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Archives: January 24, 2008

Whats With All Of These F-IN Tollbooth Posts?

The Funniest Post I Have Seen In A Long Time

Someone today said I remind her of Blunder Woman.

Re: Painful dental treatment, here's my credo as expressed by my husband:

Check in here if you don't whine about television shows

OK thanks to Matcom.... Where was the strangest/weirdest/greatest place

What the world needs now, is

I love my dog. (and no cute pics here even though I could).

UFOs? Nope. They were fighter jets, Air Force says

Slim Whitman is still not dead

bigfoot is on mars. I just saw the pic on the local news.

moving bacon

Bigfoot is from Mars, picture from NASA

Who Is Going To The LynneSin DU House Party?

I found this website about DU, didn't know it was there

Oops - Rocket at Museum Found to Be Live

Power of Ten

So you think GD--primaries is annoying? You aren't the only one....

$500 and a trip to scenic Westport, Connecticut...

I opened up a toll booth on my street

Hey! I'm the new shhlum Lord from

Curious juxtaposition of Greatest threads

w00t! KO is going to call out John Gibson tonight.

Poignant video of Heath Ledger's last appearance on Ellen. RIP, Heath,

Delaware has tollbooths? I thought that was New Jersey's schtick.

We need a "National Get a Good Night's Sleep" night.

My apologies, ladies. I'll no longer try to impress you by smashing a beer can on my forehead.

Is it snowing in Santa Barbara?

I Sat Down Loose And Got Up Stiff....

Mods please delete

Roy D ........ and ....... Goldberg

Are you watching "The Nanny" on ABC? The single father?

The moon is full tonight but waning.. and view Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation!!

I just saw a bunch of cops busting a group of boys

I am getting an error lately

so how do you feel about the people who go on these reality shows?????

So is anyone going to watch Moment of truth???

Female DU'ers: if you married a man, how would you feel about him keeping his last dame?

That Maryland/Delaware row needs copycats: Enter here for the great Colorado/Utah flame BONANZA!!!

Will someone please explain to me how the fuck Ray Charles just released a live CD?

Oh lovely ... I get to move in the rain!!

Debriefing, not just for the bedroom anymore.

Reifying, not just for the meta-bedroom anymore

what are your favorite chill out happy songs?

What does this shirt mean?

You must check out this video!

Anyone else like the latest Ray Davies album, Working Man's Cafe?

Jerry O'Connell does Tom Cruise

Bibles with Bling

Oh my life sucks!


Dangers of swallowing chewing gum.

Oh Well...


It's all about _______________.

A little mood music.

Today is my son's birthday.

*** the Offical "Juno" thread ***

How do you feel about the Mods being able to see how you vote in polls?

If Blue-Jay can do it, when is LynneSin going to do it?

An amazingly sexy picture...

Whoa! Tom Cruise scientology video -- why didn't you guys tell me about this?

Hugs! Get some free hugs here...

If YOU were a Beatle, which one would you be?

Veggie stew for dinnah!

Just saw The Bucket List. Why do they mis-advertise movies? (spoiler)

Severe thunderstorm warnings with rotation rolling in to Long Beach..

Someone today said I remind her of Wonder Woman.

Why Do People Get Off On Pure Speculation

Anyone just watch "Project Runway"? (warning: possible SPOILERS inside)

I'm having a Martini for supper. Fuck it.

¿gnos siht etorw ohw sseuG


God Please Send His Soul Some Peace

I found a photo of my old motorcycle!

Heartwarming film recommendation of the day.

HELP: I have no clue what the 'tollbooth' craze is about. Should I even bother to trace it back

This song has been popping into my head since the presidential race...

Do you think I would make a pretty girl?

how many threads have you hidden in one day?

New Doll Begs, ''Don't Tase Me, Bro!''

why is there a damn ant in my house?

My son visited the Reagan Library today

What is the "spank" smiley swinging?

Should a personal essay for a college application be poetic or conventional?

Owners of 1960s cars check in here.

I am among the walking dead at work

How many surgeries have you had?

Seriously, though, John Carpenter's The Thing should be on everyone's top ten list of movies.

Fucking Lets Hear Some REM Night!!!!!

A Poem for Tonight...Rain

The rules at Falwell's Liberty "University"

I have not laughed this hard in a LONG time...

Yet another question on my iMac

Name one thing you wouldn't want to do nekkid

Whatever Happened to the Milkman?

Lehrer doing excellant report on Gaza people crossing over wall into Egypt. Egyptian

Looking for a nice house? Watanabe mansion for sale (President Clinton partied here Dec. 00)

Majerus abortion rights comment gets St. Louis bishop's attention

Jobs cut as ES&S realigns business (YES that ES&S)

In case you want to know what is really going on.

United Steel Workers Gets Mississippi State Senator His Job Back

Lou Dobbs is about to have a discussion about the 935 false statements the administration made

The root cause of the country's economic problems:

Economic Report: African-Americans Will Be Hit Hardest By U.S. Recession

How do the working poor know if the economy is booming or in recession?

Should the DU Privacy Policy disclose the fact that your DU poll responses are less than private?

DKos: "It's official, Dodd will filibuster a bad FISA Bill (Updates)

(TOON) Steve Bell: Ape Market

If we don't indict Bush and DICK we'll have to apologize to Bin Laden!

Without the efforts of his mother he would be heading back for Iraq

UK media affecting US politics?

Majerus abortion rights comment gets St. Louis bishop's attention

I wish I could recommend to my niece that she join the Army, but I just can't.

Am I the only one who gets headaches from the sound of Craig Crawford's voice?

The Baby Borrowers... new show about what it takes to raise children

Two major unions endorse Franken for Senate

This article needs a response. Short (pithy) letters to the editor are

When Hunter endorses Huckabee, freeper heads exlode!! Hugh and series!!

If Rachel Maddow would have me, I want her baby!

Market Watch: Finally some uncensored honesty regarding the markets.

Some sober food for thought

2 things you impeach-fans should think about. If we impeach Bush, the GOP will retaliate...

I got a spam text message on my cell today

Hey! I'm the new shhlum Lord from

Bush Threatens Veto of Indian Health Care Bill

40 great quotes about Business and Capitalism

Greatest Threads and GD Primaries

The Sliming of John McCain, Part II: Scumbags Strike Again

Hate group to protest Heath Ledger funeral.

‘Start snitching,’ crime-hit communities urge


Dow 12,270.17 Up 298.98.... Economy is Back to Normal!!!

Matthews has NOT stopped his slams and slurs. Instead, he adopted a new policy .....

How in the hell is a homeless vet living under a bridge going to hear Billo bloviating?

Sinister, the prime minister

NY doctor accused of stealing from his mother

Independent UK: End of an empire? (Starbucks)

Kerry denounces 'lies' about Obama

Darwin Award Nominee: Suicide Bomber

Mike Malloy's montage of pre-war lies just now

John McCain: "I still believe our fundamental underpinnings of our economy are strong."

UK ordered to make Iraq WMD docs public.

Did Morgan Spurlock find Osama bin Laden or not?

Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote

Just curious what other D.U.ers think about Oliver Stones Bush Movie?

New LA Times poll: Clinton beats McCain 46%-42%...(McCain 42%, Obama 41%)


Romney Leads in Ill Will Among G.O.P. Candidates

a strange phenomenon is it psychological or logical? Teachers get paid once a month

FCC lets debt collectors call cell phones

I think Golfweek Magazine should be in the top 10 conservative idiots list

Working Assets: "Protect us not ATT & Verizon"

Reagan and HUAC.

Gore Comes 'OUT' for Gay Marriage!

5M dead as Congo peace deal signed (CNN)

For your enjoyment- The Daily Coyote

NYT: Fears Anew in Area Rife With Sex Offenders

Condi spoke at the World Economic Forum today.. Mentioned climate change...

Why do so many here believe that the next Great Depression is always around the corner?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What Should I Do With The Tax Return?

Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up

A question for those that condemn all of Japan for the acts of a few whalers.

Where's the outcry for free market competition in health care?

Chris Floyd: The New New World Order: A First-Strike NATO Über Alles

Nadler Is Blocking Impeachment

Don't miss KO tonight

5 Myths About Breaking Our Foreign Oil Habit

RESCUE US We Need a Big PUSH for Progressive Radio (Bernie Ward in SFC)

Sibel Edmonds. . .

Concord Coalition: CBO numbers show why fiscal stimulus should not make the long-term outlook worse

The rightwing hates the Clintons...

YARD SALE USA: new film idea for Michael Moore

As a Baptist and a Kansan, I apologize for this idiot freak and his kind. This is NOT KS or Baptist

Reid more interested in going to Davos than putting up with Dodd's filibuster

Rachel Maddow: "It's an insult to the Constitution... to not keep impeachment on the table."

The Constitution and what Kurt Godel foresaw.


The only financial advice you'll ever need - courtesy of WC Fields

I just busted an airline pilot freeper-type on another board.

Last German Veteran of First World War Dies

Loving dogs in times of madness.

Sibel Edmonds case: What was found in the translations

I want to make a few things clear to everyone here

Nadler Is Blocking Impeachment

"Their work is complete when the victims log off in a huff."

Dupe delete.

I can't stand people who post threads about how they can't

Real Change

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Are You In A Red Or Blue Congressional District - And Who Are You Supporting?

Hillary, I will NEVER canvass or phone bank for the likes of you

If there were paid staff members for a campaign on DU.....

So, if we are in this financial mees WITH the Bush tax cuts....

Time: Obama campaign announces February 5th media blitz

Olbermann! You are THE MAN! KEITH is Going to interview JOHN EDWARDS TONIGHT!!!

Why Do So Many...Insist on Ignoring Clinton's Obvious Deficiencies as a General Election Candidate?

I'd be interested in views on the lack of military experience of our candidates

Now I just wonder. If Bill Clinton was not out campaigning for HC and giving

From Kucinich in 2004 to Obama in 2008

Obama, Byrd, and Illinois Poverty....

The Best Pollster in Florida, Rob Schroth, Has New Numbers and Giuliani is 3rd

Who would you like to be POTUS

Dobbs: "President Clinton launched a SCATHING verbal attack against Obama"

Big Ed calls Big Dog a LIAR!!!!! on national TV

Newspaper headline: "Them Colored People Are Thinking for Themselves!"

Did you know that 57% of NH Hillary Voters would have switched to Bill if he were running!

I just thought of a great benefit of a Barack Obama Presidency.

John Edwards on the Tyra Banks show Friday, January 25th ...

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Sumter and Darlington, South Carolina

"GOP Can Revive Curbed Enthusiasm" (hoping for terror, a Hillary nomination, and a long Dem primary)

Would Hillary Clinton Be A Better President Than Bill Clinton?

I demand all Clinton supporters on this board

What If Bloomberg Asked Al Gore to Be On His Ticket?

I absolutely respect Claire McKaskill, and Ed Shultz (who I do not like)

Black and White (TPM and Slate)

After Her Pivotal 'Yes' on Budget, Now the Fallout

"Senator Obama was the only U.S. Senator who stepped up to the plate to help" (women's rights)


Anti- Hillary Robo Call: She covered up Bill Clinton's rape of Juanita Broaddrick

In the IL legislature, the yay button is green, the nay red and the present is yellow.

Unhelpful remarks from Obama supporter

A Math Exercise Regarding Experience.

Bill Unhinges Barack

Who is Marc Armand Rousso, and why was Bill plugging his non-existent search engine?

Naomi Klein nails Bill in The Nation

Would you still support your candidate if Bill Clinton were on the ticker

A friend at work assumed that I support Obama, just because I'm black

Can we go back to October and start this thing all over again?

If the top two finalists were automatically

Edwards key to the media: Billo and the Homeless Veterans

Bill Clinton, live portrayal of "Golum" performed across South Carolina

Latest Daily Howler (1/23/08): Obama mischaracterizes at the debates, MSM runs with it.

It’s Not Just ‘Ayes’ and ‘Nays’: Obama’s Votes in Illinois Echo

Let's make a Guide to GD-P for Newbies

What I think Obama's theme should be after he wins SC: Electability

"Barack H. Obama" is not flame-bait

Edwards coming up on CNN (8:19 P.M)

Swiftboating by John Kerry

5-Year-Old Asks Clinton What Do You When You Get Married

Obama has 432,074 youtube hits on MLK SPEECH

Edwards supporters prefer Clinton over Obama in new poll

Who Needs The Big Dog

Think Bill hasn't earned the right to criticize?....TALK TO THE HAND !

Clinton goes on the air with three new spots in nine February 5th states:

Hillary Clinton rally coming up in South Park, CO

Extra Credit Question: Who Was The First US President To Explicitly OK Outsourced Torture?

New LA Times National Poll: Hillary 42% Obama 33% Edwards 11%

'Funds Ran Out': Kucinich Hand Count Stops in NH; Republican Albert Howard's NH Hand Count Set to Be

Who is the (corporate owned) media endorsing?

MSNBC is Saturated with that Obama that starts and ends with his 2004 Convention Speech

Has Clinton Acknowledged That She Cannot Carry A Deep South State?

Clinton leads in Congressional Black Caucas endorsements

RNC chairman provides numbers, strategy to defeat top Democrats

Obama radio: 'She'll say anything' - response ad to Clinton's radio ad

Obama Says he Bungled some Illinois Votes

I want Obama to go after Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton like a Laser Beam,

Edwards won't win 2nd place in South Carolina

why is Hillary and not Edwards benefiting from economic concerns ?


If agreement on issues are very similar, and race and gender didn't enter into this,

Bill's bad behavior not having an effect you say? Look at latest WP poll.

Hillary's plan to STEAL the nomination -- Revealed!

Pasadena-Star News endorses Barack Obama

If you post an accusation or endorsement, have a link to back it up.

Rezko is not "swiftboating" Its "Whitewatering" and the Clintons

The media has found the REZKO story.

Bill and Hillary Clinton BOTH praised Reagan

Wake me up when it is all over.

If even WE can't stand Hillary - how is the rest of America supposed to support her?

Truth is in the details: In Obama's defense...

Eye on the ball: Hillary and Obama are CONSERVATIVES

As an Obama supporter I have no idea why John Edwards is not...

Obama's lawyer files complaint to chair of Nevada Dem Party

New Mexico officials endorse Barack Obama

Obama Gains on Clinton - voters want both on national ticket

Bill Clinton Accuses Obama Camp of Stirring Race Issue

If America "Isn't ready for a Black President"

Hillary/Obama ticket could Obama/Hillary ticket never in a million years

Obama Radio Ad in SC (to counter Hillarys.)

There's nothing funnier than ...

Clinton makes race an issue (AP)

I wonder what would be the reaction in the media and on DU if Bill Clinton said tomorrow:

Latina leaders in San Francisco react to Clinton's lies and smears re: Obama and women's rights.

Lost in the shuffle: the bottom line is, we need a tough nominee to stand up to the GOP

Kerry denounces 'lies' about Obama

John Edwards On Countdown: I Will Support The Democratic Nominee For President

Hillary's IWR Vote explained:

SC's The Greenville News endorses Barack Obama

Bill's Peace Offering (not "You're Lucky If You Get My Support, Punk")

Did Obamas 'bungled' or 'present' votes send 655,000 innocent Iraqi's to an early death........

Latest Rassmussen Poll HRC 42..Barack 30

Dick Morris: How Clinton Will Win The Nomination by Losing South Carolina

I am not sure I hate my faves opponents enough.

In-Depth Discussion About The Issues

Obama as "spoiler"? KO points to his comments that HE'LL get Clinton voters after the primary,

My eyes are hurting me

I am unreasonably happy that Rudy is a flop

Rupert Murdoch & his New York Post endorse Obama - now

Pleas forgive my moment of Gross Stupidity.

If Clinton wins the nomination, Obama will endorse her. She will "get his voters"

Self-delete--the post I wanted locked got locked.

Mark Penn, Hillary's chief campaign strategist, does PR for Blackwater?

Obama SC radio ad to counter Hillary's Lies

Facing the facts-This race ended on the night of the New Hampshire primary

FEB 5th polls

Obama resorts to sexism...

Has Obama voted yay on Iraq war funding since being elected to the Senate?

Gov. Sebelius's endorsement of Obama in the works

How Come Obama Does Not Try To Stop The Killing In Kenya? His father's

Why would Obama vote to fund a war he doesn't support?

Here is the thing about the IWR and subsequent votes for spending

I got a call from John McCain...

New LA Times poll: Clinton beats McCain 46%-42%...(McCain 42%, Obama 41%)

Obama's "wrong button" votes will come up in the next debate. Checkmate.

Obama's new comments are benign, not extortion or divisionism

Why would Bill-Hillary Clinton, who were BOTH wrong from the START question Obama's Iraq Stance?

Obama AD: Hillary Will 'Say Anything and Change Nothing' (AUDIO)

The segregation of GDP has been an unqualified disaster

Renewed Respect For John Roberts! Edwards Gets Even MORE Coverage!

I think Senator Clinton has a good shot at being an even better President than her husband

John Edwards (on Olbermann)

Illinois Fed for Right to Life gave Obama 50% rating in 2002

Can we stop with attributing simplistic, exclusive causes to complex behavior?

It Appears That John Edwards Might Upset Hillary & Place 2nd In S. Carolina.

Dan Abrams emphasis tonight: This is a 3 person race, complete with graphics

Obama voted for a bill, rose to say he opposed it, then told voters he was "undecided"?

Rassmuffin: "Barack Obama holds a large and growing double-digit lead" in SC

The Legend of America's Mayor and The Realligator

ABC: Edwards attacks Clinton for leaving South Carolina (Go Johnny!)

Bill Clinton insults women and African-Americans!!


Michelle Obama responds to Clintons' jabs

Voters Showing a Darker Mood Than in 2000 Race

Obama news in Arizona (video)

Bill Clinton: You're Lucky If You Get My Support, Punk

Bill Clinton: "an unusally good liar."

If the repukes can't even handle their campaigns without going broke, why would people think they

Ok, this is the funniest thing I've heard all day...

Clinton files a formal complaint about illegal Obama tactics in NV

I count 1,472 delegate up for Grabs on Super Tuesday

What has Obama ever done to benefit the dem party or the country ?

Kilroy Was Here!

Handy Guide to why Obama voted "present" because Planned Parenthood wanted him to

Bill Clinton isn't running!

Clinton promises upstate New York 200,000 new jobs

Are any of you Clinton haters just the teeniest, tiniest bit suspicious

Anyone other than me sick of the renewed clinton sideshow destroying our party?

Barack Obama op-ed in The Daily Nation - One of KENYA's Largest Newspapers

In the unlikely event that Obama becomes president, let's all hope...

John Edwards, the people are rallying around you, dance with the one that brung ya.

Just so we're clear, this is where Hillary's church stands on GLBT issues:

LA Times: Obama said he bungled some Illinois votes. Repeatedly pushed the wrong button

Saving the world in his spare time: Obama and Kenya.

I am so sick of these two people-

Chicago Tribune, Factcheck.Org, Washington Post: Obama Never Represented Tony Rezko

One brave Florida blogger.....

Fragile Economy - John Edwards recommended by economists

Let Grassroots Dem Party (John, Dennis) breathe. Let RepublicanLite (Hillary, Barack) be Third Party

Ah! I will sleep well tonight.

Here's Hoping That Tomorrow


For KitchenWitch

Tonight's earworm!

I have another free evening tomorrow night!!

This music is giving me the chills.

The Razzie Nominations are out

Has anyone seen Rebellious Republican around lately?

Aretha & the Euryithmics. "Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves"

mmmm... Kaiser rolls

Why is there a damn ant in my pant?

Worst Cowboys Fan Ever

Right wing talk hosts eating their own!

Do you know how many good people are here?

Y'know, I wouldn't be a celebrity for anything

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

A neat, short animation piece: Het Vissertje (animatie)

Okay--Who's up at 5:00 AM?

Good Morning Loungers....

I feel like this today

I have been reading the post about one Fred Phelps. What exactly is he?

Morning Lounge, how 'bout a $20,000 cup a joe?

i got my letter posted in "the hill" this morning on

As much as you all think this thread sucks

Is there any way that we could have a protest on Phelps?

Typhus in SoCal, and Deadly Meningitis-like Infection in NOLA

I apologize for being all nasty yesterday

Hillary Clinton is on South Park tonight!

are there any vets on DU???

m º£º m

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/23/08

Who fed my dog turnips and skunks?

Good place in NYC to hear Celtic music?

In two days

I'm trying to search GD archives and I keep getting a blank screen

Why is Wolverine's adamantium in my house?

What's Deleware like in the middle of Spring?

Redskins fans- First Gibbs now *another* fossil

Do vegans eat Olive Garden?

Most annoying Lounge joke?

which leaves you more unclean: a visit to Free Republic...

Why did the mermaid wear seashells?

Any ways to soup up one's BS detector?

Do vegans eat vegans

As much as you all think I suck....

Life on Mars fans

Speaking of pork chops - best side dish - mashed potatoes or rice?

"Time after Time"--Chet Baker.

Sushi last night (food pr0n pic)

I was in GDP. Could someone please hose me down,

Tollbooths... it's not just Delaware

For the UBER math nerds only: a four dimensional Rubik's "Cube"

How long should you stick to a job you really don't like?

Speaking of idiots and toll booths...

Best political TV drama

Chainsaw Cage match-who wins?

LynneSin calls LSK a tool, and says "let's go back to being just friends" and then

take any thread title and replace a word with "Delaware TollBooth" in it

take any thread title and replace a word with "LSK is a Tool" in it

Multi-taskers, how many tasks have you worked on while simultaneously DUing?

Vintage Toll Booth

The De Laware Code

I just bet my DU account (Granite Cookie for the loser)

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo calls Jessica Simpson, says "let's go back to being just friends"

A question for the men here: Do you think women are looking for LSK's tool?

Ever have one of those days when everything you do is idiotic?

USB Question...

I put someone on ignore

take any thread title and replace a word with "LSK is a Troll" in it

Sun butter is yummy.

Is there a Delaware Tollbooth virus going around?

Take a thread title, replace one word with "LSK is a Tool" and another with "Delaware Tollbooth."

Grrrrr!! Anyone know how to block a phone number???

Ugh, just got a health alert on my school e-mail

What Happens To You If You Don't Pay The Delaware Toll?

The Roto-Virus guy is snaking the drains in my bathroom.

ROCK NEWS!- GnR new album to be download only? Reunion after Weiland no show at Sundance?

Does anybody think that Bringing Americans Together "Are you strong enough?" picture

You should probably know that at 4pm ET Sci Fi Channel is showing "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'"


I just looked through my ignore list and i dont know why i have some people on it

saw 2 rainbows in los angeles today

The Roto-Rooter guy is snaking the drains in my bathroom.

Have you seen the movie Wind Chill?

OMG, I thought I was in GD. Thought mods were all out to lunch.

I am fucking pissed. My company is outsourcing work to India and last

Delaware Memorial Bridge: NOT A DELAWARE TOLL ONLY (New Jersey is involved too)

WTF? New Bond film titled Quantum Of Solace

I'm at work and bored

Sweet potato french fries RAWK!!

Tax question re: Student Loan Interest

U2 3D!!!!


Locked threads...loving the chaos

Why do I have so much trouble getting hotmail to open on my Mac?

Filing taxes in MA officially sux...

The Roto Rooter guy is all up in my bathroom with disease

It's been over 20 years since I partook of the ganja...So WHY

I should win a geek award today.

take any thread title and replace a word with "LynneSin is a Tool" in it

Admit it - you LOVE my new sig line!

Why is there a R- Jeff Flake ad on the top of DU?

Is there a stomach virus going around?

Which Wine Glass Rack Do You Like More?

One final comment about tolls/trolls..

UGH - My feet are 2 different shoe sizes - what a pain in the butt. Anyone else with this problem?

Have you ever gotten impatient and yelled responses at an automated answering system?

So... this is the lounge people speak of...

Yay, I just booked my ticket to Miami!

Looking For Archive News for a copycat thread?

I've a cunning plan to help the mods.

Heath's funeral to be private.

I know the Lounge isn't meant for politics, but...

'Fight Club: the musical" set for stage? Trent Reznor is on board

Has anyone else here been *totally* unaffected by the WGA strike?

I'm extending the olive branch to janesez here

Remember the Great Nuclear Ignore Feature Debacle?

Nekkid Twister anyone?

This thread is for billyskank

Told ya I couldn't stay in lurkdom for long.

As far as you know, whom have you most recently seen nekkid?

I've nearly got the whole Lounge in purple. Nobody is allowed to start any new threads.

GRRRRR My brother just sent me another basket with food in it.

Have you ever had a fuck so good it made you cry beer?

Have You Ever Cried In Your Beer?

Have you ever had a cry so good it made you want a fucking beer?

Cupcakes, anyone? These are AMAZING.

This Is For Purpleskank...........

What multiple versions of songs do you have on your MP3 player?

Facebook: Rockin' social network or one enormous pain in the nads?

The car seems to be running better today

Anybody catch "Life After People" on the History Channel?

Borowitz Report on Kucinich's drop-out

Whats DU's Longest Post Ever

Seriously, though, DU's Rabrrrrrr should be on everyone's top ten list of posters.

I wanna make Grovelbot a myspace profile so he can be my friend.

What's the M word?

A physics lesson for motorists

Yes, when I find a comatose body first thing I think to do is call Mary Kate Olsen

Kicked and Recommended

Any other Decemberist fans?

Stallone vs. Chuck Norris: Who wold win in a fight with their tagteam repuke candidate

Is a stomach virus contagious between

For EarlG and the mods...


So is there an easy way to prove how smart you are on the Internets?


Petition For LynneSin To Have Heineken At Her House Party

I just got a call from my landlady

ok so basically... I've given up talking politricks on teh internet.

And The Oscar Goes To............

Kucinich Drops Out Of Presidential Race

If you have a clogged toilet and you plunge it several times and it

Do Australians call it "Oz?"

Just in case your life ends up relying on Hulk trivia - every reason why Bill Bixby turned

Green Meanie's new favorite movie...


Seriously, though, who would you consider to be on everyone's top ten worst list of DU posters.

When I have a cold, I have a 4-octave vocal range

WOOOOOHOOOO! New Orleans JazzFest lineup announced!

Quantum of Solace

Just got home. Do we have a suicide watch schedule set up for GDP tonight?

I'm feeling very depressed...

Your feelings about the Academy Award Nominations?

Favorite elevator manufacturer?

I hate my skin.

The theme from "Mr. Belevdere" is an earworm today.

William Clark.

Cat for sale....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/24/2008)


I've Never Really Thought The Whole Inner Child Thing Was Very Relevant

We just cancelled our ski trip planned with 20 other people. Oh well.

Let's play Truthteller! 3 statements--2 are true, 1 is false. Pick the false one, and you go next.

Mark Helprin's "Memoir from Antproof Case"=What a great book!


I did it! I finally made someone's Ignore list!

Okay--This is not a political post, but it's about Chelsea Clinton.

Best bad tattoo EVER.

Boredom + phone cam = photographic evidence of workplace goof-offery...

As far you know, who has most recently seen you nekkid?

Radio Lady's Lounge Laughs: Read this and BUY AMERICAN (if you possibly can) !!!

If you were to run for office, what scandal would Fox news run on you

I just want Billyskank to know...

What the hell was she thinking?

Goodbye Nana

Do vegans eat pork chops?

Have you ever had a beer so fucking good it made you want to cry?

159 is too much for a thread so I am starting a new picture thread.

What ever happened to ForrestGump?

Lookie What Came to Visit Us Today!

Welcome to Delaware

Now that I have brief access to faster internet, here's something I made up one fall weekend...

OMG - I miss zozosmom

Should I get these boots?

Lounge Superlaxatives...

Am I the only one didn't know about Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill?

For the math nerds only...

STOP ahead, DU Toll Booth 47 cents to enter. Please have exact change.

UGH - My Nuts are 2 different sizes - what a pain in the butt. Anyone else with this problem?

A question for the men here: What do you think women are looking for?

I just checked my credit reports, and got sort of a WTF moment.

Attention Lee Mercer supporters...

A question for the women here: What do you think men are looking for?

Have you ever drank beer, fucked and then cried?

What does one wear to a job interview at a zoo???

Quick check in: If evil, omnipotent aliens showed up today and demanded we give them one state...

Who Was Your Favorite DU'r That Unfortunately Got Tombstoned

Seriously, though, who would you consider to be on everyone's top ten list of DU posters.

In praise of Mrs.Grumpy

Do you own an entire TV series on DVD?

Pick any 19 Star Trek episodes, from whatever series you want...they suck compared to Firefly

Honestly, I find "Nice post Hitler" offending

Lounge Superlatives

Lee Meriweather

Facing the facts-This race ended on the night of the New Hampshire primary

New Forum Proposal: General Discussion: General Discussion:Primaries

DU Tech Wish List: Troll Torture Device

GDP reminds me of my Dad's favorite joke.

IF our Dem nom doesn't win the election

I just caught Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann, discussing IMPEACHMENT!

I want an honest discussion between and inspired by Bill Moyers and Charlie Rose.

Extreme Delays: Which Flights Are the Worst

ret, FBI agent's article on Telecom spying and Dick Cheney

Faulty Engines Blamed For Heathrow Crash

Tavis Smiley: Carl Bernstein on there, chatting the truth.

Hawaii Legislature Considers Ban on Artificial Sweetener, Aspartame:

This is just BEGGING for a caption!

Love the ones you're with.

$800 tax rebate checks

I'm quite proud of this video but very few have seen it

Here's $800.00 and $1600.00...Thank You for your part in the killings in Iraq!

No longer LBN but worth seeing the difference of a government taking responsibility

AlterNet: 10 Reasons Why the Fight for Reproductive Justice Is Still Essential

935 false statements

Will repubs attempt to impeach the next D president?

Agree or Disagree?

Don't we love the smell of fresh air in GD? Kudos to Skinner

FBI case seeks to make terra connections to the web

Photo: The Boy King looks like he could really use a bike ride (or maybe a few longnecks)

EXACTLY why Harry Reid ticks me off:

States wrestle with collecting taxes on illegal drugs

Which Side Is Going To Blink First On This Economic Stimulus Package?........

Edwards, Obama & Clinton - Call for Support of Dodd's Fillibuster of Bad FISA Bill

The “Brutal World” By Paul Craig Roberts

Say goodbye Hershey

People believe that the economy will collapse because it WILL.

US Censors Arctic Scientists’ Findings as it Prepares for Oil and Gas Auction

Breakdown at the Board: -OUTRAGEOUS- (New York voting machines)

Rummy Resurfaces, Calls for U.S. Propaganda Agency

Who Said Freddy's Dead? ROTFLMAO

The less crap we buy from China, the lower the price of gas will be.

How can we not elect this man?

have to share --- seems appropriate in an symbolic way

Do You Know What The Dow Jones Industrial Average Is?

For Those Who Care About Fighting Hunger; A good site where you can help & have fun

Faux News stirs up a new hornet's nest - videogame fans

Rural votes article .........interesting

Isn't Ed Schultz the epitome of an ass kissing Reagan Democrat?

Rich nations must not demonize us, say state funds

Church to picket Heath memorial

When fred phelps croaks, will there be a quiet & dignified funeral?

Hello Randi?

I'm a pretty smart guy, but the NEED for the stock market still escapes me.

News Flash for Joe Scarborough...uh, yeah, it IS "Morning Mika"

If you were a republican, who would you vote for?

Republicans are using "stimulus package" as excuse for more taxcuts...

Oops! A $7 Billion "Rogue Trade"

3 Texas Supreme Court Justices under fire for possible felonies.

The Gag Rule

International Polar Year Scientists Observe Giant Fractures in Arctic Ocean Ice


Iraq Veterans To Testify at Their Own 'Winter Soldier'

Candidatecalls for support of Senator Dodd's fillibuster against retroactive immunity for telecoms.

A National Near-Death Experience

Giuliani's Florida Win Appears in Danger (AP)

Re: FISA - Feingold is speaking on the floor

Soros Sees End of Dollar-Backed Credit Expansion

Who loves ya, dimson? Anti-Bush Campaign Planned

One CEO's recession outlook: "The risk of layoffs will grow and the number of layoffs will grow."

Ohio Supreme Court debates rights to body parts after autopsy

Wind, Solar Tax Credits Likely Not In US Stimulus Deal

200 Climate Scientists, Policy Experts Release Climate State of the Union Today

Someone smarter than I - Why is this economic "stimulus" being called a "tax rebate?"

Looks like Bush got what he wanted, no extension of unemployment benefits and a $70 billion package

The Rude Pundit: President Bush and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad War Lies

A Moderator Dilemma

"The Tweety Effect" - Tweety said he GOT it, he NEVER got it!1

IF Telecoms get IMMUNITY from the LAW, will you still obey the law? What about illegal immigrants?

Another picture of Pelosi admiring Bush** . Irks me. nt

EPA Staff Backed California's Request for Vehicle Emissions Waiver, EPA admin dosen't care

Bush’s budget cuts off funding for the troops.

SF Chronicle "sales of single-family homes plunged by the largest amount in 25 years"

Columbus Schools Consider Outsourced Lunches - meals would be delivered frozen heated on site

Phone numbers to DC

Congressional leaders reached a tentative deal Thursday on tax rebates of $300 to $1,200/household

Stimulus for Economy or Congressional Approval Ratings? Pelosi caves again - 20 weeks vs. $300

Want to stimulate the economy? Raise the minimum wage effective immediately

Is there a consistent way to rank the value of living organisms?

Area 51 designated with a new name - “Homey Airport”

Why did they reach an agreement so quickly on stimulus package??

ANOTHER Republican congressman may retire! (NY-25)

A REMINDER for those strapped for cash:

When I was young

***FISA Battle: Stand and Be Counted***

New Bush Iraq budget "leaves next president & Congress to confront costs soon after taking office"

Duncan Hunter just tossed a grenade into FReeperland

Tell the truth, bunch of lying motherfucking bastards

Striking writers (from TDS and Colbert Report) take act to D.C.

Plan to require travel documents at border crossings could be delayed

The tragic stubbornness of George W. Bush

Today’s Headlines

FISA Debates - I'm trying to figure out Kay Baily Hutchinson's logic

Fox Host Makes Gay Jokes At Death Of Heath Ledger

Let's say Iraq goes very well....

This Tax Rebate thing

Google maps pixelates their satellite image of Cheney's place

HR 676 (Medicare for All) gets yet another co-sponsor -- that makes 88!

The genius that is Glen Beck

FDR, JFK, Truman and todays GOP

Been to the Economy forum, lately, any of you?

Big Dick Speaks at the Heritage Foundation ---pix--->>>

Immunity for ATT's vote at 2 PM - 2 hours to call up these

Power to the (Palestinian) People! - Hole In The Wall

king george and his accomplices LIE about 1000 times

There seems to be argument re: FISA on the Senate floor NOW --

The Democratic Party: Bush's Good Right Hand

My $800 check lost $200 in the recession! "Congress & W.H agree upon checks of $600 per individual"

The HSUS Ranks Seven States Without Felony Animal Cruelty Provisions

**WARNING** Graphic Photo: Limpballs kissing new girlfriend:

Specter Suggests that the Federal Government be substituted for the Telecoms

Is McCain a "sacrificial Lamb"?

There is a rumor that kit whiskey drunk bond (reptile missouri) is retiring

DODD is on the Senate Floor NOW -- re: FISA nt

Chris Dodd For Majority Leader....NOW!!!!

Here Comes Dodd on C span now

Tragic, fiery death of an 'invisible' man

Just a couple of months ago, there was talk of a revolution ...

Should Congress Expand Timeframe of FMLA for Chronic Conditions (e.g., Cancer, Auto-Immunes, HIV)?

"rent Elections Canada"

Is there an explanation for WHY the Republicans think the way they do?? On the MBTI scale, where are

Young (R-AK) uses economy as excuse to push for Alaska drilling.

WTF? Sen. Rockefeller predicts Senate will grant retroactive immunity to telecom companies

Does a rapist deserve a military burial?

Angry and Afraid?

Now that it's irrefutable that BushCo lied about Iraq, how many still believe...

Reid Challenges GOP to Filibuster Anti-Immunity Provision

John Gibson of Fox News Mocks Heath Ledger's Death

congressional leaders reached a tentative deal Thursday on tax rebates of $300 to $1,200/household

AP: Economic "stimulus package" details emerge

Coleen Rowley: Telecom Immunity: Covering Up Illegality by Secrecy and Fear

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Imagine the consequences of the immunity we are about to grant to the telecoms


Convicted felon Governor John Rowland-Job: Back Around Big Money

"Billionaires Up, America Down" by Holly Sklar

Dem Caucus: The Country Bush Inherited, The Country He Leaves Behind (by numbers)

'Enduring' vs. 'Permanent' Agreement-Long-Term Pact with Iraq Raises Questions

Bush opens wiretap documents to House


Corporations making BILLIONS get $70 BILLION more of our money...people making $75,001 or more get 0

SocGen rogue trader was probably "Black Monday" culprit.

We have to pay taxes on that "rebate", right?

It's been me and my TurboTax 2007 Deluxe all day today.

Why I support MORE GUNS

Conversation with a 10 year old

Ford to Offer Buyouts to 54,000 Workers

Forlorn Searches For Thousands Of Missing Iraqis

Morgan Stanley to Lay Off 1,000 [Gee, Thanks For The Robust Economy *]

George Soros: The worst market crisis in 60 years

Blackwater: Contract up for renewal

Bush Era's Last Legs: Will Anything Change When He Goes?-By Robert Parry

The only cure for the housing market is a 100 yr lease plan.

Oy, that idiot on CNN

WH Desparate For FISA - Give House Panels Access to Wiretapping Docs

Sen Bernie Sanders Slaps Down Bushie EPA Chief

Memo to Nancy: Food Stamps and Unemployment benefits should be non-negotiable

New Orleans' record on rebuilding firehouses: 0-22 (CNN)

BWAHAHAHAHA Poor widdle republiscum baby

Why do the media pundits pander to Republicans and spit on Dems?

They're voting NOW on the Judiciary Committee FISA Bill!

Yahoo news photos has a problem

Ken Schram: 'Support our troops' is meaningless..a must read

Can Someone Provide Me a Link to the Text of the Economic Stimulus Plan---Please?

I'm going to endorse my Bush "Stimulus Check" over to!

Latest news shows R9u1d1y fading fast, even with all that Florida sunshine.

Reps. Conyers, Scott, and Poe Demand Action from Justice, Defense Departments on KBR Rape Issue

Senate Votes Down Anti-Immunity Bill

Edwards ratchets up the pressure on FISA (e-mail)

Dave Kori: Snot-Nosed Punk or Freedom Fighter?

Will the USA pay reparations to Iraq after withdrawal?

Listen Dems

Uh-Oh!...The chimp is live, talking about the economy and stimulus..

Local Political Crisis: Need your HELP DU (especially those with Peanut Allergies)

Bill Press blasts right-wing radio host as racist

Ari Fleischer Blasts CPI Study: ‘They’re Only Attacking Republicans’ For Pre-War Iraq Lies

Edwards to be honored by Veterans of Foreign Wars

The new Iraq Plan sounds downright creepy

Feingold: "I Really Do Disagree" With Reid On FISA

Repubs may have followed Bush one step too far??

Republican albatross - "Iraq" - has been resurrected into political survival known as the "Economy"

"Giuliani Foreign Policy Advisor Says 'Bomb 'Em'"--(Gotta love the 'Pod')

Gore's moral obligation -- Why Al Gore isn't running for president

Iraq report card: only 3 of 18 benchmarks met.

This fucking pinhead can't even sound smnart when READING a fucking statement written by a .........

The way to put more money in our pockets is to give tax credits equal to the amount of interest and

Huckabee: Iraq is “expensive” but “freedom is expensive.”

Do these last-minute telephone assaults to Congress really do any good?

umm.. lol?

"War, Inc." - partly based on Naomi Klein's article "Baghdad Year Zero"

Bush just announced stimulus package. Won't take questions. Leaves details to Paulson

Impeachment will not happen and it is a disgrace

Freeper gives women relationship advice on how to deal with men.

Jay Rockefeller’s Unintentionally Revealing Comments

So, is this stimulus rebate like the last one or what?

exactly why are Congresspeople required to be physically

Ari Fleischer Blasts CPI Study: ‘They’re Only Attacking Republicans’ For Pre-War Iraq Lies

Does anyone know why Pelosi is in Congress and in Leadership?

Just how bad is the economic situation?

Is Slavery in Our Future?

Universal Paid Maternity Leave---the only country in the Americas that doesn't provide it??

Friendly Crowd of 1,000 Turned Angry Waiting for Rudy911--1.5hours late

Chimpy McCokespoon's life to be on big screen

Stocks Fluctuate in Early Trading

FUCK! The motion to table the Judiciary FISA bill passed 60 ayes, 34 nays.

Hillary-haters at it again with Citizens United Not Timid

Senate on Floor talking about FISA on now

Cincinnati School Firings??

Paraguayan Tin Foil Hats?

I saw the BEST homemade bumper sticker today when I was leaving school...


I need some info on Fort Collins in Colorado


Kucinich Letter: Requests Recount of all ballots inNH

Against the death penalty? What if Bush & Cheney are tried and convicted?

Senate rejects secret court measure

John Fogerty is back and he's telling the truth.

Bye Bye Dennis

No Democrat will get us out of Iraq...

Leahy Presses to Add Food Stamp Component to Stimulus Package

Don't just tell Congress to stop the spying -- show them.

Bush on Osama: "If we could find the cave he is in, I promise you — he would be brought to justice"

GOP FL primary poll: Romney leads McCain and Rudy is running third!!

Message from the US Government to people who are self-employed: FUCK YOU.

Pleae support Don Siegelman, BushCo political prisoner.

Bush to insist Iraq give US broad authority for combat operations and civilian contractors


Advertisers Drop Savage Over Hateful Remarks, USO Hints At Suit

Looky Looky -look who's back



Just Started Reading Shock Doctrine...

Senate and House begin Reviewing Bush's "Secret FISA" agreements with Telecoms today!

Ok give me the DU version of the cliff notes of what happened today..


Christian author has problem with conservatives (CNN)

Too cold to walk, youths take hot car to counselling

State Supreme Court: Workers Who Used Prescribed Pot Can be Fired

The Carlyle group is getting into the TELECOM business!!!!!!

Al Gore and Bono from Davos on C-SPAN tonight

Angry Employee Deletes All of Company's Data

Iraq Costs $343,000,000 Per Day

Money@MSN advertises 'Economic Stimulus Rebate' as "free money"

What are the Democrats saying about the Bush deal with the Iraqis?

I'm having an anti-Battlecry event...

Are we really friggin aware of what it means to have a Bush in the White House?

Iran no longer wants to talk to U.S.

Wow.. So we are in the toilet bowl getting crapped and pissed on..

Western powers make Burma appeal (BBC)

Edwards Comes out Against Telecom Immunity

Does anybody know whether this money we are supposed to

Two things I learned on NBC News tonight about the election

Report: Kucinich to drop out of race

Karen McGill Lawson: I need your help to deliver an important message

“If impeachment is off the table, truth is off the table..."

A $300 "rebate"? I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying.

Please Don't Let Your Loved Ones Fall For This Stimulus Package ConJob.

"First and foremost, the stimulus package will put money in the hands of hardworking Americans"

Guess which driver's facing 21 years in prison — the drunk , rich, white one or the sober,...

EXCLUSIVE: Kucinich Letter Cites Miscounts in NH, Requests State Carry Out 'Complete and Accurate Re

Wil Farrell as Bush in a Post-Bush bio flic?

Why I vote a straight ticket.



OMG-Paulson on Cspan: 108 million mortgages going to reset over next 2 years

tax rebate checks....

NYTimes to endorse Hillary

"For every dollar Big Pharma spends on advertising, they make $4.20"

How Far back Do Your Political Musings, Observations, and Predictions Extend?

Hucklebee says the way to end terrorism is to steal Iraq's oil and let them sell rugs and bag sand

Once again, my prescription was denied by my insurance company

Dump Pelosi & Reid!

Thursday TOON Roundup II: We're all screwed edition...

Drunk Skank Who Ran Over, Killed, then Mocked Gay Cyclist Gets 10 years

Rep. Jerrold Nadler Is Blocking Impeachment

Larry Kudlow's Idiotic Take on our "Goldilocks Economy"

'People's History' Film Project Draws Stars, Drama

Huge success with NO (MICHAEL) SAVAGE

I am a member of the Constitution Wing of the Democratic Party

George Soros on the economy

I DON'T WANT A $1200.00 LOAN

Forget offshoring, does it *appear* as if technologies are being made self-containing?

When the general election is held, it seems that we will not do well in FL and MI because

Is Bush Drinking in the Morning Now? ---pix--->>>

Scientists create DNA !

New Hampshire Sec. of State Appears to Lie to Media About Kucinich Hand Count

PHOTO: (GRAPHIC) Let's hear it for the Surge!!!!11

Osama bin Laden died Dec 26, 2001 .... but everyone forgot....

‘Off-the-record’ speech raises concerns (Meghan O'Sullivan)

22-Foot Python In Fla. Is World's Largest

Rush Limbaugh, 57 and his new 31 year old girlfriend.

Reid comes through again

Glenn Greenwald: Jay Rockefeller’s Unintentionally Revealing Comments

A top GOPer in Florida is alarmed that a secret deal protects CSX from liability.

Okay does the simplicity of the "stimulus" sell reek of a rip-off to anyone else?

Cheney Impeachment Gains Traction in House Judiciary Committee (Huffpo)


Want a stimulus? Stop corn based ethanol!

John Gibson's non-apology: "To anyone offended by my comments, I'm sorry."

Everyday it gets harder and harder to call myself a Democrat.....

Here is the reason Harry Reid is pushing telecom immunity:

Democratic Leaders Delay Contempt Again

Why so many homeless vets? And what can be done? Really?

*Now* Reid's Cracking Down?

Do DUers care about privacy, at least on principles?

Myth: "It's cheaper to eat healthfully than unhealthfully."

Thank You Nancy Pelosi, when we need a reliable leader - well, we get YOU

Pelosi, agreed to drop increases in food stamp and unemployment benefits...

Sylvester Stallone Endorses McCain. Coolest Endorsement Yet?

CREDO E-MAIL: Tell the Senate: Protect us, not AT&T = telcom impunity

Dennis Kucinich Will Single-Handedly Impeach Bush - Wonkette

In an attempt to lighten things up a bit, I thought I'd post this classic (and classy) photo

Why do Obama and Clinton wait until the last possible moment to vote in the Senate?

I'm not sure what kind of liars Edwards, Obama, and Clinton are...(Edited)

One more Democratic debate left

The State: John Edwards campaign- Close to do or die

Here in Brevard County Florida - I saw my first non Ron Paul

IWR vote

GDP reminds me of my Dad's favorite joke. (re-posted from GD)

I absolutely can't stand people who can't stand Democrats

How many Republics feel this way?


IMHO, if Clinton wins, the fix was in.

America is not ready

Hillary is handing the Oval Offce to the GOP for another 8 years


I can't stand people who say they can't stand our candidates.

Karl Rove's Most successful tactic

Fresno Bee endorses Edwards

GD:P has become a cesspool.

New Reuters/Zogby SC Poll: Obama 39%(-3), Clinton 24% (-1), Edwards 19% (+4)!!!

FUN FACT - Obama led bipartisan effort to raise fuel-economy standards

John Edwards, Funny Guy

McCain beats both Clinton and Obama in Minnesota

You wanna talk experiance?

Which Republican do you hope the GOP nominates?

The most interesting thing from the new Zogby Poll is Obama's black support in SC may be collapsing

You know, I can't stand Hillary

OBAMA: What if instead of a toy in every Happy Meal, there was a book?

I am so sick and can't stand how GD:P has become like the lounge

How long before The Clintons turn their sights to John Edwards?

If Edwards Comes In Second in SC the MSM is going to IGNORE it!

Maya Angelou Poem

this is who sponsors the democratic debates.......

What would a second place for Edwards in SC mean in terms of Super Tuesday?

Remember when Obama Hits Wall Street In Times Square last fall?

"You don't care about what your own people care about..."

Scaife:"Philandering is something that Bill Clinton and I have in common"....

Obama pushed aggressively for Ethics Reform- What about other candidates?

I miss Joe Biden

OBAMA wants to appoint judges empathetic to those being Poor, Old, Gay, Women, Disabled

L A Times Bloomberg Poll- HRC 42% Obama 33% Edwards 11%/Clinton 46% McCain 42% /McCain 42% Obama 41%

Obama ran hard against voting to fund the war if elected. What "changed"?

think of me on Super Tuesday

Colorado will hold an all paper ballot election this year

Harpootlian and Obama, and the Atwater lie they are trying to spread

Bar higher in S.C. for Obama?

A Question .....

I won't lie--my dream for SC is a totally improbable Edwards victory

My predictions for SC and beyond : SC race is wide open, the rest is clearer

John Edwards on FISA

dueling quotes

Young people will folk to John McCain

If you thought Edwards had a chance at the nomination, who would you support?

One thing is certain about our next Democratic President:

If Obama were a white man...?

Clinton tactics against Obama are just like the Repugs against Gore and Kerry

SCANDAL!!! Bill Clinton sends a racist postcard!

I'm not thrilled with how Obama's acting- or rather reacting.

Do you really hate George W Bush??

Won't it be nice to have a POTUS again, that you can actually listen to when they speak?

Obama uses the race card once again. "...will she be able to get the people who voted for me"

Again people are dancing on Hillary's grave thinking she'll place 3rd in SC

Edwards supporters talk about what he will do

AP Fact checks "Present" votes

on speaking styles and candidates or and the winner is...

If I had a hammer.

Who's doing the best job reaching out to Republicans and religious conservatives?

Yet another Republican congreeman to retire :Walsh (R-NY)

California Poll: Clinton 38, Obama 33, Edwards 12

Would you rather Obama NOT respond to Clinton's attacks/distortions?

I'm getting fed up with Obama and Clinton

Snakes on a Campaign

Clintons writing off the South is a very risky decision

David Shuster : "If Obama said that, then it's disgusting"

Atwater/Rove tactics have no place in a Democratic campaign.

Can't remember his appointments. Loses all his paperwork. Pushes wrong vote buttons.

Obama said oops on 6 state Senate votes

Kerry on the Swiftboating of Obama....

John Edwards has not yet begun to fight !

Obama Should Send Out Kerry to Stop The Clinton Swiftboating And Get Back on Track

Snakes on a Campaign!!!!

Flashback to 2004: Edwards Swung into Action on Veterans Care (VA CARES Commission)

Questions I'd love to see for Hillary:

Total Obama votes in the IL. Legislator 4000, Total dead Americans in Iraq 3931.

Fact Check: Obama's 'present' votes

Let's Take Action - Tell the Media to STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD

Obama dips [post debate] , but still has South Carolina lead: poll

AP Interview: Hill defends Bill on stump

The media spinning an Obama win in SC

Since we won't have a Nominee after Super Tuesday, will VPs be announced by the candidates?

Delete..-moved to the other forum

The criticism of Bill Clinton's behavior is growing.

Jan., 2009: new Commander in Chief selects SecDef:

Clinton Leads among unpledged..(what was that about delegates again)?

This Week on The History Channel: When Former Presidents Attack

"Bill Clinton's campaign"

Tom Toles's guide to the candidates. Do I detect frustration?

Clinton as Commander in Chief? "Condi Rice called me and said, You didn't ask any questions..."

LA Times: Hillary leads democrats .... GOP dead heat!

Question I'd like to see all the candidates answer

Obama accuses Bill Clinton of "hit job" on him.

Oh, the irony...the economy Romney helped create now might HELP him win

Obama admits that he "Pushed the Wrong Button"

I Think Edwards Will End Up The Winner

Obama Presidential Ad Gets Republican Support from Illinois Sen. Kirk Dillard

A pox on both your houses!

Disaster when the race and gender barriers are broken

The best outcome for all concerned, (even Obama and Hillary)...

Edwards struggles for attention, even in native state South Carolina

Hillary still issuing releases about Obama's Reagan comment

WaPo: Some in Party Bristle At Clintons' Attacks: Anti-Obama Ad Heightens Unity Fears

Who Will Drop Out First?

Hillary returns to SC..

Bill Clinton is not a racist and has no need to play the "race card".

Financial Times: "Davos Bill risks tarnishing his global brand"

Prediction: The next President's last name will start with a vowel.


Since Bill and Hillary are teaming up to attack Obama...

Edwards supporters: Does John Edwards believe in fighting or staying

What exactly does a "brokered convention" mean?

Leahy castigates Bill for "glib cheap shots" at Obama which are "not helping the Democratic Party"

Regarding John McCain

RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE: Obama backs Israel to UN

The Clintons Campaigning as if they Haven't Won a State Yet


John Edwards just left a 5:36 minute robocall on my voicemail

Critics Cry 'Dynasty!' Over Clintons, But Not Bushes

Jan 24 Zogby Poll - S.C. results

Obama: prayerful student groups on school property

When You Get Candidate E-Mail, Do You "Hear" the Words in Their Voice?

Rasmussen -Clinton 42% Obama 30% Edwards 16% RCP Average - Clinton - 42% Obama 33% Edwards 13%

Group of Hispanic leaders announces support of Obama

Why isn't the press accusing John Edwards of "playing the race card?"


Is Clinton helping Edwards in SC so that Obama and Edwards

Dem males voting for McCain over HRC and their own best interests, a microcosm

Sun-Times columnist: Obama 'Rezko' comment 'borders on falsehood'

Josh Marshall: Obama isn't very good at defending himself. And that's hard for me to ignore...

The Rove Legacy and The Clintons

Would Obamas openness to new revelations through the Living Word affect his decisions as President?

Should Obama's pressing the wrong button 0.12% of the time as State Senator be an issue?

If Tim Russert has ANY credibility left, on tonights Republican debate:

Has Dennis Kucinich voted to fund the war?

I am so sick of these two people--

Obama Memo: Hillary Clinton going all out to win in South Carolina

In the last 3 days, I have gotten phone calls from

My vote is currently going to Edwards; however, I will switch my vote to Clinton or Obama if...

Clinton's Hispanic edge

Obama: economic uncertainty demands leader with constant principles

trial lawyer

delete- claiming incompetence

Ohio's Lt. Governor endorses Clinton

Latest status for WIN MY VOTE.

Edwards encurages the Senate to filibuster against retroactive telecom immunity

Video: Former President of Chicago NOW calls Hillary a liar, personally witnessed

How I plan to spend my $1200 stimulus package

Bill Clinton Slams Media, Obama Campaign

Why Edwards Died

Wake up people!

What was that about Reagan?

Obama on Dodd's filibuster

The Clinton's, USEC, and Cronyism,

I'm Finding All The Political Squabbling Rather Exhilarating

If John Edwards gets enough delegates to decide the nominee

Unions Work in Florida, Dem Contenders Don't

Do any of you Obamits care enough about AMERICA to sign a letter to Harry Reid stopping immunity

It is time to draw down the troops

Here's my video (2nd try)

You people are the smartest, wittiest, most informed...

Nader condemns Pa. Supreme Court hopeful

Toughen up, Obama, or concede the White House now

I'll say only this:

Photos: Barack Obama today campaigning in Kingstree, South Carolina

"If he can't handle Clinton's tactics, how will he handle the Republicans"?

Anyone else getting "you need us to win, don't piss off so-and-so's supporters" threats in PMs?

The politics of middle school

Is the FISA bill being debated and voted on today important enough for Hillary and Barack

Shall we let the Republicans determine our candidate?

Political cartoonist Tony Auth today on Bill Clinton's lies and R's "Swiftboat" campaign tactics

WP: From "Is Obama black enough" to "Is he too black to win?"

The stolen election will be AVENGED

Sludge and Tucker and Kristol are in Defcon 5 hysterical Obama support mode

Buyer beware - Regarding Clinton's entanglements with very shady people

Happy for the winners, sad for the losers. Anyone have the same problem?

Romney tops in ill will among GOP rivals!

Some food for thought:

Is our campaign now a toxic dump?

Thanks Elizabeth Edwards! (Needs More Saxophone, Tho, for 2008 Rendition)

Hillary leaving SC, is she deciding to shit on all African Americans now? Not worth talking to?

Obama Gains Momentum In S.C. (as one voter rejects the politics of "dirty, odd things")

Conversation with a 10 year old

Obama Release Slams Clinton’s Economic Plan

Hillary supported Dodd's filibuster the same day as Obama contrary to Obama supporter insinuations

Clinton beats Huckabee by 8%, Obama beats Huckabee by 16%

It only takes hitting the wrong button ONE time in the White House, and the world has a bad day.

Admisssion: I don't know what the hell will happen in SC on Saturday.

Clinton slams Bush on economic policies

Edwards Criticizes Bush/Democratic Stimulus Plan for "Deserting Working People and the Middle Class"

So My Cousin-A Lifelong Democrat

In South, Democrats' Tactics May Change Political Game

sense when does your cousin..

Hillary goes negative - indulging in partisan-style politics Americans are desperate to leave behind

McCain and Romney neck and neck in Florida (Rudy running third tied with Huck)

A note re Gov. Cellucci (Giuliani advisor) which may interest Americans:

Here goes Mean Old McCain: Clinton raising the 'white flag'

The coming swiftboating of white southern Democrats. Opening in theaters this Saturday

I've had it with Ed Schultz

Hillary-haters at it again with Citizens United Not Timid

Is there a danger that Hillary may turn off enough black voters...?

Obama and his Rezko ties.. (quite damning)..

I reject the notion that Dems should attack their opponents the way we assume the GOP will.

Yuk! I was just pushed polled for Mike Huckabee!

Hint to candidates: George Bush and Bill Clinton aren't running for office

Hillary Clinton campaigns in NJ

Youth rapt in Obama narrative

The race topic being in the headlines benefits only one Dem candidate - period.

House 2008: Open Seat Watch (January)

Connecticut attorney general endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Talking Points For Surrogates On Obama Attack Ad

Does anybody have a link to Obama's 2002 speech about the Iraq war?

Tough to Campaign for Hillary, Bill Clinton Says

Davos Bill (Clinton) is tarnishing his philanthropic brand

Can Someone Provide Me a Link to the Text of the Economic Stimulus Plan---Please?

So far today I have seen positive thread for Hillary and Edwards

Post Debate: Edwards now taking infinite black votes from Obama in SC

Edwards is surging in S.C. folks

If the Clintons finish third in SC should they campaign in any Southern Super Tuesday states?

Down & Dirty won't do it!

Al Gore has earned the right to do what he wants vs. Bill is tarnishing his image

Sen. McCaskill warns Bill Clinton: “He needs to be very careful with the truth.”

NPR just deconstructed Hillary's 35 year claim

Do you know of anyone,...

Sorry to interrupt the food fight but the Judiciary committee bill without immunity

Hillary campaign points out Obama praised Republicans for what he credits himself with

Third Day..Third Phone Call,,Third E mail....Still no answer from Obama Camp

Billary trying to avoid a disasterous 3rd place SC finish, returning to state earlier than intended

Ohio Lt. Governor endorses Clinton for president

Did you hear what Hucklebee said in Myrtle Beach about the flag?

So My Cousin-A Lifelong Democrat

"Progressive Reagans" vs. Triangulation

''In the Illinois state Senate, Senator Obama voted 130 times 'present.'

Will an Edwards Victory in South Carolina be dismissed?

Who Decides Who’ll Be Allowed on TV Debates?

Folks this is what we are dealing with.

Mr. President, with all due respect, give your jaw muscles a rest & your wife the stage

When You See a Major Newspaper Endorsement, Do You Know Who Owns the Paper?

To HRC and Obama: I just sent a "message" donation to Edwards

OK, John. I'm on board now

Hillary And Obama Campaigns Both Pull Their Negative Ads

2008 Straw Poll DailyKos......Go Johnny Go!

why DU sucks

Kucinich out.

Fact Sheet: Hillary's Stimulus Plan

Are the pollsters and the media pundits behind the power curve on an Edwards surge in SC?

Clinton brings campaign to Ariz.

Myrtle Beach Sun News Endorses Clinton

Pastor Got $1.5 Million in Clinton Earmarks Before Endorsement; Clinton also has most earmarks

I just voted for Edwards with my California absentee ballot. It felt good!

"Obama can’t hide his Muslim past"

Ex-Aides Wary of Bill Clinton's Tactics - What happend to the "lovable uncle" role?

Alter: The Clintons’ Patronizing Strategy

Should Michelle, Bill, and Elizabeths K & E all just STFU, go home, and stay there?

Ed Schultz: "Bill Clinton is lying."

I Need Your Help: Master Election Calendar Update


Michelle Obama goes Bubba hunting

Josh Marshall: Noted without Comment

Do You Think Any Obama Supporters Have Hit the Wrong Button (GDP/GD)?

Reich takes aim at Bill Clinton

Dennis out - just heard on msnbc. no link yet. n/t

Who's going to watch the gop debate tonight besides me, i bet it's going to be nasty.

MSNBC just reported that DK dropped out: from

The Reason Obama is really in trouble - Its what i call the Britney vs Christina Effect

Obama has voted for $300 billion in war funding since 2005. Its his war as much...

Robert Reich: Bill Clinton's Old Politics - "smear campaign against Obama"

Support Kucinich in asking for a FULL RECOUNT in New Hampshire PLEASE

I'm no Hillary fan, but this is a really disgusting effort to smear Clinton

John Edwards campaign | Close to do or die

Obama defends fierce tone of campaign with Clinton

Thanks for the gumballs.

Clinton announces they replaced Reagan praise ad with a new one. "Bungled votes"?

I heard Tom Daschle on ed schultz show..

To HELL with this SHIT!

Do Ron Paul supporters know about the newsletter?

Bill Clinton is not a racist but he and Hillary's camp ARE playing the race card.

Michele Obama "If you can't run your own house you can't run the White House"


video:Kucinich ends presidential bid.

"Florida is microcosm of the country". Clinton is destroying Obama in Florida.

Obama is moving closer to a scorched earth campaign against Clinton

What did Obama mean by calling Clinton "The Senator from Punjob"?

SECOND Poll Confirms Edwards Upwards Movement in South Carolina

Kucinich supporters used to OWN the Greatest Page...

The MSM has crossed the Clinton bashing line and Hillary will reap the benefits again

Looks like Rush Limpballs has his lips applied squarely to Obama's ass

Folks should appreciate Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan more

Does The Prospect of 28 Years of Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton Allow The GOP To Become Party of Change?

The Say Goodbye To Rudi Thread

On the attacking other candidates on DU - My little rant

Republican primary voters vote for who the Establishment tells them to vote for

Photos: Barack Obama talks with veterans during a roundtable today in Beaufort, S.C.

"Barak Obama, Donnie McClurkin & Christian Students Against Intolerance"

Clinton campaign pulls widely criticized negative Obama ad

I just voted for Sen. Clinton, it changed my life

Obama spin about Planned Parenthood doesn't explain his present votes

A Clinton twofer's high price

Meredith Viera plays Hillary Bot when interviewing Barack Obama on Today Show 1/23/08

If this poll is correct, DU is starting to dislike Bill Clinton more and more...

Kucinich is dropping out [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Is there a reservoir of untapped, displaced anger at Bill Clinton for his past transgressions?

Who I'll support

I'm Concerned

South Carolina In Flux - - A spate of negative press may finally be catching up to Hillary

SC POLL: Obama 45, Hillary 29 (-7), Edwards 22 (+7)

Obama Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10, 15

Connecticut attorney general endorses Hillary Clinton

Did Dennis Kucinich Drop Out?

If Kucinich drops out of the race on Friday,...

Please - both of these (money-appointed) frontrunners are fiascoes.

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton's cousin's friend's next-door neighbor's veterinarian ...

The Hypocrisy of BET's Bob Johnson's Obama Smears

Which Statement Is More Damaging To A Candidate's Chances In November

Kucinich supporters: What will you do now?

Does the fact that they're now thought of as "The Clintons" again bother anybody else?

Here's a great suggestion to give Edwards the White House.

AP: Super Tuesday Won't Decide Nominations

Obama Winning Spin War Over Who's Victim In Campaign

Clinton Wags His Finger at the Press --->>>

ARG Poll-Clinton absolutely crushing the field in Florida

New Clinton Radio ad to outline Economic successes of Clintons in the 90's

Does Anybody Care About the Illegal War in Iraq Anymore? Why Isn't Iraq Discussed Anymore?

Will Democrats do even ONE debate with a progressive panel like Air America or Ed Schultz?

How do we not know that...

John McCain supports amnesty for illegal immigrants

John Edwards killed my family

So, I was standing in line at the post office....

Will the eventual Democratic nominee be as tough on GOP rival as they are each other in primaries?

Edwards LEADING by 4 points in SC! (edit: among whites)

John McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts

How much more camapigning can CNN do for Obama. It's sickening.

Clinton getting 25% of black vote in SC, Obama getting 10% of white vote

Jack Cafferty on Michelle Obama: just now on CNN

The rightwing conspiracy is already at work

Just in CNN Reports Kucinich withdrawing!

What 'typical' SC voters have to say, courtesy of BBC

Why Al Gore Is Not President

Hillary "the divider" is the only candidate in SC with significant black and white support

So President McCain is the choice of the war machine this time around

If only we could have the Supercandidate

My prediction: Kucinich voters will go to Edwards

Yo, ADRIAN: "Reality is pretty brutal & hard-edged like a rough action film. I like McCain a lot."

Bill Clinton Doesn't Seem Like Himself Lately

An interesting poll from SC on Obama's support...

I've just phoned the Kucinich for President headquarters...

Glenn Beck -"All Clinton Supporters Are Racists"

So My Cousin-A Lifelong Democrat

Ah Dennis throwing in the towel.

The REAGAN CANARD -- how does such a sleazy campaign spin so dominate DU?

"IMHO" is getting pretty laughable arond these parts

Has your opinion of President Bill Clinton changed since the primary began?

Obama is making a mistake.

Edwards Leads Clinton in South Carolina in Wednesday's Polling

Outside Of Just Generally Winning The Election, What's The Most Important Issue For You?

Ok.. Regardless of who you support...honestly do you thing we are headed to a brokered convention

Obama leads Clinton by 12% among women in SC

MSNBC ignoring the Edwards surge in SC

Brand New NBC-WSJ Poll-Clinton 47% Obama 32% Edwards 12% RCP Average Included

What's YOUR Excuse? What Did YOU Spend the Past 4 Years Doing?

Edwards rising fast in South Carolina

Edwards mentioned that he lived in the Segregated South during the Civil Rights era....

Newsweek's Alter: Clinton misleading ads are targeted for less educated Democrats

Does anyone remember the television program "Sliders"?

Will Bill step in any time the going gets rough

Kucinich withdrawing from race

MORE INFO About the Edwards / Clinton Post Debate Meeting

One one hand, I'm Throughly Impressed by the Clinton Campaign

M. Dowd: On the Clinton "Two-headed monster's" unseemly machinations

BREAKING ON CNN Al Gore has endorsed

Obama's Campaign Echoes Jackson's Run


Bill Clinton:

Where Has Bill Clinton Been The Last 8 Years?

The Clintons are in a free fall in SC

Falling Through

For me, the bottom line is we need a Democrat in the White House

Handy Guide to Bill and Hillary Clinton's links and contributions from the Outsourcing Industry

Big Eddie, Olbermann, Oprah - etc should watch it.

MSNBC (Hardball): Clinton pulling negative ad; Obama *not* pulling his

Obama Needs to Come Clean about noticing Obama's "inconsistencies"s

The Life Of An DUer During The 2008 Election Season (as told through emoticons)

Rezko is Obama's Whitewater,

Buzzflash: How Hillary Clinton betrayed the Children's Defense Fund for Political Gain

A Lot Of Rank And File Florida Democrats Don't Know No Delegates Will Be Seated...

Could Edwards surprise on Super duper Tuesday?

Via Mark Crispin Miller: testimony to vote suppression in NV.

We Need To Pray Mitt Romney Wins Florida!

Hamlet's Soliloquy

For Those Who Supported Kerry In The 2004 Primaries

Some DUers trashing successful 2 term Democratic president over candidate in the Senate ONE YEAR

Ed Schultz Calls Bill Clinton a Liar and an Embarrassment to the Democratic Party

Clinton opponents should bring up the Rich pardon

Michelle Obama sends out email whining about Bill Clinton, begs for $50, tells Fairy Tale.

Thursday Primary TOONS: Tag teaming and other follies

My prediction of the Republican Ticket.

Edwards Supporters: New E-mail from Campaign about New SC Spot!

My experience at a NV caucus last week as an Obama volunteer

If/when Obama wins SC, he'll have a real chance to win back the white voters he lost...

Kevin Drum: It is not known whether Barack or Hillary is more electable right now

***FLASHBACK*** Bill to Rove: "Hey, you did a marvelous job, it was just marvelous what you did"

LOL! Ya think this is bad for us? Listen to the Republicans trying to make up their minds

Bill Clinton should sit down and . . .

IMHO, if Edwards wins, the FIX is in

If you want John Edwards to come back strong in South Carolina

How do you feel about Hillary Clinton's Cayman Island hideaway?

Sexism from Hillary supporters? What next?


TOON: Ted Rall - "Obama Is So Inspiring!"

Can you imagine seeing and hearing Bill Clinton from the White House for 4 years? YUK!!!!!!!

WEATHER forecast for SC good voting weather?


Zogby Poll: On Wednesday polling Edwards up to 27% in SC--moves into second place

My brother asks me why I dislike Hillary Clinton so much.

The Clintons have never done anything as underhanded as Obama's "bungled" votes. DISGRACE.

A non-DK Supporter's Dennis Kucinich Appreciation Thread

Kucinich drops out.

Muckety Muck: WTF?!?

John's like a rock star in S.C.

Thesis: Democratic Party hijacked...

Thank you Ed Schultz

Obama v the Clintons: Author puzzled why poor people think Bill Clinton was good for them.

Bill Clinton praises Karl Rove

8 things you need to know about Obama and Rezko

The Tyra Banks interviews


Worrying about Obama


John Edwards at 27% for second place over Hillary Clinton in South Carolina after Monday's debate!

Dear Molly,

Oh really Barack? No one "had any inkling" about Rezko's shady dealings...


Breaking: Edwards Calls for Support of Dodd's Fillibuster of Bad FISA Bill


OK DU: Regardless of your Candidate Let's all offer a "Standing O" for Dennis Kucinich!

kucinich supporters check in and discuss, what do we do now?

You can join Chelsea Clinton at the Los Angeles debate!

Obama Campaign: Outline of the campaign strategy after South Carolina

Who has a better chance of winning in the GE, Obama or Edwards?

Hillary on Reagan: "He played the balance and the music beautifully"

I've had my fill of Bill.

"Honey, I Authorized The War" starring Hillary Clinton and John Edwards

Detroit Mayor - possible perjury

Most Overrated Bands (we are looking for sacred cows here)

Most Overrated Bands (we are looking for sacred cows here)

Most Overrated Bands (we are looking for sacred cows here)

Drought Could Force Nuke-Plant Shutdowns

Do you know any homeless people? Are any friends or relatives of yours homeless?

Do you know any homeless people? Are any friends or relatives of yours homeless?

Do you know any homeless people? Are any friends or relatives of yours homeless?

Bush Budget Cuts Off Funding for the Troops

Girl, 14, arrested in whaling protest (tied herself to the Japanese embassy in London)



Company paid twice for war support work

Danny Glover Convicted Of Tresspassing

California governor wants more Californians to open bank accounts

Rogue trader to cost SocGen $7bn

Calif Supreme Court: Workers can be fired for using med marijuana

Navy resumes use of sonar off California

Rally Turns Into 'Angry Mob' Over Tardy Giuliani in Florida

Homes see first annual price drop on record

Bush OKs US-Turkey Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Deal - AFP

Anti-Bush campaign planned

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 24

Saddam admitted he miscalculated, FBI agent says

Al Gore Endorses Gay Marriage

Bush hails tax-rebate deal as ‘robust’

State government speaks against Bush directive on Navy sonar use

Metals - Gold up on safe-haven buying, amid talk of new Fed rate cut

Deal reached on tax rebates for stimulus

Manatee Protection Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

US unlikely to cut Iraq forces below pre-surge levels: analysts

Anti-Clinton calls offend some in SC

Prodi resigns after losing vote

Ebay chief to resign

China sees opportunity in US recession

Bush will not tie successor's hands in Iraq: U.S.

EXCLUSIVE: Kucinich Letter Cites Miscounts in NH, Requests State Carry Out 'Complete Recount'

Mexico City rolls out women-only buses

N&O to outsource jobs to Asia

Loaded gun slips through airport security

Morgan Stanley to cut 1,000 jobs as markets slow

Bigfoot is from Mars, picture from NASA

U.S. says no to U.N. request to attend Khadr trial

Police nab 140 in huge copper theft sting

China fake drug scandal claims 14th victim-Xinhua

Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote

Canada quietly halted transfer of Afghan detainees

Obama Says he Bungled some Illinois Votes

Canada won't attend anti-racism 'gong show'

Ministers Told to Publish Draft of Iraq Dossier

U.S. commander orders plans on Pakistan

Immigrant rights group is building a case against Arpaio

RESCUE US We Need a Big PUSH for Progressive Radio (Bernie Ward in SFC)

Relief measures planned for babies with cerebral palsy (Japan)

US not interested in permanent Iraq bases: Gates

U.S. War Costs in Iraq Up - Budget Report

Italy's PM under pressure to quit

Provincial police chief killed in Mosul

F.D.A. to Require Suicide Studies in Drug Trials

Rogue trader to cost French bank $7bn

Kucinich To Drop Out of Presidential Race

Under P2P Fire, Comcast Builds Legal, Technological Defenses

Clinton Campaign Workers Trash Clinton, Iowa Hotel

Bomb At Blast Site Kills Iraq Police Chief

Dallas police investigate death, missing gold teeth

Stimulus could benefit homebuilders, banks

Romney Leads in Ill Will Among G.O.P. Candidates

Louisiana Caucus: McCain wins, Paul second, Romney third

Japan Police to Face Interrogation Rules

Deal Reached on Tax Rebates

Palestinians Topple Gaza Wall and Cross to Egypt-Tens of thousands

US Experts see chance for stability in Iraq

Justice Department Nomination Seen as Snub to Democrats: Nominee authored memos approving torture

Colbert Raises $171,000 for (injured service members) Charity

Heath Ledger autopsy inconclusive

Filibuster Threatened Over Wiretap Law (Sen. Dodd)

Taxpayers would get checks under economic stimulus plan

Mayor Kilpatrick, chief of staff lied under oath, text messages show

Justice Nomination Seen as Snub to Democrats

Best Buy sold infected digital picture frames

Amazon Destruction Rises Sharply in 2007

Bill Clinton: Race, Gender Key in S.C.

Canadian Military Has Quit Turning Detainees Over to Afghans ('Beaten With Wires')

Rumsfeld: Ramp up information warfare

Bush prods Congress on eavesdropping

Analysts Say Bush Will Never End Iraq 'Surge'

Will Blackwater Be Rehired?

Sony delays Skype for PSP in Japan

Japan PM defends 'scientific' whaling

Long-Term Pact with Iraq Raises Questions

Rice pushes Colombia free trade deal

Bush Renominates Author of Interrogation Memos as Assistant Attorney General(Bradbury)

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron backs John McCain

Rogue trader to cost SocGen $7bn

Ex-Soldier:Colombia Passed Off Dead Civilians As Rebels-AFP

WGA drops reality demands

WGA drops reality demands

A Little Regular Exercize Extends Men's Lives...(perhaps women too)

Wal-Mart Chief Offers a Social Manifesto

Bush Opens (Warrantless) Wiretap Documents to House

'Funds Ran Out': Kucinich Hand Count Stops in NH

(American) 'Vampire' man jailed in Bolivia

EPA head defends greenhouse gas call

Japanese whalers heading towards NZ controlled waters (in breach of IWC agreement)

Super Tuesday Won't Decide Nominations

Kucinich Abandons White House Bid

Italian premier resigns after vote loss

Super Tuesday won't decide nominations

BBC: Rogue trader to cost SocGen $7bn

Judge: U.S. military must consider threats to sea cow near base

Kucinich Abandons White House Bid

Virgin Galactic Unveils Spaceship

Obama's lead over Clinton growing in SC

Wolfowitz picked for arms control panel

Attorneys probe deepens

Gore says "changing light bulbs" not enough

$5 Million Reward Given to Tipster Who Fingered Moussaoui

Al Gore: Climate Change 'Significantly Worse' Than Feared

'Rambo' backs Republican John McCain in White House race

President Bush Says Usama Bin Laden May Not Be Captured During His Time in Office

Venezuelan troops seize food

Laughter over death leads to longer sentence

Venezuela Imports 74,000 Tons Of Food To Avert Crisis

Lieberman tapped to McCain 'leadership team' in Conn.

Kucinich drops presidential bid

The “Brutal World” (PC Roberts)

U.S. in role of wounded giant at Davos

More companies realizing the downside of outsourcing

Rudy’s New NASCAR Strategy

Cheney's Monarchial Makeover of Government and the Ongoing Politics of Fear

Obama’s Missed Opportunity, to Pillory Hillary

Attacks Imperil Militiamen in Iraq Allied With U.S.

New 'Manifesto' Suggests Preemptive Nuclear Strikes

Consequences for ignoring congressional subpoenas: None

Rupert Cornwell: Lessons of history spell trouble for the Republicans

How Clinton Will Win The Nomination by Losing South Carolina (commentary by Dick Morris)


Buy America! The Ultimate Commercial Parody by Mark Fiore!

A letter to three Democrats: it isn’t about you

American Imperial Bankruptcy?

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?

OP-ED: Bush goes away in 365 days

The West's Orwellian Monopoly on Morality

Who Will Take On the Banks?

The 2000 & 2008 Elections Are More About Family Dysfunction Than Politics

Odyssey of Compassion through the Great Southern Ocean by Paul Watson

Hillary and the Woman Thing

Long-Term Pact with Iraq Raises Questions

Foreclosures Prompt Cities to Make Plea for Aid

Olympic Teams Vying to Defeat Beijing’s Smog: Pollution levels 5 times above WHO safety standards

Why Jose Padilla's 17-Year Prison Sentence Should Shock and Disgust all Americans

The Clintons' Patronizing Strategy

Jim Hightower: Bush's Economic Plan Worked

Jay Rockefeller’s Unintentionally Revealing Comments

Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote

Toni Morrison Seeks to Impeach Bill Clinton, From the 'Black Presidency'

Hillary Finally Has Her "Dean Scream" Moment! Or Maybe Not

Chinese and Indian capitalism..Shifting the balance

NYT editorial: Tuna Troubles; "The food you eat is only as safe as the environment it comes from."

The Political Oscars (you must see this!)

It’s all-out war on the planet. Chaos (capitalism) rules okay! By William Bowles

NYT, pg1: Voters Show Darker Mood Than in 2000

That Mushroom Cloud? They’re Just Svejking Around

Conspiracy theorist: Why would anybody cheat in an election?

John Edwards Lives!

The origin of "Fired Up, Ready To Go" - CUTE!

How Can Democrats Screw This Up? You're Witnessing It

MSNBC: Edwards winner of Obama-Hillary squabble match

Bill Buzenberg(Center for Public Integrity) interviews Lee H. Hamilton

Obama is asked if Clinton was "the first black President"

Olbermann: 935 Lies - Breakdown by WH Person (w/ Rachel Maddow) 1/23/08

MSNBC Decision 2008 1/23/08

New! Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Disappearing Republican Voters?

John Edwards on CNN - 1/23/08

MSNBC’s Countdown 1/23/08

toxic trade

Hillary Clinton gets serious about energy (new ad)

An American Dream

When It All Goes Horribly Wrong - Day Trader

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) Grills EPA Administrator

New Ad By Senator Clinton-

CNN refutes smears against Obama

Bush's List of Lies

Women react to Hillary Clinton's attack on Barack

Olbermann Interviews Edwards (O'Reilly & Homeless, Economy) - 1/23/08

TPM TV - '08 Round-Up

Harry Reid Continues To Fight Against Democrats

Dennis Lays down the Guantlet...The House Quakes and Makes Him Withdraw the 'Offending' remarks!

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Presses EPA Chief on Manipulating Agency Process

Boxer to EPA Admin - "I've Never Seen Anything Like It"

Olbermann: Worst Persons 1/23 - Fox's John Gibson on Heath Ledger

Ed Schultz: Bill Clinton is Lying

The Debate In 2008 (Clinton vs. Obama)

Native Son: The Movie

How Will History Judge Bush?

Checkpoint USA

Sibel Edmonds - "Kill the Messenger" - Part 1/6

Johann Hari: Don't be fooled by the myth of John McCain

Energy price rises will help battle climate change

Brazil's biofuel industry welcomes EU climate change package

EPA expected to lose Calif emissions suit-documents - Reuters

February E-5, E-6 promotions

MP pleads not guilty in murder of wife, mother-in-law

101st CAB assumes command in Afghanistan

Researcher offers clues on new Area 51 name

Taliban attack in east Afghanistan unlikely

MOAA: Now is time to ensure better benefits

Reserve anniversary starts with re-enlistment

Soldier attacks wife, Army officer

Wanted Marine seen in Mexico, cousin says

Oklahoma’s 45th begins deployment

Soldier killed in rollover in Iraq

Corpsman guilty of wearing unearned medals

Mullen to speak at destroyer christening

Sailors head to Antarctic on resupply mission

Sunni militants vow to attack U.S. troops

Navy could upgrade all Aegis ships with BMD

Commander defends Gitmo

Marine death ends long casualty-free streak

Tricare now covers lap-band surgery

Marine does not enter plea in Hadithah case

RCT-2 command element returns to Lejeune

Kirtland airman pleads not guilty in DWI

Colonel: Marines accused in killings left AO

Aliens in need of Texas milk? No, just F-16s

Murder trial for ex-Cannon airman next week

Drought Could Force Nuke-Plant Shutdowns

China's Unquenchable Thirst

Russia tries to save sturgeon with caviar monopoly - Reuters

200 Climate Scientists, Policy Experts Release Climate State of the Union

Oregon Expands Sudden Oak Death Quarantine For Coastal Areas

More Than Half Of All Caribbean Coral Reefs "Devastated" By Hurricanes, Warming, Study Finds

Davos 08: Google's environment

Gore says "changing light bulbs" not enough - Reuters

New Study of Antarctic Ice Loss (not looking good)

Arctic Ice Cap Shrinks By Area Twice The Size Of France In Past Two Years- AFP

America Needs France’s Atomic Anne

Sir Geoffrey Palmer: Japan's whale policy a mystery to us all

EU to Boost Biofuels

Alberta targets emission cuts with carbon capture - Reuters

Study: 935 false statements made before war

Air Force ends disparity in testing in CENTCOM

(New York State) DEC proposes wind energy bird, bat protection guidelines

Navy continues investigation into Bahrain shooting

(AP) Homelessness affecting many veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraqi unit is sent to battle cult

Judge finds specialist guilty of desertion

Surprise snowfall brings cheer to the Kanto Plain

Airman sentenced to 4 years in child porn case

Post allowance up at some European bases

Heidelberg Hospital to convert to clinic

Officer’s daughter alleges he molested her

Mideast Briefs: Revised Defense bill reinstates pay raise

Army Proposal Would Cut Combat Tours

British pedestrian dies in crash with airman

Afghan Air Force Reconstituted

Rumsfeld: Ramp up information warfare

U.S. Plans to Train Pakistan Troops

Ahmadinejad May Visit Iraq

OpEd: Candidates, What's Next?

Contractor Twice Paid for Same Work

Army to Retire BDUs

Navy Supports Environmental Research

Sao Tome Welcomes Partnership Station

Ammo Keeps Fighters Supplied

Small Office Bytes Off Huge Savings

Brazil Amazon deforestation soars (BBC)

Analysis Of Murray River Basin Flows Finds Outlook Grim For Australia, Worsening In Future

Save the critically endangered Okinawa Dugong

Southern California Farmers Selling Scarce Water To Cities, Fallowing Fields, Triaging Orchards

Brazil moves to stop Amazon deforestation amid fears of rising soya planting

MV-22 'Osprey' Brings New Capabilities

Athletes Ask USOC Lead Physiologist If Running Behind Buses Good Idea To Train For Beijing - NYT

Eco-flavored chips: Zero trans fat, zero carbon footprint

Commander: Mosul Now Biggest Challenge

More Than 200,000 Seed & Crop Varieties Will Be Stored In Arctic Vault By End Of January - The Hindu

2007 Warmest Year Ever Recorded For Central Europe - Prague Post

Can Solar Thermal replace coal?

A new line of eco-friendly, reasonably priced cleaning products is launched

Student lender Nelnet plans to cut 300 jobs

United Steel Workers Gets Mississippi State Senator His Job Back (X post)

Labor Leader of the Week: Michael Munger, USW

Show us the money, union says (to Southwest Airline)

Two major unions endorse Franken for Senate (X post)

10,000 Amtrak Workers Win Contract and More Bargaining News

Battle brewing over state unions

Management Consultant Gloats Over NLRB’s Anti-Worker E-Mail Ruling

Writers relent on 2 key demands

Where denouncing labor abuses is illegal (Cuba)

New college president aims to energize labor

Screening of "At the River I Stand"

Report: University of California Workers Underpaid

Obama voted for a bill, rose to say he opposed it, then told voters he was "undecided"?

Obama channels Bush

Hillary returns to SC..

prayer groups in schools

Clinton Wags His Finger at the Press --->>>

Why can't Bill defend his wife....

Toughen up, Obama, or concede the White House now

Clinton slams Bush on economic policies

Tough to Campaign for Hillary, Bill Clinton Says

Clinton brings campaign to Ariz.

It only takes hitting the wrong button ONE time in the White House, and the world has a bad day.

Hillary's Talking Points

Bill Clinton is not a racist and has no need to play the "race card".

Oh really Barack? No one "had any inkling" about Rezko's shady dealings...

"In Contravention of Conventional Wisdom: CIA 'no touch' torture

Israeli town in trauma from Palestinian rockets

Can anyone here provide me with a link that the Gaza-Egypt wall was constructed

Israeli-Turkish relations tense as Erdogan says Qassams don't kill

The day Gaza's Berlin Wall came down

Editorial: Out of Gaza Jail

PM completely freezes new construction in West Bank settlements

Hezbollah, the only party in Lebanon

Gaza rocket fire resumed

Ahmadinejad, Mubarak discuss Gaza

Hamas staged some 'blackouts,' Palestinian journalists admit

The day Gaza's Berlin Wall came down

Egypt rejects idea of Israel waiving responsibility for Gaza

Israeli killed, four hurt in two W. Bank terror attacks

Report: Egypt says Gaza border will remain open

Rebranding the left

Source: Hamas planned Gaza wall blast for months

Canada to shun Durban conference

Israel authorises 2,500 new settler homes in Jerusalem

Decolonization irreversible in Bolivia, Evo affirms

Let's Get Straight on Venezuela, Colombia, US, and FARC

Cheer Up, Ben Your Economy Isn't As Bad as This

Capitalism's Enemies Within

Dear Rich People …

George Soros Explains It All

The stimulus package sucks!

First it was the subprime crisis, then it was the SIVs....

Woman Jailed After Laughing Over Victim

A simple Thank You.

Fox host makes gay jokes at death of Heath Ledger

Ledger Mystery Deepens, Woman Made 2 Calls To Actress Before Calling 911

I know just how Jackie Broyles feels... wonderful Red State Update episode

Pirhana....apparently Joe agrees with you....

Would Biden serve at the pleasure of the President?

You guys FISA bill vote on C-Span NOW. I think Joe is there.

Guys -- here's a link to a live FISA discussion

WaPo congressional reporter on Joe:

I need your help! Please read and tell me if it makes sense

You guys, Dennis is dropping out

Biden has 2 new updates on his Senate site -

"Grieving and Anxiety about the Impending Losses" - Karen Bishop - January 24, 2008

Do you ever feel like your ESP is in overdrive?

What's my name

Yankees again set payroll record: $218.3 million

Danny Boy has chosen Jim Fassel as Redskins' next head coach.

The REAL list: "10 Best Quarterbacks Ever" (not compiled by ESPN assbags)

Gene Variant Is Said to Be Linked To Heart Attack and Prevention

Broccoli 'fights' heart disease (BBC)

Newborn's oxygen hood catches fire at hospital

Nebraska Legislation targets fat-dissolving procedure

A Little Regular Exercize Extends Men's Lives...(perhaps women too)

Gel 'to speed up wound healing' (BBC)

UK woes could impact Euro physics (BBC)

NY Times: ABC Drama Takes on Science and Parents

Hipster Intellectuals Who Believe in God

Secrets of bird flight revealed (BBC)

I hope this is ok to post here, i could use some advice.

Bird-like dinosaur forces rethink

The future of meat?

Tonight's dinner

question for you foodie chemists out there (yeah, Stinky, I'm looking at you)

More cookie talk - Hazelnut Cookies

Fossilised skull may end row over origin of 1.3bn Chinese

Winter haul out

PMA 2008: Camera Overdrive!

Fun with the squirrels.

18th century French theater

What do you think about UFO discussions on DU?

Is the word "Christian" positive, negative or neutral?

Colorado: governor calls for all-paper election

OH SOS Brunner Seeks Compromise w Elections Officials (on voting equipment)

Humboldt Dems' Subcommittee Advances HCPB Resolution

48 Hours in New Hampshire by Vickie Karp = It's the chain of custody, STUPID!

Breakdown at the Board (Bo Lipari) -OUTRAGEOUS!-

EXCLUSIVE: Kucinich Letter Cites Miscounts in NH, Requests State Carry Out 'Complete and Accurate Re

"Love thine enemies"

Six Questions for Mark Crispin Miller, Author of ‘Fooled Again’

HAVA +5 Years and Still NO Electronic Vote Counting in NY! (And no DREs planned.)


The Rabbit Hole

What Really Hit The Pentagon on 9/11, NOT Flight 77 757?

Wrongly imprisoned Dallas inmate joins push for forensic funds

Dallas police investigate death, missing gold teeth

The Saga of Senate District 10

A New Yorker piece that tries to be fair on "The Choice"

Elias's report of Arlington Town Democratic Comittee's meetig with O'Reilly

'Swift-boated' once, Kerry now helms Democrats' armada

comment from an SBVT supporter on JK's dkos diary

John Kerry in Arlington (again) - Elias again...

Must see TV (Video of Clinton Supporter Changing to Obama)

Interesting poll

To Kerry supporters who are backing Edwards in '08: This comment from JK tonight may interest you.

info from Coleen Rowley on the Telecom spying

Senate candidates and the DFL endorsement...

Lies & the Lying Liars Who Told Them

1/31 a Dr. speaks on the medical part of Torture

I have some CT. news for you all.

Snakes on a campaign!!! :)

ABC to cover Bill's questionable statements about Obama

Oliphant toons: Clintons v. Obama

New strawpoll up on Kos. Vote for Obama!!!

sorry to get into a pissing contest with my first post, but

Obama will be on Stephanopoulos this Sunday

you might want to vote in this poll..

Must see TV (Video of Clinton Supporter Changing to Obama)

Canada abandons UN anti-racism conference

Maxime Bernier has sex change!

A Cut And Paste Job

Canada halts transfers of Afghan prisoners

AlterNet: Canada's Child Soldier Problem


KOEB Meeting: 01/23/08 -- Can't We Just Vote Already? Edition

The DFA site is back up today

Vampira memorial

Any Bay Area DUers know why Stephanie Miller

KFI: Right wing talk hosts eating their own!

Peter Hain resigns from Cabinet

Here's a little irony I just discovered

Governor Doyle's State of the State Address

Great Editorial On Supreme Court Race (Wausau Daily Herald)

Newspaper Web sites draw record viewers

Murdoch says won't make all of online Wall Street Journal free; Fox "News" video free of charge now

Well its official: Michael Savage is batshit crazy

Well its official; Michael Savage is batshit crazy

Well, its official. Michael Savage is batshit crazy

Doing what I do best!

So, I have the flu, and one of my co-workers offered me a drug.

This doctor has some NERVE!!!11!!!