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(Obama read this) Reluctant Retirement Savers May Be Scared Straight by These Stats

Candidates Struggle to Iowa Finish Line

Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep

Delphi Chairman Miller in-line for $8.3 million

Man leaps off bridge, taking police dog with him

Now WGA Says: *No* Deal Reached for Golden Globes Broadcast

Rosenthal withdraws from DA race

Iowa Is Uncertain as Out-of-State [non-resisidents] Students Return

With Builder in Bankruptcy, Buyers Are Left Out

Criminal probe opened over CIA tapes

Smoking ban goes into effect in France

Has anyone read "Wild Fire" by Nelson DeMille?

Any serious rudders in the lounge?

"Bye, Bye, Bush" January 1 2008 & January 2, 2008

what are your 3 primary action items for tomorrow?

I got this really cool bracelet from my wife

The Rowdyman

DUPLICATE - Please Delete, thank you.

I'm starting to believe that we're ALL wrong in our world views...

BREAKING: Billy Idol wasn't talking about "dancing" in "Dancing With Myself"

I have no patience for stupid people...

Any serious bloomers in the lounge?

Hello and welcome to the mental health hot-line

oh man! i have to wait until the end of the month to get

Who's been sticking their weiner in the goddamned peanut butter?

would a discussion of foot odor be considered a bodily function thread?

Bowling in my frickin' living room ...

Best Doggie Doo Device Ever

Any serious Rubbers in the Lounge?


Oh yeah!!


LOL! It's fun watching the BBC reporting live from Iowa.

This is perfect...... what I can't say....someone listened

How much pot will I have to smoke tomorrow to make it through GDP and the Iowa Caucusess

Hell freezes over tonight, folks!

Screw to Dollar!

My Wish....

There are Archway cookies in the house

How much did stamps cost in January of 1987?

Time for the new Project Runway!

Hey FUCKERS! I want a freaking CAUCUS in California!

Any serious boomers in the lounge?

I LOVED LOVED LOVED "Sweeney Todd"!!!

Has anyone here seen Atonement yet?

I KNEW there was a reason I loved Chris Noth!

OMFG!!! On the eve of the first primary, Tila Tequila has broken up with her reality show beau!

crikey . . .

Any frivolous rumors in the Lounge?

My car has broken down every four days for three weeks.

I've decided to get by on my looks for a while

Speaking as a sibling of a cancer death (this past year)

Austin officer accused of hiring prostitute, paying with wife's clothing

Little Wing: Jimi or SRV?

"hey moe, i'm going fishin'"

OU vs. WVU: Hmmm...

any y'all got some of thet fancy book learnin'?

Hey FUCKERS! I want a freaking CACTUS in California!

Sweet Tea: A Simple Poll

"Show or no show...

Red Meat. How often should you eat it and how much?

People in GDP are so....enthusiastic!!

get out of my dreamns

i decided that i'm just going to have fun with it

Any body watching Super Nanny on TV.


This is stunningly beautiful (warning: this pic will make you weep)

At the half: Mountaineers 20... Sooners 6

Some days I just want to take off...

Project Runway is back tonight!!!


i think i just beat vista's ass with a belt


HAHAHA....Fiesta Bowl screenshot:

Cripes, look at Dave!

Do I have any legal rights to find out how my grandfather died?

I've decided to get by on my books for a while

My Dad's brain tumor came back, after surgery and radiation and chemo.

Breanne wants to be my MySpace Friend!

It's Too F**king Cold

I love my __________________

The @#$%&! Insurance company has Denied my scooter.

Should I pause between cigarettes?

Is Futurama The Best Animated Series Ever?

Tucker Carlson is utterly unwatchable.

Shepard Smith Tells People To Get Out And Take Picture Of Loose Cougar

Admissions of Iraqi refugees STILL lagging

Who are the machinery behind the major runners?

Dems Vow to Continue Tape Probes

Caption this buck.

Hillary Clinton - Surprise Guest on Letterman 2Nite

Naomi Wolf rocks!

Caucus Eve: And the Band Played On...

"Spooky Action at a Distance" - harnessing on your behalf, John and Elizabeth

Ohio Supreme Court Destroys Jurors’ Role

New Rudy Ad Features Bhutto Footage, Warns Of Death At Hands Of Radical Muslims


Huckabee clueless about crossing picket line to appear on Leno tonight

384 days

Letter from Howard Dean in my inbox

Wanna see what Huck and Rommy's follower are like...

Headline on Countdown, "What the Huck?"

Helmsley's $12M dog feasts on Alpo

Reallocated Numbers Based on Second Preferences Gives EDWARDS A Solid Lead

As an undecided voter, the sniping and backbiting

Delphi Chairman Miller in-line for $8.3 million

I clicked on a Google ad on DU and it downloaded a "trojan" that MacAfee automatically blocked

O.K., it's orthodox to watch Dave/Robin,but the HUCKster might commit HUCKACIDE on LENO tonight!1 n/

Bourses link up in the US, Europe and Gulf

Hello... Am I The Only One Starting To Lose Graphics And Text On DU ???

DU - I'm so proud. My gas bill for December was $57.12.

Do You Hear The People Sing ?

Arkansas Travelers Heading To New Hampshire To Stump For Hillary Clinton

Arkansas Travelers Heading To New Hampshire To Stump For Hillary Clinton

China to Switch to Lethal Injections

For Democrats, Too Many Good Picks; For Republicans, an Easier Path

The Skull Fucking Bill Of 2007

I don't know about you, but it feels like Christmas Eve when I was a kid tonight!

"Stick a crowbar in your wallets and negotiate in good faith!"

Just say "no" to racist and sexist campaigning

Can Atheists Be Parents?

Murdoch-WSJ Hit Piece Destroys Kucinich Presidency

New bumper sticker for you Huckster fanatics

Gas at a local station

Do you Know What 59,054,087 Represents?

This probably doesn't count as a New Year's resolution, because I wouldn't care if it was August,

Did the stock market drop 220 points today because of a weakening dollar?

From C&L, a map of Surveillance Societies around the world

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! with Johnny Wendell

Gene Lyons to Congressional Dems: Stop Being so Friggin' Nice and Hit Repubs Where It Hurts!

Carrying a slingshot into a Zoo?

CIA Tape Investigation & 9/11 Team Bosses Cry Foul: Why Now?

John Edwards just began speaking Live on C-SPAN

30 Top Jobs of 2008

Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep

For those supporters of Kucinich, Richardson, Biden, Dodd, and Iowa question for you.

Mike and Janet Huckabee to star in Christianized version of Hairspray

It's weird not having a dog in this hunt, and yet being politically aware this time around

Nations Leading Economists Endorse John Edwards For President

Positive only: Your Candidate, Why you hope that he or she wins the nomination.

Christmas a little brighter for child(sight restored after receiving stem-cell transplants in China)

In Case You Missed This... (Democracy Now On Bhutto)

Iowa! And the winner is...

The CIA Tapes Prosecutor is Neither "Outside" Nor "Special," Nor "Independent"

Do you seriously think the USA is going to elect a black president?

Wow, this Stephanie Miller chick is GOOD!

Glenn Greenwald: 9/11 Commission: Our investigation was "obstructed"

"Real Progressives" know they've thrown us "Under the Bus." We Know...

Shit Happens.

Been sick since the Sept. 24, 2005 march in DC

Man leaps off bridge, taking police dog with him

Trees Absorbing Less CO2 As World Warms/That means more in the ATMOSPHERE

Naomi Klein ROCKS!

Dennis just pissed me off.

Kucinich doesn't "get" the primaries.

The Mayans deserve full credit for discovering the earth revolves around the sun

US Special Forces on Standby Over Nuclear Threat

Empires Architecture

aha! Cars are a dick fetish!

Caption the Huckabiles!

Want to see something very cool? Not political

ROTFL: Screenshot from Fiesta Bowl a few minutes ago

Alarming number of deaths at North American ski resorts

THE Single Most Important Issue Facing This Country- And None Of Them Will Touch It

Huckabee Will Cross Picket Line to Appear on Leno

Obama doubles Hillary's support in Yale poll, her alma mater

Obama Appeals for Calm in Kenya

Iowa presidential caucuses crucial to Richardson

Link for those feeling any stress, pre-caucus or otherwise...

Come on, lets defy the MSM and elect a reformer .. Edwards. Don't let

NY Times: Outside Groups Spend Heavily and Visibly to Sway ’08 Races

Dodd touts record on leadership

Am I the ONLY one SICK people posting about Republicans on here??

Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont: Independents Plan to Caucus with Democrats

Divisive Hillary Clinton finds it hard to be second best

How does the caucus thing work?

Huckabee: "hijack your church's bus" to get bodies to the precincts

who is this Mudflap idiot on Sucker?

Hillary makes her final appeal in 2 minute ad that airs across every 6pm local news show in Iowa

I wrote this a little under four years ago. This time I don't have a candidate. I will vote for

Pastors supporting Huckabee receive anonymous letters (due to tax exempt status)

I'm rooting for Huckabee in Iowa

Iowa Caucuses Results- What will the outcome be?

Noron O'Donnell on Tweety just said 55% 1st timers caucused for Kerry in 2004

N.H. same-sex unions: promise and reality

Predictions: Which GOPers will drop out first?

The night of cold sweats and panic attacks begin in Iowa. Tonite Iowa pays for it's 15 minutes.

Huckabee encourages churches to violate tax exempt status

Last chance poll!

Campaigning a Biden family affair

Has anyone from Iowa ever seen a whole room shift from one candidate to another?

Photos: Barack Obama campaigning today in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Obama's two minute message to ALL Iowans

Good question by KO: Does a close race or tie in Iowa render the caucus meaningless?

What's up with no recent head to head polls on RCP?...

Candidates Struggle to Iowa Finish Line

Dodd: Let's Not Make A Deal

it looks like the Democratic caucuses are just going to be flooded

Predictions: Which Dems will drop out first?

Clinton's Moderate Tone on Iraq Troop Withdrawal

Do you support Church/State sep? Little excitement on DU for the topic

Obama's Pre-IA Caucus "Fired Up, Ready To Go" Roll Call

Posting Tomorrow's Excuses Today

Post Iowa ...... post your thoughts here.

Stock Market down today

Suze Orman comes out for Hillary and/or Obama on Larry King

2004 Iowa Entrance Poll: 79% were Democrats, 19% Independents

Thoughts while waiting for Hillary: Issues she focuses on that Obama and Edwards don't

Watchin' Fred Thompson skulkin' 'round Iowa

What did Clinton learn from her White House experience?

Our GOTV is mechanical

I hate to dumb down the importance of this issue...

Biden statement on Kenya

NY Sun: Rudy promises more war to refocus campaign

Suze Ormon on Larry King Live - wants Obama or Clinton

I Have This Feeling Today That We Are On The Brink Of A Historical .....

Which is the bigger handicap: Race or Gender?

Did anybody watch BBC Americas news broadcast tonight from Iowa?

My official prediction: None of the Iowa winners will win their party nomination

To all of our candidates' supporters -- a request to remember how grueling it is out there right now

Is it good for candidates to be courageous on hot button issues?

HEADS UP: Obama rally from today, Coralville, IA, C-SPAN NOW

The GOP Primary Field, in Buffy Villains

Pastors supporting Huckabee receive anonymous letters

Before they leave Iowa - A hand for the lowly staffers

I don't remember ever being this nervous before Iowa

Will We Know The Winners In Iowa By Tomorrow Night?......

Are those IA supporters of Dems NOT making the 15% threshold obligated to vote for someone else?

checking in from Obama Hoover High rally...

Huckabee crosses picket line, after saying he didn't think he'd have to...

What time will the final Iowa results come in? nt

Romney: I will not embarrass the White House like the Clinton's did

Is it just me

Do you really want Hillary to win? Are you sure? Have you compared her to the others?

Beyond my frosted windows

"I'm not going to vote for that colored feller"

Check out this DU poll from Jan 15, 2004 (right before Iowa)

Lieberman says no ambition to be VP with McCain

The next president of the USA on C-span now w/ BIG DAWG

Photos from Iowa

Clinton and Obama supporters: We are making history together.

pssst don't tell anyone. Hillary on Letterman tonight

I would like to apologize to Obama supporters.

Biden Won't Make Second-Choice Deals

Photo: 8 year old kid with a "Huckabee is a SCAB" picket sign outside of Leno's Burbank studio

So Why I'm voting For Hillary......Virgin Post....

This is what is going on in Iowa for Biden -

Senior Republican drinks to Hillary...

"Mom, you're interrupting my speech."

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield endorse Edwards -- Ben & Jerry's

I'm voting for the guy the media won't mention

DMR poll is accurate and shows 5% of republicans...


2 nights before the Iowa caucus, Dean had 4,000 supporters watch him speak

CNN pushes Hillary and disses both Obama and Edwards

Bring back the political Beatles

NH POLL: Hillary 32 (-4), Obama 28 (+10), Edwards 19 (+7)

I think Obama is going to win Iowa by a sizable margin

Everyone loves Obama! Whispers among Biden and Richardson camps to make him their second choice

Chris Matthews predicts Obama/Romney Iowa wins

Break down barriers: Vote for Obama

My Democratic White House 2009 (Give your cabinet nominations here!)

Edwards and Biden will surprise a lot of people tomorrow...Which pair do you think will surprise?

Can someone in LA please get a snapshot of Schmuckabee crossing the picket line?

Obama hires Lobbyist as National Co-Chair

Again and again, Obama supporters quoting right wingers in praise...

Does experience count?

Does Edwards Have a Matching-Funds Problem or Not?

Excellent analysis from The National Journal - "Style & Substance Among The Dems' Big Three"

Which if these Iowa scenarios is ultimately the worst for Hillary Clinton's campaign?

Washington Post: Happy days are here again for Democrats

Iraq War Speeches - listen to top three candidates

A toast to all of us here in GDP......

Why war funding matters to me: My husband, Sgt. Johnson

Question about Obama and Gay Marriage

Former SC governor endorses Obama

HEADS UP: Edwards rally - LIVE on CSPAN.

I remained silent far too long. I have now decided on a candidate.

The 2008 John Edwards would have been my fav in 2003

PDQ Democrats -Plausibly-Deniable Quisling Democrats

Why Edwards? Because IMO, he's the real Democrat

It has taken me a long time, but now my choice is clear - Edwards

Why is it so hard for me to get into Obama? Any chance he grows on me?....

Obama has Bushies and long term Repukes as Precinct Captains???


Iowa voter registration and caucus factoids

How To Lose An Election (Without Really Trying)

Gay People are coming to YOUR TOWN !!!! OMG!!! *lol*

Swift Boat Liars are Back

Fred Thompson may drop out

Bill Clinton turns enemy into a friend (Scaife)

Americans Sold Out to Foreign Firms at Record Quarterly Rate

Manufacturing stumbles to nearly 5-year low

Rice to host Libya as former foes mend ties

U.S. refuge for Iraqis falling short


Police disperse protesters in Kenya

In Iraqi Kurdistan, women driven to suicide

U.S. Failing To Meet Iraqi Refugee Pledge

Three Iraqis killed by US fire

Landmark Communications Owner Plans to Sell; Company Owns Weather Channel and 9 Newspapers

Bush: Israel settlement expansion "impediment"

Car bomb kills 5, injures 68 in Turkey

Democrats to meet Tuesday on Ellis removal (party secretary supported R's)

Police seek 'weathered' man seen with missing hiker

Conyers demands Justice Dept. appoint a special counsel in controversial CIA tapes case

Huckabee supporters get warning letters

Months of campaigning come down to final hours in Iowa: Win or loss could determine next President

Registry may track egg, sperm donors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 3

Audit: Specter campaign violated FEC rules

Study predicts harsh effects of climate change on California

Late payments on consumer loans jump to highest point since last recession

Musharraf: Security not involved in killing

US ties may be possible one day: Iran leader

Iraq thanks Bush for vetoing defense bill

Free drug samples go to wealthy and insured: study

Richardson Set to Send Obama Second-Choice Support

Lawmaker warned CIA not to destroy tapes

ACLU Names Inside-the-Beltway 'Best and Worst' for Civil Liberties in 2007 (1/3/2008)

Richardson wraps up his series of 'presidential job interviews'

Economists say odds of recession are rising

Several hurt in Turkey car blast

Buffets Misses Coupon Payments: Bonds Fall To New Lows

Sears' Christmas Spyware Surprise

DNA test expected to free Texas inmate

Federal judge explains reasons for keeping Siegelman in prison while awaiting appeal

Bush says Pakistan's Musharraf an ally

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

PetroChina's Daqing Oil Output Falls 4% as Reserves Dwindle

Iraqis will fill US troop withdrawals: Petraeus

Whaling spy ship yet to leave port

S.F. Zoo visitor saw 2 victims of tiger attack teasing lions

Kucinich files lawsuit after party denies him place on ballot

Alaska oil exploration to begin

who else used to shred?

Good Night Lounge...Tomorrow's another day, we got caucuses and cacti etc.

Just how sloppy should a Sloppy Joe be?

It's a great night to be a Mountaineer, wherever you may be...

Ok watching Craig Ferguson is it just me or is he wearing too much make-up?


I'm movin to the country

what's the best way to wire money overseas?

Okay, It's Late... This Is Freaking Me Out...

What could I post in GD-P that would be loungelike?

In less than 24 hours, I will be participating in the Democratic Caucus...Ask me anything.

Poem about love, for inchworm

Cat on the hot tin roof

Watching something pretty and sad

Funny moments? A friend of mine wanted to buy himself a pet for christmas...

hoping 3's a charm for the knuckledragger next door

WTF since when do mac programs have unexpected shutdowns?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Snow Day

3 Books

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/3/2008)

Yee-Haw! My Vote Cancels Out Y'all's!

run, motherfucker, run

Happy Birthday Danica McKellar!

Quick--Name a mediocre actor/actress

My cat is a FREAK!!!!

RIP - Hank (1995? - 2008)

wow, Capricorns...MSN Astrology is crazy accurate!

Just woke up, troubled dreams

Here's an odd question: will it damage a cassette if I scan it?

Strange...and it was all about a..........Happy Meal...........

Firefox question

I just watched a tv show called Dead Like Me on dvd, I liked it.

Stop watching me and call me!! LLO! n/t

So today the party starts

Medical Question - Polypsychotic Aynrandian Syndrome

I would like to reveal something WONDERFUL about my love life!!

is it wrong to mix wine and cola?

Anybody watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show?

Any serious rummies in the lounge?

It's 17 degrees outside. The larder is empty. I need a snack...

Happy Birthday to Beatles producer George Martin.

Any serious runners in the lounge?

Any series runners in the Lounge?

Holy shit! Iowa is harvesting candidates!!!!! BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!11

Important safety tip: never stir a pot of boiling soup while naked.

I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper.

I just had to buy this and share it with you guys. This store makes some very pretty jewellery.

I'm sick and bored, so I made this. Is it any good?

Quick help please!

Anyone else here afraid (yet perhaps ghoulishly tempted) to click on the Coulter/Malkin pinup thread

Cats and windows ...a tragic tale

Exploding piggy bank, only in Japan

If Gilligan were a real person, what would you say was wrong with him? nt

Trippy 360-degree view from a mountain near us.

Man puts out fire with aunt's XL undies

I told my daughter I just had post-marital sex

Osama Bin Laden's Dead - A song in pictures

the uni-ball roller micro

Hut Sut Rawlson on the rillerah add a little brawla sooit

Tila Tequilla, 3 weeks later, to offer another "Shot at Love"

Watching the animated Surf's Up penguin movie.

Bhutto ringtones?

Darn it is cold outside!!



Weekly Match Game Story: "Dakota's yuppie fucking scum parents named him because they're __ stupid"

so my kid was watching the Warner Bros. version of Horton Hatches the Egg

Male monkees pay for sex

absolutely hilarious gem from GD

I'm bringing the Lounge to GD

Suckage sucks

Who Is your Favorite Televangelist?

I never realized Hitler made such nice posts here at DU - who would have thunk it?

Silly Party Iowa Caucus Predictions

Confess your personal succumbing

Happy Talk!

Caf or Decaf?

Our fire alarms just went off. IT MUST BE TERRORISTS!

oops! delete dupe (n/t)

Adlai Stevenson, still dead, encourages supporters to back Clinton, Edwards, AND Obama

which subforum would whip which subforum's ass with a belt?

And all together .... AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Can they DO this???

Ever NOT been in Lust

Does anyone here know about semi precious gems? i have a stone

Everybody... I'm in love!

Who is going to the Democratic Convention in Denver - should we have a meetup?

all your debts were paid in full

This Has To Be One Of The Most Boringest Of Days

Thomcat, you amaze me

Got the girlies in the Coupe like the Colonel's got the chickens

i like big butts

Ever been in Lust

I just had the overwhelming feeling

Damn, I haven't pissed off anyone on DU this morning

The Skies...last night!

Chopper Pics from Korea (Dial-Up WARNING)

Create your own Horror Film by answering these 10 questions:

Mr Scorpio Rates the Republican Candidates

I'll admit it - I'm not in Lust now

I may be dropping out of the race, but

Man stabs another man with pork chop bone.

i'm doomed . . .

Which, if either, is more cruel

are some people afraid of Godspell?

I'm a televangalist - ask me anything. Oh and there is someone out there with a bad headache....


DU Men: are you a breast man, butt man, other?

are some people afraid to Godspell?

Just bought Radiohead's "In Rainbows." It's terrific. I was going to

So The Whole Lounge Is In Lust?

Fuck it is cold outside!!


soup question

Best Narrative Movie Voice

LolCat Theatre production of "VERY BAD THINGS":

Apparently the marketing scheme of jumping from X-mas straight to V-day

Breastfeeding fatwa ranks in world's "stupidest"

Women: Are you a breast, thigh or leg woman

I just woke up from a nap with the most beautiful_______

Now this is a candidate I can get behind

Minus-8 degrees (C) in NJ right now -- but will rise to 13 degrees (C) next Monday

It's 13 degrees outside (F) and feels like -1! All right!

Which is better for shipping a laptop: FedEx or UPS?

Hey Matcom

Medical question - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

is it my imagination? are the guys in the ED ads getting younger and younger? seems to me that

Just got home from work. Can someone give me the highlights of GDP today before I go in?


Did you hear Clinton is carrying Obama's baby?

Wouldn't a snowball fight be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

Self foaming hand soap

Did you hear Clinton is carrying SouthPawkickers baby?

Wouldn't Tiddlywinks be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

How are you gentlemen?

I rented 2 movies for tonight, Resident Evil:Extinction and The Hoax.

Breaking: Iowa Caucuses Canceled!

Ever been in love?

RC: Can't wait to start ignoring Iowa again?

Gosh, so we're not at Defcon1 yet?

Wouldn't a round of Reauchambeau be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

In December, how many zoo visitors were mauled at zoos? And how many big cats were shot?

I need help. Does anyone know how to spell Iowa?

I hate ALL of them. Every fuckin' one.

Which Democratic candidate would win a dodgeball match?

"Bye Bye Bush" January 3

Kitty Pic!

I'll admit it - I'm IN Lust now

You are looking for love...what matters to you?

Ever been in The Louvre?

Green olives are delicious.

I'm going crazy (a business rant)

What State Do You Live In?

Many a man..........

'Hearty eater' says buffet banned him

I just woke up from a nap with the most beautiful woman...

If you're old enough to remember

MOG GMO OOM OMG GMO OMG FGO NMG OOG MOG! I need to be tutored in spelling for a moment.

A picture for HypnoToad...

i don't care AT ALL about the iowa caucus tonight, or really any of the primaries

Do women prefer cats, and men prefer dogs?

If Jethro were a real person, what would you say was wrong with him? nt

This sank like a rock in unfunny GD Politics

2008 SS check $23 more

DU Meet Up?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/3/08

knock knock

Men: Are you a breast, thigh or leg Man

I don't care what anyone says about gas guzzlers, I wants me one o' these!

If you're not burned out on football, who's going to win the National Championship?

Law student, pageant princess -- and kidnapping suspect

Let's hear it for the Lounge's official unfortunately illegal plant species

Now taking suggestions for WORLD'S SEXIEST LIBERAL

Wouldn't RAGBRAI be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

Wouldn't Hacky Sack be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

Wouldn't Competitive Ice Fishing be a better way for Iowa to choose the President?

Do geese shit while in flight?

Who should make the Liberal pinup calendar (in response to the RW one)

are some people afraid to spell God?

I guess I'll post this here.

Peter Murphy's voice really irritates me these days

Naked Boobies!

*Flame bait clarified within* - Women trade sex for love; men trade love for sex"

De-clawing cats...

Stories From the Road: Rick

What is your favorite protest song?

Need suggestions for a road-trip with co-workers play list

does Ron Paul really have a blimp?

Quick--Name a mediocre actor/actress

Stranded Passengers To Sue American Airlines

It's raining buckets outside right now

DU Straight / Bi Women or Gay Men: what does it for you?

What is 'Member of DU Activist Corps'

Let's hear it for the Lounge's official perniciously invasive plant species

Pole Poll

"Fred Thompson looks like a penis to me."

OMFG!!! On the eve of the first primary, Tila Tequila has broken up with her reality show beau!

GD needs to take a break for some David Blaine street magic. (Hilarious Youtube parody)

Kucinich won't promise to support the Democratic nominee

John Hockenberry on NBC/GE's "Anti-slant" slant during early days of Iraq conquest

Gawd, I feel like crap.

Just went to Edwards/ Mellencamp rally it was fantastic!!

7 Technologies that will Save the Earth in 2008

PHOTOS: This Is Our Country. John Mellencamp sings at John Edwards rally

PHOTO: Fred Thompson campaign stop today

Huckabee, on Leno tonight, said he wants to run against Obama.

Politico: Fred Thompson may drop out any thoughts?


Are people surprised when you "talk" or "know" or are "into" politics,

I'm listening to Andre Eggelletion on Coast to Coast AM -- he's really good!

Merry Xmas From Belgium

Sen. Clinton looks REALLY tired.

They're right--Edwards IS the most "electable" of the Big Three...but...

What are your predictions for the Repuke caucuses today?

Subsidies keep small-airport flights in the air

A Clutter Too Deep for Mere Bins and Shelves

Filler evident in late-night TV's return

"believe me, If I started killing people, there would be none of you left."

who has 80% chance of winning in a GE?

Blessings to Lantos

Recovery centers cater to female vets (xpost from Veterans)

Sears found to be using spyware to track visitors

Mittster's real identity...

"Iowa Republicans To Choose Their Favorite Fearmonger"

Shocking report on Henry Paulson from

The 2007 'WTF?' Awards

Conyers demands special counsel in CIA tape investigation.

bushcheney's last year fills me with dread.

Want an early hint on how the caucuses are going?

Kissinger: "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

XPost: New color of money farmers 'climate credits'

Audit: Specter campaign violated FEC rules

So what CRIME is the "Outside" Prosecutor investigating?

Turned on Joe Scabro on MSNBC, and he had all 5 Mittens-sons

Can anyone recommend a good book for a 9 year old feminist?

Some info from a REAL Iowan

Wow, Denny has lost some weight.

What would be so wrong about taking one or more days to count the votes (GE)

No war vs. More war

175,000 sign up for Cheney's impeachment::

As a kid near Ft. Benning who would go up to Atlanta every weekend to buy a couple of hundred hits

Financial Giants Gear Up To Cut Thousands of Jobs

Rep. Robert Wexler: Cheney impeachment next step: Google ads next 2 weeks

Huckabee ad attacking Mitt ran anyway, after he wouldn't run it, after he ran it for press

Giuliani's latest campaign ad shows images of Bin Laden firing machine gun, Bhutto...

DUers have always advised to choose in the primary...

History is Happening

Does Fred "Sleepy" Thompson even kinda, sorta, wanna win?

Saying 'I do' to Iowa

Ack! If Congress files charges, Bush aides likely will face friendly court

Bush considered firing Mukasey?

I would like to ask the candidate's running for office what you will do to bring the price of gas down

If Obama wins the Dem caucuses in Iowa, a white state...

your best guess - IOWA caucus results

Possible show-down on the pocket veto?

How would your candidate answer these five questions...

Semantics? : 'exceptionally harsh questioning '

Scarborough is bottoming out...

Which candidate would be the best in GE debates?

If Congress files charges, Bush aides likely will face friendly court

Here in the "Rust Belt" we need jobs, manufacturing, Gov. jobs training, so what's in Mitt's Mailer?

Happy Caucus Day, Iowans!!!! I'm so excited! Last night tells me that we are in for a fantastic


The Weather Channel up for sale

Why do the Republicans bother having a nominee anyway?

How do you feel about John McCain getting the nomination?

DUers do you resent Iowans for the power they possess?

300 republicans.

Striking Writers Make Huckabee Picket Signs

File under: "Where are they now?" - Shannen W. Coffin (Cheney toady)

If Obama wins

Mukasey/Durham Confusion

What does immunity for the telecoms REALLY mean?

Who wouldn't be "angry"?

The issues that could change what our nation is about... and the media doesn't cover them


Scott Galindez | John Edwards's Righteous Anger

Let's say it together....WE DON'T KNOW

Stinky Sez: Edwards in Iowa

Don't expect a bigger raise this year unless you are a CEO probably:

Sun Signs of the Democratic Candidates

Rudy vs. Rudy: contradicts self in new campaign ad (exploits Bhutto's death)

What is there a current date for when the US is going to attack Iran?

Legal voters thrown off rolls

Dear Mr. Conyers (an open letter),

Tweety doesn't REPORT, for sure, doesn't even PUNDIT, more like PUSH POLLS his opinions

Fred the Zombie

Very interesting article about body esteem

Thank you Screen Actors Guild

Is Bush Finished Fighting Terrorists He Created in Iraq?

The Iowa Caucuses: Five Not-So-Unlikely Surprises - RollingStone

TPM on "The Pocket Veto" (*'s latest assault on constitutional law)

My personal presidential pick (it's Edwards)

Please Help SaveOregon's Old Growth Forests

2007 = Iraq's WORST YEAR. Wow such "progress"!

How do you feel about Ed Schultz, a supposed Progressive, giving RON PAUL a 20 minutes interview

Oil just went over $100 a barrel. Breaking on CNN.

If your candidate doesnt look like they'll take the nom, who would you work for next?

United Church of Christ and the Media Alliance Ask FCC to Reconsider Tribune Waivers

Hillary is resting his/her voice today! n/t

Make a pot of coffee and watch this Fred Thompson video

Bill Clinton got two percent of the vote in the 92 Iowa Cockus!

All this "keeping them honest" this and that on CNN , makes me flinch

I've decided NOT to support any of the candidates

Need chart of funding sources by candidate.

Rep. Mike Michaud Writes Strong Letter to Conyers Calling for Cheney Impeachment Hearings

"Your candidate sucks" - The Iowa Edition

We're All Thieves to the RIAA. Insights on the industry on Motley Fool

I think Obama is being "PUNKED" by the republicans.

The best way to pick a Republican candidate

How do you respond to a repuke boss?

just heard Bush Adm. has signaled they are willing to REMOVE N.K from

FORECAST 2008 by James Howard Kunstler

Almost twice as many DEMOCRATIC caucus-goers than repuke caucus-goers are expected tonight!

Woo hoo--my Repug husband said he's not voting this year!

Iowa is a test for Obama just like West Virginia was a test for JFK in '60

tune into Thom Hartman. He is dicussing the MuKasey decision to narrow

US Dollars No Longer Accepted at Indian Tourist Sites

Alaska oil exploration to begin

Progressive Talk Radio: Who Do You Like?

Edwards Reconsidered By Norman Solomon

Dear Iowa, Vote for Dennis But Don't Listen to Him - By David Swanson, PDA Advisory Board member

What a unique looking baby!

I believe justice belongs in a courtroom, not on public display.

It's 30 degrees warmer in Reykjavik, Iceland than here in Alabama.

I cancelled after the whole judith miller BS. nt


Hillary is resting HER voice tonight

2 simple easy to answer questions about the Iowa Caucus

Hello FDA? Mislabelled fish alert! "Fake grouper turns up around Florida"

How the Next Victim of Climate Change Will Be Our Minds (Wired)

Terry Gross is interviewing some guy who wrote a book...

NPR: California Law Outlaws RFID Implant Mandate

I wonder if Republicans spend much time worrying if we'll accept their candidates?

er...who tallys the votes in iowa? I'm reading its an Israeli defense firm running out of orlando

Possible pick for Huckabee's Cabinet - Pseudo-Historian David Barton

How many here canceled NYT because of Kristol's hiring?

Truthout: Reports May Have Motivated Destruction of Torture Tapes

Large Established Builder Bankrupt/Sub-Prime Trickle Down

Giuliani wants more troops in Afghanistan and expansion of the military. (Reuters)

Huckabee Commends Bloggers Supporting Him: ‘You’re Doing The Lord’s Work’

In the sea of political books currently on sale, I do believe there is one I'd like to buy.

Night of the Living Democrats / Night of the Living Republicans

Dave & Conan's Beards

FYI: is for sale

Iowa Caucuses TOON >>>>>

Is this republican call in day at the Hartman show?

Does Everyone Know How A Caucus Works?

What's up with Texas justice? DNA Tests Get Man Freed After 27 Years

Check in HERE if You Care About Candidates' POSITIONS

Report Card On Prejudice In America

I'm confused about this whole "race card" deal.

Democrats Are Stupid When They Don't Vote and Republicans Are Stupid When They Do!

Biden, Dodd & Richardson to Iowans: Make Your Own Decision

Somebody please tell Ed Schultz to stop!

Monster Storms in N.California; be safe there.

Occupation of Obama's Iowa Office by Peace Activists


I hope Romney loses tonight


I ask myself why...all the time.

a so-called Dem is calling in to Thom hartman show. With Dems like her we

I think it's BS that candidates who don't achieve the 15% are telling

According to the coverage on MSNBC, it's all down to Clinton and Obama.

Snap Out Of It, Hillary! Or Lose Bigger Than Iowa

YAY!!!!!!!!! SAM SEDER is filling in for RANDI RHODES TODAY and TOMORROW!!!!

i gotta tell ya....i'm way more interested in the outcome of the repuke caucus tonite.....

I believe Obama will do better in a primary than in a caucus...



Mukasey Seeks to Protect White House and DOJ With Durham "CIA Torture Tape" Appointment

Sperm Donor Wins Case Over Child Support

Man, when did Stephen Baldwin fall off the deep end:

Separated at Birth

Sri Lanka Pulls Out of Cease-Fire Deal

I watched Fox News for the first time last night. Every commercial was for Viagra or


Good luck to ALL of our terrific candidates tonight!

Experience matters

HELP ME,DU! My "top" employee takes cash bribes from my competitor's "representatives",

is it my imagination? are the guys in the ED ads getting younger and younger? seems to me that

Expert: Crime of torture could only have been ordered by the president

Pat Robertson Sees Year Of Violence, Recession

Let's Make a Deal!

What issue are you most passionate about?

Reuters: Clashes between the Iraqi Army and Sunni "Concerned Citizens"

If my least favorite candidate wins in Iowa, I will....

Freeptard Rimjob Robinson in denial about Old Man Thompson dropping out

If you're one of those losers that turn your TV on every day

Three US soldiers killed in Iraq

ABC News: Hannity asks Sen. Allard if he was Mitt Romney's security guard

Dying Iowa voter grills candidates on health care

Isn't it rather arrogant for a candidate to 'give' his votes to another candidate in second choice

If you think there's only 1% difference between presidential candidates, what 1% could mean

Think Again: No Iraq News (Still) Isn't Good News

Vermin Supreme 2008: Enough with the Bullshit!

Sam Seder is hosting for Randi Rhodes right now

Report On Interrogation Methods Mysteriously Coincide With Destruction Of Torture Tapes

Thursday TOONS: Part 1- Primary season is upon us

Huckabee "Didn't Know" He'd Have to Cross the Picket Line --->>>

Thursday TOONS: Part 2- All the other crap that's happening

Pizza driver who fatally shot robber violated Domino's gun policy

All your caucus are belong to us.

It may be cold as hell outside

Pandora's Planet

Remember Where Dean Stood In The Polls This Time of Day On This Day 4 Years Ago?

Will RFK Jr. Soon Reclaim His Father's Senate Seat?

If the fight for the nomination comes down between Clinton and Obama


Jane Harman instructed CIA NOT to destroy interrogation tapes...

Corporations are the People's worst enemy. Therefore,

SF Chronicle: S.F. Zoo visitor saw 2 victims of tiger attack teasing lions

Vote Suppressor Von Spakovsky Leaves FEC

Anyone else see this National Guard ad at movie theaters?

Uh-Oh! Clinton Campaign Talking About a '27-State Strategy', Downplaying Iowa Prospects

Poll: Internets now a top election news source

The Swift Liars are the Republican Party

Musharraf denies Bhutto death role

Would You "Call in Sick" in Iowa to Caucus, Even If You Knew Your Boss Would Be There?


My BP still spikes every time I see a car with Shrub's name on it --- and you?

Wow! Talk about dangerous toys! Got this from WalmartWatch today!

MoD to open British UFO X-files

Lawrence O'Donnell "Romney & Me" (What Romney can expect.) ADDED LINK

Dog Abusers! The Republican Candidates want you!

Washington State Democrats Straw Poll Results. We're so partisan in the Great Northwest...

Iowans please check in -- DU Iowa Caucus-Time!!!

Here You Little

MSNBC just falsely reported Richardson making a deal with Obama.

Do Iowa Republicans caucus also, or do they just pretty much show up and vote?


Cackle, cackle cackle... haaa, haaa, HAAA

ARGH! Rudy Floats Dick Cheney For Vice President Again

What time do the ENTRANCE polls get released?

New Edwards Spin

Say Goodbye to Old Man Thompson! ------>>>

Why I support Barack Obama...

Army freezes bonus payments (xpost from Veterans)

Rim Job officially endorses Fred Thompson.

Is Iowa prepared for the influx of new voters?

Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton?

The GOP Field in Buffy villains - for your entertainment

Official Democratic Mascot to be Chosen at the National Western

How long til the caucuses actually begin? (Sorry, no cable.)

Britons 'love fast food more than Americans'

Are Democrat and Republican caucuses in the same physical location?

What's the difference between a quiet tailspin and statistical clustering?

You know what we need? I'll tell you what we need! WE NEED A CHAMPION .. a real FIGHTER! FOR US!!

How Are You Planning To Watch\Celebrate Iowa Caucus Day ???

National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine take swipes at creationism

Can Atheists Be Parents?

DU this DU poll-it only takes a few seconds to vote

NBC just declared it's "Win Iowa or DIE" for Edwards. . .

WOW! Brave New Films & Young Turks provide live coverage of Iowa Caucus:

Have you guys seen the new US coins? They're lovely!

"... in case the People elect a fucking moron."

The Republic of Lakotah places liens on all real estate

Which Republican Do You Want to Face Off Against in November? Why?

Registry may track egg, sperm donors

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method.

hillary may have her faults, but if she gets the nomination...

Something to seriously consider about Hillary, Obama, Edwards, etc.

Check out the Gulf this morning

President's Veto Forces Army To Halt Bonus Payments

Beat THIS résumé!

This place is *flooded* with posters today. Who else is here for the show? Say howdy!

The coded language of class: Huckabee forces GOP to face "Wal-Mart shoppers" they take advantage of

Today’s Headlines

Eureka Times-Standard OpEd: Hand-counting ballots can work (X)

Tipping Point on Impeachment is Approaching

Lakota Sioux Secede From US, Declare Independence


You know what I think would be fun? Change the first state to vote every year.

Why Did Kucinich Fold So Easily On The Campaign Trail?

The Free Market: A False Idol After All?

Larry King Iowa caucus poll -

Leader who opposes birth control, planned childlessness, to be nominated as Southern Baptist leader

Bin Laden dead before October 2004 - Fox News & New York Times

Meet al Qaeda's spokesman, a fat American with a Jewish grandfather.

Hey America- 9-11 is over--git yer shit together already, JESUS!

My Favorite New Federal Agency: The New, Improved, Customer-Service-Oriented IRS

Thompson: "terrorism will not rest until a mushroom cloud hangs over one of our cities"

A treat for all Edwards supporters!

"You Better Start Learnin' English"

None of this matters anymore.

Picket-line crossing Huckabee: "I support the writers, by the way. Unequivocally, absolutely."

oh, gawd. 'Worst campaign song' competition is OVER! ...'stand tall with Ron Paul...'

Financial Times Predictions for 2008: President Clinton, Google grows, $100 oil, but no US recession

GOP funk: Money, enthusiasm lagging

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain....

Insider Advantage Poll: Edwards 41%; Clinton 34%; Obama 25% (2nd choice factor)

Where Michael Moore and other so called progressives lost me

Politico: Fred Thompson Expected To Drop Out After Iowa, Endorse McCain

Does all this behind the scenes Iowa deal making make you uneasy?

Peace Orgs Plan Week of Actions for 5th Anniv. of Occupation of Iraq

About independents voting in a party primaries

No matter what happens in the upcoming days

Casper Star-Tribune Online Endorses Obama

Edwards barnstorms on 36-hour Iowa campaign swing

Count Me for John Edwards

If our candidate is not knowledgeable of foreign policy

Happy Iowa Caucus Day!

Huck's stupidity continues: Claims he didn't know Leno's show had not made a deal with writers union

Does anyone know what time on the West Coast we will begin to know some Iowa results?

I love Hillary!

Edwards won that quick?!?

(If You Are Smart) You Will Question EVERYTHING You Read At DU Tonight

Want to see a presidential science debate?

Our friend Rep. Kucinich lost his artist brother Perry.

A Message From One Of The Troops

The Media and the Quality of our Democracy

Who will Biden pull votes from tomorrow?

Texas oilmen are at our throats again

Stand for Change?

Zogby polls show Obama winning trend!!!

Oil Prices Ease After Hitting $100 The Economists Say Edwards, Why Would Anyone Else Think Otherwise

The real math in Iowa. Independent voters are everything!!!! Who wins them?

Lastest Reuters/Zogby/Cspan poll: Obama 31% (+3), Edwards 27% (+1), Clinton 24% (-4)

Chilly temps, but History has a great coat & longjohns.

Bob Novak makes predictions for Iowa caucus:

Obama's 2 minute Iowa Ad

Some useful info. for those that are looking for Primary dates by State.

Great news for the Democratic Party! Democrats may draw more independents (DMR).

FACTBOX: Letterman's "Top Ten" demands of striking writers


New Giuliani ad features Bhutto's assassination

WTF? Iowa Caucus story. Journalist posts on Craigslist to get the story out?

No debate change, according to Concord Monitor (Obama and Hillary criticize. Edwards not so much.)

Assuming John Edwards did very poorly tonight (No flaming!)

Yepsen: Brows wrinkle, yet expect to see a record turnout

DU Iowa Caucus Day poll

Assuming Barack Obama did very poorly tonight

Just had coffee with some friends including 2 conservatives who are pushing for Obama. Wow!

Assuming Hillary Clinton did very poorly tonight

Is it just me, or Kucinich

Anyone else convinced it's going to be McCain?

The big story tomorrow morning will be...

RW Roundup-"militant gays", "financial motives" of Sex ed. promoters, & Perino flat out lies (again)

MySpace Community Chooses Barack Obama...

Biggest Political Lies of 2007

The left "loves" Bill Clinton?

The MSNBC for Obama show is on the air.

Iowa caucuses 101: Arcane rules have huge impact on outcome

Des Moines Register's Beaumont: Thousands more Iowa independent voters expected to caucus with Dems

Are Obama's relatives in Kenya okay? Please send good thoughts to the people of Kenya.

Was Hillary Clinton on any news shows this morning?

My prediction: Obama, Edwards, Clinton

Is Gore going to endorse

The Mechanics of Caucusing-The fate of the free world rests on this? Uh-oh.

Thompson to drop out and back McCain?

Hillary and Obama distribute talking points to surrogates - text

If Hillary's campaign invited participation from an "ex-African American" who claimed to be "cured"

Huckabee picketed by striking writers at Leno appearance; Hillary cameos for Dave

Excuse me, but the Democratic Party has always included bigots in the Big Tent.

Next time someone says Republicans are better for the economy - jam THIS down their throat...

Rudy Is Now Tied With Fred For Last Nationally--Rasmussen

Report: Congressman Peterson (R-PA) To Retire

Just read Elizabeth Edwards' "Saving Graces".

Barack Obama on Caucus Day: Betting on His Troops

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/3/08 - Clinton down 1, Obama and Edwards up 1

Zogby POLL: Obama 37.5, Edwards 33.7, Hillary 28.8 after second-choice allocations

Breaking HARD on Drudge: Obama had lunch with Jerry Falwell yesterday!!!!!!!1111

Chimpy not waiting up for Iowa results

Interesting article on how George Allen is responsible for the demise of the GOP.

Criticisms by candidates towards each other are expected to increase, are we all going to freak out?

My Thoughts from Iowa

Final Zogby Iowa Poll: Obama Surges to 4 Point Lead Over John Edwards with Hillary Fading to Third

What time does the caucus run tonight? 6-7pm CST?

Iowa caucuses discourage participation by many voters

Biden and Edwards have tasted adversity...

Shirley in Dubuque: "Candidates like this only come around once in a generation"

Just Got This In My Email... Thought It Was Interesting... AND Since I'm

Predictions for the MSM spin?

I think if Obama wins the nomination he could do really well in the GE for the whole party....

"The President will not be selected based on one contest..."

John Edwards on Caucus Day: A Courtroom Voice

I think it would be nice if the civil rights of gays got this much attention after the election.

I'll take you on over Obama's record on Iraq and other military

When someone says Republicans are better for the economy jam THIS down their throat!

Would Hillary accept McClurkin's endorsement if she could get it?

WP, pg1: Obama Has to Hope Cheers Equal Votes; "I'll beat 'em all, beat 'em all!"

John and Elizabeth on Morning Joe now!

BREAKING: Kucinich fails to qualify for Texas ballot because he refuses pledge to support nominee!

Final Reuters/Zogby Iowa Poll: Obama 31%, Edwards 27%, Clinton 24%

The Only Voice That Matters

Who were the Presidents before George Washington?

On Campaign Trail, Domestic Issues Now Outweigh Iraq

CNN Zogby Poll Released TODAY: Obama 31 Edwards 27 Hillary 24

You have to be divisive to get anything done

Obama himself, just yesterday, on reaching out to Independents and Republicans...

Republican Voters: Defeat them or Convert them?

Iowa ("0.08 percent of Americans"): Harvesting Candidates, and Taking Its Own Sweet Time

IT's OVER!! Obama and Huckabee win event that hasn't started yet!!!!

Who are the Democratic bigots?

Two campus newspapers at public colleges in Iowa endorse Obama

Is It OK Not To Hate Republicans?

Second-choice preferences put Democrats in virtual dead heat in Iowa...

Mitt Romney has negative charisma. It would take MLK Jr and JFK...

Obama and Edwards are surging. Clinton is dropping. Zogby


The complete failure of Fred Thompson.

Something to think about ie: Republicans caucusing as Democrats

Barack Voted To FUND THE WAR!

Hillary Clinton on Caucus Day: Staying on Message

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Explains The Republican Candidates

CNN analysis: What's at stake in Iowa for each candidate

I thought this would be a peaceful day here while we awaited the outcome

Every single anti-war Senator has voted for funding

A little help for foreign readers?

Bush not "waiting up" for Iowa results - AP

What I Like Best About Ron Paul

"If I do not reach the 15% threshold, I would like to direct my Iowa support...

Either ARG or Zogby, or both, will see their reputation die tomorrow

Biden's Closing Argument Converts Eleventh-Hour Caucusgoers

Biden Staffer: Our People Likely To Go For Obama

The media is not "crowing that Obama will win handily"

Richardson and Kucinich didn't endorse Obama because he's the best. They thought about their future

Nader's Kucinich Dis Payback for 2004?

I used to think you could get handed you ass faster in the GD Group than anywhere

"the man who murdered Osama bin Laden"

10 Keys to the Caucus: Weather, Turnout, Wednesday Night Church, Anti-Immigration Hardliners...

Hillary's Electability Is Questioned

The Joe to which we were almost bound

Which candidate would you like to have a beer with?

Intrade has Edwards catching up to Hillary...

Obama/Biden camps deny 'Deal' rumor

BREAKING: Rumor Candidate A makes a deal with Can...

Fanfare For The Common Man

Iowa Independent: Richardson Set to Send Obama Second-Choice Support (Update 2)

KOS reports rumor that HIllary's internals show Edwards, Hillary, and Obama 1-2-3 result

David Gregory on NBC Today: Met a few Bush Republican voters who are now going to caucus for Edwards

Iowa Pulse

Richardson is the best equipped candidate to enact change, not the Senators.

Tighter Than A Tick In The Hawkeye State-Obama 34% Edwards 33% Clinton 32%

Quit funny, how anti-Obama DU is today

It's nice to see the supporters of Edwards and Clinton together today.

Is Obama Really Ahead in Iowa?

Who has a bigger handicap in American politics: a Black man or a

GDP lack of proof...

Musharraf: Bhutto to blame for own death ("Who's to be blamed for her coming out of her vehicle?")


Richardson called on Lieberman to drop out of 2006 race, Obama endorsed Lieberman!!

To get out the vote,

How Long Will Howard Dean Last As The Chair, And Who Would Replace Him?

I went to Mass this morning, bless my heart, and as a good Irish

I have NO clue what's happening tonight.

About being non viable

Very interesting Kos post on Edwards vs Obama

Obama's Electability Is Questioned

In terms of statutory protections and privacy enforcement, US is the worst ranking in th

Note to Iowa: Only One Top Dem Will End Iraq Occupation, John Edwards!

Obama does the morning talk show circuit (VIDEO)

If Obama doesn't do well in Iowa, I will...

Has Anyone Else Heard That Richardson Is Saying If He Doesn't Meet The....

Trying To Figure Out Why I Like My Guy, Joe Biden

count me for Joe Biden

New InsiderAdvantage poll confirms Obama surging toward finish

Sufflolk County University New Hampshire Poll- Clinton 39% Obama 23% Edwards 17%

Help refuting anti-Edwards rhetoric?

A look at NH, NV & SC polls before they likely change post IA.

These Iowa Polls Are Useless, Go Take a Nap for 8 or 9 Hours.

Obama: The Organizer and the Movement

Edwards Reconsidered (Norman Solomon, former Kucinich supporter)

Intrade: Major movement to Obama - - Iowa and NH

Kos predictions

Biggest media red herring of the day?

Biden supporter: caucus for your candidate - check this out:

Ohio's Sec'y of State Orders Paper Ballot Option

I'm hearing a lot of support for Obama on Ed Schultz Show

The Stepford Candidate - interesting take on the McCain resurgence...

BIden Iowa Campaign Director: NO DEALS WITH ANY CAMPAIGN

Join me in this hope: No trouble. No ugliness. Just people voting.

Will we have a solid result on Iowa tonight?

Thoughts on an Obama - Biden Ticket

For Iowa’s Democrats, Too Many Good Picks: "I also really like Joe Biden."

My first vote in 1961 (JFK) the big discussion and talk on every

Edwards Statement On The Price Of Oil Reaching $100 A Barrel

All this negativity and rumor-mongering by the Obama camp; that's supposed to be 'Change'?

Edwards' campaign marathon enters final mile

8 Questions Iowa Could Answer

Obama Will Get Richardson’s Second-Choice Votes (NYT)

Kucinich files lawsuit after party denies him place on ballot

Why is the Obama campaign putting out false rumors of vote deals?

Biden, Dodd, Richardson to Iowans: Make your own decision

Gravel set to throw support....

Ol' Mike looks rabid.

ABC: "Hot Topics will be getting a whole lot hotter" as Hasselbeck returns to "The View"

First time in 56 years no incumbent Pres of VP running; plus take a break and read

Edwards: My Plan to Stop Corporate Abuses

If Biden is the dark horse tonight...

Joe Biden, this is for you tonight! ;)

Obama's "endorsement" rumor debunked by Richardson spokesman

Biden's Closing Argument Converts Eleventh-Hour Caucusgoers

The Final Countdown-

The Final Countdown!

WTF? What's with that ad here on DU? Obama & Edwards AGREE on 95% of issues?

Obama people -

Dying Iowa voter grills candidates on health care.

Iowa Attorney & former County Democratic Chairman Tim Lapointe: "Obama seems a bit too glib"

What Second Tier Candidate supporters have not realized about Iowa. They may get 0% statewide.

Hey look! He's AWAKE!

I'm so lazy ... what's the time zone for Iowa?

Drudge Does It Again

So which Republican result would you like to see tonight?

New Hampshire Attorney General Releasing Preliminary Results Of Probe Of Romney Mormon Calls

Are these vote deal rumors out there to suppress 2nd tier supporter turnout?

A Reminder: CSpan Will Be Broadcasting Live From Two Caucus

So Edwards wants Repugs in his cabinet so that he can have people telling him when he's wrong? WTF?

A list of the final polls for Iowa (from RCP, includes their average)

email from Barbara Boxer -- good news!

Edwards attacks high CEO pay, big oil profits

Why I support Joe Biden (this may take awhile)

Huckabee 2008

Fred Thompson to leave presidential campaign to accept role in new Broadway musical.

Mitt Romney on C-Span giving another speech full of crap...

Latest Reuters/C-Span/Zogby poll: Obama-31%, Edwards 27%, Hillary 24%

A Letter from a Republican in the New York Times..

A new "get a brain moran"!

Daily Kos Diary: Obama Has Been Warned

Can we call this "electability" nonsense the code word that it is?

Biden Takes Bush to Task Over Sale of F-16 Jet Fighters to Pakistan

Can someone explain the New York State Primary to me?

Fred Thompson - Leader of Caucus Zombies

Funny sketches from DMR


Thru Digby, rumors of vote trading between Edwards and Clinton

Primary Smack Down - Obama Girl Returns (VIDEO)

Wouldn't a 2nd place finish by Hillary be disastrous? (unbiased)

Latest Intrade numbers for Iowa - Obama 70 Clinton 25 Edwards 13.5

If Edwards doesn't do well in Iowa, I'm supporting Hillary.

Ed Schultz just announced that he thinks Edwards will win Iowa.

Your Idiot's Guide To The Democratic Caucuses

John Edwards has a plan

Photos: Barack and Michele Obama greeting potential caucus goers today in Des Moines, Iowa

CAUCUS DAY IN IOWA: Good wishes and gratitude to all our Democratic candidates

Biden Targets Edwards on Troop Training

Thompson claims "others" trying to derail his campaign

I am so damn partisan!

Cool silhouetted picture of Hillary

A nice pic for Hillary's supporters

It's not only college kids who are eligible to caucus tonight.

Joe Trippi was just on msnbc saying that Edwards is the Biden supporters second choice.

From WaPo: Biden's people are being directed to vote "undecided" if they fall under the threshold

Iowa Veterans Want U.S. Out of Iraq, Turn Toward Democrats

Iowans: Where are you caucusing this evening?

Bill Clinton: "I think she needed to show she wasn’t afraid."

Alter: Slumber Party. The caucuses are key. That doesn't mean they aren't dull.

Supreme Court Justice.. Bill Clinton

Charie Rose: Preview of the Iowa Caucuses, an interview with the Des Moines Register's David Yepsen

What do Sam Seder, MoveOn, Newsweek, Thinkprogress & The Nation Have In Common?

Biden Caucusers -- KEEP THE FAITH! Stand Strong for Joe! We're with you!

All right people. Help me out here. I gotta pick a candidate.

Here's how to make the next 24 hours on GD:P more enjoyable...

A possible reason for Kucinich mentioning Ron Paul

Will any of the caucus locations televise the meetings tonight?

Iowa predictions from "unaffiliated political operatives": Consensus is Obama

Hillary's Iowa Gap In Zogby Poll Worsens After Second-Choice Allocations

This whole Joe Biden is a foreign policy guru is truly laughable.

Who likes Norah O'Donnell?

Fuck you mainstream media!

McCain is in NH. What's that stuck on his ass?

I noticed the media is not reporting Ron Paul is rising

Please tell me I don't have to listen to Lou Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer to get news.

Tucker Carlson:

Oh snap, Ann Lewis getting pissed on MSNBC. ouch. Did anyone else just see that?

When will results begin to trickle in?

My hopes for the Repuke results tonight

Watch a live caucus on C-span tonight.

Is Mitt Romney like Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman"?

What's Caucus Day Like? Take A Look... (video)

Biden supporters, stand your ground!

McCain scares me to death. Do we have any dirt on him?

NYT's John Harwood: Is Obama a Plan B for Richardson Voters?

Note to Iowa: Only One Top Dem Will End Iraq Occupation

Righteous Anger of John Edwards... Anger? All of Us Should Be Pissed At our Leaders

Anyone want to suggest platform ideas

John Edwards Answers the Call of Environmentalists on the Climate Crisis

The irony of fearing the "Clintons are back"

Delawareans join Biden for last Iowa push

IOWA COVERAGE ON TV: Live, from Des Moines, It’s Thursday Night

Dodd may drop out, according to report

Hillary supporters on DU backing Obama?

The Closing Argument For John Edwards

New Franklin Pierce University/WBZ NH poll: Hillary - 32, Obama - 28, Edwards - 19

Fred 'Samsonite'* Thompson on CNN.


Will the Ghost of the Dog Huckabee's Son Tortured Come Back to Bite Him in the Ass?

< delete >

Richardson is lying, he is supporting Obama

Hillary and Bill today in Iowa

Obama urges calm in Kenya

From an undecided to all of the ultra-partisans out there...

Will relying on the youth vote burn Obama?

Kucinich Supporters - Can Someone PLEASE provide a PLAUSIBLE explanation for his support of OBAMA?

Psyching Out the Caucuses - "You take one more step and you'll be sorry"

Could it be that Kucinich just isn't

I want a huge turnout of dems tonight in Iowa and a puny one for the pukes

I Don't Trust MSM - They Are Crowing Like Obama Will Win Iowa Handily - Yet......

Blogger Predictions

It has been nice not having a candidate this time. It frees the mind...

Hillary Signals Free Pass For Genocidal Maniac Bush

Tucker's become a "bonified" fatass.

"Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay" April 25th

Another GOP Congressman decides to retire

Richardson Set to Throw Support to Obama

Bill O'Reilly, Rush and Michael Medved all dislike Mike Huckabee. Why?

Uh-Oh..God is talking to Pat Robertson again...

Karl Rove set to throw support to Edwards

I hate you corporate media!!

John Edwards support for Biden's Plan for Iraq ------>

How fucking stupid is Tucker?

To the people in Iowa -- just before i shutdown and watch you on c-span.

Race, Gender, Electability and Paranoia

Oh Christ! A co-worker just got the "Obama is a muslim" email from her Mormon sister

If Edwards does not win today, what will be the first state that he wins?

Do you and your spouse/significant other support different candidates?

Is anyone else avoiding the media until the BBC America begins their coverage?

I saw the future of our party today, several can't vote but donated their time

The Rude Pundit: Can't Wait to Hear What the White People of Iowa Have to Say

If any of you can stomach watching FAUX NEWS for a few seconds, you'll notice

MODERATORS ATTACK : Use DU Rules to Tombstone a Disruptor

Is it winner takes all, or proportional, in the Iowa precincts?

El Mundo to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Campaign's Rural Route

Obama still battles e-mail rumors

OMFG Rudy's new ad, talk about DESPERATION


Ron Paul Can Spoil McCain's Comeback Attempt in Iowa

If Biden comes in the top tier tonite - do you think the media

Did McCain seem a little...weird tonight?

Anyone still awake? Why all the fuss about Obama's ears?

Senior Clinton Campaign Source: If democrats turn out, she will win

Angry Bush Will Stall CIA Probe

Who is advising your candidate -- from Democracy Now! today.

ARG Iowa: Hillary 34%, Obama 25%, Edwards 21%...

Pro Gay Marriage Dems.... Who are you supporting?

When is the last time, before Edwards, that we actually had a major candidate

New Huckabee Scandal!

Edwards won Iowa

I HAVE A DREAM......That next November, WE MAY FINALLY SEE

If someone wins by a percentage point or two, does it matter?

Edwards cements populist message with rock concert (John Mellencamp)

For those who are considering Biden -- here's a summation of the issues

For those of you thinking ahead, ABC Saturday January 5 8:30 EST

The news is so ridiculous. "yeah, if Obama doesn't win, he's done"....

Why is it...?

So Obama quotes Republicans...has Republicans as his precinct captains..Damn

I'll be shocked if Obama wins

How can you sit at the table and negotiate with thieves?

martial law anyone?

Over 500,000 donors to Barack Obama for President!

Hillary voted to GO TO WAR

Would first caucus/primary get as much play if Iowa/NH were 50% black?

I am drawn to Edwards in a way that is inexplicable. I sense in him a deep and abiding

I'm joining my 21 year old son and virtually all his friends

My Prediction-Iowa Order

Zogby completes his book cooking and now has Obama firmly in the lead.

Kucinich refuses to promise to support the Democratic nominee

Pollster discusses Iowa caucus poll accuracy

Why I am supporting John Edwards over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton


Kucinich endorsed Donnie McObama; The New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition endorsed Edwards

Obama endorses ANTI-GAY BIGOTRY

I'm a former Republican. I joined the Dem party in 06. Obama is the first candidate

The Nation on John Edwards' fierce populism

Switching from Kucininch to Edwards. Why? Something Chomsky has said.

Obama's Big Advantage? He's Black.

1-3-2008 DU 1,000 vote minimum challenge poll of all announced candidates

Edwards is and FDR and a T.Roosevelt roiled into one

McCain, Romney, Giuliani have not accepted federal matching funds

I'm leaving for caucus in less than two hours...ASK ME ANYTHING.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS until Obama's campaign ends!

Why are so many Republicans pulling for Obama to win the Democratic Primary?

Edwards Camp, Council Bluffs Iowa

"Richardson has arguably the best resume of any candidate for the presidency in nation’s history"

Army freezes bonus payments

Report: UAV use has doubled over 9 months

New al-Qaida attacks target U.S.-allied Sunnis

GI dies from burns suffered in Dec. bombing

Half of Ark. 39th Infantry Brigade to leave

Unit tries new type of awakening in Iraqi town

Army expands captain incentive program

TBI studied in lab equipped with cannon

Reservist teacher sues school over pay denial

Recovery centers cater to female vets

Critics blast shortages, turnover in Army care

Skivvies for soldiers: Army mom urges donation

Petty officer dies after Kuwait vehicle crash

Reduced charges for E-6 in Hadithah deaths

Latest recruiting prospect: 80-year-old vet

Bonuses expire, hold up re-enlistments

Missing computer has info on 10,500 airmen

Regional centers made for contracting duties

Maxwell reserve squadron deploys to Iraq

Army helmets to gather blast data

Soldiers hand out food, clothing; insurgents use bombs to spread message

U.S. gets go ahead for Dal Molin construction

Hohenfels restricts over-the-counter products after six teens are caught abusing medicine

U.S.: Hospital in Philippines not forced to close by troop

Airmen warned of hazards associated with oil cleanup

Schweinfurt couple killed in car crash identified

PTSD Cases Soar for Female Soldiers

Subs in the GWOT

The Small Yet Mighty C-12s

DoD seeks troop input on predatory lending

Hybrid-Electric Howitzer Set to Debut

Court to Decide Fate of Navy Sonar

Paychecks shrink as COLA drops in Japan

Petraeus' Bed-Time Story: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Doom

RCA Dome packed for Ind. Guard unit send-off

Huckabee’s Non-Ad Ad: ‘I DON’T Approve This Message’

Gareth Porter: Rice and Gates Divided over Iran's Role in Iraq

Bickering Scaifes Speak For First Time On Their Messy Divorce

For Democrats, Too Many Good Picks; For Republicans, an Easier Path

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the Iowa Caucuses, *But Were TRULY Afraid To Ask

Musharraf A Serious Liability And Should Resign

Has Guiliani's new commercial gone too far?

NYT Editorial: The Right Move on the C.I.A. Tapes

Elizabeth Edwards introduces JRE at Steelworkers rally

The Doctor is Out (Dowd criticizes Howard Dean's "unadorned, unstyled and unconcerned" wife

Most networks scrambled to get people to Pakistan after killing (sad result of outsourcing the news?

Who should be the world's most powerful person?

Bill Richardson: Musharraf must go

United Steelworkers Canvass for John Edwards

Democrats: More Than Health Care

The Slice of the Sliver Speaks

Rogue party: Rove is still the soul of the Republicans

The clock ticks for Iraq's time bomb

Pakistan, Bhutto and the U.S.-Jihadist Endgame

Final Countdown to the Caucuses

In Iraqi Kurdistan, women driven to suicide

Ames IA - Edwards part 3

A dynasty isn't a democracy

Iowa Caucus Cometh!

John Edwards: Iowa Caucus Goers are Going to Stand Up! (enthusiastic crowd)

John Edwards in Creston Iowa - Onlooker

John Edwards: It's time to STAND UP!!!

Shocker in Iowa: Pat Buchanan Poised to Win Both Caucuses!

Barack Obama: Standing for Change in Cedar Rapids

Ron Paul ad: 'End birthright citizenship'

Union Roundup: Anymore, only athletes and people getting residuals can *afford* to strike

The Beginning Of The End Of Bush

Sins of omission and sins of commission haunt Bush in Pakistan-McClatchy

Bumping our Heads


John Edwards's Righteous Anger

Message from Dennis Kucinich 01/01/08

Edwards Reconsidered by Norman Solomon

Dr. Pou and the Hurricane — Implications for Patient Care during Disasters (New Eng Jour Med)

Moves from the Cigna playbook

Stagflation Cometh (Joseph Stiglitz)

Bush slide show to Monty Python's 'All Things Dull and Ugly'

Keyes-Obama debate

Mike Malloy vs right winger Steve Malsberg - Foley Fallout on MSNBC (2006)

Journey to the dark side

Out of Africa (July, 2004: Maureen Dowd rips John Kerry's wife)

What's Caucus Day Like? Take A Look...

John Edwards - Building One America

New Years Resolution For 08: IMPEACH!

Gov. Bill Richardson: "Now is the time for peace."

Resisting the Drums of War

Sen. Joe Biden: Ready To Lead From Day One

Europeans chafe under New Year 'nanny state' laws

The Iowa Caucuses: Five Not-So-Unlikely Surprises

Iowa Caucus 101!

John Edwards - United Steelworkers Local 164

Senator Hillary Clinton on David Letterman part1

Uncle Jay Explains the News - 2007 Year in Review

Biological Alarms detect Francisella tularensis Washington 9/24/05

Kucinich [on Iraq]: "Everybody in this administration will be held accountable".

Senator Hillary Clinton on David Letterman part 2

Hillary 's Top Ten Campaign Promises

David Letterman Back With Hillary And A Beard

(Army) Bonus payments frozen (AT)

John Edwards - FDR - Fort Madison, Iowa

The Long Cold Winter

Students for Obama

Fox News: Frank Luntz shows Edwards ad to caucus voters

Women of Peace -Mother Theresa to Bhutto

New Rudy Ad Exploits Bhutto's Murder

Countdown: Waterboarding-Gate (KO and Jonathan Turley)

Mellencamp Rallies for John Edwards during the Final Caucus Countdown!

Warning: Drug Ads Can Make You Sick

Fantastic video of Edwards in NH meeting voters door by door

Reporters Agree: Hillary Is A Cold Fish

John Edwards on Health Care

Pat Robertson: God told me who will win ‘08 election

Milan introduces traffic charge (BBC) {no charge for electric/hybrid}

China's biggest oilfield output drops...peaked!

Alaska oil exploration to begin - BBC

FERC Issues License for Hydrokinetic Project (Wave power Makah Bay, WA)

Coal-to-gas plan drawing fire (Mass.)

OPINION: Nuke industry’s PR machine confounds state legislators (WI)

Outspoken environmentalist puts his money where his mouth is (Maine)

States challenge car emissions ruling - Reuters

First UK coal plant in 30 years clears hurdle - Reuters

Group will buy dams, restore wild fish runs (Penobscot River, Maine)

Riding high? Amtrak sees ridership rise

Emissions down, but lasting efforts may suffer

Green units profitable, says builder

Israeli expert significantly boosts efficiency of solar cells

Nature and Man Jointly Cook Arctic (Nature study)

Alaskan Sea Drilling Plans Condemned-drilling starts next month

New (NY State) laws encourage concern for environment

Hokkaido University Study - Japan's Salmon Population May Vanish By 2100 Thanks To Warming Seas

Australia In 2007 - Record Highs In West (By 5C+), Record Coldest June- Australian

Temperature Disruption In Troposphere May Have Helped Speed Arctic Ice Loss In 2007 - AFP

More frequent trains could help break car dependence (VT)

Carbon Uptake Potential Of Northern Forests Cut By Warming - AFP

2007 Hottest Year For Adelaide, Australia In 120 Years Of Record-Keeping -

IPCC Founder And Climate Scientist Bert Bolin Dies At Age 82 - AP

Same Jellyfish Species Famous For Clogging Black Sea Now Endangers Fish In The Baltic - Independent

LURC approves Stetson wind farm (New England's largest- 57 MW, Maine)

The problem with carbon capture and storage (CCS)

New Form Of Variant CJD Discovered In England After 2000 Death Of 39-Year-Old Woman

Cheney & Staff Met Repeatedly With Auto Executives Months Before EPA Killed CA Climate Plan

Saudi Aramco Announces Indefinite Delay Of Startup Of Khursaniyah Field Upgrade - Bloomberg

Review deems wind farms 'catastrophic' to birds

Thanks to all who post here.

Paul Crutzen, Other Climate Scientists Push To Rename Holocene "Anthropocene" - ABC News

Toshiba micro-reactor a "hoax"

Tower of power (baseload solar)

German Energy Firm Predicts $200 Oil Within Ten Years - Financial Times Deutschland

Top Economists Unite To Endorse JOHN EDWARDS For President

'Cause I'm 38 years old, and I'm just tired of waiting for all the men to fix it all....

ARG Iowa: Hillary 34%, Obama 25%, Edwards 21%...

Hillary Clinton on Caucus Day: Staying on Message

Action lagging for mine-safety laws passed 2 years ago

Screeners seek a say: As TSA workers in Atlanta join unions, debate reignites

On e-bay: Official AFSCME for Hillary Clinton Lapel Pin 2008

Setting the Record Straight on Obama, Health Care and Unions

Workers Are Not a “Special Interest”

Labor Unions and Taft-Hartley

Chicago Tribune: Mexican trucks remain in U.S.

Eight Gazans killed by IDF fire; Katyusha hits north Ashkelon

Hezbollah: Israel behind assassinations in Lebanon

Our violent presence

Gaza Human Rights Organizations Condemn Violence between Fatah Supporters and Palestinian Police

J'lem seeks Bush okay for IDF free hand in W. Bank

IDF finds two rockets in process of assembly in Nablus

‘Tension’ Seen Over Bush’s Israel Visit

Democracy: An existential threat?

Ungenerous occupier: Israel's Camp David exposed

Chavez softens tone for 2008

Visit Cuba this April with the US/Cuba Labor Exchange


Biden Won't Make Second-Choice Deals

Beau Biden on XM POTUS 130.... just started

Reporter on POTUS was with Joe today.

New color of money farmers 'climate credits'

"Mom, you're interrupting my speech."

Gold Leads Commodities Rally on Oil Gain, Dollar Drop

I can't take it out there in gdp.

Economists say odds of recession are rising

Anyone watching CSPAN?

Okay, I couldn't take it...

Joe Biden appearance in Coralville, IA this evening (January 2nd)

One Clinton supporter down

That was the most outrageous thing I've ever witnessed at DU

C-span is at it again -

So when will we know?

I guess I didn't make it up!

Good comments here at HuffPo:

Oh, I forgot to mention...

To all the Bidenites:


Check it out and Reccomend


vote vote vote

Caucus Math,

Chris from Biden camp in Delaware called last night for money,

Caucus Night Deal Poll

Don't forget

For the Biden group, only.

So I'm hearing that YouTube and googlemaps will have almost LIVE video

Vote for Joe

OMG - turn on msnbc NOW

Hi -- can you STAND the excitement??

Hello Bidenites and Bideniers

Biden at 23% after Edwards in the following poll

"Ladies and Gentlemen "- I am starting to get nervous.


Has anyone started a thread in GDP . . .

$833,690.00 1/03 7:55 am

Lucky Charms for Breakfast? Biden Staffers Share Game Day Rituals

Anyone ever seen this filthy Youtube video?

A Message From One Of The Troops

You know.....

Another positive idea I had with Joe's audiences. They're not kids.

Last minute message of support for Joe's caucusers

What does this mean for Biden?

Check this out - especially our Iowan caucus-goers

cnn candidate summary

Word from Iowa

Whoa, Look at this one, new on Page 1....


Bullion outshines record from 1980

Bill Richardson on GLBT rights.

Jim Talent: Romney will stop 'the militant gays.'

Kenya's Contested Election Demonstrates Necessity of PRECINCT-BASED Counting, Reporting of Tallies

An Inside Look at How the Iowa Democratic Caucuses Work

Voter ID Court Challenges Expected to Have Big Impact on 2008 Elections

There's something wrong with me because I really don't care who gets it.

Primary voters: the big three aren’t worth your time or money

Which is the best team NOT playing in the BCS game?

Screen shot from last nights Fiesta Bowl...


ESPN: Cam Cameron Fired

The Polls are open at the Orange Bowl Caucus

YO TRUMAD re: Cam Cameron

This Orange Bowl is for the birds!

Which SEC team will be preseason ranked Number One for the 08 Season?

Say it ain't so -- Oakland A's trade Nick Swisher

Clemens Could Be Sued for "60 Minutes" Interview

Eureka Times-Standard OpEd: Hand-counting ballots can work

Huckabee crosses picket line, points out "The people want someone who looks like

I got a raise!

ESPN radio: Bellichick AP coach of the year

Join in the "Spooky action at a Distance" for John and Elizabeth!

wow, emotions are running high today...

LSU is the visiting team in the BCS Game

Holy Shit!!! Finally Saw A Replay On NFL Network Yesterday Not Involving The Patriots!!!

Astrology and the Primary Season

For you NFL history buffs....

Astrology for January 1st - 5th 2008

Which team do you hope gets eliminated the most this weekend?

Patriots gearing up INTENSELY for The Big Weekend

Voting Systems 2007

Since when have RX plans made the distinction between "maintenance" and

New discovery could reduce the health risk of high-fat foods

Patients forced on to the streets as fire engulfs cancer hospital

This is REALLY odd. Optometrists and opticians just look at me funny,

Fresh Fossil Evidence Of Eye Forerunner Uncovered

Map that named America is a puzzle for researchers

Telescope spies newborn planet

Bill Callahan + Joanna Newsom @ Presbyterian Church, SXSW

Pope approves Lourdes indulgences

my wife made me watch 5 minutes of Bill O'Reilly last night.

Einstein's lesser known quote

got a new job working for a guy that has a religious radio program

Extreme Sledding

I just got a British cookbook from the library

How many gold and silver dragees can you eat

Training up EXTREME RightWing Robots at Patrick Henry College

Interesting: Mitt Romney -- AWB brouhaha devoping

New 9/11 novel out

OT (Iowa, but Repugnants): Hertzberg on Mitt, Huckabee, and God

Ouch. Salon article critical of Dems who backed the Bhutto deal in Pakistan


OT, but excellent view on Mitt Romney by Chimesatmidnight

Good luck in Iowa tomorrow!

And, during this time, John Kerry works...

Chucky's not running!

GOP Looking for Revenge in Texas

Science debate 2008

Should everyone who was on the 35W bridge get aid?

Jesse Ventura must have run into Don Juan in Mexico

Farheen Hakeem Signed Letter of Support for of Corrupt Councilman

Need some advice on the best way to proceed, I have a "dual boot" set up right now...

OMG, you gotta try this.

CanWest: Defence program over budget by $132 million

doop doop

OK, this is kinda funny.

KOEB 1-2-08 KO returns (finally!) edition

Does public opinion on Afghanistan even matter?

Who's WEAC (and other teachers unions) supporting?

Colleges start their own K-12 schools

Now WGA Says: *No* Deal Reached for Golden Globes Broadcast

Any East Coasters watch Letterman tonight?

I Have A Lot Of LP's And Cassette's Of Good Music That I Like To Download To My iPod......

Yes. You can have great music mated to an AWFUL movie.

A Review of Mike Watt and the missing men concert.

Another set of comics

Supreme Court Race In April A Repeat Of ziegler Bullshit?

RIP Lee Sherman Dreyfuss

Any chance Edwards will make it to Madison?

Jane Smiley on Bill Kristol

RW morning tool on WTAM-1100 Cleveland snarkily derided Gore for global warming

Iowa Caucus Night LIVE video coverage - c/o Brave New Films

Poor Media are trying to spin the Iowa story

Please tell me this is just an internet rumor/one person movement

Why do I do it? (introduction and vent)

Feline dental care - what do you do?