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Are You Still Doing the DU Movie ButtScratch?

A simple answer please, for

God is dead, I guess.


Sorry Patriots, but you aren't best ever

Web designers who design non-resizable pop up windows with important data should be executed.

We got some REALLY good news today.

It is still a beautiful world. Strive to be happy.

Gotta give Bill Cosby some real credit...

And now, for all you "kudzu is going places" fans !!

RACAULK! Did you forget to tie up the goat last night?


Is Keith going gray?

Does the History Channel know something I don't?

You know, I wouldn't mind trolls as much if they came with free shots of Jagermeister or Wild Turkey

I made cornish game hens for supper, with green beans.

Quick! 15 minutes till I leave. Recommend a movie.

I just took the Jeopardy online test.

I think I'm gonna go home and maybe BeDazzled something

I have one thing to say about Hillary Clinton winning the Florida primary.

A whole forum on DU is closed to me because of my own rules, dammit:

Super Bowl Fantasy Team - What if it were the pterodactyls against the

People who make Cornish Game Hens for dinner and not invite us should be banned

If it's not Edwards, I'm voting Republican!

I'm working on a Powerpoint presentation on verb tenses!

OMG!!111 Did U guyz NO?!

HAVE to see video incorporating the song "Come Wander With Me" from the Twilight Zone classic

I have to say this.

Yoga or Yogurt?

GDP is like freeperland tonight

i was driving down clark street at around 6:15 a.m.

Whoever it was that came up with that whole 'better to have loved and lost' crap needs to be shot.

Ohmigod, somehow my silly "politics as high school drama" post got 96 RECS!

More Torgo, Please.

And like a desert spring, my lover comes and spreads her wings

Any ya other bloomers recalls hows we wuz gonna plan us a rebellution forty years ago?


A Little More Love

Excitement (Crime!!1!) in the Sniffa/Bi-Baby household

They say the airport thermal fart is fake

I can't decide...

Enjoy your measly tax rebate checks, losers!! I've won the Irish National Lottery!!

I have to confess...

Ooh, it's ugly out there tonight! If GDP is a windy, frostbitten winter's eve...

Do radio stations broadcast at, like, 2-3 in the morning?

WELL! Apparently I can't scan an important document

News Coverage from Critical Events in History



There's something quietly beautiful about the new Kleenex commercial:

In case you forget, I provide the following PSA at my own expense because I care about you deeply:

Anyone else notice this bizarre DU anomaly?

Help Me Make It Through The Night

question about photobucket

anyone else like to See-Saw??

Let's draft Garrison Keillor for President

Ultimate Warrior news update

A Request for Help from Our Infamous, Renowned DU Lounge Geniuses

DU looks strange tonight to me

Does this picture/caption crack anyone else up???

Was anyone else scared of TV sign-offs, test patterns, etc. as a child?

Anyone know the answer here?


Costco vs. BJs Wholesale Club (living wage/Blue business question)

Anyone else addicted to Google Earth?

Some fuckwad just scared my wife and I as we were trying to get our repo'd car back.

First candidate who declares an unbridled love of corn will win my support

My 1 month anniversary

I Just Want To Hold Somebody Tight Tonight

Dammit, how come exercising 9 minutes makes me so dizzy?

For those of you who miss Walt Starr, check out

I don't know anything! Ask me anything!

Pot - Smoke it?

So, now my cat has contracted an e-coli infection. How?

I think romance novels saved my marriage. Ask me anything.

does anyone have any topless maid services recommendations?

My family has been adopted, and it feels good.

So my wife walks into our local Braums Dairy...

if it's minus 40 celsuis or lower where you are, post where you are from...

What's the first movie to ever have scared the hell out of you?

It's confessional time again!

If the writers are still on strike how is there a new Americanidol?

Chew Toy slightly disgusting

I just received an email from Billary with a big giant glaring boo boo, worse than my boo boos!

Let There Be Peace on DU, and Let It Begin With Me

surge update - Ten Severed heads and nine bodies found in Iraq field

Who was that nut on the Tomm Harthman show today, going on about

Rudy's humiliation demonstrates his larger failures...his inability to strategize.

He’d rather talk about sex than God

NY Time Bob Herbert: "Investing In America."

Smirk This: Oil Giants Profit, Working Families Struggle to Pay the Bills

Failling Afghanistan

How Hillary or Obama will win in the fall

Lieberman Rules Out Running With McCain (AP)

No chance against Mexico's drug cartels

Gary Hart: The Burdens of Empire

At the kitchen table...

OK. They got the phone call right. Maybe I'll go see Bill just because

Scab on Romney: "He's earned his fortune by turning companies around..."

I'm no Republican pollster

How unexpected... another group calling itself the conservative version of

An important message from Paul McCartney -- please take action for seals today.

Mukasey won't comment on waterboarding (AP)

Report details Kalamazoo commissioner's arrest

Ecuador investigates Galapagos slaughter of more than 50 sea lions

(Faux) Early Exit Polls: Seniors and Hispanics Strong For McCain

Billary is absolutely disgusting

Move America Forward at it again

So will we not have the Ghoulmeister to kick around after tonight?

Please delete, wrong place

Okay, close your eyes. The Dem candidate that wins in 2008...

Obama WON late deciders

Are there any grownups on DU? hugs to mods!

Rush Limbaugh has trouble voting on Touch Screen Machines

CNN, Fox, MSNBC call Florida for McCain

The President of Florida

McCain, ... faces extra cash hurdle (public financing)

The Pentagon's Revolving Door

Bartcop nails it.

Democracy for america needs help fighting FISA

Where will jobs come from ?

A Requiem for Rudy Giuliani....from The Clash

Mittens stepping up to the plate!

Poetic justice if wayward spy satellite fell on the Crawford Ranch?

Why aren't we discussing the fact that...

why is McCain so pro war

Ok, I know it's primary season and Bush is out of office next year...

Time again for A Cherokee Proverb

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Turns 15

If you believe the media manipulates campaigns, sign this please!!

Rudy Giuliani will endorse John McCain Wednesday,

Cleanup crews often can tell why eviction happened

Rudy to endorse McCain from Reagan library

NBC News confirms giuliani will endore mccain tomorrow

Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's Rudy!

How to Protect Yourself: Attorney's Advice - No Charge

The U.S. is Arming the Middle East

if mccain is the nominee, will we see another terrorist attack ?

Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum

PHOTO: Home foreclosures mean abandoned animals are becoming a given

giuliani = toast

750 miles from the united states people are eating dirt

John McCain's Displaced Ardor For War


fcc meets to discuss buttocks

McCain's exit polls...interesting.

'Give 'em Hell Harry'

Funny t-shirt "BAN A REPUBLICAN"

Can anyone bring themselves to watch Fox News?

My friends...if we have to listen to John McCain saying, "My friends" for four years. I'm going to

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

FCC aims fine at ABC and affiliates for indecency, claiming buttocks are "a sexual organ"

Florida: Further confirmation of a Kerry Landslide ( TIA ) ( x )

Bush Issues Signing Statement On Defense Act, Waiving Ban On Permanent Bases In Iraq

Marc Grossman to Testify in House on Wednesday

Power of the scientific accident: Scientists discover way to reverse loss of memory

Middle-age is truly depressing, study finds

Tweety: "In this Christian time... "

A Daily Show SOTU "Wrap-up" sans writers (on now)

NY Times: Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler

Someone in my family is Republican, and I have a question for some of you...

Great e-mail from Senators Kerry and Kennedy:

Rudy Giuliani, After Florida Primary Defeat, Begs Rivals For Some Punishment

Obama says Clinton's celebrity an advantage & "trust" me on the economy.

Are You Still Doing the DU Movie ButtScratch?

When do the polls close in Florida?

Hillary Clinton doesn't get Jerry Brown's endorsement. Bill scolds Brown for attacking his wife.

Obama's Exelon ties merit close look

Hillary has to win her Florida non-primary by double-digits or it's a failure

What makes people think Florida's going to count?

What's up with MSNBC's pundits calling Tweety Keith?

I LOVE a repug food fight.

Butterfly Ballots give Rudy! Big Win in Florida!

NBC's Fineman: Giuliani has spent 60 million dollars and earned exactly ONE delegate

Love me some Lou Dobbs and CNN

Didn't get to vote tonight.


Online FL returns?

Now that's one close election...

A lot of old people standing behind Obama at latest pep rally

Wouldn't it be funny if Edwards beats Obama for second in Florida?

Mittens and McCain are neck-and-neck at 31% each with 3% counted

Thousands expected in Atlanta for Edwards, Clinton bash

When Bigotry Boomerangs: The Shortest Month and African American History

Has anyone (iside the media or out) actually heard HC say she was snubbed?

Six Figure Ad Campaign against McCain starts comparing her to Hillary

Giuliani is TOAST

Giuliani comes in 3rd in FL; blames al-Qaeda for not attacking.

CNN reporting numbers higher then the State of Fl is.

Obama campaign allows the use of their website for organizing in FL!

If McCain is going to be the repuke nominee, we would be better off with Obama

Another Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy, to endorse Obama

Scab on Romney: "He's earned his fortune by turning companies around..."

If Clinton Wanted to Mend Fences, She Has a GOLDEN Opportunity

Edwards close to Obama in Florida. Obama ran TV ads in Florida; Edwards didn't.

Message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kerry and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in support of Hillary

This "snub" incident should serve, yet again, as a valuable lesson to Democrats

A pro-Hillary robo-call in Florida

Foxnews: Hillary wins Florida primary

Florida may hold a Democratic caucus in the spring, in which the delgates would count.

Nobody seems to be mentioning the FL Dem primary

48 - HRC - 30 - BO -14 - JE 8:01 p.m.

Team Clinton is taking on the media, the Republicans, Obama, Howard Dean

Cape Cod Times Endorses Hillary

Looking a little better for my guy

Obama campaign says

Check in 2004 supporters of John Edwards - Who are you backing now?

CNN Exit Poll: Importance of Kennedy Endorsement: Important 49 Not Important 47

Holy Joe says "No" to McCain Veep, no "intention of leaving the Democratic Party"

Congrats to Hillary and her supporters!

Who are you hoping wins the Florida GOP Primary?

3rd party camapigning in FL Is cheating except when my guy does it!

interesting age and gender demographics on CNN Florida returns page

On your mark... get set...

Stick a fork in Ghouliani - he is done

But, You Ask, Where Has David Geffen Given His $$$ This Primary Season?

Romney and McCain almost tied

Our Divisiveness: Healthy or Suicidal?

CNN Live Florida Coverage

Edwards Leaners take this photo into the voting booth with you

CNN calling for Clinton

Olbermann just said Obama may use Oprah in CA!

Tomorrow's headlines: McCain wins FL; Obama-Oprah-Teddy head West; Hillary breaks DNC rules in FL.

Giuliani just 1% above Huckabee! Could finish 4th...

Hey Timmeh!!!!

Has Pres Bush endorsed Billary Yet?

They are all gonna call the Florida Democratic " " probably when the polls close

If you're an Obama voter and you know Clinton will win FL

Wow, almost 60 percent of Democratic Party Florida vote is women

Jimmy Carter Praises Obama, But Won't Endorse Candidate

Is today's FLA vote = to an MLB spring training exhibition game? Nobody really cares who won.

BREAKING - McCainn, Romney too close to call.

To bad Florida doesn't count...try again in the REAL world

Can we all party out when the Ghouliani does his concession speech?

Obama lit drop in FL - from TPM

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/29/08 - Clinton up 2 (41), Obama up 1 (32), Edwards up 1 (18)

Handy Guide to How Many Delegates Will Be At Play In Democratic Primary in Florida

Ok if Mit is the repukes guy how do we run and WIN against him?

So far, John Edwards is viable in a state he didn't set foot in.

Hillary has 385,828 votes with 33% of precincts in......

Hillary is up 75,000+ votes on Old Man Cain. He's really been trying.

Hillary on CNN - NOW!

Florida voting demographics tonight - 62% of voters above age 50

We all won just as many delegates as Hillary today

Fair is fair?

So will Rudy claim cancer or use a different disease to get out of the race

Carter Praises Obama But Won't Endorse

BREAKING...FauxNoise Has Declared FL for Bush....

Hillary Clinton rally under way in Florida!

"It is not a good night for Rudy Guilliani in Florida." Jim Lehner on the News Hour

Unions are busy locally but not all for 1 candidate

CNN is saying that no one is listening to the details. Hillary got the headline and the photo op.

Fox News seems pretty bugged at how good McCain is doing

Clinton Live from Florida

Howard Dean tell CNN to shut this "Election" slander down. Or never host another debate

Lieberman rules out running with McCain

The headlines read Hillary Wins Florida


Obama's Margin Was Larger in a contest that counted than Hillary's tonight


CNN Exit Poll Obama gets 80% of AA vote

ALL FIRED UP-Hillary Clinton-projected WINNER in FL--cnn

Boy, aren't the rightwingers laughing right now.

We're Democrats. Be PROUD!

I'm glad to see the media is doing the right thing and not reporting FL as a "win" for Clinton.

Will Edwards be king maker or queen maker?

Florida: Clinton got 53 % of the white votes, Obama got 70 % of black votes, Clinton got 30 %

Say Goodnight Rudy!!! You held down the #1 Position for Over a Year and Got 1 Delegate....

Exit poll reveals educational, gender, racial, and religious differences in voting

Why did MI and FL move their Primaries....?

BREAKING: FLORIDA A 3 WAY TIE!!!! Congratulations to all!!!

Pretty good size turnout despite the fact that the Florida votes won't chose the nominee

Hillary wins ZERO delegates!

70% of Florida Voters Believe Our Country is Ready for a Black President.

Hillary under 50% in Florida. Obama is now over 30%

0 delegates apiece! Edwards ties Clinton and Obama in Florida!

Unfortunately DEMS cannot crow this time about pulling more

If Edwards ran ads in Florida too could he have finished second?

Question about Hillary... if she cared so much about Florida not being disenfranched, why'd she...

Rudy headquarters in Florida is quiet.

Giuliani expected to endorse McCain, as early as Wednesday

Obama and MSNBC. ".You don't count Florida"

Miami Herald: Clinton wins in a ROUT

Is Obama going to thank his Florida voters?

69% of the voters voted BEFORE Obama's win in S.C. and many as early as before Iowa!

So will Bill Clinton's role change? No nasty response please...

It's pretty clear McCain is going to win. : Giuliani is expected to withdraw from the GOP and and endorse McCain

By Delegates Earned... Florida Is A Three Way Tie.. 0-0-0

CNN Exit poll: Clinton Wins Late Deciders

The Turnblatts Express Their Thrill at the Florida Rout

1 million strong for Hillary?

I'm seriously bummed about Florida

You want a story for tomorrow? I have your story....

Geezer McCain is winning

Why are so many Obama supporters scared witless about Florida?

Haha.. I love watching MSNBC tonight. Joe and Pat are ripping apart McCain.

IF Obama is the nominee I think he would be wise to choose Joe Biden as his VP

Ghouliani expected to bow out and endorse McCain.

Obama WON late deciders

Ha!....Anybody else waiting for the Huckleberry scream?

~Official Clinton supporters who are rooting for Edwards to come in 2nd in FL thread!~

Obama comes from way behind to either win, route or tie Hillary in every state

Hucakabee concession: I'm gonna sweep the southern fundie vote next week

The Florida snub

FL: Statewide Property Tax Ammendment Attracts 100ks voters

Why did Florida choose to illegally move its primary?

So What Is The Average $$$ Makeup of Davies Florida

CNN: Giuliani may drop out, endorse McCain tomorrow. Discussions underway

I think John McCain has basically just won the Republican Nomination

Hillary wins over Obama 37 to 34

Can we just go back to the great handshake crisis of....last night?

The People's Choice Award goes to ...

So Obama and his sidekick Ted Kennedy didn't "snow" all those FL snowbirds.

Jeez, so far 1 MILLION DEMOCRATS voted in FL and we're only halfway there

How Many Obama Supporters Will Not Vote for Clinton if she Wins the Nomination?

Obama Whining already

Obama leaners...take this photo into the voting booth with you.

Elian's Miami family lawyer on stage with Hil. Manny Diaz. The war on Cuba is on! n/t

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 21% in Florida.

McCain wins Florida.

CNN is reporting Obama whining about Florida victory. "Frustrated at this picture of victory"

UNITE Obama Oprative Florida mailer - English and Spanish (pictures )

The story tonight and tomorrow is going to be the Republican race in

That's right Barak, you keep telling TWO MILLION VOTERS they don't matter

MSNBC using Soviet style language control: Hillary has "most votes" in FL primary

Claiming Victory when there is none!

Please read this: Very simple reason why Florida didn't matter tonight

more votes cast by mail in California than were cast in Iowa, NH, Nevada, and SC combined

AP: Obama gives away money tied to donor (more today)

The real reason Obama & company are pissed about FL? Takes away from their SC momentum.

Rudy To Drop Out and Endorse McCain as Early as Wednesday

Hillary leaners, please take these pictures with you into the voting booth

This Hillary Sham In Florida Is Pathetic And Laughable At The Same Time........

Clinton / Feingold? nt

Why isn't Hillary's "triangulation" working with independents?

McCain wins

The Clintons are holding a locker room celebration for winning a game that wasn't played.

Official Florida appreciation thread..

A website to see who donates to who. NewsMeat

Do the Obama supporters want any more cheese with their wines?

Does CNN's insane technology props look as silly to anyone else as they do to me?

Let's take up a collection for a case of Kleenex for Fux News

Navajo Peterson Zah Supports Clinton

Foxnews projects a McCain win

Looks like Over 1 Million voted Democrat in Florida

Sounds like Chris Matthews got his check from the McCain campaign...

Florida Vote: Which is it? Meaningless or Meaningful?

Wag the Dog. She is a disgusting human being. She really is.

GD Primaries Official "Thank The Mods" Thread

Can we seat Florida's Delegates, yet release Michigan's?

Clinton and Sebelius?

Everyone, Read Obama's book Audacity of Hope!

THE HUNT FOR DELEGATES Obama Mines Small, Traditionally Red States

Dumbest move ever by Rudy

Congratulations to Clinton and her supporters

Obama is toast ? Handshaking, sitdown, Florida is a beauty contest..A pattern ?

Join President Bill Clinton for a “Solutions for America” in Tempe, AZ Jan 31st.

Rudy will endorse McCain Wednesday - Halperin

Hi Ho, the 9/11 Witch is Dead!!!!

OK folks, we are DEMOCRATS!!

In 2004 turn out in Florida's Dem Primary = 712,863

Mitt Romney is a totally creepy brainwashed dick.

Hillary 58% Obama 21% Edwards 17% Results starting to come in

Boy, that Mittens is on top of things: we're losing jobs to "countries like India and Asia"

Can Romney say 'economy' some more? "The 'economy' is in my DNA"

Clinton neutralizes McCain on national security, destroys him on domestic, and GENDER GAP

McEntee Calls on Democrats to Seat Florida Delegates

Hillary's no victory "victory party" is really weird. oootsie-cutsie answer to Billary..

We should take up a collection for a case of Kleenex

Ignoring a candidate is the (R)/M$M thing to do -- it is not the Democratic way

Gahhhhhhhhh Romney just called Asia a country.

Since I live in Florida, I'll comment, this one was over before it even started

Finally: Video Of Clintons SC Concession Speech

Hillary to speak soon on CNN

Sadly, Ted Kennedy is wrong.

Russert said: that people who voted very early favored Hillary but...

Fortress USA? (Interesting Re: Obama & HRC)

Someone answer a Brit Hume/Faux Noise Question for me.

Even a moron from TX can beat Billary's team

When Obama is routed in California is he going to declare victory since half have already voted?

It's A Tie!-Obama Campaign Calls Florida Primary

If you really want FL and MI to count

Only 3% of Americans have never heard of Obama

Question to Hillary supporters: If she had lost Florida, would she be there giving a concession

Clinton coming up on CNN.

If war is so wonderful, why is it that NO romney kids are in the military? nt

LOL.. Camp Hillary is trying to spin the FL results...

AP: Clinton: "we will take charge of our destiny once again,"--

FL could have been competetive?

How are Hillary supporters proud of a "win" in Florida when no one campaigned in the state?

A Multi Millionaire Just Told Me I Should Hate Hillary-Care

19% Hispanic population in wonder Obama doesn't want these votes to count.

Mitt's speech

Mittens hearts Bush for keeping us safe

it's fun seeing Romney about ready to cry

Huffington Post has no mention of Hillary getting the most votes in Florida

Another big story tonight: Polls Wrong Again.

Has all of America forgotten 9/11?

pop the No-Doz. get the coffee going. McCain's up

McCain on the economy

Clinton victory speech in Florida

Now that Billary have won a HUGE victory in Florida,

The people who support Obama and are vicious towards Clinton are a minority

Edwards rallies Minnesota supporters at St. Paul union hall

The One and Only Lesson from Florida is

"This is a race for delegates, it is not a battle for individual states"


Dana Milbank: Much Ado About No Delegates

self delete

Giuliani just said he ran an "uplifting" campaign.

Billary is the scum of the earth...In case anyone had any doubts before tonight

Just like I said...FL won't be seen as important for the Dems.

Clinton AND Obama are holding rallies

THE COLOR OF MONEY COLUMN: Sen. Hillary Clinton on Economy and ‘How to Fix Things’

The best thing about Giuliani dropping out

Special Interest Money Helps Obama and Others

Too many "I"s in McCain's victory speech. He's finished

Still more Rezko money to charity.

Why does Obama bring out the rethuglican in his supporters?

I guess this has made the rounds in here...

*sigh* Ok, I give in. I'm changing my Edwards avatar to:

I think John Edwards should make yard signs out of GD:P thread titles

Hillary live on CNN

I listened to Johnny Mac and Willard tonight


Screw you, Rush Limpbawl, are you feeling irrelevant yet?

I have to admit that HRC does well in non-competitive states

OK, granted, I don't have TV, but I don't see that Hillary is doing anything wrong tonight

How do we run and WIN against McCain...

More on the "snub" -- Russert just said Clinton wanted to sit next to Obama

X Post from GD: Another Repub. congressman quits.

How did Obama manage to get STOMPED in Florida as the ONLY candidate running ads for weeks?

Rudy drops out, endorses McCain

Results coming in on CNN website

No Class, No Pride, No Shame, No Character. No Moral Highground. Hillary gets booed.

Giuliani to endorse McCain. Reporter speculated that it means

Lieberman rules out running with McCain

MSNBC said on SuperTues Obama won't be talking about VOTES or DELEGATES but STATES

First point we have to ram home, McCain is NOT an outsider

We should be discussing the bad news tonight...

Ahhh the smell of re-written history is in the air

Hey Obama Supporters, What Generation do you belong to?

Great, GREAT WIN Hillary! you DID IT!

768,830 and counting voters in Florida voted for Hillary and she went down to thank them

FL Voter: If my will doesn't count because I have no delegates to give you,

Clinton is going to chew up and spit out Obama on Thursday debate if CNN interview is any indication

McCain's wins must really indicate he's the 'only' viable candidate.

McCain - Huckabee???

Hillary Clinton(s) being interviewed on Faux Noise right now.

Huckabeast should drop out.

Edwards, Obama, Clinton...

Bill And Hill... Two Peas In A Putz

Hill coming up next on MSOBAMA...

What are the new delegate numbers after tonight?

The question coming out of tonight is whether Obama can win large diverse states?

How many view the Florida straw poll as legitimate? Edwards didn't get to campaign there.

Hillary on MSNBC

How will Hillary win any Independents from McCain?

PHOTO: Congradulations, JOHN McCAIN on another VICKTORY!!!!111!!!1


While Everyone Was Focused on FL Tonight, OBAMA WAS GIVING BACK MORE $$$ TO

A lot of people came out to vote for the amendment in FL

Where's Obama tonight?

Hillary on fox news now

*sigh* Ok, I give in. I'm changing my Edwards avatar to:

Hillary Clinton claims victory in uncontested, delegateless Florida primary; holds "victory rally."

why the fuck is everybody so happy about Romney's primary decline ?

MSNBC: SC- Obama 'routes' clinton. FL- Clinton 'gets most votes,' 'doesn't count.' hmmm.

Something we can all celebrate tonight... RUDY'S OUT!!!

Obama ties Hillary among FL voters who decided within the last week (35 vs. 35)

In the 2004 Presidential Election I received as many FL delegates as Hillary did tonight!

L.A. Times Opinion from Jonathan Chait: "Is the right right on the Clintons?"

Well, if the formerly rw "Billary" reference can be used, how about "Oprahma" - ?

623,032 votes for Hillary and counting,,,,,,,,they don't count? their voices shouldn't be heard?

Hillary Clinton Inspires Me!

Hillary refuses to address her quote after Iowa that "Florida and Michigan don't count for anything"

I may have issues with Hillary, but intelligence isn't one of them.

The MSM calls BS on Clinton...

Hillary's campaign in Florida reminds me of Lieberman.

Fox news is more "fair and balanced" when it comes to the Clinton campaign then NBC

New CT Poll: Obama 40%, HRC 40%, Edwards 11%

Most of the country will think much more highly of Florida than South Carolina

"The die is cast"

Will you vote for the Democratic nominee in November, regardless of who it is?

Study the look on this man's face. Get a sense of unity? Or of scheming arrogance?

The Entry Speech That Inspired Me to Sign up for Her Website Immediately (Subtitled 4 theTone Deaf)

Notice McCain's victory speech: he said "Democratic Party"

Obama got an endorsement and turned it into a media spectacle, complete with a long speech

Hey Michigan, Hey Florida... Don't Worry... We'll Get Your Delegates Back For You !!!

I just received an email from Billary with a big giant glaring boo boo, worse than my boo boos!

Do you really think one of BO's base (young people) showed up for a meaningless election?


Florida: ... ( x )

Hillary will win FL in November thanks to tonight.

The Clinton candidates total wins thus far: 0.

So... If We're Gonna Seat The MI And Fl Delegates, Shouldn't We Have Another Special Election ???

Hillary is brilliant at, er, deflecting the truth

Hillary celebrating in Florida

Fla. Dem Party said in Aug that winner would intercede at Denver conv & make delegates count

I Am Thinking McCain Looks younger - did he SHAVE HIS HEAD? Or is it the lighting? -nt

There is no, no, NO

Pelosi : "Did you ever see anything like that?"

Enough of the spin here. Clinton did campaign in Florida

What the Florida Democratic primary tells us

According to AP, more than a THIRD of Democrats who voted in the FL primary...

How Many Clinton Supporters Will Not Vote for Obama if he Wins the Nomination?

Clinton Crony Terry McAuliffe Set Up The DNC Rules Penalizing MI & FL For Changing Primary Date

Will all the defeatists please....

How do we deal with McCain as repub nominee?

I'm really worried about my community right now

Was Hillary's "Rally for Nothing" her Dean Scream?

Mission Control to DU.

Russert (MSNBC) 10:18 PM est: people in FL who voted in the past month broke for OBAMA

Rudy Giuliani: Either he's stupid, or he didn't want to win in the first place.

Viral Clintonism: Please, Just Say No.

Oh, oh, Mayor Brown mentioned that Jesse did in 1984 what Obama

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama greets supporters during a rally in Kansas City, MO

Nasty Obama fans tonight - payback for yesterday? People in glass houses houldn't throw stones

Flip Flop Hillary? Her quote after Iowa: "Florida and Michigan don't count for anything"

So far Hillary has more votes than McCain.

John McCain favors amnesty for illegal immigrants

THE FAT LADY HAS SUNG: It's John McCain vs Hillary Clinton in November

We're fighting over two great candidates, I'm looking forward to 2/5.May the best candidate win.

Federal Judge Says Obama's Supporter Must Remain in Jail

Am I correct in assuming that this is the first "closed" primary

Clinton on MSNBC.

Dana Milbank: Much Ado About No Delegates

Obama's 'supporters' could be his undoing ...

An observation on vote turnout...

I would like to apologize for becoming emotional in another post...

What does a McCain nominee mean to us?

The next Democratic ticket....

Let's try this again. Which GOP candidate do you worry about the most?

MSNBC: "Hillary CLinton got the more votes (sic) followed by Barack Obama and John Edwards

Obama TROUNCED Hillary in S.C. by more than 2 to 1. Obama's down in FL by 17% where

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned. Hillary at it again?

Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama! Obama!

A Time To Choose: Clinton/Bayh vs. Obama/Sebelius

Why Giuliani is backing McCain.....

So what did Obama say in Kansas City tonight?

The sad media distortion of Bill's Jesse comment

who do you think will get the GOP nomination?

even the thugs rejected giuliani

What do the states want for Christmas?

New Hampshire Union Leader: Hillary's word: IT'S WORTH NOTHING

MSNBC: Keith just pressed Billary on her FL manipulation. Her response: hysterical laughter

Holy shit people are silly... It is a far better thing to alter our national destiny

We are about to be in for the fight of our lives.

How many dogs did Hillary kill today? How many children did she molest in Fla? Then...

So, let's recap. Hillary wins by small margins in two states--her only LARGE "victories"...

Forget the Delegates - Amendment 1 passed.

who do you think will get the GOP nomination?

Judging Presidential candidates by the behavior of their most aggressive DU supporters...

The Real Story of Rezko and Obama: 10 Myths Debunked

Barack Obama Inspires Me!

What are the record turnouts for a FL primary?

Obama (552,004) ties Hillary and Edwards with ZERO delegates!

Andy Sullivan gets all mushy over McCain

You know, now I agree with Dean.

Don't be so pathetic, Hillary-ites. it's beneath you.

Olbmerman: "That's a lot of votes for somethting that don't count"

OMFG - Just get the fist fight over, already!

I got to meet Obama tonight

More Election Results

What they are talking about in Obama's campaign tonight: Obama got 22% of Florida white vote

Graphic images that would make ANY Democrat laugh with joy

Who will win Super Tuesday on the Dem side?

1.7 million democrats vote in Florida primary

Sane People Check In Here!

NYT Headline: "Clinton Wins in Florida...

Hillary's defense of Bill: All the Spouses Do It

So we have the Republican Democrats and their endorsed candidate flipping

Think what would be going on now if Obama had won big in FL. nt

Are we looking to be educated, or do we simply want to be entertained??

Hillary Clinton is a Fucking Liar!!!

So we have the Republican Democrats and their endorsed candidate flipping

Florida is actually the purest result so far: no campaigning, no spin

Congratulations Hillary!

If Howard Dean is so smart...

"You Never Close Your Eyes... Anymore... When I Kiss... Your Lips...."

O'Donnell was left speechless after her Hispanic guest confirmed

Hillary should be focusing her energy on destroying MCCAIN right - because she will lose to him if

So we have the Republican Democrats and their endorsed candidate flipping


WP: Clinton Thanks Florida Voters-to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business."

A Handshake?....

Question for those who are NOT for Obama or Clinton: Whose supporters on DU are the bigger bullies?

I am thinking this is the new freeper site!

It's actually funny to see the Obamatrons pretend that they can't see


Obama and Rezko- facts please

New York Times reports more Rezko Funds to Charity. Rezko sure gave a lot to Obama.

MSNBC dismissive of Hillary Win.

Edwards won a florida county!

The Florida Numbers....

Related News: Hillary hosts her own "Hillary Appreciation" party

Who will Biden, Dodd, Richardson and Kucinich and Gravel vote for?

Edwards it possible this has any effect at all ?

A while back, I posted here that I thought McCain was the sleeper candidate

ANOTHER Hillary surrogate just compared Obama to Jesse Jackson

Put Freeperville back on suicide watch. It's denizens are deeply

Can we stop with the "Billary" shit please?

I know I'll be attacked but

Kucinich florida results: 9,325

Obama Campaign Calls Florida Primary: It's A Tie!

This is the DEMOCRATIC Underground? Coulda fooled me!

John McCain Bumper Sticker: Less Jobs, More Wars!!!


Why did Hillary lie about the snub handshake?

Hillary got more votes then McCain

CNN explaining why McCain won Florida ----->

A pro-Hillary robo-call in Florida


Rudy concedes on CNN

Oh dear, Arlo endorses Ron Paul.

A challenge to Obama fans...

Is it OK for a president to wear a secret earpiece whenever she addresses the public?

If Obama gets the nominee

Something For Hillary, Edwards & Obama Supporters to Celebrate

Hillary's win margin tonight will be greater than the total number of votes Obama won in SC

THe OFFICIAL MSNBC Appreciation Thread!!

OMG! Obama and McCain are actually Scrulls! Just reveled on the Colbert Report!

If your candidate was a beer what kind of beer would they be?

Simon Rosenberg slams Hillary

So who's the elite candidate? Obama only competitive with Clinton in the 200K and up income group

CNN Exit Poll Obama gets 22% of white vote in Florida

Today's Florida results prove Hillary is the only one to beat the GOP in November

Florida is much more representative of Super Tuesday than Iowa or South Carolina

Barack Obama is a Liar!!!!!

congratulations hillary!

To John Edwards' Supporters, My Condolences

Stephanie Tubbs Jones slaps down Obama MLK criticism

What's the big deal about Obama being endorsed by Kennedy and Kerry?

Clinton's Florida "Win" - Florida delegates to be seated?

CNN exit poll shows how Obama will win Super Tuesday

Keith Olbermann: Oprah might campaign some more for Obama in California

CNN: Obama got 22% of white vote in Florida, Clinton got 27% of black vote

For a state he never campaigned in, Obama is doing very well

Obama camp, tongue in cheek, declares Florida a tie .... 0 to 0.

Blame Bill Clinton............For Giving Us Dubya

If Obama can't even unite his supporters to act like human beings.....

Rudy. Most. Expensive. Delegate. EVER.

1,936 days and still no apology from Hillary regarding IWR vote

Whoa! Simon Rosenberg Slams Hillary's Florida Grandstanding

For those who are so thrilled about the MSNBC coverage

How Hillary or Obama will win

How the General Discussion: Primaries Forum is like Ghostbusters II

Isn't There One Obama Supporter...

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: who do you think they support this year?

I telephoned the DNC today. Here are the facts about MI and FL

I wonder if Obama's crushing defeat in Florida will make him take up an old habit...

10 years, and Hillary STILL hasn't apologized for the Lewinsky scandal!

With over 50% of the vote, Hillary can celebrate not just a victory, but a sound spanking

Help me figure out this statistic from the exit poll

Hillary surrogate invokes MLK - "he would say 'I'm happy that there's a woman running for president"

The Clinton "Victory Speech" in FL Defines Why Many Are Turned Off Of Her

What is sad, i can not trust any of you any more. It is all biased, nobody is telling the whole...

Barack Obama is getting hundreds of thousands of votes..

On the Jackassery of CNN

Plain Dealer's glowing editorial of Obama's Kennedy endorsement

For fuck's sake, I'm sick of hearing about the fucking Super Tuesday polls!

Hillary Clinton received 300,000 more votes than Kerry did in Florida.(2004)

Handy Guide to February 5th "Super Tuesday" Information

Sen. Edwards nixes campaign stop for speech on poverty

The Thing Is... McCain wins his votes on his personality. Hillary loses on hers.

Hillary SMASHING Obama in Florida proves

Hillary won big in MI and FL largely because of name recognition....

Do Obama Supporters Realize What They're in for on Super Tuesday?

The Democratic Candidates on the Issues: HEALTH CARE

Rassmussen: Connecticut Tied 40 to 40

2 million Democrats voted in Florida and they won't be counted?

Hillary STILL won't apologize for her War Vote!

I just donated $9.11 to the Giuliani campaign


Obama talks about unity; getting above petty politics, love for all ----so I have to ask---

Barack is the only way to stop a McCain presidency

Obamas not doing too shabby 33% vs 50% (Hill) w/79% counts in

I am very concerned about McCain.

Okay... I've been wrong before but... OBAMA vs MCCAIN

Hillary would lose against McCain.

To Obama supporters

The fact that Hillary got 17% more votes than Obama in FL is only due to name recognition

National Security - McCain/Clinton - Clinton loses ---McCain/Obama - Obama Wins

Self-Help Guru Stuart Smalley Joins Hillary's Speechwriting Staff

Jack in the Box got more votes than Burger King

I just got back from an Edwards rally in St. Paul.

Lots of wheels were set in motion tonight. Did Bloomberg hit the go button? Did Cheney give the

What are you complaining about, Hillary supporters?

I love coming here for Hope & Change & Democratic Unity. It's awesome. Crying here.

Didn’t you see Hillary’s Florida Victory is the video

Giiven the exit polls in Florida and being the first closed Primary

Florida Delegates MUST be seated

Let's go over this handshake snub thing again now that Hillary's lying about it.

What I wish Keith would have asked Sen. Clinton...

Fake Rallies,Phoney Elections,Planted Questions,Voter Suppression... Who needs GWB? We've got HRC!

Woo Hoo! Biden stages a comeback!

If a chad falls in Florida and there's no one there to catch it, does it count?

The Real Story of Rezko and Obama: 10 Myths Debunked

When Obama Campaigns In Person He WINS Support & Shrinks The Clintons' Lead. Hillary, However, LOSES

Did Barack Obama ever do any favors for Tony Rezko?

Obama got 22% of the white vote. Has the racial flap hurt him?

Anyone consider that the perceived snub has helped Obama

Obama, Clinton & the NAFTA Kabuki Dance

It's Not About ME or YOU - It's About US

Vote for John Edwards...anyway.

While Everyone Was Focused on FL Tonight, OBAMA WAS GIVING BACK MORE $$$ TO

Clinton's man McAuliffe set this DNC rule against seating delegates in 2004. So....

Whose brilliant idea was it to "punish" Florida and Michigan?

Let's have a little fun: Who'd beat whom at poker?



Dante's Inferno test - Take the Quiz and find out where you belong

Whoopsies - Rapture Index down by 2 this week

Criticizing Boomers


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 1/30/2008)


Okay--fess up. Who watches the WWF?

Which is preferrable?

Joe Jackson's new album ("Rain") - thoughts?

When I was a kid (1950's-'60's), kids called adults that we knew, such as

Kitty thread!!!!!

I think I've fallen in love....

Good Morning

Man Sets Station on Fire Over Playlist

Cavaliers vs. Trail Blazers

Look I'm an M&M and you can be too =) too kewl.

home remedies for migraines

First candidate who declares an unbridled love of porn will win my support

'Treat women nice and right,

The dog was frightened by the big wind storm we had last night.

I just don't know how pets sense this stuff - but they just do

Made it to work, safe and sound

help me with colors - mats and frame - for this picture

HELP PLEASE!! I want to put this 3-hole punch on sale on Ebay - what should I charge

Vending machines dispense pot in LA

Is this what I can expect when I travel to Delaware next month?

Just in case you haven't gone into the other forums today - Edwards is dropping out.

The squirrel wars are back on

Haitian slumdwellers are eating dirt

Alright, who's the joker who put the Delaware voting machine on Ebay?

Do you believe in romance?

What is this "post a picture of your doodle" thing i see referenced sometimes?


Anyone else notice this bizarre Oeditpus Rex anomaly?

Pat Paulson Supporters Only


Is there a "plick" in "applicable?"

Tonight in GDP is boring...we're busy arguing about a victory that wasn't.

we got crap hitting the house...

There Will Be Blood

It's 53 degrees F at 1am...

I'm trying to study for an exam and one of my cats is snoring next to me

Adnan or Sam?

There's A Raccoon On My Roof RIGHT NOW Trying To Claw A Hole Into My Room

Results of Florida GOP primary

Am I on EVERYBODY'S ignore list?

Vomitorium: It Is So Not What I Thought It Was!


Goodnight DU...Here's something to soothe you into the sublime

When Teevee Commercials were Clever

Measuer twice, cut never

Damn! No wonder Cesar Millan is so cute!

Damn, even I need to hide out here for a bit

wow 'Raquel!

Flight to London makes emergency landing after co-pilot suffers mental breakdown

how much dark chocolate does it take to replace love or is it sex?

semi-drunk Connonym needs a big hug

OK WEIRD moment

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/29/08

"Looking for NSA encounter with like-minded woman. Ethnicity,

VIDEO Bu$h compared to Hitler Great video

"Divorce Hearing" (1958)

Iko! Iko! an de' (youtube that's cooool)

Alright who's the joker that stole my 3 hole puncher?

Shit! Edwards quit... I dunno that we won't end up with a Repub now

What Would Jesus Want?

Ruh Roh...

Happy Birthday Gene Hackman

Ghost World & Bridge to Terabithia

10 Sleaziest Super Bowl Commericials of all time

How many syllables are there in "mischievous?"

Breathe right strips

Newest member of the Lounge

Breathe right strips

I got a 3-hole punch for sale!

Is there a new Lounge rule you guys didn't tell me about?

Is Reverend Dan really Mike Judge?

I hate to fight dirty, but I must release this photo to end Mercer's campaign.

Meet the 10-year-old who's already a vet assistant

Mystery Stain...

I posted in GD:P

Why do IHOP posts always disappear?

It pains me to announce

Mindless, Entertaining, Movie Recommendations

German Travel Group to Offer Nude Flights

Teh new phone book is here!!11!1!!!

Man On Lawn Mower Accused Of Driving Drunk.

It's nine degrees outside...should I go get groceries?

Computer help needed from the computer gurus in the lounge.

When nations grow old, the arts grow cold and commerce settles on every tree.

I posted in GD-P

i had the weirdest dream EVER last night


Why are we at Level 1?

Uh-oh! I started a cornflake vs. corn meal breaded chicken thread in GD!!1!!

Edwards supporters, with your candidate gone, there's only one choice

Memo from work today "Commitment ot Excellence Program 2008"

Keep a positive thought for us tomorrow, if you wouldn't mind...

Cross posted in the Michigan forum

Do NOT do a Google image search for "eyes wide shut"

madinmaryland may have been a bad boy in GD but more than made up for it here....

Body parts found in 8 bags along Interstate 80.

What would Lee Mercer do about smoking bans?


GD-P makes teh Baby Jesus Cry


Identity theft. Someone tried to steal me.

I did it. Again.

Does anybody here still use a radar detector?

People who bug the shit out of me in public make me sing.

Do NOT do a Google image search for "white shoes after Labor Day".

For balance...Worst Stand-up Comedian?

Do NOT do a Google image search for "elbow macaroni".

oh this is a priceless fucking thread in GD-P

Do NOT do a Google image search for "eyes gouged out"

Do NOT do a Google image search for "philboy."

Nerd ladies, this is for you:

Do NOT do a Google image search for "Dirty Sanchez"

Do NOT do a Google image search for "Dick Cheney".

I Feel Like Being Mean Today

I need a new dishwasher....

Cheer Me Up, I Am Depressed

Did you guys notice that you can't spell Mercer without ME?

You know...when you have curse words in your thread title....

Is this an example of if it seems too good to be true, it is?

any TV technicians around?

My dad called this morning, to make sure I was okay.

Uh-oh! I started a tollbooth thread in GD!!1!!

I have finished exactly half of my homework due tomorrow...

Do NOT do a Google image search for "elbows broken"

I like that Obama is referred to as 'young'.


So I'm SUPPOSED to get 2 teeth pulled today

The new catch phrase in GD-P is

Brand New Game - Guess the DUer based on a anagram of their name

Car and cartoon character -- separated at birth?!

The Dumbest Thing I Heard Today

I have an illegal question

a train leaves Cleveland at 6:30 going west at 80 mph

Mods, please do not lock. I am not asking for medical advice here...

There is solid proof here in the lounge that you don't have to go to GD for a good flame

Ex-priest jailed for crucifying nun in 'exorcism

When Lee Mercer wins the GE in November, Bucky is gonna

Just got home. Poured a drink. Haven't been over to GDP yet


I'm listening to some great music right now.

Gym ad with nuns sketching nude man angers Hub Catholics.

I have some advice for GD-P.

So how big will Mercer's bump be with Edwards out?

foods better than hot and sour soup for a cold?

My 81-year-old Gradmother got her hearing aid yesterday

Billyskank escaped from the lounge

Uh-oh! I started a smoking thread in GD!!1!!

studless snow tire question

Hey, Patriot fans! If your team loses to the Giants

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em

New Game - guess the DUer based on my opinion of them.

Bummed about Edwards...Must have kitty pics!

I need sex advice, but only if you're NOT anonymous!

Do NOT do a Google image search for "mount baldy"

Personally I don't give a flying f**k what Lee Mercer would do

I need a new dishwasher...

Yep, Lounge, it happened again. I got run down.

Larry Craig is on "Law and Order" Tonight.

Any Flash actionscript or Javascript gurus? I've gotten myself into a pickle


What would Lee Majors do about smoking bands?

All My Posts Today Are Awesome

Hey Patriot Fans! If you win the Super Bowl, why will your parade be

I love this photo

Letters from America

FDA's New Generic Viagra

OMFG!!! LOUNGE TWISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mercer for President site is DOWN!!!1!!11!! I

So I'm buying my first Indoor Grill - any suggestions on what to get?

LynneSin Endorses Mercer

Lee Mercer is divisive. The Republican smear machine is all geared up to be in his house.

I just realized: this election is way bigger than DU.

Free legal advice. Ask me anything.

Why does it feel good when the shower water pounds into your ear?

Breaking News: Lee Mercer Smokes

You fucking blah blah village idiots blah blah need to get over blah the Delaware Tollbooth thingie

It is Time To Tax Churches


Thank you, star donor!!

What's the most you've ever paid for a non-textbook book?

Do I have shitty luck in bars, or what?

Oh, Jesus... I can't fuckin' believe it....

Fascism of the Diet! Be a diet fascist AND a smoking Nazi!

'cause this life is a farce, I can't breathe through this mask....

I Need To SNUB Someone Today

Max "Jethro Bodine" Baer Jr.'s Girlfriend Commits Suicide

A few more pics from Maui **dial up warning**

Do any of you women also get run down the first day of your period?

I Am Sad Today

My cat is a fucking attention whore

The bar is open

All my posts today are excellent.

California Pizza Kitchen..... as a workplace?

Positive vibes for my interview tomorrow?

Star Trek IV: GREAT film or the GREATEST film?

So I'm buying my first Outdoor Grill - any suggestions on what to get?

I have a legal question.

Going out for a smoke

Are You A Yankee or Dixie Quiz

Kucinich florida results: 9,325

Optimism extinguished

Bush Talks of Past Addiction

I am very concerned about McCain.

If you don't like Marijuana - then don't use it.

I just think Democrats are better people on the whole.

Remember when Bush said he would not have invaded Haiti

The SOTU (an interpretation)

Take this picture from my head!!!

Simon Rosenberg slams Hillary

60 Minute Length YouTube Sibel Video: "Sibel Edmonds: Kill the Messenger"

A call to Kucinicitiznes Re: a place to call home

Rudy's Freefall: "It was like he was running for president of Staten Island.”

NYT: For Giuliani, a Dizzying Free-Fall...Perhaps he was living an illusion all along.

Madison: Bush lacks authority to continue the Iraq War

Was Rush Limbaugh's Vote Counted?

Huckabee: Packing on more pounds than delegates?


James Madison -- said it all.

Gary Hart: The Burdens of Empire

I may be reaching

Guiliani dropping tommorrow...endorsing McCain..

giuliani: Its hard out here for a nine eleven pimp.

Mother Jones: The Supreme Court Forgets The Little People (Con-Dominated Court Totally Out Of Touch)

Pot - Smoke it?


Official complaint.

Vermont Anti-Bush Petition Sparks Anger (AP)

Is it just my imagination, or age-degradaded vision, or

Media Matters: Fox News Is In For A Very Rough 2008

America's Mayor 9/11 I'm Rudy

NYT:KRUGMAN: "Memory Lane" Sobering Graph of Home Sales vs. Recessionary Cycles

Are there an awful lot of POT threads popping up

UBS Reports Record Loss and $14B Write-Down

Bush Sets the Bar Low, Still Nobody Gets Over It

Barney speaks!!

“We Can’t Afford to Let Them Spill the Beans”-Sibel Edmonds on Marc Grossman

A CNN On-line Poll of Note

Traffic Jam On The Highway To Hell

Never forget this about McCain..

Everyone ready to dance on rudy911?

Florida is still broken. My registration was changed from Dem to Independent

I never thought I'd miss Nixon

Scarborough: McCain’s Platform Is ‘Less Jobs And More Wars’

Would Clinton Vs. McCain Really Be Civil?

AG Won't Call Waterboarding Torture (xpost from Veterans)

Wasn't there a McCain scandal right before Iowa?

Edwards dropping makes Florida look MORE significant

C-SPAN 10:00 Senate Judiciary hearing - delete dupe

Would you vote to have your town arrest Bush/Cheney? One town in Vermont has

What Hitler and Bu$h have in common......

Wonder why POS Bush didn't mention "Ownership Society" in his SOTU?

Did I hear a couple of Repuglican Partisans promise Hiring Preferences for Veterans . . .

Now I've heard it all; Repub's voted for McCain BECAUSE HE'S A LIAR

Giuliani Arrested Defacing Florida Convenience Store Wearing Only A Hardhat And A Megaphone

Leadership...........where you at? We're not exactly, as we say down here,

Wow, this is amazing

"Our country would be much safer with several thousand dead wackjobs in Vermont"

Dupe, pls delete

Random right-wing bumper-sticker sighting

Sibel: US press stays away from any stories critical of Turkey

Fox News Is in trouble & for a Very Rough 2008

Memories of Dirty Tricks Past: The Nixon White House/GOP slimes Ed Muskie

Junk Vehicle Law

SENATE JUDICIARY HEARING TODAY: DOJ oversight, Mukasey to testify

We've arrived

Rudy Ghouliani: A Merrah Kizmair?

Mike Gravel Speaks Eloquently RE Separation of Church & State

As long as we condone "Black Box Voting" which makes it so

McCain a "Moderate", "Maverick"? MY ASS!

Haitian slumdwellers are eating dirt

CDC Suppressed Toxic Trailer Warnings

FISA: Dead Issue or Sleeping Monster?

*** Official Senate Judiciary Committee DOJ Hearing-Waterboarding***

Bush Meets Barney Frank's Boyfriend, Claims He's "Open Minded"

Countrywide: 1 in 3 subprime mortgages delinquent

Romney on McCain: “Willing to say anything to try and get elected.”

On this day, 1835, President Andrew Jackson got real, real lucky...

Rudy's problem was they didn't like the dog food

Do you think TPTB in this country want a military draft?

Answer The F-IN Question Mukasey

*** Official Senate Judiciary DOJ Hearing- #2 ***

Caution! Caution Caution! Harry Reid Apparently has cut a deal on FISA

The real * legacy

McCain's win in Florida was a fluke...

Is the Republic Party looking to support a flip-flopper?

To The D.U. And The Pillars

Looking Up: Bombs Away Over Iraq

Calling Maxine Waters!! Get on that Haiti food issue right now!

What's with Bush's obsession with rubbing bald heads?

Surveillance Debate Update: Reid Indicates Deal Struck in Senate

US House Reps visit Iraq: lights go out during lunch with PM, mortar rounds hit Green Zone

GO SPEND THE "REBATE" (if you dare)

Should Democrats campaign on cutting Defense Spending?

I wonder if the media is going to put the spotlight on the racists who worked on McCain's campaign?

Win no matter what the cost

volunteer architecture students help design new town - sea rise

Giuliani defeat marks end of 9/11 politics

Photo of Bush signing statement on Bill of Rights

Police: Investigation into tiger attack on hold (San Francisco death)

You know McCain still has a good race on his hands--Huck should do very well on Super Tuesday

Will toxin detection (without a license) soon become ILLEGAL??

my neighbors have a US flag on the ground in a bundle

AF General: Spy satellite could hit US

Mukasey: torture=cost v. benefits

WOW! CSpan callers, Repub / Dem & Independent - ALL

Super Delegates: Won't Let the People Make That Stupid Mistake Again by Nominating A Liberal

CEO's of Blackwater, DynCorp, Triple Canopy and Aegis are scheduled to meet with Bush admin today

hahaha.. "More stuff you won't see in the media"

Mukasey-Torture: Ends Justify The Means

Cheneys building 12,765-square-foot "bungalow" in McLean, Virginia

McCain a fuck-up spoiled brat like W?

David Shuster just reported Rudy arrived at his Florida campaign headquarters in a pick-up truck

McCain's Campaign Platform: "Less Jobs, More Wars"

Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found... I thought the earth was only 5000 years old?

The Rude Pundit: You Did Not Deserve Rudy (A Requiem)

Would you hire this man? Junior's resume...

Why the hell can't we send some food to Haiti so they don't have

CNN sending Suzannne Malveaux to NOLA to cover Edwards' signoff: Proof of MSM neglect?

The End of the 'American Century' Is Here

Caption McCain the Rudy Slayer

What do you think of this picture?

I noticed a stealth comment in the SOTU

Gonna make a difference

"Rudy getting his butt kicked"

*** Official Senate Judiciary DOJ Hearing- #3 ***

A Reflection on The State Of The Divided Address

The "Fed" cut the rate.

Is there a PDA group in DU? nt

why are there ads in some people's posts?

Our worst fears are coming true...

The RW Radio Hatemongers are proven irrelevant.

Fed just dropped interest rate another 1/2 point.

Inhofe's 400 Global Warming Deniers Debunked

Vending machines dispense pot in LA

Bush Addresses Important Issues in a Matter of Seconds

Mukasey on Waterboarding: 'It Would Be Torture If It Were Done to Me'

John Edwards dropping out of the race. Announcement coming.

Normalizing Air War from Guernica to Arab Jabour

NYT: Hix in Stix Nix Chix and Slix for Prez Pix

Mike Gerson: Bush More Compassionate than Cheney, at Least as Compassionate as Bill Clinton

It is the CBC's fault

An interesting poll on Msnbc...

Rudy spent $50million for 1 delegate!!!

Caption Rudy & Judy

I'm losing hope if we are seeing McCain emerge as Repub candidate. Talk me out of it!

Oh What the Fuck Does It Matter Now? (or, When Hope Seems Like A Waste of Energy)

USA Today poll regarding VT petition to arrest Bush/Cheney...

Feel free to "Correct" this freeper in my paper regarding Obama

Let's "sex up" the RRRepublican race just like the lazy-ass, starstruck MSM "sexed up"

If Pats win Superbowl, victory parade will be on Super Tuesday!

*** Official Mukasey testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee #6 ****

TPM: Mukasey Refuses to Support Outlawing of Waterboarding

F#CKING AP Writer Calls Edwards' Decision "Stunning!"

Dan Froomkin: Bush Thumbs Nose at Congress-Where's the Coverage?

**** Official Mukasey testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee #4 ****

With Rudy dropping out what will happen to Judy's Baby?

Mortgage Madness: payment jumps from $1200 to $5000. - For a Realtor

Student to McCain: "Boxers? Or Briefs?" McCain: "Depends."

Fed Cuts Rate by Half-Point - Dow still drops 37 points

All the anti-Mccain threads this morning do this longtime Arizonan good!

Dissident's infant daughter is youngest political prisoner in China's pre-Olympics crackdown

I need a new dishwasher...

Please Don't Forget, FISA Has 2 Major Issues, Immunity and Exclusivity

The Upcoming Great Depression...

Here's the thinking behind our wimpy Democratic response to the State of the Union speech --

Gloom and doomers, we need to stay focused on the larger picture...

FAUX News latest lie: Resident aliens are illegal....

*** Official Mukasey testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee #5 ****

Australia to Apologize to Aborigines

Bart Simpson Actress Gives $10 Million to Scientology

In 2008 the US will choose between the far right and the right-of-center.

Bipartisanship in Congress?

Cindy McCain is HOT! Jesus...she's a hot older woman.

== The 935 lies of George W. Bush = By Mark Morford

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

Just a heads-up: FISA debate ongoing on CSPAN2. John Warner speaking.

Edwards for Attorney General.

So when will Judy dump Rudy?

mukasey sure says "um" a the videos in the video forum.....

I can't until November and the Right Wing Paradise that awaits us in Jan 2009

MSNBC's "shrewd bit of counter-programming, marketing": "Countdown" special after CNN Dem debate

"Fox News’ Decline": most retarded right-wing opinion I've ever heard

Admit many of you, I tune into Rush occasionally

Check out this Video

A Modest Proposal: Make Credit Card Interest Deductable Again

Showdown in Blackwater's Backyard

Should the new Democratic symbol be a goat?

Remember: What is at stake with the Immunity Issue is really IMPEACHMENT

Clinton and Giuliani Waste a Lot of Gas....

What In The Living Horseshit Has Gone Wrong With Americans?

Tom Davis (R) Va to retire.

Do you believe it will soon become quite clear as to what happened?

Caption this Rudy

A REAL economic stimulus package: Government-supplied gift certificates

Before Super Tuesday, become a citizen co-sponsor of The Holt Bill!

Bush Issues Signing Statement Waiving Ban On Permanent Bases In Iraq

This is tragic.

Yet another January Tornado warning last night....

Face it, America is just not ready to move to the Center or Left-of-Center.

Huckabee Scandal .... the Huck and televangelist Kenneth Copeland

Go to this GDP thread for a laugh...


How to beat McCain?

Senators will move ahead with wartime commission despite *

Candy Crowley should change her name

Candidates should drop out during televised debates.

CNN john mccain speaking....first words 911

'All men are created equal'

C-Span Will Reshow Today's Senate Judiciary Committee Meeting at 8:30

Margaret Truman has died. (Only child of President Harry S. Truman)

"Recession" (and how to fix it) by Wikipedia.

Gandhi Finally Laid To Rest in Arabian Sea Ceremony

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin blasts John McCain for lying

I really don't think I'll ever send anoher dime to the DNC.

Nice Story (for a change) about Sens. Clinton and McCain....

Looks like another "British Empire" country has descended into chaos again..

John McCain is Maverick

How come MSM hacks never correct guests

America's move to the right forever - ain't it fucking fabulous?

Tony Blair has made $20 million in 7 months since leaving office -- and more's coming

NBC Nightly News: "China, the world's new super power..."

+++++ 3,941 +++++

How To Beat McCain?

Mukasey Hearing Round-Up

Surgery on hold for a month


I swore off listening to Randi Rhodes today...

Maybe Edwards' Message Didn't Resonate w/Voters Because Most Poor Think They're "Middle Class"

17,000 bridges have gone without inspection

Secession Plan Is Floated for New York City From State

Yes We Can or How Dare You?

TOONS for a sad day....

On the day of final Judgment, Republicans will be redeemed

Signs you may have spent too much time on DU lately:

Dumlings imported from China contain INSECTICIDE- poison 10 in Japan

Greenwald: Bipartisanship in DC means Dems enact Repub policies

Who Will You Be Voting For?

Judi's Rudy Tootie, Whipped & Kicked in the Booty

Bush asserts authority to bypass defense act...

McCain was still married and living with his wife in 1979 while aggressively courting a 25-year-old

Salvation From Conservatism

Let Them Eat Microwaved Hamburgers. Subjects Forced to Wait While His Highness Dines

John McCain was born August 29, 1936 in Panama

Anybody know anything about ALIPAC? (Americans for Legal Immigration)

HSUS: Meat from "downer" cows being fed to kids

Do you ever think about the million people America has murdered?

Trust me I'm no McCain fan, but.................

Today’s Headlines

Crisis Papers: The Gulag Comes to America: The Don Siegelman Case

Super Bowl blows it with Firestone

1.1 MILLION Iraqi Civilian Deaths Confirmed by Brit Poll Firm - WAKE UP CALL

Hitler used "Readers Digest" to demoralize WWII American troops.

OHIO 2004: Conyers, Nadler Invite Ken Blackwell for Hearing on Voter Suppression

Republican style capitalism and living without safety nets.

A request of the New Democratic Majority Congress in 2009

GM Soy Mafia Threatens EU w/*Massive Retaliation* Over Ban

US Troops Allegedly Killed Detainees

I am now certain on what to do when the Democratic fundraisers call my house

McDrain or Mitwitt now there's some lovely choices. bbbbbbbbwaaahahaha

two people I know were voting for Edwards will now vote McCain

US Military Doctors Infect Guantanamo Detainee with HIV

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" McCain said at a GOP fund-raiser in Washington.

What is the value of beloved politcal names? Like Kennedy.

He is doing it again - * pic

WOO-HOO!! Smoking ban in Maryland bars and restaurants goes into

The only protest that counts today (and saves you money).

Bushco: Burying Troublesome Headlines With Fake Terror Alerts

Blame Pedro - How the Reps could be handing the Hispanic vote to us.

I suspect many of those saying they will vote for no one at all.....

Political Compass

Seduced and abandoned.

Thank you, John and Elizabeth

Hey, team Obama.

As an Obama supporter and former Clarkie, my heart goes out to Edwards supporters

more important than a handshake

No matter who you support now, let's give John Edwards a standing ovation

Edwards out, no time for tears. Obama in...for me... anyone else?

So, which candidate gave Edwards what?

Hillary to be on Letterman - apologies if this is here already

The MSM still doesn't get it about Edwards support

The GREAT Debate set for Hollywood: Obama vs Clinton at Kodak. "No Rules" debate

John Edwards for the Supreme Court

As a former Clarkie, I feel for all Edwards supporters today

So, you think coming here and posting shit about the opposing side is dishing out punishment?

John Edwards a class act and a kind soul ......

In case any of you idiots who think Edwards dropped out because

MSNBC pundits: Lest you forget, Barack Obama nearly tied Hillary with white male voters in S.C.

I am an undecided voter (Edwards supporter) Convince me..

Hmmm. Joe Trippi left a cryptic message on his Twitter...

I'm not as mad or upset as I am a bit scared-DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE?

Gore Endorsement Imminent?

****Official Obama Supporters Upset to see Edwards go thread

I hope Elizabeth is OK.

John Edwards will not immediately endorse either candidate

If Edwards dropping out is true and not some dirty trick of another campaign,

Why did John Edwards after 4 years off and on in Iowa....

With Edwards out of the race, we can finally talk about "the elephant in the room"

My sincerest hopes for John Edwards

I like Obama BUT....

MSNBC pundits believe Edwards voters will likely go to Clinton

****Official Clinton Supporters Upset to see Edwards go****

Lee Mercer Jr. is still in the race

Clinton leads in Tennessee: 43 % Clinton, 32 % Obama, 20/60 black, 50/22 white, 47/28 women woters

Edwards supporters - do you feel that John has betrayed you?

****Official Neutral Supporters Upset to see Edwards go****

Arianna skewers McCain: "He doesn't need Viagra--he's got Iraq."

End of January and we're already down to 2 candidates!

Let's see.....Edwards would stay in with 15% of the vote.....

And then there were three...

What will be your activist activity now that Edwards has pulled out?

I'm a Clinton supporter, but wish Edwards could have stayed in the race.

OMG..Hillary and her spin on the Handshake

Let's not pick at Edwards and supporters today

Let's not pick at Edwards and supporters today

Edwards and Clinton are the most similar in policy.

Hillary Clinton is doing extraordinarily well among Latino voters:Times/CNN/Politico poll Tuesday

I wonder if a powerful Democrat bullied Edwards into leaving the race

simple question for Edwards supporters. Where do you go now?

MSNBC on-air: "This is about delegates, not Elizabeth's health."

Jimmy Carters Entire Family is for Obama except 1 (edwards) (video)

Joe Trippi can kiss my ass

Something isn't adding up

Fellow Edwards Supporters: Where are you going now?

Economy Nearly Stalled in 4th Quarter; Suffers Worst Year Since 2002 :-(

my vote is my preference

Thank you, Mr. Edwards.

Ok, place your bets here: How soon until Rudy & Judy Giuliani divorce

Just imagine the behind the scenes training going of to prepare Obama

Now that the media has forced the progressives out of the primaries, can we draft somebody?

Let us be clear: Hillary got trounced in SC, where it was a FAIR primary

John Edwards. A great american.. a wonderful husband and father

Voting is over rated. Like Stephanie Miller said this morning, Voting is

Edwards and economic justice

With John Edwards announcenment that he's dropping out my vote now goes

The spin from Mark "Blackwater" Penn

It sucks to be a Democrat

For those who like JD Salinger and have doubts about Obama

the corporate media is finally giving John Edwards attention wolves

I am an Edwards Democrat. For those speculating on my vote, it goes to NO one.

Edwards Support Will Help Obama in Some States...and Others Not so Much

NYT Op-Ed( Maureen Dowd) : Obama Seeing Red Over Hillary

Which Cabinet Position Is Best For John Edwards

The "just a corporate candidate" meme on Obama, I don't get it..

Well, dang.

Edwards dropping out means there will be no brokered convention.

HELP ME UNDERSTAND. Why is John pulling? (No haters PLEASE)

All Edwards supporters stop and count to ten.

Should John Edwards run third party or Independent?

I am sincerely sorry about Edwards, guys

McCain 48% Clinton 40% /McCain 47% Obama 41%

The Grown-up Wing of the Progressive Arm of the Democratic Party...

if they can get a southern white guy...

What are the various candidates positions on mercenaries in Iraq?

If you want your candidate's Dem opponents to support your candidate in the GE, watch your insults

I'm sad that John's dropping out - but we can't abandon the party.

An Edwards supporter struggles with what to do

It always boils down to the lesser of two evils.

Breaking: Edwards tricks media into covering him with fabricated 'quitting' story!

I think something weird happened with Edwards yesterday evening or last night

Suddenly, the debate tomorrow will be one on one, Hillary vs Obama.

Edwards timing is very interesting.

MSM keeps cropping Claire McCaskill out of this photo:

Will Edwards have any surprises today? Something unexpected?

Firm uses mask sales to predict outcome of election

Two ways Republicans can win the Presidential race in 2008

Hillary and Bill: shadow boxing and changing the rules

Clinton and Obama COULD make this all less depressing....

Picture Edwards as Attorney General

Unsurprising Corporate Media Whoreshit: Edwards is "Slick, a Trial Lawyer" ...

Thank you, John! It should have been you. (pic)

Well, the media is already rasing the debate bar for Hillary.

If Edwards is on my ballot, he'll still get my vote.

Results from FL show low turnout for Dems relative to GOP

Where I currently stand

If Edwards endorse Hillary how would you feel

For Edwards Supporters ONLY

Why is Edwards dropping out?

Per MSNBC "Edwards called Clinton personally to tell her he was dropping out of the race."


Elizabeth Edwards would have been an exceptionally great First Lady. I'm saddened that we may never

Senator Patty Murray of WA to endorse Hillary

Just because we don't have enough of these. Edwards supporters: Transcript of Hillary's response to "snubgate"

I wonder why the Clinton campaign is not using the RFK kids more.

If you are going to post that you are supporting a specific candidate

Rasmussen: 53 % deeply committed to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, only 28% deeply comitted for Obama

You know, I've NEVER been so distanced from our leading candidates as I am today

Please contact Governor Bill Richardson and ask him to get back in the race.

It it was about Elizabeth....It would not be in New Olreans.


The problem with hero worship

Hope is not a plan! Re: John Edwards

What are Edwards plans for tonight? He was supposed to be at the GA JJ dinner with Hillary.

My prediction re: Romney, McCain, Clinton, Obama in Nov 08:

Rasmussen: 53 % deeply committed to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, only 28% deeply comitted to Obama

Here is to hoping....Obama?

Now, we HAVE to force debate on a peace plank at Denver

Hillary is on Fox News responding to Edwards' news

Rasmussen: 27% of Americans believe John McCain is too old to be President, 56 % disagree

Am I the only one ecstatic about McCain being the new frontrunner?

Wow! i wonder how much ads will cost that air during the Clinton/Obama

If you are an Edwards Democrat, then don't vote for him.

Repugs do not like McCain: They held their nose and voted on electability

In the wake of Edwards dropping out

Clinton Makes Much Ado About Not Much

Please let the Edwards supporters mourn in peace

Ken Blackwell + Tom Delay form new group-Coalition for a Conservative Majority

TPM: Edwards Not Endorsing "For the Moment"

Obama To Rip Clinton For Siding With McCain On Iraq, Iran

I want Edward to endorse someone asap because....

What happens to Edward's delegates?

Get Your Hot, Fresh...

There is nothing to prevent voters from voting for Edwards in their primary

Do you think Hillary or Obama would choose Edwards as a running mate?

A Backroom Deal has Been Made with Edwards Already...I wonder about that Attorney General Rumor Now

Is there any chance Gore can be convinced to run?

Words and Deeds: To Edwards supporters on whom to look too

Kennedy Endorsement/S.C. victory do nothing for Obama as Hillary jumps above 40% in Latest Rasmussen

Delete....out of date news..

McCain: Watch for the U-turn, and get ready to rumble

Obama: Expressing the Sense of Congress Regarding Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps NV

Is there a nicer and more genuine person in the Dem party than Bill Richardson?

@$$@#%$@&@ Nader is jumping in

Edwards was my "pragmatic compromise" choice. That's what pisses me off.

To fellow members of the DU Edwards Underground . . .

Flashback: Clinton puts out vicious anti-Edwards smear RoboCall before South Carolina

Why is Hillary still distorting the facts to claim she was snubbed:

Obama on Edwards

Is there a location for Edwards/Clinton/Obama

What do we Have to do to keep the Corporate/Beltway/Media Complex from defeating the people?

We need to focus on voting records of the republican candidates.

Edwards supporters: What are the specific Edwards policies you'd like to see Obama/Hillary adopt?

Who should this Edwards supporter vote for?

Hey Clinton/Obama supporters: GIVE US EDWARDS PEOPLE SPACE! Don't be vultures.

Is It Possible That Edwards Will Go Against The Grain Of Party Bigwigs Like......

NO MSM in my house, after Edwards announcement

Rasmussen daily graph for 1/30/08 - Clinton unchanged (41), Obama unchanged (32), Edwards down 2 (16

Clinton gains nod from Washington's Murray

Down to: Harvard Law, Yale Law, Naval Academy, Harvard Law

A question for Edwards supporters

Dear John:

Rasmussen Daily: McCain beating HRC and BO

Bill Clinton helped me decide who I should switch my Edwards vote to

McCain's Slogan - Less jobs. More wars. !

Edwards Supporters

If McCain is the nominee....The central issue of the campaign is going to be Iraq

How does McCain poll nationally against Obama and Clinton?

Democracy Now:Hillary beat Giuliani by 600,000 votes, without even showing up"

I would like to thank the Obama supporters today for their words of support


Nader Warns Bloomberg Not to Run


Obama statement on Edwards' departure

I would like to thank the Clinton supporters today for their words of support.


Good Bye John Edwards

So what happens to Edwards' delegates?

I believe that some so-called "supporters" are planning to vote Republican.

To Obama and Clinton supporters

Obama is a loser.

The Alan Keyes Factor: are we all forgetting something?

From Bidenites to Edwards Supporters

And yet another thread for Edwards supporters

This is a post for the Hillary Clinton supporters

The Doomsayers(that would include me) were right again

Shit! Edwards quit... I dunno that we won't end up with a Repub now

"Oh, Hosanna! It's the Lesser of Two Evils! ... Dance, Puppets, Dance!"

McCain to Hillary in the General Election Debate.

Mr, Edwards is out-I am finished

Jimmy Carter praises Obama

Nader seeks spoiler role again in Penn. SC pick

McCain: The photo that SHOULD doom his chances in the GE

I am betting on an Edwards endorsement of Hillary

Who will the media set their sights on next?

Goddammit, I'm sick of voting for weevils.

the already paid for Mormon will be the neo con's next prez

John Edwards: The one truly classy candidate

Obama on Edwards

Whatever backroom deal Edwards made, I hope that

Let's see, Biden out, Edwards out, Nader in - I feel like I'm living in a nightmare

Moving off the fence: why I'm now leaning towards Obama

I'm an Edwards supporter who will still vote for the nominee in the general - are you?

Edwards is a true democrat

You'd be surprised how little Obama or Hillary appeals to some Democrats. I'll hold my nose and vote

Senator Kennedy Betrays Women by Not Standing For Hillary Clinton for President

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

Obama will be live soon... link

Well, Edwards has dropped out.. the day after I post a video about him!

Of these, who will benefit most by NOT voting for the Democratic nominee?

Edwards gets pledge from Clinton, Obama to make poverty a top issue in campaign, administration

Let's get to it (Get Up!) - frogcycle's Obama endorsement (and more)

For those of you who won't vote for Clinton or Obama in the GE...

My candidate is John Edwards. Now will all of you pushing Obama or Clinton please take note.

Why Edwards supporters should consider Hillary

To win the general election the Democratic nominee must

Relief: "One Edwards aide said he is not dropping out of the race due to his wife's health."

Edwards has the most power right now...

Sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks.

Debunking Hillary's claim that only she can beat a Republican in Florida

Let's focus on the positive where Edwards is concerned. Ghouliani is OUT.

Dick Morris: Edwards voters don’t like the 'black' or the 'female'

A Word from an Edwards Supporter to the Obama and Clinton Supporters

Omigod! Howard Fineman says that Edwards was rebuffed by Obama!!!

It's Clinton/Obama v McCain/Rice in the general.

Michelle Malkin - "If It's Hillary And McCain I Can't Vote For Either"

Ralph Nader Flirts with Presidential Bid ( if he can raise enough money )

A Word from an Edwards Supporter to Clinton and Obama Supporters

Last August,I asked DUers: When will Edwards drop out ?

Live On-Line Stream of Obama Speech from Denver is about to start 10:11 MST

Latest Head to Head polls. Hillary & Obama vs McCain

Dudes I totally told you that Hillary was going to win. You don't even need to vote for her

"Hi, John McCain here. I am looking for places to have the Western WH. Have any suggestions?"

What am I, NEW? Am I a DUNCE?

The role of the media in this election

Obama TRIED to pass Hillary a note during the SOTU, but Johnny Edwards stole it and threw it out!

Are you afraid of the fight?

Edwards is doing this for the Democratic Party

What's the better description of GDP today?

So, how will the next Dem debate (Clinton vs. Obama) go?

Bloomberg has to endorse or get in the race within the next day or two. If he

Hillary's Statement on Edwards

You got to be freakin kidding me - 4 in 10 Edwards supporters support

Obama leads Clinton by 3% in CA

Edwards' campaign ends but his fight for One America will continue

What is the better description of GDP today?

I'm sure it is the $ issue for Edwards

You're not getting my vote

Edwards can't not endorse: he's got delegates. He has to ask them to vote for somebody. nt

I'm an Edwards supporter undecided between Obama and Clinton. If I lean toward Obama, it will be


Obama damaged by Edwards withdrawal? - TPM race analysis

Laura Ingraham: The neoconservative fantasy is over once Hillary or Obama win

Alec Baldwin - LI Smear of Barack

Rudy is out

Will Elizabeth Edwards eventually campaign for Hillary?

Who Got More Votes in Florida?

Curiosity about FL absentee ballots


Attorney General John Edwards.

OMG talk about ass-skissing pandering

Today I'm Thankful I Didn't Use the Early Voting Option

if this were an honest primary

Florida vote count- Republicans 1,889,762 Democrats 1,669,344

OK look, since it's hit the MSM I'll post this NYT article from AUGUST

Can we please stop fighting for just one minute? A moment of silence is called for.

Can we ban the use of the word "lie" "lying" and "Liar" for a few hours?

Schwarzenegger is going to endorse McCain

Here's a good collection of "Giuliani in Florida" cartoons...

Have you convinced a Republican to vote Dem this primary cycle?

V. Peevishness

California SurveyUSA ( 28 jan) Clinton 49 % - Obama 38 %

Obama praises John Edwards

EDWARDS Supporters - I know how you feel, and wouldn't blame you for voting for him still.

I just heard the news about Edwards. I extend my condolences to his supporters

Hulk Hogan endorses Barack Obama (no, I'm not kidding). Filmclip in link!

When Super-Tuesday has come and gone...

My parents (in FL) prefer McCain over Hillary but Obama over McCain.

Edwards Supporters... What Can We Do For Him To Show How Much

Edwards: "I'm in this through the convention and to the White House."

Well, I kinda suspected it would be McCain. What are our chances?

I think we're headed to a real clusterfuck of an election.

When Super-Tuesday has come and gone...

ACLU of Ohio Sues To Block Paper Ballots

Will Ted Kennedy squander his reputation by going out to campaign for Obama?

Edwards is the only candidate ready to stand up for avg Americans

Bill and Hillary Clinton are no different than Bob Corker in the Harold Ford/Corker TN Senate race

Gore unlikely to endorse according to adviser

Obama Supporters only

You think it's bad over here? At Free Republic, they STILL can't get over Fred Thompson's demise...

Why Hillary will get NO momentum from this "victory" tonight

Hillary and McCain = War with Iran

George Carlin explains best why I'm voting for John Edwards

Rasmussen (Connecticut): Obama 40%, Clinton 40%, Edwards 11%!!!

Is this normal?

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Not so good.

GOP primary result

Anybody helping their favorite candidate out specifically on Super Tuesday?

More Florida bad news for Obama: He won few counties bordering Georgia, lost rest of state

Oh crap! Just heard on Thom Hartmann neither Obama or Hillary winning against McCain.

For those Edwards fans not interested in carrying on, here are some options

Celebrity endorsements: Are there any that are too silly?

I'm tired and disappointed.

ABC News: McCain pushes for campaign finance reform, but has the most lobbyists raising money

Why Would Senator Obama Decline John Edwards' Support?

Fineman: Top Aides for Edwards reached out to Obama only to get rebuffed.

My friends (in FL) prefer McCain over Obama but Hillary over McCain.

FOX says Sen Claire McAskill is coming on right away to dis Hillary .

Who do you think is more likely to rally around their nominee?

TPM:Top Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi: Hillary & Obama Are "Banging Down The Doors" For Our Endorsement

Does anyone think that the "leak" that Obama offered JE the AG spot....

For Democrats, a new electorate: Spike in turnout could benefit both Clinton and Obama

Awesome, Obama late to Colorado rally because he is talking to the overflow crowd outside

Hello Obama supporters

A Few Words of Thanks to John & Elizabeth Edwards And Their Supporters....

I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message:

Gallup poll-Obama surges/race a dead heat in last 2 nights of polling-6 points overall

This Isn't a Tickling Contest

With the Edwards annoumcement, I've comitted to a new candidate:

Edwards' NO Speech

Will a major candidate ever run on poverty or anti-corporatism again?

Mudcat Saunders: "I intend to do everything to ensure he doesn't endorse Hillary".

Whoa: On phone on MSNBC Mudcat Sanders

MSNBC "Edwards Suspending Campaign"


Repukes Are Feeling The Heat: 2 Quick Posts

Clinton's Play - Bad Cop - Worse Cop ......

Scarborough called Crawford "only guy" defending Bill Clinton's Jackson comment -- ignoring Jackson

Edwards' Speech in New Orleans. Tune in. Coming up NOW.

Ted Kennedy has ulterior motives: Not pure.

Primary music for your soul!

So, if Hillary is the nominee, will she need those who supported Obama to win the GE?

Thousands to see Edwards, Hillary speak at Georgia's Jefferson-Jackson day dinner

Did Hillary really say that she reached out to shake Obama's hand?

the Big Dog has been put on a Choke Chain

You're a poopface. Oh yeah, you're a pee pee brain.

If Obama had won in Florida today...

FL and MI delegations will not be seated if the nomination is contested.


McCain looks an awful lot like an older Charlie Chaplin....

Bill Clinton going hunting for delegates in Southern Illinois

856,944 Clinton Votes in Florida

Hey, Obamabots, wanna get off the 'drop out Edwards' bandwagon?

A good friend of mine in California called and said she voted Obama.

Ouch. The NY Times just massacres Rudy here...

Trippi: Hillary And Obama Are "Banging Down The Doors" For Our Endorsement

People, we have to STOP being so afraid of the GOP!

High praise for Obama from Utahns.

Pelosi, mesmerized--"Did you ever see anything like that?" --Ted endorsing Obama

Clinton/Obama People -- I am begging you.

clinton supports, please convince me she can beat mccain (or romney) in nov

Clinton's alleged proposal for Obama to sit with Clinton at the SOTU might just be a fairy tale

"Much Ado About Not Much"

how Freepers vote if it's McCain vs Hillary

ABC NewsExclusive: Obama 'Would Love Edwards' Support'

Hillary Clinton to appear on Letterman day before Super Tuesday

For goodness sakes, we're Democrats! Land doesn't vote!

32% of Republicans said they were unhappy with Bush.

I bet the freepers are laughing at us

Can I just say, one good thing happened today

It happens to the other side too (not supporting the nominee)

Clinton v Giuliani 08

Obama ties with Hillary in voters who thought the economy was "good"

Obama Rally in Denver about To Get Under Way (Link)

John Edwards has been the first canidate that I was really excited to vote for.

AP: Mood somber at Edwards HQ as staff waits for campaign's end

If anyone wants to talk about class, look at Hillary's and Obama's website.

Fellow Edwards supporters, my advice: vote for him anyway.

Two huge events on MSNBC split screen right now -

Hillary On Edwards: I'm Reaching Out To His Supporters

Edwards FINALLY makes the media!

How frickin tasteless is that MSNBC split screen with the Edwards exit prop and the Obama rally?

We are testing some new ad placements. For the moment, they only appear when you are not logged in.

DU Clinton Supporters are twice as likely to not vote Democratic in the GE than Obama supporters

Once again the MSM are making me sick to my stomach

Wither John Edwards?

Edwards Supporters: Who is your current choice for the Democratic Nominee?

**Official Edwards Dropping out speech Thread**

Obama Gives Contributions From Developer Rezko to Charity

Why does have video of Obama's rally but not Edwards' speech?

Edwards to do work for NOLA Habitat for Humanity tomorrow after dropping out

Dear Edwards supporters, here is a BIG HUG for a VERY noble fight

Thursday's Debate Just Took On A Whole 'Nother Meaning

As a former Dean and now Edwards supporter: Take a pass on Joe Trippi in future

So the Media finally got the race they have been pining for...

Did anyone else think it was B.S. when they declared McCain dead?

"We Salute John and Elizabeth Edwards" takes center stage on Hillary Clinton's website.

I'm endorsing Obama/Clinton

Hillary Clinton & the DLC - Pro War, Anti Populism

Ok, let me just nip this in the bud right here and now

Whatever happened to NGU?

Why I should vote for Hillary and why I Won't

The passing of the Mantle of Hope

Washington Senator Patty Murray Endorses Clinton

I'm an Edwards supporter and I say: BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT

Edwards speech on CSPAn1 turn of MSM

Lurking Obama Staffers:

Thanks MSNBC. For FINALLY telling me who I am

Edwards is out?! Did ANYONE see this coming?

Super Delegates: Won't Let the People Make That Stupid Mistake Again by Nominating A Liberal

With Edwards out, I honestly don't care at all who wins the nomination

Elizabeth Edwards... I Hope You are Well

I don't give a Damn who Edwards endorses.

if John is waiting for Obamas speech to be over to come out

My New Signature Line:

Would hillary clinton go to the supreme court to win?

Obama: "An all-star cast" of Democratic candidates

The Art of Politics and Why & How to support John Edwards (DailyKOS)

breaking..Guiliani to drop tommorrow....

I thought I would post this when there was not too much traffic.

Over 1,891,040 Floridians actually voted for a Republican. Let that sink in.

Edwards to make major policy address on poverty in New Orleans today

The good news? Repukes reject that lisping, sociopathic, nosferatu-looking motherfucker, Giuliani!

Obama Buys Superbowl Ad Time

Oprah may be coming back out for Obama!!

Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll History

What if Edwards isn't dropping out?

FYI - Super February schedual

Has Skinner ever deleted an entire day's worth of postings?

Howard Dean in Puerto Rico

NOW's Response to Sen. Kennedy's Endorsement

Young Turks talking about us here at DU!

VP picks - thoughts?

I'm writing in Al Gore or Kucinich I haven't decided yet. But

Last July, I mentioned that McCain was not out of the race

47 % of all votes in California will be cast by mail and Clinton still leads Obama by 6 %

To all you DU vultures who have the audacity to think you can circle over Edwards' corpse:

Florida voter: "I’m still a Democrat... it's my right as a citizen, and I’m here to express it."

Breaking: Obama cuts Rezko ties

New Obama Ad Features Caroline Kennedy

GOP likely to wrap up their nominating phase in early Spring, Dems going all the way to convention

Its not the campaigning in Florida that is the deal breaker

If Florida results are valid, then ALL campaigning should stop in ALL states, right?

Bill said Hillary and McCain are "good friends"-Hillary loves McCain but hates fellow Dem Obama

I'm confused... (my own "polling results" follow)

Statistics. DU's guide to despair.

Which Candidate For President Had The Least Amount Of Experience

Spam And Eggs Or Ham And Eggs

Does Anybody See Mark Penn And Joe Trippi Joining Up To Gang.....


Who will be easier for us to beat?

A Hillary presidency means we lose both houses in 2010

No one (only HIllary) campaigned in Florida - how can delegates be awarded based on that?

Florida = "Old People, Red Necks, And Cubans"

Intrade-Senator Obama Favored In Less Than A Handful Of Super Tuesday States

the media blows it again

Something has shocked me.

Another day of Morning Obama with Mika and Joe

I was going to bed but I have to share this first. FREEPNUTS to start their own party -->

Beating McCain - Goldwater II

I'm just so disgusted. If the party does not give us decent candidates . . .

Thompson - Clinton's Threat to Democrats and the country - Clinton Cabal - Capitol Hill Blue Site

Can someone give me some appearance dates?

President as “Leader” vs. “Public Servant” or You Don’t Have to Be Republican to Vote Like One

Edwama, Florida, and Naivete

Hillary will lose to John McCain - hello Supreme Court Justices Yoo and Gonzales

It's All About The Margins...

Democrats are making history

A question for supporters of Obama from a "skeptic."

I have never seen Edwards READ a speech before

Okay, DU ... Obama or Clinton?

I think EDWARDS remains the ADULT in the Democratic race

Barack Obama Has Surged Into A Tie In Connecticut Poll

Rep. Barbara Lee: Young Voters and the New Face of Politics

Give your Edwards donations to the poor

So Ex-Edwards Supporters

Non-Obama Supporters only

If We Policed The Assholes In Our Ranks This Might Be A Better Board

We will not forget...

If you want to know where most of Edwards support goes, here is all you need:

**Official Edwards Dropping out speech Thread 2**

Gallup: Hillary's National Lead Over Obama Down To Six Points

GDP is a lot more pleasant with a certain spammer on the ignore list

Do Hillary supporters here understand that Super Tuesday won't crown her as the nominee?

Uh Mods---- can you stop this spammer named NormaR in her tracks!

Sen Clinton has the big MO now going into Super Tues: SC is so yesterday!!

Why didnt he mention New Orleans during a debate?

Nicely done Mr. Edwards

Edwards supporters only: Obama or Hillary?

Changing Your Edwards Avatar

Please mods, a little help...

I'm not a Hillary Clinton supporter but I'll cut her some slack on her "Florida Victory Lap"

Let us be clear: HIllary cheated in Florida. That's her way.

"Let's go to work."

Is the Bill/Hillary Clinton Rezko photo for REAL or PHOTOSHOPPED? What say you?

Edwards didn't say "why " he was dropping out! What is the reason for that?

Well, it's official, the party's corporate elite have won

What is next for John Edwards?

delete dupe

I love John Edwards but I love a decent Supreme Court more.

Florida knows HIllary because Florida knows Monica Lewinsky

John Kerry: McCain Approached Me About Joining Dem Ticket in 2004

"What if?" We spent a day or two on DU with our age before our comments?

Woods impressed by Barack Obama

If Florida wants delegates awarded, then there must be a new primary that is fairly conducted

An historic moment occurred in Florida yesterday that MSM doesn't want you to know

I just heard Edwards' speech and he didn't say why he's leaving the race.

How about Edwards for Senate again?

Obama personally acknowledged Elizabeth in his remarks about Edwards

New Right Wing Clinton Email

LAT/Poltico CA poll: about half will vote by mail and Hillary leads that group 50-33

edwards out

Let's be Friends > I really do like Hillary.

GMA is speculating that Edwards will drop out...

TEAM EDWARDS! The JRE Tsunami Tuesday Strategy Thread

Clinton or Obama can beat McCain or Romney

A word from Florida: No one cheated!

Let's be clear: "If Hillary is the nominee, the party will rally 'round a ham sandwich."


This is Edwards for debate tomorrow night

Breaking: No one in Florida Knows Who Barak Obama is

Mitt in the Morning

Salute to John Edwards and supporters.

I am so sad right now..

Congratulations to the Corporations and their Lobbyist

In 2004 786,203 democratic votes were cast. Kerry received 581,000,.Hillary got 860,000+

Edwards cancels events in Ala. and N.D. for major poverty speech in New Orleans

Can she do it?

History: Kerry got 77% of the vote and 174 delegate! Hillary got 50% of the vote and ZERO delegates.

Voice your opinion to John Edwards

See you all in 2012! I'm off to follow Edwards advice

Super Tuesday, your ballot, your vote, your business.

Obama people: I love you, stay strong, we are almost there!

ABC's 20/20 passed on offer by Clinton campaign for 48 hours of exclusive access

The media DID pretty well ignore wonder he has to drop out!

Obama's Tie is ugly and Hillary wears a wig..(former healthcare thread)

8 more years of republican rule, brought to you by the DLC

Who would be the worst President - McCain or Romey?

ANNOUNCEMENT: Based on Delegate Distro Projection in Florida, this was actually very close.

Huffpo's Nico Pitney: Florida Results Show Late Momentum for Obama

What was Edwards given to quit?

Has anyone posted this yet? JOHN EDWARDS IS QUITTING!

New Kos straw poll

Hillary Clinton’s Fair Credit For Families Agenda:

Obama, Clinton and the War-By Robert Scheer

Salute to Edwards and his supporters.

BREAKING: John Edwards is dropping out.

Bad News for Edwards' supporters now being aired on MSNBC

JONAH GOLBERG on McCain Nomination...

To ALL real Dems here at DU. We lost a good, decent man from the race

Kucinich may have been in our hearts, but Edwards was in our souls at DU.

Is it wrong for me to want Joe Trippi to be FIRED UP! READY TO GO!???

I was hoping Edwards, the logical second candidate, would end up head to head vs Clinton

Why is Edwards dropping out so fast?

Will Edwards endorse anyone before Super Tuesday?

Maybe good news from GA?

Will Clinton's FL win stop the O-mentum?

John Edwards Appreciation Thread

Why Are Clinton Supporters on GD:P so damn vicious?

Victory is his. By dropping out today Edwards PISSES ALL OVER Hillary's FAUX FL victory. . .

Edwards Fundraiser Backs Obama Bid

If Ewards endorses Clinton it will be all I need to know about the man.

If Mark Penn Were Ousted as Clinton Campaign Manager...

Edwards urging Obama during debate break...

Us Edwards supporters only - PLEASE!

I woke up today hopeful and optimistic. Here's how I'll go to sleep tonight...


Question about the Obama is Muslim email

Is CA a winner-take-all state? nt

Ok lets crunch last nights Primary Numbers

Is the Hillary Florida victory impressive?

Sources: Senior Obama staffers rejected proposal for their candidate to sit with Clinton

Clinton Thanks Florida Voters-to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business."

My 12/07/07 Prediction that McCain would be the GOP Nominee was spot on!

Uh oh -- Arlo Guthrie has lost it. Endorses Ron Paul.

Edwards to Endorse Obama

If Florida had no meaning, why did Edwards drop out after Florida?

Some very interesting exit poll data from FL

1 426 249 people voted for Clinton or Obama..Let them be heard !

Why isn't the Clintons' strategy working?

Vote for Gravel if you don't like Hillbama.

Proof positive that DU does not represent the real world.

John Edward Quit? I just got this yesterday!

On Michelle Obama’s Guest List: Alma Rangel

New proof that Hillary DID try to shake Barack's hand

And yet another thread for Edwards supporters

Poll graphs on Feb 5 states

More votes than McCain - who can get them, who did - before he gets lionized too much

Schwarzenegger hints at endorsing McCain

Hillary Margin in Early Votes was 50-31%, no Obama bump from SC or Kennedy

Rolan Martin on CNN just said the same thing that Bill Clinton said

Barack's strongest demographic by income in the exit poll were those making $200,000 or more

Note to Obama People -- Keep Edwards' Message Alive!

All of DU Should give Edwards and his supporters a huge Standing Ovation.

After Edwards, I am not voting in the primary.

IF N.O.W. can accuse Kenney of betrayal think of who the N.A.A.C.P. could accuse of betrayal. . .

My thanks and sympathy to Edwards supporters.

Is there a gender bias on DU?

Obama Within 12 in NY: Clinton 45 Obama 33. Poll Includes Edwards with 10 percent

If this was an honest primary about issues that mattered and people were accountable

Founder of Kinkos, Paul Orfalea, endorses Obama

What is said publicly usually doesn't indicate what is happening privately

Why are most Obama supporters here overly sensitive?

Rasmussen Tracking Poll 01/30/08 Clinton 41%, Obama 32%, Edwards 16%.

Nader - Eight More Years? What you get with Clinton

If Edwards endorses on the basis of attention to poverty Clinton has it in the bag.

(Hillary) Clinton: Edwards called to say he's dropping out (is this where the rumor started?)

Why would a Republican VOTE FOR OBAMA???

I highly doubt that John Edwards would consider endorsing anyone before Tuesday

I will still be voting in the primary.

On-line Stream of Barack Obama speech from Denver about to start 10:07 MST

Dear DU'ers.... Please Read. Pretty please.

Some GOOD NEWS about the Edwards's stopped the Mitt-A-Thon

59%, almost 3/5th's, of the Florida Democratic Votes were cast by Women

Is Edwards going to give a news conference?

Is what Hillary's Campaign did tonight re Florida ETHICAL?

I Supported the ERA

Here's hoping Barack chooses Sebelis or McCaskill as VP

Thom Hartman Did Not Cover The Entire Edwards....

Am I wrong in surmising that with Edwards out we won't have a brokered convention....

Holy crap! Edwards won more counties than Obama!

Myths and Facts about MI and FL delegates

What was Michigan's and Florida's reasoning for pushing up their primaries?

Thank You Elizabeth and John.

Suspended Campaign

I don't know if this is a dup, but Ned Lamont is endorsing Obama

Past vs. Future.

Before I heard about Edwards,

How many delegates left after Feb. 5th? Anyone know?

What does it mean that the Dems are now officially down to 2, while the GOP has 4?

I do not like Hillary but.........

Does Machine Politics get any more naked than this? nt

No REALLY... Why did Edwards withdraw?

How long before the MSM

Paging Lame54: "Here's a Toast to All Those Who Hear Me All Too Well"

John Edwards' New Jersey Chair Endorses Obama

Edwards Supporters: Help Me Make Change!

I cannot begin to express how sick at heart I am. (not candidate specific!)

Jews favor Hillary. Clinton 58% Obama 26% Edwards 13% (Florida results)

Obama statement on John Edwards

A minor point, and I'm just being hopeful...but JE "SUSPENDED" his campaign.

I think Clinton is going to win it all.

Hulk Hogan endorses Obama!

Why did Edwards Bow Out Now?

Over 10,000 votes cast on progressive blog Daily Kos

A question for Obama supporters.

A great victory was won today in the Primary Wars. Let us celebrate.

Which Of The Following Five Possible Scenarios Would Cause DU To Explode More...

After Kennedy Obama needs Edwards endorsement

Hussein means beautiful child.

We Are All To Blame..........

Oh what the fuck does it matter, now? (or, When Hope Seems Like a Waste of Energy)

Prediction: Super Tuesday will not decide our candidate. March 4 will. What say you?


Tom Toles on the media coverage of the primaries

Edwards vs Dole for US Senate?

Edwards supporters - Just for the primaries - vote for Romney?

I am not pro Obama, but I am anti Clinton

I just got back from voting for Edwards.

I never got a chance to vote for a democratic candidate I could support....

Is it true Obama Snubbed an Edwards Endorsement?

Picking up your ball and going home.

Do you know the difference between a primary and a general election?

One Week - A 14 Point National Swing For Obama In Gallup Poll

What in the hell is wrong with Chris Matthews????

The Debate tomorrow night is both their last chances and a rarity for us

NJ Senate President Richard Codey endorses Obama

Which to you is more important in deciding which candidate to support?

Thank you John Edwards, you gave them a hell of a run. If the

Announcement: The Sky is Not Falling

Great. With Edwards out, my primary vote goes to either my 4th or 5th choice.

My Second Endorsement By Senator Edward M.Kennedy

My biggest fear with Hillary Clinton.

Who Can Lead the Democrats Out of the Desert?

Make no mistake: the general election will be between Clinton and McCain.

I'm Voting for EDWARDS in the California Primary on Tuesday, 2/5!

Chicago Trib's story series on Obama

Who is more Presidential - Obama or Clinton ?

Obama will get my support

Can McCain control his temper? (curtesy of Caro).

Hillary on Bill:

Some Edwards Supporters are Embarassing

So who will give Nader the $10 Million he needs to make his run?


Now that it's down to two choices

What happens to Edward's delegates.. the ones he's already got and

Raising McCain (Pew - Andrew Kohut)

My theory on the timing of Edwards' announcement...

Edwards NJ Chairman Richard Codey to endorse Obama

Finally, the corporate media realized there WAS another candidate running!

It was very disheartening for me and my wife to hear Edwards

Could we catch our breath?

I'm on an "unsubscribe" binge

New Jersey Senate President Robert Codey to Endorse Obama

Charlie Rangel's wife attends Obama event

Obama? Clinton? as an Edwards supporter I have made up my mind!


Watch this Video - American Flags Fall around Hillary

LGBT Voters: Clinton, Obama, or ...

Coming To Congress Soon!

Candidates' speeches analyzed: negativity, LBJ comparison, Stalin comparison, and more!

Who will Edwards endorse?

From WSJ website, it seems to me Edwards is inclined to Obama...

I'm sitting here crying. And he's not even my damn candidate

If Hillary had divorced Bill after the whole Monica thing...

Even with the abetting of the MSM, how good is McCain as a

Edwards advisor Mudcat Saunders: Stop Hillary

As inspired as some of you are, you must also realize that there is a whole subset

I'm voting against the media.

For The Hillary Clinton Supporters

Obama pledges leadership in Denver

Edwards Suspended...Not....

The simplest test to determine which candidate cares about poverty (Edwards Agenda)

Interesting Analysis Of Candidate Oratory Skills

Video Retrospective: Elizabeth And John Edwards Take On Media Stars (Coulter and other slime)

Sen. Clinton welcomes endorsement from Patty Murray

The leader, Clinton, has an Edwards tribute up on the website. Has Obama followed her lead yet?

A young person's perspective--starting from the time I was 6 years old...

voting in the fall

My Second Endorsement Goes To "Inspired Americans"-by Senator Edward M Kennedy

This picture of Hillary and Norman Hsu....

I am bereft! Devastated!

Why Not Edwards for VP with either HRC or Obama?

Senator Clinton needs some coaching in regards to her oratory skills

I just had a nightmare flash- Attorney General Giuliani in the

With Edwards out, its time to think of your own future

***6 different polls *** Clinton leads Obama with a 9.1 % average***

All in favor of e-mailing thanks to John Edwards, say AYE

Please Hillary or Obama, if you win the nomination, Please, please...

CNN: Edwards' lack of media coverage killed campaign

"She found the best person for her, I found the best person for me"

John McCain


Do You Identify Yourself More By Your Race Or Your Gender?

Super Tuesday Projection: 1/30

Can Obama make in-roads in NY?

If you could wave a wand and put one of the three D's in the White House who would it be?

IF Obama or Clinton have made an AG or VP deal with Edwards, when would

One last thing for BOTH bunches of celebcandibots

What about Michael Dukakis?

Hey Edwards! Get back in the race as a champion for Impeachment !!

Hulk Hogan endorses Barack Obama, brutha!

Has Edwards announced who he will endorse yet?

In a race where the Democratic votes didn't count and there

Thank you John and Elizabeth Edwards

Thank you John and Elizabeth Edwards and Family

Photo surfaces of Hillary Clinton and Tony Rezko

GOLDMAN SACHS = Obama's biggest backer?

Let us be clear: There was no Democratic Primary in Florida tonight.

Now that Edwards has dropped out, I say . . .

I didn't stop being a Kerry supporter when he announced he wasn't running

Some people think if their candidate says, There's no white

This Edwards supporter is now with Obama

Chuck Todd says Edwards did what he believed was in Obama's interest

Grow Up!

Ed Schultz -"NOW Is An Extremist Organization"

Why Should Any One of Us at DU (Ever) have to Apologize for Not Hating Hillary Clinton?

Obama people: You have to PROVE your candidate deserves progressive support

Email from John Edwards

Dana Milbank puts the smack down on Hillary's dishonest Florida campaigning>>

Hillary Announces - Voices Across America: A National Town Hall Webcast with 21 Super Tuesday states

This is funny: re: The Huffington Post


Omnipurpose Joe Trippi Hate Thread

Sweeney, Vitale back Clinton (prominent Edwards supporters*)

Clinton Ahead Of Rivals In Missouri | C 44 O 31


From Edwards to Clinton, but Obama will win

Here's what I learned today about Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Obama

Clark… Gore… Biden… Edwards…

"Son there's just something about you I don't like"

Picture of Hillary and convict Johnny Chung

For the Cube Rats: Text of John Edwards speech in NOLA today

One last comment (maybe) about SC

Picture of Hillary and convict Johnny Chung

It's official-the MSM has chosen our candidate & my California vote won't matter

Hillary received more votes in Florida than McCain & and Obama in Iowa, NH, Nevada and SC combined

ATTENTION: Super Tuesday Voters

Bill and Hillary Clinton have defeated both PUKES and the MSM at the same time THREE TIMES.

Is it true? Is Nader jumping in the race now?

Someone pass the tissues....

NYTimes-In the south, Swing voters perceive front-runners as too liberal.McCain will more pallatable

If Edwards endorses, what happens to his delegates?

Edwards, Biden Supporters: Reasons to Believe they Matter going Forward.

Edwards didn't DIE, you know

Congratulations Obama supporters on your candidate's endorsement by the NY Post

New Gallup poll shows Hillary's lead slipping nationwide.


Anybody have a Pic of Hillary and Webster Hubble?

Scrap the primaries

Reverse it: NY Post endorses Hillary Clinton

******Official Edwards Supporter Thank You John & Elizabeth Thread******

Most of the anal-ysts on TV say Edwards support goes to Clinton. All of the PUKES say goes to Obama

The Metamucil Presidential Campaign

Obama attracts 10,000 to arena in Denver, overflow of 8,000+

George Galloway British Maverick MP on Obama

To fellow John Edwards supporters....

I supported Edwards. I supported Clark.

Gallup National Poll: Huge Obama (National) Surge (+Obama leads Hillary by 3% in California)

I came to DU

"I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that he does not endorse Hillary Clinton."

Ah, jeez, defcon 2. We've lost the "Ignore Thread" function

Over 11 000 people came to show support for Clinton at UC Davis (12 hours notice)

A couple songs for Edwards supporters w/ the blues..

I just posted the following question to Hillary on her Town Hall site

According to McCaskill, Missouri voters like Obama because

Mr. Edwards, give your endorsement to whichever candidate

--- 2008 - The Underdogs ---

Rezko Also Gave Big $$ to George W. Bush, Obama & donated to John Kerry's Campaign..

MSNBC: Elizabeth Edwards said it's not a "sad day," it's a "complicated" day

Throw away candidates....

Maxine Waters Coming Up On CNN

I was wrong - I thought Huckabee would do better

295,932 Democrats voted by mail in Florida, 47 % in California did the same. Do you see the trend ?

Do you all have a link to any of the rallies that Ted Kennedy attended

NY Post endorses Hillary Clinton.

What now, for Edwards/Obama flip-floppers?

A question about campaign donations

With Edwards out, I'm writing in AL GORE come the 5th

"An expected response from an Obama supporter"

Hillary propelled by early votes; lost ground on election day

McCain jokes "Why is Chelsea so Ugly?" That would win the election for Democrats

Obama calls Clinton divisive figure

Where is the birdseye picture of the handshake

I was a Gore groupie...I moved to Edwards and felt he spoke for me...It is on to Obama

Obama is a Transformer?!


If you watched the Situation Room and saw Terry Jefferies

Photos of Obama and Edward Said circulating and report of Nation of Islam Obama treasurer?

McCain has to get rid of that damned whistle in his speech

Wow. Worst endorsement speech I've ever seen.

So who is still down for the fight against the Republicans?

John Edwards is a stand up guy!

Murdoch's NY Post endorses Obama

Never forget - it's about the Supreme Court

Will Gore Endorse?

Maxine Waters Speaks On CNN

Mark Mckinnon

Obama Snub pictures

Schwarzenegger Endorses McCain

Did Edwards give a reason?????

Mudcat: Clintons no friend of rural America

Senator Clinton's comments on the Rezko photo

AJC: Obama addresses Baptists, says Clinton "evoked a lot of passion among women"

Irony - My Edwards Bumper Sticker just arrived...

Ralph Nader is getting in..Congratulations Democrats

Pictures from Obama in KC yesterday

It's TRUE the MSM is why Edwards is out. Democrats need a candidate who can DESTROY them.

EDWARDS FRIENDS: These Are the Times That Try Men's Souls...

Just sent Obama some more CA$H, it felt awesome!!! Want to see him on more local TV in more places!

Photo: 2 Republicans having a "moment" just makes me feel special all over.

Two ways to read the landscape now that Edwards is gone

Reluctantly, it is Obama by default.

Do You Like Me?

Wonder if the MSM and powers that be are effectively narrowing the race

PPP New York Poll: Clinton 45%; Obama 33% (MOE +/-3.4%) - polled 1/29/07

What does "electability" mean?

Wow, Arnold Looked Better When He Looked Like This

Economy in Free Fall - I wish John had waited one more day.

MSNBC reporting that Schwarzenegger's about to make a big statement

Question: Are some folks here on DU paid by candidates?

Does Edwards' Dropping Out Make Your More Or Less Interested In Tomorrow's Debate?

Progressive Dems of America move from Edwards to Obama

After going through '08....Gore, Kucinich, Edwards....take a look at Mike Gravel's Website!

Huckabee: "It ain't the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog"

I'm for the guy or gal whose going to tear the repug nominee apart

---- Obama Webb Sebelius photo images - notice anything? ---

Obamas communications director on the Florida results

Let us be clear: Hillary kicked Obama's butt in Florida

AP: Obama calls Clinton a "divisive" figure

ABC: "Tension Ticks Up as Race Narrows"

Obama's judgement - in 2001 Obama opposed Ashcroft -but found Rumsfeld "mainstream"

Elizabeth B. Moynihan Endorses Barack Obama

Barack Obama dining with Edward Said - PHOTO

CNN reporting on Obama's Hillary attacks.

Limbaugh's head exploding over McCain

I Have No Candidate

Glenn Beck: John McCain “is more dangerous than Hillary Clinton.”

Great photo of John Edwards and family in New Orleans today

John Edwards, you will always be the first presidential candidate I truly cared about.

MSNBC Is Doing It Again And Pissing Me Off - So-Called Handshake Snub.....

Make no mistake: A vote for Hllary Clinton is a vote for John McCain.

Are The GOP Praying for an OBAMA?

10 Reasons WHY the Democrats Need To Win The White House

I believe I speak for many of my fellow Edwards supporters when I say

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?" Reno & Hillary Clinton lesbians" McCain said at a GOP fund-raiser

Congratulations to John Edwards on the cleanest campaign run this year.

Can I get a promise from both the Hillary Clinton and Obama supporters?


After Edwards Pulls out Progressive Dems of America Endorse Obama

PLEASE don't ask Edwards supporters who they are going to support now.

How are we going to beat McCain?

I don't think that I will be voting in California's primary this Tuesday.

Kennedy: My Second Endorsement

Obama picking up more support in Mass.

Al Gore

Edwards was preparing to buy $6 million in Super Tuesday ads

JANUARY 30, 2008--The day the corporations won.

Edwards supporters: now what?

Edwards supporters still have a voice

New Gallup Poll: At the moment, Obama has the momentum among Democrats nationally

Edwards PROMISED to stay in until the end. He BROKE that promise.

Team Obama, Listen Up! If JRE has a DEBT to retire..let's pitch-in, OK?

Best line I've read about Florida primary

Photos: Barack Obama with Caroline Kennedy at a rally today in Denver, Colorado

Kucinich and Edwards voters...

Obama or Hillary? That is the question

Obama strategy: 'Old Politics Just Won't Do' - Race Against Clinton as 'Past Versus the Future'

Edwards Calls On Congress To Help States Manage State Budget Deficits

To the Hillary and Obama supporters ... What's the differences between them?

Whose Economic Stimulus Makes the Grade?

Barack Obama is not a corporate candidate

Campaign has one too many Clintons

Florida Turnout 28.6%, South Carolina Turnout 43.5% Links here...

I'm on my third candidate now and I'm still feeling hopeful!

Now there are two choices. Help me decide.

I just can't vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy Carter: Obama will be a healing factor in the animosity that now exists...

More Negative Mail From The Obama Campaign, Another Misleading Attack On Hillary

Clinton gains Florida fillip after bruising by Obama


I thnk Bill Nelson just declared the battle is beginning.

Wash. Monthly: "Ask Not! Why Obama Is No JFK"

The Official "Thank You, John" Thread- Let's hear it for a SUPERB candidate

Oh, oh. Carter compared Obama's speaking skills to those of MLK.

Sen. Obama's Speech In Denver, CO Will Contain Four Misleading Attacks On Hillary In One Sentence

Obama conjures up image of blackness in speech to black churches.

Democracy died today.

Clinton Campaign Announces "Voices Across America: A National Town Hall"

Of all the Years for our Dem Party to do the Race/Gender Thing...why pick 2008?

Thanks for noticing, John.

Palmieri says Edwards-Clinton the same

I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore

Florida Results Show Late Momentum For Obama

A "HOLY CRAP" reminder about how Delegate Distribution works

The Primary System Officially Sucks

Meaningless From Now On: Gallop, Zogby,Rasmussen, ARG, Quinnipiac, Pew, Marist...

NY POST: Post Endorses Barack Obama

Hillary or Obama?


Clinton wins first Democratic Primary, despite Obama's cheating.

I must say it....I can't understand how anyone can support Clinton

From the possibility of a brokered convention to a virtual impossibility... dissapointing.

McCaskill on CNN: Let's find common ground with Republicans, instead of demonizing them

Are you with Obama? Really? Please confirm it here.

While I share your feelings regarding Edwards dropping out - just a little reminder

Edwards supporters - PLEASE THINK STRATEGICALLY...

So it's to be HIllary - maybe that's not a bad thing after all

Let's be honest, "transformational" in Obama-speak means....

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by the media

Bill Clinton's Role in Today's Mortgage Crisis

An Edwards Voter From Appalachia: "So here's my not earth-shattering announcement: I quit too."

Edwards told us why

I Think Edwards was Pressured to Drop Out

Attorney General John Edwards

EDWARDS FRIENDS: Your "place shall never be with those cold and timid souls"

Why the Hillary hatred?

I voted for John Edwards today.

Direction, And Howling at the Moon

110.54% Voter turnout in Broward County, FL precinct

As the primary smoke clears, we see: The Corporate Gangster Republic of America

The Clinton Rezko Photo is a FAKE!!!!!!!

Latest status for WIN MY VOTE.

Who's Afraid of John Edwards?

I didn't think it was going to be this hard...

Just got off a conference call w/John & Elizabeth Edwards

If you plan on voting for Nader...

Do you want to see Howard Dean ousted as DNC Chairman?

Signing Statement Silence

Funniest serious illness I've ever had: Cat Scratch Fever!

The ONLY time I ever threw a patient out of my office...

CNN anchor jokes about 'Reverse Oreo' with black co-host.

Hey, I know what'll cheer me up

I keep seeing these posts griping about smoking bans...

I am getting really pumped about the thought of McCain winning the Repig primaries

When Hitler killed a million people they called him a monster.

When Hitler killed a million people they called him a monster.

New Game - Guess the DUer based on a anagram of their name

VIDEOS of the Mukasey Hearing: CIA Tapes Investigation May Cover Interrogation Techniques

I have sneaking feeling

German Travel Group to Offer Nude Flights

time for a pic thread!

Wesley Snipes: Playing out a role created by white male Libertarians.

Favorite radio station?


Can a person recall his/her absentee ballot once it has been sent, but prior to the election?

The NERVE! My local hospital has banned smoking on all hospital property!

Does Laura Bush's upper lip bother anyone else?

Fellow smokers, let's go on the offensive.

Bush: Faith helped him beat drinking ("I drank too much. Addiction is hard to overcome")

Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss. says he can't support McCain. Says McCain is an erratic hothead


We are testing some new ad placements. For the moment, they only appear when you are not logged in.

We are testing some new ad placements. For the moment, they only appear when you are not logged in.

We are testing some new ad placements. For the moment, they only appear when you are not logged in.

Radio Lady here, getting into a Hawaiian mood! Tell me anything you know about Oahu, Kauai, and...

Holocaust-themed Rio Carnival float causes strain

Severed Heads And Bodies Found In Iraq Field: Police

THE HUNT FOR DELEGATES Obama Mines Small, Traditionally Red States


Chalk River was unsafe: Keen

Family Medical Leave Expanded to Cover Wounded Military

TCS cuts staff salaries in tune with tough times (TATA)

Bayou ex-CFO sentenced to 20 years in prison (partner to John Ellis - Bush cousin)

Giuliani camp discussing McCain endorsement

McCain Beats Romney to Win Fla. Primary

Would-Be Peacemaker Killed in Kenya

Subprime crisis draws FBI scrutiny as Fed meets

State of the Union Came With a Signing Statement

Much Ado About No Delegates

Argentine Dirty War officers punished

Heavy snow chokes transport ahead of Spring Festival

Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Patrol in Iraq

Cameraman killed in Baghdad bomb attack

Study: Afghanistan could fail as a state

Myanmar monks remain defiant

Clinton Thanks Florida Voters-to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business."

Rep. Ron Lewis will not seek reelection

Congress Grants 15-Day Extension To Surveillance Law

U.S. Economy Expanded 0.6 Percent, Less Than Forecast

NBC News confirms Giuliani to endorse McCain Tomorrow

Giuliani Prepares to Exit, Back McCain

German Travel Group to Offer Nude Flights

Clinton wins Florida, CNN projects

Oregon soldier dies of (brain) injury from Iraq war

On-line Stream of Barack Obama speech from Denver about to start 10:07 MST

Middle East and Asia lose internet access after cable fails

Truck drivers appeal Iraqi ambush case (Halliburton knowingly sent them)

Train derails into Sandusky Bay (Ohio)

Kenyan business community gets involved in resolving crisis

(Hillary) Clinton: Edwards called to say he's dropping out (is this where the rumor started?)

Co-pilot dragged from cockpit after nervous breakdown over Atlantic

Financial Ties Are Cited as Issue in Spine Study

Police Shooting of Mother and Infant Exposes a City’s Racial Tension

Attorneys for Guantánamo captives back Obama's bid

Vermont Anti - Bush Petition Lambasted (Freeps attack VT)

Iraq Primed For Oil Windfall, U.S. Says

Flight to London makes emergency landing after co-pilot suffers mental breakdown

CNN is projecting Sen. John McCain as the winner of the GOP primary in Florida.

Fitch cuts FGIC (Bond Insurer) rating to AA from AAA

Research Groups Boom in Washington

China’s weapons exceed self-defence needs, says US

Jury chosen for retrial of alleged Sears Tower conspirators

U.S. Rep. Davis to Retire, Ending 14-Year Tenure in Congress

Iraq conflict has killed a million, says survey

Sea lions massacred in Galapagos

GOP Lawmaker Presses Rice Over Iraq Rape Case

Fed Lowers Rate to 3% as Six-Year U.S. Expansion Falters

Bush to charge lawmakers $200 for budget hard copy

AP: Edwards nixes campaign stops for speech on poverty

Six years after invasion, Taliban is on the rise

Australia to Apologize to Aborigines

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 30

S Africa set for month of blackouts

Tribe All but Vanishes From Kenyan City-machete packing

(AG Michael) Mukasey: 'It is not for me to decide' if waterboarding should be used

US Senate plan lets higher income earners share rebates

Mosul to be "cleansed" of al Qaeda: Iraq

Canada PM tells Bush he ready to quit Afghanistan

U.S. sees "ethnic cleansing" in Kenya

Nader launches exploratory website

Greenspan: Good chance of U.S. recession

Edwards to quit presidential race

Sick Cattle Used to Feed School Children

Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt

Financial Ties Are Cited as Issue in Spine Study

The Pentagon's Revolving Door

Shocking News From Florida: 'Early Voters' Are Actually from 2000 Election!

Offshoring boom: BPO set to be $50b industry

Fortress USA? (Interesting)

For those who missed it, the SOTU in one sentence

'US needs more H-1Bs'

State of the Union Came With a Signing Statement

WSJ: Jimmy Carter Praises Obama,

We Must All Do Our Part To Preserve This Climate Of Fear

Is DOJ's Fieger case about to collapse? -- Brian Dickerson, DFP columnist

Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening

Phones tapped at the rate of 1,000 a day (Britain)

Outside Groups Aid Obama, Critic of Their Influence (New York Times)

The Fine Print

FAIR: NYT Falls for White House Spin on Economy

'If there's one thing that can unite the GOP.... it's the specter of another Clinton in the WH.'

Much Ado About No Delegates

NYT editorial: Supreme Court guts civil rights laws; Senator Kennedy introduces bills to undo damage

Police Shooting of Mother and Infant Exposes a City’s Racial Tension

It can't happen here? Its happening here right now. By Ed Martin

Spring Break 2008

Silly Voters

Arctic Summer Ice Gone By 2013

What "bipartisanship" in Washington means

Billions in Profiteering at the Dept. Homeland Security

CNN "So Poor and So Black"

Martha Raddatz From ABC News Discusses the Afghanistan Mess

Bush's Fairy Tale / The Real State of the Union

Labor Organizer Marshall Ganz - Obama Supporter

Pot vending machines take root in Los Angeles

MSNBC: Jobs are never coming back... but we'll have lots more wars!

The Madness of G.O.P. Watercarrier Amy Holmes on Bill Maher's Realtime

Edwards Withdrawal Leaves Just Two Disappointing Choices.

John Edwards' indelible mark

John Edwards' indelible mark

America’s Middle Classes Are No Longer Coping

Arlington West

Olbermann: Mysterious Voting Maching Glitches in FL Primary

Obama to Hillary: I look forward to you advising me

Agustin Aguayo, A Man of Conscience

the younge turks: endorsements.

Matt Taibbi: Hillary Clinton: The New Nixon?

Olbermann: Sen. Webb Responds to Bush's SOTU

American Gladiator Presents: George W. Bush - Dumbass!

Did Latino Voters Decide Florida?

Rudy Giuliani Withdraws

The Official Mascot of Election 08: Pablito Ali

The Bush-Shays SOTU Kiss

Mukasey: CIA Tapes Investigation May Cover Interrogation Techniques

Mukasey: "I Would Feel" That Waterboarding is Torture if Done to Me

First ever online global primary

Hillary reacts to Edwards stepping down

Cenk Ran Into Staunch Pro-Life Actor Who Played Jesus In Passion Of The Christ And...

The Mudcat lobby: Stop Hillary

A Horror Show Called Juno By Jessica DelBalzo

Mukasey on Waterboarding: "It is Unresolved"

Former President Carter Praises Obama

Josh Marshall analyzes the mounting wingnut challenge to McCain

Obama gets HUGE endorsement - Hulk Hogan!

The (Fake) Drama Around Obama

Mukasey Tongue-Tied on Administration Law Breaking

Mukasey Refuses to Support Outlawing of Waterboarding

Newly discovered video of Cheney playing a video game.

Response to Bush's 2008 State of the Union Address

MSNBC Florida Primary - Olbermann Speaks w/ Hillary Clinton

Whoopi Goldberg reacts to Obama handshake episode (The View)

Sean Penn for Pres. . .if only

John Edwards Concession Speech - 1/30/08

The Boy In a Bubble

Caroline Kennedy's TV ad for Barack Obama

Mike Gravel is still in the race. Vote for Gravel if you don't like Hillbama.

John Edwards Drops Out

Jesus . . . Soldier Without a Country

Obama on FL Delegates: I'm Going to Stick to My Pledge

Bill Kristol spreads lies not Democracy

Mukasey Shocks Biden's Conscience

Whitehouse grills Mukasey

U.S. drops support for clean coal plant: lawmaker - Reuters

Grants Given for Cellulosic Ethanol - AP

Nuclear director quits as clean-up costs soar (U.K.)

Independent UK: Invest in the planet and clean up

Natural Economy

Nuclear decommissioning costs rise

Bus Rapid Transit

Bike Sharing

Empty Promises

Drying of the West

Bus Rapid Transit

Ill. Lawmakers Will Fight for Coal Plant - AP

Texas Monthly - Is There Life After Oil? Is there Water after Oil?

Care2 ........ Global Network for green living, human rights, peace.....

Lester Brown: Why Ethanol Production Will Drive World Food Prices Even Higher in 2008

Bush Greenwash Climate Meeting Underway In Hawaii - BBC

French Beekeepers Worried - Winter Mortality Shoots Up To 60% After Reprieve - AFP

Harmattan - W. Africa's Hot, Dry Trade Wind Season - Worst In Living Memory In Nigeria

How the mountains of Appalachia disappear

3 Canadian Premiers Will Dump Harper Climate "Plan" In Favor Of BC Approach

UC Boulder Study - Baffin Island Ice Caps Shrink By 50%+ Since 1950s - AFP

Arctic Summer Ice Gone By 2013

China "Buckles" Under Strain Of Winter Storm - AFP

Chinese Ag. Ministry - Food & Oil Crops Severely Damaged By Winter Storms - Reuters

Study shows hurricane impact of warmer Atlantic - Reuters

Poor Haitians resort to eating dirt

Responding To Market Demand For Fish Oil, Fleets Respond By Fishing For Krill

Survey Of Australian Business Heads Finds 2% Believe In Integrity Of Their Own Emissions Data - Age

Oil scarcity has 'snuck up on us', expert says

China's Freezing Winter Follows Record Warm Winter In 06-07 - Swings Sign Of Things To Come - AFP

Thieving from a community vegetable garden

Energy Dept. May Drop FutureGen Support - "Clean Coal" Costs Too Much, You See . . . WP

Signs point toward pause in Iraq withdrawal

Think tank: ‘Surge’ now needed in Afghanistan

DoD contractor, manager charged with bribery

Extended offensive expected in Mosul campaign

Drum soldier dies after reporting chest pain

National Guard Bureau gets four-star status

Law halts replacement of Tomb of Unknowns

5 troops hurt in Iraq checkpoint bombing

Editorial: Pentagon must demand integrity from charity

Hundreds of MRAPs may be headed to Afghanistan

Backtalk: The need for advisers

New charges filed against Iraq war vet

TBI cases need better tracking, officials say

Interesting mailbag at the Army Times today

Bush signs revised bill, 3.5 percent raise a go

Man indicted in theft of sub parts

‘Record’ rail gun test planned

CG report: Responders ill-prepared for spill

Pickpocket beat by former Marine gets 6 months

Arrest warrant issued for Marine suspect

Force-shaping board canceled

Flags on Missouri at half-staff for Truman

Ex-airman testifies in ax killing of retiree

F-117 weapons loaders compete for last time

Boeing tanker finishes first night refueling

Could AI speed VA claims?

Backtalk: A force divided

Old base may help ease NYC air traffic

Key Baqouba street re-opened in Iraq

Marines have hard time convincing Iraqis to help clear areas of trash

Post southwest of Baghdad building on better security in 'triangle of death'

Wing rescue Airmen retrieve ill soldier from African outpost

Web site offers answers on new fuel card

Navy conducting research on ocean in Gulf of Guinea

Parents join students in Baumholder for extra family time during ‘deployment

Spangdahlem crew chief gets 3 years in porn case

Mini-nuke plants eyed for Air Force bases

Foreign Service hiring special agents

Student from Sigonella, sailor killed in crash

Woman testifies she was raped by major

Sailors’ thoughts sought on juggling Navy, family

Staff sgt. gets 20 months, allowed to retire with full benefits despite role in fatal drunken-drivin

Misawa master sergeant sentenced in molestation

Kadena Air Base water OK to drink

From dog races to pachinko, off-base gambling options abound in the Pacific

Gambling: The path to obsession

USFK responds to illegal-gambling reports

Germany offers upscale gambling options off base

Iraq Troop Reductions? Not So Fast

Spy satellite could fall to Earth in March

Congress Hears Testimony in VA Deaths

PCU Makin Island Coming to San Diego

RCT-1 Takes the Reins From RCT-6

'Baby NCOs': Never!

AG Won't Call Waterboarding Torture

Senators Want War Contracts Inquiry

Congressman wants to ban gambling machines on base, military says they aren’t a problem

New Stryker Faring Poorly in Field

Check out THIS letter in my right-wing paper-feel free to reply

Wildfires break out at old Fort Chaffee

South Carolina AFL-CIO President Urges Labor Movement Support For Freightliner 5

Strikers Tell Ford Dealership to Shift Out of Reverse

Bush Renominates Anti-Worker Lawyer to Labor Board

Edwards tries to gain traction in Tennessee

Cintas workers are standing with UNITE HERE and the Teamsters to gain respect, better pay and safer

Political tensions build in L.A. unions over Obama, Clinton endorsements

Oakland Latest Airport With Staffing Emergency as Air Traffic Control Crisis Grows

New Jersey May Get Paid Family Leave After State Senate Vote

In Memoriam: AFSCME Pioneer, Wanda Weaver (when police officers handcuffed and dragged her down the

Airline's labor fight threatens safety program

Bush’s State of the Union Address: Time for a Reality Check

The real reason Obama & company are pissed about FL? Takes away from their SC momentum.

ALL FIRED UP-Hillary Clinton-projected WINNER in FL--cnn

WP: Clinton Thanks Florida Voters-to the tune of "Takin' Care of Business."

Sen Clinton has the big MO now going into Super Tues: SC is so yesterday!!

I have finally decided on Hillary...

we lost a good Dem candidate--and we get vileness towards another!!

Hillary to be on Letterman

Clinton wins first Democratic Primary, despite

Hillary's response to the NON-handshake: Transcript of Hillary's response to "snubgate"

Wash. Monthly: "Ask Not! Why Obama Is No JFK"

Hillary's Statement on Edwards


greg sargent on Hil reaching out to edwards supporters and a post on perspective.

AtomicKitten . . . . thread #2



Hillary Clinton’s Fair Credit For Families Agenda:

Jews favor Hillary. Clinton 58% Obama 26% Edwards 13% (Florida results)

Clinton Campaign Announces "Voices Across America: A National Town Hall"

Obama's Speech In Denver, CO Will Contain Four Misleading Attacks On Hillary In One Sentence

Report: Egypt thwarts suicide terror attack against Israel

No way to avoid Hamas now

Russian kidnap granny in hospital

Fallen soldier's father blames himself for son's death in Lebanon war

Egyptians host Gaza rivals talks

Abbas rules out talks with Hamas

Liberty, democracy, brutality

'Egypt nabs terror cell in Sinai'

Gaza crisis undermines Bush strategy

Lebanon war report won't topple Olmert, say allies

Poll: 53% of Palestinians oppose rocket fire

High Court okays cutting fuel and power to Gaza

Uruguay, Venezuela to join hands in Antarctic expedition

FIDEL responds to Bush State of Union Address - "The Antithesis of Ethics"

UBS subprime losses mount, bank deep in red

EU leaders take credit rating agencies to task

Fed risks 'blood on the floor' on rate cuts

New UBS Writedown Dents Credibility

In preparing for recession: Get Rid Of Your Debt With These Debt Defying Strategies

When do rate cuts reflect in regular mortgage rates...?

Super Tuesday states: how many jobs lost under Bush?

Video of Wall Street talking to Bernanke

High anxiety for 401(k) investors

The Distress Markets see opportunities

S&P Slashes Ratings, Lowers Outlook on $534 Billion of Mortgage Debt, CDOs

How Much does your family spend on College Textbooks

The Fed has made their move. The stimulus package has been announced.

I just paid off my credit card!!!!

Methodist Church Renews Drive For Divestment From Israel

I am watching a heartbreaking Intervention

Landsdowne Street clubs sold to anti-gay Murder Music Purveyor, House of Blues

From the "I May Barf Bag"...(weak tummy? Don't read this!)

Anti-gay Bigot Fundies to hold conference in Boston, Wednesday, March 5th with Scott Phelps

Went to the doctor yesterday....

check this...


Giuliani quits.

Holy Crap!!!

We'll regret not having a Biden ticket in the fall

Hey, I just saw Joe on MSNBC, grilling Mukasey


Getting our Reputation Back

From The West Wing to the campaign trail

I THINK they're replaying the Mukasey thing now - and Biden's up next???

Biden on The Hill Blog on Darfur

Hey there...

BIden / Mukasey video!

about John Edwards Dropping out...


Does anyone have any white light Earth images?


Mercury in Retrograde has already struck!

Mercury in Retrograde has already struck!

Another Mercury Retrograde story: the Internet is down in the Middle East

I am getting a strong feeling (re: Edwards)

Come Cry with Me

I spent Saturday and Sunday at Whizard training

Look what (our) PinkTiger predicted!

Texas is a Capricorn state...major shifts, political and otherwise, under Pluto and Jupiter

The Stanley Wilson talk

McNamee's lawyer says Pettitte will corroborate HGH accusation against Clemens

Patriots-Super Bowl trivia

Small Market Teams With Insanely Rich Owners

Obama is a Hammers Fan

I am definitely rooting for the Patriots since the ***** Elizabeth Hassel*****


Clinton Wins Florida Primary but No Delegates

Hmm ... Rudy campaigns almost exclusively in Florida, ignoring "flyover" Iowa +,

Two proteins linked to nicotine addiction

Drug-name mix-ups hurt patients, getting worse

Schwarzenegger Health plan fails

In our healthcare system, should money absolutely buy extended life

over my head?

Bond denied for Lexington Co. Baptist Pastor / Teacher accused of sending a boy child porn

High Court to Decide if Knoxville, TN Pastor Caused Girl's Death

Sex charges against Baptist youth pastor dismissed after Investigator Misses Trial

Earth Air Fire Water

Color Photos from the Library of Congress

Multi-religion prisoners OK by state, but not chaplain

Tool Use Is Just a Trick of the Mind

Earth dodged a bullet today (Asteroid near miss)

Ruins of 7,000-year-old city found in Egypt oasis

Cats' Family Tree Rooted In Fertile Crescent, Study Confirms

Anger over school shooting range (UK)

Florida: Further confirmation of a Kerry Landslide ( TIA )

Rush Limbaugh: “I don’t know if I voted twice,” he said. “Probably not.”

Regardless of who you support, even if you aren't a Dem

VOICE of the VOTERS! Wednesday, Jan 30 7-9 PM Eastern

Miami-Dade Live Tabulation Room webcast.

How to Steal an Election Without Breaking a Sweat-Election Reform, Fraud & Related News, Wed-1/30/08

Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas Attacks Election Integrity, Irresponsibly, Yet Again

With reference to the linked OP of DUer Octafish...

Office of the Texas Secretary of State reads DU

View from a new gun owner

Mike (Bloomberg) Kills 'Sensitive 9/11 Probe'

9-11 Illogical logic...

Questions for the OCTers....

TX-32 Meet the candidates Saturday

What's Texas' Sign? Capricorn.

El Gobernador (Representative Rafael Anchia)

Wow! A great letter from John Kerry!

Audio from today's JK interview on the Ed Schultz Show

OT: Have you seen the new C-SPAN front page?!?

I have a need to talk here, KerryCrats

SBA hearing - Is somebody listening?

Kerry on the air yesterday

JK on C-SPAN 3 now.

A sad day for Salon: their hit piece on McCain was a hit on JK & all the work they did for POW/MIA

To all the Kerrycrats who are also Edwards supporters

JK coming up on Scarborough

I just posted this response to analysis of HRC contributions to other Dems

JK on C-SPAN 1 tomorrow (Thurs.) morning at 10: Carbon Capture!

Tom Barnard bleating on about "Survival of the fittest" again. What a goat.

Got a flyer in the mail today. AFSCME supports Hillary.

WTF?-Rove-decided what we were to believe about 9/11?-"The Uncensored History of 9/11 Investigation"

I just purchased a Sony Walkman

Hillary claiming Florida as a win

Here's one Edwards supporter who's probably going for Obama

WSJ interview: Jimmy Carter praises Barack Obama (with video)

Barack Obama statement on John Edwards' withdrawal from the race

A good dailykos diary on Obama's statements about republicans

Time to get busy people: Edwards is out and Tuesday is rapidly approaching

Where Obama Lived in 1980s New York

Obama currently winning the straw poll at dkos by 77%

dailykos diary by Ted kennedy

Obama targeting Boston-area voters with local Super Bowl ad

Charlie Rangel's wife attends Obama fund raiser

NY Post endorses Obama

New York Post endorses Obama

An item for the response database

All of my preferred candidates have dropped out, so I am now supporting Obama

all attempts at rational discourse out there today are in vain.

Youbama .... ala youtube

Check out what I made!

Mulroney wants right to object to 'irrelevant' committee questions

Lawmakers Study Ways To Cut Cost Of Textbooks (WaPo) {Xpost from MD}

KOEB 1/29/08 Florida Primary With Keith Fully Clothed Edition

Lords issue landmark abuse ruling

Pre-Primary Poll

Visiting CA this summer for the first time ever!

So the media wants Hillary? FL's 500,000 votes, 51/31 win over Obama not even reported with numbers

Has the Media Already Crowned Obama King?

As if being from Texas wasn't embarrassing enough....