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Archives: January 25, 2008

So I was going on this Ski Trip with 20 other people, and some Nifnod cancelled

Whatever happened to ForrestSawyer?

Poll question: LynneSin vs. Midlodemocrat: Who would win in a fight with their tagteam dem candidat

Howdy, Orange County, NY!

Coverage of the Fl primary on MSNBC is going to be

Anonymous....Is this true?

Do you ever want to tell the pizza guy what a sexy voice

Cher - heads: Biography channel now!

Viagra, Anyone?

Speaking of inner children...

Celebrity Rehab. Can we talk?


Name one thing you did today to make life worse,

HELLO!!!! KNOCK KNOCK!!! Betty's on!!!!

So We're Watching "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"

My poor daughter

So We're Watching "Are You Smarter Than Northpawkicker

Hey, somebody posted a Lounge thread in GDP by accident...

Trek fans, which series had the better computer models/special effects?


I just got engaged!!!

It's three damn degrees here!!

Tailbone Injury. Can't Exercise, and I feel guilty.

maybe we should say

NEXT THURSDAY LOST!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!11

fo' shizzle?

Louis CK explains the reason for everything to his daughter

Can anyone help with an idea for a second soprano range solo

deleted on account of dumbness

Jeff Gannon question on Cash Cab

How many cloves are typically in one head of garlic?

213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to Do in the Army

Most underrated bands/artists

Just finished watching "El Arca."

Coping with Mortality?

I don't need a Led Zeppelin reunion

Anybody Interested In Standing Stones?

Who is your favorite famous quipster?

I turned 45 today. Ask me anything

Any qualified exercise or health instructors here at DU?

Screw Led Zepplin!! The mother of all reunions is taking place!!!

Huckabee still believes in the Easter Bunny

Any self righteous DUers care to

Hey.... I'm posting with a Blackberry!!!

Why is Huckabee reminding me of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty?

Do you ever click on your "bookmarks" and get totally surprised?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/24/08

Pearl Django

I should *not* have had that giant coffee at 8:30 tonight

BarenakedLady BIG HUG POST

OMG - Googlemaps are da bomb! I just discovered something quite by accident

Even the tomatoes say peace

WTF!?!?! what is this on this mans chin...

I fear I am fresh out of fuckwittery...

ZOMG!!!!111 Waaaaah! My copywrited ta ta thread got locked!

Does anyone know where I put my Dodo Bird feather hat?

Fuck all

What do you all think of Ellen Page in the movie Juno?

My Mexico contact is alive!

Oh boy it feels nice when its 11 degrees outside

SCREW Led Zeppelin!

In the unlikely event that anyone wants to talk to me

So this morning I went to check on my pork roast

GirlinCintempt and I are going to BATTLE to the DEATH over Primate1

Reposting a classic pic: Orange tabby cat trees black bear

That's it. I'm going to vote for Hypnotoad in the election!

Jim Boggia fans check in!

Favre's wife to be Quarterback

Play a comfortable song

Name one thing you did today to make my life better,

Who was your least favorite poster who got TS'd?

My farewell letter to my beloved West Hollywood ....

Would you date Drew Peterson?

I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with the "Caps Police."

Cell Phone Q: What to do about wrong # text messages?

New Bush Coins

I've just learned that I'm part of a family of direct descendants of the Pilgrims.

My son took his first step tonight. He's 11 months old.

What's your Bacon Number?

So, what do you think?


AFter the last couple of days I've had, we all need a SMILEY thread!

Really great movies without SEX or VIOLENCE!

You can help a DUer get a Penguin Book contract.

How to do The Robot!

Missing cat found in Luggage

The Ravages of Alcohol. BEFORE & AFTER Photos --->>>

Charlie Wilson's War - "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies..."

Jeanne Moost makes the Williard "Mitt" Romney - Williard the Ratman Movie Connection on CNN

About that economic stimulus package...

U.S. to Insist Iraq Grant It Wide Mandate in Operations

Am I wrong? . . Or is this "rebate" just an advance on our tax refund of '08?

How many People reading this know or care that Dem leaders are about to endorse warrantless spying?

Tom Delay.....When...

Gibson Apologizes For His Heath Ledger Death Comments

Judge Orders Bush Administration to Explain Evidence Handling in CIA Videotapes Case

Holy crap! GD: primaries is a toxic wasteland.

This is Why Kucinich Has Dropped Out...

Tom Delay .... what a smarmy smile. And why isn't he in jail?

Democrats need to re-learn how to be the opposition Party...

All you need to know about Ronald Reagan...

The Medicare "crisis"

If only the Democrats in congress were fighting Bush and the GOP...

Wolfowitz Picked for Arms Control Panel

Going bankrupt: The US's greatest threat

Help: Does anyone know about "Teacher Created Materials, Inc."

Hillary and Tracy Flick

$150Billion stimulus is less than one year in Iraq

The least among us get left behind again

George W Bush, White House told 935 lies after September 11

amazon . com thinks I need the GOP haters hand book

I just got engaged!!!

Is it or isn't the rebate a loan... ARGGHH!!! Shouldn't we know the answer?

Net body {ICANN} issues plea for liberty {from US gov't} (BBC)

Feeling Creative? "The Real State of the Union"

Soros: The Worst Market Crisis In 60 Years

We should be increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, not handing out more tax cuts!

Louisiana's new Governor already has an ethics investigation against him

More Proof That Cheney Is Absolutely Insane


Austin, Tx. - Laid back bastion of independence, liberalism and........surveillance cameras?

Don't Even Think About It - Enter the thought police. (Mother Jones)

An unthinkable question?

Some say the poor have yet to get over the *last* recession. That may not be true.

Why Ethanol Production Will Drive World Food Prices Even Higher in 2008

Hopefully this will put an end to Jindal's ethics special session and crusade

Another sign of inflation?

Are the Republican freaks having a debate on TV somewhere tonight?

Whatever happened to that imminent invasion of Iran?


Republicans do not deserve equal time for debates.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Favre's wife to be Quarterback

Gibson Addresses Ledger Comments on Big Story

What does the "Keith number" mean?

Oh my: George W. Bush: Fighting to the Finish

Years from now historians will look back at the Bush administration

The real enemy: Freeper losing his sh*t over 935 lies report

Can't we all just get along?

Subject: Biden-Brownback Legislation Passes Senate - Again

What does "right" and "left" mean?

my 122nd ltte re:the it up at the link,please :)

Neck Ties....have you noticed?

I dare you to do a Google image search of "stimulus package" with "safe-search" turned off. n/t

Has anybody here ever seriously considered running for elected office?

Hey Californians... Does This Look Familiar ???

I just now turned the tv on and who is on tweetys show

A giant crushing hand reaches down and strangles the infant

Britons' ID cards 'to be delayed' (BBC)

John Dean: The Dwindling Republican Business Base: It's the Economy, Stupid

Musharraf on "Western intellectual arrogance" and "totally absurd" allegations he can't be trusted

Child slave ring cracked

Have I Got This Straight ??? - Contempt Charges Against Members Of The Bush Administration Will...

French bank loses billions in employee fraud

Immunity from Breaking the Law (FISA discussion "a national damn embarrassment")

The Vampires amongst us....

guessing game...

This may sound heretical, but I wish Barak would attack HRC as sharply as Romney did tonight

I heard 2 guys today saying that a space rock had a 50/50 chance to hit on 1/29.

I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with the "Caps Police."

DANGER, Will Robinson!!! When the GOP Talks about Tradable Pollution Credits...

Can someone explain Romania's abortion policy to me?

FISA - REID: Will NOW Support Dodd's Filibuster (+Rockefeller Says Telecoms Are "Helpless")

Gates offers combat aid to Pakistan

Mittens doesn't want to say how much of his own money he has spent on his campaign

They threw out the walnuts on the stage...

Next GOP candidate to drop out?

Thank you Congess for the swell "stimulus"!

When Rudy talks close your eyes and tell me who you see

Conspiracy Theorist (X)

When will BILL O'REILLY stop trusting the Government so much? Think he will apologizes?

Caption Huckster & Walnuts ---pix--->>>

That's it. I'm coining a new word: Republichen

Tx. Supreme Court Justices in hot water - organized effort to bring them down?

The best stimulus plan would be to fix the broken health care industry

Time to put Kucinich in his place

Odd debate picture.. who's about to tackle St. Rudy of 911-iani

A picture worth a thousand words

Does "FREEDOM" mean: free to deceive, manipulate, oppress, blackmail,...

There is a fricken tornado warning in Los Angeles!!!

Have you known someone who made "headlines"?

Brylcream or Crisco

After watching the repub debate tonight, how many think Paul will run as an independent?

Why doesn't Tweety Matthews ever let his guests finish a sentence?

DU vrs DailyKOS

Three Pigs story ruled ‘offensive to Muslims’

Oh Geez! Who Knew These Freaks Were Debating Tonight? ---pix--->>>

Sucks sucks sucks... can't wait till the next pile of crap hits me

So- when the Democrat who gets elected takes office next year...

Great article on Bush in Harper's

DFA Allstars: A national DFA Congressional candidate contest, Winner gets 2 grand

Different colored licenses for DUI offenders?

Why Al Gore Is Not Running For President

Hooray! China is going to lend us each $300 to buy their stuff!

Colorado Republican Censured for Kicking Photographer During His Swearing In

"BIll Clinton saved the Democratic party"

Bill Nelson's office confused me totally today. I think my leg was pulled.

Bush administration paid $5M to Moussaoui tipster, colleagues wonder why

Disaster: Your Survival is at Stake. You have 15 minutes in a grocery store.

White House in panic over Sibel Edmonds?

Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks

'Git da rich.' OK, after you've gotten them, what?

Hillary is the Nike of national politics

Lehrer news Hr to have SC segment-dems. coming up

Voter Beware

Walker Texas Ranger vs. Rambo

Good News: 67% say Obama can unite America

ARG South Carolina Poll Jan 22/23: Obama 45% Clinton 36% Edwards 12%

Does anyone know what economy related ads are running in SC?

Kucinich focus is on running for Congress.

Three way race in South Carolina in new Clemson poll with 36% undecided

Would Impeachment Be Supported By Your Candidate, Should It Be Brought Up In The Next Few Weeks?

2008 presidential candidate questioned about Bush threats

Simple observation, just saying; I think late breakers will go to Clinton.

So my news choices are...

To the Kucinich Supporters:

Days after the 2004 election, at the Clinton library inaugural, Bill pulled Rove aside and said

Obama polarizes SC..Obama 38..Clinton 30

Casting The Primary Contenders

voted for kucinch in primary already Fla - big media has won by running him out of the race based on

Bill Clinton worked it so that his "Late-Nite Joke" negatives were positives

So did they sing the National Anthem before the Dem Debate?

Why the "shock" that Bill Clinton would do something so un-presidential as....

One small setback for a Congressman, one giant leap backwards for America

Bill Clinton was not the first BLACK President but.....

NBC/WSJ National Poll: Who's most electable? Clinton 51% Obama 29%

Who here will likely end it all if their candidate doesn't win the nomination?

Hillary does better than Obama against republicans.......the polls were just on countdown

Atleast Obama did something to fix the Bankruptcy Bill.

Kucinich Voter here...

Are you guys done yet???

OK don't kill each other while I'm gone.

During the Clinton years, America was divided along party lines, now they divide us along racial

Clinton is done if she comes in 3rd in SC

I'm feeling much better about GDP....

This is not a prediction about an Obama running mate

Should I go to the caucuses?

Support for Obama among the base makes no sense

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/24/08 - Clinton and Obama unchanged, Edwards up 1

So, Obama's got national buys on both CNN and MSNBC now.

To which Democrat ic President would you associate Edwards, Obama, and Clinton... *SC calls by 9PM Friday*

I am very dubious of this NYT endorsement story.

"You're lying about my record!"

I have a lot of friends that are going to vote for Ron Paul

Any other Philly Obama Supporters on DU?

ELECTABILITY: "You represented inner city slum lords" or "No I didn't praise Reagan, read my words!"

Pastor MIKE 17 points behind Romney, 5 points behind RUDY...RUDY???: Huck'n'Chuck are F**k'd

Obama wants US "To Turn the Page"... To what--it's BLANK?

Years from now historians will look back at the Bush administration,

John Edwards should sit down and ...

Super Tuesday Won't Decide Nominations

One point about Zogby's 1 day sample showing Edwards in 2nd Place

Hillary speech c-span2

You know when the pendulum stops, is suspended for a second, then changes direction?

Tax cuts.


McCain would be Bush on steroids and Rudy would be a tyrant..

Obama does the Late Show Top Ten Tonight

I love the fact that RadarOnline scooped Drudge on New York Times Hillary endorsement

Kucinich will still get our votes in February. Why?...

LINK to New York Times endorsement of Hillary Clinton

From the first day I started supporting Kucinich, I knew it would end this way.


I've always had a soft spot for liberal country lawyers . . . Abe Lincoln, Clarence Darrow,

NARAL defends Obama on abortion - - "Sens. Clinton, Edwards, and Obama are fully pro-choice."

FUCK HUCKABEE, he just alluded to democrats being drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps

Are you a DFAer, are voting for the DFA ALLStars ? Vote 4 Tom Wyka for DFA ALLSTAR

John McCain Just Defined The 2008 GOP Narrative

Combined National Polling - Obama overall most competitive again McCain/ and all others

for those not watching the repube debate, Guiliani just 9/11nd without saying 9/11

The Late Show with Barack Obama - doing Letterman's Top Ten Tonight

NY Times Endorses Hillary and Criticizes Clintons Campaign Tone

Carville and BEgal banned from CNN until after primaries

My Prediction By The November Election...

My prediction: Kucinich voters will not all vote in one block

Moral issue

Breaking: NYT to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Did I hear Begala on Rachel's show...talking about white Christian Republicans

9/11niani just said he'd lulled everyone

****OFFICIAL PURGING WITH THE PUKES (Rudy's Last Stand) - Round 3****

Video of Chelsea campaigning for her mom (she finally speaks for those that never heard her voice)

Obama Winning Spin War Over Who's Victim In Campaign

The best way to watch the Repug Debate is to change TV settings to black and white

The 2008 Dem Ticket Will Be Clinton/Obama

Peoples fave saying" insanity is doing the same thing and expting a different result"

The Repukes are Done......Anyone watching this debate?

Sounds like the Republicans are looking forward to running against Hillary Clinton tonight.

I am enjoying Sen Clintons speech now on cspan2--talking of the economy

Republican Debate Tonight: The Thunderdome of Stupid

Am I imagining things, or are GD:P posters disproportionately no-stars?

Mitt Romney is a pod person. I mean honestly!

Obama's Top 10 from tonight's Letterman (spoiler)

NY Times endorse Hillary = Bad luck

NYT calls on Hillary to change tone of campaign, scolds Bill for "overheated comments"

Three Primary Reasons I feel Hillary would be more electible than Obama

CNN: "Bill Clinton is kind of the LINEBACKER here trying to PROTECT the Quarterback"

Tweety vision.

Democrats squabble but offer no solution to war and economic crisis

Wow. It's HOT in this forum. Check in here for a drink and a breather!

XPost: DANGER, Will Robinson!!! When the GOP Talks about Tradable Pollution Credits...

Doesn't it strike anyone else as complete insane that saying someone is Muslim is a smear?!!!


The more I see of the Republicans, the more I believe HC could beat any one of them.

I just got back from the State Party caucus training, ask me anything!

I know who won the debate tonight.

Cool Edwards, Letterman photo

The Puke debate proved this election is going to be about national security first

Thank you NY TIMES!!!

The media tells you the Clinton's are meanies!!!

Does anyone have Zogby's polls out on FRIDAY the 25th on SC

Who Won the Republika Debate?


The last time I saw such a sorry line-up was when I watched NYPD Blue.

Senator Obama will be doing the Top Ten list tonight! Tune into CBS at 11:35 EST.

Watching the GOP Debate and I have to compliment them on one thing

Obama on Letterman Tonight

This may sound heretical, but I wish Barack would attack HRC as sharply as Romney did tonight

Did you see Bernstein on AC360?

After the Republican debate tonight, looks like a 4-way tie for last place. nt

My Comcast Page Just Said NYT Endorsed Clinton! I Don't Have

Clinton closing in on Obama in SC? Only 8pts difference.

Did you get Rommney giving Obama's Republican ideas comment

Tweety is obsessed with the Clinton's

I stand with Senator Clinton

I saw Obama in North Charleston, SC tonight

IMO, Sen Bill Clinton of NY has a nice ring to it. Contact the Gov of NY and

An open letter of thanks to the Honorable Dennis Kucinich...

Guess General Hillary is now our candidate

Bill O'Reilly can't quit John Edwards

STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! PLEASE stop tearing each other apart over who played the race card first!!!

****OFFICIAL falling asleep because of this god-awful and unpleasantly boring debate-Thread 4****

Arizona Republic Op-Ed: Clinton Crossfire

Clinton camp: Obama campaign "kneecapping" us

"Bill Clinton in the White House with nothing to do"

Predict the nominees for President and Vice-President

My prediction: Kucinich voters will go to Clinton

Obama about to deliver Top Ten list on Letterman

SurveyUSA: Obama leads Clinton by 12% among women in SC

Contrary to media spin, there are a lot of white people in SC supporting Obama, and Hispanics too!

Clyburn: Bill Clinton May Be Damaging His Reputation

Obama's 17 year relationship with SLUMLORD REZKO

Watching Chuck - I Flipped To MSNBC During A Commercial - Did Anybody Else Hear Whispering When.....

NYT Hillary endorsement mentions that the NYT was "always against the Iraq War"

What is KNPnta? Inquiring minds here want to know! n/t

Obama and Edwards supporters: a political strategy consideration question

Obama's $300,000 question: Rezko?

CNN Bans Carville & Begala Till Primary Over


Clinton Campaign Trashes Clinton, Iowa Hotel Room

Why do Clinton haters love Obama?

NBC/WSJ Poll (national): McCain: 46% Clinton 44%; McCain: 42% Obama 42%

The 2008 Dem Ticket Will Be Obama/Webb

Hey DU! Let's lead these candidates to the REAL ISSUES!!


Anybody just hear Russert as they went to break in the Rethug debate. "See this?" "unbelievable"

Something I learned about Tony Rezko

Bill isn't running, his record is

The New York Times "STRONGLY" endorses "BRILLIANT" Hillary Clinton

These debate threads have really renewed my faith in DU.

Dead Man Walking

Interesting comments from NYT endorsement of Hillary

GOP Debate: "The Democrats Voted for it too" re the Iraq War- Why We need a Candidate who didn't!

Gotta Go To Bed Now... Apparently Seeing Strange Things...

Santa Cruz Sentinel Endorses Obama.

Remember the story Edwards told about the mother in Kansas City?

So did Ghouliani propell himself to a first place finish in FL or was this his last stand?

Come On, MSM - Just DO IT!!!

After the primaries - how good (or not) will our make-up sex be?

An email to a friend in response to Vote Republican propaganda

Why Do YOU Support Senator Clinton? Forget Groupthink

Hillary has lost my support.

Handy Guide on how Obama-Rezko issue has already been fully vetted by Chicago media

How do you know when you might have "White Coat Anxiety"?

What have I been drinking?

Anybody drawing up rules for this year's State Of The Union Drinking Game?

Medical History of American Presidents

Dolphins blowing rings

I miss southlandshari

I went to the beach today and didn't even think about who was running for president..

i'll help you back up again

I miss George Harrison and I'm posting this

Great old tunes!

Some patented lounge vibes needed please...

I am drunk right now

I'm debating on wether to like apologize now...

What's Happenin' Lounge?

Poll question: Would you date Drew Pearson?

Nice fishie!

So Star Trek sucks, does it?

Good Morning Lounge!

So I finally watched Brokeback Mountain again last night

I think my daughter has a future in politics

Thank you to whomever it was who donated mah big ole golden star.

Myspace invitation

What does this here Obama fella have that I aint got????

Rutles or Spinal Tap?

The English language needs a new verb that means to know, or be acquainted with, someone on the

Post next to a naked person.

Old timer links to DU flamewars, contentious arguments, entertaining fights, etc...?

Who would win in a showdown of great strengths: Obama Kool-aid drinker Zombies or Lee Mercer Jr.

Teen takes on donor's immune system

Separated at birth?

Nicknames for Hillary?

"Physics is like sex. Sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it." - R. F

Most overrated sex encounter you have had in the last 3 years

So, who would win in this troll fight?

So I was lying in bed thinking about loss...

So I was lying in bed thinking about floss...

5 minutes to the week-end.

Did anyone see Obama deliver his "Top Ten Campaign Promises" on Letterman last night?

A question for the women here: What do you think men are looking at?

MidloDem vs. Zozosmom in a cage match! Who would win?

"I didn't ask/expect anything from you. nt"

I'm waiting for someone to post a thread that asks: "Who SHOULD get tombstoned?"

My High School Psychology Teacher Said The Most Profound Thing In My Mind I've Ever Heard

self delete (posted to wrong forum) nt

Time-waster here! Could be addictive

an all over the place rant.....

I have a spot on my nose!

Taladhega Nights...

Need info on instramental version of "Comfortably Numb" used on Mike Malloy

A Day At The Office (Graphic Cartoon)

History of America, 2000-Present

"Pearls Before Swine" is damned funny today

So from your own experience with both, how is sex like physics?

Can I be frank?

I have a sore tooth so I just popped a Vicodin 750 at work....

Idiot Sightings!

Girls Who Loved Beatles and the Beatles Who Hated Them, "Them" Being "Beatles".

So what's everyone doing for "Have Fun at Work" Day?

I have HAD IT UP TO HERE with the "Caps Police."

There is a noise outside... a VERY LOUD NOISE... that is about to make me go postal



Did anyone here have or give a "standing O"

Well, now BOTH my daughter and I are all up in the house with disease!

Is this light switch sacred or profane?

Happy Ending

I swear this is the funniest joke I've ever heard...

Joke here

Patented Lounge Vibes For My Dad Please

Star Wars guide to the canidates

Most Over-Rated Bonds (looking for sacred cows here, too)

Who else saw that photo of a human-like figure on Mars?

Mites and mold are all up in my house with disease

Colbert rocks the strike.

I would bounce them today but I am too busy talking to Ralph!

What Offends You?

Nobody puts Bunny in the Corner

So I was lying in bed thinking about hoss....

When is Parche going to open the Bar?

Don't screw with the AttacKats

simply question. what is iblt mean?

Anybody know how to burn a youtube vid to cd? Help a sister out.

"I'll spend it on purses and shoes,” she said. “I would not feel guilty one bit.”

Christ! Who's calling me NOW?

Who told me to eat that cheeseburger from McDonald's for lunch?

My screenplays. In one of which I shamelessly lionize Autorank and TIA.

Thank You

How many posts does it take for the thread icon to burst into flame?

Anyone here get the flu shot?

Nice post, Sebastian Cabot

My new fave Deleted post ...

Who let the dogs out?!

I have a sore throat and I look like crap but I'M GOING OUT tonight!

How many threads have you hidden today?

Meet the Spartans... you know it had to happen sooner or later.

Hoss and Sebastian Cabot appear in a potato

I just had to let all of you know!

useless information: total component cost of an iPod touch...

Craiglist: Star Wars Guide to the Candidates

Sebastian Cabot reacts after hearing Peggy drop the F Bomb

Does anyone here have Blu-ray?

Who farted?

OK So Who Has Me On Ignore?

They took the trans fat out of Krispy Kremes

I can't believe that I have to get up at 6:30 am

The Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas is on fire

Jesus Appears In Potato

Hey, guess what? A circuncision thread over in GD. Can a breastfeeding thread be far behind?

How uncanny is this?

Bobby Fischer's final bizarre act

So from your own experience with both, how is sex like eating a baked potato.

Does anyone here play Boo-ray?

"Watch The Name Calling Bub"

Really great movies with SEX or VIOLENCE!

What's your SPAM?

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Airline Ticket Generator.

Has anyone seen billy pilgrim lately?

The bar is open

The Butt Bar is open.

My Dad Is Out Of Recovery/Talked To Him On The Phone

The chicken or the egg?

What's that casino that's burning to the ground in LV right now? The Monte Carlo?

So---Is Temeah the Mapplethorp of the Lounge? Brilliant but unappreciated?

There is something wrong with Presidents' names.

What's the ratio of amount you spend on alcohol vs amount you spend on gasoline?

Are nerds always the better people?

If finches are vegetarian is this reporter's lunch vegan?

Your thoughts on a poem I'm working on for class.

"It Never Rains In Southern California"

All one has to do to get a chuckle is to read the post titles!

I've just learned that I know bupkis about genealogy.

MST3K crew returns!

Anybody besides me feeling downright EVIL tonight? Check in here.

Some useless info

SHOCK picture thread... or 1001 ways to abuse Photoshop

I'm nearing 24 000 posts. Missed my 20 000 milestone so I'll celebrate now.

Anyone here take the "Activia Challenge"?

Crikey! 500 tons of mosquitos eaten in one night by one cave worth of bats.

All ready for the semester! I am so OCD...

Woman Accused Of Using Pit Bull As Weapon

Which is more expensive per pound?

Test... 1... 2... 3

Ok, it looks like if you put YOURSELF on Ignore...

Best (or ANY for that matter) *FREE* xvid/avi -> dvd software, PLEASE?

Charlie bit my finger - again

Happy Birthday to meeee......

I can't stop

Funniest Threadlock in recent times!

Anybody ever ship cats over long distances?

Why did the Chicken cross the road ?

Ding-dong, the job is done!

Nice post Reagan!

Courtesy of the boys at Fark: A listing of regional pizza styles.

I've just learned that I'm part of a family of direct descendants of the Cavemen

where is Retrolounge's poetry thread?

32,000 Barbies, 2 million plastic beverage bottles, 11,000 jet trails,, 426,000 cell phones

DU admins. know how we vote in polls ... What other powers do they have? Can they see us nekkid?

Vibes and hugs for all...

Please send healing vibes...

It's Official..

The Bar Is OPEN... Butt..

Who is your favorite TV mom?

Is Anyone Comfortably Numb?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 1/25/2008)

A question for auto mechanics?

I am SO fucking getting jiggy with it tonight.

and we were sober

A Day At The Mall......(graphic cartoon)

So from your own experience, how is sex like riding a bike?

This just in from Jack Chick - Cancer is caused by demon-related stress

Fuck yeah, it's Derby Season!

I present you the luckiest kangaroo in the Universe

I'll be happy to kick all the mites and mold out of my house!!!

Bi/Multi-linguals...Answer me this:

man accused of electrocuting wife during sex

Just poured myself my first Vesper of the evening

And the Winner is - (my dear) California Peggy!!!

100 posts ... yippee!!!

One of my rescue pups could REALLY use some Lounge vibes today.

Minnesota Twins sign 2006 MVP Justin Morneau to long term deal...

Stupid Flanders

Is calling someone a sexist cow also sexist?

Lederhosen Dance Generator.

Britain’s freakiest wives appear on new TV show

Looking for some good descriptions of swamp/marsh/bayou type terrain

I plan to see "There Will Be Blood" tonight... anybody see it yet?

What kind of animal that you're not "supposed" to eat would you not mind eating anyway?

Question about unemployment.

LSK vs Lynnesin in a tollbooth battle to the death

I suggest you guys pray for Thomcat tonite: we are having dinner AGAIN

Your all time BEST/WORST Concert experiences......

SEINFELD fans, I need help...

If you really want impeachment PM your naughty pics to GOPSUX

I got you a present.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I can't find the DU Glossary...

That's it! I'm going to watch Puppy Bowl IV instead of Super Bowl XLII

"Freddy the Hater" to picket the Oscars!

This Week's Newsweek Cover...

Senate Looking at Endowments as Tuition Rises

tornado warning for Malibu CA - if yer in that area, better duck...

Why the Center for Public Integrity study matters

Air America Program "Clout" Maddening And Frightening

How Do You Stay Strong, Informed, And Sane These Days?

Golden Gate to Health Care for All? San Francisco's New Universal-Access Program (New Eng Jour Med)

E. L. Doctorow on writing: Charlie Rose tonight

Friends don't let friends post drunk!

how in Gods name can the GOP freaks call for de-regulation?????

Tax cuts, Deregulation and Rebates...

Help ! what does this mean

For those who smoke pot regularly or semi regularly do you guys actually go to a "dealer"??

Picture the BudLite Beer can crashing on the Oval Office..MEN WILL BE MEN...BUSH = WIMP

Kucinch is out. What's next for Kucinch supporters?

Q) What's worse than "Tax & Spend Liberals?"...

A rare tornado in Southern California: Wow!

What Our Top Spy Doesn't Get: Security and Privacy Aren't Opposites

It's clear from the GOP debate tonight that Russert is a Republican.

George Galloway shows disrespect to his old party

"Bush speech to have few new ideas"--Oh, really?

'Family' Is Fastest-Growing Homeless Category (avg apt requires $16/hour wage in Orlando)

Let War Resisters Stay in Canada

Shrub's favorite painting and why it doesn't mean what he thinks it means...bwahahahaha

what will this be like: "FORMER PRESIDENT George W. Bush"?

Preventing TELCO IMMUNITY tabled!

The Great Iraq War Architect Wolfowitz picked for arms control panel

Swami Beyondananda’s State of the Universe Address

Otis Air Force base on Cape Cod will close. Guess what the

Funniest thing about NYT endorsement

Kucinich to Introduce Impeachment of Bush Before State of the Union January 28

Cable Co. empties 14,000 e-mail accounts

Bill Gates Issues Call for a Benevolent Capitalism

The Danse Macabre of US-Style Democracy

Robert Callahan is an odd choice for US ambassador to Nicaragua

Larry Johnson: Senator McCain, Meet General Casey

C & L: Romney as Eddie Haskell

So, let me get this straight - sending out a check for 600-1200.00 is going to solve all

Americans Mistake Afghan Police for Taliban; 10 Killed

The "Stimulus"

Check Out This Site The Center For Public Integrity

Presidential Roadblock:Sorely Needed Economic Stimulus Package Leaves Many Americans Out in the Cold

So, the rebate plan is $600 per person, but if there's two of you you get $1200!

Hey mc cain you dumb shit, leaving a disaster is NOT surrender.

"If he can't control his own family, he can't control the country."

"Relief" That Sucks 166 Million Out of the Already-in-the-Red US Treasury?

The Fall of Romerica: What were the causes?

Wolfowitz appointed chairman of arms-control advisory panel at State Dept.

Wanted: Predictions for the IMPEACHMENT/SOTU

Let me get this straight.....

Resegregation of U.S. schools deepening

Gates: Troops Could go to Pakistan

THE New York Times endorses Hillary and McCain-to what effect?

Ever notice the prick McCain says he wants us to vote for him?

French Bank Rocked by Rogue Trader $7.2 Billion in Losses On a Quiet 31-Year-Old

President Bush in the electric chair.

2008 Candidate Guide (Toon)..

"General Hillary"?

US troops will be gone within 10 years, says Iraqi minister


WTF is wrong with Joe Scarborough?

FAUX Noise still cheerleading for GWB - Fighting To The Finish

Mitt Romney is being touted as the candidate with BUSINESS skills. Excuse me...

Here is our pResidents Job reference... for Managing thr Economy >>Link>>

Thinking beyond "left" and "right": The Political compass

NYT: Wolfowitz Returns to U.S. Government as Adviser

It is FUCKING raining like shit here!

Proposed law would allow students to carry guns

Today's Lionel Show on Air America Radio is a "don't miss"

Drunk Driver Who Ran Over, Killed, then Mocked Gay Cyclist Gets 10 years

I have the answer – I can stimulate the economy

Bush’s Iraq plan may be unconstitutional.

CIA InterrogationTape Forum on C-SPAN3 @ 12 noon ET

How many people read the topic forums?

"The Gonzales 8"-Explosive Evidence of Abuse-Rove & Bush At Center (Scott Horton)

I'll take the high road and not use the word "douchebag" with this PIC

We have the option of hiding Lounge threads from the *Latest* page but wouldn't it be nice if...

So how much is Jay Rockefeller being paid by by the telecommuncation biz?

I'm disabled, if I thoght this scheme would work I'd be yelling for mine too

...a "tree hugger, a bicyclist, a Frenchman and a gay guy...

Broadcast Exclusive: Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Samuel Provance Speaks Out...

Hey did anyone hear Franklin Delano Huckabee at last night's debate talking about

If government is like a giant gift exchange...

how do you NOT extend unemployment benefits in a recession???

So we are now $600 to $1200 whores? I'm shocked...

Little Pink haired Girl & Vet dissed by Mean Mitch McConnell - update


Democratic Leadership -- Lucy, Me -- Charlie Brown

The price of heating fuel where I Live is $3.53 per gal for #1 heating fuel

I decided to go over to CSPAn this morning to see what is on, and this is on their home page

Help me with this... Why are "poor" people the problem, and not the Credit mafia?

Pilot Proves Air Force Explanation not Viable

Mississippi Plans to Spend Katrina Housing Funds on Port Expansion

Hillary vs McCain? We’ll lose BIG

This sicko get's confinement for just 100 days and get's to stay in the Army.

What Happened w/ FISA Bill Yesterday?

Who's voice was that? at MSNBC's Republican debate Jan. 24

Interrogator: Invasion Surprised Saddam (Saddam lied about WMD to scare Iran?)

The Rude Pundit: The Republican Debate: No Sound, No Fury, Nothing Signified

Don't drop the soap!

General concern about politicians and elections

Ahead for Heating Oil Users: a Record-Shattering Winter

I thought Mitt's "Bill Clinton in the WH" joke came off really BAAAD

Skeletor: Thread Level Against Airlines Remains High

Blessed Mike of God (Huckabee)

The Pill Protects Against Cancer

Sheldon Whitehouse on Senate floor speaking about Fisa. He is so good.

c-span 1pm Reid and Pelosi at Nat. Press Club

Court Declines To Hear Abortion-Files Case (Clinic does not have to turn over records)

Walter Pincus: U.S. Cannot Manage Contractors In Wars, Officials Testify on Hill

The Return Of The Rockefeller Republicans?

ice gone in 5 years - and in those 5 years, what?. . . . . .

Why Pelosi and Reid were chosen as leaders?

FISA debate in Senate on C-SPAN 2 now

New way to clean your screen

Posh Conn. Prep School up in arms over Rove's selection as commencement speaker

The Inflation Adjusted Economy

Man faces charges over nooses on truck

Pakistan's Musharraf Says No US Troops

CNN talking about sending troops to Pakistan

Sports and Conservative Radio in Massachusetts

BREAKING: Hillary "surrenders" to Al Qaeda...according to Sen. Wanna-run-against-Hillary McCain

which candidate will deal with climate change the best?

Jesus Appears In Potato

Peggy Noonan-Bush destroyed the GOP

Kettle Thief Ordered To Spend Night Homeless

"Our prayer is to go to the door one day and no one's there. That's our prayer,"

An answer to the WMD question..If they had them they would have used them

Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA) Spending Over a Million on Lawyers

The rebate is a sick, and twisted joke on the poor!

Wolfowitz is back - do we need a silver bullet to stop him?

So like; I have a question...

CIA Says Pervez Musharraf Killed Benazir Bhutto

What do retirees on Social Security get in the way of a refund?

Leahy & the Senate Judiciary on CSpan2 now. . .if you're interested..

Stop thinking of the rebates as "them buying us off"

Do you have a job for this person?

If you nwere to ask a Republican, "What Republican Program are you most proud of?"

A little morning humor about ALL the candidates

DOMESTIC SPYING: Like FBI, CIA Has Used Secret 'Letters'

Joel Pett on our mortgage crisis, and corporate greed

Dodd up on the Senate floor now

Bill Clinton Falls Asleep During Martin Luther King Speech

Disgusting, filthy Islamophobic email I received from a relative of mine

Why do you think conservative Xians and fundies hate homosexuals so much?

Did anyone else notice the HUGE blunder by McCain ?When he was asked about his inexperience on econo

Seriously, should I tell my young co-workers that they need to

DOW dumping...

SC dock workers - worth remembering on primary eve.

Economic stimulus package is a "bipartisan victory"? What About the Needy?

Egypt Reseals Gaza Border

What do you want to bet there's people gambling in the lobby of

Smoking may protect against Parkinson’s

Fast food is making me fat.

can someone explain to me why these dipshits still say the Iraq war was a good idea???

In other news....Queen thanked for WW2 bananas 65 years on

Power of Focus on the Family dwindling

Yikes - people watching the fire in 'Vegas

Anybody know how to burn a youtube vid to cd? Help a sister out.

Henry Kissinger at the World Economic Forum on CSPAN1 NOW....

Carter's Sunday School lessons a big draw

Pakistan Tests Nuclear Capable, Medium Range Missile

Isn't it amazing how as soon as the national media gets

election year dramatics

Amish schools not exempt from (fire) inspection anymore

My screenplays. In one of which I shamelessly lionize Autorank and TIA.

The End of Privacy

Make $87,000. and need $600 to stimulate the economy????????

Excellent chance Democrats will gain seats in House

Shrub sure is trying to do the two-step before his last SOTU address

Students Challenge Rove Commencement Speech

Las Vegas Casino Burning

Saw a clip of Romney on A Daily Show last night

Quit asking whether waterboarding is torture, dammit.

Reid to Bush" Extend FISA or Go Without It "

Senators question $5M reward

Some secret car compartments may be banned (WTF?)

Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Samuel Provance "That’s when I really knew-the cover-up was in full swing"

Man Arrested After Remarks To Cheney

Is the Iraq War an EMERGENCY or ISN'T IT?

Ex-lawmaker indicted for income tax evasion Ga. R

Three US Reps. flying over Iraq in a Black Hawk helicopter got quite a scare

Bush mistakenly compares himself to a horse bandit.

And the market is down 171 for today....

Do you use Google Alerts?

Huffington on Woodward & Russert...

Is it possible to hide the GD:Primary Greatest Page threads?

Pit bull mix honored as hero - scared away a San Jose woman's attacker

Looks Like Rudy Sleeps Easier Tonight-Fox NewsCorp Settles Judith Regan Lawsuit

Senate Poised to Capitulate to Cheney’s Fear-Mongering

AVX might target air base

The GOP Will Have to Steal the Next Election Because They Cannot Win it

Phil Giraldi chats about Sibel Edmonds

Call out the bomb squad! It’s a vibrator ROFL!

Can anyone tell me what would constitue a "Win" in Iraq?

So Rep John Boner R-OH Says That Extending Unemployment Ins Is Pork?

What change is inevitable anyway, no matter who is elected?

Imus Sued Over Radio Spots. Advertiser claims host disparaged their own commercials.

Here's a great idea to stimulate the economy....Credit card interest limits

Santorum overheard repeatedly trashing McCain on train ride

The lowdown on topsoil: It's disappearing (Threat rivals global warming)

Puke Rep's daughter hits security guard across face with her high heel shoe

Romney’s Bain Capital Profited Through Offshore Tax Havens,

Man Plans Battered Husband Defense In Wife's Slaying

Johnson v. M'Intosh: The Christian right of colonization

dupe; please delete

Anti-UN County issues threat to feds

If enough DUer's get together, can we get someone kicked off this

Harry Reid just "talked tough" on FISA in a press conference CSpan1

Why is a national catastrophic PROPERTY insurance plan okay, but health care not?

Maybe ending the slaughter of horses in US has had some bad consequences.

From: "Erin Bowser, Environment Ohio ... = Subject: This election should be about the issues!

Please unfreep this poll on Karl Rove vs Stephen Colbert

There is only one legitimate way to stimulate any economy

State of the Union draft.

What the hell is Harry Reid talking about?

Why do conservatives hate John MCain?

Sign of the times....

Bush Plan for Iraq Would Be a First...Constitutional Issues Raised

Novel idea for responding to Bush's SOTU message

Fake guns may become illegal (BB guns, stage props, etc)

***RADICAL FRINGE TOON*** Friday 1/25

CIA behind supernote counterfeiting? Now McClatchy questions this too!

Here's where we stand on the FISA bill according to Dodd's guy Tim Tagaris

Assholes Without Borders: Driver Who Killed Teen Sues for Damage

Builders? Destroyers? Judging by the results since 1950...and more so, the past 7

Evangelical guide: Romney 'acknowledged' Mormons aren't Christian

WW2 Polish troops secret weapon? A smoking and drinking 250lb BEAR

Subway hero to State of the Union (Cool story alert)

A headline I never thought I would see...Man, 72, loses bridge privileges after ham seized


how will you spend your tax rebate check?

Some Modern Scientific Perspectives on Marijuana

FISA: Harry Reid is crying wolf! He is outraged that the republicans will

6 Surefire Ways to Buy Pesticide-Free Organics on a Budget

Hey, you guys may hate me but

Tell Harry Reid No Immunity For The Telecommunications Companies

To Coin a Phrase: The Great GrieferBaiter

A 12-Step Program for America!

I think my sisters hubby just lost his job...He has been there 25+ years more businesses closing...

Has Rudy gotten physically uglier?

Stimulus Bill Update - Kennedy wants to put back what Pelosi gave away

Boehner calls extended unemployment benefits "pork" & the Senate Dems who want them "irresponsible"

Bush Is ‘Really Reflecting On His Place In History,’ Trying To ‘Equate Himself’ With Lincoln'

Senator Leahy's "Batman" Cameo with Heath Ledger

the running joke "why do you hate America"

Electile Dysfunction (thanks to DUer peekaloo)

Dog Tethering Now Illegal In Fort Worth

How many Republican Senators and Reps have announced they won't seek re-election? NT

Exxon guns for all-time profit record

Drive-by Recommendations...

Breaking: Massive fire at the Monte Carlo Hotel

I think Romney was coached on Russert's Questions before the Debate...

A Democratic Coup D'etat in Turkey? (Sibel Edmonds' efforts affecting arrests in Turkey?)

Viet Nam Veterans, Please Help Me Understand: How could a Viet Nam Vet be so conservative

Are people really this F&*!&*^$ stupid? It appears some are...

Teen Accused Of Plot To Hijack Airliner, Crash Into 'Hannah Montana' Concert

ALL DAMN "funny" romney's Clinton joke was...

Good news about my mother

Al Gore could have put a stop to all of this bullshit.

Does the $600 have to be paid back, or just taxed as income?

Least we forget - Casualties, MIAs & POWs in Iraq

Why Interest Rates May Rise, Regardless of What the Fed Does

A poem by my niece, worth any ten of my parodies

Kucinich needs help: not primary issue

Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks, Part Deux: An Explanation

will the candidates destroy Homeland Security as soon as sworn in?

20 top jobs of 2008 according to AOhell

We can stimulate the economy in a HUGE way quite easily... IMPEACH

Slain Marine's Remains Escorted Home (Maria Lauterbach)

The hospital just discontinued my mother's treatment.

As the week ends, I'd rather have Heath Ledger alive and forego the $600 bucks.

If this doesn't scare the living shit out of you...

Sylvester Stallone- McCain Supporter-- is a troop-hating COWARD.


Daniel Ellsberg: Bush & Cheney "Want TOTAL Power"-"I Think We NOW Have A King"

It snowed in Baghadad and in Southern warming?

Damn folks....did you notice?

Got this chain letter about the pledge and I did a dumb thing

"Romney Cheats With an Earpiece!"

Official Happy Birthday Randi Thread (In Advance)

I got a feeling that we are about to win the Iraq war

Blame Canada!

Caption *

It's official, smoking bans are bad for business

What's great about your town?

TOON: Chris Matthews ---->

Who are all the folks that can afford to watch C-Span and post on DU all day?

If society has "issues" with food stamps for poor people, there IS a better way

Obesity: The Poor Don't Need more Food Stamps

*Our* governor is prettier than *your* governor!

Today’s Headlines

Ore. Court: Boy Has Say in Circumcision

Alcohol is worse than marijuana

Let's really stimulate the economy fast.

IMO, Sen Bill Clinton of IL has a nice ring to it. Contact the Gov of IL and

Romney is starting to "single white female" Reagan. Wrong on so many levels

Obama should let edwards win sc on Hillary Lying about Rezko/Obama ties: "That's untrue."

When Brian Wms. told Romney he was the least liked of all the candidates, he

ah nevermind

E.J. Dionne: Clinton's Depressing Assault on Obama (Washington Post)



Obama's white support cut in half in a week in South Carolina

Watch John Edwards New Commercial here... and Make A Contribution To Put It On In SC!

Clinton Fundraiser Norman Hsu Indicted By Grand Jury On 15 Counts

Is it just me, or the hatred some people have for either Obama or Hillary...

Obama 05: reshape strategy into an aggressive and workable plan that will ensure success in Iraq

For a GOOD Laugh, Turn on the GOP Debates on MSNBC

Boston Globe: Bill Clinton- Statesman or hatchet man?

New SC Poll: O 38; C 30; E 19

I think what Edwards wants is a guarantee of a Supreme Court nomination

FlaDems To DNC: We're Voting. Deal With It. - 300,000 dems have already voted early

New Reuters/Zogby Poll: Obama 38%, Hillary 25%, Edwards 21%

When Billy Clinton praised Reagan directly

If Obama is the next President, will he end up like Bill Clinton?


I missed the debate tonight; can someone give me the smilie synopsis?

Ask Al Gore to support Edwards

Disaffected Republicans, please check in HERE!

Don't you just LOVE these "poll wars"?

Losing Ugly---John Edwards will not be President

Friendly Reminder for Edwards Supporters...Native Son Ad

Bill Nelson's office told me a fib today. I don't know why.

Two new polls have Romney ahead of McCain in FL--what will this mean for the pundits

Zogby Thursday Only Numbers: Obama 36% Clinton 31% Edwards 19%

S.C. Primary Allows ANYONE To Vote In Dem Primary Who Did Not Vote In The Repub Primary...

Clinton and McCain endorsed by the New York Times

I dislike the pandering and platitudes from Obama

Obama straight up lying about Rezko - "Nobody knew, Nobody had an inkling "

Hmmmm .... Neocons Attacking Edwards

WaPo: Black America Feels the Sting of Ex-President's Comments

Video of Romney being coached during the debate

"Anything But Straight: Obama's Tightrope Act"


Bigotry Should Disqualify a Presidential Candidate

Jon Stewart was great. How the media reported on Romney and B. Clinton

Why do so many people who know the Clintons well, and who one

The polls in SC are narrowing. It's entirely possible that

Barack Obama will NOT be Vice Presidential Candidate for Hillary

Hillary as 'shrub lite'

Thankfully, I have the luxury of NOT having to vote for Hill in November

Edwards urges filibuster of FISA amendment to allow "retroactive immunity" for telecoms.

GOP debaters target Clinton

NYT: Hillary's divisive campaign "not good for the country" or the Democratic Party.

Clinton whalloping Obama in Massachussets Primary 59% to 22%

I've become totally repulsed by the 'clintons' campaign. If she needs to win the nomination

Info guys - total break down of state delegations numbers

DUers have a short term memory problem

Edwards on the rise in SC!

The NYT endorsement of McCain is the final nail in the Ghoul's coffin

Did the media overplay their hand?

EDWARDS: A Perpetual candidate on the ballot for the 3rd time may no longer be enticing

Bill Clinton's Has A Seventy Five Percent Favorable Rating In South Carolina

"Obama has given to charities $85,000 in Rezko-linked campaign contributions,"

Well, This Is An Interesting Photo

Must read from E.J. Dionne: The Ideas Bill Forgot

Enjoy SC tommorow guys

E. J. Dionne, Jr.: Echo Chamber

The media has push Kucinich to the side... NEXT:

EJ Dionne nails it again today: The Ideas Bill Forgot

Palmetto State native might be in striking distance for 2nd-place finish (The State)

Hillary Campaign suggests she's inevitable again.

Statesman or hatchet man?

Could tight election races in both parties lead to brokered conventions?

Clinton Race Baiting (a time line, for those still confused)

Oh Noes! Rezko and the Clintons?

Mama McCain: Son Has No Support From Base

Georgia: Obama 41% Clinton 35%

Good voting weather in SC for Saturday:

Let's hope Romney wins FL

While the Clinton's were posing for a picture, Obama was giving a job to a Rezko-connected person.

I'm getting deja vu. It's feeling like a replay of the Iraq War Debate

Bush's excuse for Abramoff Picture... Oh the irony.

McCain just has to open his yap for one minute and suddenly I remember why I don't like him

Hillary is confronted with her Rezko picture and claims "I don't know the man." (VIDEO)

The political Svengali cooley observes his puppet dance on his strings

McCain, of old, was no Repug ideologue. He has since then went over to the dark side, and that is

Edwards Supporters who want to DO something today to help him in S.C.


This is NOT a particularly ugly primary season

Romney during debate: 'I don’t care about the voters'

If you consider yourself a Progressive

E.J. Dionne: Clinton's Depressing Assault on Obama

Kucinch is out. What's next for Kucinch supporters?

Clinton’s Campaign Sees Value in Keeping Former President in Attack Mode

Hey Hillary. I will see your Rezko and raise you a Peter Paul,

Question? How is John Edwards proposing to "fight" Corporations?

OK, it's the last day before voting in SC; does anyone really think


Obama Live Now On CNN

Remember These, Ahem, Interesting Photos With The Clintons?

Michelle Obama Finds Her Voice Too

Clinton Says She Must Counterattack

Why isin't Obama winning White Democratic Women?

Where do you go for polls? I look at

"I don't remember meetng Rezco"

Black Americans Turning Against Bill Clinton

Predictions for South Carolina: Let's put them on record.

Rasmussen: Both Hillary and Obama ahead of McCain...

Don't blame me...I support Dennis!

Bill has the Bush crime family's back covered ...again.

Barack Obama to be on ABC's THIS WEEK on Sunday, from ABC's The Note today.

Having not watched any of the "debates" because my candidate was invisible

Democratic Presidential Candidate schedule for January 25

GOP Rep. Walsh Retires, Leaves Open Battleground New York District

Obama Winning Latinos Handily in SC

Hillary met Peter Paul and Mary at a Kerry event.

While we're playing the "guilt by association" game with Rezko

I heard on NPR that in SC, when the machines aren't working and substitute paper ballots run out

Clinton denies knowing about photo with Rezko

Unforgivable Primary Filth

Looking Closer At Obama's Age (46)

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Clinton, Obama Test Messages in Early Nationwide Ads

Unfortunately, Clinton will do well in SC

Here's an excellent point by Andrew Sullivan...

Hillary: "There's a very big difference between posing for a picture with someone you don't know

Huckabee flip-flops on his buddy Chuck's assertion that McCain is "too old" to be President

Hillary Clinton returns to South Carolina for final push

I wish Russert had called Huckabee on this last night:

Did Romney have an ear piece during debate?

This idiotic Rezko crap is going to start hurting the party as a whole soon.

Would you still support your candidate if it looked like they'd lose to the Repuke?

Surprise! Politicians sometimes pose in pictures with people that they don't know

Chelsea Clinton steps up campaign role

Better than Obama. Better than Hillary. Better than Edwards. And he can protect all of us from evil.

Will Hillary deny she likes the Keebler Elves?

Rasmussen latest matchups: Clinton 47% to McCain's 45%; Obama 46% to McCain's 41%

A little "Hey There Obama" before the primary.

From a Bill Clinton biographer:

Obama: "...when I take on those Republicans I'll be accustomed to it."

Worrying about Obama?

Typical Repuke Editorial on Edwards

Has anybody registered to phone bank for John Edwards?

View amazing Bill Clinton on live hall meeting in Spartanburg, SC

Just Wondering Something

Bill Clinton to stay on the attack - - purposely trying to play bad cop against Obama

In case you need any more reasons to despise Mittens - OxyRush loves him

Even Craig Crawford Admits this has Gone Too Far...alludes to Clinton/Obama Ticket

Photos: Barack Obama today at a roundtable discussion on women's issues in Charleston, S.C.

Obama and plausible deniability

Greg Craig, Clinton's impeachment lawyer who's supporting Obama is on MSNBC now!

Mitt R-money, Yuckabee, McCain, Ru911dy, all seem to presume Hillary is the nominee

Obama's "Scandal" is going to hurt Edwards

It's questionable whether Hill would be doing as well if she didn't have Bill

Rezko's Contributions...

are youtube groupies as annoying in real life...

Florida, Gore-ida, Endorse-ida


Picture is worth 5,000 words! Clinton knows me!

Here's a REALLY excellent point by Andrew Sullivan...

Oh, Hey, About Those There Hispanics And How They Vote And Stuff

DLC haters love Obama. What disagreements does Obama have with the DLC?

The Myth Of The Democrats Being Torn Apart

So that Ron Paul guy..

Race and SC: Tucker Carlson speaks for us all (and JEDE)

Obama hypocrisy on 527 Political Action Committees. Obama: 'We didn't know.'

After last night's "debate" the best thing the dems could do would be nominate EDWARDS.

Weldon (R-Fla.) expected not to seek reelection

If we hired people the same way we elect them

Hillary & Obama Damage Each Other, And the MSM executes its Corp Agenda--LEADS TO--->...

What's the real story on Obama's pro-choice stance v record?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/25/08 - Clinton down 1, Obama and Edwards unchanged

bobthedrummer - we need a new poll

Andrea Mitchell just lied. Obama's radio ad was a response to Clinton's ad-not the other way around.

How do Obama & Hillary fare against McCain? (head to head polls national from Jan '08)

Wow, GD:P has ACTUALLY become a warzone

Even if you live in an overwhelmingly Democratic state or in a red state, your vote still matters

I am against the candidate who was involved in a shady land deal.

Is Obama's candidacy divisive?

Kucinich press conference, anyone seen it? It started at noon eastern

has Hillary joined that huge league of women living with and

Breaking: Rezko reveals his Clinton Ties...

does anyone understand this goofy fair tax that Huckabee is talking about?


Real Rasmussen Numbers: Clinton 47, McCain 45.

Watching the Repub debate last night, I can safely say...

Did you hear Huckabee last night state that the WMD were probably in Jordan!

Hillary's response to the Rezko photo reminds me of BushCo's response to the Abramoff pics

Why didn't guiliani's strategy work?

HUMOR: Which Endorsement Is Stronger - Norris or Stallone?

Let's Hear Some SC Predictions!!! Mine: Obama 44, Clinton 30, Edwards 25.

I was going to vote for the Dem nominee no matter what.

WHY is anyone paying attention to poll #'s? Yea, I know it's fun, but

Prediction: How the Clintons Saved the GOP.

Why do some here "kick" their own posts so much?

Which Candidate Do You Think "The Media" Wants To Win?

Ambassador vs. Ambassador: Is Obama good for Israel?

If it is Clinton v. Romney, would you be okay with the Clintons using the religion card?

I finally got the Obama/Muslim email.

which candidate will deal with climate change the best?

They're all politicians.....

Chelsea stumps for mom in Worcester

Here's a quick matrix of States'Election Type/ Distict level and at-large delegates

CapitalFax: Why this photo matters (Clinton/Rezko)

The Candidates Spin the Sushi

Here is my solution to the Florida situation. . .

Hillary's experience...

Have Pelosi and Reid made you lose trust in the party?

If you're so disgusted now that you're not voting in November..

"I'm taking my toys & going home"....

Barack Obama Expands Lead in New SC PPP Poll: Obama 44, Clinton 24, Edwards 19

Who is Hillary Clinton+Dick Cheney Fundraiser Tom O'Gara? >>>

Kerry accuses Clinton of 'abusing' the truth

What are you doing for your campaign?

Find Out Who You Should Vote For According To The Issues

Beyonce seems to be the guest on Tyra while Edwards was advertised! Did my Fox affiliate switch the sh

Breaking: Mel Martinez to endorse McCain

Picture in your mind's eye John McCain vs Barack Obama in the general election

Hillary Clinton/Harold Ford

Screw The Primaries: Will Obama And Hillary Stand Up To Put Their Country Before Their Campaign?

Clinton’s Momentum Grows With Key Endorsements From Across Minnesota

Why wasn't Clinton standing up for Florida voters when it mattered?

Bill Clinton Seeks to Smooth Relations With Obama

Clyburn blames Huckabee for racial tensions between Clinton, Obama

Obama's response to his Rezko ties reminds me of Richard Nixon's response to the Watergate breakin..

Rasmussen daily tracking: Clinton 41% Obama 30% Edwards 16%

WP: "Dismissing him as a born-again 'populist' ignores the fact that Edwards has touched a nerve"

NYT series on candidates and issues: Health Care Up to Public, Edwards Says

I'm listening in on the Clinton conferenc call and they are pleading for their FL and MI delegates..

This Rezko thing means Hillary needs to drop out now!

Watching the supporters of the the frontrunners, I'm reminded of...

Bill Clinton is SO Divisive . . .

Edwards Supporters: Watch Tyra Banks today ... Edwards full hour.

What sort of monkey house is GD: Primaries?

Prediction: How the Obamas Saved the GOP.

One photo op does not a relationship make.

Clinton picks up emotional endorsements from black women in South Carolina

Rasmussen-Alabama -HRC-43% Barack 28% JRE 16%

Tennessee poll, Southern state, Super tuesday, Hillary ahead!

"I try not to attack first" says Hillary Clinton

Here's A Link To The Democratic Florida Primary Ballot

Howard Dean should politely tell Hillary that she's out of line

Does anyone know when Edwards will be in NM?

This should be Obama's FL plan!!

We have to win in the fall. Without concern for ethics, nicety or anything else, agreed?

Can anybody tell me why I SHOULD vote for Hillary, not why I SHOULDN'T vote for someone else?

Super-DUPER! Tuesday. Serious people are now saying this?

I'm out of here until there's a nominee! Will DU still exist?

I have decided who I want to endorse

Clinton is sure making it hard for Obama and Edwards supporters to enthusiastically back her if she

Is Kerry becoming a big bore....or....

Clinton will get Obama's supporters because he'll endorse her STRONGLY

If DEM Voters remain fixated on 2 sides of a 3 sided battle...Outcome will be Devastating

Barack v. Hillary: Maneuver Warfare (/48 Laws of Power/ author Robert Greene)

Anyone having success playing their race card?

Could we take a moment from the mud-slinging to realize the MEDIA is trying to tear us apart?

When Hillary gets the nomination and then loses to a Repuke

SUSA Florida Poll: Clinton 47% (-9); Obama 30% (+7); Edwards 12%

Hillary Pollster Mark Penn: Bill Did Fundamentally Change The Country

Don't be too quick to assume something is from a campaign

We are all on the same side. Can we take a break for a moment and sing a chorus of Kumbaya?

Good luck in the primary tomorrow in SC Obama and Edwards supporters.

###@------------The Michigan Delegates---------@###

I think that we might be missing the focus of the Hillary/Florida delegate issue.

Sludge, Tucker, and Kristol want Obama so bad. Trying to link Clinton and Rezko. BWAAA

Another great Clinton photo

Breaking: Monte Carlo Casino (Las Vegas) on fire. Hillary started it.


Hillary Plays The Race Card in New Commercial

Kucinich vows to keep fighting for causes

Is Kerry becoming a bore for calling Bill Clinton out on his lies?

I FINALLY got another email read by Cafferty (23rd)

Don't forget... Edwards on Tyra Banks, EST, right now! n/t

Bill Says That President Doesn't "Run The Bureaucracy"

Kerry was for Hillary before he was against her.

A question on who is responsible for the Democratic Candidates

If the nominee is not dependent upon the delegates from MI or FL,

"It's time to ask the American people to be patriotic about something besides war"

Maybe Colorado is the Disenfranchised Voter Battlefield in '08??

My poor neigbor is assigned to covering the GOP primaries. His analysis:

TRIVIA: When's the last time USA elected a President from Congress?

New Arizona Poll: Clinton 38--- Obama 32 - Edwards 16

Peter Hart says this negative stuff may help Hillary in SC, Feb, 5th, but "it's not good for the Dem

New Rasmussen Florida (Democratic primary voters): Clinton 51%, Obama 26%.

Anybody bought gear for their candidate yet?

SUSA: Can Edwards come in second in SC? maybe, maybe not

A campaign ad I made for John Edwards

Clinton: "I'm a work horse not a show horse"

now THIS is class

New AZ Poll: Clinton 38, Obama 32, Edwards 16

If the Repukes get McCain, what are the odds we'll pick Jim Webb for VP

Email from Barack Obama as voters head to the polls in South Carolina in less than 24 hours...

Obama to Florida primary voters: DROP DEAD

Rep. James Clyburn says he doesn't think we'll have a nominee until the convention, and then we

Cafferty on CNN said Democratic candidates are shit unless Gore gets in

Take any thing Bob.N. says or any republican with a grain of salt

Hillary refused to return contributions by John Burgess claiming she wasn't aware of his background

JFK/LBJ/Nixon /Carter/Reagan /Bush/Clinton dynasty must end now!!!

Obama should buy airtime in Florida now that Hillary is running a stealth campaign in FL

Obama supporters saying they won't vote for Hillary

Great. We've gone from Swiftboating to Slumboating

OBAMA Check in time! "FIRED UP!..."

Some unity photos

Interesting breakdown of statistics in SUSA poll of SC (Edwards gaining in all demos)

New strategy for dealing with Republicker acquaintances: Agree with their candidates on something

Has Rezko given any money to either of the Clinton during any of their campaigns?

Is Obama going to join Clinton fight for Florida voters to count or will he disenfranchise?

I think it is now quite possible Dems will have a brokered convention

Post here if your candidate has not yet returned money from a felonious fundraiser.

Margaret Cho: "A person of color and a woman, expected to automatically vote for Obama or Hillary"

Caption Romney

So, why the silence on Carol Mosely Braun?

The picture was probably taken in Chicago at a Carol Mosley Braun fundraiser...

Must See Video, Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish: The Unbearable Whiteness of Mitt Romney

NARAL President Nancy Keenan Sets the Record Straight.

This Rezko thing means Obama needs to drop out now

Why does Obama lie and claim he has DNC permission to run national cable ads in Florida?

John Kerry: "Being an ex-President does not give you license to abuse the truth."

For the Webb for VP enthusiasts, could you tell me what I'm missing

Bill, Echoing Obama, Says That President Doesn't "Run The Bureaucracy"

Are the Clintons now runing a Stealth Campaign in Florida

Hillary Clinton's campaign with Antoin Rezko! The NYTimes reports.

The Hoarse Race: When Candidates Lose Their Voices

Lies And Democracy

At what point after we've all thrown raw sewage all over each other will we realize...

Rep. Sara Lampe NOT Endorsing Obama


Hillary vs McCain? We’ll lose BIG

So Carol Mosely Braun takes $10K from Rezko and somehow the Clintons are to blame?

Brilliant Tactical Move By Team Clinton Re: Florida

Fuck Karl Rove...

Do ya smell it? Take a deep smell it don't you?

Obama: Clinton Attacks On Me Are "Good Pratice" For Dealing With Republicans

Why do so many people here use GOP talking points?

How do People in Your Area Feel About Hillary Clinton?

Be aware don't listen to Bob Novak, or any rep. they are messing with your head

VIDEO: Letter from MLK III to John Edwards

Since the primaries have begun has your preference changed away from the Clintons?

Didn't Marcellus throw Tony Rezko Horror off a 4th story building...

"The Clintons" A New 2008 Reality Hit Show!

I've alway thought that the Candidates should name their AG and Secretary of State early

Rezko cash triple what Obama says

Message from Obama Campain manager Concerning Florida:

Time for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Rezko?

For those of you hating Hillary running because of her husband would you be against

ABC News: $100,000 in Rezko-Linked Contributions Not Returned by Obama

If Hillary is the nominee will the 2008 election be a referendum on the Clintons or the Republicans?

The Clinton's Florida Gambit is timed to set up a strawman

Edwards is phony?

Ending Presidential Run, Kucinich Looks Ahead

The Big Dog's Carolina radio ad

Every once in awhile you read something that is so true...

Chris Spirou and Hillary Clinton

The Obama campaign called my GOP cousin in NV and told him to help them beat Hillary in the caucuses

Tempering Health-Care Goals


Sleazy Fundraisers? How About Norman "Hillraiser" Hsu?

John McCain is for squelching free speech with his campaign finance "reform" bill

How long can the Bush-Clinton dynasty last ?

media bias helps Hillary

If Rezko Is An Issue . . .

Hillary Accuses Obama Of "Leapfrogging"

You are a Repub Strategist --What Hillary v. Obama Material Do You Use First?

DYNASTIES: Should certain citizens be excluded from office because of who they're related to?

Republicans in a bitter fight in the primary to succeed Dennis Hastert

Rep. Frank: Obama not ready to ‘re-fight’ ‘90s battles

So now, Clinton wants MI and FL delegates seated.

Let's make a list of saintly politicians who have never changed a position

Dean is now out of favor with quite a few Clinton supporters, it seems

New Public Policy Poll (PPP) out today: Obama 44%, Clinton 24%, Edwards 19% Undec 14%


Reuters video interview with Howard Dean in Europe...discusses Obama/Clinton rift.

Will Hillary and Obama be in Washington Monday for the State of the Union?

Report: Florida Sen. Bill Nelson Will Endorse Hillary

Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analyst

Recall this? Hillary Campaign Acknowledges County Chair Backing Hillary Passed Obama Muslim Smear

A Rezko-Clinton Connection?

Nice Time Magazine profile of Michelle Obama

went out to vote today. husband did too.

What's the real story on Obama's pro-choice stance v record?

Why Some Feminists Aren’t Supporting Hillary Clinton

Pat Buchanan: The Lord of Lies "Ghettoizes" Barack and Demonizes Hillary

CNN's blatant "push poll" re "attack dog" Bill Clinton. Shameful.

New Yorker: The Clinton-Obama battle reveals two very different ideas of the Presidency

Have you ever lied?

Many of the 24 Super Tuesday states have heavy Native American populations

Is it time yet for AL GORE?

RePUKE shill on Hardball: Hillary can't have it both ways. Chris Matthews: Says who?

CNN video on Rezko and Obama: "Slumwater."

On Political dynasties......

Kucinich supporters! Who is your "Plan B"?

Look at all these rethug lites who voted for the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind!

Ok Spot the Difference Time - Hypocrites

Breaking (Novak)!?! - Attorney Gen Edwards?

Re: The Dynasty Meme

I'm afraid ALL remaining Dems would fail my litmus test

Hillary is in trouble if she is already making a fuss about Florida Delegates

How much has your opinion of the candidates been influenced by the behavior of their DU supporters?

Draft Al Gore?

Planet of the Dickheads

Bill Clinton has admitted he has lied before

John Kerry Interview: On Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton and Bill's "abuse of the truth."

The reason for the Hillary Obama bloodbath..

Is the brown stuff gonna hit the cooling device?

The Clinton campaign just phoned & advised me Obama's Muslim * EDITED WITH PROOF

TPM Josh Marshal: NO WAY (Clinton camp needs to be shut down on this new gambit re MI/FL delegates)

Here's why I believe AtomicKitten's call WAS from the Clinton Campaign...

How dare Edwards declare himself the "grownup" in the party, "above the bickering," when HE was the

The Foreign Policy Agenda of the Democratic Front-Runners: Comparisons on Some Key Issues

New SUSA SC Poll: Obama 43, Clinton 30, Edwards 24

Eschewing the rat race: why I opposed Clinton in 1992

When Hillary said "Slum lord", was she really whispering "Slum"?!?

Because of Hillary, there will be no black president for another 40 years

Senator Clinton dominating the field in Missouri-seems poised to win 19 of 21 states on Feb 5

BREAKING: Carville/Begala banned from CNN

Hey ya'll, when is the next debate? Thanks!

The lowest Republican Stunt Yet (but it's only January)

Why is Hillary at top of ballot in Florida?

Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) lashes out, blames injection of racial politics in SC primary on

Where do all the Kucinich People Go Now?

"Enthusiasm without knowledge is not good."

Republicans are defenseless against Hillary Clinton

There is no love lost between Howard Dean and the Clintons, is there?

History involved in the Clinton connection to "Obama is a Muslim" smear....

Romney with an ear piece.

Should Obama have emphasized that he is a BI-Racial candidate?

Looks like Clinton had no problem with raising "slumlord" money...

Giuliani Loses Edge in 'Crucial' Florida (HaHa suck it Rudy)

Why did the NY Times endorse Clinton?

Why does Hillary insist on trying to move the goalposts everytime she's pinned back?

Michelle Obama: "We knew Barack would be competing with

If Rovian tactics didn't work, Clinton wouldn't be using them

HIllary President means Goodbye Howard Dean

What Obama hasn't told us.....

Re: America’s First Political Dynasty

Is there any doubt that the Kennedys would have done what the Bushes did if not assassinated?

Cemocrats Pass on Challenge to SC Primary - Scoop/autorank-Michael Collins

David Corn: Are Clintonites Stepping over the Line in Slamming Obama as Pro-Reagan?

Assuming that Edwards doesn't win the nom what is his next step?

Which candidate are you least likely to actively support if he or she is the nominee?

2004: Hillary Clinton goes all-in for Kerry and Edwards despite hurting own political interests

Pigs at the Trough: Hillary Clinton Queen of the Earmarks with 261 grants to lobbyists!

For Edwards, a Role as Possible Kingmaker

As usual, Hillary caught in another lie! A picture is worth a 1000 words!

Peggy Noonan (WSJ): Clintons are tearing the party apart and it will not be the same after this.

Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton on the Seating of Delegates at the Democratic National Conventi


CLINTON AUDACITY-They Not Only Complimented REAGAN-They Protected His Dubious Legacy (Robert Parry)

Finally...I'm relieved that Mark Penn has again inserted himself into the Clinton-Obama brouhaha

The thing about the Clinton pic with Rezko, it shows he is not Obama's problem alone. . .

Why is Obama lining up with an election loser (Kerry) that nobody likes?

Carol. Moseley. Braun.

"Bill Clinton’s Homer Simpson moments are sometimes endearing"

Bill Clinton called me and told me to kick every anti Obama thread

Hillary on Bill: "maybe he got a little bit carried away"

What would you think if Russ said Al Gore's supporters were being fooled?

Just a talk with a co-worker

“That’s beneath the dignity of a former president”

Obama aides picked the wrong fight if they thought they could rough up Clinton without blowback (ABC

John Edwards all over the media today!

No seating of Florida and Michican unless they are all uncommittted.

Last night's Repub. debate shows why Hillary will LOSE if she's our nominee

The Clinton Melodrama

A Reasonable V.P. Candidate: Senator Brown of Ohio

Should the votes of Democratic primary voters in Florida count?

A Daily Show calls out the media

Rasmussen Matchup: McCain 49% to Hillary's 38%; McCain 46% to Obama's 43% within MOE

Photo surfaces of Barack Obama with War Criminal

Has Hillary returned money bundled by Myron Cherry?

Handy Guide to show how easy it is to hack e-voting machines in the next races

Edwards breaks online fundraising record: 3 Million (? 5M with matching ?) in 25 days

Grown-Up Issue Thread: Health care

Does a single person phone banking for Hillary from Iowa, a campaign make?

WP, Eugene Robinson: "Edwards always dazzles when he enters the room."

Damn. It's a feeding frenzy in here.

I have couple honest questions about Obama,

Happy South Carolina Primary Straw Poll

Edwards and his Dad in SC ---photo--->>>

Edwards to run supporter-created ad in Oklahoma

Edwards and Amazing Grace in SC

The "I Can't LET myself vote for Dennis" movement: this year's big success story

CNN's Jack Cafferty asks: "Is their Room for Al Gore in the Race?"

"If we'd had a grown-up in the WH," Edwards on Stimulus Deal

*Breaking*-Hillary to push for Florida delegates to be seated


John Kerry has jumped the shark

I can't stop laughing over the Obama-ites posting Hilary's Rezko photo!

John Edwards in the NYT: I'm going to take single payer "right through the front door."

Talkingpointsmemo: Bill Says That President Doesn't "Run the Bureaucracy"

Wow Just finished my first time Phone Banking for Edwards

Why Do YOU Oppose Senator Clinton? Again, Forget Groupthink

Hillary Clinton addresses gay teen suicide

Obama's statement about Repubs the only ones with ideas was arrogant and insulting

A Simple, Humorous Reason Why Hillary Cannot Win in the South in the GE

PRO and ANTI Clintonites, UNITE!

Feingold Rips Edwards Again

Feingold: Edwards Supporters "Are Being Taken In"

Dems are playing into their hands.

Comparing Blacks Evangelicals To The KKK Is Fucked Up.

8 Reasons to Choose John Edwards as the 2008 Democratic Nominee

I was wrong about Edwards

Florida's REPUBLICANS moved the primary date.

What if the next president is Republican?

Top 10 Barack Obama campaign promises (Letterman 1-24-08).

Kerry is right about Bill Clinton:

Zogby SC: Voters coming home to Hillary ?

What Obama Really Meant

Bill Clinton will never be half the man John Kerry is

South Carolina, please hear me----DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA

CBS News: "Gay Community Still Wary Of Obama"

(Rep. Dave) Obey: Stimulus plan falls short for poor

Scientists create artificial DNA using chemicals

Attorney General Mukasey Nixes Special Prosecutor in CIA Case

Weldon (R-Fla.) will not seek reelection

Dems Try to Pre-Empt State of the Union

Lions Gate, Marvel Reach Accords With Striking Film, TV Writers

Christian leader's political clout may be fading

Beirut bombing kills 10, many wounded: reports

Iraq Oil Law Talks Not Taking Place Now (contrary to previous news accounts)

Exclusive: After Obama Complaints, CNN Bans James Carville And Paul Begala From Appearing As Analyst

Judge removes lawyer for ex-Giuliani aide Kerik

Like FBI, CIA Has Used Secret 'Letters'

Iraqi PM announces offensive in

Romney: 'I'm not concerned about voters'

Pilot awarded $5 million for Sept. 11 tip

Net body issues plea for liberty

Bank employees on strike (India)

U.S. Cannot Manage Contractors In Wars, Officials Testify on Hill

Strains on the I.R.S. Could Delay Rebate Checks for Months

Clinton, Obama Back Off Attacks - Both Camps Try To Play Down Rift

Wolfowitz Returns to U.S. Government as Adviser

Democratic Leaders Delay Contempt Again

New Zealand warns Japan's whalers (to stay out of NZ Antarctic waters)

Scientist unveils man-made genome, key to creating life from scratch

Labor Dept. Working on Changes for Families Coping With Illness and Military Duty

EBay's retiring chief executive may be considering a run for California governor

Democrats, Not Bush, Best to Counter a Recession, Poll Says

Societe Generale Uncovers Massive Fraud

Feds Indict Teen for 'Threatening' Noose

Detroit mayor sends steamy text messages

Judge Wants Answers on CIA Videotapes

Pill 'stopped 100,000 UK deaths'

FBI agent accused of a hate crime

WGA Reaches Accord with Lionsgate Entertainment

Clinton Campaign Trashes Clinton, Iowa Hotel Room

Immigration officials detaining, deporting American citizens

Petraeus to stay in Iraq most of this year: Gates

U.S. to Insist Iraq Grant It Wide Mandate in Operations (grant contractors legal protections)

Dare I Say That the Clintons Have Issue With Black Politicians Wanting To Advance Themselves?

George W Bush, White House told 935 lies after September 11

Kuchinick dropping out tomorrow

Kosovo's independence 'in days'

Rep. Jerrold Nadler Is Blocking Impeachment

Tornado warning for LA (Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Long Beach)

Bush Seeks More Violent Crime Funds

Mississippi plans Katrina grant diversion

U.S. Airbase in Okinawa Dugong Habitat on Hold

Barcelona plot fuels U.S. security concerns

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday January 25

Moore Surprised to Secure 'Sicko' Nomination

'Goth Bonnie and Clyde' in $7.4m 'theft'

Anonymous hackers take on the Church of Scientology

No "systematic" abuse by UK troops in Iraq - report (a few bad apples)

Prep (Choate) Students Challenge Rove Speech

NYC sues Countrywide officers, underwriters

Fire Breaks Out at Vegas' Monte Carlo

Senate pressured to OK stimulus deal

Union Membership on the Rise (largest single-year increase since 1979)

Schumer Says Senate Will Boost Jobless Aid in Stimulus Measure

US To Demand Free Rein in Iraq Long After Bush Leaves

Months After Firing, CEO's Messy Romances Revealed (And STDs)

Trial Set (June 9) For Radio Host Bernie Ward On Child Porn Charges

U.S. will not attack Iran

Kerry blasts Bill Clinton for 'abusing truth'

10 Die in Mistaken Afghan Firefight

Venezuela, Allies to Start New Bank

Comair passengers blamed in crash

Bush: Influx of foreign investors a good thing for USA

Clinton wants Michigan, Florida delegates to get convention seats

Economic Stimulus Baloney!

Neocons Shaken, But Not Deterred

The burning ambition of the Tata group

The Sanctions Trap by Scott Ritter

‘India to be amongst top three generic makers in the world’

Want to Prevent a Depression? Impeach Dick Cheney

The South Carolina You Won't See on CNN - Greg Palast

Florida’s Cuban Community 'Embraces' Rudy, Seeks to Trade Him for Elian Gonzalez

Where is our empathy?

The South Carolina You Won't See on CNN: SC Primary Colors: Black and White? by Greg Palast

Memo to Senate Democrats: Stop Caving In To Bush!

"On the Democrats" - Frank Rich (New York Review of Books)

Ya’ Think Huck is Nuts? Mormons Claim Saddam’s WMDs Are in Missouri

FLASHBACK: Economists Predicted That A Prolonged U.S. Presence In Iraq Could Lead To A Recession

Article: Is FNC's John Gibson a Closeted Serial Killer?

Krugman: Stimulus Gone Bad

Off the leash: Democratic politics is all about Bill—again

NY Times endorses Clinton for Dem primary choice

What a Great Freakin' War! David Michael Green / Regressive Antidote

Knights of the Living Dead by Hal Crowther

South Carolina House Meeting For Obama

A Gigantic Battle in 2008 Part 1

Edwards takes a slamming

How Not to Contest: How not to choose a Presidential Nominee

Why Soldiers Never Talk by Desert Wolf

Your Invitation to Apply for the Clout! Force

*'s State Of The Union if he told the truth...

Scientology is on notice via YouTube

A Gigantic Battle in 2008 Part 2

Democrats/Republicans - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Vietnam Blues by J.B. Lenoir

Rudy's Hot Cause I Say He Is!!!

The Most Hateful Man On Radio Is Losing Sponsors Because...

Nancy Skinner on CNN Even Before the War

CNN's Cafferty: 935 lies led to Iraq war

John Gibson apologizes... sort of...

Dobbs: Democracy at Risk - eVoting Without Paper Trails

W.J. Clinton and A. Schwarzenegger: Beyond Payday Loans

A Kucinich Tribute

20 Years Rule?

It Must Be Nice To Be Rich...

Letter from MLK III to John Edwards

Media and control

New Hillary Clinton Commercial - Playing the Race Card

Someone is overheard coaching Mitt Romney DURING THE DEBATE

John Edwards - Trial Lawyers and Corporate Lobbyists?

Malaysian Government Announces Plan To Stockpile Cooking Oil, Rice, Grains, Staples - Bloomberg

Flood warnings as Britain is divided by the weather

Flying clouds the real climate culprit {forest destruction} (BBC)

crosspost - OK DU: Regardless of your Candidate Let's all offer a "Standing O" for Dennis Kucinich!

South Africa Declares Electricity Emergency, Will Impose Power Rationing - AP

Under Alberta Climate Plan, Energy Industry Gets Ten Years Before Any Emission Limits Are Imposed

American Geophysical Union - Earth's Climate "Is Clearly Out Of Balance And Is Warming" - BBC

UN Calls Water Top Priority

Even Coral Reefs Thought Pristine Pressured By Warming, Acidifying Oceans - Seattle PI

Shell CEO - "After 2015, Supplies Of Easy-To-Access Oil And Gas Will No Longer Keep Up With Demand"

Climate 'clearly out of balance' (BBC) {American Geophysical Union Council}

Court-martial for GI accused of Iraqi’s death

More must be done for PTSD vets, panel says

World not running out of oil, say experts

Gates says Petraeus staying put in Iraq

Afghan air corps could start flying in 2013

23rd Chemical Battalion soldiers to return

Marine indicted in murder, robbery, theft

Rocket at vets museum found to be live

Girl, 13, says chief molested her on airplane

1,000 sailors at Sasebo restricted to base

Judge rules Patriot Act OK in terror case

Doctors: After attack, patients came in shot

Judge: Base may pose threat to sea cow

Lack of basic services threaten Fallujah gains

1,400 AFSOC assignments under review

New Heritage Coat to undergo fit test

AFJROTC instructor charged with sex crime

Troops closely monitoring Diyala to drive out insurgents, neutralize weapons left behind

U.S. general: Afghan air force 5 years away from combat missions

Excruciating delay gave way to deadly deployment

MPs head for home after seeing turnaround in Iraq

Senator urges passage of VA debt collection bill

Citibank to take over DOD travel card accounts

Army has plan for soldiers told to vacate barracks

Fire damages elementary school in Ansbach

Group commander relieved of post in U.K. after six months

NCO sentenced for sex acts at Landstuhl party

Soldier is the face of new Army marketing program

Military Update: New disability pay policy not retroactive

AAFES gas prices down for second straight week

Marine unit RCT-5 taking over in Anbar

Plane Crash Kills 20 Polish Officers

Providing Seamless Airlift Support

In South Africa, Those Who Can Rush To Buy Generators - Sales Up 400%, Months-Long Order Backlogs

Environmental Punishment Agency (The Progress Report)

Tiny Tuvalu Swamped By Ever-Higher "King Tides" - BBC

No doubt that the world would be a safer place if we had more of this. NOT

Plan to Allow Logging in Alaskan Forest

Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn

Europe Now Home To 1,517 Invasive Insects, Mussels, Invertebrates Thanks to Trade, Warming Climate

Russian Conscripts Forced to Enlist?

Otis sees its last landing

Army officer to be confined for 100 days for assaulting daughter, 14

Deaths during U.S. raid spark Afghan protest

Army sergeant found guilty of adultery, not rape

Double amputee walks again due to Bluetooth

In African Nation Of Benin, Coastline Has Receded 400 Meters In 40 Years, Threatening City - AFP

China Down To Eight Days' Coal Supply; Blocks Exports As Provincial Grids Restrict Use - AFP

Ministers From Iraq, Qatar, UAE See No Need To Raise Oil Production At OPEC Meet Next Week - Bberg

10,000 Cases Of Dengue In Puerto Rico In 2007 - Cases Reported In Texas, Hawaii - Seattle Times

please indulge me on a question re-ethanol

1,300 Members Participate in Memphis Garbage Strike (February, 1968)

RT mechanics call in sick

More Than 1,600 Public Officials Back Employee Free Choice

USA today: Stars may align for strike settlement to save Oscars

Union Seeks Expedited Federal Investigation of German Strikebreakers in Salada Tea Strike in NY

Comedy Writers’ Mock Debate on Capitol Hill No Joke

Eric Lee: Facebook bans union organizer for ... organizing

Eric Lee: Victory at Facebook

Today in labor history January 25

House Economic Stimulus Leaves Out Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Teamsters: Court Ruling on Hours-of-Service Off Base

TOMORROW: Smithfield Workers' MLK Event on NPR

Episode 40 USW POWERcast!

Greg Palast: The South Carolina You Won't See on CNN

Economic Stimulus Plan ‘Not Enough to Make Real Difference’

Postal Employees Say Big Brother Is Watching Them

Ludlow national landmark status sought ("The history of the Ludlow Massacre 20 dead)

NIOSH study backs mine shelters (airtight refuge chambers could save trapped miners and merit instal

Northcoast Children's Service workers OK union

Union efforts produced better contract for concrete pumpers

Our new shirts got here today

Union levels labor claim against Whitehall

Grieving widow left without pension


Lilly (drug maker) staffers will work longer, retirees pay more for benefits

Clinton camp: Obama campaign "kneecapping" us

Obama: "I did about five hours worth of work on this joint project".

Hillary: "There's a very big difference between posing for a picture with someone you don't know

Zogby SC: Voters coming home to Hillary ?

The Myth Of The Democrats Being Torn Apart

Obama aides picked the wrong fight if they thought they could rough up Clinton without blowback (ABC

clyburn has changed his tune when Rep John Lewis spoke out

Clyburn (D-SC) lashes out, blames injection of racial politics in SC primary on

*Breaking*-Hillary to push for Florida delegates to be seated

Clinton picks up emotional endorsements from black women in South Carolina

2004: Hillary Clinton goes all-in for Kerry and Edwards despite hurting own political interests

Hillary Clinton addresses gay teen suicide

Does a single person phone banking for Hillary from Iowa, a campaign make?

Statement by Senator Hillary Clinton on the Seating of Delegates at the Democratic National Conventi

ABC News: $100,000 in Rezko-Linked Contributions Not Returned by Obama


Egypt Says Border to ‘Return to Normal’

Hamas Scores Another Victory: Israeli Media

Israeli Communists Call for End of Gaza Siege

U.S. pushing Security Council to condemn Qassam rocket fire for first time

Israeli highschoolers believe another Holocaust possible

This is really not what we hoped for'

Barak: Israel considering letting PA handle Gaza crossings

Egypt takes steps to close Gaza border

Israeli air strike kills Hamas commander

ANALYSIS: Hamas outmaneuvers Israel with three quick moves

Gaza: The Basics

Israel sees upside in hole in Gaza wall

What is Mahmoud Abbas waiting for?

Promising Development

The Gaza 'tea party'

Talks, not tanks, will bring us peace

The Qassam rocket as collective punishment

Hamas accepts Mubarak's invitation to host Hamas-Fatah talks in Cairo

Gandhi Grandson Leaves Peace Center

In praise of the Jewish blogosphere

Wolfowitz: Like a Bad Penny, He Keeps Showing Up - Arms Control Advisory Board for State Dept.

HAITI: VIDEO EVIDENCE of UN Massacre and Call to Investigate Activist's Disappearance

Human Rights Watch open letter on Colombian Free Trade Agreement

The Blitz is On (Colombia, Bush, Uribe)

Some critics blame Republican tax breaks for Ohio's $Billion budget shortfall

Boing! Go Interest Rates or A tipping point? "Foreclose me ... I'll save money"

Shipping Index Plunges To Six-month Low; Global Cooling On Cusp?

How Real Was the Prosperity?

Economy Fueled by Debt

A report on the international bankers:

the "growth" in the economy since king george was appointed

Forbes: Portrait Of The Fraudster As A Young Man

Did SocGen trades trigger market rout, Fed cut?

If you were invested in the stock market in 2000-2002, even through mutual funds,

So what about his analysis?

Bid To Impeach Gay Marriage Judge

Heath Ledger's Family Writes Tributes in Aussie Newspaper:

Some gays frustrated with 2008 presidential campaign

When Obama STARTS to court the RACIST voters, then we can BEGIN to have a dialogue...

NM House OKs Domestic Partner Bill


wanna be a lobbiest for air america?

This would be fun

Biden just sent this email

Biden letter to the lying weasel on Dec. 19. '07

John Edwards on Tyra show today

Saturn will oppose a nearly stationary Uranus on election day morning.

UPDATE on UFO sightings over texas:

Barack Obama's Transformational Leadership

Rudy's Lost Gamble

Jim Fassel probably out of the running for Skins top job.

Baine Financials

Sports Illustrated's Dr Z picks the Giants, 24-20

I used the word "fucking" in DU and this link replaced it?

Ten Years ago today!

Bill Clinton is pulling for Big Blue!

Will Eli Manning leave Super Bowl tickets for Tiki Barber at the will call window?

Shaq is a Big Spender

Looks like the Giants are America's team

Do you watch the Pro Bowl?

Patriots Prepare to Square off with Giants, in an epic contest for The Ring

Obama Remains in SC Lead, -But John Edwards is Surging-

I had a revelation last night, while watching the Repug debate

Greg Palast Latest Sam Walton Called Hillary "My little lady" ..... Clinics in Wal-Mart connection??

US group wants Botox warning after 16 death reports

(Genetic basis why) Some People Never Learn

Why Do Scientists Refuse to Recommend Lower-Carb Diets for Diabetes?

Does anyone know someone with a trache and no insurance

Calif. Firms Can Fire Medical Marijuana Users

{Birth Control} Pill 'stopped 100,000 UK deaths' (BBC)

Pizza Crust inquiry

Can you mix most cookies in a food processor?

Are Lutherans generally more liberal than Methodists? nt

Unknown Monumental Building Of Herod The Great (73-4 BC) Unearthed

Synthetic life 'advance' reported

New micropscope can detect individual atoms

The Science of the Senses: Smell & Taste

More in the Moon with Building Series

Some Friday Afternoon Pics- Around my Campus

How significant are we?

Teens Who Smoke Marijuana But Not Tobacco Are Different From Other Teen Groups

Creationist institute's master's science degree proposal creates debate

Updates on Talpiot tomb (lost tomb of Jesus?)

Girl changes blood type after liver transplant

Ape To Human: Walking Upright May Have Protected Heavy Human Babies

Was Jesus the son of Caesar and was Christianity created by Free Masons?

Do you know whether or not actual miracles sometimes occur?

Conspiracy Theorist

Allen Raymond "How to Rig an Election" on C-SPAN now!

A few more pregnancy shots

Few errors found in N.H. recount that Kucinich sought

At "NRA Alert on MD Carry Law"...

Once the victim got his hands on a gun, things changed for the better...

Some worried by law that allows drivers to have weapon (TX)

Watch OH Dem Official Infilitrate GOP BOE Member "secret meeting:

GOP Chairman Blasts OH SOS Brunner for Intimidation

The Sickness of Democracy in Dubya's Red Texas

Koehler: Why would anybody cheat in an election?

Obama Files a Complaint (RE: Voter Suppression)

Breaking News - NY rejects DREs

Muhammad Ali could take the witness stand for Wesley Snipes in his tax-evasion case?

Austin.....Big Brother comes a calling. Surveillance cameras - speak out!

Texas Supremes under investigation - misuse of campaign cash

Malloy show coming to Dallas

TX-32 Meet Eric Roberson

Perry’s Emails: Dive in!

Kerry, Kennedy, Tsongas Urge Help for Fire Victims

Delete - Never mind

Kos diary on Kerry/Clinton

slightly OT, but not, since it's about the environment

why I love Al Giordano

OT - for a bit of bittersweet fun

Texas Supreme Court Endorsements!

Kerry about Obama and Clinton

State of GDP after Kerry's interview. I had not gone there since two days ago as I cannot

Obama running an ad for the caucuses February 5

Please don't shoot me because I'm an idiot.

Philly Obama Supporters Meet Up Here.

Bill Clinton's new radio add for S.C.

Michelle Obama Finds Her Voice Too

Transcript: John Kerry On Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton And More

Can you please read and let me know what you think?

Cllinton and Rezko

Man, tazered, tackled by RCMP for yelling at building containing GG i n Vancouver

U.S. marine deployment to Afghanistan won't help Canada: Gates

Mulroney's future appearances before ethics committee in doubt

Toronto Star: Afghan detainees decision surprises allies

if you own a revolver, what kind and why do you like it?

Australia issues travel warning against Canada


This February 14 will be a very special day for Keith.

KOEB Meeting: 01/24/08 -- The Buffoons Go To Boca Edition

I may have a big surprise for all of you on KO's post-primary

2 Ga. schools to pay students to study

Help: Does anyone know about "Teacher Created Materials, Inc."

Debut of a new video with a 20 year old song

What do you all think of Ellen Page from the movie, Juno?

California Supreme Court wants more people on welfare

An offer you can't ......?

Should Labour look for another London Mayor candidate?

What does Labour need to do to win the next election?

I flippin' hate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Times Picayune

If you want to find out about the John Edwards campaign

I don't even know what to say about this

New York Times endorsement: Hillary Clinton

This made me giggle:

Getting to know you...