remarks in SC debate plays on racial stereotypes.

What Is The Most Overused Political Slogan Of The 2008 Campaign

All-male MSNBC panel laughed as Barnicle compared Clinton to "first wife outside probate court"

So the man who called Hillary "bush-cheney lite," and compared her to Romney and Gouliani

About Rezko: Obama did nothing wrong. Obama did nothing illegal.

Edwards/Letterman "hair mess up" exchange featured on main page of Yahoo

Fact Check: Clinton, Obama & Health Care

How Devestating would be if Hillary finishes behind Edwards?

Hillary's Predecessor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Called GOP "The Party Of Ideas," Too

Obama Camp Complains to Nevada Democratic Party About Irregularities During State Caucuses

The smart move by Obama is to DIRECTLY ADDRESS his REZKO problem NOW...

How awesome is the exile of the all the Edwards Threads?

Under Clinton, Reagan's Policies Of Media Consolidation, Govt. Privatization, Bank Deregulation

Hillary Clinton Has not won the Delegate Race in any state yet and won't until Super Tuesday

McCain is a very difficult opponent. Romney is a cake walk.

Dear Obama...

Obama will win the "whitest" state in the nation.

Clinton v. Obama v. Edwards v. Whomever: Nobody cares as much as DUers.

anyone remember the book/movie "primary colors"?


I need your help Edwards supporters Part II

Edwards Jabs Clinton for Leaving SC : ''After the debate she flew out and won't be back,

Firefighters Unveil Giuliani Inspired "Rudy Rat" in Orlando

Clinton Campaign Spins Fighting with Obama, Says it is Edwards' Fault

Edwards best for Dems-He has led way in offering solutions to nation's economic problems (FresnoBee)

Obama & US Chamber of Commerce

An Auction Or An election?

Maureen Dowd, if this is any indication, we know what is to come. She is a useless windbag.

Maryland polls currently give edge to Obama

A Testament of Hope

Save Electrons! Use the New Acronym IACS and fill in the blank!

Rasmussen daily tracking: Clinton 42% (huge lead among whites) Obama 30% (huge lead among blacks)

Dupe, delete

When fact checking comes into play, we all lose.

Photos: Barack Obama at town hall meeting today on the campus of Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC

The Clinton Rationale For Lying And Distorting Obama's Statements

Hillary's slumlord comment Monday night? Joe Johns said after

pro-Edwards all the way on

I need some help Edwards supporters

Get a grip DUers!

The Clintons' Grim Fairy Tales: Shaving the Truth with Bill and Hillary

I have got to say John Edwards was terrific on Letterman. He was

Random thought: Last week, when Obama accused Bill of callin'

Can we all agree that Hillary lied when she said Obama "liked" Repug ideas and move on?

Colorado for Hillary Announces Endorsement of Senator Stephanie Takis

Colorado for Hillary Announces LGBT Steering Committee

MY endorsement. time to make a stand

Sticks and Stones

Bill Clinton: "They're feeding you this (shit) because they know it's what you want to cover"

Hillary "lied" about Obama's Reagan statement - debunked by Daily Howler

In Illinois 40% of Obama's cash came from PACs, corporations, and unions

True Confessions of a Rethuglican

With Bill, it's all about projection.

The Power Of Political Orthodoxy - Obama Letter: Israel was forced to close Gaza

I make a post about allegation of voter suppression...

Boo's got some Boos for Obama et al

Did Hillary ever say "It is naive to talk to our enemies"?

"Legendary" GOP Strategist Launches Hillary Namecalling Effort

Randi Rhodes smacking down on Hillary

Edwards Supporters: The John Edwards Campaign Needs Phone Bankers

Can't we assume we will kick McCain's ass because of his Iraq War position?

To those posters employed by candidates or parties

Huckleberry's Done ... Even with Duncan Hunter's huge endorsement.

Who else is utterly confused?

Hillary Clinton and her bible study group - The Fellowship

Edwards Supporters ONLY

Gee, no Hillaries are touting Ed Rendell's endorsement of Hillary today. Wonder why...

WSJ: Bill Clinton May Get Payout of $20 Million


The candidates must really think we're stupid. Here's why:

Who REALLY Beats McCain? Does Hillary Have an Electability Problem?

"It's not illegal unless they tell you so." - the Clinton Mission Statement

The Clintonian Delusion

Repeat often. Do not rinse. Repeat ! Repeat!

So the strategy is to downplay the importance of South Carolina

Obama answers SF Chronicle reader's question: "How to Talk About Race"

My Letter To My Local Paper Regarding John Edwards

Why are the pundits frustrated that we will not have a frontrunner

Those who are writing off Obama now are as silly as those who w/o Hillary after Iowa

Obama camp files formal complaints about Nevada, when will Bill Clinton follow?

I Absolutely Can't Stand

Update on Phoenix Rally for Hillary supporters!

Nevada Clinton Campaign Instruction Sheet: "It's not illegal unless they tell you so."

Fred Thompson joins Golden Girls cast (story & photo)

Edwards hits McCain on the Econonmy: "out here in the real world people are struggling"

Edwards CAN win ... don't let the M$M or anyone tell you how to vote ...

MyDD: Ten arguments for sticking with John Edwards

I absolutely can't stand posts that can't stand candidates & veggies

I absolutely can't stand Eggplant !

Edwards wins a Lou Dobbs Quick Vote poll!

I absolutely can't stand

The Repiglicans will decide their nominee AFTER the Dems decide ours.

2nd Big SC Paper Endorses Obama

Republicans don't want free and secure Elections (Toledo Blade)

When will Bill Clinton reveal donors to his presidential library?

Could the US media be protecting the Clintons in the Sibel Edmonds case?

I Absolutely Can't Stand Huckabee

New York Observer endorses Obama

David Sirota: The Politics of Hopelessness

How Old was John McCain 35 Years ago? Isn't he 71 Years Old??

Planned Parenthood worker in Illinois slams "deceitful misrepresentations" made by the Clintons.

If you are already decided on who to support, did DU help?

Well, it's pretty much undeniable: there's a coordinated smear campaign going on here at DU.

I'm on my way to South Carolina

Vote Clinton!

Perspective from the fence: I have no remaining sympathy for HRC

The Corporation Candidate? Campaign Contributions:

Obama should start hitting Hillary on CHARACTER and telling the truth

Black men have been tagged with every possible negative association

Obama Nation; Can you name ONE state besides NC that Obama is expected to carry?

John Edwards Appears on David Letterman.. and Was AWESOME! Spread The "Word!"

What if Edwards holds the key to who gets the nomination?

Taking "playing the race card" to a new level

Voters Not Clamoring for Third-Party Candidacy This Year....

HELP, HELP, HELP!! I Live In Florida & I Just Saw An Ad Run By Obama...

Edwards Supporters- 5 Minute Activism

Edwards economic plan similar to FDR...need to go a litte further

Two polls confirm 10 point Clinton drop in SC after debates

New Head to Head polls against McCain

Edwards Sells Out? Meets with Hillary after Debate for 20 minutes -- JRE to endorse HRC for AG job?

Oregon superdelegates keep their powder dry

How Old Was Hillary Clinton 35 Years Ago?

NH Dem recount stopped - Kucinich funds run out

The Clinton's are geniuses at destroying actual political debate

California Field Poll Dem & GOP

Brendan Nyhan & PolySigh: An Obama Ceiling?

Should the Florida Democratic primary "mean anything"?

Arizona Republic Account of Clinton Visit 10, 000 people!

LA Times: Obama Rezko ties deeper than he has admitted...

Let's Hit Back at the Media-

Edwards Fans: Is The Daily Howler a Surrogate's Nod from Gore? TDH Founder, Gore: Harvard Roommates

It's time to stop deifying our candidates!

Martin Luther King III doesn't think Edwards is Smarmy.

Bill Clinton (the Big Dog) sets the media straight

How Could You Be So Fucking Stupid?!

I've never had a lot of respect for Bill Clinton, but Marc Rich killed


Ok here is the deal. I think Obama, Clinton or Edwards would make a good president.

CBS News: "Hillary Clinton's ongoing feud with Barack Obama"

I thought Symbolman was going to follow John Edwards

I just got a Huckabee Push Poll!

Obama has 21% of the white vote in SC thats a lot better than I though

Barack Obama supports designating the IRG a terror organization (straight fact, not interpretation)

ABC News Badly Mischaracterizes Obama's Alleged "Testy Exchange" With Reporter

Obama campaign tries a new tactic- Telling the truth

Obama Camp Complains to Nevada Dems - Cites 1,600 complaints of early door closings, obstruction,etc

Splinterists who like to trash Democrats in polls: Ha ha ha ha, someone knows who you are.

I can't believe anyone would wonder WTF Bill Clinton ever did that actually benefited our Party

Rep. Tubbs Jones to Tucker Carlson: "Get a life"

Clinton finishes on top _ and on bottom _ in NJ presidential poll

I think John Edwards is smarmy.

Another Clinton lie that made this woman change who shes supporting

Obama unelectable? He is losing to Massachussetts

Slick Willie Rides Again

PA Gov Ed Rendell endorses Hillary Clinton

San Diego City Beat Endorses Obama!

"Two against one" in Clintons' vs Obama campaign

This Rezko situation should spell trouble for Obama, huh?

“I never did anything major without discussing it with her,” Bill Clinton

WaPo: Obamas Stimulus package is head of the class A- (Edwards B-, Clinton C-+, repugs all fail)

My pointless Hillary rant:)

Hillary + McClurkin - Universal Health Care = Obama. Are there 10 key votes where Obama differed

Shocking phone call from the Edwards campaign

If I didn't vote in the 1980 election, but say I would not have voted for Reagan..

Edwards: My Plan to Stop Corporate Abuses

What have the Clintons done that actually benefited the Democratic Party as a whole?

Senators Obama & Clinton - Will YOU Be In The Senate Supporting Senator Dodd?

The Clintons created a Party of No Ideas and warmed the Gipper's heart

"No one has called Barack Obama a witch."

Why can't Bill defend his wife....

Obama is done for. The demographics are solidifying, he's rattled and defensive, he's been

Daily Howler on exchange between Obama and Hillary.........

Obama is angry about Hillary calling him out on certain points so..

Fresno Bee Endorses John Edwards for President - California's 6th Largest News Paper

Without using Google, can you guess the source of this anti-Clinton quote?

The Mainstream Media Attacks Hillary Clinton With A Loaded Sibel Edmonds

Have You Lost Respect For Bill Clinton?

To the anti-christians on DU, please check your bigotry at the door

Obama gets caught in a lie on Today show interview

What Edwards knows that Obama doesn't...

LMAO @ people on DU who think they are smarter than Bill

I'm Not Doing It.

Obama caught lying about Clinton and NAFTA

More bullshit from the Clinton Campaign

Edwards jabs Clinton for leaving SC

Real Change

What a few careless words from a not-ready-for-prime-time candidate can do...

Unity? Obama leads by whopping amount among blacks, lags by a lot among whites

Newspaper Endorsements for OBama from.....

"The Clinton's", "Billary", Mrs. Clinton", "Co-Pres" are all Sexist Attacks by the Media

Obama: Think You're Getting My Voters, Hillary?

I get a sick feeling when I see the lack of fight by congressional Democrats.

Without Bill, Hillary would be . . . ?

Handy Guide to The Clintons Tied to Corruption with Hsu Crime Family

Bill Clinton: I kind of like to see Barack and Hillary fight.

Why I support Edwards. My opinions...

Hillary Clinton has the audacity to raise questions Obama on Rezko...

DU Admins know how you're voting in polls

We love Bill, he has high ratings! We don't care if he is

What Made You A Liberal?

What Made You A Liberal?

What Made You A Liberal?

What Made You A Liberal?

What Made You A Liberal?

House Republicans Kill Children’s Health Bill

China Down to 8 Day Supply of Coal for Power

Tens of Thousands Cross Downed Gaza Wall

Kucinich Starts New Impeachment Drive (against Bush on Jan. 28 {SOTU} )

U.S. war costs in Iraq up: report

Senate Rejects Surveillance Law Extension, Bill Debate Expected This Week

Bird flu hits India as Turkey, Indonesia detect cases

Microsoft pledges $235M for IT in developing world

United Farm Workers Endorse Hillary Clinton - Official

Pentagon tries to cool talk on Petraeus

George Bush and White House issued 935 false statements after September 11

Army Recruits with Diplomas Hit 25-Year Low

Poor still suffering from last recession (which "ended" in 2002)

Gunmen kill dean of Baghdad dental school

Ahmadinejad to make landmark visit to Iraq: ministry

Gunmen kill 8 Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad

Bomb in Iraq's Mosul kills, wounds up to 50: police

Missouri must allow inmates to have abortions

Russia’s Gazprom Takes Control of Serbian Oil Monopoly

CIA: Cyberattack caused multiple-city blackout

Davos opens amid economic turmoil

Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama Well Ahead in South Carolina

Afghan Journalist Sentenced to Death

Worries That the Good Times Were a Mirage

U.S. Deficit Estimated at $250 Billion

US admits efforts to take in at-risk Iraqi refugees fall short

Judge: NYC can't use secret arguments

Venezuela opposition demands drug test for Chavez

General Dynamics profit goes up

Retired military officers call on Pakistani leader to quit

White House Declines to Clarify Paulson's Comments on Rebates

British Goverment ordered to release Iraq WMD paper

WaMu top executives get bonuses after painful year

Sen. McCain starts urgent dash for cash

BBC strike averted in all-night talks

EU executive unveils blueprint for climate fight

Rockets fired at Pakistan troops

Marc Grossman to Testify Wed; Sibel Edmonds Urges Bloggers/Media to Show Up, Ask Questions...

Marc Grossman to Testify Wed; Sibel Edmonds Urges Bloggers/Media to Show Up, Ask Questions...

No recession expected this year: Congressional Budget Office

Bill Clinton may get payout of $20 million (Ron Burkle ties)

Justices Broaden Immunity for Officers

Warning about US economic slump

The politics of an economic nightmare

Army Wants to Cut War Tours to 12 Months

Russia Plays Down Iran Sanctions

'Deathbed' Admission From Founder (Back-Dated Stock Options, Falsified SEC Filings)

War Widow Fights To Stay In U.S.

Whole Foods Chain to Stop Use of Plastic Bags

Democrats Try to Delay Eavesdropping Vote

Big Dig Contractors to Settle for $450M

Housing Prices To Free Fall In 2008 - Merrill

Starbucks testing $1 coffees with free refills

Exxon guns for all-time profit record

Bush Supports Anti-Abortion Protest

Doctors report transplant breakthrough

Rendell Endorses Hillary Clinton

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 23

Court order demands end to Japan whale hunt (Humane Society delivers)

WMD dossier draft must be released (UK)

Poll: Giuliani slips to third in Florida

The U.S. Financial Crisis - in Iraq

Moore won’t attend Oscars that doesn’t have writers’ cooperation

Texas candidate: Elect me and I won’t serve

Last full-blooded Eyak, and fluent speaker of native Alaskan language, dies at 89

Last full-blooded Eyak, and fluent speaker of native Alaskan language, dies at 89

Apple quarterly profits soar to record 1.58 billion dollars (Best quarter in company history)

Cheney wants surveillance law expanded

Study: False statements preceded war

Study: False statements preceded war

Ford To Announce Buyouts (as many as 11,000 union jobs and up to 2,000 salaried positions)

IBM riles employees with base pay cuts

High Mercury Levels Are Found in Tuna Sushi

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Heath Ledger Funeral

Law would ban smoking in cars with kids inside

Obama battles Muslim rumor head-on

Obama most likely Democrat to unify America (Editorial by largest SC newspaper)

Two radical/realistic and deeply hopeful ways to look at the world.

Didn’t Obama Watch the Firm?

Secret’s out about field we can’t talk about (Area 51)

Economic Woes a Result of the Iraq War and Bush Tax Cuts

Wal-Mart Seeks to Unite the Hillary-Obama Factions, By Becoming a Slumlord!

Benjamin R. Barber: Getting Out of Recession Without Getting Into Trouble

Who Will Take On the Banks?

Dear Rich People …All you wealthy Americans, stop complaining and save the economy!

Bandaid solutions will NOT work for health care

Election 2008 likely to get more brutal (Gene Lyons)

Passing the buck (By The Mogambo Guru)

US MILITARY BREAKS RANKS, Part 2: Troops felled by a 'trust gap'

Riddle: If a Fred Thompson ‘Falls,’ Does It Make a Sound?

It's the War, Healthcare and the Economy, Stupid

While Iraq's Parliament 'diddles' with the stars on their flag ...

Deregulation and the Financial Crisis

Contempt citations on hold as Dems, Bush craft stimulus plan

Barbara Ehrenreich: Clitoral Economics

The Investor's Dilemma: Fight or Flight?

Fulton to pay students in after-school program (AJC)

Early voting important factor in 2008 race - AP

Proof Positive That 'Ole Bill Clinton is a Little Strange

Rudy, Vilified by NY Times, Changes His Stump Speech

Refractive Reality

How can Republicans win the presidency now? (Reuters)

Three weeks into 2008, markets plunge 1300 points. Can we stop blaming 9/11 now?

French PM eyes five-year spending freeze (FT)

The politics of an economic nightmare

How Bush Stacks Up

Capitalism's Enemies Within

Sexism is candidate Clinton's primary opponent

Norman Podhoretz in the WSJ: All I Am Saying Is Give War (in Iran) a Chance

Maureen Dowd's take on the Clintons' campaigning tactics (NYT, Jan 23, 2008)

"We Are Haunted By a War Begun Under False Pretences"

Elizabeth Kucinich live in Stockton part 1

Mitt Romney: Relating to the people

Britain Honeybees maybe wiped out in 10 years

Countdown: It's the Economy, Stupid! (w/ Rachel Maddow)

Going bankrupt: The US's greatest threat

Hey Hey Nancy (Plea to Pelosi to put impeachment back on the table!)

"Kissing you" - Brokeback Mountain

Leave George W Bush Alone!

Sam Seder And Cenk: Thompson Drops Out & Heads To His Hammock

Olbermann: Must-View Worst Persons 1/22 - 'Well, Bill, You're Right...'

A good Kucinich video!

Get Together... A message to all of the divided Dems on DU!

CNN People Meter: Edwards favored as petulant kids fight

Tom Cruise Scientology Video - ( ORIGINAL UNCUT ) 9:34 min

Olbermann: Bushed! Jan. 22, 2008 - Waterboarding-Gate, Screwing Up Prosecutions-Gate

Imagine That

Sam Seder & Cenk Break Down The Hillary/Obama Clash

Moral Kombat

Tape proves Obama favored single-payer when running for U.S. Senate

Reps. Meek and Ryan: Bush's Final State of the Union

Fred Thompson Withdraws

New John Edwards Ad: 'What Happened?'

Barack Obama Addresses Planned Parenthood

John Edwards on Late Show w/ David Letterman - 1/21/08

The Men Behind the Curtain 1

Why Lorna Brett Howard Switched from Clinton to Obama

Norman Solomon: In Honor of My Mother and the Power of Love

17 arrested honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Red State Update: Fred Thompson Drops Out

Just A Reminder On How Dems Lost to Bush in '04 ...

Chelsea and America Ferrera in Nevada

End Cowboy Diplomacy... On Day One

Reid dismissive of Kucinich (link of audio included)

Green Beret killed in paratrooper training

Drum soldier found dead in barracks

Senate passes defense authorization bill

Soldier killed, one injured in Kirkuk accident

Pakistan strike unlikely, State Dept. says

82nd CAB soldiers returning

Prosecutor: Sailor ‘conned the Navy’

Treat bases same as ships, admiral says

Kearsarge ESG sailing back to Va.

Corps examines downside of full combat load

Witness: Marines killed unarmed civilians

Fatal shooting of lance corporal investigated

Bill would clear vets’ estates of VA debt

Squadron orderly rooms shutting down

Wing commander takes reigns at Warfare Center

19 more eagles soar

Marines in Karmah have joined the battle for the hearts and minds of Iraqi citizens

Mobile missile tracking system second in Pacific theater

Soldiers in Baumholder get fitted for new tactical vests

Diverse class of Iraqi police cadets graduate

Report: Fewer high school grads recruited

Marines get bonus to extend tours

Navy: Leave work early to avoid trash protests in Naples

Behavior reminder planned for Sasebo

Calif Panel Opposes Bush Sonar Exemption

Navy: No landing field at controversial site

Marines tune up combat driving skills

Jose Padilla Sentenced to 17 Years

Iraq Tightens Noose on Shiite Cult

AF officer charged with indecent acts on 10-year-old girl

DoD Supercomputer Powers IED-Hunters

Area 51 designated with a new name

Army recruits with diplomas hit 25-year low

Soldier gets 13 months in drug case

Job Opening: Regional Educ. Manager, Natl. Wildlife Fed's Gulf States Office

"Clean Coal" for the Candidates

Baltic Sea On Brink Of Big Changes - Up To 4C Water Temperature Increase By 2100 - Deutsche Welle

Dispatches From The Magic Mountain - Davos Attendees Talking Climate Impacts - ET India

US places dead LAST among Group of 8 on Environment

EU sets emissions targets to fight climate change

Power & Gas Shortages In 13 Provinces As China Faces 70GW Shortfall - Asia News

US Energy Secretary - There Is Not Enough Oil On The Market - Gulf Times

Engine of growth: clean-tech jobs

In Face Of Growing Power Shortage, Namibia Freezes All Big Industrial Projects - Times

A Canadian Farmer's (continued)battle with Monsanto

France set for rapid growth in photovoltaic technology

RAK to test floating solar island

A map of Europe's High Speed Rail web

S. Africa Tourism Head: Forget 2010 World Cup, If This Is The Best We Can Do On Electricity

I read a disturbing article about Obamas support for veterans

Haryana plans to set up (MW scale) solar energy based power project

Record-Holder In Marathon May Not Run Race In Beijing - Houston Chronicle

China Plan To Pump 300 Million M3 Of Ground-, Surface Water For Olympics Leaves Farmers High & Dry

Al Gore Wins Gothenberg Prize For Efforts To Promote Sustainable Development - AFP

History Channel "Life After People - Welcome to Earth: Population 0"

UN Climate Chief Rosy on 50pc (Greenhouse) Gases Cut (by 2050)

Sector Snap: Solar-Power Stocks Plunge

W/O Power, Central Asia Residents Burn Dung For Heat As Coldest Winter In 30 Years Bites Down

Drought could shut down nuclear power plants

Senate Leader Says AFL-CIO Economic Stimulus Package Recognizes Plight of Workers

Boeing Engineers Union Names New Leader

Hillary Clinton gets UFW endorsement during stop in Salinas

NYT: Icy Day Finds Old Union Outside Modern City Shops (Starbucks)

Obama vs. Clinton: What Would Cesar Chavez Do?

US Airways' Employees Unite, Warn Management to Dump Anti-Labor Tactics

Striking Writers, Studios Head for Renewed Talks

WSJ: The New Labor Activism (union funds accounted for more shareholder proposals)

NYT: Wal-Mart Says More Than Half Its Workers Have Its Health Insurance (1st time)

Fitzgerald, Ga., manufacturer facing over $71,000 in penalties after inspection by OSHA

Company in Hutto cited in deaths of two painters

OSHA Proposes $173,000 in Fines against West Haven, Conn., Roofing Contractor

A SLC hospital fires three veteran nurses after their six-year fight to organize

Fire Fighters Challenge Giuliani in Florida

AK Steel Swings to 4Q Profit

FAA Is Firing An Air Traffic Controller Trainee Serving In The National Guard

Unions Convince Judge To Slash Bonuses (70 million) For Delphi Execs

Teamster tells off W with a potty mouth: The Guy from Boston - Mexican Truck Driver

Hillary, Obama and Edwards voting record:--last 7 years

As of 24 September 2007 Hillary missed 28 votes and Obama missed 82

Obama was stupid first ... 6 months before Kyle/Lieberman

Women give Clinton commanding lead in Florida- bread and butter issues.

"it will be hard to cut his legs out from under him without appearing racist."

"The Clinton's", "Billary", Mrs. Clinton", "Co-Pres" are all Sexist Attacks by the Media

Obama caught lying about Clinton and NAFTA

Hillary draws 10,000 AND is beating McCain in Arizona.

NH and planned parenthood

(the Big Dog) sets the media straight

New Head to Head polls against McCain


Yonatan Shapira, author of "Pilot's Letter" says Isreal using drones in occupied territories

From Birmingham to Gaza, a same struggle

UN: Some 350,000 Gazans stream into Egypt as militants blast border wall

Statements to the Security Council: The situation in Gaza and Sderot

Israel vows to continue fight in Gaza

Egypt holds scores from Brotherhood over Gaza protests

Yishai: Shas out when J'lem talks begin

Israel faces barrage of global criticism for Gaza blockade

Palestinian factions reject peace with Israel, slam Arabs - Summary

Palestinians blow up border wall with Egypt

UN Rts Chief: Israel Must Lift Restrictions On Aid To Gaza

One man's terrorist, another's freedom fighter

One Man's Terrorist, Another's Freedom Fighter

Arab MKs, right-wing protesters face off at Erez

Who knew Egypt had built a wall to keep Palestinians out? but

A look at Gaza-Egypt border barrier

US blames Hamas for Gaza exodus

They neither see nor remember. Amira Hass.

Iraqi Fighters Urge Attacks On Americans 'Because Of Gaza'

Two sentenced for Israeli deaths

HAITI: UN Troops Accused of Human Rights Abuses

Cuban Amb. Calls for Urgent Restructuring of UN for More Fair Representation

Motorola Predicts Unexpected (84%)Loss After Profit Slump

The Fed. It's like this.

Good Jobs Are Where the Money Is

Dow's diving again...down 300

Is Bush personally responsible for the mortgage crisis?

Market is open. Dow is down 183 points (1.53%)

Doctor Housing Bubble 01/22/08

Thoughts about a hypothetical scenario (shifting currency/monetary systems)

Bush’s “Stimulus” Cash Giveaway: “Gentlemen, Start The Helicopters”

Bernanke to Cut Rates Further, Faster as Inflation Concerns Ebb

The Safest Places To Save Your Money

economic stimulus package

The Dow is up 2.16% on the day. For real or Dead Cat Bounce?

Same-sex couples in Ohio increasing, parenting, study says

Go Gayell yall!

Pittsburgh Looks To Attract More Gay, Lesbian Tourists

Al Gore Posts Video Backing Gay Marriage

I'm not ashamed to say I'm having trouble coping with

How do you like my new 'homepage'?

Biden - Brownback passes Senate --Again :)!!!!

I made my DU donation...

Psssst (I couldn't resist)

I just saw Charlie Wilson's War -

Astrologer Bill Herbst needs help.

Manifest the Pack of Your Dreams -Moon in Leo

Inspirational Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quotation

Governor Blunt (MO-R) shocks everyone by announcing he will not...

Kucinich seeks cash for congressional TV ads

Forget about Tom Brady's foot...he's going bald!!!

Should trumad have to

Were those photos of Tony Romo I saw on the Frito-Lays displays

Pollution leads to smaller foetus sizes and more future health problems

Vitamin E 'may ward off decline'

Ginger used to help w/ heartburn/indigestion

A Whole New View: Hubble Overhaul to Boost Telescope's Reach

Work stress 'changes your body'

As we had such fun with those "spirituality" articles, I present you "atheist spirituality" by vjack

craving. . .stuffed portobello mushrooms

Post Christmas Cookies--

Better post-processing on the hawk

~~~ Post Your February Contest Theme Suggestions Here ~~~

As if you haven't had enough of contests... (Seasonal Contest Announcement)


~~~ February Contest Theme Poll ~~~

Mars Rover Spirit image -- what do you think of this?

Frantic preparations for March Election in Cuyahoga County

Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer L. Brunner, to participate in live discussion

Supreme Court to Throw Another Election?-Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News-Wed-01/23/08

I don't trust humans - machine counts are more accurate than hand counts

NH Dem recount stopped - Kucinich funds run out

Campaign to close the newspaper loophole.

It's a happy day for gun fanatics is Virginia.

But there is a worse journalistic sin than being scooped, and that is participating in a cover-up

Physical Evidence v. Circumstantial Evidence

In case you want to know what is really going on.

Anybody else notice Hutchison's constant busy signal?

Call on Harris County DA to resign

Whole Foods to stop using plastic bags in all 270 stores

Why I love Digby -- Endorse This

Dick Morris Claims Clinton Acted to Block JK Election

Which dude investigated BCCI, Iran-Contra and Drug running/money laundering?

JK is right in that we can't stand aside, that we must fight against the Party of Fears ..

The Guardian: Kerry decries smear campaign on Obama

Kerry thread

John Kerry on dkos now: "Swiftboating"

Meanwhile, Kerry taking care of home very well (fascinating meeting with mayors)

Ask Amy Klobuchar to support Chris Dodd filibuster...

Firefox, and possible all around system, problems

The Obama campaign sent this email from John Kerry to their list today

Wonderful diary to rec right now: Obama & the 50 State Strategy

ChiTrib editorial on BC's role in HC's campaign: President Heckler

Dirty Trick Robo Calls happening now in Atlanta, Georgia Backs Obama on Reagan Controversies

I'm proud of the Barack Obama supporters

Taylor Marsh at it again

John Kerry just posted an anti-swiftboating diary on Daily Kos

Cam Kerry sent this email to the mid-South region lawyers on JK's list today

CIDA in Afghanistan

That was easy!

Countdown 1/22/08 South Carolina Truth Squad Edition (NOT)

Hillary and Barack in self-destruct mode.

A great Janis Joplin piece, while she was still on her game:

Fresno Bee Endorses John Edwards for President - California's 6th Largest News Paper

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Edwards Action in Sacramento

Senator Kohl's priorities for 2008 session of Congress

Is it too late to become a delegate? n/t

Imus and Carlson invoke Chavez to smear Dem presidential candidates

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Cool cat art by a DUer.

I've got a Valentine like no other...

Next big Mars conspiracy

Top Fifty Atheist T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker Aphorisms

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Talking cats...and the translation (video)