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Archives: January 28, 2008

Isn't it about time that "Obama" get added to the spell check?

My post got Orwelled

Bob Dylan's Life Lessons: "play fucking LOUD."

Rick Astley.

Oh eeee ohhhh killer tofuuuuuuu.

I have 290 posts till 10K

OK a NJ DU meetup

I had Barefoot Sparking Wine (aka cheap "champange") tonight, and no, I wasn't at Midlo's house


I have 4 movies, popcorn, and shiraz (9:10 EST). Which movie? QUICK!

Cowboy take me away.....

I had a very quiet weekend, been scanning tons of old pictures.

Daniel Day Lewis Just Dedicated His SAG Award to Heath Ledger

Make it stop!!!!

Is it wrong of me to have mis-seen "GDP" as "General Discussion Primates"?

Click here for one of the most achingly lovely (fictional) moments in TV history:

Need help with TSA rules - can I carry-on a full size hair dryer?

The greatest athlete ever

Lost is having a Super Bowl Party

The incredible Chinese Ballet.

Breaking: RGBolen dies....

I honestly don't remember this scene in Star Wars episode III...

R.I.P. Prop Joe

I'm an uncle again!

2 cup package of Cheerios: $2.99!

Okay. I'm going to the hospital for a CAT scan.

So we lost a fish this week. Didn't even notice until there was nothing left but

Possible Nudity

My Day At The Fort Smith National Historic Site With SPK jr... What did you do this afternoon? Pics?

I think I may have too much electronic stuff.

Weekend plans.

Have you ever just gotten to a point where

Kellie Pickler doesn't know France is a country


So I spent the afternoon at the ER

I'm implementing an ad hoc slashdot-style of rating crap in GD and GDP

Well, I'm dragging my sick self out to the grocery store before I starve


My dad had a stroke on Friday - I am looking for advice not medical

Holy moley, it's almost ten pm already.

My favorite words in the whole world-

Here are some pics I took in Red Rock Canyon, NV

Did any one watch the Simpsons tonight?

I'm shaking and have a fever of 101.9.

Will all the DUzy Whores please raise your hands?

Wilt Chamberlin is the best basketball player in the history of the world. Jordan fans can jam it

We don't see the Pevs and the Naughty Girls here around as much as we used to.

Otherlander's Speculative Theory of Hypo-pothead-related-humor Induced Death

I don't have birder ennui, but I have pre-birder-ennui.

Maybe I'll be a lifelong bachelor

my hair has decided i *am* shirley temple

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/27/08

A question... if someone gave you $1000.00 tax free

A Poem for Southpawkicker...


No Country For Old Men

Who is this Lee L. Mercer, Jr. person that so many are supporting?

(PIC HEAVY) We rented an apartment to a friend, knew she had some issues but we didn’t know this:

Who is HuggyBearLumlums?

If I ran the Olympics...

The Wire Fans

Report:Veteran center cited

Does all the Obama trashing make you want to vote for him even more?

AUGH! Where is that "Top Ten Reasons Not To Vote For Ron Paul" list? (The one made by a DUer.)

My post got Orwelled


Starbucks Shortchanges Dr. King

Batshit crazy Insane McCain warns of more wars...

Rolling Stone exposes FBI and JTTF manufacturing terror.

I'm going to be really p*ssed at any Democrat I see cheering tomorrow

Is free thought a crime the same as violent radicalization ,homegrown terrorism?

why did the mods kill the dead kennidies?

For what it's worth, NOBODY can REALLY speak for one's own parents

Stinky The Clown's the State of The Union Liefest Prebuttal

Fox News; "Bush, Fighting to the End" AKA "Leni" Riefenstah lives

Clinton and Suharto Talk

The FCC has banned butts, I assume they've banned assholes as well.

It's that time again, the annual State of the Union drinking game!

TOON: This Modern World - "Democrats, United As Never Before"

It's time to get ready for the official State of the Union Drinking Game '08!

George W Bush is a gifted writer ...... It was on Fox ..... it must be true.

CBS 60 Minutes: Saddam thought that Bin Laden was a threat to him and his regime

Who Is Whispering In Romney's Ear?

Has anyone been following this UFO crap that Larry King

Gas prices dropping in California just in time for SOTU (state of the union)

Which left-leaning cartoonist nicknamed "Tom" do you like better?

Should Al Gore attempt to play kingmaker in the nomination process?

PFAW warns that separation of church and state is under attack in Florida

Fallujah Revisited: American Money Goes to Vacant Business Center While Children Are Dying

So there were no WMDs, Saddam was not aligned with bin laden

US Slides Into Dangerous 1930s 'Liquidity Trap'

Breaking: Head of Greece's Orthodox Church dies

The Ballad of David "The Stenographer" Broder and Fred "The Lump" Thompson

(PIC HEAVY) We rented an apartment to a friend, knew she had some issues but we didn’t know this:

Let's face facts, shall we? America Sucks, Part Vier: The Questionnaire!

Was watching the NBC News Story about the Smart ForTwo...

America's most important, still unanswereed question: Who is the noecon cabal answering to?

Is anyone else going to party like it's 1999 when the Chimp leaves

Old Bag Windsor must die before Australia will become a republic, says politician

Are there any more user friendly and more cool message boards than DU out there?

Another Great Rant

Anyone knows, how are the overseas markets doing? (nt)

History Channel program on Peak Oil, Now, 7pm eastern time Sunday 1-27

How tragic that we have to hear THIS in a primary campaign:

McCain to skip State of Union address

60 Minutes - Iraq revised

Lucky Me! No TV! Don't Have to Watch Chimpy's STFU address

Breaking: President of Mormon church dies

Clinton administration praise for genocidal Suharto: "He's our kind of guy"

Paranoid gun shop customers want a president without so much vagina.


In the 04 primaries I recall a similar rift at DU

How might this primary season be different if Obama and Clinton were not running?

If Wellstone came from beyond to endorse a candidate how quickly would some of you bash him?

How much do you basically consider this Primary contest, a contest for the presidency?

Leprechauns simply not voting for a Green candidate is NOT a victory

Why Zionists Should Not Support Ron Paul

How many candidates does it take to change a light bulb?


For Bill Clinton, the Ties to JFK's Camelot Have Been Severed

White people simply not voting for a White candidate is NOT a victory!

Which state's polls are you most looking forward to seeing over the next few days?

Call me cynical, but, why am I still bothered by Brzezinski's endorsement of Obama?

Looks like Scarborough's picking up where Tweety left off (attacking The Clintons)

No matter how bad we feel things are right now...

Love drove Bill over campaign line: Clinton

Clinton to go to Florida on primary night for victory rally

LMAO. Talking on the phone to my mom and dad who are both in their late 80s is just like being on DU

JOHN MCCAIN caption competition

From John Edwards: Your Voice Will Be Heard.

Will any of the Presidential candidates Run a Superbowl Commerical?

Si se puede, Latinos con Obama!

You won't read this, but you should

Edwards' Official Statement on the Stimulus Package

The danger in Democrats' ethnic split, personal rift

I just saw a cable ad for Hillary on CNN

Do you like Obama more or less than you used to?

IF John McCain were to ever win the presidency....

Obama is Jesus, JFK, the Beatles, a Bodhisattva, and...?

I'm voting for Edwards tomorrow.

I'm voting for Edwards tomorrow.

Question for Edwards supporters

Anyone have the history of DU primary polls?

Ted Kennedy endorses Obama so what does Hillary hack Taylor Marsh do:

White people simply voting for the white candidate is NOT a victory.

Hillary will continue her campaign with the BIG DOG by her side..

Breaking News: Obama Supporters Scuttle Hillary’s CTA Endorsement!

If Saturday Night Live Was Back On The Air, Which Candidate Would They Make The Most Fun Of?

In stronger terms, now: If Edwards does not drop out, Clinton is much more likely to win

FYI: Edwards is the candidate I'd most like to have a beer with.

My Kennedy is Better than Your Kennedy :P

Um, was there a Louisiana caucus?

About endorsements

obama will cut nasa funding, there goes Florida...

Is this clip responsible for John Edwards' demise?

What time is the stunning Kennedy endorsement going to be on Tee Vee tomorrow?

"The worm has turned .." SGT. Elias in "Platoon". Unbelievable headline in SC!

hey, pssst,

"Clinton campaign tried to claim some of the Kennedy magic by putting out a statement...But..."

The facts on Hillary's female support, Obama's black support, Edwards' white male support

Every week Edwards stays in

Wingnut talking point: "You just hate Bush"

Why doesn't Obama drop out so his supporters can back Edwards?

Hillary has Massachusetts House Speaker DeMasi + 80 local lawmakers to fight Kerry, Kennedy

Obama plans to occupy Iraq indefinitely, and he called Hillary Clinton a racist.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Barack Obama taught Constitutional Law At Chicago Law School. Dkos diary by one of his students

Obama supporters: Answer me this question: "Yes we can..." What??

Yes, Obama will be in Utah Saturday!

So, who is this Taylor Marsh?

Obama and Clinton supporters

My DFA friends & I have opened up a Edwards Essex NJ County HQ......

The Billary Road to Republican Victory

Does Teddy Kennedy help Obama with Latinos?

Barack Obama: Praying to Be 'An Instrument of God's Will'

Has anyone changed their mind based on the discussion here in GDP? About who they support, or

COAST TO COAST: Clinton holds commanding leads in California, New York

I notice we seem to have more hit and run posts than usual, from new people on DU

Feb. 5 voters poll: Who will you vote for?

Ted Kennedy Or Jimmy Carter

John Edwards to visit St. Paul

I Deeply Admire RFKJ, but...

Why doesn't Obama drop out so his supporters can back Hillary?

McCain Gets the GOP Nod, Will Speculation That He May Die In Office be a Legitimate Campaign Issue?

Prediction Time: What's Next Week's Incarnation of Clinton?

I have a question for all the young voters

Dozens Dead In New Kenya Election Violence - Obamas phone call did not help, what more will he do ?

Re-Posted As A Tribute To Jackson_Dem and PurityOf Essence For Putting The Facts Before TheFanatical

RFK was the most important Kennedy. His son, namesake's endorsement carries the most weight

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

Team Obama Is Courting Everybody But the Press

Is Barack Obama inoculated from swiftboating?

With us or against us -- bwahaha (Tom Tomorrow)

If Barack Obama was running for president uncontested by any other Democrat

Sincere questions about Obama

After Obama Victory, Clinton’s Camp Seeks Gentler Role for Ex-President (NYT)

Prediction - Obama Comes Within 5 Points Of Hillary In New York

NY TIMES ARTICLE: Brokered Convention appearing more likely for dems

Giuliani's Florida vacation: Make that all or nothing

DU'ers who will NOT vote for Hillary in the GE, please explain something to me

HATE-ORADE! Obama's Most Progressive/Electable! No, Hillary! No! Edwards!

My Advice To John And Hillary

Is Florida an important state for the Democrat primaries considering the delegates situation? n/t

Hillary is awesome!

I've come to the conclusion that Huckabee's crazy, but Romney is SLIMY. Not the same thing.

MISSOURI POLL: Clinton 44% Obama 31%

Question re: Obama 2004 convention speech

Superdelegates Poll: 25% Clinton 10% Obama 33% Undecided

Advice for all three candidates....

is Obama the Howard Dean of 2008

Polls for upcoming Super Duper Tuesday

How will DU react to Gore endorsing Hillary?

Kennedy endorsement being covered like a My Space teeny bop girl fight. Voters are going to notice.

I think Clinton will still win the nomination

How does Hillary beat McCain if the election is about experience?

From Swift Boater Ted Sampley, has a racist pic of Obama on his site

How will DU react to Gore endorsing Obama?

Did you think last summer that Barack Obama was gonna be so close to winning the Dem nomination?

Obama supporters, check out th graphic I made, be sure to:

NBC News: Kennedy appalled at Clinton campaign tactics, plans impassioned plea for Obama Monday

Democrats pick real donkey as mascot

Edwards is the New Kucinich

Kennedy vs. Kennedy-Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Endorses Hillary Clinton

Does anyone have any desire or plans to go to the Dem. Nat'l Convention this

Hillary Supporters, I need some debunking help

Senators Clinton and Obama: You're ready to lead? Prove it.

Does all the Obama trashing make you want to vote for him even more?

We just got the word, Marta and I will both be Edwards delegates....

Clinton Irks Immigrants' Advocates

Obama Gains, But Still Lags In Big States

Time Magazine: 6 Reasons Why the Kennedy Endorsement is a Big Deal

Should Future Edwards or Obama Endorsers Skip the Courtesy Call to the Clintons?

San Francisco Chronicle endorses Obama.

Barack tops the God-O-Meter

When Scalia and the SCOTUS Struck: I've Always Wondered...

You know what will be funny? If Hillary loses Florida or wins by a small margin. . .

Gender More Of A Hurdle Than Race In American Politics.

Did Obama successfully quit smoking?

RFK was elected to Senate in '64 and ran for president in '68 (same time period as Obama)


"I believe that U.S. forces are still a part of the solution in Iraq"- Barack Obama

I've Never Completely Forgiven Ted Kennedy For His Role in Ushering in the Reagan Era

AP: "Independents Could Tilt Super Tuesday"

There Seem To Be 4-Types Of Obama Haters

Your Voice Will Be Heard..........Bless His Heart!

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Vote “No” On Cloture Tomorrow

A trivial question about etiquette and initials

Ted, Caroline, and Ethel Kennedy have endorsed Obama.

A problem that HRC and BHO will have that Edwards wont.. Something to ponder

Barack Obama Is Not a Constitutional Law Professor

RASMUSSEN FLORIDA POLL: Clinton 44% Obama 25% Edwards 19%.

Obama's Proven Track Record

The two Americas: Bill Clinton represents the American dream. Obama not so much.

Obama bringing up his "Christian" bona fides is not a problem as far as I'm concerned

Obama's Supporters vs. Hillary the Candidate

Edwards needs to stay in the race, because he's the only one who says things like this:

I am so glad Media Matters exists. Hopefully they can help with NBC bias against Clinton.

Why you should support the dem nominee....

So, how should Sen. Clinton have responded?

Is Ted Kennedy endosring Obama because of what he sees

NYT: Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy had a heated telephone exchange over Bill's tactics

Edwards' Proven Track Record

John Kerry and Ted Kennedy have a vision of what the future looks like:

Teddy or the Big Dog?

Edwards and His Advisors Admit They Are Now Trying To Create A Brokered Convention

Barack Obama: Praying to Be 'An Instrument of God's Will'

John Edwards Addresses the Mother of all Other Issues

Dean ('04) supporters: Which candidate do you support now?

I Love This DUsfunctional Family!

John Edwards, Inconvenient Truths, and the So-called “Culture Wars”

I finally got my store finished

It seems clear enough to me...

How come nobody raves about "Jamming with Edward" any more?

Here is the church and here is the steeple , We sure are cute for two ugly people

Sweet Dreams

Krewe of Barkus - New Orleans went to the Dogs Yesterday

Kellie France doesn't know this country is in a pickle.

Oh my God, best YouTube video EVER

Congratlations, Ruby Dee!


That fucking Sprint ad is driving me nuts!

Pleeeez don't make me go to work today

Obama forever blowing bubbles

Anyone heard anything about Qtrax?

The Conn. primary is 8 days away, should I risk venturing into GD:P?

God must be a man

How can you have a "solo reunion tour"?

Deb and I are now addicted to "House, M.D."

For those who tend to think there is enjoyment in misery...Walk a F*cking Mile.

Snow Day!!!

Village of the Damned Cats

Tax representation question

Oh shit! Is tomorrow night Midlo's Bunko night?

The dogs have gone back to bed ... NOT FAIR!

Damn, I miss "The Amazing Race"

Guess what? Next week, I'm going to petition Skinner in GD for an "Under 30" Forum!

Why I hate the Super Bowl

Rambo review---"that's right, he forges a machete"

get out of my yard!

Monday Answers...

Who would you touch if you were given Midlo's touch for a day....

Tonight is the State of the Union......

I've noticed a few comments about late-in-life divorces on DU of late

Burning question of the day..

Today's PSA. Mercenaries and MERCERNARIES are not the same thing.

Let us pick the OFFICIAL song for GD:Primaries

I'm attempting to make my own sushi.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 1/28/2008)

If you love LCD TV's, go to Best Buy NOW!! RIGHT NOW!!!

The brother of a friend of mine was killed Tuesday because of black ice.

Should I post a poll for Dinger?

I am so sorry....

Locked out

Time once again to play a

The Big Fat Quiz of the year 2007

Florida woman, perfecting the 5-year shave

Yo sniffa!!!

Alabama Governor wants to ROLL TOADS for state!

Can I get some Lounge Vibes for flvegan?

How can I find a literary agent who handles plays?

Well, I finally finished putting together all the storage cabinets for my loft.

Stomach flu round 3 - my husband is all up in our house with disease now

The digital oublietteChances are slim your children will be able to enjoy the family photo album

Guess what? Next week, I'm going to petition Skinner in GD for a "45-48" Group!

ONLY Fox could tie 9/11 with a monster movie.

Man, Rickie Lee Jones is awesome.

Baby shower gift?

Hey, flvegan!!! Hotel reservations are set.

Post here if you are a campaign paid operative.

The assistant manager at my supermarket died over the weekend

Quick Somebody, I Need A Poll!

My migraines could last two weeks

Dead Kennedys endorse Jerry Brown for President!!

Bruce Willis to star in new Die Hard action movie...

Princess Poodle Poo Don't sleep in the Subway

Some pictures from my skiing adventure this weekend

Favourite Composter

AT&T Sucks...

Testes...Testes...1, 2 ,.......3????!!!!!!!!

If I did not have to go to work tomorrow, I would make a drinking game out of the state of the union

Bhutto ringtones????

Who will THIS Kennedy endorse?

My youngest cat has no idea that *I* fill her bowl

'Spanish for your Nanny'

What would you touch if you were given the Midas touch for one day?

Led Zeppelin tour is ON! (September at the earliest)

"8 Websites that Jumped the Shark"

I am at a total loss as to anything to post...

Update on me noggin

I need some wedding advice. I summon the wisdom of DU.

Dude...I was listening to some old-school Hanson (MMMBop), and those dudes

Doctor Demento fans...what's your LEAST favorite demented song?

Alabama Governor wants TOLL ROADS for state

Paleoconservative Civic Knowledge Quiz

Urgent positive vibes needed

I beat city hall

Asteroid Flyby 334,000 miles from Earth

My identity has been stolen

Turn the computer off.

Stalked in the grocery store! Weird.

I will not go outside naked today - it's -46


I love my family

So there I was at the grocery store, minding my own business

Favorite Poseur

Trader Joe's Chunky Peanut Butter.

Ok..What's the significance of the Google Logo today..(Legos) ??

Best Mac Comic yet!

Cat Food

Dude. Radiohead really can do no wrong at all

The End Times (Age of Pisces ) are coming!

A favorite short essay..."The Station" ... by Robert Hastings.

i weighed myself yesterday and was a bit amazed

Sunny - Bobby Hebb

Stubborn Kind of Fellow - Marvin Gaye

Some people reek of cigarette smoke and it's almost nauseating to be close to them.

The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield

If - Bread

Could I trouble the group for some of those patented Lounge vibes?

Let's laugh at the street waifs

The Smile - David Axelrod

Did you see how gorgeous Julie Christie looked last night?

Favorite fast food hamburger, Whataburger.

Favourite Decomposer

Livin' in Desperate Times

Have You Smoked Pot Today?

Favourite Composer

My son called to tell me that he is sure this is the coolest job he will ever have

Has anyone else read "The Tender Bar" by J.R. J.R. Moehringer?

How do you separate your non-refrigerated goods?

Uh oh....Just read 2 of my Econ syllabi online...

I am at a total loss as to anything to post...

Come Closer Together

Who here thinks musturd/mustard doesn't get enough respect?

The thread in which you give me terrible advice

Music Videos as art

Just drank a bottle of soy sauce.

Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs. Robinson

WATCH out. This Rezko thing is about to make this place white-hot.

I'd like to start a flame-thread and then sit back and watch people fight about it.

So what is a 'stache?? and how do I clean it???

Now THIS is music:

Hey Jude - The Beatles

I love my parents, but...

Cabcere Appreciation Thread-- It's Her Birthday Today!

I just used a -1

Do you relish relish?

No offense intended, but ...

Your Basic Past

There she is... Miss Americaaaa!

Your basic toast


So what is a cache?? and how do I clean it???

Your basic post.

Your basic post.

I think MrScorpio is waxing nostalgic today

Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding

I am going to my first peace rally/war protest this Friday night!

Need help here... Which furniture store sells

Your basic post

Uh-oh, some other site really doesn't like my Jesus thread

Post the lyrics or link to a song you truly loved as a kid. (and still do now)

Just found: Deleted Star Wars Scene.

Kittys and the weather

The thread in which you give me excellent advice

Mysterious Traveler Entrances Town With Utopian Vision Of The Future

Everytime someone tries to flame me, I imagine what they would sound like in real life.

Need a good, cheap/free anti-virus software

Testing,..Testing...1...2...3 Alan Rickman

Extreme Geekout: 65" LCD TV

It's a pain in the neck being married to a Peskytarian

Who here thinks ketchup/catsup doesn't get enough respect?

half man-half tree??? youtube video

Anyone else here get motion sickness when they watch 3-D video games?

amazing photo essay

Who Else Watched TVLANDS 'Just Shoot Me' Marathon?

David Lynch

So, I'm in the middle of my piano lesson when this comes to mind:

OH HELLS YEAH!!!!!!1111... TOUCH ME BABE!!!!!!111

Hiking Fremont Peak in the Gavilans yesterday (pics)

Mrs. Grumpy,


I need a cheap, emergency-only cell phone.

Monday Questions

Your basic post.

I did a google search for "post", to find a pic of a post. This is what came up first.

holy crap! now the elderly are gettin' all uppity in GDP

Alan Rickman has three testicles?

SOTU Bingo!! Official Game Card (if you dare to watch)

Have You Ever Smoked Pot?

Refusal to date a race is racism?

I need cat advise!

You know, some people seem to really enjoy their own misery.

some pictures, If you like, please post some more --

Does anyone have any energy drink recommendations?

I heard a disturbing rumor last night...

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

LOST or the CNN Debate?

Breaking: RGBolen dies....

What BS can we expect from the Fraud in Chief this year? Bush will no doubt play the war card,

Grocery prices and the walking wounded.

From today, feel free to download another 25 million songs - legally

Rummy Resurfaces, Calls for U.S. Propaganda Agency

Well, I graduated high school forty years ago tonight and....


This is a dumb question, and I apologize for it...

CSNY Deja Vu-Documentary by Neil Young

What was the greatest era of American history?

"Hate group" church to picket Ledger memorial ....

What's the first STEP for citizens in stopping corporate control of government?

'If there is no change in three months, there will be war again'

Am I reading in to this?

Kucinich needs all our help Now!!

Who is this Lee L. Mercer, Jr. person that so many are supporting?

School Worker Electrocuted In Front Of Students

Shrub's Last SOTU Address!

Open Letter to Congress re: Hidden Allergens in GE Foods

***RADICAL FRINGE TOON**** Monday 1/28

Down go the Asian and European markets again

Dubya's Promise

"We are a nation in free fall. The final insult is that, one more time,

So you think that Democrats have problems picking a candidate?

Republicans include Christian Right groups in pork-barrel legislation

Live from Obama Headquarters Annex

Which Dem is responding to

U.S. diplomat dies in Pakistan; suicide suspected (Reuters)

grading gwb

Election Blow for Merkel

Bravo citizens of Brattleboro, Vermont

America: My heart is breaking....

Joe and Mika are really going at it...

REQUEST: That Manson Photo With 'Vote Ron Paul 2008' Carved On His Forehead

All these endorsements have "Settling old scores" written all over them

Major labels deny signing deal with QTrax

CBS Falsifies Iraq War History-By Robert Parry

Bush: Fighting to the Finish!

Isn't it ironic

Excuse me. I'm not a Hillary fan, but...

Militants hold up to 250 Pakistani children-minister

Mormon church leader Hinckley dies at 97

"Jackasses with Guns": Mercenaries Terrorize Iraq

Major Candidate Says "We Have Already Lost" FISA vote; pledges to be there "if needed"

The Clinton Administration was plagued with "an overheated economy"

Isn't Today The Day Reid Wants To Give The Telecoms Immunity?

Tell george bush the REAL state of the union!

Some people reek of cigarette smoke and it's almost nauseating to be close to them.

What Can Bush Say?-"Folks, Its Been A Real Blast Raping & Pillaging This Great Country-HehHehHeh..."

Romney is not the fiscal conservative he claims

60 Minutes Video: "House of Cards" on the Subprime Bubble & Collapse

Who's "the guy" tonight?

At the end, Bush is primarily concerned about the War in Iraq...

A Shelter Is Built Green, to Heal Inside and Out - Neat article on homeless shelter

Video: The Real State of The Union…Call Bush’s Bluff

Hey Los Angeles? WTF happened to KPFK? It's be off air since last week....

US shift seen to Pakistan, Afghanistan

Say Goodbye, Rudy ---pix--->>>

Who ever Al Gore Supports will Get the Nomination

Some of these spy satellites contain plutonium. Is it in the one that is coming down?

Candidates should tell us their thoughts about MSM and Public Education Standards:

Ever seen a picture of a guy with an arrow *IN* his head? (obvious WARNING)

Clinton, Obama to Come Back to DC for FISA Vote

Katrina, the Iraq War and the case for Democide

Linkin Park song off of new album

The Empire That Must Be Obeyed

Earth entering new Epoch? If so, welcome to the Anthropocene Epoch.

Sebelius to give Dem response to SOTU, meanwhile her son peddles a game called "Don't Drop The Soap!

No Senator Who Votes For Immunity Today Will Ever Get My Vote

Anyone else getting all tingly every time the media says "Watch Bush's FINAL

US troops killed in northern Iraq

The Economic State Of The Union -- 2008

Jed Gabbin was so cute in his red/white/blue clothing this a.m.

Return to Fallujah - Parable of America's "Success"

The great fiscal stimulus package ... of 1929 didnt work then and wont work now

"Jackasses with Guns": Mercenaries Terrorize Iraq

The Profile of a Third World Country

This I Believe: The "Real State of The Union".

CSPAN2 NOW--Shelby Steele now discussing politics, inc. Obama

A real presidential marathon....The West Wing on Bravo TV today

Meet Reality Chick and her companions, Fact Chick and Attitude Chick

Chavez: Pull reserves from US

KO tonight

If, indeed, there are an INFINITE number of Universes. . . .

neo con rats " entrench themselves ever more deeply into institutional Washington. "

Fox Mashes Up the Supers - 9 hours of politics/football on Sunday

FEMA to spend $1 Billion dollars on IT Architecture???!!!?!?

Rwanda trying to deal with climate change: ruined crops, ruined forest

Do Wall Street Wheeler-Dealers Ever Create Jobs?

No matter how evil & treasonous bush is, remember, Clinton broke his wedding vows.

DOWN TO THE WIRE ON FISA: Must convince three more Dem senators

Hatch on floor for FISA now. Jerk. nt

Here Are 99 (Referenced & Easy To Read) Failures Of The Bush Administration Published Today

The American people should be frightened and remember full well what happened on 9/11.

Calif. is broke, but tab to protect Arnold is off the charts.

"Stimulus" includes legislation to help prop up bubble-inflated home prices in high-price areas

We Need To Pull Out All Stops To Keep Kucinich In Congress

The struggle to hang onto 'American Dream' in mortgage crisis

Y'all got your SOTU Bingo card?! (sorry if a repeat)

Anti-war protest in Rome and meeting a WWII vet on holiday

OMFG, How can this be true and not an Urban Legend. Why? (Very Depressing)

So it's going to be a cryfeast tonight?

extreme "sloppy" weather closes much of Nova Scotia

WEAR THE BUTTONS " I am a Bush Republican" TO THE SOTU ADDRESS! lol

I no longer call it the SOTU speech. I now call it the STFU speech.

A general queston: does anyone at DU support the notion of "superdelegates?"

Typical Hugo Chavez, stealing Smuckers from poor people.

Freeper Email I got today

What's up with Florida for the Democrats?

What is Flying Spaghetti Monster's response to Bill Clinton?

Chavez: Pull reserves from US

State of Bush's Union: Whining For Credit

Obama Speaks Like Hillary Wishes....

Mitt rally "it's global warming, not American warming"

As the Insane President prepares to deliver....

New Orleans Police Officer Murdered on duty this morning

on march 4 brattleboro VT fwill vote on arresting bush and cheney

SOTU Drinking Game

After the SOTU is over, can I PLEASE hear someone with a mic say:

Remember Mackenzie Allen POTUS

Anyone live in kucinich's district?

The war is going to get worse, and it will help the Republicans:

OK, Mayor, did you not learn ANYTHING from Bill? Top Kilpatrick Aide Resigns

No more State of the Union for me--not until 2009

TPM Muckraker: Blackwater Sues Former Lawyers for Malpractice

MUST WATCH: Paul Krugman on the Iraq War & US Economy - New Video

McConnell is on the Senate floor now arguing for FISA -- arguing that they

Terror, in the context of W's first SOTU 7 years ago

Email from Congressman Wexler Re: SOTU

TSA tester slips mock bomb past airport security. For what, the 100th. time?


I never knew about this incident with JFK

"Jackasses with Guns":

SOTU: Bush expected to seek support on stimulus, Iraq,

The last time I was here ---

The 2003 SOTU speech-W fully involved THEN knew nothing about it

In advance of the SOTU, has anyone else noticed that the Bush Reps on TV

The crowd cheers were defeaning at the endorsement speeches, but the media has tweaked....

Rockefeller Doing The Right Thing In Recommending His Own Bill Be Amended

Who is Wall Street?..

TV interviewers have asked the candidates 3,000 questions -- 6 have been about global warming

Its a Beautiful Day For A Filibuster, Do You Think We Ought To Have One?

A "tax rebate" that would stimulate the economy.


Sam Seder is in for Randi today n/t

Heads up: Sam Seder in for Randi today

Wexler weighs nations wish's on W's wispy SOTU

When does Kucinich plan to come to the floor with Impeachment?

Monday Afternoon McCain Caption Break!

Federal State elections in Hessen (Germany)

Email your THANKS to Senator DODD!

A quick question for progressives/lefties

Dem Rebuttal for the SOTU

We need a new cabinet position.. "Secretary of Media Affairs"

I don't know what is worse, FAUX News' Dem candidate smearing or the smearing on DU

FDL: Liveblogging Dick Cheney Amnesty Telecom Bill (funny)

Committing crimes and destroying evidence is a big joke apparently..

Does Andrea Mitchell need new contacts?

Digby: Creative Conservatism

Did the House go on Recess for some reason?

Harry Reid is giving a speech on C-Span, about SOTU.

Once More Into the Caption Breach!

I called my Senators today and asked them to filibuster FISA/immunity. Did you? Just do it!

Jury Selection Begins For Mom Accused In Microwave Baby Case

Breaking news Man arrested across from whitehouse

Caption McCain

CAPTION the hungry Candidate

Bush is at 34% Today, what will it be tomorrow?

Will there be Republican cross over votes agains cloture on the FISA Bill?

FISA. No time to call? Use EMAIL form at Electronic Frontier Foundation

Barf alert - Fox News special celebrates Bush

Forget Bush staying in power after Jan 2009, what are the odds he leaves early 'for the ranch'?

Assuming that Bush is not impeached

Tyson Foods To Raise Prices "Substantially" As Profit Suffers

Are they grooming a new minority asshole?

Play State of the Union Bingo

Want to feel more positive every day?...

Photoshop McCain Campaign Stop


It's the Politics *-card Deck!


Just when President Insane is fading into obscuration....

Any word on Kucinich re: Impeachment?


My sotu dream

Oooohh, BURN: Romney says McCain is not a Republican..

Mass Killings Under Suharto Recalled


Will you change your avatar to show your fav dem in the primaries?

+++++++ 3,940 +++++++

(humor) President Bush Remains Mute Throughout 2008 State of the Union Address

besides the aspect of choice,

Who is giving the Republican response to the SOTU tonight?

And the Republican slapping match plays on...

One of my fondest wishes for the new democratic President

So Ted Kennedy supports Obama - I thought the M$M hated Ted

research question: what supposedly happens to money seized in a drug bust?

Now if only Reid would MAKE the pugs filibuster the veto on extention!!

Exiled Colombian Union Supporter Says ‘Just Vote No’ on Free Trade Deal

Senate starting FISA talk..

CSNY Speak Out and Listen In “Deja Vu”

Wolf talking to the Huckster

TPM: "scene is set for an ol' fashioned cloture vote rumble this afternoon at 4:30" = FISA

Rep Wexler: Bush's State of Disunion

Has a big-name Republican senator or congressman from your state bowed out?

***** FISA THREAD #2 *******

Rove commencement address canceled.

Condi speeching on cspan2 ---democracy, et al.

Right Wing could secretly be rallying around Romney

Hillary Get Played by the Moonies: Exclusive Report

Bush SOTU guest illegal under administration policies (HIV+ from Tanzania)

I have a new idea for DU. There could be "greatest" threads, and "popcorn" threads.

Dear DU Moderators. I am in absolute awe of you!

How to tell the good guys from the bad guys


Wait Iraq and Al-Qaida

You're in the smoking section at the diner, someone lights up a joint...

“Michael Vick Fighting Dogs Get 'Rehab' Care” National Geographic News

Don't forget Barbra Boxer's "Exclusivity" Amendment for the FISA Bill

America’s Health Care System Killing Us

"$500,000 - $725,000 homes are not expensive certain urban areas."

Imus Is Right...''If I had made that comparison to Jesse Jackson"

Poll says bullshit #1 issue of 2008.

surge update - five soldiers killed in roadside bomb -

Will anyone be able to summarize the Dem response by Gov Sebelius for us?

Bush Makes One Last Legacy Bid in Final Speech to Congress

Bush and Groundhog Day

Karl Rove drops prep school speech.....Don't go away mad Karl, just go away!

Some thoughts about gay marriage

I have a great fundraising idea for the Rethugs

Onion: Depressed Romney Airs Attack Ad Against Self

McCain, Romney Trade Insult: You’re a Liberal

Bush to commit billions to climate change - And the freepers react.

COMMENTARY: Arlene Holt Baker

Feingold Calls For Increase In Food Stamp Benefits to Help Stimulate Economy

Who will actually watch the State of the Union speech on Monday night?

I've spent every Bush SOTU speech right here on DU. Every single God damned one.

The Chimp is snuttering tonight

This man won 19% of the vote for President in 1992: The crazy uncle in the basement

Dead For Lies, By Cindy Sheehan


The Psychopath's "State of the Union": Disguising America's Deep Humiliation

Official game card for tonight's Litany of Lies and Distractions-otherwise known as the SOTU

Cheney's Daughter Endorses Romney, Is the Fix In?

Tax rebate question

Here is the crux of the State of the Union Speech tonight

When you hear "small business", what comes to mind?

No matter how often Clinton broke his vows, Bush got rugburn on his face from Jeff Gannon

Impeachment scenario?

Another Facet to the Foreclosure Explosion: Homedebtors DELIBERATELY Choosing Foreclosure - LAT

What will be the first lie out of Bush's mouth tonite during the SOTU?



You Wanna Get Drunk? Drink Every Time Bush Says "Um"

STFU, I mean, SOTU drinking game for non drinkers

Ben Franklen, "Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner, Liberty is a well

Monday Regular TOON ROundup- Stimulatin'

Kucinich Introducing Articles of Impeachment Against Bush TODAY

The exquisite irony is that the insanities and excesses of the Bush/neocons are destroying the elite

Giuliani hints at possible exit from GOP race

Bush "fired up" over S.O.T.U. speech, "expected to dismiss claims that the nation is in a recession"

New epoch in the planet's geologic history has begun

Breaking on MSNBC-five US soldiers killed in Mosul

Who will *'s special guests in the gallery be tonight?

the butt is a sexual organ

Democrats back on top with lobbyists money

ACLU sues over paper ballots in Ohio

Washington Post says this will "probably" be Bush's last State of the Union

Take a Deep Breath and Caption Mr. and Mrs. Mitt

Am I wrong?

Oldest Living Human Being Ever Smoked until she was 117.

Email from Kucinich: RE Congressional Campaign.

Norah O'DOODLE just jumped down the throat of a Mittens supporter

I can't/won't watch the SOU speech tonight. I'll be reading DU

Report: Black & Hispanic children thrived under Clinton, withered under Reagan

Highlights of Bush's State of the Union speech tonight.....

When the jerk Bush** makes his entrance tonight, watch which of the Democratic "leaders"

I hope I don't see our Dems hugging and kissing on Bush tonight at SOTU.

What are you going to do instead of bush & the SOTU?

Bush Admin health official opposes heroin OD remedy, says it encourages drug use

My fellow Americans, I killed your sons & daughters to make my buddies richer.

Hansen: White House ‘Reviews And Edits’ All Testimony By Government Scientists

Three of the most important articles you must read regarding the economy...

I, for one, will treat myself this evening to a vision of what will be 356 days from now

Is there ANYTHING more irrelevant than bushyboy's SOTU speech tonight?

Wow! This Is BUSH's America

McCain's Mom

Don't get sick while visiting the US!

letter to Helen Thomas on oil motive for Iraq War & her response

Bush orders NSA to snoop on US agencies

Impeachment: Today's the Day Dennis Goes After W!


Bush Surging Into Oblivion

Selling Their Subsidized Water At Premium More Profitable Than Growing Crops, Say California Farmers

The Democrats & Suharto: Bill Clinton & Richard Holbrooke Questioned on Support for Brutal Dictator

Today’s Headlines

Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle up, there's much more coming.'

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore" - lyrics

Let's hear it for! Go green and decline unwanted catalogs.

The NRO- before they attacked us with their rogue spy satellite

NICE! Bush is going to veto healthcare for Native Americans

Cheney has piece of house where Zarqawi died ‘on display.’

Stalking the shadows: America doesn’t need an “historical” Presidency right now.

Vote to bring Stephanie Miller back to Green960 am SF

Do you play golf? Is golf an elitist sport in your view? Do more repubs than Dems play golf.

WE WIN on FISA!!!!

Still no answer... no one knows if the rebate will have to be paid back in full

Congressman Robert Wexler: State of Disunion

Belt-tightening among wealthy shoppers could choke blue-collar households

Huckster mocks Mittens removing skin from KFC

Was today's impeachment filing by Kucinich a bust?

Owners of Bars and Restaurants should give Employees an OSHA approved mask?

so how does this jury system work?

Predict the Fed (rate announcement on 01/30/08 at 11:15 a.m. Pacific)

How many people here have received money from the government? I'm talking about such things as

NJ: Man must pay support for child not his

CEO of Shell The latest address peak oil and global warming

What's the best site for difinitive proof of voter fraud in '00 & 04? I need to

What exactly is wrong with having Socialized Medicine?

Skinner: could we please block GD:P posts from the greatest page?

"The Boy In The Bubble" (Dial-Up Warning)

Bush to ask for $70 billion in partial 2009 war funding (Reuters)

Nearly $500 billion will be paid just to service the FY07 debt.

Every Phone Call, E-Mail, FAX, and Web Posting You Make Is Recorded

FISA: Wiretapping Without A Warrant, It Could Be You Next

NYT: "Jackson Not Upset By Clinton Remark"

Barack Obama is the 2008 version of Bill Clinton's 1992 "New Democrat"

Florida and Michigan voters NOT disenfrachised

The Guardian: Hillary's biggest asset? Now Bill is looking like a liability

Novak: Hillary encouraging black/brown racial conflict, thinking of Obama on ticket to clean up mess

Florida + Tsunami Tuesday Media Markets

Obama and Edwards more competitive in Missouri vs. McCain

Why It's Great that John Edwards is Staying In the Race:

Dervish Bowling

I love all 3 of our candidates

Just think...

Okay, I'm watching Road to the White house on C-Span...

Super Tuesday Polls will change dramatically in the last few days before Feb. 5th

WP: Team Obama Is Courting Everybody But the Press

Why are you supporting Hillary?

Washington and Lee University choose Harold Ford as Hillary's VP

While Clinton Campaign Tried to Play Rope-a-Dope, Edwards and Obama Are Playing Keep-Away...

My Top Five Leaders of the 20th century and their 21st century counterparts

Candidates Courting Fat Vote

Enough is too much...

Question: Remember the movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?

University of Florida Student Newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator Endorses Barack Obama.

Democrats using the term "Billary"

Romney Runs Anti-Romney Ad

Obama WILL vote NO on cloture tomorrow

If Clinton had used Edwards instead of Jackson as his example...

If Senator Clinton wins the whole 'she'bang, who do you think might

South Florida Sun-Sentinel endorses Obama!

Haven't decided who to vote for on Feb 5th. Convince me!

supe delete browser jam

Obama's Florida Gotcha Moment - Sept 2007, broke pledge in Tampa and promised to do right by Florida

Bill Clinton defending Hillary in 1992

Obama supporters, I dislike people kicking their own threads, but this

I love you people, but honestly some need to grow up

I Like Edwards - But I Got To Ask.........

I have no problem with Hillary being in FLorida.

How Obama may have lost it all in New Hampshire

Everyone Bitches about How the Youth Vote never Turns Out...

Seeing the light in South Carolina

Mika Brzezinski is doing a GREAT job on Morning Joe

I don't believe anything I've read here in the last 2 months

Here's the candidate names on the Fl. Dem ballot.

Oh my! Toni Morrison to endorse Obama

The media follows Obama like they did Bush and that should scare a lot

Did anyone else know this? Sebelius Plans To Endorse Obama--YES! GOBAMA!!!

All Obama has to do in FL is exceed expectations

While everybody is cheering for Obama, here's a little cheer for John Edwards supporters!

Who would you rather stick it to?

Okay, Joe and Mika are totally getting with each other

BREAKING!-Hillary Sends Bill on Campaign Trip to Antarctica

Clinton brings campaign to Florida

Great news from FL for Democrats: Dems outnumbering repukes in early and absentee voting

So has Bill Clinton been a co-Senator for 7 years?


Did not.

Hillary, I told you to cry, you did, & it worked. Now you've got to REALLY listen

There are too many polls. This needs to stop.

The REAL Reason Clinton has Broken the Florida Truce and is Getting Antsy

Too funny, even if your a Hillary supporter, like me, you probably will find this funny...

There is nothing anyone can ever do or say to make me say anything bad about a Kennedy

Still on the fence!!

Could Edwards Beat McCain? The Polls Won't Tell Us...Cause The TRUTH Hurts Corp America!

If Bill Clinton wasn't married to Hillary, I think he would endorse Obama

Why was Bill Clinton's comment on Jesse Jackson wrong?Where is the insult?

I think we should all give Joe Lieberman a big round of applause

Will Hillary try to give a victory speech in FL.

I wonder if FAUX will pimp out McCain during the Super Bowl

Some people are just not understanding the power of Obama.

Senator Clinton: Time 'to take a deep breath'

VIDEO: Hillary Visits Nashville

Edwards strategists move on to Plan B .....ment.$230,000 internet donations

St Louis Today Endorsement very nicely done , Comets don't come around that often.

Our nominee needs two qualities to kick ass...

Kennedy told Obama of endorsement *before* South Carolina primary

Bill Clinton, you have every right to talk. Please keep talking!

Hillary got 55% in MI against uncomitted, Obama got 55% against Clinton & Edwards

Outstanding Krugman column.....

WSJ, pg1: Obama Gains, But Still Lags in Big States

Clinton, Obama Teams Look to the Lawyers; Aides Reach Out to Edwards Backers

The Dems' Florida Boycott Heats Up

Brand New Florida Poll-Clinton-50% Obama 30% Edwards 12% RCP AVG INC

Who else in CT got primary-polled today?

Does anyone have a video clip of McCain saying..

Priceless Quote From Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama is the scripted "teleprompter" candidate"

"Time we had a Prez who doesn't think 'ya'll' is a foreign language and knows grits is groceries"

American Nurses Association endorses Hillary Clinton

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Endorses Hillary Clinton

Rasmussen -HRC-39% Obama 31% Edwards 17%RCP AVG INC


Are You Part of the Vast "FED UP" Conspiracy?

Can Obama win the jewish vote?

Hillary In Massachusetts Today

Obama: "I am not that invested in the fights of 60s and 70s"

Sales of New Homes hit 16-year low, Fall 26, 4 % in 2007, biggest 12 month price drop in 37 years

Did you know Obama broke the pledge last Sept and also promised to seat Florida

Toni Morrison Endorses Obama

Party Party Platform > Family Values > The Family/Community that Parties together Stays together.

Listen, I don't have a lot of time, but you some might want to

Rezko Arrested - So After The SC Beating And Ted & Caroline's Endorsement ......

Knuckle dragging Barbara Walters, in the midst of a discussion about Obama,

Obama Says He'll Return More Money From Indicted Fundraiser

Off to OBAMA HQ's in Camden, N.J. 5 hours today!

Chicago-Tribune:" Not-So-Simple Story of Barack Obama's Youth"

What's a good site to check polls for the Super Tuesday states?

The statement I want Bill Clinton to make about his Jesse Jackson comment

ˇYa basta! Pat Buchanan, The Quintessential Anti-Latino Bigot is 100% behind HRC's Campaign.

This Modern World - Democrats: United as never before!

It's bad enough that the Media is doing this

Jano Cabrera - spokesman for Gore in '00, Lieberman's '04 bid, joins the Clinton Team ,

Obama Could Score Symbolic Win in NY City

Eugene Robinson - "Ted Kennedy's Endorsement Will Positively Affect Obama's FL Showing"

egregious dupe

Here's how I view endorsements -

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Hillary Clinton Apparently Breaks Democrats' No Florida Campaigning Pledge

Anyone else confused by the Obama supporters who are attacking/chiding Edwards

Face The Nation Jan27: Clinton & Giuliani - Transcipt

Who will THIS Kennedy endorse?

Mitt Romney " If John McCain Is Elected He Will Take America On A Liberal Democratic Course"

What our Dem candidates need to talk about. The surge in NOT working

What's the score? The Kennedy endorsements.....

since you folks love not get sick on this one

Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama rally coming up on MSNBC right now (also CNN I believe).

Jesus camp (MUST SEE)

Will having the endorsement of both Massachusetts' Senators

Who's Really Picking Our Candidate? "Stuper-Delegates"

Are the Obama supporters out of control?

If I Donate to the Clinton Campaign...

Different standards for different candidates

Does someone have a link to ALL Feb. 5th polls?

You won't see me questioning Kucinich's support here.

What time is the Kennedy endorsement speech? Anyone know? n/t

Confessions of an Inadvertent Hitman (YOU get to decide my next target!)

Obama D.C rally is on live now.

Obama's post at dailykos 9/30/05: "Tone, Truth, and the Democratic Party"

Hartford Courant - Senator Clinton For Democrats

Wouldn't it be awesome if none of the Democrats attended Bush's Rape of the Union Speech tonight?

Triple Standards?

the Obama "throw one minority under the bus to appeal to a bigoted majority" strategy

Looks like the MSM is falling for Hillary's Florida win "news item"

Dennis needs your help - Corporate media strategy: silence Kucinich,

How long will Obama play the victim card?

"This is a real live Kennedy endorsing a real live candidate"

What if it all came down to Florida again?

Bill Clinton's running again- and it's all about him

A sports analogy to support Obama

Reference list:: Alexi Giannoulias

WTF??? So now it's "your candidate's criminals are bigger criminals than my candidate's"?

""Thank you Caroline, Your Mother and Father would be so proud."

Tejano Democrats endorse Sen. Clinton (Texas)

Thousands Gather at American for Glimpse of Obama

We Need to Organize the Biggest Voter Registraion Drive in the History of this Country

Anybody seeing these MSNBC talking points next to Kennedy?

Fellow Kucinichers - give me some reasons to vote uncommitted at my caucus on 2/5.

I don't care about endorsements. I care about issues

Edwards supporters.

Hey Asshole, Put The Cell Phone Down And Listen To Kennedy

REZKO: $43 million from fed, 11 bldgs in Obama's district, 5 winter Chicago weeks without heat

"Why Did You Volunteer?"

As Obama and Kennedy inspire a nation Hillary's DU supporters smear Obama supporters. . .

Ted Kennedy: "And I know, He's Ready to be President on Day One!"

Live Clinton campaigns in Connecticut

Meet the second skeleton in Obama's closet. - mobster Alexi Giannoulias

I really want Ted Kennedy to include this quote....

capuano (D-MA) endorses Obamafor president

Dems worry that Bill Clinton has "inflicted lasting damage on his wife’s presidential candidacy."

USA Today/Gallup: Clinton leads Obama in California, 47%-35%, New York, 56%-28

And another: Here's Patrick Murphy's endorsement

There is something phony about Edwards support on DU and Dailykos

Believe it or not, CNN is covering Edwards right now.

Clinton not dented in new polls

Andrea Mitchell still on Bill's "fairytale" comment

If you look closely, it's plain: Rezko is Obama's problem

Florida must count!


Obama has caught up with Clinton in Colorado

Carolynn Vs Caroline Kennedy?

Obama's camp is the only one reaching out to me

I applaud Team Hillary today

FAVORABILITY RATINGS: Obama 50% favorable, 44% unfavorable (Clinton 51-47)

The Other Obama-Kennedy Connection....! JFK Airlifted Obama's Father to America..

This AOL poll went from yellow (Clinton) to orange (Obama) after Teddy's Endorsement

Email from Sen. Kennedy about Barack Obama

What's up with Florida for the Democrats?

If Obama Was A Republican

Who is "Cousin Ray-Ray"?

just got an email from Ted Kennedy!

Senator Edward Kennedy: 'It's time now for Barack Obama'

THEY: Engage in dirty campaign tricks.

Cheers to MSNBC!!

First Read:Toni Morrison endorses Barack Obama (Goodbye to the Big Dog)

The best part about this endorsement FREE MEDIA!!!!!!

LIVE NOW: Kennedy Endorsing Obam Online

What is Flying Spaghetti Monster's response to Bill Clinton?

Know thy enemy: what National Review pundits think of Obama

Time "rejiggers" headline

Has anyone noticed the interesting shift in Clinton's strategy?

Who Else Here Has a Picture of JFK on Their Wall?

Edwards supporter here. I just voted for him Saturday in S.C.

Thank you, Caroline Kennedy...

It would be really cool if the partisan forces around here didn't burn

A Rocky Start in Massachusetts

I see an interesting scenario potentially developing.

Risk management: Candidate's Security

Did Clinton break Democrat's no Florida campaigning pledge? (Seen in Siesta Key, Sarasota, Miami)

Ross Perot "was pleasantly surprised when I told him that Obama was a Christian"

Rezko Obama's Whitewater?

Thread to predict just how ugly HRC people will get trying to trash Obama this week

Bayh (DLC-IN) is on MSNBC talking about his support of Hillary. eom

So..., Election Hinges on TURNOUT. Will Clinton Campaign resort to disenfranchisement tactics?


Obama Speaks Like Hillary Wishes....

Nightmare GOP tickets

Is it Wrong to stir shit up and get the Clinton/Obama people going?

Clinton Supporter Arrested in N.J. Corruption Sting (2007)

*smile* Richardson cartoon (Horsey)

Jackson told Obama: "resist any temptation to come down to that level"

Obama fans, I wanted to share this ~

Hillary's statement on the FISA bill

Meeks Spinning it good on MSNBC

We don't need imagination or inspiration, we need

Jesse Jackson: “I don’t read anything negative into Clinton’s observation,”

Rarely-wrong mock convention picks Clinton

Did Clinton break Democrat's no Florida campaigning pledge? (Seen in Siesta Key, Sarasota, Miami)

Why does Mittens yell when he speaks?

There sure was a lot of tearing up and crying today regarding the Kennedy endorsement.

Do women judge Hillary Clinton unfairly?

Have YOU Volunteereed yet? Will you?

Video - Ted Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama

two brokered conventions possible? what if we end up with Gore vs Jeb

Why are endorsements such a big deal?

President Edwards and his cabinet and other positions.

I've been noticing Romney surrogates trotting out the old crazy uncle

How supporters see the candidates they support. (pix)

NOW-NY: Kennedy's endorsement 'ultimate betrayal of women.'

Haha, do you remember when Ted Kennedy called Barack OSAMA twice in a row?

Sharpton to Bill Clinton: 'Shut Up'

Toni Morrison's Endorsement Letter to Barack Obama

Clinton and Obama need to show some leadership today regarding the FISA bill

George's Throne... Who Will Be King?

Barack Said The Gay Word

I owe this board an apology.

Dead Kennedys endorse Jerry Brown for President!!

Why do you think Obama is kicking ass with the people with College Degrees? (counterpost)

Helen Radnor just said it will be McCain/Bloomberg for GOP

Enough with the "Billary" references

Toni Morrison, once dubbing Clinton the first black president, endorses Obama.

Why do endorsements cause some to become weak at the knees?

Undecideds/Uncommitteds Check in Here!

Mega Endorsement - American Nurses Association Endorses Clinton

I suppose no one has considered that the only people hated more than Hillary and Bill by the GOP

The process of seating MI and FL delegates...some good diaries.

Forget Sex! Forget Race! What Issue Stance Does Your Candidate Have...


Florida doesn't count because it represents a more accurate cross section of our country?

Feingold on the floor for FISA now. nt

Obama campaign: "long on the need for change and inspiration and short on specifics"

Judgment is more important than experience.

NYT: Matt Bai's take on SC

Why does nobody ask Rudy the obvious question?

Who will pledge with me to stay out of the DU mud?

Breaking: Rezko taken into custody. Are his associations next?

Has the League Of Women Voters

OK, how about some predictions for the repuke FL primary?

I want to commend the Hillary and Edwards supporters here on DU.

The Man (1972) - The First Black President of the United States.

Clinton and Obama both stand firm against FISA bill

This just in from Air America... Obama/Clinton return to vote against fisa

Does Bill deserve to be the first First Gentleman?

Monday' primary TOON Roundup:

F'ing Relax!

What "racially divisive comments" from Bill Clinton?

I think if McCain wins the nomination he's going to pick Lieberman for VP.

54% of women in SC voted for Obama

Woooo! Freepers make a funny!

"Ted Kennedy placed the mantle of his brother's legacy on Obama's shoulders."

I was high school freshman when JFK was elected and today Caroline brought me to tears

Do you vote with your heart?

Attorney General John Edwards?

Ghouliani hints at dropping out - - - - Bwahahahahahah.......

Self delete.

Will you vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who it is?

Little tid bit on CNN about Kennedy-Clinton

My 15,966th...and!

Photos: Obama at American University with Caroline Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Patrick Kennedy

NY NOW accusing Edwards and Obama of "gangbanging"

#####---New FL Polls: Quinnipiac and Strategic Vision---#####


Sharpton to Bill Clinton: "shut up"

Reuters/Zogby FL Repuke Poll: McCain 33 (+3), Romney (+0), Ghouliani 14, Fuckster 11


Obama takes big risk on driver's license issue

South Carolina was not a good litmus test for Obama.

Nader rails on Clinton family

Did anyone else just hear Dreier on MSNBC claim that Rudy is the true heir to JFK?

Imus: If I Had Made The Jesse Jackson Comparison, I'd Be Talking To Sharpton


Anyone have a video link to the entire Obama-Kennedy rally?

Marcia Pappas, President NOW - New York State should be removed for her disgusting comments

"We know the true record of Barack Obama...From the beginning, he opposed the war in Iraq."

Sorry, but I cannot accept that four states does a winner or loser make.

Wipe your tears of hero worship away. No politician in America has ever changed the tone of politics

Ex Senator & JFK Aide Wofford Endorses Obama Health Plan

When we win the WH this fall, the work has just started.

I'm trying to make up my mind about Obama

TPM: Barack Obama Out With Two New Ads Featuring Sen. McCaskill and Gov. Napolitano

Obama-Rezko ties again at issue

What would happen if a nominee of either the (D) or (R) Party was indicted during the GE?

Wondering if Marcia Pappas' Hillary rant is for real? Here's the direct link to NOW NY

Keep Bashing Bill to Retain a Republican Presidency

Florida Democrats: Are you READY?!!!

My prediction tomorrow: Obama comes within single digits of Clinton in Florida.

The Time Has Passed For Obama To Fix His 'Rezko Problem'...

A good thing from NOW about Obama...

Rezko vs. Iraq War Vote (How to Compare Baggage With Pictures)

Ted Kennedy: Barack Obama is ready to President on DAY 1

"a wedge between the women's movement and the civil rights movement"

Latest FL polls (all within 1 week)

Kennedy's "Obama opposed the Iraq war from the beginning" is, well, a bald faced "untruth"

I think I am more worried about the Couple who pardoned Marc Rich, thank you very much

Edwards plans "aggressive" ad buy in 10 Super Tuesday states, fundraising "booming"

McCain/Lieberman... is it a possibility?

New term for someone desperately attacking Obama: "Pulling a Rezko"

The Nader excuse is getting old. It was really stupid to begin with...

What is Obama going to change exactly?

Teddy at the Bat

Is "Billary" offensive?

Republicans calling Papa McCain DISHONEST on saying Romney supports troop withdraw

Now That Obama Is Our Nominee, Who Shall Be His Running Mate

Looks like Hillarys not messing around anymore

"i agreed not to participate, but i didnt agree not to change my mind."

What ground rules should we ask the remaining candidates to agree to 'til Denver?

Florida Democrats Have Voted For The Eventual Nominee Every Time Since 1976 Except 1984

The Kennedy comments were tepid and generic. I expected more fire.

Obama's three most famous endorsers:

So, who's gonna watch the SOTU speech tonite?

Edwards memo reveals game plan to win the nomination

In 10 Years, Which Political Family Will We Look Back On...

Obama and change defined

DODD on Senate Floor NOW.

Does anyone really think that ...

Reagan is over, Kennedy is Back!!

I Dare You

Obama bought the house before Rezko bought the lot...

Tweety on and will devote his time to the Kennedy endorsement...

In Your Mind, Who Is The Current Frontrunner?

As long as Edwards continues to get 15% or more in primaries he keeps gathering delegates

I just got a text message

Oh my, from the article about Rezko's arrest:

Radio host Michael Baisden endorses Obama

Which politician made this statement?

Marcia Pappas strikes again!

Have You Ever Been to a SOTU? Foreign Media Circus : Obama Kept Contributions From Accused Fixer's Wife And Others

Clinton Vs Obama on DU

I Don't Want To Make Anybody Cry, But...


So, What Change Do YOU Want?

Let us ALL toast to George W. Bush's LAST STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS

SF Chronicle: Obama takes "big risk" on driver's licenses

Will anyone be able to summarize the Dem response by Gov Sebelius for us?

Why was it BILL Clinton who called Ted Kennedy and not his wife, the CANDIDATE?

BREAKING*** Janet Reno endorses Hillary Clinton

What is everyone's opinion on Bill Gates, the world's richest man?

Obama's Youth-Driven Movement: "South Carolina will prove no aberration."

Obama on Rezko deal: It was a mistake

Today, I Had That Corny Song, "And I'm Proud to Be an American..."

Are we going to need to talk about the State of The Union in GD tonight, and not here?

Obama Doubles Down on YouTube - shatters records

We need to raise money for Mitt Wrongmey

Official game card for tonight's Litany of Lies and Distractions-otherwise known as the SOTU

BREAKING: Clinton campaign to sideline Billo, he proved to be too divisive

Bill Kristol says an Al Gore endorsement of Obama may be near!!!!!!!!

from Obama's policy paper on the environment

Obama Rally with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy

Did anyone hear who Hillary got endorsement from in Florida?

Rezko's campaign contributions include 11,065 to Republicans - including Bush/Cheney

NY NOW rips into Kennedy's endorsement of Obama.

How many states will Hillary lose to Obama on February 5th?

Would Al Gore's Endorsement Of ANYONE Change Your Mind?

Hillary Clinton's Problem.

Senator Kennedy's endorsement will overwhelm the Clintons! Stay tuned...

Should Rezko Emulate Susan McDougal and Refuse to Talk?

Bush Should Phone in the SOTU, Like Clinton Did Her Concession

Look at the Republican primary - its nasty, but nothing like ours...

I'm 100% for Edwards, but

Clinton regrets Marc Rich pardon (2002

Do we have any new Obama supporters, as a result of today's historical

NOW-NYS pres on the "gang raping" of Hillary (disgraceful attempt to portray Hillary as a victim)

Obama and Clinton campaigns put out identical releases - BREAKING

McClatchy: Is Obama set to transform American politics?

Rezko was arrested early Monday

Why Obama and Clinton Supporters see and talk past each other?

Obama, Kennedys Resonate with Youth (Photographic Evidence - - - Pic of the Day)

If Obama Was Really Like JFK He Would Have Voted For the Iraq War

Brand New California Poll-Clinton 49% Obama 32% Edwards 14% RCP AVG INCLUDED

Some thoughts on the Kennedy endorsements

Among other things, Obama realizes that change comes from the bottom up

Dave Barry Breaks Down The Primaries...

I'm glad so many are so thrilled Kennedy backs Obama

CNN's John King on Bill Press just said Ted Kennedy has concluded Hillary cannot win in November

LMAO McCain's Ad: Tale of Two Mitts

IRONY of 2008: The RePUKES united us. The D's ripped us apart.

MSNBC claims Obama is floating Edwards as Attorney General...if Obama wins...

With REZKO around the corner I felt queazy listening to Obama - JFK speeches.

Aww look you woke the liberal lion,,, and he mauled the Clintons..Gawd I love Ted Kennedy....

63% of Ross Perot's support was from young voters

Bill Clinton picked Al Gore to be VP. If he didn't how influential would Gore be on global warming?

Ed Shultz show..Norman just ran a clip of Clinton yelling are youwith me over and over and over

Obama can Unite Us

Re: J. Edwards

Obama: "I reject the politics of the past!" = "Thanks, Teddy Kennedy!"

"Obama Only Won SC Because of the Black Vote"

OK Obama supporters.

For those wanting a united country....

Talk about bizarre! --- Here's an article in the MSM that is NOT anti-Clinton.

Dear Clinton Supporters: Why will your woman not call for impeachment?

Why did Obama approach SCUMBAG slumlord Rezko IN 2005 for home financing "advice"?

Dear Obama Supporters: Why will your guy not call for impeachment?

Why Lorna (Former President of Chicago NOW) Switched from Clinton to Obama

Here is a statement that sums up Hillary's entire campaign

i'm sorry but Ted Kennedy does not represent change..he's a lightning rod for the

Dear Edwards Supporters: Why will your guy not call for impeachment?

The Kennedy Endorsement Really Helps Turn the Page on All The Race Talk

Kennedy, One NOW's Hero Is Another's Villain

Candidates Fight For Kennedy Endorsements

Obama all about starry-eyed hope, Hillary realistic solutions

Campaign away, attack one another all you want. I voted today

Wow! What a Momentum Shifting Day!

John Edwards is my voice, he must stay in it as long as possible

For Gay Democrats, a Primary Where Rights Are Not an Issue, This Time

Obama: Opponents trying to weaken my support in Jewish community

Why are you supporting Obama?

This Rezko thing is getting worse by the minute - arab visa's and iraqi billionaire

Tom Tomorrow describes DU's GDP to a tee

Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) is also endorsing Obama

Come on Barack supporters we've got work to do

If you didn't see the Kennedy endorsement WATCH THIS VIDEO

The Key Difference Between Clinton and Obama supporters

My Utopia

We might really have ourselves a black President

Fuck! Florida..

I gotta admit -- Teddy has made me look more favorably at Obama

"Ted Kennedy now believes that Hillary CANNOT win the GE"

Tears, platitudes, grand sweeping statements, feed the soul, but not swollen bellies.

John Edwards aggressively buys ads in Feb 5 states due to booming fundraising

Edwards at/above 15% in 11 of 19 Super Tuesday states polled, and

Ted Kennedy did ALL Democrats a favor today...

Living in Rome in the Age of Augustus: All Data Leads to Rome (CLINTON Wal*Mart Filings)

If Hillary gets the nomination I think she will need to offer Obama the VP spot

Is this a seminal moment in American politics?

Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants - Obama should stay the hell away from this wedge issue

Obama's detestable dirty tricks

Gen X message to Baby Boomers and Gen Y'ers.

Obama uses the race card to his advantage....

Road to Impeachment and Peace Runs Through Cleveland

I am 42 years old. I've never seen anything like this in my life.

Us baby Boomers have brought plenty to the table...60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...

Will you be voting on Feb 5'th?

Why do you think Obama is kicking ass with the 30 and under crowd?

If you've changed your vote from Edwards, you've fallen for the rhetoric...

Edward has highest favorability rating of Dems

Is this the Real Reason that John Edwards is Hanging In the Race?

CNN: Florida Senator Bill Nelson endorses Clinton

Wasn't Barack playing the race card when...

Im voting for Edwards tomorrow...

An open message to those older than 45.

Hey, You!

Today, The Kennedy Torch has been passed to the Leader of the current American Generation!

You want to destroy our party? Keep ignoring or dismissing Bill Clinton's record of accomplishments

Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison to Endorse Obama

Another Kennedy, Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) to endorse Obama


Clinton campaign advisers and supporters: Bill Clinton 'needs to stop'

A few days ago, most here were convinced that Teddy Kennedy

Chappaquiddik, drunk Teddy, windsurfing Kerry, spineless Leahy

Rodriguez/LAT: Clinton's Latino Spin is Divisive and False

Who will pledge with me to stay out of the DU mud?

The Emerald Thread

WAHHHH!!!!! John Edwards won't let my candidate WIN!

The reason Sen. Obama is most like President John F. Kennedy:

You know I stay out of this forum, but I am curious...

Great article about Edwards' electability and strange disappearance from head-to-head polls

Obama: "The choice in this election is not... about rich versus poor"

I love watching figure skating...Who's with me?


Why the Dems Won’t Impeach Bush: Noam Chomsky Predicted 2008 Back in 1973

Why the Dems Won’t Impeach Bush: Noam Chomsky Predicted 2008 Back in 1973

Why the Dems Won’t Impeach Bush: Noam Chomsky Predicted 2008 Back in 1973

Why the Dems Won’t Impeach Bush: Noam Chomsky Predicted 2008 Back in 1973

Bulletins from the Ministry for Torture (= the Bush Junta's DoJ)

Your favorite YouTube video?

Overstretch 'driving troops away'

In Bush’s Legacy, Weak Economy Moves Up Front

Questions for Musharraf on missing terror plot suspect at No 10 talks

I am so glad Media Matters exists. Hopefully they can help with NBC bias against Clinton.

Overstretch 'driving troops away'

Democrats pick real donkey as mascot

Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors

McDonald's serves up UK 'Diplomas'

Greenpeace vessel ends pursuit of Japanese whalers

US shift seen to Pakistan, Afghanistan

Caffeine ups blood sugar level in diabetics: study

Petraeus: Upcoming Troop Reduction Plans 'On Track'

Pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht Accused of Profiting From Office: Another political prosecution?

New Home Sales Fall by Record Amount

U.S. diplomat dies in Pakistan; suicide suspected

No major improvement in electricity production before 2011, says Iraqi official

LIVE NOW: Kennedy Endorsing Obam Online

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Judge could shut down migrant housing encampment southeast of L.A.

Care for 9/11 Responders Is Piecemeal: Plan for Processing Center On Hold, Funding Uncertain

Video - Ted Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama

Iraq's central bank on fire, no casualties-police

Detroit mayor’s aide quits amid texting scandal

Police escort ACORN protesters out of Kay Baily Hutchisen's Dallas Office

Obama-Rezko ties again at issue

Mysterious Traveler Entrances Town With Utopian Vision Of The Future

Pakistani pupils 'held hostage'

Bush to seek $70 bln in partial 2009 war funding

Anti-Semitic incidents rise in Germany, Australia, U.S. in 2007

Influential Sadrists Urge Radical Shiite Cleric To End Cease-fire Credited With Security Gains

McCain to Skip State of Union Address

Insurgents kill 5 U.S. soldiers in Iraq's Mosul

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 28

Romney, McCain call each other 'liberal'

Countrywide's Mozilo to voluntarily give up $37.5M in severance

The First Bank Failure of 2008

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Vote “No” On Cloture Tomorrow UPDATE: Barack Obama Will Be There Too

Sick 9/11 responders attend President Bush's final State of Union speech

Kennedy family split on presidential race

Senate Democrats Adding to Economic Stimulus Package: Defiance of Bush administration admonitions

'Kidney racket' exposed in India

President Bush to Curtail Congressional Earmarks (will issue Executive Order)

4'9" Senate Candidate With Hook Launches TV Ads

Senate Logjammed on Surveillance Bill

German elections blow for Merkel

Janet Reno endorses Clinton

Rudy Giuliani hints at dropping out

TSA tester slips mock bomb past airport security

Bush to ask for $70 billion in partial 2009 war funding

Tony Rezko arrested, sources say

Karl Rove Drops Prep School Speech

Ruling near on Abu-Jamal jury

Chrysler Offers $100,000 Buyouts To All UAW Plant Workers In Metro Detroit

U.S. used waterboarding but no more: ex-spy chief (Negroponte)

Celebrity coroner on trial today

Breaking News: LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley dies

"I am a member of Appledore library." Devon teenager, Gemma Bray,

Bill Clinton: 'Screw It, I'm Running For President'

Kennedy Clan Replaces Bill as Hillary’s Biggest 'Came-a-Lot' Problem

An underdog’s second chance Saved from Michael Vick’s property, pit bulls now in loving homes

The Conservative Nanny State... How the wealthy use the government to stay rich and get richer

Unimaginable Intentional Human Suffering


In Bush’s Legacy, Weak Economy Moves Up Front

A Violation of Both the Law and the Spirit: The desecration of Robert Frost's farmhouse

McCain, Campaigning in Florida, Promises War With Epcot’s ‘World Showcase’

The great fiscal stimulus package ... of 1929

4 decades of GOP deficits

'If there is no change in three months, there will be war again'

Bill Clinton Goes from Being the "Big Dog" to Being Just Another "Junkyard Dog"

February 27th 2001- Bush's FIRST SOTU


Common Sense, Common Purposes, Common Dreams

America’s most important, still unanswered question: Who is the neocon cabal answering to?

Sibel Edmonds: Buckle up, there’s much more coming. Interview by Luke Ryland

Our One-Way Trip to Disaster by James Carroll

Bush Moves on Alaska as Backs Are Turned by Joel Connelly

Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine by Sandy Haksi

All the Baggage, None of the Charm - She's not Bill, and Bill's not running-thank god

Richardson takes election defeat in stride


Sandra Duffy (Portland Oregonian): Journalism's first loyalty is to citizens

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 322

NYTimes' Paul Krugman: (On Not Heeding the) Lessons of 1992

Going bankrupt: The US's greatest threat. Asia Times Online

The Frank Factor-Flip the Finger to Corp. Media pt 2 of 2

A Look at the Biggest Winners and Losers Under the Bush Administration

The Real State of the Union... Call Bush's Bluff

John Edwards - My Vote, My Voice

Buddha Dies After Long Illness At Cedars Sinai

Olbermann Worst Person: Fox's Baier says Lincoln "left office"

Obama endorses mobster Giannoulias ad

Red State Update: Jackie likes that ol' BARACK OBAMA!

Why Bush/Cheney Might Be Arrested in VT, KY, CA, CO...!

Ms. First Female Front Runner Presidential Candidate

Profiles In Greed: Exxon Mobil

Hillary: A montage of great photos

Barack Obama's Kennedy endorsement speech

Jane Smiley: The Bogeyman

AlterNet: Is the Bush Administration Trying to Take Down Fannie Mae?

Russert on young voters and expanding the Democratic Party

Great Scenes for John Edwards

John Edwards: Your voice will be heard

Traffic Jam on the Highway to Hell

Prius plug-in displays battery of good points (USA Today)

Decreased Ice Cover On Great Lakes Likely Factor In Falling Water Levels - WP

Hawaii (Climate) Conference Gives US Chance To Repair Its Image (Actual Headline!) - Houston Chron.

Ford Escape plug-in prototype shows potential (USA Today)

Science - Between 1997 And 2006, Ocean's Food-Poor "Biological Deserts " Grew 15%

Scientists Probe Link Between Ethanol-Dependent Cattle Feed, E. Coli Surge - DMR

A Quick And Illuminating Tour Of Cornucopia, Inc's Market Magic Land!

Massive Delays Plague Middle East Construction, Oil Expansion Drive - Emirates Business

Three states join N.J. group in petitioning NRC to stop relicensings

In a World Short of Oil, Provisions Must Be Made

Dumb question about Kyoto Protocol status

I in 5 Galveston Kids W. Sufficient Lead Poisoning For Trackable Disabilities & Behavior Disorders

Drivers to see major toll hikes

Carmakers hit by soaring price of platinum (ripple effect from Eskom)

Geothermal Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Looking for green solutions for my business

Federal Agencies Allowed Mining Companies To Evade Paying Fines 4,000 Times - Charleston Gazette

California Solar Initiative sees robust demand in first year

As Water Warms, Humboldt Squid Moving North, Competing With California Fishermen - SC Sentinel

Grid deal could help wind power

GE, Horizon to announce deal tomorrow

The kinder, gentler energy superpower (Canada!)

Wal-Mart, SunPower install (390 kW) solar system

we are switching trash-service providers

Sunnyvale couple first in state convicted under Solar Shade Control Act

Just In Time For Chinese New Year - China's "Worst-Ever" Power Shortage - Times UK

Researchers - Sea Level Rises Could Be (All Together Now!) Much Faster Than Expected

Cantarell Oil Output Declines 18% YOY In 2007; Total Mexican Crude Output Down 5.3% For Same Period

2 soldiers killed in separate attacks in Iraq

Bliss officials tells GIs not to visit Juarez

Afghanistan, Pakistan emerge as military focus

4-day work week? Just one of 12 test perks

Conway: Improved helmet top procurement push

Shooting of Marine believed to be accidental

Pilot jettisons fuel tanks to save F-16

Camp Victory mud knows no bounds

Reporter's Notebook: Life at OP Delta rougher than usual for Company L Marines

TBI pre-screening on rise

DODDS computer network inspected for security breaches

USAREUR toughens stance on lost military ID cards

First phase of renovations done at Yokota hospital

Off-base AFN viewers to get local productions

Soldiers May Ballots Via E-Mail

After the ‘surge,’ what’s next for Iraq?

U.S. pushes for poultry co-op in Mahmudiyah

Uncle Sam wants high school dropouts

Rebates Your Way in mid-May

So much for the environment.

Living off the grid

Accident at Power Plant Kills Worker: Truck Hits Man; Police and OSHA Investigate

PA Republicans vote against Miner's Safety Act

Today in labor history January 28

LA Downtown News: "Deal Hikes Pay for Security Guards"

Safety Agency Never Assessed Thousands of Fines—Including Mine Where Worker Died

E-Mail Action: Fortune Magazine, Stop Lying About Starbucks Being a 'Best Company to Work For'

NYT: Endorsement From Unions Offers Boost, but How Big?

Julie Christie at the SAGs: 'All unions are important'

NYT: Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler

either Clinton or Edwards are running national cable ads that also run in Florida

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Vote “No” On Cloture Tomorrow (no word on Obama right now)

Barack Obama Is Not a Constitutional Law Professor

Attack Time-line

So, how should Sen. Clinton have responded?-obama camp slimes HRC

Miami Beach fans catch glimpse of Clinton [Clinton hasn't campaigned in the state,]

Topic subject Obama's detestable dirty tricks

American Nurses Association endorses Hillary Clinton

Hartford Courant - Senator Clinton For Democrats

Different standards for different candidates

NYT: "Jackson Not Upset By Clinton Remark"

Give me one bona fide example of racism

Topic subject How long will Obama play the victim card?

Obama uses the race card to his advantage....

BREAKING*** Janet Reno endorses Hillary Clinton

Thread to predict just how ugly HRC people will get trying to trash Obama this week

Drivers licenses for illegal immigrants - Obama should stay the hell away from this wedge issue

What is Obama going to change exactly?

Obama campaign: "long on the need for change and inspiration and short on specifics"

Latest FL polls (all within 1 week) hill going grand

Obama: Opponents trying to weaken my support in Jewish community

Why is Rodeodance Trolling?

Why did Obama approach SCUMBAG slumlord Rezko IN 2005 for home financing "advice"?

In Good Faith Strategic Question for Hillary supporters



Olmert and Abbas fail to shut border

Officials: Israel won't let Gaza border breach threaten security

One-state solution to end Israel-Palestine conflict

Israeli Officials: Musharraf Met Barak

Gaza and Egypt:

Iran says it is close to resuming ties with Egypt cut in 1979

EU Expresses "Deep Concern" Over Gaza Border Chaos - AFP

U.S. envoy begins mission to monitor compliance with road map

Report: Chief Rabbi says move Gazans to a Palestine in Sinai

Still in crisis

Lieberman: Egypt is lying to Israel and working against our interests

Obama: Opponents trying to weaken my support in Jewish community

Hamas polices Gaza border with Egypt

Palestinian teenager killed, seven injured as Israeli forces invade Bethlehem

Abbas wins int'l backing for taking control of Gaza border

Ending the stranglehold on Gaza

Israeli Blockade Unlawful Despite Gaza Border Breach

Honduras joins Venezuela-led energy security alliance

New Cuban Parliament Diverse

Chavez: Pull reserves from US

France asks Colombia for caution regarding siege on the FARC

COLOMBIA: Escobar, Uribe and a De-Classified Pentagon Doc

The Bush Administration’s Hollow Commitment to Colombian Democracy

Summit of the Bolivarian Alternative (ALBA) Concludes in Venezuela

ALBA, an Economic Alternative for Latin America by Medea Benjamin

FL: WellCare Executives Quit as Fraud Probe Continues

Austria's Gusenbauer Says ECB Cut Would Be 'Sign of Panicking'

Checks by SocGen missed $73 billion wrong-way bet

Asian markets fell sharply on Monday. European loses.

How do I motivate myself?

US recession will dwarf dotcom crash

Britney Spears worth up to $120 million to U.S. economy (we are SICK)

The Economic Populist Community blog

The black box economy

Vt. Lawmaker Does Double Duty As Comic

Board Game Likely To Draw LGBT Scrutiny

For Gays, a New Era in Politics

Two more gay Iranians may be executed. Protest, damn it! (Warning: Graphic Photos)

So I was in the car going to buy dog food

If you won't forgive Obama for McClurkin

On Marriage Rights for all persons, from your Resident Straight White Middle Aged person.

Gut-wrenching example of why equal marriage is so critical

Man shot and killed outside club in Milwaukee...

Hi everybody - where are you? FISA vote today, so we'll get to see Joe!

Damn - did anyone see this?

Taking roll to vote on cloture NOW!!! nt

Where are we?

my grandfather's luck

7 Universal Truths according to Caroline Myss

Words From Mayan Grand Elder Wakatel Utiw (Wandering Wolf)

Death, money and magic

Request for impressions.

New Message from Matthew

Does anyone have any natural-healing suggestions.....

Mercury goes retrograde today (1/28) at 3:31 PM EST

The Stars This Week - "Movement -- Finally!" - January 28 - February 3, 2008

What makes healing possible.

Astrology and the February Primaries -- John Edwards

Astrology and the February Primaries -- Hillary Clinton

Astrology and the February Primaries -- Barack Obama

NBC's (Tiki) Barber is a very lonely man at the Super Bowl

What is was.... was football (5:38)

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods creams the rest of the feild with at -19 at Torrey Pines

Phillies going for the Gold with Pedro Felize signing...

Damon honored for work with wounded soldiers

The Second Best record in the NBA so far??

Help me please...

F.D.A. Requiring Suicide Studies in Drug Trials

Marijuana vending machines in US

Over-the-counter eardrops may cause hearing loss or damage

Using Music to Lift Depression's Veil

Alzheimer's helmet therapy hope (BBC)


Another easy to prepare showy dinner for two.

Moroccan braised lamb shanks with prunes and preserved lemon

Thin Crust Pizza Update

Mercury, As Never Seen Before: MESSENGER visits innermost planet

amazing photo essay

Smash! The Search for 'Sparticles'

Supercool, and Strange

Forget crop circles - now we've got a mysterious SHEEP circle

Genetic 'telepathy'? A bizarre new property of DNA

Do all planets have a tilted axis as they orbit their sun? nt

Gordon B. Hinckley, 97, Dies; President of Mormon Church

Is religion a choice?

Heres a post to chew on.

SC Election Commissioners tell Cinci Enq that e-voting has triple redundancy


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 01/28/08

911 University-College of Disinformation Recognition

Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11...

More than $41 million raised in Texas politics in 2007

Noriega to stage three-day South Texas campaign swing next week

Sen. Kerry has a new link on his Senate web page.

TNR article: many leaders in DC with Clinton fatigue. A lot about Kerry here. Also comments needed

"Ogonowski announce candidacy for Senate seat held by Kerry"

Ha, ha, ha -- thought you guys would get a kick out of this

Nice mention of Kerry by Digby re: Afghanistan

Can anyone bring up the BCCI report?

The Nation bashes Kerry while saluting Kennedy's endorsment of Obama

Kerry key speaker at Rice climate change conference (not Condi!! LOL!)

Nelson-Pallmeyer wins TakeAction senate straw poll

Michele Bachmann: "SOTU Aisle-Seat Stalker"

Obama's coming Saturday!

Obama’s spiritual mentor: January 16, 2008 “He did the same thing to us ,he did to Monica Lewinski

Build a 8-core dual processor system for 1/3rd the cost of a simiar Mac:

i am never buying another epson printer as long as i live.

In case you missed this diary by a Kossak who had Professor Obama at Chicago Law

Another great Kid Oakland diary: Barack Obama is building the Winning Democratic Coalition

capuano (D-MA) endorses Obamafor president

A bit of background on the Kennedy endorsement

John Kerry sent this email from Patrick Murphy to his entire list this morning

Little tid bit on CNN about Kennedy-Clinton

Senator Kennedy sent this email endorsing Obama to his mailing list today

I have seen Hope.

Taylor Marsh Jumps The Shark

Radio host Michael Baisden endorses Obama

Kennedy endorsement on C-SPAN 2 11 pm EST Monday

Part of Obama's Kennedy endorsement speech

Rolling Out Endorsements, I must question the timing.. unless.....

Have YOU volunteered yet? are you?

So I happened to be watching figure skating tonight, and...

Wendell Berry: Education in Kentucky - CJ

Stephanie Miller to be in the same building as Keith Olbermann tonight.


Boo Julie Christie?

Israel asks Beatles to 'let it be' after 1965 brush-off

A song about Bronson caves.

Get involved for Edwards in Sacramento-

Don't treat the old and unhealthy, say doctors

I need to ask my peeps a question...

Ice Fog Yesterday morning.

Al Gore's Current Media Plans to Sell Shares in IPO (Bloomberg)

I had to give up a foster puppy and I'm sad :(

Kyra has been diagnosed with Corona Virus (coronavirus?)

What the hell is my cat doing?

Considering one more dog