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Archives: January 26, 2008

my son got a job!

Who did you vote for in the 2006 presidential race?

I am unzipping Elvis

I can't fucking believe...!

Do you think Lee R. Mercer is aware of his (mini-)celebrity status here?

I can't hear ya! I still can't hear ya! What song is it you wanna hear?

Mark my words... The Clenis is coming back!

Friday night, 8:06.... and

I love this phrase: "The IRS has accepted your Federal Return"

I didn't get the brandy snifters I asked for for Christmas

Former Ms. Marilyn Manson Dita Von Teese's 1990 High School Year Book Photo

"Snowballing with the Felchers" coming up on TBS at 8

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm late.

Futurama is on

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!11

oh, fuck - don't you hate it when timing fucks shit up?

How are your New Year Resolutions Going?

C-SPAN's Greta Wodele gets called out on the air.

Live one in GD.

It's time to tell random anecdotes of people/places/things/whatever!

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with....."

I see by the latest discussion threads

Ringo on Larry King right now about to perform

I saw Lee Mercer Jr. at Olive Garden brestfeeding Rick Astley

1goblue aunt

What movie should I order?

The MSM Is FINALLY covering Lee Mercer, Jr. !!!!!

Close encounter

Mung Bean Saffron Risotto?!?!

Study: "Marijuana is the safer choice for zoo-going trouble-makers"

Should I give this post a totally misleading subject line?

should we really be calling our candidate Dr. Lee L. Mercer Jr. Esq.?

Question about myspace blogs

Late nite snack. Yuuuuuuum!!!

Two Men Accused Of Eating Golf Patron's Dog

Congratulations to sniffa for winning 562 DUzy awards this week!

12634 posts and no DUzy

Please come to the aid of a fellow Philly area DUer

If I took a picture of my (circumcised) penis and posted it in GD...

NewWaveChick1981?? Where are you??

"I went on the road / You pursued an education, James . . ."

So---Is Temeah the Maple Syrup of the Lounge? Sweet but viscous?

The mods just notified me! Thank you for voting me DU'er of the year!!

Today was the 100th anniversary of

I am watching the first season of Bones, thank goodness for DVD's.

Struck me as a funny juxtaposition

Most Overrated Blondes (we are looking for sacred cows here)


Our hell is a good life...



NIPPLES!!!!1111 You can see them CLEARLY!!!!11111

Favorite initial consonant pileup

It must been some kind of kiss...

When eHarmony isn't working

VenusRising?? Where are you??

I Regret Not Seeing "Michael Clayton".

"Juno": My new FAVORITE movie

Tornadoes in southern California - WTF?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/25/08

Say what you will about Comcast but...

Somewhat of a VERY old puzzle I've been going over

Favorite TV Sci-Fi Series?

WTF? My power bill is triple any other bill in the last year

Who are the pathetic douchebags who actually watch infomercials?

Picture of me and my new girlfriend...

cats hate water?

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Please bear with me...this is very difficult to put into words....

See, the thing that bugs me about Dr. Who

CUTE TODDLER VIDEO: My 1-year-old cleans the house with a Swivel Sweeper

Confession: Is it possible to be addicted to Exercise? I worry that I am.

HOLY CR*P - New Video Fake On YouTube

Saddam interpreter: I invaded Kuwait because Emir insulted our women.

Why Would Anybody Cheat In An Election? (NOT A Primary Post !!!)

(REPOST) Just Started Reading Shock Doctrine...

Another Russian Energy Deal With Europe Adds To Western Worries About Potential Oil Weapon

U.S. Rep. Dave Weldon To Retire; Daughter, 21, Arrested In Bar Fight

Don't Miss Larry King Live Tonight

Wow. KO is cohosting with David Gregory on MSNBC Saturday night.

Bill Moyers tonight on PBS

Your Current Economic Status?

Michael Vick's pit bulls meet the public in Oakland

Thanks KO

You know, it isn't hard to find talking heads who will gleefully diss ANY Democrat

How History Will Judge W.

I often wonder how many of our elected officials are actually, literally insane.

Followup on prosecuting illegal immigration (Golden Gate Fence Company)

Krugman is for free trade. Hartmann is against it. That puts me in a quandary

Finally some justice!

Honour sought for 'Soldier Bear' (BBC)

What would we do without Britney? Estimated annual value to economy is $120 Million

ZOMG! The War on Christmas dates back to 1645!!

obama needs to stay away from those sit down talks with voters

Asshat of the Year: Driver Who Killed Teen Sues for Damage

question about this stimulus package

The 29%. The people who think GWB is doing a good job.

Recommendations please...

Two Men Accused Of Eating Golf Patron's Dog

As Economy Tumbles, Retirees Scramble To Cope

Does anyone know who Bill Maher's guests are tonite?

Explain this to me...

Why the hell do Republicans talk so much about giving Texas erections?

I met a 29 percentER tonight and ran him out of the bar

Biden letter to the lying weasel (Dec). Press release on Jan. 24

what is the meaning of mukasey (the new AG) hanging up the picture of George Orwell on his wall in

Best exchange from last night's Republican debate:

mom made me a liberal

Huckabee's Jonesboro book still rankles

Walmart Nazi T-Shirt Watch: Week 62

Richard Belzer kicks ass

Went to my youngest daughters birthday party, all I got was a lousy grandkid

Question about the calls for donations from the Obama and Edwards camps.

Immigration officials detaining, deporting American citizens

San Diego Union Tribune "buying out" it's GOOD reporters?

"I'll see your options and raise you two derivatives."

Okay, it seems the stimulus package is skipping retirees and disabled

Who was that whispering bandit? (Republican Debate)

Ever noticed how many racist comments begin with: I am not racist or anything but...

Separated at birth: Katie Couric and Soledad O'Brien?

Things I learned from pigboy Rush today:

Calif. farmers want to sell water

Family pets fall victim to subprime crisis

From Barbara Boxer: Link to e-mail EPA Administrator - PLEASE DO IT! nt

Carlyle Group Co-founder: "We are not at the end of this liquidity and credit crunch."

Its official. My sister's hubby lost hisi job and insurance . Bush and this economy have struck

How Many Folks here make under Fifty Thousand Dollars a year? And does that effect who you support?

Question: Does the money for the Iraq war actually counted in our defense budget?

I Am a Missouri State Emplyee. A Social Worker this is a post about my Boss Matt Blunt.

Bill Maher tonight. Richard Beltzer, Herbie Hancock, Martha Radditz.

RUH ROH! Breaking on CNN...It looks like Drew Peterson's wife's body may have been found &

Anyone moving out of the country?

"This is the World Eisenhower Warned Us About" - RFK Jr.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Do you realize that you are living in a Fascist Country?

In the general election, which issues favor Democrats and which favor Republicans?

Increasing numbers of Right Wing propaganda books showing up at my Goodwill store

Look at this fucking hit job on Real Time

For Those Who Doubt That We're Heading for a Depression

If you are retired and planing on that rebate-guess again

BUSHCO - Spooked by Edmonds - Seeks to Legalize the Nuke Black Market

Book TV Schedule: January 26th - 28th

I ate a MRE tonight.

***DUzy Awards for week ending January 25, 2008***

Florida school superintendent on evolution: "There's holes in it you can drive a truck through."

The Expression is "Pooh-Poohing", Not "poo-pooing". Thank You for Your Kind Attention,

Rep. Jerry Lewis: The Million Dollar Man = Legal fees paid from campaign contributions!!

Bill Clinton will never be half the president John Kerry was

San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley) endorses Obama! That's my local paper!

How Many Folks Here Make UNDER Fifty Thousand a Year? And Does That effect who you Support?

San Jose Mercury News endorses Obama

Surprise, surprise! Nelson endorses Clinton

Obama California AD

What happened between Kerry and HC?

Edwards Campaign Breaks Online Fundraising Record

Economic policy grades: Obama A-, Edwards B-, Clinton C+, McCain D+

JRE on Tyra today and she definitely appears to have a crush on the Senator.

You know what? We're really NOT "one America"

Hillary Presidency means good bye Jimmy Dean!!

They are running a great appearance by Edwards today, on CSPAN

Mason Dixon SC poll: Obama 38 Clinton 30 Edwards 19 Undecided 12. Uh oh.

Oh my, 35 minutes of Hillaryhate.

What's with this "surrender" stuff?

Internal data focuses on race, gender, but not education level

Face it people they all suck.

Bill Clinton: John McCain and Hillary are 'very close'

John Edwards on Tyra

The results in SC will be almost exactly the same as in Iowa

Primaries Plus

Good for KO talking about a three person race in SC

ROMNEY WHISPER: MSNBC Claims It Was the Audience, I'm Not Kidding

The real Barack Obama video link..

Barack Obama to John McCain: I have a deep respect for you

New York's Amsterdam News Endorses Hillary Clinton

Clintons and the Saudis.... donations = protection

Interesting. My father is convinced Obama is a Muslim.

"The notion that you disenfranchise a large number of people in these two states is a terrible idea

OK. This might sink fast, but let's set the record straight about the IWR

Center for Promise and Opportunity (what's up with this Edwards "charity")

Why is it that time after time after time Clinton comes in last on DU?

Anybody know the voting demographics of South Carolina for tommorow?

Well I think I'll call it a night. Goodnight DU, Goodnight South Carolina get a good nights sleep

Did Hillary Clinton ever say "it is naive to talk to our enemies"?

No one has earned the right to lie:

What's this?! Obama planted people and script in voter questions today?


Chelsea Clinton at Clark University

If Clintons are willing to trash the DNC's rules, they're probably willing to trash the Constitution

Obama and his supporters and Hypocrisy

Endorsements of the Presidential Candidates

My Fundie boss (who I convinced to vote for Edwards) told me today...

Isn't Edwards' complaining about pointing fingers, finger pointing in itself?

I Voted For Hillary (Twice)


Obama files complaint with nevada dem party

When Obama senses that he may lose this thing, will he go nuclear?

Look at which Republican lite senators voted with Edwards and Clinton on these bills!

Love him, hate him :John Edwards.

Hillary, YOU Don’t Get to Decide to Seat Our Delegates

Raw Story is referencing DU re: The Mitt "whisper" MSNBC

I AM from the educated wing of Democratic Underground, and I proudly support Sen. Clinton

How Hillary's gender affects how we perceive her

Which of our remaining candidates do you look forward to seeing as our nominee in the GE?

Sweet ...

Hillary's most illustrative vote.

South Carolina Poll: Obama 44%, Clinton 24%, Edwards 19%

So... Apparently, Those Of Us Here At DU That Don't Support HRC, Are The Dumbshit Wing Of DU !!!

Chelsea stumps for mom in Worcester

Mitt's whisper-did he or didn't he?

San Jose Mercury News endorses Barack Obama

Zogby S.C. poll 1/25/08: Obama 38/ Clinton 25/ Edwards 21

Clinton Stumps for Kerry in Nevada (2004)

First Missouri Primary Poll: Hillary has a HUGE LEAD 43% - 24%

There is a reason Bill is sweet talking about McCain, it's all about fucking with republican heads

One America. No issues can be resolved without unity.

If Clinton doesn't change FL delegate situation she still made sure that FL race will be covered

Shame on both Obama AND Hillary supporters regarding Michagin

Hey you Florida folks -- how are things looking for Rudy?

Clinton rolls a sizable pork barrel

Alabama: Clinton 43% Obama 28% Edwards 16%

obama needs to stay away from those sit down talks with voters

obama needs to stay away from those sit down talks with voters

Uniter: Clinton gains black endorsements in SC..

In a primary state: 34 political ads in 90 minutes?

John Edwards closes with "Grown Up" Ad

First Lady

If I was Hillary, I'd rent out the Miami Beach Convention Center Tuesday night for a victory rally

Editorial: Obama best choice for Democrats San Jose Mercury News endorses Obama

CBS hit piece on Obama partially debunked.


Fellow Edwards supporters, what will you do if he does not get the nomination?

So, Ron Paul's people were out canvassing

Clinton Library Donors >>>

what time do the primaries begin in SC?

Updated SC Primary Weather Forecast

Tomorrow's primary will be close. No landslide win for anyone.

Bill Maher and guests pumping up Obama!

If you thought you had a chance of winning, would you run for president?

I'm appalled at the pathetic bickering that's going here. It's as pathetic as the bickering

How much does Obama have to win by tomorrow?

How Much Money Did Tony Rezko Contribute To Bill And/0r Hillary Clinton?

Have any of the three remaining Dem candidates mentioned disaster capitalism?

Great picture of two presidents

Video of today's Edwards interview on Tyra Banks' show..

who have the progressive democrats of america endorsed...if anyone?

So. The MSM locked Dennis Kucinich out of six debates and now the race.

BTW, South Carolina uses a paperless touch screen system statewide, the ES&S iVotronic.

Get past it people, ANY Dem nominee will beat ANY's 2010

Give Them Death: Three Leading Democratic Candidates Support Capital Punishment

Hey any more Hill photos to leak?

ABC News: Obama Camp Still Has $100,000 In Rezko Cash

If this REZKO matter isn't fully examined now the RePUKE nominee would bring it up every single day

The big question is where did Obama get the Rezko picture to leak to Drudge?

Ok, since my man Edwards is dead in the water (srry JE) I'm officially coming out for Clinton

I'm in S.C. and just received a phone call from The Clintons' campaign.

Latest Intrade..Hill:67.2 Obama: 31.8

Claire McCaskill: Obama a leader of vision and courage

Kucinich: I deeply and sincerely believe that we fought the good fight

Electoral vote counter

ABC: How much did fixer raise for Obama? (DAMNING Rezko article)

Photos: Barack Obama today at an outdoor rally at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C.

Kucinich folks, is it time to drop the avatar?

Obama doesn't look like the same refreshing candidate from 3 months ago.

i love the way hillary and obama are fighting back.

Photo of Clintons: Obama Achilles Heel on Other Foot?

OK all you Obama & Hilary supporters. I can't decide on which one.

Hillary talks directly to gay teens: "WE VALUE YOU"

Defend this Clinton ad...

Obama= OJ simpson

Clinton wants Florida and Michigan delegates reinstated

Clinton received $130,000 from same Rezko-linked lawyer Obama had to return money from.

Hillary makes statement on Gay youth and suicide..

All 3 Candidates Say They Support Civil Unions For Same Sex Couples. But Only One...

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton's Sleaze Parade >>>

Edwards Fundraising Record in January: Remember THIS?

One issue HANDS DOWN McCain is better than Hillary on:

Obama LIES about his close involvement with Slumlord Rezko...

Obama returns to Clinton's war vote

Bill Clinton's Reagan Legacy - The Nation

John Edwards - Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

I have never been happier to be an Edwards supporter. Were I not, the shit flingers ...

MI and FL delegates will be seated. If Obama fights it, he will lose.

Edwards's 'Grown Up' Appeal

Hey Look, A Cute Kitten!!!


Bill Clinton: John McCain and Hillary are 'very close'

If it weren't for Edwards, I'd be so out of this whole election cycle

Update: Edwards is 100% right about needing to fight corporations


This is for all you hip swingers out there.

Merle Haggard v. The Reefer.

The jig is up. I'm too tired to continue getting jiggy with it.

Who wants ice cream, I am going down stairs and get a big bowl.

Finish This Sentence....

Leo Kottke....

There... Are... Four.... Lights!!!...

Driver Who Killed Teen Sues for Damage


muscular women, hot or not?

Somebody tried to steal my coupons right out of my cart

Can any do-it-yourself people help me please? Water emergency!!

Hah hah

Fuck it.

Just checked, I am only 2,499 posts away from 10,000.

Ahhh Ahhh ATOMIC!

Eartha Kitt appreciation thread.

Best photoshop EVAH!

My Dog Tells Time

Waylon, anyone?

Oh. my. dog — they're making a 'CHiPs' movie

One of my favorite comedians was on Letterman

Police: Whole family caught shoplifting

898 posts away from 10,000


I hate knots.....


Hot diggity damn Lounge, you did it.


yuch.... my dog Max came in from outside and yelped

What are the most over-rated books?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/26/2008)

Can a musically skilled person put my lyrics to music?

Road Trip!

I think that GD P just might implode today

Why the SC polls are unpredictable

If 6 was 9 -Vinyl Version!

What Are YOU Lookin' At?!

Anyone a Medical Biller/Coder?

How's about an appreciation thread for the Amazing Jonathan?

So, lounge? How was your Friday night? Here's a rundown of mine.

What is this?

I am having a psychic moment

Today does not bode well for me

Trouble Focusing

What do i get?

Woo-hoo... 40.4 pounds lost!

Guys -- i posted in GD-P

I am having a psycho moment

Somebody help me get this TV out of the box.


Kinetic animal sculptures! Gotta see these "creatures" move!

what Is our children learning?



Granted Gary Glitter is a scumbag - but you gotta admit, "Rock and Roll" is an intersting tune.

Mazda ahead of Ferrari in Daytona 24hr. Hahahahah!

All Decked Out

Would it be okay if Hillary asked people to get Pookie and Ray Ray out to vote?

Question about chocolate: in a recipe can i switch dark chocolate w. white chocolate

I am having a disco moment.

Apparently I've been deemed an undesirable by BevMo

Heath Ledger is being waked at Frank E. Campbell's. My SIL's service was there.

If you want to know where I've been, I've been in GD stirring up shit

They are on to my secret in GD:P

Last night when the kid got hurt at the dance, I should have called


There's not a line that goes here that rhymes with anything

Good Afternoon Lounge!

Grab the popcorn! It's fuckin' "Lord Of The Flies" time over in GD-P!

Ingrid Pitt appreciation thread

Is it REALLY a Man's Man's Man's World?

Ochi "Dainoji" Yosuke, the Kobayashi of Air Guitar Championships

This is just downright Pookie and Ray Ray

Here's the little puppy who was dumped

So I watched "Eastern Promises" today

For Retro

21 Days Until I Go Home for 7. Someone help me out with a smiley.

I'm watching the new Rambo. In Russian. Because Rambo transcends language

I've always supported women, minorities, and immigrants...

Britney's paparazzo boyfriend says she's the next Princess Diana and he's her Dodi Fayed

What's the most obscure book, by a well known author, you have ever read?

Hey Bulldog!

Everyone CONGRATULATE me!!!

My thirty six-thousandth post and I am now taking requests.

Worst of the Bunch (Aliens - Predators) - Pick one

Medicinal marijuana to be available in vending machines

Got a blind date tonight

What is wrong with strip molls?

I got pierced today. Ask me anything.

What is so wrong with stripper moles!?!

Any other wry drinkers around?

FCC Seeks To Fine ABC $1.4M For Indecent "NYPD Blue" Episode

*Not a copycat

What is wrong with Family Guy's balls!?!

Vibes needed! I just posted in GD:P...

I found caps for cap guns at the store today, I didn't even know caps were even made anymore.

What the hell is all this Pookie & Ray Ray crap about?

"Semantic" is telling me to renew my Norton subscription. Is this

I am listening to BB King's "Christmas Celebration of Hope" - to what are you listening?

My daughter was asked out on a date...

Top Shelf - When did the meaning change?

So the guy behind the deli counter

The best part about knowing that Van Halen fucking sucks, and saying it is

To realize how good the Daniel Craig version of "Casino Royale" is...

Any other Rye drinkers around?

One More Time...Some Good Vibes For My Dad


I am getting so stressed out from GD

I think I'm wearing cement shoes tonight.....

Should I go DSL or High Speed Internet?

Just for the record: Townes Van Zandt was a god! A GOD, I tell you!

Attn: Costco Shoppers

I say that Lee Mercer Jr. is just channeling Dr. Bronner!

"It is what it is."

Is the Hands Across America promo a legitimate move in the Kevin Bacon Game?

my grandfather jamming :)

Another mother/daughter tradition, down the drain.

Ouch - nearly $900 to repair my 26 month old iMac g5

ZombieNixon appreciation thread!

Nashville Skyline

I just bought 5 books from RetroLounge

So what silly, small, or petty accomplishments are you secretly proud of?

What is wrong with strip malls!?!

My baby boy will finally be born in a few days...WHEW!

Have you or anyone living in your household dealt with aggressive Bronchitis or Pneumonia?

Any other wry thinkers around?

What was your experience like when you were a "newbie" here?

Body hair poll

Academic and sex joke at the same time.

i love the way hillary and obama are fighting back.

It's worth posting again

ALERT! Bill Moyers on now PST

I just called Clinton campaign headquarters

Some times gender separation is a good option

Forum proposal: Understanding the influence of marketing in today's world

I had a dream...

Louisiana parish reconsiders ban on soothsaying

who here has been saddled by an employer-mandated 'health savings account?'

My wife said she read the EMT's in New York were at Heath Ledger's apartment in 8 minutes?

Ok kids, I know sometimes in school you feel like why do I need to know THIS

Religious Leaders Urge Bush To Redeem 'Shameful' Legacy

S.C. voter to press: You suck

I'm Already there

Can I get a kick for this?

Satan always 'gives' a little bit of truth'

Reagan/Bush I Tough on Terror before 9/11? I THINK NOT

I hate it when the Internet Tubes go down!

Gardasil™ - do you really believe in this? I saw a Gardasil™ commercial tonight..

Paul Wolfowitz's new job,and stuff

Creature Is a Delicacy in Japan, a Cause in the West

If any of the Dem 'Leadership' had courage ... the

Meet Michael Vick's Pit Bulls

Can anyone remember the name of the female guest on

Building Costs Deal Blow to Local Budgets

Given the fact that global temperature changes 'might' be happening,

Joseph Galloway: Drop In Iraq Violence Threatened By String Of Assassinations

I didn't think I qualified but looks like I'm being stimulated maybe

Here's how difficult it is to get a job right now....

For Fun and to Lighten Up: Your Worst Right Wing Relative Stories

"American Woman Kidnapped in Afghanistan"

Teh State of teh Onions

Bush to give his FINAL State of the Union Address. He is now officially a

Just saw on CNN scroll

Mother Jones: Analysis Shows Possible Pattern In Missing White House E-Mails

Larisa Alexandrovna: "United States Vs. The People"

Fyi: CSPAN 1 replaying a GREAT hearing re the EPA's denial

Hopeful news regarding pancreatic cancer:

Bush the Cable Guy Radio Address outlines S.O.T.U. call to "get er done" (tax relief, wire taps)

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - Nate The Neoconservative Hired As Columnist By New York Paper

Mukasey Hangs A Portrait Of Orwell-by Keith Olbermann

GEMSNBC is promoting more on the race

Evangelical Voters. Role in this year's election. NOW on PBS now. Pacific time zone.

Don't you just love when these Imus sucks like Mike Barnicle come on and tell us about the Dems?

Our $1200 loan is going straight into paying off debt.

Man to spend night homeless after charity theft

I am remembering having to pay back my last tax rebate check in 2002.

NYT Quote of the Day...

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Bush says he and Laura will move to Dallas when term ends

Making inroads in the South for the GE: Voting Republican: like buying foreign, only dumber.

Rupert Murdoch Has A List Of Bill's "Indiscretions"?

C'mon...tell the truth..we all know rich people are fat, stupid, selfish and ugly

Rather than taking three months, the impeachment of Cheney or Bush could be completed in a day

Stimulus Package Redux : I'm 79 years young and lovin' it!

When The Bush Regime Came To Power Gas was $1.46 a gallon

Parents Upset Over Jesus Vs. Santa Handout

Engineer quits job rather than work for Uncle Sam's killing machine

I think they need porn music to go along with the stimulus package

Hookers for Jesus: Ex sex-workers save souls

Shirley Phelps-Roper smackdown. Listen here!

Florida will try to undo two court rulings to give public money to private religious schools.

I used to be right wing, and here's how I stopped.

Breaking on MSNBC: Large US Spy Satellitte could hit earth in Feb. or March

Children often see what adults ignore

Just seen John McCain on my TV trying to convince me people want to come here and kill me

Have a Passport Problem? Fix It at the Airport

Wasn't the Bush team going to "rebuild" our intelligence gathering?

Poverty, nutrition and choice.

Phelps family exposed, from the inside.

Hey look! - I respond to a Republican email - from Canada, even

Frustration with FISA and Generally

Huckabee Speaks on National TV, Saying People of Faith Are "Marginalized"

Bush: Urgent pleas in his final State of the Union

Yesterday, a soldier died in Iraq

U.S. to issue passport alternative this spring

NYT FISA editorial: Rockefeller "misguided"; Reid, McCaskill, Landrieu, Nelson "bullyable"

Who thinks the Republicans are yearning to work with us now?

Really good Italian/EU global warming awareness ad.

Did anyone here know that Keith Olbermann has a diary on dailykos?

Cutting taxes on the wealthy,...

my newspaper column for this week:

Cut Corporate Taxes

FYI: How the 2001 tax "rebates" actually worked.

"Cleveland diocese discourages anonymous abuse reports"

It's Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt

NYTimes editorial board calls out Reid as a liar for claiming that he’s against telecom immunity

what a surprise! the British can name only 24%.

Iraqis don't like the new flag Bush gave them - Anyone remember the first time he tried this?

If they know that we know it is essentially a payday loan and that most of us won't spend it .....

Gore and Bono on C-SPAN 1 @ 12:30 PM EST... Poverty and Global Climate Change Forum

Breaking on MSNBC: Duck!!

Glenn Greenwald: More Disruptions to The Cheney/Rockefeller FISA Plan

A note to Harry, Nancy, and the rest of congress...from a Republican.

Germany quietly loses last WWI vet

Everyone CONGRATULATE me!!!

To Be Heard By * At The SOTU Address........

"...they are believed to have assisted the efforts to defend our nation following the 9/11 attacks."

Is a phony issues split being sold to us by a lap dog Media? Iraq v Economy

Assuming $150 billion, what economic stimulus plan would you propose?

Tim Russert is pompous, self-absorbed gasbag

"It's a beautiful lie, It's a perfect denial..." - 30 Seconds....

"I looked the man in the eye"

caring Kucinich Urges Restoration of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Palm Beach County Voting Glitch - Imagine That

Who will run Iraq after Coalition Forces withdraw?

Edwards Is In It Till The Covention......

Believability of network news drops sharply (GRAPH)

" Inflatable rescue rafts were used to help float the cattle to safety"

The single most important reason why to switch to a parliamentary system: Green Parties.

Hyperbole as political commentary

CBC News went to a South Carolina barbecue to discuss Obama.

My theory about why the new polls always seem to be so far off.

The Illustrated pResident

Meanwhile Georgie's Out Riding His Bicycle ---pix--->>>

Progressive Blogosphere Challenge: Help Dennis Kucinich Keep His Congressional Seat!

I've been strongly anti-Hillary and pro-Obama, but I'm now giving serious thought to Edwards.

A note of thanks to the VFW members and other vets that post here

Why The Democrats Will Not Impeach-They would be implicated in the fascist takeover of this country

Uof M researchers link asthma, early vaccines

Rudy Ninelevi has one committed Puke delegate. Who do you think it is?

Owner of dog set on fire while she was giving birth to puppies wants justice (updated with contacts)

Breaking: Christian brando dies

"The Fantasy of Bipartisanship"

Barbara Bush speaks out on life

Pawnbrokers and 'fringe' Banking Benefiting from Hard Times

FCC announces ban against mirrors between the hours of 6 AM and 10 PM.

Overheard on a train: Santorum Works Against McCain

USA Today labeled conservative evangelical Huckabee supporters as "value voters"

Liberal Group Plans Yearlong Anti-Bush Campaign

MSNBC talking heads are history-illiterate morons. I was shocked at their ignorance today....

Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn.

Teacher gives kids handout: Why Jesus is Better Than Santa Claus

Georgia mega-preacher pleads guilty in sex case

CNN's footage at the Egypt/Gaza border. . staged?

"Clean" Movie Maven Arrested For Teen Sex

Senators Clinton and Obama: Prove It

Bush pardons himself? How did I miss this?

What say should a 12 yr old have?

Send your radio station a message: Boot the "pro life" nut cases

Why use tax money for economic stimulus? Cut credit card interest in half instead, and...

"Sicko" Gets The Oscar High-Five ... A Note From Michael Moore

Family left to wonder about soldier's death in Iraq

Mukasey Nixes Special Prosecutor In CIA Case

This is beyond sad.

Where does the money from the $160 Billion tax rebate come from??

Celestial Alignment: Jupiter, Moon, Venus

Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks, Part Tres: The Poll!

Do liberals have closed minds?

does anybody have that recent picture of bush

Very funny! 5 Passengers, 4 parachutes.

Battle over invisible pet fences: Don't Startle me Bro

Mark Morford:29 things to be happy about

I just saw the trailer for The Dark Knight (Batman) on HDNet. Heath Ledger

Boy does this sound familiar.

UK Times: Brewster Jennings outed by 'treasonous' US govt official in 2001, not 2003

Guilty pleasure...Watching Rudy's campaign tank


"Ending the Dollar's Tyranny" - by Mike Whitney

Our potential problem in the General Election: Old people vote, young don't.

Should Fox News fire John Gibson?

Lynching is still happening in South Carolina 2008.

What's your definition of "democracy"?

Con-servative thinking at work: US-born child of immigrants dies

Michael Crichton has famously labeled environmentalism a 'religion"

This is the mindset of so many twisted so-called "conservative" Christians..

What Do *You* Think: Why Do The Dems Cave In And Sell Out?

OK Duers

Scott Horton interviews Mark Crispin Miller for Harper's

The Daily Show and The Onion banned.........


Experts: Rebates not free windfall

Ex-Romney aide, College Republican head, busted on sex offender charges

Iraqis: "America is the biggest producer of terror"

Creating GDPimaries was a good first step .... but we need more

Pets Feeling Effects Of Home Foreclosures

$300-600 A PERSON. THIS will create new jobs? stimlate the economy?

I think that after getting a good look at Giuliani Florida voters concluded he was insane

FCC: Nude Buttocks are an "Excretory Organ"

Hubble and the grain of sand.

On Theocracy and an inclusive Democratic Party (LONG RANT)

No More Investigations Please

I would hope this video can be discussed over and above this current campaign

RFK: "First is the danger of futility..."

*** Saturday TOONs: Liar Liar ***

Bush's favorite painting which he has in Oval Office is really a horse thief running from a mob.

Leahy And Cornyn: White House Trying To ‘Eliminate’ FOIA Office

"Kitten + Hitler = Kitler" - The German Green Party

****DFA First Round Voting Deadline Has Been Extended***

Resident Bush State of the Union Address

Everything happens for a reason.

What kind of Democrat am I?

"The Cute Fix"-How Bush’s Fiscal Mismanagement Produced a Recession (Scott Horton)

My State of the Union CHECK LIST, By *

A Call for Help (perhaps a welcome distraction from the Primary Wars)

A post- SOTU sing-a-long suggestion for our Dear Leader

Mean, Cruel, Sadistic

Caught with a Bag of Weed? It Could Cost You More Than You Think

The truth about poverty

== 29 things to be happy about = By Mark Morford

How GM Crops Endanger Environment and Agriculture (A Must Read)

No More Investigations Please * * * by David Swanson = "kidnapping ... torturing, murdering,..."

Is the Clinton campaign ready for the white backlash?


In case anyone is interested, the ER forum is trying to come up with election integrity estimates

South Carolina Democrats: Vote for Whomever You Believe Is the Best Candidate

Obama: Israel was forced to close Gaza - Dear Ambassador Khalilzad,

Did Merle Haggard say that Hillary inhaled...

Cut to the chase. How many are declaring themselves "undecided" in these S.C. polls?

Our candidates and Blackwater

I got a call from the Edwards campaign askeing if I could

Do South Carolina polls include Republicans?

The Clintons-Rezko photo reminds me of ABRAMOFF

Who's going to torpedo Obama? The 'Clinton Machine'.

Morning Joe obsessing on Obama's loss of white votes in SC.How many white votes has Hil lost to John

Colbert I. King: Billary's Adventures in Primaryland

Day 2 on the ground in South Carolina

Please delete-double post

I really don't give a damn who wins South Carolina

Baby Barack

Do you think the Clintons like the game too much?

Latest Primary Polls Found Here

Edwards should go thru the Feb. 5th primaries and then....


Edwards on Today Show now nt

Edwards will finish a solid second in South Carolina

Bwahaha. Best headline of the primary season: Goodbye Rudy, Tuesday.

I'll be on the road during the primary. You kids behave; I don't

Boston Globe finally has an article about Edwards that is more

what world do you live in ?

MSNBC pundits SPINNING for Hillary before anybody even votes

Outside groups help Obama's bid

Skin Deep

Theses a lot of Obama hate mongering going on this site thats troubling

SC Primaries: Time for praying, Drum Circling, Smudging and CALLING for EDWARDS!!

Hillary's strategy in South Carolina focuses on delegates and 4 congressional districts

Has Hillary forgotten about her good friend Norman Hsu? Review Shows an Additional $100,000 in Rezko-Linked Contributions To Obama

Obama = 44%, Edwards = 30% Clintons = 25% Others = 1%

Craig Crawford on MSNBC: media has mental illness about the Clintons.

Mr. Inside Out

BILL CLINTON: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

What an exciting day !!

Clinton loves McCain.

ABsolutely Generic question about campaign appearance in Florida

Herbert: Questions for the Clintons

"Obama-Clinton dividing women voters, even families" (The State, 01/25/08)

Obama has been treated with kidgloves thus far...

******************** Official SC Primaries thread # 1 *******************


I think most everyone hear would favor seating the Fla. delegation

Why are the GOP primaries so much nicer than ours?!

Worse than Rezko

The Media is a Race Card Dealer

ALL-FIRED UP FOR THE LADY----polls are open in SC.

Who is the more viable candidate in the general election?

Hillary is a master at injecting race into the debate

Today's fun: Google Hillary Clinton, Peter Paul, Aaron Tonken, David Rosen

Buchanan, if Obama wins in SC, why can't the story be SC makes history--gives nod to black candidate

Talk Left Rebuts TPM: Obama and Edwards Are On The FL Ballot, Too

My rant about the MSM ownership by the Clintons

O B A M A ! ! ! !

Obama-Clinton caption competition

Bill Clinton can be very uplifting and inspirational. He could have helped his wife potitively

No one injected race into the campaign.

A discussion I had:47 million Americans don't have medical coverage, But what about those that do?

Leading Democrats to Bill Clinton: Pipe Down

Edwards Defends the Campaigning Spouse

T H E G R O W N U P ! ! !

Whoever would say "say anything, do anything, change nothing"

Rezko was a part of Obama's senatorial campaign FINANCE committee.

Is the right right on the Clintons?

Early SC turnout report

Bill Clinton is not "taking on the corporate media." Bill made the MSM what it is today!

Michigan and Florida delegates...

Obama: "I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote. I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote."

Salon: The racial divide, then and now (SC primary results related)

Meet David Rosen: Hillary Clinton's Former Campaign Finance Director

In this thread, we'll list all of the things Obama is under investigation for re: Rezko

Bill Clinton: Of course I support my wife's candidacy, but the entire Dem field is excellent!!!

Which Candidate Will Take The Sharpest Right-Turn Once They Secure The Nomination

Funny Adlai Stevenson reply

Grandson went to vote today in Myrtle Beach, SC

Obama will win SC..unless...

Elizabeth Edwards: "I think my choices have made me happier.

Clinton-Rezko world getting smaller

The Clintons have let Obama back in it.

Minnesota leads nation (in voter turnout)

Hypothetical General Election question

ANY one candidate dropping out of the Democratic race is bound to help the others remaining

At least today will see the end of Edwards

Obama in '04: "No difference between my position and Bush's..."

The Clintons' desperate Rezko card. They have nothing without it, No, I take that back, they have

umm isn't SC voting going on right now?

Subprime Obama

Any chance that Bill Bradley could be VP if Obama

I don't know why the pundits whine that we will not have a nominee

I cast my vote on Jan. 29th in Florida....

Arizona Poll: Clinton's big lead over Obama shrinking

I saw my first Hillary sticker today in the redneck stronghold of Northeast Texas

ABC News: Photo of Clintons: Obama Achilles Heel on Other Foot?

Would Hillary cover for the Saudis the same way Bill did ?

Latest Hillary Excuse If Barack Gets Substantial White Vote In SC......

Can Pookie (& Nay-Nay) Get Some Love?

Fuck McCain and his surge - that money should be spent at home!

Tick Tock, Tick Tock......

Gardasil™ - do you really believe in this? I saw a Gardasil™ commercial tonight..

Video Proof Dolphins are more intelligent than George W. Bush

I think the Republics would be less likely to work with Obama

SurveyUSA may show white backlash against Obama driving up white turnout and Edwards surge

Who Will win South Carolina?

Do You Live In A State Where No Candidates Ever Visit You?

3 US workers face investigation over Obama e-mail

Obama fighting false e-mail rumors in South Carolina

Open primaries are a BIG Mistake

The Latest And Last Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby Poll: Obama 41%, Clinton 26%, Edwards 19%

Photos: Michelle and Barack Obama at a final pre-primary rally last night in Columbia, S.C.

For Fun and to Lighten Up: Your Worst Right Wing Relative Stories

Final Zogby SC primary tracking poll: Obama: 41, Clinton: 26, Edwards: 19

So it's just fine and dandy for Hillary to encourage women

The Clintons have let Obama back in it.

An inconvenient truth: Bill Clinton is running for a third term.

If you have TELEPHONE, you can help JED ... TODAY!!

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

Phony outrage over Kerry calling Bill Clinton out on his lies

On Pookie and Ray-Ray

According To Some Hillary Clinton Supporters Here, Vanity Fair Consists Of "Thuggish Freepers"...

Critics say Huckabee cashed in on the school shooting with the 1998 publication of 'Kid who kill"

Clinton on McCain love-fest: "They'd put voters to sleep because they like and respect each other."

From the Leaker: Edwards to be Atty Gen for Obama?

Politico's Ben Smith: Full-Court Press on Teddy

I'm going to see Senator Edwards on Monday. I can't wait!!

FACT CHECK: Obama, His Contributor Rezko, the Slum Landlord Business

CNN - Obama's legitimacy on line in South Carolina


Who think's Edwards will finish Second?

New California Poll-HRC-43% Obama 28% JRE -11%/RCP Avg Included

If Edwards doesn't get the nod, would you like to see him attorney general?

Obama an electoral vote disaster - Hillary does better against McCain in state after state

Win or lose Obama is finished in South Caralina

Joe should shut the hell up. He walks all over Mika

Just think, in a couple of weeks we can all be friends again

"It won't be Giuliani,"

Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination....

If Obama wins today, should he give a 'transforming race' victory speech?

Obama walks a tricky racial line

I want to talk about Sex and Race.

White voters desert Obama as race divide starts to bite [the Guardian]

WHY did Obama invoke the derogative term "Pookie?"

obama life line

Barack Obama and Foreign Policy (non Iraq)

Aw, Joe Scarborough has become a feminist.

Richard Beltzer on Bill Maher heard rumors about Murdoch collecting

Zogby on final tracking result: "on the watch list is the order of finish" in SC

who should we like to see win the GOP Primaries?

Chuck Todd, is it surprising that Obama is getting only 10% of the white vote in SC in your poll?

SC POLL: Obama Solidifies Lead as Election Day Looms (O 41, H 26, E 19)



Rasmussen daily graph for 1/26/08 - Clinton down 5 (36), Obama up 3 (33), Edwards up 2 (18)

This place is a junk yard

Edwards about to come up on MSNBC

Questions for the Clintons - Bob Herbert (NYT)

M$M remind me of the race of the candidates one more fucking time!

New Tennessee Poll-HRC- 34% Obama 20% JRE- 16%

About flip flopping, changing of opinions, of demanding repentance

New Missouri Poll -HRC-44% -Obama 31% JRE -18% RCP AVG Included

Last Calls From Zogby and in SC

How large will an Obama win have to be for the MSM to view it as a win?

Rasmussen: Clinton 47%-McCain 45%; Obama 46%-McCain 41%

Clinton/M$M using race to win and my rant

MSNBC: Zogby has Clinton, Edwards tied with 35% of the white vote, with Obama at 19%--not 10%!

Hillary the female candidate? Could Hillary win but get no bounce?

The Philadelphia Inquirer is endorsing Barack Obama

Take A Look At This RealClearPolitics SC Graphic !!!

PodCast advice needed: anyone here broadcast? I want to do my first one tomorrow during SC.

WaPo discovers JOHN EDWARDS! (Great article!)

Hey Edwards supporters-Intrade has him tied with Hillary in SC with 4.9 to her 5!

Room for Al Gore in the race?

Big Endorsement for Hillary

There's a lot of hate on the internets

If Obama is losing white support in SC....I do not think it is as nearly as much race-based as it is


Brave New Films coverage of SC primary starts at 6pm ET

Is one of the webmasters at a closeted

The spin has started ---- Clinton Camp Memo Downplays South Carolina Results

The Ideal SC win for Obama:

Not one....

My admittedly small sampling poll

Update from south Florida: Rudy people have been at the corner with signs, today: OBAMA!!!

An Obama Richardson ticket is unbeatable! GOP cannot get close

NY Prosecutors Say Giuliani Lies About His Record

All Democrats in honor of S.C., the Civil Rights and the today's primary a song for you!

I talked to 3 people who said they turned against Obama because of his divisivness


Does Hillary make a good Senate majority leader? Only serious opinions please

Clinton 47% McCain 45%; Obama 46% McCain 41 (Rasmussen, 1/25)

Your favorite candidate sucks

Since pretty much any statement of any kind is racially charged:

Dwayne Wade And Charles Barkley's "Pookie" Commercial

No problems with machines, weather

I feel like R2D2 on Dagobah, peering into the Jedi Master's hut: Gore in exile

Great voting strategy

Nearly 100,000 indpendents walked away fron the GOP primary in SC last week

LOL! "pookie" and "ray-ray" are racially identified names? Prove it.

I've Commented About This Earlier In The Week... Didn't Get An Actual

So where can we get the first results from SC? Anyone have a link?

MSM spins S.C. spin

I've been strongly anti-Hillary and pro-Obama, but I'm now giving serious thought to Edwards.

A 100% Sincere Non Partisan SC Primary Post

Pookie and Ray Ray isn't racist it's funny but Obama would play the race card if the others said it.


Attention overseas to presidential race unprecendented

Huckabee attributes his success as "an Arkansas politician" to "knowing barbecue"

When did Obama first consider running for President for 2008?

Is there a candidate out there who WOULDN'T "Do anything, say anything" to win?

Report: Obama to Nominate John Edwards as Attorney General

Who will win in South Carolina today?

President Hillary Clinton: Best payback for the Democrat-impeaching election-stealing motherfuckers

Romney most disliked amongst his fellow candidates


Why Edwards May Be The Best Choice For Women and Blacks

A win by any margin today doesn't help Obama. A loss puts him out of the race.

Edwards Is In It Till The Covention......

Do we have any actual election news? Estimated voter turnout, etc?

Early SC Turnout Well Above Average

Pookie and RayRay are the voters of ideas.

Bad news for both Obama and Clinton. No Senator elected since 1960.

Last night, after referring to himself as a political "pundint," Tweety referred to

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorses Senator Obama. Take that, Ed Rendell!

Huckabee's Easter Egg/WMD argument reminds me of

Obama sure picked a fighter in Kerry. Do you all remember

I suspect the networks will call it for Obama shortly after the polls close

Even THE STATE Newspaper in SC Recognizes 'Edwards Rising...' LINK

Mittens: "who let the dogs out"

SC is ablaze as Edwards fire sweeps thorough it

Bill paints Obama as "establishment candidate"

Clinton, Obama campaigns play S.C. expectations game in dueling memos to reporters

I see Obama's plight as his own doing, but if he wins there is no doubt...

Obama, Edwards have a lot on the line in South Carolina; Edwards "keeping moving no matter what"

The Sacramento Bee (McClatchy Newspapers) recommends Obama!!

Have the candidates released fund raising numbers for Q4?

"Obama, Clinton face off in SC primary"

Is it the Democratic Party or the Clinton Family Party?

The 10% polling number:

When will Obama Supporters claim Voter Fraud in South Carolina?

Check out this Site Brave New Films

I think they need porn music to go with the stimulus package

John McCain, In Florida, Just Had A Very Awkward Moment

Signs pointing to record turnout--UPDATED!!

Barbara Stanwyck for President (Hillary Clinton style)

How does media coverage of Hillary and Bill Clinton now compare to during Ken Starr's investigation?

Wait....... SC has only 9 - UNPLEDGED - delegates?

Did you know that the very vocal right hates Mc Cain?

Bill and Hillary, just say no!

Clinton/Obama? I know it sounds crazy but ...

This is just downright Pookie and Ray Ray

Let's compare their voting records (Edwards, Obama, Clinton)

Why is Bill Clinton saying how much Hillary likes McCain?

Just a reminder: Exit polls are not released until the polls close

Just fucking great. Another incriminating photo of the ex first lady with the slimeball criminal.

Is Hillary really trying to get MI delegates even if other candidates were not on the ballot?

Obama and Clinton

Stop trying to compare Obama to Harold Ford Jr.!!! STOP!!!

U.S. Race Captures World’s Eye, and Holds It: "A great democracy functioning" at basic level

I've had it. Let me tell you sheep with SHORT MEMORIES something about "THE CLINTONS" and the world

Hillary campaign's penchant for Rovian tactics: Robo Calls

Which Cable Channel Do You Normally Watch Election Coverage On?

Edwards Aide Clarifies Health Care Stance

What's your honest prediction for the South Carolina results?

A message to the candidates.

Boston Globe: Obama gives diners a lunch rush

What about the super-delegates?

I've Heard that Edwards Outspsent the other two On TV Ads in SC . How does that fit in to his....

If Obama Wins By 15+ Points

Edwards just took a flying leap off his pedestal

Is The Bottom Line This Primary That It's A Referendum On Hillary Clinton & the Clinton Presidency?

Whose television ads are most negative?

Delegates V. Votes - an informative and "balanced" discussion of the state of the campaign

Will Obama make Edwards his Attorney General? This report in from Robert Novak.

Should DU be Purged?

Woah-Bill Clinton nearly beat up Dick Morris before Hillary stopped him

Why I could NEVER vote for Hillary.... It's Disgusting

Comment from a Republican in the The State.

Hillary's robocalls to SC voters hit Edwards on personal wealth, trade record

I have no idea what will happen today in South Carolina.

Do you think that the reason that no other Repub candidate is complaining about Romney...

Bill Clinton is taking on the corporate media AND the right wing propaganda machine at the same time

I don't think the white vote in SC is necessarily representative of the nation at large

Obama Snags St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorsement


Why does it matter today who wins in SC...

Hey, Pollsters: Democrats Care About Religion, Too

So Hillary attacks Edwards for his support of China trade relations.

How many 'Clinton Robo Calls' threads will be posted today?

Young Turks online coverage of SC begins at 6pm -- here's info:

Obama's right-wing economic advisers, his Clintonist economic policy and Wall Street ties

There is nothing I would like more than an EDWARDS WIN today.

Saw an Edwards bumper sticker the other day for the first time in Ne. outside my family members

Hillary Clinton attempting to have Michigan Delegates seated:

ATTENTION DU... Hillary Clinton does not have a penis.

State official tells MSNBC that turnout is “exceptional” and says it could be “record breaking.”

Pictoral evidence of a HUGE racial and gender divide in the Democratic electorate

I don't think that it's "sweet" when any Democratic candidate bows out.

Some South Carolina exit poll results, but not who won

MSNBC: First turnout reports are in, county by county list

If Bill stopped campaigning today...

I wonder who writes Nora O'Donnell stupid slimy questions.

Everytime I see that "explosive" interview with Bill clinton and the media

A shameful vote

For Obama & Edwards Supporters

Clyburn on Clinton, Obama

Let me see a show of hands...

Should Barack Obama be able to play to black culture-

LA Times: Is the right right on the Clintons?

Sen. Obama stands 6'4''

We're letting THEM define the race again

Are disaffected Conservatives starting to like Edwards?

Gallup - new.....

Friday: Barack Fires Up Over 5,000 in Clemson

Which candidate would you rather hear read a book on tape?

Today is the day Hillary Clinton loses the nomination

MY predicton. obama by 20% in south carolina

Breaking on MSNBC..Hillary causes sattelite to fall from sky..Unable to say if racially motivated

If the count is close, look to the following counties:

Will Edwards withdraw if he comes in a distant third?

Obama is the "youth candidate" and can't win broad appeal

Photo: Barack Obama on primary day in Columbia, S.C. during a visit to Harper's Restaurant

CNN w/ a cowboy actor, Tombstone, AZ; Edwards gets love.. switch the topic

Some really wild figuring based on state of SC stats and using an average of most polling.....

John Edwards SC 'Bully Pulpit' Speech (Complete)

Ras Head to Head: Obama beats McCain by 5%; Clinton beats McCain by 2%

My prediction for tonight: O: 38%, Hil: 33%, Eds: 29%

The Official Opinion of My Cousin Ray-Ray

John Edwards stands up for the constitution on FISA battle

Cafferty: "There just might be an opening for someone to step in & unify the party...maybe Al Gore"

Clinton strategists believe racial fallout has tagged Obama as "the black candidate"

HuffPo: Huckabee "first on most lists" as likely GOP candidate for Vice President

Scarlett Johansson, back from USO tour: I'm in Love With Obama!

Keith On Now!!

Analysis: SC strategy focused on race

Senator Claire McCaskill: "Obama a leader of vision and courage"

I Bet Bill Calls Hillary "Pookie" In Private


Why no exit polls today? Is Edwards winning?

Republican Reindeer Games with Delegates in 2000: Remind You of Anyone?

New Nat'l Gallup Poll- HRC -47% Obama 31% Edwards 12% -RCP AVG Included

Obama Endorsed by Philadelphia Inquirer

Soon we won’t have Rudy to kick around anymore.....

LOL !!! - THIS Is Appropriate !!!

My final SC prediction: Obama 42% **Edwards** 31% Clinton 27% WHAT'S YOURS?

The summary of the past few weeks...


Here's a photo of Hillary, practicing a time-honored campaign tradition!

I found this illuminating.

Why is Bill Clinton revered and Kerry considered tainted by SOME here?

The Clintons might have destroyed a McCain Florida win by their well timed "very close" comment

Exit polls indicate a "very large turnout" among African-American voters

What's this? Twetty not on MSNBC coverage of South Carolina?

Who Will Get Burned By The Clintons' Scorched Earth Politics?

In honor of the founding fathers, and all they sacrificed ...

I think Gregory and KO make a good team

MSNBC 56% of voters say Obama unfairly attacked Clinton

GD-P, is there a thread devoted to the K.O/Gregory coverage of the S.C. primary.

James Clyburn really is a Class Act

Wow, we're not seeing much of a racial divide in people's beliefs on this campaign.

SC Dems' result page

Regardless of what happens tonight, let's keep our eyes on the prize

"Yes, he is vilified by less-secure Democrats for acknowledging Ronald Reagan"

Rupert Murdoch Has A List Of Bill's "Indiscretions"?

CNN Exit polling: Who do SCians blame? 21% Hillary 6% Obama 50% Both

TPM Scoreboard is up and ready to roll:

The logic of Clinton supporters is that SC doesn't matter... so I ask:

I'm SO SICK of hearing about the white vote, black vote, latino vote...

John Edwards up 5 points nationally in Rasmussen poll, Clinton down 6

Like it or not the current intramurals are a sign of what will happen in the GE. I like the fights.

Looks like a 12 point win for Obama

Barack Obama beats Clinton out for "most suited to be Commander in Chief." There goes another meme.

If these Exit Polls that have been reported are on target, Obama will win with over 50 percent.

MSNBC EXIT POLL: 68% of White voters believe the Clintons Unfairly Attacked Obama

SC voter turnout update (and a bit of other news)

South Carolina State Election Commission Website:

70% of voters in SC think that Hillary ...

Why did the big money move to Democratic nominees and away from the Republicans?

Brave New Films/Young Turks live primary coverage starts now:

The Unitary Executive

Oh, I get it. Bill signed the China Trade Bill. Since Hillary has no mind of her own. She also

With South Carolina Polls Open, Fox Tells All

I hope this belongs here , it seems the Dems are being split

Hillary's Campaign shows Absolutely No Remorse - even Endorsers are balking

Media freeze out of candidates like Edwards, Paul and Kucinich

0% of voters think Edwards played the race card

Watching MSNBC makes me so proud!

The true victims of "Rovian style" politics seem to not be considered much

68% of whites said Clintons were unfair in their attacks on Obama.

You know what I see when I read GDP


Do You Cheat at Monopoly? Swipe the Free Parking Pot?

DELEGATE WATCH: current numbers..

Why is Hillary in Tennessee tonight?

BC just said that Jesse Jackson won the SC primary in '84 & '88

Wow! Samantha Power is on the Obama team?

What a pleasure to watch primary coverage with KO and *no* Tweety.

Could a team of Obama and Edwards be unbeatable? They balance each other well

Senator Clinton & Senator Obama - DO YOUR JOB

Obama TV ads "boast he was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review"

Who is your favorite Dem candidate's spouse and why?

I think something is in the air in SC (remember anchors have seen exit polls)

Raise Your Hand If You're Sick Of the MSM Campaign Coverage (But You Still Watch It?)!

Why is MSNBC or the MSM not talking about the Anti-Edwards Robo Calls from the Clinton campaign?

oh God, NO~!!

Hillary insults Michigan Democrats...

416,000 voted in the Republican SC primary.

Paging JibJab! "I am 60, going on 61 ... you need someone older and wiser telling you what to do-oo"

CBS: Could Obama Win S.C., But Get No Bounce?

I had such hope for the country. A Democratic administration,

Mark Penn's Association With Hillary Will Increase Her Negative Numbers INSIDE The Democratic Party

TNR report: Multiple sources suggesting crushing Obama victory

Hello from SC

NYT: Results in Florida expected to be "more important for Democrats than assumed"

"Edwards has a coherent, consistent message and is running a top-shelf campaign."

Hillary's hardly enthusiastic vote to authorize force ...

If rather than Obama, HRC had first referred to getting Pookie and Ray-Ray out to vote for him....

This "your likeable enough" bullshit needs to stop.

Kucinich dropped out but I'm not really upset about it.....

Two months ago, Hillary was 20 points up in SC.

Who do you want as the VP candidate?

My departure from the Clinton camp will be little noted nor long remembered.

Just stop for one minute and listen to me......(please)

The Whisper Was for Romney

LA Times: Hillary's campaign tactics are causing some liberals to turn against the couple

A "Putsch Poll": If Senator Clinton Fails to Attain Necessary Number of Delegates for First Ballot

ReutersC-Span/Zogby SC (01/24 - 01/25): Obama +15.0

For 8 years, HOPE has been my only solace

MSNBC EXIT POLL: 75% of Black voters believe the Clinton's Unfairly Played the Race Card.

Why I am for Hillary

Edwards at the polls in SC (pics)

Saturday afternoon- A DU GD:P straw poll

Will Bill Clinton withdraw, if he comes in third?

This FUCKING feigned outrage re: "Pookie & Ray Ray" is a GOD DAMNED insult to African Americans

another done with Hillary...

Why Dennis quit

Here are the rules for the convention and selection of delegates.

Just returned from a forum with Scott Ritter and Jeff Cohen


Today may be the Corporate Media's last chance to spin Obama towards the nomination.

Chicago Tribune endorses Barack Obama for Democratic Nomination

Division Politics - Clear and Present Danger

If Edwards pulled this thing out from under the other two he'd earn my strong support and respect

In Honor of Susan B. Anthony, and passage of the 19th amendment, I will cast my vote for

Billary's Adventures in Primaryland

I hate to put people on ignore....but the time has come...I invite you to join me

Obama anti-rumor Google ad-shows up for these searches "Obama muslim" "Obama Islam" "Obama madrassa"

When it comes to Hillary's candidacy, here's what you need to forget

The Nation: "Obama... to the right of not only populist Edwards but Clinton as well"

REZKO Watch.... The Adventures of and Misadventures of "Antoin Rezko" and "Sen Barack Obama"..

Young Vets Most At Risk For Suicide In Oregon

Another Russian Energy Deal With Europe Adds To Western Worries About Potential Oil Weapon

HUD Approves $600M Diversion Of Katrina Housing Funds To Mississippi Port

Exxon guns for all-time profit record

A Political Prosecution Goes Under the Microscope ** USAs = the “Gonzales Eight”


PMO backtracks on detainees

Who was that whispering bandit? (Republican Debate)

POWs alleging Iraqi torture ask White House to intervene {SUEING Iraqi gov't}

Senators Consider Rebates for Retirees

Afghanistan is the bad war, Iraq the good, says White House co-ordinator

Breaking News - NY rejects DREs

Calif. farmers want to sell water

Better World March at Social Forum

Last Calls From Zogby and in SC

Family left to wonder about soldier's death in Iraq

Family pets fall victim to subprime crisis

NYPD analysis opposed WTC command center site: paper

U.K. Army: Flaws Led To Abuse In Iraq

Police: Human remains are not related to missing suburban women

Poll: Pessimism about CA Economy Rises to Highest in Decade (Schwarzenegger Drops 7 Points in Month)

Gazans stream over Egyptian border

Venezuela's Chavez swaps coffee for coca in speech

Gadhafi son may be linked to Iraq attack

Iraq ratifies Kyoto Protocol on climate change

Baptist Coalition Aims for Moderation

Iraq Withdrawal to Go Ahead, Says (Australian Foreign Minister) Smith

Democratic Polls Open in South Carolina

Polls: Iraq angst may be helping McCain

Cheney Attorneys Trying To Prevent VP From Testifying In Lawsuit

Blasts hit Baghdad, including Green Zone

American woman kidnapped in Afghanistan

Christian Brando dies at L.A. hospital

Iranian Foreign Minister praises U.S. moves in Iraq

Venezuelan admits cover-up plot over $800,000

Chavez Urges Withdrawals From U.S. Banks

Democrats Vote in South Carolina; Big Turnout Seen

Memo Details Objections to Command Center Site (NYC WTC7)

3 US workers face investigation over Obama e-mail -Allegedly spread discredited rumor

Brattleboro to Vote on Arresting Bush, Cheney (If They Enter Vermont)

Dorgan Says U.S. Economy Needs More Than Short-Term Stimulus

Islam 'insult' student faces death

Some Sunni Muslims won't salute Iraq's new flag

Zimbabwe arrests UK property tycoon

Spy Satellite Has Lost Power, Could Hit Earth By Late Feb., or March

Nude Buttocks May Cost ABC $1.4 Million

Bush may move to Dallas after leaving White House

EU far-right groups to form party

Commentary: Issues -- not gender or race -- on minds of voters (CNN)

As economy tumbles, retirees scramble to cope

Huckabee Promises 'WMD Roll' on White House Lawn

Hebrew and Palestinian history, in reverse

"Stimulus" = "swindle"

Snark Attack: Paul Wolfowitz (Trahant / Seattle PI)

Why companies need female managers (BBC)

Clinton's Hispanic edge

Robert Fisk: A lesson in how to create Iraqi orphans.

Serbian victory for Putin and Russia Inc

Dubya text messages final SOTU address

Unleash NATO

Iraq: ‘US the Biggest Producer of Terror’

"Debt Junkie-in-Chief"

The Rocky Whaling Fleet Horror Show - Capt Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up

Behold the Lawyers of the Round Table

Campaign Launched to Extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela

CSM: Chill, Bill

Senator Larry Craig Proposes His Own ‘Stimulus Package’

Greenwald: Dodd's courageous stand against FISA retroactive immunity shines a ray of hope

Locked in: Bush tries to tie the U.S. to Iraq after he's gone

Klein versus the capitalists

Lone SEC Democrat To Leave Jan. 31: Nazareth's Exit Leaves Agency Short-Staffed

Polls Show Most Voters Prefer the ‘Five Families’ Over the ‘Two Families’

Clintons\' picture with Rezko has FOX Friends in a tizzy

How to Sink Americä: Why the Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic

Are Liberals Abandoning Clinton?

Vanity Fair: Time to face an inconvenient truth: Bill Clinton is running for a third term.

It's Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt-Naomi Wolf

Is the right right on the Clintons? Campaign tactics turning liberals away

(Nutbag) Lyndon LaRouche: 1984 presidential campaign ad

The YouTube Interview: Barack Obama

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | The Rhetoric and the Reality | PBS

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: How to Talk to Bill Frist Lovers - 1/25

The GOP: Giving Iran nuclear blueprints

Countdown: Bushed! 1/25 (Perpetuity-Gate, Crony-Gate, 1984-Gate)

Al Gore and Bono Speak From Davos

South Carolina voters voice economic concerns - 26 Jan 08

One Day = $720 Million - 1.2 million homes with renewable energy

Olbermann: Delegate-Gate (w/ David Shuster) 1/25/08

Letterman: Obama gives the Top Ten

So Long Wilford Brimley

John Edwards Back Home in Seneca, South Carolina!

Kucinich withdraws from Presidential race 01 25 08

Richard Belzer on Real Time: on Iraq, on Iraq 'fatigue'

Don't Take This Away: An anti-war video by DU's own Eli's Femur Bone...

Olbermann w/ Sam Seder: Stay the Course (Iraq & Repub Debate) 1/25

What Are The Reasons Why The Dems Sell Out?

McCain's White Flag

The Underdog

Mitt's Spanish Problem

Forceful speech By Michelle Obama on the Politics of FEAR

Real Time Overtime Jan 25, 2008

Truth: The American Bottom Line

Montel turns the tables on a Fox Morning Television show

Rudy Giuliani's Funny Faces...

Boost for Africa's depleted soils (BBC)

Okinawa activists applaud ruling on Futenma lawsuit (xpost from Veterans)

Anti-whaling protest ship running out of fuel - Reuters

Power buildings with solar energy, Dutchess lawmaker urges

Energy efforts focus on (Hawaiian) isles

New Green Jobs Law Will Jumpstart Economy, Provide Training for Los Angeles Workers

Time To Move On to the Next Bubble: Clean Energy

Geological Society Of America Pushing For Replacement Of Holocene By Anthropocene

* puts 'for sale' sign on America's largest national forest

Chimpy Pushing Industry Hired Gun To Head Consumer Product Safety Commission - WP

Check out this great EU global warming awareness ad.

Decentralized power sources for our homes...

No mention of nuclear in EC's energy, emissions package

Kraft, Sara Lee make play for green crowd

Biobased chemical feedstock plants closing around the world: Except in China.

$1 Ethanol Not An Innovation - Just Another Concession To Business As Usual

N.C. Guard battalion gets new Apache

Gates says Petraeus staying put in Iraq

NCOs charged with conspiring to steal drugs

Bill would widen penalty for defiling graves

Gulf War POWs push for Iraqi reparations

Troops face long road ahead in Afghanistan

Missing 15-year-old found with soldier, 21

Iraq war vet pleads not guilty in murder

Peralta may be awarded Medal of Honor

The Rocky Whaling Fleet Horror Show

Expert: MARSOC Humvee was hit by bullets

Airmen on the ground to get SERE training

Loose missile rail makes F-15 land at Nellis

New nuke-handling procedures issued

Decision to let Marines shed body armor on hold

Army to retire woodland BDUs on April 30

Stolen computer stolen had personal info of 4,000 people at Iwakuni, Okinawa bases

Veterans groups want push from Congress to update disability ratings

Deployed airmen return to cheers, hugs at Yokota

Bush visits namesake carrier for cat test

Germany drivers can pick up emissions decals

Post allowance jumps for Yokosuka, Tokyo

Hutchison pushes for quick action on GI debt bill

Chandler getting a feel for his PACAF command while touring bases

Okinawa activists applaud ruling on Futenma lawsuit

Soldiers fire from the skies at Rodriguez Range

European briefs: Army Corps of Engineers marks four years in Iraq

U.S. holds 600 Iraqi juvenile prisoners

Navy moving 70 sub upkeep jobs to Calif.

Former Joint Chiefs chair now a CEO (Peter Pace alert)

Ex-Navy pilot gets $5M Moussaoui reward

Daughter of U.S. servicemembers found dead near Aviano Air Base

U.S. Coal plants cancelled in 2007

Mideast Briefs: 1 servicemember killed, 3 more hurt in Afghanistan

AAFES to take cash for renting AFN decoders

6 Powers Propose New Iran Sanctions

The Reality of Readjustment

Tour Lengths Remain Untouched

Dems Want First Word

Finding a Way: Career Earned Him a Star

Sailors Advancing for Combat Action

Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Deploys

III MEF Chosen to Use New Program

Interrogator: Invasion Surprised Saddam

Soon-to-be-closed bases in Germany celebrate troops’ return

Honor escort accompanies slain Lejeune Marine

Workers Threatened by Decline in OSHA Budget, Enforcement Activity

OSHA issues fine to Dallas company after spectacular blast

OSHA fines Stratford company $42,750

Eight undocumented men arrested at Omaha Steel Castings no action was taken against the company

Manufacturer Faces $192K OSHA Fine After Dismembering Incident

Worker killed in tractor incident

AG, governor seek reversal on gun ruling OSHA regulation

Forest Service, OSHA reach agreement on Esperanza Fire report

US Catholic teachers union takes case to Rome

Woodman's union challenged

NYT: Union Membership Sees Biggest Rise Since ’83

Veteran labor lawyer takes on new challenge

Police union wins ruling against city

Bush Official Cashes in on Anti-Labor Department

Railroads reach deal with union

Union: Too few air traffic controllers

Stars Will Shine at Screen Actors Guild Awards

Unions work in FL, Dem contenders don't

Starbucks discriminates, Tamika's Story ( joined the Starbucks Workers Union and filed a complaint)

Republicans are defenseless against Hillary Clinton

sweet--ny Black newspaper endorses Hillary

In Honor of Susan B. Anthony, and passage of the 19th amendment, I will cast my vote for

Craig Crawford on MSNBC: media has mental illness about the Clintons.

Bill Clinton is taking on the corporate media AND the right wing propaganda machine at the same time

Clinton strategists believe racial fallout has tagged Obama as "the black candidate"

Aw, Joe Scarborough has become a feminist.

Obama in '04: "No difference between my position and Bush's..."

The Nation: "Obama... to the right of not only populist Edwards but Clinton as well"

Subprime Obama -contrasts with Edwards and Clinton

The Media is a Race Card Dealer

Obama: "I need you to grab Cousin Pookie to vote. I need you to get Ray-Ray to vote."

White voters desert Obama as race divide starts to bite

I think most everyone hear would favor seating the Fla. delegation

If rather than Obama, HRC had first referred to getting Pookie and Ray-Ray out to vote for him....

a comment on feminism and Hill:

How many 'Clinton Robo Calls' threads will be posted today?

Dozens hurt on Gaza-Egypt border

"The Israel Lobby" - pros and cons

Prof. Dror: Israel, world Jewry drifting apart

'Breakout into Israel' ahead

36 Egyptian Security Injured at Border

PFLP founder Habash dies; PA mourns

Israel suspects Iranians already working on nuclear warhead

Divided by twist of history, town straddling Gaza-Egypt border reunited again

Egyptian cabinet says Israel to blame on deterioration of Gaza Strip

Israel’s Experimental Pressure Backfires

Peres to Turkish FM: Israel targets only Gaza terrorists, not civilians

Gazans stream over Egyptian border

Gazans prevent Egypt sealing border

Israel demands that Egypt restore order at Gaza-Egypt border

A rough guide to Hebron: The world's strangest guided tour highlights the abuse of Palestinians

Obama supporters speak out; he writes to U.N. on Israel

36 Egyptian Security Injured at Border

Umm al-Fahm turns out lights, Israelis march against Gaza blockade

'Breakout into Israel' ahead

The Siege of Gaza has Failed

An Elusive Justice:7 Years After Massacre in Colombian Village, Truth of Paramilitary Attack Remains

Better World March at Social Forum

Cuba Waiting Game after Legislative Elections

Crying (Iranian) wolf in Argentina

Venezuela's Chavez swaps coffee for coca in speech

NYC sues Countrywide officers, underwriters

Subprime mess prods new shareholder proposals

New York Expands Countrywide Securities Fraud Suit; Names 26 Underwriters as Defendants

Tues Emergency RateCut - Fed VERY Worried re: US Banks

Halliburton shares climb on Morgan Stanley upgrade

Commerical Real Estate Troubles

Short the Crackwhore all the way to hell!

Stimulus package is a rerun from 1929

Fatal stabbing shakes city's gays (Boston)

The grown-up

Old google alert, Joe on

ohhhhhhh -

A post that could use your attention..

look at this post in GD

Astrology and the Primary Season -- Update (correct version)

Messages from Ann and the Angels

Clemens' testimony to Congress postponed

Ring of Fire:

Skins hire Seattle's Zorn as Offensive Coordinator, HC search continues...

Winter's rest

Al Davis is an incompetent lunatic

Redskins dismiss Williams, Saunders; promote Blache to lead defense

Heroes of 1972 respect the Pats

It's amazing....

End welfare now...

Baxter issues urgent recall of Heparin

Candidates ignore doctor, nurse shortage

NY: Counselor and Student Meningitis Deaths

JESUS H. CHRIST! I had "day surgery" on December 21st.

Dannon sued over "probiotic" bacteria claims

Bad science: Depression - the facts and the fables

Fluoride-Gate, naming names at Centers for Disease Control

Question about chocolate: in a recipe can i switch dark chocolate w. white chocolate

Help me with the Curry Spices --Share your Curry tips!

Suggestions for recipe collection please.

Baptist Coalition Aims for Moderation

Loneliness Breeds Belief in Supernatural

Cast iron heresy

Two more from this morning...

G9 or TZ3

Guess who went skiing in the Alps today?

Getting a lamb shank next week!

finished reading, finishing beer, had camera.

Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn

Been some time....

Should Airsoft guns be banned?

Bill before AZ Legislature to allow guns in schools

Does one have the natural right to defend oneself with deadly force if necessary?

What kind of "arms" does the 2nd Amendment refer to?

Never believe one vote does not matter. Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 1/25/2008

Hi Guys. What's the status of S.C. voting machines. I heard they aren't so great.

Hate to say we told you so...OH Election Officials Encouraged by GOP To Mutiny v. SoS Brunner

Voter photo ID hearing in Texas today 1/25/08

Stolen elections?

Election Reform and Related News, Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008

9/11 FAQ: A Guide to 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

9/11 and Iraq

HOLY CR*P - New Video Fake On YouTube

Another interesting video presentation arguing for...

$100,000 transfer from Saeed Sheikh to Mohammed Atta -- Clearing up a few issues

Sandra Rodriguez vs Kino Flores TX House District 36

Video of JK fighting for Democrats

Opinions on Terri Bonoff or Ashwin Madia or Jim Hovland for MN-3?

I am having a problem with the new Ad-Aware version, is it me ?

Tell me about your preferred method of backing up your hard drive.

Check out the February issue of EBONY magazine

Clinton supporters at DU

** South Carolina Primary Results Thread **


Why does the RCMP hate Polish people?

1/25/08 KOEB Party! Will History be kind to W?

Long Lines at College Gates

1/26/08 Day before KO's b-day SC Primary

How do I send a photo to the group?

AA 77 - HERE IT IS, right on the tape from the security camera

Scary movie (Cloverfield) making viewers sick

Bill Durston kick-off rally this Sunday in Sacramento (3rd congressional district)

rain, rain, go away!

Nicholas van Hoogstraten busted in Zimbabwe...

NEED HELP!! Ice Age Reserve and Dane Co in peril!

History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks Were an Inside Job!

L.A. Times Entertainment Critic: John Gibson should lose his platform

In case you missed this in a post in the Lounge

I am looking for a gravy recipe for my cat. She likes hard food but I

Update on Bart.

Any experiences with Vita Gravy for cats? nm