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Are Delaware And Arkansas Really States?

145 posts till 10K BUT don't ask me anything yet.......

Bush Mercerizing in the SOTU

NBC-4 in DC: Pot Vending Machine, Tonight at 11

Has anyone else noticed a lot of people around here

The John McCain In The Radiator


Leah "King Of Queens" Remini's Scientology email: "At one point I was a very stalled Clear..."

Happy 71st Birthday, Vanessa Redgrave!

10 more days and we will be in

Instant Karma?

I have been out all day, does GD-P still smell like Eau de Trollage?

Advice For Any DU'rs Vacationing In Mexico

10 More Days And We Can Have That Big Party At The Matcom House

Heads up--Law & Order tonight is about Politician with "Wide Stance" (also posted in GD)

The Bar is going to open tomorrow is payday

Studies show world cup soccer increases heart attack risk for fans.

A take on Flying Squirrels thread, name everthing that can happen with or to a thread.

GAAAH I want advanced search back!

You shouldn't have to be 21 to buy a Bud Light. This stuff is not beer

I can't believe no one has even looked at my post about world cup soccer and heart attacks.

I heard Edwards didn't really give up - the real reason is that greatauntoftriplets banned him.

If a headhunter called me about a job in "Glowchester" Mass

I wish it was 1978 again... so we could pretend it was 1958 again...

If anyone needs me, I'll be in GD:P

No new Project Runway tonight?

I just found myself doing something dumb

Okay, so I ran out of milk when making nacho cheese dip...

"Theah's a crow and a caht playin' in the yahd!!"

TCM 9:30 et "One, Two, Three" good farce/satire with James Cagney

Doc checked my heart to see if it's healthy enough for me to have sex. Don't think he did it right.

I just got called a genius in GD-P

Saw a "In Case Of Rapture This Vehicle Will Be Unmanned"

Favorite random insult?

GD:P - Wow. Just. Wow.

someone had to witness the wrath of Ava this afternoon

Got a live one over in GDP

College bathroom

Trying supermarket sushi from Wegmans for the first time.

Don't Be a Pinhead...

"Please do not cross post threads that contain the annoying rickroll link ...


pink floyd.... wanna dance????

Okay, that's enough. 'Night DU!

Poll question: Now there are two choices. Help me decide.

Maybe the Diebold ... is for sale: $1.5M. GDP gave me the idea, but it was already taken.

There's a Delaware thread in GD-P, you know what to do:

Bush babies.

lemon drops suck

I have jury duty tomorrow

I want to kill myself - seriously

Anybody want a Hug?

Does anyone know why Romney takes the coating off his KFC?

And some lyrics for people with SOs & friends in the Occupation of Iraq.

You know what time it is everybody?

My depression rears it's ugly head again!

McCain USA!

Gummi Bear chemistry

Apparently, the slides in the attic prove I've always been a semi-nudist.

eardrops suck

I made pancakes (Ummmmmers)

Your Guardian Angel

Well...I just took the Jeopardy online test tonight.

I'm drunk.

A guide to Boston and the surrounding area, for outsiders:


Help help help panic panic panic....

Everyone! Stop posting in the bullshit threads for a minute and help martymar64.

Question for flvegan and other dog trainer types

What's for dinner tonight, DU?

redwitch is the BEST!!!

Now this is just wrong... I was googling for pics of Elmer Fudd

Someone in GDP just asked me which Repug I could vote for!

My hand is cramped up.

Now THAT'S an interesting snack concept.

Call center jobs suck so bad they are a fucking laugh a minute

My family are being sadistic, a semi-rant for your nightly entertainment.

Post your "Damn, I'm old" moment.

*** One, Two, Three ***

Mudcat: Clintons no friend of rural America

A take on Flying Squirrels thread, name everthing that can happen with or to a thread.

LIEberman for VP? "I've been there, done that" see ya at the GOP Convention

Let's not Forget Political Prisoner, Don Siegelman

Will Edwards be offered VP by either of the other two?

What would happen if ... (a hypothetical)

****Mittens Last Stand. Tonight at the Corpse Debate.OFFICIAL***

Does Lieberman still have superdelegate status?

I'm a smoker. What harm would you like to come to me?

Heads up--Law & Order tonight is about Politician with "Wide Stance" (also posted in Lounge)

Big Oil’s Goal in 2008: Collecting Their Iraqi Spoils…

Did anyone notice Rudy say that McCain would make a "Great Commander in Chief of the United States"?

Edwards, attorney bashing, and "junk lawsuits"

Mitt sez: HALF uninsured are just deadbeats.

It's a shame Liberal is a dirty word...

Sea Shepherd would like to keep pressure on the Japanese Whalers with help

Well, If He HAD Been Elected and Implemented His Policies, The Elite would Have Had Him Bumped Off

Has any US "president" ever overseen TWO recessions in his term of office?

Britnay Spears makes more news than Bush

Impatience and the demand for instant gratification will kill us as a country

I read this two days ago. It's heartbreaking and it's stayed with me.

John Dean up on KO now

Ron Paul is completely nuts

A Very Basic Failure

Starting 2-1-08 I will need a new internet provider.

Katrina suit vs. Army Corps dismissed

McCain: They need to all be rounded up and deported

Edwards - "Suspended" his campaign. Interesting choice of words there..

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Slavery in the Union

Would waterboarding be torture if it was done to you?"

Umpires livid over KKK membership questions . . .

Why is Air Force One in the Reagan library?

Andersen Cooper - sellout

24 Hours After Touting Clean Coal In SOTU, White House Drops Ambitious Clean Coal Project

Visiting Washington DC? How about an American Family Association tour of the city?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

WTF? Incarcerated since August for smoke bombs and

****OFFICIAL SnoozeFest Puke Debate--Slow Motion Punches Thread #2*****

Can I get a promise from both the Hillary Clinton and Obama supporters?

After Edwards Pulls out Progressive Dems of America Endorse Obama

Memo go GOP Candidates: AQI Defeated

so the stupid freaks are arguing over not supporting a position that

Huckabee and Paul: Dead Potted Plants

Gandhi's ashes scattered at sea (BBC)

******OFFICIAL Fork in the eye Puke Debate Thread#3--Enter at Your Own Risk*****

How's that $50M delegate feeling, do ya think?

What time are the dueling corpse's on tonight?

Boy, the joint is jumpin'!

Does smoking cigarettes kill?

Colorado Man Wants Cheney To Testify In His Court Case

Australia apology to Aborigines (BBC)

Sweet redemption for die-hard Kansas State basketball fans.

Keep John Edwards' Hope Alive

What this election means to me

Healthcare according to Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain..

Is Al Gore this generation's Thomas Jefferson?

One tin soldier - worth a look

WHere is the follow-up to the Walter Reed story? What is the status?

Story #2 .. different vain.

The Reagan family coming up on CNN

How do I turn off the primaries

John Edwards & Family ... now you made me choke up. NBC news

Is it true that after 9/11 we pulled all of our troups out of Saudi Arabia?

Travels With John: Edwards ran hard, and he leaves a lasting mark on his party (Newsweek)

Bush countdown spawns merchandise - ROFL!!!

Quite frankly, if you've walked past a school, the kids could use some downer-laced cows.

Is it time for a tobacco forum, aka "smokegeon"? nt

Great John Oliver "report" from Mit Romaly Headquarters on "A" Daily Show!

Walking away from homes (impending foreclosures) -- now on Nightline

Has anyone noticed more Amway/Quik-Star scammers around lately?

Cheney: "We haven't violated anybody's civil liberties"

Damn it, I want the Democrats to win. Period.

My Heating Bill this month: $488.06

There are now 28 House GOPers vacating their seats

Seattle Talk Radio Listeners: Hosts Fired

It's really not that hard to be nice to someone

Sorry, I Don't Want To Make Nice With Those Guys Onstage

Killer Credit: Attack of the $915 billion consumer debt monster

I am not going to endorse anyone...everything I pick loses from candidates to sports

American Oil companies offered five million dollars to each Iraqi MP to pass the Oil law

Can we now have bipartisan agreement that Rudy G. is a big fraudulent loser?

Mukasey: ‘I Don’t Know’ Whether Bush Is A Criminal

We've come such a long way, baby..... or not....

DON'T MISS THIS INTERVIEW- You will not see this in the US: "Deer Hunting With Jesus"- Joe Bageant

Daaayum, guy on Craigslist wants your stuff at dimes on the dollar!

There is something seriously wrong with John McCain.

Immigration. In light of tonight's Republican presidential debate - I ask:

What will it really take to reduce the power of corporations over governments?

Daniel Johnson In hospital, he found hope and assurance

My guy's out

Edwards "Beloved" By Lefties-Because He Was ONLY Candidate ALLOWED To Sound Angry

Hey, Reuters, WTF? "Edwards bid shows poverty not big campaign theme"

Obama: "Rumsfeld (not) in any way out of the mainstream"

Has Obama campaigned anywhere in the South yet (besides South Carolina)?

Video: Obama praising Donald Rumsfeld (2001)

HULK HOGAN endorses Obama!!

OK DUers, convince me I should switch my vote to Nader

Best wishes, John and Elizabeth. Thank you for a great run

Video: Obama praising Donald Rumsfeld (2001)

Okay, so I just got a Thank You e-mail from JE

You owe me nothing and

California mayors back Clinton

How likely is a third party run by the loser?

Edwards is out. I'm supporting Obama!

We should hope that McCain gets the nomination

Lou Dobbs

FYI. According to ABC headline news, it sounds like Edwards is tossing his votes to Obama.

The Jewish Press: "Obama Policy Adviser Raises Israeli Concerns"

Edwards supporters: I salute you. John Edwards will be our next Attorney General.

Hillary has reached out to Mr. Edwards aggressively, through telephone calls and private meetings

NEXT: Barack Obama


He didn't want to be forever known as the white guy who blocked the first

Thank you, John Edwards!

Edwards Supporters: Will John's endorsement matter?

Hillary Clinton makes Iraq visit - Presidential and show responsibility for her vote

Hillary Clinton's web site

Maybe the Diebold ...

(Murdoch's) New York Post endorses Barack Obama

Obama's website has a sign up to make get out the vote calls from your home.

Cartoon in a Republican paper: Bill Clinton

My vote is now up for sale!

These new Hillary supporters are attacking Obama fast and furious

so from kucinich to edwards now I gotta choose again

2001: Hillary Clinton votes for Donald Rumsfeld's confirmation.

Murdoch's New York Post endorses Barack Obama

I'm now officially undecided (with JE out), heres how I will determine who to pull for:

Is McCain supposed to be happy about Gullini's and Lieberman's endorsements of him?

Any news on Rezko?

rudy & john on c-span now

Almost all of Bush's 2000 Cabinet Nominees were 100% approved

Utah House Minority Leader Rep. Brad King and ten other Utah lawmakers endorse Obama

Is anyone else finding this primary really emotionally draining?

Edwards dropping out, proves the Equal Time rule needs to be updated

ABC News' Tapper: What else is there about Obama that we don't know about?

I voted for Hillary Clinton today

Congrats! You've bought into Hillary's gender bait.

California Democrat Rep. Anna Eshoo Endorses Barack Obama

ABC: "Obama Returns More Rezko-Linked Cash"

What are the wingnut radio guys going to do if McCain is the nominee?

Clinton in Thursday debate: "And you FINALLY returned the inner city slumlord's money YESTERDAY"


Obama's wife and Wal-Mart

Okay -- For change's sake, I'm now rooting for Obama

Will the next Democratic debate be between Hillary and Obama?

Obama/McCaskill '08

New Gallup Poll: Obama cuts Clinton lead to 6 points

Anybody Else Try to Watch this Debate Snooze Fest?

Obama is much more animated when he's talking directly to people

Suspending vs. quiting?

Remember, Dems lost in 2002 and 2004 because DNC never secured election process

Kennedy, Clinton and fellow Dems delay crucial breast cancer bill....again

I'd bet on Edwards endorsing Obama later this week....

Awsome Hillary Live..Huge, Huge Crowd..Live feed here !!

No deadline for Clinton papers release

Democrats should hold OUR debate in the SPACE SHUTTLE HANGAR

Edwards supporter poll

Well, if Hillary wins the nomination she will be ready to be President of the world.

Chafee dishes on pro-war Democrats (including Hillary) MUST READ

Uh-oh. The New York Post just endorsed Obama.

McCain and Romney getting a little testy discussing Iraq. nt

My own personal theory about Edwards withdrawal

Man, could McCain have looked any more pleased with himself during Romney's tirade?

Our debate should be at the Truman library or at the Carter Library

You Should Really Tune In The Republican Debate,

I missed something big.


Super Tuesday Polls..Hillary looking great!

Was there any polling on where most of the Edwards supporters would go?

Guantanamo Lawyers for Obama

Good Edwards photo gallery

All These Repugs Pussy Foot Around George Bush And Don't Take.......

Would it have killed Edwards to just go through Super Tuesday?

Two things about Edwards goodbye speech

Romney vs McCain on the question of Leadership

Huckleberry might be back in the game after tonight

Why does Anderson Cooper feel the need to explain McCain's positions. WTF

Dick Morris: McCain may win

Obama on CNN live with Napolitano and Caroline Kennedy NOW

They let Ron Paul talk and he makes them all media included look like idiots.

Well, I guess we know who Dan Abrams is supporting, huh?

Democrats ARE making history - by falling victim to Murphy's Law

Edwards - "Suspended" his campaign. Interesting choice of words there..

Boy, Mittens isn't doing too well tonight! He's usually so calm & cool.

Who would McCain pick as VP? Giuliani? Thompson? Huckabee? Condi?

Debate question: WWRCD What would Reagan's corpse do

"We're at a time in history where we can't afford on the job training". GOP nominee McCain

Clinton Camp says they have already locked up California because of early votes


Just got my thank you e-mail from John and Elizabeth.

anyone wanna guess how the next debate is gonna look like?

Has anyone been following the Dan Abrams show each night on MSNBC?

Obama Will Do Better than the Feb.5 Polls Suggest

3 Equal candidates?

Edwards supporters - The 5 stages of Grief

God, Romney is the emptiest of empty suits

Anyone else disappointed in how Hillary is lying about attempting to shake Obama's hand?

Wonkette: " Obama Finally Growing a Set"

Who just endorsed McCain? Just heard a snip in CNN that "this endorsement

People. Make the Better Choice, not the Obvious one!!!

If ANYTHING conclusively proved the flaw of front-loaded primaries...

why stress over Nader?

Schwarzenegger to Endorse McCain Thursday

Predict the amount of delegates each candidate wins in their home state

Why can't we all just come together as One?


Is this how its going to be for the next 4 years if anyone questions Hillary or Obama?

Clinton's lead now just 12% in NY (PPP poll)

A question for Senator Kennedy...(another Obama do as I say, not what I do)

Mitt Romney is not white!

Edwards and Hillary met for 20 minutes behind closed doors after last debate

The Forced Audacity of Hopelessness!

Fuck Ralph Nader. He should be carted away, wrapped in wet sheets, and consigned

Hillary Clinton event in Los Angeles Sat. 2/2

When John Edwards said he would "suspend" his campaign

13,000 pack the house for Obama in Phoenix!

Kennedy & Kerry ARE the DEM Establablisment, How does this help Obama?

Media Matters explore NBC Rezco story

Obama versus Hillary on economic issues

I think the Clinton campaign made the offer to Edwards

Obama, 6 shades of Green (from Kos)

Edwards: Can anyone please tell me why the media

My primary is in April. I want the selection process to go to the delegates ...

Binary Philosophical Question

Obama to speak at Taco Bell in Boise, Idaho Saturday morning

Clash of the Corporate Titans - Which Dem candidate is next on the chopping block?

To all John Edwards supporters

McCain: Regurgitated Republican from 2000. Not then, then not now!

Hillary gives public love to her former cook

On using Drudge Headlines to slam Democratic candidates.

Can anyone here say anything nice about Obama?

If today's speech is any indication, Obama will hammer Hillary on her IWR vote from here on out

Newsweek: Here an F.O.B., There an F.O.B. (Clinton & uranium miner)

Would either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama put Elizabeth and John Edwards on their websites....

An Edwards supporter ponders: WTF is happening?

Not supporting Hillary is not the same as hating her


Time for healing, Edwards Supporters

Obama March 2, 2007: My plan allows for a imted number of troops to remain in Iraq

Can anyone around here say anything nice about Hillary?

Delegate breakdown by state for Feb 5

Teddy to stump for Obama on Thursday and Friday - - Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Angeles and Oakland

My sons teacher has been an avid Hillary supporter since August but today she said to me....

NYT: An Ex-President, a Mining Deal and a Big Donor (Clinton's shady uranium quid pro quo?)

According to Rasmussen, the conventional wisdom is wrong at least in MA. Edwards supporters prefer

An Iowan for Edwards Endorses

Hillary and Obama cartoon - kind of

Obama supporters only, Explain to me why this Giustra thing is so bad...

Will the media report the GOP debate as a vicious food fight between McInsane and Mittflopper?

NYTs breaking about uranium miner and Clinton on LBN now

I wish Ron Paul wasn't a racist homophobic crazoid

What are the chances Obama heals someone at the debate tomorrow night?

Bernstein on CNN: Hillary argued with Bill over NAFTA

My mom is 93 and a lifelong Democrat; her sister is 82 and the same

Hillary camp slaps Obama down but good!

Damn, damn, damn, damn, daaamn!

Romney and Nancy Reagan after the debate!!

If Obama does manage to get elected, it will mean 4 years of investigations

Senator Kerry to campaign for Obama in Washington State and California this Fri, Sat

My only regret is the Iranians who are going to be murdered as a result

Lincoln Chafee: Hillary "afraid the war would be over as fast as Gulf One"

Khazakstan Pres Opposition Commits Suicide

Belmont Citizen-Herald (MA) Endorses Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton: "I intend to build a centrist coalition in this country"

Do you really think America is ready for a woman or a black president?

Who was the last person to drop out in the 2004 primary before Kerry

(Bill) Clinton wins again

CNN just showed Giuliani

You know how you can tell that Edwards supporters will break for Clinton?

Obama distorts in Denver

Who do the Republicans Fear More?


The Romney Candidacy In Four Panels

Does anybody have a link to the current Democratic delegate

Imagine it's November 5th and John McCain is our new president elect, what is your reaction?

Goodbye Mit, Hello McCain. Schwarzenegger to endorse McCain

A couple of good sites in case you didn't know about them yet

NYT: "An Ex-President, a Mining Deal and a Big Donor"

The odds are really stacked against HC now for the debate.

I think John Kerry is enough reason for Edwards to endorse Clinton.

My sympathies and message to all Edwards supporters.

MoveOn Weighs Dem Endorsement

Story in New York Times by DON VAN NATTA who writes Clinton hating books

I am leaning toward Obama now that Edwards is not running.

It is surreal to see the Rethugs tripping all over themselves,

EDWARDS waiting to endorse until Obama shows more fight??

Jon Stewart: "I think Edwards Dropped Out to BOOST Obama and Beat Clinton"

Bigoted ass evangelicals scorecard: Huckabee 100%, Obama 95%.

VIDEO of Obama and Cliinton in Secret Meeting! They have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING!

In case you missed it: Hillary picked up another delegate today

Edwards dropped out because he didn't want to be a kingmaker or spoiler

CNN's GOP shill Schneider on the GOP debate

For all those undecided voters out there

Why Clinton Can Count On Latinos

Nader's coming. Yes, I'm serious.

How Will Obama "bring in Republicans"?

Dems are bound and determined to screw this election up.

Tomorrow, I expect to see

Bill Clinton is not Hillary Clinton

Obama supporters going to debate party tomorrow night where Hillary people will be there in Madison

Subprime Obama

Thanks to everyone who helped Edwards this season.

I'm an Edwards supporter in mourning today.

Edwards doesn't make the top story on Nightline ... on the day he quits the race.

I am an Edwards supporter, convince me who should I vote for on Super Tuesday?

Wow! More Than 80 Gitmo Lawyers Endorse Obama!

Edwards voters: "Down scale white"

Guardian: Obama has shown undeniable strength in rural, white, red state America

Edwards Adviser Trippi Points a Finger at the Press

kid oakland: "Barack the Vote"

I'm sittin' pretty

Anybody know which Dem primaries are open/closed?

Anyone Knocking Edwards Supporters, Listen Up

Make no mistake a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Hillary Clinton.

Well, If He HAD Been Elected and Implemented His Policies, The Elite would Have Had Him Bumped Off

ACLU Congressional Scorecard: Obama 80%, Hillary 67%

Holy Moley....(Bill Clinton in Denver)

Hillary's National Numbers Dropping Like A Stone. She Lost A 20 Point Lead In 10 Days!

McCain is a Grumpy Old Man

NPR gave Obama another primetime spot at 8:45 AM this morning

My letter to the editor...sent to 2 Pittsburgh papers and USAToday

Picture in your mind's eye Ted Kennedy introducing Obama at rallies from here on

Obama is doing a full court press even in little Delaware

Is Hillary a victim of time and circumstance?

Who supports more H1B visas?

thats it I'm praying for a miricle come tuesday, either that or dual citizenship

Obama's tough Denver speech that has Clinton Camp "confounded, vexed" (TRANSCRIPT)

So, uh, not to gloat, but who was right about the "Snub" being a major news story?

Anyone watching A Daily Show... Try and tell me that Jon isn't an Obama guy

if she manages to get elected, it'll be 4 years of

A few questions for those who ask "Is America Ready to Elect a Black or Woman President?"

So, how much uglier could the infighting in GD: P possibly get?

I wonder if Edwards 'suspended' his campaign because he was excluded from the debate tomorrow?

Was it right for Obama to superimpose John and Eliz Edwards onto his LOGO on his website?

PHOTO: The corporatist Clinton machine

Evidence that Hillary voted for war for political expedience

Scary convention Scenario

Oh shit! What time is the debate tomorrow night?

For Edwards Supporters Only: How do you justify

FINALLY. A video that explains what the f*ck happened today

Ummm... is anyone seeing this on Larry King Live?

Watching CNN- Ya gotta admit that Mitt Romney is one handsome dude!

I sympathies with the voters who supported John Edwards

Fact checking Hillary's fact check on Obama's statements

Dan Abrams (MSNBC) telling it like it is about media bias against Clinton

Dan Abrams calls the media on Hill Bias Now on MSNBC

AP: Obama says Clinton would be a step back

GLBT Edwards, Kucinich, Biden, Richardson, Dodd supporters

Dammit. I always figgered Edwards, like Nixon, had a secret plan.

Is the Hillary camp beginning to sweat?

I was just on Rachel Maddow's show tonight

Rasmussen: Post-Kennedy Endorsement, Obama Only Down By Six In Massachusetts

romney is slaying mccain!

My best wishes to John Edwards and his supporters.

goddamn it is so confusing

The Snub Proven...

HOLY SHIT Antoin Rezko campaigned for Barack Obama in 2004

Serious question: If Obama loses out, could he end up as the VP candidate on the Republican ticket?

The REAL reason I'm not supporting Obama....

Thoughts on tomorrow's Clinton vs. Obama debate- The clash in L.A.

Some things about HILLARY that have BEEN bothering me

Hillary campaign statements about Florida from last September, and from yesterday.

How can we improve the primary process?

I woke up this morning deciding to switch from Hillary and Obama. And then....!

Did clinton lie about Edwards today in Arkansas?

Obama in KC yesterday

Chris Matthews: "I think it was a snub" That means he thinks Obama lied. "Rezko Ties Haunt Obama"

I'll stick my neck out on this one. Why is TPM sooo pro Obama.

Obama would hold Muslim summit:interview

Does Obama have anything like Hillary Clinton's "Green collar workers"?

Krugman in NYT: "My Evil Ways" (answering Team Obama)

Never in my (political) life have I been so bitter and disenchanted.

I'm sorry, but America is NOT ready for a colored President

HRC's TX director:"upwardly mobile yuppies and African Americans.. don't vote on economics"

Cultural Learnings of an Ex-President (Kazakhstan Uranium in Two Minutes)

John and Elizabeth Edwards is on Obama's front page! (Large picture)

Remember, Kerry lost the election in 2004 because of his Mary Cheney comments/little things matter


A case study about the uninsured and McCain's "plan" for health care

Several possible reasons for the Edwards dropout

Children's Defense Fund Scorecard: Obama 100%, Hillary 90%

The Lynching of Hillary Clinton

George Lakoff - What Counts as an "Issue" In the Clinton-Obama Race?

League of Conservation Voters Scorecard: Obama 100%, Hillary 71%

Obama's decisively progressive voting record

Obama's always fought the Iraq War, poverty and lobbyists. Isn't that what Edwards supporters want?

The End of Edwards’ Candidacy Was a Blow to the Dreams & Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Imus on President Clinton: "This is a fat, low-rent hillbilly"...who was getting BJs from an intern

Something about Barack Obama is starting to bother me.

The Clintons Kazakhstan problem

The Press v. John Edwards


Here's a story about a guy with a lucky number.

Hey Inchworm!!!

I just smoked a pack of cigarettes in GD and made sure to blow the smoke in everyone's faces

Why didn't I think of this first?

Seems like all the candidates still standing are all up in CA with disease...

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (1/31/08)

Don't look now...but there's an anti-Obama thread in GDP about unpaid PARKING TICKETS!!

I just posted a new thread in GD-P and it sunk faster than the Titanic

"snub" is "buns" spelled backwards

For ebay users: please check this out. Thank you.

keeping fingers crossed

Fire burns more than 300 portable toilets (FReepers inconsolable and even more full of shit)

This week in Viking festivals

Gas went up to $9.95 per gallon...

I might know why you/we are all mad here....Cats= link to schizophrenia

Is anyone else getting ads like this with their threads?

Writers' Strike Having Minimal Effect on Porn Industry

I'd like to propose a moratorium on nekkidness

You otter see this!

Dude, it's a "Lounge." How can you NOT smoke in here?

Have a rotten Thursday everyone!

Angels..according to kids

Britney Spears committed (for mental evaluation @ UCLA)

Check in if you now feel political ennui

Porta potti dupe.

So, yeah...I'd say this counts as a BIG FAT JINX for the Patriots...

How do I block GD:P?

Jam On It!

LOST .. tonight!!!

Look lady you are standing in my oxygen

Anyone Know of a Good Ethnic Discounter for Airfare to Latin America?

Damn! I hate when this happens!

What was I thinking? I posted in GDP and



*Please read this and answer honestly.*

So, yeah... I'd say this counts as a BIG FAT JOINT for the Patriots...

I Triple-Dog Dare You!!!

Finally - one good reason to go to GD

You know you're spending too much time at work

A friend sent this about the SOTU. I thought it was funny...

This is very true.

So I'm at work repeatedly clicking on UPS tracking waiting for them to deliver a book on

The Love Mattress.

Do you ever feel guilty because you have more than some people?

Who else is picking Newcastle United on Sunday?

OMG! Midlo has me on ignore.....

I'm having meat loaf from the cafeteria for lunch today.

"He said 'I haven't had a bite all week' so I bit him." Post your FAVORITE bad joke HERE.

You are old if..

Who else is picking their nose on Sunday?

Does the Reagan library have books.....that people can read?

People who (fill-in-the-blank) suck!

What other forums do you belong to?

I'm at jury duty. Ask me anything.

I'm confused


Who else is picking on the Giants on Sunday?

It was one year ago this very day....

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/30/08

Here's a zip line for all daredevils - 100 mph top speed

Hello Kitty!

NewJeffCT just called me Shy and Reserved!


This is a bitter rant about the Superbowl. Football fans may want to pass.

This dude can get out of prison on 06/08/5277

"Then I woke up"

Actress on "House" Last Night

Just spent 5 minutes in GDP.

Dark purple is 8"

5150: Britney is about to be temporarily committed--right now.

Skinner was right. Being put on ignore is not so bad!

"The dog, the cat & the rat" a must see video

We just interviewed someone who is ridiculously overqualified.

There are TWO football games on Sunday

One year on. Never forget.

Any Photoshoppers out there? I need a Dem Squad picture

Wesley Snipes faces up to 16 years in Jail

It's official - I'm gonna whack Parche upside the head and you should all help me

Since Ronald Reagan has been made a saint by the right wing and the MSM,

Holy Crap, vindaloo sauce is really smokin' hot!

I need your help with a big debate in GD:P. Again I'm doing something terrible.

Who else is picking the Dingleberries on Sunday?

AskMen.Com Top 99 Women

Whew! That was close-I almost didn't get a thread on the Greatest page today

Since Bill Clinton has been made a saint by the DLC,

Forget Lee Mercer, we have a new candidacy!

Who else is watching the Super Bowl just for the commericial and the remote chance that Tom Petty...

The Dream Team Game

Conversations on the office intercom....

I never pick up business cards people lay around

I've just discovered the REAL TRUTH about Midlodemocrat.....

Rear view mirror vaginas! I got your rear view mirror vaginas right here!

This thread didn't pass GDP's low standards

Could someone who was born in Alaska or Hawaii before 1959 run for president?

You can have your own Cylon Centurion for only $7,900!!!

I so do not get the stock market!


an aroused penis is a hard thing with a little hole...

we have made the FAIL Blog

LynneSin Smuggles Her Own Beverages On Board Airliners

OMG! Posters in GD:P are comparing themselves to characters in a

__ hours until "LOST"!

Snow Day....already did dishes and working on Laundry

lost-in-de Appreciation Thread

LynneSin Does NOT Watch Cable News

Oh, flvegan!!! Only 50 more days!!!

Mrs Obama Speaks In Delaware......LynneSin falls asleep during speech

Léon thomas : "Song for my father"

LynneSin Declares All of MSM Irrelevant...

LynneSin Declares All of GD/Primaries Irrelevant.

LynneSin Declares All of Me Irrelevant.

If NYC secedes from NY State, what will Long Island do?

Is Lionesspriyanka Shy and Reserved?

Your concern is noted

While I am scheduled to graduate in May, I am considering...

When the new Portishead album comes out, will you be a happy camper?

LynneSins World Ask Her Anything

Giant Smarties Are Awesome

Now That Edwards Is Out....I Endorse.............

LynneSin - This is just plain bizarre!

For The Ladies: Bald or Balding...

Boston Artists 'performing' an homage to ATFH

What are you doing for Mardi Gras/Super Tuesday?

I just got an email that insults everybody!

no name no slogan just introduced GD/P to LEE MERCER!!

Ode to the fjord

Favorite Deep Purple Tune

I have a dream!!

8PM recap show--9PM *New* LOST!!!!

So, I went to the Chiropractor for the first time!

Craigslist ad dilemma!

DISCOVERED!!! What MadInMaryland is really mad about....The Predation Remote Update

Are they doing the Puppy Bowl this year?

CNN reported that Al Qaeda #3 was killed today. Does that move Lee Mercer up to the #3 slot?

For those of you who slept thru 2006 and my 15 seconds of fame - this was my response

Its FEBREE 1st Tomorrow

Police break up 80 person brawl at Chuck E. Cheese.

Make up famous last words by historical figures

so, I'm thinking of moving....

redqueen doesnt have me on ignore anymore!!!

I will be without my guitar for a few days...

12 posts to 26,000: Ask me anything or tell me something.

So, once the primaries are over, will GD:P be declared a Superfund site?

Now that Hulk Hogan has endorsed Obama, I wonder who Mick Foley will endorse?

If madinmaryland secedes from DU Lounge, what will Delaware do?

Awesome people, please check in.

Somebody ... please tell me I'm not seeing things.

WTF?-Rove-decided what we were to believe about 9/11?-"The Uncensored History of 9/11 Investigation"

Is Hillary a victim of time and circumstance?

As the primary smoke clears, we see: The Corporate Gangster Republic of America

The Disintegrating Wasteland of American Culture

The Press v. John Edwards

Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to be guinea pig in memory-loss reversal study.

Jonathan Alter and Joe Klein on the presidency - Charlie Rose tonight

Interesting view into minds of rabid right: Interview today between Limbaugh and Dick Cheney

John Edwards' fate was sealed in September 2006

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Soldiers Returning from Iraq (New Eng Jour Med)

SOTU versus "Idiocracy" SOTU address:

Reminder: Jan 25th - US military deaths in Iraq at 3,932

Two Americas

Who would you vote for?

Republican platform in a nutshell

My first vote was supposed to have been for John Edwards.

Soldier suicides reach record level, study shows

Who are the remaining anti-war candidates in this election?


Schafer will not fight aid issue

Bad news.

A message from John Edwards '08

Awesome Toles toon about 9iu11iani!!!!

Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights

Do you know

COMIC: a DEM, a PUG & an INDEPENDENT on the Street

UK gov't doc reveals plan to "coerce" Brits into national ID register

Do you want to stay alive?

Kucinich puts off effort to impeach Bush

Pickles Poll Popularity Slips. :D

Bridge to the 20th Century

surge update - US Military Deaths in Iraq at 3, 941

High end retailers must be worried, I'm getting a Neiman Marcus e-mail a day now

Lessons Learned From George W Bush

Sheldon Whitehouse is on C-SPAN WJ to talk about Mukasey's testimony yesterday!

What if the president, any president, got caught smoking a joint?

Ahead of the Bell: Housing Crisis

the military industrial complex must LOVE john mccain

"McCain will be the nominee." From John Edwards; warning, G*dD*mned/Pit post, but worthy:

Looking beyond the primaries-what we can do here and now

For all you smokers out there.

Which liberal media types critiqued the republican debates?

McCain Kills My Buzz; Montel Gives Me Hope

Is John McCain just retarded?

Why does the media hate the Clintons?

Tighter ID Rules for U.S. Border Begin

Pretty pitiful when you can't even exploit 9-11 anymore for votes.

The Dem candidate that pledges to make Edwards the next Attorney General gets my vote Tuesday

delete - dupe post

dupe delete

Internet failure hits two continents

double dupe

Book: Director of 9/11 commission secretly spoke with Rove, White House

History of war as a food fight. Yes, we are burgers. Yes, war is this silly. Funny stuff.

Report: Military not ready for U.S. attack

Funding Democratic Talk Radio

Has Chris Matthews ever disclosed his connection to Romney?

You can trust this man's judgement

Revisited: John McCain, one of The Keating Five corruption scandal of 1989

Anyone concerned about our final two choices only has to look at the Repubs

Bush Waves Ban On Permanent Iraq Bases

Good riddance Tom Davis.. Can't wait to stop seeing your smarmy face on c-span

It does not matter whom the GOP chooses

McCane is the best Republican to run against.

Was the Shah of Iran good American Foreign Policy and does that policy have effect on America today

Myth: John McCain is a "Maverick"

We'd be in serious trouble right now if we were actually invaded or attacked

I have finished changing my sig file

Ok DU, Can You Tell Me Why Brattleboro Hasn't Gotten DU Love? RE: Arrest Bush Petition.

Barbara Bush: "George W. doesn't watch the press. He'll call us & say 'I hear the TV, turn it off.'"

Bombing kills Afghan deputy governor

The Power of Positive Thinking. Anyone want to join me?

Prayin' With the Devil

Email from Methodist Church re Bush library. Asking for help.

Ron Lewis - Kentucky repugnant repug pulls out of race - Yahoooooooo!

Is there any other news besides the election?......This shit is boring

Something About FISA and Immunity Mukasey Disclosed Yesterday

9/11 Commission Head Hid Ties To Bush

Do you know liberals / Democratcs who would vote for McCain in the General?

mccain is being sold as a moderate, HE ISN'T, and that is extremely dangerous

OMFG - "Jingle Mail"-Deliberate Foreclosure- is already a web-based BIZNESS!

Can someone help me out on Ron Paul?

Who has been the BIGGEST Dem dissapointment?

Times article: British and US navys staged false flag covert ops against Sweden.

PEW: Laura Bush’s popularity drops.

SFRC hearing on Afghanistan - Feingold on now

Today’s Headlines 1/31/08

The Old Guard vs. the New Guard ?

surge update - Army suicides up 20 percent in 2007, report says

Newspaper laughs at those who want their votes to count

Just for fun. I discovered a natural gas bill from 2000 and compared the cost to this year's.

Pork in the Animal House = Rep. Don Young "porker of the year" = OINK, OINK,

Help! I need someone with some editing skills...

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Things That the Rude Pundit Learned From the Attorney General Yesterday

Caption this * pic

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) opens a legal defense fund = "House ethics committee approved"

WTF-LMAO at this piece of housing puffery!

Charlotte, NC greets the dark lord (photo)

Protecting deployed troops from custody battles (AP/CNN)

Justice Dept. accused of blocking Gonzales probe

Anyone else get their polling place changed this time around?

Video clip: David Letterman on Bush’s State of the Union Address


A chat with South Florida real-estate casualty

Move On Is Holding A Vote For Its Endorsement

Who is Steve McMahon?

everything you wanted to know about the bush family

Senate Democrats Short of Votes for Stimulus Bill

Mittens and the giant Wieners

American fundies mobilizing to "Pray for France!!!!!111"

LIMBOsevic force-kisses (assaults) Joy BEHAR - Regis sez she loved it!1

Natalee Holloway case solved?

Kerry On MSNBC Now

Terrorism's Christian Godfather

Bernstein: Hillary OPPOSED NAFTA in 1992, "closer to John Edwards than you would think"

It's the economy--JC Penney set to layoff 200 people

Going to see President Clinton today

Seems I am seeing a whole lot of big endorsements for Obama

Searching Through A Nation's Electronic Communications and Records

Montel off the air after 17 years

corporate funded duopoly --- just came across this term... now everything makes sense. :) n/t

Iraq War Cost Equivalents

More strange Italian links found to pre-war intelligence

Media Matters launches Matthews Monitor (Tweety)

Letter to Bush from IVAW member inviting him to Winter Soldier Investigations

Support for preemptive war should not be compared to support


Ralph Nader just needs to go away....

Economic Stimulus Package Being Discussed on Senate Floor

Obama is the best Dem candidate... HC is the best Repuke one

Got the results back from my lab work. My pap smear registered "0.2" The only problem: I'm a guy

DICK Morris: Edwards supporters "don’t like...a black or a woman getting elected"

Anyone see the bimbo from Farmer's Almanac on CNN with Kerin Chetry?

Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH): Extending unemployment insurance is a "disincentive" for people to get a job

SOTU Photo: Bush manages the nearly impossible "smirk and wink" combo as Evil Dick cheers him on

C & L: Fox News’ ratings take another slide

Senator Judd Gregg would like to remind you that asshole is spelled with two S's.

Shell's record profits branded 'obscene'

Durbin To Mukasey: No Answers, No Deputy

Methodist ministers against Bush library

New Tweety Label....."ManMcLovin' Matthews".....

(Surprise!) Military Unprepared for Domestic Threats

Republicans make Fox News sick (Eric Boehlert, Salon)

Stealing Kidneys From the Poor in India.

"I'd like one order of BBQ Spareribs and an order Insecticide-Laced Pot-Stickers."

If NYC were to secede from NY state what would Staten Island's plan be?

Explorer 1 - January 31, 1958

AT&T encourages it's employees how they should vote in California on Tuesday

So Keith Is Doing A Special Comment Tonight

Predator Drone Kills (Another) No. 3 Al-qaeda in Pakistan

NO JOKE: CNN reportin that another Al Qaeda #3 guy was killed

When is the FISA issue coming to the floor again? Thanks. nt

Was The bush "Pretzel Incident" in 2002 Booze Induced??

Issues & Artists presents inspiration behind HBO's 'Walkout'

Cheney appears to be preparing to leave the White House at any rate..

Home Depot to cut 500 jobs

Army suicides up 20% for 2007 this is so very VERY sad

How confident are you that the General Election will be run fairly and smoothly?

Rove's Role In 9/11 Report-"Not Only Did Zelikow FREQUENTLY Talk To Rove, But He Tried To Hide It"'s hot topics

How about something we can all feel great about?

It's not conspiracy. it's merely co-complicity.

Australian troops 'still needed in Afghanistan in 15 years'

Homeless Vets Prepare To Block O'Reilly's Shot

I guess now there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and photos:

Conservative Base Has Fractured - Rush Windbaugh

Barry Crimins Take On the State of the Union-Hilarious

CREW Files Justice and Senate Ethics Committee Complaints Against Sen. Mary Landrieu

bu$hco IS responsible: Feds let states delay inspections of bad bridges

SNOW DAY.... yea...what to do...listen to Randi

Eight More Years? By Ralph Nader

Special Comment Tonite..Olbermann

NYPD Detective Accused of Pimping Teen

Scientologists try to 'help' in Sderot

Court upholds dismissal of suit over schools' same-sex teaching (AP)

We have to find the source of the fear

Paperwork backlog could prevent millions from voting (CNN)

Zippy on rapture and "Left Behind!"

What-an-Arbitration! Texas burger shop puts arbitration clause in burgers.

Metropolitan Area Employment and Unemployment Summary

Is this DU or what? Tom Tomorrow

US funds madrassas in Afghanistan (ain't that peachy)

Caption this Romney supporter

The War on Fornication

What about if my question is about tonights debate


Calling Bush's bluff

If the 'stimulus' checks are treated as income, will OASDI/HI be paid on them?

U.S. Accused of Overlooking Rights Violations

Report: Military Unprepared for Domestic Threats

Why Our Party Fails

I just donated to Mark Pera to try to take out rightwing, corrupt Illinois Democrat Dan Lipinski

Bill Clinton flap: even if true, SO WHAT?

"Pentagon not ready for attack response in U.S.: study"

HELP! I met a Gold Star mom today.

Umm, yea it can stop raining and warm up.

Just a Friendly debate Sponsor Reminder!

Is Olbermann going to give a special comment tonite?

Fraudster escapes. Conservative student who made false report that liberals attacked him gets away

US: Congress Seeks to Limit "State Secrets" Privilege

What exactly has been done to prevent another Iraq War from happening?

Figures suggest new increase in US Army suicides

Have you seen what Media Matters has done now???!!!....Matthews Monitor!

Tonight the debate is at the Kodak

So there's a more progressive Democrat running against John Kerry?

***Nancy Skinner comes in first in DFA first round -- round 2 voting is now open***

The FIRST thing Dems need to do about McCain...


What do you think they are looking at?

What If The GOP Does Not Want McCaine? Will They Swiftboat him again?

The Big freeze in China

Our party should be well known as the party of ........

I've been out of it last 4 days. What happened?

An American Icon in Journalism: Mary Tyler 'Molly' Ivins

Why are some of you eagerly defending McCain?

Al Gore...Bill Clinton...Jimmy Carter on ONE stage speaking

Has there ever been a more delusional group of pompously self-righteous idiots

Devil's Advocate question

Republican Candidates' Extremes on Iraq Make Democrats' Hedging Irrelevant

Going, Going, GONE! ---pix--->>>

Republicans listening to * Talking Points. Can you hear me now?

Bush's Afghan Policy Raked at Hearing

Hard to imagine a pres. worse than bush, but I think mc cain could do it.

I need help debunking this e-mail

Xbox-Obsessed Father Convicted of Child's Death

A Blast From The Past ... Never Forget This And Pass It On!!!

An oldie but a goodie.

Bush's 2009 Budget will freeze most domestic programs

Sometimes the PC police can get out of hand

Self-Interest versus the Cult of Personality

Internet failure hits two continents

BREAKING: Bush budget seeks to freeze most domestic

How much do you pay for 'Health Insurance' every year?

U.S. diplomat dies in Pakistan; suicide suspected

If we didn't have the boomers, we would be ______ ?

A Secession Plan Is Floated for New York City (can you blame them?)

How come I keep getting ads for repuklican steve sourbraten

You mean this is REAL? (Non Sequitur 'TOON)

This will sink like the proverbial stone. That is all.

In Hillary Clinton's hometown, no sure victory

Reality check: Have our candidates learned anything since 2000?

Down scale Dems...

So What is it, Hillary, Are You Independent or Not?

I expect Obama to agressively attack Hillary at the debate


Great Super Tuesday preview:

NYT: Clinton "leads in total number of endorsements from senators and governors"

Incremental Change is NOT enough.

Belleville ND: "Jailed fundraiser Rezko eager for trial to get underway"

Obama Mailer Hits Clinton On War Vote - "You only get one chance to make the right decision."

I don't get this bit about Edwards wanting Obama to become a little more

Hillary voters are selfishly putting the country and the courts at risk. There is reams

Anyone know who's behind

The Hendersons Nevada Post and Dispatch Endorses Obama!

Edwards gets half of frontpage of NYT, above the fold -- after dropping out.

Has anyone read the book

So, it turns out Chris Matthews is in the tank for wait for it...Hillary!!

Florida mattered......

I think the Obama "draw" may be the same as dogs chasing a car.

CAMPAIGN FUNDS: Obama $80 M; Hillary Clinton $90 M

Obama's odds of winning fall to lowest level since Iowa

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Yesterday, I Finally Said Good-bye to My Old Demographic: My Little Brother Beat Me...

America’s Riveting Democracy: Why is the world addicted to our campaign?

deleted to oblivion

Oh, this is rich: Taylor Marsh tries to defend Hillary by throwing Bill under a bus:

Did we get confirmation that the Dem leadership had wanted Obama and Hillary to sit together at SOTU

Obama Raises Stunning $32 Million in January

Rasmussen Massachusetts: Clinton 43% Obama 37%

Obama related non ideological question

Have the Clinton's released their tax return? If not, why not?

Which of the Rethug fish flops highest?

Which "Super" competition are you more pumped up for?

So much for making every vote count.

Now that he's running, should I go into double Nader overdrive?

Friends of Rimjob discuss "stupid cow" "controlling *expletive" Mrs. Clinton

If the dem nomination isn't wrapped up on February 5th, this thing is going to the convention

The Boston Phoenix endorses Barack Obama

Will Bill Richardson endorse before Tuesday?

PLEASE- Do not base your choice on the MSM

Schwarzenegger to endores McCain

Hillary has had very few congress endorsements. HRC supporters please explain...

Was it right for Hillary to have stuff up on her main website with the Edwards?

Republicans Unite; Democrats Divide - Every Democratic candidate's strategy has failed or is failing

Early voters

Caroline Kennedy ad for Obama just ran in S.F. Bay area.

heeee heeee heeee

Obama and Hillary on trade


My fellow democrats and Obama supporters lets win in 08, Support Hillary!

I think Edwards is waiting until after Super Tuesday so he can see who comes out ahead

A good Obama segment on Charlie Rose.. check it out.

Guardian: "Obama faces uphill battle against Clinton's Harlem base"

McCain pretty much has the nomination wrapped up...

Edwards MUST Endorse...

Hey! look what I found

Clinton Says She Can Control Her Husband

Tomorrows debate will be momentous

Ok= McCain Vs Loser

What a bummer...mail in ballots count for nothing.

I just finished three hours of phone banking in California.

Move On Is Holding A Vote For Its Endorsement

Did you know you can submit debate questions at Here's my question for Clinton:

Hillary tasered while Obama tells tasteless Billie Jean King joke!!!

ND Lone Representative Earl Pomeroy endorses Barack Obama

The "snub" happened. And thankfully the media finally called Obama on his arrogant behavior.

For those who enjoy bad television, 9/11iani and McCain will be on The Tonight Show.

Look at this list of corporate shills

What are the differences in Hillary & Obama's respective plans for Iraq?

Barack Obama is the only remaining candidate that supports the decriminalization of marajuana

First day without Edwards at Rasmussen. Hillary up 1; Obama up 3.

In Campaign 2008, Pollsters Are Biggest Losers

McBain endorses McCain

What are the differences in Hillary & Obama's respective plans for Educaton?

Time Magazine cover

Why is Clinton still leading in CA and MA?

Senators Murray, Feinstein, Mikulski, Cantwell, Stabenow and Mikulski all support Clinton

Would you tell me what makes your candidate the best

As an Edwards supporter, I hope all of us vote Democratic in the main election...

OP deleted. Why? 1) Glaring mathematical errors; 2) I'm dumber than a bag of rocks.

Right now I don't much like Obama OR Clinton.

Dan Abrams is talking again about the MSM.

If Eco-policies are a priority for you, consider this

Ras Massachusetts Poll: Clinton 43%; Obama 37% (MOE +/-3%) - Polled 1/28/08

Bad news.

My Shameless, Slobbering, MIKA-licious Thread!

I didn't know that Barack Obama was one of Howard Dean's first Dean Dozen?

"A Good Fight"...Can a Clinton v. Obama slugfest actually benefit Dems in '08?

I Am Taking A Hiatus From This Board

In Same Auditorium in Denver on Same Day, Bill Clinton draws 2300, Obama over 10,000

Minnesotta Daily endorses Obama

Sen. Clinton proposes job growth via a new GREEN economy WHOW HO

Game On, Rasmussen CA: Clinton 43 Obama 40 (Edwards 9)

Game On. Rassmussen MA: Clinton 43% Obama 37% (Edwards 11%)

Liberals to Press For Iraq Pullout

Ok, So Barack and Hillary both want to sell my job to Indians

Lending crisis: "Obama has staked out a position to the right of both Edwards and Clinton"

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Endorses Obama

AP Hillary forced to by air time in New York.

What are the differences between Hillary & Obama's respective plans for Energy/Environment

Congressman Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) Endorses Barack Obama

McCain really dislikes Romney

Connecticut Congressmen John Larson and Chris Murphy Endorse Obama

Honest question: Why is Hillary a NEW YORK Senator?

Latest state by state results for Feb 5 primary and caucus states

Pelosi Allies Give Obama a Boost in California

Why Hillary Should Wait Her Turn: "This hasn't been a long-term struggle yet."

Barack Obama Now Line On CNN!

2 Georgia Polls taken after Edwards withdrawal both show Obama picking up all Edwards support

When answering a question or concern about YOUR candidate

Who will Pat Robertson endorse now?

Who else thinks Edwards would make a great Attorney General?

John Edwards horoscope from Huff Po...1/26/08

Obama bounces...

"My friends, I was Reagan's foot soldier and the surge is working."

When McCain says "my friends" WTF is he really saying?

I've decided to cast my ballot for Edwards to show my support for the ISSUES he espoused

Goodbye cruel GD-P, this is my last post

I know one thing for sure

How old are you and who will you vote for?

Newsflash...Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not

anybody have any thoughts on texas?

Who's The Greener Candidate? (Eco-Wise) Apparently Obama

Bernstein: Hillary Opposed NAFTA, "closer to John Edwards than you would think"

What were you doing in 1993?

HEY YOU! Yes, You Clinton Supporters and You Obama Supporters. I've got one thing to say to you:

I just wish one of our candidates could speak out against the Iraq war as forecefully as Ron Paul

This November's Election is going to be truly historic!

Old Man Cain: The Bore for War.

How Many Repuke Reps Are Not Running For Re-election this year?

Bill says it is important that all candidates for prez in Kazahkstan have media access

What's the best job for Edwards in terms of how he can best serve the country?

I woke up this morning and....I changed my mind again, I think!

Looks like Pelosi leans toward Obama according to this article.

Listen to Hillary Clinton Arkensas speech yesterday - Feels more "real" than Obamas words

Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper endorses Barack Obama

How many Hillary supporters are there on this board??

Vote with Molly's words ringing in your ears: "We want to find solutions other than killing people.


"When Kucinich threw in the towel, now you have Edwards gone — who's going to carry the torch

Obama called hypocrite for wife's Wal-Mart link

Who is taking the more courageous stances?

What would constitute a Super Tuesday win for Obama?

Is there any information about how much, and where early voting has taken place? eom

Superdelegate Anna Eshoo endorses Obama for president

Whats up with ABC News:Clinton Was Mum When She Sat on Wal-Mart's Board During Its Union Fights

John Edwards Endorses YOU

Hillary: "Of Course" I Can Control Bill

We have to play to win, now.

It doesn't matter who the GOP chooses

Bush had to steal an election to get the power and undo everything Clinton did

No flames, no B.S., and no race, age, or charisma arguments -- tell me something...

Gallup Poll Says Obama Cut Hillary's National Lead To 6 Points

Clintons Haven't Released Their Tax Returns. What Are They Hiding? They Taunted The Media

Bill Clinton propped up a dictator, got $3.1b for his buddy and $131 million for his charity

So Bill illegally sought Uranium from a dictator and gets 137 mil?


Season Opener of Lost on tonight against Dem debate.

Obama is rising in California according to the latest Rassmussen poll but

We're Screwed

Huffington Post discusses the 2008 GOP Nightmare Dream Team: McCain - Huckabee

Washington Post: "A Clinton Corner In Obama's Home Town"

Holier than thou, enlightened

Obama Ranked Most Liberal Senator

top Obama advisor in town

Connecticut Post endorses Obama

In order to prove that your candidate sucks:

Sprawling, Diverse California Poses Special Challenge for Candidates

Trenton Times endorses Barack Obama

DO NOT ask me to visit Obama's web site to read up on him.

What I know about Kazakhstan through the eyes of a friend who served in the Peace Corps there.

My weekly newspaper column: sad to see Edwards go

This email "joke" I got from my MIL about Hillary I need a rebutal please

obama supporters: do your candidate a favor and dont post that crap...

How many think John McCain will be the Republican nominee?

Obama peeps are sounding desperate this morning

Obama Kibitz: His Senate Staffer in My Building...

BC: El Medical Records will save 80 billion a year, 80 % of the cost to give everyone health care

Rep. John Larson (D-CT) Endorses Barack Obama


A toast and a tipped hat to some of the finest people in the world:

Obama Kibitz: BurrellesLuce Is Your Friend

John Edwards spoke for those without a voice.

I need a new avatar, where do I get an uncommitted avatar?

Bill Nelson (my eyes!) talking up Dem UNITY on MSNBC

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster and CA state Sen. Alan Lowenthal to endorse Obama today

Geogia Poll Without Edwards: Obama 52, Clinton 36

Daily Bulletin Newspaper (Inland Empire, CA) endorses Barack Obama

Intrade: Clinton 62.2%, Obama 37.8% (political "futures")

How does your view compare with the candidates - quiz

I would suggest we vote for all we approve

Palm Springs Desert Sun endorses Obama

Obama Breaks Fundraising Record: $32 Million -- 170,000 New Donors For January

New California Poll: Virtual Deadheat in Dem primary between Clinton & Obama

Possible 3rd party candidate

Gay City News: "Hillary Offers Ideas and Solutions"

Stockton Record endorses Barack Obama

I thought Hillary was "vetted"

Does anyone know which states are supposed to lean Obama? TIA!

Good news: Clinton or Obama, McCain or Romney would depart sharply from Bush climate policies

Bill Clinton led Democrats TRANSFORMED by Reagan's worldview of governance

Move Over YouTube, Here Comes YouBama: Mobilizing a new generation online

Hill's Intimate Involvement with Bill's Library >

The Strange Case of the Ex-President, the Mining Mogul, and the Dictator

My email to Matt Bai, re his thesis that the Dem Party has no big idea

Washington Times: "Obama: Decriminalize Pot" + video

Republican Candidates' Extremes on Iraq Make Democrats' Hedging Irrelevant

HRC White House Schedules Turned Over For Review

Is Romney giving up?

A simple FACT being overlooked by BOTH candidates: Unless Healthcare is Free, it won't be Universal

A Matchup Starts to Take Shape: David Broder says it's looking like McCain v. Obama

Poll: Obama ahead in Alabama

Obama on H1B visas

Hillary Clinton's Ruthless Campaign

Dear Diary, It's Deja Vu All over Again: 08/08/00

Edwards supporters..and his endorsement...

Chicago Tribune: "Barack Obama gives the Tony Rezko story the life it has"

Obama is the most liberal U.S. senator in 2007:

Why is John Edwards waiting until after Tuesday to endorse?

Little More (Clinton) Corruption For Ya... An Ex-President, a Mining Deal and a Big Donor

The Australian: "it's a pity. He promised so much."

Hillary's position on NCLB

Is it me, or is GD-P more subdued today?

Edwards Supporters: Did you know you are uneducated whites who will now vote for Hillary?

****NCLB*****- Hillary would end it, Obama would fund it

RAS POLL: Hillary 42 (+1), Obama 35 (+3). For last night’s data alone, they were EVEN.

Chico News & Review endorses Obama

My last post on the "PRIMARIES" page.

Debunking ABCNEWS Swiftboating Bill Clinton. He never proposed to slow down our ecomy. What a lie !!

We better not vote for Hillary because according to MSM her facial expressions are like the Dead Sea

Deporting illegals who have committed crimes

New Tennessee poll: Clinton 59, Obama 26

WP: Obama to Report $32 Million Raised in Jan.


Repubs all over the Networks: Bashing Clinton for saying "we need to slow down the economy"

"This Modern World" visits DU

Edwards Supporters Pondering a New Candidate - Raise the Bar

Intersting post from a Republican on the NYT political blog

Don't know about Edwards supportes: Me and my house are Clinton all the w ay

Obama's main claim to fame is that he's a compelling speech-maker

How important is tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate?

What are the differences in Hillary & Obama's respective plans for Immigration

For the "I won't vote if my candidate isn't nominated" crowd...

Obama solution to the mortgage crisis: Open up more bank branches.

I wouldn't shake her hand either.

What are the differences in Hillary & Obama's respective plans for the rural community?

Okay Obama and Hillary supporter, make the case for your candidate against McCain.

ANCA endorses Barack Obama

What are the differences between Hillary & Obama's respective plans for our Veterans

Huge : The Post News Group and El Mundo Endorse Hillary

Obama contrasting his initial war stance to Hillary's; Is that considered an Attack?

Nuns/Sheiks Sing The Sound of Money: "How do you solve a problem like the oil sheiks?"

Kibitz to Obamans: Primary Docs (e.g.,THE SECRET LIBRARY LISTS) Command Investigative Press...

PROVE Hillary said she'll end NCLB. Her stated policy position is reforming it. As is Obama's.

Will Obama have to testify at the Rezko trial??

Gay City News Endorses Obama

RawStory: "Firm linked to Obama patron scrubs '04 visit from website"

Did Edwards get out too early?

OBAMA= $32 Million in the month of January

CT Congressman John Larson endorses Obama

Obama's one-month tally is the most ever for a Dem. in January. How much did Hillary raise?

So according to polls, with Edwards out, it looks like President McCain...

self delete

Will the debate tonight make or break this election?

My first vote was supposed to have been for John Edwards.

Will Americans do what is necessary?

Should Hillary or Obama Run An Ad During The Superbowl?

McClatchy: "Clinton, McCain likely gain most from dropout candidates"

When Hill Makes Bill "Roving Ambassador," Will His Benefactors Expect Favors?

Barack Obama, Yucca Mountain Nuclear Dump...Then and Now:

Move on wants to know which candidate to endorse. You get to help choose.

Chicago Tribune: "Funds tough to figure for Rezko aid"

Tuscaloosa News endorses Barack Obama

Time to put down the flame throwers and pack the crying towel away

The 80's sucked, as did the 90's...the Clintons mostly did what they could, but it's time to move on

Will Obama shake Hillary's hand at the debate?

Lakoff on WHY Obama is potentially tranformative

No condolences or sympathies from me for Edwards supporters.

Place your trust in God by voting for Obama?

Barack Obama is no longer a scofflaw

New York Post endorses Barack Obama

Are the Republicans going to allow the living at their next debate?

McCain is a LIBERAL

If Edwards does endorse someone, I hope he does make a deal

Does not seem Barack's Dean Foods (Mrs. Obama is a director) is all that pure

Check Out This Awesome Photo Gallery - 15,000 Barack Rally

Watching hack Kiki McLean speaking with Andre Mitchell, it's clear what the Clinton camp strategy is

Dumb question: Ahnold can't be a VP right?

ABC NEWS SMEARING BILL CLINTON - the "slow down our economy" quote in full

Here's what Obama should say to Clinton tonight about her IWR vote:

Obama Kibitz: The Senate Judiciary Committee Has Courts Covered

Year of the Youth Vote: Is Obama's campaign the first ever to be carried on the backs of the young?

OK fellow Obamians: Everybody in: Fired Up...........we need 20 more "ready to go"s

Dead thread: No more discussion about who "campaigned" in FL

Kiki McLean, Hill's senior adviser, was "taken by surprise" by Obama's "personally negative attack"

I miss John

Obama's Gay Fundraisers (LA Weekly)

The front page of the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

Drawing on Deep Ties, Ted Kennedy reaches out to Hispanics

This Edwards supporter will be voting for Clinton

I'm lost on who to support. I like both Obama and Clinton.

Factcheck and debunking New York Times innuendo Story on Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra

A trend that worries me: Obama vs. McCain

Bill: "We Just Have to Slow Down Our Economy" to Fight Global Warming

Why This Edwards Voter Is Now Backing Obama-By Paul Rogat Loeb

NJ Star-Ledger: "Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to stump for Hillary in NJ"

Let's nominate HRC, build a bridge back to the 20th century!!!

Right wing pollster, (New Obama Camp darling) Rassmussen..has Hill up 7 nationally

Democratic candidate Barack Obama raises $32 million in January

Obama may or may not have "snubbed" Hillary

Obama is the best Dem candidate... HC is the best Repuke one

Meet Frank Giustra, Mining Magnate and Clinton Chum

Note to House Republicans: Last one out, turn off the lights


DICK Morris: Edwards supporters "don’t like...a black or a woman getting elected"

L.A. Times columnist Rosa Brooks endorses Obama: Obamania in action

Why Connecticut women are forsaking the "first woman ever" for Obama

kos reader poll, 17,995 votes: Obama 76% Clinton 11%

I woke this morning with this simple thought. "Edwards supporters are visionaries."

Edwards Will Announce His Endorsement on Tuesday ---->

Martin Luther King responds to Hillary Clinton

Obama on energy for '08

How is Rezko any different from Hillary's latest "scandal"?

Keeping the Race Honest and tipping the scales when the time is right

Asdie of criticize my vote..What have YOU done to end the war Barack?

3 Native American Candidates for Congress - Titla, AZ - Benson, AK - Killips, MI

Kibitz to Obama: "I will shake Hillary's hand every time she's invited to a signing ceremony...

Obama delves into Kansas family roots

Toni Rezko Political Donations... Worth A Peek! Lots of Republicans!!!

what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Mittens: "One of my two regrets in life, is not serving in the Military"

Hillary claiming "crap" on IWR

The BEST news ever! For ALL of us!

Chart: Totality Of Polls In Feb. 5th States Shows Race Is Tightening

My Self-Interest Says: Vote Hillary; My LGBT Altruism Says: Oppose Her

Rasmussen California Poll:Clinton-43%, Obama-40%- Dead heat

Another Congressional Rep endorses Obama (that's 4 today) "Clinton Team Pegs Obama For Attacks"

Obama get out the vote rally in San Francisco

About Edwards suspending his's what I think is the likeliest reason.

Barack Obama: immigration reform and Latino Voters ( and more!)

It turns out Bill Clinton looked like Tony Rezko at one point

Obama Pulls Into Virtual Tie With Clinton In California & Massachusetts

Is anybody else just enjoying this entire process?

Obama strangles kittens. Clinton shoots puppies.

This is a test. This is only a test.

MSNBC: Los Angeles reporter says there are internal polls showing Obama and Clinton tied in CA now

Photos: Barack Obama today at a townhall meeting in Los Angeles at the LA Trade Technical College

Truman introduced Health care legislation in every session while he was President

Has the Obama camp EVER played the "Gender Card"? No. Because their campaign is cleaner. Period.

Please tell me that they could Draft Edwards at the convention.

The Kazakhstan Story

True face of Obama campaign: Pushes opposition research referring to Hillary as (D-Punjab)

4 Edwards Delegates Throw Support to Obama

UK Times: "Exclusive: Obama fundraiser is 'close friend' of corrupt Iraqi businessman"

Democratic Race Will Last Past Super Tuesday: State-by-state overview

Hillary Clinton is doing something subtle and brilliant with her stump speeches, ads, and debates

The Dynastic Question

Chris Mattrews calls Obama passive aggressive

Gallup Poll: Obama Rising; Up 11 Points in Week

I've Noticed That Bill Clinton Has Stopped Campaigning For Obama

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker Endorses Obama

Former Carter, Reagan era federal reserve chair Volcker endorses Obama

Obama is a poopy head.

February 11, 2007: "Did You See the Obama Campaign Signs? Powerful Symbolism"

Paul Volcker, Former Fed Chairman (22% overnight interest rates 1979 & "fix" SS), Endorses Obama

Clinton vs Obama on on Cluster Bomb Legislation

Lets be completely clear about this... Hillary HAS supported NAFTA long after Bill left the WH

One IMPORTANT Factor People are Forgetting about California

Did Obama lie about Rezko? --"I, uh... uh... only did about 5 hours work for him."

MSNBC brought up a possible issue that could give Clinton a leg up

What are the differences between Hillary & Obama's respective plans for Healthcare?

Kennedy Lionized on El Piolín (most popular Spanish-language radio show) in 20 Minute Pro-Obama Call

Breaking News: Democratic Darling Backs Obama

Lakoff's View - The REAL Difference between Clinton and Obama

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

We need to PROTECT the party and our ideals

Why do you think the right wing media keeps pumping up Barack Obama?

A dozen reasons why one Edwards supporter is backing Obama

HUGH Obama rally in LA (Photos)

The biggest reason to vote for Obama is that his campaign is best

Hi. What are the specs on tonight's debate?

Amazing for the 1st TIME IN HISTORY an African American or woman will lead a major party ticket!

I have some good news and some bad news

Clinton = Automatic loss to McCain

Obama raises 32 Million....wait for it.......wait for it.......this MONTH.

***** ATTacK TiMeliNE ********** OMG ************** (warning graphic)

Why did Bill Clinton deny meeting Kazakh officials in the Clintons' home:

HuffPost: "Obama 'Present' Votes On Choice Don't Add Up"

I don't see California being the make or break state

Kindergarten. "NY state firefighters endorse Clinton"

How is Obama up by 16 in Georgia and down by 33 in TN?

Will Kerry win the Massachusetts primary?

If we lose 08 - do you think we'll be able to face reality then?

Obama edges Hillary in Merrick, NY (LI) straw poll (my democratic club)

How Long Is It Going To Take People To Realize

Congressmen Larson, Murphy to endorse Barack Obama (CT)

Obama wins ColorOfChange Poll - 69.2%

“McCain Lies His Ass Off”?

So will the beauty contest now begin?

No luck with the tickets to the debate!

Clinton is the most intelligent candidate on either side now that Rudy is gone

delete...wrong forum

Rezco Political Corruption Trial set to begin Feb 25

Want to See How Corporate Media Power & Malfeasance decided who your candidates would be?

I want to hire Obama's graphic design team...

why would such a liberal senator as Obama want to nominate moderates to be judges?

Tom Tomorrow has been to GD:Primaries...

Did ya'll realize that Super Tuesday is also Fat Tuesday?

What kind of debate do you expect tonight?

Obama leads House in progressive endorsements (11 to 3_

Deja Vu. Swap names and it is the same story

Obama's Twin Cities Appearance Sold Out (Arena with over 19,000 seats)

Pelosi ally, Superdelegate Rep. Anna Eshoo (CA) to back Barack Obama

So i am thinking

Romney Accuses McCain of ‘Nixon Era’ Campaign Tactics

Here's how Obama's fundraising efforts have been as of late.

Attacking and Defending Obama on Israel

Obama and Hillary: Special Interest ratings and votes 2005/6: Foreign Policy

Read a rumor that Obama will introduce his 12 disciples at tonights debate.

Does anyone thinks McCain is too old to be president?

While on the stump, Bill Clinton SLAMS MIHOP guy, then tells him to go away

Have the Republicans already won Florida in the general election?

The Clinton Campaign is using the "We've Locked Down" CA meme....

Self delete. Wrong spot.

Just A Thought - Why Can't DU End All This Petty Bickering Between HRC & BO Supporters By ......

My union, the CTA (Calfornia Teachers Association) hasn't *officially* endorsed anyone, but...

For college football fans: Obama = Vince Young, Hillary = Troy Smith

Hopeful Polls.

Michelle Obama ELECTRIFIES Delaware!

Should Hillary mention that when the time came to decide on Iran..that Obama hid?

The most important thing NOBODY KNOWS about the California Primary

Obama meme- He's an Arrogant uppity Black man with an attitude, aka, Threatening.

Want To See How Corporate Media Decided Who You Could Vote For ?

How the FL/MI delegate fiasco will likely be worked out

The Audacity of Barack Obama.

Chuck Todd said Obama is relying on a coalition of wealthy Democrats and black Democrats

Obama would Transform and Open the Government in Ways Clinton NEVER Will

ABC video about Hillary's Wal-Mart ties

McCain: "Hair trigger temper"

It's time to put this little gem back out there - Hillary and Code Pink, 2003.

You think that we (dems) are fighting......

Tonight's gotta be the biggest non-presidential debate EVER

Armenians Love Obama! The Armenian National Committee of America Endorses Obama

Rick Perry endorses John McCain for president

Who wins in a Star Trek style Vulcan Death Match?

Last night when Anderson Cooper brought up the Sandra Day O'Connor question:

Look at this list of corporate shills

How do you view Mainstream Media's role in our election process?

Got Mo'?

Sexist language.....

Do you think CNN will stoop so low as to ask the candidates about "The Snub?"

WOW BREAKING: CNN letting Mike Gravel debate!

For folks who want Hillary to denounce her IWR vote...

How long do you think it will be before the two prominent political parties fracture?

Do we really want an 80-year old President...?

Is it my imagination, or is the MSM focusing more on Dems than GOP

Daily Howler - Clinton playing the race card?

Hillary's Admiration for Margaret Thatcher.

If its Clinton vs. Papa McCain oh boy god help us

Why isn't Hillary mentioning that she has Robt. Kennedy Jr. and others of his family endorsing her

No matter how many times Hillary supporters throw this in my face,

When I Supported Kerry In The Primaries, I Said His IWR Vote Was Based On Politics

Now, can we shut up about Wal-Mart and Hillary?

If our votes are good enough, then our candidates should be good enough, too

Are Republicans losing their pivotal grasp on Florida?

Very Clever : Voices Across America: A National Town Hall To Be Broadcast On Hallmark

Is Hillary's "cake already baked"??

Obama will TROUNCE Hillary - AGAIN! On February 5th!


HERE is WHY Edwards dropped out

Why Hillary Does NOT Deserve To Be President.

My Picks For President 2008

An honest Query...Hav we really ever seen her slug it out with the ReThugs.

Time to stop the Circular firing squad, McCain will be the republican Nominee

Who do you think will win the debate tonight?

What VOTES did Clinton & Obama both take, and differ on, which show him to be more liberal?

Martin Luther King responds to Hillary Clinton

Obama embraces yet another lie on the campaign trail..

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007


Clinton Gets Two N.Y. Endorsements

Report on the Delaware Michelle Obama Rally

CNN DEBATE PREDICTION POLL: What will be the debate's defining moment?

Mandates are the absolute worst thing in the world!

Will Florida set up a vote that counts or will they be disenfranchised?

Hillary's handshake snub lie has been documented.

Obama: Most Liberal Senator last year

Local Albuquerque radio polling callers on Dem. Race. So far Obama 21 HC 3

Hillary has to be admitted....

So we can handle attcking Iran.......

I'm hopeful John McCain is the 2008 version of the 1996 Bob Dole...

Ralph Nader Flirts with Presidential Bid

Don't let me hear it...

So... Obama is the Messiah, then?

Obama the most liberal senator: what they didnt tell you..

What happens?

Do you think Obama will get 66% from Move On and is it a good thing if he does?

Team Obama needs to go "bi"

Kibitz to Obama Supporters: He Will Breathe Truth into Orwellian Language, Not Penn New Laws...

Debate TV viewing audience, anyone know the turnout expectation?

U.S. Politics: Why this Edwards Voter is Now Backing Obama

Obama's Hillary Snub will be nothing compared to....

Poll: Who has the momentum going into Super Tuesday?

Superbowl McCain Ad - More WAR!..... hahaha BRILLIANT!

Out of the likely candidates, what's your dream ticket?

Obama endorsed by former Idaho Gov. Andrus

This Edwards supporter will caucus in Minnesota for Obama (MN = large delegate total)

Which is more important and distrasous?

4 Edwards Delegates Throw Support to Obama


Tucker: "Edwards Clearly Considering Backing Clinton." Anyone know why?

Harvard study of media coverage of candidates - Obama most favorable of both parties

Obama Ranked Most LIberal Senator Last Year

This is HYSTERICAL--NY Daily News HATCHET JOB on Judi Giuliani

Edwards - Snubbed Yet Again. This Time on NPR's All Things Considered

Brave New Films: John McCain is Dr. Strangelove

UH OH! The panel on the Situation Room is really dissing McCain!

Potential voting woes loom for Super Tuesday "Endorsement: Hillary Clinton"

Obamaniacs: Are you scared of the meida?

I have residency in Wisconsin... but I go to college in Minnesota... can I vote?

Do the test! Which candidate do you support the most?

Condom Education Dems ONLY: If You Don't Believe It Puts an Idea into a Teen's Head...

Obama's real opponent tonight isn't Hillary Clinton

Hillary winning popular vote by a landslide

If Edwards endorses someone... I might just throw my support that way, too.

Something Probably None Of Us Has Considered - Ground Organizations Favor Obama On Tuesday

NPR: Talk of the Nation (1-30-2008) (Racism is still alive folks!)

Questions leaked from tonights debate!

Here's what would have saved Edwards and allowed him to slam dunk this nomination

Other than the Roosevelt's, any other couples in the WH > 8years

Must see video - to remind us all why we NEED to vote for the Democratic candidate

What will you be watching tonight?

For any who will not be voting in the general election for the democratic nominee:

Have you seen the questions for tonights debate?

Hillary has not been hard enough on Obama. I hope she's even tougher in criticizing him tonight.

I have great respect for Senator Kennedy but I just Unsubscribed from his E-Mail Alerts.

Andrea Mitchell cannot hide her hatred of the Clintons

The LA Debate

Obama vs. Clinton on Iraq - October 2002 (when we KNEW Bush would attack)

EDWARDS voters can give Florida and Michigan back it's voice! VOTE HILLARY & END DISENFRANCHISEMENT

New Survey USA poll today for Massachusets after Edwards drops out

I got an e-mail from Kerry

Is there any truth that John McCain almost switched parties after 2000?

Tennessee: Clinton 59% - Obama 26% - Clinton UP 33%

Kazakhstan: Inside the nuclear underworld: Deformity and fear (warning graphic)

Year of the Rat: OK, ***NOW*** I'm Freaked about Clinton/McCain

A question about caucuses

200,000-member Transportation Workers Union will move from Edwards to Obama tomorrow

Obamaniacs: Those 60's malcom x like screen print posters aren't helping

What are the party's talking points against McCain?

Which Healthplan idea is better - Obama or Clinton?????????

I can't BELIEVE this-it looks like the "snub" is being pushed so hard it may have an effect! REALLY Bad News Day for Hillary Clinton

The Queen Mother Told off Conservative Minister about Gay Employees

I’m an Edwards supporter and I’m now switching my support to …

ABC: Hillary at walmart mum during union fights.

If It Wasn't For John Kerry, Clinton Would Have Had This Nomination Wrapped Up Already

Nobody plays the "race card" as much as Obama. I just heard him

Will you vote for the Dem (whomever it is) come November?

Nader - from folk hero to joke

Obama's website overwhelmed by people donating online!

Elected or Selected

LOL !!! - Ain't It The Truth ??? - DU Feels Obama's Star Power !!!

California Representative Anna Eshoo endorses Obama.

Wasn't Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy another way of throwing Gays under the bus?

Hillary's role in the Clinton/Guistra/Kazakhstan deal looks more like "good cop, bad cop"

Here is an idea: Shut up and actually do something

Look for Obama to pound Hillary on IWR, NAFTA tonight.

Show me where Hillary extended her hand to Obama like she said. She lied.

This Is Why It's Obama For Me...

Well my candidate dropped out however....

Obama holds a three-point lead among white voters in CA

Here’s my problem with Obama…please tell me I’m wrong

The Clintons Are a Double-Barreled Janus: Pick One Mouth, One Side

Another Obama lie...(I mistakenly raised my hand)

With all due respect, for those refusing to vote in the GE, why are you on DU?

What are the minimum qualifications to be president?

One More Howl! The Great Unwashed for Edwards!

Georgia Democratic Primary: Obama 52, Clinton 36 - Spread: Obama +16

Non-Obama supporters, how valuable (or not valuable)is it that Obama has drawn so many young voters?

Well, looks like I'm not going to vote in the primaries

Sen. Obama Falsely Attacks Hillary's Health Care Plan in New Mailer

When is the CLINTON secret Library DONOR list gonna be RELEASED?

Et Tu Edwarde

Gay City News: ENDORSEMENT: What We Can Do For Our Country (vote for Obama)

Obamatricity!!!! Can you feel it Obama supporters?

New Yorkers who voted for Clinton in 2000, check in.

How did this crap about Obama claiming to be a Messiah start?

Please stop with the "You are throwing away your vote" meme

Obama has a messianic complex. His arrogant, egotistical narcissism has NOTHING

Union President Defends Clinton From Attack Over Wal-Mart Ties

The Choice: Why Obama's the Best Choice to Build a Progressive Majority (The Nation)

The Al Qaeda Card: "Hillary Heightens Terrorism Rhetoric" or "4 More Years of Fear"

NICE! Obama t-shirt

Can you trust Calif's vote totals Feb 5? Here's an assessment...

Can we hang in there for 4 more years? Yes.

Study: Obama most liberal senator last year

****ABC debunked/nuanced****Fact Check****Hillary And Wal-Mart****

Completely anecdotal Connecticut report validating recent Obama surge

Just for the fun of it: Obama and the Grateful Dead

Obama cant lose. why vote for clinton?

My local paper in Eastern PA is publishing Judy's LTTE

On Obama: Why The Debate About Style Over Substance Is Pointless

Do you think healthy financially sound people should be able to opt out of universal insurance?

Estimate how many people will watch the debate tonight

Lakoff: The real differences between Obama & Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Wal*Mart, Lafarge, and TCBY Director, Canny Corporatist

Study: Obama most liberal senator last year

Tweety: John Edwards should be Secretary of Labor

What happens if Edwards' name remains on the ballots?

'The Clintons Don't Play CalvinBall As Well As I Do': Official Check-in Thread

Obama 'present' votes on choice don't add up

Breaking: Thread Actually Discussing the ISSUES!

i'm a photoshop wizkid.

> - more evolution of campaigning <


Bill Endorsed the Kazakhstan Dictator, Won Giustra a $3.1 BILLION Deal; So Giustra Gave Bill $131MIL

Hillary's Florida margin was down to only 4 percent by election day voters.

Six states, the corporate media and some pollsters determine the candidates.

RIMJOB ENDORSES second loser candidate after Fred dies. BWAAAHAHAHAHA

Why the Clinton-Kazakhstan Story Matters

Hillary and her surrogates have been spinning Obama's ties to Rezko for weeks

What are Clinton's and Obama's views on Open Government?

Edwards supporters ! Do NOT vote for Barack or Hillary. The campaign has NOT ended.

Why I'm going to continue to vote for John Edwards on Feb 5 Endorses Ron Paul on the GOP Side

The Estrogen Factor: Did It Eclipse the Edwards' Message of Eliminating Poverty?

I told you so, Obama is going to kick her ass on February 5th!!!


CBS: Why Ted Kennedy Didn't Endorse Clinton

Part of why Robert Christgau sucks rubber donkey dicks

AlterNet: FBI Witch Hunt Stokes Puerto Rican Independence Movement

Happy Birthday Solon!

Some days I just find the most ridiculous images on the web & just have to share them with you

10-Year-Old Has Baby, Social Workers Shocked

Finally got the Xmas tree out...

I Matter To Me...

I... didn't want to do it, but in the end I had no choice.

"Do you, um, I mean, will you, um, do you do a wedding for lesbians?"

You guys on the East Coast have it so good...

I need to buy a warm winter coat -- preferably a long one

I propose a cage match between the 5 most rabid Hillary supporters vs the 5 most rabid Obama backers

Who is NOT Watching The SuperBowl

Favorite Creedence Tune

Does temeah eet ham, or is that not Kosher?

Ego-check. I could use a little assistance.

I'll be damned if Total Information Awareness isn't alive and kicking, and it's called Microsoft

Britney Spears Hospitalized

Help!! I`ve been adopted by a kitty!!

American Oil companies offered five million dollars to each Iraqi MP to pass the Oil law

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 1/31/2008)

Nice Post,....

Martymar64 appreciation thread

G.W. Bush Is a Criminal, Like His Dad-By Robert Parry

FBI Targets "every level" of subprime "CONSPIRACY" The Times

Ted Stevens' earmark buddy Jim Hayes on trial


Happy fucking birthday to me

Number of US soldiers killed in Iraq almost doubles in January


For all U/w blue eyes: Blue-eyed people have a single ancestor

CREW Cuts: White House Destroys Back-up Email, Ralph Reed on CNN, Mukasey and more...

At last. Yay!!! I 'm so excited!

When did they start making yellow Pepsi?


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Break, 1/31/08

Help fight autism with the click of your mouse (Won't cost you a penny)

Share something interesting that happened to you as a kid =)

Share something interesting that happened to you as a kid =)

What is the most UNINTENTIONALLY FUNNY line in movie history?

Bush's Latest Signing Statement Is Grounds for Impeachment (United for Peace and Justice)

Peace Movement: Bush's Latest Signing Statement Is Grounds for Impeachment

Fake Plastic Nuts? (WARNING: Gross American Pop Culture image inside)

Oh my aching ass. Texas Senator looking to ban prepaid cellphones


Good luck and best wishes, SallyMander!!

100 Nepalese workers go missing from Huntsville, AL company

A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution

A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution

A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution

A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution

One last note before I go to bed: I'm half American Indian. Smoke is a sacrament for us.

Wow, this smooth jazz stuff is really smooth. If by "smooth" you mean "SUCKS"...

Money Party to Citizens: Drop Dead!!! Collins/Scoop

Mr. Green Meanie says that I should expect 8-10 inches tonight.

Which Republican are you hoping for - Romney of McCain?

Famous last lines to movies. We all know "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!", but can you spot

Famous last lines to movies. We all know "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!", but can you spot

Who else is picking the Patriots on Sunday?

This cracked me up. Is there something wrong with me?

Beautiful...just effing beautiful.

Are we underestimating Macattack vs. any dem for GE?

World's Religious and Political Debates Finally Solved

V for Vendetta. On this day, 1606: Guy Fawkes Dies.

Orthographers Unite...

Yay! Car is fixed! We can eat again!! What's for dinner DU?

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." - John McCain

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." - John McCain

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." - John McCain

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live." - John McCain

Can you trust California's (or the nation's) vote totals in November? An assessment

Bill Clinton and G.H.W. Bush Both Partnered with Canadian Mining Cos. in 3rd World Conflict areas

Yes, *Our* Fundamentalists Have A Lot Of Influence

Yes, *Our* Fundamentalists Have A Lot Of Influence

Can Bush give a sweeping pardon to the Telcom Companies if

Winter in LA, the way it should look!

NBC: 9/11 Commission KNEW About Torture: TORTURE "Done Specifically" To Answer THEIR Questions!!!

All Jazz (including 'smooth') is greater than All Country (including the "old stuff")

I don't care about tonight's debate.

Skinner was right. Putting people you don't like on ignore

On corporate influence

ABC News Whore Distorts Clinton's Comments RE "Slow Down Economy to Reduce Greenhouse Emissions"

How old were you when you became aware of President Kennedy?

SF Obama event rumor! (Grateful Dead content!)

The older I get the more I fight with the past

**Pics from yesterday (some whales), Maui **

Me Stroking My Pussy

Non-smokers and Smokers, Please Check in...

I got fired for having a bad attitude today.

A plea from Dennis. Everyone two minutes of your time please

A plea from Dennis. Everyone two minutes of your time please

Bicycling from CA to DC to Bring Congress Balls

so, i watched Ralph Nader on Democracy Now today...

Fans of the book "The Tipping Point"...

Who else is picking the Giants on Sunday?

Who else is picking the Giants on Sunday?

Surveillance In America

My mother, a liberal Democrat, HATED Jimmy Carter..

Conyers/House Judiciary Committee Demands That Ashcroft Testify re $$$ corporate monitors $$$

Siegelman judge's firm got $18 million contract

‘Trust Us’ Government and Other Lies

"60 Minutes" Siegelman report ready to run? = Artur Davis talks politics and prosecution







John Edwards' indelible mark

Iraq Cuts Off Oil Supplies to South Korea

(Murdoch's) New York Post endorses Barack Obama

Iraq conflict has killed a million, says survey

American Oil companies offered five million dollars to each Iraqi MP to pass the Oil law

Arreest Bush petition Ignites Firestorm

Iraq has million-woman social time-bomb (up to 2 million divorcees and widows)

Soldier Suicide Attempts Skyrocket

Chinese dumplings poison dozens in Japan

Bombing kills Afghan deputy governor

Lawmakers want Ashcroft to testify on monitor post

Australia's foreign minister urges Japan to halt Antarctic whaling, wants continuing talks

Britney Spears Hospitalized

Higher Costs Cited as U.S. Shuts Down Coal Project

Most Israelis want (Israel PM Ehud) Olmert to resign

Barack Obama gives the Tony Rezko story the life it has

House Chairman Waxman Compiling List of IGs' Unused Recommendations

US concerned international community may abandon Afghanistan

Romney accuses McCain of 'dirty tricks'

Giuliani: Not seeking the V.P. nomination

Tony Rezko declines judge's offer to delay trial (would like to see trial date moved up)

California's Schwarzenegger to back McCain: aides

Democratic Candidate Barack Obama Raises $32 Million in U.S. in January

Trains, Bloggers Are Threats in US Drill

Poll: Iraq War Not Worth Fighting for Americans (59%, up from 56% in September)

Egypt's Mubarak Meets Top Iranian Official As Ties Improve

Roadside bomb kills U.S. soldier in Baghdad

Recent Moves by Guild Leaders Rattle Writers’ Talks

Tainted Drugs Linked to Maker of Abortion Pill

Bush pushes three trade agreements

17,060 farm suicides in one year

Killing of Kenyan MP overshadows mediation efforts (another MP)

Initial unemployment claims rise

Senate sets economic stimulus debate next week

Bush's Afghan policy raked at hearing

Mediation request in pilot contract talks rejected

Afghanistan Report Warns of 'Failed State'

NLRB seeks injunction for Massey to rehire union miners

Special Comment Tonite..Olbermann

Japanese hunters resume whaling

Suu Kyi unhappy with Myanmar talks

Senate Democrats Short of Votes for Stimulus Bill

Berkeley gives Marines the boot

Ex-9/11 Panel Chief Denies Secret White House Ties

Scientists discover way to reverse loss of memory

Judge dismisses suit against Army Corps of Engineers over Katrina levee breach

Why the job market is worse than you think

Lieberman rules out running with McCain

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 31

Shell Plans $2.5 Billion Iraq LNG Deal, Person Says

Gas prices seen spiking again in spring

More Testing of Seafood to Address Mercury Concerns

Top al-Qaeda leader reported dead

Iraq to scrap subsidized food rations by June (millions of Iraqis will be affected)

Foreclosure bill rejected by one vote

Clinton Remained Silent As Wal-Mart Fought Unions

Dell to cut nearly 900 jobs, close Canada center

Union President Defends Clinton From Attack Over Wal-Mart Ties

Severed cables disrupt internet

Japan scare over China dumplings

Study: Military Not Ready For Major Attack On U.S.

Lawyers in anti-Musharraf protest

U.S. Accused of Overlooking Rights Violations

Fund Criticizes Countrywide Deal

(San Jose State Univ) suspends blood drives, citing FDA ban on donations by gay men

Iraq VP says won't sign off on key Baath party law

How the war was spun (secret draft of the UK WMD dossier)

Bush wary of jeopardizing Iraq gains

An Ex-President, a Mining Deal and a Big Donor

Want to Cross the Border? Bring ID

Abortion provider must turn over files

Vanderbilt (University / Hospital) Bans Most Gifts From Drug Firms

Fishermen 'beat dolphin to death'

Starbucks announces it will close 100 stores

Analyst: Apple to double market share by 2011

Bush 2009 Budget Request Would Cut Medicare, Medicaid, NYT Says

MySpace deletes hacked Web site for atheists and agnostics

Giuliani: Forgotten but Not Gone

Half-trained troops to fight the Taleban (UK)

Bomb takes death toll of journalists in Iraq war to 126

U.S. Commanders in Iraq Favor Pause in Troop Cuts

Imus on President Clinton: "This is a fat, low-rent hillbilly"...who was getting BJs from an intern

MoDo: Seeing Red Over Hillary

Insiders and Outsiders in Washington

Economic Stimulus Illustrated

The 'Quit Pro Quo' Between Rudy and McCain

Earmarks and executive power

National Geographic; Mexico's Other Border (Central America Immigration)

Ask Not! Why Obama is No JFK

Barack Obama gives the Tony Rezko story the life it has

Bolton: ‘The Mullahs In Tehran’ Want A Democrat To Win The Presidency In 2008

Horrors rampant in city 'full of sorrow' (BBC) {Baghdad, of course}

Greenpeace - put your money where the whales are - commentary Paul Watson

How Old Is Too Old?

America's Economic Ills: Loose Spending, Lending

There Was Indeed Blood

Bombs away over Iraq: Who cares?

Remember this one?

Taxi to the Dark Side

Bill Maher Addresses The Rudy Giuliani Implosion

Bill Maher Gets The Elderly Perspective On Election 2008

DUDE! Hillary's was in a band!

Obama asks Howard Dean a question about Iraq in 2003

Reagan’s Legacy pt1: Putting twin ALBATROSSES around the necks of the American people.

Westboro Baptist Church pwnage

The Gulag Comes To The USA

A Dozen Reasons Why This Edwards Supporter is Backing Obama

Did Latino Voters Decide Florida & How They Will Factor In The General Election?

TPM takes a look at polls leading into Super Tuesday

California Obamanators working their asses off for the next President

C&L: Time to say Goodbye...

Bill O'Reilly: Poor People Aren't Poor Enough (And They're Living Well)

New Hillary Clinton Ad: Hartford Courant Endorsement

Hillary flip flops on federal govt's role on Immigration.

America's Soldiers Inspired by Barack Obama

Obama Endorsing Nancy Skinner in 2006

McCain and the Layoff Cackle

Nancy Skinner in the IL Senate Primary Debate in 2003

Why no White House Wedding??

Hulk Hogan Endorses Barack Obama

John Edwards: A Tribute

A Plea from Dennis

Who Will Edwards Endorse & Where Will His Supporters Turn?

Thompson Picture Sold! Fred Hotline Awaits Fred's Call!

Naomi Klein presentation on The Shock Doctrine

A friend's message: "JRE out, and I'm emigrating to Italy"

The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change!!!!

The basics of global warming explained...

The Story of Stuff

GPS helps pygmies defend forest (BBC)

Second Long Island wind energy project proposed (300 MW)

Indian rhino loses fight for life {after horn cut off} (BBC)

The Man in Seat Sixty-One

Sea Shepherd Ship the Steve Irwin Returns to Melbourne to Refuel And Re-Provision

Dolphin Hunt Sags Amid Mercury Fears

Continuing the Cleanup of Tar Balls (xpost from Veterans)

Canadian Government Closes Office of National Science Advisor

Dallas in top 10 for green power (20% - EPA says 40% as I read it)

U.S. pulls the plug on funding for FutureGen ("clean coal" project)

(Indian) PM announces $11 bn package for Arunachal (all border area villages will get solar power)

Spain and Germany pledge to boost cooperation - Summary

Nancy Skinner comes in first in DFA first round -- round 2 voting is now open

100% Green Power Purchasers: as of January 8, 2008

Voting for Green Candidates

Jeremy Rifkin: 'Europe can lead the third industrial revolution'

George Monbiot: The Threat of Population Growth Pales Beside the Greed of the Rich

None of them are Green

Chevron finishes 1st solar project phase

Photos: College girls in bikinis to stop global warming

Well done

SolFocus installs CPV array in Spain

Plan to roll out 2,000 solar traffic lights given new urgency

Solar, Wind Energy Tax Credits In Senate Stimulus Plan

Study: Global Warming Responsible for Western Droughts

Which gas companies have the best environmental/labor record? I get gas

Eskom may soon pull trigger on 100-MW solar-energy project

Screen-printed Solar Cells In Many Colors And Designs

U.S. Corporations Go Green

It's not easy building green (Home Owners Association rejects solar panels)

DoD identifies soldiers killed in bomb attack

1st ID unit investigated for detainee deaths

Fort Carson GI arrested on arson, drug charges

Probe requested on help for injured at Drum

Deployed troops protected from custody fights

1st Cavalry to change commanders Friday

TBI symptoms might really be PTSD, docs say

Soldier dead after shooting outside nightclub

Security contractors get new rules for Iraq

Arson suspected in fire at old Fort Chaffee

Caregiver sentenced in attack on vet, 93

3 new sub names honor states, previous ships

Sailor kills self near guards, MAs

Coast Guard whistleblower given award

Accused faker set to plead guilty to 2 charges

Airmen train with Thai, Singapore allies

First wave completes combatives training

Northrop to install cameras at ICBM sites

No rules broken in leaving troops on tarmac

Re-enactment photos ruled OK in murder trial

Vt. lawmakers seek to pull Guard from war

Bush restores governors’ power over Guard

Iraqis come back to bombed-out village, seeking care, shelter

AFN spots reflect military's concern (gambling)

F-16 totaled on takeoff by flat tire

Operation leads to highway’s reopening

Lawmaker pushes lower military drinking age

Airmen learn to get down and dirty with hand-to-hand combat moves

Pair of C-17s to rotate in and out of Ramstein

Military move good news for businesses

Victim testifies in flashlight attack trial

Fine but no jail time in SSRT bribery case

Air Force merges equal opportunity offices

Corpsmen learn to stay alive, save lives

Many take pass on Quick Assist loans

Overseas program helps gamblers with addiction

Europe briefs: Army IDs soldier found dead in Schweinfurt

Services available for gamblers

Flight surgeon’s rape case to go to jury

Vet Brain Screenings May Be Flawed

Berkeley Wants Marines Out of Town

Environmentalists divided on nuclear power

SECNAV Views ASW Sonar Exercise

Marines Learn Ways to be 'Non-Lethal'

Continuing the Cleanup of Tar Balls

Boeing Tests Laser-Mounted Humvee as IED Hunter

'Child' Detainee Nears Military Trial

More victims reporting assault under AF policy

Army suicides up as much as 20 percent

McCain, Romney Argue 'Timetable' Claim

Sweeping changes recommended for reserves

40th anniversary of Tet Offensive marked

Gold Star Mom needs some compassion.

Soldier Suicides at Record Level

Mine-safety laws part of spending bill (UMW thanks Sen. Byrd D-WV)

Hospital, union reach agreement; strike called off

Urgent action: Free jailed workers' rights activist in Bangladesh by Eric Lee

Today in labor history January 31

UFW: It's time for action, not just words on immigration reform

MTA board unanimously approves LIRR contract (10.5% 3 years)

Suburban hospital comes under union fire

Hospital's actions disputed: Nurse suing Wyoming Valley Healthcare over disclosure of record, name

Trump hotel in Chicago may be picketed by Unite Here

Walmart: Pay the Kids

Griffin Pipe lockout continues (OS to walk with brothers & sister of USW)

COLA, Starbucks Face Off In Union-Busting Case

OSHA investigating Valpo man's death

Kia Construction Accident Kills Man

Mantrose-Haeuser Company to Challenge OSHA Proposed Citations and Penalties

OSHA reps on scene of fatal industrial accident

Woman crushed to death was pregnant

OSHA cites contractors for workplace hazards on Lowes home improvement center construction site

Deadly Plant Accident in Montgomery (woman who had been crushed between machines)

EBay sellers fume, threaten strike over fee increases

Hershey’s Chocolate Moves to Mexico

gaiilonfong . . . . thread #2



Why Should Any One of Us at DU (Ever) have to Apologize for Not Hating Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton is doing something subtle and brilliant with her stump speeches, ads, and debates

Sen. Clinton proposes job growth via a new GREEN economy

Union President Defends Clinton From Attack Over Wal-Mart

Obama has a messianic complex. His arrogant, egotistical narcissism has NOTHING

When even the JPost gets into the act, you know things are desperate

The Daniel Pearl Standard

Israeli And Palestinian--Daniel Barenboim

Lebanon army chief says Israel report a victory

Will Ehud Olmert go the way of Golda Meir?

Gaza border crossing tightened as Egypt-Hamas talks begin

Hamas sets Rafah border conditions

Israeli PM vows to correct faults in 2nd Lebanon War

Winograd: Use of cluster bombs does not conform to int'l law

Peretz: Lebanon War was missed opportunity, but was necessary

Opposition leader Netanyahu: Olmert is incompetent, unfit to lead

Direct action from Birmingham to Gaza

For the cause, the settlements must go

Amnesty International: Israeli Lebanon War Report "Deeply Flawed" -AFP

Venezuela, Nicaragua Propose Joint Military Force for Latin America

Chavez border crackdown hits Venezuelans

Article confirms what we've been hearing: Colombia: paras linked to agbiz

BOLIVIA Scrubs US Bankrolled Spies

Yet again, BBC reports economic news you won't hear in America

Moody's boosts subprime loss estimate up to 85 pct

The Great Credit Unwind of ‘08

Doctor Housing Bubble 01/30/08

The DOW opens (-1.21%).

Will AZ Republicans Ever Learn?

Putting Faith In Marriage Equality

Rosendahl endorses Obama, cites stance on gay issues (Gay LA Councilman)

(Indiana) Senate OKs same-sex marriage ban

Politician In Scandal After Discovery He Had One Son, Boyfriend Of Other On Government Payroll

Judge: Gay Union Assets Must Be Equitably Divided

Mad Dad Parker Loses again!

Kentucky Bill Would Ban Domestic Partner Benefits

Outing campaign roils D.C. black Baptist church

Lawsuit Claim: Anything Gay Illegal In School

Biden at Judiciary today "it if ain't broke don't fix it - you guys broke it"

How pathetic!

stuck a link on Afghan in GD:

Biden has come up with a plan for Afghanistan.

Biden's statement on boosh and permanent bases in Iraq

Some Hillbot in GD: P says Biden is endorsing CLINTON

DId I miss something? Our sig lines have been turned off again (happening

You guys -- MUST watch.

c-span 3 Thurs am - SFRC on Afghan. - maybe Joe sightings?

omg - at the Republican Debate - Romney said

An Ice-free Antarctica.....Atlantis?

thanks for your thoughts

Did you guys see this thread in GD?: "A Cosmic heads-up folks: 1762 The American Revolution"

If you are interested in discussing the Tipping Point

Light for my sister, please.....

And now there were five. Four if you leave Huckabee out, six if you add Ron Paul.

astro thread amazingly surviving in GD

John and Elizabeth's Composite Chart

Pluto in Capricorn - Rick DiClemente's February Starself Newsletter

The Amazing Super Dark Tuesday

Pluto in Capricorn, Part One

Sweet redemption for die-hard Kansas State basketball fans.

So this is why Boston sports are so good

Funny Cartoon On The State Of New York Sports

There's a jinx, a Jinx, A JINX...and then there's this thermonuclear idiocy right here...


NY Giants Big-Blueprint for Victory

The best thing I've read about Mercury Retrograde lately.

psychic medium Lisa Williams

Kennedy and Kerry and Stevens and earmarks

OK Where is Hillary on this!!!! Obama Demands Answers on Blackwater Immunity Deal

Should I be relieved? Or is it too soon?

Doctor Accused of Leak to Drug Maker

For F.D.A., a Major Backlog Overseas

Study: Epsom salts can prevent cerebral palsy in premature babies

Tainted Drugs Tied to Maker of Abortion Pill

Health Care Fraud Committed by Agents, Brokers, and Insurer Employees

Pending $1 Billion Zyprexa Settlement

Homemade yogurt revisited.

The Really Lazy Person's Chicken Parmigiana

Cultural myopia at law school.

Ice fog

I must have said the secret word

Place your trust in God by voting for Obama?

Some winterscapes

Are there any CG artists in here?

WOW!!!!! Talk about a lens. . . 500mm f/2.8?????

Mercury's volcanic past revealed (BBC)

Debit cards from the government?

Space weather science rues cuts (BBC)

Elusive (Arctic) wolves caught on camera

Hummingbird 'uses tail to chirp' (BBC)

3-D mars pic (dialup warning)

Bat deaths in NY, Vt. baffle experts

When Math Warps Elections

Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor

Peacekeepers 'deface ancient art'

Artificial letters added to life's alphabet

Newly released MESSENGER images of Mercury (DIALUP WARNING!)

Want a job in science but don't believe in science? Not a problem!

How do I apply for political asylum in France?

Yet Another Reason to Do Away With Early Voting

McClatchy: How Kenya's election was rigged

UNCONSTITUTIONAL VOTING!! VA Constitution stipulates: No secret vote counting!

"A Vote of No Confidence" -- Nashville Scene cover story on election fraud

How the NYT's Clinton/Mining Deal Story relates to ELECTIONS:

A 12-Step Program to Save US Democracy-by Mark Crispin Miller

Third Cocaine Plane Surfaces and is Tied to Web of Government

more than one quarter of all footnotes in the 9/11 Report


E-Voting Undermines Public Confidence In Elections Even Without Evidence of Wrongdoing

“I cannot say any more as I am bound by the Official Secrets Act until the day I die.

Dallas--Free Screening of "No End in Sight"

Tighter U.S. Border ID Rules Begin (Texas too)

Austin Voter Registration Events 2/2-2/4

Who are these guys? TayTay, whome, or anybody from MA, have you ever heard of them?

OT: (Sort of, but not really) The Story of Stuff

What Senator Kerry did today in the Senate and elsewhere.

Cspan has SFRC hearing up. (Kerry speaking now)

"Kerry: I warned Rice about Bhutto"...

comments on JK in MA section of Obama blog

just got a notice that JK will be on MSNBC SOON

Oh, this is nice ...

Politico has a series of article about the Small Business Committee

PDA endorses O'Reilly. No surprise, but interesting to know.

"Mass. Republican group wants Romney... vs. Kerry"

JK coming to California...

OT (sort of) ...About that 'meritocracy of ideas'...

Bob Hill challenging right wingnut Matt Dean in Minnesota House District 52B

I've seen a TV ad for Barack Obama lots of times, but none for Hillary Clinton.

If I go to the MN3 forum tonight (Jan 31, '08) will I probably get to ask the candidates a question?

I have a simple question about posting videos....

Hey you crazy Mac kids...

Back from early voting

Obama in St. Louis Sat. Feb 2 at 9 PM

John Kerry hosting "Change We Can Believe In" Fri and Sat in CA, WA

The Obama Revolution - no more political parties

Check out the Lakoff post at HuffPo about Obama and Clinton

Anyone know Obama's green record / plans?

Can you guys post as much positive Obama news as possible to this OP?

For anyone with a Blue Mass Group account

China plans to halt rain for Olympics

CP: United Church appeals to Harper to intervene on behalf of Khadr

Gomery: 'Where are reforms?'

Harper owes Greek Canadians apology: MP

KOEB 1/30/08 Rudy and John, We Hardly Knew Ye Edition

Nancy Skinner comes in first in DFA first round -- round 2 voting is now open

See my SoCal snowy mountains panorama video + some geology info

Clinton rally in Los Angeles Feb. 2nd

Anyone see the Hispanic pro 93 mailout?

Seinfeld the Greatest Sitcom Ever?

(TOON) Steve Bell weighs in on Derek Conway

The 'constitution', devolution, and a hung Parliament

When is Spring in Death Valley?

How the CIA Inflitrated the DEA

I'm wooed out today.

Making the Bed (Lots of Pics)

Argos makes a joke about cats!!!!