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GREAT Cartoon....

Outstanding footage. Grateful Dead with Hamza El Din. Egypt 1978.

My article in GDP needs a little lovin'.

delete wrong spot

MST 3000....Teenage Strangler....

As long as we're on an Irish music kick...

this is my town.... or my little piece of it (DIAL UP WARNING)

So I Am Watching This Infomercial At Home And See....

The canyons started to tremble and shake as the children of the sun began to awake.

Jesus He Knows Me

How pissed are they going to be at Midlo's tuesday night "Bunko" gathering?

Game shows!

Seperated at birth?

And it's no, nay, never!

Why are we at Level 2?

do the pedigree commercials make anyone else cry?

Dupe! n/t

Loungers, what's slowing things down here?

Oops! I'm tipsy!

What is wrong with stripping in malls?

I can't wait until Halloween! Here's gonna be my costume!!


god dammit

On Dana Jacobson

Do you believe in Magic?

yanno that stupid song

What do you do when someone calls you a "bad name"?

Congrats to Maria Sharapova!

I honestly have no idea who Lee Mercer is.

Is there a Better TV Show Open than...

Looks like "Uncle Bill" is about to get his sorry ass kicked.

Once again, Lee Mercer gets snubbed...

Hate Me

Do only outdoorsy folks get genital herpes?

My kitteh likes to sort laundry....CHECK THIS OUT>>>>>>

Okay, last week it was Rick Astley, this week it's Sebastian Cabot, who is it going to be next week?

Are you a say anything and a Do Anything

Which of these exclamations are you the most likely to say?

What's the oldest T-shirt that you still wear at least once a month?

FINALLLY! Pot vending machines in California!

Looks like I'll have to be away from my family for a week, later this month.

Woman searching for father discovers ... it's her boss

Well, my Father had a date tonight.

What was your experience like when you were a "doobie" here?

Do you ever encounter someone so pathetic that you just want to shake them like a rattle

Song that needs identifying can you help?

What shall I do on Valentine's day?

Uh oh...better throw some more popcorn in the microwave. Post-S.C. hijinks in GD-P from a newbie.

Better than Dylan?

'A Shot in the Dark' is on PBS tonight

BREAKING: Skin virus killing farm animals oddly resembles Sabastian Cabot

Just Shoot Me marathon starting at 9:00 on TV Land!

This was no accident...

Sabastian Ca....nevermind..... sorry.....n/t.

It Is Beverage Time

"Rotten Johnny, what does your father do?"

The demented musical genius that is.... Vintersorg.

I was thinking about the "women keeping last names thread"...

Headstone photos for CaliforniaPeggy (Major dialup warning)

Whats Your Favorite 80's Song?

Welcome to Goose Creek

some crazy lady went OFF on me at Costco for slowing down in an aisle....

I heart Level 2

Was I Over The Line - Insulting My Husband?

Whose Crimson got your Clover?

Green Is New Color of Love? M&Ms Go Green For Valentine's Day (wtf?)

Soooo, how does one interview prospective professors?

Agoraphobic man found dead - 1st time he had left his house in 30 years

What is wrong with strip clubs?

My date when surprisingly well.

Someone in GDP just called me poorly educated...

Los Angeles in Winter

(((Not Sure What To Think...School Admin's Wife Leaves Message On Teen's Phone re: Snow Day Call )))

It's hard to believe I used to look like this.

I married up --

the REAL King of Rock n Roll?

Shhh. Be quiet. Can you hear that?

Grandmother Arrested At McDonald's For Refusing To Pull Car Forward

Whoever's Playing the Cowboys

What are you craving right now? (show me pics)

Just arrived in Sydney, Australia an hour ago. Ask me anything!

Have you or anyone living in your household dealt with aggressive Bronchitis or Pneumonia?

OH MY GOD. Did he/she/it REALLY say this??

Hey Taylor Marsh and her minions

Where is Tweety tonight?

Bush plan US military defending Iraq's security = a first w/o OK from Congress

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum... DNA/RNA question!

Does anyone really think that Obama is going to win SC in the General...

I heard some pundit say in a hushed voice that Mitt Dial-O-Matic Romney may have spent $40 million

Why are exit polls today so much more reliable than in 2004 GE election?

What happened to the 2006 ACLU lawsuit to stop book banning in Miami?

I'm sick of politics. Let's talk about UFO's!!!!!!!

Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill!!!

"Beyond his policies and actions, history will take the measure of the man."

Is this statement sexist?

Rudy does it again! Smashing result in SC.

Let's not forget that there are more primaries than Presidential ones

The sleeping sheeple are beginning to stir...

Nothing scares Republicans like huge turnouts.

Tonight is all heat and no cooking....

Is Taylor Marsh crying right now OR...

Jeralyn Merritt the Hillary Shill from Talk Left

Did you hear McCain refer to the "DemoCRAT" Nat'l Committee?

Is Lindsey Graham up for re-election in November?



Between the Wars

Agoraphobic man found dead - 1st time he had left his house in 30 years

Hilarious satire on Bush MUST READ!!! (Received in an email)

Are you a say anything and a Do Anything

Dem. Rep. Jane Harman's former office manager pleads guilty to fraud

Massive crude oil deposit found in Argentina - 120 million barrels/year

While some Democrats were engaged in cannibalism tonight, we went and had fun with kindred souls

Spy satellite falling from orbit - but military says where it will land is classified

Woman searching for father discovers ... it's her boss

I wish Congress would focus on more important issues.

Bush Opens Roadless Tongass National Forest to Logging

IMF head says U.S is definitely slowing down

US plans to invade Argentina, says Bush.

Nuclear security tightened in Pakistan

Iraq ratifies Kyoto Protocol on climate change

Iran says it could attack US bases

Richard Darman, Tax Architect for Reagan, Bush, Dies

So, who do you like for Vice President?

Grandmother Arrested At McDonald's For Refusing To Pull Car Forward

American Family Assn: ABC is pro-gay and anti-Christian.....

Fuji EULA Dictates What Pictures You Can Take

What About Iowa??? 2% Blacks and Obama wins, Clinton took 3rd ?

Watching the intensely political movie "The Battle of Algiers" from 1967

Is this really the most important election of our lifetime?

Hey I just realized that my primary vote this season will actually matter

CAROLINE KENNEDY: Obama A President Like My Father (JFK}

Blue-collar New Orleans endures cost squeeze

Clinton Campaign Tactics Turning Liberals Against Hillary

I have to say

You Kucinich fans all act like there is any chance in hell...

One thing we can all agree is good about tonight

Army Sergeant Competes for Miss America Title

Why would ANYONE praise Reagan's propaganda and "trajectory"?

Is the Democratic Underground Really Democratic???

Sportsbook: Mike Huckabee on Easter Egg Hunt

The Return of Dick Cheney by Philip Giraldi

Smoking Continues In Area Bars - 23,000 complaints (people just ignore bans)

Resegregation of American schools is deepening

U.S. Rep. (Repug) Dave Weldon To Retire; Daughter, 21, Arrested In Bar Fight

Guess who could be coming back to power in Italy...

Today is the 10th anniversay of "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Lou Dobbs' False Immigrant 'Facts' Exposed ... Again

Sweden mulls ban on sexist ads

The Town with NO poverty....Dauphin, Manitoba

Okay people... The vote is over we have a winner.... It's Saturday night...

A friend's son was killed in Afghanistan yesterday

Saving becomes a campaign issue

Obama wins!!!

68% of WHITE voters felt the Clintons attacked Obama unfairly!

OBAMA wins!

CNN: Obama wins South Carolina!!

CNN: Obama wins, Edwards and Hillary battling for second

"Obama will win, and by a *substantial* margin."

MSNBC: Obama wins South Carolina!

CNN Projects Obama wins SC! All-freakin-ready!

CNN calls it for OBAMA!!

Hope! No projection yet on who will be second in SC


OBAMA WON!!!!!!!

Is SC the only state Jesse Jackson won? If so that's why Clinton pointed it out.

Congratulations to Senator Obama on his great South Carolina win.

HO-LEE CRAP That Was Fast !!!

Obama gets 81% of Black vote! 24% Whites, Edwards gets majority of whites!

Clinton got 17% of black men. That is huge.


Bill Clinton lies about lying and then whines

MSNBC calls it for Obama!

THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT: Clinton fails to break 35% of white voters; Obama doubles preditction (24+%)

Barack routed Hillary Clinton per AP 30 POINT MARGIN?

Hey Now.

Obama projected winner in South Carolina



Congratulations Obamites.

MSNBC has Hillary Clinton winning in the White vote with 36%, Edwards 29%, Obama 24%

Quick analysis

OK, could Noron have any more of RACE CARD chart than that which she references?

Change and Experience-- An Unbeatable Ticket!

Cable news says Obama wins screenshots

Fire THIS up...

"Slotsoholic" Virtues Czar Bill Bennett is on cnn live from---Nevada.

CNN exit Demographics for South Carolina:

Foxnews: 1% of the black vote goes for Edwards in his home state

Change and Experience-- An Unbeatable Ticket!

Edwards at 1% among blacks

Russert just said if the exit polls holds up, Obama will win by 30%--after a 8-14% win was projected

Obama has won more delegates in 3 of 4 states, Clinton 3rd in 2, Edwards 2nd in 2

Paging mr. Munster.. paging.MethuenProgressive

Bill's recent words were wrongly spun as racial, but today's comparing Obama to JJ are DESPICABLE

FYI, 9pm ET, Senator Obama will be giving a victory speech, per MSNBC. nt

No surprises in SC, pretty predictable race. ONTO TSUNAMI TUESDAY!

Fat Bastard Timmeh on MSDLC again rewriting history...


Russert just said based on the exits it might be a 30% margin!!!!!

Exit polling says Obama won South Carolina by 30%.

Congratulations Barack Obama

Can somebody keep an eye On Taylor Marsh tonight?

I hope Obama wins SC, but I REALLY hope it ends up being much closer

" A Rout"--A.P.'s description for Obama's Victory in S.C.

Hillary will lose the GE ..Obama won't ...this is how...

HEAD UP: Obama on ABC with Stephanopoulos tomorrow morning.

I don't understand why the Obamaites want Edwards to drop out of the race so bad

Be Careful with Homonyms: Clinton's Route to the White House/O&E's Rout of Her Master Plan

Can't help feeling bad for Hillary...

It is 7:24PM how does everyone know who won???

Lesson to candidates from New Hampshire and South Carolina

So umm when and where is Hillary's concession speech?

Obama did't win the black vote or the white vote in S.C. he won ......

Congrats to Obama and Obama Supporters!!

Are any networks offering online live coverage?

I'm concerned that even if the Party votes Obama as the democratic candidate

Thank you Bill Clinton!!!! I do believe your efforts have turned the tide in favor of Obama!!!

Russert: Obama TIES Clinton among white male voters.

1% of the precints reporting - 70% Obama, 16% Clinton

Now That Hillary's Wrapped Up The Nomination...

The Clintons deserve this

Love the headline on the front of The State, the largest newspaper in South Carolina!

Self edit..wrong bad

Does anybody have the total Exit poll numbers without the Black/White divide?

It was a rout!

If the Democratic convention is a brokered convention, who would be most

Stay the Course?

Anyone got a link to official results, regularly updated? SC Sec of State, maybe?

KO is great, using words like a ROUT & SUBSTANTIAL win for Obama

Obama supporters: A 15% win will be better for your candidate in SC than a 30% win

CNN break down of voters by candidate

DU this Poll

Hillary will Finish in Second


Come back, ignore list!

Paragraph From AP Sums Up What Is Despicable About The Clinton Campaign

Anyone know if SC is a winner take all state in terms of delegates?

More Democrats voted today than Republicans in their primary. A reversal for S. C.

Hillary is projected 2nd place winner (MSNBC)

Barack makes people break into song, video link...

From here until TSUNAMI TUESDAY Bill Clinton will campaign but not talk much to reporters

What numbers is MSNBC posting?

Hillary barely beat Obama among white men, 29% to 27%.

CNN: Obama won late deciders

Congrats to all the candidates!

Did Hillary meet with Edwards a few day ago ??


Obama Victory Speech coming at 9 PM... get your TIVO ready !

So the election will be McLame vs. Hillary or Obama?

Two % reporting and Obama over 50%

The "Jesse Jackson" comments are being spun by the MSM like the LBJ/MLK comments. Poor Obama.

McClame on CNN: "This sound system is brought to you by the Democrat party."

I was quite impressed with Rep. James Clyburn on CNN

South Carolina REJECTS Hillary and Bill Clinton

Cheer up Hillary/Edwards people--here's a point that should make us ALL happy...

Video: Bill Clinton explains Jesse Jackson won SC twice

I'd be gloating a little if I was an Obama supporter too. If you can talk crap before the contest..

Actual vote: 51% Obama 34% Hillay 15% Edwards 2% reporting

Some Historical perspective

CSPAN is going to televise Mr 911 ... Rudy

HEADS UP: Obama scheduled to speak to the folks at 9:00 ET.


*** Obama Pulls Big Victory Out of South Carolina *** Check this graphic.

Who is FIRED UP for Edwards placing ahead of Clinton?

Aaaannnnd cue the "aw shucks" chastised Bill Clinton until Hillary clinches the nomination

Can you imagine working for Hillary and having to meet with her right now?

Why have the EXIT POLLS suddenly become the "holy grail"???

Mccain refers to Democrat national committee

Obama wins every age category! CNN exit poll

It's too bad that Bill and Hillary

Is it my imagination,

Obama 53%, Clinton 28%, Edwards 19% 12% of precincts -- from Young Turks

Uncle Huck now given airtime on CSPAN ... wants more highway (and we need to make our own bombs)

It's hard to avoid, but try not to buy wholly into simplistic media spin of SC results

Obama 52%, Clinton 27%, Edwards 20% 15% of precincts -- from Young Turks

Here's a link to the actual count 15% reporting so far: SC

MSNBC Calls 2nd place for Hillary

Good people, it's going to be Mittens or McCain, using the gop playbook ----

If Hillary found her voice in NH and lost her voice in SC what

Congratulations to Obama; he won a battle

Finally, the prelims are out of the way....

If tonight is any indication, Obama is going to get MEGA press over the next 9 days

Real Spin....

Three cheers for Obama! He proved me wrong...

The South Carolina Election Commission shows ZERO totals on their website.

Clinton issues statement no on air concession as lame as the

I just used my remote to shut Bill Clinton up.

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg To Endorse Barack Obama

For those of you wondering...Bill is speaking cuz Bill fucked it up...AND

Governor Charlie Crist Bucks BushCo And Endorses John McCain On Eve Of FL Primary

Does anyone really think that Obama is going to win SC in the General...

OK, I'll concede the point.


I've heard DUers say it is time to get mean against other Democrats. When people say

Sounds like the big Obama endorsement is Carolyn Kennedy Slossberg

many Clinton supporters say that Obama can't win because he doesn't get "white voters"

Sludge is ECSTATIC about Obama victory in SC, also Clinton loss

Serious question: Why did Obama only get half of the white YOUTH VOTE in SC?

Congrats to Obama Supporters

Edwards remains the best candidate, regardless of the poll results.

They are lining up in Florida: Crist to endorse McCain

When is Michelle Obama going to make BO's acceptance speech?

Anyone know where we can see John King's county maps on-line?

Since SC is an open primary ....

Here is CNN's Exit Poll Data

Clinton at MO rally "I think I know what it takes to put together a successful presidency"

Obama wins the expectations game - - "a good, old-fashioned butt-kicking."

Who is running against Obama and Edwards? I'm not sure - why is Bill giving the concession speech.

CSPAN caller equates Clinton double team attack to the dogs being set on MLK

Chattanooga Hosts Democratic Presidential Candidate John Edwards

Holy crap MSNBC election coverage is so much better without Chris Matthews!

Clinton weasels out ISSUES STATEMENT instead of speech--BILL TO DELIVER CONCESSION???

Their at it again..

Is (D) turnout going to surpass the (R) turnout in South Carolina?

Obama campaign: "Repudiation of divide and conquer politics"

Post your TSUNAMI TUESDAY predictions here

Obama already has more votes than McCain in SC with 58% in!

Hillary's alternative robocall that Hillaryworld might use in Feb. 5 states

Congratulations to Obama and his supporters.

If you look closely, it's plain: Rezko is Obama's problem

Help Me with this... Specifically.. What did Bill Clinton say that would stir up racial divides?

Bill Clinton on MSNBC giving a speech. WHO THE HELL IS OBAMA RUNNING AGAINST?

Hillary Clinton spotted in American Samoa

Everyone who hates Bill, you should be happy now. Scarborough feels just like you do!

Senator Obama, PLEASE give TWO victory speeches tonight!

It's a fact, Jesse Jackson won South Carolina twice in the primaries

Obama fever!

In America today, something just happened for which ALL Americans should be very, very proud.

Newsweek South Carolina has repudiated Bill Clinton as a

Can Obama Get Back On Message Now? (If Bill Needs To Back Off)

South Carolina's election web page--Edwards behind by only 1%

Obama supporters... Huddle up. This is a huge win!


For the media..

Obama camp and black voters race assassinated Bill Clinton..Unfair and hypocrite

Obama got as many white male votes as Clinton today

The Goal: Remove Republicans....

First Read: A Quick Note about those Florida delegates Hillary mentioned in her statement...

I just saw...a post where people were agreeing with Joe Scarborough.

Florida governor endorses McCain.

Bill Clinton's ungracious concession speech its all about me me me

Congratulations Obama and supporters!

Why Obama can win the GE - This War was dumb To McCain/Romney, and Voter turn out!

Edwards at 25% ?? According to SC web page?

I almost wish Edwards had won his home state...(I'm sorry if some chose to read this sarcastically)

If Hillary continues to barely squeak by and Obama scores these landslide victories...

Anyone have the oped by JFK's daughter endorsing Obama?

Post S.C: Will you support the Dem nominee no matter what?

If these numbers hold its a 20% victory for Obama

If Obama is the Dem candidate it will embolden Repukes to run someone different

JFK's Daughter "A President Like My Father"

Pat Buchanan: "Why is Bill Clinton smiling tonight and why are you Obama supporters so agitated"

When does Edwards speak?

just tuned into msnbc no tweety tonight? so no sensationalism. n/t

Caroline Kennedy endorses Obama

Scarborough just hit the nail on the head re: Bill Clinton.

61% of SC primary voters are female

Caroline Kennedy's NYT Endorsement: A President Like My Father.

Hillary's concession speech - 9:30

Clinton Party to Shut Down Early - Fewer than 20 show up!!!

Obama: A blowout of EPIC proportions!

I kinda feel sorry for ol' Bill Clinton.

MSNBC: Ted Kennedy is not going to endorse

Obama 229,352 votes w 83% reporting, McCain 147,283 w 100% reporting

Bill About to Speak on MSNBC >

Putting 2 and 2 together

A Major Ass Whoopin'...Exactly What the Clinton's Deserved.

Only Obama has a shot to carry southern states in the GE

Even Hillary's Own Voters Say She Attacked Obama Unfairly (SC Exit Poll)

Things are getting awfully Argentinian this primary season

Edwards will do fine

Somebody tell the asshats on BraveNewFilms to shut the fuck up!

Jeralyn Merritt the Hillary Shill from Talk Left

The best VP choice for any one of the three candidates is....

Hillary's Concession Speech Will Be At 9:30 PM EST

MSM in a hard place: Do they racebait with "Jesse Jackson" comments or pretend race wasn't a factor

Why so much discord between the supporters of two candidates who virtually share the same platform?

Anyone know who the Independents went to today?


CNN Exit polls: Bill Clinton's effect

Obviously, Obama won the illegal alien vote in South Carolina...

A serious thread about Super Tuesday

I'm and Edwards supporter & at this point I think he should pull and say

Don't stand on the beach when a tsunami is coming in...

Would it be funny if the election results shows that Edwards upset Obama by a NARROW margin

delegate splits from SC? now at 15-5-4

Will Obama get a larger % of vote in SC than Clinton did in Michigan running unnopposed?

As a Hillary supporter, I congratulate Senator Obama.

I want to say something to all Clinton supporters


One thing about being a Defcon 1: you can't put people on ignore.

68% of WHITE voters said that the Clinton's race baited

Yawn at Obama's speech

Congratulations to Obama from a loyal Edwards supporter.

Bush ran as a sane person, governed as a fascist. Any chance our new prez

Part of the reason Obama makes people feel good about voting for him: One step toward redemption?

"Change" is a loser theme for the Clintons.

I am sure that I WILL vote for the democratic candidate this Fall...

2000 election, South Carolinians voted 785,937 Republican and 565,561 Democrat.

obama has had an opportunity to "change" since he's been in the

If Edwards couldn't get more than 15 percent from a state next to his home state?

John Edward's should not drop out just because some of you want it so.

Why is Bill giving Hillary's concession speech?

If Barak loses the GE for us in 08, will he get another chance in 12



I guarantee Jesse Jackson didn't win SC by near 30%.

SC undercurrent - Big Democratic turnout. This is a good thing folks.

So Who Won The SC Primary?

Dammit.!....And Yay!

Obama uses: Brooks And Dunn - Only In America

If Hillary DOUBLED HER TOTAL VOTE she still would have lost. . .

Is Edwards speaking tonight?

Make no's the Obama camp and their supporters who made this campaign about race

Obama got 80% of the black vote and lost 75% of the white vote

The hidden story is in the numbers. Is there another state where registered Dems

The person who will endorse Obama and change this race forever!

Joe Scarborough's Blackberry believes!!!!!

OK JRE, it's time to quit

If [name] is the nominee, [terrible thing] will happen

All the nasty posts here about Obama, laced with innuendo and Hillary supporters have the nerve

Anybody got a stream URL ... BraveNewFilms sucks

I'm glad Hillary Clinton's cynical race-baiting ate it.

"yes we can" "si se puede" a hispanic cry made famous by

How soon people forget how much JFK was reviled in the south.

Is Edwards speaking tonight?

repubs debate had 5 people - so why couldn't kucinch be included in dem debate???

delegate count?

Obama Wins Big In S.C., Hillary Second

If I left the party everytime my choice lost the nomination

Fox News cutting off Edwards mid-speech

You know, these 4 states going first may not have been a bad idea

Clinton got 36% of the white vote and lost 81% of the Black vote

Who's the lady on CNN and why does she act like Hillary stole her boyfriend

"Clinton on to Florida and American Samoa"

Florida Primary Tuesday


So what exactly is John Edwards end game? Let's try to have a civilized discussion about it

I am pretty sure I will not vote for the Democratic nominee in November.

White vote/black vote/male vote/female vote/young vote/old vote/green vote

CAROLINE KENNEDY: Obama A President Like My Father (JFK}

Why is Edwards doing so bad?

I can't stand Obama or Hillary. But I will precinct walk for either in the GE

Bets that Sen. Clinton's speech will be her Howard Dean moment?

Obama’s South Carolina Remarks

Apropos of nothing particularly serious, I have to say the music

Hillary's camp to "stay the course" on their current strategy!!!

How soon people forget how much the south hated JFK.

Bill Clinton: this campaign is all about

Will the Clinton machine attempt to

Excellent speech by Edwards!

I have to say

To those that are bitter about Obama's big win tonight

So she's not even going to give a concession speech?

Barack Obama out-campaigned McCain in the Old South. In SC, the 1st state to secede, People!

Pink Chanel suit? (Or Maddie's Dumbest Post Ever)

Caroline Kennedy endorses Obama

Obama - 294,799, McCain -147,283, Clintons - 140, 936, Huckabee 132,440

Obama only won by 28%, MSM said he could win by 30%. By default, Clinton won.

Congratulations Hillarybots, your candidate's biggest supporter in the media is Pat Buchanan.

Edwards: "Your voice will be heard in this campaign and WE will speak for you."

To The Hillary Supporters With Class... Thank You !!! - To The Turbine Spinning HillBots...

I'll make the same statement I made after NH: Ladies and Gentlemen...

cnn: in reference to super tuesday "she is leading in all those states"

If y'all don't stop doing the nasty, you're going to get arrested for lewd acts!

Are most Iowans black? They must be, because Obama's the black candidate.

Clinton Campaign Tactics Turning Liberals Against Hillary

Why would ANYONE praise Reagan's propaganda and "trajectory"?

The Introduction of "Race" into the Democratic Primary Benefited... Obama

Obama 288,820, Clinton 138,758, Edwards 92,509

SC has an "Open Primary" right? no registration by party...

Get ready for another GREAT OBAMA SPEECH!!!

What are we seeing here? Here is what we are seeing here!

Delagates from SC: Obama 25, Hillary 12, Edwards 8

Take away the largest black demographic and Obama still wins

BREAKING!!! - REZKO breaks his silence on Obama!!

I am looking for #s of how much Jesse Jackson won in SC in 84/88

Hillary's speech.................

To John Edwards Supporters.....You deserve better than this.

Edwards wins among GOPers in the Dem Primary

Full text of Barack Obama's victory speech in South Carolina

Take all the sore losers AND sore winners and throw 'em in the dungeon.

On the trail: Party time for Obama supporters

500,000 People Voted In The SC Democratic Primary - - 155,000 more black voters than in 2004

ANyone hear Joe Scarborough going on and on about Obama tonight?

Kennedy Endorses Obama: 'A President Like My Father'...

God, I love these candidates.

Scarborough apologized for saying Hillary didn't concede. (she did)

This shouldn't about making history. It should be about restoring America.

Hey Obama people--does this feel better than Iowa?

Hillary got 55% in Michigan/ Barack got 55% in S.C. but Barack actually had opponents in SC. . .

The johnedwards site is slow to load.. I guess the donations and support

Barack Obama's future for NASA and space exploration

NYT: Obama Wins South Carolina Primary: "Forging coalition of support among black and white voters"

Before HilBorgs Attack Caroline...

Three Cheers for Shelia Jackson Lee!

Hillary and Bill are toxic among African-Americans right now

If Clinton is the Nominee I will leave the Democratic Party

I'm going to my friend's house to celebrate Obama's victory...

Obama can win the majority of Super Tuesday delegates if Edwards drops out

Being a Republican Means…

Am I alone, or do other Edwards supporters feel as if they'd be

Hillary supporters act like it's a bad thing that Obama appeals to Indies and Republicans.

So what do you suppose Bill Clinton was thinking when he said Obama Is Just Like Jesse Jackson?

No matter who you support, you gotta be excited about these primaries.

Get your latest TSUNAMI TUESDAY polls here

I think we have just been divided

CNN Exit polls: Obama won across demographic lines

*For Edwards Supporters Only*

When did Pat Buchanan Become a Clinton Shill?

My SC family's uplifting Obama voting story today...

South Carolina comparison with final results to recent polls

Frank Rich in NYT: The Billary Road to Republican Victory

can anyone give a nonpartisan summary of post-vote speeches?

Obama GOTV impact: Black vote 2X increase; 18-24 yr. olds 3X increase

Not defending Bill, but I wish we'd heard even once such MSM outrage at much worse from Rove

When the MSM reports something that is negative towards Clinton it is accepted without thought.

Dear Obama supporters who are mystified as to why people mistrust his "hope, change, unity" talk

Just one thing for the Clinton and Obama campaigns to remember tonight...

Obama taking stage - on c-span now n/t

Obama makes me feel the way I felt about Clinton in 1992

Edwards has got to get a new speech going or even people who support him (like me)

Were the polls closer to the results in South Carolina?

SC and the McClurkin factor - exgays ascending?

The Clintons lost 70% of the female vote and 64% of the white vote.

In watching Obama's eloquent and powerful speech I couldn't help wishing

Congratulations to Barack Obama

He can't take his eyes off the teleprompter for a millisecond

HRC on C-Span now - n/t

Everytime you ask a republiCON ...

Obama got more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined....can he put SC in play?

Bill Clinton will never be half the man

9/11iani on the teevee right now lisping big time in an attempt to divert attn from Crist.

South Carolina: The Second Civil War

The Clinton(s) campaign should ask for a recount in SC.

I will make a prediction now... I would not have made before tonight's result.

Are you listening to Obama's speech!

With all the references to Kennedys, courtesy of Carol--as Obama came off the stage...

Moving Forward, what does Obama do now to start closing the gap on super tuesday?

Gamblin' Bill Bennett just compared Obama's speech to Reagan's speeches.

49% of white voters under 29 voted for Obama

Obama 289,126 McCain 143,224

********Official Obama SC Victory speech thread******

Bill Bennet on CNN: Obama would be a tougher opponent for GOP than Hillary.

Is it just me, or Pat Buchanan is terrified at the idea of an Obama presidency?

Wow, I hope you all are saving some venom for the GOP candidate

I gotta admit Obama gave a helluva great speech tonight

Edwards is beating Clinton in counties 2:1!!

Edwards won the white vote

List the candidates in order from most left-wing to center to most right-wing

Ok, just off the phone with a friend--Obama/NASA

I actually wouldnt have minded if Obama was elected until

CNN: Obama does very poorly among non-college graduate whites, older whites

Where is Obama heading?

GOP v. Dem Primaries, South Carolina

Accidental dupe thread -- Self delete.

Photo of John Kerry celebrating Obama's big win:

What About Iowa??? 2% Blacks and Obama wins, Clinton took 3rd ?

Just a thought,

Can we change the subject for a minute?

Hey Edwards supporters.

Why I Just Donated to Barack Obama AND John Edwards

A real possibility

Obama wins and still his supporters rev up the hate?

Why the Republican conspiracy to run against Obama will fail

Turnout said to have exceeded 500,000--a record breaking turnout!

Interesting investigation of "Obama is a Muslim" e-mail

Some here have said the headlines would be that Obama's win would be divided racially

When are the bad sports who have been posting that Clinton is not giving a concession speech

For Obama it's "Remember New Hampshire"

Clinton camp talking points about South Carolina loss from Marc Ambinder

Hello. I will be a Colorado caucus-goer on Feb. 5th.

When Your Local HS Team Loses, Do They Send the Cheerleaders over to Shake Hands for the Players?

The Obama Contingent here bitch and moan about Rove

No matter what happens to Obama, he has already won.

Hey fellow Obama supporters! Congrats to all and let's be nice tonight

Hillary had her ass handed to her today in South Carolina!

Hillary lost 63% of non-Black vote, won only 18% of Black vote.

I don't think it's strategy--I think Bill might be experiencing an early onset of dementia

This is historic HAS ANYONE SEEN A CANDIDATES SPOUSE deliver the concession speech before?

CBS NEWS: Analysis: Bill Clinton's Lost Legacy

More people voted for Barack Obama tonight than voted in the entire '04 primary PUT TOGETHER

Oh well, not looking forward to President McCain

All of our candidates would be good presidents. Black and female candidates = electability issues.

This week in Perspective for Edwards - Came back from below viabiliby in SC after 4% in NV

Damn it, second called for Clinton!

Researchers: Democratic Primary in Need of Exorcism

If Hillary Won the Nomination, Would You Vote for Her?

There has been a lot of criticism of Clinton...

Obama is going to win SC by more votes than Clinton received

I am a late-night Diogenes, looking for an honest man or woman. Anyone really want to talk?

Voting along any 'lines' (gender, race, etc.) ... does not bode well

Was Oprah responsible for the results in SC?

How are Hillary and Edwards going to bring about change?

Transcript: Yes. We. Can.

Finally - The Politics Of Thuggish Mendacity Is On The Ropes

Well, it's Hillary2 (or 3), Obama 2. Congrats Obama supporters. See ya next Tues & the Tues. after.

Edwards won the white vote and a healthy bag of delegates

Arguing that Obama shouldn't be the nominee because of racial exit poll statistics

Is the phrase “millions of people” racist? Apparently some at MSNBC think so.

AP Racial divide could hurt Obama beyond SC

Edwards Supporters: Let's Bang Our Heads Against Brick Walls!

I won't support Edwards any more.....

Edwards supporters- if Obama committed to picking J.E. for V.P., and

Might as well start asking: How well does HRC HAVE to do Feb 5th to survive?

Obama running mates: RFK jr, Edwards, Clinton, I like Bobby Kennedy Jr. Who do you like?

Hillary refusing to give a concession speech? Is that a first?

Al Gore, 1; Mark Penn, 0

How big is this win for Obama? doubled her votes AND got over 50% of ALL VOTES!!!

Went to the in-laws today and my MIL said this about Obama...

I'm so proud of my state...South Carolina.

Was tonight's victory HOPE IN ACTION??

Edwards got only 10% of the vote of folks looking for change

Sore Loser Hillary refuses to give concession speech. A new low.

Dear Hillary:

I will say Hillary had some good news that she finished a clear 2nd tonight

Extrapolate nationally and Edwards leads!

Isn't anyone going to complain about SC being run by Diebold/ES&S?

This ain't over - and I'm glad for that

I'm disappointed with Edwards' third place finish, but ...

This talk of "white vote" and "black vote"....

Don't be a hypocrite: Where's was Obama's concession speech about Nevada?

In Praise of Caroline's Profile in Courage

Obama's ground organization in South Carolina - no pay to play

Did Obama give a shout out to Pookie and Ray-Ray tonight?

I think we better be prepared for a republican president.

If Edwards were running against Guiliani, McCain, Romney, or Huckabee...

Obama vote was 3.6 to 1 Black to white, Edwards 15 to 1 W to B, Hill 1.5 to 1 W to B - is Hill the

This is what makes John a real candidate... and should be looked at.

Repeat after me

Worst Headline Of The Day:"Obama's Rout Rejiggers the Race"

Nevada doesn't tell me what to do. Iowa doesn't tell me what to do.

Is It Me... Or Is There A Whole Lotta THIS Going On Tonight ???

How come Nora O'Donnell is so gleeful ?

"Clinton leads in 19 of 22 Super Tuesday states"

Thank you, Hillary and Bill Clinton. You've made Barack a better candidate.

Obama had ZERO incentive to drag race into the primary. Hillary NEEDED to do so.

Just donated to Obama

Congratulations to Obama and his supporters.

OMG results right now at 70% Obama 18% clinton

Wow! Did I hear Russert say that exit polls show a 30-point win for Obama!

Clinton Pissed off Young and Educated White voters

Obama wins 50% of White voters under age 30.

Noticed? NOT ONE SINGLE person on the Tee Vee is defending Bill Clinton's recent behavior

45 more states to go.. Thank you Mr. Edwards for letting us have our voice.

Caroline Kennedy to endorse Obama! Whoo hooo! nt

I am proud of Obama, but WAYYYYY more proud of white America (Dems only), rejected Billary' spin

Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg to endorse Obama in NY Times tomorrow

Give it up for Barack Obama! He looked like a president tonight

Pat Buchanan says that Obama's speeches say that we need to "purge the party of Clintonism."

Chicago Tribune: For the Democrats: Obama

Congratulations to Senator Obama on what appears to be a very

Am I the only one who cried during Obama's speech?

Pledged delegates: Obama 62, Clinton 47, Edwards 23

Obama just showed he could be president

Clinton strategiests: "fallout has had the effect of branding Obama as "the black candidate"" (AP)

Guide to Super Tuesday

Wow- Obama didn't just win. He kicked Sen. Clinton's ass.

Other than the racist MSM (and the Clintons), does anybody give a shit how many black folks voted?


Post SC Poll: Who are you backing now?

Senators Clinton and Obama- are you ready to lead? Prove it!

John Edwards is losing my vote ...

Congratulations to Obama and his supporters! See you in Florida!

Caroline Kennedy: A President Like my Father

Looking around here tonight is pretty funny

Is JFK like Obama? Here's JFK on trying to "work together" with REPUKES

Obama goes negative in victory speech? Low class and shocking

"Change the status quo in Washington." Well it started out a good speech.

Obama sez: "This race is about the Past versus the Future." PAST.....VERSUS.....FUTURE.

Black people simply voting for the Black candidate is NOT a victory



For those of you that think Edwards should "drop out" and not be a spoiler, I say

Oh, fuck it. Even if he's got no chance, I'm sticking with Edwards all the way!

It's 10pm and I have a humungous craving for ribs.

Misguided Angel


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/27/2008)

Oh my. I just made the BEST hot dip for crackers....

Why must we ALL suffer because a few must foul their own nest?


I miss Chapelle's Show....

The Big Hush

Great I'm going to end up staying up laughing

Mercernaries: Our candidate is getting media coverage finally.

Thanks for all the good vibes last night!

The words "Winter Storm Warning" here in SoCal just made my head explode

How do you find out if you're on someone's ignore list?

They said it: Paris Hilton on Brittany Spears

'I' before 'E'' except after 'C' is such BULLSHIT!

I'm night "security" at a retirement home. *chuckles* Ask me anything.

I'm buzzed- looking for a solo from the Rage Against the Machine bassist

Top Ten Dog Peeves

I made a Vast Supply of split pea soup.

The Mad Donk Will Answer Your Questions

Who's hungry?

Pet frog hops off the lily pad of life (Yeah, no idea why this made news....)

Automotive Bermuda Triangle

I hear gunshots down the road. This is too close...


Hehehe, someone I've had on Ignore apparently got sloppy drunk tonight...

Who thinks Fatty Arbuckle was "done wrong"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Marry Ex-Supermodel Girlfriend Carla Bruni

Watch her hair, fellas.

How Did Lee Mercer Do In South Carolina?

The phrase of the day is "Level Fuckstick"

Now that Ian Astbury has rejoined The Cult, the singer you'd LEAST like to see front The Doors

Oates from Hall & Oates Appreciation Thread. Post YOUR favorite John Oates moment.

The sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses.

From now on, when I post in GD...

Film star chimp to write his story

The Nintendo Wii is evil!

Am I the only one who wishes Ghouliani were doing better in the primaries?


Are you looking for a new laptop??

Please ignore as usual. This is a test

My life sucks: i broke a nail today!

You realize what's next Sunday?

Lounge Vibes and Hugs Really Work! :)

If this is you, I ain't eatin' your food no more!

Can someone get me a Corona?

Aren't eight Vicodin EX (over the course of a day, not all at once), plus a Lunesta supposed

While everyone is arguing about what candidate right now --

Funny bumper sticker seen today

Do you guys know who Martini Luthor King is?

Computer Question.

I am watching Steel Magnolias for the 15th time and...

Attention MonkeyFunk! I'm making another pork roast in the crock pot today...

It's that time of year again ... time for Mike's Super Bowl Chili

My dog insists I give him pretzels...

Mascot for Democratic National Convention picked

1 lb of chicken breast

Five-paw kitty to be trimmed to three

Don't you hate it when people say, "My life sucks"?

I'm very worried that Dana Bash is going to slip down her shower drain

My dog insists I give him kittehs...

Bar Owners: Check your portable signs before you go home after closing

My Daughter's Date was Cancelled...

Latest entry in the 'what does a grandma look like'...

There's a cat meowing outside my neighbor's door

Been in "GDP" for 3 days. My clothes are tattered and I'm breathing heavy...DRINK!

Now THAT'S a hell of an arresting outfit...

I want you to see something ....

Mmm... A Negroni makes a perfect apéritif before a pan-fried T-Bone with portabella mushrooms

I'm sick of people. Post pics of inanimate objects here

Who do you think is the funniest person in this sketch?

Google searches

I hate to do this but can I have some good vibes? It's my 50th birthday

I got called a communist

Do you ever surprise yourself by how much time you waste here at DU?

Why I don't like Windows Media Player

Should I submit this email to

My latest desktop

An Observation About Groundhog Day This Year (funny)

Woohoo! Sister's wedding was awesome last night

"I am a member of Appledore library." Devon teenager, Gemma Bray,

I'm watching "Stardust Memories" for the 1st time and


I am trying to cook a casserole by putting the pan on the lowest rack and setting the oven to broil.

I think this song should be a big hit.

Good Morning Lounge!

"Back in the day".......

Does Bobby Flay ever WIN a Throwdown?

meatloaf, gravy, mashed potatoes


I know many of you don't venture into GDP, but here's something that may be of interest.

Oh Crap! No Caffeine Yet!

File this under "ewwwwwwwwwww"

Where is everyone?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/26/08

Favorite long Geneis song

Hey everyone, just wanted to share some pictures my brother in Germany sent...

I've been playing in GDP - Any ladies wanna hose me down?

No ulterior motives here: Lynne Spears to raise Jamie Lynn's baby so she can get right back to work

Nessie spotted in my neighborhood! SHOCKING PIC!!!!!

It is dumping snow here

Hmmmm I notice there isn't an Astronomy group.

Is it really tricky to rock a rhyme that's right on time?

If you haven't heard it yet

Just look at Baby Girl. I wish I could adopt her

Thank you for comments on a thread.... about clutter, last week..

I would not show my buttocks on television

I'm taking my oldest to see "The Great Debaters" today. Has anyone seen it??

Sweeney Todd and Meat Pies

Weird Al NEEDS his own thread...

I can haz Dramamine? kthxbai.

Anyone else here get motion sickness? Is there such a thing as a better-tasting Dramamine?

Getting undressed to take a shower is soooooo fucking tedious.

Doctor Demento fans...what's your favorite demented song?

Movies featuring Chicago?

Why the HELL didn't you TELL me that Don Ho recorded Peter Gabriel's "Shock The Monkey?"

I got a betta

Post your favorite Far Side comics here.

Update on my neighbor's meowing cat

Well.. i've managed to get my feminist blood boiling again

Live one in GD

Norwegian Wood by some guys from somewhere.

Strange Names You And Your SO Call Each Other

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama

Top companies join poverty fight (BBC)

Mukasey Won't Discuss Evidence Linked to CIA Case


Green Is New Color of Love? M&Ms Go Green For Valentine's Day (wtf?)

NH recount questionable practices... Video ...unbelieveable!

Help me, DU. You're my last hope. Need help to refute a RW radio host claim...

OpEdNews: "Memo to Senate Democrats: Psst ... No One Believes Bush"

NY subpoenas Merck and Schering-Plough over Vytorin

Pet frog hops off the lily pad of life (Yeah, no idea why this made news....)

Tyson Plant in Emporia Ceasing Operations (1500 jobs lost)

*SIGH* I finally had to turn Signature Lines off.....

Awaken your child's "inner architect"

The hunt for the world's war criminals (BBC) {grim reading}

A Perfect Storm of Economic Collapse

A horse for sale among 'good things to eat'?

Fannie and Freddie to the Rescue?...( this kind of pisses me off)

Former Front-runner Giuliani, Now Hoping to be Comeback Kid

As 'Idol' hopefuls sing, Terry (R-Ne) to hear 'ka-ching'

Reworking The Bargain Between Finance And Economies.

Dean Baker: Home Prices Plunge, Media Don't Notice

The Perfect Political Storm

AlterNet: Caught with a Bag of Weed? It Could Cost You More Than You Think

The Economic State Of The Union -- 2008

Stimulus Deal: the Bane of Bipartisanship

McClatchy: Bush to urge economic stimulus, wiretapping powers in State of the Union address

Kookie ROBERTS or MoDo?! I'm switching channels from barf to barf

Romney climbs into Florida tie with McCain at 30%; rudy911: 13%

Lebanon Shiite cleric calls for Bush trial over Iraq

Exonerating Neocon Criminals

Film star chimp to write his story

CONservative spin, PROgressive response: Corporate Tax Rates

Bush threatens veto of 30-day FISA extension.

Bush Loves Promoting Torture Promoters

As Paul Von Hindenburg and Philippe Petain demonstate, it

Al Gore could have WALKED into the White House

Rudy on Face The Nation: We are going to win in Florida Bob

5-year-old boy handcuffed in school, taken to hospital psych ward for misbehaving

David Sirota: The Stimulus Swindle

Olbermann Now a Regular at Daily Kos

I want people to think about two topics and how they diverge

First they came for the poor wishing to own a home, and when they came for the last of us there was

Annie Leonard's The Story of Stuff

I can haz Dramamine? kthxbai.

Iraq Veteran's Combat Trauma Takes the Stand

Bush Would Forgo New FISA Programs to Make Sure Dick Gets Immunity

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, On Foot

Judiciary Committee should move to impeach Bush and Cheney (Elizabeth Holtzman)

So it begins, today I'm dialing for Democrats in the very red State of Nebraska


Per MSNBC: Liz Cheney to join Romney campagn

Republican mental health plan. Latest film technology to be used. Installment 1

Christian Brando dies at L.A. hospital

Does Pat Buchanon Sleep?

Photoblog of the Week - Week of January 27th 2008 - Iran, British Columbia, Rwanda, Uganda, & Dubai.

I've figured out Lee mercer, jr,

Have you ever seen a “non-doofus” photo of Bush?

My friends, John McCain McCain confuses the name of the leaders of Germany and Russia

Irony, bitter irony. CBS Sunday Morning - Monuments Men

Extreme Christian Right Hate Group caught trying to trick senior citizens into donating to it

History Channel: The Anthrax Attacks Were an Inside Job

Floridians, what can you tell me about Governor Charlie Crist?

Ludlow Massacre Site Should Be a National Historic Landmark

The compromise stimulus - or - Temporary Assistance for Richer Families

David Sirota on live with Bob McChesney now -- stream link

I'm not sure I can take this anymore.

Anyone heard from JoeForClark

Olbermann On Reliable Sources

Cuffed kid troubles Schools Chancellor

Viktor Schreckengost has died at age 101

Olbermann: I’d Sacrifice My Personal Success For A ‘Responsible Presidency’

Does anyone think a Democratic ticket including Webb would be bad news for McCain?

my 123rd LTTE re:Wolfowitz's new job

Breaking on CNN: Liz Cheney endorses Mitt

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Win or lose, Edwards campaign is raising the bar...fighting the good fight

Courts & the Law: The Balloter’s New Burden

Vigil to raise awareness about alleged sex crimes. Former Buckeye Lake, OH councilman still missing

Bush signs directive to monitor internet

I got a Survey from the Republican Senatorial committee

With the IWR, Patriot Act, and most probably unmonitored spying on U.S. Citizens

My dream for America................

Bush team tries to keep lid on frustration over NKorea: experts

Biggest "WTF?" of the morning:

Dem Party is being torn apart -

Contempt Watch: 277 days since Condoleezza Rice ignored a Congressional subpoena

Skinner: To improve DU, let's consider Slashdot-style per-comment ratings

opps dupe, never mind

Olbermann Now a Regular at Daily Kos

Does One Politician's Endorsement of Another Mean Much To You?

Where Are the White House E-mails?

New Rudy cartoon

Oh wise DUers - somebody must know the answer to this question

A Virtuous Circle of Policies...

Is down?

May I suggest a new label for this country? Cormockracy?

I Received A Paper Prayer Mat in The Mail

Kenya Death Toll Near 800 in One Month

Rescuing Nazi-Looted Art

Remember that Muslim kid who stood up for Jews attacked in the subway? He's being PUNISHED...

Anonymous Hackers Shoot For Scientologists, Hit Dutch School Kids

Harlem Welcomes the Last Elected President - because we can't reinvent history

Rotten Rudy is a pathetic IDIOT!!

Wall Street braces for more volatility

Blast from the Past Ass: FCC Seeks To Fine ABC $1.4M For Indecent 2003 "NYPD Blue" Episode

Lame Chicken to speak tomorrow. He Hoovered our nation. nt.

FISA: Wiretapping Without A Warrant. It Could Be You Next.

Really sick stuff:

Reuters photographers preoccupied with Condi's legs

Happy Birthday, Keith ...

Remember that illegal occupation? It was a year ago today that about

Deliva the letta, the soona the betta

Hey Mods! Thank you!

Outrageous -- Feds Greenlight Northern Rockies Wolf Slaughter

Paulson warns Senate: Pass Bush stimulus plan NOW or face "wrath of frustrated public"

Nominations for Senate Majority Leader

Great political cartoon....state of the union address

Some viewing alternatives for State of the Union Monday: What's your poison?

Photos of the Toronto rally for US war resisters, part I (dial-up warning)

Holy nuclear secrets, Batman!

Negative Rec's....

Atlanta, would you like some of our rain?

British Slumlord Tycoon van Hoogstraaten arrested in Zimbabwe on cash, porno charges

My Hero Frank Zappa

He ruled for 33 years as a dictator. He murdered approx 1000000 people. Invaded another country. Now

Washington Post: Annua Mensa Invitational - altering words/winners

Suharto is dead

Pocket sized big brother

Robert Fisk: A lesson in how to create Iraqi orphans........

Olbermann: I’d Sacrifice My Personal Success For A ‘Responsible Presidency’

Official Keith Olbermann Birthday Thread 1/27/08

Sibel Edmonds claims now tied to Valerie Plame and Brewster Jennings (UK Times)

German Elections today: German Conservatives Suffer Key Losses

This is not your father's Democratic Party...

The End of America's "Superpower"

So much for that "innocent Americans aren't being wiretapped" talking point-Congressional Quarterly

WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!! (er, in childhood poverty)

Anarchy vs. Rule of Law

Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade with Turkey - CounterPunch

Are any opinions really "fighting" words?

One Day = $720 Million

It's Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt-Naomi Wolf

Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda!

In India's huge marketplace, fair skin sells

I seen where the Stock Market has lost $7 Trillion dollars since Dec. 31 2007. Where does it go?

An Intelligent Approach to the Intelligence Community

Althecat's Letter From Tomorrow....

Photos of the Toronto rally for US war resisters, part II (dial-up warning)

Tupelo (Mississippi) Daily Journal Column: Holy Nuclear Secrets, Batman! (Sibel Edmonds Coverage)

The Defeat of HD-DVD: HD vs Blu-Ray

You won't read this, but you should

Drowning in debt, he needs a life raft - guy spends $2000 more per month than earns

Bush Offered his "condolences" on the Death of Suharto

Heath Ledger Frightens Straight Men

How in the world can we continue to fund the war when we're in a recession?

I look like Brad Pitt and George Clooney... and have the mind of Al Gore.

AMERICA -- In a Word! (nominate/suggest your own)

If you held in your hand the baby Hitler.. what would you do..

The battle is about power and economics

Medical Marijuana Vending Machines

Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors

Edwards folks:if your guy can't get nominated, what job should he get in the next Dem Admin?

For those who have a vision of the apocalypse....(Obama or Clinton against McCain)


Why this "be nice to _____ supporters". You ARE going to vote

can i get an amen?

Gloria Steinem said about Hillary and Obama

How do you feel about SC primary results?

Will Bill Clinton bitterly complain about the media giving him so much coverage

Look, I gotta brag...

Can We Agree That Mark Penn's 360 Electoral College Votes Math...

Democratic turnout in South Carolina: 530,000+; Repugs: 433,000

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama

Did you watch Nightline tonight? They were discussing how the

Anyone know enough about Feb 5 to know if we may know the nominee then?

My fellow Obama people--leave the Edwards people ALONE!

Obama sent me a letter!

Bill Clinton Has Proven That He Still Matters

Caroline Kennedy endorses Obama.

How do you find out if you're on someone's ignore list?

Obama wants to work with the republicans....

Wow, Obama Got More Votes Than McCain AND Huckabee COMBINED

John Edwards to visit North Dakota

I Was Out All Night Celebrating My Mom's Birthday

Tsunami Tuesday is Also Mardi Gras!!! Feel Like Celebrating the SC Rebuke Early?

I can't believe that we are almost falling for it

Domestically, is Hillary more progressive than Obama?

All I can say to the Clintons is: "No good deed shall go unpunished."

What effect does Edwards staying in the race have on Hillary and Obama?

Tampa Tribune endorses Obama!

I have been following Obama since the 2004 speech

Philadelphia Inquirer Endorses Obama

Edwards picks up MORE DELEGATES. Brokered convention here we come!

Do you sense more than a hint of bitterness with Bill Clinton?

The Seattle Times endorses Sen. Barack Obama

Those of you who are against Obama. Hillary supporters or edwards supporters?

Do you consider Clinton an effective president or more of a caretaker?

The Arizona Republic -- largest paper in the state -- endorses Obama!

The Denver Post: Obama, Clinton split Colo. voters - Obama 34%, Clinton 32%

Hillary Supporters, If You Please...

Chicago Tribune: 'For the Democrats: Obama'

The next 9 days Campaigning - How will they do it

Black People's voting for whomever is a victory, if the person they vote for wins! Doh!

Any word on who the neocons are supporting? In either party.

San Jose Mercury News Endorses Obama


Edwards: you can still help people by endorsing Obama

Election Percentage Results - To Date

Jesse Jackson won SC in 1988 with very similar % numbers to Obama

Anyone have a link to Hillary's concession speech?

Sunday News Show Lineup-1/26/08

Edwards Campaign Theme Song

A Quick Fundraising Spike Online

WOOOOHOOOO!! Go-bama! Go-bama! It's your birthday!

What happened under Clinton

A response to P2BA: Hillbots don't get bragging rights until their candidate..

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed once before in the Primaries: Teddy in 1980

Have ANY of the Dem candidates said they will NOT use the

The Repubs must be in charge of the voting machines, like usual

Teddy is ready?

FSquirrel's Super Tuesday Delegate Prediction

Any information on how the South Carolina delegates will be rewarded?

The Big Dog needs to take a break

Barack trounces Hillary

Seattle Times endorses Barack Obama

Bill Clinton compares Obama to Jesse Jackson

The audience chanted "Race doesn't matter"...

Here is a taste of what Hillary is really up against. (Carol Simpson)

Why I could NEVER vote for Satan...

Here is a perfect example of the double standard that is hurting HC

Do demographics matter?

Bill Clinton's Selfish Myopia

How does South Carolina change the dynamics of the race

Ted Kennedy To Endorse Obama?

Voters to candidates in NH & SC. Keep gender & race out of it or we will bury you.

Senator Obama is MY HERO! I was NOT looking for one...

MSNBC this Sun AM: re: Giuliani and double standard...

Strong Black Vote Gives Obama SC Win


I am hoping the AA voters come out in record numbers during the GE, just like they did in SC!

Why Edwards WILL and SHOULD stay in the race-- and we're 100% behind him!

Meet the Pukes

Jesse Jackson 2000: Count every vote! Obama: to hell with Florida voters, me!me!me

Nine Days

Where Does John Edwards Go From Here And Who Does He Help And Hurt More By Staying In The Race?


National Delegates

How do you get to go to the National convention??

John Edwards will be in Georgia today. Chattanooga and Nashville tomorrow.

Clinton Wins in South Carolina

A concession speech is a sign of grace in defeat and fitness for public service

The Take-Away From South Carolina

Feb 5 states primary question

Hillary lost 65% of the white vote (58% of women, 72% of men), 78 % of the black vote (80% of women)

Did Obama give a concession speech after Nevada?

It's not progressive to want to lop-off Edwards at this point

Was This Obama's Best Speech Yet? Maybe.

I'm upset with the media

I'm getting really ticked off that a few primaries and caucus's

But wait a minute - what about Nevada whites?

"Slinging slime is what Clintons do best"

I've had it up to here with the way John Edwards

That's it! I'm NEVER voting for John Edwards!

Obama gains momentum with Ohio black voters

If the GE were tomorrow, and either Obama or Clinton

John Nichols: It's Time to Retire Bill Clinton

Obama raises $ 525,000 in donations in ONE hour after SC win

Democrats look ahead to Super Tuesday

Duers : Let's get viral politics really moving in this electiom!

Meet The Press Round Table Coming Up- R Rated Warning

Well...Team OBAMA, Have to go grade some exams...tomorrow at 0600

So what happens now? Which states can Obama win?

Clinton disgraced

NYT Frontpage: Obama Carries South Carolina by Wide Margin; Forges Coalition

digby: Winning Large

Time's Gibbs repeated falsehood that Bill Clinton referred to Obama's candidacy as a "fairy tale"

The Clinton's and Florida

Wow. I thought McCain just gave one of the most impressive performances I've seen on MTP yet

My apologies to Hillary supporters who offered their congratulations to Obama last night.

The delegate count after SC

What are the chances that Al Gore will step in and clean this mess up?

Obama and Clinton look to next battle

Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Los Angeles, endorses Obama

If Sen. Clinton does not get the nomination with the majority of superdelegates

I admire the passionate support of Edwards supporters for their candidate.

Has Clinton won ANY state in the pledged delegate count?

Lots of Dems seem fearful of a McCain nomination. I say, Dems, grow some balls, DAMN IT!!!

I am so fucking sick of the Billary Bashing

McCain will be repackaged to his former self and sold by the media

Why does CNN have a hack posing as a journalist on the air?

Hillary will be in the Senate to vote on FISA, make a statement

The numbers on BigTues.

KERRY FOLK - Check in with your 2008 primary support

Mac called for Rummy to resign once the war became unpopular

Now this is change--from today's Washington Post article on the South Carolina primary

Obama Got Three To Five Times The Amount Of White Support That Jackson Got

In CNN poll: 21% say race will affect their vote

A vote for Obama, and for something larger

Obama's big win - a rout, a landslide, a thumping...

Georgetown Cocktail Party on ABC!

Ok, if Obama doesn't want to be known as 'the black candidate', let's give him what he wants

“No Democratic Presidential Candidate Has Campaigned in Kansas Since 1960"

The Billary Road to Republican Victory

John Dickerson: Opening Up a Can of Obama

U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Los Angeles Endorses Obama!

going back to CBS NEWS and least Katie isn't republican all the time as Wolf Blitzer is

Here is why I will not switch from Edwards to Obama in the Primary.

I'm stickin' with John Edwards.

0 does not want Florida delegates seated

Will Obama and Clinton vote on telecom immunity?

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/27/08 - Clinton up 4 (40), Obama down 2 (31), Edwards down 1 (17)

Rasmussen -HRC-40% Obama 31% Edwards 17%RCP AVG INC

the Nation lists the facts: "Sobering numbers for Hillary"

Clinton uncollapsed? RasmussenTracking: Hillary up 4%, Obama down 2%.

"South Carolina Is Irrelevant."

Barak Obama's Agenda Can't Leapfrog Bill Clinton's Legacy to Success

Let's get down to brass tacks.....(Issue 1: Transportation)

For Bill Clinton, Echoes of Jackson in Obama Win

Is there a link for the work Symbolman has done on the Edwards campaign?

"Obama 'Followers' don't know where he stands on the issues"

DU Dems: Who do you fear, Mittens or McCain?

Did anyone see Obama on "This week with George Stephanopolis?"

Obama on potential Teddy endorsement

Lawyered up-Obama campaign put together a huge voter protection operation

Presidential reminder

Am I the only Obama supporter that expects him to do well on Feb. 5th?

Zogby: McCain, Rommey tied in Florida-Rotten Rudy in piss poor fourth place

Tennessee Residents Awaken, and Ask: "Ewwww! What Died? Smells Like Someone Hit a Skunk!"

So, My sister n law finally saw what is happening to John...with no media.

After South Carolina's victory, the only thing left to say is...

Arizona Republic Endorses Obama - "Obama can unite nation"

Obama / Edwards 08 : an UNBEATABLE ticket

It's TERRIBLE, just TERRIBLE, if 80-90% of Blacks vote for one candidate-Or is it? (Please explain)

Obama Live Now On CNN!

On To The Convention, Mr. Edwards

Obama says nothing more to say about Rezko

Barack isn't black and Hillary isn't female

Obama Supporters: Why do you think his health care reform plan is better?

CNN: Yet more trashy journalism

Mittens moves up to tie McCain in Florida

Playing the 'Faith Card'

What effect is Edwards having on the race?

I'll vote for Obama

Just saw Obama on This Week.

Rudy Giuliani says, 'Fuck You' to New York once again!

Good morning! On MTP I have had the dubious pleasure of watching four mega rich white people

This is what democracy looks like

It just struck me, HRC would not be insisting Mich and FL be seated....

OBAMA WINS IN SC LANDSLIDE, Democrat turnout crushes Republican vote total

"Barack Obama keeps delivering speeches that confound expectations and raise his stature."

Waltham Daily news Tribune endorses Obama

What Percentage of The White Vote Did Obama Get in Iowa?

The Roundtable On The McGloghlin Group Just Said Rezko Is Nothing

Why I hate Romney the worst out of all Republican candidates

the rights whole plan

Anyone else hoping Obama has an Al Gore endorsement in his deck of cards?

Ted Kennedy to endorse Obama?

Here's my deal: It's classless to jet off to the next state and not say anything to your supporters

What's Behind Obama's "Committed Christian" Mailer? "I just heard about this yesterdy.

What is more significant the NY Times endorsement of Clinton or Caroline Kennedy's op-ed for Obama?

Hillary keeps trying to change the rules.

George Steph(ABC) read ChicagoTrib to 0bama today practically said tell the truth here on tv -

Beyond Personalities-- Is it possible to "reframe" our individual view of modern politics?

South Carolina race-baiting controversy

FL POLL: Hillary 44 (-7), Obama 25 (-1), Edwards 19 (+6)

Question, if Obama gets the nomination

Who would you vote for in the general election if your choices were Bloomberg, Clinton, and McCain?

George W. Bush>>>Barack Obama (Meet the wanna-be new boss, same as the old boss)

Sure, let's change the rules a mere two days before the Florida primary

There's a lot more to it than race, gender, speaking style, or GLBT issues.


Black Voters in the South and what it means for Democrats

"Giuliani is becoming less and less of a factor here," Florida

Expect McCain to say "white flag of surrender" about 1,000 times this year

I Was Going To Ask, Who Obama Should Reach Out To For Latino Votes, Found This...

Why does Obama want to disenfranchise Michigan and Florida Democrats?

articles re: hillary and sexism

Ghouliani falls to fourth place in Florida poll

Clinton to Stop in Fla. on Primary Night

ABC NEWS: Ted Kennedy to Endorse Obama

Obama talking points about the incredible South Carolina victory

Caption The Ghoul

A Hillary Poll: Would you vote for her in the General Election

Who do you think will win the democratic nomination for President?

Newspapers are much more balanced about Obama's win than MSNBC's love fest


Al Gore, Where art thou?

2nd article re: Hillary and sexism

Can we all agree ....

That Rascal Mark Twain Gets Smarter Each Primary Season: A Southern Strategery for the DNC

Endorsements Galore!

The Truth about SC has nothing to do with Obama.

My early voting experience in Florida - VERY disturbing

Obama is a black candidate and what it means to Democrats

OBAMA/HILLARY/EDWARD fans: If Gore were to have run, who would you vote for?

Taylor Marsh Implies She Won't Support Obama in November

Well Now... THIS Is Interesting !!!

How many Republicans have been turning up to their primaries,

Obama supporters here: A resource that may be useful during primaries.

So, apparently, Clinton campaign unleashed a last minute phone blitz in SC

Hillary did not give a concession speech, Bill seemed to

Reno newspaper editor blogs the truth about the Obama - Reagan story

This Primary has already had enough twists and turns to be a movie...let's CAST it!

The 4 top e-mail forwards about Obama and other nasty tactics

28-point win even shocked Obama campaign

Oklahomans - Edwards will be in Tulsa Tuesday 01/29/08

So the Clinton camp leaked the Ted Kennedy endorsement?

Hillary at black church: We need income equality, infrastructure change. Tell me how, Hillary.

Super Tuesday Question

Edwards approached Obama campaign about making a deal??

Bill Clinton: The Chris Matthews of South Carolina

Will Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama have an effect on you?

With All The Recent Endorsements, And The Apparent Big Mo... I Wonder What...

Obama can unite nation (AZ Republic)

Tomorrow will Bill Clinton complain bitterly that the media gave him so much coverage

Obama's autobiography is being sold in Florida bookstores - is this a violation?

Former Kucinich supporters; Who are you supporting now?

Will Kennedy's endorsement open the floodgates for Congressional endorsements

Quite the rollercoaster ride for our partisan Obama and Clinton cohorts.

Barack's outstanding victory speech in case you missed it. " yes we can!"....

If His Wife Wasn't Running, Who Do You Think Bill Clinton Would Have Supported

Teddy for Dems = Larry Craig for GOP

Congratulations to the Obama Supporters for the Ted Kennedy Endorsement!

Courant backs Clinton for Democratic nomination ( Connecticut News)

I have to admit something.....I have a huge crush on Michelle Obama

Obama Alert: CNN

I hope Edwards stays in.

Clinton pledges to seat Mich. delegates despite primary flap

Obama Supporters, Who Would You Like To See As The VP Pick

OK, everybody, lets just take a breather

Hey all you sadsacks...get a grip, The primaries have just begun

Should Hillary Clinton Be Doing Any Campaigning In Florida?

Ladies and gentlemen....I have secured an interview with one Lee Mercer Jr....

Florida should be seated but Michigan shouldn't be

Do you think black voters are dumb?

I love me my Hillary supporters. Come on in and show some love back!

My household just early voted - FOR OBAMA!!! In Florida...

Bill should be reminded HE won the South Carolina primary in 1992

Photo: Romney, on an apparent rampage, bellows "Make me president and you'll each get one of these!"

Calling the Liberal Lion crazy for endorsing Obama shows the deperate need for Hilbots

Edward Kennedy to endorse Obama, officials say

Kucinich is out; tell me who to choose, without arguing electability

Still think Obama can't stand up to Repuke attacks in the general?

Can we just agree on one thing at least?

If He Hadn't Died, Do You Think JFK Jr. Would Have Run For President?

California Really In Play On Super Tuesday - OC Register

E-Mail the DNC and tell them to squelch Hillary's request to seat delegates in MI and Fl

Barack Obama/Matt Santos Ticket...Unbeatable!

Rudy's! Campaign reminds me of the joke about

Great photo gallery of all the Dem. Candidates during the SC Primary campaign - Wash Post photo's

CNN Reporting Liz Cheney joins Romney team

Why I support the right of the Michigan and Florida delegates to be seated

Frog Giggin' Triangulators for Truth

Why is Hillary the only candidate to take time off for fund raising

Clinton and Obama speeches today....

the dumbing down of america ... experience need not count. experienced need not apply.

Latino LA congressman (U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra) supports Obama


Liz Cheney endorses Romney

Photos: Barack Obama talks with reporters during flight from Macon, GA to Birmingham, AL

Edwards Beats Hillary Among White Voters

Anybody just watch Huckabee on CNN?

Just watched Rudy! speaking in Boca....

Obama's PsyOP against Bill Clinton (what do you think)

Dear Governor of Oregon - You must renounce your endorsement of Hillary.

The chance that Dean will give the Clintons an advantage by permitting MI and FL

Why are Edwards supporters so viscous?

Obama attacked by reporters today

Huzzah! Ignore function is back!

"more progressive than thou"

Is your primary February 5th?

Haven't heard much about "the Coronation of Hillary" lately. Have you?

Hillary To Go To Florida Today or Tomorrow Per CNN

Obambots and HillBots

Say hello to "Mordecai," the official Mascot for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Delete thread.

How would you describe your opinion

Will Al Gore endorse Obama?

Does anyone know what is wrong with Rudy??

How Would You Describe your Opinion of Hillary Clinton


How many here are absolutely undecided in the Democratic primary?

Assuming the election keeps going in the same direction, no candidate will win enough Delegates

Obama won all but two counties in SC - in other words White SC and Black SC

What about an Obama/Edwards ticket?

Obama LIVE on CNN right now. nt

You think things are ugly on the Dem side???

Edwards' Remarks on SC Primary

Robert F. Kennedy, environmental activist, endorsed Hillary Clinton, November 2007

If Obama wins the nomination and presidency,

Who will Obama pick for V.P. and will Clinton or Edwards be part of his Administration?

How Would You Describe your Opinion of John Edwards

Do the endorsements of John Kerry and possibly Edward Kennedy affect your feelings Barack Obama?

How Would You Describe Your Opinion of Elizabeth Edwards

So what - is it ego? Is it history? Is it responsibility? Enlighten me, please.

woo hoo! Kennedy's not just endorsing, he'll be vigorously campaigning

Surge in Early Balloting Shifts Florida Races

If Ted Kennedy Is The Lion Of The Senate, What Animal Would The Candidates Be?

Senator Clinton has almost the entire MSM and the DC/NY establishment actively rooting against her

Wha.... ??? - British Conservatives Campaign for Prez Hillary (and Vice-Prez Bill)

I am sorry... I just do not get the value of going to florida on the day of election

Kennedy on the Iraq War Vote and the Politics of Hope vs. Fear

Joe Lieberman campaigning with McCain on CNN now

A comment about racial "bloc" voting . . .

Why are we cowering in fear? ANY of our candidates can win, as long as we help!

How would you describe your Opinion of Barack Obama?

We should root for Romney

Obama behind in all Super Tuesday states?

Why did Bill Clinton compare Obama to Jesse Jackson instead of John Edwards?

"Your voice will be heard": John Edwards

Clintons Grasping for Historical Straws after Crushing Defeat

The speech that would redeem The Clintons

I have changed my mind and now support:

Oh Puke... Lieberman Stumping With McCain !!!

I have a feeling no one is telling the Clinton's the real truth

Obama Now Live On CNN!

TIME: Obama's Rout

Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama

Hillary: LOVE drove Bill over the line

Did the Clintons learn anything in South Carolina?

How Would You describe your Opinion of Bill Clinton

What if a brokered convention gave us a candidate you don't like?

For those who wondered, Obama just said we'd close Gitmo and RESTORE habeas corpus.

Obama gets 4 Major Newspaper Endorsements Today

If Obama is our nominee we will make huge gains in both houses of congress

It would appear that the party is beginning to line up behind Obama....

HuffPo: McCain's effort to keep discussion on "his strong suit" rather than "an admitted weakness"

Hillary called CF0 Alex Sink and said she would be in Florida before the primary.

Highest Ranking Latino In The House Endorses Obama !!!

Hillary's colleagues (Kerry, Kennedy, Leahy) endorse Obama.

I'd be more impressed with "key" endorsements if they came when Obama was an underdog.

SF Chronicle endorses Obama: 'Reprieve and renewal'


Four Obama endorsements that may allow him to pick up Missouri

Hey, I think the Guardian newspaper is talking about US!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the conventional wisdom only last month that Black people LOVED

Michigan primary "corpse" being picked on by vultures???

Obama has 1.5%, Hillary 1.2%, Edwards 0.5% of all delegates. >50% needed to get the nomination

Our candidates have NOTHING on GD:P

Obama calls someone "brother", and DU gets all tingly

If I could ask Hillary several things it would be (related to MI delegate):

The Myth Of The Spoiler

Any word on who Jimmy Carter is supporting?

Drama overload...

So yeah, Joe Lieberman was on CNN a little while ago

One great by-product of the Dems' dirty campaigns: Reagan is a DIRTY WORD again

Dem Party is being torn apart -

What happens to delegates when their candidate drops out?

Dem TRUMP Card against McCain - Who's holding it?

The Media And The 2008 Election: The Perfect Storm Of Clinton Hate

Hillary will visit Florida after the polls close to thank supporters, her campaign said.

Took a pretty good picture of Bill Clinton last night

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) Plans To Endorse Obama

Teddy's power

It's OK for someone to endorse someone you don't much like

The Clintons only won one county statewide: Horry County

Sen. Obama speaks to more than 10,000 in Birmingham

"Don't be grinning THAT much, Brother!"

I think Hillary is more likely to beat McCain in debate than Barack

Since race /gender is now a crucial issue in this election, here's a suggestion

Huckabee on Iraq WMD: "Just because you didn't find every Easter egg didn't mean it wasn't planted"

How about some love for FL and MI Duers....

The day I wake up to a minority or female president, will be the day

A compliment to the Obama campaign from an Edwards supporter

Who does China want as our next President?

Do you think RFK Jr. will regret being on the wrong side of history?

3 Federal Employees face investigation over Obama e-mail. (Hatch Act)

Sen. Clinton sent a powerful message to voters in Florida she cares about voter

Who did Cindy Sheehan endorse?

An Endorsement of the Movement Barack Obama Leads

Can we fix it?

Muckain's sidekick Holy Joe was his opeing act today

Prohibited: "electronic advertising that reaches a significant percentage of the voters..."

OMG Ted Kennedy Likes Obama

I wonder

Here's how Edwards can get a fresh start -- Get Beaten Up

Yes He Can- Fight That Is.

Q: The other Florida primary

Ted Kennedy is the Worst Senator Ever in the History of the United States!

On Unity-

So who's responsible for the Obama hate?

Photos: Barack Obama speaks in Birmingham, Alabama

Internal Number in CNN Exit Poll... Most Qualified to be Commander+Chief

How would You Describe Your Opinion of Michelle Obama

Photos of Obama with 10,000 supporters in Birmingham, Alabama

Ambinder: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Plans To Endorse Obama

Serious question about the mechanics of Super Tuesday...

Will the Ted Kennedy endorsement have an effect on superdelegates?

Obama got permission before he played the national ad (article)

So did voters in my state (SC) vote against Hillary, or for Obama.

Question about the DLC and this presidential race

What is the correct DU term?

When is the big Dropping out announcement?

For a man wanting to look towards the future having Kerry and Kennedy endorse you is pretty ironic

Colorado/Mason-Dixon poll: O-34, C-32, E-17

Teddy's Power


Obamites don't earn bragging rights until they defeat the MSM, AND their opponent.

Rasmussen: Clinton 40 (+4) Obama 31 (-2)

Obama "hopes" we will have the "audacity" to switch from Sprint to Verizon

Piece of free advice: Any mention of DNC machinations rings like whining to voters

"Women shouldn't vote for Hillary just because she's a woman."

Obama's ad violated the pledge - no valid permission

Down about Edwards? - Listen to this motivational speech

Celebrity Look Alikes: Mitt Romney and Guy Smiley

I'm ready to be flamed but, did anyone else notice that most standing behind Clinton were African...

OMG McCain's mother on CSPAN!

The Shock Doctrine: The Clintons and Nelson Mandela!!!!!!!

Had enough of DYNASTIC politics?

Neither Clinton or Edwards are running national cable ads that also run in Florida

Politico: Sen. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy to endorse Obama lunchtime tomorrow at American University

Why isn't there any outrage about the Hillary anti Edwards robo calls in SC?

Bill steps in front of Obama train, gets run over by Ted Kennedy

Edwards to visit North Dakota, has good shot to win with a majority of state legislators backing him

How viable was Jesse Jackson's 1988 campaign?

Obama supporters only, what is your race?

You've come a long way baby...Now let Bill take over...

Ok. What has your candidate done to better our Election system?

Rank-and-file scuttle Hillary's California Teachers Association endorsement

To those who think that the people who support Obama are fanatics, that he is an empty suit...

At this point, do you just come here to fuck with people?

George Lakoff: No Center, No Centrists

I find nothing wrong with Clinton leaving SC early.

Is Obama going back to DC to vote on the FISA bill tomorrow?

A Circular Firing Squad Is The GOP’s Only Chance For Victory in This Fall’s Presidential Election

Edwards and Clinton managed to keep ads out of Florida. Is Obama that incompetent?

What's with the Orwellian reports about a "multi racial coalition" in SC?

New Rules: A victory isn't a victory unless a majority of white people made it happen

South Carolina: Youth Turnout Triples. Again.

Edwards: Your Voice will be Heard

I get the feeling this is more about revenge for Bill Clinton than the good of the country

Clinton Signs Pledge - Clinton Breaks Pledge: The Definition of Dishonor is Clinton

Alright, time to come to terms with reality, Edwards supporters.

Condolences / Nice Words for Hillary and Edwards Supporters.

CNN: Ted Kennedy to endorse Obama

Delegate Scorecard as of January 26, 2008

Obama - Freeper Panic Grows

Clinton to campaign in Florida

For anyone interested, LIEBERMAN is introducing MCCAIN at a Town Meeting on CSPAN

GUESS WHAT? You will NEVER guess......I am so excited for Edwards!

Clinton to Campaign in Florida - AFTER the Primary


I just can't support John Edwards anymore

was Clinton fighting to seat delegates from MI and FLA back when she

Correct me if im wrong. Did all the candidates agree to abide by the party ruling...

Photos: Hillary Clinton steps down from the plane as she arrives in Sarasota, Florida

The MEDIA are PICKING our candidate and DIVIDING our party. & our country!

I have a feeling something will expose Obama.

Ted Kennedy doing more than endorsing

Bummed that Kucinich is out of it? This oughta light a fire under your ass!!!!

The Race for Delegates is NOT Over

What Obama Actually Said


Frank Rich: The Billary Road to Republican Victory --MUST READ->

Super Bowl Ad Buys: Any 527s Plunk Down for Tsunami Tuesday/Mardis Gras?

Do You Have Access to a Newstand Archive to 1992? Clinton SC Statements...

I'm Still Sticking With John Edwards!

EDWARDS PEOPLE! Want to help JRE stay and fight? DONATE!

Barack Obama is a black man. Deal with it.


The NY Times, Time, and others talk about Florida - Updated

"Liking" a Presidential candidate

Hillary worked "intensely" to win Kennedy's endorsement

Democratic Unity Exercise: First Name, Age, Location, Candidate you support.

Hillary Had Her A$$ Handed To Her.....

CSPAN2 NOW--Shelby Steele now discussing politics, inc. Obama

Kennedys Matter.

A general queston: does anyone at DU support the notion of "superdelegates?"

The REAL spoiler is Senator Clinton

Regarding Joseph Lieberman

I really do wonder what difference any of this makes

Why I didn't mention the 1988 SC results.....

Tom Hayden-An Endorsement of the Movement Barack Obama Leads

Enough Already !!! - I'm Throwing My Support To Obama !!!

Obama draws over 10,000 to Birmingham, Ala. event today

Obama's ACTUAL WORDS Regarding Reagan on Stephanopoulis Today --->>>

The Clintons, Atwater, Rove, and the Future

San Francisco Chronicle endorses Obama!

Has Ted Kennedy gone round the bend endorsing Obama?

Keith O. is really making me angry with his blatant smearing of HC

The Press vs. The 2008 Democratic Primary

Which ticket would have the best chance of winning?

Do You Think Brangelina Will Endorse Bill and Hillary's Tactics?

Hearing Obama Speak from another room while TV was on last night...and I'm doing chores...

Obama Gets An On-Line Fundraising Tidal Wave!!!!!

Politico: Bill Clinton tried to talk Ted Kennedy out of endorsing Obama

Delegate Selection Rules: As Long As John Keeps above the 15% Waterline...

Obama isn't likable "enough"

Serious question: How will Obama overcome the attack "He has one year experience in the senate"

Clinton goes to Florida, Obama complains, Clinton brings up 2000 election

Endorsing the losing candidate so you can later endorse the winner too = Good politics

Russian TV: "Doubts over voting machines cloud Obama's S.Carolina win"

Here is why complaining about media unfairness toward Hillary is ludicrous

Ted Kennedy? Talk about looking BACKWARDS. So much for "this campaign is about the future"

Seems to me that Barack Obama is in Bill Clinton's head, not the other way around

I cannot STAND John McCain!!!

Edwardians, did you write OPs addressing the "phoniness issue" head-on?

Obama heading to Alabama and Georgia next

A New Hetero Primary Privilege: "I'm remaining above the fray."

Hillary Supporters: "Its us or the Repukes!".

Win or lose, Edwards campaign is raising the bar...fighting the good fight

Still in the race, an Edwards Supporter checks in-

DEAN FOLK - Check in with your 2008 primary support

Sacramento Bee Endorses Obama

According to some people here, to be a real democrat you must drink

It Takes a (Potemkin) Village: Mark Penn, Working the Advance Team

John Edwards = Ralph Nader

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Barack Obama

BREAKING: Jesus Christ to return to Earth to endorse Obama

Obama 53, Clinton 27, Edwards 19 % with 25 percent in..

Hillary Clinton concedes race to Barack Obama

"A President Like My Father" (by Caroline Kennedy)

Bill Clinton's Business Ties Face Scrutiny

Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Buildup

'Breakout into Israel' ahead

Colombia orders blockade of rebel hostage camps

Saving becomes a campaign issue

Bush team tries to keep lid on frustration over NKorea: experts

Obama Wins in S.C., Regaining Momentum


Afghanistan opposes Ashdown as UN envoy: report

Sudan's Ex-Guantanamo Prisoners Demand Payout

For Bill Clinton, Echoes of Jackson in Obama Win

Obama's Rout Rejiggers the Race

Family of 3 Stabbed to Death in Baghdad

36 Egyptian Security Injured at Border

Mascot for Democratic National Convention picked

Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Buildup

Syrian Demand Rejected by Arab Leaders

Reviewer of Subprime Loans Agrees to Aid Inquiry

Lebanon Shiite cleric calls for Bush trial over Iraq

United Airlines: A battle between unions to represent mechanics may leave carrier the biggest winner

Obama projected winner in South Carolina

Obama projected winner in South Carolina

Riots in Beirut

Surge in Early Balloting Shifts Florida Races

Big business says addressing climate change 'rates very low on agenda'

Bush Plans Modest Final State of the Union Speech

Former Indonesian dictator Suharto dies

US claims Al-Qaeda using children as Iraq suicide bombers

Counter-protesters silence demonstrators (at funeral of soldier killed in Iraq)

Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama

Cheney's Daughter Joins Romney Camp

McCain Warns: There will be other wars

Caroline Kennedy Endorses Obama

Ethnic Violence in Rift Valley Tears Kenya Apart

The Homeland Security Campus: Repress U

LA Times

For Speaker, Calculated Stimulus Steps (Pelosi)

Bill Clinton's Business Ties Face Scrutiny

The Statue of Destruction

As Bain slashed jobs, Romney stayed to side (Boston Globe)

Lebanon Shiite cleric calls for Bush trial over Iraq

An interesting snippet by George Soros in the Financial Times:

Davos and the Peter Principle writ large

Larry Beinhart: A Victory for Bush! Al Qaeda is the Enemy

Software group says that without more foreign workers in U.S., jobs may go overseas

U.S. voters fired up — like Nevadans

Frank Rich's Sunday NY Times column: "The Billary Road to Republican Victory"

Legal outsourcing to India a reality: NYLJ report

Exonerating Neocon Criminals

Clinton sounding "like a man who has gone off his medicine"

Shame on us: Rudd pleads for homeless

NYT editorial: The FISA Follies, Redux

Selling Out Grandma

Obama's Rout Rejiggers the Race

Litvinenko's suspected poisoner, a hero in Russia, has just been elected to the Duma

The Dollar’s Reserve Currency Role Is Drawing To An End By Paul Craig Roberts

Why the Right Loves a Disaster by Naomi Klein

Raising Hell with car horns noise makers, etc.

they are watching you right now!

Chalmers Johnson - Speaking Freely

Freeheld Trailer (this is a MUST SEE)

Edwards' Concession Speech

George Bush, Harry Reid & Unratified Treaties

Michael Moore YouTube: Bush Supporter Ends Up Protesting on Side of Road

Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City

The Frank Factor-The Internet and the Media pt 1 of 2

Dennis Kucinich needs our support for his re-election!

Richard Belzer Unleashed On Bill Maher's Latest Show

As If They Could Win

50% of Coral Reefs Died in 12 Months

Citizen Padilla (Part III: The Radioactive Patsy)

Do You Know How Much Exxon/Mobil Made Each *Minute* Last Year?

Thank you, Senator Dodd

Obama responds to Bill Clinton's Jesse Jackson comments.

Obama Victory Speech in SC - 1/26/08

Try to explain this - Bill Clinton On Barack Obama Today

Keith Olbermann on CNN's Reliable Sources (Excerpt)

Richard Belzer Unleashed On Bill Maher's Real Time | Part Two

Nearly all nuclear fuel now delivered by Russia to Iran (7th of 8 shipments delivered)

Union (college) to help "Focus the Nation" on global warming and sustainability efforts

Berkeley Drafts a Climate Action Plan

Energy districts start to catch on

Japan Unveils $10 Billion Climate Change Fund

Britain 'facing energy shortfall' (BBC)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Marry Ex-Supermodel Girlfriend Carla Bruni

The Story of Stuff - must-see video

SCE&G suspends plans to ask US NRC for license to build new nukes

Iraq ratifies Kyoto Protocol on climate change

Solar energy breakthrough

Only three sustainable homes built in UK so far

Auto companies press states on California emissions

Report: ‘Clean energy’ viable source for Navajo Nation

How do you talk to friends who think that humans should come first?

(Scotland) Massive wind farm 'turned down' - BBC

Gasoline prices fall below $3 a gallon - Reuters

Lead linked to aging in older brains

I use wood for heat and have for years. My question:

Ecuador to avoid exploitation of oil field in Amazonian forest

All About: Religion and the environment

"Population reduction and climate stabilization are the same thing now."

Housing crisis

TBI task force identifies shortfalls in care

Dust, mud don’t stall vehicle upkeep

Female veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Search on for remains of Vietnam soldiers

Homes for Our Troops begins house in Alabama

Akaka raps military on assessing injuries

Logistics mission changes hands in Afghanistan

Gold Star Lapel Pin authorized for uniforms

Vet becomes citizen after years of red tape

Airman runs Calif. coast for AIDS awareness

Malmstrom Red Horse Squadron gains 162 spots

In these villages, Sunnis and Shiites agree

British TV to air footage of Afghanistan friendly-fire incident that killed three

La Maddalena says goodbye to base after 35-year U.S. Navy presence on Sardinia

Beans recalled from South Korea dining halls amid botulism scare

Coalition troops seeking Fallujah roadside bomber

Team Dragon deploys to Afghanistan

V Corps chaplain charged with sexual assault

Yokosuka ships lighten up on sailor liberty plan

Soldier dies in motorcycle crash in Hawaii

Aviano airman gets nine months in drug case

Training Puts the 'Combat' in CLB-11

Guam's Young, Steeped in History, Line Up to Enlist

Female Iraq vet runs for seat Duckworth lost

Hypothetical attack on U.S. outlined by China

Medal of Honor recipients, actors Sinise, Ratzenberger visit Ramstein on USO tour

Should Thrift Savings Plan investors have concerns?

The Converging Crisis: Ecology, Energy and Economics

A delightful day In SW Arizona!!!!!

Oxford Union election battle gets nasty (UK)

Labor doubles down for casinos

Polish customs to consider ending strike by Monday

Contract deal reached for Vancouver dock workers

Locked-out PetroCan workers call for boycott (Canada)

Confidence builds on consultant deal (Ireland)

NAACP, Teamsters Call on MLB to Help End Discrimination at New Era Cap

Teamsters Say Stimulus Package Must Help Unemployed, Add Jobs

Local UPS Freight employees to join Teamsters

Rice talks trade on Colombia trip

USEC says reaches pact with USW regarding centrifuge plant

News From USW: Steelworkers Pledge Support to Brazilian DuPont Workers on Hunger Strike

Union accuses Bashas’ of cutting union-friendly workers

Minnesota meat packers win union victory!

Circular Welded Pipe Imports from China Get Anti-Dumping Duties

SEIU: Security Officers Reach Tentative Agreement On Historic Union Contract In Los Angeles (40%)

UFCW 951 and Kroger Reach Early Contract Settlement

Investors push 90 companies for say on CEO pay (AFSCME leads the way)

SARTA and union leaders reach tentative agreement

Vigil focuses on justice for security officers (Minnesota)

WIN Week In Review January 25-27, 2008

Reuters: Strike sending viewers to Internet, survey finds

Union numbers are up in Pa., Del.

Today in labor history January 27

Today in labor history January 26

Today's working family cartoon-feet

Labor leader: Unions may ask for Mayor Kilpatrick's resignation TEXT MESSAGE SCANDAL

Writers Guild of America: Waiting to write a dream ending

King’s Legacy: Living Wage and Freedom to Join a Union

Report: Construction Defects Common in Pulte and Del Webb Homes

Construction worker dies, another critically injured in fall at new Wal-Mart


The Nation: "Obama... to the right of not only populist Edwards but Clinton as well"

Black people simply voting for the Black candidate is NOT a victory

I am so fucking sick of the Billary Bashing

0 does not want Florida delegates seated

Obama says nothing more to say about Rezko


Video of Obama telling Ted Kennedy to 'get a spine'

Hillary will visit Florida after the polls close to thank supporters, her campaign said.

Sen. Clinton sent a powerful message to voters in Florida she cares about voter

delegates, pledges, FL and MI

Topic subject Obama's ad violated the pledge - no valid permission

So, did we screw up in SC or was it mostly the demographics?

Photos: Hillary Clinton steps down from the plane as she arrives in Sarasota, Florida


Guy Whitey Corngood

Gaza-Egypt chaos throws spotlight on Hamas strategy

Kucinich Urges Restoration of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

George Habash, Palestinian Terrorism Tactician, Dies at 82

Egypt vows to control Gaza border

State to High Court: Fuel supply to Gaza will resume today

Why the mighty fell- Gideon Levy

Gazans head home as Egypt chokes off supplies

Worse than a crime

UCL professor: Terror 'Palestinians' moral right'

Pan American Energy finds oil reserve in Argentina

ALBA: Integration Strategy with Practical Mechanisms (new bank for Bolivia, Cuba, Nica.,Venezuela)

The coming rust-belt recovery

“Nick Leeson…Who?”

Rick Santelli Takes Down Jim Cramer

Jerome Kerviel

Mervyn King and the US Fed have nothing in reserve

Mervyn King and the US Fed have nothing in reserve

Gay rights activists target NY lawmakers for ouster

Md. marriage bill gets new sponsors

Coming out over the phone- is it ever acceptable?

France Overruled on Gay Adoption

Arkansas Voter Drive Kicked Off To Bar Gays From Adopting

Obama wins South Carolina!!

Obama and the Gay Community - Wariness

Votes for Joe

HRC channeling Biden at end of her speech

Who to vote for?

I venture to say,

A Virtuous Circle of Policies

I'm Having Problems With DU...

Thorazine Drip?

Ted Kennedy just endorsed Obama. I'm still hoping Joe DOESN'T endorse

Article by Joe! In DE paper - "Thanks and now back to work"

My favorite comic strip.

Fruits, Vegetables, and your Body

An interesting dream

Alternative remedies

Getting my Reiki Level I attunement next week -- any advice?

Better than FDIC insured banks

Goldstein's lazy ass brother-in-law.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: Magnus, Aronian win in Wijk aan Zee

The Manning Family Love

What a boring Sunday! No NFL game playing.

Obama Wins in South Carolina With Swell of Black Support

There has been a lot of criticism of Clinton...

Suicide Attempts Decline After Depression Treatment, Study Finds

Birthing advocacy group launches national campaign

Cloned Meat Decision Sparks Consumer Campaign

Vaccinations are largest known (documented) cause of SIDS deaths

Pastor of Stamping Ground Baptist Church charged with theft from church

I'm so proud of myself tonight!!

Going to a baby shower for a mom with gestational diabetes and need low carb/low fat

All About: Religion and the environment

Diocese faces sex abuse lawsuits; North Bay, Powassan among sites of alleged misconduct

Pastor rapes and shaves 13-year-old girl

Pastor of Christian Hope Church indicted on charges of organizing a financial crimes enterprise

Tried two new recipes today.

Chicken & Dumplings - help with dumplings, please?


Links to GD pics of yesterday's rally for US war resisters in Toronto:


Peacock, Wolf, and Black Snake

If you are not yet Macro-ed out

~~~ The February contest theme is Water's Edge ~~~

Police officer shot dead serving no-knock warrant

Amendment II Democrats: CAMPAIGN 2008 now online

A Little Confused -- are NH recounts proceeding?

Question to Primary Election Integrity Estimators:

Observer reports on Edison/Mitofsky polling procedures in South Carolina

NH recount questionable practices... Video ...unbelieveable!

Cols Dispatch's Hit job on OH SOS Brunner: "Officials: Brunner Shaking Voter Trust"

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 01/27/08

He may be The Man, but We The People!

I'm sick of politics. Let's talk about UFO's!!!!!!!

History Channel: The Anthrax Attacks Were an Inside Job

Is there an especially rabid anti "no planes"

Let me see if I understand the "no planes" theory correctly

New Independent Report on FL CD-13 and Other iVotronic Problems

Anti-Choice Christo-Fascist wife of Randall Terry Arrested at St. Petersberg, Forida Cathedral

Dallas Air America welcomes new progressive talk programming to North Texas !

Riff Raff, Texas born and raised

The Texas Supreme Court fails to take care of the people's business!

Lawmakers ready for third battle over photo ID at polls

JK salute at the Carpetbagger

mention of JK on MSNBC tonight

Strib comparing MN and WI State governments

Edwards is coming to town

What is a caucus like?

What's the best software program to copy large avi files to DVD?

Cable Modems, Comcast, and Wireless Routers AAARGH!!!!

Dell laptop - - 10 minutes to boot up. Another five to bring in the mail. How can I shorten this?

Vista - 32-bit or 64-bit?

Please kick and rec the Kennedy endorsement of Obama thread:

I just swiched from "undecided" to "Obama Supporter"

Big Endorsement for Obama Tomorrow ? from GDP

Has Clinton won ANY state in the pledged delegate count?

Hello Barack Obama Group - I'm livetohike

Teddy is ready to endorse? (Developing story at The Page)

KS Governor Kathleen Sebelius to endorse Obama

Another article on voting present

Senator Obama appearing on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopolous" this morning

Barack at American University on Monday?

Message from Tasmania: I just had to share this here

I'm on the fence. Edwards or Obama?

Let me be the first to wish Keith

KO on CNN's Reliable Sources

Alabama's school pyramid scheme enarls chancellor, legislators, and school board members

Tbag for President

Interesting interview with Chris Plummer re: Heath Ledger

San Francisco Chronicle: Reprieve and renewal (Endorses Obama)

So how would we vote?

Prayer in America: Has anyone watched this program?

Sensenbrenner challenge has lost romance

"Saddam-did-9/11" theories are a huge embarrassment to official story supporters

NYT op-ed, Caroline Kennedy: A PRESIDENT LIKE MY FATHER

Did the media ever discuss Obama's Wal-Mart connection when he bashed Hillary in the SC debate?

keep Stephanie Miller on the air in San Francisco - vote at

HuffPo Flopped Photo

Oh joy--yet another GM foods are teh evul thread

Those poor Health Lounge posters!

Think these two might be Fred Thompson supporters?

Cross-post: Owner of dog set on fire is seeking justice - please help.

How long will a fucking cockatiel SCREAM before he finally gives up?